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What is your motto?

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I don't believe in mottos. 009 (19) adsf 1 Mottos become cliche eventually 50ad (17) breathe, and all things live 6nianji-ZHC (38) don't be a dick 80cubed (55) Walk it off, hug it out. A (19) Beauty is Truth, Truth, Beauty A Be thankful rather than expectant A. (27) make good choices A (26) I don't have one A. Do it right the first time A (26) I don't need a motto to achieve my goals AA (23) I don't got one. aaaaaaa (18) None AAAKKK Despite death and time and things beyond man's control, he possesses the inner gift of finding that life is beautiful, with the sentience, knowledge, friendships, love, passion for one's craft, music and beauty that it affords. aag (22) i haven't got one aallisonr (30) enjoy it while you can Aaron (32) Everything is possible Aaron Guy Leroux (37) I don't have one Aarushi Agarwal (13) Being good is a process that will take your entire life. Abbie (22) Be kind to yourself; you're the only you you have Abbie Hartley I don't have one Abby (26) Let Unconquorable Gladness Dwell AbbySF nobody has the right to tell you you're bad at something, take your time, and when you do achieve this be the big man and do not say Abegando (28) Live every day like it is your last. Abigail Harris (10) Are you Kind? ABP (50) what you do is what you will receive Abraham (41) We are entrusted with our own lives to make masterpieces of them. Abs You only live once AC (18) Withoyt de 'eart, de mind can never truly live. Acara McFadden (28) Fuck me badly once shame on you, fuck me badly twice shame on me ACH (23) I don't have one. A. Clifford Stowe (81) Think for yourself! If you can, help others; if you cannot do that, at least do not harm them. Adam (22) life is about being happy Adam (25) All's fair in love & war Adam (20) I don't like motto's, they inevitably fail.... so, doubt i suppose. Adam Hyde (26) love, love more, forget, forget more adieudusk give your best shot1 Aditya (25) Small bits of fortune do not emberass one who can digest even bigger ones. Admiral Love (33) Not expect too much from others, live each day as it comes Adonia (40) Fuck it! Say it now or you will regret it later. Adrian (18) tomorrow, today will be yesterday Adriana (16) this is life.. or something like it Adriana (16) carpe diem adriana (45) Be enlightened. Adrian Bauza (20) The moment you stop making excuses for yourself is the moment you advance. Adrian George Nicolae (24) I Defy Adrian Martyn (34) Be the exception not the statistic Adrianna (18) Death to America AdrianOz (45) Silence is Golden. Adrian Winters (17) live life till the end Ady (22) "Do unto others" is failsafe aetilson (41) those from rilke, gibran, russell, and richard taylor a.g. (23) there's no other education different from self-education agagagaga (24) Never give up, never give in. Agent00V (18) Hay mas tiempo que vida A.G. Mata (21) Live and let live Agneska (20) It is what it is agony (25) audentes fortuna iuvat (fortune favors the bold) Agreen (29) Never allow someone to be your priority while allowing yourself to be their option. Agu (21) Always expect the worst and reality will never match your imagination. Agustina (27) Do people have mottoes? A Half Empty Beaker myself, myself, myself ahmad (27) don't be indifferent ahmad (24) It's not what you do, but how you do things that define who you are. Ai (21) Be a good person so God will help you to be happy Aida (22) Keep going and keep getting better, Aidan (21) You are confined only by the walls you build yourself. Aidan Devlin (15) INTO SHADOW. Aiden i have yet to have one aiko (20) Never Miss Hanukkah? No, how about- there are two paths that you can go by, but in the long run- there's still time to change the road you're on. Ailene I don't have one yet aimée (22) What would Jesus do? aimee.dawson (21) Live and let live Aisha Milburn (32) stay happy no matter what situation your facing aishu (14) Living life by one principle leads to a very close-minded person. A.J. (27) Make the impossible possible AJ (18) none Ajam (21) Has anyone really been far as decided to usse even want to do look more like? Ajay (17) Only the bravest try where eagles and angels dare to fly. Ajm9511 (21) live and let live akansha (26) I'm fine. akanthe (19) If nothing else: bear witness. If possible: laugh. For bonus points: say something. Akbar Shahzad (20) Just to be honest and genuine in all situations Aki Live long and prosper Aks (20) You can call me (Al). I may not always answer, though. Al (28) Not to worry, not to fret, everything's wonderful, just not yet. Al (55) It's all about relationships Alan (58) While you need to work your ass off to achieve what you want, you still need to stop and smell the roses and enjoy the world around you. Alan Arkin (44) Live and let the others live AlbaManuela (18) Keep calm and pack a bowl. Alden Lee Klaput (18) Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional. Aldonza77 (47) Do your best, provided by my best friend from Russia. Ale (28) Why have a motto? I live in the moment. Alecksi Get your shit together Alejandro Amoretti (28) Achieveing goals alek (20) Spero! Aleksei Kotsov (63) many for different situations. alessa (21) "No friend ever served me, and no enemy ever wronged me, whom I have not repaid in full." (L.C. Sulla) Alessandro Pian (30) I am done Alessio Lucchini (46) To find my true purpose whle seeking truth and wisdom. Aletha Camack I have many. One of them is Nietzsche's "Whoever fights monsters should see to it that in the process he does not become a monster. " Alex I don't know Alex (22) You're never too young to die. Alex (17) there is a solution alex (38) those who can do good should alex (23) Everything happens for a reason Alex (21) The most noble life is one lived in service of others Alex (23) Carpe diem Alex (32) "To each their own" alexa (28) Ozone or Bust. Alexander (33) It cant always rain. Alexander (19) Not sure I have one, but here are some I admire: The love you take is equal to the love you make; Don't wear your wishbone where your backbone should be Alexandra (27) No excuses. Alexandra (19) You are only as good as how you treat those around you. Alexandra (24) This changes from day to day Alexandra (18) Good manners and bad breath get you nowhere. Alexandra (24) dont have one Alexandra Bryhter (24) How vain it is to sit down to write when you have not stood up to live Alexandra SweetTale4u Cruz Reach for the star Alexandre (28) Truth will set you free AlexandriaHMerlin (40) Live each day like it is to be your last AlexandriaLHash (30) Certum est, quia impossible est. alexandrine (15) "Never Give UP" Alex Brooks (18) don't have one Alex C. you have not lived until you've done something for someone who can never repay you. Alexis (17) i have not yet developed one that I am comfortable living by Alexis Johnson (19) yolo, but i'm only kidding, Just trying my best in everything is my motto, and be happy. Alex Reimann (18) I'm just a musical prostitute, my dear. Aley (60) Fight for your dreams al-g (24) Every cloud has a white... Ali (37) Live and let live. There's no such thing as wasting time. Ali A. Rizvi It's never too early for a sequin. Alice I need to think of one. Alicein1derland (27) As Proust says, it may bring bad luck Alicia (68) I have none. alicja (38) Live well, die fabulously. Aliid Consistency is the last refuge of the unimaignative. Alin (23) If you don't like something, change it. If you can't change it, change your attitude. Maya ANGELOU Aline Guiraudie (36) try and be nice alipans (57) Knowing when being a bitch is warranted. Alishba Zarmeen (24) observe, don't jump to conclusions alison wonderland fuck it. AliZaidi (29) trust, but verify alli (49) I don't have one - that's the problem! Allison (33) Fortune aids the daring. Allison (20) I don't think I have one. Allison you only live once so make it count allison (19) Live to achieve Allison Jean (21) I don't have a motto. Who does?! Allison Jean Hazen (34) be grateful alliswell (62) ... Alma (25) Hold on to what you have. Alma Jean Porter (70) Who the hell is looking at me, anyway?? almavidrio (35) Waste not, want not. Altjungr (30) i do not believe i have one Alvilda (20) One day, the world might be a better place and it'll be your fault. Alx nulli secunda alya (17) A man's reach exceeds his grasp. Alyanna (22) No rules, no regrets, die happy Alyce J. if there's a will there's a way. Alyssa Cordova (17) Make it last. But not too long. (Alyssa. I feel you. Please don't come for me. It'll make you hurt. So badly.) Alyssa Darkling The moon is always my friend. Alyssa Moonchild (16) Be Kind. AM Don't ever have mottos. Amanda learn from every situation that you are in Amanda (42) Keep on going AmandaFYS13 (18) Quas Dederis Solas Semper Habebes Opes, Natura Artis Magistra Amandine (31) I'd rather keep that to my self for reasons currently unknown to even myself Amara This too shall pass. Amber (18) Tomorrow is another day Amber (37) Tomorrow is another day Amber (37) Silence is Golden..... Ame (37) If you don't make it, it's your own damn fault. Amelia (13) You can do it. You can do it. You can do it. (I just keep repeating this to myself until I actually do it.) Amelia Gates (formerly Pippet) (10) Carpe Diem ameliowata (20) Live and learn Americanoid (50) From Emerson: What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us. americanwoman (62) dont have one ames (21) what doesn't kill you makes you stronger ammb (29) I am water. Amrita (22) I have many, one for each occasion amu I wish it were carpe diem, but I don't have a motto. Amy (33) ... Amy (28) Learn from every bit of life you can amy (33) Continue. Amy (35) Do your best, and no one can fault the result. Not sure who said that. Amy Becker; Character: Merriwether Finch (27) There are a few but I'm not sure I believe in any of them. Amy Cottington-Bray o to others what you would like to be done to you amz (16) love, love, love. Ana (21) good and bad are human concepts, everything is impermanet Ana (30) the only way out is through; don't worry, ever ana (16) ''Don't be affraid!'' ana (34) "Blessed are the hearts that can bend; they shall never be broken" Ana Carolina (16) I have no motto, I just live life. Analise (40) make yourself so high that God himself asks you of your wish Anam (26) "The mind is its own place and in itself, can make a Heaven of Hell, a Hell of Heaven." by John Milton is the one I'd use to describe my own motto. Ana Marija (20) A motto, eh? Sounds a bit wanton. Ananke (25) creation is a patient search anasonic (29) Make money, stack paper ancientrobot (31) never look backl andraya (23) Party on. Andre Fortune favors the brave Andrea (16) You think this sucks? Try being a kid in Africa with no food, water, or education. Andrea (13) Whatev's ANDREAADKINS (26) Freedom and mental peace AndreaFeliu (28) I have no particular motto. Andreas (19) Fierce Andrea SB (32) God Over Money andres007 (19) Everyone goes to heaven leaning on the arms of those we've helped. Andrew (20) Live for the moment. It is a new day. Andrew (22) strive Andrew (25) Resilience. Andrew (20) I am still searching for one Andrew (28) HYFR trying to think of a safe for work version of it that has as much edge Andrew (22) I live by the hour, it changes 24 times a day... But I guess I just found it. andrew (24) Less is more Andrew barlow (26) Don't shoot yourself in the face Andy (25) Carry on my wayward son Andy (23) Carry on my wayward son Andy (23) It is better to be prepared for the unexpected, than to be unexpectedly not prepared. andy rayford (28) follow your bliss ang (99) Be human Angel None Ângela (24) Whatever you have done to the least of these brothers of mine, you have done to me. Angela (30) Do unto others as you would have them do to you. Angela (19) You never know unless you try. Angela Estrada (20) veritas lux mea angelina (26) Just keep trying because if you don't, you never know what you'll miss. Angel Rodrigues (41) life isn't as trivial as it appears... but I don't think this one has helped me any longer and I need a new one. angie (29) You only get as much as you're willing to put forward Ani SNOOOOOO-ooooooo-P Ani (22) live life to the fullest Anik (16) everyone i know has a big but anjali You cannot change other people, only yourself. Anjel (28) serve and obey me Anjelah49 (49) i shall not share , so others may have the chance at finding what they live by instead by being influenced by what i live by. Ankassandra (15) RUNNING UP THAT HILL! Anke! (17) People change. Memories dont. Ann (19) You are responsible for your own happiness Ann (62) This too shall pass Anna (20) To each his own Anna (20) In Deo Speramus. Anna (34) don't have any, though now I'm thinking about choosing one. Anna Kalimar (18) Make death proud to take us. Anna Maria (21) Give AnnaMay (51) 'those who live the Autotelic Lives contribute to decrease the level of entropy in the awareness of everyone'(Csikszentmihalyi);'If we really want to live,we'd better start at once to try;if we don't, it doesn't matter, but we'd better start to die'(Auden) Anna O. Nietzsche said something like "one must have chaos in oneself to be able to give birth to a dancing star." Anna Stein (21) Living well is the best revenge Ann Delaney (44) Never bored. Anne (21) Just keep swimming ... Annelise (40) Theodore Roosevelt's saying is great: over, under, through . . . but never around! Anne Louise Sheldon (34) tina belcher quotes Annie Be kind Anniel (62) I wouldn't be living my life the way I am, If I'm going to regret it in the end... AnonAzure (19) One's real life is often the life that one does not lead. anonim (18) take risks anon moose (19) Live, laugh, love and do it looking cute! Ansley Stevenson (16) Depends on the day. Anthony (23) It all started with a mouse Anthony (24) I don't have one. Anthony D C (20) Blood is thicker than water Anthony lawhon (27) Your best is always good enough Anthony Scine-Sceni (42) none Antoinette (21) agreed antoinette (24) To coin Sweet Charity's: "To live hopefully ever after". Anton (52) We never have a burden havier than we can carry. Antoniette (20) i dont have one Antonina (20) To each his own Antonio Lemos (18) Smile, breathe and go slowly Anty continue living and be happy not paying attention to anything!!!! Anya (22) To thine own Self be true. / Do nothing you will regret; and having done that, regret nothing that you have done. Anya (71) Just because it's scary doesn't mean you shouldn't try it. Anzi (27) No mottos. a.o. (40) As I am an indecisive person, deciding on one punch line is impossible Aoife Walsh "Be Aware of the Messengers" (Original in Greek from Plotinus) Apollo (58) Carpe diem Apos Believe in the Phoenix Apply (30) There is one for every occasion. April (20) "You can trust that God's story will be good, whether we fell down or we stood." April (21) Patience AR (20) "Hang in there, baby!" Ara (15) dont think about it Aranneaa (19) There's no kill like overkill. Ardent (30) Feel the fear and do it anyway A real phony (27) life is a chance given only once, live it wisely Areeba (25) Earn it. Own it. Don't ask for permission. Ari (29) Keep your friends close but your enemies closer. Arianna (15) Go big or go home. Ariella Bordaine: Female Protagonist (20) The fire may be hot, but the roasting is even hotter Arizona (19) "You can't obtain something you want if you don't work hard for it. You can't expect results if you make laziness your best friend." Arnold Murray (42) The only nation is the Imagination. AROG I don't really have any motto Artie (17) Matthew 5:11-12 (look it up) Artie Mondello (18) As Rick Astley powerfully declared "Never gonna give (you) up" Aruz Elliott (29) I want to work for Goldman Sachs. AS (32) To thine own self be true. ascetic monk (51) Give up when you're dead Asfiya Mariam (21) You might as well live. Ash (23) Hope for the best and be prepared for the worst Ash (28) Eat, drink, and be merry, for tomorrow we die! Ash Onward and upward. Ash Bloom (27) I have none. asherville (55) I don't wanna live my life walking backwards, cause when you walk backwards, you're moving forward but you keep looking back Ashley (18) live and let live Ashley (28) Live the life you will be proud of Ashley (20) the golden rule. and love to be loved ashley baus (24) Kid, you'll move mountains :) Ashley Brazil (17) If it is meant to be it will be. Ashley Mannara (29) I ordain myself from this hour loos'd of all limits and imaginary lines. Ashley Meller (26) reason ashleytheresa (20) An unexamined life is not worth living - Socrates. Ashwin Murali (21) Love everyday. Asi (21) dsfsdf Ask Those who do not study history are condemned to repeat it. asmitchel (67) seek truth, constant selfimprovement, "a mind at peace with all below" ASN (25) I'd rather regret what I did than what I did not dare to do Astri (36) Never make a motto. Astrid Everything is sparkly rainbows. Asuka Suzuki (13) IN face of 'Yes' say a 'no' and in face of 'no' a 'yes' Athar (25) all bad things pass Athena Lujan (17) To dream the impossible dream Atuona (38) I'd rather not share Aubrey Files (25) I woouls rather be judge by twelve then carried by six. Aubrey Tate (21) I don't have one Audrey (17) Love. Audrey Bittencourt (24) Black, my size. Don't mind the brand. Audrey Mahone (29) vive la liberte augustine (70) The golden rule Auntie Em (35) Be yourself, it's all that you can do. Auntie Em (27) one of them is: time heals all wounds. Aurora (32) YOLO Austin (19) everything happens for a reason Austin Hobbs (16) Have fun while you can, because this doesn't last forever! Austin Kimmell (16) "if they don't like it fuck 'em", i find it hard to live by. mostly because i am 'they' autumn (17) i hope i think iknow...it avecamour Never stop. Awalker Something Elliot once said, "the person next to you is human in the same way that you are human" Aya It's amazing how beautiful some things are. ayda (25) Be nice to others aym (30) What I cannot create, I do not understand a young boy (91) tomorrow will be a brighter day. Give life another chance ayumi (20) Always be yourself B (31) i either have none or many B (21) The one who dies with the most toys wins Babette (42) OK Babs to love and live Baby (32) No worries Bad Wolff tough s**t baggal21 (28) I don't think I have one. I don't say much anyways. Bailey (19) Death is but the next great adventure Balaji Harish Iyer (20) I'm not disciplined enough to have a motto. Bald Sky (38) I'm not lost, just wandering. and Forget the people who forget you. Bambi (17) Slow and steady wins the race barbara (50) I'll live; Be safe, have fun, Don't get caught; Beginning today "I have an ambition to build" Barbarita (21) Leave the beach cleaner than you found it. Barbielebrun Charley the beach chair (54) A pinch in time saves lives Barbielebrun Garry the ghost crab (54) Don't take things too seriously. In a 100 years it won't matter anyway. Baron Von Nazzenpoppel (46) you might as well ask, the worst they will respond is no basbas (22) Everything happens for a reason Batgirl (23) Trust no one, not even yourself bc (22) Trust no one, not even yourself bc (22) I am still learning. -Michelangelo Bea (18) None yet Bea (18) Constant and true Bear (49) dont have one bearoid (30) I do not have one Beatlhoven (47) It could be worse / it's okay, we can fix this beatricegasti (30) Yo soy Dios pero tu eres tambien: I am God, but so are you. Beatrice Moore (30) Never say never Beatriz (13) remember first things first. beauty (18) Remember to love fiercely but not indiscriminately. Becca (16) We all have secrets no one else can see. They hold us down like anchors, they drown us out at sea Becca (17) Everything will be ok in the end Becca (21) Hakuna matata Becca (19) No matter how you feel, get up, dress up, show up Becca (20) The show will go on Becca (21) Take the risk. BeckBeck (26) i would love to have one if i can live up to any of it becks (24) My dad always says "This too shall pass." Bee i guess i dont have one bee (16) I am what I am and that's all that I am beezer (64) Fuck'em if they can't take a joke. beezersneezer (46) Just keep swimming Beka (33) live love laugh belita (39) just when the caterpillar thought the world was over, it became a butterfly bella (16) Being insatiable, but not going to far. Being someone I'm proud of. Belu (19) I have no mottos that govern my actions. I simply do. Ben Hmm, I haven't thought about that. I'm going to think about it and email it to you later Ida. Ben (23) 1 Corinithians 16:13 Benedict (38) I haven't one— it's an invitation to bad behavior Benjamin Thomas "At last, a good plan!" Benjamin Urrutia (61) dont have one Benjo (23) I do not live by any single thought Ben Johns (21) To think own self be true, for it follows as the day the night, thou canst then be false to any man. Bennie (55) Don't have one. Ben Taylor i haven't gotten one yet berkley (13) Always make sure those you cherish know it Berlin (25) "Translucent to my heart's delight, clouded to the common throng" Bernard Hartley (18) you are the only person who can live your life, live it how you please Beth (20) It is what it is Bethann (35) Love yourself the best you can before you can love anyone else. Bethany (23) I do what I want Bethany (22) It changes each day Beth Ellis (15) Anything I find inpirational. Beti (24) Compete only against yourself Betty Usabiaga (37) All of the words that wise Men say. Beu Mihac (15) Make it Happen! Bhakti Brophy (41) Make it happen. Bhakti Brophy (45) Life is simple, don't over think about it. Bhargava (25) Why? bhbhbh be prepared bhl The question that sometimes drives me hazy: am i or the others crazy? (Albert Einstein) Bianca (18) follow your heart. bif if at first you don't succeed kill yourself big dick (69) Vi Veri Veniversum Vivus Vici big guy (16) Life is an endless struggle but you eventually find a hairstyle that you like. Bijan (27) THRUTCH ON BILLY (38) Seize the day BillyBobABC123zzz LIVE LIFE KINGSIZE BIPS (46) i don't know bismuth Hope is the thing with feathers, that