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To what faults do you feel most indulgent?

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To the ones connected to overthinking and pessimism. 009 (19) Not being able to do stuff. 0Miles (16) fad 1 jealousy 50ad (17) Pretence 808s judgement 80cubed (55) Flippancy, weakness A (19) To my need to consume coffee every morning, religiously A Negativity A. (27) the inability to trust A (26) Impatience with stupidity. A. Sloth A (26) To feel like a failure in what I do not accomplish AA (23) I don't tend to notice people's faults. Well, I guess I notice, I just don't really care if they have faults. aaaaaaa (18) Cruelty AAAKKK Ruminating about my feelings, thoughts, questions aag (22) Enjoying the beauty of life aallisonr (30) lust and gluttony Aaron (32) Procrastinating Aaron (16) i help family and friends even though they do not help me or even though they hurt me Aaron The tearing down of authority Aaron Guy Leroux (37) To think about doing things rather than actually doing them Aarushi Agarwal (13) Engaging depression with sad songs, engaging selfishness by saying rude things to people I love. Abbie (22) My proclivity to daydream when it is not convenient for others for me to do so. Abbie Hartley Self Pity. AbbySF To not have the means to travel abc (28) not afford to have friends Abegando (28) To live a life that I did not choose. Abigail Harris (10) To taking the time to really know places and people to learn. ABP (50) with mistakes without malice Abraham (41) Giving up my own self discipline in order to please others. Abs Insatiable sense av mischief. Acara McFadden (28) My obsession with books, and my stubbornness when I feel that I am right. A Caring Tea (51) beautiful things Accba (21) My ability to do absolutely nothing ACH (23) My own selfish and foolish ways. A. Clifford Stowe (81) Greed Adam (22) pride Adam (25) Pride, arrogance Adam (20) fear, violence, laziness Adam Hyde (26) pride adieudusk Social responsibilities Aditya (25) I can not disbelieve in things I indulge in, because that would be to pronounce myself a weakling. Admiral Love (33) Emotional insecurity Adonia (40) Self-loathing, pity, and kindness Adrian (18) greed (money), taking too much pride in myself, being pretencious Adriana (16) emotional insecurity Adriana (16) to the hurtful words of an angry daughter towards her mom adriana (45) controlling Adriana The extreme of self-isolation. Adrian Bauza (20) The tendency to overeat. Adrian George Nicolae (24) lazy, thoughtless, self-obsessed Adrian Martyn (34) To not achieve a goal but then try to achieve it and end up feeling terrible Adrianna (18) Jealousy Adrianna (18) a life without the Prophet AdrianOz (45) My hatred of people and my ability to find ways to avoid conversing with them. Adrian Winters (17) the want of material goods, and the worship of money Ady (22) Cursing and procrastinating aetilson (41) slumber, weakness of will a.g. (23) ones due to lack of knowledge agagagaga (24) To a life wasted. Agent00V (18) laziness Aggie White Sloth, ungratefulness A.G. Mata (21) I Don't know Agneska (20) Lazy agony (25) life without love or fulfillment Agreen (29) To a life deprived of love. Agu (21) gluttony, procrastination, being too pesssimistic, too controling, too obsesive, too compulsive...too many faults. Agustina (27) A capacity for excess in victuals A Half Empty Beaker my emotional outbursts ahmad (27) Procrastination Ai (21) white lies Aida (22) Laziness Aidan (21) Pity for myself, but I'm working on it. Aidan Devlin (15) The Shadow is flawless. Aiden video games Aiden (17) insults or snides behind one's back aiko (20) ignorance if coupled with a good heart aimée (22) Self-sabotage/pride aimee.dawson (21) Being absolutely lazy when there's much to do. Aisha Milburn (32) Chocolate, a single-malt scotch, and an electric blanket. A.J. (27) Worrying too much/over thinking, AJ (18) me as a fiction Ajam (21) Not sure. Ajay (17) being too used to getting my own way Ajm9511 (21) dishonesty akansha (26) Dismissal of others. akanthe (19) Fictionalization of the self. Akbar Shahzad (20) Killing time Aki Laziness Aks (20) Too intense Al (28) To be able to create something beautiful every day Al (55) Good food Alan (58) Being too stubborn or being too emotion-guided Alan (14) I have an inability to not say anything when stupid people say stupid things in my presence. Alan Arkin (44) To the faults that could have the people I love AlbaManuela (18) Self-indulgence Albertine (29) Not to be sociablethose Albertine Anger and Depression. Alden Lee Klaput (18) To a life deprived of opportunity due to prejudice Aldonza77 (47) To be scared to start a new project, and sleep too much. Ale (28) Ignorance & it's not always blissful Alecia The fact that I take pride in my ego. Alecksi Indolence, overconsciousness, cleverness, fear Alejandro Amoretti (28) To my first psychic fall alek (20) Devoting my time to dally with enjoyable friends and ideas, without concern for profit Aleksei Kotsov (63) laziness and never accompishing dreams alessa (21) To those pursued without intention to damage anyone else than oneself Alessandro Pian (30) repeated errors Alessio Lucchini (46) Self Doubt and overall feelings of worthlessness. Aletha Camack To naivity. Alex Selfishness Alex (22) Pride Alex (17) ambition alex (38) arrogance and cynicism alex (23) To feel accepted Alex (17) Eating too much Alex (21) spending money on luxurious things Alex (23) my adhd and lack of control Alex (17) Stupidity Alex (32) Vanity. alexa (28) Too focused on saving the world that doesn't see what's right in front of him. Alexander (33) lust Alexander (19) Overindulging in anything that should to be enjoyed in moderation Alexandra (27) I indulge in mood swings from time to time. Alexandra (19) Procrastination. Alexandra (24) Television, static static Alexandra (18) To not be able to express certain opinions Alexandra (15) Criticism of others, of myself. Alexandra (24) taking to long to wake up making my dog wait to go out Alexandra Bryhter (24) Self-pity Alexandra Campbell (26) Reading Alexandra SweetTale4u Cruz Failed tries Alexandre (28) love AlexandriaHMerlin (40) Knowing that when I want something it will be given to me AlexandriaLHash (30) Laziness, habits. alexandrine (15) To live and not be happy Alex Brooks (18) to lazyness Alex C. anger and sarcasm Alexis Johnson (19) It has to be my smoking, but I also love sex. Aley (60) my indulgences are those of my creator Alfreda Hitchthorn (45) to the ones that are not done with cruelty al-g (24) Laziness (at times) Ali (37) Spending too much on taxis and food. Ali A. Rizvi Drugs Alice procrastination Alicein1derland (27) selfishness Alicia (68) To a general lack of patience. alicja (38) The urge to procrastinate. Aliid Betraying myself. Alin (23) Spending too much money and eating too many cookies. Defensiveness. Alina Stupidity because it is no one's fault. Aline Guiraudie (36) selfishness alipans (57) Material frivolity. Alishba Zarmeen (24) obsessiveness alison wonderland ogling boobs AliZaidi (29) sleep alli (49) Shopping for anything over $75.00 Allison (33) Lack of self-control. Allison (20) Eating. Allison not sure allison (19) Insecurities about one's intelligence and physical appearance Allison Jean (21) Expecting people to be logical. Expecting people to tolerate my need to always live a good story. Allison Jean Hazen (34) trying to take over and fix things alliswell (62) To be incapable of escape from the haunting words of my father Alma (25) Cynicism. almavidrio (35) Putting too much work into diversions. Altjungr (30) crassness and vulgarity- all possess them altron2095 Quixotism Alvilda (20) To procrastination, to ignorance. Alx a taco Aly (17) niggling thoughts alya (17) Holding back all the thoughts and creativity I can share with the world Alyanna (22) Procrasting Alyce J. self doubt Alyssa over thinking Alyssa Cordova (17) Faults? Alyssa Darkling My curiosity and tendency to steal things. Alyssa Moonchild (16) drinking AM Enviousness Amanda (23) Defeatism Amanda suppressing my creativity Amanda (42) I laugh at everything AmandaFYS13 (18) Self-control. Amandine (31) Life without chocolate Amara my bad attitude Amayah (17) Hatred for no apparent reason. Amayah Munoz (17) Self-pity. Amber (18) Excess Amber (37) Excess Amber (37) stubborn at times, and looking how I looked it now! Ame (37) anger Amelia (13) I don't understand what this means. Amelia Gates (formerly Pippet) (10) Eating Americanoid (50) eating too many sweets at a time; no will power grrrrr americanwoman (62) music ames (21) boredom ammb (29) To someone who thinks the world is black and white, for it just means that they've not been grey Amrita (22) sloth amu My anger is a zebra Amy (30) Inability to dance Amy (33) a life without fantasy or creativity. amy (14) Gluttony Amy (28) Awkwardness or aloofness amy (33) Selfishness Amy (35) Gossip (listening, not telling) and eating too much ice cream. Amy Becker; Character: Merriwether Finch (27) The incapacity to express love or any other such feeling. Feeling in general. Amy Cottington-Bray Procrastination amz (16) reclusiveness. Ana (21) Ignorance Ana (30) pride ana (16) to whatever you would like to do if you think is rightat that time or if you really fight with yourself ana (34) When people make justice with their own hands Ana Carolina (16) I don't have faults. Analise (40) my own introverted self Anam (26) To excessive self-criticism while longing for self improvement. Ana Marija (20) Hell I have no idea what this means. Ananke (25) to anasonic (29) booty pillaging ancientrobot (31) being an alcoholic andraya (23) materialism Andre To have a temper Andrea (16) Stubbornness, excessive use of sarcasm, intolerance to those who don't agree Andrea (13) Consuming drugs until I am oblivious to my feelings ANDREAADKINS (26) Anxiety AndreaFeliu (28) Sloth and decadence. Andreas (19) The ones who come from love or altruism Andrea SB (32) Missing an opportunity to speak my mind andres007 (19) My favorite foods are my vice. Andrew (22) Laziness Andrew (25) Insecurity, paranoia Andrew (20) Instant gratification of the senses Andrew (28) its personal Andrew (22) To the negativity of this world. andrew (24) Vices Andrew barlow (26) Naivity Andy (25) The scars on my body Andy (23) The scars on my body Andy (23) spirits and libations. The works of stephen king and james patterson. andy rayford (28) probably foolishness ang (99) The greed Angel (13) To die without leaving behind something important to be remembered Angel Not being able to deny an obscure brand of beer, wine, or type of cuisine when there are more pressing things to be done. Angela (21) Have a relationship Ângela (24) Bitterness. Angela (30) self-pity, apathy Angela (19) when family needs are at it's worst Angela Estrada (20) mood swings angelina (26) social media Angelo Navarette (18) Food. Angel Rodrigues (41) to the lack of being able to decide the many things I would like to do with my life. angie (29) selfishness angiece (18) Punctuality Ani Manipulation Ani (22) don't know Anick (99) Shifting into an owl so I can fly away from danger or so I can see what the adults don't want me to see. Anik (16) vanity anjali Procrastination and sloth Anjel (28) Children and so-called friends Anjelah49 (49) beauty Ankassandra (15) Hatred Ann (19) Not being able to finish a project. Ann (62) travel Ann (50) Sloth and excess Anna (20) Laziness Anna (20) i feel indulgent to jealousy Anna (13) Others' faults, as I don't know the real reasons behind them. Anna (16) Resentment. Impatience. Anna (34) to those I also have Anna Kalimar (18) maybe none Anna Maria (21) Knowing nothing is "Real" not even reality. AnnaMay (51) fear Anna O. my own insecurities Anna Stein (21) Self-pity Ann Delaney (44) Supplementing emotional needs with material distractions Anne (21) failure after a desperate effort Anne Farquharson (78) Not accepting things as they are - always wanting more. Annelise (40) being somewhat of a know it all Anne Louise Sheldon (34) bob's burgers Annie Buying beautiful things...clothes, jewelry, art, home furnishings Anniel (62) My silence even though my voice must be heard AnonAzure (19) Idk. anonim (18) ignorance, it can be fixed anon moose (19) saying no, or worse, ignoring the question anonymiad (15) A life without geeks would be terrible. I mean—I need someone to pick on. Ansley Stevenson (16) Weakness of will. Anthony (23) Pride Anthony (24) Any which involve the strength of my will. Anthony D C (20) Lack of observation plus understanding which equals action or inaction Anthony Scine-Sceni (42) fakeness, a sense of entitlement, dishonesty antoinette (24) I pontificate a lot more than I actually physically move. Anton (52) A life without books and different views. Antoniette (20) childishness in men (sometimes) Antonina (20) Not being physically fit Antonio Lemos (18) Worry, negativity Anty to the qualities of talented people Anya (22) Spending more time than I should online. Anya (71) curiosity and greed anything Social insecurity Anzi (27) Laziness, despair, self-pity a.o. (40) Gossip; forgetfulness; being late. Apollo (58) To humanity's flaus Apos A deprived life Apply (30) Delusions of grandeur April (20) I can't let go of my burdens because when I do, I lose my humanity, and yet I break under the weight April (21) Drinking AR (20) To dream rather than do. Ara (15) asdfsdaf aram Not being able to act when I should, maybe Aranneaa (19) Laziness Ardent (30) Narcissism A real phony (27) a sharp tongue Areeba (25) Whiskey in my coffee, and a good wine Ari (29) wanting to be happy Arianna (15) Probably my narcissism. Ariella Bordaine: Female Protagonist (20) Being unworthy of sucess Arizona (19) I tend to work just a bit too much and I am secretly jealous of how successful Arnold is Arnold Murray (42) To a life where my creativity becomes stifled. AROG stay in my room too much A-ron (15) to give in to temptation for pleasure Arsh (24) Feeling desperate, trying to figure out questions that have no answer Art (23) Definitely gluttony, laziness, and impure thoughts Artie (17) I can't find a healthy outlet for pent-up hormones Artie Mondello (18) benign ignorance Aruz Elliott (29) Lack of patience with my daughter. AS (32) Over-eating. ascetic monk (51) To the need of comoany Asfiya Mariam (21) Over analysis of everything. Whining. Ash (23) To procrastinate and then rush at the last moment Ash (28) Gluttony and ego stroking Ash Compulsively absorbing poor quality media with little reason to do so; cheese. Ash Bloom (27) n/a asherville (55) my speech, because I'll think what I want to say but it never comes out right Ashley (18) It's curiosity. Ashley (12) To a life based on the works of people who inspire peace in the world Ashley (20) It's curiosity. Ashley 2.0 (13) lazyness and lack of motivation ashley baus (24) The wanting of material things, procrastination, and narcissism Ashley Brazil (17) Living in the past, rehashing old childhood experiences and wishing we were in that time once again Ashley Mannara (29) To envy. Ashley Meller (26) indulging in what I want at any moment, my desire for champagne and dark chocolate ashleytheresa (20) Arrogance that is justified. Ashwin Murali (21) Fear and Laziness Asi (21) mental masturbation about social problems I cannot fix asmitchel (67) impatience ASN (25) Quitting Astri (36) Pride Astrid Laziness. Asuka Suzuki (13) lethargy Athar (25) Too many faults ... Athena (17) over-loving, feeling insecure Atuona (38) not understanding why some people refuse my help. Aubrey Tate (21) To procrastination Audrey (17) To do not take care of what we have to transform it. Audrey Bittencourt (24) Human very rare failures of a competent and intelligent person. Audrey Mahone (29) gourmandise augustine (70) Giving in to pleasure Aulieude (49) Gluttony and slothlike tendencies Auntie Em (35) Cutting off my nose to spite my face. I am very stubborn, to the point where I will be okay getting hurt, but not buckling under and compromising. My fatal flaw, as it were. Auntie Em (27) try all kinds of taboos just to seek simulations Aurora (32) Being a serious procrastinator Austin (19) The Internet Austin Hobbs (16) Shyness, laziness, gluttony, etc. Austin Kimmell (16) being alone autumn (17) to a life ifilled with drugs avecamour Letting my brain move faster than my emotions Awalker Self pity Aya To be envious of other people's confidence ayda (25) laziness ayem (57) Our own mortality a young boy (91) sexual needs ayumi (20) Inertia B (45) Laziness, though it's so self-destructive B (31) self sabotage B (21) greed and laziness Babette (42) wasting time Babs Food, friends, travel Baby (32) taking the easy way Bad Wolff shopping baggal21 (28) the oe Bahar (19) My own. Bailey (19) To solitude Balaji Harish Iyer (20) I can be compulsive when it comes to things that bring instant pleasure. Bald Sky (38) skipping my workouts or procrastination or drugs Bambi (17) sloth barada insobriety barbara (50) To have accepted that being boring is what I like to do, and what I like to be, watching TV programs and oohing and ahhing at all the moments I like. Barbarita (21) My ugly stripes Barbielebrun Charley the beach chair (54) Eating Cheese Nips and Combos until my eyes pop out Barbielebrun Garry the ghost crab (54) Over thinking things Baron Von Nazzenpoppel (46) lack of understanding for incompetance basbas (22) blank Batgirl (23) Shopping, riding bikes, and playing on my cell phone Baylee A tendecy towards evil bc (22) A tendecy towards evil bc (22) Self gratification Bdme (23) Inactivity Bea (18) Antisocial-ness Bea (18) being lazy bearoid (30) Smoking Beatlhoven (47) I don't really feel indulged, but anything that could be fixed beatricegasti (30) self pity Beatrice Moore (30) A retard Beatriz (13) My procrastination. Beavis Christ (30) Arrogance and self-depreciation. Becca (16) laziness Becca (17) Too self-critical, high expectations of others Becca (21) Eating too much chocolate cake and not spending enough time sketching. Becca (19) To worrying so much Becca (20) I'm too self critical and pessimistic Becca (21) waste. BeckBeck (26) feeding my own negative emotions becks (24) being shy becky (13) My inability to relax becky (36) I like candy. A lot. I think that if I could only eat candy, I would. Bee I DUNNO bee (16) love of the pleasure of food and drink beezer (64) To be a full-grown man who still thinks he's a teenager. beezersneezer (46) Procrastination. Specifically coupled with internet access. Beka (33) to a life deprived of personal freedom belita (39) chocolate bella (16) my father's death... Bella (17) Betrayal and discrimination. Belu (19) I cannot answer. I have no faults, only indulgences. Ben (23) I'm not sure what this means Benedict (38) Screening out the world, acting on brute impulses Benjamin Thomas Those of little children Benjamin Urrutia (61) being and staying unmindful of others' feelings Ben Johns (21) pity Ben Taylor Impatience Berlin (25) To self-blame, and milk chocolate Bernard Hartley (18) anxiety and self consciousness Beth (20) Food, sex Bethann (35) Not being able to have an opinion. Bethany (23) lack of self discipline Bethany To be jealous of others Beth Ellis (15) I am not sure. Beti (24) Those conducting to pleasure Betty Usabiaga (37) If I broke something Beu Mihac (15) Self doubt Bhakti Brophy (41) My body is 100% disabled--I'm quite hard on myself. Self criticism. Perhaps that makes me stronger? Bhakti Brophy (45) Not sharing things with others full heartedly Bhargava (25) lazyness bhl Melancholia Bhole underestimating peaple including self Bianca (18) lies and mind games bibi indulgence; impatience bif sin, with writting big dick (69) food biggb (46) loneliness big guy (16) Procrastination Bijan (27) I like to laze around after work when there is so much else at home that needs to be