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Who are your heroes in real life?

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The wonderful men of my family. 009 (19) adf 1 my sister 50ad (17) I'd like to refer them as respecteful and inspiring minds: my parents, Steve Jobs, etc. 6nianji-ZHC (38) Fire fighters 80cubed (55) The heroes died in the golden age A All who fight for happiness A. (27) I don't have any A (26) Men who buck societal conventions and live on their own terms A. my mom A (26) I have none AA (23) Don't think I have any. aaaaaaa (18) Those who don't have to do good, but do AAAKKK Mister dS, my mom and sister, my two professors aag (22) mom and brother aallisonr (30) my mom Aaron (32) My friends Aaron Guy Leroux (37) Mother, Father, School principal Aarushi Agarwal (13) Pope Francis and Snoop Dogg Abbie (22) The vetrans who are my friends. Abbie Hartley Grammy and my father Abby (26) Not sure. Sad again, isn't it? AbbySF Malcolm X Abegando (28) My daughter Abigail Harris (10) Jun Kaneko, The Dali Lama, My Dad ABP (50) people fighting to overcome their limitations or what life have given Abraham (41) My uncle and my father. Abs Me da Arcus Acara McFadden (28) My mom, my grandma, Jim his family ACH (23) I'm too old for heroes. A. Clifford Stowe (81) Those who dare to question social mores and political ideas Adam (22) Mom and grandpa Adam (25) Uncle, Tom Beemer, Father Adam (20) Orson Welles, Brancusi, Da Vinci, Adam Hyde (26) Xuan Zang adieudusk Cousin Aditya (25) Me. Admiral Love (33) People who go for their dreams against all adversaries Adonia (40) Ben, and Ashley Adrian (18) My parents Adriana (16) those in my dreams Adriana (16) ordinary men who put their lives in danger top save complete strangers adriana (45) My parents Adrian Bauza (20) Don't have one. Adrian George Nicolae (24) My parents Adrian Martyn (34) My grandpa Adrianna (18) Osama Bin Laden AdrianOz (45) My father. Adrian Winters (17) Dr Martin Luther King Ady (22) I appreciate the nameless, faceless people who do service work every single day without recognition aetilson (41) my professor, two friends of mine a.g. (23) - agagagaga (24) Bill Gates, Richard Hammond Agent00V (18) My grandpa Aggie White My father A.G. Mata (21) My family Agneska (20) the mother of my heart agony (25) my mother and my friends Agreen (29) Sara, Marcin, Karla, Krzysztof Wielkopolan. Agu (21) the people I love Agustina (27) None A Half Empty Beaker my mother ahmad (27) my father and mother ahmad (24) People who pursue their dreams against all odds Ai (21) My professor and my boyfriend Aida (22) Trent Reznor, Zack De La Rocha and Maynard James Keenan. Aidan (21) The men and women who serve in the military, the police force, or the fire department. Aidan Devlin (15) Heroism. Illusion. Aiden rey reyes and my adoptive parents aiko (20) Eleanor Roosevelt, Martin Luther King, Winston Churchill. Ailene I really admire Stephen Fry aimée (22) Jesus Christ, Dad, Grandma aimee.dawson (21) The women in my family Aisha Milburn (32) my father for his carefree and easy way of handling things without getting angry aishu (14) General de Gaulle, my father. A.J. (27) Bigbang for they inspired me. Young Bae, for he motivates me. AJ (18) still cats Ajam (21) My parents, Einstein, Sagan, Ataturk. Ajay (17) my mom, John Walsh, George W. Bush, Chief Grant, and Ajm9511 (21) my dad, Amit akansha (26) My father, those who stand up for injustice. akanthe (19) David Attenborough, George Schaller, Werner Herzog Akbar Shahzad (20) None Aki My father Aks (20) Crystal and Ariel Zevon, Larry Porges, Sanaa Akkach, and Thomas Stanley. Each of them saved my life. Al (28) Barack Obama, Diane Wilson Al (55) Richard Branson, Hilllary Clinton, Mandela Alan (58) My mother Alan Arkin (44) My mother AlbaManuela (18) Joe, Jon, Lerner, Coulings, Chromer, and Coulson Alden Lee Klaput (18) Manny Pacquiao who inspires fearlessness Aldonza77 (47) Anybody that is fighting to be a better person. Ale (28) All those you I have admired along the way Alecia My family and loved ones. Alecksi DFW, Christopher Nolan, Trey Stone and Matt Parker Alejandro Amoretti (28) Robin Sharma alek (20) John Glenn, John F. Kennedy, Benjamin Franklin, Albert Einstein Aleksei Kotsov (63) antony and cleopatra alessa (21) Indro Montanelli, Erwin Rommel Alessandro Pian (30) mama Alessio Lucchini (46) Albert Einstein Aletha Camack I have none. Alex People who know what they love and do it Alex (22) My partners in my career: Tom and Benjamin Alex (17) my parents alex (38) you should never treat people like heroes alex (23) My boyfriend, my tutor Alex (21) Activists Alex (23) Those fighting to find their way Alex (32) Every day people who fight for social justice in even the smallest of ways. alexa (28) Allison, my sister. Alexander (33) My parents, my Grandparents, and Vic Fuentes. Alexander (19) My husband and my paternal grandmother Alexandra (27) As I stated before, I've never had a hero. It's as if I didn't consider it, more than turning away from the idea. Alexandra (19) Anyone who perseveres through adverse experiences. Alexandra (24) Currently, Joan Didion, always Patti Smith Alexandra (18) The competent and hardworking people who contribute to my quality of life Alexandra (24) my mother Alexandra Bryhter (24) My parents Alexandra SweetTale4u Cruz My Father Alexandre (28) Mom and all teachers in my life AlexandriaHMerlin (40) My Mother AlexandriaLHash (30) My mother. alexandrine (15) Karl Heinrich Ulrichs, Harry Hay, Mary Wolstonecraft Alex C. Kim Kardashian Alexis (17) a father, a theologian, someone who loves without pretentions Alexis Johnson (19) mom and dad Alex Reimann (18) Darth Vader Aley (60) I am not and idolatrist, I do admire a lot of people but I don't believe in heros al-g (24) School teachers. Ali (37) Innovators, inventors. The highly learned who effectively communicate their craft to the layman: Sagan, Dawkins, Clinton, deGrasse Tyson, Obama, Harris, Hitchens. Women who live and speak with no concern for societal backlash. Teachers, stand-up comedians. Ali A. Rizvi Caitlin Moran Alice My sister Alicein1derland (27) everyday human beings Alicia (68) Any number of great teachers in my life. alicja (38) My ELA teacher, my best friend. Aliid Marcus Aurelius, Wilde Alin (23) People who resist oppression. Aline Guiraudie (36) nelson mandela alipans (57) My father, Ali, and Ray (professor) Alishba Zarmeen (24) dad AliZaidi (29) dad alli (49) Those who remain gracious in all circumstances Allison (33) People who aren't afraid to be vulnerable to hurt. My parents. Allison my mom and grandma allison (19) My father and brother, and Charles Fornara, the most wonderful professor Allison Jean (21) My parents; my genius brother; Galileo; Kepler; Anyone who puts themselves on the line for another or for truth. Allison Jean Hazen (34) nelson mandela, dali lama, michele obama alliswell (62) Nelson Mandela Alma (25) Marcus Garvey Alma Jean Porter (70) Carl Sagan. almavidrio (35) My professors... so I suppose those who ar brave enough to seek knowledge and give it freely. Altjungr (30) nobody in particular Alvilda (20) My mother, my father, myself. Alx my grandparents alya (17) My mother and my lover (Arnold) Alyanna (22) Anyone who works to find a cure for cancer Alyce J. tech n9ne, my mom and dad Alyssa Cordova (17) I love the heroes. They are so sure of their quest. So sure of themselves. They are the most fun to play with. Alyssa Darkling My mentor. He sees much. Knows much. But shares little. Alyssa Moonchild (16) my mother AM Mom Amanda my friends Amanda (42) My Parents AmandaFYS13 (18) Past educators, present feminists. Amandine (31) My sister, and my mother Amara Ani DiFranco, my grandmother. Amber (18) My father Amber (37) My father Amber (37) My parents Ame (37) my friend Amelia (13) I don't know any. Amelia Gates (formerly Pippet) (10) I don't know. There is nobody who occurs to me immediately. ameliowata (20) those who sacrifice their lives to either help or save others without thinking of themselves americanwoman (62) mom ames (21) a music teacher of mine ammb (29) I don't believe in hero worship Amrita (22) my teachers and my parents. amu Bob Dylan, my parents and grandparents Amy (33) ... Amy (28) Those who serve their country, parents who care, and those who teach others to think amy (33) My husband Amy (35) My husband, for his character and the difficulty in his life's work; My mother for her character Amy Becker; Character: Merriwether Finch (27) My step Father Amy Cottington-Bray my mother amz (16) thomas moore, the dalai lama, rousseau, ghandi, john lennon Ana (30) i don't have any; anyone who is at peace with themselves without fear or jealousy, i guess ana (16) my grandmother, ana (34) My dad, my grandad Ana Carolina (16) The guys that get what they want. Analise (40) my professors and my lost lover Anam (26) Angelina Jolie and my parents. Ana Marija (20) Black Veil Brides, Pierce The Veil, Of Mice and Men, Sleeping With Sirens ANamelessWildOne (24) Chuck Anderson... Mike Martin Ananke (25) my friends anasonic (29) Boutros Boutros Ghali ancientrobot (31) joan jetyt andraya (23) I dont have one Andrea (16) My music teachers, Harvey Milk, Brian Greene, even if he isn't well known Andrea (13) Anyone inspiring or bettering themselves ANDREAADKINS (26) My mother AndreaFeliu (28) Franklin D. Roosevelt and Robert Kennedy. Andreas (19) my professors Andrea SB (32) My father and family andres007 (19) Jack Kerouac, Anthony Bourdain Andrew (20) My Mother. Andrew (22) Family, friends, professors, bosses, Andrew (25) Christopher Hitchens, Stephen Fry, David Mitchell Andrew (20) I have no heroes, only competition Andrew (28) don't have any Andrew (22) Myself. andrew (24) Grandfather Andrew barlow (26) Dominic, Patrick Andy (25) My photography professor Andy (23) My photography professor Andy (23) Anthony Bourdain, Jaques Pepin, and a guy I knew in florida named Mr. Kahn. andy rayford (28) parents ang (99) No heroes Angel My mother, Jesus Crist Ângela (24) John Harris, John Davis, HM1 Walker, my grandparents Angela (30) Jesus Christ, my parents Angela (19) My mother Angela Estrada (20) gps angelina (26) people that I know that never give up no matter what. Angel Rodrigues (41) my mother and some of the teachers I have had angie (29) Mother Ani I answered this already Ani (22) Our president and from the regular world I like Martin Luther King, Jr. Anik (16) tricia anjali I don't have specific heroes but anyone who achieves something exceptional, be it physical or intellectual Anjel (28) My parents Anjelah49 (49) i can't say for sure Ankassandra (15) my uncle Jan Anke! (17) My Daddy Ann (19) The people who do not know me but stop to say a kind word. Ann (62) Everyone who tries constantly to make this world a better place and themselves better individuals Anna (20) My dad Anna (20) I have none. Anna (34) have yet to meet any Anna Kalimar (18) my friends Anna Maria (21) Good Parents include my own AnnaMay (51) Antoni Kępiński, Bert Hellinger Anna O. anyone who is passionate, innovative, and congenial. also, all animals Anna Stein (21) Soldiers Ann Delaney (44) Educators, Neil DeGrasse Tyson Anne (21) Desmond Tutu Annelise (40) my parents; people who give up to help others in need. (They are better people than I.) Anne Louise Sheldon (34) Bernie Sanders, Michelle Obama, and my mother Annie Hilary Clinton, Jane Goodall, wonderful teachers who saw in me something I did not and allowed me to fly. Anniel (62) My father AnonAzure (19) I don't have any. anonim (18) Ron Paul anon moose (19) My parents because they spoil me. Ansley Stevenson (16) My brother, my cousin, my best friend. Anthony (23) Mother Anthony (24) A woman who works at my local Iceland. Anthony D C (20) My grandfather Anthony lawhon (27) Those who do what others are afraid to do Anthony Scine-Sceni (42) Jesus Christ Antoinette (21) my grandmothers antoinette (24) Thuli Madonsela, Nikolai Alekseev, Mehdi Karroubi - and many brave humans whose names I don't know. Anton (52) Jesus Christ. Antoniette (20) i don't have any Antonina (20) Nick Clegg Antonio Lemos (18) People who work for charity Anty mothers, teachers, parents Anya (22) Those like Bill McKibbon who sound the alarm about climate change. My professors who held us to the highest standards (Dr. Robert Nichols & Adelaide Davidson). Anya (71) Doctors Without Boarders Anzi (27) My mother, all my teachers. a.o. (40) My parents Aoife Walsh My friends, my parents Apollo (58) My grandmother Apos al army martyrs who have sacrificed their life for their country Apply (30) Women in my family, Anna Wintour April (20) I don't have any... April (21) My father AR (20) I don't have any personal heroes. Ara (15) Christopher McCandless, Stanley Kubrik, Andy Warhol, Darren Aronofsky Aranneaa (19) My father, anyone who puts their life on the line for their beliefs Ardent (30) JK Rowling, my parents, people who put themselves out there and don't give up A real phony (27) Muhammad Areeba (25) My father, he was strong enough to handle an independent woman like my mother, yet soft enough to know when she needed him Ari (29) My father Ariella Bordaine: Female Protagonist (20) Audrey Hepburne, Angelina Jolie Arizona (19) God, my two children Jacob and Lily, and I'll admit, Arnold Arnold Murray (42) Myself and some friends. AROG Anyone who can make the world a better place Artie (17) My grandfather (90 years old and he still does volunteer work) Artie Mondello (18) Noam Chomsky, Julian Assange, Edward Snowden , Aruz Elliott (29) People who have put their lives on the line for what they believe and who they are. The ones who fight for humanity and are leaders and true consistently through out their lives. AS (32) Henry Miller. ascetic monk (51) No heroes Asfiya Mariam (21) Mr. Samuel, my grade 12 politics and philosophy teacher. Ash (23) A lot of people...who lead seemingly ordinary lives...but try to lead a meaningful life. Ash (28) Dr. Salk, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr, Dr. Hawking, my father. Ash Those who appear to be most realised and consciously dedicated to unburdening themselves from limitation. Ash Bloom (27) Sonja Stary, Bob Beck, Doug Wathier asherville (55) My mom Ashley (18) My parents Ashley (28) Beyonce Ashley (20) my mother ashley baus (24) Mary-kate Olsen and Ashley Olsen Ashley Brazil (17) My father Ashley Mannara (29) Don Kugler, Mark Lord Ashley Meller (26) mon papa ashleytheresa (20) Stephen Hawking. Grigori Perelman. Ashwin Murali (21) My dad, My grandmother (father's side) Asi (21) my dad, Gary Y., my cats, M. ASN (25) My friend, people who make a difference Astri (36) my mom and dad Astrid My friends. Asuka Suzuki (13) My mamu Athar (25) My parents Athena Lujan (17) Jacques Brel Atuona (38) My wife Aubrey Files (25) Chief Crazy Horse and Waytt Earp Aubrey Tate (21) My dad Audrey (17) My father. Audrey Bittencourt (24) They don't exist. Audrey Mahone (29) gandhi augustine (70) Mom and dad Auntie Em (35) A couple of teachers from my school and college. And some random stranger who showed kindness to me as a child. Auntie Em (27) my parents, Aung San Suu Kyi Aurora (32) Dad Austin (19) My mom Austin Hobbs (16) My family, my friends, Chuck Jones, Bob Clampett, John K., Jeff Smith, Joss Whedon, Doug Walker, Stanley Kubrick, Charles Schulz, Bill Watterson, Disney animators, Bill Murray, Harold Ramis, John Landis, Monty Python, MAD Magazine, Will Eisner, etc. Austin Kimmell (16) anyone who is themself completely autumn (17) my mom, my brothers and those who i hold true avecamour Mostly Women but i know none specific. Awalker My dad, my brothers, my mom and...captain sullenberger hohoho! Aya My grandfather ayda (25) HH the Dalai Lama, Marie Colvin, anyone who dedicates their life to improving other people, animals and natural resources. ayem (57) John Kaldor aym (30) Feynman a young boy (91) genius friends ayumi (20) my grandmother B (31) i don't have one B (21) none Babette (42) yogis Babs my dad Baby (32) My family Bad Wolff my family, my friends, peter sellers baggal21 (28) My mother. Bailey (19) Adolf Hitler, Mahatma Gandhi Balaji Harish Iyer (20) I try not to idolize people. Bald Sky (38) Anyone who creates their own success and restores my faith in humanity. Bambi (17) Omar Bradley barbara (50) my sister, Sandra Bullock Barbarita (21) Sea turtle protection volunteers Barbielebrun Charley the beach chair (54) Vegetarians Barbielebrun Garry the ghost crab (54) Christopher Hitchens / George Carlin Baron Von Nazzenpoppel (46) liam, dad basbas (22) My parents Batgirl (23) I don't believe in real life heroes bc (22) I don't believe in real life heroes bc (22) Grandpa, Bea Bea (18) Jesse, Maryanne Bea (18) Nelson Mandela Bear (49) my late grampa bearoid (30) The people who figure out how to live as they wish to live Beatlhoven (47) Gino Strada beatricegasti (30) anybody earning their living doing what they love Beatrice Moore (30) Football players Beatriz (13) my friends beauty (18) My mother and brother. Becca (16) My mother, Josh Ramsay, Ms. Ingraham Becca (17) My parents and grandparents Becca (21) My grandma Becca (19) My mother Becca (20) My mother Becca (21) My friends. BeckBeck (26) anyone who has shown grit in tough times or done what i could not have becks (24) My grandmother and my dad. Bee any man that works hard for his family beezer (64) Those who make the world better and help us understand the universe better. beezersneezer (46) My mum. Anyone making theatre outdoor and surviving! Edward and Sue. Jeremy. Mary. Beka (33) Olof Palme & Kennedy belita (39) anyone who comes out of the toughest of situations even stronger than before and still holding their integrity bella (16) Dad. Belu (19) My parents and some of my friends' parents (Tom, Wendy, Kit & Bob, et al.) Ben I feel like I've already answered this before. Next. Ben (23) St John Maximovitch, Elder Thaddeus, my father Benedict (38) My closest friend, Ozu, Sirk Benjamin Thomas Gracia Fay Ellwood Benjamin Urrutia (61) My Stepbrother and My mom Benjo (23) My mother Ben Johns (21) Drew and Nick Bartram Bennie (55) Christ, Ben Taylor haven't found one yet berkley (13) Family Berlin (25) All who argue constructively, along with various artists Bernard Hartley (18) those who make life work FOR them and can make light out of dark situations Beth (20) Leonardo DiCaprio Bethann (35) My