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Who are your favorite characters in history?

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Charlie Chaplin, Nikola Tesla, Leonardo Da Vinci. 009 (19) Hitler, Farage, and Thatcher. 0Miles (16) adf 1 Kierkegaard 50ad (17) 888 666 Pliny the Elder, Protagoras the Sophist, Ole Worm, Auden (if he counts as historical yet), Quentin Crisp A Albert Camus, Charles Bukowsky A. (27) Ching Shih the badass pirate A (26) Adi Shankaracharya, John Muir, Hildegard Von Bingen, Sri Ramana Maharshi A. Bohr, Socrates, Einstein A (26) Henry 8th who is the worlds most interesting man AA (23) I don't know. aaaaaaa (18) Benjamin Franklin, Socrates, Hannibal, Frederick Douglass, Mark Twain AAAKKK Mikhail Bakhtin, Fyodor Dostoevsky, Roland Barthes, Bertrand Russell, Foucault, Jose Rizal aag (22) Strong intellectual characters who have a mix of humor and compassion with a healthy dose of wisdom and willingness to learn aallisonr (30) Dr. King, Ghandi, Lincoln, Milk Aaron (32) Albert Einstein, all the philosophers and the scientists. Aaron (16) marilyn monroe Aaron Huxley, Montaigne, Moitessier, Bobby Kennedy, Rilke Aaron Guy Leroux (37) A mixture of Alex Rider, Jace Herondale, Percy Jackson, and Harry Potter Aarushi Agarwal (13) Jesus Christ, Siddharta Guitama (The Buddha), Mary Wollstonecraft, Emma Goldman, Nelson Mandela Abbie (22) Robin Williams, Vincent VanGoch, Leonardo DaVinci, Louise Pastieur. Abbie Hartley Mark Twain, Nikola Tesla, Gregory Peck, Audrey Hepburn, Leo Tolstoy, Marcel Proust, John Updike. Abby (26) E.H. Harriman and John Muir pop up. Harriman for his service to SF and Muir because he was such a loner. AbbySF any character that is true to himself Abegando (28) Joan of Arc Abigail Harris (10) Frida,Kalho, Renior, many other artists and woman who broke glass ceilings in their professions, and single moms. ABP (50) Jesus, Budha, Ghandi Abraham (41) G.K. Chesterton and Hiliare Belloc, Marc Chagall, Beethoven, Salvidor Dali Abs Lugh, de killer av de demons. Acara McFadden (28) Louis Riel, Laura Secord, Tecumseh, Jesus because I don't understand the legend surrounding the man and I like to discuss it, Amelia Earhart without the tragic ending, Alan Turing, I'll think of more later. A Caring Tea (51) Ghandi, Cleopatra, Spartans, MLK, The Kennedys ACH (23) Jefferson, Lincoln A. Clifford Stowe (81) Those who dare to question social mores and political ideas Adam (22) George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, my grandpa Adam (25) Thomas Moore, Toilkein Adam (20) Lao Tzu, Homer, Alan Turing Adam Hyde (26) Augustus, Caesar, Theodore Roosevelt, Ronald Reagan Adam Seline (30) Su Dongpo adieudusk Akbar Aditya (25) Periander. Admiral Love (33) Mohammad, Ghandi, Nelson Mandella, Martin Luther King Jr. Adonia (40) Spartacus, Vlad the Impaler, and anyone who remotely makes me feel anything when I learn of them. Adrian (18) John Lennon, Marilyn Monroe, Edie Sedgwick Adriana (16) hitler Adriana (16) Napoleon Bonaparte, Queen Elisabeth 1st, Barack Obama adriana (45) Hitler Adriana The ones who aren't functional devices but givers of actual food for thought. Adrian Bauza (20) Vlad Tepes, Hitler, Napoleon, Carl Jung. Adrian George Nicolae (24) Dubhaltach Mac Fhirbhisigh, Casanova, Jimi Hendrix Adrian Martyn (34) Martin Luther King Jr, Micheal Jackson, Tupac Adrianna (18) My grandpa Adrianna (18) Mohammed, Osama Bin Laden, Ayman al-Zawahiri AdrianOz (45) Gregor Mendel because of his conviction in his ideas on genetics despite the world shutting him out and Albert Camus. Adrian Winters (17) augustus caeser, and tacitus Ady (22) Abraham Lincoln, Gandhi, F. Scott Fitzgerald aetilson (41) dostoevsky + emerson + baudrillard + speakers of wisdom a.g. (23) Jesus,Einstein, Wittgestein agagagaga (24) Julius Ceaser and Alexander, the Great Agent00V (18) Napoleon A.G. Mata (21) D. Afonso Henriques Agneska (20) Queen Elizabeth agony (25) Elizabeth I, Maria-Theresa of Austria, and Matilda of England Agreen (29) Strong women. Agu (21) too many and yet I don't think I know them very well to list them as absolute favorites. Agustina (27) Nero, Julius Caesar, Cicero. Franco and Salazar. A Half Empty Beaker the prophet ahmad (27) Jose Rizal Ai (21) Hektor, Omer, Aida (22) Bill Hicks, John Lennon and Kant Aidan (21) Shakespeare, Gandhi, Einstein, Mother Teresa. Aidan Devlin (15) Those with lovely darkness in their hearts. Aiden Teddy Roosevelt, Muhammad Ali, Winston Churchill Aiden (17) ronald reagan, abraham lincoln, ferdinand marcos, martin heidegger, fyodor dostoevsky and margaret thatcher aiko (20) heliogabales, Felix Yusupoff, King Ludwig II aimée (22) Jesus Christ aimee.dawson (21) Martin Luther King, Jr.; Bobby Kennedy; Bill Clinton Aisha Milburn (32) all who have done good for their people aishu (14) The Third Duke of Norfolk, Cardinal Wolsey, Pope Alexander VI, Admiral Lord Nelson A.J. (27) Julius Caesar AJ (18) Koshovyi Otaman Ivan Sirko Ajam (21) Tomas and Tereze. Ajay (17) George W. Bush, Billy the Kid, Ronald Reagan, Hank Aaron, Elvis Presley, and James Dean Ajm9511 (21) mother teresa akansha (26) Every woman who has stood for female rights, especially when they risked their lives for their own rights. akanthe (19) Shakespeare, Cervantes, Mohammad, and Darwin. Akbar Shahzad (20) Those who made good decisions for the big picture while also being mindful of the small things Aki Francis Drake, Baron Oppenheimer Aks (20) Alcibiades, "Like a lion!" Al (28) Those born to Royalty and able to be good and benevolent despite that fate. Al (55) Winston Churchil Alan (58) Marie Antoinette, Joan of Arc, Queen Elizabeth I Alan (14) Marie Antoinette, Joan of Arc, Hypatia Alan (14) Ariel Sharon, Henry Rollins, Meyer Lansky, Theodore Roosevelt Alan Arkin (44) Coco Chanel and Simone de Beauvoir AlbaManuela (18) François I; the Lumière brothers Albertine (29) I'm honestly not sure. Alden Lee Klaput (18) The individuals who disturbed humanity enough to galvanize them to think differently Aldonza77 (47) Albert Camus, Julio Cortazar and Jean Paul Sartre. Ale (28) The ones who changed the game, therefore, will always remain known Alecia John F. Kennedy, Adolf Hitler, Mark Antony, Napoleon Bonaparte, Vlad Tepes, Countess Bathory, Robespierre. Alecksi Kant, Nietzsche, David Bowie, DFW Alejandro Amoretti (28) Salvador Dali, Bach, Mozart, alek (20) Those who sacrificed human comforts for a higher purpose and to advance human knowledge Aleksei Kotsov (63) caesar alessa (21) Montanelli, Rommel, Franz Josef I Alessandro Pian (30) franz josef Alessio Lucchini (46) Jesus Christ, C.S. Lewis, Albert Einstein, Norman Rockwell, Margaret Meade Aletha Camack Perhaps General Mannerheim. Alex Euripides, Jean Genet, and Walter Benjamin Alex (22) Any that have been able to hold their ground Alex (17) ancient greeks alex (38) tennessee williams, louisa may alcott, oscar wilde alex (23) Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Greta Garbo Alex (17) Anne frank Alex (21) barack obama, harper lee, cesar chavez Alex (23) arnold pomer Alex (17) Napoleon, Iuliu Maniu Alex (32) Abraham Lincoln, Thomas Edison, and the Alien that brought the Rock. Alexander (33) Tony perry, jaime Perciado, Mike fuentes, vic fuentes, Jared padalecki, Jensen ackles. Alexander (19) Elizabeth I Alexandra (27) Those who exposed the truth. Those who changed the course. Alexandra (19) Voltaire, Walt Whitman, Leonardo DaVinci. Alexandra (24) Some sort of strange hybrid of Natasya Fillipovna, Lux Lisbon, and Puck. Alexandra (18) Winston Churchill Alexandra (15) Ann Bolyen, Alexandra (24) oscar wild Alexandra Bryhter (24) Edgar Allen Poe Alexandra Campbell (26) Oh the female pirates in history, women like Anne Bonny,Mary Read and Jeanne de Clisson Alexandra SweetTale4u Cruz Louis XIV Alexandre (28) st francis of assisi AlexandriaHMerlin (40) Aristotle and Socrates AlexandriaLHash (30) Joan of Arc, Fryderyk Chopin, Mikołaj Kopernik and every Polish soldier. alexandrine (15) Jackie Robinson Alex Brooks (18) Karl Heinrich Ulrichs, Mary Wolstonecraft, Jeremy Bentham Alex C. Johnathan Edwards, a preacher; Martin Luther King Jr., a pioneer; Richard Nixon, a prevaricator Alexis Johnson (19) Jimi Hendrix of course. Aley (60) Robin hood al-g (24) Jesus Christ, Mother Teresa, Gandhy. Ali (37) Benjamin Franklin, Mustafa Kemal Ataturk. Ali A. Rizvi Charles Darwin Alice Marie Curie Alicein1derland (27) Mother Theresa, Mahatma Ghandi Alicia (68) Jeanne D'Arc, TR, FDR. alicja (38) No one Aliid A dandy, a butcher, a dictator and a saint - all together. Alin (23) The ancient Athenians, with their democracy, soap-opera cast of gods, sea voyaging, dude-on-dude love, etc. Alina Real people who change lives (Rosa Parks, Malala, the suffragettes...) Aline Guiraudie (36) politicians alipans (57) Socrates, Nietzsche, Thomas Hobbes, Marx, Richard Feynman, Sagan, Hitchens Alishba Zarmeen (24) Jefferson, Madison, Monroe, Paine, Ben Franklin, Voltaire, Washington, Lincoln, Bobby Kennedy Jr, AliZaidi (29) abraham lincoln alli (49) Elizabeth I Allison (33) Emma Goldman, Buddha Allison (20) Old movie stars, weird writers. Allison enisten allison (19) Themistocles, Alexander the Great, Augustus Allison Jean (21) Paul Erdos, Richard Feinman, Wolfgang Laib, Ed Ruscha, Thomas Jefferson Allison Jean Hazen (34) Carrie Chapman Catt, John F. Kennedy, Robert Kennedy, nelson mandella alliswell (62) Immanuel Kant Alma (25) Nikola Tesla, Einstein almavidrio (35) They tend to be eccentrics in some way... and most of them are mathematicians or have contributed to the sciences. Altjungr (30) Voltaire, Bertrand Russell, Genghis Khan altron2095 Jesus, Jim Morrison, Hannah Arendt Alvilda (20) Aristotle, Abe Lincoln, Martin Luther King Jr., Ahmed Alx those who questioned others' assumptions Aly (17) Jesus Christ, Amelia Earhart, Cleopatra, all the characters of the 100 Years War alya (17) Nikolai Tesla and Isaac Newton Alyanna (22) Mother Theresa Alyce J. Martin Luther King Jr, Ghandi, people who stood up for their rights. Alyssa Cordova (17) The history I make is the only story that matters. Alyssa Darkling I only know the history of my coven. I rarely like the leaders. I tend to like the ones who advise. They seem the cleverest. Alyssa Moonchild (16) George Carlin AM Abraham Lincoln, Alfred Kinsey, Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche, Harriet Tubman Amanda Khalil Gibran, Richard Back Amanda (42) Jane Eyre AmandaFYS13 (18) Rebels. Amandine (31) Edgar Allen Poe Amara No clue Amayah (17) Martin Luther King Jr Amayah Munoz (17) Miep Gies, Rosa Parks, Bonnie Parker and Odette Sansom. Amber (18) Elizabeth 1, Ann Boleyn, Jinnah, Che Guevera, Tipu Sultan Amber (37) Elizabeth 1, Ann Boleyn, Jinnah, Che Guevera, Tipu Sultan Amber (37) Anyone fighting for justice and for making this planet a more peaceful one, without the violance that is.. Ame (37) Hitler Amelia (13) I don't know a lot of history. So maybe whoever invented peanut butter. Amelia Gates (formerly Pippet) (10) Jesus, Paul, Peter Americanoid (50) those who advanced a nation (but not due to war) and made life better for their fellow man americanwoman (62) marilyn monroe ames (21) those who tried or died defending ther beliefs ammb (29) Myself, for having survived the past. Amrita (22) Sojourner Truth, women who were empowered and didn't care what others thought of social obligations. amu I have none Amy (30) Elizabeth I, John Paul Jones, William Wallace, Robert the Bruce, Robert Burns, Grace O'Malley Amy (33) Jezus and Leonardo Davinci, amy (14) ... Amy (28) Those who stood up for what they felt was right or just amy (33) Hypatia, Elizabeth empress of Austria, Amy (35) Merriwether Lewis (my namesake) for his spirit of adventure; Nelly Bly (same reason). Amy Becker; Character: Merriwether Finch (27) All the Egyptian queens. In fact, all the Queens, Boudicca, Elizabeth, Lileth... Amy Cottington-Bray jesus amz (16) rasputin, al capone. Ana (21) Jean-Jacques Rousseau, Vercingetorix, Buddha, Voltaire Ana (30) otto von bismarck, anne frank, mary shelley ana (16) Churchill. The Bratianu's ana (34) Napoleon Bonaparte, Joana D'arc Ana Carolina (16) Vlad the Impaler Analise (40) Nehru, Gandhi, Jinnah, Iqbal, Bakunin, Marx, Chavez Anam (26) Those that were brave enough to try something new, have an original idea even though there was a possibility that the others would not like it. Ana Marija (20) Folks who arrived at spiritual enlightenment Ananke (25) Ghengis Khan, Conan the Barbarian, Odin ancientrobot (31) hitler, edgar allen poe, edison andraya (23) Napoleon. Alexander the Great Andre King Arthur, Virgil, Homer, T.H. White, Oscar Wilde Andrea (16) Ray Bradbury, Kurt Vonnegut, Abraham Lincoln Andrea (13) People in the Bible ANDREAADKINS (26) Pablo Neruda, Pablo Escobar, Siddhartha Gautama Buddha, Yogis. AndreaFeliu (28) Henry IV of France and Bob Dylan. Andreas (19) Ghandi Andrea SB (32) Einstein andres007 (19) Alexander the Great, Caesar, Andrew (23) Albert Einstein Andrew (22) The greatest thinkers and doers. The Manhattan Project team perhaps Andrew (25) Christopher Hitchens, Voltaire, Oscar Wilde, Thomas Jefferson, Dmitri Shostakovich, Chopin Andrew (20) John Dillinger, Gustav Klimt, Ernest Hemingway, Ceaser Augustus Andrew (28) Jesus, if he doesn't count then i dunno Andrew (22) The ones yet to come. andrew (24) Henry the 8th Andrew barlow (26) Einstein, Buddha, Michael Jordan Andy (25) Eleanor of Aquitaine, Marilyn Monroe, Julie D’aubigny, Nero, Socrates, Kurt Cobain Andy (23) Eleanor of Aquitaine, Marilyn Monroe, Julie D’aubigny, Nero, Socrates, Kurt Cobain Andy (23) Ceasar, Mark Twain, Jimi Hendrix, Cassandra andy rayford (28) Abraham and David ang (99) My favorite characters in history is Cleopatre Angel (13) Socrates and Alexander the Great Angel D.João I Ângela (24) Eisenhower, Patton, Catherine the Great, Eva Peron, Halsey, Nimitz Angela (30) Napoleon, Jack Kerouac, Friedrich Nietzsche, Albert Einstein, Vladimir Nabokov, Coco Chanel Angela (19) Lucille Ball, Mickey Mouse, and Shaquille O'Neal Angela Estrada (20) tata angelina (26) MLK Angelo Navarette (18) Women who stood up for the rights of others. Angel Rodrigues (41) Mixture of Cleopatra, Anne of Boleyn, Marilyn Monroe and greek philosophers who were politicians. angie (29) Amelia Earhart Ani Myself and Socrates are pretty cool. My mom is intriguing. Ani (22) The king of Ayashe, Herman Hobbs, because he acts like he's just like everyone else. Anik (16) julia child, queen elizabeth, joan of arc, catherine the great, gandhi anjali Toulouse-Lautrec, Oscar Wilde Anjel (28) William Shakespeare Romeo and Juliet Anjelah49 (49) guy fawkes , definatly. Ankassandra (15) Jesus, those who put a thought or desire in us by the way of their behaviour. Ann (19) Michaelangelo, Mozart, Mother Theresa Ann (62) Bach, Queen Elizabeth, Herodotus, Cardinal Newman Ann (50) Joan of Arc , Lincoln , Tesla , Ghandi , Mahomet Anna (20) Founding Fathers Anna (20) my favourite characters in history is bella in twilight Anna (13) Socrates I guess. Anna (16) Justinian II, Jesus, Charlemagne Anna (34) Oda Nobunaga, Queen Victoria Anna Kalimar (18) Marthin Luther King Anna Maria (21) Kings, Fairies, Witches. AnnaMay (51) i.e. Plato, Eurypides, Arystofanes, Horatius, Sapho, Erasmus from Rotterdam, Kochanowski, Shakespeare, Montaigne, Rousseau, Racine, Moliere, Heinrich von Kleist... Anna O. Hypatia, Gertrude Stein Anna Stein (21) Jesus, Buddha, Martin Luther King Jr. Ann Delaney (44) Hildegard of Bingen, Aisha, and other women who held a passion for learning and intellectual pursuits Anne (21) Tecumseth, Saladin, Wilfrid Laurier Anne Farquharson (78) Nietzsche, Foucault, Einstein, Nelson Mandela, Simone de Beauvoir, Hypatia Annelise (40) Salah al-Din and Alexander Hamilton Anne Louise Sheldon (34) Bernie Sanders Annie Theodore Roosevelt Anniel (62) Da Vinci, Einstein and others who've chased theur dreams AnonAzure (19) Shakespeare, Socrates anonim (18) John Locke anon moose (19) Barbie and Ken Ansley Stevenson (16) Ernesto "Che" Guevara, Abraham Lincoln, George Orwell. Anthony (23) Lincoln Anthony (24) None. Anthony D C (20) J Edgar hoover Anthony lawhon (27) Jesus (power of belief) Gautama Buddha (to be in tune with being) Anthony Scine-Sceni (42) the Greek Gods/Goddesses antoinette (24) Margaret Mead, Walter Benjamin, Nelson Mandela, Mahatma Gandhi, Thom Paine, Steve Biko, Galactia ... Anton (52) No favoritism, life goes on and everyday the story changes. Antoniette (20) The really horrible roman emperors Antonina (20) Cato of Utica Antonio Lemos (18) Leonardo DaVinci, Henry David Thoreau, Helen Keller Anty usa presidents Anya (22) I don't spend much time with history. Perhaps those who explore uncharted waters -- both explorers and scientists. Anya (71) Galileo anything Augustus, Marquis de Sade (unappologetic hedonism is fascinating), Jean D'Arc Anzi (27) Hildegard de Bingen, Louis Riel, a.o. (40) Justinian the Great, Camile Saint-Saens, Pope Nicolas V, Lancelot Andrewes, Charles V, Isabella Stewart Gardner, Thomas Jefferson, Walter Benjamin Apollo (58) Socrates Apos Einstein, Leonardo da Vinci Apply (30) Machiavelli, Handel, Warhol, Joyce and da Vinci April (20) Paul (once known as Saul) from the Bible. April (21) Alexander Hamilton, Mark Antony, Nikola Tesla, AR (20) Hm. I can't really say. Ara (15) Ceaser Augustus and King Arthur Aranneaa (19) Those who triumph against all odds Ardent (30) Gandhi obviously A real phony (27) Muhammad Areeba (25) Joan of Arc, she was the original lady badass Ari (29) Alexander the Great Arianna (15) The first king, King Nikola Ariella Bordaine: Female Protagonist (20) Difficult to answer Arizona (19) Martin Luther King Jr. for sure Arnold Murray (42) Mother Theresa, Allen Ginsburg, Daniel Boone, The Donner Pass group, Joseph Beauys, Marcel Duchamp AROG martin luther king jr, jesse owens A-ron (15) gandhi, buddha, nanak, ramanujan Arsh (24) People who worked hard and selflessly for the sake of others Art (23) Mostly popes and U.S. presidents, especially John Paul II and FDR Artie (17) Jesus, Pope John Paul II, Franklin D. Roosevelt, Benjamin Franklin, Giuseppe Garibaldi Artie Mondello (18) Those who believed the present wasn't enough and decided it was up to them to change that. Aruz Elliott (29) Political people who are endowed with an ephereal sense of integrity and justice. The Nelson Mandela's and Ben Gurion's of the world. AS (32) St. Francis of Assisi, The Blessed Virgin Mary, Jesus, St. Augstine, Nietzsche, et. al. ascetic monk (51) Achilles, Plato, Thoreaux, Marx, Keynes Asfiya Mariam (21) Jane Austen, Henry II, Arthur Rimbaud, Emily Bronte. Ash (23) Socrates Ash (28) Jeanne d'Arc Ash Marcus Aurelius, Leonardo da Vinci, Aristotle, Buckminster Fuller, Banksy, Bruce Lee, Naudi Aguilar, Nikola Tesla, Albert Einstein, Ernest Hemingway, William Whitecloud... it's endless. Ash Bloom (27) Jesus, daVinci, van Gogh, Camus asherville (55) Edgar Allen Poe because of his dark pieces and Shirley Temple for the childhood innocence Ashley (18) aristotle Ashley (28) My favorite characters in history is Ashley (12) Cleopatra, Mary Shelly, Maria Antonieta Ashley (20) I don't have favorite characters in history. Ashley 2.0 (13) not sure ashley baus (24) William Shakespeare, Marie Antoinette, and Leonardo Da Vinci Ashley Brazil (17) Michael Jackson, audrey Hepburn, Ashley Mannara (29) Churchill, Castro, Elizabeth the 1st, Oscar Wilde. Ashley Meller (26) ovid, cleopatra, marie antoinette, peter pan ashleytheresa (20) Socrates, Alexander, Newton, Einstein, Feynman, Gautama Buddha, Tagore Ashwin Murali (21) Socrates and Cleopatra Asi (21) Lincoln, Teddy Roosevelt, Jefferson, Nelson, FDR asmitchel (67) vegans of antiquity, Davinci, Tesla, Dostoevsky ASN (25) George Sand Astri (36) Eleanor of Aquitaine and Francois-Marie Arouet Astrid Mahatma Gandhi. Asuka Suzuki (13) Napoleon,Cyrus (in so far as he was a myth) Athar (25) Marilyn Monroe Athena (17) Mitterrand Atuona (38) Thomas Edison Aubrey Files (25) Chief Sitting Bull and The man who walked on water. Aubrey Tate (21) Teddy Roosevelt Audrey (17) Rene Descartes. Audrey Bittencourt (24) Darwin, Nietzsche, Malthus, Jung and Freud. Audrey Mahone (29) gandhi augustine (70) cleoptra Aulieude (49) Leonardo Da Vinci, the Founding Fathers, FDR Auntie Em (35) Nikola Tesla, APJ Abdul Kalam, Bill Gates (still alive, but it counts!) everybody who has preached tolerance and put the happiness of people above personal profit. Auntie Em (27) no, not really, everyone I know in history have both bright and dark sides. Aurora (32) Wright brothers Austin (19) all are my favorite good and bad they have all done something to change history Austin Hobbs (16) The Golden Age animators, Napoleon, Shakespeare, Charlamange, Caligula, Caesar, Steinbeck, etc. Austin Kimmell (16) queen victoria, she didn't think lesbians existed, it amuses me autumn (17) duchamp and joseph boeuys avecamour Activist women Awalker The Romanovs, Martin Luther King Jr., the members of the Manhattan Project Aya Che Guevara ayda (25) Gandhi, Eleanor Roosevelt, Ben Franklin to name a few ayem (57) Artist, designers and idealists such as Frank Lloyd Wright, the Bloomsbury Set aym (30) Camus, Feynman, Newton, Salinger a young boy (91) shakespeare, einstein, jesus ayumi (20) Lincoln, Jefferson, Franklin, Eleanor Roosevelt B (45) Henry VIII, Anne Boleyn, Cleopatra, anyone with an interesting life B (31) i don't know enough history B (21) No one in particular anyone who strives to change and do things for their people Babette (42) Napoleon Babs cleopatra, ghandi, buddha, Baby (32) Frida Kahlo Bad Wolff bonnie and clyde, baggal21 (28) Marie Antoinette, Saint Joan of Arc, Edgar Allen Poe, The Marquis de Sade, Charles Manson. Bailey (19) Adolf Hitler, Mahatma Gandhi Balaji Harish Iyer (20) MLK, George Orwell, Christopher Hitchens. Bald Sky (38) cleopatra, laura ingalls wilder, al capone, pablo escobar Bambi (17) Raoul Wallenberg barbara (50) Carole Lombard, Piporro, i DON'T know. Barbarita (21) Biblical Barbielebrun Charley the beach chair (54) Any of the twelve disciples who were fishermen Barbielebrun Garry the ghost crab (54) I have no favorites Baron Von Nazzenpoppel (46) emerson & muir basbas (22) Edgar Allan Poe Batgirl (23) Martin Luther King Baylee Hitler, Plato, Caravaggio bc (22) Hitler, Plato, Caravaggio bc (22) Churchill Bdme (23) Robin Hood--he's historical, right? Bea (18) Joan of Arc Bea (18) Zola, Lincoln Bear (49) nicola tesla bearoid (30) Ah, there are way too many to list here; J.S.Bach, George Washington, Muhammad Ali, Django Reinhart Beatlhoven (47) Marie Curie, Rosa Parks, Martin Luther King, Gandhi beatricegasti (30) Warhol, Marie Antoinette Beatrice Moore (30) D. Afonso Henriques Beatriz (13) socrates, plato, aristotle beauty (18) Thomas Jefferson, Ayn Rand, Albert Einstein, W.A. Mozart, Jesus of Galilee, J.R. Oppenheimer Beavis Christ (30) George Washington, Ghandi, but also Hitler and Stalin for teaching us how terrible we cannot allow ourselves to get. Becca (16) Promethius Becca (17) Sylvia Pankhurst, Rosa Parks, John Lennon, Nelson Mandela Becca (21) Napoleon, Audrey Hepburn, and Nelson Mandela even if he is in the present. Becca (19) I really don't know Becca (20) Freddie Mercury Becca (21) Irish Rebels, Chinese Emperors, Samurais, Female Spy's BeckBeck (26) joan of ark becks (24) henry 8th becky (13) All the women who achieved their goals, despite restrictions placed on them because of gender becky (36) I had to do a history presentation on Amelia Earhart last year and I think she was incredible. Bee the oppressed fighting against the oppressors bee (16) budda, Catherine the Great, St. Francis of Assisi, Samuel Clemens beezer (64) Emperor Norton and Groucho Marx. beezersneezer (46) Edison. Epstein (Jacob). Moore (Henry). Marie Curie. Hawking. Beka (33) kennedy & palme belita (39) have not decided yet bella (16) anne frank Bella (17) Coco Chanel, Carolina Herrera Belu (19) You know what Ida, I don't know. I honestly don't know. Next. Ben (23) Pontius Pilate, Plato, Viking Age Iceland Benedict (38) Jeanne la pucelle, Kierkegaard, Socrates Benjamin Thomas Alexander the Great, Jesus, the Poetess Rabi'a Benjamin Urrutia (61) Charles Darwin Benjo (23) Jesus Christ, the Aryans, the authors of the Upanishads etc. Ben Johns (21) Harriet Tubman Bennie (55) Christ Ben Taylor Abraham Lincoln Berlin (25) Mozart, Alexander the Great, Homer, Shakespeare, Tolstoy, King Richard the 1st, and Jesus Christ. Bernard Hartley (18) philosophers, revolutionaries, the oppressed Beth (20) Kurt Vonnegut, Audrey Hepburn, Ayn Rand, Teddy Roosevelt Bethann (35) Gloria Steinman, Coleridge, and Shakespeare Bethany (23) Those who led revolutions of change Bethany Jesus Beth Ellis (15) I do not have any. Beti (24) Franklin D Roosevelt, Cleopatra, Machiavelli Betty Usabiaga (37) Abraham Lincoln Beu Mihac (15) The great sages, saints, mystics, and poets; Namely Hafiz, Ramana Maharshi, The writer of the Vedas, Jesus, Paramahansa Yogananda. Those who let their Light shine to uplift humanity. Bhakti Brophy (41) Sri Jesus the Christ, Hafiz, Adi Shankaracharya, Swamiji Vivekananda, Bade Baba Nityananda, Dostoevsky, Frank Zappa ... Bhakti Brophy (45) Buddha, Gandhi and People who fought their way out Bhargava (25) Leonitus, Themistacles, Augustus Caesar, Brock, James Cook, Bligh, Cochrane, bhl Gandhi, Jesus Fucking Christ, Emmanuel Kant and Einstein, Bhole Aristoteles, Alexander the Great and Jesus Christ Bianca (18) joan. duchamp. the poets. bif MLK, socrates. einstein, biggb (46) dunno big guy (16) Churchill, Alexander the Great, Leonardo da Vinci Bijan (27) George Washington, Colin Powell, Norman Schwartkoff Bill (50) ADOLF HITLER BILLY (38) The poets, prophets and philosophers BillyBobABC123zzz john lennon john belushi billy boy watson (3) Winston Churchill, Vincent Price Billy the Son of the Kid (21) Albert Einstein, Frieda Calla, Charlie Chaplan Biochicklet GANDHI & HITLER BIPS (46) My favorite characters in history is Marie Antoinette . biscotte (13) i think roosevelt is cute bismuth The creators of cinema, founding fathers, Lincoln, BJ (56) none in particular blabla (37) Intellectuals Blackie (20) Claudius, Diogenes the Cynic, Epicurius, Mark Twain, George Washington Blademan (60) Michel Foucault Blaine (21) Too many to name - artists with the courage to do what they love; Isis, Cleopatra, Nefertiti Blair C. (29) Genghis Khan, Machiavelli, William Wallace, Abraham Lincoln Blake (17) Me, myself, and I Blake (24) Benjamin Franklin blake (16) Leonardo da Vinci, Socrates, Evariste Galois Blanca Parra (66) Muhammad Ali/ Rocky Marciano and so many more... Blank Tae Political figures, mainly. blip52 (27) Elizabeth I, Aristotle, JRR Tolkien, Anne Boleyn. BlondShamrock (16) Caeser and Icarus Blood (15) Saladin Blueagle (47) Writers, artists, composers Bluebird (27) Mozart, Winston Churchill BlueOrchid (39) Napoleon, Aristotle, Miyamoto Musashi and Montaigne Bluto (29) Tales, Socrates, Faust, Jesus, Marx, Assange. BM (20) george washington, john coltrane bman (41) jfk, joan of arc bmo Ted Williams, Ty Cobb Bob (22) ah, yes... bob (38) No one Bob (32) Socrates, Confucius, Tolstoy, Da Vinci, Eleanor Roosevelt Boba (22) ghandi, martin luther king, cesar chavez bobblins Ghengis Khan Bobby (22) Pythagoras, Phillip of Macedon, Alexander, Hamilcar Barca, Hannibal, Scipio Africanus, Cato the Elder, Marius, Sulla, Caesar Bobby (40) Abraham Lincoln Bobby (21) Genghis Khan bobby I don't have time to dwell in the past bobby (33) Pioneering women Bobia (25) Ceasar, Churchhill, Teddy Roosevelt, etc. boku_wa_kami (25) elizabeth benneth, bridget jones, liz lemon, leslie knobe bomb (30) John F. Kennedy Bonky (26) anyone who listened to both sides of the story Bonnie (15) Mother Theresa, Gandhi, anyone that is selfless and giving to others Boo (36) The unsung. The men and women who quietly raised children who were smarter, heathier, and more compassionate than themselves. bookloverva (58) Christopher George Latore Wallace, Lyndon Johnson Boris (16) Socrates. Borrie (33) charles 1 bov (19) Mozart, Beethoven, Chekhov, Proust, Thoreau Brad (17) Odysseus Brad Connors albert einstien, lewis and clark, gallelio brad w (35) Theodore Roosevelt, Lincoln, men who staid true to their code and lead. Brady (31) Biblical characters, Goethe, Wagner, Lenin, Hitler, Van Acker, Camus bram-is-e-janet-brecht-is-de-max Che Guevara, Fidel Bramma (23) A mixture of Epicurus, Catherine the Great, Vermeer, Virginia Woolf, Marcel Proust, Caesar Augustus, Sun Tsu, Spinoza, Hypatia Brandon Nobles (31) Gandii Breanna (18) General Patton Bree (23) Christ, Seneca, Dante Alighieri, Bertrand Russell, Marilyn Monroe Bree Ogden Ludwig Wittgenstein, Tom Barry, Victor Jara Brendan (24) innovators brent (33) Orwell, Marcus Aurelius, Jefferson, Hunter S Thompson, Muhammad Ali Brent Findley (19) Whoever invented Cheddar, Swiss,and Provolone Brett Ferguson (42) Cleopatra, Hildegard von Bingen Bri (28) Abigail Adams (right tit) bri (17) Those that burn bright for an instant in their life and then die; leaving a legacy for years to come. Brian (22) Those who brought about positive change, plus the geniuses in various fields. Brian (37) I don't think I have a favorite here. Brian (24) Martin Luther, Martin Luther King, Abraham Lincoln Brian A. Henegar (26) greek gods, mythology. very interesting stuff. brianna (18) Frida Kahlo: hispanic artist with beautiful works of art and beautiful eyebrows. BriannaBabyFYS13 None come to mind BriannaFYS13 (18) cincinnatus; marcus aurelius brian S (58) Brien Bereau Brien Moffett Brien Bereau Brien Moffett President Lincoln Brinley (15) Thomas Paine and Boudicca . Bri Toro Cleopatra, Catherine the Great, Simone de Beauvoir, Frida Kahlo, Katherine Dunham, Margaret Sanger, Isadora Duncan, Martha Graham, Joseph Campbell Britta Bandit (30) the scoundrals. Joseph Smith comes to mind... I like my historical figures full of contradictions Brittany (25) Maya Angelou, Paul Brittney Miller (20) Socrates, Gandhi, Martin Luther King Jr. brns elenor roosevelt,sojourner truth mary leaky broad (45) MacBeth Brock Schwarzkopf (29) Marilyn Monroe, Nelson Mandela, Charles de Gaulle, Coco Chanel, Leo Tolstoy, Winston Churchill, Margaret Thatcher Bron Blackwell (37) Churchill, Lincoln, Meir Brooke (53) Abraham Lincoln, Benjamin Franklin Brooke Socrates, Jesus, Buddha, and Julius Caesar. Bruce Bennett (20) Moses, the Buddah, Jesus, the Founding Fathers, Albert Einstein, FDR Bruce Shindler (66) Socrates, my parents, William Congreve, Siddartha Gautama Brutus (20) Thomas Paine, Socrates. Bryan R. (21) Not a history buff Bryn (23) St. Ann, St. Augustine, St. Francis of Assissi Brynlea (17) Einstein. Brynn (39) Doc Holliday, Henry VIII Brynn (18) kipling, robert frost, the historical titus pullo and luscius vorenus Bryon Springer (25) Spiderman Bubbles (52) Alexander the Great,Thomas Jefferson, Oscar Wilde bubby (43) the less powerful Bubu (37) cuchulain buckyballs (35) Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother (Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon) Buddy (34) elizabeth fry, rosa parks bug Garibaldi, Kubrick, Literary figures Bugsy Coco Chanel,Wolfgang Mozart, Marilyn Monroe Bulldozer (50) john lennon, mitch hedgeburg, thomas jefferson, jesus bunny Jesus of Nazareth Burella (61) Napoleon Burke (47) Pasteur, and other pioneers of science Burnable_Material_Here (18) ALL ANCIENT GREEK PHILOSOPHERS,MATHEMATICIANS,ASTRONOMERS,POETS BUTTERFLY (41) Buddha,Einstein,Socrates,Marx butunn (19) Franz Kafka. Samuel Beckett. Theodore Metochites. Mihail Petrusevski. Grigor Prlicev Byriver Bloke (24) Margaret Sanger, Esther, Joan of Arc, Marie Curie, Billy Holiday BZ Benjamin Franklin & Andy Warhol C gandhi c (21) A mixture of Alexander the Great and Socrates C (14) Einstein, Hemingway C (20) Socrates, Napolean, C (35) ghandi cacharel (37) Hildegard of Bingen, St. Brigid, Calamity Jane, Bernadette Devlin, Michael Collins, Tom Barry, John Adams Caidy (54) Andrew Jackson, Gandhi, Cleopatra Cailey Napoleon, Getúlio Vargas and Julius Caesar Caio (18) Emmy Noether Caitlin (19) Gregor Mendel, Bourdieu, Hitchens. Caitlin (21) Jesus and Buddha cakes (41) J.R.R Tolkien, C.S Lewis, Albert Camus, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Henry David Thoreau, and Kurt Cobain. Cal (20) Captain John Yossarian - of Catch 22... really those characters that question what's wrong in the status quo. Camille (52) Abigail Adams, Benjamin Franklin, Joan of Arc, and Nathan Hale. Candice (23) Lincoln, teddy roosevelt, lao tsu, Candlewycke King Henry VIII Tudor, Anne Boleyn, Cleopatra, Julius Caesar, Marie Antoinette, Queen Victoria I, Queen Elizabeth I, King James VI of Scotland Candy Warhol, Dali, Camus, James Dean, Sitting Bull, Rimbaud, Marie-Antoinette, Nureyev Captain Crunch Laura second, mother Teresa Carebeark5 (25) Jacques Louis Mande Daguerre, Saartjie Baartman, carlajwms (49) Bonnie Parker, Lizzie Borden and Ma Barker Carla Tate (19) Draja Mihajlovich Carlie (24) Julius Caesar, Abraham Lincoln, Rommel, Malcolm X Carlisle The unnamed ones. Carlo (26) Lucrezia Borgia, Marie-Antoinette and the 13th Duchess of Alba Carlos A. (24) the dead Carlos Cisne (45) Albert Einstein because he was smarter than all of us, but still made us laugh Carly (19) Snagglepuss Carly C (27) Jesus, Martin Luther King, Carol camus, gandhi, martin luther king, isaac newton, darwin, those that move mankind on to a more enlightened level Carol (60) writers, poets, artists like sartre, cortazar and jung carolina (23) Barack Obama Caroline (38) The sainly artists and sassy saints: Michelangelo, Raphael Sanzio, Teresa of Avila, Francis of Asissi Caroline (25) Elizabeth I, Epictetus, Henry VIII, Victoria and Albert Caroline (33) Edgar Allan Poe, Emily Dickinson, Christina Rossetti, Stephen King, Charles Dickens, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Shirley Jackson, Roald Dahl, Lucy Maud Montgomery, J. K. Rowling Caroline M. (41) John and Abigail Adams, Abraham Lincoln Carol Lacoss (62) Krishnamurti, Francis Bacon, Siddhārtha Gautama, Aegir, Robert Owen. Carolyn (18) Kahlil Gibran Carrie Joan of Arc and any of the explorers Carrie (44) all the people who made a difference, whatever that may be cartike hercules =) Cartman (99) Mary Seacole Cas (25) Abraham Lincoln, Queen Elizabeth, Joan of Arc Casey (36) Macchiaveli, Malcolm X Cassandra Watkins (21) Marin Lutirc. I beat his free dive record that stood for 55 years. Cast (17) Lincoln, FDR, Pericles, Malcolm X, MLK, Harvey Milk, Oskar Schindler, Mary Magdelene Cat (36) Marie Curie Cat (24) Einstein cat (27) Jesus, James Dean, Gandhi Cat (26) Winston Churchill Cat Galileo Galilei, Napoleon, Marie Curie, Vikings cat (20) nobody Catalina (44) Rosalind Franklin, Einstein, Gloria Steinham, Oscar Wilde Cate (23) Aristotle, Epictetus, Simone de Beauvoir Cate (33) Napoleon Catelline (26) Charles Corm, Bashir Gemayel, all martyrs of justice and freedom Catherine If Andy Warhol, Barack Obama, Julius Caesar, and Queen Elizabeth were one person. He would be it. Catherine Jean Joan of Arc, Abraham Lincoln Catherine Mitchell DR Martin Luther King Cathlow Harmon (50) Ghandi, Martin Luther King, Mandela Catlin Benjamin Veronica de Franco, Einstein c.a.torres (39) St. Germaine Cat Podd (37) Cesare Borgia; the Medici; everyone who was too big for this small universe. Catrina (15) Martin Luther King Jr. Cattie Chong (26) Mustafa Kemal Atatürk Cavit Anıl Buram (28) Genghis Khan CC (18) Jesus, George Washington CC (22) churchill, queen of england, jefferson ccc (27) the ones who were ahead of their time ccchnl Alexander the Great, Jesus Christ, Lorenzo de' Medici, Colombo, Elizabeth the 1st cdl (35) Napoleon Cee Cee (17) None that I can think of, there are many significant characters. Celia (15) Muhammad Akbar, Alan Watts, Peter O'Toole Celline Marge (18) aristotle, joan d'arc, leonardo da vinci and Dostoievski cenire (25) Martin Luther king,Audrey Hepburn,C.S. Lewis. cerisetea (34) Napoleon Bonaparte Cestmoi Marc Anthony C face. (22) The philosophers cfm (37) William burroghs lenny Bruce Muhammad Ali Cfreedman (38) Me. ch I don't have a characters history favorite Chacha (13) Anybody who made something outta nothing Chancelor C.J. King (19) Let me think on that... Chandra Alexander (24) Every woman who had the guts to stand on her own two feet. Channon (45) Princess Diana Channy (19) Saint Francis, Saint Augustine, Guy Fawkes and Benito Juárez Chari (21) Napoleon Charlene (17) Lincoln Charlene (50) Shakespeare, Leonardo da Vinci Charlene (18) Spinoza, Pascal, Saint Augustine Charles 01 ( 7) Jesus of Nazarath, Abraham Lincoln, Albert Einstein, Marie Curie, Martin Luther King Jr, anyone who speaks truth Charles L Davis Jr (51) recent history - music icons. Johnny rotten, jim morrison, bob dylan, johnny cash, many more charlotte (29) Churchill, Stalin, Hitler, Roosevelt Charlotte (18) the ones, for better or worse, who made their mark and stir up excitement to this day. Charlotte H. (23) Any of the defiant thinkers and warriors Charly Mariaan (49) mao,netaji subhash chabdra bose,bhagath singh ,ghandhi ,che gu vera charu (22) I admire Jose Rizal, Einstein and Stephen Hawking Chary Silva (22) Wise people devoting their life into creating a better world for all Chas (20) Jesus Christ, Mahatma Gandhi, me chay (40) Nerfertiti, Julius Caesar, Winston Churchill, Shaka Zulu, Nelson Mandela Cheche (40) Isaac Newton, Albert Einstein, Ernest Hemmingway, Aristotle, cheeky (26) Gandhi Cheemargh (36) frued chele cinderella, jane eyre, joan of arc chelle (47) All the kings before me, in my father's family. Chelsea (23) Nell Gwynn, Anne Boleyn, Henry VIII, Lady Jane Grey, Mrs. Winchester (Widow of inventor of Winchestor Rifles) Chelsea Smith (24) Martin Luther King, Ghandi, Harriet Tubman, Leonardo Da Vinci Chelsea Whiting (26) Pangloss Chelsy Jesus, Moses, and Job. Cheri D. Lincoln, Susan B. Anthony, Oprah Winfrey, Ellen Degeneres Cherie (40) I am quite fond of many of our Civil Rights leaders Cherish Robinson (21) Queen Elizabeth, Buddha, Emperor Ashoka, Ghandi Cherlyn (40) Snow White for living amongst a group of men in a forest-and those who enjoy intrigue and a great sense of humour Cherub (30) lincoln Cheryl (38) Anyone having to do with civil rights and desegregation Cheryl Barnette (59) Marquis de Lafayette, JFK, ALexander of Macedonia, Churchill, The Unknown Protestor , Che, Vlad III, Chengiz, Oscar Wilde. Cheshire (22) shakespeare, oscar wilde, sylvia plath, germaine greer, leonardo da vinci, Salvador Dali, Antoni Gaudi Chickpea (31) John Stewart, Bill Clinton Chico (46) Patton, Leonitus I, Alexander the Great, and Czar Vasiliev ChiefJ42 (44) eleanor roosevelt, shel silverstein, steven biko, van gogh and Dali chiklitz76 (39) Socrates? Van Gogh Chili (17) Katharine Hepburn, Arevalo, Arbenz, Churchill, Roosvelt, Chinita (34) Karna Chinnu (38) The Gladiators of ancient rome Chip Griphix (35) Lee Kuan Yew Chiu Jing Hua (17) Hitler, ghandi, chloe (21) Proust, Chocolate Bunny (32) mark Anthony Chonda Those in my personal history Choraven (32) Certainly the loss of any figure would alter the world as it is, so, I cannot choose. Chris (16) Marie Antoinette, Joan of Arc Chris Malcolm X. Martin Luther King Jr. Also, men and women like them who provided me an opportunity for the life I have. Chris (19) Leonardo DaVinci, Voltaire Chris Tesla, Benjamin Franklin Chris (13) The major successful philosophers Chris Martin Luther King, Jr and Mahatma Gahndi Chris Glass (39) T.E. Lawrence, Theodore Roosevelt, Abraham Lincoln, Winfield Scott Hancock, Henry VIII (not admirable but certainly fascinating) Chris S. Mother teresa, mlk, jfk, princess diana nd monroe Christabelle (29) Gandhi, again Jesus, James Cook (and his crew) Christian (44) Stalin, Hitler, khan Krum, tzar Simeon, tzar Samuil Christian Boyanov (24) Jesus Christ, King Aurthur, Shakespeare, Paul the Apostle Christian Soldier (33) Andy Warhol, Alfred Hitchcock Christina (26) Anne Boleyn. Christina Kronberg (23) Rosa Parks, Susan B. Anthony. Anyone who carried the battle flag for a worthwhile cause Christina Tounzen Lewis and Clark, the great American explorers. Christina X. (37) rosa parks and ghandi christine (18) Richard Nixon, Thomas Jefferson, Malcolm X, Sitting Bull Christobel (17) Richard Nixon, Sitting Bull, and Kierkegaard Christobel in College (18) Genghis Khan, FDR and Christopher (24) Hitler, Prabupada, Lincoln, Jackson, Ayan Hersi Ali, Bogart Christopher Blaum (37) Albert Einstein Christopher Boone President James K. Polk, Socrates Christopher James Stagg (16) Alexander the Great, Tutankhamen, Martin Luther and Jesus. Christopher M. (31) Shakespeare, Bob Dylan, tbh its a hard question I haven't thought about this in years. Christopher Mitchell (17) Martin Luther King Jr., Malcolm X Christopher Ross (23) Vlad the Impaler, who fought harder for his family than Vlad? christy (44) Alexander the Great, Ghandi and Elie Wiesel Christy Turner (50) Jesus Christ Chuck (43) Jesus Christ Chuck (44) Mother Teresa, Marquis de Sade, Vasco da Gama, Goethe, Humbold Chunky Lover I dont have any Ciara (24) A mixture of strong women Ciara (22) Couldn't name one Cickany (51) I don't even know what be considered a character in history. I'm too dumb. Ciera (16) Jesus, Paul the Apostle Cilie (50) I'm drawn to those persons who have shown unique inventiveness and creativity.... not just in the arts. Cindy Zelda Fitzgerald, Simone deBeauvoir cindy (50) Too many to name Cindy (24) Alexander the Great, Caesar, FDR, Winston Churchill Cindy (22) DaVinci, Victoria Woodhull Cindy (50) Mary Magdalen CindyLu (58) King Arthur, Raymond Buckland, Scott Cunningham, John F. Kennedy, Theadore Roosevelt, Franklin Rooosevelt, Colin Powell Cissa Fireheart (32) Ernist Shackelton and Santa Clause cizz Gandhi, JFK, Adolf Hitler, Abraham Lincoln CJ (18) queen margaret, joan of arc, serena williams CJN (21) Genghis khan, he has a cool name. Cla (22) I don't really have an answer for this. Claire St. George, St. Anthony, Mussolini Claire (32) Anyone who was ever brave: Queen Elizabeth, Sigmund Freud, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, King Arthur; the list goes on. Claire Bartholomew (16) People who were enlighted ahead of their time, the Buddha, Gallileo, Darwin ... ClaireW (65) The brave Clancy Elizabeth I Clara (20) Enstein, Jesus, Abraham Clara Andrew Jackson, Socrates, Jesus Clarissa (18) Hannibal, Ṣalāḥ ad-Dīn Yūsuf ibn Ayyūbi, Max Planck Clark Langridge (32) Queen Elizabeth I, Joan of Arc, Madeleine Albright, Martin Luther King Jr., Cesar Chavez Clau joan of arc, Jesus Claudia (36) Clay Douglass: Jesus, The Buddha Clay Douglass (34) ? clazza mgee i dont have any that i can recall Clelia Beatriz Valdez (22) It's the general De Gaulle clemfolk49 (13) The ones who didn't get the credit they deserve Cleo (∞) Egon Schiele, Bach, Mozart., Vivaldi, Alistar Crowley, Anton Levey. clockwork (34) Elizabeth 1 cm (57) Gandhi, Henry the fifth, Plato, Phidipides, Jesus, Churchill, Kepler, Magellan, Alexander the Great, michaelangelo,Archimedes, Jefferson, Shakespeare Coastside007 (42) Many but mostly i got to vote Wittgenstein cobweb (24) John Stow and Sir Christopher Wren CockneyKnight (48) Shakespeare, Mary Wollstonecraft, Colette, Henry Miller, Frida Kahlo, Giovanni Boccaccio Coco (31) Simone de Beauvoir, Mohammed, Siddharta Gautama, Táhirih Coco (19) The Cat in the Hat and The Grinch Who Stole Christmas. CocoPuff2016 (44) Ghandi, Picasso, Plato codered (18) Malcom X Cody (25) The eccentric, enlightened artists, hermits, authors and philosophers who were cooks in their own time and geniuses nowadays. Cody Gould (17) Gandhi and Mlk Jr Col (41) Winston Churchill, Sir Isaac Newton, Howard Hughes, Stephen Hawking Colin (39) J.D. Salinger, Walt Whitman, Ernest Hemingway, Socrates, Shakespeare. Colin (22) I do not have any favorite ones - maybe Katherine the Great of Russia?! Colorful (28) The wolf. Colton (27) I find that i do not completely agree with any one person comnomnomor (15) Queen Victoria, Winston Churchill, Mothe Teresa Connie Edgar Allen Poe Connor St. John. Connor Napoleon conor (34) marco polo constanceeee (19) Plato, Alexander Constantin (32) I wish I knew more about history, I live too much in the present. Consuela Gandhi Bill Gates Cookie montgomery cookie Thomas Jefferson cookie (51) Nicola Tesla Cora (26) Charlie Chaplin, Marilyn Monroe, Elvis Presly Core (25) Rosa Luxembourg, Socrates, Le Comte de Lautreamont, Frida Kahlo, Rodin Corentine (25) John Muir. Corey Martin Luther King Jr corinne B.F. Skinner Cory (22) cinderella, elizabeth bennett, underdogs coming out on top cpaters1 (26) Bertrand Russell, George Orwell cr The Marx brothers. Craig Suga Biles (22) the great military generals creed (35) Jesus, Margaret Thatcher, Pontius Pilate, Crimson (60) do I have any? cris Juana de Arco Crisfe (31) Socrate, Cristi Einstein, Newton, Plato, Homer, Archimedes, Aristotle, Hitler. Crystal (17) Literary figures, mostly, poets, and artist types, (The Bloomsbury Group) Crystal (32) Teddy Roosevelt Crystal (22) I do not really read. Crystal (34) My husband is not a character, but a hero. He fought to protect me from the Hockstoolum tribe. Crystal (35) Pharrell Williams csheehan (17) ghandi cuchi (40) Ghandi, Claus von Stauffenberg, Newton, Lincoln, Zola, Tolstoy, Dostoevsky cucu (26) Jesus, Ghandi, Mandela, Nicola Tesla, Newton, Pythagoras, Niel Bohrs cvelez (64) Jesus, mother teresea, robert fulghum, and sue thomas cweekly Most of the Western missionaries who laid their lives for people of other nations. Cyan Imsomething (28) Abraham Lincoln d0701 (29) Cleopatra, Aphrodite, Marilyn Monroe, D What he said D (32) GENGHIS KHAN, DAD Mom, dad...my uncle is really cool too Dad (42) MLK JFK Daesia Garcia (16) Elizabeth I, Catherine the Great, Cleopatra, Abigail Adams, Amelia Earhart Daffy Sue Esposito (60) the suffragettes Daisy (17) Norse and Greek gods Daisy Abe Lincoln, Thomas Jefferson, Emmanuel detario. Dakota Swaveman (18) Charles Darwin, Bertrand Russell, Nicola Tesla, Leonardo Da Vinci D_Alex (46) I can't say I like any of them - perhaps Wat Tyler, Martin Luther King Jr? dA member: sonicbutterfly (17) Aristotle - Florence Nightingale - Queen Elizabeth I - Solomon. Damien TC (36) Iconoclasts like Martin Luter and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Dan (29) Shostakovich, da Vinci Dan Benjamin Franklin Dan (39) Regan Dan (51) Those who made an impact Danae (17) My Chemical Romance Danger (16) John Steinbeck, Martin Luther, and Bettie Page. Dani (31) blackbeard, calico jack, mary read, anne bonney, bart roberts Dani (19) Gandhi Daniel (25) Alexander the Great, Richard the Lionheart, Amelia Earheart and Marie Antoinette Daniel (16) Nikola Tesla Daniel Below Greek gods Daniella (27) Shakespeare, Oscar Wilde, and the Bronte sisters. Danielle (15) Nefertiti, Harriet Tubman, Hypatia. Danielle (35) founding fathers DanielleKeith (19) Socrates, Jesus Christ, Daniel Molina (20) I like David Carradine. Daniel Phelps (23) The Celts of northern Europe for defying the Romans, Daniel Stephens (Character Sketch) (22) princess diana, jackie o, audrey hepburn, elizabeth taylor daniiii (18) Krishna, Buddha, Jesus, Sts. Catherine of Siena, Margaret of Cortona, Angela of Foligno, Rose of Lima... Daniil (22) I'd have to say my favorite character is Pegasus. That old buzzard really is a character. He was really something to see when he was young. He was pretty much a major stud for helping my cousin Perseus kill the smelly Kraken. Yeah, Pegasus was a badass. DaniStory (29) Abraham Lincoln, St. Augustine, Mjr. Richard Winters Danny (25) Greek mythological characters Daph (45) no one Darcy (20) alexander the great dario (21) Strong women Darlene (29) Pretty much any Biblical "character". Darnell History has characters, like fiction? DashEloise (32) Horatio Nelson, William Stanier, Pat Collins Dave Cresswell (46) free thinkers, MLK, Socrates DaveG (39) Margaret Thatcher, Winston Churchill, and Dave Whitaker (40) Hector of troy, heroes of the jewish uprising who willingly fought whilst understanding their fate Davey (18) Stalin, Genghis Kahn, MLK Jr., Wolfe Tone DaveyD (24) My Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, Abraham Lincoln, Paul, Patton David (19) Alice Stateman, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., and FDR. David (10) goerge washington, thomas edison David (18) ordinary people David (63) Solon, Milton, Jesus, Plotinus David (24) Lee Kuan Yew David Tesla David (51) Ernesto Guevara david baiguera (35) Albert Einstein, the profound humanitarian genius; Ovid, the most complete documentor of classical myth David E.J.A Bennett (29) Dido David K (46) Socrates David Sergio Cisneros Ardura (46) Plato, Schopenhauer, Goethe, Mahatma Gandhi and Winston Churchill. David Timme (19) Julius Caesar, John Lennin, and Martin Luther King Jr. Davie (16) Buda Davi Silva (21) Mother Theresa, Jesus, Abraham Lincoln Dawn Robinette (51) Sherlock Holmes Dawson Madam C.J. Walker because she went after her dreams when the world was literally against her. What a strong black woman she was! And I love for my hair to look good. Daxion Mr. Dax Johnson (29) mother teresa Daydreamer (18) Gandhi Daydreamer (63) Gandhi Daydreamer (63) William Lever, Walt Whitman, and Henri Cartier Bresson dbrown (24) Franklin Delano Roosevelt dcsnowbunny (25) Marco Polo Dd (43) Rosa Luxemburg. Jun Tsuji. David Bowie. Socrates. Augustus Caesar. Too many. DDG9000 (25) Spartacus, Levski, Einstein Dea (40) Amelia Earhart. Abraham Lincoln. Oscar Wilde. Madame Curie. Jesus Christ. D. E. Alvis (58) Saladin, Akbar II, and Henry VIII, because Henry VIII does whatever the fuck he wants Dean (17) Hercules DeAndre Beck (20) Midnight DeAnna Alexander (35) Eleanor Rooselvelt, Jacqueline Kennedy, Scarlett O'Hara Deanna Sanders (44) Socrates, Mother Teresa, Ghandi, Martin Luther King, budda Deb (37) Joan of Arc, Cleopatra, Mamah Borthwick Debby Creech-West (43) Herodotus, Henry IV of France Deborah S. Wilson (56) King Henry IV of France Deborah Wilson Martin Luther king Debster (48) bell hooks, simone de beavoir Declan Cohen (35) Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. & Rosa Parks. De-De (36) Ovid, Caligula, Plato, Napolean, leonardo Da Vinci Dee (24) Teddy Roosevelt, Abraham Lincoln, Alexander Hamilton Dee (19) Jefferson, Plato DefMelon Alexander the Great, Achilles, Julius Ceaser Deja Vu (20) Rosa Parks and Martin Luther King Jr Delaney , Duke of wellington, Sir Winston Churchill, Delia Webster (80) My grandfather. delice_ok (21) if they are characters are they real? who are they really? dendoo (23) Atticus Finch Denine (24) none Denise 1 Lincoln, Charles Westley, those who through faith and perserverance change the course of history. Dennis (61) George Patton, Teddy Roosevelt, Douglas Fairbanks, Bruce Lee Dennis Theodore (37) Constantinos the Great. denny (23) B.B. Warfield, Charles H. Spurgeon, W.A. Criswell Denny Socrates, Immanuel Kant, Andres Bonifacio Densio (25) Ben Franklin, William Shakespeare, Galileo, Walt Whitman, John Milton Derek (27) Doc Holliday Derek Ambrose (22) hero derp (22) leila khalid desert dweller Johannes Kepler, Charles Darwin devanand Don't