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What historical figures do you most despise?

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Hitler 50ad (17) I don't know history so well. generally despise all kills conducted in the name of god, anla, or whatever 6nianji-ZHC (38) Uh, Hitler's a pretty good bet here. A (19) emperors Tacitus and Suetonius dislike, the Caesars first among them A Don't know. aaaaaaa (18) All tyrants and despots AAAKKK Arrogant traditional politicians aag (22) none at all although i think actions of some African tyrants like Charles Taylor are abhorrent aallisonr (30) anyone that has knowingly caused harm to come upon another human Aaron (32) any military that believed that what he did was just to order Abegando (28) Hitler, ABP (50) Picasso, Andy Warhol Abs Hussein, Hitler, Stalin, Pol Pot ACH (23) Those who "just followed orders" Adam (22) Hitler and Stalin Adam (25) Osama Bin Laden Adam (20) conquerers, pillagers, Muhammed, Richard the Lionheart, Hitler, those who make ordinary lives into weapons and exploit those in need of support. Adam Hyde (26) no idea adieudusk Tootankhamun Aditya (25) I have not met them in person. Admiral Love (33) All those who hold power by oppressing others Adonia (40) Dr. Mengele Adriana (16) none-- they all made life what it is today Adriana (16) Hitler adriana (45) El Ché, Marx, Kropotkin, Mao, Pol Pot, Stalin, Lenin, Engels, et cetera. Adrian Bauza (20) Stalin, Mao Zedong, Kim Jong Il and Un, Ceausescu. Adrian George Nicolae (24) most prophets and presidents Adrian Martyn (34) i dont think i dispise any - tho i thoroughly dislike Hitler Ady (22) People who have committed acts of violence for selfish reasons - Hitler and so on aetilson (41) people whom i think of as really evil, people who mindlessly and thoughtlessly take from other people (life, opportunity, etc) a.g. (23) - agagagaga (24) Genghis Khan Agent00V (18) Francisco Franco Bahamonde Aggie White I'm not entirely sure A.G. Mata (21) Hitler Agneska (20) adolf hitler agony (25) I don't know that I can answer that Agreen (29) Those who made innocent suffer. Agu (21) all the dictators of all times and all places. Agustina (27) Anyone left wing, anyone barbaric, anyone from 500 - 1800 AD excluding the renaissance. A Half Empty Beaker hypocrates ahmad (27) Akile Aida (22) Hitler Stalin Truman Cromwell Bushx2 etc. Aidan (21) benigno aquino and karl marx aiko (20) Custer, Hitler, Andrew Jackson. Ailene preposterous white colonialists aimée (22) Those who were prejudiced against people for no sufficient reason aimee.dawson (21) Adolf Hitler, Sadaam Hussein, Osama Bin Laden Aisha Milburn (32) Adolf Hitler aishu (14) I don't look for the negatives, usually; even one's bad qualities can be used for good. A.J. (27) I still don't know AJ (18) marry antoinette Ajam (21) Don't know Ajay (17) Hitler Ajm9511 (21) Those who cause injustice. akanthe (19) The clergy. Akbar Shahzad (20) Probably Hitler. Maybe Stalin Al (28) Hitler, Lenin, Stalin Alan (58) Hitler AlbaManuela (18) The stupid ones that fucked people over. Alden Lee Klaput (18) The ones who were only in it for their own benefit Aldonza77 (47) Lee Harvey Oswald. Alecksi Most of them Alejandro Amoretti (28) nancy grace alessa (21) There are just so many Alessandro Pian (30) napoleon Alessio Lucchini (46) Constantine the Great. Alex HItler Alex (22) Those who step back and let people walk all over them Alex (17) too many. alexa (28) Hitler, natch Alexandra (27) I suppose the first thing that came to my mind was Hitler. I almost didn't answer this question merely because I don't want to give him any credit. For anything. Alexandra (19) Constantine, Hitler, any person who was ever committed or perpetrated evil in the world. Alexandra (24) I don't know enough of history Alexandra (18) Can't say Alexandra (24) all religious war mongers Alexandra Bryhter (24) Adolf Hitler Alexandre (28) those unaware who hurt people and animals AlexandriaHMerlin (40) I don't really despise any AlexandriaLHash (30) Nazis. alexandrine (15) Heinrich Himmler Alex C. I would like to say Hitler, but even a man that evil cannot be entirely despised Alexis Johnson (19) dictators that made people suffer al-g (24) Hitler, Stalin, Juan Manuel de Rosas. Ali (37) Hitler, Milosevic, Omar Al-Bashir, Zia-ul-Haq, Khomeini. Ali A. Rizvi Bush Alicein1derland (27) I cannot write it here Alicia (68) Hitler, Stallin, Columbus, basically every middle-aged white guy ever to be in a position of power... the list goes on... Aliid Ceausescu, Stalin, Iliescu Alin (23) hitler. cruel dictators alipans (57) Mass murders and oppressors like Zia-ul-Haq Alishba Zarmeen (24) Zia ul Haq AliZaidi (29) hitler alli (49) Any hypocritical leader Allison (33) People who killed without thought, Nazis, inquisitors. They seemed unstoppable. Allison The Phocians, who melted down the treasures of Delphi during one of the Sacred Wars Allison Jean (21) Pope Urban II Allison Jean Hazen (34) george w bush, cheney, hitler, stalin, herbert hoover alliswell (62) Hitler was kind of a jerk. And GWB, too. almavidrio (35) Hitler... the ones who warp ideology Altjungr (30) I can't despise someone i haven't met Alvilda (20) The blind. Alx none, they all made it alya (17) JP Morgan Alyanna (22) I cannot despise those I do not know Amanda nelson mandela Amanda (42) white men fighting for power, wealth, or control Amandine (31) Hitler. Amara Himmler. Amber (18) Pol Pot, Stalin Amber (37) Pol Pot, Stalin Amber (37) Those who have caused pain and destruction. Ame (37) Lois Riel Amelia (13) Hitler. I just learned about what he did to the Jews. Amelia Gates (formerly Pippet) (10) All tyrans and despots. ameliowata (20) any who killed/tortured innocent people to gain power americanwoman (62) hitler ames (21) Hitler, and many more that I would despise if I knew about amu Hitler. Andrew Jackson. George W. Bush. Amy (33) ... Amy (28) Anyone who tread on others to get to the top amy (33) none amz (16) hitler, mengele, mao Ana (30) nietzsche ana (16) all whose who killed whithout pity ana (34) Hitler, of course Ana Carolina (16) no answer Anam (26) Those that caused only suffering to people. Those that overused their own power and abilities. Ana Marija (20) Most Ananke (25) hitler anasonic (29) King MacBeth ancientrobot (31) nixon andraya (23) Adolf Hitler, and Osama ben laden Andrea (16) I do not hate, but feel pity for the writers of the bible, for being so ignorant. Andrea (13) Adolf Hitler and Joseph Stalin. Andreas (19) None Andrea SB (32) Alexander Hamilton Andrew (20) Adolf Hitler Andrew (22) Hitler Andrew (25) Hitler, Stalin, Pol Pot, Kim Jong-Il/Sung, Kaiser Wilhelm, Henry Kissenger, Ronald Reagan, both the Bush's, almost all the Popes and Ayatollah's and Imams bigots and murderers basically. Andrew (20) Christopher Columbus! Stalin, Herod, Caliguala Andrew (28) hitler was pretty bad (understatement) Andrew (22) Hitler Andrew barlow (26) countless Andy (25) Stalin, Milosevic, and the RUF in sierra leone. andy rayford (28) try not to despise ang (99) Too many- all who indifferently used bloodshed to conquer as well as indifferent business elites who indifferently manipulate policy to stay in power at the expense of others. Angela (21) None Ângela (24) George W. Bush Angela (30) Mao Zedong Angela (19) Those who can't come to their senses of making peace not war with one another Angela Estrada (20) gen dyer angelina (26) none as they are all teachable figures you can learn to be or not to be like angie (29) Rips Montt Ani The patriarchy, man Ani (22) ? anjali The obvious dictators but I tend not to despise. Anjel (28) hitler , or any other 'leader' who has misused his power to bring hate and anger. Ankassandra (15) / Anke! (17) Nothing like that. Ann (19) Dictators Anna (20) Hitler Anna (20) I cannot despise them since I have never met them. It's a known fact that history is unfair to people. Anna Kalimar (18) those who harm Anna Maria (21) all those related to nazism, hitlerism, stalinism and genocide at East Europe. Anna O. those fueled by hatred, corruption, and obtuseness Anna Stein (21) Hitler Ann Delaney (44) smarmy politicians Anne (21) The leaders of the mayor religions Annelise (40) George Walker Bush and Cheney Anne Louise Sheldon (34) Hitler...and all dictators, authoritarian, corrupt leadership...all who see women as property Anniel (62) The guy responsible for the Jonestown massacre AnonAzure (19) idk. anonim (18) Nixon, FDR anon moose (19) Too many to name and to know. Anthony (23) Hitler Anthony (24) None. Anthony D C (20) Hitler Anthony lawhon (27) Ivan the Terrible, Stalin, Adolf Hitler, Countess Elizabeth Bathory, Anne Boleyn Antoinette (21) those involved in war antoinette (24) Adolf H still at number 1, but his many imitators are following closely behind. Anton (52) I could not possibly answer that. Antoniette (20) unsure Antonina (20) Joseph Stalin Antonio Lemos (18) Hitler Anty don't care Anya (22) Any leader who betrayed their people Anzi (27) I can't pick just one Aoife Walsh Tyrants, bad clergy Apollo (58) Hitler Apos none Apply (30) I cannot despise them, for I do not truly know them April (20) I would say Hitler, except that human beings continue to do this with millions of unborn babies everyday...we're all Hitlers April (21) Barack Obama AR (20) hitler Aranneaa (19) I despise none Ardent (30) not relevant A real phony (27) anybody that ridiculed or satirised islam Areeba (25) Hitler. AROG Adolf Hitler, Jerry Falwell, Jesse Helms, Osama bin Laden Artie (17) Adolf Hitler, Bull Connor, the guy who shot Harvey Milk Artie Mondello (18) Leaders of mass genocide and perpetrators of hatred and destruction. AS (32) Those in power. ascetic monk (51) No idea Asfiya Mariam (21) The ones that used their power to fuck up the world instead of making it better. What a waste. Ash (23) All those who caused death of innocents in the name of war Ash (28) Hitler, Rasputin asherville (55) Hilter, George W. Bush Jr, Sadam Ashley (18) Hitler Ashley (28) not sure ashley baus (24) J. Branch Ashley Brazil (17) Adolf Hitler, Joseph Stalin, all of the churches. Ashley Meller (26) The one's who called themselves great and built monuments to themselves. Ashwin Murali (21) Christopher Columbus Asi (21) Hitler, Stalin, Joe McCarthy, George W. Bush asmitchel (67) intolerant ones Astrid People who made people sad. Asuka Suzuki (13) a historical figure is too big to be hated Athar (25) Hitler Atuona (38) Karl Marx. Audrey Bittencourt (24) 95% of Portuguese politicians of the third republic. Audrey Mahone (29) Hitler Auntie Em (35) too many to list out, can't tell which one is the worst to me, maybe Lenin or Stalin. Aurora (32) abraham lincoln Austin (19) I don't know any who I've hated yet. Austin Kimmell (16) i find it impossible to despise anyone autumn (17) as proust, not sufficiently educated to say avecamour Hitler for obvious reasons. Aya no one really, i despise people who have no idea what they are talking about but talks anyway to tell people, hey i'm alive, im here. ayda (25) It is difficult to despise someone you don't know aym (30) All who failed to live up to the standards of being a human being a young boy (91) mao ze dong ayumi (20) hitler Baby (32) hitler, baggal21 (28) I don't want to hate anyone, so I'm not going to say. Bailey (19) Benito Mussolini Balaji Harish Iyer (20) Hitler, Stalin, Milosevic, Jerry Falwell, Joe McCarthy, the list goes on. Bald Sky (38) I can not pick one barbara (50) I can't think of them now. Barbarita (21) All leaders of all religions Baron Von Nazzenpoppel (46) i dont know basbas (22) I didn't do well in history Batgirl (23) Hitler, Stalin, Pol Pot Bear (49) Despots Beatlhoven (47) Any dictator or Pope will do beatricegasti (30) white, male brutes Beatrice Moore (30) D. Dinis Beatriz (13) none beauty (18) Marx, Hitler, Stalin and those who admire the above. Becca (16) Adolf Hitler, for allowing so many people to die Becca (17) Hitler, Mussolini, Mao, Margaret Thatcher, George W. Bush, Tony Blair Becca (21) Stalin Becca (19) Bores, whoever they are. BeckBeck (26) the unjustified sadist becks (24) The ones who promote the suffering of any person for their own personal gain Beka (33) quite a few belita (39) I am not sufficiently educated to say bella (16) Hitler, and all of that. Belu (19) Those who waged holy wars. Ben The Crusaders at their most murderous and genocidal. Benjamin Urrutia (61) mao Benjo (23) Any rulers who built their empires on the dead bodies of its people Ben Johns (21) Hitler and those who followed him in propogating genocide. Bennie (55) christopher columbus berkley (13) Those who grossly misused their power Berlin (25) those who resisted change and perpetuated hate Beth (20) Koch Brothers Bethann (35) George Bush Bethany (23) Hitler Bethany Htielr Bethany (22) Hitla Beth Ellis (15) Same as Proust's - I am not sufficiently educated to say. Beti (24) Jane Austin Betty Usabiaga (37) Greedy warmongers are not my favorite people