perches in the soul and sings the songs without the words and never stops at all BJ (56) none blabla (37) actions speak louder than words Blackie (20) Wait and See Blademan (60) quelque chose dans le français. Blaine (21) Treat other people the way you would want to be treated and difficult takes a day impossible takes a week Blair C. (29) Fuck it, let's do it live Blake (17) Live and let live Blake (24) I'm not the one you think I am Blanca Parra (66) I don't have one. blip52 (27) Society gets the kind of vandalism it deserves. blodot johnny (41) I'm so hungry I can't think. Feed me computer, FEED ME! BlondShamrock (16) Screw misfortune, I have money Blood (15) In fear of jinxing myself, I'll not try and form one Bluebird (27) Don't have one yet. BlueOrchid (39) After debt, questions and answers are the primary killers of most homeowners Bluto (29) Cheers BM (20) work together for the greater good bmo I don't have one actually. Perhaps I should. Bob (22) Every brave man has his own way of drinking yoghurt. Though it's not original with me. bob (38) Maybe Bob (32) Anything can happen, so use that to your advantage. Boba (22) it's not all that terrible bobblins Life sucks. Bobby (22) I don't have one Bobby (40) Do onto others as you would to have done to you and Its not the size of the dog in the fight but the size of the fight in the dog Bobby (21) Get on the good foot bobby It's time to get even bobby (33) live with passion Bobia (25) Protect those you love; even at the expense of yourself. boku_wa_kami (25) always try because if you dont you will wish you did Bonnie (15) Live and let live Boo (36) Better to err on the side of compassion than suspicion bookloverva (58) " I'd rather die on my feet, than live on my knees" Boris (16) Accept yourself and be your own. Borrie (33) "Do not regret having built castles in the air; that is where they should be, now build the foundations under them." - Thoreau, & "Nothing is good or bad until thinking makes it so." - Shakespeare Brad (17) Don't look back Brad Connors make sure you are willing to die for that cause on that hill before entering the battle brad w (35) Get better. Brady (31) Take the long road! bram-stienkt-vermeire-ja! (18) Don't make a statue to mark a victory yet to be achieved. (There is no statue for the person whose grand scheme failed. - Russian proverb) Brandon Nobles (31) Just get through it Bree (23) Do not have one Bree Ogden Hit back, and hit harder Brendan (24) For to me, to live is Christ and to die is gain Brennan Wilson (18) fuck it brent (33) Say Cheese! Brett Ferguson (42) Death makes all things equal Bri (28) Girls, girls, make that cash, whether it's 9 to 5 or shakin' that ass bri (17) If you are honest and true to yourself you can never be crushed by injustice or indifference. Brian (22) Treat others with respect and be places on time, always. Brian (37) Be kind always Brian (24) yesterday is gone, tomorrow is not promised, today is a gift, that's why it's called "the present." Brian A. Henegar (26) hakuna matata: it means no worries. BriannaBabyFYS13 I don't have one BriannaFYS13 (18) waste no more time in wondering what a good man should be, be one. brian S (58) Keep your nose to the grind stone. Brick (21) One day at a time Brinley (15) Never go to bed angry, stay awake and plot your revenge. Bri Toro Life is a poem, live out the metaphors. Britta Bandit (30) you can't have light without darkness Brittany (25) All Jesus erthang. He's the way to life. Brittney Miller (20) Gently, lightly. brns only kindness matters broad (45) my way or the highway Brock Schwarzkopf (29) Never, Ever Give Up Bron Blackwell (37) Don't have one Brooke "When he realizes that he is worse that others, but that he is responsible to all men for all and everything, for all human sins, national and individual, only then the aim of our seclusion is attained." Bruce Bennett (20) When reading Proust's answers, I feel like an idiot. Brutus (20) Do as you wish. Bryan R. (21) Well behaved women never make history Bryn (23) Everthing matters Brynlea (17) Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, and fabulous? Actually, who am I not to be? Brynn (39) Beware of karma Brynn (18) I thought i knew once. when i discover it again i will tell you Bryon Springer (25) all you have is now bubby (43) religion, race colour etc dont matter, your either one of the good ones or a prick buckyballs (35) It may not be that great, but it ain't that bad - so cheer up world, it may never happen! Buddy (34) you're a long time dead bug nothing in life is to be feared only to be understood. Bugsy Love is Always Better Bulldozer (50) Don't be lonesome for your heroes, be your own hero bunny Liberation to all sentient beings. Burella (61) carry on Burke (47) I have a motto? Burnable_Material_Here (18) That's private BusyMinds WTF??? BUTTERFLY (41) too lazy to even have a motto. butunn (19) Love what you do. Byriver Bloke (24) there by the grace of god go I... BZ What's the worst that can happen? C thanks c (21) i'm ready to sacrifice,if it brings happiness to someone i love C (14) Live and love C (20) live fully, one day at a time cacharel (37) Just go Caidy (54) The aim of life is to live and to live means to be aware Cailey Let it be so we can see what will be Caio (18) Step 1: Wake up! Realize you are alive. Step 2: Live! Caitlin (19) I don't have a motto. Caitlin (21) peace, love, happiness. cakes (41) I'd rather feel something than nothing at all. Cal (20) If you cannot win at the game, if you cannot solve the puzzle, you are just a loser (Death Note) Cami (14) I hope to earn my wings... Camille (52) "If you have built castles in the air, your work need not be lost; that is where they should be. No go put foundations under them."--Henry David Thoreau Candice (23) that which makes us happy, makes us wise. Candlewycke There's always more than one side to a story. Candy I don't have one. there isn't always words for every occasion. Captain Crunch get through it Carla (26) Be kind. carlajwms (49) Easy come, easy go. Carla Tate (19) Do whatever is your duty to do with all your might Carlie (24) Living Well Is the Best Revenge Carlisle Where's the beer? Carlo (26) "Carpe diem"... I didn't come up with it, but I find it's a good way to live. Carlos A. (24) I haven't got one, I don't know who I am yet. Carly (19) "Life goes on." Carly (21) You can do it otto, that'll be our motto Carly C (27) Be Honest. Carol i'm not sure I have one Carol (60) if you don't believe it yourself, no one will carolina (23) Above all, have a good time. Caroline (38) Beauty will save the world Caroline (25) I'm too old for this shit. To be used whenever I feel stuck in a useless situation after I turned 30. Caroline (33) Try to be happy ! life is short ! caroline (45) After going alone to Tanzania on a safari how hard can "that" be? and Oh, happy day! Carol Lacoss (62) Though it is, I am. Carolyn (18) I am my own masterpiece Carrie No one can make you feel inferior without your consent. Eleanor Roosevelt Carrie (44) "Hold on until there is nothing left" cartike I can do it Cas (25) Don't give up and make sure to laugh along the way Casey (36) what goes around comes back around. *in justin timberlake voice* Cass (20) live by the sword, die by the sword. Cassandra Watkins (21) Fill your life with experiences, not things. Have stories to tell, not stuff to show. Cassi Sleep it away Cassidy Always look a person in the eyes. Nothing makes them so uncomfortable. Cassie (16) So near and yet so far. Cast (17) Not sure if I have one... perhaps "Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere." Cat (36) Just because a cat always lands on her feet, doesn't mean she isn't afraid to fall from a tree. Cat (24) Dream as if you'll live forever, live as if you'll die today Cat (26) Life goes on Cat think out of the box cat (20) carry on Catalina (44) Let's do this Cate (23) Keep going. Cate (33) Today is the first day of the rest of my life. What am I doing next? Catelline (26) There's always a next time Catherine I cannot put it in words. Catherine Jean That others may live. Catherine Mitchell Make all the money you can while you can Cathlow Harmon (50) Believe in yourself and you will... Catlin Benjamin Get shit done Cat Podd (37) -. Catrina (15) Trust God and follow your heart. Cattie Chong (26) FREEDOM...... CAVCAV (26) As you sow, so shall you reap Cavit Anıl Buram (28) Fucking do it CC (18) Suck it up buttercup CC (22) hope for the best, prepare for the worst ccchnl I don't have one cdl (35) feel the fear and do it anyway Cee Cee (17) Don't have one. Celia (15) Live. Celline Marge (18) Don't judge a book by its cover cenire (25) I don't have one. cerisetea (34) Impossible is not French Cestmoi Stay calm and carry on. And for fuck sake stop crying. C face. (22) i don't have one cfm (37) Never let the devil get you down Cfreedman (38) Live life. While you still can ch I got this; it's me baby! Chancelor C.J. King (19) Don't dream your life, live your dreams Chandra Alexander (24) Treat others the way you want to be treated! Channon (45) Shoot for the moon and even if you miss you'll end up with the stars Channy (19) Dedicate your life to understanding the universe through philosophy and science, spend your last hours contemplating on the beauty and Divinity of Creation Chari (21) Life will knock you down, over and over again. Get back up and keep marching. Charlene (17) Weird is in the eye of the beholder. Charlene (18) Be present. CharlesB (48) "No man is an Island..." John Donne Charles L Davis Jr (51) all things will pass charlotte (29) Easy come, easy go Charlotte (18) Thirst for Life, Search for Knowledge. Charlotte H. (23) Venceremos, & Ek is jammer om van jou k*k te hoor. Charly Mariaan (49) Don't listen to others. Just experience it yourself. Chary Silva (22) at the end of the day, from the perspective of the universe, we all are nothing but a spectrum of history chay (40) Not only will I survive, I will thrive Cheche (40) The world is a fine place and worth the fighting for cheeky (26) Live life as a sacred offering Cheemargh (36) dream big chele what doesn't kill me will make me stronger chelle (47) Life is too short. Chelsea (21) The way to have power is to take it. Chelsea (23) Far we've come and still to go. Chelsea Smith (24) Always be true to thyself Chelsea Whiting (26) seek Christ, it is your only way to true peace and joy. Cheri D. To thine own self be true. And too everyone else also. Cherie (40) Go big or go home Cherish Robinson (21) It's my decision Cherlyn (40) Can I have more then one? A gal's gotta have more then one rule to live by Cherub (30) I don't have one at the time Cheryl Barnette (59) Vitam regit fortuna, non sapientia or Who dares wins. Cheshire (22) i prefer to live in my mind..it's safer there. chi-chi always strive to be better; to do, be, see, know, grow and experience more Chickpea (31) Here's to those who wish us well, those who don't can go to hell. Chico (46) Luck in battle ChiefJ42 (44) no fucks given chiklitz76 (39) I don't want comfort. Chili (17) There are no regrets in life, just lessons Chinita (34) live being honest to yourslf. chinnu (20) Where there is a will, there is a way Chinnu (38) Never stop fighting till the fighting is done Chip Griphix (35) All Men Are Evil. Chiu Jing Hua (17) Too many to name. Chocolate Bunny (32) everyone deserves your respect, but select few deserve your trust Choraven (32) Live each day as if it will be a disaster, and make it a point to prove yourself wrong. Chris (16) Kill or be killed it is in blood you shall find truth Chris Grow as a man, without forgetting to appreciate the journey, and the people you're given to experience it with. Chris (19) There's a time and place for everything. Chris Glass (39) I Dreamed, I Failed, I Surfed the Web Chris S. jack of all trades, master of none Christa (27) Live a life worth living Christabelle (29) I know I have one. Can't for the life of me think of it right now. Starts with an L... or an A? Christian (44) I wouldn't say. Christian Boyanov (24) Anything worth doing is worth doing right Christian Soldier (33) A man must take what he can in this life Christina (26) ""Never refuse an invitation, never resist the unfamiliar, never fail to be polite and never outstay your welcome. Just keep your mind open, and suck in the experience. And if it hurts, you know what? It's probably worth it." Christina Kronberg (23) Live, love, laugh and be happy!!! Christina Tounzen Anyplace but here. Christina X. (37) yolo christine (18) If you're gonna be dumb, you've got to be tough Christobel (17) If you're going to be dumb, you have to be tough. Christobel in College (18) I shall construct one before my ceasing. Christopher (24) Knowledge is power only when applied to universal goals. Christopher Blaum (37) I do not have a motto Christopher Boone "Learn to do right! Seek justice, encourage the oppressed. Defend the cause of the fatherless, plead the case of the widow." (Isaiah 1:17) Christopher James Stagg (16) Leave your corner of the world a little brighter than you left it. Christopher M. (31) I don't have one really. Christopher Mitchell (17) Let go and let God Christopher Ross (23) Do or do not, there is no try. - Yoda christy (44) you live only once right now, what happens if you come back Christy Turner (50) I don't really have one but I live for devotion to God Chuck (43) The best is yet to come Chunky Lover DON'T WORRY, LIVE HAPPY! Ciara (24) Carpe Diem Ciara (22) I have no motto! Ciera (16) respect other's feelings Cilie (50) Whatever. Cindy You're better than most so just do it already cindy (50) Don't worry about a ting, everything gonna be alright! Cindy (24) Sometimes the end does justify the means. Cindy (22) Be kind. Cindy (50) Be ye kind one to another, CindyLu (58) This above all, to thine own self be true Cissa Fireheart (32) I don't have one. Ciucan (18) Ain't go no time for the jibba jabba - learn something new cizz none. perhaps that should change. CJN (21) Hit it and quit it. Claire Bella Mia! Well, it's not so much of a motto, but my greeting. Anything for a smile. Claire (32) Everyone deserves kindness. Claire Bartholomew (16) The cruelest reality is still kinder than the sweetest delusion. ClaireW (65) He who praises everybody, praises nobody Clancy Chivito is better than cheeseburger. Clara (20) kindness is its own gift Clara Be more than your best because sometimes people deserve something better, something more than all u have to give Clarissa (18) I do not have one Clark Kent Observe before acting Clau be happy Claudia (36) Clay Douglass: No motto Clay Douglass (34) dumbledore wouldnt allow this clazza mgee Life is too short to wake up in the morning with regrets. So love the people who... treat you right, forget about the ones who don’t and believe that everything happens for a reason. If you get a chance, take it. If it changes your life, let it. Nobody sai Clelia Beatriz Valdez (22) Fuck the world. clockwork (34) all days above ground are good days cm (57) i keep telling me different things until i have learned them so they are not a constant cobweb (24) Make-up is temporary, beauty is permanent CockneyKnight (48) just keep going Coco (31) disillusioned, undoubtedly — cynical, perhaps — but inelegant? Never. Coco (19) Work like you don't need the money. Love like you've never been hurt. Dance like nobody's watching. CocoPuff2016 (44) I don't have one codered (18) you only live once Cody (25) In Vir, Creatura Quad Sator es Iunctus Cody Gould (17) You sign up, you show up. Col (41) Don't say things that you know you're going to regret later Colin (39) I have not thought of such a thing in a long time. Colin (22) Go with the flow or 'we'll see and then do' Colorful (28) A house isn't a home without a dog in it. Colton (27) x comnomnomor (15) At this moment, all is well Connie 'Today is today. Tomorrow is tomorrow the future can't be change now change it" Connor If we believe not, He abideth faithful. Connor I don't have one constanceeee (19) Veni, vidi, vici Constantin (32) "Life is in session" Consuela Live and let live Cookie be nice cookie None cookie (51) I don't have any Cora (26) Live one day at a time Core (25) Give peace a chance and take the bus. Corey Life is what you make it. corinne Do not fear, life is uncertain Cory (22) those who bring happiness to others cannot keep it from themselves. cpaters1 (26) A smell of petroleum prevails throughout. cr At the moment it's "try, try, try and try again". Craig Suga Biles (22) Imagine, prepare, believe, achieve Crimson (60) Smile while you still have teeth cris jincha Crisfe (31) Have less, be more! Cristi I don't have one. Crystal (17) I do not have any one motto for living, but something along the lines of be yourself. Crystal (32) don't have any Crystal (22) No matter what, fight for what you want. Crystal (34) Love is greater than life. Crystal (35) You can do this, the world is yours csheehan (17) Worry is the interest you pay on a debt you may never owe CStoney (47) my children cuchi (40) A man who lives more lives than one more lives than one must die cucu (26) as Proust , prefer not to say cvelez (64) To be a better person than i was yesterday cweekly I am thankful for everyone before me; they show me what I should and shouldn't do. d0701 (29) Just be. D (32) It is what it is Dachary (23) I wont die. I will endure. DAD No baths! Don't tell my mom that. Dad (42) Live each day as if it were your last Daffy Sue Esposito (60) What goes around comes around Daisy (27) be you, do you Daisy (17) you get more flies with honey, than you do with vinegar Daisy Becoming Great. Dakota Swaveman (18) I don't have one. dA member: sonicbutterfly (17) To try - To enjoy - To care. Damien TC (36) Try not to piss anybody off, sometimes you'll have to, but try not to. Dan (29) May the Force be with you. Dan everybody is a killer but everybody is alive Dan (20) If you obey all the rules, you miss all the fun Dan (39) Leave thing to the last moment, it will be alright dan Make people ahppy Dan (51) I don't go by a motto. Danae (17) Keep your friends close, but your enemies closer. Danger (16) This above all: To thine own self be true. --Shakespeare Dani (31) meh. Dani (19) The road to hell is paved with good intentions Daniel (16) just cause you stick a feather up your butt doesn't make you a chicken Daniel Below Live, laugh, and love Daniella (27) Reach for the stars. Cheesy, but accurate. Danielle (15) Wisdom is the intelligence that you know nothing Danielle (35) don't worry be happy DanielleKeith (19) The world is made up of two attitudes: the winners and the losers. We will forever be mad at the world because the winners end up being the losers. Daniel Molina (20) Justice - not laws - makes true life possible Daniel Stephens (Character Sketch) (22) love and be loved daniiii (18) If you want something done right, do it your damn self. DaniStory (29) Work hard, play harder Danny (25) do your best Daph (45) the sun will come up tomorrow Darcy (20) play loto dario (21) "It does not do to dwell and dreams and forget to live." Darlene (29) Be at peace with yourself. Never give up. Darnell take care DashEloise (32) I used to think I was indecisive, but now I’m not so sure. Dave Cresswell (46) age is a disease DaveG (39) We would gladly feast on those who would subdue us --- AEKDB Dave Whitaker (40) Virtue and Clarity Davey (18) Everyone knows, fun rules DaveyD (24) Take risks. Davian (alias) (32) Deny yourself, for he denied himself David (19) Keep moving forward. David (10) abide David (63) Trust. David (24) nothing is real don't worry. David (51) live and let die david baiguera (35) learn something, question everything, answer nothing - which i stole from Euripides David E.J.A Bennett (29) The fear of pain, or causing pain, is surely a sin. David K (46) If you can't beat em: Poem. David ROWE (42) One thing at a time David Sergio Cisneros Ardura (46) It's better to burn out, than to fade away. David Timme (19) "Hatred only breeds hatred." Davie (16) say what you mean and mean what you say dawn (40) Get over it! Dawn Robinette (51) Tomorrow is another day. Dawson I'm just taking one day at a time. Daxion Mr. Dax Johnson (29) love others how you want to be loved Daydreamer (18) Dreams don't die when you rise at daybreak Daydreamer (63) Dreams don't die when you rise at daybreak Daydreamer (63) Cymru am byth dbrown (24) don't have one dcsnowbunny (25) stay true to yourself Dd (43) Not a motto, but most things are a matter of persistence. That fact reassures me in my darkest moments of self-doubt. DDG9000 (25) Per Aspera ad Astra Dea (40) Just do the right thing. Be kind. Choose to be happy. Think for yourself. D. E. Alvis (58) Cut out the uneccessary. Dean (17) They gone miss me when I'm gone. DeAndre Beck (20) In order to grow, you must live. In order to live, you must learn. DeAnna Alexander (35) Life can always be better than what's imagined. Deanna Sanders (44) live each day like its your last and always say I love you to the people that you love! Deb (37) Be a rainbow in someone elses' cloud - Maya Angelou Debbie (56) Forgive. You only eat yourself up inside when you don't. Debby Creech-West (43) Da Noive! Deborah S. Wilson (56) Live and let live Debster (48) I'm gay, beware. Declan Cohen (35) "Treat others as you would like to be treated" De-De (36) Everything happens for a reason Dee (24) you cant kill integrity. Dee (19) Do what makes you happy. Dee trust in God but tie your camel DefMelon ( with regret) i run with the hare and hunt with the hounds Delia Webster (80) Get up! delice_ok (21) We make our own luck Denine (24) Live today as if it is your last Denise 1 Sadly, "Live for the moment" Dennis (61) I'm Batman. Dennis Theodore (37) Do it now. denny (23) Love your neighbor as yourself. Denny Fight all odds. Densio (25) can I say "hit it and quit it?" for real though it would probably be: go hard or go home Derek Ambrose (22) In a moment everything can change Desi (21) Nothing devanand Life's a bitch, and then ya die! So fuck this shit; let's get high! Devon (18) Hakuna Matata Devon Lisenby (20) go with the flow Dev Tucker (17) Everything gets better before it gets worse. Dezirae18 Keep getting back up DH (39) change only myself, not others diana (52) do what you say you will do Diana (52) Tomorrow is another day, my finest hour has yet to come. Diana (20) I'm beautiful in my own way cause God makes no mistake Diana (15) Accept what you can not change; find the lesson in every trial Diana Love Energy is the only truth Diane (53) i dont see why not Diarre Ibrahim (22) Expect the unexpected dida (14) I'm a member of a lodge that rules the world for centuries, I'm an asshole. Diego Miguel Danura Puyó (30) It depends on the day Dietgingerale All real value arises within me. Dilip C Louis (32) It's a secret. Dimitar Atanasov (25) I would really like to live by this: "Take one day at a time, but always with a purpose." I hope one day I will be. Dindin (20) Live or die Dino (18) Be honest to yourself. dionysis_dt (24) Honor and Integrity at all costs Dirk Radman (35) Always follow the Golden Rule, in your daily activities as well as in what public policies you support or oppose. Dixon Wragg none Dj The world is not enough dlew919 (40) It is what it is dmca (38) i don't believe everything I think Doc55 (55) live and let live Dolna (39) Life has more imagination than humans Dolores Nabokov (26) sssssssssss Dom Help others that your life might not be in vain. Dominic (17) "Judge not, least ye be judged" Dominick (23) "Our responsibility is much greater then we might have supposed, because it involves all mandkind"- Jean-Paul Sartre Dominick Miller (19) Our responsiblity is much greater than he might have supposed, because it involves all of mankind. Dominick Miller (20) Our responsibility is much greater than we might have supposed, because it involves all mankind.