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What do you most value in your friends?

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Their existence. 009 (19) adf 1 forgiveness 50ad (17) warmth 6nianji-ZHC (38) loyalty 80cubed (55) Proximity, it seems A (19) Understanding A Loyalty A. (27) consistency A (26) Self awareness A. Honesty A (26) The knowledge and humor AA (23) Acceptance of faults. aaaaaaa (18) Intelligence, cruelty, humor, empathy, courage, the ability to adapt AAAKKK Their acceptance of myself - my past, my mistakes, my flaws, who i am, who i can be aag (22) loyalty and honesty aallisonr (30) what friends? if i had any, it would be thoughtfulness Aaron (32) Kindness, honesty, openness Aaron Guy Leroux (37) Kindness Aarushi Agarwal (13) Genuine enthusiasm & the ability to "geek out”. Abbie (22) The willingness to be there through any kind of calamity. Abbie Hartley Honesty and humor. Abby (26) Kindness and Curiosity AbbySF loyalty Abegando (28) Honesty. A friend without honesty is not a friend. Abigail Harris (10) honesty, kindness and a sense of humor ABP (50) Affection, sincerity, and shared sense of loyalty to each other. Abs Loyalty Acara McFadden (28) honesty, selflessness ACH (23) I haven't had a friend since forty. Loyalty, I suppose. A. Clifford Stowe (81) Acceptance Adam (22) loyalty and honesty Adam (25) Loyalty Adam (20) humour, comfort, encouragement Adam Hyde (26) loyalty Adam Seline (30) trust and honesty adieudusk caring nature Aditya (25) Comprehension of my wisdom and courage to support my cause. Admiral Love (33) Opennness Humor Adonia (40) Forthright, adventure seekers, with the ability to push off the pain they feel, and regardless of the pressures around them their personality retains shape. Adrian (18) trust, understanding Adriana (16) compassion Adriana (16) sincerity, thoughtfulness adriana (45) Probity and warmth. Adrian Bauza (20) Honesty. Adrian George Nicolae (24) Attention Adrian Martyn (34) Honesty Adrianna (18) loyalty AdrianOz (45) The escape they allow me from my dark thoughts. Adrian Winters (17) the ability to tell the truth at all times - no matter whether i like it or not Ady (22) Loyalty aetilson (41) their genuine acceptance of who i am a.g. (23) intelligance and passion for life agagagaga (24) Nothing Agent00V (18) when they love, even they don't understand me, and when they just listen without giving any advice. Aggie White Their sense of humor and the occasional displays of affection A.G. Mata (21) Loyalty Agneska (20) humor agony (25) loyalty and understanding Agreen (29) Acceptance. Agu (21) love, honesty, loyalty Agustina (27) Ability to discourse A Half Empty Beaker honesty and passion ahmad (27) when they trust me ahmad (24) Trust Ai (21) Intelligence, kindhearted, Aida (22) Trust. Aidan (21) People who will have my back as I will have theirs. Aidan Devlin (15) Strength Aiden being there for eachother Aiden (17) humor aiko (20) Honesty. Straightforwardness. A sense of humor. Ailene the fact that they love me for who I am aimée (22) their wit and humor Aisha Milburn (32) kindness aishu (14) Permeability. A.J. (27) Honesty and their sense in everything AJ (18) wisdom, honesty, loyalty and sense of humour Ajam (21) Their love, and their ability to know what a good time really is all about. Ajay (17) loyalty Ajm9511 (21) caring and understanding akansha (26) A knowledge of my personality, and an understanding of me. akanthe (19) The willingness to talk about anything without fear of rebuke. Akbar Shahzad (20) Honesty and connection Aki Loyalty Aks (20) Trust and honesty Al (28) Honesty and a sense of humor Al (55) Honesty, support Alan (58) Their willingness to be there for me when called upon Alan Arkin (44) Loyalty AlbaManuela (18) Creativity, lenience, and wit. Alden Lee Klaput (18) Their individuality and trust Aldonza77 (47) Intelligence, honesty and drive to be better people. Ale (28) The sense of family Alecia Loyalty, because without it, why be friends at all? Alecksi The indestructibility of their characters, their indefatigable humor Alejandro Amoretti (28) Independence alek (20) Sincerity. Aleksei Kotsov (63) honesty, inconditional love alessa (21) Seeking feedback Alessandro Pian (30) libertinism Alessio Lucchini (46) Discernment Aletha Camack If I'd have any, I'd value their unconditional acceptance. Alex A sense of humor Alex (22) Loyalty and a joking manner Alex (17) honesty alex (38) acceptance alex (23) Trustworthy Alex (21) good listener Alex (23) loyalty and humor Alex (17) Sense of humor Alex (32) Kindness alexa (28) Honesty. Alexander (33) Their humor and attention. Alexander (19) Being a distraction from my problems when I need them to be, or helping me focus on my problems and work through them when I need that. Alexandra (27) Openness. Alexandra (19) Loyalty. Alexandra (24) Understanding, the ability to laugh Alexandra (18) Perspective Alexandra (24) I havent any but if I had it would be an eagerness to have wounderfull debates into early hours Alexandra Bryhter (24) Loyalty, bravery Alexandra SweetTale4u Cruz Reactivity Alexandre (28) loyalty AlexandriaHMerlin (40) understanding AlexandriaLHash (30) Loyalty. alexandrine (15) Caring- They listen to my problems, and what problem may arise Alex Brooks (18) that we have a lot in common Alex C. trust Alexis (17) love that is not easily offended Alexis Johnson (19) The fact that they will all keep their word. Alex Reimann (18) Loyalty Aley (60) comprehension, honestity al-g (24) Intelligence, open-mindedness, sense of humour, general knowledge. Ali (37) A good heart and good humor. Ali A. Rizvi Loyalty/Laughter Alice composure Alicein1derland (27) sincerity Alicia (68) Kind support. alicja (38) Wit and understanding, and something unique. Aliid Intellect, understanding and style. Alin (23) Kindness. Aline Guiraudie (36) honesty alipans (57) Loyalty. Alishba Zarmeen (24) sense of humor, honesty alison wonderland loyalty AliZaidi (29) engagement alli (49) That they love me Allison (33) Their interestingness, their ability to be stimulating Allison (20) Their ability to grow with me and accept me for who I am. Allison loyalty allison (19) Understanding and love Allison Jean (21) Loyalty. Honesty. Like family. Allison Jean Hazen (34) honesty and adaptability alliswell (62) Tenderness, Loyalty Alma (25) Loyalty Alma Jean Porter (70) Moral fortitude almavidrio (35) Loyalty. The ability to know that if I was out of contact for a year, they would still remember me. Altjungr (30) appreciation of humor altron2095 good humor, to fit like an old pair of favourite jeans Alvilda (20) A confidence in oneself, and a humor to admit they are wrong. Alx flexibility, sometimes i need an enemy alya (17) Loyalty Alyanna (22) Honesty and empathy Alyce J. honesty and sincerity Alyssa carring Alyssa Cordova (17) The others like me are mindless beasts. They don't know art. Alyssa Darkling Loyalty. Alyssa Moonchild (16) understanding AM Loyalty Amanda individualism Amanda (42) Being there for me AmandaFYS13 (18) Humor Amandine (31) Trust- I want someone who wants to be my friend for a reason rather than for a favour Amara That they love me as I love them. Amber (18) The ability to help me understand myself, sense of fun, loving, honesty Amber (37) The ability to help me understand myself, sense of fun, loving, honesty Amber (37) The ability for them to be there for me and love me for who I am Ame (37) the feeling of being included Amelia (13) Being nice to me. Amelia Gates (formerly Pippet) (10) Modesty, ability to make me happy just because of their presence. ameliowata (20) Integrity Americanoid (50) that they listen and are there when I need them americanwoman (62) loyal ames (21) being truthfull ammb (29) Their frank appraisal of who I am and who I am not, and their love for me with and despite that. Amrita (22) loyalty, kindness, trustworthiness, morality amu Sense of humor Amy (33) Caring, honesty Amy (28) Understanding amy (33) Gentleness, fidelity Amy (35) Kindness Amy Becker; Character: Merriwether Finch (27) Loyalty. Amy Cottington-Bray always there for me when i need them amz (16) loyalty. Ana (21) receptivity Ana (30) being easy-going ana (16) sincerity ana (34) Good humor Ana Carolina (16) Loyalty Analise (40) their sympathy towards my troubles Anam (26) Their opinions and emotions. They are all developing into stunning adults full of passion and wisdom. Ana Marija (20) wit, empathy Ananke (25) tenderness anasonic (29) Beers bought ancientrobot (31) honesty andraya (23) A sense of adventure. Andre Honesty and a sense of humor Andrea (16) The ability to stand me when I can get kind of heavy or sarcastic. Andrea (13) Honesty and kindness ANDREAADKINS (26) Kindness AndreaFeliu (28) Intellect and sense of humor. Andreas (19) Honesty and intelligence Andrea SB (32) Work ethic andres007 (19) Wit and trust. Andrew (22) mutual beliefs and desires Andrew (25) Honesty Andrew (20) Wild Laughter Andrew (28) Trust Andrew (22) Loyalty. andrew (24) Loyalty Andrew barlow (26) Activism (in an everyday sense) Andy (25) Tenacity Andy (23) Tenacity Andy (23) Being truthful andy rayford (28) reliable and positive energy ang (99) Truthfulness,politeness,intelligence which is expressed in a modest way Angel loyalty Angela (21) Fidelity Ângela (24) Loyalty, honesty, dependability Angela (30) Good humour and a love of culture Angela (19) Their honesty and Commitment- They should always have your back Angela Estrada (20) Tenderness angelina (26) honesty Angel Rodrigues (41) conversation, laughter and not being judgemental of me angie (29) Honesty Ani Honesty Ani (22) loyalty Anik (16) presence anjali Honesty, knowing when to talk, and knowing when to order a round of Gin & Tonics Anjel (28) Honesty and loyalty Anjelah49 (49) originality Ankassandra (15) happiness Anke! (17) sincerity Ann (19) Honesty and loyalty Ann (62) Loyalty Anna (20) Their support Anna (20) Not dragging me into their idiotic ideas. Anna (34) the fact that they are my friends Anna Kalimar (18) honesty, own personality, loyalty, sibling like love, their own activities Anna Maria (21) loyalty AnnaMay (51) optimism! and that they accept me, love me who I am. Anna O. loyalty, intrepidness, diversity Anna Stein (21) wit and kindness Ann Delaney (44) A kind and intelligent wit Anne (21) Acceptance Annelise (40) a desire to be around me :) Anne Louise Sheldon (34) kindness and a sense of humor Annie Intelligence, depth of thinking, being there Anniel (62) Their promise to be there for me when I need them AnonAzure (19) Understanding. anonim (18) trust anon moose (19) They must dress and look a certain way to hang around me. Ansley Stevenson (16) Closeness. Anthony (23) Sense of Humor Anthony (24) That they aren't me. Anthony D C (20) Honesty and loyalty Anthony lawhon (27) Support reguardless Anthony Scine-Sceni (42) loyatly Antoinette (21) mutual adoration antoinette (24) Good humour - levity - and an ability to forgive me. Anton (52) Good company in general. Being able to show me beauty in ways they, sometimes, don't notice. Antoniette (20) generosity Antonina (20) Loyalty Antonio Lemos (18) Humor and loyalty Anty devotion Anya (22) Honest, deep communication Anya (71) Their humor and their understanding Anzi (27) Intelligence and openess a.o. (40) Empathy, brute honesty, grace Aoife Walsh Faithfulness, love, patience. Apollo (58) Humour Apos loyalty Apply (30) Their patience - mostly to listen to me and to try understand my ideas April (20) They are themselves, unique, and unable to be replaced in any way, shape, or form. April (21) Interest, in themselves and in me AR (20) Their ability to make me forget. Ara (15) Being there when needed Aranneaa (19) Honesty and knowing when to leave me be Ardent (30) Laughter and that they put up with my shit A real phony (27) Having their own mind, opinions, etc Areeba (25) Honesty and loyalty. If my skirt makes me look fat, for heavens sake don't tell me it's flattering Ari (29) loyalty Arianna (15) Loyalty Ariella Bordaine: Female Protagonist (20) Loyalty and playful banter Arizona (19) Well, I don't really have much "friends", but for the friend that I do have, I'm able to talk to her about anything and I know she won't judge me Arnold Murray (42) Honesty, integrity and social charms. AROG humour and sensitivity Arsh (24) Willigness to accept me as myself Artie (17) The ability to enjoy my company Artie Mondello (18) a good sense of humour, I can't live without that Aruz Elliott (29) The ability to inspire, and integrity (or the never ending striving to be as close as possible to it) AS (32) Honesty. ascetic monk (51) Truthfulness Asfiya Mariam (21) Honesty. Ash (23) Love Ash (28) Compassion and loyalty Ash Intellectual-physical playfulness. Ash Bloom (27) kindness and intelligence asherville (55) Honesty, sense of humor, and being able to expant their minds Ashley (18) Loyalty Ashley (28) Honesty Ashley (20) trust understanding ashley baus (24) Honesty, knowledge, humor, and beauty Ashley Brazil (17) Loyalty, honesty, trust, and availability Ashley Mannara (29) Inquisitiveness. Ashley Meller (26) love, compassion ashleytheresa (20) Their ability to tolerate my idiosyncrasies without judgement Ashwin Murali (21) Love, honesty, passion and humor Asi (21) loyalty, openness to new ideas, acceptance of others asmitchel (67) understanding and forgiveness, wit....if i had any ASN (25) Loyalty, honesty, encouragement, humour Astri (36) easy going compassion Astrid Loyalty. Asuka Suzuki (13) Their understanding Athar (25) Support Athena Lujan (17) Forgiveness Atuona (38) Honesty Aubrey Files (25) Honesty and solid relationships Aubrey Tate (21) Honesty and loyalty Audrey (17) Release. Audrey Bittencourt (24) Inteligence, hey you are my peers, i will need to trust you in the future. Prove you deserve me. Audrey Mahone (29) sincerite fidelite augustine (70) Follow through Auntie Em (35) Good human beings. I do not voluntarily associate with a*holes, Auntie Em (27) honesty and trust Aurora (32) being loyal Austin Hobbs (16) A good sense of humor. Or bad, if you consider my jokes funny. Austin Kimmell (16) everything autumn (17) company avecamour Honesty Awalker Humour Aya frankness and being understood ayda (25) kindness and concern ayem (57) Generosity aym (30) Truth in everything a young boy (91) intelligence, ingenuity, tenderness ayumi (20) Being a good friend, sense of humor, kindness B (31) honesty B (21) Respect, Compromise, Indivuality, Loyalty, Spontanity Babette (42) availablity Babs loyalty and kindness Baby (32) loyalty Bad Wolff loyalty baggal21 (28) Trustworthiness Bailey (19) Loyalty Balaji Harish Iyer (20) Consistency. Bald Sky (38) a sense of adventure and loyalty Bambi (17) loyalty to me barbara (50) Loyalty, sensitivity and a care for my company. Barbarita (21) Acceptance Barbielebrun Charley the beach chair (54) Never stealing my Cheese Nips or pretzel Combos Barbielebrun Garry the ghost crab (54) Space Baron Von Nazzenpoppel (46) honesty basbas (22) their presence when in crisis Batgirl (23) Consistency bc (22) Consistency bc (22) Realness Bea (18) Loyalty Bea (18) Understanding Bear (49) support and the ability to listen and giving me honest feedback bearoid (30) Honesty and acceptance Beatlhoven (47) the ability to listen and believe me beatricegasti (30) fun, mirroring Beatrice Moore (30) sincerity Beatriz (13) care beauty (18) Intelligence and an ability to love. Becca (16) Love, understanding, support, imense kindness Becca (17) They all possess a lovable quirkiness that is unique to them. They never conform to social norms. Becca (21) Trustworthiness Becca (19) Trust, honesty Becca (20) Honesty, a caring nature Becca (21) Acceptance. BeckBeck (26) acceptance becks (24) Imagination. Bee humor bee (16) honesty and affection beezer (64) Their kindness. beezersneezer (46) Their willingness to accept me for the woman I am Beka (33) being true & warm hearted belita (39) humour, accepting bella (16) Loyalty Belu (19) Simplicity when time elicits, the capacity to simply have fun without making too much of anything. Ben Friends? I have none. There is no trust in anyone because eventually they will turn on you. Ben (23) Loyalty Benedict (38) Empathy Benjamin Thomas Generosity Benjamin Urrutia (61) Honesty towards me Benjo (23) Loyalty Ben Johns (21) Affection, support, adventure, humour. Bennie (55) honestry Ben Taylor to make me laugh berkley (13) Honesty and a shared sense of the ridiculous Berlin (25) Understanding, good conversation and steadfastness Bernard Hartley (18) understanding Beth (20) Reciprocity Bethann (35) Wisdom and the ability to have an intelligent conversation. Bethany (23) Happiness Bethany trustworthy Bethany (22) Faithfulness Beth Ellis (15) Their being supportive. Beti (24) Intelligence Betty Usabiaga (37) Loyalty, I value their loyalty to our relationship. Beu Mihac (15) honesty, loyalty, humor, charity Bhakti Brophy (41) Honesty Bhakti Brophy (45) Fear. bhbhbh their appreciation bhl Able to be taken for granted Bhole compatibility of our souls Bianca (18) cohesion with what i can't name bif to not tell non friends about my sin drawings big dick (69) Humour big guy (16) mutual curiosity for all the potential in life and the possibilities for experiencing the new Bijan (27) FRIENDSHIP IS A WEAKNESS BILLY (38) Diversity BillyBobABC123zzz money billy boy watson (3) empathy Biochicklet A NO NONSENSE APPROACH TO LIFE. BEING CALM. BIPS (46) they're honest bismuth Connection to me BJ (56) honesty blabla (37) Devotedness Blackie (20) Kindness Blademan (60) An allowance of my moments of eccentrcity. Blaine (21) Honesty and passion Blair C. (29) Humour and a shared passion