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What are your favorite names?

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Elizabeth, Julian, Alexander. 009 (19) adf 1 william 50ad (17) names are names 6nianji-ZHC (38) Catalina, Victoria 808s terms of endearment 80cubed (55) Jane, Emily, Jack. God, I'm boring. A (19) ostentatiously Greek ones A I don't have A. (27) Eliza or Liza, doesn't matter A (26) Don't have any A. I've never thought about it A (26) Tristan, Keirah AA (23) Noah, Emily, Chuck. aaaaaaa (18) No favorite names, just favorite people AAAKKK Dmitri, Greimas, Mayumi, Yumi aag (22) Oliver, Jillian, Alexandra aallisonr (30) full traditional nam$es that arent abbreviated like Jospeh, Alexander, Christopher Aaron (32) It is only a label, some more fitting than others for an occasion. Aaron Guy Leroux (37) Any name with significant meaning Aarushi Agarwal (13) Luna, Zelda, Vincent, Artemis, Nanesko, too many to count Abbie (22) Rose, Ophelia, Olivia, Orion, Spencer Abbie Hartley Nikola, Betsy, Francis, Henry Abby (26) Anatole, right this moment. AbbySF Gabriel Abegando (28) Abigail Abigail Harris (10) Charlotte, Lily, David, ABP (50) Elena Abraham (41) Changes...but I like old names. Abs Well me own. Acara McFadden (28) Kaylee is all that comes to mind at the moment ACH (23) I don't have any. A. Clifford Stowe (81) Do not have any Adam (22) I haven't taken the time to figure that one out Adam (25) John, Michael, Brielle, Isabelle, Blair Adam (20) i don't have any Adam Hyde (26) little swallow adieudusk Sheenum, Aditya Aditya (25) Sayaka. Admiral Love (33) Mine Adonia (40) Caramel Adrian (18) Edie, Penny Lane Adriana (16) shilah, hudson Adriana (16) Antonia, my daughter's and father's name adriana (45) Anything but my middle name. Adrian Bauza (20) Paul. Adrian George Nicolae (24) they change Adrian Martyn (34) Lovely Adrianna (18) the one given to me by God AdrianOz (45) My own and William. Adrian Winters (17) Sebastian, Gloria, Nathanial, Setesh, Antony, Samantha, Josephine, and Anna Ady (22) Anne, Charlotte, and Luke aetilson (41) mayumi, yuna, deanna a.g. (23) aguśka agagagaga (24) Vortex Agent00V (18) Camila, Antonia, Cayetana, Secret, Pablo, Uxía, Lotte, Darío, Anaïs, Zoe. Aggie White Ada, Santiago, Abigail, Cain A.G. Mata (21) Emma Agneska (20) i don't know agony (25) sophie, spencer, jacob, conor, dade, emma, poppy, rose Agreen (29) All the ones I hate the most. Agu (21) not many but mine is one of them Agustina (27) Laurence, Camilla and Lily. A Half Empty Beaker none ahmad (27) jack ahmad (24) My own, and of people's whose names are engraved in, ehem, my heart, whether I like it or not Ai (21) Emma, Onorio Aida (22) Clodagh and Giovanni Aidan (21) Trixie, the name of my daughter. I chose it because it means "bringer of joy" and that's exactly what she does. Aidan Devlin (15) The ones called out in the middle of the night. Screams from the dungeons. Aiden marty aiko (20) Whatever I would like to be called myself, and that's IF anyone would rise to that occasion. Ailene I currently love the name Gaspard. aimée (22) Elizabeth, Dawson, Lorraine, Noah aimee.dawson (21) Patrick, Brielle, Jackson, Regan Aisha Milburn (32) Aishu aishu (14) Mine. A.J. (27) Stephen, John, Sophia, Nathan AJ (18) Lots of them, which come from nature Ajam (21) Don't get this question Ajay (17) Connor, Diane, Olivia, Alex, and Joanna Ajm9511 (21) Alistair, Ludwig, Erwin, Olive, Elizabeth akanthe (19) Resonant ones. Akbar Shahzad (20) Yui Aki Mine Aks (20) Augustus, Max, Jack, and Rudyard Al (28) Juliet, Eloise Al (55) George, Jill Alan (58) I don't have any Alan Arkin (44) Marco Aurelio, Apolo, Agatha and Helena AlbaManuela (18) My own. Alden Lee Klaput (18) Patricia--it means noble Aldonza77 (47) Sofia Ale (28) I have a list... Alecia Vladimir, Dmitri, Evgeni, Ilya, Alexei, Alecksander, Anastasia, Andromeda. Alecksi Right now, Tchoupitoulas and Samantha Alejandro Amoretti (28) "A rose, by any other name..." Aleksei Kotsov (63) ones that start with 'A' and 'K' alessa (21) Mine of course Alessandro Pian (30) peter Alessio Lucchini (46) Lydia, Allison, Emily, Grace Aletha Camack Franz. Alex Juda Alex (22) Jacquenette and Luke Alex (17) iris , danai alex (38) for girls, grace, michelle, portia, samantha. for boys, darren, felix, benjamin alex (23) Isla, Samuel Alex (21) Maria Alex (23) Only one? Alex (32) Kortney, Jasper, White Sparrow. Alexander (33) Alex, Lilith, Lucifer Alexander (19) Right now it's Lily and Ben Alexandra (27) Anything that sounds graceful and joyful when spoken. Alexandra (19) Claire. Alexandra (24) Chloe, Nico Alexandra (18) Oksana, Wilhelmina, Daphne, Daisy Alexandra (24) there is somthing about the name jullian that I like and i like Alex my nickname Alexandra Bryhter (24) His Alexandra SweetTale4u Cruz Irina Alexandre (28) Henry AlexandriaHMerlin (40) Sara and Christopher AlexandriaLHash (30) Ida, Laura, Sienna, Ligia, Rosalie, Pola, Gabriel, Eryk, Tristan, Dorian. alexandrine (15) Alex Alex Brooks (18) Juliana, Lysander Alex C. Airmaya Alexis (17) Emily, Grace Alexis Johnson (19) Freddie, Maria Mercuri Aley (60) I will decide when I have children al-g (24) Azul, Ayelén, Abril. Ali (37) Zameer, Hussain, Arshmaan, Elisheva, Ardeshir, Alexander, Sophia, Sheza, Seville, Ayaan Ali A. Rizvi Anything British Aristocratic Alice Mary, Lana, Lion Alicein1derland (27) Maria, Ismael Alicia (68) Ilana, Magda, Miriam, Arya alicja (38) Veronika, Isis, Bruce, Samson, Kuluko, Natalia, Jackson, Mate, Mirabel. Aliid Mine Alin (23) A&A Aline Guiraudie (36) Alexandra alipans (57) My name, Arshmaan, Areesha, Ardeshir, Gulzar, Ella. Alishba Zarmeen (24) Ali AliZaidi (29) grace alli (49) J and A and M names Allison (33) Hooke. Allison (20) It changes. I like the names Tabitha and Adam for children. Allison monica allison (19) Adele and Castor Allison Jean (21) Names? Like baby names? Weird. Don't know. Suppose I like Henry, Nora, Maude (yeah, I know). For humor, Dick Butkus and Dingell. ;-) Allison Jean Hazen (34) conner and camile alliswell (62) Don't have Alma (25) Alma Jean Porter Alma Jean Porter (70) Veronica. Poppy. almavidrio (35) Anything that ends in consonant followed by an r. Altjungr (30) Brünhild, Clotilde Alvilda (20) The simple. Alx i have a long list alya (17) I'm not good with names Alyanna (22) Christine Alyce J. Azreya and Jeremiah Alyssa Cordova (17) Some have called me Legion, or The Darkling. I'm not a ling-thing. My favorite is The Laugher in the Shadows. Alyssa Darkling Names that hide secrets. Alyssa Moonchild (16) those who have become memories AM All of them Amanda amanda Amanda (42) Topanga AmandaFYS13 (18) Mira Belle, Maëlle Amandine (31) Raina and Keaton Amara Ones that hold mystery. Amber (18) None Amber (37) None Amber (37) My son's name Ame (37) Bokune, Mello, Mihael Amelia (13) Not the ones my roommate calls me when she thinks I can't hear her. Amelia Gates (formerly Pippet) (10) Every name has some beautiful meaning. ameliowata (20) Male: Nikola, Alexandar Female: Katherine (Katie or Kate) americanwoman (62) bella/jackson ames (21) i don't have ammb (29) Every name is beautiful Amrita (22) Depends on the person amu old-fashioned names, especially Irish/Scottish Amy (33) ... Amy (28) Beatrice, Madeline, Christopher, Luke... amy (33) Catalina Amy (35) Ben and Jerry's; Hershey's; Trader Joe's Amy Becker; Character: Merriwether Finch (27) Whomsoever I convince myself I love at the time, I suppose right now, Johnny. But there have been many. Same as Proust, "only one at a time". Amy Cottington-Bray alan amz (16) mine. Ana (21) miranda Ana (30) cho, victoria, vivienne ana (16) Victor, Antonia ana (34) Zoé, Margot Ana Carolina (16) Damien Analise (40) Ruhi, Sufi Anam (26) I don't know, nomina sunt odiosa. Ana Marija (20) Ananke, Coyolxauhqui, Astartes Ananke (25) zowie anasonic (29) Zaphkiel ancientrobot (31) mine andraya (23) Xavier Andre Dominic, Kurt, Alice, and Lyra Andrea (16) Ash, Elise, Benjamin, Thomas, Ava Andrea (13) Familiar ones ANDREAADKINS (26) Adriano, Carolina, Andrea, Kuisca AndreaFeliu (28) Quentin, Delano, Vincent. Andreas (19) Marcus Andrea SB (32) Mine andres007 (19) Andrew Andrew (20) Megan,Jeff ,Frankie,and Jack Andrew (22) Keitaro, Fletcher, Albrecht Andrew (20) Orson, Dillinger, Cassius, Sophia Andrew (28) i dunno, andrew/drew Andrew (22) Those that are attached to beautiful people. andrew (24) Daniel Andrew barlow (26) Mateo, Ronja Andy (25) Calvin Andy (23) Calvin Andy (23) Maximillian, Jesus, Pierre. andy rayford (28) Raphaela ang (99) The name of the person's that I love Angel Ludivine, Sofia- girls; Koen, Troy- Boys Angela (21) None Ângela (24) Isaac, Natalie, Marguerite, Benjamin, Peter, John Angela (30) Maria, Veronica, Rose, Victoria, Audrey, Florence, Alexander, Michael, Vladimir, Andrew, Victor, Valentino Angela (19) Rebecca, Rick and Ruben Angela Estrada (20) pk angelina (26) the names of my children: Ian, Hunter, Sage, Chloe Angel Rodrigues (41) the ones I named my children and my own angie (29) Emma, Gabriel Ani I am fond of Persephone Ani (22) I love when my dad calls me "little who" Anik (16) Charlotte, Elizabeth, Catherine, Victoria, Cameron, George Anjel (28) Anjelah Anjelah49 (49) benjamin & kassandra Ankassandra (15) "Tuur" Anke! (17) I have only one name. Ann (19) Mom Ann (62) Eliza , Katerina , Dario , Ray Anna (20) Charles, Rosalyn, Mayla, Aiden Anna (20) A name is a name. Anna (34) again, too many to list Anna Kalimar (18) those owned by wonderful people Anna Maria (21) Dominic, Julian, LilyAnna, Gabriel, Savannah..... AnnaMay (51) Terpsychora. Melpomene. Klio. And Aaron. Anna O. improper nouns? Anna Stein (21) Isabel, Tony Ann Delaney (44) Those with musical qualities Anne (21) tanika Annelise (40) Heath and Tigana Anne Louise Sheldon (34) Kayla Annie Anne, Kimberly, Sarah, Jonathan, Andrew, Meghan, Katherine Anniel (62) Mine AnonAzure (19) Janet anonim (18) anon anon moose (19) Samantha Ansley Stevenson (16) August, Anthony, Alexander. Anthony (23) Samantha, Wendy, Mark Anthony (24) Becky, Nick. Anthony D C (20) Cheyann Anthony lawhon (27) The name that is of the current time Anthony Scine-Sceni (42) Caledon, Victoire, Rommel Antoinette (21) sophie, elena/helena antoinette (24) Currently, I'm rather taken with Peace. Anton (52) It's too relative to answer. Antoniette (20) nina (my alias) Antonina (20) Anthony Antonio Lemos (18) Jake Anty Jessica Anya (22) What a stupid question. Anya (71) Names with the proper spelling - no extra y's etc Anzi (27) Octavie, Juvenal, Theodora a.o. (40) Karen, my parents' names, floral names, boys' names with o in them Aoife Walsh Anastasia, Tatiana, Constanine, Serapion, David, Alan, Apollo (58) Nikos Apos mine Apply (30) I'll know when I hear it. April (20) Felan, Acelynn, Faolain, Micaiah, Jasper, Fenton, Juniper April (21) Andrew Rosa AR (20) Anything that fits the person it was given to, i.e. I don't really have a favourite. Ara (15) The ones with the deepest meanings Aranneaa (19) Malcolm, Audrey Ardent (30) Lily, Serena, A real phony (27) none Areeba (25) Pinot Grigio, Riesling and Chardonnay Ari (29) Calyope, Angelina, Keith Ariella Bordaine: Female Protagonist (20) Quinn, Sebastian, Athena, Geovanna, Arizona (19) Just call me by name, nothing else. I don't want to hear "Tabbie", I don't want to hear "Bitha", I just want to hear "Tabitha". Arnold Murray (42) Cody, Myles, Celeste, Shahzia, Delvin, Messai. AROG Sophie, Lisa, Theophilus Artie (17) Benjamin's always a good name Artie Mondello (18) Altair, and a few others I can't recall right now. Aruz Elliott (29) I have always liked Charlie. AS (32) The ones I can spell. ascetic monk (51) Those that I'm called in the throes of passion Asfiya Mariam (21) Cordelia, Lauren, Jenna, Jake, Jack, Llwelyn, John, Autumn, Jane, Mark. Ash (23) Nothing specific Ash (28) James, Analise, Calypso Ash There's usually a few that float through and have their era. Ash Bloom (27) Nora and Jacob asherville (55) Aisley, Ai, Aiden, Damen, Alice Ashley (18) Valentina, Valeria, Liese Ashley (28) Daisy, Lulu, Emma Ashley (20) anderson ashley baus (24) Ashley, Suzanne, Brazil Ashley Brazil (17) Mary-kate, Liana, anastasia, carter Ashley Mannara (29) Lucca Ashley Meller (26) luce, kasper, james, jonny, margot ashleytheresa (20) Ones that convey a deep meaning. Ashwin Murali (21) Raiine, Edward Asi (21) Elaine, Ben, Linda, Aaron, Robin asmitchel (67) the ones M. calles me ASN (25) Sixten, Minou, Vera, Astri (36) Inoffensive ones Astrid Gaia. Annabelle. Anastasia. Asuka Suzuki (13) Kuroosh, Taifur Athar (25) Eniha & Exadian Athena Lujan (17) Romain Atuona (38) Bruce Wayne Aubrey Files (25) Dakota and Jackie Aubrey Tate (21) Jaden and Ciel Audrey (17) The ones that we cannot pronounce or even know how to write. Audrey Bittencourt (24) Can't think of them now, they are always hiden in my mind and it takes hours to find them. Audrey Mahone (29) Jane Auntie Em (35) none at the mo Auntie Em (27) my own name Aurora (32) Justin Austin (19) names dont prove anything its only what they can show Austin Hobbs (16) Austin Carver Kimmell, Mush, Mushmeister67, Red Hot Fire, Ray Citrus Austin Kimmell (16) soobie and appleby (they reflect my two very different selves) autumn (17) i like mine avecamour I like normal names spelled strange ways Awalker James? Aya Mine. ayda (25) Olive, Emma, Miles ayem (57) Lillian, Daphne, Estelle, Quinn, Zander and Arthur aym (30) Nelson a young boy (91) valentine, camelot ayumi (20) What's in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet. B (31) there are many names that i like B (21) Melissa, Amanda, & Charles Babette (42) the rock Babs leighton, mazen, pasha, harlow, winter Baby (32) I don't have any Bad Wolff millie baggal21 (28) I don't think there are any that I dislike. Bailey (19) Bala Balaji Harish Iyer (20) Russian names are cool and sinister. Bald Sky (38) India, Alaska, Arabella, Gisele, Hunter, Riley Bambi (17) Mary and Kathryn barbara (50) What I like being called? I'm trying to earn Barbara as a youthful, elegant event Barbarita (21) Charley, Penelope, Barbie, Porter Horse Barbielebrun Charley the beach chair (54) Patty, Bob Barbielebrun Garry the ghost crab (54) Massimo Giancarlo Baron Von Nazzenpoppel (46) persephone basbas (22) Jessa, Ginger, Jessi Batgirl (23) Charlie bc (22) Charlie bc (22) Jess, Jay, whatever she wants to call me Bea (18) Ones spoken with kindness Bea (18) Louis Jerome Bear (49) depends bearoid (30) Gosh, I like ones that tickle my brain Beatlhoven (47) Lilith, Morgana. Demian, Lucifer beatricegasti (30) Madison, Isabelle Beatrice Moore (30) Bernardo, Mel Beatriz (13) Marian beauty (18) My future children's names. Becca (16) Autumn, Brie, Jace, Joel Becca (17) There are a few Becca (21) Jason Becca (19) Alexander, Storm Becca (21) Arse-face, Fucking Idiot, Dickhead, Dipshit. BeckBeck (26) the one my heart would ache to hear becks (24) I love the names Nicholas and Annabelle. Bee olive bee (16) Loren, Tasha beezer (64) my own. beezersneezer (46) I don't have a favourite name Beka (33) William belita (39) evangeline, emmaline, eden, noel, marie, james, maximilian bella (16) Paz, Benicio, Pedro, Esmeralda, Moreno Belu (19) I don't give names much thought as compared to the person. Ben Leader. Ben (23) Expressive ones Benedict (38) Julien, Nur Benjamin Thomas Names in Tokien and in J.K. Rowling Benjamin Urrutia (61) Mawenzi ( Maasai Eve) Benjo (23) Laura and Leah Bennie (55) Ben Ben Taylor mine berkley (13) Strong ones Berlin (25) Madeleine, Estelle Bernard Hartley (18) i dont know. something that has a ring to it. Beth (20) Jim Bethann (35) Oliver, Finn, and Lily Bethany (23) Isla Bethany Olivia Bethany (22) Emily Beth Ellis (15) Those I occassionally create by myself. Beti (24) Livia. Betty Usabiaga (37) The ones that tell a tale. Beu Mihac (15) Shanti, Nimrod, Thomas, Jane, Jules Bhakti Brophy (41) Jane & Thomas Bhakti Brophy (45) Same as my name Bhargava (25) My friends. bhbhbh names that match what is labeled bhl Gautam Bhole Titania, Serena, Irasbeth, James, Orestis Bianca (18) persephone. bif eros big dick (69) Wolfgang big guy (16) Toby, Pierre-Henri, Catalan names Bijan (27) BILLY BILLY (38) Those than end in 'a' BillyBobABC123zzz edgar billy boy watson (3) NIKITA BIPS (46) i like my name and i like the names of my friends bismuth Tristan, Charlotte, Margaret, Jimmy BJ (56) none blabla (37) Eva Blackie (20) none come to mind Blademan (60) The depricatory ones. Blaine (21) Unisex names - Blake, Cooper. Memorable and cultural names - Maximilian, Thelonious, Valentina, my name, names with meaning Blair C. (29) Alicia, Hannah, Solomon, Dante, Jane Blake (17) I wanna hear mine out the mouth of a beautiful woman Blake (24) Blanca, Margarita Blanca Parra (66) Mine. blip52 (27) Carolyn, Sandra, Sarah blodot johnny (41) Names that I've unintentionally come up with, that my friends adopt for me. BlondShamrock (16) Those which strike my interest as unique yet fitting Blood (15) - Bluebird (27) Valmont and Sarah BlueOrchid (39) The naughty ones Bluto (29) None BM (20) siun loni bmo Buzz Bob (22) Me too. Actually three, but nobody uses the other two. Plenty of aliases, to which I am not attached. bob (38) None Bob (32) Eva, Asha, Zola, Nalah Boba (22) celyn, carys bobblins Laurie Bobby (22) I don't have a favorite Bobby (40) My own name Bobby (21) Xavier bobby Rebecca, Emily, Carmen bobby (33) griselda, rozlyn, gwendolyn Bobia (25) Shinryuutsuke boku_wa_kami (25) Syrenna Bonky (26) Jack always Jack Bonnie (15) Anne, Michael, Lisa, Amy, Wendy, Noah, Gilbert, Jordin, John Cameron Boo (36) Biblical names; Cain, Abel, Michael, etc. Boris (16) Thomas Borrie (33) A name is only a way of trying to own something, but I am quite partial to my own Brad (17) I really like names associated with the Bible Brad Connors doesn't matter,names are meaningless brad w (35) those called in admiration and kindness Brady (31) Jewish (Jiddish) surnames and biblical names. bram-stienkt-vermeire-ja! (18) i like plenty of sounds and combinations: 'ah' and 'oh' are good. 