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How would you like to die?

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Having done something important for others. 009 (19) adf 1 m , Leaving much behind 50ad (17) when it comes 6nianji-ZHC (38) Happy 808s instantaneously 80cubed (55) Surrounded by my loved ones A (19) whilst lecturing A Remembered A. (27) in my sleep A (26) Peacefully A. Surrounded by the one I love knowing I lived a full life A (26) Skydiving and realizing half way down I don't have a parachute AA (23) With the assurance of heaven. aaaaaaa (18) Satisfied AAAKKK Lying on a field of green grass, at a time like that of autumn, looking up at the blue sky on mid-morning aag (22) peacefully aallisonr (30) if in what manner i would like to die it would be a slow decompression at 30,000 feet, being in a state of euphoria as i pass out from oxygen deprivation Aaron (32) To be torn limb from limb by wolves...I want to be an active participant in my death and I would not like to spared one moment of the sensation. Aaron Guy Leroux (37) Peacefully, honorably, and painlessly Aarushi Agarwal (13) Knowing that I’d made an impact, honestly. That I’d changed many people for the better in positive ways. Abbie (22) As happy as I am now, only after having been able to raise children to adulthood, and after having visited Ireland. Abbie Hartley In the arms of my husband Abby (26) Ready. AbbySF sleeping Abegando (28) Knowing those that I love are safe and taken care of. Abigail Harris (10) I'll take Proust The best woman I can be and much beloved ABP (50) in peace and the understanding of my loved ones Abraham (41) In complete peace in the arms of the ones I love. Abs Not painfully AC (18) Naw bard ever truly dies Acara McFadden (28) Peacefully ACH (23) Seamlessly. To not realize any difference. To think I were just going out to get the morning paper as usual. A. Clifford Stowe (81) Quick with dignity Adam (22) in a big ball of fire having the time of my life Adam (25) In a blaze of glory Adam (20) with hope for the future. Around friends and loved ones, far away from relatives Adam Hyde (26) without giving too much pain to who I love adieudusk Tragedy Aditya (25) A champion. Admiral Love (33) surrounded by loved ones Adonia (40) Before those I love. Adrian (18) as someone who has improved someone elses life Adriana (16) one that was loved by many, feared by most and respected by all Adriana (16) at a very old age, holding the hands of my most beloved adriana (45) Wise and loved. Adrian Bauza (20) In the middle of a project. Adrian George Nicolae (24) a long time from now Adrian Martyn (34) In peace Adrianna (18) a martyr AdrianOz (45) Peaceful and without pain. Adrian Winters (17) asleep in my bed, alone, without pain Ady (22) old aetilson (41) resting on a field of yellow flowers, gazing up a blue sky on a coolly lit morning a.g. (23) with feeling of accepting god's look agagagaga (24) Quickly, and without pain. Agent00V (18) in my sleep at a very happy time in my life Aggie White In any non-violent way, preferably asleep and with loved ones around me A.G. Mata (21) Sleeping Agneska (20) surrounded by loved ones agony (25) peacefully, with a loving family and group of friends Agreen (29) Softly. Agu (21) in my sleep with no pain and at the same time that everyone I love. Agustina (27) In a blaze of glory, A Half Empty Beaker loved and mourned ahmad (27) to kill myself ahmad (24) Like "Poof!" and with a legacy behind me Ai (21) Alone so I will no suffer goodbyes Aida (22) Content and loved by a good woman. Aidan (21) Making my family and my country proud. Aidan Devlin (15) The Shadow is unending. Aiden slow but not painful and NOT in my sleep aiko (20) I said this earlier (inspired by an Irish poem) - to stumble into my grave, all tired and breathless, but with my eyes shining as I exclaim in one sentence how much of a ride my life has been. Ailene sleeping and not noticing aimée (22) Natural causes, knowing that my family will be taken care of aimee.dawson (21) Peacefully, in my sleep Aisha Milburn (32) as someone who the people I know will remember in a good way aishu (14) Quickly. A.J. (27) Drinking coffee with my husband, looking at stars when its night time, or watching sunset or sunrise. AJ (18) marked someones heart and mind Ajam (21) Painlessly. Ajay (17) not sure Ajm9511 (21) a better person than i am akansha (26) If I had a choice, I never would. But as it is; old and beloved. akanthe (19) In an aesthetically pleasing manner; failing that, old and quiet and in my sleep Akbar Shahzad (20) A normal death Aki Peacefully Aks (20) I wouldn't like to die this time around, thanks. Al (28) An old, old lady, in my sleep Al (55) Loved and respected Alan (58) In my sleep, in my own bed Alan Arkin (44) In a bathtub listening to opera with my nails red, a pearl necklace and smelling Chanel Nº19 AlbaManuela (18) With a few scars, a clear head, no obligations, and with my mark in the world in one way or another. Alden Lee Klaput (18) Preferably quietly and alone... Aldonza77 (47) Peacefully and with my family nearby. Ale (28) Peacefully Alecia Infamously. Alecksi After sex or while reading "Ode on a Grecian Urn" Alejandro Amoretti (28) My death to be my final act alek (20) Only after having lived life fully! Aleksei Kotsov (63) before i get stuck in a hospital staring at celing tiles with my mouth agape. alessa (21) When I have nothing more to show or achive Alessandro Pian (30) peacefully Alessio Lucchini (46) Suddenly and without warning Aletha Camack Knowing everything I was able to find out during my short, human life. Alex Simply and cared for Alex (22) Peacefully, when I am done Alex (17) peacefully alex (38) either in a rapid tragic accident or in my sleep - any way where i'm not acutely aware of my own death coming alex (23) In my sleep, next to my husband Alex (21) Having lived a fulfilling life in service of others and contributing to history in a positive way Alex (23) Feeling loved and cared for Alex (32) in peace. alexa (28) In my sleep, peacefully. Alexander (33) I would like to be shot down on my birthday at the most beautiful place i have ever gone to. Alexander (19) Satisfied Alexandra (27) Happily. Alexandra (19) Haven given great, inspiring written works to the world, but more importantly loved by my soulmate, the family we cultivate, and the friends we surround ourselves with. Alexandra (24) Prepared and happy Alexandra (18) Cheerfully, willingly Alexandra (24) content in knowing I leave my loved ones well Alexandra Bryhter (24) In a blaze of glory Alexandra SweetTale4u Cruz Peacefully Alexandre (28) accomplished AlexandriaHMerlin (40) In my sleep AlexandriaLHash (30) With someone beloved by my side, with no pain. alexandrine (15) quickly Alex C. which ever way leads to the best headline news story ever Alexis (17) having given all that I could Alexis Johnson (19) Anything fast, I would hate a painful death. Alex Reimann (18) I died in my bed, but without pain would have been better. Aley (60) surrounded by my beloved ones and knowing that I did my best in life al-g (24) At peace, happy. Ali (37) High. Ali A. Rizvi I'm not sure, though I've thought about it... Alice rich and charitable Alicein1derland (27) without fear Alicia (68) Quickly and before I grow feeble and senile. alicja (38) A hero. A brave brave warrior who died for a noble cause. Aliid Drowning in the sun. Alin (23) Old, surrounded, loved and... quickly ! Aline Guiraudie (36) Quietly alipans (57) In sleep, surrounded by those who I love. Alishba Zarmeen (24) on my own terms alison wonderland just with a little pin prick. AliZaidi (29) peacefully old alli (49) I don't like dying at all. Allison (33) On strong drugs. Allison (20) Knowing I am loved and safe. Allison in my sleep allison (19) Quietly, in bed, surrounded by loved ones Allison Jean (21) On my own terms. With no regrets. Maybe having just seen a quite nice sunrise or sunset. Allison Jean Hazen (34) peacefull alliswell (62) In my sleep Alma (25) To have been understood Alma Jean Porter (70) Satisfied. almavidrio (35) From bodily wounds while fighting for something I believe in, but I would still like to have some children before than. Altjungr (30) in my sleep, of old age, with a winning smile and an erection altron2095 i'm secretly imortal Alvilda (20) Happy with myself, happy with who I was and who I am and what I've done. Alx with a satisfying life review sequence alya (17) In my sleep next to Arnold Alyanna (22) At a time and place of my choosing Alyce J. in peace Alyssa in my sleep peacefully Alyssa Cordova (17) I won't die. But if I did, I'd take the world with me. (If only you could hear me. It must be stopped.) Alyssa Darkling Surrounded by those I love. Alyssa Moonchild (16) gracefully AM Loved Amanda (23) Laughing Amanda suicide Amanda (42) to be known AmandaFYS13 (18) Fulfilled Amandine (31) A happy person. Amara Happy. Amber (18) Suddenly Amber (37) Suddenly Amber (37) Happy and peaceful.... Ame (37) in a memorable way Amelia (13) I'm only 10, I don't know. Amelia Gates (formerly Pippet) (10) In peace. ameliowata (20) Sleeping Americanoid (50) knowing I have helped changed some lives; and IN MY SLEEP before I get to be a burden.... americanwoman (62) in my sleep ames (21) not alone ammb (29) Having lived well. And painlessly if possible. Amrita (22) among those I love amu Asleep. Amy (33) In my sleep Amy (28) Quiety amy (33) Peacefully, hsppy Amy (35) Knowing that I'd gone on many adventures with those I loved. Amy Becker; Character: Merriwether Finch (27) Of my own accord. Amy Cottington-Bray of old age, peacefully in my sleep amz (16) in peace. Ana (21) in my sleep without knowing that I would die when I went to bed and not leaving anyone unhappy Ana (30) unfettered, understood, and probably alone ana (16) with a fewchildren and grandchildren around able to understand grandmother died happy with herself and her efforts will have a good influence for a few generations ana (34) Very, very old, not very happy and for natural causes Ana Carolina (16) I don't want to think about that. Analise (40) in the arms of my lost love Anam (26) In a way that would not hurt the people I care about and those that care about me. Ana Marija (20) Quietly and alone and with little fanfare Ananke (25) a loved and accomplish woman anasonic (29) rocket launcher explosion ancientrobot (31) A better lover andraya (23) In battle. Andre Doing something i love, and doing it well Andrea (16) Laughing, if I'm being murdered, to spite them. If I'm dying naturally, then quietly, alone, in France. Andrea (13) Quietly ANDREAADKINS (26) Enlighten AndreaFeliu (28) After leading a fulfilled life. Andreas (19) Loved by him Andrea SB (32) I'm not sure andres007 (19) Not alone. Andrew (20) By saving a life in the process, because that is how I would die. A hero. Andrew (22) Fast Andrew (25) That will reveal itself when the time arrives Andrew (20) With a purpose Andrew (28) never forgotten by my loved ones Andrew (22) Happy. andrew (24) Quietly Andrew barlow (26) Like Aldous Huxley Andy (25) drowning Andy (23) drowning Andy (23) in my sleep, or having sex. Order doesnt matter andy rayford (28) consciously without fear, with joy and faith step into the new world, dancing, holding hands of angels and beloved ang (99) knowing that someone loved me Angel I prefer never die Ângela (24) Peacefully, surrounded by my family. Angela (30) Beloved and wise Angela (19) A death with all my goodbyes said to the ones I love and one that doesn't hurt Angela Estrada (20) well remmebered with love angelina (26) in my sleep when I am really, really, really, old, but I'd prefer immortality. Angel Rodrigues (41) peaceful and surrounded by those who loved me angie (29) Bullet to the head Ani In my sleep Ani (22) really old Anik (16) In my sleep, at a very great age, having seen some positive change in the world, with no tears. Anjel (28) in my sleep Anjelah49 (49) knowing i have made others happy , my happiness doesn't matter because like i said before , this world is not all that leaniant Ankassandra (15) At a moment when I feel completely happy and that I have the feeling of a perfect live Anke! (17) Fie i the arms of my mother or my man. Ann (19) Content that I had done everything I wanted to do Ann (62) In my sleep Anna (20) Peacefully in my sleep next to the love of my life Anna (20) Redeemed. Anna (34) shot in the head Anna Kalimar (18) when im ready Anna Maria (21) Loved quietly. AnnaMay (51) in an accident. or to fall from a height. feel the heart bursting in my chest. Anna O. fulfilled...and on my own terms... disappearing maybe, into the ocean Anna Stein (21) In my sleep Ann Delaney (44) Without loose ends Anne (21) In my sleep, without pain, lucid to the end. Annelise (40) without feeling it happen or knowing it occurred Anne Louise Sheldon (34) a gator farm Annie Like Proust...much beloved and in my sleep Anniel (62) Saving or chaning someone's life for the better AnonAzure (19) Fast and without pain. anonim (18) at 130 anon moose (19) Wealthy and beautiful Ansley Stevenson (16) Slowly; while laying in bed; not too much pain; my wife by my side. Anthony (23) Die old and loved Anthony (24) With a genuine belief in God. Anthony D C (20) Along side of my family Anthony lawhon (27) Remembered making good use of time and the legacy of love. Anthony Scine-Sceni (42) in my sleep Antoinette (21) fast and dun antoinette (24) Without pain, without regret ... Anton (52) A better person, having being able to acomplish all that was supposed to be. Antoniette (20) having accomplished everything i want Antonina (20) Much beloved Antonio Lemos (18) In my sleep, in my big comfy bed Anty happy, surrounded by grandchilden in a beautiful country Anya (22) At peace with my life and circumstances. Anya (71) By my own hand at a very old age Anzi (27) Understood, unaware. a.o. (40) Quietly and happily andl old Aoife Walsh asleep Apollo (58) Fighting for my beliefs Apos natural death Apply (30) Quick, silent, cherished and remembered April (20) Losing my life for Christ's sake and finding it. April (21) Gloriously AR (20) Loudly and with a smile. Ara (15) without any regrets Aranneaa (19) Falling from a plane Ardent (30) Unaware A real phony (27) saying good bye to all and asking for forgiveness and peacefully in my sleep Areeba (25) After a long life well-lived, with nice shoes on Ari (29) peacefully in my bed Arianna (15) Surrounded by my family Ariella Bordaine: Female Protagonist (20) Quick and painless, without anyone knowing Arizona (19) As much as I say "I don't need Arnold" many times, I would want to die in his loving arms Arnold Murray (42) In a bubble that floats through the forest and bursting into a Redwood tree. AROG Something painless that doesn't come until I'm ready Artie (17) Preferably in my sleep, after a good meal, with a loved one close by Artie Mondello (18) while enjoying myself. Aruz Elliott (29) With no regrets. AS (32) Peacefully in my sleep. ascetic monk (51) Quietly and in secret from everyone. Asfiya Mariam (21) Peacefully and painlessly. Ash (23) In my sleep Ash (28) Peacefully and painlessly in my sleep, or by my own hand with a gun Ash In a way that reflects the man I become up to that point; or better yet, not at all. Ash Bloom (27) wiser, more filled with faith, kinder asherville (55) Knowing that I left a legacy behind Ashley (18) I dont want to die Ashley (28) By having lived a life that I am proud of Ashley (20) fast death happy and loved ashley baus (24) In your sleep Ashley Brazil (17) In my sleep Ashley Mannara (29) Painlessly, I hope. Ashley Meller (26) softly, knowing i have found love ashleytheresa (20) Never. Ashwin Murali (21) Old, happy, and admired. Asi (21) in my sleep or surrounded by family, friends and lovers (see Remy Girard) asmitchel (67) painless and dignified, not by human hand ASN (25) With a great view and believing I added some value, love and beauty to this world Astri (36) At the same time as my husband, peacefully in our sleep after 70 years together Astrid Peacefully, with no regrets. Asuka Suzuki (13) in her arms Athar (25) I would Like to die with a pure heart and of old age Athena Lujan (17) at peace Atuona (38) Legendary sword fight Aubrey Files (25) peacefully in a quite place. Aubrey Tate (21) Instantly without knowing anything Audrey (17) To be taken by the time. Audrey Bittencourt (24) Warm and Unconscient. Audrey Mahone (29) en dormant augustine (70) Non-violently and non-traumatically Auntie Em (35) After having lived a full and happy life with no regrets over the road not taken Auntie Em (27) die in my dream, when I'm sleeping and will never wake up. Aurora (32) Expecting Austin (19) with all my kids in college and my family being well of for when i pass Austin Hobbs (16) Loved and happy Austin Kimmell (16) knowing that there is something else after it autumn (17) having left something for those who were close, and as painless as possbile for those around me avecamour In my sleep. Awalker Go to Paris! Aya Loved and satisfied. ayda (25) Happy aym (30) With wisdom and strength a young boy (91) in my sleep ayumi (20) Peacefully and loved B (31) not being my decision B (21) Beloved Mother, Adored Friend, Giving and Caring Babette (42) in bed Babs quickly Baby (32) in my sleep Bad Wolff with a peaceful mind and body baggal21 (28) Loved for what I was not what people thought I was. Bailey (19) A martyr Balaji Harish Iyer (20) Quickly and painlessly. Bald Sky (38) Quickly and preferably before or around 70 Bambi (17) quietly, alone barbara (50) With a large family, a legacy of business and well travelled with memories. Barbarita (21) Broken frame from too much is Barbielebrun Charley the beach chair (54) Overeating Cheese Nips or Combos Barbielebrun Garry the ghost crab (54) looking at the sky Baron Von Nazzenpoppel (46) at peace basbas (22) by some crazy way that everybody can laugh at Batgirl (23) Without pain bc (22) Without pain bc (22) Quietly Bea (18) Quickly and for a good purpose Bea (18) In my sleep Bear (49) in peace with myself bearoid (30) Painlessly and in my sleep Beatlhoven (47) of old age. If I have to die young , I want my death to be of some use beatricegasti (30) in a plane crash going somewhere glamourous with friends and/or family Beatrice Moore (30) In Madeira Beatriz (13) die from a sweet sleep on my right age? beauty (18) Happily, and having said goodbye. Becca (16) A better lady than I am, happy and free Becca (17) In my sleep of old age surrounded by my family Becca (21) Doing something epic Becca (19) Young, not as a vegetable Becca (20) Peacefully, with people i love Becca (21) Happy. BeckBeck (26) a worthy death, a better person and a changed world becks (24) In my sleep if I have to. Bee like drifiting off to sleep bee (16) quietly after saying goodbye to all I love beezer (64) Saving the universe. beezersneezer (46) Peacefully Beka (33) around my children & grandchildren belita (39) loving, beloved, and in the arms of my love bella (16) I wouldn't. Belu (19) Quickly, without any pain, and all of a sudden in my old age; a stroke, perhaps? Ben Die? I don't see a death, only life. Ben (23) Quietly Benedict (38) Having made right all who I've harmed Benjamin Thomas While praying, as Dr. Livingstone did. Benjamin Urrutia (61) suprised Benjo (23) I don't know at this point Ben Johns (21) Very old and very healthy and very happy, Bennie (55) Don't plan to die. Christ is coming Ben Taylor in my sleep berkley (13) After a life well lived Berlin (25) With an honest soul, a settled mind, well-grown children to gift me tears and prayers, and loving arms to support my head Bernard Hartley (18) a strong and loved person Beth (20) Happy Bethann (35) Fighting Bethany (23) Fulfilled Bethany happy Bethany (22) In my sleep, of old age Beth Ellis (15) An improved version of myself, loved by those I love. Beti (24) Very old and health Betty Usabiaga (37) Surprise Me, but only when I have given my part to the world. Beu Mihac (15) Focusing on my Heart Center, saying "Thank You!" Bhakti Brophy (41) With Namah Shivaya on my tongue Bhakti Brophy (45) A natural death Bhargava (25) Like a hero. bhbhbh quickly bhl Any way provided i get to know few minutes before so i can feel the loss of not seeing this beautiful world again Bhole as a free man Bianca (18) satisfied bif slowly choked out big dick (69) in a car crash, nice clean decapitation big guy (16) from refreshment Bijan (27) NEVER BILLY (38) Heroically, or in my sleep before health