-- Jean-Paul Sartre Dominick Miller (21) It is what it is Dominique God is working all things together for the good of those who love Him and are called to His purpose (Romans 8:28, paraphrased) DonAli (33) Logic comes from the heart. donkeys4eva (20) Blessed are the curious, for they shall have grand adventures. donna obrien (54) IT MEANS SOMETHING Doob Doggo (21) to have an extraordinary existence, to keep living, to keep experiencing new things, to keep learning and keep getting better.. like wine ;P doodledoo12345 it is what it is Dor (50) Live life to the fullest. Dori (23) carpe diem dorothy6@aol.com (50) No tengo aun Dothzilla (33) The truest measure of a human being is their capacity for love. Doug (30) Fuck mottos Doug!! In this life, when you fall down, pick yourself up, dust yourself off, kick the world in the teeth, smile and then get on with it! Doug Lambert (65) Deny everything, regret nothing. Douni I wrote this under a big table where I slept under during highschool: "See it, Like it, Conquer it." But maybe now I need to change my motto into "Do it" instead. Dracontomelum (30) don't plan anything, it probably won't go the way you want it. Dragana (22) I don't think I have one. Probably the perfect phrase is drifting around somewhere, but it hasn't snagged on my mind yet. Dragontongue (22) I don't have one Dre (17) "She dances in a ring of fire and throws off the challenge with a shrug." - Jim Morrison Dreamboat Annie freedom DreamBrother (27) Live cautiously, and don't forget the end Dreda (23) It will be ok Drella (26) Whatever you do..... Do it well because you might not get another chance Drew (26) I fear I don't follow the motto I chose drift Hope is a fool's dream concocted to fool dreamers. Dr. Isaac Busafalus (53) today? whatever. Dr. J (76) Be your ideal lover. Dru (24) Specialization is for insects. Drucar (45) this too shall pass ds (45) Dominus mihi adyutor. D.S.de.P.Ramos Like Ali said "Don't count the days. Make the days count." Dude (49) rather not say duke (18) "You miss 100% of the shots you don't take- Wayne Gretzky"-Michael Scott" Duncan Passell (17) die out when there isn't hope dustxii (22) in the end... its just you.... Dutchess Hell or glory, I dont want anything in bewteen!! Dutchess Your life may not be perfect, but you're not Anthony Burch Dvach (18) There are many, but words are simply never enough. D.X (22) I wouldn't have one, I just go with the flow. I suppose that is one! Dylan (17) Strength and honor Dylan Adams (25) As long as there is death, there is hope E (34) Will it and it will E shotokan dojo kun e (28) This too will end. E (20) Live the life you've dreamed eagleclaw (35) Let it be. EAR (19) just do it Earth Speck (30) And in the end the love you take is equal to the love you make Eau (45) Never stop pushing Ed (30) distract myself from myself ed i dont have a motto i tend to try and to do the right thing and to learn things everyday. eddiboy Champions Do Extra. Eddie (48) Nobody looks out for you but you Eddie (12) Get your courage from compassion Edgar Roberts (15) Busy dying. Edie (26) silence Edmond Dantes (26) Hello pension, goodbye tension. Edouard (41) side effects Eduardo (19) dont have one EduGri (53) Don't explain, your friends don't need it, and your enemies wouldn't believe it anyway Effie (34) None efha (23) Death is the end ehk2 (30) "The thing is to find the truth which is true for me, the idea that I can live and die." Soren Kierkegaard Eiichi (16) Find the joy in everything you do, find the blessing in everything you have Eilfa (28) it would be false to say i had one. EJ (29) I'm not sure, it changes as often as I discover a new one E.Jay (21) if you are going through hell, keep going ejb (22) The secret of life is to have no fear El (23) Dont Panic el3vat0r i'd rather not say... elay (21) feel free to make your own mistakes elay (23) Nothing is ever what it seems elay (24) need to find one eldar (25) Die and become Electryo (15) Everything popular is wrong. -Oscar Wilde Elena οταν θελεις κατι παρα πολυ ολο το συμπαν συνομωτει για να γινει ελενη (33) I don't have a motto - it's too absolute and life is dynamic. Elena Di Cesare i don't have one eleni (18) Live fast; die pretty and I'll sleep when I'm dead. Eleni Constantinou (20) "I'm on a roller coaster that only goes up, my friend" -Augustus Waters, The Fault in Our Stars Elexia (19) feeling accomplished Elexis (18) Never give up Eli (16) Love, Work and Knowledge. Elias (22) Live your potential. Eliaz McMillan (33) que sera sera eliciabg (23) another day, another ray of hope Elin (47) L'enfer, c'est les autres Elisabeth (22) Do unto others, cause it comes back Elisabeth Carver Tomorrow is another day to try again Elissa (22) 'It doesn't matter what others think', closely followed by 'carpe diem'. Both cliche but true and helpful. Elizabeth Same as my blood type: B positive! Elizabeth (25) I don't have one. Elizabeth (15) “I look out onto this world I'm in and hope that one day all people will be accepted and valued as they are.” ― TinaJ. Richardson Elizabeth Diane Shaffer (0) The human spirit is one of ability, perseverance and courage that no disability can steal away. Elizabeth Diane Shaffer (0) i don't think i have one ElleKay Screw it. Ellen Big Beats are the best, get high all the time. Ellen B Smiley (29) It's a great life if you don't weaken. Ellen Fitzpatrick (61) Every saint has a past and every sinner has a future Ellie (25) It always changes, and sometimes changes back to a previous one, but I think mainly to never let anyone tell you what is best for you and accept their word as gospel. Always look inside yourself as well, if not before. Ellie_Estrella (19) be yourself since people will judge you whoever you are or are trying to be Ellie Wilson (15) At the moment - Over time we all become our own doppelgangers, these completely different people who just happen to look like us. Elliot I change so often a motto is unnecessary Elliott (28) Take what you want, and then pay for it. Elliott Hemp (23) Don't trust what people answer in questionnaires elSigno (37) Live Life and Love God Ely (23) i dont have one Elyse (20) Binary file Em_1425616956.html matches Binary file Em_1425616956.html matches Dream big. Work it out from there. Ema (18) Live a good life. Be a good man. emdonnelly7 Be kind and forgiving. emdonnelly7 Facilis Descensus Avernil Est- the decsent unto hell is easy. Emilee Nightshade (19) I have yet to find one. Emilia Blancarte Jaber I have none Emilie (23) You only live once, but if you live right once is more than enough... Emilina (27) what doesnt kill me only makes me stronger emilio (28) Figure out what you personally love and like go after it with everything you have, no matter how much it takes. Emillia (16) "Oh, sod it" (it's become my catchphrase to force myself into doing things I should be doing instead of worrying about them) Emily (19) I will....with gods help. Emily (24) Everything will work out Emily (22) life is hard, don't be an asshole Emilyann (22) Courage is being scared to death and saddling up anyway Emily Carter (37) this too shall pass away. Emily Clark (25) Rather than Love, than Money, than Fame, give me Truth Emma (20) ugh. emma (18) none Emma (20) family first Emma (34) do good, be good emma (20) It is what it is Emme (21) Sorry, not one for personal affirmations. Emperor Aisel Fei Shiang (18) Some women are lost in the fire. Some women are built from it. Empyrean (17) I do not have one encolpio8 (22) Dream within a dream Endimion if you want something badly enough, you must let it go free endor Keep going. There is no other alternative, because my life belongs to all the people who love me ENEgck (56) Almsot everything could be worst and almost nothing could be better than now Engel (48) If I had one, I would have worked based in it, but frankly I don't have one. I have some... Enis '' I know just one thing: i don't know anything'' Socrates... Eno A. Agolli (15) Seek the Truth. Quaere verum. It sounds nobler in Latin. Enrique (21) Don't Know. Eric (15) Afflict the comfortable and comfort the afflicted. Eric (40) Have fun and try to be happy. Eric (37) "Will thyself." Eric (19) jay z Erica starve the ego feed the soul Erica (25) The secret of being a bore is to tell everything Erica Johnson (21) Be better today than you were yesterday. Eric C. Wolfe (28) The mind was made to create Erich (20) "Plan your work, and work your plan." Erich (19) If your problem has a solution, why worry? If your problem has no solution, why worry? Erict7 The only person you are destined to become, is the person you decide to become. Erik (25) Too far is not far enough Erik Isaac (19) A life without ambition is a bird without wings Erik Price (18) Live, laugh, love, and eat great food. Erin (27) One step infront of the other Erin (53) I'd rather regret something I haven't done than something I have done Erin (30) stay calm Erin (20) Who needs a motto when you have cliches. (That's not my motto) Erin Life's too short Erin (46) Do great (my dad will understand this response) Erin (31) Life is short. esayer (35) I am ready Escalus (22) If you want to sing out, sing out ... Escapism (19) I don't have one Esmé (18) Keep going Esmee fidelius (54) I have none ESMERELDA (50) Strategize your life. Estacia Hernandez (37) don't try esteban (29) Well, you already know how life tends to be Esteban (23) kep going estrella blanca dont have one Et (32) "Work hard, live well" Et Cetera (22) I don't have one and would feel self conscious creating one. Etha (26) It varries ethan (20) Liberté, égalité, fraternité and Take the risk of thinking for yourself , much more happiness , truth, beauty, and wisdom will come to you that way Ethan Mayatt (25) what has to be , must be. Euzinha_ds (20) If you ain't cheatin you ain't trying. Eva (23) It's okay Eva (16) there is no god and we are his prophets evan ass hatch (18) I'm immortal. Until someone proves me wrong. Evanna (18) You win some, you lose some... though I do hate to lose Evie (22) I don't have any... evilwonders (28) Be kind and be brave. evren (16) "There isn't going to be a place in the world for me if I don't create one" or "question everything". Ezra (20) Don't worry be happy FAC (25) Peace, Love, and Positivity facio (19) Je suis chacun de mes instants Fanourios (40) Depends on the situation. fatgaynig (20) none Fatima (19) Allah will take care of everything Fatima (26) i wish i could stick to it always fat man (33) Succeed no matter what Fawna (19) Everything happens for a reason Fay (22) To high roads by narrow paths. feanix (20) Yosh! Ferroever (43) I don't have a motto. fersfumero (28) Wherever God closes a door, somewhere he opens a window. FeydRautha (46) credo qui absurdum Feysweetie (43) Go hard in the mother fucking paint. fhickey (22) Two bottoms don't make an anal; if it's not 100% in the store, it won't be at home; hydrate Fields (19) Live as long as you're alive because when you're at the edge of the cliff you've got to have the guts to take a step ahead filinia (22) Vogue ready. final fashion (33) True beauty and constancy be thy guides! Finnegan Magondolovich (Long Story...) Watch and Learn Finokio (38) whatever fk2005 (34) Ago, ergo sum. FlameHorse (28) I don't do mottos. Flantasy Girl (25) No one knows until they are meant to know flavia (13) dont cry because its over, smile because it happened Flo it depends on the day Flora (69) The secret to find it is to stop searcing. Florin-Alexandru Brănescu (16) This is the only life we get to live Flower (39) So it is. Floyd What is your motto? FlyinMonki (27) Let your shadow reach to the horizon of time. ForePlinger It used to be "Everything is possible", but not so much anymore ForSavvy failure is only failure if it makes you quit Francesca (29) it's all good, really good, and just gets better and better and better francesca (49) don't talk about it, be about it Francesca "a rotten-minded man demans everythings from the others, a good man demans everything from himself." Francisca Bastos (17) all keeps moving Francisco Aguirre (23) I don't need luck. I make my luck! Francisco Javier Gil Vidal (54) I have none. frank (57) No one saves us but ourselves Frankie (23) Don't Worry, Be Happy FrankieSmash (49) Do what you do. Franklin Frank Anglin (32) Life is what happens to you when you're busy making other plans. Frank Nekrasz (25) Sadly, I've never found one that applies to enough situations. fred (16) Intellect is everything Freda (61) To thine own self be true Friedrich Mueller (57) Luceo non uro Fritha Grey N/A fumble (19) it all comes back to the breath - breathe. furies (27) No matter where you go, there you are. FYS13Alec (18) Keep on going, no matter how hard it may be FYS13Amanda (18) YOLO. FYS13Andrew There is nothing to fear but fear itself. FYS13Bella fools rush in and get the best seats FYS13DRJ Trying is lying. I only do. FYS13Holly Live and breathe for yourself and don't let anything stop you from getting where you aspire to be. - Myself FYS13Michaela (18) I don't really have one. FYS13Savannah Henry (18) Carpe Diem FYS13Tyler (19) We are who we choose to be. FYS14Caleb (22) It is what it is. FYS14Carrie Eyes wide shut, ever vigilant FYS14Darling (18) fools rush in and get the best seats FYS14julie All you need is 20 seconds of insane courage, and crazy things can happen. I live by this. FYS14Kelle (20) I dont have a specific motto because I apply many mottos to my life. But something I do try to always remember in the hardest situations is this: The sun is always shining, even in the darkest part of the universe. FYS14Landon (18) Live Deliberately FYS14Sam (19) As a man thinks in his heart, so is he. FYS14Serenity (19) "Hakuna Matata". "It means no worries, for the rest of your days". FYS14Skylar I don't particularly have one FYS14Taylor never give up FYS14Timesha Fill it to the brim FYS breont (19) none. FYSMichael (18) g g Just fucking be kind to people. Gabe (31) que sera sera Gabi What we do in life echoes in the eternity Gabriela (18) shake it off, shake it off Gabriela Coelho Mesquita Teixeira Borges (26) You never know until you try. Gabriel Gonzalez (26) Cogito Ergo Sum Gabriella (17) I rather wish I hadn't than wish I had Gabrielle I rather wish I hadn't than wish I had Gabrielle never look back and keep moving forward Gail (44) I am a true believer. Gail Flaherty Korean Expression - Sounds like: "Fighting" in English - and refers to struggling against the odds; as an underdog; yet with honour, dignity and persistence. Gainer (52) I will crush the weak Gait (17) kooft Galareh (23) "The best human is a dead one." Gamba Ajani I do not think that I have one. Or, perhaps I have many. Garrett (19) POstive Attude Gator Krazy Dave Los haré sudar tinta gavalia (46) That is a more complex question than you understand. Gean Whitehead III (20) it better than a sharp stick in my eye Gene (51) Why not? Gene (24) Sleep on it. Genevieve (22) So it goes. Genevieve (15) Choose to live with passion, integrity and clarity of purpose. Genie (65) just BE Genie (58) The motto is something to live by, so 'Be Kind', be kind is my motto. Geo (20) Don't waste time with someone you would not want to die with Geo (57) Feel the fear and do it anyway George Live free or die hard. George Mile (35) Try again. Fail again. Fail better. George Owers (21) I am trying to escape from my psychological deadlock, but I cannot remember where I got in from! Georgia (14) love the lord my god and love others as myself. Georgia (53) Go hard or go home Georgia (16) Lets do it better gg I have yet to find one. ghazaleh (27) Et in Arcadia Ego Ghyles (31) dont really have one, i like " Quo Non Ascendet ? " even if it brought bad luck to his owner, i also like " Et in Arcadia Ego " Ghyles (31) Veni, Vidi, Vici Gia (21) Go. Gianne (21) No regrets. Giannico (40) good luck comes to those who don't include it in their plans Gill (63) Work to live not live to work Gillian Martin (40) Don't have any at the moment, other than a vague mindset of "one day at a time" Gina (19) Veni, vidi, vici but only with support from above and here below. Gina (30) Together we will do great things! Ginger Thompson (50) Live life to make a difference and treasure everyday Ginny (47) To make each day an opportunity for progress. Gionna (28) Mottos are for filibusters, yuppies and general ne'er-do-wells. They are nothing more than advertising copy for individuals or (worse) nations: hollow, deceptive, and easily forgettable Girl You Too Rude Don't talk the talk, unless you can walk the walk. Gjabrielle I have a comb that says, "Bring your courage!" I don't know why it says that, but I think it's a good idea. Glenn Parker (24) There is always more to the truth Glen Reeves (37) Just for today, just don't drink Gloria (59) Praise God Gloria Heatley (58) Live and let live GMcG The best way around a problem is through it. goblin64 (45) None Godfrey (19) dont worry be happy Golden Boy (20) Sure. Gonzalo live by your principles no matter what happens goukrish (19) live GPB (37) We may encounter many defeats, but we must not be defeated. Grace (30) family first Grace (12) Love anyway. Grace (28) Follow your dreams and soon enough they'll come true Grace A. (15) At first you don't success, try try again Grace Cooper (20) I do not have one gracehoppin (23) Be mindful Gracie (22) it is better to give a little than to lose a lot Gracie Campbell (23) Hang on for another day greatlove (32) fuck it Greg (19) to live and not to exist Greg (17) Everybody lies Greg Never give up Greg (20) never, ever give up. Greg (53) Life at best is bittersweet Greg Lytle (26) act now, think later gretel carpe diem gruchi (63) peace of mind gruffmusic (49) it seems that in recent times it is 'management' Gtergab (50) Work will set you free. Guenther we all die. guiller van mistoffellees (17) Lembrar que podemos morrer a qualquer instante, mas não levar uma vida hedonista - e sim tranqüila e calma Gustavo (21) Love life and make sure life knows you love it gutsyaardvark (19) change and improve as long as you live Guy Van Driessche (44) not saying Hadasa (19) mottos are... weird... Hailey (34) don't look back in anger Hakusha Senbon (24) I don't have one; if I made up one for the occasion it would sound contrived, and I'd promptly forget it. Hal (18) I don't have one Haley (19) yolo Haley (17) know yourself truely and completely hamideh (26) Dont have one Hamlet (30) Believe in everything, because everything is reachable. Hana (14) World amazes me. -Andy Warhol HandeG. (13) I'd rather be alone and happy, than with someone and miserable Hanna (24) I suppose I don't have one yet. I haven't done enough living to decide. Hannah (15) Love always. Hannah Chambers (24) Life goes on, be positive. Hannah Ross (20) You can do it. Hannah Suttles huh? Hari (21) Live, Love, Laugh. Yes--trite but true. Harold E. Leighton (37) It's all true. Every bit of it. Just think on that, will you? Harold E. Leighton (40) blood and victory Harold Oberg Aimer Harriet (23) Life's too complicated for mottos Harry (27) Everything is relative Hassallah (30) " Do what makes u happy with the people u love and that love u back. and fuck everything else." Hassan (21) positive things happen to positive people. Ironic given my previous answer. hawaii50 (45) Mottos suck. Hayzeus (23) Anything Mark Twain might have said HCE (15) nothing whats a motto with you? HEATHER (37) I think I have a family one but I do not remember HeavyFire (16) same here heider (27) "Do it for the duck." Heidi R. work for a lot, work for free, never work for cheap Helen (32) Be open Helen (19) I don't have one. Helena (18) Only you are in control of your life. Helena Jenkins (20) Everything happens for a reason. Helen Mattison Wyatt (20) let it be hellgirl (19) do not fall in love but rise helz bells (41) Better to live on your feet than die on your knees Henry (46) And the Zen master said, "We'll see." Henry_Z (25) one life her (26) That one single motto isn't a real motto. Herald (71) the truth will set you free herbertofwestlake (43) Always take the high road. Hern (39) Easy life. Herod (20) Live and die well Hero Solomon (25) why not? Hetal (22) Do what you have to do. H, Han-Jan Make the most of everything. HHP (41) Jack of all trades, master of none, better than a master of one Him (17) Tomorrow will come. Hira Yousuf (18) Not sure that I have one HKas (28) No matter the problem, never give in. HKas I am the change H. McMillan (33) Carpe Diem, en el buen sentido del aprovechamiento. H.Nakashima (21) it depends on the situation... hobbes (26) Never argue with a fool. They will drag you down to their level and beat you with experience. hodouk (22) I don't have a motto. Hoelder1in (51) I do not stick to one motto. hoffsta none holden (27) Stand for something or you'll fall for anything Holley (39) Trust in yourself. holly (17) If you want anything badly enough you will have it Holly (22) Make good choices Holly Avery (32) hit em' where it hurts Holly Pajka (28) "Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish" said by steve jobs holyjkms (29) Live life to the fullest without harming any living thing as far as my willpower allows Hong Jay None Hooks chacun a son poisson Horace pluck (54) rock it till the wheels fall off howard (34) My motto is rock it till the wheels fall off. howard (34) Always live by my gut since there is little evidence i possess a brain or a heart. Hrudaya (24) Do what you will with what you have huck finn (48) Do good, and good will come to you Huda (19) fuck it huggybear (29) I don't have one. Hulot Redux Don"t have one. To my shame I do not have a cohesive, coherent world view Humbugger Omlet (20) Practice reckless optimism Hunter (23) "a work of art is more beautiful in your dreams than in reality..." it makes more sense in italian... Hurricane Katrina (25) Be brave Hwiseon Lee (24) Not sure I have one Hyosun (25) We are the music makers, and we are the dreamers of dreams Hypnos The Blade (46) cup is more than half full at most given moments HYS (47) I do not have one... yet. I If you are so open minded, when was the last time you changed your mind about something? I All for one and one for all! Ian (23) The sun also rises Ian (44) " Don't stand if you can sit; don't sit if you can lie...and don't lie unless you bloody have to" Winston Churchill ianplanet (47) i do not have it I Beg (54) Hmm. 