'er' is a bit rough in a name, but I can abide a Robert, or Edgar, or Roger, Khalil, Khan Noonien Soong Brandon Nobles (31) I don't really think about it Bree (23) Lux, Monroe, Raleigh, Monty, Phoenix Bree Ogden Grainne, Finn Brendan (24) stefanie brent (33) Swiss, American, Provolone Brett Ferguson (42) Ones that are easy to remember and to pronounce. Bri (28) Rose bri (17) The name doesn't really make the person. I do have a preference for foreign names. Brian (22) Brian, or simply my last name Brian (37) no answer Brian A. Henegar (26) Ezra, Brayleigh, Pennelope, Aria, Rose, Noah BriannaBabyFYS13 No idea BriannaFYS13 (18) none brian S (58) No name is better or worse than another. Brick (21) Nina and Dallas Bri Toro Britta Britta Bandit (30) Flora and Hazel Brittany (25) Isaiah, Hosea, Bradley(for a girl) Brittney Miller (20) Charles, Jack, Lily, James, Albus. brns hugo marisol rafael my childrens names broad (45) the name I have Brock Schwarzkopf (29) Pepi, Petronilla, Clarke, Winston Bron Blackwell (37) Seth, Declan, Zeke, Brooke Ehud Bruce Bennett (20) Boo Brutus (20) Sophia Bryn (23) Anything Irish, except Grania Brynlea (17) Jeff Brynn (39) None Brynn (18) Mine Bubbles (52) David, Alexander, Chloe bubby (43) my own buckyballs (35) Buddy, Nicholas, Jake, Jack Buddy (34) seth, james bug I only have one at a time Bugsy My favourite name is OB1 Bulldozer (50) Verity bunny Vaughn von Vahn; Van/V'Anne Burella (61) Burke Burke (47) Ones which are unique Burnable_Material_Here (18) does it matter BusyMinds K.P. BUTTERFLY (41) none. butunn (19) Damian. Snezana. Byriver Bloke (24) Isabella, BZ Mine. C jan c (21) A Fang C (14) Aviyah, Sofia C (20) lulu cacharel (37) Michael and Mary Caidy (54) Those of my loved ones Cailey Dante and Caio Caio (18) Emily, Allison Caitlin (19) Bree, Orange, Hannah, Cris(p). Caitlin (21) Liam, Bryce, Lu, Cameron, Fred cakes (41) Those that have meaning Cal (20) Daniel, Goku, Usui, L, Light, Yoh..... okay, basically Japonese names from mangas :P Cami (14) I don't think like that... it's more if the name fits, that it has some appeal, the name has some kind of id... Camille (52) Alexandria and Chase. Candice (23) Those old or quirky or foreign. Candy Eurydice, Persephone, Lorelei Captain Crunch Kahlan Carebeark5 (25) Irene, Charlotte Carla (26) Georgia, Claude, Maude carlajwms (49) Raven and Hunter Carla Tate (19) None Carlie (24) Elizabeth, Katherine, Robert, Juliet Carlisle Kadyo. Carlo (26) Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Polish or Romanian names Carlos A. (24) Atlas for a male, Ramona for a female Carly (19) All of them. Well, just the endearing ones; not the patronising. Carly C (27) Terry, Larry, Brian, Francis, Carol hazel, violette, julian, beatrix, Carol (60) agustina carolina (23) Cedric, Helen, Pierre, Tom Caroline (38) Sophia and Dmitri Caroline (25) Iris, Ivy, Oliver Caroline (33) none Carol Lacoss (62) Pet names, trail names. Carolyn (18) NA Carrie I always wished I could be an adorable Maggie, a beautiful, strong force to be reckoned with Carrie (44) Alexander is my favorite name cartike Sean and Matilda Cas (25) Logan and June Casey (36) Scooter, my first dog's name Cass (20) Penelope, Ramona, Bartholomew Cassi Caysen Cassidy Funny ones that rhyme with "Fuck". Cassie (16) The ones I can remember. Cast (17) Julian Cat (36) Lily, Dominic Cat (24) Ryan, Brett, Rhett, Vivian, Neve Cat (26) Aidan Cat Seth, Medeea cat (20) none Catalina (44) Julia, Mariana, Paula Catalina Jiménez Correa (27) I have a list somewhere Cate (23) Oskar Cate (33) Ella, Sara Catelline (26) Eyal, George, Francesca Catherine Unimportant. Catherine Jean Catherine Catherine Mitchell Lewis, Daniel, Walter Cathlow Harmon (50) Icis and Catlin Catlin Benjamin Alexander Cat Podd (37) Each one. Catrina (15) Ray Ray Cattie Chong (26) MİNE.... CAVCAV (26) Not any favourite one Cavit Anıl Buram (28) Magdalene, Kit, Hope CC (18) Simieon CC (22) Alexander, Aurora, James, Lara, Anastasia, Concordia... ccchnl none cdl (35) Lily Cee Cee (17) Unique ones. I've always liked Elliot. Celia (15) Life, Sining Celline Marge (18) Vitoria, Maria, Jose cenire (25) Lauren,Haley,Sarah,Victoria,Jack,Aaron,Alexander,Quinn,Charlie,Nora cerisetea (34) Catherine Cestmoi Craig and Frasiers. Rosie and Rona. C face. (22) the unusual ones cfm (37) Evan Cfreedman (38) Henry, Shirley, Ben, and Samuel Chancelor C.J. King (19) Aaliyah, Kiara, Chandra Chandra Alexander (24) Amelia and Whitt Channy (19) Those that relate to wisdom and piety Chari (21) Don't really have one Charlene (17) Toothless Charlene (18) Marcy, Lynn, Charles, Ariel, Roswell Charles L Davis Jr (51) leon, moses charlotte (29) Distinct and uncommon names Charlotte (18) Joanna, Charles, Daniel, Irene Charlotte H. (23) Names are not key Charly Mariaan (49) Sufjan and Sucre Chary Silva (22) kuto and kuning chay (40) Jeremiah, Jacob, Joshua, Josiah, Cheche (40) no names cheeky (26) Satya Cheemargh (36) summer jeremy chele don't have just one chelle (47) Sophie, Francis, Lila Chelsea (21) My own and my father's. Chelsea (23) Victoria, Versailles, Courtney, Caleb, Mischa, and only a few of which I would probably, God Willing in Jesus Name, Amen, name my kids. Chelsea Smith (24) Luke, Leia, Rey, Anakin, Padma, Lando, Han...hold on...these are all Star Wars characters Chelsea Whiting (26) None Cheri D. mine, Grace, Olivia, and all the ones I get to say regularly Cherie (40) I have many, I quite like the name Jade Cherish Robinson (21) Cairo and Leif Cherlyn (40) Simone, Caleb, Mae, Yasmine and Geoff Cherub (30) charlotte Cheryl (38) Not sure what this means exactly, but, all of my brothers' and sisters' middle names Cheryl Barnette (59) The once I can't remember for a long time. Cheshire (22) stella chi-chi Eden, Edie, Evie, Mika, Julian, Elektra, Nico, Inez Chickpea (31) SamTrevor Chico (46) None ChiefJ42 (44) eleanor, cecelia, jack, claire chiklitz76 (39) Chili Chili (17) Emma, Sebastian, Chinita (34) isabella,aleena chinnu (20) Mine only Chinnu (38) Chip or Champ Chip Griphix (35) Providence Chiu Jing Hua (17) Lilith, luna, sky chloe (21) Honey Chocolate Bunny (32) Sascha Chonda Luca, Patrizio Choraven (32) I couldn't specify. Chris (16) I have 4. But have always admired Cassie Chris The one I was born with, not the one I currently possess. Chris (19) Elizabeth, Rebecca, Lionel Chris S. Ethan, aiden Christabelle (29) Manon, Anna, Emma, Christian (44) My name, my fathers name. Christian Boyanov (24) Christy, Kristen, Aanna Christian Soldier (33) John, Mike Christina (26) Ayla. Christina Kronberg (23) Scott and Zelda maybe Christina Tounzen My name is embarassing. Normal names, I guess. Steve? Christina X. (37) jesse christine (18) Moses, Rasheed, Dolemite, Saul, and William for the Boys, Layla, Anne, Cassidy, Augustine, and Claire for the girls. Christobel (17) For boys: David, Moses, Miles. For girls: Nico, Kelly, Jane Christobel in College (18) Those who sing within unison of mine. Christopher (24) Stephanie and Stephen, my children's names. Both convey power and thought, Christopher Blaum (37) Christopher Boone Christopher Boone The names the woman of my life will give to my children Christopher James Stagg (16) For boys, I like Mathieu and Lukas. For girls, Cecile and Amelia Christopher M. (31) I don't have one, I tend to hate names that some people I also hate have. Christopher Mitchell (17) Vivienne Christian Chauncey Christopher Ross (23) Cadeyrn, it is mine as I claim it christy (44) Olivia and Russell Christy Turner (50) pet names from affection, or Bethlehem, Nazareth, Tatiana Chuck (43) Jasper, Klaas, Filipa Chunky Lover MaryAnn - my moms name, Temily - My daughters Ciara (24) Cora Ciara (22) Greek names are pretty Ciera (16) Phillip, Kallae, Ruby, Bill Cilie (50) The names of my closest friends. Cindy Bowie. I decided it works for a cat, dog, even a baby -- boy or girl! cindy (50) Timmy Cindy (24) Mine Cindy (22) Madalegne Cindy (50) Luella, Lorena CindyLu (58) Elijah, Emily, Edward, Kaitlyn, Anne, Victoria, James Cissa Fireheart (32) It was "Rae" that I wished to name someone/thing. Ciucan (18) Nicknames cizz grace, noah CJN (21) Ruth and Joshua Claire Angela, Anthony, and George--religious names; not Marcy, I can't say that name, sounds like Madison...where do you get these American names... Claire (32) Lily. When I am feeling capricious, Anastasia. Claire Bartholomew (16) Hyphenated French names. ClaireW (65) 2pt Clancy henri, james Clara (20) Barkeley Clara Jack, Olivia, Jeanne, Clarissa (18) Viridiana, Victoria, James, Patrick Clau Sonia and Carlos Claudia (36) Clay Douglass: Wilhelmina Clay Douglass (34) Luna niamh evanna ala anya clazza mgee Tlazohtlaloni for boy and Akimi for girl Clelia Beatriz Valdez (22) Violet, Valentine, Akuma, Hannibal. clockwork (34) I don't have any cm (57) The one to watch over me cobweb (24) Victor, Linda, Megan CockneyKnight (48) soft rolling rhyming names Coco (31) Athene Coco (19) Diamonds and Pearls. CocoPuff2016 (44) My name codered (18) Allie Cody (25) The kind that go together with almost no last names whatsoever and surnames. Cody Gould (17) Names though interesting don't matter.... Grace, Jude, Julia Col (41) I don't have one in particular Colin (39) Today, probably Zooey. Colin (22) I do not have any favorite name - maybe Sophie and names of flowers Colorful (28) My name of course. Colton (27) comnomnomor <3 comnomnomor (15) I dislike mine, but would prefer Hope or April Connie My nick name Connor Luke. Connor Maya and Phillip constanceeee (19) David Constantin (32) Tara, Katharine, Isabella, Gemma, Consuela, Consuela my sons' Cookie james cookie none cookie (51) I don't have any Cora (26) Hannah, Emily, Lane Core (25) Names of trees and flowers and plants, like Willow and Lily and Fern. Corey my last name corinne Olivia and Lance Cory (22) Jack, Jane cpaters1 (26) Have to stick with mine. cr As Shakespear would of said "a rose by any other name would smell as sweet", meaning it doesn't matter what a person is called. Craig Suga Biles (22) Sweetheart Crimson (60) Cecilia cris lucia,marialena,cristina,fran,javier,candela Crisfe (31) Andrei, alex, arian, oana Cristi Not a particular one. Crystal (17) Odd question...I like Troy for a boy...not sure about a girl...so many lovely lady names.. Crystal (32) mom's and dad's Crystal (22) Kyle. Scott. Alexander. Crystal (34) Beauty. Love. Traditional. Crystal (35) Julian and Marina csheehan (17) Ana cuchi (40) Alexander, Sara, Lily, Emma, Maya cucu (26) Omar, Alejandra, Francoise cvelez (64) Eleanor, Care, Lochlan, Arlynd, Emmaline, Katie cweekly Veronica d0701 (29) Maurice, Stew, Zebu! D (32) Sincere, Cory,Aoki, and Taylor Dachary (23) there are far too few, and far too man to choose. DAD Mine is cool because my parents gave it to me. Scooby Doo is neat because it is funny. Then there is my dogs name, we call him Cooper. Dad (42) Kate and Michael Daffy Sue Esposito (60) Liberty, Summer Daisy (27) my lover's Daisy (17) Sophia Daisy Tory Dakota Swaveman (18) Birfak Konoplev D_Alex (46) Immanuel, Olivia, Imogen, Benedict, Patrick, David, Sebastian, Valentine, Juliet, Isabelle, Sylvie dA member: sonicbutterfly (17) Stinky - Baby - Doodle Damien TC (36) Kyle, Bradley, Zach, Diane, Wendy and Hannae Dan (29) April, Samuel, Maximus Dan vyacheslav Dan (20) Charisma Dan (39) Lucas dan Rory Dan (51) What's in a name Danae (17) Danger Danger (16) Those which are unique, androgynous, and perfectly fit the people who own them. Dani (31) Jack, Morgan Dani (19) Alexia, Lilith, Esmerelda, Taylor Daniel (16) Daniel Daniel Below Reyna, Julez, Santiago, Antonio, Lucy Daniella (27) For boys: Noah, William, Finn, Simon... None yet for girls. Danielle (15) What ever one wants to be called. Danielle (35) not sure DanielleKeith (19) Whatever names my children end up having. Daniel Molina (20) Ones having to do with nature, symbols of something deeper Daniel Stephens (Character Sketch) (22) charlotte, lilly, graylynn, landon, shawn daniiii (18) It's a secret. If I told you, I'd have to kill. Literally. DaniStory (29) Levi, Abigail Danny (25) Daphne Daph (45) Elizabeth Darcy (20) michael anastasia dario (21) Lover. Husband. Partner. Friend Darnell kind ones DashEloise (32) Victoria, Peter Dave Cresswell (46) Maria DaveG (39) Jordan and McIntosh Dave Whitaker (40) David, Jason, Alphonsus, Derrick, Emma, Naomi, Natasha Davey (18) Dave, Max, Alicia, Karen, Jenny, Danielle, Kurt DaveyD (24) David, Keith, Nathaniel, Ben David (19) Danny, Shawn, and Charlotte. David (10) mine David (63) All names David (24) Daphné David (51) ignacio david baiguera (35) the one that is on my mind the most David E.J.A Bennett (29) Zoya (my daughter's name) & Sylvia (my godmother's) for a girl, Tristan for a boy. David ROWE (42) David David Sergio Cisneros Ardura (46) Emídio David Timme (19) Daria, Ava, Sebastian, Eli, and Alex. Davie (16) bronwyn dawn (40) dawn Dawn Robinette (51) JoJo Daxion Mr. Dax Johnson (29) william, amber, sky, skylar, liam, ella, zoe Daydreamer (18) Names that have meanings Daydreamer (63) Names that have meanings Daydreamer (63) Guto, Haf, Gwenno dbrown (24) Tor, Malia dcsnowbunny (25) that's just words, it doesn't matter. Names take on characteristics of their owners Dd (43) Hieronymus. John. DDG9000 (25) Dea, David, Judith, Nathaniel, Samuel Dea (40) Claire. Anna. D. E. Alvis (58) Hassan Dean (17) Beck and Dre DeAndre Beck (20) Halley and Christian DeAnna Alexander (35) Scarlett, Hacina, David Deanna Sanders (44) Zach and Cass Deb (37) Mitchell, Lyla Debbie (56) Willow, Wyatt, Wynne, and I must say Deborah Debby Creech-West (43) Andrea, David Deborah S. Wilson (56) Mum Debster (48) Miranda Declan Cohen (35) Mia De-De (36) Edwards, Irene, Inanna Dee (24) Laurel DefMelon Celia, Veronica, Eleanor Delia Webster (80) Alexandru, Radu delice_ok (21) Paige, Isabella, Abigail, Lucas, Caleb, Jacob Denine (24) mine Denise 1 Katrimikrate (my grandmother), Eowyn Dennis (61) Well it's Not Dennis or Theodore. I'd like to have a last name instead of two first names. THANKS, DAD. Dennis Theodore (37) Christian, Gabriella. denny (23) My own Denny Patriotic names Densio (25) I guess whatever girl I happen to be seeing at the time Derek Ambrose (22) Dev devanand In general... I guess mine...? Devon (18) Ones that have attatched to the people who have moved me physiologically. Devon Lisenby (20) Jack or Matt Dev Tucker (17) Ali, ahaana, Devu (22) Abigail and Jeramiah Dezirae18 None DH (39) my lover's and my children's Diana (52) Gaia, Tom Diana (20) I like very much names that start with a "S" and also the name Tiffany Diana (15) The ones that seem to truly belong to a person Diana Kinomi Jones Diana Thomas - English Thursday 6pm (38) gussie fink nottle Diarre Ibrahim (22) Jamilla , Aaliyah and Amari dida (14) Leonard, Nicholas, Michael Angel and Xavier. Diego Miguel Danura Puyó (30) The ones of people I love Dietgingerale Olympia, Elizabeth, Isabel, James, Dilip C Louis (32) Stella. Dimitar Atanasov (25) I'm not really sure if I have any. Dindin (20) Anastasia Dino (18) Dionysios. dionysis_dt (24) Dirk or Lt. Radman Dirk Radman (35) Jane, Julie, Akemi, and various unusual ones. Dixon Wragg none Dj Hamish; Greta dlew919 (40) Grace dmca (38) irish ones Doc55 (55) Maya (only cause it is my daughter's name) Dolna (39) Pol (but two others, too) Dolores Nabokov (26) ssssssssss Dom December and Jean (pronounced in the French) Dominick (23) Dmitri, December, Gregor Dominick Miller (19) Russian names Dominick Miller (20) December-Elizabeth (a daughters name). Dominick Miller (21) cayleah rose marvy Dominique Alaina, Mya, Christian DonAli (33) Ian, Cristian donkeys4eva (20) Smith, Tucker, Tillman, Poppy donna obrien (54) Ishmael, Ezekiel Doob Doggo (21) raghubir, aranyaka doodledoo12345 Asherah, Ducalion, Apollo, Ba'al, Dahlia Dori (23) Bess, elspeth, gabrielle dorothy6@aol.com (50) Tessa Dothzilla (33) mine. Doug (30) These are not things to favorite Doug!! Jonathan, Rachel and Paul Doug Lambert (65) Laithe, Yasmina Douni Emi; Hà Nội; Tuy, Um Dracontomelum (30) Vuk Dragana (22) Emrys, Robin, Myrddin. Dragontongue (22) I don't have any favourites at the moment Dre (17) pink panther, drea-dre Drea (28) My own name, I love it's, Dreamboat Annie no opinion DreamBrother (27) The ones derived from character Dreda (23) Astrid, Ethel, Blanche, Tell, Gabriel Drella (26) Tom, Allen Drew (26) too many to recall drift Lemuel Dr. Isaac Busafalus (53) i can't remember names Dr. J (76) Lucas, Marcus, Tara, Aurora Dru (24) Dad. Drucar (45) no favourites ds (45) Ines and Henrique D.S.de.P.Ramos My own Duckish Grace Dude (49) Duke duke (18) I've always loved the name Joffrey for a kid, or Anakin. Duncan Passell (17) mark, dominics, yat dustxii (22) none Dutchess any that sound like mine Dutchess Garcian is the top shit. I also very much admire Joaquin Dvach (18) Genesis D.X (22) George, Estragon, Amadeus Dylan (17) Who chooses these questions? Dylan Adams (25) Maximillian E (34) Only have one at a time E i have only recently heard of xanthippe e (28) Hard to say. E (20) Miguel, Ash, Wasagichuk, Anasi eagleclaw (35) Anton, Julian, Dylan E.A. Latham (25) Rocco and Harmony. EAR (19) irie Earth Speck (30) It changes all the time Eau (45) Lincoln, Lion Ed (30) scarlett, lily, rufus ed names with history and meaning eddiboy Marlon. Eddie (48) I should have named my son Jason Eddie (12) Those of my friends Eden (19) Alphonse Edgar Roberts (15) The one I renamed myself. Edie (26) Ego Edmond Dantes (26) Groucho, Harpo and Chico. Edouard (41) alejandro Eduardo (19) none EduGri (53) Anything that catches my eye Effie (34) None efha (23) Emre ehk2 (30) I can't appreciate any thing only by name. Eiichi (16) The names of my children Eilfa (28) the ones that fit the personality that comes with it. EJ (29) The ones said in a loving way E.Jay (21) Pilar ejb (22) Biblical names, particularly containing El El (23) Of what el3vat0r Emilio, Seph, Kairi --not sure why elay (21) Emilio, Sen, Shugo elay (23) Mido, Riley, Shugo, Miro elay (24) Lisandrina, eva, sofia, lilly, Jack eldar (25) Katerina, Theodore, Emil, Philip, Miranda, Olive Electryo (15) I like the names of my favourite characters. Like Alice. Elena ιωαννα ελενη (33) Male: James. Female: Sahara. Elena Di Cesare anna eleni (18) Penelope, Eleni Constantinou (20) Malacai, Evangelina, Rosalie Elexia (19) santino for boy, amour for girl Elexis (18) Elijah Eli (16) No one Elias (22) Angus, Seamus, Finn, Eliaz McMillan (33) maximus and josephine eliciabg (23) Brielle Elie (16) elvira Elin (47) My own Elisabeth (22) All Elisabeth Carver Inara, Jezebel, Harlot, Josephine and Dominic Elissa (22) Francesca, William, Nathaniel, Willow, Lily, and Alexander. Elizabeth girls: Callista, Cordelia, Ariana, Lily, Alice. boys: Gabriel, Joseph, Tobias, Jonah. Elizabeth (25) Olivia. Elizabeth (15) The names of my brothers. Elizabeth Diane Shaffer (0) The names of my parents and brothers--Doug, Karen, Greg, Mark, and David. Elizabeth Diane Shaffer (0) my grandparents names. names with meaning. names that are from our mythology and our culture because they all have such incredible meaning. ElleKay Aliza and Morgan Ellen (48) Bartmann, Lucius, Clara and Grace Ellen Lester (my brother), William, Rebecca Ellen B Smiley (29) Names I whisper in the dark Ellen Fitzpatrick (61) Ellie Ellie (25) Matthew, Thomas, Stephen, Paul, Amelia, Luighseach. Ellie_Estrella (19) Sam Adam marcus Ellie Wilson (15) Otis, Jake, Malcolm, Molly, Hamilton. Elliot Issabell Elliott (28) Shaw, Gavin, Conor. Elliott Hemp (23) Ignacio, Camila, Lucía, Agustín, Joshua elSigno (37) Veronica Ely (23) none i can think of Elyse (20) Binary file Em_1425616956.html matches Binary file Em_1425616956.html matches Chloë/Chloé Ema (18) Henry, Matthew, Enrica emdonnelly7 Teresa, Olivia, Sylvia, Matthew emdonnelly7 My own. Emilee Nightshade (19) I've yet to find a name that satisfactorily breaks the mould of gender and ethnicity. Emilia Blancarte Jaber I rather like my own name! Emilie (23) Matthew and Elijah Emilina (27) those of the people i care about emilio (28) Agnes, Saffron, Jean (male only), Siobhan, Viviene Marcheline, John Emillia (16) I don't really know. Emily (19) lily. willow. luke. emily. Emily (24) I like Sid for a boy and Georgie for a girl, after my great aunt Emily (22) charlotte Emilyann (22) Names that sound strong and aren't gender specific (like mine!) Emily Carter (37) ezra, delilah, sophia Emily Clark (25) simple, classic names Emma (20) parvin and annie. emma (18) goldilocks Emma (20) Grace and Charles Emma (34) muski emma (20) Anything except Heather Emme (21) Umm... never really thought about it. But if I ever had a kid or something, I'd probably name it after something like my favorite food. Kale is an okay name, right? Emperor Aisel Fei Shiang (18) My own Empyrean (17) Matilde for a woman, Rodia for a man encolpio8 (22) Ianthe.. Iw Endimion none endor Kaylan, Will, Stian, Ephraim, Mariah... Emily, Alison, Anna... I have several ENEgck (56) Draco, Magnus, Cesar, Isabella, Camille, Danielle Engel (48) Name is one of the least important things in our short lives. It is something that simply is used to recognise us, but it doesn't identify none of us. Enis Eno Eno A. Agolli (15) Alexis. I would love to marry a girl named Alexis. Enrique (21) Arthur and Homer. Eric (15) Zoe (that's why I named my cat that), Caitlin, James, Richard Eric (40) Tifany, Diana, Scarlett, Lois Eric (37) Gabrielle, Elizabeth, Cooper. Eric (19) yea just one Erica elia, olivia, tommaso Erica (25) fletch Erica` (21) My own Erica Johnson (21) Eric, Lauren, Richard, John, Cicero, Elizabeth, Paul, Peter, Mary, Molly, Rebecca Eric C. Wolfe (28) no idea Erich (20) Nadja, Emmanuelle, David, Alan, Joan. Erich (19) Choosing favorite names creates a predisposition toward/against new people Erict7 Stephanie Erik (25) The names that include the mother in them. Erik Isaac (19) Erik, Estelle, Emily, Justine Erik Price (18) Luceous, Lilly, Penelope Erin (27) Katherine and Jesse Erin (53) Stella, Angela, Lucian Erin (30) That's always changing depending on who I want to be and who I admire at that moment Erin Philippe, Mary Margaret Erin (46) My love, my dear, my darling, my sweetheart Erin (31) Lena, Anna Escalus (22) Dorian, Isabelle Escapism (19) I'm not sure I have any Esmé (18) Sophie + edward Esmee fidelius (54) Andromeda ESMERELDA (50) Stacia Estacia Hernandez (37) caitlin faith and diedre hope esteban (29) Alonso Esteban (23) eva, maria estrella blanca Lucille Molly Et (32) Mine. Et Cetera (22) Eloise, Lisbeth, Jonas, Bernard Etha (26) Luna and Sadie ethan (20) Ruby, Theodore, Phoebe, Arthur, Leonard, Catherine, Jack, Angela, Tulyar, Quentin, Xavier, Jade, Amelia Ethan Mayatt (25) Bernardo,Carina,Rodrigo, Miriam Euzinha_ds (20) Seth and Estee Eva (23) Eva, Cecilia, Jude, Gabriel Eva (16) don't care evan ass hatch (18) I'm not sure about names. Evanna (18) Lydia, Ashlyn, Rosanna, Alexander, Finn Evie (22) anything but mixed names... evilwonders (28) Sophia, Kiyako, Luke, Alex, Xiamara....it changes frequently. evren (16) Nadezhda Ezra (20) Andrew FAC (25) deloris facio (19) I only have one at a time fallen (24) Titos-Alexandros, Chantal, Roberto, Paciencia Fanourios (40) Rex, Sid, Jarid. fatgaynig (20) my family and my husband names Fatima (19) Noah, Adam Fatima (26) My own Fawna (19) Suede, Aiden, Jaxon, Cici, Leandra, Andee Fay (22) William, Eddward, Daniel, Avner, Juliet, Elizabeth feanix (20) Exotic names Ferroever (43) Felipe, Veronica, Victoria. fersfumero (28) Ones that best describe the one named FeydRautha (46) that is private information don't care to share Feysweetie (43) Lewis, Theodore, Francis fhickey (22) Alice, Atticus; I have a whole list. Fields (19) charutapanapung filinia (22) Jack final fashion (33) Juanita. It flows off the tongue like honey Finnegan Magondolovich (Long Story...) Phelix Finokio (38) Delilah fk2005 (34) Cassandra, Alessandra, Bucephalus, and all the Biblical names. FlameHorse (28) I like mine, but I won't tell you. Flantasy Girl (25) Nikolai, Arabella, Valentine, Victor, Alexi, Marie, as well as Elizabeth flavia (13) the ones with positive connotations Flo my own! Flora (69) Rodica. Florin-Alexandru Brănescu (16) A lot Flower (39) Frank, Scott, Clark Floyd Paxton FlyinMonki (27) Billy ForePlinger Don't really have one ForSavvy liv, phoenix Francesca (29) none francesca (49) Evengeline and Liam Francesca Núria and David Francisca Bastos (17) Francisco, Zacarias, Daniel, Marialma, Sofía, Francisco Aguirre (23) MArcel, Alejandro Francisco Javier Gil Vidal (54) of what? frank (57) The ones chosen by the people that wear them Frankie (23) Alain, Rumpelstiltskin FrankieSmash (49) I always liked the names Huckleberry Finn, Mr. Zulu Franklin Frank Anglin (32) Ulysses (male), Aurora (female) Frank Nekrasz (25) That depends on the person who possesses them fred (16) Toller Sarah Freda (61) Aiden Friedrich Mueller (57) Amanda, Anna, David, Serenity, William, Vernon, in no particular order Fritha Grey Adam and David fumble (19) madison, regan, phinneas, jack, emma, ludwig furies (27) I've only been known as Alec FYS13Alec (18) topanga FYS13Amanda (18) RGThreesus. FYS13Andrew Raven, Max FYS13Bella Way too many to count but currently I love Alyssa and Julian. FYS13Michaela (18) none in particular FYS13Savannah Henry (18) Tyler FYS13Tyler (19) Mine. FYS14Carrie Vale, Aubade FYS14Darling (18) I don't like names FYS14julie Kaleah, Silas, Blade, kutler, Kade, Delmas FYS14Kelle (20) Abraham and Catherine FYS14Serenity (19) They change continuously. Thank goodness I wasn't a teen mom, their names would've been ridiculous. FYS14Skylar I don't have a favorite name yet FYS14Taylor snow FYS14Timesha cameron FYS breont (19) Mine FYSHeath (18) Michael, John. FYSMichael (18) g g alejandro Gab (19) I might have a thing for Jessica's Gabe (31) Sebastian, Mark, Gabrielle, Sophia Gabi both of my names Gabriela (18) Camila Gabriela Coelho Mesquita Teixeira Borges (26) The ones of those who I hold dear to me. Gabriel Gonzalez (26) Ezra, Olive, Franky, Rigoberto Gabriella (17) Alexander Gabrielle Bianca Gail (44) Aaron, Olivia Gail Flaherty My name of course Gamba Ajani I am only kind of partial to my own. Garrett (19) David Gayle Steven Glen Brian Chris Bart Schelia Gator Krazy Dave Ayden, Gabriel, Michael, Nathaniel, Walter(Valter), Ramsies, and Amelia. Gean Whitehead III (20) geno Gene (51) I've loved many names, though Lilith is my true name. Joan wasn't too bad either. Gene (24) Genevieve and James. Genevieve (22) Ones that start with "A" Genevieve (15) Marion, Claire, James, Grant. Genie (65) too many to list Genie (58) Short and sweet... Isla, Cleo, Luna... Geo (20) Evangeline Alexandra Anastasia Geo (57) Henry, and Mary George Ruby, Rose, Pearl, and Diamond. Dominic and Michael. George Mile (35) Edwyn, Roseanna, George George Owers (21) Electra, Elvira, Lucretia, Ifigeneia, Andromeda Georgia (14) names that stand the test of time Georgia (53) Emma-Leigh Kate, Alexander Liam Georgia (16) felicit and elliot gg Constantin, Darius, Ari, Réda, Gregoire, Charles.... Ghyles (31) Constantin, Charles, Gaspard, Balthazar, Grégoire, Milo, Augustin, Hadrien... Ghyles (31) Mary, Elizabeth, Agnes, Vladimir, Raphael, Sebastian Gia (21) idk Gianne (21) Anything Italian Giannico (40) Eve, Louis, Harley Gillian Martin (40) Elliott, Audrey, Kenneth, Sara, Erik, Zoe, Jacob, Philippa, Frederika, Karl, Baldwin Gina (19) Joshua, Aaron, John, Joel, Benjamin - Lise, Adele, Katrine, Deborah, Lydia Gina (30) Nicknames I create for others Ginny (47) Alexandra, Claudia, Agatha, Monique. Gionna (28) I don't think I have any at the moment Giorgia Skyler, Zander, Zeke, Kyle Girl You Too Rude Be it the unknown one who holds my heart. Gjabrielle I always liked my given Chinese name, Wei, but maybe that's because it's never used Glenn Parker (24) Jacqueline, Raquel Glen Reeves (37) Richard, Santiea, DeVante Gloria (59) Gloria Gloria Heatley (58) I love all names I associate with people I love.