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What event in military history do you most admire?

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I don't have sufficient knowledge to answer this question. 009 (19) none 1 (25) adsf 1 its creation 50ad (17) the fights for survival and freedom 6nianji-ZHC (38) Battle of Leyte Gulf 80cubed (55) Scipio Africanus' battles in the Punic Wars A Spartans vs. Persians A. (27) Battle of Gettysburg A (26) Not versed in military history A. All of it A (26) When military was no longer necessary for conflicts. AA (23) I don't know. aaaaaaa (18) The Normandy landings AAAKKK Great battles wherein the smaller, braver troops fought against the larger battalions aag (22) Freedom from England aallisonr (30) anyone that is willing to give up their life for something they believe in is admirable Aaron (32) The signing of peace treaties Aaron Guy Leroux (37) Whenever freedom was granted to citizens of countries Aarushi Agarwal (13) The creation of the United Nations, perhaps not a military event, but it's better than one Abbie (22) D-Day, but honestly the day that the world lays down its weapons and declares enough is enough will be the day I most admire. Obviously it hasn't happened. Abbie Hartley When the troops saved Paris after WW2 Abby (26) which involves volunteers who defended a group that did not belong because they believed it was the right Abegando (28) My father, he served 20 years and retired from the Army. Abigail Harris (10) not many I guess I would have to say when soldiers stopped fighting at christmas in wwI and celebrated together ABP (50) the Battle of Navas de Tolosa Abraham (41) Not knowledgable enough on military history! Abs Well de Tuatha De Dannan were courageous warriors. Acara McFadden (28) WW2 ACH (23) Stalingrad A. Clifford Stowe (81) None Adam (22) the American Revolution Adam (25) D-day Adam (20) I admire those who fell in the Great War, i do not admire the event though. Adam Hyde (26) Red Cliff Battle, China adieudusk fall of Hitler Aditya (25) Nanking Massacre. Admiral Love (33) Not sure i admire any Adonia (40) Any instance of imperialism, take as much as you can in the little time you have. Adrian (18) D-Day Adriana (16) D-Day Adriana (16) USA engagement in Second World War adriana (45) Anytime when bullets are no longer fired. Adrian Bauza (20) Don't have one. Adrian George Nicolae (24) none Adrian Martyn (34) The fighting for equality among all Adrianna (18) any victory over kafirs (infidels) AdrianOz (45) The forming of the barricade during the French Revolution. Adrian Winters (17) none Ady (22) Revolutionary War aetilson (41) the time of achilles a.g. (23) french revolutioon 1789 agagagaga (24) The end of the war. Agent00V (18) Portugal's Revolution and Egypt's recent events Aggie White The Battle of Borodino and the Kutuzov's unusual decisions afterwards that won him the war A.G. Mata (21) All the troops fighting for their country Agneska (20) WWII and Vietnam agony (25) the resiliance of england during the blitz of WWII Agreen (29) NONE Agustina (27) The defeat of the Persians at Marathon A Half Empty Beaker none ahmad (27) independence of scotland ahmad (24) My own enlistment as a volunteer! Aida (22) I don't admire military action. Aidan (21) The American Revolution. Aidan Devlin (15) Conquest Aiden the creation of the greatest military troop on earth: the u.s. military aiko (20) Any kind where soldiers fought for the freedom to live as we do now. I know it's not much, but can you imagine there being a Berlin Wall everywhere you look? Figuratively or not? Ailene I wouldn't be able to say aimée (22) The Battle of Gettysburg aimee.dawson (21) The end of the Nazi regime, other than that, I'm ignorant of military-related topics Aisha Milburn (32) Mahatma Gandhi s wash way of chucking the Britishers out of India without any violence aishu (14) The day I was discharged. A.J. (27) Martial Law in Philippines AJ (18) atomic bomb, not what it has done, but the way it looks when explodes Ajam (21) Ataturk gaining independence for Turkey. Ajay (17) Vietnam War Ajm9511 (21) I couldn't answer sufficiently... akanthe (19) I do not like the military. Akbar Shahzad (20) The Battle of Guadalcanal Aki Magna Carta Aks (20) I dunno. Al (28) Ethan Allen's accomplishments Al (55) Cease Fire Alan (58) The Six Day War Alan Arkin (44) I don't know AlbaManuela (18) Winter War (WW2) Alden Lee Klaput (18) The Battle of Thermopylae, Battle of Midway Aldonza77 (47) None. Ale (28) The exploration of the world - not so much the effects after Alecia I have no knowledge concerning the military, at least, none I would like to share. Alecksi I'm really only familiar with the military events fictionalized in Tolstoy. I admired how Kutuzov kicked Napolean's ass Alejandro Amoretti (28) The defeat of Nazism and Fascism during World War II. Aleksei Kotsov (63) none alessa (21) Canne... I would have never thought and been brave to accomplish what Hannibal did Alessandro Pian (30) little big horn Alessio Lucchini (46) The American Revolution Aletha Camack Pyrrhus's victory? None, actually. Alex Revolutionary uprisings Alex (22) The Roman Conquests Alex (17) thermopiles battle alex (38) i don't admire the military much at all alex (23) I don't like the military Alex (21) Black Lives Matter movement Alex (23) The fall of the Berlin wall Alex (32) Disarmament of all nuclear weapons in the world. Alexander (33) I would have to say all. Alexander (19) Liberating concentration camps Alexandra (27) None. Absolutely none. Alexandra (19) None of it. Alexandra (24) I don't know enough of military history Alexandra (18) Draft dodging Alexandra (24) I am not sufficiently educated to say Alexandra Bryhter (24) The fall of the Roman Empire Alexandra SweetTale4u Cruz Austerlitz Alexandre (28) Paris Liberation AlexandriaHMerlin (40) I don't have one, war is not really something to admire I believe AlexandriaLHash (30) Warsaw Uprising. alexandrine (15) Battle of Britain Alex C. none Alexis (17) A war that is not easily explained which requires great dimplomacy Alexis Johnson (19) The war on drugs Aley (60) None!!!! al-g (24) The British Invasions in Buenos Aires. Ali (37) None except the necessary. The takedown of Nazi Germany. Drone strikes that have targeted and weakened militants with minimal civilian casualties. Ali A. Rizvi NONE! Alice Bunker Hill Alicein1derland (27) The troops in Normandy Alicia (68) WW II - Normandy alicja (38) How about none. Aliid Napoleon, Hitler, Caesar Alin (23) My memory is not that good... Aline Guiraudie (36) none alipans (57) Drone strikes, World War invasions. Alishba Zarmeen (24) hannibal's military tactics alison wonderland Overthrow of 30 tyrants by Cliesthenes AliZaidi (29) revolutionary war alli (49) The Velvet Revolution Allison (33) V-Day Allison (20) Taking down a clear bad guy. Defeat of the Nazis. Freeing the oppressed. Allison equal rights allison (19) The Battles of Thermopylae and Salamis Allison Jean (21) I hate it when it comes to that. Am thankful for those who serve, though, when it does. Allison Jean Hazen (34) signing of the bill of rights alliswell (62) I can't think about one Alma (25) The Tuskegee Airman Alma Jean Porter (70) The Taiping Rebellion almavidrio (35) The inability of the Romans to defeat the Germanic Barbarians Altjungr (30) the end of every war Alvilda (20) The millions of people who have enlisted their own blood for their country and never been recognized for being cowards willing to die. Alx none alya (17) Whenever I think of Military war comes to mind...I admire nothing about war. Alyanna (22) Civil war Alyce J. I don't know much about that Alyssa Cordova (17) The time I convinced an army to attack itself. Genius. (It thinks it is clever. It hates being out-thought.) Alyssa Darkling The Northern Knights defeat of the Frost Giants. Alyssa Moonchild (16) the civilians that survived AM I don't Amanda none Amanda (42) WWI - December 25, 1914 Amandine (31) I haven't the faintest Amara Any that were for the best reasons. Amber (18) None, hate war Amber (37) None, hate war Amber (37) None...! Ame (37) Holocost Amelia (13) I don't really know anything about the military. Amelia Gates (formerly Pippet) (10) Warsaw Insurrection ameliowata (20) D day Americanoid (50) D Day americanwoman (62) cold war ames (21) i don't admire military history, i am fascinated but i don't think it is in a good way, so i can't say admire ammb (29) Peace treaties based on mutual respect Amrita (22) i don't know amu Agincourt Amy (33) None Amy (28) Freeing the concentration camps and any single time the weak were protected from the overbearing amy (33) Alexander magnus conquer Amy (35) My husband's enlistment day in the Air National Guard Chaplaincy program six years ago. Amy Becker; Character: Merriwether Finch (27) Any defeat on our side and that whole football match on christmas day thing. Amy Cottington-Bray none amz (16) bombings. Ana (21) The Battle of Alesia Ana (30) the metal of honor being awarded to a 15-year-old ana (16) Brithis intelligence during 2nd WW ana (34) Napoleon Bonaparte Ana Carolina (16) I don't know. Analise (40) sepoy rebellion of 1857 Anam (26) I'm not sure I admire any of those events. Maybe I just don't know much about them. Ana Marija (20) None Ananke (25) i don´t admire war anasonic (29) rocket launcher ancientrobot (31) fall of the berlin wall andraya (23) It hasn't happened yet. Andre The american revolution Andrea (16) I've never liked the military. And I have never respected past events. Andrea (13) When war ends ANDREAADKINS (26) Any event on which innocent people has been liberated. AndreaFeliu (28) D-Day. Andreas (19) End of WWII Andrea SB (32) Civil war andres007 (19) The American Revolution Andrew (20) The American Revolution Andrew (22) WWII Andrew (25) Ceasefire on Christmas Andrew (20) None are to be admired Andrew (28) none Andrew (22) None. andrew (24) Industrial revolution Andrew barlow (26) no idea Andy (25) Charles Martel beat the hell out of the Moors at Tours Andy (23) Charles Martel beat the hell out of the Moors at Tours Andy (23) The battle of bastonge in wwII andy rayford (28) I never focused on military history ang (99) I hate wars Angel I hate wars Ângela (24) The day I manned the rails as CVN-77 pulled into the pier after my first deployment. Angela (30) I don't have one Angela (19) The men who enlisted as their own choice to protect what they care about most-- not the ones who enlisted because they needed a benefit in their life Angela Estrada (20) homecoming of soldiers from war angelina (26) the national guard being called to stand and protect those during Brown VS The Board of Education of 1955. Angel Rodrigues (41) when Greece refused to be under rule of Mussolini angie (29) Civil war Ani My parents during their divorce Ani (22) the speech by Martin Luther King, Jr about everyone being equal Anik (16) The sacrifice of the millions in the Great War Anjel (28) World War II Anjelah49 (49) i don't admire military history Ankassandra (15) / Anke! (17) Havent found any so far. Ann (19) In 1975 when they started evacuating Viet Nam and Cambodia and Laos Ann (62) I don't really know Anna (20) I always liked learning about the Boston tea party Anna (20) I liked seeing Hitler defeated. Anna (34) Here's the principle they used for my favorite event: Kill 1 to scare 100. Anna Kalimar (18) pacifistic policy in Japan Anna Maria (21) can't answer AnnaMay (51) the event? hm, I admire truly those who survived from concentration-camps, had the power to live, give an authority and a homage to a human being. Anna O. i cannot admire much about war. I would like to have been in the trojan horse though, just for the ride. Anna Stein (21) Normandy Invasion Ann Delaney (44) The Winter War Anne (21) None. I hate war. Annelise (40) couldn't say--I detest war Anne Louise Sheldon (34) none Annie ??????? Anniel (62) I'm not that educated in that aspect of history AnonAzure (19) Non. anonim (18) na anon moose (19) That one war that separates America from the british. Ansley Stevenson (16) The ones where the powerless defeat the powerful. Anthony (23) Civil War Anthony (24) None. Anthony D C (20) Confederate war Anthony lawhon (27) none Antoinette (21) none antoinette (24) The Dunkirk evacuation, when military and civilian energy combined to save Allied soldiers from near-certain death. Anton (52) It depends on the point of view. Antoniette (20) unsure Antonina (20) World War II Antonio Lemos (18) none Anty many Anya (22) The invasion of Normandy? (But I am not very interested in history, so there could be other, more admirable achievements.) Anya (71) None, except for Peace Keeper intervention Anzi (27) I can't recommend anything war-related Aoife Walsh The Battle of Laponto Apollo (58) The battle of Marathon Apos none Apply (30) End of the Cuban Missile Crisis April (20) When Japan ticked the States off and made their worst mistake, and got what they deserved, thus ending the war and losing it April (21) Thermopolyae AR (20) When a little Ukranian orphan girl by the name of Nina Onilova laid waste to Nazis using a belt-fed machinegun and some Molotov cocktails. Ara (15) Christmas Truce WW1 Ardent (30) Am a pacifist - none - Blackadder and his cunning plans A real phony (27) the fight for independence in 1947 Areeba (25) I hadn't thought about it. I'll have to get back to you Ari (29) peacetime Arianna (15) My capture of the kingdom Ariella Bordaine: Female Protagonist (20) neither Arizona (19) Why would I admire any kind of event, in which someone could possibly get killed? Arnold Murray (42) Picasso's painting of "Guernica". AROG The firing of the first shot at Lexington Artie (17) The Americans' final victory at Yorktown in 1781 Artie Mondello (18) I'm never going to admire something achived through violence. Aruz Elliott (29) I am pretty happy to be a part of the most powerful country of this time period..albeit all of it's faults I admire the fact that i feel relatively safe from forced death. AS (32) The Battle Of Little Big Horn. ascetic monk (51) Cold War Asfiya Mariam (21) The Normandy Landings (D-Day). Ash (23) I don't want to admire war Ash (28) None Ash Every time that war stopped. Ash Bloom (27) D-Day in Normandy asherville (55) Not a real history buff nor a military buff Ashley (18) The chance to bring an end to a war Ashley (20) our countrymens willingness to fight for our freedom ashley baus (24) Not interested Ashley Brazil (17) The US army liberating the jews of the holocaust Ashley Mannara (29) None. It all seems like imperialism to me. Ashley Meller (26) Alexander's defeat of the Persian Army. And the Battle of Thermopylae. Ashwin Murali (21) Ghengis Khan's conquest of Eurasia Asi (21) The Battle of Trafalgar asmitchel (67) counterculture 60ies-70ies ASN (25) None Astri (36) Battle of Trafalgar Astrid Death makes me sad. Asuka Suzuki (13) Battle of Austerlitz (i admire Napoleon) Athar (25) None Athena Lujan (17) none Atuona (38) I don't have one particular favorite Aubrey Files (25) The Battle at Little BIg Horn Aubrey Tate (21) D-Day Audrey (17) When the British forces defeat a French army in Canada in 1759. Audrey Bittencourt (24) Second world war and nuclear disasters in URSS. Audrey Mahone (29) aucun augustine (70) D day Auntie Em (35) Ashoka laying down his arms after the Kalinga war and becoming the first and only Emperor in the world to forswear all warfare and he became the most peaceful ruler in history. Auntie Em (27) Battle of Dunkirk Aurora (32) pearl harbor Austin (19) the win of WWII Austin Hobbs (16) The battle of 300 Austin Kimmell (16) we're all just fucking for virginity, all the time autumn (17) hate it avecamour I do not admire any military event, they represent a failure of thought Awalker I'm a bit of a pacifist. I don't know a lot about the military. Aya Every protest that has ever happened in the 60s. ayda (25) Unsure aym (30) The Age of Enligthenment a young boy (91) d-day ayumi (20) I am a hippie in that I say, "Make love, not war," but I realize it is necessary sometimes. Don't have an answer for this, though. B (31) i don't know enough B (21) None Babette (42) battle of britain Babs chinese military Baby (32) The cease fire on Christmas during WWII Bad Wolff i admire anyone who risks their life for their country or for others baggal21 (28) When the wars end. Bailey (19) Indian Independence Balaji Harish Iyer (20) The Battle of the Bulge Bald Sky (38) Kennedy handling the bay of pigs Bambi (17) the Dunkirk evacuation barbara (50) The bright and energetic young men who enlisted and were lost to the ugly, American Civil War Barbarita (21) Navy seals save man from Somali terrorists Barbielebrun Charley the beach chair (54) Mr. Limpet saves America Barbielebrun Garry the ghost crab (54) "Admire" is a loaded word. Military history is about legalized murder Baron Von Nazzenpoppel (46) people being able to predict someone elses movements basbas (22) My father joining the navy Batgirl (23) I really don't know bc (22) I really don't know bc (22) When they gave Grandpa the silver star Bea (18) Can't think of any Bea (18) I don't Bear (49) april 15th 1974 - portuguese revolution bearoid (30) The American revolution, The Israeli War of Independence Beatlhoven (47) There's no such thing as a military event I can admire, no matter how cool the strategies or the weapons, war is always wrong. beatricegasti (30) winning WWII, Alexander the Great's battles Beatrice Moore (30) 25th April 1974 in Portugal Beatriz (13) Any moment in which a person fought for my country and for those who seek to help. Becca (16) I have none Becca (17) D Day Becca (21) Napoleon's takeover of Europe. Becca (19) ? Becca (21) Any solider who did something selfless for one of their fellow men, their family or an innocent citizen. BeckBeck (26) i see too much loss and pointless deaths to admire anything becks (24) I don't really know anything about that. Bee Christmas truces in the trenches of WW1 beezer (64) Better to ask a military scholar. beezersneezer (46) Troops in WW2 stopping the fighting on Christmas day to play a game of football. If only no one agreed to fight at all for arbitrary borders. Beka (33) the french revolution belita (39) I am not sufficiently educated to say bella (16) The incapacity to deal it humanly. Belu (19) I don't find anything admirable