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Who would you have liked to be?

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An important woman who helped many people. 009 (19) Pliny the Elder? :P 0Miles (16) adf 1 a man 50ad (17) Myself 808s Elizabeth Bishop A (19) a 16th century antiquarian with a large budget and a gardener A Cleopatra A. (27) Nellie Bly was pretty awesome A (26) The version of myself that I'm meant to be. A. A doctor A (26) A better fuller version of myself AA (23) Mark Twain or Benjamin Franklin AAAKKK A writer/poet, a genuine and passionate qualitative researcher; an artist and a researcher at the same time; a helper of people aag (22) No one but myself aallisonr (30) a trust fund baby Aaron (32) I would only like to be myself. Aaron (16) successful like my mother Aaron It would have been interesting to live as Hunter S. Thompson Aaron Guy Leroux (37) I would have liked to be a character in a book Aarushi Agarwal (13) A talented musician or artist in an alternate universe steampunk utopia, rich, successful and inspired. With long, silky black hair and a fantasy wardrobe. Abbie (22) After years of struggling, I like the woman I've become and wish to be no one else but me. Abby (26) Peaceful. AbbySF An Actor Abegando (28) I would have liked to have been the woman that did not make mistakes. I would have liked to been the woman that knew better. Abigail Harris (10) Myself but a version that was more focused, organized and able to take charge of my own life sooner and with more self confidence. ABP (50) a person who knows what he wants in life Abraham (41) Any genius of music who was not too screwy in the head such as Bach...to be able to think in music would be sublime. Abs Oi wud 'ope ter becum a paddy loike me adopted owl lad, arcus kin' av de lost ones. Acara McFadden (28) I would have liked to be me, but skinnier, more courageous and outgoing, self-confident, and someone who could and would shoot for her dreams. I would have liked to be first an Astronaut, then a screen actress, and after that, successful at work I loved. A Caring Tea (51) the ideal me ACH (23) Myself. I would want to me again, to have a second chance at it all. A. Clifford Stowe (81) Myself Adam (22) myself Adam (25) JK. Rowling Adam (20) A musician Adam Hyde (26) Theodore Roosevelt Adam Seline (30) a craftsman adieudusk Myself ..again and again Aditya (25) Me. Admiral Love (33) Better version of myself Adonia (40) I am enamored with wealth. Endless money is happiness to me. I would want to be a modern day Mansa Musa Adrian (18) A person able to realise that tomorrow, today will just be yesterday. One able to forgive and forget, free of burdens. Adriana (16) alice in wonderland Adriana (16) Myself yet. adriana (45) I like being myself sometimes.. Adriana Myself. Adrian Bauza (20) Nobody. Adrian George Nicolae (24) Better Adrian Martyn (34) I dont wish to be anyone else but me because if I cant be me then who can be a better me than me. Adrianna (18) No one but myself Adrianna (18) the man I am today AdrianOz (45) Anyone but who I am. Adrian Winters (17) a dancer Ady (22) A Librarian aetilson (41) like my artist-teacher a.g. (23) laid back jesus agagagaga (24) I am who I want to be. Agent00V (18) a more confident, less frightened version of me Aggie White A son of a more privileged family A.G. Mata (21) Me Agneska (20) anyone but me agony (25) a broadway singer Agreen (29) Myself, always. Agu (21) Me, only better. Agustina (27) Tiro, Cicero's slave. A Half Empty Beaker a killer ahmad (27) A kid again Ai (21) Helen of Troy Aida (22) Giacomo Casanova Aidan (21) Someone who is respected in my own home. I wish my stepson could see how hard I try to be there for him. Aidan Devlin (15) I am everything Aiden A good person Aiden (17) margaret thatcher aiko (20) the writer Donna Tartt aimée (22) Someone stronger aimee.dawson (21) Coretta Scott King Aisha Milburn (32) someone who isn't shy aishu (14) Someone that everyone ignores during life, but truly misses once he's gone. A.J. (27) A princess. If it'd be fiction, i want to be Ariel, the one in Little Mermaid. AJ (18) myself only with little more courage Ajam (21) No one. I like myself. Ajay (17) no one Ajm9511 (21) me myself akansha (26) Someone precisely four years older than myself. akanthe (19) Shakespeare. Akbar Shahzad (20) No answer Aki A doctor Aks (20) I think I like being myself just fine, thanks. Al (28) A really good gospel singer Al (55) Myself Alan (58) I'd not like to be anybody but myself Alan (14) I find this question to be quite boring, Why would I want to be someone else? We evolve and change Alan (14) I feel pretty damn good being myself. I wouldn't want to trade places with anyone. Alan Arkin (44) Coco Chanel AlbaManuela (18) Someone braver than I am Albertine (29) A better person than I am now. Alden Lee Klaput (18) A modern version of Cleopatra Aldonza77 (47) A scientist. Ale (28) No response as I enjoy the life I lead Alecia I would have liked to be any woman with power. Alecksi A better football player Alejandro Amoretti (28) Robin Sharma alek (20) I like the man I am, and if I were to change anyting, it would be to have started my personal growth sooner than I did. Aleksei Kotsov (63) einstein alessa (21) Alexander the Great, living at least till 40 so as to plan and develop his empire organization Alessandro Pian (30) peter tosh Alessio Lucchini (46) I would like to have been myself before I allowed the world to change me. Aletha Camack Grigori Perelman. Alex A Novelist Alex (22) Someone who has done something for the better Alex (17) me alex (38) basically anyone except who i am alex (23) Me Alex (21) hedy lamarr Alex (23) a little better academically and morally Alex (17) Edith Piaf Alex (32) Simpleminded and Innocent. Alexander (33) Joshua William Dun or Stephan James Hendry Alexander (19) An archeologist Alexandra (27) No one I've heard of so far. Alexandra (19) No one but me. Alexandra (24) A fairy Alexandra (18) Nobody, I am who I am. Alexandra (15) A whale Alexandra (24) a friend of tolkien oscar wild or henry purcell Alexandra Bryhter (24) Anyone other than myself Alexandra Campbell (26) No one else Alexandra SweetTale4u Cruz A diplomat Alexandre (28) strong AlexandriaHMerlin (40) Me, only mentaly stronger AlexandriaLHash (30) Myself, but better. alexandrine (15) To be a popular college football player, the feeling would be overwhelming Alex Brooks (18) the best figure skater of all time Alex C. A daughter of a father who loves her, a woman that possesses diplomacy Alexis Johnson (19) I would like to be Bill Gates Alex Reimann (18) Why darling! Who I am of course! Aley (60) a real person, not a character in a novel Alfreda Hitchthorn (45) I don't want to be anyone else al-g (24) Anyone lucky enough to have been born in a more developed country to loving parents. Ali (37) Faraday or Einstein. Ali A. Rizvi Shirley Temple Alice don't know Alicein1derland (27) I would have liked to be a writer or a musician Alicia (68) More fully myself. alicja (38) I would have liked to be River Tam from Firefly. Aliid The king of vampires Alin (23) The version of myself I could've been. Alina I am not sure I would like to be someone else. Aline Guiraudie (36) environmental health officer alipans (57) A Moghul Empress - since there was not any. Alishba Zarmeen (24) a bit more risky alison wonderland Warren Buffet AliZaidi (29) andie macdowell alli (49) Myself with more money. I suppose I'm lurking on the horizon... Allison (33) My ideal self. Allison (20) Everyone I admire lived a hard life, one that would bother me too much to live myself. Allison myself allison (19) A great general or leader, preferably Themistocles or Patton. Allison Jean (21) I don't even understand the question. If I could be someone else and then me again (soon), I suppose Paul Erdos would have been fascinating. Allison Jean Hazen (34) myself only starting with my current knowledge at 22 alliswell (62) Someone else? Alma (25) Me, but better. Smarter, taller, prettier, faster. With better teeth. almavidrio (35) Someone healthier. I also sometimes wonder what it would be like to have been born a woman, but that comes with no less problems than being male. Altjungr (30) someone I never met who had a life of supremely unremarkable circumstance, but little aspiration, and great fulfillment in empty gesture altron2095 myself at age 3 Alvilda (20) Someone good. Alx who i am Aly (17) a combination of many people, which probably leads back to me in the end alya (17) Somebody who doesn't have to hold-back on anything Alyanna (22) Alice in Wonderland Alyce J. Anything I want to be Alyssa nobody I love myself! Alyssa Cordova (17) Stupid, stupid question. Alyssa Darkling I wish that I could have been my sister, missing and possibly dead while she could be most definitely alive. Lonely, but living. Alyssa Moonchild (16) someone who made a difference AM Educated Amanda (23) Myself...with a smaller head. Amanda myself Amanda (42) Angelina Jolie AmandaFYS13 (18) A teaching musician Amandine (31) Cleopatra Amara Rich Amayah (17) Content, and emotionally & physically happy Amayah Munoz (17) Truly alive. Amber (18) Nobody else Amber (37) Nobody else Amber (37) Myself, 15 years ago.. Ame (37) some one rich and famos Amelia (13) Someone with a mom and dad. Amelia Gates (formerly Pippet) (10) No choice Americanoid (50) I don't know exactly whom, but a woman with more courage than I have. americanwoman (62) marilyn monroe ames (21) anyone. everyone is unique and very different from me, so it would be exciting experience ammb (29) I like being myself. Unless I can be Alice. In wonderland. Amrita (22) Myself, but less fearful. amu If Ben, Pope and Aroon were all rolled into one person - thats who I would want to be Amy (30) myself. Amy (33) What I already am. Perhaps, a bit more successful. Amy (28) Only different versions of myself amy (33) Marie courie Amy (35) A more adventurous version of myself Amy Becker; Character: Merriwether Finch (27) Better Amy Cottington-Bray a special needs helper amz (16) more confident. Ana (21) I am still in time to turn myself into whoever I want to be:) Ana (30) i am more than happy with being myself; to have been anyone else would be a great loss ana (16) Leonardo da Vinci ana (34) Audrey Hepburn Ana Carolina (16) An older version of myself. Analise (40) Richard Burton Anam (26) Somebody. Ana Marija (20) Someone who is braver, less shy, without anxiety or depression. One who thinks they are beautiful. ANamelessWildOne (24) A lady; otherwise the same. Ananke (25) Jesus ancientrobot (31) lawyer andraya (23) See my answers to my favorite characters in fiction. Andre I would like to be Olivia Benson Andrea (16) A musician...a violinist. Or maybe an artist. Andrea (13) More independent ANDREAADKINS (26) The same but in a different world AndreaFeliu (28) I am fine. Andreas (19) Audrey Hepburn Andrea SB (32) Will Smith andres007 (19) Driving cross country by the age of 18. Andrew (22) A fighter...war, crime... Andrew (25) Stephen Fry Andrew (20) Johnny Cash Andrew (28) a 'better version' of myself Andrew (22) The Mad Hatter. andrew (24) James dean Andrew barlow (26) another me Andy (25) Sane Andy (23) Sane Andy (23) That which I have not done. andy rayford (28) myself again. ang (99) Ma maman Angel (13) Peter Pan Angel a lot more assertive and self-confidant as a child Angela (21) None Ângela (24) Queen Elizabeth I Angela (30) A Russian novelist in Paris Angela (19) Someone who made a difference in the world for the better Angela Estrada (20) Nobody Angelo Navarette (18) someone who didn't listen to her fears. Angel Rodrigues (41) ridiculously existential... but someone who doesn't have to fight sooo hard to get to where I want to be. angie (29) Amelia Earhart Ani I was already there Ani (22) me Anick (99) Maybe an eagle. They are prettier and more respected than owls. Anik (16) i like being myself anjali Myself, born in 1900 Anjel (28) A women of wealth and power Anjelah49 (49) someone better Ankassandra (15) I would like to be me. Ann (19) Shirley "Cha Cha" Muldowney Ann (62) a navy captain Ann (50) A fairy Anna (20) Born again Anna (20) i like to be a rock star Anna (13) Stronger. Anna (34) a cooler version of myself Anna Kalimar (18) Person that is strong, trustworthy, independent, surrounded by love, mostly giving lots of love and happiness. Anna Maria (21) Myself AnnaMay (51) the white Anna. or Maria Magdalena. Anna O. a better version of myself, or, myself but in a different time. Anna Stein (21) A singer Ann Delaney (44) Boadicea Anne (21) Audrey Hepburn Annelise (40) No matter who I could have been, that person would have had hardships, sorrows, fears; therefore, there is no reason to wish to be someone else. If I had to choose someone, I would wish to come back as one of my cats. Anne Louise Sheldon (34) a love child from Beyonce and Bernie Sanders Annie I am happy being myself a lot more fit! Anniel (62) Someone like da Vinci AnonAzure (19) idk. anonim (18) na anon moose (19) Wealthy—yes I'm vain and materialistic. Ansley Stevenson (16) This friend of Camus's I read about in "Resistance, Rebellion, and Death". This man is someone who loved poetry and literature. It sounds like he lived a good, honest life. Camus loved him. He was killed during the Resistance. Anthony (23) Barack Obama Anthony (24) Auden. Anthony D C (20) Garth brooks or Sylvester Stallone Anthony lawhon (27) Why would I want to be someone other than myself, my life is not over yet? If I must then, any person with the stage to make a difference) Anthony Scine-Sceni (42) someone different antoinette (24) more understanding, more able to communicate more effectively my innermost thinking. Anton (52) Everybody and anybody. Antoniette (20) a boy Antonina (20) Cato of Utica Antonio Lemos (18) Myself only better Anty the one wh would be able to help those in need financially as much as possible Anya (22) Who else but me? Anya (71) me anything Jean d'Arc, despite the unfortunate end Anzi (27) A natural scientist a.o. (40) No one else. Apollo (58) Doctort Apos i love being me Apply (30) I only want to be who I can perceive to be. Other than that, perhaps, a man. April (20) In a sense I am the worst thing: an imperfect, sinful human. In another sense I am the best thing: a daughter of God. April (21) A cat AR (20) Ching Shih, if only because I want to be a menacing threat in a very large boat. Ara (15) Someone with a better karma, I guess Aranneaa (19) Myself but wealthier Ardent (30) Me but a little bit braver A real phony (27) an improved version of myself Areeba (25) I'm pretty comfortable saying I am someone worth being. I'd rather be me Ari (29) a veterinarian Arianna (15) A baker. I do love to bake Ariella Bordaine: Female Protagonist (20) A success Arizona (19) Honestly...Versace Arnold Murray (42) Shakespeare. AROG me, myself and I A-ron (15) an author or an artist Arsh (24) Probably a cat Artie (17) Something that gives me a lot of money and a lot of moral satisfaction Artie Mondello (18) Alexander the great, I'd love to conquer the world and then die of alchol intoxication. Aruz Elliott (29) I only want to be the best version of myself. AS (32) An artist ascetic monk (51) I don't know yet. Asfiya Mariam (21) Elizabeth I. Ash (23) Myself Ash (28) Marie Curie, Amelia Earhart, or Sylvia Earle Ash Perhaps more courageous and broader in perspective at ever a younger age. Da Vinci if a human actor is needed. Ash Bloom (27) a great writer asherville (55) Myself, but a more healthier version of myself Ashley (18) a person who inspires others Ashley (28) I would be a bird. Ashley (12) I would like to be a successful person that gets to travel the world Ashley (20) I would be a bird. Ashley 2.0 (13) a better more educated verison of myself ashley baus (24) A musical prodigy, a talented artist, or a fashion icon Ashley Brazil (17) Myself, my whole life. Ashley Mannara (29) I'm not yet sure I even fully know who I am. Ashley Meller (26) the more talented version of myself ashleytheresa (20) A mixture of Isaac Newton and Charles Darwin's mind, Socrates attitude and Alexander's zeal Ashwin Murali (21) Alexander McQueen or Ghengis Khan Asi (21) a person who makes a difference asmitchel (67) a better me, always ASN (25) A writer Astri (36) Someone with the luxury of time Astrid I would have liked to be Mahatma Gandhi. Asuka Suzuki (13) A music conductor Athar (25) No one but my self. Athena (17) Jacques Brel Atuona (38) Batman Aubrey Files (25) The sharman Chief Sitting Bull Aubrey Tate (21) Sungha Jung Audrey (17) Myself. Audrey Bittencourt (24) An upgraded version of me, with more 15 cm. Audrey Mahone (29) un peintre ou un ecrivain de talent augustine (70) Film critic Auntie Em (35) Nikola Tesla Auntie Em (27) A wolf or lion or panda Aurora (32) Myself Austin (19) rich not to have to worry about every day struggles Austin Hobbs (16) There's no one I'd rather be than me. Except for maybe Joss Whedon Austin Kimmell (16) someone who can live forever autumn (17) writer avecamour I am unsure if there is anyone that i would want to be. Awalker Happy Aya i like to be me ayda (25) War journalist ayem (57) Myself or Peggy Guggenheim aym (30) An enlightened man a young boy (91) my ingenious friend ayumi (20) Someone who could change the world B (45) writer or artist B (31) somebody who lives many adventures B (21) Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader Babette (42) adventurer Babs actor, designer, traveler Baby (32) A better me Bad Wolff me, but with a bit better luck baggal21 (28) Someone my mother talked about with pride. Bailey (19) Krishna Balaji Harish Iyer (20) No one. Bald Sky (38) Rich enough to afford my family's college tuition and then have a lot of money leftover so i can do whatever I want. Bambi (17) astronaut barada Any woman, as long as I was pretty barbara (50) I wish I could have always admired my mother. Barbarita (21) A navy Tommy Bahama beach chair Barbielebrun Charley the beach chair (54) Crabby Patty from Sponge Bob Square Pants Barbielebrun Garry the ghost crab (54) Charlemange Baron Von Nazzenpoppel (46) someone who pioneered an important invention, an answer to a trivia question basbas (22) Nobody, I like myself Batgirl (23) a famous basketball player Baylee Someone well loved and confident bc (22) Someone well loved and confident bc (22) Myself better Bdme (23) I'm still not sure what I am now. How am I supposed to know what I'd have liked to be? Bea (18) Someone without big decisions to make Bea (18) Better at being who and what I am Bear (49) a better version of myself bearoid (30) I don't know whom I would like to be but I think I would have enjoyed the career path of Beck Beatlhoven (47) a better version of myself beatricegasti (30) a fairy tale princess Beatrice Moore (30) Like Heidi Klum, very beautiful and sucessfull Beatriz (13) A leader of a revolution. Beavis Christ (30) Myself. Becca (16) though I may say otherwise, no one but myself Becca (17) Me in the past but with the knowledge I have now Becca (21) No one, because I like to believe that I have to potential to become who I would like to be. Becca (19) I would have liked to be a singer Becca (20) Someone more confident and taller, skinnier, bilingual Becca (21) Me, but happier. BeckBeck (26) anyone better than I becks (24) a dancer becky (13) I like who I am. I don't think I'd like to be anyone other than me. Bee yet to be bee (16) a better version of myself beezer (64) Immortal. beezersneezer (46) An animator Beka (33) i dont know belita (39) I am wish to be no one else but me. bella (16) a rich child... Bella (17) Frida Kahlo Belu (19) The one person I most admire, Eric. Ben (23) A monk Benedict (38) Andrei Tarkovsky, or Ozu Benjamin Thomas My true self, as I was meant by God to be. Benjamin Urrutia (61) Darwin on the beagle voyage Benjo (23) None else than me, just because I wouldn't want to unlearn what life has taught me Ben Johns (21) Anna Porter who is a writer, a publisher, a grandmother, a wife, and a beautiful person Bennie (55) Professor Ben Taylor I don't wish to be anyone but myself Berlin (25) A better person Bernard Hartley (18) someone the exact opposite of myself. Rich, beautiful, confident... just so i could know that the grass isn't always greener. Beth (20) Joan of Arc Bethann (35) I like who I am with no need to change that. Bethany (23) Piper Bethany Julia Child Bethany (22) An actress or singer Beth Ellis (15) An improved version of my own self. Beti (24) Madeleine Albright Betty Usabiaga (37) Someone like Einstein Beu Mihac (15) Hafiz Bhakti Brophy (41) I am who I am meant to be in this lifetime. Thank you. Bhakti Brophy (45) myself, a little more hardworking though Bhargava (25) a little better off financially bhl Me Bhole one of the Edgar Allan Poe's heroines (Annabel Lee, Lenore etc) Bianca (18) me but wiser and stronger and happier bibi i don't want anybody else's life; i want to do mine correctly. bif a dude big dick (69) myself biggb (46) Kurt Cobain big guy (16) a renaissance man Bijan (27) A WWII US fighter pilot Bill (50) BOB ROSS BILLY (38) Me...no one else...period. BillyBobABC123zzz james dean billy boy watson (3) Living in a different counrty, working as a simple man Billy the Son of the Kid (21) Audrey Hepburn Biochicklet SOMEONE LIKE RAJIV GANDHI BIPS (46) I would be Monica Belluci . biscotte (13) shen kuo bismuth Writer director in 1930s BJ (56) me blabla (37) a good person Blackie (20) More productive Blademan (60) Foucault. Or, Nico Muhly. Blaine (21) The best version of myself Blair C. (29) A simple member of the Mongol tribe Blake (17) I am everything Blake (24) donald trump blake (16) Myself Blanca Parra (66) A person that people look up to. A person who is well respected. A person known to help everyone and give good advice. Blank Tae A writer. Painter. Something artistic. blip52 (27) A normal teenager, in a different state, at a different school. Bliss Inthemorningdew (16) I'd have liked to be many different people, but I understand that they had qualities that I want to see in myself, so I should simply try to be a better person so that I may become the best of who they are, so I'm not them, and in consequence I am myself. BlondShamrock (16) A better man Blood (15) Edward. O Wilson Blueagle (47) Cleopatra Bluebird (27) Perpetual Student BlueOrchid (39) I suppose, Shakespeare, provided I could ditch the wife and kids Bluto (29) Mozart BM (20) happy being me bmo Earl Weaver Bob (22) Curious tense. Somebody unremembered but consistently happy. bob (38) Assuming I keep my current mental state, an immortal professor x Bob (32) First woman president. Boba (22) socrates bobblins I would like to be myself, but only if I had my current memories since birth. Bobby (22) free Bobby (40) I wouldn't want to be anyone else but myself. Bobby (21) Steve Jobs bobby Someone who doesn't lose every person that they've ever cared about bobby (33) carefree and wealthy Bobia (25) Perhaps a composer. boku_wa_kami (25) virginia wolf bomb (30) someone who doesn't have to suffer the sin of Adam and Eve Bonky (26) myself whoever that is Bonnie (15) a crusader Boo (36) Myself at 12, with the wisdom (such as it is) that I have at 58 bookloverva (58) Someone with talent; Someone who's a nice success of him/herself. Boris (16) I am everyone, just as everyone is me. Borrie (33) animal carer bov (19) Chekhov, the most humane of all writers in real life and on the page Brad (17) Hugh Hefner Brad Connors gus grissom brad w (35) Superman Brady (31) If I had the choice I'd rather like to never have been born. bram-is-e-janet-brecht-is-de-max A pacifist Emperor, to have all the strength on Earth, and the strength not to use it Brandon Nobles (31) a better me Breanna (18) At first a Marine, but now I just want to be home Bree (23) Anne Boleyn Bree Ogden Tom Barry Brendan (24) smart sucssesful man brent (33) Julius Caesar, Joe Strummer, or Anthony Bourdain Brent Findley (19) Michelangelo, but I would have crafted the David out of cheese Brett Ferguson (42) someone with a normal family Bri (28) Anyone other than myself, Beyonce bri (17) A person who never quit what he started. Brian (22) A Surrealist in the time of the original Surrealism movement. Brian (37) I like who I am. Brian (24) Elvis Presley or Alex Trebek Brian A. Henegar (26) Selena Gomez. BriannaBabyFYS13 No clue BriannaFYS13 (18) less confused brian S (58) Brett Banasiewicz Brien Moffett Brett Banasiewicz Brien Moffett I don't like to compare myself to others. We are all unique. Brinley (15) Someone in control of themselves but feels free at the same time. Bri Toro A Dancer or an Actress...or a Veterinarian but I'm allergic to cats. Britta Bandit (30) Myself. Brittany (25) I can't think of someone; everyone has struggles, I'd prefer to keep my own than have someone else's. Brittney Miller (20) A great writer brns me as a photojournalist international philanthropist/ writer of novels broad (45) MacBeth - take control of any situation Brock Schwarzkopf (29) A film director in Hollywood Bron Blackwell (37) Cook, singer, writer Brooke Someone who upholds justice. Bruce Bennett (20) The boy everyone wants to find bad about, but there are none. Brutus (20) Thomas Jefferson Bryan R. (21) Just wants to be best self, not someone else Bryn (23) A better me Brynlea (17) A mother. Brynn (39) Ragnar Lothbrok Brynn (18) someone who stille had the courage of youth to take on the world and win Bryon Springer (25) My Grandpa Bubbles (52) Alexander the Great bubby (43) Pagu Bubu (37) me buckyballs (35) Bette Midler - With all the trials & tribulations Buddy (34) an actress bug Epaminondes Bugsy Stephen Mosher; only happier with more self esteem. Bulldozer (50) pattie boyd bunny A finer version of myself Burella (61) Novelest Burke (47) Someone with access to a greater amount of power and wealth than I, and with at least equal intellect Burnable_Material_Here (18) A NOBLE WOMAN AT THE COURTH OF LOUIS XV BUTTERFLY (41) Myself butunn (19) Myself Byriver Bloke (24) Mary Magdalyn BZ At this moment, Rebecca Miller. C me c (21) any high quality person who often communicate with my Idol C (14) I'm happy being me. C (20) My grandfather C (35) first lady cacharel (37) Kitty Kiernan Caidy (54) A magician Cailey John Maurice of Nassau, so I could see the first years of Brazil Caio (18) One of the people walking through New York in Koyaanisqatsi. Caitlin (21) me. cakes (41) J.R.R. Tolkien or J.D. Salinger or Kurt Cobain Cal (20) Someone worthy of living. Camille (52) A girl who could be captivating and well-respected. Candice (23) Someone of noble blood, as I would be well suited for such a thing, yet others who were, were not compatible with the lifestyle. Candy Me, but with all the things I lack obviously. Captain Crunch Doctor Carebeark5 (25) I dunno, any sucessful person, perhaps. Carla (26) A resident of Los Angeles in the 1920s, or New Orleans in the 1940s carlajwms (49) Me, myself and I Carla Tate (19) No one but myself Carlie (24) Someone who succeeded in killing Hitler Carlisle Maybe Neitzche. Carlo (26) Cristobal Balenciaga Carlos A. (24) myself Carlos Cisne (45) Marilyn Monroe, what a sex pot Carly (19) Myself but with less fear Carly C (27) Myself Carmen (57) A better me. Carol paul cezanne Carol (60) No one but me carolina (23) A principle violist in a major symphony orchestra. Caroline (38) I would have made a good operatic mezzo-soprano Caroline (25) A published author before age 30. Caroline (33) I don t know ! Me but better than i am and less anxious caroline (45) A world class writer of children's virtuous literature. Caroline M. (41) Perhaps Elizabeth Bennett Carol Lacoss (62) Who - only myself. What - there are so many possibilities of inanimacy of which I am curious. Carolyn (18) owner of a small coffee shop/bistro in a large European town Carrie a great fashion designer/hip/reknowned Carrie (44) I`d love to be me...the "me" I was a while ago cartike cartman,chef.... Cartman (99) Pope John Paul II Cas (25) Some field of broadcast, either television or radio Casey (36) Me! Cassandra Watkins (21) A risk taker Cassi Taller, wealthier, more power Cassidy I am myself and no other. Cast (17) Me, but more decisive and more ambitious Cat (36) A better version of myself Cat (24) A celebrity Cat (26) a more honest person Cat a famous humanitarian cat (20) myself Catalina (44) Por ahora soy quien quiero ser...por ahora. Catalina Jiménez Correa (27) A woman hippy of the late 60's early 70's. I want to fight for peace, love, and rights Cate (23) I have not the faintest. An amalgamation of women - I have yet to see one I truly envy Cate (33) I am my favourite version of me Catelline (26) Someone who had the resources to make the difference in the lives of those who don't Catherine Someone who deserves more, but gets nothing. The opposite than now. Catherine Jean Nobody else Cathlow Harmon (50) Myself Catlin Benjamin myself, but with more insight at a younger age... c.a.torres (39) a housecat Cat Podd (37) a person who could love more and who understood more Catrina (15) Beyonce Cattie Chong (26) I have no idea... Cavit Anıl Buram (28) An actress CC (18) Mary Jesus' mother CC (22) not in limbo ccc (27) Simonetta Vespucci ccchnl a Renaissance prince cdl (35) Sylvia Plath Cee Cee (17) I am content with me as I am. Celia (15) Leslie Howard or Peter O'Toole Celline Marge (18) someone with more eargerness on things I fight for cenire (25) Someone with confidence, healthy self esteem and financially sound. cerisetea (34) Ceasar Cestmoi All the great men of all the centuries-at the same time. C face. (22) The one who keeps his promises cfm (37) Acceptance Cfreedman (38) Loved ch I would be a my rabbit Chacha (13) A better man that I was yesterday Chancelor C.J. King (19) Just me...I like me a lot... (most days) Chandra Alexander (24) I've only wanted to be my true self. Channon (45) Ellen Pompro Channy (19) Friederich Engels Chari (21) Perhaps a graphic artist, I miss drawing =/. Charlene (17) Couldn't ask for anyone better or worse but myself Charlene (18) Myself one thousand times Charles 01 ( 7) I love who I am already so no need to be someone else. CharlesB (48) Actually: Myself...I would not trade my life for anyones. Rhetorically: Jesus. Charles L Davis Jr (51) jools holland charlotte (29) Myself, if I only could play the piano Charlotte (18) On rare occasions, I wish I were a character in a book, because their fate, good or bad, is out of their hands and in the hands of their author, yet it is they, and not the author, who capture and command our attention anew with the turning of each page. Charlotte H. (23) A woman warrior, such as Phoolan Devi Charly Mariaan (49) I like to be Stargirl who does not give a shit to what others think and yet only see the good in people Chary Silva (22) the best that i can be chay (40) No one in particular Cheche (40) .... cheeky (26) Krishna Cheemargh (36) profesional shoper chele writer chelle (47) Cant think of anyone if really want to switch with. Chelsea (21) There is no one else I would rather be. Chelsea (23) The owner of Lily Death productions and making silent films. Chelsea Smith (24) Myself, fully recognized Chelsea Whiting (26) Rich. Chelsy Famous artist in the impression era Cheri D. a playwright Cherie (40) I'm pretty content with being me, an addition would be me with more money Cherish Robinson (21) Angelina Jolie Cherlyn (40) I like to be myself, but maybe a fuzzy bee who gets drunk of pollen and hangs amongst the sweet flowers Cherub (30) no one, i love to be myself very much Cheryl (38) A teacher Cheryl Barnette (59) Myself, but with a better sense of rhythm. Cheshire (22) important chi-chi an artist, a trailblazer Chickpea (31) Architecdt Chico (46) A shipwright like my father ChiefJ42 (44) someone without money worries chiklitz76 (39) Isabel Eberhardt? The woman explorer Chili (17) Angelina Jolie's life sounds preety good - without all the kids though... Chinita (34) i would have liked to be everything that i am not. chinnu (20) Me only Chinnu (38) a kickboxing champion like my father Chip Griphix (35) It doesn't matter. Chiu Jing Hua (17) speakspears lover chloe (21) Someone w. a sister. Chocolate Bunny (32) Me only richer and less stressed Chonda no one, myself. Choraven (32) I would rather have been someone who lived a less...complicated childhood. For none but selfish reasons. Chris (16) Grown up Chris I would have loved to be Dave Chappelle in another life. Chris (19) A dog Chris Just me, but with more strengths and fewer weaknesses Chris (13) A successful person Chris myself Chris Glass (39) David Lean Chris S. no one Christa (27) Some one in the studio helping music artists out or a councilor Christabelle (29) I always wanted to be a native american (Indian) as a child. Not a prairie indian though, more of a forest dwelling J.F.Cooper-Indian. Christian (44) Always myself. Christian Boyanov (24) Paul Christian Soldier (33) Only myself Christina (26) Someone more stable and stronger. Less the victim, more the heroine. Christina Kronberg (23) A wealthy socialite during the Jazz Age... Christina Tounzen I wish I had been a nomad, maybe a Mongolian who hunts with an eagle. Christina X. (37) im happy with who i am. i wouldnt want to be anyone else. christine (18) CHARLES BARKLEY. Christobel (17) Charles Barkley. No doubt. Or David Milch. Christobel in College (18) Orson Welles. Christopher (24) No one in particular, because all bodies are interchangeable. Christopher Blaum (37) I want to be me. Christopher Boone Holden Caulfield Christopher James Stagg (16) I would have liked to have been Mozart. Christopher M. (31) I would like to have been a less reactionary and a more chilled out person. Christopher Mitchell (17) A harder working man Christopher Ross (23) I am only me. The pitfalls and pains I have felt are mine. So is the love and joy. I would not trade it for anothers. christy (44) I like me best Christy Turner (50) Claude Monet Chuck (43) bowie Chuck (44) Right now, nobody else than me Chunky Lover non other than myself. I am who I want to be Ciara (24) A strong leader Ciara (22) musician Cickany (51) I can't think of an exact person, but someone with a lot of adventure in their life. Not normal adventure though, storybook adventure. Ciera (16) Sara, Abraham's wife Cilie (50) Professionally: A book publisher. Personally: A wife and mother. Essentially: A normal, non-crazy person raised by normal, non-crazy parents. Cindy a magazine staff writer cindy (50) an architect Cindy (24) Someone born into great wealth Cindy (22) The person in my dreams. Cindy (50) a better mother CindyLu (58) An award winning actress Cissa Fireheart (32) professional surfer cizz Philosopher, physicist, or an Astronaut CJ (18) a doctor CJN (21) Something creative where you mind is not trapped by numbers. Cla (22) Jackie O. Claire Educated, maybe a midwife like my sister-in-law, or a nun, no one could abuse me then. Claire (32) Someone worth loving. Claire Bartholomew (16) Shakespeare. ClaireW (65) Someone who retired early Clancy Myself, but without the hearing problems. Clara (20) a better me Clara Myself. No more or less. Clarissa (18) A Supreme Court Justice; a writer; a Philosophy Professor Clark Kent Question cannot be answer: how can I know that I would like to be someone else unless I am already them? Clark Langridge (32) Albert Einstein Clau ballerina Claudia (36) Clay Douglass: An around the world sailor Clay Douglass (34) someone intelligent clazza mgee myself all over again Clelia Beatriz Valdez (22) I would like Martina Stoessel clemfolk49 (13) An overall better version of my current self Cleo (∞) A member of royalty, or part of the artistic elite. clockwork (34) Emily dickinson cm (57) Kipling Coastside007 (42) oh i envy no one that much so can i choose to be me cobweb (24) Sir Christopher Wren CockneyKnight (48) Just myself Coco (31) Joan Didion Coco (19) Everything than I am. CocoPuff2016 (44) Winston Churchill. I want to know what it's like to be a strong leader agaisnt great adversity codered (18) lawyer Cody (25) A Bard, a Master Brewer or a wandering Monk Cody Gould (17) Queen Elizabeth the first Col (41) I like being myself Colin (39) A happy person. Colin (22) A reformer of the education system in Albania Colorful (28) just me. Colton (27) I dont know anyone well enough to answer that comnomnomor (15) Queen Victoria Connie forensics, criminal investigation Connor To answer would be futile. Connor Adored conor (34) David Lynch constanceeee (19) Leonardo da Vinci Constantin (32) The best version of myself which remains to be seen. Consuela a more relaxed person Cookie senna cookie Myself cookie (51) An all-powerful being Cora (26) Carrie Underwood Core (25) Some sorts of a humanist politician/powerful business free person/emotional painter/deep writer/private happy surrounded girl......I won't have enough time for it all Corentine (25) An early Native American. Corey An even better version of myself corinne Myself Cory (22) a queen cpaters1 (26) I can only be myself cr a blade of grass or a fig tree cr (34) Even when I am in my most self-loathing periods, I wouldn't choose to be anyone else other than me because I LOVE who I am even if most people don't. And I know the grass in never greener on the other side. Craig Suga Biles (22) Someone I probably don't know and will never know Crimson (60) me cris scientist Crisfe (31) Einstein Cristi Hitler. Crystal (17) Myself Crystal (32) don't know Crystal (22) A pianist... HA Not, I am in my field. Crystal (34) Elle. Crystal (35) Myself csheehan (17) A Red Cross Worker CStoney (47) a man ,especially a doctor cuchi (40) Charles Dickens cucu (26) someone with greater wisdom and insight of the important things of this universe cvelez (64) a perfect wife. the proverbs 31 wife cweekly Maybe Mother Teresa? Cyan Imsomething (28) Doctor d0701 (29) Im pretty happy being myself D a dog D (32) a viking raider perhaps. DAD Dad...or mom. They are great jobs Dad (42) no one because i enjoy myself and wouldn't want to be any other person Daesia Garcia (16) Colette Daffy Sue Esposito (60) Princess able to make a difference to the lives of others and with money to do whatever she wants Daisy (27) Myself limitless Daisy (17) i like being me Daisy I would be no one other than myself. Dakota Swaveman (18) My great-grandson. D_Alex (46) A mathematician. dA member: sonicbutterfly (17) Prime Minister of Australia Damien TC (36) Matt Greoning Dan (29) A Jedi Dan Plato Dan (39) Exactly how my best freinds would have described me. Dan (51) Myself, just in much better shape Danae (17) Rockstar Danger (16) I am in the process of being. Dani (31) Simon Neil Dani (19) Each person at some point wishes they were someone else, so even if I were to answer, if I were them, I would wish to change again due to human nature, so I shall not answer at all Daniel (16) Justin Beiber Daniel Below Cleopatra Daniella (27) I would have liked to be myself, I should think. Danielle (15) Just Me. Danielle (35) a wonderful wife DanielleKeith (19) Nobody. We all have the same ending to our story. Daniel Molina (20) Any John Hughs character Daniel Phelps (23) A god, I could have made the world safer; that or a passionate fiddler Daniel Stephens (Character Sketch) (22) a princess daniiii (18) I would have like to be a mortal Spartan farm boy's wife. DaniStory (29) A Special Forces solider Danny (25) Ayn Rand Daph (45) Buffy Summers Darcy (20) an actor dario (21) The nicer part of myself, for the majority of my days. Darnell A visionary. DashEloise (32) Jean Paul Getty Dave Cresswell (46) Bon Jovi DaveG (39) I dont know Davey (18) Superman. damn my earthly origins DaveyD (24) Myself, but I'm afraid once I realize who I am, I will no longer be proud of the person I've become. Davian (alias) (32) No one other than myself David (19) A bus-driving scientist. David (10) bill gates David (18) myself David (63) Solon, or St. Paul David (24) a Buddhist monk David (51) inmortal human been david baiguera (35) Plato - to know firsthand of Socrates David E.J.A Bennett (29) N/A David ROWE (42) Pythagoras David Sergio Cisneros Ardura (46) I admit that I'm too confused this moment to be able to think who I would have wanted to be, rather to think what I am going to be in this life. David Timme (19) Nuclear Engineer Davie (16) oprah dawn (40) Ruth Dawn Robinette (51) I just want to be far from the hood. On some small farm, gardening with a family that loves me. and shopping like Cary. Daxion Mr. Dax Johnson (29) Me Daya (22) beyonce Daydreamer (18) An improved version of myself Daydreamer (63) An improved version of myself Daydreamer (63) Nobody but myself and I dbrown (24) World traveler dcsnowbunny (25) performer Dd (43) David Bowie, to experience a mind that exceeded my own in every conceivable way. DDG9000 (25) Myself Dea (40) Myself in a better world, maybe the future. And I'd like to be taller. D. E. Alvis (58) I can't imagine myself being somebody else. Dean (17) A teacher DeAndre Beck (20) My mother DeAnna Alexander (35) A lady of great prestige, one that stands among women Deanna Sanders (44) Someone stikingly beautiful and intelligent Deb (37) teacher Debbie (56) A sober Clamity Jane. Debby Creech-West (43) A better me Deborah S. Wilson (56) Elizabeth Peters' character, Amelia Peabody Deborah Wilson Steve jobs Debster (48) The Phoenix, From the comic X-Men Declan Cohen (35) I would have liked to be Jesus, because he was sinless, although he was faced with many temptations. De-De (36) The woman who inspired the mythology or stories of Inanna Dee (24) Sandra Day O'Connor Dee (19) I am still not her yet because it will always be a better version of myself. Dee author DefMelon A pilot Deja Vu (20) a registered nurse Delaney cleopatra Delia Webster (80) A stronger person. delice_ok (21) myself at my best dendoo (23) Someone I could have looked up to Denine (24) Unrelated to my sister. Denise 1 My father Dennis (61) I'll give you one guess. (Of course, it's Batman!) Dennis Theodore (37) Myself without my weaknesses, denny (23) The Apostle Peter Denny A combination