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What is your favorite color?

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Black. 009 (19) asdf 1 cosmic latte 50ad (17) same as Proust's answer 6nianji-ZHC (38) the deep blue of the Atlantic oceAN 80cubed (55) Yellow A (19) violently bright orange A Black A. (27) shades of blue A (26) I never answer this question. A. blue A (26) Yellow and Wine AA (23) Blue. Red. Green. Gray. I love gray. aaaaaaa (18) Any color that occurs in nature AAAKKK Black aag (22) deep purple aallisonr (30) usually blue but i couldnt limit it to that Aaron (32) Blue Aaron Guy Leroux (37) Shades of blue Aarushi Agarwal (13) Purple with blue, fading into each other beautifully. Abbie (22) Proust got really pretentious on this one didn't he? My favorite color is Blue, particularly Cerulean. Abbie Hartley The sky at twilight or sunrise Abby (26) Purple AbbySF Blue with gray Abegando (28) All colors Abigail Harris (10) All of them ABP (50) Blue Abraham (41) Deep sea blue/green. Abs Blue Acara McFadden (28) Green and Pink ACH (23) Brown--light, dark, all shades. Brown eyes. A. Clifford Stowe (81) Orange Adam (22) cobalt blue Adam (25) Black Adam (20) green Adam Hyde (26) colors lights up by sunlight adieudusk Blue Aditya (25) Tan. Admiral Love (33) All the colors at different times Adonia (40) Blue(Dark), Black, White, and Red. They match and aren't bright, bright colors sicken me. Adrian (18) Red, a deep rouge red, the colour that combines power, strength and love together Adriana (16) red Adriana (16) It depends on my mood, blue for gloomy days, red for shiny days adriana (45) All shades of green. Adrian Bauza (20) Red. Adrian George Nicolae (24) blue Adrian Martyn (34) Purple Adrianna (18) the color of the sky AdrianOz (45) Green. Adrian Winters (17) red, or brown Ady (22) Navy Blue aetilson (41) yellow a.g. (23) colorful harmony agagagaga (24) Black, as dark as midnight. Agent00V (18) blue Aggie White Forest green A.G. Mata (21) Orange Agneska (20) pink agony (25) green, the color of nature Agreen (29) Red. Agu (21) Beauty lies not in colors but in their harmony Agustina (27) Blue. A Half Empty Beaker black ahmad (27) blue ahmad (24) Orange, Red, Black---but never all three together Ai (21) Blue Aida (22) This is hard to answer. But red has always struck me profoundly ever since childhood. Aidan (21) Blue is nice. Aidan Devlin (15) Black. Aiden pink aiko (20) Anything that makes me marvel at it. For example, I love the beautiful colors of sunrise, but I am more of a sunset/twilight person per se. I love color but I am more of a blue/violet color myself. Ailene grey aimée (22) Black, red aimee.dawson (21) Pink in all its fantastic shades Aisha Milburn (32) green for nature and blue for the ocean and the heavens aishu (14) Blue. A.J. (27) Green, for it is the color of nature. And yellow, for it is the color of the sun and is very bright. AJ (18) black and pastels, i think i like the contrast more than colours by themselves Ajam (21) Green. I love the colour of nature. Ajay (17) blue Ajm9511 (21) white akansha (26) Red. akanthe (19) What Proust said. Akbar Shahzad (20) Blue Aki Blue Aks (20) Blue Al (28) Green Al (55) Blue Alan (58) Purple or black Alan Arkin (44) Black AlbaManuela (18) Red and Pink. Alden Lee Klaput (18) Red Aldonza77 (47) Black and blue, not together. Ale (28) All of them and then mix more & add those as well Alecia My taste in colors changes as often as the leaves change theirs. Alecksi Blue (though lately it's been darkening to black) Alejandro Amoretti (28) All of them alek (20) Combinations of complementary colors, especially muted hues. Aleksei Kotsov (63) black alessa (21) Dark Blue Alessandro Pian (30) orange Alessio Lucchini (46) Amethyst Aletha Camack Blue. Alex Blues Alex (22) Grey- the perfect mixture of black and white Alex (17) blue alex (38) black and blue alex (23) Green Alex (21) jade Alex (23) blue Alex (17) Blue Alex (32) Blues and greens alexa (28) Green. Alexander (33) Black and dark blood red. the way blood shimmers and reflects in the sun is beautiful. Black doesnt reflect. Alexander (19) Yellow, it's happy and bright without being cloying Alexandra (27) I don't have one. It's that simple. Alexandra (19) The sky at dawn. Alexandra (24) Colors which change with the light Alexandra (18) Yellow Alexandra (24) all colours found in the woods Alexandra Bryhter (24) The dark opal of his eyes Alexandra SweetTale4u Cruz Green Alexandre (28) white AlexandriaHMerlin (40) I love all colors but I am rather found of greens AlexandriaLHash (30) Red and dark blue. alexandrine (15) I like Navy Blue Alex Brooks (18) blue, brown, black Alex C. red Alexis (17) the yellow of leaves in the fall Alexis Johnson (19) Black Aley (60) depends on the day al-g (24) Aqua. Ali (37) Black. Ali A. Rizvi Orange Alice black and Red Alicein1derland (27) red Alicia (68) Whatever strikes me in the moment. alicja (38) Red. Aliid Black, blue and good taste :) Alin (23) It depends on my mood. Aline Guiraudie (36) yellow alipans (57) Lavender. Pastels. Alishba Zarmeen (24) green, black, and red alison wonderland blue AliZaidi (29) blue alli (49) Anything in the yellow red orange family. Allison (33) blue Allison (20) Red, or any bright colors that feel vital. Allison pink allison (19) Green on certain days; yellow on others. Allison Jean (21) White. Grey. Orange. Allison Jean Hazen (34) the interplay of all colors alliswell (62) Green Alma (25) Black Alma Jean Porter (70) That perfect blue sky, seconds before dark. almavidrio (35) Green. Earth. Courage. The heroes of my childhood all wore green (Robin Hood, Peter Pan, Link). Altjungr (30) darker shades of all colors Alvilda (20) Does it matter? Red, for the memories. Alx white, pales, and vibrants alya (17) Depends Alyanna (22) Red Alyce J. blue Alyssa red Alyssa Cordova (17) That color that people make when you play with them too hard. Alyssa Darkling White. Alyssa Moonchild (16) grey AM Color Amanda white Amanda (42) Purple AmandaFYS13 (18) The one which makes me feel right in the moment - warm, energetic, nostalgic... Amandine (31) Cyan Amara Purple. Amber (18) All, depends on the contrasts Amber (37) All, depends on the contrasts Amber (37) I like most colours, but I like black the most Ame (37) black Amelia (13) A painter can't pick a favorite! But secretly, black. Amelia Gates (formerly Pippet) (10) I think that the most beautiful are the mixes of colours. ameliowata (20) Blue or brown Americanoid (50) It depend; for wearing, black and green; for decorating blue and yellow americanwoman (62) pink ames (21) black ammb (29) Purple. Because of wildflowers and bruises and the night sky. Amrita (22) turquoise amu Red Amy (33) Pink Amy (28) Cerulean blue amy (33) Blue Amy (35) Blue, it goes with everything Amy Becker; Character: Merriwether Finch (27) Green Amy Cottington-Bray green amz (16) grey. Ana (21) white Ana (30) white ana (16) degrade ana (34) Lilac Ana Carolina (16) Black and blue Analise (40) red, white Anam (26) Red, because everytime I see it I start thinking about passion. Ana Marija (20) Kind of a teal-ish color. Ananke (25) navy blue anasonic (29) brown ancientrobot (31) red andraya (23) Yellow Andre Blue Andrea (16) The color of a field when the windflowers are in bloom, and the sky around it Andrea (13) Reds, pinks ANDREAADKINS (26) I always have a hard time with favorites....can't tell, I love the whole spectrum AndreaFeliu (28) I have none. Andreas (19) blue Andrea SB (32) Summer colors andres007 (19) Blue and Black Andrew (22) Black Andrew (25) Blue Andrew (20) Brown Andrew (28) gray but not in my hair. Andrew (22) They change as my mood changes. andrew (24) Blue Andrew barlow (26) Depends on the object Andy (25) Blueish grey, like the ocean. Andy (23) Blueish grey, like the ocean. Andy (23) sunlight through a dark shade in the morning. andy rayford (28) orange ang (99) Blue Angel Same as Proust but the harmony of various shades of green, yellow, earthy brown, and splashes of red Angela (21) Blue Ângela (24) Cobalt blue Angela (30) Pink, white and black Angela (19) Baby blue, lavender and pink Angela Estrada (20) red angelina (26) orange Angel Rodrigues (41) pink... it's exuberance and colourfulness is the greatest. angie (29) Purple Ani Purple; jewel tones in general Ani (22) Red Anik (16) purple, green, orange, pink, yellow, red.....all anjali Rich red Anjel (28) White Anjelah49 (49) blue , like my eyes. Ankassandra (15) BLUE and that will it always be Anke! (17) White. It includes all the colors. Ann (19) Light blue sky color mixed with pinks and yellows Ann (62) Black Anna (20) Purple Anna (20) I love them all. Anna (34) While thinking about this question, I realized I no longer have one. Anna Kalimar (18) Black, red. Anna Maria (21) Purple AnnaMay (51) burgundy. Anna O. "water" Anna Stein (21) Blue Ann Delaney (44) Emerald Anne (21) Red or black Annelise (40) Red and green Anne Louise Sheldon (34) grey Annie Blues, greens, blue-greens, yellows Anniel (62) Violet because it fits my loyal personality AnonAzure (19) Red. anonim (18) clear anon moose (19) Pink Ansley Stevenson (16) Golden hour. Anthony (23) Red Anthony (24) A dark yellow. Anthony D C (20) Blue Anthony lawhon (27) One color is not beautiful if there are not other to compare it to. Without the beauty in one there is no beauty in the other. Anthony Scine-Sceni (42) Blue Antoinette (21) greens antoinette (24) A spectrum of blues and greens. Anton (52) Black. Antoniette (20) black Antonina (20) Red Antonio Lemos (18) Purple Anty purple Anya (22) Periwinkle. Blue family, extending to turquoise, teal, blue-green, purple. Anya (71) Royal Blue Anzi (27) The colors of the sky in California at dusk. a.o. (40) Grey Aoife Walsh deep coral, black Apollo (58) Black Apos all bright colours Apply (30) Green - we need more of that now April (20) Blue April (21) Green AR (20) All the ones that make a presence. Ara (15) blue Aranneaa (19) All colors at once Ardent (30) Blue A real phony (27) All the colours in the rainbow Areeba (25) Silver Ari (29) red Arianna (15) Green Ariella Bordaine: Female Protagonist (20) Teal, amethyst, alexandrite - colours that are reminiscent of the ocean and just after sunset Arizona (19) Anything bright...keep those dark colors away from me Arnold Murray (42) The spectrum of the rainbow. AROG I am not sure Artie (17) Either red, blue, or black Artie Mondello (18) Any colour other than pink. I appreciate most shades of green and red Aruz Elliott (29) All of the colors in the world have their place. AS (32) Blue. ascetic monk (51) Red Asfiya Mariam (21) Purple. Ash (23) Aqua blue Ash (28) All of them Ash Depends on the context in which they arise. Ash Bloom (27) green and brown asherville (55) Light Orange, because you never hear anyone say that they like it and I find it to be special Ashley (18) Black Ashley (28) Black Ashley (20) the ones that occur most in nature ashley baus (24) Blue? Green? Red? Black? I've never asked Ashley Brazil (17) Black, pink, grey, white Ashley Mannara (29) The nameless shade of nostalgic memories in my mind. Ashley Meller (26) all that make up the color of the sea ashleytheresa (20) Black. White. Red. Hard colors. Ashwin Murali (21) Cerulean Blue Asi (21) blue asmitchel (67) colors of literary and poetic melancholia (black, grey, blue, purple..) ASN (25) Blue Astri (36) calming colors Astrid Green. Preferably a blue-ish green. Asuka Suzuki (13) Bright Red Athar (25) Rose Gold Athena Lujan (17) Green Atuona (38) Red Aubrey Files (25) those of the rainbow Aubrey Tate (21) Blue Audrey (17) The unseen color. Audrey Bittencourt (24) Blacknwhite and all in the middle. Audrey Mahone (29) bleu augustine (70) Pink and black Auntie Em (35) Purple Auntie Em (27) blue, black, red Aurora (32) Black Austin (19) red Austin Hobbs (16) What he said. Austin Kimmell (16) grass green autumn (17) black avecamour Anything soft. Awalker Mustard yellow Aya i'm not sure i have one. i like them all on different days. ayda (25) blues, purples ayem (57) Red or blue - vivid, alive colours aym (30) The most modest color of them all a young boy (91) apricot yellow ayumi (20) Blue B (31) all of them, all the colors of the sky B (21) Red Babette (42) blue Babs pink Baby (32) blue Bad Wolff most colours baggal21 (28) Color is beautiful, there isn't one that requests my admiration more than others. That being said I'm rather fond of goldenrod. Bailey (19) Blue Balaji Harish Iyer (20) Earth colors. Bald Sky (38) Black Bambi (17) England barbara (50) creams of meadows, lines of 20th century architecture and curves of Barbarita (21) Sunset on the point Barbielebrun Charley the beach chair (54) The colour of cheese Barbielebrun Garry the ghost crab (54) purple Baron Von Nazzenpoppel (46) green and orange and red and blue basbas (22) pink Batgirl (23) A light shade of blue that I see in my eyes bc (22) A light shade of blue that I see in my eyes bc (22) All of them Bea (18) Gray Bea (18) pink Bear (49) blue, green and red, in infinite combinations bearoid (30) I like em all equally Beatlhoven (47) Lilac beatricegasti (30) purple Beatrice Moore (30) Orange Beatriz (13) blue and beige beauty (18) Sweet, milky chocolate brown. Becca (16) They are all beautiful Becca (17) Aquamarine Becca (21) Blue Becca (19) Purple Becca (20) purple Becca (21) At the moment its red. BeckBeck (26) blue becks (24) Green. Bee rich beautiful muted colors - colors found in nature but in rarity, or mauve bee (16) aubergine or deep violet beezer (64) Purple. It displays warmth and passion. beezersneezer (46) Blue Beka (33) black belita (39) every color is beautiful in its own way and has its own time to shine bella (16) Red Belu (19) Cool colors have more appeal to me -- especially hues of green and blue. Ben Red. Something about it reverates beauty and a sense of calmness. Ben (23) Orange Benedict (38) Black, containing all the others Benjamin Thomas Peacock Blue. Benjamin Urrutia (61) Black, but it only comes good in combination with other colors Benjo (23) Blue Ben Johns (21) blue or yellow Bennie (55) green Ben Taylor orange berkley (13) Turquoise Berlin (25) It sometimes changes when I see something beautiful- most often a royal blue Bernard Hartley (18) green, purple, cream, orange, teal. Rich and beautiful colors Beth (20) Blue Bethann (35) Turquoise or plum purple Bethany (23) green Bethany Orange Bethany (22) Purple Beth Ellis (15) Black. Beti (24) Green and black Betty Usabiaga (37) Black, it contains every other colors. Beu Mihac (15) Dark Blue mixed with Deep Purple Bhakti Brophy (41) White Light, Blue Pearl, Purple Bhakti Brophy (45) Blue, Green, White Bhargava (25) LSD bhbhbh brown bhl White Bhole black, due to the inherent absence of light. Bianca (18) it's a type of blue... bif flesh big dick (69) Black big guy (16) burnt orange Bijan (27) BLACK BILLY (38) Blue