in this dream Bhakti Brophy (45) I do not despise any particular people. bhbhbh the monsters bhl Hitler Bhole the most harmful for humanity, i suppose. I tend not to despise people, though Bianca (18) unwavering convictions. bif hitler big guy (16) ALL OF THEM BILLY (38) Hitler and Himmler BillyBobABC123zzz ghandi billy boy watson (3) IDI AMIN BIPS (46) i don't think you should despise someone that has never directly hurt you or if you don't know what they were thinking when they were doing something "bad" bismuth the despotists blabla (37) Lenin Blackie (20) Mao, Hitler, Stalin, Pol Pot, Vlad the Impaler, Tamerlane Blademan (60) Cheney Piñata. Blaine (21) The oligarchs who decide and manipulate the principles of economics Blair C. (29) Pol Pot Blake (17) Unsure. blip52 (27) Political dictators, especially in underdeveloped countries blodot johnny (41) Hitler, and all others who have sought to cause any harm to an innocent-or not-life. BlondShamrock (16) Everyone has a brighter side Blood (15) Hitler Bluebird (27) Hitler BlueOrchid (39) The despicable ones, which could mean anybody Bluto (29) To many to be named, hundreds. BM (20) any dictators bmo Regan. Bob (22) Oooh. The people who actually, directly commit massacres. The ones who follow through on orders given by Napoleon or Gordon or whoever. bob (38) None Bob (32) Those who start wars. Boba (22) hitler, cheney, bush bobblins Constantine Bobby (22) politicians Bobby (40) Hitler Bobby (21) Hitler bobby Can't think of any bobby (33) hitler Bobia (25) Hitler boku_wa_kami (25) those who are ignorant but act rashly anyway Bonnie (15) all those that took other live's in the pursuit of their own power, goals or selfishness Boo (36) Oppressors bookloverva (58) I can't think of any, really. Boris (16) Ultimately, the history books put in only the worst - so many have been neglected that I cannot pick; besides, to hate dead figures is a waste of time Brad (17) hitler, pope john the xii, thomas edison brad w (35) Pope Boniface VIII Bree Ogden Thatcher, Pinochet, The American Dream Brendan (24) radical muslims brent (33) Anyone who acted out of nothing but hatred and racism Brian (22) Adolf Hitler Brian A. Henegar (26) Hitler BriannaBabyFYS13 Hitler BriannaFYS13 (18) Adolf Hitler, Josef Stalin, George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, Augustine of Hippo, Paris Hilton Britta Bandit (30) Ayn Rand Brittany (25) hitler, christopher columbus Brittney Miller (20) gwbush chenny broad (45) I don't hate any, I'm so far removed from the entire scene of events that it's hard for me to despise anyone. Bruce Bennett (20) I try to choose not to despise for it brings grief. Brutus (20) Any who punish others simply because they are different. So, most of them. Bryan R. (21) GWB Brynn (39) none. how can i despise a person i've never known. their actions on the other hand, well the question did not ask for that Bryon Springer (25) George W. Bush, Hitler, Senator Joe McCarthy bubby (43) thosw who belittled others buckyballs (35) G.W. Bush, Adolf Hitler (and all his cronies), Leopold II of Belgium Buddy (34) hitler bug Dictators of the 20th century Bugsy Those who inflict pain and oppression. Their names are well known to all. Bulldozer (50) Hitler, Bin Laden bunny Brude the Hun Burella (61) Hitler, pol pot and tge like. Oh and the Bush family. Burnable_Material_Here (18) KISSINGER BUTTERFLY (41) Pizzaro,Cortes butunn (19) those who saw evil being done and who did nothing to stop it C those who suppressed curiosity c (21) none C (14) Hitler C (20) none cacharel (37) Thatcher, Henry VIII and all his whores, Cromwell, all of them Caidy (54) Margareth Thatcher and Adolf Hitler Caio (18) Pol pot, Thomas Aquinas, Henry Kissinger, Hon. David Burnett. Caitlin (21) I despise Paris. Cami (14) Historically, it will always be reprehensible behaviors... start with falseness... Camille (52) Hitler. Candice (23) Oliver Cromwell, for certain. Candy Any who stole and destroyed lives and cultures Captain Crunch capitalists carlajwms (49) Hitler, Bill Clinton, Idi Amin Carlie (24) Hitler, Stalin, Pol Pot, Vlad the Impaler Carlisle Can't say; Imelda perhaps. Carlo (26) Hitler and anyone who's harmed anyone else through ignorance Carlos A. (24) I mean, you know.... Hitler.. Carly (19) Hitler Carol those who decided the fate of others carolina (23) Adolf Hitler, Osama Bin Laden Caroline (38) The obvious ones. Caroline (25) Hitler, Stalin- I am sure there are others, but those are the ones that came up. Caroline (33) I don't think this way. Carol Lacoss (62) Despotism is inquantifiable. Carolyn (18) Hitler Carrie I think we should all love our history. Without it, we wouldn`t be where we are today cartike Adolph Hitler Cas (25) Hitler.... Cass (20) The ugly ones. Cassie (16) Stalin, Hitler, George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, and anyone who makes the trains run while looking the other way. Cat (36) All the oh so awesome "leaders" of the world that think they are so intelligent but never care to look beyond their own ambitions Cat (24) Dictators Cat (26) Hitler Cat Tomas de Torquemada cat (20) I can't despise anyone. Catalina (44) most of our presidents Cate (23) Those who didn't think for themselves or defend the rights of others Catherine I honestly cannot despise any historical figure. Catherine Jean M. Thatcher for sure, otherwise I don't really know. All the ones I can think of were too grand to be despised. I admire most, even though I don't like them Catrina (15) Don't know yet Cattie Chong (26) ........... CAVCAV (26) ........ Cavit Anıl Buram (28) the dictators of the past century, then and now ccchnl the destroyers cdl (35) Jack The Ripper Cee Cee (17) Hitler, Stalin. Celia (15) hittler cenire (25) Hitler and the entire Nazi regime. cerisetea (34) Judas Cestmoi Benito Mussolini. C face. (22) The tyrants cfm (37) Stalin and Lenin (and Hitler, while we're at it, too.) ch Ignorant people who felt they were superior than any other race or gender. Channon (45) Adolf Hitler Channy (19) Hernán Cortés and Joseph Bonaparte Chari (21) Kim Jong-Il, Kim Sung-Il, All of phillipine's corrupt figures (stealing from your motherland is the worst...) Charlene (17) Hitler, Stalin, George W Bush, Himmler and all the Nazis, Carl Rove, Dick Cheney Charles L Davis Jr (51) same as proust's answer charlotte (29) Anyone who secretly wanted to make a historical name for themselve but were too spineless to do so Charlotte (18) All those who served themselves first or only Charly Mariaan (49) same with Proust, I am not sufficiently educated to say. :) Chary Silva (22) Hitler Cheche (40) Iam not sufficiently educated to say cheeky (26) Hitler Stalin Cheemargh (36) hitler chele hitler chelle (47) Anyone who ever became a historical figure due to their I'll treatment of others. Chelsea (21) Okay, Hitler and Vlad the Impaler. Evil deserves hatred in it's own right. Chelsea Smith (24) um, Hitler and the like Cherie (40) Hitler Cherish Robinson (21) History is too vast, but I would start with Hitler Cherub (30) Hitler Chickpea (31) Hitler Chico (46) Hitler Chili (17) Hitler, Musolinni, Franco, Castillo Armas Chinita (34) dont have that much knowledge chinnu (20) Hyder Ali Chinnu (38) Hitler. Hirohito. Stalin. George Bush. Chiu Jing Hua (17) hitler, henry the eighth chloe (21) George Bush Chonda If not for all traitors our world would be helplessly innocent. Chris (16) Hitler, however that is only because of the number of deaths he caused. I have many based on their personal traits Chris J. Edgar Hoover, Ronald Reagan, George H.W. Bush, George W. Bush. Chris (19) Adolf Hitler, Joseph Stalin, Chris S. none; they were all put there for a reason Christa (27) (question should be phased out since there's no way you can't NOT write Hitler) Christian (44) Hitler Christian Soldier (33) People who have the means and ability to speak up and don't. Christina Kronberg (23) christopher columbus christine (18) I don't like LBJ, Alexander Hamilton, or Joe McCarthy. Christobel (17) Whoever started the trend of anti intellectualism Christobel in College (18) none. Christopher (24) If a figure is "historical", then he or she has passed my one and only test - they were able to achieve. Christopher Blaum (37) Hating dead people is stupid and pointless Christopher Boone Those who abuse power for selfish purposes, epsecially under a façade of benevolence Christopher James Stagg (16) Those who sat idly by while the world burned around them. Christopher M. (31) Tbh it is open to interpretation. Christopher Mitchell (17) Hitler Chuck (43) I don't despise any of them, all the bad ones I can think of are dead. Ciera (16) I concur with Proust's answer. Cindy Most US Presidents and Congress ... cindy (50) Hilter and slave owners Cindy (24) Hitler, The Inquizition Priests, Al-Quaida Leaders, Saddam Hussein Cissa Fireheart (32) Hitler, Mussolini, and Jeremy Bentham. Claire History repeats itself, so every current leader of the world. Claire Bartholomew (16) The obvious ones: Hitler, Stalin, Mao, 'Doc' Duvalier, Pinochet, all the tyrants. ClaireW (65) Those who stood in the way of progress Clancy I'm too well educated to say. Clara (20) Nero Clara Hitler Clarissa (18) Chamberlain Clark Langridge (32) none... Claudia (36) Clay Douglass: Those who could have done the best and did the worst Clay Douglass (34) the ones who have done the worst clazza mgee i dont know, I have never met them and im not interested in meeting them Clelia Beatriz Valdez (22) Hitler, Mussolini, Mao, Pol Pot, Reagan. clockwork (34) can't remember,should be those who harmed the one I love and were cowards themselves cobweb (24) it's in the past, I can be horrified by the past but to despise something takes too much energy Coco (31) Herman Goehring codered (18) It's hard to hate figures who probably endured more than enough hatred in their time anyway. Cody Gould (17) George W. Bush Colin (39) Constantine, Adolf Hitler, and Lenin. Colin (22) Hitler Colorful (28) i dont despise any, for if they did something that i may know of them, they followed what they thought was right, however deranged it may seem to me. comnomnomor (15) Adolf Hitler constanceeee (19) Hitler Cookie dick cheney cookie (51) Hitler Core (25) hitler, rasputin corinne nazis cpaters1 (26) I despise the circumstances that breed tyrants cr Sigmund Freud. Boy is he BORING! And not to mention full of hot air. Craig Suga Biles (22) Too many Crimson (60) hittler Crisfe (31) . Crystal (17) Hitler for one...Jesus for another. Crystal (32) history is about interpretation Crystal (22) Khan, Mao, Hitler csheehan (17) Nazi's of course CStoney (47) Hitler cuchi (40) Hitler, Stalin, William Lynch cucu (26) Hitler, Caligula, Stalin, Franco, Mussolini cvelez (64) George W. Bush Dachary (23) Tyrants - all of them Daffy Sue Esposito (60) Hitler Daisy (27) Allistar Crowley Dakota Swaveman (18) Dictators who ruin their countries. G. W. Bush also ranks low. D_Alex (46) I could not despise a 'historical figure' - only a person... they could have had some thought or action more despicable than what they come to represent, and that would be their worst moment. I may hate them, but to despise is something more intimate dA member: sonicbutterfly (17) Hilter - Mussolini - Stalin - Caesar - Ramses - Mao - Khan Damien TC (36) Hitler, several Popes, the Conquistadors, and other various fanatics Dan (29) I have not put a lot of energy into despising historical figures. Dan malcom X Dan (20) Hitler Dan (39) The ones whoare weak dan President Obama Danae (17) Not sufficiently educated to say Danger (16) Those who believed that they were qualified and justified to say what human behavior should be, what people should believe, or whether or not they should exist. Dani (31) the standard ones Dani (19) Though it is extremely cliched, Hitler, Stalin and Nero i dislike, but do not despise Daniel (16) Hitler Daniella (27) Hitler. I know, very unoriginal. Danielle (15) Che Guevara; Fidel Castro; Raul Castro; Camilo Cienfuego; the whole bunch. Daniel Molina (20) hilter, stalin, castro, mao zedong daniiii (18) Terrorists - all those who target innocence for a "just" cause Danny (25) Adolf Hitler Daph (45) Paul Bunyun Darcy (20) richard nixon dario (21) From what I know, the dictators and enforcers of genocide. DashEloise (32) Robespierre, Hitler Dave Cresswell (46) Hitler and Dave Whitaker (40) Hitler, Members of the japanese army who occupied Nanking, Llyod Geroge Davey (18) Hitler is the easy one. him and his ilk DaveyD (24) Those who hated David (19) Hitler. David (10) st paul David (63) any corrupt politician david baiguera (35) Augustus, first emperor of Rome, for sending Ovid into exile out of jealousy David E.J.A Bennett (29) All those who have abused their power. David ROWE (42) None, they were human beings like the rest of us mortals and prone to stupidity David Sergio Cisneros Ardura (46) Anyone of those that tried, by despisable means, to destroy lifes and the hopes of