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Who are your favorite heroes of fiction?

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The Doctor, Dream of the Endless, Wade Wilson, Werner Pfennig. 009 (19) Han Solo. 0Miles (16) Those who are still relatable 50ad (17) Superman 80cubed (55) Hans Castorp, Ishmael A (19) Sebastian Flyte, Lucy Honeychurch, Nestor, Hadrian in Marguerite Yourcenar A All the urban myths A. (27) Odysseus and Edmund Dantes A (26) Characters who do not compromise their highest ideals and principles, who live free of the herd. A. Thor A (26) The ones who do not give up even when they want to themselves AA (23) Characters that seem real. aaaaaaa (18) Philip Marlowe, Huckleberry Finn, Miss Lonelyhearts, Hobbes AAAKKK Those who know their own evils, who are contemplative, those who are on the verge of not finding meanings in their lives aag (22) Those characters who embody traits I do not possess aallisonr (30) those that sacrifice for the greater good Aaron (32) It's difficult to say. Aaron (16) derek from crimial minds..he is romantic and funny and thoughtful and encurage \ Aaron Those who begin their journey thinking they are common only to discover that they are anything but Aaron Guy Leroux (37) Those who are hiding a painful past with humor and sarcasm Aarushi Agarwal (13) Any hero I can actually attempt to emulate. Those who long for simplicity, but so very often overcome adversity through courage and tenacity of will. Abbie Hartley The men who change their fate after being desperately unhappy. Abby (26) Not sure. Certainly Gus from Lonesome Dove comes to mind. Maybe Donald Shimoda of Illusions. AbbySF Those which have honor abc (28) characters who leave themselves and live in constant depression Abegando (28) The strong women that go against evil and defeat it. Abigail Harris (10) I am not sure ABP (50) Hector from The Iliad, Alyosha Karamazov from Brothers Karamazov, Adam Wayne from Napoleon of Notting Hill. Abs Selic de merciful from de tir dion legacy Acara McFadden (28) Strong women who step outside the expectations of their time and place. A Caring Tea (51) Gatsby? A. Clifford Stowe (81) Anti-heros Adam (22) Batman Adam (25) Maximus (gladiator), Frodo Adam (20) Johnny mcqueen, Sherlock Holmes Adam Hyde (26) Roland Deschain, Duncan McLeod Adam Seline (30) Monkey King adieudusk ME in my fantasy land Aditya (25) Who can not live a life worth writing about, can not write a book worth reading; and who can, does not have the time to (Albert Camus was an exception.) Admiral Love (33) Captain Jack Sparrow, Rhett Butler Adonia (40) Fiction is only ideal if it can take you away from what surrounds you. Only characters of stout belief and intrinsic allure are worth anything. Poetry is not appreciated by everyone, beauty is in simplicity:simple is understandable. Adrian (18) Alice in Wonderland. Adriana (16) penny lane, holly go-lightly Adriana (16) The great Gatsby adriana (45) ironman Adriana Hard to say by name, but I like heroes who stand for ideas, those who aren't necessarily relatable, but actually drive the plot towards what it's intended. Adrian Bauza (20) I don't have any. Adrian George Nicolae (24) Doctor Who, Sherlock Holmes, Captain Jack Sparrow, Captain Jack Harkness Adrian Martyn (34) Scooby Doo, Mickey Mouse, Peter Pan, Stark, Jerry Adrianna (18) Those who rose above Adrianna (18) from Qutb's poetry AdrianOz (45) I've always been fond of The Hatter or Cheshire Cat, the latter because of his ability to disappear. I would like to disappear. Adrian Winters (17) Paul Carpenter - the portable door. Ady (22) Owen Meany, Howard Roarke aetilson (41) those who shed sunshine on other people's paths, those who act according to what arises from within them, those who are either extremely positive or extremely dark a.g. (23) - agagagaga (24) Those that sacrifice their well-being for the people. Agent00V (18) The dude, Aggie White Levin A.G. Mata (21) Those from the book I read Agneska (20) action heros agony (25) men who appreciate the women in their lives Agreen (29) Those who fight for everything, who are not afraid to change and to risk in order to get what they dream of. Agu (21) The wonder twins. (Zan) Agustina (27) Tom Ripley, Julian Morrow A Half Empty Beaker a nihilstic who destroys everyone and lives to enjoy the destruction ahmad (27) Hayao Miyazaki movie protagonists Ai (21) those who save the world. superman Aida (22) Batman and Marv and hartigan from the sin city comics, Solid Snake, Daredevil and Dr.who Aidan (21) John Mclane, and basically any fictional role involving Denzel Washinton. Aidan Devlin (15) Heroes...villains...all these words are meaningless. All is but dust and ash. Aiden Rocky Aiden (17) the mystery detectives and mad men of genius aiko (20) people I wouldn't approve of in real life aimée (22) Someone who overcomes vices and self-loathing with the help of someone wise aimee.dawson (21) Jake Brigance from "A Time to Kill" by John Grisham Aisha Milburn (32) those who live in a world i can only dream of aishu (14) James Bond, Bill Denborough A.J. (27) Superman.. A superman for me.. The one whom i can be most happy with. The one i can learn from. The one that everybody gets jealous with. The one like from those in books or novels AJ (18) those who posses cold logic and are sarcastic Ajam (21) Deadpool. He's boss as fuck. Ajay (17) Raylan Givens, Ironman, Ajm9511 (21) those of romance and poetry akansha (26) Those who are strong-willed and persistent, who endure hardships. akanthe (19) Hamlet, Falstaff, Quixote, Sancho Panza, Yossarian, Daffy Duck and Wile E. Coyote. Akbar Shahzad (20) Cynics Aki Lone recluses Aks (20) Luke Skywalker, Indiana Jones, and Wolverine Al (28) Anyone who has the courage to reveal their true feelings. Al (55) Action hero's who are intelligent and resourceful Alan (58) those who are incredibly interesting, rather charming Alan (14) I've never read about a fictional character that I would identify as a hero Alan Arkin (44) One from a book AlbaManuela (18) Hamlet; Malone Albertine (29) The ones that rise from the bottom. Alden Lee Klaput (18) The fictional seekers of truth because real ones are rare Aldonza77 (47) The simple yet focused, unfearful. Ale (28) The ones who are most relatable Alecia I prefer the antagonist to the protagonist. Alecksi Homer's Diomedes, Chaucer's Troilus, Lermontov's Pechorin, Dickens' Sydney Carton, Calvino's me Alejandro Amoretti (28) Those who grow in character to overcome obstacles and reach their goals, while helping/leading others to do the same. Aleksei Kotsov (63) bones and house alessa (21) None in fiction, except maybe the final idealization of myself Alessandro Pian (30) captain america Alessio Lucchini (46) My favorite heroes are those who fight and rise above the worst version of themselves and eventually realize their full potential. Aletha Camack Recently my favorite hero of fiction is Jesus from Jose Saramago's novel (not the one in the Bible). Alex Roger Thornhill and Jack Gladney Alex (22) The good guys, with just the streak of bad Alex (17) those who dont give up alex (38) john watson alex (23) Strong women Alex (17) Those who are brave, strong and love fiercely Alex (21) none Alex (23) ironman Alex (17) Way too many to pin in this answer Alex (32) Jo March alexa (28) Future works. Alexander (33) Sam Winchester, Dean Winchester, and Bobby Singers Alexander (19) Huckleberry Finn Alexandra (27) I've never had a hero. I don't know if that's positive or negative, but I do know that it is true. Alexandra (19) Those who are courageous and who persevere. Alexandra (24) The girls who are able to disappear, the boys who act like John Wayne Alexandra (18) Guy Montag Alexandra (15) Pierre Bezukhov Alexandra (24) the writers of those heroes Alexandra Bryhter (24) Iron Man, Tyler Durden Alexandra Campbell (26) Oh that is unfair....Mister Darcy, Heathcliff, Severus Snape...seems to be a recurring theme huh? Alexandra SweetTale4u Cruz The Three Musketeers Alexandre (28) justine - alexandria quartet AlexandriaHMerlin (40) Those that can find joy amoung the simplest of things AlexandriaLHash (30) Hamlet, Mr Darcy, Aureliano Babilonia. alexandrine (15) Anyone that shows character, and stands up for what they believe in Alex Brooks (18) eccentric rogues with a pure heart Alex C. The people that can think outside the box and can solve problems in multiple ways. Alexis (17) Faustus, someone who doesn't know everything; Lars Lindstrom, a precious, relentless man that is deeply sensitive; Atticus Finch, a lawyer Alexis Johnson (19) I hate to read, so I cannot say Aley (60) brave Alfreda Hitchthorn (45) Robin Hood al-g (24) Batman Ali (37) Moses, Jesus Christ, Tyrion Lannister. Ali A. Rizvi Most recently Jane Eyre Alice Harry Potter Alicein1derland (27) unknown heroes Alicia (68) The ones whose story doesn't merely end with a simple breakthrough. alicja (38) Jean Valjean, Sherlock Holmes Aliid Esseintes, Lord Henry Alin (23) Relatability is nice, but I like a man who can show me a good time. I'll say Odysseus. Alina Ulysses because he came back after all. Aline Guiraudie (36) detectives alipans (57) Tyrion Lanister, Dumbledore. Alishba Zarmeen (24) henry, harry potter, angel, oskar, alison wonderland Captain Ahab AliZaidi (29) darcy alli (49) I never like the heroes... Allison (33) Batman. Allison (20) The ones that are masculine but can still love deeply, that are loyal and true to their ideals. Allison superman allison (19) Hector, Aeneas, Achilles, Jay Gatsby Allison Jean (21) Stephanie Plum (What, you expected the English major to give you something intellectual here? Nope...you get a female bounty hunter with a pet hamster. Sorry). Allison Jean Hazen (34) those that find a way in the face of adversity alliswell (62) Those who can fight at its limits to achieve whatever they pursue, even if they fail at first Alma (25) Walter Mitty almavidrio (35) Number 6... So I suppose those who, despite being humble or flawed, have the weight of the world put upon their shoulders by unusual circumstances, but instead of being crushed by the world, manage to overturn the world. Altjungr (30) God altron2095 those of poetry, who are an expression of reality, rather than an imitation of an ideal Alvilda (20) Those who are willing to die. Alx the flawed Aly (17) i can't say i'm a great fan of heroes alya (17) Those risking their life for the ones they love the most Alyanna (22) Adventure and risk takers Alyce J. those who overcome loss and adversity Alyssa All the Avengers because they're all great heroes in their own way. Alyssa Cordova (17) Heroes are dreamers. They all learn my reality soon enough. Alyssa Darkling My life is dark enough, so I like light fables with easy morals. Alyssa Moonchild (16) Atticus Finch AM Common folks with extraordinary lives Amanda the loner Amanda (42) X men AmandaFYS13 (18) Characters with emotion, insecurities, and courage. Amandine (31) The ones who portray the 'perfect man' The idea of a true match to your hearts ideal. Amara I really have no clue Amayah (17) I'm pretty sure I have none. Amayah Munoz (17) The perfect man. Amber (18) Humbert Humbert, Gandalf, Florentino Ariza Amber (37) Humbert Humbert, Gandalf, Florentino Ariza Amber (37) Dont really know Ame (37) bad guys Amelia (13) I like when they save someone, whether or not that person knows they need saving. Amelia Gates (formerly Pippet) (10) Superman Americanoid (50) John Galt and Atticus Finch where one stands up for his beliefs no matter what the consequences; King Arthur and Odysseus americanwoman (62) edward cullen ames (21) those who died defending ther beliefs ammb (29) Every ordinary character who dares to hope and is hence extraordinary Amrita (22) people who have faults, but still manage to do good for what they believe in, and manage to never abandon love amu Hunter Thompson - and not because he did drugs. Amy (30) David Copperfield, Sydney Carton, Mr. Rochester, Captain Wentworth, John Proctor Amy (33) spiderman, optimus prime, and alex rider amy (14) Neo-lit, contemporary Indian, Vice-like Amy (28) Everyday people in a tough situation amy (33) The count of Montecristo, Sidney carton, Amy (35) The Count of Monte Christo for his cleverness (though not his character); Atticus Finch (for his character); and Fitzwilliam Darcy (for his romanticism) Amy Becker; Character: Merriwether Finch (27) Can't say much of what I've read is fiction-Joan Didion, Chris Kraus and the like. But perhaps the cat in The Master and Margarita. Amy Cottington-Bray the winx girls from winx club amz (16) the schlegel sisters. Ana (21) The Little Prince Ana (30) those who perservere regardless of circumstance, particularly when at odds with themselves ana (16) those able to do dangerous things in the name of good without loosing their sense of humour ana (34) Oliver Tate (Submarine), Robbie Turner (Atonement) Ana Carolina (16) Batman, James Bond, and the Punisher Analise (40) men of principle, Atticus Anam (26) Those that constantly exceed their limits and are self-assured. Ana Marija (20) Folks who arrive at spiritual enlightenment Ananke (25) Albator ancientrobot (31) robin hood andraya (23) King Arthur and his Knights, Aragorn from the Lord of the Rings Andre King Arthur, Robin Hood, people who try to do the right thing Andrea (16) Kilgore Trout, Calvin or Hobbes, Anastasia Krupnik Andrea (13) Women who find themselves on a journey ANDREAADKINS (26) Poets, misfits, troubadours, rebels, revolutionaries AndreaFeliu (28) Howard W. Campbell Jr. and Quentin Compson. Andreas (19) Romantic heroes Andrea SB (32) Harry Potter andres007 (19) Any with super powers. Andrew (22) Superman Andrew (25) Qui-Gon Jinn, Tyrion Lannister, Winston Smith, Lucifer Andrew (20) Yossarian, The devil Andrew (28) they all seem the same lately; the events in their life that lead up to them becoming a hero. Ichigo from bleach will get the honorable mension. Andrew (22) Those who already know that the surreal is in fact the reality, but we simply can't see it. andrew (24) Superman Andrew barlow (26) Well-meaned but mad Professors (Watch the Fearless Vampire Hunters by Polanski) Andy (25) Sylvia Plath, Shel Silverstein, Robert Frost Andy (23) Sylvia Plath, Shel Silverstein, Robert Frost Andy (23) The everyman, that through strength of character, overcomes injustice, and still gets the girl. andy rayford (28) I agree with Proust,adding L: those who are the expression of an ideal rather than a Limitation of the real... I know: Perelandra: never had Ransom seen a face so calm and so unearthly. He decided afterwards it was due to complete absence of resignation ang (99) My favorite heroes of fiction is Bouriquet Angel (13) Robin Hood Angel Rodion Romanovich Raskolnikov, Edmund Dantes-for his ability to come up with such an intricate plot for vengeance Angela (21) Batman Ângela (24) Michael Corleone. Angela (30) Those who acknowledge their faults, have a craving for love and portray the deepest, personal emotion Angela (19) I have no favorites Angela Estrada (20) sherlock holmes angelina (26) i dont know Angelo Navarette (18) Those that bleed on paper. Angel Rodrigues (41) strong women whose conviction is what drives them to be great. angie (29) strong characters with angiece (18) Grinch Ani Myself Ani (22) Proust Anick (99) Jane Eyre because she didn't care what people thought of her. Anik (16) oskar schell anjali those whose intellect I can most identify with Anjel (28) I enjoy suspense, thriller and romance which captives the reader and audience mindset Anjelah49 (49) those who can find happiness when in misery , find love when there is only hate , make change when deemed impossible. Ankassandra (15) those who create the feel of fiction in other without much of effort. Ann (19) Animals like Fiver of Watership Down Ann (62) those of courage and poetry Ann (50) Those who have left a mark on my memory and made me revalue my choices Anna (20) Harry Potter Anna (20) my favorite hero in fiction is Ethan Wate in beautifule creatrure Anna (13) Those who are idealistic and live up to their ideals, rather than being hypocrites. Anna (16) There are too many to name. Anna (34) the interesting evil characters Anna Kalimar (18) Those protagonist of Studio Ghibli, not understood but right. All the women that represents herselves. fighting for herselves. Anna Maria (21) Stephen King, J.K. Rowling, and Dr. Seuss. AnnaMay (51) Orpheus, Hamlet, King Lir, Don Juan, Doctor Faustus Anna O. stephen dedalus is the first that comes to mind Anna Stein (21) Atticus Finch Ann Delaney (44) The practical ones who manage to hold on to hope of being happy in the end Anne (21) Hamlet, Brer Rabbit, Taugenichts Anne Farquharson (78) Those who change the world in some way and stand up for what they believe like the heroes in Ayn Rand's books. Courage to be themselves. Annelise (40) Robin Hood (although he might have been more than a legend) Anne Louise Sheldon (34) none Annie Women who grow beyond the restrictions and expectations of their times, such as Jane Austen's heroines Anniel (62) I love those whom pursue their dreams despite what others say AnonAzure (19) American Dad characters. anonim (18) dogbert anon moose (19) as craig finn once wrote anonymiad (15) Reading is for the lame and unpopular. Ansley Stevenson (16) Prince Andrei Bolkonsky (War and Peace), Bubbles (The Wire), Jules (Jules and Jim). Anthony (23) Atticus Finch Anthony (24) Larkin's narrators. Anthony D C (20) Ability to reach beyond the current and into the depths of the mind Anthony Scine-Sceni (42) peter pan antoinette (24) Prince Myshkin, Atticus Finch, The Cat in the Hat. Anton (52) Everyone that makes me believe in beauty. Antoniette (20) sad, romantic, melancholic boys Antonina (20) James Bond Antonio Lemos (18) Can a hero be someone who does not exist? Anty brave and who have dignity Anya (22) I don't read fiction. Anya (71) X men anything Batman, Kay Scarpetta, The Count of Monte Cristo Anzi (27) Those conflicted but determined, honest, dogged, humourous, reflective, curious, and confused. a.o. (40) Eugene de Rastingnac (Pere Goriot); Lord Peter Wimsey; Apollo (58) Indiana Jones Apos Any knight in shining armour Apply (30) Captain Wentworth, men who reclaim themselves from their own mistakes April (20) The characters who were real and genuine, the emotions inside of them made them human, Aang and Zuko both portrayed these strong emotions in very different ways. April (21) The Great Gatsby, Don Quixote, Falstaff AR (20) Raskolnikov, Edmond Dantes. The ones who realize their faults. Ara (15) Eilan and Gaius from the epic novel The Forrest House by Marion Zimmer Bradley Aranneaa (19) Underdogs and rebels Ardent (30) The ones in my head that haven't been written about yet A real phony (27) none Areeba (25) James Fraser in Outlander Ari (29) none, I only read about current affairs Arianna (15) Men who take what they want by force Ariella Bordaine: Female Protagonist (20) Magnus Bane; Achilles; Bruce Wayne Arizona (19) I don't have a favorite; I just like heroines who are not soft and they're not afraid to defy the rules of being a woman, not that being a woman INVOLVES rules, but that's what society wants you to think Arnold Murray (42) Peter Pan. AROG dinosaurs, A-ron (15) the five find-outers, huckleberry finn Arsh (24) Decisive, fighting for something they truly believe in Art (23) A mixture of Calvin, Hobbes, Gromit, Ratty, Badger, Mole, and Lisa Simpson Artie (17) Gromit, Hobbes, Gandalf, Albus Dumbledore Artie Mondello (18) Those who are expanding universes, real or otherwise Aruz Elliott (29) So far, the old Russian classic personalities, soul seekers who look for meaning and find it. AS (32) Zorba The Greek, Tyler Durden. ascetic monk (51) Those who are real, not ideals that we have to aspire to Asfiya Mariam (21) Mr. Darcy. Ash (23) Fitzgerald Darcy, Sir Percy Blakeney Ash (28) The antiheroes for making their own paths Ash The courageous, mad-eyed yet honest heroes and villains. Ash Bloom (27) Dr. Rieux and Tarrou asherville (55) Naruto Uzumaki from "Naruto" Goku from "Dragonball Z" Ashley (18) Oprah Ashley (28) My favorite heroes of fiction is Yato in Noragami. Ashley (12) Those that are in romantic novels Ashley (20) My favorite heroes of fiction is Captain America in Avengers Ashley 2.0 (13) the ones that deserve their success or fame ashley baus (24) Harry Potter? Ashley Brazil (17) Jay Gatsby, Tris Prior Ashley Mannara (29) Those who end their journey with more questions than answers. Ashley Meller (26) browning, t.s. eliot, john updike, dunne ashleytheresa (20) Great thinkers who acted. Those who were revered and feared all at once. Ashwin Murali (21) PInnochio Asi (21) Ernie Levy, Stingo. Julien Sorel, Paul Morel asmitchel (67) tragic heroes, lovers, explorers, inventors, dreamers, loners ASN (25) The ones who go their own way Astri (36) Scarlet Pimpernel, people who think differently and in favor of others' wellbeing Astrid Harry Potter. Asuka Suzuki (13) prince Myshkin (imitation of ideal in real ) Athar (25) Jesus Christ Athena (17) The Little Prince Atuona (38) Superheros, in particularly Batman...and Seth Rogan Aubrey Files (25) Sherlock Holmes and Katniss Everdeen Aubrey Tate (21) The quiet but not shy who are blunt and respected Audrey (17) John Smith from Pocahontas. Audrey Bittencourt (24) Lisabet salander. She's too much real. Audrey Mahone (29) tristant augustine (70) Strength with intelligence, those who must face honours paradox Aulieude (49) Racking my brain. No one is coming to mind, Auntie Em (35) Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, Annabeth Chase, Faramir, Sherlock (the Cumberbatch version), a person whose strength of character is defined by his honour. Auntie Em (27) heroes as medieval chivalry (knights) or Chinese paladin. Aurora (32) Optimus prime Austin (19) Deadpool Austin Hobbs (16) Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, SpongeBob SquarePants, Son Goku, Popeye, etc. Austin Kimmell (16) the ones who live unreal lives in unreal places and do unreal things autumn (17) aquiles and sophie calle avecamour Lusty Bold Women Awalker Reluctant heros, unlikely heros, and heros who go against their previous beliefs for the sake of what is most ethical Aya The flawed, tortured souls like Edward Scissorhands ayda (25) adventurers ayem (57) Oscar Wilde and his humourous characters and situations aym (30) A true idea of a man being in the thrones of romance and wisdom a young boy (91) selfless saviours ayumi (20) People who overcome adversity B (45) The anti-heroes, with warts and all B (31) the complex ones B (21) The Vampire Lestat Babette (42) james bond Babs romantic movies Baby (32) Edmond Dantes Bad Wolff jack bauer, buck rogers, the boy in the alchemist, jay gatsby baggal21 (28) Tyler Durden Bailey (19) Spider Man Balaji Harish Iyer (20) Luke Skywalker. Bald Sky (38) superheroes, bambi, alice in wonderland Bambi (17) immortal by choice barada Mr. Darcy barbara (50) The mythological gods, who could have their supernatural power, and gave life to the humans who passionately live in the pages of war, drudge and my fantasy Barbarita (21) Sound of music Barbielebrun Charley the beach chair (54) Mr. Limpet (Don Knots) Barbielebrun Garry the ghost crab (54) Huck Finn Baron Von Nazzenpoppel (46) the ones who take action and get to work basbas (22) Batman Batgirl (23) Flash Baylee My heroes are always intelligent villains bc (22) My heroes are always intelligent villains bc (22) None Bdme (23) The soldiers, the warriors who save people Bea (18) Those with a combination of strength, kindness, tenderness, and integrity Bea (18) The guy in Germinal Bear (49) a few game of thrones characters bearoid (30) I like those who overcome adversity despite the fact that they do not fit in with the world they are in. Beatlhoven (47) Macbeth counts as a hero, right? beatricegasti (30) Ricky France Lynch, Matilda Beatrice Moore (30) Boys who goes around the world to find the love of a girl Beatriz (13) romeo beauty (18) Ben Kenobi, Jean Val Jean, Edmond Dantes, John Galt, "V" from Vendetta, Braveheart (from Movie) Beavis Christ (30) Somewhat Byronic heroes who aren't all good and manage to be a little realistic. Becca (16) Harry Potter Becca (17) Sherlock Holmes Becca (21) Harry Potter, childhood classic Becca (19) Christopher Boone, and his determination regardless of the way he sees the world Becca (20) Christopher Boone and the way he sees the world in as an illogical, troublesome playground Becca (21) Those people so flawed that that alone makes them heroic. BeckBeck (26) the brave and the compassionate becks (24) horror becky (13) Jane Eyre. My dad made me read it after my grandmother died. Bee the heros who fight themselves bee (16) none, they are fiction beezer (64) Those who are eccentric and a little odd. beezersneezer (46) The detectives Beka (33) not sure i have a hero like that belita (39) peter pan bella (16) i have none... Bella (17) Writers. Belu (19) The ones that expresses extreme self-deprivation and isolation from oneself. Ben (23) Those who remain steadfast and hold to their ideals, no matter what. Benedict (38) Noriko, Aleksander, Alyosha Benjamin Thomas Sam Gamgee, Ron Weasley, and Hiccup Benjamin Urrutia (61) The main charactre in the book "Fight club" Benjo (23) Cannot recall anyone Ben Johns (21) Those who deal with great loss and pain, working with what they have. Bennie (55) Biff Loman Berlin (25) The ones who remained faithful Bernard Hartley (18) those who are strong in will but kind in emotion Beth (20) Empowered women Bethann (35) Beowulf and Achilles Bethany (23) Those who stand up against the norm Bethany Im not sure Beth Ellis (15) Anyone who teaches me that which can be used in real life. Beti (24) Strong women Betty Usabiaga (37) The Monkey King Beu Mihac (15) Those who have forged their own path; those who searched for something greater then themselves; Those who asked "Who am !?" and "Why am I here?" Bhakti Brophy (41) Those who represent strong conviction to Truth and justice; Mythological heroes of the Mahabharata; Sri Hanuman; Snape is a good modern example. Bhakti Brophy (45) Calvin Bhargava (25) Flashman, J. Aubrey, Achilles, Merlin, bhl All the characters of V S Naipaul, Alexander Portnoy and Piet Hanema Bhole all kind of cynics who realise they might be romantic, though nobody believes in that side of them Bianca (18) superheroes especially if