deteriorates BillyBobABC123zzz on the toilet billy boy watson (3) ONE WHO WOULD BE MISSED WHEN I PASS AWAY PEACEFULLY IN MY SLEEP BIPS (46) i would like to be remembered bismuth Very very old BJ (56) sleeping blabla (37) in spring when everything will be in blossom Blackie (20) Very old, very peaceful, very quick Blademan (60) Unbeknownst. Blaine (21) Surrounded by love Blair C. (29) Never Blake (17) In peace of mind Blanca Parra (66) Loved blip52 (27) Peacefully in my sleep, without any pain, hopefully surrounded by people I love (if any of them are still around and still love me.) Bliss Inthemorningdew (16) Quickly. Instantly. blodot johnny (41) Knowing I left a mark on the world in some way. BlondShamrock (16) Striking my name into those around me, as I have died with a purpose, behind a cause, and am more than a pawn Blood (15) Content if not happy, and accomplished in something significant to myself Bluebird (27) In my sleep, quickly and with no knowledge of the transition BlueOrchid (39) How is up to the perpetrator Bluto (29) In front of millions, showing them that it is worth living and fighting for a better tomorrow. BM (20) safely at a great age with my family around me in my beach house bmo In a foolish car stunt. Bob (22) much, much later. bob (38) Unaware Bob (32) Drowning in the ocean. Boba (22) with my family bobblins In bed with the one I love. Bobby (22) painless and coherent Bobby (40) Doing what I love, and being loved by the people around me Bobby (21) Fast bobby Avenging bobby (33) well loved, leaving the world a better place than i left it Bobia (25) When I can see it coming boku_wa_kami (25) in my sleep Bonky (26) fulfilled Bonnie (15) well loved Boo (36) at peace bookloverva (58) Under the water with someone I love. Boris (16) The way I should. Borrie (33) At the moment of my greatest happiness and ecstasy Brad (17) Peaceful Brad Connors on a trip through the solar system brad w (35) in the process of bettering something Brady (31) What a question, as a person of 18 years old it's pointless to think about this. bram-stienkt-vermeire-ja! (18) A better man than I am Brandon Nobles (31) Doing what I love Bree (23) Not alone Bree Ogden By my own hand Brendan (24) i would not like to die brent (33) Drowning in fondue Brett Ferguson (42) Jump off a building bri (17) Suddenly and painlessly after achieving my greatest accomplishment in life. Brian (22) Quietly, peacefully, many years from now. Brian (37) quietly in my sleep Brian (24) doing what I love to do....preferably very very VERY old. Brian A. Henegar (26) Peacefully BriannaBabyFYS13 Peacefully BriannaFYS13 (18) peacefully, content brian S (58) Well known, respected, and in a luxurious setting. Brick (21) This is too dark for me to answer. Death is a very touchy subject. Brinley (15) Someone where safe and loved or protecting someone I love. Bri Toro After a long full life of making each moment count. Britta Bandit (30) when i have lived a full life Brittany (25) at peace Brittney Miller (20) In my sleep brns in my sleep broad (45) peacefully and quickly Brock Schwarzkopf (29) with a to do list in my pocket and holding the hand of someone I love Bron Blackwell (37) Much loved and with no regrets Brooke It doesn't matter, although the romantic in me supposes that I'd like to die writing, or at least at home. Bruce Bennett (20) A man who has released his desire and has done something better for the world Brutus (20) Memorably. Bryan R. (21) Surrounded by loved ones Bryn (23) I will never die Brynlea (17) Surrounded by my children Brynn (39) Slowly in old age Brynn (18) a better man then i currently am Bryon Springer (25) I don't Bubbles (52) having an orgasm bubby (43) in bed buckyballs (35) In a way that I won't notice that I am dying Buddy (34) quickly bug A better man than I am, and much beloved Bugsy Evolved. Bulldozer (50) Proust's answer is perfect: A better woman than I am, and much beloved bunny Gallantly Burella (61) on an epic journey Burke (47) Of boredom, via immortality Burnable_Material_Here (18) Surrounded by people who love me on the deepest level BusyMinds IN MY SLEEP WITH MY HUSBAND AT MY SIDE. BUTTERFLY (41) when I feel I have nothing new to offer or enjoy or things will be better for others if I die. butunn (19) I would like to die after making my point Byriver Bloke (24) peaceful in heart and mind BZ Very, very, very old. C having served others c (21) being cried by my Idol,remembered,and missed C (14) Old, loved, of sound mind C (20) sleeping cacharel (37) with quiet dignity Caidy (54) Peacefully Cailey Sailing Caio (18) In a freak accident when I'm fairly old. Caitlin (21) peacefully, well aged. cakes (41) Lying on a couch in my personal library beside a woman who loves me. Cal (20) I would like to die after reading all the mangas that exit... then die in my sleep Cami (14) quick, painless, arriving immediately on the other side.... Camille (52) Comfortably and knowing that I was loved. Candice (23) nobly Candlewycke I would like to die peacefully, when I have gotten what I wished out of life, and am content for the "next adventure." Candy Without fear or sadness Captain Crunch die in peace with no pain Carla (26) unaware carlajwms (49) In a volcano Carla Tate (19) in my sleep Carlie (24) In my sleep, in my own bed Carlisle With music and friends. Carlo (26) Old age and doing what I wanted to Carlos A. (24) Asleep, like a pussy would. Carly (19) Having lived a full life Carly C (27) Having my family with me and be a better person. Carol without knowing it Carol (60) without suffering, neither me nor other carolina (23) Swiftly, painlessly and unexpectedly in my sleep when I'm 100. Caroline (38) Instantly Caroline (25) Peacefully at home. Caroline (33) in my bed with someone holding my hand Carol Lacoss (62) Determinedly. Carolyn (18) in my bed really old in my sleep Carrie old age Carrie (44) happy with what I`ve accomplished, whatever it may be cartike Peacefully Cas (25) Old and at peace Casey (36) Old, surrounded by loved ones Cass (20) Protecting whats mine! Cassandra Watkins (21) Of really, really old age Cassi From old age in my sleep Cassidy Popped off by a looney. Or in a fire. Or never, if that isn't too odd. Cassie (16) I wouldn't like to die. Cast (17) A better person than I am, content, and as someone who loves much and is loved much in return Cat (36) Loved and in peace with myself and the world around me Cat (24) Surrounded by those I love Cat (26) Peacefully Cat not realising that I`m about to die cat (20) it doesn't matter Catalina (44) En mi cama, rodeada de hijos, yernos, nietos, y amada. Catalina Jiménez Correa (27) by nature Cate (23) Peacefully and having said goodbye Cate (33) In the arms of my loved one Catelline (26) Happy with the life I've lived, surrounded by life I've created and those I love before all else Catherine Loved. Catherine Jean Quickly and honorably Catherine Mitchell Sleeping Cathlow Harmon (50) Peacefully in my sleep Catlin Benjamin at 99 asleep in my warm bed, knowing I gave enough love Cat Podd (37) At the end of a full life. Catrina (15) peacefully Cattie Chong (26) İN MY BED....WİTH PAİNLESS CAVCAV (26) At the bed...without any pain...with a serenity Cavit Anıl Buram (28) Violently, to save someone else CC (18) on the missions field serving the Lord CC (22) a long time from now ccchnl still able to think, speak and move cdl (35) In my sleep Cee Cee (17) Painless, with no regrets. Celia (15) Peacefully and happily Celline Marge (18) sleeping cenire (25) Content and well into old age. cerisetea (34) in my sleep Cestmoi In the French opera house, popping out for a bottle of Champagne, whilst getting a blowjob from the cute waiter. When all of a sudden, the chandelier falls and crushes me in all its glory. C face. (22) without regret cfm (37) In the arms of my husband Cfreedman (38) With reason. ch a rich man Chancelor C.J. King (19) With her near me Chandra Alexander (24) Without too much suffering and with my children and husband by my side. Channon (45) Naturally, when I'm very old Channy (19) WIth my loved ones around, having written a book, planted a tree and befathered a child Chari (21) Unpeacefully xD, I'm not gonna die without a fight!! Charlene (17) Peacefully Charlene (18) Fully aware of the magic in the transition to another state. CharlesB (48) Watching a sunset over the Pacific holding my wife's hand Charles L Davis Jr (51) naturally. Not at the hands of another or myself. Any other way will be as it should be. charlotte (29) With a high quality cigarette in one hand, a nice glass of absinthe in the other, submerged in a bath with my favourite essential oils. Charlotte (18) Knowing I have mattered. Charlotte H. (23) Unexpectedly and quickly, in front of a bus one ordinary Wednesday, maybe Charly Mariaan (49) Quietly, beside the one I love. Chary Silva (22) remembered and loved chay (40) Old, in my sleep with a smile on my face Cheche (40) for the sake of others cheeky (26) In my sleep without knowing Cheemargh (36) i want to die a painless death chele in my sleep chelle (47) Old, and in my sleep. Chelsea (21) As a formidable enemy to my rivals. Chelsea (23) In my sleep. Loved. Buried in the end even if it was thought that couldn't be afforded for me. With a mausoleum and a beautiful marble effigy on a sarcophagi. Chelsea Smith (24) Surrounded by love and leaving behind a legacy; I was here Chelsea Whiting (26) In my sleep Cheri D. in the arms of someone I love Cherie (40) An old lady warm in her bed Cherish Robinson (21) Extremely old, surrounded by people I love Cherlyn (40) Quick, and when I've achieved all I've ever desired, for myself and others Cherub (30) in sleep knowing that i'm very much loved Cheryl (38) In my sleep surrounded by family Cheryl Barnette (59) On an empty stomach. Cheshire (22) old and loved chi-chi when I am old and in my sleep Chickpea (31) In my sleep Chico (46) On my feet with sword in hand ChiefJ42 (44) quietly in my sleep many hundred years from now chiklitz76 (39) While having an orgasm Chili (17) suddenly, quick, painless - AFTER leading a fullfilling life Chinita (34) accepting myself,coming into terms with myself,having attained a meaning to my life. chinnu (20) Silent Chinnu (38) surronded by my friends and family Chip Griphix (35) Prefer not to. Chiu Jing Hua (17) Grateful for having known great, deep, honest, sweet love (s). Chocolate Bunny (32) In my sleep Chonda In peace Choraven (32) Knowing my life was not in vain. Chris (16) Not As I am right now Chris Satisfied, having left behind children and family that loved me, and were wonderful people themselves. Chris (19) Satiated Chris Glass (39) With the satisfaction of having achieved something. Chris S. happy Christa (27) Much much old and not in pain Christabelle (29) In Bed. After a short illness. With people present. Christian (44) Fast. Christian Boyanov (24) Heroicly Christian Soldier (33) Famous Christina (26) A good woman. The mother of several healthy, happy, successful children, all of which know undoubtedly how much I love them. Christina Kronberg (23) Peacefully, quietly, not knowing it's happening Christina Tounzen Doing something adventurous, like climbing Everest. Christina X. (37) lived my life to the fullest and had a great ride. christine (18) On a road trip to heaven so I don't know I'm dead. Christobel (17) I don't. I nearly did once, and I didn't enjoy it. Christobel in College (18) within the clutch of my mirrored self. Christopher (24) By my own hand. Christopher Blaum (37) I would not like to die Christopher Boone Knowing that I have done even a little good in the world, though none is recognized Christopher James Stagg (16) Quietly and without fanfare Christopher M. (31) Famous yet loved, and fulfilled. Christopher Mitchell (17) In my sleep Christopher Ross (23) I would not like to die and as it is not an option for me, I would only want this to remain so christy (44) Much beloved and truly missed Christy Turner (50) in my sleep or surfing with my loved ones Chuck (43) Happy Chunky Lover HAPPY Ciara (24) Without realising I was dying Ciara (22) I wouldn't like to die at all, so I can't answer that. Ciera (16) being caught up in the air to be with the Lord Cilie (50) Free. Cindy with inner peace cindy (50) Happy Cindy (24) An undeniable success Cindy (22) In my sleep and happy with what I have done in my life. Cindy (50) quietly and quickly CindyLu (58) In my sleep, quietly, with no pain, after a long, happy, love-filled life. Cissa Fireheart (32) Young and accomplished - to have lived as I wish to. Ciucan (18) in the arms of my loved ones cizz quickly, alone, out of surprise. not too old. not after years of pain and delusion. CJN (21) Excitingly. Claire Unafraid, surrounded by my family, and buried with the rosaries I handmade when I was sixteen. Claire (32) In my sleep. Or - and this is selfish, please excuse me but I must say it - in a car crash when I am young, so people remember me as beautiful and full of possibilities. Claire Bartholomew (16) Without fear. ClaireW (65) Quietly Clancy Without even noticing it. Clara (20) peacefully Clara Surrounded by people I love knowing that I have made them better lives Clarissa (18) In my sleep Clark Kent At peace Clark Langridge (32) Quickly Clau in peace Claudia (36) Clay Douglass: Merging into light Clay Douglass (34) bravely or happily clazza mgee from old age, with good health, loved without pain. Clelia Beatriz Valdez (22) In a sword fight with a worthy opponent. clockwork (34) in my sleep cm (57) when my life is fulfilled and i like to cobweb (24) Peacefully in my sleep CockneyKnight (48) after a full life still in good health, with acceptance Coco (31) in the height of my fame Coco (19) Quickly. Quietly. Painlessly. No time soon. CocoPuff2016 (44) Saving someone from death codered (18) i dont want to die Cody (25) Freezing or Sleeping Cody Gould (17) An old woman, much loved and in her sleep Col (41) Sleeping Colin (39) Different but the same. Colin (22) Among loved ones - with a smile on my face Colorful (28) at the end of my journey while my dad is sleeping or away, I do not want him to see me go. Colton (27) at my own discretion comnomnomor (15) loved and satisfied Connie To be buried at my house behind of my house. Connor Ready. Connor in my sleep constanceeee (19) In my sleep Constantin (32) With no regrets Consuela peacefully Cookie withiut pain cookie in a state of grace cookie (51) I wouldn't like to die Cora (26) In my sleep Core (25) At peace. Corey Successful. In my sleep corinne Knowing that I had been loved Cory (22) As someone who always did the right thing, and knew what it was cr Quickly, painlessly and young. cr (34) In my sleep. Craig Suga Biles (22) Asleep in bed as healthy as can be Crimson (60) quickly and without pain cris whithout pain Crisfe (31) Old, happy and wiser Cristi The moment when I realize the answer to life. Crystal (17) Consciously Crystal (32) in warmth Crystal (22) peacefully and as the best man I can be. Crystal (34) With honor, like my husband. He would be proud. Crystal (35) Not worrying about the security or safety of my loved ones csheehan (17) In my sleep, like everyone else CStoney (47) not suffeing cuchi (40) not in my sleep but quietly cucu (26) In peace and in full control of my passing to the unknown cvelez (64) in my sleep; peacefully cweekly Successful d0701 (29) In my sleep D (32) Loved & quietly Dachary (23) nobly quietly and beautifully. DAD I'd like to stay away from that one for a while. Oh, you want me to answer? I am not going to die then. Next question please. Dad (42) Quickly and painlessly Daffy Sue Esposito (60) Knowing that I made my mark and changed people's life for the positive Daisy (27) Happy Daisy (17) knowing i made a contribution to the world Daisy Standing for something i believe in Dakota Swaveman (18) I do not want to die at all. D_Alex (46) Painlessly, asleep, happy dA member: sonicbutterfly (17) Old - Happy - Quickly Damien TC (36) Fighting for a just cause or peacfully in my sleep Dan (29) Asleep Dan the same way i was born, screaming and covered in someone elses blood Dan (20) saving someone's life Dan (39) sleeping dan In my sleeep Dan (51) Peacefully Danae (17) Old age Danger (16) Old, and peacefully unaware. Dani (31) spontaneously and in an inventive and different way Dani (19) Surrounded by those I love, dying with dignity, poise and grace Daniel (16) Happy Daniel Below Very quickly Daniella (27) In a swordfight, defending my life. Hopefully on the back of a dragon. Danielle (15) Happy..Knowing I came to do my best everyday.. and in a way that somehow is easier for my loved ones.. Danielle (35) loved DanielleKeith (19) Happy. Daniel Molina (20) A bullet to the head - you can't do anything right without being hated Daniel Stephens (Character Sketch) (22) in sleep surrounded by loved ones daniiii (18) Don't care how. Would like to just be able to. DaniStory (29) Old in years surrounded by my family Danny (25) with loved ones around Daph (45) peacefully Darcy (20) missed by many people dario (21) In my sleep, surrounded by loved ones Darlene (29) Peacefully. Darnell content DashEloise (32) In my sleep. Dave Cresswell (46) sleeping DaveG (39) In my sleep Dave Whitaker (40) Peacefully Davey (18) comfortably DaveyD (24) Surrounded by love ones, I don't ever want to die knowing I'm alone. Davian (alias) (32) In the service of my Lord, helping others David (19) In my sleep. David (10) The how of death is immaterial David (24) quickly David (51) a calm and relaxed man david baiguera (35) In the manner which I lived my life; a good man of grace and caring. David K (46) In the arms of my wife. David ROWE (42) Dreaming David Sergio Cisneros Ardura (46) Calm, caressed by whom I love, closing my eyes as if I wanted to sleep, with a smile on my face. David Timme (19) On my own terms, with my own rules. Davie (16) in sleep dawn (40) In my sleep Dawn Robinette (51) Peacefully Dawson In the arms of a man who loves me. Daxion Mr. Dax Johnson (29) happy Daydreamer (18) Peacefully Daydreamer (63) Peacefully Daydreamer (63) In love dbrown (24) quietly and painlessly dcsnowbunny (25) sleeping Dd (43) I'd rather avoid it, or at least have a few centuries of life behind me. DDG9000 (25) in the hands of the person I love Dea (40) Very old and happy, and lucid. D. E. Alvis (58) I don't ever want to know. Never spoil a good book, even unfinished ones. Dean (17) Much beloved DeAndre Beck (20) Spiritually free DeAnna Alexander (35) Drifting off into a peaceful sleep as I family watches and comforts me with tears and words of love. Deanna Sanders (44) I better woman than I am and much loved Deb (37) honored and with those I love Debbie (56) With people mourning my passing and remembering the good things I had done. Debby Creech-West (43) Fully aware that I am dying, and completely unafraid Deborah S. Wilson (56) Quickly Debster (48) As Gay as I can be! Declan Cohen (35) Quickly & with no pain; not around my loves ones, as I do not want to cause them any additional pain. De-De (36) Peacefully Dee (24) having lived a complete and well-rounded life Dee (19) In my sleep peacefully dreaming. Dee quietly DefMelon quick and clean Delia Webster (80) A stronger person. delice_ok (21) Happy Denine (24) Never! Denise 1 repentant Dennis (61) In a blaze of glory! Dennis Theodore (37) Fulfilled. denny (23) A holy, righteous man who leaves a right legacy to my sons Denny Happy with how I have lived my life and with how I have helped others live theirs. Densio (25) With my family Derek (27) Doing what I love...playing hockey Derek Ambrose (22) Just die devanand Happy!:) Devon (18) I do not want to die. Devon Lisenby (20) quick, fast, in my sleep Dev Tucker (17) happy and loved, leaving them happy Devu (22) Happy Dezirae18 In my sleep at a very old age DH (39) slowly fall asleep in water diana (52) peacefully, in my sleep, of old age and much beloved Diana (52) Leaving the world a better place than when I entered it. Diana (20) At old age after my entire life I have provided this world something useful and worth to be remembered Diana (15) surrounded by family Diana Holy, Saved and I hope my death inspires someone to live better. Diana Thomas - English Thursday 6pm (38) Painless, beautiful and organized Diane (53) in a rocking chair Diarre Ibrahim (22) In my bed, nice and cosy. dida (14) In peace. Diego Miguel Danura Puyó (30) Alone and loved Dietgingerale Knowing that I did well in Life, and surrounded by loved ones Dilip C Louis (32) Content with what I've