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The quality you most admire in a woman?

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Grace and confidence 50ad (17) Kindness 808s Strength, humor, courage A (19) As I said, I don't fuck the stupid A Gentleness aaaaaaa (18) Intelligence, occasional cruelty, humor, empathy, courage, the ability to adapt AAAKKK Warmth, being caring, patience and gentleness aag (22) Compassion aallisonr (30) Sweet smelling, soft, humbly more intelligent than myself Aaron (32) Boobs Aaron (16) Grace. AbbySF femininity Abegando (28) honesty, kindness, intelligence, self respect, and the ability to see the silly and the divine in all things ABP (50) Compassion and ability to be multifaceted. Abs Intelligence, humor, kindness ACH (23) Intelligence and pragmatism Adam (22) elegance Adam (25) Compassion Adam (20) Strength of mind, self confidence, gentleness Adam Hyde (26) Kindness, Intelligence Adam Seline (30) ability to dream, delicate feelings, a simple and honest heart adieudusk Charm Aditya (25) Flexibility and Giving. Admiral Love (33) Intelligence, compassion Adonia (40) strong sense of self Adriana (16) intellegence, care, depth Adriana (16) finesse, intelligence adriana (45) Compassion, curiosity, humanity. Adrian Bauza (20) Honesty, intelligence, logic. Adrian George Nicolae (24) Compassion Adrian Martyn (34) intelligence, honesty, guilt Ady (22) Honesty and tenderness aetilson (41) cheery by virtue of having a grounded, deep understanding of life; constantly in touch with her thoughts and feelings; thoughtful of others; with the gift of creating a.g. (23) Gentleness agagagaga (24) Strength, ideals, hotness Agent00V (18) forgiveness Aggie White Loyalty, intelligence, confidence A.G. Mata (21) Kindness Agneska (20) cleanliness agony (25) grace Agreen (29) maternity instinct, sense of humour, spontaneity, genuinity Agu (21) Intelligence, common sense Agustina (27) Intelligence and eccentricity A Half Empty Beaker honesty & empathy ahmad (27) Strength, loyalty, resourcefulness Ai (21) self confidence, intelligence, hardworking Aida (22) Loving, Caring, Kind, Humorous, intelligence, tolerance and morality. Aidan (21) intelligence, self-control, feminine grace, foresight aiko (20) intelligence and the fact of remaining true to self aimée (22) Compassion, reassurance, gentility aimee.dawson (21) Intelligence and grace Aisha Milburn (32) kindness,friendly aishu (14) Actually using her brain instead of her breasts to win arguments. A.J. (27) Naturalness and standing for herself AJ (18) wisdom, naturalness and sense of feminity ( not too much and not too little) Ajam (21) Intelligence, humour, politeness, being confident in themselves. Ajay (17) intelligence Ajm9511 (21) Self assurance, respect for all who are deserving. akanthe (19) Intelligence, ferocity and gentleness. Akbar Shahzad (20) Same. Al (28) Gentleness, charm, sincerity Alan (58) Class, Elegance, intelligence Alan (14) Intelligence, confidence Alan (14) Poise AlbaManuela (18) Wit; empathy; ability to laugh; ability to stop laughing Albertine (29) Energetic, humorous, mindful, brave, smart, witty, and a little bit rebellious. Alden Lee Klaput (18) Authenticity, Courage Aldonza77 (47) Truthfulness to herself Alecia Common sense and quick wit. Alecksi Toss up between eyes and breasts Alejandro Amoretti (28) intelligence, honesty alessa (21) Intelligence, lucidity, body care, sense of humour Alessandro Pian (30) libertinism Alessio Lucchini (46) Humbleness and intelligence. Alex Wit or creativity Alex (22) Strength Alex (17) Loyalty, humor, kindness, Intelligence alexa (28) Being genuine Alexandra (27) Honesty. Alexandra (19) Intelligence, courage. Alexandra (24) A smoky voice, a sense of humor Alexandra (18) Gratitude, happiness Alexandra (15) Effortless presence Alexandra (24) intelligence, strength to endure Alexandra Bryhter (24) Grace Alexandre (28) intelligence AlexandriaHMerlin (40) Intelligence AlexandriaLHash (30) Naturalness, gentleness, mental strenght. alexandrine (15) intelligence, beauty, caring Alex Brooks (18) equity, tactfulness, trustworthiness, intelligence Alex C. humor, not just the ability to laugh along Alexis Johnson (19) Cuteness Alex Reimann (18) to be good-natured and intelligent al-g (24) Feminity (not to be confused with stupidity), generosity, patience. Ali (37) A capacity to empathize with and understand the mind of a man. Ali A. Rizvi Gentleness, respect, honor Alicein1derland (27) empathy, naturalness Alicia (68) Intelligence, strength Aliid Elegance, refinement, intellect and the capacity to love. Alin (23) Same. Alina intelligence, strength of character alipans (57) Courage, integrity, sensibility. Alishba Zarmeen (24) trust, empathy alison wonderland intelligence AliZaidi (29) loyalty alli (49) Steadiness Allison (33) The combination of intelligence and strength. Allison (20) Strength of mind, wit. Allison Intelligence, understanding, endurance Allison Jean (21) Genius, a backbone, a wicked sense of humor, a naughty streak, secretly soft Allison Jean Hazen (34) Honesty, laughter, morals and intelligence alliswell (62) The ability to live the way she wants, to be who she wants. almavidrio (35) I don't see why couruage and honor should apply any less to women than to men. Altjungr (30) humor and wit, indulgence altron2095 intelligence, ethic sense, sense of humor Alvilda (20) Belief in one's ideals. Alx spirit Aly (17) honesty, intelligence, control alya (17) Passionate and honest Alyanna (22) Honesty Alyce J. Class Amanda (23) Strength Amanda to be a lover Amanda (42) Politeness AmandaFYS13 (18) Pensiveness Amandine (31) Confidence Amara Strange beauty. Amber (18) Intelligence, courage, sense of the absurd, curiosity, resilience Amber (37) Intelligence, courage, sense of the absurd, curiosity, resilience Amber (37) To be able to be as good as a man... Ame (37) kindness Amelia (13) Not thinking I'm a mess-up. Amelia Gates (formerly Pippet) (10) integrity, compassion, intelligence and femininity americanwoman (62) realness ames (21) respect, morality, intelligence, compassion, loyalty, assertiveness amu Speaking her mind, all the time Amy (30) humor, strength, intuition, kindness Amy (33) Grace, intelligence Amy (28) Low-key or easygoing amy (33) kindness amz (16) strength. Ana (21) compassion, solicitude Ana (30) intellect, dignity, the ability to shape her own culture that suits her as an individual rather than as a mere member of society ana (16) to be warm and fair ana (34) Intelligence Ana Carolina (16) proper manners, intelligence, naturalness, honesty Anam (26) Intelligence, self awareness and morality, just like in a man. Ana Marija (20) Hot bods, competence Ananke (25) Ass cheek ancientrobot (31) beauty andraya (23) kindness, good sense, Intelligence Andrea (16) Intelligence, curiosity, kindness, ambition... Andrea (13) Intelligence and morality. Andreas (19) Sweetness Andrea SB (32) Beauty, intelligence, and witty. Andrew (22) Ultra femininity Andrew (25) Anima, humor/wit, conviction, a sense of morality, empathy Andrew (20) Intelligence, beauty Andrew (28) wit honesty maturity inteligence Gentleness, naturalness, (can't stop stealing from proust) Andrew (22) Forgiveness Andrew barlow (26) a sense of knowing who she is and what she wants Andy (25) Intelligence andy rayford (28) Again agree with Proust: gentleness, naturalness, intelligence ang (99) Funny and kind Angel (13) same Angela (21) Truth Ângela (24) Strength, forgiveness, warmth, consistency Angela (30) Intelligence, empathy, a good heart, humour Angela (19) Strength Angela Estrada (20) patience and understanding angelina (26) strength, tenderness and forgiveness angie (29) Assertiveness Ani Intelligence Ani (22) grace, strenght, intelligence, independence Anick (99) camaraderie, laughter, reserved judgement anjali Intelligence, wittiness, ability to argue a case thoughtfully and successfully Anjel (28) strength as well as gentleness Ankassandra (15) Purity, innocence Ann (19) Intelligence , sincerity , kindness Anna (20) Originality, sincerity, a sense of humor Anna (20) stronger nice and beautifuless Anna (13) dignity Anna Kalimar (18) Naturalness, selfawarness, confidence Anna Maria (21) spontaneity, imagination, intelligence, solicitude, grit Anna O. independence, open-mindedness, a sense of humor Anna Stein (21) Loyalty Ann Delaney (44) Ambition, education, passion, wanderlust Anne (21) open, intelligence, grace Anne Farquharson (78) Intelligence, courage, passion, Joie de vivre Annelise (40) Non-cattiness, kindness, and patience Anne Louise Sheldon (34) Someone who sees the world in a larger way, humor, depth Anniel (62) Strong, Intelligent, Gentle, Free-Spirited AnonAzure (19) Gentleness, intelligence. anonim (18) na anon moose (19) Kindness, Curosity, Intelligence, Openness, a love of me, a love of things of beauty. Anthony (23) Sense of Humor Anthony (24) A sense of humour. Anthony D C (20) Honesty Anthony lawhon (27) strength, sensuality antoinette (24) humour, lack of malice. Anton (52) Intelligence, understanding. Antoniette (20) awareness, naturalness, spontaneity, intelligence Antonina (20) Intelligence, gentleness Antonio Lemos (18) A sense of humor, silliness Anty smart Anya (22) caring anything Empathy Anzi (27) Intelligence, discretion, wit, womanliness. Apollo (58) Sense of freedom Apos intelligence, bold and beautiful Apply (30) Tenacity, integrity, introspection and vivacity April (20) Her loyalty, her love, her unbearable and insistent need to know and understand you April (21) Gentleness, naturalness, intelligence AR (20) Afective and not jumping into quick conclusions Aranneaa (19) Honesty Ardent (30) Elegance A real phony (27) wisdom, humour Areeba (25) Refined attributes, intelligence with a sense for the playful. AROG caring, spontaneity Arsh (24) Intelligence, independence, tomboyishness, compassion Artie (17) Intelligence, sensibility, patience, the ability to make something good out of a man Artie Mondello (18) The ability to survive in a man's world while remaining every bit feminine, a special kind of strength and intelligence that requires no spotlight, and no force of strength. AS (32) Intelligence, humility, compassion ascetic monk (51) Confidence, steadfastness Asfiya Mariam (21) Self-confidence, honesty. Ash (23) Integrity Ash (28) intellect asherville (55) Her strength (both internal and external) and her mind Ashley (18) Loyalty and honesty Ashley (28) The kindness Ashley (12) Intelligence and kindness Ashley 2.0 (13) naturalness her happiness her ease at all things that become beautiful ashley baus (24) Being comfortable in her own skin Ashley Brazil (17) Ambition, forgiveness, generosity, ease of self. Ashley Meller (26) curves, embracing naturalness ashleytheresa (20) Intelligence, fearlessness, honesty Ashwin Murali (21) Strength, grace and intelligence Asi (21) intelligence and a good heart asmitchel (67) Intelligence, kindness, independency Astri (36) intelligence, easy going attitude Astrid Kindness, loyalty. Asuka Suzuki (13) Patience Athar (25) Kindness Atuona (38) Adaptation. Audrey Bittencourt (24) That beyond common sense intellgence. Audrey Mahone (29) humour et intelligence augustine (70) Emotional insight Auntie Em (35) gentle but firm Aurora (32) intelligence, professional Austin (19) An intelligent mind, a kind heart, and a creative soul. And a nice bum doesn't hurt. Austin Kimmell (16) truth, questioning autumn (17) sensibility avecamour Big bewbs Aya confidence in frailty ayda (25) Calm wisdom ayem (57) Truthfulness, generosity and a strong sense of self aym (30) Kindness, wisdom, heart to love a young boy (91) intelligence, gentleness, self-esteem, grace ayumi (20) Inclusiveness and intelligence B (45) strength, independence Baby (32) thability to be herself baggal21 (28) Morals, intelligence, naturalness, being a lady and a spitfire at the same time. Bailey (19) Grace Balaji Harish Iyer (20) Straightforwardness. Bald Sky (38) wisdom barada loyalty barbara (50) Gumption - Once in a while I remember to try to have it Barbarita (21) intelligence Baron Von Nazzenpoppel (46) humility, humor, smarts, intuition, observance basbas (22) Honesty Batgirl (23) Independance Bdme (23) Compassion, intelligence, sense of humor Bear (49) Kindness Beatlhoven (47) Social skills, patience, rationality beatricegasti (30) Self sufficiency, power Beatrice Moore (30) Naturalness Beatriz (13) humble, intelligent, nice, friendly beauty (18) Class: polite yet strong, very knowledgable, Morality based on Reason, model-beauty Beavis Christ (30) Intelligence. Becca (16) friendly, humorous Becca (17) Maturity of mind Becca (21) Strength, kindness, and compassion Becca (19) being at ease with anything thrown at them, comforting Becca (20) Humour. BeckBeck (26) spunk becks (24) kindness becky (13) Same as above Beka (33) wit, empathy, intelligence belita (39) naturalness, mental strength bella (16) sensitivity Bella (17) Atitude. Belu (19) The ability and willingness to listen Benjamin Urrutia (61) Honesty Benjo (23) Good will Ben Johns (21) kindness and humour Bennie (55) Same as the above Berlin (25) confidence, straight forward, intelligence, a sense of independance Beth (20) Peace Bethann (35) Strength, inner beauty, and kindness Bethany (23) Confidence and grace Bethany intelligence Bethany (22) Unselfishness Beth Ellis (15) Wisdom, naturalness and beauty. Beti (24) Intelligence Betty Usabiaga (37) Sense of humor, wit, compassion, intelligence, love of life Bhakti Brophy (41) A keen sense of wonder, joy, and awe; wit/humor, compassion, intelligence, goodness radiating in all directions, love Bhakti Brophy (45) Caring nature, critical thinking, Understanding Bhargava (25) common sense and courtesy bhl Ethics Bhole sense of her surroundings Bianca (18) compassion bif kindness, honesty biggb (46) Confidense big guy (16) Sincerity and integrity Bill (50) SUBMISSIVE BILLY (38) Sweetness BillyBobABC123zzz brain humour nice face billy boy watson (3) Dignity Billy the Son of the Kid (21) kindness Biochicklet TENDER CARING LOVE GIVEN WITHOUT EXPECTING ANYTHING BACK BIPS (46) The quality a most admire in a woman is kidness. biscotte (13) i like nice women bismuth moral sense, intelligence, sensibility blabla (37) kindness, humour Blackie (20) intelligence Blademan (60) Refined craft. Queerness. Blaine (21) Loyalty, PATIENCE, determination, tact, and kindness Blair C. (29) Beauty, Humour, Appreciation of the world Blake (17) Humor, intelligence, ability to converse blip52 (27) All of the same. And politeness...so many of the girls I've met here are so snobby or shallow, even when they try to seem friendly. Bliss Inthemorningdew (16) genuineness, ingenuity, optimism,intelligence, wisdom, and definitely open-mindedness. BlondShamrock (16) Kindness, loyalty, honesty Blood (15) Gentleness, strength, intelligence Bluebird (27) Intelligence and a sense of humor BlueOrchid (39) Seductive body language Bluto (29) Ethic, passion, hunger. BM (20) compassion bman (41) humour, bmo Confidence Bob (22) Why would this be different? bob (38) Intelligence Bob (32) Intelligence and serenity. Boba (22) intelligence bobblins Intelligence Bobby (22) morality Bobby (40) intelligence, and the ability to stand up for herself Bobby (21) Intelligence bobby Unconditional love bobby (33) daring, action for a cause Bobia (25) Determination, Empathy boku_wa_kami (25) natural, funny, smart bomb (30) stength Bonky (26) confidence Bonnie (15) warmth, intelligence, selflessness, generosity Boo (36) compassion bookloverva (58) The qualities I do have Boris (16) comfort bov (19) Intelligence, Confidance, Integrity, Kindness Brad (17) honesty brad w (35) Beauty, understanding, bram-is-e-janet-brecht-is-de-max Intelligence, Less Dependability Bramma (23) Respect for herself Bree Ogden Honesty, loyalty and pride Brendan (24) intelligence and wild in bed brent (33) Intelligence Brent Findley (19) style Bria (22) unique approach to life Brian (22) Kindness, Intelligence Brian A. Henegar (26) poise, honest, and good morals. BriannaBabyFYS13 motherliness BriannaFYS13 (18) Honesty, Intelligence, Passion Britta Bandit (30) I like women who speak their mind and who are not afraid of how they look naked Brittany (25) genuine Brittney Miller (20) strengh and loving kindness broad (45) Loving, intelligence, and lack of inner conflicts Bruce Bennett (20) courageous and intelligence Brutus (20) Intelligence, sense of humour Bryan R. (21) Maternal instinct Brynn (39) gentleness, quircky Bryon Springer (25) self confidence bubby (43) braveness Bubu (37) intelligence buckyballs (35) Honesty & Integrity Buddy (34) confidence bug Gentleness, naturalness, intelligence Bugsy Strength. Fortitude. Self-confidence. Bulldozer (50) cleanliness bunny Self-reliance Burella (61) Intelligence Burnable_Material_Here (18) CONFIDENTIALITY,AUTHENTICITY,KINDNESS BUTTERFLY (41) Gentleness, Humor and Understanding butunn (19) Loyalty C insight c (21) inner-beauty,having weakness C (14) Good comportment C (20) Intelligence, gentle, loving C (35) patience cacharel (37) Noisy wit Caidy (54) Kindness Caio (18) Strength, intelligence, confidence Caitlin (19) Clean shavenness Caitlin (21) Yes, naturalness... nothing to admire in 'fake' women... throws it off for all of us. (women). Camille (52) A good sense of humor and courage. Candice (23) the courage to display fenine virtues boldly Candlewycke Intelligence, Naturalness, Humor, Openmindedness, and Beauty Candy Artistic, kindness, uncommon intelligence, unique sense of humour, non-judgmental Captain Crunch Honesty Carebeark5 (25) trustworthiness carlajwms (49) morality and kindness Carlie (24) Kindness, intelligence, beauty Carlisle Being just. Carlo (26) Strength, courage and fiery temper Carlos A. (24) even more silence Carlos Cisne (45) Humor Carly (19) As above - intelligent people who do the right thing, not just the most logical thing. Carly (21) Honesty Carol intuitiveness, carefullness carolina (23) Perseverance. Caroline (38) Empathy and intelligent compassion Caroline (25) Courage and generosity Caroline (33) naturalness,intelligence and humour,gentleness Caroline (45) Being a good friend; intelligent and funny, down-to-earth, pleasant, being able to tolerate my bad language. Caroline M. (41) genersoity of spirit, commitment to making a difference in the world Carol Lacoss (62) A nature of ease. Carolyn (18) strength, kindness, humor, willingness and ability to care for family, intelligence Carrie intelligence, love for the beautiful, determination, strength cartike Honesty Cas (25) Authenticity Casey (36) Intelligence, honesty, individuality Cassi Strength, wisdom, patience Cat (36) Kindness, intelligence Cat (24) Gentleness, naturalness, wisedom cat (27) Humility, honesty, sincerity Cat (26) Independence Cat wits, unconventionality, sparks of genius cat (20) honesty, empathy Catalina (44) Inteligencia, elegancia, prudencia Catalina Jiménez Correa (27) natural beauty, sense of laughter, intelligence Cate (23) Care, affection, independence, selflessness Catherine Masculinity. Catherine Jean self-confidence c.a.torres (39) Same as for a man Catrina (15) Confidence, generousness and wisdom Cattie Chong (26) Faithfullness Cavit Anıl Buram (28) sweetness ccc (27) intelligence ccchnl Beauty, gentleness, intelligence cdl (35) Intelligence, humour Cee Cee (17) Courage, modest, thoughtful. mostly same as what I admire in men. Celia (15) intelligence cenire (25) Her sense of self. Femininety. Grace. cerisetea (34) Warmth Cestmoi Subtlety C face. (22) Intelligence, non-ambiguity cfm (37) Beauty Cfreedman (38) Honesty ch My favorite quality in a woman is the gentleness Chacha (13) Intutition Channon (45) Graciousness Channy (19) Intelligence Chari (21) A Loving Heart, supportiveness Charlene (17) resourcefulness Charlene (50) Silence without recrimination Charles 01 ( 7) Intelligence, curiosity, and expressiveness CharlesB (48) Intelligence Charles L Davis Jr (51) strength, independance, the ability to feel admiration for other women rather than intimidation charlotte (29) Strength, power, and prestige through feminity Charlotte (18) Intelligent passion Charly Mariaan (49) Intelligence (in a woman's way) - something like being schemy. :) Chary Silva (22) Intelligence, Quietness Cheche (40) How she treats others cheeky (26) Sensuoussness Cheemargh (36) asertiveness chele naturalness, kindness, caring, intelligence chelle (47) Class, gentleness, confidence, selflessness. Chelsea (21) The same. And modesty. Chelsea Smith (24) good manners Chelsy quiet strength Cherie (40) Strength, knowledge, masculinity, know-how, tenderness Cherish Robinson (21) Comedic and honest Cherub (30) humor, self confidence chi-chi toughness, resilience, independence Chickpea (31) Honesty Chico (46) Intelligence. Independence. Sensuality. Courage to be whoever she wants to be. Chili (17) selfassurance - high selfsteem - inteligence - sense of adveture - true to herself Chinita (34) tenderness, forgiving natue, tolerance chinnu (20) Intelligence Chinnu (38) Intelligence. Empathy. Kindness. Chiu Jing Hua (17) strenght, inner beauty chloe (21) Brevity, humor Chocolate Bunny (32) Being a good person Chonda Strength, morality, and integrity. Chris (16) awkwardness Chris Loyalty, Humility, Intelligence, Good taste, Passion, Creativity. Chris (19) Intelligence, positivity, Chris Intelligence, ability to listen, tolerance, regard for others Chris S. the ability to give birth Christa (27) being grounded, sensible, compassionate. Gentleness. Christian (44) vivaciousness, Christian Soldier (33) Strength. Honesty. Genuineness. Morality. Sense of Humor. Christina Kronberg (23) respect christine (18) Wit, intelligence, honesty Christobel (17) Humor, comfort, warmth, and honesty. Given I am a human with great a many flaw, I need someone to call me out for my bullshit sometimes. Christobel in College (18) Intelligence, beauty. Christopher (24) Feminine, curvy, intelligent, asuming, stable. Christopher Blaum (37) If she smells nice and makes me food. Christopher Boone Manly virtues, honesty in friendship Christopher James Stagg (16) Confidence and gentility Christopher M. (31) Pretty much the same as a man we are all human at the end of the day Christopher Mitchell (17) grace, elegance Chuck (43) virtue Chuck (44) There is no woman I admire, so I can't think of admirable things in a woman Ciera (16) The same as above. Cindy assertiveness, authenticity, kindness cindy (50) Beauty, warmness, and faithfulnes Cindy (24) Intelligence, honesty, confidence Cissa Fireheart (32) Assertiveness, open-mindedness, equalness. Ciucan (18) Those who are unconsciously graceful Cla (22) Verve. Claire Maturity; the ability to deflect drama Claire Bartholomew (16) Fearlessness, intelligence. ClaireW (65) Accountability Clancy intelligence, hard worker Clara (20) caring Clara Caring, intelligent Clarissa (18) Sincerity, reliability, gentleness Clark Langridge (32) moral and loyalty Claudia (36) capacity to be happy Claudia (21) Clay Douglass: Grace Clay Douglass (34) bravery loyalty any kind of skill clazza mgee endurance Clelia Beatriz Valdez (22) It's a sweetness clemfolk49 (13) kindness, strength, intelligence Cleo (∞) Strength, independence, curiosity, ambition, intelligence, and artistic ability/sense. clockwork (34) confidence,candidness or honesty,and compassion cobweb (24) strength,humor, open-mindedness Coco (31) Tenderness codered (18) The same as in a man Cody Gould (17) Honesty, intelligence, nurturing Colin (39) Gentleness, Intelligence, Style. Colin (22) Sincerity and self-awareness Colorful (28) Empathy comnomnomor (15) Honesty conor (34) Inteligence constanceeee (19) loyalty Cookie naturalenest cookie integrity, compassion cookie (51) Independence Core (25) Confidence, sense of friendship, dignity, cleverness Corentine (25) truthfulness corinne loyalty cpaters1 (26) Confidence cr integrity, compassion cr (34) To not mislead men who they don't fancy. Craig Suga Biles (22) Authenticity Crimson (60) intelligence Crisfe (31) Intelligence, the will to pursue what she loves despite gender inequalities. Crystal (17) Beauty, grace, intelligence, strength, nurturance, depth, humour, creativity, complexity, mystery, etc. Crystal (32) beauty in every respect Crystal (22) Strength csheehan (17) Brains CStoney (47) itelligence cuchi (40) Brightness, naturalness, humour cucu (26) Artistic abilities cvelez (64) Openness, genuineness, intelligence Cyan Imsomething (28) sweetness, naturalness, lightness; who doesn't put down others; experience; the ability to change & not be narrow-minded. Someone who seeks joy. Determination & conviction of her own power D Strong, confident, articulate, intelligent, compassionate D (32) Sensitivity & strength Dachary (23) Confidence Daffy Sue Esposito (60) Kindness, strength, assertiveness Daisy (27) perserverance Dakota Swaveman (18) Intelligence and moral sense D_Alex (46) as before dA member: sonicbutterfly (17) Nurturing Damien TC (36) Assertiveness Dan (29) Sense of humor Dan independence Dan (39) Kindness Danae (17) Beauty, Danger (16) Fearlessness, depth of character, independence, sense of self, and intellect. Dani (31) good sense of humour Dani (19) Strengh Daniel (25) Intelligence, an interesting nature and friendliness Daniel (16) Intelligence Daniella (27) Selflessness. I dislike girls who are obnoxious. Danielle (15) Honesty, self-respect, intelligence, and a great sense of humor. Daniel Molina (20) Humor Daniel Phelps (23) sweetness, honesty, humor daniiii (18) Intelligence Danny (25) intelligence Daph (45) honesty Darcy (20) honesty dario (21) intelligence, humour, strngth DashEloise (32) Intelligence, understanding Dave (45) Sense of humour Dave Cresswell (46) Sincerity Dave Whitaker (40) Kindness, patience, Humour, intelligence, gentleness, honesty Davey (18) Kindness, passion, compassion DaveyD (24) Intelligence, Grace, Class, Wit David (19) Intelligence and someone who could be in a fight if they needed to be. David (10) intelligence, good mother David (18) loyalty David (63) naturalness, good humor, bravery david baiguera (35) humor and intelligence David E.J.A Bennett (29) as above. David K (46) Passion. David ROWE (42) Beauty David Sergio Cisneros Ardura (46) Kindness, naturalness, sense of humor. David Timme (19) to be genuine dawn (40) Intelligence, independence, successful Dawn Robinette (51) Spirit, independence and vivacity Daya (22) Love dbrown (24) strength dcsnowbunny (25) sensitivity Dd (43) Beauty DeAndre Beck (20) intelligence and authenticness Deb (37) Sassiness coupled with intelligence and kindness. Debby Creech-West (43) idealism, moral sense, even temper Deborah S. Wilson (56) Intelligence, empathy Debster (48) Intelligence, Morals Dee (24) ambition Dee (19) Resilience Dee Wisdom Deja Vu (20) friendship Delia Webster (80) Patience, wisdom. delice_ok (21) the primal part that makes her woman dendoo (23) Encouragement Dennis (61) Morality. denny (23) Femininity, love, caring Denny Resilience, timidity, humility, strength during adversity Densio (25) Intelligence Derek (27) Outgoing derp (22) intelligence, artistic desert dweller Beauty, frankness devanand A good friend who'll stick by you and one I'll be able to confide in... Devon (18) humour Dev Tucker (17) humility and loving Devu (22) Confidence DH (39) moral fortitude diana (52) Gentleness, intelligence, confidence Diana (20) She has to be herself Diana (15) Wisdom, slow to speak and quick to listen, warm smile, gentle lovingness. Good mother. Diana Thomas - English Thursday 6pm (38) Strength Diane (53) Honesty DianeD (50) Speaking in a soft voice, kind,shy dida (14) Impunity to express their feelings. Diego Miguel Danura Puyó (30) Intelligence, confidence Dietgingerale Heart, Wit, Gracefulness Dindin (20) Intelligence, Liberation Diona (19) Patience,Intelligence Divya (20) Following the Golden Rule Dixon Wragg Intelligence dlew919 (40) Integrity dmca (38) authenticity, intelligence and humour Dolna (39) Discretion Dolores Nabokov (26) Kindness and purity; intelligence. Dominic (17) Intelligence, compassion, strength Dominick (23) Intelligence, pride, tenderness. Dominick Miller (19) Passion and intelligence and not an ounce of submissiveness Dominick Miller (20) Virute, dignity, intelligence. Dominick Miller (21) Respectability DonAli (33) Intelligence, strength donkeys4eva (20) grace, dignity doodledoo12345 beauty, self confidence, self validation, intelligence. Dori (23) Inspiración, Determinación Dothzilla (33) Living their truth despite it's popularity or lack thereof Doug (30) Intelligence, flexibility, reliability, honesty and a sense of humour Doug Lambert (65) perspective Douni be courage to go far and try new things Dracontomelum (30) inteligence, sense of humor, ladylikeness Dragana (22) Still 'a clever mind'. Intelligence is really the best, isn't it? Dragontongue (22) To be caring, friendly Dre (35) Intelligence, strength, self-confidence, courage Dreamboat Annie spirit, will, intelligence, strong opinion, tenderness, being able to feel DreamBrother (27) Madness Drella (26) femininity that is natural, instead of affectated cuteness drift classic looking intelligence reflecting dritjeta (42) a willingness to risk doing harm in order to do good Dr. J (76) Independence. Dru (24) resilience ds (45) Naturalness, intelligence, relaxed curiosity. D.S.de.P.Ramos Intelligence, submission, Maternal instinct Duckish Morals , Peace Ducky natural beauty duke (18) When they like me, because who doesn't admire that? Duncan Passell (17) tenderness dustxii (22) intelligence, honesty D.X (22) Loving, caring, self-respect, never sexualising herself outside of a sexual context Dylan (17) Once again. Kindess, loyalty, understanding, and open-mindedness EAR (19) Sharp wit Ed (30) humour, intelligence, sincerity, passion ed Intelligence, fire. Eddie (48) Confidence, Intelligence Eden (19) An eternal form of beauty, most of all quirkiness Edgar Roberts (15) Passion fot existence Edmond Dantes (26) Grace, tenderness. Edouard (41) beauty and intelligence Eduardo (19) kindness EduGri (53) Empathy Effie (34) Sweetness, tenderness, naturalness, curiosity, joy, intelligence efha (23) tenderness ehk2 (30) overblik, omsorgsfølelse, med humor, EHM Delicacy, Generosity. Eiichi (16) intelligence, humor, masculine qualities, eirianna (17) the ability to order salad consistently EJ (29) Compassion as well, without pity; envy is rampant lately E.Jay (21) perseverance, kindness to other women, wariness of men ejb (22) Spontaneity el3vat0r quick wit, values, trust, will to succeed elay (21) patience, independence elay (23) intelligence, honesty, courage, humour eldar (25) Beauty, intelligence, grace Electryo (15) Excellent articulation Elena ακεραιοτητα ελενη (33) Not having to resort to typically 'feminine games' to get on in life. The knowledge that feminine strength is rooted in being feminine. Elena Di Cesare Gentleness, beauty, poise, intelligence and fragrance. Eleni Constantinou (20) Intelligence, love and caring Elias (22) Strength, beauty, passion. Eliaz McMillan (33) class eliciabg (23) they are beauty and kidness elicule (13) Mother love Elie (16) intelligence Elisabeth (22) Openess and warmth Elissa (22) Exactly the same qualities that I admire in men. Elizabeth the same Elizabeth (25) Independence, humor, intelligence Elizabeth (15) Intelligence Elle (51) The ability to fit into any given situation. Ellen Nobility, kindness in strength, stillness, a seeking mind, a sense of the ridiculous Ellen Fitzpatrick (61) Strength, courage, loving. Being the best of mothers. Ellie_Estrella (19) rebelliousness humour and intelligence Ellie Wilson (15) Passion and sense of humour Elliot non flirtatious elliot (22) My favorite quality in a woman is the kindness Elo (11) Integrity elSigno (37) intelligence, manners, discretion, respect Ely (23) love, humour, respect, honesty, intellegence Elyse (20) Binary file Em_1425616956.html matches Binary file Em_1425616956.html matches Honesty Ema (18) Kindness and the ability to be humble and sweet. emdonnelly7 Cunningness and intellegence. Bravery. Emilee Nightshade (19) I don't see the need to differentiate by gender. Emilia Blancarte Jaber strength of character, friendliness Emilie (23) Genuineness Emilina (27) intelligence emilio (28) Sensibility, calmness, courage, independence Emillia (16) Again, kindness. Emily (19) a woman who can posses both purity, innocence, grace and beauty, at the same time as possesing great ferocity, independence, and primitivity. I admire women who are not afraid of their own power, who embrace it, but yet still remain feminine. Emily (24) loves other women and doesn't try to distance herself from them (i.e. "i'm not like those *other* girls")...i see a lot of this and it's sad! emily (24) Intelligence, curiosity, kindness and love. Emily (13) Wit Emily Clark (25) sacrifice and wisdom Emma (20) silence. emma (18) everything Emma (20) Grace, kindness, intelligence Emma (50) Confidence. Emma McKinney Humor, loyalty, honesty Emme (21) Spontaneity and beauty encolpio8 (22) loyalty and devotion Endimion intelligence, humbleness, versatile endor Elegance Engel (48) A sense of freedom from moral conventions. Enis Beauty, aesthetical symbols of her spirit Eno A. Agolli (15) Intelligence, Sincerity, Natural beauty Enrique (21) Sensitivity, intelligence, and individuality. Eric (15) manners Eric (40) Compassion, a sense of humor, thoughtfulness Eric (37) Independence, courage, intelligence, manliness. Eric (19) intelligence Erica sensuality Erica (25) compassion, morals, humor, selflessness Erica` (21) Silence Erica Johnson (21) Loyalty Eric C. Wolfe (28) same as above + persistence Erich (20) Intelligence, directness, elegance, good taste. Erich (19) Serenity; Intelligence; Independence; Detachment Eric Kraft (18) Much the same, patience Erict7 Wisdom and nurturing. Erik (25) Intelligence Erik Isaac (19) Kindness, intelligence and beauty Erik Price (18) Self-respect, humility, intelligence, ability to laugh at one's self Erin (27) Loyalty Erin (53) Indipendence Erin (30) gentleness Erin (20) Subservience. Not really. One who speaks of unfemine things. Erin Grace through wisdom and experience without being jaded by truth Erin (46) mental strength ers (22) Confidence esayer (35) Tenderness, imagination, beauty, intelligence, honesty Escalus (22) Humour, intelligence, empathy. Escapism (19) Gentleness, manners Esmee fidelius (54) achievement ESMERELDA (50) intelligence, open-mindedness, compassion, patience esteban (29) Ethics Esteban (23) wit Estee naturalness and intelligence estrella blanca compassion, intelligence, humour Et (32) intuition and "realness" Et Cetera (22) Intelligence, unselfconscious self-assertiveness Etha (26) Strong will and sense of self worth ethan (20) loyalty Euzinha_ds (20) Same as above, and honestly a nice rack doesn't hurt, from an objective stand point. Eva (23) sincerity, intelligence, humour, ability to admit error Eva (16) intellectualism, creativity evan ass hatch (18) Honesty Evanna (18) Intuition Evie (22) intelligence evilwonders (28) Respectfulness Ezra (20) Acknowledgement of privilege and the desire to eradicate it. FA Kindness FAC (25) frankness fallen (24) Beauty that drives me peacefully crazy Fanourios (40) feminism, simplecity , intelligence farfalla (30) intelligence and beauty. farfoura (22) Feminine nature, wisdom, strength. fatgaynig (20) Gentleness ... intelligence ... Elegance Fatima (19) self confidence, intelligence & sense of humour fat man (33) Maturity, intelligence... feanix (20) Inteligent, Loyalty Felipe Maia The ability to keep their knickers on around other women's men. I hate parasites on another's romantic courtship of another, I despise those who cannot do the legwork involved in nurturing a relationship, who instead prey upon man's greatest weakness -ego Ferroever (43) Intelligence, independence, critical thought. fersfumero (28) Respect for the opposite sex, a sense of fairness FeydRautha (46) See above Feysweetie (43) true kindness Fidjeridodu (30) intelligence, kindness Fields (19) the capacity of being uglier than me filinia (22) Strength . intelligence, moral fiber... all the qualities typically and unfortunately associated with great men Finokio (38) Confidence fk2005 (34) Intelligence. FlameHorse (28) A woman who is not afraid to speak her mind with the intelligence of a scholar, of grace, natural beauty, as well as a hope that carries her to the depths of the oceans in search of discovery is a woman I strive to be. flavia (13) understanding, sincere, initiligent Flo boldness of spirit, Flora (69) The gentle nature, the divine grace that inspires me. Florin-Alexandru Brănescu (16) Honesty, conversational intellect FlyinMonki (27) natural elegance and intelligence, style and grace Francesca (29) determination. Francisca Bastos (17) Self cofidence Francisco Aguirre (23) Intelligence, will power, tenderness Francisco Javier Gil Vidal (54) The ability to love their nearest and dearest unconditionally FrankieSmash (49) courage, love, nobility, a desire to help those who cannot help themselves. Intelligence fred (16) Intelligence and logic Freda (61) Strength Fritha Grey Empathy fumble (19) ability to laugh, loyalty, intelligence, success furies (27) intelligence, caring, kind, easy on the eyes, sexy, funny FYS13Alec (18) Respect FYS13Amanda (18) Intelligence. FYS13Andrew Sweetness, intelligence, integrity FYS13Bella kindness and personality FYS13Brandon (19) Grace, strength, humility and intelligence FYS13Chad a brilliant shopper FYS13DRJ intelligence FYS13Holly Compassion, strength, humbleness, patience, a sense of humor. FYS13Michaela (18) ^ See above answer. FYS13Savannah Henry (18) Character FYS13Tyler (19) intelligence, being able to stand up for themself, funny FYS14Darling (18) intelligent elligance FYS14julie courage, self confidence, strong, and ambitious FYS14Kelle (20) edginess, naturalness, sense of humor, kindness, gentleness, quirkiness, goodwill, loving FYS14Landon (18) Elegance FYS14Mikaela (19) "Strength and honor are her clothing; and shall rejoice in time to come" FYS14Payton Attractive, Good personality FYS14Sam (19) A sharp wit FYS14Serenity (19) trustworthiness and honesty FYS14Taylor self respect, intelligence, independent FYS14Timesha Funny, Smart, Graceful, Indepedent FYS14Zachary Intelligence cleanliness FYS breont (19) Nice, confident, and beautiful FYSHeath (18) Classy FYSKylie (19) Kindness FYSMadz (18) Personality. FYSMegha (18) Submissiveness. FYSMichael (18) Intelligence FYSNick gentleness G humilty, conviction Gab (19) Not jealous easily and doesn't gossip Gabby (13) Kindness, Trust Gabriela (18) Maturity. Gabriel Gonzalez (26) my favourite qualities in a women is joyful gaga (13) Self respect Gail (44) kindness Gail Flaherty intelligence, sense of humour, wit and grace, honesty & integrity Gainer (52) intelligent individuality Galareh (23) The same. As well as the ability to have self-confidence without appearing conceited. Garrett (19) loyalty, honesty gatetam (38) Tenderness Gator Krazy Dave femeinidad gavalia (46) Curiousity, Sense of self. GD (47) There ability to make any and everything complete. Gean Whitehead III (20) beauty, grace, intelligence Gene (51) Intelligence. Genevieve (22) intelligence, humor, sense of self worth Genevieve (15) Confidence, style, humor, intelligence. Genevieve (16) Strength, compassion. GenXer2012 (39) No time for women, but if I had to choose it would be the ability to keep me in line George Kindness, Intelligence George Brosnan (16) Common human decency and empathy George Owers (21) Intelligence, stability, kindness Georgia (14) kindness Georgia (53) Power Georgia (16) Intelligence,independence,empathy Georgiana Humour ghazaleh (27) Natural , femininity, freshness, wit Ghyles (31) Style, humour Ghyles (31) Beauty Gia (21) Understanding and compassion Giannico (40) Loyalty Gillian Martin (40) Pretty much the same things Gina (19) Commons sense, nurturing Ginger Thompson (50) Graciousness and sophistication. Gionna (28) non-bitchiness Girl You Too Rude strength and intelligence. Giselle (18) Kindness and confidence Glenn Parker (24) Nuturing Gloria Heatley (58) humour, logic, kindness GMcG Strength to the core of her being goblin64 (45) Lovingness and intelligence Godfrey (19) humor Golden Boy (20) Sophistication. Gonzalo Boldness, Sensuality goukrish (19) integrity GP (39) Honesty, contentment, intelligence Gracie (22) Kindness Graham (20) Honesty greatlove (32) selfless Greg (19) self-assuredness, patience Greg (24) gentleness Greg (17) Beauty,kindness,selflessness,empathy,adventurousness Greg (36) Humility in the face of intelligence and beauty Greg (53) Honesty Greg Lytle (26) grace gretel Kindness, forgiveness, empathy greythorne (38) sensibility, intelligence gruchi (63) supportive gruffmusic (49) Gentleness, naturalness, intelligence Gtergab (50) Her capacity for feeling. guiller van mistoffellees (17) The ability to console people Gus (18) A naturalidade em dissimular Gustavo (21) Culture, naturalness, humour gutsyaardvark (19) empathy, passion Guy Van Driessche (44) Intelligence, Kindness Gwen (18) i also don't know Hakusha Senbon (24) The same qualities I admire in men. Hal (18) caring,good skills at homemaking Hala (34) Submission, Strength Haley (19) intellegence, power she possess, stands up for what she believe even if it is against the soceity hamdi (20) self confidence and knowlege hamideh (26) Wit and humour Hamlet (30) wisdom Hana (14) naturalness,masculin behavior time to time