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What would you like to be?

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The best possible version of myself. 009 (19) adsf 1 me in ten or fifteen years 50ad (17) I am what I like to be 6nianji-ZHC (38) Fulfilled 808s exactly who I am 80cubed (55) A Humanist, A Writer, A Lover, A Friend A Remembered A. (27) someone who people remember A (26) Ever more free in trusting life. A. A doctor A (26) A better fuller version of myself AA (23) I like myself just fine, thanks. aaaaaaa (18) Better than I am now AAAKKK To be a person who is peacefully certain and content about her importance as a human being, as a family memeber, as a friend aag (22) me aallisonr (30) as i am, but free from worldly cares Aaron (32) Kind, open, curious and honest. Always willing to change, to explore, and to bet big on myself and my life. Aaron Guy Leroux (37) Stronger Aarushi Agarwal (13) Someone with grace and integrity. Abbie (22) Proust said it best: Myself-as those whom I admire would like me to be. Abbie Hartley Myself Abby (26) More Peaceful. AbbySF An Actor Abegando (28) I would like to be a woman that started strong, not a woman that had to learn to be strong. Abigail Harris (10) Myself but more confident less dis organized ABP (50) better person Abraham (41) I would like the gifts God gave me to be used to the best of their ability in order to glorify Him in this world. Abs A renowned Bard Acara McFadden (28) The best version of myself ACH (23) Happy. I was once. I'd like a little more of what I felt then. A. Clifford Stowe (81) Myself Adam (22) myself Adam (25) An author Adam (20) a friend to my friends and to strangers. A traveller, wise, confident, innocent Adam Hyde (26) a poet adieudusk myself again Aditya (25) I have become the man I wanted to be. Admiral Love (33) More confident and sure of myself Adonia (40) Someone self-motivated whom never had a hard life and would never have to struggle. Adrian (18) myself in 5 years-- to see who I have become Adriana (16) a spy Adriana (16) an adorned mother and wife adriana (45) Myself, but better. Adrian Bauza (20) A harder-working version of myself. Adrian George Nicolae (24) Myself, only better Adrian Martyn (34) No one other then myself. Adrianna (18) as the prophet AdrianOz (45) Again, anyone else. Adrian Winters (17) true to myself Ady (22) I don't know aetilson (41) to be that person i always always dream to be - a person who constantly grows and creates, understands life, and takes care of her relationships a.g. (23) so attached and full of life not to have time to think about it agagagaga (24) I am who I want to be. Agent00V (18) A much more courageous version of myself A.G. Mata (21) A bird Agneska (20) myself, sucessful, and a good mother agony (25) teacher Agreen (29) Myself. Agu (21) always happy, always satisfied Agustina (27) A Wealthy Scholar, not unattactive to womenfolk, and with an expansive mind for trivia. A Half Empty Beaker myself ahmad (27) a guitarist ahmad (24) Someone with more time Ai (21) Myself - as those whom I admire would like me to be Aida (22) A good musician. Aidan (21) I would love to be a police officer again. Aidan Devlin (15) I am infinite. I am all. Aiden i'd like to be my ideal self aiko (20) Someone I can be proud of enough to love myself at age 60, and then spiral sideways into the coffin as in- 'wow! what a ride!' Ailene a better version of myself aimée (22) Similar to my grandma, who is always so loving, energetic & laughs a lot aimee.dawson (21) Myself, with the only difference being that I would be an actress now instead of a government employee Aisha Milburn (32) a person who can talk freely with everyone aishu (14) Me. A.J. (27) Dong Young Bae's wife and a great mother to our kids. AJ (18) myself but a bit more couragous Ajam (21) No one but myself. Ajay (17) a police officer or fire marshal Ajm9511 (21) me myself akansha (26) Successful, by my eyes. akanthe (19) A man of impossible prowess in all pursuits. Akbar Shahzad (20) My whole genuine self Aki Myself Aks (20) A better person Al (28) Truly loved Al (55) Myself Alan (58) Living a more yogic life Alan Arkin (44) Myself AlbaManuela (18) Myself. Alden Lee Klaput (18) Angelina Jolie Aldonza77 (47) A better person every day. Ale (28) Anything that allows me to create Alecia I would like to be somebody who will be remembered. Alecksi A man who has written something that has meant the world to somebody Alejandro Amoretti (28) King alek (20) Younger, knowing all I know now! Aleksei Kotsov (63) myself as a great doctor alessa (21) a Classic god Alessandro Pian (30) golf pro Alessio Lucchini (46) A person of worth and purpose Aletha Camack A ghost (but only sometimes). Alex Someone others find worthwhile Alex (22) A star- nothing can hurt you but yourself Alex (17) me alex (38) a writer alex (23) Happy Alex (21) someone who has made a meaningful difference in the lives of others Alex (23) a successful person Alex (17) A more courageous person Alex (32) Someone who left a mark on many hearts. alexa (28) Savior to the world. Alexander (33) A psychologist and world famous drummer. Alexander (19) The best version of myself Alexandra (27) A wolf. Alexandra (19) Me. Alexandra (24) A ghost Alexandra (18) Present Alexandra (24) a more educated and patient version of myself Alexandra Bryhter (24) The greatest me I can be Alexandra SweetTale4u Cruz A diplomat Alexandre (28) speaker AlexandriaHMerlin (40) a teacher AlexandriaLHash (30) Myself, but better. alexandrine (15) Myself- each person are themselves, nothing can change that Alex Brooks (18) a civil rights leader for the LGBT community Alex C. happy Alexis (17) who I supposed to be Alexis Johnson (19) I won't be a rock star. I will be a legend. Aley (60) happy al-g (24) A more happy, easy -going, confident and sociable person. Ali (37) A bird. Or a woman - but only for a week. Ali A. Rizvi Many things, many people... Alice with family Alicein1derland (27) just me Alicia (68) The best version of myself. alicja (38) A wiser, happier, much less anxious version of me. Aliid Myself Alin (23) I cat so I could sleep all day long. Aline Guiraudie (36) sucessful alipans (57) Independent artist. Alishba Zarmeen (24) taller alison wonderland myself AliZaidi (29) spiritual alli (49) Balanced Allison (33) My idea of perfect. Allison (20) Kind. Allison myself allison (19) a teacher of beauty Allison Jean (21) Again, I don't understand the question. I would like to be me, but with slightly more restraint and slightly better poker and math skills. Allison Jean Hazen (34) myself but more organized and balanced alliswell (62) Myself Alma (25) A greater me Alma Jean Porter (70) A milliner. almavidrio (35) Better. Altjungr (30) myself as my brother sees me altron2095 Myself Alvilda (20) Someone good. Alx An artist and a scholar alya (17) Somebody who's creativity isn't held back. Alyanna (22) Content with the status quo Alyce J. whatever I am capable of being Alyssa nobody I like myself Alyssa Cordova (17) I can be anything. If you can be afraid of it, I can be it. Alyssa Darkling A person clever enough to figure out what happened to my sister and my village. Alyssa Moonchild (16) influential AM Fulfilled Amanda myself Amanda (42) I dont know AmandaFYS13 (18) Remembered for my talents! Amandine (31) and Actress Amara Interesting. Amber (18) Same as above Amber (37) Same as above Amber (37) Me...15 years back Ame (37) Lawyer Amelia (13) Someone who can afford paints. Amelia Gates (formerly Pippet) (10) Myself. ameliowata (20) Myself Americanoid (50) Me but smarter and one who can deal with crises better americanwoman (62) artist ames (21) me ammb (29) The best version of myself. Amrita (22) me, with less fear amu Myself, but healthier Amy (33) Me Amy (28) Myself, but better amy (33) A person with less sorrow Amy (35) The best version of myself. Amy Becker; Character: Merriwether Finch (27) Myself at its best but perhaps most importantly, myself at its worst. Amy Cottington-Bray a special needs helper amz (16) indispensable. Ana (21) a happy person Ana (30) same, myself ana (16) a more perseverent me ana (34) A writer, oe a journalist Ana Carolina (16) Famous. Analise (40) a wife of my lost love Anam (26) Just like Proust, myself. Ana Marija (20) A lady. Ananke (25) confortable with myself anasonic (29) A lesbian dinosaur ancientrobot (31) succssful on-air personality andraya (23) Duh, me. Andre A good person who can be relied upon Andrea (16) A great classical musician, a literary master, or a ground-breaking scientist.. Andrea (13) Taken seriously ANDREAADKINS (26) Myself with more time AndreaFeliu (28) Myself with potential maximized. Andreas (19) him Andrea SB (32) Construction manager andres007 (19) Myself. For people to accept mind, body, and soul Andrew (22) successful Andrew (25) The great version of myself Andrew (20) Me, only richer Andrew (28) a 'better version' of myself Andrew (22) My whole self. andrew (24) Loved Andrew barlow (26) Myself - as those whom I admire would like me to be Andy (25) Self-aware Andy (23) Self-aware Andy (23) I would like to be the person everyone admires, but no one envies. andy rayford (28) myself ang (99) Myself Angel Myself Ângela (24) Marguerite Angela (30) An author and editor Angela (19) Someone who stands out for doing what I love Angela Estrada (20) the ideal lady angelina (26) a full time writer and professor of creative writing. Angel Rodrigues (41) a great person, doing something fantastic and being the most I can be. angie (29) A good mother Ani I'll let you know Ani (22) an owl all the time because I love flying Anik (16) Someone involved in historical and heritage preservation Anjel (28) Me Myself and I Anjelah49 (49) someone people could look up to; a rolemodel. Ankassandra (15) A thing that always feel the warmth Anke! (17) Myself. I love the way Iam. Ann (19) A writer, photographer Ann (62) Myself Anna (20) A child life specialist- someday mother and wife, and to always be the best person I can be Anna (20) The one who didn't follow along. Anna (34) 2D Anna Kalimar (18) a happy person Anna Maria (21) Myself, as those I Love see me. AnnaMay (51) a blow-ball. Anna O. an artist and a muse, simultaneously. but that is usually how it works anyway. Anna Stein (21) At peace with myself Ann Delaney (44) Successful Anne (21) Myself - but everything I can and want to be. Annelise (40) a librarian Anne Louise Sheldon (34) social worker Annie Very much Proustian...available and helpful to family, friends, and people I encounter day to day. Anniel (62) Mostly me, I'm not perfect but I'm me AnonAzure (19) Myself. anonim (18) An engineer anon moose (19) Famous Ansley Stevenson (16) Infinite love. Anthony (23) Successful and confortable Anthony (24) Respected by people I respect. Anthony D C (20) A good man. Respected by others Anthony lawhon (27) If one is happy why be another? Anthony Scine-Sceni (42) successful Antoinette (21) the best I can be antoinette (24) A survivor who thrives and blossoms in adversity and success. Anton (52) Everybody. Antoniette (20) a better version of myself Antonina (20) Myself Antonio Lemos (18) A writer, artist or a musician Anty a person who will be able to help others and to be great in its family Anya (22) At peace and satisfied with my life. Anya (71) A helper, a difference-maker Anzi (27) Secure, engaged, calm. a.o. (40) An artist, literary or visual Aoife Walsh less burdened by sadness Apollo (58) Someone who offers to others Apos myself Apply (30) Everything I think I can be, even when I've turned old and gray April (20) I just wish I was the person God always meant for me to be April (21) Everyone AR (20) Someone who is genuinely okay in their body and their life. Ara (15) a better person Aranneaa (19) Myself but wealthier Ardent (30) Myself A real phony (27) Just myself Areeba (25) Didn't we ask this once? I'd like to be me, thank you. Ari (29) animal trainer Arianna (15) A loved king, husband, and father (someday) Ariella Bordaine: Female Protagonist (20) Someone my parents could stand being next to Arizona (19) A fashion editor and/or a fashion designer Arnold Murray (42) No one but myself, Im quite happy with this. AROG A voice actor Artie (17) A permanent deacon, but probably with something else to back it up Artie Mondello (18) Just and kind, always Aruz Elliott (29) Remembered as someone who touched people's lives in a positive and meaningful way. AS (32) Whatever I was meant to be. ascetic monk (51) I don't know yet Asfiya Mariam (21) A successful writer. Ash (23) Myself Ash (28) Fearless, knowing no boundaries, dauntless, yet compassionate Ash A better me. Ash Bloom (27) a better self asherville (55) Someone who will make a difference in this world Ashley (18) Myself Ashley (28) Happy Ashley (20) successful along with being both beautiful inside and out ashley baus (24) A model, admirable, powerful Ashley Brazil (17) Resilient. Dont take opinions so hard. Love myself. Ashley Mannara (29) A woman of some importance, to whomever. Ashley Meller (26) an artist of any kind ashleytheresa (20) A seeker of answers and great universal truths. A god of knowledge. Ashwin Murali (21) A successful artist by my own terms. Asi (21) happy with who I am asmitchel (67) a better me, a whole me ASN (25) Me, the way I truly am Astri (36) a better version of myself Astrid Me because I can do so much for everyone as myself and make people happier as myself. Asuka Suzuki (13) A woman Athar (25) I would like to be a ultra sound technician Athena Lujan (17) Jacques Brel Atuona (38) Someone of higher intelligence than myself Aubrey Files (25) a shaman Aubrey Tate (21) Quiet and blunt yet respected Audrey (17) Myself. Audrey Bittencourt (24) Eficient, logical and a good teacher. Audrey Mahone (29) moi en moins d'impatience augustine (70) A more confident version of me Auntie Em (35) I like the person I am. It took me 27 years to come to terms with that. Auntie Em (27) a wise person. Aurora (32) Myself Austin (19) an engineer and car enthusiast Austin Hobbs (16) A person people whose work and company people enjoy. Austin Kimmell (16) someone that someone else can fall in love with autumn (17) mother and wife avecamour The head of a Boutique Hotel. Awalker Your mom Aya myself. ayda (25) war journalist ayem (57) Myself aym (30) Human. So I can live a young boy (91) my ingenious friend ayumi (20) Happy. And myself. B (31) free in every way B (21) Exactly who I am now Babette (42) myself also Babs successful Baby (32) happy Bad Wolff less of a worrier baggal21 (28) Myself, and to be accepted for being myself. Bailey (19) Me Balaji Harish Iyer (20) I don't know. Bald Sky (38) Happy and Successful Bambi (17) a librarian barbara (50) I'd like to be myself and a lady who has earned respect and admiration Barbarita (21) Navy blue Tommy Bahama beach chair Barbielebrun Charley the beach chair (54) A Maryland blue crab Barbielebrun Garry the ghost crab (54) Better Baron Von Nazzenpoppel (46) someone who made a difference basbas (22) a doctor Batgirl (23) The person I could have been without my mental illness bc (22) The person I could have been without my mental illness bc (22) Myself Bea (18) Free Bea (18) A successful world-traveling translator Bear (49) a better version of myself bearoid (30) I'd love to be a more accomplished and successful version of myself Beatlhoven (47) a healer figure, someone that can cure and help people beatricegasti (30) a professional writer Beatrice Moore (30) Beautiful Beatriz (13) a proffesional psychologist beauty (18) Myself. Becca (16) Happy Becca (17) Happy Becca (21) Everything I can and everything people understand me to be. Becca (19) Someone people need Becca (20) happy forever Becca (21) Whatever it was I wanted to be as a child. BeckBeck (26) the best of me becks (24) I would like to be a photographer. My dad bought me a camera awhile back. It's my favorite thing. Bee productive, useful bee (16) a writer beezer (64) A writer and traveller who never has to career/work a day in his life beezersneezer (46) The very best version of me, without the anxiety and fear. I'm working towards it. I probably always will be. Beka (33) i like being me belita (39) myself bella (16) Powerfull. Belu (19) Unconcerned with elaborate notions of the past. Ben A great leader. Ben (23) A better man Benedict (38) Invisible, and infinitely kind Benjamin Thomas My true self. Benjamin Urrutia (61) Me, just 40 years older Benjo (23) Myself, without the dependence on others Ben Johns (21) Free to do as I like without restriction of money or health. Bennie (55) professor Ben Taylor me berkley (13) Myself- with a few improvements Berlin (25) A saint Bernard Hartley (18) the best me I can be Beth (20) Eternally patient Bethann (35) A professor which is a work in progress. Bethany (23) strong Bethany confident, and successful at whatever I do Bethany (22) A good loving mother and wife Beth Ellis (15) An improved version of my own self. Beti (24) Just taller and thinner Betty Usabiaga (37) I want to be someone others can rely on. Beu Mihac (15) Physically healthy Bhakti Brophy (41) I am That. Nothing else to be. Remembrance of this 24/7 would be nice. Bhakti Brophy (45) Person who can explain or teach stuff, gentle natured Bhargava (25) Free. bhbhbh a little better off financially bhl Nothing Bhole chuffed to bits, for at least once in my life! Bianca (18) loved and loving bif spinasourus big dick (69) Kurt Cobain big guy (16) a product designer who specializes in textiles and clothing Bijan (27) LESS PERFECT BILLY (38) Financially free BillyBobABC123zzz happy billy boy watson (3) a wife Biochicklet A BIG MAN, CARING TO ALL BIPS (46) strong bismuth Writer in film or theater BJ (56) myself blabla (37) an artist