millions of people. David Timme (19) Criminals Dawn Robinette (51) I do not despise. dbrown (24) Hitler dcsnowbunny (25) slave traders Dd (43) George Washington DeAndre Beck (20) Hitler and anyone that commit genocide in general or abuses children Deb (37) Hitler is right up there. Debby Creech-West (43) the usual suspects--Torqemada, Stalin, Pol Pot, Franco, Hitler and others like them Deborah S. Wilson (56) Thatcher Debster (48) Senator McCarthy Dee (19) Those people who murdered others out of fear, those who killed the likes of Jesus, Kennedy, King, Malcolm X. Dee Henry 111V Delia Webster (80) - delice_ok (21) Caligula, Mohammed the prophet, Stalin Dennis (61) Greek traitors. denny (23) Hitler, Stalin, Putin, Obama Denny They who orchestrated genocide Densio (25) Adolf hotler devanand haha... probably hitler! Devon (18) Adolf Hitler Dev Tucker (17) i cant say Devu (22) Hitler DH (39) hitler diana (52) Hitler, those who deemed others less worthy than themselves Diana (20) None... Diana (15) Hitler dida (14) Many figures apply to the post. Leave your CV and then I'll be calling. Diego Miguel Danura Puyó (30) Nazi doctors Dietgingerale Hitler Dindin (20) Nearly all emperors, kings, queens, presidents, and the military stooges who secure their power through brutality. Dixon Wragg Hitler, probably dlew919 (40) Those that rose through no just cause dmca (38) Hitler Dolna (39) None Dolores Nabokov (26) Satan for his infestation in this world Dominic (17) Any figure who lead others to their deaths through war or ambition Dominick (23) Joseph Stalin Dominick Miller (19) Francisco Franco, Thomas Carlyle, Nietzsche Dominick Miller (20) Any person who has ever tried to be a ruler of men and women. Dominick Miller (21) Adolf Hitler and slavers DonAli (33) Stalin donkeys4eva (20) hitler? doodledoo12345 Edi Amin Dori (23) hitler dorothy6@aol.com (50) inquisidores Dothzilla (33) Hitler....though despise is a rather strong word. Can't we simply say "approve of least"? Doug (30) Adolf Hitler Doug Lambert (65) Lord Balfour and I truly resent Truman. But to single them out would suggest they were of different moral quality than the rest. They were not. Douni I cannot be able to judge anyone if not knowing the context or meet the person in person Dracontomelum (30) right now, Vučić. Dragana (22) At the moment, I despise all of them equally. How dare they get themselves born and do important things so I'd have to memorize all this stuff?? Dragontongue (22) GW Bush et al Dreamboat Annie Ones not respecting human life and freedom DreamBrother (27) Cromwell, Reagan, Bush, Thatcher Drella (26) those who are intolerant and ignorant drift I'm with Proust here Dr. J (76) Nietzsche. Dru (24) hitler ds (45) Hitler, Churchill, Stalin, Rooseveldt, Mussolini and Franco. D.S.de.P.Ramos None duke (18) Hitler. Fairly obvious though. Duncan Passell (17) yau yik shing dustxii (22) I do not know D.X (22) Lloyd George, Stalin, Reagan, Thatcher Dylan (17) I can't think of any right now. EAR (19) Amon Goeth, John Wilkes Booth Ed (30) hitler ed Any dictator or despot. Eddie (48) None, because they're all someone's child and I can't despise that someone Edgar Roberts (15) The forgotten multitude that perpetuated the oppression and subjugation of humanity. Edouard (41) hitler Eduardo (19) none, NONE EduGri (53) Hitler, Osama Bin Ladin, John Wilks Booth, Stalin, Judas Effie (34) Mostly dictators and Voltaire efha (23) Hitler ehk2 (30) They just gone astray I won't hate them. Eiichi (16) george w bush, the nazi minions, stalin, jim jones. EJ (29) Any who would kill or destroy a whole race of people without remorse or regard E.Jay (21) Savonarola ejb (22) Politicians, Monarchs, Oppressors, Warlords el3vat0r i've never thought about that.. elay (21) i don't like a lot of people in history, but not despise elay (23) Hitler, Bush, Mao eldar (25) Is Rupert Murdoch a historical figure? Elena δεν ξερω ελενη (33) Stalin, Hitler, Mussolini and all like-minded people. Elena Di Cesare The Ones who oppress people and hasn't inspired genius to come out Elias (22) Adolf Hitler Eliaz McMillan (33) osma bin ladin eliciabg (23) Neither am I my dear Proust. Elie (16) Hitler Elisabeth (22) Hitler and Stalin Elissa (22) Hitler, as well as anyone else who ever killed masses of people. Elizabeth Well, Hitler, of course. Some of the more psychotic Roman emperors. King Henry the 8th. Rasputin. Elizabeth (25) Hitler, I suppose. Elizabeth (15) Dick Cheney, the Russian tsars Ellen (48) Oppressors Ellen They are dead, it is enough. Ellen Fitzpatrick (61) Hitler, Stalin. Marie Antoinette. Ellie_Estrella (19) hitler and anyone who kills anyone for no reason apart from being different Ellie Wilson (15) Hitler. Elliot Hitler, Mussolini, Stalin, Videla elSigno (37) George Bush Ely (23) hitler, sadam, tyranical dictators Elyse (20) I try not to despise but learn from (in some way) Ema (18) Hitler emdonnelly7 Hitler. Emilee Nightshade (19) Far too many people to even begin to process this question. Emilia Blancarte Jaber Hitler. Emilina (27) Margaret Thatcher Ronald Reagan emilio (28) Hitler, Bush and people who claimed to be christians but they weren't Emillia (16) Margaret Thatcher. Emily (19) I have not met a person horrible enough yet that I could not relate to at least some aspect of their person.....which means I dont despise them. You can only despise what you cant understand. Emily (24) men who war over nothing. Emily Clark (25) dictators who caused the suffering of others Emma (20) every published marxist. emma (18) the popes Emma (20) Lots of politicians and I dislike the creator of scientology encolpio8 (22) Henry the wife- killer Endimion none endor Crooked politicians Engel (48) Anyone who has been flawless Enis No one Eno A. Agolli (15) I need to read more in order to answer that. Enrique (21) Henry Ford and Heinrich Himmler. Eric (15) Everyone says Hitler. I'll add Joe McCarthy. Eric (40) Adolf Hitler Eric (37) Lenin, Stalin, Trotsky, Hitler, Himmler, Pol Pot, Mao, Kim Il Sung, Kim Jong Il, Caesar, Napoleon, Nixon, J. Edgar Hoover, Reagan, Thatcher, Ayn Rand. Eric (19) bush Erica those who didn't side to any part Erica (25) None at all Erica Johnson (21) Adolph Hitler, Joseph Stalin, Vladimir Lenin, Karl Marx, Franklin D. Roosevelt, Harry S. Truman, John F. Kennedy, Lyndon Johnson, Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton, Barack Obama, Julius Caesar Eric C. Wolfe (28) Hitler, Stalin, Marx Erich (20) George W. Bush Erich (19) Everyone has served his/her purpose Erict7 All presidents in the last half century , except for Clinton and Reagan. Erik (25) Those who wrote the books that we take as presenting a complete story Erik Isaac (19) Adolf Hitler, Rasputin Erik Price (18) Hitler Erin (27) Hitler Erin (53) Hitler, moussalini Erin (30) I don't know many so I'll say Hitler. Erin All dictators and despots Erin (46) Hitler esayer (35) I do not despise anyone Escalus (22) Huh? I don't know. Escapism (19) Dictators, corrupt politicians Esmee fidelius (54) Tony Abbott ESMERELDA (50) most of them esteban (29) Killers and rapists Esteban (23) hitler, lennin, stalin estrella blanca unsure Et (32) Oppressors and tyrants. Et Cetera (22) Kissinger Etha (26) I don't know enough to make such a judgement ethan (20) Napoleon, for his frenchness Eva (23) Anyone who did nothing to help those that needed it - that is to say, almost everyone - but those who did it despicably Eva (16) fuck ronald reagan evan ass hatch (18) Hitler. Everyone who hated Evanna (18) Hitler and any other man or woman who killed for no other reason than to kill Evie (22) Che Guevara and Fidel Castro... evilwonders (28) Where do I start? Ezra (20) George W. Bush, Dick Cheney fallen (24) None Fanourios (40) Not sure. Probably the asshole who burnt down the Library of Alexandria. fatgaynig (20) Hitler Fatima (19) hitler fat man (33) Hitler, Mengele... feanix (20) Lots of Presidents and members of government administrations Ferroever (43) Religious practitioners fersfumero (28) Adolph Hitler, Caligula, Oppenheimer, Josef Mengele FeydRautha (46) those exhibiting see above Feysweetie (43) Too many Fields (19) hello kitty filinia (22) the advocates of what I most dislike Finokio (38) Hitler fk2005 (34) Carrie Nation. FlameHorse (28) Those who had no problem killing hundreds, thousands or millions of people. Long list. Flantasy Girl (25) Adolf Hitler, Vlad the Impaler, all the leaders of world war 2, and Elizabeth Bathory flavia (13) those who oppose Flo despots Flora (69) Adolf Hitler. Florin-Alexandru Brănescu (16) Despising someone does no good FlyinMonki (27) hitler Francesca (29) Hitler and Salazar Francisca Bastos (17) Hitler, Stalin, Beria, Caligula Francisco Aguirre (23) Winston Churchill, Dubya Bush, Hermann Göring Francisco Javier Gil Vidal (54) there are so many. frank (57) Emperor Caligula FrankieSmash (49) Thatcher. Every oppressor and undeserved ruler. fred (16) Hitler Freda (61) Adolph Hitler Fritha Grey N/A fumble (19) mugabe, milosovec, george w. bush furies (27) Hitler, JD 20 20, FYS13Alec (18) No idea FYS13Amanda (18) I Dont think I know enough about anyone to hate them. FYS13Andrew George W. Bush FYS13Bella the entire Bush family, well maybe not dad. FYS13DRJ Adolf Hitler FYS13Savannah Henry (18) Nobody FYS13Tyler (19) Urban II FYS14Caleb (22) Adolf Hitler. FYS14Carrie Nero FYS14Darling (18) the scum of Wall Street CEOs of all kinds FYS14julie Hitler FYS14Kelle (20) King Leopold II, Andrew Jackson, Vlad the Impaler, Satan FYS14Landon (18) I think we all despise Hitler. Just saying. FYS14Skylar Those who oppress people and think they are better than any one person FYS14Taylor Dr. GERBELS FYS breont (19) Hitler FYSHeath (18) none. FYSMichael (18) hitler Gabriela (18) Adolf Hitler, Mohammad the prophet. Gabriel Gonzalez (26) j p morgan Gail (44) Hitler Gail Flaherty The Puritans, Zealots, other fanatics & their ilk. Gainer (52) They are in the past for a reason. Garrett (19) hitler and the rest of them gatetam (38) Hitler Asbin Benlota Gator Krazy Dave Adolf Hitler, Charles Manson, and Christopher Columbus. Gean Whitehead III (20) hitler Gene (51) There are way too many to list. Genevieve (22) Those who empowered the evil who rose to power Genevieve (15) all the dictators of all times and all places George Cromwell, Pol Pot, Stalin, Hitler George Brosnan (16) Aside from the obvious (Hitler, Stalin, Pol Pot etc): Margaret Thatcher, William Pitt the Younger, Marshal Petain George Owers (21) Generally murderers who killed others for unknown reasons Georgia (14) Hitler Georgia (16) All leaders are humans put into positions beyond their abilities so it's only natural that they screw it up and we end up blaming them for it. ghazaleh (27) Dictators, Mass Murderers Ghyles (31) Dictators, Mass murderers Ghyles (31) The people who write down history Gia (21) Louis Farrakhan Giannico (40) Margaret Thatcher, The Duke of Cumberland Gillian Martin (40) I don't know, am I supposed to despise any in particular aside from the obvious Bad Ones? Gina (19) Nero and his cronies. Gionna (28) YHWH and all deities really. Their followers too, in general and as a principle. Girl You Too Rude Pol Pot, Hitler Glenn Parker (24) Hitler Gloria Heatley (58) All who imposed their views upon others GMcG The obvious ones goblin64 (45) None of them Godfrey (19) hitler Golden Boy (20) Stalin. Gonzalo well if prousts not fucking educated enough how am I supposed to answer. goose (20) Nixon, Louis XVI, Catherine the Great Gracie (22) Hitler greatlove (32) Hitler Greg (19) I see little value in hating the dead Greg (24) hitler Greg (17) Politicians Greg Hitler Greg (20) Hitler, Stalin, Amin Greg (53) Other than the obvious ones like Hitler, I would have to say any religiously motivated committer of violence Greg Lytle (26) trujillo gretel neron, hitler, petain gruchi (63) hitler gruffmusic (49) Most of those who shed blood Gtergab (50) every figure that's known in history has altered our present, so I can't despise any. guiller van mistoffellees (17) George W. Bush Gustavo (21) Charles De Gaulle gutsyaardvark (19) Adolf Hitler Guy Van Driessche (44) Lady Gaga Hakusha Senbon (24) I'm sure there are many despicable historical figures who I have never heard of. Hal (18) Hitler Hala (34) Hitler, Fidel Castro anyone who has opressed people Haley (19) destroying of ancient iran hamideh (26) Dictators Hamlet (30) Small thing. Hana (14) Hitler Hanna (24) It's a toss-up between Adolf Hitler and Joseph Stalin with all their bloodshed for power... Hannah (15) I do not like to judge someone when I do not know them, especially when using the term "despise" Hannah Ross (20) no one. I'm not passionate enough to despise, even hitler. Hari (21) Hitler and the S.S. Harold E. Leighton (37) Hitler. Harold E. Leighton (40) Critics Harriet (23) Despise sounds too much, 'cause judging is never easy and we never really know facts and personal history Hassallah (30) Hitler Hassan (21) hitler Hayley I could not care