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What is your idea of earthly happiness?

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To be accepting of what I have. 009 (19) Books and Xbox. Halo 3 <3 0Miles (16) fs 1 music books trees and never ending thought 3endy (50) music books trees and never ending thought 3endy (50) to meet people that make me feel a sense of unearthly happiness 50ad (17) To be respected for who I am 808s to be close to my loved ones 80cubed (55) Coming in from the rain to clam chowder, a copy of Lolita, and a loved one A (19) Being a 19th century Oxford don A Empathy A. (27) to be free A (26) Needs provided for, few wants, surrounded by nature, books, creating something uplifting for the world. A. Spending time with the one I love A (26) To be surrounded by people who love and encourage me and to feel as if I am accomplishing my goals AA (23) Music. aaaaaaa (18) To eat great food and drink good wine with someone I love, or to be alone with a bourbon and a novel AAAKKK To find beauty and meaning in the little gifts of living, in the chances that life offers me aag (22) to love and be loved. to learn and to grow. to accept myself with all of my quirks and idiosyncracies aallisonr (30) to have enough money to provide any comfort or convenience that I want Aaron (32) To achieve excellence, music, food and friends. Aaron (16) to not have money problems, to be able to spend lots of time with my kids, to live in a house with a nice yard Aaron To have a sustaining practice that holds my desire, demands my attention and requires effort Aaron Guy Leroux (37) To live in a library with my family Aarushi Agarwal (13) Be in contact aatishthefish (10) Ideally, contentedness, meaningful work, and acting upon people with love. Practically, a fleeting sensation that can easily be stimulated with drug use. Abbie (22) That feeling of weighty contentment experienced when you're at home in the evening, having had just eaten dinner, there's a cup of tea and you're learning something or just thinking and wiling away the time, and it starts to snow. Abbie Hartley In the bosom of my family. Abby (26) To be assured that all is as it should be. AbbySF To be at peace with what you have abc (28) it in a chair rocking chair in the field at sunset Abegando (28) To be surrounded by loved ones. To be safe and have my child with me. Abigail Harris (10) To live with my family and with friends, to live near nature, and a city, to have time to read, think and create, to enjoy life and see as much of the world as I can. ABP (50) the serenity to face the bad times, the enthusiasm for learning, gratitude for life that have lived Abraham (41) To be with the people I love, surrounded by good conversation, art, music, food, and quick access to daily Mass or Adoration. Abs Ter learn de greatest tales ter ever 'av 'appened an' be de bard who sings de legends. Acara McFadden (28) The Peace of mind that comes with feeling unburdened of the weights of the world, near or with the ones I love, with a large quantity of books, the wonder of nature, and a few pets. A Caring Tea (51) Being loved ACH (23) To return to, to relive, to recapture what might have been. A. Clifford Stowe (81) A quite house with lots of books and music Adam (22) to be happy with myself Adam (25) Fame & fortune Adam (20) to live close to friends and those i love, while having the freedom to travel. To break free. Adam Hyde (26) Wealth, power, loving family Adam Seline (30) To do something for someone, to help adiade (25) be with my love in a time the time is forgotten adieudusk getting the work done provides more happiness Aditya (25) Your enemies will use this information to bait you. Admiral Love (33) Family and be close to people i love, music and dance. Adonia (40) Seeing the truth in everything and not being afraid. Adrian (18) being at peace with myself, being surrounded by the ones who always make me laugh, always having good music in reach Adriana (16) to surround yourself with your great love, to be at peace with oneself Adriana (16) To see my family dwell in happiness around a table in the garden, joking and singing a tue-tete adriana (45) to be loved Adriana Whatever my spiritual desires mandate at the moment. Adrian Bauza (20) To never have a boring moment. Adrian George Nicolae (24) Health, wealth, and lots of it Adrian Martyn (34) To be content with myself Adrianna (18) To live in peace and comfort Adrianna (18) to conduct jihad AdrianOz (45) Of when I was 8, and my father took me to the fair where we watched men dancing on trapezes, their bodies swaying back and forth without collision. Adrian Winters (17) Love, Laughter and simple joys like long baths Ady (22) To experience joy aetilson (41) embracing experiences, "in creating as in understanding," keeping meaningful relationships with people who are important to me, helping people, gaining understanding through nature a.g. (23) intensive feeling of being connected without the drama of having to choose beetwen two agagagaga (24) To fulfill my desires. Agent00V (18) art, nice places, people l love around, good music, and beauty in general Aggie White To live uninhibited by fear A.G. Mata (21) Being close to my family forever Agneska (20) To have a large loving family, and be surrounded by family and friends. agony (25) To teach and to have someone who truly loves me Agreen (29) To be able to do what you love and develop your talents every day, together with having people to share your thoughts and dreams with. Agu (21) to eat, love, be loved, be close to people I love, enjoy life, sex, art, music, books, to cook, to travel... Agustina (27) The sun and a good book A Half Empty Beaker happiness in oneslef and among the ones i love and loves me back ahmad (27) a good life for all people ahmad (24) Being with everyone I love, doing what I love doing Ai (21) To be loved , to have good friends and a healthy life. To live with the beauties of nature, with a quantity of books and music, and to have around honest people Aida (22) Art and enjoying the company of like minded people. Aidan (21) To be able to take back the car crash that paralyzed me and killed Dave, and to be respected and accepted by Aidan. Aidan Devlin (15) Happiness? An illusion. Aiden Surrounded by friends Aiden (17) Books, music, politics, anything cute and useful aiko (20) to live without having to care about trivial matters aimée (22) Walking in a forest, being with family, enjoying lyrics to music aimee.dawson (21) To live a happy, healthy and successful life, surrounded by family and good friends. Aisha Milburn (32) to have a puppy and be with my loved ones aishu (14) To be satiated and content in one's own mediocrity. A.J. (27) To live happily with the one i truly love (young bae), with the music which we love, and have a Christian life with him AJ (18) freedom of adventure Ajam (21) To love and to be loved. And to be wealthy. Ajay (17) to have a loving boyfriend, supportive family, and a meaningful career Ajm9511 (21) coffe, music, books and loved ones akansha (26) To be successful. akanthe (19) A wilderness, a woman, a number of animals, and access to art and science. Akbar Shahzad (20) To live with a passion Aki To be happy and around friends Aks (20) To hang out with people I like / love Al (28) To enjoy my coffee each morning amongst birds and flowers, planning a dinner for my family. Al (55) My family and I are happy and content Alan (58) Be in peace with yourself, tea or coffee, observe Nature, being in love with yourself Alan (14) to be around friends Alan (14) To have a supportive and loving relationship and to have enough money to allow me to live a comfortable life. Alan Arkin (44) To have safety and peace in your life AlbaManuela (18) To love; to be loved; to give and receive pleasure Albertine (29) To have time silence books music Albertine Being with good company. Alden Lee Klaput (18) To have enough for me and some left over to share. Aldonza77 (47) To have everything I need and for my family and friends. Ale (28) With the man I love, in the place I love, doing what I love. Alecia To have one of my novels published. Alecksi Striving without thinking about striving Alejandro Amoretti (28) Becoming part of the nature alek (20) Fulfilling one's promise by using their skills and abilities to further humanity Aleksei Kotsov (63) being happy with being me alessa (21) To see my ambitions and goals being achieved Alessandro Pian (30) blue sky Alessio Lucchini (46) To have and receive love without reservation. Aletha Camack To be able to understand myself and other people. Alex To cook and eat a perfect meal Alex (22) Safety Alex (17) beauty and the people i love alex (38) satisfied contentment alex (23) To live with my family and loved ones, comfortably Alex (21) to live without hurting others, to live securely Alex (23) Matching souls Alex (32) End of summer near the shore in Spain with my love. alexa (28) To breathe fresh air within the sunlight. Alexander (33) Total piece over every creature. No wars on gender, ones sexuality, no hate on race. just everyone loving everyone. Alexander (19) Living with Brian, seeing the world, writing for a living, with cheese and wine and good friends Alexandra (27) Being one with the earth. Knowing love, loving, laughing. Alexandra (19) Perusing passions and sharing life with loved ones. Alexandra (24) To be able to drift in and out of life like a cat with those I love Alexandra (18) To think and to write about honesty and truth Alexandra (15) Lying in a sun with a book near water. Alexandra (24) swimming with my dog Alexandra Bryhter (24) Being lost in something so much that you forget your worries Alexandra Campbell (26) Feeling the morning dew under my feet, the stars in the night sky, the feel of his eyes on me Alexandra SweetTale4u Cruz Not worrying about money Alexandre (28) deep connection AlexandriaHMerlin (40) Sitting under a shady tree near the beach while drinking tea and reading a book AlexandriaLHash (30) Love, peace and books. alexandrine (15) For everyone to be treated the same Alex Brooks (18) living in a in a liberal area on the shore of a crystal clear lagoon/bay in Hawaii close to a big city, in a mansion with a handsome man who is my soulmate and with whom I have great sex; a small group of true best friends, adventurous trips Alex C. Quality and peace for everyone Alexis (17) Laughter so deep it makes my bones shake; accepting that I can't be perfect Alexis Johnson (19) To live a comfortable life, with someone you care about. Alex Reimann (18) To be onstage in front of 500K people who sing along, clap and cheer to my work. Aley (60) to have a true and real life Alfreda Hitchthorn (45) being permanently in love with life al-g (24) To be with my boy-friend Ali (37) Late night greasy pub food and cold beer with close family/friends after playing a gig. Ali A. Rizvi Maybe love, maybe money, maybe I don't know? Alice Dirt :) Alicein1derland (27) to see my family happy and healthy Alicia (68) Feeling secure and free to move. alicja (38) To love and be loved. Aliid Love and creation. Alin (23) To have a strong sense of self-worth, good health, a means of creative expression, and plenty of novelty. To love someone who loves me. Alina Love, family, a job I love, good music, good books, good films, a cup of tea and a cat. Aline Guiraudie (36) Love,friends, health alipans (57) Friendship. Alishba Zarmeen (24) to be around people i care about, with lots of books and music, and art supplies alison wonderland few hundred million dollars AliZaidi (29) peace alli (49) A sunbeam on a sofa in the afternoon - with nothing like homework or housework looming on the horizon... Allison (33) Music, food, movies, literature, sex Allison (20) To be with friends and family, to find romantic love, to be healthy and whole. Allison music allison (19) To live in a house by the ocean, with family and friends around me Allison Jean (21) To find new challenges. To learn. To occasionally fall in love despite my best efforts. Allison Jean Hazen (34) surrounded by beauty, music, good food and warm people. alliswell (62) Have near to me the people I love, being capable of enjoy the things I love, even the little things Alma (25) Love. Ska music. Dogs. Laughter. Sunshine. Good books. almavidrio (35) To have a family and still have time to do great works. Altjungr (30) fame, fortune, fancy, and fucking altron2095 having the ones i love close to me, having always a new exciting book to read, and i must agree with Proust on music also. Alvilda (20) To have been able to change the world significantly towards the better. To improve basic life. Alx tolerance of other cultures, seeing the Divine in your surroundings Aly (17) 1 gbps internet speed and moderate access to my loved ones, art supplies, food, and clothes alya (17) To spend my life caring and loving the person dearest to me Alyanna (22) To be content with who I am Alyce J. to be loved and to love Alyssa just overall world peace Alyssa Cordova (17) Wringing the last tears from a broken man. Alyssa Darkling To be surrounded by people who I love and trust and who love and trust me. Alyssa Moonchild (16) to be loved in the deepest way possible AM a family, to be loved amanda (27) TO be sourounded by love and happiness Amanda (23) To be surrounded by love Amanda a lover who is absent half the time Amanda (42) being respected for who i am AmandaFYS13 (18) Fall trees and meadows with no litter or pollution. Amandine (31) to spend a day with nothing but sunshine, good music, good food, and my family Amara Eating anything I want on earth Amayah (17) To be financially stable. Amayah Munoz (17) To wake up genuinely smiling. Amber (18) To be free to travel the world Amber (37) To be free to travel the world Amber (37) To be with those who I love and care dearly, and with people who can love and cared about me as who I am.. Ame (37) when no one has to worry Amelia (13) Painting without my roommate bugging me. Amelia Gates (formerly Pippet) (10) To live in Ireland or america Americanoid (50) to feel safe, loved and enjoy the simple things that life has to offer americanwoman (62) my family ames (21) to live with those i love ammb (29) To have the people I love just on the other side of the door, to be able to touch and speak to them whenever I want. Amrita (22) lots of books, music, art supplies, my close friends and family, and lots of ice cream and food. amu Seeing my daughters grow to be kind, considerate and passionate people Amy (30) To have music, the love of human beings, humor, and good food Amy (33) never having to go to school, reading as much as i want to, and chilling on a tropical island without anyone disturbing me. amy (14) Good health, Stability, wealth and fame Amy (28) In the companionship of family and friends with good food and drink, books to read, stories to hear, and intellectual stimulation amy (33) To live happy with my husband and child, having all good health, travel a lot, books, confort Amy (35) Having a day where I can do all my favorite things, then have a big party with my husband, family, and friends. Amy Becker; Character: Merriwether Finch (27) Something between here and there and then Amy Cottington-Bray everyone living in harmony amz (16) planting, growing, loving, harvesting and then eating crops. Ana (21) To feel happy on my own. Ana (30) freedom, to live in hope, and to understand as much as possible ana (16) to work because we really like it, to have time enough for reading, watching, thinking, travelling, to be in synchrony with all beloved ana (34) Family, friends, books, music, films... Ana Carolina (16) Getting everything I want. Analise (40) genuine emotions and being with my lover Anam (26) The experience of love, be it a friendly one or some other. Also, being able to do what you wish for. Ana Marija (20) To love and be loved my my other half, to have a large family, to be surrounded by good music and books ANamelessWildOne (24) I dunno I am happy when I spend time with people I like. Ananke (25) to be happy with who i am, and where i am in life Anastasia (18) earthly booty ancientrobot (31) to be with the woman i love andraya (23) Bacon and sausage with waffles and real maple syrup. Andre A library Andrea (16) Being near nature, being surrounded by books and the music I love, near a few close friends, and culture and the arts at walking distance. Andrea (13) Laughing with family and friends ANDREAADKINS (26) To live in the mountains with my dogs, have a simple life full of time to enjoy the beauty of life itself, quite, silent, mysterious beautiful, healthy life AndreaFeliu (28) To live surrounded by good friends and great art doing the things which make me happiest. Andreas (19) Live with the man I love in harmony Andrea SB (32) Success andres007 (19) To find my dream girl who would love me for me. With my tastes in humor and music. Andrew (22) To cater to most of my indulgences without regard for future economic impact, but remain in need of employment Andrew (25) Good friends, old wine, rowdy conversation, fun sex Andrew (20) Fulfilling my own set goals Andrew (28) To live in contact with those I love (stole from proust) To have unlimited accesss to the interwebs at all times, no bounds or restrictions, some cash would be great too. Andrew (22) To be able to simply be myself and to truly and beautifully love. andrew (24) No worries Andrew barlow (26) To love and to be loved in return (is that earthly though?) Andy (25) No longer wanting to die Andy (23) No longer wanting to die Andy (23) A good movie and someone to watch it with. Also a beach, bbq, and someone to watch the sunset with. andy rayford (28) follow your bliss, follow your dreams and live real life inside your best dreams ang (99) Being gymnastics champion Angel (13) To find one human being to share life with Angel To travel with my closest friends and little brothers and make friends with people around the world. Angela (21) to wake up and enjoy everything and everyone around you Angela (34) Being with my family, friends and find a true boyfriend Ângela (24) To be rested and well-fed and in the company of people I love, who love me. Angela (30) To feel loved, to love, to enjoy the arts, read good books, listen to good music, classic French culture Angela (19) Being with the people I love and where people believe in doing the right thing-working together, rather than doing what will only benefit them Angela Estrada (20) being cared for and loved angelina (26) to eat & spending time with family Angelo Navarette (18) Achieving inner peace. Angel Rodrigues (41) to be loved and be doing something I love much and feel accomplished doing so. angie (29) to be in somewhere that no one could find me with unlimited quantity of chocolate, french-fries, book and music. angiece (18) Not needing anything Ani Deep sleep Ani (22) art Anick (99) To be accepted from what I am, anywhere. Anik (16) to love and to be loved, community anjali to be loved, fit, energetic, intellectually stimulated, within easy reach of friends and family Anjel (28) Going green and living in a clean nature of environment. Good music, food and books Anjelah49 (49) to have a family who can love me and never leave me. Ankassandra (15) To enjoy those things that are gifted by God to us to make our life on earth pleasant and wonderful. Ann (19) Reading a book or writing, playing with the dog and cat, taking a walk on a trail. Ann (62) my daughter's smile Ann (50) To be at peace with myself and the world Anna (20) To experience emotional connections with another. Anna (22) To be surrounded by the ones I love, for them all to be healthy and living in a beautiful town with warmer weather Anna (20) my idea of hapiness is the love Anna (13) To live in harmony with myself, nature and those around me. Anna (16) Not feeling like this anymore. Anna (34) achieving one's dreams Anna Kalimar (18) To realize how insignificant you are, to receive joy from observing nature, to live free. Anna Maria (21) Acceptance of others and their acceptance of me. My children and the written word. AnnaMay (51) to feel loved and appreciated. to love and share. and... walking barefoot on a sandy shore everyday, thinking there's the man waiting for me in bed. Anna O. to be surrounded by exquisite, unconventional beauty in all of its forms Anna Stein (21) To be surrounded by my loved ones Ann Delaney (44) A cabin in the coastal redwoods of California, with a front porch on which to sip tea and read Anne (21) In the shade on a scorching hot day sitting on the grass with someone I love eating fresh fruit Anne Farquharson (78) To be able to make the choices you want to (with responsibility) without having to pay the price society wants to impose on you te keep you in line. Annelise (40) a life with books and cats and chocolate and freshly baked bread Anne Louise Sheldon (34) feeling accomplished and treating others with respect Annie Being outside in the morning sunshine, taking in all of nature, reading a good book or magazine, drinking coffee Anniel (62) To make people smile and laugh AnonAzure (19) To be next to the person I love. anonim (18) doing anything i want anon moose (19) togetherness with one person or togetherness with the whole world - i'm not picky anonymiad (15) Boys and money for clothes Ansley Stevenson (16) Food, labor, love, and laughter. Anthony (23) To live well with food and friends Anthony (24) A guilt-free existence as a great writer with close friends and a loving partner. Anthony D C (20) To be hunting in the wilderness Anthony lawhon (27) To see the development and growth of all beings Anthony Scine-Sceni (42) to have the love an respect of those who I love and respect, surrounded by nature and culture antoinette (24) To live in a place of beauty and respect for nature and life in general, where there is sharing and enough for everyone. Anton (52) Being able to see beauty and the Creator in everything. Antoniette (20) to be in love and have lots of money Antonina (20) Have friends and recognition Antonio Lemos (18) Having love, laughter and books Anty harmony with nature, love and kindness of all people Anya (22) To be close to nature. Anya (71) love and family anything Working in the sun with beautiful music playing around me Anzi (27) To make meaning in art, love, and places. a.o. (40) To be loved and understood by those I love and understand. Apollo (58) That's what we are waiting for Apos love and be loved Apply (30) To live in tranquility, accompanied by a large library, a piano, a violin, a group of friends... and wi-fi April (20) There is no happiness on earth, it is temporary and empty April (21) The woman I love AR (20) To matter. Ara (15) asdfasdf aram I quote Chirstopher McCandless: "Happiness only real when shared Aranneaa (19) To reach the highest heights of success Ardent (30) Writing A real phony (27) to live in aworld of peace and tolerance Areeba (25) Freedom to be me. And a well stocked shoe closet Ari (29) Not to have the responsibility of others lives in my hands Arianna (15) Being the king of the world, which I am Ariella Bordaine: Female Protagonist (20) Be with people who value my company, a good home, personal library, books; suburbs just bordering the main city - Arizona (19) freedom in every respect Armando (34) I just want everything in my life to go right and run smoothly...I hate going through mishaps, trials, and tribulations Arnold Murray (42) To wake each morning healthy, strong and inspired. AROG a great few of nature, basketball courts, family with me,bible, pets. A-ron (15) to love someone and to be loved by someone Arsh (24) Fully embracing and appreciating the reality no matter how ugly it is Art (23) To know that I have a good job that I love and can support me my whole life Artie (17) To stay in close contact with my friends and family, and to find a solid girlfriend Artie Mondello (18) I'll have what he's having Aruz Elliott (29) The ability to smile every day, be inspired, and be around the people one cares for most. AS (32) That first cup of coffee in the morning. ascetic monk (51) To love and to live unapologetically. Asfiya Mariam (21) Being with friends and family. Ash (23) Everything that leads to falling asleep the moment my head hits the pillow. Ash (28) To sit in a peaceful, open area Ash Unlimited books, abundant lovers, (who are ideally also) intelligent accompaniment. Ash Bloom (27) to be surrounded by those I love, by beauty - both natural and human-made, by books, by music asherville (55) Being able to appricate everything in your life (family, friends, etc) Ashley (18) Being aware of the beauty of earth Ashley (28) To live with a lot of cats at home. Ashley (12) To find inner peace within myself Ashley (20) I would everyone is happy. Ashley 2.0 (13) loving family and friends and always having them close by. being sucessful as to provide for myself and aide in the help of others. to not take any blessings for granted. ashley baus (24) To always be surrounded by many forms of art, have an abundance of beautiful things, and know beautiful people Ashley Brazil (17) Music... Playing it, listening to it, creating it Ashley Mannara (29) The warm, golden light of a summer sunset, and a lover with whom to share the view. Ashley Meller (26) the sea, sand and the people I love, lemons, salt, and beautiful food ashleytheresa (20) To have knowledge at my beck and call. To be alone with the company of people I love close-by and sufficiently stocked in food, drink, cigarettes and entertainment. Ashwin Murali (21) Creation of extraordinary things. Asi (21) to be near my grandchildren, my books, my kayak, extended sex asmitchel (67) non violence towards animals, humans, plants, soil air...the earth and the universe, love, freedom, knowledge: philosophy, literature, art, music, film.....etc. ASN (25) To live with the ones I love, warmth, laughs, music, art, kisses Astri (36) to be with people and pets I love and have time to spend with them Astrid Where everyone cooperates and holds hands and lies down in a bed of flowers together. Asuka Suzuki (13) listening to beethovens 9th as if theres no tommorow Athar (25) Having a good time with my family enjoying nature . Athena (17) lying on my back staring at the sky with my lover beside me atticus (36) To live with nature and animals Atuona (38) To have the love of my life by my side Aubrey Files (25) Finding a cure for all iillnesses Aubrey Tate (21) To love and to be loved, be at peace, Audreiana (20) To live free to do what I want Audrey (17) To feel that I make part of it and it makes part of me. Audrey Bittencourt (24) A little apartment with seas of sun and a big chair for reading and thinking. Having a healty fammily around and not be slavered to achieve money to eat or pay expeculated goods. We are in the industrial era, two ours of payed work a day 'please'. Audrey Mahone (29) aimer augustine (70) To be surrounded by family and friends, good food, fine wine, with excellent Broadband and an international airport close by Aulieude (49) Overlooking water on a sunny 78 degree day with people I love and nothing that I have to do. A glass of wine would be great too. Auntie Em (35) Finding joy in the little things of life, meeting good people and having interesting conversations with them, away form hypocrites, bigots, narrow-mindedness and liars, surrounded by nature and books! Auntie Em (27) have a life with people I love, with enough money to support my daily life so that I can live with my free-will. Aurora (32) World piece Austin (19) My friends and family Austin Hobbs (16) To live a happy life, do creative things, appreciate other people and their talents, and to be cultured and kind to others. Austin Kimmell (16) to be able to appreciate the abosulte beauty of the world autumn (17) life avecamour Time to have to myself Awalker Living in a beautiful place where you can do what you love with the people you love Aya To be able to have a central image realised. ayda (25) traveling to exotic places and meeting the animals. ayem (57) To be surrounded by happy family and friends and leading a productive and creative life aym (30) To love without abandon, to immerse oneself in the knowledge of the world, to be captivated by beauty a young boy (91) living up to my own expectations, being able to accomplish all that i desire, good with people, find the one i love ayumi (20) To be free from want B (45) To love and be loved B (31) To be in touch with nature B (21) Respect of all human beings is the most humane things all people could do to attain happiness Babette (42) having time to do what I want Babs travel, nature, love, family Baby (32) Warmth and laughs, in touch with the earth and those I love Bad Wolff to be with my family friends pets and all to be in good health. baggal21 (28) live happily ever after with my love Bahar (19) To have someone to love and for them to love me just as much. Bailey (19) To live with the people I love, doing the things I love Balaji Harish Iyer (20) Perfect health and enduring athleticism. Bald Sky (38) feeling like infinity and sunshine or dancing in the moonlight Bambi (17) pursue my interests without impediment barada to have enough time to read whatever I want barbara (50) Consume films, music, museums, dinner, with people of higher society -- to be accepted where culture is beautiful in my American and Mexican eyes of picnics with family and friends, and have my Sasha back. Barbarita (21) A friend who will love me Barbielebrun Charley the beach chair (54) Stock in Cheese Nips and Combos Barbielebrun Garry the ghost crab (54) Making what Imagine Baron Von Nazzenpoppel (46) living with a comfortable routine but with ever changing things basbas (22) Being happy with my body Batgirl (23) Being with friends and family, Being adventurous Baylee to feel content with my life and my slef bc (22) to feel content with my life and my slef bc (22) Heaven Bdme (23) To be with someone I love and loves me, to give what I can to others, and enjoy the beauty around me Bea (18) The ability to keep my loved ones safe Bea (18) All material comforts guaranteed, travel. Bear (49) love, free time, money bearoid (30) To love and be loved and to be able to support myself doing something I love doing. Beatlhoven (47) being able to do the things I like and to have a safe place to live beatricegasti (30) fine food, drink, music and company Beatrice Moore (30) Love, peace and friendship Beatriz (13) Perfect weather, jasmine scented air, stars, Thai food, sex with a beautiful woman, perfect coffee, lit plants at night.. Beavis Christ (30) Access to love -- a spouse, children, family. Becca (16) Self confidence Becca (17) Being with my family and knowing everything will be ok Becca (21) To be surrounded by close friends and family and to possess the intelligence and bravery to fearlessly persue my dreams. Becca (19) Being loved, with a roof over my head and minimal stress Becca (20) To be completely happy with your lot in life Becca (21) To feel that you can undoubtedly trust people. BeckBeck (26) the love of my life, a job im passionate about and not worrying about health and safety becks (24) with my friends and family around me always becky (13) Dancing, sex and friends becky (36) Being warm and under the covers when it's really cold outside. Bee losing yourself in a happy moment bee (16) to love truly and be loved in return beezer (64) To be a loving father, a wild creative hedonist, and traveller. beezersneezer (46) To be secure enough financially to be able to just make the art I want to make. Beka (33) having the people i love nearby, my friends and the work at telco belita (39) all the people i love, nature all around, forever of music, forever of books, lakes, a lot of big trees to climb, love, bella (16) to be surrounded by those you love & love you back... Bella (17) A slow, good morning kiss. Belu (19) Root beer floats Ben (23) To grow old with my wife and watch our kids grow up Benedict (38) To rejoice in the sacrifices of love, precisely because they hurt Benjamin Thomas Mozart Benjamin Urrutia (61) To out in the bush of the african savannahs, drink tea, listen to my favorite music while a vulture passes by. Benjo (23) Firstly, to see people being happy and secondly, knowing someone loves you Ben Johns (21) Being in nature with people who love me. Bennie (55) Christ's return, the millennium Ben Taylor Be with those I love, doing what I love Berlin (25) To not be separated from the one I love, and to be surrounded by music, literature and art Bernard Hartley (18) Loving oneself, being loved and being content Beth (20) Love, knowledge, peace Bethann (35) To love only one person whom I will share my life with and bring life into this world. Bethany (23) Peace, contentness Bethany Traveling Bethany (22) To have a happy family, good job and faithful friends Beth Ellis (15) To live surrounded by love, health, success and money. Beti (24) Hugs and kisses Betty Usabiaga (37) Going to my home country during the summer Beu Mihac (15) My Earthly happiness comes from my knowledge and experience of the inner self: that innate place of peace, joy, and bliss that is ever-present. Finding beauty every day. Bhakti Brophy (41) Loving what is. Being witness to my parents' unconditional love. Union with The Self Within and Without. Bhakti Brophy (45) To be close to people I like, lose myself in nature in a state of bliss Bhargava (25) peace and happiness to all, relaxed minds and tensions in the past bhl To be in the arms of nature and a woman .....with a book Bhole to be pleased by the facts Bianca (18) my idea of happiness is to leave free from money in a world that all i need to do is care about other people and not being stress or presure about time or anything. and the world to not be control by some elite, everybody should be equal from this point of bibi all of the senses in harmony bif Feeling self-successful and looking forward to tomorrow, if i want to wake up tommorrow morning that's pretty good big dick (69) to have enough to live and being happy with the ones i love biggb (46) to have alot of loved ones big guy (16) To be without need or want, to pursue the curiosities of my mind in a collegial atmosphere Bijan (27) Being with my wife just about anywhere Bill (50) To have free time for my family, to hold my partner, to be successful Billie (18) A GOOD WOMAN, A STRONG SON, A GOOD WINE BILLSTRUP (42) RICHES, WORLD DOMINATION BILLY (38) Peaceful connections BillyBobABC123zzz led zeppelin billy boy watson (3) Contentment Billy the Son of the Kid (21) a man that adores me Biochicklet BOOKS, MUSIC & BEER ON THE BEACH BIPS (46) My idea of hapiness is to be whith my frends . biscotte (13) to be with red velvet cake and my music library bismuth Family, health, inner peace BJ (56) music, paint, friends, movies, coffee, cigarretes, cheese, warmness blabla (37) Every morning to watch with my family the sun rise over the ocean with a cup of tea Blackie (20) Being with my wife viewing the high Rockies Blademan (60) Having the means to pursue any endeavor that I feel may bring me towards the Great Mysterious. Blaine (21) Lots of family, friends and free from monetary worries Blair C. (29) Good food, good liquor and a good show Blake (17) Spending all my time painting and not having to worry about surviving Blake (24) hunting and fishing on a boat blake (16) To live in contact with those I love, with the beauties of nature, with a quantity of books and music, and sharing meals Blanca Parra (66) To enjoy the world and help those in need. Blank Tae To be with people I love, reading books, playing with my dog. blip52 (27) People living together in harmony without so much silly fighting and disagreements. I suppose that's what I'm