done Bill (50) To be too angry Billie (18) NONE BILLY (38) Balance and contentment have become my constant companions BillyBobABC123zzz shyness billy boy watson (3) Living without working Billy the Son of the Kid (21) lust Biochicklet LUXURY BIPS (46) The least important is when peoples are not there when you need them. biscotte (13) idk i am lazy bismuth Living in one's head and not acting on needs BJ (56) Lie when it can protect someone's feelings Blackie (20) youthful lust Blademan (60) A neurotic obsession with stagnation. Blaine (21) Gluttony and laziness Blair C. (29) Ignorance of the world around Blake (17) getting high Blake (24) To think about doing things rather than actually doing them blake (16) Not being a cultivated mind Blanca Parra (66) I'd rather die than live without passion. Blank Tae Spending money, drinking too much. blip52 (27) I feel completely unable to protect those I care about. If I could, I could have saved Sarah Lynn, and would never have helped Sandy gain control over the school.. Bliss Inthemorningdew (16) To being unhappy with myself and not doing a thing about it when I am perfectly capable. BlondShamrock (16) To those who find themselves unable to know emotion Blood (15) anger Blueagle (47) - Bluebird (27) Succumbing to the fear of looking foolish and losing out on something amazing. BlueOrchid (39) Sense of humor without restraint Bluto (29) Those caused by pure ignorance. BM (20) self pity bman (41) overwork bmo Procrastination. Bob (22) Tom Bob all of them except lack of willpower bob (38) Laziness Bob (32) To telling lies. Boba (22) thinking bobblins Those of memory. Bobby (22) laziness Bobby (40) procrastination Bobby (21) Stealing cookies from the cookie jar bobby Booze bobby (33) those who use substances for pleasure Bobia (25) Pride boku_wa_kami (25) to be bad tripped by those who i admire bomb (30) self-hate Bonnie (15) selfishness Boo (36) anger in defense of others bookloverva (58) Being a failure as a human being Boris (16) Falling back in old patterns. Borrie (33) life bov (19) My love of solitude, though most find it unnatural Brad (17) My inner most thoughts always seem to get the best of me Brad Connors my arrogance brad w (35) Complacency Brady (31) self-deceit. bram-is-e-janet-brecht-is-de-max To think highly of myself when I do the bare minimum to earn it, or to feel the need to earn and attain validation or approval Brandon Nobles (31) Over thinking Breanna (18) Laziness Bree (23) napping Bree Ogden Procrastination Brendan (24) lack of knowledge brent (33) Having contempt for the Coke-chugging, Kardashian whore-watching, culturally void. i.e. The majority of America. Brent Findley (19) Gluttony Brett Ferguson (42) After going to panera and getting grilled cheese, mac n cheese, AND baguette. Telling people that I'm pooping. Being a bitch. bri (17) Procrastination Brian (22) Obsession with details, obsession with collecting certain things Brian (37) not sure Brian (24) Being willfully ignorant of the world around you. Brian A. Henegar (26) disorganization has to be the thing that makes me feel most indulgent. BriannaBabyFYS13 No idea BriannaFYS13 (18) distraction brian S (58) To a life deprived of the works of genius Brien Moffett To a life deprived of the works of genius Brien Moffett To never feel good enough Brinley (15) Being able to lose control whenever I want. Bri Toro Eating. I love to indulge my sense of taste, but sometimes I overdo it. Britta Bandit (30) regret Brittany (25) The inability to focus. Brittney Miller (20) Procrastination brns powerless ignorance broad (45) doing what my father wishes of me Brock Schwarzkopf (29) Over-eating Bron Blackwell (37) Sloth Brooke (53) Spending money Brooke Procrastination follows me everywhere Bruce Shindler (66) To the simple things in life Brutus (20) Self hatred. Bryan R. (21) impatience Bryn (23) Hypersensitivity and impulsive behavior; caring about what other people think of me Brynlea (17) Worry. Brynn (39) Not standing up for myself Brynn (18) to get lost in works of fiction Bryon Springer (25) intoxicants aside from alcohol. I do not consume alcohol. It is too destructive and insidious especially to those most well aquainted with habitual consumption of it. bubby (43) to those originating in depression and fear Bubu (37) temper buckyballs (35) Laziness Buddy (34) lack of confidence bug to have to much thought on people of little significance Bugsy Sadly, I indulge, to often, in the fault of self-destruction. Bulldozer (50) my desire to oversleep bunny Loss of self to physical infirmities Burella (61) Idleness of thoughts Burke (47) A world without me in it Burnable_Material_Here (18) guilt BusyMinds TO BE DEPRIVED OF ACCESS TO GOOD HEALTHCARE BUTTERFLY (41) Procrastination butunn (19) To the faults of the past Byriver Bloke (24) To be dependent on that love BZ Laziness C relaxing when i coul be helping others c (21) ? C (14) A life that is deprived of living C (35) shoes cacharel (37) Living without comedy Caidy (54) Sloth Cailey To jealously Caio (18) Not working at full capacity. Caitlin (19) I'm lazy as fuck. Caitlin (21) desire of food cakes (41) Forgoing and earthly existence for a daydream within myself. Cal (20) The occasional hubris in anger in not getting what I want when I think it is of the highest good.. there is another plan... Camille (52) Overanalyzing everything. Candice (23) To my lying, perhaps Candy Depression, sensitivity, insecurity, anger, laziness Captain Crunch Not being able to read Carebeark5 (25) Laziness. Carla (26) the pleasure of drink carlajwms (49) I have no faults that come to mind Carla Tate (19) Softness. Carlie (24) Sloth, then gluttony Carlisle Art. Carlo (26) To living a life that is beyond my means. Carlos A. (24) being English Carlos Cisne (45) Unabashed ignorance with no intention of improvement Carly (19) I probably think too much. Carly (21) Becoming easily distracted and wasting creative abilities Carly C (27) Smoking Carmen (57) fear of not finding love Carol anger, depression Carol (60) by doing nothing carolina (23) Avoidance. Caroline (38) To the faults that lonely people develop by trying to fight against their solitude Caroline (25) To fear that I am incapable of what I want to achieve. To running away from goals that scare me. Caroline (33) Being deprived of the talents that I envy others for. Caroline M. (41) I don't understand the question. Carol Lacoss (62) A purposed ignorance to foresight. Carolyn (18) my temper and the need to be thought attractive Carrie to never get to be more than I am right now Carrie (44) those that lead to good things cartike all Cartman (99) self indulgence Cas (25) Gossip, cruel words, judgement Casey (36) I have no faults. Cassandra Watkins (21) I'm to nice to people Cassidy I don't indulge any faults. Cast (17) Laziness and procrastination. Cat (36) Procrastination, feeling stuck and never being satisfied with myself Cat (24) Procrastination, avoidance of stressors and avoidance of resolving issues Cat (26) wanting more that what I can have Cat to care more about myself than other people cat (20) those made unconsciously, meaning all of them Catalina (44) Haber dejado de leer tantos libros en los últimos años Catalina Jiménez Correa (27) baking for no one Cate (23) Drinking wine Cate (33) Personal vices Catelline (26) Inhibition of the self and others Catherine Gluttony and envy. Catherine Jean Working too hard Catherine Mitchell Worsly distractions like his past Cathlow Harmon (50) When I am not able to get things done in te time I would like to have tem done. Catlin Benjamin lazying about and staying in the state of the dreamer c.a.torres (39) being sucked into the drama Cat Podd (37) To broken wings Catrina (15) The love of food Cattie Chong (26) If its include goodwill or bona fide Cavit Anıl Buram (28) Sloth CC (18) The lies of this world CC (22) lack of willpower ccc (27) lazyness ccchnl to those caused by a miserable life cdl (35) Chocolate Cee Cee (17) Superiority, apathy. Celia (15) Food Celline Marge (18) to not get all the work done and let some of it to do tomorrow cenire (25) Constantly going to Starbucks cerisetea (34) clutsiness Cestmoi lust C face. (22) stubborness cfm (37) Narcissism, lack of focus Cfreedman (38) Abandonment ch It's my shyness Chacha (13) I'm too perfect Chancelor C.J. King (19) My work, I'm a workaholic Chandra Alexander (24) Netflix Channy (19) Utopic nihilism Chari (21) Laziness Charlene (17) Impatience, procrastinating at home Charlene (50) Doing my hobbies Charlene (18) To those inherent of human imperfection Charles 01 ( 7) The joy of great food and great wine. CharlesB (48) Intelectual superiority, self-gratification, selfishness. Charles L Davis Jr (51) drinking and smoking. Pleasurable activities detrimental to health charlotte (29) Self-absorbed and centered. Charlotte (18) I am in accordance with Proust on this question. Charlotte H. (23) Irreverence Charly Mariaan (49) i dont understand this question charu (22) Procrastinating and thinking that I'm probably better than the majority of people I've encountered. Chary Silva (22) lack of empathy chay (40) the tendency to want to give up Cheche (40) fear cheeky (26) Vanity Cheemargh (36) spoiling my dogs chelle (47) Procrastination Chelsea (21) I have no faults to be indulgent to. Chelsea (23) Trying to be too thorough with others; asking a lot of questions. Chelsea Smith (24) Procrastination and anger Chelsea Whiting (26) The Fine Arts and not so fine arts like movies, shopping and fashion, Chelsy Being distracted too much. Cheri D. my shopping additction and need to feel well dressed Cherie (40) Shopping Cherish Robinson (21) Eating! Rich, delicious, surprising, intriguing, flavours Cherlyn (40) Self-loathing Cherub (30) Vanity Cheryl Barnette (59) Arrogance and fear. Cheshire (22) when I engage in materialism Chickpea (31) Insecurity Chico (46) A talent for war ChiefJ42 (44) laziness chiklitz76 (39) Laziness, hubris, fear of failure Chili (17) over eatting, over spending Chinita (34) those done with good intention, without realising the seriousness. chinnu (20) My tenacious manner often cause me to act without thinking Chip Griphix (35) Food. Chiu Jing Hua (17) controlling every aspect of my existance chloe (21) fear Chocolate Bunny (32) beng thin skinned Chonda to want too much or anything and not be appreciative of what I have now Choraven (32) An impossible sense of self-righteousness which lacks confidence. Chris (16) To live, having unfulfilled potential. Chris (19) Chemical romance Chris My procrastination and laziness Chris (13) Not accomplishing anything big Chris Gluttony and sloth Chris S. lack of self-respect Christa (27) Beinfg surounded by people who dont see nor understand all i do Christabelle (29) smoking, eating sugary stuff and chocolate, being egotistical, expecting too much of others, keeping to myself Christian (44) Drugs, alchohol, beautiful women. Christian Boyanov (24) lust, also the absence of intelect Christian Soldier (33) My short temper, a good scotch Christina (26) Procrastination and negativity. Christina Kronberg (23) Sloth. Laziness Christina Tounzen To the naivete of kind hearted people who only see the best on others. People like my friend Bekah. Christina X. (37) my attention problems. they affect me in many ways on many occasions. christine (18) Lust and pride and hatred. Christobel (17) I am most indulgent in lust, self loathing, self defeatism, and insecurity. Christobel in College (18) Weakness, incompetence. Christopher Blaum (37) My behavior problems Christopher Boone To not meeting my own standards of behavior Christopher James Stagg (16) Frivolous purchases Christopher M. (31) I'm reactionary, prone to pessimism, too trusting, too nice, not very forgiving, stubborn, too many things to say. Christopher Mitchell (17) resting Christopher Ross (23) The ability to exact revenge, immediately and with a vengance christy (44) a hesitation to listen Christy Turner (50) lust Chuck (43) procrastination from uncertainty Chuck (44) Things I made without thinking Chunky Lover Submitting to anything I don't agree with Ciara (24) Over-eating Ciara (22) Don't even know, man. DON'T EVEN KNOW. Ciera (16) nothing Cilie (50) I don't understand the question. Cindy Happy Hour... cindy (50) To conform Cindy (24) Arrogance that masks a secret inner fear of inadequacy Cindy (22) gossiping, low self esteem Cindy (50) ignorance CindyLu (58) Procrastination, Worry, the need to have a master plan of action for everything Cissa Fireheart (32) To my mind and spirit deprived by the universe of so many books I wish to read, of so many pieces of music I wish to listen, of so many places I wish to see, to my weakness of will. Ciucan (18) frustration cizz depression, procrastination CJ (18) love faults CJN (21) Self pity, the most depressing form of arrogance. Cla (22) Flippancy. Claire Swearing in Italian Claire (32) To a life talking about nothing and everything, all the time. Claire Bartholomew (16) Honest ignorance. ClaireW (65) Sobriety Clancy to much starch in diet Clara Losing passion behind my actions Clarissa (18) I like wine, coffee, chocolate and cheese too much Clark Kent Pride Clark Langridge (32) Excessive sleep and comfort. Clau sleep Claudia (36) Clay Douglass: Following whims all the way to the end Clay Douglass (34) stubborn clazza mgee to believe people who lie to me Clelia Beatriz Valdez (22) It's a greed clemfolk49 (13) procrastination Cleo (∞) Wasting my life due to madness. clockwork (34) overeating cm (57) Apathy for human suffering Coastside007 (42) too emotional to not get work done but may produce something creative and claire cobweb (24) Sarcasm CockneyKnight (48) to those who over give of themselves Coco (31) treating myself Coco (19) Emotional shopping. Emotional eatting. Arriving ... when I'm most ready to do so. CocoPuff2016 (44) To succemb to my addictions codered (18) Lie sometimes Cody (25) To procrastination, to nervousness and a lack of confidence in myself and being unable to maintain consistent contact with others. Cody Gould (17) Overeating and wasting time on social media Col (41) The need to provide pleasure for my mind and body Colin (39) Laziness. Colin (22) To my privacy or what it feels like not to be shared Colorful (28) I have to let my daddy know the moment anything doesn't seem right by barking incessantly. Colton (27) None, because indulgent would indicate i enjoy having said faults. comnomnomor (15) to enjoy dark chocolate to the point of addiction Connie Fear, apon my life, Fear apon my family , fear apon my friends, Scars that i would hold that would never go away. Connor To laziness and stagnancy. Connor Cosumation conor (34) to a life deprived of the works of genius constanceeee (19) Flirting and lying Constantin (32) Procrastination, red-wine, frequent hot baths Consuela over eating Cookie laziness cookie the inevitable ones Cora (26) My sweet cravings Core (25) Those which have reasons I can or could have understood Corentine (25) I like honey. Those poor bees. Corey coveting corinne the predictability of other people Cory (22) sweets cpaters1 (26) My own cr My love for food cr (34) Food. Craig Suga Biles (22) the feeling to cause harm to others creed (35) Sexual Crimson (60) to a life deprived of politicians cris to be mean,violence Crisfe (31) My moments when i dont want to do anything at all Cristi Laziness and envy. Crystal (17) Impulsivity, lack of discipline, prolonging the inevitable, Crystal (32) indecision Crystal (22) To be without the one I love. To be stingy with my time. Crystal (34) To be stripped from a happy life and left with feelings of pain; pain of my husband's death. Crystal (35) Allowing myself to be lazy too often csheehan (17) Irresponsibility CStoney (47) to little lies cuchi (40) Normality cucu (26) To deny our basic rights cvelez (64) jealousy, introversion, self pity cweekly Being lazy. Cyan Imsomething (28) Unequal rights d0701 (29) forgiving when I shouldn't; procrastination; the belief that for some reason I can completely ignore rules D To a life deprived of yummy Asian food D (32) The ones I have learned to accept Dachary (23) LASCIVY AND A CONSTANT YEARNING FOR GREENER PASTURES. DAD what is a fault Dad (42) to worship money Daesia Garcia (16) Crazy friends Daffy Sue Esposito (60) To narcisism Daisy (17) pride Daisy Again, ignorance. Dakota Swaveman (18) That I disagree often with others. For example, on what constitutes a fault. D_Alex (46) a weakness-inducing love of good things - food, books, music (which is not really a fault) dA member: sonicbutterfly (17) The society of self that we seem to have become. Damien TC (36) Living off the labors of others without contributing Dan (29) Jealousy. Dan laziness Dan (39) anything, as long as it's not a lie Dan (51) don't know, Danae (17) To live a life lacking the presence of handsomeness Danger (16) Those which are inately "me" and which do not cause harm. Dani (31) apathy, ignorance, procrastination Dani (19) Vanity and arrogance Daniel (16) To a life deprived of the works of genius Daniel Below procrastination and laziness Daniella (27) I'm not a very indulgent person. Danielle (15) Patience and humility Danielle (35) worrying DanielleKeith (19) careless selfish acts. Daniel Molina (20) Running water and beer. Daniel Phelps (23) Anger, random acts Daniel Stephens (Character Sketch) (22) to a life without love daniiii (18) Drinking; vanity. Daniil (22) 2000 year old Vampire Blood Whiskey. There is nothing like it and only one place to get it. DaniStory (29) Procrastination Danny (25) Spending money Daph (45) envy Darcy (20) a closed mind dario (21) Surrendering to sins of the flesh. Darnell Stories DashEloise (32) I cannot resist sweets. Dave (45) Impatience Dave Cresswell (46) giving in to desires so easily DaveG (39) To be glutonous and lazy Davey (18) laziness DaveyD (24) I would say my laziness David (19) Being pesty. David (10) ones that i learn from David (18) opinionated David (63) Laziness David (24) Beer and clubbing David lazyness David (51) with the mental deficients david baiguera (35) allowing myself to partake in consumerism David E.J.A Bennett (29) the paralysis which fear brings. David K (46) Those which stem from Insecurity and Fear. David ROWE (42) Ingnorance David Sergio Cisneros Ardura (46) The fault of self-respect and the fault of the will to do things in the best way each one can achieve. David Timme (19) Jealousy. Davie (16) Those that do not harm others Davi Silva (21) gambling dawn (40) Too much food and wine. Dawn Robinette (51) Self criticism Dawson To continue to live the way I do. Daxion Mr. Dax Johnson (29) to self obsession Daya (22) not being healthy and taking a lot of things for granted Daydreamer (18) Having the feeling of medoicrity while harboring a fear of failure Daydreamer (63) Having the feeling of medoicrity while harboring a fear of failure Daydreamer (63) Insobriety dbrown (24) Letting others use me dcsnowbunny (25) to quickly dismiss whom I dislike Dd (43) The fear of creative failure and an inconsequential life. Alcohol. My desire to be alone. DDG9000 (25) of original people`s faults Dea (40) To those without curiousity and imagination. People who don't enjoy reading. D. E. Alvis (58) Spending hours on the hardly edcuational part of Youtube Dean (17) Not being acknowledged DeAndre Beck (20) Lack of confidence DeAnna Alexander (35) baking too much, my list of various insecurities Deanna Sanders (44) I want to be original and real and to produce orginal and real work which inspires and enriches a lot of people in the world. Deb (37) Arrogance Debbie (56) Being without my kids. Debby Creech-West (43) diffidence Deborah S. Wilson (56) iving in a place where not everyone thinks and feels as I do Deborah Wilson Time wasting Debster (48) Sympathy Declan Cohen (35) To fulfill the wants of myself and my family. De-De (36) food Dee (24) vindictiveness Dee (19) Impatience Dee over eating DefMelon I eat too much Delaney Past Lovers Delia Webster (80) To boredom. delice_ok (21) believing dendoo (23) To live the life others chose for me Denine (24) passions of the flesh Dennis (61) In the end, I actually like the solitude. Dennis Theodore (37) To steal and damage things. denny (23) To a life succumbed to depravity. Denny Procrastination and egocentrism Densio (25) To wait longer than neccessary Derek (27) easy: women and alcohol Derek Ambrose (22) Curiosity derp (22) apathy desert dweller Women devanand The fact that I'm self-loathing, introverted, pessimist. Devon (18) Ignorance is easygoing meaning it is too easy to believe and achieve support. Devon Lisenby (20) addiction Dev Tucker (17) Sleep Devu (22) Anger Dezirae (17) Impatience DH (39) food, alcohol, diana (52) daydreaming Diana (52) Exposing my faults for all to see Diana (20) None... Diana (15) hmmmm... not sure Diana Glutony. Not utilizing my time to full potential. Diana Thomas - English Thursday 6pm (38) Cheese & lack of movement Diane (53) Too much good food and good wine DianeD (50) too much sleep Diarre Ibrahim (22) Laughing and smiling everyday dida (14) With ignorance, because it has remedy. Diego Miguel Danura Puyó (30) Alcohol, I drink beyond my means Dietgingerale The lack of a love life, and the feeling that women see through my weaknesses and will never really desire me Dilip C Louis (32) To focus too much on myself. Dimitar Atanasov (25) incapability dimitris (25) Sloth. Dindin (20) To a life without danger Dino (18) Enjoying the culinary arts and creating additions to my library. Diona (19) Procastrination. dionysis_dt (24) My sometimes overbearing protection and concern for the ones that I love Dirk Radman (35) Procrastination, laziness. Dixon Wragg Allowing myself to live a stressfull life. To feel I'm never going to enjoy what I've been given. To wait for things to change, afraid to take action knowing im growing old & running out of time. DizzyblondeChic (55) sexual pleasure Dj Faults based in ignorance dlew919 (40) All of them. My greatest indulgence is fault. dmca (38) certainty Doc55 (55) Pretty much everything, except deliberatley hurting others Dolna (39) To my own vanity Dolores Nabokov (26) eeeee Dom My imposed will on the direction of those close to me. Dominic (17) The comfortable numb of pain and sadness Dominick (23) Denying the dignity of others. Dominick Miller (19) Contentment and fear Dominick Miller (20) Laziness and apathy. Dominick Miller (21) My Anger Dona (35) I don't think I understand the question :( DonAli (33) Manipulating those I love donkeys4eva (20) Unfortunately I spent way too much time playing vidya laems and that went nowhere. Doob Doggo (21) smoking doodledoo12345 owning a nice car Dor (50) hedonism Dori (23) reading dorothy6@aol.com (50) Errores cometidos por falta de experiencia Dothzilla (33) over-indulgence in earthly pleasures Doug (30) A little too much wine! Doug Lambert (65) Fascination with fashion, aesthetics. Douni to keep someone for myself Dracontomelum (30) to think more of myself than I really am. Dragana (22) If someone is self-absorbed, I quite understand. Dragontongue (22) to be deprived of freedom Dre (35) Can't say Dre (17) Self-indulgence and sloth Dreamboat Annie fear DreamBrother (27) Weakness of fortitude and reason Dreda (23) laziness and fear Drella (26) My anger Drew (26) to not help others Drew (16) self-loathing drift A lust for wealth. Dr. Isaac Busafalus (53) laying to save a human life dritjeta (42) grumpiness in a person over 35 Dr. J (76) Anxiety and depression; stubbornness. Dru (24) An undisciplined mind. Drucar (45) lie ds (45) Illiteracy and innumeracy in those deprived, paranoia in the privileged. D.S.de.P.Ramos Alcohol, Lust, Misunderstanding Duckish Not having control over myself Ducky Falling for the wrong women and pushing the good ones away. Dude (49) Cheaters duke (18) Doing something you hate when you could be doing something you love. Duncan Passell (17) having games and pornos all day long dustxii (22) Schadenfreude Dutchess my indulgences aren't faults, they're fun! Dutchess Doing absolutely nothing worthwhile with my time Dvach (18) A possible addiction D.X (22) Self-absorbtion Dylan (17) I enjoy my violent life. Dylan Adams (25) Jealousy E sloth e (28) To a life of sloth. E (20) indecisiveness and acting upon it eagleclaw (35) my laziness and lack of drive to persue my dreams and improve my social life. EAR (19) fried chicken Earth Speck (30) My sweet tooth, my moodiness Eau (45) Having multiple truths Ed (30) worrying ed being weak of will eddiboy Envy of others. Eddie (48) Hating my son Eddie (12) Nothing Eden (19) Loudmouthness Edgar Roberts (15) To keep hidden anything unnerving or distressing Edie (26) sleep a lot Edmond Dantes (26) To be unashamedly addicted to coffee. Edouard (41) pass Eduardo (19) the ones to yourself EduGri (53) self loathing, food, reading when I should be doing something else Effie (34) The lack of confidence efha (23) involuntary ones ehk2 (30) glemsomhed EHM I can't feel any indulgent with my fault. Eiichi (16) Not making time for my children Eilfa (28) being idle, not creating anything, watching life go by as if it were a movie, constantly judging and degrading my self-worth, comparing myself to others, being cynical eirianna (17) ah, where to begin? drinking, smoking, playing with oneself. EJ (29) Spending money, my internet addiction, my lack of action E.Jay (21) hyperbole ejb (22) Jealousy El (23) To a life of pride and narcissism el3vat0r procrastination elay (21) procrastination elay (23) procrastination elay (24) procrastination eldar (25) Naive Eleanor (14) Idleness and gluttony Electryo (15) To insecurity Elena σε ολα ελενη (33) Impatience. Elena Di Cesare to a life without friends and love eleni (18) Jealousy, it's a disease, it get's you nowhere and you gains you nothing. Eleni Constantinou (20) To ignorance. eleuia Procrastination, I enjoy the pressure of last minute work, Elexia (19) remaking mistakes Elexis (18) laziness Elexis (18) Sex Eli (16) To life without love Elias (22) A never-ending need for validation. Eliaz McMillan (33) porn eliciabg (23) to be gredd elicule (13) I have no Idea. Elie (16) listening to others Elin (47) To mediocrity. Elisa too introverted Elisabeth (22) Addiction Elisabeth Carver Cowardice Elissa (22) Pride and laziness. Elizabeth I'm actually pretty forgiving of most faults. Everyone has them, after all. I do find it hard to forgive people who don't care about hurting others. Elizabeth (25) Procrastination, gluttony, sloth. Elizabeth (15) I feel insecure about my physical handicaps Elizabeth Diane Shaffer (0) I indulge in feeling insecure about my physical handicaps. Elizabeth Diane Shaffer (0) Boredom Elle (51) Laziness and a lack of will ElleKay Procrastination, feeling inadequate. Ellen To my misery and self-blame. Ellen B Smiley (29) Bitterness engendered by loneliness Ellen Fitzpatrick (61) my undying love Ellie (25) Overindulgence, and a kind of arrogance. Ellie_Estrella (19) negativity Ellie Wilson (15) I can be very absent minded and forgetful. I am easily distracted. Elliot Apathy and anger Elliott (28) An inability to express true enjoyment or excitement with total sincerity. Elliott Hemp (23) it's the greed Elo (11) Procrastination, to be messy elSigno (37) to not be able to complete my education Ely (23) procrastination Elyse (20) Binary file Em_1425616956.html matches Binary file Em_1425616956.html matches Going with my heart rather than my brain. Em n/a Ema (18) I am obsessive about things. It can be frustrating. emdonnelly7 A life without honest, love, and affection. emdonnelly7 Breaking the accords Emilee Nightshade (19) Lack of will power. Emilia Blancarte Jaber laziness Emilie (23) I want people to love me, but I am too selfish to let go of myself and my wants. Emilina (27) apathy emilio (28) Apathy and laziness. Emily (19) the ones that I understand....especially self doubt, and exceptional fear or worry. Emily (24) junk food and arguing with people on the internet emily (24) It's curiosity Emily (13) Selfishness Emily (22) temper Emilyann (22) Tunnel vision. Emily Carter (37) gluttony of all sorts. Emily Clark (25) pride Emma (20) aimless will. emma (18) pretending to know what i do not Emma (20) ignorance Emma (50) caring too little about those i love emma (14) there is no time for me to indulge in my faults Emma (34) reading emma (20) Greed, jealousy. Emma McKinney A lack of sympathy Emme (21) I worry I'm becoming too attached and too involved in the realm below. Doubting and questioning. I don't try to bend the rules, but it happens, or rather it happens to me because everything that is awful happens to me. Emperor Aisel Fei Shiang (18) My lust for self doubt and lack of social skills that keeps my circle of friends small. Empyrean (17) To ignorance when it is acompannied by a disposition to figh it encolpio8 (22) to a crowd without awaken senses Endimion without all sins in this world endor To read, travel, and make art without regard to responsibilities or the passage of time. ENEgck (56) Accepting own shortcomings in the pursuit of greatness Engel (48) To suicide for love. Enis Stupidity, lack of thinking Eno A. Agolli (15) A world where art and literature is governed by the pretentious. Enrique (21) disloyality eraserhead (18) Cynicism, impatience, quick judgement, and laziness. Eric (15) Procrastination Eric (40) Giving in to base desires. Eric (37) Coldness, narcissism, self-pity, melancholy. Eric (19) my selfishness Erica envy Erica (25) to lack control and will power, complusive Erica` (21) Cursing Erica Johnson (21) To the faults of temper and anger. Eric C. Wolfe (28) fear of failure Erich (20) Procrastination. Erich (19) The dismissal of company Eric Kraft (18) A momentary lacking of motivation to learn and study the world. Erict7 Giving up my potential. Erik (25) Narcissism Erik Isaac (19) To a life deprived of the works of genius Erik Price (18) Self satisfaction to the point of irresponsibility. Erin (27) Eating Erin (53) Drinking Erin (30) selfishness Erin (20) Anger and lazyness dangerously combined with judgemental capabilities Erin Aloofness and isolation Erin (46) Daydreaming and/or drinking! Erin (31) heart faults ers (22) Laziness. esayer (35) Faults committed by good means Escalus (22) Rudeness that is unknowing. Escapism (19) jealousy Esmé (18) To not understanding this question AT&T all Esmee fidelius (54) sadness ESMERELDA (50) i like food. esteban (29) anything related to human nature Esteban (23) excess of almost anything Estee being boring or quiet estrella blanca overanalysing Et (32) envy at times...I wish I were taller. Et Cetera (22) To be slothful while wishing not to be Etha (26) desiring instant gratification ethan (20) Spending money on spur of the moment purchases that could of been better used elsewhere Ethan Mayatt (25) Violence against those who may not deserve it. Eva (23) To doing nothing when there's things you could help people with Eva (16) procrastination evan ass hatch (18) Candy Evanna (18) Ambition in the sense of Macbeth. Evan Washington (20) tardiness and Laziness evilwonders (28) Gluttony. I have an addictive personality, I'm afraid. evren (16) Proving the feeling of guilt, emptiness and sadness upon others Ezra (20) To worry, to worry endlessly without purpose. To drink, to drink endlessly with purpose. FA pride and gluttony FAC (25) Too many faults Facio I don't know Facio (19) when i stand next to a smartass F. Ahmed (15) To a life deprived of the works of genius fallen (24) To those I have never encountered before Fanourios (40) to a life deprived of the works of nerds. farfoura (22) No fucking clue. fatgaynig (20) secrecy ... quiping and breaking my heart and feeling Fatima (19) Negative thinking Fatima (26) beautiful women fat man (33) Pride Fawna (19) embracing fantasy in the face of reality Fay (22) The inability to count on anyone else...Even though I know I can. feanix (20) To life without information and freedom Felipe Maia Being unable to understand what this question means and admitting it. Ferroever (43) To a life without further knowledge. fersfumero (28) Laziness FeydRautha (46) path of least resistance Feysweetie (43) Strictness fhickey (22) probably those that I don't have Fidjeridodu (30) Whip cream Fields (19) ta a life deprived of cute guys filinia (22) A tendency to go over the top, excessiveness. final fashion (33) I do fancy a few too many glasses of Rosé now and again Finnegan Magondolovich (Long Story...) I am right... you must be wrong because you made me challenge my ideas Finokio (38) to an isolated life firdevs (30) Forgetfulness, vagueness, unreliable narrators. fk2005 (34) Good food. FlameHorse (28) Insecure behaviour. Flantasy Girl (25) I tend to act carelessly when my emotions are evolved. Prudence ceases to exist when I've been irritated to a certain degree flavia (13) to an ignorant life Flo huh? Flora (69) To the small imperfections of the life: drinking, smoking, not reading. Florin-Alexandru Brănescu (16) Innocent ones Flower (39) Time wasted Floyd Being epileptic and alcoholic FlyinMonki (27) Sloth. ForePlinger Procrastination, being unable to put down the past ForSavvy Self pity Fran (52) pride and mischief Francesca (29) doing whatever i choose to do, at whim or with prior thought francesca (49) reality TV Francesca those who make you feel ingratitude. those when people really make an effort and just don't succeed Francisca Bastos (17) lost of self cofidence, lack of creativity Francisco Aguirre (23) To silence out of weakness Francisco Javier Gil Vidal (54) Kutuzov Francis Times (20) Incapacity for love Frankie (23) Refusing to admit them FrankieSmash (49) Some people would say I drink excessively, I say I'm earthly happy. Franklin Frank Anglin (32) Arrogance Frank Nekrasz (25) lack of education fred (16) To be deprived of great music Freda (61) My selfishness Friedrich Mueller (57) Those I don't have Fritha Grey inaction fumble (19) i often indulge in my desire to wallow, or self-reflect - to a major fault. furies (27) too personal FYS13Alec (18) complaining FYS13Amanda (18) To live without knowing the love of competition. FYS13Andrew Laziness and my love for sleep FYS13Bella envy, greed, and lust. FYS13Chad sensuality FYS13DRJ My own insecurities, pride, selfishness when it comes to material goods. FYS13Michaela (18) too easily influenced by the opinions of others, shy and awkward FYS13Savannah Henry (18) stress and being stretched thin by trying to do to much at one time FYS13Tyler (19) being shy FYS14Darling (18) bad spelling and social awkwardness FYS14julie I try to look past faults, but I see plenty in myself. Self doubt. FYS14Kelle (20) pessimism and coveting FYS14Taylor Will Power FYS14Zachary I actually Dont know i want to find that answer FYS breont (19) Giving too much to people who won't do anything in return. FYSMadz (18) Not being able to have communication. FYSMegha (18) The over consumption of food. FYSMichael (18) Jealously FYSNick ignorance G g g to live in opression Gab (19) I hate my shyness. Gabby (13) Procrastination Gabby Griego (18) Escapism Gabe (31) being too melancholic and pessimistic Gabi To understandig certain things Gabriela (18) injustice, lies, intolerance Gabriela Coelho Mesquita Teixeira Borges (26) Food... Gabriel Gonzalez (26) Forgiving too many times Gabriella Fuentes (17) to be impatient gaga (13) i do not understand the question Gail (44) Sleep Gail Flaherty The pursuit of understanding and pleasure; the pleasure of understanding. Gainer (52) Not being strong enough to save her Gait (17) I can't answer what I don't understand. Galareh (23) I have to think about that one. Give me a century and I'll get back to you Gamba Ajani To my own. Garrett (19) i don't know what that means. gatetam (38) Overkill Gator Krazy Dave a los humanos gavalia (46) The desire to sleep whenever I please. GD (47) Lying. Gean Whitehead III (20) disorganizaiton Gene (51) Interference and association with others Gene (24) Self loathing and procrastination. Genevieve (22) I have far too many faults to list. Genevieve (16) Indulging in sweets -- ice cream is its own food group. Genie (65) junk food Genie (58) Stoving off my own brilliance. GenXer2012 (39) The power of the ego Geo (20) Willful ignorance and stupidity. Geo (57) To work for so much, but to get so little. George My ability to do absolutely nothing George Mile (35) To a life of blissful, heedless hedonistic ignorance George Owers (21) To not controlling my feelings and letting them all come out, but other times keeping them hidden but hurting even more myself than the others in the 1st case Georgia (14) lack of knowledge or maturity Georgia (53) Not sure Georgia (16) To lack of comfort/luxury Georgiana Can I agree with Proust? ghazaleh (27) I don't know, I forgive easily but not when people "hit below the belt " Ghyles (31) i move on generally but i usually hold a grudge when it comes to personal attacks Ghyles (31) Anger, violence, and love Gia (21) satisfaction gained through selfishness Gianne (21) Being in the company of Beautiful women Giannico (40) drinking a bit too much...sometimes Gill (63) I don;t really understand the question but...I like a lie in too much Gillian Martin (40) The Internet, and sugar. Gina (19) Never asking forgiveness or admitting wrong. Never wanting to taking responsibility. Gina (30) procrastination Ginger Thompson (50) To admiring beauty and desiring excess. Gionna (28) Lazyness Giorgia La modestia intellettuale e dei modi Giovanni Moro (32) Ineptitudes at doing anything productive Girl You Too Rude letting things and people hurt me. Giselle (18) To my curiosity of danger. Gjabrielle Vanity Glenn Parker (24) I tell white lies real well Glen Reeves (37) Alcohol Gloria (59) Procastination Gloria wine Gloria Heatley (58) idleness GMcG pessimism goblin64 (45) Impetusness Godfrey (19) ressiment érzés gofaify (19) vanity Golden Boy (20) Oral fixations. Gonzalo saying the right thing to the wrong people GP (39) I eat alot GPB (37) Kindness toward others Grace (30) I love to read but have no time. I work 13 hours a day. Grace (12) Living too long in the dark, Always guarding myself due to life's conditioning, Being too hard on myself. Grace (28) Not giving my full attention. Grace Cooper (20) Passive lustful aggression: an irreverent laziness that projects itself onto all things dear gracehoppin (23) Passion, frequent changes in opinion Gracie (22) Don't like confrontation or to upset those I love Gracie Campbell (23) A life of laziness. Graham (20) Thrill-seeking greatlove (32) Too much drink. Greer (33) being conceited Greg (19) caution Greg (24) addiction Greg (17) Selfishness Greg (36) expecting people to want to be moral or good Greg (53) Alcohol, pessimism, and apathy Greg Lytle (26) spending thoughtlessly gretel Pizza Gret Sidl (17) profligacy greythorne (38) Putting others before myself Grimace (17) It's hard for me to say no Grimace (17) the act because of love gruchi (63) cynicism gruffmusic (49) To a life deprived of the works of genius Gtergab (50) Certainly gluttony, if that can be a fault. Guenther Inaction. guiller van mistoffellees (17) Narcissism Gus (18) Naquilo que julgo em que todos erram Gustavo (21) Sarcasm gutsyaardvark (19) to lazyness Guy Van Driessche (44) Failure Gwen (18) Feeding my feelings with food Hailey (34) Shopping,and playing on my cell phone Hailey (15) to a life deprived of the works of sincerity Hakusha Senbon (24) The want to document life, rather than to live. Hal (18) Being punctual Hala (34) Living in excess Haley (19) when i can't get thing that i need hamdi (20) when someone put off doing something hamideh (26) Greed Hamlet (30) Liying Hana (14) Chocolate Hanna (24) Laziness, lack of ambition, self pity, gluttony, and