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Who are your favorite heroines in real life?

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The amazing women of my family. 009 (19) idk. first lady? 0Miles (16) adf 1 A woman of genius leading an ordinary life 50ad (17) 666 666 The women of my family A (19) Rotem and Jesse, Susan Sontag A Mom A. (27) I don't have any A (26) Women who love the truth and seek it no matter where it leads them. A. My mother A (26) I try not to allow myself to idolize other but instead make myself my own here AA (23) Women who get up in the morning and go about their business despite any troubles they have. aaaaaaa (18) Those who don't have to do good, but do. AAAKKK A woman of quiet persistence, of wisdom aag (22) People who are simple and accepting of themselves and do not make themselves out to be something they aren't aallisonr (30) my mom Aaron (32) A beautiful, smart girl. Aaron (16) my mother Aaron Earhart, Jane Goodall, Hepburn, Rosa Parks Aaron Guy Leroux (37) A woman who is kind, humble, strong, and brave Aarushi Agarwal (13) My grandmother, who spent all of her life being blunt, and never stopped. But in the end was one of the most loving mother figures I knew. Abbie (22) Malala Josefzai for her courage, her will to live, and her will to learn. With those three attributes you will succeed. Abbie Hartley Grammy Abby (26) I don't know. Isn't that sad? AbbySF women who do not allow their femininity confused with slavery Abegando (28) Women that live and raise strong families. Abigail Harris (10) A woman of genius, taking names, and getting things done in an extra ordinary way ABP (50) Malala Abraham (41) My cousin Kirsten, Mother Theresa Abs Ceredwin an' Morgan La Fae Acara McFadden (28) My Aunt Ruth, my Mom, in a way, any author who can churn out a readable first novel, but especially Canadian, Ellen, Adele and anybody else who can turn their life around and make something of it, Jennifer Lawrence, Angelina Jolie for her humanitarian wrk. A Caring Tea (51) The quiet heros, like my grandma ACH (23) I can't think of any. A. Clifford Stowe (81) Those who teach thier childern to think for themselves Adam (22) Mom Adam (25) Mother Adam (20) Elizabeth Hartley, Mihaela Precup Adam Hyde (26) Harriet Tubman, Margaret Thatcher Adam Seline (30) an intelligent woman who know what is happiness and sadness and live with both adieudusk Princess Diana Aditya (25) Flexible Givers with Integrity and a high level of romantic interest in my person. Admiral Love (33) Asma Jahangir, Strong women, those who bring up children to think for themselves Adonia (40) A person lacking hypocrisy,and when they ask a question they care to listen and are not driven away by the things they thought they wouldn't hear. Adrian (18) those who are not afraid to be themsleves, and can oust all negatives. Audrey Hepburn Adriana (16) marilyn monroe Adriana (16) Women who strive for the happiness of their children adriana (45) to be happy Adriana Those who bypass ridiculous labels of womanhood and seek understanding of their humanity instead. Adrian Bauza (20) Don't have one. Adrian George Nicolae (24) Mum, Tessie, Julie Feeney Adrian Martyn (34) Women who work for themselves, their kids, and their happiness and Anne Frank Adrianna (18) My mom Adrianna (18) the woman who is the Master of All of the Worlds’ Women AdrianOz (45) I'm not much of a fan in the way of women, but if I had to choose I would likely pick Jan, the nurse who treated my father. Even though she gave me the worst news imaginable, she was also very kind and lighthearted despite the dark edges of her job. Adrian Winters (17) my mother Ady (22) Single mothers aetilson (41) those who are dedicated to what they believe they must do a.g. (23) easy going, intelligent,brave and tender types Keren Cytter agagagaga (24) A strong woman... Agent00V (18) Elizabeth the first, Silvia Plath, Clara Campoamor, Alice Rahon, Simone de Beauvoir, Nico, Coco Chanel, Carinne Rotifeld. Aggie White Those that can keep calm in the face of adversity; namely, my sister A.G. Mata (21) All the women in my family Agneska (20) Queen Elizabeth agony (25) people who have overcome great odds and inspire others Agreen (29) Women who are just happy, no matter what they are doing, they still manage to smile and have time to make you a cup of tea and to just comfort you, make you feel at home. Agu (21) My great grandmother, my grandmother, my mother, my sister, myself. Agustina (27) A woman not ashamed to stick to nature and tradition. A Half Empty Beaker my mother ahmad (27) karl marx and all people who have fought for freedom ahmad (24) My relatives, my mom, and closest friends Ai (21) A woman of genius leading an ordinary life Aida (22) Kristin Hersh, Jessicka Addams and Pussy Riot Aidan (21) Those who serve their country. Aidan Devlin (15) The women that followed their men into Shadow. Aiden Abigail Adams Aiden (17) an independent woman who still cherishes her womanly virtues aiko (20) badass female scientists aimée (22) Women who inspire others to be better aimee.dawson (21) My mother, grandmothers and great-grandmothers Aisha Milburn (32) my mother aishu (14) An attractive woman who does not know it. A.J. (27) A great woman by herself, with dignity and own dreams, that became a great mom of her children AJ (18) cats Ajam (21) My mother. Ajay (17) Laura Bush, female veterans Ajm9511 (21) my mother akansha (26) A woman who does not need to rely on others to validate herself, who accepts others and who is successful but not overtly egotistical. akanthe (19) Jane Goodall, Tilda Swinton, and Virginia Woolf. Akbar Shahzad (20) Those who do not hold facades in their relationships Aki Florence Nightingale,Marie Curie Aks (20) Crystal and Ariel Zevon Al (28) The women at the forefront of environmental activism Al (55) Angelena Jollie Alan (58) Madonna , Lorde, Bjork Alan (14) A person who has been through very hard moments and has managed to overcome them Alan (14) Single mothers who battle the odds to raise their sons and daughters the right way Alan Arkin (44) My mother AlbaManuela (18) My brilliant friends Albertine (29) An intelligent, witty woman, very decisive and selfless, living a normal life. Alden Lee Klaput (18) Kick-ass women who can think/act like men without losing touch of what's genuinely feminine Aldonza77 (47) Women who don't rely on children to be fulfilled as an individual. Ale (28) Proust's answer " a woman of genius leading an ordinary life" Alecia My mother and grandmother, of course. Alecksi Mary Shelley, Emily Dickinson, Ingrid Bergman, Audrey Hepburn, most old ladies, most women in Colombia Alejandro Amoretti (28) My aunt alek (20) Women who bravely conquered their "man's world," -- Joan d'Arc, Madame Curie, Betty Friedan, Hillary Clinton... Aleksei Kotsov (63) women doctors alessa (21) Angela Merkel Alessandro Pian (30) asan suji Alessio Lucchini (46) Margaret Meade, Aletha Camack Women who don't claim to be men, yet outsmart them. Alex The matriarchs of my family, Julia Child, and Amy Sedaris Alex (22) Those who can make their way in a man's world Alex (17) passionate alex (38) my friends alex (23) Those who live by what they believe in Alex (21) michelle obama, elizabeth warren Alex (23) Wonderful ladies that don't let themselves be crushed by life's trends Alex (32) Maya Angelou alexa (28) My sister Allison, true friend and assistant. Alexander (33) Ruby Rose Alexander (19) Oprah, my grandmother Alexandra (27) Women who recognize that there is absolutely no excuse for not acting on their values. Alexandra (19) Intelligent, strong women. Alexandra (24) A man who can write a song or a novel who dresses well and lives a solitary life Alexandra (18) my mom and my sister Alexandra (15) Erykah Badu Alexandra (24) my mother Alexandra Bryhter (24) I'm not sure Alexandra Campbell (26) My mother Alexandra SweetTale4u Cruz Rosa Parks Alexandre (28) compassionate AlexandriaHMerlin (40) My Mother AlexandriaLHash (30) Every tender, caring mother. alexandrine (15) Someone that doesn't give up Alex Brooks (18) eccentric intelligent radical feminist fag-hags Alex C. Anyone that can take control of their own life and can be completely comfortable. Alexis (17) Eleanor Roosevelt, Jackie O, Hilary Clinton, my grandmother and aunt, women who go to extraordinary measures to the the right thing Alexis Johnson (19) Montserrat Cabelle Aley (60) my creator Alfreda Hitchthorn (45) I don't believe in heros al-g (24) (Good) teachers and (good) parents. Ali (37) Those who live as they wish and speak openly with no concern for societal backlash. Ali A. Rizvi Caitlin Moran Alice Marie Curie Alicein1derland (27) mothers of disabled children Alicia (68) A woman who made her own path. alicja (38) The woman who made a 48 hour long speech on why abortion should be legal. Aliid Sissy Alin (23) Stylish nonconformists, like Roisin Murphy. Alina Ordinary women who do their best to raise their kids right. Aline Guiraudie (36) sports stars alipans (57) Women who have been true to their personal integrity gracefully. Malala, Asma Jehangir, my sister Areesha. Alishba Zarmeen (24) my mother alison wonderland my mommy ;) AliZaidi (29) mom alli (49) Alexa and my mother Allison (33) My best friends Allison (20) Strong women who can exist outside of men, but still be comfortable with them too. Allison my mom allison (19) My mother and Adele Scafuro, both women of outstanding intellect and character Allison Jean (21) Lisa Randall, Any female poker player or bass player worth her salt Allison Jean Hazen (34) michele obama, Joe biden, alliswell (62) Michelle Obama Alma (25) Frida Kahlo almavidrio (35) My Grandmother... so I suppose the ones that can make you feel good just talking to them. Altjungr (30) My educators, those long-suffering matrons altron2095 anyone who dears to use their mind on their own, and thus explores the possibilities of perspective Alvilda (20) A woman who knows she is a woman and equal to a man. Alx women who don't feel they have to conform Aly (17) feminists alya (17) My mother Alyanna (22) My mother Alyce J. A genius woman leading an ordinary life Alyssa I don't have one, but if I did it would be any woman who is independent, intelligent and takes care of everything that needs to be done. Alyssa Cordova (17) I decide what is real. Alyssa Darkling Women who know who they are and what they want. I know neither. Alyssa Moonchild (16) Harriet Tubman AM A woman of genius leading an ordinary life Amanda (23) Single mothers making it work Amanda Thuli Madonsela Amanda (42) My parents AmandaFYS13 (18) I love Proust's answer. I'll rework his: A woman of strength leading an ordinary or extraordinary life, overcoming challenges, and keeping her head high. Amandine (31) My mother Amara My grandma, my mom.. Amayah (17) My mother, my grandmother.. Amayah Munoz (17) Those whose strength makes me feel like crying. Amber (18) My mother, Aunt Shamim, all the many many women I know who break with convention to live a life of their choice Amber (37) My mother, Aunt Shamim, all the many many women I know who break with convention to live a life of their choice Amber (37) Mothers.... Ame (37) good mothers Amelia (13) I don't think I have any. Amelia Gates (formerly Pippet) (10) My wife Americanoid (50) I think most good, caring and loving mothers are heroines; one who sacrifice for the betterment of their children americanwoman (62) mom ames (21) peapol who are true to others ammb (29) Every woman I have ever loved is a heroine. Amrita (22) my mom amu My husband deserves an award for what he handles, with me. Amy (30) Eleanor Roosevelt, Boadicea, Mary Wollstonecraft, Emily Dickinson Amy (33) my mom, and great grandmother amy (14) Angel inca Jolie, Audrey Hepburn Amy (28) Those who stood up for what they felt was right or just amy (33) Women who leads their lifes, bringing joy but not interfering with the way in which other women lives theirs. Amy (35) My mother, for her strength of character; Women who are smart and brave. Amy Becker; Character: Merriwether Finch (27) Every single woman I have the extraordinary pleasure of calling my friend Amy Cottington-Bray helps people amz (16) aung san su kyi, Ana (30) anyone who is happy without needing anyone else ana (16) the very strong and fair women ana (34) Women who work and take care of their families Ana Carolina (16) I guess my mom. Analise (40) my mother Anam (26) Those that stood up for their own beliefs and ideas. Ana Marija (20) Folks who persevere through the ridiculous helltide of male backlash Ananke (25) Sarah Connor Chronicles ancientrobot (31) joan jett andraya (23) The model Paulina Andre A mother who takes care of her children Andrea (16) Marie Curie, Michelle Obama, any woman doing something to change SOMETHING. Andrea (13) My mother, grandma's, and sister ANDREAADKINS (26) Any woman who has the courage to break the standards and role's impositions. AndreaFeliu (28) an ordinary woman Andrea SB (32) A woman of many virtuisic qualities andres007 (19) My mother. Andrew (23) Women who can find balance between strong and beautiful Andrew (22) Ayn Rand Andrew (25) Penny Wong Andrew (20) My mother Andrew (28) unfortunatly I don't have one. My mum is awesome btw Andrew (22) Those who actually get to live. andrew (24) My girlfriend Andrew barlow (26) Mum, Marina Abramović Andy (25) My mother Andy (23) My mother Andy (23) Marie Curie, Susan B Anthony, Lyudmila Mikhailivna Pavlichenko, Sophia Coppola andy rayford (28) myself ang (99) My favorite heroines in real life is McKayla Maroney Angel (13) My grandmother Angel Same as Proust Angela (21) My mother Ângela (24) HM1 Walker Angela (30) A woman who loves herself, appreciates quality in life, is willing to share her wisdom and is generous to others Angela (19) My mother- women who can live stable life without showing their struggle Angela Estrada (20) a professionally succesful, beautiful lady with a satisfied and happy family angelina (26) My Mom Angelo Navarette (18) Women who live for the moment. Angel Rodrigues (41) daily women who seem to balance entreprenurial lives with a healthy family life. angie (29) Amelia Earhart Ani See above. Ani (22) My mom because she never gives up on anything, no matter how difficult it is. Anik (16) mae west, pattie smith anjali Women who can hold their own with men without resorting either to masculinity or to girlishness/flirting Anjel (28) President Barack Obama lead our country out of resession and depression Anjelah49 (49) a women holding both beauty and intelligence Ankassandra (15) A woman whose trademark is simplicity. Ann (19) Women who show strength in adversity Ann (62) A woman of great emotional intelligence Ann (50) Mothers Anna (20) Rosa Parks Anna (20) my favorite heroines in the real life is my mother Anna (13) A woman of genius leading an ordinary life (copied and pasted Proust's answer because