Blackie (20) more understanding, more patient with human behavior Blademan (60) A composer. Blaine (21) Loved unconditionally and free from monetary worries Blair C. (29) Me Blake (17) Me Blake (24) Myself Blanca Parra (66) I would like to be someone who is respected and looked up to. Job wise: A mechanic or someone in the health care field. Blank Tae I'd still like to be an artist blip52 (27) Myself? Happy? I don't understand the question.. Bliss Inthemorningdew (16) A rally driver, a long haul truck driver blodot johnny (41) A better version of myself that has things more under control, and a general sense of where life is taking me, because at the moment I've no effing clue. BlondShamrock (16) Not a lie-only being myself can bring about that Blood (15) A human, but with knowledge of the meaning of life Bluebird (27) Wealthy enough to quit and study BlueOrchid (39) Depends on the money offered Bluto (29) Myself BM (20) international diplomat bmo Self-sufficient. Bob (22) A pin oak. A beautiful woman. The sea. Caressed and spoiled. bob (38) A good example Bob (32) Influential. Boba (22) free bobblins Myself, with extra abilities. Bobby (22) free Bobby (40) mysefl Bobby (21) Astronaut bobby Happy bobby (33) concentrated, focused Bobia (25) Myself. boku_wa_kami (25) an ant or butterfly Bonky (26) myself because I dont know how to be anything else Bonnie (15) a crusader Boo (36) Remembered bookloverva (58) A pirate. Boris (16) Myself, but even more decisive. Borrie (33) A writer, and my epithet would be "He was humane in his writing" - that is the greatest praise Brad (17) A more honest man Brad Connors me brad w (35) driven Brady (31) Alive and well for another 18 years. bram-stienkt-vermeire-ja! (18) Myself, as I would want those I love to see me Brandon Nobles (31) free Bree (23) Nearly perfect with intriguing flaws only Bree Ogden An existential hero Brendan (24) Like Jesus Brennan Wilson (18) a less emotional self brent (33) I'd like to be the Michael Jordan of cheese making Brett Ferguson (42) Feared. Bri (28) Anyone other than myslf bri (17) Someone for whom there is no confusion with where he is going in life Brian (22) An author. Brian (37) A successful photographer Brian (24) calmer, stronger of will Brian A. Henegar (26) A creative Director BriannaBabyFYS13 More motivated BriannaFYS13 (18) less confused brian S (58) An artist in all senses of the word: to write music, to play music, to write literature. Brick (21) A lawyer Brinley (15) I like myself I just don't like what I can do. Bri Toro Myself, I like me. Britta Bandit (30) less materialistic Brittany (25) a mother Brittney Miller (20) A great writer brns a healer working writer broad (45) more independent from my family Brock Schwarzkopf (29) Free to pursue my own hobbies and interests Bron Blackwell (37) Myself but with more patience and intelligence Brooke A man whose dreams will not be stopped by anyone, or anything. Bruce Bennett (20) An intelligent and humble boy Brutus (20) A comedian who is liked by other comedians. Bryan R. (21) A worldwide traveler Bryn (23) A writer Brynlea (17) A healer Brynn (18) myslelf, as perfect as a human can be Bryon Springer (25) a family practitioner bsw94 Doctor Bubbles (52) a reasonably happy man bubby (43) me buckyballs (35) A surfing instructor on Maui Buddy (34) an actress bug Myself Bugsy Happy. Bulldozer (50) someone who is constantly creating beautiful things bunny A phoenix Burella (61) more purpose driven Burke (47) Immortal Burnable_Material_Here (18) myself BusyMinds A RARE NEWLY DISCOVERED 100-CARAT PURPLE DIAMOND~ BUTTERFLY (41) Myself butunn (19) Someone I'd like to see in the mirror Byriver Bloke (24) ME, through the eyes of my dogs BZ Utterly confident C myself c (21) My idol's best friends-if can't be lover C (14) A little thinner C (20) me cacharel (37) a better me Caidy (54) Constantly growing Cailey Myself in the future Caio (18) A mathematician, a funny and strong woman, fully human and alive Caitlin (19) Someone virtuous but critical. Someone unaffected by cynicism. Caitlin (21) a great father cakes (41) Myself Cal (20) i would like to be a girl able to meet Kim Hyun Joong (korean singer and actor *__*) Cami (14) Better each day. Enough to eventually get my wings... (a metaphor for meaning and purpose...) Camille (52) Myself, only more confident and healthier. Candice (23) Myself. Candy ----- Captain Crunch Doctor Carebeark5 (25) a better, happier, more successful me Carla (26) healthy carlajwms (49) A millionare Carla Tate (19) Myself as God intends me to be Carlie (24) A critically acclaimed writer Carlisle Nothing but myself. Carlo (26) Successful and loved Carlos A. (24) A successful version of myself Carly (19) More myself Carly C (27) Loved Carol my truest self Carol (60) the best of me fulfilled carolina (23) Myself, to the best of my ability. Caroline (38) A cellist in the Metropolitan Opera Orchestra. Caroline (25) A successful author and a committed partner in a lifetime relationship Caroline (33) more physically strong Carol Lacoss (62) Myself without abjection. Carolyn (18) imperfect, as I am Carrie successful Carrie (44) a better person cartike Rich Cas (25) A good mother and wife Casey (36) dedicated and driven Cass (20) Me! I already told you! Cassandra Watkins (21) Myself - more driven and ambitious Cassi To be well of and not have to worry about money Cassidy I've been quite a few people already: I'll be twenty more before I croak and soak my bones in bleach. Cassie (16) I'm not sure any longer. I thought I wanted to follow Headman Rennip. But I think he betrayed me. Cast (17) A better, wiser version of myself Cat (36) Just a better version of myself Cat (24) Someone who makes a difference Cat (26) A sucessful person Cat a wanderer of the unexplored places of the world cat (20) nobody else than myself Catalina (44) Novelista Catalina Jiménez Correa (27) a bioluminescent jelly fish Cate (23) I most like who I am - though I would prefer to not sick Cate (33) A better version me in some areas where there is too much work to be done Catelline (26) Someone's source of happiness Catherine Someone worth looking up to. Catherine Jean Myself Catherine Mitchell Millionaire Cathlow Harmon (50) An admired writer Catlin Benjamin me Cat Podd (37) me. Catrina (15) Myself Cattie Chong (26) I WANT TO BE A MAN İS NOT THE BAD BACK TALK CAVCAV (26) Myself.... Cavit Anıl Buram (28) Confident in my interactions with other CC (18) A medical professional CC (22) the most succesful version of myself ccchnl I'd always like to able to change, following my desires and my life's events cdl (35) Shakespeare Cee Cee (17) A successful artist, someone others look up to and can depend on. Celia (15) Myself. Celline Marge (18) just myself with more will to reach my goals cenire (25) Happy and not broke. cerisetea (34) Myself Cestmoi A rockstar. C face. (22) more tolerable cfm (37) Loved ch Rich and successful Chancelor C.J. King (19) Happy, truly happy Chandra Alexander (24) A great humanitarian, a unforgettable wife, mother and grandmother. Channon (45) OBGYN Channy (19) A thought of a loved one Chari (21) The best person I can be for myself, and to those I love. Charlene (17) Me Charlene (18) Fully integrated between my inner life and my outer expressions. CharlesB (48) A musician who could change the world with a song. Charles L Davis Jr (51) an artist charlotte (29) Famous and mysterious Charlotte (18) A positive difference in the world. Charlotte H. (23) A fearless version of myself Charly Mariaan (49) A stronger and a more mature women Chary Silva (22) happy chay (40) A lwayer, A businesswoman, a mother, a wife Cheche (40) valuable cheeky (26) Myself Cheemargh (36) me chele myself chelle (47) Content. Chelsea (21) Myself Chelsea (23) Wife, Mother, and making all my dreams come true. Chelsea Smith (24) Myself, through the evolution of self realization Chelsea Whiting (26) Me Cheri D. the best version of myself, but thinner with perkier boobs Cherie (40) Naive Cherish Robinson (21) I want to be a counsellor and free from the constraints of corporate employment Cherlyn (40) Nothing other than myself...need to surround myself with people who bring out the best in me Cherub (30) myself but having an musical talent Cheryl (38) Extraordinary Cheryl Barnette (59) Myself, the man who will change the world. Cheshire (22) a better version of myself Chickpea (31) Safe Chico (46) Free of obligation to those in power ChiefJ42 (44) successful chiklitz76 (39) a honest and taller version of myself Chili (17) Rich enough so I can travel more or bohemian enough not to care about $$ and still travel dirt-poor Chinita (34) i would like to be a person with the qualities that i dont possess,but want to have. chinnu (20) Me only Chinnu (38) A kickboxing champion Chip Griphix (35) Providence. Chiu Jing Hua (17) a stronger me chloe (21) Brave Chocolate Bunny (32) at peace and happy Choraven (32) A better person. Chris (16) Grown up Chris Myself, as I know I could be. Chris (19) exactly as I am Chris Glass (39) A rich person Chris S. kind, compassionate, generous person who people look up to and feel comfortable around Christa (27) Someone who makes a difference in ones life by way of advice Christabelle (29) A painter or an artist - without having to lead a painters or artists life. Christian (44) I would like to be smarter and stronger. Christian Boyanov (24) loved by many, the best ever at what I do Christian Soldier (33) Myself Christina (26) The best possible version of myself. Someone honest, true and good. Without being conceited. Christina Kronberg (23) A better actress Christina Tounzen I would like to be somebody important, rather than someone insignificant. Christina X. (37) the best me i can be christine (18) A writer Christobel (17) I'd like to be a person with a sexier accent. That would be nice. Christobel in College (18) a truth. Christopher (24) A contributor to the cognitive progress of mankind. Christopher Blaum (37) I would like to be me. Christopher Boone Myself Christopher James Stagg (16) Finally successful and globally aware. Christopher M. (31) I would like to be myself whoever myself is. Christopher Mitchell (17) a successful man Christopher Ross (23) My ideal self as I hope others perceive me christy (44) me at 3.0 Christy Turner (50) at peace, glider pilot, surfer, photojournalist, fine-art photographer or painter Chuck (43) Still myself Chunky Lover The worlds greatest weight lifter Ciara (24) Successful Ciara (22) I can only think of vain answers, so my answer is no. Ciera (16) author Cilie (50) Free. Cindy The competition you never saw coming, your very worst nightmare cindy (50) I'm me and that's enough for me Cindy (24) Happy and powerful Cindy (22) The person I dream of being. Cindy (50) healthy CindyLu (58) At peace with myself and the world Cissa Fireheart (32) A healthier and better looking body - as I know the concept and a stronger mind to do so. Ciucan (18) mindful cizz a person who speaks a truth CJN (21) A writer, happy, and/or loved. Claire A working mother. I'd like my own income. I can't work & take care of my family, I wish I could. I tried working in the factory shops in New York, it's all I could get without speaking English, but never again. I'd rather penny pinch & live off the land. Claire (32) Free and unalarmed. Claire Bartholomew (16) A braver version of who I already am. ClaireW (65) Free Clancy someone who enjoys her work and her friends and family. Clara (20) a better me Clara The person that those I love need me to be Clarissa (18) A Professor Clark Kent A tree Clau myself Claudia (36) Clay Douglass: Proust said it best Clay Douglass (34) someone who is happy clay zook (19) production designer clazza mgee myself but better Clelia Beatriz Valdez (22) Powerful. clockwork (34) a teacher cm (57) someone not bounded by organic existence and can roam through the universe,have power over time and space cobweb (24) A successful historian CockneyKnight (48) a respected writer and artist Coco (31) myself Coco (19) All that I am. CocoPuff2016 (44) Me codered (18) Lawyer Cody (25) A hill with trees, a river and a family of Orangutans living on me Cody Gould (17) A more connected person Col (41) Myself Colin (39) Me. Colin (22) A poet or literary writer Colorful (28) Brushed more and I wouldn't mind a bath. Colton (27) I dont know anyone well enough to answer that comnomnomor (15) myself Connie To works in a forensics team. Connor Prepared. Connor Me conor (34) a carefree and independent woman constanceeee (19) Painter Constantin (32) The best version of myself Consuela calm Cookie successful cookie Myself cookie (51) rich Cora (26) I would like to be a mom, someday Core (25) An environmentalist skater. Corey famous corinne Myself but a little smarter Cory (22) unique cpaters1 (26) Again, I can only be myself cr A person I am comfortable with. cr (34) Myself - The same as Proust. Craig Suga Biles (22) My best self Crimson (60) myself cris In complete acceptace with me and the wold i live in Cristi An eternal star lighting up a small patch of the night sky. Crystal (17) Transcendant Crystal (32) don't know Crystal (22) Closer to God. Crystal (34) A wife again. Crystal (35) Myself csheehan (17) Someone who has made a difference CStoney (47) a man cuchi (40) Myself as i would like me to be cucu (26) someone nearer to the absolute truth cvelez (64) a true disciple of Christ, a healed post traumatic adult. cweekly a neurosurgeon d0701 (29) Myself- the best version of myself D A hero D (32) Dachary Dachary (23) the very best, and most honest expression of what lies in my heart, as monstrous and conflicted as such a thing might be. DAD I answered this already... a cowboy, like my dad! Dad (42) A writer Daffy Sue Esposito (60) More logical, wealthier, able to make good decisions Daisy (27) myself limitless Daisy (17) i like being me Daisy Great Dakota Swaveman (18) D_Alex 2.0. Incorporating all the lessons learned from previous editions of D_Alex. D_Alex (46) something more, always, unless - with someone I love. Then it is nothing else. dA member: sonicbutterfly (17) Respected. Damien TC (36) Myself, healthier and happier Dan (29) A Jedi. Dan succesfull and normal Dan (20) teacher Dan (39) just me but with al the things a want for me dan confident, self assuered, the phrase powerful never even comes to mind. The things that bother him, he would liek to be rid of. Killing those demons within Dan (51) An artist Danae (17) Myself Danger (16) Balanced. Dani (31) a musician Dani (19) I can call too much names, at the end I'm happy and satisfied whit who I am Daniel (25) A well respected marine biologist Daniel (16) A teacher Daniel Below a normal person Daniella (27) A job? Playwright/author/singer/songwriter. Danielle (15) Me.. but more financially independent enough to make music. Danielle (35) an inspiration DanielleKeith (19) A father. Daniel Molina (20) Satisfied - rather, my world be such as to give me satisfaction Daniel Stephens (Character Sketch) (22) a person who has found their soulmate daniiii (18) Much that I am not. DaniStory (29) Authentic Danny (25) to be more pro active Daph (45) me Darcy (20) an example dario (21) The best version of myself Darlene (29) I don't aspire to be a what, but a who. I'd like to be recognized as a person, not a thing. Darnell A visionary. DashEloise (32) Contented. Dave Cresswell (46) less obsessive DaveG (39) An admired expert in my field Dave Whitaker (40) To be myself at my best, be all I can be, to achieve all i know i am capable of Davey (18) carefree and happy DaveyD (24) I'm not certain. Davian (alias) (32) Classy, in most ways David (19) A racecar driver. David (10) myself David (63) The best of myself David (24) Myself but taller. David (51) a little frivolous and hollow david baiguera (35) everything that i am - and will be David E.J.A Bennett (29) a tree in the redwood forest David K (46) For better or for worse, I am exactly what I always wanted to be, a Poet & a Daddy. David ROWE (42) Opera singer, famous writer David Sergio Cisneros Ardura (46) Myself in the way that people I care about would like me to be. David Timme (19) A person full of joy, and compassion, willing to forgive all, and support any. Davie (16) a wealthy philanthopist dawn (40) Corporate trainer/consultant Dawn Robinette (51) A man of integrity and confidence Dawson A strong successful woman Daxion Mr. Dax Johnson (29) a happier, healthier version of myself Daydreamer (18) Stronger Daydreamer (63) Stronger Daydreamer (63) A bird dbrown (24) world traveler dcsnowbunny (25) old, rich, respected socialite and philantropist Dd (43) Complete. DDG9000 (25) Myself Dea (40) Happy. FREE. Alone most of the time. D. E. Alvis (58) A genius. Scratch that---happy. Dean (17) A stronger me DeAndre Beck (20) A world renown aurhor DeAnna Alexander (35) A well thought of confidant Deanna Sanders (44) Me the parts of me that people percieve are truly me and want me to be Deb (37) a songwriter Debbie (56) More laid back when it comes to little shit with my kids. Debby Creech-West (43) A better me Deborah S. Wilson (56) Healthy Debster (48) Anyone gay Declan Cohen (35) A meaningful Christian role model, one whom God would be proud of. De-De (36) Passionately loved Dee (24) accomplished Dee (19) Remembered for having made each person in my life feel special. Dee Author DefMelon Blonde Delia Webster (80) A feather. delice_ok (21) alive dendoo (23) Whoever I am supposed to be Denine (24) A person who can speak to the dead. Denise 1 a godly man Dennis (61) Well, when I was 13, I'd have said batman. But yeah, it's still Batman. Dennis Theodore (37) Myself more beautiful. denny (23) Holy, righteous, just, humble Denny A more determined and focused person