HandeG. (13) Ambition Hanna (24) Humility, morals, sense of humor, witty, respectful, kind, and compassionate Hannah (15) Someone unique and inspiring Hannah Ross (20) intelligence, subversiveness, sensitivity Hari (21) Truth-telling, but not to the point conversations remind me of blunt instruments. Harold E. Leighton (37) Silence. Harold E. Leighton (40) Sweetness Harriet (23) Sincerity, and the ability to drink Harry (27) Intelligence, and the rest that should come with it plus a childish playful attitude Hassallah (30) Freespiritness and good sense of humor Hassan (21) strength or character, caring, honesty, intelligence, humility hawaii50 (45) see above Hayzeus (23) Grace, intelligence, beauty, eloquence HCE (15) Honesty, grace and indipendence HeavyFire (16) confidence and her fashion sense heider (27) humor, intelligence, openness, understanding Heidi R. integrity Helen (32) Kindness Helen (19) Wit Helena (18) Strength and honesty Helena Jenkins (20) intelligence, strength Helen Mattison Wyatt (20) strength hellgirl (19) Courage Henry (46) strength her (26) unfaltering devotion kindness and charitable Herald (71) honesty herbertofwestlake (43) ability to mingle, courage, intelligence Hetal (22) Tenderness and wisdom HHP (41) Strength of spirit H. McMillan (33) Belleza, inteligencia, buen sentido del humor. H.Nakashima (21) patience hodouk (22) Empathy, the ability to listen, an independent and creative mind, the same qualities I value in a man Hoelder1in (51) Intelligence, fitness, humour. hoffsta beauty holden (27) Intelligence, Holley (39) Natural beauty, female pride, intelligence, kindness. holly (17) Whit Holly (22) same as for a man Hong Jay strong, pure Hopefloats (24) self esteem howard (34) I most admire self esteem and sexiness. howard (34) Being able to balance fierceness and gentleness Huda (19) intelligence, cusriosity huggybear (29) Intelligence, self-awareness, poise, wit. Hulot Redux woman that speaks her mind Hurricane Katrina (25) Beauty Hwiseon Lee (24) Intelligence. I The same as I do in a man. I One who is not afraid to show their masculine side Ian (23) Assertiveness Ian (44) Common sense ianplanet (47) guts, honesty I Beg (54) Intelligence. Iblis Anak (22) a deep complexity of mind Ichabod perceptiveness I do not have one. (22) I realy hate repeating my self i dont know that i know (17) Empathy tenderness, intelligence, curiosity Ignats (70) Intelligence, geekiness, talent, compassion Igor (29) Intelligence, common sense, wisdom. Ika (24) Self humour, intelligence, open mind. ile105 (23) ethical promiscuity Illinibeatle (44) Her being able to keep her grace under pressure, inteligence and gentleness. Imee Craziness Indrė (17) Respect indy (30) intelligence. inez (21) Ability to do many things equally well, multi-tasking and not have to boast about it Inkie (60) Intelligence, beauty, curiosity and mystery interestedparty inner strength, grace under pressure, i.p. Her ability to stay strong in times of trouble Irene (17) intelligence, love, practicalness Iris (18) intelligence isa (29) Aesthetics: and, a heart full of loving. Isaac (16) beauty Isaac (29) Intelligence Isabel (19) Intelligence,beauty, secretiveness Isabelle (26) Her ability to be a good wife and a great mother Isadora Duncan (32) Humor, Self-awareness, intelligence Ismael Santos (20) The same as above. Isolde (17) Goodness, grace, strenght and being capable for big achievements. Iva warmth Iva Pasztor (20) intelligent, kind hearted, just natural Ivy (10) kind,Courtesy,wisdom,Brave ivy (25) Sympathy Izzy (24) competence j2a18m (43) nice body jabbar (23) Intelligence, strength, compassion Jacie Lin Gentleness Jack (14) humor jack (30) Gentle, Strong, Intelligent, Kind, Caring Jack Goodman (18) Independance Jackie A women who works hard to get where she wants to be in life. A strong, independant woman. Jackie (18) Intelligence, Serenity, Moral Sense Jackie (24) Intelligence, mood, moral sense Jackie Cavalcante (40) Genuine openness Jackie Vega (27) integrity, intelligence, compassion Jackson (32) Strength and patience. Jackson8471 (23) Strength, humor, intelligence, beauty Jaclyn (22) Reservedness and mytery JaclynM (19) Approachability...someone who listens without judgment, loves no matter what., someone who is daring and brave Jacob Loving intelligence. Jacob Richardson (18) Gentleness, intelligence, bravery, common sense. Jacque (24) Intelligence. Jacqueline (34) Intelligence, independence, self-reliance, boldness, passion Jacqueline Garrett (38) knowing that in some situations, silence can be deafening Jadelynn (24) Honesty Jafari (33) Intelligence and well positioned Jaime (18) gentleness and intilligence Jake Strength, intelligence, beauty Jake (17) Intelligence, realness, moral fiber Jake (21) Honesty and humility. J.A. Lawrence honesty and good character James (64) Kindness James (30) compassion James Green (29) Tenderness James La Salandra (31) Integrity jameson_welsh (22) laughter, a willing ability to blush and fight but stay fragile, fulfilling and fulfilled, intelligent, at ease and oblivious. James William Reath (21) grace, compassion, love Jamie (25) Intelligence, loving, understanding, trust, acceptance, and a bit of perversion. Jamie (22) independence, intelligence, and humor Jan The ability to laugh at herself Jan (55) just her pure beauty . Janae (17) independant Janane (13) being dainty and feminine, being mannerly jane (41) intelligence, unwavering tenacity jane (20) intelligence, subdued rage jane fakename (25) intelligent, warm, and virtuous janice (67) The ability to laugh at herself. Jannie56 intelligence, beauty Jansen (17) Creativity. Jared Oswald (19) honesty, strength, morality, willing to give everything to help others jasleen The same as I would look for in a man Jasmine Violet (17) Intelligence Jason (18) intelligence, integrity, moral sense Jason (34) intelligence jasonstafford (53) a sense of knowing who they are without being motherly Jay (58) humor Jay (26) Intelligence, beauty, the ability to be both demure and forceful Jay West (27) beauty jb (13) nurturing, loving J.B. (53) self-actualization JB (29) Compassion, Sensuality, Intellect, Voluptuosity Jb Bradford (44) Strength, kindness, sense of humor JChris (40) Kindness, understanding, strength JD (21) Intuition jean (22) Intelligence Jeannine (57) Intelligence and understanding Jeff literacy Jeff Winger true to herself jemimah (32) Kindness Jen (23) Idealism Jen (25) strength of character Jen (35) integrity, self confidence, sense of humor Jen Gerlach (39) When they bother to read newspapers and drop the catty bullshit. Jen Hallidy (42) sensitivity, compassion Jenn (35) Intelligence, grace, character Jenn (39) their soul Jennie Strength, I admire strong women who are not afraid to make the unpopular choice. Jennifer (35) interesting. I have no specific answer only the qualities of three women I have loved. I find all women to be too unpredictable or inherently contradictory to steadily idealize (or dread). fascinated caution. Jennifer (40) Self assuredness, humility, intelligence, heart Jennifer C-K (35) Sense of self, determination, honesty & loyalty Jennifer Lewis (26) genuiness Jenni Webb Reynolds (29) grace, patience Jenny (23) The ability to be feminine but not a slave to traditional gender roles, loyalty, compassion Jenny (28) naturalness,strong faith jenny (30) kindness. warmth. Jenny (37) comfort in her skin JennyLynn (23) Calmness Jeremy (17) sophistication Jeremy (30) A sense of humor Jeremy Fassler (22) Femininity in every form Jess (27) boobs Jessi (18) intelligence Jessica (18) Compassion. Honesty. Courage. Intelligence. Jess the Mess (21) a willingness to risk doing harm in order to do good Jet Jackson (92) Intelligence Jeux Welcoming, secure in oneself not easily threatened. Jewel (39) strong-will jezza (18) integrity jg (36) Intelligence and gentleness Jia Ying (22) Kindness Jim (20) balls jimmy (84) Self-respect, compassion, dedication jj (43) Kindness JJ (20) intelligence, pragmatism JLo (34) Strength. Passion. Alternative Beauty. High Experience... I'm not making a Geek joke either... mostly J.L. Odom (16) Intelligence, patience, compassion, humor JM (28) Understanding and strength Jo (41) the willingness to stand up for herself. Jo (16) Assertiveness, Creativity, Humility Jo (21) sense of humour Jo Curiousity, independence, athleticism Jo (20) Kindness, intelligence, strenght. Joana (22) Honesty, a sense of self without having to be jealous of another woman JOANNA loyalty Jo-Anne Intelligence, naturalness, courage, moral sense Joanne (16) independence joannie kindness Joe (60) her gentleness Joe intelligence Joe (54) Comfortableness with sexuality, maturity, independence Joel (17) determination JoeyO (34) strong John (28) Strength of vision John (23) elegance John (24) An unwavering sense of justice, and the courage to make it known Johnathan Durand (19) literacy john locke elegance Johnny (21) Openness, extroversion, creativity John Porter Kindness, intelligence, wisdom. John Sousa (17) The ability to restrain JoJo (27) compassion jolie (66) Intelligence and a sense of humour. Jollie (21) Kindness Jo Mama (53) Honesty and nice Jonas (We) honesty and kindness jonathan (31) Courage jonb (49) intelligence, kindness, morals, self respect Jonida Dervishi (29) tur Jonny (31) Genuinity, character, kindness, openness Jonny South (18) Strength of Character Jordan (19) ambition, strength, intelligence, independence jordan rutter (18) gentleness,intelligence,naturalness,hotness Jorelle (18) Nonconformist, Objects vehemently to the norms demanded by society joseph (31) Intelligence,kindness and tolerance Joseph Anthony (37) 體貼 Joseph Cheng (28) Intelligence, charming, honest Josephine A (19) Intelligence, Domestic Command and Receptivity Joseph Yvon (63) beauty and force of character constantly in use on behalf of the poor and destitute. Josh (23) Naturalness. Confidence without being conceited. Independence. Josh (22) Proust had it down. Gentleness, naturalness, intelligence. Elegance as well. Joshua Levi (21) Honesty Joshua Taft (18) Genuineness, intelligence Josh W. (19) spunk josie (25) Independence Jotthedot (16) gentle, understanding... joyce (20) resilience; humility; intelligence; courage; honesty joyseternal (22) intelligence, glamour, wit jrggzmn (20) wit jrggzmn (20) Independence, irreverence jrggzmn (25) confidence JRM Intelligence, curiosity, self-awareness, kindness, humor Jtan (21) Decency and honesty Ju (28) Sense of humor. Juan Carlos (21) Honesty and politeness Juancho (32) Intelligence, wit, compassion Juanita Joann Harty Buck (49) Loyalty Juan Jose Campos (34) Morality Jubin (21) grace and beauty Judah (30) Strength Judah (22) 不能太強勢,可是有自己的想法,與眾不同 jude (25) Enthusiasm with ease Judyka (64) sense of irony jujubee (35) Moxie, tenderness, sagacity, forthrightness, a point of view Jules (19) Intelligence Jules (26) Strength, intelligence, independence Jules (23) Strength Jules Patience, Logic, Kindness, humor Julian (16) Trustworthy and intelligence julie (79) independence Julie (20) honesty, gentleness, intelligence Juliette (25) Same thing as the male, except with added beauty. June (23) intelligence jupiter jones intelligence, self driven Justin (27) Dedication Justin (15) Sweetness Justin Aylward (22) honesty. justine hope (20) Simplicity,Fear of God Justin G. (15) Being open. Justin Rasile (23) Trustworthiness JW (27) intelligence, wit, confidence, selflessness K (21) intelligence K (46) ability to stay true to friends k-92 (17) pride kai (15) HONESTY,INTEGRITY KAKI (50) Mothering Kaleena (23) Wit and compassion Kameke Self-confidence, courage, strength, sense of humour Kamila (18) compassionate, understanding, generous, courteous KammY intelligence Kandi (26) Independence kangaroo humility karaeileen (24) being comfortable in her own skin Karen (22) Kindness and humour. Karena (52) wisdom kari bobins (33) intelligence, honesty and kindness Karina Marcano (26) Beautiful, but not slutty; smart; strong-willed Karl (17) honest, integrity, brave, kind, strong (both body and mind), diligent, respectable, protective, caring, sense of humor, responsible... Kasia (30) Grace Kasper (19) Courage, Motivation Kate (23) Intelligence, morals, conviction, strength of will. Kate (21) Compassion and empathy with others (not me, just people in general) Kate pragmatism Kate (26) Loyalty, genuineness. Kate McJ (31) An open mind. Katerina (22) Humour, Naturalness Katharina (32) Qualities to which I can relate. Katherine (18) same as man kathy (52) Selflessness, intellect, kindness Kati (15) I don't know. Kati (19) Intelligence, Humour, Ambition Katie (20) even a fat guy doesnt love me katie (23) Grace, humility, cleverness Katie (17) wit, class, good virtue katie (22) loyalty of a friendship, loyalty between sisters Katie (21) intelligence and understanding Katrina (23) kindness Katrina Thiessen-Beasse (28) Humbleness Katten (28) intelligence, resilience, and sincerity katthehurricane will power Katy (16) kindness and gentleness Katy (22) Same! kaudrey humble and simple kavitha (19) sensitivity, strengh and power kay (22) Inner Strength Kaybird (43) intelligence, humor, the ability to keep a secret Kayla Marie (17) All KBHS (29) gentleness, honesty, humour, courage kc When they are smart and choose not to hide their brains, they are wonderful company. Especially when they don't talk of TV. Kechiro (33) Intelligence Keith (19) Honesty Kelli (47) Centre their Lives around their kids, but fit in interests of their own. Kelly (30) Strength, all kinds kelly (39) Decency Kelly G. Teague (45) Intelligence, passion Kelsey (22) Confidence, balance ken (58) Self respect, humor, kindness, and intelligence. Kendyl (20) strength Kenn (47) Humor and beauty Kennedy (18) , gentleness, protectiveness Kenning (28) A sense of humor, powered by intelligence and good will kerayne (66) compassion Keri Cook (26) Intelligence, Drive, Independence K EST (22) true to herself Keto (25) presence, humor and style Kevbo compassion Kevin (23) Strength of the aurora Kevin (25) Gentleness, naturalness, intelligence Kevin (21) Humour Kevlar loyalty, moral sense kfcbucket (16) The ability to psychologically empower men with subtlety kfkfkfk (17) Insight. KG (38) Love Nurturing and compassion KG (26) Enemy of patriarchy, supporter of fellow women Khaddafina (23) TEST KHAkjhsak (16) Intelligence, Fragile yet strong khaye (26) intelligence Kiana Mercury (23) Class. Kiara M. (15) Humor Kid Jasper intelligence KiDoCo Intelligence, a sense of humour and the ability to be able to carry off short hair. Kieran (22) Tenderness and Moral Sense, intelligence Kika Courage and Intellegence Kiki (27) kindness, class Kiley (20) HONESTY, INTELLIGENCE, NATURALNESS killy intelligence, self-esteem Kim (37) Elegance, intelligence, kindness Kim (17) Intelligence, unbridled by patriarchy, well-learned, plus all the qualities in a man (devotion, kindness, honor, loyality, fairness) Kimberly (23) Intelligence, sense of humor, kindness kimberly (21) Balls kimbo (34) honesty and forthrightness Kimlmar (52) compassion Kim Randall Cox (43) humour and intelligence king (43) intelligence kings (36) Intelligence, moral sense King Ubi (35) Respect,gentleness, kingwel (15) humility, intelligence, compassion Kinmin (24) independence loving nurturing big hearts family oreinted Kirsten McCracken (20) grace kirty (21) my quality is a woman is organized kissclem.83 (12) is gentlenesse kitkat (13) Thoughtfulness, Cleverness, Naturalness, Sense of responsibility, Loyalty, Intuition, Patience, Grace Kitty (21) Independence Kitty (19) obedience Kitty (58) Intelligence, Honesty KK (32) intelligence, gentile, style k-kabob (31) Discernment, courage KKC (26) Decency Kkkkaty (67) Passion and Intelligence Klox890626 (23) Compassion, authenticness KLVS (22) compassionate, understanding, generous, courteous Kmi loyalty, confidence knapsackstraps (21) any women who doesn't follow suit with patriarchical expectations knowone (29) Intelligence, loyalty, kindness, strength Koinekid (28) Insightfulness. kokocakemix (24) Trustworthiness koshka (50) Godliness, intelligence, sensitivity, tenderness Kouse (23) intelligence, assertiveness, and independence topped with grace and warmth Kreuzz Honesty Kris (41) Delicate, tenderness Krisanta (32) loyalty krissy (18) Understanding, humor, mutual respect Krista (17) See man. Kristi (35) The same as for a man. Kristian (34) intelligence Kristie (22) Tolerance Krum Kirov (16) The ability to accept life's events without becoming victimised or over reacting Kryshia (53) Maternality. Krysstofer Pierre (23) Loyalty Krystal (24) Secret ease of will. Krystin (22) confidence, grace ks (33) my favorite quality to a woman is them mouth. kssou (13) Vulnerability Kt (15) Creativity KT seductive melancholy Kunal Sen (27) feminism, openness to feeling and strength and the same time, not believing that men are better or that one should strive to be mannish or unemotional kunderakitsch Intelligent assertive strength. kuro usagi (18) I would agree with naturalness. K Yeo (19) A woman that looks healthy not paper thin. Kyle Dangerfield (25) intelligence Kyra Black (19) Intelligence, poise Kyrie (18) benevolence Kyrinrin (14) independence and intelligence lacee (18) Creativity; loyalty Lacey McVeigh (46) Confidence Lacharria (18) same as in a man...also a woman who smells good, who always takes care of herself, who's confident LadyDyTheFly Intelligence and kindness Lady NCA (29) loyalty, supportive Ladytoyou (66) inteligence and wittiness lage (27) Irreverence Lainey (38) Confidence LaLa (26) Relatability Lana (34) intelligence, the right mixture of spirit and seriousness LAND (22) seduction Lanius (50) honesty, trust Laura (20) Quriky, musical, kind, lives life on the perimeter Laura (24) free spirit laura (23) kindness laura (27) confidence Laura (28) unusual intelligence Laura (31) Intelligence LauraAl (27) confidence laura Ytzia Montoya Capristo Empathy and integrity. Laurel (29) confidence Lauren (28) naturalness Lauren (22) kindness Laurie (58) "Naturalness" Layla (22) Intelligence, humor, acceptance LB Perkins (42) Confidence, intelligence, and the ability to bring joy into a room. Leah (16) Intelligence, grace, beauty LeCorbeauGris (25) forthrightness lee (30) Lack of disapproval to things not tried. Leeham Humor and independence Leena (16) grace and ambition Legacy Lee (31) Courage. Leigh Lagamayo (27) not seeing what they see Lem (24) Strength. L.E.Murphy (17) standing up for what she believes in Len (46) Intelligence, kindness, to be able to love with all of your heart, to be a mother Lena (21) The confidence to be themselves, and not be desperate for a boyfriend because you don’t need a man to be happy. Leo the same Leon (26) Intelligence, good humour, contentedness LeonidasStokely Boobs-face-ass Leon (The Debreifer) (22) j Leslie Confidence Lestory (49) Kindness, intelligence, sincerity lety (59) Beauty from within and without LewU (55) knowing she is first a human, then a female l.gee (23) Intelligence, assertiveness. Submission to God Lia (23) Individuality LiamP (25) sweetness; forbearance; intelligence librowicz (28) honesty, kindness & a sense of humour I think there good qualities to have whether man or woman Lids (50) Same as in a man. Liliana the desire to do better then she is already doing lil~kissa (17) strength, beauty, ambition Lily (16) Creativity, Intelligence, kindness Lily Wit, friendliness. Lily (19) Sophistication, ambition, class Lily (34) Intelligence Lina loyalty Linda (23) Smooth features. In other ways woman is the bad one. Linda (17) Silence Linda C (41) Manliness Lindsey (15) Intelligence, Compassion, Drive, Confidence, Trustworthy. Lindsey B. (17) kindness LindseyD (18) intelligence and beauty linou70 Open-mindedness, creativity Lint (17) Intelligence, inner strength, compassion Lisa kindness, openness and honesty Lishan (20) naturalness littlefairybigears (22) Partnership, being able to work as a team littlerobot goodness lituci (30) Naturalness, intelligence, humor Lixing (24) Daring. Liz (28) Empathy Liz (64) Tenderness, grace, and thoughtfullness Liz (47) Truth, honesty, genuine friendliness, good manners Liza (33) Intelligence Liz Vega (43) Being able to wear hats Lizzie Pickle (27) A masculine character. L. Kadey (18) Unapologetic self-confidence L. Kadey (19) Intelligence LLane (23) forgivenes, honesty, and strength lmao the same lo (19) genuinity, intelligence, and common sense Lo (24) Integrity LodRose (32) ambition Log Intelligent humor Logan (23) intelligence,ability to reach her goal Lola Strength in character, determination, wit Lolita Hazed (18) truth, self-awareness, heart lollipoppingsu (24) Intelligence and maternal instinct Lori (37) Boobs Louf (39) Depends on the person Loui Edgington (12) Compassion and tenderness Louis (19) honestly, grace, intelligence Louisalokyee (15) Confidence, intelligence, natural possesion of warmth and free spirit. Louise (17) Kindness, compassion, intelligence, creativity Loz (17) naturalness, caring nature, intelligence Lu (24) tolerance, thoughtfulness, sense of humor luadepapel (25) patience Luc (27) sensuality, devotion Luca (33) Beauty, elegance, honesty, politeness, sensuality and tenderness. Lucho (32) kindness Lucija (25) Graceful and intelligence, someone who could see you eye to eye Lucy (34) Intelligence, courage Lucy faithfulness Luigi (38) Intelligense, wisdom and honesty Luísa (21) Intelligence, honesty and morality. Luísa (22) Confidence, compassion, intelligence, a sense of purpose Luisa (18) Rationality, fearlessness, womanly wisdom and intuition Luisa (19) unselfishness LuisEfe (55) Intelligence, wit, moral sense, and humour Luke Anthony (19) Submissive and Intelligent lukemarco (18) Compassion Lulu Honesty Luna (16) moral sense, loyalty lunar (18) Sympathy. LVG gentleness, loving, forgiving Lydia (50) class, beauty lydia Bravery, creativity, and intelligence. Lydia (18) inclusion lyman (35) Honesty Lyn (22) Honesty Lyn (22) comon sense lynac (31) Kindness. Lyndsey (19) Thoughtfulness, discretion, integrity, sense of humor Lynn Renee (41) loving, caring Lyss (19) Sense of humor M@ (31) realness M (16) sense of humor M Strength M (29) Intelligence M (36) Intelligence M (19) kindness MA (61) Intelligence, awareness. Mac (28) Strong compassion Mach (44) Integrity, Intelligence Machiavelli_Mx (38) straightforward warmth macskawoman (44) Strength, intelligence, and power. Sophistication, beauty. Imperfection. Vulnerability. A thoughtful girl for a thoughtful girl. Madeline (18) Love Madhusudhan (63) is intelligence MadMax7 (13) intelligence, confidence Mads Husted (21) it's kindness Maeva231 (13) Strength of character. MaeveOne (27) strength Magellan (44) Humble, mature Magen (22) Kindness Maggie (24) honesty maggy may Honesty, passion. Fire. Self-sufficiency. Mahalo (/) uniqueness and beauty mahtiel (21) Femininity, loyalty Mairi (37) inner strength maitresseb (43) self expression regardless of opinion Mak (16) gentleness and intelligence maksimuchka (38) Tenderness Malibu (31) intelligence, knowing when to suck it up and accept that some guys are just in it for the sex just for her own well being Mallory (21) grace, strength Mallory Corrus (20) Intelligence, rationality. Maltet intelligence, individuality Mandar (27) Intelligence, moral sense, assertiveness, confidence, compassion, sense of humor Mandella Kitten (36) Independant mandi (28) kindness Mandy (18) my favorite qualities in a woman is their gentlenness and their intelligence. manonettte (12) Nothing. Manu (22) Empathy, ambition, beauty Mao (22) intellegence Mara (58) Independence, nurturing MaraMichelle Intelligence, sense of humour Marana (56) Geniune and kind, yet witty marcel254 (25) A sense of self and a love for children Marc_Meyer being strong but kind marg (53) Intelligence Margaret (19) Independence Margie (44) intelligence, humor, naturalness, softness, humbleness margo (22) Strength Margot Intelligence, kindness, modesty, loyalty and inquisitiveness Margot (21) Gentle strength, intelligence, purity of heart Mari (30) honesty Maria (45) support Maria Intelligence, femaleness Maria (18) Nice, Friendly Maria Contreras (19) strength Mariam (20) the ability to think for one's self, morality, bravery Mariana (16) A sense of justice and love. Mariana (22) Strength. Maria Patenaude (29) Nurturing spirit, intelligence,courage & wit Maria Rowena Rillen Wit, light-heartedness, pride, confidence, and endearing qualities that make them who they are. Marie (19) Intelligence, confidence, and self-sufficiency. Marie (21) Intelligence. Humour. Honesty. Sincerity. Marie-Pierre Adam (27) intelligence, style, naturalness marija (23) intelligence and kindness marina (50) Strenght, leadreship, active spirit and life, and an elegance while doing it. marina (27) solidarity Marina (20) Sophistication, natural charm, grace Marina da Silva Negherbon (24) confidence. mario ponce (38) Reciprocity Mark (16) confident kindness mark Gentleness, charm and wit. Mark (19) confidence Mark Angus Wilson (28) Inner and outer natural beauty and activity Mark D Anderson (23) Consistence. markeff (38) Intelligence, Empathy, Grace Mark J (44) honesty markus_naz (39) inner strength, determination, sense of humor, honesty Marney (40) self confidence and intelligence and modesty Maroua (17) todo marti (25) Masculinity Marty (18) intelligence Martyshka (31) Understanding, gentleness. Maruku (18) Confidence. Mary (22) Intelligence and kindness Mary (28) to be gracious Mary Ann (62) Kindness. MaryAnn (47) character and humor Mary Ellen Collins-Davis (59) character and humor Mary Ellen Collins-Davis (59) shameless beauty MaryFred (24) Intelligence, courage, embrace of joie de vivre Masha Shannon (26) Loyalty and Confidence MasonFYS13 (18) A dash of madness, a love of the world, a hunger for truth---and the patience to deal with men. Mason Walker (21) A dash of madness, a love of living, a hunger for truth---and, God bless them, the patience to put up with men. Mason Walker (21) intelligence Mat (15) Cleverness Mateus Melo Attitude, beauty and culture. Matheus (15) Intelligence, self respect Mathew Gallant (22) naturalness Mathilda (15) x Matisse (15) Inteligent, honest, true in one self simple and not sluty Matrix (23) The ability to understand others, gentleness, intelligence Matsuda (14) grace, beauty, sexuality matt (17) A free spirit. good judgment. Matt (30) Intelligence, suppleness, and humor Matt (20) Intelligence, Free spirit Matt Ari Independence, wittiness, moral sense and, of course, beauty. Matt DeCostanza (17) intelligence, coolness. matthew (18) Compassion. Matthew Charles Barrie (27) Kindness, tolerance, intelligence and diligence Matthew Ray (18) Strength Matthew Young (18) beauty, free spiritedness, loyalty Matthieu (21) same as above, integretity mauserman (42) Being interesting, smart, and kind Max (24) intelligence, charism, generosity maxie (20) The ability to disarm Maxwell Pierson (23) naturalness Maysoun (27) Kindness MB (41) Humour, intelligence, kindness, self-awareness mcfm0626 (26) Self-determination, resolve, and intelligence MCI (22) integrity, intelligence mcseadogs (34) Kindness, intelligence, wit Me (40) Humility, genuineness, caring Me (24) witty me (32) Intelligence, Instincts, loyalty ME (25) Caring nature Meaghan Don't know Meebo Gentleness, happiness Meg (16) apathy meg (22) the ability to stand up for herself but to also know when to let things lie Meg (19) honesty Megan (25) Sense of humor. Megan (20) resilience Meghan (16) Moral sense Megil (51) నకరాల్లేకపోవటం Meher (32) Confidence, strength, intelligence, and seductiveness. No need to be ashamed of the last one. Mel (16) Strength, both physical and emotional