used to, given my childhood. Bliss Inthemorningdew (16) To love and be loved, to never forget anyone, to always find the outside world beautiful, to find peace in music, to write something I am proud of and is completed, to be near my favourite restaurant, and for there to always be a breeze. BlondShamrock (16) To have those dearest to me, and to be able to cast aside modern world complications with something as simple as a book Blood (15) To lie without fear Blueagle (47) To keep being surprised and intrigued and touched by the world and people Bluebird (27) To live close to beauty as represented through art, theater, movies, nature, and friends. BlueOrchid (39) Harmonic discourse with whoever pleases to talk Bluto (29) To be close to the ones that I love in peace with nature, in peace with myself. Suurounded by art and knowledge. BM (20) to create teh same beauty which I see around me bman (41) to live with family love health and happiness bmo A sense of accomplishment. Bob (22) To empthasize with those I love Bob you don't want to print that bob (38) Purpose Bob (32) To have someone to exchange thoughts with and enough money to live comfortably. Boba (22) be with children bobblins To be with the one I love. Bobby (22) peace of mind Bobby (40) to live in happiness and to love the people around me. Bobby (21) To have unlimited data bobby To not lose the ones that I love bobby (33) Playing with my dog Bobia (25) To live in contact with thoes I love, with my music and a lot of free time while getting paid to do what I love. boku_wa_kami (25) hands away from my boyfriend, my cats and my friends, having prosseco with french fries bomb (30) The no need for money Bonky (26) To reach all of my goals and find the love of my life Bonnie (15) My family, safe and secure Boo (36) The presence of my family, the sound of lapping water, fresh, clean air, a comfortable chair, and an unlimited supply of books. bookloverva (58) To be able to live without social, monetary or moral (at least, to do with personal morals), restraints Boris (16) Doing what I like. Borrie (33) Finding true love Boss (20) xbox bov (19) I wouldn't begin to define it, as that might crumble it - definitions constrain some creativity Brad (17) Having my freedom Brad Connors laughter and memories brad w (35) Engaging in activities of thought and effort with loved and respected people. Brady (31) The feeling of sunshine on your face on a cold winters day. bram-is-e-janet-brecht-is-de-max To be with my loved ones and do things to make them happy Bramma (23) Satisfaction with what you have and contented to wait for what you want Brandon Nobles (31) Being arround those whom I love Breanna (18) Spending unlimited time with family and friends Bree (23) To be surrounded by those I love most, but have my time alone Bree Ogden Está satisfeita com o que eu sou e o que tenho. Brena (19) Existing with my differences with the absurd resolved Brendan (24) Happiness that ends Brennan Wilson (18) Love Brent (16) to share life with the one you love brent (33) Being surrounded by people whose presence can never grow dull. Brent Findley (19) If I could have a wife and family made of cheese Brett Ferguson (42) A mind free from fear Bri (28) anything other than current state (not good, sub-par) bri (17) Living in my dream home with my dream job Bria (22) to have no worries Brian (22) Reading on a comfortable couch with my wife next to me. Brian (37) Doing what I love and having a family. Brian (24) a Double Bacon Cheeseburger, a Large order of fries, a cold Coke, and Video Games to Play. Brian A. Henegar (26) to feel like society was basically good again. I would love to be able to walk outside and feel like i wouldnt have to worry about anyone doing anything bad to anyone/ brianna (18) To be around loved ones, have my art to help me connect with the earth through art inspiration, have some good folk music in an open field BriannaBabyFYS13 To work with what you love BriannaFYS13 (18) security of love and home brian S (58) To achieve greatness Brien Moffett To achieve greatness Brien Moffett To be accepting of what I have Brinley (15) To spend life in the justice dept. serving the public whether as detective or in psychologist. Bri Toro To dance and enjoy music and be with the people I love, enjoying the decadence of this beautiful planet. Britta Bandit (30) sitting next to my love eating something delicious Brittany (25) To truly know Jesus. Brittney Miller (20) Nature, art and good people who love me and whom I love brns the beach a good library with all i love coming and going broad (45) watching Mackenzie smile Brock Schwarzkopf (29) To always learn new things, to travel, to have good health and always be close to my parents and handful of good friends both new and old. A museum nearby too and an endless supply of Coke Zero Bron Blackwell (37) Limitless exploration, limitless resources Brooke (53) Napping with my lover on a Sunday afternoon Brooke Happiness is hardly a quantifiable accomplishment, instead I will apply myself to intellectual pursuits which allow me to be happy, and to achieve a more quantifiable goal. Bruce Bennett (20) To have available great food, music of my choice, lots of movies and books, ability to take a long quiet walk. Bruce Shindler (66) To do what I'd like and be happiest, to not have fights or arguments, to love and be loved by loved ones. Brutus (20) Laughter with friends, thinking alone. Bryan R. (21) Find true happiness with oneself Bryn (23) Knowing the meaning of life, and living it Brynlea (17) Happy husband, happy home, happy children. Brynn (39) To be content in the life I've chosen for myself Brynn (18) to be loved Bryon Springer (25) Playing with hum-hum Bubbles (52) A financially secure home of adequate size populated by my favorite plants,animals,and person bubby (43) to see my children fulfill their dreams Bubu (37) cuddling with my darling buckyballs (35) Not knowing what "to want" or "to need" is Buddy (34) to have a society that does not hurt animals or each other bug To be in contact with ones i love and the beauty of nature and everything i hold dear Bugsy To live with my husband and family, in New York, in good health, with financial stability provided by a job I enjoy and respect. Bulldozer (50) to be content in my occupation, and to have, within easy distance, a French theater bunny Sharing books and music in service of others Burella (61) Connectedness through love and emotional intimacy Burke (47) Omnipotence Burnable_Material_Here (18) Reciprocal love BusyMinds HEALTH,ABUNDANCE,PEACE AND QUIET,AND TO BE LOVED. BUTTERFLY (41) To be have understanding parents,smart yet compassionate friends, a loving mate and lots of intellectual stimulations. butunn (19) Love Byriver Bloke (24) to surround myself with the love of people and animals BZ To live in comfort with those I love close by. C to connect, experience, and grow c (21) Be together with the people I like the most C (14) To be surrounded by those who I love, and that love me; in a rich place of beauty, intellect and intrigue. C (20) Freedom C (35) my son, food and champagne cacharel (37) To be forgiven and to forgive completely every day Caidy (54) Laying in bed on a rainy morning, listening to music, drinking coffee and reading (all at the same time) Cailey To sit down beneath the sun drinking a juice, with no worries and with those I love Caio (18) Living with those I love, laughing, working hard Caitlin (19) To be not too hot and not too cold, being with animals. Caitlin (21) family. cakes (41) Reading stories of wonder, writing stories I enjoy, and living with or near those I love. Cal (20) Enjoying friends, family, interacting with diverse persons... Camille (52) Driving on a warm day with the windows down and good music on. Candice (23) my wife and son, books and to be the master of my own time Candlewycke To live with someone I consider my other half, have children, study many things and languages, travel extensively, and laugh many times a day. Candy To live freely without fear that some random occurance will come and destroy whatever life you've managed to build Captain Crunch To love and be loved Carebeark5 (25) Earthly happiness if being able to enjoy nature and try new things. Carla (26) my dog carlajwms (49) Having moneyand a rich boy toy Carla Tate (19) To be with those I love, with everyone in perfect health, wanting nothing. Carlie (24) Same as Proust's, except a good movie theatre Carlisle Sex drugs rockn'roll. Carlo (26) Great family, friends and adventure Carlos A. (24) sex with a bong Carlos Cisne (45) To be in love, and to be loved, and to be able to do what I love Carly (19) I don't think happiness is a feeling you can easily predict. Carly (21) Seeing my friends often and laughing, spending time being creative, the feeling after meditation, the optimism of the morning, making my boyfriend laugh, intimate and relaxed gatherings with family and lastly, honesty Carly C (27) Acceptance Carmen (57) Love Carol finding what one loves and being able to do it Carol (60) to be in peace and without trouble, being loved and loving someone and healthy carolina (23) Focused time with something or someone I love Caroline (38) To have nothing to be ashamed of, and to be surrounded by people I admire. Caroline (25) To feel free to pursue the things that I am passionate about without having to fear poverty. Caroline (33) to be in love , to watch sea with my lover or to be in the nature with him ,with my son caroline (45) To remain in close harmony with my books and music, and to maintain true friendships. Caroline M. (41) sitting by the fire with the cat in my lap reading a good book and listening to classical music, also teaching a really good class Carol Lacoss (62) Contentment with one's situation, held in posterity. Carolyn (18) a life full of activity, progress, and constant expansion Carrie ease/harmony, building a full and happy life with my son, finding personal success Carrie (44) living with my friends and my other half, laughing and making memories...no complications, no regrets just...living good cartike To live and play with the children and ppl from South Park Cartman (99) Good health Cas (25) The peace that comes with knowing that you're doing the best you can at everything in your life, also a good cocktail on a Friday afternoon in the fall Casey (36) Riches and bitches Cassandra Watkins (21) Good food, good weather, good company Cassi Hearth and home. Cast (17) Deep connection with another person. Shared food and laughter. And when the gasp of "I understand" hits me. Cat (36) To have a stable existence with music around and inside of me, close to my loved ones. Cat (24) To love someone, and to be loved back by that person. cat (27) True love, respect from others, success, being content with the decisions I make Cat (26) To spend time with family and people I care about Cat fulfillment cat (20) to live in peace with myself Catalina (44) Saber que mis padres y hermano están bien y son felices, así no estén a mi lado. Trabajar escribiendo reportajes y tener tiempo y dinero para escapar de viaje cuando quiera, Catalina Jiménez Correa (27) the simple joys and experiences in life Cate (23) To be near to those I love, to have enough money to never worry and to be able to fuel my creativity Cate (33) True love Catelline (26) To be surrounded by those you love Catherine To have something to work for, a camera with which to pass the time, and stories. Catherine Jean To leave the world better than I found it Catherine Mitchell Money, cars, and women Cathlow Harmon (50) To be with family members and friends Catlin Benjamin knowing what my passions are and taking actionable steps to fulfill that while in this physical form c.a.torres (39) to experience every emotion without supressing it Cat Podd (37) To enjoy every second of life. Catrina (15) Being completely self-loving. Cattie Chong (26) To live with someone who is precious for you or you love Cavit Anıl Buram (28) To be comfortable, to help others, to be left alone enough CC (18) To be surrounded by the ones you love CC (22) freedom, security, and love ccc (27) being recognized and respected for your talent and being able to make a living off of it ccchnl to feel free and to always have many unexhausted desires cdl (35) To live happily and be with the guy I love Cee Cee (17) To have enough money and resources to live comfortably, a few friends whom I can always count on, and a life of drawing and improving myself in that area. Celia (15) To find someone who truly understands you, loves you, and makes you a better human being. Celline Marge (18) to live in a charm and calm place where i could be able of gathereing my family and friend, listening good music and eating good food cenire (25) Being content with who I am and loving myself. Enjoying the company of those I cherish most in my life. Access to a beach on the ocean or lake. And a house full of pets. cerisetea (34) To be at the feet of Jesus Cestmoi a book C face. (22) where there's no anger cfm (37) To have friends, animals and love around me Cfreedman (38) Love ch To be more courses Chacha (13) a full bank account and a happy momma Chancelor C.J. King (19) To live without the feeling of self-doubt, that way I can truly live Chandra Alexander (24) peace Channon (45) To have a successful career and a full family and children Channy (19) Boundless love and endless music Chari (21) Being content Charlene (17) Some contact with good people and good art, alot of contact with good books and good music, getting outdoors to open spaces, and travel Charlene (50) To love the people around me and receive the love back from them Charlene (18) Never to be satisfied with myself Charles 01 ( 7) Share food and story and laughter with friends and family. CharlesB (48) Health & my Wife & Dog on a working ranch in or near forest and ocean. Charles L Davis Jr (51) be close to loved ones but to live alone, with lots of music, near the sea and someone you love being in bed with and can talk to for hours or be silent with charlotte (29) A life of music, drawing, good liquor, good food, nice tobacco and making love Charlotte (18) The ability to choose my preferred set of problems and to live with them until I wish to attempt something different Charlotte H. (23) A few close friends, a home I love, a lover, companion animals, books, music, a fireplace, a mountain, a beach Charly Mariaan (49) work i love charu (22) Earthly happines is being with someone you love and being unaware of the time. Chary Silva (22) To live in harmony with family and friends and contribute positively to to our community and world and have a well balanced life , work vs leisure Chas (20) to be surrounded by truthful people and to live in abundance of their love and acceptance chay (40) to have my loved ones around me, to have enough money to be comfortable, to have all my loved ones live a long and prosperous life Cheche (40) when you discover WHAT it is you are looking for cheeky (26) To be content with what I have Cheemargh (36) to be with family and friends chele to be loved unconditionally chelle (47) Being surrounded by friends and family, beautiful nature, good food and good health. Chelsea (21) To control those around me so that my needs are always met. Chelsea (23) To be loved. Forever. Chelsea Smith (24) When the spirit, heart, and mind align for peace within one's self Chelsea Whiting (26) my husband, my daughter, friends, music, good wine and great food, stories, laughter. Chelsy Having my art studio on my farm. Cheri D. sitting on a porch on a crisp autumn evening watching my neice and nephews play and sing and dance with the rest of the loves of my life Cherie (40) To live out my all of my ideals Cherish Robinson (21) A period spent with good friends, in sunshine, with long walks and long laughs. Cherlyn (40) To be surrounded by those whom I love, and cherish the wonders of nature while petting my cat Cherub (30) be able to do whatever i want, go wherever i go with the love one Cheryl (38) Everlasting life Cheryl Barnette (59) Being with someone who makes me forget that everything else in the world has ever existed Cheshire (22) to live free of guilt or anger or envy. chi-chi a life filled with culture and to travel with someone i love who loves me Chickpea (31) Truthful, loyal ad loving companion Chico (46) The end of war ChiefJ42 (44) to wake up excited to take on the day, comfortable and confident with myself chiklitz76 (39) A library of books, records and movies. Living by a private beach with my soulmate. With a bartender. Chili (17) Emotional and financial stability - Self-assured and complete in onself Chinita (34) to be able to find peace within one's self, to be able to come to in terms with one's self. chinnu (20) To make others happy Chinnu (38) A world without war or terrorism Chip Griphix (35) Good food, entertainment everyday, maybe a nice girl. Chiu Jing Hua (17) pure people happyness. with beautiful pieces of art, films, music and the ability to fall in love over and over chloe (21) To live with those i love without stress And Being healthy Chloé (18) Total safety, loyalty, in love Chocolate Bunny (32) A sunny day with good friends and no worries Chonda to be surrounded by those I love Choraven (32) Providing earthly happiness for another. Chris (16) Live near everyone and everything I adore Chris To be able to know love. To have a family. To be able to create. Chris (19) To be kind and help others Chris Being with my people, entertainment, nature Chris (13) endless breakfast buffet Chris (26) To be healthy, happy, and be loved Chris Security Chris Glass (39) A trip to the Waterfront, the Westmoreland Mall or having a girlfriend. Chris S. no worries Christa (27) To live needing less fulfilment from objects and more from humans. Christabelle (29) having enough to eat, something to work on each day, being appreciated, healthy, having access to warm showers every now and then. And experiencing seasonal changes. Christian (44) To be free, to travel, to live in peace. Christian Boyanov (24) to be married have kids and be loved for who I am Christian Soldier (33) Being a household name as an artist, living well as an artist in my lifetime Christina (26) Somewhere in nature on a beautiful, warm, sunny, windy day. Surrounded by those I love most - especially my daughter. Christina Kronberg (23) Drinking coffee on the deck looking out over the ocean early in the morning Christina Tounzen To be able to go wherever I want and see things I've never seen before. I want to travel the world and have adventures. Christina X. (37) haveing the people i love and care about around me. always appreciating what i have. christine (18) A library with a bed. Christobel (17) A steady relationship with a lovely girl, the pleasures of being able to write all the time, and having the ability to go out whenever I want. I also want a hugeass library, a ton of vinyl, and a big closet with clothes Christobel in College (18) creation within any of its bodies; the abstract, the actual. Christopher (24) To have no responsibilities to anyone or anything save knowledge and human kind. Christopher Blaum (37) To be an astronaut in a spaceship by myself. Christopher Boone To live near my father, living a humble yet peaceful life Christopher James Stagg (16) Waking up every morning in a place that constantly inspires me. Christopher M. (31) To have a woman by my side, doing the things we would want to do in our lives together with no children. Christopher Mitchell (17) to help others and bring joy to my loved ones Christopher Ross (23) the unconditional love of the masses christy (44) to be where there are people I like, music I love and free conversation Christy Turner (50) love and happiness with my beloved Chuck (43) freedom Chuck (44) No sorrows, good food and weather, shelter and people I care about Chunky Lover Doing whatever makes you happy, carefree Ciara (24) Achieving your goals, surrounded by people you love Ciara (22) To be close to the beloved both physically and emotionally Cickany (51) Compantionship Ciera (16) endless candy, mom's cooking Cilie (50) To be free of constraint. Cindy To spend my day reading, writing, exchanging ideas, debating philosophies, publishing something somewhere or creating something from nothing cindy (50) To be wealthy with happiness Cindy (24) Having everything I need or want within easy grasp/at my beck and call Cindy (22) Friends, good food and drink, art of all forms. nature. Cindy (50) Lying in my husband's arms after truly satisfying love making CindyLu (58) To be with my husband and children, snuggled up in bed and spending time together being silly on a Sunday morning Cissa Fireheart (32) To live in contact with nature, beauty, books, music and the arts, to enjoy food and my body, to live independently in my desired house. Ciucan (18) food and friends together cizz positive state of mind CJ (18) close to love, beauty of nature, food, soft things, books, music, a stage CJN (21) to be at peace, knowing I CL (66) To laugh without thinking why. Cla (22) A spoonful of honey. Claire To be amongst my children and my flowers, and within walking distance of my family. Claire (32) To have someone - or rather, a few someones - who understands me completely and loves being around me despite my [admitedly many] flaws. Claire Bartholomew (16) To be with my children and know that they are all living good lives. ClaireW (65) A bath and a bowl Clancy being with people i love and doing what i love to do. Clara (20) to be in a family that loves each other and live with the beauties of nature, with good books and music Clara Taking care of people I love and having them appreciate it. Beaches and books help too. Clarissa (18) To spend time with my friends and family and to sit in cafes reading books Clark Kent To feel that you lack for nothing Clark Langridge (32) Simple life surrounded by nature, and close to loved ones. Clau run through the forest Claudia (36) Realising whats happening, why you're one way or another, and have someone who you love to talk to about those things Claudia (21) Clay Douglass: Good food and good friends. Isn't that Applebees? Clay Douglass (34) feeling natures love clay zook (19) to be doing what i love and having everyone around me to be happy too clazza mgee a family, a relaxed life without worries Clelia Beatriz Valdez (22) To be whith my friends and my family clemfolk49 (13) Having the ones I love be happy Cleo (∞) Peace of mind, and total artistic expression. clockwork (34) a quiet life of reading cm (57) Love, physical connection, children, home, food, warmth, knowledge, family, laughter, service Coastside007 (42) ordinary lives followed by most family people cobweb (24) To be with my goddess and to immerse myself in my library CockneyKnight (48) A perfect day, to write and paint, hug and play with my children, get drunk, laugh, get kissed and held, and sleep holding my cat Coco (31) To be surrounded by a group of those who love and support me, to wonder at the mysteries of life, to be intellectually stimulated, to be warm, to expand my palate Coco (19) Peace of mind. Peace of heart. Peace of soul. CocoPuff2016 (44) To have love, give love and to enjoy the finer things of my choosing codered (18) to be able to commucate with all my family members Cody (25) To be close to my family and all of my possible friends, to be able to write constantly and with quality and honesty, and to never run out of tales to tell others. Cody Gould (17) To feel connected to those I love and share friendship with. To feel I am caring for myself and my loved ones. To help and serve where I can. Col (41) To live amongst others free of hate and fear. Colin (39) To be in love with life. Colin (22) Appreciate beauty - nature, art, play, people - and help somebody see this beauty every day Colorful (28) when my daddy gives me ear massages. They are the best. Colton (27) To be in constant contact with those I love, with the beauties of nature, with a quantity of books, music, and films. comnomnomor (15) to be in awe and appreciation of everything Connie Fact of matter that in the world that everybody is safe in the world. That there is no more terrorists. Connor To grow in knowledge, wisdom, and faith. Connor Defiance conor (34) to be inspired, in love and creative constanceeee (19) Being with my family Constantin (32) To live a healthy life with my family and friends with much time for travel and adventures. Consuela being with my family Cookie ,love cxompany cookie To be close to family and friends in a comfortable home with enough to pay the bills and eat well cookie (51) fitness of mind and body and eternal life Cora (26) Everyone one being friendly and helpful to all Core (25) A house full of objects each having a history both linked to my personal history and to History. In the house, my beloved hanging around reading, listening to music, drawing, and I'd like to have my own theater Corentine (25) Going back in time to before the Industrial Revolution. Corey To be 100% content while continuously growing corinne having a challenge with books to read Cory (22) laughter and love cpaters1 (26) Always having a book to read, and a place to put them cr To be content with life cr (34) Somewhere I have opertunities to obtain everything I want. Craig Suga Biles (22) to know the true feeling of hope, even after my 'departure' creed (35) Freedom to do whatever you would like unrestricted by financial concern Crimson (60) to see the people I love happy cris Be happy with yourself and enjoy the people who are aroun you Crisfe (31) To be healty and around people i love Cristi To find success and love in life. Crystal (17) To be immersed in artistic beauty, to be spiritually fulfilled, and to be near nature Crystal (32) being around people i love and am loved by Crystal (22) To have everything that I want. Crystal (34) What does earthly mean? Where is earthly happiness? Does it come from beyond the stars? Crystal (35) To coexist peacefully csheehan (17) When my husband, child, and grandchildren to be content CStoney (47) to live near the sea whith my friends and family cuchi (40) Nature, family, books, music, movies, sports cucu (26) To have freedom, peace and respect for everyone cvelez (64) my music drowning my ears, my husband and i genuinely happy and complete, all the art supplies that one can own and my daughter in her purest joy. cweekly Owning a lot and enjoying every moment. Cyan Imsomething (28) To have access to real freedom and full education d0701 (29) finding rare & amazing people I love, who love me back & will never abandon me; incredible sex; knowing secret things; to be surrounded with beauty & luxury; to travel the world; to have continual access to a credit card with no limit D Yummy food, great friends, laughter, dogs D (32) To freely be who you truly are Dachary (23) LO SURROUNDED BY THOSE YOU LOVE, AND BE LOVED BY THEM IN KIND. AND ALL THE TRAPPINGS TO MAKE A MAN, MASTER IF HIMSELF AND HIS OBSESSIONS. DAD A day at the beach with ice-cream on the way home Dad (42) To have a good understanding of nature and the world itself. Daesia Garcia (16) Enough money to it have to work any more Daffy Sue Esposito (60) Lots of close friends and family, a partner with whom I truly laugh and can connect Daisy (27) To be surrounded by art Daisy (17) To have universal peace Daisy Having something to fill the void in one's heart. Dakota Swaveman (18) It would involve true love, good food, nice scenery.... and internet access. D_Alex (46) Love dA member: sonicbutterfly (17) To be content with myself, my friends and my family. Damien TC (36) To be financially and indulging in my hobbies with someone to share Dan (29) To be loved, to be free, to not worry (and an Xbox) Dan to make a living doing what you love Dan (39) to want someone, but not need them. Dan (51) surrounding myself with beautiful people, interesting books and music, unlimited supplies of chocolate cake Danae (17) To live as a musical sensation Danger (16) to enjoy what I choose when I choose to Dan Gileg Finding balance and living harmoniously in your realm of existence. Dani (31) To have everything you need and a few things you want, to be surrounded by people who love you and you love in return Dani (19) to love what you have, while you work to get what you'd love to have Daniel (25) To be with those that I hold dear, to be recognised as being noteworthy and to live without condition or limitation Daniel (16) To have fun and spend time with those i love. Daniel Below love and to be loved Daniella (27) To live in proximity to those I love and in proximity to things I love. Danielle (15) To live in an equal society where everyone is valued for their uniqueness and cultures and equal access to all opportunities in life for people all over the world Danielle (35) to love and be loved DanielleKeith (19) Having an intimate best friend; my loved ones being healthy; having books to read; having films to watch; having things to say; having stories to write. Daniel Molina (20) A meadow at dusk. Daniel Phelps (23) To live where I would like to live with my one true love Daniel Stephens (Character Sketch) (22) to find true love, have kids and family, books daniiii (18) To have privacy and be able to do what I wish without question. Daniil (22) There is no earthly happiness. Humans are crazy. DaniStory (29) Serving others to have joy Danny (25) To be with friends and family who love me and whom I love, near nature but not far from the city Daph (45) Peace Darcy (20) Being with those i love Darcy (19) to die with happieness dario (21) The love of my mom and my cats Darlene (29) Being in love and having that love reciprocated. Darnell To feel each day like I'm lying in the grass looking up at the starry sky. DashEloise (32) Lying beside a stream on soft grass in the sun with close friends. Dave (45) A warm summer’s day with sail or steam. Dave Cresswell (46) needs met, no stress, stability, money ain't a thing. DaveG (39) To live in the perfect moment Dave Whitaker (40) Laying with a partner in a field bathed with sunshine Davey (18) freedom, love, wealth and fun DaveyD (24) To remember the last few years of my life. Davian (alias) (32) Earthly happiness is Cinnimon Rolls. Just kidding, happiness is being in full fellowship of God, the opposite of misery. It is using your earthly faculties to the fullest(athletically, mentally, spiritually). David (19) Friends and family. David (10) to be camping David (18) freedom David (63) A good book, great music, quiet, and solitude David (24) To find someone i can be madly in love with David to live with my family David (51) beeing alone with my thinks david baiguera (35) to be able to give other people the things which make them happy David E.J.A Bennett (29) to share in the wonder of nature and the arts with those I love. David K (46) Requited Love. David ROWE (42) Those fleeting moments when in an instant we intimate with eternity, to live NOW David Sergio Cisneros Ardura (46) To live with thos I admire and love, in a beautiful environment - the house I used to live in, in Afife and by preference, sorrounded by all kinds of art. David Timme (19) Living with health, and content in existence. Davie (16) To be healthy and free Davi Silva (21) to be surrounded by nature in comfort dawn (40) To have enough money, to have love, to be healthy. Dawn Robinette (51) Finding my sister, no constant criticism from my parents Dawson A loving home Daxion Mr. Dax Johnson (29) being free to roam the widest corners of earth, finding beauty in the most unlikely places and bringing a smile on another's face Daya (22) living the life that ive always dreamed of with the people i love Daydreamer (18) To have my in-home Art gallery, music, water, and nature in close proximity Daydreamer (63) To have my in-home Art gallery, music, water, and nature in close proximity Daydreamer (63) Sitting on a wooden porch on a balmy evening playing dominoes and drinking rum dbrown (24) To be at peace with myself and those around me dcsnowbunny (25) to have purpose and to laugh Dd (43) To be drowning in creativity, art, and music. To work voluntarily because the work inspires you, and not from a need to subsist. To realize yourself to a point where life becomes a game you adore playing. DDG9000 (25) To be in love and live at the sea coast Dea (40) Reading, freedom, being at home with my dog. A few beloved friends to talk to. Dark chocolate. D. E. Alvis (58) To live without restraint---especially worry. Dean (17) Success and love DeAndre Beck (20) Surrounded by nature and books, books, and more books. DeAnna Alexander (35) having enough money, having enough love and beauty, taking care of my family, gardening, watching good movies and reading good books. Deanna Sanders (44) To live close to loved ones, to practice yoga and meditation in nature, to read, listen to music and have long conversations about all of these things plus art and occasionally with wine. Deb (37) To be in love and being able to afford more luxuries in life Debbie (56) To be in harmony with my family and friends in a comfortable house. Debby Creech-West (43) I think Proust had it right. Except that I would want access to all kinds of theaters, libraries, museums. Deborah S. Wilson (56) I'll have what Porust's having, but I don't necessarily require a Fench theater Deborah Wilson To have enough Debster (48) Where gays rule the earth Declan Cohen (35) Being filled with the Holy Spirit at all times and having everything me and my family need to live a wonderful healthy life, without money being an obstacle. De-De (36) TO be surround by people who love me. Dee (24) to always live up to my expectations for myself. to be constantly surrounded with family. Dee (19) A good meal with good conversation with good friends that seems to go on forever. Dee Spending time with family, reading and gardening DefMelon nnn Dein Name (optional) To be free as a bird Deja Vu (20) Sitting on a beach every morning Delaney pushing a pram, having an Aston Martin, nit havig to worry about money Delia Webster (80) Love, trust and money. delice_ok (21) the realm of knowing earthly happiness dendoo (23) To be able to protect and live in harmony with those I love Denine (24) Spending time with my family & friends everyday. Denise 1 To be unaffected by the baser desires. Dennis (61) To have enough. Enough money, enough love, enough companionship, an enough time to enjoy it all. Dennis Theodore (37) To fall in love at first sight, dance and live close to the nature. denny (23) My wife and children. Denny Living on interest while having enough time to explore the outdoors, read books, make handicrafts and learn all that I want to learn! Densio (25) To live with those I love free from self pity and material desire Derek (27) playing hockey, having loyal friends, and spending time with family Derek Ambrose (22) To live and to love, happieness isn't a destination. It's a journey derp (22) contentment. yoga, coffee, nature, hashish desert dweller Discover or invent something, get laid with a lot of girls, visit the places you like atleast once devanand To accomplish something that's worth noticing... Devon (18) Earthly happiness would be cancelling the production of carcinogens, switching to a healthier lifestyle regarding excersize and food for both the earth and I, and controlling the production and health of the animals that inhabit the earth. Devon Lisenby (20) to be with someone I love Dev Tucker (17) To feel mental peace, be married and kids... Devu (22) Friends and Family. Dezirae (17) Being free from all bad memories, ailments, and regret DH (39) surrounded by close family and friends, pleasant weather, books, no stress diana (52) to love and be loved, to matter to someone else Diana (52) Finding joy in the simplest acts of love Diana (20) To be what I have to be Diana (15) home, family, health Diana Good health, physical and spiritual strength and the ability to helpful to others Diana Thomas - English Thursday 6pm (38) Physical, intellectual and spiritual freedom. Love Energy. Diane (53) A warm summer night, with good food, good wine and lots of laughing DianeD (50) sitting with friends talking about movies, books, events, stories, with drinks Diarre Ibrahim (22) To live in a 5 star hotel and do different actives every other day, have fun all the time. dida (14) The unmatched feeling of someone waiting for me. Diego Miguel Danura Puyó (30) To accomplish goals and begin new ones Dietgingerale To be dedicated to some life-long project of social benefit, preferably with family and friends by my side; to have sound mind and sound body for as long as possible Dilip C Louis (32) Being able to read the books I love, watch the series I love, as well as be able to know the outcome of my actions before I take them. Dimitar Atanasov (25) love dimitris (25) 1) To love and be loved. 