BillyBobABC123zzz red billy boy watson (3) green Biochicklet THE COLOUR OF A CALM SEA BIPS (46) i used to like blue, then black, but black isn't really a colour? bismuth Blue BJ (56) black blabla (37) red Blackie (20) earth tones Blademan (60) Yellow. Or Purple. Definitely not red. Blaine (21) Blue, green, purple (But I enjoy them all depending on my mood) Blair C. (29) Orange Blake (17) All of them Blake (24) It depends on the object Blanca Parra (66) I like many colours. Red/Black/Green/Blue and purple are most used. Blank Tae Blue or green blip52 (27) I'd have to say either sky blue or lilac, but I love all colors except red...it reminds me of blood. Bliss Inthemorningdew (16) Grey blodot johnny (41) Colours alone are great, but unless there was more than one, then they wouldn't even be called colours, because there wouldn't be any need to differentiate-life would be dull. So, colours together, because there's a reason it's somewhere over the rainbow. BlondShamrock (16) Red Blood (15) Orange and blue Bluebird (27) Red BlueOrchid (39) None interesting enough to mention Bluto (29) I dont have a favourite one. Beauty comes from a balance between harmony and contrast BM (20) blue green bmo Blue Bob (22) Bingo. Or, rather, I like to be assaulted by colours, as well as having my beauty feelers tickled. bob (38) Depends on the circumstances Bob (32) Purple Boba (22) red bobblins Green Bobby (22) I don't have a favorite wavelength of electromagnetic radiation Bobby (40) red Bobby (21) blue bobby Black bobby (33) green Bobia (25) Black. boku_wa_kami (25) pink Bonky (26) green Bonnie (15) pink Boo (36) Orange. And yellow. Sometimes green. bookloverva (58) Violet Boris (16) The combination of blue and brown. Borrie (33) Blue, or its exact opposite, the color and atmosphere of a lightly snowing day Brad (17) Black Brad Connors black brad w (35) blue Brady (31) Plain Red. bram-stienkt-vermeire-ja! (18) if to select by the suggestion of a color's character, red, otherwise a color is defined as pleasing by its harmony or disharmony with others, in concert alone do they achieve their great effects Brandon Nobles (31) blue Bree (23) Bright yellow Bree Ogden Green Brendan (24) red brent (33) Yellow, Orange, White, and sometimes Blue Brett Ferguson (42) Red Bri (28) The absence of color bri (17) I have no favorite color. Brian (22) Blue Brian (37) Pink Brian (24) red Brian A. Henegar (26) Pink, it's very delicate. BriannaBabyFYS13 Blue BriannaFYS13 (18) green brian S (58) Indigo Brick (21) Blue Brinley (15) Red Bri Toro Purple Britta Bandit (30) Purple. my second favorite color is rainbow Brittany (25) all blues Brittney Miller (20) White, all shades brns turquise broad (45) red Brock Schwarzkopf (29) violet Bron Blackwell (37) Red Brooke I don't have a favorite color, it seems too arbitrary. Pieces of art, and nature don't pick a favorite color, but rather many. Bruce Bennett (20) I have not one but all favorite colors. Brutus (20) Black. Bryan R. (21) Magenta Bryn (23) True black Brynlea (17) Pink/Purple Brynn (39) Blue Brynn (18) green Bryon Springer (25) blue bsw94 Blue Bubbles (52) purple bubby (43) red buckyballs (35) Blue Buddy (34) green or yellow bug green Bugsy There is no colour that is unworthy of our attention. My favourite is the colour of possibility: white. Bulldozer (50) green bunny Puce/mauve Burella (61) purple Burke (47) Teal Burnable_Material_Here (18) favorite color of what? BusyMinds PURPLE,GREEN. CANT DECIDE! BUTTERFLY (41) Not any in particular. butunn (19) Blue Byriver Bloke (24) orange BZ Green C black c (21) yellow,red,purple- C (14) White C (20) fuschia cacharel (37) all the shades of green Caidy (54) Sea foam green Cailey Red Caio (18) I rolled my eyes at Proust's answer but he's completely right. Caitlin (21) rainbow cakes (41) Black, as it represents taking in all colours. Cal (20) turquoise Cami (14) a rainbow... Particularly, toward the violet end. Camille (52) Blue. Candice (23) earth tones Candlewycke Confederate gray Candy Black Captain Crunch Purple Carebeark5 (25) shades of blue, in harmony with pink and green and purple Carla (26) all of them carlajwms (49) Black Carla Tate (19) Red Carlie (24) Clothes: black, gray. Wall colors: yellow, off-white. Carlisle Nowadays, eyecandy; something nasty lurks there somewhere. Carlo (26) black Carlos A. (24) Green usually Carly (19) Cerulean blue. Carly (21) It used to be purple but now it is always changing Carly C (27) Yellow Carol i love all colors Carol (60) depends what it for carolina (23) Green in springtime. Caroline (38) Any color that's full of light. Caroline (25) There are so many! Maroon, dusty Rose... olive or pea green. Caroline (33) shades of maroon, cranberry Carol Lacoss (62) Those as they are experienced without light. Carolyn (18) purple Carrie deep, blood red Carrie (44) black cartike Red Cas (25) Bright blue Casey (36) Pink Cass (20) AO colors! Cassandra Watkins (21) Blue Cassi orange Cassidy Don't ask me that, or else I'll start crying. Cassie (16) The blue of granite after melted snow has wet it. Cast (17) Deep deep wine-blood red; green like the grass in April Cat (36) Orange or turqoise for those are powerful, unique colours with a deep meaning Cat (24) Black Cat (26) Orange Cat pastels of all sorts cat (20) none and all Catalina (44) No tengo un color favorito... Catalina Jiménez Correa (27) rainbow, most colors appeal to me Cate (23) Blue Cate (33) Purple red and turquoise Catelline (26) Royal blue and burgundy Catherine I prefer multiples. Catherine Jean Red Catherine Mitchell Black Cathlow Harmon (50) Black Catlin Benjamin violet Cat Podd (37) any color that radiates, that shines brighter than the sun Catrina (15) any color that matches and natural Cattie Chong (26) DARK COLORS CAVCAV (26) Dark Tones... Cavit Anıl Buram (28) White CC (18) Blue CC (22) my favourite colour changes but I get a constant sense peace from an absence of colour- white ccchnl it depends cdl (35) Purple Cee Cee (17) Blue and silver. Celia (15) Lilac Celline Marge (18) purple cenire (25) It varies between pink and purple. cerisetea (34) black Cestmoi I don't play favorites with my colors. I love colors too much. C face. (22) all of them cfm (37) Purple Cfreedman (38) Brown, if any other, It'd be green. ch green Chancelor C.J. King (19) Kelly Green and Mahogany Chandra Alexander (24) Periwinkle Channon (45) Lavender Channy (19) All shades of dark colors Chari (21) All shades of blue, but if you want specific Navy/Royal Blue Charlene (17) blue Charlene (18) I lean towards the blues and greens, but I love the play of all colors. CharlesB (48) Royal Blue Charles L Davis Jr (51) purple charlotte (29) Black Charlotte (18) The absence thereof and the completeness of all of them. Charlotte H. (23) Red Charly Mariaan (49) Brown. It exudes the feeling of earthly warmth Chary Silva (22) the color of the sea in the early morning, and the color of the sky in a clear weather sunset chay (40) Red Cheche (40) white cheeky (26) Black Cheemargh (36) blue chele red chelle (47) The colors of nature. Blue but only of the sky, green of the grass, orange of the leaves in fall, etc. Chelsea (21) Red, a color of power and intimidation Chelsea (23) Pink. Scarlet Red. Chelsea Smith (24) Red, the color of power and passion Chelsea Whiting (26) Yellow Cheri D. blue Cherie (40) Purple Cherish Robinson (21) Green - it is the colour of the world Cherlyn (40) Green...tranquil and quiet Cherub (30) in general blue, but depends on where to put the color on Cheryl (38) Blue Cheryl Barnette (59) Purple/Violet, or complete lack of colour (i.e. black). Cheshire (22) orange chi-chi they are all wonderful Chickpea (31) Purple or blue Chico (46) Black and red together ChiefJ42 (44) green chiklitz76 (39) pastel shades of blue, green, pink Chili (17) Red Chinita (34) blue,for it symbolises sadness and depth for me and purple because it symbolises an unattainable treasure to me. chinnu (20) White Chinnu (38) Blue they are the color of my kickboxing trunks Chip Griphix (35) Green Chiu Jing Hua (17) navy chloe (21) Black Chocolate Bunny (32) Blue Chonda Red Choraven (32) The color and shade of the natural world, all which reside in successive harmony. Chris (16) There is not 1 solid color a different shade can be found in each Chris Any color that I can truly see. Chris (19) Navy Blue and Neon Beige Chris Glass (39) Red Chris S. black Christa (27) Magenta Christabelle (29) apparently mauve. Used to be blue. Christian (44) Green Christian Boyanov (24) jasmine Christian Soldier (33) Red Christina (26) Blues and greens. Colors of the earth, ocean, sky. Organic colors. Christina Kronberg (23) I don't have a favorite color. They are all beautiful Christina Tounzen Anything but blue. Christina X. (37) blue christine (18) Purple Christobel (17) Yellow Christobel in College (18) white. Christopher (24) Blues and purples. Christopher Blaum (37) Red Christopher Boone Green Christopher James Stagg (16) Red Christopher M. (31) Blue. Christopher Mitchell (17) blue Christopher Ross (23) Red christy (44) the color of life lived Christy Turner (50) bronze Chuck (43) Dark blue Chunky Lover Black Ciara (24) Purple Ciara (22) Teal, there isn't a significance I just find it appealing Ciera (16) green Cilie (50) Yellow. Blue is my comfort color. Cindy Orange cindy (50) Green Cindy (24) Dark grey Cindy (22) all of them. Cindy (50) bright pink CindyLu (58) Purple Cissa Fireheart (32) green cizz grey CJN (21) A tie between sunrise and sunset Claire White and red, like my roses, but especially yellow. Claire (32) I do not have one. Colors cannot be pinned down in names. Yellow may be green, or red may be orange - it is unimportant. Claire Bartholomew (16) Any colour that seems to glow from a flower. ClaireW (65) Purple Clancy I'm always changing my mind. Right now it's green. Clara (20) green Clara Red and White Clarissa (18) A rainbow Clark Kent I have to agree with Proust: Beauty lies not in colours but in their harmony Clark Langridge (32) lavender Clau blue and white Claudia (36) Clay Douglass: Blue Clay Douglass (34) every colour clazza mgee white in light color, since it has all of them and you arent able to see them without a prism or water Clelia Beatriz Valdez (22) Sparkly rainbow Cleo (∞) The absence of color, black. clockwork (34) Blue cm (57) well if i say red that means i lose all the others. there's not a single color that i prefer over others. And think of this, I can only see a fraction of the color spectrum. does it matter i like a certain color? cobweb (24) Pastel shades CockneyKnight (48) it changes, currently orange, often in the harmony between colors such as brown and blue Coco (31) the power of rose, the complexity of aubergine, the placidity of navy Coco (19) All colors bright and lovely CocoPuff2016 (44) Purple as it is a color that has transcended the ages and stands for many things codered (18) purple Cody (25) Deep Green Cody Gould (17) Blue Col (41) Green Colin (39) Beauty lies not in colors but in their harmony- Proust Colin (22) I do not have a favorite one - maybe white is what I find most balanced but the beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder... and the beholder is a constantly changing one Colorful (28) Well since I can only really see blues and yellows I would say those. Colton (27) black, with minute patterns of white interweaving comnomnomor (15) green, the colour of life and rejuvenation after a long winter Connie black,white,red, blood red, Connor Autumn. Connor Blue conor (34) all shades of grey and blue constanceeee (19) Blue Constantin (32) I like to be surrounded by earthy colors, wear jewel tones and be moved by the colors of the sunrises and sunsets Consuela blue Cookie blue cookie blues cookie (51) deep blue Cora (26) Purple Core (25) All of them! Corey pink corinne Scarlet Cory (22) purple cpaters1 (26) Who could choose? cr Blue cr (34) I don't really have one in particular. Craig Suga Biles (22) Blue Crimson (60) red cris purple Crisfe (31) Spring Cristi Blue. Crystal (17) Dark, rustic hues Crystal (32) white maybe? actually all kinds of color and i quite agree with Proust Crystal (22) Red Crystal (34) Seasonal coloring. Crystal (35) Whatever relates to me the most in the moment csheehan (17) Rainbow CStoney (47) blue cuchi (40) Colors of the rainbow cucu (26) blue cvelez (64) blues and grays... but mostly all shades of blues cweekly Red d0701 (29) Gold D Purple D (32) Red Dachary (23) absolutes are uninteresting, but black is a charming collection DAD They are neat. Just depends on how you look at them. Dad (42) Red Daffy Sue Esposito (60) Purple, pink, red Daisy (27) black Daisy (17) green Daisy darkness. not black but darkness in itself Dakota Swaveman (18) I do not have one... D_Alex (46) sky-blue, or sea-green, or any colour which manifests itself best in nature. dA member: sonicbutterfly (17) Blue Damien TC (36) Day-glo orange Dan (29) green or grey or a combination of the two Dan red Dan (20) blue Dan (39) platinum dan Yellow, purple orange Dan (51) A mix of everything Danae (17) Black Danger (16) Green in all its shades and variations. Particularly when it is unexpected, like when water and the sky are green instead of blue. Dani (31) black Dani (19) anyone at the blue gamma Daniel (25) Deep purple, a colour that has a touch of mystery and allure to it Daniel (16) orange Daniel Below the colors of earth and water Daniella (27) At the moment, green. Danielle (15) Black Danielle (35) green DanielleKeith (19) Blue. Daniel Molina (20) The color of shining metal, beset by rosebuds Daniel Stephens (Character Sketch) (22) white or pink daniiii (18) Red DaniStory (29) Blue Danny (25) white Daph (45) depends on my mood Darcy (20) blue dario (21) All that is bright Darlene (29) It was blue as a young child, then became green as an adult. Now I'm back to blue. Perhaps I'm having a full circle moment. Darnell Blast it all of them. Except colours hat remind me of faecal matter. DashEloise (32) Crimson Lake. Dave Cresswell (46) blue DaveG (39) Purple Dave Whitaker (40) Blue Davey (18) sky blue, mayhap red DaveyD (24) Blue. Davian (alias) (32) Blue David (19) Bright green. David (10) roy g biv David (63) Blue David (24) Blue David (51) green hope david baiguera (35) the unbroken green of untouched nature David E.J.A Bennett (29) Blue David K (46) The color of my Beloved's Eyes. David ROWE (42) Blue David Sergio Cisneros Ardura (46) Since I do not believe in the reality of color, I would rather choose to don't make a choice about this. David Timme (19) Black is absence of light, yet, the brightest color. Davie (16) black dawn (40) royal blue Dawn Robinette (51) sky blue Dawson purple Daxion Mr. Dax Johnson (29) the color white because it is pure and hopeful Daydreamer (18) Purple - a perfect blend of hot and cold Daydreamer (63) Purple - a perfect blend of hot