they don t have super powers so they just do a memorable act of humanity bibi ...no. the authors of great fiction are the heroes. bif I have no one that i look up to big dick (69) the underdog. biggb (46) V big guy (16) Colin from The Secret Garden, Alec Ramsay from Black Stallion series Bijan (27) Quint of Jaws, a guy who tells it like it is, Odd Thomas Bill (50) SPONGEBOB SQUARE PANTS BILLY (38) The chivalrous, gallant, romantic, courageous, charming, poetic, authentic, creative and the problem solvers BillyBobABC123zzz huck finn tom sawyer billy boy watson (3) The unnamed protaginist in the Fallout series Billy the Son of the Kid (21) Adicus Finch Biochicklet JACK REACHER BIPS (46) My favorite heroes is Jack Sparo . biscotte (13) i like toru okada and kafka tamura bismuth Elizabeth Bennett, Jane Eyre BJ (56) none in particular blabla (37) Romantic, intellectual personalities who fight for their happiness Blackie (20) anyone in an O'Neill or Williams play Blademan (60) Sherlock Holmes, Ka (Snow, Orhan Pamuk), Siddhartha. Blaine (21) The ones who find solutions Blair C. (29) Sherlock Holmes, Scarecrow Blake (17) Those who defy convention and live truly happy Blake (24) rod van dam blake (16) The ones in novels of romance and some poetry, also Blanca Parra (66) Jim Morrison/James Patterson, ect. Blank Tae Holden Caufield, who was actually insane. blip52 (27) Those that are more developed by a fan than on any other official media. Go fanfiction! BlondShamrock (16) The fault-ridden protaganist whose life conveys the fantasy of perfection yet has the power to move forward towards what he feels is right Blood (15) Warriors Blueagle (47) Fairy tale-ish characters who see the world as it should be seen Bluebird (27) Sherlock Holmes, Atticus Finch, Lestat BlueOrchid (39) Those who move the world, not those whom the world moves. Bluto (29) Those whose sacrifice is never rewarded but much appreciated. BM (20) romeo, pietro spina bman (41) bilbo baggins, atticus finch, mr darcy bmo Any hero who can make me laugh. Bob (22) I try not to play favourites bob (38) The joker, or v Bob (32) Hector from The Iliad Boba (22) paddington bear bobblins Harry Dresden, Andrew "Ender" Wiggin Bobby (22) the heroes of Homer Bobby (40) Those who go through adversity but come out on top Bobby (21) Harry Potter bobby I don't want to deal with reality, let alone fiction bobby (33) Caring leader Bobia (25) Thoes who are persistance personified. boku_wa_kami (25) jane austin - who romantizes even the most stupid things bomb (30) Jesus Christ Bonky (26) Sassy heroines of romance Bonnie (15) There are so many, I couldn't possibly name them all.... Boo (36) Those who stand up to evil and oppression bookloverva (58) The ones who I relate to. Boris (16) Santiago. Borrie (33) harry enfield, the elephant man bov (19) The characters from all levels of society in Anton Chekhov's short stories Brad (17) Superman, he saves the day a lot like myself Brad Connors those who solve problems through words not actions brad w (35) Strength, honor, heroism. Brady (31) The ones who want to accomplish their goals without making compromises on the way. bram-is-e-janet-brecht-is-de-max Batman as depicted by Nolan. Bramma (23) Antigone, hero of Sophocles play (the one without the mother fucker Oedipus), Alyosha Karamazov (Brothers Karamazov) Brandon Nobles (31) Dont have any Breanna (18) Captain America Bree (23) Heathcliff, Catherine Earnshaw, Brandy Alexander Bree Ogden Meursault, Fionn mac Cumhaill Brendan (24) the badass that gets the girl brent (33) The best characters are the nonheroes! Omar Little, Jeeves, Winston Smith, Don Quixote, Blondie, et al. Brent Findley (19) The Stinky Cheese Man, The Swiss Family Robinson Brett Ferguson (42) Gatsby, Bri (28) Walter the Farting Dog bri (17) Those overcoming a great injustice. Brian (22) Tough, worldly people who still (sometimes against their will) remain compassionate. Brian (37) I dont' know that I have a favorite Brian (24) Atticus Finch, James Bond Brian A. Henegar (26) To be quite honest, I would say Batman because he saves those that are unable to defend themselves and won't kill the enemy. BriannaBabyFYS13 I have to favorites or least favorites BriannaFYS13 (18) i haven't found them yet brian S (58) hulk Brien Moffett hulk Brien Moffett Captain America Brinley (15) Men who are strong and brave but still have a sense of honor and self sacrifice while taking care of themselves too. Bri Toro Edmond Dantes from The Count of Monte Cristo, Yuri Zhivago from Dr. Zhivago, Atticus Finch from To Kill A Mockingbird, and Rhett Butler from Gone with the Wind Britta Bandit (30) I don't believe in heros and I don't care to read about them Brittany (25) The underdogs who rise through hardship. Brittney Miller (20) Gilmore Girls brns the general in 100 years of solitude broad (45) those with romance and ability to stand up for what their heart wants Brock Schwarzkopf (29) Don Vito Corleone, James Bond, Tyler Durden (Fight Club), Police Inspector Harry Callahan, Inspector Jacques Clouseau (Pink Panther Series) Bron Blackwell (37) Explorers Brooke (53) Strong women Brooke Any idealistic character facing an insurmountable enemy. Bruce Bennett (20) Any old wise man or sage. Bruce Shindler (66) Those who overcome hardship and bring an ideal world Brutus (20) The rogues who make their own way and set their own rules. Bryan R. (21) The ones that value the independence and beauty of a fierce woman Bryn (23) Big Bird, and all of the characters in A Wrinkle in Time Brynlea (17) Spider Man. Brynn (39) Atticus Finch Brynn (18) those who sacrifice their own wants and happiness for the better good of others Bryon Springer (25) Batman Bubbles (52) King Arthur, LeStat bubby (43) the misfits Bubu (37) cuchulain buckyballs (35) Andrew Dufresne (The Shawshank Redemption) Buddy (34) dickon in the secret garden bug Poetic poetry and stories of great telling. Bugsy Brian Kinney, Jason Bourne, Bobby Morrow. Bulldozer (50) lester burnham, although he may be more of a tragic figure, and rikki tikki tavi bunny Lancelot Burella (61) Jean Valjean Burke (47) The anti-heroes Burnable_Material_Here (18) DOSTOYEVSKY, TOLSTOY, CHARLES DICKENS,MOLIERE,SHAKESPEARE BUTTERFLY (41) Those who were different from others and looked inside to search for answers butunn (19) Vladimir and Estragon Byriver Bloke (24) Those that rise from the ashes BZ Aslan & President Bartlett C odysseus c (21) Naruto Uzumaki,Itachi Uchiha,L Lawliet C (14) Jay Gatsby C (20) Tom Sawyer C (35) those who still believe in love cacharel (37) Job,Book of Job, Bible; Conor Larkin, Trinity; The Chesire Cat, Alice in Wonderland Caidy (54) F. Scott Fitzgerald for the heroes he created Cailey Those that fight for a better world, like Superman Caio (18) Picard. Caitlin (21) Seamus Conn cakes (41) Those misfits who quietly, but proudly maintain who they are when faced with pressure from the mob. Cal (20) Le Petite Prince; Winnie the Pooh; Alice in Wonderland; Amelie... Camille (52) Adventurers, romantics, fighters, and realistic dreamers. Candice (23) the archetypes of wisdom and trickery Candlewycke My favorites are those who are real, brusque, and not afraid to say what is on their mind in fear of it being seen as a social faux pas Candy Orpheus Captain Crunch Mr Darcy Carebeark5 (25) Wang So from ML:SHR. He is a passionate and intelligent man. He protects the people he loves no matter what. He makes things happen. Carla (26) Dave Robicheaux, Ignatius J. Reilly, Hieronymous Bosch carlajwms (49) No one, I don't like men Carla Tate (19) Hamlet Carlie (24) Alan Breck Stewart, Tallis of "A Fairly Honourable Defeat", Charlie Burns of the film "The Proposition" Carlisle Them who can't decide, meanders, then kills. Carlo (26) Don Quixote and Lazarillo of Tormes Carlos A. (24) the honest politician Carlos Cisne (45) Those who are inherently pathetic, Saturn from People of Paper Carly (19) Bart & Lisa Simpson Carly C (27) those that stand up for their beliefs, are true to their inner most selves Carol (60) canon's literature characters carolina (23) "those who are the expression of an ideal" Caroline (38) Daniel D'Arthez, Michel Chrestien, the whole cenacle of Balzac Caroline (25) Daniel in Shadow of the Wind, Florentino Ariza from Love in the Time of Cholera Caroline (33) Cyrano de Bergerac,Le Petit Prince Caroline (45) Those who let nothing and no one stand in the way of doing the right thing to remedy an injustice. Caroline M. (41) Paul D in Beloved Carol Lacoss (62) The discarded idealists, scapegoats from whence sympathy can be produced, and the psychologically surreal. Carolyn (18) strong characters with imperfect personalities Carrie those who find a way to DO what their heart most desires Carrie (44) I`m not sure I have any... I love reality more than anything. it`s not based on dreams, it can`t ruin your spirit cartike cartman,chef,kenny,kyle.... Cartman (99) Brave and honest Cas (25) Shaft Cassandra Watkins (21) Frodo and Sam (LOTR), Andy Dufresne, King Arthur, Peekay, Hamlet Cassi I don't know. Cast (17) Atticus Finch Cat (36) I rather search my heroes in my surroundings of people i know and love Cat (24) Peter Pan Cat (26) Those who not only protect his family/friends but also uphold his dignity and preserverance Cat adventurers, explorers, those in communion with nature cat (20) nobody Catalina (44) the lowly knight who ends up saving the castle Cate (23) I do not have heroes Cate (33) The wise characters Catelline (26) Those who remind me of myself or those who put others before themselves Catherine Heroes who refuse to accept the role of hero. Catherine Jean None Catherine Mitchell Superman, Mighty Mouse Cathlow Harmon (50) Serlock Holmes, Alfred Hitchcock Catlin Benjamin Vianne of Chocolat c.a.torres (39) St. Germaine Cat Podd (37) Those who are so incredibly absurd that you can't help loving them Catrina (15) William Wallace Cattie Chong (26) Batman Cavit Anıl Buram (28) Very much in love CC (18) Those that fight for what is right even when everyone tells them they are wrong CC (22) ignatious c riley, ms krabapple ccc (27) intellectuals and adventurers (or both) ccchnl I don't really have heroes, but I prefer the sensitive, the passionate, the brave cdl (35) Romeo, Henry V Cee Cee (17) Characters who are complex, intelligent, and charming in their own way or ones who instigate you to think more about human nature and the reasons behind it. Celia (15) The villains who are heroes in their own minds. Celline Marge (18) those that know that their weakness are the source of their power cenire (25) Any protagonist that gets the person they love in the end. cerisetea (34) Captain Kirk Cestmoi Dorian Gray C face. (22) the underdogs, the outcasts, the misunderstood cfm (37) There are no heroes in fiction Cfreedman (38) The Flash ch I don't have a heroes of fiction favorite Chacha (13) Scrooge McDuck, Tony Stark, and Jay Gatsby Chancelor C.J. King (19) Anyone from Marvel, I'm a huge Marvel geek but I don't tell anyone, I have a reputation to uphold. Chandra Alexander (24) Meridith Grey Channy (19) Those who suffer as humans Chari (21) I don't really know Charlene (17) Ellen Foster, Pi Patel Charlene (50) Iron Man Charlene (18) Prince Mishkine Charles 01 ( 7) Albus Dumbledore CharlesB (48) Atticus Finch, Sherlock Holmes, Sam Spade, The Man With No Name Charles L Davis Jr (51) thomas hardy characters. Tragic heroes charlotte (29) The Cat in the Hat, Willy Wonka, Felix the Cat, everyone who took something innocent and made it so delightfully naughty Charlotte (18) The heroes of fiction are those which transcend fiction and become real enough to affect and change us. Charlotte H. (23) The underdog making good, and those in desperate, unrequited love Charly Mariaan (49) those who are reality ,, because reality resembles charu (22) Those who don't even try being heroes. Natural heroes like Charlie of the book Perks of Being a Wallflower Chary Silva (22) Passionate people with strong integrity combined with wisdom and humility Chas (20) the intellectuals and the feisty underdogs who doesn't know how to quit without the drama chay (40) Superman and others from another more developed world Cheche (40) Robert Jordan (for whom the bell tolls), Robert the Bruce (Braveheart), Danny Archer (Blood Diamond), cheeky (26) Aragorn Cheemargh (36) indiana jones chele warriors chelle (47) Every knight in shining armor. Chelsea (21) The kings who've destroyed those in their way. Chelsea (23) Buffy The Vampire Slayer. May as well say it. Chelsea Smith (24) Gandalf the White, Albus Dumbledore, Sherlock Holmes, Anakin Skywalker Chelsea Whiting (26) Strong women with strong wills Chelsy The strong personality character. Cheri D. Jesus Cherie (40) I don't have any Cherish Robinson (21) The fiesty and misunderstood - people that want the best but don't know how to get it. Cherlyn (40) those who antagonize...they bring out the best in characters who have no personality Cherub (30) those parents who is taking care of kids or others with their full love Cheryl (38) Alice Walker's (s)heroes Cheryl Barnette (59) The once who inspire me to change. Cheshire (22) those who create an ideal that no human being has ever attained but to which we should aspire Chickpea (31) The conquering hero and noble Samurai ChiefJ42 (44) the ones who struggle with flaws but fight against them to win the day chiklitz76 (39) Classical greek heroes. Sherlock Holmes. Extraordinary men who are still human. Chili (17) Ulessys, Legolas, Gandalf the gray, Aragon Chinita (34) edward cullen,for hismost unselfish and pure ways of love. chinnu (20) heroes who did not use weapons to solve their problems Chip Griphix (35) Those who are human and overcome human faults to be victorious. Chiu Jing Hua (17) juliet chloe (21) Those willing to choose hope over experience in love Chocolate Bunny (32) Ripley from Aliens Chonda The unassuming voice of reason Choraven (32) Those who celebrate failure as one would celebrate success. Chris (16) Those who recognize that change, and by default, a better life, starts with themselves. Their own actions determine their happiness. They grow as people, learning to accept the things that make them who they are. Chris (19) Atticus Finch Chris The bold, the expressive - the interesting characters. Chris (13) Wonder Woman Chris Glass (39) Harry Paget Flashman, Professor Cyril Fielding, Mulai Ahmed Mummahed el-Raisuli the Magnificent (real but conceived fictionally) Chris S. Batman cyd charsey Christabelle (29) Jesus? Jacob (son of Isaac). And Jude Fawley. And Ishmael. Christian (44) Snake Plissken, Paul Atreides Christian Boyanov (24) Frodo for his courage Christian Soldier (33) I haven't read novels since I was a child Christina (26) Good hearted, kind, genuine people. Anyone like that. Christina Kronberg (23) Nick Fleming from The Titan, Benedic from Much Ado About Nothing Christina Tounzen Spider Man. I like heroes who do great things but don't get the credit for doing them. Christina X. (37) robbin hood. christine (18) Cornelius Suttree, Jeffery Lebowski Christobel (17) Suttree and Jake Barnes Christobel in College (18) Henry James and the Poets. Christopher (24) I don' assign the title of hero. Christopher Blaum (37) Sherlock Holmes Christopher Boone Holden Caulfield Christopher James Stagg (16) Those of antiquity. Christopher M. (31) The ones with no superpowers. Christopher Mitchell (17) Super heroes Christopher Ross (23) Lennie Smalls, human life is so fragile and easily crushed. How noble to be born of the lowest station and yet find hope. christy (44) Achilles, Daedulus, Hercules Christy Turner (50) brothers karamazov, Chuck (43) captain ahab Chuck (44) Men who are humorous, interesting, intelligent and charming Chunky Lover Hulk Ciara (24) Those who've fought against the norm for a better life Ciara (22) Minor heroes Cickany (51) I haven't got one. Ciera (16) Zorro, Robin Hood, Super Woman Cilie (50) Strong characters of action led by a firm moral core and a self code of conduct. Cindy Holden Caulfield, Tyler Durden cindy (50) The villian that helps out in the end Cindy (24) The warriors who get the girls Cindy (22) The ones who can set an example. Cindy (50) Ender CindyLu (58) Severus Snape, Holden Caufield, Cissa Fireheart (32) Adrian Mole cizz not sure CJ (18) women CJN (21) The ones who lie and steal and smoke and aren't heroes at all. Claire Fiction? It was thought wasteful to educate girls when I was young. I can read, but not well. Claire (32) Young lovers who fight past every obstacle, simply because they believe love is more important than anything else. Claire Bartholomew (16) Mystery heroes who suffer depression, remorse over past failings, or misgivings regarding their work. ClaireW (65) The misunderstood Clancy the adventurers who could get past anything in order to get wha they wanted. Like Indiana Jones. Clara (20) Gandorf Clara Piscine Patel, Batman, people who stand for a better ending for everyone. Clarissa (18) Those who Clark Langridge (32) Lewis Carroll Clau wonder woman Claudia (36) Those who know how to fight for love Claudia (21) Clay Douglass: The little prince Clay Douglass (34) harry potter characters clazza mgee sailor moon Clelia Beatriz Valdez (22) It's Léon Vargas of Violetta clemfolk49 (13) The ones who spare the bad guy Cleo (∞) Hank Chinaski. clockwork (34) Sherlock Holmes cm (57) The reluctant hero, the average man who transcends mediocrity Coastside007 (42) R Daniel Olivaw and Sisyphus cobweb (24) John Betjeman CockneyKnight (48) If Henry Miller and Anais Nin had a literary baby, she would be it Coco (31) Paul Varjak Coco (19) Those who are lovely, beautiful, and creatively save the day. CocoPuff2016 (44) Those of Greek myth codered (18) people who make a postive difference Cody (25) The sorcerous, animalistic, sometimes androgynous, sometimes unnerving, ever transforming ones, the guides and magicians: The Green Man, Dionysus, Taelisin, Pan, Odin. Cody Gould (17) Han Solo Col (41) The tragic hero who has many faults but realizes they are only human Colin (39) Stephen Dedalus, Meursault, Hamlet, Buddy Glass. Colin (22) The supportive and mature ones, those that are respectful to others and one's humanity Colorful (28) Scooby-do him and his gang are always saving the day. Colton (27) the conniving peasant who fights for his beliefs comnomnomor (15) Anne Shirley, for her intelligence and appreciation of all things simple Connie Bruce Wayne Connor Lucy Pevensie. Connor Rincewind conor (34) those of the novels written by jack kerouac constanceeee (19) Iron man, hulk Constantin (32) The courageous women who defy the odds Consuela the Simpsons Cookie spies cookie Redrick Schuhart, Prince Myshkin, Tyrion Lannister Cora (26) Men who help others with their struggles Core (25) Not sure, I don't separate fiction from reality too much, they are all linked, at least good fiction Corentine (25) Captain Planet. Corey Those who overcome ridiculous circumstances corinne Those who overcome the expectation of others Cory (22) mr darcey cpaters1 (26) The authentic, the ones who reflect a moment in time cr People who suceed in being "weird and wonderful". People who overcome massive adversity through their strength of character. Craig Suga Biles (22) those who undergo life-shattering experiences, and better from them creed (35) Heroes should only be living Crimson (60) Elizabeth Bennet in Pride and Prejudice cris mafalda Crisfe (31) Shelock holmes Cristi The ones who, despite giving their all, come to a tragic but all the more realistic end. Crystal (17) The outsiders, the dark, the tortured, and the romantic, bohemians or drifter types Crystal (32) the little prince in Le Petit Prince Crystal (22) The men...Do not care for. Crystal (34) Those who are down to earth, but not snobby csheehan (17) Those who are strong and brave inspite of being afraid CStoney (47) Robin Hood cuchi (40) Jean Valjean, The count of Monte Cristo, those who can change radically for the better cucu (26) Aquiles, Larry from lost horizons by Maughman, Ulises cvelez (64) the mad hatter cweekly Those who are wise and smart, impassioned in lightening others' lives, and willing to sacrifice. Cyan Imsomething (28) Those who work hard to do what is best for those around him d0701 (29) Those willing to choose hope over experience in love D What he said D (32) THOSE HEROES WHOSE TRAGIC FLAWS ARE INHERENTLY NOBLE, BUT ULTIMATELY DAMNING, THEY THAT LOVE TOO MUCH,, AND KNOW TOO LITTLE. DAD Batman...and Frog and Toad Dad (42) Goku from Dragon ball Z Daesia Garcia (16) Pierre and Andre in War and Peace Daffy Sue Esposito (60) Never really had a hero Daisy (27) an incredibly smart prince on a white horse Daisy (17) Romanace heros Daisy Always the underdog;The person who achieves greatness, despite starting from the bottom. Dakota Swaveman (18) Most interesting: those in Master and Margarita. Most admired: Maybe those in War and Peace. D_Alex (46) Roquentin, from Nausea dA member: sonicbutterfly (17) Moses - Hercule Poirot - Superman Damien TC (36) Super Mario and his ilk Dan (29) Luke Skywalker, Capt. Malcolm Reynolds, Batman, Jason Bourne, Robin Hood Dan MacGyver Dan (39) I don't know. Never had a hero. Superdad. Dan (51) those with personalities, Danae (17) Superheroes Danger (16) "Augustus McCrae" (Lonesome Dove). Dani (31) Dorain Gray (ok, antiheroes I suppose) Samwise Gamgee Dani (19) I'm sorry, I gotta say Batman, I just like him as a super hero, he is a human super hero Daniel (25) Those who were misconstrued and are open to many interpretations, such as Elphaba Thropp in Wicked Daniel (16) Deadpool Daniel Below Alice of Wonderland Daniella (27) Probably Artemis Fowl. I think I almost fell in love with him once. Danielle (15) Lizbeth Salander (The millennium trilogy) Danielle (35) amy fleming DanielleKeith (19) Juror number 8 from 12 Angry Men; Ralph from Lord of the Flies; Bilbo Baggins from the Hobbit. Daniel Molina (20) I like John McClaine from Die Hard. Daniel Phelps (23) Odysseus, for defying the gods; and of course, batman Daniel Stephens (Character Sketch) (22) people who find true love daniiii (18) Meursault, from Camus' The Stranger. Daniil (22) Don't have time for books. Most of what has happened occurred after I was born anyway. They say the book is always better than the movie, well, the real thing is usually better than the book. DaniStory (29) Heroes who fight for justice through trial (Mitch Rapp, Batman) Danny (25) Danny Taggart Daph (45) romance Darcy (20) rulers dario (21) The underdogs, the ones who don't crave the spotlight but deserve it Darlene (29) Pretty much any Biblical "character". Darnell Anti heroes like Tyrion Lannister. DashEloise (32) Horatio Hornblower, Jack Aubrey, Sherlock Holmes Dave Cresswell (46) Buck DaveG (39) Heroes which are completely selfless in their acts and objectives Davey (18) Batman & Spiderman DaveyD (24) The prince in every bedtime story my mother read to me as a child. Davian (alias) (32) Cyrano, he is just combines all the virtues I love, and he has the good type of pride, cockiness, the one that defends the poor. Bruno Wilderman from Alistair MacClean's "Circus". Also a incredible individual not just well rounded, but excellent. David (19) Iron Man and Harry Potter. David (10) super heroes David (18) ordinary people David (63) Heroes of epic poems, outsiders David (24) Those who love madly and without regrets, with a romance that can transcend time David I do not favour fiction David (51) jesus christ david baiguera (35) Lord Henry Wotton, the wittiest man in literary history. his control of other humans is intriguing, although i don't agree with his intentions David E.J.A Bennett (29) Don Quixote, the Little Prince, Holden Caulfield. David ROWE (42) Captain Nemo David Sergio Cisneros Ardura (46) Those, who by their pure geniality and heroism are preserved during history, becoming an ideal that transcends reality. David Timme (19) Those who serve as a beacon of hope, to cleanse judgement. Davie (16) Lievin and Quasimodo Davi Silva (21) daemeries targeryean dawn (40) The undedogs and h, those who fight for the underdog Dawn Robinette (51) Those who help the weak/those less fortunate Dawson What have Peter parker or superman done for me? Nothing. Daxion Mr. Dax Johnson (29) captain america, honestly. and starlord Daydreamer (18) I am certainly drawn to the Romantics and laud the alternate realities Daydreamer (63) I am certainly drawn to the Romantics and laud the alternate realities Daydreamer (63) Those of adventure, strength and daring dbrown (24) Esther Greenwood dcsnowbunny (25) those who express themselves freely and fearlessly Dd (43) Those who express the will to live, or the will to power, and who wrestle with their own condition. DDG9000 (25) Ralph De Bricasar and Scarlette O`Hara, The GodFather, Victor Hugo Dea (40) Dagny Taggart. Pi. Dorinda in "Barren Ground." Alexandra in "0 Pioneer." Jo in "Little Women." D. E. Alvis (58) Santiago (The Old Man and the Sea), Pi (Life of Pi), Zuko Dean (17) Poetry and science fiction DeAndre Beck (20) James Bond and Odysseus DeAnna Alexander (35) Atticus Finch, King Lear I would agree that the fictional are always more ideal than the real Deb (37) Anne Frank, Helen Keller Debbie (56) Believe it or not, Orry Main from the North and South series. Debby Creech-West (43) Leopold Bloom. He was my first literary crush, at the age of 16. Deborah S. Wilson (56) Tough, scrappy, flawed people, who nonetheleless refuse to give up either personal integrity or a livel sense of the absurd Deborah Wilson Superman Debster (48) Legolos, Aragon Declan Cohen (35) Authors who write poetry about real life experiences. De-De (36) Gilgamesh, Beowulf, Superman Dee (24) Billy Pilgrim, Hamlet, Harry Potter Dee (19) Comic book heroes, Superman, Batman, Spiderman, the X-Men Dee nbbnn Dein Name (optional) Humphrey Bogart, Jack Nicholson, Russel Crowe Deja Vu (20) Captain America Delaney septimus harding. Delia Webster (80) Those who most resemble me, those who have courage to choose and encounter luck instead. delice_ok (21) the ones who always win and Boo Radley dendoo (23) Those who represent real life struggles Denine (24) none Denise 1 Aragorn, Puddleglum, those who treat others well despite adversity. Dennis (61) Action heroes, people who do exciting things in exciting places with exciting results. Oh, and Batman. Always Batman. Dennis Theodore (37) D'artagnan. denny (23) Those who help those who are down and out. Denny Captain Wentworth, Edmund Dantes, Odysseus Densio (25) Paul and Murphy MacManus Derek Ambrose (22) Deadpool derp (22) those who constantly try to help and improve, without anyone knowing desert dweller Batman devanand IDK. Holden Claufield was pretty sweet... Devon (18) The ones who fight for their beliefs, and persist. Like Proust, romance is a favorite. Devon Lisenby (20) the anti-hero Dev Tucker (17) snape! Devu (22) Don't have any. Dezirae (17) Anyone who is resilient DH (39) superwoman,wonderwoman,superman diana (52) Those who are vulnerable, imperfect, and exposed Diana (20) I don't think I have... I am my own heroine Diana (15) Anne Shirley Diana Merlin; Diane (53) humbert humbert Diarre Ibrahim (22) spiderman dida (14) God. He is really good. Diego Miguel Danura Puyó (30) King Arthur Dietgingerale Jean Valjean, Ip Man (not really fiction I guess), Alan Breck Stewart, Huckleberry Finn Dilip C Louis (32) Those who through adversity and hardship are reborn, such as Edmond Dantès or those such as Count Mishkin who through good intention ruin themselves for others. Dimitar Atanasov (25) the ones tha sacrifice themselves for the greater good dimitris (25) Harry Potter, forever will be. Dindin (20) Villains Dino (18) Those who would die for an idea, but wouldn't kill for it. Those who value intelligence more than brute force. dionysis_dt (24) Heroes with a strong moral conviction that drives them to succed in their conflicts Dirk Radman (35) Rorschach, Promethea Dixon Wragg Those that feed my romantic idea of being saved. To be swooped up by a knight in shining armor and live happily ever after. DizzyblondeChic (55) none Dj Sherlock Holmes; Flashman, James Bond; dlew919 (40) I don't know dmca (38) those who find peace Doc55 (55) Can't say any. Might be because I don't take fiction figures seriously. Its a dreamland where as much as I love to be lost in, I am still a hardcore realist. Dolna (39) Any man in Houellebecq's novels Dolores Nabokov (26) dddddd Dom The non-conformist; those that have suffered and rise to dispute the dark ruler of they that cause harm and feign justice. Dominic (17) Camus' Meursault, Link (LoZ), Himura Kenshin, Jay Gatsby Dominick (23) Those who would fight for the good of all. Dominick Miller (19) The suffering materialist: The Misfit, Ivan Karamazov, Meursault Dominick Miller (20) Those who do for others without forsaking their ideals. Dominick Miller (21) iron man Dominique Roland Deschain, Johnny Truant, "Navy" Navidson Dona (35) Hercule Poirot DonAli (33) The Great Gatsby donkeys4eva (20) Judge Dredd, Cobra, "Serious" Sam Stone Doob Doggo (21) oliver twist doodledoo12345 kermit the frog Dor (50) those who valantly face their fears with unwavered courage Dori (23) dorky characters deep dorothy6@aol.com (50) Confucio Dothzilla (33) those who do what they do for the betterment of the contiuance of their ideas. Doug (30) Zorba, Scout, Christmas Brown Douni those who created mythical creatures, who has great stories, who has genius idea that break through times and save souls Dracontomelum (30) those who live their life to the fullest, regardless of what anyone else thinks Dragana (22) I prefer clever villains with wicked senses of humour. Dragontongue (22) Denis Avey Dre (35) Those who are true and real, in every sense, with their emotions and thoughts Dre (17) Anti-heroes like Dostoevsky's Underground Man and the protagonist of Sartre's Nausea Dreamboat Annie the catchers in the rye DreamBrother (27) There are no heroes, only those who persevere Dreda (23) men who where fragile and women who are strange Drella (26) Knights of the round table Drew (26) doctors Drew (16) Antiheroes, especially Holden Caulfield, but also David Copperfield drift Those who conquer and assimilate. Dr. Isaac Busafalus (53) none dritjeta (42) quirky outlaws Dr. J (76) Marcel of Remembrance of Things Past, Blanche of Brideshead Revisited. Dru (24) TG, King Arthur, Roland Deschain, Richard Rahl, Dave Martynyuik, and Odysseus. Drucar (45) nobody ds (45) King Arthur; Tintin; Artos in 'The Three Musketeers'. D.S.de.P.Ramos Those who feel so much so that it gives their story...life Duckish Those who dare to be different Ducky The men that teach peace and strength to and about men. Dude (49) Courageous and Funny duke (18) I'm a sucker for an action hero with a dark past. Duncan Passell (17) optimus prime dustxii (22) The ones who had to make the unpopular and sometimes deadly choices Dutchess the bad guys Dutchess Raoul Duke and Muad'Dib. Those who know the score, but can't save it Dvach (18) those who challenge societal faults and are leaders, despite a loss in popularity D.X (22) Romantics and melancholy heroes Dylan (17) Indiana Jones, Liao Khan, Pennywise the Dancing Clown Dylan Adams (25) Those who can transcend mundane limitations E Prince Lyov Nikolaevich Myshkin e (28) Those who are well-rounded. E (20) Ender Wiggin, Mary Magdalene eagleclaw (35) Arkady, Astrophil, George, Kathema, etc. E.A. Latham (25) The first ones that come to my mind is Edward Elric from Fullmetal Alchemist and Goku from the Dragonball series. EAR (19) santiago from the alchemist, siddhartha from siddhartha Earth Speck (30) Scout Finch, Meursaut Eau (45) David Aames Ed (30) Henry IV, Jaques, Falstaff, Iago, William Stoner ed Indiana Jones,Dracula, Dr Frankenstein, Odysseus eddiboy Flawed characters who fall victim to beauty. Eddie (48) Any man who saves a woman Eddie (12) Atticus Finch Eden (19) The wise ones or the romantic ones Edgar Roberts (15) Those who most capture my idea of myself. Edie (26) Heracles Edmond Dantes (26) Hamlet, Prince Myshkin. Edouard (41) carlos fuentes, any latin american writer Eduardo (19) Those who seek justice and bring light to others Eduardo Villegas (37) Those who seek justice and bring light to others Eduardo Villegas (37) superheroes with beyond human capabilities EduGri (53) Jay Gatsby, Matthew Farrell, Heathcliff, Edward Cullen Effie (34) The desperate ones (Werther, Brutus, A., Ahab, etc.) and the villains efha (23) Raif Efendi, Selim Işık ehk2 (30) Romeo og Julie, Sherlock Holmes, Robin Hood EHM Arthur Meursault. Eiichi (16) Those that fight with honor for what they believe in Eilfa (28) those who are most like me, i always think of jane eyre first or bartleby eirianna (17) the journeymen. EJ (29) Any man written with a soul, one I would wish to meet, and the heroes of Greek mythology E.Jay (21) Patricia Highsmith's Guy Haines, who lives a life racked with guilt and terror, but keeps on living ejb (22) Ones that resolve to change the world to reflect their ideal El (23) beatniks, travelers, survivalists... realists searching for idealism el3vat0r Sherlock Holmes elay (21) Sherlock Holmes, Arsene Lupin, Nougami Neuro, elay (23) Mycroft Holmes, Nougami Neuro, Tabris, Fuuma Monou, elay (24) Holden caufield,Hamlet, Titus Andronicus, severus snape eldar (25) Harry Potter Eleanor (14) Lucifer, Edmond Dantes, Hamlet, Stephen Dedalus Electryo (15) The Master from The Master & Margarita; Mr Darcy and Mr Rochester, neither of whom need an explanation Elena χιονατη ελενη (33) Those who have overcome seemingly insurmountable obstacles to live their ideals. Elena Di Cesare spiderman eleni (18) Hmm, this is a hard one, considering I find the villains much more amusing. Eleni Constantinou (20) Those who can be adored, because they set an example of virtue and moral to the readers. eleuia In the literal sense, the Flash. Elexia (19) being your funny self Elexis (18) not sure Elexis (18) Rocky Balboa Eli (16) Representations of ideals Elias (22) Paul Atreides, any of Tom Robbins's male protagonists, especially Tanuki, Daniel Cambridge. Eliaz McMillan (33) batman eliciabg (23) i like batman elicule (13) People who can see the world in my vision are all my favorite fiction heroes. Elie (16) buffy the vampire slayer Elin (47) Antiheroes, like those in the existentialist works. Elisa Harry Haller Elisabeth (22) Batman Elisabeth Carver Hamlet Elissa (22) Morally ambiguous ones who express our own internal conflict. Elizabeth Miles Vorkosigan, Harry Dresden Elizabeth (25) Holden Caulfield. Elizabeth (15) I never had the chance to indulge in fiction. Elizabeth Diane Shaffer (0) Quasimodo from The Hunchback of Notre Dame; Tiny Tim in A Christmas Carol; and Sleeping Beauty because a girl can "dream." Elizabeth Diane Shaffer (0) King arthur Elle (51) those who find themselves and fully manifest their destiny ElleKay Tom Joad Ellen Those who are based on the author. Ellen B Smiley (29) Hosea, and the one I am discovering at any given moment Ellen Fitzpatrick (61) Does Spiderman count> Ellie (25) Nick Carraway and those like him, those who see the truth in this world. They see what all the others can't, and yet they do not brag of this, instead speak this truth calmly and clearly. Ellie_Estrella (19) Anyone of Todd Davy and Manchee from chaos walking Ellie Wilson (15) Any character that is slightly damaged but well intentioned. Particularly if they are male or often times wear a hat. Elliot Iroh elliot (22) I dpn't know if I'm looking for heroes Elliott (28) David Martin and Tigerman. Elliott Hemp (23) My favorite heroes in fiction are Asterix and Obelix Elo (11) The ones who become accidental heroes and have flaws elSigno (37) Anyone who is able to achieve their dreams, no matter how hard or complicated they were to obtain Ely (23) the antihero Elyse (20) Binary file Em_1425616956.html matches Binary file Em_1425616956.html matches Napoleon Dynamite. Em Holden Caufield, Romeo, Ema (18) William Ernest Henley emdonnelly7 Her mother. emdonnelly7 The Angel Raziel Emilee Nightshade (19) Hamlet, Jesus, Frodo, the Doctor Emilie (23) Those who overcome the odds to become a better stronger person. Emilina (27) batman and Athos emilio (28) Bridget Jones, Hamlet, Childe Harold, Gregory House Emillia (16) Those who are multi-faceted in character and attitude; generally I do prefer the heroes, but have sympathy for villians too. Emily (19) howard rork, jane eyre Emily (24) orlanda from jacqueline harpman's "orlanda" emily (24) My favourite heroes of fiction is ironman in Avengers. Emily (13) My favorite stories do not concern heroes Emily (22) superheroes Emilyann (22) Batman. He is brave and does what is right to protect his city, but he never seeks credit Emily Carter (37) those who think too much, but aren't hindered from action. Emily Clark (25) reluctant heroes Emma (20) the arrogant, egocentric and naive. emma (18) Satan from Paradise lost and Eve from the bible Emma (20) philosofy Emma (50) who knows emma (14) heroes that make their lives or the lives of others better Emma (34) harry potter emma (20) Astrid Magnussen. Emma McKinney Sherlock Holmes, Boo Radley Emme (21) The kind who are strong, capable, and fierce leaders. So basically the opposite of me. -_- Emperor Aisel Fei Shiang (18) The ones who sacrifice everything for the greater good. Empyrean (17) Raskolnikov, Maldoror, Julien Sorel, Encolpio, Harry Haller encolpio8 (22) Endimion and Selini Endimion none endor Beowulf, Largetha the Shield-Maiden, Katniss Everdeen ENEgck (56) Batman Engel (48) I hate them all, because all of them are full of flaws Enis Nietzsche's Zarathustra, Hamlet, Raskolnikov Eno A. Agolli (15) Those who seek the truth at all means. Those who desire to be good and to be happy even if they wear a suit of apathy and hatred. Enrique (21) Ivan Karamazov, Don Quixote, and Stephan Dedalus. Eric (15) Superman, Sydney Carton, Stephen Daedelus, Paul Muad'dib Eric (40) Comic book superheroes and classic pulp heroes. Eric (37) Ivan Karamazov, Prometheus, Faust, Satan. Eric (19) those who overcame Erica those i can identify myself into Erica (25) Edward twilight, john in dear john Erica` (21) Icarus Erica Johnson (21) Those who fought against the odds and naysayers to overcome and succeed. Eric C. Wolfe (28) don't know Erich (20) Characters with an intelligence I'm interested in understanding. Erich (19) Hamlet; Sherlock Holmes; Eric Kraft (18) Asimov's new species in The Gods Themselves Erict7 Bruce Wayne Erik (25) Sal Paradise Erik Isaac (19) Those who are courageous and pure of heart Erik Price (18) William Shakespeare's characters. Erin (27) Jean Val Jean Erin (53) Eugene onegin and mark darcy Erin (30) Atticus Finch Erin (20) Whoever I am reading about at the time. Sherlock Holmes Erin Lara and Yuri Erin (46) Moses E. Herzog Erin (31) someone very strong , happy ers (22) The X-Men. esayer (35) Those in whom the wise old man archetype manifests Escalus (22) Those that are broken and seek revenge - those that are broken and have found peace. Escapism (19) Enjolras, Jean Prouvaire, Achilles ((I suppose not all of these are heroes but they are the characters I find interesting and/or admirable) ) Esmé (18) All great romantic heroes and all great thinkers Esmee fidelius (54) Characters from the lion, the witch & the wardrobe ESMERELDA (50) Those who fight for justice and righteousness Estacia Hernandez (37) Henry Chinaski, God Emperor Leto II of Dune esteban (29) Christ, King Lear, Indiana Jones, Don Quixote, The Devil, Faust Esteban (23) Toad in The Wind in the Willows Estee batman, for his sense of justice and not revenge estrella blanca unsure Et (32) Superman, the sun god Ra and Harry Potter. Et Cetera (22) Romantic antiheroes/Byronic Heroes/aesthetes -- The Underground Man, Raskolnikov, Julien Sorel, Kierkegaard's "A".... Etha (26) unreliable narrators ethan (20) Sherlock Holmes, Artemis Fowl, Christian Grey, Miles Halter, John Aston Ethan Mayatt (25) those who are loyal. Euzinha_ds (20) Beowulf....... And Thor.... Eva (23) Harry and Ron. Bilbo, Frodo and co. Eva (16) patrick bateman evan ass hatch (18) I love Holden Caulfield Evanna (18) The kindly and the curious. Evan Washington (20) Mr. Rochester for saying the most romantic thing I have ever heard Evie (22) those who are humble evilwonders (28) Real heroes. Gritty, idealistic, dirty, clean- people who care. People who act. evren (16) those who can have many exiile (30) John Constantine Ezra (20) Heathcliff and his likes. FA the ordinary heroes - those who do the right thing when no one is watching FAC (25) Batman, The Flash Facio Batman, The Flash Facio (19) real expression F. Ahmed (15) none fallen (24) Those who set an example too hard to resist Fanourios (40) angels farfalla (30) all romance heroes. farfoura (22) A mixture of ideal and reality. Ideals representing what we can become, but realism to accept our faults. fatgaynig (20) Poseidon Fatima (19) Who aren't afraid to stand alone Fatima (26) patient men with empathy for others fat man (33) I never liked reading fiction Fawna (19) Hercules, Beowulf, Owen Meany-- those who embrace destiny Fay (22) Peter Pan. feanix (20) Those that defender the weaks, and arrisk own lifes for others Felipe Maia The children in The Children of Cherry Tree Farm or the children in The Famous Five. Ferroever (43) Of fiction...I enjoy watching fiction, always had...but I've never had a fictional hero. If I had been younger, Dillon from RPM would have been one. I always wanted to be a Power Ranger. fersfumero (28) Muad'Dib of Dune, Frodo Baggins of the LOTR Trilogy, Sam Vimes of Discworld FeydRautha (46) buffy, cartman, wonder woman Feysweetie (43) The ones that have great power but are gentle souls fhickey (22) Rocky Balboa, Sophie Hatter, Monkey D Luffy Fidjeridodu (30) The ones you love to hate. Fields (19) Son Goku, Dean Winchister, Sawyer filinia (22) Rhett Butler. final fashion (33) Anyone dashing, but Sir Lancelot will do Finnegan Magondolovich (Long Story...) Almustafa - The prophet Finokio (38) Werther fk2005 (34) Huck Finn, Aragorn, and MacGyver. FlameHorse (28) Can I name heroes from movies and TV? Yes, yes I can, my blog, my rules. So, I'll go with Samantha Carter, Dana Scully, Sarah Connor, Kara "Starbuck" Thrace and Éowyn. Flantasy Girl (25) Those who bury their insecurities and put them aside to help others, for I always feel the need to help the helpers flavia (13) I like realistic heroes, ficitional ones give me no real hope. Flo Don Quixote for his neverending positive attitude; the rabbits in Watership Down for questioning the values of their lifestyle and daring to change it; from Canadian author Margaret Laurence, Morag Gunn, a woman not happy with her lot and daring to grumble Flora (69) My characters from the novel I write. Florin-Alexandru Brănescu (16) Luke skywalker Flower (39) the idealistic and romantic but flawed Floyd Heroes that don't seek heroism and/or revolutionaries FlyinMonki (27) Winston Smith, Rand al Thor ForePlinger Those who come to terms with the tragedies they've encountered and continue to live life to its full extent ForSavvy The idiot Fran (52) none francesca (49) Sterling Archer Francesca when fiction is not realistic, it's not worthy. anyway I like "Kevin Dillon" from the movie "The mighty". Francisca Bastos (17) Batman, Luke Skywalker, Dexter, Terminator, Fox Francisco Aguirre (23) Tannhäuser, Amfortas, Tristan, Martín Fierro Francisco Javier Gil Vidal (54) Kutuzov Francis Times (20) Radio Raheem; Characters that go up against the establishment Frankie (23) Tristram Shandy and Jean-Baptiste Clamence in The Fall (La Chute) by Albert Camus FrankieSmash (49) Characters in science fiction adventures who liberate themselves and groups of people Franklin Frank Anglin (32) Satan (Early Paradise Lost), Rorschach (Watchmen) Frank Nekrasz (25) those that i can relate to, those who redeem themselves, those who fight for a better cause. fred (16) Star Trek Freda (61) The Count of Monte Cristo Friedrich Mueller (57) Benedict (Much Ado About Nothing), Jake Stonebender (per Spider Robinson) Fritha Grey Countess Ellen Olenska, Lily Bart, frw Spider-Man fumble (19) heathcliff, stephen deadalus, mark zusak's death, phinny from a separate peace. furies (27) Batman and Goku FYS13Alec (18) Batman FYS13Amanda (18) The batman, and superman. FYS13Andrew Odysseus, Brutus FYS13Bella The underdogs of the story FYS13Chad goofy guys, tricksters, FYS13DRJ Those that seem most real with their own flaws, evils, and heartbreak. FYS13Michaela (18) Sherlock Holmes, Scarlet Pimpernel, Jack Sparrow, Jean Valjean FYS13Savannah Henry (18) Iron Man FYS13Tyler (19) Bilbo Baggins, FYS14Darling (18) girls with guts FYS14julie Those of valor and inspiartion. Heros are people who have the courage to rise from nothing and become everything. FYS14Kelle (20) anti-heroes. They always seem to have an interesting story and are often the most fun to see evolve into what they strive to be. FYS14Landon (18) Jay Gatsby and Paul Varjak FYS14Mikaela (19) Harry, Ron, James, Sirius, Lupin, Arthur, Fred & George, Bill, Cedric, Kinglsey, Mad-Eye, Dumbledore, Hagrid, Dobby, Neville, Snape FYS14Payton Chuck Bass in Gossip Girl FYS14Sara the underdog FYS14Taylor Harry Potter FYS14Zachary Barack obama FYS breont (19) Hercules FYSHeath (18) Someone who expresses peace. Fights for peace. FYSMadz (18) A savior, anyone who helps to make a life better rather then more hopeless. FYSMegha (18) Those who fight for what is undeniably right. FYSMichael (18) Raoul Duke and Dr. Gonzl FYSNick those of jane austen G g g batman Gab (19) I love Spider- Man Gabby (13) Those who sacrafice their well being for others Gabby Griego (18) Batman and the Joker Gabe (31) characters that know they are flawed but still want to improve themselves Gabi The ones who save others Gabriela (18) peter pan Gabriela Coelho Mesquita Teixeira Borges (26) Solid Snake, Rocky Balboa, James Sunderland. Gabriel Gonzalez (26) Qui-Gon Jin Gabriella Fuentes (17) my favourite heroe in fiction is Four in Divergente gaga (13) darth vader Gail (44) Superman Gail Flaherty Those that seek to understand the mysteries of the world; and those that appreciate the beauty. Gainer (52) Those strong with power and used it to control everything Gait (17) Huckleberry Finn, Raoul Duke and Harry Potter. Galareh (23) The ones with power Gamba Ajani I do not have heroes of fiction, because I do not regard them as real people. I do, however, have a soft spot for Harry Potter. Garrett (19) Wonder Woman gatetam (38) The books 1984 Animal Farm Gator Krazy Dave spiderman,alatriste gavalia (46) Owen Meany, Justa Bob. GD (47) Edmond Dantès, Bugs Bunny and Harry Potter Gean Whitehead III (20) sherlock holmes Gene (51) Loki, Br'er Rabbit, Dionysis, Eris, Satan, Puss in Boots Gene (24) Atticus Finch. Genevieve (22) Caleb Trask and Melchior Gabor Genevieve (15) Cal Trask, Holden Caulfield, Scott Pilgrim Genevieve (16) Atticus Finch from 'To Kill a Mockingbird' and Rhett Butler. Genie (65) Frodo, Genji, Neo, Iorek Byrnison, Hanuman, Odysseus Genie (58) Harry Potter, ET, Gollum, Stephen King: those that export me to fantastical, thrilling places. GenXer2012 (39) The flawed protaganist who always triumphs in the end Geo (20) Men who can see farther than the end of a gun or tip of a sword. Geo (57) Those of who I can trust, and those who don't look down George Superman and the invisible man. George Mile (35) Either George Smiley from the John Le Carre novels, or Victor Laszlo, the resistance leader in Casablanca George Owers (21) I have no heroes because none of them seems perfect or ideal in my eyes Georgia (14) Owen Meaney. He lived life to the fullest in spite of his physical handicap. Georgia (53) Not sure Georgia (16) Those who best represent the author's aspirations,those who are sketches of his desires Georgiana jean valjean, attitcus finch and Charlie Gordon gg Iago, Heathcliff, Dorian Gray and Batman ghazaleh (27) The Princess of Clèves, Michael Tolliver Ghyles (31) Rastignac, Mr Darcy, Michael Tolliver Ghyles (31) The byronic ones Gia (21) women who are able to persist and endure Gianne (21) Those who can take me away from reality for however span of time I choose. Giannico (40) the clever charmers and the young, wise and witted Gill (63) TS Garp, Oscar Matzerath ,Michael Corleone, Pi and Captain Corelli Gillian Martin (40) Larry Darrell from The Razor's Edge, Levin from Anna Karenina, Special Agent Dale Cooper from Twin Peaks, Tony Leung in anything, Humphrey Bogart in anything Gina (19) Dirk Pitt Ginger Thompson (50) Taita of the Wilbur Smith series Ginny (47) King Arthur of Camelot. Gionna (28) Don Quixote Giorgia Tutti coloro che seppero sacrificarsi per un obbiettivo Giovanni Moro (32) Ones who lose; two dimensional, metaphoric ones Girl You Too Rude charlie of perks of being a wallflower, alex perchov of everything is illuminated. Giselle (18) Jean Valjean. Gjabrielle Renaissance men, jack of all trades Glenn Parker (24) Scarlet O'Hara, Lois Lane, Glen Reeves (37) Richard Rahl Gloria (59) Those who inspire a better humanity Gloria Prince Charming Gloria Heatley (58) Those of psychological strength GMcG King Arthur, Will from the Golden Compass trilogy, goblin64 (45) Those who die or suffer gloriously Godfrey (19) Prometheus,Casanova gofaify (19) jay gatsby, Golden Boy (20) Jesus Christ, James Bond. Gonzalo Hayduke GPB (37) None Grace (30) I like adventurous heroes like Peter Pan, Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz, Alice from Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, and Huckleberry Finn Grace (12) Lucifer or those of rebellious, enlightened nature. Underdogs. Grace (28) Spider-Man and Iron Man Grace A. (15) Wolverine Grace Cooper (20) Those semi-hidden persons who have been schooled in ancient lore and have treaded there where no other mortal has been gracehoppin (23) Jean ValJean, Pierre Bezukhov, Atticus Finch, Gracie (22) The bad boys who are really sweethearts underneath Gracie Campbell (23) Spider Jerusalem and Jesse Custer Graham (20) Those who throw all caution to the wind greatlove (32) Sherlock Holmes Greer (33) James Bond, Ryan Reynolds in the film Definitely, Maybe, Austin Powers, Marv, Maximus Greg (19) Mara Greg (24) spiderman Greg (17) Bormann 2001 a space oddessy Greg (36) Those who go beyond themselves to help others Greg (53) Joel Barish, Henry Chinaski, Han Solo, Dante Hicks Greg Lytle (26) those who remain strong against all odds gretel Merlin Sinclair Gret Sidl (17) Holden Caulfield, Vic Mackey, Jay Gatsby, Patrick Bateman greythorne (38) Spiderman Grimace (17) Spiderman Grimace (17) Spidey Grimace Spiderman Grimace (17) ulises, gruchi (63) Jack Ryan gruffmusic (49) The writers who wrote them Gtergab (50) Jay Gatsby, Kurtz, Sherlock Holmes Guenther Those who are full of emotion but aren't hindered by them. guiller van mistoffellees (17) Tyler Durden Gus (18) Aqueles que são o mais diferentes de mim Gustavo (21) The unlikely ones gutsyaardvark (19) Ischmael (Moby Dick), Stephen Dedalos, Gregor Samsa Guy Van Driessche (44) To the ones who loved life, e.e. cummings Gwen (18) captian america Hadasa (19) Those that are everything average and called to stand, create, confront what is so much more than them Hailey (34) Wonder women Hailey (15) none, except that i would like to met monte cristo and huck finn. Hakusha Senbon (24) Realistic, intelligent heroes, who have flaws and are not perfect. Hal (18) Clark Gable-he isn't the typical hero Hala (34) The super ones! Haley (19) those who are loyal and faithful to their loved ones. hamdi (20) the old man in "the last leaf" hamideh (26) Robin Hood, Hamlet, Hamlet (30) Those who sacrifise their lives for other people Hana (14) Sandman,Holden Caulfield,Joker HandeG. (13) Romance Hanna (24) Neville Longbottom, Severus Snape, and Albus Dumbledore Hannah (15) peterpan Hannah (32) harry potter hannah (25) Female heroes. Hannah Chambers (24) Ash Ketchum Hannah Ross (20) Batman Hannah Suttles Superman Hanshaw (14) mersault (from stranger), K (from trial) Hari (21) Hester Prynne, Tess Durbyfield (if such a girl can be a heroine), and Cathy Earnshaw. I never much cared for Achilles, but Hector I did like. Harold E. Leighton (37) Cheri. Puss in Boots. The rascal hero anti-hero scoundrel. The rotten pet. Harold E. Leighton (40) none Harold Oberg Peter Pan Harriet (23) Lily from House of Mirth Harry (27) Amelia Hartleigh A. Chance (35) The ones free to follow their dreams Hassallah (30) Tom Cruise's charcter from "The Firm" and Batman Hassan (21) The Villains Hayzeus (23) Cal (Middlesex) HCE (15) Batman Heath Those who have a cause they can unquestionably fight for, even if I don't agree with it. Heathcliff (20) men of honor and conviction HEATHER (37) vampires Heather (20) The ones that resemble me in my ordinary