Densio (25) Stanley Cup Champion and MVP Derek Ambrose (22) A man devanand Professionally? hmmm... Whatever happens, man. I try not to think too much about the future... Devon (18) independant, successful, happy. Devon Lisenby (20) an individual Dev Tucker (17) happy Devu (22) Taller Dezirae18 More self centered DH (39) retired diana (52) Someone's heroine Diana (20) Anything as long as it was meant for me Diana (15) Fully myself Diana A good example. Diana Thomas - English Thursday 6pm (38) Exactly what I am Diane (53) honest Diarre Ibrahim (22) A nurse or a Muslim lecturer dida (14) A perfect stranger. Diego Miguel Danura Puyó (30) A good person Dietgingerale Always content, always pushing forward, there for others when they need me Dilip C Louis (32) I would like to be me - the version my loved ones believe I can be, and most importantly the one I believe I can become. Dimitar Atanasov (25) Just me. Completely. Dindin (20) An assassin Dino (18) An independant, content, successful, 98 pound woman. Diona (19) Not born. dionysis_dt (24) A General in my Planet's military Dirk Radman (35) Emperor of the world. Dixon Wragg revered author Dj Anyone but me, sometimes dlew919 (40) My best self. Without the negatives, burdens, scars dmca (38) old Doc55 (55) a person who truly loves herself Dolna (39) Kavafis Dolores Nabokov (26) ssssss Dom Just me, growing in my understanding of the universe Dominic (17) Happy Dominick (23) The winds of change. Dominick Miller (19) At peace with the universe Dominick Miller (20) Happy because of others happiness. Dominick Miller (21) conservation bioligist Dominique Myself DonAli (33) Myself donkeys4eva (20) An adventurer, a mother/grandmother, a true friend, a wife donna obrien (54) Economically Viable Doob Doggo (21) myself doodledoo12345 An archaeologist Dori (23) ateacher dorothy6@aol.com (50) Mas inteligente y bonita Dothzilla (33) Myself - as I am. Doug (30) A deity Doug!! Myself as a confident, well-liked, caring and well-educated individual. Doug Lambert (65) Meaningful--asymptotic, I think. Douni be someone who is able to see through future and creat great things for both human and nature Dracontomelum (30) the best possible version of myself Dragana (22) An immortal thaumaturge. Dragontongue (22) A more charming character than I presently am; a more easily entertained individual Dre (17) Myself Dreamboat Annie Ai and ocean DreamBrother (27) God Dreda (23) happy Drella (26) Happy and successful Drew (26) Happy, to change into my ideal drift Has it not been made clear? I want to rule. Dr. Isaac Busafalus (53) my dog telos Dr. J (76) Great. Dru (24) free Drucar (45) docotr ds (45) A better artist. D.S.de.P.Ramos The artist God intended for me to be Duckish Me Ducky The Boss Dude (49) Cop duke (18) A better father than mine was. Duncan Passell (17) perised from now on dustxii (22) free from carrying the weight of the world. Dutchess Myself. im pretty bad ass!!! Dutchess A jack of trades. A man who's able to say I've been there and done that Dvach (18) Happy D.X (22) Myself, I am at my most content Dylan (17) Alone Dylan Adams (25) Not myself E (34) Me E i would like to be rich please e (28) Resting serenely, having achieved all of my goals. E (20) better, always better eagleclaw (35) I would like to be any such person who is wise and knowledgeable and spiritually tuned that in their life's immediate death there is no returning to any such place as before, now, or ever will be E.A. Latham (25) An actress. EAR (19) happy and motivated Earth Speck (30) Myself, minus 50 pounds Eau (45) Successful Ed (30) an actor ed educator eddiboy Confident. Astute. Articulate. Eddie (48) A better mother Eddie (12) A better version of myself Eden (19) Happy Edgar Roberts (15) I would like to constantly re-create that as the moment strikes Edie (26) Myself Edmond Dantes (26) A good person. Edouard (41) a great writer Eduardo (19) myself EduGri (53) My Ideal Self Effie (34) Someone who makes history and delivers humanity an important work of art to diminish its suffering efha (23) cats eh (22) a farmer ehk2 (30) rig og sorgløs EHM As Proust said just myself. Eiichi (16) A simple carpenter Eilfa (28) someone like myself EJ (29) Happy E.Jay (21) satisfied with my creative work ejb (22) Great El (23) enlightened and generous el3vat0r what? not who.. to be more human elay (21) myself to be a bit more human elay (23) a better person, achieving goals and giving eldar (25) someone who helps others social worker teacher etc... Eleanor (14) Myself, fully realized Electryo (15) Better. Elena αερας ελενη (33) Less cautious about opening my heart. Less reliant on the mind to journey through life. Elena Di Cesare i don't know yet eleni (18) Honestly? Myself. Eleni Constantinou (20) Someone who can give my mom the live she deserves, she spent 20 years doing that for me, now it's my turn. Elexia (19) succesful Elexis (18) Me but without the defects Elias (22) A source of love, warmth and compassion for those around me. Eliaz McMillan (33) a mother eliciabg (23) I would like to be what I want to be. Elie (16) an artist Elin (47) Myself Elisabeth (22) I would like to be a writer Elisabeth Carver A stronger woman Elissa (22) successful Elizabeth a writer whose work means something real to people; a mother who keeps her children on the right path Elizabeth (25) I'm a unique snowflake; I can never be anything more and I can never be anything less. Elizabeth (15) a whole, healthy, and vibrant woman Elizabeth Diane Shaffer (0) a whole, healthy, and vibrant woman. Elizabeth Diane Shaffer (0) A better me ElleKay Relaxed and creative Ellen (48) An artist. Ellen A healer of the heart. Ellen B Smiley (29) Dancing the dying swan in Swan Lake Ellen Fitzpatrick (61) Alive Ellie (25) I would like to be the me I see in the mirror when alone in my room, but in the company of those dearest to me in my life. Whether I like it or not, the mirror me is my real self, and I am perpetually denying who I am once I walk away from that glass. Ellie_Estrella (19) a better version of myself Ellie Wilson (15) Carefree, calm, happy, cozy and confident. Elliot the man I wish I could be now Elliott (28) More easily satisfied with simplicity. Elliott Hemp (23) An astronaut elSigno (37) A professional Ely (23) myself Elyse (20) Binary file Em_1425616956.html matches Binary file Em_1425616956.html matches Myself. Or one of my favorite animals. Ema (18) A good man. emdonnelly7 To spend time with her children. emdonnelly7 better skilled at combat, less vunerable Emilee Nightshade (19) Successful. Emilia Blancarte Jaber successful, loved, settled Emilie (23) Someone I can be proud of... Emilina (27) happy emilio (28) An eagle. Emillia (16) A writer, and a kinder person, myself. Emily (19) the best version of myself Emily (24) happy emily (24) Happier Emily (22) taller Emilyann (22) A role model for my future children and my soldiers Emily Carter (37) someone who provides joy to those around me Emily Clark (25) myself, but a better version thereof Emma (20) a little less awake. emma (18) an artist by nature Emma (20) just as I am Emma (34) successful emma (20) Someone living to help others. Emma McKinney A writer Emme (21) An evil emperor. I'm kind of simplistic that way. Emperor Aisel Fei Shiang (18) Either fully human like my father or fully Makladorian like my mother. Empyrean (17) A poet-writer encolpio8 (22) Less vulnerable. Endimion myself endor Myself ENEgck (56) Myself, only better Engel (48) "Me" is a very troublesome person, and whoever I would be I would be troublesome. Enis An idea, a symbol of an idea, sth eternal but lasting Eno A. Agolli (15) A friend of mine: smart, wise, but is not boring in any sense. Enrique (21) Never looking back; on the road. Eric (15) Right now - employed Eric (40) A successful writer or artist. Eric (37) Completely devoted. Eric (19) the best Erica Free to do as I please Erica Johnson (21) Forgiven. Eric C. Wolfe (28) dunno Erich (20) A professor, a critic, a writer, a father. Erich (19) A turtle. Just kidding, only myself Erict7 CM Punk Erik (25) An older, wiser self Erik Isaac (19) More courageous and outgoing Erik Price (18) Successful. Erin (27) Myself Erin (53) Successful Erin (30) successful Erin (20) Someone who changes a small part of the world. Someone useful. Erin The fullest, kindest, most impactful expression of ME I can be Erin (31) An artist who changes peoples' opinions. esayer (35) Myself with a dragon tail Escalus (22) A bit more confident, a bit more in love with life. Escapism (19) a better version of myself Esmé (18) A writer Esmee fidelius (54) myself as I could be if I didn't have to work to survive ESMERELDA (50) Myself Estacia Hernandez (37) myself esteban (29) The best I could become Esteban (23) astrphisic estrella blanca relaxed Et (32) Loved. Et Cetera (22) An independent scholar Etha (26) impactful ethan (20) Respected and admired by those who I respect and admire Ethan Mayatt (25) more efficient Euzinha_ds (20) An unbreakable force of pure willpower. Eva (23) Charismatic Eva (16) me, but better at writing evan ass hatch (18) Prettier Evanna (18) Myself but a better version that God could be proud of Evie (22) porn actor evilwonders (28) A better, stronger version of myself. evren (16) Myself. But better. Ezra (20) Wealthy, happy and healthy FAC (25) successful person facio (19) Myself fallen (24) A teacher who helps his pupils open their eyes Fanourios (40) A smarter, wiser man. fatgaynig (20) Myself Fatima (19) My higher self Fatima (26) pro sportsman, inventor fat man (33) I see myself being in the same position that my grandfather had, being the captain. Fawna (19) more direct Fay (22) A librarian feanix (20) Free Ferroever (43) An artist, may it be visual, cinematic, written. fersfumero (28) A more caring, patient, understanding person FeydRautha (46) best self Feysweetie (43) A comfortable human fhickey (22) a bookshelf. ... .... .... .. no, seriously: me, minus the tendency to be late and to procrastinate Fidjeridodu (30) A beautiful Korean woman Fields (19) Myself - as those whom I admire would like me to be filinia (22) Free. final fashion (33) Overseeing a great museum of the world Finnegan Magondolovich (Long Story...) Proust is right on this one... being yourself is what it is all about in the end Finokio (38) More considerate fk2005 (34) A Horse. FlameHorse (28) Myself with a bucket list of checked off life aims. Flantasy Girl (25) I wish to be happy with myself, and be at piece with my endless list of flaws flavia (13) happy Flo a renowned classical singer Flora (69) A writer. Florin-Alexandru Brănescu (16) A free and happy human being Flower (39) Myself but richer. Floyd As what, a blank trivia book ready to be written FlyinMonki (27) A musician ForePlinger Same as Proust ForSavvy happy Francesca (29) myself at my best, always getting better and better by all accounts francesca (49) a better person Francesca me in the most transparente and consistent way Francisca Bastos (17) A person of purposes Francisco Aguirre (23) An accomplished musician Francisco Javier Gil Vidal (54) there is nothing but this frank (57) a man revered Frankie (23) A court jester FrankieSmash (49) Rich Franklin Frank Anglin (32) Nobody Frank Nekrasz (25) the person I should be, and am on occasion fred (16) The best version of me Freda (61) Happy Friedrich Mueller (57) Quixotic Fritha Grey A superhero fumble (19) i would like to be the me i hope to be in 10 years - but now! (psychologist with more roots.) furies (27) I would like to be a superhero with superpowers. FYS13Alec (18) Myself FYS13Amanda (18) I would like to be successful. FYS13Andrew Myself. FYS13Bella A counselor who writes into the wee hours of the night on things that no one may ever see, yet they mean the most. FYS13Michaela (18) always sure ofmyself FYS13Savannah Henry (18) President of the United States FYS13Tyler (19) An astronomer. FYS14Caleb (22) I'd like to be a better version of myself. FYS14Carrie I would like to be an Owl...That would be interesting. FYS14Erica (19) an irish pub singer with red hair FYS14julie I would be none other but me. To be someone else comes with a new line of problems. FYS14Kelle (20) The White Knight that never lets anyone down. Also strong in my spiritual journey. I would like to be aware of everything. FYS14Landon (18) Something to be admired FYS14Serenity (19) Someone with all of the puzzle pieces, even if they haven't solved the puzzle (theoretically, of course). FYS14Skylar A good wife FYS14Taylor breon taylor FYS breont (19) Myself FYSHeath (18) The most knowledgeable person around. FYSMichael (18) g g a famous artist Gab (19) Emperor, I'd like to see if my vision would work. Gabe (31) someone to be respected Gabi the best versio of myself Gabriela (18) myself in a better version Gabriela Coelho Mesquita Teixeira Borges (26) A man of values, who can mantain himself as honest, hard working and be able to sustain a family. Gabriel Gonzalez (26) A raindrop Gail (44) a better version of me Gail Flaherty Worldly & traveled, yet generally humble Gainer (52) All powerful Gait (17) a time traveller. Galareh (23) The ruler of the entire underworld Gamba Ajani Myself, only better. Garrett (19) Teacher gatetam (38) Myself Gator Krazy Dave yo gavalia (46) The greatest and wisest polymath of my age. Gean Whitehead III (20) me Gene (51) The key to the universe Gene (24) A doctor. Genevieve (22) I would like to be happy and healthy. Genevieve (15) My authentic self. Genie (65) In the present Genie (58) Me, a lifelong learning me. GenXer2012 (39) Myself, 10 years from now, hopefully more put together and worthy of my own love. Geo (20) Me Geo (57) Remembered as someone who touched people's lives in a positive and meaningful way. George Professional Filmmaker George Mile (35) Someone with integrity who is willing to stick to his principles despite adverse consequences George Owers (21) At this moment, I was thinking about being a tree... Georgia (14) kinder, more thoughtful Georgia (53) A creative photographer Georgia (16) myself gg Glorious and immortal ghazaleh (27) A good designer Ghyles (31) a better version of myself maybe Ghyles (31) Fire Gia (21) myself Gianne (21) Someone that desires to be taken seriously Giannico (40) the best version of me there is Gill (63) Me with everything I have but with better luck in my career! Gillian Martin (40) Myself, and happy. Happy to be myself. Gina (19) A migratory bird Gina (30) generouse Ginger Thompson (50) Just me Ginny (47) I would like to maximize my fullest potential as a woman and an intellectual. Gionna (28) A musician Giorgia Io migliore Giovanni Moro (32) Musician Girl You Too Rude living instead of existing. Giselle (18) Fullfilled. Gjabrielle A talented and successful writer Glenn Parker (24) A famous reporter Glen Reeves (37) I would like to be cancer-free Gloria (59) prosperous and healthy Gloria Heatley (58) At a time of my life when I've taken all the decisions I'll ever need to take GMcG Myself, only better goblin64 (45) Myself, but stronger Godfrey (19) an famous actor Golden Boy (20) A world class rugbier, skier, sailor, surfer and pilot. Gonzalo happy goose (20) Myself goukrish (19) happy GP (39) Me GPB (37) A lawyer Grace (30) telephone operator, secretary, or maybe a writer. Grace (12) The most refined version of my character. a bright, eternal flame not afraid to go out. Grace (28) The head warlock of my coven, the leader my father wants me to be. Grace Cooper (20) A nomadic monad, a lotophage gracehopper gracehoppin (23) the fullest version of myself, a contributor to not only others but my own self-realization Gracie (22) an artist and a marine biologist Gracie Campbell (23) A person at peace greatlove (32) myself Greg (19) relaxed Greg (24) a musician Greg (17) Successful in doing what I want to do Greg President Greg (20) a great writer Greg (53) A married professional writer Greg Lytle (26) a creative genius gretel myself gruchi (63) infallible gruffmusic (49) Today I would like to be ten years younger but with this understanding of things Gtergab (50) Myself - I am perfect as is. Guenther remembered. guiller van mistoffellees (17) Uma personagem balzaquiana Gustavo (21) More focused gutsyaardvark (19) somebody who is loved by those who don't know me Guy Van Driessche (44) more patient Hadasa (19) Independently wealthy Hailey (34) to be somewhat like anton chekhov Hakusha Senbon (24) More knowledgeable than I am at present. Hal (18) An artist who makes enough money to travel Hala (34) Fantastic Haley (19) stay at home mom Haley (17) myself when im satisfied with my life hamideh (26) Successful Hamlet (30) Myself. Hana (14) Myself HandeG. (13) Helen Keller Hanna (24) A nicer, more courageous, and ambitious version of myself Hannah (15) a well-loved person hannah (25) Someone who makes a difference in the world. Hannah Chambers (24) Myself, just not as quiet. Hannah Ross (20) Myself Hannah Suttles Myself, as my mom wanted me to be! Hari (21) Just myself. I'm old enough to like the old girl, thank you. Harold E. Leighton (37) Free. Free of judgment, of restraint, of debt, of everything. I want to run naked in a damn field of wildflowers and not give one fuck for anything. Harold E. Leighton (40) hunter or chief elder Harold Oberg A star or a bird Harriet (23) A better version of myself Harry (27) Myself in its full free form Hassallah (30) Lawyer Hassan (21) a better version of myself...i guess that's up to me isn't it? hawaii50 (45) myself Hayley Richer. Hayzeus (23) Someone that could understand who I am now HCE (15) someone not full of anxiety HEATHER (37) Happy and like my father is right now HeavyFire (16) myself but with my own money heider (27) Part of a family. Heidi R. a craftman Helen (32) My