and cold Daydreamer (63) Green dbrown (24) black dcsnowbunny (25) sunlight Dd (43) The purples, on the edge of ultraviolet. DDG9000 (25) Blue and Black Dea (40) Green D. E. Alvis (58) Blue Dean (17) Purple DeAndre Beck (20) Turquoise DeAnna Alexander (35) Blue Deanna Sanders (44) Periwinkle Deb (37) purple Debbie (56) Deep red. Debby Creech-West (43) Red Deborah S. Wilson (56) Burgundy Debster (48) Black Declan Cohen (35) Red and blue, it just depends on the item in question. De-De (36) Green Dee (24) brown Dee (19) Orange Dee green Delia Webster (80) Blue. delice_ok (21) the ones that shine the brightest dendoo (23) Blue Denine (24) All the colors of the rainbow. Denise 1 blue Dennis (61) Gotta be black. Or maybe dark blue. Dennis Theodore (37) Black. denny (23) White as it contains all of the colors Denny Blue Densio (25) Blue Derek (27) blue Derek Ambrose (22) pink devanand Magenta. Devon (18) all. Devon Lisenby (20) blue Dev Tucker (17) yellow Devu (22) Pink Dezirae18 Orange DH (39) purple diana (52) brown Diana (52) Pastel yellows, purples, oranges -whatever the occasion calls for Diana (20) Blue Diana (15) All colors Diana Color of courage and wisdom. Diana Thomas - English Thursday 6pm (38) Beige Diane (53) black, red Diarre Ibrahim (22) Purple dida (14) Blue. Diego Miguel Danura Puyó (30) Black Dietgingerale British Racing Green Dilip C Louis (32) Purple. And sometimes every other color, depending on the emotions in me. Dimitar Atanasov (25) Rainbow. Dindin (20) Black Dino (18) Brown, Black, and White Diona (19) Blue. dionysis_dt (24) Red because it is the color of my spaceship Dirk Radman (35) Black, if it counts as a color. Otherwise, cobalt blue. Dixon Wragg blue Dj Yellow dlew919 (40) Charcoal gray dmca (38) green Doc55 (55) changes by my mood Dolna (39) Blue of the sea Dolores Nabokov (26) ssssss Dom Red for it is the color most associated with the violence of humanity and yet also the tender warmth of Love Dominic (17) Black and Red Dominick (23) The eternal blackness of space. Dominick Miller (19) Red and Black Dominick Miller (20) Black. Dominick Miller (21) green or purple Dominique Blue DonAli (33) Blue donkeys4eva (20) no favorite color donna obrien (54) Blue, if I was green I would die. Doob Doggo (21) don’t really have one, choose them according to my mood.. so right now, blue doodledoo12345 green Dori (23) aubergine dorothy6@aol.com (50) Verde Dothzilla (33) Crimson Doug (30) Infrared Doug!! It has always been blue which for me reflects brightness, character and for me captures so many moods that make up the any one day of my life. Doug Lambert (65) I prefer the ones which aren't colors. Douni blue of the stary sky; the sky in sunset and sunrise; white Dracontomelum (30) royal blue, red Dragana (22) For shoes, brown. For plates, white. For skies, sunset. Dragontongue (22) Blue Dre (17) pink Drea (28) Black Dreamboat Annie red and black DreamBrother (27) Blindness Dreda (23) Red Drella (26) Green Drew (26) I believe all colors have their place, but probably blue drift Could you ask a more inane question? Dr. Isaac Busafalus (53) color Dr. J (76) Chartreuse and black. Dru (24) Black. Drucar (45) brown ds (45) Beauty lies not in colors but in their harmony D.S.de.P.Ramos Red Duckish Blue Ducky Color causes problems - so no color. Dude (49) Red duke (18) Red. Because red Power Rangers were always the best. Duncan Passell (17) red dustxii (22) Black Dutchess pink/Black Dutchess A vibrant pink Dvach (18) Green DWP (18) Green D.X (22) I don't have a favourite colour, it depends completely on the context in which it is used and what colours surround it Dylan (17) Red Dylan Adams (25) Black E (34) Blue E black, if i must e (28) Burgundy. E (20) complimenting colours eagleclaw (35) Green, but more specifically Aqua. EAR (19) nature Earth Speck (30) Green Eau (45) Gray Ed (30) green ed black eddiboy Mediterranean Blue. Eddie (48) Green Eddie (12) Green Eden (19) The colour combination of whatever's in front of me Edgar Roberts (15) Something between teal and mint. There is something remarkable about this range. Edie (26) blue Edmond Dantes (26) Gray and Blue (but it once was green). Edouard (41) blue Eduardo (19) blue EduGri (53) Yellow Effie (34) Those in an unexpected sunset efha (23) cats eh (22) Blue ehk2 (30) bright blue EHM Blue & Red. Eiichi (16) Green, my wife looks good in green Eilfa (28) i truly dont have a favorite EJ (29) Whatever blue it is where sky matches the water and they look like infinity. E.Jay (21) depends on the object ejb (22) Indigo El (23) Primaries el3vat0r any earth tones elay (21) earth tones elay (23) earth-tone colors elay (24) black eldar (25) All colors in nature Eleanor (14) A deep blue Electryo (15) Green. Elena πορτοκαλι ελενη (33) Blue. Elena Di Cesare blue eleni (18) Mink, gold, nude, white, beige, black and grey Eleni Constantinou (20) Pink! Elexia (19) black Elexis (18) the one at that precise moment which makes everything beautiful Elias (22) Indigo, not navy blue, but a deep blue with a hint of purple. Eliaz McMillan (33) yellow eliciabg (23) Blue. I love blue and all its variations Elie (16) mauve Elin (47) black Elisabeth (22) Green Elisabeth Carver Purple and red Elissa (22) I don't limit myself to only one. Elizabeth blue and silver Elizabeth (25) Navy. Elizabeth (15) Garnet...my birthstone. Elizabeth Diane Shaffer (0) Garnet...my birthstone. Elizabeth Diane Shaffer (0) Blue. Somewhere between midnight and ultramarine. But all color is beautiful. ElleKay Turquoise Ellen (48) Green Ellen Pale colors tinged with grey. Ellen B Smiley (29) The red of my lipstick drawing close to my lover's lips Ellen Fitzpatrick (61) The color blue Ellie (25) The greens and blues and reds of a world blending together seamlessly. Ellie_Estrella (19) blue Ellie Wilson (15) Chocolate brown. Elliot Red Elliott (28) Orange - though I could be tempted with red. Elliott Hemp (23) Teal elSigno (37) Blue Ely (23) blue Elyse (20) Binary file Em_1425616956.html matches Binary file Em_1425616956.html matches Depends on my mood. Right now I like orange, mint and navy Ema (18) The color of nature. emdonnelly7 Peach emdonnelly7 Green. Emilee Nightshade (19) Colors are most appealing when they are combined. Emilia Blancarte Jaber green Emilie (23) Navy Blue... Emilina (27) grey emilio (28) Green Emillia (16) Various shades of blue. Emily (19) purple Emily (24) pink emily (24) I say orange Emily (22) pink Emilyann (22) Green Emily Carter (37) green Emily Clark (25) it changes depending on my mood Emma (20) colors are all quite ugly on their own. emma (18) red Emma (20) blue Emma (34) blue, red, green emma (20) Purple and black Emme (21) Black. Emperor Aisel Fei Shiang (18) Green Empyrean (17) Green, in this moment encolpio8 (22) Rainbow colors and beyond. Endimion all the colours have been created or naturally existed in the nature endor Turquoise ENEgck (56) Black and White Engel (48) Frankly I would like the world to be black and white, so that people can see only love gives colours to it. Enis White, it is not a color but our ability to see colors in just one expression Eno A. Agolli (15) Pastel tangerine. Enrique (21) Warm yellow. Eric (15) The rusty orange of a setting sun Eric (40) It depends on the object, but, generally, red. Eric (37) Any neutrals. Eric (19) red black Erica lilac, grey Erica (25) Green Erica Johnson (21) Green. Eric C. Wolfe (28) red or blue Erich (20) Black. Erich (19) Those of higher energy, for they are of a more relaxed tone Erict7 All of them, they can represent the humanity in us. Erik (25) Purple, its the perfect inbetween color Erik Isaac (19) Red Erik Price (18) So many... green, blue, black , grey Erin (27) Green Erin (53) Green Erin (30) purple Erin (20) Periwinkle Erin (46) Depends on the day -- some variation of green, blue or grey -- (interesting, I just now realized those are all eye colors.... or more specifically, the eye colors of my mom - blue, my dad - green, and me - blue/grey Erin (31) I love them all. esayer (35) Violet Escalus (22) Yellow Escapism (19) gold, currently, though it changes every day Esmé (18) Any combination of colors present in nature; except grey rocks Esmee fidelius (54) mostlt red, sometimes turquoise green, and various combinations ESMERELDA (50) Purple Estacia Hernandez (37) clear esteban (29) Black Esteban (23) blue and white estrella blanca red Et (32) Purple. Et Cetera (22) I've never really had one, though I've pretended. Etha (26) black or any combination of the palette that suits its object ethan (20) Blue in all it's shades and hues Ethan Mayatt (25) orange and black Euzinha_ds (20) Deep red Eva (23) A subtle green Eva (16) n/a evan ass hatch (18) Proust's answer is pretty good. Evanna (18) Tangerine Evie (22) blue evilwonders (28) Any that falls in the shattering of white light. evren (16) I don't have one Ezra (20) Blue FAC (25) blue facio (19) red fallen (24) The color of her eyes Fanourios (40) they are in the dark depths of the oceans farfalla (30) Grey, the mix of all and none. fatgaynig (20) pink Fatima (19) Purple Fatima (26) depends on who and where fat man (33) The color of my sword Fawna (19) lilac Fay (22) I don't have one feanix (20) Turquoise blue Ferroever (43) Purple fersfumero (28) deep purple FeydRautha (46) dark blues Feysweetie (43) Blue fhickey (22) golden yellow Fidjeridodu (30) Blue Fields (19) the colour of the dunky when he runs filinia (22) Blue. final fashion (33) You are probably expecting blue, but it's really purple Finnegan Magondolovich (Long Story...) Red is my favorite colour Finokio (38) Don't have one fk2005 (34) Green. FlameHorse (28) Black, black, black. Always black. Flantasy Girl (25) The purple haze of the summer sky before a sunrise flavia (13) rainbows Flo Green - it calms me Flora (69) Prussian Blue Florin-Alexandru Brănescu (16) All colors Flower (39) Blue Floyd The opinion changes too often FlyinMonki (27) Teal ForePlinger Blue ForSavvy it depends on where the color is....i love color and beauty Francesca (29) white francesca (49) purple Francesca dark blue. what a calmative sensation Francisca Bastos (17) Each color represents a meaning, Pink, Green, Blue, Red, Purple Francisco Aguirre (23) Red Francisco Javier Gil Vidal (54) taupe, & all of its variations frank (57) red Frankie (23) Turquoise FrankieSmash (49) My favorite color is whatever I look at and it draws my attention. It could be any color or a combination of many. Franklin Frank Anglin (32) Blue Frank Nekrasz (25) red fred (16) Chocolate brown Freda (61) Blue Friedrich Mueller (57) What he said Fritha Grey Blue fumble (19) green. furies (27) it is a combination of blue and yellow. It is usually called green. FYS13Alec (18) Purple FYS13Amanda (18) Scarlet and grey. FYS13Andrew Cerulean FYS13Bella Purple although I do happen to love the color of the ocean as the sun rises over it. I would call that: hope. FYS13Michaela (18) peach/coral FYS13Savannah Henry (18) Green FYS13Tyler (19) All colors . FYS14Caleb (22) Purple. FYS14Carrie Orange FYS14Darling (18) Brown! FYS14Erica (19) i liked them mixed up FYS14julie Maroon. Reminds me of the robes of kings. FYS14Kelle (20) I like many colors together FYS14Landon (18) Lime Green FYS14Sam (19) The shade of green leaves turn right before it rains FYS14Serenity (19) I too agree that a color's scenario depicts its attractiveness. How can you choose one over another? FYS14Skylar Red FYS14Taylor blue FYS14Timesha yellow FYS breont (19) red FYSHeath (18) Silver. FYSMichael (18) g g pink Gab (19) Blue. So versitile Gabe (31) purple, blue Gabi red Gabriela (18) blue Gabriela Coelho Mesquita Teixeira Borges (26) Carmen Red. Gabriel Gonzalez (26) White Gabriella (17) Red Gail (44) Green Gail Flaherty Those shades that contrast and provide the subtle nuances that catch the eye. Gainer (52) black as the darkest night Gait (17) grey Galareh (23) Black Gamba Ajani Blue. Garrett (19) all of them gatetam (38) Green Gator Krazy Dave Teal Gean Whitehead III (20) blue Gene (51) Colors don't really exist. This question is irrelevant. Gene (24) Green. Genevieve (22) Cerulean Genevieve (15) Purple. Genie (65) green Genie (58) I love color but I have a habit of wearing earth tones. GenXer2012 (39) Yellow, the soft kind, the sun rising above the clouds. Geo (20) Red Geo (57) Deep sea blue/green George Black George Brosnan (16) Green George Mile (35) Emerald green George Owers (21) Many: dark blue, dark purple with a bit more red etc Georgia (14) blue Georgia (53) Orange like the sunset Georgia (16) cornflower blue, the way it ignites with the sun gg None of them, so black. ghazaleh (27) blue Ghyles (31) Blue Ghyles (31) Red Gia (21) red Gianne (21) Black Giannico (40) yellow. friendship Gill (63) White Gillian Martin (40) Blue, green, red, gray Gina (19) Indigo Gina (30) teal Ginger Thompson (50) I feel that all colors hold beauty in any given situation Ginny (47) Emerald green. gold, vermillion, and midnight blue. Gionna (28) I like many colours Giorgia Grigio jersey Giovanni Moro (32) High contrast grayscale Girl You Too Rude Any variation of purple. Gjabrielle Red Glenn Parker (24) Brown Glen Reeves (37) red Gloria (59) red Gloria Heatley (58) Purple GMcG Green goblin64 (45) Green. This one deserves a one-word answer Godfrey (19) black Golden Boy (20) Purple. Gonzalo blue goose (20) Navy blue goukrish (19) pinky purple GP (39) Blue GPB (37) Green Grace (30) yellow Grace (12) Dusty Rose or "Rose Gold" and shades of grey.. Though, I tend to gravitate to red almost unconsciously. Grace (28) Pink and black Grace A. (15) Black, like my soul. Haha just kidding. Our coven wears nothing but black so I have grown accustom to it Grace Cooper (20) The colors of sky, water, vegetal and mineral beings gracehoppin (23) blue, green, white, gold Gracie (22) blue Gracie Campbell (23) White greatlove (32) i like many colors Greg (19) none in particular Greg (24) red Greg (17) Blue Greg Red Greg (20) blue Greg (53) Blue Greg Lytle (26) depends on my mood gretel blue gruchi (63) blue gruffmusic (49) The Roshar test Gtergab (50) Gray Guenther the ones that don't match the sound that they are linked to. guiller van mistoffellees (17) Cinza, pois me lembra o crepúsculo Gustavo (21) Green gutsyaardvark (19) purple red orange Guy Van Driessche (44) light green Hadasa (19) Green. All. Hailey (34) pink, it reminded me of springtime Hakusha Senbon (24) Turquoise or grey. Hal (18) Purple Hala (34) Blue Haley (19) pink Haley (17) black and white hamideh (26) Red Hamlet (30) Purple, very happy but very sad, tender but violent, kind but moody. That's me. Hana (14) Turquoise HandeG. (13) Blue Hanna (24) Yellow, but I love all colors of the rainbow. Hannah (15) white hannah (25) Purple. Hannah Chambers (24) Anything that can bring life to what it is coloring Hannah Ross (20) Blue Hannah Suttles shades of green Hari (21) Orange looks