of Marie Curie and a female version of Chris Tiu Densio (25) One of the greatest hockey players to grace this planent Derek Ambrose (22) Anything that i love to do derp (22) a nurse, humanitarian desert dweller A scientist devanand Pretty much anyone but me --- I fucking suck! Devon (18) Younger. Devon Lisenby (20) William Shakespeare Dev Tucker (17) Somebody at peace Devu (22) A lawyer. Dezirae (17) A professional baseball player DH (39) world leader -- make life better for others diana (52) a more educated me Diana (52) A more memorable, outspoken version of myself Diana (20) I'd have liked to be like a girl I admire very much.I'm not giving her name though... Diana (15) Just me is enough Diana I would like to be better and better everyday ..........as myself Diana Thomas - English Thursday 6pm (38) A great entertainer Diane (53) Me, Myself and I DianeD (50) bertrand russell Diarre Ibrahim (22) I prefer not to answer this question. dida (14) John Malkovich, like in the movie. Diego Miguel Danura Puyó (30) A better person Dietgingerale Bill Gates Dilip C Louis (32) I would like to be myself, but the version I believe I can become. Dimitar Atanasov (25) i wouldnt like to be anyone else dimitris (25) Just me...combined with those brave souls I meet. Dindin (20) Assassin Dino (18) A mix between myself, Ashley Olsen, Maria Callas, and Oprah Winfrey. Diona (19) Myself. dionysis_dt (24) Ever since i was a kid i never wanted to be anything other than a soldier Dirk Radman (35) Indira gandhi Divya (20) Emperor of the world. Dixon Wragg A better version of myself DizzyblondeChic (55) none Dj Mick Jagger dlew919 (40) Mark Twain dmca (38) someone graceful and elegant Doc55 (55) Me. There is no perfect person, there is no perfect life. So far I am all right with my own. Dolna (39) Kavafis Dolores Nabokov (26) ddddddd Dom Socrates, Musashi Miyamoto Dominick (23) Bob Dylan. Dominick Miller (19) Socrates Dominick Miller (20) Socrates. Dominick Miller (21) just myself Dominique I would never want to be a man, and I find being a woman undesirable, so no one. Dona (35) A more disciplined version of myself DonAli (33) A more selfless man donkeys4eva (20) Jacqueline Kennedy donna obrien (54) William Felix Eichel Doob Doggo (21) a superhero doodledoo12345 a famous singer Dor (50) a real princess Dori (23) Mas inteligente y bonita Dothzilla (33) The person I am, of course. Faults and all. Doug (30) Pavarotti Doug Lambert (65) Lee Miller Douni Colubus, Macopolo, Da Vinci, Meiji Emperor; being a child with genius thoughts Dracontomelum (30) Someone whose life is in order Dragana (22) Being myself isn't so bad. Dragontongue (22) Depends on the situation Dre (35) A more determined character than myself presently, a more disciplined person Dre (17) Myself Dreamboat Annie Einstein DreamBrother (27) Happy Dreda (23) beautiful Drella (26) Justin Bieber Drew (26) all that i am now Drew (16) Someone happy and intelligent drift There is no one I would rather be, of course. Men will aspire to be like me, however. Dr. Isaac Busafalus (53) a catalist of change that will influnece fundamentally the world and humanity dritjeta (42) my dog telos Dr. J (76) a witch Dru (24) Born 3000 years ago in Europe to some forest-dwelling tribe, or a Viking. Drucar (45) doctor ds (45) John Evelyn. D.S.de.P.Ramos My truest self. Duckish No one Ducky Me - I am the Man Dude (49) cop duke (18) The man my father wasn't Duncan Passell (17) be perished from now on dustxii (22) free... Dutchess Good. Dutchess Philip Etterson Dvach (18) A better person than who I am now. D.X (22) No one but myself at the moment. Dylan (17) Anything but who and what I am Dylan Adams (25) Somebody good E (34) More involved E i see nothing wrong with remaining as i am e (28) Someone who could experience any sort of satisfaction with their life's circumstances. E (20) What I am eagleclaw (35) Since the past may be known, and we tend to love best what we know best: Schopenhauer E.A. Latham (25) A shonen anime character with badass powers and abilities. EAR (19) DAVID BOWIE Earth Speck (30) Someone on the Roaring 20s in France Eau (45) Myself Ed (30) sebastiao salgado ed a roman emperor/ Egyptian Pharoah OR a prominant figure in the renaissance period in Italy eddiboy Phil Lynott. Eddie (48) It would have been cool to own my own business Eddie (12) Myself Eden (19) Myself, but with superpowers so I can go to the past Edgar Roberts (15) I think myself, but in a strange place. Edie (26) Myself Edmond Dantes (26) Chin Shi Huang, the emperor of the Chin Dynasty. Edouard (41) carlos fuentes Eduardo (19) Ayrton Senna EduGri (53) Someone far more graceful then I Effie (34) Someone luckier than me, a seducer or a genius efha (23) someone brave ehk2 (30) Greta Garbo, Evita Perron, the Sultan of Brunei, EHM I want only to be myself. Eiichi (16) A carpenter who made beautiful furnature Eilfa (28) Pope,circa the Inquisition or Jim Morrison. EJ (29) My very best self, with no regrets E.Jay (21) Anais Nin ejb (22) A poet, Melvin Tolson El (23) Jimi Hendrix, Lewis or Clark... el3vat0r no one else..but i'd like myself to be more human elay (21) to still be myself, just a little more human elay (23) myself, only more human elay (24) an idealistic version of myself, a wild animal eldar (25) Maharishi Eleanor (14) A musician Elena οχι εγω ελενη (33) No one besides myself so that I may be inspired to be greater than myself. Elena Di Cesare anyone who found true friends and love eleni (18) Hmm, I don't really wish to be others? But if I had to choose, then it would be Cleopatra. Eleni Constantinou (20) A better daughter to my mother, it wasn't until recently that I've come to realize all she's done for me all on her own. Elexia (19) elvis Elexis (18) I know i don't want to be a failure Elexis (18) A saint Eli (16) I am unique in many ways like all human beings which means that being someone else is something not achieved without ruining the individuality of that person. But since it is just a question. I am going to answer childishly. Hugh Hefner Elias (22) Trite and cliche as it may sound I just want to be the best possible version of me. Eliaz McMillan (33) a nicer version of myself eliciabg (23) i would like to be angelina joly elicule (13) I would like to be Adam YOung. I admire him a lot. Elie (16) i don't want to be anyone else, but i would have liked to be healthy Elin (47) Jean Paul sartre Elisabeth (22) Myself Elisabeth Carver A better version of myself Elissa (22) Myself, only set back in the past. Elizabeth someone more patient, courageous, and self-disciplined than myself. Elizabeth (25) A better student/daughter/friend/person. Elizabeth (15) I would have liked to have been healthy and whole and lived a long life. Elizabeth Diane Shaffer (0) I would have liked to have been healthy, whole, and lived a long life. Elizabeth Diane Shaffer (0) No one but me. Elle (51) the best me possible ElleKay Artist Ellen David Bowie Ellen B Smiley (29) Kinder Ellen Fitzpatrick (61) A husband, father and Radio disc jocky Ellie (25) I would have liked to be me, with bit more confidence and belief, and if not me, as close as I could possibly get. Ellie_Estrella (19) fermat or any other instrumental mathematician Ellie Wilson (15) Dr. Molly Clock. Elliot me with unlimited tuition to universities with room and board included elliot (22) I would like to be some sort of Renaissance man Elliott (28) David Bowie. Elliott Hemp (23) I would be a famous tennis player Elo (11) An austronaut elSigno (37) Me Ely (23) no one else Elyse (20) Binary file Em_1425616956.html matches Binary file Em_1425616956.html matches Audrey Hepburn. Em Brigitte Bardot Ema (18) A doctor. emdonnelly7 Maybe a mother or dancer. emdonnelly7 Sometimes, anyone human. Who does not know of the shadowworld Emilee Nightshade (19) I'm pretty set in my own ways. Emilia Blancarte Jaber Someone a bit more wealthy and a bit less prone to sloth Emilie (23) Someone that conversation comes naturally to. Emilina (27) astronout emilio (28) Me in a bolder/braver way. Emillia (16) William Shakespeare? I'd have made back-up copies of 'Love's Labours Won', let me tell you. Emily (19) someone more talented with more balls than I. Emily (24) a good person, a good social worker, a good mother emily (24) I don't know... Emily (13) I'm pretty lucky to be me. Emily (22) bolder Emilyann (22) I wouldn't trade this life for anyone Emily Carter (37) someone with ambition Emily Clark (25) a great heroine Emma (20) someone nearly dead and surrounded with children. emma (18) Oprah Emma (50) i would have liked to be a rich woman born into wealth. i would be free of stress emma (14) just as I am but on a farm with my children Emma (34) dictator emma (20) Someone shorter. Emma McKinney A writer during the Harlem Renaissance Emme (21) A bunny in another life Emperor Aisel Fei Shiang (18) A perfect mixture of my mother's intelligence, and my father's strength. Empyrean (17) If I have to choose other than myself, I would say Lord Byron at this moment encolpio8 (22) Myself ONCE AGAIN for at least 100 more years Endimion myself endor I would have liked to be a person born to a family who valued children ENEgck (56) Me is just fine for now Engel (48) "Me" is a very troublesome person, and whoever I would be I would be troublesome. Enis I would like to be last man of the human existence... Eno A. Agolli (15) I would like to be better-- more intelligent, yet humbler but still expressive. Enrique (21) Bob Dylan Eric (15) Superman Eric (40) Superman Eric (37) I cannot imagine being anyone else. Eric (19) a docdotr Erica a traveller in the 19th century Erica (25) Myself minus my flaws and the limitations holding me from helping or seeking more gine, also more sex appeal Erica` (21) William Shakespeare Erica Johnson (21) I should aspire to be no more than the best of me. Eric C. Wolfe (28) no idea Erich (20) Either the male Madonna or the male Susan Sontag; perhaps both. Erich (19) Ludwig Wittgenstein Eric Kraft (18) Myself. Everybody else has a specific role and I might well not exist were things different, which would invalidate the question Erict7 Professional Wrestler. Erik (25) A woman, to understand the troubles they are faced with every day Erik Isaac (19) I would have liked to be Bill Oddie Erik Price (18) Someone with more motivation and more self-control. Erin (27) Linguist Erin (53) Stella McCartney Erin (30) myself Erin (20) Someone without all my anxiety, someone who is filled to the brim with unceasless joy. Erin An adventurer! Erin (31) Georgia O'Keefe esayer (35) Myself with a dragon tail Escalus (22) Maude from the movie Harold and Maude. Escapism (19) I'm not sure. Alcibiades had an interesting life? Esmé (18) A person who knew early in life what were her own qualities and talents to develop Esmee fidelius (54) nobody ESMERELDA (50) Myself Estacia Hernandez (37) Henry Rollins, or Mandingo esteban (29) A disciple of Christ Esteban (23) Elizabeth I Estee aristotle estrella blanca skinny Et (32) Me. Et Cetera (22) A citizen of means (but not so much as to risk revolutionary retribution) in France from ca 1776-1850. Alternatively, Stendhal. Etha (26) jean michael basquit ethan (20) The best possible version of myself Ethan Mayatt (25) I do not know Euzinha_ds (20) King Leonidas, at Thermopalae. Eva (23) Happier - but that is something everyone could say Eva (16) pointless to think about evan ass hatch (18) Coco Chanel, Jane Austen, a suffragette Evanna (18) I'm not yet done being. I can be anyone, still, I think. Evan Washington (20) Someone wildly glamorous and rich in the 1920's or 1940's Evie (22) Athos, from the three Musketeers... evilwonders (28) Someone comfortable and at peace with themself. I hope to become that person one day. evren (16) A consciousness without a body Ezra (20) The Bubonic Plague. FA Steph Curry, Michael Jordan, Logic, Myself Facio (19) Someone whose work would inspire those in need of inspiration Fanourios (40) i like to be what i am now. farfoura (22) Historically? Eh, plenty of people. fatgaynig (20) no one Fatima (19) My higher self Fatima (26) pro sportsman, inventor fat man (33) I wouldn't like to be anyone else Fawna (19) Marilyn Monroe Fay (22) A healthier me. feanix (20) To have been Silky the Fairy in The Enchanted Wood. Ferroever (43) A wizard, a fiction author, a creator. fersfumero (28) Boudicca FeydRautha (46) optimal self Feysweetie (43) Alexander Hamilton fhickey (22) a better version of myself... I'm getting closer everyday Fidjeridodu (30) A beautiful Korean woman Fields (19) sleeping beauty filinia (22) Someone born in 1940, so I could have been 18 in 1968. final fashion (33) I don't entertain hypotheticals, the real world is vexing enough Finnegan Magondolovich (Long Story...) I have yet too see a life lived that I would like to have... Finokio (38) Someone with a legacy the world will remember fk2005 (34) Any Russian who witnessed all the best parts of the Battle of Stalingrad, and then survived the War. FlameHorse (28) See kickass ladies listed above. Flantasy Girl (25) I wish to be hero to those who know me, and be respected, despite the fact that I myself despise me flavia (13) actress Flo My family and those few friends that I have. Florin-Alexandru Brănescu (16) David bowie Flower (39) Something transcendent Floyd I'd like to have worked on one of the ancient pyramids FlyinMonki (27) An actor. ForePlinger Many people, but now I would like to be myself ForSavvy Don't know Fran (52) I should very much like to have been Agelina Jolie Francesca (29) myself as a brilliant highly accomplished successful in all regards genius francesca (49) a veternarian Francesca I'd love to have Virginia Wolf's geniality. Francisca Bastos (17) the intelectual Bertrand Rusell, the challenging Ludwig Wittgenstein, the spiritual Hermanne Hesse, the creative mind Ray Bradbury Francisco Aguirre (23) Ringo Starr, David Hilbert, myself with a little more luck Francisco Javier Gil Vidal (54) John H. Johnson Frankie (23) The Italian lute virtuoso and composer Francesco da Milano, for a day or two FrankieSmash (49) Since you asked me, a priest. Franklin Frank Anglin (32) Myself, I can't be anybody but who I am. Frank Nekrasz (25) no one other than me fred (16) Thoreau Freda (61) Someone who is confident Friedrich Mueller (57) I am content to be myself (better the devil you know...) Fritha Grey A superhero fumble (19) eleanor rooselvet. possibly alice roosevelt. my therapist - she seems to really have it together. but i like myself. furies (27) I am content with myself. FYS13Alec (18) Nobody, but myself FYS13Amanda (18) I wanted to be batman. FYS13Andrew I wouldn't want to be anyone but myself. FYS13Bella im pretty content with being me FYS13Brandon (19) I'm happy being myself FYS13Chad totally cool FYS13DRJ I wouldn't want to be anyone else but myself, even though I have days where things aren't so bright. FYS13Michaela (18) I'm content being myself. FYS13Savannah Henry (18) Thomas Jefferson FYS13Tyler (19) A artist who was good with speaking FYS14Darling (18) I would like to be myself! FYS14Erica (19) wonder woman FYS14julie I would have liked to be the description of the admireably woman above. FYS14Kelle (20) I think its more cool that I'm my own self rather than having the need to be a clone of someone else FYS14Landon (18) Audrey Hepburn FYS14Mikaela (19) marine biologist FYS14Payton Blake Lively FYS14Sara I would only like to be myself FYS14Taylor I love who I am FYS14Timesha I am happy with who I am FYS14Zachary Bill Gates FYS breont (19) I wouldn't change myself, god made me the way he wanted and I'm blessed. FYSHeath (18) Nobody, I enjoy being myself FYSKylie (19) Exactly who I am, but maybe a little stronger FYSMadz (18) I would like to be successful no matter where I may end up. FYSMegha (18) The top of all my classes. FYSMichael (18) No one but myself. FYSNick don't know G g g ballet dancer Gab (19) I want to be brave Gabby (13) Myself Gabby Griego (18) Myself in multiple universes Gabe (31) Elizabeth I Gabi I am not able to say yet. Gabriela (18) pilar del rio Gabriela Coelho Mesquita Teixeira Borges (26) Someone who is more independent. Gabriel Gonzalez (26) Jennifer Lee Gabriella Fuentes (17) I would be Kristen Stewart gaga (13) The best i could have been Gail (44) Jane Goodall Gail Flaherty Marco Polo, Nathaniel Bumpo, Robin of Lochsley, Aristotle, Kim Sejong, Gainer (52) The almighty demon Ferod Gait (17) Nefertiti or Peter Pan Galareh (23) I'm fine with who I am Gamba Ajani A better version of myself. Garrett (19) Teacher gatetam (38) Myself Gator Krazy Dave yo gavalia (46) Myself, with a few of the quirks worked out. GD (47) The modern contemporary or better of the likes of Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle. Gean Whitehead III (20) i like who i am Gene (51) While I enjoy everyone I've been I would have liked to be Pope most Gene (24) Someone who could write a novel that's worth giving a damn. Genevieve (22) Myself, but with funnier jokes Genevieve (15) I would have liked to be a Grecian princess. Genevieve (16) I would have liked to be a performer on stage. Genie (65) I wouldn't change, but if I had to: Doris Duke Genie (58) I like how I turned out. GenXer2012 (39) A Queen. Geo (20) Queen of England Geo (57) An upperclass American George George Washington George Mile (35) Someone with unshakeable religious faith, strong, untarnished political conviction, and the courage to risk his life for both George Owers (21) I like myself the way I am, but, because it sounds selfish, I will say that I would like to be anyone who has a good heart Georgia (14) Me, just wiser when I was younger Georgia (53) Bethany Hamilton Georgia (16) Neil Armstrong Georgiana Beautiful gg Cyrus the Great or James Dean. ghazaleh (27) Not who, but what. Someone more confident I guess Ghyles (31) Dont really know, i thought of being an art dealer, a PR, a producer and an agent and i can't say it really was for me, i find songwriting can be a cool thing to do , something w music maybe since it moves me but im clueless in it. Ghyles (31) Aristotle Gia (21) myself Gianne (21) Respected by a group of my peers. Giannico (40) Abraham lincoln Gill (63) If I can't be me then I'll be Audrey Hepburn Gillian Martin (40) I don' t know. I really can't answer that.. I guess myself, as a child, happy. Gina (19) Hildegard! Gina (30) myself Ginger Thompson (50) Who I am Ginny (47) I would like to be Isabella Rosselini and Katharine Hephburn. Gionna (28) A better version of myself Giorgia Me stesso migliore Giovanni Moro (32) Myself Girl You Too Rude someone who wouldn't have been ashamed to be herself. Giselle (18) Iris Apfel. Gjabrielle King Arthur Glenn Parker (24) a princess Glen Reeves (37) I would like to be cancer-free Gloria (59) A happier myself Gloria myself Gloria Heatley (58) I don't think I could bear being anybody but myself GMcG Myself, only better goblin64 (45) Nevskii would have been fun Godfrey (19) someone famous and discussed Golden Boy (20) Alberto Tomba, Jorge Luis Borges. Gonzalo Me goukrish (19) business owner GP (39) a fur trapper in early america GPB (37) A Novelist Grace (30) I would like to have been a girl in a family that wasn't missing a father. Grace (12) A cat. Grace (28) A famous person that everyone knows and loves Grace A. (15) An all powerful warlock like my father, and my grandfather before him. Grace Cooper (20) A more attentive, energetic and steadfast version of myself gracehoppin (23) Jackie Kennedy, Josephine Gracie (22) Xena: Warrior Princess Gracie Campbell (23) Remembered Graham (20) The Queen greatlove (32) Hugh Hefner Greg (19) myself, except rich and talented Greg (24) slash, john mayer Greg (17) Myself Greg (36) a brilliant scientist or writer Greg (53) John Lennon Greg Lytle (26) audrey hepburn gretel Someone with a stronger sense of time and how important it really is. Gret Sidl (17) Naomi Wolf (writer, feminist, mother) greythorne (38) Myself Grimace (17) ME Grimace A successful human being Grimace (17) what I am gruchi (63) jet pilot gruffmusic (49) a poet Gtergab (50) I am who I have always wanted to be Guenther A modest inspiration. guiller van mistoffellees (17) If I could be any person in history it would be my son Gus (18) Eu mesmo, só que com mais virtudes e menos defeitos Gustavo (21) Douglas Haig gutsyaardvark (19) the husband of Norma Jean Baker Guy Van Driessche (44) Someone happy, adventurous, loved, not alone Gwen (18) A Doctor Hadasa (19) Who I am, with all that I know and have learned, but with unlimited funds to change the world Hailey (34) Lea Michele Hailey (15) The me i wanted to fulfill. Hakusha Senbon (24) I prize my thoughts and ideas most - characteristics I would lose were I somebody else. Hal (18) A travel writer; a philanthropist;a farmer Hala (34) Courtney Love, because I could have done it so much better. Haley (19) Cleo Patra hamdi (20) my real self hamideh (26) Ted Wragg Hamlet (30) I am satisfied with myself. Hana (14) A person with a proper family Hanna (24) A better version of myself, a nicer