2) To be truly passionate about what I am doing. and 3) To drive for an adventure with my closest friends and/or family and have the time of our lives or just a plain picnic on a grassy land. :) Dindin (20) Power Dino (18) To accomplish all which I put fourth and to make a difference in the world. Diona (19) Be surrounded by loved ones and solving puzzles and mysteries. dionysis_dt (24) A world that is free of fear and violence that allows people to live in peace and serenity Dirk Radman (35) Having fun with my Family,Friends.. Divya (20) A world of peace, freedom, and justice. Dixon Wragg To have enough money to sustain myself and my dog. The freedom to persue my artistic interests in music and art. DizzyblondeChic (55) to have close friends and a loving and caring husband Dj To be challenged, to be appreciated dlew919 (40) What Proust said--sans the theater (surrounded by love and peace, never feeling lonely) dmca (38) immortality Doc55 (55) No hunger, no pain, no sadness and living forever. Dolna (39) Reading books by the sea in September, next to Pol Dolores Nabokov (26) wwwww Dom To be one with the divine nature of things; to deny the desires of the flesh and move to the rhythm of nature. Dominic (17) Anything that's not earthly abject misery Dominick (23) Complete freedom to think, act, and do as you will. Dominick Miller (19) A good book taken with coffee and cigarettes, plus pen and paper Dominick Miller (20) The complete happiness of others. Dominick Miller (21) for all the animals homes to be rich in nature and for me to just be with the ones i love Dominique Unconditional love and personal security Dona (35) To be close to my family and engaged in an occupation I find neither boring nor overly stressful DonAli (33) Access to knowledge, love, and myself. donkeys4eva (20) To be surrounded by those I love donna obrien (54) Self contentness and ambition, a true connection with the spiritual and natural beauty. Doob Doggo (21) my parents/dog/boyfriend/grandmother doodledoo12345 to be healthy Dor (50) all physical, mental, and emotional desires are met Dori (23) to love and to be loved dorothy6@aol.com (50) Aceptar y mejorar a uno mismo Dothzilla (33) to be surrounded by friends, be head-over-heels in love, and constantly creating works of art. Doug (30) To have happy and constant contact with my family and to be well off enough to travel the world. Doug Lambert (65) Contact and creativity. Living emphatically and sensually at once. Douni to celebrate joy the human way; people's laughters Dracontomelum (30) To be loved, to be honest to ones I love and vice versa, and not to have struggle for necessary things in life. Dragana (22) To be free to wander, but always to have someone you can come home to. Dragontongue (22) To have friends and family close to share good moments Dre (35) To have someone so special to confide in, and to be truly satisfied with the progression of my life Dre (17) Complete freedom for myself only Dreamboat Annie to be able to feel, be free and creative DreamBrother (27) Sublimation Dreda (23) to exist outside my own head and be loved Drella (26) To fall in love and live and healthy life with many friends and successes Drew (26) to help others out of misery Drew (16) To be happy in my situation and left to learn and act as I choose. drift Complete and utter control of all things. Dr. Isaac Busafalus (53) where all children are happy dritjeta (42) conversation after dinner with friends and at least one new person under a sheltered arbor overlooking a large body of water, preferably the Agean or northern lake Michigan Dr. J (76) Growing knowledge, consistent creativity, lasting love, beautiful surroundings, freedom, and independence. Dru (24) Watching the Red Sox demolish the Yankees at Fenway. Drucar (45) to be amongst nature ds (45) To have freedom and space to create, to create, to read, have interesting friends, and a magical landscape nearby. D.S.de.P.Ramos Creating-Writing, Art, Music....Love, then offspring Duckish To have people to care for you Ducky Where men are treated with respect and equality and not live in fear of another man. Dude (49) to be in love duke (18) Holding someone who feels the same way you do. Duncan Passell (17) to have good life with comfortable job dustxii (22) being content with who I am, understanding my purpose and remaining strong Dutchess Silence Dutchess The ability to dream ethereal dreams in a fortunate life Dvach (18) To know and enjoy who you are. D.X (22) Being with my beloved Dylan (17) Peace and quiet Dylan Adams (25) to be loved E A fresh cup of strong coffee, jazz and conversation E (34) To do things that make me happy and accomplished E to be of good health and sufficient preoccupation e (28) Total leisure, without any stress or hostility. E (20) To have food to eat, clean water to drink a roof over my head and the opportunity to create. eagleclaw (35) Uninterrupted contemplation, unless I meet others who truly, sincerely think for themselves E.A. Latham (25) To live a simple and happy life surrounded by loved ones and doing what I love to do for a living. EAR (19) building a community to be surrounded by my closest friends Earth Speck (30) My health, job fulfillment, to not live in fear Eau (45) Success creating, success loving Ed (30) life without mental illness ed Word peace EdD to be successful and to be able to do the things i want to do eg travel, eat nice food eddiboy Good company, great experiences, infrequent torrid love dramas, fiery episodes, insightful debate. And philosophy. All in close proximity to a surf laden coastal town. Eddie (48) Money Eddie (12) Friends and family Eden (19) Earthly happiness is always having some kind of tension to learn to work with and to learn from, so the happiest is art. That or laughter and food. Edgar Roberts (15) having time to read, time to write, and time to make art Edie (26) To encourage and face existence Edmond Dantes (26) To live everyday with Emily. Edouard (41) to live with the people i love, do what i enjoy, not alone Eduardo (19) To be able to help others and see them succeed Eduardo Villegas (37) To be able to help others and see them succeed Eduardo Villegas (37) human warm and good conversation EduGri (53) family friends arts long walks efbar (62) To live in a place where there isn't any inclement weather, vast natural beauty, plenty of things to create and lots of laughter with my children Effie (34) To love even the darkest times. efha (23) to achieve something anything, satisfaction ehk2 (30) At leve et sorgløst og bekymringsfrit liv med min familie, hvor vi har tid til hinanden EHM To live with out fear and with worthiness. Eiichi (16) Living away from war in a small village with my wife and children Eilfa (28) being able to have a relationship of absolute trust and understanding, never feeling alone, making your dreams come true eirianna (17) watching those NOVA video clips of the earth turning.. EJ (29) To give and experience unconditional love, or hot chocolate and a good book, which is close E.Jay (21) poetry/art ejb (22) Time to myself to pursue my own interests without reserve El (23) knowledge turning toward practice in continual evolution el3vat0r be surrounded by books, games, music, and people elay (21) to have every superficial desire satisfied elay (23) Satisfaction of greed elay (24) to love, to be loved and to act eldar (25) To love and be loved Eleanor (14) To live apart from humanity in quiet communion with nature and art and my books Electryo (15) being absorbed in a book to the point that I'm switched off to my surroundings Elena ακομα δεν την εχω βρει ελενη (33) A mild climate, nature, silence, vastness, love, passion, understanding, excitement, adventure. Elena Di Cesare health for those i love, love and be loved deeply eleni (18) To love others at my fullest potential. Eleni Constantinou (20) Laying in bed with my dog, watching my tv shows or listening to my favorite music. Elexia (19) being with the one you love Elexis (18) Being happy and financially stable Elexis (18) Knowing the truth Eli (16) Love, Work, Knowledge Elias (22) Perfect balance of what I call the 5 Ss: Sleep, Sex, Sustainance, Serendipity and Scheduling. Eliaz McMillan (33) planting a tree eliciabg (23) to be happy and good job elicule (13) To listen to Owl City and have world peace. Elie (16) being inspired and create beautiful objects, pets, loved ones Elin (47) To be at peace with myself and the universe, and to be able to gain as much knowledge as possible. Elisa being famous for my work Elisabeth (22) A good night's sleep Elisabeth Carver Good food, lovely weather, my friends and family surrounding me and lots of quality books, movies and music Elissa (22) To have the necessities of living as well as a few close friends, many books, a small house by the sea, and as much writing or drawing material as I'll ever use. Elizabeth having a loving family, an income sufficient to your needs, enough books to read, and a goal to work toward Elizabeth (25) Being free to do whatever I wish, not necessarily living life without responsibility, but without need for unnecessary things. Elizabeth (15) To live, to breathe, to dream, to be healthy and whole Elizabeth Diane Shaffer (0) To live, to breathe, to dream, to be healthy and whole. Elizabeth Diane Shaffer (0) Absolute freedom. Elle (51) Being completely understood and loved ElleKay Free time with the ones I love, outdoors in the sunshire Ellen (48) To live by the ocean surrounded by books and the ones I love. Ellen To be free to love and create as I choose. Ellen B Smiley (29) To think of one whom I know is thinking of me Ellen Fitzpatrick (61) Being alive and with Ellie Ellie (25) To have the feeling of forever lying in a meadow full of the sweetest flowers, where the clouds never come, holding the hand(s) of the one(s) I love. Ellie_Estrella (19) a land with only things I like in: like books music food and friends Ellie Wilson (15) Spending time with friends, movies, books, good soccer games and to do things I love and find interesting Elliot To be entrusted with a life. elliot (22) Not to worry about the rest of the world and focus on my work Elliott (28) To receive praise for an outstanding performance. Elliott Hemp (23) My idea of happiness is to travel to discover the world Elo (11) Laying on the beach, having a good time with my favorite friends elSigno (37) to have my ranch with my horses and animals and all my family with me Ely (23) love and art Elyse (20) Binary file Em_1425616956.html matches Binary file Em_1425616956.html matches World peace. No corruption. No issues. Em unconditional love Ema (18) To live freely, laugh daily, live honestly among the people I love. The rest can kiss my ass. emdonnelly7 To be loved by one man. emdonnelly7 To not live always at war. Emilee Nightshade (19) Sitting down for a good drink and a stimulating conversation. Emilia Blancarte Jaber To be loved and to love in all possible ways. To be emotionally engaged with the world. Emilie (23) To have lots of people love and about me. Emilina (27) beer, women and meat, a great book, better music and few but loving people emilio (28) To be satisfied with what you've done in life and to love earthly life itself. Emillia (16) To be surrounded by those whom I feel truly like and trust me and vice versa, and to have sufficient wealth to live comfortably. Emily (19) to have no contradictions between your ideals and your behavior, and to have every speak of the stuff that is within you used up at the end because you have lived so fully. Emily (24) music, friends and family emily (24) Not school and candy with my best... Emily (13) To know what you want and never have to struggle for it Emily (22) to be surrounded my love, laughter, and hobbies Emilyann (22) A really good bike ride that involves lots of hills and loud music Emily Carter (37) To be healthy, free, loved, and surrounded by books. Emily Clark (25) for all to live free and equal, in harmony Emma (20) mutual understanding and lenient love. emma (18) to get what i want Emma (20) Live in harmony, security and heath Emma (50) to be loved deeply, and have an endless supply of art. no stress emma (14) to be with my children and see them happy as children should be Emma (34) nature meditation emma (20) The lazy mornings confined to bed and teeming with laughter. Emma McKinney To be loved unconditionally Emme (21) I guess I've never really had to consider my own happiness. Granting wishes is my function, but beyond that I suppose I'd like to be a respected guardian one day. Emperor Aisel Fei Shiang (18) To go where you please and be who you truly are on the inside. Empyrean (17) A free and unpredictable life for a spirit capable of living it encolpio8 (22) give my share in someone's happiness, touch his inner side of the body and help Endimion the moment when I die endor In a courtyard with my healthy grandchildren and their healthy parents going in and out all day and night for the rest of our long vibrant healthy lives ENEgck (56) Live in love and A minor in a distorted electric guitar Engel (48) There is no earthly happiness. Enis To create beauty, think as a poet or see as a painter does... Eno A. Agolli (15) In a cacophony. The sound of an orchestra tuning before a show. Enrique (21) to be loved be the people you love eraserhead (18) Constant travel, a selection of books, music, and movies, and close contact with family and friends. Eric (15) companionship and good conversation Eric (40) Never having to worry about money and being close to everyone I love. Eric (37) Living with my wife and child while being able to practice medicine, accompanied by lots of books and a cool climate. Eric (19) money Erica To live in contact with those I love with the beauties of a city with a quantity of books and music Erica (25) Chocolate, church, sexual arousement Erica` (21) The freedom to move Erica Johnson (21) To have achieved the top level in my profession while remaining married to the same woman. Eric C. Wolfe (28) to be with my family and be free to be creative Erich (20) Living out the ambitions I work to realize. Erich (19) To live unashamed of one's mind and body, in a quiet, clean place with a loved one Eric Kraft (18) The company of friends. Erict7 Knowledge, and share it. Erik (25) To create Erik Isaac (19) To study animals as a living, have a lovely wife and a child Erik Price (18) Having everything I want and need without a care in the world. Erin (27) To be loved Erin (53) Comfort Erin (30) To be with and around the ones i love Erin (20) To exist where money didn't matter; could not matter. Erin A cozy home surrounded by flowers and love and books Erin (46) To be entirely comfortable in my own skin, to be authentically myself and to act as such, as the fullest expression of myself in the company of those I love, wherever I may be Erin (31) 2/3 of popularity to be happy ers (22) To be in love. esayer (35) To have an afternoon tea with your deepest demons Escalus (22) An evening spent talking with a beloved person, to get lost in a good book, a purring cat, sun, Cat Stevens' music, a room full, sitting at the Danube at night singing along to a guitar. Escapism (19) close friends, good books, good food, good music. Esmé (18) To live with THE ones i love and in good health Esmee fidelius (54) To come to fruition as a human ESMERELDA (50) Not to be dependent on the social economic structure of the world Estacia Hernandez (37) to be with my true ove on Sunday morning, rolling around on the bed without anything to do or a care in the world esteban (29) Freedom Esteban (23) when my writing is going well Estee love, frienship, well being of my beloved and a good parnert who loves me as much as i do to him estrella blanca good health good friends , good fortune, good food and family Et (32) Success, friendships, love Et Cetera (22) To pursue productive intellectual interests from a place of leisure, to have good friends who provide stimulating conversation, and to have a fair palette of sensual pleasures as well. Etha (26) For all humans to been seen in equal air. ethan (20) A life lived in the company of good friends Ethan Mayatt (25) to have my son and my love with me, my parents and my brother. to have my grandmother hier. Euzinha_ds (20) To play games all day with an unlimited supply of Coke, Jack Daniels, and Hotpockets, and no other responsibilities. Eva (23) Being with people who you love and who love you too - in the beautiful, sunny countryside Eva (16) sustainable emotional contentedness evan ass hatch (18) Not suffering Evanna (18) A perfect accordance between loving and being loved. Evan Washington (20) To never run out of good books to read, to never lose contact with my closest friends or family Evie (22) To be completly content wih life Evie (16) Enough tasty food, drinks, cigarrettes, sex and a computer with internet connection... evilwonders (28) Self-acceptance, calmness, peace, and any form of love evren (16) little moments of delights interrupting a long serie of uncertainties exiile (30) To feel like you belong somewhere Ezra (20) to be pleasantly drunk in the presence of my lover. FA to spend time with people I love and who love me FAC (25) To have a good life, happy, Successful and healthy Facio To have a really nice and fast race car Facio (19) to love and be loved F. Ahmed (15) having success all the time fallen (24) To be able to sleep in peace when it is time to sleep Fanourios (40) meet with my halfmate and live in a good harmony farfalla (30) no pollution farfoura (22) Love, hate, pain, pleasure, all kept in balance. fatgaynig (20) Compensate my mistakes Fatima (19) To be content with life Fatima (26) to love and be loved, with all my needs fulfilled but still a strive for wants fat man (33) As long as I have a sword in my hand and my family is safe, I'm happy Fawna (19) Finding my soulmate and navigating the rough seas of life with him by my side Fay (22) A limitless supply of books, pens and paper. feanix (20) no ideia Felipe Maia For each day to be learning something new via a leisurely exploration of the planet, whilst eating and drinking well. Ferroever (43) To be able to live without worries, doing what one's heart desires. fersfumero (28) Peace on earth and an end to all war, prejudice and racism FeydRautha (46) freedom to create Feysweetie (43) Everybody has a sense of fulfillment in their life. fhickey (22) being able to be content with anything Fidjeridodu (30) To be loved Fields (19) be wealthy, healthy and beautiful filinia (22) To express love and have it returned in kind. final fashion (33) To produce a work of singular beauty Finnegan Magondolovich (Long Story...) Being completely connected and engaged in what I have to do... It takes me above whatever is irritating my state of mind Finokio (38) to have those I love within easy distance firdevs (30) To spend my life with people who understand me, with enough money to enjoy extensive travel and time to read and write. fk2005 (34) Getting published, getting rich, getting that house in the Appalachians. FlameHorse (28) Having no worries or regrets. Flantasy Girl (25) To find myself same and warm in a nice cottage where I'm able to read in peace, entertain myself to the fullest degree, and have a fireplace near me at all time flavia (13) To not have doubts, materialistic wants, and to just live in harmony with people. Flo at this point in my life, to have a companion with whom to reminisce, travel, and share reading adventuresD Flora (69) To know that my work will not perish or be destroyed: to be known that I did something in this short life. Florin-Alexandru Brănescu (16) To enjoy all my Sences Flower (39) Snowstorms Floyd Learning, longing and loving FlyinMonki (27) Making art, enjoying the company of good friends ForePlinger Having secured a bright future with ample wealth and ample love, and having time and opportunities to do what I want to do ForSavvy Truth beauty duty Fran (52) to dance to sing to tech to love to learn and to do it wearing diamonds Francesca (29) knowing what i'm doing and being happy about it francesca (49) being left alone Francesca to live near those people i've met in my life who make me want to wake up each morning. Francisca Bastos (17) Spending time with family, improving constantly yourself, killing fears and proving love. Eternal learning and skillfull in expresing feelings Francisco Aguirre (23) Making love to the four women I love Francisco Javier Gil Vidal (54) Reading books and watching movies Francis Times (20) Money and power Frankie (23) Making my family and friends laugh and enjoy life FrankieSmash (49) I am happy, I'm living in hotels. Franklin Frank Anglin (32) Completely outstrategizing someone Frank Nekrasz (25) to love, to take part, to help. fred (16) My family, my independence, a good grocery store and nature Freda (61) To live in a world that accepts me for who I truly am Friedrich Mueller (57) A good book and a cup of tea by the fire on a rainy afternoon, after a morning of hard work Fritha Grey weekends, months in the country with family and friends, cooking and painting and singing and skinny dipping at dawn down by the river by a burning root, while drinking copious amounts of tequila with dear friends. frw To be content and without worry fumble (19) to have a library filled with more books than i can imagine, family and friends near by, the opportunity to sail, ride horses, and live near the ocean. furies (27) Hanging out with family, rolling up to a new skatepark, putting on warm pants, 10ft long chargers, last piece of pizza, twerking, my girlfriend FYS13Alec (18) To be accepted for who I am FYS13Amanda (18) To have dreams and fulfill them. FYS13Andrew To be surrounded by people who care for me and love me FYS13Bella to enjoy what you do for a living and be content with yourself FYS13Brandon (19) success in life, and the freedom to live on with my life, how I so choose FYS13Chad good friends, good food, good drink and a dog under the table...all at the same time FYS13DRJ To be surrounded by those that I love with a pile of books by my side. FYS13Michaela (18) doing what i love with the people i love FYS13Savannah Henry (18) Waking up everyday ready for the opportunities it brings FYS13Tyler (19) to be with friends FYS14Darling (18) To smile, to laugh and to just enjoy life. FYS14Erica (19) a fabulous book with more than 500 pages, a big chair, and a nice bottle of wine FYS14julie Live. Love. Laugh. You must find humor in everyday life, and Love with everything you have. FYS14Kelle (20) To find someone I can love and share all of my secrets with. Someone who will love me the way that I love them. Someone who will love me for me and not expect me to be something I'm not. To be surrounded by people who make me feel wanted and like I matter. FYS14Landon (18) To be surrounded by the people I love - family, church members, friends FYS14Payton To be set for life, with my family still around and enough money to do whatever I want with life FYS14Sam (19) Free food and free wifi FYS14Sara Being surrounded by loving people with a vast expanse of fruitful land and limitless resources FYS14Serenity (19) being with my family and friends FYS14Taylor Eat. Love. Pray. FYS14Zachary profit, money ,wealth FYS breont (19) To have the people that make me happy in my life. FYSHeath (18) To really love someone; friends, boyfriends, family. And them love me in return just as much FYSMadz (18) To be surrounded by whatever that makes my heart skip a beat. FYSMegha (18) Having my heart's desires. FYSMichael (18) Being surrounded by loved ones and doing things that make me happy FYSNick living happing in a loving, understanding environment G g g love and be loved deeply Gab (19) Finding true love Gabby (13) To achieve excellence, surrounded by great love, and inner peace. Gabby Griego (18) the first few weeks of a relationship where everything is magic. Gabe (31) being carefree and content, close to nature and art Gabi To live in balance with nature Gabriela (18) being in tune with the world´s magic, nature and life. Knowing myself, being loved Gabriela Coelho Mesquita Teixeira Borges (26) Not having to worry about basic needs, like food, clothing and all the daily goods found at home. Gabriel Gonzalez (26) To eat and sell only organic foods Gabriella Fuentes (17) To live in contact with those I love, the beauties of nature, with books, music, poetry, the opera and theatre Gabrielle To live in contact with those I love, the beauties of nature, with books, music, poetry, the opera and theatre Gabrielle share time with others and read books gaga (13) to be surrounded by my sons, my books, and walk to work and everywhere Gail (44) To have the luxury of time to spend with the people and animals I love. Gail Flaherty To have the means to move about the world while learning and experiencing its diversity. Gainer (52) There is nothing on this world that brings me happiness Gait (17) for wishes to come true. Galareh (23) Having all humans serve me Gamba Ajani To feel as though there is nothing that I need (need. not want). Garrett (19) to have just enough but not too much, to be surrounded by loved ones and friends, and to have the ability to praise, worship and sing. gatetam (38) Health , Family. Freinds, Happeness, Inner peace Gator Krazy Dave paz y libertad gavalia (46) To be connected with nature. GD (47) Finding inner peace. Gean Whitehead III (20) to be with those i love and near water Gene (51) This does not exist Gene (24) To be sipping on a coffee, while reading a book. Genevieve (22) To be surrounded by people who make me laugh. Genevieve (15) To do the things I love, and to have people around me who care about my well-being. Genevieve (16) To live anywhere with a wonderful garden and running water, good music and lots of books to read. Genie (65) to live with loved ones in material comfort next to a beautiful and natural setting Genie (58) To have what I want when I want it with a sense of spirituality, virtuosity and freedom. GenXer2012 (39) Love in all forms. Geo (20) Freedom to live how I want to with out human interference and judgement. Geo (57) Living off the fatta the lan, along with my best companions. George What Proust said seems pretty good, although I'm not concerned about the French Theatre George Brosnan (16) Owning a movie studio on fifty acres of land far away from any city George Mile (35) To lived animated by religious, political or moral purpose George Owers (21) To have everything that means something to me right next to me Georgia (14) to have enough money for basic living, to be healthy, to have friends who know and accept me and to be active in helping others Georgia (53) To be happy with myself Georgia (16) To make somethings meaningful that can help others, to have my soul touched by beauty in all forms and to touch other people's souls with my beauty Georgiana To explore all that earth has to offer without fear. gg True happiness is a myth. There is only the pursuit of it. ghazaleh (27) Being in good health , Surrounded by the ones I love and no financial worries Ghyles (31) w loved ones , books , music, w the sun and by the sea and no financial constraint Ghyles (31) To be completely connected to my other Gia (21) self-fulfillment Gianne (21) To be truly independent Giannico (40) peace and quiet Gill (63) To be with my family and be busy with something I enjoy when they aren't there. Gillian Martin (40) Living with or being close to my friends and family; great music, movies, and books; having someone to discuss those things with and go on adventures with; and a warm bathrobe to come home to Gina (19) To be able to travel to any place on earth at the push of a button, to be truly loved by many and to be in good health. Gina (30) at peace with oneself Ginger Thompson (50) Surrounded by those I love, in a peaceful home Ginny (47) To be productive in a healthy society where there is balance in culture in prusuit of growth in commerce and education, and general concern for the environment. Gionna (28) Being with animals surrounded by nature and eating good food Giorgia La consapevolezza di essere al vertice della piramide di Maslow Giovanni Moro (32) Cuddling while watching Miyazaki movies with the one I love Girl You Too Rude to be surrounded by beautiful things and people i love. Giselle (18) Adventure, Excitement, Passionate Love, Success – and ease. Gjabrielle To feel fulfilled mentally, physically, and artistically Glenn Parker (24) To be in the midst of everything going on around me. Glen Reeves (37) To share my life with a significant other, surrounded by books Gloria (59) Be around the people I love Gloria health and prosperity Gloria Heatley (58) A life without work, where time would be used to gain learning GMcG Having enough money not to work goblin64 (45) There is one person with whom I believe I could have earthly happiness, so, I suppose, her. Godfrey (19) A szerelmemmel élni,császárként,sok könyvvel zenével,a természet közelében gofaify (19) doing what you love surrounded by those you love Golden Boy (20) Freedom. Gonzalo to be impulsive in doing everything you want to do goukrish (19) to have more time with my family GP (39) to rome free, no hesitation to where i go next GPB (37) Gratification from life's events Grace (30) to go to school and have a family Grace (12) To have a deeply close-knit group of friends that might as well be family, to never want for anything except the love you feel and the goodness brought out of you by others. Grace (28) To be able to see everyone I love Grace A. (15) To be the surviving coven. Of them all. Grace Cooper (20) To be in communion with fellow beings, human and inhuman alike, and to often become entangled in adventure gracehoppin (23) To be loved and know it, to be learning but not beaten down, to be healthy and lean but also find pleasure in good food and beautiful pleasures Gracie (22) Being with the ones I love, being in the water every day Gracie Campbell (23) To engage in love. Graham (20) To be loved in the flesh and with the mind by the person you feel the same about greatlove (32) A full stomach for me, friends and family. Greer (33) harmony between heart, mind, penis, and the 5 senses Greg (19) freedom from want Greg (24) unending satisfaction Greg (17) Love Greg (36) President Greg (20) To be with those I love, in nature, fit and healthy Greg (53) For every day to feel like how Friday nights and Sunday afternoons do Greg Lytle (26) to live surrounded by those i love and those that love me. to find myself given all the creative liberties available gretel Mashing my fingers on a button board and sending cryptic messages to friends Gret Sidl (17) Mother Nature Grimace For everyone to love and take care of one another Grimace (17) to live with my beloved ones and enjoy with all the senses everything around gruchi (63) successful planning gruffmusic (49) To be able to write all the novels I want to in the remaining time Gtergab (50) Fine wine, women, and music Guenther An infinite suppy of inspiration, with an infinite supply of means of expression, with an infinite supply of people to inspire. guiller van mistoffellees (17) To love and be loved in return. Gus (18) Simplesmente viver Gustavo (21) To be with the one I love gutsyaardvark (19) being together with the woman of my dreams (who is utterly unavailable) Guy Van Driessche (44) To be happy and successful and to be where I am loved Gwen (18) serve God Hadasa (19) Financial security Hailey (34) Being with my family and friends, and listening to music Hailey (15) need to search what's the question means Hakusha Senbon (24) To be fulfilled, both in intellectual pursuits and in physical needs. Hal (18) Laughter, finding beauty in nature, good food Hala (34) To love someone wholly, and to be loved in return Haley (19) to live with my loved ones, in one of the most beautiful places in the world, to do my animations, and art hamdi (20) when you find your talents and make your dream come true,love,peace hamideh (26) Friends and beautiful landscapes Hamlet (30) To have my own corner where I can practise my passions next to people I love Hana (14) to live in a house washed by sun beams,with a giant library,filled with vinyls HandeG. (13) To have unconditional love Hanna (24) To be surrounded by those I love, and who love me for me. Hannah (15) To be surrounded by best friends. Hannah (32) books, music, family hannah (25) To spend my life with my love and have a family. Hannah Chambers (24) To be surrounded by people truly care and respect one another Hannah Ross (20) To see my family dwell in happiness Hannah Suttles to stay in a dark room with my music and something to chill with Hanshaw (14) umm.. i don't know what that is Hari (21) Laughing. Learning, writing... being connected with friends and loved ones... Drinking tea, reading books, and having good music, always. Harold E. Leighton (37) Freedom of spirit. Creativity. Sunlight and paper and coffee. Love. Water. Places to travel. Harold E. Leighton (40) Everyone agrees with me and all the girls want me and defeat all enemies Harold Oberg Love Harriet (23) To be healthy, surrounded by people I love and to feel like I have a purpose Harry (27) Saling around the world Hartleigh A. Chance (35) To be totally free to be oneself, without the fear of the others and their opinion, and to be loved for what you are Hassallah (30) Love Hassan (21) to be with people who i love and love me hawaii50 (45) ...as opposed to what other kinds of happiness? Hayzeus (23) Transcendence HCE (15) To be surrounded by those that i enjoy the pleasure of Heath To be left to think. Heathcliff (20) my family and a warm cat. HEATHER (37) Beach Heather (20) To live to your fullest and die knowing you've lived proudly of yourself HeavyFire (16) to wake up in the arms of my pretty boy while i get ready to go and work on my tv show heider (27) To love and be loved by those around me, to feel healthy, to be connected to God. Heidi R. uma fazendinha, com uma bandinha larga Heinar (52) Has my own house, a Heithmann (29) to find balance between indulgence and constrain Helen (32) Appreciation Helen (19) Since happiness ,to me , doesn't exsit, to be content with ones self. Helena (18) To have freedom for ideas Helena Jenkins (20) to be a successful, famous opera singer and actress, to have a husband that loves me, my family within reach, and to never have to worry about money. Helen Mattison Wyatt (20) to be with people i love, and who love me hellgirl (19) a healthy smorgasboard, a feast of