in war. Ben There is no more militaries in this world, just militias. My favorite are the Yang'orks. Ben (23) D-Day Benedict (38) The evacuation of refugees from Saigon Benjamin Thomas Alexander's peaceful conquest of Egypt, the Israeli victory in 1967. Benjamin Urrutia (61) none Benjo (23) I shun military history rather than admire it Ben Johns (21) None. Bennie (55) don't know Ben Taylor Any time of peace negotiations Berlin (25) Any act of chivalry toward the innocent Bernard Hartley (18) the french revolution Beth (20) D- day Bethann (35) Anything involving peace. Bethany (23) Women Rights movement Bethany (22) When Hitla was arrested Beth Ellis (15) I am not sufficiently educated to say. Beti (24) WWII Betty Usabiaga (37) Napoleon Bonaparte's Military Conquest. Though, ironically I despise any military events. Beu Mihac (15) The Vietnam Wall Memorial being built in Washington, D.C. Bhakti Brophy (41) Freeing of the slaves in the U.S. Bhakti Brophy (45) 1971 war Bhargava (25) Avoiding the third world war. bhbhbh rourke's drift bhl II World War Bhole the cruelty of men (is as wonderous as Peru) Bianca (18) d-day, any think that can be a dick pun big dick (69) vimy ridge big guy (16) Normandy Invasion Bijan (27) THE WAR BILLY (38) American Revolution, Nuremberg Trials BillyBobABC123zzz none billy boy watson (3) KARGIL WAR BIPS (46) i only know a bit about the major battles that affected the us and i was p indifferent to all of them bismuth Ww 2 victory BJ (56) none at all blabla (37) Independence of Ucraine Blackie (20) WW Two invasion of Italy Blademan (60) I suppose I don’t particularly admire any event in military history. Blaine (21) Haitian Revolution Blair C. (29) Battle of Agincourt Blake (17) Resistence Blanca Parra (66) The American Revolution blip52 (27) British / Russian soccer match between the trenches blodot johnny (41) I admire many things, but war is not one of them, so I cannot admire the military for all the good it has done and all the imbalance it has caused. BlondShamrock (16) I am more interested by the causes than the effects Blood (15) I don't admire military history Bluebird (27) none BlueOrchid (39) All the funny ones, and a few of the genocidal ones as well Bluto (29) French revolution. BM (20) none bmo D-Day. Bob (22) No. Sorry. bob (38) None Bob (32) Serbian people crossing Albania in the winter to save their lives and then coming back. Boba (22) none bobblins The creation of the Green Berets and the Navy SEALs Bobby (22) Gaugamela Bobby (40) Revolution, World war one and two Bobby (21) Marathon bobby Not much for history bobby (33) the peace corp Bobia (25) The battle of Thermopoly boku_wa_kami (25) i dont support military action Bonnie (15) D-Day Boo (36) Ceasefires bookloverva (58) I'm not really a fan of the military. Boris (16) D-Day. But that's because I don't know shit about military history. Borrie (33) Any justified revolution Brad (17) Operation Neptune Spear Brad Connors the d day invasion brad w (35) The Chinese man that stood in front of the tank Brady (31) Belgian independence, not the revolution itself, but its relevance today. bram-stienkt-vermeire-ja! (18) Hannibal's victory at Cannae, the Liberation of Vichy France, Napoleon at Austerlitz, the forces of Caesar Augustus defeating Marc Antony at Actium Brandon Nobles (31) World War II Bree (23) I can't answer this Bree Ogden The Kilmichael Ambush Brendan (24) freeing the jews brent (33) The time I recreated the Battle of Gettysburg out of American and Cheddar cheese Brett Ferguson (42) No part because I believe that killing people for stuff is wrong and we should fight our issues in other ways bri (17) Battle of New Orleans Brian (22) Freeing of the prisoners in WWII concentration camps Brian (37) The D-Day Invasion Brian A. Henegar (26) I'm not a fan of war. BriannaBabyFYS13 Establishment of America BriannaFYS13 (18) none brian S (58) The storming of Vimy Ridge, and the razing of Moscow Brick (21) The American Revolution Brinley (15) When they started letting women go into combat. Opened doors all around. Bri Toro The American Revolution Britta Bandit (30) when tribes people would run arround and poke eachother with sticks and such. I hate war. Brittany (25) not sure. Brittney Miller (20) None brns end of war broad (45) the brave soldiers who changed the wars Brock Schwarzkopf (29) The Allied invasion on D-Day 1944, WWII. Bron Blackwell (37) Normandy Beach Brooke French, Proletariat, and the Bolshevik revolutions. Bruce Bennett (20) The birth of America, for I would not have a free nation. World War II where evil was triumphed Brutus (20) The Soviets in WWII. Bryan R. (21) Not into history Bryn (23) The storning of the Bastille Brynlea (17) Normandy Brynn (18) battle of ia drang Bryon Springer (25) The Defeat of Nazi Germany in W.W.2 bubby (43) peacetime buckyballs (35) Every time a war ends Buddy (34) none bug Napoleonic era Bugsy I am not sufficiently educated to say. Bulldozer (50) any time an individual selflessly choices to serve his or her country bunny Operation Just Cause, Dec 1989- Jan 1990 Burella (61) D-Day Burke (47) D-day? Burnable_Material_Here (18) HATE ALL THINGS MILITARY! BUTTERFLY (41) nothing; they are just glorified murders. butunn (19) The fact that I didn't commit suicide Byriver Bloke (24) WWII demolishing of Nazi Germany BZ I don't have one. C discovery of jupiters moons c (21) none C (14) none cacharel (37) Irish declaration of independence Caidy (54) Waterloo (form Napoleon's side) Cailey The Coluna Prestes Caio (18) I don't admire anything about military history. Caitlin (21) the valiance of ignorance cakes (41) I do not admire military history, but I respect those who choose to risk their lives in military service Cal (20) La guerra del Chaco Cami (14) Most recent years, it is the direction that Pope Francis has guided the troops of humanity in this world. Camille (52) V-Day. Candice (23) Any of Caesar's campaigns Candy The defeat of the Nazis Captain Crunch that's an oxymoron carlajwms (49) The Defeat of Napoleon at Waterloo Carla Tate (19) The raid on Entebbe Carlie (24) Lee's surrender Carlisle I distrust the military. Carlo (26) None Carlos A. (24) I'm more of a self-proclaimed isolationist. Carly (19) The ones that never happened Carly C (27) those that freed people from repression Carol (60) the anti nazi allies ending the war carolina (23) The Declaration of Independence Caroline (38) Treaties of all sorts. Caroline (25) The attack at Fort Mc Henry in Baltimore during the American Revolution... right by my Mom's old house! Caroline (33) Lincoln's dedication throughout the Civel War Carol Lacoss (62) The conclusion of the Cuban Missile Crisis for the air of dramatism enriching the entire experience preceding. Carolyn (18) Battle of Thermopylae Carrie the scene from Les Mis when the French people stand up and fight Carrie (44) I can`t say... cartike Battle of Rorke's Drift Cas (25) Everything about the Revolutionary War Casey (36) I admire all of the dedication from our armed forces Cass (20) When the civil war ended Cassidy None. Cassie (16) My first jump from drakkan into the Trells. Cast (17) The liberation of the concentration camps; D-Day Cat (36) The adventures of Atilla Cat (24) I don't like war Cat (26) D-Day Cat the dissolution of the USSR cat (20) No event. Catalina (44) the invention of the sanitary system. I just wonder how they ever came up with that but I am sure glad Cate (23) The service dogs Cate (33) None Catelline (26) The loving self-sacrifice of a Greek priest during WWII to protect the Jews in his village Catherine Armies don't impress me. Catherine Jean Serving with the men and women of the US Military in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan and India (future setting) Catherine Mitchell None Cathlow Harmon (50) World War II Catlin Benjamin none of it Cat Podd (37) Every war and fight that was fought for freedom. Especially the war of Spartacus. Catrina (15) Don't like wars, don't like military Cattie Chong (26) ............. CAVCAV (26) My people's wars.... Cavit Anıl Buram (28) None CC (18) I admire the discipline and traditions of the military and peace treaties that conclude nearly all the "events" ccchnl I admire peace more than war cdl (35) Battle of Trafalgar Cee Cee (17) I do not know enough about military history to answer. Celia (15) The EDSA Revolution Celline Marge (18) I don't admire military history. cenire (25) The end of the world wars and those who bravely fought for our freedom. cerisetea (34) None Cestmoi Battle of Waterloo. C face. (22) D-day cfm (37) none. I do not like military actions or events. ch The Civil War Chancelor C.J. King (19) I tend to stay far away from all things military related Chandra Alexander (24) Abolitioning slavery. Channon (45) It will be when the war in Iraq is over Channy (19) The Siege of Cuautla Chari (21) D-day Charlene (17) There isn't an event that particularly stood out to me Charlene (18) I would most admire the day when military is believed to be not necessary CharlesB (48) All war is ugly but if I had to pick one I'd say...The Battle of the Bulge by the Battling Bastards of Bastiogne in WWII Charles L Davis Jr (51) buddhist success without violence charlotte (29) Australia forging their own national identity in WWI Charlotte (18) The Hans Island Dispute humor. Charlotte H. (23) The Battle of Isandlwana, 1879 - the Zulus gave the British their greatest defeat in colonial history, Charly Mariaan (49) likewise, same with Proust, I am not sufficiently educated to say. Chary Silva (22) there is a foreboding war from where i am now, if we could survive it without a scratch, then that is my answer chay (40) Shaka Zulu's wars Cheche (40) WW1 two sides stopping on Christmas cheeky (26) Battle of Canae Cheemargh (36) the hippy movment chele none chelle (47) When my family overthrew their rivals to become the royal family. Chelsea (23) Civil War. I believe my ancestors were of the Confederate side i.e. Caleb North; The French Revolution...Antionette and the history of the Guillotine. Chelsea Smith (24) D-Day Chelsea Whiting (26) None come to mind Cheri D. eh Cherie (40) Alexanders conquering many lands Cherish Robinson (21) Ghandi's non violent protest against the British Cherlyn (40) The first person to enlist in any army and risk their life for others Cherub (30) Civil War Cheryl Barnette (59) Cuban Missile Crisis Cheshire (22) I'm not really a fan of war Chickpea (31) WWII Chico (46) The battle of Hansan-Do ChiefJ42 (44) when the fight stopped for christmas, cant remember the battle name chiklitz76 (39) - Chili (17) Queen Boudica rebellion against the romans Chinita (34) dont have that much knowledge chinnu (20) Kargil Chinnu (38) The Day I was drafted into Earth's military forces Chip Griphix (35) None. Chiu Jing Hua (17) dont know chloe (21) None Choraven (32) Dominica's abolishment of the armed force. Chris (16) Prise de Bastille Chris The anti-war protests of the Vietnam era. Chris (19) The Union repulse of Pickett's Charge, July 3rd, 1863. Honorable mentions to the 101st Airborne at Bastogne and the Stauffenberg plot. Chris S. Dont ask dont tell being abolished Christabelle (29) Easy: My completing a 50k march at the end of basic training. Christian (44) The end of world war 2. Christian Boyanov (24) the killing of Osama Bin Laden Christian Soldier (33) Any military action is barbaric Christina (26) The Civil War fascintes me, but I say "nothing." Christina Kronberg (23) The Revolutionary War Christina Tounzen The sacrifice made by one of my high school friends in Iraq. He gave his life to save other people, civilians not military. Christina X. (37) i went to military school and none. i want peace christine (18) Little Big Horn, the Sioux were crafty sum bitches Christobel (17) No idea Christobel in College (18) The conclusion of the American Revolutionary War. Christopher (24) The American Revolution. Christopher Blaum (37) None--war is a detestable hell Christopher James Stagg (16) the Second World War Christopher M. (31) So many, tbh I don't admire them because at the end of the day somebodies child died. Christopher Mitchell (17) Civil War Christopher Ross (23) Recreating the closest to a Viking mentality the world may ever see again in the Green Berets and the Navy SEALs christy (44) The assisination of Osama Bin Laden Christy Turner (50) ceasefire among N & S Koreas Chuck (43) Nothing Chunky Lover I guess my wifes brother enlisting. Ciara (24) Battle of Somme Ciara (22) There are none I admire. Ciera (16) end of Vietnam war Cilie (50) Couldn't say. Cindy 2013 Somalia cindy (50) War is war Cindy (24) The end of WWII Cindy (22) The end to any war. Cindy (50) those who fought against oppression, the underground railroad, the people who helped the Jews during the Holocaust. CindyLu (58) My husband's 15 years of service. Cissa Fireheart (32) I don't know cizz none. fuck the military CJN (21) Keeping peace. Claire When Mussolini did something about the Mafia--they would steal from the poor and try to intimidate us. We lived in fear. Claire (32) The Hiroshima Bombing. A triumph and a sorrow, all at once. Claire Bartholomew (16) The British rescue of the Allied troops at Dunkirk. ClaireW (65) It's hard for me to admire war, but I look forward to admiring the repeal of DADT Clancy none. Clara (20) Normandy Clara Battle of Thermopylae Clarissa (18) I do not know Clark Kent Battle of Cannae Clark Langridge (32) none Claudia (36) Clay Douglass: Swamp fox's exploits Clay Douglass (34) ? clazza mgee none Clelia Beatriz Valdez (22) WWII. clockwork (34) Battle at Gettysburg cm (57) those fought in honour and determination despite of the odds cobweb (24) Montecassino CockneyKnight (48) I do not know enough about military campaigns to answer this. All I can think of is the incredible loss Coco (31) war cannot be admired Coco (19) My brother becoming enlisted. CocoPuff2016 (44) D-Day codered (18) seeing my cousin graduate Cody (25) The moment Sun Tzu decided to write "The Art of War" Cody Gould (17) The end of wW2 Col (41) The Canadian invasion on D-Day Colin (39) The Trojan Horse. Colin (22) No one or maybe short wars Colorful (28) When they started using dogs to aid the soldiers. That seems pretty cool. Colton (27) I admire none. comnomnomor (15) Canada's Dieppe raid...and the bravery those young men faced Connie V Day. Connor I don't know much about military history constanceeee (19) Romanian independence 1918 Constantin (32) I don't know Consuela battle of britain Cookie dunkirk cookie none cookie (51) every peace treaty Cora (26) Manilla Bay Core (25) No comment. Corey gulf war corinne The development of Behaviorism Cory (22) None, I don't believe any conflict is ever unavoidable. cr The story of the 300 Spartans! Craig Suga Biles (22) D Day Crimson (60) no idea cris spanish republic Crisfe (31) 2nd world war Cristi The Second World War. Crystal (17) not! Crystal (32) no such event has come to my mind yet Crystal (22) My Fiancee's Military history Crystal (34) None. Crystal (35) None csheehan (17) the second world war cuchi (40) All wars are men's greatest failures cucu (26) The battle of the 300 at the Thermopiles (Sparta) cvelez (64) Not an event, but to those who enlist to fight and serve for our protection. cweekly Death of Osama Bin Laden d0701 (29) there are far too many to choose one. DAD My dad. He was a Marine. Dad (42) The Trojan horse Daffy Sue Esposito (60) when the Romanian army destroyed the Otoman one Daisy (17) the end of all wars Daisy The battle of gettysburgh Dakota Swaveman (18) I don't admire any event in military history. dA member: sonicbutterfly (17) Battle of Britain Damien TC (36) The Allied victories of WWII Dan (29) the D-day invasion Dan Russians fighting back the Germans Dan (20) American Revolution Dan (39) i dont admire one dan civil war, north side, that's proibably the most improtant civl rights movement Dan (51) Not sure Danae (17) Philippine Revolution Danger (16) I'm not fond of history in general, but military history is particularly subject to being inflated and overrated. Dani (31) waterloo Dani (19) The battle of Trafalgar Daniel (16) Hiroshima Daniel Below Revolutioary War Daniella (27) The strategy for D-Day in World War II. Danielle (15) I was in the military as I couldn't afford University. The military should not exist. Danielle (35) my husband joining DanielleKeith (19) The Civil War. Daniel Molina (20) Battle of Teutoburg Forest, all the sackings of Rome, Easter Rising Daniel Stephens (Character Sketch) (22) revolutionary war daniiii (18) I a pretty big fan of Alexander. That guy was beyond awesome. I so would have dated him if I hadn't been Zeus' public enemy number one. DaniStory (29) Spartans at Thermopalye; E-Company at Bastogne; The Maccabean Revolt; The Alamo Danny (25) The end of the cold war Daph (45) ... Darcy (20) spartans dario (21) Any event that brings our troops back home...alive. Darnell Every declaration of peace DashEloise (32) Battle of Trafalgar Dave Cresswell (46) none DaveG (39) The Battle of the Bulge Dave Whitaker (40) The Battle of Stalingrad, The Irish 1916 Rising Davey (18) Michael Collins, Wolfe Tone DaveyD (24) D-Day, the pinnacle of opression and hate against freedom David (19) The American Revolutionary War victory. David (10) my service David (63) The Yoruba slave wars David (24) none. war is an error David (51) julio cesar income in roma david baiguera (35) Defeat of Nazism at Normandy - although all militarism is abhorrent David E.J.A Bennett (29) When my namesake, David, the shepherd boy, felled the giant, Goliath. David ROWE (42) The D day David Sergio Cisneros Ardura (46) The Spanish Reconquista David Timme (19) None. Davie (16) the drossing of the delaware river during american revalution dawn (40) American Revolution Dawn Robinette (51) I admire everyone who put their own lives on the line. Daxion Mr. Dax Johnson (29) I don't find anything admirable in military history from my point of view Daydreamer (63) I don't find anything admirable in military history from my point of view Daydreamer (63) The white flag dbrown (24) Allied invasion of germany dcsnowbunny (25) anything averting combat Dd (43) Combat of the Thirty. DDG9000 (25) Discovery of America Dea (40) My brother surviving Vietnam. D. E. Alvis (58) Defense of Thermopylae Dean (17) My friends serving in