'Mine.' Iblis Anak (22) Believe in yourself and you will... Icis I dont have one i dont know that i know (17) Hmmm, don't think I have one Igor (29) I do not have a motto. My life belongs to the people of this community. I would do much to keep them safe and healthy. Iilyanna To live and die with as few regrets as I can manage; to work hard to improve myself, yet be content with who I am and what I have. Ika (24) Better late than never. ile105 (23) Have courage, be kind. ile105 (27) I don't have one Illinibeatle (44) It is what it is. Imajones live and let live Imee People without hope are easy to control, and those who have the control, have the power. I.M. (Imam Mahdi) (5) Push yourself. Indrė (17) full passport is a happy passport Inês (20) there are many... inez (21) Do what you want to do as soon as you are able to so that you may do more tomorrow Inkie (60) I don't want to be anything but the person who puts a smile on your face interestedparty I.iii.78 i.p. Always be kind and brave Ireland Rose (12) Worry does not empty tomorrow of its sorrow, it empties today of its strength Irene (17) Every kick in the ass is step forward. Irene (26) you can't alwyas want what you get Iris (18) Courage is almost a contradiction in terms. It means a strong desire to live taking the form of readiness to die. Iris Ramsey (32) you have nothing to fear but fear itself. Isaac (29) Shoot first, ask questions later. Isaac I don't have any. Though I have some that I agree with. Isabel (19) If at first you don't succeed, try again. Isabella Fairchild-Heart (Protagonist) (26) climb Isabelle (26) Live to love, love to live Isadora Duncan (32) C'est la vie Ismael Santos (20) You much create your own truth. Isolde (17) Nulla dies sine linea. Iva It should be carpe diem. Iva Pasztor (20) Don't dwell on the past -- but learn lessons from it so you can move on. or "the best predictor of future behavior is there past behavior. " Ivy (10) A day without laughter is a day wasted. ivy (25) Keep working hard Izzy (24) I wish i had one Izzy (17) If I am not for myself, who will be? If I am only for myself, who am I? And, if not now, when? j2a18m (43) fuck or u will get fucked jabbar (23) "Life is not a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in a pretty and well preserved body, but rather to skid in broadside, thoroughly used up, totally worn out, and loudly proclaiming -- WOW-- What a Ride!" Jacie Lin I prefer not to say, for fear it might bring me bad luck. Jack (14) I like the Lord's Prayer. Jack (33) Here today... Gone tomorrow? Jack Goodman (18) The mark of a successful life is having more moments your proud of than moments you feel you have failed. Jackie Everything is o.k. jackie (40) Regret nothing. Everything happens for a reason. Etc. Jackie (18) what does not kill you makes you stronger; this, too, shall pass Jackie (24) The possibilities are infinite... Thinking of you Jackie Cavalcante (40) Best is yet to come Jackie Vega (27) Any Time, Any Place Jackson8471 (23) Don't do to me what you'll hate me for doing to you later Jack Viper (29) I'm selfish, impatient, & a little insecure. I make mistakes, I'm out of control and at times I'm hard to handle, but if you cant handle me at my worst, then you sure as hell don't deserve me at my best. Jaclyn (22) Whatever JaclynM (19) love Jacob I'll deal with it later. Jacque (24) I may be a bit peculiar. Jacqueline (34) I'm tough, I'm ambitious, and I know exactly what I want. If that makes me a bitch, okay. (Madonna) Jacqueline Garrett (38) Find the good in all things Jade (17) Too many Jade-a-boo (17) Live Love Learn Jade Green (30) i don't have one Jadelynn (24) Peace and love. Jae (18) Never give up. Love, love and then love some more!!! Jafari (33) Everybody lies Jaime (18) NLive life, travel, and have sex Jaime (28) I don't think I have one Jake (17) Mottos are too simple and too general. Jake (21) Check yourself before you wreck yourself. Jakelina Hernandez (22) Mottos are too fixed to handle the complexities of life. I like to adjust on the run. J.A. Lawrence strive to be normal James (64) life, living it James (30) Yesterday is history, Tomorrow is a mystery, but today is a gift, that's why it's called the present. James (19) There are rules to every battle, until there aren't. James (25) the answer to 1984 is 1776 James Green (29) "Ferrum in ventulus non extundo" Iron is not forged in the breeze. James La Salandra (31) Work hard, play harder. James Oliver North (39) Pax Quaeriturum Bello jameson_welsh (22) yolo, cba, tl;dr, idk, ily, etc. zero. James William Reath (21) What would I do if my grandma was watching? Jamie (25) It is always wrong to hate, but it is never wrong to love. Jamie (22) live happy and be free Jamie (32) "A foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds." Jan "My ship is so far out to sea I no longer have a view" Jan (54) "I am hurt, but am not slain, I will lie me down and bleed a while and rise to strike again" St. Bartons Ode Jan (55) Whatever is giving you purpose, keep holding on to it. Jana (22) Whatever is giving you purpose, keep holding on to it. And even if people were mean to you, do not change the way you are because of them. Be yourself Jana (22) i dont have one Janae (17) stay focused jane (41) no one real has a motto. jane fakename (25) Keep forging forward and stay strong janice (67) As we stay sober ... Janice Marie Oxford (61) St. Bartons Ode Jannie56 hakuna matata Jared (19) Keep on keeping on. Jared Oswald (19) Death comes to all, but to those who appose me sooner. Jarred Poll (26) Love. Jas (20) when all peaceful means fail, it is righteous to draw the sword jasleen You all die anyone Jasmine Violet (17) never, never, never give up Jason (34) Its never too late to start something Jason (26) Adopt, adapt, and improvement jasonstafford (53) I'm not a hero. Jax Havak (00) To others, you are what you do; to yourself, you are what you think. Jay (26) Do what you love or die unhappy Jay Stay happy because we only have one life w Jay W. /root (16) With the same sword they knight you, they'll good night you. Jay West (27) nothing is impossible if you don't try Jazz dont no jb (13) Do what's right, Do what's fair, and be consistant J.B. (53) Do your best JB (29) I wont say it... My favorite "Not Mine" Motto - "Live, Learn, Love , Live a Legacy" Jb Bradford (44) I don't have one. JD (21) what is the reality? jean (22) Live and let live Jeannine (57) Stay true to yourself and be kind to others Jef (19) Live once, Go hard in love and life Jeff Fuck them if they cant take a joke JeffGuy (55) I love living Jeffrey A. Olivier (40) Always leave them smiling. Jeffrey Dean Arthur (51) none Jeff Winger unknown jemimah (32) The sky is not the limit when there are footprints on the moon Jen (23) Fantasy Jen (25) The early bird gets the worm. Jen (35) Stay Alive jen (29) live and let die Jen Gerlach (39) Spike Lee Jen Hallidy (42) If the door closes, find a window Jenn (35) Be the best version of yourself. Jenn (39) you have today, you are not promised tomorrows Jennie Do it right or don't do it at all. Jennifer (35) I don't have one but when I hear that Willie Nelson song "Nothing I Can Do About It Now" it seems to fit Jennifer (40) Trust God. There is nothing else. Jennifer C-K (35) If you don't ask you'll never know Jennifer Lewis (26) There is a crack in everything- that's how the light gets in. Jenni Webb Reynolds (29) do what you can to make yourself happy Jenny (23) It's never as bad as it seems, and it's never as good as it seems. Jenny (28) I have so many but one of my favorites is tomorrow is never promised Jenny (18) Work hard, play harder Jenny (38) Tomorrow is a new day Jenny (35) Remember to have enough tolerance for two JennyLynn (23) You only fail if you stop trying Jenny Napier (42) People change, feelings fade, things go wrong, memories remain but life goes on. Jensyn Keanes (19) "Suck nobody's dick." Jeremy (17) perserverence is triumphant Jeremy (30) death before decaf/live and let live Jeremy (29) All it has to be is good. Jeremy Fassler (22) Better to die on your back than to live on your knees. Jeremy Heintz (39) I'm blessed and highly favored Jess (27) Choose wisely who you will be with you all your life, because they should be the one who cleans up all your physical and mental messes with you. Jess (18) I'm a rose with very, VERY sharp thorns. Jessica (18) Never give up. Jessica The only place where success comes before work is in the dictionary. Jessica Cristo (Jax): (29) Try to be funny...haha I don't really have one I guess Jessie (16) If it's meant to be it will be. Jess the Mess (21) having no motto Jesus0469 (46) whatever Jet Jackson (92) Live for the day, Love for tomorrow and laugh in the moment. Jewel (39) Be your authentic self Jewel (38) Morituri Nolumus Mori jezza (18) do unto others what you would do unto self jg (36) Life is short jg (22) Timendi causa est nescira--ignorance is the cause of fear J.H. Sorry, I don't share this stuff. It is important that my mind knows only I think this way, even if it's not true. Jian (22) Check yourself before you wreck yourself. Jim (20) Fuck em if they can't take a joke Jim (50) You gotta want it jimmy (84) "I came to live out loud" (but I don't really do it enough) jj (43) Be positive! JJ (20) All is fair in Love and War J J Ruzo Try everything JLo (34) A Hero Need Not Speak, When He Is Gone The World Will Speak For Him. J.L. Odom (16) None JM (28) If you want it, you can have it. Jo (41) With God all things, are possible. Jo (16) Do your best and God will do the rest. Jo (21) alwyas be strong Jo An unexamined life is not worth living Jo (20) Never touch whats mine or feel the blade of the wicked Jo (33) Unbent, Unbowed, Unbroken. Joana (22) Go get it! Joan Ellis (28) Keep Going! Joani Just go for it...no matter what! JOANNA Always have a plan B. Joanna Kather (63) Suck it up, buttercup. Jo-Anne per aspera ad astra Joanne van der Woude (36) this too shall pass joannie no motto Joe (60) You have to be strong for yourself Joe DeProfio (27) Be the Best you can be Joel (17) Mom's the best, I hate bad smelly man Joel Sadler (45) say what you mean and mean what you say JoeyO (34) go with the wind John (28) To dare is to do John (24) Life is like a game of chess : full of traps, deception and conflict. The only way to win is to be clever enough to turn those things into an advantage John (20) Practice what you preach. John (23) Never let the hataz stop you from doin yo thang Johnathan Durand (19) dunno? Johnny (21) It not always going to be like this, it'll get better. Johnny (21) Murphy's law always applies Johnny48 (48) Tell the story, so that others may feel the joy of life as I have. John Sousa (17) Live, love, laugh. JoJo (27) Always show up. Control the situation or it controls you Jojo (76) do not have one jolie (66) If you treat people as what they are, you won't be doing them any good. But if you treat them as what they should be, you'll get them where they should go Jollie (21) "I am." Jo Mama (53) Do not be one of those people. jona (19) Better be safe than sorry Jonas (We) smile jonathan (31) Live fast, die young, bad girls do it well. Jonathan Tacuri (21) Everything is permitted jonb (49) what doesn't kill you makes you stronger Jonida Dervishi (29) I personally find adherence to mottos to be limiting and as such I don't have any one motto for any length of time. Jon Mosca (31) Just be honest, enthusiastic. Jonny South (18) Strive for Greatness in Self, fear not what other people shall say of you. Jordan (19) None Jordan jesus died for somebody's sins, but not mine. jordan rutter (18) when life gives you lemons you make lemonade! Jorelle (18) We have to tend to our garden (Voltaire) Joris Conversations recalled are the only honest eulogies anyone will ever have joseph (31) no idea Joseph Anthony (37) 努力工作,盡情生活 Joseph Cheng (28) No mottos. Only principal. Josephine A (19) Never give up! Joseph Khouri It's done Joseph Wizley (35) Keep on trucking! Joseph Yvon (63) To thine own self, be true Josh (23) If the red rivers a flowin, take the dirt road home. Josh (22) fight for what is right Josh (29) Live for today Joshua (34) "My weapon is David." Joshua Levi (21) I suppose I should work on a motto, but given the uncertainty of life, I don't see the use. Except perhaps to live presently aware, in the moment. Joshua Sponaugle (22) work hard; or end up working for someone who has Joshua Taft (18) Allons-y! Josh W. (19) i have many but no one in particular josie (25) never cease praying Josie Dangerfield (29) If the wind doesn't take you the right direction, adjust the sails. Jotthedot (16) One should always have a good pillow and good toilet paper. All else is negotiable. Joxef (35) just hope joyce (20) There is much I still lack, but what I do possess is enough for the present. joyseternal (22) live jrggzmn (20) live jrggzmn (20) Stop bitching jrggzmn (25) i believe i don't have one JRM If you don't climb the hill, you'll never know what's on the other side JRobertson (21) Be great Ju (28) Varies, depending on the day. Juan Carlos (21) I don't have a motto Juancho (32) The golden rule: treat others the way i want to be treated or: live and let live. Juanita Joann Harty Buck (49) Life is but a whisper. Juan Jose Campos (34) Allaho akbar Jubin (21) Time is my greatest enemy Judah (30) Bloom where you are planted. Judah (22) WE ARE THE CHANGE WE SEEK jude (25) If God didn't want them shorn, He wouldn't have made them sheep. Jude Kaldi NEVER GIVE IN AND NEVER GIVE UP Judith NEVER GIVE IN AND NEVER GIVE UP Judy Every bad experience gives a great story Judyka (64) ... juju do unto others as you would have others do unto you jujubee (35) "He has found his style when he cannot do otherwise." – Paul Klee Jules (19) Be kind. Jules (23) carpe diem Jules Just one more day... Julia (23) You never know unless you try. Julian (16) This above all to thy own self be true julie (79) it keeps changing Julie (20) Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened Julie (40) Hell is other people Julie (49) MAINSTREAM FRUITCAKE. June (23) Whatever you do, dont ever get caught doing it jupiter jones that which can be asserted without evidence can be dismissed without evidence Justin (27) I'm old enough to know I'm too young to know. Justin (15) Be the best at what you do, no matter what. Justin Aylward (22) everything happens for a reason justine hope (20) A life living for others is a life worthwhile. Justin G. (15) Don't have one. Justin Rasile (23) "Too many ideas is a better flaw than none at all." JW (27) None; there is no mantra that promotes thought. J.W. Carey (22) Enjoy every moment. K (21) None. Life is too meaningless to live by a statement. K. (23) There are always shades of grey. Nothing remains constant. The world is wide. k do as you would be done by k-92 (17) Today is yesterday's tomorrow Kaden I don't really have one Kafi Cunningham (43) knowledge is power kai (15) Stay true Kainaz (20) Tell your stories the way you want them to be heard. Kait (23) Live for today as if it will never come Kaja Ta Mottoes are for fascist Kajer (19) I DO NOT WISH TO WAIT KAKI (50) dont have one Kaleena (23) Love what you love Kally (33) "All the knowledge I possess everyone else can acquire but my heart is all my own" and "Seek not outside yourself" Kameke We live, as we dream - alone. (J.Conrad) Kamila (18) Dream what I dare to dream. Be what I want to be. KammY live and learn Kandi (26) live and let live kangaroo angels appear when you least expect them so always be on the lookout. karaeileen (24) Just do it (I'm not a spokesperson for Nike) Karen (27) It takes an unimaginative miknd to think of only one way to spell a word - Thomas Jefferson Karen you only live once Karen (16) sans peur Karen June (52) wait, breath and think kari bobins (33) i´m not worry, i´m happy Karina Marcano (26) I have no mottos - mottos are for fools. But in a way we are all fools, some are just more foolish than others. Karl (17) Never let the fear of striking out, keep you from playing the game Kasandra to lead a fulfiling life, to be happy Kasia (30) Forget yourself Kasper (19) Respect yourself and others will respect you Kassy (17) Belief is the first step Kate (23) Do unto others . . . it IS cliché but so, so true. Treat others as you wish to be treated--be NICE! I'm not perfect as I must remind myself of this sometimes . . . Kate I do not have one. Kate (26) Swings and roundabouts Kate Mac (22) Never say never. Kate McJ (31) Live and let other live. Katerina (22) My motto changes with each mission I take on, but for now 'Believe, because Dreams Come True!' Kath (48) Ever tried, ever failed. No matter. try again, fail again...fail better. Katharina (32) I do not have a motto. Katherine (18) Just do it. I like to think this means no matter who you have to step on to get there. Go for your goals no matter what. Katherine (27) YOLO. Actually I don't have one. Katherine "Wo ein Wille ist, ist ein Weg!" Which means "when there is a will, there is a way" Kathérine (25) I don't have one Kathy (26) Say what you need to say. Kati (15) "Love and do whatever you want" and "Everything changes" Kati (19) Aequam memento rebus in arduis servare mentem (horace) Katie (20) killllll me katie (23) "Always be kind, for everyone is fighting a hard battle." -Plato Katie (17) i have none katie (22) Life begins at the end of your comfort zone Katie (21) one day at a time Katie Carriere (39) Do what you can with what you have Katrina (23) Life goes on. Katrina Thiessen-Beasse (28) It will all be okay Katsika (68) You cannot be hurt by somebody you don't respect. katthehurricane I think many things that I'll never have the courage to say, but i'll never say anything I don't truly mean. - IK Katy (16) Strive for greatness Katy (22) I don't have one at this point in my life. Katya Allnutt (27) I took the road less travelled by...and that has made all the difference. kaudrey Fall down and get up again and keep on going as far as you can. Kavindra (55) be the change you wish to see in the world kavitha (19) when life throws a lemon at you, trow it right back... harder kay (22) I don't do mottos. Kaybird (43) Nothing last forever, nothing stays the same. Kayla (17) It isn't about how fast you get to the top of the mountain, it's about the climb. Kayla Marie (17) Today is the start of the rest of your life Kaysie67 (49) Git Er Done. KB (45) Let love be without hypocrisy KBHS (29) "Carpe diem" because it gets me moving when I don't want to K.B. Oliver (30) Did I make a difference in anyone's life today. kc If you want to be free, live small K Dilkington (30) Thsi is your life, and you can neither live it for anyone else nor let anyone live it for you. Kechiro (33) I don't have one Keith (19) everything always works out Kelli (47) You're going to do whatever you want in the end. kelly (39) Never Surrender. Kelly (25) I try hard not to lead, I try harder not to follow Kelly G. Teague (45) If it has a face, it has a soul Kelly McCauslin "It ok" Kelsey (22) I may be crazy, but I'm no fool. ken (58) I have none Ken (63) let's cross that bridge when it crumbles ken dewey (48) "Those who would sacrifice freedom for temporary security deserve neither"-Ben Franklin Kendyl (20) Be adaptable. Life has a way of fucking you over. Kenkire live, love and eat Kenn (47) Get over it. Kennedy (18) "ok" Kenning (28) Everything will turn out the way it should. kerayne (66) Just keep swimming Keri Cook (26) Fuck off. Kessler (35) I don't think I have one Keto (25) To hope is to contradict the future Kev (27) Life keeps moving, so must we Kevbo Do it right the first time Kevin (25) to each his own Kevin (21) Try everything once Kevlar i dont have one yet kfcbucket (16) I rather not live by a motto. KFerreto (24) I can't articulate a motto. kfkfkfk (17) Nec Spe, Nec Metu. KG (38) Live laugh love KG (26) Never apologise, never explain Khaddafina (23) Expect the