achieved, surrounded by my loved ones. Dimitar Atanasov (25) I agree with Sir Proust, I would like to die much beloved. Dindin (20) I wouldn't like to die Dino (18) By committing suicide while in bliss. dionysis_dt (24) protecting my people and the planet that i love Dirk Radman (35) In flagrante delicto with one or more lovely nymphs. Dixon Wragg beloved and remembered for my unconditional love Dj Like my grandfather, Asleep, not screaming like the passengers in his car dlew919 (40) Quickly and painlessly. And not alone. dmca (38) with great dignity Doc55 (55) I do not want to die. Dolna (39) Without my own knowledge of it Dolores Nabokov (26) sssssssss Dom At the top of the mountain of justice for my fellow earth-dwellers; a hero in the eyes of many Dominic (17) Soon and as quickly as possible Dominick (23) Happy; knowing I have changed the world for better. Dominick Miller (19) Middle-aged and suddenly Dominick Miller (20) Quickly. Dominick Miller (21) a better woman than i am at the moment and accomplished Dominique Of old age, in my sleep, with my spouse beside me DonAli (33) Without knowing that it's coming donkeys4eva (20) I would like to still be relevant and enjoyable to be around. Definitely in my eighties or nineties!!! I will still be relevant and fun, right? donna obrien (54) After being absolutely sure I've left all I could behind for future generations, a self inflicted gunshot wound. Doob Doggo (21) while sleeping, painlessly doodledoo12345 happy Dor (50) with peace of mind Dori (23) painlessly dorothy6@aol.com (50) Convencer a una persona que este mundo es mejor de lo que parece Dothzilla (33) surrounded by my friends and family. Doug (30) Never Doug!! Peacefully and painlessly thank you. Doug Lambert (65) Alone Douni to be missing/dissapear but in fact I drove my own plane or submarine into the deep ocean, but would be too selfish if I wish to do so with the one I love Dracontomelum (30) peacefully, in a dream Dragana (22) Prepared. Dragontongue (22) Loved and happy Dre (17) peacefully Drea (28) At my own hand, on my own terms Dreamboat Annie satisfied and at peace DreamBrother (27) I'd rather not Dreda (23) better than I am and much beloved Drella (26) A better man than I am, and much beloved Drew (26) With much pain and glory drift Hopefully, I will not have to contend with the idea of death. Dr. Isaac Busafalus (53) quietly by a window on a bluff overlooking a large body of water Dr. J (76) On a beach at night; alone. Dru (24) as part of the heat-death of the universe Drucar (45) happy ds (45) With a son or daughter to cry for me, but be brave without me. D.S.de.P.Ramos In a foreign country, in a freak accident, courageously Duckish I want to die regret free. Dude (49) in my sleep duke (18) Shot by a jealous person at the age of 89 for taking their lover. Duncan Passell (17) now, painless, quick dustxii (22) doing the right thing. Dutchess I won't. Dutchess Traveling along the Gobi, alone. To walk the grains which time will waste away in Dvach (18) With my loved ones surrounding me and a better man, with a sense of accomplishment D.X (22) By my love Dylan (17) Blaze of glory Dylan Adams (25) Firing squad E (34) A better man than I am now E shortly after i have fulfilled all of my plans e (28) Having achieved all that I set out to do, and being content with my accomplishments. Carbon monoxide poisoning, nitrogen poisoning, or a natural death. E (20) asleep in a place where I can go back to the world that gave me so much eagleclaw (35) As quick and simple as possible E.A. Latham (25) As long as it's painless, I'm not going to be picky about that. EAR (19) suddenly Earth Speck (30) In my sleep Eau (45) Old, Accomplished, Content to be leaving Ed (30) in my sleep ed I would like to live eternally eddiboy Peacefully. Eddie (48) Quickly Eddie (12) Painlessly and Accomplished Eden (19) As ready as can be with a loving heart Edgar Roberts (15) At my own behest Edie (26) whit a smile in my face Edmond Dantes (26) Peacefully in my sleep. Edouard (41) i wouldn;t Eduardo (19) suddenly EduGri (53) While still in control of all my faculties Effie (34) Fearless efha (23) jumping from the Bosphorus Bridge ehk2 (30) meget gammel men rask og med en stor familie og omgangskreds, lykkelig EHM Worthy death. Eiichi (16) An old man with many grandchildren Eilfa (28) i would like it to be a surprise ... EJ (29) Both loved and fulfilled E.Jay (21) without anxiety ejb (22) In the line of duty El (23) accidentally el3vat0r slow... minus the pain elay (21) quietly, alone, without any complications elay (23) quietly elay (24) In my sleep or on stage eldar (25) old Eleanor (14) In a blaze of glory! Electryo (15) Quickly and nobly. Elena στον υπνο μου ελενη (33) Content. Approaching the exit tunnel with the knowledge that my life was significant to one or more persons. We die twice: the first time when we stop breathing and a second time when the last person on earth pronounces our name. Elena Di Cesare after i have loved and been loved eleni (18) In my sleep. No tears and no regrets. Eleni Constantinou (20) I wouldn't, but given as that's impossible, I just want to know that I did everything I could for the people I love, I don't want to die with incomplete goals. Elexia (19) not sure Elexis (18) In bed Eli (16) Old and happy Elias (22) In my sleep at a reasonably old age, a point when I felt I'd accomplished enough. Eliaz McMillan (33) by spear .. through the heart, unexpected and immediate eliciabg (23) On a flower hill, all alone. Elie (16) i don't like to die Elin (47) in my sleep Elisabeth (22) Peacefully Elisabeth Carver content Elissa (22) Of natural causes and without regrets. Elizabeth prepared and unafraid Elizabeth (25) Happily; hopefully to be remembered by many. Elizabeth (15) I died suffering... I wouldn't wish that on anyone. Elizabeth Diane Shaffer (0) I died suffering as infection ravaged by little body... I wouldn't wish that on anyone. Elizabeth Diane Shaffer (0) peacefully. with a family that will miss me when i am gone. ElleKay Knowing that those I love know how much I loved them. Ellen Bleeding to death. Ellen B Smiley (29) By my own hand. Ellen Fitzpatrick (61) Been there done that Ellie (25) Revered by the people who knew me, and admired by those who did not. As for the practical sense, I should like to have an interesting but unhorrific death. Ellie_Estrella (19) suicide so I can control when I go Ellie Wilson (15) Peacefully. Elliot Knowing for sure that I was loved Elliott (28) As the victim of a locked room murder mystery. Elliott Hemp (23) Old, in my sleep, in a beautiful Italian villa by the sea elSigno (37) In company of my family Ely (23) as loved as i could be Elyse (20) Binary file Em_1425616956.html matches Binary file Em_1425616956.html matches Without pain, obviously Ema (18) By a stream, quietly. emdonnelly7 Surrounded by her children. emdonnelly7 Fighting against the demons who yearn to destroy us. The death of an honorable Nephilim. Emilee Nightshade (19) In a very ridiculous manner. Emilia Blancarte Jaber very old, after little to no illness, quietly and with no pain. Surrounded by those I love. Emilie (23) While I am asleep as I am very afraid of pain... Emilina (27) fast, young and in pain emilio (28) Content, loved and of happiness, if possible Emillia (16) Aged and at peace, having accomplished some of my goals in life. Emily (19) with someone. I am not scared of death so much as being alone when it happens. But I know this cannot be avoided. Emily (24) Suddenly, when I'm very old Emily (22) i would prefer not to Emilyann (22) Defending the people I love Emily Carter (37) qiuetly, in bed Emily Clark (25) happy Emma (20) that doesn't matter. emma (18) remembered Emma (20) in my bed old and surrounded by those I love, especially my children. Emma (34) cliff diving, adrenaline rush emma (20) Happy, old, in love. Emma McKinney I don't intend to. Emperor Aisel Fei Shiang (18) After I have helped this world become a better place for all who live in it. Empyrean (17) I wouldn't like to die encolpio8 (22) in one early snowy morning leaving all my current plans achieved Endimion to die somewhere alone and let my body to nourish the earth and the nature endor Spry and agile, with many great-great-grandchildren around my ankles. ENEgck (56) Complete (and sleeping) Engel (48) Happy and sorrounded by those who I love Enis Beloved having nothing else to give, crazy... Eno A. Agolli (15) To die fighting for the Truth of Life. Enrique (21) At peace with myself and my surroundings. Eric (15) At a good age, surrounded by loved ones, with no pain Eric (40) Painlessly and without knowing. Eric (37) Content that I have made the world better to the best of my ability. Eric (19) in my sleep Erica in my sleep Erica (25) Old Erica Johnson (21) An extremely independent old man, in my sleep, at peace with God. Eric C. Wolfe (28) in my sleep, but only if I outlive my family so that I grieve instead of them Erich (20) In a position to accept death. Erich (19) However I am supposed to Erict7 A wise man, with great personal power and influence. Erik (25) Alone, so I will not be deserting other Erik Isaac (19) Peacefully and naturally Erik Price (18) Loved completely and preferably after having sex. ( With the person that loves me completely) Erin (27) Happy Erin (53) Not of cancer Erin (30) in my sleep next to my spouse Erin (20) Sufficiently proud of my life. Without sadness and regret. Erin After a long talk with my lover and we've both fallen asleep.. Erin (46) I described my mom's death as the most beautiful ending possible to an impossible situation -- she went peacefully, surrounded my me, my brother and my father. I would like to die as the best possible version of myself, having loved well. Loved by many Erin (31) In my sleep an old woman. esayer (35) Under an ancient tree Escalus (22) Fast and painless. Escapism (19) painlessly, unaware Esmé (18) Unprepared Esmee fidelius (54) in the midst of a beautiful view surrounded by too many flowers ESMERELDA (50) I don't want to Estacia Hernandez (37) without pain, quickly and quietly esteban (29) Without regrets Esteban (23) a person to be remembered for her good heart estrella blanca much loved and in my sleep Et (32) Happily and quickly. Et Cetera (22) Quietly and contented Etha (26) young ethan (20) Sat in a comfortable chair with a glass of whiskey and a cigar surrounded by my closest friend and engaged in witty conversation Ethan Mayatt (25) lold. full of white hair and marks of my life in my hair Euzinha_ds (20) In combat. Eva (23) In my sleep, after a very happy day, and definitely remembering those I love Eva (16) hopelessly alone evan ass hatch (18) Happy. Evanna (18) Quietly and with the people I love knowing how much I love them Evie (22) Surrounded by my friends and family, being in peace with myself evilwonders (28) Beloved and remembered for something good. evren (16) By my own hands Ezra (20) No thanks. FAC (25) asleep facio (19) In peace Fanourios (40) a romantic way farfalla (30) Peacefully, or while fighting honorably. fatgaynig (20) Surrounded by my husband and With the assurance of heaven Fatima (19) On Faith with hope for Paradise Fatima (26) having lead a life that enriched me and in my sleep fat man (33) Knowing I killed the other man first Fawna (19) In my sleep Fay (22) Knowing that I've read all I can, written all I care to and loved as much as possible. feanix (20) In my sleep will do. Ferroever (43) Admired, with a legacy. fersfumero (28) Peacefully, asleep in my own bed, of old age FeydRautha (46) satisfied Feysweetie (43) Fast and easy. fhickey (22) In a bed Fields (19) i wouldn't filinia (22) As someone who leaves a legacy of ideas. final fashion (33) I shan't die my love Finnegan Magondolovich (Long Story...) Pass Finokio (38) Off a cliff when I am 80 fk2005 (34) Laughing in death's face. FlameHorse (28) Peacefully. Flantasy Girl (25) I would like to die at my own hand, the one event in my life I was able to controll flavia (13) sleeping Flo with a few months' warning Flora (69) As a great man. Florin-Alexandru Brănescu (16) Very old , quickly with my family around me Flower (39) Under silk sheets and staring at a mural of myself Floyd I'd like to be killed in a battle... preferably by some animal. FlyinMonki (27) Unaware ForePlinger Happily ForSavvy FAST AND IN MY SLEEP Francesca (29) never francesca (49) in my sleep Francesca not beloved but respected and with a clean conscience. and by the way, only white in my funeral. Francisca Bastos (17) Wise with mi family full of love Francisco Aguirre (23) I wouldn't like to die! Francisco Javier Gil Vidal (54) on the sofa, after dinner frank (57) With respect Frankie (23) Unawares FrankieSmash (49) After having the best sex of my life Franklin Frank Anglin (32) From the heat death of the universe Frank Nekrasz (25) heroic, fulfilled, loved. fred (16) Doing what matters in the world Freda (61) With a purpose Friedrich Mueller (57) Very old and thoroughly spent Fritha Grey painlessly fumble (19) quietly, when i am ready. furies (27) Loved by all, known by many FYS13Alec (18) Remembered, known FYS13Amanda (18) When i leave this world in better shape than it was when I came. FYS13Andrew Peacefully FYS13Bella peacfully and quickly FYS13Brandon (19) without knowing what hit me FYS13DRJ With those that I love and the ability to not be afraid of what awaits me. FYS13Michaela (18) I wouldn't FYS13Savannah Henry (18) A better person that when I die my legacy lives on FYS13Tyler (19) In my sleep. FYS14Carrie Spontaneous combustion FYS14Darling (18) I'd rather not. FYS14Erica (19) not knowing FYS14julie successful and loved. knowing I lived the life I wanted with the person I love the most. FYS14Kelle (20) Peacefully around loved ones, and the knowledge that I lved to be as good as I could be FYS14Landon (18) In a way that is recorded in volumes of history FYS14Serenity (19) I wouldn't, but I don't have much choice in the matter. FYS14Skylar with a full happy life that was well lived FYS14Taylor strong and have accomplished all goals FYS14Timesha In my sleep as a old man FYS14Zachary making people laugh at my jokes FYS breont (19) However god sees FYSHeath (18) not dyeing. FYSMichael (18) g g Accomplished and respeced Gabe (31) in my sleep Gabi improved and loved Gabriela (18) i would love to live forever, if I could remain young at spirit Gabriela Coelho Mesquita Teixeira Borges (26) Same answer as Proust :) Gabriel Gonzalez (26) Next to my spouse or by my family members Gabriella (17) Surrounded by those I love, and whom love me. Gabrielle Surrounded by those I love, and whom love me. Gabrielle while sleeping Gail (44) quickly Gail Flaherty Well regarded, but with little fuss. Gainer (52) Never Gait (17) I'd prefer not to. Galareh (23) I'm already dead Gamba Ajani Happy. Garrett (19) never really that abot Gator Krazy Dave Very loved, hated, and respected. That is to say, as a Great man. Gean Whitehead III (20) on afishing boat fighting a marlin in the arms of the woman i love Gene (51) Anyway I can, preferably folded back into the universe Gene (24) A much wiser man than I am now. Genevieve (22) For a good cause Genevieve (15) In my sleep after living a full and fulfilled life. Genie (65) peacefully Genie (58) Content with life, surround by my most loved Geo (20) Fall asleep and never wake Geo (57) be shot George Something interesting, like being shot out of a rail gun George Brosnan (16) Falling asleep in outer space. George Mile (35) In the service of a just cause George Owers (21) With my loving ones around me, and having done everything I could to help the others Georgia (14) quickly Georgia (53) Peacefully Georgia (16) peacefully loved and enriched with life lived gg I feel the word 'like' should be ommitted from this question. ghazaleh (27) In peace , and with my loved ones around Ghyles (31) in peace and not alone Ghyles (31) By my own hand Gia (21) in my sleep Gianne (21) Peacefully Giannico (40) in good company Gill (63) In my sleep at a reasonable age and with family around Gillian Martin (40) Loved and at peace. Gina (19) A martyr for Christ Gina (30) God-loving Ginger Thompson (50) To have made a difference in the lives of others Ginny (47) Of old age. Gionna (28) In my sleep Giorgia Painlessly, quickly, quietly. Although, I would like to see the manner in which I die. Nothing dramatic and drawn out. Girl You Too Rude happy. Giselle (18) Fullfilled. Gjabrielle In a flaming school bus, driven off a cliff into Godzilla's face. Godzilla would also be on fire. Glenn Parker (24) doing something fun Glen Reeves (37) in my sleep Gloria (59) sleep away at home no hosital plugs Gloria Heatley (58) In my sleep. GMcG Quickly, without knowing what hit me. goblin64 (45) I'd rather like not to Godfrey (19) surrounded by loved ones Golden Boy (20) Old. Gonzalo myocardial infarction goukrish (19) having made a difference to people GP (39) in the woods GPB (37) A better individual than I was throughout my life Grace (30) sleeping in my bed when I am quite old Grace (12) Softly. Grace (28) In a fight to death. Magic verse Magic, A Witch War! As was predicted my grandmother. Estella. Grace Cooper (20) Consciously, so as to manage my fear gracehoppin (23) Without any loose ends Gracie (22) drowning; peaceful Gracie Campbell (23) Quickly but not without notice greatlove (32) at the end of the world Greg (19) overdosing in the Kalahari, and being scavenged by lions Greg (24) gracefully Greg (17) In my sleep Greg Successful Greg (20) well loved by my children, having led a well-lived life Greg (53) Listening to 'Kind Of Blue' while very, very stoned and drunk Greg Lytle (26) in my sleep gretel not realizing that I am dying and after a good day gruchi (63) asleep gruffmusic (49) calmly, without suffering, fast and at terms with myself Gtergab (50) Die? I will never die. Guenther climactically. guiller van mistoffellees (17) Escutando o adagietto da sinfonia n.5 de Mahler, mergulhado na mais completa solidão Gustavo (21) In the arms of the one I love gutsyaardvark (19) without knowing it Guy Van Driessche (44) it does not matter , whenever the time comes, that is ok. Hadasa (19) Content and at peace that my friends and family will be taken care of. Hailey (34) With the least of suffering Hakusha Senbon (24) Swiftly, without knowledge of it. Hal (18) with no regrets Hala (34) Doing something exciting Haley (19) misteriously Haley (17) when im sleeping hamideh (26) At peace and when I'm really old Hamlet (30) While I am praying, after I achieved all my ambitions. Hana (14) Aware of I'm dying,painfully if necessary. HandeG. (13) At peace Hanna (24) After living a life filled with love. Hannah (15) Peacefully and at the end of a full life. Hannah Chambers (24) With a chance to say goodbye Hannah Ross (20) Well loved. Not suffering Hannah Suttles i just like to drown in somewhere cold and dark and just suffocate to death. Hari (21) In bed, at an advanced age, with my faculties and physical body only worn out, not destroyed. Best--with my family near, able to say goodbye. Harold E. Leighton (37) Rich and old, in the countryside. Dotty as an old deaf nanny goat and inexplicably happy. Harold E. Leighton (40) during sex Harold Oberg Sleeping and dreaming Harriet (23) I wouldn't Harry (27) With no regrets Hassallah (30) happy Hassan (21) painlessly and with someone I love beside me hawaii50 (45) Loved by all and remembered Hayley I wouldn't. Hayzeus (23) In the same fashion in which I was born- loved HCE (15) a person surrounded by love. HEATHER (37) With a smile on my face HeavyFire (16) knowing that I lived a full life heider (27) In my sleep, in the arms of someone who loves me. Heidi R. in good health Helen (32) With my love Helen (19) Being at oeace and accepting my life for what it was Helena (18) Quietly in my sleep after a fulfilling life Helena Jenkins (20) very loved, surrounded by family, having accomplished all i've ever wanted. Helen Mattison Wyatt (20) Happily hellgirl (19) peacefully helz bells (41) On my feet Henry (46) Knowing that I could not have juiced more from the fruit of life Henry_Z (25) much loved....quietly and painlessly her (26) With a smile in peace Herald (71) after I am sure my family is safe in this world herbertofwestlake (43) In my sleep, at an advanced age, after a nice meal with my family and friends. Hern (39) Standing at the pinnacle of my life, of my specie having done everything I ever wished for. Herod (20) like a hero Hero Solomon (25) in my sleep Hetal (22) Reaching