so poorly on me, but I do love it for its voice. Harold E. Leighton (37) Orange. Harold E. Leighton (40) black Harold Oberg Red Harriet (23) blue Harry (27) Every color could be the perfect one depending on when, where, how and with what. Hassallah (30) Blue Hassan (21) red hawaii50 (45) purple Hayley I'm sorry, but I can't answer this, I have to respond to Proust's answer: You sir, are a prentious cocksucker. Hayzeus (23) They all look the same to me HCE (15) blue. water joins us all together as love does HEATHER (37) Green, it resembles the grass in which I love to relax HeavyFire (16) blue and green heider (27) Blue, but not to wear. Just to look at. Heidi R. I don't favor colors, but I've always loved the sound of cyan Helen (32) Orange, like the sunset Helen (19) Black and Purple Helena (18) Black Helena Jenkins (20) black, red Helen Mattison Wyatt (20) Green hellgirl (19) magenta and all else helz bells (41) Red Henry (46) Green Henry_Z (25) green her (26) A single color cannot capture my favor without being accompanied by others in harmony Herald (71) Blue herbertofwestlake (43) Grey. It's a mixture of none (black) and all (white) and I think represents reality well. Hern (39) The red of courage, and the purple of royalty. Herod (20) purple Hero Solomon (25) grey Hetal (22) When I was younger it used to be my least favorite, and it is now my favorite, purple. H, Han-Jan Any which brings me joy HHP (41) Deep, navy blue like the sky at night Him (17) The coral the sky turns into just before sundown. Hira Yousuf (18) Teal HKas (28) The green of my Mother's eyes HKas indigo H. McMillan (33) Verde H.Nakashima (21) The 'hot'colours hobbes (26) the different hues of blue, green, and red hodouk (22) Something bright, cheerful, and optimistic Hoelder1in (51) Red hoffsta red holden (27) red Holley (39) Navy blue- the colour of my childhood, the seas I so wish to travel and the occasional feelings that I have to overcome. holly (17) Depends what it is for and how i feel Holly (22) Green Holly Avery (32) blue Holly Pajka (28) When i was a kid, i decided the purple became my favorite color. holyjkms (29) pastel green Hong Jay None Hooks red Horace pluck (54) blue howard (34) MY favorite color is blue. howard (34) All basic dark toned colors like red, blue, green and yellow. Hrudaya (24) red huck finn (48) Purple, black, blue Huda (19) what spectrum are we talking about huggybear (29) Turquoise. Hulot Redux Dark dark dark dark blue. Also I spell it like: colour Humbugger Omlet (20) Purple Hunter (23) wode Hurricane Katrina (25) Black Hwiseon Lee (24) Purple and Pink Hyosun (25) Crimson Hypnos The Blade (46) green HYS (47) Those painted on things or people that I love. I See my answer to the above. I Black, for it goes with every other color Ian (23) Black Ian (44) All of them...especially new ones ianplanet (47) green and blue I Beg (54) When I was young I loved red. Iblis Anak (22) Black Icis The one that express the moment i dont know that i know (17) Periwinkle Ignats (70) Once I would have said blue, now, I do not know Igor (29) I do not understand why this is important Iilyanna It depends on the occasion or the medium through which the color is expressed; usually those that soothe or calm. But for a color by itself, green. Ika (24) Blue. Every shade of it. ile105 (23) Blue. ile105 (27) Blue Illinibeatle (44) Orange Imajones Blue and Black Imee Black, the absence of all color I.M. (Imam Mahdi) (5) Ii like invisible colours Indrė (17) depends on my mood indy (30) green Inês (20) green. inez (21) Purple, pink, blue, but any colour at any given time may be best at some moment! Inkie (60) blue interestedparty deep purple and dusty rose i.p. Blue, like my dad's favorite color Ireland Rose (12) Yellow Irene (17) Green and blue Irene (26) any color fits in my ife Iris (18) Purple Iris Ramsey (32) I agree with Marcel. But I must add that I love shapes and hues and nomadism, too. Isaac (16) green Isaac (29) White. So much potential. Isaac Black; Grey; All shades of brown; Dark shades of blue Isabel (19) Blue, i love to look at the sky. Isabella Fairchild-Heart (Protagonist) (26) orange and blue Isabelle (26) Red Isadora Duncan (32) Green as a tree leaf Ismael Santos (20) Cerulean. Isolde (17) White. Iva blue gray, but not everywhere. Iva Pasztor (20) White which in light combines all the colors together to make something in beauty make all the colors work in a new nature. Ivy (10) i love all color ivy (25) Celadon green, or any member of the blue green family Izzy (24) Pine green Izzy (17) fuscia j2a18m (43) color of dinero jabbar (23) the night sky, filled with stars Jacie Lin Red Jack (14) Blue, just like the sky Jack (45) I like pink Jack (33) Yellow like a freshly peeled mango Jack (17) Red Jack Goodman (18) Blue Jackie maroon jackie (40) Purple. I've always felt it to be a rich, glorious color, partially because of the fact that purple used to be expensive to use in clothing and therefore was worn by kings and such. I also just find it so pleasing to my eyes. Jackie (18) lively ones Jackie (24) Black Jackie Cavalcante (40) Hot pink Jackie Vega (27) Green, and all of its shades. Jackson8471 (23) Aquamarine Jack Viper (29) Depends on the context - different colors in different things make me smile Jaclyn (22) Black JaclynM (19) the color of her eyes Jacob Red like blood, black like the night and yellow like the warm rays of the Sun that relax me. Jacque (24) Black. Jacqueline (34) Red. Jacqueline Garrett (38) yellow Jade (17) Lime Green Jade-a-boo (17) Green Jade Green (30) the ones that are within nature Jadelynn (24) The color in between amethyst and lavender. Jae (18) Don't have one.. All colours portray a certain beauty Jafari (33) Grey Jaime (18) Blue Jaime (28) White and black Jake (17) Purple Jake (21) White. Jakelina Hernandez (22) Purple for its feminine and regal qualities, black for its mystery and yellow for it's happiness. J.A. Lawrence nature James (64) Black James (30) Purple or blue James (19) Burgundy James (25) blue James Green (29) Electric blue James La Salandra (31) Black James Oliver North (39) Grey jameson_welsh (22) pastels, scarce in darkness. James William Reath (21) I love them all and have never been able to single one out Jamie (25) Pink Jamie (22) blue like the sky on a clear day Jamie (32) blue Jamie (17) cobalt blue Jan blue Jan (54) all colors on an artist palette Jan (55) Brown (earth color) Jana (22) Brown (earth color) Jana (22) i dont pick favorites , Janae (17) pink jane (41) black jane (20) that pink that's on its way to becoming grey jane fakename (25) peach and blue janice (67) Jungle green, gorilla silver, sky blue and the deep color of blood that runs though the veins of all living beings Janice Marie Oxford (61) All colors on an artist palette. Jannie56 The lack of color or the combination of all colors Jared (19) The colors in my mind. Jared Oswald (19) Blood red Jarred Poll (26) Blue, Gold, Silver, Pink, everything! Jas (20) blue jasleen Pink Jasmine Violet (17) i enjoy blue and red Jason (34) Green Jason (26) Blue ... No red! jasonstafford (53) Red. Jax Havak (00) Blue, like the Caribbean Jay (26) Red, for power Jay Blue Jay W. /root (16) Black....so straightforward, can't be compared to any other color Jay West (27) purple Jazz gold jb (13) Green J.B. (53) I always say Green, but that's vestigial from childhood. But I think green. Or probably a rich blue. JB (29) Blue Jb Bradford (44) All in a muted tone JChris (40) green jcr (35) purple JD (21) gold, black jda the unseen jean (22) Blue Jeannine (57) Red, blue Jef (19) Green Jeff green JeffGuy (55) Light gray Jeffrey A. Olivier (40) Blue Jeffrey Dean Arthur (51) red Jeff Winger purple jemimah (32) Pink Jen (23) purple Jen (25) Blue Jen (35) black jen (29) shifitng reds, black/white contrast. metallic tones Jen Gerlach (39) Black and Gold. Grey. Red. Jen Hallidy (42) Red Jenn (35) Purple Jenn (39) the color of my husbands eyes Jennie I love all colors, some days I'm drawn to raspberry reds, others peacock blue. Depends on my mood I guess. Jennifer (35) primaries and contrasts - I like colors in their purity and like/dislike them in various contexts. Jennifer (40) Blue Jennifer C-K (35) Green Jennifer Lewis (26) Orange or Kentucky blue Jenni Webb Reynolds (29) green Jenny (23) White. It's pure and classy. Jenny (28) Nude Jenny (18) red Jenny (38) Green Jenny (35) Today, there's something especially beautiful about the blue-grey of the sky JennyLynn (23) Green Jenny Napier (42) Blue, like a caribbean sea Jensyn Keanes (19) White Jeremy (17) don't have one Jeremy (30) probably purple, but i love all the vibrant colors in nature Jeremy (29) Purple Jeremy Fassler (22) Depends on mood. Jeremy Heintz (39) the blue of night that comes at the edge of the world when I am dragon Jerome (37) I like the rainbow! Jess (27) Blue Jess (18) Blue, like my eyes Jessica (18) I like all the colors. Jessica Grey Jessica Cristo (Jax): (29) Green Jessie (33) Purple Jessie (16) All colors are wonderful. Jess the Mess (21) green Jesus0469 (46) I like them all Jet Jackson (92) The shade of black Jeux Orange Jewel (39) pink Jewel (38) deep red jezza (18) colour of truth jg (36) Green jg (22) Purple and yellow, but I'm also partial to dark green, blue, and red J.H. None in particular, but I own quite a number of brown things Jian (22) Not in any particular. Blue, white, yellow and green. Jia Ying (22) Wtf Proust, why even write the question? Red. Jim (20) I'm color blind......so green Jim (50) proust said it yo, what is any beauty but harmonies of color? jimmy (84) Green jj (43) Purple JJ (20) burgundy J J Ruzo purple JLo (34) The three most powerful colors: Red, White, and Black. and variations there of... and then all colors and shades. J.L. Odom (16) Blue JM (28) All have their assets Jo (41) Green Jo (16) red, black, white Jo (21) black Jo Turquoise Jo (20) Red Jo (33) Red, white. Joana (22) My favorite color is purple Joan Ellis (28) pink and purple Joani purple JOANNA periwinkle Joanna Kather (63) Oh, God, Proust, don't be so pretentious! Green. Jo-Anne emerald green Joanne van der Woude (36) harmony joannie blue Joe (60) a color is a color, I've never understood how there can be a favorite one. Joe (54) Red, we all bleed the same color Joe DeProfio (27) Green Joel (17) Everything is kind of grey... Joel Sadler (45) red JoeyO (34) green, white, gray John (28) Black John (24) Though all colors express different things, and all are necessary for a person, Rosewood Red would be my color of choice John (20) Blue John (23) Green Johnathan Durand (19) n/a. its all good. Johnny (21) black,green I have alot Johnny (21) Green Johnny48 (48) Black: it goes with anything and is convenient to hide in John Porter Red. John Sousa (17) Blue JoJo (27) Red orange Jojo (76) blue jolie (66) Somewhere between orange and yellow... that-one that makes one think of ducklings. And pink. Jollie (21) Turquoise Jo Mama (53) Depends on the time of day jona (19) Blue Jonas (We) earth tones jonathan (31) Blue Jonathan Tacuri (21) Aquamarine jonb (49) blue Jonida Dervishi (29) I don't have one. I like them all Jon Mosca (31) Orange Jonny South (18) Black Jordan (19) Blue Jordan black jordan rutter (18) Black,dark and mysterious. Jorelle (18) Green Joris Black joseph (31) Rainbow Joseph Anthony (37) 適合的顏色 Joseph Cheng (28) Green and pink Josephine A (19) purple Joseph Khouri My wife say I don't look good in black or brown suits Joseph Wizley (35) Iridescent Blue Joseph Yvon (63) Green Josh (23) White. Josh (22) Blue Josh (29) Lavender and yellow Joshua (34) Colbalt Blue Joshua (27) I've always loved greens and blues. Joshua Levi (21) It teeters mercurially between blue and green. Though, I perceive there to be aesthetic value in all colors. Joshua Sponaugle (22) Navy Blue Joshua Taft (18) Green, but also yellow when it's set against blue. Josh W. (19) dont have one josie (25) blue red yellow Josie Dangerfield (29) electric blue or sea foam green Jotthedot (16) Blue Joxef (35) red colour of love and war joyce (20) depends on the context joyseternal (22) yellow jrggzmn (20) yellow jrggzmn (20) I'm ordering nail polish in a forest green tonight. jrggzmn (25) colors are beautiful...i keep discovering new ones and changing favorites JRM pink, because I'm scared of it JRobertson (21) Green, and sometimes blue Jtan (21) The bright colours Ju (28) Blue Juan (15) purple Juan (16) Maroon. Juan Carlos (21) White Juancho (32) blue green Juanita Joann Harty Buck (49) Blue Juan Jose Campos (34) Green Jubin (21) blue Judah (30) Blue Judah (22) 天空藍 jude (25) Black Jude Kaldi Purple Judith Purple Judy Turquoise Judyka (64) cobalt blue, pink juju blue jujubee (35) Periwinkle, lemon chiffon, robin egg blue Jules (19) Red Jules (26) Blue or dark purple Jules (23) red Jules Green Julia (23) Blue Julian (16) green julie (79) now, green; it used to be purple Julie (20) Purple Julie (40) Black Julie (49) purple Juliette (25) green mostly juliette (19) The undiscovered. June (23) purple jupiter jones black Justin (27) Dawn Blue, Sunrise Orange Justin (15) Autumn Leaf Justin Aylward (22) burgandy, black, gold justine hope (20) Blue. Justin G. (15) All colors and lack thereof, including those not in this dimension. Justin Rasile (23) Cannot answer, depends on the hue JW (27) Nightmares. J.W. Carey (22) purple K (21) Blue. K. (23) Some shade of blue? k brown k-92 (17) Black, it's all colors Kaden Black is the color of my true love's hair like Nina Simone sings Kafi Cunningham (43) blue, green, orange,black, white, purple and gold kai (15) Green. Calms me down. Kainaz (20) Orange Kait (23) blue Kaja Ta Proust said it Kajer (19) PURPLE KAKI (50) blue Kaleena (23) Red and white and now blue Kally (33) I agree that beauty lies in the harmony of colors but I love all the many shades of purple, red and gold. Kameke All the colours of the sky Kamila (18) Navy KammY blue Kandi (26) all of them kangaroo purple karaeileen (24) Oranges & greens Karen (22) Purple Karen (27) blue Karen black Karen (16) orange Karen June (52) black kari bobins (33) green Karina Marcano (26) Blue Karl (17) white, I can match it with almost anything Kasandra blue, red, burgundy, green, graphit Kasia (30) Beauty lies not in colors but in their harmony Kasper (19) Red Kassy (17) Blue Kate (23) Black, white, red. Kate (21) Colour for what? It depends. Kate blue Kate (26) Blue Kate Orange Kate Mac (22) I love them all. Kate McJ (31) Black and Gray. Katerina (22) Whatever color appeals to me. Kath (48) bordeaux red Katharina (32) I have no favorite color. Katherine (18) Pink, or red sometimes. Katherine (27) Blue Katherine Lavender Kathérine (25) Purple. Kathy (18) rainbow kathy (52) Pink Kathy (26) Violet and blue Kati (15) Blue Kati (19) A goodm solid, verdant green Katie (20) killllll me katie (23) All of them Katie (17) blue katie (22) Purple