the armed forces. DeAndre Beck (20) The Fall of the Berlin Wall DeAnna Alexander (35) WWII when Hitler was defeated and my ancestors were victorious. Deanna Sanders (44) Volunteers like the red cross workers Deb (37) I don't admire any of them, honestly. Debby Creech-West (43) D-Day Deborah S. Wilson (56) None Debster (48) Cuba Missile Crisis Declan Cohen (35) None De-De (36) D Day Dee (24) Lincoln's actions in general during the Civil War Dee (19) D-Day DefMelon None Delia Webster (80) - delice_ok (21) N/A Denine (24) None Denise 1 D-day, the invasion of Normandy Dennis (61) The signing of the Treaty of Versailles Dennis Theodore (37) Greek revolution. denny (23) The day that Truman gave the go ahead to drop the atom bomb on Hiroshima Denny None Densio (25) Surviving the trenches of WWI with your body, mind, and soul intact Derek (27) the seal teal that took out Osama bin Laden Derek Ambrose (22) The french revolution devanand Military event? Don't have one... Devon (18) The successes of my people besides the falling of the innocent. Devon Lisenby (20) the Battle of Trafalgar, 1805 Dev Tucker (17) india having never invaded anywhere Devu (22) not sure Dezirae18 Storming the beach at Normandy DH (39) d day diana (52) Civil Wars, people fighting for what they believe in and their future, rather than following the ideals of a commander Diana (20) None Diana (15) D-Day Diana N/A Diane (53) battle of gallipoli, alexander the great conquest of east Diarre Ibrahim (22) I do not know dida (14) My father's enlistment. Diego Miguel Danura Puyó (30) My father's service Dietgingerale Kruschev and JFK ignoring their hawks and backing away from a potential nuclear WW3 during the Cuban Missile Crisis Dilip C Louis (32) The defeat of Hitler in Russia. Dimitar Atanasov (25) When the Philippine Military gave in to humanity during Edsa People Power Revolution. Dindin (20) The battle of Thermopylae Dino (18) Battle of Thermopylae. dionysis_dt (24) The day I joined the military Dirk Radman (35) Any case of the strong defending the weak. Dixon Wragg none Dj None dlew919 (40) I hate war. I admire the many veterans in my family and my life. dmca (38) my navy career Doc55 (55) every technical development what people are able to develop in order to "win". but I admire strictly the outcomes of the power of will, and not what these amazing things (e.g. atomic bomb) are used for. Dolna (39) The creation of the Athenian democracy Dolores Nabokov (26) sssssssss Dom The D-Day invasion Dominic (17) None Dominick (23) Ghandi's Salt March to Dandi Dominick Miller (19) The Spanish Civil War and the bravery of the Repubican malitias Dominick Miller (20) None, I'd rather there never be any. Dominick Miller (21) I don't know much about history DonAli (33) The sack of Troy donkeys4eva (20) Ethopia kicking Italy's shit in during WW2 Doob Doggo (21) india’s independence doodledoo12345 People that die in honor and forced slavery. Dori (23) Aquellos dispuesto a ayudar en caso de desastres Dothzilla (33) The ending of any war that has ever been ended. Doug (30) WWII Battle of the Pacific Doug!! The Gallipoli Campaign. Doug Lambert (65) I do not. Douni spoken or written expression of soldiers who said they are disgusted of what they have seen, who doubt their existence in the front, who criticize themseves and the authority Dracontomelum (30) loads. mostly rebellions. Dragana (22) The Japanese refusal to surrender... over and over again. Dragontongue (22) Not educated enough to say Dre (17) None. I'm against war. Dreamboat Annie I despise war and weapons DreamBrother (27) Last stand at Rorke's Drift Dreda (23) Ending slavery Drew (26) Gettysburg, not so much admire as hold in reverence drift The Siege at Hamburg. Not a sole left alive. Killed by pigeons set aflame, no less. Dr. Isaac Busafalus (53) can't think of one Dr. J (76) Waterloo. Dru (24) The Battle of Tours. Agincourt. D-Day. Drucar (45) nothing ds (45) The Victory of Chalons-Sur-Marne. D.S.de.P.Ramos When the last soldier returns home alive from senseless wars. Dude (49) World war I duke (18) This question is weird. Duncan Passell (17) general mc arthur dustxii (22) women enlisting Dutchess any that paved the way for new beginnings. Dutchess The Roman triumph over Hannibal's legions over simple, yet brilliant tactics Dvach (18) The taking of Iwo Jima D.X (22) January 1st, 1959 - The Cuban Revolution, when a truce was offered to the IRA in 1921, a victory for a small guerilla army or the Viet Minh's win against America Dylan (17) The battle of Bunker Hill Dylan Adams (25) D Day E mehhh e (28) The Allied victory in World War Two. E (20) when the army put down their weapons and joined protestors eagleclaw (35) I don't know. EAR (19) the cutting off of heads of the spanish conquerors to the philippines! Earth Speck (30) D-day landing Eau (45) American Revolution Ed (30) civil rights ed 300 Spartans, D DAY eddiboy The end of any war. Eddie (48) I appreciate our soldiers Eddie (12) None Edgar Roberts (15) Even though I don't love nationalism, I suppose Vimy Ridge and Canada's involvement Edie (26) None Edmond Dantes (26) The battle of Stalingrad. Edouard (41) mexican revolution Eduardo (19) "alea jacta est" EduGri (53) D-Day Effie (34) Rome's conquests and struggles efha (23) defence of Soviet Union ehk2 (30) I do not admire any act of violences but if I have to choose it would be "The Christmas Truce". Eiichi (16) I dont admire anything about war Eilfa (28) the day my close friend left for boot camp. EJ (29) Any end to a war is my most preferred part of a war E.Jay (21) any signing of a peace treaty, when the japanese declared they would never use nuclear bombs ejb (22) The victory at Uhud El (23) The Alamo el3vat0r none that i could think of.. elay (21) WWII eldar (25) The Battle of Thermopylae Electryo (15) I don't admire it at all, but am most fascinated by the Brisbane Line drawn across the country during World War II as the Japanese made their way ever closer. Elena κανενα ελενη (33) England's defeat of the Spanish Armada during the reign of Elizabeth 1. Elena Di Cesare greek revolution eleni (18) Alexander the Great's conqer of the middle east. Eleni Constantinou (20) I don't admire anything involving war. Elexia (19) i don't know Elexis (18) Battle of Thermopylae Eli (16) The Paris Commune and other situations where peole have rebelled and tried to fight and every battle where soldiers have done the impossible. Elias (22) I don't know. History's a mess. Eliaz McMillan (33) d day eliciabg (23) where they make peace Elin (47) Alexander the greT Elisabeth (22) Hiroshima-Why did we do it? Elisabeth Carver None Elissa (22) Any treaties of peace that were effectively carried out. Elizabeth I truly don't know enough about military history to say. Elizabeth (25) Does the French Revolution have to do with the military? Hopefully it does. I really admire the brotherhood that formed among the French during this time period. The French Revolution is really unlike anything else in history. Liberté, egalité, fraternité. Elizabeth (15) Not one event, but I admire all military personnel who suffer from physical disfigurements but who still triumph on. Elizabeth Diane Shaffer (0) i don't. though i admire the courage of those who serve their country or their cause, misguided as it may be ElleKay The bravery of the Native Americans. Ellen Whatever. Ellen B Smiley (29) The freeing of prisoners anywhere. Ellen Fitzpatrick (61) I have no idea. Ellie (25) Christmas Day, I forget the year, in WW1 where the opposing soldiers called truce and played football with one another. Ellie_Estrella (19) The minute we stop killing people for no reason Ellie Wilson (15) Zulu defeating the British Elliott (28) Christmas football in World War One. Elliott Hemp (23) I can't recall at the time elSigno (37) war is never admired Ely (23) i havent learnt enough to name one Elyse (20) Binary file Em_1425616956.html matches Binary file Em_1425616956.html matches - Ema (18) My birth. emdonnelly7 Any wars. emdonnelly7 Jonathon Shadowhunter being the first to drink from the mortal cup Emilee Nightshade (19) I do not admire military history. Emilia Blancarte Jaber I know very little about military history Emilie (23) WWII. Emilina (27) French Revolution emilio (28) I don't like nor I'm interested in military Emillia (16) I'm not a particular admirer of military events. Emily (19) none if it. Emily (24) Hard to say Emily (22) britain defeating the armada Emilyann (22) The repeal of "don't ask don't tell" Emily Carter (37) socialist revolutions Emma (20) no. emma (18) any event which freed the oppressed and lessend suffering Emma (20) The Revolutionary War Emma (34) training emma (20) All of my conquests (and not just the ones in battle if yanno what I mean ;) Emperor Aisel Fei Shiang (18) The Revolutionary War Empyrean (17) None encolpio8 (22) Alexander's expedition Endimion none endor Battle of Thermopylae Engel (48) The death of Alexander the Great Enis The Second World War Eno A. Agolli (15) The American Civil War. Enrique (21) The Eastern Front, World War 2. Eric (15) The Union victory at Gettysberg Eric (40) George Washington Eric (37) I don't admire any. Eric (19) ? Erica i don't know Erica (25) The Revolution Erica Johnson (21) The US invasion of France at Normandy Eric C. Wolfe (28) no idea Erich (20) "Admire" is a strong word for anything military-related. Erich (19) John Paul Jones: "I have not yet begun to fight." Erict7 World War II, real men fought that war. Last great war. Erik (25) Christmas day truce Erik Isaac (19) The Battle of Agincourt Erik Price (18) It hasn't happened yet. Erin (27) WW2 Erin (53) Battle of antietam Erin (30) my brother joining the navy Erin (20) None. The military is not to be admired. Erin The killing of Osama Bin Laden -- swift, smart and effective as hell Erin (31) Berlin Wall, Space exploration man on the moon . .. esayer (35) The spring campaign of the Hungarian revolution 1849 Escalus (22) The introduction of a replacement for military service. Escapism (19) I dislike everything to do with the military Esmé (18) 3 day event in horsemanship? No rather none at all Esmee fidelius (54) any armistice ESMERELDA (50) Bring the troops home Estacia Hernandez (37) none esteban (29) The Battle at Gaugamela Esteban (23) the fall of berlin's wall estrella blanca unsure Et (32) The Haitian Rebellion of 1791 Et Cetera (22) The Napoleonic Wars as reimagined by Stendhal Etha (26) Refer the previous ethan (20) The battle for Stalingrad during WW2 Ethan Mayatt (25) i dont like any. I admire everyone who fight to end war Euzinha_ds (20) the invasion of normandy. Took so much balls to charge that beachhead. Eva (23) The men that went over the top Eva (16) mongol invasion evan ass hatch (18) I don't admire anything military Evanna (18) ANZAC Day Evie (22) none, I don't admire military history evilwonders (28) The Christmas singing of 'Silent Night' among enemies. evren (16) The end of any war. Ezra (20) WW2 facio (19) None Fanourios (40) Not a major war buff. fatgaynig (20) anything Fatima (19) None Fatima (26) a soldier giving his life for what he believes fat man (33) When the first woman made it into the royal army Fawna (19) Storming the beach at Normandy Fay (22) Not military, but Stonewall. feanix (20) Dunno Ferroever (43) Alan Turin's desciphering. fersfumero (28) The U.S. combined branches' abolition of The Draft FeydRautha (46) next question Feysweetie (43) When Americans and Russians came together to fight the Nazis fhickey (22) I do not admire military history. Fields (19) tha battle betwween hercules and the 3 head dog filinia (22) When the French took on the Inquisition Finnegan Magondolovich (Long Story...) The lessons learned Finokio (38) D day fk2005 (34) The Battle of Thermopylae. FlameHorse (28) None. Flantasy Girl (25) D-Day in World War II flavia (13) i dont admire any form of military or war Flo the War of 1812 and those who fought to keep Canada whole Flora (69) Gulf War. Florin-Alexandru Brănescu (16) None Flower (39) The Russian's ability to somehow not get wiped out in World War 2 Floyd I don't admire military history FlyinMonki (27) Battle of the Cowpens, American War for Independence. ForePlinger I'm not very sure about military history ForSavvy the collapse of the berlin wall Francesca (29) none francesca (49) the surrender of WWII Francesca Revolução dos Cravos (25th April 1974) - Portuguese revolution without blood after 48 years of dictatorship (by Salazar) Francisca Bastos (17) Batalla de Puebla Francisco Aguirre (23) The Battle of Stalingrad (fro the Soviet side!) Francisco Javier Gil Vidal (54) never having participated, it is not my place to say frank (57) Alexander the Great's decision to invade India, which led to his downfall FrankieSmash (49) I read about the Normandy Invasion and I admire what the US did Franklin Frank Anglin (32) Belgian resistance of German invasion during WWI Frank Nekrasz (25) The defence of Paris by the Communards fred (16) Normandy Freda (61) None. I'm not a big fan of war Friedrich Mueller (57) I am not adequately educated in this area to voice an opinion Fritha Grey N/A fumble (19) the battle of the bulge furies (27) D day FYS13Alec (18) None FYS13Amanda (18) D day. FYS13Andrew The end of WW2 FYS13Bella I am anti-war. FYS13Savannah Henry (18) Our Independence Day FYS13Tyler (19) I'm obsessed with WWII. FYS14Carrie I don't FYS14julie I cant say. FYS14Kelle (20) When 300 spatrnas defended the maounatin pass against 10,000 persian" immortals" FYS14Landon (18) The victory of the Six Day War FYS14Serenity (19) My military knowledge is sufficiently lacking. FYS14Skylar Any confrontation start for a right moral reason and not one out of greed FYS14Taylor WW2 FYS breont (19) World War II FYSHeath (18) Thermopylae pass. FYSMichael (18) g g D day. God that had to be scary Gabe (31) none Gabi world war II Gabriela (18) Nothing Gabriela Coelho Mesquita Teixeira Borges (26) Freeding the Jews from the Nazis at the end of WWII. Gabriel Gonzalez (26) None that I can really think of Gabriella (17) The strength of all those who enlist Gabrielle marrying naval Gail (44) the end of war Gail Flaherty Alexander of Macedon in Asia; Peace Keeping in the modern era Gainer (52) the rise of the powerful mage Aruano and his conquering of the world Gait (17) The battle that is currently being fought for vampires to have dominion over the world Gamba Ajani I cannot say that I have one. Garrett (19) The Alamo The U S A Civil War Gator Krazy Dave The French Invasion of Russia. Gean Whitehead III (20) my own enlistment as a volunteer Gene (51) The bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki Gene (24) Churchill's speech that announced the end of the Nazi virus. Genevieve (22) Canada winning the War of 1812. Genie (65) Spartans holding off the Romans Genie (58) No specific event, I admire those who faught to save lives. Geo (20) Waterloo Geo (57) the fights for survival and freedom George The Battle of Trenton in the American Revolutionary War. George Mile (35) The Battle of Thermoplyae or the Battle of Britain George Owers (21) I do not admire any events so far because I do not know many Georgia (14) Not sure Georgia (16) d-day gg I don't admire the military. Only their uniforms which are often sexually enticing. ghazaleh (27) Napoleonian battles Ghyles (31) Napoleon's battles Ghyles (31) The Crusades Gia (21) nothing. it's all death and war Gianne (21) None. I hate war Giannico (40) my own service Gill (63) The Normandy Landings, Bannockburn Gillian Martin (40) Umm Gina (19) Elizabeth 1 decimating the Spanish Armada Gina (30) Those who have given unselfishly for my freedom Ginny (47) The downfall of the Axis powers. Gionna (28) I do not know enough Giorgia Ikedaya Jiken Girl You Too Rude Civil Rights. Gjabrielle The day I finished my enlistment Glenn Parker (24) The Storming of the Bastille Glen Reeves (37) I don't know Gloria (59) Obama voted President Gloria Heatley (58) Those where who won matters less than the moral reasons for the fight itself GMcG Vimy Ridge goblin64 (45) The Defence of Leningrad Godfrey (19) bush's decision, not the act of but his ability to make a decision after 9/11, to declare war on iraq Golden Boy (20) None. Gonzalo Triumvirates of rome GPB (37) The signing of the Declaration Of Independence Grace (30) The Revolutionary War Grace (12) When Daenerys Targaryen became Khaleesi. Grace (28) Dont know Grace Cooper (20) What is there to admire in military history? gracehoppin (23) The Russian defiance of Napoleon Gracie (22) ? greatlove (32) American Revolution Greg (19) I see little to be tolerated, much less admired Greg (24) russo-japanese war Greg (17) None come to mind Greg D-Day Greg (20) d-day Greg (53) The Battle Of The Bulge, for the determination of the surrounded Americans and Patton's logistical miracle to come to their aid Greg Lytle (26) the day PR was free...just for a day gretel latin american independence gruchi (63) inchon landing gruffmusic (49) None Gtergab (50) Kristallnacht Guenther the end of all the them. guiller van mistoffellees (17) Nenhum. Toda guerra é uma estupidez Gustavo (21) The revolt in Auschwitz gutsyaardvark (19) the expeditions of Alexander Guy Van Driessche (44) The Emancipation Proclamation Hailey (34) The forming of Oasis and The Verve Hakusha Senbon (24) Revolution as a whole fascinates me. Hal (18) ... Haley (19) nothing hamideh (26) Gallipoli Hamlet (30) CheGuevara's Hana (14) Military history does not interest me. HandeG. (13) Normandy Hanna (24) I most admire all of our men and women who enlist everyday. Hannah (15) Killing of Osama Bin Laden. Hannah Chambers (24) My brother when he left for Parris Island a few weeks ago Hannah Ross (20) W.W.2 Hannah Suttles The defeat of Nazi Germany in WWII Harold E. Leighton (37) None. Harold E. Leighton (40) none Harold Oberg I hate militaries acts Harriet (23) Peace Hassallah (30) The invasion of normandy Hassan (21) probably WW1 hawaii50 (45) WWII Hayley This is a warped question. ADMIRE historical death and slaughter? What kind of sociopath wrote this? Hayzeus (23) D-day HCE (15) d day HEATHER (37) The defense of Stalingrad HeavyFire (16) obama winning the presidency heider (27) I'm not military gung-ho, but I've never forgotten the 'victory' parade in DC after the first gulf war. Incredible. Heidi R. israeli soldiers