Mel (20) Sense of humour mel (32) The willingness to admit what she doesn't feel Mel (44) Intelligence, inner beauty, spiritual confidence Melanie (31) Humour, wit. Melinda (18) Wit Melissa (23) Honesty, gentleness, pontaneous, and morals melissa (17) open natured, natural, inner beauty and strength melissa (44) Self-awareness. Melissa Farr (25) Intelligence, self-awareness, confidence, humility. Melissa Farr (29) tactful honesty Melly intelligence, inner strength, self-love Melody (22) A candid nature. Confidence and mysterious truth. Mel Sundquist (20) Strength, mental and emotional, independence Memyselfandi knowing her self-worth Menjou (21) the power to forgive menon (33) mutual understanding, openness mercedes (27) beauty, drive, intelligence and femininity Meredith Strength Meredith (23) Strength Merit (56) Strength Merit (56) Strength Merit (56) Strength Merit (56) Strength Merit (56) Strength Merit (56) Strength Merit (56) Intelligence, language, strength, conviction, common sense, the ability to see beyond the surface of a situation or moments Metztli (23) Power, Intelligence, Confidence mf (17) Intelligence and kindness MFSmith (16) Kindness mia Intelligence, independence, sense of humour Mia (27) kindness micci (64) Passion. Michael (40) Humour, intelligence, imagination, originality, common sense, give-and-take, compassion, empathy Michael (46) beauty, intelligence, Free thinking, faithfull Michael beauty and intelligence in a woman who likes me michael devotion Michael (43) selflessness michael (24) confidence, genuine Michael (21) kindness and thoughtfulness Michael (52) Bravery. Michaela Tee (15) genuineness Michelle (30) intelligence, class, independency Michelle (17) See the above answer. Michelle (24) Prudence Michelle Jeong (20) Neck, curves, chin. Expressing themselves without barries. Michelle Sandino (15) The same qualities I admire in men. michou (19) Harmlessness, intelligence, reason, beauty. Mick (28) Someone who knows when to lead and when to follow Mignonne (53) Pause. Miguel Oniga (58) kindness, humor, elegance mihaela (26) intuition mihaelaian (42) tenderness and kindness ,softness Mika honesty, ambition, intelligence, and humor Mike (33) beauty, grace, intelligence, eyes Mike (14) Intelligence and natural beauty. Mike (53) forgiveness of my faults mike (43) Ladiness Mike (58) being humble mike_freedom9531 (30) Humor Mike G. (25) blindness mikemc1156 An ample bustline Mike Sadler (53) Independence, kindness, grace Milfred (35) awareness Mili (20) Intelligence, morality, sense for nurturing. Milly (23) Kindness, confidence Milly (16) Integrity Mimi (53) Strength, kindness, humor, integrity. Mimi (31) Ditto Mimi (24) tenderness mimì (48) Kindness. Mina (15) Boldness, compassion Mind (17) Willingness to confide. Minerva Black (30) politeness ,natural ness ... minny (13) honesty, liberal minto (28) warmth, inteligence, generosity mirabilis (48) Strength, flexibiliy, honesty, humor Miriam Liggett (48) Loyality, Intelligence, Kindness, naturalness. mischa (22) A backbone Misha (24) I must say I am growing weary of this gender discretion. See above. Misk Odium Oersted Short skirt, tight sweater miso grace, courage Miss A good mother, gentleness, caring misshermes (20) Same qualities as in a man, of course. Miss Mia Moriarty (29) beauty mister buzz (49) Forgiveness, patience, tolerence. Mitela (22) Gentleness Mitela (25) Refusal to lose contact with her self, refusal to be lobotomized, and belief in her inner spark of genius. Mitsuko (22) maternalness mitzi (28) Strong, elegant Miyo (12) intelligience well spent, dignity, and lack of absent, mindless gossip MJ (22) sense of self/genuine MJ (23) Strength of character M.J (40) Gentleness, Strength, Feminimity M. J. A. Armstrong (60) Wisdom of experince MJE (40) A woman that can keep her word MJF (34) intelligence,intellectuality,braveness,ambition mjwhite (21) Confidence in her own life & values, moral sensitivity, and toughness/lack of vanity. M.K. (21) Honesty, tact, compassion Mkeekee (30) Honesty, friendliness, strategy M. Le Ahcim-nevets (31) Etiquette, spirituality and cleanliness. MlleJacqueline Intelligence, humor, skepticism MlleNeet Naturalness, strength, compassion mlovelace Intelligence and kindness MM (34) Intelligence, ethics and elegance Mnemonic Aberration Love intelligence Mo (19) grace, poise, gentleness, beauty moeder (32) Intelligence, respect Mohamjip (66) Nice figure, politeness, dry sense of humor. Moistoidy (43) strength mole a sense of humor Molly (19) confidence, wait Molly (18) Humor Molly (33) Intelligence, beauty within, strength mollykate74 (38) strength momcat (60) Strength Mona Humour and Honesty Mona Sen (22) classic style, ease of conversation, authenticity monson (28) Character montanadrifter (68) truthfulness montie williams (16) The ability to rise above the urges of the body Mooke (16) Kindness, curiosity Moose (40) Honor, Loyalty, Confidence, Support, Care: to be a cold winter morning against the burns of life's hot poker. Morazda (42) Intelligence, compassion and a sense of humour Morgana Compassion and open-mindness MorganFYS13 (18) Charm and a fat pocketbook Morgan Gratsky (22) Physical appearance. Morgan Toft caring, loving, tender, wisdom morgwei (28) Honesty and a sense of humour Mouse (42) Intelligence, empathy mp Self-awareness and intelligence MP3 (22) Passion, intelligence, mystery and confidence MPaylor (21) affectionate Mr. A (17) Sensuality MrJones (28) Intelligence MRM (28) steadfastness Mr. Mandarin (41) Butt Ms. Barbara (19) Devotion to other people. Ms. L (22) Integrity Ms. Martin (46) Intelligence, kindness, manners, humor, and good grooming mStonerCEO (45) Strength & kindliness MUabigail (18) trust MUAshleyVance (18) kindness mucarly (18) honesty MUElexandra (19) ability to love unconditionally MUElizabeth (19) Honestly Muffin (25) Patience mugkim (19) confidence, kindness, intelligence muhbuh (47) Intelligence, courage, honor MUJakeWilkinson (18) humble but strong headed. MUkelly (18) Strength of character, bravery, creativity, and perseverance. MULydia (18) Bravery, creativity, and intelligence. MULydia (18) Intelligence Murphy (21) Bravery, intelligence mutterhals (31) no i am serious. fine the quality i most admire is not feeling the need to separate this question the way it is my answers are perfect; yall should read Logic and artistc talent. Mychel Shannon (18) Strength, Drive My Dear Materialista (27) Friendly MylaFYS13 gets what she aims for myra (22) Grace. Myron (26) Gentility, feisty femininity, a constant urge to discover Myron (26) parental, caring, loving, intelligence, and personality Mystery Mind Over Matter (19) Self-confidence, genuineness. N (20) intelligence, loyalty, kindness nad (17) Independence Nadine (21) patiente - intelligente - avoir des principes Najia jan (64) Inner strength Nana (23) It's funny. nana (12) Honesty, intelligence, compassion Nancy (78) strength with kindness nancy Overall intelligence Nancy B (40) the quality my most admir in a woman are intellience and the nature NANOU83 (13) Kindness/gentleness, intelligence Naomi (19) intelligence noncomformist curious narelle pederick (40) Wit and empathy Nat strength, gentleness , sincerity Natalia (33) Intelligence, Sense of Humor, Independence Natalie (18) Resilience and balls Natalie MJ (31) gentileness and feminity natedawg (28) intelligence,kindness, elegance, Nathalie (20) ambition, common sense, femininity Nathan See Above Nathan (28) genuine compassion Nathan Competence Nathan (35) Wit Nathaniel (24) intelligence, independence, calmness Nathan Liu (15) the development of the future generation by kind and careful guidance of her children. navera (57) My favourite qualitys in a women are loyalty and honesty navy13 (13) titties! neckice Good cooking and sanity. Neetzi (18) honesty Neller (35) talk nice,gentlness,humor nelly wisedom Nelly (31) Genuineness, generosity, intelligence. Nels (31) intelligence, lack of vanity neo_urbaniste (23) Demureness in this time where ladies have to be everything men are and more to prove their worth Nessie (18) Strong-willed Nette (18) Humanity Newlin (25) imagination, and eloquence Nia (15) all the things I admire in a man, along with comradere. Nia Robinson (19) sense of humor Nic (27) Inscrutability Nic (24) An intellectual stimuation, an ability to insult and reveal my imperfections so that I may better them Nicholas (18) " " Nicholas Kovacev (12) softness Nick (35) Beauty, a critical eye, a different point of view, a genuine laugh Nick (20) spontaneity Nick Schiff (16) Meekness, gentleness, intelligence, honesty Nick Zero (26) self respect, strong attitude, sense of humour, intelligence, ambition. nicoca (21) genius Nicole (14) strength Nicole EP (25) Caring Niece (42) honesty, naturalness, independence nightinday (19) Intelligence Nik (30) Intelligence, honesty, humour Nikkers64 (47) Integrity Nikki (35) Intelligence, kindness, righteousness Nikolai Kleppe (44) Natural beauty Nikos (29) Intelligence, moral compass Nina (21) modesty mixed with self-confidence, originality nina (27) kindness. nina tangimetua (23) thingies! ninjo morals, respect for her culture and doesn't feel the need to exploit others..... Nirmal Singh (99) wisdom, patience, good sense, humour niyaa confidence nmh (32) Intelligence, independence, outgoing Noah (17) The genuine, intense and basically quixotic desire to be a better person. Noah the good (23) Strength, warmness, intelligence Noelle Grace NoGurus (20) Willingness to submit to and serve an Ubermensch. Nomen nescio (24) Intelligence, humour, loyalty, honesty Nomers (19) generosity none given The ability to see their own ego and look beyond it. None More Bitter (20) honesty,integrity, compassion nono (22) Warmth, wisdom, strength of will nools (21) Mystery, a gentle sharpness in their eyes. Not the ones who would cut, but who could yet choose not to out of kindness. nools (23) Strength, compassion, generosity. Noraq Sense of self Norma Intelligence and softness Not (26) Sensuality NR-2082 (32) Will, intelligence, compassion Nrvnqsr (27) Kindness, dutiful ns Belligerence tempered with rationality Nuance (26) Their empathy. numeroita (24) Intelligence, sense of humor, independence, high self-asteem, loving kind and one who knows how to make a man her best friend. NynnaS. (36) tenderness Nzame (27) Intelligence, power, beauty, oanaa (23) Empathy Ode intelligence and integrity Odile (36) trustworthiness,loving, patient,self assured,fair. Odilia (47) tendress ohlaskeau (21) Determination, Kindness, Happiness oldie-goldie (99) intelligence and dignity olga (22) Imagination, kindness, and a sense of humour. Oli Tearle (28) intelligence, nurture & support Oliver Humility, patience. Oliviaa. intelligence, morality, strength, kindness, creativity oliviathunderkitty (63) The sensitivity Oliwankenobi (21) Emotional intelligence. Olly (37) Independence Omar (17) Integrity ontherazzle (40) Intelligence ooinla (40) An open mind Oph (30) Moral courage, loyalty, honesty, and a sense of humor. ORK (22) sincerita' orsetto (19) Intelligence, able to stand their ground, reasonable, can go with the flow of things. Oso Intelligence, strength, and an innate ability to care for loved ones. Ovi (24) Humor, curiosity, genuine compassion oxoboxo (22) Thoughtfulness, truthfulness and an inquisitive mind. Øyvind (27) Capacity to love. Ozymandias Jefferson Roosevelt (24) Self-awareness PAB (43) Fearlessness of intelligence. Pacie Strenght Paggy (33) kindness, intelligence pagina (20) Kindness Paige Hall (17) Compassion Palaila (28) humor, loyalty palais (32) courage Paldies (39) Strength,intelligence, a wide laugh and solidarity Paloma Coyoacan (56) wittiness and strenght Pamcake (28) clever pamelaja (27) The strength to stand up for what's right. Panchi Intelligence, fairness, good looks pandaaah (23) Humility. Panic (18) independance panthergirl (36) Competence Parker (18) humour, lack of pretension, positivity parksmi (51) Strength, beauty parvati6 Gentleness, Motherliness Passepartout (27) Pride Pat (39) Intelligence, wit and understanding Patek (25) Calmness, thoughtfulness Pat Garrett (26) naturalness patric (30) A motherly disposition, intelligence, empathy Patrick J. Derilus Logic, understanding, and maternity Patrick Newman (23) Intelligence Patrick Trotti (26) weight patroklos gentleness,quietness,humor, patsy,world war II baby Grace, kindness, and sincerity Patti (20) Kindness Patty (32) Foresight Patty Cake (29) intelligance compassion emotional strength Paula (54) Intuition Paulina (18) Intelligence, adaptability Paulshrug (44) Bravery, strength, patience, beauty(But i can admire only my Love, because I thinking only about she)) Pavel Š. (18) rationality, humour, intelligence, warmth, readiness to help pax (23) morals, intelligence, humor PB (20) bootay P-Boh Ability to make other laugh Pea (17) Loyalty, friendship, honesty Pedro Albernaz (20) Delicacy Pedro Luis Munoz (24) All she needs is to be a real woman, just by being herself and not letting influences become what makes her tick. Pedro Tejada (20) Honesty Peggy (57) Tomar caminos positivos. Pekusia (22) Humility and a sense of humour Penney (48) Intelligence and passion PEP (18) Intelligence, angelic tranquility, and organic beauty Peregrine humour, common sense and a certain amount of modesty Perfidia they are beauty and sense of humour. perla21 (13) Discontent Pessoa non Grata Intelligence Peter Heron (57) Common sense Peter Joseph Tamber Maxima Gaffney Integrity Peter Silva (46) sensuality, intelligence, strength, confidence Petree (22) Generosity, faithfulness, intelligence, love. phantasmatica openness,intellegence,serenity Phil (44) i must said natulness, openess,intelligence,brigtheness philippe (59) honesty, kindness phreec (35) Honesty Phyllis Boyajian Branche intelligence, compassion, understanding picfxr (45) intelligence