more courageous person. Hannah (15) writer hannah (25) A professional dancer. Hannah Chambers (24) Someone more outgoing. Not that I am shy, just quiet. Hannah Ross (20) Myself Hannah Suttles no one Hanshaw (14) just me, i seriously can't think of anyone else. they are fucked up, just like myself Hari (21) Jesus Christ, thankyouverymuch. Harold E. Leighton (37) A man. I love being a woman, but I think I would've liked to have balls. Actual balls. Harold E. Leighton (40) chief elder Harold Oberg Like Chopin Harriet (23) A rock star Harry (27) President of the United States of Nicklajack & Tennessee Hartleigh A. Chance (35) There's no way I could know someone else's life, so I cannot answer Hassallah (30) happily married with a family Hassan (21) i strive to be a good person hawaii50 (45) Myself with a slightly bigger cock. Hayzeus (23) Marcel Proust HCE (15) I don't want to be anybody but myself, I love who I am Heath myself, if i were someone else who would be me? HEATHER (37) The man I dreamt to be HeavyFire (16) lena dunham heider (27) Museum exhibition designer, forensic scientist, Presbyterian minister. Heidi R. Fred Astaire Heinar (52) myself again, better Helen (32) I enjoy being myself. Helen (19) The leader of a motorcycle gang Helena (18) Free Helena Jenkins (20) no one but myself Helen Mattison Wyatt (20) Pink hellgirl (19) famous helz bells (41) John Winthrop Henry (46) Lord Byron Henry_Z (25) i'm not sure that i know her (26) one of the original deciples Herald (71) a writer herbertofwestlake (43) Someone who made a concrete difference in the world, perhaps to have built or created something. Hern (39) God Herod (20) Alexander the Great Hero Solomon (25) me Hetal (22) I think everyone should want to be themselves, no matter the circumstance. For a day, perhaps Audrey Hepburn. H, Han-Jan Whom I always dreamed I'd be HHP (41) Ceaselessly better, perhaps less doubtful Him (17) Someone who didn't care as much. Hira Yousuf (18) A World Changer HKas (28) The woman that my mother dreamed me to be HKas Malinda Gates H. McMillan (33) Un gran oso pardo, Samurai, o cocodrilo. H.Nakashima (21) Elizabeth I hobbes (26) still myself.. but to be a bit more human hodouk (22) A scientist who significantly contributed to our view of the world Hoelder1in (51) A more intense, more sensitive, more creative, more intelligent version of myself - and add more ambitious to that Hoelder1in (55) Why would I want to assume the characteristics of another person? If I were to be transported and take over the life and form of another man, would that not lead to ME not existing? hoffsta intelligent holden (27) Graphic designer Holley (39) Joan of Arc holly (17) Data analyst Holly Avery (32) sports announcer Holly Pajka (28) Someone rich and beautiful. It doesn't matter who it is. Hong Jay No one, the weight of expectation frightens me. Ignoring that, I would have liked to have been Einsteint to see the world through his mind. Honora (40) Musiciank Hooks Ned Lawrence Horace pluck (54) me howard (34) I would have liked to be better than i am. howard (34) I wouldve liked to be sylvia plath. Hrudaya (24) A minuteman huck finn (48) I don't want to be anyone else but myself Huda (19) henry chinaski huggybear (29) I would have liked to have been someone who is afraid of nothing. Hulot Redux I have an answer. I don't like it. I'm not writing it. Humbugger Omlet (20) My own best friend Hunter (23) i cannot imagine myself as anyone else (if i was somebody else, i wouldn't be me) Hurricane Katrina (25) President Hwiseon Lee (24) I'm good being me Hyosun (25) Filthy rich. Hypnos The Blade (46) architect HYS (47) An inspiration to a child. I Myself. I I would liked to have been Emperon Franz-Joseph II and have tried to save my wife, Elisabeth of Bavaria Ian (23) Someone that i would admire Ian (44) Jacques Cousteau ianplanet (47) a woman dearly loved and desired I Beg (54) Now there's a wide field. Hmm. Sherlock Holmes. Iblis Anak (22) a coureur des bois Ichabod Myself Icis Could I be anyone other than myself? I do not have one. (22) The free version of my self i dont know that i know (17) Eleanor Roosevelt Ignats (70) A gentleman adventurer and explorer most likely Igor (29) I am happy with who I am Iilyanna I am happy with who I am and what I have done; although I do wish I had experienced more. Ika (24) A Broadway star. ile105 (23) Michelle Obama. ile105 (27) Me, only with all my dreams fulfilled Illinibeatle (44) A reporter Imajones I would like to be a woman with great wisdom Imee Finished by now . . . I.M. (Imam Mahdi) (5) myself Indrė (17) it would be fortunate to be an Emily Dickinson. inez (21) Myself: this is the singular chance I have to be me in any case Inkie (60) A director or doctor interestedparty im still being. i.p. Laura Ingles Wilder Ireland Rose (12) More prepared Irene (17) No one else, myself. Irene (26) A better version of myself Irina (16) a better version of myself Iris (18) Iris's husband Iris Ramsey (32) happy isa (29) Nobody: to live and be nobody but at the same time exist. To have set myself against life and been loved for all time. Isaac (16) kennedy Isaac (29) My brother. His life isn't completely controlled. If he's even still alive, that is. Isaac I don't know. Maybe someone far different from me. Isabel (19) I am who i am and i am proud of who i have become. Isabella Fairchild-Heart (Protagonist) (26) an author by all means Isabelle (26) The same person with today's mature, but 20 years younger Isadora Duncan (32) Hmm, being Walt Whitman sounds amazing, to say the least Ismael Santos (20) Albert Camus or Claude Debussy. Isolde (17) Myself, but better. Ita (23) A great surgeon. Iva Proust in body, soul in myself. Iva Pasztor (20) Since I still have a lot of years to go before I'm a adult. I rather think of my present instead of somebody else's. Ivy (10) myself ivy (25) Maria Callas Izzy (24) Nobody Izzy (17) I don't think anyone knows who they want to be Izzy waterhouse (16) I don't think anyone knows who they want to be Izzy waterhouse (16) Barack Obama j2a18m (43) automechanic jabbar (23) I am content with being me Jacie Lin a warrior Jack (14) lucille ball jack (30) God wanted me to be me. So...myself. Jack (33) Pharaoh Ramses Jack (17) Myself Jack Goodman (18) No one but myself. Jackie I haven't really thought of this. I would have liked to be Nigel Barker, haha. He's male but anyhow, he's an accomplished photographer, former model, and he's a judge on America's Next Top Model- one of my favorite shows. Jackie (18) Someone who have more loving and more financially secure family Jackie (24) Auguste Comte Jackie Cavalcante (40) Princess Kate Jackie Vega (27) the buddha Jackson (32) I would have liked to be Paul Newman. Jackson8471 (23) An artist Jack Viper (29) Supermodel Jaclyn (22) A successful, independent woman. JaclynM (19) I've lived and loved, nothing else matters. My life worked out better then any hopes or dreams i may have had Jacob I will be. Jacob Richardson (18) Myself, because I don't wish to live out someone else's story with my limited time on this planet. Jacque (24) Someone else. Jacqueline (34) Irrelevant. I am who I am, and I intend to do the best possible with what I have been given. Jacqueline Garrett (38) She just wishes to be the best she can be. Jade (17) a great tattoo artist Jade-a-boo (17) A rich white woman Jade Green (30) no one; i quite enjoy my own journey Jadelynn (24) Tesla's best friend. (Not a pigeon) Jae (18) Leonardo da Vinci Jafari (33) Run an art gallery, to be wise Jaime (18) A rich writer Jaime (28) game disigner Jake One of the X-Men Jake (17) A great writer, or game designer, or someone who could change political fabrics. Jake (21) Myself when I am able to remain mentally aware and vivid. Jakelina Hernandez (22) Dorothy Dandridge or Vonetta McGee (She got to be with The Mack!!) J.A. Lawrence a strong successful person James (64) A soldier in World War II James (30) Someone who I like. James (19) Anyone but me, but also me at the same time. James (25) no one except myself James Green (29) Leonardo Da Vinci James La Salandra (31) Nothing else but what I am destined to be--a great lawyer. James Oliver North (39) Ceasar jameson_welsh (22) maybe the brother of an apostle, unfussy which one, or George Best. James William Reath (21) a veterinarian Jamie (25) Someone very close to Leonardo da Vinci or Aristophanes. I deeply regret that I will never converse with them. Jamie (22) a warrior like my friend, Paul Jamie (32) I enjoy being the person I am. Jan A Ballet Dancer Jan (55) A better version of me (work in progress) Jana (22) A better version of me (work in progress) Jana (22) someone of greater importance Janae (17) i dont find a person Janane (13) major league catcher jane (41) sylvia plath jane (20) donna tartt jane fakename (25) Myself minus the stress and misfortune janice (67) myself completely, in a war free world Janice Marie Oxford (61) A very fine ballerina Jannie56 hercules Jansen (17) I would not like to be anyone but myself Jared (19) A Master heardsman Jarred Poll (26) Me, myself & I. Jas (20) mata bhag kaur ji jasleen Somebody happy Jasmine Violet (17) JRR Tolkien Jason (18) no one - i am who i am Jason (34) An actress Jason (26) Clint Eastwood jasonstafford (53) The President. Jax Havak (00) Lawrence Chamberlain Jay (58) Someone rich enough to pursue whatever life he desired. A Rockefeller? Jay (26) I would have liked to be Jim Morrison Jay Sir Richard Branson Jay West (27) my younger self Jazz buisness man jb (13) Not sure, but would have liked to be born in earlier times when things were not as hectic and troublesome. J.B. (53) A bird JB (29) Pretty good with who I am... would like to know what it was like to be Ben Grimm ( in fiction) Jb Bradford (44) Me only better JChris (40) a brain cancer doctor or a chef jcr (35) A punk kid in California (1970s) JD (21) A race car driver J Dawg (32) Vasco De Gama jean (22) Brigitte Bardot Jeannine (57) No one other than me in this lifetime; perhaps in another life, I'd like to be someone all the Greats of that era consider a dear friend. Jeeves (24) A better and happier version of myself Jef (19) Arcitech Jeff Bagoas JeffGuy (55) A version of myself with less self doubt Jeffrey A. Olivier (40) A mother Jeffrey Dean Arthur (51) myself Jeff Winger If it meant loosing my loved ones. I would never wish to be anyone but myself. Jehu (25) helen keller jemimah (32) None other than myself Jen (23) Ideal Jen (25) Gloria Steinem Jen (35) anyone but me jen (29) combat journalist, movie producer, designer, diplomat Jen Gerlach (39) Always been Time. Jen Hallidy (42) A ballerina or gymnast Jenn (35) Queen Victoria, Gwyneth Paltrow Jenn (39) an animal vet Jennie A better version of myself. Jennifer (35) a good mom for my daughter. someone who never hurt her, someone she would want to know. a good wife to Sheridan, someone who never hurt her, someone she will always be happy to be around. Jennifer (40) I like being myself. Jennifer (53) Me - but fearless Jennifer C-K (35) Cleopatra Jennifer Lewis (26) a dancer Jenni Webb Reynolds (29) Meryl Streep Jenny (23) Myself, with improvements. Jenny (28) me again jenny (30) rich jenny (18) No one Jenny (18) a phys ed teacher Jenny (38) Sarah Blakely Jenny (35) I would have liked to be taller JennyLynn (23) Someone who is loved Jenny Napier (42) Become an author, or poet Jensyn Keanes (19) Some militant Jeremy (17) detective Jeremy (30) buzz aldrin Jeremy (29) Hugh Hefner Jeremy Fassler (22) Neil Armstrong. Jeremy Heintz (39) A successful woman that has great respect and helps out many that are less fortunate Jess (27) I would love to be a famous writer Jess (18) Jim Carrey's wife Jessi (18) I'm not sure what the question is asking Jessica (18) Maybe one of those fancy moms who gets to stay home all day. Jessica Who I am today, only sooner in life. Jessica Cristo (Jax): (29) Someone on an adventure Jessie (33) The moderator of the presidential debates Jessie (16) Everythig I already am, except taller and not mentally destroyed, more oblivious. Jess the Mess (21) santa claus Jesus0469 (46) Tina Turner Jet Jackson (92) Queen Victoria Jeux A better version of me Jewel (39) Marilyn Monroe Jewel (38) alexander the great jezza (18) myself 15 years ago with my current experience jg (36) A better person more comfortable jg (22) Myself two minutes in the future J.H. No one but myself Jian (22) Someone who is always true to herself Jia Ying (22) P.T. Anderson Jim (20) A rock god Jim (50) Bruce lee dude foreal jimmy (84) Someone healthier jj (43) A great musician JJ (20) I wish I would have been born a wealthy man. J J Ruzo a painer JLo (34) No one. Every one. J.L. Odom (16) Someone successful JM (28) Ferris Beulher Jo (41) no one, i happen to like myself. Jo (16) A combination of all those I admire Jo (21) a happy person with lots of children Jo A genetic clone of myself born 50 years after my birth Jo (20) Just like the blood countess Elizabeth Bathory Jo (33) Me, only better than I am. Joana (22) I'm thankful for being me. Joan Ellis (28) Cleopatra JOANNA Da Vinci Joanna Kather (63) I'm happy to be me, but I would have liked to be a richer me. Jo-Anne Karen Gillan Joanne (16) Elizabeth I Joanne van der Woude (36) Mary Poppins joannie Feynman Joe (60) na Joe Self actualized Joe (54) Achilles was pretty awesome Joe DeProfio (27) Jim Morrisson Joel (17) I'm already the prettiest Frenchie out there, Mom tells me so Joel Sadler (45) an engineer or a footballer JoeyO (34) a fashionable, strong, talented and intelligent woman John (28) a gardener John (23) Lionel Messi John (24) I would not have liked to be anyone specific, but would instead prefer for my own life to have progressed under different circumstances. John (20) An NBA player so I could help those less fortunate than myself. John (23) Alexander the Great Johnathan Durand (19) smarter, not lazy Johnny (21) Myself with more confidence in things Johnny (21) Crosby Stills or Nash Johnny48 (48) John of Gaunt's wife. I am too low of station; it can never be, although he promises he will someday marry me. John of Gaunt A genuine, gentle, loving soul, who is able to accept all people without prejudice John Porter No one but myself John Sousa (17) A man like my father. John Wilkes Booth (26) An author JoJo (27) Plato Jojo (76) free to live my life as I desired. jolie (66) A slightly curvier, more flirty, less chaotic version of myself Jollie (21) Broadway Singer Jo Mama (53) It depends. Sometimes I think anyone would do. Other times I think I would rather have not existed at all. jona (19) Anyone Jonas (We) me jonathan (31) I am who I would like to be. Jonathan (50) A better person than I am now. Jonathan Tacuri (21) Vasily Zaytsev jonb (49) Mother Teresa Jonida Dervishi (29) No one but myself really. Jon Mosca (31) LeBron James...haha Jonny South (18) Wherever the road leads me is where I shall go Jordan (19) Content Jordan david bowie jordan rutter (18) i'd like to be like somebody who'se more wise than what i am now. Jorelle (18) Trey Parker Joris Kierkegaard; Regine Olsen would have never left joseph (31) me Joseph Anthony (37) 所有成功的人都喜歡 Joseph Cheng (28) No one. I definitely like being myself. It's complicated, but God just has a plan for me. Josephine A (19) Joan of Arc Joseph Khouri An actor Joseph Yvon (63) Darwin Josh (23) No one but myself. Josh (22) Academic Josh (29) Photographer Joshua (34) This isn't possible Joshua (27) I would not like to be anyone else. Ever. Joshua Levi (21) I think perhaps arrogantly I should choose myself in any event, however, I suppose I would have enjoyed life in ancient Greece, or perhaps to have been a great antagonist. Joshua Sponaugle (22) Teacher Joshua Taft (18) As an historical personage, maybe Napoleon. Josh W. (19) myself josie (25) someone in the fashion industry or a well to do painter Josie Dangerfield (29) I think I might have screwed up a lot of things if I was more crucial in defining moments of history, so for now, I think I want to be me. Jotthedot (16) Someone who is rarely anxious or miserable Joxef (35) a love person joyce (20) this is too difficult-- all the people whom I most admire had very difficult lives joyseternal (22) someone with a purpose jrggzmn (20) a villain jrggzmn (20) My real self jrggzmn (25) anyone but me...no not anyone, just someone else JRM Someone who could sing and draw. JRobertson (21) Mindy Kaling or Lena Dunham would do fine Jtan (21) I would have liked to find myself earlier in life; but I'm now happy to have started to find the way Ju (28) Anthing Juan (15) A leader Juan (16) Nobody. I am perfectly happy being myself. Juan Carlos (21) Clepatra Juanita Joann Harty Buck (49) A Famous...and Respected Musician Juan Jose Campos (34) I don't know. Jubin (21) Emperor Francis Joseph of Austria-Hungary Judah (30) The Virgin Mary Judah (22) my friends jude (25) I am exacty who I set out to be. Jude Kaldi A teacher Judith a teacher Judy A woman living in the time of Jesus and being personally there as He taught Judyka (64) i prefer not to answer juju Audrey Hepburn jujubee (35) My cat Jules (19) A spanish explorer Jules (26) Someone thinner, prettier, and braver than myself. Jules (23) a stronger, more intelligent and more powerful person Jules Anyone but me. Julia (23) I would not want to be anyone else other than myself. Julian (16) I am happy as me julie (79) a teacher Julie (20) Queen Elizabeth I Julie (40) The me I could have been. Julie (49) Myself, or someone with the possibility to make the world better juliette (19) That's difficult. However in terms of 'lucky', I would have loved to be Natacha Rambova. June (23) Elizabeth turner jupiter jones Christopher Hitchens Justin (27) Taller Justin (15) A painter of the natural Justin Aylward (22) i like being myself. justine hope (20) Nikola Tesla Justin G. (15) Nobody but myself. Justin Rasile (23) To quote Proust: "Since the question does not arise, I prefer not to answer it." JW (27) No one; myself or no one at all. J.W. Carey (22) Dave Grohl jyoung (25) Jane Austin K (21) Oh so many people all combined in one great person ME K (46) A man, actually. A man of high social standing in the times of empire and conquest - perhaps the Victorian or ancient Roman times. I would like to experience the sense of privilege a woman of colour can never do in this world. k someone who got to meet Michael Jackson k-92 (17) Someone who has a choice about who he'd like to be Kaden A woman who legitimately enjoys sex and can have orgasms from sexual intercourse Kafi Cunningham (43) not a human kai (15) nowhere and everywhere Kaja Ta Myself, or someone with access to sleep with Ade Edomndson Kajer (19) A WINEMAKER KAKI (50) enough to satisfy Kaleena (23) No body Kally (33) Anyone who was deeply passionate about something. Kameke A millioner Kamila (18) As creative as Leonardo Da Vinci KammY myself Kandi (26) Myself kangaroo a pioneer woman karaeileen (24) Professor Minerva McGonagall Karen a person my brothers and sister look up to Karen (16) a traveler Karen June (52) jesus kari bobins (33) adopted Karina (16) a singer or a famous poet Karina Marcano (26) The President of Estonia or the Doctor - bowties are cool! Karl (17) the one that made a difference Kasandra a person that I can be proud to be Kasia (30) In adolescence I would have liked to be someone else, in maturity I would only like to be me and I suspect in old age I would like to be a child again Kasper (19) A man that was respected and listened to Kassy (17) Professional Athlete Kate (23) Me. Kate (21) Myself . . . I cannot change this so I do not entertain the thought Kate The wife of the heir to the British throne. Kate (26) Live with no regrets Kate All who I have been. Kate McJ (31) Morgaine. Katerina (22) Who I am. Kath (48) Assistent of Leonardo da Vinci Katharina (32) Fyodor Dostoevsky. Katherine (18) Xena Warrior Princess. Katherine (27) I am content with who I am Katherine Queen Elizabeth I Kathérine (25) what i am is fine kathy (52) Virginia Woolf Kathy (26) Someone who is completley happy with themselves. Kati (15) A talented singer and dancer Kati (19) I would have liked to have been Rafael (the painter, not the ninja turtle.) Katie (20) i hope i get killed katie (23) Myself Katie (17) Christopher Columbus katie (22) would like to experience being a dad Katie (21) Lauren Graham (actor, writer, creative, witty, brilliant) Katie Carriere (39) just aiming for the best version of me Katieu (27) The Queen Katrina (23) Boudicea Katrina Thiessen-Beasse (28) I would have liked to have been a physician Katsika (68) happy and content Katten (28) an author katthehurricane Someone a bit more talented Katy (16) Edgar Allen Poe Katy (22) An adventurous independent woman, taking part in great adventures all over the world Katya Myself but with stronger motivation and less self-doubt Katya Allnutt (27) Me, but with a few different decisions made in my life kaudrey Myself only better and wiser. Kavindra (55) a horse kavitha (19) Ellen Degeneres kay (22) An independent woman Kaybird (43) i