best self Helen (19) A nomad Helena (18) Happy Helena Jenkins (20) myself as i have imagined and dreamed. Helen Mattison Wyatt (20) funny hellgirl (19) myself helz bells (41) President Henry (46) Loved, admired, successful, happy Henry_Z (25) content her (26) I would like to be more like Jesus Herald (71) myself - as God had wished for me to be herbertofwestlake (43) Happy and content with where I am. Ceasing to struggle against myself. Hern (39) A God. Herod (20) the best me Hero Solomon (25) admired Hetal (22) appreciated, loved H, Han-Jan Happy HHP (41) assertive, joyous, and driven Him (17) Stronger. Someone who changes the course of the world. Hira Yousuf (18) My best possible self HKas (28) myself H. McMillan (33) Yo mismo pero mejor, pues nunca sere nadie mas que yo. H.Nakashima (21) A person of impact in society and in the world hobbes (26) myself - and in the future as an archeologist hodouk (22) A mind the size of a star Hoelder1in (51) An intelligent yet humble man? Or a bear. Bears have awesome lives. hoffsta no one but me holden (27) content Holley (39) The best Me I could possibly be. holly (17) capable and driven enough to achieve and be what ever i liked Holly (22) Someone using my degree Holly Avery (32) a sport announcer Holly Pajka (28) A people who bring the happiness. holyjkms (29) Fearless, sharp, disciplined, strong, rich, and beautiful. Secure, free, and protected. Hong Jay Effective listener Hooks Fit, healthy, well read Horace pluck (54) me howard (34) I would like to be better than me. howard (34) A stronger, more confident, less dependent, active and smarter version of myself with a better memory. Hrudaya (24) content huck finn (48) I would like to be an improved version of myself Huda (19) i agree-myself huggybear (29) I would like to be confident and bold and honest with myself. Hulot Redux If I had more confidence, and less concern for people around me, I would be a musician Humbugger Omlet (20) A friend who loves another deeply and unconditionally Hunter (23) someone who makes people's lives better. Hurricane Katrina (25) My dad Hwiseon Lee (24) Myself fulfilled Hyosun (25) Myself--but with fanancial wealth enough to turn ideas, inventions and whims into reality. Hypnos The Blade (46) loved HYS (47) Myself, in a brighter light. I Again, I agree with Proust here, I'd like to be myself. I Myself as a woman Ian (23) Someone that i would admire Ian (44) Explorer ianplanet (47) a man's loved and cherished object I Beg (54) Immortal. Iblis Anak (22) Myself Icis The free version of my self i dont know that i know (17) A writer Ignats (70) I am slowly becoming that which I would like to be Igor (29) I would most like to be a Iilyanna Someone without regrets. Ika (24) Better, for those I love. ile105 (23) Better, and a better surgeon. ile105 (27) Me Illinibeatle (44) A teacher Imajones I want to be a more fulfilled person being able to follow my dreams Imee Finished, like I stated before . . . I.M. (Imam Mahdi) (5) Myself Indrė (17) someone who cared less of what others thought indy (30) happy, a traveller Inês (20) a worthy person to my mother, and a free one to myself. inez (21) Painfree and healthy Inkie (60) Happy interestedparty whatever i choose to be i.p. A teacher. I've wanted to be one my whole life. Ireland Rose (12) Content Irene (17) I would like to be a bit more courageous Irene (26) myself Iris (18) A professional fisherman Iris Ramsey (32) A funny guy who goes out and sees the sun. Isaac (16) myself Isaac (29) Someone of a high rank with no one telling me what to do. Isaac A better version of myself, I guess. Isabel (19) Myself- the writer. Isabella Fairchild-Heart (Protagonist) (26) myself, as i project for the future Isabelle (26) Myself but couple of years younger Isadora Duncan (32) The best version of myself, with confidence enough in his work to make it through Ismael Santos (20) Myself. Isolde (17) Myself, but better and improved. Iva Free. Iva Pasztor (20) Right now, I would like to be me since I can't really think of anything else. Ivy (10) certainly myself ivy (25) I am content being myself Izzy (24) adored Izzy (17) happy j2a18m (43) bald headed eagle jabbar (23) me, just me Jacie Lin A great warrior Jack (14) A good, memorable man Jack (45) A good mom Jack (33) Happy Jack (17) Myself Jack Goodman (18) A writer. Jackie medical lab technologist jackie (40) A famous photographer- if it wasn't apparent already. I would love to be a fashion photographer- having expirences around the world. Jackie (18) a woman with fulfilled dreams Jackie (24) Myself, in a different way Jackie Cavalcante (40) Mia moretti or Caitlin moe Jackie Vega (27) I would like to be a man of honor and respect. Jackson8471 (23) contented Jack Viper (29) Myself, only better, faster, stronger Jaclyn (22) Everything I love JaclynM (19) Fulfilled Jacob A master of a martial art. Jacque (24) A Better More Attractive Me. Jacqueline (34) Consistently fair, valiant, and true to what is morally sound. Jacqueline Garrett (38) a hope bringer Jade (17) No one but myself Jade-a-boo (17) Happy Jade Green (30) whole; completely me at my fullest potential Jadelynn (24) A cat. A cat's life is so simple. Jae (18) A composer and Husband that all would love know Jafari (33) The be the smartest, wise and humble person Jaime (18) A professor Jaime (28) A discoverer Jake (17) Myself as I want me to be. Jake (21) Grounded and secure in my person. Jakelina Hernandez (22) Fulfilled and actualized. J.A. Lawrence different meaning better James (64) Respected James (30) better james Myself - as those whom I admire would like me to be James (19) A gentleman in a king's court, in a time of peace. James (25) myself James Green (29) A complete expression of my Self. James La Salandra (31) On the Supreme Court. And maybe, eventually, a mother. James Oliver North (39) Happy jameson_welsh (22) as certain and sure as sinatra. James William Reath (21) the person I am when I think no one is looking Jamie (25) Free; happy Jamie (22) a good person, leader and romodel Jamie (32) an insperation Jamie (17) taller and thinner. Jan a tree Jan (54) A ballerina Jan (55) Accomplished Jana (22) Accomplished Jana (22) the best i can i my eyes Janae (17) bruce springsteen jane (41) myself jane (20) well-read jane fakename (25) myself as a better decision-maker janice (67) accomplished at all of my dreams - which may be close to impossible as I am merely human Janice Marie Oxford (61) A person who helps other in need. Jannie56 Nobody but myself Jared (19) Nothing more than myself, with a few adjustments. Jared Oswald (19) Pack Chief Jarred Poll (26) Me, myself & I. Jas (20) the daughter of Sri Guru Gobind Singh ji jasleen The greatest version of myself. Jasmine Violet (17) just myself Jason (34) A great dancer Jason (26) Fucking rich jasonstafford (53) A hero. Jax Havak (00) In a position to solve larger problems with my aptitude for analyzing large amounts of disparate data Jay (26) Immortal - in the sense that my work will live on through the ages Jay Barack Obama Jay West (27) a stronger version of myself Jazz buisness man jb (13) an orator who helps illustrate the possibility of an evolutionary self and surroundings JB (29) A better me, Jb Bradford (44) Myself only better JChris (40) combination of the best qualities those around me say i possess jcr (35) an understanding and thoughtful version of myself JD (21) fulfiled jda a planet jean (22) A writer Jeannine (57) Content Jef (19) Someone with knowledge Jeff happy JeffGuy (55) Film maker Jeffrey A. Olivier (40) A mother Jeffrey Dean Arthur (51) myself Jeff Winger a daisy jemimah (32) Happy Jen (23) Ideal Jen (25) a revolutionary thought leader who is admired for years to come Jen (35) a person who values life jen (29) an angel Jen Gerlach (39) French Jen Hallidy (42) Just who I am. Jenn (35) Me, just the best version I could possibly be Jenn (39) my Mother Jennie Accepted faults and all. Jennifer (35) wise, cheery, magical. emotionally stable but still vibrant/adventuring? no clue. Jennifer (40) Me - but self-assured, close to God, positive in all ways, truly kind hearted Jennifer C-K (35) Taller, More beautiful Jennifer Lewis (26) The one who makes the others laugh. Jenni Webb Reynolds (29) a mother Jenny (23) Anything about which I am passionate Jenny (28) Me Jenny (37) I would like to be stronger Jenny (18) better educated Jenny (38) A thought leader Jenny (35) Myself- as those whom I admire would like me to be - Proust JennyLynn (23) Young again Jenny Napier (42) A poet Jensyn Keanes (19) Yes, myself, but better Jeremy (17) younger Jeremy (30) the man others think i am Jeremy (29) A better version of myself--whatever that entails Jeremy Fassler (22) Thought of as a decent human being. Jeremy Heintz (39) a man worthy of Tezrah's love Jerome (37) What god desires me to be! Jess (27) A kind person that people look up to and admire Jess (18) A superhero Jessica (18) Rich. Jessica Comfortable with money, and not to worry over it. Jessica Cristo (Jax): (29) Book editor Jessie (33) I'm happy with who I have become. Jess the Mess (21) myself, flawed Jesus0469 (46) a dancer Jet Jackson (92) A person who can be happily miserable and miserably happy Jeux More caring Jewel (39) a writer Jewel (38) remembered jezza (18) myself jg (36) As good as possible jg (22) Myself J.H. An endless progress of a writer Jian (22) Someone who is always true to herself Jia Ying (22) Happy. Jim (20) the man who creates world peace Jim (50) enlightened jimmy (84) A philanthropist jj (43) A great musician JJ (20) Rockefeller and Warren Buffet J J Ruzo a good mother JLo (34) myself just as I am and every one else. J.L. Odom (16) Admired and cherished by friends JM (28) A better version of myself Jo (41) A business woman. Jo (16) A writer of great fiction Jo (21) a child Jo Myself Jo (20) The best killer in history Jo (33) Better than I am. Joana (22) A famous journalist. Joan Ellis (28) Who I am Joani I would like to be an elegant woman of substance who is gentle, kind, and generous JOANNA an engineer/inventor Joanna Kather (63) Wealthy Jo-Anne more purpose driven Joanne van der Woude (36) the best person I am capable of being joannie a human Joe (60) the self actualized me. Joe (54) I want to be someone my father would have been proud of Joe DeProfio (27) world class footballer Joel (17) Me Joel Sadler (45) a good father JoeyO (34) a man of worth, someone admired by many John (28) Content John (24) The opposite of myself John (20) A hero to my kids John (23) Myself Johnathan Durand (19) not lazy, smarter Johnny (21) I wont to be a person that is determinedvand taking seriously when need to be Johnny (21) musician Johnny48 (48) A person capable of loving and being loved John Porter A person who make the world better, no matter how small of a change it is. John Sousa (17) A Shakespearian actor like my father. John Wilkes Booth (26) The best me I can be JoJo (27) Intelligent Jojo (76) wealthy in health and financially jolie (66) A happy person; and I guess I'm pretty much on the right track. Jollie (21) Singer. Jo Mama (53) Alive. Jon (48) An artist jona (19) Myself Jonas (We) me jonathan (31) Content Jonathan Tacuri (21) A brave fighter jonb (49) myself Jonida Dervishi (29) I like Proust's answer. I'll take the same Jon Mosca (31) Free from restraints and guilt which make us miserable. To be enthusiastic about life. Jonny South (18) Nothing other than what is achievable. Jordan (19) Content Jordan an idealization of myself jordan rutter (18) myself Jorelle (18) Of worth Joris Reclusive Hermit joseph (31) The person who pleases God and Human Joseph Anthony (37) 更好的自己 Joseph Cheng (28) Myself - once more, it's not perfect, but God has a plan for me Josephine A (19) Happier, Busy Joseph Yvon (63) loved Josh (23) A better version of myself. Josh (22) A world changer Josh (29) Photographer, writer Joshua (34) A braver version of myself Joshua (27) God that is so perfect Proust. Myself - as those whom I admire would like me to be. As long as I am happy as well. Joshua Levi (21) At peace with my limitations while fully realizing my potential. Joshua Sponaugle (22) A doctor Joshua Taft (18) No one. Josh W. (19) me josie (25) an artist full time Josie Dangerfield (29) a game changer Jotthedot (16) happier Joxef (35) someone's everything joyce (20) a person who has come to terms with the reality of one's own self joyseternal (22) content jrggzmn (20) content jrggzmn (20) Happy jrggzmn (25) a happy, accomplished person JRM Accomplished, admired, content JRobertson (21) Happy, and myself Jtan (21) More of myself Ju (28) Myself Juan (15) A leader Juan (16) Successful enough that my parents feel that their efforts were not in vain. Juan Carlos (21) myself as a reflection of the best qualities that surround me Juanita Joann Harty Buck (49) A Famous musician Juan Jose Campos (34) At peace Jubin (21) A Bon Vivant Judah (30) A good mom and a business owner Judah (22) 家人健康、錢、愛 jude (25) Someone with great power Jude Kaldi a screenwriter and and author Judith A New York Time best Selling Author and a Screenwriter Judy successful, but mainly a lover juju happy jujubee (35) Of some fair contribution Jules (19) Myself Jules (26) Happy and fulfilled. Jules (23) a happy person Jules Independent Julia (23) I wouldn't be anyone else. Julian (16) myself julie (79) a woman who can be herself wherever she will go Julie (20) Myself Julie (40) Me only with a lot more money Julie (49) perfect - in my eyes Juliette (25) successful and happy juliette (19) A thirty year old woman who writes for a living and has endured hardships in life, but nevertheless is standing strong. June (23) free jupiter jones someone who has done something great for humanity Justin (27) Content Justin (15) A painter of the natural Justin Aylward (22) someone i can be proud of of my death-bed justine hope (20) Myself. Justin G. (15) Me right now. Justin Rasile (23) High(-spirited) & creative JW (27) Myself in six years; myself with the scars and the knowledge now. J.W. Carey (22) someone who is beyond content with their life. K (21) Nothing. K. (23) Someone who makes their dreams reality, who stands up for what is right, and respects every individual k someone who makes goals and is able to achieve them k-92 (17) To have love and take the risk Kaden Someone everyone loves Kafi Cunningham (43) me kai (15) More myself keeping the nasty in check. Kainaz (20) A zoologist Kait (23) myself, no one else Kaja Ta Myself, my beautiful self! Kajer (19) WEALTHY, WITH NO REGRETS KAKI (50) enough Kaleena (23) Me Kally (33) Some sort of artist--singer, musician, painter but most likely a dancer Kameke A millioner Kamila (18) Be myself KammY a better version of myself Kandi (26) myself kangaroo a strong woman, a loving wife, a nurturing mother karaeileen (24) Nothing other than myself Karen (27) happier Karen myself Karen (16) as kind, compassionate and giving to myself as i am to others Karen June (52) jesus kari bobins (33) away from my past Karina (16) A singer Karina Marcano (26) Known for great things Karl (17) a writer Kasandra a person that I can be proud to be Kasia (30) Myself Kasper (19) Feared Kassy (17) Able to perfom God's will Kate (23) Me. Kate (21) Myself . . . because that is what I am Kate wealthy Kate (26) Me Kate Happy, healthy and with friends and family around me Kate Mac (22) A tree. Kate McJ (31) A witch. Katerina (22) My best self. Kath (48) perfect Katharina (32) I'd like to become me. Katherine (18) Out of here. Katherine (27) Happy and successful Katherine An invisible girl that can fly anywhere within a matter of minutes, so I don't have to miss people ever again. Kathérine (25) A kind and well-liked person Kathy (18) who i am is fine kathy (52) Self-suficient, confident Kathy (26) Me. Kati (15) A cat Kati (19) I should rather like to be a good bottle of scotch, to be drunk only on special occasions Katie (20) killllll me katie (23) Myself Katie (17) my dog, uisce. failing thay, more confident, self assured assertive katie (22) Successful - no matter what I do Katie (21) a successful, published author Katie Carriere (39) content Katieu (27) A great author Katrina (23) The best I can be. Katrina Thiessen-Beasse (28) Exactly as I am Katsika (68) whatever happens to fulfill mea and give me happiness katthehurricane a guitarist, an athlete Katy (16) Myself Katy (22) Myself but prouder of who I am. I need to let myself shine. Katya Allnutt (27) A better me kaudrey My best self Kavindra (55) me kavitha (19) myself with more willpower kay (22) Myself with more confidence. Kaybird (43) a psychologist Kayla (17) a singer....hey look! it came true! :D Kayla Marie (17) mother, wife, nurse and teacher Kaysie67 (49) myself; I am enough KB (45) Slightly more ambitious and active K.B. Oliver (30) remembered with affection kc The person I think I am K Dilkington (30) As in a nonhuman object? Why, I'd love to be a cat! Kechiro (33) Smarter Keith (19) Myself only more responsible Kelli (47) Someone I would look up to and admire kelly (39) Happy Kelly (25) Someone who is free Kelly G. Teague (45) Forever young Kelly McCauslin A singer Kelsey (22) Myself, sans defects ken (58) An entertainer and an author Ken (63) more assertive ken dewey (48) Free; a mother; a wife; happy; a beautiful and insightful woman until the last second I'm alive. Kendyl (20) The best me I can be. Kenkire myself - an artist Kenn (47) Successful, happy and true to my morals and beliefs Kennedy (18) I am fine as I am. Kenning (28) More ambitious about scholarly activities kerayne (66) an accountant Keri Cook (26) Free. Kessler (35) Closer K EST (22) angelina jolie Keti (23) somebody who knows what she wants to do Keto (25) Content Kev (27) an Architect or Interior Designer