care... Devon (18) Freud, Picasso, Dali, Shel Silverstein, my best friends, many more. Devon Lisenby (20) Marx, Joyce, Beckett, Kerouac Dev Tucker (17) Jesus Christ and all the prophets Devu (22) Nelson Mendella Dezirae (17) Jesus and Buddha DH (39) joan of arc (real), jules vern, jesus, job diana (52) Jesus Diana (20) I don't have Diana (15) all women Diana Joan of Arc Diana Thomas - English Thursday 6pm (38) Mother Teresa; Martin Luther King; Benjamin Franklin; Bobby Kennedy; Rosa Parks Diane (53) Gandhi, Socrates, Shakespeare DianeD (50) ataturk, omar khayyam Diarre Ibrahim (22) Muhammad pbuh & Muhammad Ali dida (14) Friedrich Nietzsche. Diego Miguel Danura Puyó (30) Frank Abgnale, Christopher Hitchens, Anne Boleyn Dietgingerale Seneca The Younger, Epictetus, Marcus Aurelius, Michel de Montaigne, Socrates, Nehru, JFK, Faraday, Alan Turing...many more Dilip C Louis (32) Pitaghoras, Vasil Levski, Aristotle, Caeser. Dimitar Atanasov (25) aristotle , karl marx , buddha , jesus dimitris (25) Jose Rizal Dindin (20) Leonidas, Alexander the Great, and Hitler Dino (18) Cleopatra, Harriet Tubman, Maria Callas, Buddah, and Gandhi. Diona (19) Socrates. dionysis_dt (24) Sun Tzu and General George Patton Dirk Radman (35) winston churchill Divya (20) The nameless people who sacrificed for what's right. Dixon Wragg Johnny Appleseed. Unassuming and free as he planted apple trees for future generations to enjoy. DizzyblondeChic (55) none Dj None dlew919 (40) I don't follow history dmca (38) eamon devalera, jesus, bobby kennedy, john lennon Doc55 (55) All those who created something to make our life better: Turing, Einstein, Michelangelo, Newton, etc.. Dolna (39) Plato, Heidegger, Derrida Dolores Nabokov (26) dddddd Dom Jesus for His sacrifice, Edgar Caycee for his abilities, Socrates for his works, and Gandhi for his message. Dominic (17) Socrates, Plato, Wittgenstein, Musashi Miyamoto. Dominick (23) John Lennon, Muhatma Ghandi, Henry David Thoreau, Leo Tolstoy, Karl Marx and Jean-Paul Sartre Dominick Miller (19) Socrates, Plato, Spinoza and the Spanish Republicans Dominick Miller (20) Socrates, Gandhi, Percy Bysshe Shelley. Dominick Miller (21) MLK Dominique I don't believe I know anything about historical figures, since history lies. Dona (35) I don't know much about history DonAli (33) Nebuchadnezzar, Shakespeare, Socrates donkeys4eva (20) Ronald Reagan donna obrien (54) Xbalanque and Hunahpu, Jesus Christ, George Washington, Cristobal Colon Doob Doggo (21) marx doodledoo12345 Joan of Arc Dor (50) Napoleon, Caligula, Akenaton, Ba'al. Dori (23) Jesus dorothy6@aol.com (50) Sidartha, Confucio, Benedetti, Sabines Dothzilla (33) Christ, Buddha, and Shakespeare Doug (30) Jesus Christ, St Paul. Elizabeth 1 Mary Queen of Scots, Queen Victoria Doug Lambert (65) It's much easier to recall those I hate. Douni The Egyptians, the Mayans, people who discover things and build wonders Dracontomelum (30) Nadežda Petrović, Gavrilo Princip, Draža Mihailović, Anne Bolein Dragana (22) Don't ask me about history right now! I'm studying for a test and I hate every important figure who ever lived. Dragontongue (22) Ayrton Senna and Michael Schumacher Dre (35) I don't have any Dre (17) People who have made this planet better for animals Dreamboat Annie Jesus DreamBrother (27) The Greek skeptics Dreda (23) Houdini, Elizabeth I, Oscar Wilde, Eleanor of Aquitane, De Sade, Drella (26) Plato, Einstein, Ben Franklin, Drew (26) martin Luther king Drew (16) Caligula, Charlemagne, Napoleon drift Alexander the Great, Tamerlane, Qin Shi Huang Dr. Isaac Busafalus (53) scanderbeg, mararet thacher dritjeta (42) I like them all Dr. J (76) Spinoza, Sappho, Hecate, Saint Cecilia. Dru (24) Charles Martel, Jacques de Molay, Saladin, Ramses II, Alexander the Great, Patton, Ivan Grozny. Drucar (45) nobody ds (45) Alfonso the Wise of Castile, Lord Thomas Cochrane, Belisarius. D.S.de.P.Ramos Hitler Ducky Muhammad Ali and Nelson Mandela Dude (49) Martin Luther King Jr., Jimmy Carter, and Abraham Lincoln duke (18) Probably Theodore Roosevelt. Dude was pretty great! Duncan Passell (17) sun yat xian dustxii (22) Anyone who stood their ground, no matter what the price. Dutchess Vlad the Impaler Dutchess The almighty Genghis Khan, Jesus and Hunter S. Thompson Dvach (18) Those who believed that popular arts are important to life D.X (22) Marx, Jim Morrison, Arthur Griffith Dylan (17) Alexander the Great Dylan Adams (25) Robert Kennedy E (34) God E - e (28) None spring to mind. E (20) Lord Byron, Mary Shelley eagleclaw (35) Socrates, Plato, Seneca, Schopenhauer, P.B. Shelley, Keats, Rimbaud, Dylan Thomas, Ramprasad Das, Swami Vivekananda, Dickens, etc. E.A. Latham (25) I have no idea. EAR (19) siddhartha guatama, lao tzu, those living outside societies standard of materialism and -ism Earth Speck (30) Kennedy, MLK, Charles de Gaulle Eau (45) Lincoln Ed (30) Shakespeare, Martin Luther King, ed Genghis Khan, Pablo Escobar, Che Guevara, Malcom X, Leonardo da vinci, borgia family eddiboy Someone who chronicles the truth in history, not a fictionalised account. Eddie (48) I dropped out of school when I was 17 Eddie (12) Aphrodite, Medusa and Peter Pan Eden (19) Wise non-thinkers (eg Lao Tse) and people who overcame adversity Edgar Roberts (15) Marie Antoinette, Aristotle, simone de beauvoir Edie (26) Leonidas the spartan Edmond Dantes (26) Malcolm X, Genghis Khan, Caravaggio, Van Gogh, Tolstoy. Edouard (41) quixote, fdr, carlos fuentes, gabriel garcia marquez, che Eduardo (19) Filantropic people in search of human evolution Eduardo Villegas (37) Filantropic people in search of human evolution Eduardo Villegas (37) loosers of their time ... EduGri (53) Martin Luther King Jr., Susan B Anthony, Coco Channel and Elvis Effie (34) Heraclitus, Plato, Pascal, Rousseau, Goethe, Kierkegaard, Baudelaire, Nietzsche efha (23) Mahir Çayan ehk2 (30) Sissi, Martin Luther King, Darwin, Christian the 4th, Jeanne D'Arc, Cleopatra, EHM Che Guevara. Eiichi (16) Those that fought with honor and gave their lives for their country Eilfa (28) the founding fathers, teddy roosevelt, richard pryor, stanley kubrick, louis armstrong, the beatles... EJ (29) The Egyptians, Martin Luther King, Jr., Frederick Douglas, Richard Wright, any Harlem Renaissance author or poet E.Jay (21) The Beats, Henry Miller, Anais Nin, June Miller ejb (22) Great judges and religious leaders El (23) Gandhi, Buddha, Jesus, MLK Jr. el3vat0r Andres Bonifacio, Archimedes, Arthur Clarke, Chopin elay (21) Andres Bonifacio, Gabriela Silang, Archimedes, Marcos, Chekhov, Hobbes elay (23) Andres Bonifacio,Marcos, Hobbes, Chekhov, Archimedes, Dennis Ritchie elay (24) Henry IV, Dalai lama, gandhi,mozart, shakespeare, Corneille, beethoven eldar (25) Maharishi Eleanor (14) Nietzsche, Akhenaten, Thomas Jefferson, Plato Electryo (15) Writers I admire: Bronte, Austen, Bulgakov. Elena δεν εχω ελενη (33) Joan of Arc, Elizabeth 1, Mata Hari, Einstein, Da Vinci, Galileo, Plato, Socrates, Gandhi, Artemisia Gentileschi. Elena Di Cesare socrates, scientists and artists who changed our lives eleni (18) Some of my favourite writers, some saints and political figures, like Isabel, the Catholic. eleuia Buddy Holly Elexia (19) a mixture of those who stand up for what they believe in Elexis (18) i dunno Elexis (18) Jesus Eli (16) No one yet Elias (22) Buddha, Picasso, Dali, Bernini. Eliaz McMillan (33) alexander the great, cleopatra, queen elizabeth (the one that kicked ass), thomas jefferson eliciabg (23) i like louis XIV elicule (13) Pericles did a great job on Athens Democracy Elie (16) egyptian priests Elin (47) Alexander the Great, Johann Struensee and Voltaire. Elisa Jean Paul Sartre Elisabeth (22) Nietzche Elisabeth Carver Oscar Wilde Elissa (22) Socrates, Joan of Arc, Queen Elizabeth I, William Shakespeare, and Charlotte Bronte. Elizabeth Joseph Smith, Jesus Christ... I truly tried to think of some non-religious ones and failed Elizabeth (25) By character, I'm guessing historical figure? Napoleon. Elizabeth (15) Einstein who did not read until age 3, Franklin Roosevelt who suffered from polio, & Helen Keller who was deaf, blind, and mute Elizabeth Diane Shaffer (0) Einstein who did not speak until age 3; Franklin Roosevelt who suffered from polio; and Helen Keller who was deaf, blind, and mute. Elizabeth Diane Shaffer (0) Joan of Arc, Mata Hari, Jesus Elle (51) women who went above and beyond the roles assigned to them ElleKay Thomas Jefferson Ellen Oscar Wilde, Kinsey, Freud, David Bowie Ellen B Smiley (29) Jacqueline Kennedy, Gertrude Stein, St. Therese of Lisieux Ellen Fitzpatrick (61) I think I am my favorite character since I am history Ellie (25) JFK, John Lennon, Tony Blair, Neville Chamberlain. Ellie_Estrella (19) Marie curie, Fermat or galileo Ellie Wilson (15) Blair, Trudeau. Love him or hate him he had a vision and made things exciting. Politicans should strive to change the world for the better rather than do nothing and inspire nothing good or bad in the public. Elliot Malcolm X elliot (22) Activists, philosopher that challenge me Elliott (28) Frederick Nietzche and Piotr Tchaikovsky. Elliott Hemp (23) I have not favorite characters in history Elo (11) Alexander the Great, Salieri, the Tiennamen man, Reinaldo Arenas elSigno (37) Napoleon, Charles Darwin, Jesus, Christopher Columbus, Jack Kevorkian Ely (23) john lennon, Salvador Dali, Carivaggio, Artemisia Gentilsechi, Susan Sontag, Helmut Newton Elyse (20) Binary file Em_1425616956.html matches Binary file Em_1425616956.html matches I admire Siddhartha. Em Jesus, Ghandi, Pope Francis, Mother Teresa emdonnelly7 She has none yet. emdonnelly7 Jonathon Shadowhunter Emilee Nightshade (19) Mikhail Gorbachev and Mohammad Mossadegh Emilia Blancarte Jaber Gandhi, Queen Elizabeth I, Mary Lyon, William Wilberforce, the Doctor Emilie (23) Those who were strong enough to overcome the odds/the status quo (Ghandi and Mother Theresa) Emilina (27) Nikola Tesla and the emperor Maximiliano emilio (28) Einstein, Picasso, Jesus Christ, Proust, Martin L. King Emillia (16) I don't really have any. Certainly not Margaret Thatcher! Emily (19) oh goodness......shakespeare, ghandi, dorthy day, jesus, joan of arc, priness diana, stella adler...anyone can be a character, really. Emily (24) helen keller, billie holiday emily (24) They are every death... Emily (13) I'm partial to anachronistic women living by their own rules Emily (22) politicians Emilyann (22) General Patton. He always strove for excellence. Emily Carter (37) female leaders and thinkers, misguided martyrs. Emily Clark (25) Chris McCandlles, Ghandi, Darwin Emma (20) the fashionable. emma (18) Socrates and Kant Emma (20) Jung, Artistotle, socrates, mother Therresa Emma (50) i dont....i dont..... emma (14) George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Theodore Roosevelt Emma (34) not sure emma (20) Nikola Tesla Emme (21) I don't know much about human history, but there are several famous guardians that we're taught to admire. I don't know that I actually admire them, to be honest, since I've never met them. :\ Emperor Aisel Fei Shiang (18) Joan of Arc and Queen Elizabeth Empyrean (17) Baudelaire, Byron, Unamuno, Dostoievski, Lautreamont, Rimbaud, Byron, Jim Morrison, Kierkegaard... encolpio8 (22) Aristotle, Praxitel, Dostoevsky, Bonnefoy, Beethoven... Endimion Albert Camus, Simone de Beauvoir endor The radical rabbi Yeshua bin David, Jane Austen, Rita Mae Brown ENEgck (56) Socrates and Leonidas of Sparta, Engel (48) I hate them all. If I would have loved one that would be the one who hasn't comitted his life to being known. Enis Gandhi, Buddha, Alexander the Great, Jesus, Proust Eno A. Agolli (15) Lincoln, Socrates, Rizal, Marx, Churchill Enrique (21) Friedrich Nietzsche, Charles Schulz, and T.S. Eliot Eric (15) George Washington, JFK Eric (40) George Washington, Benjaimin Franklin, Franklin Roosevelt, Teddy Roosevelt Eric (37) Sigmund Freud, Friedrich Nietzsche, Arthur Schopenhauer, Baruch Spinoza, Niccolo Machiavelli, Thucydides, Karl Marx, Irvin Yalom, Theodor Adorno, Alexander Solzhenitsyn, Primo Levi, George Orwell, Noam Chomsky, Ludwig Wittgenstein, Christopher Hitchens. Eric (19) philosophers Erica Hitler Erica (25) Jesus and his apostles Erica` (21) Marie Antoinette Erica Johnson (21) Jesus Christ, the Apostle Paul, Abraham, Thomas Paine, Adam Smith, Thomas Jefferson, Hannibal, Cicero, Elizabeth I, Martin Luther, Boudica, Ronald Reagan, Emmanuel Chrysoloras, Winston Churchill, Alfred the Great, Beowulf, James I, Benjamin Franklin, et al Eric C. Wolfe (28) Patton, Reagan, Socrates Erich (20) Madonna, Pablo Picasso, Karl Marx, Frantz Fanon, Cardinal Richelieu Erich (19) Ludwig Wittgenstein; Franz Kafka Eric Kraft (18) Caesar Erict7 Ernest Hemingway and Ralph Waldo Emerson Erik (25) Yves Saint Laurent Erik Isaac (19) William Wallace, Winston Churchill, Moctezuma, Alexander the Great, Charles Darwin Erik Price (18) Martin Luther King Jr. and Coco Chanel Erin (27) Jany Eyre Erin (53) Queen elizabeth I, martin luther king jr Erin (30) Erik Erikson Erin (20) Cicero Catherine the Great Erin (46) Any of Shakespeare's comedic characters Erin (31) kapodistrias ers (22) Van Gogh, Dali, Anne Frank esayer (35) Octavianus Escalus (22) Strong women like Margarete Countess of Tyrol. Escapism (19) Shakespeare, Euripides, Byron Esmé (18) Spinoza, ghandi, Martin Luther king, Esmee fidelius (54) Mythological beings ESMERELDA (50) Joan of Arch and Mother Teresa Estacia Hernandez (37) Charles Bukowski, Henry Rollins, Malcolm X esteban (29) Mahomet, Christ, Buddha, Che Guevara, Schiller Esteban (23) Oscar Wilde Estee aristotle, plato, leonardo da vinci estrella blanca unsure Et (32) Harriet Tubman. Et Cetera (22) Composers - Machaut, Dufay, Josquin, Scarlatti, C.P.E. Bach, Haydn, Schubert, Brahms, Berg.... Etha (26) Andy Warhol, Yves Saint Laurent, Claude Monet, Hemingway ethan (20) Marcus Aurelius, Rene Decartes, Karl Marx, Vladimir Lenin, George Orwell, Christopher Hitchens, JFK, Theodore Roosevelt, Kingsley Amis, Johnny Cash, Noel Chavasse Ethan Mayatt (25) Alexander the great, Vlad Tepes Dracula, Richard the Lionheart, and Adolf Hitler, purely for his ability to rally masses into a frenzy with only words. Eva (23) Queen Victoria, Christina Rossetti Eva (16) can't think of any evan ass hatch (18) Jane Austen? Evanna (18) Abraham Lincoln, Richard Nixon, Henry II Evan Washington (20) Anastasia Romanov, Evita, St. Genevieve Evie (22) Sir Winston Churchill, Gandhi, Hesiod, J.R.R. Tlokien and Jose R. Pocaterra evilwonders (28) Don Quijote, Harry Potter, Alex Rider, Sherlock Holmes, House, John Watson, Edward Elric, Alphonse Elric, Roy Mustang, Scar...you get the idea. evren (16) Plato, Albert Camus Ezra (20) The ancient Goddesses without name or voice. The killers with both. FA Elizabeth I, Joseph (old testament) FAC (25) MLK Facio MLK Facio (19) Hitler F. Ahmed (15) Muhammad and the four caliphs fallen (24) Those who set an example too hard to resist Fanourios (40) dictatures farfalla (30) Socrate farfoura (22) All of them, I suppose. They were the shapers of humanity on a large scale. fatgaynig (20) Akhnatoon Fatima (19) The Prophets of the Lord Fatima (26) Mandela, bertrand russel, akbar fat man (33) King Elyson who died before even my grandfather was born Fawna (19) Abe Lincoln, JFK, Gandhi, F. Scott Fitzgerald Fay (22) Oscar Wilde feanix (20) Napoleon Felipe Maia I haven't had the privilege of emotional peace in the present to allow me become involved with any particular name but I am sure my favourite characters would be great travelers. Ferroever (43) People who had overcome their destinies: Rube Goldberg, Matt Belami, in a way...Stefania Germanotta, Bryan Fuller, Shirley Manson fersfumero (28) T.E. Lawrence, Pocahontas, Queen Elizabeth the First, Alexander the Great, Socrates FeydRautha (46) lies no favorites Feysweetie (43) Fredrick Douglas and Alexander Hamilton fhickey (22) Mark Twain, strong women Fidjeridodu (30) Chevalier d'Eon, Oscar Wilde, Frederick Douglass Fields (19) Mickey Mouse filinia (22) All of the queens: Cleopatra, Elizabeth, Theodora, Catherine, etc. final fashion (33) Leonardo da Vinci (for obvious reasons) Finnegan Magondolovich (Long Story...) Voltaire and his ability to befriend kings, then telling his truth made them all enemies in the end Finokio (38) Marilyn Monroe, Queen Victoria, Churchill, Bismarck, JR Tolkien, CS Lewis fk2005 (34) King Leonidas, Jesus, Churchill FlameHorse (28) Ugh, so hard to answer... I prefer fictional characters, I know them way better. Flantasy Girl (25) Albert Einstein, Nikola Tesla, Leo Tolstoy, as well as Marie Curie flavia (13) Those who dare to be different Flo Shakespeare Flora (69) Adolph Hitler. Florin-Alexandru Brănescu (16) Indians Flower (39) Rasputin Floyd Mainly Socrates, also Charles Darwin, Carl Jung, Sigmund Freud, Pierre-Joseph Proudhon FlyinMonki (27) Abraham Lincoln, Alexander of Macedonia, Dwight Eisenhower, Benjamin Franklin, Marie Curie ForePlinger Same as the question above ForSavvy Alexander the Great Fran (52) Shakespeare and Queen Elizabeth, Hera the goddess and Helen of Troy, Sacagowea and Cleopatra Francesca (29) none francesca (49) Thomas Edison Francesca Gandhi Francisca Bastos (17) Juan Alvarez, Ignacio Zaragoza, Venustiano Carranza, Ludovic Guiuly, Daniel (Bible), Salomon, Santiago Francisco Aguirre (23) Eva Perón, Juan Perón Francisco Javier Gil Vidal (54) Thucydides Francis Times (20) Jesse Jackson, Spike Lee Frankie (23) Emperor Nero FrankieSmash (49) Boys who grew up as orphans or without a mother Franklin Frank Anglin (32) Caligua and Garbo Frank Nekrasz (25) Che Guevara, Julius Caesar, Robin Hood, King Arthur, fred (16) Thoreau, Mandela, Socrates Freda (61) Leonardo Da Vinci Friedrich Mueller (57) Those who are as honest about their faults as their virtues Fritha Grey N/A fumble (19) alexander hamilton, napoleon, anne sexton, dante. furies (27) Paul Revere, Abraham Lincoln, Ghandi FYS13Alec (18) Jane Eyre FYS13Amanda (18) Michael Jordan, Larry Bird, and Abraham Lincoln. FYS13Andrew David Bowie, Freddie Mercury FYS13Bella None seem to come to mind. FYS13Chad hmmm. right now, Aphra Behn FYS13DRJ Those that strive to change the world and better the lives of those around them. FYS13Michaela (18) Leonardo da vinci, Benjamin Franklin FYS13Savannah Henry (18) Ronald Reagan, Alexander Hamilton, Ben Franklin, Thomas Jefferson FYS13Tyler (19) Greeks,Romans, J.R.R. Tolkien FYS14Darling (18) Einstein, St Francis, Da Vinci, Elizabeth I, Catherine the Great, every forgotten woman who made a difference FYS14julie Edgar Allen Poe, Spartan warriors, and The Grimm Brothers. FYS14Kelle (20) Queen Elizabeth, Julius Caesar, Dante Alighieri, Guy Fawkes, Bill Clinton, John Brown FYS14Landon (18) Jesus FYS14Payton Robertson Howard, Tom Titus Nash FYS14Sam (19) Audrey Hepburn FYS14Sara The people who do the right things FYS14Taylor Alexander the Great FYS14Zachary W.E.B duboise FYS breont (19) The Greek Gods FYSHeath (18) Anyone who stuck it to the man - fought for peace and equality to every human being FYSMadz (18) All of the wonderful masters of our education today. FYSMegha (18) Alexander the Great, Leonidas, Abraham Lincoln. FYSMichael (18) Jimi Hendrix and Jerry Garcia FYSNick mother teresa G g g napoleon, ghandi Gab (19) I don't really care about history Gabby (13) Nelson Mandela, Martian Luther King Jr., Ghandi, and Eleanor Roosevelt Gabby Griego (18) Mushashi Myamoto Nietzsche, socrates Gabe (31) painters and writers shaping and representing different eras for the next generations Gabi Cleopatra, Emiliano Zapata, Hitler Gabriela (18) josé saramago the greatest portuguese writer Gabriela Coelho Mesquita Teixeira Borges (26) Abraham Lincoln. Gabriel Gonzalez (26) Friedrich Nietzche and Sigumund Freud and Socrates Gabriella Fuentes (17) my favourite character in history is Effel gaga (13) A mixture of Theodore Roosevelt, Elenaor Roosevelt, Andrew Carnegie, and FDR Gail (44) Joan of Arc Gail Flaherty Marco Polo; James Cook; Charles Darwin Gainer (52) Those willing to do what it takes to complete their mission, even if it meant innocent people had to die Gait (17) George Byron Brummell, Queen Elizabeth 1st and Barack Obama Galareh (23) Can't say I have any Gamba Ajani I find the American founding fathers to be extremely fascinating characters. Garrett (19) God ,THE Son of God Davy Crockette Gator Krazy Dave Julio Cesar gavalia (46) JFK, MLK Jr. GD (47) Alexander the Great, Napoleon Bonaparte, and Sun Tzu. Gean Whitehead III (20) theodore roosevelt, buddha Gene (51) Alaric, William Wallace, Attila, Vlad the Impaler, Sun Tzu, Alexander the Great, Leonidas, Hitler Gene (24) Socrates, Marcel Proust, Epicurus, Charles Darwin. Genevieve (22) Catherine I of Russia, Chinngis Khan, Niccolo Machiavelli, Cosimo Medici Genevieve (15) Hemingway, Fitzgerald, Warhol, Reed, Dean, Van Gogh Genevieve (16) Elizabeth 1, Augustus, Henry V. Genie (65) Ghandi, Frederick Douglas, Fred Astaire Genie (58) Princess Diana, Michael Moore, Shel Silverstein, Joan of Arc, Anne Boleyn, Jesus Christ, MLK GenXer2012 (39) 16th century royals, Alexander the Great, Elizabeth the 1st, Mythological Gods Geo (20) Women who, despite the odds, change the world for the better of everyone. Geo (57) Ghandi George William Wallace, George Brosnan (16) Michelangelo, George Washington, and Thomas Edison. George Mile (35) William Hazlitt, Keir Hardie, Thomas Paine, Catherine Macaulay, John Lilburne, Major John Cartwright, Spartacus, Karl Marx, Charles Fox, Clement Attlee George Owers (21) Aristoteles and Leonardo DaVinci Georgia (14) the apostle Peter because he recognized his faults and kept trying to serve his God Georgia (53) Martin Luther King Georgia (16) Marie Currie,Richard Feynman,Margaret Thatcher Georgiana Gandhi, Che Guevera ghazaleh (27) Yves Saint Laurent, Hadrien, Marie Antoinette Ghyles (31) Hadrian, Leo Africanus, Marcel Proust, Picasso, quite a few actually ,the list could go on Ghyles (31) Napoleon Gia (21) the ones who are forgotten Gianne (21) Julius Caesar, Abraham Lincoln, Martin Luther Giannico (40) artists, peace makers Gill (63) William Wallace, Mary Magdalene Gillian Martin (40) Anne Frank, Socrates, Benjamin Franklin Gina (19) Descartes, Kierkegaard, Luther, QE1, Hildegard - Doctor of the RC Church Gina (30) George & Martha Washington Ginger Thompson (50) Socrates, Marie Antoinette, Abraham Lincoln Ginny (47) Cleopatra, Aristotle, Leonardo da Vinci, and St. Augustine. Gionna (28) Marcus Aurelius and Homer Giorgia Buddah Giovanni Moro (32) The Shinsengumi, Werner Herzog, Keith Richards Girl You Too Rude marie antoinette. Giselle (18) Rumi, Krishnamurti, Thoreau, I could go on and on... Gjabrielle Miyamoto Musashi, Neil Armstrong, Einstein Glenn Parker (24) Elizabeth I, not sure who else Glen Reeves (37) Henry Tudor, VIII Gloria (59) Those who inspire a better humanity Gloria Martin Luther King Gloria Heatley (58) Very few decent people have marked history GMcG Queen Victoria, Amelia Earhart, Tennyson goblin64 (45) Revolutionaries and Despots Godfrey (19) Napoleon,Alexander the Great,Julius Ceasar gofaify (19) henrietta lacks, hitler, jesus Golden Boy (20) Christopher Columbus, Marco Polo, Domingo F. Sarmiento. Gonzalo Cleopatra, Achilles goukrish (19) helen of troy GP (39) Alexander the Great GPB (37) Martin Luther King, Jr. and Maya Angelou Grace (30) Cleopatra, Abraham Lincoln, George Washington Grace (12) All stages of David Bowie, Lord Byron, Oscar Wilde, Charles Bukowski, Luis Bunuel.. People who were really out there before it was acceptable. Grace (28) Romeo and Juliet Grace A. (15) Don't have any Grace Cooper (20) The unnamed good-doers whose deeds have been so naturally fitting to their circumstances that they have all together disappeared from the record gracehoppin (23) Alexander, John F. Kennedy, Thomas Jefferson, Christopher Hitchens, Eleanor Roosevelt, Gracie (22) Fairy tale creatures Gracie Campbell (23) Keats Graham (20) Billie Holiday; Chopin greatlove (32) Frederick Neitcheze, Albert Einstein, Emmuneal Swedenborg. Greer (33) Stevie Wonder Greg (19) Genghis Khan, Tupac Amaru, Elizabeth Bathory, Charles Darwin, Haile Selassie Greg (24) nietzche Greg (17) Polar explorers Greg (36) Einstein, the Dalai Lama Greg (53) Thomas Jefferson, George S. Patton, Theodore Roosevelt, Charles Darwin Greg Lytle (26) jackson pollock, janis joplin, greta garbo, audrey hepburn gretel Adam Savage Gret Sidl (17) Charles Darwin, Hypatia (Alexandria-era mathematician killed by the Christian mob), John F. Kennedy, Violette Szabo (WWII Allied secret agent, code name: Louise!), Miep Gies (concealed Anne Frank and family) greythorne (38) Abe Lincoln, MKL, Nelson Mandela Grimace (17) MLK Grimace (17) napoleon, san martin gruchi (63) Charlemagne, Lincoln, Constantine, JFK gruffmusic (49) Simon who carried the cross of Christ; the populaces who died without leaving a trace Gtergab (50) Hitler, Stalin, Martin Luther. Their approaches may have been flawed, but my word! How charismatic they were! Guenther gilda radner, marilyn monroe, and john lennon. guiller van mistoffellees (17) Caesar Gus (18) Jesus Cristo Gustavo (21) Churchill, Claudius gutsyaardvark (19) Alexander, Newton, Darwin, Einstein Guy Van Driessche (44) Eleanor Roosevelt Gwen (18) James Madison, Martin Luther King Hadasa (19) Elizabeth the 1st, the Italian futurists Hailey (34) Jessie Owens Hailey (15) none, but Salvatore Guillani is rather interesting Hakusha Senbon (24) Isaac Newton, Nikola Tesla, Niccolo Machiavelli, and Leonardo da Vinci. Hal (18) Auntie Mame-everyone must have an eccentric member in their family Hala (34) The