friends, creativity set free helz bells (41) Intimate Companionship with God Henry (46) In imperturbable comfort and satisfaction of the mind, body, and spirit Henry_Z (25) to learn to be happy with what i have, what i own, as opposed to things i only think i want her (26) to watch a tree sway in the breezw Herald (71) to live with requited love herbertofwestlake (43) Good food, good drink, music! Hern (39) To be able to do whatever you wish, whenever you wish it. Herod (20) Doing what I want Hero Solomon (25) being with someone who enjoys my company and living a satisfied life Hetal (22) Family, friends, love, music, food, nature, and animals surrounding me. H, Han-Jan A life spent laughing with loved ones when not learning and creating free from mundane worries. HHP (41) The moment the drug hits. Hi how are you A secluded living full of books, music, art, and nature, with contact only with those worth while Him (17) A secluded living full of books, music, art, and nature, with contact only with those worth while Him (17) Books, the company of intelligent and kind people, and good food. Hira Yousuf (18) To be able to provide for my family and love/be loved by family HKas (28) To be surrounded by those I love HKas To find what you are passionate about and do it H. McMillan (33) Familia, amigos, trabajo. H.Nakashima (21) freedom hobbes (26) be in possession with everthing money can buy hodouk (22) I go with Proust there: to live in contact with those I love, with the beauties of nature, with a quantity of books and music, though, instead of a French Theater, I might add easy access to the Internet. Hoelder1in (51) To live in contact with those I love, with the beauties of nature, with a large quantity of books and music, and to have, within easy distance, a movie theater or tv. hoffsta to love and be loved in return holden (27) To have happy kids and a happy spouse Holley (39) To have loved, lived and laughed. holly (17) to be inperfect harmon with all those i love, to have everything i might want or need and to be at peace with nature Holly (22) Be someone's partner and have a family. Holly Avery (32) peace and relaxation Holly Pajka (28) Copious leisure time, birds singing; surrounded by nature without the bugs, indulging in all the things wealth can buy Hong Jay Peace, quiet, indulging myself with books. Spending time with my family, at home, at the beach. Trying one different thing. Honora (40) Laughing with family and friends Hooks To be with the ones you love and who love you back Hopefloats (24) to live peacefully and in peace, in easy reach of great books and fine coffee Horace pluck (54) have grandchildren grow up happy and healthy and be healthy enough to have fun with them howard (34) I want to be healthy and near kids and grankids and watch them grow. howard (34) To not have a boring moment but have leisure to appreciate arts, enjoy my solitude and spend time with company i enjoy more than my solitude. Hrudaya (24) to be free of obligation to anyone, healthy, and productive huck finn (48) To live with those I love, in a place where theres always books, food and laughter, where it's far away from the rush and smog of the city Huda (19) continuous existence Huey (28) finding absolute freedom in this world huggybear (29) To understand and be understood by an equal intelligence Hulot Redux Free flow of music, food, painkillers Humbugger Omlet (20) To have a life companion who understands me Hunter (23) experiencing the "full spectrum of the human life" (good & bad, happy & sad) Hurricane Katrina (25) Do what I love Hwiseon Lee (24) To have the means to care for myself and not have to worry about poverty Hyosun (25) To be able to afford all earthly pursuits, challenges and delights for oneself, loved ones and others. Hypnos The Blade (46) Living in the same town with my family working a job I love. HYS (47) I have no such idea- I do not believe such a thing is possible I (22) To be loved, and love in return. I To be at peace with the world, and have a loving family. I To live with no worries or regrets Ian (23) Time spent with loved ones Ian (44) Travelling to, and living some time in new places ianplanet (47) to love and be loved - or to know nothing, know no one, be unaware I Beg (54) A challenge, a game, excitement, a chance to learn, and a place to rest. Iblis Anak (22) The unity of fulfilled passion and morals Ichabod To be surrounded by loved ones. Icis good food, intelligent friends, and a loyal dog I do not have one. (22) The devastation of my greatest fear,to be with humans that i want and exploring i dont know that i know (17) Being pain free being around nature have a loving interesting companion Ignats (70) A person to love and share life with, a job I love doing, a few close friends, and many, many books Igor (29) For all of the fighting among nations to stop. Iilyanna For people to work hard to receive what they want, and be happy with what they have. Ika (24) To be able to fulfill my aspirations, and to always have new ones. ile105 (23) A table full of friends laughing and talking about who/what we love, after a fulfilling day at work. ile105 (27) Not contributing to the world's pain Illinibeatle (44) Retiring and living on the beach. Imajones to be able to fulfill my life purpose. being able to smile with content at the end of the day. Imee Everyone knows my face, my name, and bows in my presence I.M. (Imam Mahdi) (5) To be full of knowledge Indrė (17) Being loved, inspired and never having to feel negatively about myself indy (30) to have the liberty to read, write, and appreciate art. inez (21) To beable to enjoy my life fully, to use my opportunities and to have beautiful things aroung me, also those in nature and in music Inkie (60) to be able to smile no matter what happens interestedparty family and a library card. i.p. To achieve my dreams Ireland Rose (12) Being content Irene (17) Drinking coffee in the morning on the balcony with my loved one Irene (26) Achieving excellence, being healthy, wealthy and nevertheless, loved and loving Irina (16) perfect harmony of love, health, welfare, nature, art, peace Iris (18) Beer and NASCAR Iris Ramsey (32) friends, love, books, food, sea isa (29) To celebrate and sing life and beauty along with the Universe. Isaac (16) to be in love with the right person Isaac (29) This is my darkest secret: to be a part of a real family. Isaac To live with contentment, with those I love, free from the demands of society and an all knowing father, with lots of books and films and good coffee and fancy cigarettes. Isabel (19) To have my best friend and maybe one day, a family of my own. Plus a good career i love. Isabella Fairchild-Heart (Protagonist) (26) Music,Love and Words Isabelle (26) To love, be in love, and be loved Isadora Duncan (32) Good books, food, music, friends and family and all loves, and living under a nice tree Ismael Santos (20) Beauty, literature, and music with my friends. Isolde (17) To have a large loving family, and be surrounded by family and friends. Ita (23) To be able to do things that you are passionate about, to love and be loved. Iva heaven- sleeping in my dreams Iva Pasztor (20) Everybody treats nature fairly, and to see homeless living in a great way now. Ivy (10) pleasure to survive in Affluence ivy (25) Being surrounded by those I love, while achieving my goal of becoming one of the most famous singers of all time Izzy (24) Flowers, poetry, music, other people Izzy (17) To be with my family and having adventure in my life Izzy waterhouse (16) To be with my family and having adventure in my life Izzy waterhouse (16) Living J to live simply, with a sense of awareness in the moment, to find as much laughter and joy in each day as is possible j2a18m (43) breathe with full lungs jabbar (23) To have a peaceful spirit Jacie Lin To be respected by people in my village Jack (14) drink wine read poetry eat cheese be with great minds laugjhing jack (30) To live in a world with peace, and to enjoy the beauties of nature. Jack (45) To be with my family. Jack (33) Beautiful surroundings, something to occupy your time that you enjoy, people who care about you. Jack (17) To be in good company Jack Goodman (18) To have "five good friends," and someone who will hug me from time to time, or pat me on the head and say, "Poor poor thing." Jackie Just to be able to capture the beauty around me in pictures so I'll never forget what I see. Jackie (18) To be do something I love to do, to be surrounded by understanding and open-minded people, to have gadgets, books, and enough money Jackie (24) To love, be loved and have peace Jackie Cavalcante (40) Being satisfied in each moment Jackie Vega (27) satisfaction with work done and decisions made. also, keeping good company. Jackson (32) Making my wife happy, and being a good man. Jackson8471 (23) Eternal distraction Jack Viper (29) Close friends, loving family, & the freedom to pursue whatever I desire Jaclyn (22) People. No matter how angry they make you, they make you happy just as much, if not more. JaclynM (19) The woman I love,the people I love the things that lead you to where you are now. Jacob Living in vicinity of those I find myself in, in total comfort and engagement. Jacob Richardson (18) A warm room, a soft bed, a roof on four walls, acess to a clean bathroom, three healthy meals a day, plenty of books to read and friends to socialize with. Jacque (24) A state of mind that possesses a positive and a negative that is in balance. Jacqueline (34) To exceed every one of my goals and to earn the respect of society. Jacqueline Garrett (38) She finds it in Ishm Jade (17) just being about to live your life Jade-a-boo (17) to love and be and experience unconditional love daily Jade Green (30) to be able to perform on a stage, each and every night Jadelynn (24) Having the pleasure of companionship, whether with a friend, family, or with animals. Jae (18) To be in love with the woman of my dreams and have this love reciprocated Jafari (33) To live comfortably, with nothing to worry about, with a big family. Jaime (18) Good food, great gym, sexy men Jaime (28) to party Jake To be stimulated mentally and physically, productivenenss and love Jake (17) Good food, friends, and art. And a decent amount of money to support it. Jake (21) When individuals focus on bettering themselves and radiate positivity. Awareness. Jakelina Hernandez (22) Earning money for doing only that which pleases me. J.A. Lawrence comfort and being thought well of James (64) To be surrounded by friends, with the ability to read, and to be able to experience art and beauty all around me James (30) growth and hunger james Books, computers, and friends. James (19) I am the most respected man in all the land James (25) Being loved and showing love to others James Green (29) To love and be loved, to experience artistic and natural beauty, and to be fatted upon fine food and drink. James La Salandra (31) Winning. James Oliver North (39) To love and be loved, to learn, to earn respect through accomplishment, and to be true to oneself jameson_welsh (22) to stay in bed for an entire weekend with someone, preferably besides a window with a wide view, sleeping, reading, watching films, talking, loving, not washing, cosy, content, warm. James William Reath (21) finacial security, added to what my life aleady has Jamie (25) Being open with yourself and others and being accepted; inner peace Jamie (22) no war, no fighting, fairness and equality to all Jamie (32) accepting laws as an ok thing, not letting anything ruin your day Jamie (17) friends jamy (51) Having plenty to read, plenty of time for reading, and reading in the company of my dogs. Jan To be with my soul mate. Jan (55) To be productive Jana (22) To be free of worries Jana (22) knowing who you are. the ability to live among others with peace and well being. Janae (17) lots of trees and food Janane (13) forgiveness jane (41) to have all the time in the world - along with the concentration - to read jane (20) to have all the people i love within a ten mile radius, internet, books & music, raising dogs and cats and horses jane fakename (25) reduction of stress and being close to family - those I love janice (67) Peace, community with people and animals in the midst of lush, unadulterated vegetation - the arts and demonstrations of compassion. Did I say a socialized democracy? That too. Janice Marie Oxford (61) To be with my soul mate. Jannie56 to live in contact with those i love and with the beauties of nature Jansen (17) Striving in perfect weather with my loved ones Jared (19) To be in company of those who enrich my heart, with an endless supply of literature, water, plants, and natural weather. No religion please. Jared Oswald (19) Laying in a field with Genna Hampton Jarred Poll (26) singing Disney songs Jas (17) Finding true happiness and love. Jas (20) not to be bound to maya, surrounded by sangat, continuous naam simran and keertan. jasleen Being drunk with the people I love Jasmine Violet (17) To spend my time with the people dearest to me. Jason (18) to be close to those i love, to be happy, to be satisfied with work Jason (34) Be happy with my career Jason (26) Lots of money jasonstafford (53) Peace and love with Orphan, alone. Jax Havak (00) to realize that happiness is not a goal, it is the result Jay (58) The completion of tasks you have chosen for yourself Jay (26) To live free of any restrictions Jay Everyone to be equal and nice to each other Jay W. /root (16) To be well off without the trappings of fame and notoriety Jay West (27) good food, sunshine and a book Jazz being with family jb (13) Live spiritually, happy with my family and friends with an active lifestyle. J.B. (53) Cafes in a European square with Harris; breathing in the smell of damp soil in the forest JB (29) To be at peace with oneself Jb Bradford (44) to live a content life and to appreciate the small beauties in life. JChris (40) to be able to share simple things with others jcr (35) To be surrounded my love and reality JD (21) growing old with ben jda To be surrounded by friends and loved ones J Dawg (32) to equate absorption & expulsion jean (22) Having the love of my life with me forever Jeannine (57) Abundant physical desires but being able to rise above them Jeeves (24) To feel at peace with God, and to feel at peace with myself Jef (19) Live in the same area with my brothers with my wife and kids Jeff to live unencumbered by the needs of money, to be free of want. Jeff (47) A good meal a good drink a good fuck a good shit JeffGuy (55) Moments with family untethered to responsibility Jeffrey A. Olivier (40) To be with my friends and family on holiday Jeffrey Dean Arthur (51) indulgence Jeff Winger Making my parents proud. Be successful enough that I have plenty of time to dedicate to the love of my life, and my offspring. Jehu (25) swimming with dolphins jemimah (32) To be comfortable and always have the option to change Jen (23) outside of earth Jen (25) to find peace jen (29) aquatic life. my life. perpetual travel. Jen Gerlach (39) Proust answer Jen Hallidy (42) To be with those I love and care for Jenn (35) Being with my family, having fun in our home. Being near nature and domestic comforts. Jenn (39) Being with y husband and 3 sons Jennie To love and be loved. Jennifer (35) every vision I begin with is blighted by the nature of reality, changing/ending the vision. I don't have an idea of earthly happiness in a vacuum. Jennifer (40) Getting off the plane at Heathrow with London in my future Jennifer (53) A close, personal relationship with God, a fulfilling marriage, lots of sleep, and real, deep laughter Jennifer C-K (35) Exploration, living life Jennifer Lewis (26) To live transparently where we can all share the depth and see the goodness in one another's souls. So many of today's challenges are the result of misperceptions about people's motivations. Jennifer S. Williams Contentment Jenni Webb Reynolds (29) health and unfading love which is reciprocated Jenny (23) Love. Intellectual challenge. Giving something back. Jenny (28) pure love between the people jenny (30) To live in contact with those I love, being one with nature, music, books. Jenny (37) to be surronded by people i love jenny (18) To be around people I love and be financially stabled Jenny (18) marriage Jenny (38) To have a challenging and rewarding career and to find peace in my personal life Jenny (35) To live in contact with those I love, with the beauties of nature, with a quantity of books and music, and to have, within easy distance, a decent bar or pub (slightly altered from Proust's own answer) JennyLynn (23) To be able to use as much water as I want without caution. Jenny Napier (42) havign my loved ones with me Jensyn Keanes (19) Feeling comfortable nearly always Jeremy (17) Comfortable content with internal and external differences Jeremy (30) contentment with ones decisions and actions, and the oppurtunity to explore ones passions Jeremy (29) Great conversations with great friends. Jeremy Fassler (22) Contentment in self and others. Jeremy Heintz (39) to be complete in my relationship with my wife and son Jerome (37) To live enlightened Jess (21) To live life care free and be financially secure not necessarily rich and explore the world! Jess (27) Being with those I love & care for while eating loads of food Jess (18) the place I am at with my closest friends Jessi (18) To love and to be loved back. Jessica (18) Days off with my babies. Jessica Having a family of my own, providing for said family Jessica Cristo (Jax): (29) Having a better understanding of humanity. Jessie (33) A World made of chocolate! jessiemoop (14) To feel content. Jess the Mess (21) playing hockey Jesus0469 (46) I'm with Proust but any kind of theatre will do Jet Jackson (92) To never become jaded to earth; to always see its beauties Jeux To be surrounded by the ones I love and that love me Jewel (39) To have a man love me and desire me, to be content and at peace with life Jewel (38) pizza jezza (18) i don't have to sleep and i can read all the books and listen to all the music in the world jg (36) An increasing of goodness among people connected jg (22) Learning science, reading and writing J.H. An open and free relationship with my family and friends, endless reading of books, an emotional journey with music, and a life of conscious work Jian (22) To make someone happy, appreciate arts(books, music, films) and near nature Jia Ying (22) To be kind, to try, to enjoy. Jim (20) A cheeseburger with never ending fries Jim (50) magickal power jimmy (84) Experiencing peace and security, and knowing those comforts extend far beyond my cohort. jj (43) Love, Music, and friends JJ (20) A place were people genuinely respect each regardless of their social status and race. J J Ruzo no worries, no concerns JLo (34) To be with those that I love and to have my stories told around the world. J.L. Odom (16) Self acceptance, love, nature JM (28) To be loved and comfortable. Jo (41) Laughing and Having the ones you love close Jo (16) To be sure of oneself and ones talents.To have a family and a loving husband. Jo (21) Travel. Jo (66) birth Jo To be with those I love and to have access to arts, culture, travel, and science Jo (20) To have family Jo (62) The cries of the hopeless Jo (33) Being surrounded by people I love. Joana (22) I enjoy being popular. Someday, I wish to be as popular as the people I write about. Joan Ellis (28) being among family and connecting with nature Joani To be in a position to give into the lives of those who are most needy JOANNA Healthy relationships Joanna Kather (63) to be living autonomously Jo-Anne To have an important and succesful job and a beautiful and loving family Joanne (16) to be close to family and friends, enjoying good food and a vibrant cultural scene Joanne van der Woude (36) to have enough joannie To e with family and friends Joe (60) Love Joe to be happy in the pursuit of passions with goals in the future to obtain. Joe (54) time without struggle, to not have to fight every day Joe DeProfio (27) Love Joe Joe the homo (16) To be surrounded by those who love me, doing what I love and not having to worry about monetary concerns Joel (17) Treats, toys and Mom Joel Sadler (45) to be surounded by family and friends JoeyO (34) do be able to freely make art (fashion, crafts, sing)without having to think of any financial burdens John (28) To be in love John (23) to be content with your worries and fears John (24) To be with someone who can love me despite my many flaws John (20) Everyone is happy, everyone treated equally and finacially there are no worries. John (23) To do for others Johnathan Durand (19) indulgence john locke still looking Johnny (21) being around a good bunch of people playing fifa Johnny (21) To be in nature with no worriers Johnny48 (48) To live in happiness with my royal lover and the father of many of my children, John. John of Gaunt To learn and grow, to be surrounded by my friends and loved ones, to play music, and see wonderful films and read amazing books John Porter To know that my family and friends are well and happy. John Sousa (17) To watch the world around me, looking at the scenery from horseback. John Wilkes Booth (26) Always being with those that I hold dearest JoJo (27) To be loved truly Jojo (76) A congenial attraction and sufficiently engrossing love joker (25) books, friends, security, music and nature jolie (66) Being in love with a kind man who pampers me; close friends who "get me";doing passionating work; books, talks and chocolate; having the time for little creative hobbies; travel from time to time. Jollie (21) Contentment in all things. Jo Mama (53) Et øyeblikk der alle prosaiske bekymringer er borte, alle uunngåelige problemer fortrengt og noe positivt forestående. Jon (18) My family, a library of good books, a warm fire during cold and stormy weather, an adoring dog, and fantastic beer. Jon (48) Turning my ideas into concrete creations jona (19) Love care honesty and happiness Jonas (We) to wake up and fall asleep with a smile jonathan (31) To love and be loved Jonathan (50) Being content and feeling loved as well has having something to look forward to. Jonathan Tacuri (21) On holiday with my lover jonb (49) To live with people I love, do a job a like, have a tranquil life with books around Jonida Dervishi (29) Sharing my life and experiences with those I love. Experiencing as much of the world as I can, with a mind as open as possible. Jon Mosca (31) Earthly happiness is fleeting and it's not something I strive for. It fades too quickly. Jonnae (25) no war Jonny (31) A relaxed life, music to listen to and play, to be around people that I love and are vibrant and awesome. To share my life with someone I love. To live in the sun, free from the perils of money. To be active, to teach, to engage for a living. Jonny South (18) To enjoy yourself as you see fit. Jordan (19) Reading Jordan sex and alcohol jordan rutter (18) to live in contact with those i love,with the noise of the city,with a quantity of guitar and music,and to have a bag of chips and 2 jugs of lager. Jorelle (18) Love, humor, nature, art, science Joris Three passions, simple but overwhelmingly strong: the longing for love, the search for knowledge, and unbearable pity for the suffering of mankind joseph (31) to be among loved ones Joseph Anthony (37) 每天可以看卡通 Joseph Cheng (28) To get married with Felix Soetandyo and build a joyful family with him Josephine A (19) M wife Lizzy and my kids-Anne, Joi, Jalen and Josi Joseph Wizley (35) To live in security, surrounded by Green Nature and to have access to every movie I could want. Joseph Yvon (63) To be forever surrounded by dear friends and forever embraced by a passionate lover; that good food, good music, subtle wines, and raw literature be forever within reach; and that everyone in the world would enjoy the same. Josh (23) Being able to spend everyday with my best friends and family Josh (22) No government,every person doing their own thing, helping one another Josh (29) To be surrounded by love and protected Joshua (34) Discovery of great creativity Joshua (21) A pack of cigarettes Joshua (27) To live with someone I love and where that love is reciprocal. Joshua Levi (21) To come to terms with one's transient nature, and to lessen the burden of the gods' great weight on humanity, through the realization that we are but collaborating and dancing a step in the song of our species; dance it how you like. Joshua Sponaugle (22) Everyone to have great knowledge and to be happy Joshua Taft (18) A home that is cosmopolitan but untainted by city life, and to have at my disposal all those whose company I enjoy, good food, and a library stocked to my tastes. Josh W. (19) nature, freedom, harmony, knowledge, enlightnement josie (25) Family, art, books, music Josie Dangerfield (29) To love with those I love, and incessant supply of good books, and to provide my children with college education money, Jotthedot (16) The absence of loneliness Joxef (35) to be surronded by love joyce (20) being cognizant of one's blessings *while one possesses them* joyseternal (22) To have something and/or someone jrggzmn (20) to have something/someone jrggzmn (20) Love jrggzmn (25) i am still no where close to figuring this out JRM chocolate; Charlie; & cuddles, in the mountains JRobertson (21) To catch perfect moments like snowflakes, gloveless, and write about them Jtan (21) to find my way Ju (28) Being with family Juan (15) Taking over earth Juan (16) Ditto. Juan Carlos (21) to be with those I love, to experience the world with my senses and to learn and know new things each day. Juanita Joann Harty Buck (49) Peace Juan Jose Campos (34) Family, money, friends and time to enjoy them Jubin (21) To be someone of importance Judah (30) For my family to be happy and healthy Judah (22) 目前的人間幸福僅止於認識的人,愛的人都幸福 jude (25) A warm and cozy home where I have lots of books and few distractions Jude (61) Financial security and ability to indulge physical desires. Jude Kaldi In a world free of war and equality for men and women Judith To live in alignment of my goals Judy Being greatly loved with many opportunities to show and give love myself Judyka (64) to feel love and to give love, to have stimulating conversation daily, to learn, to collaborate on creative projects, to take hikes, to practice yoga, to improvise, to memorize, to learn, to drink tea, to sleep peacefully, and to feel healthy juju being with Anthony jujubee (35) Coziness; eloquence of one's genuine self Jules (19) To live in a vibrant city with family, friends, with museums, nature and culture Jules (26) To have a companion, something fun and useful to do, and something to look forward to. Jules (23) love Jules To find the perfect balance between work, leisure, love and "me" time. Julia (19) Married to another person...one I met as a teen, closer to friends and family, not isolated, a day without terror. Julia (23) To be with someone who I am happy with. Julian (16) Free from worry and good health with some money julie (79) a happy family and a good job, Julie (20) To have the ability to do what I want when I want Julie (40) Being secure in all areas Julie (49) to be with people I love, music, changes, books, beauty things, health, travelling (freedom) Juliette (25) To have a relationship with God, my family and friends, and feel happy and secure. juliette (19) For all of us to live withouth fear or need to hide JUMJUMBUBBLEGUM (26) the french silent movies, reading, writing, very little things like that. June (23) To live in contact with those I love, with a quantity of books and movies and pretty clothes and shoes jupiter jones having a passion, and pursuit thereof Justin (27) Spending pleasurable experiences with those you love Justin (15) Indifference Justin Aylward (22) to find someone i can love forever, to be weathly enough not to struggle and to be successful justine hope (20) Books,Technology,Food and Music. Justin G. (15) To be alive and in contact with others who are so. Justin Rasile (23) The concept fails to register JW (27) To be left alone with fire and food and the knowledge of better people than I. J.W. Carey (22) To love and be loved by many jyoung (25) To live somewhere I feel comfortable wtih everyone, near a great coffee shop, lots of culture and be able to do everything i ever wanted to. K (21) A lot of good books , good food music and films with my cats nearby healthy and happy K (46) Close friends, family, adequate personal space, happy memories, some outdoor experiences, books and fandom, the ability to make art k to have family and friends around all the time... able to listen to music or watch movies all the time k-92 (17) To surround myself with those I choose and to have the things i need…and maybe some of what I want Kaden To be a clean and sober mother and wife Kafi Cunningham (43) to be able to read forever kai (15) enjoying nature, the little things that exist Kaja Ta Friends, family and art Kajer (19) TO HAVE THE ONE I LOVE DEVOTEDLY, HAPPILY,ETERNALY IN LOVE WITH ME AND TO APPRECIATE ME FOR MYSELF KAKI (50) To want what I have Kaleena (23) My alfresco table Kally (33) To know what love is and to be able to appreciate all that life has to offer Kameke To travel around the world and be loved Kamila (18) To be with the people I love, Nature, Art, Music and Tons of good books KammY to find true love Kandi (26) to have the ones i love by my side kangaroo being content in the love of my family karaeileen (24) being with freinds and family Karen that everyone gets accepted the way they are, and families being together Karen (16) Sitting in my big chair under a blanket flipping through a home decorating magazine with my pets and my coffee nearby. Karena (52) to be in relationship with someone I love and who loves me back Karen June (52) to live with kids kari bobins (33) no bed times Karina (16) To live loving and being loving, also, in fully contact with the environment Karina Marcano (26) Love, intellectualism Karl (17) Successful job, having a family, getting what i want Karla (19) To be surrounded by music, books and the one I love and baseball Kasandra to live a fullfiling life, be of help, be happy, appreciate beauty and nature, be free... (also warm place, hot coa-coa and good book ;)) Kasia (30) To do the hardest thing on earth for me in the company of those that challenge and love me for what I will be Kasper (19) Contentment kass Being respected Kassy (17) To be close to my loved ones, to delight in simple things, have ample time and be close to nature. kat (21) Living in the love of the Lord Kate (23) Being with my love. Kate (21) Good friends, good books, amazing Nature and the great outdoors, healthy food, good wine, COLD beer! Kate To have a healthy, wealthy, happy and successful family of my own. Kate (26) Joy Kate To experience love, not only of people but of all creation. Kate McJ (31) To have an open mind, a full stomach and th ability to appreciate beauty around you. Katerina (22) To live where friends and family are near with music, books, photos and writing tools that are plentiful. Kath (48) to be sorrounded by people i love, live and peaceful life without sorrows Katharina (32) books Katherine (18) Right now? Moving out and never having to speak to my mom, or her "boyfriend" again. Katherine (27) Family Katherine To be able to spend as much time as i want with people I love, and doing things I love to do. Kathérine (25) To have many friends and to have a lot of fun. Kathy (18) family kathy (52) to be content with what I have, for those I love to be content Kathy (26) To be with the people I love Kati (15) A swing, a kiss, a sunny rain Kati (19) To have several dogs, land, a nice house and peace of mind Katie (20) nothing i want to die katie (23) Loving and being loved, and being successful and happy with myself Katie (17) to be with family, having a nice meal katie (22) being with the people i love Katie (21) making a living doing what you love and are passionate about Katie Carriere (39) to spend a lot of time with loved ones and always be working towards something Katieu (27) Being with the love of my life Katrina (23) to be in love. Katrina Thiessen-Beasse (28) To be able to have all of my family living in the same province Katsika (68) to find an existence that is secure and Katten (28) to be content in life and with myself and have a small quantity of people i love and who love me katthehurricane God, family, success. Katy (16) to be weathy and surrounded by my possessions Katy (22) Feeling that I make a difference - unlimited books Katya Being able to indulge in my creative pursuits but also have a home and family with my loving soulmate and keep healthy relationships with my other friends and family. Katya Allnutt (27) Knowing I have friends and family who love me kaudrey Constant contact with nature and beauty Kavindra (55) to be around animals kavitha (19) seeing my loved ones happy kay (22) To spend time having fun with my husband and children and my good TX friends. Kaybird (43) never ending thought kaydee (16) Everyone feels happy and worthy-no fuck tard prez Kayla (17) falling in love Kayla Marie (17) Live in security with those I love and can work as I please Kaysie67 (49) lack of wanting KB (45) Women, fine food and wine, and failing that - champage. KBHS (29) To be near my family, mutually enlighten others through peace and learning, and be immersed in scholarship, art, and history K.B. Oliver (30) to be in community kc on a beach with no worries Kc (15) balance between ambitions and reality kdhoiht (31) Any purpose to get out of bed K Dilkington (30) Completeness. Sometimes completeness is as simple as the morning paper and a chocolate cookie. Kechiro (33) Life with minimal stress, with people I like Keith (19) to be with the ones you love Kelli (47) Goal-setting, Challenging Yourself, Learning new things, Seeing Core Network Happy Kelly (30) overcoming jealousy kelly (39) To wake up next to my love. Kelly (25) Being creative, being able to enjoy fine literature, and coffee Kelly G. Teague (45) Healthy happy children, live by and enjoy nature Kelly McCauslin Singing Kelsey (22) To be surrounded by those who genuinely care. Kelsey (25) To love and be loved. ken (58) To have a true friend and lover Ken (63) lasting comapnionship ken dewey (48) To love and be loved; to be able to laugh everyday; and do things "just because". Kendyl (20) To be unburdened . Kenkire To be loved and enjoy the beauty of life, art and music Kenn (47) The ability to eat copious amounts of any food and not gain a pound Kennedy (18) The Happy Valley? :) All of the happy moments I experience. And sometimes it is my idea, sometimes a surprise. Kenning (28) Books and music, live theater, fine food, good frinds kerayne (66) Have a loving family and do great things for the world. Keri Cook (26) A good bottle, a warm bed, a full belly, and a woman who won't cut my throat while I sleep. Kessler (35) Learning, Love, Family over generations, Art K EST (22) To live with the love ones, with a normal economic level and to have a healthy life. Keti (23) travelling, in a relaxed mood enjoying the scenery around me Keto (25) Old books to read, old friends to love Kevbo In a room of my favourite things Kevin (23) Love, Family, Friends, all within reach, good wine and cheese Kevin (25) idem proust Kevin (21) making other people happy Kevin (17) To live how I want, with those I want to live with, doing what I want to do Kevlar to be married with the person I love and have a family kfcbucket (16) Tragedies; to fall in love, to kiss for the first time, to be enchanted with divine nature and human art. KFerreto (24) I don't