who refuse to serve Helen (32) Holocaust survivors Helen (19) The invention of the atomic bomb Helena (18) When everyone laid down arms and refused to fight. Helena Jenkins (20) the valkyrie Helen Mattison Wyatt (20) dont know hellgirl (19) none helz bells (41) American Revolutionary War Henry (46) Napoleon's victory at Austerlitz Henry_Z (25) whole towns welcoming soldiers home her (26) D Day herbertofwestlake (43) The invasion of Normandy. The Trojan Horse. Washington Crossing the Delaware. Hern (39) Qin's uniting of the 7 warring states. Herod (20) Alexander conquering a vast territory Hero Solomon (25) iraq war Hetal (22) No particular event, i do not know enough. However I admire anyone who fights for our country. H, Han-Jan None HHP (41) Revolutionary Catalonia Him (17) Russia letting entire armies freeze during their winters. Hira Yousuf (18) D.Day in WWII HKas (28) all the young men that feld the usa to avoid the draft during the vietnam war H. McMillan (33) La noche triste. H.Nakashima (21) I do not admire anything related to the military hobbes (26) My discharge as unfit for military service (in the spirit of Felix Krull) Hoelder1in (51) I don't admire any militaristic even. hoffsta none holden (27) The end of war Holley (39) The end of the First World War. holly (17) Any insidence of outstanding comradery or bravery Holly (22) Just happy we win most of the time. Holly Avery (32) my birth Holly Pajka (28) when the whole world never need military. holyjkms (29) I dunno..havent read on that Hooks the end of the war Horace pluck (54) stateside disaster assistance howard (34) I really admire when the military aids disaster victims. howard (34) Queen elizabeth defeating the spanish armada and the emancipation proclamation Hrudaya (24) D-Day, Yorktown, Taking of Ticonderoga, The charge of the light brigade huck finn (48) Not well versed in it to say Huda (19) coming home huggybear (29) No fucking clue Humbugger Omlet (20) Whenever wars were ended Hunter (23) make love not war Hurricane Katrina (25) my duty as a military service Hwiseon Lee (24) I abhor the military Hyosun (25) The 300 Spartans fighting The Persians, President Obama disarming Iran without a single shot fired. Hypnos The Blade (46) D-day HYS (47) I do not know. I Whenever peace is signed. I The ideals of the Civil War Ian (23) Peace after war Ian (44) All of them....courage,fear, hate and all the other emotions chucked together at once ianplanet (47) french revolution I Beg (54) Whenever one man was clever but another was cleverer, I admire the beauty of the victory. Iblis Anak (22) World War II Icis The fall of the 300 , battle of Gaugamela ,the battle of Alessia and the defence of Metaxa line WW2 i dont know that i know (17) I couldn't say Igor (29) America's initial decision to stay out of World War I. Iilyanna The Thermopilis battle. ile105 (23) The Thermopiles' battle. ile105 (27) None Illinibeatle (44) Killing Osama Bin Lauden Imajones WWII D-Day Imee The Reichstag Fire . . . disinformation at its BEST . . . pure propaganda I.M. (Imam Mahdi) (5) no idea Indrė (17) gillyflower revolution Inês (20) none. inez (21) Peace Inkie (60) The liberation of Death camps and the end WWII interestedparty the burmese monks i.p. My grandfather fought in WWII, he helped save the world Ireland Rose (12) Battle of Jericho Irene (17) not a history know it all Irene (26) Hiroshima, they should have left the sleeping giant alone Iris Ramsey (32) Civil Isaac (16) world war 2 Isaac (29) The formation of the Hegemony Isaac I don't have any. Isabel (19) When we have won... Isabella Fairchild-Heart (Protagonist) (26) Hate all Isabelle (26) The American Civil War Isadora Duncan (32) Not really my own or any event, but a military veteran, at 80 or so, receiving his PHD at FIU was great Ismael Santos (20) None, since war can never lead to good. Isolde (17) None. Iva none. Iva Pasztor (20) Civil War. Ivy (10) medic ivy (25) None, I am a pacifist Izzy (24) Fights against oppressors or for independence Izzy (17) D-Day j2a18m (43) killing civilians jabbar (23) I don't like war Jacie Lin Everything Jack (14) normanda jack (30) Oh, I don't know about that. I don't like wars... Jack (33) Hannibal, Alexander, Caesar, Stalin, Mao, Bin Laden, George Washington, Xenophon, Napoleon, All dead soldiers Jack Alexander (17) Rise of the Peasants Jack Goodman (18) WWII jackie (40) none Jackie (24) USA Civil War Jackie Cavalcante (40) Seal team 6 Jackie Vega (27) My family's history of service. Jackson8471 (23) Admire is definitely the wrong word. Jack Viper (29) The Battle of Thermopylae Jaclyn (22) Something French JaclynM (19) the fights for survival and freedom Jacob My father going to war. Jacque (24) The Repeal Don't Ask Don't Tell. Jacqueline (34) The establishment of the Woman's Army Auxiliary Corps in the US in 1941. Jacqueline Garrett (38) Anna'el's slaying of Belhemic when Chikasha defended Anna'el against Belhemic when she faltered turning the tied of the battle Jade (17) All of them Jade-a-boo (17) WWII Jade Green (30) anything the roman's did; they did it before us and better than us Jadelynn (24) When people in the U.S. opposed getting drafted for the war in the 60s. Peace and love. That's the mantra I support. Jae (18) None... i dislike war and all of its cousin activities Jafari (33) None Jaime (18) None Jaime (28) Declarations of peace Jake (17) I don't appreciate military endeavors Jake (21) None that I know. Jakelina Hernandez (22) Gabriel's Rebellion (does that count?) J.A. Lawrence the long neutrality of switzerland James (64) right now, Operation Anthropoid James (30) The life of Admiral Yi, The end of each World War. James (19) When the English pushed back the Spanish Armada in 1588 James (25) none James Green (29) The battle at Thermopylae James La Salandra (31) The Gettysburg Address. Probably the most powerful closing argument in history. James Oliver North (39) Austerlitz, Gaugamela, Pharsalus jameson_welsh (22) d day? James William Reath (21) Nothing, military is war and I'm not a fan. Support my troops all the way however. Jamie (25) I honestly can’t think of one. Jamie (22) the Civil War. Jamie (32) when the flag was found on th ground and they all lifted it Jamie (17) D-Day Invasion Jan D-Day 1944 Jan (54) D-Day 1944 Jan (55) Russian communist revolution led by Lenin Jana (22) Russia communist revolution led by Lenin Jana (22) hm , thats a tough one . Janae (17) churchill jane (41) i don't. jane fakename (25) peacetimes janice (67) 1959 Libre Cuba Janice Marie Oxford (61) D-Day the 6th or June 1944. Jannie56 The ability to adapt quickly in battle Jared (19) ... Jared Oswald (19) The fall of Arlington Castle Jarred Poll (26) End of WWII Jas (20) mata bhag kaur leading the chauli mukhti back into battle jasleen None, war is pointless Jasmine Violet (17) pointe-du-hoc Jason (34) The Battle of Gettysburg Jason (26) d-day jasonstafford (53) Anytime we stopped fighting to talk it out. Jax Havak (00) The courage of D-Day. Merely thinking about it gives me chills. Jay (26) The defeat of Nazi Germany Jay The Battle of Iwo Jima Jay West (27) dont no jb (13) Normandy J.B. (53) Disarmament JB (29) The Battle of Agincourt Jb Bradford (44) the Battle of Yorktown jcr (35) World War 2 JD (21) Guy Fawkes jean (22) All Israeli wars Jeannine (57) The War of Badr Jef (19) Lacking Knowledge Jeff ? JeffGuy (55) D day Jeffrey A. Olivier (40) Everyone whoever survived Jeffrey Dean Arthur (51) world war 1 Jeff Winger french revolution jemimah (32) The development of the spifire Jen (23) nothingness Jen (25) the man with the briefcase who stood in front of the tank at Tiananmen Square Jen (35) enlisting in the army jen (29) I do not admire war or wartime events. I admire soldiers and leaders who persevere, protect and live with their experiences Jen Gerlach (39) Volunteers. Ceasefires. Black ops. Jen Hallidy (42) The day the Holocaust came to an end Jenn (35) The WW2 invasion of Normandy Jenn (39) Gen Grant Jennie I have none Jennifer (35) I admire strength and a protective urge, bravery. excellent strategies impress me. causing harm does not. I admire soldiers who protect other people and live with moral/physical pain as a consequence of necessary actions taken to protect others. Jennifer (40) The end of WWI and II Jennifer C-K (35) The inspirational men & women who fought in World War II Jennifer Lewis (26) Storming of the beaches at Normandy Jenni Webb Reynolds (29) whenever soliders helped each other when injured or boosted each other's morale Jenny (23) It fills me with such pride to see anyone volunteer to protect his or her country. Jenny (28) none Jenny (37) Not sure Jenny (18) World War II Jenny (38) Civil war - north Jenny (35) The moment my parents met JennyLynn (23) No interest in military history Jenny Napier (42) WWII Jensyn Keanes (19) Not a goddamn thing in war Jeremy (17) U.S. victory in the revolutionary War Jeremy (30) the day i ets'd Jeremy (29) The Christmas Peace of WWI Jeremy Fassler (22) The last gentlemen of modern war, the Knights of the air, World War I's first fighter pilots. Jeremy Heintz (39) The defeat of hitler Jess (27) D-Day Jess (18) The entirety of the Cold war Jessica (18) I wish there was less fighting. Jessica ? Jessica Cristo (Jax): (29) The allies winning WWII Jessie (33) the battle at bunker hill Jesus0469 (46) my dad's service in WW II Jet Jackson (92) Those who were drafted in Vietnam and went to war whether they wanted to or not Jewel (38) quintus sertorius' campaigns against rome jezza (18) Porus's stand at Indus river against Alexander the Great jg (36) The singing of songs after the fact jg (22) The Battle of Waterloo J.H. Every kind of military action I've known is most of the time conspired by swine politics Jian (22) Eh. Jim (20) WWII dropping of the two A bombs, wish it did not have to happen. But the world completely changed in one moment Jim (50) Tet Offensive (that took balls) jimmy (84) None...it hasn't really worked yet jj (43) Civil War JJ (20) The Haitian Revolutionay war J J Ruzo Operation Storm - by Croatians to take back their homeland JLo (34) World War I, The War to end all Wars. and Korean War, because it is looked down upon when it should be respected. J.L. Odom (16) None in particular JM (28) The falling of the Berlin wall Jo (41) Too many to choose. Jo (16) The end of world war II Jo (21) end of world war 2 Jo The Battle of Yorktown and The Battle of Britain Jo (20) All of them Jo (33) Any war. Joana (22) I admire when each war ends. Joan Ellis (28) None JOANNA None. I do not admire the military. Jo-Anne I know nothing of military history Joanne van der Woude (36) Spartans verses the Persians Joe (60) D-Day, the men in that conflict define valor Joe DeProfio (27) Invasion or Iraq and Saddam's execution Joel (17) I don't know what this is... Joel Sadler (45) the charge of the light brigade JoeyO (34) the filipino revolution agains the spaniards John (28) Trojan War John (24) Napoleon's victory at the Battle of Dresden in 1813 John (20) Civil War John (23) The Pacific Theater in World War 2 Johnathan Durand (19) oh too many. "don't give up the ship!" Johnny (21) WW2 Johnny48 (48) The battle of Fredericksburg JoJo (27) Pattons march to berlin Jojo (76) Civil War jolie (66) That moment during World War I when soldiers forgot for one evening they were fighting against each other in a war that maybe wasn't even theirs- and celebrated Christmas together. Jollie (21) Victory in Europe in 1945 Jo Mama (53) Guerilla warfare during the Philippine-American war jona (19) When a war ends Jonas (We) wwII jonathan (31) I've heard good things about the battle of the bulge, all things considering. Jonathan Tacuri (21) The defeat of the nazis jonb (49) Liberatory interventions Jonida Dervishi (29) Any in which a native people was able to defend themselves from invaders. Jon Mosca (31) Any victory for genuine good Jonny South (18) I am a concientous objector to military conflict. The word solves more than the sword. Jordan (19) None Jordan the storming of the bastille jordan rutter (18) the signing of the treaty of versailes Jorelle (18) Von Stauffenberg plot Joris Tirad Pass, Marshal Paulus & the 6th Army, Replacing of Nivelle joseph (31) when i join the military Joseph Anthony (37) 國共內戰 Joseph Cheng (28) I don't like talking about military history Josephine A (19) VE day Joseph Khouri The day my brother sign up Joseph Wizley (35) My refusal to enlist in Vietnam War Joseph Yvon (63) there is no admiration in war Josh (23) The civil war. Josh (22) The Battle of Vienna 1683 Josh (29) Any soldier who enlisted and served, like my brother Joshua (34) I dislike war. Joshua (27) I know that if there is another war of great magnitude and the French do not surrender; that will be it. Joshua Levi (21) I would like to pretend Mahatma Gandhi's revolutionary "passive resistance" to be a suitable response, but more practically I would say the conquests of Alexander The Great. Joshua Sponaugle (22) The American Revolution Joshua Taft (18) The Christmas Truce Josh W. (19) cant think if any josie (25) ww1 Josie Dangerfield (29) 100, 000 airplanes; ceasefire Jotthedot (16) Military history is neither admirable nor despicable Joxef (35) independance of france joyce (20) I have little interest in the particularities of military battles joyseternal (22) d day jrggzmn (20) d day jrggzmn (20) D day jrggzmn (25) Dad's 2 year service JRobertson (21) None, they all make me Jtan (21) Rebellion against unjust powers Ju (28) Stalingrad, Siege of Leningrad, Hannibal's Crossing of the Alps Juan Carlos (21) None at all Juancho (32) I don't know enough military history to answer this. Juanita Joann Harty Buck (49) The Defeat of Hitler and the end to WWII Juan Jose Campos (34) Any nation disbanding its military, anytime peace is declared Jubin (21) World War I Judah (30) The Battle of Fredericksburg Judah (22) 自己當兵時的撞車、喝酒事件 jude (25) The bombing of Hiroshima Jude Kaldi World War II Judith WORLD WAR 11 Judy ... juju Invasion of Normandy jujubee (35) too many to choose just one Jules I'm in a battle every day...military history is not to be admired. Julia (23) No proference Julian (16) The surrender of Germany and Japan julie (79) American independence Julie (20) World War II Julie (40) Battle of Britain Julie (49) helping others juliette (19) Don't have one. June (23) slave revolt in Haiti Justin (27) Development of Nuclear Weapons (I know they're horrible, but also kind of awesome) Justin (15) None Justin Aylward (22) second world war justine hope (20) World War 2 Justin G. (15) The military is not in my thoughts for it is the destructor of worlds. Justin Rasile (23) "Friendly fire": it is blackly comic on so many levels JW (27) Nemzeti Dal. J.W. Carey (22) The end of world war II K (21) None. They are all violent. I'd prefer to live in a demilitarized world. K. (23) Probably an event when military might was abandoned for diplomatic, peaceful negotiation. Or when soldiers from one army voluntarily helped the enemy. k .... k-92 (17) King David Kaden None, war is bad Kafi Cunningham (43) none kai (15) The Kargil War (1997) Kainaz (20) I am not a fan of war. Kait (23) none Kaja Ta Every decscition to not go to war Kajer (19) RESCUING PRISONERS OF WAR KAKI (50) the ending of the holocaust Kaleena (23) I don't Kally (33) The courage of the 300 Spartans and the achievements of Alexander the Great Kamila (18) Fight for freedom KammY world war 2 Kandi (26) idk kangaroo those who willingly went to the draft karaeileen (24) I don't admire any war. War should not happen. Karen (27) The end of any war Karen when slavery ended Karen (16) japanese surrender Karen June (52) independence day kari bobins (33) Latin American Independences movements Karina Marcano (26) Wars are always horrible, but war can also be necessary. Karl (17) I don't know military history that well Kasandra Polish defence of Westerplatte (2nd World War) Kasia (30) Military practice in general is not something I value Kasper (19) Battle of the Bulge Kassy (17) I do not admire any, honestly Kate (23) the end of any war . . . and there is never a winner Kate The battle of Agincourt. Kate (26) D Day, the war on terror, Armistice day Kate Mac (22) Switzerland's exploits Kate McJ (31) None. Katerina (22) There are too many to fairly choose. Operation Red Wings, Khe Sahn, Pearl Harbor, D-Day. Kath (48) D-Day Katharina (32) The Cuban Revolution. Katherine (18) History isn't my best subject in school...Though reading about the female WW2 pilots was pretty cool. Katherine (27) I'll get back to you Katherine The Battle of Waterloo, maybe because of the strategic genius of Napoleon Kathérine (25) none kathy (52) i don't Kathy (26) None at the moment. Kati (15) None Kati (19) The 300 Spartans Katie (20) killllll me katie (23) Give me one which isn't told by the victor. Katie (17) none, war is unnecessary katie (22) defeat of the Nazi's Katie Carriere (39) Normandy Katrina (23) I don't believe the military has one that I admire. Katrina Thiessen-Beasse (28) Canada's participation in at Vimy Ridge Katsika (68) none, I think they are all depressing and discouraging; they are proof of the human race's self-righteousness and cruelty katthehurricane Spanish Civil war, American civil war, civil wars Katy (16) The Revolutionary War; the fall of the British empire Katy (22) The courage in the Battle of the Somme and Dieppe Katya Allnutt (27) French Resistance Kavindra (55) the ramayana kavitha (19) none kay (22) WW II Kaybird (43) ew...none Kayla Marie (17) Women able to enlist Kaysie67 (49) Liberation of the death camps in WWII KB (45) Hannibal's invasion of Italy and the German victory over the Romans in the Teutoburg Forest K.B. Oliver (30) Canadian peace keeping efforts kc None K Dilkington (30) Does the Stonewall Riot count as a military action? they were militant gays. Kechiro (33) D-Day Keith (19) ww2 Kelli (47) Everything Martin Luther King Jr. did. kelly (39) When wars are ended. Kelly (25) Hiroshima 1945 Kelly G. Teague (45) Liberation of the Nazi Concentration Camps Kelly McCauslin D-Day Kelsey (22) My own escape from the Vietnam debacle ken (58) Battle of Waterloo Ken (63) Everything Hitler did. ken dewey (48) WW1 Christmas Truce. Kendyl (20) Freeing of slaves. Kenkire mongol events Kenn (47) ? Kenning (28) Union victory in the U.S. Civil War kerayne (66) my