flippancy Hannah (15) Betrayal Hannah (32) bad tv hannah (25) I'm spontaneous and impulsive. Hannah Chambers (24) I tend to feel as though I can solve anything put in front of me, when I know that I cannot Hannah Ross (20) Being lazy Hannah Suttles IDK Hanshaw (14) escaping the realities Hari (21) Solitude and the prattle of characters, while life writes itself outside my door. Harold E. Leighton (37) Rich foods, wine, and naps with my puppy. Harold E. Leighton (40) any Harold Oberg To ignorance Harriet (23) Laziness, unkindness, flippancy. Harry (27) I have no faults Hartleigh A. Chance (35) To the ones I knew I shouldn't do Hassallah (30) Childishness Hassan (21) Fear and lack of courage hawaii50 (45) Vulgarity Hayzeus (23) Being satisfied with underachieving HCE (15) To a life of vapid gluttony. Heathcliff (20) i am a fabric hoarder HEATHER (37) Ignorance HeavyFire (16) sex and food heider (27) Allowing myself to be distracted by anything interesting. Heidi R. a preguica Heinar (52) to none Helen (32) Time Helen (19) I always test people without knowing it Helena (18) Believing that I am sometimes (quite often) superior to others Helena Jenkins (20) to always be in charge Helen Mattison Wyatt (20) to be deprived of books hellgirl (19) do it later helz bells (41) Food Henry (46) To live an unamused and unexamined life Henry_Z (25) to wear my heart on my sleeve her (26) my inability as a child to retain the written word Herald (71) bodily hungers herbertofwestlake (43) Gluttony. Hern (39) Tobacco I guess. And laziness. Herod (20) Not getting what I want Hero Solomon (25) food Hetal (22) My own HHP (41) Depression Hi how are you Procrastination and lack of focus Him (17) Procrastination and lack of focus Him (17) To mediocrity Hira Yousuf (18) Procrastination, gluttony, self-doubt HKas (28) Self-pity, anger, hatred HKas procrastination H. McMillan (33) Perder el tiempo en tonterias que luego resultan buenos recuerdos. H.Nakashima (21) my tendency to be very competitive towards everyone and everything thing hobbes (26) procrastination hodouk (22) Those that I find in myself Hoelder1in (51) Not doing things fast enough. hoffsta stubborness holden (27) Eating Holley (39) Worry and despair. holly (17) Allowing vanity to win over budgeting Holly Avery (32) too many snacks Holly Pajka (28) compulsive shopping, procrastinating, invective Hong Jay A potential not realised Honora (40) Always seeing the good in people Hooks live with hate Hopefloats (24) over consumption of claret and pork Horace pluck (54) selfishness howard (34) I am most indulgent in overeating i love food. howard (34) Being in denial about ones own wants desires and thoughts Hrudaya (24) gluttony huck finn (48) To be less intelligent Huda (19) Laziness Huey (28) a life without love and great works of art huggybear (29) To the faults of pleasure and experience seeking. Hulot Redux Black and white tendencies? I'm a pretty extreme person though rationally I know otherwise Humbugger Omlet (20) Overthinking everything Hunter (23) hyperbole Hurricane Katrina (25) Jealousy Hwiseon Lee (24) Pride and stubbourness Hyosun (25) Secrecy & Lust Hypnos The Blade (46) overeating sweets HYS (47) To stagnation. I (22) My ability to worship material possessions and money. I To my own lazyness. I A life of ignorance Ian (23) Ignorance Ian (44) Fiscal discipline ianplanet (47) to be poor in material goods I Beg (54) To the faults I own, so long as they are mine. Iblis Anak (22) all the faults of my brother Ichabod When I would like to get certain things done and in my mind, it is not appening fast enough.. Icis sloth I do not have one. (22) Living in a lie without anyone to help you i dont know that i know (17) Not sure Ignats (70) To laziness and to staying in my comfort zone Igor (29) I avoid almost everybody Iilyanna Laziness, apathy. Ika (24) Lying. ile105 (23) To liars. ile105 (27) Netflix binge watching Imajones to people who are not ashamed to admit they do not know Imee My faults are those of all men, I embrace them . . . Arrogance? No . . . I.M. (Imam Mahdi) (5) To not feeling anything at all Indrė (17) Being Lazy indy (30) too easily to fall into self-pity and self-love. inez (21) Not having something to read or to do Inkie (60) self-loathing, anxiety and anger interestedparty moments of inaction i.p. I sometimes eat too much ice cream and take too long in the bathroom doing my hair Ireland Rose (12) To people that are more emotional than others. Irene (26) Over thinking Irina (16) to a life without love or knowledge Iris (18) Beer Iris Ramsey (32) chocolate isa (29) Allowing my self to sift in a slew of boredoms and destructions. Isaac (16) playing video games Isaac (29) Vanity Isaac To lack of imagination and appreciation. Isabel (19) Solitude Isabella Fairchild-Heart (Protagonist) (26) To a life deprived to eternity Isabelle (26) To those that people are really sorry for Isadora Duncan (32) Self-obsessed words and acts Ismael Santos (20) Arrogance and capriciousness. Isolde (17) Over thinking things Ita (23) Self pity, wasting time. Iva To a life I would love to live in filled with art of emotion. Ivy (10) My mother spoiled ivy (25) I often indulge my laziness and will withdraw from the world. Izzy (24) I eat a lot of ice cream Izzy waterhouse (16) I eat a lot of ice cream Izzy waterhouse (16) to the fault of pride j2a18m (43) nothing jabbar (23) Unawareness Jacie Lin Being too pesssimistic Jack (14) seduction of the senses jack (30) I try to live the lord's word and to teach the kids, but it's hard. I feel like I may have to rest on the lord to help teach my kids, I work a lot. I have to though. Jack (33) Speaking everything on my mind. Jack (17) Kindness Jack Goodman (18) Laziness and irritation Jackie Being lazy. (See this short answer. I'm lazy) Jackie (18) To being too stingy and to being vindictive Jackie (24) Emotional insecurity Jackie Cavalcante (40) Lack of self control & disclipline Jackie Vega (27) cowardice, (deliberate?) misunderstanding of self and others Jackson (32) Laziness, habit, and boredom. Jackson8471 (23) Feeling guilt. Jack Viper (29) Laziness in the form of naps, sleeping in late, and not being concerned with grades Jaclyn (22) spending too much money. JaclynM (19) Haha Circus Performers Jacob Ignorant complacency. Jacob Richardson (18) Hatred, laziness and self-defeatism. Jacque (24) My depressive mentality. Jacqueline (34) Single-minded desire at the expense of all else. And lack of respect for authority (non-existent in my mind). Jacqueline Garrett (38) sweets Jade (17) sarcasm Jade-a-boo (17) Over eating Jade Green (30) gluttony Jadelynn (24) I can be very indecisive. That has always been a fatal flaw of mine. Jae (18) To a life not lived to the fullest extent of my possibilities Jafari (33) To be very retailer and perfectionist Jaime (18) Eating too much Jaime (28) To be apathetic towards the consequences of my actions Jake (17) Good food, good art. Jake (21) my love for dessert, and my personality categorization. Jakelina Hernandez (22) My greatest fault is underestimating myself and others. J.A. Lawrence Envy, Doubt, Bitterness James (30) living james Slacking, and lying to myself about it. James (19) Anger at those I should be able to easily subjugate but have unable to do so James (25) Too much time being isolated James Green (29) My reluctance to follow through. James La Salandra (31) Using sex as power. James Oliver North (39) Indolence, hedonism jameson_welsh (22) neglect for my mother. James William Reath (21) the growlings of my tummy Jamie (25) careing too much and maybe false hopes Jamie (32) comfort jamy (51) Carelesness, lack of human emotions Jana (22) The necessity to overwork all the time Jana (22) putting too much trust into people. being ignorant to my surroundings . Janae (17) i covet cosmetics jane (41) pride and wrath jane (20) i find i'm intolerant and easily enraged by other people's failings jane fakename (25) dreaming of creativity rather than reality janice (67) An insatiable appetite to learn more and do more extraordinary acts of kindness, with a sense of 'more to come' is right around the bend. Janice Marie Oxford (61) I agree. Jannie56 to a life deprived of the works of genius Jansen (17) Video games Jared (19) Self-indulgence. Jared Oswald (19) To work hard on somthing only to fail. Jarred Poll (26) Eating. Jas (20) being distracted by maya jasleen Narcissism Jasmine Violet (17) Stubborn Jason (18) i really do love pizza Jason (34) I put others in front of me too often Jason (26) To a life besotted by the lure of leisure jasonstafford (53) My Fear. Jax Havak (00) a cynical attitude Jay (58) Procrastination Jay (26) To my tendency to lose control Jay To a life lived without knowing true love Jay West (27) the buying of books Jazz dont no jb (13) Losing my ability to remember my family and friends J.B. (53) admitting mistake JB (29) Destructive Pleasing of Others Jb Bradford (44) laziness jcr (35) procrasination JD (21) laziness jda self-anxiety jean (22) Stupidity Jeannine (57) Not being mindful Jeeves (24) I do not understand the question Jef (19) N/A Jeff food Jeff (47) Fashion JeffGuy (55) Selfishness Jeffrey A. Olivier (40) I enjoy good times way too much Jeffrey Dean Arthur (51) to be around stupid people Jeff Winger My obsession with ensuring that I am heading towards a good successful future sometimes negatively affects my ability to see things happening in the present that might need my attention. Jehu (25) cowardice jemimah (32) To loneliness Jen (23) none Jen (25) the life I chose jen (29) defeat, passion. escapism, distorted intellectualism, self negation, supressed despair Jen Gerlach (39) Desire Jen Hallidy (42) Lust and pride Jenn (35) To be deprived of a life less ordinary. Jenn (39) being lazy Jennie self pitty Jennifer (35) the polarity of obsessiveness and neglect/indifference in my relationships with myself and others. Jennifer (40) Lying to save people's feelings Jennifer (53) Cowardice Jennifer Lewis (26) I throw myself against a wall of the higest standards. Jennifer S. Williams Materialism, massive consumption Jenni Webb Reynolds (29) self-deprecation, which I do all the time. Jenny (23) Smoking, overthinking everything, and not remembering how lucky I am. Jenny (28) stupid faults jenny (30) People pleaser. Self sacrificing. passive agressive Jenny (37) pride jenny (18) Procrastinating Jenny (18) drinking too much Jenny (38) Procrastination Jenny (35) literary romance JennyLynn (23) Too quick to anger Jenny Napier (42) longing and nostalgia Jensyn Keanes (19) Can't stand people Jeremy (17) Cheap thrills and throwing rocks through windows Jeremy (30) lust, gluttony, self isolation Jeremy (29) The fact that I cannot write down music, or that I am too lazy to school myself in how to do so. Jeremy Fassler (22) Hedonistic indulgence. Jeremy Heintz (39) brash Jerome (37) Obsessive wanting to have an abundance of things in fear of having nothing like I once had Jess (27) Eating, sleeping, and sloth Jess (18) in movies Jessi (18) too much cake Jessica (18) Getting to work late so I could snuggle my babies. Jessica Taking life too seriously Jessica Cristo (Jax): (29) I keep purchasing copies of "1984" by George Orwell. Jessie (33) To chocolate and eating in general Jessie (16) dunno. jessiemoop (14) Lonliness...Is that a fault? Jess the Mess (21) sarcasm Jesus0469 (46) crankiness in old age and illness Jet Jackson (92) Humility Jeux Procrastination to be followed by fear. Jewel (39) I agonize over what-ifs Jewel (38) smoking jezza (18) my sweet tooth jg (36) Laziness jg (22) Indecisiveness and inaction J.H. Putting down in my work the intimate conversations I had with the people I hold dearly Jian (22) Declined friendships. Jim (20) Being on stage, guitar in hand and the volume up to 11. Jim (50) Sloth jimmy (84) Self-preservation jj (43) Not being as pretty as I want JJ (20) To my incessant pursuit of utmost revenge. J J Ruzo not being spendthrift JLo (34) Being too lazy. or too passionate. J.L. Odom (16) Laziness JM (28) Those that are self-effacing Jo (41) thinking too much. Jo (16) self pity Jo (21) Mine. Jo (66) spending money Jo My intellect Jo (20) Seeing the beauty in how red blood is when it falls to the floor Jo (33) Pride. Joana (22) I feel the most indulgent when it comes to my weight. Joan Ellis (28) The desire for really good love-making JOANNA Shyness Joanna Kather (63) procrastination and sloth Jo-Anne Shyness Joanne (16) to the dissuaded and ignored who have given up Joanne van der Woude (36) physical and spiritual laziness joannie To other caring mistakes Joe (60) sin Joe sexual temptations Joe (54) Wrath comes far too easily to me Joe DeProfio (27) Competition - desire to be the best, most dominant, most adored Joel (17) To not have Mom Joel Sadler (45) lying in bed too long JoeyO (34) promiscuity John (28) Food, eating too much of it John (23) losing my control through temper John (24) To my need to know, regardless of cost or consequence John (20) I don't know John (23) Overindulging in anything that should to be enjoyed in moderation Johnathan Durand (19) to a life surrounded by dumb people john locke money, cash, hoes Johnny (21) being a pushover at times Johnny (21) collecting material items, not letting go of the past Johnny48 (48) Alas, I like to sit too long at the table with my family and friends, eating excessively of pigeon pie and drinking wine John of Gaunt Laziness and passivity John Porter Laziness John Sousa (17) Laziness JoJo (27) Feeling sorry for your self Jojo (76) a life spent toiling for the profits of the more fortunate joker (25) to avoid work jolie (66) To those caused by a honest attempt to do good and make things work between people. Jollie (21) Overrating Jo Mama (53) Psychopathy brought by childhood trauma jona (19) laziness and procrastination are my biggest faults jonathan (31) My own pleasure Jonathan (50) My tendency to give strength to my flaws Jonathan Tacuri (21) Drug use jonb (49) excessive humility Jonida Dervishi (29) Too much work Jon Mosca (31) to live life not loved Jonny (31) Guilt, self-pity, self-absorption Jonny South (18) going on spending sprees Jordan (19) Not reading enough Jordan need for affection jordan rutter (18) with my love Jorelle (18) Laziness Joris Superstition suppressing another's convictions joseph (31) back stabbed once Joseph Anthony (37) 學校停課 Joseph Cheng (28) To thank to someone Josephine A (19) Procrastination and laziness. Joseph Yvon (63) extreme narcissism and that very few people ever call me on it Josh (23) Persistence and anxiety Josh (22) Food consumption Josh (29) Stubborn - unable to say no or give in Joshua (34) Lack of devotion to singular talents Joshua (21) Complacency, laziness, and procrastination. I feel they may have soiled a large portion of my young adult life. Joshua Levi (21) To a smirk and to a smile with ambivalent uncertainty. Joshua Sponaugle (22) My genrosity Joshua Taft (18) To distraction in silly things. Josh W. (19) laziness procrastination josie (25) not wanting to focus Josie Dangerfield (29) incessant intake of food. Jotthedot (16) Laziness Joxef (35) hurting me joyce (20) perfectionism and overanalysis that renders one inable to act; understanding that a thing cannot be other than it is, but still wishing it was different anyway joyseternal (22) having nothing to do jrggzmn (20) doing nothing jrggzmn (20) being lazy jrggzmn (25) procrastination JRM Competitiveness in everyday life JRobertson (21) Procrastination, laziness, intolerance towards weakness Jtan (21) trial and error Ju (28) Doing good in school Juan (15) Materialism. Juan Carlos (21) Sickness of mind, body and soul. Juanita Joann Harty Buck (49) To apathy. Juan Jose Campos (34) Procrastination Jubin (21) laziness Judah (30) To ones committed in ignorance Judah (22) 每天放縱最放縱 jude (25) Food and prostitutes. Jude Kaldi Overworking myself Judith writing Judy I indulge children who make mistakes trying to figure out all the craziness around us Judyka (64) self-importance and self-deprecation juju Reticence, skepticism, (overly) people-pleasing Jules (19) A world without peace and love Jules (26) Laziness, self depreciation Jules (23) snobbery Jules Procrastinating (reading too much gossip) and not being daring/spontaneous enough. Not being care-free and "letting go". Julia (19) Living in my imagination Julia (23) Going against better judgement. Julian (16) lack of money julie (79) stay at the same place Julie (20) Coffee Julie (40) Using my circumstances as an excuse to be lazy Julie (49) When someone is homeless or a hurt juliette (19) To cakes deprived by the foolishness of cake-makers who don't know how to make them right?? Dunno. June (23) reserved nature jupiter jones willful destruct of self Justin (27) Procrastination Justin (15) Selfishness Justin Aylward (22) the ability to lie and be believed justine hope (20) To be away from wisdom. Justin G. (15) The ones that distract me from the aid of others and myself. Justin Rasile (23) Hopelessness JW (27) To using alcohol as a barrier for the creativity that I don't know is there. J.W. Carey (22) Lust jyoung (25) vanity, greed K (21) laisiness K (46) An unwillingness to step out of my comfort zone or take risks k being a sloth k-92 (17) I trust too easily. Kaden Being a drug addicted mother and wife Kafi Cunningham (43) temtations kai (15) impatience Kaja Ta Lazyness Kajer (19) MUSIC,SEX, BOOKS,TRAVEL,DECORATING KAKI (50) Greed Kaleena (23) Excess of everything - apology - Kally (33) Wasting time Kamila (18) Too much persistence KammY shopping Kandi (26) laziness kangaroo gossip karaeileen (24) I don't understand the question. Karen i don't kmow Karen (16) insecurity about what i can do Karen June (52) childhood mistakes kari bobins (33) To a life without comminment Karina Marcano (26) Pride Karl (17) Shame Karla (19) impatience and anxiety Kasandra to a person that always speaks honestly Kasia (30) Lying Kasper (19) Sloth kass Not being taken as seriously as I should Kassy (17) the thought that one is not beautiful nor loved kat (21) Lacking confidence when the Lord is right beside me Kate (23) Laziness, procrastination. Kate (21) Giving in to my perpetual curiosity about anything and everything Kate lazyness Kate (26) red wine Kate Mindlessness, in its many forms. Kate McJ (31) To the inability to grasp opportunities. Katerina (22) To feel the ability to freely spend my money on frivolous things. Kath (48) being late to an appointment Katharina (32) anger Katherine (18) Using people if you need something. But only if it's really important. Katherine (27) don't know kathy (52) laziness Kathy (26) None Kati (19) Self-pity, laziness, and ocassionally, guilt. Katie (20) i am extremely worthless katie (23) Vanity Katie (17) gluttony katie (22) that i think i could do anything even though i can't Katie (21) isolation Katie Carriere (39) impatience and restlessness Katieu (27) My pride Katrina (23) food Katrina Thiessen-Beasse (28) To. It have had a less strict upbringing Katsika (68) to conquer men Katten (28) selfishness katthehurricane To those that I have Katy (16) being alone and without nothing Katy (22) those arising from grievous childhood wounds Katya laziness, despair, doubt, and delicious yet rich foods Katya Allnutt (27) Wanting to be in control of everything kaudrey Anger Kavindra (55) animals kavitha (19) not wanting to keep informed kay (22) Laziness Kaybird (43) jealousy kaydee (16) Selfish/not very resourceful Kayla (17) a life without music Kayla Marie (17) inability to find balance between work and home Kaysie67 (49) compulsive work KB (45) Judgement KBHS (29) Procrastination, inertia, and occasional smugness K.B. Oliver (30) watching junky television kc Spend to much time on my phone Kc (15) cheese, beer, laziness kdhoiht (31) Belief in absolutes K Dilkington (30) I'm a recovering catholic. I indulge nothing