revolutionaries Haley (19) prophet Mohamed hamdi (20) tomas edison hamideh (26) Shakespeare, Aristotle, Elizabeth I Hamlet (30) Marcel Proust Hana (14) Marcus Aurelius HandeG. (13) Helen Keller Hanna (24) Abraham Lincoln and Ghandi Hannah (15) Monet Hannah (32) henry v hannah (25) Alice Paul, Margaret Thatcher, Aristotle, John F. Kennedy, Eleanor Roosevelt, Frederick Douglass Hannah Chambers (24) The prophets, who dedicated their lives to faith Hannah Ross (20) FDR Hannah Suttles Jesus Hanshaw (14) marquis de sade Hari (21) Elizabeth I, Caesar Augustus, Artemesia Gentileshi, Benjamin Franklin, and Martin Luther King, Jr. Harold E. Leighton (37) John Donne, Galileo, Artemesia Gentileshi Harold E. Leighton (40) none Harold Oberg Artists Harriet (23) Niccolò Machiavelli, Nero, Augustus, Mark Anthony Hartleigh A. Chance (35) People who succeeded in their projects while helping others Hassallah (30) Emerson, shakespeare, Michael Jordan Hassan (21) elizabeth I is fascinating hawaii50 (45) 'History' concerns real people, not characters, Hayzeus (23) The Beatniks, the saints, the mystics, Caesar HCE (15) 2 Pac Heath If I had one he most likely wouldn't have been written about. Heathcliff (20) George Washington Carver HEATHER (37) Churchill, Louis XIV, Oliver Cromwell, Elizabeth I and Cicero HeavyFire (16) FDR, Frank Capra heider (27) I'm not sure, there are so many interesting characters. Heidi R. Heliogabalo Heinar (52) I can favor only those, whose character didn't allow them to access fame Helen (32) Maya Angelou Helen (19) Cleopatra Helena (18) Anyone who went against social norms, forging new paths forward. Helena Jenkins (20) Cleopatra, Shakespeare, Elvis Helen Mattison Wyatt (20) joan of arc hellgirl (19) joan of arc helz bells (41) Abraham Lincoln Henry (46) Those who fight and succeed in altering the inexorable tide of history (e.g. Napoleon) Henry_Z (25) the characters of classic austen novels her (26) Our lord and Savior, the saints of old, and the modern day saints making history today Herald (71) Christ, George Washington, herbertofwestlake (43) Jesus, Alexander Hamilton, Enlightenment Philosophers Hern (39) The great generals of China, along with Nikola Tesla. Herod (20) Alexander the Great Hero Solomon (25) strong willed women Hetal (22) Dr. Martin Luther King, anyone devoted to the welfare of animals and children. H, Han-Jan Jesus Christ, Buddha, St. Francis of Assisi, St. Therese of Lisseux, Galileo HHP (41) The philosophers, anarchists and the dreamers Him (17) Muhammad, Cleopatra, Keats. Hira Yousuf (18) Any that overcame odds to change their lives and the world. HKas (28) My mother for bravery and courage HKas HH Dali Lama, Mahatma Gandi, Elinor Roosevelt, Temple Grandin H. McMillan (33) El Pipila, Casio Longinos, H.Nakashima (21) Cleopatra, Elizabeth I, Joanne D'Arc, Keynes hobbes (26) Hobbes, Marcos, Chekhov hodouk (22) The scientists, thinkers, artists who advanced humankind, who contributed to our world-view and culture Hoelder1in (51) Ashoka the Great. hoffsta oscar wilde holden (27) Marie Antoinette, Cleopatra Holley (39) Elizabeth I, Jane Austen, Catherine the Great, Cleopatra. holly (17) Henry V - at least the way Shakespeare tells him. Hamilton - at least the way he is in the musical. Holly Avery (32) Douglas MacArthur Holly Pajka (28) I try to ignore them. Marie Curie, Beatrix Potter, Einstein, Dewey Honora (40) I dont care much...jesus maybe Hooks Zhou en Lai. Deng xiaoping Hopefloats (24) Ned Lawrence, Gertrude Bell and Churchill Horace pluck (54) davinci howard (34) My favorite character is socrates because of his depth of thinking. howard (34) Mastani, shankaracharya, rumi, hypatia, meera Hrudaya (24) Jefferson, Franklin, Paine huck finn (48) All the men and women in history who have fought for freedom, Prophet Muhammad Huda (19) basho huggybear (29) Richard III, William Wilberforce, Jane Austen Hulot Redux I have two: Ashoka, and Hatshepsut Humbugger Omlet (20) Ben Franklin, Nikola Tesla Hunter (23) hobo jesus Hurricane Katrina (25) Jesus Hwiseon Lee (24) Mary Tudor and Lucrezia Borgia Hyosun (25) Ramses The Great, Jesus, Nikola Tesla, Nat Turner, St. Ignatius Loyola, Rumi, DaVinci, Confucius Hypnos The Blade (46) Jesus, Mary and the Disciples HYS (47) Difficult to decide I (22) Stephen Spielberg. I Albert Einstein, Isaac Asimov, Freddie Mercury, Constantine 11th, Heraclius, Julian the Apostate. I Fiorello LaGuarida Ian (23) Not well versed in history Ian (44) Genghis Khan ianplanet (47) queen margot, boadicea I Beg (54) the ones motivated by ethic, against the odds and against tyranny, French Resistance Ichabod Icis and Wonderwoman Icis Socrates I do not have one. (22) Leonidas the Spartan , Friedrich Nietche , Dante , Dimitris Liantinis i dont know that i know (17) Gandhi Mandela Abraham Lincoln Ignats (70) Nellie Bly was a pretty neat lady; Isambard Kingdom Brunel Igor (29) I do not believe much of what they tell us about our history anymore. However, I always loved hearing the tales of Martin Luther King Jr and men of his kind. Men who were able to change the world through peaceful means instead of through fighting. Iilyanna Cicero, Alexander the Great, Queen Elizabeth. ile105 (23) Emmeline Pankhurst, Queen Victoria, Marie Curie. ile105 (27) Alexander Hamilton, Franklin Roosevelt, the Beatles Illinibeatle (44) Martin Luther King and Harriet Tubman Imajones David, Joan of Arc, and Solomon Imee Napoleon, Adolf Hitler, Genghis Khan, Abu Bakr Al Baghdadi, Osama Bin Laden I.M. (Imam Mahdi) (5) Socrates Indrė (17) Guan Yu (partly historical and partly fictional). inez (21) Honibal, Joan of Arc, but why limit oneself to only a few? Inkie (60) revolutionaries and socialists, things the West hates interestedparty king louis xiv, shakespeare. i.p. Joan Of Arc, Amelia Earhart Ireland Rose (12) Jesus Christ, Mary Slessor, Corrie ten Boom Irene (17) Socrates, Ghandi Irene (26) Fyodor Dostoevsky,Kant, Nietzsche,Voltaire,Alexander the Great Irina (16) Cleopatra Iris (18) Chris Kyle Iris Ramsey (32) catherine the great, napoleon isa (29) Homer; Nick Drake; Chris Marlowe; Leo Tolstoy; Nathan Hale; Krystal Wills. Isaac (16) romeo and juliet Isaac (29) Supreme Leader Umbra, of course. Isaac Isabel (19) Jane Austen and Joan of Arc Isabella Fairchild-Heart (Protagonist) (26) Nietzsche Isabelle (26) Mother Theresa Isadora Duncan (32) Napoleon, Winston Churchill, Allen Ginsberg, William Carlos Williams Ismael Santos (20) Oscar Wilde, Alan Turing, Kurt Vonnegut, Niels Bohr, and Sir Arthur Conan Coyle in no particular order. Isolde (17) Martin Luther King Jr. Ita (23) Ghandy. Iva None, my favorites are in my present. Iva Pasztor (20) Picasso, George Washington, Abraham Lincoln Ivy (10) which a color full world ivy (25) Maya Angelou, Joan Sutherland Izzy (24) Van Gogh, Sylvia Plath, Herschel Grynzspan, Anne Frank, Oscar Wilde, Emmeline Pankhurst Izzy (17) Harry Potter Izzy waterhouse (16) Harry Potter Izzy waterhouse (16) Susan B. Anthony, Harriet Tubman, j2a18m (43) dmx jabbar (23) Dahlai Lama Jacie Lin Joanna D'arc Jack (14) patton talleyrand moses jack (30) Oh...I dunno. I guess Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis...that poor woman. She really held it together. Jack (33) Bill Peet Jack (17) Gilgamesh Jack Goodman (18) Prince Consort Albert, Lewis and Clark, The Cambridge Spies Jackie Bill Gates Jackie (24) Cleopatra, Queen Victoria, Joana D'arc Jackie Cavalcante (40) Audrey Hepburn, coco Chanel Jackie Vega (27) abe lincoln, st. francis Jackson (32) General Patton, Groucho Marx, Socrates Jackson8471 (23) Nietzsche Jack Viper (29) Jesus, Einstein, Darwin, Galileo Jaclyn (22) Leonardo Da Vinci. He was a genius. JaclynM (19) Thomas Jefferson, Dr. King, Gandhi, Henry David Thoreau, FDR, Bertrand Russell, Thomas Paine. Jacob Richardson (18) Those who have fought for freedom and privacy. Jacque (24) Vlad Tepes, Winston Churchill, Abraham Lincoln, Martin Luther King Junior. Jacqueline (34) Queen Hatshepsut, Queen Boudica. Jacqueline Garrett (38) Anna'el because she brought hope back into the world Jade (17) Johnny Depp Jade-a-boo (17) Antigone, Kate (Taming of the Shrew), Lavinia (Titus), Nettie (The Color Purple), Setha (Beloved) Jade Green (30) a mixture of queen elizabeth i, mary queen of scots, anne boleyn, anne frank, marquise de pompadour and gandhi Jadelynn (24) Nikola Tesla, Leonardo daVinci, Vincent Van Gogh, Isaac Newton, Carl Sagan, and Jimi Hendrix. Jae (18) Leonardo Da Vinci, Rene Descartes, Albert Einstein, Nicola Tesla, Bruce Lee Jafari (33) A mixture of Alice Paul and Freud Jaime (18) Mlk Jaime (28) bobby moore Jake Thinkers, innovators and strategists Jake (17) Spinoza, Socrates, and those like them. Jake (21) Social theorist, and human rights activist. Jakelina Hernandez (22) Maya Angelou, Plato, Malcolm X and Elizabeth Catlett. J.A. Lawrence Bishop Grandin, Shacklton, sir edmund hillary James (64) Winston Churchill, Theodore Roosevelt James (30) i have would not know james Admiral Yi, Jesus, Roosevelt James (19) Napoleon James (25) Jesus Christ James Green (29) Buddha, Leonardo Da Vinci, Mark Twain, Gandhi, Carl Sagan James La Salandra (31) Robert Kardashian. The most blatantly guilty celebrity in modern times, OJ Simpson, was acquitted, all because of Robert Kardashian. James Oliver North (39) Jefferson, Cicero, Ceasar, Saladin, Trotsky, Churchill, Bonaparte, many others jameson_welsh (22) Hong Xiuquan, Emmeline Pankhurst, Einstein, George Best, Bob Dylan James William Reath (21) JFK, my own characters whom have been lost to death over the years Jamie (25) Aristophanes, Leonardo da Vinci, Rasputin, Jesus, and more that I can’t think of this very second Jamie (22) Abraham Lincoln Jamie (32) MLK Jr Jamie (17) FDR jamy (51) Thomas Jefferson, Voltaire, Erasmus of Rotterdam, not necessarily in that order Jan Tsar Nicholas 2nd, Shakespeare, Elizabeth the 1st, Marie Antionette Jan (55) Plato, Descartes, Marx Jana (22) Plato, Descartes, Marx Jana (22) the alphabet Janae (17) michelle obama, rosa parks jane (41) sylvia plath, marie antoinette jane (20) the ones that started out idealistic but then said fuck it and gave it all up to live alone forever jane fakename (25) The graeat thinkers Aristotle, Socrates also the great inventors. janice (67) Fidel Castro, José Martí, Martin Luther King, Noam Chomsky, John Lennon, Socrates, and the many unknown heroes who were killed and minimized as being collateral damage. Janice Marie Oxford (61) Marie Antionette, Tsar Nicholas the second, Shakespeare. Jannie56 John Jay Jansen (17) Those who fought for the well being of others Jared (19) Terrence McKenna, Albert Camus. Jared Oswald (19) Knight Commander Aleck Harper, First of the Gar-Hunters Jarred Poll (26) Lincoln, Susan B.Anthony, Jas (20) Sri Guru Gobind Singh ji, Sri Guru Ramdas ji, Sri Guru Nanak Dev ji, Mata Bhag Kaur, Mata Khiv ji jasleen Elizabeth I, Boadicea, Ted Bundy Jasmine Violet (17) Tolkien, Da Vinci, Jesus, Churchill. Jason (18) medgar evers Jason (34) Beethoven Jason (26) Daniel Boone jasonstafford (53) Those that stood against an evil greater and more powerful than they. Jax Havak (00) a mixture of Teddy Roosevelt, Thomas Jefferson, John Locke, Lao-tsz Jay (58) Thomas Jefferson, Isaac Newton, Benjamin Franklin Jay (26) A mixture of John F. Kennedy, Jim Morrison, Elvis Presley and Freddie Mercury Jay MLK, Barack Obama, anyone who has stood up for those who couldn't for themselves Jay West (27) the brave ones Jazz shakesphere jb (13) The innovators (Wright Brothers, Edison, Franklin). Those who paved the way in creating the US of A J.B. (53) Those that invent, and shift paradigms JB (29) Shakespeare, Bob Hope, Arthur Milller, Paul Johnson and Stan Lee Jb Bradford (44) Elizabeth Bennett, Mr. Darcy, JChris (40) Lincoln jcr (35) Pliny, Custard, Martin Luther King, Harriet Tubman JD (21) FDR J Dawg (32) Charlie Parker, Jean Paul Belmundo, Nietzsche, Buddha, Picasso, Houdini jean (22) Mme Curie Jeannine (57) Anyone who works up nerves of steel to put thought into action for the good Jeeves (24) Muhammad, Joan of Arc Jef (19) Marcu Garvey Jeff the guy that invented computers Jeff (47) Dorothy Parker JeffGuy (55) Current film cinematographers Lubieski and Deakins, Andrew Dominik, Jean Michel Basquiat, Charlie Kaufman, Michael Foucault Jeffrey A. Olivier (40) Col. James FitzGibbon, Pierre Trudeau Jeffrey Dean Arthur (51) pluto Jeff Winger Einstein, Dmitri Mendeleev, All the scientists who served as pioneers for todays advances in science and medicine Jehu (25) those in the french revolution jemimah (32) Albert Einstein and Isaac Newton Jen (23) Yakutsks Jen (25) General George Washington jen (29) Marcus Aurelius. Hume.leaders, warriors, dissidents, mothers, fathers and children and inventors Jen Gerlach (39) Unanswerable. Everyone who ever lived Jen Hallidy (42) Einstein, Socrates,the first woman to vote Jenn (35) Odysseus, Abrham Lincoln, Homer Jenn (39) Joshua Chamberlain,Abe Lincoln Jennie There are to many to name, I love history and learning about the lives of past. I couldn't pick a favorite anymore then I can pick a favorite M&M. Jennifer (35) prob Aurelius, great inventors. people who save lives. Jennifer (40) Elizabeth I, Cleopatra, Evita Jennifer (53) Marcus Aurelius, Ramesses II, Cleopatra & Anne Boleyn Jennifer Lewis (26) Jesus Christ, Oskar Schindler, Harvey Milk, John Lennon Jenni Webb Reynolds (29) Maeve Gilmore, Walt Whitman, Rosa Parks. Jenny (23) Mostly British royals Jenny (28) characters from greek history jenny (30) Buddha Jenny (37) queen elizabeth jenny (18) Martin Luther king Jenny (18) Zeus Jenny (38) Witches Jenny (35) Fitzgerald's Amory Blaine, the young Egotist JennyLynn (23) No real knowledge of history. Jenny Napier (42) Winston Churchill and Napoleon Jensyn Keanes (19) Olaf Jeremy (17) Lincoln, Churchhill and Orson Welles Jeremy (30) madusa Jeremy (29) John F. Kennedy, Winston Churchill and Abraham Lincoln Jeremy Fassler (22) Julius Caesar, Charlemagne, Joan of Arc, Manfred Von Richthofen. Jeremy Heintz (39) ancient rulers who reigned with magic bound up in compassion Jerome (37) Survivals of the holocaust and Egyptian Egyptology pharaohs Jess (27) Socrates, MLK, FDR, JFK and Abe Jess (18) Sigmund Freud Jessi (18) Teddy Roosevelt Jessica (18) I don't know much about that. Jessica George Washington Jessica Cristo (Jax): (29) Helen Keller. Anne Frank. John Lennon. Jess the Mess (21) zeus, charlie brown and jesus Jesus0469 (46) fabulous women in fabulous dress who died in their beds Jet Jackson (92) Louis XIV Jeux Edith Cavell, Noor Inayat Khan, Thomas Fowell Buxton, shakespeare Jewel (39) Shakespeare Jewel (38) julius caesar, alexander the great, admiral nelson and robin hood jezza (18) mahatma gandhi jg (36) Refuse to answer this question jg (22) Napoleon, Einstein, Teddy Roosevelt, FDR, Plato, abd Hemingway J.H. Einstein, F.S. Fitzgerald, Van Gogh, Klimt, Schiele, Gautama Buddha, Salinger Jian (22) eople Jia Ying (22) All my favorite artists, David Byrne stands out. Jim (20) N.Tesla Jim (50) Abraham Lincoln jimmy (84) Abraham Lincoln JJ (20) A character with the ambition of Napoleon, Machiavelli and Toussaint Louverture, J J Ruzo thomas jefferson, richard nixon, mao ze dong JLo (34) The Gallant Ninja Jiraiya, George Washington, Patrick Henry, many more I cannot remember J.L. Odom (16) Foucalt JM (28) John Adams Jo (41) Marie Antoinette.. Jo (16) Sir William Wallace, Elizabeth the 1st Jo (21) Great women. Jo (66) Rosa Parks Jo Aristotle, Julius Caesar, Augustine, John Locke, Thomas Jefferson, David Hume, Charles Darwin, Abraham Lincoln, Rosalind Franklin, Ayn Rand, Richard Dawkins Jo (20) Julius Caesar Jo (62) Vlad the Impaler Jo (33) Afonso Henriques, Hipocrates, Alexander Fleming, Robert Virchow Joana (22) Favorite characters are the family as heroes - Superwoman and Wonder Woman. Joan Ellis (28) Tesla, Krishnamoorthi Joani Martin Luther King Jr., JOANNA Nellie McClung, Eleanor Roosevelt Joanna Kather (63) Aristotle and Jesus Jo-Anne Winston Churchill Joanne (16) the fools who spoke truth to powerful men and women Joanne van der Woude (36) Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln, Marilyn Monroe joannie Cervantes Chaucer kierkegard Joe (60) Marvin the martian Joe George Washington, John Hancock Joe DeProfio (27) Young flo Joe Joe the homo (16) Alexander the Great, William Wallace, Marc Antony Joel (17) Mom Joel Sadler (45) Jesus, Machiavelli JoeyO (34) the gay rebels John (28) Einstein John (23) Alexander the Great, Socrates, Hannibal John (24) Napoleon Bonaparte, Friedrich Nietzsche and Takeda Shingen John (20) Prometheus John (23) The ones who stood up for what they believed would help the world, and died for it Johnathan Durand (19) no john locke too many to count Johnny (21) I dont have one Johnny (21) Kennedy, Dylan, Joplin Johnny48 (48) Our late and most royal King of England, Edward III. He was loved and admired by all. John of Gaunt J.R.R. Tolkien JoJo (27) Plato Abraham Lincoln Jojo (76) mahatma ghandi, pierre elliot trudeau, icarus joker (25) zola jolie (66) Martin Luther King, Ghandi, Epicurus, John Lennon. Jollie (21) Abraham Lincoln, Nelson Mandela Jo Mama (53) Alle som har utvist det motet jeg mangler, kanskje særlig i møte med døden. Jon (18) Apolinario Mabini, Mark Twain jona (19) Abraham Lincoln and Jackie Robinson Jonas (We) the ones who stand for what's right, and the ones who make us laugh jonathan (31) Any philosopher and Pontius Pilate Jonathan (50) People who just believed in doing the most good. Jonathan Tacuri (21) Tiberius Claudius Drusus Nero Germanicus jonb (49) Abraham Lincoln, Jesus Christ Jonida Dervishi (29) Marco Polo, Ahmad ibn Fadlan, Roald Amundsen, Napoleon, Serge Gainsbourg, Mark Twain Jon Mosca (31) Nat Turner. Jonnae (25) albert einstein Jonny (31) Alan Shearer Jonny South (18) Barduch Spinoza, Kinky Friedman, Aristotle, Nero Jordan (19) Hemingway Jordan artists and sexual deviants jordan rutter (18) Stalin,he outsmarted,outplayed and outlast his competitors Jorelle (18) Thales, Socrates, Aristoteles, Spinoza, Thomas Paine, Bertrand Russell Joris Erwin Rommel, Ben Franklin, Charles Darwin joseph (31) Mordecai in bibile Joseph Anthony (37) 諸葛孔明 Joseph Cheng (28) Those by William Shakespeare Josephine A (19) Joan of Arc, Hellen Keller, Lisa Ling Joseph Khouri Dr Martin Luther King Jr and Albert Einstein Joseph Wizley (35) Jesus Christ, Buddha, Socrates, Alexander the Great, Julius Caesar, Henry David Thoreau, Walt Whitman, Charles Baudelaire Joseph Yvon (63) Albert Schweitzer, those who were called fools for giving too freely of their time and love Josh (23) My Dad. Josh (22) Newton, Marie Curie, John Lock, Bastiat, Hayak, Josh (29) Romeo and Juliet Joshua (34) Edgar Allen Poe Joshua (27) Friedrich Neecha, Jeanne d'Arc, Winston Churchill. Martyrs for science. Joshua Levi (21) Aristotle, Kant, Voltaire, Hegel, Bultmann, Bukowski, Gandhi, Siddhartha Gautama, Parmenides, Terence McKenna Joshua Sponaugle (22) Ivan IV, Patton, Peter the Great, Winston Churchill Joshua Taft (18) Siddhartha, Julius Caesar, and Ernest Hemingway. Josh W. (19) Matisse, Warhol, Shakespeare, Thomas Hardy, el grecco Josie Dangerfield (29) Burr, Jefferson, Franklin, Roosevelt, Jotthedot (16) Lincoln Joxef (35) baudelaire, freud joyce (20) John Locke; James Cook; John Adams; Soren Kierkegaard; C.S. Lewis joyseternal (22) those who create jrggzmn (20) those who create jrggzmn (20) powerful women jrggzmn (25) Einstein seems fun, Dr. Suess, JRobertson (21) John Donne, Van Gogh Jtan (21) Those (mostly anonymous) who have fought against racism, injustice, fear, occupation, etc. Ju (28) Christopher Columbus Juan (15) Hitler Juan (16) Genghis Khan, W.B. Yeats, Richard Burton. Juan Carlos (21) Descartes, Jesus, Robin Hood, Beethovan, Juanita Joann Harty Buck (49) Jesus, Mrs. Villanueva, Glen Phillips, Mana Juan Jose Campos (34) Mohammad, Jesus, Ali, Rumi, Cyrus, Fatemeh, Zeinab, Mary, Jeanne d'Arc Jubin (21) Mussolini Judah (30) Jesus and Princess Diana Judah (22) 關雲長 jude (25) The Kray brothers Jude Kaldi Aristotle, Judith SHAKESPEARE Judy The Founding Fathers of my country-USA Judyka (64) the madonna, joan of arc, jesus, virginia woolf, sapphos juju Teddy Kennedy, Golda Meir, Beatrix Potter, Katharine Graham, Mahatma Gandhi Jules (19) Nobel persons who made a mark on others lives Jules (26) Nicola Tesla Jules (23) powerful leaders Jules Queen Elizabeth I, Madam Curie, Susan B. Anthony Julia (23) Abe Lincoln and John F. Kennedy. Julian (16) winston churchill julie (79) idk Julie (20) Doc Holliday, Henry VIII Julie (40) The Jacobites Julie (49) socrates, einstein, da vinci, smetana, mozart, sartre Juliette (25) Anyone who did something good to change the world juliette (19) Natacha Rambova. Do not ask me why. June (23) Achilles jupiter jones Alexander the Great, Marcus Aurelius, Darwin, George Orwell Justin (27) The Beatles, Shakespeare, etc. Justin (15) Cu Chulainn Justin Aylward (22) william shakespeare, elizabeth the first, my father justine hope (20) Albert Einstein, Mahatma Gandhi, Ferdinand Marcos, Nikola Tesla. Justin G. (15) Jesus, Buddha, Fawkes, Zapata, The sons of liberty, anyone who rebelled against contentment. Justin Rasile (23) H.P. Lovecraft, Caligula, and the forgotten nameless dead JW (27) Those who didn't leave the world in a worse place than they found it. J.W. Carey (22) George Washington, Aristotle, Jesus jyoung (25) Abraham Lincoln, Martin Luther King, Gandhi K (21) Plato K (46) Oh no. I don't know any history. :/ Probably some Greek mythology characters, and Wu Zetian k Cleopatra k-92 (17) Shakespeare, Gutenberg, Chaucer, Newton Kaden Jackie Kennedy Onassis Kafi Cunningham (43) alexander the great, napolean bonaparte. and victor hugo. kai (15) Spartacus, Socrates, Aristole, Aquinas Kaja Ta Alexander the great and Oscar WIlde Kajer (19) ALL WOMEN WHO HAD THE TOTAL DEVOTION OF THIER MATES KAKI (50) Cleopatra Kaleena (23) Einstein Kally (33) Alexander the Great, Pocahontas, Oscar Wilde Kamila (18) Socrates, Leonardo da vinci, Michelangelo KammY Winston Churchill Kandi (26) Romeo and Juliet kangaroo helen keller karaeileen (24) Jesus Christ Karen none Karen (16) churchill Karen June (52) the actor who expresses courage kari bobins (33) Aristoteles, Freud, Napoleon and Francisco de Miranda Karina Marcano (26) Actaully there are too many to count... Karl (17) Jane a Karla (19) philosopher's, Kant, Aristotle, Socrates Kasandra don't have any - didn't get to meet and know them and facts are "dry" in history books... Kasia (30) Einstein, Van Gogh, Thoreau, Isaac Israëls Kasper (19) Patton Kassy (17) Martin Luther, Mother Theresa, St. Nicholas kat (21) Different Athletes Kate (23) Adolf Hitler, Martin Luther. Kate (21) Socrates (honestly!), Crazy Horse, Gandhiji (as my friends in India are quick to point out, he was faulty BUT as I say, he took the concept of civil disobedience and really effected change), Winston Churchill (a true asshole but so brilliant with language) Kate Odysseus' dog Kate (26) Paul Keating Kate All who have been romanticized. Kate McJ (31) Morgaine. Katerina (22) Churchill, King George VI, Queen Elizabeth II, Sitting Bull, Irena Sendler, Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Susan T. Anthony, Michael Murphy, etc. Kath (48) Ghandi, Winston Churchill, M. Luther King, Nelson Mandela Katharina (32) Dostoevsky, Ernesto Guevara Katherine (18) Queen Elizabeth I, Mata Hari, Boudicia Katherine (27) Ghandi Katherine Abraham Lincoln, Alan Turing, Thomas Paine, Kathérine (25) Caeser, Marie Antoinette Kathy (18) the women who fought for equal rights in the early years kathy (52) Catherine of Aragon, Catherine the Great, Virginia Woolf Kathy (26) Abraham Lincoln Kati (15) I don't know Kati (19) Dante, Lincoln, Plato and Winston Churchill, Justice Black Katie (20) i seriously wouldn't mind dying katie (23) Mother Theresa and Plato Katie (17) oscar wilde leo da vinci katie (22) Martin Luther King and ernest hemingway Katie (21) great thinkers Katie Carriere (39) Eleanor Roosevelt! Katieu (27) Robert Frost, The Brothers Grimm and Edgar Allan Poe Katrina (23) Shakespere, Queen Elizabeth 1 Katrina Thiessen-Beasse (28) All heroic females Katsika (68) Nietzsche Katten (28) famous murderers and criminals; people that don't fit the standard of normal katthehurricane I don't know much about any of them Katy (16) Alexander the Great Katy (22) Eleanor Roosevelt; any woman who lived her own life in the face of social censure Katya Battlefield poets, drunken literary greats, and rebels with good causes Katya Allnutt (27) Theodore Roosevelt, Gandhi, Audrey Hepburn kaudrey Jesus and Buddha Kavindra (55) Abraham linchon and mahtma gandhi kavitha (19) audrey lorde kay (22) Jesus, Moses, Thomas Jefferson, Shakespeare Kaybird (43) all who have done good for otheres kaydee (16) Anne Boleyn, Lady Jane Grey, Bloody Mary Queen of scotts Kayla Marie (17) FDR, Lincoln Kaysie67 (49) underdogs fighting for a righteous cause KB (45) The villians KBHS (29) Hannibal, Alexander the Great, Vlad Dracula, Leonardo Da Vinci, Karl Marx, the Vikings, ancient Germans, and my ancestors K.B. Oliver (30) Martin Luther King Jr., Nelson Mandela, Mother Teresa, Dr. Seuss kc Rosa Parks Kc (15) Probably the ones no one has every heard of K Dilkington (30) Aleksandr Pushkin (I'd date him if he were alive - he spoke English, too), Mei Yaochen (a fantastic poet and a bit of a feminist), Tao Yuanming, Oscar Wilde. Kechiro (33) Teddy Roosevelt, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Thomas Jefferson, George Washington Keith (19) Abe Lincoln, Thomas Edison and Leonardo Da Vinci Kelli (47) Those who went to WWI & WWII. They gave their life for NZ Kelly (30) Frida, Georgia, Emily....strong women, masters of their craft kelly (39) Joan D' Arc Kelly (25) Frank Zappa, Robert Fripp, John Cleese, Rob Roy, Rod Serling Kelly G. Teague (45) European Monarchy Kelly McCauslin Lucia Popp, Teddy Roosevelt Kelsey (22) Abraham Lincoln, Edgar Alan Poe, Pavlov. Kelsey (25) Socrates, Gandhi, The Dali Lama, James Madison, Martin Luther King, Christopher Reeves ken (58) Abraham Lincoln, Jen Jaque Danton Ken (63) the conquerer ken dewey (48) All the artists and musicians who expressed thier heart through thier work, there's too many to name them all. Kendyl (20) Shakespeare. Kenkire Leonardo Da Vinci, Ludwig, Gingas Khan Kenn (47) Andy Warhol Kennedy (18) Aurelius. Loving, engaged families but particularly caretakers. Kenning (28) Picasso Keri Cook (26) Who cares? They're all dead men now anyway. Kessler (35) Caesar, woodrow wilson, jack kennedy, scanderbeg, abraham lincoln, margareth thatcher Keti (23) Buddha, Claude Debussy Keto (25) Spinoza, Napoleon, John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, Kevbo Not history, but the future characters that are yet to come Kevin (25) Isaac Newton and Augustus Ceasar Kevin (21) Amelia Earhart, IKE Kevin (17) Alexander the Great Kevlar harland sanders, voltaire, kfcbucket (16) Alexander, Napoleon, Friedrich Nietzsche KFerreto (24) Schopenhauer, Beckett, kfkfkfk (17) The dreamers. KG (38) Currie, Cash and Brock KG (26) None Khaddafina (23) TEST KHAkjhsak (16) Julius Caesar khaye (26) Jesus and Maya Angelou Kia (28) Hercules, Kiana Mercury (23) Albert Einstein. Kiara M. (15) Teddy Roosevelt, Chesty Puller, Ronald Reagan Kid Jasper sokrates and newton KiDoCo My ancestors, they pioneered my world and built the system we live and thrive in. Kiera Hardy Where to start... Robert Fisk, James Connolly, Tony Judt, Ayrton Senna. Kieran (22) Guandi, Mother Treasea and my Mother Kika Gerda Taro and Robert Capa Kiki (27) david (goliath) hercules kiki (44) who cares Kiki (10) Che guevara Kikka (38) Edgar Allan Poe, Abraham Lincoln Kiley (20) JFK, MLK, Founding Fathers Kim (37) Zelda Fitzgerald Kim (17) Anne Bolyne, Elizabeth I, Eleanor Roosevelt, Karl Jung, Kirkagaard, Malala, Kim (37) Mother Teresa, Socrates, and Thomas Jefferson Kim (47) Razia Sultan, Voltaire, Xuanzang, Kimberly (23) Beethoven, Orson Welles, Salvador Dalí, Buster Keaton kimberly (21) Conquerors, rulers Kimberly Bailey The Mitford sisters kimbo (34) Abraham Lincoln, Babe Didrikson Kimlmar (52) Elizabeth I Kim Randall Cox (43) che gueverra king (43) napolean kings (36) Newton, Einstein, Socrates King Ubi (35) nobody in particular Kinmin (24) kinoo i dont know Kiristyn truth seekers kirk George Washington Kirsten McCracken (20) to be maude fontery kissclem.83 (12) My favorite characters in history is Louis 14 kitkat (13) ben franklin, barack obama kito (24) Prophet Suleiman (A.S.), Cleopatra, Leonardo da Vinci, Osama Bin Laden, Ghengis Khan, Hitler Kitty (21) Aristotle, Luke, Mary Magdalene, Audrey Hepburn, Mulan Kitty (19) Napolean Kitty (58) niklas nickelby kjelli (59) leornado da vinci KK (32) marie antoinette, mary queen of scots, economists, mathematicians k-kabob (31) All who lived before modern day civilization KKC (26) None Kkkkaty (67) the souls of every person Klavicus (23) Gandhi, Sinatra, John Paul II, Mohammed Ali, Nelson Mandela, Mother Theresa Klox890626 (23) Joan of Arc, Vincent Van Gogh, James Dean KLVS (22) Socrates, Leonardo da vinci, Michelangelo Kmi thinkers, the more controversial the better! knapsackstraps (21) any person who had the courage to exist against the oppression of the system knowone (29) The conquerors and those who fought for freedom Koinekid (28) Da Vinci and Elizabeth I. kokocakemix (24) Jesus Christ koshka (50) Aristotle, Martin Luther, Mother Theresa, Ghandi Kourtney Denee (24) Jesus, Moses, Melchizedek, Paul the Apostle, and Stephen. Kouse (23) Guy Fawkes, Pierre Trudeau, Louis Riel, Martin Luther King, Jr., Mulan Kreuzz Strong women Kris (41) Simon Bolivar, Krisanta (32) Lady Godiva krissy (18) Marie Antoinette. Krista (27) Euripides, other misfits. Kristi (35) A combination of writers and filmmakers who's talents flourished before my time: Edgar Allan Poe, Alfred Hitchcock, Orson Welles, Charles Chaplin, Frank Capra, Billy Wilder, and H.P. Lovecraft . Kristian (34) part of me would love to say socrates, but the more i learn about him the more I realize he was a pretentious ass, so...siddhartha. Kristie (22) Strong women from the past Kristi Spencer (38) I do not know history that well Krum Kirov (16) Ghandi, Buddha, Dalai Lama Kryshia (53) Jesus of Nazareth, Voltaire, Hitler and he to whom we may attribute pâte à choux. Krysstofer Pierre (23) Boudicca; Joan of Arc Krystaal (40) Christopher Hitchens Krystal (24) Crooners and Ms. Carol. Krystin (22) the ones about which nothing is written who left only a ripple on the cosmos from their breif presence ks (33) my favorite characters in history are kssou (13) Anne Frank Kt (15) Huey Long, Theodore Roosevelt, Thomas Jefferson KT Eleanor Roosevelt, Amelia Earhart, MLK kt (35) Wallenberg, Tutenkhamen, Father Damian Kunal Sen (27) Sojourner Truth, Mary Magdalene, Voltaire, Saint Cecilia, Saint Bernadette, Emma Goldman, Buddha, Andrea Dworkin kunderakitsch Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi. Aung San Suu Kyi. Agnese Gonxhe Bojaxhiu (Mother Teresa). Tenzin Gyatso (14th Dalai Lama). kuro usagi (18) Jesus. Joan of Arc. Malala Yousafzai. In that order. Kurt Bailey (45) Madame Mao, St. Augustine, Jeanne d'Arc, others. K Yeo (19) None that I can say Kyla Stan Hatfield's and Mccoy's Kyle Dangerfield (25) Cleopatra, Tolkien Kyra Black (19) Vlad Tepes, Marie Antoinette, Saint Joan of Arc, Oscar Wilde, and Machiavelli Kyrie (18) Louis XIV Kyrinrin (14) Mother Jones, Nicola Tesla, Mark Twain, John Muir L (36) Einstein lacee (18) Edna Obrien; Gloria Steinem; Jane Campion; Jane the Monkey Lady - Goodall? Lacey McVeigh (46) Gandhi Lacharria (18) Alexander the Great, Achilles, Boudica LaChel Queen Hatsheput, Cleopatra, Mahatma Gandi, Malcolm X, Barack Obama LadyDyTheFly Prophet Muhammad SAW ladyinthewater (24) Elizabeth I, Cleopatra, Hilary Clinton, Barack Obama, Angelina Jolie, Lady NCA (29) Trudeau, churchill, olya Ukrainina, schevchenko Ladytoyou (66) musicians, philosophers and one or two presidents lage (27) Elizabeth the First LaHaRo (51) Cleopatra, my own ancestors, Hamilton Lainey (38) William Wallace Lainie Shakespere, Jane Austin Lana (34) lesser-known great writers, especially Marlowe and Middleton; the Borgias; Giovanna D'Aragona, Duchess of Malfi LAND (22) Emperor Hirohito. That man had a mission, and wasn't afraid to take a risk. Landon Wright (16) My favorite characters in history are Susan B. Anthony, and Eleanor Roosevelt, both women focused on the empowerment of women. Susan fought for the right to vote, and Eleanor supported women pilots, Lanette main character: Counciler Becky Attila the Hun Lanius (50) Primo Levi, Christopher Hitchens, Winston Churchill lara67 (49) Hitlar, so manipulative. Stalin, Putin, George Bush LA Sullivan superwoman Latanya (21) Elizabeth I, William Shakespeare, John F Kennedy, Jacqueline Kennedy, Abraham Lincoln Laura (20) Those who are held higher in history's estimation than they were in their own. Laura (24) i don't have laura (23) Maria Moliner laura (27) Juan Pujol Garcia Laura (28) i'm more interested in the ones i haven't met Laura (31) People who wrote, altough living in terrible conditions. Writers. LauraAl (27) Lincoln and Reagan Laura N. (52) Socrates, Dante, Galileo, Epicurus, Marcus Aurelius Laura Panza (38) jesus laura Ytzia Montoya Capristo Catherine the Great. Theodore Roosevelt. Ernest Hemingway. Laurel (29) can't remember any Lauren (28) Mulan Lauren My Grandparents, King Belen Clare and Queen Chanda Misra-Clare, who united North and South Daraglathia. Lauren Frost (26) Rosa Parks, Marie Antoinette, Emeline Pankhurst, Elizabeth I, Marie Curie Lauren H (27) Gandhi, Wm the Conqueror, Alexander the Great, FDR Laurie (58) Bayard Rustin, David Foster Wallace, Jean-Paul Sartre, and Christopher Hitchens. Lavache Beadsman (21) None Layla (22) Alfred Pennyworth of the Batman series Layla (13) Elisabeth 1st Layla B. (43) George Washington, Gorbachev and Princess Diana LB Perkins (42) Nabokov, Hemmingway, Palahniuk, Hempbel, Colette, and possible Burroughs. Leah (16) Those who are unapologetically them leah (17) Nina Simone, Anais Nin Leah (25) Charles Bukowski Leah Jesus, St Francis De Sales Leanne (28) Beethoven, Chaplin, Lennon LeCorbeauGris (25) susan sontag lee (30) Nietzsche, Jonathan Larson, Rachmaninoff. Leeham Joan of Arc and Shakespeare. Leena (16) badass women of all times leezee (28) the Harlem Renaissance writers Legacy Lee (31) Baruch Espinosa. Leigh Lagamayo (27) Tolstoy Leila Marie-Antoinette, Eleanor of Aquintaine, and Joan of arc Leila (28) the briefest immortals (athletes); those who recognize their pedestal (mandela); those who live more than they write, but who write more than I live Lem (24) Queen Elizabeth I, Aristotle, Edgar Allen Poe, and Oscar Wilde. L.E.Murphy (17) John Cabot Len (46) All of the characters that I've read in my life, either fictional or real Lena (21) Henry of Navarre, Humayun, Wajid Ali Shah, Hector Lena (60) joseph campbell, marcus aurelius, Lendaddy (50) Martin Luther King, Mary Seacole, Florence Nightingale and Queen Victoria Leo Galileo Leo (15) mostly National personalities in the Philippines like, Jose Rizal, General Luna, And Ka Andres Boni. But in world history I would say Admiral Yi of Korea and other western philosophers which I forgotten. haha Leo Calma (19) Che Guevara, Simone de Beauvoir, Nehru Leon (26) Dietrich Bonhoeffer, Lord Admiral Horatio Nelson, King Leonidas and Harry Truman LeonidasStokely Ronald Regan Leon (The Debreifer) (22) Jesus Christ, my mother, Michael, Gabriel, Joseph, Daniel, David... Leopold (38) Diogenes of Sinope , Jean Luc-Godard ,William T. G. Morton Leopold (18) b Leslie Da Vinci, Abraham Lincoln, Teddy Roosevelt, FDR Leslie (43) Those who push the boundary of convention Lestory (49) Princess Diana, Ronald Reagan, Bill CLinton, Fidel Castro lety (59) The gladiators Levi Becker (31) Leonardo da Vinci, Plato, Edgar Allen Poe Levi Walker Rommel, Patton, FDR, Alexander, Washington, Jefferson, Paine, Franklin, Robert E. Lee, John Brown LewU (55) queen Victoria, she didn't think lesbians existed, it amuses me Lex Andy Warhol lexi (23) The Kennedy's and Michael Jackson. Someone who has changed things for the better LexieBee (17) H'kkan Thyr, my great grandfather, the greatly missed Front Edge Elder of our school. Lex Ryo (17) loretta lynn, wendy o. williams l.gee (23) da vinci, Louis 14, Elizabeth 1, lglick19 Napolean Bonaparte Lia (23) Doc Holliday, Robespierre, Danton, Murat LiamP (25) I admire the women who stood by their husbands and helped them to achieve their goals Liam Shaughnessy The Knights of Old: Persius, Lambert, Arthur, Michael, Liam, and Kerr. Liam Urien mad jack churchill; witold pilecki librowicz (28) i don't have any oh boy I don't think I am doing well lol Lids (50) The deep, and sarcastic. Lightning Stars (22) Elizabeth Stanton Lil (17) Dwight D. Eisenhower, Abraham Lincoln, George Washington...Men of Action lilecare (46) Alexander Hamilton, John Marshall, Hypatia, Socrates, Ralph Waldo Emerson, etc. Liliana George washington lil~kissa (17) Joan of Arc and Queen Elizabeth. Lillian (25) I don't really have many. I am more drawn to fictional characters. I do love the teachings of the Buddha but I see the flaws in man before I see his greatness. Lillian Grace (27) Napoleon, Sophocles, Margaret Thatcher Lily (16) Whitlam Lily Sylvia Plath, Jack Kerouac, Jackie O, Clark Gable, Gregory Peck, Vivien Leigh. Lily (19) Oscar Wilde, Jane Austen, Marie Currie, Albert Einstein Lily (34) I find the Tudors pretty fascinating... Linda (23) Platon. Hitler. Lenin. Elvis. Linda (17) Jimmy Choo Linda C (41) Elvis, Jesus (the man not the religious figure) Linda M. W. (34) Abe Lincoln, Teddy Roosevelt Lindsey (15) Queen Elizabeth I, J.R.R. Tolkien Lindsey B. (17) Julie d'Aubigny (La Maupin) was pretty cool, I reckon. Linicake Joan of Arc, Hildegard of Bingen, Aristotle, Thucydides Linnea Platon, gandhi and martin Luther King linou70 Those who push the boundaries of society Lint (17) Jesus, Ronald Reagan, Shakespeare, Marie Antoinette Lisa Ulysses S. Grant Lisa (56) baudelaire Lishan (20) Cleopatra, Queen Victoria littlefairybigears (22) Hannah Arendt littlerobot Jesus lituci (30) Fan Li Lixing (24) I find myself wishing I knew more history, as always. Those few that conquered the many. Liz (28) Gandhi, Catherine the Great, St. Catherine of Siena, Tecumseth Liz (64) Atikus Finch, Scarlett O'hara, Liz (47) I always found Gandhi very interesting Liz (25) Pericles, Mother Teresa Liz (40) Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, Amelia Earhart Liza (33) Cleopatra, Mahatma Gandhi, Sor Juana Ines de la cruz Liz Vega (43) Angelica Schuyler, Diane Nash, John & Sarah Churchill Lizzie (17) Teddy Roosevelt, WInston Churchill Lizzie Pickle (27) Henry David Thoreau, Hester Stanhope, St. Joan of Arc. L. Kadey (18) Caligula, Robert Hooke L. Kadey (19) Cesar Augustus, Marc Anthony, Cleopatra LLane (23) ones with hidden misery lmao diogenes laërtius lo (19) walt disney Lo (24) I don't know yet. LodRose (32) da Vinci Log Marcus Tullius Cisero and all others who were champions of discourse Logan (23) Nopeloen because he took what he wanted Logan (14) George Washington Logan (16) Adolf Hitler Logan Whitt (15) Those who did good and are rarely taught about in classrooms. Lois (22) Aletta Jacobs, Harriet Beacher Stowe, ehm.. Lola Marie Antoinette, Jack the Ripper Lolita Hazed (18) cleopatra, buddha, jesus, marie antoinette, obama, queen rania, diana vreeland lollipoppingsu (24) dostoevsky, diogenes lols (21) Miriam (Bible), Edith Frank, Jesus, Gandhi Lori (37) Benjamin Franklin, Marguerite Duras, lorilie (35) Jasmine from Alladin, Tigger Louf (39) I dont pay much attention to history Loui Edgington (12) Those who fought for their dreams and those of others Louis (19) L.M. Montgomery, Anne Frank Louisalokyee (15) I am not educated enough. Louise (17) Thomas Cromwell, Christopher Marlowe and Robert Cecil, Charles Brandon Loz (17) Aristotle, Joan of Arc, Hannah Arendt, Moctezuma and Emiliano Zapata Lu (32) those who made a difference without making a big deal out of it and those who made a big deal out of it when it was the only way to do it. luadepapel (25) Edward R. Murrow - those who stand against opression Luc (27) Gustave de Molinari, Sir Richard Francis Burton, Jorge Luis Borges. Lucho (32) revolutionaries Lucija (25) It changes depending on my moods and state of mind... Lucy (34) Einstein, Whitman, Socrates Lucy Emiliano Zapata Luigi (38) Napoleon, Peter V (portuguese monarch), Julius Cesar, Marie-Antoinette, among many others Luísa (21) Napoleon Bonaparte, Fernando pessoa, Julius Cesar, Queen Victoria, Peter V (portuguese monarch),,, Luísa (22) Charles Bukowski, Francis Bacon Luisa (18) Sigmund Freud, George Harrison, my father, Kevin Barnes Luisa (19) none LuisEfe (55) Jesus, Paul the Apostle, C.S. Lewis, Robin Hood Luke Anthony (19) Peter the Great, Napoleon, Jose Rizal lukemarco (18) The great artists who have been able to shape the course of humanity through their creations. Luke N 14 (35) Mlk, Malcolm x, Harriet Tubman Lulu Leonardo Da Vinci, John F. Kennedy, Luis Donaldo Colosio Luna (16) elizabeth bennet lunar (18) Robert E. Lee, Stonewall Jackson, George Patton, Albert Einstein, and Gandhi. LVG Moses Lydia (50) none lydia Freddie Mercury, Sylvia Plath, Ernest Hemingway, Harper Lee, Jane Goodall, and JK Rowling. Lydia (18) Marie Antoinette Lyla (30) the great artists and original thinkers lyman (35) Those who were lucky enough to be touched by genius, and have it recorded Lyn (22) Those who were lucky enough to be touched by genius, and have it recorded Lyn (22) Romeo, Laura Ingalls Wilder Lyn cleopatra lynac (31) Michael Jordan Lyndsay D. (22) C.S. Lewis, Thomas Aquinas, John Stuart Mill. Lyndsey (19) none of them Lynk (15) Blessed are the peacemakers. Lynn Renee (41) Auguste Rodin, Nelson Mandela, Lynn Thair (49) Achilles, Socrates Lyss (19) JFK, Lincoln, Bobby Sands, Les Paul M@ (31) Plato, Shakespeare, Jack Kerouac, James Dean M (16) Alexander the Great M I don't have any specific person. Probably any people who have fought successfully against oppression and occupation. M (29) Alexander the Great, Ghandi M (36) Porfirio Díaz M (19) Lafayette, Joshua Chamberlain M JFK, Rudyard Kipling MA (61) Philosophers, thinkers, composers Mac (28) John adams and Samual adams Mac (17) Joan of Ark Mach (44) Julius Caesar, Rameses II, Machiavelli_Mx (38) i wish some actually came to mind. i always found rasputin pretty wild. macon (22) jesus, macskawoman (44) Oskar Schindler, Harriet Tubman, and others who led the the trapped and imprisoned to freedom Macy (15) che guevara, boudicca, john lennon Madeline (19) Swamy Vivekananda Madhusudhan (63) Elizabeth I Madison Twist (25) My favourite characters history is Charles de Gaule MadMax7 (13) Socrates, Che Guevara, Fidel Castro, Lenin, Freedom fighters Mads Husted (21) it's celine dion Maeva231 (13) The kings who led their troops into battle, rather than sent them. Leonides of Sparta, etc. MaeveOne (27) The adventurers and the wise ones Mag Copernicus Magellan (44) John Adams, Abigail Adams, Catherine The Great, Marie Antoinette, Henry VIII, Mozart, Winston Churchill Magen (22) Jesus Christ Maggie (24) Can't pick one. Maggie (23) Dr. Martin Luther King Jr, Gandhi, Jesus of Nazareth Maggie (49) plato maggy may Miyamoto Musashi, Mahalo (/) Jesus Christ and Joseph (that one from the book of Genesis) mahtiel (21) Outdoorsmen, explorers; George Washington, Edmund Hillary Mairi (37) José de San Martín, Gandhi, Mandela, Malala Maite (26) elizabeth 1 maitresseb (43) The ones taught humanity what NOT to do, and paced the way for righteous leaders of what TO do Mak (16) Emperor Adrian and Jean Lannes maksimuchka (38) Jesus MAL (14) King Urlow Malcolm (26) Rockefeller, Patton, Robert E Lee Malibu (31) mignon mclaughlin Mallory (21) FDR, MLK Mallory Corrus (20) The idealists, or those who seek truth and beauty. Some may even create it. Maltet all the good writers; women who succeeded despite all odds Mandar (27) Socrates, Salvador Dali, Dr. Seuss, Mr. Rogers, Bruce Lee, Cleopatra, Anais Nin, Margaret Sanger, Rosa Parks, Harriet Tubman, EVERY WOMAN EVER (except Ayn Rand) Mandella Kitten (36) Rules - Pharoahs, Alexander the great, Napoleon mandi (28) Alexander the great, Homer, Nietzsche mandi2kay (31) george strait Mandy (18) Rebels Mandy (37) idk mangarmunko (21) my favorite characters in history Jeanne d'arc manonettte (12) None. Manu (22) Jaurès, de Gaulle, Shackleton Mao (22) Kahlil Gibran Mara (58) Cleopatra? Mara (17) Those who followed the ideals of progress without sacraficing others MaraMichelle F. Chopin Marana (56) Martin Luther King, Jr., Frederick Douglass, Langston Hughes Marcel (19) Oscar Wilde marcel254 (25) Galilei Galileu. Marcelo Ricarte. (16) robert neville from i am legend, Bellerophon of Greek mythology, Aeneas of troy from the Iliad and the Aeneid, and Odysseus of the odyssey. Marcel Rodriguez Jesus, Mandela, Martin Luther Marclaudi (46) The people who have taken upon themselves to shape the world for better Marc_Meyer Da Vinci, Van Gogh and Buddha marcoapk (19) ordinary women that did extrodinary things marg (53) Abraham Lincoln Margaret (19) Daniel Boone Margaret Cook (57) sometimes it's Portugal's King John II, sometimes Louis XIV, sometimes Elizabeth I, sometimes Picasso, Bach very often, sometimes Miles Davis, Chagall or Hermann Hesse, or Pessoa..Hawking - It's not easy to choose. Margarida (aka:Guida Costa,Guida Almeida ( ) N/a Margie (44) brutus, nero, the medici, nazis margo (22) Antinous Margot (21) Moses Mari (30) Wiston Churchill Maria (45) i don't know Maria Disney Characters Maria (18) Logan, Sam, Patrick,Peeta, etc. Maria Contreras (19) Edgar Allan Poe Mariam (20) john lennon, andy warhol, jacques cousteau, machiavelli, oscar wilde, john locke, audrey hepburn Mariana (16) Those who are in the darkness side of history, who helped in tiny but grand ways to make heroes. Mariana (22) Alexander the Great, Anne Frank, Queen Elizabeth I Maria Patenaude (29) Mahatma Gandhi Maria Rowena Rillen Those who lead a quiet life of lasting influence. Marie (19) The Dalai Lama Marie (21) Schopenhauer, Thomas Beckett, Richard III Marie Richard the Lionheart Marie Madeleine (51) Plato, that open for me the door to philosophy. Paul-Émile Borduas for his tranquil revolutionary ideas. Marie-Pierre Adam (27) vinsent van gog marija (23) nelson mandela, ghandi marina (50) Artists. marina (27) Machiavelli, Nicholas II, Bismarck Marina (20) Lincoln, Oscar Wilde, Marion (27) pedro albizu campos, martin luther king, solomon and yes Jesus mario ponce (38) Plato, Socrates, Da Vinci, Einsteiin Marios Gregoriou (21) by-standers who became a hero in a heart beat Marisela L (18) What does favourite mean? Who I like the most? Probably Jimmy Page or Stanley Kubrick, not really historical, but I don't really "like" any others Mark (16) alan turing, ben frnaklin mark Ataturk, Thatcher, Jefferson and Disraeli. Mark (19) Alexander the Great, Sequoia, Indira Gandhi Mark Anton Chekhov. Mark (55) Gandhi, Malcolm X, Andy Kaufman Mark Angus Wilson (28) Socrates, Julius Ceaser, Alexander the Great, Winston Churchill, Hunter Thompson, Job Mark D Anderson (23) Most were brutally murdered, they must have done something right then... markeff (38) Every person who fights for democracy. Mark J (44) People who created progress and beauty despite the efforts of their employers and expectations of others Marko (28) h Mark Sterling (32) Ghandi, einstein, dave chappelle markus_naz (39) John F K, Martin Luther King Jr. Albert Einstien, Marlyn Alexa Rosales Torres (18) abraham lincoln, elizabeth blackwell, mother teresa Marney (40) Nelson Mandela Maroua (17) great philosophers and writers: Dostoevsky, Albert Camus, or Siddhārtha Gautama, to name a few Marshall Wang (24) todas mujeres marti (25) John "Jackie" Fisher, Edward the 1st, William Marshall. Martin (29) Nefertiti Martina Common The French. Everything about them. Marty (18) Jesus, Lincoln, Steinem Marty (42) Peter the Great, Catherine the Great, Martin Luther King Martyshka (31) Socrates, yes, Wittgenstein. I can think of no one in the political or military spheres. I admire Kubrick and Dostoevsky. Maruku (18) Kings and high rankings throughout Marvin Willams (30) Picasso. Saw and/or did absolutely everything revolutionary in the 20th century. Mary (22) Joan of Arc,Jack Keroauc,Carlos Bulosan,Joe Strummer, Frida Kahlo,Corazon Aquino,Akira Kurosawa,Samuel fuller Mary (28) Montaigne, Siddharta. Mary (56) Voltaire Mary Ann (62) Dorothy Day. MaryAnn (47) Gertrude Stein-Marie Antoinette Mary Ellen Collins-Davis (59) Gertrude Stein-Marie Antoinette Mary Ellen Collins-Davis (59) Hmm. Thomas Merton, Keats, MaryFred (24) George Washington Maryn (15) Catherine the Great, Elizabeth, Bakunin, Bulgakov, Hemingway, Marie Antoinette, and Josephine Baker Masha Shannon (26) The Wright brothers MasonFYS13 (18) For their virtues: Abraham Lincoln, WEB Dubois, Oskar Schindler. For his vices: Henry VIII. Mason Walker (21) For their virtues: Abraham Lincoln, WEB Dubois, Oskar Schindler. For his incomparable vices: Henry VIII. Mason Walker (21) Ghandi, Dr.King, William Wallace, Tecumseh Mat (15) Ancient Philosophers, classical artists, classical writers Mat (26) A.Einsten, Wolfgang Von Gohete,Sigmund Freud,Dostoevsky Mateus Melo Giuseppi Fanelli, Karl der Große. Matheus (15) Napoleon, Gaius Marius, Thomas More, Diogenes Of Sinope, St. Francis Mathew Gallant (22) Che Guevara Mathilda (15) Charlie Chaplin, Van Gogh, The Romanov family, Johnny Cash, Edward Gorey, Morrissey, Leonard Cohen, Sylvia Plath, Anna Karina, The Beatles, Anne Frank, Lewis Carroll, John Keats, Virginia Woolf, Bob Dylan, James Dean, Audrey Hepburn, Matisse (15) Reagen, Teddy Rosavelt, col. Winters 506th 101st airborne, mark twain, Will Rougers, and Ben Franklin Matrix (23) not sure Matsuda (14) ghandi, john lennon, malcolm x matt (17) Ovid, Ayn Rand, Julian the Apostate, Hendrix, Rachel Carson Matt (30) Ben Franklin, Thomas Edison, Henry Ford, Gustav Mahler, Richard Strauss, Wolfgang Mozart, Ludwig Beethoven, Antonin Dvorak, Leonard Bernstein, and John Wooden Matt (20) Aaron Burr, Tecumseh and Friedrich von Steuben. Matt DeCostanza (17) Bruce Lee, Bob Marley, Aldous Huxley Matt Detrick ghandi, salvador dali matthew (18) Julius, Augustus Caesar Matthew Charles Barrie (27) Charles the Great, Richard I, Edward I Matthew Gordon (28) Luke Skywalker, many of Tolkein's characters and Manga characters. Matthew Ray (18) Eh, I draw a blank. Anyone who helped overcome adversity would be a good choice Matthew Young (18) The losers. Maundaux (23) William the Marshall, Arthur Welsley, George Washington mauserman (42) John Kennedy Toole, Ian Curtis Max (24) Mahomet, Gandhi maxie (20) Winston Churchill, John Maynard Keynes Maximilian (17) Bob Crisp, Chuck Yeager, Saladin Maxwell Pierson (23) Elissar Maysoun (27) Mary, Jesus, Moses and Joseph MB (41) Recent history: comedians, otherwise Francoise Sagan, Simone de Beauvoir, Sartre, Lee Miller, Linda McCartney, the Sumerians mcfm0626 (26) José Rizal MCI (22) explorers and pioneers mcseadogs (34) Lau Tzu, Ghandi Me (40) Socrates, Swami Vivekananda, Buddha Me (24) no one me (32) Nehru, Gandhi, Ashoka ME (25) Those who are not known Me (57) Albert Einstein, Leo Tolstoy Meaghan Lady Randolph Churchill Medusa59 (56) Don't have any. Meebo Perhaps Joan of Arc for her courage, Marie Antoinette for her love of life. Meg (16) apathy meg (22) icarus, allen ginsberg, audrey hepburn Meg (19) Hypatia, Plato, Amelia Earhart, St. Francis Meg (31) Jesus. Who else. Meg (22) albert einstein, maya angelou, canon, barack obama Megan (25) n/a. Megan (20) History is chock-full of narratives from a wealthy man's point of view, which doesn't really interest me. Megan (32) Alexander Hamilton, Leon Trotsky and Jesus Megan (18) Socrates and co. Megan (23) Jesus, Marx and Washington megan (18) Abraham Lincoln, Martin Luther King Jr., Meghan (16) John Keats Colette, Frank O'Hara Megil (51) రమణమహర్షి, Samuel Johnson, చలం, Flaubert, G.K. Chesterton, Borges Meher (32) Those trapped within the Tudor era. Mel (16) FDR, George Balanchine Mel (20) Socrates, Ghandi, Simone de Beauvoir mel (32) Voltaire, Herbert Huncke, John Reed Mel (44) King David Melanie (31) Frontiersmen Melanie (33) Generals, athletes. Powerful men who made a difference. Melanie (33) Jezebel, Delilah, Helen of Troy MelBisMe (34) Patti Smith and Harvey Milk. Melinda (18) a mixture of famous archeologist and other supernatural hunters Melinda Butler (30) Machiavelli, Ayn Rand Melinda McGinley (30) Marie Curie, Dr Salk, Carl Sagan M.Elisabeth Howell (52) Plato, Pope John Paul II Melissa (23) Ancient egyptians melissa (17) rosa parks, elenor roosevelt.... melissa (44) Princess Diana, Buddah, Rosa Parks Melissa (40) Albert Einstein, Charles Darwin & Piaget Melissa Diane Hudson Cleopatra, Rosa Parks, Nelson Mandella Melissa Farr (25) Abraham Lincoln, Rosa Parks Melissa Farr (29) Tricksters, cheerful scoundrels, those who are obsessed with creating, storytellers, those who have suffered imaginably and live to tell us Melissa P (63) Boudicca, Michael Collins, Grainne O'Malley Melly the ones that fought for justice and equality and love for all Melody (22) Nellie Bly, Harry S. Truman, Ed Murrow, William Shakespeare, Simone de Beauvoir. Mel Sundquist (20) Pericles meltemis I hate history Melvia (28) Neil Armstrong Memelord (15) Layne Staley Memyselfandi Those who stoop up and gave a fight Menjou (21) srikrishna menon (33) queen elizabeth I, frida kahlo, jesus, mary magdalene, mary shelley, MLK, rosa parks, joan of arc, andrea dworkin, mae jemison, bell hooks, mercedes (27) Marie Antoinette, Queen Elizabeth Meredith Catherine the Great, Eleanor of Aquitaine, and Hector of Troy Meredith (23) Lincoln, Jane Austin Merit (56) Lincoln, Jane Austin Merit (56) Lincoln, Jane Austin Merit (56) Lincoln, Jane Austin Merit (56) Lincoln, Jane Austin Merit (56) Lincoln, Jane Austin Merit (56) Lincoln, Jane Austin Merit (56) Eugene Debs; the men/women who sheltered runaway slaves; Studs Terkel merlinharp (57) The past must be studied to avoid repeat societal mistakes, but I can't pin a specific person that I would like to emulate in any full way. Metztli (23) Socrates mf (17) Socrates, Einstein, Darwin, Queen Elizabeth MFSmith (16) Lincoln, Ghandi, Mother Teresa mia Heraclitus, Lao-Tsu, Marx, Darwin Mia (27) Soeur Emmanuelle miami (65) Joan of Arc, John F. Kennedy, Jackie Kennedy,Chanel micci (64) Christ, St. Augustine, Kierkegaard, All the noteworthy poets, artists, and composers. Michael (40) William Shakespeare, George Orwell, Samuel Pepys, Dante Alighieri, Ovid, Socrates (not Plato) Michael (46) Socrates, Alexander the great, Nietzsche, Saladin, Cesar Borgia, Dostoevsky, Franz Kafka Michael hemingway, picasso, leonardo, jefferson michael Lincoln Michael (43) Marie antoinette michael (24) war heroes, poets, musicians, bill graham Michael (21) Themistocles, Caesar Augustus, King Leondas, George Washington, Cincinnatus Michael (52) Boudica, Winston Churchill, Gandhi. Michaela Tee (15) William Wallace Michael Kendall (16) Those on the outside. Michael Thornberry Sinclair Lewis, F. Scott Fitzgerald Michelle (17) Jesus Christ, God the Son; Esther, Ruth, Mary the Mother of God, Judith, Paul, Peter....there are many to name indeed! Michelle (24) Augusto Cesar Sandino, Da Vinci, and any other romanticized personality Michelle Sandino (15) The individuals who challenged humankind to become more than it was. michou (19) Epicurus is my favourite ancient philosopher. I always had a fascination with Genghis Khan as well, but for different reasons. In more recent history people of science, and people who fought for the rights and progress of others. Mick (28) Isaac butt, Mandela , Maximilian kolbe Mickste Socrates, William the Conqueror, Karl Marx Mignonne (53) John, Paul, George and Ringo. Miguel Oniga (58) Pope John Paul II mihaela (26) julius caesar, napoleon mihaelaian (42) Leo Tolstoy Mika Shakespeare Mike (33) Haruki Murakami, Langston Huges, much more Mike (14) King Richard 1, Samuel Johnson, Indira Gandhi, Schindler, and other like all of these. Mike (53) explorers from every age mike (43) Solomon Mike (58) Anne Frank, Abraham Lincoln, Eleanor Roosevelt Mike (69) Wyatt Earp, Doc Holiday, Marcus Aurelius, Leonardo da Vinci Mike (29) Bertrand Russell mike_freedom9531 (30) Theodore Roosevelt, Sextus Iulius Frontinus, John D. Rockefeller Mike G. (25) George Washington Carver. He invented peanut butter ! mikemc1156 Thomas J. Watson Mike Sadler (53) The Roman especially in the times of the senate (such fierce extremes) Milfred (35) Plato,Kant,Socrates,Dostoyevsky... Mili (20) Kant, Caravagio Milly (23) Martin Luther King, Nelson Mandela, Milly (16) Wilberforce, Lord Salisbury, Tommy Douglas millymay (84) Alexander Pushkin Mimi (53) The Tudors, Jane Austen, Shakespeare. Mimi (31) Charlie Chaplin. And Einstein Mimi (24) pericles mimì (48) Corrie TenBoom, Christ, Lincoln, Mimi (57) Malcolm X, Martin Luther King Jr. and Russia Mimikeekee (23) Nelson Mandela. Mina (15) Catherine of Aragon, Elizabeth woodville, Mary Tudor Mind (17) Abraham Lincoln, John Adams, Abigail Adams, FDR, Eleanor Roosevelt, Joseph and Emma Smith, Susan B. Anthony, MLK, Eliza R. Snow. Minerva Black (30) hitler ... minny (13) Ashoka minto (28) alexander the great mirabilis (48) English kings and queens, modern day civil rights activtists; Miriam Liggett (48) Granuaile the Pirate, Brian Boru, The Morrigan, Cleopatra. mischa (22) Marie Antoinette; Georgiana, Duchess of Devonshire; Napoleon Misha (24) abraham lincoln, martin luther king Misha (31) The great tacticians; the warriors of the mind. Misk Odium Oersted Groucho Marx miso I like Vincent van Gogh, Beethoven, Chopin, Rizal Miss Mulan because she gave up her all for her family misshermes (20) howard roark miss karachi Manly P Hall, Enoch, Miss Noble (0) Abraham Lincoln, Leonardo da Vinci Missy (44) Winston Churchill, Marcus Aurelius, Machiavelli Missy (45) King Arthur, Merlin, and the entire characters of the legends of Arthur Missy Gay (42) jesus mister buzz (49) Without doubt, my father King Hamlet, who won from King Fortinbras many lands Mitchell: for Ophelia Prophet Muhammed (pbuh) Mitela (22) Prophet Mohammed Mitela (25) all the scientists and artists who wanted to make a world a better and more interesting place. Mitja (36) Christabel Pankhurst. Mitsuko (22) fictional ones mitzi (28) Abraham Lincoln, honest abbe. Miyo (12) all the females that stood up and said No. The women that made it possible for me to stand on my own two feet without societies backlash MJ (22) Keith Richards, Erin Brockovich, Liz Gilbert MJ (23) Leonardo Da Vinci, M.J (40) Jesus Christ mj (39) Tolstoy, Tchaikovsky, Dostoevsky, Herbert Hoover M. J. A. Armstrong (60) Vidocqu MJE (40) Any that display the greatness of human virtues MJF (34) revolutioners mjwhite (21) Diogenes "the Dog" M.K. (21) isaac newton mk (15) stephen king mkayruger Those who are peaceful, mindful, understanding, tolerant, and who I feel are wise. Mkeekee (30) Alexander the Great, Cesare Borgia, and Nieztsche M. Le Ahcim-nevets (31) Gertrude Bell, Princess Diana MlleJacqueline FDR, Charlemagne, MlleNeet Eleanor of Aquitaine, Ida B. Wells Barnett, Elizabeth I, Ng Mui & anyone else who kicked ass, stayed true to themselves and helped others MM (34) Voltaire, Martin Luther M&M (38) Hugh Hefner MMS Voltaire, Plato, Hegel, Magritte, the librarians at Alexandria Mnemonic Aberration My namesake Mohammed Mo (19) Socrates, Gandhi, Groucho Marx and Malcolm X mobtomas (48) I have no knowledge of history modernmonsters jesus and judas moeder (32) The Buddha, Socrates, Gandhi Mohamjip (66) Jack Kerouac, Sylvia Plath and Allen Ginsberg Mohini (20) Jesus, Buddha. Benjamin Franklin Moistoidy (43) joan of arc mole Marcus Aurelius, Achille Molea Razvan (23) John Adams Molly (19) Mary Queen of Scots Molly (18) Cataline, Cicero, Alexander the Great, Julius Caesar Molly (33) As in history deep deep back, like way back? Genghis Khan. More recent history? Shughart and Gordon. Repelled out of helicopter to certain death. Knew they were going to die but still did it. Molly Evans (47) Galileo, Audubon, Darwin mollykate74 (38) Thoreau, General Patton momcat (60) Mohamed, Akhenaten Mona Simone de Beauvoir, Indira Gandhi, Emile Zola, Spinoza,Shaw Mona Sen (22) Cleopatra, Pocahontas, Zeus, Madusa Monica Stowe little edie, thomas jefferson, oscar wilde, sargent, warhol, capote monson (28) Catherine The Great,Madame Currie, Raymond Aron,Eleanor Roosevelt,Jack Kerouac, montanadrifter (68) albert einstein montie williams (16) George Washington, Matt Damon, Al Capone, Bobby Kennedy Monty (35) Isaac Newton Mooke (16) RE Lee, Huey Long, Ben Franklin, Rev Billy Graham Moose (40) Nietzsche, Rilke, Kierkegaard, Giordano Bruno, Michael Servatus, al-Hallaj: those who loved enough that they were unloveable, those who loved enough, that they were willing to burn for it. Morazda (42) Shrek Morgan King Arthur Morgana Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Abraham Lincoln, Audrey Hepburn MorganFYS13 (18) Leonardo da Vinci, Thomas Chatterton, Lord Byron, Oscar Wilde Morgan Toft faithful morgwei (28) God, gods, goddesses Mother (54) My own families tree. Mouse (42) marie-antoinette, abraham lincoln, alexander the great mp Bill Hicks and Eddie Guerrero. I'm sure there are more, but I am unacquainted. MP3 (22) Thoreau, Emerson, Sartre, Camus, Kierkegaard, Dostoevsky, Martin Luther, Marlon Brando, Heminway... MPaylor (21) gandhi, mandela, howrd carter Mr. A (17) Some Greek philosophers, and several artists Mr. A (17) Our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ Mr. Frank (56) Charles Sanders Peirce. MrJones (28) William Shakespeare, Alexander the Great MRM (28) those with monuments, whether real or imagined Mr. Mandarin (41) Muhammed Ali Mr Peters (30) People who carry the less fortunate in their minds and on their shoulders. Mrs. Lincoln (49) Jimmy Doolittle Mrtimm Nikola Tesla, Jeremy Bentham, Genghis Khan, and Julius Caesar. MsAPH (21) I once read about this woman who disguised as a man during the civil war and dyed her skin brown and pretended to be a runaway slave Ms. Barbara (19) Men who loved too deeply and charged blindly. Women who loved too deeply and charged after long deliberation. Ms. L (22) Madam C.J Walker, Jesus Christ mstinyS The wives of powerful and famous men mStonerCEO (45) Jesus (The Christ) ...and my Grandmother MsVicky Mahatma Gandhi & John Lennon MUabigail (18) romeo and juliet MUAshleyVance (18) Abraham Lincoln mucarly (18) those whom found the truth and made things right MUElexandra (19) john f kennedy and martin luther king jr MUElizabeth (19) Pocahontas Muffin (25) Oscar Romero, Princess Diana, muhbuh (47) Alexander the Great and other brilliant warriors MUJakeWilkinson (18) the early leaders of the united states MUkelly (18) Cleopatra, Dr. King, Ernest Hemingway, and Fredrick Douglass. MULydia (18) F. Scott Fitzgerald, Ernest Hemingway, Freddie Mercury, and JK Rowling. MULydia (18) Voltaire, Mark Twain, Josephine Baker Mumblingtruth (24) Michael Collins, Eamonn de Valera, Wolfe Tone, Kevin Barry, St. Patrick, St. Christopher, Napoleon, Karl Marx, St. Francis of Assisi, Lao Tzu, Chuang-Tsu, Buddha, Jesus Murphy (21) none Musa (16) Alexander Hamilton musicmaya (14) I am not interested in History Muskaan Kanoi (13) Nat Turner, Socrates, Pat Tillman mutterhals (31) Myself. Myalyn Hernandez (17) how would i know enough about historical people to even answer this my answers are perfect; yall should read Macduff of Shakespere's Macbeth. Mychel Shannon (18) Oscar Wilde, Shakespeare, women behaving badly My Dear Materialista (27) Edgar Allan Poe MylaFYS13 never been a fan of history myra (22) Charles II Myra Marcel Proust, the man who popularized this questionnaire. Myron (26) I have a very limited knowledge of history, and I feel that I won't be able to answer this fully and honestly. Myron (26) Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln, and Benjamin Franklin Mystery Mind Over Matter (19) Inventors, artists, outlaws. N (20) Harry Houdini, Mary Shelley, and Walt Whitman N (32) Socrates, Aristotle N (41) James Cagney, Benjamin Franklin nad (17) Pablo Picasso, Bob Dylan, Manfred von Richthofen, Raymond Carver, Einstein, James Dean Nadine (21) Aman Lakahn - Khwaja Abdullah Ansari Najia jan (64) Socrates, Bartolome de las Casas, and Siddhartha Gautama Naleks (23) Dictators NamraSultan D. Maria II, Queen of Portugal Nana (23) My favorite characters in history is Julius Caesar. nana (12) Socrates, Lincoln, Sequoah Nancy (78) Baldwin and Laurier, Churchill, Oliver Wheeler nancy hello kitty scooby doo nancy (17) Women who broke the social, political and sexual norms of the time Nancy (41) Luisa Capetillo Nancy B (40) my favorite character is christopher columbus NANOU83 (13) Abraham Lincoln, Shakespeare, Elizabeth I Naomi (19) Garlieler Naomie (29) Dostoevsky einstein zelda fitzgerald hypatia narelle pederick (40) I dont know much about history. Narrator (5) Teddy Roosevelt and most anyone from New Orleans Nat Martin Luther King, Jesus, Gahndi, Natalia (33) Marie Antoinette, Georgina Duchess of Devonshire, Anne Boleyn, Elizabeth I, Shakespeare Natalie (18) Boudica, Joan of Arc, Zenobia Natanya (95) king tut, dad, jfk, dad Nate (16) T.E. Lawrence Nate (23) Athena, Oden, Oedipus natedawg (28) a pheronic character Nathalie (20) Charles Darwin Nathan Liberal politicians, Witty writers, and Humble intellectuals. Nathan (28) Johann Sebastian Bach, Giordano Bruno, Apuleius of Madaura, Democritus Nathan Malcolm X, Albert Einstein, Gandhi, Cuauhtemoc, Michael Faraday, Joaquin Murrieta, Abraham Lincoln Nathan (35) F. Scott Fitzgerald, Marcel Proust, Oscar Wilde, and David Bowie. Nathan (27) billy the kid, Hitler nathan (15) Abraham Lincoln, Babe Ruth, Augustine, John Adams, Jesus Christ Nathaniel (24) None Nathaniel (20) None Nathaniel Alexander Pushkin, Napoleon, Neville Chamberlain(as a fool), False Dimitri, Adam Smith Nathan Liu (15) Frank Sinatra, assuming he really did do it his way Nathan Thorne (53) Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King. navera (57) Successful businessmen Navin (27) My favourite character in history is Cléopâtre navy13 (13) tom cruise neckice mike kelley Neek (54) Octavia E. Butler, Cecily Tyson, Maya Angelou, and other strong women of color. Neeka (27) M. K. Gandhi Neetzi (18) Revolutioners, philosophers. NEL (20) none Neller (35) Jesus Christ nelly Pocahontas Nelly (31) Abraham Lincoln, Johannes Gutenberg, Nikola Tesla, Aristotle, Nelson Mandela, Mother Teresa and Billy Graham Nels (31) Those that changed the game rules nene (57) Anne Frank, Karl Marx, Aristotle, neptune Martin Luther King, Malcom X, Rosa Parks Nessa Abraham Lincoln Nessie (18) Robert F. Kennedy Nette (18) none Nevan (18) Nietzsche. Spartacus. Marx. Newlin (25) socrates, The wife of bath, Sappho, Edgar Allen Poe, Mary Shelly, Kurt Vonnegut Nia (15) Hatsheput, Josephine Baker, Harriet Beecher Stowe. Nia Robinson (19) Romeo and Juliet Nic (27) Jan Janszoon. Nic (24) I suppose the most intelligent ones Nicholas (18) Plato. Socrates. Napoleon Bonaparte, Lin Yutang Nicholas Kovacev (12) i dont have any Nick (35) Robert Altman, Ingmar Bergman, Emily Dickinson, Robert Mapplethorpe, Madonna Nick (20) Napoleon, Cleopatra, Keats, Rimbaud Nick (31) JFK, Nick (16) Socrates, Plato, Cato, and Tiberius Augustus Nick Socrates, Aristotle, Gallileo, Rachel Carson, Churchill NickiNorker (48) Jesus Christ, Socrates, Aristotle, Hugo, Proust Nick Zero (26) Leif Eriksson, Genghis Khan, Otto von Bismarck, Jose de San Martin, Johann Sebastian Bach... nicoca (21) Ernest Hemingway, Pablo Neruda, Hunter S. Thompson, Muhammad Ali, and Emma Goldman. Nicolas (28) I should not like to pick a favourite, as I owe myself to so many. Nicolas Bossons (16) Socrates, Aristotle, Jean-Paul Sartre Nicole (14) leonidas nicole (23) Nicola Tesla, Einstein, Alexander the Great, Nefertiti Nicole (18) Socrates, Plato, Shakespeare, Prince Hal, King Lear Nicole (22) Sulieman the Great, Abraham Lincoln, Amelia Earhart Nicole (17) Jesus,Kahlil Gibran and many martys Nicole EP (25) Martin Luther King Niece (42) Guan Yu, Zhu Ge Liang NiGht (23) Cleopatra nightinday (19) Churchill, George S Patton Nik (30) Shakespeare. T S Eliot. Rani Laxmibai. Nikita (26) Those that have triumphed over adversity Nikkers64 (47) Boy, I'm not up on my history; I can't think of a single good guy who really inspires me! Nikki (35) Jesus of Nazareth, Pliny the Younger, Abraham Lincoln, Adolf Hitler, John F. Kennedy, and many, many more. nikkissippi121 (16) Myself Nikkita Saeed (21) Stephen Hawking, Nelson Mandela, Ignaz Semmelweis Nikolai Kleppe (44) Galileo Galilei, Charles Darwin, Jesus and Me Nikos (29) anyone with a big impact, anyone who did what he believed was the thing to do, either Hitler or Gandhi Nillie (21) I admire John Adams, many more characters amuse me -- Nina (21) Diana Vreeland, John Cassavetes nina (27) A mixture of Egon Shiele, David Byrne, Nina Simone and Damon Albarn Nina Mars (22) maya angelou, mother teresa and ghandi. nina tangimetua (23) Socrates reminds me of bill and ted, im goin with bill and ted. ninjo Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale, lincoln, ghandi Nirmal Singh (99) Kabir niyaa women who stood up to men and society nmh (32) Amix of FDR, Locke, and Marx Noah (17) Homer, Sappho, Shakespeare, Melville, Nietszche, Rimbaud, Artaud, Joyce, Wittgenstein. Most favorite. Noah the good (23) Those geniuses who survived the test of time: Einstein, Shakespeare, Emily Bronte... Noddy (26) Benjamin Franklin Noelle Alexander the Great, Helen Keller, Sta. Teresa de Avila Noel Orosa Malcolm X, Ghandi, Michael Jackson, Napoleon, Alexander the Great, Xerses NoGurus (20) None nom de plume Mussolini. Nomen nescio (24) I don't know Nomers (19) explorers none given Abraham Lincoln is the only one that comes to mind at this time. None More Bitter (20) Cleopatra nonick (25) tagore, steve jobs, mark twain, bacon, lady diana nono (22) Proust, Cicero, Admiral Yi nools (21) Thinkers and writers. Dostoevsky demands all my love and admiration and sympathy. Dante. Mendel. nools (23) All of the ones who stand up for what they believe in. Nora (20) Samuel Johnson,M.A. Jinnah, Noraq Steve Biko, De Klerk Norma Martin Luther King Jr., Abraham Lincoln and Richard Wright Norman W (35) Nelson Mandela, Oliver Thambo, Lagrange Not (26) Aristotle, Tesla, Jane Goodall, Socrates, Gustav Dore, William Blake, Edgar Cayce, Hypatia Nova (44) Billie Holiday Nova (32) George Washington, Alexander the Great, Marcus Aurelius, Winston Churchill, Neil Armstrong, Nikola Tesla NR-2082 (32) Plato, Muhammad, Paganini, Beethoven, Buenaventura Durruti, Genghis Khan... Nrvnqsr (27) A polymath like Aristotle ns The heretics; they who live for the truth without regard to what that may cost. Nuance (26) Da Vinci, Wagner, John Lennon Nudge (36) I don't know. numeroita (24) Martin Luther King, Simone de Beauvouir, Buddha and Jesus Christ NynnaS. (36) Napoleon, Ceasar, Alexander the Great, Peter the Great, Queen Neferitit Nzame (27) Q Elizabeth I of England oanaa (23) the philosophers and innovators OB Mother Theresa Ode The ones known for their spirit. Odie (24) too many to name, but -- Theodora, Anne of Austria, St Genevieve and Hildegard von Bingen Odile (36) Rosa Parks,Cesar Chavez, President Obama,Emiliano Zapata. Odilia (47) All the men who's ideas matched my ideals Odyssey Willow (16) Zenon Przesmycki, Tymon Tymański ohlaskeau (21) Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, Daniel and Esther from the Bible oldie-goldie (99) probably those who never left the Stories for the History olga (22) Socrates, Lucretius, Henry II, William Tyndale, Spinoza, Clair Patterson, Alfred the Great. Oli Tearle (28) Thomas Edison & Martin Luther King Oliver Bob Dylan Olivia (17) Lady Jane Grey. Oliviaa. Thomas Jefferson, JFK, RFK, Rosa Parks, Lucy Stone, Thomas Hardy oliviathunderkitty (63) Socrates, Wilde, Cortázar, Benedetti, Carlos Fuentes, José Emilio Pacheco, Zapata, Claude Monet, Jack Kerouac Oliwankenobi (21) Anyone who has felt the urge to follow evolution towards freedom.. Olly (37) Charles Darwin, Leon Trotsky, Karl Marx Omar (17) I don't know Omar p. (26) I don't know much about history but I would say the 12 disciples of Jesus OneMan State Senator Wendy Davis of Texas. Maya Angelou. Malala Yousafzai. Margaret Atwood. Gypsy Rose Lee. Clara Barton. Elizabeth Cady Stanton. Eva Mozes Kor. Jimmy Santiago Baca. ee cummings. Princess Diana. JFK. RFK. Dr. King. Malcolm X. Thespis. ontherazzle (40) Jesus, Galileo, FDR, Ghandi, Martin Luther King, Jr., Stephen Hawking ooinla (40) Hypatia, Hector Blavatsky Oph (30) Edgar Alan Poe, Silvia Path, Buddha, Robin Williams, Christopher Hitchens Orby (40) Every author. Woodrow Wilson, Sylvia Beach, Robert Kennedy, Michael Collins, and FDR. ORK (22) boh orsetto (19) frederic 2nd hohenstaufem Oskar (60) Presidents Pike, Lincoln, Grant, T Roosevelt, FDR, and Ike. Also MLK, and anyone who could invent something to better humanity. Oso Tesla, Socrates, Jesus. Ovi (24) Sun Tzu oxoboxo (22) Erving Goffman. Øyvind (27) Theodore Roosevelt, Thomas Jefferson, Clarence Darrow, William Jennings Bryan, Albert Einstein, Thomas Edison, Jesus, Moses, Achilles, Marc Antony, Brutus, Julius Caesar, Napoleon Bonaparte, William Shakespeare, King George VI, and Machiavelli. Ozymandias Jefferson Roosevelt (24) Fred Rogers, Abraham Lincoln, Lech Walesa, Jimmy Carter, Harriet Tubman, MLK PAB (43) Hunter S. Thompson and Audrey Hepburn Pacie Gandhi, Rama, Subhas Chandra Bose Paddy (29) The pagan gods Paggy (33) einstein, blaze foley, kurt cobain pagina (20) Tesla, Oscar wilde Paige (34) Tesla, Oscar wilde Paige (34) Aphrodite; Goddess of love. Paige (29) Jesus, Benjamin Franklin, Martin Luther King Jr. Paige Hall (17) Socrates and genghis khan Palaila (28) Harper Lee, Truman Capote, and Cary Grant palais (32) Jesus coming Paldies (39) Leonardo DaVinci, Jesus, Ghandi Pam (63) Mahatma Ghandi Pam Blackwell the Bronte sisters, Jane Austen, Lovecraft Pamcake (28) maria antonieta pamelaja (27) Socrates, Jfk Panagiotis Theofilas (37) Ghandhi Panchi "ontem ousei, ontem fui Nero..." pandaaah (23) Nikola Tesla, Aristotle, Socrates, Diogenes Panic (18) the ladys that through there own sacfifys changed the world for our benifit panthergirl (36) Apollo, Tadzio, Lolita, Thoreau, Hemingway Parker (18) Mary Queen of Scots, Alexander the Great, Cleopatra, parksmi (51) Jesus and Joan of Arc parvati6 Thomas Jefferson, Albert Schweitzer, Father Damien Passepartout (27) Thomas Paine, Ulysses S. Grant, Harry S. Truman, and Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain Pat (39) Lincoln, Burhanuddin Al-Helmy Patek (25) Tom Crean, Ernest Shackleton and Captain Worsely Pat Garrett (26) Socrates, Paracelsus patric (30) Socrates, Demosthenes, Heroclitus, Patrick J. Derilus Socrates, Tycho Brahe, and Hunter S. Thompson Patrick Newman (23) Henry David Thoreau, Michael Collins, Howard Hughes, and Gandhi Patrick Trotti (26) napoleon patroklos washington,lincoln,keller,elanor roosevelt. patsy,world war II baby John Lennon Patti (20) Benjamin Franklin Patty (32) Jesus Patty (56) My favorites are Gen. George Meade, Evelyn Waugh and Ayn Rand. Patty Cake (29) Ghandi. Paul dali, louis the 14th,isadora duncan, sartre Paula (54) Oscar Wilde, Poe and JD Salinger. Paula (19) MLK, Elvis, John Lennon, Marylin Monroe Paulina (18) Jesus, St Gerard Pauline53 (53) Voltaire and Edward R. Murrow Paulshrug (44) Marcel Proust =) Pavel Š. (18) those that made a positive difference PaWe (50) nobody - they were just people, like you and me pax (23) lincoln, martin luther king PB (20) snoop P-Boh Descartes, Julius Caesar, Buddha, Gandhi Pea (17) The only history I was taught was the Bible and I can't pick just one of those. Pearl Maxwell (29) Anyone who tried to make the world a better place to live Pedro Albernaz (20) Hamlet, Falstaff, Don Quixote Pedro Luis Munoz (24) The studio stars of the 20s-40s. They were American gods/goddesses. Pedro Tejada (20) Jesus Christ Peggy (57) Newton, Einsten, Froyd, Young, Curie. pehi (26) King Arthur, William Shakespeare, Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo Penney (48) People who fight for what they believe in and strive for knowledge PEP (18) Martin Luther, George Washington Pepper Martin Luther, George Washington Pepper Kierkegaard, Job, E.A. Poe Percy (27) Saladin for chivalry, Raoul Wallenberg for courage, and Abraham Linclon for character Peregrine Louis Phillippe, Aneurin Bevan, Joseph Bazellgette Perfidia i like napoleon. perla21 (13) Nelson, Mandella pesser (57) Themistocles, Toussaint L'Ouverture, Cai Lun Pessoa non Grata