deployment to afghanistan Keri Cook (26) Well there was this one time that I killed two bastards in tavern an alley with nothing but a fork. The second one took forever to stop screaming. I ate for free that night. Kessler (35) The Eastern Front of WWII Kev (27) The battle of San Jacinto, in Texas. Santa Anna was captured in an 18 minute battle. Kevbo None Kevin (25) June 6th 1944 Kevin (21) Waterloo Kevlar world war 2 kfcbucket (16) Alexander's Battle of Gaugamela, Caesar's Gallic campaign, Napoleonic conquests in Middle East. KFerreto (24) Peacetime. kfkfkfk (17) The liberation of the oppressed. KG (38) My Great grandfather in World War one as a stretcher Bearer KG (26) The battle of valmy because it's the only one I can recall; Khaddafina (23) World War II khaye (26) My father serving as a Marine Kia (28) Berlien Kiana Mercury (23) WWII Kiara M. (15) Guaducanal victory in WWII Kid Jasper identical KiDoCo Next Kiera Hardy Operation Mincemeat. Kieran (22) none Kika I don't know enough about it to stay Kiki (27) none Kiki (10) None Kikka (38) I don't know Kiley (20) none killy Obama's call home Kim (17) Landing in Normandy Kim (37) The courage people had that volunteered to help after 9/11 Kim (47) Someone stopping the Allied troops from killing all the SS upon finding the first Nazi death camp Kimberly (23) Perhaps defeating the Nazis in WWII kimberly (21) Caesar's conquests Kimberly Bailey when the US pulled out of Vietnam kimbo (34) my son enlisting in the army Kimlmar (52) The Gettysburg Address Kim Randall Cox (43) none king (43) worldwar II kings (36) D Day King Ubi (35) none Kinmin (24) none kirk every day events where soilders scrafice their lives Kirsten McCracken (20) World War One kit kat (22) the peace and end of world war 2 kito (24) Can't trust what they tell us in History classes, so gotta witness the event to be able to judge.. Kitty (21) The courage of the people who are involved Kitty (19) Whoever won Kitty (58) stalingrad kjelli (59) Alexander the Great in Indus KK (32) Resistance to tyranny...I can't name a single event KKC (26) Dunkirk Kkkkaty (67) There isnt. Klavicus (23) Don´t have grounds to answer this Klox890626 (23) When America won the Revolutionary War KLVS (22) fight for freedom Kmi i don;t admire any...there has to be a better way knapsackstraps (21) f! any military knowone (29) The American Revolution Koinekid (28) D Day koshka (50) I don't admire the military Kourtney Denee (24) When the walls of Jericho came tumbling down. Kouse (23) there's nothing to be celebrated about military war Kreuzz Dday Kris (41) independence krissy (18) Civil war Krista (27) Any that have kept my loved ones alive and free Kristaline (24) None. Kristi (35) thomas Jefferson dying with millions in debt. Kristie (22) Discovery of peace Krum Kirov (16) My father's service in Australia and Vietnam Kryshia (53) World War II Krysstofer Pierre (23) The absence of militia Krystaal (40) The landing at Normandy Krystal (24) my father's honorable discharge ks (33) The Battle of Bannockburn Kt (15) World War One or Kourtney and Khloe take Miami (latter is sarcastic) KT My grandfathers' involvement(s) in WWII. (Mom had stepparents, so there were 3 granddads who served in various branches of the military.) kt (35) The Battle of Leningrad Kunal Sen (27) I don't personally admire anything having to do with the military, but probably Napoleon's defeat at Waterloo is of the most interest kunderakitsch Those that resolved peacefully without anyone dying. (Has that ever happened?) kuro usagi (18) The American Revolution. Down with King George. Kurt Bailey (45) Can't say really. K Yeo (19) I have no military knowledge. But I know of our great revolution against the British Kyla Stan canada burning down the white house Kyrinrin (14) the French Revolution L (36) the fights for survival and freedom lacee (18) any man who avoided Vietnam by going to Canada or otherwise abroad Lacey McVeigh (46) - Lacharria (18) hard to say, some of the most prolific miltary events were achieved through a great deal of violence, bloodshed and casualties, do I admire that, per se? No LadyDyTheFly I don't have that much knowledge about military ladyinthewater (24) None. They are all a waste. Lady NCA (29) end of WW2 Ladytoyou (66) any independence war where the ones fighting for independence won lage (27) The Lewis and Clark Expedition LaHaRo (51) The sacrifices of so many nameless people Lainey (38) Hannibal Hamiclar crossing the Alps Lainie None war destroys people Lana (34) none. LAND (22) Military history is so violent, it's like christmas to me. I never met an act ow war I didn't like. Landon Wright (16) Enlisting women as soldiers Lanette main character: Counciler Becky massacres Lanius (50) The Gallipoli landing. That took huge spirit to keep going. lara67 (49) Achilles. I screwed him! LA Sullivan American Revolution Laura (20) None. Laura (24) don't have one laura (23) none comes to mind laura (27) Dunkirk Laura (28) i do not give a single shit about military history, it's awful, the worst emblem of man. Laura (31) I do not know anything about military history (I hate history) LauraAl (27) World War II - all of it. Laura N. (52) Battles that led to Italy's independence Laura Panza (38) world war II laura Ytzia Montoya Capristo The Christmas in WWI when the troops came out of the trenches and talked to one another. Laurel (29) I hate war - so the ending of any war that did not involve mass killing with an atomic bomb Lauren (28) native rebellions Lauren (22) French Revolution Lauren The treaty that unified North and South Daraglathia into one great nation, and those good people who made sure that as little blood was shed as possible. Lauren Frost (26) I don't really admire warfare. Lauren H (27) battle of Hastings Laurie (58) All wars are at best a necessary evil and at worst a shame to humanity. I will not pick one. Lavache Beadsman (21) Parade Layla (22) Vietnamese war Layla (13) Unifications Layla B. (43) Washington crossing the Delaware LB Perkins (42) Andres Bonifacio's Revolution Leah (16) The Boston Tea Party leah (17) Uhh Leah (25) When woman became apart of the working class and American citizens did their part with victory gardens and rationing to do their part to help troops overseas Leah none Leanne (28) D DAY, the crusades (not admiring them but rather impressed by its scale) LeCorbeauGris (25) The phony war lee (30) None Leeham Nothing. Leena (16) Revolutionary War Legacy Lee (31) Alexander The Great's military conquest. Leigh Lagamayo (27) Women in Middle East fighting for their country Leila None Leila (28) the polish national team facing death rather than defeat Lem (24) American Revolution. L.E.Murphy (17) people who gave up their lifes for us, to support us to have better lives today. Len (46) None Lena (21) absolutely none! wars are about old men sending young men out to die Lena (60) The liberation of the death camps at the end of the Second World War. Leo my grandfather's Leo (15) The creation of the Atom Bomb. I know it is a Bad thing or maybe even a disturbing answer but for me at that moment the wolrd have relative peace and unlocked other oppurtunities for humankind whether it is for the good or for the worst. Leo Calma (19) The Battle at the Hot Gates, Thermopylae or Agincourt LeonidasStokely Debreifing booms Leon (The Debreifer) (22) m Leslie The end of the US Civil War Leslie (43) ?? Lestory (49) Byzantine Tactics Levi Becker (31) I don't generally admire the military Levi Walker i dont know Lex Alan Turing and the Imatation game lexi (23) We don't really have a military, the Front Edge class are the protectors. But the only threat we have is from wildlife. Lex Ryo (17) armistance l.gee (23) my great uncle nursing two baby eagles back to health at a military base lglick19 World War 2 Lia (23) the french revolution? LiamP (25) I most admire the declaration of America saying we are free from England Liam Shaughnessy The defeat of the Great Sinner and his army. Liam Urien any attack on germany librowicz (28) The origin of. Lightning Stars (22) D Day France, The Shot Heard Round the World lilecare (46) Marshall Plan Lilian (25) Warsaw Uprising. Liliana When women were allowed to enlist. Lillian (25) the invasion of the beaches at Normandy Lillian Grace (27) Battle of the Bulge Lily (16) The end of WW2. Lily None Lily (34) liberation of the concentration camps Linda (23) The one where most people died. Linda (17) The silent war Linda C (41) WWII Linda M. W. (34) My brother's completion of Basic Training Lindsey (15) D-Day, the Battle of Midway. Lindsey B. (17) I don't know any more about military history than I do about regular history. Linicake I couldn't say linou70 Peace Lint (17) Colonists winning the American Revolution Lisa the Civil War Lisa (56) None Lishan (20) The fall of the Berlin Wall LittleT (24) ? lituci (30) My grandpa and my uncle who survived and protected my country and my family Lixing (24) I am so vastly undereducated in this area, but I want to say the WWI Christmas Truce. Liz (28) The successful defeat of any invading army. Liz (64) My son's enlistment in the military after 9/11 Liz (47) The end of WWII when my grandparents were welcomed into the US for work. Liz (25) Thermopylae Liz (40) Pacifists Liza (33) Stonewall riots Lizzie (17) The tearing down of the Berlin Wall peacefully Lizzie Pickle (27) Joshua stopping the sun in the sky. L. Kadey (18) The Nuremberg Trials L. Kadey (19) MI5 Girls Troop Spies LLane (23) one of strategic brilliance lmao - lo (19) my enlistment in the navy Lo (24) Andres Bonifacio's revolution LodRose (32) VE day Log The Battle of Thermopylae Logan (23) the taking of amierca. Minifest desitiny Logan (14) The world wars Logan (16) D-Day Logan Whitt (15) The Suffragette Movement Lois (22) that we won WO ll Lola Don't know much about (military) history Lolita Hazed (18) my love's work in the military lollipoppingsu (24) Anything that helps end a war and allows the right side to win Lori (37) When the bloody war ends Louf (39) none of them Loui Edgington (12) Cesar conquest of most of Europe Louis (19) Nothing in military amazes me. Louisalokyee (15) none. Louise (17) The Christmas truce in 1914. Loz (17) none. Lu (32) none luadepapel (25) WWII - The Liberation of the camps Luc (27) None at all. Lucho (32) The War of 1812 - a war of defense that succeeded spectacularly. Lucy Wars in Vietnam and Afganistan Luigi (38) The end of every war Luísa (21) The end of wars and the arrival of peace. Luísa (22) I don't think military events stir admiration in me Luisa (18) none LuisEfe (55) Jesus' surrender of himself to the guards for the lives of his disciples Luke Anthony (19) Operation Barbarossa lukemarco (18) None. Luke N 14 (35) Civil war Lulu Mexican independence Luna (16) i don't know lunar (18) The one I survived. LVG the end of Vietnam Lydia (50) none lydia None that I can think of. Lydia (18) I think the Russians "disguising" a train with trees in the middle of the desert (totally useless when the train started moving) Lyla (30) D-Day normandy lyman (35) The troops that stormed the beach at Normandy Lyn (22) The troops that stormed the beach at Normandy Lyn (22) Storming of Normandy Lyn independence days lynac (31) I don't know. Lyndsay D. (22) Not entirely sure, I don't keep much track. Lyndsey (19) i hate militraries Lynk (15) Armistices and treaties Lynn Renee (41) None, I abhor war Lynn Thair (49) willing soldiers Lyss (19) 8/6/45 M@ (31) Second World War 2 M None M (29) none. pacifist M (36) The Battle of Britain M (19) Battle of Trenton M Viet Nam MA (61) Those that fight. Mach (44) Any that shows sound and innovative strategic thought Machiavelli_Mx (38) the only thing i know less about than world history is military history macon (22) the american involvement in ww2 macskawoman (44) Liberating concentration camps Macy (15) I have no admiration for acts of war Madeline (19) None Madhusudhan (63) Thermopilas battle Madison Twist (25) Normandy 1944 Mads Husted (21) D-Day Landings. MaeveOne (27) The charge of the Light Horse at Beersheeba Magellan (44) Any act of liberation Maggie (24) Japan's defeat of Russia in war. Maggie (23) Winning WW II Maggie (49) d-day maggy may Gallipolli Mahalo (/) all those that were avoided mahtiel (21) D Day Mairi (37) The day world war II ended Maite (26) none maitresseb (43) History is just a series of lies that has been agreed on Mak (16) La Belle Alliance maksimuchka (38) The defeat of the wicked Fallorn. Malcolm (26) Stockdale as a POW Malibu (31) ww2 Mallory (21) None, I favor peace Mallory Corrus (20) Valmy, wars in the streets during the 19th century. Maltet the sprinkling of salt at Carthage Mandar (27) every time a war ended or a military was disbanded Mandella Kitten (36) The wars to own more - to be greater mandi (28) the tearing down of the berlin wall mandi2kay (31) dzungar massacre, was unfortunate mangarmunko (21) None. Manu (22) all our soliders Mara (58) The Revolution. When man fought his own brethren and countrymen to build again--to build a nation worthy of serving. Mara (17) Treaties MaraMichelle Stop communism Marana (56) Union success in the American Civil War Marcel (19) None of it, there should be no war. marcel254 (25) The LGBT marriage. Marcelo Ricarte. (16) world war 2 era, the world actually came together to stop the greater evil, name another time we have all been that united Marcel Rodriguez I have none Marclaudi (46) the forming of our country Marc_Meyer Although I consider some of those events to be great moments of human creativity, I do not admire them. marcoapk (19) the end of the vietnam war marg (53) Battle of Bull Run Margaret (19) my stint in USAF Margaret Cook (57) although military history is important, it is gard to "admire" so to speak, for the motor behind such endeavours Margarida (aka:Guida Costa,Guida Almeida ( ) treaties margo (22) When the folks revolt Margot I don't think violence has ever soveld any problem in the long term Margot (21) None Mari (30) Waterloo Battle Maria (45) the destruction of the Berlin Wall Maria Normandy, D-Day Maria (18) Next question Maria Contreras (19) I don't Mariam (20) the end of every war Mariana (16) Every country who fight for their own revolution. Mariana (22) Kennedy's handling of the Cuban Missile Crisis; war was averted, and I don't admire war. Maria Patenaude (29) World war II Maria Rowena Rillen I don't. Marie (19) I don't really know much about military history as much as I should, so I don't know. Marie (21) The evacuation of Dunkirk. Marie Discovery of the Americas Marie Madeleine (51) America's civil world marina (50) none marina (27) Japan-Russo war Marina (20) Ending wars Marion (27) the walls of berlin coming down. mario ponce (38) No military success has ever been for good Marios Gregoriou (21) Stalingrad Mark (16) Verdun Mark (19) Not really a field to merit much admiration, man. Mark Liberation of concentration camps. Mark (55) dont admire any! Mark Angus Wilson (28) D Day Mark D Anderson (23) No kidding ??? markeff (38) The Fall of the Berlin Wall Mark J (44) Battle of Marathon Marko (28) ag Mark Sterling (32) emancipation proclomation markus_naz (39) Every day in every war when the troops come home Marney (40) the revolution of my country Maroua (17) The ones in which no one died. Marshall Wang (24) Ah bueno.... marti (25) Every sacrifice made by the brave servicemen of the Empire. Martin (29) Hitler's War Martina Common I cannot admire the military Marty (18) The battle of Stalingrad Martyshka (31) If I knew better I might mention Dunkirk or something to do with Ulysses S Grant. Maruku (18) My father dying honorably in Iraq. Marvin Willams (30) Guernica. Mary (22) United States entered WW11 Mary Ann (62) D-Day. MaryAnn (47) Schindler Mary Ellen Collins-Davis (59) Schindler Mary Ellen Collins-Davis (59) none MaryFred (24) don't want anything to do with the military Maryn (15) Russian self-sufficiency during the Siege of Leningrad Masha Shannon (26) Any in which a military power chose to defend and only defend, not attack. MasonFYS13 (18) Any event that stopped a conflict before shots were fired. Mason Walker (21) Tecumseh's actions at Fort Detroit Mat (15) American Revolution Mat (26) The American revolution mate None Mateus Melo The Battle of Crete. Even though the partisans lost, they broke the Germans' will to fight. Mathew Gallant (22) World War 2, Holocaust Mathilda (15) x Matisse (15) The end of wars and d-day and the rising of the flag on iwo Jima semper fi gentalmen Matrix (23) not sure Matsuda (14) i don't really care for military matters at all matt (17) The invasion of Normandy and the liberation of Europe. Matt (30) The events that my family members took place in. Matt (20) American Revolution Matt (25) V-J Day. Matt DeCostanza (17) I haven't the slightest idea. Matthew Charles Barrie (27) Frederick II's rally after Kunersdorf Matthew Gordon (28) The Siege of Tobruk Matthew Ray (18) The Irish War of Independence, 1921 Matthew Young (18) This one where innocent and simple people faught for their ideals. Maundaux (23) Breeds Hill, mauserman (42) Battle of Warsaw in 1920 Max (24) coming in of americans in normandy maxie (20) D Day Maximilian (17) The Battle of Thermopylae, The Battle of Stalingrad, or Midway Maxwell Pierson (23) vimy ridge MB (32) I don't know mcfm0626 (26) D-Day MCI (22) USA fight for independence mcseadogs (34) the american revolution Me (40) what type of question is this me (32) India beating shit out of alexander ME (25) Tuskeegee Airmen Me (57) The French Revolution Meaghan D Day Medusa59 (56) none. Meebo When both sides of the fighting laid down there weapons on Christmas Day, and sang Silent Night. Meg (16) apathy meg (22) my german teacher's meeting with the german government to protest his conscription into the army Meg (19) None. It's caused more heartbreak than anything. Meg (31) When the veil was torn. Meg (22) I do not delight in war Megan (25) n/a. Megan (20) Not applicable!!! Megan (32) The days when humans didn't fight Megan (18) none Megan (23) Every surrender megan (18) all of them Meghan (16) Christmas Day on the Somme Megil (51) పెద్దగా తెలీదు, సైన్యం అంటే నచ్చదు. Meher (32) Pearl Harbor Mel (20) I don't admire any military events. War is not to be admired, even if it is defensive mel (32) The end of the Civil War Mel (44) The selfless acts