Kevbo Myself, but more confident Kevin (25) myself Kevin (21) An actor Kevlar god kfcbucket (16) The kind of adult I thought I would become when I was a child. KFerreto (24) Myself. kfkfkfk (17) Sucessful, happy, content. KG (38) Be but the person for which I was born KG (26) The best version of myself- that would just blow everyone out of the water Khaddafina (23) Successful leader Kia (28) My mom-most courageous woman i know Kiana Mercury (23) I like who I am. Kiara M. (15) I have already been most of what I would like to be Kid Jasper nearly identical KiDoCo young again, in the era of my sister and I Kiera Hardy A world-class academic in the humanities and social sciences. Kieran (22) a nurse practioniner Kika Foriegn correspondent Kiki (27) an artist kiki (44) Bigger Kiki (10) Myself Kikka (38) A teacher Kiley (20) myself killy more controlled Kim (37) Loved Kim (17) A more attractive, more articulate, more secure version of myself Kim (37) The best I can be as myself Kim (30) Less critical of myself and less of a perfectionist Kim (47) Fulfilled, living mindfully & with intention, creating which leads to tangible results which can help people, being true to myself and my bliss (see who I would have liked to be) Kimberly (23) Remembered kimberly (21) a King, a Lord, or a wizard Kimberly Bailey successful - in my own right and in my own way kimbo (34) loved Kimlmar (52) Happy Kim Randall Cox (43) respected king (43) Myself kings (36) a professional novelist King Ubi (35) a nice human being Kinmin (24) me kirk forensic scientists Kirsten McCracken (20) like i am kirty (21) More focussed kit kat (22) a world famous musician with era defining music kito (24) A rose picked by a lover to his sweetheart who is gonna dry it and keep it in her diary forever Kitty (21) A successful, happy person Kitty (19) the best Kitty (58) an writer kjelli (59) Brilliant KK (32) recognized for my gifts and not my deficiencies k-kabob (31) A wealthier, less hot-tempered version of myself KKC (26) Younger, richer and going off to university Kkkkaty (67) A bird Klavicus (23) An actor Klox890626 (23) The best version of myself. KLVS (22) A fully realised version of myelf KM (23) be myself Kmi the best possibly version of myself knapsackstraps (21) content, sated knowone (29) A great writer and teacher of writing, a guru Koinekid (28) Myself--in the service of something I truly believe in. kokocakemix (24) A teacher koshka (50) A mother again Kourtney Denee (24) To be a good example of a godly woman. Kouse (23) an idealized version of me Kreuzz Able to take a year off and travel Kris (41) Myself plus a beloved mommy, a proactive professional and 70 years old marriage wife Krisanta (32) very happy for the rest of my life krissy (18) I wish to be somebody else today Krista (17) Myself, but better. Krista (27) successful and happy Kristaline (24) Myself but smarter and more creative. Kristi (35) a bettered, matured version of myself. Kristie (22) Different, but understood Krum Kirov (16) understood and unjudged Kryshia (53) Me plus seven figures. Krysstofer Pierre (23) A better version of me Krystaal (40) A self made woman. Krystal (24) Myself as I've imagined. Krystin (22) loved and respected ks (33) myself - seen through someone else's eyes Kt (15) Scarlett O'Hara (still) KT A better me kt (35) understood Kunal Sen (27) a witch kunderakitsch Wholly good. kuro usagi (18) Independent. Desired. Kurt Bailey (45) Successful, in the way I think would make me happy. K Yeo (19) A man who is not blamed for death Kyla Stan an improved person Kyra Black (19) Someone with the power to make a difference, but with the wisdom not to use that power wrongly Kyrie (18) the best version of myself Kyrinrin (14) a better listener, more compassionate L (36) Myself but more confident less dis organized lacee (18) a daughter Lacey McVeigh (46) A scientist Lacharria (18) The perfect me. LaChel myself. reloaded. better. higher. stronger. evolved. LadyDyTheFly myself ladyinthewater (24) the best and most successful version of me Lady NCA (29) recognized as a kind caring person Ladytoyou (66) The best version of me lage (27) balanced, within and without LaHaRo (51) A crazy, irreverent cat lady Lainey (38) The one who leads others to happiness Lainie More confident in my abilities Lana (34) A better version of myself - or Neil Gaiman LAND (22) A king, ruling the new world. Landon Wright (16) A successful guidance councilor without depression, and no longer suffers from nightmares of the past Lanette main character: Counciler Becky Someone who makes my children proud lara67 (49) exactly who I am. LA Sullivan Doctor Latanya (21) Successful Laura (20) Rip van Winkle Laura (24) i like what i am laura (23) a better version of myself laura (27) a warrior Laura (28) loved back. Laura (31) just me LauraAl (27) Thin Laura N. (52) Myself Laura Panza (38) writer laura Ytzia Montoya Capristo The light inside me. Laurel (29) a photographer, an artist Lauren (28) producer/ singer/actor Lauren (14) a mother Lauren (22) Myself Lauren Completely honest with someone about who I am and where I come from, and have them still value me at the end of it all. Lauren Frost (26) An author, university lecturer and scholar. Lauren H (27) employed continuously Laurie (58) Somebody more willing to sacrifice so as to live in accordance with my values. Lavache Beadsman (21) Myself Layla (22) My own person Layla (13) A writer or an inventor Layla B. (43) Successful novelist LB Perkins (42) Myself - an actress, a reader or great literature, and a dreamer. Leah (16) Myself leah (17) Someone like Jad Abumrad or Kate Fagan—self made; a renaissance person with an inspiring personal story Leah (25) No one other than me Leah strong, kind, doing the will of God Leanne (28) A more sociable person, full of charisma LeCorbeauGris (25) A normal man Lector kind considerate generous merciful lee (30) Uncomprimisable Leeham A different, heightened version of myself. Leena (16) a writer and teacher and father Legacy Lee (31) A good book ,perfume, love song or a beam of sunshine. Leigh Lagamayo (27) Me,the same as I am Leila Myself. Leila (28) the person who i am desperate to believe i can be, or perhaps that i already am Lem (24) Someone who makes a difference. L.E.Murphy (17) to be a inspiration to others for kindness Len (46) Always myself Lena (21) a bird Lena (60) Equal. Leo Wet and happy Leo (15) I just want to be the person that is worry free. Leo Calma (19) Content LeonidasStokely (No answer) Leon (The Debreifer) (22) k Leslie A respected businessperson Leslie (43) Myself Lestory (49) I am who I am Levi Becker (31) In control Levi Walker myself Lex happy in my own brain and body lexi (23) A writer someone who people looks for inspiration LexieBee (17) I am Muir, that's all I can be. Lex Ryo (17) Someone great. Lexxxx (18) a mother, a wife, a homeowner, a business owner l.gee (23) a person who can help others lglick19 Like Jesus Lia (23) Musically and lyrically gifted LiamP (25) I would like to be a person of purpose Liam Shaughnessy I am who I am. Why would I want to be someone different? Liam Urien someone who makes people's dreams come true (these questions are repetitive) librowicz (28) myself Lids (50) All of it, and none of it. Lightning Stars (22) successful, wealthy, respected in business lilecare (46) a hero Lilian (25) Everything I admire in others. Liliana The hero to many stories. Lillian (25) Balanced. Sometimes I wonder if I should slow down or if I work too hard Lillian Grace (27) better at ballroom dancing Lily (16) A little more centred Lily Me to the fullest extent Lily (34) more decisive, confrontational, determined. less confused, lazy, generally sloppy Linda (23) Pretty girl. -No.The man who loves other man and is crazy and in his thoughts. Linda (17) Jimmy Choo's bitch Linda C (41) The best version of myself that I can be and ultimately happy Linda M. W. (34) Writer Lindsey (15) The best I possibly can be. Lindsey B. (17) successful happy and inlove LindseyD (18) A better me, I suppose. Linicake a writer linou70 Myself Lint (17) a better version of myself Lisa No one but myself Lisa (56) Anyone else Lishan (20) The best version of myself LittleT (24) me in a better version lituci (30) Free, ambitious and confident Lixing (24) A better version of me: stronger, healthier, and having known myself better, sooner. Liz (28) What Proust said. Liz (64) A writer and a photographer so I can capture the beauty and darkness of this world in words and photos. Liz (47) An even better version of myself Liz (25) Someone with more self esteem Liz (40) Someone who saved a tiny piece of the world Liza (33) Better in every sense. Lizzie (17) Someone who gives lectures that people pay to see, or like, a legitimate rancher / cowgirl that wears spurs Lizzie Pickle (27) I agree with Proust. I would like to be a better version of myself. L. Kadey (18) Braver. L. Kadey (19) Myself LLane (23) a mother, matriach lmao some who respected himself lo (19) a virgin again; i wish i was deflowered the right way. Lo (24) Myself but better. LodRose (32) happy Log Brave Logan (23) anything that makes money Logan (16) A soldier Logan Whitt (15) A better version of myself. Lois (22) Okay Proust, you get me! Myself - as those whom I admire would like me to be Lola A journalist Lolita Hazed (18) happy lollipoppingsu (24) Teach, be a mothe and wife Lori (37) Still Zooey De Chanell's cellmate Louf (39) an actress Loui Edgington (12) Someone who is respected by others for his stature Louis (19) Me.or myself, or I :] Louisalokyee (15) a confident, wise and intelligent lady. and loved. Louise (17) A better and more compassionate person who not only understands the troubles concerning the world, but has a way to heal it too Loz (17) happy and fullfilled Lu (24) Better Lu (32) just me luadepapel (25) independently wealthy Luc (27) an orca, the Indian Ocean, L'annonce des couleurs. Lucho (32) writer Lucija (25) I would like to be just like myself. Lucy (34) Myself, to desire otherwise would be to make what has happened before meaningless. Lucy an intelligent men Luigi (38) A better version of me Luísa (21) Again, A better version of myself. Luísa (22) Someone endlessly creative and driven Luisa (18) Someone simpler, calmer, driven, confident and ambitious. Luisa (19) Myself LuisEfe (55) The opposite of all my bad qualities, and the epitome of my good -- and inconscient of them all Luke Anthony (19) Nigh-Omniscient; knows ALMOST everything but has still to learn lukemarco (18) A man who can inspire and provide for others. Luke N 14 (35) A pundit Lulu famous Luna (16) myself lunar (18) Immortal. LVG A person who can emphatize in others' misfortunes Lydia (50) me lydia A young woman in the beat generation hitch hiking across the country. Lydia (18) Happy, and if it could be music related the better Lyla (30) somebody stronger lyman (35) Wise Lyn (22) Wise Lyn (22) I want to be an independent woman who is sucessful Lyn a happy housewife lynac (31) Famous! Lyndsay D. (22) Wise. Lyndsey (19) nothing Lynk (15) A gardener, a nature enthusiast, a good mother, a fun wife Lynn Renee (41) I am content to be me, but I would like to experience one day as Maggie Smith! Lynn Thair (49) someone who loves always and is loved by all, intelligent Lyss (19) Myself M successful and happy,confident M (29) A better version of myself M (36) Mario Vargas Llosa M (19) one that I can admire M a writer MA (61) A better version of me. Louder, stronger and a bit less caring. Mach (44) Myself Machiavelli_Mx (38) "incendiary" macon (22) a working writer macskawoman (44) I would like to grow old surrounded by love Macy (15) A video editor Maddie (16) happy and respected Madeline (19) A good human Madhusudhan (63) Better Madison Twist (25) the most loved man in the world Mads Husted (21) Loved. MaeveOne (27) someone who has so far grabbed each day and lived it to the fullest Magellan (44) Truthful Magen (22) A good person; able to complete myself Maggie (24) I would like to be...a woman. Maggie (23) independently wealthy, traveling Maggie (49) A good conversationalist maggy may More firm in my convictions. Mahalo (/) myself... whoever that could be mahtiel (21) Rich Mairi (37) An actress or a writer. Maite (26) i am who i want to be maitresseb (43) Someone whom those I admire would also like to be Mak (16) I used to have a self, but I had it surgically removed maksimuchka (38) A human. Malcolm (26) A little richer and multilingual Malibu (31) successful Mallory (21) Confident Mallory Corrus (20) Understanding of the questions that rob me of sleep and haunt my days, or at least better able to search for these answers, even if they remain elusive for all eternity. Maltet myself with my flaws removed Mandar (27) self-actualized and living up to my highest potential for happiness and fulfillment Mandella Kitten (36) A better person mandi (28) a musician or an actor mandi2kay (31) someone who makes a change Mandy (18) Myself Who is fine for my family and to myself and those who loves me. mangarmunko (21) God. Manu (22) A person who lived his life to the fullest Mao (22) The person that I am with less flaws Mara (58) Someone to believe in, to see as a force to be reckoned with. Mara (17) Sound, sure of myself MaraMichelle Someone else Marana (56) a better version of myself Marcel (19) A successful illustrator marcel254 (25) Someone inspirational. Marcelo Ricarte. (16) remembered Marcel Rodriguez a traveler Marclaudi (46) a jazz pianist or a blue guitarist Marc_Meyer Myself marcoapk (19) myself marg (53) A ruler Margaret (19) writer Margaret Cook (57) what i would like to ne and what i am are the same - me. Margarida (aka:Guida Costa,Guida Almeida ( ) Me Margie (44) a phenomona margo (22) Less alcoholic Margot Well educted and creativly satified Margot (21) A person true to her faith and morals, a person with a backbone Mari (30) Me Maria (45) a pediatrician or a lawyer Maria A doctor Maria (18) I like who I am Maria Contreras (19) a traveler Mariam (20) an experienced, respected woman i suppose Mariana (16) Myself but more fearless. Mariana (22) Stronger, less cynical. Maria Patenaude (29) An opera singer Maria Rowena Rillen Free. Marie (19) Better. Marie (21) Better Marie I don't know Marie Madeleine (51) I would like to be free from fear so that I can be creative once again. Marie-Pierre Adam (27) a person people admire marina (50) A creator and a lover. marina (27) supreme ruler of all beings Marina (20) Myself - fully and without fear Marina da Silva Negherbon (24) A better version of me Marion (27) myself.. i hear im a pretty nice guy and a kick ass father. mario ponce (38) I would like to be free to be my self at all times Marios Gregoriou (21) myself- consciously aware MariselaL (18) Mark Lawrence Mark (16) Myself Mark (19) Just free. Happy for more than a minute. Mark A version of myself with a head strong personality. Mark (55) a film director. Mark Angus Wilson (28) A happy adventurous contented creative giving lucky man. Mark D Anderson (23) A better version of myself. In every respect. markeff (38) A good man. A good father. A trusted friend. Mark J (44) A better friend to my friends Marko (28) v Mark Sterling (32) a happy me markus_naz (39) a stronger person Marney (40) I would like to be myself Maroua (17) A telepath maybe? Marshall Wang (24) un gato marti (25) The best I can be. Martin (29) An inspirer, entrepreneur Martina Common Perfectly connected and disconnected Marty (18) Myself with a EU citizenship so that I could finally move to where my boyfriend is. Martyshka (31) The most distant eye of the universe, to peer back at what beauties trail behind me. Maruku (18) Someone whom people fear and respect Marvin Willams (30) Someone worth admiring. Mary (22) Totally independent. Mary (56) to have made a difference Mary Ann (62) Content with my lot in life. MaryAnn (47) a genius Mary Ellen Collins-Davis (59) a genius Mary Ellen Collins-Davis (59) a famous weirdo MaryFred (24) just myself Maryn (15) An explorer of the world Masha Shannon (26) Anything that I can be successful enough to support my loved ones and make them happy MasonFYS13 (18) Proust’s original answer is absolutely unbeatable; “Myself, but as those whom I admire would like me to be.” Mason Walker (21) original Mat (15) myself Mat (26) a man who finds peace with himself mate Myself Mateus Melo A Good man. Mathew Gallant (22) Myself Mathilda (15) A European writer of the past; a poet of the 1940's. Also: a hippie of Woodstock, a French florist, an artists muse, a WWII soldiers love interest, an explorer of the world and most of all, the feeling one gets when something is sad but beautiful. Matisse (15) Only myself but if I could a beach bumb Matrix (23) Yamashita Tomohisa Matsuda (14) rich and famous and respected and admired and remembered matt (17) A patriarch of a large family. An effective teacher and writer. Matt (30) The best. Matt (20) A great friend Matt (25) Nothing but myself. Matt DeCostanza (17) Dictator. Matthew Charles Barrie (27) Myself but better Matthew Gordon (28) A Hero Matthew Ray (18) A cat. Loved and unlovng Matthew Young (18) happy all the time Matthieu (21) Me. I'm responsible of who I am. Maundaux (23) rich mauserman (42) I don't want to be anyone else Max (24) someone else, someone more than i am maxie (20) A success Maximilian (17) A kind and fair tyrant. Maxwell Pierson (23) an artist Maysoun (27) sand MB (41) More relaxed mcfm0626 (26) A version of myself without excess MCI (22) more straightforward and honest mcseadogs (34) a kind, generous, competant person Me (40) me me (32) Myself but more clear and serene and witty ME (25) Pleasing to God Me (57) Completely content with all aspects of my life Meaghan A better mother Medusa59 (56) someone who isnt a fail. Meebo Happy forever and ever. Amen Meg (16) apathy meg (22) a writer whose writing moves people Meg (19) A poet/author Meg (31) More successful in the things I do. Meg (22) The best possible version of myself Megan (25) myself as a registered dental hygienist. Megan (20) A women of faith Megan (18) myself Megan (23) Truly a women of God megan (18) understood Meghan (16) My better self Megil (51) ఇంకో ఐదేళ్ల వరకూ మా అబ్బాయిలా (తర్వాత నేనే) Meher (32) A loving person. Mel (16) Guardian Angel of the world Mel (20) Someone more motivated mel (32) Who I wish I were Mel (44) A wife and mother Melanie (31) A writer Melanie (33) Myself. Melanie (33) Happier with myself MelBisMe (34) Taller. Melinda (18) Myself Melinda McGinley (30) Wholly myself, wholly awake, fully aware, and entirely completely alive! M.Elisabeth Howell (52) Important Melissa (23) A better person melissa (17) a woman of substance melissa (44) wife, mother, great friend, giver, happy Melissa (40) Myself Melissa Diane Hudson Important. Melissa Farr (25) Successful. And A mother. Melissa Farr (29) A clear, deep mountain lake. Melissa P (63) Nancy Drew Melly A better version of myself Melody (22) I would like to be more able to fill out this quiz quickly and honestly, without thinking in circles. Mel Sundquist (20) myself meltemis CEO Melvia (28) someone that people can look up to. Memelord (15) A writer Memyselfandi Me ver. 2.0 Menjou (21) someone about whom others say good about menon (33) happy mercedes (27) myself-as I want to be and aspire to be Meredith Someone who mattered Meredith (23) A person with native intelligence. merlinharp (57) Myself- updated and improved. Metztli (23) Someone admired and respected and well liked MFSmith (16) Sane mia An accomplished old lady Mia (27) myself miami (65) a good companion micci (64) Whatever I want to be, and the freedom to do so. Michael (40) A better, more understanding, happier, quieter, more giving person Michael (46) me Michael a wealthy, handsome virile young genius michael a better person Michael (43) a better me michael (24) Myself Michael (21) a man true of heart and pure of spirit Michael (52) The god that I am Michael (53) Myself because although I have weaknesses, I like who I have become. Michaela (20) A brilliant writer. Michaela Tee (15) what I am now with more freedom Michael Kendall (16) See Proust. Michael Thornberry complete Michelle (30) I would like to be a more devoted and loving person to God and my loved ones than I am now. Michelle (24) I guess I would say me, but my ideal version of me. Michelle Jeong (20) Myself Michelle Sandino (15) Even better. michou (19) Emperor of the Universe! In the sort of sense where I don't have to be anything but get alot of pay anyway. Mick (28) A counsellor/teacher Mickste myself but more creative Mignonne (53) An international superstar mihaela (26) a better version of myself mihaelaian (42) Myself Mika no one, but myself Mike (33) me Mike (14) Happy most of the time Mike (32) A successful businessman/business woman Mike (53) Myself Mike (58) A drummer in a rockband. Mike (42) Normal Mike (29) a public servant mike_freedom9531 (30) This is it mikemc1156 An IBM manager Mike Sadler (53) To ponder this is unhealthy and self loathing Milfred (35) valuable Mili (20) I hope I will once achieve the satisfying level of simillarity with the person I fantasize I am. Milly (23) Myself Milly (16) myself without the faults millymay (84) The best version of myself Mimi (53) Someone my kids are proud of. Mimi (31) What? As in an object? Maybe a jacket. Actually not any jacket. Brad Pitt's jacket. Sigh. Mimi (24) a good doctor mimì (48) Me- only me...maybe a better me everyday. Mimi (57) Useful Mimikeekee (23) The air. Mina (15) Free, happy Mind (17) An admired, effective teacher. Minerva Black (30) i would like to be what i dream to be minto (28) a braver version of myself mirabilis (48) I live me Miriam Liggett (48) Well, myself of course. mischa (22) A good person. Misha (24) Beyond Human. Far removed from those that believe themselves superior yet never show anything for it. Misk Odium Oersted A tester at a chocolate factory miso good enough, acceptable enough for myself Miss Someone with a beautiful and kind heart misshermes (20) the best version of me miss karachi Healthy fit and financially secure Miss Noble (0) a well-known musician or artist Missy (44) At peace Missy (45) a published writer/author Missy Gay (42) wealthy mister buzz (49) King of Denmark Mitchell: for Ophelia Myself, I don't wish or need to be somebody else. Mitela (22) An unselfish human Mitela (25) Free - to have enough money to not work and to travel and explore the world, make art Mitja (36) Another goddamn warrior woman, just as square-headed and terrible as me. Mitsuko (22) fulfilled mitzi (28) The person I am now, and will always be me. Miyo (12) Nothing short of greatness MJ (22) A bad-ass! MJ (23) A good example M.J (40) one who can change the world and everyone believe in mj (39) True to myself. M. J. A. Armstrong (60) Stronger MJF (34) a free strong minded woman travveling the world mjwhite (21) Self-sufficient but generous as hell. This is kinda possible, I think. M.K. (21) myself mk (15) writer mkayruger Again, who my husband sees.... Mkeekee (30) Human, honest, and brave M. Le Ahcim-nevets (31) At the moment, tan. MlleJacqueline Free from financial stress MlleNeet A much better version of myself MM (34) Zen Master M&M (38) Hugh Hefner MMS my ideal self Mnemonic Aberration A better version of me mobtomas (48) A ghost modernmonsters great answer from proust. moeder (32) What I am. Mohamjip (66) The best version of myself Mohini (20) Loved, respected, and private. Moistoidy (43) I would like to be loved for who I am Molea Razvan (23) wealthy Molly (19) Happy with my self Molly (18) A Operator. Molly Evans (47) Myself-without fear mollykate74 (38) less fearful and more independent momcat (60) Healer Mona someone who makes her own choices Mona Sen (22) A successful fiction author Monica Stowe noticed monson (28) I am what I like to be montanadrifter (68) a person of reasoning montie williams (16) a movie producer Monty (35) Me, having cast away the pretendence that you have to build to be accepted into society Mooke (16) The best version of me I can Moose (40) The Sun, without the awareness that it's running of fuel, but with still the great excitement and anticipation for collapse and limitlessness. Morazda (42) Shrek Morgan A wealthier, slimmer version of myself Morgana The person who makes me happy MorganFYS13 (18) A rich person Morgan Gratsky (22) A man of monumental importance and influence. Morgan Toft leon morgwei (28) Myself, but as one who is humbled, knows his place, and trusts in the Father with absolute certainty. Mother (54) Healthy, wealthy and wise Mouse (42) Fully capable in my aspirations MP3 (22) New every day. MPaylor (21) a man with large influence Mr. A (17) Myself - The one thing I know I excel at Mr. A (17) Retired, but at this age Mr. Frank (56) Known for something positive. MrJones (28) Writer MRM (28) independently wealthy Mr. Mandarin (41) A more joyous rendition of myself Mr Peters (30) Content Mrs. Lincoln (49) Myself- as those whom I admire would like me to be. Mrtimm Someone who can actually make a change. MsAPH (21) Slave to other's opinions Ms. Barbara (19) Big and bright and blonde. Ms. L (22) Organized Ms. Martin (46) a better me mstinyS Myself, better mStonerCEO (45) Still ....ME! MsVicky At peace. MTHSP (28) Nurse Anesthetist MUElexandra (19) nurse MUElizabeth (19) counselor Muffin (25) Better. mugen (22) More understanding of other people's action mugkim (19) a best selling author muhbuh (47) An adventurous man MUJakeWilkinson (18) my future self MUkelly (18) A mermaid. MULydia (18) A young woman in the beat generation hitch hiking across the country. MULydia (18) A doer of things. A person who writes, reads, creates Mumblingtruth (24) A famous musicians or writer Murphy (21) alone Musa (16) A writer mutterhals (31) I take great enjoyment in being me. Myalyn Hernandez (17) a sapient crocodile with cool shades my answers are perfect; yall should read one-hundred percent authentic unto myself. Mychel Shannon (18) extremely successful and well liked My Dear Materialista (27) a succesful entreprenuer myra (22) The Queen Myra I am happy how I turned out in this world...misfortunes and defects included. Myron (26) I would like to be a fashion editor. Really. That's all I aspire for. Myron (26) I would like to be someone famous, to have the light shine at me, as others praise the work that i do. I want to feel that i am doing something for the people. Mystery Mind Over Matter (19) truly happy N (32) a person who achieves success in what they aspire to become nad (17) Carefree Nadine (21) A determined and motivated artist Naleks (23) Happy. And fulfilled. NamraSultan More rational, more fighting, less lazy Nana (23) Who I am, but better Nancy (78) the best I can nancy The optimal me, which I believe would be a force to reckon with Nancy (41) Myself Nancy B (40) Myself (see above) Naomi (19) myself but not myself narelle pederick (40) Successful Narrator (5) Successful Nat a helper Natalia (33) to be a person living a life of happiness that I choose, a life that I wanted and am completely (or if not, mostly) happy with. Natalie (18) Free and unafraid. Natalie MJ (31) Normal Natanya (95) I want to be myself Natasha (49) spaceman asstronaut Nate (16) King Nate (23) my truest self natedawg (28) myself, but more successful Nathalie (20) A time-traveller Nathan Content, financially secure and intellectually ravenous Nathan (28) A man whose essential character remains unaltered and consistent over the years Nathan A Wizard Nathan (35) A better companion to my wife and a creator of great work. Nathan (27) Someone who does things Nathaniel (24) Not part of story Nathaniel (20) Not part of story Nathaniel Loved, the way I am and to keep it that way Nathan Thorne (53) a successful businesman retired and enjoying life with grandchildren navera (57) peter north neckice successful Neek (54) I would like to make a living doing what I love to do. Neeka (27) What's wrong in being yours faithfully? Neetzi (18) Myself, but more successful, important and constantly growing. NEL (20) happy Neller (35) Myself nelly myself Nelly (31) Loved by my beloved, but only when I deserve it. May I someday always. Nels (31) I always try to be what I am not nene (57) more of myself neo_urbaniste (23) I will go with Proust's answer. neptune Myself Nessa The perfect person - to one person only Nessie (18) Myself, I can't imagine being someone else Nette (18) Somehow, a cowboy philosopher. I guess perhaps that's more than the universe is capable of allowing. Newlin (25) I don't know Nia (15) the best. Nia Robinson (19) animal liberator Nic (27) Fire. Nic (24) pianist Nic (27) Fulfilled, having accomplished all I was set out to do Nicholas (18) A remembered philosopher Nicholas Kovacev (12) retarded Nick (35) A (real, prolific, life-long) writer Nick (20) " " Nick (31) I would like to be less of what others view me, and more of my actual self Nick A good, memorable man Nick (34) A Teacher - and I am NickiNorker (48) My future self, with all the gained wisdom and experience Nick Zero (26) successful in what I love, and still being true to myself nicoca (21) A very fast car moving swiftly along the coast. Nicolas (28) Myself in a moment's time. Nicolas Bossons (16) the best version of me Nicole (14) me nicole (23) Myself Nicole (18) A writer and externally happy Nicole (22) A person who teaches and inspires those around them Nicole (17) Sucessful Songwriter and Mother Wife Nicole EP (25) Nurse Niece (42) proust's answer is pretty universal NiGht (23) Myself nightinday (19) Wealthy Nik (30) a writer whose work helps people make sense of the world. Nikita (26) A better version of myself Nikkers64 (47) Proust answered it best: Myself - as those whom I admire would like me to be Nikki (35) The hero the world needs but doesn't want, and the Savior the world will want but no longer needs Nikkita Saeed (21) What I am now, on,y with more time for myself. Nikolai Kleppe (44) A soul free to explore the universe Nikon Shooter a philosopher artist Nillie (21) Myself, but better. Nina (21) someone who can accomplish that which i dreamed of as a child nina (27) Truly myself Nina Mars (22) a loving mother. nina tangimetua (23) more patient Nique (18) A well cared for housecat with a punjbai family! Nirmal Singh (99) myself, always niyaa brave nmh (32) One who has travled and experienced all life can offer. Noah (17) Proust's answer is right on: "Myself - as those whom I admire would like me to be." Noah the good (23) A difference Noddy (26) Me. Just better. Noelle A better version of me NoGurus (20) At peace nom de plume God. Nomen nescio (24) A better version of myself Nomers (19) traveler none given Myself as my beloved ones see me, without the blur of shame and guilt and self-hatred. None More Bitter (20) happy nono (22) Honest nools (21) Perfect nools (23) Myself. Nora (20) I am happy with me Noraq Myself more advance in life Norma a great published author Norman W (35) I am happy being myself Not (26) The best version of myself Nova (44) a CEO, Nova (32) Omnipotent and immortal NR-2082 (32) A superhuman Nrvnqsr (27) More obstinate ns rich NS Watson (30) A revolutionary - of whatever stripe - political, philosophical, culinary, etc. Nuance (26) A husband and father Nudge (36) A satisfied person. numeroita (24) myself with a little more strenght to fight for better ideals of a true free society. NynnaS. (36) air oanaa (23) young at heart, learning, horizon-bound OB A great painter Ode A better version of myself Odie (24) myself with full potential actually realized Odile (36) a lawyer. Odilia (47) A deity Odyssey Willow (16) tymon tymański and leszek możdzer at the same time. ohlaskeau (21) a Writer, an Artist, or a Lawyer, or a Representative in Congress oldie-goldie (99) sometimes I like imagining being a cat. On other days, I am content being myself, just a little more content olga (22) Better in every sense. Oli Tearle (28) a legend Oliver an artist in more ways than one Olivia (17) ...Responsible. Oliviaa. a property owner; oliviathunderkitty (63) Myself again and again Oliwankenobi (21) Most myself. Olly (37) Remembered Omar (17) Happy Omar p. (26) A father OneMan A leader in something important. ontherazzle (40) A film director ooinla (40) An increasingly better version of me Oph (30) Self sufficient and monetarily successful. Orby (40) Superstar Orchid (29) Happy. ORK (22) myself oscar (29) conductor, director Oskar (60) Me as I am now - not the asshole monster I was. Oso myself otto (21) Me - in the most perfect form that I can probably not imagine at this time. Ovi (24) The self I envision to beome oxoboxo (22) Myself - only better. Øyvind (27) In occupation, action, and character, the man that the Lord intends me to be. Ozymandias Jefferson Roosevelt (24) A mother and teacher whose son and students always admire and trust her PAB (43) A better, less weak version of myself. Pacie myself Paddy (29) Myself Paggy (33) enlightened pagina (20) Creative director Paige (34) Creative director Paige (34) Myself - with a little more clarity regarding my future. Paige (29) Myself, I am true to who I am Paige Hall (17) A better version of myself Palaila (28) Tina Fey palais (32) loved Paldies (39) Myself. I like me. Pam (63) a mature man Pam Blackwell myself...just leaving some bad things behind and being a great chef Pamcake (28) an actress pamelaja (27) Great father Panagiotis Theofilas (37) Anyone but myself. Panchi myself. Faster, stronger, HARDER, BETTER! pandaaah (23) A park bench, in a secluded area, on a windy day. Panic (18) safe panthergirl (36) Cisman Parker (18) A calm confident organized woman. parksmi (51) rich parvati6 Myself Passepartout (27) Glen Beck's assasain Pat (39) Wealthy, healthy and intelligently sharp Patek (25) International Arms Dealer Pat Garrett (26) A better me patric (30) Just me. Patrick J. Derilus A better version of myself Patrick Trotti (26) water patroklos a dog or a large rock that gets carved into a beautiful statue. patsy,world war II baby Immortal Patti (20) an honorable person Patty (32) Famous and revered Patty (56) I would like to be myself at 5. Patty Cake (29) rich Paula (54) Me, but the best me I can get of myself Paula (19) The best person I can be, for my family and friends, myself and for those that seek my help Paulie (23) An artists of all medians Paulina (18) Myself, thinner Paulshrug (44) Myselft Pavel Š. (18) the best version of myself PaWe (50) me with more self-confidence and charisma pax (23) more carefree PB (20) Everything and nothing Pea (17) Just who I am Pearl Maxwell (29) A rock star Pedro Albernaz (20) As much as I can be Pedro Luis Munoz (24) The best version of myself at all times. Pedro Tejada (20) I would like to be more intelligent so I could have made a bigger impact on the world Peggy (57) Myself. pehi (26) independently wealthy Penney (48) Better Pepper Better Pepper Happy Percy (27) Better and wiser in the future, whichever form that may take Peregrine A gardener or cat hotelier Perfidia myself but more vocal pesser (57) Ricardo Reis Pessoa non Grata More privileged, financially Peter Dyson (56) Enlightened Peter Heron (57) Myself Peter Joseph Tamber Maxima Gaffney A novelist whose work touches and inspires the masses. Peter Silva (46) a child at heart Petree (22) as I see I should be Phil (44) content Phil A self sufficient functional human adult Phil (25) someone who lesson philippe (59) If you don't like me, not my problem. Philomena (80) A gentleman of