Unexpected khaye (26) P.U.S.H. (Pray until something happens) Kia (28) you may plan for the future but God decides if it will happen Kiana Mercury (23) "Disregard the horrid advice of look before you leap." Kiara M. (15) don't sit if you can stand, don't stand if you can walk, don't walk if you can run Kid Jasper nearly identical KiDoCo "You can't win the race unless you're in it" Kiera Hardy There are better best friends to man than a dog, namely truth, intellect and hard work. Kieran (22) The Choices you make will shape the life that you live Kika You can't try to do things; you simply must do them. Fear is the mind killer Kiki (27) everything happens for a reason kiki (44) move or die Kiki (10) If you cant find the answer change the question Kikka (38) I don't have one Kiley (20) life is an adventure killy better to ask forgiveness, than permission Kim (37) look famous, be legendary, appear complex, act easy, radiate presence, travel light, seem a dream, prove real." Kim (17) Do or do not: there is no try. Kim (37) I don't have one. Kim (30) Do to the best of my ability and if challenged, try harder! Kim (47) I had one for a long time but now it is time to rephrase it so I don't have one Kimberly (23) I'm with Proust on this one: I prefer not to say. kimberly (21) power never fails Kimberly Bailey motto, schmotto kimbo (34) your left hand should not know what your right had is doing Kimlmar (52) Whatever it takes. Kim Randall Cox (43) be kind to everyone king (43) live free kings (36) play more, be responsible King Ubi (35) To be able to make a difference and make this world a better place Kinmin (24) love life kirk just keep swimming Kirsten McCracken (20) Do it yourself! kit kat (22) live for today kito (24) The End Justifies the Means Kitty (21) I'm still figuring it out. Kitty (19) eat, sleep, conquer, repeat Kitty (58) enjoy.. kjelli (59) Live life king size KK (32) there's no better time than the present k-kabob (31) Everything comes to he (she) who hustles while he waits. KKC (26) Live in the moment Kkkkaty (67) I dare do all that may become a man; who dares do more is none. Klavicus (23) I hope i can have one, sometime soon Klox890626 (23) The greatest thing you'll ever learn is just to love and be loved in return. KLVS (22) try KM (23) Dream what I dare to dream. Be what I want to be. Kmi The JUICE is worth the SQUEEZE. Also, you get what you give, never underestimate KARMA! knapsackstraps (21) ring the bells that still can ring knowone (29) Today...Ask for nothing and see to your own house. Koinekid (28) Ricorda di osare sempre: Remember to dare always. kokocakemix (24) Chin up, it will get better koshka (50) The earth has music to those who listen Kourtney Denee (24) God first, others second, self last. Kouse (23) "pick your fights." and any of the lines from the Desiderata Kreuzz Just do it Kris (41) yes you can Krisanta (32) Haven't found a motto yet. Krista (17) She believed she could so she did Krista (27) Brush it off and keep on Kristaline (24) Don't injure yourself! Kristi (35) We are essentially funnels channeling preexisting material into new space.. Kristie (22) Meden Agan, nothing in excess Krum Kirov (16) With dignity and poise do I engage in life. I try to respond to events rather than react in the knowledge that it is onés response to situations that speaks volumes about the person rather than the event Kryshia (53) Soundbytes are best suited to advertising and yellow journalism. Krysstofer Pierre (23) Where theres a will theres a way. Krystaal (40) Just keep swimming. Krystal (24) I used to try to enjoy maxims. Then I read, and loved, George Eliot's opinion on them and I purposefully discarded them all. ks (33) Don't ask for an easier life, ask to be a stronger person Kt (15) Energy and persistence conquer all things KT Not my monkeys, not my circus... kt (35) to believe Kunal Sen (27) "Pretend this is rea."l/"pretend this isn't real." Maybe that makes me pretentious, but I like to pretend to pretend--to trick my mind, subvert reality and recognize alternate realities. kunderakitsch Try your best- that is good enough. kuro usagi (18) Live life with no regrets. I hope to do this, someday. Kurt Bailey (45) N/A K Yeo (19) Keep your eyes the horizon Kyla Stan Id rather fail at something because i couldnt do it, than fail at it because i never tried Kyrie (18) yolo Kyrinrin (14) You are allowed to have your own opinions and no one needs to accept them, but you. L (36) i do not have a motto lacee (18) Kill them with kindness Lacey McVeigh (46) Leave it blank if there's no way Lacharria (18) It happens to the best of us. LaChel there are so many: the first one that comes to mind is the state motto for New Hampshire: "live free or die" LadyDyTheFly Carpe diem, Carpe noctum. Go big or go home. Lady NCA (29) I have not got one Ladytoyou (66) don't look back lage (27) It could be so much worse. LaHaRo (51) Just keep swimming Lainey (38) It seems included above. Lainie Don't have one Lana (34) I don't think I have one. LAND (22) Kill it now, ask questions later. Landon Wright (16) Always follow your dreams, but be weary of unforeseen events your choices may present. Lanette main character: Counciler Becky Ever onward. lara67 (49) A bruise is a lesson... and each lesson makes us better. George R R Martin LA Sullivan Live each day as if it were your last Laura (20) Something terribly hokey, I'm sure. Laura (24) everything happens for a reason laura (23) wing it laura (27) No worries. Laura (28) 'i'd prefer not to.' Laura (31) "I strongly believe that the best is yet to come" LauraAl (27) Let no one come to you without leaving better and happier. Mother Theresa Laura N. (52) Veni, vidi, vici Laura Panza (38) i am, i'm here and i'm ok laura Ytzia Montoya Capristo Judge not, lest ye be judged. Laurel (29) just keep swimming, just keep swimming Lauren (28) everything happens for a reason Lauren (14) i see everything i look at Lauren (22) Heart of gratitude and a positive attitude. Lauren (20) Keep moving forward Lauren The highest honor is protecting those who cannot protect themselves. Lauren Frost (26) This too shall pass. Lauren H (27) Il ne faut jamais dire a la fontaine je ne boirai pas de ton eau. Laurie (58) "Mottoes are for those who have no imagination." Lavache Beadsman (21) None Layla (22) "Scars will heal but were meant to bleed." Layla (13) None. Layla B. (43) You'll never know if you don't try LB Perkins (42) Want what you want. Leah (16) I don't really have one, but my dogma has always been to "be unapologetically you" leah (17) Be a real human being Leah (25) Love always love Leah keep trying Leanne (28) Question everything but also accept everything LeCorbeauGris (25) leave everything clean after playing Lector To thine self be true lee (30) There's no day but today Leeham "You can doing anything if you believe in yourself." Just kidding. "God is subtle, but not malicious." It's Einstein. Leena (16) I need a motto, don't have one Legacy Lee (31) "Learn to live and remember to love." Leigh Lagamayo (27) To each their own Leila to soar, please to soar Lem (24) I think, therefore I am. L.E.Murphy (17) enjoy life within my means Len (46) Never give up Lena (21) carpe diem! Lena (60) Family is like fudge – mostly sweet, with a few nuts. Leo the only easy day was yesterday Leo (15) All things are inevitable, just like death. Leo Calma (19) Always overestimate others, always underestimate yourself LeonidasStokely boobs, face, ass Leon (The Debreifer) (22) p Leslie No time like the present Leslie (43) Keep improving give freely love well Lestory (49) Invicta Levi Becker (31) I make my destiny Levi Walker fuck it Lex honesty is the best policy lexi (23) The Muir motto translates to Terran as: Unity through rational thought, order through objectivity. Lex Ryo (17) Fuck it Lexxxx (18) god protects the dumb and the drunk l.gee (23) when life gets hard just keep going lglick19 Shoulda, Woulda, Coulda... Lia (23) Don't shit your pants to spite your mates LiamP (25) I can't say I really have a motto for myself. Life was all about survival before this. Liam Shaughnessy To serve with honor and justice to rid the world of sin. Liam Urien trying to hurt me is like trying to break water librowicz (28) live love laugh :) Lids (50) If I did have one it would go here. Lightning Stars (22) Rise above your circumstances lilecare (46) What you give is what u'll get Lilian (25) Perhaps: " "Shake off all the fears of servile prejudices, under which weak minds are servilely crouched. Fix reason firmly in her seat, and call on her tribunal for every fact, every opinion." Liliana With a strong will and strong heart nothing is impossible. Lillian (25) Get there first if you want to win Lillian Grace (27) The harder you work, the harder it is to surrender. Lily (16) Follow your bliss. Lily Pray to be stronger, not for things to be easier Lily (34) You win some, you lose some Linda (23) The love is made to make you blue. Linda (17) If it's not Choo it's not a shoe! Linda C (41) Live life as if it is my last day. Linda M. W. (34) Live, laugh, love Lindsey (15) This life is your own, to live how you choose. Lindsey B. (17) Hakuna Matata LindseyD (18) It changes every so often, but at the moment, it's "believe in your own potential". Song lyrics are great for mottos. Linicake Happen what may linou70 All's fair in rock n' roll Lint (17) dfad lion (40) Work hard, play hard Lisa Be content with who you are Lisa (56) If you have to say it then it isnt Lishan (20) Right now , thats don't compete with anybody, compete with yourself. Love yourself and your family. LittleT (24) ? lituci (30) Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover. Lixing (24) "Every day I count wasted in which there has been no dancing." - Nietzche, and "You and your logic have no place here." - Me Liz (28) I will borrow Ai Wei Wei's: Everything is politics. Everything is art. Liz (64) I am not who you think I am. I am who I think you think I am. Liz (47) Nothing worth having comes easy Liz (25) Dream out loud Liz (40) Tomorrow is a new day Liza (33) The chaperone's job is to make sure nobody else has any fun, but nobody chaperones the chaperone. Lizzie (17) Even Steven! Lizzie Pickle (27) "Don't fear god, don't worry about death; what is good is easy to get, and what is terrible is easy to endure." L. Kadey (18) Never look back, walk tall, act fine. L. Kadey (19) Not hurt myself, not hurt my partner, not hurt society. LLane (23) try be happy lmao - lo (19) when all else fails; Lo (24) Live. LodRose (32) post hoc ergo proper hoc Log Faith, our strength; Hope, our guidance; Love, our perseverance. Logan (23) you do what you gotta do. Logan (14) Live life Logan (16) It doesn't matter how hard you get hit. It's how hard you can get hit and get up. Logan Whitt (15) What's for you, won't go past you! Lois (22) Don't have one.. I guess to never back down in an argument. i'm not sure if that is a good or a bad thing. Lola I'm not sure I have one. Lolita Hazed (18) to the work you are entitled, but not the fruits thereof; know yourself lollipoppingsu (24) Blessed are they who can laugh at themselves, for they shall never cease to be amused. Lori (37) Boobs are life. Louf (39) I dont have one. Loui Edgington (12) "But in noble souls, valor does not wait for years" Louis (19) If life ever dares giving you lemons, make grape juice out of it >D Louisalokyee (15) everything happens for a reason. Louise (17) "I never think of the future. It comes soon enough." Loz (17) life is for living Lu (24) it is what it is and then you die. Lu (32) Better late than never! luadepapel (25) I'll drink to that! Luc (27) "Tell it to your plants". Lucho (32) i will rise to fall again Lucija (25) Learn from yesterday, live well for today and hope for tomorrow. Lucy (34) Why should one not be able to ask "Why"? Lucy loveand be loved Luigi (38) Usually I like to keep them to myself Luísa (21) "As soon as you trust yourself, you will know how to live." Luísa (22) I don't think I have a motto Luisa (18) I don't have one Luisa (19) none LuisEfe (55) Servitor Domini sum Luke Anthony (19) dunno lukemarco (18) Remain In Light Luke N 14 (35) A girls gotta do what a girls gotta do. Lulu Be who you are Luna (16) life goes on with or without you lunar (18) Clarity is paramount. LVG If a wall blocks you, go around it, under it, over it, or through it. Lydia (50) live and let live lydia It works if you work it! Lydia (18) In the end everybody leaves Lyla (30) I'll do it tomorrow lyman (35) If you fall off, get back on and keep riding. Lyn (22) If you fall off, get back on and keep riding. Lyn (22) Fear not Lyn if you think the price of education is expensive try the price of ignorance lynac (31) Get it done. Lyndsay D. (22) I don't have one. Lyndsey (19) fuck it Lynk (15) Do unto others.... Lynn Renee (41) Let the other be Lynn Thair (49) Trust God always Lyss (19) Live and let live M none M (29) It is what it is M (36) Desire, be passionate and do it M (19) One does not know what one has lost until it is gone M I dont know what I do until I get there. Whether I will swim,, jump or retreat MA (61) Why do we get all this life if we don't ever use it? Why do we get all these feelings and dreams and hopes if we don't ever use them? That's where Shirley Valentine disappeared to. She got lost in all this unused life." Mach (44) Semper Ascendens. Non Serviam. Machiavelli_Mx (38) i don't have one yet macon (22) what can i be thankful for? macskawoman (44) Don't let anyone take away your power; it's not easy to gain it back. Macy (15) Live your life the way you want to. Maddie (16) it changes depending on the situation Madeline (19) Live respected,die regretted Madhusudhan (63) Vengeance is a plate best served cold. Madison Twist (25) its funny how falling feels like flying for a little bit Mads Husted (21) Have the courage to change the things you can, and the strength to stand the things you can't. MaeveOne (27) Jump off a cliff Magellan (44) There is no way TO happiness, happiness IS the way. Maggie (24) To live with love and authenticity. Maggie (23) enough to share! Maggie (49) panta rhei maggy may Live, Love, Learn - Without fear. Mahalo (/) "the slower you go, the faster you get there" mahtiel (21) Onwards Mairi (37) I don't have one. Maite (26) truth beauty freedom love maitresseb (43) Hope for the best, but prepare for the worst Mak (16) Nemo me impune lacessit maksimuchka (38) Treasure one another while you can. Malcolm (26) Regret what you do not what you didn't Malibu (31) you can't run from trouble, there ain't no place so far Mallory (21) Love is unlimited, love all you can Mallory Corrus (20) (Stolen from Zola) "Respectable people, what bastards!" Maltet Perhaps my problem is that I have not developed a motto Mandar (27) Love and Gratitude Mandella Kitten (36) Never say never - it'll bite you tomorrow mandi (28) Fu*k it mandi2kay (31) I still don't know yet mangarmunko (21) Kill all christards. Manu (22) I don't have one actually Mara (58) Never fear beginning again. Mara (17) Haven't created one MaraMichelle I prefer not to say, for fear it might bring me bad luck Marana (56) It shall rise from the ashes Marcel (19) Depends on the occassion as there are too many to name. Carpe Diem I guess marcel254 (25) I don't have one. Marcelo Ricarte. (16) the only thing you can take with you, is whatever you have given Marcel Rodriguez In God I trust Marclaudi (46) you never know, and lets see what happens tomorrow Marc_Meyer Don't be an asshole marcoapk (19) breathe in breathe out move on marg (53) Just do it before you chicken out Margaret (19) One day, One step, at a time Margaret Cook (57) live - damn it! Margarida (aka:Guida Costa,Guida Almeida ( ) Second place is the first loser Margie (44) i don't live by mottos margo (22) Be prepared for the worst, and hope for the best. Margot (21) No hay mal que por bien no venga... Mari (30) Ask and thou shall receive. Maria (45) Life is just about making the most of it. Maria Everything Happens for a reason. Maria (18) Live, Laugh, and Love Maria Contreras (19) You can never step into same river twice Mariam (20) audaces fortuna iuvat - fortune favors the bold. Mariana (16) Live. Mariana (22) I suck at life, but I'm wicked cool. Maria Patenaude (29) Better late Than Never Maria Rowena Rillen Just breathe until you can't. Marie (19) I don't wanna jinx it, so I don't want to say anything. Marie (21) One is nearer God's heart in a garden than anywhere else on Earth. Marie Fuck this shit ! (Coming from my ever pressing sense of justice) or --- I can do it and I can do it better. Marie-Pierre Adam (27) be self sufficient marina (50) Planning to change my current mottos. That itself being a motto for a long time. marina (27) Do tomorrow what doesn't have to be done today Marina (20) Someday this will all make sense Marina da Silva Negherbon (24) Live like a hero of a fantastic novel Marion (27) Do what you feel in your heart to be right, for you'll be criticized anyway- you'll be damned if you do and damned if you don't- Eleanor Roosevelt mario ponce (38) Sapere Aude Marios Gregoriou (21) Live and learn MariselaL (18) Close enough is good enough Mark (16) Vite Sine Literis Mors Mark (19) Cogito, ergo doleo. Mark Always smile, no matter how difficult the day is. You never know who needs to see it. Mark (55) if i can picture it, i can achieve it! Mark Angus Wilson (28) Moderation, endless motion Mark D Anderson (23) As long as people take the time to say you're wrong, they care. markeff (38) One day at a time Mark J (44) i don't have one Marko (28) an Mark Sterling (32) yes markus_naz (39) feast or famine Marney (40) To err is human to forgive devine. Maroua (17) I read a pretty good one but I forgot. People who live by a motto is essentially flawed. Marshall Wang (24) La gente mala sufre cosas malas y la pasa mal, la gente buena tambien sufre cosas malas pero la pasa bien marti (25) I will work harder. Martin (29) Never give up Martina Common Enthusiasm for life defeats internal existential fear Marty (18) I don't have one Martyshka (31) What's a motto with you? Maruku (18) cash makes the world go around Marvin Willams (30) This too shall pass. Mary (22) depends on the situation Mary (28) Live and let live. Mary (56) Things can and will change Mary Ann (62) Poeta nascitur, non fit. MaryAnn (47) KEEP CALM AND CARRY ON Mary Ellen Collins-Davis (59) KEEP CALM AND CARRY ON Mary Ellen Collins-Davis (59) You only live once. MaryFred (24) not going to say Maryn (15) No gods, no managers, no mottos! Masha Shannon (26) Living is easy with eyes closed MasonFYS13 (18) “A dime held close to the eye eclipses the sun. Even if our lives are insignificant, we must live them as if they are not.”—John Updike. Mason Walker (21) why the hell not Mat (15) Love all, trust a few, do wrong to none Mat (26) Wine, pussy, and poetry mate I rather not say Mateus Melo I have done nothing, in order that I may regret nothing; but in so doing I have come to regret everything. Mathew Gallant (22) We will all die ( so hurry up taking a decision ) Mathilda (15) I've yet to obtain a motto. Farewell, farewell. x Matisse (15) Semper fi semper vigilans de oppresso liber so others may live Matrix (23) We should have the hope that the situation would improve no matter how bad it is now. Matsuda (14) fuck it... matt (17) If you can't fix it with bailing wire and duct tape, the best thing you can do is take it into the desert and set it on fire. Matt (30) I do not have one at the moment. Matt (20) Live each day to the fullest Matt (25) Codas bastardize thought. That's not my motto, it's why I don't have one. :) Matt DeCostanza (17) Know how you will fail and you will know how to succeed. Matthew Charles Barrie (27) If you can't find a way, make a way. Matthew Gordon (28) Shoot boys Matthew Ray (18) Say what you mean, and mean what you say Matthew Young (18) everything happens for a reason Matthieu (21) I never had one. Life is not biased. Maundaux (23) All men are morons, untill proven otherwise mauserman (42) Don't let fear run your life. Max (24) carpe diem maxie (20) Live well no matter what Maximilian (17) "Who Dares, Wins" Maxwell Pierson (23) nothing lasts but change Maysoun (27) Live and let live MB (41) Care mcfm0626 (26) I am tomorrow, or some future day, what I establish today. MCI (22) To give anything less than your best is to sacrifice the gift mcseadogs (34) Attitude is everything Me (40) just be happy me (32) Be good as and when you can ME (25) Don't give up. Keep trying. Fail forward Me (57) Go with the flow Meaghan Life is short...eat dessert first Medusa59 (56) You must be the change you wish to see in the world Meg (16) apathy meg (22) jack gilbert - everyone forgets that icarus also flew, kurt vonnegut - be soft Meg (19) Live, let live, and learn everything you can Meg (31) Stay focused on eternal. Meg (22) in vino veritas Megan (25) don't waste a minute, you'll never know when you'll get that chance or feeling back. Megan (20) Sona Fide Megan (18) when there is too much to say I say nothing Megan (23) What would that do? megan (18) don't judge a book by its cover Meghan (16) The opposite is also always true Megil (51) పోనీలే! Meher (32) It's fine. It'll be great. Mel (20) Don't worry about things you can change, don't worry about things you can't change mel (32) It's soon to be patented. Mel (44) Try to walk in their shoes to understand their actions Melanie (31) Live and let live. Melanie (33) Get er done. Melanie (33) BE YOURSELF MelBisMe (34) "Honesty is the best policy" Melinda (18) Strength is a matter of a made up mind. Melinda McGinley (30) "We are each having our own experience. There are verbs involved. Your results may vary." M.Elisabeth Howell (52) I don't have one Melissa (23) I may not have gone where I intended to go, but I think I have ended up where I needed to be. melissa (17) when you know better you do better melissa (44) Survival of the fittest Melissa (40) God is the key that unlocks the doors in life Melissa Diane Hudson live and let live. Melissa Farr (25) Live and