some sort of eternal happiness. Asleep, with goodbyes already in occurrence or not necessary. H, Han-Jan With loved ones the day after I'm done living HHP (41) Conscious and aware: knowing those to be my final moments Him (17) Content, knowing that I have done the best I could with the life I had. Hira Yousuf (18) Not at all, but loved and having loved others to the fullest. HKas (28) Avenging those I love HKas when I'm very old, mid orgasm H. McMillan (33) Sabiendo que tuve una vida plena. Bien jugado raza! H.Nakashima (21) Feeling that I accomplished everything I wanted hobbes (26) quietly and without any tears from anyone hodouk (22) At a time of my own choosing Hoelder1in (51) Knowing that history will not alltogether forget about my existance. hoffsta contented in the knowledge that i won holden (27) happy and warm in bed Holley (39) Surrounded by loved ones and memories, Safe in the knowledge that I have seen and lived. holly (17) Euphorically with no regrets Holly (22) Not for awhile. Not at the hand of a crazed killer Holly Avery (32) with a beer in one hand and the remote in the other, watching Notre Dame kicking USC tail Holly Pajka (28) Anytime, when the GOD successfully to kill me. holyjkms (29) peacefully in my sleep during a wonderful dream Hong Jay Cherished Hooks asleep in bed Horace pluck (54) quickly howard (34) I would like to die old and next to my wife. howard (34) Ralatively young, having written something i am proud of with the knowldge that i got the better of everyone Hrudaya (24) warm and tired in bed huck finn (48) I would like to die knowing that i have loved and had been loved, and i have tried my very best Huda (19) handing out flowers on the street huggybear (29) In the arms of someone who loves me Hulot Redux Suicide, and painlessly Humbugger Omlet (20) Doing something I love Hunter (23) in the revolution i guess.... Hurricane Katrina (25) With wealth Hwiseon Lee (24) Quick and painless before I start to look old Hyosun (25) By force of will, centuries hence, in impeccable health, much beloved. Hypnos The Blade (46) swiftly HYS (47) Surrounded by those I love and who love me in return. I Either old, in my bed and surrounded by people who care about me, or giving my life for an ideal. I Without pain, physical, mental or spiritual Ian (23) Quickly and pianlessly Ian (44) Quickly ianplanet (47) quietly, peacefully, without fear I Beg (54) After you. Iblis Anak (22) Peacefully in my sleep Icis Free and pleased i dont know that i know (17) Very, very old, but sound of mind and body, after a full life that has left me with a minimum of regrets Igor (29) I would like to die of old age in my bed surrounded by my family, but I highly doubt that will be likely./ Iilyanna Content with what I have accomplished, with a calm mind. Ika (24) Without knowing it. ile105 (23) Without knowing it. ile105 (27) Contentedly Illinibeatle (44) A very old woman. Imajones to die of old age, having seen all my children and grandchildren Imee Ushering a grand cataclysm, along with the hopes and dreams of all men I.M. (Imam Mahdi) (5) To be shot. Indrė (17) quick with no pain and fulfilled Inês (20) whatever, it makes no difference. inez (21) In peace Inkie (60) of old age, without alzheimers, surrounded by those I love for whom I have hopefully positively affected their lives interestedparty This makes me too sad to think about, but maybe after a cup of tea... Ireland Rose (12) I would like to die when I'm done with living Irene (17) in the arms of my loved one Irene (26) unexpectedly, loved, old Iris (18) With honor Iris Ramsey (32) loved by all Isaac (29) Not at all. Isaac Without any regrets. Isabel (19) With an accomplished life and hopefully my own family that doesn't abandon me. Isabella Fairchild-Heart (Protagonist) (26) loved and admired Isabelle (26) Happy Isadora Duncan (32) As sleep-filled as possible Ismael Santos (20) Peacefully and surrounded with love. Isolde (17) I would not like to die at all. Iva quickly Iva Pasztor (20) Knowing that a family loves me, and somehow better than I hope I will ever be. Ivy (10) Died of contribution ivy (25) On stage Izzy (24) Painlessly, with no regrets Izzy (17) in my sleep j2a18m (43) quickly and without a lot of pain jabbar (23) Read Tecumseh's 'Death Song' Jacie Lin In battle, becoming a hero Jack (14) eating and having mad crazy sex jack (30) A good man Jack (45) I want to die happy. Jack (33) on a battlefield gloriously falling in a hail of bullets and explosions after or during a bayonet charge, hopefully for a heroic cause. Jack Alexander (17) With a clear mind Jack Goodman (18) Of old age. Jackie sudden jackie (40) Of old age, knowing I have lived a successful life. Leaving behind many people who will never forget my name and my work. Jackie (18) an mission-accomplished person Jackie (24) Sleeping and knowing that I did my best Jackie Cavalcante (40) Without any relationships left unresolved Jackie Vega (27) In a manner that benefits those that I love. Jackson8471 (23) I wouldn't like to Jack Viper (29) Unknowingly & quietly without leaving anything undone or unsaid Jaclyn (22) I wouldn't JaclynM (19) After those i love, so the dont have to go through the pain I will when they die. Jacob Never, very old or heroically. Jacob Richardson (18) Gunshot to the head at age 60. Jacque (24) At My Most Alive Moment. Jacqueline (34) A good 60 or more years older than I am now, after squeezing out every ounce of potential in me. Jacqueline Garrett (38) In the service of loved ones. Protecting innocence Jade (17) Silently Jade-a-boo (17) In the arms of my husband Jade Green (30) loved and fulfilled Jadelynn (24) To be sucked up by a black hole in the utter silence of space. Jae (18) As someone who will be missed by all Jafari (33) Just in peace Jaime (18) Eating crab legs Jaime (28) Old and content Jake (17) Peacefully, and well-regarded Jake (21) Peacefully when the moment comes. Jakelina Hernandez (22) Happy, loved and on a full stomach. J.A. Lawrence quiet and unnoticed James (64) peacefully James (30) A good man James (19) In battle James (25) quietly James Green (29) Loved and without regret. James La Salandra (31) An old woman. James Oliver North (39) To a purpose jameson_welsh (22) delirious and warm, with some flesh for my hand to hold. James William Reath (21) Before my kids and peacefully Jamie (25) Highly loved and enlightened Jamie (22) a hero who was loved and fought for what was right Jamie (32) fulfilled in ife Jamie (17) in my sleep, in full possession of my faculties, sometime during my 90s. Jan In the arms of the man I deeply love, alone with him. Jan (54) Short illness to give me time to prepare. Jan (55) Knowing that I completed all my life goals/missions, and hopefully in the arms of a loved one. Jana (22) Knowing that I completed all my life goals/missions, and hopefully in the arms of a loved one. Jana (22) i wouldnt, thank you. Janae (17) in my sleep jane (41) suicide by drowning jane (20) quietly and unexpectedly. jane fakename (25) quietly, and peacefully with my work on earth done. janice (67) Sleeping Janice Marie Oxford (61) With my family around me-the family I created, not the one I grew up with. Jannie56 Leaving a pleasant note in everyone i touched in my life. Jared (19) Being back with my roots. Jared Oswald (19) With my Claws burried in Human Flesh Jarred Poll (26) Happy and loved Jas (20) in battle jasleen Suicide Jasmine Violet (17) happy, and at peace Jason (34) With peace in mind Jason (26) Of extreme old age jasonstafford (53) Happy, peaceful, with a beautiful sunrise for a new day, and those I love about me. Jax Havak (00) Of something sudden, the moment my death is certain. Jay (26) Happy and fulfilled Jay Knowing I made a difference, and revered Jay West (27) with dignity Jazz getting shot jb (13) To leave a lasting impression on the people I've come in contact with, but especially my family J.B. (53) peacefully, with a view of trees JB (29) Not too old, near a beautiful woman, my children and my God Jb Bradford (44) loved and fondly remembered jcr (35) Peacefully JD (21) Old as hell in mystery jean (22) Peacefully Jeannine (57) Content with the life I have lead Jef (19) in my sleep and happy Jeff naturally JeffGuy (55) At peace with loved ones Jeffrey A. Olivier (40) Smiling Jeffrey Dean Arthur (51) gunshot Jeff Winger in my sleep jemimah (32) As if i had lived a thousand lives Jen (23) never Jen (25) Satisfied with my choices & how I lived my life Jen (35) with honor jen (29) with Sheridan, knowing my loved ones are safe. Jen Gerlach (39) In a dream. Jen Hallidy (42) Peacefully...no strings Jenn (35) Quietly and comfortably Jenn (39) by leaving no one in pain Jennie Very old. Jennifer (35) painlessly and without foreknowledge, knowing Sheridan and my daughter are ok. Jennifer (40) OLD, peacefully, and led by the heavenly angels Jennifer C-K (35) Quickly, doing what i love Jennifer Lewis (26) I wouldn't. Jenni Webb Reynolds (29) very old and very loved Jenny (23) Having left the world a better place than I found it Jenny (28) doing something outragous and fun. living life to fulliest Jenny (37) In my sleep Jenny (18) quickly Jenny (38) Plane crash Jenny (35) Quietly JennyLynn (23) Surrounded by my children Jenny Napier (42) Having acheived all that I could Jensyn Keanes (19) Overdose Jeremy (17) driving a car off a cliff at 158 mph Jeremy (30) content Jeremy (29) I'd like to die having lived a long life, with people knowing what I did was right. Jeremy Fassler (22) A better man than I am today, on my own terms. Jeremy Heintz (39) With honor in battle, if it must be, or of old age with Tezrah at my side Jerome (37) In peace Jess (27) Loved, and have had a good long life Jess (18) In my sleep Jessica (18) Of old age. Jessica Old and loved. Jessica Cristo (Jax): (29) Peacefully Jessie (33) Peacefully. In your arms. Jess the Mess (21) loved and with family Jesus0469 (46) by an open window in a house on a bluff overlooking a large body of water Jet Jackson (92) With a bibliography that will suffice to preserve my life Jeux after living a full life Jewel (39) painlessly, in my sleep, and before I get too old to be alone Jewel (38) with a sword in my hand jezza (18) of old age jg (36) What Proust answered, also with adequate preparation. jg (22) Saving someone's life J.H. The people that I hold close to my heart knows that I was a good person Jian (22) Saving a life/lives. Jim (20) Saving someone else's life Jim (50) hit off a cliff by semi-truck driven by the Incredible Hulk jimmy (84) Old, loved, in no pain, and quickly jj (43) I want to be with the ones I love, always, so at the same time they die JJ (20) Having accomplished all my goals J J Ruzo in my sleep JLo (34) Satisfied. J.L. Odom (16) Better than I am, and loved JM (28) In my sleep Jo (41) However its meant to happen. Can't really pick and Choose on that one. Jo (16) In my sleep with no unfinished business Jo (21) sane surrounded by family Jo With a legacy Jo (20) Like Bonnie and Clyde Jo (33) Suddenly with as less pain as possible. Joana (22) Rich and famous Joan Ellis (28) in peace, surrounded by loved ones Joani I would like to die having accomplished all of my dreams JOANNA In my sleep Joanna Kather (63) In my sleep. Jo-Anne old and surrounded by my family Joanne van der Woude (36) peacefully joannie old and loved Joe (60) Like a warrior Joe DeProfio (27) Quickly and before my quality of life starts deteriorating Joel (17) With Mom, warm and cozy Joel Sadler (45) overdose JoeyO (34) contented John (28) In a blaze of glory John (24) Realistically, knowing someone loved me. Ideally,in combat with a worthy adversary. John (20) Doing everything to make sure my family is okay John (23) Happy Johnathan Durand (19) happy Johnny (21) Hopefully fast Johnny (21) Without pain Johnny48 (48) Quietly, in a peaceful state. John Sousa (17) Fighting for what I believe in. John Wilkes Booth (26) Quickly JoJo (27) InI peace forgiving my self Jojo (76) easily jolie (66) Old and happy Jollie (21) In my sleep next to my hubby with a full tummy. Jo Mama (53) Abruptly jona (19) Knowing I lived a good life Jonas (We) old and happy jonathan (31) Ideally in a way that all my anger has left me. I imagine it to be a messy affair Jonathan Tacuri (21) Fighting in a war jonb (49) loved Jonida Dervishi (29) Satisfied and proud of what I've done and seen. Loved by my friends and family. Jon Mosca (31) In a positive place Jonny South (18) Doing what I love, knowing I have lived a life fulfilled Jordan (19) When I decide Jordan having made a positive imprint jordan rutter (18) if possible id rather not want to die,but a wise man once said,to know life you must understand death thus ill leave everything to god. Jorelle (18) Holding the hands of my girlfriend and children Joris Fulfilled at seeing a more rational Iloilo; Centers for inquiry replacing religious synagogues joseph (31) with joy and saying good bye to loved ones Joseph Anthony (37) 沒有負擔的離開 Joseph Cheng (28) In my bed, while I was sleeping comfortly Josephine A (19) I'd rather not die Joseph Wizley (35) Painlessly and ready for it Joseph Yvon (63) dramatically, quickly, and with much wailing and gnashing of teeth because from those I leave behind Josh (23) A better friend and family member than I currently am. Josh (22) Of old age, with my mental faculties. Josh (29) I can't even think about that Joshua (34) Anything other than by candlelight Joshua (27) I wouldn't. Since I must answer though, only when I feel I'm ready. I don't know how, when, or if I'll know but that is my only answer. Joshua Levi (21) At peace with myself and with my life's endeavors, surrounded by non-confrontational love. Joshua Sponaugle (22) atop a shark covered in TNT and attached to a missile headed to a volcano Joshua Taft (18) Heroically, but painlessly. Josh W. (19) in my sleep josie (25) i would love that Josie Dangerfield (29) having changed many things, and with a sense of sorrow for departing the many I have found a reason to love in my life Jotthedot (16) never Joxef (35) with the one i love joyce (20) with a clear conscience joyseternal (22) content jrggzmn (20) content jrggzmn (20) FAST jrggzmn (25) in my bed, surrounded by loved ones, expecting my death and being fully prepared JRM On my own terms, or after being able to say goodbye JRobertson (21) During an adventure Jtan (21) Contented with what I've done in life Ju (28) Do not want to say Juan (16) I don't want to. Juan Carlos (21) at 100 years old of the mumps. Juanita Joann Harty Buck (49) Remembered, and peacefully Juan Jose Campos (34) Does it matter? Jubin (21) In a blaze of glory Judah (30) Of old age with my children all around me Judah (22) 睡眠中 jude (25) Quickly and without pain Jude Kaldi With Peace of Mind Judith AT PEACE WITH MYSELF Judy with many years behind me,in good health, in my bed during sleep-just slip away Judyka (64) a better woman, and much beloved, at peace with my place in the world juju In my sleep jujubee (35) surrounded by those I love Jules (26) Painlessly and not until I am finished Jules (23) happy Jules Now? Julia (23) Without anything left unsaid Julian (16) quietly in my bed hopefully pain free julie (79) die quite on bed with no pain Julie (20) Quickly Julie (40) Content and at home Julie (49) as a good person, loved and in love Juliette (25) Having lived a long and successful life, personally and publicly juliette (19) A hermit, a hermit, bound to hell, in hell. June (23) after having a grand dream jupiter jones in a valiant way Justin (27) In a blaze of glory (after a long life, of course) Justin (15) Living Justin Aylward (22) loved justine hope (20) Die Awesome. Justin G. (15) The way I am going to. Justin Rasile (23) Soon JW (27) Alone, unloved, smiling in a hospital bed. J.W. Carey (22) silently, knowing i've done what i wanted to do K (21) Without much fuss. K. (23) Peacefully, old and ready to go, surrounded by loved ones, and remembered fondly (with some hilarious stories to accompany) k without any pain k-92 (17) I would just like to Kaden I don't really have a particular type in mind as long as it is quick, painless, and sends me directly to Heaven Kafi Cunningham (43) with a bang kai (15) Peacefully, in my sleep, Kainaz (20) Surrounded by people I love Kait (23) peacefully Kaja Ta Painlessly Kajer (19) KNOWING THE LOVE OF MY LIFE IS WITH ME KAKI (50) when I am old and loved Kaleena (23) Happy Kally (33) At peace, loved and content with the life I've lived Kameke Spectacular, so that everybody remembers me Kamila (18) Die during Sleep KammY peacefully in my sleep Kandi (26) peacefully kangaroo together with my husband at a very old age, like in the notebook karaeileen (24) loved, remembered, and in my sleep Karen (22) Painlessly Karen (27) in my sleep, peacefully Karen I would like to die being loved by everyone and people remembering who i was Karen (16) in my sleep Karen June (52) happy in my bed kari bobins (33) without past memories Karina (16) sleping Karina Marcano (26) To be loved Karl (17) having made a difference, and next to the one I love Kasandra as person that isn't dependant on others for basic stuff and if possible painlessly Kasia (30) However I'm supposed to Kasper (19) As long as I'm old, it's all the same Kassy (17) However God has decided Kate (23) Suddenly . . . I don't want to know it's happening. I'm too much of a coward. Still, why do I keep doing dangerous things? The thrill of NOT DYING? Kate Painlessly in old age - healthy, wealthy and happy. Kate (26) Fast or surrounded by lovedones peacefully Kate Mac (22) Full of life. Kate McJ (31) Quietly. Katerina (22) Old enough to have left positive and lasting impression on the world. Kath (48) while sleep without suffer Katharina (32) I wouldn't like to die. Katherine (18) Not at all. But if I have to, I'd at least like to take the bad guys with me. Katherine (27) At an old age Katherine I don't want to think about it, it will destroy people I love. I don't want to know I can hurt them this much. Kathérine (25) Peacefully Kathy (18) Quietly at the end of a happy life Kathy (26) Happy. Kati (15) I'd like to die as the swan does Kati (19) Painlessly, especially life is sometimes so full of it Katie (20) killllll me katie (23) Happy, and loved. Katie (17) quickly and painlessly katie (22) Doing what I love Katie (21) old and fulfilled; leaving a lasting legacy of love and compassion and many many books Katie Carriere (39) In my sleep, at peace Katrina (23) better than I am and loved by many Katrina Thiessen-Beasse (28) Having been the best woman that I could have been Katsika (68) I am not sure of that yet. katthehurricane Very consciously and aware Katy (16) In my sleep Katy (22) I wouldn't mind immortality, even if it's only achieved in the legacy of my creative work Katya Allnutt (27) Surrounded by friends and family kaudrey Asleep at an old age Kavindra (55) better than i am not kavitha (19) softly kay (22) In my sleep. Kaybird (43) Calmly, quick, and quiet Kayla (17) least painful as possible Kayla Marie (17) with no regrets Kaysie67 (49) in my sleep, painlessly. KB (45) Slowly KBHS (29) I wouldn't like it very much at all K.B. Oliver (30) quickly, quiety, without fuss, admidst fond laughter and love kc With the ability to say goodbye K Dilkington (30) Quickly, in my sleep, at the same time as my beloved. That way we will never know another moment without each other. Kechiro (33) Quick and Painless Keith (19) loved Kelli (47) In my sleep, having planned my funeral kelly (39) surrounded by family I've created. Knowing I was loved. Kelly (25) Having sex with a beautiful woman Kelly G. Teague (45) A happy old woman, by the sea Kelly McCauslin Not old Kelsey (22) At peace ken (58) Quietly with the woman I love Ken (63) quickly ken dewey (48) In my sleep and when I'm very old and ready to go. Kendyl (20) In my sleep surrounded by my loved ones. Kenkire quickly Kenn (47) Quietly and painlessly with my loved ones near by Kennedy (18) I wouldn't. Kenning (28) Peacefully with no pain kerayne (66) in my sleep Keri Cook (26) Not so old that I can't wipe my own ass, with a blade in my hand and a girl in my arm. A belly full of mead wouldn't be unwelcome either. Kessler (35) having a legacy that a lot of people will remember forever Keto (25) Painlessly Kev (27) sitting in the garden in the autumn sun, napping and slipping away. Kevbo Never Kevin (25) a loving father and partner Kevin (21) Either on stage or in the company of my friends having a good time Kevlar in a blaze of glory, or