know. kfkfkfk (17) The freedom to pursue one's fancies. KG (38) To spend my days loving my family in a peaceful harmony KG (26) To be cherished & to cherish; to never lose my awe of harmony, rhythm & melody; to achieve for myself & to leave a better world behind Khaddafina (23) TEST KHAkjhsak (16) To live comfortably with my loved ones, with so much books I can read in a lifetime khaye (26) To live in peace, prosperity, and purpose Kia (28) being able to provide for my mom. to live without having to struggle. being able to enjoy nature art and music freely. Kiana Mercury (23) A never ending supply of great music, ill literature, beautiful people, inspiration, ideas, photos, and love. Kiara M. (15) to live with those I love, have enough resources to provide them with a comfortable life and to have the NY Post delivered each day Kid Jasper to have money and everything i need KiDoCo Being able to sit in a park, the sun glaring down from above blissful winds swaying by, careless, carefree and content. Kiera Hardy Meet a woman I wouldn't mind spending the rest of my life with, and to revolutionize an aspect of my area of expertise. Kieran (22) To live in place where there is no crime and homelessness and the weather is always nice Kika To fulfill my purpose and to be loved by the one I love Kiki (27) countryside farm with my children kiki (44) Someone delivering free food, and willing ladies Kiki (10) To be with the ones i love Kikka (38) To be surrounded by real friendships and people I love Kiley (20) love killy constant expansion of the mind, heart and soul. continual growth. Kim (37) Fulfillment of my fantasies Kim (17) Domestic contentment, peaceful relationships, a sense of belonging Kim (37) To not want more than you have. Kim (30) To live happy with less stress. Enjoying time with the people I love. Kim (47) All the books and obsure texts I want, no time limit in reading them, being able to see all my loved ones, being able to play as much as I want, being able to create (poetry, music, art, drawing, etc) as much as I want, no taxes, intellectual dialogues Kimberly (23) To be able to travel wherever I want, whenever I want, with whomever I want. kimberly (21) wealth, prestige and magical power Kimberly Bailey to be in the arms of the man I lurve kimbo (34) being surrounded by family and friends Kimlmar (52) To live with the one I love, to engage with him mentally and physically, to pursue pasttimes I enjoy. Kim Randall Cox (43) be in contact with loved ones, nature and music king (43) getting what i desire at the desired moment kings (36) to be able to learn and create stories and to share all this with my wife King Ubi (35) Everyone in peace,working together and respecting each other. kingwel (15) to be able to work at a job I love, get time to read and relax, exercise and stay healthy, and be around my loved ones Kinmin (24) to be content, loved and fulfilled kinoo i dont know Kiristyn feedom kirk To be loved for who I am and to spend as much time with the ones I love Kirsten McCracken (20) to love n have lots of money kirty (21) my idea of happyniness is no war in the world kissclem.83 (12) My idea of happiness is to be able to surm with dolphins kitkat (13) that high you get in a middle of a guitar solo kito (24) To have babies from the one I love, to wake up everyday with him next to me, to be able to share his passions and be one of them ;) Kitty (21) To have the people I love and people who loves me around me every time. Kitty (19) a home cooked meal served to me. All the tv stations and a glass of scotch, relaxing because I know I am successful Kitty (58) good food, wine and company kjelli (59) lots of money and family by my side KK (32) to live with those i love, constantly learning and indulging in french cuisine k-kabob (31) To have the financial means and free time to pursue my passions KKC (26) Freedom from worry Kkkkaty (67) My loved one next to me and our kids playing around us Klavicus (23) Not to desire most of what we need for a living Klox890626 (23) To live a holy life, and to love completely. KLVS (22) To be creatively engaged and proactive KM (23) To be with the people I love, Nature, Art, Music and tons of good books Kmi to be surrounded by people I love and who love me, free and happy knapsackstraps (21) drinking, long and profound conversations, and pursuing lust knowone (29) To be known and highly regarded Koinekid (28) To be amongst loved ones, to constantly be in kind and happy company, much time, many books and great food to share. kokocakemix (24) Serenity, peace, companionship, love koshka (50) Freedom Kourtney Denee (24) To be in the presence of God. Kouse (23) having all my fantasies become reality Kreuzz Time off from work! Lounging on a beach Kris (41) The family, harmony in love, health, work, friendship, environment Krisanta (32) To do whatever I want whenever I want, at least until I figure out what I want to do. Krissy (24) to do fun things with people you love, and receive a lot of affection krissy (18) To be a married, mother of two and extremely wealthy Krista (27) To be loved and content Kristaline (24) Variety and choice. Basiic needs met and a lack of boredom. Kristi (35) To awake in good health and fine spirits, and have the luxury of dividing my time between writing, work, books, movies, music family. Kristian (34) having curiosities and having the means and ability to explore them Kristie (22) To watch my children grow up and be happy, watch their children grow along side my husband Kristi Spencer (38) Living in someone else's dream of happiness Krum Kirov (16) To really live in and embrace the moment. The absence of guilt, desire to control & sense of being unsettled or victimised. Kryshia (53) To be in the company of my boyfriend and family, to have access to plentiful and exquisite food and pastry, to be sufficiently caffeinated and have at arms reach, a cigarette. Krysstofer Pierre (23) To have loved ones who love back; to have music, art and time for thought, and conversations about everything! Krystaal (40) Coming home to my dog. Krystal (24) To wake with joy. Krystin (22) creating beauty or destroying ugliness ks (33) my idea of earthly happiness is to be rich and have a happy life. kssou (13) To have my friends and family near me and to always be in love. Kt (15) To love and be loved; surrounded by ideas, art, music, and genius; something of importance to accomplish KT reading. kt (35) waking up a morning to familiar tinkles, voices and fragrances Kunal Sen (27) constant exposure to art, music, film, literature with quiet but slightly absurd companions in a world full of non-violent people where I can be alone for days or invisible in a crowd in an eccentric wardrobe of silks, lace and velvet kunderakitsch Freedom to do what one loves, be who one is, and live as one wants. kuro usagi (18) Snuggling with my dog Lincoln after working a hectic graveyard shift. Kurt Bailey (45) Music & a lot of holding hands. K Yeo (19) To have my wife back. But to be near my young daughter, telling her my adventures at sea Kyla Stan Living in a forest? Kyle. (16) Having no financial worries for the rest of my life. Kyle Dangerfield (25) Finding your true love, and finding where you belong in the world Kyra Black (19) To live in contact with those i love, practicing my chosen career, and with a fair share of books and good music close to me Kyrie (18) being successful Kyrinrin (14) finding interesting things to look at or explore L (36) To be assured that all is as it should be. lacee (18) To love and be loved passionately. To be surrounded by family, many children and pets. Lacey McVeigh (46) it's different here on earth Lacharria (18) to be close enough to family and friends, yet far enough, too; a good book on a rainy day; a beautiful man or woman to make love to LadyDyTheFly to be surrounded with my family and close friends, eating good food and dancing to jazz ladyinthewater (24) Being surrounded with good friends and family over a delicious meal drinking and laughing the night away. Lady NCA (29) To have close contact with my son and grandchildren, gardening, good concerts, good friends Ladytoyou (66) a delicious meal lage (27) To live in contact with those I love, to garden, eat the food I grow, and cook it for those people who will all bring wine to the house. LaHaRo (51) To be surrounded by my loving family Lainey (38) To be of actual benefit to society Lainie Earthly happiness is so live from the earth, with the pleasures of our mind to entertain us. LaLa (26) I shoul not have nothing to worry about lallu (29) Time with those I love but also time for myself Lana (34) watching something funny in bed with Zack LAND (22) To reign by my father's side. And sex, not giving that up for anyone. Landon Wright (16) To live within the confines of a quaint village nestle within the mountains with my two dogs Lanette main character: Counciler Becky Apocalypse Lanius (50) to champion the needs of the underdog lara67 (49) travelling the world with all of the people I love the most Lara Jade (38) Absolute chaos LA Sullivan Love, amazing relationships, beautiful surrounding and successful life Latanya (21) Paradise for all: Food, security, full healthcare, housing, education, and NO RELIGION! A new bloom of the arts, sciences, & the earth. For just myself: my husband & me, in great health, financially secure so we could start a charity/ give scholarships, &' Laudes (52) Living with the person I love, surrounded by books, music and the things I love Laura (20) To love with substance. Laura (24) a smiley look laura (23) to be able to do what i love without having this voice at the back of my mind telling me i'm wasting my time and should be doing something more productive laura (27) Being held in the morning by my husband. Laura (28) spiritual liberation, inner peace, generousness and love to others. space and time and solitude. books. lovely simple home. a strong relationship with a partner i adore. Laura (31) Health for my parents, my love and my friends, be confortable at work, feel and give love... LauraAl (27) To know there is a God. Laura N. (52) With a lover in bed, reading to each other after lovemaking Laura Panza (38) to expirience all of the human emotions laura Ytzia Montoya Capristo The elation during a run, or while listening to a brilliant song or seeing a work of art in person. Laurel (29) walking on the beach, spending time with loved ones, good wine Lauren (28) To be with someone i love have a dream job be surrounded by music Lauren (14) to be with the people i love Lauren (22) Fulfilment in my work, success and creating something completely unique. Using all of my sense to experience nature. Lauren (20) Being with the Lord Lauren The ability to reconcile the disparate parts of myself, both shifter and prince. Lauren Frost (26) Snow, a hot fire, a good book, blankets and a drink of butterbeer latte. Lauren H (27) Being near friends, nature, museums, family, cats... Laurie (58) I'm still working on an answer for this. For now, I'm just trying to not die and be well-liked in social situations. Lavache Beadsman (21) Being with my loved ones. Layla (22) Sucess--a job I enjoy, a happy relationship, not being broke, being a better person than I am now Layla (13) Freedom to bring my dreams to reality and live with my beloved ones. Layla B. (43) Reading a novel in the sunshine LB Perkins (42) To have my friends, family, love, complete and total joy, and to always have a theatre close by. Leah (16) Be at peace with the unknown leah (17) Love and live unapologetically Leah To be part of a loving family Leanne (28) To live a life in which creating art is not menaced by any earthly worry, to have a few great friends around LeCorbeauGris (25) to live with the nice pretty girl and never leave my house Lector peace, laughter, love lee (30) To be fulfilled but not overindulged Leeham Love and ease. Leena (16) i call it "orange juice feeling" but i'm not always sure what brings it about leezee (28) To have a happy family and happy, healthy hobbies Legacy Lee (31) To be surrounded by people I love. Leigh Lagamayo (27) To live in happiness with love with those I care about Leila To have my son, a cup of tea, good books and fine music, and a warm fire. Leila (28) to glide between the moment of a perfect goal and the perfect word Lem (24) To love and be loved in return. Also, to be surrounded by good literature, art, and music. L.E.Murphy (17) enjoying the beauties of nature Len (46) Being in love Lena (21) To know the names of every bird, tree and flower.... the company of good friends and books... music... Lena (60) Healthy family, free from worry about threat or money. Lendaddy (50) Being with those I love, doing what we all enjoy together. Leo The water in Greece last month Leo (15) enjoying the small thing in life, not worrying what will tomorrow will bring, jsut being my self and be with the people I love without worries. Leo Calma (19) the same. And travelling. Leon (26) To fill my time by bettering myself and the state of others, to never work to a deadline but until the job is finished, and to only and always spend time with those people and things that I love LeonidasStokely Don't know Leon (The Debreifer) (22) To love and be loved, to communicate and regularly see friends or family, to have enough financially, to be healthy, to have purpose and be driving constantly toward different and greater endeavors... Leopold (38) To never stop learning and sharing those information with my beloved ones.To do what I love.The earth to be without diseases . And finally, people to mind their own things. Leopold (18) family, reading, writing, love Leslie To have all of my family healthy, safe, and well cared for Leslie (43) Contentment in my station of life grateful for my blessings Lestory (49) living with all my daughters and grandkids in a nice comfortable place lety (59) Removing the fascists from it Levi Becker (31) The sweat rhythm of music Levi Walker the same as where I would like to live but surrounded by my family LewU (55) Live with the love of my life in a condo right next to Pearl Street Lex to be surrounded by lush plants and air which is dewy with their oxygen and rain. lexi (23) Too just be happy and to take in every greatness there is LexieBee (17) I know nothing of Earth, except how far it is from Muirre. I believe Terran's would say "love". Lex Ryo (17) Spending time with the one I love. Lexxxx (18) make it a 50 degree rainy spring day, at home with a cup of coffe, something braising in the oven all day, and repeat. l.gee (23) to be surrounded by those i love and doing good for the world lglick19 Everyone together as a whole under a true world of God Lia (23) To feel constantly challenged and invigorated by loved ones and friends LiamP (25) To provide for my family Liam Shaughnessy To live in peace, free of sin, and all obedience to the Church. Liam Urien cecily dover librowicz (28) Being with those I love Lids (50) Dave liebez (22) Love and silence. Lightning Stars (22) Equality and no global warming. Lil (17) being a good provider, successful in business lilecare (46) be with family and friends Lilian (25) To constantly be learning new things in the theater of nature, surrounded by literature and creativity. Loving and being loved. Liliana swimming all alone in the middle of the night lil~kissa (17) To live in a place where violence is answered with justice. Lillian (25) to be successful. To do my job well an be recognized by both my peers and laypersons for it. Lillian Grace (27) to be an intelligent, strong, beautiful woman Lily (16) To have lots of love around me and to make really good things. Lily Doing something I'm passionate about. Being surrounded by people who love, support and understand. A comfortable existence. Lily (19) Being able to be with my loved ones, listen to music and eat great food Lily (34) To be surrounded with friends and family Lina completely free time Linda (23) It doesn't exist. Linda (17) Sleeping and buying shoes Linda C (41) To be surrounded by those I love and to be able to enjoy their company Linda M. W. (34) To be with those that Icare about all the time Lindsey (15) To achieve all my goals. To be loved. Lindsey B. (17) foam parties LindseyD (18) Happiness is happiness, isn't it? But being able to stay in touch with people I consider close works as well. Linicake To see the beloved plainly, clearly and generously. To be seen by the beloved plainly, clearly, and generously. Linnea discovering new places with my lover linou70 To live off creative expression Lint (17) Being in love with doing something or being with someone that I just can't get enough of Lisa The life I lived Lisa (56) to be able to live comfortably without the need for anything Lishan (20) peace, love and no worries about material things littlefairybigears (22) The warm, deep and friendly look of someone you love littlerobot friends games fun love lituci (30) Eat delicious Chinese food, esp. vegetables; Read books and listen to music, Watch a movie, Talk with my friends, Hug with my besties, Learn something Lixing (24) Love. To see the fruition of your efforts. Liz (28) Just like Proust, only substitute "coffee shop" for "French theatre". Liz (64) Working a hard day, being able to pay my bills, having leisure time to relax and enjoy my family, and time for God at the start and end of each day. Liz (47) To be successful and have a family that loves and supports me Liz (25) Being surrounded by friends and family, enjoy nature and music. Always music. Liz (40) To be secure, have health insurance and be close to Broadway musicals Liza (33) To be surrounded by my loved ones. Liz Vega (43) To be living among people who care for the same things I do and love me without reproach or recrimination. Lizzie (17) The feeling after one alcoholic beverage Lizzie Pickle (27) Good music, good books, and good conversations. L. Kadey (18) A mixture of constancy and novelty L. Kadey (19) To live in happiness in nature and people LLane (23) to live in the day and take whatever pleasures it gives lmao respecting oneself lo (19) to be able to run barefoot, in green grass, in a sun dress feeling the cool summer breeze in my face Lo (24) Being with somebody who loves you. LodRose (32) traveling Log To be content with how you live every day Logan (23) to have everything i need but something to work to in contemptment logan (21) Me alone in my room,. yelling at neewbs on my PS4 Logan (14) Being happy Logan (16) To take hikes Logan Whitt (15) A good nap and a full fridge. Lois (22) seeing beauty of different kinds everywhere you look Lola joy in my work, happiness in my family, and always in love lollipoppingsu (24) to be absolutely certain of something lols (21) To feel loved Lori (37) Being loved and exploring the world lorilie (35) Weed Louf (39) Eating ice cream with Josi, Keyonna and Josh Loui Edgington (12) A beer, and a couple of friends to discuss with and laugh Louis (19) To have a never ending supply of books at my disposal, and any music I want ready to be listened to. Louisalokyee (15) literature, music and theatre Louise (17) To be forever with the one who loves me and understands me, who I can discuss anything and everything with. And have a wonderful library just a short walk away as well as a fountain somewhere close-by.. Loz (17) to live a long, happy, contented life, full of love and adventure and books Lu (24) Clarity and tranquility, no rush, no expectations, finding beauty in what I do. Lu (32) always do what I love and always look out for the little things in life. luadepapel (25) A fully stocked kitchen and bar Luc (27) to have a family, love work and leisure Luca (33) To live a healthy life full of wealth, surrounded by my family and friends, with plenty of leisure time for myself. Lucho (32) peace Lucifer A hug Lucija (25) To be able to see and appreciate the beauties around me. To travel, eat and live well Lucy (34) Living in peace with those who would like honest discussion. Lucy health Luigi (38) An united family, a small (yet consistent) group of friends, an enormous pile of books to read, more movies than i could ever see and a ticket for unlimited travels around the world Luísa (21) An united family, a small (yet consistent) group of friends, an enormous pile of books to read, more movies than i could ever see and a ticket for unlimited travels around the world Luísa (22) To be in fulfilling friendships, feeling like I have something to give to the world, feeling confident, going to shows - being in love and in love with Luisa (18) To be in love, to create, to feel motivated, to help others, to live and breathe music, to dance, to have no inhibitions, to be near those I love. Luisa (19) In harmony with yourself LuisEfe (55) To hear beautiful music, to see beautiful sights, and to live with loved people Luke Anthony (19) Having all the means to maintain security lukemarco (18) Achieving Satisfaction and Balance through Love, Laughter, Helping Others, and entertainment through the arts. Luke N 14 (35) A fine glass of wine with delicious hors d oeves and succulent desserts. Lulu Be a worldly person and that people love me Luna (16) books, music, movies, family and friends lunar (18) Living a life with purpose, loving others as much as oneself. LVG to have close friends and to eat anything I want without getting fat Lydia (50) love, good health and financial stability lydia To love and be loved. Lydia (18) A gig Lyla (30) not to have to worry about anything lyman (35) There is no plausible idea of earthly happiness, just contentedness Lyn (22) There is no plausible idea of earthly happiness, just contentedness Lyn (22) To have purpose in life, meet and marry the love of my life, and find my siblings Lyn a place without war and misery lynac (31) Personal success, being well off, good friends Lyndsay D. (22) To be surrounded by a company of people I love who also love me; to be free to express myself in whatever form pleases me. Lyndsey (19) Friends, music, and a partner to understand by being Lynk (15) To love and be loved, and to have the opportunity to develop one's talents. To have freedom of conscience Lynn Renee (41) I am happiest when I am looking at my dogs and feeling my love for them and their simplicity Lynn Thair (49) love and happiness Lyss (19) To never worry M@ (31) infinite love, abundant health, artistic pleasures, peace of mind, familiars, and comfort M (16) being happy and making others happy M To live with my other half doing what we love to do and be successful enough to support ourselves. M (29) silent and peaceful contact with nature M (36) The Cervantes Prize M (19) life in contact as well as solitude M Not wanting for necessities and to be content with what I have, finding the glass half full, no family strifes, keep my books close and being able to enjoy anything creative, having a wild life santuary MA (61) Productivity, love, appreciation, growth. Mac (28) To never look back at your mistakes and wish that they werent there but to look forward and hope for a brighter future, to accept my mistakes that where the creation of who I am todat Mac (17) To live near my family, have good friends, books, laughter, health and financial security. Mach (44) Awareness Machiavelli_Mx (38) to feel at home in my own body, to have both breadth and depth in the things i care about (education, relationships, experience), to be able to travel but also feel content with my home base, to breathe deeply and experience gratitude often macon (22) healthy creative life with time to ponder macskawoman (44) To die before everyone I love; I'm not strong enough for loss Macy (15) tangible experiences of love and learning Madeline (19) Contentmaent Madhusudhan (63) Laugh so much that you can't hardly breathe Madison Twist (25) I would to be rich and famous. MadMax7 (13) to live in peace with myself. Mads Husted (21) it's to listen to music all day Maeva231 (13) Early Sunday morning with the sun streaming through the window, no major plans for the day, wrapped in the arms of my lover. MaeveOne (27) Harmony (body harmony, nature harmony, societal harmony) Mag a smile from a child, a purr from a cat, the arms of my wife, Chateau Lafite Rothschild and a decent book Magellan (44) Being with loved ones around a good meal, laughing and making great new memories together Magen (22) Spending time/having fun with family and friends Maggie (24) To feel able and to express love and be loved in a language that I understand. Maggie (23) to live in freedom, with health and time to enjoy it, good work, fellowship with intelligent friends, travel Maggie (49) share beauty of live with partner maggy may The company of good friends, a steady supply of synaptic lubricants, an audiophile-grade studio and a well stocked kitchen. Mahalo (/) to share closeness with my loved ones and to be able to express myself in all possible ways mahtiel (21) Connection Mairi (37) Books, music, pets, and a loved one. Maite (26) just to love, and be loved in return maitresseb (43) To do somethingS I enjoy with people I enjoy, switching it up, so I am never bored Mak (16) to be with those I love, with my books, music and films, near St James's or Pincio maksimuchka (38) Music MAL (14) My sisters gathered round, giggling and teasing each other. Malcolm (26) Waking up in the morning with a woman Malibu (31) To live happily with the love of my life and children with no worries Mallory (21) Music and love Mallory Corrus (20) To know the sublime, to hear Zephyrus play the reeds, to escape into the night, to never be alone. Maltet light, nature, good fresh food, a garden, some books, good friends always near Mandar (27) Full Belly, Warm Heart, Physical Affections Mandella Kitten (36) Lots of friends & lots of travel mandi (28) love, books, cuddles, art, music mandi2kay (31) spending time with the ones that count. Mandy (18) Being in contact with people who (truly) love/like me, books, and music Mandy (37) to see them happy, to see people happy.to see my self happy. mangarmunko (21) My idea of happyness is when we have a job, home, and family manonettte (12) Infinite power. Manu (22) To have balance in my life, a mix of social and professionnal success amidst a loving family Mao (22) My family and my health Mara (58) that doesn't exist Mara (17) To be always with my family and those that I love without constant suffering that is so typical of earthly existance MaraMichelle Peace Marana (56) food on the table, money, stability Marcel (19) My love of Art & Music, the desire to attain love, and be content with the achievements in my life marcel254 (25) Reading books, listening to music, surrounded by friends and loved ones. Marcelo Ricarte. (16) being filthy rich and having been succesful enough to be filthy rich in the first place Marcel Rodriguez To have enough, no more, no less, to travel, to love and be loved Marclaudi (46) a beach, my family and no worries except what can we do thats fun for tomorrow Marc_Meyer To feel nature around me and go after intellectual improvement marcoapk (19) to live free without anxiety marg (53) Being alone, with my camera Margaret (19) to live surrounded by love, peace and the heavenly spirit Margaret Cook (57) the moment you touch theat certain someone special, the giggling of children, the playfulness of my dog, are some of the things that come to mind - oh, and strawberries Margarida (aka:Guida Costa,Guida Almeida ( ) Peace & calm Margie (44) the people i love, culture and learning, fashion margo (22) Being able to consider myself educated and not feeling insecure about knowing so little Margot (21) Family reunions, endless conversations with a handful of close friends (soul to soul talks), visiting many different places and enjoying the treasures each hide, work in something I enjoy...whatever that may be Mari (30) To have a healthy family. Maria (45) to have everyone get along Maria To be with those you love and that love you, being with family Maria (18) To see my whole family again Maria Contreras (19) knowing that you can always be happier Mariam (20) forever feeling truly belonged and within distance of books, music, and nature Mariana (16) To love and be loved undestanding that happiness goes and comes, enjoying the moment and not thinking of the future. Mariana (22) To have someone to love, work that I enjoy, and time to daydream. Maria Patenaude (29) Cooking what I foraged from the forest, mushroom, berries and a good bottle of wine. Maria Rowena Rillen To be able to provide for myself and those I love the things that bring happiness and the situations that inspire it. Marie (19) To be beautiful and wealthy and surrounded by loved ones. Marie (21) My family Marie Close to tropical nature, close to 5-6 people whom I love Marie Madeleine (51) Food I love, music that moves me, combine with amazing conversations with the one I love, about secrets and the unknown. Marie-Pierre Adam (27) every body i love to be health and happy anad have money for a deasont life marija (23) to travel with my family and friends marina (50) Love. marina (27) Gross decadence, surrounded by beauty and people with humour Marina (20) To live a simple life; rich in love, art, culture, books, flowers, music, good food and good conversation. The meeting of souls. Marina da Silva Negherbon (24) theater, coffee, dinner parties, sex, good conversation Marion (27) having someone one who sees me for who i really am. mario ponce (38) Not knowing the sorrow of abandonment Marios Gregoriou (21) Economics -> Music - > Film = Rich and famous [OR] Izzy Mark (16) feeling love, in the moment mark Constant intellectual challenge and debate in a world of chaos and intrigue. Mark (19) Earthly? Just to be out of our own heads for a while. Mark To be surrounded by books I love and lots of laughter. Mark (55) blissfully ignorant in the moment. Mark Angus Wilson (28) The honest, mutual, and present love of a human companion; oh, and a ray of sunshine and a free bench. Mark D Anderson (23) harmony, peace, fairness,... I am a dreamer. markeff (38) The way been feeling for the last two months. To know my true love is there for me. To be close to her. To be by her side Mark J (44) Being in accord with oneself and with others that suround you Marko (28) To live in a quiet rural area with a view of the ocean with someone I love. Mark Rogers e Mark Sterling (32) never in need markus_naz (39) Being around my family or people I love Marlyn Alexa Rosales Torres (18) the sight of a smile on a child Marney (40) to be with the one i love and be a good spiritual person Maroua (17) health, sound sleep and acute senses; in other words, ability to appreciate the earthly things Marshall Wang (24) tener muchos gatos y mucho sexo marti (25) To be dependant on no-one. Martin (29) to be surrounded around the people I love the most, Martina Common To be surrounded by the people I love; to raise a healthy and smart child, to get married, to live stress free Martina Common To have a haven Marty (18) Feeling safe, secure, stable Marty (42) peace and health Martyshka (31) To be enguled in deep thought and feeling. To have the freedom to change this. Maruku (18) having a big house, a nice car, and a big bank account Marvin Willams (30) Being around fun people on a sunny day. Mary (22) Being surrounded by people I love Mary (28) lBeing independent and doing work one loves. Mary (56) watching a sunset with a good friend and glass of great wine Mary Ann (62) To be adored, loved, and talked to. MaryAnn (47) Exceptional good health,enough money to satisfy my needs and desires whatever they might be at the particular moment Mary Ellen Collins-Davis (59) Exceptional good health,enough money to satisfy my needs and desires whatever they might be at the particular moment Mary Ellen Collins-Davis (59) to be with people that care about me Maryn (15) To live passionately and without regret, to make beauty and reveal truth, to cultivate deep friendships, to know real love Masha Shannon (26) To love and be loved MasonFYS13 (18) My answer is the same as Proust's, though I'd replace "French theater" with "arthouse film theater", and add a pet or two to the mix. Mason Walker (21) Someone to love, something to pet (preferably a dog), and some work of art to get lost in. Mason Walker (21) bringing others happiness Mat (15) Be close to family and enjoy life and the wonders of the world Mat (26) To lie beneath a tree . Mateo Seger (18) Love as action rather than a emotion Mateus Melo To live by the ones I care, with unlimited amounts of movies, music and books. Matheus (15) Good friends, good food, good wine. Mathew Gallant (22) Love each other Mathilda (15) To be surrounded by love, beauty and magic always. Matisse (15) On the beach with a simple house, with lots of fish to fish, and waves to surf with cooler of never ending bear and my soul mate and family Matrix (23) To live solely with the one I love, with no one getting in our way Matsuda (14) to be completely sufficient, to be surrounded by interesting like minded people, lots of music and movies and different types of foods matt (17) Falling asleep someplace where I can leave the window open in the summer. Matt (30) To love, to have music and art, to have the monetary means to do what I please. Matt (20) To live by the water in the country. Free from cars, just the smell of nature and in the winter... snow, lots of snow to ski. Matt Ari To be entirely content and without desire. Matt DeCostanza (17) Being surrounded by loud music, and comfortable pillows. Matt Detrick finding comfort and humour with the people around you and enjoying the senses of nature. matthew (18) Fulfillment; the achieving of one's goals. Matthew Charles Barrie (27) To be interested in things Matthew Gordon (28) To live close to my friends, with a dealer around me, internet connection on a great computer Matthew Ray (18) Family evenings spent watching TV Matthew Young (18) to be free of worries, to be surrounded by people i love, just to be and produce nothing. Matthieu (21) Finding everyday purposes to be happy. Maundaux (23) close to family, but not to close. No traffic mauserman (42) To be in love and have purpose in life. Max (24) travels, discovering the world whether through journeys or through books and art maxie (20) To live in eternal wealth Maximilian (17) To have the ability to lie down, sit and stand when and where I desire. Maxwell Pierson (23) being next to the people I love, knowing that they are safe and sound Maysoun (27) traveling the world MB (32) contentment MB (41) To be in love and surrounded by great family and friends, and to laugh a lot. mcfm0626 (26) Having flux between desire and contentedness MCI (22) to love and be loved, doing that which you are called to do mcseadogs (34) To be with the people I love without conflict, hunger, pain or worries and lots to do Me (40) laughter Me (24) being surrounded by beauty me (32) Love and contentment ME (25) Connected to God, loved ones, nature, good music and food and having creative outlet Me (57) Traveling the world, meeting new people who have a great impact in my life and staying in touch, and finding a close knit group of people that I can share experiences with Meaghan To transcend above ugliness and experience true love Medusa59 (56) being around people. Meebo Smiling. Loving. Music. Meg (16) apathy meg (22) to love people and never question that they love me in return Meg (19) Security, books, and love Meg (31) To live in contact with my loved ones, satisfying my purpose and passion. Meg (22) to have all my material wants taken care of and to have a happy little family Megan (25) the achievement of my goals & desires, & where they took me in life. Megan (20) Fulfilling and meaningful