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What is your principle defect?

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Fear of what other people think. 009 (19) adf 1 jealousy 50ad (17) flexibility 6nianji-ZHC (38) Lack of confidence 808s lack of empathy 80cubed (55) Lots of self-awareness and no self-control A (19) Lack of tact A Bitterness A. (27) lack of trust and willingness to get to know new people A (26) Impatience with the flaws of others A. Too hard on myself A (26) constant feeling of failure AA (23) Can't really connect to other people aaaaaaa (18) Cruelty AAAKKK Chronically low self-esteem; easily despairing aag (22) inability to grasp emotions aallisonr (30) sloth, depression Aaron (32) I have none. I am a human being, I carry no curse; I move from moment to moment and sometimes my gifts and talents match the moment. Other times, they do not. Aaron Guy Leroux (37) Misunderstanding; weakness; fear Aarushi Agarwal (13) I am rude and irrational when I get emotional. And I get emotional too often. Abbie (22) I'm one hell of a lazy bastard Abbie Hartley I'm a pushover Abby (26) Impatience. AbbySF depression Abegando (28) Fear Abigail Harris (10) lack of focus and resulting self doubt/ low confidence ABP (50) anger Abraham (41) Not saying what I really think in order to please company. Lack of self-discipline in one area. My mind is easily distracted by many interests. Abs Mischievousness Acara McFadden (28) I am stubborn to a fault, I have a sharp toungue too ACH (23) Too independent. A. Clifford Stowe (81) Can be rude, ruthless and short with people Adam (22) lack of desire in various endeavors Adam (25) Hypocritcal Adam (20) lack of intuition Adam Hyde (26) Stubbornness Adam Seline (30) stubborn with moral principles adieudusk no self motivation Aditya (25) None. Admiral Love (33) lack of will, doubt my own abilities, Laziness, too emotional sometimes Adonia (40) Weak will, self-pity, and loathing Adrian (18) lack of expressing emotion, at all Adriana (16) inability to view beyond, Adriana (16) stubborness, to the point of hurting my feelings and those of my beloved adriana (45) Obsessiveness. Adrian Bauza (20) My bluntness. Adrian George Nicolae (24) Underpreforming Adrian Martyn (34) Jealousy Adrianna (18) faith in God AdrianOz (45) My greatest problem is being unable to move on from the past. Adrian Winters (17) lack of care for others in the wider sence Ady (22) My lack of focus aetilson (41) my inconsolable soul a.g. (23) Lack of understanding agagagaga (24) Weakness of will. Agent00V (18) shyness, laziness, being contradictory Aggie White Thinking too much, acting too little A.G. Mata (21) Impatience Agneska (20) pushover agony (25) capacity to hold a grudge for many years Agreen (29) Weak will, laziness, panic. Agu (21) too many...but maybe my need for control. Agustina (27) Arrogance A Half Empty Beaker self destructive tendcy ahmad (27) i think i have too much time ahmad (24) Indecisiveness Ai (21) puzzle over Aida (22) Negative thoughts and fear of failure. Aidan (21) I'm too leinient sometimes. Aidan Devlin (15) Weakness is useless Aiden lack of confidence Aiden (17) lack of attention and impatience aiko (20) Being out in left-field at moments it's not needed. Ailene being too detached to the world so as not to be hurt aimée (22) Naive, too nice, self-sabotage aimee.dawson (21) impatience Aisha Milburn (32) anger.I cannot manage my anger aishu (14) Addictive personality. A.J. (27) Also, weakness of will, and following what my mom wants for me AJ (18) too lazzy to care or too lazy to train my will Ajam (21) I have many Ajay (17) being too stubborn Ajm9511 (21) weakness of will, lack of confidence akansha (26) Dismissal of others. akanthe (19) Grandiosity; a tendency to be pathetic. Akbar Shahzad (20) Running away from things I don't like Aki Being alone Aks (20) Being able to keep up with everyone all the time Al (28) Cowardice Al (55) No will power Alan (58) I can get bored with people and relationships easily. Alan Arkin (44) Bad mood AlbaManuela (18) No will power, poor luck with woman. Alden Lee Klaput (18) A tendency toward sloth and lack of humility Aldonza77 (47) I'm fearful and lack will. Ale (28) Lack of knowledge Alecia I cannot think for myself. Alecksi Slowness of brain Alejandro Amoretti (28) weaknes of will, unable to realize my ideas alek (20) Distractablity, leading to procrastination. Aleksei Kotsov (63) lack of trust, gluttony alessa (21) Lack of emotional sharing; too much understanding at times Alessandro Pian (30) consequence Alessio Lucchini (46) Impatience Aletha Camack Self-centeredness. Alex Anxiety Alex (22) The inability to back down Alex (17) i am impuslive alex (38) self loathing and fear alex (23) Social unease Alex (21) stubbornness; tendency to be self-absorbed Alex (23) leave people alone when they wanted to be Alex (17) Stubbornness Alex (32) Being stubborn alexa (28) Unfailing quest for the answers. Alexander (33) not being able to understand. Alexander (19) Being afraid Alexandra (27) Feeling like a burden, as though I am someone's obligation, and feeling shame for it. Alexandra (19) Over-emotional. Alexandra (24) Speaking over others, vanity Alexandra (18) Vanity Alexandra (24) inpatience lack of dicilpine Alexandra Bryhter (24) stubborn to a fault Alexandra SweetTale4u Cruz Impulsivity Alexandre (28) over talking AlexandriaHMerlin (40) being over emotional AlexandriaLHash (30) Laziness and hiding feelings. alexandrine (15) Lack of understanding Alex Brooks (18) i sometimes get depressed Alex C. lack of confidence Alexis (17) ignorance, the ability to argue Alexis Johnson (19) Addictions and my buck teeth Aley (60) I'm stubbern al-g (24) Insecurity, excessive laziness (at times) Ali (37) A tendency to procrastinate. Ali A. Rizvi Lack of empathy Alice procrastination Alicein1derland (27) not passionate about anything Alicia (68) Easily frustrated. alicja (38) My willingness to throw my life aside for the sake of others. Aliid Not being perfect. Alin (23) My sleep monster. Aline Guiraudie (36) easily dstracted alipans (57) Inability to assess exploitative nature of others. Alishba Zarmeen (24) obsession alison wonderland easily aroused AliZaidi (29) lack of perseverance alli (49) Lack of direction Allison (33) Same as Proust, weakness of will. Allison (20) I can be cruel without thinking and cannot seem to stop myself. Allison lack of understanding allison (19) Lack of self-confidence Allison Jean (21) Only one? Always need a challenge. Always think I can fix everything. Rely on logic even in non-applicable situations. Empathetic to strangers and animals to a fault. Allison Jean Hazen (34) taking over and trying to fix things alliswell (62) My insecurities Alma (25) Fear and Anger Alma Jean Porter (70) I can be pretty lazy. almavidrio (35) I am easily distracted. Altjungr (30) a weak drive to create or change, lack of will to take action altron2095 fear of failure, lazyness, Alvilda (20) Inability to focus, obnoxiousness. Alx paranoia alya (17) Hardheadedness, Alyanna (22) Lack of willpower Alyce J. self doubt Alyssa jumping to conclusions, rational Alyssa Cordova (17) My resting periods are too long. I wish I could wander the world non-stop ripping through its hearths and homes. Until they are all gone. Alyssa Darkling Unable to choose my own path. Alyssa Moonchild (16) the fear oof failing AM Lack of faith Amanda selfhate Amanda (42) Being lazy AmandaFYS13 (18) Not forthcoming Amandine (31) my temper Amara A tendency to become completely depressed. Amber (18) The ability to see all sides, inability to confront Amber (37) The ability to see all sides, inability to confront Amber (37) weakness of will for the people I love the most.... Ame (37) procrastinating Amelia (13) Does that mean what is bad in me? I guess I can be kind of shy and selfish. Amelia Gates (formerly Pippet) (10) Impatience. ameliowata (20) Quitter Americanoid (50) indecisiveness at times americanwoman (62) temper ames (21) low sels esteem ammb (29) I keep expecting everyone to mean what they say. Amrita (22) fear amu inability to express my feelings Amy (33) Excitable Amy (28) Obtuseness or lack of compassion amy (33) Difficulty to defend myself from rough tongues Amy (35) Lack of patience, willfullness, Amy Becker; Character: Merriwether Finch (27) My heartlessness, craving for solidarity and inability to get on with 'it'. Amy Cottington-Bray i am stubborn amz (16) nervousness. Ana (21) Self-criticism Ana (30) detachment; i'll probably lose out on a lot because of it ana (16) inconstance ana (34) Timidity Ana Carolina (16) I don't have a defect. Analise (40) inability to make wise decisions Anam (26) Self criticism. Ana Marija (20) Crippling anxieties+self-doubt Ananke (25) weakness of will anasonic (29) not enough RAM ancientrobot (31) procrastination andraya (23) defect? Andre Selfish and sloth Andrea (16) Inability to cope with others ignorance; bad temper Andrea (13) stubbornness ANDREAADKINS (26) Negativity AndreaFeliu (28) Simultaneous lack of and excessive compassion. Andreas (19) be Judgmental Andrea SB (32) Laziness andres007 (19) My stubborness and lack of a social life. Andrew (22) laziness Andrew (25) Insecurity Andrew (20) Scatterbrain Andrew (28) Lack of understanding; weakness of will (stole from proust; SFP) obsession, anxiety. Andrew (22) Lack of trust. andrew (24) Will Andrew barlow (26) not knowing what i want Andy (25) Sanity Andy (23) Sanity Andy (23) Lack of fidiciary stability. andy rayford (28) laziness?......recently I think so. to balance lack of laziness throughout entire life so far. and too much dreaming ang (99) Sensitivity,lack of forgiving my mistakes,impulsiveness,sometimes Itend to decide with my heart not logic Angel Nervousism Ângela (24) Complacency Angela (30) Pessimism Angela (19) Fear of not living up to my parents standards Angela Estrada (20) Lack of understanding; weakness of will angelina (26) my memory sucks. Angel Rodrigues (41) laziness and lack of getting it done angie (29) Analyze too much Ani Insecurity Ani (22) stubbornness Anik (16) stubbornness anjali Procrastination, laziness Anjel (28) Being con by con artis and opportunist men Anjelah49 (49) no patience and how much i hate. Ankassandra (15) not always be sure Anke! (17) sensitive Ann (19) Being too direct Ann (62) Weakness of will Anna (20) Underlying fear of failure and letting others down (anxiety), stubbornness Anna (20) straightforward and blunt to a fault Anna (34) selfishness Anna Kalimar (18) Thinking that everyone is thinking like me, overthinking Anna Maria (21) positive to a fault AnnaMay (51) distraction Anna O. perpetually expecting more from reality than it has to offer Anna Stein (21) impatience Ann Delaney (44) my weight Anne (21) Boredom Annelise (40) impatience Anne Louise Sheldon (34) rash judgement of people Annie Procrastination Anniel (62) Voice held in silence AnonAzure (19) Lack of understanding, confusion. anonim (18) my current ability to make money anon moose (19) I'm mean and I don't care. Ansley Stevenson (16) Lack of understanding; weakness of will Anthony (23) Overanalyzation Anthony (24) Naivety. Anthony D C (20) Some what of a temper Anthony lawhon (27) Lack of focus to follow through on one project for fear of losing the ability to begin the other. Anthony Scine-Sceni (42) jelousy Antoinette (21) temper antoinette (24) too easily discouraged and thwarted in my dreams. Anton (52) Lack of understanding and humbleness. Antoniette (20) inability to think clearly, lack of creativity Antonina (20) Annoying Antonio Lemos (18) Sadness Anty quick in actions, want to be more patient with what i do Anya (22) Low tolerance for those who live in the role of "victim" Anya (71) My need for control Anzi (27) Judgement, pettiness, lack of confidence a.o. (40) Indecisiveness Aoife Walsh sadness & depression Apollo (58) Laziness Apos laziness Apply (30) Excessive worrying and a tendency to procrastinate in the face of such anxiety April (20) Unable to connect with others, stressful, susceptible to madness in long periods of isolation, prone to be on a constant search of meaning when there is none to be found, eternally empty April (21) Impatience AR (20) Letting even the most minuscule of events affect me personally. Ara (15) Temperamental, unfortunatly Aranneaa (19) My mind never works as fast as I want it to, laziness Ardent (30) Procrastination, No sense of time A real phony (27) lack of tact and diplomacy Areeba (25) Bluntness, to my detriment at times. Ari (29) temper Arianna (15) I feel I'm too weak to hang onto the country Ariella Bordaine: Female Protagonist (20) Fear of succeeding in something beyond my capabilities Arizona (19) Coming off to strongly and not being willing to sit down, shut up, and listen Arnold Murray (42) Naivete, a lack of promoting my work. AROG not very disciplined or organized Arsh (24) Lack of interest in the outside, unwillingness to work hard Artie (17) Constant frustration with the world Artie Mondello (18) Abruptness, straightforwardness Aruz Elliott (29) Inability to see my own hypocrisy's and slowness to grasp exactly how to do what I feel in my heart and soul. AS (32) Self-pity, lack of confidence, impatience. ascetic monk (51) Low self esteem and inability to ask for help when needed Asfiya Mariam (21) Lack of patience. Ash (23) In the face of a hurdle, I flunk hard before I rise up again. Ash (28) Mistrust of my intuition Ash Lack of consistent application. Ash Bloom (27) quick temper, hasty judgment asherville (55) Not knowing when to shut up Ashley (18) Being on time Ashley (28) Lack of will power Ashley (20) not knowing who i am ashley baus (24) Lack of trust in your own talents and abilities Ashley Brazil (17) I sometimes do not feel emotion. Ashley Mannara (29) Laziness, pure and simple. Ashley Meller (26) lack of willpower, indecision ashleytheresa (20) Laziness, paranoia, fear of failure Ashwin Murali (21) Sensitivity Asi (21) impatient with intolerant people asmitchel (67) not knowing what to do, feeling trapped ASN (25) Needy, desire to be loved for who I am Astri (36) pride Astrid Laziness. Asuka Suzuki (13) cowardice Athar (25) Lack of communication Athena Lujan (17) Pride Atuona (38) Hot temperment Aubrey Files (25) being too trusting Aubrey Tate (21) Lack of action Audrey (17) To feel afraid to trust in myself. Audrey Bittencourt (24) Lack of humanity in the common sense of the word. Rigid and not indulgent with other human errors. Audrey Mahone (29) impatience augustine (70) Unforgiving Auntie Em (35) Lack of patience with socializing, and wilful ignorance of the needs of whiny and entitled brats Auntie Em (27) Anticlimactic, not patient enough Aurora (32) listening Austin (19) lack of knowledge Austin Hobbs (16) Annoyance Austin Kimmell (16) i am not clever enough autumn (17) regard to others avecamour I tend to the Lazy Awalker Procrastination Aya weakness of will and being always negative ayda (25) weakness of will, inability to confront ayem (57) Impaitence aym (30) Naiveté and lack of a stroke of brillance a young boy (91) weakness of will, self-inferiority complex, lack of confidence, insecurity, stupidity ayumi (20) stubbornness, laziness, poor follow through B (31) lack of determination B (21) Wearing my heart on my sleeve, wanting to help those that just can't be helped Babette (42) stubborness Babs jealousy Baby (32) weakness of will Bad Wolff worrying or hypocrisy baggal21 (28) Lack of understanding; weakness of will Bailey (19) Placidness Balaji Harish Iyer (20) Lack of forethought. Bald Sky (38) my mental state Bambi (17) I am afraid of other people barbara (50) Lacking an immediate self understanding of a situation; lacking wisdom for immediate use. Barbarita (21) Rust Barbielebrun Charley the beach chair (54) Poor diet Barbielebrun Garry the ghost crab (54) Over thinking Baron Von Nazzenpoppel (46) harsh towards lack of intuition basbas (22) the inability to say no Batgirl (23) apathy bc (22) apathy bc (22) Lack of discipline Bea (18) Pride Bea (18) Laziness Bear (49) laziness bearoid (30) Being overwhelmed by this world and by relationships Beatlhoven (47) insecurity beatricegasti (30) impatience, aversion of ugliness Beatrice Moore (30) I can't say sorry Beatriz (13) being weak beauty (18) Arrogance and self-loathing. Becca (16) laziness Becca (17) Shortening attention span. Perfectionism and a compulsive personality Becca (21) Lack of understanding Becca (19) Anxiety Becca (20) Lack of confidence in my appearance Becca (21) When my insecurity/ies leads to fear. BeckBeck (26) contradictions, pride becks (24) I think sometimes I can be too timid. I wish I was more aggressive. Bee laziness, fear of change bee (16) impatience beezer (64) Low self-esteem, laziness, and fear. beezersneezer (46) Procrastination. That crippling fear of beginning anything... And 'finishing' anything. Beka (33) being naif belita (39) shyness bella (16) Insecuirity Belu (19) Paranoia, distrust of other's motives over trivial matters. Ben A weakness in temper. I have a short fuse. Ben (23) Anger Benedict (38) Pride, poor self-control Benjamin Thomas Self-righteousness Benjamin Urrutia (61) lack of self discipline Benjo (23) being over dependent on others around me Ben Johns (21) Inconsistency of effort. Bennie (55) short tempered Ben Taylor Quick defenses Berlin (25) A paradox of pride and self-loathing Bernard Hartley (18) over all weakness Beth (20) Anxiety Bethann (35) Being too detail oriented. Bethany (23) Jealousy Bethany procrastination Bethany (22) I can sometimes be selfish Beth Ellis (15) Lack of empathy. Beti (24) Stubborness Betty Usabiaga (37) Understanding myself and others. Beu Mihac (15) Double guessing myself at times Bhakti Brophy (41) Self doubt (that's "self" with a lowercase "s"!) Bhakti Brophy (45) not very hardworking Bhargava (25) Individualism. bhbhbh laziness bhl Not caring about anything Bhole lack of the talent to convesre easily with people i barely know or have never met before Bianca (18) expectation