of those who've put their lives in danger to help others. Melanie (31) Not any, really. WWII if pressed. Melanie (33) the 300 Melanie (33) When the finally lay down arms and become peaceful once again. And the guy in Tianamin Square MelBisMe (34) None. Melinda (18) Hannibal at Cannae Melinda McGinley (30) Every end of any war. M.Elisabeth Howell (52) Though someone who gives up their life for something they believe in i don't really have an "admired" moment melissa (17) end of slavery melissa (44) Vietnam Melissa (40) World War I and II Melissa Diane Hudson any in which soldiers gave their lives to save another's. Melissa Farr (25) D-Day and the entire Revolutionary War Melissa Farr (29) All surrenders Melissa P (63) the 1916 rising Melly i don't have one Melody (22) I can only think of events I've seen in movies, which I'm taking as proof that I don't have the knowledge to choose. Mel Sundquist (20) Training meltemis the day all the world drops its weapons. Memelord (15) None Memyselfandi not a fan of the military Menjou (21) i care not for military history mercedes (27) I admire all events in military history as being something so complex I can barely understand or fathom the challenge whether I agree or not Meredith D Day Meredith (23) Battle of trafalar Merit (56) Battle of trafalar Merit (56) Battle of trafalar Merit (56) Battle of trafalar Merit (56) Battle of trafalar Merit (56) Battle of trafalar Merit (56) Battle of trafalar Merit (56) None, since there are few, if any, that did not cause death MFSmith (16) The 1848 Revolutions, since they were (mostly) spontaneous, and also relatively successful Mia (27) US entering WWII micci (64) Draft-dodgers of the sixties. Michael (40) The Battle of Britain, the Pass of Thermopylae, Christmas Day 1914 Michael (46) Alexanders conquest of persia Michael killing osama bin laden michael formation of the marine corps Michael (43) none michael (24) D Day Michael (21) the Spartan sacrifice at Thermopylae Michael (52) none Michael (53) I do not have an answer. Michaela (20) Win of World War Two Michaela Tee (15) I don't admire anything to do with it Michael Kendall (16) The last great morally just war. Michael Thornberry The American victories in the Revolution and WWII come to mind presently. Michelle (24) The US's decision NOT to use an atomic bomb in the Korean War. Michelle Jeong (20) N/A Michelle Sandino (15) The work of medical services :) michou (19) Ah, I don't know if the military is a thing to be admired per se. At best its a sad neccesity. But ancient conquerors are still fascinating. In recent history... Now defeating the axis in WWII that WAS admirable. Mick (28) The freeing of prisoners from concentration camps in ww 2 Mickste Storming of the Bastille Mignonne (53) I don't admire military history, just when peace comes along after a long war mihaela (26) When Russia overcome Hitler Mika can't say I'm proud of anything Mike (33) idk Mike (14) Gettysburg Mike (58) End of the Vietnam War Mike (29) I cant think of any! mike_freedom9531 (30) The post-WWII reintegration of German rocket scientists into peaceful society through space exploration Mike G. (25) 82nd Airborne in WWII mikemc1156 The Gulf of Tonkin incident Mike Sadler (53) None Milfred (35) Serbian army's retreat through Albania Mili (20) There is no such event, military history is not suppose to be admired even when it brings greater goods. Milly (23) WW1 Milly (16) Battle of Britain millymay (84) Development of the Marshall Plan Mimi (53) My husband's pride in being an airman. Mimi (31) You want to know my favourite war??? Mimi (24) salamina fight mimì (48) don't have one Mimi (57) The black civil rights movement in America Mimikeekee (23) The end of all the wars. Mina (15) Don't knew Mind (17) Uh...I don't like war. Minerva Black (30) none minto (28) alexander the great´s aornos siege mirabilis (48) Those who were brave enough to fight for their loved ones. mischa (22) Anything involving a sniper. Misha (24) The Battle of Normandy Misk Odium Oersted My grandad's two operations in the Chindits in Burma miso I don't know but I wouldn't like any even if I do. Miss The day the war ended misshermes (20) pakistan independance miss karachi The ending of any war I guess. Miss Mia Moriarty (29) Welsh mountain men resistance Miss Noble (0) The United States Civil War Missy (44) The British empire standing alone against hitter Missy (45) gettysburg address mister buzz (49) My father's defeat of King Fortinbras Mitchell: for Ophelia Not sure. Mitela (22) None Mitela (25) Don't really like military history Mitja (36) The French Revolution. Mitsuko (22) spanish civil war mitzi (28) I am not able to answer, because I would not know. Miyo (12) I do not admire anything having to do with war, even though sometimes it is a necessary part of human nature MJ (22) When America kicked ass in the Revolutionary War. Once, we were the little guy. And I like that. MJ (23) ww2 mj (39) I don't think it has happened yet. M. J. A. Armstrong (60) The fall of the Berlin Wall MJF (34) revolutions mjwhite (21) I have no idea. M.K. (21) volunteer soldier mk (15) The USS Kirk comes immediately to mind. Mkeekee (30) "Lay on, Macduff!" M. Le Ahcim-nevets (31) Cleopatra's seduction and the fall of Rome. MlleJacqueline None MlleNeet The decison to make peace MM (34) WW II M&M (38) The take down of Saddam Hussein MMS military history is not to be admired. Mnemonic Aberration The fights between Anibal and Rome mobtomas (48) Any peace treaty modernmonsters civil war moeder (32) The Christmas peace during WW1 when enemies celebrated together. Mohamjip (66) Ghandhi and his peaceful protest-- I do not admire war Mohini (20) The fall of the Third Reich. Moistoidy (43) None, war turns men against each other Molea Razvan (23) anything that resulted in no casualties Molly (19) All those who enlist so I do not have to Molly (18) That’s tough, I’m going to have to say, Beaches of Normandy. Molly Evans (47) Iwo Jima mollykate74 (38) D-Day momcat (60) 1973 war Mona the French revolution Mona Sen (22) Civil Rights Monica Stowe My discharge montanadrifter (68) i dont like the idea of war montie williams (16) D-day invasion Monty (35) Military Events are not to be admired only respected Mooke (16) the battle of the bulge Moose (40) While I find military action to be less than admirable in most cases, and the motivation for such things to be questionable at best, I would still say that the Northern response against the South, in the US Civil War, was most admirable. Morazda (42) Shrek Morgan Britian's stand against the Romans Morgana The Emancipation Proclomation which started the freeing of slaves or the Civil Rights Movement MorganFYS13 (18) My own decision not to enlist. Morgan Toft none morgwei (28) the end of every war, the signing of peace agreements that are kept Mother (54) The end of any war Mouse (42) American Revolution MP3 (22) The French Revolution--all of them. : ) MPaylor (21) 1916 irish revolution Mr. A (17) None Mr. A (17) The ending of the Civil War Mr. Frank (56) Fall of the Berlin Wall MrJones (28) Recently? The US overturning DADT MRM (28) the successes Mr. Mandarin (41) There is no admirable military action Mr Peters (30) The first american woman to achieve General. Mrs. Lincoln (49) My Nephew's survival! Mrtimm Indian independence. MsAPH (21) Fictional battles where the only dead were never alive to begin with. Ms. L (22) n/a mstinyS The return of the Jedi mStonerCEO (45) The War to end slavery in the South MsVicky I do not understand war, however ending Hitler's terror was necessary. The White Rose Socety was admirable. MTHSP (28) DDAY MUElexandra (19) D DAY MUElizabeth (19) The Boston Tea Party Muffin (25) I find none worth admiring. mugen (22) there are none that I admire, for any war i muhbuh (47) The Battles of Kawanakajima MUJakeWilkinson (18) The Revolutionary War MUkelly (18) None that I can recall. MULydia (18) None that I can think of. MULydia (18) V-Day Mumblingtruth (24) Irish War of Independence Murphy (21) the release of the dragons Musa (16) Hugh Thompson's intervention in the My Lai massacre mutterhals (31) The one with most deaths. Myalyn Hernandez (17) the one where the military was involved in no shape or form my answers are perfect; yall should read I cannot say. Mychel Shannon (18) all peace keeping and humanitarian events My Dear Materialista (27) wars are not the answer and no im not a hippie myra (22) The day the Princess won the war Myra I know very few events in history to single out one. Myron (26) None. Myron (26) i have no idea Mystery Mind Over Matter (19) New inventions. N (20) My service and the service of my father and his father before him N (32) None of it, I do not support any military action nad (17) The French Revolution Nadine (21) The Battles of Thermopylae and Artemisium Naleks (23) Your country needs YOU. Not sure if I admire it though. NamraSultan The liberation of slaves Nana (23) The brave stand at Thermopylai Nancy (78) The Battle of Britain nancy I am not sufficiently educated to say Nancy (41) Spanish Civil War Nancy B (40) Any event cut short with peace Naomi (19) anything written by heroditus narelle pederick (40) When The first G.I Joe was made. Narrator (5) The Battle of Iwo Jima Nat not sufficiently educated to say Natalie (18) Demilitarization, armistice, peace treaties, ceasefires. Natalie MJ (31) D-Day, V-E Day Natanya (95) Joan of Arc Natasha (49) d-day Nate (16) the seven day war (Israelis vs arabs and Egypt) natedawg (28) end of war 2006 Nathalie (20) The bravery of every soldier in every war. Nathan (28) The Anglo-Zanzibar War Nathan The Battle of Puebla Nathan (35) I do not admire war or its actions. Nathan (27) The battle of Thermopylae Nathaniel (24) To raise once again to defend his people and free slaves Nathaniel (20) To raise once again to defend his people and free slaves Nathaniel D-Day Invasion Nathan Thorne (53) The fall of Hitler navera (57) ww2 neckice admire a military event? Neek (54) World War II Neeka (27) Not a military fan. Can we get over the riff raff? Neetzi (18) The event when the military was not needed. NEL (20) none Neller (35) France Revolution nelly peace keeping missions Nelly (31) Every moment of silence. Nels (31) Day D nene (57) French Revolution. neptune When my Dad served the Army and survived Nessa I'm not exactly a fan of military engagement, so I never gave this line of thought any time before Nessie (18) The Light Brigade. Because I know what it is. And I wish to use the name. Newlin (25) None of them. Nia (15) The signing of the emancipation proclamation. Nia Robinson (19) freeing of ww2 prisoners Nic (27) The Boer Resistance Nic (24) thermopyles Nic (27) The ending of a war--the triumph of right over wrong Nicholas (18) The French Revolution Nicholas Kovacev (12) i have no idea Nick (35) I admire the soldier more so than the military Nick (20) Cleopatra's domination of Julius Caesar. Nick (31) Tiberius's Conquering of the Palatine tribes Nick Christmas Eve WWI when they met at the border and smoked NickiNorker (48) I'm againt the foundation of armies Nick Zero (26) "Vietnam, Great Soundtrack" (Ricky Gervais) nicoca (21) The Union winning the civil war. The defeat of Nazism. Nicolas (28) None. Nicolas Bossons (16) None; war is terrible Nicole (14) retraction of canadian airforces from syria in december 2015 nicole (23) World War II Nicole (18) N/A Nicole (22) Hopefully my own enlistment soon Nicole (17) when another soldier lays down his life to protect others Nicole EP (25) war Niece (42) battle of britian NiGht (23) 1410 nightinday (19) D Day Nik (30) None. Nikita (26) None Nikki (35) Crusades, they used swords not guns, aside from the religious intolerance, I would have enjoyed sword fighting. Nikkita Saeed (21) I don't think one should pride oneself in killing Nikolai Kleppe (44) It hasn't happened yet. It would be free men taking back our country for Americans Nikon Shooter The Battle of Thermopylae (480BC) Nikos (29) I am not sufficiently educated to say Nillie (21) See response to "heroes in real life." Nina (21) The capture and killing of Osama bin Laden nina (27) dunno nina tangimetua (23) none Nique (18) none. i despise war. Nirmal Singh (99) peace nmh (32) The Invasion of Normandy. Noah (17) The Paris Commune. Noah the good (23) Most acts of courage are admirable Noddy (26) Does the Boston Tea Party count? Noelle When Luke blew up the Death Star NoGurus (20) Soviet response to Operation Barbarossa nom de plume The holocaust. Nomen nescio (24) The Christmas day football match in WW1 Nomers (19) D-day none given I am not sufficiently educated to say. None More Bitter (20) mumbai terror attacks nono (22) HAHAHA, Proust is wonderful, but I will go with Admiral Yi and the turtle ships nools (21) The turtle ship thing? With Admiral Yi? I don't know anything about military history, except that wars were often fought for questionable reasons and paid for by innocents. nools (23) The industrial revolution or some shit. Nora (20) the defense of Stalingrad Noraq none I would hate war Norma The civil war Norman W (35) The South African Liberation movement Not (26) none Nova (44) unsure Nova (32) The American Revolution NR-2082 (32) Military sent to help after many natural disasters Nrvnqsr (27) I am not familiar enough with any military events to admire them ns There is little if anything to admire in military history. If pressed, the American Revolution. Nuance (26) The fall of the Berlin Wall Nudge (36) Past wars. numeroita (24) none in particular NynnaS. (36) none oanaa (23) abstinence from military conflict OB None Ode The day they all decided to stop, and try to get along. Odie (24) Rommel's battles in Africa Odile (36) none Odilia (47) The ones where we put down our weapons, the before, the after Odyssey Willow (16) MILITARY?! ohlaskeau (21) The seige of Constantinopole oldie-goldie (99) I tend to be a pacifist olga (22) The English victory at Crecy. Oli Tearle (28) War is something humas should evolve from and not into stopping wars is something I admire Oliver My grandpa coming home from the military Olivia (17) I admire certain outcomes but I can't say that I admire any military actions. oliviathunderkitty (63) Berlin´s wall down Oliwankenobi (21) Military intelligence is an oxymoron. Olly (37) The enlistment of international volunteers in the struggle against fascism in Spain - 1936 Omar (17) The Vietnam War OneMan Dwight D. Eisenhower's exit speech in January of 1961. ontherazzle (40) JFK's patience during the Cuban Missile Crisis, The liberation of the concentration camps in WWII, The American Revolution ooinla (40) None Oph (30) I don't really admire war but, I am glad we stopped Hitler. Orby (40) None. ORK (22) little big horn orsetto (19) non oscar (29) The Crossing of the Delaware River in the Revolutionary War. Being proud of my cousin currently serving in Afghanistan Oso none, military makes no sense. otto (21) El Grito! Ovi (24) The American Revolution oxoboxo (22) D-day. Øyvind (27) V-E Day. Ozymandias Jefferson Roosevelt (24) Thermapylae PAB (43) None whatsoever Pacie Independance Paddy (29) none pagina (20) None Paige (34) None Paige (34) I prefer peace, but admire those that fight for our freedoms. Paige (29) Scottish war against England Paige Hall (17) When world war 2 ended Palaila (28) Vimy Ridge palais (32) Jesus coming Paldies (39) The battle of Gaugamela Paloma Coyoacan (56) Surrender at Appomottox Pam (63) atomic bomb in Japan Pam Blackwell I guess the independence of my country, Mexico Pamcake (28) guerra de vietnam pamelaja (27) the battle at Thermopylae Panagiotis Theofilas (37) World War 2 Panchi haha! joan of arc campaign pandaaah (23) The storming of Omaha beach. Panic (18) none war is futile panthergirl (36) idk man. i'm bad at history. Parker (18) The Battle of Vimy Ridge parksmi (51) the beginning of peace parvati6 D-Day... thank you America! Passepartout (27) The surrender at Appomatox Pat (39) The capture of Constantinople by the Ottoman Empire, subsequently the fall of it Patek (25) Patton's race across France Pat Garrett (26) none patric (30) I somewhat abhor militarianism. Patrick J. Derilus Easter Rising 1916 Patrick Trotti (26) my beautifull general patroklos war is a mans business patsy,world war II baby I have images from From Here to Eternity in mind but that's fiction! Patti (20) the battle of okinawa Patty (32) D day Patty (56) The re-writing of WWII as a solely American victory. Patty Cake (29) the over turning of hitler Paula (54) Ardennes Battle Paula (19) I don't like militaries but freeing the slaves was a very, very good thing Paulie (23) When the war ends Paulina (18) WW2 Pauline53 (53) The seige on common sense Paulshrug (44) the civilian that stood in front of the tank at tiananmen square PaWe (50) military? no thank you! pax (23) us civil war PB (20) The retreat of Napoleon from Russia Pea (17) Walls of Jericho Pearl Maxwell (29) The ones that ended wars Pedro Albernaz (20) Washington Crossing the Delaware Pedro Luis Munoz (24) The times they weren't allowed to interfere where they didn't belong. So, not many events. Pedro Tejada (20) None. pehi (26) Operation Overlord Penney (48) Winning WW II Pepper Winning WW II Pepper D-Day Percy (27) The Christmas Truce of World War 1 Peregrine The Napoleonic wars Perfidia field marshall montgomery (british army) pesser (57) The Battle of Mactan Pessoa non Grata Raid on Tokyo, by Doolittle Peter Dyson (56) The victory of the Vietnamese over the American military Peter Heron (57) Battle of Berlin Peter Joseph Tamber Maxima Gaffney War is never admirable, but I suppose any successful, well-defended stand against an undeserving assault by a greater, maurading force. Any instance where freedom and democratic principles are preserved. Peter Silva (46) The end of both World Wars Petree (22) battle of britain, american war for independence Phil (44) any of the treaties Phil The assassination of Franz Ferdinand. I heard about it on a podcast one time and it's seriously crazy how the world falls into place sometimes. Phil (25) USA rthe second world war philippe (59) My uncle's involvement in Iwo Jima. Philomena (80) Rorke's Drift; Cannae: any battle where intelligence has dominated the chaos. Phil R. (30) The Battle of Waterloo, maybe because of the strategic genius of Napoleon Phoebe (18) None