Blake (17) Truth Blake (24) Honesty, loyalty Blanca Parra (66) Passion/Knowledge, and skills. Humorous and caring. Blank Tae They listen to me, and comfort me blip52 (27) Honesty and compassion blodot johnny (41) Open-mindedness and honesty, and true acceptance. BlondShamrock (16) A return of loyalty Blood (15) Trustworthyness, caring and sharing Bluebird (27) humor BlueOrchid (39) Money Bluto (29) Loyalty BM (20) support, trust, humour bmo They are willing to talk to me. Bob (22) Wow. OK, I'd like to think I'm not quite as physically swayed as Marcel here. But who am I kidding. bob (38) Intelligence Bob (32) Ambition. Boba (22) loyalty bobblins I have none. Bobby (22) friendship Bobby (40) honesty Bobby (21) Loyalty bobby That I have any bobby (33) responsivity Bobia (25) Honesty boku_wa_kami (25) listening Bonky (26) the ability to make me feel better Bonnie (15) loyalty Boo (36) compassion bookloverva (58) The good virtues that I have with the bad qualities that I have. Boris (16) Their self-awareness. Borrie (33) Kindness Brad (17) How they always have good advice for me, even though I usually ignore it Brad Connors the ability to look past my flaws brad w (35) Caring and depth of character Brady (31) Understanding and a good sense of humor. bram-stienkt-vermeire-ja! (18) trust when I don't deserve it; love when I don't want it; understanding when I am unintelligible Brandon Nobles (31) They're fun loving and would do anything for me Bree (23) Loyalty Bree Ogden Fidelidade Brena (19) Their ability to entertain Brendan (24) loyalty brent (33) Udders Brett Ferguson (42) loyalty Bri (28) Care about my existence bri (17) Forgiveness and understanding for when I am not at my best Brian (22) Kindness Brian (37) Kindness Brian (24) Telling it like it is, a willingness to listen. Brian A. Henegar (26) honesty BriannaBabyFYS13 Their attitude BriannaFYS13 (18) love brian S (58) Loyalty - A loyalty both to continued society, to being honest, and thus encouraging sincere conversation. Brick (21) Supportive and caring Brinley (15) Loyalty and wittiness. Bri Toro Honesty and Loyalty Britta Bandit (30) Being interesting and genuine Brittany (25) a willingness to connect Brittney Miller (20) Intelligence, curiosity, kindness brns dedication fun intelligent banter broad (45) respect Brock Schwarzkopf (29) flexibility Bron Blackwell (37) Laughter even in times of trouble Brooke Loyalty, but not loyalty to the point of insanity. Bruce Bennett (20) trust, kindness, and desire to remain in contact Brutus (20) A sense of humour. Bryan R. (21) Honesty Bryn (23) Loyalty and intellect Brynlea (17) Being there no matter what. Brynn (39) Honesty Brynn (18) loyalty, Bryon Springer (25) trust and dependability bsw94 Playing together Bubbles (52) humility bubby (43) loyalty buckyballs (35) Honesty & Integrity Buddy (34) loyalty bug Tenderness - provided they possess a physical charm which makes their tenderness worth having Bugsy That they be honest with me, that the show up for our relationship, that they be kind to others, that they respect themselves. Bulldozer (50) acceptance of me as i am bunny Interdependence wrought from self-reliance Burella (61) I don't have friends Burke (47) Intelligence Burnable_Material_Here (18) nonjudgmental BusyMinds BRUTE HONESTY, CONFIDENTIALITY,KINDNESS,DEPTH OF EMOTION BUTTERFLY (41) Accepting anything without grudge, being able to smile together about everything. butunn (19) Depth Byriver Bloke (24) authenticity BZ Wit C understanding c (21) honesty,and to support me C (14) Care and honesty C (20) truthfulness cacharel (37) forgiveness Caidy (54) The ability for open and honest communication Cailey Understanding Caio (18) Sense of humor Caitlin (19) Being able to hold a naturally flowing and interesting conversation. Caitlin (21) loyalty cakes (41) The ability to understand and embrace who I am, and do the same for themselves. Cal (20) i value that some of my friends still stay in contact with me even though im far away :3 Cami (14) they are themselves. Camille (52) The ability to listen and to allow themselves to be heard. Candice (23) Diversity Candy Loyalty, gentleness, and being accepting although sometimes I think most people can't actually practice these things Captain Crunch Honesty Carebeark5 (25) honesty, acceptance Carla (26) kindness carlajwms (49) That they don't trust me and I don't trust them. Carla Tate (19) Kindness and honesty Carlie (24) Kindness Carlisle Their concern. Carlo (26) Honesty and humor Carlos A. (24) Texting me back. Seriously. Carly (19) A sense of empathy and a sense of humour. Carly (21) Good humour, tenderness, honesty and presence Carly C (27) Integrity & Honesty Carol honesty and generosity and curiosity Carol (60) respect, company, understanding carolina (23) The ability to express themselves honestly. Caroline (38) An honest heart and a good sense of humor Caroline (25) Trust and kindness Caroline (33) a love of life Carol Lacoss (62) Charm. Carolyn (18) humor - they have to get my sense of it Carrie I've never opened myself up to having friends, rather I gather many acquaintances Carrie (44) the fact that they`re with me no matter what, they support and love me... I hit the jackpot cartike Honesty and sincerity Cas (25) Authenticity, humor, kindness, openness Casey (36) Comfort and reassurance Cass (20) Loyalty. Once an AO always an AO. Cassandra Watkins (21) Kindness, responsiveness, joie de vivre Cassi They know how to make me laugh Cassidy Their love and caring: but I'm vain of course, so all my friends are beautiful looking and hollow. Cassie (16) Honesty. Cast (17) Honesty Cat (36) Openness and Honesty Cat (24) Loyalty, compassion, generosity Cat (26) Trustworthiness and support Cat understanding cat (20) honesty, discretion, empathy Catalina (44) La capacidad de quererme, con lo bueno, lo malo y el paso del tiempo. Catalina Jiménez Correa (27) they are all different personalities yet we have common interests Cate (23) Truth and support Cate (33) Honesty and care and the same openness even after not seeing each other for a long time Catelline (26) Care, thoughtfulness, loyalty Catherine An ability to attract me physically and mentally. Preferably at the same time. Catherine Jean Honesty Catherine Mitchell Loyalty, Cathlow Harmon (50) Honesty and sincererity Catlin Benjamin understanding the fine line of wanting to be alone and surrounded by others Cat Podd (37) I want them to share my love for life and at least to ressemble in their own thoughts my understanding of it. Catrina (15) believer with passion, loyalty Cattie Chong (26) THOUGHTFUL CAVCAV (26) They can easily come to the other half of the world for me... Cavit Anıl Buram (28) Intelligence CC (18) loyalty CC (22) loyalty ccchnl honesty cdl (35) Frankness, honesty and humour Cee Cee (17) Their ability to brighten up my day by simply being there. Celia (15) Loyalty and trust. Celline Marge (18) their receptiveness cenire (25) respect and honesty. cerisetea (34) truthfulness Cestmoi Beauty C face. (22) frankness cfm (37) Freedom Cfreedman (38) They possess the quality of being able to live with me and to love me on top of that ch loyalty Chancelor C.J. King (19) Acceptance...it's their job right? Chandra Alexander (24) A friend that is loyal until the end. Channon (45) Loyalty Channy (19) Trustworthiness and the time they take off to listen to me Chari (21) Honesty Charlene (17) Entertainment Charlene (50) Honesty Charlene (18) Authenticity and depth of insight. CharlesB (48) Rational Thought Charles L Davis Jr (51) loyalty charlotte (29) Unconditional loyalty Charlotte (18) Understanding. Charlotte H. (23) Humour, loyalty Charly Mariaan (49) The warmth they bring - like your home Chary Silva (22) none chay (40) Understanding, Intelligence Cheche (40) Tolerance cheeky (26) Dependability Cheemargh (36) loyalty chele honesty chelle (47) No judgement, light hearted, laid back companionship. Chelsea (21) Submissive nature Chelsea (23) Extremely non-judgemental nature. Chelsea Smith (24) That they are there consistently; loyalty and honesty Chelsea Whiting (26) Openness Cheri D. warmth and genuineness Cherie (40) Honesty Cherish Robinson (21) That they are undemanding but ever present Cherlyn (40) Humour, generousity and loyalty Cherub (30) understanding Cheryl (38) Their undying love Cheryl Barnette (59) Whatever makes us friends. Cheshire (22) honesty, chi-chi supportive Chickpea (31) honesty, loyalty Chico (46) Loyalty and humor ChiefJ42 (44) loyalty, i need to know that i can trust a person chiklitz76 (39) honesty Chili (17) level-headed - true to themselves - honesty - Chinita (34) giving space to me. chinnu (20) Truth Chinnu (38) to be honest and trustworthy Chip Griphix (35) Loyalty Chiu Jing Hua (17) honesty chloe (21) Trust, laughter Chocolate Bunny (32) Loyalty Chonda I don't really have friends- but if I did discretion Choraven (32) Honesty and acceptance. Chris (16) Happiness Chris Honest communication, understanding. Chris (19) generosity . fellowship . compassion Chris Glass (39) Willingness to put up with Chris S. honesty Christa (27) Loyalty Christabelle (29) Being interested without being impressed. Not being in need. Christian (44) Being themselves. Christian Boyanov (24) Honesty, faithfulness Christian Soldier (33) Those who recognize my skill Christina (26) Truth. To me and to themselves. Christina Kronberg (23) Loyalty, fun loving, sincere Christina Tounzen Genuine caring Christina X. (37) theyre always supportive christine (18) Honesty and loyalty Christobel (17) Intelligence, understanding, humor, and a taste for Milwaukee's Best. Christobel in College (18) Truth, morality. Christopher (24) Ability to be abused and still recognize the value in remaining friends. Christopher Blaum (37) If they help me with my book Christopher Boone Honesty and humility--provided they possess physical charm making them worth having Christopher James Stagg (16) Responsibility Christopher M. (31) That they accept me for who I am. Christopher Mitchell (17) loyalty Christopher Ross (23) Loyalty christy (44) A willingness to listen Christy Turner (50) loyalty, acceptance of me without judgment Chuck (43) Integrity, Surprisingness, Humor Chunky Lover Their need to be happy and live freely Ciara (24) Empathy Ciara (22) I haven't got any friends t o value! Ciera (16) trust Cilie (50) Loyalty, kindness, humor. Cindy Good conversations and lots of laughs cindy (50) Drama free existence Cindy (24) They give me room and support to pursue my needs, without competing with me or leeching off of my successes Cindy (22) Respect for others and this world. Honesty. Cindy (50) loyalty, honesty CindyLu (58) Their ability to pick me up when I am down, or to indulge me in my momentary fancies. Cissa Fireheart (32) Their availability to me. Ciucan (18) humour and ease cizz listening CJN (21) Compassion. Cla (22) Their open minds and endless support. Claire Communication. We're not in walking distance and can only visit on the weekends because the men have the car for work. I'd feel so isolated without a telephone. Claire (32) Loyalty; keep my most important secrets, spread the trivial gossip. Claire Bartholomew (16) Tollerating my neglect of them. ClaireW (65) Patience Clancy honesty and also sweetness and sense of humor. Clara (20) trustworthiness Clara An acceptance and understanding that surpasses words Clarissa (18) Their company Clark Kent Reliability Clark Langridge (32) Honesty Clau loyalty and perseverance Claudia (36) Clay Douglass: Their life force Clay Douglass (34) loyalty clazza mgee tenderness Clelia Beatriz Valdez (22) Kindness, understanding, tolerance. clockwork (34) intelligence cm (57) Being supportive and having faith in me when i have none. cobweb (24) Commonality CockneyKnight (48) humor and openness Coco (31) truth, wit, genius Coco (19) Genuineness CocoPuff2016 (44) Trust codered (18) honesty Cody (25) A willingness to explore the depths of a friendship, and not just lurk above on the surface Cody Gould (17) Kindness and loyalty Col (41) Dedication and honesty Colin (39) Patience Colin (22) Sincerity Colorful (28) our closeness of a pack, its more like a family. Colton (27) no single characteristic comnomnomor (15) Their ability to leave me alone when I wish to be left alone Connie Their Intelligence Connor Perceptiveness. Connor Their wallets conor (34) Trustworthiness and their ability to make me laugh constanceeee (19) Honesty Constantin (32) loyalty and a spirit of adventure Consuela compassion Cookie forgiveness cookie compassion, gentleness cookie (51) their personality Cora (26) Good listeners and support systems Core (25) I would like them to care about the environment more, but they don't. I still like to hang out with them because we laugh and have a good time. Corey their acceptances of me as I am corinne Intelligence Cory (22) commonality cpaters1 (26) The truth cr Integrity cr (34) That they could give a shit about me! Craig Suga Biles (22) Honesty Crimson (60) loyalty and support cris loyal,intelligent,generosity,empathy Crisfe (31) Loyalty, ability to listen, intelligence Cristi Understanding. Crystal (17) Honesty, openess, humour, compassion, etc Crystal (32) sincerity and deftness, which i sometimes lack Crystal (22) Loyalty Crystal (34) Loyalty. Agreements. level-headedness. Crystal (35) Relatability csheehan (17) Loyalty CStoney (47) sincerity cuchi (40) Honesty cucu (26) Truthfulness cvelez (64) loyalty - though its soo hard to find these days cweekly Feeling connected Cyan Imsomething (28) Funny and Kind d0701 (29) someone who i enjoy being arounfemale- doesn't try to back-stab me or talk behind my back, male- is able to be my friend and love me without constantly trying to sleep with me D Confidence, compassion, fun, intelligence D (32) Their loyalty Dachary (23) Humor, intelligence, honest, reason and altruism. DAD Laughing until we almost pee Dad (42) Loyalty Daffy Sue Esposito (60) Laughter, similar interests Daisy (27) Loyalty Daisy (17) honesty Daisy Honesty Dakota Swaveman (18) Intelligence, moral sense and openness D_Alex (46) understanding, an ease coming with being in their company dA member: sonicbutterfly (17) Loyalty Damien TC (36) Their diversity Dan (29) Honesty Dan initiative and dependability Dan (20) candor Dan (39) loyalty dan Loyalty Dan (51) Wit Danae (17) Humor Danger (16) Truth and acceptance of my truths. Dani (31) fun Dani (19) Honesty and understanding of my flaws Daniel (16) Loyal Daniel Below conversation skills and understanding Daniella (27) How we think alike. Danielle (15) Honesty. Self Esteem. Intelligence. Wisdom. Humility. Empathy. Wit Danielle (35) loyalty DanielleKeith (19) Honesty and their support Daniel Molina (20) Integrity, hard work Daniel Stephens (Character Sketch) (22) humor and a sense of lightheartedness daniiii (18) Loyalty and acceptance. DaniStory (29) Loyalty, honesty, and sarcasm Danny (25) Loyalty Daph (45) honesty Darcy (20) honesty dario (21) Loyalty Darlene (29) Loyalty. Darnell compassion DashEloise (32) An ability to tolerate me. Dave Cresswell (46) humor DaveG (39) Honesty, Davey (18) companionship, loyalty, just being a mate and having fun DaveyD (24) Trust and honesty. Davian (alias) (32) Honesty/Loyalty/Creativity David (19) Intelligence and kindness. David (10) people who are like me and wont argue David (18) loyalty David (63) Intelligence, depth David (24) Loyalty David (51) loyalty david baiguera (35) humor David E.J.A Bennett (29) Tenderness arising from compassion. David K (46) Honesty. David ROWE (42) reliability David Sergio Cisneros Ardura (46) Confidence David Timme (19) Loyalty, and support. Davie (16) Tenderness and humor Davi Silva (21) genuine or honesty dawn (40) Loyalty Dawn Robinette (51) Honesty and loyalty Dawson What are those? Daxion Mr. Dax Johnson (29) their personal support Daydreamer (18) Loyalty Daydreamer (63) Loyalty Daydreamer (63) Love. Love. Love. dbrown (24) Support dcsnowbunny (25) honesty, common interests and interest in each other's issues Dd (43) Honesty, both in themselves and towards others. DDG9000 (25) Originality Dea (40) Honesty. Loyalty. D. E. Alvis (58) Wit, creativity, and lack of pretension. I've always been a firm believer in that you are the average of the people you spend the most time with. Dean (17) Honesty DeAndre Beck (20) Intelligence and the ability to hold an intellectual conversation DeAnna Alexander (35) unconditional support, moral character Deanna Sanders (44) Love and honesty humor Deb (37) faithfulness Debbie (56) Loyalty. Debby Creech-West (43) loyalty and kindness Deborah S. Wilson (56) Reliability Debster (48) Fight Declan Cohen (35) I value their insight & advice into my most painful issues, that cannot be spoken with amongst non-friends. De-De (36) loyalty Dee (24) understanding, loyalty Dee (19) Their sincere loyalty and desire to be helpful Dee honesty and humor DefMelon warmth Delia Webster (80) Honesty and hope. delice_ok (21) realness dendoo (23) Devotion Denine (24) fun Denise 1 empathy Dennis (61) Loyalty. I don't have a lot of friends, but if I did, I would really want them to be loyal to me and to each other. Dennis Theodore (37) Humour and morality. denny (23) Love, honesty Denny Loyalty and honesty Densio (25) intelligence and respect Derek (27) loyalty, always having my back on and off the ice Derek Ambrose (22) Tenderness devanand Honesty and trustworthyness; something rather rare to find in someone today.... Devon (18) Low maintenance, artistic, ambitious, my logic, education. Devon Lisenby (20) understanding, respect, compassion, depth Dev Tucker (17) understanding, and putting me at ease and relaxing me and accepting me Devu (22) Laughs Dezirae18 Ambition DH (39) straightforwardness, respect for others diana (52) Loyalty, understanding of who I really am Diana (20) The fact that they are my friends Diana (15) caring, forgiving, and easy going- not too demanding or sensitive Diana Honesty, friends that keep me accountable. Wisdom. Women of God. Diana Thomas - English Thursday 6pm (38) Honesty & kindness Diane (53) well read Diarre Ibrahim (22) Funniness- When they make me laugh it makes me like them more. dida (14) Excuse my faults. Diego Miguel Danura Puyó (30) Loyalty Dietgingerale They should have my back like I have theirs. For example, I would never publicly humiliate a friend to get a laugh from an audience. Dilip C Louis (32) Loyalty, intelligence, imagination and an open mind. Dimitar Atanasov (25) Wanderlust, and just being there. :) Dindin (20) Truth Dino (18) Non-Judgmental, Accepting, and Much like myself. Diona (19) Open-mindedness. dionysis_dt (24) commitment and dependability to be there when you need them Dirk Radman (35) Following the Golden Rule Dixon Wragg sincerity Dj Loyalty dlew919 (40) Honesty/loyalty/dependability/integrity--all as one dmca (38) loyalty Doc55 (55) Loyalty Dolna (39) Honesty Dolores Nabokov (26) ssssss Dom Loyalty Dominic (17) Honesty Dominick (23) Companionship Dominick Miller (19) Compassion and novelty Dominick Miller (20) Happiness. Dominick Miller (21) charm Dominique Honesty DonAli (33) Honesty, stability, comfort, and trust donkeys4eva (20) Loyalty, donna obrien (54) A reciprocation of the care I give to them, as well as their natural talents Doob Doggo (21) honesty doodledoo12345 loyalty Dori (23) friendship loyalty dorothy6@aol.com (50) Sinceridad y tiempo para compartir Dothzilla (33) Loyalty and , of course, their friendship. Doug (30) Kick assedness Doug!! Trustworthiness, reliablity and a sense of humour Doug Lambert (65) Honesty, criticism Douni be able to share their thoughts with me Dracontomelum (30) understanding Dragana (22) In my what? Dragontongue (22) Understanding and tenderness Dre (17) loyality Drea (28) Understanding me Dreamboat Annie understanding, love, open-hearted, warmth, strongness DreamBrother (27) Respect and privacy Dreda (23) their flaws Drella (26) Entertainment Drew (26) Discretion and self-awareness drift Friendships are at the very best transitory. I have to time for them. Dr. Isaac Busafalus (53) listening Dr. J (76) Listening. Dru (24) Sense of Humor and intelligence Drucar (45) honesty ds (45) Wit tempered by kindness. D.S.de.P.Ramos Uniqueness Duckish Care , Affection Ducky Trust Dude (49) There moral support duke (18) A good sense of humor and being able to put up with me. Duncan Passell (17) credibility dustxii (22) honesty. Dutchess I dont believe in friends. Those I choose to keep around me must be loyal. Dutchess Care. The fact they consider what you have to say Dvach (18) Understanding of my faults D.X (22) Comfortable silence Dylan (17) Their absense Dylan Adams (25) That they listen E trust e (28) The ability to have great, meaningful conversations. E (20) love for all eagleclaw (35) Honestly, true friends are in the mind and not to be sought out in the very thing or things that act naturally unfriendly by their own rule of nature and the earth's tendencies E.A. Latham (25) Honesty, loyalty, and kindness. EAR (19) acceptance Earth Speck (30) Compassion Eau (45) Loyalty Ed (30) humour, sincerity, passion ed trust, an interest in others lives, kindness. humor, generosity eddiboy Laughter. And small d Drama. Eddie (48) To be protective Eddie (12) Understanding Eden (19) An inability to understand them but still laugh with them Edgar Roberts (15) understanding without empathy, silence. Edie (26) Loyalty Edmond Dantes (26) Understanding of my defects, interest in discussing art, literature, politics and trivia. Edouard (41) companionship Eduardo (19) to be there, for me no matter what EduGri (53) Loyalty Effie (34) Loyalty, laughs, truth, trust, reliability efha (23) honesty ehk2 (30) humor, kærlig omsorg, interesse i mig EHM It would be self-flattering but it is my humbleness. Eiichi (16) Loyalty and bravery Eilfa (28) confidence, frank opinions, a pretty face helps EJ (29) Loyalty and honesty, as well as support E.Jay (21) empathy to my situation, intelligence ejb (22) Independence and Practicality El (23) Honesty, adventurism el3vat0r trust elay (21) trust elay (23) honesty, wisdom, humor elay (24) honesty, listening, support eldar (25) considerate Eleanor (14) Thoughtfulness Electryo (15) Loyalty with honesty Elena στοικη ελενη (33) Loyalty and no-strings-attached generosity. Elena Di Cesare honesty eleni (18) Another touchy, because I value so much and they're indescribable because they are out of this world. I love the sound of their laughter. I love to look at them because they're beautiful. Life wouldn't be worth living if I didn't have Thea, Emma and Maria. Eleni Constantinou (20) Support, I've had friends let me live with them, friends who've brought me food when I was poor, friends who've gone and visited my mother in the hospital because I couldn't make it. Elexia (19) their honesty, loyalty, Elexis (18) their honesty Elexis (18) Love, that they want to be friends and respect the induviduality of other people Elias (22) I value people who don't take me too seriously, but respect and love me at the same time. Eliaz McMillan (33) their ability to make me a better person eliciabg (23) My friends are the funniest people I know, Elie (16) how they live inspired lives, they follow their dreams Elin (47) intelligence Elisabeth (22) Honesty Elisabeth Carver loyalty Elissa (22) Loyalty, intelligence, a good sense of fun and tact. Elizabeth trustworthiness Elizabeth (25) Individuality. I don't think there's anything else that can win me over as much as having a unique and somewhat charismatic personality. Elizabeth (15) Their sweet remembrances and love for me even though I am no longer alive. Elizabeth Diane Shaffer (0) Their sweet remembrances and love for me--even though I am no longer alive. Elizabeth Diane Shaffer (0) understanding ElleKay Intelligence wed with kindness Ellen (48) That they want to be my friend. Ellen Empathy and intellegence. Ellen B Smiley (29) Love reflected in their eyes Ellen Fitzpatrick (61) Honesty and being fun Ellie (25) Their love for one another, and their need to defend one another to outsiders, no matter the cost. Ellie_Estrella (19) compassion and understanding Ellie Wilson (15) Quality time and sense of humour. Elliot Empathy, understanding Elliott (28) Philosophical disposition - nothing frustrates more than permanent small talk. Elliott Hemp (23) The ability to show me my blind spots with love and respect elSigno (37) loyalty Ely (23) love Elyse (20) Binary file Em_1425616956.html matches Binary file Em_1425616956.html matches Non-judgmental. Honest Ema (18) Loyalty emdonnelly7 Time to share and be less alone. emdonnelly7 they would do anything, no matter what they may owe to heaven or hell, to save those they love. Emilee Nightshade (19) Genuine honesty about one's opinion. Emilia Blancarte Jaber kindness Emilie (23) Understanding... I am different/unique and they can't be those who are quick to judge me. Emilina (27) punctuality when needed emilio (28) When/if they listen to me and understand me Emillia (16) Sense of humour and kindness both equal here. Not necessarily at the same time... Emily (19) tenderness, and unconditional love. I also value the ones that care enough to be frank and hold me accountable. Those are the ones that really care. Emily (24) their values/morals emily (24) Reliability Emily (22) similar humor Emilyann (22) Honesty Emily Carter (37) humor, caring Emily Clark (25) their stickability, support and wisdom. Emma (20) talkativeness and a sprawling train of thought. emma (18) loyalty Emma (20) loyalty Emma (34) loyalty emma (20) Being able to be the me I want to be around them. Emma McKinney Reliability Emme (21) Loyalty and honesty. I respect people who are genuine more than those who agree with me. Emperor Aisel Fei Shiang (18) Loyalty Empyrean (17) Their comprehension, their love and their loyalty encolpio8 (22) feeling for an honest , creative play. Endimion acceptence of who I am and without judging me endor Honesty and love ENEgck (56) Loyalty Engel (48) Frankness Enis Freedom of expression, sincerity and serenity, their willing to see me as I could be Eno A. Agolli (15) Passion for anything. People who are willing to spend late nights debating on topics as long as there is alcohol around. Enrique (21) Empathy and trust. Eric (15) availability in times of need Eric (40) Loyalty and a deep understanding of each other. Eric (37) A strange sense of humor. Eric (19) their loyalty and unjudge Erica honesty Erica (25) Availability Erica Johnson (21) Loyalty Eric C. Wolfe (28) understanding Erich (20) Warmth, maturity, a critical eye. Erich (19) Integrity and loyalty Erict7 Trust. Erik (25) Openness Erik Isaac (19) Humour, kindness and love Erik Price (18) Trustworthy, generous and funny. Erin (27) Sincerity Erin (53) Honesty Erin (30) loyalty Erin (20) Patience with me. Erin Courage and love Erin (46) Kindness Erin (31) That they are fun to be with. esayer (35) Curiosity Escalus (22) Interest in others. Escapism (19) kindness, compassion, humour Esmé (18) Loyalty, inspiring, different from myself Esmee fidelius (54) friendliness, laughter, humour ESMERELDA (50) Their ability to be happy during hard times Estacia Hernandez (37) open-mindedness esteban (29) Honesty Esteban (23) loyaltly estrella blanca humour Et (32) Honesty Et Cetera (22) Intelligence, wit, and enjoyment of conversation Etha (26) trustworthiness and understanding ethan (20) Their support Ethan Mayatt (25) loyalty Euzinha_ds (20) Trustworthiness Eva (23) Sticking with me Eva (16) humor evan ass hatch (18) Loyalty, kindness, I want them to take me as I am Evanna (18) Putting up with me ness Evie (22) Patience evilwonders (28) Honesty evren (16) Intelligence Ezra (20) Humor, friendliness FAC (25) honesty, respect facio (19) Sincerity, simplicity, inspiration Fanourios (40) Honesty, loyalty, respect. fatgaynig (20) Tenderness ... honesty ...reliable Fatima (19) Trust Fatima (26) laughter and sharing fat man (33) Loyalty and honesty Fawna (19) Humor, honesty, forgiveness Fay (22) Loyalty and honesty feanix (20) Intelligence Ferroever (43) Support. fersfumero (28) Patience FeydRautha (46) love Feysweetie (43) Going the extra mile. fhickey (22) the capacity to listen, not judge, understand, and give their point of view. Also, affection and a silly sense of humour Fidjeridodu (30) Kindness Fields (19) the ability to be around me filinia (22) My friends are always pursuing their enthusiasms; they aren't stuck people. final fashion (33) Understanding, loyalty Finnegan Magondolovich (Long Story...) Boundaries... Nothing can be experienced without the space to experience it Finokio (38) Honesty fk2005 (34) Their presence. FlameHorse (28) Trustworthiness, humour, pretty hair. Flantasy Girl (25) I suppose I value the fact that friend is able to realize that I must have some time to myself to prepare for social events or gathering flavia (13) their loyalty and charm Flo The gentle nature of them. Florin-Alexandru Brănescu (16) Devotion Flower (39) imagination and good taste Floyd Attention FlyinMonki (27) Honesty. ForePlinger Sincerity ForSavvy understanding and humor Francesca (29) honesty, authenticity, goodness, generousity, kindness francesca (49) authenticty Francesca genuineness and unspoilable delivery to friendship Francisca Bastos (17) kindness, empathy Francisco Aguirre (23) Sincerity Francisco Javier Gil Vidal (54) humor frank (57) loyalty Frankie (23) Loyalty and understanding FrankieSmash (49) I value being able to go out and have a good time Franklin Frank Anglin (32) Understanding Frank Nekrasz (25) listening, courage, intelligence, care. fred (16) Loyalty Freda (61) Respect Friedrich Mueller (57) Generosity of spirit Fritha Grey reliability and trust fumble (19) loyalty, understanding, honesty. furies (27) Their outlandish humor and view on the world. FYS13Alec (18) loyalty FYS13Amanda (18) I value the support they give me during bad times. FYS13Andrew Loyalty FYS13Bella reliability and honesty FYS13Brandon (19) togetherness FYS13Chad Honesty FYS13Holly Loyalty, honesty, humor, emotion, a shoulder to lean on and an ear to listen. FYS13Michaela (18) their unique personalities FYS13Savannah Henry (18) Eagerness to help FYS13Tyler (19) Honesty, integrity, loyalty and kindness. FYS14Caleb (22) Their understanding of how I am and loving me anyway. FYS14Carrie Caring FYS14Darling (18) Their want or need to stay in contact with me, even though we are far apart. FYS14Erica (19) survival FYS14julie HONESTY, respect FYS14Kelle (20) loyalty, understanding, kindness and goodwill FYS14Landon (18) They are honest, understanding, and ridiculous. FYS14Mikaela (19) Thoughtfulness FYS14Serenity (19) Also loyalty. "With friends like these, who needs enemies?". FYS14Skylar honesty FYS14Taylor That they always have your back. FYSHeath (18) Loyalty. FYSMichael (18) g g trust and loyalty Gab (19) their ability to not be offended Gabe (31) companionsip Gabi Trust and kidness Gabriela (18) loyalty Gabriela Coelho Mesquita Teixeira Borges (26) Honesty, sympathy, intelligence, caring, forgiveness and love. Gabriel Gonzalez (26) Loyalty and trust Gabriella (17) loyalty Gail (44) kindness Gail Flaherty Honesty, sense of humour, open mind Gainer (52) I have no friends, only minions Gait (17) genuine and have the ability to laugh with and be laughed at and no a pyscho tendancies please. Galareh (23) Loyalty Gamba Ajani The ways in which they are different from me. Garrett (19) Good Listeners gatetam (38) They true Blue Friends,What ever the case may be Gator Krazy Dave Loyalty Gean Whitehead III (20) humor Gene (51) Gullibility Gene (24) To be humble and caring. Genevieve (22) The ability to humble me. Genevieve (15) Humbleness, trust, loyalty. Genevieve (16) Loyalty and honesty. Genie (65) loyalty Genie (58) Love and acute sincerity. GenXer2012 (39) A loving heart and a warm soul. Geo (20) Honesty Geo (57) Honesty, integrity and social charms George Honestly George Mile (35) Loyalty George Owers (21) Kindness, love and positive aura Georgia (14) honesty, humour, acceptance and understanding Georgia (53) Humourous Georgia (16) The ability to turn up on time, it marks their respect for me and my time gg Genuine, open and subject to humiliation ghazaleh (27) Care , reliability, honesty Ghyles (31) wit, intelligence, loyalty, creativity Ghyles (31) The ability to hold an interesting conversation/debate Gia (21) hardworking ones, those who have not lost their humor in times of turmoil Gianne (21) Common likes and interests Giannico (40) the sincerity of their character Gill (63) I like my friends to be loyal and show up when I need them. Gillian Martin (40) Honesty, reliability, understanding, similar tastes hopefully Gina (19) Careful listening Gina (30) trustworthiness Ginger Thompson (50) Loyalty Ginny (47) Humor, charm, and tact. Gionna (28) Kindness Giorgia L'onestá Giovanni Moro (32) tangential conversations - It shows mental agility, humility, rhythm, and a sense of sensitivity to a wide array of subjects Girl You Too Rude loyalty. spontaneity. Giselle (18) Care and understanding. Gjabrielle Honesty Glenn Parker (24) timeliness Glen Reeves (37) truth, honesty Gloria (59) acceptance Gloria Heatley (58) humour, intelligence, compassion GMcG Sense of humour, loyalty goblin64 (45) Loyalty Godfrey (19) ability to laugh and willingness to love me Golden Boy (20) Candor. Gonzalo their friendship i suppose goose (20) Truthfulness goukrish (19) loyalty GP (39) fun loving GPB (37) Truth Grace (30) loyalty Grace (12) Their unconditional love in all things, Their ability to make everything funny and light even if it's taboo. Grace (28) Trust Grace A. (15) Their loyalty and the willing to stick by my side Grace Cooper (20) Openheartedness and the love of adventure, be it inner or outer gracehoppin (23) love, appreciation Gracie (22) stability Gracie Campbell (23) Compassion greatlove (32) ability to enjoy life despite hardship Greg (19) their respect Greg (24) honesty Greg (17) Intelligence and kindness Greg Loyalty Greg (20) loyalty, kindheartedness Greg (53) Honesty Greg Lytle (26) honesty, patience, open-mindedness gretel solidarity gruchi (63) loyalty and intelligence gruffmusic (49) If they feel their limitations and are nice and helpful Gtergab (50) Friends is a subjective term. I prefer "associates" - and those must be loyal and unquestioning. Guenther positivity. guiller van mistoffellees (17) The laughter I recieve. Gus (18) Compreensão Gustavo (21) Humour, openness gutsyaardvark (19) patience, understanding Guy Van Driessche (44) honesty Hadasa (19) acceptance Hailey (34) sincerity, honesty, compasion and good talks Hakusha Senbon (24) Honesty and a thoughtfulness about life. Hal (18) Honesty...and being there Hala (34) Loyalty Haley (19) trust Haley (17) honesty and goood manner hamideh (26) Deep and meaningfuls blended with hilarity Hamlet (30) Faith and honesty Hana (14) free will and smarts HandeG. (13) Honesty Hanna (24) Trustworthiness, honesty, kindness, and sense of humor Hannah (15) loyalty hannah (25) Loyalty and understanding Hannah Chambers (24) Honesty, loyalty Hannah Ross (20) Honesty Hannah Suttles Loyalty Hardhatminer (29) the fact that they 'still' care Hari (21) Acceptance and the ability to trust. Harold E. Leighton (37) Consistency. Harold E. Leighton (40) that they do everything I say and always agree with my