bif regretting big dick (69) Addiction big guy (16) idleness Bijan (27) I HAVE NEVER BEEN DEFEATED BILLY (38) Occasionally prone to distraction BillyBobABC123zzz small head billy boy watson (3) insecuruty Biochicklet STUBBORNESS AND SHORT TEMPER BIPS (46) i think i trust people too much bismuth Quick to temper BJ (56) perfectionism blabla (37) not having confidence Blackie (20) low energy Blademan (60) My unerring need to make my point to the point of being abrasive. Blaine (21) Short temper, tunnel vision which comes off as selfishness Blair C. (29) Speaking and acting before thinking Blake (17) fear Blake (24) stubbornness Blanca Parra (66) Worrying a lot. Blank Tae Spend too much money, care too much about looks and what I own blip52 (27) General confusion. Bliss Inthemorningdew (16) Lack of self-confidence, leading to insecurity blodot johnny (41) Oh my goodness- procrastination! Ask anyone! But mostly for me it's my worrying mental calmness that deals with things literally as they come, to an extent that I'm not even sure that I reacted. BlondShamrock (16) Coming to a reasonable balance between arrogance and modesty Blood (15) Lack of followthrough, inability to realise dreams and ambitions Bluebird (27) Setting boundaries BlueOrchid (39) Laziness and lust Bluto (29) I need all the world to confirm that I am not alone. BM (20) overly passionate bmo Mistrust of others. Bob (22) He's got me again. Also, lack of empathy; shortness of temper. bob (38) Laziness Bob (32) Laziness. Boba (22) irrational action bobblins Social incompetence. Bobby (22) insecurity Bobby (40) lack of confidence Bobby (21) Impetuousness bobby Being consumed by anger bobby (33) a tendancy toward despodency Bobia (25) Weakness of will; gulibility boku_wa_kami (25) I speak before I act Bonky (26) I dont believe in myself enough Bonnie (15) impatience, laziness Boo (36) impatience bookloverva (58) Naivety, apathy, lethargy, desperation. Boris (16) Thinking badly about the ones around me. Borrie (33) Lack of self-determination Brad (17) Not thinking before I make an action Brad Connors impulsivness, arrogance brad w (35) complacency Brady (31) Lack of stress, bram-stienkt-vermeire-ja! (18) Accepting the fact that one has defects on one hand an omnipotent creator on the other hand who acknowledges no blame in this imperfection Brandon Nobles (31) Quick temper Bree (23) Obsession Bree Ogden preguiça Brena (19) Jealousy Brendan (24) anger brent (33) Some people think it's strange that I don't speak using my own voice Brett Ferguson (42) I have none. Bri (28) Guilt and stress and living bri (17) procrastination, need to be right, perfectionism Brian (22) A short temper. Brian (37) My pride Brian (24) being a worrywort Brian A. Henegar (26) lack of being able to relax. BriannaBabyFYS13 willingness to give up BriannaFYS13 (18) conflict brian S (58) Lack of will power to see through my most valued ambitions. Brick (21) Self-criticism Brinley (15) I lose control of my actions when I'm most angry. I hide it well. Bri Toro Sometimes I think I talk too much or share too much. Britta Bandit (30) I get caught between being ambitious and living in the moment. I want to be more content Brittany (25) low self-control Brittney Miller (20) Weakness of will brns fear broad (45) lack of compassion Brock Schwarzkopf (29) perfectionism Bron Blackwell (37) Sometimes I'm not mature, and make rash decisions, bad with money Brooke Virility, attention to distractions, and weakness of will Bruce Bennett (20) laziness, and rash decisions Brutus (20) My inability in social situations and unwillingness to repair it. Bryan R. (21) Impatient Bryn (23) Self doubt and sarcasm Brynlea (17) I don't suffer fools gladly. Brynn (39) Lack of confidence in myself Brynn (18) impatience Bryon Springer (25) love of intoxicants other than alcohol bubby (43) nuances buckyballs (35) My ability to resent Buddy (34) lack of confidence bug weakness of will. Bugsy That I am human and, therefore, fallible. Bulldozer (50) fear of failure bunny Self-deception Burella (61) maintaining connectedness with others Burke (47) Inability to feel emotions in a conventional sense Burnable_Material_Here (18) impatience BusyMinds EXTRA WEIGHT DUE TO EVIL SWEET TOOTH! BUTTERFLY (41) Procrastination,Mood Swings,shyness butunn (19) Not being steady Byriver Bloke (24) strong will , rightousness, quick to temper at stupidity BZ Gluttony C impatience c (21) ? C (14) Indecisiveness C (20) economy of truth cacharel (37) inconsistency Caidy (54) Sensitivity, trepidation Cailey Pessimism Caio (18) Not working at full capacity Caitlin (19) I'm fucked. Caitlin (21) anger cakes (41) Extreme Empathy; being overly concerned with other's emotional well-being. Cal (20) to not be able to stop reading a manga until i finish it.. Cami (14) impatience with slow or complicated change that intends improvements. Camille (52) Procrastinating. Candice (23) lack of motivation, ambition Candlewycke Stubbornness Candy A lack of self-esteem Captain Crunch stubborn and negativity, a sense of entitlement Carla (26) lack of self-discipline carlajwms (49) I have none, I'm perfect Carla Tate (19) Too much of a perfectionist Carlie (24) Fearfulness Carlisle Sudden apathies. Carlo (26) Not finishing what has been started Carlos A. (24) Weakness in all its forms Carly (19) Fearfulness, shyness Carly C (27) fear Carol laziness Carol (60) distrust carolina (23) Impatience. Caroline (38) A high opinion of myself and of my own judgments of others. Caroline (25) Lack of belief in myself and my abilities. Caroline (33) sometimes being thin-skinned Carol Lacoss (62) Gluttony. Carolyn (18) impatience Carrie I'm afraid to put myself out there-- to fully commit Carrie (44) overthinking cartike Not hearing correctly Cas (25) Weakness of will, being judgmental Casey (36) patience Cass (20) I have no weakness! Cassandra Watkins (21) Procrastination Cassi Lack of listening Cassidy A lack of learning. I never really lived. I have become something of a recluse lately. And I have never loved at close quarters. Cassie (16) Unyielding desire to not fail. Cast (17) Weakness of will Cat (36) Being unfocused but always going for my goal, sometimes a little too directly Cat (24) Procrastination, stubbornness Cat (26) Jumping to conclusions, narcicism Cat selfishness, unforgiving, driven by instinct cat (20) not letting go Catalina (44) Falta de voluntad Catalina Jiménez Correa (27) having too open of a heart, not having the strength to carry on my purpose Cate (23) Ambiguity Cate (33) Too sensitive to men Catelline (26) Not as strong as I know I should be Catherine I am easily made unhappy, frustrated, or annoyed. Catherine Jean I expect too much from others Catherine Mitchell Lack of willpower Cathlow Harmon (50) Not being able to do what I want when I wantN Catlin Benjamin stubborness Cat Podd (37) Lack of confidence at crucial times Catrina (15) lying to self sometimes Cattie Chong (26) VERY GOODWİLL CAVCAV (26) Vindictiveness Cavit Anıl Buram (28) Vacillation CC (18) Not being able to trust others CC (22) fear of change ccchnl the need of getting along well with everybody cdl (35) Not understanding maths Cee Cee (17) Dependence on others for answers/choices and fickleness. Celia (15) Lack of commitment, little show for affection or care. Celline Marge (18) laziness cenire (25) constantly apologizing. cerisetea (34) lack of confidence Cestmoi All seven vices, apart from greed. I'm not greedy. C face. (22) lazyness, stubborness cfm (37) I have the nagging habit of agreeing too much when I shouldn't. ch Too nice Chancelor C.J. King (19) My temperament and possessiveness Chandra Alexander (24) My lack of commitment to extra activites. Channon (45) Shyness Channy (19) Taking situations to unecessary heights Chari (21) lack of understanding, crappy self discipline, Charlene (17) Sensitivity Charlene (18) Shortness of temper CharlesB (48) selfishness Charles L Davis Jr (51) impulsiveness, conflict of selfishness and guilt charlotte (29) Self-absorbedness and vulnerability Charlotte (18) Emotional judgement, laziness. Charlotte H. (23) Fear; I'm afraid of things, like submission, vulnerability, and lions Charly Mariaan (49) Lack of organization Chary Silva (22) incapacity to forgive and forget chay (40) Procrastination Cheche (40) fear cheeky (26) Sex drive Cheemargh (36) defensiveness chele weakness of will chelle (47) Too quick to forgive and forget. Chelsea (21) I have none. Chelsea (23) I get out of the loop a lot, so I guess it would be lack of understanding in a lot of situations. Chelsea Smith (24) Procrastination and fear of the unknown Chelsea Whiting (26) Listening deficit Cheri D. lack of drive Cherie (40) Stubborness Cherish Robinson (21) Pride and impatience Cherlyn (40) Living as an adult through a childs perspective Cherub (30) not caring enough Cheryl (38) Lack of discipline Cheryl Barnette (59) Self-loathing, lack of patients, honesty. Cheshire (22) feelings of persecution chi-chi weakness Chickpea (31) Insecurity and self loathing Chico (46) A weakness for beer ChiefJ42 (44) laziness, overwhelming anxiety chiklitz76 (39) dishonesty, cowardliness Chili (17) I'm quick to anger Chinita (34) lack of will power, selfishness. chinnu (20) Weakness of will Chinnu (38) letting my anger and frustration overwhelm my good judgement Chip Griphix (35) Procrastination. Chiu Jing Hua (17) lack of emottion chloe (21) Lack of faith Chocolate Bunny (32) impatience Chonda wanting for others Choraven (32) The seemingly endless repitition of mistakes. Chris (16) laziness Chris Thin skin. Willingness to trust. The inability to hide how I feel. Chris (19) Greed, sloth and gluttony Chris S. lack od seld-respect Christa (27) Too giving and at times too unsure Christabelle (29) I'm mistrustful of love. Mistrustful of my own abilities too. Christian (44) Vices such as drinking and smoking. Christian Boyanov (24) Lust Christian Soldier (33) Marrying too young Christina (26) Lack of will power.Lashing out. Christina Kronberg (23) Laziness Christina Tounzen Selfishness, isn't that everyone's? Christina X. (37) my anger issues christine (18) Pride Christobel (17) Fear Christobel in College (18) Ignorance. Christopher (24) Inability to see the path to greatness, despite the clarity of the goal. Christopher Blaum (37) I have a list of behavior problems, but there is only one line here. Christopher Boone Coldness; lack of understanding Christopher James Stagg (16) My sometimes volatile temper Christopher M. (31) Jealousy, unforgiving, depressive, and being used by people. Christopher Mitchell (17) too naive Christopher Ross (23) My inability to accept that which is not absolute and the vengance that follows christy (44) Lack of stickwithitness Christy Turner (50) lack of self-control Chuck (43) Weakness of will, Lazyness, even to thoughtful? Chunky Lover Failure to accept others different beliefs Ciara (24) Weakness of will Ciara (22) Being unable to comprehend Ciera (16) confidence Cilie (50) Cynicism. Cindy i think too much and eventually too many thoughts come out of my mouth cindy (50) Taking things seriously Cindy (24) I look out for #1--this can lead to underhanded dealings and burned bridges, but the only constant in your life is you, so you have to take care of yourself first Cindy (22) Bad willpower. Cindy (50) self-pity CindyLu (58) My need to be in charge of everything Cissa Fireheart (32) Weakness of will. Ciucan (18) impatience cizz weakness of will CJN (21) A tendency to laziness. Lack of self- belief. Cla (22) My really complex confidence. Claire I once had a breakdown--postpartum they called it--and was hospitalized; I feel so ashamed even when people don't bring it up and mutter names under their breath. Claire (32) Seeming selfishness; I do not really like to talk about myself that much, I just want to be understood. Claire Bartholomew (16) My neglect of friends. ClaireW (65) Being antisocial Clancy i'm too shy and can easily lose my patience. Clara (20) lack of patience Clara Cynicism, Arrogance Clarissa (18) Impatience with others, especially when they just don't seem to be able to get something I'm trying to explain to them Clark Langridge (32) Emotionality Clau lack of pacience Claudia (36) Clay Douglass: Distraction Clay Douglass (34) easily being won over, vanity clazza mgee jealousy and envy Clelia Beatriz Valdez (22) Self loathing, fear, self destruction. clockwork (34) indecisiveness cm (57) To do or not to do, that is a question. I have to reason where others just do. cobweb (24) Intolerance CockneyKnight (48) to see the potential good in others and mistake it for an integrated quality Coco (31) frustration at ignorance, cynicism Coco (19) Indifference CocoPuff2016 (44) Weakness against addictions, laziness codered (18) weakness Cody (25) A lack of connection to my physical reality in favor of my inner realm of thoughts and contemplations. Cody Gould (17) Paralysis caused by fear of hurt and failure Col (41) The ability to accept opinions not likened to mine Colin (39) Laziness. Colin (22) Forgetting to recognize what is done/achieved/improved and going directly into too sincere direct critique or criticism and suggestions on what to do Colorful (28) I am ashamed to admit this, but I love to skim off the top of the litter box when dad is not looking. Colton (27) self destruction comnomnomor (15) inpatience Connie My lack of mistreatment, rejection. Connor Stagnancy. Connor Addiction conor (34) weakness of will and lack of goals constanceeee (19) Liar Constantin (32) Lack of confidence Consuela impatience Cookie putting my head in the sand cookie procrastination, disorganization cookie (51) laziness, addiction Cora (26) Being pestamistic Core (25) Being too aware of the bad things in the world. Corey Lack of confidence, sometimes motivation corinne trying to predict others Cory (22) stubbornness cpaters1 (26) Impatience, and a slight fear that I'm an accident of the universe that was never meant to be cr I would say they were physical, like my psoriasis and naturally shit eyesight. Craig Suga Biles (22) Overbearing Crimson (60) impatient cris nervous,insecurity Crisfe (31) Lazyness Cristi lack of decisiveness, inability to sympathize with others. Crystal (17) Impulsivity Crystal (32) directionless, heartless Crystal (22) I hate confrontation. Crystal (34) Caring too much csheehan (17) Too Trusting CStoney (47) nervous cuchi (40) Timidity, weakness of will cucu (26) easily depressive cvelez (64) willpower, motivation cweekly too demanding, lack of self-acceptance Cyan Imsomething (28) too caring d0701 (29) lack of will in resisting temptation. Making major life decisions VERY spontaneously. Lack od planning D Judgmental D (32) Stubborness Dachary (23) I hold my ideals too close, and so miss out on much of what life has to offer. DAD Not being as strong as mom or dad...I wish I could pick them up when they needed me too Dad (42) Self-centeredness Daffy Sue Esposito (60) Illogical Daisy (27) underestimating my self Daisy (17) lack of patience Daisy concentration Dakota Swaveman (18) Inability to sustain productive effort D_Alex (46) a despairing arrogance dA member: sonicbutterfly (17) Selfishness Damien TC (36) I'm too self indulgent resulting in some laziness Dan (29) Fear of irrational behavior Dan lack of empathy, a sense of humour that allows me to joke about taboo matters Dan (20) procrastination Dan (39) inconsistent dan Lack of conficende in yourself Dan (51) Immaturity Danae (17) Lack of mercy Danger (16) Intolerance for stupidity. Dani (31) lack of willpower Dani (19) weakness of will Daniel (25) I am rather too reliant on structure, and do not alwayd function as well without it Daniel (16) Lack of understanding Daniel Below laziness Daniella (27) Selfishness. Danielle (15) Frustration.. a need for silence..low tolerance for excessive noise. Danielle (35) worrying DanielleKeith (19) I'm too in touch with my emotions. Daniel Molina (20) Brashness, idealism run rampant Daniel Stephens (Character Sketch) (22) ignorance daniiii (18) I'm impulsive and my heart tends to rule me more than my head. DaniStory (29) Procrastination and selfishness Danny (25) Selfishness Daph (45) my shyness Darcy (20) lack of understanding dario (21) Gullible Darlene (29) Defensiveness, Darnell laziness DashEloise (32) Lack of commitment. Dave Cresswell (46) friendlessness DaveG (39) Fear of the unknown Dave Whitaker (40) Self indulgence, Shyness towards women Davey (18) laziness or apathy or apathetic laziness. shyness and obliviousness too DaveyD (24) Laziness David (19) Lack of self confidence. David (10) intelligence David (63) Impatience David (24) a marked preference for hedonistic activities David (51) inconstancy david baiguera (35) not doing more to help people who need help David E.J.A Bennett (29) fear David K (46) I am Quixotic. David ROWE (42) Procrastination David Sergio Cisneros Ardura (46) shrewdness, not being able to comunicate my feelings in a more rational way. David Timme (19) Inability to appreciate others. Davie (16) The need to be loved and admired Davi Silva (21) opinionated and judgemental dawn (40) Lack of compassion Dawn Robinette (51) Stubbornness Dawson Standing up for myself. Daxion Mr. Dax Johnson (29) being too submissive Daydreamer (18) weakness of will Daydreamer (63) weakness of will Daydreamer (63) A weakness of will dbrown (24) Stubborness dcsnowbunny (25) scepticism Dd (43) Depression. A constant struggle to force my way past the anhedonia. DDG9000 (25) Criticism Dea (40) Self-absorbed, introvert. Cold and aloof when wounded. D. E. Alvis (58) Copying rather than innovating Dean (17) Lack of courage DeAndre Beck (20) Stubborn and needy DeAnna Alexander (35) impatience, lack of good judgement, insecurity Deanna Sanders (44) The inability to set aside my emotions so that I am present Deb (37) letting others be in the limelight Debbie (56) I can be too honest and too trusting. Bad combo! Debby Creech-West (43) generousity and loyalty Deborah S. Wilson (56) Intolerance Debster (48) None, I'm gay. Declan Cohen (35) My lack of confidence in finding and marrying my God-given Christian husband. De-De (36) sloth Dee (24) stubborness Dee (19) Weakness of will Dee lack of patience with others DefMelon Laziness Delia Webster (80) Weakness of heart. delice_ok (21) impatience dendoo (23) Believing the best in everyone Denine (24) Forgiving, too soon. Denise 1 lack of self control Dennis (61) I procrastinate too much. (Can I give you an answer tomorrow?) Dennis Theodore (37) Laziness. denny (23) Lack of will to do good Denny Indolence, emotional weakness Densio (25) sloth and denial Derek (27) being a smartass Derek Ambrose (22) Anger devanand haha. Probably the fact that I don't really fit in or really to a lot of other people I guess... idk! Devon (18) Understaning, will, depression, confidence Devon Lisenby (20) laziness Dev Tucker (17) too emotional Devu (22) Anger Dezirae18 OCD DH (39) in decision, believing I know best diana (52) critical nature Diana (52) Judging before understanding, white lies Diana (20) When I want something I don't get it...because I don;t have ambition at all Diana (15) lack of empathy- irritability Diana Glutny. Diana Thomas - English Thursday 6pm (38) Keeping my world small Diane (53) inability to multitask Diarre Ibrahim (22) When i am angry i am rude to people that talk to me or is around me. dida (14) Lack of social intelligence. Diego Miguel Danura Puyó (30) Desire of approval Dietgingerale Lack of willpower Dilip C Louis (32) Weakness of will, comparing people to the standards I put myself to. Dimitar Atanasov (25) Insecurities and giving in easily. Dindin (20) Truth Dino (18) over-indulgent Diona (19) Obsessions. dionysis_dt (24) I am hot tempered and irrational in stressful situations Dirk Radman (35) Procrastination/laziness. Dixon Wragg negative minded Dj Arrogance dlew919 (40) Boldness dmca (38) sarcasm Doc55 (55) Arrogance Dolna (39) Being harsh, not accepting any excuses Dolores Nabokov (26) ssssss Dom the lowness of my level of Wisdom and my memory which defies my command. Dominic (17) imperceptiveness, dishonesty, anger Dominick (23) Fear of the unknown; within myself and within the world. Dominick Miller (19) easy to anger, hard to know Dominick Miller (20) Inability to understand myself. Dominick Miller (21) holding in emotions Dominique Lack of discipline DonAli (33) Eagerness donkeys4eva (20) I do not suffer fools gladly. donna obrien (54) Often petty and impulsive at any perceived slights. Will retort with something disporportionately severe. Doob Doggo (21) anger doodledoo12345 attempting to acheive perfection when that is not possible Dori (23) shy dorothy6@aol.com (50) Pesimismo Dothzilla (33) My passion Doug (30) nothing! Doug!! Not always being able to say, "I am sorry." Doug Lambert (65) Selfishness, accommodating tendencies Douni laziness, dont know how to use time wisely, depend too much on feelings and emotions, not good at math, not decisive Dracontomelum (30) gullibleness Dragana (22) Cowardice, quick temper, lack of empathy. Dragontongue (22) Lack of will, a certain perfectionist attitude that makes even starting a task nearly impossible until the last possible minute Dre (17) Self-centered, narcissistic Dreamboat Annie too much planning DreamBrother (27) Mortality Dreda (23) fear Drella (26) Anger Drew (26) need for love and admiration drift I have a weakness for lamb with curds. Dr. Isaac Busafalus (53) not listening Dr. J (76) Not listening well. Dru (24) Impetuos Drucar (45) i smile a lot ds (45) Innate refusal to move. D.S.de.P.Ramos Mistrust of others Duckish Lack of understanding , Ducky Hate to admit when I am wrong. Dude (49) lack of knowledge duke (18) The fact I can never see when i've gone too far and actually offended someone. Duncan Passell (17) lack of intelligenc dustxii (22) short tempered Dutchess Lack of self control. Quick tempered, paranoid and arrogant. Dutchess Naivety Dvach (18) Depression, self-loathing tendencies D.X (22) Self-critical and self-absorbed Dylan (17) My mind Dylan Adams (25) Lack of self esteem E (34) I don't give up E social ineptitude e (28) Indifference. E (20) unsure of myself eagleclaw (35) My temper E.A. Latham (25) Having very little self-confidence. EAR (19) over critical Earth Speck (30) Moodiness and sharp tongue Eau (45) Impatience Ed (30) worrying, weak willpower ed Laziness, inability to let go of things, need to understand everything eddiboy Consistency. Eddie (48) Hate towards people I don't even know Eddie (12) Lack of will power Eden (19) Trying too hard or overthinking and messing up; creating problems with short-sightedness Edgar Roberts (15) Desire to hide away at all times Edie (26) Weakness of will; Lack of desire Edmond Dantes (26) Being ruled by my emotions. Edouard (41) liar Eduardo (19) very poor ablility to put myself into others position, mostly feeling wise EduGri (53) Too much Common Sense Effie (34) weakness of will, lack of self-confidence, social difficulties to connect with others efha (23) cowardice ehk2 (30) ingen tålmodighed med langsomme mennesker og ineffektivitet EHM Laziness and my social skill. Eiichi (16) Can't say no to my wife Eilfa (28) personal finance, a weakness for alcohol EJ (29) My sometimes utter disregard of moderation E.Jay (21) anxiety ejb (22) Indolence El (23) delusions of grandeur el3vat0r the courage to do things on my own elay (21) lack of convincing people i can do things on my own now elay (23) lack of empathy, sympathy elay (24) shyness, lack of confidence, procrastination eldar (25) naive Eleanor (14) Procrastination, snobbery, flightiness. Elena συγχωρω ευκολα ελενη (33) Impatience. Elena Di Cesare dishonesty eleni (18) Ha ha! What is my kryptonite? Loneliness. Eleni Constantinou (20) Lack of motivation. Elexia (19) there's times where I say things before I think Elexis (18) weaknes of will and sense of inadequacy Elias (22) I take self doubt and uncertainty to healthy and unhealthy levels, yet can be stubborn when I don't understand something. Eliaz McMillan (33) denial of my social anxiety eliciabg (23) Maybe I am stubborn. Elie (16) self-doubt Elin (47) laziness Elisabeth (22) Addiction Elisabeth Carver lack of compassion and mistrust Elissa (22) Stubbornness and a quick temper. Elizabeth laziness, lack of self-discipline Elizabeth (25) Anger, annoyance, frustration. Elizabeth (15) The bones of my spine did not form around my spinal chord, fluid leaked out a hole in my back, I was paralyzed, and hydrocephalus occurred. Elizabeth Diane Shaffer (0) The bones of my spine did not form around my spinal chord, fluid leaked out a hole in my back, I was paralyzed, & hydrocephalus occurred. Elizabeth Diane Shaffer (0) yikes. so many, laziness is the worst though. ElleKay An unwillingness to confront Ellen (48) Impatience Ellen A desire to please at my own detriment. Ellen B Smiley (29) Cynicism Ellen Fitzpatrick (61) Not having a physical body Ellie (25) Being my own worst enemy. Take from that what you will. Ellie_Estrella (19) procrastination Ellie Wilson (15) I am absentminded, forgetful and impulsive. Elliot self critical, stubborness, passive agressiveness, lacking the will to be mor Elliott (28) A judgmental face. Elliott Hemp (23) To be a tough judge of myself elSigno (37) do not tolerate laziness Ely (23) weakness of will/procastination Elyse (20) Binary file Em_1425616956.html matches Binary file Em_1425616956.html matches Low self-discipline Ema (18) Obsessing emdonnelly7 Being weak. Not being able to walk away. emdonnelly7 weakness of will. Emilee Nightshade (19) I judge people by a moral standard to which even I cannot adhere. Emilia Blancarte Jaber I don't generally know what to do with myself Emilie (23) Lack of censoring... Too weak... Emilina (27) frustration emilio (28) Continuous procrasination, and inability to alter this fact. Emily (19) lack of confidence in the talents that have I have been given and my brain power. Emily (24) poor impulse control, poor executive function in general emily (24) I assume sometimes that certain people are not worth understanding Emily (22) selfishness Emilyann (22) I can become fixated on a task and ignore the needs of those closest to me Emily Carter (37) selfishness Emily Clark (25) lack of discipline when it comes to seeking pleasures and minimising pain. Emma (20) morning boredom. emma (18) lack of intelligence Emma (20) it is difficult to stay strong all the time Emma (34) unfocused emma (20) Lack of will power. Emma McKinney Coldness Emme (21) I'm probably too humble. Emperor Aisel Fei Shiang (18) Self-doubt Empyrean (17) Apathy and inertia when they arise encolpio8 (22) Too much imaginary events and friends. Endimion can not easily to let go endor Lack of empathy and tact ENEgck (56) Mood Engel (48) Isolation from the rest of the world. Enis Wanting to be perfect, wanting to touch God... Eno A. Agolli (15) Indecisiveness Enrique (21) Negativity; anxiety. Eric (15) I tend to chose the path of least resistance Eric (40) My willpower is poor when it comes to overindulgence of food and sexual deviance. Eric (37) Selfishness. Eric (19) failing Erica lack of empathy Erica (25) Apathy Erica Johnson (21) Temper Eric C. Wolfe (28) fear of failure Erich (20) An inability to stop re-thinking or re-examining. Erich (19) Temporary inability to reason analytically Erict7 Irrationality. Erik (25) Lack of honesty Erik Isaac (19) Lack of self discipline Erik Price (18) Judgemental and horrible with finances. Erin (27) Opinionated Erin (53) Cynical Erin (30) shyness Erin (20) Anger. Judgmental tendencies. Lack of critical thinking. Erin Too reliant on outside perceptions of my value Erin (46) Overthinking/Overanalyzing -- construed as Laziness! Erin (31) Laziness. esayer (35) lack of endurance Escalus (22) Fear. Escapism (19) a terrible lack of social skills Esmé (18) Indecisive , fear of future Esmee fidelius (54) lack of confidence ESMERELDA (50) Not having the ability to see the forest from the trees Estacia Hernandez (37) lack of willpower esteban (29) Paranoia Esteban (23) weakness of will estrella blanca stress Et (32) introvertedness Et Cetera (22) Selfishness Etha (26) Fear that I will miss out on a beneficial oppurtunity ethan (20) Quick to anger and judgement of others Ethan Mayatt (25) stubern Euzinha_ds (20) This is a question best posed to others about me, if you ask me I will say that I have no defects because everything I do I perceive to be a righteous action. Eva (23) Taking things too seriously Eva (16) neuroticism evan ass hatch (18) No discipline Evanna (18) Lying or giving in too easily Evie (22) tardiness evilwonders (28) Selfishness. evren (16) Self-destructiveness Ezra (20) Shyness FAC (25) weakness facio (19) anger fallen (24) Not trusting other humans enough (in general) Fanourios (40) impulsivity farfalla (30) Lack of self control, arrogant, hypocritical. fatgaynig (20) jealousy and touchy Fatima (19) Low self esteem Fatima (26) lack of empathy and patience fat man (33) Arrogance Fawna (19) one track mind, stubborn Fay (22) Lack of self-control feanix (20) Zero Intolerance for people with bad table manners Ferroever (43) My envy, my lack of planning and vision. fersfumero (28) Moodiness FeydRautha (46) lack of confidence Feysweetie (43) Rushing studies. Lack of time. fhickey (22) being late, procrastinating Fidjeridodu (30) Impatience Fields (19) modesty filinia (22) Impatience. final fashion (33) I can be a bit vain with my hats dear Finnegan Magondolovich (Long Story...) Lack of knowledge Finokio (38) Self doubt fk2005 (34) I'm quite callous about some things. FlameHorse (28) That I love overthinking everything. And by love I don't mean love. Flantasy Girl (25) I hold my felings inside me up to the point that I will explode over the littlest things flavia (13) doubt and fear Flo not interested in everybody's "story" - can't keep them all in my head Flora (69) Unrestleness. Florin-Alexandru Brănescu (16) Never knowing Flower (39) I tend to eat too much Floyd Doing things when or how I want to FlyinMonki (27) lack of motivation ForePlinger Selfishness ForSavvy lack of strenght for the truth speaking it and hearing it and vanity Francesca (29) denial francesca (49) no patience Francesca lack of pacience Francisca Bastos (17) fear, fear to exploit my abilities and skills Francisco Aguirre (23) Tend to lose opportunities through a basic dispair and hopelessness Francisco Javier Gil Vidal (54) lack of confidence frank (57) confidence Frankie (23) Daydreaming FrankieSmash (49) Unforgiveness Franklin Frank Anglin (32) Impatience Frank Nekrasz (25) thoughtlessness, insecurity fred (16) Not thinking I am good enough Freda (61) Short tempered Friedrich Mueller (57) Unreasonableness and a vile temper Fritha Grey lack of motivation fumble (19) believing the best in people to a fault; forgiving too easily; not willing to compromise on things, assuming everyone is like me and wants to know more (not many people like to be corrected, it turns out.) furies (27) lack of knowing what I want and procrastination FYS13Alec (18) procrastinating FYS13Amanda (18) Laziness. FYS13Andrew Laziness FYS13Bella thick headed and oppinionated FYS13Brandon (19) don't get me started FYS13DRJ I am a people pleaser. I can't say no. FYS13Holly Lack of self-confidence and at times loss of self FYS13Michaela (18) always worried about what other think of me, influenced by others' opinions FYS13Savannah Henry (18) Not knowing my own limits FYS13Tyler (19) I'm not a social person. FYS14Caleb (22) I am anxiety girl. I jump to the worst conclusion in a single bound. FYS14Carrie Im shy and awkward FYS14Darling (18) an irritating charm marked by inexplicable cheerfulness FYS14julie lack of confidence FYS14Kelle (20) Imbalance of emotions. Constant battle with myself. FYS14Landon (18) A deflated drive to get up FYS14Serenity (19) Emotional "high-maintenance". FYS14Skylar my pessimism and my temper FYS14Taylor Reading through all material FYSHeath (18) lack of self-control. FYSMichael (18) g g believe to know everything Gab (19) Lack of motivation and follow through Gabe (31) impatience, procrastination Gabi lack of understanding, weakness of will, hate Gabriela (18) sturberness Gabriela Coelho Mesquita Teixeira Borges (26) Letting myself be hurt before others. Gabriel Gonzalez (26) Trying to make everything as convenient as possible Gabriella (17) lack of compassion Gail (44) impatience. Gail Flaherty I'm too easily frustrated by some setbacks; which leads to procrastination. Gainer (52) physical strength Gait (17) overun by nostalgia Galareh (23) At times I can be impatient Gamba Ajani Hypocrisy. Garrett (19) weakness of will gatetam (38) Takes awhile for me ajust to change Gator Krazy Dave Tendency to be distracted from reality by my immagination and my intellect combining in unceasingly amazing ways. Gean Whitehead III (20) disorganization Gene (51) A soft spot for those that are different Gene (24) Self loathing and lack of confidence. Genevieve (22) Lack of wanting to learn and be enlightened. Genevieve (15) Belligerence, stupidity, unnatractiveness; u Genevieve (16) Impatience and lacking self-confidence. Genie (65) melancholy Genie (58) Tendancy towards self-forgetting. GenXer2012 (39) Skimming the surface of topics. Geo (20) Intractibilty Geo (57) lack of expressing emotion George Listening deficit George Mile (35) Arrogance, aloofness George Owers (21) Weakness of will, inability to say "no", high sensitivity and big presence of fear Georgia (14) speaking without thinking Georgia (53) Lack of self-motivation Georgia (16) unorgansied gg Socially inept. ghazaleh (27) Disheartened easily Ghyles (31) procrastination Ghyles (31) Lack of self-control, extreme wants Gia (21) irrationality Gianne (21) Stubbornness Giannico (40) the grudges i hold Gill (63) Self doubt Gillian Martin (40) Being in denial, an inability to be direct with others, depressive tendencies. Gina (19) Moving too quickly with my thoughts and occasionally losing people Gina (30) weakness of self discipline Ginger Thompson (50) Poor temper Ginny (47) Indecisiveness. Gionna (28) Stubbornesss Giorgia La testardaggine, i tratti paranoidi Giovanni Moro (32) An inferiority complex I got Girl You Too Rude an extremely short attention span and a tendency to fail in follow-through. Giselle (18) Mild Selfishness. Gjabrielle Procrastination Glenn Parker (24) pushing people's buttons if that is a defect Glen Reeves (37) I'm an alcoholic, with all that entails Gloria (59) weak will Gloria Heatley (58) Lack of confidence, prone to anxiety GMcG Pessimism, anxiousness goblin64 (45) weakness of will Godfrey (19) deceit Golden Boy (20) Intellectual arrogance. Gonzalo too smart goose (20) raging temper goukrish (19) always wanting to do the right thing GP (39) lack of empathy GPB (37) Order Grace (30) outspoken Grace (12) My cloak of depression that often keeps my confidence low. It is a battle that I wage every day because I know I am the opposite in my core. Grace (28) My cockiness I tend to get full of myself. Grace Cooper (20) Lack of discipline gracehoppin (23) rationalizing, Gracie (22) weakness Gracie Campbell (23) Fear of abandonment; Lack of self-discipline greatlove (32) my ego Greg (19) caution Greg (24) weakness of will Greg (17) Apathy for things if find uselss Greg Jealousy and Envy Greg (20) inability to forgive myself Greg (53) Giving in to compulsions Greg Lytle (26) lack of patience gretel hesitation gruchi (63) high expectations of myself gruffmusic (49) health; lack of knowledge/understanding of math and physics; the insufficiency of time Gtergab (50) I wouldn't know. I don't have defects. Guenther how easily I am affected. guiller van mistoffellees (17) Inability to accept love from a woman Gus (18) Egoísmo Gustavo (21) Cynicism gutsyaardvark (19) not able to cope with life, being completely out of balance Guy Van Driessche (44) not patient Hadasa (19) Enabler Hailey (34) temper and biasness Hakusha Senbon (24) Tactlessness and