would like to be a better person but right now im the best i can be kaydee (16) something to do with writing Kayla (17) I really like being me. Kayla Marie (17) I have never aspired to be anyone other than myself, Eleanor Roosevelt would be my first choice Kaysie67 (49) a dog in my own care KB (45) Important KBHS (29) Henry David Thoreau K.B. Oliver (30) I am who I am, to dream of being anyone else would be to deny myslef and all I am capable of becoming kc idk... Kc (15) An explorer of the New World (not a missionary or Conquistador or settler; just a traveler) K Dilkington (30) I can't imagine being anyone but myself. I wouldn't want to be anyone else. Kechiro (33) A better me Keith (19) Myself only more responsible Kelli (47) No-one else, I might find their life is tougher than mine! Kelly (30) Someone's muse kelly (39) Someone who is successful Kelly (25) Thomas Jefferson Kelly G. Teague (45) Scottish Royalty Kelly McCauslin Married, by now Kelsey (22) An artist; one who does not let others bring them down. Kelsey (25) Strong-willed ken (58) My real self Ken (63) omnicient ken dewey (48) I'm still working on who I'd like to be; basically I'd like to just be myself, just doing what I naturally want to do. I'd love to have a family sometime soon, I've always wanted to be an artist a wife and a mother. Kendyl (20) I like to be myself. Kenkire Michaelangelo or Leonardo Da Vinci Kenn (47) Andy Warhol Kennedy (18) I don't know what anyone else's life has been like, not inside. no one but myself. Kenning (28) Someone wise and good kerayne (66) An accountant Keri Cook (26) The king of all the west, why not a wizard too while we're wishing. Kessler (35) Myself now, then K EST (22) queen of england Keti (23) an accomplished philanthropist Keto (25) The Duke of Windsor Kevbo da vinci Kevin (23) No one, just when. Kevin (25) a slightly taller and more determined version of myself Kevin (21) anyone respected by bri Kevin (17) An actor Kevlar an aristocrat kfcbucket (16) Abelard in love with Heloise. KFerreto (24) Nobody kfkfkfk (17) Myself, only having made far fewer errors. KG (38) None for each of us walks a rough path hewn by our own two hands. KG (26) Beyoncé or Joan Smalls because her bone structure is fucking beyond Khaddafina (23) A princess Kia (28) An actress Kiana Mercury (23) I'm very content with who I am. Although, being Alice in Wonderland while she was falling down that colorful tunnel would have been spectacular. Kiara M. (15) Marine Corps Fighter Pilot Kid Jasper it councilor KiDoCo I am perfectly content with who I am. Kiera Hardy Nobody but myself. Kieran (22) Oprah Kika Gerda Taro, though I would prefer to live longer than she did Kiki (27) a painter kiki (44) Once again, me Kiki (10) Myself Kikka (38) myself Kiley (20) AN EXPLORER killy professor Kim (37) Rich Kim (17) Galadriel Kim (37) Me Kim (30) Myself Kim (47) I WOULD like to be someone more balanced and put together, someone in control of their destiny & living their bliss; I would have wanted to HAVE been no one but I would have lived in various time periods too vast to list here Kimberly (23) Of Spanish or Italian nationality. kimberly (21) Caesar Kimberly Bailey Rich kimbo (34) Queen Elizabeth II Kimlmar (52) I am happy being myself although I would have preferred to be independently wealthy. Kim Randall Cox (43) loved king (43) myself kings (36) a scientist King Ubi (35) Myself kingwel (15) i don't know! Kinmin (24) im not sure yet Kiristyn myself kirk noone but myself Kirsten McCracken (20) a perfect person kirty (21) i would be ariana grande kissclem.83 (12) I would like to be Cleopatre kitkat (13) i wish i couldve been a ramone . kito (24) Aisha (umm-al-mu'minīn) Kitty (21) A girl with will power and irresistible charm Kitty (19) Rich and Famous Kitty (58) duchamp kjelli (59) Super Rich and Super Brilliant KK (32) royalty...or a public servant k-kabob (31) I think I am most comfortable with my own place in the world. Being anyone else seems daunting. KKC (26) A successful surgeon Kkkkaty (67) Myself Klavicus (23) Taller and Younger Klox890626 (23) I always wanted to be a pianist. KLVS (22) Who I am now, but more sure of myself... with a more supportive father. KM (23) as creative as Leonardo Da Vinci Kmi a stronger, more confident, more virtuous version of myself. knapsackstraps (21) a healer knowone (29) Alexander the Great, Lawrence Block, or George R. R. Martin Koinekid (28) An artist or a dancer. kokocakemix (24) A mother koshka (50) A teacher Kourtney Denee (24) I'm satisfied with being me. Kouse (23) Princess Grace Kelly Kreuzz Myself Kris (41) to my husband and my sister Krisanta (32) a smart, respected, beautiful person on the in and outside krissy (18) Stronger, kinder person Krista (17) Kate Middleton Krista (27) Someone with confidence and a real place in the world Kristaline (24) All the people I might have been if I had made different choices. Kristi (35) The person I imagined myself being when I was younger (I still may get there). Kristian (34) a veterinarian or a dermatologist Kristie (22) No one Kristi Spencer (38) Me Krum Kirov (16) Happily I'm content with being 'me' Kryshia (53) I would have liked to be the me of today. Krysstofer Pierre (23) The vampire Lestat Krystaal (40) A self made woman. Krystal (24) More aware. Ms. Carol. Krystin (22) a famous composer before sex was so dangerous ks (33) I would you be like kate middelton. kssou (13) A wanderer Kt (15) Scarlett O'Hara KT A better version of myself, without the constant fear of failure breathing down my back. kt (35) five years younger, knowing what I know now Kunal Sen (27) a disco queen who did all the heroin she liked and never died but volunteered in a garden everyday without sickness and wrote poetry for the young and elderly by occupation kunderakitsch Greta Garbo kuro usagi (18) Matron of a large family. Maybe Empress of Egypt. Kurt Bailey (45) A conquistador. K Yeo (19) A farmer. The ocean takes too many lives Kyla Stan A girl like my current self. Kyle. (16) Jason Kendall. Kyle Dangerfield (25) a better person Kyra Black (19) A character in P.G. Wodehouse's books Kyrie (18) myself Kyrinrin (14) Elizabeth Gurley Flynn L (36) an improved version of myself lacee (18) Margaret Thatcher - so she would have been kinder to the poor and to the Irish Lacey McVeigh (46) A scientist Lacharria (18) No one else. I was destined to be ME...but a better version LadyDyTheFly myself ladyinthewater (24) The best version of me. Lady NCA (29) a singer Ladytoyou (66) A photographer of concerts lage (27) a better version of myself LaHaRo (51) Marie Curie Lainey (38) Cleopatra Lainie professor LaLa (26) Not sure it's tricky I think my mother Lana (34) Neil Gaiman. LAND (22) I want to be who my father expects me to be. Landon Wright (16) I would have liked to be an athlete, so I would be able to better defend myself from those, who would attempt to do me harm. Lanette main character: Counciler Becky the prime evil Lanius (50) Someone who is underestimated and flourishes to a spectacular level lara67 (49) Exactly my awesome, perfect self LA Sullivan Doctor Latanya (21) An actress Laura (20) Stevie Nicks Laura (24) any free spirit artist laura (23) someone who makes a difference laura (27) a writer Laura (28) a benevolent non-human entity who has the powers to help the suffering in miraculous ways. or a body of water. Laura (31) The main character of Rebeca, written by Daphne du Maurier LauraAl (27) Famous and rich Laura N. (52) A Cambridge Professor Laura Panza (38) my mother laura Ytzia Montoya Capristo Myself, with fewer faults. Laurel (29) a photographer Lauren (28) actor/singer Lauren (14) At the moment I admire Brie Larson, for her determination, work ethic and intelligence. Lauren (20) No one else but myself Lauren Anyone's son except my parents'. Lauren Frost (26) Myself but born 90 years earlier I would have had so much fun in the 20s. Lauren H (27) Queen Elizabeth I Laurie (58) As Proust said, the question does not arise, and it seems silly. All the same, I should very much have liked to be Christopher Hitchens. Lavache Beadsman (21) Myself Layla (22) My own person. I do not want to be anyone else or follow in someone else's footsteps Layla (13) A writer. Layla B. (43) Audrey Hepburn LB Perkins (42) Perhaps Colette. Leah (16) Nothing, no one. Just me. leah (17) Joni Mitchell without her degenerative disease Leah (25) No one other than me Leah Someone who helped others Leanne (28) A movie composer traveling all over the world to complete interesting and rewarding projects LeCorbeauGris (25) a man with a normal mind Lector A writer lee (30) Same as as Proust Leeham An international spy. Leena (16) david bowie seems like he had a pretty fulfilling life leezee (28) William Shakespeare's agent Legacy Lee (31) A successful businessman. Leigh Lagamayo (27) Someone who has touched lives of those closest to Leila No one but myself I suppose. Leila (28) my father, becasue my heart is still broken; otherwise, hemingway before the darkness, although perhaps the darkness was always there Lem (24) I'm not quite sure. L.E.Murphy (17) Marie Antoneitte Lena (21) a bird Lena (60) Someone who didnt worry as much Lendaddy (50) I would have liked being someone who made a difference to our world, such as Martin Luther King. Leo Duke Kahanamoku Leo (15) For now i dont know. haha Leo Calma (19) - Leon (26) William Shakespeare LeonidasStokely I'm Still figuring that out Leon (The Debreifer) (22) An independent thinker that knows to distinguish right from wrong and a forward-thinker. Leopold (18) w Leslie Eleanor Roosevelt Leslie (43) I don't now Lestory (49) me lety (59) You're looking at it Levi Becker (31) A forgiving man Levi Walker Artur C. Clarke LewU (55) Tyler the Creator Lex a total powerhouse woman lexi (23) I do not understand the question. Lex Ryo (17) Bob Marley Lexxxx (18) my mother mixed with my father's mother l.gee (23) someone who can make a difference in the world lglick19 A musician or worship leader, missionary Lia (23) A good influence LiamP (25) I would have liked to be a good mother. Liam Shaughnessy A Knight of Old perhaps. Liam Urien winston churchill librowicz (28) Not sure yet what I want to be when I grow up lol Lids (50) We are all one. Lightning Stars (22) Myself. Lil (17) international billionaire, business owner lilecare (46) Someone with a great cause surrounded by others with causes. Liliana No one other then me lil~kissa (17) Exactly as I am, a detective. Lillian (25) Happy, complete, fulfilled Lillian Grace (27) does not matter Lily (16) Someone who went to the 1967 Monterey Pop Festival Lily Everyone. I hate that I'm limited to only my point of view, and have to rely on my (wild) imagination. Lily (19) I like being me Lily (34) Earnest Hemingway Linda (23) The boy who love boy who's as pretty as Draco Malfoy Linda (17) Ripp van Winkel Linda C (41) I would have loved to have been Julia Child or Martha Stewart Linda M. W. (34) A writer Lindsey (15) Only myself. Lindsey B. (17) Jolene Van Vaught LindseyD (18) Hmm. I can't say I have an answer to this. So the default, then: myself. Linicake Rachel. Or Nathan. Linnea a writer linou70 Myself Lint (17) Audrey Hepburn Lisa No one but myself Lisa (56) tall, beautiful, talented, slimmer Lishan (20) someone who makes a difference littlefairybigears (22) Me littlerobot me lituci (30) An epidemiologist, a teacher Lixing (24) Wow.... How do I not even have an answer for this one.... that's sad. Liz (28) Julian of Norwich Liz (64) I have never thought about it. Liz (47) As good a man as my father Liz (25) Charlote Perriand (architect) Liz (40) Mame Dennis (Auntie Mame) or Gilda Radner Liza (33) Ii wish I could have been a writer Liz Vega (43) Natalie Barney, Jessica Mitford Lizzie (17) Steve McQUeen but then he died early, so no Lizzie Pickle (27) I would have loved to be Hester Stanhope, although I am very satisfied with my present circumstances. L. Kadey (18) Myself, but with more ambition L. Kadey (19) Socrates LLane (23) a dancer lmao someone who would have liked to be himself lo (19) myself. Lo (24) An extraordinary man. LodRose (32) Charlotte Bronte Log Alexander the Great Logan (23) the martian man hunter Logan (14) a football player Logan (16) Kurt cobain Logan Whitt (15) Meryl Streep Lois (22) I' m happy with being me Lola Natasha Khan, Alison Mosshart or Lily Allen Lolita Hazed (18) a dancer, a designer, a natural musician; fearless lollipoppingsu (24) I think Mary Magdalene probably saw quite a few interesting things in her time Lori (37) Zooye De Chanell's cellmate Louf (39) Josi Mabry Loui Edgington (12) A better man Louis (19) Someone with more confidence in herself, someone who wasn't lazy and procrastinated so much. Someone wasn't so pessimistic... but in the end, I think I like being me. Louisalokyee (15) I do not think I have been, or have enough practice, to answer this intelligently. Louise (17) Someone who could be loved and admired... Loz (17) i haven't "been" yet, but hopefully what i am going to "be" Lu (24) Better. Lu (32) a better person as a teenager luadepapel (25) a professor Luc (27) artist, music, theatre Luca (33) No one but myself. Lucho (32) me, but better Lucija (25) I am very much inspired to be an improved version of myself Lucy (34) I do not regret the choices I have made in life, but I wish I still had some of the power I had in the past. Lucy a father Luigi (38) I'll know the answer when i'm dead Luísa (21) A better version of myself. Luísa (22) Someone who works for what they wants, someone who can make others proud, intelligent, someone who helps Luisa (18) Someone simpler, calmer, driven, confident and ambitious. Luisa (19) who I am now LuisEfe (55) Paul the Apostle or C.S. Lewis Luke Anthony (19) Myself as an infant, with all my knowledge as of now lukemarco (18) A man dedicated solely to producing art that will affect the world. Luke N 14 (35) Michelle Obama Lulu A mathematician Luna (16) hayley williams lunar (18) A cowboy. LVG Jaque Couteau Lydia (50) raven symone lydia A mermaid. Lydia (18) Someone intelligent and hard-working enough to get what I wanted Lyla (30) i'd give anybody else a try lyman (35) Someone without my insecurities Lyn (22) Someone without my insecurities Lyn (22) I would have liked to be a woman who is not fearful of pursuing dreams Lyn a beautiful woman lynac (31) Rich. Lyndsay D. (22) A photographer. Lyndsey (19) everywhere and nowhere Lynk (15) No one else but me. Lynn Renee (41) Someone more brave Lynn Thair (49) Not sure Lyss (19) Jack White M@ (31) whatever i need to be M (16) The President of United States of America M Just myself M (29) Me with more opportunities M (36) Vargas Llosa M (19) some type of flying bird M a princess MA (61) I like what I am, a musician. Mac (28) Percy Jackson, he screws up allot but he all ways pull through. Mac (17) Angelina Jolie Mach (44) Rameses II Machiavelli_Mx (38) myself, but in all the ways i wish things were/might be different...joanna newsom is lovely though, i wouldn't mind being her i suppose. but i wouldn't mind be many people, i think. macon (22) my younger self with my older self's confidence macskawoman (44) patient and calm Macy (15) someone to make a change Madeline (19) My spritual Teacher Madhusudhan (63) Cleopatra Madison Twist (25) Ceasar Mads Husted (21) Selena Gomez Maeva231 (13) An author. MaeveOne (27) Eve Mag Harry Morant Magellan (44) A daughter fit for my mother Magen (22) A more confident version of myself Maggie (24) A warrior princess. Maggie (23) Duchess Kate Maggie (49) Martha argerich maggy may Myself. Only in a different Now. Mahalo (/) i can't answer this question since i'm still to busy to figure out how to be fully myself mahtiel (21) an archaeologist Mairi (37) An actress or a writer Maite (26) kiki de montparnasse maitresseb (43) More of myself and less of humanity Mak (16) another person maksimuchka (38) FBI Profiler MAL (14) A normal woman. With two legs and a normal life-span. Malcolm (26) Myself when I was at the height of my powers Malibu (31) his soul mate Mallory (21) Anyone, so long as my death should have been before 1840. Maltet Goethe Mandar (27) Me. or Beyonce. Mandella Kitten (36) anne bonnie mandi2kay (31) johnny cash Mandy (18) I can't imagine being anyone else Mandy (37) maybe someone who was responsible. mangarmunko (21) If I not me, I would be a horse because he energity manonettte (12) What I am now. Manu (22) Albert Londres Mao (22) a thinner me Mara (58) a girl born in another time Mara (17) Someone stronger, brighter MaraMichelle Musician Marana (56) A better version of myself Marcel (19) A virtuoso violinist. marcel254 (25) James Dean. Marcelo Ricarte. (16) im happy with who i am, i have no desire to be anyone else...unless its batman, then id always be batman Marcel Rodriguez Marco Polo Marclaudi (46) I would have liked to have been a 1950's baseball player or 1940's jazz musician Marc_Meyer I don't know, I don't feel like I'd be any happier if I was anybody else marcoapk (19) myself but more independent marg (53) Ansel Adams Margaret (19) myself, only as God intended Margaret Cook (57) i like to be me. Margarida (aka:Guida Costa,Guida Almeida ( ) Mom to more children Margie (44) a cloud margo (22) Myself, just a tad different Margot someone who can live in a moment and enjoy the present. who doesent hang on to the past and always think about the futer rather than apreciate the now Margot (21) I like my life Mari (30) Plato Maria (45) I'm not sure what this question is asking exactly... Maria I am not sure, time has still to tell Maria (18) My mom Maria Contreras (19) no one else Mariam (20) i would have liked to be no one in particular, but someone that was daring and intelligent and witty Mariana (16) Not other person but myself. Mariana (22) An athlete. Particularly a figure skater or a gymnast. Possibly a ballerina. Strength and grace. Maria Patenaude (29) A better me. Marie (19) Debbie Harry. Marie (21) I doubt anyone would truly like being anyone else, since there are just as many drawbacks to being anyone. Marie Puck Marie Madeleine (51) Would have like to be a better me, certainly a more creative me. A less worried me. Marie-Pierre Adam (27) me and only me marija (23) a musician marina (50) An active, creative woman. marina (27) successful, entertaining, multi talented, multi linguist Marina (20) A famous artist that lives her passion and to be remembered and admired even after her death Marina da Silva Negherbon (24) An actor Marion (27) better,stronger more gifted. mario ponce (38) Albert Einstein Marios Gregoriou (21) No one but myself. Marisela L (18) Mark Lawrence Mark (16) alan turing, .. hitler (to learn wtf happened) .... jesus?...buddha mark Ozymandias. Mark (19) Someone a little more successful or a little less motivated. Mark Someone people could be proud of. Mark (55) i wouldn't be anyone but me. Mark Angus Wilson (28) I do not understand the question. markeff (38) A great father. I still have time, Mark J (44) A black cat or at least a gentleman of leisure with two hundred a year in 1800's Marko (28) q Mark Sterling (32) a hero markus_naz (39) Spongebob Squarepants Marlyn Alexa Rosales Torres (18) mother Marney (40) Lara Fabian Maroua (17) A lot of things but nothing in particular. Perhaps no one else than myself. Marshall Wang (24) la esposa de amanda palmer marti (25) I would not change who I am. Martin (29) Oprah Martina Common Elizabeth Bennet Marty (18) A professional writer Marty (42) Myself with a EU citizenship so that I could finally move to where my boyfriend is. Martyshka (31) Socrates. Maruku (18) When I was younger, I wanted to be a wrestler. But dreams don't make money. Marvin Willams (30) Berthe Morisot. Mary (22) i accept who i am and who i have been, so me. I would like to be me. Mary (28) President of a country. Mary (56) just me with more money, intelligence and beauty Mary Ann (62) I do not know. MaryAnn (47) a really excellent lounge singer Mary Ellen Collins-Davis (59) a really excellent lounge singer Mary Ellen Collins-Davis (59) No one in particular, but one who made millions just reading and thinking good thoughts. MaryFred (24) just myself Maryn (15) Proust, obviously. In all truth, though, I would have liked to try out Catherine the Great's near scandalous life. Masha Shannon (26) Either one of the Wright brothers MasonFYS13 (18) A slightly more patient version of myself. Mason Walker (21) A slightly more patient version of myself, with less hair and better posture. Mason Walker (21) Musician Mat (15) Philosopher or artist Mat (26) No one else but myself Mateus Melo Any writer I admire or any important anarchist. Matheus (15) One of the Brothers Gracchi Mathew Gallant (22) Myself in better version with more talents Mathilda (15) Someone who obtained a life full of beauty and magic in an era of lovelier times. Matisse (15) Pilot in the USAF or a viking Matrix (23) Yamashita Tomohisa Matsuda (14) prince matt (17) An Evolutionary Biologist Matt (30) Yo-Yo Ma Matt (20) It would've been pretty damn fun to be Alfred Jarry. Matt