work, intellectual stimulation, with regular interaction with people I feel an emotional to Megan (32) In a world where I am loved and can love. Megan (18) To be content and have access to cultural things that I enjoy Megan (23) True faith and a working body megan (18) To be with family and friends, good food, nad plenty of music Meghan (16) To be loved and to love in return Megil (51) ప్రేమున్న చోట మసలుకోవటం Meher (32) To be with those I love and to continue pursuing other levels of intelligence. Mel (16) Spending your life surrounded by the people you love and who love you. Having a little money doesn't hurt either Mel (20) To be free of financial concerns and spend my days perfecting my intellect, helping people and being with my loved ones mel (32) To forget that I have plenty Mel (44) To love and be loved unconditionally Melanie (31) to be perfect Melanie (33) Grateful Dead, mellow sunlight. Frisbee. Hot chick on my arm. Melanie (33) To be with the person I love and my children are safe and happy MelBisMe (34) To be around my family in a lovely place. Melinda (18) to live in a place that make me feel safe and complete Melinda Butler (30) Being wealthy, fun, exciting, and successful Melinda McGinley (30) sustainable emotional self-sufficiency, and contentment M.Elisabeth Howell (52) A fully stocked library with a coffee shop. To spend my days writing, reading, basking in the beauty of nature. Melissa (23) to be around those whom make me the happiest melissa (17) living at the beach while happy, loving/loved and healthy melissa (44) finishing projects ahead of schedule, a decent glass of wine, music, tranquility after a long day of work, the love of a good man, family Melissa (40) To know that everyone around me is as happy as I am. Melissa-Alice (20) Being able to have peace and prosperity Melissa Diane Hudson Being surrounded by people I love, and the people they love, on an island in the carribean, with music and food, and nothing to do but enjoy life. Melissa Farr (25) To be floating in water,with the sun on my face, eyes closed, arms out, weightless. Melissa Farr (29) To be loved. Melissa P (63) to be loved and to always be busy with new fun creative ideas Melly To be surrounded by books and music and friends and family and good food Melody (22) To easily switch back and forth between being comfortable and being stimulated. A balance of serenity and electrocution. Mel Sundquist (20) friends meltemis To love unconditionally without fear of being hurt Melvia (28) to be free of worries Memelord (15) Living and loving Memyselfandi The satisfaction of having a clean conscience while having obtained everything you've ever wanted Menjou (21) to do whatever without guilt menon (33) to be in harmony with oneself and to have harmonious loving relationships with those i interact with mercedes (27) HEALTH- inspiration, happiness and being around those I love Meredith To love and be loved Meredith (23) Having my family alive and well Merit (56) Having my family alive and well Merit (56) Having my family alive and well Merit (56) Having my family alive and well Merit (56) Having my family alive and well Merit (56) Having my family alive and well Merit (56) Having my family alive and well Merit (56) To revel in good company; to sense beauty; to observe compassion in action merlinharp (57) Being connected with God, because if you maintain this connection, everything makes you happy later. Mersiha (20) Taking care of those I care for, access to vast amounts of literary & musical distractions standard or above standard living arrangements with plenty of pastoral settings to surround us. Metztli (23) Being loved, loving others, nothing but positivity and smiles mf (17) To be surrounded by those you love and who love you, to always have books, and something purposeful to do MFSmith (16) My puppy kissing me awake in the morning. mia To live in a house in the countryside, autonomously producing the food I need to live healthily, with Internet access, surrounded by my cats and a few selected people Mia (27) have great friends and family miami (65) good health and enjoying everything micci (64) To truly love and to be loved. Michael (40) Being independent, able to approach love and company when I please, being surprised Michael (46) To be with books and music Michael enough money to travel, eat and drink well, be healthy with friends michael To not have any want Michael (43) surrounded by friends and family michael (24) to express myself, non-violence, music, and nature Michael (21) to be surrounded by lush nature and happy dogs Michael (52) To be free to learn whatever I wish, without the restrictions imposed by others and for others to respect others. Michaela Tee (15) Being in a completely secluded area in a forest with my true friends where no one can tell us how to live Michael Kendall (16) To never stop learning, to be exited by ideas and possibilities. Michael Thornberry harmony with nature Michelle (30) never having any worries; Epicurianism Michelle (17) I agree with Proust that "o live in contact with those I love, with the beauties of nature, with a quantity of books and music," is wonderful. Michelle (24) Love, happiness and family Michelle (38) First and foremost, to be in good health, to have family and friends (or a friend) who I love and loves me in return, to be content and fulfilled with my work. Michelle Jeong (20) Achieving what one believes as liberty Michelle Sandino (15) To know art, goodness, belief, being human and also what it's like to transcending being human, to know respect, logic, empathy, and most importantly, love. michou (19) Good health, good friends, no financial worries, a roof over your head, good food, plenty of stuff to read, and maybe a nice loving relationship. Mick (28) Making someone laugh so hard it hurts, for those couple of perfect seconds Mickste Depends on my mood;generally, cooking/eating/music/painting/and being with people I like Mignonne (53) Free thought. Miguel Oniga (58) Being loved, having a succesful career and knowing that the ones I love are healthy mihaela (26) to be at peace with one's self and close to the one you love mihaelaian (42) Same as Proust, add painting and Art Mika (56) To be with person I love and be loved back Mika peace, harmony, and laughter. Mike (33) Beingg with all of my book and music and my books Mike (14) To be able to live (with my family) in comfort and to do the things we want to do, without having to worry about anything, money included. Mike (53) means and method to travel mike (43) Being in love Mike (58) Off on an adventure with my sweetheart Mike (69) To be the owner of a successful restaurant Mike (42) a world free of crime Mike (29) peace of mind mike_freedom9531 (30) To work and love in communion with the earth. Husbandry. Mike G. (25) Sunday afternoon beers with friend when I was in my 20's mikemc1156 Not answering a page when I'm "on vacation" with my wife. Mike Sadler (53) Happiness can be fleeting to be content or truly loved Milfred (35) love for humanity Mili (20) To live near cultural achievements of mankind, near beautifull things in generall. To achieve inner piece if it's possible. Milly (23) To be comfortable where I am and to enjoy my surroundings, whether it be people or landscape Milly (16) helpful friends and neighbours millymay (84) To feel at ease with the universe and all that inhabit it. Mimi (53) Sitting with my family, laughing. Mimi (31) The morning sun, a good cup of coffee, earthy floaty music, and a spa within easy distance Mimi (24) to love and be loved mimì (48) I believe in contentment, not necessarily earthly happiness. Mimi (57) To love many things well and to be loved well Mimikeekee (23) To be free, to read a book in the grass, to have an open mind. Mina (15) Lots of books, good health, good friends Mind (17) Freedom from debt. Minerva Black (30) having lot of fun with friends and being with those i love .................. minny (13) to be able to enjoy what nature has given us minto (28) enjoy the love of my family , books, movies, the sea mirabilis (48) Freedom to live and express myself, to enjoy the arts, to think and create Miriam Liggett (48) Being with family, surrounded by them and surrounded by my comforts. mischa (22) Health, a place to be alone, a rich inner life, a few good friends Misha (24) never growing old Misha (31) Isolation; separated from those that bring nothing but misery to my doorstep. Misk Odium Oersted A Nikon D3 miso being with the people I love, music and books and nature too. Miss To live without want or need beside people who love me misshermes (20) family, friends, and some money miss karachi Surrounded by nature with material abundance, a healthy body, active mind, in a loving relationship with partner and family and to have a network of aqcuaintances and clients Miss Noble (0) security in finances, mind, and body Missy (44) To be at peace with the world Missy (45) spending time with my family, just hanging out and having fun Missy Gay (42) good meal, orgasm, long walk, music mister buzz (49) To be close to God, my father, my mother, and Ophelia Mitchell: for Ophelia Giving and receiving unconditional love. Mitela (22) Love Mitela (25) To be independent and free and love your life (even if very humble) Mitja (36) To be in contact with nature and be left alone. Mitsuko (22) be happy with my love, fulfilled mitzi (28) That everyone has what they need and beyond, and all are equal to have the right to do what they feel is just. Miyo (12) To give and receive real love, surronded by caring compassionte people and tons of culture and art MJ (22) Good food, good drink, good company. I'm a simple kind of gal. MJ (23) Good, wholesome food M.J (40) Contentement in all areas of life mj (39) Friends, nature, books, music, and the time to appreciate them. M. J. A. Armstrong (60) Respect given and returned. MJE (40) To be surrounded by beauty, in oneself and in others MJF (34) books and music,friends and lovers, fun and intimissy mjwhite (21) To have of an abundance of nourishing material - food for the body, books/art for the spiritual - to share with others. M.K. (21) be with the woman i love mk (15) to be surrounded always by my children, husband, and dog mkayruger Peace of all kinds Mkeekee (30) Bourbon, cigarettes, poetry, music, and madness M. Le Ahcim-nevets (31) Thanksgiving weekend. MlleJacqueline A roller coaster, a fine dinner and a walk with someone I care about talking about art and film MlleNeet To love and be loved mlovelace All of the above replacing the need for a French theatre with films and restaurants MM (34) Spiritual Enlightenment M&M (38) Free to date and experiment with any woman I want MMS To have the security of peace and health and as many books as I have life in me to read them. Mnemonic Aberration Having those I love around me Mo (19) I don't thing that earthly happiness can even exist. mobtomas (48) Not having to count or remember which day it is modernmonsters abundant family, friends, and creative surprise moeder (32) To be surrounded by nature, near a lake, sharing it with those I love. Mohamjip (66) To live in contact with nature, the people closest to me, and to share my works with the world Mohini (20) To be able to enjoy things in life without being ridiculed for being different. Moistoidy (43) having everything i need mole Doing what I love Molea Razvan (23) friends and food Molly (19) To be with those I love, doing things I love to do Molly (18) Being loved and loving Molly (33) What does that mean? My idea? Being in perfectly tip top physical health & fitness, being financially secure, with people that I like. Molly Evans (47) A surrounding of family, music, art, books and nature. mollykate74 (38) peace of mind momcat (60) Understanding life Mona Happy , Honest Family Mona Sen (22) To make a living as a successful author and have a great relationship with everyone I love. Monica Stowe happiness monson (28) freedom of movement montanadrifter (68) music, reading and writing montie williams (16) To be around with those I love and trust Monty (35) mornings, with the sun streaming through the windows, I'm warm in my bed, I can barely remember who I am, and i cannot remember life's problems Mooke (16) Having the wonderful experiences provided by good fortune and sharing them with others Moose (40) To be surrounded by an abundance of great books and music, the free time to read them/listen to them as is my leisure, and the health and fortunes to travel at a moment's notice, to see the world and discover its secrets., Morazda (42) Shrek Morgan The health of my family, good books to read, my writing, chocolate and good champagne Morgana Being able to know I have helped others or touched someone's life each day. Waking up each day. MorganFYS13 (18) To live comfortably enough to complain about it Morgan Gratsky (22) Death. Morgan Toft be with pig and dog, living in a nice outter city place, have a little garden, no worry about money morgwei (28) To live without fear, without sorrow, without death. Mother (54) To have no regrets. Mouse (42) to be surrounded my nature, great literature and music mp To share heavenly love with someone who sees beyond facades. MP3 (22) To have a library full of books and music, in a house in the middle of nowhere, with the one person in the world whom I can't live without. MPaylor (21) mutual love Mr. A (17) To have no significant issues in any aspect, be it financial, social or biological Mr. A (17) Sharing picture-perfect moments with the ones I love Mr. Frank (56) Living with the certainty that I will live forever. MrJones (28) Laughing, making other people genuinely (and kindly) happy. MRM (28) a cause and effect universe Mr. Mandarin (41) Contentment Mr Peters (30) Enough money to live comfortably, a roof over my head, a garden to grow and enjoy, good friends and family to share in everything. Mrs. Lincoln (49) To be warm, to sleep, to read, think, build and debate. Mrtimm Love, acceptance, and peace. Also lots of good food, and travel. MsAPH (21) Liking yourself, and to be sensitive to and appreciative of life's little things; having a talent Ms. Barbara (19) A table of people who love each other too much for absolutely no reason and enough food to be shared until we are all sick with love and gluttony. Ms. L (22) No stress Ms. Martin (46) to be financially stable and to be a blessing to all mstinyS To live well, eat well, and surround oneself with lovely, lovable people mStonerCEO (45) To love and be loved MsVicky Being connected to nature, being swept away by the swell of a favorite piece of music, snuggling with a loved one. MTHSP (28) When you're at peace with your mind, body, & soul MUabigail (18) to be rich MUAshleyVance (18) To be content with everything in my life mucarly (18) to be in love MUElexandra (19) having everything that i need and being around people i love MUElizabeth (19) Getting to meet N'Sync Muffin (25) To live a simple life, to try to do the right thing at all time by those that you love mugkim (19) a life filled with book reading, good conversation with friends and family, humour, creativity and dogs muhbuh (47) To live a comfortable life and not have to worry about troubles MUJakeWilkinson (18) being content with everything that you have done and plan to do MUkelly (18) To love and be loved. MULydia (18) To love and be loved in return. MULydia (18) A room surrounded by bookshelves, able to see and give to the people I love, sunshine Mumblingtruth (24) Reciprocal love, success in personal pursuits Murphy (21) to be alone in nature and undisturbed Musa (16) To have a MD,live in California, and have solid relationships with others musicmaya (14) To live with my family and friends and nature. I also need my music and books and Internet. But friends are most important especially the ones I made in this school Muskaan Kanoi (13) Drink, smoke, sex, good company mutterhals (31) Seeing the meek destroyed. Myalyn Hernandez (17) $$$$$ my answers are perfect; yall should read To have unto myself one who is the perfect companion and complement, who would constnatly comiserate and enjoy the world around us. Mychel Shannon (18) Having everything I need and being able to obtain the things I want My Dear Materialista (27) Being with loved ones, having a fun job, and playing many video games MylaFYS13 doing what i love and with who i want to myra (22) Ending the war and living out my days peacefully on my own Myra Working not because I need to earn money, but because I love what I'm doing; to be in close proximity to everyone I care about and love; a house with lots of sun (but is always cold); the feeling of time being fluid and not passing Myron (26) Being close to the people I love, cultivating friendships that I wish would last a lifetime, winning the lottery and not caring about where I'll get the payment for my next bill would come from. Myron (26) To be with my family, and spend happy times together. Mystery Mind Over Matter (19) Temporary. N (20) Laughter and love N (32) to live with those I love and challenge my mind surrounded in God's beauty N (41) to find love, to want for nothing nad (17) To not think about what you don't have, and instead love all that IS in your life. Nadine (21) ma santé et celle de ceux qui m'entourent. Najia jan (64) To be free to create without the need to toil over drudgery to make a living Naleks (23) Being able to live in the moment. NamraSultan I learned from life that happiness is nothing more than moments, very scarce. Nana (23) My life is the great hapiness. nana (12) To live in good health, to contribute, and to have my contributions appreciated Nancy (78) To live in love with family and friends, my books and music and nature.to nancy to live with my family for ever nancy (17) To be genuinely connected to life, love and nature Nancy (41) Love, long walks, sunsets, and simple pleasures Nancy B (40) I m already very happy NANOU83 (13) Surrounded by nature, books, good food and drink, and family/friends Naomi (19) eating potatoes Naomie (29) to love and be loved narelle pederick (40) Having parents that love me. Narrator (5) To feel comfortable with myself and my relationships with those I love Nat to feel helpful Natalia (33) To do a job that I love wholeheartedly, to never be bored, to be with friends and family that I love and treasure and to always laugh, watch films and read good books and music. Natalie (18) family, friends, food, wine and nature Natalie (54) Solitude without isolation, and time for everything. Natalie MJ (31) To finally be at peace Natanya (95) To be with people who care about you and who you care about. Comfortable living and being able to enjoy bliss Nate (16) Expansion of my Empire Nate (23) satiation with moments of ecstacy natedawg (28) living with no stress, surrounded with calm environment Nathalie (20) To be able to do what I wish and to have the means to do so Nathan Reception of love and wealth, though not always a large amount Nathan (28) Hidden away in the tall sunny grass with a beautiful woman Nathan To love and be loved Nathan (35) A summer evening on the front porch sharing in cocktails, good food, and great conversation with the people I love most. Nathan (27) ever one getting along and no fighting world peace nathan (15) Freedom to do as I please, laced with enough structure to keep me doing things Nathaniel (24) Finding love again Nathaniel (20) To find one's mate Nathaniel To have a decent life and the ability to travel often, read, listen to music Nathan Liu (15) Always being with her Nathan Thorne (53) to love and be loved to respect and be respected, to know and be known for the knowing. navera (57) To be successful in my business, be married to Jeevitha, be living happily without any issues and having a happy family and happy relationship even with my parents, to be able to see the world with Jeevitha and have my parents by me/ Navin (27) My idea of earthly happiness is happy life with my family navy13 (13) Doin it on the grass in my backyard neckice able to pay my rent by making art Neek (54) To love the one you love and have them love you back just as deeply. Neeka (27) Good books, Good people, good food. AND plenty of sleep. Neetzi (18) To be on a lifelong adventure. Bringing joy to the loved ones. NEL (20) people forgetting about their own adgendas for a moment to see what is troubling people around them Neller (35) When you don't have to dream nelly Nature Nelly (31) To have my presence coveted by those people whom I cherish, and to feel no remorse for their desire: to have it be justified by improvement of myself and active caring and participation in their lives. Nels (31) To have enough income to enjoy life with family and friends .. and to develop my secret life nene (57) Observing the morning as the world begins to wake neo_urbaniste (23) Creating. neptune Sharing a long life with the people that I love Nessa Having fulfilled all my wishes Nessie (18) Loving everyone Nette (18) to be with people i love Nevan (18) Happiness is overrated. Allows us to have excuses for stagnation. I suppose, though, to be loved particularly and to have books would be pretty nice. Newlin (25) Thinking beautiful, profound thoughts, and sharing them with beautiful, profound thinkers. Nia (15) Good Food, Good company, moments of solitude and great art and open spaces. Nia Robinson (19) To ensure my children grow up as healthy individuals both physically and mentally Nic (27) The taking of breakfast daily within sight of a mountain or natural body of water. Nic (24) To be able to express my thoughts to others perfectly Nicholas (18) To live in solititude with nature, books and music. Nicholas Kovacev (12) smooshed and eating Nick (35) Living and creating for myself, and for the happiness of others Nick (20) To be critically and publicly recognized for my work in fiction and to have the love and respect of my family. Nick (31) Surrounded by s lover, family, and closest friends, and with a wealth of knowledge Nick (16) To be with the people i adore, and have the ability to explore the knowledge of the ages. Nick To live in a world with peace, and to enjoy the beauties of nature. Nick (34) To be surrunded by my healthy, happy friends NickiNorker (48) Being with the people I love and cherish Nick Zero (26) to wake up and be happy nicoca (21) Somewhere where there is access to fireworks displays in the summer, changing leaves in the fall, space heaters in the winter, and flowers in the spring. And pretty girls to experience it all with. Nicolas (28) A computer to work at, people to talk to, and enough media to last a lifetime. Nicolas Bossons (16) books, art, music, physics, mathematic Nicole (14) pets nicole (23) To be somewhere where I can do as I please, and to be with the person I love Nicole (18) To provide for the ones I love Nicole (22) Books, music, alone with friends all the time, and flowers Nicole (17) Using our time to be with and serv others that you love and also ones you may not know. And writing music Nicole EP (25) I live comfortly without any finacial problems Niece (42) knowing that the ones I love are doing well and living among nature niecey to be able to sit under the warm sun, with a book in hand, a cigarette in the other, and a cup of coffee on the table NiGht (23) To have pepeople who i love and respect close to me. I will be happy if i could do anything i want to nightinday (19) Wealthy enough to not work and travel with someone I love Nik (30) A bowl of pesto spaghetti Nikita (26) to be able to share my life and loves with others Nikkers64 (47) Feeling loved Nikki (35) To be happy with who you are. nikkissippi121 (16) more nature around then there are cities and pollution Nikkita Saeed (21) Calm, serenity, the sound of waves splashing in a beach, sun in my face. Nikolai Kleppe (44) A 13-digit bank account Nikos (29) mundane humane love, to find and pursue one's divine path Nillie (21) Libraries, friends, family, and coffee Nina (21) making someone laugh nina (27) To live with the ones I love, with people that inspires me, with a lot of books, music and art, with my most beloved passions. Nina Mars (22) love and laughter nina tangimetua (23) gaias got a boner! ninjo no immorality, respect for your own and other cultures, modest and simple living people, no crimes Nirmal Singh (99) to be loved, even more so to love, to be surrounded with books, to be writing niyaa good food, my friends, lots of laughter nmh (32) To experience all life has to offer by traveling and exploring culture and language. Noah (17) I have lots of ideas... The most easily articulable would be for me to be a successful poet, surety of sex/love, sitting with a bottle of wine, warm, looking out at the ocean. Noah the good (23) Art Noddy (26) To be successful, proud of my accomplishments, enjoy the small things Noelle To create a butterfly and hummingbird garden. Noel Orosa Unlimited wealth NoGurus (20) Summer of 2006 nom de plume Sleep or sedation. Nomen nescio (24) To love and be loved in return, to have true friends Nomers (19) to be able to surround myself with growing things none given To deeply believe I am worthy of it. None More Bitter (20) To have someone I can share everything with; amazing food when I'm really really hungry; amazing company nonick (25) surrounded by loved ones, doing and being able to do what i like and living my life as i like nono (22) Everything little Marcel said, minus a French theater: a good library, strong tea, the wind in the trees, music, and family nools (21) A room with large windows, sunlight, a view, tall ceilings. Walls covered in books and books. Wood floors, carpeted. A recliner that is simultaneously comfortable and ergonomically sound. Fireplace, reading lamp, tea. nools (23) To only do things I enjoy. Nora (20) to have a home and the money to run it in the winter and summer. Noraq living a life of emotional, physical and spiritual balance Norma Being able to come home to my family each night; loving wife and children who have not moved out yet. Norman W (35) To love and be loved, to excel and have time for pleasures Not (26) To live in harmony with nature and other beings and to be surrounded by those whom I love including my animal companions Nova (44) Success Nova (32) Sex with a beautiful woman NR-2082 (32) To have no worries other than making my beloved ones happy. Nrvnqsr (27) To have all basic needs satisfied ns money....and success NS Watson (30) I can answer this no better than Proust did - with the exception, rather a fast Internet connection than a French theater. Nuance (26) To live with a family of my own and be able to visit my family, be able to read and listen to music Nudge (36) Being able to do the things I like doing, being appreciated and loved. numeroita (24) to live surrounded by music, poetry and your most close friends and family. NynnaS. (36) love and self knowledge Nzame (27) To have access to culture, my friends, my family, a great career, nature oanaa (23) maslow's hierarchy OB Living life to the fullest while on Earth Ode To love and to be loved. To live in the countryside where I can choose to be alone, but close to a town or city with a lot of culture. Odie (24) to be loved by those I love, to have them about me, and to be free to express myself rather than work for a wage Odile (36) to have happy, healthy children. To live my life with my soulmate. to enjoy my dream garden, music, wine , rest health. Odilia (47) To give and to have loyalty with those I love, and to have limitless supplies of paints and pens. Odyssey Willow (16) to play gigs. ohlaskeau (21) To have the ability to balance what you want to do and what you need to do and get it all done impecably oldie-goldie (99) to live a simple happy life and actually believe in it olga (22) Books, booze, and the freedom to be imaginative and creative. And with those you love nearby. Oh, and a good bus route. Oli Tearle (28) To live with loved ones in a stress free environment Oliver being in love and being surrounded by nature and having a VW bus Olivia (17) To be surrounded by wonderful works of literature, and for someone to love me unconditionally. Oliviaa. to spend most of my time doing creative work and the rest with people and animals I love, around a dinner table, with great conversation and good music in the background oliviathunderkitty (63) Look throught he window when I am ont he road, and imagine all the things that could have happen there and so I am there... thinking... in love... sad... etc. Oliwankenobi (21) Living a creative life. Olly (37) Being able to keep the world unpolluted for those who come after me Omar p. (26) Being surrounded by family OneMan Living free of financial hardship, surrounded by those I love, and with enough time to follow passion as well as profession. ontherazzle (40) To be with those I love ooinla (40) To consciously savour every moment that goes by. Oph (30) love and money Orby (40) a bottle of jack and a woman on my arm Orchid (29) Feeling genuinely compelled to commit to something that serves a purpose greater than myself. ORK (22) be in bed with my scimmietta in my arms orsetto (19) to learn somethimg new every new day Oskar (60) To do what I want to do make games with people that think like me and have my family close by. Oso To live in contact with people I love, with the beauties of nature, with a quantity of books and music. Ovi (24) A nice, well-designed house with a good view, friends in close and frequent contact oxoboxo (22) To be with my friends or alone, with all my tasks finished, and with a peaceful mind. Øyvind (27) Peace. Ozymandias Jefferson Roosevelt (24) To exercise and write daily, sleep a lot, read, and be with my friends and family PAB (43) To receive, believe and accept compliments. Pacie No people should die of hunger and helping each other Paddy (29) To shuggle up with a good book on a cold day or watching a film with the kids. Paggy (33) connection with self and a life that manifests my desires pagina (20) Surrounded by friends and laughter, mentally stimulating conversation Paige (34) Surrounded by friends and laughter, mentally stimulating conversation Paige (34) To find my true happiness and live a full, complete life. Paige (29) Live peacefully and in harmony with nature Paige Hall (17) Nature and traveling Palaila (28) Surrounded by art in all shape and form palais (32) Love Paldies (39) My children, books, friends, dogs , nature,the sea,swimming, more books Paloma Coyoacan (56) To have a great relationshio with my family members, friends and lover Pam (63) enough to eat and family Pam Blackwell live happy, surrounded by the people I love, no economic worries, have thousands of books, being able to eat everyday in the finest restaurants Pamcake (28) cumplir mis sueños y viajar pamelaja (27) to live in external and internal peace Panagiotis Theofilas (37) It doesn't exist. Panchi money, time, health and love pandaaah (23) Fulfillment. Panic (18) to be surrounded by the people i love and no they are safe panthergirl (36) Avoiding boredom, thinking a lot, being content Parker (18) A sunny autumn day, my daughters nearby, my husband cooking dinner, a good book and me in flannel pajamas parksmi (51) to be healthy and rest and dance parvati6 To be with my family, and a dog...a white dog Passepartout (27) A road trip through a strange country with the right woman. Pat (39) Wealth and health Patek (25) Having a nice beer in a nice tavern on a nice night in a nice location (with a nice girl if possible) Pat Garrett (26) growing old together with the loved one, and a house full of kids patric (30) To have peace of mind, a diverse, open-minded set of friends. Patrick J. Derilus An afternoon outdoors with Michael and an evening home with Her Patrick Newman (23) Having a career, not a job. Patrick Trotti (26) Fuck or get fucked every day patroklos good weather.lots of flowers and tropical plants,ferns,running water,birds,frogs etc. patsy,world war II baby Same as Proust's answer :) Patti (20) To have those I love in arm's reach and to know thar Patty In close proximity of family and friends, near the city and the country with nature and modern conviniences, near the sea Patty (32) Having a place to go,a way to make money, friends to hang with Patty (56) To visit friends, travel and experience new things. Patty Cake (29) to be with the people i cherish and to be successful at what i want to do Paul (16) Equality and being surrounded by respectul people. Enjoying the outdoors. Paul loving and being loved, being surrounded with; beauty and excellence in all things Paula (54) Motivational relationships with friends and someone I love, in therms of culture, music, literature, cinema, sex and weirdness. Paula (19) To live everyday doing what you want without routine with people you love. Paulina (18) Glass of wine at the end of the day Pauline53 (53) Playing music or writing Paulshrug (44) It is my Love. Pavel Š. (18) To be surrounded by family with no worries PaWe (50) a bright future pax (23) hiking in the mountains with your partner and overlooking the terrain PB (20) rollin around in the leaves P-Boh To be filled with earthly pleasures and rewards Pea (17) The life I had before people found my haven. Pearl Maxwell (29) To be close to the people I love, surrounded by music Pedro Albernaz (20) With my loved ones Pedro Luis Munoz (24) Everyone doing what they feel like doing, sans the stuff that harms people/things/plants/etc. Pedro Tejada (20) being rich and financially helping those in need - especially children Peggy (57) Experiencing true love, enjoying the pleasures of ephimeral music and achieving true peace. pehi (26) El de felicidad es un concepto que no entiendo del todo, supongo que es ese momento de paz, con tu cuerpo con tu mente y con tu alma. Pekusia (22) being with my husband and my son Penney (48) To be happy at the most basic level and enjoying what the Earth has to offer PEP (18) lIve life doing Gods will Pepper lIve life doing Gods will Pepper To mean something, to be meaningful to myself and to others Percy (27) To have few necessities and possess them, thus being free to devote time to others Peregrine growing my own food, spending time with good friends and laughing as much as possible Perfidia to be rich and happy. perla21 (13) to be listened to and followed due to people recognising my skills and experience pesser (57) Discussions on beauty with sexual partners Pessoa non Grata To live comfortably, not worrying about money Peter Dyson (56) To be travelling, by elephant, airplane, river raft, tuk-tuk--by all means available Peter Heron (57) To live in tranquility with my love Peter Joseph Tamber Maxima Gaffney To love and to be loved in abundance. Peter Silva (46) To have memorable conversations, lie in bed with someone I love, with books and tea, hand massages and travel adventure Petree (22) To be constant, to give myself freely to everyone and to act without ever feeling oppressed. phantasmatica good friends, good food, good art,music, drame, ross, to be warm,freedom Phil (44) a cup of coffee and a cigarette. (nice view optional) Phil Make enough money, have an alright girl, and have good friends around me Phil (25) Constant travel to new places- new expeirences. Phil Dignan (52) harmony with yourself ,be in love,good friends,the beauties of where we live philippe (59) Getting to see my son more than once every other year. Philomena (80) To know what I want, and to see a path to it. Phil R. (30) Being content with my existence Phoenix (39) contentment and serenity phreec (35) To accect what is and see the beauty in everything. Phyllis (60) Being at peace with myself, having a relationship with Jesus Phyllis Boyajian Branche to be able to educate myself