in bed while asleep kfcbucket (16) Heroically and remembered. KFerreto (24) In tranquility. kfkfkfk (17) Quickly. KG (38) In my due time and course KG (26) In a my sleep or a moment of ecstasy Khaddafina (23) TEST KHAkjhsak (16) I want to die a peaceful death. khaye (26) Purpose Fulfilled Kia (28) peacefully in my sleep. remembered as giving Kiana Mercury (23) A more intelligent woman. Kiara M. (15) in a state of sinlessness Kid Jasper nearly identical KiDoCo I wouldn't Kiera Hardy Preferably painlessly, surrounded by those I love and made a small change to the world for the better. Kieran (22) in my sleep Kika Old while having a great adventure Kiki (27) asleep kiki (44) In battle Kiki (10) Surrounded by the people i love and quickly Kikka (38) Old,surrounded by people I love Kiley (20) fast killy as an old lady in my sleep Kim (37) Happily, and in love Kim (17) Warm in my bed as a very old lady Kim (37) Knowing I did everything I could. Peacefully. Kim (30) Remembered and loved for who I was Kim (47) painlessly and midly quickly Kimberly (23) Well-known kimberly (21) in battle Kimberly Bailey not knowing I'm about to kimbo (34) in my sleep Kimlmar (52) while sleeping Kim Randall Cox (43) on a mountain top king (43) happy man kings (36) Old and wise King Ubi (35) loved by other people Kinmin (24) free kirk in my sleep Kirsten McCracken (20) a better man kirty (21) in my sleep kit kat (22) when im very very old , surrounded by family, and at peace with god, and detach gracefully kito (24) In my husband's arms Kitty (21) Peacefully and loved. Kitty (19) in a big way Kitty (58) reading a book kjelli (59) Old, Rich and healthy KK (32) relieved of any burdens, at peace with my thoughts k-kabob (31) Unaware, perhaps in a forest, where I will lay down one day and no one will ever find me KKC (26) Quickly and painlessly Kkkkaty (67) Happy Klavicus (23) Peacefully! I´d rather listen The best is yet to come by Sinatra Klox890626 (23) Quickly and painlessly. KLVS (22) Fulfilled, lucid KM (23) die during sleep Kmi fighting knapsackstraps (21) I wouldn't knowone (29) I'd rather not, but if I must - loved and on my own terms Koinekid (28) Peacefully and having left positivity behind me. kokocakemix (24) In my sleep koshka (50) Free Kourtney Denee (24) With grace. Kouse (23) a better person whose made a difference on the world Kreuzz Old in my sleep Kris (41) I would like to die very old, loved and surronded by 50 gran gran childrens Krisanta (32) not krissy (18) A better person than I was before Krista (17) Painlessly in my sleep Krista (27) Surrounded by love Kristaline (24) Quickly and quietly. Kristi (35) peacefully as to make a pretty corpse. Kristie (22) In peace, without knowing it. Krum Kirov (16) in the presence (or arms) of loved ones Kryshia (53) Slowly, comfortably, surrounded by those I love. Krysstofer Pierre (23) Peacefully having said goodbye Krystaal (40) Peacefully and without pain. Krystal (24) Dramatically. Krystin (22) comfortably ks (33) Dramatically Kt (15) Satisfied and loved - someone to miss me KT Asleep & at peace. kt (35) incognito, unknown to those who love me Kunal Sen (27) dancing in the sun or moonlight at a very old age kunderakitsch At age 120 when by the hand of God (or whoever) strikes me down while I'm riding a bike in the country. kuro usagi (18) In the arms of someone who loves me. Kurt Bailey (45) In a newsworthy way, or asleep. No in between. K Yeo (19) in my bedside with my wife calling me from the heavens Kyla Stan quick, painless, and in my best years Kyra Black (19) Knowing that i made someone happy by being myself Kyrie (18) asleep Kyrinrin (14) quickly, quietly, while having a good time L (36) in my sleep, peacefully lacee (18) a long and drawn out process Lacey McVeigh (46) - Lacharria (18) Better than I was when I arrived. LaChel much improved, more evolved, loved, admired and forgiven LadyDyTheFly a good moslem ladyinthewater (24) I would prefer not to but if I must, I want to be loved and have the opportunity to say goodbye and settle any of my affairs to closure. Lady NCA (29) with grace and dignity Ladytoyou (66) sleeping in my old age lage (27) outside LaHaRo (51) Surrounded by loved ones and content with my life Lainey (38) Quietly Lainie While having sex Lana (34) In an easily reversible manner LAND (22) I'll never die. Landon Wright (16) In my sleep at home, and when I'm in my nineties Lanette main character: Counciler Becky Going gentle into that good night. I will never rage against the dying of the light lara67 (49) I will never die, stupid question LA Sullivan Peacefully and painlessly in my sleep Laura (20) When I have nothing left to live for. Laura (24) free laura (23) fast and painless laura (27) i don't want to know how Laura (28) in a state of total peace and realization. Laura (31) Having reached my dream: write a book LauraAl (27) Quickly Laura N. (52) Dreaming Laura Panza (38) stroke laura Ytzia Montoya Capristo In a moment of ecstasy. Laurel (29) suddenly in my sleep, but after having resolved things here Lauren (28) in my sleep and to know i was a good person and i was succsesful Lauren (14) quietly Lauren (22) Prefer not to know, hopefully when I am old. Lauren (20) In God's grace Lauren Valiantly and Defending a Worthy Cause Lauren Frost (26) Loved, peaceful and surrounded by my loved ones Lauren H (27) with those I love around me Laurie (58) Surrounded by the people I most care for. Lavache Beadsman (21) I don't know. Layla (22) For someone else Layla (13) In bed, looking out the window, at the turbulent sea. Layla B. (43) At peace in God's love LB Perkins (42) Loved. Leah (16) Being known for be unapologetically me leah (17) Old and ready Leah (25) Unafraid and feeling like I lived a full life with purpose Leah peacefully Leanne (28) Knowing that my stay here on earth made a difference LeCorbeauGris (25) what is dying ? Lector old, happy and in my sleep lee (30) With enthusiasm and complete happiness Leeham Without knowing, surrounded by many. Leena (16) old, with those I love and in my sleep Legacy Lee (31) Peacefully, surrounded by my loved ones. Leigh Lagamayo (27) Happy and still mentally capable Leila perhaps not without fear, but i think without regret Lem (24) Happily, quick, and painless. L.E.Murphy (17) peacefully, and with not troubles left behind for other to deal with Len (46) In bed, as an old lady, surrounded by my family members, beloved and safe Lena (21) quietly and peacefully Lena (60) In an exciting way to reflect how I lived in a crazy way. Leo not without a fight Leo (15) I do not want to die. I tell my self that I will find a way to be immortal even if it is impossible. I just dont want to die. Leo Calma (19) Content LeonidasStokely In a blaze of glory Leon (The Debreifer) (22) f Leslie Quietly and surrounded by my family Leslie (43) At peace and really old Lestory (49) A soldier's death Levi Becker (31) When I have completed that which I have set out to do Levi Walker sleeping Lex drowning or while riding my bicycle lexi (23) Muirs only die by wildlife or old age. Lex Ryo (17) However, just happy. Lexxxx (18) with someone who remembers to put flowers on my grave l.gee (23) peacefully lglick19 In my sleep. Free of sin Lia (23) Old and happy LiamP (25) I would like to die of old age surrounded by my progeny Liam Shaughnessy With honor. A man who has helped many. Liam Urien fighting, dying with my boots on librowicz (28) id rather not lol Lids (50) As I lived. Lightning Stars (22) Age 97 in my sleep lilecare (46) Dying while saving someone..and be remembered for the good things i did Lilian (25) A better woman than I am, without regret, and with however small of an impact. Liliana Doing what I love to do. Lillian (25) In whatever way that is surprising and causes the least amount of pain Lillian Grace (27) fighting the good fight Lily (16) "Proust: A better man than I am, and much beloved" yep. Lily Sleeping knowing that I lived to the fullest Lily (34) Unafraid Lina some way a bit tragic, I think Linda (23) I've been thinking this but haven't decided yet. Linda (17) In my sleep. With an amazing pair of pumps on my feet Linda C (41) Happy, loved, and content Linda M. W. (34) Peacefully Lindsey (15) As my best self, living life to the fullest. Lindsey B. (17) doing something awesome that would put my name in history LindseyD (18) Peacefully and painlessly. Linicake peacefully linou70 Gloriously Lint (17) With no regrets Lisa I do not want to know that I'm dying Lisa (56) Wonderfully Lishan (20) in the arm of the man I've loved for my whole life LittleT (24) in God's hands lituci (30) Beloved and better than I am Lixing (24) Peacefully, not alone. Fulfilled and much beloved. Liz (28) In my hammock in August, at least twenty years from now. Liz (64) I would like to die in my sleep, peacefully at the age of 93. Also, I like to think that I would die for my beliefs, but that is something that we can never be sure of until the time comes. Liz (47) Remembered for my success Liz (25) Peacefully without pain Liz (40) Missed and loved Liza (33) Knowing that I'm loved and without too many regrets. Lizzie (17) Suddenly and drunk Lizzie Pickle (27) At a very old age. L. Kadey (18) As painlessly as possible. L. Kadey (19) Loved LLane (23) peacefully lmao knowing I have lived lo (19) in my sleep after living a long and adventurous life Lo (24) In my sleep by people who love me. LodRose (32) with a smile on my face Log Old, content, and fulfilled Logan (23) in a bed Logan (14) in my sleep Logan (16) For my country would be okay Logan Whitt (15) Peacefully. Lois (22) In a peaceful way Lola In my sleep, next to someone I love Lolita Hazed (18) fulfilled, beloved, and with a legacy lollipoppingsu (24) In my sleep, after a long, happy and good life Lori (37) In my sleep. Stoned. With Zooey De Channel next to me. Naked. Louf (39) I dont know Loui Edgington (12) Knowing I did my best to make this world a better one Louis (19) Under my own will. Louisalokyee (15) loved. Louise (17) Peacefully at night ehen death is nothing more than a long, long dream. Loz (17) old, happy, loved and peacefully in sleep Lu (24) by my own hand Lu (32) a happy and charming old lady luadepapel (25) asleep and freshly relieved Luc (27) Painlessly and surrounded by loved ones Lucho (32) in arms of a man Lucija (25) Knowing that I have tried my best to spend my life well lived and beloved Lucy (34) Having fulfilled every purpose I have. Lucy in asleep Luigi (38) In my sleep and during a pleasent dream Luísa (21) In my sleep, with no regrets. Luísa (22) In my sleep Luisa (18) asleep and a day before my mother, father and sister Luisa (19) happy LuisEfe (55) By the hand of neither man nor disease Luke Anthony (19) I'd like to avoid the issue entirely lukemarco (18) As a person who others would say had helped shape their lives and make the world a better place. Luke N 14 (35) Peacefully Lulu quickly Luna (16) in a good way lunar (18) Inevitably. LVG suddenly Lydia (50) painless lydia In my time. Lydia (18) Quietly and trying not to disturb anybody Lyla (30) w/o fear lyman (35) Doing something I love Lyn (22) Doing something I love Lyn (22) I'd rather not think about dying Lyn sleeping lynac (31) Quickly. Lyndsay D. (22) Much later. Lyndsey (19) happy Lynk (15) With all my faculties Lynn Renee (41) Quickly at a ripe old age, able-bodies ans with all my faculties about me Lynn Thair (49) loved by all, peacefully Lyss (19) With much fanfare! M@ (31) A better person than I am today M in my sleep and happy M (29) in my sleep M (36) Sleeping M (19) peacefully after being satisfied with who I've become M knowing my family will be able to go on MA (61) The best person I could have ever been. Mach (44) On my own terms and quickly. Machiavelli_Mx (38) having contributed something good macon (22) in my sleep macskawoman (44) In my sleep feeling I've done everything I am able Macy (15) Overdose on tums Maddie (16) I would like to die when I have served my purpose, the how is meaningless Madeline (19) Peacefully Madhusudhan (63) Not old Madison Twist (25) old, with a huge loving family at my side. Mads Husted (21) In my sleep, without awareness. MaeveOne (27) painlessly having lived a full life Magellan (44) Quickly Maggie (24) In the arms of a loved one. Maggie (23) in my sleep? otherwise protecting a loved one Maggie (49) When I am old and healthy without realising it maggy may I would like my death to mean as much to the world as my life has. Mahalo (/) without regrets mahtiel (21) Old and with my family Mairi (37) A loved woman, without suffering any pain Maite (26) old happy & without fear maitresseb (43) At the end gates of whatever hell I just Concord Mak (16) better and loved maksimuchka (38) Quickly and painlessly. Malcolm (26) In a struggle to not die Malibu (31) in my sleep, in bed with him Mallory (21) in my sleep Mallory Corrus (20) Gloriously, maybe tragically, but something that looks good for the history books or the fiction aisle of Barnes and Noble. Maltet 120 years old, after i have accomplished all and seen all and no one is left to mourn me Mandar (27) Content with the life I've lived. Mandella Kitten (36) In my sleep mandi (28) fighting mandi2kay (31) in my sleep Mandy (18) See them happy. To see myself have answers. mangarmunko (21) Never. Manu (22) a very old woman who can look back and appreciate her life and all those who blessed it Mara (58) In a world that won't soon forget me. Mara (17) Knowing that it will only be a short time until I see those I love again MaraMichelle Shortly Marana (56) Purposefully Marcel (19) Quietly and peacefully. Without pain or suffering. marcel254 (25) Knowing that I made something important or unique. Marcelo Ricarte. (16) not answering this, ive got plenty of living to do Marcel Rodriguez In peace, no pain Marclaudi (46) in my sleep Marc_Meyer Happy marcoapk (19) happy marg (53) Poetically Margaret (19) never Margaret Cook (57) don't make me laugh (please) - when i happens it will happen, no longer fear it but am not attracted to it either Margarida (aka:Guida Costa,Guida Almeida ( ) Peacefully Margie (44) a mystery margo (22) I want my (future) kids to be financially stable and my (future) husband to love me Margot Before I become old and sickly and not to stay long enough to become completely disallusioned and dissapointed with life. Margot (21) Peacefully Mari (30) In peace surrounded by loved one and friends. Maria (45) in my sleep without pain Maria A peaceful, non painful death Maria (18) Without pain... Very quickly Maria Contreras (19) usefully Mariam (20) with a sense of fullfillment Mariana (16) Peacefully. Mariana (22) Accomplished as a writer, beloved by my family. Maria Patenaude (29) In sleep Maria Rowena Rillen I wouldn't. So I suppose with the sufficient amount of suffering to change that fact. Marie (19) In my prime. Marie (21) Quietly and prepared. Marie quickly Marie Madeleine (51) In love. Marie-Pierre Adam (27) surrounded by my family marina (50) In nature, calm and knowing its comeing, painless. marina (27) without pain, mourned by many Marina (20) Happy and complete Marina da Silva Negherbon (24) not alone Marion (27) in my slepp. dreaming of her. mario ponce (38) Truly loved even if by few Marios Gregoriou (21) a cool way MariselaL (18) Successful Mark (16) Conscious, surprised but prepared. Mark (19) In my sleep, with no one to miss me when I'm gone. I don't say that out of self pity, but it's a hell of a lot easier to leave than to be left behind. I wouldn't wish it on anyone. Mark As a man at peace with his life decisions, surrounded by my family. Mark (55) old and in the arms of my soulmate. Mark Angus Wilson (28) Blasted by a cannon through a tidal wave off a cliff while being struck by lightning. Mark D Anderson (23) I won't like to die. markeff (38) I don't want to die. I'm terrified of dying Mark J (44) in some silly and comical circumstance. Marko (28) al Mark Sterling (32) in my sleep markus_naz (39) in my sleep Marney (40) a better spiritual woman and without hurting anyone Maroua (17) in a way unexpected by myself and righteous in itself Marshall Wang (24) Volando marti (25) In the knoweledge that those I love are able to care for themselves. Martin (29) Old in my sleep Martina Common Later Marty (18) naturally Martyshka (31) Young, without regret or fear. Maruku (18) I believe I will live forever Marvin Willams (30) Without a clue it's coming. Mary (22) At peace Mary (28) In my sleep. Mary (56) content and while asleep Mary Ann (62) In my sleep. MaryAnn (47) a morphine drip with my children by my side Mary Ellen Collins-Davis (59) a morphine drip with my children by my side Mary Ellen Collins-Davis (59) with my family around MaryFred (24) at home Maryn (15) In peace, and with a contented soul Masha Shannon (26) Successful in my attempt to make everyone happier MasonFYS13 (18) Coherent and calm, in my own home, without any great regrets, and with a loved one holding my hand. Mason Walker (21) falling 32000 feet over the Canadien wilderness Mat (15) Honorably Mat (26) with a bang, and with a few loose ends- one never wants to be too tidy mate like every human being does Mateus Melo Well, known, and understood. Mathew Gallant (22) quickly Mathilda (15) Happily, please. Matisse (15) Surfing flying or to save others Matrix (23) Feeling as little pain as possible - everything ends after death, it doesn't matter if it is a short death or a long death Matsuda (14) alone and by my own will and not anyone else's matt (17) on a bed of leaves and turf along the bank of a river at midsummer. Matt (30) Peacefully, as though my life had been lived in order to benefit mankind. Matt (20) In my sleep Matt (25) In peace. Matt Ari After college and once the pain outweighs the pleasure. Matt DeCostanza (17) Fully aware. Matthew Charles Barrie (27) With advance warning, so I can reflect on my life and arrange my affairs Matthew Gordon (28) Protecting my friends Matthew Ray (18) Suicide Matthew Young (18) in love and happy in someones arms...on the left bank Matthieu (21) Like Knulp Maundaux (23) in no pain mauserman (42) Only when I feel I've done everything that I wanted to do. At that point, how I die doesn't matter. Max (24) having fulfilled my life, older, better and surrounded maxie (20) At peace Maximilian (17) As I lived. Maxwell Pierson (23) Peacefully surrounded of my loved ones Maysoun (27) on the beach MB (41) High on Heroin mcfm0626 (26) Softly. MCI (22) loved, respected, and with a beneficial legacy to the world mcseadogs (34) peacefully Me (40) huh stupid question me (32) A better version of myself which is to make me more dedicated and victorious ME (25) Having emptied myself of all gifts and talents and leave some type of positive impact. And without physical pain. Me (57) of old age after a night with all of my loved ones in a foreign country Meaghan Quietly Medusa59 (56) in my sleep. Meebo When I am irresistibly charming Meg (16) apathy meg (22) after being with my loved ones alone with a view of the ocean Meg (19) Quietly, peacefully, and in the knowledge that I'm loved and will wake from this dream of life. Meg (31) Loving. Meg (22) peacefully and painlessly in my sleep Megan (25) Peacefully in my sleep. Megan (20) Quickly, with little/no pain, and after a good satisfying life (god willing). Megan (32) In the grace of God or survive of others Megan (18) painlessly Megan (23) righteous in the eyes of God megan (18) in a peaceful way knowing I lived my life as best I could Meghan (16) Quickly - happily Megil (51) ఆలస్యంగా, కానీ ఒంట్లో అన్నీ సక్రమంగా పని చేస్తుండగానే. Meher (32) Loved and loving in return. Mel (16) Very old and happy Mel (20) While sleeping or quick and painlessly mel (32) Don't tell me when it's coming! Mel (44) With love in my heart and without fear Melanie (31) I think about drowning. Melanie (33) Protecting someone I love. Melanie (33) In a state of pure bliss MelBisMe (34) Old and rich! Melinda (18) As the leader of a successful country Melinda McGinley (30) at the end of a very long life, lived well, loved and loving, and content with the state of my heart, soul, and the world. M.Elisabeth Howell (52) Loved Melissa (23) saving someone i love melissa (17) in my sleep melissa (44) quietly, in my sleep, knowing I was loved and loved someone special Melissa (40) The way that God has planned Melissa Diane Hudson I would not. Melissa Farr (25) I would not like to die at all. Melissa Farr (29) Lucid and content in bed Melissa P (63) peacefully and happily Melly loved and