DeCostanza (17) No one but myself Matt Detrick there isn't a choice. you stay as you are or lose yourself completely. people change themselves too much and try to buy new identities through appearance. they're still empty shells of people. matthew (18) No one save my own self. Matthew Charles Barrie (27) Myself but having taken advantage of more opportunities Matthew Gordon (28) A Hero Matthew Ray (18) The best version of me. Alas! Matthew Young (18) someone fabulous Matthieu (21) If not me, then my alter ego. Maundaux (23) a writer mauserman (42) Billionaire comic book writer Max (24) someone of determining influence into one's life (a great teacher whom you can consider as a role model just like i have had in my childhood) maxie (20) Boris Johnson Maximilian (17) Alexander III of Macedon Maxwell Pierson (23) Angelina Jolie Maysoun (27) Rich MB (41) How should I know? mcfm0626 (26) James Joyce MCI (22) myself, but stronger willed and more directed mcseadogs (34) Someone stronger, smarter, more capable and competant than I am Me (40) Everyone! Me (24) me me (32) Better version of myself ME (25) Me Me (57) An anthropologist Meaghan Robin Williams Medusa59 (56) Someone who has a decent personaility. Meebo Audrey Hepburn, quite a great deal. Meg (16) apathy meg (22) markus zusak Meg (19) I don't know. I'm satisfied with being myself. Meg (31) Eh, I'm good with staying myself; or yet a better version. Meg (22) An intelligent, beautiful, wildly successful person Megan (25) no one but myself. Megan (20) I can only be myself Megan (32) Who God asked me to be Megan (18) myself Megan (23) A writer pure of heart and faith, able to change the world for the better. megan (18) a nurse Meghan (16) a singer Megil (51) ఇంకో ఐదేళ్ల వరకూ మా అబ్బాయిలా (తర్వాత నేనే) Meher (32) I don't wished to have been any certain woman; I wish to have born a different me. Mel (16) Someone more grateful than I am Mel (20) Someone better mel (32) Myself, born 30 years earlier Mel (44) An inspiration Melanie (31) Jenny Melanie (33) No one but myself. or maybe Phil Lesh. Melanie (33) More true to myself through my younger years MelBisMe (34) Sofia Coppola. Melinda (18) a person that created worlds someone else could get lost in Melinda Butler (30) Lawyer Melinda McGinley (30) The very best of who I could possibly be, with the resources available, in the context of my culture M.Elisabeth Howell (52) Someone interesting, someone worth knowing Melissa (23) Who i am melissa (17) loved melissa (44) A mother, a wife, less ridgid Melissa (40) No one but myself Melissa Diane Hudson A blond. Melissa Farr (25) Coco Chanel Melissa Farr (29) John Muir, Mark Twain, Ma Rainey Melissa P (63) zoologist Melly Perhaps a guitar player in a famous band Melody (22) What a miserable question. I like to be who I am and I'm not at all old enough to "have liked to be" anything. My existence isn't yet in past tense. Mel Sundquist (20) Napoleon meltemis The lady God intended me to be when He created me Melvia (28) a me 2.0 Memelord (15) Myself Memyselfandi Me ver. 2.0 Menjou (21) rich and powerful and famous menon (33) something more than i am. perhaps a lawyer or doctor. professor. mercedes (27) I'm pretty happy with my cards dealt thus far. I hope I can be the me of my dreams. Meredith I would have liked to be someone who mattered. Meredith (23) Kim Merit (56) Kim Merit (56) Kim Merit (56) Kim Merit (56) Kim Merit (56) Kim Merit (56) Kim Merit (56) A piano tuner; perhaps a writer; or a musician/artist merlinharp (57) A person from the past or emotionally? I prefer to be myself and work on that until such a time as I become who I want to be. Metztli (23) What I hope to be now and in the future--someone respected and admired MFSmith (16) A less neurotic me. mia Einstein, with Von Neumann's mathematical ability. An impossible dream, nonetheless dreams are free ;) Mia (27) a writer miami (65) myself at 45 micci (64) Only me. Michael (40) Byron, Jim Lovell, William Shakespeare, Jimmy Page Michael (46) Writing, that is all Michael hemingway without the suicide michael I would prefer to be somebody stronger and more resourceful than myself Michael (43) famous michael (24) Only that of my self Michael (21) Vespacian Michael (52) Impossible to answer ; I am not sufficiently educated about one person enough to reach the conclusion as to whether I would like to be them. Michaela Tee (15) if not myself then Bob Marley Michael Kendall (16) Astronaut. Michael Thornberry Jane Asher or Marianne Faithfull Michelle (17) Esther, Ruth, or Mary. Michelle (24) Someone with a more-developed talent Michelle Sandino (15) Someone who tried harder. michou (19) Someone in the future, exporing the stars. Mick (28) The rock Mickste wife of a genius who drives me nuts Mignonne (53) Pandora. Miguel Oniga (58) Myself mihaela (26) myself mihaelaian (42) writer or documentary movie director Mika wouldn't change a thing. Mike (33) Haruki Murakami Mike (14) A beautiful, intelligent and independent woman. Mike (53) a farmer mike (43) Socrates Mike (58) A kinder, better self Mike (69) Jamie Oliver, that bastard Mike (42) Leonardo da Vinci Mike (29) President of Iran mike_freedom9531 (30) A Pueblo Indian Chief in Pre-Columbian times Mike G. (25) confident and if thats not available I'll choose rich mikemc1156 Marilyn Monroe Mike Sadler (53) More of myself , unadulterated Or Coco Chanel non smoking Milfred (35) teacher Mili (20) Not a clue, maybe if i coul choose I would like to be someone with stronger will and better organized and clearer thought. Milly (23) Emma Watson Milly (16) me millymay (84) A better version of myself Mimi (53) Actor, author, photographer Mimi (31) Marilyn Monroe or Mirabai. Mimi (24) a beautiful 1800 heroine mimì (48) content wherever I am Mimi (57) Jesus Mimikeekee (23) Janis Joplin. Mina (15) Emma Watson Mind (17) Someone taken seriously. Minerva Black (30) shraddha sharma minny (13) myself minto (28) Jacques Cousteau mirabilis (48) A very successful actress or blues/jazz singer Miriam Liggett (48) I could not have chosen to be any other way, than what I am. mischa (22) A bird Misha (24) There is no one I would have rather been than myself. That being said, "where" is another matter entirely. Misk Odium Oersted Someone rich miso Salander.. just without the dark past Miss TOP from BIG BANG misshermes (20) beyonce miss karachi I am me, other people are other people, and some say all is one anyways. It is okay the way it is. Miss Mia Moriarty (29) Elizabeth I Miss Noble (0) Marilyn Monroe, minus the mental illness Missy (44) A Beautiful woman Missy (45) a published author Missy Gay (42) bob dylan hugh hefner mister buzz (49) King Mitchell: for Ophelia I want to be me, I don't need to be like anyone else. Mitela (22) Myself, but without some of the faults in me Mitela (25) Every man who ever lived, to understand the whole humanity Mitja (36) Myself. Mitsuko (22) nobody else mitzi (28) I would be content with myself for now. Miyo (12) someone with the innate ability to disregard human judgement MJ (22) Less stressed. So...a hippie?! MJ (23) Rick Rubin M.J (40) musician mj (39) Tolstoy, because he thought the worst evil on earth is nationalism. M. J. A. Armstrong (60) A female Sherlock Holmes MJE (40) Anyone with courage MJF (34) an artist's muse in 1920 in paris mjwhite (21) A naturalist or translator of literature. M.K. (21) intellignet mk (15) a writer mkayruger Who my husband believes I am.... Mkeekee (30) Silent M. Le Ahcim-nevets (31) I don't think in those terms. MlleJacqueline a bar tender, or someone else who observes others and whose observations are sought. MlleNeet A much better version of myself MM (34) Jesus M&M (38) Hugh Hefner MMS a version of myself travelling in space Mnemonic Aberration Walt Disney Mo (19) Myself again mobtomas (48) The Angel Valium modernmonsters a filmmaker in the early 70's or a woman during the sufferage movement moeder (32) I like being me. Mohamjip (66) Everyone and everything Mohini (20) Operating an independent movie theatre and/or a mortician. Moistoidy (43) Myself Molea Razvan (23) a Rockefeller Molly (19) I like who I am Molly (18) Gwyneth Paltrow Molly (33) I like me. Molly Evans (47) Alice, in wonderland mollykate74 (38) no one else momcat (60) Sayida zainab Mona I would have loved to have been an arch-criminal Mona Sen (22) Jackie Collins Monica Stowe I don't know yet. monson (28) Mark Twain montanadrifter (68) me without my fears and irrationality montie williams (16) in law enforcement Monty (35) Myself and only Myself. Mooke (16) Myself Moose (40) Any person who walked through the streets of ancient Babylon, made offerings in its temples, tasted its breads and desserts, honored its brothels, and lived long enough to see it never fall into ruin. Morazda (42) Shrek Morgan Mae West Morgana Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. MorganFYS13 (18) A kid with a trust fund Morgan Gratsky (22) Salai (Gian Giacomo Caprotti da Oreno), in order to closely observe the greatest creative mind this world has ever known. Morgan Toft victoria morgwei (28) Forgiven Mother (54) Me but richer. Mouse (42) One of my heroes of course. MP3 (22) When I was 16, I cried because I knew that the one thing I wanted to be--the only thing--was impossible. I wanted to be a fish. MPaylor (21) myself and only myself Mr. A (17) I want to be myself Mr. A (17) Although I do not condone this type of thought, I would say Carol Burnett Mr. Frank (56) Cristiano Ronaldo. MrJones (28) Irrelevant; can't be anyone else MRM (28) if not myself, then any fictional character that survives through perseverance and steadfastness Mr. Mandarin (41) A happier man Mr Peters (30) An actor. Mrs. Lincoln (49) Jack McArdle Mrtimm Myself, but probably about 20 or so years ago. MsAPH (21) Another body Ms. Barbara (19) I would have liked to have been taller or shorter, blacker or whiter. Ms. L (22) a musician mstinyS President mStonerCEO (45) Me MsVicky A healthier version of myself. MTHSP (28) Someone who could more easily make a difference MUabigail (18) a competitive gynmast MUAshleyVance (18) myself mucarly (18) Jennifer Lawrence MUElexandra (19) DJ tanner off of full house MUElizabeth (19) counselor Muffin (25) A good person. mugkim (19) Katherine Hepburn or Agatha Christie muhbuh (47) Someone who gets to live adventurously MUJakeWilkinson (18) social MUkelly (18) A young woman in the beat generation hitch hiking across the country. MULydia (18) A mermaid. MULydia (18) I don't. Mumblingtruth (24) Noel Gallagher Murphy (21) i would have liked to be a child not a warrior Musa (16) my own self musicmaya (14) Someone loving, caring, happy, joyful, a true best friend Muskaan Kanoi (13) Hunter S Thompson mutterhals (31) I am best at being me. Myalyn Hernandez (17) me but with the power to magically summon some cool sharks or something my answers are perfect; yall should read A protector. Mychel Shannon (18) Tina Fey My Dear Materialista (27) No one else but who I am now MylaFYS13 audrey hepburn myra (22) Just me Myra I never wanted to be anyone famous. I'm too much of a wall flower to enjoy being in the spotlight. Myron (26) I have very modest dreams: I would like to be Jim Moore, the creative director of GQ. Myron (26) I would liked to be famous, because I want to try out acting and singing. Mystery Mind Over Matter (19) More like the person I pretend to be. N (20) A mover N (32) the best version of myself N (41) Audrey Hepburn nad (17) Bridget Bardot Nadine (21) j'aurai voulu quelqu'un qui répond mieux a ceux qui ont tort - avoir un bon jugement des choses ⁄ Najia jan (64) J.R.R. Tolkein Naleks (23) Myself. As I am. Just a little more famous. NamraSultan Listen to music, eat and sleep Nana (23) I would be Grace Kelly. nana (12) A successful writer Nancy (78) where I am nancy myself or my mother nancy (17) PJ Harvey Nancy (41) I like being myself. Nancy B (40) i would be michelle obama NANOU83 (13) Myself--comfortable in my own skin and content with the workings of the world--hopefully me of the future! Naomi (19) me without the pain and abuse narelle pederick (40) Someone with money. Narrator (5) Someone who acted more on instinct, on feeling rather than on rationale Nat a smart worrior woman Natalia (33) Audrey Hepburn Natalie (18) Katherine Hepburn. Natalie MJ (31) Normal Natanya (95) King Tut Nate (16) a royal natedawg (28) same person but a more courageous one Nathalie (20) A person from early 20th Century Nathan God Nathan (28) Nobody else Nathan Gandhi Nathan (35) Oscar Wilde Nathan (27) a professional welder nathan (15) Adam Wainwright Nathaniel (24) Does not arise Nathaniel (20) Does not arise Nathaniel a wandering writer Nathan Liu (15) Only me Nathan Thorne (53) I would have liked to be an Engineer creating and inventing machines and equipment for the glorious life of living beings. navera (57) Myself Navin (27) I would be liked Rihanna navy13 (13) johnny holmes neckice aldous huxley Neek (54) I can't imagine being anyone else. Neeka (27) Why exist as anything but me? Neetzi (18) A better version of myself. NEL (20) great guitar player Neller (35) Myself nelly edno st. vincent millay Nelly (31) Whoever it is who will one day capture the heart of the woman who has captured mine. Nels (31) Continue being myself nene (57) Someone happier. neptune Someone like my older sister Nessa The daughter of a different family Nessie (18) No one in specific Nette (18) borgore Nevan (18) Thales, as I enjoy looking at the sky and also the sensation of falling. Newlin (25) The lady in the water Nia (15) Myself only braver, stronger and more mature. Nia Robinson (19) animal liberator Nic (27) A broken clock. Nic (24) Myself, I suppose. I'm tempted to put Christ, due to his perfect nature, but at the same time the thought of bearing his burden disturbs me Nicholas (18) Nostradamus, Gandhi Nicholas Kovacev (12) a cat or a duck Nick (35) A male Susan Sontag Nick (20) Superman Nick (31) my dog NickiNorker (48) My future self, with all the gained wisdom and experience Nick Zero (26) John Lennon. nicoca (21) Jim Morrison. Nicolas (28) Andrew Hussie. Sorry. Nicolas Bossons (16) No one but myself Nicole (14) me nicole (23) Someone close to Leonardo Da Vinci Nicole (18) A good writer Nicole (22) A more emotionally intimate person Nicole (17) Queen of Sheba Nicole EP (25) Oprah Niece (42) leader of a very powerful group of people NiGht (23) I want to stay who I am nightinday (19) Professional Baseball player, Ambassador Nik (30) for a day? Rowling. Nikita (26) Who I am Nikkers64 (47) Sarah McLachlan Nikki (35) A dog Nikkita Saeed (21) Invalid question. I am the sum of all I've experienced. That will do for me. Nikolai Kleppe (44) No One Nikos (29) Susan Sontag Nillie (21) I like being me. Nina (21) someone born to artist parents, in europe nina (27) Someone without quite fear, with a great willpower and with more confidence with the world and my work Nina Mars (22) a stronger me. nina tangimetua (23) Pepper Lyrics Artist(Band):Butthole Surfers Marky got with Sharon And Sharon got Cherese She was sharing Sharon's outlook On the topic of disease Mikey had a facial scar And Bobby was a racist They were all in love with dyin' They were doing it in Texas ninjo i would only want to be myself Nique (18) A well cared for housecat owned by a punjabi family. Nirmal Singh (99) an author niyaa a singer, an artist nmh (32) Otto von Bismark Noah (17) As a historical figure? Most of my favorite figures had horrible lives... If I was going to choose rationally, so to speak, I think I would choose someone like Kant or Plato. Noah the good (23) I think I am still in time to become who I'd like to be Noddy (26) No one other than what I will grow to become, a strong and successful woman Noelle Sarah Vaughan Noel Orosa A better version of myself NoGurus (20) The average man born and bred in America nom de plume Ernst Junger. Nomen nescio (24) Don't know Nomers (19) scientist none given I like who I am, and there is no one else I could be, so this question is irrelevant. None More Bitter (20) someone very happy nono (22) Proust. HAHA, someone who could write, then! nools (21) Varmus (Harold) got to do everything I want to. Dostoevsky, Proust, and Nabokov said better words than I could ever hope to. Honest answer: an intellectual giant. "Correct" answer: someone honest, happy, and kind. nools (23) Myself. Nora (20) I am happy with me but Sutan Razia Noraq I like myself but would have like to be born in era of wearing big dresses Norma A state senator Norman W (35) I am happy to not have the burdents of another man Not (26) No one but myself Nova (44) Oprah Nova (32) King Solomon, or an astronaut of the shuttle / ISS era, or Robert Downey Jr. NR-2082 (32) A superhuman Nrvnqsr (27) Someone princely ns myself but richer NS Watson (30) Galileo or Thomas Paine Nuance (26) A warrior Nudge (36) Someone successful. numeroita (24) someone like me with a little bit more money to fullfill more dreams. NynnaS. (36) a modern day heroine Nzame (27) God oanaa (23) an astronaut OB I love being myself Ode Myself, only better. Odie (24) myself Odile (36) a very successful lawyer, Odilia (47) God Odyssey Willow (16) girl with music and friends around. ohlaskeau (21) Esther, one of the Founding Fathers, Agatha Christie oldie-goldie (99) someone who only wants to be herself olga (22) Geoffrey Chaucer. Oli Tearle (28) a kid Oliver Bob Dylan's girlfriend/ partner in his songs Olivia (17) Someone with more patience, honesty and common sense than I. Oliviaa. a child who knew her father, Wayne's wife oliviathunderkitty (63) Again and again, just myself. Oliwankenobi (21) I find myself far too interesting to want to be anyone else. Olly (37) Christopher Hitchens Omar (17) Anderson Cooper Omar p. (26) Thurgood Marshall OneMan I would have liked to march with the suffragettes. ontherazzle (40) Steven Spielberg ooinla (40) One of those anonymous pioneers of the species at the dawn of time. Oph (30) Artist,singer, poet Orby (40) No one just myself. Orchid (29) An heir to an enormous fortune. ORK (22) myself 20 years younger orsetto (19) claudio abbado Oskar (60) Have no idea. Oso The best me possible. Ovi (24) Anyone who doesn't think as much as I do oxoboxo (22) Isaac Newton's assistant. Øyvind (27) The best version of myself, as the Lord crafted. Ozymandias Jefferson Roosevelt (24) Journalist PAB (43) Someone who is unaware Pacie I like to be myself Paddy (29) myself Paggy (33) This question haunts me as I ask myself this every single day. Paige (29) I like who I am Paige Hall (17) A better version of myself Palaila (28) Tina Fey palais (32) Cinderella Paldies (39) would never trade Paloma Coyoacan (56) Just what I am now. A special education teacher Pam (63) John the apostle Pam Blackwell Elizabeth Bennett or the greatest chef of the 21st century Pamcake (28) a holliwood actriss pamelaja (27) Elon Musk Panagiotis Theofilas (37) Happy Panchi just myself pandaaah (23) Someone else. Panic (18) no one i like who i am now panthergirl (36) My older brother Parker (18) one of my daughters parksmi (51) An invisible spirit parvati6 Myself... I don't understand the question... Passepartout (27) A travel writer Pat (39) Me Patek (25) Roger Moore Pat Garrett (26) A better me patric (30) No one else, honestly. Patrick J. Derilus Jimmy Page Patrick Newman (23) Jack Kerouac Patrick Trotti (26) hitler patroklos not anyone you know. patsy,world war II baby Linda McCartney, or William Miller from Almost Famous :) Patti (20) a writer Patty (32) A judge Patty (56) I would like to be myself at 5. Patty Cake (29) Can't answer that until I am older. Paul an accomplished artist a good`mother Paula (54) me, but better me Paula (19) A rockstar although not to late Paulina (18) Airline stewardess Pauline53 (53) Bob Dylan Paulshrug (44) One of Two people in The empty world, whit my Love... So this world is no empty... Pavel Š. (18) the best version of myself PaWe (50) me with more self-confidence and charisma pax (23) an overachiever PB (20) A goddess Pea (17) I like who I am now Pearl Maxwell (29) Someone with the power to make the world a better place Pedro Albernaz (20) A great painter Pedro Luis Munoz (24) Nothing else except a poet. Pedro Tejada (20) I am perfectly content with being Peggy Peggy (57) None other than myself. pehi (26) No se, creo que todavía tengo chance de convertirme en esa persona. Pekusia (22) no one but myself Penney (48) No one but me PEP (18) The person who cures cancer. Pepper The person who cures cancer. Pepper How could I want to be someone else if I don't know who I am? Percy (27) Wiser Peregrine Alexander Fleming Perfidia i would like to be angelina joly. perla21 (13) avoiding being stabbed in the back pesser (57) Vergil Pessoa non Grata Starship Captain Peter Dyson (56) One of Buddha's attendants Peter Heron (57) I should like to be myself and nothing more or less Peter Joseph Tamber Maxima Gaffney The Buddha of lore, or any similarly truly, fully enlightened Being. Peter Silva (46) exactly who I am Petree (22) I would have liked to be Rabbi Akiva, but