Jesus, Martin Luther King, Jr. Muhammid Ali Peter Dyson (56) Buddha, Shakespeare, those who saved Jews (or Cambodians, or Lao people, etc) from extermination Peter Heron (57) Vladimir Lenin, Karl Marx, Friedrich Engels, Isoroku Yamamoto and others of strong virtue and character Peter Joseph Tamber Maxima Gaffney Those who rose from poverty and anonymity to rule nations and command sweeping victories. Peter Silva (46) yves saint-laurent, oscar wilde, ezra pound, henri matisse, mark rothko Petree (22) Socrates, Jesus, St. Augustine, Rosa Luxemburg, Theresa of Avila. phantasmatica augustine, joan of arc,elizabeth I,plato,survivors of the jewish holocaust Phil (44) Jesus, Abraham Lincoln, Thomas Pynchon Phil George Washington Phil (25) Othello, Santiago, Roberto Clemente, Muhammad Ali, Rocky Balboa, JFK, Jesse Owens Phil Dignan (52) victor hugo philippe (59) Lucille Ball Philomena (80) Cicero, Caterina Sforza, Spinoza, Charles Bradlaugh, Phil R. (30) James Tiptree, Jr., Leonard Nimoy, Susan B. Anthony, Harriet Tubman Phoenix (39) elizabeth i, jfk, steve irwin phreec (35) Theodore Roosevelt, Mark Twain Phyllis Boyajian Branche Richard III, Socrates, Elizabeth I, Abraham Lincoln, Benjamin Franklin picfxr (45) The fellow police members who lost their lives P.I. Elliot Mozart, Vermeer, John Cage Pieterpad (80) Strong queens Pingbluto philosophers , pinny leonardo da vinci pintoo (24) Julius Caesar Piper Bella Rose Shakespeare, Emily Dickenson, Abraham Lincoln, John Adams, Dwight Eisenhower Pistol Pete My favorite heroines in real life is Cleopatre pitch1406 (13) A combination of great philosophers, statesmen and warriors pk_evanescent (38) Saint-Exupéry, Jesus, Henry Miller. pk_henry General Yi, Nikola Tesla, and Mark Twain. Platinum Era (21) Plato Plebelbe (21) Characters in History? Aren't there PEOPLE in history rather than characters? Boudiccia. Pleiadian7 (59) Isabella Bird Plusein (25) peter the great, alexander the great, hagar the horrible pluto (26) Lincoln Gandhi Cleopatra PomanderNatalie (45) I am creating my own history here and now. Pontius Pilate (30) Queens and mistresses Poobah (65) the queens and the spies pooja (30) Vivekananda Pooja Nijinsky, Nureyev and King Edward IIIV Pooki (55) Bacon, Lao Tzu, Tycho Brahe poop fella (25) Rebels. Those who stood on their own principle and had to fight. Socrates, Musashi, Sir Richard Burton, Omar Khayim, George vWashington and Thomas Paine. Pope (31) ataturk, D. João II pp (31) Lincoln Prajakta (23) Baruch Spinoza, Mary Shelley, Jesus, BP Koirala Pranaya R (28) Gautam Buddha, Swami Vivekanand Pranay Gupta (22) No one Prashant Gnawali (22) Democritus, Heraclitus, Epicurus, Che, Hitchens Pratama (22) Plato, Voltaire Pratiksha (15) Jesus Christ Preacher (34) JESUCRISTO, GANDHI, MANDELA PRETTYMARY69 (39) Socrates, Aristotle, Wittgenstein and Lord Nelson Priceequation (33) Barack Obama. Prime Minister Appa (50) My favorite character is Martin Luther King princessgirafe83 (13) Napoleon Prismatic (74) Bertrand Russell, Peter Singer, John Stuart Mill, Noam Chomsky, Jeremy Bentham, Epicurus and David Hume. Anyone who is beyond staying content with conventional norms of thinking and is a fighter for social progress. professionalprocrastinator (20) They guys on cops Protagonist (20) Hitler Protagonist François Mitterand as a poltician, Proust as a writer, Tarkovski as a cinéaste, Shostakovich as a composer, Celibidache as a conductor, Erland Josephson and Jean-Louis Trintignant as actors and Richter as a pianist Protovium (63) Much as previous question Pseudointeresting (17) Platon,Mahatma Ghadi p-sissy (20) Thomas Paine, Jesus, Nathaniel Greene psv (48) David Bowie Puffinb (39) alexander pughal (30) Orwell,Churchill,Pericles,Leonardo da Vinci,Joan of arc,the communards, PUNK PAINTER (37) the strong and principled puppylush (35) Prophet Daniel, Jesus Christ Qaz (30) Wen Zhenheng Qi (18) Adolf Hitler, Galileo, Quasimodo (30) Those who carved their own path. Quinn (23) Sartre, Gandhi, Epicureus, John Bonham, Frank Zappa, Miguel Abuelo, Pappo, L.A. Spinetta qweasd Alexei Fyodorovich Karamazov, Lev Myshkin and Hugo's Jean Valjean R (50) Napoleon, Nietzsche, Alexander Hamilton Rachel (21) Those who stood up for what they believe in Rachel (21) Jesus, St. John the Baptist, Mary of Egypt Rachelmate (39) SHIVAJI MAHARAJ RACHU (32) Saladin, Akbar the Great, John Stuart Mill, Karl Marx, Sigmund Freud, Franklin D. Roosevelt radomu (18) Helen Keller, Eve, Raelynn (57) Alexander the Great, Leonardo da Vinci and Kurt Cobain raf (19) Joan of Arc and Lozen Ragna (19) Jesus, King Solomon, the prophet Samuel, Alaric, Boadicea RagsTyler (33) Gandhi, Lincoln, Socrates, Mandela and Dr. King. Rahul (21) Napoleon, General Patton Rain (16) Napoleon, General Patton Rain John Paul Jones, Joan of Arc, Johnny Appleseed, John Muir--I like people whose names have a jay. rainbird Locke, Nietzsche, Darwin, Galileo Raj (18) Gandhi, Jim Morrison, Kurt Cobain Raju (21) Martin Luther King Jr., JFK, Jackie Robinson, Ralph (21) Leonardo DaVinci, Abraham Lincoln, David Bowie Ramesses Benjamin Lewis (27) Dr Sigmund Freud Ramu (59) Lord Byron. Cyrano de Bergerac. Galileo. Ada Lovelace. Shakespeare. Ran (25) Michael Collins. WB Yeats. Charlie Chaplin. Raph I don't know Rapunzel people of peace Raquelle (17) Vlad Tepes, Jose Rizal Rara (22) Napoleon, Kafka, Shelley, Ashoka Rashmi (21) Me. Raumabaya or The Rau (00) hippocrates rave (18) Elizabeth I Raven (30) malcom x, king arthur, all of greek mythology raven (17) None I learn form all Raven (15) Writers Raven Anston Those who have discovered, championed, or experimented with the perception of Truth. Einstein, Lemaitre, Sagan, James Randi, Darwin, Barnum, Lewis Carrol. Ray of Mars (36) Theo. Roosevelt, Edgar Allen Poe, John Adams rb3868 (52) the outcasts, the hipsters RD socrates RealCoolDave Not sure Rebecca (19) The Beatles, MLK Jr, Ghandi, Kurt Cobain Rebecca Scheid (13) Vlad III Tepes Red (26) Robert E. Lee, Thedore Roosevelt Redbeard (24) Paul, Nietche, Redrover (50) The would-be world rulers like Alexander of Macedonia or Gangis Khan Ree (21) those who are kind in nature and misunderstood ree (24) Voltaire, Thomas Jefferson, Thomas Hobbes, Charles Darwin Reed Braden (19) nelson mandela, mahatma gandhi reetz (28) My father Reggie Benjamin (35) The unknown who changed the world. Remi (28) none RENA (62) Which history are we at? Renata (0) Franklin D. Roosevelt Renath Abraham Lincoln, Jesus Christ, Martin Luther King Jr., JF Kennedy Renee (44) Diana Vreeland, Oscar Wilde, Theodore Roosevelt, Nikola Tesla, Robert Johnson Renee Stanko (27) My aunt Tia Renee reneetriay (40) Julius Caesar Ren Harris coco chanel, marie antoinette renno (17) Jesus, Alexander the Great and Nietszche Renos (24) Veer Savarkar, Lokmanya Tilak Renuka (21) benjamin disraeli renz (15) Caligula, Garibaldi Requiem (27) I cannot say the names. I admire people who rose from nothingness to glory, believed in their own values and were willing to risk everything they have to make their ideal world come true. Rethinker (26) Machiavelli. I fell in love with him when I was 14. retroandi I never know how much to trust History, so I prefer to be informed by but not limited by it. Perhaps Marcus Aurelius. Reuben Samson (21) Socrates, Henry David Thoreau, Plato, Eleanor Roosevelt Reva Ann (20) Any who contribute to science, freedom, and happiness for all people Rewrew John Paul Jones, George Washington, Ben Franklin Rhail (38) Nietzsche, Deleuze, Spinoza, Bergson RHCdG (52) People who have tried to innovate Rhea (25) women with guts Ria (24) Nikolai Tesla, Albert Einstein, Gandhi, Winston Churchill Ric H (41) Napoleon, Ghandi, Hitler, Sun Tzu Richard (22) T.S. Eliot, Joyce, Gandhi, Michelangelo, any character who is a singularity in their accomplishments or achievements, Rick St. Thomas Aquinas, Flannery O'Connor, T.S. Eliot, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Henry Clay, Margaret Thatcher, St. Ignatius Loyola, Carmelites, William Tecumseh Sherman, US Grant, St. Thomas More, Carl Shurz, Oscar Wilde, Pope St. Pius V, Thomas Jefferson Rick (18) Socrates, Einstein. Ricky (20) The Suffragettes. Rie Those who, even in times of great potential to execute their will, displayed a proper amount of self-control. Riley (26) John Maynard Kaynes, James Sheves, Jack Howard 20th Earl of Suffolk, and Martin Luther King, Jr riley (19) Che Guvara, Carl Sagan, Banksy, Shepard Fairey Riley (14) Che Guvara, Carl Sagan, Banksy, Shepard Fairey Riley (14) World War 2 pilots Rilo Putin Rina (20) the cartoon characters i grew up with Rini I'd go with Marthin Luther King, Tito and Napoleon. Rinilia (17) Buddha, Freud, Descartes Riss (37) John C Calhoun, Stonewall Jackson, JEB Stewart, Thomas Jefferson RiverSong (32) Gandhi Riza (17) Alexander, Nikola Tesla - for their will power and intelligence Rizwan (21) Nelson Mandela Rkabrita (43) hamilton ro (21) gandhi osho jesus rob (54) Hannibal of Carthage, Jesus, Elvis, Lincoln, Jefferson, Henry VIII Rob (45) Christ Rob (27) Malcolm X, Socrates, Genghis Khan. Robbie Curran (19) Schopenhauer Robert Danduran (26) Buda, jesus, Jim morrison Roberto (22) Socrates, Plato, Jesus, and Einstein Roberto Rivadeneyra Q (35) Me Robert Tatler (18) Socrates, Rasputin, Jesus Robin (22) philosiphers,authers,artists rob luddington (45) John and Abigail Adams Robo (56) Mark Hollis, Peter Gabriel, Adrian Belew robot Prometheus Robyn (15) Charlie Chaplin, Maya Angelou, Diana Spencer. Rochelle (40) Abe Lincoln, Rumi, Oscar Wilde Rockstar Hume, Heidegger Rocky The superheros and mega villains: Gandhi, Hitler, Dr. King, Stalin, Newton, and Khan Rodders (32) people who combine humour humanity and achievement Roderick Napoleon Bonaparte Rodica (32) Napoleon, Socrates, Gauss, Magellan Rodrigo (24) dread pirate roberts, boyd rice and edison rodrigo zarate (29) Martin Luther King, jr. as the embodiment of good and Caligula as the opposite. Rod Weiler (21) The ones who got it done without being so serious they couldn't cut loose a little Roe (47) william shakespeare roger (45) Houdini, Einstein, Freud, uhm and others like roald dahl but he might still be alive. roguebroccoli (18) Odysseus Rollwagen (26) Julius Kelp- The Nutty Professor(1963)- portrayed by Jerry Lewis . Roma (14) Giles Corey. Roman (38) Leonardo da Vinci, Roman (23) Jesus, JFK, Pierre Trudeau, Gandhi, Elizabeth I Romina (16) Sartre, Plato, Napoleon Romina (21) Abraham Lincoln, Mark Twain, Buddha, Jesus Christ Ronald (40) Moses, Golda Meir, Marx, ancient Greeks, beatniks, Renaissance artists, flappers Ronen (27) I don't have any. Roo (20) King David, Jesus, St Peter, St John, St Francis, Leonardo, Washington, Jefferson, Wilberforce, RELee, Rooster (68) Charles De Gaulle roro (23) Caesar, Genghis Khan, Napoleon Bonaparte, Winston Churchill Rorshavhanswer (18) The Lovings, Martin Luther King, Jr., Pocahontas, and John Smith. Rosa (19) Jesus, Mary, Elizabeth 1 Rosalee Firth Ralph Waldo Emerson. Rosalie Grace (16) Jesus Christ, Nelson Mandela Rosalinda Chavez (19) Queen ElizabethI, Cleopatra, Rose (17) Einstein, Derrida, Empress Wu Rose (33) Teddy Roosevelt for his confidence and William Shakespeare for his creativity. Rose Martin Luther King Jr. Chris McCandless, Woodrow Wilson, Rosa Parks, Joan of Arc, Molly Brown. Rose (31) None Roseanne (29) The Tudors Rosie (52) Jesus Christ, Abraham Lincoln Rosie (53) Human history? The Vikings. They understood us at one time before. Rosie Socrates, Leo, Tolstoy, MK Gandhi, Borges ross (29) Marie Curie, Jonas Salk, Romantic Poets Rossboss (37) da vinci rossi da Vinci, van Gogh. ro to the rah (20) my memory makes me feel stupid here, as there are so many. i am horrible retaining important things. so many that i admire. so many that i can't believe existed and did things that i can't BELIEVE. roustabout Gauss, Einstein, A.A. Milne Roux (18) People that made change, like Malcom X, Martin Luther King Jr, and other people fighting for freedom and equality. Rowan (16) Alexander the Great Rowan Bartlett (23) Alexander the Great Rox (17) Socrates, Alexander the Great Roxanne Mooneys (22) M.L.K. Ghandi RRRRR those not afraid to do the right thing. rsan Socrates, Napoleon, Ben Franklin rtalien (25) Decartes, Dylan Thomas, Vivien Leigh. rubysparkles (23) Ralph Waldo Emmerson Rudi (24) No one in special Rumi (42) Jesus, Lao Tsu, Jefferson, Voltaire, J. Bose, Ssiqouya, Tolstoy, Gandhi. runur (44) Those who pushed against the norm and made a difference, however small Rushkami (27) Christ Ruska (33) I dont like history Ruskin Clay (17) Ruskin Clay Ruskin Clay (17) Plato, Ghandi, Mohammed Yunus, Mo Mowlem and Tracy Edwards Russell Sandbach (53) Joseph Smith and the early pioneers Ruth (48) Strong females Ruthie (19) Nolan Ryan, Michelangelo, Martin Luther King Jr., and Harvey Milk. Rux I actually have none R. W. (26) the underdogs rwk (57) Kafka, Churchill Ryan (18) Edgar Allan Poe, Walt Whitman, Mark Twain, Abraham Lincoln. Ryan Brun (23) Sigma males. Ryan Brun (27) All the scientists. Ryan Brun (29) I never met any of them. Ryan C (30) Oscar Wilde Ryan Riley (26) I don't really have any Ryh (16) Teddy Roosevelt, Socrates, Frederick Douglass Ryno (26) Jesus, Buddha, Aristotle, C.S. Lewis, Anne Frank and Rosa Parks Ryssan (22) My brother S (20) Nicola Tesla, Carl Sagan S (26) Sappho, other strong women, great writers, great philosophers, Galileo, anyone who pushed the boundaries of society S (13) Sappho, other strong women, great writers, great philosophers, Galileo, anyone who pushed the boundaries of society S (13) vidhur from mahabharat s (23) Spartacus, Nicola Tesla s33d (20) Khalid Bin Walid Saaid Darius the great Saba (19) Anne Frank, Joan of Arc Sabine (18) Socrates, Malcolm X sableye22 (17) Napoleon Sabri (19) Romeo and Juliet Sabrina None Sabrina Tupac Sabrina Ruffino (17) Oscar Schindler Sacha (30) Jesus Sahara (15) Maria Theresa, john adams, s. a. hensley (45) Hannibal, Musashi,Wittgenstein,William Blake saief (28) Chengiz Khan SAI LAXMI TATINENI (40) Marcus Aurelius, Mahatma Gandhi, Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj, Che (although I despise wars and violence), Nikola Tesla, Beethoven, Leonardo Da Vinci, Jonas Salk saill (24) Alexander the Great, Aristotle, Sun Tzu, Socrates, Renee Descartes Salem (21) Cowboys Sally of Kent albert fish sam (19) Napolean, Kennedy Sam (24) Ghandi, Bob Gandalf, Alexander the great, Prophet Mohammed (Peace be upon him), Che Sam Buddha, Hemingway, Nelson Mandela, Mother Teresa, Thomas Jefferson Sam (22) Napolean Sam (26) Dont have any Sam (17) Jane Austen, Kings and Queens of England Samantha (17) Winston Churchill, Ronald Regan Samantha (30) Joan of Arc Samantha (35) Willam Wallace, Joan of Arc, and Elizabeth I Sam Gordon (18) Hercules Sami (18) People who fought bravely and selflessly samps (29) MLK, people who fight for equality Sam Ruiz (19) Napoleon, Alexander the Great, Jesus Christ SamSam (33) Jesus, Christopher McCandles, Steve Jobs, King Solomon Samuel (19) Empress Wu of China, Queen Elizabeth the First, Joan of Arc, Thomas Jefferson San Malcolm X Sandu (15) The Kennedys Sandy Stjepan Radic, Cicero, Kralj Tomislav Sandy (32) Alexander the great Sandy (25) spartucas king richard the lion heart sankari (39) Vonnegut, Bradbury, King, McCartney Sara (23) All women who have struggled against mysogyny Sara (57) jesus martin luther dr martin luther king rosa parks phyllis wheatley harriet tubman Sara (50) Eccentrics, Nannie and Grandad Sara C aka Snacks aka Sarbs (26) Augustine, Louis XIV, Cato, Hatshepsut Sarah (23) lady mcbeth, eilizabeth the first, thomas jefferson, sarah i really like the concept of machiavelli. i also love the flappers of the twenties. sarah (14) Royal families and their scandals, strong women like Joan of Arc Sarah (23) Elizabeth I of England. Sarah (38) Marie Antoinette, Queen Elizabeth The First, Queen Juana le Loca Sarah (13) genius eclectics sarah (22) Hannibal, General Patton, Lucretia Sarah (33) queen victoria sarah (21) Plato, Martin Luther, Abraham Lincoln, Stan Lee Sarah (27) I am fascinated with all characters from ancient Egypt. Sarah (18) Artists and musicians. Like Turner, Dali, Rembrandt, and Renoir and artist like Johnny cash, Louis Armstrong and John Coltrane, Sarah (24) Leonardo da Vinci, Oscar Wilde Sarah (27) Lincoln and FDR sarahbeth (21) Martin Luther King Jr. Sarah Carlton (18) The bad ones...I'm morbidly fascinated Sarah Hollinger (28) I pay no mind to all this historical nonsense SarahSometimes (22) Marie Antoinette, The Kennedys, The Olsens... Sarah Taylor Vernarecci (19) Marie Antoinette Sarah Taylor Vernarecci (19) Machiavello, John Locke, , Mariah Callas, Charles Bukowski, Kandinsky,Frida Khalo. sara luisa hincapie (23) Maggie Thatcher Sara Ortiz (27) There are many; the ones I can think of right now are Socrates and Kosciusko Sara P. (18) Ares or Mars (Greek and Roman gods of war) Sarge18162 (13) da vinci sargual Napoleon, Lenin, Frida Kahlo Sasha (30) Mixture of Ashoka, Akbar and Krishnadevaraya Sasha Jesus, Mohammed, Nikola Tesla, Ghandi, Martin Luther King, Jr. Sasha Hasanbegovic (26) Mark Twain, Benjamin Franklin, Marcus Garvey Sasha_M (34) Phyllis Wheatley, Nefertiti, Louis Pasteur Sasha Sutton (22) Mohammed, Ali, Jesus, Buddha, Confucius, Einstein. sat (20) Conrad Veidt, Alexander Hamilton, Thomas Jefferson sauron (24) Alice Roosevelt, Mother Theresa, Princess Diana, Audrey Hepburn, Albert Einstein, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Marie Curie, Harriet Tubman, Frida Kahlo, Sojourner Truth, Martin Luther King Jr. Savannah (27) Leonardo da vinci, Benjamin Franklin Savannah Henry (18) Socrates, Chopin, Galilei, Michelangelo, Da Vinci, Le Corbusier, FL Wright, Gaudi savannahw. (19) Dorothy, Alice, Mr Darcy Sax (32) Enid blyton Sax (8) Socrates, Perseus scarletsquirrel (13) Marcus Aurelius, Nietzsche, Machiavelli Scarlett (25) My grandma(s) and Madonna schulzmk (26) The ones who seem like they could have been my favorite characters in fiction. Scooter (29) I love a good villain - Hitler, Malcolm X, Stalin, and Nero to name a few Scooter190 (21) Jesus, Ben Franklin, Daniel Boone Scott (60) The kings and dukes and counts that strove for power Scott (17) The poets, prophets and philosophers Scott777 Theodore Roosevelt and Alexander the Great Scotty (18) maude scotty (59) maude scotty (59) Leonitis and his passion for being a protector. Scotty Dr. Martin Luther King, Socrates, Crazy Horse, Che Guevara, Jimi Hendrix Screaming Bastard Child of the Apocalyps (23) Lewis and Clark, Da Vinci, Michelangelo, Schubert, Andrei Rublev, Goethe Sean (19) The fathers of Confederation. Sean D. Thompson (22) The Sons of Liberty, Nietzsche Sean Reveille (19) Jean Paul Marat, Solomon R Guggenheim, Hironobu Sakaguchi Sebasagot (23) Frank O'Hara, Oscar Wilde, Percy Bysshe Shelley, Emma Goldman, Lorca. Sebastian (18) Lennon, Jaime Garzon, Noel Gallagher, Oscar Wilde Sebastian H (18) consuelo de saint-exupéry, leonardo da vinci, oscar wilde, audrey hepburn, and of course proust. Sedona (16) Jesus, Martin Luther King, Harriett Tubman, Imhotep, anyone who has fought for human rights Selene H. Brent Abrahan Lincoln sella (17) The ones that taught me that conquering is never enough SeraphimeRising (31) Esme, Cain, Franny and Zooey Glass, the father in Cormac McCarthy's The Road Serene Lim (24) bismarck,freud, hunter s thompson serenity T. E. Lawrence, Nietzsche, Thomas Jefferson Seth Street (19) Louise Quatorze (Louise 14th) Hatshepsut , Alexander the Great. Sexismandthecity (28) Again, those of magnificent brilliance and purpose: Albert Einstein, Stephen Hawking, Richard Feynman. Sgraham (28) Harriet Tubman, Sitting Bull, Wallace, and everyone who has fought for who they are and survived! shadoww420 (33) Daniel Burnham, Frederick Law Olmsted Shaina (22) Abraham Lincoln, Teddy and Franklin Roosevelt, Eleanor Roosevelt ShaLo (66) Abraham Lincoln, Eleanor Roosevelt, Gloria Steinem, Wayne Dyer ShaLo A mix of Friedrich Nietzsche, Mohandas Gandhi, Che Guevara, and Jesus Christ Shamir (13) Those who stood on the right side of history when making decisions Shana (22) Those of virtue and greatness Shane (19) michael collins, mozart, thomas paine, george washington, shane (25) Joan of Arc, Abraham Lincoln Shane Those that set the ways, that do not live by the book. Shanna (19) When I was a boy I loved Archie Clement. Loved him. Shannon Cole (22) Abraham Lincoln Sharankumar Nadarajah (19) Hunter.S.Thompson Shari (21) I haven't read enough about the periods of history that I am interested in to know yet. Sharice (22) Great writers. They have left us so much. Oscar Wilde a particular favourite. SharonBillings Those who are larger than life yet attempt to help those with ordinary lives Shauna (40) I have none..... shaurora (64) the people that went through slaveryn the civil rights movement. any king or leader that went to war and succeeded by using their knowlegde n not being out for blood n greed Shawna (21) artists like gauguin shawna (17) kitt carson, bill wilberg, barry goldwater shawpur (66) Martin Luther King Jr. Shaz (27) Ovid, Harpo Marx, Boudicca SHE (44) The men and women who have faught for freedom of all races and sexes. Shea (28) Cicero, David Hume, General John "Gentleman Johnny" Burgoyne, Bertrand Russell, Karl Popper sheavsey (21) Jesus and JP Patches Sheila D (55) women who defied convention and conformity to societal standards; who were ahead of their time shelby Amelia Earhart shelby (15) Definitely Anne Frank and Jane Austen Shelby Bollner (18) I don't know if I have any. Shelley (32) Queen hatschput Shelly (17) All the women that have ever gone against what is expected of them. Herb women when witch hunting was rampant, suffragettes, women in combat. Shellybelly1 (49) again, powerful wealthy men Shep Howard A mixture of Socrates, Pericles, Pliny the Younger and Augustin Thierry Sheri The philosophers. Those that encouraged people to think. Kropotkin is my very favourite. A polymath who studied altruism and lived according to his beliefs. Sherry Fuller (41) a mixture of socrates and plato and david hartley shiela (18) Socrates, Christ, Paul, King David, Isaiah, etc Shig (29) Casanova, maybe Michelangelo Shiloh Moretti (16) Socrates, Abraham Maslow, George Orwell, John Milton, H. P. Lovecraft and H. R. Giger Shimomeiji (19) Hunter S Thompson, Charlie Chaplin, Sarah Teasdale Shina (28) Geoffrey Chaucer, Jesus of Nazareth and Rosa Parks. Shinydan (34) martin luther king jr. and audrey hepburn ShiversB (19) Gandhi shodhana (20) Martin Luther king Jr. and President John F. Kennedy shorty (14) Socrates, to borrow from proust, a host of women who lost voice and agency in struggles personal and political, in fact all those who went unheard or heard only through a via medium of a biased nature Shubhda (24) Chris Oldfield shupiwe (35) None Shy (25) Ghandi, Ann San suu Kim, Si (34) Oscar Wilde sibbell (59) Hitler, Gandhi, Buddha, Prohpet Mohammad and Jesus Sibin (26) Eckhart Tolle SID (53) I wish I had read more history before answering this. For now, Alexander the Great, Genghis Khan, Newton, Eratosthenes, Will Durant Siddharth (23) Joan of Arc, Samuel Clemens, Sidedrive (70) Plato, Socrates, Nietszche Siena (21) Anne Frank, Princess Diana, Sienna de Wilde (17) Cleopatra. Signe (22) Pope John Paul Silvia (18) Emma Goldman Simen (18) Rebels - James Dean, Marlon Brando's - cooler that cool Simon (19) Churchill Simon (20) Claus von Stauffenberg, Chiune Sugihara Simona (16) William Blake, Nietzshe, Langston Hughes, Randy Rhoads sinawae (27) Plato, Niche, Agricola sindjiro Bill Gates, Steve Jobs Sirena Wainford (17) The Saints.....those who have walked a path of light.....known and unknown to the world. Sirith (33) I do not know. Sir Richard (52) Ancient wise ones - Inuit, Yogis, Buddha, Native American Indians. Sixela Negomi Joan of Arc, da Vinci, Kafka, Van Gogh, Keats sj (23) Those who fought for freedom SJ (44) Chopin, Wilde Sj (16) the ones that proved themselves after death skitalica (27) Billy the kid, Al Capone , Siddhartha, Michelangelo Buonarroti Skurge (17) Albert Einstein, Immanuel Kant Skytalker (26) the infamous ones sleepy (20) caesar, james bond Slim Lincoln, Marcus Aurelius, Red Cloud, Lyndon Baines Johnson, Frank Serpico. Sloceface (23) Ji Kang sluggishflow (22) Jesus sm (38) A mixture of ancients: King Solomon, Odysseus, Marcus Aurelius, and John the Apostle S. M. A. Armstrong (21) Ghandi and Cleopatra Smaranda (33) John Cleese because he is a funny bastard. Smeghead jesus smithmarg (45) Carl Sagan, Mozart, Hildegard von Bingen, Shakespeare, Albert Einstein, Jane Goodall Smo (27) I honestly don't know anymore. smude George Carlin, Jim Morrison snibab (19) Alexander the Great Snorkools (15) the noble, honest, loyal ones. snorris (23) Alexander the Great as conquerer Snyde (38) Alienor of Aquitaine and Isabella d'Este So (22) the Founders socksless Socrates, Rabindranath Tagore, Muhammad Ali, George Bernard Shaw Sofi (24) Wealtheow, Eugenie Grandet, Clelia Conti, Isable Archer, Margarita Nikolaevna, Narrator/ Marcel. Sofia (15) the suffragists and suffragettes, martin luther king, nikola tesla sofia (14) Diogenes, Leonardo Da Vinci and Ghandi Sofia Picasso (14) Socrates, Mariano Moreno, Alexander the great, Martin Luther King, lots more... Sofía P. S. (20) Cleopatra Sofyzitahh (23) Sylvia Plath, Martin Luther King, Jr., and anyone who has devoted his/her life to the service of others (Mother Teresa, etc.) solitary confinement (44) Marcus Aurelius, Douglas MacArthur Solomon (24) Those whose charisma allowed them to achieve the implausible SolomonGrundy (45) Buddha, Pierre