Katie (21) greens and blues Katie Carriere (39) blue Katieu (27) purple of course Katrina (23) purple Katrina Thiessen-Beasse (28) green katthehurricane brown Katy (16) Green; its the color of money Katy (22) Midnight Blue with waves of deep red and purple with a sprinkle of silver Katya Allnutt (27) Red kaudrey Depends on day Kavindra (55) green kavitha (19) green and black kay (22) Red Kaybird (43) grey Kayla (17) red Kayla Marie (17) Teal Kaysie67 (49) Blue KB (45) Blue, if black does not count as a color K.B. Oliver (30) depends on what colour I awake in kc I am colorblind, asshole. K Dilkington (30) Black. Goes perfect with everything. Kechiro (33) Mint Green Keith (19) green Kelli (47) Black kelly (39) Green Kelly (25) I've never had one Kelly G. Teague (45) Black Kelly McCauslin Changes with the wind Kelsey (22) (No favorite) ken (58) Blue Ken (63) green...smack in the middle of the colour spectrum ken dewey (48) I love the colors found in flowers and nature itself. Kendyl (20) Right now? Purple. Kenkire purple - the sunset - the sunrise Kenn (47) Grey Kennedy (18) copper Kenning (28) Periwinkle kerayne (66) green Keri Cook (26) Silver. Kessler (35) Black K EST (22) white Keti (23) all shades of green Keto (25) Black or red or that ethereal blue found in Beksinski's paintings Kev (27) seafoam green Kevbo Earth Kevin (25) black if considered a color Kevin (21) Grey Kevlar blue kfcbucket (16) There is a color for each feeling. KFerreto (24) Whatever seems appropriate for the accompinying emotion. kfkfkfk (17) Green, any and all shades. KG (38) Red for she is the colour of life KG (26) Black. White. Azure. Green. Khaddafina (23) Green Kia (28) any color with a black background Kiana Mercury (23) Purple. Kiara M. (15) all the colors of spring flowers Kid Jasper nearly identical KiDoCo Red is such a tempting color, and i hear it agrees with me. Kiera Hardy Blue Kieran (22) earth tones Kika The bruised palet and green Kiki (27) blue kiki (44) Black, like me Kiki (10) Orange Kikka (38) Deep purple Kiley (20) a mixture killy purple Kim (37) Ivory & Gold Kim (17) Silver Kim (37) Cornflower blue Kim (30) Pink and black Kim (47) Red and Green and the color of the full moon (silver grey ish) Kimberly (23) Red kimberly (21) black Kimberly Bailey rich chocolate brown kimbo (34) red Kimlmar (52) Blue Kim Randall Cox (43) green king (43) green kings (36) green King Ubi (35) purple Kinmin (24) purple kirk green Kirsten McCracken (20) violet kirty (21) Red kit kat (22) purple kito (24) Exactly what Proust said "Beauty lies not in colors, but in their harmony" Kitty (21) Blue Kitty (19) grey Kitty (58) green kjelli (59) White KK (32) cobalt bleu k-kabob (31) I love all colors, however pastels in general are usually not prefered above the others. KKC (26) Royal blue Kkkkaty (67) Forest Blue Klavicus (23) Blue Klox890626 (23) Red KLVS (22) the perfect shade of green KM (23) Navy Kmi blue knapsackstraps (21) dark, deep purple knowone (29) Black - it is what I most often wear Koinekid (28) Blue. kokocakemix (24) Blue koshka (50) Fuscia Kourtney Denee (24) Blue Kouse (23) darker and richers shades of red Kreuzz Blue Kris (41) Always blue... in all its variations Krisanta (32) purple krissy (18) Blue and green Krista (17) Black Krista (27) periwinkle-purple Kristaline (24) White. Kristi (35) greys and pale pinks. Kristie (22) Black, without black, all colors will be irrelevant. Krum Kirov (16) my preference is towards purple but without the relativity of all other colours this or any other colour would have no meaning Kryshia (53) Blue. Krysstofer Pierre (23) The forest Krystaal (40) Red Krystal (24) Gray. Krystin (22) the sun on her hair ks (33) Green Kt (15) Green KT Any version of the blues, purples, or greens kt (35) the color of the winter sky; blue and milky white Kunal Sen (27) any spectral shade of green, but particularly green and black together, like in an eye kunderakitsch Orange. kuro usagi (18) Green, the color of leaves when they first unfurl in the spring. Kurt Bailey (45) Lavender or grey. K Yeo (19) Deep red. Like my daughters hair Kyla Stan blue and green, i cannot chose Kyra Black (19) I'm always changing my mind. Kyrie (18) #81f7f3 Kyrinrin (14) green L (36) black lacee (18) eggplant Lacey McVeigh (46) Purple catches my attention Lacharria (18) i love all colors but in clothing i love black. LadyDyTheFly turquoise ladyinthewater (24) black and anything bold and jewel toned Lady NCA (29) aqua Ladytoyou (66) blue almost all shades lage (27) deep greens, blues and purples LaHaRo (51) Turquoise Lainey (38) In spring, lilac in summer, greem in fall, orange, in winter, blue. Lainie Black Lana (34) Green and deep red LAND (22) I like the color of my half sister's hair; a red almost purple, and yet it has so many undertones it's mesmerizing. Landon Wright (16) I like the color yellow, because it is cheery, and reminds me of spring flowers, and sunny summer days Lanette main character: Counciler Becky bottle green lara67 (49) screw color. The color of grief, I like that one. And the color of disappointment! Whats that color? Black.... LA Sullivan black Latanya (21) Black, purple Laura (20) Red, maybe. Laura (24) the raibow laura (23) i don't have a favourite one but red makes me happy laura (27) ocean Laura (28) green. Laura (31) I do not have LauraAl (27) Blue Laura N. (52) Emerald green Laura Panza (38) yellow laura Ytzia Montoya Capristo All of them. Laurel (29) blue Lauren (28) blue Lauren (14) green Lauren (22) I do not discriminate against colors. I love all Lauren Red. Lauren Frost (26) Blush pink (the colour of my wedding gown) Lauren H (27) blue Laurie (58) See Proust. Lavache Beadsman (21) Blue Layla (22) Black, blood red, neon green, electric blue (ordered) Layla (13) Blue Layla B. (43) Periwinkle blue LB Perkins (42) Yellow in all its shades and variations (no matter how dark or light it will be it still makes me smile). Leah (16) I don't choose favorite colors leah (17) Blue (turquoise) Leah (25) Black Leah blue Leanne (28) Olive LeCorbeauGris (25) Orange Lector black white blue lee (30) Red Leeham Sea foam green. Leena (16) forest green Legacy Lee (31) Blue. Leigh Lagamayo (27) Blue it's peaceful Leila Pink. Leila (28) those which flash before my eyes before i see them, whose which i feel rather than see, and those which i cannot even bear to feel Lem (24) Black or blue. L.E.Murphy (17) pink Len (46) It changes, but moslty blue and green Lena (21) green Lena (60) My favourite colour is forest green because it is natural and makes me feel closer to Mother Nature. Leo blue Leo (15) Cerulean. :D Leo Calma (19) Pea green and vermillion LeonidasStokely AF Blue Leon (The Debreifer) (22) n Leslie Coral Leslie (43) All Lestory (49) Red Levi Becker (31) Red Levi Walker baby blue Lex the green of a new leaf lexi (23) Pink and yellow LexieBee (17) The color of the algea that grows on the edges of the Terran's glass catacombs. Lex Ryo (17) Blue Lexxxx (18) dark grey l.gee (23) purple lglick19 Silver Lia (23) it would depend upon what the colour lay LiamP (25) My favorite color is the pink of a freshly blooming rose Liam Shaughnessy White. It is the color of purity. Liam Urien green and brown librowicz (28) i like pink purple black grey I don't really have a favourite Lids (50) The dawn and dusk. Lightning Stars (22) green, the color of money. lilecare (46) Same root colors..like blue and purple.. Lilian (25) Green. Liliana pink lil~kissa (17) Black because there is no mystery or shade, it's just black. Lillian (25) all of them speak to me in different ways Lillian Grace (27) white Lily (16) It keeps changing, I can't pick Lily Pink Lily (34) Burgundy Lina green Linda (23) Black. In my world there's no colors. Linda (17) Depends on the shoes, I suppose Linda C (41) shades of purple Linda M. W. (34) Purple Lindsey (15) Red: it is both strength and love. Lindsey B. (17) green LindseyD (18) Grey. Colour me unusual. (laughs) Linicake I haven't got one, but if I had it would be green linou70 Red, for the the diversity of things it represents Lint (17) purple Lisa pink Lisa (56) Red Lishan (20) green LittleT (24) green lituci (30) The colors indicating the newborn in the natural, and bright colors out of natrual Lixing (24) The bright green of plant buds, right before they explode into color. Liz (28) What Proust said. Liz (64) Pink. It's a cheerful color and it makes me feel content. Liz (47) Blue Liz (25) Black Liz (40) Grey and black Liza (33) Blue Lizzie (17) Cerulean blue Lizzie Pickle (27) I have no favourite. L. Kadey (18) N/A. L. Kadey (19) Black LLane (23) purple lmao blue lo (19) violet Lo (24) Green LodRose (32) green Log Green Logan (23) red Logan (14) green Logan (16) Black Logan Whitt (15) Purple Lois (22) I like most colours, usually my favorite colours are red or blue, I hate yellow/white/green especially when combined. When you combine yellow with purple it is tolerable, just as white with black or green with red. Lola Purple Lolita Hazed (18) to wear - black, white, grey; in life - pink lollipoppingsu (24) Blue Lori (37) Red Louf (39) Orange, Green, Blue and Pink Loui Edgington (12) Violet Louis (19) Black may not be a colour, But I like to think so :] Louisalokyee (15) black. Louise (17) Blue, a deep sapphire blue. Loz (17) green Lu (24) Yellow Lu (32) yellow luadepapel (25) burgundy Luc (27) White. Lucho (32) blue Lucija (25) when come to color, the harmony is the key (consult your color charts) Lucy (34) Red. Lucy blue Luigi (38) Purple, at the moment Luísa (21) Blue, purple, white...it depends on my mood. Luísa (22) Currently red Luisa (18) light pink Luisa (19) blue LuisEfe (55) Blue jade Luke Anthony (19) Brown lukemarco (18) The colors of the earth Luke N 14 (35) Blue Lulu purple Luna (16) purple lunar (18) Black. LVG Green because it represents growth Lydia (50) brown lydia Purple and blues. Lydia (18) Blue Lyla (30) blue-ish lyman (35) Red. Not angry red or bloody red, but courageous and regal Red. Lyn (22) Red. Not angry red or bloody red, but courageous and regal Red. Lyn (22) The color of sand on the Atlantic Coast beaches Lyn blue lynac (31) Blue or Blak Lyndsay D. (22) Red and deep plum. Lyndsey (19) i will go with prousts answer Lynk (15) Undoubtedly blue Lynn Renee (41) I love colours, all of them Lynn Thair (49) teal Lyss (19) Green M@ (31) Black M No favorite M (29) black M (36) Blue M (19) blue M blue because it soothes the soul MA (61) White Mach (44) Blue Machiavelli_Mx (38) i don't have one. i'd like to wear more black, though. macon (22) all of them macskawoman (44) All shades of purple Macy (15) Purple Maddie (16) purple Madeline (19) Dark blue Madhusudhan (63) Red Madison Twist (25) Blood red Mads Husted (21) The fire tones - red, yellow, orange, etc. MaeveOne (27) a desert sunrise over the vast rolling plains of mulga Magellan (44) All the colors in an Oklahoma sunset Magen (22) Pinks, blues, yellows... Maggie (24) Black. Maggie (23) orange or lime green Maggie (49) turquoise maggy may Olive Mahalo (/) probably brown - because it's so underrated mahtiel (21) Blue Mairi (37) Dark red. Maite (26) the color of blood maitresseb (43) The one that contrasts with the others the most boldly at the time Mak (16) vineyards in early autumn maksimuchka (38) I think it is called purple. I have only ever seen it once. Malcolm (26) None alone but they way they all come together Malibu (31) black Mallory (21) Teal Mallory Corrus (20) The colours composing the dawn, the dusk, the page of a book... Maltet green Mandar (27) Rich Burgundy, like in a red wine or blood, or my velvet sofa. Mandella Kitten (36) Yellow mandi (28) blue reaching for the deep forest green as it turns to black in the night sky mandi2kay (31) purple Mandy (18) idk mangarmunko (21) Infrared. Manu (22) Red and blue Mao (22) True colors Mara (58) Gray--not hopeful, but not entirely hopeless either. Mara (17) Navy blue, dark green, brown, grey, orange, dark red; the colors of fall MaraMichelle Blue Marana (56) blue, the color of peace Marcel (19) Alzarin Crimson marcel254 (25) Black. Marcelo Ricarte. (16) green, always has been and i cant explain it Marcel Rodriguez red Marclaudi (46) olive green Marc_Meyer Blue marcoapk (19) red marg (53) Green Margaret (19) blue Margaret Cook (57) depends on the day and general mood, usually deep blue, but at times yellow (as in the sun) or other tones Margarida (aka:Guida Costa,Guida Almeida ( ) Purple Margie (44) i can't choose just one margo (22) The one we haven't discovered yet Margot Red Margot (21) lavender Mari (30) Blue Maria (45) turquoise and black Maria Blue Maria (18) Pink Maria Contreras (19) emerald Mariam (20) ocean blue - but my ocean blue, not the oceans that surround the states or other countries, the one that i know Mariana (16) Pink Mariana (22) Lilac, silver... most shades of purple and grey. Maria Patenaude (29) Green Maria Rowena Rillen Those that inspire emotion. Marie (19) Black. Marie (21) Probably a specific shade of green. Marie blue Marie Madeleine (51) Blood red. Marie-Pierre Adam (27) blue marina (50) Green in all shades. marina (27) Green Marina (20) The color of my beloved's eyes when he looks at me Marina da Silva Negherbon (24) yellow Marion (27) pink.. ask me why mario ponce (38) The color of those eyes. Blue, serene, calm, full of life Marios Gregoriou (21) No favorite. I admire all colors... MariselaL (18) Purple? As if I can tell anyway Mark (16) black Mark (19) The gray-green of a faded black t-shirt you still own from high school. Mark Any color is just fine. Mark (55) purple Mark Angus Wilson (28) agree with Proust, harmonization Mark D Anderson (23) I like harmony. I can't single out a color in itself. markeff (38) Every shade of blue, the passion of red, anything but beige! Mark J (44) Blue Marko (28) w Mark Sterling (32) none markus_naz (39) changes daily Marney (40) Dark coral Maroua (17) Depends on the occasion and combination... Marshall Wang (24) The colour of nature. Martin (29) Rose Martina Common Green Marty (18) can be one color on me and another color on someone or something else. Martyshka (31) The best possible colour in the best possible place. Maruku (18) dark blue Marvin Willams (30) A light grey. Mary (22) Blue Mary (28) Purple. Mary (56) too many to list Mary Ann (62) Pale blue. MaryAnn (47) green/blue Mary Ellen Collins-Davis (59) green/blue Mary Ellen Collins-Davis (59) fall leaf MaryFred (24) red Maryn (15) Red, the color of passion, life, and death Masha Shannon (26) Blue MasonFYS13 (18) Blue, because it’s so much more than a color. Mason Walker (21) when they all come together and nothing eles matters Mat (15) all colors Mat (26) The synthesis of all colors is from which beauty owes its existence mate Red Mateus Melo The color of dark, well polished and varnished wood. Deep, reddish brown. Mathew Gallant (22) Black Mathilda (15) The