surrounded by the ones i love Melody (22) I'm trying not to have any expectations concerning death. Mel Sundquist (20) In military action meltemis with a legacy of love and success. Melvia (28) knowing people will miss me. Memelord (15) In peace Memyselfandi the ideal me Menjou (21) i don want to die menon (33) peacefully and quietly in my sleep in my own bed mercedes (27) Having lived a full healthy life Meredith I would like to die as someone who made a difference Meredith (23) Loved Merit (56) Loved Merit (56) Loved Merit (56) Loved Merit (56) Loved Merit (56) Loved Merit (56) Loved Merit (56) Without pain and with a great belief in God. Mersiha (20) Happy and with the ones I love mf (17) Old, warm, and beloved MFSmith (16) In the arms of my husband. mia Quickly and painlessly, at a very old age Mia (27) quickly after a wonderful adventure micci (64) In love. Michael (40) Quickly, doing something I would be proud of if I had survived it Michael (46) By writing my masterpiece Michael i wouldn't michael painlessly Michael (43) loved michael (24) much nicer then I am today Michael (21) quietly, having lived well Michael (52) Sleeping Michael (53) I would like to achieve all of my goals and have no regrets. Michaela (20) Fighting. Michaela Tee (15) High with my friends Michael Kendall (16) With my mind made up. Michael Thornberry quietly Michelle (30) "A better man than I am, and much beloved" indeed, but I would like more to be known as someone who led people to Jesus and left a legacy for the Triune God. Michelle (24) Peacefully, gently, and happily. In a way that I may not feel pain. Michelle Jeong (20) Without pain Michelle Sandino (15) Without pain, and as someone I am proud to be. michou (19) Not at all. Mick (28) Not alone , not in too much pain and to have made a contribution to others Mickste In bed, at night with candles and Gregorian chanting - William Blake style Mignonne (53) Of old age, surrounded by my family mihaela (26) a happy person mihaelaian (42) In Venice Mika Quickly Mike (33) with all my books, in the cold Mike (14) Happy Mike (53) In a plane crash on the slopes of Kilamanjaro Mike (58) Old, in my sleep, with Ana Mike (42) of old age surrounded by my family Mike (29) in peace mike_freedom9531 (30) Quickly and without warning in the outdoors. Mike G. (25) Old and sick mikemc1156 In a box in a sheltered workshop at lunchtime Mike Sadler (53) Peacefully and surronded by those I love and that is reciporcated Milfred (35) content Mili (20) With a thought that I did something of any value. Milly (23) With my loved ones near me Milly (16) at home millymay (84) In the arms of my lover Mimi (53) Quietly in my sleep at a very old age. Preferably at the sane time or near the time my husband does. Mimi (31) Alone Mimi (24) sleeping mimì (48) at a time pre-ordained by my God with a smile on my face Mimi (57) idk Mimikeekee (23) Suicide, jumping off of a cliff Mina (15) Peacefully Mind (17) A quick, fiery, painful death. Minerva Black (30) with an enqiring mind minto (28) quietly, quickly mirabilis (48) To be loved so much that I never really died. mischa (22) Either in my sleep or armed with a shotgun and screaming YOU'LL NEVER TAKE ME ALIVE Misha (24) In a great battle, fighting to hold my own and defending my own ideals, not whimpering in a hospital bed regretting all the decisions I've made in life. Misk Odium Oersted In a brothel miso in my sleep or fighting for what I believe, or protecting someone Miss Silently, in my sleep without pain misshermes (20) happy miss karachi I'll walk into the desert when I feel I'll just get worse and worse in old age. Miss Mia Moriarty (29) in the presence of those that love and care for me Miss Noble (0) in a painless manner, somewhere warm, surrounded by loved ones Missy (44) Surrounded by loved ones who have passed Missy (45) in my sleep after a long life Missy Gay (42) in my sleep mister buzz (49) in combat Mitchell: for Ophelia With peace and without pain and sorrow. Mitela (22) With peace, without pain, in my sleep Mitela (25) Old happy and fast Mitja (36) Free enough, old enough, satisfied enough, and quickly enough, in the wild. Mitsuko (22) happy mitzi (28) Peacefully. Miyo (12) If I must go...I would prefer to go old and with a drink in my hand MJ (22) In a moment of orgasmic delight. Ha, ha. Just doing something I love. MJ (23) in my sleep mj (39) Loved. M. J. A. Armstrong (60) Quickly and painlessly MJF (34) happy mjwhite (21) A devastating disease/injury after being over-worked as a poor old bugger. I'll go out somewhere and shoot myself. M.K. (21) in my sleep mk (15) By my own choice Mkeekee (30) Happy to have lived M. Le Ahcim-nevets (31) With the heart of a servant; painlessly. MlleJacqueline Unafraid of that question MlleNeet Loved and as a better person than I am today mlovelace peaceful and loved MM (34) In my sleep M&M (38) I never think about it MMS what a horrid thing to ponder! Mnemonic Aberration Peacefuly mobtomas (48) By choice modernmonsters old and in service moeder (32) Peacefully experiencing and watching death as it occurs. Mohamjip (66) To be missed, to be loved, and with a smile Mohini (20) Quickly and painlessly, but not alone. Moistoidy (43) Wiser and loved Molea Razvan (23) in my sleep... soon Molly (19) Naturally Molly (18) In combat. In a blaze of glory, sacrificing myself for my brothers, in a glorious gunfight against all odds. Molly Evans (47) Having done everything I've dreamed of. mollykate74 (38) in my sleep, at peace, with no pain momcat (60) In bed Mona In the arms of the man I love when I am 110 years old with 2 children and 5 grand-children and 10 great grand-children Mona Sen (22) In my sleep without knowing it occurred Monica Stowe Old age...around 147 montanadrifter (68) happily montie williams (16) in my sleep Monty (35) when i am ready Mooke (16) At peace with myself Moose (40) In the arms of my beloved, at the age of 101, surrounded by friends, with a string quartet playing next to the bed. Morazda (42) Shrek Morgan Fading away when I am very, very old Morgana With a clear consience, and eased mind, the knowledge that the people I'm leaving behind will make it through the hard times, and knowing I've lived a life worth watching MorganFYS13 (18) Cremated and turned into a diamond Morgan Gratsky (22) Young and beautiful. Morgan Toft no suffering morgwei (28) as a forgiven man Mother (54) Finished by wish list and asleep Mouse (42) With dignity. MP3 (22) Alone or not at all. MPaylor (21) quickly and painlessly Mr. A (17) Peacefully, surrounded by loved ones Mr. A (17) Holding hands with my beloved as we both close our eyes Mr. Frank (56) Not knowing what killed me MrJones (28) Accomplished MRM (28) asleep Mr. Mandarin (41) Warm Mr Peters (30) Painlessly Mrs. Lincoln (49) Suddenly Mrtimm Having been loved, and happy. MsAPH (21) I don't know but it would make me famous Ms. Barbara (19) With the knowledge of love, warmth, and child rearing in my bones. Ms. L (22) peacefully and have fulfilled the call on my life mstinyS In my sleep, peacefully, and without warning mStonerCEO (45) Asking my husband ..."what do you want to do tomorrow?" MsVicky At peace with my past, present, and future. Loved by those I loved. Remembered. MTHSP (28) peacefully and being loved MUElexandra (19) in my beed asleep as a old woman MUElizabeth (19) quickly Muffin (25) Remembered and deeply missed. mugen (22) After a long creative life, quietly in my sleep, leaving behind a positive contribution to this place muhbuh (47) In a blaze of glory MUJakeWilkinson (18) spontaneiously MUkelly (18) In my time. MULydia (18) In my time. MULydia (18) Of an illness over the course of a long enough time that I feel prepared Mumblingtruth (24) Surrounded by loved ones, in a changed world Murphy (21) a redeemed man Musa (16) In bed during sex mutterhals (31) I will never die. Myalyn Hernandez (17) if i would immediately be reincarnated as a sapient crocodile with some cool shades that is probably a circumstance under which i could enjoy dying my answers are perfect; yall should read not in my sleep. I want to know that I am dying. Mychel Shannon (18) a long time from now My Dear Materialista (27) sleep but having achieved what i wanted myra (22) Happy Myra As a man that's much-loved by everyone he has met. Myron (26) An old man in a vine yard surrounded by family. Myron (26) as i reached my full potential, as i lived it until an old age as then i will pass away, as everyone will admire me for the work i have done. Mystery Mind Over Matter (19) Drowning. N (20) At home N (32) At peace with the world, having achieved self-actualization nad (17) In a wooden chair, on a veranda overlooking the ocean- after a long conversation with an old friend. Nadine (21) Never, but barring that, feeling accomplished Naleks (23) Peacefully. Surrounded by dogs, books, warm food and people who love me. NamraSultan No pain, no feeling Nana (23) At an advanced age, clear m inded and without pain Nancy (78) in bed asleep, nancy Painlessly Nancy (41) Very old age, natural causes, peacefully Nancy B (40) In my sleep Naomi (19) anyway death decides narelle pederick (40) I want to live forever. Narrator (5) Surrounded by those that love me, leaving the world a better place than I found it Nat in peace with my past Natalia (33) Very old, regret-free, and completely blissful and at peace Natalie (18) Quickly and without knowledge of it. Natalie MJ (31) Fulfilled Natanya (95) without causing anyone problems Natasha (49) in my sleep Nate (16) peacefully and quick natedawg (28) leaving a footprint for everyone i love to see Nathalie (20) Quickly Nathan At home by suicide Nathan (28) Alone atop a empty panoramic mountain for the vultures Nathan Surrounded by friends and family Nathan (35) Satisfied in my life accomplishments and in the relationships with those whom I love. Nathan (27) Old age Nathaniel (24) To die with winning the war Nathaniel (20) To die with winning the war Nathaniel In my sleep Nathan Thorne (53) instantly with only the thought of God in mind. navera (57) during ass sex neckice peacefully Neek (54) In my sleep with the man that I love holding me. Neeka (27) As truly beautiful. In a preferable state of delusion. Neetzi (18) Leaving a legacy behind. Having lived life to the fullest. NEL (20) not at all Neller (35) Sleeping nelly peacefully Nelly (31) Quickly. Nels (31) Gently nene (57) peacefully, knowing that i have expended all my energy to the world neo_urbaniste (23) I wouldn't. neptune I would'nt want to Nessa Well-remembered by others, and painless for I am a coward Nessie (18) Loudly. Newlin (25) Tragically, and young Nia (15) Laughing surrounded by the ones I love. Nia Robinson (19) in my sleep Nic (27) Soberly Nic (24) quickly Nic (27) Unafraid Nicholas (18) Starvation Nicholas Kovacev (12) in the most beautiful sound Nick (35) Ready Nick (20) On a funeral pyre, surrounded by thousands of weeping fans. Nick (31) Old, after having lived a life full of love and adventure Nick A good man Nick (34) Go to sleep and not wake up NickiNorker (48) With style, saying a quote that will remain in history, standing Nick Zero (26) O.D. on drugs when I'm 70 nicoca (21) Quietly and obscure. Nicolas (28) Poignantly, or ironically. Nicolas Bossons (16) at peace with myself and the world Nicole (14) doing what i love nicole (23) Quietly with my loved ones near Nicole (18) Knowing I had truly lived and helped to make life better for my progeny Nicole (22) A better person than I already am Nicole (17) no Nicole EP (25) I dont Niece (42) i'd like my death to be quick NiGht (23) When I would be asleep nightinday (19) At old age, in my sleep Nik (30) In my sleep. Nikita (26) Not alone Nikkers64 (47) Proust is good: A better [wo]man than I am, and much beloved. More literally: in my sleep. Nikki (35) When the time is right in my mind, by my own hands, and to leave a permanent mark on humanity. Nikkita Saeed (21) Quietly in my sleep Nikolai Kleppe (44) Quietly in the deep woods as my sould is freed Nikon Shooter Fighting Nikos (29) in the arms of the man I love, with him as he dies. either none or together, I cannot bear a life without the man I love Nillie (21) Painlessly Nina (21) With my soul mate, in fresh air nina (27) loved. nina tangimetua (23) sleeping Nique (18) in my sleep Nirmal Singh (99) in sleep niyaa old and happy and surrounded by family nmh (32) As one who has experienced everything in life, or not at all. Noah (17) No style of death in one's heart of hearts is comforting. In my sleep, whatever. Noah the good (23) Fulfilled and looking back with no regrets Noddy (26) Saving someone's life Noelle Peacefully and vaugely unaware NoGurus (20) Peacefully nom de plume As soon as possible. Nomen nescio (24) Peacefully, surrounded by family and friends having lived a long and full life Nomers (19) in bed sorrounded by grandchildren none given Having told my beloved how deeply thankful I am for their presence in my life while it lasted. None More Bitter (20) in my sleep without suffering nono (22) Not the way I am now, which is from sheer despair at knowing Marcel's written everything important first nools (21) This time, Proust is infinitely better. I was going to say: peacefully, in bed, in my sleep. nools (23) Doesn't matter, I'll be dead. Nora (20) in my own bed at a grand old age but never infirmed or a burden, to be missed. Noraq peacefully Norma peacefully in my sleep Norman W (35) Suddenly, doing something I love Not (26) As the best version of myself and greatly loved Nova (44) beautiful Nova (32) Peacefully NR-2082 (32) I would like to be immortal instead Nrvnqsr (27) Learned ns rich NS Watson (30) With a monkey wrench in my hand, shoving it into the guts of the engines of death Nuance (26) Without wondering what could have been Nudge (36) Peacefully when I'm old. numeroita (24) very old but sane and cherished by close friends and familly NynnaS. (36) quickly oanaa (23) having seen, re-invented, loved, known the distance run and the journey OB Healthy Ode Old, happy, healthy and sleeping. Odie (24) quickly, but not suddenly Odile (36) in my sleep. Odilia (47) I didn't intend to die Odyssey Willow (16) someone who can be loudl. ohlaskeau (21) fast and beautiful. a car accident? olga (22) Slumped over my keyboard, aged 65. Oli Tearle (28) laughing Oliver either in my bed when I am old beside the person that I love, or doing something that I love, or saving another's life Olivia (17) Having done all I have dreamt of doing. Oliviaa. Quietly, in my sleep, curled next to someone I love, after a very long satisfying life. oliviathunderkitty (63) Like a fulfilled eprosn and after eating my favorite meal. Oliwankenobi (21) In my sleep, in my bed. Olly (37) In battle, preferably against religion/reaction/fascism Omar (17) With the people I love the most near me Omar p. (26) Peacefully in a house that I have built for my family surrounded by loved ones OneMan Quickly and respected ontherazzle (40) Happy and at home ooinla (40) With full understanding and acceptance of death Oph (30) Quickly and surrounded by loved ones. Orby (40) As a classy man who never sees it coming. Orchid (29) Unaware. ORK (22) shooted down by the police because of a mistake orsetto (19) quick oscar (29) Proudly and with dignity. Oso in my sleep otto (21) Loves and surrounded by loves ones. Ovi (24) New Orleans style oxoboxo (22) Calmly, without pain, among friends and family, when it really is time. Øyvind (27) As the Lord intends. Ozymandias Jefferson Roosevelt (24) Instantly incinerated in a pillar of fire PAB (43) Quickly and quietly Pacie most respectable person Paddy (29) in the arms of my lover Paggy (33) by choice at the right time pagina (20) In my sleep at 99 Paige (34) In my sleep at 99 Paige (34) Peacefully with my loved ones around me. Paige (29) Loved and remembered Paige Hall (17) In a peaceful way Palaila (28) painlesssly and without knowledge palais (32) old age, in bed, asleep Paldies (39) very old, very sleepy,very happy Paloma Coyoacan (56) With my family and friends at my side Pam (63) in my bed. But I don't think I'll die. I'll be translated Pam Blackwell in my sleep, having said goodbye to the people I love and done everything I wanted Pamcake (28) sleeping pamelaja (27) In peace Panagiotis Theofilas (37) Something larger than life. I want to feel death. Panchi known pandaaah (23) By my own hand. Panic (18) not at all but if i must not alone panthergirl (36) quick and easy and painless Parker (18) In my sleep parksmi (51) in a blissful sleep, surrounded by love parvati6 With my family by my side... or in a duel, like a gentleman Passepartout (27) Surrounded by the panting, sweaty, nubile bodies of my sexually satiated harem girls. Pat (39) Knowing m memory be cherished by people I love Patek (25) Shot in the back of the head without knowing anything about it Pat Garrett (26) as a kind man for those near me, and an example for those far patric (30) I'd rather not think of death, but sleeping. Patrick J. Derilus Respected by those that knew me Patrick Trotti (26) before get borned - bored patroklos in a car accident patsy,world war II baby Having lived my life to the extreme Patti (20) in bed at age 100, alone, but with loved ones nearby Patty (32) Sleeping Patty (56) Quickly Patty Cake (29) surrounded by the people i love and who love me painlessly Paula (54) saving someone else Paula (19) Painlessly, happy and in the knowledge that I've left my mark and that my world and the people in it were better for having me Paulie (23) Happy Paulina (18) Peacefully Pauline53 (53) Quietly Paulshrug (44) Having lived a full life PaWe (50) really old and in my sleep, not knowing that death is to come pax (23) before the love of my life PB (20) Having made a difference in the outlook of people Pea (17) Fighting for something I believe in Pearl Maxwell (29) Beside the ones I love, knowing that I made some kind of difference in their lives Pedro Albernaz (20) With friends and family Pedro Luis Munoz (24) Tragically, rescuing my family from the wreckage of a destroyed sinking battleship. Pedro Tejada (20) At an old age (but not too old) with my husband Peggy (57) Myself without my dark entities. pehi (26) in my sleep, next to the ocean, after a great meal with friends and family Penney (48) Trying Pepper Trying Pepper Quickly Percy (27) Without regret Peregrine old and as healthy as possible Perfidia quietly and quickly pesser (57) remembered Pessoa non Grata Painlessly, and much beloved Peter Dyson (56) At peace, without pain, in a happy state of mind Peter Heron (57) Peacefully, knowing who I am Peter Joseph Tamber Maxima Gaffney In my sleep, peacefully and without suffering, leaving no one behind to mourn me. Peter Silva (46) something exciting and quick, not too late so there'll be a good funeral Petree (22) quietly Phil Old & fulfilled Phil (25) someone who will love to the end philippe (59) Not alone. Philomena (80) In a way that is useful: to save a life, to set an example, or just to get out of the way! Phil R. (30) I don't want to think about it, it will destroy people I love. I don't want to know I can hurt them this much. Phoebe (18) In my sleep Phoenix (39) in my sleep, unaware phreec (35) At peace with myself and the world; owing nothing; heaven-bound Phyllis Boyajian Branche quietly and quickly picfxr (45) with my family or my family surrounding me but that's not going to happen P.I. Elliot In my sleep, quite old, having completed my work Pieterpad (80) old, happy and worn out or God is dead. Pingbluto a peaceful death in the bed during my sleep pintoo (24) I don't like to discuss death Piper Bella Rose peacefully, surrounded by friends and family Pistol Pete In Space pk_evanescent (38) old and without suffering. pk_henry Loved and in company. Platinum Era (21) Happily. Plebelbe (21) Quietly. Pleiadian7 (59) Alone, in my sleep, on a moonlit night in a cabin on a wooded hillside, at an advanced age. Plusein (25) in my sleep pluto (26) Peacefully sleeping Ponice (18) I will never die! Pontius Pilate (30) gracefully Poobah (65) By choice at the right time Pooja Happy, easily, quickly Pooki (55) Surrounded by family or in a blaze of glory poop fella (25) of very old age or standing for somethign I believe Pope (31) venice pp (31) After looking into the eyes of the one I love Prajakta (23) Quietly and painlessly. Pranaya R (28) much beloved and when they look back they say ... look at him ... he is content for he has spread love and kindness Prasanna (23) Painlessly Prashant Gnawali (22) By