less about history. Hayzeus (23) The crusaders HCE (15) I'd say Stalin but I'm not 100% sure HeavyFire (16) hitler. heider (27) Hitler. Heidi R. I suspect all who have made it to History Helen (32) Hitler Helen (19) Adolf Hitler Helena (18) Hitler Helen Mattison Wyatt (20) dont know hellgirl (19) Hitler Henry (46) i have no clue her (26) Judas Herald (71) hitler, nero, herod herbertofwestlake (43) hitler Hetal (22) Hitler, Stalin, Mao HHP (41) Columbus H. McMillan (33) No se. H.Nakashima (21) ...without them we would not be and learn and i don't despise.. maybe dislike hodouk (22) The obvious ones, whose names I don't want to do the honor of writing them here Hoelder1in (51) I could say Hitler, but that would be corny, woudn't it? hoffsta thatcher holden (27) Hitler Holley (39) Hitler, Mussolin, Franco, Stalin. holly (17) Adolf Hitler Holly (22) When a-ban rise his hand with handcuff. holyjkms (29) bell Hong Jay none howard (34) I do not care for Andrew Johnson. howard (34) None, even if i were to dislike their characters, without the things that happened in the past, i might not be who i am today Huda (19) hitler, nixon huggybear (29) Mao Hulot Redux no one really, i think anything that happened in the past you can get a full perspective of. Hurricane Katrina (25) Mao Zedong Hwiseon Lee (24) Those who were selfish. I Hitler, Alexander the Great, Stalin, Pol Pot, Mehmed II, anyone who has ordered a genocide, Constantine the Great. I Adolf Hitler; Queen Mary I of England Ian (23) Tyrants Ian (44) None...they've all added to our education and wisdom(or lack of it) ianplanet (47) hitler I Beg (54) I neither despise nor admire any historical figure. They're just not that important to me. Iblis Anak (22) The ones that represent the lowest of the human raise .The traitors ,the cowards ,the stupid ,the cruel i dont know that i know (17) Oh, the books are full of them Igor (29) The dictators. ile105 (23) The usual suspects, Stalin, Hitler, Mao, and Yoko Ono Illinibeatle (44) adolf hitler Imee Stalin Indrė (17) hitler Inês (20) i'm not educated enough to say it either. inez (21) Hitler? Inkie (60) Colonialists and anyone who based policy on outside appearance such as race or creed interestedparty bush i.p. None Irene (17) i can't tell Iris (18) Hmm. Nobody. It is all natural law. Isaac (16) hitler, stalin Isaac (29) I cannot despise them. I think you must know a person personally for you to despise them. Isabel (19) Napoléon Isabelle (26) Those who made wars in the name of their ambition and ego Isadora Duncan (32) George Bush, Hitler Ismael Santos (20) Oppressors and especially committors of genocide. Isolde (17) The Natzies. Iva Hitler, of who my father interminably reminds me. Iva Pasztor (20) Benedict Arnold Ivy (10) no one . be cause people will either love you for it or hate you for it. ivy (25) Any member or leader of a hate group Izzy (24) Hitler, Stalin, Caligula, Nixon j2a18m (43) socrates jabbar (23) Hitler Jacie Lin Frenchies Jack (14) hitle jack (30) Rich people Jack Goodman (18) The usual lineup of mass murderers Jackie The president and the politicians jackie (40) John Calvin just because Calvinism ticks me off, haha. Also, Hitler. Jackie (18) those who created too much chaos Jackie (24) I don't know Jackie Cavalcante (40) Dictators & terrorists Jackie Vega (27) Any capable of great betrayal or deceit. Jackson8471 (23) Too many to name, the past and the present of humanity is filled with corruption Jaclyn (22) I'd say Hitler, but I'd be wrong JaclynM (19) The anti-human justifiers of hierarchies and anti-intellectual prejudices. Jacob Richardson (18) Those who tried to take away freedom for their own greedy purpouses. Jacque (24) Henry the 8th, Adolf Hitler, Joe McCarthy, Ku Klux Klan. Jacqueline (34) Henri Rousseau, Peter Zohrab (is he historical? immaterial). Jacqueline Garrett (38) those that took leadership roles only to in turn oppress the subjects that helped bring them to their places of power Jadelynn (24) Don't think I have any Jafari (33) Karl Marx Jaime (18) The ones that make others be despised as well Jake (17) Ronald Reagan, people similar to him Jake (21) Anyone who perpetuated or initiated oppression in any form or fashion. J.A. Lawrence all despots and tyrants, all murderers and thieves James (64) everyone that has oppressed the weak. James (30) none James Green (29) - James La Salandra (31) Clerics of all stripes jameson_welsh (22) all the usual nutters. pol pot, hitler, mao, mussolini, kim jong ill, stalin etc James William Reath (21) Nixon Jamie (25) Sooooooooo many. Hitler is the first that comes to mind. Stalin, Mussolini, Henry VIII, the corrupt popes (of which there are numerous), and ST. AUGUSTINE. OH GOD, I HATE ST. AUGUSTINE. FIERY. BURNING. HATRED. Jamie (22) why waste effort in despising dead people? Jan HItler Jan (54) HItler Jan (55) Hitler . Janae (17) george w bush jane (41) the mean, small-minded ones. the petty bureaucrats. jane fakename (25) I don't janice (67) Hitler Jannie56 Adolf Hitler Jared Oswald (19) indira gandhi jasleen Those who created racism and sexism Jasmine Violet (17) adolf hitler Jason (34) hitler jasonstafford (53) I suppose Hitler is a safe choice, but there were a few Khans that would give him a run for his money. Jay (26) Hitler Jay West (27) dont no jb (13) Hitler, Hussain, Bin Laden.. J.B. (53) Cruel ones JB (29) Hitler, Keynes, Skinner Jb Bradford (44) HItler's administration, Napoleon, Regan JD (21) the idealogical father of jim crow jean (22) Moshe Dayan Jeannine (57) Hitler Jeff none Jeff Winger charles darwin jemimah (32) Hitler Jen (23) all other than ideal Jen (25) Ronald Reagan & Margaret Thatcher Jen (35) Stalin, Pol Pot, Mao, Robsepierre. Hitler and Mengele Jen Gerlach (39) Leaders who turn on their people. Jen Hallidy (42) Hitler and all others that terrorize innocents Jenn (35) Hitler Jenn (39) Hitler Jennie Anyone who caused pain and suffering to innocents. Jennifer (35) anyone with power who caused avoidable suffering, esp en masse. but cruel parents who ruin the lives of a single person get my vote, too. Jennifer (40) Hitler, Osama bin Laden Jennifer C-K (35) Adolph Hitler, Josef Stalin, Slobodan Milosevic, Idi Amin, Saddam Hussein, Ne Win, etc Jennifer Lewis (26) Hitler, Himmler, and any who were weak in spirit Jenni Webb Reynolds (29) I'm not too keen on Hitler or the KKK Jenny (23) Cotton Mather, Hitler, and anyone who has every committed sexual assault Jenny (28) george bush Jenny (37) Hitler JennyLynn (23) Most of them, for being remembered Jeremy (17) Jerry Falwell Jeremy (30) Anyone who had a chance to correct in justice and did nothing, or worse, said that the injustice was correct. Jeremy Fassler (22) Hitler Jess (27) HITLER!!! ...and all him cronies. Jessica (18) Hitler. Jess the Mess (21) bullies Jet Jackson (92) karl marx jezza (18) muhammad ali jinnah & jawaharlal nehru jg (36) Hitler, right? Jim (20) The first Kings jimmy (84) Self-aggrandizing leaders--those who ruined their domains with their hubris and greed jj (43) Adolf Hitler JJ (20) Stalin, Hitler JLo (34) Henry the 8th JM (28) Hitler Jo (41) Hitler. & George W. Bush.. Jo (16) Hitler Jo (21) Hitler or Napoleon Jo Hitler and Jefferson Davis Jo (20) Hitler, Napoleon, Mussolini, Salazar. Joana (22) Anyone who condoned slavery JOANNA anyone who has perpetrated genocide Jo-Anne tyrants joannie hypocrites Joe (60) hitler JoeyO (34) power hungry people John (28) None John (24) Anyone who killed people to fuel their own ambition Johnathan Durand (19) dunno. never met them. Johnny (21) All the killers and greedy bastards. John Sousa (17) Hilter JoJo (27) Hitler jolie (66) Pol Pot, Hitler, Stalin-and all those who out of opportunism collaborated with them Jollie (21) Stalin, Hitler Jo Mama (53) Hitler Jonas (We) nazi's jonathan (31) Adolf Hitler, Himmler, Goebbels, etc jonb (49) Hitler Jonida Dervishi (29) Adolf Hitler, slaver owners, Kevin Sinfield Jonny South (18) Abraham Lincoln, for removing he basic rights of man during his rain. Jordan (19) the papacy jordan rutter (18) hitler Jorelle (18) St Paul, Ben Stein, Pope Innocent the VIII, Instigators of the Malleus Meleficarum joseph (31) dont have knowledge Joseph Anthony (37) 歷史就是歷史,不足判斷 Joseph Cheng (28) Adolf Hitler Josephine A (19) Hitler, Caligula Joseph Yvon (63) hitler Josh (23) Hitler. Josh (22) Those who have caused discomfort or death out of irrationality, fear, or lust for power. Joshua Levi (21) Hitler Joshua Taft (18) It's difficult to feel such a strong emotion for anyone whom I've never met. Josh W. (19) evil ones. lavish lazy ones josie (25) Hitler Jotthedot (16) napoleon joyce (20) Cromwell; Stalin; Kim Jong Il joyseternal (22) I can't despise any jrggzmn (20) I can't say jrggzmn (20) Those who destroyed jrggzmn (25) I could not pick one Jtan (21) I cannot judge or despise Ju (28) Churchill, M. Friedman, Pinochet, Pol Pot. Juan Carlos (21) Juan Domingo Perón Juancho (32) The ones who beat and suppress their wards. Juanita Joann Harty Buck (49) Hitler, Juan Jose Campos (34) Murderers and liars Jubin (21) Kennedy, Robespierre, Marx Judah (30) 秦檜 jude (25) Certain presidents of the US who have knowingly done great harm to the country Judyka (64) Hitler, jujubee (35) Adolf Hitler, Adolf Stoecker, Pavel Krushevan, William Dudley Pelley; figures who advocated groundless or gratuitous violence or hatred Jules (19) tyrants Jules No preference Julian (16) Hitler, Nero, Stalin julie (79) noone Julie (20) Himmler. Cliche, maybe, but I don't adequately detest a historical figure. June (23) I am not sufficiently educated to say jupiter jones fascists, and theocrats Justin (27) I don't know any historical figures personally, so I can't really say. Justin (15) Most Politicians Justin Aylward (22) none, the ones i know of have impacted me enough to remember who they are justine hope (20) None Justin G. (15) I do not enjoy looking upon the past, I live not in it. Justin Rasile (23) Ones that are doomed to repeat themselves JW (27) Those who killed good men and women; Hitler. K (21) People like Hitler, Bush, etc. who carry so much hatred inside and try to inflict pain on others. K. (23) not entirely sure k-92 (17) socrates kai (15) Hitler Kait (23) VIOLENT, DELUSIONAL ONES KAKI (50) i don't know Kaleena (23) I don't despise people Kamila (18) Hitler, Mao Zedong, Laden KammY hitler Kandi (26) Hitler kangaroo those who preach hate karaeileen (24) Hitler, Rasputin, most military dictators Karen (22) Hitler Karen (27) none kari bobins (33) Hitler Karina Marcano (26) Any evil dictator/tyrant - most especially Hitler Karl (17) hard to tell... Kasia (30) No idea Kasper (19) I do not know enough about them to dislike any Kate (23) Martin Luther King, Jr., Ghandi, Judeo-Churchianity proponents, any Kate (21) Christopher Columbus, George Armstrong Custer, Theodor Herzl, Adolf Hitler . . . anyone who sought (or seeks) to deprive any others of human rights Kate Kim Jong-il Kate (26) Hitler Kate Mac (22) Those whose motivations were evil. Kate McJ (31) Adolf Hitler and Gerorge W. Bush. Katerina (22) Hitler, Stalin, Mao Tse Tung Katharina (32) People who exploit the less fortunate. Katherine (18) All of the dictators. Kathy (18) ? kathy (52) I did not know them, so I am not fit to say. Kati (15) I don't know Kati (19) not necessarily those who lied, but those accepted those lies while knowing they were such Katie (20) killllll me katie (23) I suppose Hitler. I don't like the word despise. Katie (17) hitler katie (22) Hitler, Rasputin Katrina (23) Hitler and Stalin Katrina Thiessen-Beasse (28) the ones I am most interested in: serial killers; people that are not quite right katthehurricane Franco Katy (16) Any man who gave on their dreams Katy (22) Hitler kaudrey hilter kavitha (19) aristide kay (22) Custer Kaybird (43) Hitler. Kayla Marie (17) Hatred is not a healthy state of mind and those who did dispicable things did not act alone kc Mostly they're in the past. I'm not worried about the past. Kechiro (33) Murderers Keith (19) hitler Kelli (47) Hitler kelly (39) Too many to list Kelly G. Teague (45) Hitler, Stalin... the usual Kelsey (22) Hitler, Stalin, G.W. Bush ken (58) Political figures. Kendyl (20) Hitler Kenn (47) Hitler Kennedy (18) murderous tyrants. pacifists who killed via inaction, ignorance or disinterest. Kenning (28) Hitler and his Nazis kerayne (66) hitler Keri Cook (26) Alexander Hamilton, Goebels, Hoover, Nixon Kevbo Those that cause suffering Kevin (25) Henry Kissinger Kevin (21) Hitler Kevlar hitler, chairman mao kfcbucket (16) Jesus Christ. kfkfkfk (17) Those that manipulate. KG (38) Adolf Hitler and Josef Goebbels they turned a country of great people into a barbaric society KG (26) All the architects of black suffering: colonialists, apartheidists & enslavers Khaddafina (23) TEST KHAkjhsak (16) All who caused death and heartache Kiana Mercury (23) Christopher Columbus. Kiara M. (15) Hitler, Pol Pot, Charles Manson Kid Jasper nearly identical KiDoCo Hitler, Saddam