I should also like to be everyone and perhaps myself. phantasmatica judy dench Phil (44) a smarter version of myself Phil John Stamos. Basically the Fonz of the 80s and 90s and toured with the Beach Boys. That's one hell of a life right there. Phil (25) Successful writer Phil Dignan (52) a artist painter philippe (59) I am who I am. That's what you get. Philomena (80) Branwell Brontë, although having only a year or so left to live would be a drawback… Phil R. (30) An Olympic female fencer of any era Phoenix (39) elizabeth i phreec (35) I am content to be myself; it is being the best I can be that I aspire Phyllis Boyajian Branche a writer picfxr (45) A better husband and father P.I. Elliot Epicurus Pieterpad (80) A rock band groupie Pingbluto philosopher pinny a successful wealthy person pintoo (24) An unscorned woman Piper Bella Rose a novelist Pistol Pete I would be is Penelope LEPREVOST pitch1406 (13) Myself? pk_evanescent (38) exactly who i am. pk_henry Had I the choice, I may have never been. But I am me. Platinum Era (21) I would have liked to be who I aim to become, and because who I aim to become is ultimately me, I would have liked to be a better me. Plebelbe (21) Gloria Steinem. Pleiadian7 (59) Issey Miyake Plusein (25) deep sea diver pluto (26) Myself PomanderNatalie (45) Julius Caesar. Pontius Pilate (30) Barbara Villiers Poobah (65) i would have liked to be the queen of some european kingdom pooja (30) Jhumpa Lahiri Pooja Romola Nijinsky Pooki (55) A great researcher, but I would hate it poop fella (25) Aroon Krishnan. Or Sir Richard Burton. Pope (31) musician pp (31) Someone better than myself Pranaya R (28) My father Pranay Gupta (22) The one who everyone admired, remembered for not how much wealth he has but for how much love he spread Prasanna (23) No one Prashant Gnawali (22) Myself, but female Pratama (22) Barbie Pratiksha (15) Archangel Michael Preacher (34) MYSELHT PRETTYMARY69 (39) Someone who can create art with language PriC (26) Seneca Priceequation (33) An Entertainer before Trump became President of the US. Prime Minister Appa (50) I would be a girafe princessgirafe83 (13) someone completely unknkown Prismatic (74) You are implying that I have failed whatever original ambitions I had in life. That being said, I do want to grow up and be someone. I'm just not sure who that someone is yet... professionalprocrastinator (20) In the FBI Protagonist (20) biggest gang ever Protagonist Ernst Jünger probably, though most of the time I am content to have been myself Protovium (63) Myself. . . .? Pseudointeresting (17) me,at my best self p-sissy (20) Criminologist psv (48) karuna pughal (30) someone a bit more lucky PUNK PAINTER (37) Dorothy Parker puppylush (35) King Nebuchadnezzar Qaz (30) colors lit up by sunlight Qi (18) Tom Ford or one of his muses Quasimodo (30) teenage me Quimper (LV) I'd like to continue to be me. Quinn (23) A loved man. qweasd I would have liked to be the physician or scientist that discovers the cure for cancer. R (50) A well-cared-for house cat Rachel (21) Myself but a little less volatile Rachel (21) Me Rachelmate (39) NO ONE BUT ME RACHU (32) Dave Grohl radomu (18) Myself in ten years. raf (19) Lagertha Ragna (19) Heidy Klum RagsTyler (33) calm, well adjusted. Rah (25) Barack Obama. Rahul (21) A kid again Rain (16) A kid again Rain Athena rainbird Noam Chomsky Raj (18) Nobody else Raju (21) A famous writer, president, or a professional baseball player. Ralph (21) Normal, not "gifted" Ramesses Benjamin Lewis (27) Werner Erhard Ramu (59) Ada Lovelace Ran (25) Beautiful, physically and characteristically. Beautiful from my skin right down to my soul. Raph Brave Rapunzel Someone with all the answers Raquelle (17) Jose Rizal, a polyglot, a writer. Jack of all trades, and master of everything. Rara (22) Jimi Hendrix. Rashmi (21) I am The Rau. Raumabaya or The Rau (00) a person who's life is not as fucked up as mine rave (18) Myself, with more patience and less temper. Raven (30) i still have time to be raven (17) Robin Hood Raven (15) Normal Raven Anston I think that maybe I was born too early. The person I would like to be the most probably hasn't been born yet. Ray of Mars (36) Myself, only better rb3868 (52) An artist RD God RealCoolDave No one Rebecca (19) Myself Rebecca Scheid (13) Only me. Recross (25) Summoner Red (26) Myself. Redbeard (24) Myself when the light goes out. Redrover (50) Being myself is complicated enough Ree (21) i come to learn I can be no one but me. so i would like to be me but with the quality to speak up for myself ree (24) Myself, I cannot think of anyone I'd rather be. Reed Braden (19) Myself Reggie Benjamin (35) Myself....but when I was younger I wish I had more confidence. Remi (28) amelia earhart RENA (62) An alien, it'd be fun to be from a different planet for once Renata (0) Me but in a better sense. Renath Happy Renee (44) Cary Grant, He lived with such glamour. Renee Stanko (27) A grown up reneetriay (40) Machiavelli. Ren Harris nobody renno (17) I would like to make people want to be me Renos (24) Me Renuka (21) my father renz (15) A Work in Progress, An Open Book, Inspired and Inspiring Requiem (27) I cannot think that I would like to be anyone else than myself. Someone happier. But from my viewpoint now, I can't pick someone someone happy, because it would mean they aren't aware of their true nature. Rethinker (26) someone powerful/dynamic. Such people certainly had their share of grief but in the end it all paid off. retroandi Anyone with more desirable physical features because that is apparently all that anyone requires to be listened to. Reuben Samson (21) A nomad or, traveler. Reva Ann (20) I wish only to be myself Rewrew any american colonialist during revolutionary times Rhail (38) Any accomplished artist RHCdG (52) a hippie Rhea (25) a braver and bolder 24 year old. Ria (24) A more creative, confident, focused version of myself. Ric H (41) Beautiful. Richard (22) No one else, just me with more time Rick A Politician, a Poet, or a Prophet Rick (18) I would have liked to have been gone by now. Ricky (20) I'm too young to look back and regret anything. Rie Someone not famous enough to talk about. Riley (26) As I find any internal analyses as quite superficial, perhaps someone who can understand themselves better riley (19) I love who am. I wouldn't change anything about myself. Riley (14) I love who am. I wouldn't change anything about myself. Riley (14) an intelligent lowkey person Rilo Myself but much more beautiful, rich and famous Rina (20) a great mom Rini I would like to be myself. I really enjoy being me. Rinilia (17) Someone with a happy heart and no worries Riss (37) River Song. Or a literary editor, architectural engineer, or lawyer. RiverSong (32) Someone brave. The front I put up is really fake; I'm a coward when you get right down to it. Riyu (17) My mom Riza (17) a man who can stop himself when he want to stop himself Rizwan (21) toy designer RJJM (13) Tom Sawyer Rkabrita (43) a handsome man ro (21) a happyl soul rob (54) Hannibal of Carthage Rob (45) Paul Rob (27) A revolutionary. Robbie Curran (19) A great intellectual or person of power Robert Danduran (26) i would liked to be a dog Roberto (22) Nobody but myself Roberto Rivadeneyra Q (35) Me Robert Tatler (18) The author of my own life Robin (22) john lennon rob luddington (45) free to spend my days producing art Robo (56) A more spontaneous version of myself. robot This being such a straight foward and demening question, i would perfer to not answer. I would only like to be myself and would like for others to only want me to be myself. Robyn (15) An heiress. Basically me only with much more money. Rochelle (40) Alexander the Great Rockstar Whoever I am Rocky An individual with morality and a "go get 'em" type avarice. Rodders (32) Churchill Roderick myself Rodica (32) I hope that one day I will be able to say with complete honesty and confidence: Me. Rodrigo (24) a hot women rodrigo zarate (29) I like who I am at any given moment, usually enough not to wish to be someone else. Rod Weiler (21) I don't know that I would like to be anyone else. I'm not done figuring out who I'll be yet. Roe (47) goerge carlin roger (45) i cant see myself being anyone but who i am already but i suppose i would have liked to be elvis. whatever roguebroccoli (18) Leif Erikson Rollwagen (26) a talented musician roloropo (29) Jerry Lewis's wife from his younger years to his older years. I have a BIG crush! Roma (14) A different version of myself. Roman (38) Tina Fey Romina (16) I just like to be my same self, given another chance to live.... Ronald (40) A star in the golden age of Broadway and/or Hollywood Ronen (27) Someone without a bump in their nose. Roo (20) don't know roro (23) Myself Rorshavhanswer (18) Like Proust, the question doesn't arise yet Rosa (19) I am pleased to be alive now Rosalee Firth Someone living in the 1920's. Rosalie Grace (16) an inspiration Rosalinda Chavez (19) I would like to be the best version of myself I can be Rose (17) Kate Beckinsale Rose (33) A star on broadway. Rose An actress in the 20's, Cleopatra, nobody else. Rose (31) A doctor, a veternarian to help animals. Roseanne (29) thin and rich Rosie (52) Real. Rosie Alice in Wonderland ross (29) Colette Rossboss (37) hard to say rossi less lazy, more productive ro to the rah (20) Pilot Roux (18) Born to a different family. Rowan (16) A world leader Rowan Bartlett (23) The one my parents see in me. Rox (17) Angelina Jolie Roxanne Mooneys (22) my grandpa RRRRR certain rsan David Bowie. rubysparkles (23) A veterinarian Rudi (24) A successfull business woman Rumi (42) Myself under better conditions. runur (44) A better version of myself Rushkami (27) Writer Ruska (33) Josi Mabry Ruskin Clay (17) Ruskin Clay Ruskin Clay (17) A little bit thinner Russell Sandbach (53) An author Ruth (48) A stronger version of myself Ruthie (19) If I knew then that I'd have so much time, I would have tried more things... Maybe acting. That seemed fun. Rux No one but who I am now R. W. (26) war hero rwk (57) Anyone. Ryan (18) Cal Ripken or Robert Plant. Ryan Brun (23) A writer. Ryan Brun (27) A writer. Ryan Brun (29) John the Baptist Ryan C (30) Queen of England Ryan Riley (26) Henry II Ryno (26) A unique voice that has the wisdom to know when to speak and when to keep his lips clamped shut. Ryssan (22) Whoever my mom and brother know i can be S (20) A Roman Emperor, Egyptian Pharaoh, or English monarch S (26) Someone mysterious, dangerous. S (13) me as acting, cyclist, writer, artist, director s (23) I like who I am right now, s33d (20) Myself Saba (19) Sylvia Plath Sabine (18) a pirate or a musicion Sabri (19) A teacher Sabrina Johny Cash Sabrina Myself Sabrina Ruffino (17) Don't know Sacha (30) i am happy with who i am. i wouldn't wanna be anybody else Sahara (15) concert pianist or a priest s. a. hensley (45) Musashi saief (28) I prefer being myself with little improvements/amendments here & there! SAI LAXMI TATINENI (40) A Jedi Master or a Phoenix. saill (24) Myself Salem (21) Calamity Jane Sally of Kent hitler sam (19) Einstein Sam (24) I would have liked to be Charlie Chaplan Sam Ernest Hemingway Sam (22) A Vetenarian Sam (26) A traveller Sam (17) No one but me. Samantha (17) Someone perfect looking every feature I want Sam(antha) (24) Cary Grant Samantha (30) Peter Pan Samantha (35) Audrey Hepburn Sam Gordon (18) Myself Sami (18) A meteorologist for NASA sammyantha (39) Happy with myself samps (29) myself is good enough Sam Ruiz (19) a better me SamSam (33) Noone other than myself Samuel (19) A mother San Steven Spielberg Sandu (15) An art teacher Sandy No one but myself Sandy (32) a gifted athlete Sandy (25) nothing at all sankari (39) Myself. Sara (23) Someone with greater thirst for life and adventure Sara (57) the me who was suppressed starting in childhood Sara (50) a trust fund recipient :P Sara C aka Snacks aka Sarbs (26) Samuel Beckett Sarah (23) i wouldn't mind walking a mile in the shoes of many people past and present sarah oh. a better version of me. sarah (14) Amelia Earheart Sarah (23) A writer. Sarah (38) Sleeping Beauty Sarah (13) granny weatherwax sarah (22) Henry Adams, for the chance to have been thusly educated Sarah (33) famous soccer star sarah (21) Joan of Arc Sarah (27) I am in this body for a reason so I don't see it fit to 'want' to be someone else. Sarah (18) I am happy being myself Sarah (24) Never have I thought to possibly want to be someone besides my own person. Sarah (27) me but more outgoing and confident sarahbeth (21) No one but myself. Sarah Carlton (18) Jackie O, all classic and nothing contrived Sarah Hollinger (28) Left to my own devices SarahSometimes (22) Famous, wanted, I seek attention but I don't really enjoy it as much as you would think. Sarah Taylor Vernarecci (19) MYSELF Sarah Taylor Vernarecci (19) Me, more beautiful and with more wealth sara luisa hincapie (23) Oprah Winfrey Sara Ortiz (27) ...I prefer not to share my thoughts on this one. Sara P. (18) Walt Disney Sarge18162 (13) ? sargual Simone De Beauvoir Sasha (30) batman Sasha A bird Sasha Hasanbegovic (26) I'll have an answer when my life is behind me. Sasha_M (34) A great many people Sasha Sutton (22) no one. sat (20) Someone smarter. sauron (24) Audrey Hepburn or Alex Trebek Savannah (27) I'm content being myself. Savannah Henry (18) Someone good at science savannahw. (19) Stevie Nicks Sax (32) Na Sax (8) an Olympic gymnast scarletsquirrel (13) Maggie Q Scarlett (25) Stan Lee schulzmk (26) Franklin Roosevelt Scooter (29) More confident Scooter190 (21) I don't know enough about anyone to choose their life over mine Scott (60) The emperor of Rome Scott (17) Me...no one else. Scott777 An Egyptian Pharaoh, or Theodore Roosevelt Scotty (18) I don't wish to be anyone else, just maybe obtaining other qualities that people have. Scotty Exactly who I am. Screaming Bastard Child of the Apocalyps (23) One who feels the world as it is; maybe Peter Pan Sean (19) Clive Anderson. Sean D. Thompson (22) Myself. Just havent figured out who that person is yet. Sean Kennedy (22) Free of these chains Sean Reveille (19) Yo mismo, a los 13 años. Sebasagot (23) A Socialist agitator during the Prague Spring. Sebastian (18) "I am me and nobody else, WHATEVER PEOPLE SAY THAT'S WHAT I AM NOT because they don't know a bloody thing about me" Sebastian H (18) i don't think that i am old enough to have regrets about who i am Sedona (16) A cat Sejal Ghia (24) One of the riches people on earth Selene H. Brent the nameless muse in the shadows SeraphimeRising (31) Someone capable of contentment, happiness and peace. Serena (26) I dont know. Serene Lim (24) Jimmy page without the drug problem during the years of the Zep serenity Alexander the Great, Caravaggio or Shakespeare Seth Street (19) Me, all over again. Sexismandthecity (28) Alan Rabinowitz -- a man in a man's world. Set on saving a world on fire. Sgraham (28) Zac Efron S. Griffin (16) Someone others could respect shadoww420 (33) Nikola Tesla Shaina (22) I am the person I was meant to be. ShaLo (66) Jimi Hendrix Shamir (13) Cleopatra Shana (22) Someone to be admired Shane (19) an explorer shane (25) Myself, in a different era. Shanna (19) I would have liked to be a better father Shannon Cole (22) Someone my Children can respect. Sharankumar Nadarajah (19) Who cares. French. Shari (21) I love being me. Sharice (22) They have yet to be born. SharonBillings A successful woman by my own standards Shauna (40) Can`t imagine answering this shaurora (64) a better person to society , my family, myself, and friends Shawna (21) no one else shawna (17) bank president shawpur (66) An artist and a pilot SHE (44) A harder worker and a mother Shea (28) Someone who really figured things out in spite of it all: Hume, Russell, or Popper, or maybe Chomsky or, fuck, even Hawking. sheavsey (21) Barbra Streisand Sheila D (55) someone completely content and at peace with herself at all times shelby a doctor, someone that helps others to the best of their ability no matter the situation shelby (15) A better version of myself. Shelley (32) myself Shelly (17) An artist and sculptor. Shellybelly1 (49) Bill Gates Shep Howard Historian Sheri I am happy to be me. Me is all I can be. (Although I'd like to be a doctor in Philosophy!) Sherry Fuller (41) none shiela (18) No one but me Shig (29) A much better man than I am Shiloh Moretti (16) An inspiring author who helped those in need of peace not only gain peace, but promote peace themselves. Shimomeiji (19) Only better Shina (28) I still have plenty of opportunity to fulfil my dreams, even at 34. Shinydan (34) free ShiversB (19) a better n more satisfied person shodhana (20) Mia Hamm shorty (14) a more focussed version of myself. Shubhda (24) a writer shupiwe (35) The kind of person my grandfather was. Kind, patient, never an ill-will to say about a soul Shy (25) Buddha Sibin (26) Miriam, the Prophetess Sid (57) Not mine to decite. SID (53) It is a sacred fear of mine to lose my identity. I am far too attached to my own efforts to want to be anyone else. Siddharth (23) an animal trainer Sidedrive (70) Me, but more sociable. Siena (21) i would like to be audrey hepburn..but really i'd rather be myself, sienna de wilde. Sienna de Wilde (17) A unicorn Signe (22) Myself Silvia (18) A better human being than myself Simen (18) Johnny Depp Simon (19) PTA Simon (20) An actor with good sense of humor. Simona (16) a musician sinawae (27) Maurice Krafft sindjiro President Reagan Sirena Wainford (17) I would have preferred to not have existed at all then be on this planet. Sirith (33) If I were to emulate someone else, I would loose myself. Sir Richard (52) A more tolerant, evolved, considerate me. Sixela Negomi no one sj (23) Me with more confidence SJ (44) A genius Sj (16) that person I want to become skitalica (27) No one. But myself i am only one of the other lucky human beings that were lucky enough to make it to this world. Each individual is one of a kind no one exist with the same traits as you. Skurge (17) Queen Rania Skytalker (26) A freer version of myself Sle (41) no one sleepy (20) musician Slim Kareem Abdul-Jabbar or John McEnroe. Sloceface (23) Sylvia Plath, Hannah Arendt sluggishflow (22) Me sm (38) If I had been Bonnie Prince Charles, I would have succeeded in taking the thrones of England, Scotland, and Ireland S. M. A. Armstrong (21) An artist Smaranda (33) The hot naked chick who is painted and sung about! Smeghead an artist or an actress smithmarg (45) ...of greater use to my species - always the hope, regardless of the baseline elevation of my purpose and perceived value. To have been less of a waste of space. Smo (27) Me in five years. She'll have a bit more of life figured out, I hope. smude Wayne Gretzkey snibab (19) Stromae Snorkools (15) c.s. lewis snorris (23) The King of Great Britain, Snyde the 1st Snyde (38) Someone a little less aware, someone a little more carefree So (22) the girl who flies - trapeze artist, opera writer socksless Rabindranath Tagore Sofi (24) a fair-haired maiden in the courtyside, who lives for nothing save her Art, and the loveliness of the coutryside. Sofia (15) when i was little, i would have said myself. now, i don't know sofia (14) I am happy being who I am Sofia Picasso (14) Any of my pets... Or a 19th century librarian...Or maybe myself. Sofía P. S. (20) An actress/singer/dancer Sofyzitahh (23) A more supported and less sensitive version of myself solitary confinement (44) Julius Caesar Solomon (24) Myself at the start of high school knowing everything I know now SolomonGrundy (45) Someone less enraged. Sombra (20) I don't know. Some random person (16) myself, with better understanding of self Sonet P An extrovert Sonia (25) The obvious one Sonya Dahl (21) A cop Soos (32) revolutionary sooz (38) I'm sure there are many better options, but I'll be me, thanks. Sophia (25) Person who is extraodinarily self sufficient Sophie (20) I'm glad I'm me. Sophie (17) I am. I would not have liked to be somebody else. Sophie i like who i am. i wouldn't want to be anyone else. Sophie no one souma (32) Cleopatra SoundofWater (35) Eric Cantona Sourabh Bharadwaj (21) Newton. S.P. (20) Neil Armstrong sp3ccylad (44) i want to be simple but unforgettable Spacebug (42) No one Spacey (24) A better person Sparrow (17) Entertainer Special K Myself or Van Gogh Speck (36) A better version of my self Spencer (25) No one but myself for I can be no other. Spencer Stewart Michael Jackson. Spencer Valdez (11) Jack Nicholson. Such an unintentionally funny man. Spencer Valdez (12) Mark Twain, if only for the awesome quotes. Spike Spiegel I would have preferred to have remained untreatable & held dominion over all I attack. Spina Bifida I would have liked not to be. spyrost (50) normal person Srishti Gupta (19) ssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss sssssssssssssssssssss (23) Que sera sera...whatever will be will be! ssv (40) Paris Hilton Stacy Hilton (15) a cricketer stan (54) Napoleon Star (11) The one who could stand up for herself, inspire