it's great). Anna (16) I have none. Anna (34) kind housewives (?!) Anna Kalimar (18) A woman that didn't let herself to live in misery, not doing what she needs to feel alive Anna Maria (21) Intelligent, Selfless, Strong women who care for others, in a word "Mothers". AnnaMay (51) those who go their own way, speak their own language, changing the view, pursuing the freedom of thinking, i.e. Elfriede Jelinek, Beauvoir, Dea Loher, Herta Muller, Manuela Gretkowska, M. Szumowska, Pina Bausch, Sasha Waltz, M. Abramovic, Diane Arbus etc. Anna O. someone of substantial depth who is not afraid to redefine heteronormative stereotypes Anna Stein (21) Any woman who faces Life with courage, grace, good humor, and compassion for others Ann Delaney (44) Dr. Megan Urry, the director of YCAA Anne (21) Jane Perdue, Linda Cripton, Margaret Atwood Anne Farquharson (78) A woman who is strong enough to defy the norm and be happy with her choices. Annelise (40) Elenore Roosevelt Anne Louise Sheldon (34) Michelle Obama and Beyonce Annie Jane Goodall, Eleanor Roosevelt Anniel (62) Kind hearted people AnonAzure (19) I don't have any. anonim (18) Ayn Rand anon moose (19) My grandmother Claudia; She is old as dirt, but still very hip and stylish. Ansley Stevenson (16) Anna Politikoskaya, Virginia Woolf, my Abuelita. Anthony (23) My mother Anthony (24) Zadie Smith, a woman who works at my local Iceland. Anthony D C (20) Any woman who overcomes that before her based on this gender Anthony Scine-Sceni (42) the women who raised me antoinette (24) Those who abjure the heroics for quietly making things better (more sustainable and fair), bit by bit, step by step. Anton (52) All women who looks fragile but in fact are stronger than we can imagine. Antoniette (20) myself Antonina (20) A woman of genius leading an ordinary life Antonio Lemos (18) Smart, strong women Anty oreiro, angelina jolie Anya (22) Any who stand up for their rights. E.g., Wendy Davis. Anya (71) Marie Curie anything Doctors Without Boarders Anzi (27) Women who speak truth to power. a.o. (40) My Mother, the public librarian when I was a boy, Apollo (58) My grandmother Apos woman who live with their head held high even after being tortured or deprived Apply (30) Gaskell, Austen, Rand, Potter and Thatcher April (20) God is my only hope, my hope in everyone else is lost April (21) A woman with a sense of play AR (20) The ones who dare to do things. Anna Yegorova, in particular. Ara (15) Virginia Woolf Aranneaa (19) Women of conviction and strength Ardent (30) Woman who act in spite of themselves A real phony (27) my mother Areeba (25) My fellow professional women who own what they have and don't offer excuses Ari (29) Caesar Arianna (15) I admire women who stand behind their man no matter what Ariella Bordaine: Female Protagonist (20) Ordinary women who can do the impossible without seeking attention or praise Arizona (19) My daughter, Lily, and my best friend, Lisa Mendall, who definitely has a mouth on her Arnold Murray (42) An elegant lady with manners and breadth of designing herself. AROG my mom, and future wife A-ron (15) mom, mother teresa Arsh (24) Probably my mom, since she's put up with me for so long Artie (17) My mother (no one else would have put up with me for as long) Artie Mondello (18) Those who don't allow their sex limit them and make their way into the world, whaever field they choose. Aruz Elliott (29) The people who have applied themselves to their best, most fitting, and utmost abilities...they are the ones who reflect the light of the beauty of humanity AS (32) Patti Smith, Mother Teresa ascetic monk (51) My mother Asfiya Mariam (21) Jane Austen. Ash (23) Mom and mother in law, Dr Chithra Ayyappan Ash (28) Marie Curie, Helen Keller, Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn, Emma Watson Ash Amy Schumer, Margaret Mead, Maya Angelou, Nina Simone, Ella Fitzgerald. All extraordinary givers to society. Ash Bloom (27) strong, intelligent/intellectual women asherville (55) My mom because she's the definitation of "Super Mom" Ashley (18) My mother Ashley (28) I don't know. Ashley (12) Doctors, Ashley (20) My favorite heroines in real life is Ashley Benson. Ashley 2.0 (13) a woman who is a positive friendly person who lives life no matter the odds ashley baus (24) My mother Ashley Brazil (17) Ashley and Mary-kate Olsen, Kristin Cavallari, any woman who makes ordinary things beautiful Ashley Mannara (29) Amelia Earhart, Annie Oakley, Miriam Makeba: women who embraced their power, whether it was considered "proper" or not. Ashley Meller (26) my grandmother, mon papa ashleytheresa (20) Women who are fearless, intelligent and fun without trying to become men as they do so Ashwin Murali (21) Beyonce' and Edith Head Asi (21) my therapist, Marianne Wright Edelman, Hillary Clinton asmitchel (67) a woman who is an individual ASN (25) Women who lead a true life Astri (36) my mom Astrid Any woman who is kind and compassionate. Asuka Suzuki (13) Qurratul ain Athar (25) My parents Athena (17) Sister Elizabeth Atuona (38) My wife Aubrey Files (25) Pocohontas and Joan of Arc Aubrey Tate (21) Those who can travel alone Audrey (17) My mother. Audrey Bittencourt (24) None. Audrey Mahone (29) une feministe augustine (70) A woman who sticks to her principles. Auntie Em (35) Marie Curie, Anne Frank, Ada Lovelace, JK Rowling, Oprah, anybody who lends a kind hand to those in need. Auntie Em (27) Aung San Suu Kyi Aurora (32) God Austin (19) The men and women fighting and risking their lives in the forces Austin Hobbs (16) My sister, mother, and my all of my best friends Austin Kimmell (16) i try not to worship people because then i try to emulate them autumn (17) marina abramaovich and patti smith avecamour I don't know Awalker Good mothers Aya Sofia Coppola and Sylvia Plath, women who have a strong sense of identity and produce things that reflect that conviction. ayda (25) Those who have risen above advesity but retained their humanity. ayem (57) Mothers who happily provide for their children aym (30) A woman of virtue and beauty leading an ordinary life a young boy (91) my friends who are geniuses without being cocky ayumi (20) Madeline Albright, Nancy Nielsen, MD B (45) Princess Di, Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Jackie O, Helen Mirren, my grandmother, anyone bold enough to be themselves proudly B (31) people who love above all B (21) Women who lead by example, strength in quietness not boastfulness those who uplift and empower Babette (42) cleopatra Babs my mom Baby (32) A woman who does not limit herself by her sex Bad Wolff mary one of my best friends, joan of arc baggal21 (28) My mother, and women who keep their femininity over today's pressures. Bailey (19) Marie Curie Balaji Harish Iyer (20) Most women I've been involved with. Bald Sky (38) Frida Khalo Bambi (17) Beverly Sills, Florence Nightingale barbara (50) Lady Di, Audrey Hepburn, Frida Kahlo, Barbarita (21) Ruth and Queen Esther Barbielebrun Charley the beach chair (54) Vegetarian moms Barbielebrun Garry the ghost crab (54) I have no favorites Baron Von Nazzenpoppel (46) or a humble female who is not into talking much about her troubles with everyone basbas (22) Angelina Jolie Batgirl (23) My mom and grandma Baylee Those who don't fit into societal norms for the sake of doing so bc (22) Those who don't fit into societal norms for the sake of doing so bc (22) None Bdme (23) The ones who are completely themselves