life and succeded in their goals HeavyFire (16) spiderman heider (27) Jayber Crow. Those who think and feel deeply. Heidi R. Arsene Lupin Heinar (52) Like Sherlock Holmes, those who have flaws to match their genius Helen (32) Those who have overcome immense pain and still believe in beauty Helen (19) I mainly like the sidekicks Helena (18) Romeo, Charlie in perks of being a wallflower Helen Mattison Wyatt (20) bad guys turning good hellgirl (19) the very true helz bells (41) Ayn Rand Henry (46) Those who fail amidst seeking apotheosis (e.g. Lucifer of Paradise Lost) Henry_Z (25) those who end up happy and want nothing else her (26) I'd say mine, but that'd be concieted Herald (71) those who are real but nevertheless reach for the heights of the ideal herbertofwestlake (43) Han Solo - a rogue with a good moral compass. Hern (39) Heroes who are brutal, cunning, witty and unpredictable. Kan Ki exmpl. Herod (20) Action heroes who get the girl Hero Solomon (25) strong willed women Hetal (22) Holden Caulfield, Mrs. Dalloway H, Han-Jan Dreamers and idealists HHP (41) The Individualists who maintains a sense of compassion and sympathy Him (17) Those who invented fantasy as a means of escape from the frightening routine of daily life. Hira Yousuf (18) Those that sacrifice their wants for the needs of others. HKas (28) The warriors told of in our histories HKas Mr. Darcy, H. McMillan (33) Robin hood, Wolverine, Travis Bickle. H.Nakashima (21) The dark Phoenix of X-Men and Spiderman hobbes (26) Sherlock Holmes, Edogawa Conan hodouk (22) Those of the last couple of books I read; I don't have any specific heroes beyond that. Hoelder1in (51) Heroes? I'd rather take the imperfect man or woman who has a sense of humour and try to do what they think is right. hoffsta holden caulfield holden (27) Barnabus Collins Holley (39) Women who triumph and endure hardship with ease and grace. Women who put men to shame. holly (17) Heroines who know their own minds. Holly Avery (32) Hamlet Holly Pajka (28) anne of green gables Hong Jay Mrs Dalloway, Kate Chopin's charcter in The Awakening, all Kundera's characters, Wuentin from Faulkner Honora (40) Uummh..rick in walking dead lolz Hooks Those who fight for what they believe in. Strong but gentle at heart Hopefloats (24) charlie parker and his two sidekicks Horace pluck (54) abe lincoln howard (34) Batman is my favorite hero of fiction. howard (34) Heathcliff for his unapologetic passion, gora for his willingness to let love show possibilities, hank for loving in the truest sense of the word Hrudaya (24) the common, humble man who does great things and asks nothing in return huck finn (48) Gentlemen Huda (19) those how challenge reality whether they win or not huggybear (29) People who ponder on the meaning of things below the obvious superficial ones. Hulot Redux Bruno littlemore because wow the anagnorisis Humbugger Omlet (20) Harry, Hermione, and Ron Hunter (23) the human ones that make mistakes Hurricane Katrina (25) Wolverine Hwiseon Lee (24) Anyone in a Tamora Pierce novel Hyosun (25) Those who are guided by chiefly by love and justice, but with a lethality towards the evil and corrupt. Hypnos The Blade (46) none HYS (47) d'Artagnan and Athos from Dumas' novels and many more I can't think of right now I (22) Those who put others before themselves. I Blake Thorburn I Sir Percy Blakeney Ian (23) Poirot, Sherlock Holmes Ian (44) James Bond ianplanet (47) jay gatsby I Beg (54) The ones who aren't too stupid, too perfect, or too loved by the author. Iblis Anak (22) child heroes who inhabit a world of their own, independent of adult rules and stringency Ichabod Mytour and tarzan Icis Hamlet I do not have one. (22) The brave and the just i dont know that i know (17) Harry coumar cal trask Ignats (70) Those who persist no matter what if it is for a good cause or for someone you love, who suffer graciously, who accept what cannot be changed and move on but who will tear you a new one if you deserved it Igor (29) Since the war began it has become difficult to find many books, and works of fiction are not of high importance when we are scavenging. Iilyanna The humble and compassionate. Ika (24) Robin Hood, and in generally the ones who did have something to lose. ile105 (23) The anti-heroes, the faulted heroes, the non-heroes. ile105 (27) the heroes Illinibeatle (44) Alex Cross, Lucas Davenport, Kay Scarpetta, Jason Bourne Imajones Those who have been labeled as an underdog but have defied the label and have proven they can be victorious. Imee Macbeth, Lex Luthor, General Zod I.M. (Imam Mahdi) (5) Hamlet, Henry Chinaski Indrė (17) seldom fall in love with fictional heroes, maybe those who are the traditional types of heroes, valorous, faithful to something, and fated. inez (21) Jack in the beanstalk - he overpower the gaint with intelligence Inkie (60) characters that never sacrifice integrity regardless of the situation interestedparty atticus finch, the master i.p. Huck Finn, Robin Hood Ireland Rose (12) The real heroes - mythological or current. The ones who went on adventures Irene (17) Heroes that struggle to maintain principles in hard stiuations Irene (26) Those of romance of poetry, those who stand for an ideal, who change lives for the better and who are complex Irina (16) the one who would do anything for love Iris (18) THOR Iris Ramsey (32) mr darcy isa (29) Hamlet; Achilles; Robin Williams; Earl Hickey; 8 1/2. Isaac (16) harry potter Isaac (29) I don't need heroes. Isaac The girls with spells. Isabel (19) Romance and Thriller, as well as mystery. Isabella Fairchild-Heart (Protagonist) (26) Thomas Isabelle (26) The lord of the ring Isadora Duncan (32) Raoul Duke Ismael Santos (20) Byronic ones and metaphorical ones. Isolde (17) I don't know Ita (23) Knyaz Mishkin. Iva that of romantic tragedy, for their perfection in the midst of reality. Iva Pasztor (20) Action and romance maybe like in Twilight. Ivy (10) the people who can separate them love . like gandi ,mother teresa ivy (25) Strong female characters: Alanna the Lioness for example Izzy (24) Max Vandenburg, Nick Carrway, Offred, Persephone, Artemis Izzy (17) None Izzy waterhouse (16) None Izzy waterhouse (16) Jack Burden, j2a18m (43) alan ford jabbar (23) adventurers and those with concern for others Jacie Lin Hook from Azincourt Jack (14) cavafy borges Rhyes jack (30) Batman because he's the man without superpowers Jack (45) Oh my heck, I don't even know. Gregory Peck as Atticus Finch. Jack (33) Zoro / anyone else Jack (17) Those who rise from the bottom Jack Goodman (18) Cyrano de Bergerac, Athos, Francis Crawford of Lymond, Frederick Garland, Batman, Leo McGarry Jackie those who are fighting for love and for good Jackie (24) Batman, Superman Jackie Cavalcante (40) Prince charming Jackie Vega (27) ones i can relate to and ones i can learn to relate to Jackson (32) My heroes have always been jerks. Jackson8471 (23) The anti-heroes, those who do not surrender who and what they are Jack Viper (29) Dysfunctional, persistent romantics Jaclyn (22) Those who were the underdog first JaclynM (19) The embodied representatives of the disaffected dissidents. Jacob Richardson (18) Those who protect the innocent and punish the guilty. Jacque (24) Jesus. Jacqueline (34) Women not afraid to achieve their potential and/or gain what they deserved. Foxy Brown, Coffy, etc. Jacqueline Garrett (38) Honi A story of a Spirit Guide who had a vision of the love of his life and the thirteen trials he went through to win her love in return Jade (17) Jack Skelingtion Jade-a-boo (17) Shakespeare, Frost, Poe, Bronte, Toni Morrison, Nikki Giovanni, Sonya Sanchez, Zora Neal Hurston, Alice Walker, etc. Jade Green (30) the underdog; i always root for the underdog Jadelynn (24) The villain who believes they're right. Jae (18) Kunta Kinte Jafari (33) Werther Jaime (18) Rand Jaime (28) action and adventure Jake The every-man in not so everyday situations Jake (17) Greek tragedy, Stephen Daedalus, Bilbo/Frodo Jake (21) Dr. Seuss's moral teachings! Jakelina Hernandez (22) Grendel, Harry Potter. J.A. Lawrence Jay Gatsby, Don Draper, Hank Moody, Roger Sterling, Aloyosha Fyodorov, James (30) those who contrast james The strong, just, and caring James (19) Horatio Hornblower James (25) THose that are not afriad to stand up against tyranny James Green (29) Those who strive to become complete expressions of human potential. James La Salandra (31) Sandy Stern, the attorney who defended Rusty Sabich in the book Presumed Innocent. Read it in high school. That's when I knew I wanted to be a lawyer. All those dirty characters. The only innocent one was Sandy. James Oliver North (39) Lucky Jim, Oddyseus, Drusus Achamian, Char Aznable jameson_welsh (22) Lucky, Prospero, Peter Pan, Hamlet James William Reath (21) I have no need for fictious heroes when I am surrounded by real ones Jamie (25) Albus Dumbledore, Alastor Moody, Harry Potter, Rubeus Hagrid, Arthur Weasley, Lucius Malfoy, Severus Snape, Sora, Thrall, and quite a few others whom I’m more than embarrassed to admit my admiration for Jamie (22) Beowulf Jamie (32) harry potter Jamie (17) Sherlock Holmes, Jane Eyre, Elizabeth Bennett Jan I have none. Jan (55) The joker (batman), Gavroche Jana (22) Gavroche Jana (22) the innocent bystanders Janae (17) if they do abnormal things Janane (13) poirot jane (41) the elongated, stylized, larger than life, but deliriously unhappy ones jane fakename (25) Adventurers and those who who try to make the world a good place to live janice (67) I have not yet birthed these characters, thus, they are without an identity. Janice Marie Oxford (61) Christopher Brandon, Rhett Butler. Jannie56 Superman Jansen (17) A troubled hero turning into a person fighting for the good of others. a matyr Jared (19) Those who are emotional, analytical, and introspective. Jared Oswald (19) None Jarred Poll (26) Disney Princess Jasmine Jas (17) Captain America, Superman, the Flash Jas (20) anyone who dies for their love of god jasleen Sherlock, Batman, Patrick Bateman Jasmine Violet (17) Superman, Aragorn, Gandalf, Frodo, Batman. Jason (18) those who speak truth to power Jason (34) Batman Jason (26) Frodo Baggins jasonstafford (53) Richard Cypher, Malcolm Reynolds Jax Havak (00) those who are strong and are individuals Jay (58) Holden Caulfield, the protagonist "Square" from flatland Jay (26) Those of revenge and power, those who lack fear Jay Holden Caulfield, Dr. Gregory House Jay West (27) those who are courageous and beat the odds Jazz dont no jb (13) Those who protect the innocent. J.B. (53) Those that recognise heroism not as a characteristic, but as a moment of action catalysed by an empathic, irrational response to an extreme situation. JB (29) This who show retrospection and courage in the face of adversity Jb Bradford (44) Romantic, strong women JChris (40) those who are unafraid to take a chance jcr (35) satirical figures that become instantly laughable JD (21) ivan karamazov, phillip from of human bondage jda Spiderman J Dawg (32) the non-compromised opponent of time and existence jean (22) Children Jeannine (57) Those who understand the duality of strength and weakness; gift and curse and routinely navigate them Jeeves (24) Whoever most resembles my deepest dreams and miseries Jef (19) Iron Man Jeff dresden Jeff (47) A Tennessee Williams fatale JeffGuy (55) Cal Trask, Rick Grimes Jeffrey A. Olivier (40) Jack Reacher Jeffrey Dean Arthur (51) bernard marx Jeff Winger Goku: His work ethic as well as his positive outlook in life are something to behold and strive towards Jehu (25) sherlock holmes jemimah (32) Those who follow their hearts and realize their dreams Jen (23) none Jen (25) Mr. Darcy jen (29) Sherlock Holmes. Any Cormac McCarthy protagonist/antagonist Jen Gerlach (39) Heroes are real people. Jen Hallidy (42) The ones who have struggled and have learned from them. Jenn (35) Hester Prynn in Nathaniel Hawthorne's The Scarlet Letter. Jenn (39) Spike Jennie Batman Jennifer (35) I like complexity, my favorite characters are never purely 'heroic". unable to answer question as asked. Jennifer (40) The character from Life of Pi, Adah from Poisonwood Bible, that sweet dog in The Story of Edgar Sawtelle Jennifer (53) Optimus Prime, Achilles Jennifer Lewis (26) Those who stand against injustice in the face of great personal risk. I admire these people the Jennifer S. Williams Charlie Brown Jenni Webb Reynolds (29) Belize from Angels in America, Chris Chambers from Stand By Me. Jenny (23) Those whose stories mean something to you when you read them. Jenny (28) romeo and juliet jenny (30) Anyone who is underdog and rises above. Jenny (37) i am not sure jenny (18) Those who i read in books Jenny (18) Julius Caesar Jenny (38) Hercules Poirot Jenny (35) the expression of an ideal rather than an imitation of the real -Proust JennyLynn (23) I don't have much chance to read. Jenny Napier (42) the explorers Jensyn Keanes (19) Don't read many books with heroes Jeremy (17) I have spent too much time paying attention to reality Jeremy (30) Almustafa - the prophet (khalil gibran) Jeremy (29) Captain Yossarian, Andrei Bolkonsky, Chauncy Gardner, Sam Dodsworth Jeremy Fassler (22) Those with the eternal struggle of good and bad within themselves who triumph. Jeremy Heintz (39) I do not understand your question Jerome (37) Greek mythology gods Jess (27) Percy Jackson Jess (18) Sheldon Cooper (The Big Bang Thoery) Jessi (18) Super Heroes Jessica (18) Men who fight for women. Jessica Superman was my favorite as a child Jessica Cristo (Jax): (29) Dorian Gray and Dr.Jekyll Jessie (33) Romeo and Juliet Jess the Mess (21) ebeneezer scrooge Jesus0469 (46) tricksters...Bill Murray in Ghost Busters and Robertson Davis' craggy outsiders Jet Jackson (92) Henry Miller, Malone Jeux Mr. Knightley, John Thornton, Jewel (39) George from Of Mice and Men Jewel (38) earthworm jim jezza (18) don quixote jg (36) The authors jg (22) The genii and those that sacrifice something great J.H. The ones who are robust in truth, or rather, honesty Jian (22) Patrick Bateman Jim (20) Those who rise from bad to do good. But with an attitude. Jim (50) Ulysses, Griffin jimmy (84) Jeeves, Andrea del Sarto ("...or what's a heaven for?"), Childe Rolande jj (43) Music JJ (20) My favorite hero is the Count of Monte Cristo. All powerful, wealthy with godlike omniscience. J J Ruzo the dark princes, people with the concept of redemption JLo (34) The ones who fight no matter what. who keep going, despite it all. J.L. Odom (16) Men who are chivalrous JM (28) Pip Jo (41) Salvador Dalis' mind. Jo (16) Buffy Jo (21) Thinking ones. Jo (66) Sherlock Holmes Jo Those who defy social mores of their time, including Dorian Gray Jo (20) Dracula Jo (33) Andre Bolkonski, Harry Potter. Joana (22) My favorite heroes in fiction are Superwoman and Wonder Woman Joan Ellis (28) those who fight for the underdog JOANNA Laurie, Jo March's neighbour Joanna Kather (63) brave men Jo-Anne Those of Science Fiction and Murder Mystery like Sherlock Holmes and The Doctor Joanne (16) flawed scholars and scientists: experts on very small subjects Joanne van der Woude (36) Those that beat the odds joannie everyman Joe (60) ellen Joe Those who struggle with their demons and persevere and overcome. Joe (54) Rocky Balboa, Rudy, Hercules Joe DeProfio (27) Conan the Barbarian Joel (17) What is fiction? Joel Sadler (45) Buck Rogers, Tarzan JoeyO (34) non-conformists and romantics John (28) Homer John (23) those who fight back against adversity, when hope appears lost John (24) Those who are despised and tortured, for the better good, like Severus Snape John (20) Ironman John (23) Aragorn, Son of Arathorn Johnathan Durand (19) bernard marx john locke most decent movie protagonists Johnny (21) Cant think of one right now Johnny (21) not well read Johnny48 (48) Those chivalrous knights in the romances I am fond of reading. I enjoy reading the poems of Petrarch; John has many of them in his personal library. John of Gaunt Those who are all-too real John Porter The underrepresented, the ones who are seen as inconsequential. John Sousa (17) Harry Potter, who stands for good and righteousness JoJo (27) Zorba the Greek Jojo (76) jack dulouz, dean Moriarty, leopold bloom, henry chinaski joker (25) heroes of mysteries jolie (66) Richard Bach's Jonathan Livingston Seagull; that man named Bob from the Vagina Monologue "Because He Liked to Look At It". Jollie (21) Pi Patel Jo Mama (53) De irrasjonelle, selvbevisste, lidende, intelligente med krass sarkastisk humor. Jon (18) Boo Radley, Winston Smith jona (19) People who save lives Jonas (We) batman, the relectent leader and hero jonathan (31) Dartanion Jonathan (50) Heroes with set values. Jonathan Tacuri (21) Raskalnikov, Aureliano Buendia jonb (49) the idealistic Jonida Dervishi (29) Zorro and Robin Hood, Phileas Fogg (and most of Verne's protagonists), D'Artagnan, Jon Mosca (31) To the likes of women like Zora Neale Hurston and Maya Angelou who'd much Jonnae (25) superman and batman Jonny (31) Kerouac's Jonny South (18) Those who come to know themselves and improve their own abilities Jordan (19) Ferdinand Bardamu Jordan tragic, hateful people who fight mainstream society jordan rutter (18) Dante,from the Divine Comedy Jorelle (18) Blaise Starrett (DAY OF THE OUTLAW) Joris Atticus Finch, The Underground man, Perry Mason, E.K. Hornbeck, Randal Graves joseph (31) the one who is ready to loose his life for his people Joseph Anthony (37) 三國演義 Joseph Cheng (28) Sailor Moon Josephine A (19) Hua Mulan Joseph Khouri Clark Kent also know as Superman Joseph Wizley (35) great persons from the Past in history and fiction. Joseph Yvon (63) Henry Higgins, Jose Arcadio Buendia, Mrs. Wilcox Josh (23) Batman, Walter Mitty. Josh (22) Winston Smith, Frank Underwood, Odin Josh (29) Comic book heroes - Superman Joshua (34) Those who understand what others don't Joshua (27) Roland, and his journey to the Dark Tower. Also, Meg Murry, Charles Wallace Murry, and Calvin O'Keefe and their journey through the universe in "A Wrinkle in Time". Joshua Levi (21) The imperfect antihero, the non conformist, the flawed excellence of a mysteriously benevolent core blurred by moments of ostensible narcissism. Joshua Sponaugle (22) Those who take action for their beliefs Joshua Taft (18) Those of tragedy and romance, for they are the characters of suffering. Josh W. (19) tyler durden josie (25) proust, anyone with outstanding prouse Josie Dangerfield (29) All the West Wing Cast, Harry Potter, Holden Caulfield Jotthedot (16) Daniel Waterhouse Joxef (35) Romeo and juliette joyce (20) Prospero; Atticus Finch; Guy Montag; Samwise Gamgee joyseternal (22) Those who die jrggzmn (20) those who die jrggzmn (20) Those who fight for love jrggzmn (25) Sherlock Holmes, Neville Longbottom JRobertson (21) Hamlet, Max Fischer, Harold Chasen, William from Almost Famous Jtan (21) Those who learn something out of life Ju (28) Superman Juan (15) None Juan (16) Chris Traeger. Juan Carlos (21) Gabriel Syme Juancho (32) Men who lead with the full understanding of that undertaking: Roland Deshain, Aragorn ll Elessar, Juanita Joann Harty Buck (49) (Mario Benedetti), Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Isabel Allende Juan Jose Campos (34) Rostam, Don Quixote, Krishna Jubin (21) The X-Men Judah (30) Aladdin and Sampson Judah (22) 春上村樹 jude (25) Those who were able to survive in times rougher than our own. Jude Kaldi Harry Potter, Atticus Finch,The Little Prince Judith JANE AUSTIN Judy The father in The Road by Cormac Mccarthy; ordinary men with strong purpose, Judyka (64) those who work in a language i did not know was possible until i encountered the world they created juju Lord Jim, Elizabeth in Pride and Prejudice jujubee (35) Tintin et Milou, Charlie Brown, Le Petit Prince Jules (19) Humorous, clever individuals who bring laughter into the world Jules (26) Frodo Baggins Jules (23) strong characters Jules Strong, masculine yet sensitive males with respect for women (especially their wives) and their strengths. Julia (23) Robin Hood and Sherlock Holmes. Julian (16) sidney carlton julie (79) I dont know Julie (20) Those who overcome great odds Julie (40) Those who are willing to fight for a greater good Julie (49) from romantic novels Juliette (25) Romantic comedians, people who write with a story to tell. juliette (19) The fake ones, the real ones, because usually they do greater things than the real ones. June (23) Edward cullen,Mr.Darcy,Severus Snape(Jack Sparrow, if you may) jupiter jones Rand Al'Thor, Perrin, Duncan McCleod, Justin (27) The normal people thrown into heroism, with a sense of humor Justin (15) Shakespeare's speaking voice in the Sonnets Justin Aylward (22) those who are willing to die for what they believe in justine hope (20) Science Fiction Space Leaders Justin G. (15) Doctor Who, Max Headroom, Neo, The Gestalt, Holden Caulfield.. Any who aspire or show that they are real. Justin Rasile (23) Lucifer JW (27) Those of revolution, and who manifested their rebellion through their love. J.W. Carey (22) Dorian Gray, Jason from the Argonauts, Ernest from the Importance of being Earnest jyoung (25) Those who overcome obstacles beyond their control. Those who have faults of their own and are more relatable K (21) marcel of a la recherge du temp perdu K (46) Anti-heroes (kind of Laurent!), misunderstood heroes (Laurent!), heel-face turn characters (Zuko!), heroes who grow into better people throughout their journey, heroes who see the world in shades of grey k superman k-92 (17) Everyman, Fagin, Beowulf, Pip, and Falstaff are the most recent Kaden Scarlette O'Hara Kafi Cunningham (43) joan of arc kai (15) Queen Akaia Kaja Ta Bilbo Baggins Kajer (19) NONE IS MORE FAVORED THAN ONE KAKI (50) Disney Characters Kaleena (23) Pooh and piglet Kally (33) Constantine, Joker Kamila (18) Robin Hood, Sherlock Holmes KammY Wonder Woman Kandi (26) Marvel kangaroo prince charming karaeileen (24) ordinary people doing extraordinary things Karen none Karen (16) the one who expresses courage kari bobins (33) Don Quijote de la Mancha Karina Marcano (26) Those who have a nice character, those of whom you would empathize with Karl (17) Those that reaches within the depths of my own unknown Karla (19) Batman, the real hero. Kasandra Spiderman, Bugs Bunny, Kate Daniels, Lily Bard, Kara Gilian, Mercy Thompson Kasia (30) Boys and girls who laugh with the grace of ancient wisdom Kasper (19) Beowulf Kassy (17) those that are beautiful, true, kind and valiant, white knights with shining swords, protectors and saviours kat (21) Superman Kate (23) Earl Turner, The Beast. Kate (21) Underdogs . . . Kate Those in Edith Wharton's books. Kate (26) Batman Kate They are all my favorites as I am reading them - I fall in love so easily. Kate McJ (31) The outsides who become heroes without any real reason. Katerina (22) Those who encourage the reader to continue to learn and grow. Kath (48) Gandalf, Harry Potter, Arwen; Arthur Dent Katharina (32) anti-heroes like Raskolnikov Katherine (18) Buffy, Catwoman (she has her good points!), Poison Ivy Katherine (27) Atticus Finch Katherine Sherlock Holmes, Jean Valjean... too many, too many! Kathérine (25) None in particular. Kathy (18) good over evil kathy (52) strong female protagonists Kathy (26) Those who are completley selfless Kati (15) Predilecto (from a book called "Forgotten king Gudu") Kati (19) Those of the unbreakable will and infallible character Katie (20) i hope i get run over by a truck tomorrow katie (23) Those with humility Katie (17) aragorn lotr katie (22) Superman and Batman Katie (21) someone who is strong and supportive as well at romantic and tender Katie Carriere (39) Idgie Threadgoode! Katieu (27) Those that stand up for the little guy Katrina (23) Lestat, Aragorn and Samwise Gamgee Katrina Thiessen-Beasse (28) Don't have any as I don't enjoy fiction Katsika (68) the ones that emerge with victory having started with all bets against them Katten (28) brooding men, who, underneath the surface are a lot kinder than their first gruff appearance and who don't strive to be heroic, but naturally are katthehurricane Javier Coll Katy (16) those who win at everything Katy (22) hobbits Katya Morally centered anti-heroes with questionable ethics who do the right thing despite being out for themselves. Katya Allnutt (27) Indiana Jones kaudrey Jude Fawley and Michael Crenshaw Kavindra (55) kuntan from ranchanaa kavitha (19) the simple ones kay (22) Orpheus, Gus McCrae and Woodrow Call, Fox Mulder Kaybird (43) its difficult to say kaydee (16) Holden Caufield Kayla (17) romeo, mr darcy, edward cullen....etc. Kayla Marie (17) Those who bravely embark on the journey of the unknown Kaysie67 (49) those who fight injustice and win KB (45) Those which are flawed but honourable KBHS (29) The writers of fiction: Kurt Vonnegut, Upton Sinclair, Joseph Conrad, Stephen Crane, Jack London, Walt Whitman, and Mark Twain K.B. Oliver (30) those who rise above their circumstances but do not forget their roots kc idk Kc (15) The iconoclast K Dilkington (30) The Little Prince, Dagny Taggart, Prufrock, the Fool of the World Kechiro (33) Those who are brave and fight injustice Keith (19) Atticus Finch, Mr. Chipping Kelli (47) Don't read much fiction. Mainly read "real life" stuff Kelly (30) Jesse from Where the Red Fern Grows kelly (39) Buffy. Kelly (25) Dr. Kilgore Trout, Billy Pilgrim, Arthur Dent, George Babbitt Kelly G. Teague (45) Underdog characters Kelly McCauslin Gandalf Kelsey (22) Those that are ordinary, yet become extraordinary by the end. Kelsey (25) Characters who understand the inevitability of their personal flaws and overcome them ken (58) Sydney Carton Ken (63) the villian ken dewey (48) I'm not sure. Kendyl (20) Vlad Taltos, Shylock Kenkire Those who help others Kenn (47) Sam Bowden and Superman Kennedy (18) too many and they change Kenning (28) Those who love well and remain optimistic kerayne (66) Superman Keri Cook (26) Poetry? Poetry is for women and other boy lovers. Kessler (35) those who struggle to become a hero and not always do the right thing. those who put family above all Keti (23) those of characters I can relate to (Baudelaire children?) Keto (25) Any of the Greek myths Kevbo Those that carry the world on their shoulders Kevin (25) Edmond Dantes Kevin (21) Gru Kevin (17) those that I can aspire to Kevlar james bond, Jay Gatsby kfcbucket (16) Gilgamesh and