(except for compound names, those are foul) GMcG Robin. Isobel. Brynah goblin64 (45) I have so many Godfrey (19) Zachary, Elena, Isis, Magdelena, Jayden, Vincent Golden Boy (20) I don't know. Gonzalo i dunno goose (20) Neo, Fire goukrish (19) Gabriel GPB (37) Quiet Storm Grace (30) Alice, Lucy, Madeline Grace (12) Roman, Petra, Elettra, Fiorina, Apollonia, Isabel, Marc, Guillermo, Gregorio, Emilio. Grace (28) I don't have any Grace Cooper (20) A veritable legion they are, but these days, resounding in my mind are Vihra, Vrach and Semiramis gracehoppin (23) Names with a legacy, like Penelope or Joseph Gracie (22) Stark greatlove (32) no favorite Greg (19) there is nothing in a name Greg (24) roxanne Greg (17) Keith Greg NA Greg (20) mine Greg (53) Julia, Amelie Greg Lytle (26) valentina gretel manuel, emilio, simon gruchi (63) giovanni gruffmusic (49) I have names that I don't like, otherwise I am fine with names Gtergab (50) The one I'm currently using. Guenther wesley, nicholas, noel, belle, genevieve, dorian, I have a lot. guiller van mistoffellees (17) O meu mesmo. Acho o meu nome muito bonito Gustavo (21) The name of my lover gutsyaardvark (19) Thomas, Zorah, Judex Guy Van Driessche (44) Esther, Bethany Hadasa (19) The names of my loved ones Hailey (34) Haku Hakusha Senbon (24) My favourite names are associated with people I like. The name 'Bruce' is despicable, though. Hal (18) Lali, Chaos Haley (19) rozhanoo,farnaz hamideh (26) Lily, felicity, viola Hamlet (30) My name. Hana (14) Lola, Lucy Hanna (24) Benjamin, Samuel, Atlas, Cantrelle(my mother's name), Hayley, and Catherine are the first that come to mind Hannah (15) hannah hannah (25) Anything I can pronounce without looking like an idiot Hannah Ross (20) Anna Marie (my papaws favorite girl name) Hannah Suttles anything that begins with thamil alphabet 'Ah' Hari (21) Pass. Harold E. Leighton (37) I do not play this game well. I don't know. Harold E. Leighton (40) Dake Harold Oberg Juana, Mariel, Albano, Klaus Harriet (23) Celtic ones Harry (27) What is a name? Hassallah (30) Nassair, arabic names Hassan (21) Amelia Hayley What's in a name? Hayzeus (23) Titles HCE (15) love and hun HEATHER (37) I'm good with mine HeavyFire (16) heider heider (27) Anne, Stephanie."Vi" as in Viola always sounded really glamorous to me. Heidi R. My favorite nouns are hibou, morrow, bonbon, crocodile... Helen (32) Poppy Helen (19) My own Helena (18) Willow, Erin, Ruth, Laurel, Erika, Oscar, Robert, Toby Helena Jenkins (20) interesting sounding ones Helen Mattison Wyatt (20) grace hellgirl (19) yggdrasil helz bells (41) Henry Henry (46) Those of Roman patricians that you only find on prep school prigs nowadays Henry_Z (25) claire her (26) Not my own, ones of feminine beauty Herald (71) Eileen, Kevin Jimmy and Mary herbertofwestlake (43) For a girl Elanor (from Tolkien). I don't have a favorite male name. Hern (39) Leon Herod (20) Alexander and Solomon Hero Solomon (25) satya Hetal (22) mother,father,sister,brother H, Han-Jan Whichever christens my loved ones HHP (41) My own. Hira Yousuf (18) Haven't ever thought about it HKas (28) LeeLee HKas Indigo, Charly, Grace H. McMillan (33) Pedro, Ana. H.Nakashima (21) Aeon, Aoife, Alexia, Sophia hobbes (26) Herukein, Shugo, Arc, Kairi hodouk (22) Rastaban and Aspidiske, the names of two stars; I think of them as lovers or perhaps brother and sister... Hoelder1in (51) Magnus, when said in English. hoffsta esme, john, alfred, albert holden (27) Veronica Holley (39) Daria and Violet. holly (17) I can not think of any, always find someone i dislike who shares it. Holly (22) Jack, Marcus, Stanley Holly Pajka (28) 'jackmis' on internet holyjkms (29) cedric, sebastian, minka Hong Jay None..gentle names i guess Hooks Jesus and mohamad Horace pluck (54) michael howard (34) My favorite names are Michael and Howard. howard (34) Rudra, casseiopia, hermione, ajatashatru and so many more that sound musical rolling off the tongue Hrudaya (24) Isabella, Antigone, Finnegan, Jennifer huck finn (48) Blake, Shawn, Hazel, Belle, Hafsa Huda (19) this is futile huggybear (29) Emily Alice Lola Viola Hulot Redux Bob Humbugger Omlet (20) Emma, Emily, Elizabeth, Eleanor Hunter (23) culturally relavent as well as welsh names. Hurricane Katrina (25) Jay, Amanda Hwiseon Lee (24) Don't have any Hyosun (25) Mohini, Ramses, Ligeia, Devavani, Angel, Sithriel, Joseph, Nyx Hypnos The Blade (46) Mary Elizabeth HYS (47) Anything ending with 'a'. I My own. I Ethan; Kegan; Beatrice; Amity; Michaela; Cadence Ian (23) Eva Ian (44) Kyle and Chloe ianplanet (47) elizabeta, isabel, isabeau, katarina, anastasia, anna I Beg (54) Ones with interesting meanings and roundish sounds. Iblis Anak (22) Icis and Catlin Icis Hers i dont know that i know (17) I don't have a favorite name Igor (29) I have always been fond of my own name. Iilyanna Whatever catches my fancy; usually those with symmetry or meanings I enjoy. Ika (24) I don't know. ile105 (23) Sophie, Victoria, Alessandro. ile105 (27) None Illinibeatle (44) My given name Imajones Hannah Imee Abbadon, Mephistopheles, Moloch, Shaitan I.M. (Imam Mahdi) (5) Fly Indrė (17) Jorn Inês (20) none. inez (21) Silly question Inkie (60) My Middle Names, they are all titles Ill never truly earn interestedparty secretly, margaret. i.p. Sometimes I wish I had a "normal" name, but I've learned to love Ireland Ireland Rose (12) Names that come from books. A name's worth nothing without a story. Irene (17) Anna, Ada, Radu, Marie, Mircea Irene (26) none Iris (18) Amber and Ashley Iris Ramsey (32) Puns Isaac (16) isaac, justyna, eric, natasha, dejah, jakob, isabella Isaac (29) I like my name just fine. Isaac Isabel, Demetria, Marya, and a few more. Isabel (19) Lily and Autumn Isabella Fairchild-Heart (Protagonist) (26) Isabelle, Rainer, Marcel Isabelle (26) Agapi, Angel Isadora Duncan (32) My dog's name, Shena, and one of my friend's names, Janeixis Ismael Santos (20) Johanna, Isolde, Adele Isolde (17) Olga. Iva Pasztor. The one which belongs to me. Iva Pasztor (20) Nobody really calls me anything else but my legal name. Ivy (10) the name my mother gift me ivy (25) Depends Izzy (24) Iris, Jude, Theo Izzy (17) Lucy j2a18m (43) damian jabbar (23) Morning Dove Caller, given to me by my grandmother Jacie Lin Jack Jack (14) francesa lilly roman justice jack (30) Juanita Chickita O'Toole. We had a parakeet named that growing up. Jack (33) Samantha, sam for short Jack (17) Jack, Alden Jack Goodman (18) Agnes, Simon, Paul, Elizabeth Jackie Paige, Joanna, David jackie (40) Oh my. Let's see. Valeray, Colette, Auraelia, Leander. Jackie (18) my name Jackie (24) Sophia, Fernando Jackie Cavalcante (40) Mackenzie, Magnolia, Greenwich, Chase Jackie Vega (27) Nia Bree. Jackson8471 (23) would a rose by any other name still smell as sweet? Jack Viper (29) Traditional boy names, untraditional girl names Jaclyn (22) I'm sure I know JaclynM (19) Names are names they are chosen for you, Its you're job to live up to them. Jacob Jack, Jacque, Lik. Jacque (24) Mine. Jacqueline (34) For a female, Sheba. For a male, Roy. Jacqueline Garrett (38) the names that mean love, hope, and Charity in the Areli language Jade (17) Roman, Bernice, Tate, Skye Jade-a-boo (17) Jade Jade Green (30) those that i plan on using for my future children Jadelynn (24) Tesla, Artemisia, Rory, Rosaline, Emmaline, Naim, Kamala, Khan, and Farrohk. Jae (18) Jafari Jafari (33) Emma and Matilda Jaime (18) Jabella Jaime (28) Those with a history Jake (17) My own name, or whatever is affectionately applied. Jake (21) Sebastian & Montserrat. Jakelina Hernandez (22) My own and the ones I will one day give my kids. J.A. Lawrence zacharia James (64) Myra, Thomas (my parents) James (30) James, Alexander, Alfred James (19) James, James (25) mine James Green (29) Jonathan, Elizabeth, Corben, Miriam, Caleb, James La Salandra (31) I hate it when people call me Luce. Tacky. James Oliver North (39) Aethelwolf, Constantine, Britannicus jameson_welsh (22) poppet and kitkat James William Reath (21) Jasmine, Evan, Keith, Betty Jamie (25) Anything Greek sounding. Jamie (22) Nila Jamie (32) haden for a boy Jamie (17) William Barry, David, Sadie, Sophie, Pickett, Polly Jan Mark, Alice, Andrew Jan (54) Alice, Mark Andrew Jan (55) Jana, Jayk, Yana, Yanoula Jana (22) Jana, Jayk, Yana and Yanoula (my work names) Jana (22) Bradley , for some off reason . Janae (17) jane, betsy jane (41) amelia, amelie, victoria, elizabeth, grace. jane (20) leander, kathryn jane fakename (25) I have none janice (67) In birth order? Janice Marie Oxford (61) Mark, Andrew, Alice, Rowan and Harper Jannie56 A meaningful nick name Jared (19) Sebastian, Nicolas, Gwen Jared Oswald (19) None Jarred Poll (26) Alexander, Charlotte, Nicholas, Anastasia, Dimitri, Corneilus Jas (20) gurnoor, anjulee jasleen My own Jasmine Violet (17) my name Jason (34) Kelly Jason (26) Throat Warbler Mangrove jasonstafford (53) Aedan and Emi Jax Havak (00) The individual gives their own name worth Jay (26) Jay, Mari, Vince Jay My own Jay West (27) Andre, Dallas, Royal, Jessamyn Jazz jack jb (13) All my children's J.B. (53) Those with a flowing sound, like Julian JB (29) Jb (Maybe) Jb Bradford (44) Billy, Pookie, Ochocinco JD (21) eva wolf faulkner, vivette jda the most fitting and forming jean (22) mine Jeannine (57) My name Jef (19) Cannon Jeff Olivia Trueman JeffGuy (55) Jeb, Grace, Destiny Jeffrey A. Olivier (40) Caroline Jeffrey Dean Arthur (51) kieran, kitt Jeff Winger gertrude and jemimah jemimah (32) cannot think of any Jen (23) ArtToyonAga Jen (25) Lilith jen (29) Anna, Eve, Sheridan, Helene, Jennifer, Leila, Joshua, William, Aaron, Ian Jen Gerlach (39) All Jen Hallidy (42) Jocelyn Jenn (35) Guinevere, Jackson, Samuel, Ryan Jenn (39) all those that make me smile Jennie Mark and Julia Jennifer (35) Irish, Russian, Italian names have a passionate, musical ring. names that are beautiful and have more than one meaning. Jennifer (40) Leilani Jennifer C-K (35) Mine when said by the right person in the right way Jennifer Lewis (26) Kristen Liza, Robert Jenni Webb Reynolds (29) Dominic, Joshua, Reinette, Polly Jenny (23) Lena, Wallace, Ethan, Jeremy, Lucy, and, of course, Tucker Jenny (28) rhonda Jenny (37) Sebastian Jenny (18) anything that starts with "L" Jenny (38) Jenny Jenny (35) Good ones JennyLynn (23) Margaret and Alethea Jenny Napier (42) Jacob and Allison Jensyn Keanes (19) Anything not made up by a woman Jeremy (17) don't have one Jeremy (30) scarlett Jeremy (29) Virginia Jeremy Fassler (22) Dick Trickle, Plenty O'Toole, Rusty Shackleford. Jeremy Heintz (39) Chanelle it sounds rich and elegant Jess (27) Molly, Lydia, Lucy, Naomi, Emily, Kat, and Lily Jess (18) Coraline, David, Chelsea, Alexander, Anastasia, Alicia, Vanessa Jessica (18) My babies, Bobby and Hunter. Jessica Tristan, Tri, T. Jessica Cristo (Jax): (29) No preference Jessie (33) Karma. Bayla. Jess the Mess (21) the ones that are easily pronouced Jesus0469 (46) Doug Jet Jackson (92) Those that fit the persons Jeux I am partial to the one I have.. nickname, my dad called me love Jewel (39) Marilyn, Juliet Jewel (38) Pheonix for a girl jezza (18) my given name jg (36) Mine are fine jg (22) My own, but I'm also partial to Cornelius J.H. It depends on where my mind is Jian (22) Soda, Seven Jim (20) Mean names said with love Jim (50) melrose, jemima, mcdonald jimmy (84) Carrie, Kelly, Shanna JJ (20) French names J J Ruzo Elanora, Bernarda, Violetta JLo (34) I have many. and yet few. J.L. Odom (16) Varies from time to time JM (28) I have none Jo (41) TK & Peace. Jo (16) Jessica, Noah James, Christopher Jo (21) Anna Jo Too embarrassing and would identify me Jo (20) Death Jo (33) James, William, Iris, Helen. Joana (22) I don't have a favorite. Joan Ellis (28) Ella, J'Vanna, Bella, JOANNA Laura Joanna Kather (63) Naomi Jo-Anne Simon, Juana Inez Joanne van der Woude (36) Sara Joe (60) I tolerate Vince, I prefer Vincent Joe DeProfio (27) Rambo, Austin, Hamish Joel (17) Chloe and Mom Joel Sadler (45) Daniel, Noah JoeyO (34) alvaro, miguela, alfonso, alessandra John (28) Dexter John (24) I have only one name and names do not really matter to me, only what one can do John (20) John John (23) Jacob, Melody Johnathan Durand (19) John Hon Johnny (21) I dont know Johnny (21) Wesley John Sousa (17) Kemper JoJo (27) Amie leila Elena Mira Jojo (76) do not have one jolie (66) Clarisse, Eric, Sonia, Letitia, Lewis, Yolanda Jollie (21) Kate, Sam and Madeline Jo Mama (53) Augustus Jon (48) Lucas. Paco. Frank. Sylvia. jona (19) I like them all Jonas (We) what jonathan (31) None Jonathan Tacuri (21) Italian ones jonb (49) David Jonida Dervishi (29) That depends almost wholy on the person I attach them to Jon Mosca (31) Carmelo, Kelly, Williams, Connell, Kyrie, Jonny South (18) Anything with a foreign sound, from Europe. Jordan (19) None Jordan anything starting with the letter "j" jordan rutter (18) Jorelle,sounds like an angles name;ex, michael,azael,raphael they sound similar Jorelle (18) Ana, Juriaan, Hugo, Sofie, Willem Joris Mer De Nomes joseph (31) Joe Joseph Anthony (37) 就是Joseph Joseph Cheng (28) of course, Josephine! Josephine A (19) Joseph Yvon Isidore Joseph Yvon (63) chelsea for a boy, Claire for a girl Josh (23) Winifred. Josephine. James. Josh (22) No Answer Josh (29) Isabella Marie Joshua (34) Simple names Joshua (27) Oliver, Cuthbert, Jaclyn Rose. Joshua Levi (21) An honest answer might appear as a tad capricious, however I currently fancy Justin, Bryce, Jake, and Tyler. Joshua Sponaugle (22) Tanner, Roselie Joshua Taft (18) For some reason, I've always liked the name Milo. Josh W. (19) neve, camilla, isaiah, atticus josie (25) rose Josie Dangerfield (29) Anastasia and Sahana Jotthedot (16) Eliza; Carolina Joxef (35) nick joyce (20) those with meaning joyseternal (22) Ilyena and Guernica jrggzmn (20) Ilyena jrggzmn (20) Georgia jrggzmn (25) Charles, Estelle, Charlotte, JRobertson (21) Niles, Carrot Jtan (21) They are secrets to me Ju (28) Daniel, Naomi. Juan Carlos (21) Urbano Juancho (32) Lily, Aeslin, Isobelle, William, Garreth, Forrest. Juanita Joann Harty Buck (49) Maximillian, and those names that are worn with pride. Juan Jose Campos (34) Ardalan, Rojin, Soran, Rostam, Saghi Jubin (21) Sebastian, Hadrian, Algernon Judah (30) Jewel, Destiny, Tiffany, Jasmine Judah (22) JUDE jude (25) Never thought about that Jude Kaldi Victoria, Emma, Asher, Robert Judith ASHER, ROBERT, JUDITH, JUNE Judy Sweetie, Darling, Honey Judyka (64) grey, sol juju Nicole, Andrew, jujubee (35) Ella, Henleigh, Charlie Jules (19) Sophia Jules Of people, places or things? I don't really have any, I suppose. Julia (23) Julian - My only name Julian (16) Stephan, Andrew, Michael, Matthew and Peter julie (79) my name, cause my parents gave it to me Julie (20) Norse Names Julie (40) Those of winning horses Julie (49) urban, isabelle Juliette (25) Anything unique and different juliette (19) i really like the name 'maxwell'. However I am a female and my name is June. June (23) Zavier,Jupiter,Oliver,Johnny jupiter jones Aleczander Justin (27) Julia; not sure why. Justin (15) Bella Justin Aylward (22) hope justine hope (20) What is in a name? Justin Rasile (23) Cthulhu JW (27) My own, I suppose. J.W. Carey (22) Rohini K (21) None. They are simply practical designations. K. (23) Names which are unusual yet not too comical. Names with historic/mythological meaning. Colour-inspired names, but only in fiction. k damon k-92 (17) Ophelia, Katherine, Amelia Kaden I don't have any Kafi Cunningham (43) jude kai (15) I have a few Kainaz (20) Any name but Piscine Kait (23) Adrian, George, Alyssa Kaja Ta Ones that embrace ambivalence Kajer (19) THOSE BELONGING TO ADMIRABLE INDIVIDUALS KAKI (50) geana Kaleena (23) Henri Kally (33) Santiago, Tristan Kamila (18) A cute nickname given by my beloved one KammY kandi kane, goddess Kandi (26) his name kangaroo bethany, leah, meredith, paul, jonathan karaeileen (24) Audrey, Lillith, Avi Karen (22) Alexa Karen (27) The names of my freinds and family Karen yarely Karen (16) mine Karen June (52) david barbara ana kari bobins (33) Francisca Karina Marcano (26) What kind of names? Karl (17) The one that starts with a 'K' Kasandra my own and it's varieties in diffrent languages ;] Kasia (30) Agatha, Isaac, Israel, Andrew, Mercedes, Sally Kasper (19) My own Kassy (17) Rebecca, Zachary Kate (23) His. Kate (21) Sam (my late hero dog). For me, it doesn't matter, just don't call me a bitch. EVER! Kate Charles and Addison Kate (26) Harry, Sophie, Oliver Kate Mac (22) I prefer classical names. Kate McJ (31) Misha. Katerina (22) It depends upon what characteristics my people need to have. Kath (48) Keisha, Etienne, Jerome Katharina (32) My name. Katherine (18) Becca, and my dad used to call me Bunny. Katherine (27) I don't have one Katherine Lizélle, Kathérine, Christian, Hugo, Alexander Kathérine (25) ? kathy (52) i don't know Kathy (26) Jack, James, Violet and Poppy Kati (15) Amanda Kati (19) The ones that aren't swears Katie (20) killllll me katie (23) The ones to which I respond Katie (17) emily jake katie (22) Brielle Katie (21) Lorin, Kelci, Connor, Seth Katie Carriere (39) Arya, Margaret Katrina (23) Mama Kat Katrina Thiessen-Beasse (28) Alexis Katsika (68) oliver, marni, poppy, arthur katthehurricane Javier, Max Katy (16) Laura, Rebecca, Charlotte, Anthony, Timothy Katy (22) Eva, Una, Sebastian Katya Allnutt (27) Miranda Michael Kavindra (55) my name kavitha (19) victoria kay (22) Ashton, Kalyn and Noah Kaybird (43) Luke Kayla (17) James, Carson, Miley, Charlotte, Ryan, Keladry, Edward Kayla Marie (17) I don't have one Kaysie67 (49) Liberty, Marisol, Jasper, Thor, Levi KB (45) The nicknames of pirates, Vikings, and Mafiosi K.B. Oliver (30) Grace kc Uncle K K Dilkington (30) As in ones I think are simply magnificent, or ones I'd give my nonexistent future kids? Magnificent: Firenze, Hercules. Ones I'd give my nonexistent future kids: Tristan, Frederick, Shoshana, Kyrie. Kechiro (33) Holden, Gatsby Keith (19) Lily and Michael Kelli (47) Allegra kelly (39) Myra, Luca, Adam, James,Lucy Kelly (25) None Kelly G. Teague (45) Mom, and to be called a friend