let live. Melissa Farr (29) Easy come, easy go Melissa P (63) adventure is worthwhile in itself Melly I never stick to just one, it depends on the day and situtations Melody (22) "don't" Mel Sundquist (20) Let it go meltemis Stay positive, remain strong, never give up. Melvia (28) failure is the fuel of success. but it is highly flammable. Memelord (15) I'm a riddle so strong, you can't break me Memyselfandi be entirely real, never act Menjou (21) earn respect menon (33) run while the sun is shining cause you won't see where you're going when it's dark. mercedes (27) Make it happen Meredith Live justly and honestly. Meredith (23) If all else in life fails I retain my ability to read Merit (56) If all else in life fails I retain my ability to read Merit (56) If all else in life fails I retain my ability to read Merit (56) If all else in life fails I retain my ability to read Merit (56) If all else in life fails I retain my ability to read Merit (56) If all else in life fails I retain my ability to read Merit (56) If all else in life fails I retain my ability to read Merit (56) hang on, keeping going, don't give up merlinharp (57) Everything is possible. Mersiha (20) yolo mf (17) Touch not the cat, but the gloves MFSmith (16) Fear no evil, do no harm. mia "You aren't entitled to your opinion. You are entitled to your informed opinion. No one is entitled to be ignorant." Mia (27) let live micci (64) Fuck it. Michael (40) If I had one, it might be Nil Desperandum, though I wouldn't always believe it Michael (46) Better to write than be a complete asshole Michael why not me? michael never give up Michael (43) none michael (24) life is what happens while we are making other plans Michael (52) I am a god in training Michael (53) Everything happens for a reason. Michaela (20) C'est la vie! (Such is life) Michaela Tee (15) live however you want Michael Kendall (16) live as if your mother is watching Michelle (30) Philippians 3:7-16 best encapsulates my motto at the moment. Michelle (24) Make it look effortless, yet be the one to put tremendous effort behind it. Michelle Jeong (20) Circumstances don't matter, state of being matters Michelle Sandino (15) If we are to stick to personal mottos, then, to quote Lao Tzu: "At the center of your being you have the answer- you know who you are and what you want." michou (19) Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong. So be prepared. Mick (28) Ahoy hoy Mickste to thine ownself be true Mignonne (53) Be kind mihaela (26) all's fair in love and war mihaelaian (42) Do what you have to do and left rest to the G-D Mika How soon do you need to know? Mike (33) idk Mike (14) I came, I saw, I loved. Mike (53) Be Prepared Mike (58) You don't know unless you try Mike (42) Ever onward Mike (29) Freedom Prevails mike_freedom9531 (30) How the f*ck would I know ! mikemc1156 I can't make a blanket statment, so I'll make a general statement. I can guarantee that probably won't happen. Mike Sadler (53) None to speak of Milfred (35) Do we even know? Mili (20) I have more than one but not one enough important to stand above the others. Milly (23) Stay positive and never put yourself down Milly (16) Do as you would be done by millymay (84) That which is not dealt with comes back to haunt you Mimi (53) Treat others how you would want to be treated. Mimi (31) Carpe Diem Mimi (24) bene vixit qui bene latuit mimì (48) nothing changes if nothing changes Mimi (57) Take what is useful and move on. Mimikeekee (23) Carpe diem. Mina (15) Don't have one Mind (17) None. Minerva Black (30) Good thoughts, good deeds and good words minto (28) love the others as you love yourself mirabilis (48) Not sure I have one Miriam Liggett (48) I agree with Proust. mischa (22) Not everyone has to like you and you don't have to like everyone. Misha (24) I don't have one, I'm not Bruce Forsyth. miso What matters most is how you see yourself. Miss Live only for myself and no one else misshermes (20) c'est la via miss karachi the earth is flat - wow! Miss Noble (0) Do as ye will, and harm ye none. Missy (44) Do unto others Missy (45) love one another for always Missy Gay (42) peace on earth and good will to all mister buzz (49) I live to die another day. Mitchell: for Ophelia To you your religion, to me mine ( Islam) Mitela (22) To you your religion, to me mine - Prophet Muhammed (pbuh) Mitela (25) Why not? Mitja (36) Knowledge + Action = Power. Mitsuko (22) spend low, win high mitzi (28) Am not sure Miyo (12) open your mind and close your fears MJ (22) Follow your jolly. MJ (23) fuck it mj (39) Make sure the bills get payed every month. M. J. A. Armstrong (60) Everything will be OK MJF (34) human is contemned to be free mjwhite (21) The first will sometimes be last and the last first. M.K. (21) ambitiose sed ineptum mk (15) Make love, peace, kindness, compassion, understanding, and beauty not hate, war, meanness, bitterness, self-rightousness, or lies. Mkeekee (30) Love everything. M. Le Ahcim-nevets (31) My motto is to not have mottos. Labels are ever limiting. MlleJacqueline I don't have the platform for one. MlleNeet Be who you are naturally MM (34) All is well M&M (38) Live Until You Die!! Live Until You Die!! MMS question everything, scepticism in regards to all things. Mnemonic Aberration We all are immortal until the moment we die mobtomas (48) I am, therefore I think modernmonsters it it's not a 'yes' it's a 'no' moeder (32) With our thoughts we create the world. Mohamjip (66) You do what you need to, to get where you have to. Mohini (20) Enjoy life or shut the fuck up! Moistoidy (43) There is no greater harm than that of time wasted Molea Razvan (23) Don't panic. Molly (19) You make your own luck Molly (18) Live life to your fullest, every moment. Stay strong, and hard, all night long. Work hard, play hard. Molly Evans (47) Screws fall out all the time, the world's an imperfect place. mollykate74 (38) haven't though of one momcat (60) Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference Mona They will never see me cry Mona Sen (22) If you can imagine it, you can dream it. Dream it and you can become it. Monica Stowe Who Dares Wins montanadrifter (68) i dont have one montie williams (16) don't worry about it Monty (35) i do not have one. Mooke (16) To be rather than to seem. Moose (40) If I should fall from Grace, I will arise in Grace. Morazda (42) Shrek Morgan Aim high and dream the dream Morgana Well behaved women seldom make history - Laurel Thatcher Ulrich MorganFYS13 (18) Fuck you all, I'm making tea instead Morgan Gratsky (22) Never Forgive - Never Forget. Morgan Toft love the world morgwei (28) You will never be alone, for I am with you. Mother (54) Whatever Mouse (42) Where there's a will, there's a way. MP3 (22) Immitation is suicide. MPaylor (21) do what you feel's right Mr. A (17) My personal affairs belong only to me, nobody else Mr. A (17) Anything is possible with God on your side Mr. Frank (56) I'd probably be great at it if I tried it. MrJones (28) Finish. Worry about it later. MRM (28) get up! get on! Mr. Mandarin (41) What is a motto? Mr Peters (30) I don't have one Mrs. Lincoln (49) Who Dares, Wins Mrtimm Carpe diem. MsAPH (21) The bathroom is my holy confessional Ms. Barbara (19) If you say you will do it, do. If you say nothing at all, you are lying. Ms. L (22) if you want it done right, do it yourself mstinyS The cure for everything is salt: tears, sweat, and the sea. mStonerCEO (45) Everyday is an adventure! MsVicky "Stuff your eyes with wonder." MTHSP (28) Live life to the fullest MUElexandra (19) live laugh love MUElizabeth (19) do your best and leave the rest i'twill all come right some day or night Muffin (25) None, none whatsoever. mugen (22) Only those who will risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go. muhbuh (47) Never fear failure, Always find a way to your dream MUJakeWilkinson (18) the night is young MUkelly (18) It works if you work it! MULydia (18) It works if you work it! MULydia (18) So it goes. Mumblingtruth (24) The light at the end of the tunnel is that of an oncoming train Murphy (21) to see but not be seen Musa (16) Fuck it all mutterhals (31) Who creates these questions?? Myalyn Hernandez (17) be nice to skeletons because one lives inside you my answers are perfect; yall should read I have not yet developed one. Mychel Shannon (18) Success is giving up spmething good, for something better My Dear Materialista (27) equis somos chavos myra (22) The choice is mine Myra Never let go of your dreams. Myron (26) It's never about the destination. It's always about the journey there. Myron (26) Live your dreams, as what you want, and not what others want you too. Mystery Mind Over Matter (19) Life appears to me too short to be spent in nursing animosity, or registering wrongs. Charlotte Bronte N (32) do what feels right to you nad (17) Just go with it... Nadine (21) Who we are is but a stepping stone to what we can become Naleks (23) To be happy, hopeful and healthy. NamraSultan Let live each as either Nana (23) Fortune favors the prepared mind. [Louis Pasteur] Nancy (78) KBO nancy I've never had one that stuck. Nancy (41) Why not? Nancy B (40) Whatever happens is alright. Naomi (19) passion makes one think in a circle narelle pederick (40) Everything always works out. Nat The pen is mightier than the sword Natalia (33) do what you love and love what you do. when it stops bringing you joy, just walk away Natalie (18) I have much and nothing. Natalie MJ (31) Keep moving Natanya (95) loving every moment of life Natasha (49) SMD Nate (16) let go and call it a day already natedawg (28) freedom Nathalie (20) To have no regrets Nathan Wherever there is another human being, there is an opportunity for kindness - Seneca Nathan (28) You can do anything if you keep at it Nathan (35) It will work itself out in the end. Nathan (27) Put on the new self. Nathaniel (24) I will stand strong to win Nathaniel (20) I will stand strong to win Nathaniel Live passionately Nathan Thorne (53) In the complex world a good motto may run into pages! navera (57) one in da pink, on in da stink neckice let the other person be, as in be themselves Neek (54) Always move forward. Neeka (27) A motto is a ruthless inquisition if nothing else. Mine is, "everything's fine and no one's happy." Neetzi (18) Everything happens for a reason. NEL (20) be honest Neller (35) Today is the first day of the rest of your life nelly persevere Nelly (31) There are never enough questions. Nels (31) Think and do it nene (57) Keep smiling neo_urbaniste (23) Someday I will realize. neptune To live everyday like it's my last Nessa If you feel you're in control, you're just not going fast enough. (Only in the rarest circumstances do I live by it though) Nessie (18) If you make them angry, you have made some sense. Newlin (25) I have so many Nia (15) I think therefore I am. Nia Robinson (19) love love love Nic (27) Before the dance took a hold you should've seen me... Nic (24) don't to others Nic (27) A few words are not enough to summarize how a man should live his life Nicholas (18) Either god exists and nothing matters, or he does and nothign matters Nicholas Kovacev (12) i dont know Nick (35) Hidden to your heavy side, I couldn't tell your head is so deep Nick (20) Immortality in Art Nick (31) A man is only worth his word. Nick Live and Let Live NickiNorker (48) "Here we go" Nick Zero (26) Life's to short to take it easy nicoca (21) Coincidence is the name for a science we don't understand yet. Nicolas (28) The future is only a moment away. Nicolas Bossons (16) You never know Nicole (14) stand your ground even if you stand alone! nicole (23) I am the hero of this story, I do not need saving Nicole (18) Keep on keeping on, but take a dip sometimes. Nicole (22) "Do not give up" Nicole (17) no Nicole EP (25) work hard and you will achieve your goal Niece (42) no guts, no glory NiGht (23) Live like any other day could be the last in your life nightinday (19) me me me nigt Try not to stress Nik (30) Try and try. Nikita (26) Onward Nikkers64 (47) I Will Survive Nikki (35) I prefer not to say, for fear it might bring me good luck. Nikkita Saeed (21) How does this work, then? Nikolai Kleppe (44) No surrender. No defeat. Victory or death. Nikon Shooter Luctor et emergo Nikos (29) we do not see things are they are, we see them as they are Nillie (21) There but for the grace of God go I. (But I'm not religious.) Nina (21) Every experience is a learning experience nina (27) Always keep going, never look back Nina Mars (22) live, love, laugh. - and - your naked body should only belong to those who fall in love with your soul. nina tangimetua (23) It Is What It Is Nique (18) live for others, love with the soul before flesh, be blind to illusion, and work to improve the lives of all and you will find your enlightenment Nirmal Singh (99) i have many to suit the need niyaa you cannot change how other people behave, you can only change your own response nmh (32) Carpe diem. Noah (17) Fuck you. Noah the good (23) I'm not sure I live by one, but where there's a will, there really is a way Noddy (26) You only live once Noelle fuck it... NoGurus (20) I don't have one nom de plume This is hell, this is fate, but it's my world and it's fucking GREAT. Nomen nescio (24) To be honest, even if just with yourself Nomers (19) If you can't laugh at yourself you are probably the only one. none given I have no motto. None More Bitter (20) love people who love you, be with ones who make u happy and who u can make happy, do things you love and love nono (22) I don't really have one. nools (21) I think we may be too postmodern for this question. But I guess I've had some. In the last years, I've had: "every second is a choice", "we can live like this", "utopia is worth fighting for", and now... "just let me go back to sleep." nools (23) I don't have one. Nora (20) no good deed goes unpunished Noraq I can do all things by the grace of God Norma Without trying you have already failed. Norman W (35) This too shall pass Not (26) It's never too late to be what you might have been Nova (44) Money is Power, power is respect. Nova (32) Carpe diem NR-2082 (32) I have none Nrvnqsr (27) I don't know ns Always stay a step ahead NS Watson (30) Ask not what your country can do for you but rather what you can do for your country? Answer: in a society that has abolished every kind of adventure, the only adventure that remains is to abolish the society! Nuance (26) Better to have a question that can't be answered than an answer that can't be questioned Nudge (36) Desire is the cause of all your suffering. numeroita (24) Life's a journey, not a destination! NynnaS. (36) You have to cross mountains to achieve happiness oanaa (23) what dreams may come OB Live your life fully. Ode There are stupid people everywhere. Try not to worry about it. Odie (24) none Odile (36) Be careful what you wish for, you just might get it. Odilia (47) If I had a motto, I'd have my life in order, and I can't have that Odyssey Willow (16) ca va venir. ohlaskeau (21) I can do ALL things through Christ who gives me strength. Phillipians 4:13 oldie-goldie (99) I have never spend enough time to come up with one olga (22) Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited; imagination encircles the world. (Stolen from Einstein.) Oli Tearle (28) live it up & never fear death Oliver it changes from day to day, usually Bob Dylan quotes Olivia (17) FUCK THIS I'M GOING TO HOGWARTS. Oliviaa. I don't have mottos but I do agree with "it's better to beg forgiveness than to ask permission? oliviathunderkitty (63) It is written. Oliwankenobi (21) Festina lintel (Hurry slowly). Olly (37) Death to fascism. As simple as that. Omar (17) Hard work is the only kind I know of! OneMan Regret things you have done rather than regretting those you haven't. ontherazzle (40) Life is long ooinla (40) The sun changes everything Oph (30) This is the only life we get, don't waste it. Orby (40) Never let them say you can't because I can. Orchid (29) Mottos change, so should you. ORK (22) dont ask if you dont know the answer orsetto (19) peppe oscar (29) Go for broke, live, laugh, love Oso i dont have any, otto (21) Mottos are for those who fear to live. Ovi (24) I have yet to decide on one oxoboxo (22) Keep calm and keep your eyes peeled for questions and answers. Øyvind (27) Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Ozymandias Jefferson Roosevelt (24) You are marvelous; the gods wait to delight in you. PAB (43) I feel the same way about disco as I do about herpes Pacie Be happy and make others happy Paddy (29) Never quit, never surrender Paggy (33) the truth will set you free pagina (20) Says who? Paige (34) Says who? Paige (34) Follow your heart. Paige (29) To thine own self be true Paige Hall (17) This too shall pass Palaila (28) I can't stand this indecision married with a lack of vision. palais (32) Choose the best of all, want less not worth it. Paldies (39) el ineffable terror de la esperanza/ the ineffable terror of hope (Borges). why would it bring bad luck? Paloma Coyoacan (56) Our days are numbered so make the most of each day! Pam (63) Don't have one. Pam Blackwell “Not all those who wander are lost.” Courtesy of Tolkien Pamcake (28) exitosa pamelaja (27) All the best people in the world are comletely mad. Panchi none have to understand you. You have to make yourself clear enough pandaaah (23) Shit happens, you'll live. Panic (18) i will not regret the things i have done and will do everything in order to have no regrets panthergirl (36) uh. idk. i guess i judge people on the spot? whether that's good or not Parker (18) Go placidly amidst the noise and haste parksmi (51) depends on situation parvati6 Dura Lex Sed Lex Passepartout (27) Mottos suck Pat (39) Ad astra per alas porci Patek (25) Nothings special Pat Garrett (26) love yourself so that you may love those around you patric (30) All is self-imposed. Patrick J. Derilus I'll leave that for smarter people than I Patrick Trotti (26) motto rehagel patroklos always say please patsy,world war II baby "Love, and then love, and then help others to love." Patti (20) Never drunk on duty, never sober on liberty Patty (32) Make life happier Patty (56) Why not? Patty Cake (29) each day is a new beginning Paula (54) Stand for yourself Paula (19) Nothing worth it is ever easy Paulie (23) Laissez-faire Manifest destiny paradox Paulina (18) It's not what you know, it's who you know. Pauline53 (53) Champagne for my real friends and real pain for my sham friends! Paulshrug (44) I have not motto Pavel Š. (18) mottos are trite but there are life philosophies I live by PaWe (50) Wenn du einmal diese Welt verlässt, sorge nicht dafür, dass du sie als guter Mensch verlässt, sondern dass die Welt, die du verlässt, gut ist pax (23) for every rat you see, there are fifty you don't PB (20) I have a few too many. Perhaps best said as the number five. Pea (17) Without Earth, we will not live Pearl Maxwell (29) Love even if you're not loved in return Pedro Albernaz (20) Live all you can, its a mistake not to Pedro Luis Munoz (24) But ya ARE Blanche, ya ARE in that chair! Pedro Tejada (20) There is ALWAYS hope Peggy (57) Others come before me. pehi (26) Don't Tempt Fate Penney (48) You can't help everyone, but anyone can help someone. Ronald Reagan Pepper You can't help everyone, but anyone can help someone. Ronald Reagan Pepper Yep... Sláinte Percy (27) Don't be afriad Peregrine "Do as you would be done by" Perfidia harder harder, faster faster pesser (57) Speak tersely what others veil in familiarity Pessoa non Grata Evey thing happens for a reason. Peter Dyson (56) It's never too late Peter Heron (57) A truly wise man knows he knows nothing, for a truly foolish man believes he knows everything Peter Joseph Tamber Maxima Gaffney This, too, shall pass. Peter Silva (46) This too shall pass Petree (22) si vis amani, amo Phil (44) no blood no foul Phil "A ship is safe in harbor, but that's not what ships are for." Phil (25) never give up philippe (59) Be prepared to be a bitch. Philomena (80) Live faithfully a hidden life. Phil R. (30) "Wo ein Wille ist, ist ein Weg!" Which means "when there is a will, there is a way" Phoebe (18) Without struggle, there is no progress - paraphrased from Frederick Douglass Phoenix (39) get thee down. be thou funky. phreec (35) I CAN DO THIS Phyllis Boyajian Branche It matters not how straight the gate, how charged with punishment the scroll. I am the master of my fate; I am the captain of my soul. picfxr (45) You have to live in the shadows to see the light P.I. Elliot To hell with it Pieterpad (80) Happiness is a choice Pingbluto be happy in life and dont care about anything pintoo (24) Beware of Karma Piper Bella Rose do what you fear Pistol Pete Live, Until the last moment ... pk_evanescent (38) Life has to be given a meaning, because of the obvious fact that it has no meaning. pk_henry I'm already dead. Platinum Era (21) I don't know. Plebelbe (21) The truth will set you free but not until it's finished with you. Pleiadian7 (59) Life is too short to do things one doesn't want to do. Plusein (25) he who smelt it dealt it pluto (26) It is what it is Ponice (18) Kill them all!!! Pontius Pilate (30) Bolt not, lest ye be bolted Poobah (65) Plan life one year at a time Pooja keep the faith Pooki (55) It would change in a few months anyway poop fella (25) I don't know. Pope (31) chenges pp (31) So it goes. Pranaya R (28) It's not always rainbows and butterflies but it's compromise that moves us along Prasanna (23) None Prashant Gnawali (22) I have learned that my actions are far too mutable to do any motto justice Pratama (22) Talented, Lovable, and Rich Pratiksha (15) Good always wins. Preacher (34) Be someone who people can share their grief, predicaments, joy, and thoughts with. PriC (26) "Man is a wolf to man," from Leviathan. Priceequation (33) If it ain't broke, don't fix it. Prime Minister Appa (50) Suaviter in modo, fortiter in re Prismatic (74) Everyone is full of shit. Go through life removing as much shit from your system as