and share in that education freely without worry of finances and to alway have plenty to read, to listen to in good conversaton and music and to be able to garden picfxr (45) To be able to share beauty of nature with my family again P.I. Elliot To be well en route Pieterpad (80) To answer to no one or thing Pingbluto to be independent pinny able to do what ever i want to pintoo (24) Having a husband who is honest and who I know will always put my best interest before his Piper Bella Rose Being with friends and family and everyone getting along Pistol Pete I'm happy when my friends are with me pitch1406 (13) To love everything that is beautiful, and can be made beautiful pk_evanescent (38) To be with the ones i love, to read books, have a good day with my friends. pk_henry Family, free will, and a constant question. Platinum Era (21) To have the money, freedom, hobbies, and social connections that satisfy you in your life. Plebelbe (21) To be financially independant, young and healthy and be able to do as I please. Pleiadian7 (59) Having a worthwhile career that I love, and to live in a beautiful and natural environment. Also to be able to sleep in as long as I want every day! Plusein (25) climbing mount everest pluto (26) Food Wine Love travel PomanderNatalie (45) To live with my loving wife and two children. Pontius Pilate (30) To live among books and people who can discuss them Poobah (65) health, money and family pooja (30) To be a celebrated writer Pooja to be at the seashore without a care in the world listening to my fav music Pooki (55) To have pleasant experiences with family and friends, and terrifying and exhilarating experiences with oneself poop fella (25) to wake up next to someone who makes me want to wake up and yet not leave the bed, then to feel accomplished, feel music drown me, to be lost in a story, to be exhilerated and aware of how nervous I am at that moment of fear. Pope (31) nature, books, friends and music pp (31) To be able to feel serenity in the smallest of acts Prajakta (23) To be able to lead a comfortable life complete with the ones I love and enough books to read, films to watch and beer to drink Pranaya R (28) To be in contact with righteousness of self actions and to take on every opportunity to live life to the fullest and learning as much as possible. Pranay Gupta (22) Everything that money can buy and then shared with everyone else Prasanna (23) the right amount of wealth Prashant Gnawali (22) To be heard and to be taken care of Pratama (22) To achieve what I long for Pratiksha (15) isn't that an oxymoron? maybe love. Preacher (34) Open communication, music, great food and making a day where you create a adventure Prelly (26) TO LIVE IN A PLETY LIVE , WITH PEOPLE I LOVE, WORK, HEALTH PRETTYMARY69 (39) To live close to people I love, have enough money, be able to do what I love –– read, write, draw; have meaningful conversations. Essentially grow fuller with knowledge, experience, wisdom and love - every day. PriC (26) To have a vast personal library & no duties except those I take on cheerfully Priceequation (33) Living my life without fear. Prime Minister Appa (50) I would be travel in New York princessgirafe83 (13) Books, music, painting, sun, ocean, dogs Prismatic (74) To live in contact with those I love, with the beauties of nature, with a quantity of books and music, and to have, within easy distance priya (33) Being able to live in complete intellectual and moral honesty with the people around me. Not having to have to hide anything from the world. professionalprocrastinator (20) Bringing on criminals Protagonist (20) run the streets Protagonist To be aware that I live with people who love me Protovium (63) To feel engaged with something; to do something that I enjoy and that is fulfilling Pseudointeresting (17) to have someone to love,something to eat and somewhere to sleep p-sissy (20) To have a clear conscious and know I have done my best everyday. psv (48) To own a nice home and be able to travel Puffinb (39) living in a beautiful self fulfilling small town pughal (30) love and friendship PUNK PAINTER (37) health, wealth, love puppylush (35) To have financial freedom, a loving loyal wife and well behaved children. Qaz (30) to be surrounded by my loved ones, being understood and driven Qi (18) Being understood and needed by those I love. Quasimodo (30) Being loved Quimper (LV) Loving your surroundings, places, people, where you are in life. Quinn (23) to be close with the people I love, being loved back, having fun, reading, developing, and listening to Music. qweasd To love and to be loved in return by the one I love. R (50) To be well-respected in the field I'm most passionate about; to have love, friends, books, and cats Rachel (21) Feeling all emotions, good and bad, no matter what. Rachel (21) To love with no selfishness or pride Rachelmate (39) TO BE SATISFIED WITH WHAT I AM DOING AND WHAT I HAVE RACHU (32) To introduce anything that gives me pleasure or inspiration to a friend. radomu (18) communication, acceptance, tolerance, comfort Raelynn (57) I wish I had an ideal for it, but if I did, it would be to feel... achieved. raf (19) Being content with the life I've built for myself Ragna (19) being reciprocated in love and having my family near RagsTyler (33) Loafing and inviting my soul :) Rah (25) To be able to live fully; to attain professional and personal fulfillment and to go to bed each day knowing I did my best. Rahul (21) To watch magnificent films and to be with my friends and family Rain (16) To watch magnificent films and to be with my friends and family Rain To have all my family close by, safe and happy, but to have a room of my own and quiet time. rainbird To love and be loved. Raj (18) To be loved and accepted Raju (21) To have great friends, make great memories, feel loved and belong. Ralph (21) To stop seeing things that others do not see. Ramesses Benjamin Lewis (27) Presenting Training Programs for people Ramu (59) creating stuff with friends. exploring the city and discovering new places. learning. reading the words of the great minds. Ran (25) loving family, wealth, health, success Raph Bacon, bacon, bacon; I love bacon Rapunzel being surrounded by friends and family, books, music, and good food. Raquelle (17) To be able to have my family and friends around me, live a comfortable life, go hiking once in a while, read books, write prose and poetry. Rara (22) Being in tune with nature and the elements around me. Rashmi (21) To force others to seek the lowest depth of their misery. Raumabaya or The Rau (00) drowned in money and riches rave (18) My immediate family, Christmas Day. No one else. Raven (30) i don't understand the question raven (17) To be with those I love and for them to be happy Raven (15) Freedom and individuality Raven Anston To spend time in ideas, to have a kiss before sleep, to have some new wonder each day. Ray of Mars (36) Belonging rb3868 (52) knowledge and pleaure RD To live in contact with art Rea (19) power RealCoolDave To have life that if full love and happiness and close friends/family Rebecca (19) To be able to express any and everything Rebecca Scheid (13) Partnership, family, harmony with nature, and a healthy respect for disharmony. Recross (25) Being truly alone to do whatever I please without any sort of reprimand or obligation to others Red (26) To be free from financial worries. To be able to pursue my dreams and passions to their fullest extent. To love my wife to the best of my ability. Redbeard (24) To give of myself without need of repayment Redrover (50) A day filled with happiness, spent with the one I love Ree (21) to be around positive surroundings, having a positive person to love ree (24) Love, freedom, intellectual challenge Reed Braden (19) to be truly loved and love truly reetz (28) Being with my son Reggie Benjamin (35) Good food, tasty drinks and many many books Remi (28) to have all of my needs and some of my wants met. RENA (62) Any given experience at any present moment. Renata (0) Just to be with the one that i love and care for. Renath To not worry about finances, to do what I enjoy and what I am good at, to help others Renee (44) Fantastic food, good humour, and regular sex. You said earthly, not intellectual. Renee Stanko (27) unconditional love reneetriay (40) To have the full approval of my parents, for them to be proud of me. Ren Harris to do what i love best and get paid for doing it which is singing and touring the world and sell millions of my album renno (17) To feel everything as if you were immortal Renos (24) Being at peace with one's identity Renuka (21) to be able to protect those i care for renz (15) With no acquaintances be forgot, no major obligations for the day, and the checks cleared Requiem (27) Does it exist at all? Or are we all haunted by our mortality, with only fleeting moments of peace. Rethinker (26) being surrounded by love retroandi To have at least one person in your life who is in precise mental alignment with you, whom you know understands things and processes them the exact same way you do. Reuben Samson (21) "To live in contact with those I love, with the beauties of nature, with a quantity of books and music" Reva Ann (20) To feel the sun, water, and wind, uninterrupted; and to toil for enjoyment rather than necessity Rewrew Living off the land/grid Rhail (38) To enjoy good foods and conversation RHCdG (52) Realising your goals, having true friends and having meaningfull conversations Rhea (25) lots of coffee surrounded by all my friends who all get along, books and music Ria (24) To live a fulfilling life in harmony with nature and humanity. To share a beautiful romantic connection with another. Ric H (41) Living in a hillside shack in the woods of Japan. Richard (22) Peace, coffee, sunshine and a good book Rick Good friends, books, land, and the Church. Rick (18) To live according to my own values, and to be surrounded by natural beauty, stacks of books, and family. Ricky (20) To be surrounded by people I love, in a nice house with a garden, every room filled to the brim with book shelves, to be doing something I love. Rie Sharing events with friends and loved ones, occasionally being alone in nature, learning something and achieving a task using that knowledge. Riley (26) Oh the usual: love, life, and liquor in abundance riley (19) A life filled with music, dance, film, nature, literature, and people I care I really care about Riley (14) A life filled with music, dance, film, nature, literature, and people I care I really care about Riley (14) to live in a community that takes care and genuinely loves each other Rilo to drive a lamborgini aventador in the most eхpensive clothes and have everything i want Rina (20) to love and be loved Rini Living with my soulmate, close to all of my loved ones in a big two story apartment, decorated by me, having my own successful company, being able to listen to music I love and go to various concerts of my choice. Rinilia (17) To love, care and show respect for others and to be loved, cared for and respected in turn Riss (37) To be with the person I love most, and to know my friends and family are safe and secure. RiverSong (32) To live in a place where I can be myself freely. To live with those I love and everything I care for. Riyu (17) Visit Turkey and its Mardan Palace Riza (17) time and money to pursue your wildest wishes Rizwan (21) no wars, no one has to die RJJM (13) Sleep when I'm sleepy. I eat when I'm hungry . Laugh when I'm sad and cry when I feel like Rkabrita (43) To find joy in the beauty of the world around me Rmill (27) doing what you love most surrounded by people you love ro (21) love rob (54) Time to do the things I love, and to share them with the people I love. Rob (45) An erotic life with God Rob (27) To do what you love, with the people you love, and to live comfortably. Robbie Curran (19) To do everything with no effort Robert Danduran (26) to be and be loved Roberto (22) To be able to live the way I want to without damaging others or myself. Roberto Rivadeneyra Q (35) Tits Robert Tatler (18) appreciating what you have Robin (22) unlimited wealth,freedom from harrasments rob luddington (45) To be surrounded by my four sons. Robo (56) Success with creativity, love and work.. and constant live music. robot Peace between all people and countries. Robyn (15) To be surrounded by those I love and have ever record I ever wanted. Rochelle (40) To have a consistent measure of contentment Rockstar to live securely enough to slum through life Rocky Permanent pleasure, security, and talent that I can manifest Rodders (32) laughing with old friends Roderick Surrounded by love and serenity Rodica (32) To have the freedom to pursue whatever hobbies, subjects I desire; to travel and live anywhere; and have all my friends near me. Rodrigo (24) in where i felt nice whit what i am rodrigo zarate (29) Complete lack of malice and people provoking it. Rod Weiler (21) When my problems can almost all be considered 'first world problems' Roe (47) not to be alone and to have the freedom everyone wants with no control roger (45) to be able to relax inside one's mind roguebroccoli (18) Sex Rollwagen (26) when you laugh so much you cry roloropo (29) To enjoy happiness with the people I adore the most. Roma (14) Playing catch with my dog. Roman (38) To be close with the ones I love,to travel to every corner of this earth,to read,to play and listen to music and to love a woman eternally Roman (23) Living with loved ones in a lively and healthy environment Romina (16) To have lots of time, no responsabilites, be constantly reminded I'm loved. Romina (21) to be with my love ones Ronald (40) To be a successful, respected performer with a healthy and happy family by my side Ronen (27) To live surrounded by family, friends, nature and music. Roo (20) To make good things Rooster (68) to live in contact with those i love roro (23) Posibility Rorshavhanswer (18) To live with people I love, with good friends nearby, in the beauty of nature, with lots of books, music, and movies, and have work that is love made visible. Rosa (19) As above Rosalee Firth To live in nature and be able to have what I want, and want what I have. Rosalie Grace (16) silence in nature, watching others be happy, a good cup of coffee or tea, films that make you cry, a dog who will love you unconditionally Rosalinda Chavez (19) to not suffer anymore Rose (17) To have enough money to live without worrying about money, to continue my education, and to be surrounded by my loved ones. Rose (33) To live in a world where I am well known and loved. Rose To be stimulated by nature, family, and friends who surround you. To laugh and to love. Rose (31) To have a happy family with no drama Roseanne (29) Driving down backroads looking for people and places to photograph Rosie (52) To be loved Rosie (53) To never the truth about the war. Rosie Important to have a desire to live on. ross (29) To read,to swim in a warm sea, to drink wine at dusk Rossboss (37) my family safe form financial woes, good wine, good conversation, good people rossi accomplishment; satisfaction of self ro to the rah (20) to always be intimitely and deeply connected to the ones i love, to live free from my past traumas, therefore always pursuing art and truth and new adventure roustabout To wake up each day feeling excited for the day ahead, loved and overwhelmed with love for the people around you. Roux (18) Freedom. Rowan (16) Being rewarded for doing what they love Rowan Bartlett (23) A holiday in a quiet and exotic place, with the one I love, my favourite books and my music. Rox (17) Being content with who I am and what I have and with the people who are in my life. Roxanne Mooneys (22) In contact with my family RRRRR snuggling in comfort with love one rsan Living somewhere quiet, with the few people I love. rtalien (25) Being with people who inspire laughter and debate. rubysparkles (23) To have access to the simple things in life despite living in a big city Rudi (24) Be with a happy family with no fights, that my sister's husband cherish her, to have a partner that loves me and takes care of me, give mymother the house thatshe dreams of Rumi (42) To live in reciprocally loving, caring, understand relationships giving and receiving whatever is needed. runur (44) This changes dependent on the decade, however books are always involved Rushkami (27) Surrounded with people I love; family and friends, to be loved, healthy and hopefull. Ruska (33) Eating icecream with Josi and Keyonna Ruskin Clay (17) everybody havin' a good time. Ruskin Clay (17) Harmony and the acceptance of difference as the norn Russell Sandbach (53) Books, music, real friends Ruth Loving your life, Ruth To see my children happy and healthy Ruth (48) To be accepted for who I am by those I care about Ruthie (19) To be in love Ruwani (14) Family and a career. Rux Just being with those that I love and cherish. R. W. (26) hedonism rwk (57) A mixture of pleasure and work Ryan (18) To be able to brilliantly capture all things encompassed in life through the arts. Ryan (15) look after Dogs Ryan B (23) The absence of worries. Ryan Brun (23) Letting go. Ryan Brun (27) Forgiving yourself. Ryan Brun (29) Her name is Jamie. Ryan C (30) Travelling the world for the rest of my life and owning a huge manor house in the country with a massive garden and a library Ryan Riley (26) To live in a world where pollution is non existent and living in harmony is into play. Ryh (16) Freedom Ryno (26) To find true love, to hold it tender, and know it is bringing out the best in my everyday actions and my ultimate destiny. Ryssan (22) to be comfortable S (20) To have a great love without being persecuted for having it S (26) To be happily married in a house full of plants and animals S (13) To be happily married in a house full of plants and animals S (13) cycling, reading, writing, friends s (23) Money, have all material needs s33d (20) To always be near my loved ones Saba (19) To be loved by whom I love Sabine (18) To be perfectly content- with your belongings, with others, with yourself. sableye22 (17) Dancing, laughing and making everyone around me laugh Sabri (19) Being around nature, and reading a book under a tree Sabrina Loving my wife Sabrina To wake up with a perfect face of makeup everyday Sabrina Ruffino (17) World peace Sacha (30) being outdoors Sahara (15) to have ample time for reading s. a. hensley (45) lucidity saief (28) To see a pure laugh.,to receive an unconditional support. SAI LAXMI TATINENI (40) When alone (as I am most of the times) finding your purpose, living in the moment and achieving the state of flow as Alan Watts put it. Over longer periods in my life, I agree with Proust. (replace French theater with a symphony orchestra saill (24) is to understand the ones I love sailor A society that prioritizes education, egalitarianism, and a progressive, humanist future Salem (21) Reading and sherbert lemons Sally of Kent being self reliant sam (19) To be loved Sam (24) to have excellent health, friends, family, pets and to love and be loved with financial freedom Sam (36) To be a master magician with his friends, family, a mosque nearby. Sam Doing the things you love, in a place you love, surrounded by people you love Sam (22) To be have someone who loves me and who I love back Sam (26) To be around the ones i love, to travel and explore, to stay active Sam (17) To love and be loved, to be blessed. Samantha (17) Exercising, dancing, listening to good music, swimming, being with those I love, exploring nature Sam(antha) (24) adventures Samantha (30) A roof over my head with a pillow underneath it, along with loving arms wrapped around me Samantha (35) To be with the people I care most about Samantha Davenport (18) To be in a place that I love, with the people I love. Sam Gordon (18) A family and comfortable living Sami (18) To love yourself for how you are. Sam Legros (19) To be content with the people around me, books to read, dancing until my feet hurt and to be loved sammyantha (39) Be with your loved ones samps (29) eco friendly Sam Ruiz (19) Family intact, healthy and loving SamSam (33) Love and comfort Samuel (19) To have all my financial needs met with room to spare so I could focus on creating. San to live a happy life with my family and my friends Sandu (15) sand between my toes, seafood for dinner, waves to watch and hear, sunrises and sunsets Sandy to play music as much as possible, teach kids music, take my dog to the beach as much as possible, spend time with my cousins, have my masters degree Sandy (32) friends, family and love. Music and football Sandy (25) do well in school make your parents happy sankari (39) To have an endless supply of books and movies and tv shows and fanfiction. To be surrounded by people who love me. To never eat the same thing twice. Sara (23) to be close to family, to feel supported Sara (57) to have a home and to live quietly and be fully self sustaining Sara (50) A day free of commitment in the company of loved ones Sara C aka Snacks aka Sarbs (26) To love everyone as I love myself Sarah (23) to be able to do anything but have to do nothing sarah sitting with someone you love. or multiple someones. sarah (14) To reach a balance of my physical, spiritual and intelectual needs Sarah (23) Sun on my face, book in my hand, family by my side. Sarah (38) to be loved and have beautiful children that you raise well, to love the Lord with all your heart and soul, to never feel the hopelessness of debt Sarah (13) to laugh a lot and gain wisdom over money, and to garden sarah (22) a table set with ale, surrounded by a diversity of friends Sarah (33) having nothing but yet having everything sarah (21) To live in peace with others and my environment. Sarah (27) To feel at peace with God and oneself, knowing that this life is only temporary. Sarah (18) To be loved and to love. To enjoy things I am passionate about everyday. To paint, to dance, to laugh, to learn, to be at peace. Sarah (24) He is all of my happiness. Sarah (27) Having friends and family with you always sarahbeth (21) be loved and feel accomplished Sarah Carlton (18) to be loved, with those i love, in a place all our own, not worrying about money and able to have delicious food Sarah Hollinger (28) Cleaning up dolls with Mona SarahSometimes (22) Be surrounded by good friends, to be happy and to always have something to look forward to. Sarah Taylor Vernarecci (19) Just being happy? I can't name just one thing Sarah Taylor Vernarecci (19) Having a powerful husband, being in love, a lot of food sara luisa hincapie (23) Having a great big home, a loving family and a lot of food. Sara Ortiz (27) To live close to friends and family, with a constant supply of books, music, and beautiful things; and also, to live close to a lake Sara P. (18) Everyone has a different idea of happiness Sarge18162 (13) have people to love and care for, something to be proud of, space to breathe and stretch sargual be comfortable to walk bearfoot everywhere Sasha (30) waking up close to forest listening to songbirds Sasha To wake up each day with a new thought Sasha Hasanbegovic (26) To know God, be free from want with a good book and enough quiet green space to read and daydream. Sasha_M (34) To have love Sasha Sutton (22) have a family and live alongside nature in peace and harmony. sat (20) Libraries. sauron (24) Music, my niece, animals, nature, my family and friends Savannah (27) doing what i love with the people i love Savannah Henry (18) To love and be loved, good food and music savannahw. (19) being surrounded by loved ones and beautiful food Sax (32) Mum Sax (8) To be with my family (and chocolate) scarletsquirrel (13) Personal success and recognition. Scarlett (25) To live without limits of fear and money. schulzmk (26) A great bottle of wine, and nothing to do the next day. Scooter (29) To be around friends, to have conversations Scooter190 (21) being a part of the community I reside in Scott (60) To be able to nothing Scott (17) Connection Scott777 Eating cookies, or plating a board game Scotty (18) Freedom scotty (59) Freedom scotty (59) To be around things that make you happy on a day to day basis. Scotty Family, friends, falling in love, art, music, sex, literature, exploration, the journey of self-discovery. Screaming Bastard Child of the Apocalyps (23) To be able to aspire to new heights, to feel hope that not all is diminished. Sean (19) To be with my friends with good food, good drink, and good discussion Sean D. Thompson (22) Balance of all things. Good and bad in order to realize how truly great some things are. Sean Kennedy (22) Free from the shackles men impose upon themselves and each other Sean Reveille (19) Restablecer la belleza del mundo, qué los seres humanos se amen de nuevo. Sebasagot (23) Books, tea, clever friends, the theatre, lots of music, an Internet connection, and a lover. Sebastian (18) Being around people I love and who love me, discover good music, learn how to play an instrument and study what I like. Sebastian H (18) being able to find inspiration everywhere, and to have unconditional, fairy tale love Sedona (16) Having people who love me and whom I can love. Being friends with my favorite writers, musicians, people. Unlimited and free-of-cost visaless travel. Endless time to read. Good food. Good tea. Good heath. Happy parents. And a cat. Sejal Ghia (24) Being surrounded by people I love and knowing that what I do in the world really matters. Selene H. Brent World Peace Seon (33) To have no regrets SeraphimeRising (31) Having friends and loved ones close, and enough money to enjoy anything I want to. Serena (26) A whisky bar, a well-furnished library, a man I love. Serene Lim (24) to be surrounded with music, beauty, art and culture in a warm climate serenity To appreciate art and the natural world, and other people Seth Street (19) Reading. Sexismandthecity (28) To live with those I love, to support them, to live with a purpose in occupation and the means of self education. Sgraham (28) To be rich S. Griffin (16) Creating a community of my loved ones shadoww420 (33) Delicious dinner, friends, gin Shaina (22) To live among friends, do work that serves people helping them to be happy and healthy and content. ShaLo (66) To be loving and feel loved while contributing my talents for the good of all. ShaLo For the world to be completely peaceful, if that makes sense Shamir (13) A good book, a glass of wine and a meaningful conversation Shana (22) To be with those I love, with an ample supply of cigarettes, an unremitting flow of music, constant laughter and to have a place nearby to dance Shane (19) love and art and money shane (25) To feel connected to the world around me Shane Being complete. Shanna (19) Oh, I don't know. Hot supper every now and then. Shannon Cole (22) Being on a vacation in a hotel SharaMays72 Financial Stability, and My Family to share it with. Sharankumar Nadarajah (19) seclusion from worldly bullshit. Shari (21) To be allowed to be myself. To have time to read all the books I want to read. Being selfish. Warm weather. Being loved. Sharice (22) To have just enough money to take away the worries and be able to concentrate on the more important things. SharonBillings To be surrounded by love & abundance & have the freedom to enjoy them. Shauna (40) Not feeling depressed`....being with people, cooking lots, growing food, walking in the woods (nature) shaurora (64) to support my family with anything that they need, to find someone that loves me unconditionally, to se the beauty in the world, to have success in my life Shawna (21) comfort (with environment, with people) shawna (17) to be pleasantly occupied shawpur (66) To experience your good dreams come true Shaz (27) Artistic freedom Shdhdh (32) Those first few moments after giving birth SHE (44) To be in love with someone who loves me back. To have a child running around in the sand. To be proud of myself as a person. Shea (28) To have Things to Do that you enjoy doing sheavsey (21) Having horses and riding the range. Sheila D (55) eternal life - for myself and my loved ones shelby not having to strive for perfection shelby (15) To live a life without addiction. Shelley (32) to love and know that i am loved Shelly (17) To live without allowing criticism, both real and imagined, to erode your self worth and confidence. To live knowing your purpose, feeling the connection to all other life. Shellybelly1 (49) mass amounts of wealth and prestige Shep Howard To love and be loved Sheri An end to war and poverty. For people to live with compassion. Everyone to be vegan. For ecosystems to thrive as nature intended. Sherry Fuller (41) it is when you fully understand God's word and live with it shiela (18) To be fulfilled by Christ Shig (29) Seeing her smile Shiloh Moretti (16) To love, be loved, promote love, and pursue love; all with a clear mind and gentle intent. Shimomeiji (19) I want to live near people who are caring and intuitive in a region with ecological diversity. I want very much to feel closeness to the earth and at least one person. Shina (28) To work at something I'm skilled at, to be around people I love, and to be free to do what I want to do. Shinydan (34) To be surrounded by my loved ones doing something that will positively impact somebody else. ShiversB (19) o be satisfied with what i am shodhana (20) To live near with all the things i love and cherish shorty (14) To have my loved ones happy and healthy, to achieve my material ambitions without abandoning my beliefs in myself and the world around me Shubhda (24) To be true to myself and to be by the clean free ocean shupiwe (35) the love of family and friends Shy (25) To be loved, to understand by potential, to find true happiness and peace of mind Si (34) to be with the person I love, and be loved sibbell (59) To get all the things that I need in life whenever I need it Sibin (26) The ecstasy I feel during intense prayer or Torah study Sid (57) Love SID (53) To live each day without an agenda but still have purpose. To see the light at the end of the tunnel always. To have spirit to chase every whim but the wisdom to deal with empty hands. Siddharth (23) Time to be with those I love, time to be alone in the garden, time to read Sidedrive (70) Good food, good books, good environment, good conversation and to make and look at beautiful things. Siena (21) a clean beach, with no oil spills or any type of pollution whatsoever. clear skies, clean air. Sienna de Wilde (17) Long stretches of uninterrupted solitude/writing, broken up with useful work and radical sex. Sierra Whiskey I second what Proust said. Also, have sufficient free time to enjoy all this. Replace French theatre with ballet. Signe (22) To have a family Silvia (18) Feeling loved Simen (18) Lifestyles of the rich and famous Simon (19) Love, creativity, friends Simon (20) For everyone to be polite and partial to each other. Simona (16) To have my own beautiful house that is both close to nature and the city, with a dog, a cat, and and husband sinawae (27) No borders, no religion, no economy, no races to live in planetary society sindjiro Great job, family, and money Sirena Wainford (17) Deep connection with other people brought about by using my natural healing abilities to bring about positive change in others. Sirith (33) To be free of evil conflict and embraced by loving companionship. Sir Richard (52) Being alone in nature. Sixela Negomi achieving my dreams while remaining myself sj (23) The freedom to travel and be creative SJ (44) Being surrounded by the things/ people you love and who love you Sj (16) Good food, Good books, and A Hard Day's Work. SkinnyBoneTree (25) it's too utopian, doesn't exist skitalica (27) Be in touch with yourself and mother nature, love unconditionally those who matter,Music you love , & books with movies Skurge (17) loving my work, being able to travel, having good relationships Skytalker (26) To love the taste of food Sle (41) to enjoy good company, to find true love (and to keep it), to love one's self, and to be content with today sleepy (20) live with my family, friends nearby and a bounty of food Slim A steady relationship, a job I don't want to throw myself down a set of stairs at, good friends, and time to write and read. Sloceface (23) Have a room of my own, with music and books, live with those I love sluggishflow (22) love, loved, in love, in loved, wealth sm (38) To live in peace, with a garden, friends, and literature for company S. M. A. Armstrong (21) To have a cinema of our own and to be able to carry it with us when we travel Smaranda (33) To have an absolute fuckload of money Smeghead travel with my husband smithmarg (45) Questionable behavior with good company Smo (27) Peace. Being fully known. Not having to live in debt or to constantly pretend. smude music, friends, comedy, books snibab (19) To live with my family Snorkools (15) loving and being loved snorris (23) Drinking with my friends at Maxie's Pub Snyde (38) To listen and to be listened to, to understand and be understood So (22) a bookstore, bakery, butcher, and bit of beauty around the corner socksless To share time with those I love, enjoy all kinds of art Sofi (24) To live in blessed solitude, with only a few adored companions, perhaps, with lots of books, and Art, and opera. Sofia (15) to love and be loved, be free and do things that make me and others around me happy, express myself and be unique and amazing sofia (14) Being with my family and friends. Laughing and going to the movies. Sofía Godd music, good books, good friends and good food. Sofia Picasso (14) To live with peace of mind, in contact with those I love, with the beauties of nature, with a quantity of books and music, lots of pets, and a bike. Sofía P. S. (20) music, movies and all kinds of art, family, friendly faces, children laughter, a significant other and a puppy Sofija (22) To live a life full of happiness and love, surrounded by the ones I love. Sofyzitahh (23) to access the ability to love and be loved; to live in peace and with the support of beloved others, while maintaining one's sense of independence solitary confinement (44) Holding a beautiful woman Solomon (24) To be able to do what I wish when I wish with no negative consequences SolomonGrundy (45) To not want more, but be content with what you have. Sombra (20) go on exciting trips, feel alive every second Some random person (16) to be content with self Sonet P Visiting an art gallery Sonia (25) Coming to the end of a Nabokov book after a long, sedulous, worshipful walk in its forested mountains Sonya Dahl (21) to be with someone who loves sme Soos (32) to be with people you love and share your thoughts sooz (38) Loving and being loved, enjoying my days more often than I don't, not having to worry about money, and being able to help others. Sophia (25) Love of others and the self Sophie (20) What I have now. Friends and creativity and freedom and prospects. Sophie (17) True, close, nourishing relationship with people Sophie peace and contentment with myself. Sophie accomplishment Sorrow (23) to live a carefree life, with loved ones and be able to fulfill all our needs souma (32) Few friends, Couple of rivals, Good books, music and food. Sourabh Bharadwaj (21) To be removed from those with more faults than I, and to be able to study the universe. S.P. (20) to be understood and accepted sp3ccylad (44) to be with my loved ones Spacebug (42) Success, professional and personal Spacey (24) To be with those I love when they are most happy and at peace and to have the leisure to read and enjoy the arts Sparrow (46) To laugh and love often Sparrow (17) To be alone with oneself and be content Speck (36) Comfort and the means to enjoy it without guilt Spencer (25) The release of being obligated to be alive that comes with death. Spencer Stewart A loving family, all the collectables money can buy, and an endless supply of food. Spencer Valdez (11) The government never shutting down ever again, Bashar al-Assad dead, and justice, rights and freedom to all. Spencer Valdez (12) to be healthy spider (66) True love, simple life, no wants. Spike Spiegel the paralysis of newborns Spina Bifida Something I can keep unconditionally and forever, even a memory, even of something bad. spyrost (50) contact with evils Srishti Gupta (19) fff ss (33) ssssssssssssssssssss sssssssssssssssssssss (23) spending time with loved ones, spending time doing things i like to do like reading, listening to music, bead work, watching movies, etc ssv (40) getting into harvard, graduating from there and becoming a high-class citizen Stacy Hilton (15) to be able to live with my family in close proximity to my friends stan (54) Being popular Star (11) To live life free and independant, connecting to the natural world, living and growing and enjoying the world with those I love Starflower (19) Sex Ste (16) Being alone with the person you love the most Ste (26) peace,love, my family next to me and good health Stella (28) Lounging on the beach, listening to the waves enjoying a bottle of wine. Stella (53) To have the food, water, shelter , my family and the archive Steph Complete power, unquestionable authority Steph I agree with Proust on this one: To be near my friends and family, with access to books, music, and films. Stephanie (23) to have lots of money Stephanie (21) To find peace and inspiration within nature; essentially, to feel at home in nature, which I have not done yet, but am getting closer today than I was yesterday. Stephanie (18) to be close with my family, have any books with me, any music that I desire. stephanie (13) Hiking, avocados, road trips in the SW, comedy Stephanie (49) to do what i want to do, anything stephanie (20) To be surrounded by nature and indulge in pure organic happiness. Stephanie Yt (21) vacationing with loved ones a sunny day at the beach with a good book & my ipod stephbsemilla (40) A summer day off, with no agenda, $100 in my jeans. No obligations & endless possibilities Stephen (56) playing music for some one who loves you Stephen (26) sharing nature with my wife Stephen (78) having everything i need Stephen Stacks To earn a living as an artist of some kind. Steve (20) To be with my soulmate. Steve (39) the eyes of my grandchildren Steve (53) Self actualization Steve To be comfortable with myself Steve (23) Living in a cultural stir-pot of talent, love, goodwill,all striving for excellence. Steve (56) To have good books to read good music and places to travel to Steve Hanawalt (56) An ancient, green, healthy forest. A hobbit house. Happy dogs everywhere. Access to mankinds achievements but people being far enough away to never notice them if I wish not to. Steve K (27) To be in harmony with those I love and to be free of authority. Steven Hayward (47) having a loving family and seeing my daughter have a smile on her face Steven Porter (21) Having the means to meet my needs, having the time to spend with my girl, my family and my cat, having the time to write and read and watch and discuss. Steve Shives (29) outdoors, exercise and my father stoffie (26) for earthly happiness to seem like heavenly one stojan (32) To give of myself until I am spent and people are laughing or smiling or at least contented. Stork Daddy Having someone to love and something to do with my life. Stormy (17) laughs, good conversations and coffee STP (24) to have books and the time to read them stradling peace, quiet, with laughter, song, dance, contentment, reading, exchange of ideas, beauty in thought & deed STUPID IDIOT (0) To be in love with love itself, to want less of the earth and lesser of earthly happiness. Subhartho (26) To love and be loved by friends and family; live music, endless coffee and diners, books and lively discussion, and dogs everywhere. subtlesteph (21) good health, good marriage, good occupation and a good night's sleep Sue (49) satisfaction, without desire of goals and results Sumi Loving the people your surrounded with, laughing often, and being able to roll with the punches. Summer (28) Constant travel, change, justice, culture. Novelty. Sunbul (18) Impermanent Sundaraa (32) I find the idea of happiness, overrated. sunny Any moment of triumph over another, just before the guilt sets in. sunshineguerilla (28) Being able to do everything I want, being healty and someone making me laugh SuperflyTNT Living in a place where every individual has complete trust, understanding and respect for the next Superwoman (19) Enough money to help my family Susan (63) Being with my loved one in the outdoors, away from cities Susan (63) Being at peace with yourself Susan Collins (21) To be able to trust the ones around me, while writing stories and not having to worry about finances Susie (20) self contentment susie karpasitis (26) loving and following the Lord Jesus Christ Susie Q (73) to be with loved ones suzanne Ice, nearby mountains and water, tasty bread Suzanne (41) Being loved and in love, and being creative in an earth-improving way, making a difference. Suzanne Cohen (53) To live by the sea with all the ones I love with loads of music Suzy (19) To be actively doing something meaningful every moment Swallow Same as Pruost Swan (75) to not be encumbered by money, for all to see that we are all one Switz (29) to have enough and to realize a little is sybann (50) To be loved for myself, and perhaps to have a lovely library. Sydchez To live in contact with those I love, with the beauties of nature, with a quantity of books and music Sydney Kilbane (18) the same plus great shopping of exquisite beautiful things and fine dining t1 financial freedom (or lack of constraint), healthy physical work, and passionate sex T (19) To be loved and respected and be able to indulge free of guilt T (26) To do something worthwhile, to be with people I love and who love me T (18) A life with God, full of love, people I love, fresh fruit, fresh veggies, and clean air. T (20) Letting go of the search for it and being in it. Happiness is everywhere. It's connection. It's why I write. T.A. (34) I want to everyone to be happy Tabitha Murray (42) Spend time with friends and family through laughter and adventure, watch a beautiful movie, gaze into the pretty eyes of a woman, see and experience the amazing things that this planet has to offer. Taegon (25) Doing what I want to, not what I have to Taeleyn I would live in a world where there is no hatred and there is a lot of candy. tagada (12) тишина, река и воздух. И что б было около +23 TAHbKA I don't have anything to add to Proust's genius answer tahma To share my life with a loving mate and to live to have grandchildren tai (22) to be suurounded by those i love taintme love, people i love, family, peace, security tal (13) Being on the back of the horse, riding over undeveloped land and jumping every fence that presents itself. Talbot Logan (41) Feeling as though you are doing exactly what you ought to be doing at any given time Tallulah (29) Blessings from God TAMAR (23) to live with those you love and who love you unconditionally, without illness or worries of money tamar (54) to be truely in love with someone and have them truely in love with you. tamera miller (33) to be truely in love with someone and have them truely in love with you. TAMERA MILLER (35) to love and be loved Tamila (18) being with those i love in a perfect state of happiness tanichis (32) hunting and fishing Tanner (15) freedom from the clutches of mother and away from the threat of death Tanwen Aschtherlar Tormey (18) A personal library that I can live in Tara (37) my idea of earthly hapinness is the life with horses and my friends tartine2002 (12) To have loved ones around me, a useful and enjoyable vocation and a creative life Tash (29) To be with people I love on a regular basis, to have access to all the books my heart desires, to have unlimited access to my favorite music. Tatiana (17) To be able to appreciate Beauty and Nature, to be always learning, to be near those I love and the things that estimulate me Tatiana (21) To feel happy when I wake up. Tatiz (19) My idea of earthly happiness is the life with my friends taureau2002 (13) To live with those I love Taylor (54) Being with those I love Taylor (24) to plant a garden Taylor (15) To love and be loved; to have one's dreams and desires fulfilled. To be on with nature. To understand and be connected with my own soul. To be understood. Taylore Dawn (18) To be a worthy Patriarch, a level-headed and beloved Monarch Taylor Van Allen (24) Being able to live in the present tazmur (26) Making music TB To be successful as a self-employed artist who can travel the world yet always have time for family tbkemz (42) To be with my wife, to have the love of my children, reading and pursuing the art of living well. T. Christopher Cox (43) Not wanting for the unnecessary Tebvy (24) To have a life with my friends there everyday Ted (26) To have my family and loved ones saved Tee (40) to stay with my family, with lots of books, music and money Teehee (18) having everything TEESHA (27) Near the ocean when you can hear the waves crash against the shore in the late evening hours Tekoa Butler To live in a world where my mother is mute. Teleute (17) winter day Teme (18) To be content even when life is unfair Tenia (17) A happy, successful life, with those i love, them being happy too of course. Yeah, you can tell what kind of a person i am when i start off an answer to a question of happiness with "happy" Tennrox A happy, successful life, with those i love, them being happy too of course. Yeah, you can tell what kind of a person i am when i start off an answer to a question of happiness with "happy" Tennrox To have my health, and for my loved ones to have theirs, and to shop at will! Teresa (43) To have time for leisure, time for love and money to spend while in good health Teresa (43) walk in peace and harmony with nature and people teri (73) appreciation. terios (21) The vast reaches and vestiges of knowledge and creativity to be found on the internet Terra (22) To be happy at home Terri (35) Happiness, to be true, must not be dictated by circumstance; it is a state of mind, not a set of criteria. Terry (41) Being loved Terry (66) to share my life with those I love, admire and respect. Surrouded by good books music and food. TerryG (49) Nature's harmony Terrylee (35) intimate connections with people and nature, books, music, gardens and orchards Terrylynn0609 (39) TO LIVE AND LOVE WITH A STEADY HAND. TERRY YORK II to be in love and with the subject of my love and travel a lot and listen to music tess (24) enough resources for all, animal treated well, no crime, no war, friends close Tess (53) To write... well Tess Calopedos (17) To love and be loved in return Tess Fiennes (40) blahblahblah3 testtest unconditional love and tenderness from the one I love and being able to eat without getting fat tg (48) Freedom to go wherever I like and experience whatever I should. Thambi (24) having money and the people that i love around me thatchaa (17) to be with the ones I love, eat good food and drink wine, and indulge in social and philosophical debates. On the other hand, video games. that guy #999 (29) A steady relationship and all the time in the world to write That New Chris Sloce (18) to lie under a tree canopy looking at a clear blue summer sky thebabycub (39) justice The Beast To love and be loved in return. And a cold pint, birds singing, grilled meat and great music The Big Liddle (31) A woman's body The Boss To create with others The Desert (22) To be secure in life with friends and loved ones around. TheDoctor76 (35) To do what I love and enable others to do what they love. The Essential Man (26) To have Friends that respect my views, but willing to challenge me, surrounded by Music, Art, Motor Racing, and a place to play TheFear77 (23) vindication within my youth theGeneral (19) good friends, good music, good food and a shitload of beer the grill (31) To have a family, live comfortably learning something new everyday with the freedom to explore life and it's meaning, pursuing a greater understanding of all things. The hungry caterpillar (29) A young woman who is enamored of my maturity who also enjoys a foray to the theater of the absurd (next door) The Imprecise Duke Of Phonology (77) To wake up without a care in the world The Josh Rollins (21) See above The Man In The Brown Hat Just lounging around at home & engaging in the simple pleasures of my life The Mouse Avenger (20) A good home cooked meal and chatting with good friends while smoking and drinking, at midsummer nights. Theo To be a straight-A student, have a lot of friends and can do whatever I want theravenette (15) To be intelligent enough not to study, with a sufficient amount of wealth and entertainment and love theravenette (15) Being with family, friends, being at peace, listening to music, art, books Theresa (22) Candy The Roomba Mifi (28) The sound of the wind playing with leaves on a starry night Thia (29) To have more free time with my family and be free of burdens of finacial stress Thinplank (40) Writing something worthwhile Thom (23) A life where one's schedule is decided by ones self Thomas (16) hi Thomas (16) To live with a laptop & internet access to a free, unregulated host server, along with speakers, reasonably lifetime sufficient quantities of alcohol & drugs & lots of books. ThomasM To be affluent and to have ample time to focus on insignificant pastimes Thor Hammerstein (16) To watch wars become a thing of the past and all mankind work together for mutual benefit. Thothanatos92 (23) To be content with what I have at the moment. thoughtlessdreamer (15) To be a loved person. Thrakish (18) to live in peace Three D (40) To eat, smoke cigars, and drink red wine with friends and family in nature after the work of the day Thunderpussy (48) Olivia Tiago Moura (15) To be in wonder with the world, in a place that I love, with people I love Tianna I have not experienced anything in the way of earthly happiness, as it interferes with my assignment, however, I would enjoy knowing what loving another person is like. Tianna Alysia Kallan (37) To share tick to wake to a world tha is full of support and services for my disabled son and not being poor tiffany Peace, Love, and Humanitarianism Tiffany (44) Everyone getting along and all the negativity and wrong would go away. Tiffany Beatty (19) to be beautiful, learned, and full of knowledge. surrounded by books, music, theatre, and all the other things i love. to be talented talented talented. tiffany; (lifefromtheshelf.blogspot.com) (17) having friends and family who love and support me. TiffanyTee (26) When people respect, love, and get along with each other. Tiger and Lions To have unconditional love from others. Tim (27) My wife, my dogs, my guns, and an infinite library. Tim To have a wonderful life with a beautiful and loving wife. Tim (24) to be loved and esteemed by family tim To understand and connect Tim An urban peace. Must be accompanied. Tim Proser (17) Sitting in our library, listening to jazz, drinking beer or champagne on a Saturday evening Tim Sandle To fill my heart with love timwarnock (34) To become a mother, that moment of birth and the completion, love and purpose that I would expect to feel Tina (32) To live life doing what I love Tina (16) Where men are treated with respect and equality and not fear other men. Tina (44) to be loved Tini friends,music,food,family Tinkoo (24) Beach combing on an isolated and empty beach tintoy (54) To be employed in a job that supports and educates others while coming home to the person who best understands me and a wealth of books and creativity Tinuvielyra true love and acception of myself and from others Tivia Stewart (40) to be with my childre nwhen the yare calm and we are happy tj (39) Money T-man (18) Imparting the gift of knowledge and accepting knowledge in return. Tobias Budge (25) Being surrounded by art, objects with a story, financially secure, lots of vibrant colors. Tobyn Sebastian (24) Tangled in a passionate embrace with my lover. Todd being surrounded by friends and loved ones Tofu (19) To be completely relaxed, with copious amounts of everything I want, Tom (21) To be one with the world in which I live, and to experience the beauty of all those around me, with a vast selection of poetry and classical music Tom G (19) to feel contentedness, regardless of earthly forces. Tom Leach (19) Other peoples misery. Tommy (19) An abundance of imagination Tommy Boy (24) being content with where I am with whomever I'm with Tom Suski (28) To have enough free time to do what I love to do Tongbite Matt (36) To spend time with my husband, doing something we love. Toni (48) A modest, intimate network of people, a solid sense of self, a passionate purpose that impacts the world, and a collection of experiences Toni Spimoni Balance. To be able to enjoy what you do for al iving, and to hate in enough to have hobbies and a family life outside of it. Toño Cabrera-Pereyra (31) Being content with my life Tony (48) Books, music and the people I love surrounding me Tony (30) To succeed in all of my endeavors Tony (17) Destroying then Creating Tony (17) To live among all kinds of people where there is no such thing as racism and where everybody loves one another. Tonya Jones (39) To absorb and create. To be inspired by my surroundings, the people I meet and the things that they create and go on to keep creating inspiring things myself. toosnowoman accepting what is, contributing and using my talents to the best of my ability, being with loved ones Toria (37) Socialise with friends and family. Torsksåsen (22) live in nature at beach with books and music tracey To be able to have the time freedom in the world and to enrich myself with the arts, knowledge that is not academics, enjoying time with family and to help others. tracynle (20) able to do what you love in life Tracy TB (45) Surrounded by Family travis To be content with everyone in my life Travis (25) Wonderful food and love of good friends and dogs. Travis Mask (49) Freedom to love, learn, feel and explore your desires Tre To have my needs met and the love of my family and a good husband Treatie (49) .. TREE (21) Love of nature, have friends, have kids, be in love. Tree Girl (29) Being up to neckin women and drink Trent Duval (28) Ocean breezes Good health and chocolate Tres bien (43) to be the hero in my family Trevor My idea of earthly happiness is to be in love with life, God and my mate. Trevor (24) To be loved, well educated, and engage in lovely interpersonal interaction Trevor McSwain (24) To have family, friends, enough money to not worry and a job which is of some purpose. tri Functioning Public Transportation. Tricky Vicky To be close to my loves, to make things I am proud of, and to dress in things I adore Trinity Chapa (15) a house by the sea with family, a business of my own, constant pleasure traveling triplet (30) To love, be loved, and working toward a goal of comforting, loving, and providing for others. . to succeed at even a fraction of that would be perhaps not happiness, but fulfilment Trish To live close by the ones I love, to have fun and laugh every single day and to be surrounded by beautiful works of art (music, paintings, clothes, books) Trisha (17) to love and be loved in return Trisha (29) To have plenty of food, drink, love, and comfort Tristan (14) When you a living life to it's fullest Trixie music trotter (30) To be surrounded by family, friends, music, wine and laughter troutman (44) a slow walk in the woods Troy Casa (50) peace, good friends, good food and intelligent people in my life tsiou (33) healthy , calm , on process tt (27) Same bro Turk (24) aesthetic synthesis of technology with nature as a co-adaptive whole turnbull (27) A Garden, a Library, a beautiful wife, and fine clothes Turnus A loving family home, comfortable means, fulfillment of others and myself, broadening experiences. Turtle Heart living secluded in a country side with nothing but beauty of nature around me and books to read and good food to eat tutu a comfortable chair, a library, and a fireplace Twigtwill (21) Constant happiness is beyond me as of now. But to not have to deal with depression, to be with people I can love and who love me, and access to all the stories I have loved and all the stories yet to come. Songbirds. The smell and taste of rain. Twillightdoom (17) Hourly epiphanies? twondbestbed (34) Success and self contentment. Aspirations achieved. Ty (18) To love as much as I love another. Tyler (24) To live a full life Tyler (16) Being surrounded by those I love in a free country. Tyler Scott (41) To love and be loved. To have access and time to ask questions that matter. To pass down wisdom. Ty-test Spending time with loved ones Uccman (51) To be reading a good book and leading a good life Udan Outwort (61) To love, to travel, to understand stuff, to indulge in the little pleasures of life. Uddhipan Thakur (24) To be thin, to write and write, and beautiful clothes uiioop (17) Live happily with near and dear ones Uma (63) Surrounded by family, friends and helping others umd.16 (20) To love be loved have friends, travel, learn asmany languages as I can if there's anything fascinating originaly written in them. Not just one fasciatig thing, though. UnoZen To be surrounded by natural beauty in the company of loving family, friends, & animals Ursus M. H. Spelaeus (59) Pleasant meals, good books/music/movies, long walks and being with my family. V (27) If the two of us could just be together Val (31) To be loved, and to have the one you will love. Valdano (23) Being loved and FEELING being loved, having a tender&protective partner, being accomplished Valentina (17) to be in the constant midst of love and inspiration Valeria Ryrak (21) To have everything my heart desires. From love and relationships to riches. Valtharos (22) To be close to the universe Van (22) love, shelter, my dog, and chex mix Vanessa (31) To be creative every day vanessa (33) Where I live now - England Vanessa Cardui (43) to help those I love and those I do not yet know vard95 To live without responsibilities, except those I thrust upon myself Varna (25) freedom to fulfill desires Vato (39) sitting outside my home watching our kids play. Vbonita (28) To be calm, to take care of my children, and having deep and sensitive communication with people VBozic (40) Being content with as few material things as possible and of course, my dog Vedada (28) Talking, playing and hearing the incipient evolution of my 3 year old son's language and personality veejay (32) To lead a meaningful life, help others and experience all that is beautiful Veera Living happily with parents Venky (36) To make someone laugh. Ventricle (24) To love and be loved and have health and means to express and receive it. Vernon B. Williams (45) To be surrounded by family Verona Jones (59) Laughing, and lots of books and alcohol. Veronica (20) I don't think it's in a specific circumstance; it's about my mindset and outlook on life. Veronique (18) to possess little and to exist in concert with the earth Vesan (33) To love and be lovef Vesuvius (47) to be able to travel around the world, learning from other cultures, understanding other persons, sharing knowledgment vi (20) To have the means to always find new places to explore, while always having a secure home and community to return to Vi (22) being loved Vic (46) Being surrounded by family and friends. Helping others. Spending time outdoors. Working with music and being around music. Vicki to have a soul mate and family around you lots of good friends and health vicky (26) To be near the ones I love, in close proximity to the ocean and with a quantity of books and music Vicky (24) To be loved by someone who will protect me, yet be kind to me Victoria (37) Similar to Proust, except exchange French theater with movie theater. Add animals. Victoria (59) Reading a book in the park with only the sounds of birds and leaves in the wind-- no TV, no yelling, no crying Victoria (16) Accepting reality Victoria (23) Becoming confident and happy with myself Victoria Sitting comfortably on a couch, with really good food, reading a book or watching a great movie/television show. Victoria Song (22) To rule the world. Victor Shade (27) To be in my gardens with a friend and/or a book... Victor Trevor (23) making peace and love rust on my decade vicurbabdaddy the freedom to explore the world around me and to share those experiences with people I love videoalex To have love, to have friends friends and to have sufficient sustenance to live and pursue my passing interests Vijay Pierce (23) i think happiness can be individual.some people may find it in flowers,others in love.. vik (25) family bliss, health and with nature vikram (34) A good book, a fireplace, a hot chocolate, a good bottle of petrus Vikram Krishnan (24) To get away from all things that are upsetting. Viktor (28) To have a library with books I have read and have not read, along with music and someone standing before me Viktor (19) A quiet afternoon with no obligations. Viktor Corzich (35) Reading, listening to the music Viktor Sigareff (19) To finally understand how to love myself so I can love someone else selflessly. Village Of Brooklin (45) A small apartment with a well-stocked fridge, a dog, a bookshelf, a desk, and ample reading and writing time. Vincent (19) to rule the world vinnie smalls (15) the removal of modern pains to be replaced by a return to a more simplistic way of life VinnyGreenock72 Laughing and talking with good friends Violet (18) Health, nice clothes, good company, social status Viorel (25) To wake up every morning excited about the coming day. Virginia (20) To be with friends and family who would never hurt me, in nature with books and music around me. Virginia (12) being in love with a sympathetic girl visualizations (22) griffith park makes me want to cry with pleasure. i like to sit there with my cheese, good coffee, and a lovely book. Viv (14) To be with my friends. Vivi (13) Women living in harmony without the existence of men Vivian To have brilliance and charms Vivianne Liliaceae Aspho Vilth To be with my love, to feel safe & rested, & to know my child is safe and happy VK (42) Books, movies, any thing that is worth my time VK (22) Family, friends, and no stress Vogette (55) to love someone enough that I have no fear of death, to have enough money to get anything I want, to have enough power to correct social injustices that I see Vorspiel Satori (16) To live where I am free to do anything without interference and live like what I really want to be Vs (18) To be with family, eating well, being healthy, and being productive in a way one enjoys vur To live with my family forever with lots of books nearbye Wacky Chocolate Goblin (11) Freedom Waleed (32) A world where I'm seen as more then just a Black woman Wallace (85) Either looking forward to afterlife or consolation through wine, women and the like Walter (19) contentment Wanda (26) To have unlimited access to peoples ideas and conversations about life. Watson (27) To be true to yourself. wattc128 to eat everything in the world waulk (15) To do more than exist, or subsist, to travel and do things I actually want to do. waypast Seeing my son grow, think for himself, and find his way in life. Wendy (34) To live near my friends, be close to a major city, and be surrounded by interesting places Wendy (22) To be loved by someone and to have good health Wendy (23) living a healthy life sharing food, good conversation, and nature with the people I love. Wendy Chase (47) Being able to love myself while loving everyone and everything, being loved back, and progressing. wendysday (20) Friends, an incredibly large bank account (them Benjamins), your family, (in order to sound wholesome) world peace, and knowledge Wes (17) family, music, dance , books and physics whim (40) Loving and being surrounded by those who love you. Whitney (19) beauty in the form of flowers, stars, music, and art. Contact with those I love. Whitney (41) To find serenity, enjoy my time outdoors, do whatever I want because I can Whitney Sorenson (33) to make my family proud WHMIV (30) surrounded by loved ones, all happy and healthy whosbecks (36) To live with those i love and my beautiful family Widmy Pierre Louis (21) to live with friends and work together wiff (15) Music Wikiki Having no guilt or remorse and knowing that life has been lived with the best intentions at heart. Will (26) A fleeting moment, a shared look in the eyes, the communication of love without words Will (22) to be creatively productive, spiritually sound to be in love, to be healthy Will Akers - Willy the Torch (51) Good job with good pay,loving wife and a house in the suburbs. Willamid (20) a warm day ideal for long walking and quiet peacefulness William (43) Spending time with the man I love Willow Skylor To be wanted, and to retain the capacity to be moved by art and by other people Will RF (23) To be in love, to travel, to be surrounded by loved ones and connected to ancestors. Wilma (33) Being surrounded by the people I love and enjoy being with Win (22) hope, peace and intellectual stimulation through conversation and the arts. Family close by, and time to enjoy the company of both friends and strangers. winterjewel (36) to have as little to regret as possible on my deathbed wintermellen (14) to have the desires of the heart fullfilled wise madman (28) chocolate and coffee wizz To not hurt anyone and live a clean moral life. WJ (43) Not to think about money Wolf Living in seclusion, away from technology Wolf (NA) To live with a wolf, or wolves, amidst family, in a self-sustaining community with access to limitless forest. Wolffy (67) Idleness. Wormsie (24) to continue to be enriched by people and enough money to enrich my pleasure wowderry (54) To be connected with loving people and to experience the beauties of creation and the arts. Wren (22) To have someone to love me for who I am. Wyteria (20) To be surrounded by art, which is all things. Xan Etienne Enough Power to do what is right Xavier (18) Friends, pot and booze Xer (23) live with people I love and care about, enjoy the pleasure of stillness in life, reading, writing, poems,music and traveling to expand my experience of different places in the world during my limited life time Xialing Gan (27) Real and honest love to the core, good people, friends, drinking, fun, adventures, love and great sex ofc xxx (26) To love all there is to love about this world. XYZ (17) to evolve and find the ultimate truth xyzz (20) reading a great book Y (15) The satisfaction of a hard and long term job done well, and being among friends yair eshel (30) Hearing people laugh. Yaisha (19) To be with family and friends. Yale (20) to be loved Yamini (17) To be with people I care for, to be with books, films, and people like fireworks Yeen (20) Good food, good sleep, good laugh with something productive to do after. Yehudster (60) To be able to sleep with enthusiasm for tomorrow yesh (25) To be entirely and utterly happy, regardless of everything and everyone else YG Spending time with my friends and family doing and seeing new things .. a live sports game .. being outdoors .. re-evaluating life and feeling grateful ... GREAT food Yi (24) To live in contact with those I love, with the beauties of nature, serving the people and chasing your dreams and smatly yogi (22) estar agusto con uno mismo yoko (28) love yolanda (43) To be popular in school and play football as the starting quarterback. Yomaine (13) Surrounded my mountain streams and flora while sipping a martini and having dinner from my garden yonderways (58) equality for everyone Yordan Valkov (24) To have the chance of enjoying every moment in my life with the persons I love, to live not only for me but also for others Yuki (20) being with my loved ones, and simply being alive Yulissa (18) chocholate Yulissa (19) To live a life with the people I love, doing what I love. Z (31) to be completely free and unfettered Z Im trying to figure that out now. I thought I knew, but i am unsure now. Zac (28) For my family to love me. Zach (13) Freedom with beauty. Zach (26) in the company of the one I love the most Zach To be in close harmony with God, and do His will. Zachary (25) Where everyone is a convert to Jesus Christ. Zachary (27) For everyone to know and love Christ, as best they can Zachary Just appreciating the simple things, like my family and friends. Zachary Echo Auburn (17) to have a girl i love and my show Sons pf Anarchy zach taylor (17) Being around others you love, and who love you. Zach Tibbs (20) To live in harmony with others and use my creativity Zana (38) Money Zar (21) Skin warmed from the sun, the smell of orange blossoms, picking tomatoes off the branch, a cat purring, a deep blue Zara Listening to music Zay (18) Human connection zebratitle (24) Space and money enough to do things zed (25) to constantly laugh and be laughed at, to stimulate and be stimulated, to create and enjoy creations, to share and be shared, to love and be loved Zee (21) Being with the people i love or drawing/writing/reading by myself in late fall while its raining Zee (17) To be with those I love most, in a place of warmth, with plenty of wine and beauty zetababy to live in one level warehouse, windows all aroudn the ceiling, Zhen Zhu (18) Love, music, good food, conversation and books. And yoga... zig To have done everything you ever wanted to by your own efforts, to constantly experience new sensations and see new sights, and to be with someone who you share a true understanding with. Zigmant (19) equipollenece and good health zizi (55) To be with those I love, eat good food, see beautiful art and hear live music, and be at the ocean Zizzle (25) A lover, other loved ones, the means to create as I wish, access to all the arts, close proximity to nature Zozobra (17) 自私的来讲我希望自由与收获,无私的来说我的亲人,爱人幸福我也会觉得幸福 杨婷婷 (24) 拥有数不尽、花不完的钱。 简直 (25) 拥有数不尽、花不完的钱。 简直 (25) 拥有数不尽、花不完的钱。 简直 (25)

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What do you regard as the lowest depth of misery?  Where would you like to live?  What is your idea of earthly happiness?  To what faults do you feel most indulgent?  Who are your favorite heroes of fiction?  Who are your favorite characters in history?  Who are your favorite heroines in real life?  Who are your favorite heroines of fiction?  Your favorite painter?  Your favorite musician?  The quality you most admire in a man?  The quality you most admire in a woman?  Your favorite virtue?  Your favorite occupation?  Who would you have liked to be?  Your most marked characteristic?  What do you most value in your friends?  What is your principle defect?  What to your mind would be the greatest of misfortunes?  What would you like to be?  What is your favorite color?  What is your favorite flower?  What is your favorite bird?  Who are your favorite prose writers?  Who are your favorite poets?  Who are your heroes in real life?  Who are your favorite heroines of history?  What are your favorite names?  What is it you most dislike?  What historical figures do you most despise?  What event in military history do you most admire?  What natural gift would you most like to possess?  How would you like to die?  What is your present state of mind?  What is your motto?

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