Phoenix (39) battle of hastings, 1066 phreec (35) USA battle for independence Phyllis Boyajian Branche Joan of Arc's winning battles picfxr (45) Soliders coming back home to their families. P.I. Elliot The Confederate surrender Pieterpad (80) London in WWII taking it on the chin Pingbluto second world war fall of hitler pintoo (24) The answer would seem so violent Piper Bella Rose D Day, VE Day, VJ Day, Appotamox Pistol Pete None pk_evanescent (38) None. pk_henry Those where fighting didn't happen. Platinum Era (21) All of Napoleon's campaigns (of which I know nothing) Plebelbe (21) Pickett's Charge. A moronic waste but not without valiance. Pleiadian7 (59) none Plusein (25) landing on the moon pluto (26) When we took out the northern, western, and eastern lands in Rome. Pontius Pilate (30) None Poobah (65) Lincoln vs southern states Pooja Hitler Pooki (55) South American revolutions poop fella (25) Russian repulsion of Napolean and of Hitler. Pope (31) wwII pp (31) The battle of Nalapani. Pranaya R (28) I believe that no necessary evils should be lauded as worthy of admiration, however noble or courageous Pratama (22) When God cast Satan out of Heaven. Or when Gabriel blew his horn, yeah, Gabreial, that one. Goodness, there are so many to chose from. Preacher (34) The Battle of Thermopylae Priceequation (33) When the Don't ask don't tell policy was lifted. Prime Minister Appa (50) battle of Waterloo Prismatic (74) After I came back from desert storm Protagonist (20) none Protagonist The German invasion of Europe in World War II Protovium (63) None? Pseudointeresting (17) The Battle of Guilford Courthouse during the Revolutionary War psv (48) Azincourt,Hastings PUNK PAINTER (37) I distrust the motivation behind all puppylush (35) The Battle at Adowa Qaz (30) Red Cliff Battle Qi (18) The real ending of World War II. Quasimodo (30) The sinking of the Spanish armada Quimper (LV) ? Quinn (23) In military history, none. qweasd The battle of Thermopoli R (50) Probably the D-Day invasion Rachel (21) None of it, really Rachel (21) None Rachelmate (39) NO ONE RACHU (32) Waterloo, Stalingrad, Tet Offensive radomu (18) Christmas in the First World War. The R.A.F. raf (19) Hector of Troy Ragna (19) The end of WWII RagsTyler (33) Invasion of Normandy - D Day. Rahul (21) Battle of Alesia Rain (16) Battle of Alesia Rain It is hard to admire slaughter: but D-Day rainbird I despise the military; Napoleon's defeat I can appreciate. Raj (18) None Raju (21) My own enlistment! Ralph (21) Peace treaties Ramesses Benjamin Lewis (27) Marchpast parade Ramu (59) I don't admire any military events. Ran (25) Christmas day, WW1, allied forces and opposing forces set aside their differences. For a while, rather than just being enemy soldiers, they were people. Raph Roosevelt's speech Rapunzel None. There is nothing to admire about war. Raquelle (17) That Japanese soldier who stayed in the woods for about two decades thinking that the war wasn't over. Rara (22) India's freedom from the bounds of the Britishers Rashmi (21) None. Most events were orchestrated for a greater purpose. Raumabaya or The Rau (00) Those which end wars. Raven (30) how do you admire a war raven (17) End of ww1 Raven (15) The Five Region War Raven Anston I'm not so much a dove that I don't believe there is a place for nations to keep militaries, but it's hard to admire a military event without the feeling that it's been romanticized. Nelson's command based on love rather than authority. Ray of Mars (36) Armistice rb3868 (52) The Trojan War RD Repeal of Don't Ask Don't Tell (: Rebecca (19) I'm not fond of war or military Rebecca Scheid (13) black president Rebekah (29) Surgeons, nurses, ambulance drivers Recross (25) I have none Red (26) The military strategy of the South in the American Civil war Redbeard (24) The end of the War in Nam Redrover (50) The end of the WWII Ree (21) i cant think of anything that i would admire ree (24) None Reed Braden (19) The US winning World War II Reggie Benjamin (35) The founding of the Red Cross Remi (28) none RENA (62) The Ghost Army Renata (0) D-Day during world war 2 Renath Peace Talks Renee Stanko (27) Bay of Pigs reneetriay (40) Military history is not very impressive to me. Ren Harris i dont think i have one renno (17) no one Renos (24) Independence of India Renuka (21) the end of world war 2 renz (15) Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons Requiem (27) Operation Mincemeat res10k9v5@frontier.com Spartan defence of Thermopylae against Persians, Finnish Winter and Continuation wars against USSR, Nazi blitzkrieg to France through neutral countries bypassing the Mavignot line, development and dropping of the nuclear bomb. Rethinker (26) I am impressed that one can fight and win a war in 6 days. Not crazy about the war but still impressed. retroandi My father, because I have fundamental issues with militarism and no emotional connection with any other figure. Reuben Samson (21) No idea Reva Ann (20) none Rewrew D-Day Rhail (38) The DeWitt brothers' actions in 1672 RHCdG (52) none, wars are a vain, useless and painful creation of man Rhea (25) Not a big fan of militarism...proud of those who served especially my father Ric H (41) World War II Richard (22) Not a single battel. Every war or battle could have been prevented with dialogue and better understanding between people Rick Gettysburg, specifically Chamberlain's bayonet charge Rick (18) The D-Day landing. Rie Most military events are Pyrrhic victories or miserable defeats. That said, probably Desert Storm. Riley (26) Any military campaign based on the merits of virtue riley (19) Mexican Revolution Riley (14) Mexican Revolution Riley (14) World War 2 Rilo the won in GPW Rina (20) n/a Rini Military history? I don't know enough about military history to make that judgement. Rinilia (17) None Riss (37) None Rissa (18) I find the Civil War interesting. RiverSong (32) Non Riza (17) Johar by Rajputs Rizwan (21) cinco de mayo ro (21) none rob (54) I don't admire war Rob (27) The Mongol Conquests, the Anabasis, the Napoleonic Wars. Robbie Curran (19) The great patriotic war Robert Danduran (26) D Day Roberto Rivadeneyra Q (35) None of them Robert Tatler (18) the conquests of alaxander the great rob luddington (45) The American Civil War Robo (56) Not sure. robot - Being the age that i am at, i don't think i am entitled to say. Robyn (15) American Revolution. Rochelle (40) Alexander the Great, defeating the larger army of Darius Rockstar The Second World War; Eastern Front Rodders (32) the virtuous victory of courage over fear. Roderick termopile Rodica (32) Thermopylae Rodrigo (24) marching bands rodrigo zarate (29) Generally, there is not much I would admire about the military. Rod Weiler (21) Operation Catapult - the sinking of the French fleet in Algiers by the Royal Navy in 1940 Roe (47) i dont really admire any of the military history, but i respect the ones who have died for us so they can protect us roger (45) none roguebroccoli (18) N/A Rollwagen (26) D-Day, It must have been horrendous for those soldiers. Roma (14) The Battle of Thermopylae. Roman (38) D-Day, the tearing of the Berlin Wall Romina (16) None Romina (21) Death March Ronald (40) I don't. Roo (20) Any Peace Treaty ever signed would do Rorshavhanswer (18) I have no knowledge of such things Rosalee Firth Montesibe. Rosalie Grace (16) when Peace overcame War Rosalinda Chavez (19) the treaty of paris Rose (17) Normandy beach Rose (33) The Civil Rights Movement Rose All the people who died fighting for any country. Rose (31) None Roseanne (29) any end of hostilities Rosie (52) I don't know. Rosie D-Day landings, Rossboss (37) don't really know of any. advancement in human tactics? ro to the rah (20) People that fought for freedom. Rowan (16) The Spartan defense, the march of Hannibal Rowan Bartlett (23) The birth of the macedonian empire Rox (17) Waterloo Roxanne Mooneys (22) we ain't push overs!! rsan Napoleon rtalien (25) None. rubysparkles (23) None, I do not support the war. Rudi (24) I dont admire military Rumi (42) Armistice. runur (44) You can not admire military history Rushkami (27) Didgori Ruska (33) I dont like the military Ruskin Clay (17) none! Ruskin Clay (17) The end of any war when common sense prevails Russell Sandbach (53) None Ruth (48) The Battle of Thermopylae Ruthie (19) Not a fan of war over here. Rux I can't think of one R. W. (26) the battle of stalingrad rwk (57) Thermopylae Ryan (18) I take no pleasurable admiration in events that caused deaths of sentient beings. Ryan (15) fights for freedoms Ryan B (23) American Revolution. Ryan Brun (23) American Revolution. Ryan Brun (27) American revolution. Ryan Brun (29) Thermopolae Ryan C (30) Battle of Troy Ryan Riley (26) Wilfred Owen writing Dulce et Decorum Est Ryno (26) The signing of the constitution, the ability to acknowledge that your way of handling matters may not always work forever and thus must be made adaptable. Ryssan (22) none S (26) Hannibal's battles against Rome S (13) My recruitment s33d (20) None Saba (19) Genocides Sabine (18) April 19, 1775- the Battles of Lexington and Concord sableye22 (17) napoleon conquer Sabri (19) None Sabrina None Sabrina None Sacha (30) the battle of white mountain s. a. hensley (45) The Christmas truce saief (28) I prefer talking about the heroic words & deeds of all soldiers of all nations. SAI LAXMI TATINENI (40) Military is massive waste of resources and wars are the major hindrance to our progress. saill (24) Alexander's victory over Tyre Salem (21) The end of the first world war Sally of Kent world war two sam (19) none Sam (24) The American Revolution Sam (22) Soldiers fighting for their country Sam (17) Our countries involvment and intrest in freedom Samantha (17) The death of Adolf Hitler Sam(antha) (24) the revolutionary war Samantha (30) Col Mustard (in the study) Samantha (35) Elizabeth I's defeat of the Spanish Armada Sam Gordon (18) I don't know Sami (18) no specific samps (29) the 40 days of Mousa Dagh SamSam (33) There isn't anything particularly nice about war Samuel (19) D-Day WWII San the conquer of bastille Sandu (15) WW II Sandy none Sandy (32) kargil war Indian army Sandy (25) The strange split between supporters and opposers, which ironically brings people together. Sara (23) Jewish revolt in the time of the Emperor Hadrian Sara (57) none Sara (50) blah Sara C aka Snacks aka Sarbs (26) The French Revolution Sarah (23) i don't sarah ants.. sarah (14) None really, i feel war and fighting are needless Sarah (23) not sure, gallipoli mayber sarah (22) the persuasion of Lysistrata Sarah (33) combat of pride sarah (21) Can't say. I like the innovations more than the battles. Sarah (27) I do not believe in fighting. I do not understand why there is a need for blood to be shed. Sarah (18) I don't know if I admire any military event Sarah (24) The Battle of Thermopylae Sarah (27) Pearl Harbor/WW2 sarahbeth (21) Hatfield and McCoys Sarah Carlton (18) D-Day Sarah Hollinger (28) I don't. SarahSometimes (22) Raising the Flag on Iwo Jima - it is one of my obsessions Sarah Taylor Vernarecci (19) Raising the flag at Iwo Jima...okay not really in this category but whatever! Sarah Taylor Vernarecci (19) ... sara luisa hincapie (23) I don't admire any. Sara Ortiz (27) I'm not an expert; but I'm sure I'll make some research on the matter, sooner or later Sara P. (18) i just dont get anyone planning and strategizing on how to kill/die sargual None Sasha (30) None. Sasha Hasanbegovic (26) The image of Americian soldiers erecting the flag at Iwo Jima. Sasha_M (34) WWII Sasha Sutton (22) battle of Badr sat (20) I don't admire military history aside from the acts done specifically to free enslaved people. Savannah (27) I am anti-war. Savannah Henry (18) I'm not well versed in history, but probably French Revolution savannahw. (19) D Day Sax (32) My dad's retirement scarletsquirrel (13) Australia withdrawing from Iraq Scarlett (25) The American helicopter pilot who rescued children from My Lai and ordered his gunners to shoot any American who tried to stop him. Scooter (29) The Battle of Normandy Scooter190 (21) D-Day Scott (60) WWII, ending the holocaust Scott (17) American Revolution Scott777 The Siege of Pataliputra by Chandragupta Maurya Scotty (18) The battle of Gettysburg. Scotty none Scout (26) The battle of the lttle bighorn, The battle of santa clara where Che's forces took Cuba, The bravery of the men of the Somme, though I do not admire the war itself. Screaming Bastard Child of the Apocalyps (23) Last stand at Rorke's Drift Sean (19) D-Day. Sean D. Thompson (22) None Sean Reveille (19) La invasión de Crotona a la isla de Sibarís. Sebasagot (23) The Warsaw ghetto uprising. Sebastian (18) Market Garden operation Sebastian H (18) i don't admire much about miltary history, or i just don't know enough about it Sedona (16) The end of the Revolutionary War - It solidified the birth of the greatest nation in the world Selene H. Brent There are too many to list SeraphimeRising (31) I don't like violence. Serene Lim (24) none, I dislike war serenity The Alamo, Battle of the Little Bighorn, The Maccabean Revolt, Thermopylae Seth Street (19) ?? Sexismandthecity (28) A thing of legend? When both side paused during WWII to sing Christmas songs of home and longing to each other. Sgraham (28) none Shaina (22) Conscientious objectors ShaLo (66) Does the British Invasion count? Shamir (13) Russia - scorched earth x2 Shana (22) None Shane (19) irish free state shane (25) Serving with the men and women of the US Military in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan and India (future setting) Shane How can you choose only one? Every war, every small incident, requires innocent people donating themselves to their country. Shanna (19) I don't admire any of it. Shannon Cole (22) Civil war SharaMays72 None Shari (21) I do not know enough about military history to answer. Sharice (22) I detest anything to do with killing. SharonBillings ugh shaurora (64) any battle in the bible Shawna (21) sadly, i have no idea shawna (17) kitt carson in New Mexico's mexican war shawpur (66) Trojan Horse SHE (44) the end Shea (28) I'm not really into battles, but I suppose you'd be hard pressed to do better than the Battle of Thermopylae sheavsey (21) those who helped or hid the Jews during the Holocaust at risk to themselves and their own safety shelby I'm not versed on military history. Shelley (32) the south winning the civil war Shelly (17) I do not know any. Shellybelly1 (49) the Civil War Shep Howard none at all shiela (18) Stalingrad Shig (29) V-E Day Shiloh Moretti (16) My own completion of college. Shimomeiji (19) Soviet liberation of the Jews and the Christmas Truce of 1914 but I'm excited to learn more, because I'm frustrated there are probably many things I've not even considered Shina (28) The Battle of Rorke's Drift Shinydan (34) when the army came to shovel toronto out of the snow! ShiversB (19) i dnt have enough knowledge to answer shodhana (20) every struggle for freedom Shubhda (24) none shupiwe (35) Truthfully I don't find positivity in the military as Un-American as that may sound. Shy (25) the battle of thermopylae Sid (57) Non. SID (53) The Battle of Salamis; it plays on my imagination quite well. Siddharth (23) D Day Sidedrive (70) Truces, especially the German-British WWI truces (Christmas, etc.). Siena (21) I frown upon military, therefore none. Signe (22) None Simen (18) WW2 Simon (20) Currently it's 20 July attempt to kill Hitler. Simona (16) ... sinawae (27) Peace sindjiro D-Day Sirena Wainford (17) I abhor violence and war. There is nothing to admire on the subject. Sirith (33) Preservation of our race is the only victory to admire. Sir Richard (52) Any peace talks that succeeded. Sixela Negomi the christmas truce during WWI sj (23) Any time without war SJ (44) I Cannot think of an answer Sj (16) the victories skitalica (27) WW2 skurge (18) (I am against war) Skytalker (26) India's struggle for freedom SL (22) none sleepy (20) bombing of hiroshima Slim Red Cloud's war Sloceface (23) June the 4th, 1989. (I mean the students of Beijing University, not PRCA) sluggishflow (22) The Battle of Gravelines S. M. A. Armstrong (21) I do not know Smaranda (33) The siege on Thermopoly Smeghead storming the beaches of normandy smithmarg (45) Each and every time peace was successfully brokered; the event of military cessation. Smo (27) The Revolutionary War. Just a bunch of terrorists fucking things up. If they could see what we've done to their country now, they'd pick their guns right back up and they'd do it all over again. smude D-Day, Vimy Rigde snibab (19) band of brothers snorris (23) The English defeat of the Spanish Armada Snyde (38) If only I knew something on the subject, I'd tell you So (22) the battle of Normandy Sofi (24) Though I make it a point to never hate anyone, I abhor the idea of war. Sofia (15) no event, war will never fix anything permanently sofia (14) Admire?! Sofía None Sofia Picasso (14) The canadian and Irish battles. Sofía P. S. (20) WW2 Sofyzitahh (23) I can't say that I admire any moment or event in our military history (except perhaps the ending of all historical wars). solitary confinement (44) D-Day Solomon (24) when it is finally over SolomonGrundy (45) None. If man was truly a being of mind they would not have happened in the first place. Sombra (20) I can't help it, I get depressed every time I think of war Some random person (16) none Sonet P War of 1812 Sonia (25) Whenever war ended. Sonja (27) The Soviets in World War II Sonya Dahl (21) Any war that keeps our country safe Soos (32) mexican independece sooz (38) La Malinche being the key to Cortes's victory over the Aztecs. They would have been lost without her. You go, Malinche. Sophia (25) The 1916 rising Sophie (17) Military history is not to be admired. I admire peaceful transformations and improvements. Sophie the American Revolution. Sophie Battle of aljobarrota Sorrow (23) the world war souma (32) Ghandi SoundofWater (35) French Revolution Sourabh Bharadwaj (21) I don't know. S.P. (20) none sp3ccylad (44) none Spacebug (42) The day they put the guns down Spacey (24) Armistice Sparrow (46) The freedom of the Jews Sparrow (17) I don't yet know enough about military history to know, or choose from all of human civilizations battles Speck (36) World War II