and common sense Pingbluto beauty pinny independance pintoo (24) decency Pistol Pete Joyful, naturalness, gentleness, kidness... pitch1406 (13) Intelligence coupled with a clarity of thought pk_evanescent (38) Naturalness, beauty, intelligence. pk_henry Humor. Pleiadian7 (59) same answer Plusein (25) Intelligence and kindness Poobah (65) courage, intelligence pooja (30) sense of humor, good morals and loyalty Pooki (55) Intelligence, irreverence, optimism, light-heartedness, directness poop fella (25) self-determination Pope (31) coehrence pp (31) Courage of convictions, ability to sacrifice, tenderness Prajakta (23) Understanding, Trust Pranay Gupta (22) Innocence, Fun spirited Prasanna (23) HUMILITY PRETTYMARY69 (39) Intelligence, naturalness PriC (26) Willingness to think clearly about hard problems Priceequation (33) The quality my most admire in a woman are naturalness and intelligence princessgirafe83 (13) beauty, elegance Prismatic (74) Women who don't worry about their feminity; ones who are brave enough to move beyond gender norms professionalprocrastinator (20) Awareness and acceptanceof her masculinity Protovium (63) strength p-sissy (20) Humor psv (48) Cleverness,sensitivity,honnesty,tenderness PUNK PAINTER (37) humour puppylush (35) confidence, flexibility, intelligence, grace Qi (18) A natural beauty and understanding of who they are, both aesthically and physically. Quasimodo (30) humor Quimper (LV) Confidence. Quinn (23) Intelligence, honesty, singularity qweasd intelligence R (50) Intelligence and being unafraid to show it around men Rachel (21) Kindness Rachel (21) Efficiency and kindness Rachelmate (39) appearance, commitment, empathy radomu (18) Finesse and intelligence. raf (19) moral strength RagsTyler (33) Imagination, humor, kindness, compassion Rah (25) Intelligence, compassion, trust Rain (16) Intelligence, compassion, trust Rain perserverence, intelligence, openness rainbird Self-sufficiency. Raj (18) Intelligence, strength, genuineness, loving nature, compassion Ralph (21) Caring Ramu (59) there's nothing different what I expect in a woman from a man. Ran (25) Happiness with oneself; complete confidence despite an awareness of his own flaws. A compete belief in one's own beauty. Raph kindness, independence, self awareness Raquelle (17) Strength, patience, intelligence. Raven (30) intelligence, care raven (17) Gentleness, the ability to let things be, a forgiving nature, and an appreciation in wonder. Ray of Mars (36) Thoughtfulness, desire for social justice rb3868 (52) Intelligence, strength and humor RD Strength. Intelligence Rebecca (19) Open-mindedness, morals Rebecca Scheid (13) Perseverance Recross (25) Imagination, intelligence Red (26) femininity and intelligence Redbeard (24) Compassion & Empathy Redrover (50) A light in her eye from happiness Ree (21) a woman who stays true to herself no matter what ree (24) Intelligence, bravery Reed Braden (19) Confidence in character Remi (28) kind, caring Renath Intuitiveness to others' needs and self sacrifice Renee (44) sense of humor, independent sense of style and personality reneetriay (40) sense of humor, sweetness, honesty renno (17) gentleness and beauty Renos (24) beautiful, kind, intelligent, gentle, independent renz (15) Self-Awareness Requiem (27) Kind-heartedness Rethinker (26) honesty, guts, style retroandi The same qualities I would most admire in a man - honesty and self-awareness. Reuben Samson (21) Humility, grace, intelligence, tenderness Reva Ann (20) Self Control Rhail (38) To be all those things men project in them, and be both selfless and proud about it RHCdG (52) being straightforward and intelligent Rhea (25) manners, honesty, patience, grace Ria (24) Kindness, charm, inner beauty Ric H (41) Same as a man, Intelligence, awareness of the world and kindness, mental strength Rick Strength, vision, independence, self-reliance, love, beauty, faith. Rick (18) Being true to oneself Ricky (20) Intelligence, bravery. Rie Intelligence, authenticity and heart. Riley (26) a masculine virtue riley (19) Self-Respect, Humor, Intelligence, Respect, Creativity, Bravery Riley (14) Self-Respect, Humor, Intelligence, Respect, Creativity, Bravery Riley (14) erudition, beauty, bitchiness, good taste,seхuality Rina (20) intelligence and sensitivity Rini Strenght and good moral values. Rinilia (17) Passion, sense of humor Riss (37) Intelligence, grace, courage, RiverSong (32) Companionable, easy going Riyu (17) Gentleness, Rizwan (21) Kindness RJJM (13) sincerity rob (54) Humor, balls Rob (45) Fearlessness, intelligence, understanding. Robbie Curran (19) Strength of character Robert Danduran (26) Gentleness, intelligence, sensibility, friendship, lover Roberto (22) Loving, caring and intelligence Roberto Rivadeneyra Q (35) Tits Robert Tatler (18) naturalness, nice smile Robin (22) honesty rob luddington (45) independence Robo (56) Sense of adventure. robot Someone who values life and family to the fullest extent and someone who cares about problems and issues in order to take a stand and do something. Someone to not judge anything, ever. Someone to always find the beauty in everything. Robyn (15) Sense of humor, kindness, empathy, wit, compassion. Rochelle (40) Intelligence, character Rockstar their physical charm and their ability to appeal to my basic instincts Roderick Strenght Rodica (32) Moral, physical courage - conviction. Rodrigo (24) Compassion Rod Weiler (21) shyness and the freedom to be themselves roger (45) Down-to-earth roguebroccoli (18) sincerity roloropo (29) Class, Kindness, Intelligence, and Beauty- inside and out. Roma (14) independence, boldness, intelligence Romina (16) intelligence, Romina (21) Poise and Creativity Ronald (40) Compassion, a grounded nature, and a listening ear Ronen (27) Moral sense and hygiene. Roo (20) gentleness, naturalness roro (23) Harmony Rorshavhanswer (18) courage Rosalee Firth Ability. Rosalie Grace (16) intelligence and impathy, understanding Rose (17) Strength and independence Rosie (52) Honesty, integrity Rosie (53) kindness, Intelligence, wisdom ross (29) poise and strength rossi Intelligence, sensuality, outgoingness ro to the rah (20) Intelligence, Fearlessness, Kindness Roux (18) Naturalness, intelligence, elegance. Rox (17) love-ability rsan Charm rtalien (25) Determination. rubysparkles (23) To be true to herself Rumi (42) Intelligence Rushkami (27) Woman must be a woman Ruska (33) depends on the person Ruskin Clay (17) bravery Ruskin Clay (17) Determination, focus and knowing when to give up Russell Sandbach (53) Honesty Ruth (48) Strength and confidence Ruthie (19) Intelligence, compassion, passion R. W. (26) femininity, tey strength rwk (57) Ditto Ryan (18) A curiosity for life, and gentleness. Ryan (15) helpful and supportive Ryan B (23) Open-mindedness. Ryan Brun (23) Ovaries. Ryan Brun (27) Kindness. Ryan Brun (29) Listening/Cooking Ryan Riley (26) Maturity Ryno (26) Self-reliance Ryssan (22) ability to comfort S (20) know who she is and what she wants S (26) Grace s33d (20) Understanding and integrity Saaid The ability to stay calm in times of stress. sableye22 (17) Strengh Sabri (19) Maternal Sacha (30) intelligence and gentleness s. a. hensley (45) intelligence saief (28) The ability to be soft & stern. SAI LAXMI TATINENI (40) Intelligence sailor Humour Sally of Kent intelligence,culture, loyalty, courage sam (19) compassion, softness Sam (24) gentleness, discernment, kindness Sam (36) Intelligence, independence, kindness, Sam Intelligence, compassion, sensuality Sam (22) Intelligence, Grace and gentleness Sam (26) Confident Sam (17) True friendship, honesty, the ability to listen and not judge Samantha (17) Confidence, humour, kindhearted, understanding Sam(antha) (24) Ittelligance, thoughfulness, relateable Sam Gordon (18) Love Sami (18) caring of a wider family sammyantha (39) Caring and intelligence samps (29) kindness, softness, wisdom SamSam (33) Understanding Samuel (19) Intelligence San Confidence, happiness Sandy women who are real and don't put up fronts Sandy (32) grace under pressure sankari (39) Intelligence, softness, strength. Sara (23) intelligence, humour and courage Sara (57) humor, intelligence, determined Sara C aka Snacks aka Sarbs (26) The same qualities I admire in a man: kindness, critical thinking skills, open mindedness Sarah (23) understated beauty and intellegnece sarah the ability to be male. sarah (14) Strength Sarah (23) intelligence, kindness, humour Sarah (38) kindness, understanding, good grip on things Sarah (13) humour and individuality sarah (22) unabashed sensibility Sarah (33) confidence sarah (21) Intelligence, kindness, a little independent streak Sarah (27) If she can make a good sandwich. Sarah (18) Compassion Sarah (24) loyalty and honesty sarahbeth (21) respect Sarah Carlton (18) A strong sense of self, confidence, intelligence. A mix of power and femininity. A woman who knows how to work it! Sarah Taylor Vernarecci (19) The same Sarah Taylor Vernarecci (19) Feminity,Silence. sara luisa hincapie (23) Caring Sara Ortiz (27) Intelligence, honesty, originality, creativity Sara P. (18) Kindness, but firmness Sarge18162 (13) ability to catch hidden motivations sargual silence Sasha (30) Humor Sasha Hasanbegovic (26) Competence Sasha_M (34) Love Sasha Sutton (22) nurturing, caring and intelligent. sat (20) Intelligence sauron (24) ^ See above answer. Savannah Henry (18) Humour Sax (32) intelligence, friendship scarletsquirrel (13) Intelligence Scarlett (25) Self-confidence, Ambition, Leadership schulzmk (26) The ability to reason Scooter (29) Confidence, intelligence, self-reliance Scooter190 (21) Femininity Scott (60) Intelligence and preservation Scott (17) Sweetness Scott777 Intelligence. Honesty. Truthfullness. An inquisitve mind. A sense of humour. Individuality. Frankness. Screaming Bastard Child of the Apocalyps (23) Sanity. Sean D. Thompson (22) Trustworthy, spontaneous, independent. Sean Kennedy (22) Brilliance. Sebastian (18) Independence, creativity Sebastian H (18) kindred spirits! Sedona (16) Humor, thoughfulness, good judgement Selene H. Brent Confidence SeraphimeRising (31) The courage and confidence to stand up for herself. Serena (26) none. serenity Self-confidence Sexismandthecity (28) integrity shadoww420 (33) wit, fashion sense Shaina (22) Poise ShaLo (66) Naturalness, intelligence, independence Shamir (13) Kindness Shana (22) Intelligence, honesty Shane (19) kindeness, intelligence, shane (25) Beauty. Shanna (19) Naturalness SharaMays72 Intelligence & Thoughtful Sharankumar Nadarajah (19) Intelligence. Shari (21) A quick wit. Sharice (22) The same as above. SharonBillings Kindness, Intelligence, Strength of character Shauna (40) intelligence, relationship to the earth (i.e. growing food) shaurora (64) women's intuition Shawna (21) gracefulness shawna (17) joy, comfort with herself shawpur (66) Balls SHE (44) strength, the need for someone Shea (28) See above: reflexivity and self-awareness. Lapsing into sexism for a moment, I do also appreciate emotional control. sheavsey (21) gentleness Sheila D (55) loyalty shelby intelligence shelby (15) trust Shelly (17) Intelligence, honesty, loyalty Sheri Wil, intelligence, compassion, independence, passion for social justice and the will to do something about it. Sherry Fuller (41) loyalty and expressiveness shiela (18) Intelligence and morals Shig (29) Honesty Shinydan (34) strength to fight for what she should have/want while being aware of those around her ShiversB (19) Tolerance shodhana (20) proudness, undertanding and naturalness shorty (14) Honesty and humility. one who is at ease with herself. feels no need to prove anything to to the world. only to herself. Shubhda (24) Intelligence meaning curiosity, and truth to oneself shupiwe (35) gentleness, sensitivity, compassion, intuitiveness, flexibility, intelligence, moral strength, bravery Sid (57) Compassion Sidedrive (70) Independence Siena (21) honesty and compassion Sienna de Wilde (17) Emphatic Silvia (18) Caring Simen (18) Uber-coolness, trust worthiness, individuality Simon (19) Beauty, Humour Simon (20) Curiosity, sensibility. Simona (16) Sincerity sinawae (27) integrity, brains, straight-forwardness sj (23) Humour, honesty SJ (44) intelligence, tenderness Sj (16) Patience SkinnyBoneTree (25) depth of character skitalica (27) moral sense Skytalker (26) self-assurance sleepy (20) Same as men, but they're better on the self-knowledge front. Sloceface (23) Intelligence, Erudite, Sincere, Kind, Cares much about thoese she love, Absorption in her career sluggishflow (22) happy, smiley, lovingness sm (38) Intelligence, moral sense, humility, and tenderness S. M. A. Armstrong (21) Being honest with herself and having sense of humour Smaranda (33) Big beautiful titties. Smeghead sense of humor, openness smithmarg (45) Tits. snibab (19) intelligent humor, kindness snorris (23) The courage of being intelligent So (22) emotional strength, independence, parallel parking socksless grace Sofi (24) Gentleness, soft-spoken beauty, selflessness, joie de vivre, appreciation for everything golden and roseate in the world, intelligence, the quality of being well-read. Sofia (15) a desire to educate and help others and keep fighting even when put down for being a woman, inner strength and, of course, everything mentioned for men sofia (14) Gentleness and creativity Sofia Picasso (14) Trust, sense of humor, and ability to act upon their ideals. Sofía P. S. (20) Kindness and compassion Sofyzitahh (23) Grace and charm Solomon (24) Decisiveness, strong will. Sombra (20) strength, humor, sharp intuition Some random person (16) honesty Sonet P Genuineness Sonia (25) Subtlety, humility, tenderness, grace Sonya Dahl (21) empathy, gender solidarity sooz (38) Sincerity, honesty, apathetic, kind Sophie (20) Confidence and truth of self. Sophie (17) selfestime