except the whims of others. Kechiro (33) Stubbornness Keith (19) give in to wants no moderation Kelli (47) Overanalysis, Too Deep, Not Sensitive Enough Kelly (30) splurging on meaningless personal treasures like a new candle or package of stickers kelly (39) my jealousy. I feel threatened very easily. Kelly (25) To be too nice and helpful to people. Kelly G. Teague (45) Feel empathy Kelly McCauslin Not letting people into my life Kelsey (22) Laziness. Kelsey (25) Fear of success/failure ken (58) Pride, envy Ken (63) laziness ken dewey (48) Being too selfish; getting too hooked on the little things. I worry about money and time too much. Kendyl (20) Food. Kenkire Great food Kenn (47) Wasting time Kennedy (18) intervention, catastrophic thinking. shame. abusing my intellect. Kenning (28) Procrastination, self-centeredness kerayne (66) Eating Keri Cook (26) My temper has gotten me in trouble a time or two. Kessler (35) Conflicted desire for approval K EST (22) watxhing tv Keti (23) not standing for what I believe in Keto (25) procrastination. I despise it. Kevbo Never completing a personal project Kevin (25) egocentrism Kevin (21) cell phone Kevin (17) Performance; pretending to be someone else Kevlar laziness kfcbucket (16) To live unaware of self. KFerreto (24) Alcohol, avoidant behaviour. kfkfkfk (17) Fancifulness. KG (38) Food as she catches me KG (26) TEST KHAkjhsak (16) Jealousy khaye (26) Always wanting to help someone Kia (28) Procrastination Kiana Mercury (23) Dreaming, easy. Kiara M. (15) procrastination, inertia Kid Jasper lust and gluttony KiDoCo I, too often, dwell in the past. Kiera Hardy Living a fantasy in my head that, sometimes, distracts me from reality. Kieran (22) Procrastination and a lack of self control Kika Laziness, low-self esteem, impatience Kiki (27) gluttoney, hubris kiki (44) I enjoy the occasional scuffle Kiki (10) Personal sins Kikka (38) the ones i can relate to killy Narcissism Kim (17) Over eating Kim (37) Procrastination and feeling like a failure when not working to the best of my ability Kim (47) Procrasination Kimberly (23) Shopping, drinking, blogging. kimberly (21) laziness Kimberly Bailey taking umbrage where I can find it kimbo (34) my love of food Kimlmar (52) A lack of drive. Kim Randall Cox (43) narcissism king (43) procrastinate kings (36) To a life deprived of the works of genius King Ubi (35) living in a clean home, shopping, saving money Kinmin (24) not being loved kinoo Eating Kiristyn freedom kirk Worrying and over thinking Kirsten McCracken (20) my favorite impatient kissclem.83 (12) The least important is jealous kitkat (13) my tendency to be too nice and be taken advantage of kito (24) Sarcasm, little trust in others, and envy sometimes Kitty (21) Indecisiveness Kitty (19) Needing to be the center of attention Kitty (58) art kjelli (59) to put up with mediocracy KK (32) comfort k-kabob (31) To those that cannot be helped KKC (26) Overeating Kkkkaty (67) to none Klavicus (23) Letting people know they´re wrong Klox890626 (23) Emotional faults. KLVS (22) Mental illness KM (23) too much persistence Kmi the oddest combination of self-pity and self-righteousness knapsackstraps (21) giving too much credence/time to my anxiety, if that can be seen as an indulge-ment. If this was meant to be something positive, then I'd say things I do to distract me from my anxiety, like video games. knowone (29) Pride, dear one, pride Koinekid (28) Hyper self awareness. kokocakemix (24) gluttony koshka (50) Fear Kourtney Denee (24) To sleep in. Kouse (23) daydreaminess... for lack of a better word Kreuzz Eating Kris (41) jealousy krissy (18) No chance to living a spontaneous youth Krista (17) I eat fast food Krista (27) To sit and think about those which cannot change Kristaline (24) Ones I recognize myself in. Kristi (35) I'm often inclined to be critical of others and, invariably, regret my nature, whether the targets are aware of it or not. Kristian (34) Love, when it is a fault Krum Kirov (16) The ability to rationalise my faults and externalise events which occur in my life whilst taking minimal responsibility for the outcome. Kryshia (53) To the vices of sugar, nicotine, caffeine, and sex. Krysstofer Pierre (23) Changing my mind or direction Krystaal (40) When I start to drink, sometimes its hard to stop. Krystal (24) Most all. Krystin (22) self loathing ks (33) for me the least important is jealousy. kssou (13) Being too judgmental Kt (15) Selfishness KT comfort. kt (35) to not stop hurting Kunal Sen (27) flights of fancy, anthropocentrism, moodiness, fetishes for madness and sunken chests kunderakitsch Blindness to what is most close to me. kuro usagi (18) Pretending not to notice my husband's infidelities. Kurt Bailey (45) sloth! K Yeo (19) perhaps I should put down the bottle of whiskey... Kyla Stan To not suceed and to live in poverty. Kyle Dangerfield (25) Thinking that my life is the worst Kyra Black (19) pride and the need to be needed Kyrie (18) appearance Kyrinrin (14) Excessive drinking, not thinking before speaking L (36) emotional insecurity lacee (18) Not hearing the word no. Obsessive compulsiveness. Lacey McVeigh (46) Pride Lacharria (18) the fact that i overindulge, lack of restraint LadyDyTheFly to be able to travel whenever I want to ladyinthewater (24) Irresponsibility and the chasing of pleasure Lady NCA (29) smoking Ladytoyou (66) To NOT doing the things I know I must do--like paying bills. LaHaRo (51) Laziness Lainey (38) Wanting visual order Lainie Gluttony LaLa (26) Food Lana (34) To a life passionately dedicated to accomplishing pointless task LAND (22) It's a long list. I'm a little bit of a sociopath, but I embrace it. Landon Wright (16) To a population of young men that I have denied my council since I was attacked by one of the teenage boys, while conducting a counseling session at a detention center back when I lived and worked in Ohio. Lanette main character: Counciler Becky Torturing Lanius (50) To self sabotage in all aspects of life in order to face what I fear. Defeat. lara67 (49) laziness and lack of motivation Lara Jade (38) Intelligence. It makes me sick when I'm outsmarted LA Sullivan Food, shopping Laura (20) To be stagnant. Laura (24) lies laura (23) inability to act when i need to laura (27) Societal oppression Laura (28) being an aries. Laura (31) Lies LauraAl (27) Mistakes of the young. Laura N. (52) Indecisiveness, because too cerebral. Forgiving too easliy Laura Panza (38) to a meaningless life laura Ytzia Montoya Capristo Idleness. Laurel (29) greed Lauren (28) to indulge in myself Lauren (22) Greed and to validating the opinions of other. Lauren (20) Loneliness Lauren Temper and Allowing Emotions to Rule Out Reason Lauren Frost (26) I am very lazy and slothenly at times. Lauren H (27) self-indulgence Laurie (58) An impatience with people. Lavache Beadsman (21) Laziness Layla (22) I don't know Layla (13) To lazyness. Layla B. (43) Addiction, anger and fear LB Perkins (42) Laziness and procrastination. Leah (16) To a world of love and pleasure leah (17) To feel like I'm living out my deepest purpose and that the world needs (and wants) my work. Leah (25) Impulsivity Leah greed, pride Leanne (28) Lack of culture LeCorbeauGris (25) procrastination lee (30) My lack of punctuality Leeham My extreme procrastination. Leena (16) being lazy after work. being lazy in general. not creating when there is so much in my head to create. leezee (28) Gluttony of food and laziness of mind Legacy Lee (31) Lack of self-will. Leigh Lagamayo (27) Not understanding anything and/or loss of memory Leila My love of coffee and sweets. Leila (28) faults springing from emotion rather than thought Lem (24) Giving my opinion when it isn't needed or called for. L.E.Murphy (17) hurtful words to love ones Len (46) Not being able to know where I'll go from here Lena (21) Untidyness Lena (60) To try and plan and strategize to my own stress and detriment Lendaddy (50) My girlfriend Myfanwy. Everything she does makes me happy, and I’m willing to overlook her faults. Leo believing him when he said he was okay Leo (15) Masyadong deep ito para sakin. hahaha Leo Calma (19) perfectionism Leon (26) To sloth, Sunday mornings in bed LeonidasStokely To many big words to understand Leon (The Debreifer) (22) Judging others, disillusionment, pride, jealousy and anger Leopold (38) Fear Leopold (18) b Leslie To people who have had no benefit of education or other privileges that I have had Leslie (43) Laziness Lestory (49) lock of character lety (59) Faults? Levi Becker (31) I indulge my temper often Levi Walker When younger slothliness, older teaching others when they don't want to be taught LewU (55) sweaty hands Lex sexual deviance lexi (23) When im not satsified with what im doing LexieBee (17) Sadly, I'm too curious. Lex Ryo (17) Jealousy, Trust issues Lexxxx (18) ................... pro....crastinati................... l.gee (23) procrastination lglick19 Falling and serving enemies Lia (23) The lax attitude to forming an opinion through indifference and superficial research LiamP (25) I live in the past because I cannot move past my failings. Liam Shaughnessy To not be able to serve my God to my fullest. Liam Urien unloving parents librowicz (28) lost me on this one lol Lids (50) jealousy liebez (22) Ones who loneliness. Lightning Stars (22) Sometimes I'm too aggressive verbally and physically. Lil (17) wasting time lilecare (46) To mediocrity. Liliana wanting more then i already have lil~kissa (17) Losing my life to my work. Lillian (25) To live dependent on another person. Lillian Grace (27) the ends justify the means Lily (16) I drink too much sometimes. Lily I dwell on things. I'm nitpicky. I have a tendency to criticize. I'm a bit of a flake sometimes. Lily (19) To live wothout doing only what I want Lily (34) Pride Lina well intentioned ones Linda (23) There's no faults. Linda (17) Not sleeping enough Linda C (41) When I avoid work and do what I wish to do. Linda M. W. (34) Writing Lindsey (15) Sometimes being content to do absolutely nothing. Lindsey B. (17) chocolate LindseyD (18) Misanthropy, self-righteousness. Linnea petty lies linou70 Self-importance Lint (17) Allowing myself to have what I want too easily Lisa The amount of time I spend researching genealogical trees Lisa (56) Laziness and food Lishan (20) laziness littlefairybigears (22) Being late for 5 minutes littlerobot life of sweets lituci (30) Leave my self alone when I can be with my beloved, family or friends Lixing (24) Unhealthy gluttony, sloth, carnal desires. Liz (28) My own. Liz (64) Procrastination mostly, fear of success, a longing to be loved, and an appalling lack of self control with finances. Liz (47) The need for the attention of others Liz (25) Material needs Liz (40) Food & drink Liza (33) I am tolerant of most anything except meanness Liz Vega (43) Pride and stubbornness; "my good opinion once lost is lost forever." Lizzie (17) See previous question Lizzie Pickle (27) Pride. L. Kadey (18) Laziness, deception, casually breaking my word, presenting a false and inflated image of myself L. Kadey (19) Ignorance LLane (23) ignorance lmao to most lo (19) nothing to put Lo (24) Chocolates and shopping LodRose (32) eating naughty food Log To beauty without intellect Logan (23) If they have a mental disroder that messes with their personaility. Logan (14) somebody who things come easy too Logan (16) I'm a procrastinator Logan Whitt (15) Never being satisfied. Lois (22) I don't know Lola stubbornness, want, and denial lollipoppingsu (24) emotional and mental insecurity lols (21) Excess of candy Lori (37) Laziness lorilie (35) Weed Louf (39) Crying and biting people Loui Edgington (12) The lack of self-awareness Louis (19) Having a low body image, thinking I am never good enough Louisalokyee (15) ignorance. Louise (17) Vanity over my work Loz (17) To a life that merely passes by. Lu (32) lack of reading, lack of confidence, skepticism luadepapel (25) Excess Luc (27) time for learning Luca (33) Shyness and procrastination. Lucho (32) possessiveness Lucija (25) To have unnecessary luxury Lucy (34) To the fault of indignant anger. Lucy not knowing the answer Luigi (38) Lying in case of need Luísa (21) Procrastination and lie ( in case of need). Luísa (22) laziness, self pity, food, insecurity Luisa (18) Sleeping Luisa (19) loosing faith in oneselves LuisEfe (55) Music and ignoring good advice Luke Anthony (19) emotions lukemarco (18) My sweet tooth Lulu Hypocrisy and lack of intelligence Luna (16) i don't know lunar (18) Laziness. LVG not putting my best efforts into my studies Lydia (50) food lydia To live for vanity. Lydia (18) To not having a chance to improve Lyla (30) laziness, dreaming lyman (35) Close mindedness; lack of imagination Lyn (22) Close mindedness; lack of imagination Lyn (22) Having dreams Lyn not sure lynac (31) laziness and video games Lyndsay D. (22) Constant fear and worry. Lyndsey (19) Food Lynk (15) Faults that stem from a lack of resources. Lynn Renee (41) The daydreamer Lynn Thair (49) sin Lyss (19) Procrastination M@ (31) ignorance M (16) Gluttony M (29) procrastination M (36) Drugs M (19) procrastination M failing to reach my potenial becasue of self doubt MA (61) Excess. Compulsiveness. Mac (28) Being on my computer for hours on end Mac (17) Gambling, not saying what I feel for my best interests, fear and lack of drive in day to day life. Mach (44) Procastinating Machiavelli_Mx (38) indecision, narcissism, self-indulgence and self-loathing, cowardice macon (22) excess of fine things macskawoman (44) How can I ever say no? Everyone before me Macy (15) arrogance Madeline (19) Smoking Madhusudhan (63) To deliberate ignorante and intolerance Madison Twist (25) to a life without my friends Maeva231 (13) Being too trusting. MaeveOne (27) the old age ones Mag unfulfilled opportunities Magellan (44) Sexual gratification Magen (22) Laziness Maggie (24) being unsure. Maggie (23) over introspection Maggie (49) Bad manners maggy may Sleep. Endless sleep. Mahalo (/) all those that are not caused by ignorance mahtiel (21) Fatness, lethargy Mairi (37) Mistakes in people who haven't had the chance of a good education. Maite (26) not sure maitresseb (43) To a life deprived of the work of creation Mak (16) all average fault maksimuchka (38) Jealously MAL (14) Giving my sisters anything. Malcolm (26) Gluttany and misanthropism Malibu (31) To doing just enough to get what I want Mallory (21) To unwarranted bouts of depression. Maltet being a bad worker Mandar (27) I indulge all of my own faults so well.... Mandella Kitten (36) Food mandi (28) sloth mandi2kay (31) being crazy Mandy (18) Being crazy Mandy (37) not consistent mangarmunko (21) I feel to Jealousy manonettte (12) None. Manu (22) Belittling self loathing, a strong sense of entitlement Mao (22) wine Mara (58) self-pity Mara (17) Laziness and boredom MaraMichelle Accusing innocent people. Marana (56) Pride and deception Marcel (19) Most of the vices of capitalism marcel254 (25) For being slightly ignorant. Marcelo Ricarte. (16) the love of many women, i cant seem to choose just one Marcel Rodriguez to procrastination Marclaudi (46) trusting my naivete Marc_Meyer To a life in unwanted ignorance marcoapk (19) laziness marg (53) My chocolate addiction Margaret (19) I give too easily and tend to get used Margaret Cook (57) sometimes, the vanity in others - for sometimes it is cute and even endearing. Margarida (aka:Guida Costa,Guida Almeida ( ) Food & exercise Margie (44) stupidity margo (22) Debauchery Margot Self Doubt Margot (21) Being curious about other people's lives and wanting to know their secrets Mari (30) To want to correct others Maria (45) i don't know Maria Always wanting to know something Maria (18) ? Maria Contreras (19) cigarettes Mariam (20) vanity, sometimes apathy, and maybe acting unlike my age when i probably should Mariana (16) Loving too much to someone who doesn't deserve it. Mariana (22) I tend to be either overworked or abysmally lazy; balance is difficult. Maria Patenaude (29) The disparity between the people who has and has not. Maria Rowena Rillen Sloth and self hatred, cynicism and pessimism. Marie (19) Same as Proust. To a life deprived of the works of genius. Couldn't have put it better myself. Marie (21) Procrastination Marie to lack of consistency, (to err is human) Marie Madeleine (51) To be disillusioned and realist to a point of stagnation. The "what is the use" syndrome. Marie-Pierre Adam (27) not belive in you self marija (23) ignorance marina (50) Giving in to pleasure. marina (27) concern over others preceptions Marina (20) Talking too much, listening too little Marion (27) to a life without creativity mario ponce (38) To the sins of flesh and the weaknesses of mind Marios Gregoriou (21) procastination Marisela L (18) Being a social tool Mark (16) thinking about stuff too much, egoism mark To a life of wasted potential. Mark (19) Being aware of my own faults. Making faults out of normal quirks, just so I can feel like I have more faults. Mark Living in my imagination instead of dealing with reality. Mark (55) thinking badly of loved ones. Mark Angus Wilson (28) Delusions of grandeur, fears of future, fear in general, not leaving a good art behind for this world; mostly failure paranoia and fear. Mark D Anderson (23) My own... In others, I tolerate excessive benevolence fairly well. markeff (38) my selfishness, my insecurity Mark J (44) Laziness nd inertness Marko (28) Food. Mark Rogers f Mark Sterling (32) dietary markus_naz (39) Food, and candy Marlyn Alexa Rosales Torres (18) procrastination to the point of neglect Marney (40) to the faults of my loved ones Maroua (17) The more forgivable a thing is, the less it is a fault. So this question is without an answer unless some specific criterion is given as to what counts as a fault. Marshall Wang (24) ñam marti (25) To be in servitude of money. Martin (29) To always be there for everyone (emotionally and financially) but they are never there in return Martina Common My tendency to hyperfocus to the point of exclusion of all other thought Marty (18) Obsessive and Compulsive behavior Marty (42) any faults that are not caused by evil intentions Martyshka (31) Sensual fantasies and blasted timidity. Maruku (18) a life of ignorance Marvin Willams (30) An inability to exercise any self-control. Mary (22) I sometimes second guess myself Mary (28) Laziness. Mary (56) books Mary Ann (62) Procrastination. MaryAnn (47) overeating=being treated like royalty Mary Ellen Collins-Davis (59) overeating=being treated like royalty Mary Ellen Collins-Davis (59) Turning the mind off and only listening to my stomach. MaryFred (24) hating others Maryn (15) To hibernate and withdraw from the world Masha Shannon (26) being angry my loved ones MasonFYS13 (18) An inability to stop stuffing my face with food, and an affinity for laying in bed all day Mason Walker (21) An inability to stop stuffing my face with food, and an affinity for lying in bed all day. Mason Walker (21) obsesive compulsiveness Mat (15) impulsiveness Mat (26) Procrastination Mateo Seger (18) to be most of the time wandering Mateus Melo Not doing what I wanted to do, hurting someone I care and living a life deprived of the works of genius Matheus (15) Sloth and irresponsible laziness. Mathew Gallant (22) indecisiveness Mathilda (15) Perpetually wasting my life away and filling my days with no importance. Matisse (15) Porceastination and over think stuff Matrix (23) Faults which cause no harm to others Matsuda (14) greed matt (17) an obsession with beauty and sensations Matt (30) Lust and sloth Matt (20) Not having a constant fire. Matt Ari Laziness. Matt DeCostanza (17) giving into my bad habbits Matt Detrick failing to endeavor on notable skills matthew (18) Escapism. Matthew Charles Barrie (27) I don't feel indulgent toward faults Matthew Gordon (28) Religion Matthew Ray (18) Being