Enkidu; Achilles, Thorin Oakshield KFerreto (24) Those who speak the truth. kfkfkfk (17) Those that show resilience in the face of adversity and triumph even over their own flaws. KG (38) Those who lived for the moment KG (26) Th individualists, the anti-heroes Khaddafina (23) TEST KHAkjhsak (16) Of love and tragedy, because I know one cannot exist without the other khaye (26) Those of integrity Kia (28) besides Edgar Allen Poe any one with vivid fantasy Kiana Mercury (23) The Chesire Cat from Alice in Wonderland. Kiara M. (15) Captain Jack Aubrey of the Royal Navy, Sherlock Holmes, Hercules Kid Jasper those of violence and greed KiDoCo Sherlock Holmes and the sort, I've always loved a good mystery. Kiera Hardy Rudy Waltz; Leopold Bloom; Leonard Shelby. Kieran (22) The good guys and Harry Potter Kika Mr. Rochester, Mr. Knightly, Data Kiki (27) none Kiki (10) Atticus finch from to kill a mockingbird Kikka (38) Atticus Finch Kiley (20) risk takers killy John McClain Kim (37) Lord Henry of Wilde's "The Picture of Dorian Gray" Kim (17) The underdog and the misunderstood who is later understood and hailed or otherwise vindicated. Kim (37) I haven't had much time to read books. Kim (30) Romance, understanding and simplicity Kim (47) King Arthur Kimberly (23) Practical, level-headed guys who find themselves in odd situations. kimberly (21) King John in the Robin Hood tale Kimberly Bailey those with a healthy sense of cheek kimbo (34) Scarlet O'Hara, Kimlmar (52) The protagonist of "Gilead" Kim Randall Cox (43) brave and idealistic king (43) holmes kings (36) those who defy the norm, who dare to explore beyond imagination King Ubi (35) Dante,from the game "Devil May Cry" kingwel (15) strong woman protagonists Kinmin (24) batman kinoo Superman Kiristyn truth seekers kirk to people i can relate to or admire for the good they have done Kirsten McCracken (20) my favorite heroe in fiction is perter pan kissclem.83 (12) My favorite heroes of fiction is Eduard of twilight kitkat (13) harry potter kito (24) PowerRangers, Shehrazade (1001 nights), Sabrina (the teenage witch)... Kitty (21) Those who have the best intentions at heart and value love, friendship and integrity. Kitty (19) Brock Lesner Kitty (58) robin hood kjelli (59) sherlock holmes KK (32) romeo k-kabob (31) The ones in which there is a reflection of one of the more repressed elements of my own character KKC (26) Any well drawn character Kkkkaty (67) The old people Klavicus (23) Superman, Batman and Birdman Klox890626 (23) Heroes that rise above when all the odds are against them, and who also stand up when no one else has the courage to. KLVS (22) Sexually liberated, complex, women KM (23) Robin Hood Kmi those not afraid to go where no other has gone before, tolove, to live and to fight. knapsackstraps (21) Merovingian from the matrix knowone (29) Real people, free of the trappings of false heroism Koinekid (28) Those who are troubled and complex. kokocakemix (24) Telemachus, Ulysses, Marcus Brutus Kourtney Denee (24) None, as I no longer favour fiction. All fiction truly does is cause separation from reality. Kouse (23) any genuine and unique characters who are still easy to relate to Kreuzz The underdog Kris (41) Jack Sparrow krissy (18) Kings and princes Krista (27) Those which rise above their own doubts and fears Kristaline (24) Ordinary people coping with / surviving extraordinary situations. Kristi (35) Hemingway's Santiago, the epitome of the hero: after eighty-four days of fruitless fishing, he travels far out to sea on a quest to break his dry spell and, on achieving his goal, comes to learn of it's unimportance next to what he learns about himself. Kristian (34) phineas poe and the binewski children Kristie (22) Those that follow their heart Kristi Spencer (38) Ismael (Moby Dick), The Master, Oliver Twist Krum Kirov (16) Those who can express and live their emotional reality without compromise Kryshia (53) The perfect version of me; whom I strive to be. Krysstofer Pierre (23) Jamie - Outlander series; Krystaal (40) T.S. Garp Krystal (24) Monte Cristo. Krystin (22) the flawed, faltering seekers ks (33) my favorite heroe in fiction is Doris. kssou (13) Those who need no recognition Kt (15) Anabelle Lee KT those who espouse loyalty to friends, honesty & truth. kt (35) Perry Mason, Gregory House, Feluda, Rusty, Kunal Sen (27) Cyrano de Bergerac, Hamlet, David Bowman, Ziggy Stardust, The Little Prince kunderakitsch Hamlet. Holden Caulfield. kuro usagi (18) Atticus Finch. And George Bailey, of course. Oh, Indiana Jones definitely tops my list. Kurt Bailey (45) Frodo Baggins, probably. K Yeo (19) I dont read much. Only remember what my Pa used to tell me about brave sailors Kyla Stan Percy Jackson, Jack Harris, and The Doctor. Kyle. (16) Walter White Breaking Bad. Kyle Dangerfield (25) Those that are true, and fair, that do the right thing and help others but on the other hand they are aware that they are not almighty Kyra Black (19) those who are heroes not because they want recognition as heroes Kyrie (18) those conquering things i couldn't conquer myself Kyrinrin (14) the clever ones who make poignant observations about life and those around them L (36) harry potter lacee (18) Mrs. Dalloway. the lead female in the film 'The Piano'; and Kate Chopin's heroine of the Awakening. Lacey McVeigh (46) Xerxes Lacharria (18) next question LadyDyTheFly Spawn and Watchmen ladyinthewater (24) Those who come from ordinary roots to achieve greatness and feats of heroism. Those who rise to the occasion Lady NCA (29) those with high ideals and values Ladytoyou (66) Strong female leads that are more concern with themselves rather than if they have a boyfriend lage (27) Guy Montag from Fahrenheit 451 LaHaRo (51) The ones who are flawed Lainey (38) Those I can imagine of myself doing hard things Lainie Those who are flawed not the ones that always save the day Lana (34) Malcontents and revengers from Jacobean revenge tragedies. LAND (22) Mordred, he fought for what he considered his. Landon Wright (16) First, a hero I like most is Wonder Woman, because she has everything from brains, to beauty, to brawn! Another of my favorite characters is a teenager named Katherine, as she makes heroic decisions with dire consequences in Judy Blume's novel, "Forever." Lanette main character: Counciler Becky Lucifer Lanius (50) Those of rare courage and the capacity to overcome adversity lara67 (49) The little tramp (Chaplin) Lara Jade (38) Voldemort, The one ring that rules them all, Jeffrey from Game of Thrones, greatest ass that ever lived. LA Sullivan Glen from walking dead Latanya (21) Holly Golightly, Lady Macbeth Laura (20) The unlikely. Laura (24) peter pan laura (23) those who are able to take the good and the bad and grow from that laura (27) Daniel Pecan Cambridge Laura (28) thoughtful prophetic sensitive outsiders and weirdos and maladjusted saints Laura (31) I do not have any LauraAl (27) Charming young women like Laura Ingalls Wilder and Betsy. Laura N. (52) Ulysses, Utz, Keats as subject in/of his poetry Laura Panza (38) aladdin laura Ytzia Montoya Capristo Prince Myshkin, Ivan Karamazov. Laurel (29) silly boys in Christopher Moore books Lauren (28) honest and brave characters that stand up for what they truly believe in Lauren (22) A strong willed, hardy female character who uses her own skill to take on the world. Grit. Lauren (20) Those who overcome personal obstacles Lauren Since I consider the Dwarves more fiction than reality, I'd have to say that King Conall MacTiernan. Lauren Frost (26) I like dreamers, artists, poets and adventurers. Lauren H (27) Don Quijote, Darcy, King Arthur Laurie (58) Moses Herzog and Lavache Beadsman. Lavache Beadsman (21) Severus Snape, Ender Wiggin Layla (22) I don't think we should be idolizing fictional people, rather actual people Layla (13) The mosketeers. Layla B. (43) Jay Gatsby, Harry Potter, Mr. Darcy LB Perkins (42) Humbert Humbert (although you could consider him a villain too), and Odysseus. Leah (16) Those who stay true to themselves leah (17) Jun Do in the Orphan Master's Son, Marillon Coutillard's character in Rust and Bone Leah (25) Zuko Leah Those who overcome tragedy Leanne (28) Batman LeCorbeauGris (25) tambudzai from nervous conditions lee (30) Jacob Black, Sherlock Holmes Leeham Hamlet, Icarus, and Billy Elliot. Leena (16) badass women, especially when written "before their time" leezee (28) Huckleberry Finn and the "Invisible Man" Legacy Lee (31) Jean Valjean. Leigh Lagamayo (27) Those who survive the hardship that one is not likely to come up from Leila Romantic and tragic. Leila (28) the heights of tennyson's thoughts when thinking of arthur; those whose world is more real than mine; those who brave the truth without showing bravery Lem (24) The brooding man that's rough around the edges. L.E.Murphy (17) It changes as I grow up Lena (21) Detectives Lena (60) Lee Jordan, from Harry Potter Leo Aramis, Porthos, Athos and d'Artagnan Leo (15) I dont have any particular example but those who overcome every obstacle and adversery but then fail because the enemy is him/herself or fail because the his actions are preditermined and cannot be changed. TLDR : Protagonist who fails. Leo Calma (19) - Leon (26) Sir Gawain and the other altruists who do not exist but are still to be aspired to LeonidasStokely Wall-E Leon (The Debreifer) (22) Those with flaws but who strive despite them to be better, seek and see better in others, and are aware of the divine Leopold (38) Jane Eyre , Harry Haller Leopold (18) b Leslie Those who are sharp witted Leslie (43) Triumphant and flawed Lestory (49) Robin Hood, tarzan, aquiles lety (59) Aeneas Levi Becker (31) I am not a fan of heroes, they lose their way too often Levi Walker Superman, the Black Stallion, any animal or hero written about by Jack London, heroes of fiction LewU (55) those who think and feel deeply Lex characters who stay true and fall in love, also Holden Cauldwell lexi (23) Rebecca Bloomwood,Bridget Jones etc. Someone I can relate too. LexieBee (17) Muirre mythology includes tales of Drakkr Myn who drove his fists into the land and crated the topographical variations that allow us cool, deep caverns to thrive in. Lex Ryo (17) Dr.Sues Lexxxx (18) people who are shamelessl his- or herself. l.gee (23) those who have faults but not those of a tragic hero lglick19 the protagonist Lia (23) Alyosha Karamazov, Dimitri Karamazov, Buddy Glass LiamP (25) I have not read fiction as my husband did not believe in the written word for women Liam Shaughnessy I do not read fiction. Liam Urien none librowicz (28) i love to read but remembering even the authors the sometimers takes effect lol Lids (50) The mentor. Lightning Stars (22) The hulk. Lil (17) Peter of Narnia, Ride of Lord of the Rings, Han Solo of Star Wars lilecare (46) Those who transcend the real in pursuit of the ideal, while maintaining their humanity. Liliana Darren Shan lil~kissa (17) Those who find the villans and save the people. Lillian (25) Wonderwoman was my imaginary friend as a child. I loved feminist authors as an adolescent (Bronte's, Plath) more for their independence than their dark and depressing content. I LOVE Elizabeth Bennett. Lillian Grace (27) Howard Roark Lily (16) The poet in Rilke's Letters to a Young Poet Lily People who don't care what others think, are deliberate and unapolagetic about their actions. Lily (19) Those who fight for love Lily (34) Hamlet Lina Levin from Anna Karenina, Hector from the Illiad Linda (23) Loving and hating, people-like characters. Linda (17) Wip van Winkel Linda C (41) Those that write of believable characters that mirror true life. Linda M. W. (34) Definitely those who can give me a scare Lindsey (15) Atticus Finch, Hercule Poirot, Richard Rahl. Lindsey B. (17) Hurcules, Iron Man LindseyD (18) Those who stand up for what is right, even if they stray from that at times. Linicake The exploits of men bore me. The whining of men bores me more. Linnea Harry Potter and his friends linou70 Wyatt and Billy Lint (17) Hamlet, J. Alfred Prufrock, Heathcliff Lisa I don't care for fiction Lisa (56) those who overcome adversity and misery Lishan (20) anti heroes littlefairybigears (22) Miltons Satan littlerobot huck lituci (30) Powerful but modest, living an ordinary life with his own happiness Lixing (24) A human who sacrifices and pains, and finds reward. Liz (28) Travis McGee Liz (64) Anyone who protects or rescues a woman, and those who stand up for what is true and right, no matter the cost, and occasionally a kind-hearted villain. Liz (47) Never thought much about it, I suppose the guys who have family and a career and are happy Liz (25) Those that surpass earthly limitations Liz (40) Jean Valjean Liza (33) Oscar Wao, gogol ganguli Liz Vega (43) Binx Bolling, Fitzwilliam Darcy, Henry Chinaski Lizzie (17) Scout Finch Lizzie Pickle (27) Ivan Karmazov, Mr. George Knightley, Zooey Glass. L. Kadey (18) Puck, Kipling's cat, Alyosha Karamazov, Zooey Glass L. Kadey (19) Those who are not afraid of losing LLane (23) waylander- ones with a hard exterior and life but caring nature lmao stephen dedalus lo (19) those of chivalry and bravery, the "nice" men who finish last and have the last laugh Lo (24) MacGyver LodRose (32) Sherlock Holmes Log Those who stood for morals or ideals and fought for them to whatever end Logan (23) Batman Logan (14) mystery heros Logan (16) The Joker Logan Whitt (15) Truman Burbank, Harry Potter, Sherlock Holmes. Lois (22) he bad guys because they usually are more interesting than the hero Lola Humbert Humbert, Orpheus Lolita Hazed (18) edmond dantes, ponyboy curtis lollipoppingsu (24) alyosha lols (21) Atticus Finch, Forrest Gump... they knew what was right and what was wrong Lori (37) le Petit Prince, Mowgli, Frodo, Guy Montag, lorilie (35) Zaphod Breeblebox Louf (39) Jacob Black and Edward Cullen Loui Edgington (12) Those who live their dreams and don't get dragged down by the boredom of our everyday routine Louis (19) Bobby Pendragon, ones who are realistic and can be related to, yet manage to do something outstanding and is looked up upon by others Louisalokyee (15) Holden Caulfield, Peter Pan Louise (17) Daniel Sempere and Fermin. Edmond Dantes, Nobody Owens, Will Stanton, amongst many others. Loz (17) anyone who expresses passionately Lu (24) Antigone and all her traits spread across different characters Lu (32) Atticus Finch luadepapel (25) Harry Potter - those who persevere Luc (27) Gabriel Syme. Lucho (32) those who rimind me of me Lucija (25) Those who are relevant to daily life rather than an exageration of self Lucy (34) The naive idealists who fight for what is right regardless of the consequence. Lucy spiderman Luigi (38) Poirot, Mr. Darcy, Tristram Shandy Luísa (21) Poirot, Mr. Darcy, Tristram Shandy, The Little Prince. Luísa (22) Seth Cohen Luisa (19) none LuisEfe (55) Those who supersede my small powers in moral matters Luke Anthony (19) Ones who abandon worthless personal ties lukemarco (18) The everymen and women who are charged with seemingly insurmountable tragedy and trauma yet find a way to overcome without resorting to immorality. Luke N 14 (35) Zeus Lulu Those who dare to create a world inside themselves Luna (16) brave ones lunar (18) The quintessential American cowboy. LVG the underdogs of the world Lydia (50) none lydia The underdogs. Lydia (18) Anyone normal that has an interesting story Lyla (30) the rightous who defeat their adversaries lyman (35) Those with very real faults. Those who chose their path as much as it chose them. Lyn (22) Those with very real faults. Those who chose their path as much as it chose them. Lyn (22) Jack Ryan, Frodo Baggins Lyn chapulin colorado lynac (31) Mr. T Lyndsay D. (22) Hector, Scout Finch, Strider, Harry Potter. Lyndsey (19) all heroes are of fiction for every man is a villan in his own right Lynk (15) Those who seek to understand. Lynn Renee (41) Jack Reacher Lynn Thair (49) Those who save lives Lyss (19) Atticus Finch, Will Graham, Professor X M@ (31) romeo M (16) Obelix M The Buendias M (29) Jane Austen's Mr. Darcy, Gabriel Garcia Marquez 'Aureliano Buendia M (36) Hector of Troy M (19) Atticus, John Proctor; those who stand up for their beliefs M sensitive, a hopeless romantic MA (61) Ivan Karamazov Mac (28) The heroes that have allot of faults and relate to who I am, even if they have peowers. Mac (17) Roland DeShane the obsessive, faulty but driven hero Mach (44) Batman, The Devil in Milton's Paradise Lost Machiavelli_Mx (38) i'm not sure yet macon (22) fitzwilliam darcy, bad kitty macskawoman (44) Huck Finn, Artful Dodger, Dorian Gray, those who follow their own path, the road less traveled Macy (15) those that shake my consciousness Madeline (19) Count of Monte Cristo Madhusudhan (63) Those who survived the saddest of love stories Madison Twist (25) my favourite heroes in fiction is Brian (Paul Walker) in Fast and Furious. MadMax7 (13) Batman Mads Husted (21) i don't have one Maeva231 (13) Mersault, Winston, Frankenstein's monster...the men with one foot in society and one outside. MaeveOne (27) Those who act bravery for a better world Mag Sherlock Holmes Magellan (44) Remus Lupin, Atticus Finch, Jed Bartlett Magen (22) Sal Paradise, Augie March, Siddhartha Maggie (24) Rhett Butler, Lord Shiva, Lord Krishna, Howard Roark Maggie (23) Owen Meany Maggie (49) falstaff maggy may I love a well-written detective. Hard boiled, troubled. An investigator. Mahalo (/) José Arcadio Buendía (One Hundred Years of Solitude) and Samwise Gamgee (The Lord of the Rings) mahtiel (21) Frodo, outdoorsmen, adventurers Mairi (37) Mr. Darcy in Pride and Prejudice, Gatsby Maite (26) pablo neruda's muse maitresseb (43) The ones who do find fault and defect within themselves, but don't let the wrong people find it. And they stand in their place and fulfill their purpose and then some. Mak (16) Prospero, Caliban and Ariel maksimuchka (38) I'm not really sure MAL (14) The story of the Sea Goddess and the lowley urchin. Malcolm (26) Marcello (La Dolce Vita), Robert Jordan, Jean Valjean, John Rambo Malibu (31) Those who appear to be the underdog Mallory (21) The idealists who are so often destroyed by the whims of a cruel world. Maltet Gatsby Mandar (27) Roland Deschain, Alyosha Karamazov, evolutionary characters Mandella Kitten (36) Stong indenpendat mandi (28) Dean Winchester mandi2kay (31) bob the builder Mandy (18) Common folks with extraordinary lives Mandy (37) gwynplaine.to an extent mangarmunko (21) My favorite heroes is Harry potter manonettte (12) None. Manu (22) Men who manage to steer their own destiny Mao (22) Ann Rice Mara (58) Colonel Christopher Brandon Mara (17) Those who stand up for themselves, but more for others MaraMichelle Ann of Green Gables Marana (56) The Outsiders Marcel (19) Guido & Tonio of Cry to Heaven by Anne Rice marcel254 (25) Those who makes a real difference. Like Christian from Moulin Rouge, Derfel from the Arthurian Chronicles. Marcelo Ricarte. (16) one many armys, the type who kick ass and chew bubblegum, and theyre all out of bubblegum Marcel Rodriguez those who are extremely powerful yet funny Marclaudi (46) I don't even remember the last non-fiction book I've read Marc_Meyer I don't have heroes, they are too ideal for me to buy'em. I prefer the ones like Tyler Durden or Rorschach marcoapk (19) the women of steele magnolia marg (53) Gandalf the Grey, Beowulf Margaret (19) those whose imagination can carry you to new horizons Margaret Cook (57) so many heroes in so many works of literature come to mind that i am compelled to simplify things, by choosing Snoopy Margarida (aka:Guida Costa,Guida Almeida ( ) Catniss Everdeen Margie (44) the scarlet pimpernel, holden caulfield margo (22) Julien Sorel, Eugene Onegin,Meursault, Heathcliff, Jean Des Esseintes, Humbert Humbert, Hamlet Margot (21) Raskolnikov Mari (30) Spiderman Maria (45) whoever makes the situation all better in the story Maria Those in action: the marvel superheroes Maria (18) Captain America Maria Contreras (19) Sherlock Holmes Mariam (20) atticus finch, but really those who aspire to do extraordinary things and finish with a sense of fufillment Mariana (16) Every heroe that knows their own faults and embrace them to becoe better, understanding those faults are the ones that make of him a human being and a hero. Mariana (22) Eddie Dean, Mal Reynolds, Jacob Black, Jason Bourne (movie, not book) Maria Patenaude (29) The men in Jane Austen's novel. Maria Rowena Rillen Those that don't care what they are portrayed as, following their values no matter how they're judged. Marie (19) Misunderstood antagonists. Marie (21) Aragorn Marie artits, painters, hedonists Marie Madeleine (51) Winston form 1984 by Orwell and the unnamed father from The Road by McCarthy. They do what needs to be done, always lead by a solid principle and their undeniable humanity. Marie-Pierre Adam (27) those who became very suscsefull with very hard work marija (23) hamlet marina (50) Vince Noir and Howard Moon. marina (27) Antagonists in dark literature, those suffering against the opinions of others Marina (20) The ones with passion Marina da Silva Negherbon (24) Isabelle Archer, Atticus finch Marion (27) Laszlo Kreizler. alients in the late 1800s mario ponce (38) Those who see the world for what it really is, and fight not for good but for justice Marios Gregoriou (21) those who give inspiring words to live on Marisela L (18) Those with real faults, real people doing their best Mark (16) i don't know.... neo figure (awakens the world) bodhisattva mark Kurtz and all those with his fatal flaw. Mark (19) Wile E. Coyote. An antihero, warning us against hubris. Mark Those who make it through the hardest of struggles as a better person. Mark (55) Batman? Mark Angus Wilson (28) Odysseus, Rorshach from the Watchmen, Sam from LOTR, Huckleberry Finn, and Mellville's Ishmael. Mark D Anderson (23) Jesus Christ. And most Shakespeare characters. markeff (38) Liam Neeson in Taken :-), for his relentless pursuit of his daughter and her safety. Woody and Buzz Mark J (44) Simple creatures with the great sense of duty for others. Even the duty to simply consider them. Marko (28) g Mark Sterling (32) Ishmael, Iorek Bernsen, markus_naz (39) Poetry, people who write about reality Marlyn Alexa Rosales Torres (18) Cyrano de Bergerac Maroua (17) those who suffer and sacrifice from their ideal and will Marshall Wang (24) guybrush trhepwood marti (25) Those who hold true to their beliefs, even when threated with death. Martin (29) Those of compassion, hidden positive agendas, sharing romance Martina Common Ones who say or feel or think that which I do but have the language to express it Marty (18) Jane Eyre, Huck Finn, Gatsby Marty (42) Currently, Salvo Montalbano Martyshka (31) Alyosha Karamazov. Maruku (18) ones that held a leadership role throughout the story, such as a general or king. Marvin Willams (30) The ones who've suffered. Mary (22) Wolverine and Atticus Finch Mary (28) Those that come out with a happy ending. Mary (56) he can protect but never get hurt Mary Ann (62) Odysseus. MaryAnn (47) jeanvaljean Mary Ellen Collins-Davis (59) jeanvaljean Mary Ellen Collins-Davis (59) brother Ivan, Mr. Darcy, Father in The Road MaryFred (24) batman Maryn (15) Faust, and others who strive Masha Shannon (26) Batman. With out the help of any powers, he defends his city and people just because he knows it is the right thing to do. MasonFYS13 (18) From the page: Cyrano De Bergerac, Abbe Faria, Leopold Bloom, Samwise Gamgee, Milkman Dead. From the screen: Rick Blaine, Sam Shakusky.d Bloom, Mason Walker (21) From the page: Cyrano De Bergerac, Leopold Bloom, Samwise Gamgee, Milkman Dead. From the screen: Rick Blaine, John Harper, Sam Shakusky. Mason Walker (21) Atticus Finch Mat (15) Batman Mat (26) Those of action and romance Mateus Melo Hamlet, Charles Swann, Henry Chinaski and Julien Sorel. Matheus (15) Odysseus, Robin Hood; characters who inspire us to surpass ourselves. Mathew Gallant (22) Sherlock Holmes and Hannibal Mathilda (15) Those who obtain traits I wish to obtain; Oskar Schell for his inventive and creative ways, Rudy Steiner for his Courage, Peter Pan for his perpetual little boy wonder, Hans Hubermann for his kind heart -- the list goes on. Matisse (15) Those that serve other for the good of man kind col. O'neil, Mac Gyver, batman and Raylen gibbons, Gibs and danozo. Matrix (23) Those who don't care what other people think about Matsuda (14) the ones who are brave enough to do things i never could matt (17) Those who stand up to tyrants and bullies. Those who live for themselves without needlessly harming others. Matt (30) Those who fight through fault to overcome adversity Matt (20) I don't really read many works with heroes. Matt DeCostanza (17) Scooy Doo, and Shaggy Matt Detrick batman, kipper the dog and amelie. matthew (18) The misunderstood monster. Matthew Charles Barrie (27) Steerpike Matthew Gordon (28) Shonen protagonists Matthew Ray (18) Alec Moore. What a hero, even if nobody else gave a damn! Matthew Young (18) holden caulfield Matthieu (21) These who make mistakes but have the strength to change and admit them. Maundaux (23) Horatio Hornblower and Harry Dresden, Kosh, Richard Sharpe mauserman (42) Dunstan Ramsay (Fifth Business), Roland Deschain (The Dark Tower), Hazel (Watership Down) Max (24) flawed heroes who do not necessarily have great values praised by mainstream society but to whom you can relate with maxie (20) Those with abnormal intellect Maximilian (17) Harrison Bergeron, Thomas Hudson Maxwell Pierson (23) phantom of the opera Maysoun (27) Mother Hubbord, Meggie Cleary, Alice in Wonderland and the Cat in the Hat MB (41) Vronsky from Anna Karenin, Ivich from l'Age de Raison, Lucille from La Chamade mcfm0626 (26) Stephen Dedalus, Vladimir and Estragon, James Bond MCI (22) strong intelligent men, explorers mcseadogs (34) Elizabeth Bennett from pride and predjuice Me (40) Maybe Atticus Finch Me (24) emma me (32) Jack reacher ME (25) Those with pure hearts and human failings Me (57) Harry Potter, Selfless characters Meaghan Atticus Finch and Tess D'Ubberville Medusa59 (56) Don't have any. Meebo All characters Oscar Wilde creates. They are trivial in the wittiest manner. Meg (16) apathy meg (22) characters who are able to support those they love no matter what Meg (19) I have none Meg (31) The bad guys who make something of themselves; who, in part, are maybe