possible. professionalprocrastinator (20) The only thing to fear is fear itself Protagonist (20) snitches get stitches Protagonist Hope not fear Protovium (63) Depends on my mood Pseudointeresting (17) Well, nobody died psv (48) Even a stooped clock gives the right time twice a day,vive la différence!!! PUNK PAINTER (37) LSI puppylush (35) I have none Qaz (30) love, love more, forget, forget more Qi (18) Fail, try again, fail better. Quasimodo (30) Life's Too Short Not to Throw All Your Chips Out on the Table. Quinn (23) I have plenty of them. qweasd no comment LOL R (50) I'm not sure I have one Rachel (21) Childhood is the kingdom where nobody dies Rachel (21) I have no motto Rachelmate (39) I DONT FOLLOW ANY MOTTO RACHU (32) "never be a spectator of unfairness or stupidity" radomu (18) Why be normal? Raelynn (57) To live and not to breathe is to die in tragedy. raf (19) A coward dies a thousand times, A warrior dies only once Ragna (19) do unto others.... RagsTyler (33) Can't say, sorry. Rahul (21) What doesn't kill me makes me stronger. Rain (16) What doesn't kill me makes me stronger. Rain I Decide rainbird If your life is such a big joke, why should I care? Raj (18) It sounds better on vinyl Raju (21) Your heart is where your mind wanders. Ralph (21) The Golden Rule! Ramesses Benjamin Lewis (27) To be known as a smiling person who contribtued to the well being of others Ramu (59) have passion. Ran (25) God is great in my life. Raph There's always time for a tea party. Rapunzel Everything will be ok in the end. If its not ok, it's not the end. Raquelle (17) I have no motto at all. Rara (22) You choose your own path and draw the map to your own journey. No one is responsoble for your life, but yourself. Rashmi (21) Children are the future. Protect them. Or The Rau will take them. Raumabaya or The Rau (00) I've never had one. Raven (30) i don't have one raven (17) Be careful what you say for words can break a man and start wars Raven (15) Fight for life Raven Anston It's not a motto, who the hell has a motto? But, I remind myself not to complain about anything I volunteer to do. It keeps from complaining as much, and also from volunteering for some things I really don't want any part of anyway. Ray of Mars (36) to thine own self be true rb3868 (52) Offend the status quo RD YOLO (: just kidding. Be kind to all, you don't know what they may be going through Rebecca (19) Don't limit yourself Rebecca Scheid (13) do what needs to be done no matter what Rebekah (29) Oh well. Recross (25) It's a secret to everybody Red (26) Don't take life too seriously....You'll never make it out alive. Redbeard (24) Live in the now for the future is not a plane we are capable of contoling Redrover (50) Know thyself, but love as you are wont to Ree (21) teach by your actions, not by your words. ree (24) I will not waste my life pretending that I will have another. Reed Braden (19) There is always tomrrow Reggie Benjamin (35) Be well Remi (28) inspire moments of joy RENA (62) Not this time, not next time, not ever. Renata (0) To live everyday as if it was your last. Renath It is what it is, The past is the past-you can't change it, just learn from it and grow, try not to make the same mistake more than once, look to the future and create your own destiny Renee (44) That's life. Renee Stanko (27) Do the best you can reneetriay (40) What would Caesar do? Ren Harris dream big. work it out from there renno (17) Time is a great healer Renos (24) trust your instinct Renuka (21) do not stray from the path you chose and keep walking until you reach your goal renz (15) Véjà Du (or Vuja De) Requiem (27) "The intelligent man who is proud of his intelligence is like the condemned man who is proud of his large cell."--Simone Weil res10k9v5@frontier.com Strive for life until you find death will bring you more happiness. Rethinker (26) know thyself retroandi TRY to understand, no matter how daunting or inconvenient. Reuben Samson (21) starve the ego, feed the soul OR this too shall pass Reva Ann (20) none Rewrew trust is faith in your knowledge of how another person will act. Rhail (38) Ecce homo RHCdG (52) time will tell Rhea (25) "When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace."- Jimi Hendrix Ric H (41) It happens. Richard (22) There is no such thing as talent. There is only time, effort and passion. Rick Appropinquare Deo - Draw Near to God Rick (18) Well why the hell not. Rie There is no greater burden than great potential. True power is knowing you can, but you don't. Riley (26) Why it's only a superficial deepness riley (19) Allow yourself to be happy. Riley (14) Allow yourself to be happy. Riley (14) stay determined and set goals Rilo do whatever you want Rina (20) i need to find one. Rini I don't really have one at the moment. All good things come to those who wait, maybe. Rinilia (17) I can achieve anything I put my mind to Riss (37) Everyone has the right to be a damn fool. RiverSong (32) I have none; it's whatever sounds right at the moment. Riyu (17) Do what you were going to do tomorrow today and do what you intended to do today right now Riza (17) Create myself Rizwan (21) it is what it is ro (21) it's the possibilty of having a dream come true that makes life interesting rob (54) By the Grace of God go I Rob (27) Do the right thing, regardless. Robbie Curran (19) I don't have one Robert Danduran (26) Do or do not, there is no try. Roberto Rivadeneyra Q (35) Me. Robert Tatler (18) rather have a bottle in front of me,tha a frontal lobotamy rob luddington (45) He who knows he has enough is rich. Robo (56) Can't say. robot Just keep breathing and you can survive anything. Robyn (15) Keep on keeping on. Love to live and live to love. Rochelle (40) Here we go again Rockstar no motto Rocky To all the good times and bad, happy and sad: may you wrap all your troubles in dreams and dream all your troubles away Rodders (32) Carpe Diem Roderick Seeing is believing Rodica (32) Alis Grave Nil Rodrigo (24) i hate life rodrigo zarate (29) No regret, just conscience. Rod Weiler (21) I'm not dead enough to have a motto. Roe (47) buy the ticket take the ride roger (45) do something brave everyday roguebroccoli (18) “The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only one page.” Rollwagen (26) If I work hard at life- I'll achieve and conquer, some people may try and throw me down and if that's it- I already know I'm better than them. Roma (14) Everything ends. Roman (38) "Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around once in awhile, you could miss it." - Ferris Bueller Romina (16) There are better things that lie ahead than any we leave behind. Romina (21) Spending part of my lifetime on something that will outlast it.... Ronald (40) I never could settle on just one Ronen (27) I don't think I have one. Roo (20) Love is all you need Rooster (68) don't have roro (23) Whatever works Rorshavhanswer (18) For God so loved the world that He gave His only Son that we might be saved Rosalee Firth I want what I have and I have what I want. Rosalie Grace (16) still working on it, but it's somewhere along the lines of "only look back to learn from your mistakes" Rosalinda Chavez (19) life is an adventure Rose (17) I am not lucky - I am blessed. Rose (33) Tell me when and where...I'll be there. Rose Abre los ojos. Rose (31) "Never a failure, take it as a lesson learned in life and be better, be stronger" Roseanne (29) I don't have one. Rosie (52) Live Laugh Love Rosie (53) She is the architect of her own destruction. Rosie I wish I had one, i wish I could live up to one Rossboss (37) this too shall pass rossi don't really have one. "There is still tomorrow?" ro to the rah (20) Never stop going for what I want. Rowan (16) If a man is righteous and his intent is noble, he will prevail. Rowan Bartlett (23) Everything happens with a reason. Rox (17) Be not afraid or ashamed of what you want in life Roxanne Mooneys (22) ? rsan Via, Veritas, Vita rtalien (25) I don't have one. RTC (21) Always look at the bigger picture. rubysparkles (23) "Money is green" meaning you should work hard to be successful no matter what Rudi (24) To have goals to reach Rumi (42) Forgive or forget. runur (44) Be yourself. Be Unique. Don't care what anyone else thinks Rushkami (27) Don't surrender Ruska (33) i dont have a motto Ruskin Clay (17) there is a core it is hardcore all is hardcore when made with love Ruskin Clay (17) A journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step Russell Sandbach (53) don't stop believing Ruth (48) I am strong enough. Ruthie (19) You can't hold what you don't have in your hands. Rux Tu fui ego eris R. W. (26) primum non nocera rwk (57) They can kill you but the legalities of eating you are quite a bit more complicated Ryan (18) Life is too short to be unhappy. Ryan (15) Better late than never! Ryan B (23) Life is too short. Enjoy it. Ryan Brun (23) You're gonna be dead in 100 years, is this really how you want to spend your remaining time? Ryan Brun (27) Be nice to people, and listen to your gut. Ryan Brun (29) It's never what do that makes the difference, it's how you do it. Ryan C (30) Carpe Diem Ryan Riley (26) From each according to their ability, to each according to their need Ryno (26) Ask a question and risk being a fool for five minutes. Hold your tongue and risk remaining a fool forever. Ryssan (22) Begin Again S (26) Et tamen, stellae: And nevertheless, stars. S (13) May the light shine upon me forever s33d (20) YOLO Saba (19) Live intensely Sabine (18) Huh. That's interesting. sableye22 (17) make them laugh Sabri (19) Don't let the bed bugs bite. Sabrina Treat others as you would want to be treated. Sabrina Such is life Sacha (30) do the best you can and leave the rest to God s. a. hensley (45) Gracious under pressure...(i fail miserably at it) saief (28) Be successful & help who deserves success. SAI LAXMI TATINENI (40) 1st: Learn and grow. 2nd What good are you going to do today? 3rd. Always be kind (I wonder if it is possible to have three mottos) saill (24) live and let love sailor Be yourself and think for yourself and accept all the consequences that come with that. Salem (21) A happy man is a man who is happy Sally of Kent And thus I clothe my naked villainy With old odd ends, stol'n forth of holy writ; And seem a saint, when most I play the devil. sam (19) work hard play hard Sam (24) Everything happens for a reason and It will all work out ok in the end Sam (36) What is the most I can do? Sam (22) Dont cry because its over, smile because it happened Sam (17) Everything happens for a reason, I believe in Philippians 4:6 Samantha (17) Do unto others as you would have others do unto you Sam(antha) (24) there's always something else to conquer Samantha (30) Maybe tomorrow... Samantha (35) I am not that girl. Sam Gordon (18) Feel free to be you Sami (18) Live and let live ** Love makes life beautiful ” – Make earth a loving place to live with love samps (29) never have a motto SamSam (33) "Don't worry, be happy." Samuel (19) Follow your bliss San I don't have one Sandu (15) When you are at the bottom of the ladder you have nowhere to go but up. Sandy none Sandy (32) Able was I ere I saw Elba Sandy (25) each moment in life, as it is, our only teacher sankari (39) Do good things. Sara (23) Try to live in the present Sara (57) it's private Sara (50) No regrets, you only live once Sara C aka Snacks aka Sarbs (26) Never give up, never surrender Sarah (23) i have many mottos which i can only remeber when a situation calles for it sarah live laugh love. though i need a new one. sarah (14) To thy own self be true Sarah (23) The greatest thing in life is to love & be loved in return (I know, stolen from a film) Sarah (38) everything will be fine sarah (22) make room Sarah (33) what doesnt kill you makes you stronger sarah (21) The easy way leads to disaster. Sarah (27) "And after all this time, the sun never said to the earth, "you owe me." Look what can happen with a love like that." Sarah (18) In the end, you have to make yourself happy Sarah (24) Whatever will be will be. Sarah (27) Friends will come and go, but Family is forever and are your true friends sarahbeth (21) carpe diem Sarah Carlton (18) onward and forward Sarah Hollinger (28) Nothing a good ol' fashion brain-duster couldn't solve. SarahSometimes (22) Dream big, then work it out from there. This too shall pass. Everything happens for a reason. Every moment of light and dark is a miracle. Michael, if you can't pass, you can't play.(Coach Dean Smith to Michael Jordan) Live well, laugh often, love much Sarah Taylor Vernarecci (19) DREAM BIG, WORK IT OUT FROM THERE. Sarah Taylor Vernarecci (19) Morals are over rated sara luisa hincapie (23) I don't have one. Sara Ortiz (27) Who needs a motto? Mottoes just constraint your mind Sara P. (18) It's time to Sasha (30) As above, so below. Sasha Hasanbegovic (26) While there is life, there is time Sasha_M (34) Mus non uni fidit antro. Sasha Sutton (22) at the moment i don't have one. sat (20) Never let them see you cry. sauron (24) Fall down seven times, stand up eight. Savannah (27) I don't really have one. Savannah Henry (18) do it now or live in the moment savannahw. (19) People will judge you no matter who you are, so you may as well be yourself Sax (32) Strangers are just friends you haven't met yet OR The difference between friends and family is a fine, permeable barrier scarletsquirrel (13) Be brave Scarlett (25) Om Scooter (29) Blind optimism is only ironic pessimism Scooter190 (21) What do you want? Scott (60) What you do not get done today will still be there tomorrow. Scott (17) Seize the day Scott777 There are too many possibilities, and none just right Scotty (18) I don't have one. I think everyday can bring a new one with what you're trying to go through. Scotty I ahve a new motto every day... Scout (26) Rock n Roll will never die! Screaming Bastard Child of the Apocalyps (23) When things are unclement, strive to make them so. Sean (19) Only connect the prose and the passion and both shall be exaulted. Sean D. Thompson (22) Simplicity rules everything worthwhile. Sean Kennedy (22) Fuck it Sean Reveille (19) Acta Non Verba. Sebasagot (23) Fuck fascism. Sebastian (18) All you need is love Sebastian H (18) i don't have one in particular Sedona (16) I have none. Sejal Ghia (24) Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Selene H. Brent It is not enough to conquer, one must learn to seduce -- Voltaire SeraphimeRising (31) Believe Serena (26) It could be worse. Serene Lim (24) you can check out any time you like but you can never leave serenity Et in Arcadia Ego Seth Street (19) I live not in dreams but in contemplation of a reality that is perhaps the future. Sexismandthecity (28) I just want to be happy! -- as provided by my mother because I had no idea, myself..... but she is right, of course. Sgraham (28) don't fuck it up Shaina (22) If not now, when? If not you, who? (adapted) ShaLo (66) hakuna matata, unfortunately Shana (22) My motto is "Never have a motto" Shane (19) i dont have a motto shane (25) That others may live. Shane I live by many. Shanna (19) My motto is "Keep on with the love." That's my motto. Shannon Cole (22) Live in the moment SharaMays72 You are a victim of the rules you live by. Shari (21) Underestimate, that way everything good that happens is a suprise - TA. Sharice (22) Dont have one. SharonBillings Milestones in life deserve celebration Shauna (40) Only Connect shaurora (64) live life to the fullest no regrets Shawna (21) everything is illuminated in light of the past shawna (17) don't let the bastards get you down shawpur (66) Live gently SHE (44) Be Kind, Everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle -Plato Shea (28) I don't really have a motto. I have ideas that I make frequent use of, but they're not really one-size-fits-all pan-ethical doctrines sheavsey (21) Everything will be okay in the end. If it's not okay, it's not the end. Sheila D (55) you are the only you that will ever exist, so stop trying to be like everyone else shelby Life happens. Shelley (32) you think you really know me, but you might as weel just let it go Shelly (17) Life's but a walking shadow, a poor player, That struts and frets his hour upon the stage, And then is heard no more. It is a tale Told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, Signifying nothing. Shellybelly1 (49) keep going and going Shep Howard Everything, even the smallest creature, has as much right to life as I do. All life is precious. Sherry Fuller (41) i can do all things through Christ which strenghtens me shiela (18) The Lord is my Light Shig (29) Speranza mi da vita. Shiloh Moretti (16) Let the fallen stay fallen if they choose to do so, but do not let yourself fall just because of others. Shimomeiji (19) Keep trying. Shina (28) Be true to yourself - all things will then flow from there, as fingers from a hand. Shinydan (34) i don't think i have one ShiversB (19) be the change u wanna see shodhana (20) to find one, one day Shubhda (24) be true to yourself shupiwe (35) A mind is a terrible thing to waste. Shy (25) The Eleventh Commandment: "Thou shalt not bullsh*t thyself." Sid (57) There is enough for all of us. Love is all there is. SID (53) There is no meaning to anything -- make of the world what meaning have you; never, ever give up Siddharth (23) It's not that difficult Sidedrive (70) I don't know. Siena (21) Zeme nestieg, putekļi neput un cik viegli ir akmeņus nest. Signe (22) Det må da værra lov Simen (18) You never know until you try Simon (19) i don't need a motto Simon (20) I don't have any of these. I prefer to be motivated rather than give reasons for myself. Simona (16) stay humble sinawae (27) Fight the authority and question everything sindjiro Trust in yourself, before anyone else Sirena Wainford (17) There is nothing that can sum any philosophy I might have. Sirith (33) Perhaps, I should craft one. Sir Richard (52) Think deeply, speak gently, laugh aloud, love much, work hard, give freely and be kind. Sixela Negomi muss es sein? es muss sein! --as Beethoven said sj (23) Everybody Row SJ (44) Live Sj (16) Get Over it or Get it Over with! SkinnyBoneTree (25) life is a continuous cycle of making and correcting mistakes skitalica (27) Live today not the future or past skurge (18) prevention is better than cure, but sometimes cure is all we can aim for Skytalker (26) Service is the rent you pay for living SL (22) Dig and be dug in return Sle (41) live fast, die fun sleepy (20) everything i do, i must do for them Slim You may break your heart, but men will go on as before. Sloceface (23) My maxims are secret S. M. A. Armstrong (21) All you need is love Smaranda (33) I came, I saw, I came again. Smeghead it's hard to dance with the devil on your back, so shake him off smithmarg (45) What is not to love? Smo (27) Don't really have one. smude Memento Mori snibab (19) love snorris (23) Always watch your back and never let your guard down Snyde (38) I have many yet don't follow any So (22) better to regret the things you do than the things you don't socksless life is given to us and we earn it by giving it Sofi (24) Create and not Destroy; find Beauty in the Movements of the World. Sofia (15) do what makes you happy whilst also making those around you happy sofia (14) Dando y dando pajarito volando Sofía TREAT EVERYONE YOU MEET WITH DIGNITY AND RESPECT BUT ALWAYS HAVE A PLAN TO KILL THEM Sofia Picasso (14) Live and let live. And "everithing will be alright", you know, when things are not... Sofía P. S. (20) When I get sad I stop being sad and be AWESOME instead! It's LEGEN (wait for it) DARY. True Stoty! Sofyzitahh (23) Mottos are ridiculous and unrealistic. solitary confinement (44) Of those who say nothing, few are silent Solomon (24) One "no" means maybe... SolomonGrundy (45) Each morning is a new morning. Sombra (20) I'm an insignificant part of the whole. Some random person (16) honesty isn't the best policy its the only policy Sonet P There's nothing to fear except fear itself Sonia (25) Fear is mind killer! Sonja (27) I wish I knew. Sonya Dahl (21) There are so many...but one motto is "You don't like it, leave." Soos (32) pessimism of reason, optimism of will sooz (38) To thine own self be false, if holding onto a static idea of "thine own self" is holding you back! Sophia (25) Find flight and fly. Sophie (17) I don't have one. Sophie i don't have a motto. Sophie living life to the fullest souma (32) I am sorry. SoundofWater (35) Learn and grow. Sourabh Bharadwaj (21) Small things occupy small minds. - Parva leves capiunt animas. S.P. (20) I would prefer to live passionately and feel pain than spend a life in the wastelands of the ordinary sp3ccylad (44) i don't have to explain myself it's either you got it or you don't Spacebug (42) You have two bowls in life - one to drink out of, one to eat out of...never shit in your own bowl Spacey (24) Everyone has the right to be loved Sparrow (17) Live for the beauty you wish to see in the world Speck (36) Just breathe Spencer (25) You are not obligated to make people happy, and neither are they to you. Spencer Stewart 'Til all are one. Spencer Valdez (11) "Til all are one!" Spencer Valdez (12) Take care of your tools and your tools will take care of you. Spike Spiegel Rest in Peace Spina Bifida I will not cooperate. spyrost (50) to be a photographer and illustrator Srishti Gupta (19) asfa sssssssssssssssssssss (23) you only live once! ssv (40) ask not others to do what you cannot do yourself stan (54) Trust no one Star (11) I have none Starflower (19) never forgive, never forget Ste (26) everythind that happes in your life, happens for a reason Stella (28) I don't know. I don't care. And it doesn't make any difference. Stella (37) "get over it" Stella (53) work it out Steph The Hide hides nothing Steph Man is the only animal that blushes, or needs to (Twain) Stephanie (23) Life is good! Stephanie (21) Everything happens for a reason; give reasons for good things to happen. Stephanie (18) Everywhere is walking distance if you have the time Stephanie (49) you