others and be courageous. The one whom everyone found a friend in. I've barely begun to live...there's still time to become that Starflower (19) Carlton cole Ste (16) Genghis Khan Ste (26) I am special and like no other Stella (28) Myself. I love being me! Stella (53) a whole girl Steph The being in charge of the Gods Steph There are, have been and will be people better than me, but no one is perfect, and so I would rather bear with my own ills than fly to others that I know not of Stephanie (23) Queen Elizabeth Stephanie (21) I prefer to be myself. If I were meant to be someone else, I would be someone else. Stephanie (18) the best version of me stephanie (13) a rich flapper Stephanie (49) the better me stephanie (20) I definitely would not have minded living a day in the life of Diana Vreeland. Stephanie Yt (21) a musical performer ( as a singer or part of a musical ) stephbsemilla (40) Fred Astaire Stephen (56) me but with more confidence Stephen (78) the flea Stephen Stacks Bugs Bunny. He's such a wise cracker and a schemer and no matter what situation he gets himself into, he always has a solution to the problem at hand. Steve (20) A husband. Steve (39) myself, only happier Steve (53) Jesus Steve Artist Steve (56) My older brother Steve Hanawalt (56) One of those who crossed a completely unknown ocean/forest/mountain/plain/land in search of what was beyond anything and everything we have ever known to this point. A traveler of the old world. Steve K (27) I wouldn't change who I am Steven Porter (21) The position is currently filled, but assuming it was possible, I'd love to be Clint Eastwood. Steve Shives (29) I love myself too much to think like that stoffie (26) andy warhol stojan (32) Stephen Colbert, Andy Kaufman, Wallace Stevens. Stork Daddy Someone beautiful and powerful. Stormy (17) isabella rosselini in wild at heart STP (24) Philosopher king stradling Jonas Psaulk STUPID IDIOT (0) Being and remaining as the sheer self is a challenge already. Ergo, I would like to be me. Subhartho (26) No one but my truest self. subtlesteph (21) A better person. Sunbul (18) aka Subramania Bharathi or a Vivekananda Sundaraa (32) Me. sunny my father sunshineguerilla (28) Christopher Columbus SuperflyTNT A short-term resident of Stars Hollow Superwoman (19) Katherine Hepburn Susan (63) Lauren Bacall, Katherine Hepburn or Meryl Streep Susan (63) A professinal baseball player Susan Collins (21) A noble woman from the 17th century Susie (20) no-one other than myself susie karpasitis (26) TV host or neewsperson Susie Q (73) doctor suzanne The arm wrestling champion of the world Suzanne (41) Myself, only without the financial restraints Suzanne Cohen (53) Venus Suzy (19) Erasmus Swallow Degas Swan (75) anyone other than me Switz (29) My best self sybann (50) No one but myself. Sydchez I wanted to be a surgeon. Sydney Kilbane (18) my parents... so i could make the decision on not conceiving me. weird but true t1 moonwalker T (19) Someone wealthy and accomplished in the late 1800s T (26) No one but myself T (18) Someone who made people laugh and smile, while living a life devoted to serving the Lord out of love and thankfulness. T (20) Indiana Jones. But that's the beauty of writing...I can create so many things time and space says are unlikely. Fuck unlikely in this lifetime, I'm doing it. T.A. (34) Ariel from "The Little Mermaid Tabitha Murray (42) I would have liked to be someone of much firmer character than I am. Taeleyn I like being me so i want be me. tagada (12) примерно тем, чем я сейчас и являюсь. Еще, наверное, экскурсоводом, но не уверена, что у меня хорошо получалось бы TAHbKA In a personal note, I believe in open pssibilities. I wish to be who ever I truly am. tai (22) a singer taintme anne bolyen, cleopatra, catherine of aragon tal (13) A centaur. Talbot Logan (41) It's a tie between myself and Mary Magdalene Tallulah (29) nobody, me TAMAR (23) a person with a great talent that makes the world a better place tamar (54) me. tamera miller (33) me, only rich and famous and beautiful. TAMERA MILLER (35) a hippie tanichis (32) pro welder Tanner (15) a mother Tanwen Aschtherlar Tormey (18) A teacher Tara (37) if i would have liked to be is laureline and ines my horses teacher tartine2002 (12) A successful artist or business owner Tash (29) A Demi-god in the Percy Jackson universe. Tatiana (17) I would rather try to become the best person I can Tatiana (21) Writer or animator. Tatiz (19) if i would have liked Nathalie portman taureau2002 (13) an atorc Taylor (54) Whatever my family needs me to be for them Taylor (24) i would like to help the poor or work at a hospital to help sick people. Taylor (15) I feel like there is no one I could have been. Perhaps no one I deserve to be. Taylore Dawn (18) Only myself Taylor Van Allen (24) Buddha, Leonidas, Akbar tazmur (26) The King of the World TB An artist tbkemz (42) F. Scott? Evelyn Waugh? Plimpton? W.F. Buckley? Cary Grant. T. Christopher Cox (43) An anti-hero Tebvy (24) Famous Ted (26) philanthropist Tee (40) a very rich person Teehee (18) some romance heroine TEESHA (27) a free-spirited individual with time to breathe fresh air Tekoa Butler A white, middle class girl. Teleute (17) myself Teme (18) Someone that went to their freshman year and finished school the traditional way Tenia (17) No answer. Perhaps there are somethings about myself I'd like to improve, but I really dont want to be anyone else, no matter how awesome they were Tennrox No answer. Perhaps there are somethings about myself I'd like to improve, but I really dont want to be anyone else Tennrox A decorator or designer Teresa (43) me teri (73) david bowie terios (21) Someone who I already am, but can't become yet. Terra (22) Airplane pilot Terri (35) Impossible to consider Terry (41) Someone to help others Terry (66) a critically acclaimed, academically admired prize winning writer of fiction and non-fiction TerryG (49) Jesus Terrylee (35) Maya Angelou Terrylynn0609 (39) JESUS. TERRY YORK II marie antouanette tess (24) Myself Tess (53) since this cannot happen, I will not answer. My brother perhaps Tess Calopedos (17) Queen Gorgo of Sparta Tess Fiennes (40) someone who loved and is loved and lives a life that pleases God tg (48) I like being myself, but if I could turn into an animal at will, that might be nice. It would still be me in animal form, though. Thambi (24) like the perfect exampler thatchaa (17) I would have liked to be more of myself--although I don't know what that means. that guy #999 (29) Somebody who wasn't a coward That New Chris Sloce (18) Truly myself thebabycub (39) a sister to an incredible young woman The Beast Proust, and have a shit quiz named after me. The Big Liddle (31) I am that The Boss someone good at maths The Desert (22) No one other than myself. TheDoctor76 (35) No one. I enjoy being myself. The Essential Man (26) A Wise and Knowledgeable Man, both only come with age however. TheFear77 (23) myslef theGeneral (19) nobody but me only with more assurance with myself the grill (31) I would have liked to be a knight during the first crusade, a man of purpose and singular vision. The hungry caterpillar (29) I would have liked tro be a mix of ice cream, democracy and computer science and given myself to the 20th century. The Imprecise Duke Of Phonology (77) A peer of the young geniuses in the broadcasting field many decades ago The Josh Rollins (21) Free of mine enemies... The Man In The Brown Hat Hmm...probably someone like Stanley Kubrick or Peter Sellers The Mouse Avenger (20) No one. Theo A female NASCAR champion/Oscar-winning actress theravenette (15) Rooney Mara without the nudity theravenette (15) I'm only 22. I can still be who I want right? Theresa (22) Cornelius Jannik Katt The Roomba Mifi (28) Me Thia (29) Myself always, but that's asking too much of myself. Thinplank (40) God Thom (23) Ronal Reagan Thomas (16) hi Thomas (16) Myself & none other, aside, in my youth I would have enjoyed being whomever was on the television & gloriously portrayed at that moment in time & space. ThomasM Theodore Roosevelt Thor Hammerstein (16) Any man that has made choices toxic to humanity so I may prevent them. Thothanatos92 (23) myself thoughtlessdreamer (15) Satan. Thrakish (18) the best Three D (40) Archimedes Thunderpussy (48) I am what I would like to have been. Tianna Alysia Kallan (37) I do not know tick stronger confidence woman tiffany a midwife Tiffany (44) a true life princess tiffany; (lifefromtheshelf.blogspot.com) (17) Astronaut TiffanyTee (26) An Attorney Tiger and Lions Myself, because trying to be like someone else isn't being true to yourself. It's only a fake appearance. Tim (27) Someone who possesses unbridled wisdom & courage. Tim I would not want to be anyone else because I know my problems and theirs could be worse. Tim (24) a philosopher- like a Socrates or a kierkegaard tim Peter the Great Tim If not myself, than no one. Tim Proser (17) History teacher Tim Sandle I know only me timwarnock (34) Catherine Presley Tina (32) my mum Tina (16) Me - I am the Man Tina (44) shakespeare Tini myself Tinkoo (24) William Blake tintoy (54) To be myself in another time Tinuvielyra a mom, but since I can't an Oscar winning dramatic actress Tivia Stewart (40) Mikail Barishnykov tj (39) Anything other than a soldier. Tobias Budge (25) Dumbledore. 100% Tobyn Sebastian (24) To have wanted their life, I would have to want their death. There is no one's death I prefer. Todd Paul Newman Tofu (19) Bill Gates. Tom (21) Though it is an impossible to change who I am, I must say I would appreciate a life as Wordsworth Tom G (19) Someone with power, influence, and unlimited time Tommy (19) A bird Tommy Boy (24) Impossible question Tom Suski (28) Ernest Hemingway Tongbite Matt (36) Diana Vreeland Toni (48) Myself, with more courage, self-love, and drive & less fear, doubt, and anxiety Toni Spimoni A medieval monk whose work involved arts and science, and had a secret affair with a girl from the village. Toño Cabrera-Pereyra (31) The real me. Tony (30) Augustus Tony (17) Have no answer. Tonya Jones (39) I would like to be myself. Learn from others, but never be someone else. toosnowoman myself Toria (37) Henrik Lundqvist. Torsksåsen (22) mother theresa tracey I always would have liked to be someone who was more confident, self driven, and strong. But I would like to have been Princess Diana, she is a caring, loving person to her people. tracynle (20) Don't know Tracy TB (45) An artist travis Hugh Hefner Travis (25) Wise. Travis Mask (49) A musician Tre a famous singer and designer Treatie (49) Cindy Crawford TREE (21) A writter Tree Girl (29) Sir Alex ferguson Trent Duval (28) Just me Tres bien (43) superman Trevor I would like to be all that God created me to be, unapologetically. Trevor (24) I've never had the desire to be another Trevor McSwain (24) A free man in another era tri Someone who commits to a plan. Tricky Vicky Marie Antoinette Trinity Chapa (15) me with money triplet (30) a traveler Trish A rock star or novelist Trisha (17) I cannot not answer right now, because as long as I am, I still have chances to be Trisha (29) A British royal prince Tristan (14) Sheryl Crow Trixie a musician trotter (30) Pete Rose Troy Casa (50) myself in his best tsiou (33) the one who give suggestions tt (27) One of a number of alternate reality versions of myself Turk (24) Astronomer turnbull (27) Julius Caesar Turnus No body else. I'm happy with who I am. Turtle Heart an ideal woman tutu myself Twigtwill (21) ...uh, no one? I wouldn't mind to get the chance to See another person's life with their eyes but my mind, but I wouldn't Be anyone else. Twillightdoom (17) Napoleon (not for the glory, but for the range of experiences), Heinrich Harrer twondbestbed (34) The Ballerina Ty (18) How can I envision being anything other than myself? Tyler (24) Charles Ackerly Tyler (16) I am comfortable with who I am. Tyler Scott (41) An unknown professor at a small European university Ty-test A better me Uccman (51) A dancer Udan Outwort (61) A nomadic physicist. Uddhipan Thakur (24) A writer or a designer or something uiioop (17) Myself Uma (63) Ed Sheeran umd.16 (20) N/A UnoZen A rock drummer like Mo Tucker Ursus M. H. Spelaeus (59) Cyrano maybe V (27) Me from fifteen years ago Val (31) Liam Gallagher Valdano (23) Since the question does not arise, I prefer not to answer it. All the same, I should very much like to be an accomplished scientist or doctor or healer. Valentina (17) no one other than myself Valeria Ryrak (21) The richest man on earth Valtharos (22) I would love to have been like Sherlock Holmes or maybe Conan O'Brian Van (22) Marie Antoinette until the guillotine Vanessa (31) myself vanessa (33) I am happy to be me Vanessa Cardui (43) An architect but I was not gifted enough vard95 Anyone else. Varna (25) myself Vato (39) me minus the addiction and alcoholism. Vbonita (28) Myself, Bill Gates VBozic (40) Cleopatra Vedada (28) I would have wanted to be high school teacher teaching practical science and maths veejay (32) A footballer Veera Clear thinker, Ability to live in the present Venky (36) Better than I am. Ventricle (24) Jazz Musician Vernon B. Williams (45) I am happy with whom I am. Verona Jones (59) Foriegn, beautifu, and rich Veronica (20) I would have liked to be myself exactly but without anxiety or whatever weird issue is limiting me. Veronique (18) none other than myself Vesan (33) Aw Vesuvius (47) militant against military dictatorship in Brasil vi (20) I am happy with who I am, though perhaps not with the time or place in which I was born Vi (22) Ronald Reagan Vic (46) No one, I'm happy being myself. Well, maybe King Arthur. Vicki myself vicky (26) Myself Vicky (24) A wealthy heiress who never has to worry about food, clothes, transportation, or a home Victoria (37) Or to have been? Edgar Cayce (female version) Victoria (59) human: a leader, a strong confident leader/ animal: a bird/ tree: a white oak tree Victoria (16) Anyone who has all the answers. Victoria (23) I would love to be someone important Victoria More of what I already am. Victoria Song (22) No one. I am already the greatest dwarf to live even in death. And death shall not stop me. Victor Shade (27) Albert Camus, or Plato, or Debussy Victor Trevor (23) Myself vicurbabdaddy Julius Caesar videoalex Myself, as I cannot know truly how to be anyone else, or know the pitfalls of swapping lives. Vijay Pierce (23) me! vik (25) a better version of myself vikram (34) In the words of Popey 'I y'am what I y'am' Vikram Krishnan (24) A king who is loved and respected. Viktor (28) No one Viktor (19) Louis XIV. He reaped the harvest at it's zenith, and got out at the right time. Viktor Corzich (35) Myself. Viktor Sigareff (19) A more confident 8 year old girl......... Village Of Brooklin (45) Henry David Thoreau Vincent (19) i don't know vinnie smalls (15) carl sagan VinnyGreenock72 Myself Violet (18) Alexander the Great Viorel (25) Someone perhaps a bit more beautiful, but not at the cost of intelligence. Virginia (20) I can't answer this question because I would love nothing more than to be who I am. Virginia (12) everything visualizations (22) i liked to be it all. i would like to like myself. i would like to be a room with a panoramic view. Viv (14) I would be my cat. Vivi (13) The leader of the world Vivian a slightly more perfect version of myself Vivianne Liliaceae Aspho Vilth A singer VK (42) Secretary General of UN VK (22) Marilyn Monroe! Vogette (55) A main character in one of the animes I enjoy Vorspiel Satori (16) Selena gomez Vs (18) No one but myself. vur a friend of KIng Solomon Waleed (32) a free person. Wallace (85) None in particular. Walter (19) someone better than I am Wanda (26) Myself Watson (27) No more than what I am today. wattc128 my mother waulk (15) rich waypast Lucy Burns Wendy (34) A person who's fully aware of who they are, loves themselves completely, and doesn't apologize for it Wendy (22) Someone in the medieval century Wendy (23) Jane Goodall Wendy Chase (47) The guy who survived 70 years feeding only with sun rays. wendysday (20) No one, not even myself Wes (17) myself, but a better version whim (40) Nobody but me; God made me perfect in His image. Whitney (19) veterinarian Whitney (41) An independent woman Whitney Sorenson (33) The God of Fire WHMIV (30) I have liked to be no one else. I prefer life as myself. whosbecks (36) robotics engineer wiff (15) No one Wikiki Any prince in historical Europe Will (26) Each and every day i dream of being myself Will (22) Anyone who wasn't born in a disadvantaged country like I was. Willamid (20) a famous scientist William (43) I would have loved to be the first woman to host late night television. Willow Skylor Attractive Will RF (23) A waterfall Win (22) i am not qualified to be anyone other than myself, nor am i capable of saying one life is better, easier, more interesting than another. i prefer to be just me winterjewel (36) someone more sure of where they want to go in life and able to stick to their goals and work hard to achieve them wintermellen (14) Any matematician genius wise madman (28) a cat wizz I'm happy to be myself. WJ (43) Odysseus Wolf Myself Wolf (NA) a painter and a lottery winner Wolffy (67) Someone happier with himself - and maybe I will be that one day. Wormsie (24) a profiler wowderry (54) No one but myself, really. Wren (22) None other than what GOD has called me to be. Wyteria (20) Lena Horne. Xan Etienne A God Xavier (18) An overly rich and good-looking teenager Xer (23) Myself Xialing Gan (27) outkast woman xxx (26) An astronomer XYZ (17) the foremost genius of all time xyzz (20) Hannibal Y (15) Noone else but me. Yet I see a lot needs to be changed. yair eshel (30) I still can be. Maybe a musician. Yaisha (19) Myself Yale (20) I would have liked to be a dancer Yamini (17) A stronger more integrated me for my whole life, not just now at 60 Yehudster (60) not me, someone my parents want me to be. yesh (25) NO one to be honest. I can't imagine being anywhere but here. And NOW. Yi (24) myself yogi (22) yo mismo yoko (28) ophra winfrey yolanda (43) An NFL starting Quarterback and a computer programmer. Yomaine (13) A better version of myself yonderways (58) No one but me, I might not be perfect but I enjoy who I am Yuki (20) i like being me. Yulissa (18) i love being me. Yulissa (19) Myself. Z (31) God Z Someone with more confidence through life. Zac (28) Theodore Roosevelt. Zach (13) My best. Zach (26) any astronaut Zach A novelist in similar scope to Hawthorne and Henry James. Zachary (25) A novelist. Zachary (27) A famous writer, and have a work in the Western canon Zachary I wouldn't want to be someone else. Zachary Echo Auburn (17) Jackson Teller zach taylor (17) Myself is fine. Zach Tibbs (20) angelina jolie Zana (38) I also would prefer not to answer it... Zar (21) A prodigy, child genius or a performer of the stage and screen Zara Someone that was productive and remembered as a hard worker. Zay (18) Veterinarian. (My 'childhood' occupation) zebratitle (24) Me, only better zed (25) no one i can think of. i am content with being myself, actually. Zee (21) Anyone who has lived their lives Zee (17) Myself. zetababy those who have inspired me. Zhen Zhu (18) Sir Richard Burton zig In terms of occupation, maybe a Phycisist, Engineer, or a Politician. But only in the novelty they'd provide. Zigmant (19) A bit more recognized zizi (55) a cat Zizzle (25) d zo I have all the time in the world to be myself in whatever way I see fit Zozobra (17) the creator Zyg (65) 我不想任何成为任何一个人,因为我很爱自己,最起码在这个世界上我是独一无二的 杨婷婷 (24) I don't know... 简直 (25) I don't know... 简直 (25) I don't know... 简直 (25)

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What do you regard as the lowest depth of misery?  Where would you like to live?  What is your idea of earthly happiness?  To what faults do you feel most indulgent?  Who are your favorite heroes of fiction?  Who are your favorite characters in history?  Who are your favorite heroines in real life?  Who are your favorite heroines of fiction?  Your favorite painter?  Your favorite musician?  The quality you most admire in a man?  The quality you most admire in a woman?  Your favorite virtue?  Your favorite occupation?  Who would you have liked to be?  Your most marked characteristic?  What do you most value in your friends?  What is your principle defect?  What to your mind would be the greatest of misfortunes?  What would you like to be?  What is your favorite color?  What is your favorite flower?  What is your favorite bird?  Who are your favorite prose writers?  Who are your favorite poets?  Who are your heroes in real life?  Who are your favorite heroines of history?  What are your favorite names?  What is it you most dislike?  What historical figures do you most despise?  What event in military history do you most admire?  What natural gift would you most like to possess?  How would you like to die?  What is your present state of mind?  What is your motto?

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