colour of dusk and dawn each day. Matisse (15) Red Matrix (23) Pink Matsuda (14) i don't care matt (17) Green Matt (30) Blue Matt (20) Blue Matt (25) Green Matt Ari I've never decided on one. Matt DeCostanza (17) Purple. Matthew Charles Barrie (27) Red Matthew Gordon (28) Purple Matthew Ray (18) Red. Fuck harmonies! Matthew Young (18) blue, black, gray, white Matthieu (21) Grey, 'cause it's modern, strict and minimal. Maundaux (23) Blue,,,no green mauserman (42) Blue Max (24) everyone of them as long as it fits in maxie (20) Purple Maximilian (17) Green Maxwell Pierson (23) coral Maysoun (27) blue MB (41) Agree once again with Marcel mcfm0626 (26) Grey MCI (22) blue mcseadogs (34) Blue Me (40) white me (32) depends from time to time ME (25) Purple Me (57) Turquoise Meaghan Blue Medusa59 (56) Orange Meebo Yellow - the colour of sunshine Meg (16) apathy meg (22) green Meg (19) Blue Meg (31) The unison of many. Meg (22) purple Megan (25) red. Megan (20) Turquoise Megan (32) Purple Megan (18) red Megan (23) Purple- I've got nothing funny here megan (18) blue Meghan (16) Blue Megil (51) నీలం Meher (32) It's not the colour, though I do favour green - it's what the colour makes you imagine that is significant. Mel (16) blue Mel (20) Purple, pink, yellow mel (32) Blue, the spectrum Mel (44) Purple, blue Melanie (31) Cerulean Melanie (33) Color? Gray. Melanie (33) The bright blue of a midwest sky with puffy white clouds and bright sun shine MelBisMe (34) Red. Always red! Melinda (18) Black Melinda McGinley (30) I love color - I often live among shades of lavendar, sage, violet, and pale soft green. M.Elisabeth Howell (52) Anything that conveys happiness, life Melissa (23) red melissa (17) depending the season melissa (44) power colors and jewel tones that make me feel pretty Melissa (40) Black & Red Melissa Diane Hudson sparkles Melissa Farr (25) Yellow / orange Melissa Farr (29) gold, glacier ice blue, violet, evergreen Melissa P (63) blue Melly Blue Melody (22) Gray Mel Sundquist (20) blue meltemis Purple Melvia (28) goldenrod, blood orange, silver. Memelord (15) Purple Memyselfandi black Menjou (21) blue menon (33) purple mercedes (27) Deep Pink Meredith Yellow/Red Meredith (23) Blue of the sky or ocean Merit (56) Blue of the sky or ocean Merit (56) Blue of the sky or ocean Merit (56) Blue of the sky or ocean Merit (56) Blue of the sky or ocean Merit (56) Blue of the sky or ocean Merit (56) Blue of the sky or ocean Merit (56) Blue and purple merlinharp (57) Turquoise, Green Mersiha (20) Purple Metztli (23) blue MFSmith (16) Red mia Purple, and grey; they're the synthesis of opposites Mia (27) red miami (65) summer white micci (64) Green. Michael (40) They're all good, seen individually, but I do like black Michael (46) black Michael black michael red Michael (43) light and bright colors and shades michael (24) the vibrations from them Michael (21) blue Michael (52) Blue Michael (53) Pink Michaela (20) Green. Michaela Tee (15) maroon Michael Kendall (16) Fuck Proust. Sea Green Michael Thornberry teal Michelle (30) I like red, black, light blue, dark blue, pink, magenta, fuschia, violet, white, cream, yellow, khaki, kale green, grass green and olive green. Michelle (24) Blue. But how can you be sure if the blue that I see is ever the same as the blue that you see? Michelle Jeong (20) Brown, blue, and green Michelle Sandino (15) All sorts, as long as they reflect one's intention. michou (19) A toss-up between blue or green. Mick (28) Blue Mickste the shades of green in the woods of a summer's evening Mignonne (53) Blue, green mihaela (26) red mihaelaian (42) peach Mika depends what it is Mike (33) black Mike (14) the rainbow, sign of nature Mike (32) why does it matter? I know what colours to wear and which not to wear (and when). Mike (53) Not color, harmony Mike (58) Green Mike (42) Blue Mike (29) black and blue mike_freedom9531 (30) Blue and all the hues of the ocean Mike G. (25) Green or Blue ( not red) mikemc1156 Clear Mike Sadler (53) Grey Milfred (35) their relationship Mili (20) I enjoy very much in all colors but blue is the deepest like reality and the purple the most mysterious one like our understanding of reality. Milly (23) Purple Milly (16) blue millymay (84) Colors in nature Mimi (53) green a very lush green. Mimi (31) Black Mimi (24) red mimì (48) green Mimi (57) Blue Mimikeekee (23) Violet. Mina (15) Blue Mind (17) Orange. Minerva Black (30) mix of all retaining their distinct character without blending minto (28) whatever matches my mood, certainly not flashy mirabilis (48) red Miriam Liggett (48) Every shade of colours on the earth. mischa (22) Depends. To wear - grey, black and sometimes brown. In general - green. Misha (24) The only answer I can provide is red. Misk Odium Oersted They are all nice miso blue Miss White because it symbolizes innocence and purity misshermes (20) red miss karachi Blue. Miss Mia Moriarty (29) green Miss Noble (0) pink Missy (44) Blue Missy (45) green and blue Missy Gay (42) blue mister buzz (49) Gold Mitchell: for Ophelia Black, deep blue, red, deep green. Mitela (22) Black Mitela (25) Love all colors Mitja (36) Red. Mitsuko (22) blue mitzi (28) Blue and green. Miyo (12) Grey, I feel all colors derive from this simple hue of life MJ (22) Turquoise or red. But not together. MJ (23) Blue M.J (40) green mj (39) Blue when it's not like red. M. J. A. Armstrong (60) Blue MJF (34) red mjwhite (21) Green. M.K. (21) black and white mk (15) blue mkayruger Oh my, how this varies with the seconds. Mkeekee (30) The color which lies to the edges of those we have given names M. Le Ahcim-nevets (31) Black and purple; not necessarily together. MlleJacqueline Cerulean blue MlleNeet Green mlovelace Red and access to all other colors MM (34) purple M&M (38) The purity of white MMS burgundy Mnemonic Aberration Blue mobtomas (48) Any skin tone modernmonsters yellow green blue moeder (32) Green Mohamjip (66) Cool colors Mohini (20) Pink Moistoidy (43) I love all colors Molea Razvan (23) green Molly (19) Turquoise Molly (18) black Molly Evans (47) The colors of earth and nature mollykate74 (38) hard to answer, maybe orangey-yellow momcat (60) Yellow Mona black Mona Sen (22) Any pastel color Monica Stowe "Beauty lies not in colors but in their harmony" is the only answer to this question monson (28) CuA16(PO4)4(OH)8-4H2O montanadrifter (68) dark reds, blues and greens montie williams (16) white Monty (35) that which is produced by non-discript metals. Mooke (16) Carolina blue Moose (40) Autumn, for no color dwells in isolation of others, nor without a spirit, and certainly not without a time and a distance and a perspective of being seen. Morazda (42) Shrek Morgan purple Morgana Bright greens MorganFYS13 (18) Black Morgan Gratsky (22) Ultramarine and Maroon. Morgan Toft blue morgwei (28) Sky Blue Mother (54) Purple Mouse (42) Blue MP3 (22) Gray MPaylor (21) blue Mr. A (17) Not exactly any color, though I do like the color green Mr. A (17) I love the color of blackish-grey, almost like charcoal Mr. Frank (56) Depends. Pushed, I'd have to say Black. But it really depends. MrJones (28) Blue MRM (28) life Mr. Mandarin (41) Black Mr Peters (30) Nature. Mrs. Lincoln (49) Blue Mrtimm Black. MsAPH (21) I like red Ms. Barbara (19) Purple. There is no eloquent way to get around a love for colors. Ms. L (22) Purple Ms. Martin (46) grey mstinyS Blue mStonerCEO (45) White....it allows room for the imagination MsVicky The colors of the world during the "blue hour" (twilight). Periwinkle. MTHSP (28) Orange MUElexandra (19) pink MUElizabeth (19) blue Muffin (25) The color of sakura blossom. mugen (22) Yellow, definetely Yellow mugkim (19) red muhbuh (47) black MUJakeWilkinson (18) orange MUkelly (18) Purple and blue. MULydia (18) Purple and blues. MULydia (18) Emerald green Mumblingtruth (24) Green Murphy (21) the white of fresh snow Musa (16) Red mutterhals (31) Black Myalyn Hernandez (17) #666. its funny because its a real color my answers are perfect; yall should read Black. Mychel Shannon (18) Green My Dear Materialista (27) Light blue MylaFYS13 just blue myra (22) Blue Myra Hazel. The name sounds so beautiful. Myron (26) Green followed by baby blue. Myron (26) Black, Grey, White, Blue, Purple Mystery Mind Over Matter (19) Deep red. N (20) Blue N (32) green nad (17) Blue Nadine (21) vert - rose fushia - blanc Najia jan (64) Orange (RGB [255, 162, 0], Hex [FFA200]) Naleks (23) Blue. NamraSultan All neutral colors Nana (23) Blue Nancy (78) blue nancy Various shades of blue fascinate me, but I find yellow-oranges surprisingly attractive Nancy (41) Green Nancy B (40) Green Naomi (19) red green purple narelle pederick (40) Purple---it's the color of royalty. Narrator (5) Purple Nat don't have one Natalia (33) Black and Red Natalie (18) All. Natalie MJ (31) Green Natanya (95) it depends on my mood Natasha (49) poon Nate (16) Black, Green, and Red Nate (23) blue natedawg (28) Blue, Brown, pink Nathalie (20) Brown Nathan I think I am most calm with blue Nathan (28) Navy blue Nathan Between turquoise and green Nathan (35) Those described in vivid beauty, as Proust's strawberry-tinged pink. Nathan (27) Deep blue, dark green, deep red Nathaniel (24) Red Nathaniel (20) Red Nathaniel Red Nathan Thorne (53) blue navera (57) pink neckice orange Neek (54) Right now, it is aqua blue, the color of my birth stone. Neeka (27) white, grey and carnations. Neetzi (18) Blue, black and white. The colors of the Estonian flag. NEL (20) blue Neller (35) Blue grey nelly black Nelly (31) The one of the sky painted by the setting sun. Nels (31) Dark blue during the week and brown on weekends ... colors that guarantee description nene (57) pastel color shades neo_urbaniste (23) Purple. neptune Pink Nessa Orannge Nessie (18) Red Nette (18) It depends on what she is wearing. Newlin (25) I love them all, Nia (15) Gold and Red. Nia Robinson (19) orange Nic (27) Black next to White. Nic (24) the colour of the sunset Nic (27) Colors fit different objects and events perfectly--to pick one would be to pick an object rather than a color Nicholas (18) Turquoise and sunset shades of red Nicholas Kovacev (12) blue and green Nick (35) Orange Nick (20) Blue for the mind, green for the soul. Nick (31) Colors are music, a peice cannot be made of just one hue. Nick Blue, just like the sky Nick (34) Lapis blue NickiNorker (48) Black Nick Zero (26) gray or black nicoca (21) The color of rust. Nicolas (28) Orange, though I find beauty in harmonious disharmony. Nicolas Bossons (16) blue Nicole (14) black nicole (23) Shades of blues and greens Nicole (18) Peach and golden yellow Nicole (22) Purple Nicole (17) Red Nicole EP (25) Pink Niece (42) red NiGht (23) Black, red, white, green nightinday (19) blue Nik (30) Blue and yellow. Nikita (26) Red Nikkers64 (47) Blue Nikki (35) Orange. nikkissippi121 (16) All of them Nikkita Saeed (21) Anything that catches the eye. Nikolai Kleppe (44) Lavender Nikon Shooter Black Nikos (29) turquoise blue Nillie (21) Azure Nina (21) light pink/blush, pale brown, emerald green nina (27) Green and black Nina Mars (22) pink/purple. nina tangimetua (23) maroon black and army green Nique (18) green, blue, black, yellow, purple Nirmal Singh (99) i'm indifferent to most niyaa green nmh (32) Green. Noah (17) Black Noah the good (23) Midnight blue Noddy (26) Pink Noelle They're all cool NoGurus (20) Pink nom de plume Black. Nomen nescio (24) There is no one; the colours of a beautiful sunset Nomers (19) blue none given Blue. None More Bitter (20) black nono (22) Okay, Marcel is right again, but I will say blues nools (21) I like muted shades of blue. Earthy greens and blacks and greys are all right, too. nools (23) I don't care. Nora (20) all colors have their place in my life.... Noraq green Norma Red Norman W (35) Blues and greens Not (26) All of them but especially pink and purple Nova (44) Blue Nova (32) Green NR-2082 (32) Black Nrvnqsr (27) Colour is better ns Gold, red NS Watson (30) Blood red, electric violet, abyssal black Nuance (26) Red or black Nudge (36) Purple. numeroita (24) the rainbow NynnaS. (36) white oanaa (23) pastels but it changes OB Purple Ode grey Odie (24) sentient tint of color blue Odile (36) black Odilia (47) Salmon and peach, or black and grey, sometimes teal Odyssey Willow (16) fade one. ohlaskeau (21) Red oldie-goldie (99) I like the contrast, so it has to be at least two of them olga (22) Mediterranean blue. Oli Tearle (28) black Oliver maroon Olivia (17) Orange, probably. It depends on the season, I suppose. Oliviaa. several shades of red, midnight blue, lava orange, smoke gray, black, natural shades ofgreen oliviathunderkitty (63) It depends on my mood Oliwankenobi (21) I love a rainbow. Olly (37) Socialist red Omar (17) Blue Omar p. (26) Blue the color of the sky OneMan I am rather into outer space colors right now. Navy in particular. ontherazzle (40) Blue ooinla (40) Maroon Oph (30) Black Orby (40) Red Orchid (29) Green. ORK (22) no one orsetto (19) blue oscar (29) green of nature Oskar (60) To bad this isn't "colors" they are all great it's a pity I can't use them correctly. Oso brown otto (21) Flowers Ovi (24) Black oxoboxo (22) Green. Øyvind (27) Red. Ozymandias Jefferson Roosevelt (24) Indigo PAB (43) Turquoise Pacie skyblue Paddy (29) pink Paggy (33) green pagina (20) Robins egg blue Paige (34) Robins egg blue Paige (34) Pink Paige (29) Blue Paige Hall (17) Purple teal blue and pink Palaila (28) green- the brighter the better palais (32) red, black Paldies (39) dappled green Paloma Coyoacan (56) Orange. I love most warm colors Pam (63) green Pam Blackwell grey and blue Pamcake (28) blue pamelaja (27) Red Panagiotis Theofilas (37) Blue Panchi proust's gay. i like black and green pandaaah (23) Red. Panic (18) red panthergirl (36) dark blue Parker (18) sky blue parksmi (51) green parvati6 Blue Passepartout (27) Burgundy Pat (39) Red Patek (25) Navy Blue Pat Garrett (26) no favorite color, all colors patric (30) Red, blue, yellow, in their symbolism. Patrick J. Derilus Light Purple Patrick Trotti (26) tall patroklos green patsy,world war II baby Black and white Patti (20) blue Patty (32) Raspberry Patty (56) Green Patty Cake (29) red Paula (54) garnet Paula (19) It changes all the time, right now I like earthy greens or dark blues Paulie (23) Blue white gold Paulina (18) Gold Pauline53 (53) Deep blue, purple Paulshrug (44) all colours are beautiful when used correctly PaWe (50) That entirely depends on the context, though in general perhaps that green of fields in the spring which so far hardly any monitor can manage pax (23) pink PB (20) Orange Pea (17) There are too many to choose from Pearl Maxwell (29) Green Pedro Albernaz (20) White Pedro Luis Munoz (24) Deep, deep red. Pedro Tejada (20) Orange Peggy (57) Green. pehi (26) red Penney (48) Red Pepper Red Pepper Gray Percy (27) Silver Peregrine green