only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough! stephanie (20) "Luck favors the brave." stephbsemilla (40) Never Face The Facts Stephen (56) it is what it is Stephen (78) i hesitate to articulate in fear i may deviate from the highest degree of accuracy. Stephen Stacks Life is a canvas and we are the painters. Steve (20) Whatever happens. Steve (39) I don't have one. Steve Be the legend Steve (56) I prefer not to say, for fear it might cause me disfavor Steve Hanawalt (56) Any motto changes as goals, views, and plans change. Steve K (27) Try to take others as you find them, and hope they do the same for you. Steve Shives (29) Life is great stoffie (26) my motto is to find a suitable motto for every situation stojan (32) Is this something people have? That which doesn't kill us only maims us longer. Stork Daddy Love yourself for who you are. Stormy (17) always do what you say you will do stradling Always say "I love you." Love is the answer. STUPID IDIOT (0) "Don't ever have a motto. They are either foolish, shallow, or are just meant to sound good" Subhartho (26) don't put off till tomorrow what you can do today Sue (49) I don't have one. Sunbul (18) Self restriction, Helping others, praising the supreme Sundaraa (32) The more you start to listen, the more you're able to hear. sunny Slash and burn your way to victory sunshineguerilla (28) Do it your own way SuperflyTNT Whatever helps you make it through the night. Susan (63) Nothing beats a failure but a try -- my friend, my companion, my husband said this. Susan (63) Get Busy Susan Collins (21) Today I like Jamie Fraser's motto from "The Outlander," "I am ready." Susan Dawn Fain (59) Things will be better one day Susie (20) be happy susie karpasitis (26) Don't have one. Susie Q (73) if you drop your keys in a molten lava volcano let em go man cuz theyre gone suzanne Fuck it, I do what I want. Suzanne (41) It isn't whether you win or lose. It's how the photos turn out that matters. Suzanne Cohen (53) o mal corta se pela raiz Suzy (19) I've learn so much from my mistakes, now I'm thinking of making a few more. Never give up SvetikSmile (20) Leave the campsite cleaner than you found it. Swallow Be full of curiosity Swan (75) Keep it simple stupid ! :) Swapna (21) Never live for the sake of another man, nor ask another man to live for yours Switz (29) Try to love all. sybann (50) Glory fades, but honor is forever. Sydchez I prefer not to say, for fear it might bring me bad luck. Sydney Kilbane (18) ditto proust t1 - T (19) Be kind, be strong, be loyal, be brave, be funny T (26) don't have oe T (18) "No one can make you feel inferior with out your consent" - Eleanor Roosevelt. T (20) Nothing in this life is truly ours. It's an experience we're lucky to wake to each day. T.A. (34) "Make optimism your BEST FRIEND." Tabitha Murray (42) The only person I have to be better than is the person I was yesterday. Taeleyn у меня его нет TAHbKA Any thing has it's own time and place tai (22) guys are the new chics taintme born to die tal (13) If a person doesn't ask you for advice, then don't give it. Tallulah (29) i can do all things through him who gives me strength TAMAR (23) nothing at the moment tamar (54) Every moment of light and dark is a miracle tamara (48) life short. don't wait untill your dying before you start to live it. tamera miller (33) what is done is dote to the best Tamila (18) don't have one Tanwen Aschtherlar Tormey (18) I don't have one. Tara (37) Don't be anything you don't want to be Tash (29) Be honest and do only your best. Tatiana (17) Be the person you want to meet. Tatiana (21) There is no room for mistakes. Tatiz (19) Life a life of love. Taylor (24) Love and be loved; but do not make your self-worth based on other's opinions. Taylore Dawn (18) I have yet to coin my own, truthfully. Taylor Van Allen (24) live in the present tazmur (26) I don't believe in mottos TB Do as little damage as possible. Be kind. Dress better than you have to. T. Christopher Cox (43) Well, you know how life can be... Tebvy (24) The charismatic Enigma Ted (26) Cry and you cry alone, laugh and the world laughs with you Tee (40) best way to not get your heart broken is pretend you don't have one Teehee (18) when theres a will theres a way TEESHA (27) Having a motto is so cliche Tekoa Butler "Sorry, I was resting my eyes" Teleute (17) Live your life to help others Teme (18) I dont believe there's any one phrase I could consider to be my one motto. So lets go with duct tape can fix anything. Tennrox I dont believe there's any one phrase I could consider to be my one motto. So lets go with duct tape can fix anything. Tennrox Do it right, or don't do it at all. Teresa (43) live life to the fullest each day with kindness teri (73) work fucking hard terios (21) It's a waste of my time to worry over things I could not control, nor can I change. Terra (22) No worries Terri (35) Don't forget to breathe. Terry (41) It is what it is Terry (66) happiness is...a continual progress, from one object of desire to the next. TerryG (49) Justice is a punishment for evil Terrylee (35) I'm pretty, smart and sensual with amazing momentum Terrylynn0609 (39) DO UNTO OTHERS, AS YOU WOULD HAVE THEM DO UNTO YOU. TERRY YORK II live full tess (24) Carpe Diem Tess (53) History is herstory too Tess Calopedos (17) Be careful what you wish for Tess Fiennes (40) love, enthusiasm, faith and loyalty tg (48) “If you don't know where you are going, any road will get you there.”- Lewis Carroll Thambi (24) everything will be alright in the end thatchaa (17) this is from leonard cohen: "ring the bells that still can ring." that guy #999 (29) Christopher Sloce Humans as a rule are at their most miserable when they care about other people, but without that misery, they refrain from the full experience of humanity. That New Chris Sloce (18) Flob-a-lob thebabycub (39) If you don't nobody else will. The Beast Press on. The Big Liddle (31) Merrly, Merrly, Merrly, life is but a dream. The Boss Why not? The Desert (22) Never forget TheDoctor76 (35) "Live slow, die old, leave a legacy" The Essential Man (26) Live life to the full TheFear77 (23) when you really want something, just go get it theGeneral (19) do what you want as long as you don't fuckin bother me the grill (31) Pinch of salt, rise above The hungry caterpillar (29) fortune favors the bold The Imprecise Duke Of Phonology (77) If assholes got awards, I'd have a trophy case. The Josh Rollins (21) Vengeance isn't just a one time thing. You must be in a continual state of mind The Man In The Brown Hat Never give up on your dreams, & strive to be the best that you can be! The Mouse Avenger (20) None. Theo Treat others as you would treat yourself theravenette (15) I don't have a personal motto theravenette (15) Arte mundum rego The Roomba Mifi (28) Without the darkness we couldn't see the stars Thia (29) just keep swimming Thinplank (40) Om Thom (23) Amicus est alter ego Thomas12081983 You might not be going to space tommorow Thomas (16) poetry is the opium of the intellect, and I am far too intelligent to say I have but one phrase to live by- beyond, of course, the fact that I want to be by her side. ThomasM Do unto others. Thomzagod (39) Fuck everything. Thor Hammerstein (16) I prefer not having a single motto in fear of it imposing a definition upon myself. Thothanatos92 (23) Let it go thoughtlessdreamer (15) Shennanigans. Thrakish (18) It is not the critic who counts nor the one who points out how the strong man stumbles, or where the doer of deeds could have done them better. The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena, whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood... Thunderpussy (48) Post tenebras spero lucem Tiago Moura (15) If a pancake is more than 1 inch thick, there is something seriously wrong with it. Tianna I have no motto. Tianna Alysia Kallan (37) Συν Αθηνά και χείρα κίνει tick Life is not fair. tiffany Keep going! Tiffany (44) Go in with a positive attitude and you are sure to do good; don't have any regrets. Tiffany Beatty (19) every moment of light and dark is a miracle-whitman tiffany; (lifefromtheshelf.blogspot.com) (17) ready. set. go! TiffanyTee (26) Do not have one Tiger and Lions I am in search for one that best fits myself, but have let to come across any. Tim (27) No price is too high to pay for the privilege of owning yourself Tim Never Assume. Tim (24) Love truth tim None Tim I do not have one, for fear that I might live by it. Tim Proser (17) That which does not kill you makes you stronger Tim Sandle Life is fundamentally simple, beautiful, and blissful timwarnock (34) Every opprotunity good or bad is a chance to learn. I want to end each day a better smarter kinder version of myself then I was the day before. Tina (32) Look to the sky because the sun will always rise again. Tina (16) Like Ali said "Don't count the days. Make the days count." Tina (44) do unto others, etc, etc. Tini Treat others as you would be treated Tinuvielyra Flying by myself in a tiny aircraft over lonely woods: I have no one to blame if I make a bad judgement, and the laws of physics won't listen to my excuses. What would life be like if I always had to take full responsibility? Tivia Stewart (40) Choose happiness tj (39) Never forget. Tobias Budge (25) I bet it gets hot in your kitchen Tobyn Sebastian (24) Contra mundum. Todd anything is possible Tofu (19) Live for yourself, others second. Tom (21) I have no motto other than, Love hit him hard like a hawk into a dovecote Tom G (19) Pay me for it Tommy (19) What's next? Tommy Boy (24) Never had one, and I don't know if I ever will Tongbite Matt (36) Always be learning. Toni (48) I don't have a motto Toni Spimoni Always touch the water of the ocean before entering it. Toño Cabrera-Pereyra (31) Remember those who gave, endured, lived and acheived life to its fulliest without a bit of selfishness. Tony (48) It is better to rule in isolation, than to be one of the downtrodden masses. Tony (30) i have none Tony (17) Live for thyself Tony (17) In order to have a friend, you must be a friend. In order to be loved, you must love. In order to be respected, you must respect others. This is what life is all about. Tonya Jones (39) One door closes. Another door opens. Always be ready to change your plans. Never blame others for something you could and should have been responsible for yourself. toosnowoman Home is where the heart is Toria (37) Ta dagen som den kommer. Torsksåsen (22) don't worry be happy tracey It used to be ''I'll manage, I'll manage," now it is, " Go forward and take action." " Don't think, just do. Inspiration will come from action." tracynle (20) Get busy living or get busy dying Tracy TB (45) Nosce Te Ipsum travis Some things are better left unsaid Travis (25) who cares. Travis Mask (49) My religion is kindness Tre It is what it is... TREE (21) We all stand in deep shit, but some of us look at the stars.... Tree Girl (29) Man of much, master of ryyhmn Trent Duval (28) Just breathe Tres bien (43) that was yesterday Trevor My motto is "do unto others as you would have them do unto you." Trevor (24) To understand and empathize; to never make another feel badly; to love. Trevor McSwain (24) Be brave and no regrets tri You could be the king but watch the queen conquer. OR Queen T season approaching Trinity Chapa (15) i don't have one triplet (30) grant that i may not so much seek to be consoled as to console, to be understood as to understand, to be loved, as to love (St. Francis of Assissi) Trish "One sees clearly only with the heart. Anything essential is invisible to the eyes." Trisha (17) Do not assume to know who and what I am Trisha (29) Do unto others as you would have them do unto you Tristan (14) Better to beg forgiveness than ask permission. Trixie Never tell anyone anything, otherwise you'll end up missing everyone trotter (30) "Let thy speech be better than silence, or be silent." --Dionysius the Elder Troy Casa (50) wich means? tsiou (33) nice to meet you/never give up tt (27) Kindness Turk (24) assume nothing turnbull (27) Prepare to be humble Turnus Look on the bright side. Turtle Heart perseverance tutu I have none. Well maybe I do have two that I came up with myself, which could mean a lot of things or nothing. But I do have my own meaning in mind. "We are all empty shells filled with infinity." "Find your balance." Twillightdoom (17) I would have to take myself far more seriously than I do to have one! ..How about "Excelsior!"? twondbestbed (34) Fly higher Ty (18) Men exist for the sake of one another. Teach them then or bear with them. Tyler (24) Anything Tyler (16) I only have one life and I will live it my way. Tyler Scott (41) Integrity is the better part of love, truth is better than the facts. Ty-test YOLO so LOL Udan Outwort (61) I have no motto uiioop (17) Be a better person each day, forgive enemies Uma (63) Don't look back umd.16 (20) "Only Connect" (not mine really, E.M. Forster's) UnoZen Question everything Ursus M. H. Spelaeus (59) Be less stupider V (27) Tomorrow, maybe? Val (31) Don't have any (yet). Valentina (17) I find mottos cliche Valeria Ryrak (21) I don't have one Valtharos (22) Consistency Van (22) I'd prefer not to vanessa (33) Sapere aude Vanessa Cardui (43) Too young to afford such luxury vard95 I'll survive another day... Varna (25) it is what it is Vato (39) think about. Vbonita (28) Go forward VBozic (40) Don't really live by motto's...too simple Vedada (28) If you do good things, good things will happen to you and vice versa veejay (32) To lead a happy life and help others to do so Veera Live and let live Venky (36) Any sentence including the word fuck. Ventricle (24) live today to maximum veri333 (21) Never Give Up. Verona Jones (59) I've had a great time, but this wasn't it Veronica (20) I don't exactly have a motto, but I live by the idea that there are no varying degrees of right and wrong. Everything is black and white. If you don't do the thing that is most right, what you do is wrong. Veronique (18) work with what you've got Vesan (33) Hoping for the best, but expecting the worse vi (20) She flies with her own wings Vi (22) no good deed goes unpunished Vic (46) Keep the faith Vicki see it, believe it, acheive it vicky (26) Don't fight it FEEL it Vicky (24) If you want world peace, be world peace. If you want love, be love Victoria (37) Good one, Proust! I second that! Victoria (59) Listen to your heart more than your head. Victoria (16) In the end, everything will be okay. If it's not okay, it's not the end. Victoria (23) I have heard and say too many to say Victoria "This too, shall pass." and "Men are stupid." Victoria Song (22) Death and taxes. The constants of my reign. Victor Shade (27) You create your own world and your own truth. Victor Trevor (23) Its all an illusion so why worry videoalex Be the best person you can, and do what you can for everyone that requires you, without any thought of return. Vijay Pierce (23) what you cant control , should not control you. vikram (34) Sapere Aude Vikram Krishnan (24) what did I think would happen. Viktor (28) A motto does not exist within me, only vanity Viktor (19) Wisdom is hidden Viktor Corzich (35) Hang on to yourself Viktor Sigareff (19) Must find a new one...will get back to you on that. Village Of Brooklin (45) A harsh truth is kinder than a pleasant deception. Vincent (19) i'm the coolest person in the world, and everyone else can suck one! vinnie smalls (15) where theres life, theres hope VinnyGreenock72 Be happy and help others to be happy too. Violet (18) If you are slain in battle, you should be resolved to have your corpse facing the enemy. Viorel (25) Anything worth doing is worth doing right. Virginia (20) Love is all you need. It always will be. Virginia (12) i'll put the ball anywhere on the field or something visualizations (22) i do not believe in mottos, but one may always meow Viv (14) I have nothing to fear if I understand who I am and what I want Vivian I have never had one, and I do not think I ever will Vivianne Liliaceae Aspho Vilth These are some famous mottos I follow -- Expectations Hurt, Practise before you preach. And this is my personal motto -- Just get it done with VK (22) Vini, vidi, vichi Vlada (20) I think, therefore I am Vogette (55) To be loved and give love Vs (18) It depends on the month. vur Fair to Midland Wallace (85) I don't know. That is to say, my motto is 'I don't know'. Walter (19) Keep going Wanda (26) To know who i am and why i am Watson (27) You have one life, use it! wattc128 Only idiots and jailed politicians keep diaries.... waypast Many Paths, One Destination Wendy (34) Don't spend the rest of your life trying to be as skinny as the famous people you admire. Wendy (22) Get comfortable with the uncomfortable Wendy Chase (47) People change, ideas don't. wendysday (20) Whatever wes (19) make myself large whim (40) Currently...Everything happens for a reason; if you get a chance, take it; if it changes your life, let it; Nobody said life would be easy, they just said it'd be worth it. Whitney (19) Pay it forward. Whitney (41) Contented with little, yet wishing for more. Whitney Sorenson (33) I shine, not burn WHMIV (30) It's not saying no, it's saying yes to something else. Also dftba. whosbecks (36) I don't know Widmy Pierre Louis (21) when life gives you lemons,make lemonade wiff (15) Love Wikiki Life's a bitch, deal with it! Will (26) Hope for the best,prepare for the worst Willamid (20) there is only this sound, this ground and then nothing... forever William (43) never forget where you came from. Willow Skylor I don't have a motto Will RF (23) wear your emotions on your sleeve for I will care for them as my own Win (22) I'll think about that. Windalfr (23) it is as it is. winterjewel (36) to be an interesting person, currently wintermellen (14) never thought about it wise madman (28) no problem wizz If at first you don't succed, try try again. WJ (43) Bez starca, nema udarca (Without the older man, there is no thrust) Wolf Nothing matters except the hunt Wolf (NA) Before enlightenment, chopping wood and haulling water. After enlightenment, chopping wood and hauling water. Wolffy (67) Fate kicks me down the path Woody (75) - Wormsie (24) changes constantly wowderry (54) I don't have one Wren (22) Stay humble and pure in heart. Wyteria (20) live and let live xandra (35) Art is life. Xan Etienne I have none Xavier (18) To do all that I wish to do Xer (23) you won't believe how strong a human being's will can conquer difficulties Xialing Gan (27) dont have xxx (26) "I want to do things that makes my heart rage" XYZ (17) improve and evolve for that capacity sets us apart from other animals. xyzz (20) morior invictus Y (15) A good life, is to die in a world with more options then the one you were born into yair eshel (30) Live and let live. Yaisha (19) You learn something new every day. Yale (20) Bah Ram Ewe, to yourself be true! Yehudster (60) Live your own life yesh (25) Let go of what you can't control and take it day by day. Great changes can occur in an instant! Yi (24) to achieve what ever i dream of yogi (22) no preguntes por saber que el tiempo te lo dira que es muy bonito saber sin tener que preguntar yoko (28) Never give up Yomaine (13) You must be willing to work for it as hard as you hope for it. yonderways (58) Guess it Yuki (20) i would not like to answer this Yulissa (19) I don't prescribe to a particular motto. Z (31) Rush in where angels fear to tread. Z Hard work pays off. Zac (28) Slogans & Taglines - "Fail again. Fail better." Zach (26) most amount of work with the least amount of effort Zach Wherever you go, there you are. Zachary (25) "Do the best that you can in the right state of mind." Zachary (27) "Nothing is ever as bad as you think it is." Zachary Do unto others as you would have done unto you. Zachary Echo Auburn (17) shit happens and it could be worse right? zach taylor (17) Be happy. Zach Tibbs (20) follow your intuition Zana (38) We do not sow Zar (21) YOLO Zara Be grand. zebratitle (24) Do not have one. zed (25) stasis is a place you dont wanna go, constantly evolve, think, explore. Zee (21) Lol fuck it imma do that Zee (17) Life is too short to be unhappy zetababy Do unto others then split. ; ) zig You only have life to live, and only 70 years to experience the Universe. Love every day and love the night sky, for we are all made out of stardust. Zigmant (19) be prepared zizi (55) work as hard as i can Zizzle (25) Speak from your heart. Let your head do the rest. Zozobra (17) know thyself Zyg (65) The unexamined life is not worth living.——Socrates 混混噩噩的生活不值得过。——苏格拉底 杨婷婷 (24) who am I? 简直 (25) who am I? 简直 (25) who am I? 简直 (25)

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What do you regard as the lowest depth of misery?  Where would you like to live?  What is your idea of earthly happiness?  To what faults do you feel most indulgent?  Who are your favorite heroes of fiction?  Who are your favorite characters in history?  Who are your favorite heroines in real life?  Who are your favorite heroines of fiction?  Your favorite painter?  Your favorite musician?  The quality you most admire in a man?  The quality you most admire in a woman?  Your favorite virtue?  Your favorite occupation?  Who would you have liked to be?  Your most marked characteristic?  What do you most value in your friends?  What is your principle defect?  What to your mind would be the greatest of misfortunes?  What would you like to be?  What is your favorite color?  What is your favorite flower?  What is your favorite bird?  Who are your favorite prose writers?  Who are your favorite poets?  Who are your heroes in real life?  Who are your favorite heroines of history?  What are your favorite names?  What is it you most dislike?  What historical figures do you most despise?  What event in military history do you most admire?  What natural gift would you most like to possess?  How would you like to die?  What is your present state of mind?  What is your motto?

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