Hussein, Donald Rumsfeld, George Bush (both of them), Tony Blair, Charlie Haughey, Kieran (22) Hitler, Pol Pot and other dictators and genocidal shitheads Kiki (27) Those who have opposed equality Kiley (20) pass killy hitler Kim (37) I, too, am not sufficiently educated to say Kim (17) Hitler Kimberly (23) Hitler kimberly (21) Hitler, Mengele and John Howard kimbo (34) Hitler, Stalin Kim Randall Cox (43) hitler king (43) hitler kings (36) all tyrants King Ubi (35) Hitler Kinmin (24) hitler Kirsten McCracken (20) Saddam Hussein kit kat (22) Qasim Amin Qasim Amin Qasim Amin Kitty (21) Those who have ulterior motives when they're are asked a favor Kitty (19) George W Bush KK (32) hitler, bush, chavez k-kabob (31) Cesar KKC (26) None Kkkkaty (67) Theodore Obiang Klox890626 (23) Hitler KLVS (22) Hitler,mao Zedong, Laden Kmi there are far too many knapsackstraps (21) anyone who abuses people knowone (29) FDR Koinekid (28) Nero koshka (50) Those who oppose Christianity. Kouse (23) corrupt dictators Kreuzz Hitler Kris (41) Gadhafi krissy (18) All the usual. Any politician who seeks gain rather than good. Kristi (35) the spiritual figure of "god" and the physical figure of jesus. Kristie (22) Nero Krum Kirov (16) Those who have little regard for the wellbeing of others, animals and the environment Kryshia (53) George W. Bush Krysstofer Pierre (23) The whole of teh Westboroh Baptist Church Krystal (24) capitalist tycoons ks (33) All dictators.. Kt (15) Lyndon Johnson, Vladimir Lenin, I'm sure there are others KT Pol Pot Kunal Sen (27) Reagan, Marie Antoinette, Bob Dylan, Abbie Hoffman, Napoleon, Nietzsche (dislike for their historical influence, more so than despise for their personhood). kunderakitsch Adolf Hitler. kuro usagi (18) Most of them are interesting enough that I can't really make myself despise them in a realistic way. K Yeo (19) hitler, ... Kyra Black (19) Adolf Hitler Kyrie (18) what proust said Kyrinrin (14) i am not sufficiently educated to say lacee (18) Margaret Thatcher & George Bush (both father and son) Lacey McVeigh (46) Hitler? Lacharria (18) all tyrants and despots, too many to name, also J. Edgar Hoover LadyDyTheFly Hitler. Lady NCA (29) Hitler Ladytoyou (66) hittler but apart from him, mmmm lage (27) The list seems overwhelming Lainey (38) All of them Lana (34) men who commit genocide and those writers who institutionalized prejudice against all who aren't white, rich, and male LAND (22) Ghandi Lanius (50) Hitler Laura (20) I don't despise anyone. Laura (24) i don't know laura (23) dictators laura (27) the ones who take freedom like it's a favor Laura (28) i don't despise. there is too much despicable behaviour in history. history is made of it. another word for history is "dispicable behaviour" Laura (31) hitler laura Ytzia Montoya Capristo Oh, you know, Hitler...Stalin...anyone who caused genocide, really. Laurel (29) Hitler Lauren (28) those who organize genocides and hateful terrors Lauren (22) hitler, stalin Laurie (58) None Layla (22) Adolph Hitler LB Perkins (42) Hitler, Caesar, and Mao. Leah (16) Stalin, Hitler, LeCorbeauGris (25) mostly religious figures who perpertuated patriarchy lee (30) Hitler Leeham Hitler, of course. Leena (16) Hitler and most presidents of all countries Legacy Lee (31) Adolf Hitler and Osama bin Laden. Leigh Lagamayo (27) to condemn one is perhaps to condemn us all; to say such a thing is to lack the courage to do even that Lem (24) Adolf Hitler and Henry VIII. L.E.Murphy (17) people who did harm to other for selfish reasons Len (46) Hitler Lena (21) I despise any historical figures who tried to keep society segregated, and make sure that society was unequal. Leo Bigtos, fascists and totalitarians; small minded people who were granted too much power LeonidasStokely Liars Lestory (49) the sinners in my own family l.gee (23) Saddam Hussein Lia (23) maybe king sisyphus LiamP (25) napoleon; the beatles librowicz (28) Oppressive dictators who killed millions. Liliana Hitler lil~kissa (17) none Lily (16) Hitler Lily Hitler and Hussein Lily (34) Hitler Linda (23) Stalin ruined everything. Linda (17) The guy who invented the alarm clock Linda C (41) I don't know Lindsey (15) Adolf Hitler, Osama bin Laden, anyone who hurts others for their own gain. Lindsey B. (17) Hitler LindseyD (18) the dictators linou70 Those who have caused oppression and regression Lint (17) Hitler, Stalin Lisa Bush, Obama Lishan (20) haven't known enough historical figures yet LittleT (24) ? lituci (30) I do not always the one worth "despise"... Lixing (24) Those that prayed on the weaker. Liz (28) Hitler Liz (64) Adolf Hitler, Romeo and Juliet, and Judas Iscariot. Liz (47) Hitler- any dictator really Liza (33) Partisan hacks Lizzie Pickle (27) Joseph Smith and other confidence men. Many former popes. Oliver Cromwell. L. Kadey (18) I don't know. L. Kadey (19) I do not know them all LLane (23) anyone who knowingly caused a lot of pain lmao - lo (19) anyone involved in the genocides of the Jews during the Nazi movement Lo (24) Emilio Aguinaldo and Jose Rizal LodRose (32) the Third Reich Log Those who used ignorance to control people Logan (23) stalin, hitler Lola Hitler? Lolita Hazed (18) civil rights oppressors lollipoppingsu (24) Hitler, Mengele, Queen Isabella of Spain, Pontius Pilate Lori (37) Gandhi Louf (39) A lot of them Loui Edgington (12) I prefer to let the past alone Louis (19) it's funny to see how former American President George Bush would be amongst names like Hitler. Louisalokyee (15) Adolf Hitler, Margaret Thatcher. Louise (17) I do not feel I am a worthy judge on the matter. Loz (17) Hitler and all those who worked and supported him during the Nazi regime luadepapel (25) McArthur Luc (27) Juan Domingo Perón. Lucho (32) people who didn't learn from the past Lucija (25) Not educated enough to judge Lucy (34) Noah. Lucy King Luis XIV Luigi (38) Salazar, Hitler, Stalin, Mussolini Luísa (21) Salazar, Hitler, Stalin, Mussolini. Luísa (22) Adolf Hitler Luisa (18) none LuisEfe (55) The murderers and the liars Luke Anthony (19) can't say lukemarco (18) I haven't given that much thought Lulu Marylin Monroe Luna (16) i don't know lunar (18) Hitler. Nero. Caligula. Pol Pot. Stalin. Most dictators. LVG Hitler Lydia (50) hitler lydia Mengele? Hitler? There are too many to name. Lydia (18) those who took advantage of the weak lyman (35) Hitler Lyn (22) Hitler Lyn (22) hitler lynac (31) Not many, at the moment. Lyndsey (19) Those who abused the weak Lynn Renee (41) Ronald Regan Lyss (19) Bush, and pretty much every other current political leader M@ (31) None M Hitler M (29) none comes to mind M (36) Communist M (19) Hilter MA (61) The Bush clan, Hitler etc. Mach (44) Those whose names aren't remembered Machiavelli_Mx (38) weak leaders macskawoman (44) Hitler Madhusudhan (63) selfish dictators Mads Husted (21) Hitler, George W Bush, King Leopold, Oliver Cromwell. MaeveOne (27) G.W Bush , Benjamin Netanyahu Magellan (44) Those who were motivated by money, greed, and lust for power Maggie (24) Hitler and stalin maggy may Richard Nixon, Wouter Basson Mahalo (/) i do not despise figures, for they would be nobody without uncritical supporters mahtiel (21) Native Canadians Mairi (37) obviously - hitler maitresseb (43) Should I spite anyone for what is in the past? Mak (16) Ernest Bevin maksimuchka (38) Every politician who engages in war and does not let his/her troops win Malibu (31) bush Mallory (21) Hitler Mallory Corrus (20) Kings. Emperors. Anyone who has a hand in the oppression of the masses...unfortunately there are too many to name. Maltet the boring ones Mandar (27) OHMYGOD THERE ARE TOO MANY EVIL MEN (and Ayn Rand) Mandella Kitten (36) Hitler mandi (28) None. Manu (22) Adolph Hitler, Osama Bin Laden, The Devil Mara (58) Appeasers MaraMichelle Napoleon Marana (56) I don't want to answer this. marcel254 (25) hitler, stalin, Marc_Meyer hitler marg (53) Those who burned witches Margaret (19) All politicians Margie (44) perhaps martin luther margo (22) A certain Pope Margot There are so many figure that it seems silly to name just name a few Margot (21) Anyone that hurts his/her fellow human beings Mari (30) Hitler, Caligula, Nero, Bonaparte Maria (45) i don't know.. Maria Hitler Maria (18) don't know Maria Contreras (19) Hitler Mariam (20) hitler Mariana (16) None, bucause what happenned in the past make us who we are. Mariana (22) Hitler, Rasputin Maria Patenaude (29) Adolf Hitler Maria Rowena Rillen Those who were short sighted with skewed morals and prejudice. Marie (19) I can't say. Marie (21) hitler marina (50) The ones who crushed others for nothing more than their own prospers. marina (27) King Louis XVI, Hitler Marina (20) I am not sufficiently educated to say Marina da Silva Negherbon (24) tyrants. mario ponce (38) Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Howard Mark (16) Bill Clinton, Bismark, Karl Marx, Muhammad and Jesus Christ Mark (19) Hitler Mark Angus Wilson (28) Contemporary American politicians Mark D Anderson (23) I am not sufficiently educated to say. Thumbs up to Marcel. markeff (38) Hitler Mark J (44) tyrants markus_naz (39) hitler, stalin Marney (40) I don't know them Maroua (17) Videla, pinochet, feiman marti (25) Many Marty (18) Hitler, Stalin Martyshka (31) The Nazis. Maruku (18) I really think they all had a reason to exist. Hating them takes away the good that somehow came from them. Mary (22) Adolf Hitler Mary (28) too many to list Mary Ann (62) Cromwell and Treyvelyan. MaryAnn (47) Hitler Mary Ellen Collins-Davis (59) Hitler Mary Ellen Collins-Davis (59) Clearly Hitler and Stalin Masha Shannon (26) Hitler MasonFYS13 (18) Adolf Hitler, Bashar Al-Asssad. The lesser demagogues as well: Rush Limbaugh, Al Sharpton. Peter Singer also comes to mind. Mason Walker (21) Hitler, Vlad Ţepeş, Bush Mat (15) The Ustashi- They stole a beautiful nation mate Hitler Mateus Melo Cromwell, Martin Luther, Sulla, the conspirators who killed Caesar. Mathew Gallant (22) Hitler Mathilda (15) I suppose one may say Hitler and he was indeed a terrible man though some part of me does not quite hate him; perhaps for the hope that occasionally he might have glimmered with goodness. Perhaps not. Matisse (15) Osama, Kim ja ung song and il along with Slobodan Milošević Matrix (23) not sure Matsuda (14) i don't know matt (17) All fascists, tyrants, and fanatics. Matt (30) Adolf Hitler Matt (20) Hitler. Matt Ari None of them really did anything to harm me. So none. Matt DeCostanza (17) False prophets. Matthew Charles Barrie (27) All conservatives Matthew Ray (18) Hitler, Stalin, Mussoulini, those kinda guys Matthew Young (18) reckless people Matthieu (21) Andrew Jackson, Benedict Arnold, mauserman (42) Those who committed school shootings Max (24) hitler, thatcher maxie (20) Mustafa Kemal Ataturk Maxwell Pierson (23) hitler and osama bin laden MB (41) There are too many to name mcfm0626 (26) Marcos, Hitler, Pol Pot, Stalin, Mao MCI (22) those who do not stand up for human rights mcseadogs (34) hitler Me (40) There are many, starting with any one who is a oppresser ME (25) Hitler, Stalin Meaghan n/a Meebo I, like Proust, am most certainly not sufficiently educated to say Meg (16) apathy meg (22) hitler, japanese generals who encouraged slaughter in ww2 Meg (19) hitler, george w. bush Megan (25) n/a. Megan (20) Adolf Hitler Meghan (16) Hitler Megil (51) Indira Gandhi, I guess. Meher (32) The historically religious. Mel (16) Hitler Mel (20) People that took advntage of their high places mel (32) Hitler Mel (44) Hilter, Racists Melanie (31) Hitler. Melinda (18) mass murderers or murderers in gereral...i suppose no one really likes them though melissa (17) hitler melissa (44) Hitler Melissa Farr (25) Hitler Melissa Farr (29) judas escariot, elizabeth I margaret thatcher Melly Hitler Melody (22) The overrated ones. Michael Jackson. Mel Sundquist (20) God Memyselfandi thieves with power Menjou (21) mir jaffar menon (33) the majority of us presidents, despots mercedes (27) people that are stupid and evil. They don't always go hand in hand. Just being evil is better than both. Meredith Any with unjust blood on their hands Meredith (23) Any traitors to their country or to vows they took Merit (56) Any traitors to their country or to vows they took Merit (56) Any traitors to their country or to vows they took Merit (56) Any traitors to their country or to vows they took Merit (56) Any traitors to their country or to vows they took Merit (56) Any traitors to their country or to vows they took Merit (56) Any traitors to their country or to vows they took Merit (56) Hitler Mersiha (20) Everyone hates Hitler, though I can concede he had characterists that were very useful. I despise those who wish to decieve, whether for their own ends or the "good the all. Metztli (23) Adolf Hitler MFSmith (16) Hitler and every Muslim leader there ever was, is, will be. mia All politicians who ever grasped power since the beginning of time have been more or less despicable Mia (27) anyone who has abused power and used religion as a means micci (64) Warmongerers Michael (40) Hitler, George W. Bush et al, anyone who acted upon their own inadequacies to enslave or cow down or injure others Michael (46) Hitler, nazis, Republicans, Democrats, liberals, conservatives Michael right wing republican tea baggers michael any traitor Michael (43) ones who have huge ego's michael (24) not sure enough Michael (21) Stalin, FDR, Obama Michael (52) Hitler Michaela (20) Hitler. Michaela Tee (15) Bush Michelle (30) Hitler. Michelle (24) Those who killed, those who raped, those who robbed. Michelle Jeong (20) N/A Michelle Sandino (15) This seems way too judgemental a question. It's easy to despise those when you have hindsight to educate you. michou (19) Rather and go with the obvious Hitler or Stalin or such (despicable as they are.) I'll go with types like Jerry Falwell and other religious fanatic agents of intolerance. Mick (28) Ronald Reagan Mignonne (53) Hitler, Stalin mihaela (26) Stalin Mika Those who take advantage of others for their own benefit(s) Mike (33) Hitler and much more Mike (14) Hitler, Mussolini Mike (53) Hitler Mike (58) I dont hate anybody mike_freedom9531 (30) Cannibals Mike G. (25) Not a big fan of Hitler or Joe Stalin. I don't care for Al Sharpton but he's not in their league mikemc1156 Attila the Hun Mike Sadler (53) Hitler Milfred (35) selfish ones, ones who don't ask nor forgive Mili (20) There is no person in history I despise, I don't feel entitled to do that. Milly (23) Any man or woman who protested against slavery and black inferiority Milly (16) Individuals who crave power, wealth, and fame Mimi (53) Hitler Mimi (31) Hitler Mimi (24) lucio cornelio silla, adolf hitler mimì (48) Hitler. Mina (15) Henry VIII Mind (17) Hitler, Stalin. Minerva Black (30) to hate someone is to know them entirely, which is impossible in history minto (28) hitler mirabilis (48) I think the ones who had done mighty wrongs on the world. mischa (22) Uh, recent ones. Misha (24) Any and all who stood in the face of progress, and succeeded in halting it. Misk Odium Oersted Margaret Thatcher miso those who started violence Miss Hitler misshermes (20) Any who thought the world would be a better place if a certain peoples would not inhabit it anymore, people who condone genocide that is. Miss Mia Moriarty (29) hitler stalin mister buzz (49) The ones who killed innocent people. Mitela (22) Many of them Mitela (25) Most, actually. Mitsuko (22) all of them mitzi (28) The ones that do not believe their cruelty was bad, and thought it was necessary. Miyo (12) George Bush and Hitler MJ (22) ? MJ (23) Henry Kissinger M. J. A. Armstrong (60) Despots, people who hurt others MJF (34) Metternich,Hitler,Stalin, mjwhite (21) Alexander Hamilton comes to mind. M.K. (21) Those who are mean. Mkeekee (30) The genocidal, resentful and oppressive M. Le Ahcim-nevets (31) Lilith MlleJacqueline All those responsible for brutality and murder and subjugation of others. MlleNeet Pol Pot MM (34) Those for whom ignorance and cruelty were not mere character defects but realities writ large Mnemonic Aberration those who configured to destroy the native american landscape moeder (32) Too many to list. Mohamjip (66) Hitler, Pol Pot, Dick Cheney, Fred Phelps. Moistoidy (43) George W Bush Molly (19) I am not well educated in history Molly (18) Hitler mollykate74 (38) Hitler, Stalin, Pol Pot momcat (60) Obama Mona Hitler, Stalin Mona Sen (22) All Popes, Himmler, "Billy" Sunday, D.C. Stephenson montanadrifter (68) i dont know enough about historical figures to even say montie williams (16) Aristotle Mooke (16) Any resistant to change as a result of bigotry Moose (40) Any man who raised his hand in violence against a woman, who oppressed the weak, who took advantage of the poor and the sick, who made a name on the pain and death of others. Morazda (42) Margaret Thatcher Morgana Those who enslaved African Americans and those who forced the Native Americans out of their homes and to turn their back or their way of life MorganFYS13 (18) Hitler Morgan Gratsky (22) I am not sufficiently educated to say. Morgan Toft none morgwei (28) All that every harmed a woman, child or animal Mouse (42) Henry VIII MP3 (22) Many popes and other religious leaders. MPaylor (21) all fascist and communist dictators, any leaders who oppress another group Mr. A (17) Irish ones MrJones (28) Mostly the ones I learned about who did horrible things MRM (28) despots Mr. Mandarin (41) Mary Todd Lincoln Ms. Barbara (19) Modern ones. Ms. L (22) Those on the wrong side of equal rights mStonerCEO (45) Hitler MUElexandra (19) hitler MUElizabeth (19) Hitler Muffin (25) I do not despise important people. mugen (22) Hitler mugkim (19) All those who tortured others for the sake of power in one form or another muhbuh (47) Adolf Hitler MUJakeWilkinson (18) those who led nations MUkelly (18) I've never really cared for Justin Bieber, but he's not historical. MULydia (18) Mengele? Hitler? There are too many to name. MULydia (18) Cromwell, Hitler, Thatcher Murphy (21) Hitler, Nixon, The vatican mutterhals (31) i dont know history dont ask me these questions why are you doing this to me my answers are perfect; yall should read those who rape. Mychel Shannon (18) The bad ones My Dear Materialista (27) hitler myra (22) I know very few characters in history to single out one. Myron (26) I guess Adolf Hitler, despite the fact I was not directly involved in the heinous crimes he committed. Myron (26) no one in mind Mystery Mind Over Matter (19) Cowards. N (20) the usual: dictators and terrorists, but also certain politicians nad (17) Pol Pot, Mengele, Nathuram Godse Nadine (21) ... Nana (23) Hitler, Stalin Nancy (78) all tyrants and empty hearted powerbrokers nancy Oppressors Nancy B (40) Any who have abused their position/powers Naomi (19) anyone who burned a book narelle pederick (40) Andrew Jackson Nat Cruel ones Natalia (33) Kim Jong Il Natalie (18) I do not despise anyone past, only the living. Natalie MJ (31) Chinese emperors natedawg (28) Christopher Columbus Nathan Too many to answer Nathan (28) Too many to count Nathan Hitler, James K. Polk Nathan (35) Hitler, Stalin, Franklin Roosevelt (on a little bit different level there), Orval Faubus, the nasty Roman emperors, Josef Mengele, others... Nathaniel (24) the ruthless leaders who covered themselves in glory by killing and maiming their own citizens. navera (57) osama bin lodden neckice Every one that I've ever read about. Neetzi (18) Bush Neller (35) Hitler,Marx nelly hitler Nelly (31) Joseph Stalin, Ollie North, Richard M. Nixon, Osama bin Ladin, the list is endless. Nels (31) Adolf Hitler Nessie (18) Freud, but i despise him with a kind of usefullness. Newlin (25) To each his own, except for Hitler. :) Nia (15) Hitler and Kim Jong-il Nia Robinson (19) adolf hitler Nic (27) Jean-Jacques Rousseau Nic (24) hitler Nic (27) One should not despise historical figures, only their actions. No one knows another's motivations, least of all those of people in the past Nicholas (18) Lenin Nicholas Kovacev (12) i dont Nick (35) Franco, Netanyahu, Ronald Reagan, Harold Bloom Nick (20) Spanish conquistadors Nick Schiff (16) They are so many... Nick Zero (26) Simon Bolívar. nicoca (21) Napoleon Bonaparte Nicole (14) History is never truthfully told Nicole EP (25) not been able to hold a conversation Niece (42) I don't know nightinday (19) Joseph Mengele Nik (30) Hitler; any other perpetrators of mass genocide & warmongers Nikki (35) Joseph Stalin. nikkissippi121 (16) Hitler, George W Bush Nikolai Kleppe (44) Politicians, lawyers, bankers - those who seek to profit off others Nikon Shooter Those who were looking like friends in times of joy, but proved to be traitors in times of sorrow Nikos (29) So many -- those without regard for anyone else but themselves. Nina (21) Hitler nina (27) all the obvious ones.. nina tangimetua (23) i'm not able to say because even those who have negatively affected us have Nirmal Singh (99) too many to name nmh (32) George W. Bush Noah (17) Many many many... Every figure who has wielded state power maliciously. Noah the good (23) Hitler Noelle The loathsome and deceitful men who stole the world NoGurus (20) Where to start? Jesus, Ghandi, Kennedy etc. etc. All posterboys of progressivism. Nomen nescio (24) Margaret Thatcher Nomers (19) ceasar, hitler none given The ones who destroyed the works of their predecessors. None More Bitter (20) sadistic ones, ones without compassion nono (22) We've been educated to say Hitler, I think, but "despise is a strong word. nools (21) all have good and bad aspects Noraq Hitler Norma Bush Not (26) Tyrants NR-2082 (32) Stalin, Mao Zedong, Fidel Castro, Francisco Franco Nrvnqsr (27) I don't think you should despise someone who hasn't done anything to directly harm you ns Ronald Reagan, Emperor Constantine, Dick Cheney, Adolf Hitler - rulers who destroy worthy societies while claiming to save them. Nuance (26) I don't know. numeroita (24) all tirans and racists, NynnaS. (36) Hitler oanaa (23) Abusers of all kind Ode Procopius Odile (36) Adolf Hitler Odilia (47) - ohlaskeau (21) Hitler, Stalin, Mosolinni, Sadam Hussein, Castro oldie-goldie (99) those who don't rise my interest olga (22) Thomas Cromwell, Henry VIII, Henry Ford. Oli Tearle (28) Christopher Colombus Oliver The obvious one, Hitler and his cohorts. Pol Pot. oliviathunderkitty (63) Currently the political figures in my country Oliwankenobi (21) False prophets. Olly (37) The Ayatollah Khomeini, Josef Stalin (Nazis and Al-Qaeda go without saying) Omar (17) D.W. Griffith is probably the unique one. ontherazzle (40) Adolf Hitler, Ghengis Khan, Henry VIII, Joseph McCarthy ooinla (40) None, all were necessary for the greater plan of things. Oph (30) Nixon, Reagan, Roy Cohn, and Hitler. ORK (22) boh orsetto (19) currenlty the historical figures of today who seem to be doing nothing but worsen the problems of today Oso hitler otto (21) History is too long and unwritten to have one Ovi (24) Political schemers oxoboxo (22) Adolf Hitler. Øyvind (27) Hannibal, Adolf Hitler, Josef Goebbels, Napoleon Bonaparte, Kaiser Wilhelm, Mussolini, and Xerxes I. Ozymandias Jefferson Roosevelt (24) Adolph Hitler, Josef Stalin, Pol Pot, King Leopold, Hernan Cortez, Crisfero Colombo PAB (43) Adolf Hitler and James Cameron Pacie Henry the eight Paggy (33) no idea pagina (20) Hitler Paige Hall (17) Current mexican president Enrique Pena nieto Palaila (28) Hitler, Stalin palais (32) Stalin Paldies (39) Fidel Castro, Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador Pamcake (28) hittler pamelaja (27) Hitler Panchi nero pandaaah (23) I suppose I should take the easy route and say "Hitler". Panic (18) hitlar panthergirl (36) I quote Proust on this one: I am not sufficiently educated to say Parker (18) KKK parksmi (51) not sure parvati6 Stalin Passepartout (27) George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, and Osama Bin Laden Pat (39) Tun Mahathir Patek (25) Nazi top brass Pat Garrett (26) - patric (30) What Proust said. Patrick J. Derilus Hitler Patrick Trotti (26) i am to educahted to say patroklos the leaders of the church during the inquisition patsy,world war II baby Same as Proust Patti (20) recent politicians Patty (32) There are too many current figures to despise. Patty Cake (29) war mongers Paula (54) Hitler was a bastard Paulie (23) Hitler Christopher Columbus Paulina (18) Hitler and, lately, Rick Perry Paulshrug (44) too many to single certain people out pax (23) hitler, stalin PB (20) None that I yet know Pea (17) Anyone who thought that he/she was better than other Pedro Albernaz (20) Hitler, Stalin, Napoleon Pedro Luis Munoz (24) Plenty, from Hitler to Hays. Pedro Tejada (20) N/A Penney (48) Heydrich Peregrine Serial Killers and despots Perfidia Taylor, Ford Pessoa non Grata Hilter, George W Bush, John Howard, Margaret Thatcher, Mao, Stalin, Pol Pot Peter Heron (57) I cannot say, for there will always be one redeeming characteristic of them Peter Joseph Tamber Maxima Gaffney Those responsible for incredible suffering on a massive scale, and enduring injustice: the sadists, the conquerors, the selfish, inept and corrupt rulers and religious authorities Peter Silva (46) The ones we had to experience Petree (22) to despise is to be too emotionally attached - indifference is he key Phil (44) hitler philippe (59) any one associated with prejudice and oppression phreec (35) Tyrants from any place or period Phyllis Boyajian Branche Hitler, Mengele, George Bush picfxr (45) Religious zealots Pingbluto all the kings pintoo (24) Stalin, Hitler, Pol Pot, Mao, Che Pistol Pete Oppressors and their victims pk_evanescent (38) Hitler. pk_henry Hitler, an obvious answer. Obama's pretty high on that list. Pleiadian7 (59) All popes, Mao, Stalin, et al Plusein (25) Unity Mitford Poobah (65) Most of the one's we'd have heard of hundreds of years later poop fella (25) Abraham Pope (31) hitler, stline pp (31) Maybe Hitler Prajakta (23) Despise none for i have not met them Prasanna (23) Hannibal Priceequation (33) the popes Prismatic (74) Robert Nixon Protovium (63) Hitler, Stalin psv (48) Napoleon,Hitler,Staline and so many others... PUNK PAINTER (37) thatcher puppylush (35) none Qi (18) George W. Bush Quasimodo (30) Hitler, Idi Amin Quimper (LV) Hitler and the like. Quinn (23) Hitler, Videla, Mussolini, Menem, Clarín's entire office, Franco, any dictator, any religious person who doesn't reason. qweasd It is my goal to refrain from hatred. R (50) Oh, the obvious: Hitler, Goebbels, Stalin, Idi Amin...currently also the anti-Dreyfus conspirators Rachel (21) People who have oppressed others in a bad way Rachel (21) I try not to despise Rachelmate (39) Mohammed, St. Augustine, Martin Luther, Takamori Saigo, Joseph Smith, General Tojo, Richard Nixon, Ronald Reagan radomu (18) Adolf Hitler. raf (19) All traitors RagsTyler (33) Marcus Junius Brutus Rain (16) Marcus Junius Brutus Rain I don't think I would have liked John Hancock if I had known him. I despise McCarthy. rainbird Hitler, Khan, all who engage in warfare; the first leader to engage in violent action. Raj (18) Hitler Ralph (21) Dhronacharya Ramu (59) Any of those who decided to take advantages of the disadvantaged fpr their own purposes. Ran (25) Eamon de Valera, he was an awful cunt Raph All who have done unspeakable things to others for their own gain Raquelle (17) Hitler, Stalin, Mussolini, G.W. Bush Raven (30) I am not sufficiently educated to say raven (17) Those who have impeded the idea that morality can exist within mankind without outside influence. Ray of Mars (36) Hitler, Stalin, Reagan rb3868 (52) The murderous ones RD Not sure Rebecca (19) Hitler and Benjamin Franklin Rebecca Scheid (13) president Rebekah (29) Anyone who killed because of hatred. Recross (25) Savonarola Red (26) Any liberal who has advanced a socialist agenda. Redbeard (24) Hitler and any other political figure guilty of selecting their own needs and desires over the man used to meet those desires. Redrover (50) Those who, out of fear, acted in small ways and large Ree (21) any political figure and government ree (24) Moses, Muhammad, Paul Reed Braden (19) Too many too count...But those responsible for genocides (directly and indirectly) Remi (28) Too many to name Renath Fidel Castro reneetriay (40) hitler? renno (17) Buddha Renos (24) perhaps adolf hitler renz (15) Those who destroy culture and lives due to dogma Requiem (27) Anyone who stood idly by his or her neighbor's blood, not oncce, but over and over again. res10k9v5@frontier.com Who indeed.. nobody? Fools who don't realize they are fools, and keep making fun of others Rethinker (26) Dan Brown, those who fought/fight against the right for people to have control over their own bodies & sexuality retroandi Karl Marx, because his genius could have drastically altered the world if only packaged differently. Reuben Samson (21) Those who did not chose side Reva Ann (20) for what? Rhail (38) Adolf Hitler RHCdG (52) racist and ignorant politicians and political figures who believe they have the power to decide about the lives of millions Rhea (25) Adolf Hitler Ric H (41) No one really, humans are also too flawed to despise one over the other Rick John Calvin, Martin Luther, Thomas Cromwell, Stalin, Hitler, Che Guevara, Ernest Hemingway, Clement Attlee Rick (18) Hitler and the other top people of the SS, Leopold 2 of Belgium, slave traders. Rie Those who have taken more than they give back, especially so when not out of necessity. Riley (26) Those who abuse their positions of power to corrupt the spirit of mankind riley (19) I couldn't say exactly who. I have too many on my list. Riley (14) I couldn't say exactly who. I have too many on my list. Riley (14) Hitler Rina (20) i dont know any well enough. Rini Anyone who was evil and caused suffering. Rinilia (17) I feel I'm not in a position to judge Riss (37) Bullies and tyrants RiverSong (32) Timur, and all those murderers Rizwan (21) pope rob (54) Al-Gazali, Leopold II, and, unfortunately, most modern US presidents. Robbie Curran (19) The more recent ones Robert Danduran (26) Anyone who attemps against human beings and it's sorroundings Roberto Rivadeneyra Q (35) george w. bush rob luddington (45) Hitler Robo (56) Not sure. robot Aldof Hitler. - Because he judged peopel of a certain race and background and drove this world to war because of his personal opinions. Robyn (15) Hitler, Bush(s), bigtos, fascists and totalitarians. Men who created Apartied. Rochelle (40) Hitler, Stalin Rockstar the weak who attach themselves to psycotic coat tails. Roderick hitler Rodica (32) I cannot say. Rodrigo (24) There are a lot to pick from and even if I were to choose only one, I wouldn't be able to tell which of the monsters was the most despicable. Rod Weiler (21) the one who should not be named roger (45) bush roguebroccoli (18) Adolph Hitler. Roma (14) Hitler, Lee Harvey Oswald, Bernie Maldoff, George W. Bush Romina (16) any cowards Romina (21) am not worthy to judge.... Ronald (40) Tyrants, murderers, dictators Ronen (27) Ted Bundy. Hitler. Roo (20) jamal pasha roro (23) The ones who don't know enough history Rorshavhanswer (18) they all had to play there part including Judas Rosalee Firth I don't know enough about history to say, prehaps Hitler. Rosalie Grace (16) any one that has harmed humainty Rose (17) too mny to list Rosie (52) Hitler Rosie (53) plenty rossi raping, pilaging men of war ro to the rah (20) Adolf Hitler Rox (17) wimpy politicans afraid to do the right thing rsan Communists rtalien (25) Mary Whitehouse. rubysparkles (23) I really dont despise people Rumi (42) Those who have used their power to harm others Rushkami (27) Lenin Ruska (33) a lot of them Ruskin Clay (17) god Ruskin Clay (17) Despots, fools and Martin Buchan's cynical tackle of Colin Bell in 1975 Russell Sandbach (53) Hitler Ruth (48) Any self righteous world leaders with no respect for those around them Ruthie (19) Probably any of them if I knew more. R. W. (26) president obama rwk (57) Hitler and his supporters Ryan (18) To despise or hate is not in my person, Ryan (15) G.W. Bush Ryan B (23) Hitler. Ryan Brun (23) This question is impossible to answer too. Everyone has lied about everyone for so long, we don't really know any of them. Ryan Brun (27) People driven by wealth. Ryan Brun (29) Hitler, Franco Ryan Riley (26) Bush, Goebbels, and Slavers Ryno (26) Adolf Hitler - one college course was sufficient information to make such a claim. Ryssan (22) Benjamin Franklin S (26) Malinche s33d (20) Now that you mention it, I suppose Pol Pot wasn't so great... sableye22 (17) hittler Sabri (19) Hitler Sacha (30) hitler, marx, lenin, mohammed s. a. hensley (45) ask me which i dont despise instead saief (28) I hate people of all ages who are self-centered. SAI LAXMI TATINENI (40) Stalin Sally of Kent ghandi sam (19) hitler Sam (24) Hitler Sam (36) I don't know Sam (22) Hitler Sam (17) the KKK, terrorist and racial hate groups. Dictators. Samantha (17) Stalin, Hitler Sam(antha) (24) John Knox Sam Gordon (18) I am not sure Sami (18) No specific samps (29) hitler, and all the ottoman young turks' heads SamSam (33) None. They all lived how they saw fit. Samuel (19) Adolf Hitler, Oliver Cromwell San ruthless dictators Sandy hitler Sandy (32) hitler, any oppresser sankari (39) I try not to actively despise historical figures. Sara (23) Hitler, Stalin, Sara (57) really couldn't say, i don't think you can really despise somebody unless you know them, even if they've done atrocious things Sara C aka Snacks aka Sarbs (26) Dictators Sarah (23) those that are full of hate and evil sarah i wouldn't know. i find dictators, or some, despicable. sarah (14) Hitler Sarah (23) not sure sarah (22) the soldiers who blew the nose off the sphinx Sarah (33) Hitler Sarah (27) I don't think I know enough to despise a historical figure Sarah (24) Hitler sarahbeth (21) Hitler Sarah Carlton (18) Hitler? Sarah Taylor Vernarecci (19) I'm not sure?? Sarah Taylor Vernarecci (19) Authoritarians sara luisa hincapie (23) Hitler Sara Ortiz (27) Hitler. He was not just a racist, but also a self-important jerk. Sara P. (18) those violent sargual Presidents of Ukraine, and some other developing countries Sasha (30) Alija Izetbegovic, Slobodan Milosevic, Franjo Tudman Sasha Hasanbegovic (26) the "good people" who remained silent Sasha_M (34) Andrew Jackson Sasha Sutton (22) there are too many to name. sat (20) Aaron Burr. sauron (24) Adolf Hitler Savannah Henry (18) Hitler Sax (32) 9/11 tereorists scarletsquirrel (13) Religious people generally Scarlett (25) All the racist, homophobic, misogynist, selfish, unempathetic people throughout history, starting with Ayn Rand Scooter (29) The same ones I find interesting Scooter190 (21) Hitler and those that chose their position over the lives of others Scott (60) Hitler and George Bush Scott (17) Hitler and Himmler Scott777 none Scout (26) Field Marshall Hague, Margret Thatcher, Adolf Hitler & his lot, Myra Hidley, Nick Griffin Screaming Bastard Child of the Apocalyps (23) The intolerant and those most stubborn in the face of facts. Sean D. Thompson (22) Politicians. Any and all. Sean Kennedy (22) Bismark, Hitler, Franco. Sebastian (18) anyone who have ever thought that any life worst less than any other Sebastian H (18) i'm going to go with proust's answer, "i am not sufficiently educated to say" Sedona (16) Anyone who causes suffering to others becasue of color, race, religion, sex, and any other characteristic Selene H. Brent those who refuse to study the past SeraphimeRising (31) There are few that I don't despise. Serena (26) only people I have met have that effect on me serenity ? Sexismandthecity (28) Wilhelm II, Himmler Shaina (22) Hitler, Mussolini, Stalin, Idi Amin ShaLo (66) Adolf Hitler, most definitely Shamir (13) Hitler, I suppose Shana (22) The regulars Shane (19) hitler, truman shane (25) None at the moment. Shanna (19) Bush, hitler SharaMays72 The bad ones. Shari (21) Sultan Abdul Hamid II. Sharice (22) Obviously there are many but the most recent are Stalin, Hitler and those we have yet to find out about. SharonBillings Hitler; all those who prey on the weak in search of power & greed Shauna (40) I agree shaurora (64) anyone that started war for no reason Shawna (21) unqualified to say because i dont know them well enough shawna (17) ron goodspeed, spople who use others shawpur (66) Margaret Thatcher, Hitler SHE (44) Hitler, Stalin, Nixon, but that is because all the others didn't get caught Shea (28) Anyone who burned books (or scholars!) can't have been good. I'm also not fond of philosophers like Thomas Aquinas, who do a great deal of damage to the subsequent history of philosophy by making stupid ideas popular. sheavsey (21) Hitler, Bin Ladin, Sheila D (55) Hitler shelby hitler Shelly (17) Stalin was pretty bad. All the dictators. Also, Thatcher and Blair - the war criminal. Sherry Fuller (41) great wall of china shiela (18) None that I can think of Shig (29) Adolf Hitler, Benito Mussolini, Nicholae Ceaucescu, Pol Pot, Josef Staln and everyone else who butchered their own people en masse and called it virtuous Shinydan (34) none ShiversB (19) hitler shodhana (20) all those who created discontent between brothers Shubhda (24) many shupiwe (35) tomas de torquemada, ferdinand and isabella of spain, phillip the fair of france and his buddy, the avignon "pope," clement; hitler Sid (57) Napoleon Sidedrive (70) Religious authorities Siena (21) Henry Ford Simen (18) John Howard!! Simon (19) George Bush, Thatcher Simon (20) I don't know that many of them and what they've done that I could judge them. Simona (16) Hitler sinawae (27) people who become what they vowed to stop sj (23) Adolf Hitler SJ (44) the ones who made people suffer Sj (16) Pol Pot, Aldof Hitler, Andy Warhol, John Ashcroft SkinnyBoneTree (25) the fakers skitalica (27) Hitler, Pol Pot Skytalker (26) None SL (22) those who arent worthy of a place in history sleepy (20) Ronald Reagan. Ronald Reagan. Ronald Reagan. Sloceface (23) Nobody is perfect, nobody is a complete failure. sluggishflow (22) Any cruel tyrants; I can tolerate the liars S. M. A. Armstrong (21) Michel le Brave and Steven the Great - 2 Romanian impostors Smaranda (33) Margie Thatcher - ugly mole Smeghead Nazis smithmarg (45) hitler snibab (19) traitors snorris (23) I don't think I can come up with an intelligent answer So (22) I save my rancor for the living socksless Hitler, Salvador Allende, Augusto Pinochet Sofi (24) I make it a point to never hate anyone. Sofia (15) all fascist dictators sofia (14) I do not despise anyone, much less someone I have never met. Sofia Picasso (14) I am not sufficiently educated to say. Sofía P. S. (20) Bin Laden Sofyzitahh (23) Stalin, Mao, Hitler Solomon (24) Tyrants, despots, parasites. Sombra (20) I need to get to know them as people before I judge... which is often too late Some random