misunderstood. Meg (22) wonderwoman, batman, superman Megan (25) n/a. Megan (20) Virginia Woolf's Orlando, the underground man, Dinah in the Red Tent (because she give a voice to women from a time when they didn't really get to have much of one) Megan (32) David Foster Wallace and Ray Bradbury Megan (18) The ones who aren't heroes Megan (23) Those who are clearly people- truly good yet wholly flawed. megan (18) ones who never give up Meghan (16) Alwyn Tower Megil (51) Frederic Moreau (Sentimental Education), Fyodor (The Gift), చంఘిజ్ ఖాన్ Meher (32) I enjoy Byronic heroes; heroes with tragic flaws but utter romance within them. Mel (16) tragic ones. Mel (20) Sarcastic, intellectual smart-asses mel (32) Anti-heroes of the mid-20th century writers Mel (44) The selfless, who through the hard times can keep a great outlook on the world Melanie (31) Holden Caufield, Shakespearian lovers Melanie (33) Don't read much. Love pro athletes and some politicians. Melanie (33) The monster in It MelBisMe (34) Napoleon Dynamite! Melinda (18) those that can accomplish what they set out to do Melinda Butler (30) Sherlock Holmes, Jay Gatsby, Dean Moriarity Melinda McGinley (30) Bad ass educated comic book and TV heroes, current favorites Tony Stark, Dr Who, and probably Capt Picard M.Elisabeth Howell (52) Those who can go against what is expected. Melissa (23) I love unexpected heros, the ones who are mistake bound untill the last possible second. melissa (17) forest gump those who aspire through adversity melissa (44) I've been focusing on my career and don't have time to read - unless it's for my job Melissa (40) inspirational stories that have realistic plots, settings, themes and resolutions Melissa Diane Hudson Robin Hood Melissa Farr (25) Robin Hood Melissa Farr (29) Those who admit their horrors of themselves and the world, looking fearlessly, and are thusly redeemed Melissa P (63) Indiana Jones, Sherlock Holmes, Tintin Melly Superheroes, the ones that help the weak, the ones that are too good to be real Melody (22) What's the point of having a fictional hero? I don't want to be inspired by a fabrication - I'd rather find a hero in the real world. Mel Sundquist (20) ivanhoe meltemis I can't answer that question Melvia (28) Jade Harley, man. Memelord (15) None Memyselfandi Tenjou Utena Menjou (21) those who have supreme power and cunning menon (33) sandman, invisible man, frankenstein's monster, mercedes (27) dreamers who are able to manifest their destiny Meredith Those of romance and poetry, those who are the expression of an ideal rather than an imitation of the real Meredith (23) Highly intelligent and physically fit men who can plan and think their way out of dire situations Merit (56) Highly intelligent and physically fit men who can plan and think their way out of dire situations Merit (56) Highly intelligent and physically fit men who can plan and think their way out of dire situations Merit (56) Highly intelligent and physically fit men who can plan and think their way out of dire situations Merit (56) Highly intelligent and physically fit men who can plan and think their way out of dire situations Merit (56) Highly intelligent and physically fit men who can plan and think their way out of dire situations Merit (56) Highly intelligent and physically fit men who can plan and think their way out of dire situations Merit (56) Bartleby, the scrivener merlinharp (57) My heroes of fiction are the anti-heroes; those who resolve the conflict of the story in a way not contrived by usual heroes. Metztli (23) Those who are strong and independent and always kind to others MFSmith (16) Blance dubois, Stanley Kowalski, Superman mia The ones who fiercely fight for their goals, whether they're classical heroes or "villains" Mia (27) Holden miami (65) someone who loves the good life and is a hero micci (64) Pooh Bear, Mole (Wind In The Willows), and Bilbo Baggins. Each possess more than they even know. Michael (40) Jerry Cornelius, Oswald Bastable, characters who move through events observing them interestedly Michael (46) Haruki Murakami's narrators, Ivan Karamazov, Underground man, Raskolnikov, Gregor Samsa Michael hard boiled detective who plays by his own rules michael Super heros's like iron man and superman and wolverine Michael (43) Harry potter michael (24) Lord of the Rings Michael (21) to those who express an ideal, such as Deucalian, and Leonidas Michael (52) Those who aren't really heroes, and who are more grey morally; Sherlock Holmes, L Lawiett. Michaela Tee (15) Anakin Skywalker Michael Kendall (16) Those that see the beauty in the ordinary. Michael Thornberry Ratso Rizzo Michelle (30) the chivalresque ones Michelle (17) Goodness sakes; I'd have to say Edmund Dantes and Elizabeth Bennet are my favorite fictional heroes presently. Michelle (24) The ones who are selfless (or nearly selfless), sensitive to others needs, and sagacious. Michelle Jeong (20) Interesting characters with human sensations and attractive physique Michelle Sandino (15) Atticus Finch (To Kill A Mockingbird), Aragorn (Lord of the Rings), those who remain sensible despite all else and the INFP children of imagination I can relate to. michou (19) There are alot of them I like. But I tend to prefer the ones who are either genuinely nice people or charmingly roguish, even if not neccesarily so nice. I couldn't name a specific one. Mick (28) The father from cormac mcarthys the road Mickste more life-like the better - we are all fallible. So-called perfect people are boring. I like imperfections. There's beauty within that radiates into a beautiful image. Mignonne (53) Depressed people on dead-end streets sorting it out. Miguel Oniga (58) Sleeping Beauty mihaela (26) heatcliff and kate, the heroes fo wuthering heights mihaelaian (42) " Idiot "by Fedor Dostoevsky Mika Indiana Jones Mike (33) Realist characters who go through the mundanne but post modern Mike (14) Tom Jones, Pa Larkin, and similar larger than life characters. Mike (53) the average man who is extraordinary mike (43) Holden Caufield Mike (58) Yossarian, The Count of Monte Cristo, Augustus McCrae Mike (69) Jack Reacher, Remy LeBeau, Uhtred of Bebbanburg Mike (29) rorschach mike_freedom9531 (30) Those who strive to transcend the absurd without losing their own capacity for kind humor: Huckleberry Finn, Cornelius Suttree Mike G. (25) Ignatius reilly mikemc1156 Cool Hand Luke Mike Sadler (53) Strong heroines or extreme chauvanist in literature Milfred (35) prince Myskin Mili (20) The one who represent or are loyal to some ideal, idealists. Milly (23) Those who sacrifice everything to save others Milly (16) Morse, Darcy, Inspector Lynley millymay (84) Independent women who overcome hardship & find love. Scarlett OHara Mimi (53) Mr Darcy. Colonel Brandon. Mimi (31) Ford Prefect, an alien from the planet Betelguese. Arrived on Earth only to conduct research for the Guide to the Galaxy. Mimi (24) romance heroines mimì (48) John Bunyan, Scout and Atticus Finch, George Milton, Mimi (57) / Mimikeekee (23) Those who get what they want. Mina (15) Ron weasley, Mind (17) Holden Caulfield, David Copperfield, Nick Carraway. Minerva Black (30) tom sawyer minny (13) Social Reformers minto (28) romantic, emotional, intelectual mirabilis (48) Those who triimph over adversity; people who live ecletic lives Miriam Liggett (48) Those of Adventure and Fantasy, quests and romance, those that make you question everything around you. mischa (22) Anyone morally ambiguous with good dress sense Misha (24) wolverine, thor, iron man Misha (31) There are not many. I do however look towards the villains, not for their violence, but for their conviction to alter the status quo. Misk Odium Oersted Strontium Dog miso Spiderman Miss A perfect man misshermes (20) batman miss karachi Mythological figures of magic and mystery Miss Noble (0) Sherlock Holmes and Dante's traveller - men of keen intellect Missy (44) Don't have horses Missy (45) my romantic fiction females who show strength in the eye of diversity Missy Gay (42) batman , spider man and fantastic four mister buzz (49) I love the new stories of King Arthur, a contemporary Celtic warrior king in Angland Mitchell: for Ophelia None. Mitela (22) Howard Roark Mitela (25) The people who manage to live their life the way they choose and are happy Mitja (36) Frankenstein. Mitsuko (22) larger than life mitzi (28) The ones that take pride but are not cocky. Miyo (12) those who learn and are passionate about something other than themselves MJ (22) I go more for the "anti-hero." MJ (23) James Bond M.J (40) Robin Hood mj (39) Those who have suffered and were able to find beauty in what is simple. M. J. A. Armstrong (60) Those who face down evil rather than give up. MJE (40) Anyone who holds the ideals of man... courage, bravery, wisdom, sacrifice, charm, wit MJF (34) Mr.Darcy mjwhite (21) Those who are not weak/sick/cowardly but who are good/moral. M.K. (21) the nice guy mk (15) the detective mkayruger Isn't fiction someone else's reality? Mkeekee (30) Stephen Dedalus and Candide M. Le Ahcim-nevets (31) Those whose morality is rock solid. MlleJacqueline Huckleberry Finn, Almonzo Wilde, Brendan Behan MlleNeet The group from the Hobbit and the Fellowship of the Ring mlovelace Vince Noir and Howard Moon MM (34) Neo M&M (38) I don't read fiction MMS those who inspire the reader to aspire to greater intellectual endeavours Mnemonic Aberration Those who are heroic and brave Mo (19) Count of Montecristo, Jean Valjean mobtomas (48) Contract killers and vampires modernmonsters solo travelers moeder (32) Those who take risks and don't live their lives for others. Mohamjip (66) Women who never let anything bring them down and have unyielding hope Mohini (20) Homer Price, Farmer McBroom. Moistoidy (43) tom sawyer mole The adventurous ones Molea Razvan (23) Hamlet Molly (19) Harry Potter Molly (18) Those who are unfailingly noble and maintain their integrity Molly (33) I’m starting to enjoy this question and answer. Conan the Barbarian. Ragnar Lothbrok. Damn, right there- boom! Yah, those to guys. They’re badasses too. Molly Evans (47) The underdogs mollykate74 (38) Hamlet, Jack Bauer, Jack Reacher momcat (60) Sebastian from the never ending story Mona Dantes, Darcy, Jeeves, Bertie too(I think he is adorable), Mona Sen (22) Elizabeth Gilbert, Danielle Steele, James Patterson, Mary Higgins-Clark Monica Stowe the ones you hate at first monson (28) Those who conduct themselves in accord with the chivalric code without tilting at windmills montanadrifter (68) achilles montie williams (16) Jack Bauer Monty (35) the Lucky ones, the ones that do not call themselves heros, but finds him/herself doing heroic things. Mooke (16) Mitch Rapp, Penn Cage, Alfred Eaton, Jay Gatsby Moose (40) Any monstrous person, usually from Romantic Gothic literature, who set about to terrorize the normal world, if for only one reason: to remind people of the importance of "chaos" within the human soul. Morazda (42) Shrek Morgan King Arthur and Merlin Morgana John Green. He makes me see the world in a different light and helps me to appreciate life a little more MorganFYS13 (18) Nihilistic assholes who subsist on misery and vice Morgan Gratsky (22) Childe Harold, Werther, Shere Khan, John Henry, Bernard Sambre Morgan Toft those people who fight for what they really want morgwei (28) Archangel Michael Mother (54) The strong silent type that sneak up and save the day Mouse (42) Winston Smith, Holden Caulfield mp Dr. House and Captain Picard...and anyone else who sees through lies & defends people. MP3 (22) Prince Lyov Nikolayevich Myshkin (The Idiot), and Tyler Durden (Fight Club). MPaylor (21) batman, luke skywalker Mr. A (17) Any relatable character who is not overly strange Mr. A (17) The Cat in the Hat and Peter Pan Mr. Frank (56) Those who take a stand, do things their won way without apologising for it, qualities which make them all the more magnetic. MrJones (28) Ones who made what they feel were the most logically sound decisions, for better or worse MRM (28) the survivors Mr. Mandarin (41) Jason Bourne Mr Peters (30) Those who overcome great and terrible obstacles yet retain their humanity. Mrs. Lincoln (49) Aubrey and Maturain Mrtimm Sherlock Holmes, Rodion Romanovich Raskolnikov, Fox Mulder, and any other male character who is not portrayed as 'perfect', or 'ideal'. MsAPH (21) Antiheroes Ms. Barbara (19) Those who are loved for not seeing that they deserve it. Ms. L (22) no one comes to mind mstinyS Flawed heroes mStonerCEO (45) Early cartoon heroes MsVicky Marie Stahlbaum, Jonathan Strange MTHSP (28) Peter Pan MUabigail (18) those who value safety MUAshleyVance (18) superman, mucarly (18) Those who are true to life MUElexandra (19) bat woman MUElizabeth (19) D'Artagnan Muffin (25) Anyone in a Bessie Head novel mugkim (19) Florentino Ariza muhbuh (47) Those who walk the narrow line of good and truly makes you question what a hero is MUJakeWilkinson (18) those who humbly stand for their personal qualities rather then the actions they have completed MUkelly (18) Atticus Finch and Harry Potter. Sirius Black too! MULydia (18) Atticus Finch, Dean Winchester, Harry Potter, and Hermione Granger. MULydia (18) Minerva McGonagall, Anne of Green Gables, Sarah Crewe of A Little Princess, T.A Barron's Merlin Mumblingtruth (24) Stephen Daedalus, Ferdinand (Journey to the End of the Night), Holden Caulfield Murphy (21) none Musa (16) Independent woman who make their own paths musicmaya (14) Nature, Romance, Muskaan Kanoi (13) Robert Jordan mutterhals (31) What is fiction? I only know fact. Myalyn Hernandez (17) probably none my answers are perfect; yall should read The calm and the collected. Mychel Shannon (18) Silly, funny little men who make fun of the things taken ar to seriously My Dear Materialista (27) The Doctor MylaFYS13 i dont have any myra (22) The ones that support the heroines Myra The Martian Manhunter. He can probably beat Superman in a one-on-one match, yet he remains so low-key. Myron (26) Calvin (Calvin & Hobbes), Lisa Simpson (The Simpsons), J'onn J'onzz (Justice League) Myron (26) Romance, and poetry that could be reached, but has never happened, to my knowlegde Mystery Mind Over Matter (19) Robin Hood, Zorro, N (20) John Constantine, and Harry Dresden N (32) romantics and poets N (41) Holden Caulfield nad (17) Pip, Billy Pilgrim, Atticus Finch, Michael Corleone, Beowulf, Leif, Max (Where the Wild Things Are) Nadine (21) je n'en ai pas Najia jan (64) Those whom are complex and realistic, with an ability to learn and change Naleks (23) Those who believe in magic. Those who perform it. NamraSultan Those who are more assertive Nana (23) My favorite heroes of fiction is batman. nana (12) Socrates (Plato's version), Horace Rumpole Nancy (78) Samwise, Bodger, nancy batman nancy (17) The characters of Steinbeck, Salinger and Dave Eggers Nancy (41) Don Quixote Nancy B (40) my favorite heores in fiction is homer simpson NANOU83 (13) Harry Potter, Frodo, and the like--often sacrificial heroes Naomi (19) Superman Naomie (29) i have no heroes but i like fin from whiteoaks narelle pederick (40) The little girl from Sesame Street that skips to the store saying, a loaf of bread, a container of milk and a stick of butter. Narrator (5) Those who challenge societal norms Nat The brave believers against all ods Natalia (33) Harry Potter, Andy Dusfrene from The Shawshank Redemption, Rorschach from Watchmen, Albus Dumbledore Natalie (18) harriet the spy Natalie (54) Those that express the courage to lead the lives they want to lead, those of discovery, and risk. Natalie MJ (31) I'm not really grounded in fictions much Natanya (95) Brave, courageous, face an inner conflict. Nate (16) Sen. Laine Billings Hanson from the Contender natedawg (28) i don't have any specific heroe Nathalie (20) the dude Nathan Those who have sacrifice something of themselves for the greater or triumph of good Nathan (28) Mr. Savage of Brave New World, Dr. Manhattan of Watchmen, Goldmund from Narcissus and Goldmund Nathan Gandalf, Merlin, Raistlin, etc.. Nathan (35) The ones who find beauty in the everyday. Nathan (27) superman, scooby and shaggy nathan (15) Narnians. The Little Prince. Nathaniel (24) Romance Nathaniel (20) None Nathaniel Stavrogin, Chichikov, Taras Bulba, Arthur Dent Nathan Liu (15) Those who come to the rescue just in the nick of time Nathan Thorne (53) the celluloid heroes who defeat the evil; at least there truth and honesty triumphs navera (57) Those who changed the world, touched people's lives Navin (27) My favourite heroe of fiction is Nemo navy13 (13) wolverine neckice zola Neek (54) Iron man and Thor can do no wrong. Neeka (27) Wolverine and Prometheus. Neetzi (18) Relatable, imperfect. NEL (20) Superman Neller (35) Intelligents characters nelly jane eyre, Hester Prynne Nelly (31) Fiction fails to interest me, so none, except for the simple heroes, with little avarice, ambition, or conceipt. Maybe Winston Smith. Or Jesus Christ, if and only if he was indeed fictional. Nels (31) Those who can inspire me nene (57) Prince Myshkin, Hamlet, neptune The ones in novels dealing with slavery Nessa Ari Ben Canaan Nessie (18) Percy Jackson Nette (18) the ones who save the world Nevan (18) Colonel Aureliano Buendia Newlin (25) Jane Eyre, Harry Potter, Atticus, Scout and Jem. Nia Robinson (19) Superman Nic (27) Adrian Leverkühn (Dr. Faustus) Nic (24) Those who can live through the most horrifying experiences unscathed, but at the same time those who are affected by what they experience Nicholas (18) John Galt, Desperaux, Captain Nemo, Nicholas Kovacev (12) i dont have any Nick (35) Characters who never listen to anyone (except themselves) Nick (20) Obi-Wan Kenobi, Lestat Nick (31) Forrest Gump, and Domingo Montoya Nick (16) Heros whom are grounded in fact, yet display extraordinay characteristics when it is called upon them. Nick Batman because he's the man without superpowers Nick (34) Frankenstein and those who toil but are misunderstood NickiNorker (48) Those who went against their nature and tried to change some situations Nick Zero (26) Ziggy Stardust nicoca (21) A threeway tie between Don Draper, Luke Cage, and Holden Caulfield. Nicolas (28) The ones who, if perhaps not outright knowing their fictional origins, understand the absurdity of their quest. Nicolas Bossons (16) those possessing incredible genius, like Sherlock Holmes Nicole (14) those who save the day nicole (23) Those who do not lose themselves in their journey Nicole (18) Holden Caulfield Nicole (22) Mr Darcy and Mr Bingley Nicole (17) I cant think of any real hero that I knew was fiction Nicole EP (25) Holly Berry Niece (42) those who are loyal to the ones under them NiGht (23) Master from Master and Marguerita nightinday (19) Indiana Jones Nik (30) Elizabeth Bennet. Ruta Adarkar. Marcus Flutie. Nikita (26) Those who overcome adversity Nikkers64 (47) Heathcliff; Henry from The Time Traveler's Wife Nikki (35) Philip Malloy from Nothing But The Truth. nikkissippi121 (16) Cloud Strife, Ash Ketchum, Edward Elric Nikkita Saeed (21) John Constantine, The Doctor, anyone who can be kind despite having met hardships. Nikolai Kleppe (44) Edmond Dantes, Lucifer, Narcissus Nikos (29) those who have the courage and chance of finding what they were intended to do in this life Nillie (21) Those who act wholeheartedly and sincerely Nina (21) The Inglorious Basterds nina (27) Those who fights for love and to be what they are, without any hesitation Nina Mars (22) the lorax, and Tess D'urberville. nina tangimetua (23) abe linoln ninjo i dont have one Nique (18) Jugni, siddartha, Jonathan livingston seagull.... Nirmal Singh (99) Mr. Rochester niyaa adventurers nmh (32) Those of the Monomyth Noah (17) I like the ancient heroes, Odysseus, Achilles, Oedipus... it goes on. I also love Don Quixote, and Shakespeare: Hamlet &c. Noah the good (23) Those heroes who embody an ideal, even if, sometimes, to an extreme; most likely start out as underdogs Noddy (26) Holden Caulfield, Huckleberry Finn Noelle Jay Gatsby, Cary Grant in most of his movies, Harrison Ford in most of his movies Noel Orosa Rorschach NoGurus (20) Those who embody life in a non-fictional manner nom de plume Uitvretertje. Nomen nescio (24) Those who are true people; warts and all, but who's better qualities rise above to greatness Nomers (19) rorschach, wolverine, batman none given Those who depict strength as something other than force. None More Bitter (20) hercule poirot and perry mason nono (22) Aeneas. (ha!) Hard to say, off the top of my head.... Aslan? nools (21) Alyosha and Ivan. Ivan is not so much a hero, but I loved him so much. nools (23) The badasses who take care of business Nora (20) those that seek justice and to thwart those who seek to enslave. Noraq No one really, believe real love and woe stories much more enduring Norma Harry Bosch from Michael Connelly and Alex Cross from James Patterson Norman W (35) the heros of fantasy Not (26) The heroines of Jane Austen novels Nova (44) Easy Rawlins Nova (32) Q, Jean-Luc Picard, Data, Spock, Tony Stark, Sherlock Holmes, Dexter, Rorschach, Dr. Manhattan, Zaphod Beeblebrox, Ford Prefect, Indiana Jones, Han Solo, Yoda, Merlin, Achilles, Lestat de Lioncourt, Leto Atreides II NR-2082 (32) Rorschach, Batman, Light Yagami, Goku... Nrvnqsr (27) Self-inserts ns They who take arms against a sea of troubles with both force and subtlety: Obi-Wan, Muad'Dib, James Kirk, Randall McMurphy Nuance (26) anti-heroes Nudge (36) Gregor Samsa. numeroita (24) wonderwoman, bewoulf and Spartacus NynnaS. (36) those that trully love Nzame (27) the ones that die at the end oanaa (23) comic book superheroes OB People who take action and build their lives Ode Those who find acceptance and love, despite their obvious faults. Odie (24) those whom I would have liked to call friends Odile (36) Alfred Hitchcock Odilia (47) The ones who are most real, and suffer as I have, perhaps physically more so Odyssey Willow (16) i don't like people. ohlaskeau (21) The Count of Monte Cristo oldie-goldie (99) hopeless romantics and aestets doomed in this incomplete world olga (22) Sherlock Holmes, Druss the Legend, Prometheus, Jim Dixon, Estragon, Axel Heyst, Charles Pooter. Oli Tearle (28) comic book characters Oliver someone who isnt afraid to speak their mind Olivia (17) Edward Cullen... no, I'm completely kidding. Dobby obviously pwns that sparkly fag. Oliviaa. Heathcliff, Jack Bauer, Mr. Darcy, Richard Bellamy, Captain Wentworth, Richard Kimble oliviathunderkitty (63) Obi Wan Kenobi, Olivia, Mr. Darcy Oliwankenobi (21) The underdog which rises above their oppressors. Olly (37) Humbert Humbert, Sherlock Holmes, Batman Omar (17) Superman Omar p. (26) Those who overcome adversity and beat the odds OneMan Atticus Finch. He stood against innumerable opponents to do what was unpopular and right. Most who do that in today's fiction have superpowers. ontherazzle (40) Swashbuckling adventurers who fight on behalf of the downtrodden ooinla (40) Lonely and daring explorers Oph (30) Edgar Alan Poe Orby (40) The anti-heros, but also those men and woman ignorant of their lack of heroism in spite of their best efforts. ORK (22) james tiberius kirk orsetto (19) all characters by joseph roth Oskar (60) Rowen from the Inheritance Cycle, and Olas Stoneheart, Neville Longbottom Oso Witty, don't take no shit from no one and follow their dreams regardless of the obstacles or naysayers. Ovi (24) Those who are neither black and white, motivated by simple, yet unpopular intentions oxoboxo (22) Ironman. Øyvind (27) Hamlet, Peter Parker, Achilles, King Lear, the ronin Sanjuro, Superman, Batman, Son Goku, Yusuke Urameshi, Rurouni Kenshin, Jean Valjean, Caleb Trask, and The Flash. Ozymandias Jefferson Roosevelt (24) Gandalf the Grey, Darl Bundren, Holden Caulfield, Hamlet PAB (43) Frank n Furter, Severus Snape Pacie Iam Paddy (29) Dracula Paggy (33) rhett butler, holden caulfield pagina (20) Seymour glass,chick from geek love Paige (34) Seymour glass,chick from geek love Paige (34) Superman Paige (29) The leaders who fight for justice Paige Hall (17) Batman Palaila (28) Darcy, Harry Potter, palais (32) Jesus Paldies (39) Those who are not afraid to change and to risk in order to get what they dream of. Pam (63) King Arthur Pam Blackwell Mr. Darcy (Pride and Prejudice) Pamcake (28) power rangers pamelaja (27) The pioneers of every age and genre Panagiotis Theofilas (37) Harry Potter, Kurt Hummel Panchi the weaker ones pandaaah (23) Hamlet, Siddhartha Panic (18) the good that ultimately triumphs over evil panthergirl (36) People like Aschenbach and Hum Hum Parker (18) Strong women, lovers of children, people in love, people who have lost love. parksmi (51) George Webber parvati6 Sherlock Holmes, Indiana Jones, Lord Peter Wimsey Passepartout (27) Atticus Finch, Jesus, Spider-man, and Gus from Lonesome Dove. Pat (39) Atticus from To Kill A Mockingbird Patek (25) Holden Caufield, Homer Simpson Pat Garrett (26) Prometheus patric (30) Sisyphus. Patrick J. Derilus Individuals dedicated enough to their pursuit to die for it Patrick Newman (23) Bartleby and Captain Ahab Patrick Trotti (26) no heroes patroklos frank, a character in the book, franks world. patsy,world war II baby Andy, Dag and Claire of Generation X (by Douglas Coupland) Patti (20) Courageous individuals with a sense of style and culture Patty (32) John fante Charles bukowski Edmond white augusten Burroughs Patty (56) The misguided and enthusiastic who persevere towards the greater good. Patty Cake (29) the underdog and the unexpected hero Paul (16) Ironman. Paul renaissance characters Paula (54) Harry Potter, Sherlock Holmes. Paula (19) Romantics and Rebels Paulina (18) Don't have any Pauline53 (53) Yossarian, most Vonnegutian heroes Paulshrug (44) Beings that I made myselft. Pavel Š. (18) the underdog; the person who achieves greatness, despite starting from the bottom PaWe (50) those who stay strong and grow, choosing their own way instead of merely following pax (23) batman PB (20) dre P-Boh Those who overcome personal challenges, such as Gabriel from Supernatural or Marvel's Tony Stark, Pea (17) Knights in shining armor no matter what form they come in. Pearl Maxwell (29) Roland of Gilead, Aragorn, Kenshin Himura, Rocky Balboa Pedro Albernaz (20) Samuel Pickwick, Ulysses Pedro Luis Munoz (24) Prior Walter, Lester Burnham, Lloyd Dobler, Joel Barish, everyone Jimmy Stewart ever