exceedingly harsh in my judgements of others. Perfectionism Matthew Young (18) letting my insecurities restrict me Matthieu (21) To a life without art. Maundaux (23) good food mauserman (42) Either jealous of others or the over-reliance on coffee to stay awake some mornings. Max (24) those of people who could not have prevented these faults maxie (20) To a life without success Maximilian (17) A lack of confidence. Maxwell Pierson (23) the faults coming from ignorance Maysoun (27) Alcohol, nervousness mcfm0626 (26) not saying no or standing up for myself mcseadogs (34) A life of laziness Me (40) Eating Me (24) Laziness ME (25) Lack of harmony Me (57) lack of motivation Meaghan Selfishness and anger Medusa59 (56) being Meebo My ability to never hold an angry emotion for too long Meg (16) apathy meg (22) prejudice Meg (19) Knowledge Meg (31) To cause trouble without necessity. Meg (22) overindulgent in food and shopping Megan (25) to a life that is taken for granted. Megan (20) Sugar, and not being able to keep my mouth shut about what I really think Megan (32) Self-righteousness Megan (18) Meditating in my own misery Megan (23) My tentative relationship with reality megan (18) intelligence Meghan (16) A lack of entitlement Megil (51) చెప్పను Meher (32) My vanity; that is, my belief of beauty and the idea that I am worth more than I probably am. Mel (16) Ignorance Mel (20) Jealousy, laziness, fear mel (32) Dreaming Mel (44) selfishness Melanie (31) Laziness, meanness Melanie (33) I'm a bit egocentric. And it works for me. Melanie (33) To eat the last piece of cake MelBisMe (34) Naivety. Melinda (18) a life devoid of archeology and supernatural beings Melinda Butler (30) a need for stimulation/excitement Melinda McGinley (30) my animal nature M.Elisabeth Howell (52) Self-centeredness Melissa (23) how much time i spend alone playing instruments. melissa (17) daydreaming melissa (44) pride, arrogance, strong sense of self, independence Melissa (40) Not doing enough only what's required Melissa Diane Hudson Lack of patience. Melissa Farr (25) Vanity, and materialism, and impatience. Melissa Farr (29) To have nothing to do. Melissa P (63) to orphans Melly To a life of depression and self-hatred Melody (22) Hyper-criticism, self pity, and trusting an overactive imagination. Mel Sundquist (20) ingratitude meltemis Being insecure on the inside, while portraying confidence Melvia (28) to leave everything to the last second, laziness Memelord (15) Smoking Memyselfandi procrastination & lazyness Menjou (21) being tempted or lured to something i dont want to do menon (33) stubbornness mercedes (27) Self-loathing Meredith (23) To. Life deprived of books Merit (56) To. Life deprived of books Merit (56) To. Life deprived of books Merit (56) To. Life deprived of books Merit (56) To. Life deprived of books Merit (56) To. Life deprived of books Merit (56) To. Life deprived of books Merit (56) I most indulge my faults of laziness and a sense that I am original, when no one really can be. Metztli (23) Hungry mf (17) The ones shared by other people, i.e., gossip MFSmith (16) Gluttony mia Gluttony (as in, food-related gluttony, intellectual gluttony isn't a fault) Mia (27) bad temper miami (65) lazy micci (64) To live without knowing myself. Michael (40) The capacity to make mistakes and admit them without loss of personal self-worth Michael (46) Being spiteful Michael easy on myself michael Eating things thayt are not good for me Michael (43) delusions of grandeur michael (24) fictionalizing the self Michael (21) to despair and melamcholy Michael (52) Curiousity. Michaela Tee (15) I don't really understand the question Michael Kendall (16) Self-pity Michael Thornberry alcohol Michelle (30) procrastination Michelle (17) I find my coffee addiction, perfectionism, procrastination, and at times, selfishness to be the faults to which I am most often indulgent. Michelle (24) To be lazy, to get jealous, basically some of the 7 sins. Michelle Jeong (20) Not taking active iniciative Michelle Sandino (15) To children reciting the flaws of their parents. michou (19) Worrying to much. Mick (28) Selfishness, putting my own fleeting happiness ahead of others Mickste mood enhancers Mignonne (53) To lying through your teeth because it is so easy to see. Miguel Oniga (58) Faults that are not intented mihaela (26) selfishness mihaelaian (42) Attra Mika (56) Laziness and procrictination Mika Worrying about mundane tasks Mike (33) coffee Mike (14) Those which I myself portray. Mike (53) those which are no fault of mine mike (43) My own. Mike (58) Flights through dreams Mike (69) Emotional instability, neediness Mike (42) anger and self-doubt Mike (29) Ingratitude Mike G. (25) surfing the Internet mikemc1156 Speech impediments Mike Sadler (53) Vanity attention to outward beauty in self and others Milfred (35) inability Mili (20) Impatience and my desire to argue with some people Milly (16) very few! millymay (84) Avarice Mimi (53) My fear Mimi (31) Cynicism Mimi (24) ingenuity mimì (48) to self-doubt and underachievement Mimi (57) Resignation and fatalism Mimikeekee (23) I don't know. Mina (15) Insecurity Mind (17) Spending too much money, Eating too much. Just general proneness to extremes. Minerva Black (30) when i dont behave properly and someone points out me minny (13) to faults which are brought up by doers minto (28) minimum self confidence, fear of death mirabilis (48) Being deprived of the world's beauty and wonders mischa (22) Procrastination Misha (24) bad boys Misha (31) Irrationality. Misk Odium Oersted Sexual depravity miso my extra laid-backness Miss Jealousy misshermes (20) impatience miss karachi a life of leisure Missy (44) Impatience Missy (45) self absorption and weakness mister buzz (49) the sins of the flesh Mitchell: for Ophelia Haven't figured it out yet. Mitela (22) Nothing Mitela (25) Obsessive-compulsive disorder. Mitsuko (22) life without love mitzi (28) The failure of something. Miyo (12) The ones that always seem to steal away pieces of my health MJ (22) Lattes MJ (23) Laziness M.J (40) trying to impress everyone mj (39) Inertia. M. J. A. Armstrong (60) Reading the dreams of others. MJE (40) self obsession MJF (34) depression,loneliness,cowardness mjwhite (21) Being either too particular or too careless. M.K. (21) failure mk (15) anger mkayruger intelligence Mkeekee (30) The fault of ethical privation M. Le Ahcim-nevets (31) Glouttony MlleJacqueline Unending glasses of red wine and wind on my face after a day of writing MlleNeet laziness and procrastination MM (34) Avoiding connection with your Higher Self M&M (38) To be deprived of my freedom MMS ignorance that was imposed but not cultivated Mnemonic Aberration To a life unlived Mo (19) Those which only affect the person who commits them. mobtomas (48) Typos modernmonsters Unhealthy foods. Mohamjip (66) To be self indulgent and lazy Mohini (20) To be surrounded by negativity. Moistoidy (43) strength mole judging people Molea Razvan (23) laziness, procrastination Molly (19) Everything Molly (18) Weakness Molly (33) Can you explain that? I don't understand the question. my sweet tooth. that mother fucker gets me every time. Molly Evans (47) Fear mollykate74 (38) to a life filled with thoughtlessness and rudeness momcat (60) Smoking Mona Those arising from immediate and unsurmountable needs Mona Sen (22) To never live my life's true purpose. Monica Stowe hunger monson (28) Remaining slightly adolescent montanadrifter (68) always thinking the worst possible conclusion montie williams (16) to be in the prsence of somone I hate Monty (35) To a life deprived of the works of genius, same as Proust. Mooke (16) My parents Moose (40) I fear that I will become like my mother, that the faults of my bloodline (anger, stubbornness, and exchanging food for love) will eventually overcome me, and so, I submit to them far too easily. Morazda (42) Shrek Morgan Procrastination and overindulgence Morgana Procrastination. It will be the end of me MorganFYS13 (18) Not giving a fuck Morgan Gratsky (22) Indolence. Morgan Toft using love to control other people's life morgwei (28) To love another unconditionally Mother (54) People who feel they are better than others. Mouse (42) laziness, not living up to my potential mp Either food and drink, or always being right. MP3 (22) Judgement--of myself and other people. MPaylor (21) failure itself Mr. A (17) Pride, laziness and high standards Mr. A (17) I don't know if I should say, but I do enjoy a good party Mr. Frank (56) Sex MrJones (28) Pride; paranoia MRM (28) love Mr. Mandarin (41) A life without true happiness Mr Peters (30) Envy Mrs. Lincoln (49) Selfishness Mrtimm Intense paranoia. MsAPH (21) I'm lazy and always brooding; I can't think positively of myself. I can name many negatives, but never anything good Ms. Barbara (19) An inflated sense of entitlement. Ms. L (22) Procrastination Ms. Martin (46) not being able to do things that I desire mstinyS Daily mediocrity mStonerCEO (45) Eating unhealthy things MsVicky Hypersensitivity, over-thinking and indolence. "Hibernating." MTHSP (28) Fear MUabigail (18) to live in a ghetto place MUAshleyVance (18) Procrastination mucarly (18) worrying to much MUElexandra (19) not putting forth my best effort in high school MUElizabeth (19) Chocolate, N'Sync Muffin (25) day dreaming mugkim (19) procrastination and yielding to whimsical temptations muhbuh (47) Sloth and gluttony MUJakeWilkinson (18) to live with a narrow mind. MUkelly (18) To live for vanity. MULydia (18) Living for vanity. MULydia (18) Procrastination, fear of failure Mumblingtruth (24) Arrogance, guilt Murphy (21) to a lifetime of playing hero Musa (16) overthinking challanges musicmaya (14) jealousy Muskaan Kanoi (13) Laziness and self pity mutterhals (31) My egotistical pride. Myalyn Hernandez (17) prousts answer doesnt make any sense in relation to how im interpreting this question so im just gonna leave this one blank my answers are perfect; yall should read The wanting for approveal from whom I deem it valuible. Mychel Shannon (18) pride My Dear Materialista (27) Jealousy MylaFYS13 wft is this? myra (22) I am stubborn about what I want to do Myra Wanting designer clothes. Myron (26) Vanity. Myron (26) To be able to try things of all life, like dreams that might be unreachable Mystery Mind Over Matter (19) Dishonesty, shyness, poor willpower, overthinking, gloom. N (20) That we destroy as much as create N (32) over analyzing N (41) high expectations of others, selfishness nad (17) I am the victim of my own critique; leadingme to a constant, unvalidated discontent Nadine (21) une erreur qui ne se répète pas. Najia jan (64) Laziness and a fear of failure Naleks (23) Procrastination. NamraSultan When people recognize their own faults Nana (23) To a entertainement. nana (12) Impatience, honesty to a fault Nancy (78) to a life unknowing of kindness nancy helping people nancy (17) Pills and self loathing Nancy (41) Not sure Nancy B (40) to be clumsy NANOU83 (13) Being too hard on myself, judgemental Naomi (19) sleep...and food narelle pederick (40) My constant hunger. Narrator (5) Pride Nat sex Natalia (33) Shopping and procrastination Natalie (18) escaping the mundane Natalie (54) Procrastination and fear. Natalie MJ (31) Vengeance Natanya (95) Lounging around and putting myself before others Nate (16) procrastination natedawg (28) my crazy reactions Nathalie (20) Idleness Nathan Indifference and selfishness Nathan (28) Lacking the resolve to tackle tedious work Nathan Discontent Nathan (35) Failure to live up to my own expectations, spiraling into paralysis. Nathan (27) eat to much nathan (15) Idleness Nathaniel (24) Losing one's life without winning Nathaniel (20) Losing one's life without winning Nathaniel to a life deprived of the works of genius Nathan Liu (15) Procrastination, I always have something better to do Nathan Thorne (53) missing the obvious in sight, failing to grasp the spiritual glory despite knowing its existence. navera (57) Fear and jealousy Navin (27) For me least important is jealousy navy13 (13) food!! neckice drinking and smoking Neek (54) Reality television has consumed me. Neeka (27) Chocolates and puns. Neetzi (18) Negativity. NEL (20) being lazy Neller (35) To the others' faults nelly insecurity Nelly (31) The waves of the sea of my emotions buffet me and often throw me on rocks, but I feel little regret. I should control my emotions, but I do not. Instead, I let them run wild within me. Nels (31) Laziness. neptune Having a day full of relaxation Nessa Self-righteousness Nessie (18) to not live a full life Nevan (18) My tendency to manipulate and then misrepresent. Newlin (25) I'm willing to forgive, almost anything Nia (15) Vanity, materialism and money. Nia Robinson (19) eating and smoking Nic (27) Empathy. Nic (24) To letting my ideas fall by the wayside Nicholas (18) Hipocracy and being a man of two faces Nicholas Kovacev (12) what? Nick (35) Settling for a superficial understanding of complex ideas Nick (20) TV, pointless internet articles, basic new millennium crap. Nick (31) Jealousy of others, and acting on emotion alone. Nick (16) to answer the calls of friends, regardless of personal cost Nick spitefulness NickiNorker (48) All Nick Zero (26) lack of respect to everything nicoca (21) Sloth, overthinking, indecision. Nicolas (28) Talking to myself more than others. Nicolas Bossons (16) refusing to do (or at least, not do well) what doesn't interest me Nicole (14) temptation nicole (23) Gluttony and greed Nicole (18) Laziness and gluttony Nicole (22) No friends Nicole (17) in my music. Nicole EP (25) none Niece (42) to the inability of others to overperform NiGht (23) To not be like my environment wants me to be nightinday (19) procrastination Nik (30) Waking up late Nikita (26) Alcohol Nikkers64 (47) The tendency to gluttony Nikki (35) Anger. nikkissippi121 (16) prejudice Nikkita Saeed (21) Procrastination Nikolai Kleppe (44) Those flirting with the ego Nikos (29) to a life without thinking deep Nillie (21) Arrogance, when it is warranted Nina (21) vodka, marijuana, cigarettes, but only when dancing nina (27) To the ingenuous and irrational accions Nina Mars (22) i can be self negligent. nina tangimetua (23) wet ones ninjo my ability to do absolutely nothing Nique (18) the occasional gadget and my 'weekend foods' 9what others call junk food) Nirmal Singh (99) my ill-timed optimism, my ill-times pessimism niyaa excess nmh (32) I am quick to amger, and I am easily led on. Noah (17) Laziness, laziness, laziness. Noah the good (23) Theatrics Noddy (26) My sweet tooth Noelle Visual gluttony Noel Orosa Lazy NoGurus (20) All seven deadly sins nom de plume Lack of discipline. Nomen nescio (24) Deceit Nomers (19) rage none given Comfort. None More Bitter (20) Seeing the worst in people nonick (25) pessimism and jealousy nono (22) Internet and cheap entertainment nools (21) I am not sufficiently particular about the things I partake in -- mentally or physically. I feed myself too much junk. nools (23) I have none. Nora (20) to have music and books Noraq self rebuke Norma gluttony and procrastination Norman W (35) Lust and excess Not (26) food and wine Nova (44) Money Nova (32) Arrogance and remorselessness, lack of empathy, and ruthlessness NR-2082 (32) Self harm, sloth, envy. Nrvnqsr (27) Laziness ns gaining possessions NS Watson (30) All of them Nuance (26) Deliberate ignorance and stubbornness in the face of opposing facts and arguments Nudge (36) Self-centeredness, impatience. numeroita (24) to my lack of social skills in some situations in life. NynnaS. (36) egotism Nzame (27) forgetness oanaa (23) the Immediate OB The ones I can forgive myself and others Ode Fear. Odie (24) the ones I understand and share Odile (36) chocolate Odilia (47) Choosing what I learn rather than learning it all Odyssey Willow (16) to play gigs. ohlaskeau (21) arogance olga (22) Those which stem not from a failure of imagination, but a failure of education. Oli Tearle (28) Eating too much Oliver lazy Olivia (17) Selfishness. Oliviaa. procrastination, self-doubt oliviathunderkitty (63) To those who take advantage of any situation or person just to be ahead of you. Oliwankenobi (21) Lack of emotional or mental stimulus, religious oppression. Olly (37) Sugar Omar p. (26) Pride OneMan Believing that my proof is always stronger than those with whom I argue. ontherazzle (40) Laziness and procrastination ooinla (40) Seclusion and aloufness Oph (30) eating Orby (40) Laziness and/or Fear. ORK (22) peccati di gola orsetto (19) a meaningless life Oskar (60) Graduating and not having a plan. Oso Travel and women Ovi (24) Ignorance of all things unpleasant oxoboxo (22) Laziness. Øyvind (27) Lapsing in avoiding to sin, mostly in bearing false witness, sloth, lust, and anger/wrath. Ozymandias Jefferson Roosevelt (24) Crudity of humor or sensibility PAB (43) Self loathing Pacie peoples mistakes with no idea Paddy (29) i don't know Paggy (33) fear of abandonment pagina (20) Pills Paige (34) Pills Paige (34) Books; I lose myself in a good book. Paige (29) Painting Paige Hall (17) No hugs Palaila (28) paranoia and self loathing palais (32) Overindulging in anything that should to be enjoyed in moderation Pam (63) not being motivaated Pam Blackwell gluttony and pride Pamcake (28) haber dejado q mi papa se fuera pamelaja (27) to the lust of beautiful women Panagiotis Theofilas (37) Chocolate. Panchi misjudgement pandaaah (23) Speaking with forked tongue. Panic (18) not sure panthergirl (36) Watching Asian beauties Parker (18) sentimental excess parksmi (51) to be lethargic parvati6 Being too rational... seeing others like an homo faber Passepartout (27) gluttony and sloth Pat (39) continuous mediocrity Patek (25) Laziness and self-loathing Pat Garrett (26) ignorance patric (30) When random, highly imaginative ideas are flowing all around my head. Patrick J. Derilus Trepidation acting as the primary governance of my action and overcriticism as a mechanism of defense Patrick Newman (23) Narcissism Patrick Trotti (26) mistakes patroklos eating,i have got to let go at some point in my life. patsy,world war II baby When people consult me regarding blogging XD Patti (20) Procrastination,, laziness, notstalgia Patty (32) Cigarettes,boredom Patty (56) My manipulation of others has robbed me of the ability to do things myself. Patty Cake (29) secluding and not controlling myself Paul (16) I underutilize my intelligence often. And I go with emotions over logic. Paul lack of patience Paula (54) to toxic relationships Paula (19) Laziness Paulina (18) Wine Pauline53 (53) Gluttony and sensualism Paulshrug (44) Unintentional. Pavel Š. (18) impatience and anger PaWe (50) laziness pax (23) swearing PB (20) smokin blunts, can't get enough P-Boh To laziness Pea (17) Lying in an open field of wildflowers. Pearl Maxwell (29) Not being able to act when I should Pedro Albernaz (20) Weakness of the will. Pedro Luis Munoz (24) oh, I am absolutely within myself sometimes. At times, even the physical outer world feels like another atmosphere; that's how self-indulgent I can become. Pedro Tejada (20) I am indulgent of most faults - we are all flawed people Peggy (57) A life deprived from the human intelligence and morality. pehi (26) Aquellas producto de la estupidez e inmadurez. Pekusia (22) a glass of wine....or 3....every day Penney (48) To sleep and laziness PEP (18) Undisciplined Pepper Undisciplined Pepper Drinking Percy (27) To the belief that love will come to one who simply waits for it Peregrine procrastination Perfidia to be clumsy. perla21 (13) seeking love pesser (57) self-absorption Pessoa non Grata Alcoholism Peter Dyson (56) Sloth Peter Heron (57) The tragic want of material posessions Peter Joseph Tamber Maxima Gaffney Gluttony and other forms of hedonism. Peter Silva (46) letting me get the best of myself Petree (22) Those committed out of