Sorrow (23) Honesty SoundofWater (35) Intelligence, honesty, moral ethics Sourabh Bharadwaj (21) Will. S.P. (20) intelligence sp3ccylad (44) gentleness and naturalness Spacebug (42) Directness Spacey (24) Intelligence kindness Sparrow (46) Wit, humor, and the ability to tell others how it is Sparrow (17) Next door Special K Gentleness, love, kindness, grace, devotion, trust, self love Speck (36) The ability to make my heart flutter and the worry in my mind cease with merely their presence. Spencer Stewart Beauty, intelligence Spencer Valdez (11) Hot-hot-hotness and a brain. Spencer Valdez (12) good looking spider (66) Sensibility, understanding, trust. Spike Spiegel talkative Srishti Gupta (19) ability to nurture ssv (40) Loyalty Stacy Hilton (15) The ability to accept a man with all his shortcomings stan (54) Manners, individuality Star (11) Big... Erm... Shoes also Ste (16) intelligence, calm, lovelly Stella (28) Intelligence and humor Stephanie (23) trust Stephanie (21) Confidence. Stephanie (18) Strength, intelligence, and grace stephanie (13) Humor and the lack of wanting to discuss relationships Stephanie (49) intelligence, confidence stephanie (20) Intelligence, selflessness and confidence. Stephanie Yt (21) sense of humor, being simple and neat, refuses to be Losyang stephbsemilla (40) nurturing Stephen (56) intelligence Stephen Stacks Their natural ability to give love and make one feel needed. Steve (20) Intelligence, humour, openness. Steve (39) forgiveness Steve (53) Confidence, Self Esteem Steve Gentleness Steve (23) Tenacity Steve (56) honesty Steven Porter (21) Also honesty. Isn't it a little sexist to expect a different answer because the question pertains to a different sex? What should I say—I admire a woman with great tits? Steve Shives (29) self confidents, moral sense stoffie (26) sense of humour stojan (32) Confidence, being true to oneself. Stormy (17) intelligence, grace, speaking her mind, STP (24) moral discipline stradling Intelligence STUPID IDIOT (0) Her understanding of herself. (Or at least the pursuit of that understanding) Subhartho (26) Intelligence, outspokenness, self-determination in the realest sense of the word, potentiality. subtlesteph (21) compassion Sue (49) Interestingness Sunbul (18) Relationship Sundaraa (32) Humility. sunny intelligence sunshineguerilla (28) Femininity SuperflyTNT humbleness Superwoman (19) Humor Susan (63) Integrity Susie (20) self confidence susie karpasitis (26) Intelligence and compassion Suzanne Cohen (53) gracefulness , cleverness and know how Suzy (19) Wisdom Swallow Courage to be true to herself Swan (75) intelligence, empathy, openness Switz (29) Kindness sybann (50) Honesty again, and easygoing, friendly. Sydchez Christianity, Gentleness, Empathy, Intelligence. Sydney Kilbane (18) the ability to create an image of beauty t1 consideration T (19) Curiosity, intelligence, sensitivity, strength, ambition, humility, humor, hunger for the journey. T.A. (34) The quality what I admire the most in a woman is the natural tagada (12) ум и чувство юмора TAHbKA intelligence and wit tai (22) naturalness taintme intelligence, assertivness tal (13) Emotional balance. Talbot Logan (41) Courage Tallulah (29) Honesty and humor TAMAR (23) friendship tamera miller (33) friendship TAMERA MILLER (35) sensitivity tanichis (32) my quality most admire ina a woman is humour and nice (gentil) tartine2002 (12) Intelligence, honesty, common sense Tatiana (17) Loyalty and honesty. Tatiz (19) there is kindness and honesty taureau2002 (13) feminine Taylor (54) Intelligence, respect for herself, individuality, free will. Taylore Dawn (18) A softness of body, but strength of mind Taylor Van Allen (24) being motherly, patience, forgiveness tazmur (26) Intelligence, dignity, elegance, adventurousness T. Christopher Cox (43) Forwardness Tebvy (24) Honesty Ted (26) that she has accepted Jesus as her Savior Tee (40) mannerliness Teehee (18) Again, intelligence Teleute (17) altruism Teme (18) Gentleness, Modesty, and again strong moral sense and courage Tennrox Gentleness, Modesty, and again strong moral sense and courage Tennrox Honesty, trustworthiness Teresa (43) knowing herself Teresa (43) Intelligence, caring, sarcastic, uncaring. Terra (22) Humility Terri (35) Wit and taste Terry (41) integillent and caring TerryG (49) ability to earn, career success Terrylynn0609 (39) THE ABILITY TO LOVE UNCONDITIONALLY. TERRY YORK II beauty and intelligence tess (24) spunk Tess Calopedos (17) intelligence, compassion, ability to love Tess Fiennes (40) compassion, intelligence and strength tg (48) A lack of fixation on what "women" should be like Thambi (24) caring thatchaa (17) Humility, intelligence, desire for social justice that guy #999 (29) Humor, confusion and warmth That New Chris Sloce (18) Intelligent conversation thebabycub (39) Intelligence humor and chastity The Big Liddle (31) inquiry, uniqeness The Desert (22) Honesty TheDoctor76 (35) Creativity The Essential Man (26) Intelligence, Willing to stand up for what is right, Humor, Creativity TheFear77 (23) self respect, honesty theGeneral (19) the same as a man, and also nice tits the grill (31) gentlnes, forwardness, confidence The Imprecise Duke Of Phonology (77) Intelligence, sense of humor, attractiveness, and independence The Josh Rollins (21) Intelligence, kindness, generosity, a sense of adventure, friendliness, inner strength The Mouse Avenger (20) Courage and tenderness. Theo Intelligence, honesty, open-mindedness theravenette (15) Intelligence, honesty, open-mindedness theravenette (15) Intelligence, Modesty, Kindness Theresa (22) Forthrightness The Roomba Mifi (28) Self respect Thia (29) Brain Thom (23) Intelligence, empathy, kindness Thomas (16) Her ability to accept tenderness & honesty of others as it were her own ThomasM The ability to talk to me about books Thor Hammerstein (16) intelligence, honestness, realness thoughtlessdreamer (15) Kindness. Thrakish (18) kindness Three D (40) A strong moral compass Thunderpussy (48) Beauty Tiago Moura (15) Intelligence, frankness, playfulness Tianna Femininity tick gentle, strong, knows how to have fun, positive tiffany Being passionate about something Tiffany Beatty (19) poise tiffany; (lifefromtheshelf.blogspot.com) (17) loyalty TiffanyTee (26) intelligence Tiger and Lions Discipline Tim (27) Wisdom Tim Sensitivity, Humor, Foulness. Tim Proser (17) Tenderness and compassion Tim Sandle Beauty, creativity, loving, caring timwarnock (34) Loyalty Tina (32) wit, intelligence + high ethically standards Tini politeness Tinkoo (24) Intelligence tintoy (54) Sincerity and congeniality Tivia Stewart (40) Loyalty tj (39) A beautiful laugh, an Audrey Hepburn grace and mischievousness, and big beautiful nipples. (Yeah, I'm bisexual) Todd a sense of humor, intelligence, a great face Tofu (19) Beauty, Intelligence, Strength Tom (21) A maternal instinct Tom G (19) Having sex with me Tommy (19) Tolerance Tommy Boy (24) Beauty Tom Suski (28) Sincerity Tony (48) Intelligence and a certain joie de vivre Tony (30) Intelligence Tony (17) love, wisdom, mental strength Tony (17) comntemplative, thoughtful, decissive, ethical Toria (37) Humor. Torsksåsen (22) kindness tracey The way they stand for themselves, does things for herself and does not depend on anyone. Loves children. tracynle (20) Caring Travis Mask (49) Intelligence. Tree Girl (29) Loving Trent Duval (28) Understanding; independence Trevor McSwain (24) Gentleness tri Power, fearlessness, ability to handle pain. Tricky Vicky Beauty, confidence, intellect, a sense of calm Trinity Chapa (15) femininity, intelligence and individuality triplet (30) Kindness, humor, awareness Trish Intelligence, confidence, compassion, and the above Trisha (17) attitude, confidence Trisha (29) moral sense trotter (30) to be responsible for her actions tsiou (33) intelligence tt (27) intelligence, health, well-spoken, natural turnbull (27) Intelligence and Natural Beauty Turnus Intelligence, sense of humour. Turtle Heart Intelligence, wit, strength Twigtwill (21) Naturality twondbestbed (34) Beauty Ty (18) Honesty Tyler (24) Honesty Uccman (51) Sincerity uiioop (17) Intelligence, Sense of Humour, Strength UnoZen Naturalness Valdano (23) Gentleness, kindness, inner beauty, empathy, the ability to listen Valentina (17) intelligence, grace Valeria Ryrak (21) Strength, Intellegence, Kindness, Genuine Vanessa (31) Courage and kindness Vanessa Cardui (43) Grace, courage and lots of heart Varna (25) happiness. Vbonita (28) Intelligence, protective attitude for child VBozic (40) Intelligence and willpower Vedada (28) coyishness veejay (32) Supporting Venky (36) A good sense of humour. Ventricle (24) Intelligence, confidence, beauty, sexuality Vernon B. Williams (45) Sincerity Veronica (20) Confidence Veronique (18) inquiry, independence, but mostly being gregarious Vesan (33) elegance, sense of humor, intelligence vi (20) empathy Vic (46) honesty and openess vicky (26) Intelligence and calm Vicky (24) Strength, intelligence, inner beauty Victoria (37) The same. Also emotional warmth and a high degree of intuition. Victoria (59) Intelligence, independence, ambition Victoria Song (22) And why would I have different standards for women? Victor Trevor (23) Wit videoalex Kindness, gentleness, a warm heart. Vijay Pierce (23) feminity&wisdom vik (25) intelligence vikram (34) Manliness Vikram Krishnan (24) The ability to laugh at my jokes :) Viktor Corzich (35) The ability to listen. Viktor Sigareff (19) Humility Village Of Brooklin (45) Intelligence, willpower, individuality Vincent (19) no fat, ugly chicks vinnie smalls (15) sensitivity VinnyGreenock72 Strength of will Violet (18) Courage Viorel (25) integrity, intelligence, and a down-to-earth attitude. Virginia (20) Intelligence and cleverness. Virginia (12) one that is actually stronger than me in general ahistorically visualizations (22) beauty, the gift of verse. Viv (14) It's a naturalness. Vivi (13) One that has charms of mind and beauty Vivianne Liliaceae Aspho Vilth Being genuine VK (42) Pragmatism, Logic, Patience, and the kind of woman who practises what she preaches VK (22) pride/fierceness, humble but firm Vorspiel Satori (16) Kindness, beauty, intelligence Vs (18) Strength vur Self-confidence Waleed (32) Being motherlike and chaste; like Mary. Walter (19) empathy Wanda (26) Intelligence, beauty and independence. wattc128 real common sense, what so few have, beyond knowing how to cook and clean, and a natural curiosity. waypast Courage, intelligence Wendy (34) Confidence Wendy (22) Intelligence, wit, being adventurous, integrity, compassion, unpretentiousness, Wendy Chase (47) intelligence, creativity, thinking out of the box, dealing with men. wendysday (20) mental strength and compassion whim (40) Empathy, faithfulness. Whitney (19) strength and perseverence Whitney (41) fruitage of the spirit whosbecks (36) intelligence and a sense of self Will (26) grace and a point of view William (43) Nurturing and seductiveness Willow Skylor caring, sense of humor, open minded, strong willed, feminist, intelligence, passion Win (22) intelligence, sensuality, being herself without needing to "outdo" other women winterjewel (36) Sociability. Being able to think for herself. Wormsie (24) awareness of self wowderry (54) Her worth. Wyteria (20) Confidence. Xan Etienne intelligence, a strong will, kind in nature Xialing Gan (27) Sensitivity to life XYZ (17) intelligence, mischievousness xyzz (20) intelligence Y (15) Embrasing the hard times with love, when possible yair eshel (30) Knowledge, passion. Yaisha (19) Honesty Yale (20) kind, loyal Yamini (17) Integrity & spontaneity Yehudster (60) Intelligence, Wit, STRENGTH Yi (24) gentleness and naturality yogi (22) la fidelidad y simpleza yoko (28) honesty yolanda (43) Self confidence Yuki (20) intuition Z (31) Intelligence, beauty, kindness Z Soft skin. Zach (13) Understanding. Zach (26) Her moral integrity. Zachary (25) Virtue Zachary (27) compassion, kindness, understanding zach taylor (17) Intelligence Zar (21) intellect, humour, frankness Zee (21) Warmth, generousity, and the ability to be honest and genuine in all capacities. zetababy fearless, independent, intelligence Zhen Zhu (18) The same. zig humility and lack of snobbery zizi (55) intelligence, empathy Zizzle (25) Intelligence Zozobra (17) no sooner said than done, calm, strength. 简直 (25) no sooner said than done, calm, strength. 简直 (25) no sooner said than done, calm, strength. 简直 (25)

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What do you regard as the lowest depth of misery?  Where would you like to live?  What is your idea of earthly happiness?  To what faults do you feel most indulgent?  Who are your favorite heroes of fiction?  Who are your favorite characters in history?  Who are your favorite heroines in real life?  Who are your favorite heroines of fiction?  Your favorite painter?  Your favorite musician?  The quality you most admire in a man?  The quality you most admire in a woman?  Your favorite virtue?  Your favorite occupation?  Who would you have liked to be?  Your most marked characteristic?  What do you most value in your friends?  What is your principle defect?  What to your mind would be the greatest of misfortunes?  What would you like to be?  What is your favorite color?  What is your favorite flower?  What is your favorite bird?  Who are your favorite prose writers?  Who are your favorite poets?  Who are your heroes in real life?  Who are your favorite heroines of history?  What are your favorite names?  What is it you most dislike?  What historical figures do you most despise?  What event in military history do you most admire?  What natural gift would you most like to possess?  How would you like to die?  What is your present state of mind?  What is your motto?

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