Kelly McCauslin No favorite Kelsey (22) Debra, Amy, Aaron ken (58) Pam, Charles, Ken Ken (63) Rubberhead, Rocky, Fartbubble, Killer ken dewey (48) Madelyn, Kora, Mason, and Brennan Kendyl (20) DeeDee, DJ, Kenkire Kenkire lover - Kenn (47) Natalie, Peter and Elizabeth Kennedy (18) Moxy Crimefigher was a good choice Kenning (28) Brayden Keri Cook (26) Gold and Silver. Kessler (35) Theirs K EST (22) ariel, nathaniel, sa Keti (23) I'm very much liking my name Keto (25) Simon/Simone Kev (27) Jackson, Alexander, Genevieve, Alexis Kevbo Nessa Rose Kevin (25) none Kevin (21) Kev; Kevlar Kevlar Eleanor kfcbucket (16) The name of my dearest ones. KFerreto (24) Ones that can't be pronounced. kfkfkfk (17) Those that have multiple meanings, and of course, that of my love. KG (38) Many for one is not enough KG (26) Oh too many Khaddafina (23) TEST KHAkjhsak (16) Cassandra, Eunica (my name) khaye (26) Those that speak life and prosperity Kia (28) Kellina, Kevin, Kiana Mercury (23) Beau, Micah, and Isabella. Kiara M. (15) BARBARA, DONNA, REGINA, TARA, ANGELA, LEYA, DANIELLA, Kid Jasper nearly identical KiDoCo Anna Kiera Hardy That's a silly question Kieran (22) Elizabeth, Babe Kika I call everything Steve or Fred Kiki (27) Jax Kiki (10) Grace Kikka (38) Harper Kiley (20) sophie, joshua killy Mia, Maja, Ian Kim (17) Elizabeth, rRebecca, Hannah, Ella Kim (37) Seth, Ashley, Gianna Kim (47) Changes Kimberly (23) Milo, Chiara, Julian, Penelope kimberly (21) anything out of the ordinary Kimberly Bailey those that don't belong to an American state kimbo (34) Lily Kimlmar (52) Jim Kim Randall Cox (43) all of them king (43) sharon kings (36) Vlad King Ubi (35) none Kinmin (24) none kirk Shaye Tyson Kirsten McCracken (20) hansraj kirty (21) my favorites names is lana AND liam kissclem.83 (12) Bronwin and Eli kit kat (22) my own name kito (24) Adam, Suleiman, Ali, Aryan, Nadine, Amy, Hesham, Naveed, Kitty, سيب Kitty (21) Dave Kitty (58) none kjelli (59) Gia KK (32) sofie k-kabob (31) William, for a girl KKC (26) None Kkkkaty (67) Boris Klavicus (23) Camila and Sebastián Klox890626 (23) Eli, Lilianna KLVS (22) Iris KM (23) A cute nickname by my beloved Kmi names with meanings knapsackstraps (21) what a weird question knowone (29) Harker, Jessica, Koinekid (28) Sebastian. kokocakemix (24) William, Alfred, Tom Kourtney Denee (24) Evangeline, Jeremiah Kouse (23) too many to list Kreuzz Lily, Katherine, Greer Kris (41) Linde krissy (18) Eric - Tatiana Krista (17) Emerson, Sloane, Margaux, Colette Krista (27) Asha, Aria, Kris Kristaline (24) Daniel Kristi (35) lacey, jasper and claire. Kristie (22) The true ones Krum Kirov (16) Those of my close friends and companions at the moment Shizzy and Katie Kryshia (53) Names containing the letters Z, K, V, X, Y, W Krystaal (40) I only have one at a time. Krystal (24) Angie Krystin (22) Etienne, Esme, George, Krza (25) What does this question even mean? ks (33) Liora, Michael and Katie Kt (15) James, Henry, Grace KT Mine, or yours? kt (35) Alokananda and Paripriya Kunal Sen (27) latinate names like Aurora, one-syllable nicknames that stick, like Pup, Scout or Meem kunderakitsch Those that sound beautiful but no one can spell for the life of them. kuro usagi (18) The one name that hurts too much to say. Kurt Bailey (45) Lily, Helen, K Yeo (19) Abigail, and Annie Kyla Stan kyra, aeryn, lyra, almost all the names I used in my story Kyra Black (19) Elise, Hugh, Gregory, Adam, and others Kyrie (18) alexandra Kyrinrin (14) Helen L (36) cole, lily, paxton lacee (18) Aisling; Liam; Aidan; Declan & Sinead Lacey McVeigh (46) Gilgor Lacharria (18) Jada, Tyla, Zion and Savannah....for starters LadyDyTheFly Bilal ladyinthewater (24) Not ugly ones Lady NCA (29) bella, claire, Alexandra Ladytoyou (66) jules lage (27) Liam of course, Eric and Erica LaHaRo (51) Fusty old names like Lilac, Olive Lainey (38) It has to fit the person... any. Lainie my own lala Do not have any Lana (34) Lanlan (my nickname) LAND (22) I like my name. I have a pet dragon named Rocco. I killed his mother and made armor from the hide. Landon Wright (16) That is a broad question, for a dog I would say Rover, and King, because that's what I named my two doberman pinchers Lanette main character: Counciler Becky Lara and Max lara67 (49) Pandora LA Sullivan Esme, Ilyena, Mirren, Millie, Emily Laura (20) Names that are also places Laura (24) mine laura (23) dilana laura (27) Peter and Evelyn Laura (28) eli, ezra, efram, finn Laura (31) names? I have never thought about it LauraAl (27) Caitlin and Shannon Laura N. (52) Daniela, Elliott, Jeremy, Daniel Laura Panza (38) monica laura Ytzia Montoya Capristo Lillian and Lucia. Laurel (29) mine i guess Lauren (28) nick, jamie Lauren (14) gray Lauren (22) My own Lauren I haven't got favorite names. Lauren Frost (26) Winnifred, Hermione, Lilian, Tomasin, Tabitha, Beatrice Lauren H (27) Veronica, Alex Laurie (58) Oh, what's in a name, anyway? Lavache Beadsman (21) Gabriel and Gabriela Layla (22) Victor and Victoria Layla (13) Justin Layla B. (43) MacCray, Benjamin and Becket LB Perkins (42) Massimo, Madeline, Eloise, and Adriano Leah (16) Marigold, Lily, Jane leah (17) Noah Leah (25) Pippa, logan, claudia, milo Leah Michael, Grace, Nathaniel, Bethany Leanne (28) Eric LeCorbeauGris (25) Marissa Lector non lee (30) Leeham Leeham Colin, Charlie, Honor, Lily. Leena (16) Taliya Legacy Lee (31) My own and Michael. Leigh Lagamayo (27) Ethan, Nikolai, Layken Leila Sirene, Echo, River Leila (28) they are named for people, and so tear as they build; perhaps Aeolia Lem (24) Constanze, Maria, Adien, and Ivan. L.E.Murphy (17) name is a name, some just suit people better than others Len (46) Lena, Anna, Sophie, Isabel, Violet Lena (21) none Lena (60) For girls, I like Welsh names, such as Myfanwy, Cerys and Lowri. For boys I’d like to use family names like Arthur, Clarence and Benedict. Leo The ones in the sky Leo (15) I really liked the name my parents gave me but for me i really like the name Ventus. i dont know why. haha Leo Calma (19) Gloria, Alfred LeonidasStokely Me Leon (The Debreifer) (22) , Leslie Catherine, Charlotte, Evan, Brendan Leslie (43) Beloved Lestory (49) I've always liked "Caeser" Levi Becker (31) Ones that define the bearers Levi Walker lex Lex ones after plants and other aspects of nature lexi (23) Terran names are my favorite. Apple, Blanket, North - such pleasingly round words. (My uncle is going to be very angry if ever sees this). Lex Ryo (17) Lex Lexxxx (18) erin jean, harry l.gee (23) Cheshire, Logan, Constantine, Greyson lglick19 Ember, Anthony, Kenneth Lia (23) Jackson, Esme LiamP (25) I have always loved the name Lucinda for a girl and the name Damian for a boy. Liam Shaughnessy I suppose I am partial to my own name. Liam Urien stupid question librowicz (28) The ones we make for ourselves. Lightning Stars (22) My wife Tabitha, my sons Clay & Finn lilecare (46) Nenya,Bella, Stefan. Lilian (25) Grey, Aurelia, and Sabriel. Liliana Kieda lil~kissa (17) Any name that gives a person strength. Lillian (25) Antigone, Tristan Lily (16) Audrey, Charlie, Violet Lily Inara and Sophia Lily (34) Caterina, Luca, Davide, Anais Linda (23) I prefer names which includes letter D. Linda (17) Jimmy, James, Jimbo, Jim Linda C (41) Milo, Nathalie Linda M. W. (34) Maria, Sienna Lindsey (15) Lily, Kahlan, Kathryn, William, Richard. Lindsey B. (17) Van, Taylor, Aaron LindseyD (18) I always thought Seren was a cool name. And Renée. Linicake Rose and Alban linou70 Names are irrelevant Lint (17) Madeline, Christian Lisa Eden Lishan (20) Meredith LittleT (24) ? lituci (30) my name? A girl named wan'er Lixing (24) Ava, Isabella, Bernard, Sadie, Lucius, Finn. Liz (28) James, Jeremy, Jennifer, Layla, Eve, Mary, Claire Liz (64) Mom, Granny and Grandma. Liz (47) Average names like David, Phil, Joe Liz (25) Ancient Greek names Liz (40) Betsy, Henry, Peter, Mesfin Liza (33) Marianne, Lucia Lizzie (17) Clarke, Parker Lizzie Pickle (27) Strong, simple ones. L. Kadey (18) Ezra, Enoch L. Kadey (19) Magnus LLane (23) Bearnise lmao alejandro lo (19) male: jason or blake female: cassandra Lo (24) Olay LodRose (32) Elizabeth Log Felix, Zack, Tristan, Primus Logan (23) Ryan. Logan (14) Logan Logan (16) Eliot Logan Whitt (15) Any and all names are beautiful - even Engelbert. Lois (22) Ii like Sarah, Dylan, Malina Lola Omahyra, can't think of the other ones Lolita Hazed (18) i like last names lollipoppingsu (24) Nora, Claire, Sam, Charlie, Will Lori (37) Louf, Loufie, Sexy Beastman Louf (39) Penelope, Stardust, Summer, Leah, Sunny, Miranda, Annette, Loui Edgington (12) Roman names Louis (19) Jason, Elayne, Rebecca, Rachel, Jessica, Jessie Louisalokyee (15) Alba, Emily, Anna. Louise (17) Diana, Christopher, Daniel, Leila, Chase, Magnus, Peter, Tristan, Olivia, Rose Loz (17) lila, lily, bella, layla, nala Lu (24) All names are the same Lu (32) I have a lot of favorite names luadepapel (25) Helene, Gerard Luc (27) Laureano, Urbano. Lucho (32) Tia and David Lucija (25) Names with deep biblical relevant Lucy (34) Names are superficial, I do not truly care for one over another. Lucy Zoe and Maria Luigi (38) In portuguese: Laura for a girl, Miguel for a boy Luísa (21) Laura for girls, Miguel (portugues) for boys. Luísa (22) Chloe, Alice, Noah Luisa (18) Noah Luisa (19) none LuisEfe (55) Timothy, Anthony, Adumbrel Luke Anthony (19) no preference lukemarco (18) The ones people make up for one another in private and for love Luke N 14 (35) Bianca, Angela, Maya Lulu Reneé, Erin, Alexandra, Luna Luna (16) luca and axelia lunar (18) Emily, Ben, Lydia (50) lydia lydia Jo, Willow, Jane, and Hermione. Lydia (18) Lots Lyla (30) i grow tired of this lyman (35) It depends on what we are naming Lyn (22) It depends on what we are naming Lyn (22) Andrew, Tracey, Elizabeth, Eleanor Lyn camila lynac (31) Mine Lyndsay D. (22) Ethan, Elliot, Elessar Lyndsey (19) all of them Lynk (15) Ellen and Lucy Lynn Renee (41) Cassie, Dillon Lyss (19) None M I like Megan M (29) Miguel M (36) Many M (19) Lacey MA (61) Adicus Mach (44) Caecilia Machiavelli_Mx (38) i really like the name lucy. i like many names but lucy is special. a lucy was someone who inspired me and whose life ended far to soon. macon (22) joel macskawoman (44) Amelia, Charlotte, Emily…something girly and memorable Macy (15) magenta, leila, tobias Madeline (19) Nachiketh Madhusudhan (63) Those that are rare, with rare consonants, such as X or Y or V. Madison Twist (25) Irish names like Oisín, Naoise, Realtín, Lenán. MaeveOne (27) my own Magellan (44) Robert, Danni, Faith, Richard, Alfred, Eleanor Maggie (24) never given it a thought. Maggie (23) Elizabeth Maggie (49) alexander maggy may Those names which have the most meaning. Mahalo (/) male: Adam, female: Caroline mahtiel (21) Evelyn Mairi (37) Allegra, Indalecio, Julia, Andrés, Pedro, Bernardo Maite (26) the one i love maitresseb (43) The ones that are their own even if shared Mak (16) Anna, Claudia, Giulia maksimuchka (38) I once heard a man call out the name, Lyza. I like the way it sounds. Malcolm (26) Kelly for a man, women's names have never meant anything to me at the time every one seemed like a poem Malibu (31) joel and nate Mallory (21) Caleb and Faith Mallory Corrus (20) The name that you never will guess; The name that no human research can discover! Maltet the names of flowers Mandar (27) Names possessed by my loved ones. Mandella Kitten (36) Adrian mandi (28) distinctive, exotic mandi2kay (31) None. Manu (22) The names of my children Mara (58) Who has a favorite name? Mara (17) Strong and traditional; Henry, Oliver, Paul, William, Lucy, Elizabeth, Eleanor, Violet MaraMichelle Laura Marana (56) The ones my sister calls me Marcel (19) Alexander, Theodore marcel254 (25) Lux. Marcelo Ricarte. (16) Sophia, Marcus, Seth, Martina, i like how they sound Marcel Rodriguez Claudia Marclaudi (46) throckmorton Marc_Meyer I haven't gave that much thought marcoapk (19) maggie marg (53) Alice, Chester, Xena Margaret (19) Cynsear, Wisdom, Nahlij Margaret Cook (57) the names of my loved ones (this includies my dog's, as well) Margarida (aka:Guida Costa,Guida Almeida ( ) Jenna Margie (44) margaux, brody margo (22) Fiona. And I hate biblical names. Margot Margot Margot (21) Santiago, Monserrat Mari (30) Celeste, Sarah, Rebeca Maria (45) Jaquline Maria I don't believe I have any Maria (18) Nick, Alejandra, Natasha, and Maria Maria Contreras (19) Eli and Leah Mariam (20) none that i'll like in a year Mariana (16) Ninfa, Margot, Bastián and Alan. Mariana (22) Alexander and all of its derivations; it means Man's Defender. Also, Miranda... no real reason. Maria Patenaude (29) Sophie, Isabella, Lorenzo , Aaron Maria Rowena Rillen Those with meaning and rhythm. Marie (19) Veronica, Nathaniel Marie (21) Pretty ones Marie Alexandre Marie Madeleine (51) Raphael. Daphnée. Céleste. Oxana. Thierry. Marie-Pierre Adam (27) sophie marina (50) Maša, Andrej, Juraj marina (27) those shouted at me by the masses bowing down to me Marina (20) The spanish ones Marina da Silva Negherbon (24) maya, julien, dyan, sebastian. mario ponce (38) Names are never important, just the face and the feelings behind it Marios Gregoriou (21) jerimih MariselaL (18) Jimmy, Mark, Kate and Izzy Mark (16) No preference Mark (19) What? Mark It's a nickname, but Pop-Pop. Mark (55) Kimberly. Mark Angus Wilson (28) Aidan, Salome, Mark D Anderson (23) Anaximander, hippocampomamillothalamocingulaire, syncytium, didascalia, Isabelle, Thomas. markeff (38) Nia, Rhys, Huw Mark J (44) Dimitrije, Anđelija Marko (28) ad Mark Sterling (32) none markus_naz (39) alexander and kathrine Marney (40) Wael , sadim, rimas , karim Maroua (17) no idea... My Arabian friends have cool names because they are so long... Marshall Wang (24) los de mis gatas y el de mi novia (Bruma, India y Wanda) marti (25) Martin, Edward, Victoria, Mary Martin (29) Sahara Martina Common Alice, Lily, Peter, James Marty (18) Don't have one at the moment Martyshka (31) I too only have one at a time. Maruku (18) Playa Marvin Willams (30) Margaret, Madeleine. Mary (22) Alexander, Benoit, Sone, Menton. Mary (56) most Slavic names Mary Ann (62) Grainne MaryAnn (47) Kelly Elizabeth and Sean Patrick Mary Ellen Collins-Davis (59) Kelly Elizabeth and Sean Patrick Mary Ellen Collins-Davis (59) my own name Maryn (15) Names of my favorite people Masha Shannon (26) I am not picky about names MasonFYS13 (18) Sophie, Sadie, Jamie. God help me if I have a boy. Mason Walker (21) Gary, Athena Mat (15) None in particular Mat (26) I would say the Croatian translation of Matthew, its the most beautiful, eloquent and erotic word i can think of mate All Mateus Melo Cecil, Peter, Ekaterina Mathew Gallant (22) Anthony, Mathilda, Julian, Mathilda (15) Boys: Theodore, Henry, Mathias, Thaddeus, Edmund, Matthieu, Leonard, Etienne, Bastiaan, Vladimir. Girls: Isabeau, Astrid, Beatrix, Violet, Ophelia, Isadora. Matisse (15) Raylen, annabella Matrix (23) Yamashita Tomohisa Matsuda (14) i only have one at a time matt (17) You can call me either one. Matt (30) At this time, I do not know. Matt (20) Mine Matt (25) Harvey and Charlotte. Unfortunately they're reserved for Australians and whores, respectively. Matt DeCostanza (17) Matthew. Julius. Marc. Clarence. Matthew Charles Barrie (27) Any Biblical or Latin name that has persisted to the present Matthew Gordon (28) Emelie, Matthew Matthew Ray (18) My four Matthew Young (18) too many... french names. Matthieu (21) Nadine and Ares Maundaux (23) Edward mauserman (42) Jack, Alice Max (24) depends on time, place and people maxie (20) Jeremy Maximilian (17) Mitchell, Gerard, Gaël, Balian Maxwell Pierson (23) Elissar, Nour Maysoun (27) Mommy MB (41) Lee, Lou, Ray mcfm0626 (26) Quirico, Federico, Seamus, Augustin MCI (22) Skye mcseadogs (34) none Me (40) none me (32) Happy with the one i Have ME (25) Foriegn Me (57) Kyleigh and Liam Meaghan MickeyMichele Medusa59 (56) definetly not my own name. Meebo Oscar and Miranda Meg (16) apathy meg (22) landon, Meg (19) Ones I can pronounce Meg (31) The one that