mom Bethany (23) My family Bethany (22) Nick Jonas Beth Ellis (15) Anyone who inspires others with their wisdom, success and modesty. Beti (24) My granmother Monica Betty Usabiaga (37) Bruce Lee, Neil deGrasse Tyson, and Bill Nye. Beu Mihac (15) Mom, Dad, Jason Becker, Steve Vai...people who give more than they receive Bhakti Brophy (41) My Parents, my nieces and nephews, my beloved friend Jason Becker, my neurosurgeon Dr Jay Chun, M.D., PhD Bhakti Brophy (45) Narayana mama Bhargava (25) There are no heroes. bhbhbh Paul Mitchell, Mark Janeway bhl My Father Bhole all of the unknown Bianca (18) my best teachers, not all scholarly. bif n/a big dick (69) Corey Taylor big guy (16) 9/11 first repsonders, the Pearl Harbor heroes Bijan (27) GRAHAM NORTON BILLY (38) My son BillyBobABC123zzz none billy boy watson (3) GANDHI AND ALL THE ALLIED SOLDIERS OF WWII BIPS (46) julia and i guess my parents too bismuth Mom sisters BJ (56) teachers, nurses, doctors, firemen blabla (37) my mother, friend Blackie (20) Ted Kooser, my wife, the unsung people who show selfless courage Blademan (60) David Feurzeig, Victor Tillman (?) Blaine (21) Right now Michelle Obama and women who embody love and determination Blair C. (29) People who have achieved what they set out to do Blake (17) Kate Blake (24) My father Blanca Parra (66) Do I have any? blip52 (27) Agnes, Sarah Lynn, Flying V and Daisy and Clementine, and my own parents, of course. Bliss Inthemorningdew (16) Single mothers. Possibly teachers or doctors and nurses in the public sector blodot johnny (41) My Nanny, my sister (Sshhh! Don't tell her!), most of my teachers, my parents. Mostly my Nanny and Grandad. BlondShamrock (16) The ones that I may also deem villians Blood (15) Tim Burton Bluebird (27) Mother, 5th grade, and German teachers BlueOrchid (39) No heroes, just quotes Bluto (29) Julian Assange, doctors, physicists. BM (20) barack obama, kofi annan, ang sang sui ki bmo Stephen Colbert Bob (22) No, thank you. bob (38) J.R Bob (32) My mother, my professors Boba (22) my husband, my daughters bobblins all of my brothers from Fox Company that went on to serve in Iraq and Afghanistan Bobby (40) my mom Bobby (21) Chris Hadfield bobby Rebecca and Emily bobby (33) my parents, self sufficient families Bobia (25) My Father, My friends boku_wa_kami (25) my mom, my sisters Bonnie (15) Activists bookloverva (58) The people who genuinely don't care. Boris (16) The ones who don't show fear. Borrie (33) My father at times, but primarilly my heroes exist as spirits now - also the producer of Barrie's "Peter Pan," who refused a lifeboat on the Titanic quoting Peter, "Death would be a marvellous adventure" Brad (17) My mother and sisters Brad Connors my father, george carlin, george lucas brad w (35) Those that overcome theirs and other's faults Brady (31) Hugo Chavez partly, for the things he's doing in behalf of his people. bram-stienkt-vermeire-ja! (18) My mother, my brothers, hundreds of writers, artists, comedians, people that are just great that I know, professors, teachers, educators, actors, playwrights, satirists Brandon Nobles (31) Dad, veterans Bree (23) My parents, Wonder Woman Bree Ogden My father Brendan (24) heromy dum is just a word brent (33) Ben the bull Brett Ferguson (42) My ancestors Bri (28) Beyonce, Abigail Adams, Susan B Anthony, women's rights activists, Mama Bennett bri (17) Those who pursue the highest form of art they believe Brian (22) Andrew Vachss, people fighting for equality Brian (37) My mom Brian (24) My parents, Abraham Lincoln Brian A. Henegar (26) God, my Dad, my brothers, my grandfathers. BriannaBabyFYS13 My grandmother BriannaFYS13 (18) those who dare to help brian S (58) My brother, Christopher Hitchens, Cormac McCarthy, Maxim Vengerov. Brick (21) My teachers Brinley (15) My captain - he gave me a shot Bri Toro Deja Mitchell Britta Bandit (30) I don't have any really Brittany (25) high school English teacher, my mom Brittney Miller (20) My parents, my friends brns obama dorthy day rory stewart doctors with out borders broad (45) certain cousin Brock Schwarzkopf (29) My mother, Condi Rice Bron Blackwell (37) My mother, my closest friends Brooke Rick Smades Bruce Bennett (20) Wong Fei Hung, if he even existed Brutus (20) Paul F. Tompkins, Todd Glass. Bryan R. (21) Malala Bryn (23) My parents Brynlea (17) My Grandmother Brynn (39) My brother Gunnarr Brynn (18) sgt, stohlp, Bryon Springer (25) Grandpa Bubbles (52) Those on the frontlines of environmental preservation, The physicians of Planned Parenthood and anyone else who provides women the oppurtunity to have complete control over their bodies.control their reproductive lives bubby (43) none buckyballs (35) My father Buddy (34) jimmy white bug Werner herzog, paul thomas anderson Bugsy The family members (read: family and friends) who have never hurt me, never made me feel "less than". I know all of their names, for the are engraved on a wounded and scarred heart and psyche. The actor Gale Harold. My teachers, Ray Scalvino and Matthew Bulldozer (50) My grandfather, Bob Dylan bunny Big animal vetrerinarian, Anna Bristol Burella (61) FDR, Lang Lang Burke (47) No one Burnable_Material_Here (18) my aunt BusyMinds ALL WORKING MOTHERS WHO ARE SCIENTISTS DOCTORS SURGEIONS AND RESEARCHERS DEDICATED TO SAVING LIVES, EVERY DAY ACROSS THE WORLD! BUTTERFLY (41) Satyendra Nath Bose butunn (19) The girl that I love greatly and without doubt Byriver Bloke (24) Those that have far less and have made a great impact BZ My parents C richard c (21) Xie Xingfang,my mother C (14) mandela, my mom, maya angelou cacharel (37) My daughter and all soldiers male and female in any army anywhere Caidy (54) Malala Yousefzai Cailey My father Caio (18) The one journalist who filmed the Santa Cruz massacre in Timor and got it out of the country by putting blood on her underwear and putting the tape down there to put the guards off. Caitlin (21) Liam, Bryce, Cameron and Fred cakes (41) Franz Kafka, George Orwell Cal (20) My brothers Cami (14) Miss Christie; Mr Hughes... My 2 respective high school art teachers. Camille (52) My mom. Candice (23) My friends, often. Candy ---- Captain Crunch people who are selfless carlajwms (49) Charles Manson and Billy the Kid (born Henry McCarty; also known as William H. Bonney) Carla Tate (19) My parents Carlie (24) Rosa Nicholas, Peter Stallybrass Carlisle Monico Atienza. Carlo (26) The ones who did what they wanted to and succeeded Carlos A. (24) Marcel Dzama, Karen Hertlein, my mother Carly (19) Not sure Carly C (27) barrack obama, franklin delano roosevelt Carol (60) musicians carolina (23) All of my mothers. Caroline (38) Any man who manages to be a good man today; my grandfather. Caroline (25) Seth Godin, Tony Hsieh, my Dad, John Waters Caroline (33) Barak Obama Carol Lacoss (62) Pina Bausch, at the moment. Carolyn (18) sucessful women who are able to balance carreer, personal life, and care for her children Carrie parents who make their lives about their children Carrie (44) my best friend, my lover cartike Mary Seacole Cas (25) Steve Gleason, The "Let's Roll" guys from Flight 93 Casey (36) My parents and my mother's mother Cass (20) Myself Cassandra Watkins (21) My parents Cassi David Lopez, Felipe Rosales and Bob Dylan. Cassie (16) I don't know any longer. Who I thought they were, might now have become my foe. Cast (17) Malcolm X, MLK Cat (36) My mother, she is the strongest person i know and has been through so much and still keeps on fighting and loving with passion. Cat (24) My mom Cat (26) Father Cat men of science cat (20) nobody Catalina (44) Darlene Martin, Kathy Lorenzo, Denise Verner... all educators Cate (23) Those which you rarely read about Cate (33) Grandma, Monsieur Petrescu (professor) Catelline (26) Pope Francis, my father, King Abdullah of Jordan Catherine Ones who struggle to survive and manage it. Catherine Jean They're all dead. Catherine Mitchell Dr. King, President Obama Cathlow Harmon (50) Barack Obama, Bill Clinton Catlin Benjamin all of them Cat Podd (37) Everyday heroes; the ones who manage to stand up proud and are not lessened by the burdens they carry Catrina (15) My parents, Oprah Winfrey, Whoopi Goldberg and my friends Cattie Chong (26) MY FAMİLY.... CAVCAV (26) My Mum Cavit Anıl Buram (28) Mom CC (18) Soldiers CC (22) my mother ccchnl heroes are from the past cdl (35) My cat Cee Cee (17) None that I can think of at the moment. Celia (15) Nobody has saved me from anything. Celline Marge (18) my parents cenire (25) Firefighters,Doctors,Suicide prevention hotlines cerisetea (34) McArthur Cestmoi Myself, and all my brothers. C face. (22) My father, my mom and my brother cfm (37) My mom and her brothers Chancelor C.J. King (19) My mother and my aunt, women who came from nothing and made something of themselves Chandra Alexander (24) My husband and all our US soldiers who fight for our freedom everyday. Channon (45) My mother Channy (19) My father and Armando Chari (21) The people in my life who helped me shaped to be the person I am today and will be. Charlene (17) My grandparents and parents Charlene (18) Pele Rouge, Fernando, CharlesB (48) My wife Marcy, my dad, Einstein, Newton, Galileo, Lincoln, JFK, Willie Mays, Muhammed Ali, Ghandi. Charles L Davis Jr (51) debbie harry charlotte (29) Everyone who has saved me from myself. Charlotte (18) Anyone striving to make a positive difference that honors human rights. Charlotte H. (23) The defiant ones, wherever they may be *salute* Charly Mariaan (49) My parents and Jo Chary Silva (22) Jesus Christ chay (40) My Father, Sam Katabarwa Cheche (40) Scientists cheeky (26) Gandhi Krishna Cheemargh (36) dali lama chele my mother chelle (47) Mother, grandmother, anyone who puts their life on the line for others on a daily basis. Chelsea (21) My father, for always being a firm and disciplined king. Chelsea (23) My Mom, My sister...their motherly strength could be an inspiration for my future. Chelsea Smith (24) Martin Luther King, Ghandi, soldiers Chelsea Whiting (26) My dad Cheri D. my mother Cherie (40) My dad Cherish Robinson (21) My brother, Ross Davies, and my friends Cherlyn (40) Diane and Patti Cherub (30) My mother and father Cheryl Barnette (59) Stephen Fry, Elon Musk, the once we won't know about until long after they are dead Cheshire (22) my grandmothers chi-chi everyday people who do extraordinary things Chickpea (31) Bill Clinton, Jack Kennedy Chico (46) The men and women who wear the same uniform as I ChiefJ42 (44) mom, jennie bunnie, kirstin chiklitz76 (39) Ms V, Mr and Mrs Isidro (teachers) Chili (17) Nancy Pelossi, Castro, Mother Theresa Chinita (34) dont have any chinnu (20) Mandela Chinnu (38) my father a former kickboxing champion Chip Griphix (35) Wut? Chiu Jing Hua (17) the jews chloe (21) Men who are faithful and willing Chocolate Bunny (32) Firefighters Chonda My mother and my grandmother Choraven (32) None other than my friends. Chris (16) My grandmother and grandfather Chris My uncle Courtney. Chris (19) My best Professors and tecahers, my parents (especially my father), my friend Joe Chris S. me myself and i Christa (27) Mom Christabelle (29) this probably reflects poorly on me, but I can't think of any. Christian (44) My grandfather Christian Boyanov (24) Jesus Christ, Gordy( one of my pastors), Jeff( brother), Christian Soldier (33) My father Christina (26) GOOD people. Good into the very coe of their being. Christina Kronberg (23) Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton Christina Tounzen My mother, for putting up with me and dad. Christina X. (37) my parents christine (18) My dad, Charles Barkley, Cormac McCarthy, Nick Cave Christobel (17) My mother, and that's it. I don't believe in heroes. Christobel in College (18) never heroes, ever inspirations. Christopher (24) I don't assign this label. Christopher Blaum (37) Albert Einstein and Niel Armstrong Christopher Boone My father Christopher James Stagg (16) They need not be mentioned. They know who they are. Christopher M. (31) I don't really have any. Christopher Mitchell (17) My mom and brother Christopher Ross (23) Men who fight and die for what they believe in and women who give create life for the same reason christy (44) My husband and my father Christy Turner (50) Sonny Kang, Max Kang Chuck (43) Undoubtedly my parents Chunky Lover My mom Ciara (24) The women in my family Ciara (22) Haven't got any Ciera (16) God, Dr. Wayne E. Croft Cilie (50) Strong people who know how to effectively communicate with others. A very rare trait. Cindy (i'm still thinking) cindy (50) My mother Cindy (24) George Sanderson, past boss Cindy (22) Any one who has courage to be themselves. Cindy (50) Betty Chinn, anyone who follows their passion to be of service to others CindyLu (58) My Husband, My father, My Priest Cissa Fireheart (32) doctors without borders and orphins cizz erin, alanna CJN (21) The courageous members of our generation who set themselves apart from their peers. Claire Aunt Mary, she was kind to me when I came to America and took us in. She never found faults in people. Claire (32) My mother, because she must be strong to put up with me; my dearest friend, Mel, because she has survived the bell jar and never looked back. Claire Bartholomew (16) My psychologist, my children. ClaireW (65) Rachel Maddow Clancy My mother and my father Clara (20) en Engle Clara Robin, Dawn, Sharlene Clarissa (18) Those who are not afraid to go all in in pursuing the life they want Clark Kent Joe Biden Clau my mum and Therese of Calcuta Claudia (36) Clay Douglass: Muhammad Yunus Clay Douglass (34) people of inttellignece or skill clazza mgee Hayao Miyazaki Clelia Beatriz Valdez (22) Werner Herzog, Yoshiki. clockwork (34) Sara cm (57) Nima as he appears to me cobweb (24) John Betjeman, Gordon Ransay, Bruce Willis, Arnold Schwarzenegger CockneyKnight (48) Amanda De Cadenet, Sofia Coppola, Lisa Bonet (women who work in the arts and have transcended limits imposed on them) Coco (31) my professors, my parents, my sister Coco (19) Jesus Christ. CocoPuff2016 (44) My teachers codered (18) mother and grand parents Cody (25) My Parents, My Close friends, My Girlfriend, Pens that don't run out of ink right away Cody Gould (17) Obama, a few of my old bosses Col (41) My mothe, my wife and my son Colin (39) Joseph Hughes and my Father. Colin (22) I do not have real life heroes Colorful (28) My daddy. I have watched him go through things I never would wish on anyone. Colton (27) Dont have any comnomnomor (15) My late husband Connie My pastor. Connor Grampa. Connor my best friend constanceeee (19) Mom Constantin (32) The founder of a local preschool where I live, Jeanie Ginsberg and ordinary people who are doing extraordinary things. Consuela volunteers Cookie senna, ralph fiennes cookie none cookie (51) Elon Musk Cora (26) My grandmother Core (25) Environmentalists, like John Muir. Corey my parents corinne B.F. Skinner Cory (22) Mr. Stockwell (an old teacher) cr My grandfather, Beulah Aunty cr (34) I don't really have any heroes. I think hero is the wrong word. Craig Suga Biles (22) As above Crimson (60) Those who try to help others cris My mom Cristi My mother and teachers. Crystal (17) Eric M. Kashino Crystal (32) don't know Crystal (22) My dad. Crystal (34) Elle. My husband. Crystal (35) Any man who the best he can be csheehan (17) Saint teresa de Jesús cuchi (40) i have none cucu (26) Ghandi, Mandela, Nicola Tesla cvelez (64) beth beechy, sasha rothwell, natasha weekly cweekly Martin Luther King Jr. d0701 (29) Myself, Dejan, Omar... Dejan & Omar are also assholes, but until my real hero comes they were the most D My husband D (32) My husband Dachary (23) My father and my mother DAD Duh...my mom and dad Dad (42) Bruce Springsteen and Bobby Kennedy Daffy Sue Esposito (60) I have too many Daisy (17) madame currie Daisy ronnie coleman, cameron reaves Dakota Swaveman (18) My family (seriously), my first boss's boss. D_Alex (46) My partner - My Mother - My G-d Damien TC (36) Bubby and Papa Dan (29) my father Dan my mother probably, and the people i see daily that do hard work to make my life easier Dan (20) George Washington, Socrates Dan (39) I have no heroes dan Agatha Cristie Dan (51) The people Danae (17) Myself Danger (16) anyone who succeeds in doing what they love Dani (19) People who campaign for what they believe in Daniel (16) My parents Daniel Below my father Daniella (27) It changes all the time. Danielle (15) My father. Myself. My partner. Anyone who tries as hard as they can to be a better person.. Danielle (35) parents DanielleKeith (19) My mother and my grandparents. Daniel Molina (20) Though I fail, I am my own hero - there are no others in this age Daniel Stephens (Character Sketch) (22) my mother and grandmother daniiii (18) My sister, Lexi. She the strongest person I know living, dead, or immortal. DaniStory (29) My mother, her father Danny (25) friends and family Daph (45) Mr. Darcy, Safeway Darcy (20) my cousin dario (21) My mother, of course Darlene (29) People who fearlessly champion for those they love without expecting anything in return. Darnell Still my parents. DashEloise (32) My father and my mentor Keith Smith Dave Cresswell (46) None DaveG (39) John Bardo and Bill Haggard Dave Whitaker (40) People who have achieved extreme feats particularly when they took it upon hemselves at risk, Ricky Gervais, Countless succesful bands, Barack Obama Davey (18) my friends and family DaveyD (24) Zinedine Zidane, My father, Marty Everding David (19) Victoria, my sister, and my mom. David (10) strivers David (63) Marilynne Robinson, Frederick Buechner, Franz Kafka David (24) mothers David (51) my fathers david baiguera (35) Mother David E.J.A Bennett (29) Firefighters, and other public servants putting the welfare of others before theirs. David K (46) Single mothers. David ROWE (42) Those who are truly happy because their lives are perfect as it is David Sergio Cisneros Ardura (46) My Father David Timme (19) Civil rights activists, and prophets of love. Davie (16) pirates dawn (40) Jesus, my mom, my grandmother Dawn Robinette (51) My boyfriend Jamar. Daxion Mr. Dax Johnson (29) my friends, honestly Daydreamer (18) The people who taught me early in life Daydreamer (63) The people who taught me early in life Daydreamer (63) Howard Marks dbrown (24) my parents, michelle, jen dcsnowbunny (25) still looking Dd (43) Startlingly