played, Belize, Cal Stephanides, Septimus Warren Smith, and many more. Pedro Tejada (20) Sherlock Holmes Peggy (57) A combination of the earthy and supernatural. pehi (26) Ok, lo acepto Machete. Pekusia (22) George Smiley Penney (48) Those who have found happiness in what they do and fight for what they believe in PEP (18) Frodo Pepper Frodo Pepper Job Percy (27) The romanticized heroes of time that never existed, who leave the world poorer because they did not Peregrine Captain Vimes Perfidia i like indiana jones. perla21 (13) action men who are followed pesser (57) Onan, Zimri, Faust, Ivan Illych, Tannhauser Pessoa non Grata James Bond Peter Dyson (56) George Smiley, Marcel Peter Heron (57) Those who are the most Human Peter Joseph Tamber Maxima Gaffney Heroic figures whose strength lies in their inherent kindness and humility. Peter Silva (46) Those deliciously dysfunctional eccentric characters that everyone secretly wants to be, Charlie Brown Petree (22) Those who have a great deal of historical and literary depth, who are stretched between the ideal and the real. phantasmatica king lear, daniel sempere,woody and buzz lightyear, garp Phil (44) those who persevere Phil Jim Halpert Phil (25) Those that overcome trials and tribulations. Santiago- Old Man and the Sea. Phil Dignan (52) jean valgant philippe (59) I read a lot of crime novels. Philomena (80) Miles Vorkosigan, Bernardo de la Paz, Sherlock Holmes Phil R. (30) No heroes Phoenix (39) snoopy and woodstock phreec (35) Those who became heroes out of necessity are my favorites...the ones who did what needed to be done. Phyllis Boyajian Branche Kris Longkinfe, Sherlock Holmes, Samwise, Gandalf, Bilbo Baggins, Puck, Hermione Granger, Molly Weasly picfxr (45) The ones in the shadows unheard of P.I. Elliot Those not yet present Pieterpad (80) Animals - Black Beauty Pingbluto poets pinny mahesh babu pintoo (24) Romeo and Juliet Piper Bella Rose Othello, Hamlet, Macbeth, Lear, Atticus Finch, Ma Joad Pistol Pete My favorite heroes of fiction is Jacob in twilight pitch1406 (13) Those who look towards the future pk_evanescent (38) Mersault, Sherlock Holmes pk_henry The ones who acknowledge their journey as pointless, yet continue anyway. Platinum Era (21) Yossarian, because there's a little bit of him in all of us. Plebelbe (21) Holden Caulfield, I suppose. Nick Carraway. Kinsey Milhone. Pleiadian7 (59) Chihiro Plusein (25) fred flintstone, barney rubble pluto (26) None PomanderNatalie (45) God. Pontius Pilate (30) Those who overcome adversit to find that adversity had its virtues Poobah (65) phantom, butch lesbians pooja (30) Atticus finch Pooja Rhett Butler Pooki (55) Foolish heroes and heroic fools poop fella (25) Characters whose lives have gathered the gravity of a black hole; they exude their depth intheir simplicity and do not have metaphorical fuzz because the importance of this simplicity crushes the trivial under its own weight. Collin Laney, Casse, Kohnstamm Pope (31) strange characters in novels pp (31) Atticus Finch Prajakta (23) Howard W Campbell, Jr, from Mother Night, who is prone to becoming different people at different times; and Hamlet Pranaya R (28) Superman Pranay Gupta (22) The one that comes and saves the day, gets the girl and live happily everafter Prasanna (23) No one Prashant Gnawali (22) Meursault Pratama (22) Christian Grey Pratiksha (15) fiction ... not a big reader, sorry. Preacher (34) Superman Prelly (26) SUPERMAN PRETTYMARY69 (39) Childe Harold Priceequation (33) Prince Charming and Harry Potter. Prime Minister Appa (50) My favorite heroes of ficton is Mickey princessgirafe83 (13) honest yet creative writers priya (33) Anton Chigurh, Kain the Vampire, Judge Holden, Captain Ahab, Iago and Hans Landa. Male characters in fiction who linger in my thoughts tend to be the vllains. Men who redefine the meaning of evil. professionalprocrastinator (20) Batman, James Bond Protagonist (20) superman Protagonist Marcel in "À la recherche du temps perdu" Protovium (63) The tragic or flawed hero Pseudointeresting (17) harry potter p-sissy (20) Superman,nHobbits and any other noble characters from Lord of the Rings psv (48) David Bowie Puffinb (39) vasanth pughal (30) Eros and psyche,Odysseus,Jason,Aphrodite PUNK PAINTER (37) cassanova. unrequited lovers puppylush (35) The strong and magical who fight for justice Qaz (30) Monkey King Qi (18) Jesus Christ, John Gault, Hank Rearden Quasimodo (30) Those who know themselves. Quinn (23) the ones that live up to their true selves, who are caring and who hold ideals. qweasd Dostoyevsky's protaganist(s) R (50) Self-destructive tragic heroes like Hamlet or Julien Sorel Rachel (21) Real people as opposed to unrealistic people Rachel (21) Winnie the pooh Rachelmate (39) ROMANCE RACHU (32) James Bond, Basil Fawlty radomu (18) jaded geniuses. raf (19) Those who overcome great odds Ragna (19) Hector, Robin Hood, Lestat RagsTyler (33) Leopold Bloom, Orlando, Quintin Compson, Ralph Touchett. Rah (25) Harry Potter. Rahul (21) Bruce Wayne, Thor, Stan Marsh Rain (16) Bruce Wayne, Thor, Stan Marsh Rain I don't know if I believe in heroes. Toby Tyler, Huck, Achilles, the father in Father's Story rainbird Konstantin Levin and Tyler Durden Raj (18) There are none Raju (21) People who accomplish great things and are still true to themselves. Ralph (21) Katniss Everdean, Jane Eyre Ramesses Benjamin Lewis (27) Phantom Ramu (59) The Byronic heros. the fearless characters who are not afraid to voice their passions, or to be truthful. Ran (25) The most flawed ones; the good ones and the "evil" ones. Raph Benji Rapunzel They change with every book I read Raquelle (17) Laszlo Kreiszler and Hannibal Lecter Rara (22) The Mohicans Rashmi (21) Me. Raumabaya or The Rau (00) a realistic person who believes in fantasy rave (18) Jane Eyre Raven (30) holden caulfield, mr darcy, hamlet raven (17) Those who fight for good even though they have nothing and nobody who fights for them Raven (15) Roland Deschain, The Time Traveller Raven Anston Those which I've made myself, I made them for myself. Ray of Mars (36) those who come to heroism in spite of themselves rb3868 (52) the anti-hero with a redeeming quality RD god RealCoolDave Harry Potter (: Rebecca (19) Bilbo Bagins Rebecca Scheid (13) Ignatius J. Reilly Recross (25) I have many Red (26) The good guy who goes through long struggle and sacrifice to achieve his goal. The guy who gets what he wants. Redbeard (24) Those wit hthe ability to cut through the rhetoric and engage the spirit within Redrover (50) Super-heroes after they fall and get back up again Ree (21) anyone that is feminine and mysterious ree (24) The sceptics: The Apostle Thomas, Sherlock Holmes, Ellie Arroway and, of course, Velma Reed Braden (19) Any character portrayed by John Wayne Reggie Benjamin (35) Garp. Raskolnikov. My imperfect perfect heroes. Remi (28) Jean luc picard, capt cisco RENA (62) The ones who live. Renata (0) those who fight for those who are in dire need Renath Darcy in Pride and Prejudice Renee (44) Resiliant characters who are faulted, but also blindly optimistic. Renee Stanko (27) Santa Clause reneetriay (40) Villains who did what they wanted to meet their end goals. Ren Harris the mighty morphin power ranger haha renno (17) Real people in real conditions Renos (24) Mr. Darcy, Atticus Finch Renuka (21) those who are noble and brave, espe renz (15) Byronic heroes who want to find something more. Requiem (27) Perhaps men that are braver and more insightful than myself. Rethinker (26) Odysseus retroandi Those of polymathic knowledge and proficiency but also profoundly crippling numbness, like Hal Incandenza of Infinite Jest. Reuben Samson (21) "Those of romance and poetry, those who are the expression of an ideal rather than an imitation of the real" Reva Ann (20) There are no heroes Rewrew dracula Rhail (38) Cowboys, criminals, outcasts, anti-heroes RHCdG (52) Those who deal with situations pragmatically and imaginatively Rhea (25) Those who stay true to their hearts, loving and living freely. Ria (24) Doctor Who, Indiana Jones, James Bond, Fiver Ric H (41) Link, the kid from Undertale, Pazu, Goku, Mega Man, Homer, Akira Takizawa Richard (22) Complicated characters filled with indecision and intelligence Rick Jack Burden, Hazel Motes, Francis Marion Tarwater, O.E. Parker, Aragorn Rick (18) Those characters who can break from the social norms and live according to their own standards. Ricky (20) Holden Caulfield. Rie Physicist Dr. Jonathan "Jon" Osterman Riley (26) Hamlet, Edmand Dantes, Faust, and Scarlet Pimpernel riley (19) Walter Mitty and Katniss Everdeen Riley (14) Walter Mitty and Katniss Everdeen Riley (14) express a meaning in a certain sense Rilo Dorian Grey,Raskolnikov, devils from Master and Margarita Rina (20) there are no real heroes in fiction Rini I haven't read any books in a while... Rinilia (17) The cat in the hat because he has fun, makes mistakes and then takes responsibility for his actions. Riss (37) The antagonists of noir and postmodernism- the have faults and are not perfect. RiverSong (32) Admittedly heroes of action; those who are willing to fight for what they believe in, no matter what. Riyu (17) Rumi Riza (17) the blue man in watchmen - he seems to have no limitations at all Rizwan (21) Jake Sulley from James Cameron's Avatar RJJM (13) Obelix Rkabrita (43) hulk and hamlet ro (21) gandhi rob (54) Jesus, Sandman (Neil Gaiman), Claudius (Robert Graves' version), Prometheus Rob (45) Gandalf Rob (27) Omar Little, Edmond Dantes, Moby Dick. Robbie Curran (19) The ones in fever dreams Robert Danduran (26) Those of non fiction writing Roberto (22) The Jedi's Roberto Rivadeneyra Q (35) God Robert Tatler (18) the hobbits of the shire Robin (22) those who are flawed but honest rob luddington (45) Men who reinvent themselves Robo (56) Anyone not afraid of travelling quickly through space. robot writers of romance and extraordinary stories about love, be it between family, friends, or lovers. Robyn (15) Anais Nin, Henry Miller and Dottie Parker Rochelle (40) Batman, Luke Skywalker Rockstar Wolverine, Deadpool Rocky Jesus Christ Rodders (32) attractive women Roderick Hamlet Rodica (32) Ignatius J. Reilly Rodrigo (24) those who mens who kept being manly until death struggling thru life to keep their believings until the end rodrigo zarate (29) Rincewind, Obi-Wan Kenobi (and jedis in general), Batman. Rod Weiler (21) The ones who get away with it all - The Hawkeye Pierce's of the world Roe (47) raul duke, in some sense a work of fiction but really a work of genius roger (45) Harry Potter i guess. hes the only one i can think of roguebroccoli (18) James Bond Rollwagen (26) aslan roloropo (29) Heroes of romance. Roma (14) Satan from Paradise Lost. Roman (38) Harry Potter, Atticus Finch, Robert Landgon, Homer Simpson Romina (16) Those who allow themselves to fall in and out of love. Romina (21) Superman Ronald (40) Fearless, misunderstood, romantic dreamers who defy the odds Ronen (27) Harry Potter. Roo (20) Aslan Rooster (68) Meg Rian, julia roberts roro (23) The losers who win Rorshavhanswer (18) Maniac Magee, the kids' legend; Nick Carraway, a good narrator in every way; and Edmund, Lucy, Eustace, and Jill from Narnia. Rosa (19) I've never really had heroes Rosalee Firth Romeo and Juliet, Benevolio. Rosalie Grace (16) Robert Langdon, Neville Longbottom, Groot, Baymax Rosalinda Chavez (19) the ones that can teach me something Rose (17) JK Rowling, Deborah Harkness Rose (33) Those who live in a fantasy world where everything is fascinating. Rose Those who fight for justice and love above anything else. Those who go against the grain, those who think differently. Rose (31) Marvel Comic Heroes Roseanne (29) Mr Darcy, Mr Rochester, Sherlock Holmes - all those dark Victorian Goths Rosie (52) I've never really delve into the fictional world on Earth. If I have to answer then the goddes of all Yang'orks, Lurthanrania. Rosie those who have made sacrifices for a greater good truly. ross (29) The outsiders Rossboss (37) james bond rossi most idealistic protagonists? ro to the rah (20) my own projections and ideas of my favourite famous artists - of all kinds. roustabout The ones that don't take no for an answer. Roux (18) Don't know, haven't read much. Rowan (16) Michael the Archangel, David (and Goliath) Rowan Bartlett (23) Those who express reality and give the audience a message that needs to be heard. Rox (17) Santiago in The Alchemist Roxanne Mooneys (22) don't have one RRRRR Ones who stand up for what they believe is right and don't care if what they say is populist. George Bailey (It's A Wonderful Life) and Neville Longbottom (Harry Potter) come to mind. rubysparkles (23) Those in young adult coming of age novels that I could relate to and understand. Rudi (24) Action figures Rumi (42) Felix Kennaston, Vainomoinen, Ulysses, Captain Nemo, Elric. runur (44) Shakespeare ruscha (25) Shardlake, Tengo...those with integrity, intelligence, and understanding Rushkami (27) Fixion is not real so no hereoes... Ruska (33) Edward Cullen and Jacob Black Ruskin Clay (17) Snake Bloodshed Ruskin Clay (17) Woody from Toy Story Russell Sandbach (53) Thos who pursue what they believe in, and are well liked Ruth Those who are righteous Ruth (48) Those who know their own power but remain humble Ruthie (19) Mortal men risking their lives to save the innocent. Rux The anti-hero or the protagionist who is overcoming the impossible. R. W. (26) the punisher rwk (57) Mario Incandenza Ryan (18) Homer Simpson Ryan B (23) Ian Malcolm, Huckleberry Finn, The Dude. Ryan Brun (23) Really really brave characters. Ryan Brun (27) Romantics. Ryan Brun (29) Mr. Rogers, Woodrow Call, & Bugs Bunny Ryan C (30) Heathcliff, Pip, Ryan Riley (26) The ones you learn life lessons from Ryh (16) Those who follow their passions Ryno (26) Voltaire for his wit and Frankenstein for his dignity. Ryssan (22) the ones who make something out of nothin S (20) James Bond, Green Lantern S (26) Those whose faults destroy them, who are more similar to the villain then they think, those who you root against S (13) Those whose faults destroy them, who are more similar to the villain then they think, those who you root against S (13) atticus finch s (23) Those who wear two masks and find their inner power in the moment they need it s33d (20) Those who are realistic Saba (19) Mr Keating from Dead Poets Society Sabine (18) Hamlet, Winston Smith come to mind. sableye22 (17) Batman Sabri (19) I don't have any Sabrina My dad Sabrina Every character from yo gabba gabba Sabrina Ruffino (17) Articus Finch Sacha (30) spongebob Sahara (15) pierre bezukhov s. a. hensley (45) Sherlock Holmes saief (28) Bheeshmaachaarya & Karna from Mahabharat SAI LAXMI TATINENI (40) Werther, Meursault, Old Santiago, Sisyphus, RobinHood, George Mallory, Holden Caulfield, Atticus Finch (can't remember more from literary fiction). Each of them has some qualities I admire and wish to emulate. Also, Gandalf for always being on time. saill (24) Bonnie and Clyde sailor The reluctant, unlikely everyman who learns that with great power there must also come great responsibility Salem (21) Detectives Sally of Kent those of loyalty, passion, and fortitude sam (19) german romantics Sam (24) Those who are strong, smart, integral, and have high morality. Sam The writers of the fiction Sam (22) Anne Rice Sam (26) Batman Sam (17) Strong women, Godly men. Samantha (17) Iron Man, James Bond Samantha (30) Superman Samantha (35) Those from Harry Potter. Sam Gordon (18) Romantic heros Sami (18) The underdog. Sam Legros (19) Danny The Champion of the World for his innocence sammyantha (39) Spiderman samps (29) superman Sam Ruiz (19) Ret Butler SamSam (33) those in comic books. the super heroes Samuel (19) Paul Muad'dib, Duncan Idaho, Comet Joe, Lan Mandragoran, Ganoes Stabro Paran, Karsa Orlang San Spiderman Sandu (15) Those who were accompanied by a pet Sandy Odysseus, fighters who overcome struggle, get back to what/who they love Sandy (32) Batman Sandy (25) scarlet pimpernel sankari (39) Tyler Durden, Batman, Spike. Sara (23) Mr Darcy Sara (57) Grandiose characters ala Roald Dahl Sara C aka Snacks aka Sarbs (26) The unnammable, Dr. Rieux, Sarah (23) holden caulfield sarah those who write fiction. sarah (14) The ones that evolve to a different type of person over the course of the story Sarah (23) Those who live, learn & educate me about the human condition Sarah (38) those who protect those around all the while learning about themselves and growing as a person Sarah (13) beautiful tragics sarah (22) Jean-Baptise Adamsberg, Gilgamesh, Majnun, Florentino Ariza, Ferdinand the Bull, Nathan Explosion Sarah (33) batman and spiderman sarah (21) Goofy, Romeo and Juliet, Spider-Man Sarah (27) Hercules, ironman, and Jack from Titanic. We all know Leonardo Dicaprio is a hero. Sarah (18) The great love stories that stole my heart and make me refuse to settle. Sarah (24) The knight in shining armor who doesn't always appear to be so. Sarah (27) superman sarahbeth (21) Spiderman Sarah Carlton (18) Classicly flawed men Sarah Hollinger (28) As a girl, I liked Dr. Christian from the radio dramas SarahSometimes (22) I'm not sure....Gatsby? If he is considered a hero? Sarah Taylor Vernarecci (19) - Sarah Taylor Vernarecci (19) I dont like the portrayal of men in literature sara luisa hincapie (23) The character of Aphrodite in Venus in Furs Sara Ortiz (27) The ones I created myself (at least a part of them) Sara P. (18) Sadly, I like my heros unprofessional, but funny Sarge18162 (13) none yet... 'the expression of an ideal' phew! sargual Orlando, charachters of teen-age boys, like in Selinger's Sasha (30) those who make bring an imaginary world to life Sasha Those that enhance the love I feel Sasha Hasanbegovic (26) James Bond, Skye O'Malley Sasha_M (34) Coach Sasha Sutton (22) those who give up the something as valuable as the gift of life selflessly. sat (20) Beleg. sauron (24) Those who are unafraid to be tender and soft-hearted, which shows more strength than physical strength or the ability to turn off emotions at will. Savannah (27) Sherlock Holmes, Scarlet Pimpernel, Jack Sparrow, Jean Valjean Savannah Henry (18) Jesus savannahw. (19) Mr Darcy, the Scarecrow Sax (32) Harry Potter Sax (8) Every character I meet scarletsquirrel (13) Patrick Bateman, King Arthur Scarlett (25) Spider-man, Batman, and Edmond Dantes schulzmk (26) Those who strive for something that cannot be accomplished. Scooter (29) Batman Scooter190 (21) Jason Bourne, Tom Sawyer Scott (60) The heroes of mythology and comics Scott (17) The chivalrous, gallant, romantic, courageous, charming, poetic, authentic, creative and the problem solvers Scott777 Odysseus and James Bond Scotty (18) aragon strider scotty (59) aragon strider scotty (59) Comedians Scotty I have many. From Raskolnikov to Han Solo. I find myself drawn to the characters who are compelled by circumstance to change the world as opposed to those who set out to. Screaming Bastard Child of the Apocalyps (23) Those that move ever forward instead of stagnation. Sean (19) The nerds and the geeks, especially those who don't get the girl. Sean D. Thompson (22) If they were heroes then they wouldn't be fiction. Sean Kennedy (22) Superheros like The Hulk and Superman Sean Reveille (19) El idiota, el mártir, el poeta, la viva encarnación de la belleza del autentico ser humano. Sebasagot (23) Philip Carey, Batman, and Prince Hal. Sebastian (18) the ones that are real, and even in their own nature of imperfection manage to get the best from everyone Sebastian H (18) proust said it perfectly: "those of romance and poetry, those who are the expression of an ideal rather than an imitation of the real" Sedona (16) Phileas Fogg (Around the World in Eighty Days); Winnie the Pooh; Unni (The Illicit Happiness of Other People); the protagonist in The Fall Sejal Ghia (24) Those who overcome all odds and obstacales and are humble in their success Selene H. Brent harry potter sella (17) The faithful sidekick -- always loyal, true, dependable, and forgiving SeraphimeRising (31) Mr. Darcy, Albus Dumbledore and Jeeves. Serena (26) The boy in Cormac McCarthy's The Road Serene Lim (24) those who carry on against the odds and stand by what they believe in serenity Prometheus, Cornelius Suttree, Lucifer, Yossarian, Don Juan, Humbert Humbert, Graham Greene's whisky priest, Seth Street (19) Go-getters. Sexismandthecity (28) The brilliant and caustic, such as Sherlock Holmes, Gregory House MD, and Dexter. Sgraham (28) Tony Starks from Iron Man S. Griffin (16) The ones who over come. shadoww420 (33) Fitzwilliam Darcy, Charles Marlow, Yossarian Shaina (22) Charlotte the spider ShaLo (66) the Skywalkers Shamir (13) Those who are able to change something Shana (22) The tragically romantic Shane (19) agustus from lonesome dove. travis bickle, cary grant shane (25) Any strong leader Shane Superhumans. Shanna (19) I say the Jean Valjeans. Shannon Cole (22) Batman Sharankumar Nadarajah (19) Romeo. Tony Montana. Shari (21) Jude. Sharice (22) All the ones who experience emotional pain - Anna Karenina and Hamlet SharonBillings Those who go through turmoil, work through it with aplomb & rise to the top Shauna (40) I have no heroes shaurora (64) ann rice, any one that writes books about love that has another deep meaning to it. Shawna (21) people who experience sadness but later find greatness shawna (17) people of action & violence shawpur (66) Heroes that overcome obstacles and suprise everyone Shaz (27) Romantic anti-heroes SHE (44) Those who are realistically flawed Shea (28) Two words: Lara Croft. sheavsey (21) The Cat in the Hat. Sheila D (55) Anne of Green Gables shelby robin hood shelby (15) The everyday people who care for others. Shelley (32) regular people who do things taht they ordinarly would know that helps build their character and make them a better person Shelly (17) Women that are confident of their own self worth and competence. Women who know or find the answers without relying on others to find the answers. Women who can get angry and not feel like apologizing immediately afterwards. Shellybelly1 (49) powerful men characters Shep Howard Romantic ones Sheri Women who have interesting lives and do interesting things, quite without the need for the interference of men. Sherry Fuller (41) uzumaki naruto shiela (18) Aragorn, Beren, Finrod Felagun; of the realm of Middle Earth Shig (29) Zeus Shiloh Moretti (16) Heroes in fiction remain in fiction, and I do not pursue them as heroes in real life. Shimomeiji (19) Odysseus, Gats, Orpheus Shina (28) Those that seek out the new in everything, who look on horizons new to them with wonder. Shinydan (34) mr darcy ShiversB (19) severus snape shodhana (20) Those of mystery and poetry, also thos who are real and not fake or an example or real shorty (14) Ones that are not bound by time or possibilities Shubhda (24) I don't have any shupiwe (35) Peacfully Shy (25) Writers of truth and humour Si (34) Sherlock Holmes Sibin (26) Proust's answer: "those who are the expression of an ideal rather than an imitation of the real'; unlikely heroes and heroines; underdogs who triumph Sid (57) Brimir and Hulda, The story of the blue planet. Google it SID (53) Those that do have greatness thrust upon them but rather prise it from destiny as their right to realize themselves. They do not pretend to selfless nor do they ignore the laws of probability. They understand their limitations and persevere despite them. Siddharth (23) David Copperfield Sidedrive (70) Highly intelligent social outsiders with dry wit Siena (21) atticus finch Sienna de Wilde (17) Scherezade, the Doctor's Wife in 'Blindness', the protagonist of 'The Flute Player', Cool Hand Luke Sierra Whiskey Those who have human qualities alongside the heroic ones Signe (22) Harry Potter Silvia (18) The pitful ones Simen (18) Holden Caufield, Daniel Plainview, Slater Simon (20) Peter Pen, who never aged because it was his wish. Simona (16) Holden Caulfield, Castaneda's don Juan, Harry Potter sinawae (27) of dystopian fiction sindjiro Don Quixote Sirena Wainford (17) Paul Atreides, Michael Valentine Smith Sirith (33) I have no earthly heroes. Sir Richard (52) Yossarian in Catch 22. Sixela Negomi Heroes called fools or people otherwise not believed or recognized as heroes. sj (23) Captain Jack Sparrow, Eomer, Raistlin Majere SJ (44) Gatsby, Karenin Sj (16) the outsiders skitalica (27) The infamous ones Skurge (17) Jean Valjean, John Keating Skytalker (26) those who are completely themselves and no one else sleepy (20) comic book heroes Slim Don Gately, Cornelius Suttree, Rust Cohle, Will Graham in Manhunter, Phillip Marlowe. Most of the characters I love I realize aren't great people, but those are a few of my favorites. Sloceface (23) Heroes are not perfect, even if in fictions. sluggishflow (22) superman sm (38) Those who are persistent while facing great adversity S. M. A. Armstrong (21) Bulgakov's cat - Behemoth Smaranda (33) Superman - the man of steel could surely be ready for a woman any time of day or night Smeghead jean valjean smithmarg (45) The ones who do what they do knowing that no one will ever credit them for it. smude The trickster snibab (19) Goku Snorkools (15) the everyman snorris (23) Odysseus and Achilles, great warriors each Snyde (38) Those with whom I share the best traits of my character, yet manage to make so much more than I So (22) Boku socksless those in coming of age novels Sofi (24) I agree wholeheartedly with Proust- those who are compassionate, idealistic, sprightly, innocent, gentle, and who also dwell, if not in truth, then in their minds, in a flowery meadow. Sofia (15) i haven't found anyone that connects to me so much that they come to mind straight away yet sofia (14) Joe March, Cat. Sofía Those who I can identify with. Sofia Picasso (14) V, Batman, Bastián Baltazar Bux, lots more... Sofía P. S. (20) Barney Stinson, Spider-Man, Batman, Robin Hood and Romeo Sofyzitahh (23) I have no heroes of fiction. All my heroes are alive, or have been alive at some point. solitary confinement (44) I don't really have any. Batman? Solomon (24) uncompromising individuals that succeed through their hard work and action SolomonGrundy (45) Those who pull themselves from darkness to light. Sombra (20) Sherlock Holmes, Atticus Finch, Cyrano de Bergerac Some random person (16) superman Sonet P Holden Caulfield Sonia (25) Joe, Timofey, Mr. Darcy, Lennie Small Sonya Dahl (21) mafalda sooz (38) Unconventional ones. Sophia (25) Sir Gawain, Hector of Troy, Hades God of the Underworld, Mr. Darcy Sophie (20) Sal Paradis and Dean Moriarty Sophie (17) The Idiot (Myshkin), The Little Prince, Holden Caulfield Sophie those who think for themselves. Sophie Cassandra of Troy Sorrow (23) those of fantasy wuxia and romance, who are resolute in their paths of life souma (32) peaceful communal living SoundofWater (35) Those who inspire, teach virtue by example and embody growth. Sourabh Bharadwaj (21) Fabrizio del Dongo (The Charterhouse of Parma. S.P. (20) Jude Fawley sp3ccylad (44) i tend to like real heroes with human flaws Spacebug (42) The ones that reflect the same attributes as me Spacey (24) Characters who demonstrate strength and weakness Sparrow (46) Sherlock Holmes and John Watson Sparrow (17) Count of monte cristo, spider man Special K Those that pull me far from the reality of this world and teach me the pragmatic Speck (36) My own Spencer (25) The neutral heroes and villains of comic books, for they see the truth as is and do not hold the world against it. Spencer Stewart Luke Skywalker, Optimus Prime, and Voltron, the Defender of the Universe. Spencer Valdez (11) K.I.T.T., Optimus Prime, Captain Kirk, and Kick-Ass. Spencer Valdez (12) superman spider (66) Those who overcome great odds through all skills, both wits and physique. Spike Spiegel Count Dracula, Satan from Paradise Lost, and Mr. Hyde (who stomps a girl to death) Spina Bifida romantic and pathetic Srishti Gupta (19) ssssssssssssssssssss sssssssssssssssssssss (23) Dr.Seuss and Shel Silverstien ssv (40) Robinson Crusoe stan (54) Anyone, really Star (11) Those who I can relate to Starflower (19) Peter pan Ste (16) The heroes with the most faults Ste (26) all are heroes! Stella (28) Optimus Prime, Shaft, Superman, the Invisible Man, Jason Bourne Stella (53) Sherlock Holmes Steph is not every human life fiction? Steph Horatio Hornblower, Will Parry, Homer Wells, Huckleberry Finn Stephanie (23) Jesus Stephanie (21) Those who start out as weaklings and grow. Stephanie (18) Will and Lyra from His Dark Materials, Harry Potter, and Jay Gatsby, Sherlock Holmes stephanie (13) Hercule Poirot Stephanie (49) those who are know their goals and achieve it stephanie (20) All the dandies from Wilde's plays purely because there is nothing I quite admire as wit. Stephanie Yt (21) Pickwick; Raskolnikov of Crime and Punishment stephbsemilla (40) The boys in The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier & Clay Stephen (56) anti heroes, who disagree with everyone whether there right or not Stephen (26) adventure seekers Stephen (78) wolverine Stephen Stacks Batman. Reason why is because he doesn't have any superpowers, he relies on his brain and his gadgets. I think that's the kind of man everyone wants to be. Steve (20) Paul Atreides Steve (53) Owen Meany, Falstaff, Frodo Steve those that embody truth and compassion Steve (23) Harry Potter and Percy Jackson Steve (56) Those who write about strange things but express great virtue in human beings Steve Hanawalt (56) Dr. Manhattan, Cloud Strife, Gandalf Steve K (27) Dorian Gray, Winston Smith, and Bartleby. Steven Hayward (47) john wayne Steven Porter (21) Odysseus, Chaplin's Tramp, Batman Steve Shives (29) vampires stoffie (26) english patient stojan (32) Leda and the Swan and all those tormented by the Greek Gods. Stork Daddy The justice league. Stormy (17) a true spirit a poetic one...a romantic STP (24) solitary men who do not betray their idealism in the face of social pressure, Sherlock Holmes, The Hero in Hamsun's "Hunger", stradling I enjoy the comedic romantic hero in film, the intelligent, athletic heroine sidekick... the genius children heroes STUPID IDIOT (0) Those who transcend beyond that cage of fiction and influence someone real. Subhartho (26) Florentino Ariza, and Albus Dumbledore. Characters who are at once protagonists and their own antagonists. subtlesteph (21) those who persevere despite the odds Sue (49) those that achieve goals for themselves, not others Sumi Any charicter of great humor. Summer (28) The anti-heroes. Sunbul (18) All Heroes of Historical fictions Sundaraa (32) god(s). sunny Indiana Jones sunshineguerilla (28) Harry Bosch, Bennie Griessel SuperflyTNT Holden Caulfield, Franny and Zooey Superwoman (19) Miss Marple,Hercule Poirot,and Sherlock Holmes Susan (63) those which overcome loss and adversity and experience adventure with heroics Susan (63) The protagonists in horror novels. Susan Collins (21) Those who are able to change their lives to achieve happiness with no regard to their previous circumstances Susie (20) Nicholas Stavrogin and the gothic male susie karpasitis (26) Those who help their fellow man and all animals Susie Q (73) tom sawyer suzanne Zooey Glass, Clarissa Dalloway Suzanne (41) Don Quixote. Suzanne Cohen (53) john smith Suzy (19) Intrepid Scots Swallow Those well written Swan (75) John Galt, Roland Deschain Switz (29) those with strength of character in the face of temptation sybann (50) Edmond Dantes, Max Fischer, Sherlock Holmes, Mr. Darcy Sydchez Those of romance and action. Sydney Kilbane (18) the imitation of the real t1 batman T (19) Those who are always able to win but are willing to lay down their lives for others T (26) Witty hereos T (18) I admire wonder woman. T (20) The characters who transform, whether it be in the form of film, novel or poem. I prefer darkness into light, but the reverse can reveal so much. T.A. (34) I like Captain Li Shang...he's not your average hero Tabitha Murray (42) Just as in real life, those who rush in where others run away Taeleyn My favorite heroes of fiction is tris in divergent tagada (12) Пеппи Длиныйчулок. Серьезно. Ну и Саня Григорьев из 2х капитанов TAHbKA Those who can use their strenght or geniosity to protect life instead of destroying it. tahma The strong diplomat, one who protects with might action and bright words tai (22) none tal (13) The underdogs, the inventive and the always true. Talbot Logan (41) Bigger Thomas and Batman Tallulah (29) He's not fiction, but Jesus Christ indeed TAMAR (23) willlam shakespeare, edgar allen poe and hunter s. thompson. tamera miller (33) Romeo or any dashing romantic man TAMERA MILLER (35) romeo, odiseo, perseo, wolverine tanichis (32) batman Tanner (15) the Faye sisters, Jaecar Faye, Aradette Vermil Tanwen Aschtherlar Tormey (18) I love women like Lizzie Bennet from Pride and Prejudice and Jo March from Little Women because I wish I could be more like them. Tara (37) my heroes favorite heroes of fiction is tartine2002 (12) Women Tash (29) Those who represent that which I believe in and/or wish I could be. Captain America, Batman, Percy Jackson, and Thom Creed. Tatiana (17) Holden Caulfield (Catcher in the Rye), Sebastian Flyte (Brideshead Revisited), Francis Abernathy (The Secret History), Oedipus (Oedipus King) Tatiana (21) Edgar Allan Poe and anyone who indulges in pain for beauty to come out. Tatiz (19) my favorite heroes in fiction is mikey mouse taureau2002 (13) Robinson Crusoe Taylor (54) The ones that come riding in on a white horse to sweep their girl off her feet Taylor (24) Iron man Taylor (15) Men of bravery and compassion, intelligence and inner beauty; those who overcome obstacles to become who they are. Edward Rochester, Newland Archer. Taylore Dawn (18) Odysseus/Ulysses, assorted anti-heroes (Robin Hood), the troubled characters of Poe's work, Tommy Creo, Nina Sayers Taylor Van Allen (24) Robert Langdon tazmur (26) Don Quixote TB Those who have made feminist history--the Gloria Steinems and the Merle Hoffmans of the world. tbkemz (42) Jake Barnes, Jeeves & Wooster, James Bond, Tom Ripley, Richard Sharpe, Charles Ryder, Nick Charles... T. Christopher Cox (43) Don Quixote, Christ, Oskar Matzerath, Tom Joad, Indiana Jones, Sun Wukong, King Arthur Tebvy (24) Batman Ted (26) those who overcome odds to find happiness Tee (40) Heathcliff Teehee (18) anti heroes, romantic heroes TEESHA (27) Those that have many flaws but have good intentions Tekoa Butler The ones that are ugly in appearance, but more strong and more beautiful than you could ever know in real life. Teleute (17) Michael Scofield Teme (18) Ironman Tenia (17) I might have an answer for this, but i cant think of one for now....sooooo lets say batman cus he's batman Tennrox I might have an answer for this, but i cant think of one for now....sooooo lets say batman cus he's batman Tennrox The writer himself, if he can make me FEEL. Teresa (43) Dinah from the Bible, Ruth from the Bible Teresa (43) Mr Darcy teri (73) the ones that resemble e the most terios (21) Those of strong emotion but stronger mind Terra (22) Cyrano, Don Quixote de la Mancha, Harry Potter Terry (41) Dr Zhivago Terry (66) people like Gandaulf and Sam (LOTR) selfless Heroes who give all for the overall good. TerryG (49) none Terrylee (35) those who are expressions of ideals and visionaries Terrylynn0609 (39) THE GREEK GODS(yay but they did exist) AND I, FOR MY GRANDEUROUS DREAMS. TERRY YORK II geniouses tess (24) Those who give selflessly Tess (53) tall, dark and handsome swooners and the nerdy, quiet ones Tess Calopedos (17) Heathcliff and The Flying Dutchman (Hendrik van der Decken) Tess Fiennes (40) edmund dantes, jean val jean tg (48) The dragons of the Temeraire books (irrespective of gender), Jeeves, Asterix, Fred and George Weasley, Lord Peter Wimsey, Psmith. Thambi (24) the wise men who are also eccentric thatchaa (17) Neo that guy #999 (29) Suttree, Jake Barnes That New Chris Sloce (18) Any who are honestly flawed thebabycub (39) Anyone who will sacrifice his or her well-being for the people they love The Beast Xena, Warrior Princess The Big Liddle (31) The one's that get the goals they have set forth, even if it is not winning the race The Boss V, Kilgore Trout The Desert (22) The Doctor. Aragorn. Tarzan. Zorro. TheDoctor76 (35) James Bond The Essential Man (26) Someone who is able to sacrifice for others TheFear77 (23) idealists theGeneral (19) batman the grill (31) Winston Smith, Mercucio, Robert Neville The hungry caterpillar (29) There are no heros in fiction. The Imprecise Duke Of Phonology (77) Randal Graves and Batman The Josh Rollins (21) Hades, Lord Of Death The Man In The Brown Hat Sherlock Holmes, Basil Of Baker Street, & too many others to mention The Mouse Avenger (20) Beowulf Theo Atticus Finch and Bartimaeus the Djinni because they weren't afraid to stray from the mainstream to stand up for the right theravenette (15) Atticus Finch and Bartimaeus the Djinni, for they weren't afraid of straying from the mainstream to stand up for the right people theravenette (15) Holden Caulfield, Hamlet, Julian Carax Theresa (22) Gleb Nerzhin of Solzhenitsyn's First Circle, Hector of Troy in The Iliad The Roomba Mifi (28) King Arthur and Lancelot Thia (29) The small stoic characters who do what is right no matter the difficulty Thinplank (40) The chill or evil Thom (23) Those who fight the good fight, those who are ideals unto themselves Thomas (16) hi Thomas (16) anything which is relative & emotionally imported- that is, not an ideal but a lesson. ThomasM Gimli, Mario Incandenza Thor Hammerstein (16) Vagabonds who share their wisdom and artists that warm the soul. Thothanatos92 (23) The ones that still seem human. They have faults. thoughtlessdreamer (15) Tyler durden, Dracula. Thrakish (18) superman Three D (40) Those heroes humbly born who rise to their heroism when facing temptation or death without sacrificing their humanity Thunderpussy (48) Hamlet, Quixote, Ivan Ilytch, David Copperfield Tiago Moura (15) Hamlet, Holden Caulfield, Yossarian Tianna Of the many books I have read during my lifespan, the heroes I most resonate with are King Arthur and Conan, the Barbarian. Tianna Alysia Kallan (37) Nobody tick strong moral people who stand up for what they believe in no matter what tiffany Women who overcome obstacles Tiffany (44) Not that in to reading. Tiffany Beatty (19) zooey glass tiffany; (lifefromtheshelf.blogspot.com) (17) survivors TiffanyTee (26) Those with no fear to express themselves, stand up for what they believe, without being shy Tiger and Lions Those who do good for man kind, like Batman. Tim (27) Prometheus, Atticus Finch, Dienekes, John Ottway Tim The Doctor, Sherlock Holmes, Faramir, Remus Lupin, Abraham Van Helsing Tim (24) Frodo Baggins, Samuel from East of Eden tim Yossarian Tim Odysseus and Jason (Argonauts optional). Tim Proser (17) Winston Smith (1984) Tim Sandle Those that transcend their limitations timwarnock (34) Harry Potter, Lyra Silvertongue, Atticus Finch Tina (32) The men that teach of peace and strength of men. Tina (44) Elizabeth Bennett Tini non Tinkoo (24) Ignatius J. Reilly, Prot & Donald P. Shimoda tintoy (54) Frodo Baggins, Samwell Tarly, Octavian Nothing, and other less-than-heroes forced away from their education to better mankind in some way. Tinuvielyra Jane Austen's characters for their ability to love Tivia Stewart (40) Sydney Carton tj (39) Captain america, superman,Black panther T-man (18) Those that begin as cowards. Tobias Budge (25) I tend to root for the underdog. Tobyn Sebastian (24) He hasn't been written yet. Todd Hellboy, Indiana Jones Tofu (19) Those of adventures and wars. Tom (21) Those who express remorse following expressive acts of deviance Tom G (19) Tyrion lannister, house, tony stark Tom Leach (19) Those who do not know they were written to be believed Tommy (19) Yossarian, Rufus T. Firefly Tommy Boy (24) Hunter S. Thompson Tom Suski (28) The heroes that face society's status-quo. The ones brave enough to fight a tyrannical system. Tongbite Matt (36) I have a new favorite, Rey, from Star Wars. Toni (48) I prefer real-life, ordinary people who portray realistic and attainable heroism Toni Spimoni Heathcliff, from Wuthering Heights; and Cain, in José Saramago's Cain Toño Cabrera-Pereyra (31) Frodo (Lord of the rings) Jason Bourne, Tony (48) Professor X from the X-men. A man whose talents are used to back his convictions. Tony (30) Those who overcome Tony (17) Anti-heroes Tony (17) My favorite heroes of fiction are anyone that come out safe and unhurt at the end and are the protagonist of the story. Tonya Jones (39) Not characters...but the writers of fiction themselves. That they can weave and create a world that they can share with others is incredible. toosnowoman Don't read fiction. Hester Prynn maybe??? Toria (37) Batman. Torsksåsen (22) little women jo tracey Those that were I now find were rather lonely, sad, depressing people. tracynle (20) spiderman, superman, Ghandi Tracy TB (45) Batman travis Romeo Travis (25) Robin hood. Travis Mask (49) The classical heroines Treatie (49) .. TREE (21) Alice and my secret self. Tree Girl (29) Rocky Trent Duval (28) Shakespeare's heroes and Peter pan and the little prince Tres bien (43) Superman Trevor In fiction, I love to see characters how overcome and beat the odds. Trevor (24) I rather like Dostoevsky's man in White Nights; again with the love unrequited Trevor McSwain (24) Don Corleone, Batman, Count of Monte Cristo tri Jesus, Jack Donaghy, Tricky Vicky Oscar Wao, the Little Prince, You from How to Get Filthy Rich in Rising Asia Trinity Chapa (15) independent successful women who find love and build a family triplet (30) Knights, heros, lovers. . . the honest and sacrificial. . Trish Duck Drake, Draco Malfoy, Wizard Howl, Bruce Wayne, Anthony Crowley, Zooey Glass, John Dorian, Haku Trisha (17) Romanticism characters Trisha (29) King Author and the Knights of the Round Table Tristan (14) The Dude Trixie those of hemingway and steinbeck trotter (30) Hardy Boys and Edgar Allan Poe Troy Casa (50) Dionisus tsiou (33) . tt (27) The lovers and learners, artists and scientists, and above all, the passionate Turk (24) Ulysses, Deckard turnbull (27) Tom Ripley Turnus Elphaba, Glinda and Nettarose from Wicked. Turtle Heart edward rochestor tutu the anti-heroes, the misunderstood, the ones with a twist Twigtwill (21) The brave. Those who fight and live and do so for a true value. Twillightdoom (17) Alexis Zorba twondbestbed (34) Heroes who arne't particularly heroic. Who achieved what I never have. Maurice and Sebastian Flyte. Ty (18) Mercutio Tyler (24) Those who rise up against all odds Tyler (16) Those willing to sacrifice everything for what they believe in. Tyler Scott (41) Idealists in crisis. Theo in Westmark, Quixote, Optimus Prime (in the classic Transformers), Peter Parker Ty-test Sponge bob and homer Simpson and jr Ewing Uccman (51) Holden Udan Outwort (61) Those who are cynical and idealists at the same time and those who love and fight and create with passion. Uddhipan Thakur (24) Holden Caulfield, Scout in To Kill a Mockingbird uiioop (17) Those who fight against and win over evil Uma (63) Dr. House umd.16 (20) Maurice (from E.M. Forster's Maurice) Michael Tolliver (from A. Maupin's Tales of the City), Antigone UnoZen Winnie the Pooh, Linus of the Peanuts comics, Siddhartha, Gandalf Ursus M. H. Spelaeus (59) Cyrano, Hamlet, Chow Mo-Wan (in the mood for love) (Yeah, I am a sucker for romantic losers) V (27) Calvin and Hobbs Val (31) Don Vito Corleone Valdano (23) None so far. Valentina (17) I prefer to worship the authors/poets instead. Valeria Ryrak (21) None yet Valtharos (22) Sherlock holmes Van (22) Montag in Farenheit 451 Vanessa (31) merlin vanessa (33) Dumbledore Vanessa Cardui (43) Athos, Pierre Bezukhov and many more vard95 People with the courage to find their genius and find circumstances arranged to their success. Varna (25) sal paradise Vato (39) ones with personal emotion Vbonita (28) Greek heroes VBozic (40) Faust Vedada (28) Alexander veejay (32) Severus Snape, Karna, Veera Charles DIckens Venky (36) Fitzchivalry Farseer, because of the extent to which he suffered to do what was right. Ventricle (24) Bleek Gilliam (Mo' Better Blues), Jake Epping (11/22/63), Scooter (7 League Boots) Vernon B. Williams (45) Horror, Horrow ithe elements of a thriller. Verona Jones (59) Ivan Karamazov, The Kid from Blood Meridian, and Sergeant X from nine stories Veronica (20) Dr. Watson and Batman, but I consider Batman to be real. Veronique (18) couldn't say - haven't read much fiction in adulthood Vesan (33) the musicians vi (20) The unsung sidekicks like Sam Gamgee or Watson, without whom the story would never be told Vi (22) spys Vic (46) King Arthur Vicki none vicky (26) Julia, Naked Vicky (24) People unafraid to be weird, but who also have good souls Victoria (37) The Scarlet Pimpernel. Victoria (59) Atticus, Jonathan Kent, and Harry Potter Victoria (16) The ones who have their crap together Victoria (23) Cat woman and super girl Victoria The Doctor (specifically the 10th). Jon Snow. Odysseus. Tony Stark. Victoria Song (22) Myself. Victor Shade (27) Those who are intellectual and idealist... Victor Trevor (23) ponyboy vicurbabdaddy idiots who think they're in control are my favorite. Hubris wins videoalex The Count of Monte Cristo, for his determination. The main character of Slaughterhouse-Five, for the depiction of life simply being thrust upon one. Owen Meany, for his faith in what he believes. Jacob, for his willingness to work and perservere for love. Vijay Pierce (23) dunno vik (25) warriors, with courage and compassion vikram (34) Hari Seldon, Captain Nemo, Andrei Bolkonski Vikram Krishnan (24) Those who lead, and put smiles on those who are in pain. Viktor (28) Harry Potter Viktor (19) Tyrion Lannister, Lord Toranaga, the Grey Mouser, the Underground Man Viktor Corzich (35) Those who are as deep and strange as Severus Snape Viktor Sigareff (19) Winnie The Pooh Village Of Brooklin (45) Ivan Karamzaov, Dr Percival Ulysses Cox, and of course the Green Lantern Vincent (19) i don't know vinnie smalls (15) the ones who see the world contrary to the mainstream VinnyGreenock72 Ones who are complex and well-developed, who show that human beings are never all good nor all bad. Violet (18) Champions of lost causes Viorel (25) The ones who aren't afraid to save the world by doing terrible things. Virginia (20) The ones who are humble and accept their victory as something small. Virginia (12) not the mad, not the cliche elite, not the empty poor visualizations (22) the great gatsby Viv (14) I don't have a heroes of fiction favorite. Vivi (13) George from Of Mice and Men Vivian Those who are fortunate enough with knowledge, who despise ingnorance and are of great tenacity Vivianne Liliaceae Aspho Vilth Those characters which closely resemble real, yet stand out for their sheer determination and will to not conform to the society when it comes to making decisions VK (22) the typical ordinary girl becomes extraordinary, or guy is super cool but cares for others Vorspiel Satori (16) The characters whicj resemble my personality Vs (18) Fun, daring men that love and respect women. vur Mine are Artemis Fowl, Percy Jackson and Harry Potter Wacky Chocolate Goblin (11) Gilgamesh Waleed (32) I don't know about heroes but I like Rick Blaine- Casablanca Wallace (85) Frederic Moreau. Walter (19) Starbuck, The Little Prince, Huckleberry Finn, Le Grand Meaulnes Wanda (26) The voice of the oppressed and the liberator of the deprived masses Watson (27) Jack Sparrow, The Doctor, Chuck Bartowski. wattc128 Amelia earharde waulk (15) Most of my heros were real people. waypast Mo Folchart Wendy (34) Iron Man, Captain America Wendy (22) Harry Potter or those who are courageous and adventurous Wendy (23) V in V for Vendetta, the Tramp, Thomas in Unbearable Lightness of Being, Wendy Chase (47) Those who are honest and those who interpretate their own life. wendysday (20) I don't look up to anyone fictional Wes (17) thinkers whim (40) The ones who make truth known. Whitney (19) Detective Foyle, Frodo Whitney Sorenson (33) The gods of War amd Fire WHMIV (30) tragic heroes, like Boromir whosbecks (36) Those who risk the life to fight for the country Widmy Pierre Louis (21) batman and robin wiff (15) Rose from titanic Wikiki Any character that see's the world beyond his/her self. Will (26) I feel I can answer no better than Proust himself Will (22) Aragorn Willamid (20) the thinkers, questioners, and rebels William (43) X-men Willow Skylor James Joyce's autobiographical character in the Portrait of an Artist as a Young Man Will RF (23) Atticus Finch, Ramona Quimby, Robin Hood, Jo March, Huckleberry Finn, Lewis Carrol's Alice, Puck, The Little Prince, Pippi Longstocking, and Wonder Woman! Wilma (33) Leslie Knope Win (22) Portia, Tom Sawyer, Lestat winterjewel (36) Samwise Gamgee, Frodo Baggins, Legolas Greenleaf, Neville Longbottom, and really anyone who pursues their dreams and isn't afraid to take the first step wintermellen (14) batman, xmen in general wise madman (28) atticus finch and odysseus wizz The Count of Monte Cristo WJ (43) Don Quixote Wolf Anything that involved gunslingers Wolf (NA) dogs, wolves and other mammals Wolffy (67) I've always been more into anti-heroes. Wormsie (24) my limited knowledge prevents me from answering this question wowderry (54) Ones who overcome personal and/or temperamental obstacles in order to pursue worthy ideals Wren (22) People who overcome gigantic leaps and bounds to get what they truely desire. Wyteria (20) Grendel. Xan Etienne The antihero; A God Xavier (18) Albus Dumbledore Xer (23) those whose lives sparkled life the twikle of the stars to shine on the others and left their lights(spirits and ideas) behind after their travelings to this world Xialing Gan (27) i dont know names at the moment xxx (26) V XYZ (17) those that give me the most hope of the future xyzz (20) Hannibal lecter Y (15) Those who's lives are not in thier hands, and they struggle to gain them back yair eshel (30) Atticus Finch. Yaisha (19) Those with strong morals. Yale (20) , manik, raj Yamini (17) Jack Kerouac and Miyazaki's protagonists Yeen (20) Elizabeth from Pride & Prejudice, Owen Meany, Big Red Yehudster (60) Duryodhana, as he questions he hindu cast system despite being labeled a villian yesh (25) Those who go against the grain and stick to their truth no matter what. Yi (24) those who are the expression of an ideal rather than an imitation of the real yogi (22) mis heroe son de carne y hueso para poder imitarlos yoko (28) superman yolanda (43) Optimus Prime Yomaine (13) Most all of John Irving's marvelously flawed characters yonderways (58) sakata gintoki Yordan Valkov (24) Sherlock Holmes, and so others novel characters Yuki (20) Batman Yulissa (18) spiderman Yulissa (19) The ones whom imagine a way to escape the mundane. Z (31) Power and Energy coupled with omniscience balanced with wisdom Z John Wayne Zac (28) All of the presidents before Theodore Roosevelt. Zach (13) Heros neither inhabit nor depend on fiction. Zach (26) Harry Seldon and the master chief Zach Byronic heroes, or those who are quirky and religious. Zachary (25) Sydney Carton; Silas Marner; Huck Finn; Rev. Dimmesdale Zachary (27) Tristram Shandy, Leopold Bloom, Ishmael, Jane Eyre, Robinson Crusoe Zachary Batman. Zachary Echo Auburn (17) hamlet and alex from clockwork orange zach taylor (17) Those with exceptional power, but are still coming into it. ex: Percy Jackson Zach Tibbs (20) strong women Zana (38) Aeneas Zar (21) The princess who takes up the sword; The fool who speaks wisdom; The freak who unites humanity Zara My confidence Zay (18) George, from George's Marvellous Medicine zebratitle (24) Chewbacca zed (25) haruki murakami, leonard cohen, milan kundera Zee (21) Badass characters that i have shared traits with. Characters who I aspire to be. Zee (17) Those who are strong but still have the capacity for love zetababy some one who lives up to his/her own reputation, ready to take a plunge just to get what he/her wants, someone is not afraid of failing Zhen Zhu (18) Falstaff, Isabel Archer, Wooster, too many to list. zig Toshiro Mifune in Sanjuro and Yojimbo. Someone who is crafty, self-sufficient and defiant in the face of adversity. Zigmant (19) Scarle Pimpernel zizi (55) Those who are the most alive: Macbeth, Donnie Darko, Lester Burnham Zozobra (17) those of science fiction,those who are time travelers and galactic explorers Zyg (65) 花木兰,祝英台,亲情上:一个替父从军,爱情里:一个为了爱情以身殉情 杨婷婷 (24) Allah lamp inside of the devil. 简直 (25) Allah lamp inside of the devil. 简直 (25) Allah lamp inside of the devil. 简直 (25)

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