independent means. Also slightly taller. Phil R. (30) An invisible girl that can fly anywhere within a matter of minutes, so I don't have to miss people ever again. Phoebe (18) No one other than who I am Phoenix (39) loved phreec (35) To be loved and to love in return Phyllis Boyajian Branche loved picfxr (45) A better husband and father to my family P.I. Elliot Assured Pieterpad (80) A world traveller and famous author Pingbluto a very successful doctor pintoo (24) Happily married and working on a family Piper Bella Rose authentic Pistol Pete Myself pk_evanescent (38) a superhero. pk_henry Whatever I'm ment to be. Platinum Era (21) A writer, one who can can look at his work and respect it Plebelbe (21) Happy. Pleiadian7 (59) A person who does good for humanity Plusein (25) quiet pluto (26) Physical Therapist Ponice (18) I would rather be a simple farmer. Pontius Pilate (30) an archivist Poobah (65) Living life fully with thing I want to do when I want to do Pooja Nijinsky or Nureyev Pooki (55) A father and husband and super-human immortal poop fella (25) a writer and a rich man Pope (31) musician pp (31) Me :) Prajakta (23) Someone better than myself Pranaya R (28) Myself, more driven, more passionate. Prasanna (23) Me Prashant Gnawali (22) A contrarian with an audience Pratama (22) Unique and lovable Pratiksha (15) out of this human form for starters. Preacher (34) A confidante; someone who people can come to for a release, who can help them see clearly, give them hope, direction. PriC (26) Myself Priceequation (33) A better me than I was yesterday. Prime Minister Appa (50) Me Protagonist (20) most territory gang Protagonist More compassionate and considerate Protovium (63) Myself Pseudointeresting (17) Criminologist psv (48) useful PUNK PAINTER (37) self discilplined, empathetic, patient. puppylush (35) A higher evolved being Qaz (30) a better version of me, closer to the people i admire Qi (18) An instument that touched the world, even a small one. Quasimodo (30) definately not my brother Quimper (LV) Sublimely happy. Quinn (23) Someone I'd admire. qweasd the best of myself possible R (50) Happy and productive at my chosen pursuit, be it writing, teaching, composing... Rachel (21) A good person, compassionate, loving Rachel (21) A loaf of bread Rachelmate (39) NO ONE BUT ME RACHU (32) Someone who can focus on one thing with a passion while loving others. radomu (18) understood, respected, cherished Raelynn (57) The same. raf (19) Accepted for who I am Ragna (19) all that i can be RagsTyler (33) calm. Rah (25) Competent; intellectual powerhouse and gentle. Rahul (21) Myself Rain (16) Myself Rain More of who I am--if only I could figure that out rainbird The master of my mind, as intelligent as those who admire me think I am. Raj (18) Myself Raju (21) The greatest version of my genuine self. Ralph (21) An artist and a mom Ramesses Benjamin Lewis (27) Corporate Trainer Ramu (59) an artist who inspire a couple of people at least. Ran (25) myself ranjali (20) Taller, that is all. Raph A warrior princess Rapunzel Happy and fulfilled Raquelle (17) A better version of myself--someone who is wiser and has more initiative. Rara (22) Thr best version of myself Rashmi (21) I am The Rau. Raumabaya or The Rau (00) me myself and i rave (18) Rational Raven (30) thinner raven (17) Kind Raven (15) Someone with a simple life Raven Anston The discoverer of some great truth. Ray of Mars (36) Myself rb3868 (52) An artist RD No one Rebecca (19) an editor, musician, and artist Rebecca Scheid (13) successful Rebekah (29) Me, but with magical powers. Recross (25) Alone Red (26) Me, I have no desire to be someone else. Redbeard (24) Musician. The abilty to put ones soul into sound would be priceless. Redrover (50) Myself, but with purpose Ree (21) me as i am- with my flaws ree (24) Myself Reed Braden (19) A better version of Myself Reggie Benjamin (35) Only myself, but wiser Remi (28) healthy RENA (62) I don't know this time, maybe a musician if I have the ears for it. Renata (0) no one else other than myself. Renath Happy Renee (44) A tree, something concious but not self-aware Renee Stanko (27) 100% sure of me reneetriay (40) Free from the shackles of my parents. Ren Harris a one of a kind renno (17) An idea Renos (24) myself Renuka (21) a person whom others would miss if they suddenly disappear renz (15) Stoic Requiem (27) A better me res10k9v5@frontier.com I would like to be an eternal observer of things, with eternal peace. As the last person of the universe, I would finally turn off its lights after seeing all its life. Rethinker (26) a More confident version of myself retroandi Myself, but with a slender nose. Reuben Samson (21) Myself Reva Ann (20) Myself, a wanderer, alawys learning Rewrew successful in something i love doing Rhail (38) A father--which may not happen RHCdG (52) more honest Rhea (25) A more creative, confident, focused version of myself. Ric H (41) A power house. Richard (22) A creative person, steeped in history, art and literature Rick A saint. Rick (18) An editor, a publisher, a writer, someone who does what they love. Rie Myself - as those whom I admire would like me to be. Riley (26) more self aware riley (19) Myself. Riley (14) Myself. Riley (14) to be a well respected role model Rilo Myself but much more beautiful, rich and famous Rina (20) a great mom and a great designer. Rini Again, I only want to be myself. Rinilia (17) Someone with infinite patience and understanding Riss (37) I would love to be nothing but happiness and joy. Rissa (18) A literary editor, architectural engineer, or a lawyer. RiverSong (32) Who else but myself? I want to be someone that people will like for who I am, not for status or for culture. Riyu (17) Peacock Riza (17) A man who stick to his word and accomplishes his tasks with regularity Rizwan (21) stable ro (21) illuminated rob (54) Everything Rob (27) A servant of those in need. Robbie Curran (19) A great filmmaker Robert Danduran (26) Just myself Roberto Rivadeneyra Q (35) Me Robert Tatler (18) true to myself Robin (22) a comedean or a cartoonist rob luddington (45) myself Robo (56) Understood. robot Myself and accepted by others. Robyn (15) Myself - and a mother. Rochelle (40) Outrageously successful and wealthy Rockstar whoever I am Rocky Helpful Rodders (32) never wanted to be anyone else Roderick myself Rodica (32) The best version of myself possible. Rodrigo (24) myself rodrigo zarate (29) I am content with my current state. Rod Weiler (21) Someone who my children will look back upon with a smile and affection and relate of me humorously Roe (47) me roger (45) a scientist one day. roguebroccoli (18) Academic; politician; lover Rollwagen (26) completely happy about myself roloropo (29) A lion. They're beautiful. Roma (14) It doesn't matter, I can only be me. Roman (38) myself, but able enough to pay attention and focus on work Romina (16) Happy Romina (21) Being My Self Ronald (40) Loved - also a successful, well-respected performer Ronen (27) Myself, without a bump in my nose. Roo (20) to have a strong personality roro (23) The person my dog thinks I am Rorshavhanswer (18) Wise and happy. Rosa (19) closer to God Rosalee Firth Someone that everybody admires. Rosalie Grace (16) more confident, funnier, smarter Rosalinda Chavez (19) the best version of myself Rose (17) The best version of myself Rose (33) An actress staring on Broadway. Rose The best version of myself, someone I can forgive and someone I can be proud of. Rose (31) Successful Roseanne (29) a great photographer and artist Rosie (52) Who I am meant to be Rosie (53) Real. Rosie A writer,true to myself Rossboss (37) free rossi better? ro to the rah (20) The leader, and one that made some serious change. Rowan (16) A leader, someone in a position of power Rowan Bartlett (23) Myself Rox (17) A general better human being Roxanne Mooneys (22) me unlocked rsan Myself rtalien (25) A better person--filled with more empathy and care towards others RTC (21) A writer and a film maker. rubysparkles (23) An inspiration to people following in my footsteps Rudi (24) A better me Rumi (42) A healthier version of myself. runur (44) A better version of myself. Rushkami (27) Writer Ruska (33) me Ruskin Clay (17) me Ruskin Clay (17) A Prince among men, a God by any other name or failing that a carpenter Russell Sandbach (53) loved Ruth (48) Stronger Ruthie (19) Relevant again. Rux Me...I would want to be nothing else. R. W. (26) rich rwk (57) He said it better then me: Myself - as those whom I admire would like me to be Ryan (18) I could not imagine living a life as anyone but myself. Ryan (15) a happer, healthier person Ryan B (23) A writer. Ryan Brun (23) Financially secure. I'll figure the rest out later. Ryan Brun (27) Someone who can wake up naturally every day. Ryan Brun (29) Satisfied Ryan C (30) Travel Writer/Rich Ryan Riley (26) A leader Ryno (26) Someone that others can see as a true role model, in terms of how I live. Ryssan (22) I want to be somebody who can provide for his family S (20) Free to do as I please S (26) Mysterious, dangerous S (13) me as acting, cyclist, writer, artist, director s (23) God s33d (20) A doctor Saba (19) Loved Sabine (18) A friend of yours. sableye22 (17) happier Sabri (19) Myself Sabrina Famous Sabrina Don't know Sacha (30) good to everyone s. a. hensley (45) myself saief (28) I like myself because of the reason why I hate myself. I am the "ultimate" loving heart. SAI LAXMI TATINENI (40) The person who my mother sees in me. saill (24) Myself sailor Employed with a well paying job Salem (21) Beautiful Sally of Kent god sam (19) a director Sam (24) the best me that I can be Sam (36) Myself unashamedly Sam (22) A traveller, someone happy and successful Sam (17) as genuine and happy as possible Samantha (17) A superhero. Sam(antha) (24) poweful Samantha (30) The best person I can Samantha (35) A dentist Samantha Davenport (18) Again, following Proust, "Myself." Sam Gordon (18) Myself Sami (18) Happy with myself samps (29) a better version of myself SamSam (33) a man who gives up everything for the world Samuel (19) Rich enough to indulge in making all my ideas come to fruition. San movie director Sandu (15) Art teacher Sandy teacher Sandy (32) A better version of myself Sandy (25) nothing in particular sankari (39) A great mother and wife. Sara (23) Someone who used their brain more Sara (57) someone with a more positive view of life Sara (50) a self-employed jack of all trades Sara C aka Snacks aka Sarbs (26) An honest person Sarah (23) I'm happy in my own skin sarah who those i care about want me to be. sarah (14) Happy with who I am Sarah (23) happy, healthy, loved Sarah (38) someone who celebrates life and who is celebrated back sarah (22) I should be what I am Sarah (33) someone that is happy with everything they have sarah (21) no one else but me, thank you very much Sarah (27) Someone with a purpose. Sarah (18) Myself- but a much more confident version of myself. Sarah (24) Confident Sarah (27) more outgoing sarahbeth (21) realtor Sarah Carlton (18) meaningful Sarah Hollinger (28) A bird? I don't know. This is a silly question. SarahSometimes (22) Famous, the same as I would have liked to be I guess. Sarah Taylor Vernarecci (19) loved :) which i am Sarah Taylor Vernarecci (19) Powerful sara luisa hincapie (23) A writer Sara Ortiz (27) Myself - just with a bit more will to act. Sara P. (18) ? sargual smart, professor, Sasha (30) A Samurai. Sasha Hasanbegovic (26) I would love to be a published writer, able to live off my creativity. Sasha_M (34) Happy Sasha Sutton (22) myself- there is nothing else i can be. sat (20) smart. sauron (24) I would like to be the best person I can be at every moment in my life. Savannah (27) always sure ofmyself Savannah Henry (18) A whale maybe savannahw. (19) Honest Sax (32) a caring person scarletsquirrel (13) Myself Scarlett (25) Myself as I should have been with greater seriousness Scooter (29) Successful - Famous amongst my trade but not to the world at large Scooter190 (21) an inspiration Scott (60) Someone who can help others Scott (17) Financially free Scott777 A historian, philosopher, and poet Scotty (18) Mostly myself- a person who is doing for others as I want them to do for me. Scotty myself, sometimes a better version of myself Scout (26) Respected and listened to. Screaming Bastard Child of the Apocalyps (23) I've never known anything but my own universe, so how could I answer that? Sean (19) Funny. Sean D. Thompson (22) Happy and loved. Sean Kennedy (22) Free - haven't I said that 6 times already! Sean Reveille (19) Mi Doppelgänger Sebasagot (23) Something that can fly. Sebastian (18) a good human being... whatever that means Sebastian H (18) more carpe diem-ish! Sedona (16) Someone with strength of character. And a good writer. Sejal Ghia (24) Available to those that need me even when I think I am too busy Selene H. Brent I would like to be nothing more in this life than to be happy, content, loved, and at peace SeraphimeRising (31) Alive, not just living. Serena (26) Someone I can be proud of Serene Lim (24) a photographer serenity Myself Seth Street (19) Myself, growing better & better. Sexismandthecity (28) Me. Independent. Purposeful. Whole. Content in what I am and not comparing myself to others. Sgraham (28) Strong, intelligent, and compassionate with integrity. shadoww420 (33) someone people respect Shaina (22) Widely read and respected writer who entertains and educates. ShaLo (66) Me, I think Shamir (13) Someone who's got it all figured out Shana (22) A better guitarist Shane (19) a good strong man shane (25) Myself Shane Me, only more perfect. Shanna (19) God. I'd do things a lot different. Shannon Cole (22) Wealthy SharaMays72 independent & peaceful. Shari (21) Not what I am going to be, I fear. Sharice (22) Full of knowledge and intelligence SharonBillings Myself - as I see myself in daydreams Shauna (40) me too shaurora (64) brave and successful Shawna (21) brave shawna (17) happy shawpur (66) Content SHE (44) The best version of myself Shea (28) Someone who does manage to carve out a place for themself in the world, despite all odds sheavsey (21) Well-liked. Sheila D (55) a non-conformist, rebel that is always true to herself without fear of judgement shelby Incredibly intelligent!!! Shelby Bollner (18) Again, a better version of myself. Shelley (32) a filmmaker Shelly (17) Confident and able to feel and know the connection I have with all life. Shellybelly1 (49) the most poweful and richest man Shep Howard A philosophy, a teacher, one who inspires others to not follow the crowd or bend to the will of the state. Sherry Fuller (41) a psychologist shiela (18) myself Shig (29) Someone who deserves her Shiloh Moretti (16) I would enjoy continuing on to be as strong as I have become over the years. Shimomeiji (19) My greatest achievable self or comfortable with myself presently however consistently striving Shina (28) More strongly myself - more confident and better suited to achieve my aims Shinydan (34) free to be whomever i want ShiversB (19) a better n more satisfied person shodhana (20) again, a more determined version of myself Shubhda (24) a writer shupiwe (35) Myself of course. I make mistakes, but I learn and love who I am Shy (25) Myself, to the fullest of my potential Sid (57) Free and beautiful on the inside as I feel today. SID (53) Happy. Siddharth (23) A wonderful grandmother Sidedrive (70) Omnicient Siena (21) A kind person that makes something worthwhile of my life Signe (22) A better human being than myself Simen (18) More comfortable and in touch with my trueself. Simon (19) the me of my dreams Simon (20) Someone who would feel free doing anything and evereything at same time. Simona (16) a free spirit sinawae (27) Good Dorian Gray sindjiro All powerful Sirena Wainford (17) Light Sirith (33) Myself as a very exceptional private pilot Sir Richard (52) More evolved, less selfish, kinder, sharper, Sixela Negomi successful sj (23) a traveller SJ (44) Happy and loved Sj (16) that person I want to become skitalica (27) Be me a successful young man. skurge (18) a brilliant mathematician and prolific writer Skytalker (26) I am fine the way I am SL (22) Centered Sle (41) content sleepy (20) a better man, husband, father and son Slim The best me available. Sloceface (23) To fully meet my ideal S. M. A. Armstrong (21) A fish in the ocean Smaranda (33) Ashley Tisdale Smeghead understood smithmarg (45) The person my niece thinks I am. smude a human snibab (19) me, except stronger snorris (23) Free to do whever I wish to do and when I wish to do it without consequences Snyde (38) Just beautiful for a day. So (22) a koala socksless a better version of myself Sofi (24) a fair, blushing maiden in the countryside. Sofia (15) somebody more confident, who thinks through what they say more carefully, with more motivation, less anxiety and less jealousy. and taller sofia (14) A mom, a writer and a world traveler Sofía Me Sofia Picasso (14) Myself - as those whom I admire would like me to be. Sofía P. S. (20) An actress/singer/dancer Sofyzitahh (23) Transformed solitary confinement (44) Trustworthy Solomon (24) independently wealthy SolomonGrundy (45) The wind. Sombra (20) existence itself Some random person (16) content with myself Sonet P To be liked and accepted for who I am Sonia (25) Daring. Sonja (27) Those things that are good to those I love and by their souls Sonya Dahl (21) a better man for a great woman Soos (32) a happy person sooz (38) Happy. Sophia (25) A writer and a mother. Sophie (17) Myself. Sophie i like who i am. Sophie myself Sorrow (23) myself souma (32) Buddha SoundofWater (35) The best version of myself. Sourabh Bharadwaj (21) If not myself, a cat; they seem to be happy most