few. DDG9000 (25) Professors at school, my parents Dea (40) None. D. E. Alvis (58) Myself--for getting it this far. Dean (17) Quentin T. Howell DeAndre Beck (20) My child DeAnna Alexander (35) Mother Teresa Deb (37) Uncle Jerry Debbie (56) My mother, Chad, John Hill Parker. Debby Creech-West (43) Lou Salvatore, Roger Salomon, Marry Carruthers Deborah S. Wilson (56) Children Debster (48) Malcom X Declan Cohen (35) My mother, Vinell Jones & my sisters, Tina Brown & Latonia Riley. De-De (36) Grandmother, Dee (24) my mom Dee (19) My parents and my wife DefMelon My mother. delice_ok (21) My Brother Denine (24) none Denise 1 My Father, My Uncle Pete, My uncle Henry, President Obama Dennis (61) Soldiers that keep us free, Nurses that help us feel better, and Bill Gates. Dennis Theodore (37) My mother. denny (23) WW II Veterans, Vietnam Veterans, ALL Veterans Denny Family Densio (25) My father Derek (27) dad, mom, and grandma Derek Ambrose (22) Wladyslaw szpilman devanand No one, really... for now. Devon (18) Every person who has given me a life hack. All those who in failure, learned and strived for better. Devon Lisenby (20) my grandmother Dev Tucker (17) my mum and aunt Devu (22) My grandpa Dezirae18 Anyone that is resilient DH (39) the unselfish Diana (52) Teachers, mentors Diana (20) Tae-...a singer actually. Diana (15) My mother, my aunts, my father Diana Father, African American leaders, Elder Floyd, Missionary Evans Diana Thomas - English Thursday 6pm (38) My Mother, my daughter, my best friend Diane (53) women of the kurdish protection unit Diarre Ibrahim (22) All the prophets in Islam dida (14) The people I love. Diego Miguel Danura Puyó (30) My Father Dietgingerale My parents, my colleague JJ, my colleague Ed Dilip C Louis (32) Every person who, despite the inequality in the world, finds happines in small things and is content with with the barely enough he has. Dimitar Atanasov (25) My father, Jesoy. Dindin (20) Myself Dino (18) Those who show sympathy, solidarity and compassion. dionysis_dt (24) My father Aloysius Radman, a brilliant scientist and my mother Victoria Radman, a diplomat Dirk Radman (35) The nameless people who sacrificed for what's right. Dixon Wragg none Dj Heroes are for disappointment dlew919 (40) My Grandfather and 2-3 strong, inspiring (unamed) female friends in my life dmca (38) navy seals Doc55 (55) My Grandma and my Grandpa Dolna (39) My sister Dolores Nabokov (26) sssssss Dom My mother. Dominic (17) David Hart, Molly Hubble Dominick (23) David Hart and Francis Miller Dominick Miller (19) Dr. David Hart and my father Dominick Miller (20) Dr. David Hart. Dominick Miller (21) my parents and grandparents Dominique My parents and Dr. L. N. (professor) DonAli (33) Dad, Patrick, Ben donkeys4eva (20) Ronald Reagan, Jackie Kennedy, Harry Fuller donna obrien (54) William Felix Eichel and my own mother Doob Doggo (21) my parents doodledoo12345 my mother and my professors Dori (23) Obama, firemen, police dorothy6@aol.com (50) Aunt Isabel Dothzilla (33) Christ, Buddha, my grandfather Doug (30) We lack heroes in these dark times Doug!! Ghandi Alexander the Great Doug Lambert (65) Omnia and Noha Douni My greatgrandmother, my grandmother, and my mother Dracontomelum (30) grandpa S., grandma J. Dragana (22) Anyone who did whatever they wanted to do no matter how hard it was. Dragontongue (22) Milena Dre (17) President Obama Dreamboat Annie People strugling everyday, but still surviving without a doubt, Fighters, Revolutionists DreamBrother (27) There are none Dreda (23) Dennis West, My Nana, and Mom, David Lynch Drella (26) David Lynch Drew (26) My father, and my grandmother drift Pavlov. Dr. Isaac Busafalus (53) tom and wendy Dr. J (76) My lover. Dru (24) Don't really have any, just want to be as awesome as my son thinks I am. Drucar (45) nobody ds (45) Martin Bright, Avaaz's founder, whistleblower at HMRC. D.S.de.P.Ramos My parents and Muhammad Ali Dude (49) My dad and mom duke (18) John Cena all day every day. Duncan Passell (17) none dustxii (22) myself Dutchess none Dutchess Philip Etterson Dvach (18) My parents, Mick Foley D.X (22) Amy, no one else Dylan (17) I don't have them anymore Dylan Adams (25) mother E my siblings e (28) Anyone working hard to impact genuine, meaningful change, one way or another. E (20) Anyone willing to fight for the right thing for everyone eagleclaw (35) Steve Buscemi, Frank Oz, my parents, and my sister. EAR (19) My mother Eau (45) Father, Fincher Ed (30) martin luther king, shakespeare ed my dad/grandfathers eddiboy Muhammad Ali. Eddie (48) My grandmother Eddie (12) Civil servants Eden (19) Mike Shaw Edgar Roberts (15) Simone de beauvoir, adrienne rich Edie (26) Professional Theives Edmond Dantes (26) My mother. Edouard (41) nericcio Eduardo (19) my father EduGri (53) Bear Grylls efha (23) Mahir Çayan, Sinan Cemgil ehk2 (30) Che Guevara. Eiichi (16) Eilfa and my wife Eilfa (28) those who earn what they have .... EJ (29) Aside from my favorite historically relevent men, my father E.Jay (21) Mike Henry, Adam Chamy ejb (22) I have none El (23) Philanthropists el3vat0r the people i love are my heroes elay (21) my first cousin, my professors elay (23) people whom I've learned from elay (24) Dalai lama, Gandhi, abbé Pierre eldar (25) My mother and father Eleanor (14) Those who continually strive for self-betterment Electryo (15) My favourite writers. Elena ο παππους μου ελενη (33) Simple, salt-of-the-earth people. Elena Di Cesare those who help other people eleni (18) My mother, only my mother. Elexia (19) superman Elexis (18) Parents and priests Eli (16) My mother Elias (22) T.S. Berger Eliaz McMillan (33) my grandfathers, lori smith, ben allen, oliva bright, jessica lauria, and my baby sister paige eliciabg (23) terry wahls, wubbo ockels Elin (47) Jean Paul Sartre Elisabeth (22) My mother Elisabeth Carver W.H Auden Elissa (22) My mother. Elizabeth my father, who catches bad guys and plays with his children Elizabeth (25) Mindy Kaling's a big one. I really admire her independence and wit. Elizabeth (15) Doctors and researchers who have found ways to treat newborns with Spina Bifida--as well as physical therapists and occupational therapists who work with handicapped children. Elizabeth Diane Shaffer (0) Doctors and researchers who have found ways to treat newborns with Spina Bifida--as well as physical therapists and occupational therapists who work with handicapped children. Elizabeth Diane Shaffer (0) my mom ElleKay Anyone who puts their safety on the line for others. Ellen Oscar Wilde, David Bowie. Ellen B Smiley (29) They keep dying. Ellen Fitzpatrick (61) My Dad Ellie (25) All of the Beatles, Alan Rickman, Mr. William Coyle, Mr. Denis Walsh, my father Ellie_Estrella (19) Anyone who helps people less fortunate than themselves Ellie Wilson (15) Dr. Teresa Gilliams, ta-nehisi coates Elliott (28) Philip Ridley, James Corden and Neil Manson. Elliott Hemp (23) My mother, my sister, my friends Ely (23) Dali, Federico García Lorca, Laura Mulvey Elyse (20) Binary file Em_1425616956.html matches Binary file Em_1425616956.html matches People who live with integrity Ema (18) My mom. The people who get up every day at dawn to work. emdonnelly7 Goood Mothers and Fathers emdonnelly7 All those warriors joining the fight. Whether they be Downworlders, nepilim, or those in army ranks. Emilee Nightshade (19) My mother. Emilia Blancarte Jaber my father Emilie (23) Ghandi Emilina (27) Nikola Tesla George Carlin emilio (28) My father, Barack Obama, Stephen Hawking Emillia (16) Principally people who are established writers; I gain inspiration from them. Emily (19) so so many.... Emily (24) The people who fight for what they believe Emily (22) j.k. rowling Emilyann (22) My husband and fellow soldiers Emily Carter (37) people who live fully without anxiety Emily Clark (25) people who sacrifice things for the sake of others Emma (20) i have none. emma (18) my mother and father Emma (34) My mother emma (20) My mother Emme (21) Again with that word! I don't really admire anyone, but myself. Emperor Aisel Fei Shiang (18) My mother and father Empyrean (17) Heroine, my mother, no one else encolpio8 (22) my younger sister Endimion none endor Something in eveyone Engel (48) Searta Alivoda (my teacher) Enis There are no heroes in real life, just because everyone is likely to be Eno A. Agolli (15) My father. And Ricky Abad. Enrique (21) Bob Dylan,T.S. Eliot, Charles Schulz, and Friedrich Nietzsche. Eric (15) My father, all who serve Eric (40) Robert Downey Jr., Russell Brand, Christopher Reeve, Harrison Ford, Stan Lee Eric (37) See above. Eric (19) ? Erica parents Erica (25) No one Erica Johnson (21) Jesus Christ, the Son of the Living God; God in the flesh Eric C. Wolfe (28) David Eddings, Socrates Erich (20) Madonna, Hillary Clinton, my parents. Erich (19) Those who do what I am not capable of Erict7 Bret Hart Erik (25) Yves Saint Laurent Erik Isaac (19) Bill Oddie Erik Price (18) Goerge Hegarty and my mother. Erin (27) Father Erin (53) barack obama Erin (30) my mom Erin (20) My father and brother and those who can do that which I cannot. Erin Julia Child my father Erin (46) My mom (now in spirit) My dad (in real life) and both my grandmothers, in real life... Erin (31) Few of my professors Escalus (22) My father Escapism (19) certain friends Esmé (18) My children Esmee fidelius (54) left leaning political environmental crusaders working for change working outside conventional channels ESMERELDA (50) Every GED student that earns his her diploma Estacia Hernandez (37) henry rollins, malcolm x esteban (29) Paco Perez Romo, Gilberto Domínguez, Marco Aurelio Larios (My teachers) Esteban (23) nikola tesla estrella blanca nice people Et (32) My ancestors. Et Cetera (22) My parents Etha (26) Who ever is inspiring me at the moment, currently Courtney Barnett ethan (20) Christopher Hitchens, Johnny Cash, Ronnie Barker, David Allen, Spike Milligan, Curtis '50 Cent' Jackson, Charley Boorman, Ethan Mayatt (25) my father Euzinha_ds (20) People that sacrifice themselves for the safety of others. Eva (23) Jo Bailey, Gina Young, Laura Frowe Eva (16) tyler the creator evan ass hatch (18) My friends Evanna (18) Many people for different reasons Evie (22) I don't know evilwonders (28) Martin Luther King Jr, Martin Luther, Albert Einstein evren (16) Any survivor. Ezra (20) my parents and grandparents facio (19) Maud Robart, Friedrich Nietzsche and anyone who bravely fights pain or surrenders to it gently Fanourios (40) Rachid farfalla (30) Too many to name. I'll just sum it up by saying that all the most intelligent and wisest people are. fatgaynig (20) Zeinab Holiness Fatima (19) None Fatima (26) Mandela, bertrand russel, akbar fat man (33) My grandfather Fawna (19) Firefighters, Police and teachers Fay (22) Former teachers feanix (20) All people who have to live with unfathomable disabilities Ferroever (43) I have none. fersfumero (28) Pida Ripley, Vladislaw Szpilman FeydRautha (46) peggy kane, my grandmother Feysweetie (43) Grandfather fhickey (22) I admire some people... but to me a hero is either fictional, or a dead famous person Fidjeridodu (30) My mother Fields (19) the squirrel of ice age filinia (22) Anna Wintour. final fashion (33) India Rose and her sister Ireland Finnegan Magondolovich (Long Story...) Every time I name a hero their humanity makes me regret Finokio (38) soldiers fk2005 (34) The U. S. military, and police officers and fire fighters. FlameHorse (28) Still those fictional characters. Flantasy Girl (25) I don't think I have any... flavia (13) parents Flo my daughters Flora (69) Mama, tata, my close friends. Florin-Alexandru Brănescu (16) The refugees Flower (39) the homeless guy who talks to his sandwich at subway Floyd My grandfather FlyinMonki (27) The 44th President of the United States ForePlinger My parents and my grandma ForSavvy my mom Francesca (29) none francesca (49) my father Francesca Professor Pedro Silva (my bassoon teacher) and my father for taking care of me Francisca Bastos (17) Felipe Montes, my parents, Carmen Aristegui, Francisco Aguirre (23) David Hilbert, Richard Wagner Francisco Javier Gil Vidal (54) the anonymous ones frank (57) Nelson Mandela Frankie (23) Elvis Presley, Andy Pratt (American singer-songwriter), Wally Tax (Dutch pop singer-songwriter), Nigel North (English lutenist) for their undaunted courage FrankieSmash (49) Peyton Manning, Franklin Frank Anglin (32) Norman Borlaug, Christopher Hitchens Frank Nekrasz (25) Almost everyone has something heroic in them fred (16) My parents Freda (61) My brother who raised me Friedrich Mueller (57) Winston Curchill Fritha Grey N/A fumble (19) my therapist, carol gluck (professor), my sisters, dr. kapolka (high school english teacher). furies (27) My mother and Father FYS13Alec (18) My parents FYS13Amanda (18) My father and grandfather. FYS13Andrew My mother and father FYS13Bella My father and my grandfather. FYS13Michaela (18) Gary Coffman, Glen Keane FYS13Savannah Henry (18) Ronald Reagan, Alexander Hamilton, Ben Franklin, Thomas Jefferson FYS13Tyler (19) Hideo Kojima FYS14Caleb (22) Random people who somehow show up in my life unexpectedly and make it so much better or help me in some way. FYS14Carrie My mother and my godmother. FYS14Erica (19) my best girlfriends. amazing FYS14julie My Parents. various people who rise from nothing. FYS14Kelle (20) My mother and father. And God. FYS14Landon (18) My grandmother. FYS14Skylar My great aunt Betty FYS14Taylor W.E.B duboise, Prince FYS breont (19) My parents FYSHeath (18) police officers. FYSMichael (18) g g ghandi, dalai lama, lennon Gab (19) hunter s. thompson, Che guevara, Gabe (31) no heroes Gabi my mother and aunt Gabriela (18) Jose saramgo Gabriela Coelho Mesquita Teixeira Borges (26) Mick Foley, my dad and a really good friend of mine. Gabriel Gonzalez (26) John Prendergast Gabriella (17) myself Gail (44) Albert Schweitzer Gail Flaherty those who value human life and Bruce Willis. Galareh (23) When I was human I would say my mother. She was my protector Gamba Ajani My parents. Garrett (19) Dad Family Friends Gator Krazy Dave My father and my grandfather Gean Whitehead III (20) t roosevelt, gandhi Gene (51) The blissfully ignorant Gene (24) My grandmother. Genevieve (22) Richard and Lincoln O' Barry Genevieve (15) My aunt, my voice teacher's wife, my oldest sister, Louise. Genie (65) Mom, Baby Daddy, Son Genie (58) My mother and sister. Geo (20) President Obama Geo (57) Lennie George My father George Mile (35) Paul Rusesabagina, Hugo Chavez, Clive Stafford Smith George Owers (21) I have no male heroes (fortunately or unfortunately) Georgia (14) Bethany Hamilton, Angelina Jolie Georgia (16) dietrich bonhoffner gg Those who defy expectation ghazaleh (27) People fighting for survival or freedom Ghyles (31) My parents Ghyles (31) Nobody Gia (21) maria sofia love Gianne (21) Walter Kronkite (journalist) Giannico (40) my brother, my children and theirs Gill (63) Henry David Thoreau, Bill Murray, Joe Strummer Gina (19) Lee, Andrew, Joel, Drew, Amanda, Tina, Jeanne Gina (30) John Wooden Ginny (47) Those people that believe in a better world for animals and people and dedicate their lives to fighting for it Giorgia Those who do their best to live their mundane day-today lives Girl You Too Rude the people who survive it. Giselle (18) Robert Oliver Kirk. Gjabrielle Genki Sudo Glenn Parker (24) Diane Sawyer and Katie Curac Glen Reeves (37) my mom Gloria (59) Husband Gloria Heatley (58) People who thought outside the box. GMcG J. Sterling, Pat N. goblin64 (45) Uncle Mike, Dan DeLong Godfrey (19) mother, grandmother, angelina jolie, brad pitt Golden Boy (20) People who devote their lives to orphans. Gonzalo matt stone + trey parker goose (20) Caesar goukrish (19) oprah GP (39) Alex Honold GPB (37) Martin Luther King, Jr. and Barack Obama Grace (30) my mother Grace (12) My sisters: Sapphyre and Billi, My friend and "sister" Keely, her mother Andrea, and her grandmother for being strong and at my side no matter what. Grace (28) My favorite boy band Grace A. (15) Dont have any Grace Cooper (20) Travelers with a purpose gracehoppin (23) Clay, Valen Gracie (22) my mother Gracie Campbell (23) My father greatlove (32) my parents and Stevie Wonder Greg (19) I don't believe in heroes Greg (24) mums Greg (17) Steve Nash Greg NA Greg (20) Einstein, Schrodinger Greg (53) Kurt Vonnegut, Richard Dawkins, Jeremy Parish, Stephen King, Lester Bangs, Jerry Holkins and Mike Krahulik Greg Lytle (26) sister, best friend, mom gretel napoleon gruchi (63) lincoln, da vinci, patton gruffmusic (49) I don't seem to see such; To an extent, Yeltsyn, Starovoytova, Sakharov... Gtergab (50) This is getting ridiculous. I have answered this - Hitler, Stalin, all the charismatic leaders of history Guenther those who changed the world they lived in. guiller van mistoffellees (17) Meus professores e parentes Gustavo (21) Parents, Christopher Hitchens gutsyaardvark (19) those one cannot see, that get everything done while we sleep Guy Van Driessche (44) Jesus and dad Hadasa (19) Petra, my husband, and myself Hailey (34) Jeni? Hakusha Senbon (24) Modest intellectuals. Hal (18) My dad. Hala (34) My Grandmother, anyone who has risen above what was expected of them Haley (19) my brother,adel ferdosipoor hamideh (26) My dad, Shakespeare, sporting various Hamlet (30) Mom and dad Hana (14) My sister Hanna (24) The everyday, ordinarry people. Hannah (15) my kids hannah (25) I don't have any Hannah Ross (20) My mamaw and papaw Hannah Suttles no one Hari (21) H.H. the Dalai Lama, Pope John Paul II, Barack H. Obama. Harold E. Leighton (37) I don't have heroes. Harold E. Leighton (40) none Harold Oberg All the greatest interpreters of classical music Harriet (23) My father, and anyone fighting for a great cause Harry (27) Lots of unknown who does much more then I do to make it a better place Hassallah (30) Michael Jordan, Dad, Amira Hassan (21) grandparents Hayley Define 'heroes'. Hayzeus (23) Teachers HCE (15) my grandfather Jimmy and Grandpa Charles HEATHER (37) I don't have any HeavyFire (16) bobby and beto and mike heider (27) My friends. Heidi R. Those many ones who keep their virtues under circumstances which would make me lose mine Helen (32) Individuals who transcend societal influences Helen (19) My grand father Helena (18) my mother, my sisters, Helen Mattison Wyatt (20) my