Bea (18) The intelligent, kind ones living their lives well Bea (18) Wendy Davis, Elizabeth Warren, Ruth Bader Ginsberg Bear (49) my ex girlfriend bearoid (30) My friend Molly, my cousins Michelle, Andi & Ilana and our Grandmother Lillian Beatlhoven (47) Veronica Guerin, Anna Politkovskaja beatricegasti (30) Ellen, Beyonce Beatrice Moore (30) Womens who goes to another country to save children Beatriz (13) my mother beauty (18) Ayn Rand...a woman I know who owns her own business. Beavis Christ (30) Good mothers who don't roll over and let people stereotype and pressure them. Becca (16) My mom and Emma Watson Becca (17) My mum Becca (21) My grandma Becca (19) My mother Becca (20) My mother Becca (21) Any woman who has vowed never to be subservient or ordinary. BeckBeck (26) any woman of character becks (24) My grandmother, but she died a few months ago. Bee trans women, who have to prove they are even women bee (16) any woman the stands up to tragedy and goes forward with life beezer (64) My friend, Renea. beezersneezer (46) My mum. Mary. And anyone willing to openly label themselves as feminists, whilst understanding the true meaning of the word. Beka (33) my grandpa belita (39) have not decided yet bella (16) i have no heroes... Bella (17) Mom. Belu (19) Heroines? What question is this? Let me tell you, women are weak. No offense Ida, but they are. They fall in love and become blind to the very objective they are getting now versus the real objective they started first. Ben (23) Mothers Benedict (38) My closest friend Benjamin Thomas Ursula Le Guin, Gracia Fay Ellwood, Rabi'a Benjamin Urrutia (61) My Mom Benjo (23) Every mother who brings up a child and every woman who stands up to the world Ben Johns (21) What Proust said Bennie (55) my wife Ben Taylor Single mothers & other independently successful women Berlin (25) My heart's delight, and any women who acknowledges the beauty of art, without confusing it with reality Bernard Hartley (18) single mothers, business women, positive women Beth (20) Hilary Rodham Clinton Bethann (35) My mom Bethany (23) People who are not afraid to be different Bethany My sister Bethany (22) Nick Jonas Beth Ellis (15) Wise and successful women who are an inspiration for people. Beti (24) Stong women like my grand-mother or my mom Betty Usabiaga (37) Someone that resembles the quality of Bruce Lee Beu Mihac (15) My Mother and my late Grandmother (G.G.) Bhakti Brophy (41) My Beloved Mother; my two nieces; my beloved friend/mentor Sally Durgananda Kempton; my Beloved Guruji Bhakti Brophy (45) every loving mother, PT Usha, Saina and other sportspersons who fought against the norm Bhargava (25) woman of common sense and capable of learning bhl There are 47 of them Bhole a woman who knows me better than myself and i know her better than herself Bianca (18) don t know yet, strong, knoledge and kind persons bibi every. single. woman. bif a good woman biggb (46) Angela Glossow-lead singer of arch enemy big guy (16) Bouddica Bijan (27) My wife and my mother, both women of incredible inner strength Bill (50) MARGRET THATCHER BILLY (38) The thinkers and artisans in tune with themselves, others, and life BillyBobABC123zzz Tina Fey Billy the Son of the Kid (21) Mother Theresa, Jane Godall, Gilda Radner Biochicklet A WORKING WOMAN & A HOUSEWIFE HANDLING EVERYTHING WITH EASE BIPS (46) My favorite heroines in real life is ma Moyher and Michelle Obamma . biscotte (13) my mumsy bismuth Stars of thirties and forties, writers, my mother and sisters BJ (56) people who is willing to help others blabla (37) My mother Blackie (20) Barbara Tuchman, Marie Currie, Florence Nightengale, Catherine the Great Blademan (60) Pauline Billingsley, Sophia Lloyd Blaine (21) My Aunt Marcelle Blair C. (29) Women who overcome Blake (24) Someone that doesn't give up blake (16) My grandmother Hilaria, my aunt Cuca, my mom Blanca Parra (66) My Mum and God. My friends who help me and keep me sane. Blank Tae Unsure. blip52 (27) My beautiful sister, my Nanny, wonderful Carmen, the glorious beams of light that shed sight on a world that hadn't known the difference between night and day before dawn broke. BlondShamrock (16) An intelligent, motherly person with endless patience Blood (15) Women of extraordinary trust Blueagle (47) Any woman who is in command of her own destiny and has a career which is pioneering Bluebird (27) My mother, Margaret Bourke-White, Hilary Clinton, Bette Midler BlueOrchid (39) An ugly girl with nice legs and good taste in music. Bluto (29) My mother bman (41) nelson mandela, mary robinson bmo My mom? I dunno. Honestly I don't have any heroes. Bob (22) I see we'll be doing this for a while. bob (38) None Bob (32) My mother, my teachers Boba (22) my daughters bobblins Boudica Bobby (40) Woman who fight for what they want Bobby (21) Rosa Parks bobby Rebecca and Emily bobby (33) one who creates beauty everywhere Bobia (25) Ones that don't take any crap. boku_wa_kami (25) people with ideas bomb (30) Angeline Jolie Bonky (26) women who realize their dreams without compromiseing who they are in the process Bonnie (15) My mother Boo (36) Mothers. bookloverva (58) The sentimental girl; The girl who smokes behind the garage on Wednesdays Boris (16) The Lady of Rage. Borrie (33) mum bov (19) My mother, the idealized women of my hopes Brad (17) My sister's and my mother Brad Connors woman who are true to themselves brad w (35) Strong, idealist, vulnerable. Brady (31) My mother and anke! bram-is-e-janet-brecht-is-de-max Saina Bramma (23) My mother, and everyone in my family that bore my bullshit for one second without beating me Brandon Nobles (31) A women who is independent and strives for the best Breanna (18) Grandma Bree (23) My mother, Myself, Simone de Beauvoir, Marie Antoinette, Anne Boleyn, Hannah Höch Bree Ogden Rosa Luxemburg, Grace O'Malley.. any woman who has rose above her place Brendan (24) smart women brent (33) Malala Yousufzai, Ayaan Hirsi Ali Brent Findley (19) Linda the cow Brett Ferguson (42) My mother Bri (28) Any woman ever bri (17) Single unwed mothers. Brian (22) Intelligent, talented, efficient women who are excellent at what they do. Brian (37) My mother who was a single mother Brian (24) Elizabeth I, Harriet Tubman, My Mom, My Sister, and my Grandmothers Brian A. Henegar (26) My mother and my grandmother are my heroines. BriannaBabyFYS13 My grandmother BriannaFYS13 (18) a woman who loves: her family, her mate, her life, her companions brian S (58) Madre Brien Moffett Madre Brien Moffett My mother Brinley (15) My mother- died trying to protect me. Bri Toro Deja Mitchell Britta Bandit (30) People who are content Brittany (25) My mother. Brittney Miller (20) Those who fight for women's rights brns dorthy day my mother ordinary people broad (45) a woman who uses her brain Brock Schwarzkopf (29) My mother and grandmother! And the women in my family. Bron Blackwell (37) Those not slowed by others' concept of gender differences or limitations Brooke (53) Strong women who carry on and have something to give their loved ones Brooke Any woman who car Bruce Shindler (66) My mother and girlfriend Brutus (20) Women who display their brilliance, Tina Fey, Amy Poehler, Bryan R. (21) Malala Bryn (23) Good teachers and good mothers Brynlea (17) Princess Diana. Brynn (39) Single mothers Brynn (18) a women with the heart of a lion, but still soft when she needs be Bryon Springer (25) Grandma Bubbles (52) Eleanor of Aquitaine