of the time, what have they to care about. S.P. (20) More like me sp3ccylad (44) just being myself Spacebug (42) A less socially interrupted version of myself Spacey (24) An intellectual Sparrow (46) A good person Sparrow (17) Better able to live with myself Speck (36) Sucessful Spencer (25) A cloud. Spencer Stewart A toy designer. Spencer Valdez (11) Just plain freakin' frank as Frankenstein me. Spencer Valdez (12) Harder, better, faster, stronger. Spike Spiegel Stronger. . . more rampant. Spina Bifida i like to be simple and minimal Srishti Gupta (19) sssssssssss sssssssssssssssssssss (23) me ssv (40) a leader of men, accepted for who and what I am stan (54) Napoleon Star (11) Myself, as the way I will become Starflower (19) The best version of myself Ste (26) myselt, exactly Stella (28) in peace Stella (37) Independently wealthy. Stella (53) the best me Steph A better, smarter, and more motivated version of myself. Stephanie (23) me Stephanie (21) Determined and confident in my abilities. Stephanie (18) rich Stephanie (49) myself stephanie (20) more friendly and to look more approachable stephbsemilla (40) famous Stephen (56) me Stephen (78) an eagle Stephen Stacks Myself - There's only one me and I can't think of anyone else to play the part. Steve (20) myself, only happy Steve (53) Alive. Steve Brilliant Steve (56) Healthy, strong energetic and always excited to do things with friends Steve Hanawalt (56) A constantly evolving, learning creature, never settling because it's the easier choice Steve K (27) dentist Steven Porter (21) Me, but better. Steve Shives (29) Myself, but better stoffie (26) the perfect me stojan (32) The me that a select few believe me to be. Stork Daddy A choreographer. Stormy (17) A better person than I am stradling at peace, with a feeling of contentment STUPID IDIOT (0) 'Myself' is already a hard thing to be. Subhartho (26) the best me possible Sue (49) Someone completely different. Sunbul (18) a soul that lives for others Sundaraa (32) Again, Me. sunny a dog in a good home sunshineguerilla (28) An explorer SuperflyTNT Rich Susan (63) More consistent; secure in my financial standing; married; thinner Susan (63) An athlete Susan Collins (21) my true self; still discovering Susan Dawn Fain (59) my true self; still discovering Susan Dawn Fain (59) A published author that is not laughed at for their books Susie (20) me susie karpasitis (26) My self Susie Q (73) kind suzanne A warrior Suzanne (41) A well known writer Suzanne Cohen (53) a respected lawyer, a symbol of great rhetoric and power very prestigious Suzy (19) myself SvetikSmile (20) In process Swallow An artist Swan (75) I , Me and Myself ! Swapna (21) retired Switz (29) my best self sybann (50) A cat - sleeping in the sun, being fascinated for hours with a simple bit of string, and being loved even while aloof. Sydchez Myself Sydney Kilbane (18) non-sentient t1 a productive intellectual T (19) Famous and wealthy T (26) a better person T (18) Happy T (20) All that I can. T.A. (34) A blessing or inspiration to be people Tabitha Murray (42) confident Taeleyn более ли менее собой:) TAHbKA Myself tai (22) trully at peace taintme me tal (13) A writer Tallulah (29) just myself, to be as jesus like to see mee TAMAR (23) a person of principles and talent tamar (54) Myself tamara (48) an actress tamera miller (33) me, only rich and famous and beautiful. TAMERA MILLER (35) a improved version of me tanichis (32) a better version of myself - clean of anger and hatred Tanwen Aschtherlar Tormey (18) I don't even know anymore Tara (37) A better, happier version of myself Tash (29) Myself I suppose. It's never good to covet things you do not have. All it brings is misery. Tatiana (17) A better version of myself - hopefully the future-Me Tatiana (21) Someone. Tatiz (19) A kind of strength for those around me, a love that makes them whole Taylor (24) A better, more confidant version of myself. Taylore Dawn (18) An amalgam of traits attributed to animals in historical personification, and also a King among Men. Taylor Van Allen (24) Brave, courageous, compassionate, anchored in the present tazmur (26) A great musician TB An artist tbkemz (42) The ideal version of myself that I see in my mind. T. Christopher Cox (43) A man Tebvy (24) Film maker Ted (26) a prophet Tee (40) i would like to be tender Teehee (18) a good human being TEESHA (27) Someone who has made an impact in the lives around them Tekoa Butler White and middle class. Teleute (17) a good person Teme (18) Me, without some of the flaws I've mentioned above Tennrox Me, without some of the flaws I've mentioned above Tennrox What as opposed to who... I should like to be the heroine in a great work of fiction with a happy ending Teresa (43) me teri (73) don hertzfeldt terios (21) A character that I may read of and watch as I grow. Terra (22) A pilot Terri (35) Better Terry (41) an author TerryG (49) A star or sun Terrylee (35) writer, good fly anger Terrylynn0609 (39) IMMORTAL. ...THAT MIGHT GIVE ME ENOUGH TIME TO FIGURE THIS ALL OUT. TERRY YORK II happy tess (24) A philantropist who can initiate sustainable change Tess (53) Myself - as those whom I admire would like me to be Tess Calopedos (17) a successful writer Tess Fiennes (40) a better me tg (48) An owl? Myself as an owl, perhaps. Thambi (24) a better person than i was the day before thatchaa (17) more accepting of myself that guy #999 (29) A sock puppet That New Chris Sloce (18) A leader of men thebabycub (39) The one who exacts justice without fanfare The Beast A banana The Big Liddle (31) A filmmaker The Boss an artist The Desert (22) Happier and more self assured TheDoctor76 (35) A better version of me. The Essential Man (26) Myself, A better version of myself that has learned from my mistakes. TheFear77 (23) myself theGeneral (19) a writer, which i am going to be i have to admit with decent money as long as i can take care of myself and if i have kids take a trip once in a while i am good in the hood the grill (31) I would like to be comfortable with life as it is The hungry caterpillar (29) a god who makes mistakes The Imprecise Duke Of Phonology (77) Magic The Josh Rollins (21) Free of this cursed quest The Man In The Brown Hat An animator, an actress, a musician, an author, a filmmaker, & so forth The Mouse Avenger (20) My original self. Theo ME theravenette (15) A charming, intelligent person with positive contributions to the society theravenette (15) Someone who makes people happy Theresa (22) A new pope The Roomba Mifi (28) Myself Thia (29) a great parent Thinplank (40) God Thom (23) To be someone people would remember Thomas12081983 Myself, like those who care about me would like me to be Thomas (16) myself. ThomasM More curmudgeonly. Thomzagod (39) The Avatar Thor Hammerstein (16) To define is to limit. Thothanatos92 (23) content with being myself thoughtlessdreamer (15) A working musician. Thrakish (18) Always growing Thunderpussy (48) Marcel took the words out of my mouth. Tiago Moura (15) A better version of myself Tianna I would like to be important to someone else's heart. Tianna Alysia Kallan (37) Nobody tick a better version of myself tiffany A best selling author Tiffany (44) More couragious, and to be a doctor. Tiffany Beatty (19) an ideal version of myself tiffany; (lifefromtheshelf.blogspot.com) (17) myself TiffanyTee (26) The best mother, wife, daughter, and friend I could be. Tiger and Lions Myself Tim (27) Someone who possesses unbridled wisdom & courage. Tim A better version of myself. Tim (24) a philosopher tim The best version of me Tim Someone of incredible tolerance and inner peace. Maybe the Dhali Lama. Tim Proser (17) Content and at peace more often Tim Sandle Transcending self timwarnock (34) The best version of myself and a mother Tina (32) my younger self Tina (16) The Boss Tina (44) gifted in some way Tini myself Tinkoo (24) Remembered Tinuvielyra unquestionably accepted and loved, looked up to as a person to admire Tivia Stewart (40) seamstress tj (39) A brave man. Tobias Budge (25) I am not sure yet. Tobyn Sebastian (24) A saint. Todd Proust's answer Tofu (19) Myself. Tom (21) A poet of incomprehensible quality Tom G (19) Something sleek, sharp, but still seductive Tommy (19) Contented Tommy Boy (24) A writer who inspires others to become writers Tongbite Matt (36) A writer Toni (48) A Healer Toni Spimoni Peace. Satisfied with myself, with my doings in this world. Toño Cabrera-Pereyra (31) Myself Tony (48) The owner of a genie with no limit to the wishes Tony (30) an improved version of myself Tony (17) Someone to be criticized Tony (17) Just who I am now, and just who my friends and others want me to be. Tonya Jones (39) the best Me I could be. toosnowoman myself Toria (37) A tiger. Torsksåsen (22) a writer tracey I would like to become more than I am; to become the better improved self. tracynle (20) more religious Tracy TB (45) Myself travis a man who can handle it all Travis (25) a friend. Travis Mask (49) Happy Tre I'd like to be normal TREE (21) Myself Tree Girl (29) A fireman Trent Duval (28) My best self Tres bien (43) a good man Trevor A father Trevor McSwain (24) Successful and happy tri Powerful on my own terms Trinity Chapa (15) myself triplet (30) comfortable, confident, secure Trish My best self Trisha (17) Me Trisha (29) A people's champion against tyranny and oppression Tristan (14) A wealthier version of myself Trixie a musician trotter (30) writer Troy Casa (50) me at his best tsiou (33) the creator tt (27) Less depressed, more able Turk (24) Writer turnbull (27) A Lecturer Turnus Myself, but with greater self control. Turtle Heart perfect teacher tutu Myself, although with perhaps a tad more drive Twigtwill (21) Free. Free of self delusions and the weight of black stars. Twillightdoom (17) Always in flux, but feeling a sense of rising, not sinking twondbestbed (34) Perfect Ty (18) Happy Tyler (24) A wrestling coach Tyler (16) Someone who can bring people together. Tyler Scott (41) A student and teacher who does not make simple errors (and deals well with complex errors) Ty-test The person my dog sees when he looks at me Udan Outwort (61) Myself, a bit better each day Uddhipan Thakur (24) Thin uiioop (17) Myself Uma (63) Myself umd.16 (20) A dolphin, An ocean. A solar system No.. A galaxy. Definitely a galaxy UnoZen A bear in a remote forest Ursus M. H. Spelaeus (59) Less stupider V (27) With my family Val (31) A better version of myself + an accomplished doctor, scientist, or healer. Valentina (17) my best self Valeria Ryrak (21) Happy Valtharos (22) A genius Van (22) a good person vanessa (33) A writer Vanessa Cardui (43) Myself but my true self vard95 A free person Varna (25) everything Vato (39) an aunt. Vbonita (28) Myself VBozic (40) A better writer Vedada (28) school teacher veejay (32) A man who can leave behind a legacy Veera happiness giver Venky (36) Consistently good. Ventricle (24) the better version of myself vera (28) a better person than I am now veri333 (21) Myself Verona Jones (59) no idea, hopefully it will find me.. Veronica (20) I would like to be able to create in real life everything I have created in my mind Veronique (18) endlessly productive with boundless energy and imagination Vesan (33) Vocationally, a writer. Socially, a true friend. Romantically, a priority. Vi (22) me Vic (46) a father and husband Vicki sucessful and happy vicky (26) Myself Vicky (24) myself, but wealthier, healthier, wiser, and better-educated Victoria (37) Myself, too. Victoria (59) stronger Victoria (16) Happy Victoria (23) The person the people I love expect me to be Victoria Song (22) In a new host body. Victor Shade (27) Myself, in a more ideal version that would make my friends happier. Victor Trevor (23) immortal videoalex Better, able to juggle time better and commit to my priorities. To be good enough to deserve the love I have been given. Vijay Pierce (23) myself vikram (34) A great writer Vikram Krishnan (24) More important than the Universe Viktor (28) Respected by others as I respect myself Viktor (19) Cardinal Richelieu Viktor Corzich (35) Myself, but with a richer talent of a writer. Viktor Sigareff (19) Some one worthy of being loved forever. Village Of Brooklin (45) The perfect image of myself Vincent (19) the michelin man vinnie smalls (15) a person who makes others question accepted truths VinnyGreenock72 Happy Violet (18) An ideal Viorel (25) Someone who has done something worthwhile. Virginia (20) Myself. Virginia (12) i would like to come out visualizations (22) what a question Viv (14) A leader Vivian Immortal dweller of the Earth Vivianne Liliaceae Aspho Vilth Happy VK (42) More -- more than just me. I have an ideal set for myself, and I want to be that ideal VK VK (22) myself Vlada (20) immortal Vogette (55) Confident and lovable person Vs (18) Some who changes the world with a thought. vur No other. Waleed (32) Geniunely happy Wallace (85) A tender girl. Walter (19) a successful person Wanda (26) Myself Watson (27) A legend. wattc128 wealthy enough to travel and actually have a life not an existence... waypast A wise and giving person Wendy (34) Confident and able to live my life without worrying what others thought of me Wendy (22) a fabulous gardener and cook Wendy Chase (47) the best version of myself wendysday (20) A IT worker wes (19) Myself Wes (17) a free spirit whim (40) Sinless. Whitney (19) a writer Whitney (41) A woman of the world Whitney Sorenson (33) The Emperor, as my grandfather and great grandfather before me WHMIV (30) a better person whosbecks (36) no sure... wiff (15) Me Wikiki A scholar Will (26) Same as Proust Will (22) a successful engineer who has found the purpose of his life. Willamid (20) free William (43) A superhero Willow Skylor Respected and sophisticated. Will RF (23) Someone who makes a difference. or a waterfall. Win (22) Me. Windalfr (23) The woman i see when i close my eyes winterjewel (36) an interesting person wintermellen (14) the best matematician in the world wise madman (28) a cat wizz Myself WJ (43) An effective writer Wolf Exactly what I am Wolf (NA) a painter, a naturopath, a world traveler, a mail deliverer--a writer! Wolffy (67) Myself at my best Woody (75) - Wormsie (24) more creative wowderry (54) The best version of myself Wren (22) All that GOD has called me to be. Wyteria (20) better respected xandra (35) Free to be myself. Xan Etienne One of the Great Men of History Xavier (18) A hedonistic traveller Xer (23) myself Xialing Gan (27) i would like to be myself, at peace, but never losing that excitement in life xxx (26) More human. XYZ (17) the foremost genius of all time xyzz (20) Satan Y (15) A god. Since that option is not very realistic, I'd say a beloved artist yair eshel (30) -?- Yaisha (19) A person that my children look up to. Yale (20) a gifted piano player Yehudster (60) world traveller yesh (25) A kind generous person that can inspire others to do good Yi (24) myself yogi (22) yo yoko (28) Me - because of all that I have been through. Yomaine (13) A better version of myself yonderways (58) Someone with the overwhelming will of writing Yuki (20) myself Yulissa (19) Myself, and to be able to live up to expectations of those I love. Z (31) the essence of me Z Right. Zac (28) Not the greatest me others could imagine. Zach (26) better than I was yesterday or the day before Zach A novelist. Zachary (25) A minister Zachary (27) A minister Zachary A pastor, like my dad. Zachary Echo Auburn (17) to be a better person to the ones i love and care about zach taylor (17) A helper. Zach Tibbs (20) an influence to others and someone whio brings positive change Zana (38) Free to pursue what I would like unchained by financial burden Zar (21) The best possible Me Zara Learned, accomplished, in a body which I love and lets me be great things zebratitle (24) Me, only better zed (25) to rise to the world orbit, to win trust and frendship, to be someone people will remember and think of Zee (21) My best self Zee (17) Myself - as I am destined to be zetababy Well-off from makig music... zig Me as I am now, except with a career that I have built for myself. Zigmant (19) Idealistic zizi (55) An accomplished creator, a messenger of reason Zozobra (17) Myself as the greatest artist of the century Zyg (65) 我想成为一个成功的女士,尤其是爱情。我想要梁山伯与祝英台那般的。 杨婷婷 (24) men or women. 简直 (25) men or women. 简直 (25) men or women. 简直 (25)

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What do you regard as the lowest depth of misery?  Where would you like to live?  What is your idea of earthly happiness?  To what faults do you feel most indulgent?  Who are your favorite heroes of fiction?  Who are your favorite characters in history?  Who are your favorite heroines in real life?  Who are your favorite heroines of fiction?  Your favorite painter?  Your favorite musician?  The quality you most admire in a man?  The quality you most admire in a woman?  Your favorite virtue?  Your favorite occupation?  Who would you have liked to be?  Your most marked characteristic?  What do you most value in your friends?  What is your principle defect?  What to your mind would be the greatest of misfortunes?  What would you like to be?  What is your favorite color?  What is your favorite flower?  What is your favorite bird?  Who are your favorite prose writers?  Who are your favorite poets?  Who are your heroes in real life?  Who are your favorite heroines of history?  What are your favorite names?  What is it you most dislike?  What historical figures do you most despise?  What event in military history do you most admire?  What natural gift would you most like to possess?  How would you like to die?  What is your present state of mind?  What is your motto?

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