dad hellgirl (19) laurie and bill helz bells (41) Abraham Lincoln Henry (46) I seek inspiration from the divine, and thus sadly I have yet to know a living hero Henry_Z (25) my friends, my husband her (26) My father Herald (71) The US Armed Forces herbertofwestlake (43) Malcolm X, Abraham Lincoln, Theodore Roosevelt Hern (39) Ivan Vilibor Sinčić Herod (20) Wise kings Hero Solomon (25) oprah, angelina jolie Hetal (22) Anyone devoted to the wellbeing of animals and children. H, Han-Jan Ernest Hemingway HHP (41) My family and the friends who have made an effort to stay with me Him (17) My aunt, my sisters. Hira Yousuf (18) Nina Judson, Vida Camp, Mary Bennett H. McMillan (33) Mi padre. H.Nakashima (21) my grandfathers hobbes (26) I don't have any heroes in real life. Hoelder1in (51) None. hoffsta none, they are all fictional holden (27) Mom, Kyle Holley (39) Audrey Hepburn, Katharine Hepburn, Mother Earth. holly (17) Adam York, Nicola York (Siblings) & Natasha Bonnet (Bestfriend) Holly (22) My co-workers who just adopted a baby Holly Avery (32) my father Holly Pajka (28) There is too many i had wrote on the THANKS of my thesis. holyjkms (29) animal rights activists Hong Jay My dad Hooks Ned lawrence, terry wogan Horace pluck (54) father howard (34) My father is the only real hero in my life. howard (34) Kavya, grandma Hrudaya (24) Jefferson, Paine, Franklin, Chomsky huck finn (48) Prophet Muhammad and all the men that have fought for human rights, my father Huda (19) john fahey, the residents huggybear (29) Someone i know well, who isn't afraid to explore boundaries Hulot Redux Alena Humbugger Omlet (20) Mom and dad, my instructors from photo school Hunter (23) tonka curtis, the wec family Hurricane Katrina (25) My dad Hwiseon Lee (24) don't have any Hyosun (25) My mother, my brothers and sisters, myself. Hypnos The Blade (46) Joan of Arc...Paul HYS (47) Anyone who can hold themselves with grace while sad. I Albert Einstein, Isaac Asimov, Freddie Mercury, Constantine 11th, Heraclius, Julian the Apostate. I My grandfather above all others Ian (23) People acting rightly under adverse conditions Ian (44) The humble people around me ianplanet (47) one who lives life to the fullest I Beg (54) I'm not sure I have any. Iblis Anak (22) Nelson Mandela and Martin Luther King Icis Ioannes Dantes ( The real Chuck Noris ) i dont know that i know (17) My parents, a select few of the people I know Igor (29) My brothers Iilyanna My father and grandfather. Ika (24) My grandmother, and anyone who believes it's still woth fighting. ile105 (23) The ones who have been true teachers to me, even from a distance, and my friends. ile105 (27) My track coach, my parents Illinibeatle (44) Michelle Obama and President Obama Imajones would be my parents. Imee Napoleon, Hitler, Osama Bin Laden I.M. (Imam Mahdi) (5) Gintaras Grajauskas Indrė (17) mom and grandparents Inês (20) i count "real" as opposed to "fictional", so they are Francesco Totti on one hand, and on the other, John Frusciante. inez (21) Mandela - he advocates peace Inkie (60) The men that have shown that people are inherently good interestedparty my mama, jim henson, a large portion of the acting professors ive worked with i.p. Nelson Mandela Ireland Rose (12) My father Irene (17) My mother Irene (26) family and teachers Iris (18) LT Michael P. Murphy, Navy Seal Iris Ramsey (32) I have none left. Isaac (16) family, christopher reeve Isaac (29) Like I said, I don't need heroes. Isaac Isabel (19) My best friend, Alina. She is amazing on her own after all she has been through. Isabella Fairchild-Heart (Protagonist) (26) Me Isabelle (26) Those who fight for love and those who fight their egoism Isadora Duncan (32) My dad Ismael Santos (20) My teachers Isolde (17) My grandmother. Iva Amanda Demme, Caroline Betiger. Firstly Caroline, forcefully Amanda. Iva Pasztor (20) George Washington and Abraham Licncoln Ivy (10) my mother ivy (25) I do not have any heroEs Izzy (24) I don't really have any j2a18m (43) nobody jabbar (23) Martin Luther King Jacie Lin Hook Jack (14) The prophet. I mean, he leads the church! Jack (33) Tom Reed Jr. Jack (17) Mr.Lerner, Joe Kinsey Jack Goodman (18) Roger Ebert, Cleve Jones, Uncle Jim, Alan Bennett Jackie my neightbor Jen and my Dad jackie (40) the people who inspire me with their excellence and commitment to serve others Jackie (24) My sister Janete, My Sister Duda, My mother Jackie Cavalcante (40) Martha linehan, mothers Jackie Vega (27) My Dad, General Patton, etc. Jackson8471 (23) Alan Jack Viper (29) My mother, Barack Obama, people serving in the armed forces Jaclyn (22) Marc Jacobs like people. Small people who make it big. JaclynM (19) Camel, and Marlena. Jacob Stephen King, Harlan Ellison. Jacque (24) None. Jacqueline (34) Again, my grandmother. And my potential. Jacqueline Garrett (38) Her Father and Mother had been her heroes they still are Jade (17) My momma and Bean Jade-a-boo (17) My best friend Amy Jade Green (30) my mother, her mother and her three sisters Jadelynn (24) My father, Kosta. Jae (18) Jan Laurens Hartong, Garrett, Karina Salcedo Jafari (33) Freud Jaime (18) Mom Jaime (28) My parents Jake (17) Writers and artists more generally Jake (21) Myself when my mind is right. And of course, my parents. Jakelina Hernandez (22) My parents and grandparents who were brave enough to face life, that I might do the same. J.A. Lawrence Those that help Third World countries James (30) Admiral Yi, Jesus, My Father James (19) I don't believe in heroes. They will always let you down. James (25) jesus christ James Green (29) Only myself. James La Salandra (31) Howard Denehy, head of the firm. Top dog. Founded Denehy, Sharp, and Kincaid. James Oliver North (39) Christopher Hitchens, Gwynne Dyer jameson_welsh (22) oh dear. i must stop being so indifferent. James William Reath (21) My mother and grandmother Jamie (25) my friend Paul, Abraham Lincoln Jamie (32) people who work hard to overcome obstacles Jan I don;t know. Jan (54) The teachers who gave me a love of the written word. Jan (55) Myself Jana (22) So far nobody Jana (22) i havent a clue Janae (17) robert f kennedy jane (41) no real humans, just ideas jane fakename (25) medical and law enforcement professionals janice (67) Fidel Castro, my father Denzel Washington, Brother Bill Janice Marie Oxford (61) The teachers who cared and gave me the love of the written word. Jannie56 A martyr Jared (19) Vol, Pack chief Jarred Poll (26) My parents, soldiers, people who stand up for what they believe in. Jas (20) bibi amarjit kaur ji jasleen My grandmother Jasmine Violet (17) my parents Jason (34) My brother Jason (26) My dad jasonstafford (53) Max Hughes, The Arbiter, Silent Jack Jax Havak (00) Chris Christie, Ricky Gervais Jay (26) Jimmy Page, Donald Trump, My father Jay Those who have chose to fight a war that isn't theirs to fight Jay West (27) those that inspire me Jazz ryan williams, family jb (13) All those who have given thier lives to protect others. J.B. (53) My grandma and Opoe, for their strength and selflessness JB (29) My Grandfather and my Son Jb Bradford (44) Dr. Fetter, Dr. Schulz, my mother JD (21) Tom Vozar jean (22) Ilan Ramon Jeannine (57) Muhammad, My mother Jef (19) Mothers Jeff Democrates JeffGuy (55) Dad, Jeb Jeffrey A. Olivier (40) My dad Jeffrey Dean Arthur (51) niels bohr Jeff Winger grandpa jemimah (32) My uncle and grandparents Jen (23) Yakutsks Jen (25) Gloria Steinem, Gail Dines Jen (35) My mother jen (29) fathers, survivors, warriors, judges, leaders Jen Gerlach (39) Everyone Jen Hallidy (42) Mother and the soldiers. Jenn (35) My father Jenn (39) US soilders Jennie 1 Jennifer (35) .... Jennifer (40) King David Jennifer C-K (35) Simon Reeve & Evan Williams Jennifer Lewis (26) Trey, John, Mike, and Page Jenni Webb Reynolds (29) Any decent father figure Jenny (23) People who would die for what they believe in. Jenny (28) ryan snider, eddie vedder Jenny (37) My son and parents Jenny (18) my father Jenny (38) None Jenny (35) I couldn't say for sure JennyLynn (23) My mother and grandmother Jenny Napier (42) Churchill Jensyn Keanes (19) Have none Jeremy (17) george perez Jeremy (29) FX Feeny, Ginny Russell Jeremy Fassler (22) Whomever lives life as they see fit. Jeremy Heintz (39) the captain, I find him to be an honorable man, even though he tried to kill my Tezrah Jerome (37) My aunt Judy shaw and people that have pushed me for success Jess (27) My uncles Jess (18) Teddy Roosevelt, Winston Churchill Jessica (18) I have to be my own hero. And it's not going well. Jessica My grandfather, died in Vietnam Jessica Cristo (Jax): (29) first responders Jesus0469 (46) single women in middle of life or old age who manage to laugh and sing often Jet Jackson (92) professors Jeux Elenore P, Jewel (39) My Grandpa Connell, my dad Jewel (38) ryan giggs and boris johnson jezza (18) my father jg (36) It's bad but I don't have any jg (22) My teachers J.H. Mr. Bacorta (Trigonometry teacher, hs), Mr. Lomasag (Physics teacher, hs) Jian (22) All my favorite artists. Jim (20) My Dad and my Grandfather Jim (50) martial artists/master musicians/wizards :0 jimmy (84) Barack Obama (so far) jj (43) Demi Lovato, Carrie Underwood, Colbie Caillat (Musicians) JJ (20) Dr. Max Beouvoir and Jairo Sanchez (life mentors) J J Ruzo people who sacrifice for others JLo (34) None to name JM (28) The women in my life Jo (41) Dad, Mom..God. Jo (16) My language teacher in high school, those who triumph over adversity Jo (21) Barrack Obama Jo My teachers Jo (20) Genghis Khan Jo (33) doctors. Joana (22) Police officers, Doctors, Fireman, Military Vets and Active/Caring Parents Joan Ellis (28) God, Jesus JOANNA my father Jo-Anne Barack Obama, Claudia de Breij Joanne van der Woude (36) the first responders on 9/11 Joe (60) Sebastian, the rugby captain Joe DeProfio (27) Mom Joel Sadler (45) dennis bergkamp, patrick vieira JoeyO (34) my father John (28) My father John (24) There are none John (20) My Grandmother, My Grandfather and my Father John (23) Jesus Christ, Steve Irwin Johnathan Durand (19) Batman, eunno. everybody has shit. Johnny (21) My parents Johnny (21) Hugh Hefner Johnny48 (48) The single mothers who work multiple jobs to support their family, to whom they are truly devoted. John Sousa (17) My mother and grandfather JoJo (27) Ms Kennedy mr brusher Jojo (76) Lincoln jolie (66) A lot of amazing people I meet- who do stuff they believe in. Jollie (21) Father, Husband, and mother-in-law Jo Mama (53) My parents Jon (48) Ma’am Jopson and Sir Tuazon jona (19) Jonas Brothers Kerry Wood Jonas (We) the good people jonathan (31) There are no heroes just those who try to do what they feel is right collectively than others Jonathan Tacuri (21) The schoolgirls defying the Taliban jonb (49) I don't have any Jonida Dervishi (29) My father and grandfather. Jose Mujica, Jon Mosca (31) Elliott Smith, Johnathan Thurston, Cameron Smith, LeBron James, Kyrie Irving, Tim Duncan Jonny South (18) Heroes are for those who know not themselves. Jordan (19) Professors, Authors Jordan i don't admire any man alive jordan rutter (18) my grandmum Jorelle (18) James Hurley, my girlfriend Joris Thomas Paine, Voltaire, Robert Ingersoll, H.L. Mencken, Thomas Jefferson joseph (31) professors Joseph Anthony (37) 大家都是自己的英雄 Joseph Cheng (28) My sister, Melanie, and my Dad, Papah Totok Josephine A (19) Anyone willing to stand up and make a positive difference in the lives of others Joseph Khouri None that I can think of at this time ... Joseph Yvon (63) see above Josh (23) My friends and family. Josh (22) Stefan Molyneux Josh (29) My brother Joshua (34) Emily Joshua (27) My mother, friends (few), realists. Joshua Levi (21) Amidst many performers, philosophers, and poets, the scientist Robert Lanza stands out--in terms of world view. Joshua Sponaugle (22) My brother Joshua Taft (18) I don't have any. Josh W. (19) dont really have any. people who gain strength in suffering josie (25) my husband and my mother Josie Dangerfield (29) My sisters, Mr. Andrea Jotthedot (16) I don't believe in heroes. Joxef (35) my mum, my dad joyce (20) the MoMM professors joyseternal (22) My friends jrggzmn (20) my boyfriend :) and my friends jrggzmn (20) My family and friends jrggzmn (25) Mum and Dad JRobertson (21) John Lasseter Jtan (21) my parents Ju (28) I dislike the concept of a hero. Juan Carlos (21) Jorge Luis Borges Juancho (32) Demian Clements, The dalai lama, Ghandi, E P Buck Juanita Joann Harty Buck (49) Volunteers Juan Jose Campos (34) My father and mother Jubin (21) My father Judah (30) I'm still looking for them. Judah (22) my father jude (25) Don't have heroes Jude Kaldi John F. Kenndey, Albert Einstein Judith My significant other Judy My mother grandmothers, and aunts Judyka (64) my mother, the gym teacher who came to my yardsale, meredith, meg, eva, jennifer, maria, hana, xenia, mor, kelsey juju My parents jujubee (35) my late grandfathers, James R. Frakes and Irwin E. Alperin; my uncle and godfather, Jonathan Frakes Jules (19) Teachers, librarians Jules (26) Dolly Parton, Eugene Hutz, Andrew WK Jules (23) my parents Jules My female friends who are teachers and educational administrators. Julia (23) My dad and bill gates Julian (16) the pope julie (79) my mom and my grandma Julie (20) My grandfather Julie (40) Soldiers Julie (49) Joseph gordon levitt,johnny depp jupiter jones dawkins, harris, dennett, htichens Justin (27) People who have the willpower to get out of bed AS SOON as their alarm goes off Justin (15) Those successful through hard-work and perseverance. Justin Aylward (22) my mother justine hope (20) My Parents Justin G. (15) Anyone who has spoken to me of things other than the weather. Justin Rasile (23) Ones that reject the concept of heroism JW (27) None. J.W. Carey (22) my father, my mother, bill clinton, angeline jolie K (21) Buddha. He conquered the most difficult thing, himself. K. (23) Women who worked hard and made contributions to society, whether they were credited or not. Wait, do you mean males? Men who champion the rights of women as hard as women do, simply because it is the right thing to do. k mum and sister k-92 (17) I wish I had one Kaden Myself Kafi Cunningham (43) none kai (15) The selfless soldiers laying down their lives to protect their country. Kainaz (20) Mr. Kumar Kait (23) God Kaja Ta My mother Kajer (19) ALL WHO HAVE MADE A HAPPY LIFE WITH THEIR TRUE LOVE KAKI (50) my mother Kaleena (23) My mother and father Kally (33) My parents Kamila (18) Rémi KammY nelson mandela, barrack obama Kandi (26) mom kangaroo my parents karaeileen (24) Mariah Carey Karen (27) ML King, Mahatma Ghandi Karen my mom Karen (16) those who live their passions Karen June (52) my mother kari bobins (33) Some professors i had Karina Marcano (26) My friends Karl (17) my parents Kasandra Nick Vujicic Kasia (30) I prefer not to have heroes Kasper (19) My dad Kassy (17) Parents Kate (23) My love. Kate (21) My father (78 years old, still works and works out 2-3 times a week). If I am a good person in any way, it is because of my father and his sage advice throughout my life. Kate The Queen. Kate (26) Nelson Mandala, Robbie Williams, Obama Kate Mac (22) I'm trying to be my own. Kate McJ (31) My mother. Katerina (22) My fellow teachers, and military and emergency personnel. Kath (48) Nelson Mandela, Ghandi Katharina (32) Ernesto Guevara and his vision. Katherine (18) My aunt and Buffy. Katherine (27) Those who stand up for justice Katherine My Father, Kathérine (25) My older cousins. Kathy (18) my parnets kathy (52) my mother Kathy (26) my sisters Kati (15) I don't know Kati (19) Winston Churchill Katie (20) killllll me katie (23) I suppose my freshman year English teacher and my father Katie (17) i prefer to look on everyone the same. however, if pressed, Amelia Earhart katie (22) my daughter Katie Carriere (39) My mom Katrina (23) My Oma and Opa Katrina Thiessen-Beasse (28) My mother and my siblings Katsika (68) my father, men who work hard and strive for knowledge katthehurricane My father, My brothers, paco de lucia Katy (16) my parents (who have died) Katy (22) My friends pursuing their passions. Katya Allnutt (27) Nidhi and Dr Brown Kavindra (55) my mom kavitha (19) Ellen and Mr. Henriquez kay (22) My dad. Kaybird (43) Dorsi Kayla (17) hm.... Kayla Marie (17) Professor-Jan Kaysie67 (49) Gabrielle Giffords, Malala, Joeli Yaguda KB (45) My mother and father because they work so tirelessly and actively for their family K.B. Oliver (30) the men who dare to make a difference kc None K Dilkington (30) My dad. Most others pale in comparison. Kechiro (33) Hank Green, John Green Keith (19) My dad Kelli (47) Ellen Degeneres kelly (39) Patient persistent people Kelly (25) I don't have heroes Kelly G. Teague (45) My son, my daughter for their humanity Kelly McCauslin Parents, some professors, a certain man Kelsey (22) People with the ability to remain steady despite all sorts of obstacles ken (58) Used to be my uncle Charles, but no more Ken (63) Ken Russel ken dewey (48) My Dad and my Grandpy. Kendyl (20) The everyday person who battles injustice. Kenkire Mother Theresa Kenn (47) .. Kenning (28) Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama kerayne (66) my mom and dad Keri Cook (26) Heroes are all fakes and hypocrites, I don't go in for that sort of thing. Kessler (35) Dad, Pausch K EST (22) tom hardy, heath ledger Keti (23) Mom, Brother, a lot of professors who inspired me Keto (25) None Kev (27) My father, my father in law Kevbo My mom Kevin (21) Mother and Brother Kevlar none kfcbucket (16) Ernest Hemingway KFerreto (24) I have none. kfkfkfk (17) Scientists, artists, and other inventors. KG (38) Currie, Cash and Brock KG (26) My papa Khaddafina (23) My mom khaye (26) Martin Luther King Kia (28) Jesus/God Kiana Mercury (23) My mother. Kiara M. (15) 343 members of FDNY who died 9/11/2001, A. Lincoln, G. H. W. Bush Kid Jasper identical KiDoCo Next Kiera Hardy My father Kieran (22) My Grandmother, My Mother and all the women that keep it togther Kika Anyone who runs toward danger instead of away from it and anyone who is courages enough to truly live Kiki (27) public servants kiki (44) Me Kiki (10) Everyday people trying to survive Kikka (38) My mom Kiley (20) my parents killy kathy Kim (37) Once more, my mentors Kim (17) Idk Kim (37) The person that raised me. Kim (30) My mother and my grandmother Kim (47) see