bubby (43) women in general Bubu (37) none buckyballs (35) Heidrun Schwaarz Buddy (34) the woman in viva bug A woman of genius leading an ordinary life Bugsy My mother. Bulldozer (50) harriet beecher stowe bunny Marie Curie Burella (61) Understated and open to journeys of love Burke (47) Dont have one. Burnable_Material_Here (18) ALL WORKING MOTHERS WHO ARE SCIENTISTS, RESEARCHERS,SURGEONS BUTTERFLY (41) My mother butunn (19) The girl I love most Byriver Bloke (24) Women authentic enough to lead not follow BZ Tallulah Bankhead C kim c (21) Xie Xingfang C (14) My mother C (20) Self aware and confident C (35) my mom cacharel (37) Maya Angelou, Most mothers, Children with disabilities Caidy (54) Women who are simultaneously powerful and delicate Cailey My mother Caio (18) Women leaders and people of strong character Caitlin (19) Lucy Harris, that Mexican woman who performed a caesarian section on herself while her husband was at a cantina. Caitlin (21) Lu, and Fred cakes (41) A woman of kindness, understanding, and moral sense like J.K. Rowling. Cal (20) Most "Marys"... Magdellena; Mother...; etc... Camille (52) Brave, smart, talented, and funny women (including my mother). Candice (23) Women who are vibrant, creative, and inspiring. Women who smile often, for various reasons. Candy Mother, Marilyn Monroe, Jean Seberg, Amelia Earhart Captain Crunch My grandma Carebeark5 (25) All women carlajwms (49) the same three mentioned in the question above Carla Tate (19) My mother Carlie (24) Nancy Mitford and her sisters Carlisle Sofia and my Mother. Carlo (26) My mother and her mother Carlos A. (24) cleaning ladies Carlos Cisne (45) I really love Michelle Obama Carly (19) Tavi Gevinson, lena dunham Carly C (27) Those who get up each day and do what needs to be done to survive. Carmen (57) Mother and Father Carol those who achieve their goals without ego or thought to being a woman, work for the greater good Carol (60) veuve cliquote, princess diana, madonna carolina (23) Merrilee Smith, Marin Alsop Caroline (38) Any woman who manages to both love and be happy Caroline (25) My friends, especially those who are entrepreneurs and work in non-profits. Caroline (33) Mother Theresa; her simplicity and faith are what inspires the change in our world Caroline M. (41) Anne Stanback, retired CT executive director of Love Makes a Family Carol Lacoss (62) Diane Nash, Hélène Cixous, Jonnine Standish, Julia Kristeva, Kino MacGregor, Maria Reiche, Unmani Rubinstein, Янка Дягилева. Carolyn (18) Queen Elizabeth Carrie career women who seem capable of doing it all Carrie (44) people that bear the weight of the world on their shoulders and still manage to keep it together cartike dsada Cartman (99) Edith Cavell Cas (25) Amy Poehler, Tina Fey, Maya Rudolph....funny women doing brave work Casey (36) Feminists Cassidy Juline Lutirc. I enjoyed the look on her face the day I beat her grandfather's free dive record instead of her! Cast (17) My grandmothers Cat (36) A mother, they have to secretly do every job in the world be able to know everything but never get the credit and don't even complain. Cat (24) My mother and sisters Cat (26) Women who achieve their goals Cat women who are regarded higher than most ordinary men cat (20) me Catalina (44) Mis amigas Catalina Jiménez Correa (27) a dame who doesn't need rescuing Cate (23) Those who are relentless Cate (33) Single moms Catelline (26) Queen Rania and those who are independent and strive to make the world a better place for their children and the children of others Catherine The heroines who save the little guys. Catherine Jean Joan of Arc, Harriet Beecher Stowe Catherine Mitchell President Obama Cathlow Harmon (50) Michelle Obama and Hillary Clinton Catlin Benjamin Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estes c.a.torres (39) the maiden, mother and crone Cat Podd (37) Everyone of them in a different way; my mother, my cousins; my grandmother would be just a few examples. Catrina (15) My mum Cattie Chong (26) My Mum...Because she can easily give up from something for me in this life Cavit Anıl Buram (28) Mom CC (18) Mom, dad, and soldiers CC (22) michelle obama ccc (27) women who achieve their goals without the patronage of men ccchnl Those who are not afraid of using both their brain and their beauty cdl (35) Jennifer Aniston Cee Cee (17) Any woman who does not succumb to the pressures of present day sexism. Celia (15) all women that know how to balance their professional and personal life cenire (25) My mom. cerisetea (34) Joan of Arc Cestmoi Alex and Abi C face. (22) The ones who don't see gender as staple cfm (37) People living mundane lives but finding beauty and fulfillment in the ordinary Cfreedman (38) Kristel Vranken ch I don't have a heroines Chacha (13) My mom. Definitely Chancelor C.J. King (19) Elizabeth I of England, Bouidca, Nefertiti, Susan B. Anthony Chandra Alexander (24) The women who have the courage to walk away from an unhealthy situation and relationship. Channon (45) Humility Channy (19) Lucy and my mother Chari (21) Don't have any Charlene (17) disabled persons and their parents Charlene (50) Emma Watson, Elizabeth Elliot Charlene (18) Mothers suffering in silence & smiling Charles 01 ( 7) My mother, Vandana Shiva, CharlesB (48) Marcy (my wife), Marie Curie, Anne Frank, Carole King, Ellen Degeneres, Rosa Parks Charles L Davis Jr (51) debbie harry charlotte (29) Any woman who doesn't sacrifice her girlishness or feminine ways to achieve in a man's sphere Charlotte (18) Women who realize they should not stand in their own shadows, let alone anyone elses. Charlotte H. (23) The defiant ones, such as Aung San Suu Kyi Charly Mariaan (49) A woman who knows what she wants and is not afraid to say it. Chary Silva (22) Intelligent, clever, Carand feminine women Chas (20) the ordinary ones who lives out an extra ordinary life chay (40) My mother, my aunt, my sisters Cheche (40) The bellibones, beauties and angels cheeky (26) My mother Cheemargh (36) mother teresa chele my mother chelle (47) Mother, grandmother. Chelsea (21) The quiet ones. Chelsea (23) I don't know if I have any. My Mom is a hero...all Mom's should be to their daughters. Chelsea Smith (24) My mother, Anne Wintour, Emma Watson, Michelle Obama, Beyonce Chelsea Whiting (26) Strong women with strong wills Chelsy My mother, sister-in-law, and my daughter. Cheri D. my mother Cherie (40) Oprah Winfrey Cherish Robinson (21) Women that are standing up for our rights, Cherlyn (40) Heroines that don't know that they are heroines Cherub (30) every mom Cheryl (38) Harriet Tubman Cheryl Barnette (59) Women who do what they love, who try ti change the world, who have no dear and of course those who can tolerate my company. Cheshire (22) Cleopatra, Joan of Arc, chi-chi strong, intelligent, successful, charasmatic women Chickpea (31) Joan of Arc Chico (46) Joan of Arc and Boudica ChiefJ42 (44) my friends who have families, careers and full lives chiklitz76 (39) Women who can live in solitude-- independent, strong, wise, emotional women Chili (17) Queen Boudica, Eva Peron, Jonh or Arch Chinita (34) women who are independent,bold, tender and loving. chinnu (20) Me Chinnu (38) women who are not afraid to fight what they believe in Chip Griphix (35) Mum Chiu Jing Hua (17) someone who does things for no reward chloe (21) Women who love and live without fear Chocolate Bunny (32) Michelle Obama Chonda my grandmother and mother Choraven (32) Those who remain unafraid. No matter the circumstance. Chris (16) Women who are accepting, creative, and humble. Chris (19) Cathy, any woman who fights back against the ignorant patriarchy were all a part of Chris My mother Chris (13) A person who accomplishes everything that set to do Chris Oprah Winfrey and Rupaul (does that count?) Chris Glass (39) Mrs. Gordon and Dunlap, Professors Smith and Tsoukas. Chris S. My mom Christabelle (29) Mary Wollstonecraft. And my English Teacher in Teacher College. Christian (44) A mixture of beauty, intelligence and provocativeness. Christian Boyanov (24) my mother, and too many friends to count Christian Soldier (33) I don't look up to women Christina (26) The altruistic, good souls. Christina Kronberg (23) Sen. Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton Christina Tounzen My mother who is the strongest woman I know, and the most honest. Christina X. (37) fireman, police officers, teachers and doctors. christine (18) Caitlin, my mother Christobel (17) My mother, and the lovely Caitlin, who I've known for two years and still have a great amount of compassion for, even though we have never been able to be in a relationship together. Maybe someday. Some people are always ghosts. Christobel in College (18) Those I've assembles love for and of. Christopher (24) My Wife. Christopher Blaum (37) Sally Ride Christopher Boone Gloria Steinem Christopher James Stagg (16) Women who are not well behaved and end up changing the course of history. Christopher M. (31) The ones who get on in life. Christopher Mitchell (17) My mom Christopher Ross (23) Any woman who can create life from her own screaming body christy (44) My mother Christy Turner (50) Dickinson, Earheart Chuck (43) esperanza spalding Chuck (44) Those who don care about outer appearance Chunky Lover My mom and grandmama Ciara (24) One's who are able to carry their family and balance a successful working life Ciara (22) Those smiling and feeling happy and making others do so regardless of their own misery Cickany (51) I have absolutely no idea. Ciera (16) Barack Obama, Cilie (50) Those that live true to themselves. Cindy my mother, both of my grandmothers cindy (50) My mother Cindy (24) Marilyn Monroe, etc--seductive women of power Cindy (22) Woman who stand up for themselves. Cindy (50) Betty Chinn, Michelle Obama, Katherine Hepburn, Audrey Hepburn CindyLu (58) My mother and my Priestess Cissa Fireheart (32) Mothers cizz My mom CJ (18) sarah kane, joan of arc, beyoncé CJN (21) Women who are okay with being smart, funny, and successful. Claire My mother, she lost her husband, kept her family together and put one of her sons through school to become a professor. Claire (32) Mothers. Claire Bartholomew (16) I honour most those women who sacrifice to repair the harm done to children by men. ClaireW (65) Women of great wit who aren't afraid to show it Clancy Those who dedicate their lives to helping the world become better Clara (20) a person who can be content in the middle of discontentment Clara My grandmother, Condonleezza Rice, Mother Theresa Clarissa (18) Ruth Baeder Ginsburg Clark Kent Mothers, teachers Clark Langridge (32) Mom, Mum, Hillary Clinton, Amy Poehler, Tina Fey, Meryl Streep, Frida Kahlo Clau normal people who makes the best Claudia (36) Those who don't lie to themselves Claudia (21) Clay Douglass: Female DJs Clay Douglass (34) amazing people whether that be through talent or personality clazza mgee my mother Clelia Beatriz Valdez (22) It's Martina Stoessel clemfolk49 (13) My mom and aunts Cleo (∞) Powerful artistic women who do as they please. clockwork (34) Elizabeth 1 cm (57) My mother, mother Theressa, The woman who puts her children first Coastside007 (42) Mama cobweb (24) Kate Bush CockneyKnight (48) Those who answer the call of individuality and independence and responsibility to their own definition Coco (31) A woman in power Coco (19) FLOTUS Obama, Oprah, Harriet Tubman, Rosa Parks, Nikki Giovanni, Meryl Streep CocoPuff2016 (44) Women of strenth and intelligence codered (18) my mother Cody (25) The women I see every day, who let loose their feminine sides, masculine sides, xenomorphic sides or any combination of the three and are not afraid to display them for the world to see. That, and practically every tomboy I have ever encountered in life. Cody Gould (17) My girlfriends, Jane Goodhall, Margaret mead Col (41) My mother Colin (39) A woman of brilliance leading an ordinary life. Colin (22) Those that are courageous enough to know themselves and respect who they are with grace Colorful (28) Daddy's best friend Slagle, she is the only girl I really know. Colton (27) I find that i do not completely agree with any one person comnomnomor (15) Same as Proust. Connie My mother Connor Ruth, of Moab. Connor Janus Joplin conor (34) carefree people with artistic concerns constanceeee (19) Marie Curie, Cleopatra Constantin (32) The everyday heroes who are making a difference Consuela Housewives Cookie soe cookie Strong, independent, intelligent women cookie (51) my great-grandmother Cora (26) My mother Core (25) Women who can be leaders in that most of the time superficial world wihtout getting too bored because they know how to maitain some deeper activities aside like art, politics and so on Corentine (25) Vandana Shiva. Corey A single mother who raises a child better than she could have with a man around corinne A woman that does not bow to others to be right Cory (22) My ancestors cpaters1 (26) Any woman that knows who she is, what she wants and where she is going cr My Mum I suppose. Craig Suga Biles (22) a person of profound faith, leading others for the betterment of someone other than themselves creed (35) Margaret Thatcher, Helen Mirren, Crimson (60) Teresa de Calcuta cris Feminism women Crisfe (31) My mom Cristi My mother. Crystal (17) Those who have the courage to be who they are and strip naked of societal apparel or disregard the so-called norm Crystal (32) Actually, My fiance is my hero. Crystal (34) Elle. She was a strong warrior, fighting against false truths, bringing peace and love back to our tribe. Crystal (35) One who chooses to make a difference csheehan (17) Nurses CStoney (47) those who work in ordinary life cuchi (40) My Mother cucu (26) Madame Curie, Jaqueline Dupree, Mother Theresa, Maria Callas, Clara Shumann cvelez (64) the proverbs 31 wife, tanya glanzman, beth beechy, jocelyn hamsher, and wives who can call themselves their husbands help meet. cweekly Can't think of any... Cyan Imsomething (28) A woman who fights for her rights d0701 (29) those who have been through something which could break them, yet chose to stay positive and kind; & keep an innocense/ lack of bitterness. D A combination of the strong women in my life D (32) I DONT THINK I HAVE ANY. BUT REALLY ANYONE WHO STANDS FOR THE BETTERMENT AND UPLIFTMENT OF THE DOWNTRODDEN AND THE UNDERRESPRESENTED DAD I was told that heroin is a bad thing...should it be a favorite? Next question please. Dad (42) woman who are smart and independent Daesia Garcia (16) Katherine Hepburn and Jeanne Moreau Daffy Sue Esposito (60) Women who manage a successful marriage, career and kids doing something they love Daisy (27) poets Daisy (17) my mother Daisy Monica Ballard, Honey Queen C Dakota Swaveman (18) Mother Theresa - My own mother who is my role model - My Rabbi Damien TC (36) Kickass women like Oprah and Martha Stewart Dan (29) Mallory Thompson