opinion Harold Oberg Laugh a lot Harriet (23) Understanding and loyalty Harry (27) Loyalty Hassallah (30) good personality Hassan (21) caring and fun hawaii50 (45) trustowrth Hayley Alcohol tolerance Hayzeus (23) A propensity to love HCE (15) acceptance HEATHER (37) Honesty and respect HeavyFire (16) honesty heider (27) Good, genuine listening. Heidi R. loyalty Helen (32) Their authenticity Helen (19) Trust Helena (18) loyalty - to have them stand by you no matter what Helena Jenkins (20) humor, loyalty Helen Mattison Wyatt (20) always there hellgirl (19) sweetness and humor helz bells (41) Loyalty Henry (46) Honest empathy and a willingness to intelligently challenge me Henry_Z (25) that they love me unconditionally her (26) those who take me for who i am, not what i stand for Herald (71) loyalty herbertofwestlake (43) Loyalty and reliability. Hern (39) Fairness. Herod (20) sharing Hero Solomon (25) trustworthiness Hetal (22) being there when they say they will be. H, Han-Jan Loyalty and honesty HHP (41) Their selfless determination to be associated and with one like myself Him (17) Kindness, intelligence, humor. Hira Yousuf (18) companionship and caring HKas (28) trustworthiness HKas compassion H. McMillan (33) Ellos mismos. H.Nakashima (21) Loyalty hobbes (26) trust hodouk (22) Empathy, the ability to listen Hoelder1in (51) Humour. Intelligence. hoffsta humor, they have to have it to put up with me holden (27) Loyalty Holley (39) Honesty and a lack of non conformity. holly (17) Support - their ability to always be therefore me and always accept my decisions Holly (22) Truthfulness Holly Avery (32) companionship Holly Pajka (28) I am the lastest people they will talk to..., fortunately they are finally talk to me. holyjkms (29) Loyalty, without which, there is no friendship Hong Jay Loyalty Hooks Loyalty and honesty Horace pluck (54) care howard (34) In my friends i most value consideration,just being considerate. howard (34) Acceptance of me and an affinity for the strange Hrudaya (24) loyalty huck finn (48) Honesty Huda (19) compassion huggybear (29) Self-awareness and interest in others. Hulot Redux Nah Humbugger Omlet (20) Loyalty Hunter (23) stick-to-it-ve-ness Hurricane Katrina (25) Honesty Hwiseon Lee (24) Intelligence Hyosun (25) Playful, patient, compassionate personal character and a sharp but benevolent intellect Hypnos The Blade (46) loyalty HYS (47) Kindness. I Patience, Understanding, and Wisdom. I Complete understanding Ian (23) Openness Ian (44) Honesty and humour ianplanet (47) love, care I Beg (54) Intelligence, so they're worth being friends with. Resources, so they can give me what I want. Naivete, so they will give me what I want. Iblis Anak (22) Honesty and sincererity Icis loyalty and interest i dont know that i know (17) Loyalty sincere Ignats (70) A helping hand and an advice that is given when most needed Igor (29) Loyalty Iilyanna Honesty and humility -- and a sense of humor for good conversation Ika (24) Being there when needed. ile105 (23) Their presence, physical or otherwise. ile105 (27) Loyalty Illinibeatle (44) Honesty Imajones honesty Imee Loyalty in those who serve me . . . I have no equal and therefore no friends I.M. (Imam Mahdi) (5) Saying everything straight forward Indrė (17) Tenderness and wit indy (30) loyalty, humour, adventurous hearts being caring Inês (20) they are quite different in qualities. i can often see clearly their merits and weakness, but with little moral judgements towards them. inez (21) Honesty Inkie (60) Loyalty and true kindness interestedparty energy and charm- ability to be themselves at all times. i.p. Kindness, also understanding and patience. Being funny too Ireland Rose (12) Loyalty Irene (17) their capacity to love. Irene (26) they provide warmness to my heart in an unintended way Iris (18) Loyalty Iris Ramsey (32) Relief and Understanding: all I really want is to be seen as I am: a nude poem. Isaac (16) sense of humor Isaac (29) I don't need any friends, either. They only get in the way. Isaac Time spent. Isabel (19) Acceptance of me and of my past. Isabella Fairchild-Heart (Protagonist) (26) trust and honesty Isabelle (26) Honesty Isadora Duncan (32) Sense of honesty and openness Ismael Santos (20) Compassion and intelligence. Isolde (17) Frankness, true interest in the others well-being. Iva loyalty. That is why I have few Iva Pasztor (20) Integrity- When they act true to themselves and not pretend to be my friends and act nice to me at first. Without integrity they would ditch me and only like me for answers to questions at school. Ivy (10) crazy me ivy (25) Loyalty Izzy (24) Patience, acceptance, compassion Izzy (17) loyalty j2a18m (43) loyalty jabbar (23) compassion Jacie Lin Tenderness Jack (14) Honesty, loyalty Jack (45) Their kindness, and shoulders to lean on. Jack (33) Make me happy in some way Jack (17) Loyalty and Honor Jack Alexander (17) Understanding, Patience Jack Goodman (18) Humor Jackie good listeners and good talkers jackie (40) Accepting friends mean the most to me. I hate when people can't accept who I am and just complain about it. Jackie (18) understanding Jackie (24) kindness, care Jackie Cavalcante (40) Acceptance Jackie Vega (27) Humor. Jackson8471 (23) their loyalty Jack Viper (29) Loyality, understanding, humor Jaclyn (22) Availability JaclynM (19) Someone who believes in me who is supportive, understanding, and not judgmental. Jacob Loyalty, honesty and courage. Jacque (24) Humor. Jacqueline (34) Loyalty, honesty, and trustworthiness. Jacqueline Garrett (38) anyone who needs a friend Jade (17) Trust, Loyalty, Hilarious Jade-a-boo (17) Love and genuiness Jade Green (30) honesty Jadelynn (24) Loyalty and courage. Show me a silver of either and I will follow you to the end of the universe. Jae (18) Honesty Jafari (33) Loyalty Jaime (18) Loyalty Jaime (28) Honesty Jake (17) Interest, knowledge of me and how to entertain; character. Jake (21) Also kindness and free spirited attitudes. Jakelina Hernandez (22) Humility, honesty, and humor. J.A. Lawrence they like me James (64) Loyalty James (30) their time james Easygoing, understanding James (19) loyalty, above all else James (25) compassion James Green (29) Undestanding. James La Salandra (31) Being on the same level as I am. Most of my friends are colleagues. James Oliver North (39) Integrity jameson_welsh (22) good taste, stemming from a serious ease that stamps all their concerns. and liquid hips. James William Reath (21) Dependable Jamie (25) Acceptance and trust. Jamie (22) companionship and learnign from each other Jamie (32) trust and acceptance Jamie (17) loyalty and reliability Jan to be understanding Jan (54) The ability to laugh very much. Jan (55) Loyalty Jana (22) Their loyalty Jana (22) open arms and listening ear Janae (17) kindness jane (41) loyalty jane (20) that they understand and appreciate all my non-verbal cues jane fakename (25) simplicity janice (67) heart Janice Marie Oxford (61) The ability to laugh a lot with me.` Jannie56 Honesty Jared (19) Their intellect. Jared Oswald (19) Loyalty to the Pack Jarred Poll (26) Their company Jas (20) honesty jasleen Trustworthiness Jasmine Violet (17) intelligence, trust and sense of humour Jason (34) Our connections Jason (26) How long we have known each other jasonstafford (53) Honesty and Loyalty. Jax Havak (00) Attention, and in turn, frankness Jay (26) Acceptance Jay Honesty Jay West (27) loyalty Jazz kindness jb (13) Thier support and love. J.B. (53) kindness; curiosity underpinned by intelligence JB (29) Laughter, Honesty, and the ability to understand complexity of human life Jb Bradford (44) support, love, laughter JChris (40) ability to listen, empathy, sense of caring jcr (35) kindness and fearlessness to tell the truth JD (21) inspiration jda Honesty and a sense of FairPlay J Dawg (32) immediate humanness jean (22) Integrity Jeannine (57) Loyalty, honesty, humour Jef (19) Loyalty Jeff creativity JeffGuy (55) Loyalty Jeffrey A. Olivier (40) Humor. Outgoing. Love. Jeffrey Dean Arthur (51) humility Jeff Winger loyalty jemimah (32) Their opinions since they are different to my own Jen (23) respectability Jen (25) ability to see the truth in murky situations; ability to understand nuance Jen (35) loyalty jen (29) intellectual, artistic and moral scope. originality, wisdom. loyalty. sense of humor. curiosity Jen Gerlach (39) Friendship Jen Hallidy (42) Trust Jenn (35) Intelligence, presence, depth Jenn (39) Patience Jennie loyalty and honesty Jennifer (35) The connection itself is what I most value..I don't look for particular qualities. A need for constancy, any sexual attraction or hint of competitiveness renders some impossible to sustain or initiate. Jennifer (40) Understanding, humor Jennifer C-K (35) No judgement Jennifer Lewis (26) A spirit of adventure and love of humor Jenni Webb Reynolds (29) That they actually talk to me at all. Jenny (23) Loyalty, compassion, affection, reliability Jenny (28) honesty, loyalty, fun Jenny (37) Being honest with me Jenny (18) Loyalty Jenny (38) Sense of humor Jenny (35) understanding JennyLynn (23) Understanding Jenny Napier (42) faithfulness Jensyn Keanes (19) Judge nothing Jeremy (17) loyalty Jeremy (30) transperency Jeremy (29) That they be there for me when I need them Jeremy Fassler (22) Laughter. Jeremy Heintz (39) to be able to stand with them in battle Jerome (37) Loyalty and a pure heart Jess (27) Loyalty- so that they will not go against me Jess (18) Tenderness Jessica (18) The ability to laugh at life. Jessica Loyalty Jessica Cristo (Jax): (29) trust, honesty and loyalty jessica feigenbaum (15) I have work acquaintances only Jessie (33) Understanding, unexpected texts Jessie (16) Honesty. Opinions. Jess the Mess (21) wit Jesus0469 (46) discernment without judgement Jet Jackson (92) Understanding Jeux Unfailing acceptance and love Jewel (39) authenticity Jewel (38) loyalty jezza (18) openess jg (36) The connection jg (22) Intelligence J.H. Honesty Jian (22) Hilarity. Jim (20) Honesty Jim (50) intelligence jimmy (84) Respect, intelligence jj (43) Kindness JJ (20) honesty and loyalty J J Ruzo fidelity, honor, loyalty JLo (34) Their Friendship. Loyalty. J.L. Odom (16) Humor JM (28) Humor Jo (41) Honesty. Willingness to have fun. Jo (16) Honesty Jo (21) similar tastes, an ability to talk about everything Jo Respect Jo (20) No friends just enemies Jo (33) Sensibility. Joana (22) I don't have many friends, I'm selective. Those I do have I value their loyalty to the friendship. Joan Ellis (28) how much they are Joani Honesty, sense of humor, generosity, love of fellow man/woman and God JOANNA Positive outlook Joanna Kather (63) loyalty Jo-Anne independence of mind Joanne van der Woude (36) fogivness joannie intelligence Joe (60) intelligence Joe (54) Loyalty Joe DeProfio (27) mateship Joel (17) Love and treats Joel Sadler (45) loyalty JoeyO (34) loyalty John (28) Their contentment John (24) I have no friends, I do not trust anyone to be my friend John (20) Honesty and the ability to be spontaneous John (23) A free spirit, but a just soul Johnathan Durand (19) honesty, wisdom, curiosity Johnny (21) kindness and loyalty Johnny (21) Reciprocity of friendship. Johnny48 (48) Compassion and honesty John Porter The capacity to be a good person. John Sousa (17) Dependability and common sense. John Wilkes Booth (26) Loyalty JoJo (27) Honestly Jojo (76) truthfulness and caring jolie (66) The common ground we have- by understanding life and the world in pretty much similar ways (but not overly so). Jollie (21) Sense of humour. Jo Mama (53) Being still interested in you even when you're of no use to them. Being able to justify their contentions instead of blindly throwing logical fallacies around. jona (19) Humor Jonas (We) caring jonathan (31) Trust Jonathan Tacuri (21) Loyalty, compassion, courage jonb (49) honesty Jonida Dervishi (29) Graciousness, loyalty, open-mindedness Jon Mosca (31) Shared interests/loves, accepting, easy-going Jonny South (18) Loyalty Jordan (19) Good conversation, well read, humor Jordan loyalty jordan rutter (18) loyalty Jorelle (18) Humor Joris The conversations, the flow of ideas unmarred joseph (31) who doesn't show off, love Joseph Anthony (37) 領導力 Joseph Cheng (28) Their loyalty and attitude Josephine A (19) courage Joseph Khouri Loyality Joseph Wizley (35) Intelligence and Dependability. Joseph Yvon (63) a healthy dose of articulate wit coupled with a deep understanding of the vast variation in human personality Josh (23) Love. Josh (22) Honesty, Intellengence, Josh (29) Honesty and trustworthy Joshua (34) Honestym supportiveness Joshua (27) Wow. Tenderness - provided they possess a physical charm which makes their tenderness worth having. Perfect. Joshua Levi (21) I suppose to answer this question optimistically, it should be answered ideally: charisma, charm, amiability, loyalty, equanimity, and perhaps most integrally an affinity towards blissfulness. Joshua Sponaugle (22) honesty and integrity Joshua Taft (18) Authenticity Josh W. (19) humour josie (25) unconditional love Josie Dangerfield (29) humor Jotthedot (16) tolerance Joxef (35) fidelity, acceptance joyce (20) that they love me in spite of my faults joyseternal (22) sense of self jrggzmn (20) intelligence jrggzmn (20) Individuality and comraderie jrggzmn (25) their ability to keep loving me JRM Willingness and happiness JRobertson (21) Companionship Jtan (21) Their being there when it counts, their words, their love Ju (28) loyalty Juan (15) Reliabilty Juan (16) Loyalty. Juan Carlos (21) Loyalty Juancho (32) kindness and wit. Juanita Joann Harty Buck (49) Their companionship Juan Jose Campos (34) Their presence Jubin (21) Sincerity Judah (30) Loyalty and common sense Judah (22) 同意 jude (25) Loyalty Jude Kaldi Loayalty Judith honesty and compassion Judy Loyalty and understanding Judyka (64) tenderness, humility, thoughtfulness, commitment juju acceptance jujubee (35) Tenderhearted candor; palpable endearment Jules (19) Thoughtfulness Jules (26) Sense of humor, kindness, outgoing, fun, reliability, interests similar to my own Jules (23) kindness Jules Ability to laugh during all trials Julia (23) Kindness Julian (16) Truth and kindness julie (79) sincerety Julie (20) honesty Julie (40) Integrity Julie (49) honesty Juliette (25) someone to rely on, loyalty juliette (19) Friends? There are no friends, they come and go, as you do, you will never value anything from them. June (23) to see the world in the exact opposite way as i see it jupiter jones blunt honesty Justin (27) Their ability to enjoy my company (and laugh at my jokes) Justin (15) Humor Justin Aylward (22) loyalty justine hope (20) Trust. Justin G. (15) The ability to communicate and entertain one another's opinions. Justin Rasile (23) Trust, truth, reliability & humor JW (27) That they are blank slates; mirror images of each other and reflections of myself. J.W. Carey (22) loyalty, love, humor K (21) I think, people should not take their friends for granted and neither should they try to possess them. K. (23) Loyalty and regular contact k trust and loyalty k-92 (17) I don't have any, but companionship I think Kaden 100% loyalty to me, oh and to be in love with me! Kafi Cunningham (43) ability to put up with me kai (15) Loyalty and truth. Kainaz (20) Happiness Kait (23) empathy Kaja Ta Conversation Kajer (19) HONESTY, VISION,ENTHUSIASM, SUPPORT KAKI (50) loyalness Kaleena (23) Real ness Kally (33) empathy and dependability Kameke what friends? Kamila (18) Love and Empathetic KammY their ability to love Kandi (26) Honesty and Loyalty kangaroo loyalty karaeileen (24) Honesty Karen (22) Loyalty Karen (27) loyalty Karen they know how to listen and give advice Karen (16) their time Karen June (52) honesty kari bobins (33) security Karina Marcano (26) Accepting and knowing me for what I am Karl (17) I don't think friends exist Kasandra honesty, loyalty, ability to stay strong and fight for what they believe is just Kasia (30) Mutual understanding and feeling Kasper (19) Loyalty Kassy (17) Honesty Kate (23) Loyalty - which few of my "friends" have. Kate (21) Honesty . . . a friend must be honest Kate loyalty Kate (26) Honesty Kate Support, loyalty and familiarity Kate Mac (22) Their smiles. Kate McJ (31) Stability. Them knowing when they're needed and being there. Katerina (22) Good humor and a willingness to keep a positive attitude. Kath (48) That they are there if we need each other, no matter what Katharina (32) Connection. Katherine (18) trust Katherine (27) Honesty Katherine Loyalty & attentiveness Kathérine (25) Openess and honesty. Kathy (18) see #1 kathy (52) loyalty, humour Kathy (26) Trust and honesty. Kati (15) They make me laugh, and they trust me Kati (19) Honesty and a sense of humour Katie (20) i am a huge worthless whore katie (23) Respect Katie (17) loyalty- to be valued as much as i value others katie (22) honesty, sense of humor, reliable Katie Carriere (39) warmth Katieu (27) Their Loyalty Katrina (23) honesty and kindness Katrina Thiessen-Beasse (28) Realistic and reliable Katsika (68) humor and honesty katthehurricane Honesty Katy (16) Honesty and Trust Katy (22) Companionship, patience, and understanding when I need it. They are excellent company. Katya Allnutt (27) Trust kaudrey Loyalty Kavindra (55) honesty kavitha (19) affection kay (22) Thoughfulness Kaybird (43) loyalness and the ability o make me laugh Kayla (17) the ability to make me laugh Kayla Marie (17) genuine caring, sharing, laughter Kaysie67 (49) absence of judgment, sense of humor KB (45) Truth KBHS (29) Care K.B. Oliver (30) their presence in my heart when distance keeps us apart kc Simplicity, humor K Dilkington (30) their