callousness, particularly to those more sensitive than myself. Hal (18) Impatience Hala (34) A dependance on the approval of others Haley (19) being confused and hesitating and excitable hamideh (26) Laziness Hamlet (30) Extremely understanding Hana (14) no toleration and admiration for chaos HandeG. (13) I try to do everything right, I want to make everything right Hanna (24) procrastination, lack of focus, lack of confidence Hannah (15) impatience hannah (25) Sensitivity Hannah Chambers (24) I trust too easily Hannah Ross (20) Lazyness Hannah Suttles i seriously believe that i'm pure evil. My mind is one dangerous thing :( Hari (21) The desire for power; a need for attention. Harold E. Leighton (37) Belief in the goodness of other people. This is a failing. People are generally malignant assholes. Harold E. Leighton (40) none Harold Oberg My emotional inestability Harriet (23) I don't know (maybe that's it?) Harry (27) I probably give too much importance on how people see me Hassallah (30) carelessness Hassan (21) weakness and lack of confidence hawaii50 (45) too trusting Hayley I'm not a machine, I'm a person- meaning I have FLAWS not DEFECTS, you moron. Hayzeus (23) An inability to be honest HCE (15) impatient HEATHER (37) Rage, it usually blinds me from what is truly happening HeavyFire (16) self centered heider (27) I am sometimes flighty. Heidi R. awkwardness and leaziness Helen (32) Lack of discipline Helen (19) Not being open Helena (18) perfectionism Helena Jenkins (20) being bossy, dreaming too big Helen Mattison Wyatt (20) unmotivationed hellgirl (19) anger helz bells (41) Obsessiveness Henry (46) Existential dread at being mediocre and paralysis in the face of challenges Henry_Z (25) wanting what i can't have her (26) thoughts of my past interfering with the present Herald (71) pride herbertofwestlake (43) Lack of patience and easy frustration at what I see are others failings. Judgementalism. Hern (39) Laziness. Herod (20) a bad temper Hero Solomon (25) perfection Hetal (22) detachment, laziness H, Han-Jan Lack of constancy and perseverance HHP (41) Cynicism and occasionally, misanthropy Him (17) Anger, despair. Hira Yousuf (18) Anger and lack of understanding others HKas (28) Quick to anger HKas weak spelling H. McMillan (33) No tratar de recobrar la poca fuerza de voluntad que algún día tuve. H.Nakashima (21) Arrogance and procrastination hobbes (26) my constant paranoia hodouk (22) I need to think about that some more; once I have made up my mind, I probably won't tell... ;) Hoelder1in (51) Lazy. hoffsta lazyness holden (27) Lack of commitment Holley (39) Continually looking to the bad side of things, my lack of patience, my occasional unhappiness. holly (17) I always follow my heart Holly (22) lack of tact Holly Avery (32) alcoholism and temper Holly Pajka (28) I cannot answer because the singular of "defect". holyjkms (29) emotional hypersensitivity Hong Jay Unmotivated confusion Hooks weak willed and shy Horace pluck (54) selfishness howard (34) Sometimes i am selfish but i dont intend to be. howard (34) Laziness, pessimism, martyr/victim complex, inability to see beyond the surface Hrudaya (24) impatience huck finn (48) Think more with the heart than the brain Huda (19) a wandering mind huggybear (29) Impatience and despair, weak will and hedonism Hulot Redux I"m not good at seeing the big picture Humbugger Omlet (20) Naivety Hunter (23) lack of enthusiasm Hurricane Katrina (25) Lack of confidence Hwiseon Lee (24) Lack of empathy Hyosun (25) Avoidance of unpleasant realities and endeavors. Hypnos The Blade (46) will power/self control HYS (47) Weakness and lack of will. I Lazyness I Shyness; interernal illness Ian (23) Stubbornness Ian (44) Fiscal indiscipline ianplanet (47) weak I Beg (54) My temper. Iblis Anak (22) Being candid Icis Lack of knowing me i dont know that i know (17) Self centered ness Ignats (70) A proclivity to stay in the comfort zone Igor (29) Extreme social anxiety Iilyanna My intolerance of other's shortcomings. Ika (24) Lack of humility. ile105 (23) Conceit. You don’t need to ask other people. ile105 (27) Naivete Illinibeatle (44) Distrust - not trusting people. Imajones procastination Imee Confidence? No . . . why shouldn't I be confident? I.M. (Imam Mahdi) (5) hiding from people Indrė (17) weakness of will indy (30) impatient and messy, i also have a dificult time expressing my feelings Inês (20) sloth, extremely ineloquence and ineffectiveness in human communication. inez (21) I am too direct Inkie (60) anger, fear, anxiety, laziness interestedparty too much self awareness i.p. I sometimes get shy in new situations Ireland Rose (12) Pride Irene (17) Lack of empathy, rough around the edges Irene (26) shy, i don't want to be normal Iris (18) Horrible memory Iris Ramsey (32) My lack of learning; my stupidity; the inability to act; carelessness; and my diseased ideas. Isaac (16) lack of common sense Isaac (29) Some people would consider my distaste for authority a defect Isaac Lack of motivation; Bad temper; cowardice Isabel (19) I like solitude, except from my best friend. Isabella Fairchild-Heart (Protagonist) (26) jealousy,rudeness,weakness Isabelle (26) Strictness Isadora Duncan (32) Cowardly at best, egomaniac and self-obsessed at worst Ismael Santos (20) Petulance and the inability to understand most people. Isolde (17) Lazyness, not beliving in my own abilities. Iva None, they are always changing so as none are principled enough to stop me. Iva Pasztor (20) Weakness to give people everything. Ivy (10) Can not completely get rid of my defect ivy (25) Lack of motivation Izzy (24) carelessness j2a18m (43) nothing jabbar (23) being physically weak, at times Jacie Lin pessimism Jack (14) I get frustrated. Jack (33) Laziness and ignorance of said laziness Jack (17) Lack of will power Jack Goodman (18) An unwillingness to put myself forward. Jackie anxiety jackie (40) I think that I can be selfish and bossy sometimes. Jackie (18) too enthusiastic, expecting too much from people around me Jackie (24) being too emotional Jackie Cavalcante (40) Tardiness Jackie Vega (27) An open and questioning mind that is easily overwhelmed. Jackson8471 (23) being literal Jack Viper (29) Distrust of or caution towards others Jaclyn (22) Low will power JaclynM (19) how easily I am affected by loss Jacob Procrastination. Jacob Richardson (18) An inferiority complex. Jacque (24) Lack of confidence. Jacqueline (34) Rejection of authority; arrogance in the pursuit of independence. Jacqueline Garrett (38) her shyness Jade (17) Shyness Jade-a-boo (17) I love too much too hard Jade Green (30) my judgmental nature Jadelynn (24) That people want to box me to a form of conformity and I can't will myself to, otherwise I lose a bit of myself. If I could shape my mind, I would never do it. I consider that a defect; from society itself. Jae (18) Undisciplined Jafari (33) To be perfectionist Jaime (18) Laziness Jaime (28) Apathy Jake (17) Laziness, aloofness Jake (21) Classification of personalities leading me to detachment (short & long term) Jakelina Hernandez (22) Impatience. J.A. Lawrence laziness James (64) Dishonesty James (30) it hasnt killed me yet james Lust and lethargy James (19) Inability to finish what I began so many years ago James (25) none James Green (29) Lack of faith in my own abilities. James La Salandra (31) I like sex. So what. I already admitted this as a fault of mine. James Oliver North (39) Indolence jameson_welsh (22) laziness, an inability to see the relative ease of yes, yes, 'weakness of will'. James William Reath (21) forgive too easily Jamie (25) Lack of self-control Jamie (22) seeing good in everyone Jamie (32) lack of confidance Jamie (17) procrastination Jan I get hurt easily Jan (54) I am too empathetic Jan (55) Introvert, very much a private person Jana (22) Tendency to be depressed, I also forgive too easily Jana (22) being too care-free Janae (17) discipline jane (41) arrogance and pride jane (20) i can't understand non-verbal cues and often have the impulse to chide people when they can least benefit from it jane fakename (25) making mistakes in life even with extreme care janice (67) wanting more Janice Marie Oxford (61) needing attention Jannie56 laziness Jared (19) Self-pity. Jared Oswald (19) Lack of compasion Jarred Poll (26) Lazy & lack of confidence Jas (20) lack of sympathy for those who abuse others jasleen Lack of empathy Jasmine Violet (17) i'm impatient and self-conscious Jason (34) Afraid of what others may think Jason (26) pride jasonstafford (53) Weakness of Will. Jax Havak (00) Selfishness Jay (26) Lack of will power Jay My inability to slow down and soak in life....there's always more to be done Jay West (27) books Jazz listening jb (13) Lack of will power at certain times J.B. (53) stubbornness driven by shame JB (29) I cannot not let go that I am not enough Jb Bradford (44) Impatience with unintelligent people JChris (40) fickleness, quick to anger jcr (35) impatience JD (21) dullness, stupidity jda Communication; or the lack thereof J Dawg (32) busyness jean (22) Being too sharp with people Jeannine (57) A myriad of insecurities, overthinking Jef (19) lack of knowledge Jeff being a pushover JeffGuy (55) Emotion Jeffrey A. Olivier (40) I fix broken men Jeffrey Dean Arthur (51) pride Jeff Winger selfishness jemimah (32) That I lose hope sometimes Jen (23) not being the ideal Jen (25) negativity, depression, anxiety Jen (35) learning to accept people for who they are jen (29) Sheridan says it is impulsiveness. I like this quality. I have too many...principals... Jen Gerlach (39) Brisk Jen Hallidy (42) Outspokeness Jenn (35) I am a pointed and critical person Jenn (39) My mind Jennie I struggle with self-approval and this shadows how I relate to others. That and my grammar sucks. Jennifer (35) lasher lasher, run run. Jennifer (40) Being fearful and a people pleaser Jennifer C-K (35) Cowardice, Lack of motivation Jennifer Lewis (26) self-centeredness Jenni Webb Reynolds (29) I have absolutely no faith in myself Jenny (23) Hypersensitivity, lack of motivation for practical necessities Jenny (28) sponge for peoples emotions Jenny (37) Lack of confidence Jenny (18) impulsivity Jenny (38) Short attention span Jenny (35) I'm too quickly annoyed these days JennyLynn (23) Trusting to luck Jenny Napier (42) I feel too deeply for those who are gone Jensyn Keanes (19) Bit of a bastard for little provocation Jeremy (17) suscepitibility to anxiety Jeremy (30) often insular Jeremy (29) I want to be liked too much Jeremy Fassler (22) Lack of empathy. Jeremy Heintz (39) temper Jerome (37) Stubborn unwilling to take advice at times Jess (27) Listening, falling in love easily, and depression Jess (18) Shyness Jessica (18) I'm scared for my children all. the. time. Jessica Giving others too many chances Jessica Cristo (Jax): (29) I don't quite understand most people Jessie (33) Conformity Jessie (16) impatience Jesus0469 (46) reluctance to acknowledge my defects Jet Jackson (92) Aversion to other human beings Jeux Slow to trust Jewel (39) not being able to let go Jewel (38) stubborness jezza (18) openess jg (36) Laziness jg (22) Lack of caring for things that I cannot help but feel are worthless J.H. Too frank; blunt. Not having a care of the emotional response of others Jian (22) Lack of courage and discipline Jia Ying (22) Lack of drive, contnentness. Jim (20) I have many defects all of them work equally well Jim (50) impatience jimmy (84) Bad genes, impatience...and I'm very judgemental jj (43) Not always giving 100% JJ (20) ambition, insecurity J J Ruzo weakness of will JLo (34) Too Much Procastination J.L. Odom (16) Jump to conclusions JM (28) Impatience Jo (41) talking before someone is done talking Jo (16) All of my most marked characteristics, lack of self-belief Jo (21) speniding too much money Jo Forgiveness Jo (20) That I have no heart Jo (33) Indulgence. Joana (22) My main defect, I guess would be my weakness when it comes to the elderly and disabled. Joan Ellis (28) Procratination, insecurity JOANNA procrastination Jo-Anne laziness Joanne van der Woude (36) impatience joannie uncertainty Joe (60) selfishness Joe (54) A certain lack of rationale, I fly off the handle without thinking of concequences Joe DeProfio (27) lack of trust Joel (17) I have none, I"m a perfect Frenchie! Joel Sadler (45) negativity JoeyO (34) selfishness John (28) My intensity John (24) Most would say my inability to trust others, but I wonder if that is really a weakness John (20) Always see the best in people no matter. John (23) Bottling up my true feelings Johnathan Durand (19) money, cash, hoes Johnny (21) Hyprocrtical Johnny (21) Lack of hard work Johnny48 (48) Being passive, and my discomfort with myself John Porter Pride. John Sousa (17) Too trusting JoJo (27) Lack of intelligence difficulty in comprehension Jojo (76) impatience jolie (66) I am EXTREMELY untidy and disorganised. Jollie (21) Procrastination. Jo Mama (53) Extreme interest in other people jona (19) Outgoing Jonas (We) sloth jonathan (31) Limiting myself Jonathan Tacuri (21) weakness of will jonb (49) stubborn Jonida Dervishi (29) Lack of motivation in endeavors that I deem mundane. There are many of these endeavors. I do not count this as a defect. Not counting it as a defect is probably also a defect. Jon Mosca (31) Self-absorption, guilt, lack of self-confidence Jonny South (18) self-interest, self-loathing Jordan (19) Wasting time, lack of motivation Jordan need for affection and reaffirmation jordan rutter (18) i dont think through things,ill just do em most of the time Jorelle (18) Laziness Joris Gullibility in the trusting the goodness of man joseph (31) wanted others to listen Joseph Anthony (37) 有時過於感性 Joseph Cheng (28) Selfish Josephine A (19) I care too much Joseph Khouri Worrier Joseph Wizley (35) Laziness, tendency to isolate myself from life Joseph Yvon (63) narcissism, the following complacency, and fright of giving of myself Josh (23) Lack of confidence. Josh (22) Hubris Josh (29) Lack of caring when it comes to others problems Joshua (34) Procrastination. The inability to motivate myself without pain or pressure. Joshua Levi (21) An anxious mind and a somewhat malleable "sense of self". Joshua Sponaugle (22) My heart Joshua Taft (18) Laziness, single-mindedness Josh W. (19) immaturity josie (25) talking to much, no focus, depression and anxiety Josie Dangerfield (29) I trust too easily. Jotthedot (16) intolerance; sloth Joxef (35) lack of trust, weakness joyce (20) a finite, fallen, and fallible nature joyseternal (22) aloofness jrggzmn (20) bitterness jrggzmn (20) Vanity jrggzmn (25) procrastination and lack of motivation JRM Lack of patience JRobertson (21) Intolerance to weakness Jtan (21) Impatience, laziness Ju (28) weakness in math Juan (15) nothing Juan (16) Impatience. Juan Carlos (21) narcissism Juanita Joann Harty Buck (49) Procrastination Juan Jose Campos (34) Procrastination Jubin (21) Laziness Judah (30) Bad grades Judah (22) 容易猶豫 jude (25) Physical laziness Jude Kaldi Being too critical Judith Listening Judy shouting at other drivers when the windows are rolled up Judyka (64) inability to commit juju too judgemental jujubee (35) Dashing to quietude in lieu of carousing by not partaking in life's boons and chances Jules (19) Lack of humility Jules (26) Shyness, underachieving Jules (23) snobbery Jules Not knowing who I really am. Julia (23) Public speaking and conversations Julian (16) lack of patience julie (79) lack of persistence; selfishness Julie (20) impatience Julie (40) Taking too long to make decisions Julie (49) being unsocial, weakness of will Juliette (25) Lack of being unclean. I'm clean I mean, not my house; and procrastination. June (23) my body does not listen to my mind jupiter jones lack of direction, bad speller Justin (27) Laziness Justin (15) Anxiety Justin Aylward (22) self-destruction justine hope (20) Lack of Understanding Justin G. (15) Being human. Justin Rasile (23) Chronic Depression & Anhedonia JW (27) Cowardice, hideousy, bigotry. J.W. Carey (22) lack of sensitivity, tendency to highlight faults of people rather than strengths K (21) Lack of clarity of mind. K. (23) Well, I actually think lack of understanding and weakness of will are very accurate answers for me. k ability to get distracted k-92 (17) Not staying around long enough Kaden I want my friends to be in love with me Kafi Cunningham (43) anger kai (15) Rigidity. Kainaz (20) My large outlooks on things distract me from seeing what could be right in front of me. Kait (23) lack of patience Kaja Ta Ambition paired with laziness Kajer (19) A craving to be loved, or, to be more precise, to be caressed and spoiled rather than to be admired KAKI (50) low self esteem Kaleena (23) Apologising Kally (33) I think I tend to have high expectations for myself and those who are closest to me. Kameke weakness of will, too little self-confidence Kamila (18) Intensely idealistic and my perfectionism are making me anxious KammY moodiness Kandi (26) Lack of shown concern kangaroo fear karaeileen (24) I care too much about what others think Karen (27) depression Karen i don't listen Karen (16) impatience Karen June (52) to be impacient kari bobins (33) obstinacy Karina Marcano (26) carelessness Karl (17) I get emotionally attached, impatience Kasandra laziness, doubt Kasia (30) Not paying enough attention to the people who I see every day Kasper (19) Weakness Kassy (17) Not a people person Kate (23) Laziness, Kate (21) I am getting older . . . I cannot change this, therefore I am defective :P Kate lazyness Kate (26) Directness Kate Lack in confidence, Kate Mac (22) Weakness of conviction. Kate McJ (31) Postponing for tommorow. Katerina (22) The ability to worry when it its not my responsibility. Kath (48) Jealousy Katharina (32) Unbearable anger, vanity. Katherine (18) Always being in the wrong place, wrong time. Katherine (27) Failure to read people Katherine Stubbornness, "my way or high way" attitude, I can be arrogant at times. Kathérine (25) Lazyness and stuborness Kathy (18) ? kathy (52) resentfulness Kathy (26) Materialistic. Kati (15) I'm very cold Kati (19) I don't understand everything Katie (20) killllll me katie (23) Stubbornness Katie (17) lack of understanding, judgemental katie (22) easily distracted Katie Carriere (39) impatience; insecurity Katieu (27) I am too jealous Katrina (23) weakness of will and being naive Katrina Thiessen-Beasse (28) Hyper Katsika (68) underestimating myself and stubborness katthehurricane weakness of will, apathy Katy (16) lack of control Katy (22) Self-doubt, brutally high standards for myself, and a tendency to give in to despair Katya Allnutt (27) Controlling nature kaudrey Anger, irritability Kavindra (55) hatery kavitha (19) lack of willpower kay (22) Stubborness Kaybird (43) Being myself Kayla (17) notreally sure... Kayla Marie (17) quick to judge Kaysie67 (49) Thinking there is more time than there actually is KB (45) Jealousy (but not quite to the point of envy) K.B. Oliver (30) lack of trust kc Impatience K Dilkington (30) An unwillingness to seek help when needed. I don't know how. Kechiro (33) Stubbornness Keith (19) lack of moderation can be irresponsible Kelli (47) my temper kelly (39) Jealousy. Insecurity. Kelly (25) The inability to finish things Kelly G. Teague (45) Willing to trust Kelly McCauslin Not opening up to people in the way that others do Kelsey (22) Inability to "stay the course" w/o getting bored ken (58) Need for attention Ken (63) fear of failure ken dewey (48) Stubborness, lack of patience. Kendyl (20) Addictive personality . Kenkire in tolerance for prejeduce - hunger for more Kenn (47) Procrastination Kennedy (18) refusing to let go. to accept truths I hate. Kenning (28) /Self-centeredness kerayne (66) anger Keri Cook (26) That damn temper that I got from my father. Kessler (35) Doubt K EST (22) trusting people Keti (23) not standing for what I believe in Keto (25) My social anxiety and poor attention-span Kev (27) disorganizatiom Kevbo Finding the right words Kevin (25) weakness of will and lazyness Kevin (21) talking alot Kevin (17) procrastination Kevlar laziness, arrogance kfcbucket (16) My lack of self-confidence, weakness of will as well. KFerreto (24) My mental state kfkfkfk (17) A tendancy to be unsure and unhappy. KG (38) A lack of people sense KG (26) Laziness Khaddafina (23) TEST KHAkjhsak (16) Lack of fulfillment Kia (28) lack of enthusiasim. fear Kiana Mercury (23) Pride. Kiara M. (15) lack of will power Kid Jasper identical KiDoCo I am told I am unforgiving Kiera Hardy leaving a gap between what I aspire to and what I achieve. Kieran (22) lack of understanding and weakness of will Kika Impatience, letting fear of failure get the best of me Kiki (27) no second chances kiki (44) I have zero deffects Kiki (10) Procastination Kikka (38) lack of patience Kiley (20) impatience killy self-contol Kim (37) Intolerance, arrogance Kim (17) Insecurity Kim (37) My secrecy Kim (30) I am to critical of others. I tend to get annoyed when people don't understand Kim (47) Procastination, hiding from reality (I'm good at that which is bad) Kimberly (23) Weakness of will kimberly (21) laziness Kimberly Bailey anger and defeatism kimbo (34) impatience Kimlmar (52) Fear Kim Randall Cox (43) confidence king (43) laziness kings (36) lack of concentration; forgetfullness King Ubi (35) weakness of will, lack of self-confidence Kinmin (24) naievness kirk stubborn Kirsten McCracken (20) stubborness kirty (21) not tidy kit kat (22) my anxiety disorder kito (24) Lack of ambitions, of trust in others, Stubbornness Kitty (21) Stubbornness Kitty (19) over sensitive Kitty (58) self indulgence kjelli (59) selfishness KK (32) comfort k-kabob (31) Quickness to rage, bitterness, coldness KKC (26) Being hyper critical Kkkkaty (67) I dont really care for friends Klavicus (23) Egoism Klox890626 (23) I am extremely emotional, and get distracted easily by my emotions. KLVS (22) Need for validation, tendency to be paralysed by indecision KM (23) my perfectionism is making me anxious Kmi arrogance, self-pity. knapsackstraps (21) anxiety knowone (29) Fear of conflict Koinekid (28) Self-involvement. kokocakemix (24) Overly trusting koshka (50) I stopped dreaming a long time ago Kourtney Denee (24) Need of reassurance. Kouse (23) insecurity Kreuzz Stubborn Kris (41) be critized Krisanta (32) procrastination krissy (18) Lacking sympathy Krista (17) Weakness of will Krista (27) selfishness, lack of worth Kristaline (24) Smugness. Kristi (35) overindulgence Kristie (22) Timidity Krum Kirov (16) the ability to explain really bad behaviours thus putting myself and those around me at risk of being manipulated Kryshia (53) Cynicism and pessimism. Krysstofer Pierre (23) Self doubt Krystaal (40) Lack of empathy and tact. Krystal (24) A craving to be loved. Krystin (22) rigidity ks (33) vanity Kt (15) Tendency to despair; lack of clarity KT Short temper kt (35) an amalgamation of intelligence and misery Kunal Sen (27) near-inability to connect with others, agoraphobic paranoia, full-blown subjectivity to a fault kunderakitsch Idealistic about people's personalities; wanting everyone to be saints. kuro usagi (18) A weakness for my daughter, Lucy. I'm still paying off her student loans, even though she is 25. Kurt Bailey (45) I like to believe I am not subject to rules or social guidelines. K Yeo (19) Hiding my pain Kyla Stan not being wise Kyra Black (19) Insecurity Kyrie (18) forgiving too easily Kyrinrin (14) selfishness L (36) no emotional attachment lacee (18) OCD Lacey McVeigh (46) my most marked characteristic Lacharria (18) my short temper, lack of patience LadyDyTheFly procrastination ladyinthewater (24) lack of discipline and strength of character Lady NCA (29) sometimes I think I know more Ladytoyou (66) i don't like to make mistakes or lose lage (27) cranial rectilitis LaHaRo (51) Laziness Lainey (38) Being too detailed Lainie Impatience Lana (34) Inability to understand or socialize with others LAND (22) Single mindedness. Landon Wright (16) fear of failure, lack of trust Lanette main character: Counciler Becky My belief that I can't control what happens to me resulting in a tendency to never attempt to take control lara67 (49) Throwing tantrums when someone bests me LA Sullivan lack of knowledge Latanya (21) Laziness Laura (20) Inaction Laura (24) fear laura (23) being too much in my own head laura (27) anxious, insecure, overcompensating Laura (28) jealousy or rage. too much passion. too much feeling. Laura (31) lossing pacience LauraAl (27) Sloth Laura N. (52) Hesitation Laura Panza (38) bipolarity laura Ytzia Montoya Capristo Self-destructiveness. Laurel (29) too sensitive and lacking in confidence Lauren (28) never give up Lauren (14) weak willed Lauren (22) Stubbornness Lauren My emotions tend to overrule my ability to reason. Lauren Frost (26) My unfortunate anxiety Lauren H (27) self-doubt, lack of follow-through Laurie (58) Impatience. Lavache Beadsman (21) Not admitting to be wrong Layla (22) I don't know Layla (13) I am too honest and blunt. Layla B. (43) Temper LB Perkins (42) Stubbornness. Leah (16) Analyzing too far ahead in time leah (17) Self doubt Leah (25) Addiction Leah fear, insecurity Leanne (28) Soft character LeCorbeauGris (25) when the voices in my heads leave me Lector weakness of will, a lack of understanding lee (30) To jump of the cliff before seeing how far it is to the bottom Leeham I have too many to pick one. Leena (16) controlling Legacy Lee (31) Ignorance. Leigh Lagamayo (27) Procrastination Leila Quick to temper. Leila (28) inabiliyt to see outside myself Lem (24) Over-thinking things, or perhaps not being able to withhold judgment. L.E.Murphy (17) neatness Len (46) lack of self esteem Lena (21) anger and lack of self-esteem Lena (60) A mind that churns and turns, never sleeping and never stopping. Leo I have to come up for air Leo (15) I tend to be pessimistic, weak willed and over critical. Leo Calma (19) Arrogance LeonidasStokely I am to awesome Leon (The Debreifer) (22) d Leslie Procrastination Leslie (43) Laziness Lestory (49) I couldn't pick just one of those either Levi Becker (31) I do not forgive those that have wronged me Levi Walker jealousy Lex stubborn attitude and a quickness to be defensive lexi (23) I dont fit in LexieBee (17) A weakness of inquisitiveness. Lex Ryo (17) not expressive enough l.gee (23) inclination ot feel lonely lglick19 Fear Lia (23) occasional lack of compassion LiamP (25) My inability to bear children Liam Shaughnessy I am told it is my inability to look at things from another point of view. Liam Urien self-delusion; impatience librowicz (28) i am not good at picking decent men lol hope to change that Lids (50) Rage. Lightning Stars (22) I have little patience for my children and family in general lilecare (46) emotional detachment Lilian (25) Impatience, probably. Liliana Inability to stand down and ask for help. Lillian (25) my sharp tongue Lillian Grace (27) very critical, somewhat self-destructive Lily (16) I worry about everything Lily Neediness Lily (34) lack of a work ethic Linda (23) Weakness in everything Linda (17) I don't go shopping as often as I should Linda C (41) lack of attention span - I always want to move on to the next adventure Linda M. W. (34) Inability to be quiet Lindsey (15) Fear of failure. Lindsey B. (17) not talkative LindseyD (18) I don't know. Let's go with... indecision. Or maybe laziness? Or both. Linicake selfishness linou70 Unwillingness to partake in things that do not captivate me, my incapability to discipline Lint (17) selfishness Lisa My lack of forgiveness when it comes to my husband's superiors at work Lisa (56) my quietness and lack of self motivation Lishan (20) When I'm not 100% sure, I tend to procrastinate LittleT (24) shyness lituci (30) weakness of will Lixing (24) Lack of inertia. Seeking outside approval. Liz (28) Shyness. Liz (64) Jealousy. It is the beast that lives within me that can neither be slain nor appeased. Liz (47) A larger commitment to my career than my family Liz (25) Perception that I am right most of the times Liz (40) The inability to say no Liza (33) Lack of tact, pride. Lizzie (17) I don't read enough Lizzie Pickle (27) Laziness and self-absorption. L. Kadey (18) Shallowness of emotion L. Kadey (19) Arrogance LLane (23) being shy lmao fearfulness lo (19) temper; jumping to conclusions in haste Lo (24) My thoughts make me evil sometimes. LodRose (32) laziness Log Ignitable passion Logan (23) the fact that I manipulate people Logan (14) trouble understanding Logan (16) no will power Logan Whitt (15) My desire to always have the last word...Oh and I bite my nails. Lois (22) stopping with something before I finish it Lola Laziness Lolita Hazed (18) quick to judge, quick temper, quick dismissal lollipoppingsu (24) Weakness of will Lori (37) I'm just too cute for this world. Louf (39) Crying Loui Edgington (12) Being evasive Louis (19) believe in too much Louisalokyee (15) naiveity. Louise (17) My lack of confidence Loz (17) negativity, hypocondria Lu (24) judging too quickly, being prone to apraxia Lu (32) indifference luadepapel (25) nervousness Luc (27) Shyness. Lucho (32) stuberness Lucija (25) I could be too intense at time.... Lucy (34) Quickness to anger Lucy intolerance Luigi (38) My lack of self trust Luísa (21) Fear of change and lack of self trust. Luísa (22) Insecurity, laziness, pessimism Luisa (18) Insecurity, laziness, defeatism Luisa (19) anger upon betrayal LuisEfe (55) Arrogance and tendency to understand other people's emotions in terms of my own Luke Anthony (19) Emotions lukemarco (18) My addictions - which is a lack of willpower and control Luke N 14 (35) Fear Lulu Overthinking; trusting too easily Luna (16) lack of understanding lunar (18) Impatience. Laziness. LVG Impatience, critical Lydia (50) holding grudges lydia Too caring. Lydia (18) Complain too much and mood swings Lyla (30) weakness of will lyman (35) Insecurity Lyn (22) Insecurity Lyn (22) Fear of the unknown Lyn pesimism lynac (31) Bad decision-making. Lyndsay D. (22) No sense of urgency; constant procrastination. Lyndsey (19) proudness and gall Lynk (15) a sharp tongue Lynn Renee (41) Total lack of sick-to-it-iveness Lynn Thair (49) selflessness Lyss (19) (delta)F508/(delta)F508 M@ (31) lack of patience M sloth M (29) impatience M (36) Fear M (19) indifference M lacking compassion MA (61) Caring to much and losing me. Mach (44) Procastination Machiavelli_Mx (38) i wouldn't know where to start. the basic neuro stuff doesn't help though. ambivalence and disgust. macon (22) weakness of will macskawoman (44) lack of trust in most people Macy (15) I always return to the cheap pleasure of pornography. Madeline (18) arrogance Madeline (19) Lazyness Madhusudhan (63) Dependence Madison Twist (25) i take unimportant things personally Mads Husted (21) I'm a self-sabatour. MaeveOne (27) Being too Judgemental Magellan (44) Childish, lack of self-esteem Magen (22) Often lazy Maggie (24) Idealism. Maggie (23) lack of understanding Maggie (49) procrastination maggy may Impulsitivity Mahalo (/) i tend to be indecisive or opt for what seems to the easiest path mahtiel (21) Anger Mairi (37) I am impulsive at using my words and sometimes hurt people. Maite (26) my heart bruises too easily maitresseb (43) When I snap, I OH SNAHP! Mak (16) stubborness maksimuchka (38) I feel bad for every suffering creature. Malcolm (26) Constantly creeping depression Malibu (31) dishonesty Mallory (21) loneliness Mallory Corrus (20) Lack of satisfaction, yearning for things long gone. Maltet poor focus; laziness; inattention to detail; wanton neglect of hygiene Mandar (27) impatience, self-indulgence Mandella Kitten (36) Stubborn mandi (28) sloth mandi2kay (31) lack of confidence Mandy (18) Scarey , not fully in control of my self mangarmunko (21) My humanity. Manu (22) Propensity to self doubt Mao (22) no will power Mara (58) A bitterness that intrudes upon my heart recklessly and often. Mara (17) Poor will power MaraMichelle Weakness of will Marana (56) Haste Marcel (19) low self esteem, self-confidence and social awkwardness marcel254 (25) Slow thinking; weakness of will. Marcelo Ricarte. (16) i have issues letting go, sometime feel if i do the same thing enough, things will change even tho i know it will not Marcel Rodriguez procrastination Marclaudi (46) expecting too much from others Marc_Meyer I get easily bored marcoapk (19) laziness marg (53) My Temper Margaret (19) give too easily Margaret Cook (57) when fear or anger overcome me, which is fortunately not often. Margarida (aka:Guida Costa,Guida Almeida ( ) Competitive Margie (44) pride, lack of will, lying, lack of self esteem, and many more. margo (22) I have no set standards for my personal life Margot Insecurity, lack of emathy Margot (21) Laziness, lack of passion or not being able to focus my passion Mari (30) Perfectionism Maria (45) worry about what other people think Maria Not admitting I am wrong sometimes Maria (18) my accent Maria Contreras (19) my laziness Mariam (20) wanderlust, anxiety, the ability to be sardonic, impatience Mariana (16) Being scared of contacting people. Mariana (22) Laziness. Also a certain self-imposed limitation. Maria Patenaude (29) Weakness of will, easy to forgive Maria Rowena Rillen Lack of motivation and positivity. Marie (19) Selfishness, Competitiveness, Jealousy Marie (21) Laziness Marie inconstantness Marie Madeleine (51) Being frozen by fear of being wrong, being in the unknown, being unloved or even hated. Which translate to crippling inactivity. Marie-Pierre Adam (27) shyness marina (50) Laziness and the idea "there is always time to do something later". marina (27) arrogance Marina (20) Not analyze my mistakes to improve them. Not to live my life as I imagine in my mind Marina da Silva Negherbon (24) Venting Marion (27) im to soft hearted. mario ponce (38) Lack of drive, secretiveness, pathological lying Marios Gregoriou (21) lack patience MariselaL (18) My tastes and my thoughts Mark (16) Insensitivity Mark (19) I prefer not to think about it too much. Mark Lack of consistency, quiet natured. Mark (55) impatience Mark Angus Wilson (28) pride, and a complexity of mental loopholes revolving around the fear that stems from avoiding that pride Mark D Anderson (23) Overthinking things. Slow decisions. markeff (38) selfishness, unsympathetic, aloofness Mark J (44) selfishness Marko (28) t Mark Sterling (32) i never forget markus_naz (39) impatience Marney (40) lack of will and self confidence beside my concern about everyone and everything Maroua (17) persistence of bad habits Marshall Wang (24) orgullo marti (25) Lack of empathy Martin (29) Lack of trusting my gut Martina Common Fluidity of character Marty (18) lack of tolerance, too demanding, easy anger Martyshka (31) Cowardice, damn cowardice. Maruku (18) I don't accept anything less than perfection. Marvin Willams (30) Unwillingness to compromise. Mary (22) I second guess myself Mary (28) Too nice, always assuming people to be upright. Mary (56) procrastination Mary Ann (62) Procrastination. MaryAnn (47) mental disorders Mary Ellen Collins-Davis (59) mental disorders Mary Ellen Collins-Davis (59) lack of self-control MaryFred (24) no ability to pay attention sometimes Maryn (15) Difficulty enjoying small pleasures Masha Shannon (26) I trust people who I have just met with things I shouldn't. MasonFYS13 (18) Poor time management. I doubt if I could organize my way out of a paper bag. Mason Walker (21) Not knowing when enough is enough Mat (15) impulsiveness Mat (26) my poor mind mate Loniless Mateus Melo Lack of motivation, shyness. Mathew Gallant (22) weakness of will Mathilda (15) Selfishness, laziness, lack of happiness and lack of any sort of confidence. Matisse (15) Lazy over thinking Matrix (23) Taking a lot of time to make decisions, dependent, don't have good writing skils, fragile, low self-esteem Matsuda (14) prone to self pity in spite of superiority complex matt (17) my profound