love. phantasmatica chocolate Phil (44) music Phil Not making the most of myself Phil (25) not sticking to it, Phil Dignan (52) not to be able to stop ignranve philippe (59) I like to lecture. Philomena (80) Passivity; the reluctance to assert oneself and one's values. Phil R. (30) Being unable to stop a habit Phoenix (39) flavors and television phreec (35) Being lazy - not getting things done Phyllis (60) Nail biting Phyllis Boyajian Branche gluttony and self deprecation picfxr (45) Ignorance and total bliss P.I. Elliot Enthusiasm, and uncritical sympathy Pieterpad (80) gluttony Pingbluto waste of time pinny drinking pintoo (24) Always trying to give perfection Piper Bella Rose Hubris Pistol Pete To a life shiness pitch1406 (13) To a life without love pk_evanescent (38) ocasional bitterness or sadness. pk_henry Contemplation and self reflection to the point of atrophy. Platinum Era (21) Laziness Plebelbe (21) Eating, swearing, anger. Pleiadian7 (59) Shame and self-criticism. Plusein (25) horizontal bop pluto (26) Alcohol PomanderNatalie (45) I love serving a higher power, so much that it makes me forget I have a family. Pontius Pilate (30) To lives mis-spent Poobah (65) food and alcohol pooja (30) Lack of communicating with loved ones Pooja Chemical dependency and a lack of confidence poop fella (25) Lust and arrogance. Pope (31) infidelity pp (31) To make a mistake, without realizing it Prajakta (23) Sloth and pessimism Pranaya R (28) Carelessness in terms of misunderstanding in relationships. Pranay Gupta (22) To live a life without any creativity Prasanna (23) I dont know Prashant Gnawali (22) Inanity Pratama (22) To fail in all that I do Pratiksha (15) dispair Preacher (34) Holding back what I'm truly capable of Prelly (26) POVERTY PRETTYMARY69 (39) Insecurity of appreciation, and value PriC (26) I'm a slave to good food Priceequation (33) Eating Ice Cream when I'm depressed. Prime Minister Appa (50) to be greed princessgirafe83 (13) those of love Prismatic (74) Pretension, narcissism, egocentrism, reductionism and intellectual dishonesty professionalprocrastinator (20) Getting to caught up in my work Protagonist (20) the want of material goods, and the worship of money Protagonist Innocence and self-protection in the form of eogtism Protovium (63) No idea what this question is Pseudointeresting (17) those about wanting something and doing something else p-sissy (20) Frustration, lack of concern for others, lazy psv (48) Isolation Puffinb (39) not reacting to unfair things pughal (30) lies,when they are necessary PUNK PAINTER (37) self centredness puppylush (35) A life without close neighbours Qaz (30) pride Qi (18) Silent introspection about my future; nothing is accomplished by wishing. Quasimodo (30) classical music Quimper (LV) Criticism. Quinn (23) no intellectualism, no want to go to any deep lake of the soul and mind. qweasd the desire for Chanel - all things Chanel. R (50) Those that I recognize that I share myself Rachel (21) Too much fun, not enough work Rachel (21) anger Rachelmate (39) TO BE DEPRIVED OF LOVE RACHU (32) Building a consensus with an idiotic baseless opposition. radomu (18) procrastination, my feelings getting hurt Raelynn (57) depends on my mood. raf (19) Pride and Anger Ragna (19) white lies RagsTyler (33) To acts that fuel the demon within - those that promote carnal urges; those that breed jealousy, anxiety and fear. Rahul (21) Greed, pride, backstabbing, manipulating others Rain (16) Greed, pride, backstabbing, manipulating others Rain stubborness rainbird To consumption, rather than creation. Raj (18) Being too lazy Raju (21) People not being genuine. Ralph (21) I escape from real life a lot. Ramesses Benjamin Lewis (27) laziness Ramu (59) I don't quite understand the question. Ran (25) Sexual promiscuity, base lust. Raph I always obey the fear Rapunzel procrastination, lazyness, jealousy Raquelle (17) Having multiple relationships at once and getting a kick out of it. Rara (22) Anger Rashmi (21) Hope, love, peace. Raumabaya or The Rau (00) to dream high and yet not putting required effort to achieve it rave (18) Selfishness Raven (30) the opposite of vanity raven (17) To think yourself better simply for your birth Raven (15) Stubbornness Raven Anston Allowing my emotions too much control over my action or inaction. Ray of Mars (36) love of food rb3868 (52) celebrity RD drugs RealCoolDave Laziness Rebecca (19) Ignorance Rebecca Scheid (13) Laziness Recross (25) Anger Red (26) My loneliness and the depression that I so easily fall into. Redbeard (24) Krispy Kreme Donuts Redrover (50) Bull-headed stubbornness Ree (21) too many books, too much clothing, too much sex ree (24) Excess of good feelings at terrible cost Reed Braden (19) procrastinating, laziness reetz (28) Wishing people appreciated me more Reggie Benjamin (35) Reality TV Remi (28) mischeviousness RENA (62) A life full of distraction. Renata (0) hurting those I care who never done me wrong Renath overindulgence Renee (44) A healthy self-loathing and wanderlust. Renee Stanko (27) laziness reneetriay (40) Not being able to please people. Ren Harris Extraordinary Abstractism Renos (24) Short-temperedness Renuka (21) not being strong enough to protect others who need my help renz (15) Procrastination, Sloth, Lethargy, Complacency Requiem (27) To indulgent solitude and selfishness Rethinker (26) those which ask others to leave them alone retroandi To thrive off people's emotional dependence on me while simultaneously seeming exhausted by it. Reuben Samson (21) Greed & Envy Reva Ann (20) uncertainty Rewrew rebellion Rhail (38) Sinking away, regressing RHCdG (52) Insecurity, being impatient and overly impulsive Rhea (25) procrastinaton and wild desire Ria (24) Procrastination, indecisiveness Ric H (41) Being lazy. Richard (22) My impatience Rick Self-enclosure, intellectual seclusion Rick (18) To expect change rather than being that change. Ricky (20) Procrastination. Rie Mental angst. Riley (26) to a life lacking in both interest and colour riley (19) Greed, Ignorance, Self-Pity Riley (14) Greed, Ignorance, Self-Pity Riley (14) when you're helpless Rilo theft Rina (20) not working hard enough Rini Lateness...? Rinilia (17) To a life deprived of opportunities and education Riss (37) Lateness, because I am almost always late. RiverSong (32) Procrastination Riza (17) faults for which there is a genuine reason Rizwan (21) curse too much for someone my age RJJM (13) narcissism. It makes me laugh. Rkabrita (43) sloth ro (21) health rob (54) Self-loathing, jealousy, greed Rob (45) Lust Rob (27) Ego. Robbie Curran (19) The desire to spend money Robert Danduran (26) to a life were evil people succeed Roberto (22) Any human fault. Roberto Rivadeneyra Q (35) My own Robert Tatler (18) procrastinstion Robin (22) selfishness rob luddington (45) Shopping for cashmere sweaters. Robo (56) Lack of focus. robot to live a life without creation and expression Robyn (15) Not trusting others. Fear of failure, Lust. Rochelle (40) Vanity Rockstar a love of wine Rocky Residing in the moment and giving fuck all about the future. Rodders (32) idleness Roderick Those commited out of fear Rodica (32) quickness with which I give in to immediate material desires Rodrigo (24) to the stupidity of the poor rodrigo zarate (29) The minor, harmless ones. Rod Weiler (21) Chocolate Chip Cookies (yes, they deserve all capital letters) Roe (47) silly little things like posters of culture roger (45) laziness roguebroccoli (18) Giving in to wine, women and song Rollwagen (26) ignorance roloropo (29) A small lack of sympathy. Roma (14) Everything I do is on borrowed time. Roman (38) Vanity Roman (23) procrastination, day dreaming Romina (16) Restlessness Romina (21) spending my life in an unceasing journey Ronald (40) To laziness, jealousy, anger, and fear Ronen (27) Fear. Roo (20) Fear, Procrastination Rooster (68) Thoughts of greatness Rorshavhanswer (18) Self-pity, gluttony, and laziness. Rosa (19) This question entails finding those faults first Rosalee Firth To always envy others vanity. Rosalie Grace (16) procrastination and narcissism Rosalinda Chavez (19) bad faith Rose (33) The constant feeling of inadequacy. Rose Selfishness, lust, and jealousy of others. Rose (31) Not being prompt with being on time Roseanne (29) Sloth Rosie (52) Negativity Rosie (53) The indulgence of being blind about what's really going on with the Yang'orks and the humans. Rosie the lies i tell myself at times ross (29) Decadence & impetuousness Rossboss (37) to a life consumed by ignorance rossi laziness, 'hos ro to the rah (20) self doubt. defeat. not DOING what i'm sure i can spectacularly do. roustabout Laziness. Roux (18) Giving into instincts over better choices. Rowan (16) Pride Rowan Bartlett (23) To the lack of attention for details.. Rox (17) Ignorance Roxanne Mooneys (22) over thinking RRRRR uncertainty rsan Laziness rtalien (25) Obessesive behavior. Too much or too little, never wanting to be in-between. rubysparkles (23) Being ignorant to certain things in life Rudi (24) None, life is ok the way it has developed Rumi (42) The need for others to save face. runur (44) Self pity, selfishness Rushkami (27) Proudness and arrogancy Ruska (33) Crying and biting people Ruskin Clay (17) none Ruskin Clay (17) Verboseness - the use of language is the key to a fulfilled life Russell Sandbach (53) I am critical of others Ruth (48) Caring too deeply and taking the blame too often Ruthie (19) My pridefulness. Rux A life filled with things at my fingertips R. W. (26) food and sex rwk (57) Recursive thought Ryan (18) Those which bring me sadness, anger, or jealousy, Ryan (15) worry Ryan B (23) Instant gratification. Ryan Brun (23) Cowardice. Ryan Brun (27) Laziness. Ryan Brun (29) Occasionally passing several days at a time while blubberingly drunk. Ryan C (30) picking up lost items of clothing from the street Ryan Riley (26) Not being able to be yourself Ryh (16) A life of obligation Ryno (26) I am quite susceptible to a good cheesburger. Ryssan (22) women S (20) Being passive aggressive S (26) Procrastination, a feeling of superiority S (13) Procrastination, a feeling of superiority S (13) fear s (23) i dont get it s33d (20) Laziness Saba (19) To gluttony Sabine (18) My lazy nature. sableye22 (17) to a life of sadness and violence Sabri (19) Smoking Sabrina Smoking Sabrina Spending too much money on wants other than needs Sabrina Ruffino (17) Distgusting habits Sacha (30) laziness Sahara (15) gossip s. a. hensley (45) sleep deprived faults saief (28) No living being has the right to be selfish & self-centered. SAI LAXMI TATINENI (40) Crossing the line between solitude and loneliness, expecting everyone to be rational saill (24) bossiness and sarcasm sailor My perspective of the world Salem (21) Gluttony Sally of Kent what? sam (19) Drinking Sam (24) sloth Sam (36) To a life with nothing but greed. Sam Narcissistic Self-pity Sam (22) Procrastination Sam (26) Dangerous people Sam (17) laziness Samantha (17) Not achieving all the possibilities of what I could be achieving every single day Sam(antha) (24) quest for power Samantha (30) wearing my heart on my sleeve Samantha (35) Selfishness (and chocolate). Sam Gordon (18) I'm not sure Sami (18) Procrastination. Sam Legros (19) eating chocolate until sick sammyantha (39) never thought of it samps (29) mistakes Sam Ruiz (19) Lying, ruthlessness, manipulativeness SamSam (33) Laziness Samuel (19) Procrastination San to my grades at school Sandu (15) an empty life Sandy pride, anger, bitterness Sandy (32) Lies Sandy (25) staying power sankari (39) People who don't know their own self-worth. Sara (23) Insecurity Sara (57) being overly admiring of facts and figures Sara (50) Selfishness Sara C aka Snacks aka Sarbs (26) Self pity and self doubt Sarah (23) i'm remarkably delusional. sarah (14) Overeating Sarah (23) worry, judgement, careless speech, nervousness Sarah (13) easy cruel jokes sarah (22) those I carry myself Sarah (33) trying to be perfect sarah (21) To a life in constant fear, superstition, and ignorance. Sarah (27) When the artificial world of things become more important than enjoying life. Sarah (24) Over analyzing my own worth. Sarah (27) lazy sarahbeth (21) jealousy Sarah Carlton (18) procrastination Sarah Hollinger (28) My evening glass of sherry (an old woman's got to have her simple pleasures) SarahSometimes (22) Shopping for anything, indulging in my vices and eating too much. Sarah Taylor Vernarecci (19) LAZINESS Sarah Taylor Vernarecci (19) Being manipulative sara luisa hincapie (23) Selfishness Sara Ortiz (27) ...indulgent? Sorry, I don't think so Sara P. (18) To time thought wasted Sarge18162 (13) rejecting good-willed help to feel self-sufficient sargual to be able to internalize knowledge Sasha (30) a life without books to open your mind Sasha To the patterns of complacency Sasha Hasanbegovic (26) A gluttinous appetite for good food, disarming absent-mindedness (ummm...what was I doing?What was I saying?Where am I going?How did I get here?) Sasha_M (34) Whimsy, caprice Sasha Sutton (22) I can't feel any indulgent with my fault. sat (20) Jealousy. sauron (24) Not making the most of my time or using my time for non-productive things. Savannah (27) too easily influenced by the opinions of others, shy and awkward Savannah Henry (18) Being idle savannahw. (19) smoking Sax (32) Hugs Sax (8) weakness scarletsquirrel (13) Coffee Scarlett (25) The fear of saying "no" to others schulzmk (26) Laziness Scooter (29) Procrastination Scooter190 (21) pot Scott (60) Sloth Scott (17) None. Balance has become my companion. Scott777 Arrogance and gluttony Scotty (18) Outside negativity that changes the thoughts of what you think you can do. Scotty I'm often called arrogant, though in truth I'm actually very humble. My worst fault is not acting when I should, allowing fear to get the better of me. Screaming Bastard Child of the Apocalyps (23) The sin of despair. Sean (19) Stupidity Sean D. Thompson (22) Selfishness. We enter and leave this world alone, may as well live most of it alone Sean Kennedy (22) The only faults I recognize are yours and they are too many to list in this space - besides, you are well aware of them Sean Reveille (19) No vivir la vida que viven mis personajes. Sebasagot (23) Smoking and pointless websites. Sebastian (18) "To a life deprived of the works of genius" Sebastian H (18) self-absorption caused by the fear of not being good enough Sedona (16) Indolence Sejal Ghia (24) Eating desserts like chocolate cake, pecan pie or carrot cake Selene H. Brent My commitment to being a nobody in this life SeraphimeRising (31) Sloth and inaction. Serena (26) Being overly self-conscious Serene Lim (24) perfectionism serenity Self hatred Seth Street (19) Faults from ignorant people Sexismandthecity (28) Relying too heavily on the support of others. Sgraham (28) Being poor S. Griffin (16) food... too much of it shadoww420 (33) anger Shaina (22) Feeling insecure though smart and talented. ShaLo (66) overdoing--eating, spending, working too hard, too long, putting up with boredom and minutia. ShaLo Hedonistic pleasure Shamir (13) Not knowing Shana (22) The ones I understand myself Shane (19) lazyness shane (25) Working too hard Shane Laziness and "knowing" what's best for others. Shanna (19) I've got to rely on others to get by, but sometimes you have to do that. Shannon Cole (22) Too Emotional Sharankumar Nadarajah (19) Wouldnt you like to know. Shari (21) I am too highly-strung. Sharice (22) Laziness and thinking. SharonBillings Lack of thriftness Shauna (40) wine shaurora (64) to live your life in one state of mind Shawna (21) the reality of my mind and not concrete reality shawna (17) pride in accomplishment shawpur (66) Melancholia Shdhdh (32) Requiring my own space SHE (44) a lack of moderation and self control Shea (28) The closer I get to people, the more of a jerk I can be to them. That, and I procrastinate like a master. sheavsey (21) Jealousy. Sheila D (55) my introversion and loner tendencies shelby laziness shelby (15) Living a life with no purpose. Shelley (32) being overlyemotional Shelly (17) Self pity Shellybelly1 (49) greed Shep Howard To a life deprived of the works of genius Sheri To those who value the pursuit of art, philosophy or community work over paid employment and ambition. Sherry Fuller (41) to a life deprived of rights shiela (18) Procrastination Shig (29) Rage, anger Shiloh Moretti (16) Laziness and irresponsibility. Shimomeiji (19) Lovers and dreamers and fighters Shina (28) I don't understand the question. Shinydan (34) selfishness and laziness ShiversB (19) to ant fault when given a sincere apology shodhana (20) I dont know shorty (14) denials and excuses Shubhda (24) Gluttony and not fulfilling my potential shupiwe (35) not living to my full potential Shy (25) Never feeling able to be truly happy and just be Si (34) Not trying enough Sibin (26) Fear of the inherent fragility of life, self-doubt, anxiety, depression, guilt. Sid (57) the power of now SID (53) Tea and philosophy. Siddharth (23) Over-enthusiasm Sidedrive (70) Romance Siena (21) to a life deprived of the better things Sienna de Wilde (17) Lack of ambition. My goals are pretty self-imposed. Sierra Whiskey Pride. Signe (22) Greed Silvia (18) Materialism Simen (18) Needling people for a reaction Simon (19) sloth Simon (20) To ones, which are done with good intensions. Simona (16) Laziness sinawae (27) excuses sindjiro Selfish behaviors Sirena Wainford (17) I give into sorrow often.....sometimes hopelessly Sirith (33) I am over indulgent to the notion that others will treat me with the same kindness which I give. Sir Richard (52) Over thinking before acting. Sixela Negomi Laziness sj (23) Lack of confidence SJ (44) Not to believe in love Sj (16) solitary ones skitalica (27) Chocolate , Food, Pho ,Redbulls. Skurge (17) procrastination, escapism Skytalker (26) Daydreaming Sle (41) lethargy, apathy, and envy sleepy (20) always listening to music Slim Anger, cynicism. Sloceface (23) Lose the sense of taste, the sense of humour sluggishflow (22) not enough ideas being created sm (38) To delay the inevitable S. M. A. Armstrong (21) To vanity Smaranda (33) The desire for a fuckload of money Smeghead vanity - clothes, hair, makeup, etc smithmarg (45) ...my willingness to indulge any and all faults. Smo (27) Lying smude sloth snibab (19) idk Snorkools (15) gluttony snorris (23) Too trusting of other people to include family Snyde (38) To faith, to happiness, to sarcasm So (22) the Internet socksless procrastination Sofi (24) To a life deprived of Artistic splendor and rapture. Sofia (15) jealousy, low self-esteem, anxiousness sofia (14) Hate Sofia Picasso (14) Fear, violence, lazyness . Sofía P. S. (20) Falsity Sofyzitahh (23) criticism, a refiner's eye, seeing the glass as devoid of the appropriate liquid, tendency toward solitary confinement solitary confinement (44) Wrath Solomon (24) drinking SolomonGrundy (45) To clandestine fantasies. Sombra (20) ignorance, wishful thinking, obsession Some random person (16) money Sonet P Gluttony Sonia (25) To hedonism, sloth, laziness Sonya Dahl (21) ignorance sooz (38) Insecurity, excessive anxiety, being risk-averse. Forgetting to enjoy my life. Being easily distracted. Sophia (25) Slothfulness and gluttony Sophie (20) Being late all the time and worrying after silence. Sophie (17) Unintentional faults Sophie acceptance of the status quo. Sophie arrogance Sorrow (23) to a life deprived of self consciousness souma (32) Having different moral standards for myself and others. Sourabh Bharadwaj (21) Arrogance. S.P. (20) melancholy sp3ccylad (44) when it comes to myself Spacebug (42) Directness Spacey (24) To those based on the fear of being unloved Sparrow (46) Personality Sparrow (17) Bad food Special K Procrastination Speck (36) Dishonesty Spencer (25) Lust and the desire the be