laughter. As much as I laugh, I don't do it nearly enough. Kechiro (33) Kindness Keith (19) trust Kelli (47) Loyalty kelly (39) Loyalty Kelly (25) Being the quality known as "good" Kelly G. Teague (45) Loyalty Kelly McCauslin Loyalty, readiness to laugh with me Kelsey (22) Empathy, loyalty ken (58) Honesty and loyalty Ken (63) loyalty ken dewey (48) Trustworthy and kind. Kendyl (20) Kindness toward all. Kenkire compassion - kindness Kenn (47) Humor, honesty and intelligence. Kennedy (18) support. Kenning (28) Good-heartedness kerayne (66) loyalty Keri Cook (26) Loyalty. But I'd be a fool to expect it. Almost as big a fool as them that gives it. Kessler (35) Loyalty K EST (22) loyalty Keti (23) honesty and loyalty Keto (25) Understanding Kev (27) Humor above all, and love. Kevbo Unconditional Love Kevin (25) knowledge Kevin (21) being there for you Kevin (17) honesty Kevlar loyalty, and wit kfcbucket (16) Respect and Fellowship KFerreto (24) Respect of privacy kfkfkfk (17) Intelligence. KG (38) A sense of loyalty, as to not turn a blind eye to our troubles KG (26) Honesty Khaddafina (23) TEST KHAkjhsak (16) Loyalty Kia (28) emotional support, humor, diversity Kiana Mercury (23) Their loyalty. Kiara M. (15) honesty Kid Jasper nearly identical KiDoCo Also loyalty Kiera Hardy An ability to invest time in friendship. Kieran (22) The ablility to be there even if a lot of time has passed Kika Kindness and courage to be themselves Kiki (27) honesty, humor kiki (44) Don't have none Kiki (10) Loyalty and being there for me even when distant Kikka (38) Kindness Kiley (20) HONESTY, RELIABILITY killy honesty Kim (37) Wit, fidelity, resilience, compassion Kim (17) Honesty and open mindedness Kim (37) Their understanding. Kim (30) Honesty, a friend who remains a friend even in tough situations Kim (47) Loyality. Kimberly (23) Kindness, ability to "let loose" kimberly (21) wealth Kimberly Bailey a sense of living life and having a go kimbo (34) loyalty Kimlmar (52) Loyalty Kim Randall Cox (43) humour king (43) faithfulness kings (36) honesty, loyalty King Ubi (35) trust, acceptance Kinmin (24) integrity kirk support Kirsten McCracken (20) i like them as they are kirty (21) listeners without judgement kit kat (22) if they can always be real, and always have time to hang out kito (24) Helpfulness, Forgiveness, Respect to my private life Kitty (21) Trust Kitty (19) interesting people Kitty (58) honesty kjelli (59) unconditional love KK (32) support and empathy k-kabob (31) Loyalty, intelligence KKC (26) Their time Kkkkaty (67) Thier patience because I have none Klavicus (23) Honesty Klox890626 (23) Trust, compassion, and being yourself around a friend. KLVS (22) Eccentricity KM (23) Love and Empathetic Kmi unwavering loyalty knapsackstraps (21) ideological similarity and intelligence knowone (29) Loyalty and respect Koinekid (28) Thoughtfulness, humor and loyalty. kokocakemix (24) Support koshka (50) Work ethic Kourtney Denee (24) Honesty and genuine disinterest in gossip. Kouse (23) honesty and support Kreuzz Being there for me when I need them Kris (41) that we care for each other, willingness to be there if you need them Krisanta (32) tolerance krissy (18) Humor, it's a charm I first notice and admire in them Krista (17) Loyalty Krista (27) Trust Kristaline (24) honesty and Kristie (22) Honesty Krum Kirov (16) honesty with self and others Kryshia (53) Empathy, sympathy and openness to each other's openness. Krysstofer Pierre (23) Humour and seriousness both. Krystaal (40) Loyalty Krystal (24) Authenticity. Krystin (22) Fun Krza (25) understanding ks (33) Courage and complete honesty Kt (15) intelligence, insightfulness KT Gentleness kt (35) the ability of quiet nurturing Kunal Sen (27) they must always be expected to say something unexpected and, of course, reassurance, manners, outsider status, a love for the newness of the old kunderakitsch When you arrive at their house at 3AM covered in blood and they are willing to hide you from the police. kuro usagi (18) That they never hold it against me if they don't hear from me for months. Kurt Bailey (45) I value respect and honesty. K Yeo (19) Compassion Kyla Stan Joyfulness, sensitivity, understanding, sincerity Kyrie (18) the ability to get along Kyrinrin (14) supportiveness L (36) sense of humor and acceptance lacee (18) empathy and a lack of OCD Lacey McVeigh (46) Time Lacharria (18) honesty, loyalty, affection LadyDyTheFly loyalty ladyinthewater (24) honesty and personality and style Lady NCA (29) kindness and loyalty Ladytoyou (66) support lage (27) tolerance LaHaRo (51) A sense of adventure Lainey (38) Reliability, honesty Lainie Truth Lana (34) Friendship LAND (22) Their price; I paid highly for their loyalty. Landon Wright (16) their dedication, their advice, and their understanding Lanette main character: Counciler Becky empathy coupled with an ease and willingness to ask things of me for their benefit lara67 (49) Well I like the god of missed opportunity. He's hilarious. LA Sullivan loyalty, love, kindness, Latanya (21) Trust, loyalty, support Laura (20) Loyalty, long-termedness, humor, intelligence Laura (24) their real words laura (23) kindness and support laura (27) understanding and forgiveness Laura (28) independence, non-clingyness, wisdom, humour, no obligations, acceptance. Laura (31) loyalty LauraAl (27) Honesty Laura N. (52) Warmth of heart Laura Panza (38) honesty laura Ytzia Montoya Capristo Loyalty and an appreciation for the absurd. Laurel (29) humor Lauren (28) trust caring Lauren (14) faithfulness and humor Lauren (22) Honesty Lauren Empathy and Understanding Lauren Frost (26) Loyalty Lauren H (27) kindness, sense of humor, intelligence Laurie (58) Loyalty and intelligence. Lavache Beadsman (21) Knowing when to stop pushing Layla (22) Honesty Layla (13) Sincerity Layla B. (43) Depth and hilarity LB Perkins (42) Their kindness, gentleness, and joy that they bring with them at all times. Leah (16) Tenderness, just like Proust leah (17) Grittiness, thoughtfulness, interest in art/music, feline-like independence Leah (25) Objectivity Leah kindness Leanne (28) Loyalty, Altruism LeCorbeauGris (25) organized Lector loyalty trust lee (30) The ability to love for who you are Leeham Loyalty above all else. Humor and comfort. Leena (16) loyalty Legacy Lee (31) Humor and loyalty. Leigh Lagamayo (27) Honesty Leila Loyalty. Leila (28) silence together; a perception of the depth of their love as deep as my inability to see why Lem (24) Empathy and caring. L.E.Murphy (17) honesty Len (46) Kindness, love without borders, loyalty and forgiveness Lena (21) compassion and a synergy of ideas Lena (60) Loyalty, to not abandon me if something better comes along. Leo humor Leo (15) They are Understanding- What ever i do, it may be silly, disgusting or even disturbing they simply laugh with me and understand me that I only want the people around me to be happy. Leo Calma (19) Loyalty, trustworthiness LeonidasStokely I have no friends Leon (The Debreifer) (22) d Leslie Forthrightness Leslie (43) Honestly loyalty Lestory (49) Discretion Levi Becker (31) I don't believe I have "friends" Levi Walker being dope Lex i most value the friends who show positivity and bring me to the here and now lexi (23) some are like family LexieBee (17) Honesty. Lex Ryo (17) Honesty Lexxxx (18) what doesn't matter l.gee (23) companionship lglick19 Patience, determination Lia (23) interesting ideas LiamP (25) How they are willing to listen and offer advice Liam Shaughnessy Strength and honesty Liam Urien trustworthiness; honesty; good advice librowicz (28) loyal and always there if I need them Lids (50) Dedication to themselves. Lightning Stars (22) Not much time for friends, I prefer business associations who can further my prospects lilecare (46) Being themselves whole time Lilian (25) Genuineness. Liliana Ability to understand and sympathize. Lillian (25) honesty Lillian Grace (27) sharing their POVs, sense of humor Lily (16) Tenderness, warmth Lily Intelligence and kindness Lily (34) humor and understanding Linda (23) Ability to admit their selfishness Linda (17) Nine West credit cards Linda C (41) honesty Linda M. W. (34) Personality and tact Lindsey (15) Loyalty. Lindsey B. (17) helpful honest happy loyal funny LindseyD (18) Being able to talk to them or not talk to them as I please. Linicake generosity linou70 Loyalty Lint (17) honesty, kindness Lisa My closest friends are my husband and my daughters Lisa (56) honesty, trust, conidence Lishan (20) no judgement at naytime littlefairybigears (22) Integrity , who I can communicate well LittleT (24) being good and smart at the same time lituci (30) Tenderness, naturalness Lixing (24) Character and fidelity. Liz (28) Empathy Liz (64) Integrity. Liz (47) Loyalty Liz (25) Being there when I need them Liz (40) Understanding, kindness Liza (33) Trustworthiness, empathy. Lizzie (17) Sense of humor Lizzie Pickle (27) Abilities, intelligences, or characteristics that I can learn from. L. Kadey (18) It varies. L. Kadey (19) Understanding, empathy, tenderness LLane (23) consistency, being able to depend on them lmao talent lo (19) companionship and trust Lo (24) Acceptance. LodRose (32) acceptance Log Likability Logan (23) the ability to manipulate them Logan (14) kindness Logan (16) They are fun Logan Whitt (15) Honesty. Lois (22) honesty, unconditional love and friendship Lola Honesty Lolita Hazed (18) their ability to love honestly lollipoppingsu (24) Reliability Lori (37) A steady supply of weed Louf (39) A lot of things, as long as they are nice people. Loui Edgington (12) Their humor and friendship Louis (19) humour and trust Louisalokyee (15) loyalty Louise (17) Loyalty and kindness Loz (17) loyalty Lu (24) An open mind, and open hearts. Lu (32) kindness luadepapel (25) loyalty Luc (27) Loyalty. Lucho (32) Loyalty Lucija (25) Honesty, loyalty and perhaps a little understanding Lucy (34) Compassion and honesty. Lucy tenderness Luigi (38) Loyalty, trust and empathy Luísa (21) The small details. Luísa (22) Openness, humor, love, carinho, Luisa (18) Patience, kindness, intelligence, warmth, openness, curiosity Luisa (19) the true LuisEfe (55) Intelligence, wit, moral sense, and humour Luke Anthony (19) Loyalty lukemarco (18) Collaboration, Helping Hands, Love, Lack of Cynicism, Eagerness to explore the unfamiliar Luke N 14 (35) Truthfulness Lulu Loyalty Luna (16) loyalty lunar (18) Honesty, loyalty, and a sense of humor. LVG honesty, loyality Lydia (50) loyalty lydia Humor. Lydia (18) Loyalty Lyla (30) humor lyman (35) Intelligence Lyn (22) Intelligence Lyn (22) loyalty, love Lyn sensibility lynac (31) Fun. Loyalty. Lyndsay D. (22) Kindness and genuine concern. Lyndsey (19) compasion for themselfs Lynk (15) Humor, trustworthiness Lynn Renee (41) Their ability to understand me Lynn Thair (49) trust Lyss (19) To be there when you need them M@ (31) Being brutally honest M loyalty M (29) loyalty M (36) Loyalty, love M (19) weirdness M loyalty MA (61) Relating Mach (44) Honesty Machiavelli_Mx (38) worlds outside of my head, to love and be loved macon (22) practical wisdom macskawoman (44) dependability and faith in my friendship Macy (15) Humor and compassion Maddie (16) intelligence and openness Madeline (19) Affection Madhusudhan (63) Faithfulness Madison Twist (25) honesty, openness Mads Husted (21) Silent understanding. Honesty. MaeveOne (27) Trust and respect Magellan (44) Loyalty Magen (22) Loyalty, kindness, humor Maggie (24) Kindness. Maggie (23) candor, humor, kindness Maggie (49) honest friendship maggy may Their patience for my madness Mahalo (/) an ability to provide a relationship in which i don't feel i am given certain conditions i should fulfil to be worthy of their love mahtiel (21) Loyalty Mairi (37) Respect, honesty Maite (26) love maitresseb (43) Acceptance Mak (16) kindness maksimuchka (38) Kindess and understanding Malcolm (26) Intelligence Malibu (31) intelligence Mallory (21) understanding Mallory Corrus (20) That they comfort simply by their presence. Maltet that they appreciate the simple pleasures of beauty of the world Mandar (27) positivity, helpfulness Mandella Kitten (36) Loyalty mandi (28) care mandi2kay (31) selflessness, honesty, acceptance Mandy (18) loyalty mangarmunko (21) Never had any. Manu (22) Loyalty and their ability to make me a better man Mao (22) loyalty and loving Mara (58) Empathy--their ability to climb into one's skin and walk around in it. Mara (17) Acceptance MaraMichelle Loyality Marana (56) loyalty Marcel (19) Loyalty and Trust marcel254 (25) They ability to make me happy. Marcelo Ricarte. (16) loyalty - the thing that makes friends family Marcel Rodriguez that they are good listeners and practical people Marclaudi (46) their understanding and their loyalty Marc_Meyer Understanding marcoapk (19) honesty marg (53) Loyalty Margaret (19) honesty, caring Margaret Cook (57) it's a mix of things Margarida (aka:Guida Costa,Guida Almeida ( ) Caring Margie (44) that i enjoy their company and they are trust worthy margo (22) Loyalty Margot Loyalty Margot (21) Loyalty Mari (30) Honesty Maria (45) loyalty Maria Kindness, the way they are towards me Maria (18) Respectful , being able to trust, and patient Maria Contreras (19) that they don't let me take everything seriously Mariam (20) wit, humor, intelligence Mariana (16) Being honest and having that thing that makes them themselves. Mariana (22) Honesty, integrity, and their individual interests which bring variety into my life. Maria Patenaude (29) Loyalty Maria Rowena Rillen Honesty. Marie (19) Understanding Marie (21) Honesty Marie attention Marie Madeleine (51) Their mind, their love. Marie-Pierre Adam (27) sence of humor and sencirity marija (23) kindness and faithfulness marina (50) Unusual and interesting characteristics and interests. marina (27) intelligence and humour Marina (20) Laughter Marina da Silva Negherbon (24) good listener Marion (27) kimdness, understanding, mario ponce (38) Knowing that i can trust them, and that i can talk to them Marios Gregoriou (21) open mindedness MariselaL (18) Generosity Mark (16) Fairness Mark (19) I wish I even knew. Mark Their existence - at this age, more friends have passed than those alive. Mark (55) honesty Mark Angus Wilson (28) humor and trustworthiness Mark D Anderson (23) Their freedom. markeff (38) Their trust, honesty and ability to be non judgemental Mark J (44) That they stick to me Marko (28) s Mark Sterling (32) honesty markus_naz (39) uniqueness Marney (40) when they stand by my side in need and sincerity Maroua (17) trust and understanding Marshall Wang (24) hacer musica marti (25) Like mindedness Martin (29) Love, respect, passionate, honest Martina Common Acceptance Marty (18) their love for me Martyshka (31) Integrity and the recognition that integrity is not stubborness. Maruku (18) Nothing because I don't have any real friends Marvin Willams (30) Humour and kindness. Mary (22) Openess Mary (28) Being understanding, loyal. Mary (56) reliable Mary Ann (62) Candor. MaryAnn (47) trust-honesty Mary Ellen Collins-Davis (59) trust-honesty Mary Ellen Collins-Davis (59) acceptance without judgement; forgiveness, loyalty MaryFred (24) people who understand me Maryn (15) Honesty, laughter Masha Shannon (26) reliance MasonFYS13 (18) Oh, for God’s sake. We’ve been over this. A dash of madness, a love of the living, a hunger for truth. Mason Walker (21) honesty Mat (15) honesty and loyalty Mat (26) loyalty, irony, wit, compassion, daring mate Their capacity to control their desires Mateus Melo Solidarity. The ability to look beyond themselves and see what they have in common with others. Mathew Gallant (22) Respect Mathilda (15) x Matisse (15) Funny great to drink with and always have there back cause will have there Matrix (23) You can tell them whatever you want to say, without evading some topics and keeping your thoughts in your heart Matsuda (14) openness matt (17) Loyalty and empathy Matt (30) Loyalty Matt (20) Loyalty Matt (25) Empathy. Matt DeCostanza (17) Fealty. Matthew Charles Barrie (27) That they are interesting people Matthew Gordon (28) Humour and acceptance Matthew Ray (18) Loyalty and honesty, and the patience to listen to my gripes Matthew Young (18) loyalty, open-mindedness, fun-loving Matthieu (21) Modesty Maundaux (23) honesty mauserman (42) Loyalty and kindness Max (24) loyalty, honesty and fun maxie (20) Loayalty Maximilian (17) Dedication Maxwell Pierson (23) truthfulness Maysoun (27) loyalty MB (41) Their intelligence, kindness, and sense of humour mcfm0626 (26) Their kindness MCI (22) the ability to be there for each other mcseadogs (34) Smartness, kindness, generosity and understanding Me (40) good conversation me (32) Loyalty ME (25) Honesty, loyalty, spirituality Me (57) Understanding and Loyalty Meaghan Brutal honesty Medusa59 (56) someone who listens and isn't fake. Meebo Joyfulness, and tenderness of course Meg (16) apathy meg (22) understanding Meg (19) Acceptance Meg (31) Loyalty. Meg (22) chemistry and loyalty Megan (25) being able to be myself around them without judgement. Megan (20) Kindness and keen interests; curiosity Megan (32) A sharp wit, a sharp knife and kindness that hurts more than either Megan (18) honesty Megan (23) Kindness, or rather, not being an asshat. megan (18) honesty Meghan (16) Patience Megil (51) లోపలోటీ బయటోటిగా ఉండకపోవటం, మాట పూర్తి చేయకముందే అందుకోగలగటం Meher (32) Honesty. Mel (16) Sympathy Mel (20) Knowing when to not be there, being happy when I'm happy mel (32) Graciousness Mel (44) Affection, loyalty, honesty Melanie (31) Fun, independence, intelligence. Melanie (33) Fun. Wickedness. Melanie (33) Nonjudgmental attitudes MelBisMe (34) Those who are caring. Melinda (18) I desire that they may become better strangers Melinda McGinley (30) Balance M.Elisabeth Howell (52) Sincerity, honesty Melissa (23) strength and humor melissa (17) honesty and compassion for all melissa (44) Loyalty, honesty, a listening ear, humor, forgiveness Melissa (40) honesty Melissa Diane Hudson honesty. Melissa Farr (25) Loyalty. Melissa Farr (29) Respect, tolerance, wit, kindness, generosity, not afraid to argue Melissa P (63) a sense of humour, fun and adventure Melly love and strength and kindness and trust and humor and loyalty Melody (22) The ability to show love and criticism. Depth and breadth of character. Mel Sundquist (20) sincerety meltemis Bravery Melvia (28) loyalty. they gotta put up with a lot of my shit. Memelord (15) Sensitivity Memyselfandi they being there when they have to Menjou (21) sincerity menon (33) sensitivity, loyalty, honesty mercedes (27) honesty, confidence in me and themselves, encouraging and inspiring Meredith Intelligence Meredith (23) Caring Merit (56) Caring Merit (56) Caring Merit (56) Caring Merit (56) Caring Merit (56) Caring Merit (56) Caring Merit (56) You can't beat a friend who is willing to talk through a problem with you. merlinharp (57) honesty Mersiha (20) I value that I can rely on their support and comfort as I will endeavour to support and comfort them in their distress Metztli (23) Trust and honesty mf (17) Intelligence and a sense of what is right and wrong MFSmith (16) Heart beats. mia Mental openness, independence of thought and action Mia (27) faithfulness miami (65) friendship micci (64) Unconditional love and acceptance. Michael (40) Their ability to keep their distance without going away entirely Michael (46) Smarts Michael taste michael faithfulness Michael (43) listening and comfort michael (24) loyalty, truth, persistence, want to be in my life Michael (21) fidelity and tenderness Michael (52) Integrity Michael (53) Understanding so that if I make a mistake, I will not feel judged. Michaela (20) Compassion. Michaela Tee (15) being real with me and themselves Michael Kendall (16) Empathy Michael Thornberry patience Michelle (30) Honesty and loyalty Michelle (24) Their voice and expression. Also, the easiness of how we can handle a conversation Michelle Sandino (15) Complete honesty with themselves and with others. If they are not honest with themselves, they are hard to be around, and if they are not honest with me, someone ends up with unrealistic expectations. michou (19) Loyalty. Mick (28) Kindness and the ability to truly care and help Mickste humour Mignonne (53) Loyalty, the ability to listen, tenderness mihaela (26) sincerity and stability mihaelaian (42) tenderness and loyalty Mika loyalty, honesty, charm. Mike (33) treating me with respect Mike (14) Honisty Mike (32) Honesty and good humour Mike (53) Loyalty Mike (58) Their ability to communicate Mike (42) Honesty Mike (29) being humble mike_freedom9531 (30) not being afraid to pick up a check mikemc1156 Treachery Mike Sadler (53) Acceptance Milfred (35) curiosity Mili (20) Honesty, kindness, ability to understanding me as I please to be understood. Milly (23) Their loyalty and for being there whenever Milly (16) fidelity millymay (84) Trust Mimi (53) Respect Mimi (31) Their umm friendship? Mimi (24) respect mimì (48) kindness an dhonesty Mimi (57) I value their absolute devotion to me and to creativity Mimikeekee (23) being reliable Mina (15) Tenderness, humour, selflessness Mind (17) Belief in my intelligence. Minerva Black (30) frankness minto (28) genuineness, tenderness, silence when needed mirabilis (48) availability Miriam Liggett (48) Loylaity, gentleness, honesty, lightheartedness and optimistic. mischa (22) Honesty Misha (24) Some sort of ability to understand my blatherings. Misk Odium Oersted The fact that they are financially solvent miso trust and respect Miss How they will always care and be there for me misshermes (20) loyalty miss karachi The ability to tell stories. Miss Mia Moriarty (29) Honesty, ideas, consideration Miss Noble (0) loyalty Missy (44) Loyalty Missy (45) kindness and caring Missy Gay (42) humor mister buzz (49) I value Horatio's unquestioning belief in me. Mitchell: for Ophelia Loyalty. Mitela (22) Trustworthiness Mitela (25) Honesty, humor, intelligence, Mitja (36) Friendship. Mitsuko (22) honesty mitzi (28) Loyalty and Playfulness Miyo (12) Compassion and the ability to understand and not judge one's life choices MJ (22) That they accept me, laugh with me, and can converse in a witty manner. MJ (23) Low maintenance M.J (40) loyalty mj (39) A plethora of surprising pleasantries. M. J. A. Armstrong (60) Love MJF (34) a want to hear and help and care about others mjwhite (21) Creativity and decent morality. M.K. (21) humour mk (15) compassion mkayruger Their ability to not give advice. Mkeekee (30) Their love -- provided their exquisiteness keeps the price of that love rather high, and that their love is worth loving in return M. Le Ahcim-nevets (31) Loyalty. MlleJacqueline Inquisitiveness, enthusiasm, hospitality MlleNeet Loyalty mlovelace understanding MM (34) Integrity M&M (38) Envy, Respect, Desire MMS honesty Mnemonic Aberration Respect mobtomas (48) Loyalty modernmonsters kindness, openness, adventuresomeness, compassion, creativitiy, loyalty moeder (32) Trustworthiness. Mohamjip (66) kindness and understanding and loyalty Mohini (20) That they would be there for me when I need to talk. To listen to what I say regardless how dumb they may find it. Moistoidy (43) Openness Molea Razvan (23) loyalty Molly (19) Loyalty Molly (18) loyalty Molly Evans (47) Common ground mollykate74 (38) shared interests momcat (60) Loyalty Mona Tolerance and honesty Mona Sen (22) Loyalty, Support, Great communication skills Monica Stowe authenticity monson (28) Understanding montanadrifter (68) open ears montie williams (16) ethical Monty (35) those who give me space when i want space and comfort when i seek comfort Mooke (16) Familiarity Moose (40) A gentle and loving spirit, a sense for the perfection of beauty in their endeavors, the ability to endure me, my wandering, my sense of broken, my process of atonement. Morazda (42) Shrek Morgan A sense of easiness and generosity Morgana Laughter and trust MorganFYS13 (18) Being able to be silent together Morgan Gratsky (22) Their admiration. Morgan Toft warming morgwei (28) I have none, but if I did, their loving kindness, moral certitude, and forgiving natures would be most valued. Mother (54) They are always there if needed Mouse (42) Honest support MP3 (22) Honesty or at least the ability to tell beautiful and interesting lies. MPaylor (21) understanding Mr. A (17) Understanding Mr. A (17) Their ability to make me feel good, even in times of darkness Mr. Frank (56) Loyalty MrJones (28) Company MRM (28) loyalty Mr. Mandarin (41) Loyalty Mr Peters (30) Loyalty when deserved. A harsh word when deserved. Mrs. Lincoln (49) Kindess Mrtimm Loyalty, and to be respected. MsAPH (21) Mutual understanding; humor Ms. Barbara (19) Their time. Ms. L (22) Loyalty Ms. Martin (46) that they can be honest and real with me mstinyS Distance mStonerCEO (45) loyalty MsVicky Honesty, integrity, humor, loyalty, and perseverance (which they recquire to maintain my friendship, as I can be very difficult and withdrawn). MTHSP (28) honesty MUElexandra (19) loyalty MUElizabeth (19) honesty Muffin (25) That they are interesting enough for me to tolerate every other aspect of them. mugen (22) Humility mugkim (19) they are each unique but share one quality - a love of comraderie and conversation muhbuh (47) Loyalty, humor, intelligence MUJakeWilkinson (18) spontaneity MUkelly (18) A sense of humor and unity. MULydia (18) Humor. MULydia (18) Openness Mumblingtruth (24) Respect, loyalty, humour Murphy (21) understanding Musa (16) Humor mutterhals (31) Friends are for the weak. Myalyn Hernandez (17) koolness my answers are perfect; yall should read Not giving up. Mychel Shannon (18) loyalty and fun My Dear Materialista (27) honesty and loyalty myra (22) We support each other Myra They have a sixth sense--they reach out to me even before I do, especially during times when I am in need of someone to talk to. Myron (26) Loyalty. I keep very few friends and have always been 100 percent loyal to them. Myron (26) Trustworthy/truthful, because without that who would everyone know their true friends. Mystery Mind Over Matter (19) Conversation, company, differences. N (20) Acceptance and good humor N (32) loyalty nad (17) Self awareness Nadine (21) Understanding and a willingness to provide truthful critique and honest advice, no matter how difficult Naleks (23) Acceptance. NamraSultan Honesty Nana (23) Honesty, intelligence, compassion Nancy (78) generosity of spirit nancy Genuineness, humorous Nancy (41) Understanding. Nancy B (40) Kindness Naomi (19) understanding narelle pederick (40) People that make me fell good. Narrator (5) Intelligence and thoughtfulness Nat kindness Natalia (33) sense of humor, independence and intelligence Natalie (18) Inquisitiveness and adventurousness Natalie MJ (31) Loyalty and their ability to bring me back to myself Natanya (95) reliable Natasha (49) loyalty Nate (16) dependency to be a true friend natedawg (28) the sweet heart and the ways they help me recover when i need them Nathalie (20) Kindness Nathan Love, patience, a good conversation and a good laugh Nathan (28) Solid common sense Nathan Loyalty Nathan (35) Kindness and charm Nathan (27) Sensitivity Nathaniel (24) Respect Nathaniel (20) Respect Nathaniel Loyalty Nathan Thorne (53) time, sincerity and helpfulness. navera (57) strongness nearer trust neckice honesty Neek (54) Understanding. Neeka (27) To be the punchbag and the pillow. Neetzi (18) Honesty, true friendship. NEL (20) attention and honesty Neller (35) their charity nelly loyalty Nelly (31) Their spiritual charity. Nels (31) Intelligent loyalty nene (57) trustworthiness - generosity - consideration neo_urbaniste (23) Openess. neptune Trust and faithfulness Nessa Patience Nessie (18) Kindness Nette (18) Loyalty and good advice. Newlin (25) Understanding Ngoc Trusting them, and having them trust me. Strong bonds Nia (15) Loyalty and kindness. Nia Robinson (19) honesty Nic (27) Vocabulary and patience. Nic (24) loyalty and humour Nic (27) A sense of belonging Nicholas (18) Tolerance Nicholas Kovacev (12) a favor Nick (35) A sense of humor, the ability to understand AND criticize Nick (20) kindness and humor Nick (31) Unconditional Honesty, the ability to tell the whole truth, even though it may cause tensions Nick Honesty, loyalty Nick (34) Generosity NickiNorker (48) Honesty, sympathy, caring Nick Zero (26) companionship nicoca (21) Loyalty. Nicolas (28) Kindness without naivety. Nicolas Bossons (16) they have to be interesting in some way Nicole (14) honesty nicole (23) Being genuine. Nicole (18) Supportiveness Nicole (22) Loyalty, fighting nature Nicole (17) trust Nicole EP (25) Honest Niece (42) loyalty. the sense that you know they'll be there when you need them. NiGht (23) Honesty and loyalty nightinday (19) loyalty Nik (30) Honesty and openness. Nikita (26) Honesty Nikkers64 (47) Honesty Nikki (35) Loyalty Nikkita Saeed (21) Forgiveness and patience. Nikolai Kleppe (44) truth from the heart Nikon Shooter i do not have many friends. I do not care about having friends Nillie (21) Loyalty and humor Nina (21) loyalty nina (27) Tenderness and ability to understand myself. Nina Mars (22) kindness nina tangimetua (23) How charming and respectful they are Nique (18) respect for me, for themself, and for others. Nirmal Singh (99) their being there niyaa honesty nmh (32) Trustworthy dispositions and views both similar and dissimilar to mine. Noah (17) An intellectual, spiritual, and comical affinity. Noah the good (23) Sincerity Noddy (26) Trust, dependability Noelle Loyalty and the ability to put up with me Noel Orosa Engrossment NoGurus (20) Empathy nom de plume Not bothering me. Nomen nescio (24) Kindess and loyalty Nomers (19) loyalty none given Them. None More Bitter (20) love, acceptance and thought for me nono (22) Earnest zeal, tempered with affection. nools (21) Straightforwardness nools (23) Integrity. Nora (20) loyality, humour, faithfulness Noraq sincerity Norma honesty and tact Norman W (35) Honesty Not (26) Compassion, loyalty, tenderness Nova (44) their resourcefullness, their connections, their capabilities Nova (32) Curiosity NR-2082 (32) That they care for me Nrvnqsr (27) Honesty ns loyalty NS Watson (30) Non-judgmentality Nuance (26) Intimacy Nudge (36) Them putting up with my behaviour. numeroita (24) a true sense of friendship, loyalty and cherish of moments together NynnaS. (36) ability to listen and be a good psychologist.helpful oanaa (23) awareness OB Loyalty Ode Loyalty Odie (24) themselves in their integral whole Odile (36) dependability. Odilia (47) The ones who let me get my word in Odyssey Willow (16) care ohlaskeau (21) Loyaty oldie-goldie (99) intelligence olga (22) Their continual ability and readiness to overlook my major flaws. Oli Tearle (28) loyalty Oliver their existence Olivia (17) Intelligence. Oliviaa. loyalty, warmth, intelligence, kindness oliviathunderkitty (63) Loyalty and honesty Oliwankenobi (21) Love and understanding. Olly (37) Loyalty and humour Omar (17) Honesty and making the best out of everything Omar p. (26) Honesty, an ability to form a bond like a family OneMan willingness to listen and share ontherazzle (40) Kindness and Honesty ooinla (40) Honesty Oph (30) Understanding Orby (40) loyalty Orchid (29) Loyalty or Devotion. ORK (22) their money orsetto (19) listening oscar (29) loyalty Oskar (60) Bluntness, and encouragement Oso silence to listen. otto (21) Realness, the ability to know oneself and this be able to know others. Ovi (24) Loyalty oxoboxo (22) Compassion. Øyvind (27) Capacity to love. Ozymandias Jefferson Roosevelt (24) Understanding PAB (43) The ability to listen and understand Pacie rust, sharing Paddy (29) Caring and loyality Paggy (33) loyalty pagina (20) Understanding of my personality Paige (34) Understanding of my personality Paige (34) Loyalty Paige (29) Loyalty and understanding Paige Hall (17) The very few ones I have can make me laugh and smile a bit Palaila (28) humor palais (32) that they are my friends Paldies (39) Honesty and compassion Pam (63) loyalty Pam Blackwell their honesty, sense of humor and to have them near when you need them most Pamcake (28) fidelidad pamelaja (27) Honesty in their feelings of friendship Panagiotis Theofilas (37) The ability to make me forget about what hurts inside. Panchi Loyalty pandaaah (23) The fact that they will stand by me. Panic (18) loyalty and honesty panthergirl (36) Amusement Parker (18) support, sensitivity, humour parksmi (51) loyalty parvati6 Warmth, and understanding... also patience Passepartout (27) Calling me out on my bullshit Pat (39) Understanding Patek (25) Understanding Pat Garrett (26) wisdom and loyalty patric (30) Diversity. Patrick J. Derilus Loyalty Patrick Trotti (26) blue t-shirts patroklos that they keep their distance patsy,world war II baby I don't think I can pinpoint that one. Patti (20) friendliness Patty (32) Being funny Patty (56) Availability Patty Cake (29) honesty Paula (54) congenial Paula (19) Their respect and continuing support, that's the mark of a real friend. Paulie (23) Sense of humor Paulina (18) Longevity, known them a long time Pauline53 (53) Intelligence and humor Paulshrug (44) loyalty and charm PaWe (50) openess, directness - there is no real friendship without them pax (23) loyalty PB (20) Creativity and sense of adventure, closeness and the trust they put in me Pea (17) Loyalty Pearl Maxwell (29) Loyalty Pedro Albernaz (20) Approachability Pedro Luis Munoz (24) Pure love in the unconditional category. Pedro Tejada (20) Honest Peggy (57) Loyalty, understanding and forgiveness. pehi (26) Confianza. Pekusia (22) an equal love for food, drink, and good times Penney (48) Honesty Pepper Honesty Pepper Loyalty Percy (27) Unconditional loyalty, or rather a response as such when it is offered to them Peregrine loyalty and a sense of fun Perfidia honesty pesser (57) Tolerance Pessoa non Grata kindness, tolerance, listening peter (63) Affection and tolerance Peter Dyson (56) Permanence Peter Heron (57) Honesty Peter Joseph Tamber Maxima Gaffney Nonjudgment, giving me the precious ability to be my true self, to have to censor nothing I want, or do, or think. Peter Silva (46) respect and honesty Petree (22) tenderness Phil (44) punctuality Phil The ability to speak candidly about anything with them. To laugh, learn and argue Phil (25) they open their heart philippe (59) Their conversation. Philomena (80) Their conversation, and their continual willingness to have them with me. Phil R. (30) trust when I don't deserve it; love when I don't want it; understanding when I am unintelligible Phoebe (18) Self-awareness Phoenix (39) sincerity phreec (35) Their time Phyllis Boyajian Branche integrity picfxr (45) Protectiveness and understanding P.I. Elliot Fidelity Pieterpad (80) humour Pingbluto to be there when i need them pintoo (24) There ability to listen to me and sometimes knowing what is best for me before I admit it Piper Bella Rose loyalty Pistol Pete Honesty, integrity and the ability to love pk_evanescent (38) comprehension. pk_henry Honesty and Loyalty. And maybe a little magic. Platinum Era (21) The homely comfort that comes when you passively come to know a person and spend time in their company, that easy feeling of camaraderie Plebelbe (21) Loyalty. Pleiadian7 (59) Real understanding and care, fun Plusein (25) their money pluto (26) Loyalty PomanderNatalie (45) Loyalty Ponice (18) Love, Protection, Honesty, and Faith. Pontius Pilate (30) Comprehension Poobah (65) Innocence, sense of humor, compassion Pooja loyalty Pooki (55) camaraderie, shenanigans, not giving a fuck poop fella (25) their attention, I chose them for their excellent qualities, and if I can hold thir attention I feel accomplished. This is my most egotistical thought. Pope (31) ability to share pp (31) Forgiveness Prajakta (23) A willingness to listen Pranaya R (28) sharing life Prasanna (23) Sense of Humor Prashant Gnawali (22) wit, their achievements Pratama (22) Enjoyable Pratiksha (15) honor Preacher (34) Naturalness, and loyalty PriC (26) Loyalty, empathy Priceequation (33) Their uniqueness. Prime Minister Appa (50) innocence Prismatic (74) Loyalty and the ability to do their job Protagonist (20) loyalness Protagonist Complicity Protovium (63) Depends on the friend Pseudointeresting (17) Loyalty, caring and humor psv (48) loyalty PUNK PAINTER (37) intelligence, independence puppylush (35) Honesty Qaz (30) acceptance&understanding Qi (18) Their ability to tell me the truth, and call me on my bluffs. Quasimodo (30) humor Quimper (LV) Confidence. Quinn (23) Honesty qweasd loyalty R (50) A certain spontaneity and strength of will that I lack Rachel (21) Trustworthiness, always being there when I need them Rachel (21) Understanding Rachelmate (39) FAITHFULNESS , TENDERNESS RACHU (32) non-prejudice radomu (18) understanding, comraderie, trust,acceptance Raelynn (57) Brotherhood. raf (19) Strength Ragna (19) their friendship and trust RagsTyler (33) Patience. Rah (25) Compassion which hardly anyone I know here possesses. Rahul (21) Loyalty Rain (16) Loyalty Rain acceptence rainbird Tact and decency, that they appear a refined collective, rather than a collective of refined gentlemen. Raj (18) Support Raju (21) Genuineness, humor, good nature. Ralph (21) Understanding Ramesses Benjamin Lewis (27) willingness to share Ramu (59) trust. welcoming disposition. Ran (25) care, share ranjali (20) Kindness and loyalty, to me, of course. Raph Kindness Rapunzel their ability to be everything I need and want in one person Raquelle (17) Honesty and wisdom. Their ability to tell in my face that I am or have been a terrible person. Rara (22) patience Rashmi (21) I am The Rau. I have servants, not friends. Raumabaya or The Rau (00) usefulness ;) rave (18) Intelligence and honesty. Good hygiene is helpful as well. Raven (30) being about to count on them raven (17) Understanding and acceptance Raven (15) Honesty Raven Anston The ability to marvel in ideas larger than here and now. Ray of Mars (36) Consideration rb3868 (52) Sworn secrecy RD Caring Rebecca (19) Open-midedness Rebecca Scheid (13) understanding Rebekah (29) Love Recross (25) Intellligence Red (26) Comradery - the feeling like I am part of the group, rather than an outsider. Redbeard (24) Very little. Redrover (50) Loyalty as there is nothing worse than an friend who lacks loyalty Ree (21) to ability to have a good time and laugh ree (24) Understanding, intelligence Reed Braden (19) Loyalty Reggie Benjamin (35) Loyalty and privacy Remi (28) generousity/compassion RENA (62) Dependability Renata (0) thier comradery Renath Loyalty, honesty and service, knowing what I need and meeting my needs without being asked Renee (44) Mostly charm, because the friendship doesn't last long... Renee Stanko (27) honesty reneetriay (40) Loyalty. Ren Harris loyalty, honesty, open mindedness, renno (17) Royalty, the ability to make me love them Renos (24) Wholeheartedness Renuka (21) loyalty, as in staying by ur side til the bitter end, even after you said that they dont need to suffer for your sake renz (15) Connection Requiem (27) warmth, a sense of humor, intellectual heft res10k9v5@frontier.com A bond that lasts throughout the years, even if we don't meet. Rethinker (26) confidentiality and trust retroandi Intellectual capacity. As long as they operate on the same mental playing field, everything becomes a tremendously entertaining game. Reuben Samson (21) Loyalty Reva Ann (20) I have no friends Rewrew loyalty Rhail (38) Sincere interest in my endeavours and well-being RHCdG (52) being dependable and understanding Rhea (25) Rapport, kindness, empathy Ric H (41) Their loyalty. Richard (22) Loyalty or inteligence depending on the person Rick Loyalty, love, faith, and an acceptance of me as a person Rick (18) Loyalty. Rie Tact. Riley (26) wit, flare, and un understanding for marked characteristics riley (19) Humor and kindness Riley (14) Humor and kindness Riley (14) the personality Rilo goog humour, fun Rina (20) loyalty. having fun. Rini Trustworthiness. Rinilia (17) Sense of humor Riss (37) I most value in the friends i have are the way we all motivate each other. Rissa (18) Originality RiverSong (32) Companionship; I've never had them before, and I'd really like to have the friends I make those I want to be around. Riyu (17) Honesty Riza (17) Honesty, Respect Rizwan (21) value ro (21) true friendship rob (54) Loyalty Rob (27) Their willingness to put up with my defects and eccentricities. Robbie Curran (19) A sense of fraternity Robert Danduran (26) Being there when a ear is needed. Roberto Rivadeneyra Q (35) Their Admiration Robert Tatler (18) that they treat others with respect Robin (22) loyalty,kindness rob luddington (45) loyalty Robo (56) Tolerance and appreciation of my most ridiculous interests. Ridiculous interests of their own. robot A caring nature; A quality or personality that is unique and could not be recaptured by anyone else. Robyn (15) Loyalty, trust, understanding, patience, open-mindedness, being there no matter what. Rochelle (40) Loyalty, sense of humor Rockstar space Rocky Charm Rodders (32) thier ability to entertain me Roderick trust Rodica (32) Their continued presence Rodrigo (24) loyalty rodrigo zarate (29) Their ability to take me as a member of the gang. Rod Weiler (21) Availability Roe (47) someone to look out for me roger (45) easy to talk to roguebroccoli (18) loyalty Rollwagen (26) their existence roloropo (29) Kindness- I like that. Roma (14) Four legs, a tail, and loyalty. Roman (38) honesty and loyalty Romina (16) Honesty, and that they never abandon me. Romina (21) Brotherly Regard Ronald (40) Spontaneity, trustworthiness, loyalty - honest and forthcoming in communication - a playful, fun nature and ability to inspire and uplift me Ronen (27) Honesty, patience, kindness and individuality. Roo (20) loyalty, kindness roro (23) Their existence, even if fleeting Rorshavhanswer (18) Them being completely comfortable with me, and me with them--provided that they have worth in themselves. Rosa (19) Kindness Rosalee Firth Happiness. Rosalie Grace (16) consideration, compassion, honesty, Rosalinda Chavez (19) understanding Rose (17) loyalty Rose (33) That they like me as I am. Rose Humor and compassion. Being able to laugh with them and cry with them. Rose (31) Loyalty Roseanne (29) their confidence Rosie (52) Always there for me Rosie (53) Loyalty Rosie Laughter & opinions Rossboss (37) loyalty rossi trust, fun n tenderness ro to the rah (20) Loyalty. Rowan (16) Familiarity, Respect Rowan Bartlett (23) Sincerity Rox (17) That they accept me unconditionally Roxanne Mooneys (22) goodwill rsan Loyalty rtalien (25) Intellectually-stimulating conversation, good laughs RTC (21) Truthfulness. rubysparkles (23) Honesty Rudi (24) Sincerity Rumi (42) Steadfastness. runur (44) Loyalty and understanding Rushkami (27) Honesty Ruska (33) niceness and trustworthyness Ruskin Clay (17) electrical current Ruskin Clay (17) forebearance Russell Sandbach (53) loyalty Ruth (48) Loyalty Ruthie (19) Loyalty is the most important value that the few of them share. Rux Generosity R. W. (26) loyalty rwk (57) Hardiness. The willingness to acknownledge suffering. Ryan (18) non-judgemental Ryan B (23) Loyalty. Ryan Brun (23) Loyalty. Ryan Brun (27) I don't have any friends. Ryan Brun (29) Laughter Ryan C (30) Their attention Ryan Riley (26) Honesty Ryno (26) Sincerity Ryssan (22) Loyalty S (20) honesty S (26) A sense of humor, a clever and advanced one. S (13) helping, frankness, kind s (23) Honesty and their ability to make me feel happy s33d (20) Integrity Saaid Loyalty and honesty Saba (19) Shrewdness Sabine (18) That they understand the motives behind what I do. sableye22 (17) their memory Sabri (19) That they are there for me when I need them Sabrina Honesty Sabrina Sense of non-judgement Sacha (30) a sense of humor s. a. hensley (45) honesty saief (28) Unconditional support. SAI LAXMI TATINENI (40) 2 saill (24) For accepting me as a friend and worthy of their companionship, in spite of who I am. saill (24) open arms sailor Loaylty Salem (21) Reliability Sally of Kent loyalty sam (19) companionship Sam (24) loyalty, tolerance of my flaws, listening skills, discernment and good advice Sam (36) Honesty, loyalty, compassion Sam (22) The ability to listen Sam (17) Genuine affection, intelligence, honesty Samantha (17) loyalty, compassionate, adventurous Sam(antha) (24) faithfulness, a willingness for adventure Samantha (30) Compassion Samantha (35) Honesty Samantha Davenport (18) Loyalty, trustworthiness, and the ability to make me laugh. Sam Gordon (18) Honesty and trust Sami (18) trust, humor, love samps (29) them SamSam (33) loyalty Samuel (19) Curiosity San colectivity Sandu (15) being able to laugh Sandy honesty and honor Sandy (32) Honesty and support Sandy (25) loyalty sankari (39) Protection from life. Sara (23) humour and playfulness Sara (57) honesty and loyalty Sara (50) easy going nature Sara C aka Snacks aka Sarbs (26) The same qualities I work to nurture in myself Sarah (23) kindness and understanding sarah their ability to amuse me. sarah (14) Honesty, truly being oneself Sarah (23) Loyalty Sarah (38) loyalty and a forward motion in life (not necessarily a job) sarah (22) a genteel tolerance of my defects -- thanks everyone for being there for me, the check's in the mail Sarah (33) loalty sarah (21) Reliability and dependability Sarah (27) Honesty, no matter how much it hurts, I respect them for it. Sarah (18) Honesty and always being there Sarah (24) Tact and love Sarah (27) loyalty sarahbeth (21) respect Sarah Carlton (18) the ability to laugh together Sarah Hollinger (28) The ability to tell it to me straight. SarahSometimes (22) Charm, or something in each friend that sets them apart from others. Fun, trust, and an ability to invite me to experiences unique opportunities Sarah Taylor Vernarecci (19) their friendship duhh! Sarah Taylor Vernarecci (19) Intelligence, Loyalty sara luisa hincapie (23) Loyalty and compassion Sara Ortiz (27) Understanding. I often need comfort - and occasionally a shoulder to cry on Sara P. (18) growth Sasha (30) Openness. Sasha Hasanbegovic (26) Loyalty. Sasha_M (34) Loyalty Sasha Sutton (22) honesty. sat (20) Being there for me when I'm down. sauron (24) Loyalty and the ability to stand with me through my darkest moments in life. Savannah (27) their unique personalities Savannah Henry (18) Honesty and curiosity savannahw. (19) Loyalty Sax (32) loyalty scarletsquirrel (13) Loyalty Scarlett (25) Loyalty Scooter (29) Loyalty, empathy, humor Scooter190 (21) they make me feel welcome and comfortable - special Scott (60) They will stick by me no matter what Scott (17) Diversity Scott777 Understanding me like no one else can Scotty (18) Their ability to be genuine and tell me how it is. Scotty humour, opinions and being able to see eye to eye Scout (26) Understanding. Support. Intelligence. Honesty. Courage. Screaming Bastard Child of the Apocalyps (23) The ability to talk of whatever might come about Sean (19) Humour. Sean D. Thompson (22) Being there, whether you need them to be or not Sean Kennedy (22) Acknlowedgement Sean Reveille (19) Amor incondicional. Sebasagot (23) Willingness to consider new ideas. Sebastian (18) love, respect, independence Sebastian H (18) whatever it is in our minds or hearts that made us find each other :) Sedona (16) A sense of humour Sejal Ghia (24) Being there when I need them Selene H. Brent Honesty sella (17) Loyalty and respect -- in spirte of the decisions I make that they believe is not in my best interest SeraphimeRising (31) Faithfulness Serena (26) Presence Serene Lim (24) Individuality serenity Authenticity and to be unlike me. Seth Street (19) Honesty. Sexismandthecity (28) Ability / willingness to freely think and kindness. Sgraham (28) honesty shadoww420 (33) time, thought Shaina (22) honesty, loyalty, affection ShaLo (66) Understanding, since I'm usually confused myself Shamir (13) Being there for me Shana (22) Honesty combined with flattery (however false it may be) when I need it Shane (19) understanding shane (25) Honesty Shane Their presence. Shanna (19) My friends have all gone but I should like to meet them again. Shannon Cole (22) Sense of humor SharaMays72 Non-judgmental, loyal & on par with all things humorously (in) toxicated. Shari (21) A good sense of humour. Sharice (22) Loyalty SharonBillings Kindness, Integrity Shauna (40) tenderness - i abolutely agree. That and a sense of humour or irony. shaurora (64) willingness to put up with my crap Shawna (21) sincerity shawna (17) friendship shawpur (66) Loyalty SHE (44) Intellegence and the ability to make me laugh. Someone who inspires me to be the best version of myself Shea (28) That I can say things that won't fly over their heads, and that we laugh at similar things sheavsey (21) Honesty Sheila D (55) loyalty shelby Their understanding Shelley (32) honesty and truthfulness Shelly (17) straightforwardness Shep Howard Kindness. Sherry Fuller (41) tenderness and care shiela (18) loyalty Shig (29) What friends? Shiloh Moretti (16) Loyalty; as loyalty can begin a friendship yet never end it. Shimomeiji (19) Patience and understanding and loyalty...beautiful silliness and wisdom Shina (28) A mutual network of care and support, to me and from me. Shinydan (34) honesty and steadfastness ShiversB (19) never let me down shodhana (20) when they're there without being asked Shubhda (24) Honest, trust and respect shupiwe (35) Trustworthy, Drama Free, Positive, Upifting, Goofy Shy (25) Tolerance Sid (57) Honesty SID (53) Warmth, maturity and perspective that comes from having been in the deepest, darkest circle of hell and not having turned bitter. Siddharth (23) Tenderness and humour Sidedrive (70) A mixture of seriousness and humour Siena (21) The fact that they are willing to see me, to see me for who I truly am Signe (22) Caring Simen (18) "Foreverness" Simon (19) their ability to stick around and care Simon (20) Their wil to stay with me even when they don't need me Simona (16) Open hearts sinawae (27) understanding my flawes sindjiro Ability to handle a strong personality Sirena Wainford (17) Honesty and willingness to do the right thing. Sirith (33) Honesty Sir Richard (52) Tolerance of my faults. Sixela Negomi the truth, their true selves, their beliefs sj (23) loyalty SJ (44) their honesty and pureness Sj (16) realism skitalica (27) Respect skurge (18) reliability Skytalker (26) Loyalty SL (22) Loyalty Sle (41) loyalty and honesty sleepy (20) loyalty Slim Honesty, loyalty. Sloceface (23) Sincere, Communication, Care sluggishflow (22) The capacity to listen attentively S. M. A. Armstrong (21) When they are able to transmit their feelings to me Smaranda (33) Honesty and integrity Smeghead acceptance smithmarg (45) That they should be so noble as to keep company with the likes of me Smo (27) A passion to match my own. smude Integrity and trust snibab (19) honesty, loyalty snorris (23) Loyalty and to keep secrets Snyde (38) Intelligence, wit, charm So (22) that they give back to me the best version of myself socksless Loyalty Sofi (24) Tenderness, and silence- an unspoken sense of harmony. Sofia (15) selflessness, honesty and understanding sofia (14) Solidarity Sofía Loyalty Sofia Picasso (14) Trust, sense of humor, and ability to act upon their ideals. Sofía P. S. (20) Honesty and sense of humour Sofyzitahh (23) sensitivity and kindness solitary confinement (44) Trustworthiness Solomon (24) honesty SolomonGrundy (45) Understanding. Sombra (20) humor, thoughtfulness, cheerfulness Some random person (16) honesty Sonet P They strife to be good people Sonia (25) Diversity. Sonja (27) Humor, forgiveness, personal quirkiness or the imagination to embrace it in others Sonya Dahl (21) loyalty Soos (32) understanding sooz (38) Kindness. Sophia (25) Understanding Sophie (17) I know they will share my joy and they tell me the truth even when it is painful Sophie their loyalty. Sophie fidelity Sorrow (23) honesty souma (32) Compassion SoundofWater (35) Loyalty Sourabh Bharadwaj (21) Sensitivity, thoughtfulness. S.P. (20) Indulgence and acceptance sp3ccylad (44) loyalty Spacebug (42) Intellegence Spacey (24) Humor kindness Sparrow (46) Humor, sarcasm, and loyalty Sparrow (17) Truth Speck (36) Trust Spencer (25) Commitment, Honesty, Friendliness, Selflessness. Spencer Stewart Loyalty. Spencer Valdez (11) Anything they can give. Spencer Valdez (12) Loyalty and respect. Spike Spiegel I value friends that cause pain or shorten people's lives. Spina Bifida carring and truthfulness Srishti Gupta (19) sssssssssssssssssssss sssssssssssssssssssss (23) them parting with their time for me ssv (40) the fact that they are willing to accept me with all my shortcomings stan (54) Respect Star (11) Understanding, maturity- but with the ability to be fun also Starflower (19) Understanding, Empathy Ste (26) faith, great values Stella (28) respect and good humour Stella (37) I don't have any friends. Everybody