distrust of others Matt (30) Timidness; inability to say what I feel. Matt (20) Unable to commit Matt (25) Laziness and fixation. Matt DeCostanza (17) Impulsiveness. Matthew Charles Barrie (27) Inability to withstand attacks on my identity, even non-existent ones Matthew Gordon (28) Weak willed Matthew Ray (18) I'm extraordinarily intolerant of others Matthew Young (18) im lazy Matthieu (21) Weakness of understanding the evolution or development amid people I know. Maundaux (23) bad temper, lazy mauserman (42) Worrying too much sometimes Max (24) not pushing myself to realize what i the most ardently desire, lack of self-confidence which pushes me to hate myself maxie (20) Lack of emotion Maximilian (17) A lack of willpower when it comes to pleasure. Maxwell Pierson (23) weak personality Maysoun (27) impatience MB (41) Cheating myself mcfm0626 (26) Fatalistic, defeatist MCI (22) weakness of will mcseadogs (34) I am weak of will and lazy Me (40) lack of caring me (32) Short tempered and confused ME (25) Lying Me (57) apathy and dwelling on the past Meaghan Weakness of will Medusa59 (56) jealousy Meebo Quickness to give up entirely Meg (16) apathy meg (22) laziness and a lack of ambition Meg (19) Misunderstanding and quick temper Meg (31) Loyalty. Meg (22) laziness and materialism Megan (25) lack of trust. Megan (20) Judgmental Megan (32) My hate Megan (18) impatience Megan (23) a deep sense of selfishness that I can't seem to escape. megan (18) loss of a will to live Meghan (16) Reserve Megil (51) Intense Subjectivity Meher (32) I am weak willed and have a melancholy soul. Mel (16) inability to open myself up Mel (20) Being unorganized mel (32) Slow to humor Mel (44) Selfishness Melanie (31) Laziness, weak will. Melanie (33) Short attention span. Melanie (33) Stubbornness MelBisMe (34) Stubbornness. Melinda (18) Courtesy Melinda McGinley (30) Awareness not followed by action M.Elisabeth Howell (52) Self-centeredness Melissa (23) I am a stubborn procrastinator melissa (17) impatience melissa (44) Obsessed with being the best, success Melissa (40) Lack of confidence sometimes Melissa Diane Hudson Lack of self control. Melissa Farr (25) Lack of ability to accept criticism. Melissa Farr (29) Overthinking, Lack of confidence Melissa P (63) lack of self confidence Melly depression, the occasional inability to see the light in a dark situation Melody (22) I want to say inconsistency, but that in no way means that I want to be consistent. Stagnant. But I go in circles and forget who I was before I can learn from it. Mel Sundquist (20) trusting meltemis not being able to express my emotions due to fear of rejection Melvia (28) being distracted easily, forgetful, unappreciative, lazy Memelord (15) Lack of money and respect for certain people Memyselfandi pride & procrastinatiom Menjou (21) no control over self menon (33) obsessive negative thoughts mercedes (27) judgement Meredith Self-loathing Meredith (23) Lack of patience and Merit (56) Lack of patience and Merit (56) Lack of patience and Merit (56) Lack of patience and Merit (56) Lack of patience and Merit (56) Lack of patience and Merit (56) Lack of patience and Merit (56) Don't have a good sense of time. merlinharp (57) Laziness, an unwillingness to expend energy on activities that need to be accomplished. Metztli (23) Being very critical MFSmith (16) Weakness of will. mia Slowness in practical matters Mia (27) impatience miami (65) lazy micci (64) Demanding and exacting. Michael (40) Laziness Michael (46) Misanthropy Michael lack of confidence michael full honesty. I will conform to others desire rather than be honest with myself. Michael (43) my temper michael (24) alcohol, and drugs Michael (21) impatience and despair Michael (52) Privacy Michael (53) Anxiety for making the right choices. Michaela (20) Pride. Michaela Tee (15) needing answers to things that don't have answers Michael Kendall (16) self-hatred Michael Thornberry self centered Michelle (30) Pride and selfishness are my worst defects, I admit. Michelle (24) Not taking care of myself. Michelle Jeong (20) Overthinking Michelle Sandino (15) A lack of discipline. michou (19) An unfortunate tendency towards cowardice. Mick (28) Selfish, lazy and the realisation of it and still not doing anything about it Mickste fickleness Mignonne (53) I talk to much mihaela (26) speaking too much mihaelaian (42) lazyness and procrastination Mika listening 100% of the time. Mike (33) apathy, repressing feelings Mike (14) Lack of willpower Mike (32) Prevarication Mike (53) Untruthfulness Mike (58) My inability to get the recognition I deserve Mike (42) The desire for social acceptance Mike (29) lack of commitment mike_freedom9531 (30) obsessive mikemc1156 Stupidity Mike Sadler (53) Too blunt closed off Milfred (35) fear, limitations Mili (20) Weakness of will and pretentious thoughts of myself. Milly (23) Impatience Milly (16) too quick to react millymay (84) Quick to judge Mimi (53) Fear of the uncontrolable Mimi (31) Seeking recognition Mimi (24) laziness mimì (48) quick to judge Mimi (57) I don't really enjoy life Mimikeekee (23) Lack of positivity; lack of being good at sports Mina (15) Weakness of will Mind (17) Lack of motivation. Minerva Black (30) lack of diplomacy minto (28) lack of self confidence mirabilis (48) fear of math Miriam Liggett (48) Learning through my lack of listening. mischa (22) I can alienate anyone. Misha (24) Intolerance to my own shortcomings. Misk Odium Oersted I'm ugly and dull miso weak sense of responsibility Miss Jealousy and hatred towards those who have what I want misshermes (20) intolerance miss karachi Laziness, lack of exercise Miss Noble (0) unintentional impertinence Missy (44) Depth of awareness Missy (45) quick to anger or show too much emotion Missy Gay (42) being slow mister buzz (49) quickness to anger and sins of the flesh Mitchell: for Ophelia Anger. Mitela (22) Laziness Mitela (25) Lazyness Mitja (36) Very bad temper. Mitsuko (22) pessimism mitzi (28) Afraid of failure, frustration Miyo (12) The inability to understand the cold-blooded nature of most humans MJ (22) Lack of ballsiness/too much people-pleasing MJ (23) Procrastination M.J (40) trying to please everyone mj (39) Hastiness. M. J. A. Armstrong (60) Insecurity MJF (34) cowardness,phobias,insecurities,depression mjwhite (21) Inconsistency or forgetfulness. M.K. (21) lack of confiendece mk (15) stupidity mkayruger I try too hard. Mkeekee (30) Absence M. Le Ahcim-nevets (31) Being single. MlleJacqueline short-sightedness MlleNeet Having a sharp tongue, being afraid to let people in mlovelace impatience and lack of drive MM (34) Annoyance of Ignorance M&M (38) Married but craving to be unattached MMS lack of patience Mnemonic Aberration Intolerance mobtomas (48) Being smart modernmonsters control, what other people think of me, fear (translated as procrastination & rationalizing) moeder (32) Lazy Mohamjip (66) vanity, selfishness, and laziness Mohini (20) Self confidence. Moistoidy (43) weakness of will Molea Razvan (23) laziness, pessimism Molly (19) Weakness of Will Molly (18) lack of empathy, unsympathetic Molly Evans (47) Laziness, stubbornness mollykate74 (38) personal attention to desires momcat (60) Desire to be needed Mona Short temper Mona Sen (22) Insecurity Monica Stowe there is always something wrong monson (28) Impatient with the delay of my progress montanadrifter (68) always thinking the worst possible conclusionl, also, weakness of will montie williams (16) I drift, lose focus. Mooke (16) Lack of patience Moose (40) The ability to so easily pull the plug on people, rather than to lay there and stay on life support with them. Morazda (42) Shrek Morgan Procrastination, lack of discipline Morgana Sometimes I just dont care enough MorganFYS13 (18) Caring too much and too little at the wrong time Morgan Gratsky (22) Indolence. Morgan Toft not rebel enough morgwei (28) Pride Mother (54) No patience Mouse (42) Keeping to myself MP3 (22) A complete lack of ability to comprehend anything objectively. MPaylor (21) fear Mr. A (17) Laziness, lack of crying Mr. A (17) Uninterested in the majority of people MrJones (28) Pride MRM (28) forgiveness Mr. Mandarin (41) Detachment Mr Peters (30) Quick to anger. Mrs. Lincoln (49) Self-centereness Mrtimm Being too paranoid and pessimistic about the future. MsAPH (21) I care too much Ms. Barbara (19) A lifted chin and a distaste for change. Ms. L (22) Procrastination Ms. Martin (46) impatience mstinyS Having an opinion on everything mStonerCEO (45) Tenderhearted MsVicky Avoiding conflict like it's poisonous, being too insecure, having too active an imagination. MTHSP (28) self doubt MUElexandra (19) patients MUElizabeth (19) Indecisiveness Muffin (25) Arrogance and laziness. mugen (22) Pride mugkim (19) lack of self discipline muhbuh (47) gluttony MUJakeWilkinson (18) lack of social skills MUkelly (18) Too caring of others. MULydia (18) Too caring. MULydia (18) The power to keep my energy up, concentration of will Mumblingtruth (24) Short-temper, arrogance Murphy (21) i care not for others only myself Musa (16) Laziness mutterhals (31) I have no defects. Myalyn Hernandez (17) sometimes i defect from the us to russia my answers are perfect; yall should read Lack of will. Mychel Shannon (18) lack of patience, follow through My Dear Materialista (27) taking things hardly myra (22) My headstrong nature Myra Naivete. Myron (26) Maybe my disinterest to actively socialize. Myron (26) slow at understanding, lack of willingly to learn Mystery Mind Over Matter (19) I ignore the bad hoping it will go away N (32) selfishness nad (17) Impatience Nadine (21) Self-defeatism and a frequent lack of motivation Naleks (23) Procrastination. NamraSultan Have little willpower Nana (23) Too quick to judge others adversely Nancy (78) fearfulness nancy Withdrawal Nancy (41) Impatient. Nancy B (40) Perfectionism, judgement Naomi (19) emotional disregulation narelle pederick (40) I lost my innocence to early. Narrator (5) Lack of empathy Nat anger Natalia (33) procrastination Natalie (18) Obsession and fantasy. Natalie MJ (31) Unending anger Natanya (95) betrayal Natasha (49) uncompromising natedawg (28) the weakness in some actions though i have the ability but i always need a push Nathalie (20) Talking about the weather Nathan Endless worry, pessimism and regret Nathan (28) Sensuality hinting at avarice Nathan I have so many defects; I'll say neuroticism - a great fear of the negative Nathan (35) A lack of clarity Nathan (27) Poor work ethic Nathaniel (24) Goes wrong way about the battle Nathaniel (20) Goes wrong way about the battle Nathaniel Isolated from the world Nathan Thorne (53) not reading mcuh and trusting the untrustworthy. navera (57) jealousy nearer small cock neckice not believing in other people Neek (54) Stubbornness. Neeka (27) Giving in to Puns. Every damned single time! Neetzi (18) Impatience, self-criticism. NEL (20) lazy Neller (35) to be very canny nelly insecurity Nelly (31) Ignorance of self, and an unquiet id. Nels (31) Cowardice nene (57) put others before me - to the point that it affects me negatively neo_urbaniste (23) Lack of eloquence. neptune My shyness Nessa Naivety Nessie (18) Laziness Nette (18) Complete and total corruption by smug laziness and elitist inaction. Newlin (25) Lazyness. Willing to fly under the radar, not to reach my full potential Nia (15) My stubborness, evasiveness and emotional immaturity. Nia Robinson (19) insecurity Nic (27) Patience. Nic (24) analyzing Nic (27) My passion--though it remains my principle virtue as well Nicholas (18) Lack of understanding, weakness of will, impatience with human nature Nicholas Kovacev (12) im human, my hands are different now Nick (35) Self-doubt, a readiness to submit Nick (20) a weakness of will Nick (31) Weakness of will Nick Bravado NickiNorker (48) Laziness Nick Zero (26) depression, idealisation of people. nicoca (21) Laziness and intellectual chauvinism. Nicolas (28) Arrogance. Nicolas Bossons (16) not standing up for what I believe in Nicole (14) being brutally honest nicole (23) Arrogance Nicole (18) Anger and gullibility Nicole (22) Intimacy issues, authority issues Nicole (17) selfish Nicole EP (25) weakness Niece (42) laziness NiGht (23) I give up fast nightinday (19) exaggerated sense of importance Nik (30) Too much honesty. Nikita (26) Lack of will power Nikkers64 (47) Selfishness Nikki (35) Low self-esteem. nikkissippi121 (16) Selfdoubt Nikkita Saeed (21) Weakness of will, impatience Nikolai Kleppe (44) absolute refusal to accept the limitations of life Nikon Shooter no patience Nillie (21) Lack of understanding, swift (unwarranted) judgments, misunderstanding, my lack of grace Nina (21) impulsiveness nina (27) Lack of understanding and comunication and living so close to my own world Nina Mars (22) impulsive nina tangimetua (23) flexibility Nique (18) i let my sensitive soul get the best of me at times, and get off track due to it. Nirmal Singh (99) too dreamy niyaa self doubt nmh (32) A lack of experience of true life, and a lack of discipline. Noah (17) Sloth, absolute sloth. Noah the good (23) Unreliability - sometimes the need for solitude takes over and the introvert in me makes me hard to reach Noddy (26) Being anal over petty things Noelle My short-lived enthusiasms Noel Orosa Lazy NoGurus (20) Arrogance nom de plume Empathy. Too understanding, too lenient toward others. Nomen nescio (24) Laziness Nomers (19) lack of stamina none given Severe social anxiety and cyclical negative thinking. None More Bitter (20) jealousy, pessimistic nono (22) Weakness of intellect and will nools (21) Too many: no discipline, ignorance, tendency to make excuses nools (23) I've been told I'm cocky. Nora (20) lazy Noraq arrogance Norma too much thinking not enough doing Norman W (35) Pride Not (26) Gluttony and overthinking everything Nova (44) time management Nova (32) Hubris NR-2082 (32) Misanthropy Nrvnqsr (27) Inadequacy ns judgemental NS Watson (30) Inability to act or speak unpopularly Nuance (26) Self loathing Nudge (36) Selfishness. numeroita (24) shyness NynnaS. (36) I don't control and restrain myself oanaa (23) countless, among them ego and humanity OB Hot tempered Ode Cowardice. Odie (24) weakness of will, stupidity, idealism Odile (36) anxiety. Odilia (47) Overthinking Odyssey Willow (16) to have to much fun; to not notice real side of world. ohlaskeau (21) Not knowing what I should be doing, shyness oldie-goldie (99) too present olga (22) Fear of failure. Oli Tearle (28) women Oliver shyness, laziness, being contradictory Olivia (17) Temptation. Oliviaa. I am a spendthrift and tend to be a bit thin-skinned. oliviathunderkitty (63) Impulsive and overcrtitical Oliwankenobi (21) Too compassionate. Olly (37) Lack of patience for those who disagree with me. Omar (17) Quick to solve problems Omar p. (26) Limited self-control, easy to anger OneMan pride ontherazzle (40) Self doubt leading to laziness ooinla (40) Low self esteem Oph (30) no willpower Orby (40) Lack of sympathy, respect and understanding of others Orchid (29) Lack of will or lack of self-esteem. ORK (22) no one orsetto (19) afraid od conflicts oscar (29) lazyness Oskar (60) My mind wonders way to much. Oso liar otto (21) Inexperience and a weakness of will Ovi (24) Overthinking, self-doubt oxoboxo (22) Laziness. Øyvind (27) Timidity. Ozymandias Jefferson Roosevelt (24) Arrogance, impatience PAB (43) Inconsistance of character and personality Pacie too many things in mind Paddy (29) Lack of education Paggy (33) limited knowledge, lack of will pagina (20) Deconstructing everything Paige (34) Deconstructing everything Paige (34) Having no clue what I am going to do with my life. Paige (29) Continually stressed Paige Hall (17) Laziness , weakness of will Palaila (28) lack of conviction palais (32) selfishness, laziness Paldies (39) too accepting of others at times Pam (63) Lack of self-worth Pam Blackwell being very judgmental, hard on most people Pamcake (28) mentirosa pamelaja (27) being extreme chaotic thinker Panagiotis Theofilas (37) Depression, self-hatred Panchi lack of understanding; weakness of will. Indeed. pandaaah (23) Sensitivity. Panic (18) insecurity and impatience panthergirl (36) Self-centeredness Parker (18) lack of confidence, pettiness parksmi (51) impatience parvati6 Not patient... what kind of question is this?!?!? Passepartout (27) I live in my head too much and don't live in the moment enough Pat (39) Too sensitive of others putting my own opinions at stake Patek (25) Bitterness, poor concentration, low self-esteem Pat Garrett (26) stubborness and impatience patric (30) Lack of patience. Patrick J. Derilus Stubbornness Patrick Trotti (26) i dont have so much weed in my pocket to answer to that question you are asking me now, to. patroklos i am missing a certain sense of basic normal honesty. patsy,world war II baby Perhaps my being hardheaded and easily falling in love. Patti (20) laziness Patty (32) Sloth Patty (56) Unaccountability of consequence Patty Cake (29) cant cope with too much stress, self doubt, perfectionism Paula (54) fear of rejection, thus stopping myself from doing many things Paula (19) I can be very condecending Paulie (23) Not sideing with rationally and logic Paulina (18) Speak my mind, no filter Pauline53 (53) Self-defeatism Paulshrug (44) lack of patience PaWe (50) self-doubt, craving to be aknowledged, thinking too much about what others might think pax (23) easy to self pity PB (20) Misery Pea (17) Been alone a lot Pearl Maxwell (29) insecurity Pedro Albernaz (20) Weakness of will. Pedro Luis Munoz (24) I can't mention it because it will then ruin my day. So, I guess denial? Better yet, my penchant for miscommunication. That's the ticket. Pedro Tejada (20) Not understanding some people's behavior Peggy (57) Faith in humanity, weakness of will and loathing of society. pehi (26) impatience Penney (48) Discipline Pepper Discipline Pepper Self-hate Percy (27) Arrogance Peregrine Stubbornness Perfidia not pushing back