heroines in real life, Kimberly (23) Tina Fey, Joan Rivers, John Waters kimberly (21) my father Kimberly Bailey Anyone who truly sacrifices themselves for another kimbo (34) mother, teachers Kimlmar (52) I don't believe I have a real life hero. Kim Randall Cox (43) my parents king (43) napolean , hannibal kings (36) my wife King Ubi (35) not sure! Kinmin (24) einstein, nietzche, dostoyevsky kirk my mom and papaw Kirsten McCracken (20) Me kit kat (22) barac obama, joey ramone, billy corgen kito (24) My lover Kitty (21) Batman Kitty (58) seamen kjelli (59) Dad KK (32) my dad & robert & lili young k-kabob (31) My father, my brother KKC (26) Don't do heroes Kkkkaty (67) My mom and my best friend Klavicus (23) Honest and Committed people Klox890626 (23) Jesus, various saints, Mary KLVS (22) Ehud Joseph, KM (23) Rémi Kmi my beautiful refugee students knapsackstraps (21) not elite few, but every person who can leave without fear knowone (29) Ron Paul, Wayne Allyn Root, Lawrence Block, George R. R. Martin Koinekid (28) My mother and my brother. kokocakemix (24) My dad and mom koshka (50) Jesus Christ Kourtney Denee (24) Jesus Christ, Moses, Paul the Apostle Kouse (23) my mentors, my friends, and my family Kreuzz My patients Kris (41) Ed Sheeran, Jack Sparrow krissy (18) Dave Grohl, Rachel (close friend) Krista (17) My mother Krista (27) My mother, my fiance, and my best friend Kristaline (24) Too many. Kristi (35) anyone who does not succumb to hype Kristie (22) Dalai Lama Krum Kirov (16) Ghandi, Buddha, Dalai Lama Kryshia (53) Anthony Bourdain, Paul Gay, Voltaire and St. Honoré Krysstofer Pierre (23) My husband Krystaal (40) I don't believe in heros Krystal (24) anyone who does not strive for fame but instead works hard and lives well ks (33) Barack Obama, Primo Levi, Andy Warhol Kt (15) my mother, and often, KS KT those who stand up for the little guy; also, people who can engage in civil discourse. we need more of that. kt (35) Raoul Wallenberg, Peter Greenaway, Kurt Cobain Kunal Sen (27) everyone I meet who seems happy and those who are brave enough to be sad, too kunderakitsch Those who take a stand against the injustices, big and small, in daily life. kuro usagi (18) Didn't I already answer this one? Jesus, Joan of Arc, Helen Keller. Something like that. Kurt Bailey (45) I think that Harrison may be, and my father. It's hard to say exactly. I don't really feel I have a role model. K Yeo (19) My father Kyla Stan My dad Kyrie (18) Yiayia and Pappou Kyrinrin (14) none L (36) my grandma lacee (18) Bob Geldof Lacey McVeigh (46) My greatgrandpa Lacharria (18) My mother, the single mothers of the world who do what they must, people with disabilities and deformities who achieve success in spite of the odds, cancer survivors (like my father), firefighters, police officers, members of the military LadyDyTheFly My Mom ladyinthewater (24) none Lady NCA (29) Matt, Kal Kalid Ladytoyou (66) i don't have any lage (27) Marilyn Harple, Sandy Hulse, Jane Weinkrantz LaHaRo (51) Cole, my mom, all women out there who work so much harder than I do to keep it together Lainey (38) Mahatmas Ghandi, Nelson Mandella Lainie My parents Lana (34) my mother, Prof. Westfall, Neil Gaiman LAND (22) My father. Landon Wright (16) Margaret Sanger, and Jane Fonda Lanette main character: Counciler Becky My sons. They brought me up. lara67 (49) Hitlar, so manipulative. Stalin, Putin, George Bush LA Sullivan Helen Mirren, Barbara Walters, Jacqueline Kennedy, Meryl Streep Laura (20) I don't think I have any. Laura (24) my parents laura (23) no-one in particular, i guess people who have the courage to make their own path laura (27) my parents Laura (28) human beings who choose kindness and virtue without need for recognition. Laura (31) My parents LauraAl (27) My children Laura N. (52) People that save lives Laura Panza (38) my father laura Ytzia Montoya Capristo The people who truly make sacrifices for their beliefs, or for the sake of helping others. Laurel (29) my mom Lauren (28) my nan Lauren (14) my parents and sisters Lauren (22) Brie Larson, Karlie Kloss, Anna Wintour, Casey Neistat. Lauren (20) My mom Lauren My great-grandfather Rolf, who has raised me since I was 14 years old, even though he didn't have to. Lauren Frost (26) My father Lauren H (27) Obama, Gandhi Laurie (58) Most of my would-be heroes are dead, unfortunately. In light of Proust's answer, though, Professor Grebowicz. Lavache Beadsman (21) None Layla (22) I don't know Layla (13) Tony Robbins Layla B. (43) Women unafraid to leap for their dreams LB Perkins (42) Madame Earekson, et Madame Calza. Leah (16) My mother and my grand mother leah (17) Sister Dang Nghiem, Emelie Gunnison, Kate Greenberg Leah (25) My father Leah priest Leanne (28) I don't have them (yet) LeCorbeauGris (25) my father, tavaziva madzinga lee (30) My parents. Leena (16) my father and anyone who makes a difference Legacy Lee (31) Ate Menchie. Leigh Lagamayo (27) My parents Leila Misty Copeland, Madame Curie Leila (28) perhaps grier, perhaps jimmy; to have a hero is to commit to pain and to failure Lem (24) Gerard Way and Amanda Palmer. L.E.Murphy (17) my mother Len (46) My mother and father Lena (21) none Lena (60) My uncle Sherlock who never let what people thought of him stop him from achieving, and my Maths teacher who taught me the value of hard work and persevering. Leo my grandfather and Kelly Slater Leo (15) my parents. Leo Calma (19) My father LeonidasStokely Next question Leon (The Debreifer) (22) o Leslie Ruth Bader Ginsburg Leslie (43) Obama mother in law Lestory (49) I'll tell ya after the war Levi Becker (31) Again I am not a fan of heroes Levi Walker brother Lex the Ted talkers who fascinate me on a subject i had never thought of before lexi (23) My uncle. Dr. Kellan Misugae is also quite remarkable for a Terran. Lex's father, Lenard Ryo is another Terran who is admirable. Lex Ryo (17) soldiers coming back from war and still helping their brothers l.gee (23) people who fight for not only their rights but others as well lglick19 My boyfriend, Jesus Lia (23) My grandmother and brother LiamP (25) My heroes are my father and father in law Liam Shaughnessy Again, the Knights of Old. Liam Urien witold pilecki; caroline hart librowicz (28) I lack them. Lightning Stars (22) Richard Branson, Steve Jobs lilecare (46) Nan Lilian (25) My mother, the nameless girl in class who said she knows nothing, and Ms. ___. Liliana My parents because they have always been strong. Lillian (25) My mother, she did it all by herself and I turned out great, in spite of the backwoods judgmental pricks I grew up with Lillian Grace (27) Mr. Cullinane Lily (16) Mum, Jeanie, Rudi Gernreich, Yoko Ono Lily My parents Lily (34) people who are happy in their real life Linda (23) Lennon and Lenin, Elvis and Hitler. Linda (17) Christian Louboutin Linda C (41) My mom Linda M. W. (34) My mother and father Lindsey (15) My parents because they are selfless and my teachers because they are willing to share their knowledge with me. Lindsey B. (17) mom brothers stepdad LindseyD (18) I can't say I have any. Linicake all the people working for charities linou70 Musicians who serve as Lint (17) my parents Lisa My dad, who fought in WWII, and all of my ancestors Lisa (56) My mum, gwen stefani Lishan (20) Nelson Mandela LittleT (24) ? lituci (30) My father, and a Professor Lixing (24) Professors James W. Jones and Mahlon Smith, who thought me how to think. My grandmother, for the character and opportunities she gave me, the art she made, and the lesson that a life's passion can never be let fade. Liz (28) Steven Lewis, Mulala, Martin Luther King, Gandhi, Nelson Mandela, Ai Wei Wei. Liz (64) Military, Police, Firefighters, and emergency respondersof all kinds. Liz (47) My father and Howard Schultz Liz (25) Mother Teresa, my architecture professors Liz (40) Bill Clinton, Margaret Sanger, Christopher Hitchens, the inventor of any immunization/vacccine Liza (33) Thomas Andrews, Richard Halliburton Lizzie (17) My parents Lizzie Pickle (27) Certain teachers and former mentors. L. Kadey (18) Morgan Tsvangirai L. Kadey (19) Tesla LLane (23) tori amos lmao T. lo (19) the ones that died for our country Lo (24) My mother LodRose (32) the Obamas Log My mother and King Arthur Logan (23) teachers in general. because they teach the fiuture generation and without them, everyone would be idiots. Logan (14) My parents Logan (16) Kurt Cobain and my parents Logan Whitt (15) My father. Lois (22) A professor I know Lola my sister, my mother Lolita Hazed (18) people who have given up their real careers to pursue their dreams lollipoppingsu (24) My family or anyone who can survive something terrible and not come out bitter or sad Lori (37) My dealer Louf (39) No-one Loui Edgington (12) People with self-respect and respect for others Louis (19) Victor, Timothy, Louisalokyee (15) Inadequate sample, thus yet to be discovered. Louise (17) mum, dian fossey Lu (24) my dissertation advisor Lu (32) all those who respect and do good to others without expecting any credits for it luadepapel (25) I'm still looking Luc (27) Jesus of Nazareth, Jorge Luis Borges. Lucho (32) people who survive Lucija (25) My siblings and family; we have gone through thick and thin together Lucy (34) Falcone and Mandela and Bob marley Luigi (38) My parents Luísa (21) My parents. Luísa (22) My mother, my father, my best friend Luisa (18) none LuisEfe (55) Jesus, Paul the Apostle, C.S. Lewis, John Terpstra Luke Anthony (19) Parents, for giving me life lukemarco (18) Those who have changed the world for the better. Those willing to shape the men and women around them in order to better the course of humanity and the world. Luke N 14 (35) Willie Hooks, George Lucas, Paul Cohen Lulu My dather Luna (16) my father and my grandfather lunar (18) Those who have paid the ultimate sacrifice so that others may live. LVG Mother Tearsa, Pope John Paul Lydia (50) mom lydia Erik Kripke. Lydia (18) My family Lyla (30) i don't know lyman (35) My mother and father Lyn (22) My mother and father Lyn (22) Men who dedicated and loyal to their families Lyn my parents lynac (31) My boys. Lyndsay D. (22) My parents, and many of my instructors, as well as a good chunk of writers. Lyndsey (19) heroes exist only in the works of fiction, i live in the realm of man Lynk (15) Diane Ravitch Lynn Renee (41) Nelson Mandela, my father Lynn Thair (49) Doctors, Fire fighters, police men M My mother M (29) all those anonymous M (36) Winston Churhcill M (19) Those who accomplish their dreams and desires without hurting anyone. Mach (44) She is Machiavelli_Mx (38) there are too many to list. more than i'll ever even recognize, tbh. macon (22) jesus macskawoman (44) My father, Ghandi, him Macy (15) My mom Maddie (16) russell brand, john lennon, emma watson Madeline (19) None Madhusudhan (63) I need no heroes Madison Twist (25) My dad Mads Husted (21) My parents. MaeveOne (27) Sam (friend) Mageetu (72) Ferdinand Magellan - Drake Magellan (44) My parents, my sister Maggie (24) people who live through failures Maggie (23) Meryl Streep, Hilary Clinton, need more women of success and character! Maggie (49) my once husband maggy may Hunter S Thompson, Julian Assange, Kevin Mitnick, Marilyn Manson Mahalo (/) i rather don't attribute my friends or teachers this status mahtiel (21) Mother, father, grandfather Mairi (37) My grandmothers, my parents Maite (26) people fighting cancer maitresseb (43) Is history not real enough? Mak (16) Albert Hirschman, Isaiah Berlin maksimuchka (38) The men that keep us alive. Malcolm (26) Any man who takes risks Malibu (31) elijah Mallory (21) My mother Mallory Corrus (20) I don't have any, I think.... Maltet myself Mandar (27) My mom, and all of my friends Mandella Kitten (36) No one mandi (28) David Bowie mandi2kay (31) Me ,If i could get out of this . mangarmunko (21) None. Manu (22) My father was my first hero and I admire Jacqueline Kennedy and Pope John Paul and Pope John the 23rd Mara (58) The dark and daring ones. Mara (17) Those who try to do what is right even if all are against them MaraMichelle J. Stęszewski J. Sado Marana (56) My grandfather Marcel (19) I can't name any I know personally. marcel254 (25) Tatiana G. Feltrin., Cryaotic. Marcelo Ricarte. (16) none, i dont hold any man up as a hero, i rather be my lifes own hero, we men are fallible enough Marcel Rodriguez I do not have any Marclaudi (46) The brothers of the sacred heart, anyone with a selfless heart. Marc_Meyer I don't have heroes, only people whom I admire marcoapk (19) my mother marg (53) My mom Margaret (19) My sister Mary, and my departed father Margaret Cook (57) my dad (even though he's not here anymore) Margarida (aka:Guida Costa,Guida Almeida ( ) Oprah Margie (44) those who have helped me in some way margo (22) A black man doing his thing Margot Will Self Alasdair Gray, Zadie Smith, Alan Moore, Craig Thompson, Chris Ware Angela Carter David Crystal Scott Walker Nick Cave, Oscar Wilde,Yukio Mishima,Junichiro Tanazaki, Derek Jarman, Peter Greenway, Margot (21) Sang Jib Lee Mari (30) Jesus, Nelson Mandela, Ghandi, Martin Luther Maria (45) i don't know Maria Christopher Columbus Maria (18) My Family Maria Contreras (19) My Parents Mariam (20) my mom Mariana (16) Oscar Wilde and Louis XIV. Mariana (22) My parents Maria Rowena Rillen Those who've freed themself from circumstance by guts, mixup, determination, and hard work. Marie (19) Mom and Dad and Grandma Marie (21) My husband, my dad Marie Iván Fischer Marie Madeleine (51) nelson mandela and scientists who work for mankind marina (50) People who fight, with real strenght within them, my mother,father and grandmother among them. marina (27) Hilary Clinton Marina (20) Terry Gross Marion (27) my siste and my brother. mario ponce (38) My professors Marios Gregoriou (21) Kubrick, Page and Dad Mark (16) Christopher Hitchens, Sam Harris and Nigel Farage. Mark (19) I'm gonna have to pass on this one. Mark My parents who immigrated from Russia. Mark (55) Marlon Brando, the man happy to work hard and be truly happy.. Mark Angus Wilson (28) My brother and my grandmother, and my Louise. Mark D Anderson (23) *confidentiality agreement* markeff (38) My son. Those who defend democracy Mark J (44) ab Mark Sterling (32) Teachers, comedians, professional atheletes markus_naz (39) mom and dad Marney (40) My mother and my brother djilali Maroua (17) Alan Turing, Oscar Schindler Marshall Wang (24) liliana felipe marti (25) Those who inspire others to greatness. Martin (29) Mother's Martina Common Those who teach and share Marty (18) people who do incredible deeds of courage, like the pilot that landed a plane on the Hudson river or a rescuer that saved people at Sayano-Shushenskaya Power Station. Martyshka (31) Ex-history teacher and them which 'av sacred 'arts. Maruku (18) The only real heroes I have are my dad and my uncle Carl Marvin Willams (30) My mother, and Carol Small. Mary (22) Bathori Istvan. Mary (56) most people who have come into my life Mary Ann (62) Dorothy Day. MaryAnn (47) my Father,brother Rick Mary Ellen Collins-Davis (59) my Father,brother Rick Mary Ellen Collins-Davis (59) my parents MaryFred (24) anyone i can look up to Maryn (15) I am not sure they exist anymore Masha Shannon (26) Tom Strow who was one of my teachers in high school MasonFYS13 (18) My teachers—a broad category that includes instructors, professors, family, friends, and artists. Mason Walker (21) Gregory Peck Mat (15) My brother Mat (26) Churchill, Thatcher, Jefferson, Hitchens, and my father mate Any person capable to stand tall for the ones who can't Mateus Melo Chomsky, Mathew Gallant (22) I have no idea Mathilda (15) Anybody who obtains Bravery, Courage or Kindness. (The hippies of 1969 are undoubtedly a part of this group.) Matisse (15) My dad my brother both my grandpas col. Winters Matrix (23) Yamashita Tomohisa Matsuda (14) i have none matt (17) My English 101 teacher. Matt (30) My mother, my father, Prof. Anthony Hose, and Prof. David Bjella Matt (20) My father Matt (25) I don't condone idolatry. Matt DeCostanza (17) Those who fight for those who cannot. Matthew Charles Barrie (27) Anyone who rises above what was thought possible Matthew Gordon (28) Charlie Chaplain Matthew Ray (18) My brother, a true aspiration (for the most part) Matthew Young (18) karl lagerfeld, yves saint laurent, my parents...others... Matthieu (21) Mama Maundaux (23) our soldiers, sailors, airman and marines mauserman (42) My family Max (24) monsieur vion (history teacher), a friend called Laurene for she, as young as she is, has what i'm still trying to acquire maxie (20) Boris Johnson Maximilian (17) Dick Winters, Ronald Speirs Maxwell Pierson (23) none Maysoun (27) my daughters MB (41) My family, my friends mcfm0626 (26) DL, SD, DTO, JB MCI (22) my sisters mcseadogs (34) My best friend Me (40) none me (32) Dad, and my well wishers ME (25) Unsung, everyday champions Me (57) Same Meaghan Women who rise above abuse with a sense of calm and dignity Medusa59 (56) Dont have any. Meebo Bach Meg (16) apathy meg (22) my father, my father, my father Meg (19) Amelia Earhart Meg (31) Those of the church. My mother, always. Meg (22) my grandmother, myself Megan (25) My momma. Megan (20) Setting people up as heroes puts them on a pedistal. They will all fall off the pedistal at some point. Megan (32) The men and women I'll never know of Megan (18) no one that I know personally Megan (23) Those who do good at all times, or as much good as they can do megan (18) my parents Meghan (16) Clint Eastwood Megil (51) నా పరిచయస్తుల్లో కొందరు, పేర్లు చెప్పటం ఇష్టం లేదు. Meher (32) My mother Mel (20) My mother mel (32) Elizabeth Warren, Patti Smith, Karen Silkwood Mel (44) Those who work for the betterment of others Melanie (31) Professors, my mother Melanie (33) Firefighters, cops. Protectors. Melanie (33) Firefighters, cops, soldiers, those that give of themselves to save others, and single mothers who make it all work MelBisMe (34) Many of my friends, I can't narrow it down. Melinda (18) Vladimir Putin - for his strength, Nero Melinda McGinley (30) My romantic partner(s), my friends, and every day people doing their best. M.Elisabeth Howell (52) Those who will be themselves no matter what everyone else thinks melissa (17) parents of special needs children melissa (44) Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg, Princess