is a hater Stella (53) honesty Steph whatever it is hat they can do in service to me Steph The ability to forgive me my faults, and to love me despite them. Also, an appropriate sense of humor. Stephanie (23) need to have fun Stephanie (21) Honesty; trusthworthiness; loyalty Stephanie (18) goofiness Stephanie (49) inspiration, learning stephanie (20) Loyalty and kindness Stephanie Yt (21) they are there when i need them stephbsemilla (40) Loyalty Stephen (56) warmth Stephen (78) genuineness Stephen Stacks Their ability to make me forget my troubles. Steve (20) honesty Steve (53) Intelligence Steve Loyalty Steve (56) Peaceful with a taste for humor Steve Hanawalt (56) Easy going, mellow, inquisitive, not normal in most senses Steve K (27) we have each others back Steven Porter (21) Loyalty, and willingness to tell me when I'm being an asshole. Steve Shives (29) loyalty and ability to understand me stoffie (26) understanding stojan (32) Empathy. Stork Daddy That they are always there for me. Stormy (17) reliability stradling unconditional love STUPID IDIOT (0) Perspective Subhartho (26) compassion Sue (49) Interestingness. Sunbul (18) care Sundaraa (32) Loyalty. sunny their presence sunshineguerilla (28) Accessibility SuperflyTNT Honesty Susan (63) Humor, intellect, honesty, compassion, companionship Susan (63) trust Susan Collins (21) Affirmation Susan Dawn Fain (59) Affirmation Susan Dawn Fain (59) Loyalty Susie (20) their interest in me susie karpasitis (26) Honesty, fairness, affection Susie Q (73) love suzanne Loyalty Suzanne (41) Insight, depth, creativity, sense of humor Suzanne Cohen (53) they are always there and they hear me out Suzy (19) sincerity SvetikSmile (20) A good laugh Swallow Caring Swan (75) Honesty Swapna (21) the ability to be forthright, even when hard Switz (29) patience, kindness sybann (50) That they will tell me what I don't want to hear if it is the truth. Sydchez Loyalty and someone who can be there for me whenever I need them. Sydney Kilbane (18) understanding t1 frank expression and selflessness T (19) Supportiveness, kindness, and loyalty T (26) That I get along with them T (18) Loyalty, kindness, humor, and understanding. T (20) Honest, unbridled enthusiasm for the moment. T.A. (34) They are gentle and they are genuine Tabitha Murray (42) If I had any that I could truly count on, that would be it. Taeleyn терпимость TAHbKA support, honesty, curiosity tai (22) kindness taintme honesty tal (13) Loyalty Tallulah (29) true incimaty TAMAR (23) kindness and understanding...not judging me by superficial standards tamar (54) intelligence tamara (48) friendship, humor and honesty. (even when i would like to punch them in the mouth for their honesty) tamera miller (33) friendship, humor and honesty. (even when i would like to punch them in the mouth for their honesty) TAMERA MILLER (35) their capacity of loving me tanichis (32) loyalty Tanwen Aschtherlar Tormey (18) Being genuine Tara (37) Companionship Tash (29) Honesty, kindness, intelligence, stubbornness, wittiness, etc. Tatiana (17) Uniqueness, companionship Tatiana (21) Loyalty. Tatiz (19) Loyalty and knowing where they stand, but of course in a tender way Taylor (24) Love, care and respect; amicability. Taylore Dawn (18) A genuine interest in me, and the willingness to oppose me if they feel strongly enough Taylor Van Allen (24) understanding nature tazmur (26) Loyalty TB Flexibility and loyalty tbkemz (42) Loyalty, charm, light-heartedness, intelligence T. Christopher Cox (43) That they are authentic Tebvy (24) trust Ted (26) their morals, ethics, spirituality Tee (40) optimism Teehee (18) the comfort i feel with them TEESHA (27) Being a good listener, communicative and thoughtful Tekoa Butler I don't even know. I recently realised that I would do more for someone I consider a friend than they would for me. Teleute (17) reliability Teme (18) I usually dont care since friends for me have mostly been people who come and go and while they can count on me i've never had to count on them. Depending on someone is actually a bit scary, so I'd go with dependable. Tennrox I dont really care that much, just someone i can get along with and isnt just there to take advantage of my help Tennrox Loyalty Teresa (43) understanding Teresa (43) honesty teri (73) trust terios (21) Their trust in me. Terra (22) Caring Terri (35) Humor Terry (41) Loyalty Terry (66) that we understand each other and agree on the big points, the ones that matter TerryG (49) Friendship Terrylee (35) honesty, emotional support Terrylynn0609 (39) KINDNESS TERRY YORK II their ability to make me life tess (24) loyalty Tess (53) their shoulders and their sbsequant availability to lean on them Tess Calopedos (17) honesty Tess Fiennes (40) their loyalty, patience and generousity tg (48) Loyalty Thambi (24) trusting thatchaa (17) sincerity and wanting to be there for/with you without you asking that guy #999 (29) The rapport That New Chris Sloce (18) Honesty thebabycub (39) perserverance, honesty and kindness The Beast Wit and charm The Big Liddle (31) Honestness The Boss open-mindedness The Desert (22) Honesty TheDoctor76 (35) Optimism. Negativity is poison. The Essential Man (26) The abilty to see good in others. TheFear77 (23) honesty theGeneral (19) sense of humor the grill (31) I value their loyalty and understanding The hungry caterpillar (29) that they seek me out and invite me on adventures The Imprecise Duke Of Phonology (77) The ability to get me out of my shell and accept me for who I am The Josh Rollins (21) Friendship is a luxury I have forgone in my quest for unholy justice. My henchmen serve me just fine The Man In The Brown Hat Kindness, generosity, helpfulness, good-naturedness, cheerfulness The Mouse Avenger (20) Their kind-hearted words. Theo Honesty, humor, kindness theravenette (15) Honesty, humor, kindness theravenette (15) Loyalty Theresa (22) Companionship The Roomba Mifi (28) Honesty Thia (29) Loyalty Thinplank (40) Creativity and bookshelves Thom (23) Fidelity Thomas12081983 Intelligence Thomas (16) Honesty & humor, a few of them should be intelligent & as such are. ThomasM Their ability to provide "Comp" tickets. Thomzagod (39) Acceptance Thor Hammerstein (16) Tolerance and interest for different opinions. Thothanatos92 (23) I can both laugh and cry with them. thoughtlessdreamer (15) Submissiveness. Thrakish (18) Honesty Thunderpussy (48) Courage, intelligence Tiago Moura (15) Sense of humour, the ability to have intelligent discourse, silliness Tianna I do not have any friends. Tianna Alysia Kallan (37) To feel comfortable tick loyalty, open minded tiffany Honesty Tiffany (44) honesty and loyalty Tiffany Beatty (19) loyalty tiffany; (lifefromtheshelf.blogspot.com) (17) loyalty TiffanyTee (26) honesty Tiger and Lions Honestly Tim (27) Intellect Tim That they are laid-back and easy to talk to about anything. Tim (24) empathy tim Loyalty Tim unquestioning acceptance Tim Proser (17) Taking time to listen to me Tim Sandle Loving kindness timwarnock (34) Loyalty Tina (32) Listening and kind-hearts Tina (16) Trust Tina (44) that they can and will tell me the truth Tini their love Tinkoo (24) Eccentricity so that they are desiring of my friendship in the first place; loyalty so that they remain my friend through the tides of life Tinuvielyra ability to be around Tivia Stewart (40) Loyalty tj (39) I admired their lust for life. Tobias Budge (25) My friends are fucked in the head <3 Tobyn Sebastian (24) That they understand me. Todd understanding Tofu (19) Understanding of myself, forgiveness for my actions, and amusement. Tom (21) A certain patience that takes a hard upbringing to develop Tom G (19) Distance Tommy (19) Character Tommy Boy (24) Loyalty Tongbite Matt (36) Wit Toni (48) Loyalty, honesty, intelligence, and humor Toni Spimoni That the accept me as I am Toño Cabrera-Pereyra (31) A phone call, a cup of coffee, Tony (48) Intelligence and native talent Tony (30) understanding Tony (17) respect Tony (17) Friendship and respect on both ends, for it takes more than one reaction to get a response. Tonya Jones (39) Support. The ability to understand that I would be an ear and a help... in hope that they would understand how to be that in return. toosnowoman honesty insightfulness thoughtfullness Toria (37) Trust. I love when I feel like i can tell my friends anything and feel comfortable. Tori Pierce Relaxed. Torsksåsen (22) kindness tracey The way they stay with you no matter what you do. tracynle (20) reciprocal Tracy TB (45) Honesty travis honesty Travis (25) loyalty, intelligence, wit, and compassion. Travis Mask (49) Uniqueness Tre My friends aren't really my friends. They love me for my looks and money. TREE (21) Simplicity. Tree Girl (29) Loyalty Trent Duval (28) Kindness Tres bien (43) loyalty Trevor I value them and their friendship. Our deep conversations about life. Trevor (24) Integrity, honesty, empathy Trevor McSwain (24) True friendship tri Humor Trinity Chapa (15) loyalty triplet (30) loyalty, honesty, kindness Trish Compassion, sense of fun Trisha (17) confidence, truth, laughter Trisha (29) Honor, honesty, hard work, and compassion Tristan (14) Humour, loyalty Trixie trustworthiness trotter (30) loyalty in the face of my somewhat cruel demeanor Troy Casa (50) their will to share and be themselfs tsiou (33) calm quiet listener tt (27) Empathy Turk (24) innovation, intellectual and interesting conversation turnbull (27) Their company Turnus Being real without pretension. Turtle Heart nothing tutu loyalty Twigtwill (21) People who I can love, without fearing if my love is real. People who are true. Not nice for the sake of being nice, not brutal because they don't know any better way, but genuine, genuine character, morals, and kindness. Twillightdoom (17) Shared history twondbestbed (34) Absolute loyalty Ty (18) Being with the other. Tyler (24) Loyalty and good motives Tyler (16) Loyalty Tyler Scott (41) Complex integrity Ty-test Understanding Udan Outwort (61) Curiosity and courage Uddhipan Thakur (24) Honesty Uma (63) Sincerity umd.16 (20) Gaiety, Understanding UnoZen Camaraderie, originality, humor, a loving nature, understanding Ursus M. H. Spelaeus (59) Respect for my space V (27) Honestly, that they know when to leave me alone Val (31) Loyalty, kindness, their love for me. Valentina (17) loyalty and intelligence Valeria Ryrak (21) Loyalty and Honesty Valtharos (22) Active and social Van (22) kindness vanessa (33) Kindness Vanessa Cardui (43) Integrity and loyalty vard95 Understand and not advice Varna (25) to not be needy Vato (39) faith Vbonita (28) To understand VBozic (40) Sincerity Vedada (28) Their desire to help you Veera Selfless love Venky (36) Tolerance of my many, many flaws. Ventricle (24) existence of them vera (28) honesty veri333 (21) Loyalty Verona Jones (59) A sense of humor, loyalty Veronica (20) Loyalty, I suppose, but I've never had a friend like that. Veronique (18) tolerance/acceptance of my social foibles Vesan (33) comprehension, and good ears to listen when i need vi (20) The ability to have a deep, emotional conversation without judgement or distraction Vi (22) loyalty Vic (46) loyalty and honesty Vicki loyelty vicky (26) Objective honesty and compassion Vicky (24) loyalty Victoria (37) Kindness and a sense of fun Victoria (59) acceptance of who I am-- even when I do ridiculous things Victoria (16) Honesty Victoria (23) Loyalty and humor Victoria Comfortableness-the ability to talk about anything and not notice how much time flies by. Victoria Song (22) obedience Victor Shade (27) Compassion and intelligence. Victor Trevor (23) sense of homour videoalex That they accept me and understand the things I say. Vijay Pierce (23) honesty vikram (34) An ability to tell me the truth without sweetning or malice, i.e. objectively Vikram Krishnan (24) The bitter truth and humor to heal the wounds. Viktor (28) Honesty, humor, reliability Viktor (19) Loyalty, tolerance of oddness Viktor Corzich (35) Honesty. Viktor Sigareff (19) Loyalty. Village Of Brooklin (45) Intelligence, willpower, individuality Vincent (19) kickin it and makin a ruckus vinnie smalls (15) ears VinnyGreenock72 Being easy to talk to and laugh with, similar interests Violet (18) Loyalty, reliability Viorel (25) A desire to have me around. Virginia (20) Truthfulness, and people who wouldn't stab me in the back. Virginia (12) understanding, intelligence, reciprocality, intuition visualizations (22) charm, thoughtfulness, intelligence. Viv (14) Loyalty Vivian their absence Vivianne Liliaceae Aspho Vilth Faithfulness VK (42) I value trust in friendship, and I've found that friendship is a luxury to me VK (22) honestly, support Vlada (20) thoughtfulness Vogette (55) Truthfulness and loyalty Vs (18) Compassion, intelligence, open-mindedness, humor vur Loyalty Waleed (32) Helpfulness Wallace (85) Care. Walter (19) empathy, intelligence, good cheer Wanda (26) Honesty Watson (27) That they stand by me, and give me strength. wattc128 the ability to give a damn about something that matters, a quality few humans have waypast Loyalty Wendy (34) Loyalty Wendy (22) sincerity, original thinking, humor and compassion Wendy Chase (47) Honesty, ambition, bravery. wendysday (20) Friendliness wes (19) Intelligence and kindness Wes (17) honesty whim (40) Honesty Whitney (19) listening without needing to give an opinion Whitney (41) Kind and able Whitney Sorenson (33) Loyalty WHMIV (30) Being able to be ourselves around each other whosbecks (36) loyalty and trust wiff (15) Love Wikiki Patience, Honesty, and above all else, LOYALTY! Will (26) Friendship itself Will (22) honesty Willamid (20) a sense of humor, good conversation, kindness and independence William (43) Loyalty Willow Skylor Proust, again, does the job Will RF (23) loyalty and support Win (22) The "damn" they give. Windalfr (23) Honesty, compassion and loyalty winterjewel (36) being interesting, intelligent and loyal wintermellen (14) inteligence, companionship wise madman (28) rolling with it wizz Give good advice even when I don't want to hear it. WJ (43) Attunement to the moment Wolf To stay behind me and be quiet Wolf (NA) acceptance of others, and empathy Wolffy (67) Intelligence Woody (75) Empathy. Guts. Wormsie (24) trust wowderry (54) Compassion Wren (22) Understanding that we are alike and also different and that's ok. Wyteria (20) understanding xandra (35) loving kindness and patience. Xan Etienne Respect and Honesty Xavier (18) Liberal-mindedness and the ability to be with me Xer (23) special and indipendent Xialing Gan (27) loyalty xxx (26) Their brutal honesty. XYZ (17) intelligence xyzz (20) intelligence, charm, a sense of adventure Y (15) Loyalty yair eshel (30) Realness, kindness and a good sense of humor. Yaisha (19) Sensitivity and a listening ear Yale (20) Yamini (17) That they get me and my failures and still love me Yehudster (60) companionship, celebrate life or detest it together yesh (25) Understanding, Loyalty Yi (24) honesty yogi (22) su amistad yoko (28) loyalty and family Yomaine (13) intelligence yonderways (58) The certainty the give me that they´ll be there at anytime Yuki (20) loyalty Yulissa (19) Loyalty and unwavering love and the ability to ask hard questions, their wit and charms be they devilish or good. Z (31) Loyalty, understanding, and self-awareness Z Time spent with me. Zac (28) Dedication. Zach (26) intelligence Zach Honesty Zachary (25) Honesty Zachary (27) Forgiveness, mercy Zachary Depends on my mood. Sometimes I like my friends to be adventurous, but sometimes I wish they'd just go with the flow. Zachary Echo Auburn (17) a loyalty that's hard to find and willingness to help me zach taylor (17) Similar tastes, willingness to help. Zach Tibbs (20) ability to make me laugh Zana (38) Bluntness, sense of humor, intelligence Zar (21) Balance - To advise me and support me equally, even in madness Zara Integrity zebratitle (24) No zed (25) emotional connection Zee (21) Kindness, Zee (17) An easy smile and open heart zetababy Financial generosity. ; ) zig The ability to carry a conversation and to enjoy quiet moments. Zigmant (19) joy of human contact zizi (55) loyalty Zizzle (25) Empathy Zozobra (17) respect for differing opinions Zyg (65) 信任和陪伴 杨婷婷 (24) 给我的时间。 简直 (25) 给我的时间。 简直 (25) 给我的时间。 简直 (25)

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What do you regard as the lowest depth of misery?  Where would you like to live?  What is your idea of earthly happiness?  To what faults do you feel most indulgent?  Who are your favorite heroes of fiction?  Who are your favorite characters in history?  Who are your favorite heroines in real life?  Who are your favorite heroines of fiction?  Your favorite painter?  Your favorite musician?  The quality you most admire in a man?  The quality you most admire in a woman?  Your favorite virtue?  Your favorite occupation?  Who would you have liked to be?  Your most marked characteristic?  What do you most value in your friends?  What is your principle defect?  What to your mind would be the greatest of misfortunes?  What would you like to be?  What is your favorite color?  What is your favorite flower?  What is your favorite bird?  Who are your favorite prose writers?  Who are your favorite poets?  Who are your heroes in real life?  Who are your favorite heroines of history?  What are your favorite names?  What is it you most dislike?  What historical figures do you most despise?  What event in military history do you most admire?  What natural gift would you most like to possess?  How would you like to die?  What is your present state of mind?  What is your motto?

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