on others assimptions pesser (57) Inertia Pessoa non Grata trying to be perfect in too many ways. Not peter (63) Weakness of will Peter Dyson (56) Sloth Peter Heron (57) My inability to control all facets of myself Peter Joseph Tamber Maxima Gaffney Like all human beings, basic selfishness; investment in the illusion of the self. Peter Silva (46) perfectionist Petree (22) intolerance Phil (44) lack of concentration Phil Settling for good enough Phil (25) lack of no lessoning philippe (59) I'm told I can be too confrontational, but I get things done. Philomena (80) Laziness, when I cannot turn it to account. Phil R. (30) Stubbornness, "my way or high way" attitude, I can be arrogant at times. Phoebe (18) Being judgmental Phoenix (39) fear, lack of impulse control phreec (35) Procrastination; easily compromised Phyllis Boyajian Branche gullibility picfxr (45) Being stern and impatient, especially on certain days. P.I. Elliot Indecisiveness Pieterpad (80) judgemental Pingbluto impulsiveness pintoo (24) Shutting people out Piper Bella Rose judgmentalness Pistol Pete Easy detachment from humanity pk_evanescent (38) stubborn. pk_henry Apathy. Platinum Era (21) I have no passion, and lead an empty life Plebelbe (21) Cowardice. Pleiadian7 (59) Passivity, laziness PLibby (20) self-consciousness Plusein (25) i am shallow? pluto (26) Addiction, judgements PomanderNatalie (45) Not being knowledgeable about the world around me. Pontius Pilate (30) stupidity and laziness Poobah (65) Communication Pooja one sided view point Pooki (55) weakness of will poop fella (25) Know-it-all-ness and laziness. Pope (31) lack of pro activity pp (31) lack of a strong will power Prajakta (23) Pessimism and a lack of faith in myself Pranaya R (28) too laid back Prasanna (23) Empathetic Prashant Gnawali (22) Lack of will and lack of want Pratama (22) I cannot make people stay for long with me Pratiksha (15) lack of faith in the human race Preacher (34) Over-thinking, and inability to let go of things PriC (26) Lack of empathy Priceequation (33) My lack of patience. Prime Minister Appa (50) impatience Prismatic (74) Not believing others Protagonist (20) greed Protagonist A paranoia-based egotism Protovium (63) Arrogance; lack of empathy Pseudointeresting (17) Weak willed psv (48) too many to be mentionned here PUNK PAINTER (37) lack of discipline puppylush (35) Impatience with other people's hurtful flaws Qaz (30) jealousy, lack of willpower, double standard Qi (18) Being attractive and using it to my advantage. Quasimodo (30) lack of empathy Quimper (LV) Accepting criticsm I know to be true. Quinn (23) Insensitivity, annoyance, not realizing things, speaking too much, thinking too little qweasd impatience R (50) Weakness of will; social reserve, trouble showing affection Rachel (21) Saddness Rachel (21) Anger and impatience Rachelmate (39) SHORT TEMPERED RACHU (32) intellectual arrogance, shyness, the fear of trying new activities radomu (18) being too sensitive to others remarks Raelynn (57) My being an impulsive liar. raf (19) Anger Ragna (19) lack of will power when it comes to making my physical appearance better RagsTyler (33) Impatience. Rah (25) Insecurity; anxiety; feeling of incompetence. Rahul (21) Lack of confidence, laziness, not accepting responsibility Rain (16) Lack of confidence, laziness, not accepting responsibility Rain impatience, a temper rainbird Inability to partake in conversations which do not interest me; disillusion with the mundane. Raj (18) Indulgence Raju (21) My lack of assertiveness, hard headed at times. I push people away. Ralph (21) I am always afraid Ramesses Benjamin Lewis (27) lack of self descipline Ramu (59) fear of rejection. tendency of gloom Ran (25) lack of analysing ,lack of arguing ranjali (20) narcissism Raph People say I'm chicken, I think I'm just safety oriented. Rapunzel emotional insecurity, jealousy, fear of failure, self-depreciation Raquelle (17) Lack of wisdom, lack of tact. Rara (22) anger Rashmi (21) Lack of oridium; need for skin and bone. Raumabaya or The Rau (00) carelessness rave (18) Selfishness and temper. Raven (30) being rude raven (17) Lack of self esteem Raven (15) Too quick to react Raven Anston I don't relate well with people, even though it's something I crave I can't ape the common niceties. Ray of Mars (36) weakness of will works for me rb3868 (52) Not knowing when enough is enough RD Being stubborn Rebecca (19) Thinking about too many things, too often Rebecca Scheid (13) lack of understanding Rebekah (29) Alcoholism, and a bent perspective Recross (25) Highly solitary to the point of social alienation Red (26) depression and frustration Redbeard (24) Unyielding spirit driven to prove that my social status is not a key to open any door to others acceptance of who I am Redrover (50) A desire to not have an recognition for what I do paired with a desire to be remembered for what I have done Ree (21) giving in to what other people want me to do ree (24) Inability to remain content Reed Braden (19) Caring too much Reggie Benjamin (35) Sometimes a. awful urge to always be right. Remi (28) impatience RENA (62) Impatience Renata (0) failure to not see things thru to the end. Renath Lack of willpower and self control Renee (44) Lack of trust Renee Stanko (27) procrastination reneetriay (40) Not having my own goals - working hard for someone else's. Ren Harris weakness of will sometimes. renno (17) fear and existential anxiety Renos (24) short temper Renuka (21) arrogance and pride renz (15) Procrastination Requiem (27) Impatience res10k9v5@frontier.com Strong sense of protection of self and self's values and thoughts Rethinker (26) stubborness retroandi Arrogance of the subdued kind, which is far worse than its overt counterpart. Reuben Samson (21) Lack of sense of self & impulisivenss Reva Ann (20) Empathy Rewrew isolationism Rhail (38) To overcome myself RHCdG (52) being capricius and moody Rhea (25) Low self esteem Ric H (41) Lack of giving a shit Richard (22) Selfishness, pragmatism, impatience Rick Indecision Rick (18) Laziness. Rie Natural, occasional lack of patience. Riley (26) an awkwardness towards genuine emotions of others and my own riley (19) Caring too much or too little Riley (14) Caring too much or too little Riley (14) weakness to move on Rilo i am not lucky Rina (20) socially akward. figuring out who i am. Rini My shyness, fear, laziness and lack of organization. Rinilia (17) Being overly sensitive Riss (37) Not considering others emotions. Rissa (18) My competiveness or my issue of self-involvement. RiverSong (32) I'm weak when it comes to fear; very easily do I become frightened. Riyu (17) Insecurity Riza (17) Laziness Rizwan (21) all of them rear their heads too often to pick just one ro (21) to be ingeniuos rob (54) Rage Rob (27) A combination of self-loathing, guilt, and ego. Robbie Curran (19) Short temper Robert Danduran (26) Naive Roberto Rivadeneyra Q (35) Me Robert Tatler (18) procrastination Robin (22) selfishness rob luddington (45) I'm not listening Robo (56) Procrastination. robot A tendency to always find the bad in things and even when not spoken, it is shown in my eyes that i have a reason to complain. Robyn (15) A lack of connection to my physical reality in favor of my inner realm of thoughts and contemplations. Rochelle (40) Procrastination Rockstar lack of patience Rocky I'm a vassal to my vices Rodders (32) idleness Roderick lack of will Rodica (32) I am quick to boredom. Cynicism Rodrigo (24) weakness of will, being to much aggressive rodrigo zarate (29) That I have virtually no ambitions. Rod Weiler (21) Underdeveloped sense of empathy. (I remain hopeful I can recover) Roe (47) my height roger (45) i do whatever people say so im easily taken advantage of roguebroccoli (18) stubbornness Rollwagen (26) insecurity, lack of self-discipline, impulsiveness roloropo (29) Procrastination and a small lack of sympathy. Roma (14) The man I was still lives in my shadow. Roman (38) lack of attention Romina (16) I have many defects. Romina (21) Having the Trust of Others, particularly those who don't deserve it////// Ronald (40) Intolerance, fear Ronen (27) Fear. Roo (20) weakness, shy roro (23) Lack of patience Rorshavhanswer (18) Hardness of heart and lack of understanding. Rosa (19) Again someone else like my children would be better equipped and quicker to answer this, but yes weakness of will. Rosalee Firth Selfishness. Rosalie Grace (16) i am constantly afraid of letting people down Rosalinda Chavez (19) lack of caring, unwillingness to change Rose (17) I am unforgiving Rose (33) I do not trust my own judgements. Rose Self control, laziness. Rose (31) Doing for others than doing whats important for my future Roseanne (29) procrastination Rosie (52) Lack of self confidence Rosie (53) Being blind about life. Rosie Weak will Rossboss (37) headstrong, ego rossi laziness ro to the rah (20) I can be quiet, therefore, people think I don't like them. Rowan (16) Pride, Ignorance Rowan Bartlett (23) Stubborness. Rox (17) I am not selfish enough when life demands it of me Roxanne Mooneys (22) weakness to warm bed rsan Weakness of both mind and will rtalien (25) Egotism; self-indulgence RTC (21) Not being able to bullshit. rubysparkles (23) Lack of emotions Rudi (24) Lack of diplomacy Rumi (42) Volatility. runur (44) anger Rushkami (27) Impatient Ruska (33) biting people Ruskin Clay (17) not observing proper table manners Ruskin Clay (17) Craving for chocolate hobnobs Russell Sandbach (53) Criticalness Ruth (48) Clinginess Ruthie (19) I hold onto my pride until the bitter end. Rux Stubbornness R. W. (26) overbearing rwk (57) Self-obsession Ryan (18) lack of understanding and motivation Ryan B (23) Fear. Ryan Brun (23) Meanness. Ryan Brun (27) Meanness. Ryan Brun (29) Procrastination Ryan C (30) Inability to deal with things that don't happen the way I want Ryan Riley (26) Insensitivity Ryno (26) Insecurity Ryssan (22) To wanna help those I cant or shouldnt S (20) naive, pessimistic S (26) Impatience S (13) scared of trying s (23) My ability to be a jerk s33d (20) Laziness Saba (19) Lack of self discipline Sabine (18) My inability to show emotion. Some see it as cold. sableye22 (17) auto critical Sabri (19) Anger Sabrina Drug habit Sabrina Lack of rationalising Sacha (30) lack of charity s. a. hensley (45) doubt saief (28) I love too much.,which costs me my ownself always. I love to get lost!!! SAI LAXMI TATINENI (40) Lack of self-discipline and inability to express my feelings(fear of rejection, I think). Not being able to leave a sinking ship. saill (24) skeptcism sailor Lack of sensitivity Salem (21) Anxiety Sally of Kent impatience sam (19) laziness Sam (24) For someone with such trust issues, Sam (36) Impulsive Sam (22) Getting distracted easily Sam (17) I don't absolutely excel at any one thing in perticular Samantha (17) Procrastination, self doubt, self-pity Sam(antha) (24) ego Samantha (30) Impatient, inability to completely trust Samantha (35) Lack of motivation or courage. Sam Gordon (18) Lack of confidence Sami (18) short temper samps (29) lack of focus, fear SamSam (33) laziness Samuel (19) lack of confidence San shyness Sandu (15) shame Sandy STUBBORN AND PRIDEFUL Sandy (32) The inability to put logic above emotions while taking decisions Sandy (25) brood too much sankari (39) Naivety. Sara (23) a lack of courage Sara (57) going cold on people i feel have hurt me Sara (50) laziness Sara C aka Snacks aka Sarbs (26) An oversized yet fragile ego Sarah (23) Impatience sarah a twisted sense of morals and priorities. sarah (14) Laziness, lack of caring Sarah (23) doubt Sarah (38) being uptight for no reason, willingness to criticize unjustly sarah (22) I can be so disparaging Sarah (33) lack of determination sarah (21) Forgetfulness and clumsiness Sarah (27) Lack of self control, and the inability to say 'no'. Sarah (18) Not being able to let people into my heart and what I've gone through. Sarah (24) Not being able to love myself as much as he loves me. Sarah (27) laziness and lack of confidence sarahbeth (21) shyness Sarah Carlton (18) My pessimism Sarah Hollinger (28) I can be a little tough to talk to, I suppose. SarahSometimes (22) laziness Sarah Taylor Vernarecci (19) Laziness, carelessness, etc. Sarah Taylor Vernarecci (19) Morals sara luisa hincapie (23) Temperament Sara Ortiz (27) Weakness of will; radical and extreme pessimism, almost a form of fatalism Sara P. (18) weak will sargual judge too soon, take offense, irascence Sasha (30) Patience. Sasha Hasanbegovic (26) Mistrustfulness Sasha_M (34) Hastiness; fear Sasha Sutton (22) weak hearted. sat (20) anxiety. sauron (24) I tend to jump to conclusions and have a tendency towards negative thinking. Savannah (27) always worried about what other think of me, influenced by others' opinions Savannah Henry (18) Lack of confidence savannahw. (19) Brashness Sax (32) temper scarletsquirrel (13) Lack of empathy Scarlett (25) Weakness of a will to do that which bores or embarasses me Scooter (29) lack of will-power Scooter190 (21) I just don't care about others Scott (17) Prone to distraction Scott777 Inability to relate to people Scotty (18) I try to hard to do be accepted by people that don't wish to reciprocate. Scotty procrastination, and judging people prematurely Scout (26) I have many, I am a work in progress. Screaming Bastard Child of the Apocalyps (23) The inability to change myself for others Sean (19) Detail - too much in some areas, too little in others. Sean D. Thompson (22) stubborn Sean Kennedy (22) Failure to tolerate stupidity Sean Reveille (19) La insoportable levedad de ser. Sebasagot (23) Bitterness. Sebastian (18) lack of attention, careless Sebastian H (18) fear Sedona (16) Aversion to anything that's unpleasant. This leads to a plethora of defects like laziness, procrastination, weakness of will, indecisiveness, lack of clarity, lack of opinions, insensitivity, and so on. Sejal Ghia (24) I'm a softy - I can fall for almost any sad line Selene H. Brent Lack of ambition; willingness to hide SeraphimeRising (31) Lack of perseverance Serena (26) Sentimentality; being hasty to judge Serene Lim (24) inability to relate to the simple minds of most women serenity The wish to remain anonymous Seth Street (19) I find it extremely difficult to break undesirable habits and behaviour patterns. Plus I'm a procrastinator. Sexismandthecity (28) Fear of my fellow man. Sgraham (28) Lack of consistent compassion shadoww420 (33) anger, procrastination Shaina (22) lack of confidence ShaLo (66) weakness of will Shamir (13) Procrastination Shana (22) Indecisiveness, I think Shane (19) complete lazyness and cowardice shane (25) I expect too much from others Shane Being defensive, all the time. Shanna (19) I don't have patience for rude people. You see them everywhere nowadays. Shannon Cole (22) Shyness SharaMays72 Despondant & socially awkard. Shari (21) I'd like to say it is genetic (the old bad temper again). Sharice (22) Lack of confidence in certain areas SharonBillings lack of thriftness Shauna (40) wine shaurora (64) laziness, easily defeated Shawna (21) unwillingness to step outside of the world i have created for myself shawna (17) dishonesty shawpur (66) Jealousy SHE (44) Self Doubt Shea (28) My aforementioned habit of being a jerk to those I am closest to, tied with my lack of a stable work ethic (and associated procrastination) sheavsey (21) Dishonesty Sheila D (55) perfectionism shelby Lack of self-restraint Shelley (32) patience Shelly (17) Self doubt and self-centeredness Shellybelly1 (49) empathy Shep Howard Laziness. Taking the easy option. Ignoring my problems - especially debts. Sherry Fuller (41) lack of self-control shiela (18) weakness of will Shig (29) Giving in to my anger Shiloh Moretti (16) Worry of not being admired or loved, as well as a terrible fear of being abandoned. Shimomeiji (19) Fear Shina (28) Lack of confidence Shinydan (34) selfishenss and laziness ShiversB (19) laziness shodhana (20) lack of determination Shubhda (24) Laziness, gluttony and stubborness shupiwe (35) Tempermental, Stubborn Shy (25) anger, laziness Sid (57) Low selfesteem as a result of traumas in childhood. SID (53) Obliviousness to social cues Siddharth (23) Fickleness Sidedrive (70) Lack of courage to take initiative Siena (21) Inability to relate to relate to other people. The outcome of my pursuits tend to be less spectacular than the initial idea. Signe (22) Cowardice; hypocritical; lazy; dictatorial Simen (18) Neediness, Insecurity, Fear Simon (19) too trusting Simon (20) Sloth of doing something what I really want to. Simona (16) Total lack of discipline sinawae (27) Laziness sindjiro Thinking too highly of myself Sirena Wainford (17) Ego Sirith (33) Dyslixeya Sir Richard (52) Selfishness and being too self absorbed. Sixela Negomi unwillingness to settle sj (23) laziness SJ (44) prejudgments Sj (16) extreme solitude skitalica (27) Weakness skurge (18) imbalance Skytalker (26) I can be very emotional and gullible SL (22) Impatience Sle (41) lack of conviction sleepy (20) laziness Slim Anger, pride. Sloceface (23) Weakness of will sluggishflow (22) To speak when silence may be better S. M. A. Armstrong (21) Worrying about the others Smaranda (33) Lack of tolerance Smeghead defensiveness smithmarg (45) The regularity with which I esteem others as Gods while judgin myself to be an oafish mechanical Smo (27) A lack of patience. People tell me the world is getting better, but it still sucks. How long do they expect me to wait? smude laziness snibab (19) fear snorris (23) Failing to discern whom I can or cannot trust Snyde (38) Strictness, laziness, cynisism and mistrust So (22) uncompromising socksless Too demanding Sofi (24) As my father says, a "surplus of idealism", and selfishness, Sofia (15) lack of confidence, belief in myself and self-esteem, anxiety sofia (14) I criticize people behind their backs Sofía My arrogance Sofia Picasso (14) Weakness of will, fear. Sofía P. S. (20) My loud and annoying voice