doesn't need to be said to hear. Meg (22) leilani, jade, ann Megan (25) Ava, Colby, Blake, Bentley Megan (20) It changes all the time. I've been keeping track of them for a while, but with no plans to have children, it's moot. Megan (32) Megan Megan (18) I don't have any Megan (23) Megan megan (18) Charlie, Ryan, Peter, and Molly Meghan (16) Debris Megil (51) సంధ్య Meher (32) My own Mel (20) Alexander mel (32) Ones that sound musical or like typewriter Mel (44) Ashlyn, Devon Melanie (31) Emma, Genevieve, Sophie Melanie (33) Weird question. Ben, I guess. Melanie (33) Love Dove, Puddin Drop, my Bride, MelBisMe (34) Lily, Timothy, Alex. Melinda (18) Carl, Diedrick Melinda McGinley (30) I don't understand this question M.Elisabeth Howell (52) Charlotte Melissa (23) Dylan and Zelda...quite fond on melissa as well melissa (17) bronte melissa (44) Lillian, Isabelle, Amelia, Madeline Melissa (40) Too many to name Melissa Diane Hudson Mine Melissa Farr (25) Russell Melissa Farr (29) Araceli, Jasper, Clair, Jackson, Mab Melissa P (63) Emma, Sean Melly I can never decide Melody (22) Old-fashioned names with many syllables and potential nicknames. Mel Sundquist (20) Tom meltemis Journey- that name defines life. Melvia (28) angelo. it has angel AND gel! Memelord (15) Layne, Kairi Memyselfandi not mine Menjou (21) naina menon (33) julian, jerusha mercedes (27) I don't have any Meredith Gideon and Naomi Meredith (23) Mine Merit (56) Mine Merit (56) Mine Merit (56) Mine Merit (56) Mine Merit (56) Mine Merit (56) Mine Merit (56) Olivia merlinharp (57) I like the named of my loved ones, I believe it suits them. Other than that, names don't generally enter into my like/dislike category. Metztli (23) Those of the people I love MFSmith (16) mia, james, superman mia They change often; currently, they're Stephen, Mia, Alexander, Gaia... Mia (27) anything italian micci (64) Elizabeth and Michael Michael (40) Suki, Michael, Sam Michael (46) me Michael jeanne michael jennifer Michael (43) Alessandro and edwin michael (24) one at a time Michael (21) Josephine, Gladys, Preston, Christopher, Michael Michael (52) Michael, Nuno Michael (53) I have many. Michaela (20) Rowena, Catherine, Tristan. And, of course, Michaela. Michaela Tee (15) Not sure if it's a name but if I have a kid and it's a boy I'll name him Covetus Michael Kendall (16) Rachel, I see it before me in everything I do. Michael Thornberry Sam Michelle (30) Ruth, Esther, Naomi, Mary, Cecilia, Nicole, Agnès, Gabrielle, Thérèse, Anastasia, and many others for girls and women; for boys, I prefer names such as Pierre, Peter, John, Robert, Caleb, Joshua, Edgar, Eymard, Paul...and the list continues. Michelle (24) Aerin and Danica Michelle Jeong (20) Sandino Michelle Sandino (15) Those that belong to good people. michou (19) Mercea Mick (28) Kevin, Chloe Mickste What's in a name...? Mignonne (53) Sara, David, Eva, Victor mihaela (26) Andrei mihaelaian (42) Chris,Jonh,Loise Mika Have not decided yet. Mike (33) me Mike (14) - Mike (32) Samantha Mike (53) Michael Mike (58) Ana Mike (42) Melodie Mike (29) Oleg, Mathew, Ariel... mike_freedom9531 (30) Margaret/Thomas Mike G. (25) Patrick,Kelly,Megan Sean..... mikemc1156 Hermie Mike Sadler (53) Eladia, Abram, Evan, Aaron Milfred (35) Sophia Mili (20) For now Natally and Iva Milly (23) George Milly (16) mine millymay (84) Any personal nickname of one I love Mimi (53) Other than my childrens names, Charlotte and Gabriel. Mimi (31) Boutrous Boutrous Ghali Mimi (24) micol, tancredi mimì (48) My children and grandchildren's name Mimi (57) / Mimikeekee (23) Calipso. Mina (15) Hermione Mind (17) Naomi, Maude, and Minerva. Minerva Black (30) my name minto (28) the ones of the people I love mirabilis (48) None I like to share. mischa (22) Anything the Medicis ever used. Misha (24) The ones the individual is permitted to choose for themselves. Misk Odium Oersted Dave miso Vincent and Maria Miss Princess misshermes (20) not mine miss karachi Piper Missy (44) Elizabeth Missy (45) brianna michael and victoria and josephine Missy Gay (42) john and mary mister buzz (49) Hamlet Mitchell: for Ophelia Muhammad, Aysha, Yusuf, Noah Mitela (22) Mohammed Mitela (25) Depends on the people who wear them Mitja (36) Saturn and Venus. Mitsuko (22) ones ending in a mitzi (28) Firelie Miyo (12) Liam, Baila, and Georgiana MJ (22) Dax (my first cat) MJ (23) bud mj (39) Sean and William M. J. A. Armstrong (60) My own MJF (34) none mjwhite (21) I tend like Greek names like Theodor or Alex. M.K. (21) cat mk (15) abbeygale mkayruger Morgan Zane, Isabella Ann Mkeekee (30) The Holy Ones M. Le Ahcim-nevets (31) My mother's German name. MlleJacqueline Old-fashioned ones MlleNeet paloma, bronwen, angus MM (34) Devon, Gabrielle M&M (38) All three of mine - Deacon Alexander Best MMS Maura mobtomas (48) Jasper and Cassiopeia modernmonsters Don't have a favourite one. Mohamjip (66) Maya, Isabella, Altair Mohini (20) Nathan, Stew, Genevieve, Oscar, Trisha, Maude. Moistoidy (43) Mary and Helen Molea Razvan (23) Leo and Sophia Molly (19) Ruby and Jacob Molly (18) Ghengis. Odonis. Ragnar. Molly Evans (47) What's in a name? mollykate74 (38) Chloe momcat (60) Mona Mona Aleander, Siddharth for men and Namita , Rhea for women Mona Sen (22) Cameron and Carmen Monica Stowe Charles, Claire montanadrifter (68) erik, jayden, frank, amelie montie williams (16) Alex, Seth Monty (35) I do not hold value in names. Mooke (16) Annie, Toodles, James Moose (40) They are all in Hebrew, and I don't do them justice when I pronounce them or write them. They can make angels and devils appear, equally so. Morazda (42) Shrek Morgan Names that are off the beaten track Morgana Deucalion and Analiegh MorganFYS13 (18) Alice and Gabriel Morgan Gratsky (22) I've got a particular fondness for french girls names, such as; Josephine, Desirée, Rosette and Isabelle. Morgan Toft jacob morgwei (28) Sara, Deborah, Avram, Michael, Joshua, Daniel, Ezekiel, Jedidiah Mother (54) Madeline, Timmy Mouse (42) I don't know MP3 (22) Any variant of William: Wilhem, Guillaume, Guillermo... MPaylor (21) non existent Mr. A (17) My own, and a random assortment of other names Mr. A (17) Jesus, Mary, and Joseph Mr. Frank (56) Usually, those with a single syllables MrJones (28) Emily, Jordan, Helene, a lot MRM (28) those of my friends Mr. Mandarin (41) Amel Mr Peters (30) I have no favorites Mrs. Lincoln (49) Wilburforce Mrtimm My own, I guess. MsAPH (21) Sebastian, Aleister, James Ms. Barbara (19) Names that roll across the tongue like water when said in full, but pop like bubbles when shortened. Ms. L (22) none mstinyS Voltaire, Peter mStonerCEO (45) I find beauty in the meaning of names ...rather than the pronounciation MsVicky Nicolai, Rosalie, Christopher, Ivan, Felix, Rowan, Belle, Edward, Scarlett, Saoirse, Erik, Silas. MTHSP (28) Addilyn and Avery MUElexandra (19) hannah MUElizabeth (19) Heather, James Muffin (25) All that the Japanese language can create. mugen (22) Maya, Mary, for girls, Jeremial, Ischmail mugkim (19) I have none, the names of my most loved are favourite to me muhbuh (47) Ones that have deep meaning MUJakeWilkinson (18) the one go by MUkelly (18) Willow and Jane. MULydia (18) Jo, Willow, Jane, and Hermione. MULydia (18) Evelyn Mumblingtruth (24) Christine, Frances, James, Peter, Charlotte, Anthony Murphy (21) none Musa (16) Siobhan, Eustacia mutterhals (31) Any that inspire fear. Myalyn Hernandez (17) Aron Mufasa Columbo Fonzerelli Ball In A Cup Boogie Woogie Brown; Beezow Doo-Doo Zopittybop-bop-bop my answers are perfect; yall should read October, Mychel, Avery, Jack. Mychel Shannon (18) Charlotte,Gia, Behati, Bronwyn My Dear Materialista (27) mylene myra (22) My own Myra Zoren, Zafira, Beau, Tanya. My children will have one of these names, guaranteed. Myron (26) Beau, Zoey, Zoren, Zafira, Lucca Myron (26) Selena, for now. Mystery Mind Over Matter (19) Mary, Bluebird, and Scout N (32) Scout nad (17) Oskar, Maximillian, Charlie (female) Nadine (21) Variations of Nicholas and Alexander, particularly the Russian variants, Николай & Александр Naleks (23) None NamraSultan Charlotte, Elisabeth, George Nana (23) Emily, William Nancy (78) Daisy, Lily, Rose, Jamie nancy Violet, Bembry Nancy (41) Kevin and Nancy Nancy B (40) Names of celtic/irsih/gaelic origin Naomi (19) queenie narelle pederick (40) Last names as first name are neat. Narrator (5) Anastasia, Peeta Nat Don't have any Natalia (33) Violet, Jude, Blair, Theodore Natalie (18) I've had many over the years. My real name, I suppose. Natanya (95) the names of my family Natasha (49) Cornelius Nate (16) Jethro natedawg (28) i have one name but many nicknames Nathalie (20) Emma. Ahab. Nathan Anything that rolls on the tongue Nathan (28) Trevor, Dylan, Nathaniel Nathan Cruz Nathan (35) Uncommon ones of a past age. Nathan (27) Matthew, Rachel Nathaniel (24) Not involve in the story Nathaniel (20) Not involve in the story Nathaniel Carolina Nathan Thorne (53) whats in a name -just an identity to call a soul navera (57) dj fly guy neckice they change over time Neek (54) Marcus Neeka (27) Anonymous. Neetzi (18) The rare, special ones. NEL (20) none Neller (35) Eli,Aris,Nemesis,Vanessa nelly sean Nelly (31) The apt ones. Nels (31) I have no favorite names nene (57) Fouad neo_urbaniste (23) Angelo. neptune My own Nessa Emily and Hannah Nessie (18) Frances and Sadie Newlin (25) I like it when someone fits their name Nia (15) Mine, it means purpose. Nia Robinson (19) mystery and jaela Nic (27) Phonetically mis-spelled ones. Nic (24) my name Nic (27) My own, as well as its feminine counterpart Nicholas (18) Gabrielle Nicholas Kovacev (12) junction and cabinet Nick (35) Mia, Heath, Aimee, Hal, Julie Nick (20) Beck Lionheart, Aveline Claire; Perry, Ambrose Nick (31) A name said in love. Nick Jessica Lucia Mia and Sofia NickiNorker (48) I like hearing the names of the people I love Nick Zero (26) Thomas, Christopher... nicoca (21) Arthur, Magnolia. Nicolas (28) The ones that are spelt strangely, but not for the sake of being spelt strangely. Nicolas Bossons (16) none Nicole (14) many of them nicole (23) Celeste and Elise Nicole (18) Iris Nicole (22) Xavier, Ridley, Amelia Nicole (17) Judah Adelade Nicole EP (25) Tonya Niece (42) "Night" NiGht (23) Leilanni, Weronika nightinday (19) William, Natalie Nik (30) Azaan. Nikita (26) Madeline; Emma; Isabella; Liam Nikki (35) Saeed, Nikkita, Eleanor, Alexandria, Jabo Nikkita Saeed (21) None. Personalities are more important than names Nikolai Kleppe (44) Simple and easy to understand names Nikon Shooter many names, Felicity specifically Nillie (21) Ones no one else has. Nina (21) Nina, Benny, Inez nina (27) Aina, Jan, Toni, Jana Nina Mars (22) dunno nina tangimetua (23) Michael Nique (18) manvinder, bipin, joginder, nirmal, max, george, barnabas, felix, Nirmal Singh (99) ? niyaa don't have any nmh (32) Ezra I've always thought was a beautiful name. Noah the good (23) Depends on the people who have them; I used to like James once. But then he didn't live up to the sweet sound of his name Noddy (26) Chloe, stella Noelle eh... NoGurus (20) Katarina nom de plume Russian ones.. Nomen nescio (24) Anya, James, Nomers (19) Ihrie is my favorite name. None More Bitter (20) donot know nono (22) Aurelia, Lee nools (21) Names with gold in them. Names with lots of vowels. nools (23) What does that matter? Nora (20) my name Nora....Honor Noraq Catherine and Jordan Norma I like character first names that can also be last names Norman W (35) Those of latin origin Not (26) Nova, Holden, Alexandria, Nova (44) Savannah Nova (32) Irene, Devon, Sarah, Quintus, Marcus, Marius, Mycroft, James NR-2082 (32) Ai, Kiseki Nrvnqsr (27) Names that are spelled traditionally and names that are not "synthetic" ns Those of Greek goddesses Nuance (26) Niranjan Eliezer Thomas Nudge (36) Numbers. numeroita (24) Alexandre, Guilherme, William and Simon NynnaS. (36) mine oanaa (23) depends on time and place OB My name Ode Clemence, Lavrans(/Lawrence), Orlando Odie (24) none Odile (36) Rose, Max. Odilia (47) To be called: Darling, Mine, Love In general: I couldn't tell you, I'm still writing their stories Odyssey Willow (16) Julia, the majority of french names. ohlaskeau (21) Eden, Blake, oldie-goldie (99) Sebastian, Roland, Arthur, Beatrice, Laura, Noah olga (22) 'Aloysius' is pretty unbeatable. Oli Tearle (28) Hunter, Liv & Jonah Oliver all names are cool Olivia (17) Genevieve, Renee, and Anna. Oliviaa. The names of those I love. oliviathunderkitty (63) Mine Oliwankenobi (21) Amelia, Immogen, Morwenna, Rollo. Olly (37) Maria, Elizabeth, Violet, John, Leo Omar (17) Grace, anthea, Fredrick, Kaine Omar p. (26) Spain, Lola, William, Estelle OneMan Gwendolen, Lizzie, Samantha, Clarice, Elijah, Cory, Kyle ontherazzle (40) Meghan and Emerson ooinla (40) Names are not important Oph (30) Sasha, Brooklyn Orby (40) Pretty Lou Orchid (29) Those that belong to people who respond when I call them at loud. ORK (22) larissa orsetto (19) bamse oscar (29) I don't know. Oso dont have favorite names otto (21) I only have one at a time. Ovi (24) Julian, Miranda, Jack oxoboxo (22) It varies from time to time. Øyvind (27) Undecided. Ozymandias Jefferson Roosevelt (24) Joseph, Kara, Thomas, Jane PAB (43) Jude, Ruby, Violet, Sebastian Pacie Padmanabha Rajesh paddy Paddy (29) wolfgang, Valdimir Paggy (33) no idea pagina (20) Teddy, Paige (34) Teddy, Paige (34) That depends on the story. All names have beauty in any given situation. Paige (29) None in particular Paige Hall (17) Magnus Palaila (28) Aislinn, Gwendolyn, Emma, Siobhan, Declan, Spencer, Jakob, Jackson palais (32) either yes Paldies (39) Pat, and the names of my children and granchildren Pam (63) Donald, Martha Pam Blackwell Zoe, Simonetta Pamcake (28) zuria pamelaja (27) Irene (which means peace in Greek) Panagiotis Theofilas (37) Elizabeth, Panchi dunno pandaaah (23) Adrian, Pablo Panic (18) my childrens panthergirl (36) Parker, Natasha, Natalie, Amaury, Ellis Parker (18) Ungendered names parksmi (51) depends on context parvati6 Gwendolyn, Iphigenie, Lucie, Caroline... only girls names... idk why?? Passepartout (27) Thomas and Matthew Pat (39) Fathi Patek (25) Robert, Melissa, George Pat Garrett (26) - patric (30) Demosthenes, Heroclitus, Epicurus, Sisyphus Patrick J. Derilus Nicknames Patrick Trotti (26) stewart patroklos tanawanda,suzuki,sylvia,iguana patsy,world war II baby Andy Patti (20) Patrick Patty (32) Chantal Marcel Patty (56) Esther, Evelyn, Avery & Richard Patty Cake (29) olivia, david, maja, amelia Paula (54) Paula, Dylan Paula (19) Caoimhe, nothing else springs to mind Paulie (23) Valencia Valentina Sebastian Paulina (18) Marcel Proust Paulshrug (44) the ones for my favourite people PaWe (50) it's not the name, it's the idea - of a real person or the fictional character - behind it, that counts pax (23) heidi PB (20) Leland, Matter Pea (17) I like all names Pearl Maxwell (29) João, Gabriela Pedro Albernaz (20) Anything but mine Pedro Luis Munoz (24) Mariah Carey. Hilarity and/or massive sing-a-long ensues. Pedro Tejada (20) Robert, Rebecca, Mae Peggy (57) Peh. pehi (26) Trinidad. Pekusia (22) Dan, Jack, Mike, Otis, Stella Penney (48) Matthew,Michael , Sarah Pepper Matthew,Michael , Sarah Pepper Clive, Clare Percy (27) My own so long as it's called to me by someone who means me well Peregrine I only have one at a time pesser (57) None Pessoa non Grata Faith, Hope Elizabeth Peter Dyson (56) Aldo, Osmo Peter Heron (57) Those that are the most unique and yet seemingly mundane Peter Joseph Tamber Maxima Gaffney Matthew for a man, and I've never considered it fully, but Elizabeth is surely the most beautiful woman's name I've ever heard. Peter Silva (46) Oliver, Sophie Petree (22) zoe, max, Phil (44) Benjamin, Jefferson, jackson Phil Slade. Clint. Otto. Phil (25) a name of a flower philippe (59) I call all of my grandchildren Sam and Sarah - I can't keep their names straight. Philomena (80) Olivia, Claudia, Charlotte. Phil R. (30) Jay-ar Phoebe (18) Sophia Phoenix (39) usually VERA phreec (35) Scott, Joy Phyllis Boyajian Branche Eria, Lynne, Aidan, Aelric picfxr (45) Elliot. P.I. Elliot Charles, zephyre Pieterpad (80) Jake and Silence Dogood Pingbluto ajay pintoo (24) For a boy: William, For a girl: Emma Piper Bella Rose Christopher, Michael, Jennifer Pistol Pete ?? pk_evanescent (38) Henrik. pk_henry Friend and ally. Platinum Era (21) The simplest ones Plebelbe (21) Llewelyn, many Celtic/Welsh names. Pleiadian7 (59) Hideki, Soo-hee, Misha Plusein (25) Pluto pluto (26) mine Ponice (18) Ponty, Tius, and Pilate. Pontius Pilate (30) Eleanor, Elizabeth Poobah (65) Prithvi Pooja Kyra, Bindi, Wendy, Mary any name from a Springsteen song Pooki (55) Liam, Erin poop fella (25) Duncan Pope (31) afonso pp (31) Akira Prajakta (23) Maya Pranaya R (28) Me Prashant Gnawali (22) Edward Said Pratama (22) Pratiksha Pratiksha (15) Angelica. Preacher (34) Grigory Priceequation (33) Xiomara and Theo. Prime Minister Appa (50) Edward, Thomas Prismatic (74) John the man who saved me Protagonist (20) crip Protagonist Alexandra Carolina, Giles and Rosa Protovium (63) Ariadne Pseudointeresting (17) None psv (48) Catheine Deneuve? PUNK PAINTER (37) Lily, Daisy, Poppy puppylush (35) Nathan, Ashley Qaz (30) 王源,齐白石 Qi (18) Dhira, Alexander, Persephoni Quasimodo (30) Quinn, Claire, Kathryn, Douglass. Quinn (23) Names? qweasd My love's name R (50) Lilith and Alexander Rachel (21) Liam, Paige Rachel (21) Elijah, Rebecca Rachelmate (39) RACHANA RACHU (32) Sophie, Alistair, Richard, Ulysses, Franklin, Anastasia radomu (18) My own. raf (19) None Ragna (19) Gabriel, Sebastian, Hector, Noemi, Santiago, Gustavo RagsTyler (33) Quebec. Rahul (21) George, William Rain (16) George, William Rain Augustine, Claire, Quinn, Jane, Jack rainbird Ezra. Raj (18) Rudra Raju (21) Daniel, Amy Ralph (21) Justin, Nathaniel, Mary Ramesses Benjamin Lewis (27) Ramu Ramu (59) what is in a name but the memory of a certain person? Ran (25) ranjali,ranj,rep ranjali (20) Sebastian, Caleb, Tristan, Savannah, Celeste Raph Charlotte Rapunzel Addison, John, Patrick, Adeline, Francesca, Eva Raquelle (17) Alistair Rara (22) Rash Rashmi (21) Oti O'lim, the V'dekje Raumabaya or The Rau (00) Mom Raven (30) mine raven (17) Maria nico Raven (15) Never really gave it much thought Raven Anston Female: Kate (not Katie, Cathy, or Catherine). I've never known a Kate, and I'm not particularly attracted to any famous Kates. I just like that name. Male: Jack. I've always wished my name was Jack. Ray of Mars (36) none rb3868 (52) Edward and Lauren RD I do not know Rebecca (19) Olive and Monet Rebecca Scheid (13) victoria Rebekah (29) Henry Recross (25) Natalya, Duquesne, Silas Red (26) Titus and Anja Redbeard (24) Sugar Bear Redrover (50) Kristof and Nikita Ree (21) Tristan ree (24) Any name of Slavic origin Reed Braden (19) Ben, Reggie Reggie Benjamin (35) The interesting without being ridiculous Remi (28) rena, illiana, RENA (62) The tried and true ones Renata (0) i don't have a favorite name Renath Pronouns, mostly. Renee Stanko (27) Carlota, Renee, Carolina, Alejandro, Alvaro, Manuela, Miguel, Pedro reneetriay (40) Hearing my own name is nice. Ren Harris miuccia, allegra renno (17) Marou Renos (24) Elizabeth, Arya, Nymeria Renuka (21) edward renz (15) Caligula (Cal), Lucifer, Damian Requiem (27) Andrea Jeanne; David res10k9v5@frontier.com Terra sounds beautiful and enables us to live Rethinker (26) Theo, Laurence, Enoch, Alice, Claudia, Joel retroandi Ezra, Wodehouse, Olivier Reuben Samson (21) Men: Quincy, Olver Women: Scarlett, Lola Reva Ann (20) none Rewrew sadasd rfdgfdg123 Evan, Hunter Rhail (38) None in particular RHCdG (52) Orfeas, Michael, Nefeli, Danae Rhea (25) Hannah, Holly, Hope, Calliope Ric H (41) Margaret, Victoria, Melody, Melanie, Ashley, Martin, Adam, Sid, Guy, Man, Heywood Richard (22) If a noun is a name, Library and Father Rick Paschal, Elias, Faulkner, Thomas. Rick (18) Ivan and Matilda. Rie The same one my mother gave me. Riley (26) My own, Florence, Abigail, William, and Rawdon riley (19) I'm kinda into the name Adrienne right now. Riley (14) I'm kinda into the name Adrienne right now. Riley (14) Riley Rilo Lola,Vika and mine Rina (20) who cares. Rini The ones that are unique and sound nice. Rinilia (17) Lilly and Alexandra Riss (37) Lorissa. Rissa (18) Nicole, Lenore, Rowan, RiverSong (32) My name Riza (17) Mine, Sarah, Nimmy, and all those three letter names except Ron Rizwan (21) alexander and jasmine ro (21) federico rob (54) Scarlet Rob (27) Daniel, Victoria, Sarah. Robbie Curran (19) Jeffery, David Robert Danduran (26) Mine and my sons (Kaleb and Derek). But I also like Santiago, Diego and Leonardo. Roberto Rivadeneyra Q (35) My first name, my middle name and my surname. Robert Tatler (18) simple,unpretentious ones rob luddington (45) Sarah Isis; Eric Isley; Marla Bradley. robot Again with favorites. There are so many names and each is unique and beautiful and why would i judge something so beautiful? Robyn (15) Charlie, James, Lilibet, Tiki. Rochelle (40) Dick and Jane Rockstar Victoria Rodders (32) Sophie Roderick Jaqueline, Alexandra Rodrigo (24) the ones whit r rodrigo zarate (29) Lucy, Flavio, I must admit I like William a lot too. Also some of the names I derive and/or give to my characters. Rod Weiler (21) St. John (pronounced sin-gin) Roe (47) natalie roger (45) i dont have any. names are gross. roguebroccoli (18) None Rollwagen (26) lorenzo roloropo (29) Ava, Harlow, Everly, Jeremy, Milo, Jerry, Roma (14) Rose. Roman (38) my name, Darcy, Ben, any non-celebrity baby name Romina (16) the names of the people I love Romina (21) Ronald, Julian and Florencia Ronald (40) Unusual ones Ronen (27) Draco, Ruubi, Adrienne, Elphie, Sirius, Cuthbert. Roo (20) Aurore, Sophie, Aurelie roro (23) Depends on the name Rorshavhanswer (18) Clarissa, Kenneth, Melody, Godfrey, Sabrina, Keith, Cynthia, Peter. Rosa (19) Those that belong to the ones I love Rosalee Firth Asha. Rosalie Grace (16) Esperanza, Santiago, Violet Rosalinda Chavez (19) all things are relative Rose (17) Rose, Emma, Sean Rose (33) Emma, Edward Rose Grace. Rose (31) Rosie Roseanne (29) Abigail, Daniel Rosie (52) Mine Rosie (53) Rosie. Rosie Nate and Fainche Rossboss (37) leah, antoinette, daniel rossi it changes ro to the rah (20) Don't know. Rowan (16) Christopher, Michael, James Rowan Bartlett (23) Elisabeth Rox (17) Darius, Brennan, Roxanne, Dante, Elizabeth Roxanne Mooneys (22) dunno, been called many things, good and bad rsan mine rtalien (25) Alastair, Roland; not decided on female names RTC (21) I like Dylan and Scarlet and Lily and lots of others. rubysparkles (23) Maurice, Harper, Harlow Rudi (24) None Rumi (42) Jesse. runur (44) Any name I consider worthy of naming any potential kids Rushkami (27) Don't have one Ruska (33) Sunny, Summer, Leah, Miranda, Loui, Jacqeutte, Sarah, Jade, Lorretta, Star, May, Rose, Candy, Ruskin Clay (17) Picnic-Table-Bowling-Ball Ruskin Clay (17) Ptolemy - because it confuses the hell out of everybody Russell Sandbach (53) Nicholas, Bennett, Matthew Ruth (48) Anything invited by someone I love Ruthie (19) I'd be ungrateful if I didn't say my own. Rux Evelyn, Gladys, Meredith, Leona, Isabel, Leon, Carlos, Lucien, Lucius, Marcus, Gaius R. W. (26) the one i have rwk (57) Dickens' Ryan (18) There is a darkly mysterious, yet captivating feeling in the name of Vesper. Ryan (15) APACHE Ryan B (23) Ryan, Sean, Kelly, Shannon, Frank, Robin Ryan Brun (23) I'm indifferent. Ryan Brun (27) Irish ones! Ryan Brun (29) Those with three or less syllables. Ryan C (30) Alice Ryan Riley (26) Tristan, Yorrick, Lilly Ryno (26) Antonio, Jeremy, Leonardo Ryssan (22) Colin, Shaya, Cohen S (26) Sophia, Ivy S (13) Lucas s33d (20) Saba Saba (19) Bean Sabine (18) Aiden and David are nice. sableye22 (17) emma, sarah, audrey, caroline Sabri (19) Makayla and Anna Marie Sabrina Sabrina Connor and Makayla Sabrina Lots: Tate, Olivia, Eva Sacha (30) edward, charles, mary, augusta s. a. hensley (45) Steve saief (28) Maha Kaali SAI LAXMI TATINENI (40) Toska saill (24) Salem, Rios, and Jason Salem (21) Gary Sally of Kent sebastian, mickey sam (19) Greyson Sam (24) I like Elliot, Alicia, Sam (36) I don't have any Sam (22) Scarlett, maya/mia, alexis Sam (17) Lots. Names used by shakespeare, unique names Samantha (17) Alexandra, Natalie, Emily, Hazel Sam(antha) (24) Mitchell Samantha (30) Sam Samantha (35) Evelyn Sam Gordon (18) Grace, ella, isach Sami (18) only one name samps (29) Samuel SamSam (33) All names are nice Samuel (19) Jane, Benjamin, Samuel, Zebulon, Olivia, Seaborn San Alexander, Elena, Maria Sandu (15) names that end with a y Sandy Zlata, Tena, Dario Sandy (32) Sandy Sandy (25) i dont know sankari (39) Blue. Sara (23) Orlando, Luke, Lily Sara (57) too many Sara (50) Simone and Perry Sara C aka Snacks aka Sarbs (26) Seamus Sarah (23) names that are uncommon sarah right now, i can't tell you. sarah (14) Hope for a girl, Cole for a boy. Sarah (23) my children's Sarah (38) i only have ones i dislike sarah (22) Giovanni Battista Sarah (33) everyones name is important in their own way sarah (21) Sarah, Miss Sarah Sarah (27) I adore the name Atreyu, and Zada Rose. Sarah (18) I don't think I have one. However, I love it when a man calls me his darling. Sarah (24) He calls me Devil. Sarah (27) Natalia, Abigail, Nicholas, Austin sarahbeth (21) Anna Sarah Carlton (18) Emma, Rye Sarah Hollinger (28) Lousie (my sister's name) SarahSometimes (22) Braden....and Roman. Sarah Taylor Vernarecci (19) sarah taylor vernarecci Sarah Taylor Vernarecci (19) Magdalena, Amaranta, Auxiliadora sara luisa hincapie (23) I don't really have any. Sara Ortiz (27) All names have some beauty in them Sara P. (18) Gaetano sargual Short names, old names - scottish, irish, russian Sasha (30) Jahweh, Alexander, Marcella Sasha Hasanbegovic (26) The days of the week, african names Sasha_M (34) Ardella, Emily, Connor, Alexander Sasha Sutton (22) every name has a different likable quality. sat (20) Alice and Alex sauron (24) Madeleine, Stella, Audrey, Marian, Julia, Elliott, Henry, Felix, Finn, Ezra Savannah (27) none in particular Savannah Henry (18) Brandon, Daniel, Miriam, Emily savannahw. (19) Joanna Sax (32) Emma Meghan Will Andrew Michael Zach Nick Ryan Caroline Ben Abby Jackson Lucca Susan Bob Amy Steve Beth Todd Robyn Sean David Merri Chris Brian Helen Ronnie Billy Annie Erin Liam Bobby Sandy Lexie AnnMarie Max Hope Connor Moe Kevin Bridget Colleen scarletsquirrel (13) Willow Scarlett (25) My own Scooter (29) Desdemona or Troy Scooter190 (21) Emily, Elizabeth Scott (60) Frobisher Scott (17) Those than end in 'a' Scott777 Felix and Roger Scotty (18) Rodney Dangerfield and Mr. Bigglesworth Scotty Agnes Scout (26) Maya, Michelle, most gaelic names... Screaming Bastard Child of the Apocalyps (23) Those that are old and still bring new life Sean (19) Thompson. Sean D. Thompson (22) Sadie Sean Kennedy (22) Bones Sean Reveille (19) El mío cuando lo escucho en sus labios. Sebasagot (23) Sebastian, George, Owen, Milo. Sebastian (18) Sally Sebastian H (18) sonnet, evzenie Sedona (16) I thought I'd have a long list but I can find none. Sejal Ghia (24) Jonathan and Alexis Selene H. Brent Sophie SeraphimeRising (31) Richard, Serena, , Vivian, Sara Serena (26) Simone, Dahlia, Byron Serene Lim (24) joshua serenity Ulysses,Virgil Seth Street (19) Bijou. Sexismandthecity (28) I only have least favorite ones. Sgraham (28) Roger Shaina (22) Luke, Matthew, Gabriel, Jordan, Raphael, Chloe, Susanna, Charlotte, Emily ShaLo (66) Shamir, which is mine, and Steve, which I would like to be called Shamir (13) Adam, Emma Shana (22) Emily, Dara, Katie, Ailish Shane (19) ava, john shane (25) Catherine Shane Yes there is only one at a time. Veda. Shanna (19) I like my name-- Gary. G-A-R-Y. Shannon Cole (22) Mine. Shari (21) Linus and Lilac. Sharice (22) Joshua, Sasha, Nikita SharonBillings Welsh & Gaelic names Shauna (40) Lola, Sadie, Pocky shaurora (64) isabella, sabastian, nathenial, racheal Shawna (21) lyla shawna (17) michael, scot shawpur (66) None SHE (44) not Brittney Shea (28) Ariadne. I hope that one will be going on a daughter of mine someday. sheavsey (21) Mine! Sheila D (55) Gabriel; Claire shelby Percy, Gavin, and Gwen!!! Shelby Bollner (18) My children's names. Shelley (32) My'Shelle, Mah'LaKai Shelly (17) Jamie Fraser Shellybelly1 (49) names that are poweful Shep Howard emerald shiela (18) Shigure Shig (29) Shiloh Shiloh Moretti (16) Matthew, Michael, Gabriel, Sarah, and Quillene Shimomeiji (19) Edward, Athena, Analisa, Delphine, Eulalie, Oedessa Shina (28) That's a foolish question, and clearly Proust thought so as well. Shinydan (34) sinead, fiona ShiversB (19) sahan shodhana (20) kabir, Shubhda (24) chimwemwe shupiwe (35) My children's names Shy (25) David, Claire Sid (57) Dís, wich means goddess SID (53) Clementine, Fiona, Bismarck, Gregorovich, Chanchal, Lavanya...The list grows longer the longer you stare at it. Siddharth (23) Henry, Arthur and Gwendolyn Sidedrive (70) Mine Siena (21) Sobremesa - a time spent with friends after a meal Signe (22) None Simen (18) Vivienne, Anthony Simon (19) Elsie, Hadley Simon (20) Faustus, Augustus Simona (16) Maxfield sinawae (27) The one i personally knows sindjiro My own Sirena Wainford (17) Hayden Padriac Sirith (33) Ones which have meaning. Sir Richard (52) Presently: Eternity, Eve, Yves and Rubio. Sixela Negomi Ones that begin with 'E' or 'A', especially the old-fashioned names from European languages sj (23) Megan, Joseph, Jack SJ (44) Anna Sj (16) eccentric ones skitalica (27) Mines skurge (18) I don't have any Skytalker (26) None SL (22) madison, sophie, quint, and trevor sleepy (20) nolan, audrey, blythe, farrah Slim Isabella for girls, Bryan for boys. Sloceface (23) My real name sluggishflow (22) It would be easier to say what names aren't my favorite S. M. A. Armstrong (21) Lily Smaranda (33) Horatio Smeghead Will and Charlie smithmarg (45) The ones a lover whispers in my ear to me and only me...at least, I romanticize as much. Smo (27) I like Saoirse. smude Lars snibab (19) Sidra, Ewan snorris (23) Walter, Elizabeth, Charles, Snyde (38) Names alone mean nothing, do they? So (22) Ponyboy socksless Emilia, Cristóbal, Vicente, Antonia Sofi (24) Marguerite, Aurora, Clemence. Sofia (15) april, violet, kara, alexa/alex sofia (14) Julia, Ian, Isabel, Alexander Sofía Sherezade Sofia Picasso (14) Anything but my middle name. Sofía P. S. (20) Sofia, Nuno, Miguel and Pedro. Sofyzitahh (23) Pet or nicknames understood only between 2 people solitary confinement (44) For a boy, Julian. For a girl, Julia. Solomon (24) Rhiannon, Kylie, Lars, Thorfin SolomonGrundy (45) I prefer to judge those to whom these names pertain, not their labels. Sombra (20) Eddie Some random person (16) sonet Sonet P Vienna, Armand, Adia Sonia (25) Leonardo, Nilita, Raphael, Lorien. Sonja (27) Isaac, Jakob, Josephine, Peter Sonya Dahl (21) my kids' names Soos (32) chiara, raphael sooz (38) One of my favorites used to be Isabella, but then Twilight ruined that for me. Sophia (25) Lewis, Julian, Sophie Sophie (17) A name is just a name. I love the names of the people I love. Sophie would it be narcissistic to say Sophie? Sophie Aisha, Gonçalo Sorrow (23) no favorites souma (32) Hilda, Ramayamakrishnaboddhi SoundofWater (35) Alexander, Christopher, Sourabh. Sourabh Bharadwaj (21) Sophie. S.P. (20) nathalie astrid Spacebug (42) Ira, Ezra, Neve Spacey (24) Seamus Sparrow (46) Jade, Riley, Balthazar, Bartholomew, and Shawna Sparrow (17) I liked seven for awhile, now I'm ambivalent Speck (36) I have no favorite names, only favorite people associated with them Spencer (25) I have one, and hers is secret. Spencer Stewart Same answer as Proust's. Spencer Valdez (11) Optimus, Orion, Ultra Magnus, Rodimus, Judd, Robert, and Peter. Spencer Valdez (12) Christina, Kaipo. Spike Spiegel Any child who has died at the hands of Me. I attack at least 1 out of every 4,000 infants. Spina Bifida a,e,i,o,u Srishti Gupta (19) sssssssss sssssssssssssssssssss (23) nothing particular ssv (40) mine stan (54) All