Spencer (25) Those that ended war without violence Spencer Stewart WW2. Spencer Valdez (11) The death of Osama. #usa Spencer Valdez (12) D-Day, June 6, 1944, when thousands crawled over sand and blood to liberate a continent from the clutches of evil. Spike Spiegel Bubonic Plague which decimated 1/3 of the population in medieval Europe (1348-1350). Spina Bifida s sssssssssssssssssssss (23) none ssv (40) The fall of hitler.............the closure of world war II stan (54) Battle of Waterloo Star (11) In truth, none Starflower (19) Punic Wars Ste (26) becaming peace Stella (28) the Greek Revolution 1821 Stella (37) I despise them all. War never solves anything. Stella (53) I do not trust the military Steph The Chinese conquest of the Americas Steph I couldn't say. I hate thinking about death, especially on a large scale, and dont have a large enough knowledge of military history to think of something that doesn't involve it. Stephanie (23) D-Day Stephanie (21) None. I don't believe in the military being necessary in anything. Must humans always use force to get their ways? Stephanie (18) I don't Stephanie (49) i don't have one stephanie (20) edsa revolution/ stephbsemilla (40) the USA in WW2 Stephen (56) ends of wars Stephen (78) iwo jima Stephen Stacks World War II. Without it, we wouldn't have gotten out of the Great Depression and we wouldn't have come up with such fantastic jokes about Hitler. Steve (20) n/a Steve (39) None. Steve The Vietnam Victory Steve (56) Normandy Steve Hanawalt (56) When a leader, good or bad, can bring together the collective force of an entire nation and aim it. Steve K (27) d day Steven Porter (21) The Vietnam War. Just kidding. The detainment of Japanese Americans during World War II. Steve Shives (29) don;t know much about much stoffie (26) little big horn stojan (32) It would have to be Hannibal's successes during the Second Punic War. I cannot glorify recent wars. Stork Daddy None. Stormy (17) Alexander's victories against the odds stradling the end of each "engagement" feels so much better than being involved in an act of "war." I cried when I took a vow with VISTA STUPID IDIOT (0) Independence struggles Subhartho (26) Driving Hitler to suicide. Sunbul (18) India's help in making Bangladesh Sundaraa (32) Not educated enough in Military History. sunny 1916 easter rebellion sunshineguerilla (28) Battle of Gibraltar, Battle of Bloedrivier SuperflyTNT D-Day in Normandy Susan (63) Lincoln's address at Gettysburg, D-Day, Germany's surrender 1945, Japan's surrender 1945 Susan (63) None Susan Collins (21) Norman invasion in WWII Susan Dawn Fain (59) The American Revolution Susie (20) dunkirk susie karpasitis (26) The black flyers Susie Q (73) end of world war 2 suzanne Battle of the Bulge Suzanne (41) Freeing the holocaust survivors at the end of WW II Suzanne Cohen (53) the end of the second world war Suzy (19) my entering to univercity SvetikSmile (20) Nuclear non-proliferation treaty Swallow French resistance Swan (75) any where a smaller force held off a larger invader Switz (29) none sybann (50) The Battle of Balaclava. Sydchez Washington taking the french. Sydney Kilbane (18) any time someone wins against overwhelming odds and gets to write about it t1 battle of agincourt, i don't know T (19) Wellington's Spanish Campaign T (26) military events are rarely admirable T (18) Seeing my friend graduate from the Navy, it was his dream. T (20) I wrote a movie about it. His name was Witold Pilecki and he sacrificed himself on the altar of the military-industrial complex. Tragic that so much idealism and hero worship is wrapped up in a pursuit that strips us of the things that make us human. T.A. (34) Um......... Tabitha Murray (42) Resistance fighters who fight against oppression or dictators Taeleyn Восстание в Варшавском гетто TAHbKA any well fought battle, prreferably by alexander the great tai (22) the election of obama taintme dont know tal (13) The Haitian Revolution Tallulah (29) ataturk TAMAR (23) dont know tamar (54) waterloo tamara (48) end of WW2 (resulting to my favorite photo "Kissing The War Good-bye") tamera miller (33) don't know tanichis (32) the Demon Trials - when the demons marched on the world of the living Tanwen Aschtherlar Tormey (18) None of them Tara (37) none Tash (29) D-Day Tatiana (17) The rebellion of Portuguese people against the French invaders Tatiana (21) There are none. Tatiz (19) Anyone that had to courage to help protect this beautiful country Taylor (24) Joan of Arc. Otherwise, I do not care for military work at all. Taylore Dawn (18) Theodore Roosevelt's parading of his Naval Fleet Taylor Van Allen (24) The Fall of Constantinople TB Not much--the concept and necessity of war annoys me tbkemz (42) Armistice Day, V-E Day, V-J Day, Thermopylae, Yorktown, T. Christopher Cox (43) Gaugamela Tebvy (24) ww2 Ted (26) liberating Iraq Tee (40) WWI Teehee (18) all defense personnel TEESHA (27) None Tekoa Butler Nothing Teleute (17) Winter war Teme (18) lolhistory Tennrox lolhistory Tennrox The American attitude and rescue at the Twin Towers after the collapse. Teresa (43) The war to bring a stop to Nazism teri (73) nothing terios (21) Sola's battle record. Terra (22) Winning of WWII Terri (35) Any that brought about a lasting peace. Terry (41) Alexander's empire TerryG (49) Pearl Harbor Terrylee (35) my friends who have enlisted Terrylynn0609 (39) DAVID & GOLIATH (I CHOOSE TO BELIEVE) TERRY YORK II cuban liberation tess (24) ending of war Tess (53) Battle of Hastings Tess Calopedos (17) The battle at Thermopylae Tess Fiennes (40) none tg (48) I don't admire it, precisely, but World War I is a subject I find fascinating. Thambi (24) when military officers use their brain instead of weapons to solve a grave problem thatchaa (17) none. war is murder, that is that. that guy #999 (29) No idea That New Chris Sloce (18) Liberation of Auschwitz and the other death camps of Nazi Germany thebabycub (39) I don't know anything about militatry triumphs The Beast The atom bomb dropped on Nagasaki, unnecessary, pompous and catastrophic, it epitomizes military engagement The Big Liddle (31) Waterloo The Boss The battle of thermopylae TheDoctor76 (35) War is for the weak. The Essential Man (26) The end of World War 2 TheFear77 (23) Thermopylae theGeneral (19) none the grill (31) The siege of Antioch or the battle of hattin The hungry caterpillar (29) the protests of the vietnam war The Imprecise Duke Of Phonology (77) Battle of Waterloo The Josh Rollins (21) I have seen so much, but the Inquisition sticks out The Man In The Brown Hat None, I'm afraid The Mouse Avenger (20) I had one but I couldn't find it after googleing. Theo My knowledge isn't sufficient enough yet. theravenette (15) I don't have sufficient knowledge to answer this question theravenette (15) None The Roomba Mifi (28) I couldn't say Thia (29) meh. Military history is mostly fiction. Thinplank (40) I don't glorify none artistic death Thom (23) Hannibal crossing the Alps Thomas12081983 Marengo Thomas (16) None they were all for naught but pain, gain, egoism at its' theatric finest ThomasM The Battle of my own Bulge. Thomzagod (39) Everything Simo Hayha ever did Thor Hammerstein (16) In truth, none. But if I'd have to choose, any events that enabled freedom of choice. Thothanatos92 (23) The end of each event. thoughtlessdreamer (15) French Revolution. Thrakish (18) The selfless sacrifices of those who enter hot kill zones to retrieve fallen soldiers Thunderpussy (48) I admire the strength of my King when he had to go into battle years ago against the Unseelie Kingdom to protect his lands. Tianna Alysia Kallan (37) No event tick World War II tiffany None Tiffany (44) gettysburg tiffany; (lifefromtheshelf.blogspot.com) (17) French Revolution TiffanyTee (26) Do not have one. Tiger and Lions My service in Iraq Tim (27) The Battle of Thermopylae Tim I cannot think of one particular event that I admire, though the history of conflict is intersting. Tim (24) Gettysburg Tim I look upon none with admiration, only with tempered amazement. Tim Proser (17) Cuban Missile Crisis Tim Sandle The unofficial Biritsh-German Christmas truce during WWI timwarnock (34) WW2 Tina (32) Revolution in America and France Tina (16) When the last soldier returns alive from unnecessary wars. Tina (44) not sufficiently educated to say Tini That day, not yet come, when humanity ceases to need a military Tinuvielyra end of both World Wars Tivia Stewart (40) The Treaty of Versaille, the accord which brought me home to England. Tobias Budge (25) Even though he joined the nazi's, Gustav Fröhlich's enlistment in the wehrmacht, even though he had so much talent. The guy had an amazing life, Foster kid turned journalist, actor, lived through and fought ww1/2 died in the 80's. Tobyn Sebastian (24) There are none, for they were all bought with blood. Todd the end of WWII Tofu (19) Battle of Thermopylae Tom (21) The cooperation of nations during World War 2 Tom G (19) Any involving genocide Tommy (19) Ap Bac Tommy Boy (24) The Doolittle Raid Tongbite Matt (36) D-Day Invasion Toni (48) None Toni Spimoni I do not, and will never, admire the military. It is ridiculous, and as Einstein said: a man who marches to music does not deserve to live. Toño Cabrera-Pereyra (31) The liberation of Auschwitz, Bergen Belsen and other foul concentration camps Tony (30) The roman victory at watling street Tony (17) The ending Tony (17) The capture of Saddam Hussein. Tonya Jones (39) I don't really admire military. I think war and warmongering a harmful waste of energy for humans. toosnowoman peace treaties Toria (37) Bastonge. Torsksåsen (22) winston churchill's leadership in world war two tracey ? tracynle (20) Pearl Harbor Tracy TB (45) Defeat of Axis Powers travis All wars all failures in retrospect. Not for me to judge the past I did not live. But admire those who fought for what they individually thought was best. Travis Mask (49) .. TREE (21) None Tree Girl (29) Winning war Trent Duval (28) Peace treaties Tres bien (43) I'm living in today, ignoring how history really affects me Trevor French Revolution Trevor McSwain (24) Settling of the Portuguese nation tri None Trinity Chapa (15) i don't admire military life triplet (30) 300 Spartans fighting a losing battle Trisha (17) no military history is to be admired. war does not determine who is right, it determines who is left Trisha (29) The English defeat of the Spanish Armada Tristan (14) End of WW2 Trixie Normandy trotter (30) Joan of Arc's victory at Orleans Troy Casa (50) the event that has not happened yet, the end of military history tsiou (33) i dont like military tt (27) The inventions and protection, moreso than the bloodshed Turk (24) the Battle of Austerlitz turnbull (27) Battle of Thermopylae Turnus Defeat of Nazi Germany. Turtle Heart none tutu Every single glorious slaughter of people across the globe from the genocides to the back-alley stabbing. War can go hang itself with its fake uniforms and medals of glory. Twillightdoom (17) No events come to mind here twondbestbed (34) Towton Ty (18) Cincinnatus and Washington turning over their swords. Tyler (24) I hate war Tyler (16) Those willing to volunteer to serve. Tyler Scott (41) The liberation of the concentration camps Ty-test absolutely none Udan Outwort (61) Battle of Hydaspes (Jhelum) Uddhipan Thakur (24) None uiioop (17) Freedom movement in india Uma (63) Edsa Revolution umd.16 (20) NONE! UnoZen None Ursus M. H. Spelaeus (59) - V (27) The Revolutionary War Val (31) Not sufficiently educated to say that. Valentina (17) none Valeria Ryrak (21) Nothing Valtharos (22) None, war is stupid Van (22) history is still being created. vanessa (33) The meeting of Scipio Africanus and Hannibal vard95 Peace is not a military event Varna (25) none Vato (39) Vietnam Vbonita (28) Sparta VBozic (40) WW2 as a reason for sending women into the workforce (does that count?) Vedada (28) I don't think they are worth admiring Veera South Africa's nuclear disarmament. Ventricle (24) stalingrad battle vera (28) i do not know veri333 (21) 300 Spartans against Persia's vast army Verona Jones (59) The end of them Veronica (20) The taking of Vimy Ridge by the Canadians, when no one else could do it Veronique (18) that's a tough one - my feelings toward the military are a bit "neutral" Vesan (33) none, I have an aversion to any kind of military thing vi (20) Military history bores me. Vi (22) D day Vic (46) any event that resulted in freedom for the people. Vicki Anyone who is wiling to volunteer to serve Vicky (24) none; war is evil, and there are far better ways to resolve conflict Victoria (37) I cannot say. Victoria (59) the end of any war Victoria (16) The 9/11 first responders (firemen, police, soldiers, first responders) Victoria (23) None. They all suck. Victoria Song (22) The battle of the three kingdoms Victor Shade (27) I don't care for war. Victor Trevor (23) Agincourt videoalex The first thing that comes to mind is the siege of Vicksburg. Less acclaimed than the defeat of Lee at Gettysburg (which is monumental in notion more than actual influence) but the capture of the Mississipi River is very impressive. Vijay Pierce (23) ww 2 vikram (34) Battle of El Alamein Vikram Krishnan (24) battle of actium Viktor (28) The events of courage during the Second World War Viktor (19) the defense of Constantinople Viktor Corzich (35) Hitler's invasion into the USSR Viktor Sigareff (19) Don't know enough about that history. Village Of Brooklin (45) World War II is really hard to ignore for all it's maginitude and brutality...Few other events in history so perfectly capture the essence of human nature. Vincent (19) everything in team america vinnie smalls (15) any in which the victory would be considered as being for the side wronged VinnyGreenock72 The guy in the war of 1812 who won a battle by tricking the opposing army into thinking he had many more soldiers than he had Violet (18) Conquest of Jerusalem Viorel (25) The battle of Thermopylae Virginia (20) D Day, when we finally helped in overthrowing the Nazis. Virginia (12) world war 2 probably the most legitimate war visualizations (22) the military is un-admirable in my opinion Viv (14) The bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki Vivian All the wars, for making people appreciate the peace. Vivianne Liliaceae Aspho Vilth Battle of Longewala VK (22) I dont appreciate any of the military actions, peace is better Vlada (20) No idea Vogette (55) None Vs (18) I don't know much about history. vur I'm anti- military. Wallace (85) D-day was pretty epic. Walter (19) peace Wanda (26) The central asian invasion of chengiz khan Watson (27) England's decision to fight the nazi's wattc128 any time tyranny is defeated, like we need to do here, now. waypast I find little to admire in war. Wendy (34) I'm not that interested in history Wendy (22) the liberation of Paris Wendy Chase (47) The daily commited exercise. wendysday (20) Battle of Stalingrad wes (19) NONE whim (40) Peace times Whitney (19) Liberation of the concentration camps WWII Whitney (41) The Civil War Whitney Sorenson (33) returning home from war WHMIV (30) There is nothing admirable in war, though individuals can act admirably within it. whosbecks (36) ww1 wiff (15) The end Wikiki The defeat of the axis of evil Will (26) Battle of Stalingrad Willamid (20) the victory of russia in the battle of stalingrad William (43) The rescuing of prisoners in consentration camps WW II Willow Skylor Stalingrad Will RF (23) When wars never had to happen because of peaceful international relations Win (22) Next question. Windalfr (23) D day winterjewel (36) D-Day, and I don't know enough to say any more T^T wintermellen (14) there are so many great events, I can't pick one neither remember haha wise madman (28) dieppe wizz Romans Defeat Queen Boudicca in England. WJ (43) The end of any war Wolf I'm fond of the Alamo, World War II, and the American Revolution Wolf (NA) The Russian dogs fitted with bombs and trained to crawl under enemy taknks to blow themselves up, who instead crawled under Russian tanks. Wolffy (67) The American revolution Woody (75) Anybody who has refused to be drafted. Wormsie (24) dont know wowderry (54) I have no knowledge in this area Wren (22) I'm not educated enough on that topic to give an answer. Wyteria (20) Wounded Knee. Xan Etienne The writing of the Art of War Xavier (18) All revolutions for independence Xer (23) none Xialing Gan (27) dont know xxx (26) The rescueing of the needy XYZ (17) world war 2 xyzz (20) Battle of the trebia Y (15) The franch revolution. yair eshel (30) Non - war is not admirable. Yaisha (19) The 6 Day War (Israel) Yale (20) Vimy Yehudster (60) Battle for stalingrad, Fall of berlin, atom bombs on japan yesh (25) The one with few men fighting united against a large tide. Do not remember the name of it! Yi (24) serving the nation yogi (22) la caida del muro de berlin yoko (28) The only reason I would go to the military is to become an Astronaut Yomaine (13) Any end of war yonderways (58) The liberation of prisioners of concentration camps in WWII Yuki (20) i don't know Yulissa (19) I can't answer. Z (31) the 300 at the battle of Thermopylae Z Goerge washington Battle of Trenton Zac (28) Victory Impossible. Zach (26) the seige of Troy Zach The American Civil War Zachary (25) The American Revolution Zachary (27) The American Revolution Zachary D-Day. Zachary Echo Auburn (17) The surrender at Appomattox courthouse in the Civil War zach taylor (17) Storming the Beaches of Normandy. Zach Tibbs (20) soviets against nazis Zana (38) Hannibal's crossing of the alps Zar (21) None thus far Zara The advent of negative pressure therapy, and delayed surgical reconstruction. zebratitle (24) The time the U.S. Air Force ejected bears out of a supersonic aircraft. zed (25) I am not sufficiently educated to say Zee (21) military history is normally accompanied but a history of pain, death, and loss. zetababy The battles against the US won by the Indians, Marathon, Poitiers. zig Hannibal's march through the Alps. Zigmant (19) Hannibal's conquests zizi (55) The times of peace Zozobra (17) my own enlistment, and any event that prevent a war from occuring in the first place Zyg (65) 没有 杨婷婷 (24) 一人当兵全家光荣。 简直 (25) 一人当兵全家光荣。 简直 (25) 一人当兵全家光荣。 简直 (25)

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