my own hands and my own volition Pratama (22) famous, and with a good health Pratiksha (15) Die? You mean in human form? a glorious battle to the death. Preacher (34) A learned, loved woman, in my sleep PriC (26) Having discovered something new about my fields of study. Priceequation (33) In the arms of a loved one. Prime Minister Appa (50) in paris Prismatic (74) Knowing that I have done all in my power to change the world around me; I would also like to die knowing that I have stayed true to my personal convictions. professionalprocrastinator (20) After doing something rememberable Protagonist (20) with the crew Protagonist Suddenly, in my sleepe when very, very old, at home and not having had a dramatic illness that led to the thought that I was on the point of dying Protovium (63) Alone Pseudointeresting (17) Quietly, without pain and without fanfare psv (48) in the arms of my loved one,at the same time,old enough to feel ready PUNK PAINTER (37) instantly puppylush (35) Old, accomplished and peaceful Qaz (30) young and loved Qi (18) For a good cause Quasimodo (30) after I've lived Quimper (LV) Fufilled. Quinn (23) Proust's answer is good. qweasd quickly, doing what I love R (50) With a lucid mind (unaffected by Alzheimer's or other dementia) and not in pain Rachel (21) Having accomplished everything in life I set out to do and missed Rachel (21) I would not like to die Rachelmate (39) I WOULD LIKE TO DIE IN MY SLEEP RACHU (32) Whatever takes my life. radomu (18) Doing something I love after I turn 101 years old Raelynn (57) With my loved ones. Never alone. raf (19) In battle Ragna (19) peacefully in my sleep RagsTyler (33) Opium overdoes. Rah (25) As someone who lived a full life. Rahul (21) With my loved ones crying and remembering the good days Rain (16) With my loved ones crying and remembering the good days Rain Loved and content that I have done well with this life. rainbird Fulfilled and loved Raj (18) In sleep Raju (21) Having left my mark on the world. Ralph (21) Surrounded by my family Ramesses Benjamin Lewis (27) At home, in the Bed Ramu (59) when I'm old enough I'd go off to the mysterious Bermuda triangle and wait to see what might happen. similar scenarios can be: the black hole. Ran (25) Old but sane; wealthy. Surrounded by loved ones. Famous last words. Peace. Raph A hero Rapunzel Old, In my sleep, and dreaming of something I love Raquelle (17) To be remembered as a good wife, mother, sister, daughter, friend. Rara (22) As a person content with my life. Rashmi (21) I have died a thousand deaths; it is not the death to like, but the reincarnation that matters most. Raumabaya or The Rau (00) Very old, survived by my children. Raven (30) happy raven (17) Old and loved Raven (15) In a world free from this tyranny Raven Anston Painlessly, quickly, and without time to know it's coming. Ray of Mars (36) I wouldn't rb3868 (52) Old RD At peace with myself Rebecca (19) Jumping off something Rebecca Scheid (13) in my sleep Rebekah (29) Quickly, and painlessly Recross (25) If I must, with dignity Red (26) Quietly in my sleep. Redbeard (24) Knowing that all I touched feel a whisp of how much I cared fro them from the inside out. Redrover (50) On my own terms, after I have seen all I intend to Ree (21) in spirit we never die, in the physical i would like to die peaceful around my loved ones so I can tell them how I plan to spend my journey in the other realm ree (24) In the arms of a man I love Reed Braden (19) Surrounded by loved ones Reggie Benjamin (35) Much beloved would be nice Remi (28) peacefully and painfree, and quickly RENA (62) Tranquilly and knowingly. Makes it easier. Renata (0) silently on my death bed, with those who care for me looking down at me. Renath In my sleep at an old age after watching my kids grow up and spending time with my grandkids Renee (44) I'd like to vanish quietly, without anyone missing me. Renee Stanko (27) fulfilled, in love, and loved reneetriay (40) With knowning my father was finally proud of me. Ren Harris a legend renno (17) As somebody who no longer has the right to live Renos (24) quickly Renuka (21) with my loved ones beside me renz (15) Fulfilled, Improved Requiem (27) I'll vote with Marcel on that one too, but I'll change the gender to "woman." res10k9v5@frontier.com In a nuclear blast. Snuffed out without knowing what hit me or when. Rethinker (26) Knowing that I had a good run and would do it all over again if given the chance. retroandi Knowing that I was not an obsolete burden on society during the period leading up to my death. Reuben Samson (21) Peacefully Reva Ann (20) I would not Rewrew in my sleep Rhail (38) In the company of the one I love most RHCdG (52) peacefully, not in pain Rhea (25) Surrounded by friends and family Ric H (41) Peacefully during the most beautiful sunset that has ever existed. Richard (22) Painlessly in my sleep while friends tell poignant and funny stories about me somewhere else Rick In a state of grace Rick (18) Quietly in my sleep, unknowing. Rie Sometime after I have given back more than I will have taken from this world. Riley (26) A better man than I am, surrounded by loved ones, and most importantly to not be forgotten riley (19) Happy and without regret Riley (14) Happy and without regret Riley (14) peaceful sleeping death Rilo killed Rina (20) sleeping in the arms of michael and my baby boy. Rini In a way that would not cause me any pain. Rinilia (17) Happy, with people knowing I loved them Riss (37) NO!!!! Rissa (18) A better person than I am now, and much beloved. RiverSong (32) I'd like to live the best day of my life then die. Riza (17) in peace Rizwan (21) suddenly ro (21) peaceful rob (54) In bed next to my wife, very, very old Rob (27) With enough time to say goodbye. Robbie Curran (19) Quickly and painlessly Robert Danduran (26) Past 80 years, surrounded by my loved ones Roberto Rivadeneyra Q (35) Alive. Robert Tatler (18) not grasping to life rob luddington (45) in my sleep Robo (56) Onstage, rock'n'roll style. robot I'm not picky when it comes to likes and dislikes and death is something that i haven't planned. I don't care how i die, i just wish to live a full life and to be loved both during and after. Robyn (15) Instantly. Rochelle (40) Unafraid Rockstar with a healthy dose of life Rocky At peace with all the decisions I've made in life. Rodders (32) well Roderick yet too soon to even think about death Rodica (32) Saving a life. Rodrigo (24) by myself rodrigo zarate (29) Feeling and causing as little pain as possible. Rod Weiler (21) very, very old Roe (47) my way a sleep in bed with someone i love by my side roger (45) old age, or quick roguebroccoli (18) painlessly with a loving woman at my side Rollwagen (26) feeling like it was worth it roloropo (29) A old warm lady- achieving life success. Roma (14) Sooner, rather than later. Roman (38) peacefully at old age Romina (16) loved Romina (21) I would like it to arrive silently..... Ronald (40) Fulfilled, in my sleep, with those I love by my side Ronen (27) Old and accomplished. Roo (20) paecefully roro (23) In my own bed, on a battlefield, having sex or something equally glorious Rorshavhanswer (18) A better woman than Rosa (19) As Proust Rosalee Firth Peacefully. Rosalie Grace (16) not too young,where I have not had the chance to experience the world, but not too old where I have lost my human dignity and require the care of others- knowing I have seen all i could see,learned all I could learn and loved all i could love Rosalinda Chavez (19) as worthy of my life Rose (17) At peace and without pain for myself or others Rose (33) I don't like to think about it. Rose Old and experienced, seeing much of life and the world's changes. Rose (31) Successful, knowing I have accomplished everything I had set goals in life Roseanne (29) in my sleep Rosie (52) Having truly been loved Rosie (53) Remembered. Rosie Quickly, courageously Rossboss (37) quickly rossi not in pain ro to the rah (20) Being free. Rowan (16) Well loved, and surrounded by family Rowan Bartlett (23) In peace, sorronded by the people I love. Rox (17) Loved and admired Roxanne Mooneys (22) in a flaming exploding car race rsan Having lived a life, not a scare rtalien (25) However I am destined to. RTC (21) Quickly and painlessly. rubysparkles (23) Someone who inspires the lives of others long after my passing Rudi (24) Quickly and without pain Rumi (42) Only as a last resort and under the direst circumstances after all other options have been exhausted, and then still maybe not. runur (44) As long as I know I have made a difference and have led a happy life it really makes no difference. Rushkami (27) Surrounded with family( grandchildren inculded) and friends Ruska (33) not soon Ruskin Clay (17) as a baby Ruskin Clay (17) Without pain knowing I made a difference in a good way Russell Sandbach (53) peacefully and loved Ruth (48) Either suddenly in my sleep or in a blaze of glory defending something I treasure Ruthie (19) The old fashioned way. Sick in my old age or of old age in itself in my eighties or nineties even. Rux The woman I wanted to be but much better and loved by those I love. R. W. (26) in the arms of a woman rwk (57) healthy ry (44) In someones arms. Ryan (18) A painless death surronded by loved ones to ease the pain of becoming lifeless. Ryan (15) in the company of my best friend, my dog Ryan B (23) In my sleep as an old man after my wife has died and my children have moved out. Ryan Brun (23) Asleep. Ryan Brun (27) Asleep. Ryan Brun (29) Unknowingly Ryan C (30) Suddenly Ryan Riley (26) Remember by the world (in a good way) Ryno (26) Wearing a bow tie, with a pipe in my hand and a flowing white beard, content in my life's work and cherishing the relationships around me. Ryssan (22) Having attained a state of enlightenment, great compassion and love S (26) Happy S (13) In the battlefield s33d (20) Surrounded by love Saba (19) Loved by whom I loved Sabine (18) Only in the movies. sableye22 (17) being at peace with the fact that im dying Sabri (19) Happy that my life turned out how I wanted it too Sabrina Old age Sabrina Asleep in my bed Sacha (30) in a state of grace and with the Last Sacraments s. a. hensley (45) old,alone and healthy saief (28) As a successful & beloved mother. SAI LAXMI TATINENI (40) Fighting to live till my last breath saill (24) a better person than I am now sailor Peacefully Salem (21) Quickly Sally of Kent on another planet sam (19) scandalously Sam (24) Happy and satisfied, completed Sam (36) Happy Sam (22) Peacefully in my sleep at an old age Sam (17) after a long and full life, with the one I love, not before or after Samantha (17) Of old age.. but not so old that I am not functional. Sam(antha) (24) rich and powerful Samantha (30) Surrounded by loved ones Samantha (35) in my sleep Samantha Davenport (18) Of old age. Sam Gordon (18) In my sleep Sami (18) in sleep samps (29) with contentment SamSam (33) happily and loved by many Samuel (19) Quickly while doing something I love. San beloved by my family Sandu (15) in my sleep Sandy respected and admired Sandy (32) as an old man who has seen his hard work pay off Sandy (25) quietly sankari (39) Well thought of. Loved. Old and in bed or young on an adventure. Sara (23) Peacefully, seeing my children settled and happy Sara (57) rememberd for being a loving person Sara (50) hmm i think i'd like to know it's coming but for it to be sudden...is that possible? Sara C aka Snacks aka Sarbs (26) Ready to move on Sarah (23) no thanks sarah how and why and when i want. sarah (14) Painlessly Sarah (23) fulfilled (and old!!) Sarah (38) not feeling sick and hopefully not lonely sarah (22) violently and with a loud roar Sarah (33) peacefully and no pain sarah (21) In peace, followed by a New Orleans-style funeral. Sarah (27) Asleep in my bed, knowing that I led a meaningful life, and loved with all my heart. Sarah (18) Quickly Sarah (24) At the same time as him, because I can't imagine a moment without. Sarah (27) In my sleep sarahbeth (21) in my sleep Sarah Carlton (18) peacefully Sarah Hollinger (28) Painlessly. SarahSometimes (22) Peacefully, without knowing it I suppose, although that is kind of macabre (which is my favorite word, by the way) Sarah Taylor Vernarecci (19) Peacefully Sarah Taylor Vernarecci (19) Bitten sara luisa hincapie (23) In my sleep. Sara Ortiz (27) In a blaze of glory! Or, alternatively, in my own bed, surrounded by friends Sara P. (18) in a warm, sunny bed sargual In peace with myself Sasha (30) I wouldn't. Sasha Hasanbegovic (26) Like my late uncle - in bed surrounded by peace, love, children, great-granchildren, nieces, in-laws... Sasha_M (34) Quickly Sasha Sutton (22) not alone. sat (20) In my sleep. sauron (24) Happy, loved, admired... and quickly, preferrably in my sleep. Savannah (27) I wouldn't Savannah Henry (18) for a good cause savannahw. (19) Quietly and asleep Sax (32) Peacefully scarletsquirrel (13) Dramatically Scarlett (25) After having accomplished all I wish to do, and having had time to appreciate my accomplishments Scooter (29) I want to implode in space and form a black hole Scooter190 (21) remembered Scott (60) Happy Scott (17) Heroically, or in my sleep before health deteriorates Scott777 Quietly, loved by those who I loved and respected by the world Scotty (18) In my sleep next to a very attractive woman. Scotty with peace in mind Scout (26) In full possesion of my faculties and phisiology, having achieved all I can in one lifetime. Screaming Bastard Child of the Apocalyps (23) Never. Sean (19) Suddenly, in my sleep, when I'm good and well finished. Sean D. Thompson (22) A mountainside somewhere covered in snow after skiing a huge line. Maybe a bottomless crevase. No body, no funeral. Sean Kennedy (22) I would not like to die Sean Reveille (19) Como un hombre nuevo. Sebasagot (23) Peacefully with my friends and family around me. Sebastian (18) surrounded by the ones I love with Live forever by oasis playing in the back Sebastian H (18) with grace. Sedona (16) Like this: http://m.poemhunter.com/poem/let-me-die-a-youngman-s-death/ Sejal Ghia (24) Of really, really, really, really old age Selene H. Brent Quietly without ever knowing again what is like to survive the one I have loved SeraphimeRising (31) Readily and painlessly Serena (26) In the arms of a man I love Serene Lim (24) remembered by someone serenity Either recklessly or by my own hand, staring death in the face Seth Street (19) Listening to some good music, lying or seated, w/ a smile on my face. Sexismandthecity (28) Without regret. Sgraham (28) when I am old, old, old, but can still walk, talk, feed myself Shaina (22) With advance notice so I can give everything, including my body parts, away; but not in pain. ShaLo (66) Crowd surfing Shamir (13) knowingly Shana (22) Having achieved something to be proud of Shane (19) surrounded by loved ones shane (25) Quickly and honorably Shane In a car crash, and as someone that is well-loved and well-remembered. Shanna (19) I'd like to think I can't die. They haven't killed me yet. Shannon Cole (22) Old age SharaMays72 I dont understand the question. Shari (21) - Sharice (22) I wouldnt. SharonBillings in my sleep, knowing I've lived a good life and given more than I've taken Shauna (40) feeling wonderful shaurora (64) at peace with God and be the person that lives forever in his kingdom Shawna (21) with the man i am married happily to by my side shawna (17) loved shawpur (66) Asleep SHE (44) A wise woman surrounded in my offspring Shea (28) When I'm ready. When I've come to terms with it all. sheavsey (21) With my eyes on Jesus. Sheila D (55) in my sleep shelby Of old Age Shelley (32) i dont thinkabout stuff like that Shelly (17) While still in sound mind and body. Better to burn out than fade away. Shellybelly1 (49) rich and famous Shep Howard Old and wise. Happy that I have left a positive mark on the world. Sherry Fuller (41) to die peaceful and contented shiela (18) having lived a life in service to Christ and mankind Shig (29) Much differently than how I'm likely to die Shiloh Moretti (16) Loved and with a lineage to live on after me. Shimomeiji (19) Screaming in terrible pain Shina (28) By my own hand, and my own will, in the distant future. Shinydan (34) before my loved ones ShiversB (19) in sleep with my love shodhana (20) in my beloved's arms. Shubhda (24) better than I was shupiwe (35) Peacefully, old, with great grandchildren running around my house. Shy (25) "By the kiss of G-d" Sid (57) Old, better and surrounded by my loved ones. SID (53) Without a fuss, painlessly, with my loved ones at peace, having achieved a nuanced understanding of the world around me that lives up to my standards. Siddharth (23) Knowing I have left my children and grandchildren happy Sidedrive (70) Any way so long as I am finished with life. Siena (21) With a sense of fulfilment. Signe (22) Whilst asleep Simen (18) Happy and surrounded by loved ones Simon (19) content and happy with my lot Simon (20) I still don't think about dying but I wish I could be burned after that 'execution' Simona (16) more accomplished and happy than I am at the present moment sinawae (27) Not alone sindjiro In a hail of gunfire Sirena Wainford (17) Soon or not at all...... Sirith (33) Quietly surrounded by family. Sir Richard (52) Lying with the sun on my face, listening to the sounds of nature, and after soul's sighing departure becoming bird and worm food, cloaked by the earth. Sixela Negomi a better question: how do I want to live? sj (23) Looking back on a life worth living SJ (44) Proud of everything I have accomplished in my life Sj (16) spontaneously combusting, leaving no trace behind. SkinnyBoneTree (25) in a state of mind that isn't finalized skitalica (27) Asleep skurge (18) happy or at least with acceptance Skytalker (26) Panilessly and unknowingly SL (22) With acceptance Sle (41) happy, and fast sleepy (20) sleeping Slim On my own terms. Sloceface (23) A better man than I am, leave this world lonely, quietly sluggishflow (22) At ease with myself, with loved ones near S. M. A. Armstrong (21) Suddenly Smaranda (33) Asleep like an old man should, not screaming like the passengers on his bus. Smeghead with no regrets and having forgiven smithmarg (45) Not very much, thank you. Smo (27) Quietly. No fanfare, I'd just like to disappear one day and have people ask, "what ever happened to her?" I hate goodbyes. smude In a fiery blaze of glory snibab (19) martyrdom snorris (23) As a highly respected and feared man of prominence Snyde (38) Peacefully, safe and tucked away, knowing more than I do now So (22) not watching a Ben Affleck movie socksless Peacefuly Sofi (24) Saving a life, particularly one whom I admire greatly. Sofia (15) happy in myself and others around me, knowing i've lived my life fully, taken risks, been spontaneous in the best way and left my mark on the world. also sleeping sofia (14) Without agony Sofía Happy Sofia Picasso (14) Quickly and painlessly. Sofía P. S. (20) I wouldn't like to dye Sofyzitahh (23) Quickly solitary confinement (44) In the arms of one I love Solomon (24) instantly SolomonGrundy (45) Knowing I have brought joy to those who have known me. Sombra (20) traveling at the speed of light Some random person (16) in my sleep Sonet P Without even knowing it. Sonia (25) Old and without regrets. Sonja (27) Having written my poems, shed my pain, and stirred the senses and moved the hearts of those I love. Sonya Dahl (21) Not alone...maybe a hero. at my worst, I have thought of committing suicide Soos (32) sleeping sooz (38) Of old age, with people I love nearby. Sophia (25) Mourned but accepted. Sophie (17) Veeeery old, surrounded by my all my loved ones, having seen them happy and being sure of their future happiness. Sophie peacefully. Sophie sleeping Sorrow (23) on my bed while sleeping souma (32) prepared SoundofWater (35) The best version of myself and satisfied with it. Sourabh Bharadwaj (21) In the act of discovering the secret of life. S.P. (20) Old sp3ccylad (44) simple death Spacebug (42) All at once Spacey (24) Loved Sparrow (46) In my sleep Sparrow (17) After all those that I live have died, so I can see them to peace Speck (36) Well Spencer (25) Suddenly and without warning. Spencer Stewart Calm and painlessly, with no regrets. Spencer Valdez (11) With everything on my bucket list done. Oh, and preferably not in an electric chair or by injection. Spencer Valdez (12) A hero, admired for courage, fortitude, and will. Spike Spiegel I NEVER want to die! Spina Bifida