of them Star (11) Names with meaning. If I could choose a name for myself it would be Kira Starflower (19) Whatever one makes me smile Ste (26) my name Stella (28) don't have one Stella (37) Chardonney and Jack Daniels Stella (53) Names that start with rare letters like Q and Z Steph First Order, Keeper of the Hide, Chancellor, the Enlighted Peoples, First of The New Dominion Steph Catherine, Eponine, Peter, Luciana, Stephanie (23) Sarah Stephanie (21) fdsfds Stephanie (22) The baby names that I've picked out for the kids I"ll have whenever I'm ready. Stephanie (18) Timothy, Tangerine, Falcon, Morgan Stephanie (49) my name, stephanie stephanie (20) stephy ( sounds sweet when i hear it ) stephbsemilla (40) Stephen, Etienne, Estaban Stephen (56) justin Stephen (78) daryl pinoa Stephen Stacks Steven, Michael, Sophie, Anne, Maggie, Franklin, Joseph and Angelica. Steve (20) Alison :) Steve (39) Bryan Steve Alexander, Narcissus, Ven, Balthazar, Sardius Steve (56) Anything that implies positiveness Steve Hanawalt (56) None in particular. Those that have an old feel to them, that have gone through centuries. Steve K (27) I used to hate it, but now I quite like my own middle name: Clay. Steve Shives (29) I love my name stoffie (26) jelena stojan (32) Ephemera. Stork Daddy Noah, Anasasia Stormy (17) none stradling Alexandra, Jacqueline, Stephanie, Charles, Christian, John STUPID IDIOT (0) Surnames. Surnames tell a story. Names tell nothing. Subhartho (26) I don't know. It depends on who I'm naming. Sunbul (18) Saami Sundaraa (32) Chloe. Richard, Mithai, sunny Irish names sunshineguerilla (28) Lisa SuperflyTNT Melissa,Kelly,Samantha,Nicholas,Thomas,Luke,Leah,richard Susan (63) Ellen, Emily Susan (63) Vanessa Susan Collins (21) Sophie Susan Dawn Fain (59) Sophie Susan Dawn Fain (59) Veronica and Sebastian Susie (20) isobella, marcus susie karpasitis (26) Changes Susie Q (73) suzanne suzanne Esme Suzanne (41) Dennis Derby, my Honey's name Suzanne Cohen (53) Frederico,zé maria, isabel,leonor, sebastiao, salvador Suzy (19) there is no favorite names, all of them are in their's own way beautiful SvetikSmile (20) Nitrol, Morango Swallow Albertine Yves Swan (75) Sappu , Swappy , Ladoo , chocopie ! :) Swapna (21) Mine Switz (29) none sybann (50) My name is quite nice... Sydchez Zimri, Cayden, Noah, Noli, Athena Sydney Kilbane (18) arianna t1 a name must fit the person T (19) My own T (26) never thought about it T (18) I love the name Jimmy, not sure as to why. T (20) I've used Evan, Sarah and Alex (for both sexes) in multiple stories. Don't know why. T.A. (34) Lily and Lils Tabitha Murray (42) Taeleyn, Calleigh, Nathaniel, Isa Taeleyn jasmin, anna, leonard, and meny more tai (22) lala taintme too many to count, right now, nyree tal (13) Michael, Vincent, Tallulah, and Lulu Tallulah (29) Esther, david and mira TAMAR (23) I would have liked a pretty name like Sophie, Charlotte, Mae tamar (54) i ONLY AHVE ONE AT A TIME tamara (48) my own, Dawn, and Carolyn.(my mother's name was Carolyn. and if i have a daughter i want to name her Carolyn Dawn.) tamera miller (33) all are equal Tamila (18) i like my name tanichis (32) Malik - my half-brothers name Tanwen Aschtherlar Tormey (18) Unique names that only one or two people have Tara (37) Viviene Tash (29) Demetrius. Mei Juan Tatiana (17) Dalila, Isobel, Marina Tatiana (21) My own. Tatiz (19) I'm saving them for the names of my future children Taylor (24) Ones that are not my own. Cecelia, Blair, Emily, Tallulah, Scarlett, Clemence, Rose, Briony; Edward, Henry, Charles, George, William, Natahaniel. Taylore Dawn (18) I can only attribute my favoritism to positive experiences with people who possess(ed) those names Taylor Van Allen (24) Anikethana, Pragathi, Chethana tazmur (26) Skeeter TB Alexander, Josephine, Elsa T. Christopher Cox (43) Saulo; Rogelio; Esteban Tebvy (24) dylan Ted (26) Kaitlyn Marie, Logan Rhett Tee (40) Alice Teehee (18) many TEESHA (27) Isabella, Johnnylex, Honor Tekoa Butler Greek ones Teleute (17) my own name Teme (18) I really dont have one Tennrox I really dont have any Tennrox Beth, Joshua, Amanda Teresa (43) Vivian, Blythe, Camille, Melanie and David teri (73) anything that sounds cutting edge terios (21) My own, though I am known by many. Terra (22) Christie Terri (35) Daniel, Julia, Sam, Isabelle Terry (41) Justin, Keith, Veronica Terry (66) Clytamenestra (all woman) TerryG (49) Terry Terrylee (35) Loralei Terrylynn0609 (39) JESUS,TERRY, MARIA, MICHAEL, TERRY YORK II Gela tess (24) Lily Tess (53) the name that my daughter will have Tess Calopedos (17) Tess and Ella Tess Fiennes (40) my own tg (48) Spotty, Squish Thambi (24) nothing at the moment thatchaa (17) Too vague. What names? Nouns? Person names? Cat names? that guy #999 (29) For boys: David, Moses, Miles. For girls: Nico, Kelly, Jane That New Chris Sloce (18) Scheherazade thebabycub (39) I don't think I have ever thought about that The Beast Mohongo The Big Liddle (31) Denver, Heidi, Jennifer The Boss Elenoire The Desert (22) Atticus. Liam. Gabrielle. Emma TheDoctor76 (35) Chloe, Mathilda, Layla The Essential Man (26) What is in a name? TheFear77 (23) my name theGeneral (19) stupid ass question the grill (31) Constance, Alexis, Alfred, Edward The hungry caterpillar (29) Grace, Beatrice The Imprecise Duke Of Phonology (77) Danielle, Amanda, Joshua, Joseph, and Lawrence The Josh Rollins (21) I have no earthy name left The Man In The Brown Hat Fuschia, Malcolm, Alex, Sherlock, Vincent, Bianca, Scarlet, Mischa, & so on The Mouse Avenger (20) None. Theo Orianthi, Lisbeth, Sigurrós theravenette (15) Orianthi, Lisbeth, Sigurrós theravenette (15) Julian / Ben / Finn / Clara / Helen Theresa (22) George The Roomba Mifi (28) Amir, Aldys, Damian Thia (29) My children's names Thinplank (40) Fox and Lorelei Thom (23) I only have one, but I won't tell... Thomas12081983 The one's who belong to the ones I love Thomas (16) None ThomasM Rumplestiltskin Thomzagod (39) Kafka. I named my cat after him Thor Hammerstein (16) To define is to limit, thus none. Thothanatos92 (23) Currently: Jake, Serah, Logan, Emma thoughtlessdreamer (15) Thrakish. Thrakish (18) Thunderpussy Thunderpussy (48) Tiago, James, Valério, Goulart, Arthur, Olivia Tiago Moura (15) How trivial a question is this to be asked? Tianna Alysia Kallan (37) Murat, Raj tick Devon, Marley tiffany Names of my children Tiffany (44) I go through stages Tiffany Beatty (19) the one i'll never tell tiffany; (lifefromtheshelf.blogspot.com) (17) Olivia TiffanyTee (26) Do not have one Tiger and Lions Austin my son Tim (27) N/A Tim Allison, Mina, Bree, Amelia, Amber, Chantry Tim (24) Harrison, Emily tim Bullyboy Tim Gabriel and Jennifer. Tim Proser (17) Jenny and Jake Tim Sandle Victor timwarnock (34) Theodora Tina (32) Sarah, Luna, Maxwell Tina (16) Grace Tina (44) Maggie, Isabella Tini sameer Tinkoo (24) To use, should I have children: Arabella and Alastair; to say: Josh, my beloved Tinuvielyra my own Tivia Stewart (40) Sabrina, Taryn, Liam, Hayden tj (39) David, Padraic, Simeon, and Paul. Tobias Budge (25) Jules, Jose, Skye, Melodie Tobyn Sebastian (24) Scott. Todd always changes, although I've always liked Jack Tofu (19) Mine Tom (21) I have one for either sex Tom G (19) Dislike names Tommy (19) Ezekiel, Erin, Tommy Boy (24) Any that's different but pleasant to hear Tongbite Matt (36) Etienne, Sophia, Ava Toni (48) Sophie, Max Toni Spimoni Lila, Lucas, Yemi, Antonio Toño Cabrera-Pereyra (31) Ishamel, Daffyd, Phillipe, Ryan, Andrei, Elspeth, Aviendha, Nynaeve, Egwene, Moiraine, Anna, Marie Tony (30) my own Tony (17) Historical ones Tony (17) All names are important and I think that they should be valued. Tonya Jones (39) Violet. Garland. toosnowoman Topher Toria (37) Sölve. Torsksåsen (22) lily tracey none at this time tracynle (20) Tracy, Anna, Mary Tracy TB (45) Amon, Phoenix, Selene travis Mark Travis (25) Buddy Travis Mask (49) Symphony TREE (21) Kalypso, Kirke Tree Girl (29) Archie, falula, erica Trent Duval (28) Lily daisy Tres bien (43) James or Joseph Trevor Elizabeth Trevor McSwain (24) Adewale, Kumare, Abhishek, Chloe, Trinity Chapa (15) vera triplet (30) Ella, Robert Trish Rosaline, Violet, Sophie, Eliza, Penelope, Christian, Alice, Julian. Trisha (17) the unusual names, it shows nonconformity Trisha (29) William, Mary, Jonathan, Tristan (14) I don't have any Trixie Knopff trotter (30) Charlize, Sephina Troy Casa (50) Paul tsiou (33) at the moment i have two tt (27) Meaningful or pretentious. Mandovi, Theodosia, my dad's name Turk (24) Harmony turnbull (27) Laurence, Marc, Camilla, Julian Turnus Elphie, Pauline, Katy, Rachel. Turtle Heart eleanor,elle tutu those of the people i love Twigtwill (21) I like my name. "无敌", not the right characters, but the intended phonetic implication. Technically means being number one, undefeatable, but I always liked to think of it as having no enemies, all friends, haha. Twillightdoom (17) No favourites twondbestbed (34) Judith, Ruth, Isaac, Jacob, Arabella Ty (18) I don't really have any. Tyler (24) Capone and Bugsy Tyler Scott (41) I know them when I hear them Ty-test My dog's Udan Outwort (61) None in particular Uddhipan Thakur (24) Ophelia uiioop (17) Plenty Uma (63) Sami umd.16 (20) John, Sophia, Helena, Alice, Peter, Andreas, Olga, Per, Svetlana, Vlad, Ingrid UnoZen Moon Unit Zappa, Morticia Addams, Johnny Rotten Ursus M. H. Spelaeus (59) Ilango V (27) Lilly Val (31) Ava, Eva, Jacob, Julian Valentina (17) Briony, Ebony, Noah, Turlington, Finnegan Valeria Ryrak (21) Any modern pure tamil name Valtharos (22) names mean nothing to me Van (22) those with good stories vanessa (33) Benedict Vanessa Cardui (43) it matters on how I associate with the person vard95 Rosa! Varna (25) none in particular Vato (39) jr. Vbonita (28) having roots in different languages VBozic (40) Ones which are easy to spell Vedada (28) vijay veejay (32) All of them Veera Rioja and Sauvignon Ventricle (24) charles, veronique veri333 (21) Francis, Petra Veronica (20) David, Jack, Isaac, Adam, Jonah, and Eve Veronique (18) I like so many different names of different things for different reasons Vesan (33) Franchesca, Valentina, Francisco vi (20) Unique ones Vi (22) micheala Vic (46) Duncan, Victoria, Ariana, Cassie, Callie, Jacob, Luke, Jillian, Peter Vicki Sky, Isabel or Izzy Vicky (24) I have no favorite names, but one should name the adult rather than the child he or she is now. Victoria (37) So many ... I collect lists of great names. I am very fond of Alexander/Alexandra. Victoria (59) anything but Vickie Victoria (16) I don't know my most favorite, but I certainly know my least. Victoria (23) My mother's name Victoria Boys: Jack, Vincent Girls: Jacqueline, Lea Victoria Song (22) Mine Victor Shade (27) The ones of my friends Victor Trevor (23) Charlotte videoalex Janet. Vijay. Hershey. Cyfulch. Carsenifide. Mum. Dad. Andrew. The New England Patriots. Mostly the names of those I care for. Vijay Pierce (23) an idiotic question Vikram Krishnan (24) Names with meaning Viktor (28) Emily, Eli, Aleister Viktor (19) ALmost anything beginning with "V" Viktor Corzich (35) Olga, Victor Viktor Sigareff (19) Those that suit that person. Village Of Brooklin (45) Vincent Vincent (19) biggie smalls vinnie smalls (15) hi VinnyGreenock72 Hazel and Felix Violet (18) Victor, Vladimir Viorel (25) Unique ones Virginia (20) I am fond of my own. Virginia (12) victorian names visualizations (22) I have a book of names. i like my Ingmar Viv (14) Samantha, Jessica, Christina Vivian Vivian Vivianne Liliaceae Aspho Vilth VK, Victor VK (22) mine Vlada (20) Mine Vogette (55) Nick, selena and tina Vs (18) I generally do not have favorites. vur Strong, employable names. Wallace (85) Anna. Walter (19) those of my friends Wanda (26) Watson Watson (27) Any that last forever. wattc128 a person makes their name not the other way 'round... waypast Shiva and Riley Wendy (34) Will, Charlie, Joey, Ashley Wendy (22) Shane, Kelly, Dana Wendy Chase (47) Luna, Lara, Leonardo wendysday (20) Adam wes (19) Ty Lopez Wes (17) all names are but names whim (40) Renee, Dean, James Whitney (19) Cameron, Kate, Olivia, Sam Whitney (41) Joshua and Matthew Whitney Sorenson (33) Faith, Elysium WHMIV (30) annarosa whosbecks (36) I don't have one Widmy Pierre Louis (21) shakira wiff (15) None Wikiki For a girl: Logan, Jordan Boy: Brent, Aiden, Ethan, Colin Will (26) Aria Willamid (20) shelaine, victoria, alexandria William (43) Deidre and Joshua Willow Skylor Luciano, it sounds very mysterious Will RF (23) Tough one man! Windalfr (23) Juaquin, Alehandro, Matteo, Nickolai, Christiana, Genevieve, Natalia winterjewel (36) Blair, Clancy, Giselle, Alex, Vivien wintermellen (14) mine wise madman (28) poppa and grandma wizz No favorites WJ (43) Ones created with others Wolf Do I look like the type of guy that has a favorite anything? Wolf (NA) Ayla, Dion, Amanda, Kaimana Wolffy (67) Woody Woody (75) - Wormsie (24) too nurmeous to list wowderry (54) Terence, Lorraine, Lorena, Fiona, Shane Wren (22) I love the name that GOD calls me. Wyteria (20) alexander xandra (35) mine. Xan Etienne Names are arbitrary Xavier (18) Antigone Xer (23) dont know xxx (26) Cassandra, Isabella, Ethan, Lucas XYZ (17) names are just labels xyzz (20) Yash Y (15) I like tzuf, my dauthers name. I also like Assaf, and Sahar. There are probably more that I cannot think of right now yair eshel (30) Rodrigo, Federico for male and Mikaela and Laia for female. Yaisha (19) My siblings' names Yale (20) David, Bill, Kara, Sarah, Tyrone, Malone Yehudster (60) I like names that can be either for a girl or a guy. Something sort of unusual like Hayden Yi (24) anand and anjali yogi (22) africa, america, libia yoko (28) Jermaine Yomaine (13) mom, tribal sister yonderways (58) Unusual ones Yuki (20) my daughters Delanise Yulissa (19) Kipling Z (31) those with substance and symbolic meaning Z Danny Zac (28) Yvonne. Zach (26) names with titles Zach Mine Zachary (25) My own Zachary (27) Mine Zachary John, Lily, Benjamin. Zachary Echo Auburn (17) a name with a meaning zach taylor (17) All names have pros and cons. Zach Tibbs (20) jan ilija Zana (38) -- Zar (21) My own name, Zara, has grown on me Zara Irish surnames. Nic Gearailt, O Mhuireheartaigh, Ní Suilleabhán zebratitle (24) Amy, for a girl. zed (25) clementine, jackie, bisexual names are hot Zee (21) Those that dont discriminate between the sexes zetababy Arabic, Jewish, Turkish, Japanese. zig The one I was given. Zigmant (19) desiree, zizi (55) lillian Zizzle (25) Nathan, Noah, Ophelia, Valerie Zozobra (17) Maya, Zyg, Deb Zyg (65) 我只有一个名字,代表亭亭玉立,但是我不是很喜欢自己的名字 杨婷婷 (24) 噢耶~ 简直 (25) 噢耶~ 简直 (25) 噢耶~ 简直 (25)

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What do you regard as the lowest depth of misery?  Where would you like to live?  What is your idea of earthly happiness?  To what faults do you feel most indulgent?  Who are your favorite heroes of fiction?  Who are your favorite characters in history?  Who are your favorite heroines in real life?  Who are your favorite heroines of fiction?  Your favorite painter?  Your favorite musician?  The quality you most admire in a man?  The quality you most admire in a woman?  Your favorite virtue?  Your favorite occupation?  Who would you have liked to be?  Your most marked characteristic?  What do you most value in your friends?  What is your principle defect?  What to your mind would be the greatest of misfortunes?  What would you like to be?  What is your favorite color?  What is your favorite flower?  What is your favorite bird?  Who are your favorite prose writers?  Who are your favorite poets?  Who are your heroes in real life?  Who are your favorite heroines of history?  What are your favorite names?  What is it you most dislike?  What historical figures do you most despise?  What event in military history do you most admire?  What natural gift would you most like to possess?  How would you like to die?  What is your present state of mind?  What is your motto?

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