person (16) many Sonet P Hitler Sonia (25) Thomas Edison Sonja (27) Hitler, Stalin, and the cowards who obeyed them. Less so: the bad writers and the hacks. Sonya Dahl (21) hitler sooz (38) Black and Tans, Klu Klux Klan, Sophie (17) George Bush Sorrow (23) Selfish instigators of genocide SoundofWater (35) Hitler, Churchill, Osama. Sourabh Bharadwaj (21) none. S.P. (20) Hitler, Thatcher sp3ccylad (44) hitler napoleon and alexander the great Spacebug (42) I do not have any Spacey (24) Stalin Hitler Sparrow (46) Hitler Sparrow (17) Hitler Speck (36) Every king and queen to ever live Spencer Stewart Hitler, Mussolini, and Bin Laden. Spencer Valdez (11) Hitler, Osama, and Assad. Y U kill peepulz? Spencer Valdez (12) Dictators and all who manipulated, destroyed, and twisted for evil ends. Spike Spiegel am not a person who answer this question Srishti Gupta (19) most politicians ssv (40) hitler stan (54) Hitler Star (11) all who made war Stella (28) all communist leaders Stella (37) Josef Mengele, Joseph Stalin Stephanie (23) feminists Stephanie (21) People who wrote of bravery and self-love and then committed suicide. Like Sylvia Plath. Stephanie (18) Hitler, the person who invented the cellphone Stephanie (49) none stephanie (20) dictators/ greedy politicians who think they are entitled to our money stephbsemilla (40) Hitler, George W Bush, Stalin Stephen (56) hitler Stephen Stacks Adolf Hitler, Carl Marx, Frank Nietsche and J.D. Sallinger Steve (20) Hitler, Napoleon, Mussolini Steve Adolf Hitler, Joesph Stalin, Ronald Reagan Steve (56) Generally speaking, the instigators of wars and the originators and promoters of religion. Steve Shives (29) don't know history that much stoffie (26) Hitler. Stormy (17) catherine the Great, Toni Blair, Caligula, Livia, stradling any who would seek attention by hurting or prolonging suffering of others STUPID IDIOT (0) None Subhartho (26) mean or selfish people Sue (49) The usual: Hitler, Stalin, Mao (+Madame), etc. etc. Sunbul (18) Nothing as of now Sundaraa (32) I choose laughing at them. sunny De Valera sunshineguerilla (28) Julius Malema, SuperflyTNT Hitler Susan (63) Hitler, Stalin Susan Dawn Fain (59) King John, Adolf Hitler, Ivan the Terrible Susie (20) stalin susie karpasitis (26) Hitler, George W. Bush Suzanne Cohen (53) hitler Suzy (19) Adolf Hitler SvetikSmile (20) Hitler Swallow Nazis Swan (75) I am no one to answer that. Swapna (21) those who have destroyed or hidden knowledge from others Switz (29) hitler and minions sybann (50) Andrew Jackson and FDR. Sydchez The Confederate side of the civil war Sydney Kilbane (18) ditto proust, but i despite certain people i know more often t1 many popes, george w bush, stalin T (19) All the tyrants posing as saviors. T.A. (34) Гитлер TAHbKA Dr. mengale tai (22) hitler taintme ? dont know, tal (13) Ronald Reagan, Andrew Johnson, Woodrow Wilson, Thomas Jefferson, Mao Zedong, Sigmund Freud, Louis B. Mayer, Daniel Francois Malan, Eugene Terre'Blanche, Anwar Sadat, Rafael Trujillo, Margaret Sanger, and Andy Warhol Tallulah (29) hitler TAMAR (23) calligula tamara (48) the figures we despise, are ones we really learn from. tamera miller (33) there are a tons tanichis (32) Adolf Hitler, Fidel Castro. Tatiana (17) Ones who harm innocent people. Tatiz (19) Those who have committed deeds I find despicable. Taylore Dawn (18) It is less about despising, and more about understanding how those people came to be Taylor Van Allen (24) Adolf Hitler, General Dyer tazmur (26) Adolf Hitler, Usama Bin Laden T. Christopher Cox (43) Hypocrites Tebvy (24) hitler Ted (26) Satan Tee (40) Napoleon Bonaparte Teehee (18) No one Teleute (17) Josif Stalin, Adolf Hitler Teme (18) I like Proust's answer. "I am not sufficiently educated to say" Tennrox I like Proust's answer. "I am not sufficiently educated to say" Tennrox Hitler Teresa (43) I despise no historical figure, for each had their own lives and sides. Terra (22) Hitler Terri (35) All despots Terry (41) those involved in religious crimes eg the Inquisition TerryG (49) Hitler Terrylynn0609 (39) THE SANHEDRIN, ALL UNREPENTANT MONSTERS OF HUMANITY. TERRY YORK II caligula tess (24) Catiline and Ted Hughes Tess Calopedos (17) Leading figures and doctors in the Nazi-Regime as Mengele, Goebbels or Göring Tess Fiennes (40) hitller tg (48) Frankly, I despise some contemporary figures more- their behaviour is as bad as that of anyone in history, and they have less excuse. Thambi (24) hitler and the likes thatchaa (17) Those who commit genocide aside, anyone who abuses power. that guy #999 (29) Whoever started the trend of anti intellectualism That New Chris Sloce (18) Adolf Hitler thebabycub (39) The vast majority The Big Liddle (31) Hitler. Stalin. Bullies in general TheDoctor76 (35) Anyone that has abused his power due to his own ego. The Essential Man (26) Hitler, although im sure there are worse that i don't know about. TheFear77 (23) efialtes , the 20th century dictators theGeneral (19) hitler and any stupid ass war monger the grill (31) Qin shi huang di, for burning the book of music The Imprecise Duke Of Phonology (77) Adolf, Josef, Bennito, Mao, most I go on? The Josh Rollins (21) Adolf Hitler, Joseph Stalin, Jim Jones, Pol Pot, & then some The Mouse Avenger (20) Don't know much about it. Theo Adolf Hitler theravenette (15) Adolf Hitler theravenette (15) God, so many. Theresa (22) They've all met with their demise so why hold on to it? The Roomba Mifi (28) Hitter Thia (29) Pointless Thom (23) Ante Pavelic Thomas12081983 Atilla the Hun Thomas (16) Proust again. ThomasM Charo. and Erik Estrada. Thomzagod (39) Amon Goeth, Josef Mengele, the Nazi Party in general (too obvious?) Thor Hammerstein (16) None, I might not like what they do, but I don't dislike them. thoughtlessdreamer (15) All the scary killers. Thrakish (18) Slave traders and fur traders, those who took and sold lives for simple greed. Plus, leaders who killed millions stupidly, Stalin, Mao, the Catholic Church mostly of the past, and Islamic militants of the present. Thunderpussy (48) Dom Afonso Henriques Tiago Moura (15) Karamanlis tick hilter tiffany i only despise those who i've known personally tiffany; (lifefromtheshelf.blogspot.com) (17) Hitler TiffanyTee (26) The devil - evil Tiger and Lions Hilter Tim (27) Hitler, Osama bin Laden, Tim Jim Crowe. Tim Proser (17) Margaret Thatcher, if she qualifies as 'historical' Tim Sandle History is not something I despise timwarnock (34) Hitler, Stalin, Andrew Jackson any genocidal maniac Tina (32) Hitler Tini despots and tyrants who believe their way is the only way Tivia Stewart (40) Hitler, George W. BUsh, Dick Cheney tj (39) Hitler, Judas, the 9/11 hijackers. Todd any murderer Tofu (19) Mao Tse Tung, Hitler, Stalin, Lenin, Marx Tom (21) None, as without even the most despicable, we would have not progressed at all Tom G (19) Any who are more well known than myself Tommy (19) Abraham Tommy Boy (24) Those who feel they have the right to condemm, harm, take advantage of others Tony (48) Hitler, Charlemagne, Stalin, all those whom made it their goal to tear others down so as to assume the rightful places of those dispossesed. Tony (30) any who attempt to destroy civilization Tony (17) The ones that are not human Tony (17) any leader who slaughtered (or leadership led to the slaughter) of other beings Toria (37) Hitler. Torsksåsen (22) not sure tracey Same as Proust tracynle (20) I do t know what input they had. Travis Mask (49) Hitler Trent Duval (28) Dictators, religious authorities Trevor McSwain (24) English kings tri Cortez Trinity Chapa (15) those who kill triplet (30) Hitler Trish No one Trisha (17) hitler Trisha (29) Hitler, Che Guevara, Stalin, Bush, Pablo Escobar, Maduro trotter (30) despise is a strong word tsiou (33) . tt (27) Darius turnbull (27) Hitler. Cleopatra Turnus Hitler. Turtle Heart The many through the years hid behind gods to spread hate Twigtwill (21) None (I'm not emotionally involved enough in the story of history to despise any of it's characters) twondbestbed (34) Henry VIII, and even then, hardly Ty (18) Caesar, Robespierre, Stalin Tyler (24) Hitler, but I don't actually despise him... I don't know uiioop (17) Hitler & acolytes UnoZen Pol Pot, Hitler, Ceausescu and all the other cruel bastards... Valentina (17) I prefer not to "despise" Valeria Ryrak (21) Hitler Vanessa Cardui (43) Hitler Varna (25) sure i have one just cant think of one Vbonita (28) Hitler VBozic (40) All the popes Vedada (28) aurangazeb veejay (32) Stalin. I'm a socialist, but thats just mental. Ventricle (24) hitler, stalin vera (28) santa anna, zapata veri333 (21) The obvious ones Veronica (20) I don't despise people; I try to understand them. Veronique (18) I suppose those who have been self-important and miserly Vesan (33) Hitler and all the military generals that governed Brazil vi (20) hitler Vic (46) Dictators, religious intolerants Victoria (37) Hitler and his supplicants. Victoria (59) Hitler. McCarthy. Most dictators and mass murderers. Victoria Song (22) All the awful dictators and those who committed genocide especially Victor Trevor (23) The list of mass murdering tyrants is well known videoalex I am not sufficiently eduated to say, but I dislike more those that commit smaller, more pure and personal evils (infidelity, rape, and murder) than those that have commited what MAY be seen as great, noble acts (traitorship of Benedict Arnold, Hitler, ie) Vijay Pierce (23) no one vikram (34) Hitler, Stalin, Pol Pot Vikram Krishnan (24) Hitler's too easy----I'll take Woodrow Wilson Viktor Corzich (35) Stalin, Churchill Viktor Sigareff (19) I don't despise, just feel sorry for them like a sick person....for example...Hitler. Village Of Brooklin (45) Hitler, Stalin, every pope ever, Nixon, Ayn Rand, whoever invented singing cards Vincent (19) oprah vinnie smalls (15) any purveyors of threats based on power VinnyGreenock72 I try not to despise people. That said, I don't like people who pretend they know things they don't and try to make other people see the "truth" in the process hurting them physically or mentally. Violet (18) None Viorel (25) All those who escaped judgement who rightly deserved it. Virginia (20) N/A Virginia (12) dictators visualizations (22) Adolf Hitler Viv (14) I can find something in anyone - whether it is the way they gesticulate, or the brialliance of their words Vivianne Liliaceae Aspho Vilth Jawaharlal Nehru VK (22) i don't know Vlada (20) Don't know Vs (18) I don't despise any historical figures. vur Judas, Luther, Voltaire. Walter (19) politicians Wanda (26) Adolf Hitler and other dictators with twisted ideals. wattc128 politicians who pretend to be the opposite of what they are waypast Adolf Hitler Wendy (34) Hitler Wendy (22) any religious leader who abuses their position Wendy Chase (47) rapists and sorcerers wendysday (20) Reagan wes (19) stalin whim (40) Those who oppress others just because they are different. Whitney (19) Hitler, leaders of genocides Whitney (41) Putin is a bully and a tyrant. whosbecks (36) Anyone who thinks that destroying other peoples lives will do anyone any good. Will (26) joseph stalin, joseph mccarthy, most of the papacy William (43) Jack Phillips and Harold Bride, The people who faild to report to the captain of the Titanic about Icebergs and ultimatly causing the ship to sink. Willow Skylor so so many Win (22) Not really sure. Windalfr (23) Nero, Dracula, Hitler winterjewel (36) Tyrants, I should assume. Wormsie (24) hilter wowderry (54) I don't despise anyone. Wyteria (20) hitler xandra (35) any person that quelled creativity. Xan Etienne Anyone who killed in the name of their cause. XYZ (17) same as prousts answer xyzz (20) Ayn Rand Y (15) Stalin, Hitler and Saddam Hussian are on the top. I think one day Avigdor Lieberman will be on this list. yair eshel (30) Hitler, Nero, Bush, Francisco Franco, the basic, devil-looking ones. Yaisha (19) Hitler and Stalin Yale (20) All despots & tyrants Yehudster (60) I don't despise anybody .. and definitely not somebody from the PAST! Yi (24) I am not sufficiently educated to say yogi (22) ninguna yoko (28) Those that history has forgotten but that played a decisive role in it Yuki (20) Despots and those whom have used their beliefs to destroy the lives of others. Z (31) all who have had a hand in the commission of genocide, those who have used or condoned (in any way, including silence) rape as a weapon, and any who manipulate, pervert, and use religion to their own selfish ends Z Exploiters. Zach (26) Adolf Hitler Zachary (25) Hitler, Stalin, any dicatator Zachary (27) Adolf Hitler and Joseph Stalin zach taylor (17) Putin Zar (21) I am not sufficiently educated to say Zee (21) The more I learn about historical figures, it is easier to not like any of them. zetababy None really. zig Hitler zizi (55) Adolf Hitler, Henry VIII, Marie Antoinette, Queen Victoria Zozobra (17) 我没空! 简直 (25) 我没空! 简直 (25) 我没空! 简直 (25)

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