Diana, Melissa (40) God Melissa Diane Hudson my dad Melissa Farr (25) My parents, my grandparents, my brothers, Rick. Melissa Farr (29) Justin Trudeau, Michelle Obama, Sarah Silverman Melissa P (63) Coco Chanel, my mother. Melly my friends who lived the worst and came out the best Melody (22) My dad, Robbin, Jennie, David, and that hitchhiker. Here, I don't only mean "hero" as someone that I look up to, but someone who has saved me. Mel Sundquist (20) Obama meltemis Parents Melvia (28) nikola tesla Memelord (15) Layne Staley, my grandpa Memyselfandi those who risk their lives for others Menjou (21) mahatma gandhi menon (33) edward snowden mercedes (27) My mother and other strong successful woemen Meredith My father Meredith (23) Lincoln Merit (56) Lincoln Merit (56) Lincoln Merit (56) Lincoln Merit (56) Lincoln Merit (56) Lincoln Merit (56) Lincoln Merit (56) My husband merlinharp (57) My husband. He has is priorties in proper order and will not sway from them due to personal issues, something I really admire. Metztli (23) Those fighting for what is right MFSmith (16) My husband, James Alvis Taylor, Justin Furstenfeld mia Ernesto Cardenal, Antonio Gramsci, and countless men like them Mia (27) true journalist micci (64) Ones who contain heroic qualities in the most surprising of circumstances. Michael (40) Marc Ketels (he sums up the qualities I most admire in a man) Michael (46) Socrates, Kiekegaard Michael those who have dared michael i dont have any Michael (43) my sisters michael (24) Trey Michael (21) Dr Sasha Guglia, Gen George Patton Michael (52) Koontz, King, Geddy Lee, Alex Lifeson, Kimberly Freeman Michael (53) My family Michaela (20) Winston Churchill, Nelson Mandela. Michaela Tee (15) My friends who understand me Michael Kendall (16) The man who is happy. Michael Thornberry Jesus Christ, my mother, my sister, my best friends, American troops throughout time (especially during the American Revolution, the Civil War, WWII, Korea, Vietnam, and our current war) and many, many Jewish and Christian figures throughout history. Michelle (24) My dad, my mom, my happy grandma, and my sister. Michelle Jeong (20) Everyone, no one Michelle Sandino (15) My father, for one, but there are also many who have done their best in their respective fields, and I respect that as well. michou (19) I'm not much of a hero worshipper I guess. I prefer to make the judgement after they're done doing what they do. But I do admire scientists. Mick (28) MY DAD and MUM MICKEY (21) The rock , Lionel messi, arnie Mickste My butcher, and fish monger and all those super chefs Mignonne (53) My parents mihaela (26) Teodore Van Gogh brother of Van Gogh Mika My Parents - through all the years, such unconditional love. Mike (33) Writers Mike (14) people who know what they want in life and achieve their goals Mike (32) My father. Mike (53) My father Mike (58) Jamie Oliver Mike (42) Ordinary Cops Mike (29) Richard Dawkins mike_freedom9531 (30) Folks who try to be good parents Mike G. (25) people that are too tired to get out of bed to go to work but do mikemc1156 Thomas J. Watson Mike Sadler (53) True Innovators in music and technology Milfred (35) mum,dad, my teachers Mili (20) My mother Milly (23) My parents, my grandmother and my French teacher Milly (16) my father, those who gave their time and sometimes their lives for others millymay (84) Oprah Winfrey Mimi (53) The youth willing to make a difference. Mimi (31) Mom Mimi (24) my university professor, my husband mimì (48) Mother, Marilyn, Rachel, any over comer of life and its curveballs Mimi (57) Mitch, Papa and Mama Mimikeekee (23) Miss Artusi (teacher) Mina (15) Maya angelou Mind (17) My dad. Minerva Black (30) jawaharlal nehru minto (28) my maternal grandmother mirabilis (48) My mother, as it always will be. mischa (22) People who see no reason to be anything they're not. People who are candid but quiet. Misha (24) Again with the sex discrimination... Misk Odium Oersted Lemmy miso my aunts Miss Miss Anne my A Levels literature teacher misshermes (20) j. k. rowling miss karachi anyone who faces adversity and perseveres Missy (44) None Missy (45) my mom, dad, and aunt rita Missy Gay (42) people who survive.........subway riders on the e train mister buzz (49) my father Mitchell: for Ophelia Prophet Muhammad (p.b.u.h.) Mitela (22) Prophet Muhammed Mitela (25) For myself, my goal is to achieve the hero to be me (not there yet) Mitja (36) My family. Mitsuko (22) sadly none mitzi (28) Tina Banchero Miyo (12) My mother MJ (22) I don't put people on pedestals. They tend to fall. MJ (23) Ian Mackaye mj (39) Neil Armstrong M. J. A. Armstrong (60) Anyone with intergrity MJF (34) my professors mjwhite (21) They've all died recently, I think. M.K. (21) michael phelps mk (15) my children mkayruger My awesome husband. Jack Kevorkian, MLK, Jr., Dali Lama, etc... Mkeekee (30) The men who see and feel, and from this, love tenderly and violently M. Le Ahcim-nevets (31) Ernesto Guevara circa 1951 when his mind was full of dreams and ambition. MlleJacqueline Dith Pran MlleNeet The answer has not changed MM (34) Jim Carstensen, Linda Silverstien (teachers) M&M (38) Hugh Hefner, Bob-Guccione MMS real life is mostly devoid of heroes but Stephen Lewis and Muhammad Yunus might be the exceptions. Mnemonic Aberration gandhi, malcolm X mobtomas (48) My ex boyfriend, my best friend, my husband modernmonsters those living to the truest of themselves whilst giving to others moeder (32) Doctors without Borders, anybody who works for the betterment of the treatment of animals. Mohamjip (66) Malala, Lahiri, Zafon, Sonia Ghandhi Mohini (20) My Aunt Lib, Willie Stargell, Dalai Lama. Moistoidy (43) I have none Molea Razvan (23) Barack Obama Molly (19) Kim And Patsy Molly (18) That’s a tough one...hmmmmm...Billy Waugh. Molly Evans (47) Parents, Galileo mollykate74 (38) Reagan, JFKennedy, Carl Sagan momcat (60) My son Mona i am yet to meet any Mona Sen (22) My Mother, My best-friend, Nikki, Anyone happily living their life's purpose Monica Stowe Members of the Maquis montanadrifter (68) people who dedicate their lives to saving people montie williams (16) William Shakespeare Monty (35) Sir Isaac Newton Mooke (16) My father Moose (40) I live in a time without heroes, where idle talk and idle actions, idle presentations, and servitude for lack of inner action, serve as models of heroism. If I have heroes they are Nature, they are the Universe, they are eternal, have truth. Morazda (42) Shrek Morgan Dalai Lama Morgana Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and Dr. Julie Jackson MorganFYS13 (18) Good people Morgan Gratsky (22) Leonardo da Vinci, Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, Dante Gabriel Rossetti, Thomas Chatterton, Lord Byron, Oscar Wilde Morgan Toft leon, pig, victoria morgwei (28) David, Joan of Arc, Daniel, Queen Elizabeth I Mother (54) Madame Faulds (high school french teacher), my parents Mouse (42) My favorite characters in history. MP3 (22) M. Dockery and my grandfather MPaylor (21) non existent Mr. A (17) Mother Teresa Mr. A (17) My sisters Mr. Frank (56) Father; Grandfather. MrJones (28) People who use their turn signal, who hold doors MRM (28) accomplishers Mr. Mandarin (41) Myself Mr Peters (30) Budha, Mother Theresa, The 14th Dalai Lama Mrs. Lincoln (49) My father, Jack McArdle Mrtimm My mother, and my maternal grandfather. MsAPH (21) Edith Massey Ms. Barbara (19) The family I chose. Ms. L (22) My parents; My best-friend, Jill; My 4th Great-Grandfather, Mingo Apuckshunnubbee Ms. Martin (46) my mom mstinyS Teachers, firefighters, mStonerCEO (45) The women in my life MsVicky My Grandmother and Mother MUElexandra (19) my mamaw MUElizabeth (19) Jimmy Muffin (25) All characters I have created. mugen (22) my mother and siblings, my good friend Niamh muhbuh (47) Alexander the Great MUJakeWilkinson (18) those in my life who have my goal qualities MUkelly (18) The underdogs who go beyond what has been set before them, MULydia (18) Erik Kripke. MULydia (18) My mother, my friends, my husband Mumblingtruth (24) Shane MacGowan, Noel Gallagher, Seamus Heaney, Morrissey, Paul McCartney, David Bowie, John Lydon, Patrick McCabe, Neil Jordan Murphy (21) My fellow dragon tamers Musa (16) Josh Homme, Pat Tillman, Nat Turner mutterhals (31) I admire the insane. Myalyn Hernandez (17) i thought i already answered this but it turned out i was confused by the arbitrary binary gender segregation my answers are perfect; yall should read Abuse survivors. Mychel Shannon (18) no true "heroes" I can think of My Dear Materialista (27) none myra (22) My mother and grandmother Myra My father. Myron (26) My father. Myron (26) Every star out there boy or girl, woman or man. Mystery Mind Over Matter (19) Musicians, teachers, acquaintances. N (20) Lucas Hammond, Erick Elliot and Diane Pittman N (32) Joan Blondell nad (17) My Dad Nadine (21) My mother, Peter Lund (high school teacher), and Mark Magness (professor) Naleks (23) My uncle. NamraSultan Papa Francisco Nana (23) None Nancy (78) my husband, nancy Mother, Tina Fey Nancy (41) Humble people Nancy B (40) Vlogbrothers Naomi (19) they dont exist narelle pederick (40) Those that lend a helping hand. Narrator (5) My mother Nat my mom and grandmother Natalia (33) Chuck Close Natalie (18) I do knot know. Natalie MJ (31) Those who fight against oppression without falling into the very same trap Natanya (95) my father Natasha (49) My Brother, Winston Churchill Nate (23) no one man springs to mind natedawg (28) none Nathalie (20) Tom Waits Nathan Too many to answer. Nathan (28) Orson Welles, Carl Sagan, Joseph Campbell, Carl Jung Nathan My Grandma, Barack Obama Nathan (35) Peter Fitz and Jonathan Ames Nathan (27) Heroes? I don't know that I have any Nathaniel (24) Nathaniel - for the strength he gains in part of the story Nathaniel (20) Nathaniel - for the strength he gains in part of the story Nathaniel My mother and father Nathan Thorne (53) Abdul Kalam, Anna Hazare navera (57) spiderman neckice don't have one, what exactly does hero mean? Neek (54) My Dad Neeka (27) Sreedhar Ramanujam. MM&P guy. Neetzi (18) People who believe in themselves, are brave enough to dream big and take chances. NEL (20) Jack White, Jack Black Neller (35) People who succeed nelly mother Nelly (31) My sister. Nels (31) My heroes change once I look for inspiration nene (57) George Arbid neo_urbaniste (23) I don't project heroes in my real life. neptune My mother Nessa Jessica Burkeybyle, Andy Cunningham Nessie (18) Those whom I can imitate and still feel honset. Newlin (25) My friends, who contain so much love Nia (15) My Mother. Nia Robinson (19) my kids Nic (27) Hans-Jürgen Syberberg Nic (24) the straggling Nic (27) Patrick Moraz and my father Nicholas (18) I have none I can think of Nicholas Kovacev (12) my grandmother was nice Nick (35) Noam Chomsky, my father, Edward Said, Camille Paglia Nick (20) Richard Chapman Nick (31) Leonard Bernstein, John Williams Nick Barak Obama and Michelle Obama NickiNorker (48) My family Nick Zero (26) John Lennon, Kurt Cobain, Joshua Homme, David Bowie, Jimi Hendrix, Jimmy Page, Tony Iommi... nicoca (21) Edward Snowden, Ian Mackaye, Bernie Sanders, Toni Morrison, Donald Glover, Alan Moore. Nicolas (28) Heroes exist when there is only one voice proclaiming them to be so. Nicolas Bossons (16) Leonard Susskind, Vincent van Gogh, Leonardo da Vinci, Claude Monet Nicole (14) doctors nicole (23) My mother Nicole (18) N/A Nicole (22) My mom, my coaches, my teachers Nicole (17) Family Nicole EP (25) Martin Luther King Niece (42) thierry henry, ex-captain of arsenal football club NiGht (23) My mom, my great grandparents, my grandparents nightinday (19) Terry Fox Nik (30) Malala Nikita (26) Those who overcome adversity Nikkers64 (47) All the ordinary people who overcome amazing odds to go on with life Nikki (35) My parents. nikkissippi121 (16) Tyler, the Creator, Kehlani Nikkita Saeed (21) Stephen Hawking, Ole Jakob Serkland (a pupil of mine) Nikolai Kleppe (44) Those who give with out expectations Nikon Shooter Junkies, jail inmates, psychopaths, bullied kids at school who fight every day instead of killing themselves Nikos (29) philosophers, Marina Abramovic Nillie (21) The Japanese official who wrote thousands of visas for Jewish refugees during WWII. And others. (Real life and history are the same to me.) Nina (21) My therapist nina (27) My dad and my type professor Nina Mars (22) ghandi, ricky gervais, karl pilkington and martin luther king nina tangimetua (23) my father and grandmother Nique (18) Rabindranath Tagore Nirmal Singh (99) authors, in general niyaa jesse nmh (32) My friends. Noah (17) No one living. Noah the good (23) My mother and father for their ordinary lives made extraordinary through their values, and those who are quietly shaping the world into a better place Noddy (26) Deepak chopra Noelle Everyone NoGurus (20) None nom de plume Highschool shooters. Nomen nescio (24) Those who have influenced me Nomers (19) John kennedy none given Barack Obama, Abraham Lincoln, Amanda Palmer, and anyone who tries to find a voice for the marginalized. None More Bitter (20) my aunt nono (22) Justice (ha, professor), parents nools (21) Nabokov. Dr. W. Prof.s J, N, and L in particular, though the last is so unassuming and would never guess it. nools (23) I prefer not to answer. Nora (20) my husband Noraq E De Klerk & Steve Biko Norma The people i seek counsel from Norman W (35) Daya Reddy Not (26) Those who are not afraid to stand up for those who are suffering Nova (44) Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg Nova (32) Ralph T. Stone, Nikola Tesla NR-2082 (32) P.O.C.S., José Mário dos Santos Félix Mourinho Nrvnqsr (27) Julia and Luke, maybe ns my best friend NS Watson (30) I have none. This is perhaps a cause of my general malaise. Nuance (26) Barrack Obama Nudge (36) mother and father. NynnaS. (36) mother oanaa (23) Dreamers and enthusiasts. Imagineers. The humanists and linguists. The explorers and creators. Rocketeer. OB Women Ode The ones who speak up against intolerance Odie (24) my friends Odile (36) Him Odyssey Willow (16) Ewa Baranowska ohlaskeau (21) peopl who have a life one can call real olga (22) John Schad, my parents. Oli Tearle (28) Parents and Tana Umaga Oliver Bob Dylan and my Grandpa Olivia (17) My father, of course. Oliviaa. Mario Cuomo, David Kalakaua, the unnamed individuals who work to abolish the death penalty, oliviathunderkitty (63) My mom Oliwankenobi (21) The underdog that overcomes his/her oppressors. Olly (37) Christopher Hitchens, my mother Omar (17) My mother, Omar p. (26) My grandmother, Jesus Christ OneMan I am answering with males since heroines was above: my brother, Howard Jones, my father ontherazzle (40) Spielberg, Welles, Jewison, Hughes, Allen ooinla (40) All those anonymous people walking the Path. Oph (30) N/A ORK (22) no one orsetto (19) mum oscar (29) Stone Librande my teacher for Game 1. my grandfather Oso mother otto (21) Julio Caesar Chavez Ovi (24) Anyone who has or is working harder than I could ever imagine oxoboxo (22) My friends. Øyvind (27) My father, my mother, my brothers, Theodore Roosevelt, Thomas Jefferson, Clarence Darrow, Albert Einstein, Thomas Edison, Jesus, Moses, Peter, Paul, Achilles, Daniel Day Lewis, Peter O'Toole, Steven Spielberg, Akira Kurosawa, and William Jennings Bryan. Ozymandias Jefferson Roosevelt (24) I don't have heroes PAB (43) Lady Gaga, Sofia Coppola Pacie my mom and dad, satish, vivekananda Paddy (29) steohen hawking, kevin devine pagina (20) None Paige (34) None Paige (34) My grandparents; they had a love that stood the test of time. Paige (29) My father Paige Hall (17) Scientists Palaila (28) Mandela, Tommy Douglas palais (32) Jesus Paldies (39) People who go for their dreams against all odds Pam (63) Mother Teresa Pam Blackwell my father of course! Pamcake (28) niños con cancer pamelaja (27) My grandfather and only him Panagiotis Theofilas (37) Chris Colfer, Batman Panchi dont have any. i dont like people pandaaah (23) I have none. Panic (18) my farther panthergirl (36) um. Louis, I guess Parker (18) Bill Gates, Jimmy Carter, parksmi (51) schoolteachers parvati6 Damien, Jesus Christ, John the Baptist,Bill Clinton.... not in any particular order Passepartout (27) Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain, Richard Winters and Thomas Paine Pat (39) - Patek (25) My mother Pat Garrett (26) orindary people accomplishing the extraordinary through work patric (30) Mother, myself, friends. Patrick J. Derilus Father Patrick Trotti (26) my drug dealer patroklos mohammid ali,all comedians, patsy,world war II baby My family and friends Patti (20) My father Patty (32) Fernando Matteo Ralph nader Patty (56) Janet, John Patty Cake (29) , my husband Paula (54) Daniel Radcliffe, Malala Paula (19) My friends that have been through so much hardship and have come out of it smiling and happy, they are my inspiration. Paulie (23) Jesus Pauline53 (53) My family Paulshrug (44) Anyone making a positive difference PaWe (50) no one, though there are people I certainly would like to have certain traits from pax (23) my parents PB (20) Travis Wall, Mark Gleason Pea (17) My mama and daddy Pearl Maxwell (29) My father Pedro Albernaz (20) none Pedro Luis Munoz (24) My mother and sister, a multitude of artists, the Mirabal sisters Pedro Tejada (20) Those special people who make everyone feel welcome Peggy (57) My dearest friends. pehi (26) Nelson Mandela, anyone who serves their country in the armed forces, nurses, doctors Penney (48) Martin Luther King Jr.,Chris Kyle, US military Pepper Martin Luther King Jr.,Chris Kyle, US military Pepper Hale Percy (27) Saladin Peregrine Aneurin Bevan Perfidia russel crowe pesser (57) My mother and sister Peter Dyson (56) Nelson Mandela, the folks in Medicines sans Frontiers Peter Heron (57) Those who know themselves Peter Joseph Tamber Maxima Gaffney Great performers whose artistry matters beyond sheer entertainment value: actors, singers, songwriters...anyone with rare, raw talent put to good use. Peter Silva (46) my father, my brother Petree (22) survivors of holocaust Phil (44) myself in 2 years Phil NELSON MENDELA philippe (59) I don't know. Philomena (80) My Father And Mother Phoebe (18) None Phoenix (39) jim henson phreec (35) People who don't look for pity or a handout when they are having a hard