and Marie Curie, Cervantes, da Vinci. Sombra (20) Abe Lincoln, Bismarck, Confucius Some random person (16) shakespeare Sonet P Frida Kahlo Sonia (25) King Hasaw Chan Kawil and Sophie Scholl Sonya Dahl (21) jesus, adriano, morelos sooz (38) People who built their lives around helping others and not hurting them--but not in like, a super smug way either. Relatable people. Sophia (25) Franklin Roosevelt, Rasputin, John Steinback, Sophie (20) Nijinsky, Joseph Plunkett, James Dean, John Lennon, Jeff Buckley Sophie (17) Socrates, Jesus, Mahatma Ghandi, Leo Tolstoy, Henry Thoreau Sophie i enjoy reading about the founding fathers. seeing this country in the way they'd imagined it is so different from how it is now. Sophie Elizabeth Tudor, Joanne D´Arc Sorrow (23) zhao yun zilong souma (32) Godel, Hubble, Guatama SoundofWater (35) Gandhi, Nehru, Mandela, Rousseau, Vivekananda. Sourabh Bharadwaj (21) Plato, Roger Bacon, Galileo. S.P. (20) Darwin, Newton, Ghandi sp3ccylad (44) jjesus christ and john lennon Spacebug (42) The dead ones Spacey (24) Men and women who were strong enough to fight for an ideal Sparrow (46) Plato and Einstein Sparrow (17) Da Vinci, Jefferson, tesla Houdini Special K Alexander, my Prussian great grandfather, Socrates, Benjamin Franklin, Duchamp, Courbet, Monet, guston, cezanne Speck (36) Alexander the Great, Marcus Aurelius, Octavian Julius Caesar Spencer (25) The obscure and imaginative writers of ancient spiritual text whos names are never known but words are repeated throughout eternity. Spencer Stewart Einstein, Columbus, and Farenheit. Spencer Valdez (11) Carlin, Click and Clack, Reagan, Rod Serling, and Hitchcock. Spencer Valdez (12) napoleon spider (66) Those with the foresight and wisdom to make decisions beyond their own lifetime. Spike Spiegel Josef Mengele, Attila the Hun, and Vlad-Prince of Wallachia Spina Bifida mummy Srishti Gupta (19) sssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss sssssssssssssssssssss (23) Leonardo Da vinci ssv (40) Alexander the Great stan (54) Napoleon, Thomas Jefferson, and Benedict Arnold Star (11) So many. Those who remained true to themselves, who stood for what they believed, or who developed/practiced ideas and philosophies ahead of their time Starflower (19) Carlton cole Ste (16) Diarmuid Ua Duibhne, Alexander the Great, Michael Collins, Cú Chulainn Ste (26) socrates Stella (28) Martin Luther King, Stella (53) Princess Christina of Sweden, Joan of Arc Steph Nero, Caesar Augutus Steph Thomas Jefferson, Oscar Wilde, Mark Twain, Siegfried Sasoon, Jean Moulin Stephanie (23) Cleopatra Stephanie (21) Fictional ones. Although, who is to prove that all historical characters weren't fictional? Stephanie (18) Don't have a favorite stephanie (13) Ranulph Fiennes Stephanie (49) wolfgang amadeus mozart stephanie (20) Cleopatra - I always have and always will respect her for her tenacity and manipulation Stephanie Yt (21) Charles Dickens, Jane Austen, Cory Aquino, Pope John Paul stephbsemilla (40) Winston Churchill, FDR Stephen (56) Byron, Shelly, Socrates, Malcom X Stephen (26) Jesus of Nazareth Stephen (78) stonewall jackson Stephen Stacks William Shakespeare, Ludwig Van Beethoven, Oscar Wilde, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Charlie Chaplin and Orson Welles. Steve (20) those who explored, especially those who fould what they were looking for Steve (53) Theodore Roosevelt, Ghandi, Dr. Martin Luther King Steve Socrates, Ghandi, and Teddy Kennedy Steve (23) Leon Trotsky, Karl Emil Maximilian "Max" Weber, FDR, Alexander the great. Steve (56) John Muir, Michalangelo, Ghandi Steve Hanawalt (56) Marcus Aurelius, Thoreau, Nietzsche, Buddha Steve K (27) Voltaire, Spinoza, and Albert Camus. Steven Hayward (47) All patriots or veterans Steven Porter (21) Thomas Paine, Voltaire, Eratosthenes Steve Shives (29) Egyptians stoffie (26) many stojan (32) Boudica, Messalina, Ruth Bader Ginsburg Stork Daddy Amelia Earhart. Stormy (17) Socrates, Freud, Beethoven STP (24) william jennings bryan, Plato, St Paul, Henry V11, stradling True characters like Abraham Lincoln, Thomas Jefferson, Einstein, JFK STUPID IDIOT (0) People who have a personal history and have also made history. E.g: Rilke Subhartho (26) Badass women, queer, and of color individuals throughout the ages. Many of the recent half-century-Audre Lorde, bell hooks, Angela Davis, Judith Butler, José Esteban Muñoz, Rigoberta Menchu subtlesteph (21) dali, hepburn, murakami Sumi Dead Musicians Summer (28) Mary Shelley, Simone de Beauvoir, Graham Chapman Sunbul (18) I beleive in indian epics as history rather than mythology, so it is Ram, Krishna, Hanuman, Arjun and ofcourse Ganesh apart from all enlightened souls in history Sundaraa (32) Rashbehari Bose. sunny Napoleon Bonaparte sunshineguerilla (28) Alexander SuperflyTNT Scout Finch and the main characters of the Great Gatsby Superwoman (19) Queen Victoria,FDR,Jackie Kennedy,queen Elizabeth2, Susan (63) My Father, my grandfathers (and gr-grandfathers, etc), Abraham Lincoln, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Theodore Roosevelt, Jesus Christ Susan (63) Ghandi Susan Collins (21) Ethelred the Unready, King John, Edward Grim, Joan of Arc, and Alexander the Great Susie (20) marc antony, joan of arc, elizabeth 1 susie karpasitis (26) Jesus Susie Q (73) eleanor roosevelt suzanne Marie Curie Suzanne (41) Eleanor Roosevelt, Jimmy Carter Suzanne Cohen (53) Winston Churchill,Justiniano,king richard, Suzy (19) Those who spoke truth to power Swallow Jean jaures Swan (75) Galileo, Da vinci, Ayn Rand Switz (29) Gandhi sybann (50) Emmanuel Kant, Oscar Wilde, Thomas Jefferson, James K. Polk. Sydchez Any Greek Mythology Characters. Sydney Kilbane (18) genghis khan, machiavelli t1 caravaggio, bernini, malcom x T (19) Wellington, Romeo Dallaire, Jean Moulin, Canaris, and Dag Hammarskjold T (26) Anne Frank, Maria Curie T (18) Paul from the Bible, Maya Angelou, Martin Luther King, and Esther. T (20) We transpose so much of ourselves onto the sketch that is history...I dig the men and women who told the truth even when it could mean death. T.A. (34) I don't know Tabitha Murray (42) Famous photographers, artists, Benjamin Franklin, Muhammed, Taeleyn My favorite characters in history is tagada (12) Мария Кюри TAHbKA Socrates, Plato, Aristeteles and many others. (Aristoteles for his philosophy, not for physics) tahma Albert Einstein, Nikola Tessla, Charly Chaplin tai (22) paramahansi yoganandi, princess grace and lady diana taintme cleopatra, elizabeth tudor the second, mary tudor, anne boleyn, marie antionette tal (13) Those that lived in splendor while those around were starving. Talbot Logan (41) St. Augustine, Toussaint Louverture, Anne Bethel Spencer, Muammar Gaddafi, and Constantine the Great Tallulah (29) Jesus Christ TAMAR (23) I am not very well-versed here, to my shame. From the Bible, I will say Ruth, Deborah, Esther and Miriam tamar (54) susan b. anthony tamera miller (33) people whom are not afraid to go out and live their dreams. TAMERA MILLER (35) Margaret Thatcher Tamila (18) those one who gave their lives for their countries tanichis (32) willie nelson Tanner (15) Aisa Faye, Jaecar Faye, Aradette Vermil Tanwen Aschtherlar Tormey (18) Maria Montessori. She invented the Montessori method, which is the kind of school I want to teach at. Tara (37) my favourite charcaters in hidtory is Pierre DURAND because he riding Jappeloud tartine2002 (12) Women Tash (29) Any strong, intelligent female figure. Tatiana (17) Baudelaire, Elizabeth Siddal, Virginia Woolf, Leonor Fini and all the women through history that defied society and contributed for something bigger than themselves Tatiana (21) George Washington, Huckleberry Finn, Hunter S. Thompson Tatiz (19) scientists Taylor (54) The strong women behind all the strong men we learn about in history Taylor (24) George Washington Taylor (15) Cleopatra, Taylore Dawn (18) Theodore Roosevelt, Dali, Poe, many others already mentioned Taylor Van Allen (24) Leonidas, Mahatma Gandhi, Swami Vivekananda, Jesus Christ, Ashoka, Akbar the Great, Gautama Buddha tazmur (26) Lincoln, Nietzsche TB The minds of the enlightenment and Renaissance eras tbkemz (42) Gerald and Sara Murphy, F Scott Fitzgerald, Ernest Hemingway, Cary Grant, William Powell, Fred Astaire, Richard Merkin, the Duke of Windsor... T. Christopher Cox (43) Christh, Buddha, Mohammed, Laozi, Pancho Villa, Che Guevara, Nicola Tesla Tebvy (24) Speilberg, Smith, Grandad, HBK Ted (26) Bush, Reagan Tee (40) Platon Teehee (18) napoleon,florence nightingale,swami vivekananda,mother teresa,netaji subhash chandra bose TEESHA (27) Strong women who have sacrificed to pave the way for all women Tekoa Butler No one. Teleute (17) Jesus, Émile Arnaud, Martin Luther King, Jr. Teme (18) I'm not sure Tenia (17) lolhistory Tennrox lolhistory Tennrox Helen Keller, Anne Sullivan, Harriet Tubman Teresa (43) ann boleyn Teresa (43) Tolstoy teri (73) marvin,tenma,joel barrish terios (21) Roman general, Sola. Terra (22) Mother thereasa Terri (35) Napoleon Bonaparte, Benjamin Franklin, Robert F. Kennedy, Leonardo Da Vinci, Terry (41) George Washington Terry (66) Homer, Socrates, Michael de Montainge...Great explorers TerryG (49) Malcolm X Matt Turner Marcus Garvey Khalid Abdul Muhammad Terrylee (35) poets, painters and photographers Terrylynn0609 (39) JESUS, MOSES,JOB,KING DAVID,NOAH,JOHN THE BAPTIST, EMANUEL SWEDENBORG,LORD BYRON,MARCUS AURELIUS,SOCRATES. TERRY YORK II fidel castro, marcus aurelious tess (24) Mandela Tess (53) cicero, augustus, antony and cleo Tess Calopedos (17) Leonidas King of Sparta, Judas Ischariot Tess Fiennes (40) jesus tg (48) Alexander the Great , Sir Francis Drake, Mahatma Gandhi and Robert Falcon Scott Thambi (24) the prophets of god thatchaa (17) nameless ones who stood up against injustice and died that guy #999 (29) Richard Nixon That New Chris Sloce (18) Einstein thebabycub (39) Mother Theresa, Ghandi The Beast Xena, Warrior Princess The Big Liddle (31) Don Quotixe, Sancho Panza, Ahab, and the man of Mars The Boss Alan Turing, Tesla The Desert (22) Leonids. Thomas Jefferson. John Adams. Henry Clay. TheDoctor76 (35) Benjamin Franklin The Essential Man (26) Nelson Mandela, Mohammed Ali, Bill Hicks TheFear77 (23) carl sagan, jacques cousteau theGeneral (19) don't give a shit about history the grill (31) Alexander the Great, Hannibal, Winston Churchill, friedrick Nietzsche, Richard I, and Bohemond of Antioch The hungry caterpillar (29) Paricelsus The Imprecise Duke Of Phonology (77) A cross between Larry Flint and Lenny Bruce, with a little bit of Nikola Tesla thrown in The Josh Rollins (21) Vlad The Impaler The Man In The Brown Hat Mahatma Gandhi, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, John F. Kennedy, & then some The Mouse Avenger (20) Socrates Theo Aristotle, Oskar Schindler and Thomas Alva Edison theravenette (15) Oskar Schindler, Aristotle, Thomas Alva Edison theravenette (15) Too many to even bother starting Theresa (22) Socrates, Camus, Boethius, Cioran The Roomba Mifi (28) Vincent Van Gogh Thia (29) Tommy Douglas Thinplank (40) Writers, demigods Thom (23) a mix of Churchill, Franklin Delanoe Roosevelt, Theodore Roosevelt, Marie Curie and Neil Armstrong. Thomas (16) hi Thomas (16) Jack Kerouac, Allen Ginsberg, ThomasM Simo Hayha, Theodore Roosevelt, Simon Bolivar Thor Hammerstein (16) Pacifists, scientists and ones that liberated people from slavery, Thothanatos92 (23) Wilma Rudolph, Ray Bradbury thoughtlessdreamer (15) Hanibal, and Alexander the Great even though he was a homo. Thrakish (18) dalai lama Three D (40) Archimedes, Ghandi, Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Socrates, Benjamin Franklin, Turing, da Vinci, Mozart, Galileo, Descartes Thunderpussy (48) Shakespeare, Mozart Tiago Moura (15) I have been alive for 350 years and I have known many historical characters. I have no favorites. Tianna Alysia Kallan (37) Nobody tick Abe Licoln, Temple Grandin, Rosa Parks tiffany Harriet Tubman, Harriet Jacobs Tiffany (44) History isn't my subject. Tiffany Beatty (19) joan of arc, anne boleyn, oscar wilde tiffany; (lifefromtheshelf.blogspot.com) (17) Shakespere TiffanyTee (26) Maya Angelou Tiger and Lions Chesty Puller Tim (27) Xenophon, Marcus Aurelius, Thomas Jefferson, Thomas Paine. Tim Jesus, Peter, Paul, Abraham Lincoln Tim (24) Jesus, Socrates, Ghandi people who died for a cause tim Lincoln Tim Marco Polo, Francis Drake, and Ghandi. Tim Proser (17) Karl Marx, Thomas Paine Tim Sandle Unsung heroes of art and science timwarnock (34) Cleopatra, Catherine the Great, Elizabeth 1, Joan of Arc Tina (32) FDR Tina (16) Muhammad Ali and Nelson Mandela Tina (44) I have always been fascinated by Napoleon Tini Gandhi,Jinnah Tinkoo (24) Mahatma Gandhi & Boudica tintoy (54) There are two sorts I admire: the revolutionaries like Gandhiand Martin Luther King; and the writers who give birth to new worlds like Tolkien and the Brothers Grimm. Tinuvielyra English royalty (and the Beatles) Tivia Stewart (40) Theodore Roosevelt, Eleanor Rossevelt, Margaret Thatcher, Sandra Day O'Connor tj (39) dali lamba T-man (18) Admiral Lord Nelson, Geoffrey Chaucer, Sir Thomas Mallory Tobias Budge (25) Thoth, Apollo and Hermes. Tobyn Sebastian (24) Jesus Christ, St. Francis of Assisi, Kurt Vonnegut. Todd (I don't have one yet) Tofu (19) Bill Gates, Crassus, Robert the Bruce, Harold Godwinson, Caesar, Winston Churchill, Disraeli Tom (21) A selection of poets who have changed the face of language Tom G (19) robin hood, hunter s thompson Tom Leach (19) Nero, Napoleon, Genghis Kahn Tommy (19) Roy Jenkins, Vasili Arkhipov, Barbara Castle Tommy Boy (24) Anybody who had strength of character. Tom Suski (28) Martin Luther King Jr., Voltaire, and Benjamin Franklin Tongbite Matt (36) Lincoln, FDR, Albert Camus, Salvador Allende Toni (48) Freud, Jung, and Hitler Toni Spimoni The surrealists, all of them, even Dali Toño Cabrera-Pereyra (31) Alexander the Great, Lucius Cornelius Sulla and all who strived to bring hope to the downtrodden and weary Tony (30) Ronald Reagan, Alexander the Great, Julius Caesar, George Washington, Cyrus the Great Tony (17) Lincoln, Ghandi, Thomas Jefferson. Tony (17) I give thanks and credit to the Egyptians and Romans for their dedication in medicine and medical advances to help with the sick. Tonya Jones (39) Elizabeth Blackwell, Frida Kahlo, Katherine Hepburn, WH Auden. toosnowoman Oscar Wilde, FDR, Frank Lloyd Wright, William Herst, William Morris, Queen Elizabeth I, Queen Victoria and Prince Albert, Abraham Lincoln, Toria (37) Churchill. Torsksåsen (22) st francis of asissi tracey I admire Princess Diana tracynle (20) Shakespeare, Langston Hughes Tracy TB (45) Jung travis any underdog Travis (25) marus arelius, descartes, alexander the great Travis Mask (49) Jo March Treatie (49) .. TREE (21) No one in particular. Tree Girl (29) St florian Trent Duval (28) Shakespeare Socrates Edison Tres bien (43) Abraham Lincoln and Thomas Jefferson Trevor In history, Jesus and Moses. Trevor (24) Nietzsche, Bruno, Sagan, Hawking, Plato, Freud Trevor McSwain (24) Buddha tri Oscar Wilde, Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Ziggy Stardust. Tricky Vicky Marie Antoinette, the Mirabal sisters Trinity Chapa (15) virginia woolf, marilyn monroe, frida khalo, lady di triplet (30) Joan of Arc, Jesus Christ, Jackie Kennedy, Leonard Bernstein, C.S. Lewis Trish Da Vinci, Gandhi, Marie Antoinette Trisha (17) Ghandi, Elizabeth I, Catherine the Great Trisha (29) Jesus Christ Tristan (14) The Bronte Sisters, Queen Elizabeth I Trixie the heros of WWII trotter (30) Darwin troutman (44) Thomas Jefferson, Christopher Columbus Troy Casa (50) Epicurus tsiou (33) . tt (27) Teddy Roosevelt Turk (24) Hannibal Barka, Nikola Tesla turnbull (27) Mark Antony, Napoleon, Lorenzo de Medici, Hadrian, Trajan Turnus No favourites. Turtle Heart mohammad SAW tutu Voltaire, Adam Smith, William O'Douglas, John Dickenson Twigtwill (21) I have none. History is dead and I can't judge those who I never knew. Twillightdoom (17) Van Gogh, Nietzsche (because they persisted with their course, unrecognised in their own lifetimes, self-belief is a very attractive quality to me) twondbestbed (34) Anne Boleyn, Cleopatra, Lucrezia Borgia, Frida Kahlo, Elizabeth Woodville Ty (18) Scipio, Zhuge Liane, Kiergegaard Tyler (24) Francis Scott Key Fitzgerald Tyler (16) The founding fathers of this country. Tyler Scott (41) Dorothy Parker, G. Von Rad, M. Bakhtin, Diogenes, Abba Poeman Ty-test Ed Koch Lincoln and churchill Uccman (51) John Steinbeck and his dog Charley Udan Outwort (61) Marco Polo, Lao Tzu, Porus Uddhipan Thakur (24) Helen of Troy uiioop (17) Gandhi Uma (63) Rosa Parks umd.16 (20) Siddharta Gautama, Erasmus, Carl Sagan, Virginia Woolf UnoZen Buddha, Thoreau, St. Francis of Assisi, Ralph Borsodi, Helen & Scott Nearing, Helen Keller, George Washington Carver, Luther Burbank (also see list of historical heroines) Ursus M. H. Spelaeus (59) Alexander, T E Lawrence, Gandhi, Socrates, Buddha, so many V (27) Poe Val (31) Julies Ceaser Valdano (23) Champollion, Einstein, Kierkegaard Valentina (17) Jesus Christ, Siddhartha Guatama, the Classical philosophers, Shakespeare, William Wilberforce, Martin Luther King, Coco Chanel, Yves Saint Laurent Valeria Ryrak (21) None yet Valtharos (22) Tesla, Newton , Einstien Van (22) Jesus, Ghandi, Charlemange, Marcus Aurelius, St Augustine Vanessa (31) Complete bastards who really annoyed people vanessa (33) Eleanor of Aquitaine, Jane Austen, Hildegard of Bingen Vanessa Cardui (43) Socrates, Freud, J.S. Mill, Scipio Africanus, David Hume, Arthur Schopenhauer vard95 Rosa Luxemburg Varna (25) philosophers and artists Vato (39) i dont think i ever had a favorite. Vbonita (28) Tzar Dusan, Marco Polo VBozic (40) Socrates & Nietzsche Vedada (28) Gandhi veejay (32) Gandhi, Nehru Veera Ashoka Venky (36) Shakespeare, who else? Ventricle (24) John Coltrane, MLK, Clifford Brown, Thelonius Monk Vernon B. Williams (45) Elizabeth I, Leonides, Boudecea, Sparticus Verona Jones (59) Alice Roosevelt, Dostoyevsky, and the Founding Fathers Veronica (20) Nearly every person, even the bad ones, interests me, so I can't pick a favourite. Veronique (18) Babe Ruth, Benjamin Franklin Vesan (33) Napoelon, Marighela, Getúlio Vargas vi (20) All those people who made the names we remember possible Vi (22) presidents Vic (46) Jesus, Abe Lincoln, JFK, Reagan, Mother Teresa, Martin Luther King and others who fought for humanity and freedom for all. Vicki Ulysses, Athena Vicky (24) People who fought (and died) for the right to vote and the right to learn Victoria (37) Hypatia, Abraham Lincoln, Alexander the Great, Jesus, Ghengis Khan, the Dalai Lama, Simone de Beauvoir Victoria (59) Queen Elizabeth I Victoria (16) Rosa Parks Victoria (23) Abraham Lincoln, Alexander Hamilton, Socrates Victoria Song (22) Myself. Victor Shade (27) Oscar Wilde, primarily, anyone who was brave and thought for himself and dared to be who he was. Victor Trevor (23) jesus vicurbabdaddy Idiotic believers whom the gods favored against incredible odds videoalex guess that would be napoleon bonaparte vik (25) socrates, einstien, someone who had a cause greater than self vikram (34) Robert Oppenheimer, Henry VIII, Cato, Cicero, Margeret Thatcher, Hypatia Vikram Krishnan (24) Túpac Amaru II, Louis the 14th Viktor (28) Edgar Allan Poe Viktor (19) Washington, Constantine Paleologus, Charles Martel, Socrates Viktor Corzich (35) Hitler, Napoleon, Peter I, Cesar Viktor Sigareff (19) Charlie Brown, Snoopy. Village Of Brooklin (45) Friedrich Nietzsche, Bob Dylan, Diogenes the Cynic Vincent (19) ronald mcdonald, mayor mccheese, grimace, the hamburgler vinnie smalls (15) Galileo, Thomas More, Giordano Bruno VinnyGreenock72 Beethoven, VanGogh, those who do what they wish with no hope of succeeding. Violet (18) Alexander the Great, Henry V, Napoleon, Erwin Rommel Viorel (25) none Virginia (20) I admire Socrates and Jesus. They were both unafraid to be themselves. Virginia (12) objective people that actually tried like galileo visualizations (22) frederick nietzsche Viv (14) It's Jeanne d'Arc. Vivi (13) Queen Mary I Vivian Elizabeth the First, Maria Curie, Alexander the Great Vivianne Liliaceae Aspho Vilth Birbal, Chanakya VK (22) Queen Victoria Vogette (55) NA Vorspiel Satori (16) Rousseau, Aristotle Vs (18) Socrates vur Mine are the people who fought for their rights no matter the outcome. Wacky Chocolate Goblin (11) Ibn Khaldun Waleed (32) King Tut is fascinating to me. Wallace (85) Jesus, Jeanne d'Arc, Napoleon, de Gaulle and many more which don't enter my mind right now. Walter (19) Justin Martyr, Charles Darwin, Albert Schweitzer Wanda (26) Chengis Khan, Akbar, Buddha, Vedanta Desika Watson (27) Heath Ledger, Johnny Depp, Will Smith and James Dean. wattc128 Mohammad waulk (15) Thomas Jefferson, George Washington, the Founders mostly. waypast The Pagan sages and philosophers Wendy (34) Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn, Martin Luther King Jr., Bono Wendy (22) Hercules Wendy (23) Socrates, Walt Whitman, the Dalai Lama, Emerson, Hunter S. Thompson, John Muir, Emma Goldman, Virginia Woolf, Sophia Scholl, Charlie Chaplin Wendy Chase (47) Heraclitus and Gandhi wendysday (20) Jackson Pollock, Roy Lichtenstein, and George Bush Wes (17) socrates whim (40) The ones who stand up for what they believe in, reguardless of the conciquences. Whitney (19) Lincoln, Roosevelt, Mandela, Ghandi Whitney (41) Thomas Jefferson, Winston Churchill Whitney Sorenson (33) Beowulf WHMIV (30) Apostle Peter whosbecks (36) Paul Walker Van Diesel Widmy Pierre Louis (21) william the conquoror wiff (15) Rosa park Wikiki Alexander the Great, Edward VIII, Marie Antoinette, Abraham Lincoln, and MLKJ Will (26) Henry Miller, David Bowie, Marc Bolan, Beat Generation Will (22) Ferdowsi,Napoleon Bonaparte,Martin Luther King Jr. Willamid (20) ludwig van beethoven, william shakespeare, john keats William (43) Leonardo and Einstine Willow Skylor Marx, FDR, and Niels Bohr Will RF (23) Benjamin Franklin, Abraham Lincoln, Cleopatra, Dr. Martin Luther King, Mulan Fa, Joan of Arc, Rumi, and Jackie Robinson. Wilma (33) Christopher Hitchens, every feminist ever, James Baldwin, Hillary Clinton Win (22) Cleopatra, Robert the Bruce, St Patrick, Oscar Wilde winterjewel (36) Cleopatra, Kublai Khan, Wu Zetian, Archimedes, and Eleanor of Aquitaine wintermellen (14) Gideon wise madman (28) homer and milton wizz Abu Bakr Sadiq, Umar bin Affan, Ali ibn Abi Talib, Salahuddin Ayyubi WJ (43) A mixture of Ferdinand Magellan and Abraham Lincoln Wolf Pretty much everyone in the Alamo... Texans that is Wolf (NA) war dogs, teachers, and the persecuted Wolffy (67) Old philosophers sound fascist to the modern ear. Voltaire? Wormsie (24) the medicis wowderry (54) Ones who are more human than legend, especially those who seem to share some of my own traits Wren (22) Bethoveen. Wyteria (20) Socrates. Malcolm X. Nefertiti. Xan Etienne Philosophers, Military Leaders and Strategists Xavier (18) Franz Kafka Xer (23) william wallace xxx (26) Plato, Ceaser, Gallileo, George Balanchine, and Shakespeare XYZ (17) Newton, Einstein, Galileo xyzz (20) Plato, Hannibal, Che Guevara, Mao, Nietzsche, Jack Nicholson, john nash Y (15) Galileo Galilei yair eshel (30) Marie Antoinette, Christine de Pisan and Hypatia Yaisha (19) Sarah. Rebecca, Rachel and Leah. Yale (20) Anne Frank, Bhagat singh Yamini (17) Casanova Yeen (20) Catherine the Great, Augustine, St. Francis, Dante Yehudster (60) Bhagat Singh, Napoleon, Babur yesh (25) Lincoln, Mother Teresa, Sacajewea, Martin Luther King Jr., Princess Diana Yi (24) socrates yogi (22) darwin, colon yoko (28) marie curie yolanda (43) Muhammed Ali, Neil Degrassi Tyson Yomaine (13) Eleanor Roosevelt, Josephine Baker, Henry David Thoreau's mother yonderways (58) Vasil Levski Yordan Valkov (24) Someone I haven´t met, someone who taught me about life. Yuki (20) Martin Luther King Yulissa (18) MLK Yulissa (19) The ones whom have had the courage to question the status quo and live a life dedicated to change. Z (31) gods and goddesses of myth Z Abraham Lincoln Zac (28) I don't have the slightest idea. Zach (13) Couples, dyads, alliances, relations, friendships - art & science, Alexander & Aristotle, labor & capital, etc. Zach (26) Galileo , Yuri Gagarin Zach Napoleon, Czar Nicholas II Zachary (25) George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, Henry David Thoreau Zachary (27) Napoleon, John Wesley, Thomas Carlyle, Abraham Lincoln Zachary Abraham Lincoln Zachary Echo Auburn (17) Julius Caesar, Alexander the Great, Franklin Roosevelt, amd Jesse James zach taylor (17) Theodore Roosevelt, Bob Ross, Mr. Rogers. Zach Tibbs (20) Jesus and Buddha Zana (38) Virgil, deng xiaoping, Sartre, Simone de Beauvoir, Marx, j.s. mill Zar (21) Katherine Hepburn, Sylvia Plath, Zizek or Satre depending on mood Zara Tupac, MJ Zay (18) My grandparents. Charles Baxter zebratitle (24) Theodore Roosevelt zed (25) no one in particular. Zee (21) Jane Austen with a dash of children's fancy zetababy f. scott fitzgerald, for his art with words. i don't think i can ever write as beautifully as him Zhen Zhu (18) Henry II of England, Alexander, Hadrian, Trajan, Malcolm X,, too many to list. zig Hannibal and Tokugawa Ieyasu. Zigmant (19) Hercalitus,Guru Nanak, zizi (55) davinci, michelangelo Zizzle (25) Anyone with the name Roosevelt, Socrates, Rousseau Zozobra (17) Lord Shield Pacal, Salvador Dali,the Sumerian scribes Zyg (65) 屈原,高长恭(面具后的悲情王子) 杨婷婷 (24) 秦始皇。 简直 (25) 秦始皇。 简直 (25) 秦始皇。 简直 (25)

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