loved Spencer Stewart The many embarrassing things I have done. Spencer Valdez (11) drinking spider (66) Procrastination. Spike Spiegel I indulge in my cruel and abusive destruction of life. Spina Bifida Succumbing the the delusions of hope, optimism, desire and will. spyrost (50) to be hated Srishti Gupta (19) fff ss (33) sssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss sssssssssssssssssssss (23) to the faults of little children ssv (40) procrastination and laziness Stacy Hilton (15) gluttony stan (54) Being too thin Star (11) Uncertain. I try to be understanding in most cases, but that sometimes proves difficult Starflower (19) No sex Ste (16) Obsession with responsability Ste (26) it othesrs faults Stella (28) sex and wine Stella (53) my studies Steph lack of exposure to the truths of the Hide Steph Those I share Stephanie (23) food Stephanie (21) What does this question even mean? I find all faults indulgent. Accepting that they are faults makes me indulgent of them in itself. Stephanie (18) laziness, lack of intelligence stephanie (13) Timidity Stephanie (49) I indulge in my insecurity and vanity, both things I am in fact trying to change. Stephanie Yt (21) spending money on things only I can enjoy - cannot be shared with others stephbsemilla (40) pleasures of the flesh Stephen (56) dishonesty Stephen (26) sweets Stephen (78) laziness Stephen Stacks Gluttony, I always say the two greatest things in the world are sex and food. The former is more difficult than the latter. Steve (20) sloth Steve (53) addiction Steve to the ones that arise from fear Steve (23) Lust Steve (56) To desire what others have Steve Hanawalt (56) Being caught in the easy and sedentary laziness of Western society. Jealousy. Too much idealism, not enough action. Indecisiveness. Steve K (27) Sexual desires and imagination Steven Hayward (47) To my big mouth. I talk far too much. Steve Shives (29) drinking stoffie (26) audacity stojan (32) To forgive rushed and unfinished work too easily. Stork Daddy Not being able to control whats going on on life. Stormy (17) eating cake stradling imperfection, sloth, working not at the speed I would desire, not accomplishing what I would desire STUPID IDIOT (0) To err in innocence Subhartho (26) Anxiety about the passage of time subtlesteph (21) ?? Sue (49) lack of will-power Sumi Junk Food! Summer (28) All of them. Sunbul (18) Kidding others - sometimes crossing the line Sundaraa (32) Procrastination sunny Picking my nose sunshineguerilla (28) Having to lie to spare someone's feelings SuperflyTNT Seeking my wants Superwoman (19) Poor judgement Susan (63) laziness, wrong foods Susan (63) Not being able to succeed Susan Collins (21) Fear and loathing Susie (20) procrastination susie karpasitis (26) mental and emotional stimulation Susie Q (73) food art suzanne Judging the intellect of others Suzanne (41) I can be selfish, and I eat too much unhealthy food! Suzanne Cohen (53) to a life with no music Suzy (19) Procrastination Swallow To be lazy Swan (75) To live inside my head Switz (29) immoderation sybann (50) "Egoism is the very essence of a noble soul." - Nietzsche Sydchez when i say whatever i want without caring about people's feelings t1 procrastination T (19) Laziness, self doubt T (26) Greed T (18) I feel most indulgent in worship, helping others, prayer, laughing, and eating fresh food. T (20) Escape. Often I call it work, but that's merely a way of hiding from experience via "writing" experiences. T.A. (34) I think I'm TOO optimistic Tabitha Murray (42) Vices Taegon (25) Depression Taeleyn The faults what i am most indulgent is the jealousy tagada (12) ... tahma To be immersed in worlds of wonderfull fantasy and fiction tai (22) isolation taintme To allow your personal creativity to be stifled. Talbot Logan (41) Self-doubt and alcoholism Tallulah (29) To be angry TAMAR (23) to the so-called fault of being too kind or understand tamar (54) everything. tamera miller (33) when i'm being deprived of the meany pleasures of life. TAMERA MILLER (35) not to be interested in close people's life Tamila (18) stupidity tanichis (32) those who use substances for plaesure Tanner (15) killing demons Tanwen Aschtherlar Tormey (18) Food Tara (37) the fault do my feel most indullgent is shines tartine2002 (12) Arrogance or manipulation which comes from a history of hurt, abuse or neglect Tash (29) Procrastinating Tatiana (21) To restrain my desires and opinions. Tatiz (19) the curiosity taureau2002 (13) selfishness Taylor (54) Not being able to give enough of myself to those who need me Taylor (24) taking the time to get to know people Taylor (15) Vanity. Taylore Dawn (18) To be unyieldingly truthful in my mind at all times Taylor Van Allen (24) Ruminating tazmur (26) Gluttony TB To judge otheres tbkemz (42) In myself? Vanity. In others? Pretentiousness. T. Christopher Cox (43) Procrastination and chronic depression Tebvy (24) Laziness Ted (26) My biggest battle is the same as everyone else - the inability to stop worldly pleasures Tee (40) stubborness Teehee (18) childishness TEESHA (27) When I work harder than my students Tekoa Butler Eating too much food Teleute (17) mental problems Teme (18) I overthink everything Tenia (17) Huh, procrastination i suppose. Tennrox Huh, procrastination i suppose. Tennrox Overspending. Teresa (43) sweets teri (73) narcissism. terios (21) The pride that I hold in my self. Terra (22) Food cravings Terri (35) Toward those that are endearing, rather than obnoxious. Terry (41) Selfishness Terry (66) Eating Terrylee (35) smoking, escapism Terrylynn0609 (39) SEXUAL AND REVENGE. TERRY YORK II recklesness tess (24) to live a life devoid of aims or projects Tess (53) my pretentiousness Tess Calopedos (17) To judge someone without knowing a background Tess Fiennes (40) food and shoes tg (48) Shyness Thambi (24) becoming a better person thatchaa (17) Wasting time. that guy #999 (29) Lust, Anger, Vainglory That New Chris Sloce (18) the inability to motivate oneself thebabycub (39) chasing an obsession The Beast The unexamined life. The Big Liddle (31) To have works of art that are not genius The Boss sloth, arrogance The Desert (22) Laziness TheDoctor76 (35) Beautiful things The Essential Man (26) Lazy TheFear77 (23) laziness theGeneral (19) i honestly don't understand this question the grill (31) Feeling sorry for myself The hungry caterpillar (29) sleep, not telling people when they need to fuck off, spiteful enjoyment of failure The Imprecise Duke Of Phonology (77) The seven deadly sins The Josh Rollins (21) Letting my foes off with mercy The Man In The Brown Hat Doing and thinking nothing. Theo Procrastination theravenette (15) Procrastination theravenette (15) selfishness Theresa (22) Dilettante-ism The Roomba Mifi (28) Ignorance Thia (29) Alcoholism Thinplank (40) My narcisim Thom (23) Procrastination Thomas (16) hi Thomas (16) Substance abuse, expeditiousness of response ThomasM Procrastination (e.g. doing this instead of writing English paper) Thor Hammerstein (16) To feel hopelessness or depression in a system designed to profit from the same. Thothanatos92 (23) laziness, self-pity thoughtlessdreamer (15) Being lazy. Thrakish (18) life Three D (40) Momentary weaknesses of character Thunderpussy (48) I believe I do not have any faults. Tianna Alysia Kallan (37) To tactlessness tick selfishness tiffany Profanity Tiffany (44) Not sure at this time. Tiffany Beatty (19) laziness, pride, and lack of self-control. this all must stop now, except maybe the second. tiffany; (lifefromtheshelf.blogspot.com) (17) keeping feelings inside to build up and eat away at me. TiffanyTee (26) shyness; deprived from exploring the world Tiger and Lions lack of patience Tim (27) Self-criticism Tim Lust, laziness, gluttony Tim (24) Pride Tim Sloth, torpor; a lack of motivation. Tim Proser (17) My impatience Tim Sandle To live even in a second without a sense of awe at the beauty of existence timwarnock (34) Laziness Tina (32) Falling for the wrong women. Letting the good ones get away. Tina (44) food Tini Imagination/fantasy tintoy (54) To sacrifice my own successes to foster community and support in others Tinuvielyra selfishness for me to be happy and taken care of Tivia Stewart (40) arrogance tj (39) watching movies T-man (18) The sin of inappropriate curiousity. Tobias Budge (25) Gluttony, temptation, splurgery. Tobyn Sebastian (24) Acquisitiveness of great art and great thoughts, at the expense of the real. Todd a selfish life Tofu (19) Greed. Tom (21) To a life of greed and envy Tom G (19) to become caught up on internal thoughts. Tom Leach (19) I overindulge them all Tommy (19) Idleness, and a tendency to put off important decisions. Tommy Boy (24) My vices Tom Suski (28) Believing that my problems will work themselves out with minimal intervention on my part Tongbite Matt (36) Procrastination. Toni (48) Self-depreciation Toni Spimoni procrastination Toño Cabrera-Pereyra (31) not being able to enjoy life at its fullest Tony (48) Those that shelter me from the harsh truth of my deepest flaws Tony (30) laziness Tony (17) curiosity Tony (17) That I cannot see my physical world, and I am afraid of thunder and lightning storms. Tonya Jones (39) Slovenliness or the inability to see that under pressure you can move faster. I know this, I don't always put it into action. toosnowoman not sure Toria (37) Some years in Karlstad. Torsksåsen (22) weakness tracey Laziness and romance tracynle (20) no time Tracy TB (45) self-critique travis To be judged on my abilities Travis (25) escapism. Travis Mask (49) Excesses Tre Eating too much Treatie (49) arrogance TREE (21) Chocolate, poetry and daydreaming. Tree Girl (29) Working Trent Duval (28) Relating to insecurities or lack of understanding Tres bien (43) to think too much about others and their faults Trevor Sometimes, I let things upset me. But that's part of being human. Trevor (24) Dwelling on the impossible; nostalgia; misery Trevor McSwain (24) Neurosis tri The opportunity for sloth. Tricky Vicky Sloth Trinity Chapa (15) sloth and gluttony with a sensitive mind triplet (30) my constant demand of affirmation . . Trish Analyzing, lack of common sense. Trisha (17) a life without people who challenge me Trisha (29) Becoming a dispicable and heartless person Tristan (14) Laziness Trixie attention to details trotter (30) idle hours for which I know not what to read Troy Casa (50) nothing important tsiou (33) break the promise tt (27) To procrastination, anxiety, and naivety Turk (24) to live a life of uncritical thinking turnbull (27) Gluttony. Being too quick to criticise others Turnus Laziness, selfishness, obsessive. Turtle Heart wanting to live alone tutu apathy Twigtwill (21) Meekness. Weakness of sense of self and uncertainty. Twillightdoom (17) Selfishness/Emotionalism twondbestbed (34) Obsessively idealising and idolising those who are just as flawed as I am. Laziness. Irritability. Ty (18) Gluttony, melancholy. Tyler (24) Caring too much about relationships Tyler (16) To die without anyone knowing I lived. Tyler Scott (41) In others? All but harm. In myself? Excuse making. Ty-test Living to eat rather than eating to live Uccman (51) The desire for the best of life Udan Outwort (61) Laziness, over analysis, falling in an intellectual echo chamber, fear of rejection Uddhipan Thakur (24) Vanity, impatience uiioop (17) Eating chocolate Uma (63) Complacency umd.16 (20) Lethargy, Apathy UnoZen Intense persistent desire to drop out of society (is that a fault?) Ursus M. H. Spelaeus (59) - V (27) Guilt, self-doubt Val (31) Hypoctits Valdano (23) Stupidity, lack of understanding minor things. Valentina (17) Epicureanism and the worship of the beautiful Valeria Ryrak (21) Sex Valtharos (22) To a life of no intellegence Van (22) pretending to not understand Vanessa (31) aloofness vanessa (33) Vanity Vanessa Cardui (43) Not bothering to take the first step vard95 Creative people misunderstood as liars Varna (25) procrastination and haste Vato (39) lack of thinking, carelessness, addiction,alcoholism, lack of will power,inconsiderate Vbonita (28) Non-uderstanding of other people VBozic (40) Hmmm Vedada (28) Overthinking Veera To the vices of sugar, nicotine, caffeine, and sex. Venky (36) Gluttony. Ventricle (24) Procrastination Vernon B. Williams (45) I'm a wee bit stubborn Verona Jones (59) Smoking Veronica (20) Laziness Veronique (18) indecision and its resultant moments of inactivity Vesan (33) Drug use Vesuvius (47) to be half selfish vi (20) Laziness and seclusion Vi (22) medacity Vic (46) Stubbornness and escaping life through my work. Vicki self-critism, letting my temper get the better of me and holding back throu fear of failure vicky (26) Vanity Vicky (24) I tend to indulge laziness too much Victoria (37) To enjoy many interests. Victoria (59) Hate Victoria (16) The want to return back to simplicity Victoria (23) Delicious food. Victoria Song (22) Killing. Victor Shade (27) Arrogance, or capriciousness, or envy, or petulance Victor Trevor (23) To build character in young minds vicurbabdaddy over-thinking & denial plus a side order of gluttony videoalex I am too indulgent of my indulgence. I do not give enough to what I should, and am too ready to give to lesser things. I have a somewhat poor work ethic. I am egocentric and often inconsiderate. Vijay Pierce (23) a lie and not admitting your faults. vik (25) laziness vikram (34) Anger Vikram Krishnan (24) Idealizing suicide Viktor (28) To allow myself to leave an unfinished book or piece of writing in the dust Viktor (19) Those I recognize in myself. Viktor Corzich (35) To being pessimistic Viktor Sigareff (19) Vanity, too much chocolate and too much chocolate. Village Of Brooklin (45) Lazy stupidity Vincent (19) i don't have any faults vinnie smalls (15) self pity VinnyGreenock72 self-deprication Violet (18) Lack of self control Viorel (25) The urge to procrastinate when I most need to buckled down and work. Virginia (20) I have bullied people and still do, although I know it is a horrible thing I am trying to stop. Virginia (12) non-productive idleness visualizations (22) the idea of superiority can be used against everything Viv (14) It's my shyness. Vivi (13) I use my beauty to manipulate others, especially men Vivian To wish to fit within the boundaries of simplicity Vivianne Liliaceae Aspho Vilth Impatience VK (42) procrastinating stuff VK (22) I cannot help but correcting mistakes of others Vogette (55) sloth Vorspiel Satori (16) To feel unhappy Vs (18) eating unhealthy food vur That I always try to be better than everyone else and am sometimes a bit mean about it.🙁🙁 Wacky Chocolate Goblin (11) Nail biting Waleed (32) my personal basis and lack of tolarance of those that don't have a tolerance for me. Wallace (85) Opting the easiest way out. Walter (19) sensuality Wanda (26) Reality check Watson (27) Self Criticism. wattc128 to much time on my phone waulk (15) ice cream, sugar. waypast Lust and materialism Wendy (34) Emotional eating Wendy (22) To be lazy Wendy (23) good food and drink and movies Wendy Chase (47) To society. wendysday (20) Horrific materialism. If possible, I would buy a $1000 t-shirt Wes (17) gluttony whim (40) ignorance Whitney (19) wasting talents due to fears of the unknown Whitney (41) Expressing my opinion without remorse Whitney Sorenson (33) I'm 13; what's indulgent? WHMIV (30) laziness whosbecks (36) chocolate? wiff (15) Jealous Wikiki Sleeping in till a ridiculous hour of the day. Will (26) The very idea of fault is a fiction Will (22) lust and isolation Willamid (20) selfishness William (43) being naive about people Willow Skylor The opinions of other people Will RF (23) Avoiding anything that makes me uncomfortable, overwhelmed, afraid, or bored. Wilma (33) Anxiety Win (22) I Windalfr (23) optimism winterjewel (36) to ignorance because of a lack of oppourtunity to learn wintermellen (14) all of them wise madman (28) pride and anger wizz Time wasting activities. WJ (43) To those who are weak, sick or confused Wolf Drinking... heavily Wolf (NA) To those deprived of learning through no fault of their own. Wolffy (67) - Wormsie (24) to indulge wowderry (54) Sloth, self-deprecation, inaction, selfishness, overindulgence Wren (22) Trying to be perfect in every area of my life. Wyteria (20) depends. sometimes dishonesty (but only for positivity's sake) Xan Etienne Pornography Xavier (18) Indolence Xer (23) living without an understanding of the truth of life Xialing Gan (27) getting lost in irrelevant stuff, details. i also like to have fun and be overly hedonistic sometimes, but I do not think that is a fault. xxx (26) Anyone I look up to. XYZ (17) hope xyzz (20) idiocy Y (15) To avoid asking what I want yair eshel (30) Exposing myself to good music. Yaisha (19) Television and food Yale (20) television and laziness Yamini (17) Too much thinking Yeen (20) Following a personal passion to the distraction of others. Like spinning. Yehudster (60) procrastination yesh (25) stubbornness for the sake of stubbornness Yi (24) to not giving my 100% in mywork yogi (22) en los de la naturaleza humana de forma iracional yoko (28) indecission yolanda (43) to want to be popular and hide intelligence Yomaine (13) a busy life yonderways (58) To the ones related with obssesions Yuki (20) pride Yulissa (18) i'm not educated enough to answer this question Yulissa (19) Procrastinating. Z (31) Indulgences Z Jealousy Zac (28) Not letting my brother watch a movie. Zach (13) Inferiority. Zach (26) sarcasim Zach Lying, and eating too much. Zachary (25) Upsetting people and not pleasing everyone. Zachary (27) Pride, greed, selfishness, hypocrisy, political correctness Zachary I give in to peer pressure too easily. Zachary Echo Auburn (17) my giving nature zach taylor (17) Laziness. Zach Tibbs (20) I am too cautious Zana (38) Emotional attachment to monetary status Zar (21) Languishing in self-created despair, nursing my hangovers, self-doubt, shallowness of image Zara Knowing im better than someone else at things Zay (18) Ignorance of war history is bliss. zebratitle (24) Lack of action zed (25) sarcasm, cynicalism, blatentness Zee (21) To live for beauty zetababy being a snooty bitch sometimes Zhen Zhu (18) A cook's. zig Jealousy and isolation. Zigmant (19) faults of the uneducated and semi learned zizi (55) gossip and envy Zizzle (25) To sloth Zozobra (17) to have many projects started and few completed Zyg (65) 我自认为自己一向都活的小心翼翼,暂时想不到有什么被纵容的过错 杨婷婷 (24) ignorance. 简直 (25) ignorance. 简直 (25) ignorance. 简直 (25)

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What do you regard as the lowest depth of misery?  Where would you like to live?  What is your idea of earthly happiness?  To what faults do you feel most indulgent?  Who are your favorite heroes of fiction?  Who are your favorite characters in history?  Who are your favorite heroines in real life?  Who are your favorite heroines of fiction?  Your favorite painter?  Your favorite musician?  The quality you most admire in a man?  The quality you most admire in a woman?  Your favorite virtue?  Your favorite occupation?  Who would you have liked to be?  Your most marked characteristic?  What do you most value in your friends?  What is your principle defect?  What to your mind would be the greatest of misfortunes?  What would you like to be?  What is your favorite color?  What is your favorite flower?  What is your favorite bird?  Who are your favorite prose writers?  Who are your favorite poets?  Who are your heroes in real life?  Who are your favorite heroines of history?  What are your favorite names?  What is it you most dislike?  What historical figures do you most despise?  What event in military history do you most admire?  What natural gift would you most like to possess?  How would you like to die?  What is your present state of mind?  What is your motto?

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