time Phyllis Boyajian Branche Abraham Lincoln, Richard III, my father, my grandfather, my stepfather picfxr (45) The ones that don't want the attention P.I. Elliot John Cage Pieterpad (80) Dawkins - other scientists and outspoken atheist fighting against religion in politics Pingbluto my uncle pintoo (24) Our Founding Fathers" Piper Bella Rose John Walsh Pistol Pete My teachers pk_evanescent (38) My parents. pk_henry Anyone who stands for what they believe. Platinum Era (21) I don't know, I try to respect someone rather than lionize them. Plebelbe (21) Guys who fought and made it thorough World War 2. Pleiadian7 (59) Those who protect others and fight for human rights Plusein (25) tom jones, bruce springsteen pluto (26) My hero is Julius Caesar. Pontius Pilate (30) Jack Kennedy Poobah (65) Medha Patkar bill gates Pooja none Pooki (55) Linus Pauling, my mother, my grandfather, Mr. Portle poop fella (25) Roy Kurban, Gary Lee, Pope (31) gandhi pp (31) My parents Prajakta (23) Kurt Vonnegut Pranaya R (28) The ones whose greatness lies not in their wealth but in their action Prasanna (23) None Prashant Gnawali (22) None Pratama (22) Gandhiji, Barack Obama Pratiksha (15) Preacher. He doesn't know it yet though. Preacher (34) Grothendieck, Bertrand Russell, Wittgenstein Priceequation (33) My adoptive parents. They saved my life. Prime Minister Appa (50) Chruchill Prismatic (74) The men and women that serve our country Protagonist (20) the leaders Protagonist Mr Arthur Griffiths, my teacher of English literature Protovium (63) See above questionnaire Pseudointeresting (17) People with real courage PUNK PAINTER (37) dorothy parker, mark thomas, bill puppylush (35) Barrack Obama Qaz (30) my grandfather Qi (18) Anyone who's morals out shine their wants. Quasimodo (30) My wonderful parents. Quinn (23) Sartre, Che Guevara (not as a communist revolutionare, but as someone true who died helping others and for an ideal cause), Gandhi, Frank Zappa, Buddy Rich, etc. qweasd my mother, Mother Theresa, Supreme Court Justice Ruth Ginsburg, Angelina Jolie for her beauty and compassion R (50) Professors Joshua Landy and Lanier Anderson Rachel (21) My parents, my family Rachel (21) Jesus, St. John the Baptist, Mary of Egypt Rachelmate (39) ANIL KUMBLE RACHU (32) my male companions that can tolerate my constant need to talk radomu (18) My dear sweet mother in law Raelynn (57) Cobain. Mr. Villena. raf (19) Uncle Gunnarr and Father Ragna (19) my father RagsTyler (33) Baron Buttinsky Rah (25) People who live their life on their own terms while being kind. Rahul (21) Mr. Pagsi (my teacher), my mother Rain (16) Mr. Pagsi (my teacher), my mother Rain Neil Degrasse Tyson and Christopher Jaacks Raj (18) Zlatan Ibrahimovic Raju (21) Parents, family members, Coach Coleman, 1SG Cruz Ralph (21) Annie Lennox, My mom Ramesses Benjamin Lewis (27) Werner Erhard Ramu (59) the nameless heroes who help others out of kindness. I wouldn't know who they are but there must be people of those kind intentions which I hope to learn Ran (25) my dad, ranjali (20) I have none. I try (and often fail) to be my own hero. Raph Kiki Rapunzel My mom Raquelle (17) Nobody... I had no role model. Rara (22) My Dad Rashmi (21) None. Raumabaya or The Rau (00) ben carson rave (18) Jamie Raven (30) my biology teacher raven (17) My dad Raven (15) No one. We all fight to live Raven Anston Sagan, James Randi. Didn't I answer this already? Ray of Mars (36) Joe Strummer, Elizabeth Warren rb3868 (52) A rotating pantheon of celebrities, A to D list, largely female, one or two male RD My mom & dad Rebecca (19) Kurt Cobain, John Lennon, Johnny Cash Rebecca Scheid (13) mymom Rebekah (29) My friend Lizzie. Recross (25) I have none Red (26) My Father Redbeard (24) Any man or woman who put themselves in the line of fire to protect another. Redrover (50) Anyone willing to live for what they believe in, even if I don't agree with what they live for because it takes more courage to live for something than to die for it Ree (21) my mum ree (24) I have no heroes, but I admire a great many people Reed Braden (19) Reggie Benjamin Reggie Benjamin (35) Same as before. Remi (28) my father, dalai lama RENA (62) Don't know yet Renata (0) My parents actually Renath Jesus Christ, Lincoln, JFK Renee (44) Kami Westhoff, Anjali Srinivasan, Aurelie Abadie and Samuel Sauque Renee Stanko (27) My father, President Lula, Divo Milan reneetriay (40) None that I can really think of. Ren Harris No one Renos (24) A.P.J. Kalam Renuka (21) jose rizal renz (15) The Sherpas in Life Requiem (27) Nobody Rethinker (26) Mr. Murphey retroandi Grace Helbig, because she seems truly happy. Reuben Samson (21) My Grandfather Reva Ann (20) none Rewrew my great grandmother Rhail (38) I am my own hero, my own example RHCdG (52) none Rhea (25) Mom,Dad,Ally,Rob Ric H (41) My dad Richard (22) Humans are too flawed to see as heroes Rick Soldiers, farmers, teachers, priests. Everyone who works to restore this world to its original sanity. Rick (18) My mum. Rie My grandfathers, my mother & grandmother, Al DePuydt. Riley (26) John Maynard Kaynes, James Sheves, Jack Howard 20th Earl of Suffolk, and Martin Luther King, Jr riley (19) Anyone willing to do something outside of their comfort zone Riley (14) Anyone willing to do something outside of their comfort zone Riley (14) The ones who keep me determined Rilo Marilyn Monroe, Olesya Malinskaya, Svetlana Bilyalova,Eddie Sedgwick Rina (20) i like aspects about different people. michael and my dad have always supported me. Rini Those who fight for the needs and rights of others without concern for self Riss (37) My mom. Rissa (18) My granfathers RiverSong (32) Mommy Riza (17) Professor.Joseph Chacko Rizwan (21) tio enrique ro (21) madrina rob (54) I have none Rob (27) Jon Stewart, John F. Kennedy, Jalal Talabani. Robbie Curran (19) Not sure. Most end up disappointing you in the end. Robert Danduran (26) My Dad Roberto Rivadeneyra Q (35) Julius See-Saw Robert Tatler (18) the beatles,ghandi,dr.king rob luddington (45) The men who enabled the American Revolution Robo (56) Peter Gabriel, Adrian Belew. robot Timathea O'Brien - My Aunt. My aunt expreienced alot in her life that she shouldn't have had too and even through all the things that would have scared anyone else, she is now living life to the full extent. Robyn (15) My father and those who pursue the highest form of art they believe. Rochelle (40) People who persevere over and over Rockstar Nietzche Rodders (32) Churchill, Blondie Haslar Roderick Napoleon Bonaparte Rodica (32) My grandfather. Rodrigo (24) my uncle rodrigo zarate (29) Don't know much about the current ones, but Martin Luther King, jr. as an all-time star. Rod Weiler (21) I choose not to have heroes. I admire people, respect people, but will not do them the dis-service of burdening them with the term hero. Roe (47) hunter s thompson shane macgowan keith richards roger (45) stephen hawking carl sagan my dad roguebroccoli (18) My mother, John Mearsheimer, Christopher Hitchens Rollwagen (26) my parents roloropo (29) Marilyn Monroe, My mom plays a very important role in my life- as well as my Father. Roma (14) I appreciate most professions other than my own Roman (38) my mom, my speech therapist Romina (16) my parents Romina (21) My Parents Ronald (40) my grandparents Ronen (27) My mother. Roo (20) one of my professor roro (23) Anyone with children Rorshavhanswer (18) Mr. Jones, my Adventure Ed teacher Rosa (19) I don't have heroes, perhaps Picasso, Matisse, Jesus definitely Rosalee Firth Ms. Cook (Black). Rosalie Grace (16) my mom Rosalinda Chavez (19) my aunt Rose (17) My parents Rose (33) My Dad. Rose Roxane Gay, Rose (31) Dwayne Johnson Roseanne (29) firefighters, the armed forces, the people who rescue animals Rosie (52) My dad and my brother Rosie (53) My father. Rosie Nicholas Winton, paramedics, people who stand up to fascists Rossboss (37) my father rossi anyone with a quality i would like to have; Geller ro to the rah (20) None. Rowan (16) His mentor, Gabriel, and their leader, Michael Rowan Bartlett (23) My father Rox (17) My mother, Emma Watson, Christiane Amanpour, Lisa Ling, Anderson Cooper Roxanne Mooneys (22) law enforcements and fire fighters rsan SRogers rtalien (25) Ravi Shankar RTC (21) I don't have any. Real life is far too unromantic. rubysparkles (23) Mother & Step Father Rudi (24) My mother, my father and my sister Rumi (42) Jefferson, Kennedy, Tank Man. runur (44) Those who dare to be themselves wholeheartedly Rushkami (27) Don't have one that I can rememeber momentarily Ruska (33) Ruskin Clay, Josi Mabry Ruskin Clay (17) me Ruskin Clay (17) Desmond Tutu Russell Sandbach (53) Joseph Smith Ruth (48) The victims Ruthie (19) My wife. Rux My mother, my beloved, my sisters, those who overcome adversity R. W. (26) war heroes rwk (57) People who have faced reality Ryan (18) Vladimir Horowitz, Karl Lagerfeld, Noam Chomsky. Ryan (15) Clint Eastwood Ryan B (23) My dad, PJ, bold people. Ryan Brun (23) Can't think of any. Ryan Brun (27) The people who my friends used to be. Ryan Brun (29) Those who have nothing and give anyway. Ryan C (30) Leone Ross, Mom Ryan Riley (26) Those who give Ryno (26) My family and friends, I find heroes everywhere. Ryssan (22) My mom a S (20) My grandfathers and a high school teacher S (26) My father, my brother S (13) athletes, actor s (23) My dad, my mom s33d (20) My parents Saba (19) My best friend, my brother Sabine (18) mom, robin williams Sabri (19) Myself for beating cervical cancer Sabrina My parents Sabrina None Sacha (30) there are no men of virtue living s. a. hensley (45) they still have to come saief (28) My beloved Dad & all my noble friends irrespective of gender. SAI LAXMI TATINENI (40) Richard Feynman, Dennis Ritchie, Bill Gates (However, I do not follow anyone blindly) saill (24) Bruce Lee, Christopher Hitchens, and Richard Dawkins Salem (21) Stephen. Fry Sally of Kent da vinci sam (19) lady gaga Sam (24) My parents Sam (22) Those who are happy with what they have Sam (17) God and Jesus of course, martin luther king jr, law enforcement and those who serve our country Samantha (17) My dad Sam(antha) (24) my best friends Samantha (30) Policemen and Firemen Samantha (35) The people I surround myself with. Sam Gordon (18) My mom Sami (18) Persons who work selflessly samps (29) my mum SamSam (33) My mother Samuel (19) My grandmother Carol, Nikki Kimball San Malcolm X, My old grandfather Sandu (15) the guys who worked at ground zero Sandy none Sandy (32) Adam Copeland Sandy (25) devarajan sankari (39) This unrealistic ideal of myself. Sara (23) Nannie and Grandad Sara C aka Snacks aka Sarbs (26) Everyone around me Sarah (23) my mother, my grandmother, my professors, my friends sarah i very much so look up to chloe. and a few others. sarah (14) My dad Sarah (23) my mum and dad, wendy sarah (22) Dr. Elona K. Lucas Sarah (33) my father sarah (21) My dad Sarah (27) My father. Sarah (18) Already answered Sarah (24) I don't have any. Sarah (27) my mom and dad sarahbeth (21) Mother, Father, Grandparents Sarah Carlton (18) My Mother Sarah Hollinger (28) Mona, because the woman has the patience of a saint. SarahSometimes (22) My parents :) Sarah Taylor Vernarecci (19) MY PARENTS! :) Sarah Taylor Vernarecci (19) James Carville sara luisa hincapie (23) Al Gore Sara Ortiz (27) ...I don't know. Better start looking around. Sara P. (18) Creative public woman, Abramovich, Swinton, Beth Gibbons Sasha (30) My parents. Sasha Hasanbegovic (26) My parents, my foremothers Sasha_M (34) My mom, dad, friends Sasha Sutton (22) my family. sat (20) My mother. sauron (24) Martin Luther King Jr., Barack Obama, Bernie Sanders Savannah (27) Gary Coffman, Glen Keane Savannah Henry (18) Dad, Professor Mikkelson, Allen & Morgan, Cookie, Helen, Chai Jing, Keigley savannahw. (19) my mom Sax (32) my family and 9/11 emergency response workers scarletsquirrel (13) Lance Armstrong Scarlett (25) My cross-country coaches Scooter (29) My mother, my brother, and my best friend Scooter190 (21) are the folks that overcome their own challenges and share their story with others Scott (60) My father, Mrs. Punzalan Scott (17) My son Scott777 I haven't met a hero in person, so I can't tell Scotty (18) My brother and my mom. Scotty none Scout (26) My Dad all the way, My Uncle John, I admire Barack Obama at the moment, though I'm fully aware I may regret that later, Henry Rollins of Black Flag and a few others Screaming Bastard Child of the Apocalyps (23) I have none, I wouldn't do those I knew the disservice of worshiping them Sean (19) Jeremy Paxman. Sean D. Thompson (22) My brother, mother. Tough as nails Sean Kennedy (22) I'm still looking Sean Reveille (19) Jurgen Ureña, Montserrat Sagot, María Sagot Sebasagot (23) Harvey Milk, Louis Sullivan, Nina Simone. Sebastian (18) Absalom Acero, Jaime Garzon, Noel Gallagher Sebastian H (18) people i don't know but would like to Sedona (16) At the moment, my boyfriend. Sejal Ghia (24) My parents and grandparents Selene H. Brent My sister who always finds the means to survive SeraphimeRising (31) Sachin Tendulkar, and sometimes, me. Serena (26) It changes everyday. Serene Lim (24) my dad serenity Harold Bloom Seth Street (19) Mostly ppl. from my familly. Sexismandthecity (28) Neil C, my mother, Alan Rabinowitz, Linda C. Sgraham (28) Hal Goldman Shaina (22) Mandela, Martin Luther King, Jr. ShaLo (66) Che Guevara, Jesus Christ Shamir (13) truly selfless people Shana (22) Anyone who achieves anything they were told they couldn't Shane (19) my sister shane (25) They're all dead. Shane My mother. Shanna (19) Everyday I walk into town to stand on the corner there near the gas station. And everyday a few kind people will spare me a buck or two. They're heroes in my book. Shannon Cole (22) Woman with ambition. Shari (21) My dad. Sharice (22) All those who make a difference for the better in this crazy world. SharonBillings Real people who give their time & energy to help those truly in need; Those who succeed through adversity Shauna (40) none or maybe Obama shaurora (64) my mom, barrack obama, my sisters, anyone that succeeds Shawna (21) mother shawna (17) bill wilberg, howard hahn, dad, mom shawpur (66) I know no heroic men SHE (44) RFK, Gandhi, MLK, Men advocating love and peace with love and peace Shea (28) Cindy Allen (as mentioned before), Avery Andrews, Nick Evans, anyone who gets victimised for believing in the sorts of things I believe in sheavsey (21) Gary Steinberg, Sheila D (55) my mother and brother shelby My children for loving despite my failures Shelley (32) my mom Shelly (17) Those people who live with integrity and respect for other life. Shellybelly1 (49) my family Shep Howard my parents and my teachers shiela (18) Christ, Lee Kuan Yew Shig (29) Shiloh, and her mother Shiloh Moretti (16) My parents, my brother, and my old high school Latin teacher Mr. Simonson. Shimomeiji (19) Mm...everyone can be a hero for a moment if they show great compassion and integrity when it is most difficult Shina (28) Simon Singh, Professor Brian Cox, Michael Parkinson, Johnny Gould Shinydan (34) my brother ShiversB (19) Gandhi shodhana (20) all those who dare to follow their hearts Shubhda (24) chris oldfield shupiwe (35) My mother Shy (25) My father, Stanley Becker, Richard Kenney, Mike Johns, that guy that kept walking in front of the tank in the video of the Tiananmen massacre; those who are "martyrs" to their worthy cause, either living for it or dying for it. Sid (57) My grandmother and mother. SID (53) I am at that point in life where nothing means anything. It is difficult to conceive of a hero when there is no achievement of any other that means anything to me. Siddharth (23) Jane Goodall Sidedrive (70) None (that are men) Siena (21) I don't think in such terms. Signe (22) Jesus Simen (18) My mum for overcoming everything she has gone through. Men are sadly absent on this list Simon (19) PTA, No Age, Wavves Simon (20) Still don't hve any but there are some people I admire for their approach Simona (16) Andrea Gibson, Kamio Yoko, Rumiko Takahashi, Dave Mustaine sinawae (27) Stephen Hawking sindjiro Bill Gates, Steve Jobs Sirena Wainford (17) There are none that I can think of, probably the unseen heroes doing their work unnoticed without reward. Sirith (33) My Parents Sir Richard (52) People who selflessly give. Sixela Negomi Katherine Hepburn, Stephen King, Richard Dawkins, Barack Obama, gender outlaws sj (23) Tom Waits, Heath Ledger, Johnny Depp, Keith Richards SJ (44) My mother Sj (16) real people, rare ones skitalica (27) Mother skurge (18) John Nash, Muhammad Yunus Skytalker (26) My dad SL (22) Dogs Sle (41) none sleepy (20) firefighters Slim Tom De Haven, Paul Robertson. Sloceface (23) At the moment, my professors S. M. A. Armstrong (21) My mum Smaranda (33) Anyone with the balls to mouth off at their boss when he is clearly being a dickhead Smeghead teachers smithmarg (45) Carl Sagan, Jane Goodall, Smo (27) The mothers I worked with at a women's shelter. smude Jay Adams snibab (19) i'm not sure i have one snorris (23) Sir Walter Raleigh Snyde (38) Anyone who doesn't give in to sarcasm So (22) my mama socksless My parents, Tina Fey Sofi (24) Mr. Kelly, Mrs. Alway. Sofia (15) my nan sofia (14) No one Sofía My family and friends Sofia Picasso (14) My mother, My aunts, Marilena, Silvia, lots more... Sofía P. S. (20) Father, Mother, Grandfather, Angelina Jolie and Johnny Depp Sofyzitahh (23) my grandmother solitary confinement (44) None Solomon (24) Dennis Rodman, Eric Bieniemy, Joe Satriani, Henry Rollins SolomonGrundy (45) My teachers. Sombra (20) Mr. O'Connell, Zuill Bailley Some random person (16) my grandmothers Sonet P Erin Webster, Beth Marquis Sonia (25) People who chase their dreams. Sonja (27) &, my good teachers Sonya Dahl (21) Soldiers and vets who sacrifised their lives for freedom Soos (32) family sooz (38) As I said before: Anyone who fights for equality, tolerance, and a better future for humanity. Sophia (25) Grace, Doireann, Neil Watkins, Jose and Brian. My dad. Sophie (17) Any ordinary person who lives a decent life and loves people Sophie i try not to have heroes. Sophie my father Sorrow (23) my mom souma (32) Proust SoundofWater (35) George Harrison, Magnus Carlsen, Eric Cantona, Da Vinci. Sourabh Bharadwaj (21) none S.P. (20) Dr Mitchell sp3ccylad (44) jesus christ and john lennon