Perfidia blue pesser (57) My favorite value is black Pessoa non Grata Blue Peter Dyson (56) Light blue Peter Heron (57) Blue Peter Joseph Tamber Maxima Gaffney Green, traditionally, but they are all lovely and amazing, and my true preference at any given time shifts with my moods. There is no color I do not admire. Peter Silva (46) greens Petree (22) none Phil (44) the colorful ones Phil My wardrobe is primarily blue shirts Phil (25) blue.... philippe (59) Blue. Philomena (80) I hate to be boring, but: blue. Phil R. (30) Pink Phoebe (18) Purple Phoenix (39) today it is RED phreec (35) The blue palette Phyllis Boyajian Branche forest green picfxr (45) Not everything needs to be in color but it's definitely not red. P.I. Elliot The blue of heaven Pieterpad (80) black Pingbluto blue pintoo (24) Pink because it describes me in it's softest of ways to it's darkest of ways Piper Bella Rose sky blue Pistol Pete White pk_evanescent (38) red. pk_henry All of 'em are pretty great. But I like gray and green. Platinum Era (21) GREEN. WHAT A FOOLISH QUESTION. Plebelbe (21) Blue Pleiadian7 (59) The colors of nature Plusein (25) chartreuse pluto (26) Pink, lime green, purple Ponice (18) Black. Pontius Pilate (30) green Poobah (65) Bright Pooja pale blue Pooki (55) green poop fella (25) black Pope (31) orange pp (31) Flips between white and green Prajakta (23) Forest green Pranaya R (28) Blue Prasanna (23) None Prashant Gnawali (22) Olive and navy Pratama (22) Black Pratiksha (15) blue Preacher (34) White PriC (26) Blue Priceequation (33) Purple Prime Minister Appa (50) green Prismatic (74) Blue Protagonist (20) red Protagonist All the colours of the sky Protovium (63) Blue Pseudointeresting (17) Purple psv (48) blue,red,yellow PUNK PAINTER (37) blue puppylush (35) Black maybe Qaz (30) peppermint green, aquamarine Qi (18) Blue Quasimodo (30) green since it is the most alive Quimper (LV) Coral. Quinn (23) Black, silver, blue qweasd at the moment, cerulean R (50) Blue-green, silver-gray, and other marine colors Rachel (21) Red Rachel (21) Blue-grey Rachelmate (39) WHITE RACHU (32) blue and red radomu (18) green Raelynn (57) Red and black; they are serenity and war; love and hate raf (19) Red Ragna (19) purple RagsTyler (33) Red. Rahul (21) Blue Rain (16) Blue Rain today: orange rainbird Regal plum. Raj (18) Blue Raju (21) Blue Ralph (21) Blue Ramesses Benjamin Lewis (27) Sky BLue Ramu (59) blue Ran (25) green,brown and white ranjali (20) Black; the absence of colour. It looks good on me. Raph Yellow Rapunzel green, gray Raquelle (17) Black. Rara (22) Split between Black and Grey Rashmi (21) The color blanching faces make hearing my name Raumabaya or The Rau (00) black and blue rave (18) Blood red, sky blue. Raven (30) i like all colors but yellow raven (17) Black Raven (15) Pink, purple, black Raven Anston The purple that tints everything outside right before dark. Ray of Mars (36) Cobalt rb3868 (52) Red and black, the colors of voodoo war spirits RD Pink. (: Rebecca (19) Black Rebecca Scheid (13) red Rebekah (29) Black Recross (25) I value mostly contrast rather than a single color Red (26) A very pale light blue. Redbeard (24) I am color blind by choice. Selecting one without the other seems pointless. As though nature provided one shade for me to color life with. Redrover (50) A bright blue-green, much like the water of the Caribbean Ree (21) anything bright and full of life ree (24) The colour of a blushing cheek on an innocent lover Reed Braden (19) Pink Reggie Benjamin (35) Red Remi (28) purple RENA (62) Green Renata (0) Red, it always have captured my attention. plus my friends tease me about wearing red. Renath Blue, purple, green and pink anything in those color families that are cool colors Renee (44) Black or white- all of the colors but also none of them Renee Stanko (27) red reneetriay (40) Red. Ren Harris almost all of them renno (17) I have never seen it Renos (24) white Renuka (21) black, grace and elegance all in one color renz (15) Grey Requiem (27) Diana Vreeland's perfect red res10k9v5@frontier.com Blue is my habitual answer.. But isn't it something fiery between yellow, orange and red? That's it. Rethinker (26) green retroandi Greys and teals. They are universally flattering. Reuben Samson (21) red, green, teal, purple Reva Ann (20) green, because: nature Rewrew black; always has been for some reason Rhail (38) Blue, the color of the sky and of the sea RHCdG (52) lilac Rhea (25) Purple Ric H (41) Blue. Richard (22) The green leaves of spring Rick Peacock blue Rick (18) Black. Everyone who says it's not a colour (which I know it technically isn't) can fuck off. Rie Shiny? (Carbon & gunmetal.) Riley (26) dull yellow riley (19) I find beauty in every single color on the spectrum. Riley (14) I find beauty in every single color on the spectrum. Riley (14) orange Rilo red Rina (20) yellow. pink. black. Rini Purple and black. Rinilia (17) Red Riss (37) My favorite color is purple, power. Rissa (18) Blues RiverSong (32) Lavender. Riyu (17) Pink Riza (17) Black is good in hair, White is good in flowers,green is good in meadows - it depends Rizwan (21) green ro (21) blue rob (54) Blue Rob (27) The visible spectrum. Robbie Curran (19) Red Robert Danduran (26) Blue Roberto Rivadeneyra Q (35) Colour (i.e with a 'u') Robert Tatler (18) green Robin (22) blue rob luddington (45) magenta Robo (56) Blue; is it not obvious? robot I don't pick favorites because it is demening to all the other, in this case, colors. Robyn (15) Apple green, lilac and black. Rochelle (40) Every shade of blue Rockstar blue Rocky Purple, the color of loyalty, royalty and wealth (three things I am not) Rodders (32) yellow Roderick red Rodica (32) Blue Rodrigo (24) red rodrigo zarate (29) Green Rod Weiler (21) Blue fading to green in my older years. Roe (47) green roger (45) red roguebroccoli (18) soft blue of any shade Rollwagen (26) depends on many things roloropo (29) A sparkling green- like Emerald City. Roma (14) Green. Her eyes were green. Roman (38) sky blue Romina (16) It depends on my mood. Romina (21) Rainbow Ronald (40) Blue - especially blues tinged with green Ronen (27) I don't have a favourite, but I do like to wear a lot of blue and yellow. Roo (20) I agree with Proust Rooster (68) brown roro (23) Love Rorshavhanswer (18) Red and the rainbow. Rosa (19) Pink and orange and green and purple Rosalee Firth Green. Rosalie Grace (16) the whole spectrum is pretty rad Rosalinda Chavez (19) blue it is the softest and kindest Rose (17) White Rose (33) blue Rose Teals, jade, and browns. Rose (31) Blue Roseanne (29) Green Rosie (52) All colors bright and lively Rosie (53) I prefer blue. Rosie The colours of nature & neon Rossboss (37) blue rossi many ro to the rah (20) Black and grey. Rowan (16) Blue Rowan Bartlett (23) Combination red-black and black-white Rox (17) Royal blue Roxanne Mooneys (22) red/yellow rsan Autumn colors rtalien (25) Blue or orange RTC (21) Purple and red. rubysparkles (23) Red, represents so many powerful emotions Rudi (24) Green Rumi (42) Yellow. runur (44) Black. And purple. Rushkami (27) Purple Ruska (33) orange, blue, green, pink and yellow Ruskin Clay (17) All of them Ruskin Clay (17) Can't fault Proust answer : Beauty lies not in the colours but in their harmony Russell Sandbach (53) pink Ruth (48) Purple. Ruthie (19) Green like my wife's eyes. Rux Black R. W. (26) blue rwk (57) White Ryan (18) The colours mixed together to create nature. Ryan (15) green Ryan B (23) Green. Ryan Brun (23) Green. Ryan Brun (27) Green. Ryan Brun (29) What would one be with the lack of another? Ryan C (30) Dusty Pink Ryan Riley (26) Blue Ryno (26) Cerulean. Ryssan (22) Clear S (20) Black S (26) Blue S (13) blue, grey s (23) White, black, blue, red... s33d (20) Black Saba (19) Black Sabine (18) Black. sableye22 (17) yellow Sabri (19) Black Sabrina Blue Sabrina Blue Sacha (30) blue s. a. hensley (45) blue saief (28) Infact I adore the Rainbow.,I just love the feather of the peacock. All colours are needed to bring completeness. SAI LAXMI TATINENI (40) Purple(energy) or turquoise(calm), depending on my state of mind. But then, I also agree with Proust. saill (24) black or all colors mixed together sailor Black Salem (21) Blue Sally of Kent orange sam (19) purple Sam (24) i have an affinity with the colour blue Sam (36) Orange Sam (22) Red Sam (17) Royal Purple Samantha (17) violet purple, but not to wear for clothing. Sam(antha) (24) blue Samantha (30) Blue Samantha (35) Pink Samantha Davenport (18) Purple Sam Gordon (18) Purple Sami (18) yellow samps (29) white, green, yellow SamSam (33) red Samuel (19) The green patina of oxidized copper San yellow Sandu (15) anything with black Sandy blue pink Sandy (32) Black and blue Sandy (25) different shades at different times sankari (39) Rose. Sara (23) Yellow Sara (57) blue reds for now Sara (50) green and blue Sara C aka Snacks aka Sarbs (26) Red Sarah (23) blue is fantastic sarah colors that work together. it's not so much colors as color schemes. sarah (14) Blue Sarah (23) All Sarah (38) what proust said. sarah (22) prints, stripes, solids Sarah (33) green sarah (21) I can't decide: i like them all Sarah (27) Blue, for it resembles the sky, and to me that is freedom. Sarah (18) I don't have one specific color, I like them all. There is beauty in all colors and the way they work with each other. Sarah (24) All shades of blue and gray Sarah (27) purple sarahbeth (21) black Sarah Carlton (18) blush pinks Sarah Hollinger (28) Green. SarahSometimes (22) Pink, Tiffany Blue, or white Sarah Taylor Vernarecci (19) Pink or white Sarah Taylor Vernarecci (19) Yellow sara luisa hincapie (23) Black Sara Ortiz (27) It changes with my mood - right now, navy blue Sara P. (18) bright green and deep lilac sargual all pastels Sasha (30) The ones between. Sasha Hasanbegovic (26) Dark, rich, deep shades of red. Sasha_M (34) Blue Sasha Sutton (22) every colour has a different story to tell. sat (20) green. sauron (24) Purple and grey Savannah (27) peach/coral Savannah Henry (18) Depends on the context, otherwise prussian blue, red violet, warm grey savannahw. (19) Yellow Sax (32) rainbow scarletsquirrel (13) Blue Scarlett (25) Whatever flatters a beautiful woman Scooter (29) Turquoise Scooter190 (21) blue Scott (60) Green Scott (17) Blue Scott777 Sky blue Scotty (18) Green Scotty blue Scout (26) Blood Red. Screaming Bastard Child of the Apocalyps (23) Blue; as in the untred waters of tomorrow Sean (19) A rich, deep blue. Sean D. Thompson (22) Blue-relaxing. Ocean, sky. Sean Kennedy (22) Red Sean Reveille (19) El color de sus ojos cuando me ven. Sebasagot (23) Green. Sebastian (18) Blue is the colour and futbol is the game Sebastian H (18) ethereal colors Sedona (16) Impossible to answer. Sejal Ghia (24) Purple Selene H. Brent blue sella (17) There is not one color I love above all -- I simply love color SeraphimeRising (31) Shades of gray Serena (26) Red Serene Lim (24) red or warm shades serenity I don't have one Seth Street (19) I <3 all colors. Sexismandthecity (28) The blue of my own eyes. Sgraham (28) the ones that sing to my soul when I see them. shadoww420 (33) grey Shaina (22) Orange ShaLo (66) Blue, sometimes...but usually rainbow Shamir (13) red Shana (22) Blood red to black to deep blue Shane (19) white shane (25) Red Shane Purple. Shanna (19) Copper Shannon Cole (22) Blue SharaMays72 Depends on my mood. Shari (21) Pink. Sharice (22) I love black, grey and green and earthy colours. SharonBillings The one in the rainbow Shauna (40) i love them all shaurora (64) purple Shawna (21) something rich with depth like maroon shawna (17) blue shawpur (66) Black black black SHE (44) I love them all Shea (28) Teal sheavsey (21) Blue in the sky and white in the clouds. Sheila D (55) blue shelby I believe that every color compliments each other. Shelby Bollner (18) The blue of the sky Shelley (32) purple Shelly (17) Is peacock a color. All the colors that are displayed by a male peacock in full plumage. Shellybelly1 (49) green Shep Howard Purple Sherry Fuller (41) black and blue shiela (18) Green Shig (29) Blue, like her eyes Shiloh Moretti (16) Purple Shimomeiji (19) All colours Shina (28) That of my lovers' eyes. Shinydan (34) green ShiversB (19) sky blue shodhana (20) purple Shubhda (24) blue ocean shupiwe (35) Lime green Shy (25) royal blue Sid (57) Yellow SID (53) Black. Specifically, the black that reminds of infinite depth and timelessness. Siddharth (23) yellow Sidedrive (70) They all have their own intrinsic beauty Siena (21) What Proust said. But if I had to choose it would be teal. You know, the colour that people always argue about, whether it's blue or green. Signe (22) Not blue Simen (18) Orange Simon (19) cinematic color Simon (20) Every of them is beautiful and it doesn't matter what color or shape the thing is in. Simona (16) Poppy Red sinawae (27) Rainbow sindjiro White Sirena Wainford (17) Blue? The color of water..... Sirith (33) Burgandy Sir Richard (52) The pinkish, goldish, mauvish blues that appear between clouds during sunset. Sixela Negomi lime green sj (23) Blue SJ (44) The sky Sj (16) Purple SkinnyBoneTree (25) an obscure one skitalica (27) Burgundy skurge (18) white Skytalker (26) Purple SL (22) The ones that nature makes Sle (41) red sleepy (20) blue Slim Black. Sloceface (23) black, blue sluggishflow (22) I have no favorite color just as I have no favorite tone S. M. A. Armstrong (21) Sea blue Smaranda (33) Black, like my heart Smeghead blue smithmarg (45) Blue. smude green snibab (19) blue snorris (23) Blood red Snyde (38) White that becomes dark gray when only a little light gets through the shutters. So (22) the light in California socksless Yellow Sofi (24) pale pink Sofia (15) all colours except anything close to brown. i love pastel colours and, in terms of clothing, black, white and green sofia (14) Blue Sofía All colors are beautiful and perfect for me. I can not have a favorite one. Sofia Picasso (14) Orange! Sofía P. S. (20) Blue and white Sofyzitahh (23) white solitary confinement (44) Blue Solomon (24) purple SolomonGrundy (45) Whichever matches that which I wish to convey. Sombra (20) purple Some random person (16) green Sonet P Eggplant Sonia (25) Nature's green. Sonja (27) Purple Sonya Dahl (21) Blue Soos (32) pink sooz (38) Red. Sophia (25) Yellow Sophie (17) Blue. Sophie indigo. Sophie black Sorrow (23) white souma (32) Peacock Blue SoundofWater (35) Deep Blue Sourabh Bharadwaj (21) Green S.P. (20) blue all shades of blue Spacebug (42) Grey Spacey (24) Depends on the purpose Sparrow (46) Violet Sparrow (17) Why would I choose any one? Speck (36) Blue Spencer (25) Light Indigo Spencer Stewart Blue. Spencer Valdez (11) Cyan. Spencer Valdez (12) Vista Blue, dark as the gloaming. Spike Spiegel Pale yellow--the symbol for my name. Spina Bifida black is beautiful Srishti Gupta (19) ssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss sssssssssssssssssssss (23) red ssv (40) blue stan (54) Green Star (11) All colors are beautiful in different ways, however I am drawn to cool colors and metallic golds and silvers Starflower (19) Purple or black Ste (26) blue of the sea and sky Stella (28) deep purple Stella (37) orange Stella (53) green, it is such a rare color Steph Red Steph Green, though I love many other colors, and dislike some shades of green Stephanie (23) yellow Stephanie (21) Purple Stephanie (18) orange Stephanie (49) i don't have spesific favorite color, i like every colors stephanie (20) lately i've been gravitating towards reds/maroons/rose colors stephbsemilla (40) Silver Stephen (56) green Stephen (78) red Stephen Stacks Red because of its association with so many beautiful things. Blood that keeps the body going, a rose you give to someone you love and Santa Claus's suit. Steve (20) colour itself Steve (53) Purple Steve Yellow Steve (56) Green Steve Hanawalt (56) Green Steve K (27) Now it's blue. As a child, green, because that was the color of my father's pick-up truck. Steve Shives (29) green stoffie (26) blue stojan (32) Whatever color the ocean is on a particular day. Stork Daddy The color of his eyes. Stormy (17) all are unimportant stradling a beautiful ocean blue STUPID IDIOT (0) Orange Subhartho (26) green Sue (49) I don't know. Sunbul (18) saffron Sundaraa (32) Formerly Green. Now, Black. sunny blue sunshineguerilla (28) Red SuperflyTNT Blue Susan (63) Garnet red or sapphire blue Susan (63) Red Susan Collins (21) Blue Susan Dawn Fain (59) Blue Susan Dawn Fain (59) Lime green Susie (20) deep red susie karpasitis (26) Yellow Susie Q (73) blue suzanne Blue Suzanne (41) All primary colors, and blue-green Suzanne Cohen (53) blue Suzy (19) green SvetikSmile (20) Turquoise, magenta Swallow Colors of fall Swan (75) Blue Swapna (21) blue, of all shades Switz (29) blues and greens mingled sybann (50) Periwinkle. Sydchez The rainbow Sydney Kilbane (18) burgundy t1 blue like the ocean or green like the forest T (19) Whatever appeals to me T (26) green T (18) Burgundy T (20) Deep reds and dark blues. There's also beauty in that slate world-weary gray of old statues. T.A. (34) Pink Tabitha Murray (42) indigo Taeleyn зеленый TAHbKA blue, black, red and silver tai (22) green taintme dark red tal (13) Black Tallulah (29) red TAMAR (23) I love them all tamar (54) Black tamara (48) black tamera miller (33) black, red, pink, light blue, lime green and white TAMERA MILLER (35) purple tanichis (32) the green found only in the depths of the forest Tanwen Aschtherlar Tormey (18) Black Tara (37) Green if I have to answer Tash (29) Green. Tatiana (17) All colors that resonate some kind of light or that suck it in completely - so all Tatiana (21) Black. Tatiz (19) Blue, but not the boy kind Taylor (24) A shade of blue I don't know the name of. Taylore Dawn (18) Violet Taylor Van Allen (24) Blue, green tazmur (26) Blue TB Indigo tbkemz (42) Perhaps red T. Christopher Cox (43) Red Tebvy (24) orange Ted (26) green, but I like everything really Tee (40) blue Teehee (18) red TEESHA (27) blue Tekoa Butler I don't have a particular favourite Teleute (17) green Teme (18) Unlike Mr. Proust here I'll give a normal answer. Black and perhaps some shades of red. Tennrox Unlike Mr. Proust here I'll give a normal answer. Black and perhaps some shades of red. Tennrox Baby blue and white Teresa (43) green, the color of nataure teri (73) natures hue terios (21) comforting blackness or the boldly calm silver Terra (22) Blue Terri (35) Orange Terry (41) Purple Terry (66) a certain shade of blue seen in the sky on summer's days and the green of N Ireland after the rain in summer. TerryG (49) Black Terrylee (35) i love all colors Terrylynn0609 (39) PURPLE AND CERTAIN HUES THERE OF. TERRY YORK II intense pink tess (24) blue Tess (53) Purple Tess Calopedos (17) violet and all shades of brown Tess Fiennes (40) ruby red or cobalt blue tg (48) Green, not pale green or shocking green but just green enough to be itself Thambi (24) green thatchaa (17) a shade of purple that is so elusive and hard do describe that guy #999 (29) Yellow That New Chris Sloce (18) Blue of the sky thebabycub (39) yellow, because it was my sister's The Beast Blue to indigo The Big Liddle (31) Orange The Boss yellow The Desert (22) Hunter Green TheDoctor76 (35) Black. Without color to distract, there is a greater focus on form and movement. The Essential Man (26) Red, but context and the use of colurs are what is most important TheFear77 (23) black, red theGeneral (19) gray the grill (31) All colours, my favourite is pure white which is comprised of the full spectrum The hungry caterpillar (29) the color which burns retina when you imagine it The Imprecise Duke Of Phonology (77) Green The Josh Rollins (21) Brown The Man In The Brown Hat Fuschia, purple, & rainbow The Mouse Avenger (20) None. Theo Turquoise/teal, a beautiful mixture of blue and green theravenette (15) Black, the color of my hair, eyes, and every color in the world collided theravenette (15) Blue and dark grey Theresa (22) Blue The Roomba Mifi (28) Blue Thia (29) Depends what I'm looking at Thinplank (40) Black Thom (23) Blue Thomas12081983 Colors are just rays of light, its how they are arranged that matters Thomas (16) Fucking Proust ThomasM anything dingy. Thomzagod (39) Blue #gocolts #alsoseahawks Thor Hammerstein (16) To combine is to bring the beauty out of already existant colors further. Thothanatos92 (23) blue thoughtlessdreamer (15) Red. Thrakish (18) Those of the damselflies Thunderpussy (48) Blue Tiago Moura (15) Black...the absence of all colors. Although, I enjoy watching the grey of Tianna's eyes sparkle when she gets agitated. Tianna Alysia Kallan (37) Yellow tick pink tiffany Red Tiffany (44) Pink Tiffany Beatty (19) proust says it all tiffany; (lifefromtheshelf.blogspot.com) (17) Green TiffanyTee (26) Do not have one Tiger and Lions Navy Blue Tim (27) Black. Tim Orange Tim (24) green tim Purple Tim I only enjoy colors in context, e.g. Green only when in someone's eyes. Tim Proser (17) Blue Tim Sandle All colors have their beauty and a place of favor timwarnock (34) Deep Purple Tina (32) Color causes problems - so no color. Tina (44) mostly blues + greens Tini black and white Tinkoo (24) Calming cool shades of earth and sea Tinuvielyra depends on my mood Tivia Stewart (40) purple tj (39) Black. Tobias Budge (25) African american Tobyn Sebastian (24) Purple. Todd maroon Tofu (19) Blue. Tom (21) The colour of the grass, and an ambassador of all things that grow Tom G (19) Despends on what's wearing it Tommy (19) Green Tommy Boy (24) Yellow and its shades Tongbite Matt (36) Lime green Toni (48) All shades of purple Toni Spimoni Cannot choose just one, I have two: green and purple Toño Cabrera-Pereyra (31) All Tony (48) the blue/green of the ocean Tony (30) red Tony (17) The rainbow Tony (17) All colors make up the world. Tonya Jones (39) At the moment. Green. Dusty pinks. Mustards. toosnowoman i like all colors Toria (37) Blue. Torsksåsen (22) red tracey All kinds! I do get drawn towards this maroon, dark purple color. Color is everywhere, I see different colors in people, objects, and places. It depends on how you see things and view things. tracynle (20) blue Tracy TB (45) Violet travis blue Travis (25) Green Travis Mask (49) White Tre black TREE (21) Green Tree Girl (29) Red Trent Duval (28) Red Tres bien (43) bright white Trevor I love earth tone colors. Trevor (24) Red Trevor McSwain (24) Blue tri Purple Trinity Chapa (15) black triplet (30) red Trish Black, blue, purple, pink, red, gray Trisha (17) Blue Trisha (29) Blue as a bright sky on a sunny day Tristan (14) Blue Trixie blue trotter (30) crimson Troy Casa (50) all tsiou (33) mixed shaded of light and clear tt (27) Jewel tones, particularly turquoise Turk (24) Deep blue turnbull (27) Blue Turnus Yellow. Turtle Heart blue tutu the ones which i see now Twigtwill (21) Violet. Dark purple. The only color that I can see coloring the sky with eyes closed, before the sun or the stars or the moon arise. Twillightdoom (17) No favourite (it's all about the contrast) twondbestbed (34) Black Ty (18) Black Tyler (24) Blue Tyler (16) Blue. Tyler Scott (41) Green, the color of life and memory Ty-test Yellow Udan Outwort (61) Depends on the context, but I like Blue a lot. Uddhipan Thakur (24) Yellow. I do love all colours though uiioop (17) Blue Uma (63) Green/Orange/turquoise umd.16 (20) Dark Blue, Black, Indigo, Navy Blue, Yellow, Electric Blue UnoZen Purple Ursus M. H. Spelaeus (59) White, black, red, green, blue. Its a stupid question actually, how can there be one favourite colour. V (27) Red Val (31) Bright red, navy blue, forest green, light pink. Valentina (17) dreamy blue - aquamarine; lavender, light pink Valeria Ryrak (21) White Valtharos (22) Blue Van (22) red vanessa (33) blue Vanessa Cardui (43) green and blue vard95 Black, the absence is always the most beautiful Varna (25) azure Vato (39) teal Vbonita (28) Green, White VBozic (40) Red Vedada (28) red veejay (32) All of them Veera Yellow Venky (36) Blue, but never navy blue. Ventricle (24) blue, green, gray vera (28) violet veri333 (21) Lavender Verona Jones (59) Blue Veronica (20) I like any sort of blue-green Veronique (18) the most verdant green, though it would seem to be black instead Vesan (33) green vi (20) Brown Vi (22) black Vic (46) blue Vicki white vicky (26) Green, orange and red Vicky (24) orange Victoria (37) Blue (also blue greens) Victoria (59) any fall color Victoria (16) The color of the sunrise Victoria (23) Blue Victoria Green. All shades. Victoria Song (22) Black is all I see. Victor Shade (27) Probably emerald green. Victor Trevor (23) olive videoalex I think I like a dark red, or a dark blue the most. Vijay Pierce (23) red vikram (34) Blue Vikram Krishnan (24) Neon colors are all my favorite Viktor (28) Colors do not characterize an individual Viktor (19) Royal blue. Viktor Corzich (35) Black. Viktor Sigareff (19) The ones that look best on me. Village Of Brooklin (45) Jet black Vincent (19) red vinnie smalls (15) red VinnyGreenock72 Deep blue Violet (18) Black Viorel (25) The green of growing things; the brown of fur and leather and good meals. Virginia (20) Any one on the rainbow and those in between. Color is the very thing that makes the world. Virginia (12) green or blue visualizations (22) a perfect blue Viv (14) Gray Vivian Charming Cerulean blue and inscrutable shades of purple or violet Vivianne Liliaceae Aspho Vilth black VK (42) Yellow, Green VK (22) green Vlada (20) Red Vogette (55) Blue Vs (18) I don't have one. No color is really better than any other. vur Bright Green Waleed (32) I like the rainbow. Wallace (85) White. Walter (19) moss green Wanda (26) Blue Watson (27) Sunlight yellow. wattc128 blue or gray waypast Red Wendy (34) Blue Wendy (22) blue Wendy Chase (47) it varies with the mood. this summer it was orange, now it's green. wendysday (20) Blue wes (19) I am a big fan of pastel lavender Wes (17) sky blue whim (40) Purple. Whitney (19) red Whitney (41) Green Whitney Sorenson (33) Blue WHMIV (30) blue whosbecks (36) brown wiff (15) Pink Wikiki Orange Will (26) The colour of life Will (22) Blue Willamid (20) blue William (43) Red Willow Skylor 450nm at the moment Will RF (23) blue? Win (22) Autumn's. Windalfr (23) i like combinations of color, lime and blue, purple and red orange, sage and ocean blue winterjewel (36) red, grey and turquoise, I can't decide wintermellen (14) black wise madman (28) the blue black of my wife's hair wizz Any color can be beautiful. WJ (43) Blue in all its shades (see Giotto) Wolf Whatever color steel is Wolf (NA) cobalt blue Wolffy (67) red Woody (75) Orange. Green. Wormsie (24) depends what day it is wowderry (54) Deep burgundy or fairyland violet Wren (22) Lavendar and Black. Wyteria (20) blue xandra (35) Purple! Xan Etienne Ha. Prout was somewhat pretentious, wasn't he? Xavier (18) Red Xer (23) sky blue Xialing Gan (27) i am attracted to dark colors and green and blue xxx (26) Blue. XYZ (17) all of them xyzz (20) red and black Y (15) Colorful yair eshel (30) Mulberry. Yaisha (19) Green Yale (20) those odd coloured crayons in the 64 pack from Crayola Yehudster (60) Black, it makes us appreciate the beauty of white yesh (25) GREEEN Yi (24) many all most all yogi (22) verde yoko (28) Blue and green Yomaine (13) green yonderways (58) Ocean blue Yuki (20) everything the fact that i'm able too see every color Yulissa (19) It changes with my moods. Z (31) all colors, but especially those of fire, electric blue-green, black, white, charcoal grey, acid green, and hot orangey pink Z Blue Zac (28) The actuality that quantitative differences are also qualitative differences. Zach (26) red Zach Orange. Zachary (25) Orange Zachary (27) Orange Zachary Blue. Zachary Echo Auburn (17) red zach taylor (17) Purple, but all are nice. Zach Tibbs (20) purple bluish Zana (38) Seafoam green Zar (21) Yesterday: Green, Today: Blue, Tomorrow: White Zara Healthy moss green zebratitle (24) No zed (25) a myriad, the more the merrier, give me a riotous melange any day. Zee (21) Green or purple Zee (17) The yellow of the sun and the blue of the ocean zetababy all of them. zig Blue. Zigmant (19) purple zizi (55) What Proust said Zozobra (17) Mayan blue Zyg (65) 看心情,但是我愿意尝试所有的颜色,相比颜色,更注重款式 杨婷婷 (24) white, black. 简直 (25) white, black. 简直 (25) white, black. 简直 (25)

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What do you regard as the lowest depth of misery?  Where would you like to live?  What is your idea of earthly happiness?  To what faults do you feel most indulgent?  Who are your favorite heroes of fiction?  Who are your favorite characters in history?  Who are your favorite heroines in real life?  Who are your favorite heroines of fiction?  Your favorite painter?  Your favorite musician?  The quality you most admire in a man?  The quality you most admire in a woman?  Your favorite virtue?  Your favorite occupation?  Who would you have liked to be?  Your most marked characteristic?  What do you most value in your friends?  What is your principle defect?  What to your mind would be the greatest of misfortunes?  What would you like to be?  What is your favorite color?  What is your favorite flower?  What is your favorite bird?  Who are your favorite prose writers?  Who are your favorite poets?  Who are your heroes in real life?  Who are your favorite heroines of history?  What are your favorite names?  What is it you most dislike?  What historical figures do you most despise?  What event in military history do you most admire?  What natural gift would you most like to possess?  How would you like to die?  What is your present state of mind?  What is your motto?

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