By my own hand, at a peak of my delusion of happines. spyrost (50) suddenly Srishti Gupta (19) afasf sssssssssssssssssssss (23) loved and cherished by those who matter to me. hope they remember me as the "happy person with the sunshine smile". ssv (40) at peace with all around me stan (54) Being better than I am already Star (11) Depends on the circumstances Starflower (19) Doing what I believed in most Ste (26) in peace Stella (28) Standing (and quickly) Stella (37) In my sleep. Stella (53) quickly Steph I would not like it at all Steph Happy Stephanie (23) asleep and painlessly Stephanie (21) Of natural causes, knowing that I lived a life worth living. Stephanie (18) not at all Stephanie (49) a better woman then i am, and much beloved stephanie (20) with lots of time to say goodbye to my loved ones, to tell them they were important to me stephbsemilla (40) on my 101 birthday, in my sleep Stephen (56) with others knowing I cared Stephen (78) deathstar blast to the face Stephen Stacks Laughing. Steve (20) I would not like to die. Steve an escalator to the island of the blessed Steve (56) To have finished something Steve Hanawalt (56) Saving another life ( preferably a dog), listening to the sounds and smelling nature. Steve K (27) doing something I enjoy or standing for what I believe in Steven Porter (21) As a very, very old man, in good health and free of pain. Steve Shives (29) not alone, don't think about this stoffie (26) not too young, not too old stojan (32) Having accomplished paying forward all that has been given to me in love. Stork Daddy Painfully. As I deserve it. Stormy (17) never stradling with as least trouble to my loved ones as possible, I've already seen the light and know the dying is easy STUPID IDIOT (0) Alone and sitting up. Subhartho (26) without pain Sue (49) Ironically. Sunbul (18) as a realized soul Sundaraa (32) Well loved by people other than family. sunny quickly sunshineguerilla (28) In my sleep SuperflyTNT In my sleep Susan (63) With all my affairs in order, in my sleep Susan (63) peacefully in a bed Susan Collins (21) Ready to meet my Lord Susan Dawn Fain (59) Saving the life of someone else Susie (20) usefully susie karpasitis (26) Christ comes back for us all Susie Q (73) helping others suzanne Falling off a cliff Suzanne (41) With people I love, peacefully Suzanne Cohen (53) old forfilled and happy in my sleep Suzy (19) quickly, maybe in sleep SvetikSmile (20) In bed Swallow When OI ready Swan (75) By falling asleep. Swapna (21) old and quickly Switz (29) in my sleep sybann (50) Of old age, peacefully and in my sleep. Sydchez very quickly Sydney Kilbane (18) same... with tasks accomplished t1 happy T (19) With all who knew me better off because they knew me T (26) happily T (18) In my sleep and with joy in my heart. T (20) On a spaceship. Some sort of lightsaber in hand. T.A. (34) I NEVER want to die! Tabitha Murray (42) For a just cause Taeleyn во сне TAHbKA painlessly tai (22) in my sleep taintme peacefully, no pain. Remembered. tal (13) In my sleep Tallulah (29) in peace TAMAR (23) I never want to tamar (54) doing what I love to do....preferably very very VERY old tamara (48) just after hot sex. tamera miller (33) not to reggret about my actions in the past Tamila (18) with much love tanichis (32) in battle moments after I've killed Lilith Aschtherlar and freed those under her rule Tanwen Aschtherlar Tormey (18) Peaceful. At home in my own bed surrounded by family. Tara (37) Quietly Tash (29) A better person than I am now, beloved, and having had a positive impact on the world. Tatiana (17) At my own hand, without regrets, in peace with myself Tatiana (21) Quickly. Tatiz (19) Loved and not a burden upon those I love Taylor (24) A happier, better person who is loved and appreciated. Taylore Dawn (18) Entirely alone, as to not bother anyone, in a field of flowers Taylor Van Allen (24) peacefully, having the satisfaction of having led a fruitful life tazmur (26) Assassinated while waving and smiling TB Don't really want to tbkemz (42) Unknowingly, before my wife and children. T. Christopher Cox (43) Without remorse Tebvy (24) old, happy, rich Ted (26) in my sleep, knowing that all my family and friends are christians Tee (40) in my own bed Teehee (18) while in love TEESHA (27) No one ever dies Tekoa Butler Not alone. Teleute (17) happy Teme (18) Painlessly and in old age please. Tennrox Painlessly and in old age please. Tennrox Of old age, in my sleep, with a still-sharp mind. Teresa (43) going gentle into that sweet night teri (73) as a sacrifice to my art terios (21) Creating meaning in my life by protecting those whom I love. Terra (22) Old and asleep Terri (35) Later. Terry (41) Naturally Terry (66) quickly, violently and painlessly TerryG (49) Fighting for freedom Terrylee (35) in the arms of my love Terrylynn0609 (39) IN ALL HONESTY....THEIR IS NO SUCH THING AS DEATH, UNLESS YOU BELIEVE IN NOTHING. TERRY YORK II in my sleep tess (24) suddenly with no pre-knowledge Tess (53) with my family Tess Calopedos (17) Beloved and satisfied with my life, without pain and at peace Tess Fiennes (40) in my sleep and healthy tg (48) Happily, and without fear Thambi (24) any way, as long as it does not be a burden to anyone else thatchaa (17) I wouldn't. I really wouldn't. that guy #999 (29) I wouldn't, but given I have to, I want to expire when I'm old That New Chris Sloce (18) Peacefully thebabycub (39) quietly after achieving my goal The Beast It is better to go out with a bang than a whimper. The Big Liddle (31) On a sidewalk with no warning The Boss learning The Desert (22) Knowing I left this world a bit better then I found it. TheDoctor76 (35) "Live slow, die old, leave a legacy" The Essential Man (26) Old, decripid, with nothing else to give, knowing i helped the world be a better place and had some laughs along the way TheFear77 (23) in full conscience theGeneral (19) in my sleep the grill (31) As I have lived, with wild abandon yet with integrity The hungry caterpillar (29) remebered 2 centuries later, for a contribution to human understanding- like Mendel The Imprecise Duke Of Phonology (77) In the most awesome way possible; a way so awesome, it is still unknown The Josh Rollins (21) Ah, a soul at rest. I dream of the day. The Man In The Brown Hat I'd much rather prefer not to die at all, if I can help it! The Mouse Avenger (20) In dream. Theo Loved and to have done significant matters theravenette (15) Loved and to have done a significant positive matter theravenette (15) Beloved, successful, peaceful Theresa (22) In an explosion The Roomba Mifi (28) Peacefully on my bed Thia (29) Amongst Loved ones, without dementia. Thinplank (40) Bleeding Thom (23) Without any regrets Thomas12081983 Better then how I am today, and peacefully Thomas (16) I strive for nothing beyond the present at its' finest ThomasM Vicariously. Thomzagod (39) In a mansion surrounded by hot-ass bitches Thor Hammerstein (16) Remembered for the good I have done, for the knowledge and positivity I've spread. Thothanatos92 (23) Quickly and painlessly. thoughtlessdreamer (15) Softly. Thrakish (18) Saving a life Thunderpussy (48) After "Metempsychosis", after Goulart Tiago Moura (15) A failed base jumping adventure Tianna In battle, if I must die at all. But we fairies tend to live quite a long time. It is almost impossible for us to die. Tianna Alysia Kallan (37) While sleeping tick quietly in my sleep at 95 years of age tiffany Surrounded by loved ones Tiffany (44) I agree with Proust, A better woman and hopefully have accomplished more than I have right now. Tiffany Beatty (19) tragically young tiffany; (lifefromtheshelf.blogspot.com) (17) surrounded by loved ones TiffanyTee (26) Having accomplished my dreams Tiger and Lions Knowing I did the best I could for my family. Tim (27) Fighting for a cause or with my wife. Tim In the arms of my wife. Tim (24) Old and asleep Tim Getting shot in the middle of the street, preferably midday. Tim Proser (17) Old, at home with my wife holding my hand Tim Sandle As I lived timwarnock (34) An old woman after a healthy life with my child/ren and grandchildren around me feeling fulfilled Tina (32) Smiling and with others Tina (16) I want to die on top of my game and when I finally get this thing called love right. Tina (44) much loved in an Italian villa Tini in my sleep Tinkoo (24) Having accomplished all that I desired, simultaneously with my other half Tinuvielyra surrounded by loved ones, quietly without hassle Tivia Stewart (40) suddenly at a ripe old age before becoming physically infirm tj (39) It is a matter of much contention, as I feel I should have died in the trenches of France. Tobias Budge (25) Listening to songs of praise in bed, crying. Tobyn Sebastian (24) I only want the transition to be as smooth and quick as possible. Todd in later life, surrounded by loved ones Tofu (19) Young, sword in hand, dying for others Tom (21) As an old man, having poured my heart to my only love Tom G (19) Alone and uncomfortably Tommy (19) Unexpectedly Tommy Boy (24) Not alone Tongbite Matt (36) Old and in my sleep Toni (48) Peacefully, in my sleep Toni Spimoni Happy that I am dying, for I have achieved enough to feel ready to leave. Toño Cabrera-Pereyra (31) remembered for the little things I did to help others, my time volunteering to help others Tony (48) Saving the world as much as it can be saved. Tony (30) Happy Tony (17) Alive Tony (17) That I have fulfilled all of my obligations here down on Earth to please my family and friends, especially my Lord. Tonya Jones (39) IN a heroic fashion. Or very very old surrounded by loved ones. The ultimate cliches. toosnowoman ready Toria (37) Get high on drugs and walk out into the savannah until lions kill me. Torsksåsen (22) old age in sleep after a crazy weekend tracey Die happy knowing how much I have accomplished in my years of living in my life. tracynle (20) In my sleep Tracy TB (45) surrounded by my family at a very very old age travis Sudden and without pain Travis (25) Silently Travis Mask (49) Loved by many Tre with a room filled with friends TREE (21) I don't want to die. Tree Girl (29) Quickly doing something I love Trent Duval (28) Old and happy Tres bien (43) of old age Trevor In my sleep Trevor (24) Awake and aware but slow enough to say goodbye Trevor McSwain (24) Not yet tri Powerful Trinity Chapa (15) fast and painlessly triplet (30) with a legacy of love and faith - a life well-lived Trish In your arms Trisha (17) happy Trisha (29) With dignity and with much love Tristan (14) In my sleep. After a wonderful dinner on the town. Trixie Fighting a Grizzly Bear to the death trotter (30) knowing my children are in a sound state of mind Troy Casa (50) quikly tsiou (33) beloved and give something to the one behind tt (27) I wouldn't Turk (24) quietly with no sensation turnbull (27) Knowing I've lived well Turnus Aware of what was happening, over a protracted period, but with minimal suffering. Turtle Heart in my sleep tutu on my own term Twigtwill (21) Ha, "a better man than I am". I think we just change, become better in some ways, a bit worse in others. I would like to die knowing I did everything I could. I would like to die with love in my heart and my mind clear. Twillightdoom (17) Without notice twondbestbed (34) Memorably Ty (18) Any way that's painless. Tyler (24) Saving someone Tyler (16) Surrounded by those who love me. Tyler Scott (41) Healthy and old or for others Ty-test Quickly, without pain and with the knowledge that my life was well-spent Udan Outwort (61) A better man than I am, and much beloved (same as Proust) Uddhipan Thakur (24) Thin uiioop (17) Loved by many Uma (63) Doing something for someone I love umd.16 (20) Not alone. Quicklt and without mess. Hardly noticing it. UnoZen In my sleep in healthy old age Ursus M. H. Spelaeus (59) A happy contended old man V (27) In my own bed, at an old age, with the one I love Val (31) Young&quickly&accomplished. Valentina (17) at peace with the life I lived, with my own shortcomings, on a sunny day, at home, with those I love most, and while feeling happy Valeria Ryrak (21) Painlessly and immediately Valtharos (22) Without , if possible , hurting anyone emotionally or in anyway Van (22) loved vanessa (33) happy and in my own bed Vanessa Cardui (43) A man who's name will be sung through time vard95 Painlessly and quickly. Varna (25) without experiencing it or painlessly Vato (39) i wouldnt. Vbonita (28) In sleep VBozic (40) In sleep Vedada (28) Without notice veejay (32) After having left behind an impression on the sands of time Veera Painlessly and quickly. Ventricle (24) quietly and peacefully vera (28) in a peaceful place veri333 (21) Going to sleep and not waking up Verona Jones (59) I wouldn't Veronica (20) I would like to be murdered for doing something so right that someone couldn't tolerate it. Veronique (18) having felt satisfied with what I've learned, accomplished, and given to others Vesan (33) sleeping, and dreaming with my life and with the ones i loved. vi (20) In a way that will be either tragically or comically ironic Vi (22) bedding my wife Vic (46) saving someone I love dying for a worthy cause Vicki in my sleep peacefully and happy after a long good life filled with love vicky (26) Yikes, no one Vicky (24) In the arms of an angel, neither my body nor my spirit knowing I have died Victoria (37) Peacefully with love all around me. Victoria (59) In the fall Victoria (16) Asleep and in love Victoria (23) An honorable death Victoria Comfortably, with no regrets, holding the hand of my favorite person. Victoria Song (22) Never. I am immortal. Victor Shade (27) Painlessly, and with people who care about me, if they're there. Victor Trevor (23) as a record breaking 269 year old videoalex Peacefully, in that I have made peace with my life and am ready to die, and not trying to grasp on to every ounce of life as I would if I were to die today. Peaceful in a physical sense doesn't hurt, either. Vijay Pierce (23) a better man vikram (34) Peacefully in an armchair Vikram Krishnan (24) in a way that no one can imagine, and people are not hurt Viktor (28) In honor and remembrance Viktor (19) In the face of my enemies, content that I have done all I could. Viktor Corzich (35) Killed by a bullet Viktor Sigareff (19) With a clear concience, pain managed and knowing that I tried my best. Village Of Brooklin (45) Proudly Vincent (19) exploding vinnie smalls (15) with dignity, strength and the firm held belief that my atoms will be recycled eternally VinnyGreenock72 When my spaceship burns up on re-entry Violet (18) Drunk, drugged, passed out, with a beautiful woman beside me Viorel (25) Hit by a meteor Virginia (20) A better person, and someone who has made a difference in the world. Someone that people will remember. Virginia (12) happy and oversaturated visualizations (22) importantly. Viv (14) Defending my fellow women Vivian Drowning in the depths of silent mountain lakes Vivianne Liliaceae Aspho Vilth Peacefully VK (42) As a satisfied man, with little regrets and much contentment VK (22) while sleeping, in my dream Vlada (20) In my sleep after a very long healthy fulfilling life Vogette (55) Happy and satisfied Vs (18) In my husbands arms. vur Knowing that I gave it my all. Wallace (85) Doesn't matter, if only as soon as possible. Walter (19) I wouldn't Wanda (26) Peacefully and blissfully Watson (27) With honour, having achieved the things I wanted to. wattc128 alone, as I have lived, without a bunch of people standing around pretending they're not glad it's not them that's dying... waypast Quietly in my sleep at an old age Wendy (34) Quick and painless, long after the majority of my loved ones have died Wendy (22) well-loved by my family and friends Wendy Chase (47) I wont. wendysday (20) Naturally wes (19) quick and painless whim (40) Standing for my faith. Whitney (19) peacefully and in no pain Whitney (41) Knowing that everyone I love is happy Whitney Sorenson (33) and old man, a very old man, a very very old man or gloriously on the battlefield WHMIV (30) With eyes wide open whosbecks (36) i will like to die with no sickness Widmy Pierre Louis (21) peacefully wiff (15) Don't know Wikiki Near the ocean surrounded by the one's I love. Will (26) shot in the head Willamid (20) free and forgetful William (43) At home, with no pain, and at peace. Willow Skylor Loved Will RF (23) loved Win (22) Imagining it would be Step 1 to suicide. Windalfr (23) with as little pain to loved ones left behind as possible winterjewel (36) doing something exciting with someone I love wintermellen (14) I'd like to never die wise madman (28) last wizz I would like to die in my sleep. WJ (43) Asleep Wolf In battle Wolf (NA) In my sleep at age 100 or more, or at least suddenly--after re-finalising my will Wolffy (67) In a blazing gun battle Woody (75) Glad that I had lived. Wormsie (24) quietly wowderry (54) Surrounded by loved ones and at least half as proud of myself as they are of me Wren (22) I will let GOD choose that. Wyteria (20) in my sleep xandra (35) on a cloud. Xan Etienne I never want to die Xavier (18) At peace Xer (23) happily and peacefully Xialing Gan (27) a good death xxx (26) With a full life. XYZ (17) lucid xyzz (20) in battle Y (15) While I sleep, after having lived a long life, among my loving family. I want people to laugh over my grave, so I'll know life go on without me yair eshel (30) Old age, sweet looking and still able to laugh. Yaisha (19) Surrounded by people I love Yale (20) Asleep, after a good meal with loved ones. Yehudster (60) without regres yesh (25) In my sleep .. and OLD. HAHA Yi (24) beloved and great surgeon yogi (22) en paz yoko (28) Knowing I changed the world for the good in some way Yomaine (13) quickly and by my mountain creek yonderways (58) Dreaming Yuki (20) i want to die with agood reputation and being loved by the people i love Yulissa (19) After a full life, loved and in peace. Z (31) instantaneously Z In sleep at home. Zac (28) Not very much. Zach (26) peacefully Zach Alone without anyone knowing Zachary (25) A better man than I am Zachary (27) In my sleep, without me or anyone else knowing till after the fact Zachary I'd rather not die, but if I had to I guess I would want to die for a good cause. Zachary Echo Auburn (17) better than the way i came in zach taylor (17) Happy, surrounded by loved ones. Zach Tibbs (20) very old and surrounded by kids and grandkids Zana (38) Unknowingly and old Zar (21) Satisfied, at least in part, that I tried my best to Live fully Zara With a strong sense of 'I did my all at my utmost' zebratitle (24) No. zed (25) peaceful, knowing my life was lived. death remains an unfathomable concept to me. i fear it and i acknoledge that fear. Zee (21) In a way that would be remembered Zee (17) With a smile on my face zetababy Asleep. zig Quickly and only when I am ready to accept death. Zigmant (19) instantaneoulsy zizi (55) beloved Zizzle (25) In the arms of, and at the same time as, my lover Zozobra (17) remembered for contributing on a massive scale to society Zyg (65) 在睡梦中安详的离去,没有痛苦 杨婷婷 (24) 爽死。 简直 (25) 爽死。 简直 (25) 爽死。 简直 (25)

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What do you regard as the lowest depth of misery?  Where would you like to live?  What is your idea of earthly happiness?  To what faults do you feel most indulgent?  Who are your favorite heroes of fiction?  Who are your favorite characters in history?  Who are your favorite heroines in real life?  Who are your favorite heroines of fiction?  Your favorite painter?  Your favorite musician?  The quality you most admire in a man?  The quality you most admire in a woman?  Your favorite virtue?  Your favorite occupation?  Who would you have liked to be?  Your most marked characteristic?  What do you most value in your friends?  What is your principle defect?  What to your mind would be the greatest of misfortunes?  What would you like to be?  What is your favorite color?  What is your favorite flower?  What is your favorite bird?  Who are your favorite prose writers?  Who are your favorite poets?  Who are your heroes in real life?  Who are your favorite heroines of history?  What are your favorite names?  What is it you most dislike?  What historical figures do you most despise?  What event in military history do you most admire?  What natural gift would you most like to possess?  How would you like to die?  What is your present state of mind?  What is your motto?

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