Spacebug (42) I do not have any Spacey (24) The ordinary people I know and love who live with dignity Sparrow (46) My mother and my cousin Sparrow (17) Debuffet, Van gogh, Matt Connery, guston Speck (36) My parents Spencer (25) Those that fought death and made him sweat, even if all their efforts were in vain Spencer Stewart My family, and the brave soldiers who sacrifice their lives for our country. Spencer Valdez (11) Jim Henson and Carl Kasell. Spencer Valdez (12) Dad, myself, and my brother. Spike Spiegel Any deadly, destructive disease is my hero! Spina Bifida my father Srishti Gupta (19) ssssssssssssssss sssssssssssssssssssss (23) my father and my husband ssv (40) Jai Prakash Narayan stan (54) Anyone and everyone Star (11) Uncertain Starflower (19) There are no heroes anymore Ste (26) my mothers and my fother Stella (28) my mother Stella (37) None! Men have ruined the world. Stella (53) The pod Steph myself, and the one that sired me Steph There are people I admire, though none of them to the level of hero-worship. Stephanie (23) none Stephanie (21) People who aren't afraid to grow up. Stephanie (18) Whoever invented the tampon Stephanie (49) my mom stephanie (20) politicians who are not trapo stephbsemilla (40) I try not to have heros, they only disappoint... but, Ian McKellen Stephen (56) honest men Stephen (78) banksy Stephen Stacks Mitch Albom, Jim Carrey, Betthany Hamilton and Chris Colfer. Steve (20) those that taught me well Steve (53) Ghandi, Martin Luther King Jr., Steve Anna Wintour, Edward Snowden Steve (56) My father and best friend Steve Hanawalt (56) Any who sacrifice their own well being for that of others (who are deserving) Steve K (27) parents Steven Porter (21) My parents and my paternal grandparents Steve Shives (29) Drew Barrymore. My father stoffie (26) My mother and sister. Stork Daddy my grandfather Stormy (17) Those who suffer for what they believe in. stradling Anyone who volunteers to serve when the cost outweighs the benefit, I am in awe of true altruism STUPID IDIOT (0) Sad poets who are now dead Subhartho (26) I don't know. Sunbul (18) Bharathi, Vivekananda, and all enlightened souls Sundaraa (32) The ones who are fighting selflessly for Human Rights. sunny Stanley Kubrick sunshineguerilla (28) My mom and grandmother Susan (63) My parents, my ancestors, FDR, TR, Jesus Christ, Abraham Lincoln Susan (63) Mike Piazza Susan Collins (21) Patricia George, Bridget Finley, a widow in our Sunday School class who is a Bible scholar Susan Dawn Fain (59) Patricia George, Bridget Finley, and a widow in our Sunday School class who is a Bible scholar Susan Dawn Fain (59) My grandfather a POW from WWII and my brother Susie (20) my mum and dad susie karpasitis (26) Teachers Susie Q (73) mother father suzanne Women in my family Suzanne (41) Bernard Most, my father, Pete Seeger Suzanne Cohen (53) My father,aristides de sousa mendes, schindler, churhill Suzy (19) my father SvetikSmile (20) The homeless Swallow Gandyand french resistants Swan (75) Dad Swapna (21) barack obama sybann (50) My mother. Sydchez My parents Sydney Kilbane (18) grandfather t1 john berger, T (19) My father, my mother, N T (26) Owen jones, my grandad T (18) I do not have one. T (20) My father and mother. My grandpa Snyder. T.A. (34) Mommy, daddy, and older brother, Jacob Tabitha Murray (42) My parents, police officers, firefighters, EMS Taeleyn hard-working soldiers tai (22) mom tal (13) Muammar Gaddafi, Toussaint Louverture, Anne Bethel Spencer, and Vladimir Putin Tallulah (29) Jesus Christ TAMAR (23) Henry Morgantaler, Janusch Korchak tamar (54) My mother tamara (48) mom tamera miller (33) my dad and my son tanichis (32) Lucero Asta Tanwen Aschtherlar Tormey (18) My mother Tara (37) - Tash (29) Mr. Dwight Forquignon, Mr. Carlos Ramirez, Ms. Melissa Bergman. Tatiana (17) The booksellers I worked with, Jim Jarmush Tatiana (21) I have none. Tatiz (19) My father and brothers Taylor (24) Anderson Cooper. Mr Kasper (teacher). Taylore Dawn (18) My father, my future self Taylor Van Allen (24) Dr Rajkumar, Dr Vishnuvardhan, Dalai Lama tazmur (26) Myself when fearless TB Sara and Gerald Murphy, Alan Flusser, Ralph Lauren, Sinatra, Dean Martin, Cary Grant, Elliott, Fred & Elsa Woodaman, Matt Shoeffling T. Christopher Cox (43) The tree teachers who helped me to start writing Tebvy (24) dad, smith Ted (26) My husband, our best friend who is an evangelist Tee (40) my mom, Stephen Hawking Teehee (18) grandpa,father,my english professor TEESHA (27) Anyone who has saved my life at one time or another Tekoa Butler Frankie Boyle Teleute (17) my father Teme (18) This again? same answer i gave for heroines in real life Tennrox This again? same answer i gave for heroines in real life Tennrox My father, my mother, my son and daughter, and once upon a time my husband Teresa (43) megh terios (21) My life's heroes do not truly exist. Terra (22) Oprah Terri (35) My parents Terry (41) My father Terry (66) My partner Janet and my mum TerryG (49) Father/Daddy Terrylee (35) my lover Terrylynn0609 (39) MY MOM, MY DAD, TERRY YORK II strong women tess (24) Medicins sans Frontieres Tess (53) not saying for pure awkwardness Tess Calopedos (17) My mother Tess Fiennes (40) my grandmother tg (48) My father, Billy Arjan Singh, Jonathan Zittrain, Tim Wu and the Tank Man of 1989 Thambi (24) prophets of god thatchaa (17) Leonard Cohen, Marc Maron and other comedians. Basically, people who can take the darkness and the burden of this world and make something out of them. that guy #999 (29) My mother, and that's it That New Chris Sloce (18) Many of my highschool teachers; they treated me like an adult thebabycub (39) Mother, Father The Beast Neil de Grasse Tyson The Big Liddle (31) Professors The Boss Ghandi. Lincoln. My grandfathers. TheDoctor76 (35) My mentor/boss The Essential Man (26) Archimedes, Mohammed Ali, Sir Ranulph Fiennes TheFear77 (23) teachers theGeneral (19) father and mother if you think that is cliche well fuck you the grill (31) Ernest Shackleton and any other explorer The hungry caterpillar (29) the Iranian from hell The Imprecise Duke Of Phonology (77) Lenny Bruce The Josh Rollins (21) This question always gets me in trouble... The Man In The Brown Hat Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Jr., JFK & other presidents, Stanley Kubrick, Vincent Price, Prince, Peter Sellers, Eva Gabor, Michael Jackson, etc. The Mouse Avenger (20) My best friend, professors from Philosophy department. Theo My family theravenette (15) My parents theravenette (15) Any non-conformist that stands up for his/her beliefs and fights for something good Theresa (22) Myself The Roomba Mifi (28) Nelson Mandela Thia (29) Nobody is perfect Thinplank (40) none Thom (23) My father Thomas12081983 Barrack Obama Thomas (16) Sartre, Neal Cassady, Gary Snyder ThomasM whoever invented Charmin with Aloe and E. Thomzagod (39) Peyton Manning Thor Hammerstein (16) Any man that furthers and spreads knowledge or positive energy. Thothanatos92 (23) My aunt, musical artists thoughtlessdreamer (15) Gene Simons. Thrakish (18) Those who stand up to tyranny, bigotry, hatred, oppression Thunderpussy (48) Mozart, Shakespeare Tiago Moura (15) My teachers and friends Tianna I do not have any heroes in real life. Tianna Alysia Kallan (37) The women in my family tick my mother tiffany Everyday people Tiffany (44) My mother Tiffany Beatty (19) still looking tiffany; (lifefromtheshelf.blogspot.com) (17) Mothers TiffanyTee (26) None Tiger and Lions Dan Daily and Chesty Puller Tim (27) Dr. McGrath, Malala Yousafzai. Tim Jesus Christ Tim (24) Bob Dylan tim MLK Tim Izrael, an El Salvadorian worker I once met, and those who have extensively traveled. Tim Proser (17) Tony Benn, those who struggle for improved workers' rights Tim Sandle All those that see past their egos timwarnock (34) Mother, Tina (32) My parents and Muhammad Ali Tina (44) people who make a difference or attempt to Tini my family members Tinkoo (24) Bernie Sanders, for showing that idealism has no age and it is only together that we can accomplish greatness Tinuvielyra wish I could identify with one Tivia Stewart (40) Wendy Davis, Antoinette Tuff tj (39) The men who served and died beside me. Tobias Budge (25) My mummy Tobyn Sebastian (24) My parents and grandparents (of course), the passengers aboard United 93. Todd my dad and my favorite actors Tofu (19) David Cameron Tom (21) Charles Bennett, Vivien Goldman Tom G (19) No heroes in real life Tommy (19) Those who resist tyranny daily Tommy Boy (24) My brother and my best friend Tongbite Matt (36) My sisters Toni (48) My mother, all activists, Patricia Jameson (professor) Toni Spimoni My brothers, my father Toño Cabrera-Pereyra (31) Alexander the Great, Oscar Wilde, Alan Turing, Ian Roberts Tony (30) Einstein, Sigmund Frued, Da Vinci Tony (17) Jesus Christ. Tonya Jones (39) no one. toosnowoman RB, other educators Toria (37) My father. Torsksåsen (22) mother theresa tracey My parents tracynle (20) Angela Davis Tracy TB (45) True Artists travis my dad Travis (25) My father, Stephen Hawking. Travis Mask (49) my grandmother TREE (21) Me Tree Girl (29) Sir Alex ferguson, Uncle Tom, reginal Douglas hay Trent Duval (28) Doctors without borders Nelson Mandela Tres bien (43) doctors and fire fighters Trevor My Dad, Grandaddy, Paw Paw Aubrey, Jeanine B., Hawking Trevor McSwain (24) My great grandfather tri Mme Kim, Ms Mystrena, myself, Abhishek Trinity Chapa (15) mother triplet (30) Bill Dudley Trish Miyavi, Gala Darling Trisha (17) the unsung heros Trisha (29) My father is my hero. Tristan (14) Leslie Jones, Beyoncé Trixie Nelson Mandela trotter (30) Becky Green, Edward Hoffman, Dr. Francis Richardson, Dr. Robert Sobak Troy Casa (50) Mark (my teacher), my grandfather tsiou (33) karl tt (27) Anyone who has ever let themselves radiate, and in doing so, let their light make another's life just a little bit brighter Turk (24) Elon Musk turnbull (27) Robin Fox, Boris Johnson Turnus Anyone with a greater application of will than myself. Turtle Heart my english literature professor tutu my mother Twigtwill (21) I think I respect snippets of stories I hear of other people, or rather I respect people based on snippets of their stories. The more parts of their story I hear, the more I'm interested in them, the more they become respected by me. Twillightdoom (17) Personal friends who've had the courage to make difficult decisions and persevere with their choices twondbestbed (34) Steven Gunn, ha! Ty (18) My grandmother. Tyler (24) My mother and father Tyler (16) The founding fathers of this country. Tyler Scott (41) Ryan and Jess Woods, Charles Siburt, the Brantleys, modern martyrs who die rather than kill Ty-test Alfred Kinsey Udan Outwort (61) Bill Gates, Feynman Uddhipan Thakur (24) Jennifer Lawrence uiioop (17) Gandhi, Fr McGrath, Uma (63) Sister umd.16 (20) Caroline Lucas UnoZen All people working for peace and justice and those who add beauty to the world Ursus M. H. Spelaeus (59) - V (27) My mom and dad Val (31) / Valentina (17) Brandon Teena, my father, Mr. Don Walker (teacher) Valeria Ryrak (21) Mom Valtharos (22) Tesla Van (22) Jimmy Miksa vanessa (33) None Vanessa Cardui (43) My mother vard95 The man down the street, who sweeps railway stations for a living Varna (25) anyone who backs up their words with actions Vato (39) my son and his sisters Vbonita (28) Ones who are helping others - poor, sick, marginal groups VBozic (40) Kafka Vedada (28) Virat Kohli, Baba Amte, S.P. balasubramanyam Veera Jonny Wilkinson and Roger Scruton. Ventricle (24) do not have heroes vera (28) my uncle veri333 (21) I Verona Jones (59) Couldn't tell you Veronica (20) Good, unselfish people. Veronique (18) Shackleton... no others immediately come to mind Vesan (33) Marighela vi (20) My mother, my little brother, my professors Vi (22) my dad my grandfather Vic (46) My parents, Vicki, and women who have left their abusive partners. Vicki my grandfather (who passed away over 20 years ago) Victoria (37) My husband, father, brothers, and uncle/great uncle, grandfather. Victoria (59) Ms. Custos and my grandmother Victoria (16) Anyone who confronts their problems Victoria (23) My mom Victoria My mother. The Dalai Lama. My closest friends. Victoria Song (22) Me Victor Shade (27) Oscar Wilde, really see above 'favourite characters in history' Victor Trevor (23) Health workers all of them videoalex My dad. Vijay Pierce (23) my wife vikram (34) Robert Oppenheimer Vikram Krishnan (24) The people who change the world for the better. Viktor (28) My father, a man named Anton, Chuck Palahniuk Viktor (19) Ayaan Hirsi Ali, Pervez Musharraf, John Bolton Viktor Corzich (35) My mother; David Bowie, John Cale, Lou Reed, William Burroughs, and many others. Viktor Sigareff (19) Winnie The Pooh Village Of Brooklin (45) My dad...and Nietzsche Vincent (19) sasquatch and me vinnie smalls (15) sagan, dawkins, darwin, hitchens...too many VinnyGreenock72 Anybody who lives a good life despite problems, anybody who helps them do it Violet (18) None Viorel (25) My father Virginia (20) My mother, Suzanne Collins, and my friend, Caitlan. Virginia (12) the vanguard visualizations (22) Dan Bowen Viv (14) My mother Vivian Sadly enough, I have never noticed or known a person that has all the virtues which I consider to be heroic Vivianne Liliaceae Aspho Vilth Bhagat Singh, Swami Vivekananda, Gandhi, VK (22) Angelina Jolie Vlada (20) Paul V Vogette (55) My grandmom Vs (18) My mother and father vur Heroes? No. Wallace (85) Nearly everyone who's confident of himself. Walter (19) Peter Westbroek, Konrad Lorenz, Loren Eisley Wanda (26) Gandhi, Ambedkar, Periyar Watson (27) Heath Ledger, Johnny Depp, Will Smith, Tom Hanks and many more. wattc128 patriots who stand up for Liberty waypast I have none Wendy (34) Mindy Kailing, Ellen Degeneres Wendy (22) Jon Stewart, Bob Beeson and Steve Atkins Wendy Chase (47) my friend Đurđa, Branimir Čakić, my mother Mirjana wendysday (20) Bernie Sanders wes (19) I don't think I've experienced enough to really pick Wes (17) my professors whim (40) Jesus Christ Whitney (19) eli weisel, helen keller, POWs Whitney (41) My father, Buddha Whitney Sorenson (33) My grandmother WHMIV (30) my parents whosbecks (36) Those who risk the life for the country to protect those that's could,t Widmy Pierre Louis (21) oli white and david spencer wiff (15) Parents Wikiki Teachers who really try regardless of the outcome Will (26) My friends and family Will (22) Barack Obama Willamid (20) emergency room doctors and nurses, teachers, police and firemen William (43) My mother Willow Skylor People dedicating their lives to making the world a better place. Win (22) Heroes, you say? Windalfr (23) i don't have any winterjewel (36) Mr Tan Ying Kiat (my English teacher the year before last), my mother, my maternal grandmother wintermellen (14) Probably my dad and myself wise madman (28) poor people wizz My father was my hero. WJ (43) Gadamer, Derrida, Rorty Wolf Soldiers Wolf (NA) Claire Chennault Woody (75) - Wormsie (24) My parents and grandparents Wren (22) My mother. Wyteria (20) my grandmother xandra (35) my friends. Xan Etienne I am wary of heroes Xavier (18) All who fight for a cause Xer (23) cant explain or name xxx (26) Dacualiziqua, Siegal, Lorenz, and Biedermann (teachers) XYZ (17) Stephen hawking xyzz (20) Nikola tesla and Che Guevara Y (15) Grandma was a real hero to me. Since she's gone, I have no heros, but I have lots of friends. yair eshel (30) My father for risking life and mental sanity every day on a battle field and my mother for giving me the example of what a strong woman is. Yaisha (19) My mother and grandmothers Yale (20) Romeo Dallaire, Mandela, Jane Goodall, Eva Yehudster (60) Jay-Z, Muhummad Yunus, George Soros, Ernie Davis Yi (24) right now brother and a friend ( arvind) yogi (22) aquellas personas que dedican su vida para la que la de otros sea mejor yoko (28) My mother and Neil Degrassi Tyson Yomaine (13) Elizabeth Warren, Ruth Bader Ginsberg yonderways (58) My literature teachers Yuki (20) my mother Yulissa (19) My friends. Z (31) no one Z Rivka Galchen Zac (28) Mentors, role-models, the admired - known, met, seen. Zach (26) Neil Armstrong Zach Jesus Zachary (25) Billy Graham Zachary (27) Dr. Carl Daw, Jr. Zachary Bob Dylan and Morgan Freeman. Zachary Echo Auburn (17) My father zach taylor (17) Chef Dick, and my parents. Zach Tibbs (20) angelina Zana (38) -- Zar (21) My mother; My boss (!!); Lena Dunham; Yoko Ono; Yayoi Kusama... Zara People who stand up against wrong-doings. zebratitle (24) I don;t know zed (25) marilyn manson comes to mind, anyone who moves and thinks. kenya hara for today. Zee (21) My dad Zee (17) those that follow their passion and benefit the world for it zetababy No answer... zig Edward Snowden. Zigmant (19) Bobby Kennedy, Dr. Martin Luther King JR zizi (55) Those with fiery hearts and lukewarm minds Zozobra (17) my daughter Zyg (65) 我的父亲,普京 杨婷婷 (24) money, 简直 (25) money, 简直 (25) money, 简直 (25)

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What do you regard as the lowest depth of misery?  Where would you like to live?  What is your idea of earthly happiness?  To what faults do you feel most indulgent?  Who are your favorite heroes of fiction?  Who are your favorite characters in history?  Who are your favorite heroines in real life?  Who are your favorite heroines of fiction?  Your favorite painter?  Your favorite musician?  The quality you most admire in a man?  The quality you most admire in a woman?  Your favorite virtue?  Your favorite occupation?  Who would you have liked to be?  Your most marked characteristic?  What do you most value in your friends?  What is your principle defect?  What to your mind would be the greatest of misfortunes?  What would you like to be?  What is your favorite color?  What is your favorite flower?  What is your favorite bird?  Who are your favorite prose writers?  Who are your favorite poets?  Who are your heroes in real life?  Who are your favorite heroines of history?  What are your favorite names?  What is it you most dislike?  What historical figures do you most despise?  What event in military history do you most admire?  What natural gift would you most like to possess?  How would you like to die?  What is your present state of mind?  What is your motto?

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