Sofyzitahh (23) depression and isolation solitary confinement (44) Hatred Solomon (24) lack of tolerance for others' faults SolomonGrundy (45) Anger and self-despise. Sombra (20) moodiness Some random person (16) procrastination Sonet P shyness Sonia (25) Vacillation. Sonja (27) Living Sonya Dahl (21) fear of people knowing my weaknesses, hot tempered Soos (32) fear sooz (38) Letting anxiety get in the way of doing things or asking for what I want. Sophia (25) Too withdrawn Sophie (17) Tendency to get depressed and frustrated Sophie i can be too straightforward at times. Sophie at times I can be very cold Sorrow (23) lack of discipline souma (32) Forgetfulness SoundofWater (35) Arrogance Sourabh Bharadwaj (21) I judge others by my own standards, and look down on them when they show less virtue than I. S.P. (20) Fear sp3ccylad (44) weakness of will Spacebug (42) An overwhelming ability to understand, but a total lack of sympathy Spacey (24) Stubbornness Sparrow (46) Lack of selflessness Sparrow (17) Depression Speck (36) Lack of self-discipline Spencer (25) Depression, that is, my desire to achieve when meet with consecutive defeats. Spencer Stewart Embarrassing myself. Spencer Valdez (11) Spontaneously and accidentally acting like a homosexual man. Spencer Valdez (12) Unsympathy, sometimes to inaction. Spike Spiegel That I can be treated and/or stopped. Spina Bifida donot think much Srishti Gupta (19) sssssssssssssssssssss sssssssssssssssssssss (23) anger and impulsiveness ssv (40) short temper, quick to react stan (54) Lack of tenacity Star (11) Stubbornness Starflower (19) Distrust of other people Ste (26) wick Stella (28) an inherent pessimism Stella (37) I don't trust anyone Stella (53) I have trouble accepting myself as being worth much Steph i am perfect Steph Inability to follow through, lack of ambition, propensity to sabotage myself... Stephanie (23) being blunt Stephanie (21) A lack of grounded dreams. Stephanie (18) procrastination Stephanie (49) weakness of will stephanie (20) i tend to be negative, skeptic and critical stephbsemilla (40) the need to be the center of attention Stephen (56) ahead of the pack's thinking Stephen (78) lack of motivation Stephen Stacks I'm a chronic procrastinator. Steve (20) unhappiness Steve (53) Ambition Steve Passion Steve (56) Lack of confidence Steve Hanawalt (56) Judging, procrastinating Steve K (27) I'm a lazy bastard. Steve Shives (29) I do not think before I speak stoffie (26) that I love all my defects stojan (32) A general inability to grasp the worlds complexity and a failure of will when faced with finishing thoughts. Stork Daddy No self confidence. Stormy (17) intolerance stradling making excuses for my lying husband STUPID IDIOT (0) The inability to translate love from all signs and languages Subhartho (26) ego Sue (49) Lack of idealism. Sunbul (18) adaptability Sundaraa (32) Daydreaming. sunny lack of empathy sunshineguerilla (28) I crave solitude SuperflyTNT Laziness Susan (63) Inadequate intelligence or ability to analyze critically, inconsistency of temperament and inconsistency of follow through with goals Susan (63) not trusting others Susan Collins (21) tendency toward depression; procrastination Susan Dawn Fain (59) tendency toward depression and procrastination Susan Dawn Fain (59) Self-doubt Susie (20) lack of reserve susie karpasitis (26) Impatient Susie Q (73) messy suzanne Perfectionism Suzanne (41) Not enough time Suzanne Cohen (53) weakness of will,fickleness, instability Suzy (19) lazyness, frankness SvetikSmile (20) Indolence Swallow Like Proust Swan (75) procrastination Swapna (21) discipline when faced with a undesired responsibility Switz (29) lack of patience sybann (50) Laziness without the proper motivation. Sydchez weakness of will Sydney Kilbane (18) bad temper t1 my humanity T (19) Laziness, crippling self doubt T (26) Laziness and greed, always favouring self-preservation T (18) Perfectionist and too quiet. T (20) Withdrawing from the moment. Using people as research for writing. T.A. (34) I think I'm TOO happy Tabitha Murray (42) Emotional instability Taeleyn лень TAHbKA Glutony tai (22) forgetfulness, weakness of wil taintme pride, egotstical manner, self centerness, tal (13) Self-doubt Tallulah (29) vanity, i'm trying to destroy TAMAR (23) overly sensitive; too talkative tamar (54) naivety tamara (48) my temper. tamera miller (33) my temper. TAMERA MILLER (35) weakness of will, the drama tanichis (32) lack of control over personal emotions Tanwen Aschtherlar Tormey (18) No control whatsoever when it comes to eating Tara (37) Sensitivity and lack of confidence Tash (29) Lack of forgiving; the inability to let things go. Tatiana (17) Not being steadfast enough Tatiana (21) Lying and lack of sympathy. Tatiz (19) Inability to ask for what I need Taylor (24) Weakness and ill-temper. Taylore Dawn (18) Not trusting others to be able to function without my guidance Taylor Van Allen (24) Neuroticism tazmur (26) Paranoia TB Judgmental behavior, condescension tbkemz (42) Intemperance, loyalty T. Christopher Cox (43) Runaway Tebvy (24) stubborn Ted (26) no will power when it comes to certain things, procrastinate Tee (40) cruelty Teehee (18) anger,expectation TEESHA (27) self-sabotage; deviance Tekoa Butler A need to be accepted. Teleute (17) social phobia Teme (18) I could say my introvert personality, and how I find social interaction to be sometimes both difficult and tedious, but that hasnt turned into a problem yet. A bigger problem would be my lack of motivation to do a lot things. Buuuut Im working on it~ Tennrox I could say my introvert personality, and how I find social interaction to be sometimes both difficult and tedious, but that hasnt turned into a problem yet. A bigger problem would be my lack of motivation to do a lot things. Tennrox selfishness, weakness of will Teresa (43) being able to say no teri (73) low self esteem terios (21) Lack of motivation in things that do not interest me Terra (22) Moody Terri (35) Immodesty Terry (41) I don't know Terry (66) need to understand more about all things and little will power TerryG (49) That I live in America Terrylee (35) lack of confidence Terrylynn0609 (39) WORRY. TERRY YORK II weakness and inability to control my actions when it comes to the one I love tess (24) impulsiveness, quick to anger Tess (53) not believing in myself Tess Calopedos (17) laziness Tess Fiennes (40) laziness tg (48) Self-doubt Thambi (24) selfish thatchaa (17) anxiety and my attempts to distract it that guy #999 (29) Fear That New Chris Sloce (18) Impatience thebabycub (39) unable to enjoy a diversion The Beast Stubborn The Big Liddle (31) Temper The Boss impatience The Desert (22) Stubborn TheDoctor76 (35) My low tolerance for a persons behavior. The Essential Man (26) Anger, specifically at the wrongs in the world, and inabilty to help change them TheFear77 (23) i occasionally manipulate others theGeneral (19) self doubt trying to please everybody the grill (31) I shut people out, and analyse everything. The hungry caterpillar (29) not following my dreams The Imprecise Duke Of Phonology (77) Lack of caring; laziness The Josh Rollins (21) See above The Man In The Brown Hat Being too stubborn at times The Mouse Avenger (20) weak will and nihilistic inclination Theo The fear of being judged theravenette (15) Fear of being judged theravenette (15) weakness of logical thinking, math, being rational Theresa (22) Laziness The Roomba Mifi (28) I'm a perfectionist Thia (29) lack of will power, laziness Thinplank (40) I Thom (23) Acedia Thomas12081983 Weakness of will and procrastination Thomas (16) Expedited conclusions. ThomasM Forgetting whom I lent money to. Thomzagod (39) Lack of social grace, occasional excessive self-loathing/loving Thor Hammerstein (16) Procrastination, hesitation, over-expectance. Thothanatos92 (23) impatience, jealousy, contradictory, hipocritical, stubborn... thoughtlessdreamer (15) My generousity. Thrakish (18) My arrogance that my understanding of a situation is the only one logical Thunderpussy (48) Willpower Tiago Moura (15) Lack of self-control Tianna Lately I have been forgetting myself. It seems that my protectee is more than I had bargained for, now that she is a woman and no longer a girl. Tianna Alysia Kallan (37) Laziness tick short tempered, negative tiffany Procrastinator Tiffany (44) short tempered, lack of self discipline tiffany; (lifefromtheshelf.blogspot.com) (17) Living inside my head too ofetn, too much TiffanyTee (26) insecurity Tiger and Lions Trust in others. Tim (27) Anger Tim I can be locked in my own head and self-isolated. Tim (24) shyness tim Impatience Tim Lack of motivation. Tim Proser (17) Impatience Tim Sandle A belief in the perfection of existence timwarnock (34) Lazy and self critical Tina (32) Hate to admit when I am wrong. Tina (44) lack of patience Tini lack of trust Tinkoo (24) Idealism; expecting others to choose options for society's benefit, not their own Tinuvielyra patience for slackness Tivia Stewart (40) quickness to anger, severity of anger tj (39) Fear of the unknown. Tobias Budge (25) self loathing. Tobyn Sebastian (24) No will. Todd my laziness, my procrastination Tofu (19) Rudeness on occasion, not being compassionate on occasion. Tom (21) A lack of the patience I prize in friends Tom G (19) An inability to relate with others Tommy (19) Overconfidence Tommy Boy (24) An addictive personality Tongbite Matt (36) Procrastination Toni (48) Horrifying discomfort with ambiguity, ferocious compulsion to be in control, and overwhelming anxiety about everything Toni Spimoni My lack of social attachment Toño Cabrera-Pereyra (31) too defensive Tony (48) Procrastination & dreaming of heights greater than others wish to aspire to or can understand Tony (30) a lack of courage Tony (17) Inability to accept absolutes Tony (17) Impatience, frustration. I often get angry too quickly when I need to stay calm. Tonya Jones (39) The need to debate. I need to understand not just someones reaction, but their reasoning for that reaction. toosnowoman fighting battles best left Toria (37) Believing people dislike me. Torsksåsen (22) insecurity tracey Lacking of determination at times of hardship. Taking chances tracynle (20) lack motivation and drive Tracy TB (45) Neurotic travis lack of compassion at times Travis (25) too trusting Travis Mask (49) Romance Tre Selfish and impatient TREE (21) over-sensitive; Tree Girl (29) Idiot Trent Duval (28) Impatient Tres bien (43) big ego Trevor Being too nice to those who don't deserve it. Trevor (24) Fear or rejection; of failure; of disappointment Trevor McSwain (24) Stress tri Arrogance Trinity Chapa (15) inconformity triplet (30) selfishness, requiring affirmation Trish Lack of common sense Trisha (17) insecurities Trisha (29) Avoiding confrontations Tristan (14) Lazy and depressed Trixie short temper trotter (30) will abandon anyone at anytime, selfishness Troy Casa (50) seriousness tsiou (33) fast decision tt (27) Implosion Turk (24) susceptibility to hedonic mores turnbull (27) Lack of understanding Turnus Weak will and self indulgence. Turtle Heart lack of empathy,lack of deception tutu apathy and procrastination Twigtwill (21) Many, interlocked and interchanging. Lack of action perhaps most central. Twillightdoom (17) I'd like a greater ability to focus twondbestbed (34) Stubbornness, laziness, intense jealousy Ty (18) Fear of rejection Tyler (24) Not knowing what people mean Tyler (16) My temper. Tyler Scott (41) Making bad decisions about the future Ty-test Weakness of will Udan Outwort (61) Lack of will power Uddhipan Thakur (24) Supportiveness uiioop (17) Craving affection from all Uma (63) Often sucked into the mainstream umd.16 (20) too lethargic UnoZen Being immobilized by stress Ursus M. H. Spelaeus (59) Self loathing and temper V (27) Depression, loneliness Val (31) Pride, extreme shyness, occasional lazyness Valentina (17) love of comfort and intellectual stimulation Valeria Ryrak (21) Inability to recognise people who are true to me and those who aren't. Valtharos (22) Weakness of will . Van (22) aloofness vanessa (33) Intense reserve Vanessa Cardui (43) lack of understanding, weakness of will vard95 Never being able to say no. Varna (25) lack of gray area Vato (39) habitualness Vbonita (28) Nervousness VBozic (40) Not standing up to my family Vedada (28) Lying veejay (32) I am unsure of what to do in Life Veera Bad thinking Venky (36) The gap between the virtues I have, and those I want to have. Ventricle (24) lack of self-confidence vera (28) Changeable veri333 (21) Lack of empathy Verona Jones (59) Pushover Veronica (20) I don't do things when I can't be exceptional at them Veronique (18) lack of focus Vesan (33) intolerance vi (20) Jealousy Vi (22) weakness of will Vic (46) stubborness Vicki self sabetarge vicky (26) Weakness of will Vicky (24) anxiety, laziness Victoria (37) Impatience Victoria (59) I am afraid to speak in public or speak up in general. Victoria (16) Constant self-doubt, crippling anxiety Victoria (23) Fear of rejection, Lack of self-esteem Victoria Song (22) I have none. Victor Shade (27) A rather self-destructive, lost nature. Victor Trevor (23) lack of patience videoalex Pride. Vijay Pierce (23) weakness of will vikram (34) Neuroticism Vikram Krishnan (24) Comfort in planning suicide. Viktor (28) Lack of encouragement Viktor (19) lack of musical skill Viktor Corzich (35) Uncertainty. Viktor Sigareff (19) Afraid of appearing stupid in front of people, very little self - confidence. Village Of Brooklin (45) Stupidity, weakness, and laziness Vincent (19) dude, i was born with a normal body vinnie smalls (15) distraction VinnyGreenock72 Self-deprication Violet (18) Pride, sloth Viorel (25) Being a cynic in an optimist's body; simulatenously attempting to procrastinate and be a perfectionist at the same time. Virginia (20) Lack of understanding. Virginia (12) worry, a feeling that my life is going by visualizations (22) i crave approval and attention from a rare few. i hold myself at high esteem. Viv (14) Anger Vivian Stupidity Vivianne Liliaceae Aspho Vilth Impatience VK (42) Lethargy VK (22) patience Vlada (20) lack of willpower Vogette (55) Lack of understanding, scared to confess Vs (18) Irrational Fear vur Judgmental Waleed (32) Bitterness Wallace (85) As I said; opting the easiest way out. Walter (19) impatience Wanda (26) Anger Watson (27) The ability to become distracted for a while. wattc128 disgust with my fellow man that leads to inaction waypast A need for acceptance Wendy (34) Shy Wendy (22) my temper Wendy Chase (47) lack of devotion wendysday (20) Weight wes (19) My constant discomfort with everything; social situations, anything... Wes (17) weakness of will whim (40) Appethy Whitney (19) lack of patience Whitney (41) Inability to speak my mind Whitney Sorenson (33) Pride WHMIV (30) impatience whosbecks (36) lack of understanding wiff (15) Not listening Wikiki Inability to not say what I think no matter the consequence. Will (26) having too little knowledge Will (22) living in the past.Not forgiving myself for my past mistakes. Willamid (20) lack of true compassion William (43) Always seeing the good in people when I am told not to trust them. Willow Skylor Ego the size of Jupiter Will RF (23) I'm a sore loser Win (22) Physical? My eyes. Mental? Everything. Emotional? Mood swings. Spiritual? It's between the two of us. Windalfr (23) a lack of willpower and an eternal optimism, i trust too much winterjewel (36) not being able to have a goal and stick to it wintermellen (14) to be cocky sometimes wise madman (28) childishness wizz I'm a bit nervous and jump to do things before I think them through. WJ (43) Indecision Wolf I try not to have any, but occasionally I drink too much Wolf (NA) stupidity; lack of insight Wolffy (67) Not having the courage to try again. Wormsie (24) betraying trust wowderry (54) Overprotecting personal "peace" to the detriment of myself and others Wren (22) Defects can be seen as flaws and I don't believe that I was created to be a flaw. Wyteria (20) stupidity xandra (35) Shyness. Xan Etienne At times I do not listen, at others I am frivolous Xavier (18) Unreliability Xer (23) lack of assertiveness, don't know how to refuse the others Xialing Gan (27) i take time to open up, i can be difficult xxx (26) Working the extremes of being too strong willed or too weak willed XYZ (17) quickness of thought xyzz (20) intolerance towards the stupid Y (15) Not asking for what I can easly get yair eshel (30) My lack of focus. Yaisha (19) Timidity and weakness Yale (20) Distractibility Yehudster (60) procrastination yesh (25) Headstrong .. Jumping to conclusions without taking all things into account and staying objective Yi (24) lack of completing the thinking process yogi (22) mi mala cabeza yoko (28) treating others with kindness no matter how they treat me Yomaine (13) judgement yonderways (58) Not enough self confidence Yuki (20) weakness Yulissa (19) Not knowing when to say no. Z (31) existential crises Z I dont speak my mind. Zac (28) Busyness. Zach (26) selfishness Zach Lying Zachary (25) Lying Zachary (27) Deceit Zachary My brother Chris says I don't care enough about certain things. Zachary Echo Auburn (17) quick to being a smart ass zach taylor (17) Laziness. Zach Tibbs (20) being scared of fail u re Zana (38) Stubbornness Zar (21) Lackadaisical in action (lacking life, spirit, or zest : languid) while prolific in thought Zara Profound fixation, on anything. zebratitle (24) Lack of motivation zed (25) laziness, procrastination, lack of drive Zee (21) Laziness compounded by stubborness zetababy Laziness zig Self-reliance to a fault where I isolate myself from others completely. Zigmant (19) reactionary tendency zizi (55) overanalytical, Zizzle (25) Sloth Zozobra (17) procrastination and overachieving Zyg (65) 惰性 杨婷婷 (24) lack of money, no brain. 简直 (25) lack of money, no brain. 简直 (25) lack of money, no brain. 简直 (25)

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