Dan Abigail Adams Dan (39) Ms. Marple Dan (51) Anyone who survives from day-to-day Danae (17) A woman who does not need make-up Danger (16) My mother, my grandmother, and my daughter. Dani (31) those who accept normality Dani (19) Mother Teresa Daniel (25) A woman who campaigns for what she believes in Daniel (16) People who do extraordinary thngs for other people Daniel Below Joan of Arc Daniella (27) My mom. Singer/songwriters who are talented although not well-known. Danielle (15) Woman who aren't afraid to be themselves Danielle (35) my mom DanielleKeith (19) An intelligent, compassionate, woman. Daniel Molina (20) Women who raise children by themselves. Daniel Phelps (23) My wife - her beauty and grace, her tenderness, her bravery Daniel Stephens (Character Sketch) (22) my mom, jackie o daniiii (18) My mother; my psychologist. Daniil (22) I've met plenty of pretty badass ladies in my very long lifetime. Most of us immortals are pretty predictable but I met a young french girl half a century ago named Joan. She was the best of them. DaniStory (29) My mother Danny (25) A woman of strong conviction Daph (45) my mother dario (21) My mom Darlene (29) Nurturing mothers. Darnell My mother, my grandmothers, challenging the status quo. DashEloise (32) Lisa Potts, Hilary Lister Dave Cresswell (46) too few DaveG (39) Kathy McDearmon Dave Whitaker (40) Amelia Earhart, Davey (18) my grannies DaveyD (24) My mother and grandmother. Davian (alias) (32) My mother David (19) Victoria, my sister. David (10) my father David (18) strong David (63) Mothers, sisters, friends David (24) I have none David mothers David (51) my wife david baiguera (35) Mother; and any woman who understands that 'Romance' is a reference to 19th century poetry David E.J.A Bennett (29) A woman of genius, realizing her dream. David K (46) My wife Adriana Gutierrez Rodriguez David Sergio Cisneros Ardura (46) Those who showed me the way to go, that by no means of necessarily wanting to, determinates the way I take my decisions. David Timme (19) A woman fighting against all odds, and rising to the top. Davie (16) Confident and kind people Davi Silva (21) Strong, independent women. Successful, powerful women who use their position for good. Dawn Robinette (51) Those working in a men's field and doing it brilliantly Dawson Ha. Those dont exist. Women are the worst if you ask me. Daxion Mr. Dax Johnson (29) a woman who can never be discouraged once she sets her mind to it. Daya (22) mothers Daydreamer (18) Florence Nightingale, Mary Jane Seacole, Nanny of the Maroons Daydreamer (63) Florence Nightingale, Mary Jane Seacole, Nanny of the Maroons Daydreamer (63) Good women who love their husbands, wives and children dbrown (24) my mom dcsnowbunny (25) Georgia O'Keefe Dd (43) A woman who throws herself at life without fear, and who loves music more than anything else in the world. DDG9000 (25) Woman that are not complaining Dea (40) My mother. My dance teacher Frances Keaton. Sadly I can't think of any who are alive today. D. E. Alvis (58) Women unbound by the label "woman". Then they seek to make those bounds matter less. But never looking down on women who do. Dean (17) Women dealing with cancer and other hardships DeAndre Beck (20) My husband DeAnna Alexander (35) Ms. Turner my 7th grade teacher, my daughter, my father Deanna Sanders (44) Virginia Woolf, Georgia O'Keefe, Maya Angelou, Edwindge Danticat, Toni Morrison,Susan B Anthony Deb (37) Strong women that face and get through adversity Debbie (56) Married, working moms who somehow (unbeknownst to me) figure it ALL out! Debby Creech-West (43) my late friend Jeanne Andrew, Dale Bauer, Susie Day, Laurie Hanna, Judith Schiller, Maureen Svenson Deborah S. Wilson (56) Interesting, unconventional, productive women who take responsibility, remain loyal, and have a good sense of humor Deborah Wilson Oprah Winfrey Debster (48) Allison Jagger Declan Cohen (35) My mother, Vinell Jones De-De (36) Irene Swift Dee (24) my mom Dee (19) My sister Shannon and my mother Cheryl Dee A woman of strength and intelligence. My wife. DefMelon Joan Of Arc Deja Vu (20) My aunt and my mom Delaney Dowager Duchess or Devonshire, Nancy Mitford, queen victoria, eleanor roosevelt, florence nightingale, irene wellington all nurses Delia Webster (80) My mother. delice_ok (21) the unknown struggling to make it dendoo (23) My brother Denine (24) none Denise 1 Mother Teresa, Ruth Dennis (61) Amelia Earhart, Nellie Bly Dennis Theodore (37) My mother. denny (23) My mother and sisters. Denny Jane Austen, Rosalind Franklin Densio (25) Resolute mothers striving against the unhappiest of odds Derek (27) my mom and grandma Derek Ambrose (22) none derp (22) diplomatic women desert dweller Any woman who wants to be free devanand Hmmm... I like my mom a lot, even if she does worry excessively... and Meranda's pretty chill too!:) Devon (18) The ones who risked everything. Devon Lisenby (20) a strong woman Dev Tucker (17) my mum, my aunt, all women... Devu (22) My mom. Dezirae (17) Anyone who is resilient DH (39) my Mom, my aunt, first lady, betty ford diana (52) those who do what they do in anonimity Diana (52) Gentle souls delivering happiness from the background Diana (20) Women who work hard to get what they deserve Diana (15) my mother and all the women I surround myself with on a daily basis Diana Women who are god-fearing and have a personal strength that is unspoken and demonstrated in their smile Diana Thomas - English Thursday 6pm (38) My Mother; My Daughter; My Sister; My Friend Diane (53) Children DianeD (50) emma goldman Diarre Ibrahim (22) People that educate themselves with Islam and people who become a muslim dida (14) Agnes Gonxha Bojaxhlu (Mother Teresa). Diego Miguel Danura Puyó (30) Women with intelligence and confidence Dietgingerale Elizabeth Warren, my mother Dilip C Louis (32) My mother. Dimitar Atanasov (25) joan of arc , marie curie dimitris (25) Princess Diana, JK Rowling and My mother, Maria Belinda Dindin (20) Hot women Dino (18) Harriet Tubman Diona (19) Those who chase their dreams disregarding stereotypes. dionysis_dt (24) Any woman who uses their intelligence for the betterment of society Dirk Radman (35) My Mom Divya (20) The nameless people who sacrificed for what's right. Dixon Wragg The ones that come from nothing. Make something of themselves, becoming more than anyone thought they could. Remembering where they came from and remaining humble. DizzyblondeChic (55) none Dj All women who tolerate me dlew919 (40) The amazing women who have come to be my friends and inspirations later in life dmca (38) elizabeth I, benazir bhutto, raisa Gorbachev Doc55 (55) My grandma. Dolna (39) Sopranos who lost weight Dolores Nabokov (26) ddddddd Dom Women of passion with their own ambition that strive toward their goals with all of their might besting men on their way. Dominic (17) Molly Dominick (23) A woman who has assumed her natural place as a leader and her natural feelings of dignity in the face of adversity. Dominick Miller (19) Women embracing eloquence Dominick Miller (20) Woman who refuse allow others to take their dignity. Dominick Miller (21) PTSD survivors, girl children who survive childhood intact, women who bare their breasts Dona (35) My mother DonAli (33) Anyone who continues promoting cosmopolitanism through their individual work donkeys4eva (20) fug :-DDDDDD Doob Doggo (21) mother doodledoo12345 My mom and dad Dor (50) My mother Dori (23) Maria Sabina Dothzilla (33) Any woman who lives her truth whether it's popular for her to do so or not. Doug (30) Elizabeth 11 having to put up with the nonsense her family has presented. Granted, she has been the "mother of invention" for some of her own trials and tribulations.s Doug Lambert (65) Probably my best friend--praxis, creativity, and this really unworldly energy. Douni My mother; grandmother; and my greatgrandmother Dracontomelum (30) Mom, Grandma, Auntie Dragana (22) Someone who never gives up no matter what. Dragontongue (22) My mother Dre (35) My mom's cousin, Milena, because of her incredible discipline and sharp intelligence Dre (17) Strong black women who speak truth to power Dreamboat Annie People strugling everyday, but still surviving without a doubt DreamBrother (27) We are rats, not heroes Dreda (23) women who are uniquely themselves, and are weird Drella (26) My mom Drew (26) a woman who helps others Drew (16) Women smart enough to know the difference between woman and man drift Women who know their place, by Jove! Dr. Isaac Busafalus (53) an intelligent, determined and humble person dritjeta (42) a gifted artist leading an ordinary life Dr. J (76) Maya Deren, Audrey Hepburn, Mia Farrow, Katherine Dunham. Dru (24) Amy Ennis, the best teacher ever! Drucar (45) nobody ds (45) My mother, my aunt, my cousins, and poor women everywhere. D.S.de.P.Ramos A man who defines being down to earth irrespective of fame and stardom Ducky Winnie Mandela Dude (49) Anyone who has the ability to help when feeling down duke (18) My mother, whom has had to put up with me for the past 18 years. Duncan Passell (17) clinton hilary dustxii (22) A woman who speaks her mind, stands her ground, knows her worth and says eff the rest! Dutchess Lizzy Borden Dutchess lol good women characters Dvach (18) Women who are not afraid of their self D.X (22) My beloved Amy Dylan (17) Tori Black, Jenna Haze, Marsha May Dylan Adams (25) mom E my mother e (28) I can't see anyone in real life as a hero or a villain. We're all just individuals, accumulating actions, good or bad. E (20) my mom eagleclaw (35) I can't say that I actually have any other than poets: Edith Sitwell, Emily Dickenson, Sara Teasdale, Edna St. Vincent Millay E.A. Latham (25) Once again, I have no idea (sorry). EAR (19) tia aleida Earth Speck (30) All women willing to fight for their rights Eau (45) mother Ed (30) meryl streep, annie liebovitz ed My Mother, my grandmother, my aunt. joan of arc eddiboy A woman whose intellect and sensuality never diminishes. Eddie (48) My grandmother Eddie (12) Mothers Eden (19) My mother and sisters, Issa Lish - any who stand out in how they do what they do Edgar Roberts (15) Women of strength, appreciators of beauty, and artists Edie (26) The single mothers of Colombia Edmond Dantes (26) My mother. Edouard (41) my mom Eduardo (19) Mother Teresa Eduardo Villegas (37) Mother Teresa Eduardo Villegas (37) ordinary moms EduGri (53) Diane Sawyer, Oprah and Candy Spelling Effie (34) Beautiful women are like heroin to me efha (23) Women with beautiful voices, French women with short hair ehk2 (30) Min mor EHM None for now. Eiichi (16) Those that gave their lives for their country Eilfa (28) those little olympic gymnasts are made of steel. EJ (29) My mother, Josephine Baker, Grace Kelly, Mae Jemison, Barbara Jordan, Marian Anderson; basically any woman who defied odds with exceptional talent and a modicum of poise and grace E.Jay (21) the women who are brave enough to not wear makeup, the women who do not care if they are attractive to a man ejb (22) One with an overpowering will coupled with humility El (23) A woman of quality and intelligence who is aware of her own sexuality el3vat0r my sisters elay (21) my first cousin elay (23) my cousin elay (24) Simone de Beauvoir, Marie Curie, Joan of arc,mother theresa, meryl streep eldar (25) Ninja turtles Eleanor (14) The women who surround me in my immediate family as well as the Bloom ladies (www.bloomasia.org) Elena ο παππους μου ελενη (33) Those who have overcome seemingly insurmountable obstacles to live their ideals. Elena Di Cesare those who do humanitary work eleni (18) Cleopatra, Sophia Loren, Coco Chanel, and Dorothy Parker. Eleni Constantinou (20) The women that are kind, intelligent and that are igniters of change. eleuia My mother, there isn't a thing in this world that woman wouldn't do for me (and quite frankly, there isn't much she hasn't done for me). She's my only family, I love her to death. Elexia (19) my mother, Elena Elexis (18) a woman who is not Elexis (18) Mary mother of God Eli (16) My mom and every women who lives and loves Elias (22) My mother and my wife, Wendy Pini, Temple Grandin. Eliaz McMillan (33) every woman i meet that has over come something in their lives and turned it around for the better eliciabg (23) is my mother and grand mother elicule (13) My mom, she is one Elie (16) amanda lindhout Elin (47) Women who think for themselves instead of getting caught up in gender roles. Elisa Marie Antoinette Elisabeth (22) My mother Elisabeth Carver Jane Austen Elissa (22) Independent, intelligent women with firey spirit. Elizabeth my mother, who is a better person than I will ever be, and my older sister, who is a more confident person than I will ever be, and Stephenie Meyer, who has already lived my dream Elizabeth (25) An independent woman. Elizabeth (15) Any female who beats the odds and surmounts any physical/mental handicap Elizabeth Diane Shaffer (0) Any female who beats the odds and surmounts any physical/mental handicap such as Helen Keller and Frida Kahlo. Elizabeth Diane Shaffer (0) No one Elle (51) women who go above and beyond the roles assigned to them. what incredible courage it takes to truly do that. ElleKay Madeleine Albright Ellen Compassionate female police officers. Ellen B Smiley (29) Kate Millett, Renee Fleming, my sister Susan Boehlert Ellen Fitzpatrick (61) Ellie Ellie (25) Both my grandmothers, who to all intents and purposes, sacrificed their own genius and worth for their families, albeit in different ways. My mother is too close to home for me to admit that she is a heroine too, although anyone would confirm this. Ellie_Estrella (19) intelligent women who are surprised by society Ellie Wilson (15) Strong, confident, with a good sense of humour. Elliot People who have and are fighting on my behalf. elliot (22) Activists, philosopher that challenge me Elliott (28) Yazmina Reza. Elliott Hemp (23) I have not favorite heroines in real life Elo (11) Rosa Parks, Aung San Suu Kyi, the ones who made changes possible and did not get the recognition elSigno (37) Mother Teresa Ely (23) Artemisia Gentileschi, my mother, educated, smart , professional women who are strong but know how to get loose when the time calls for it Elyse (20) Binary file Em_1425616956.html matches Binary file Em_1425616956.html matches My mom. Em confident women Ema (18) My mom, an angel . emdonnelly7 Her grandfather, a good man. emdonnelly7 Isabelle Lightwood Emilee Nightshade (19) Every woman who contests her place in the status quo. Emilia Blancarte Jaber Hillary Clinton, JK Rowling, Ophelia Dahl, Rabi'a, my mother Emilie (23) Women who aren't afraid to be who they really are and say what they really want to say. Emilina (27) Madam Curie and Anais Nin emilio (28) Brave, independent women who've survived many things: Rosa Parks, Virginia Woolf, my grandmother. Emillia (16) Those who are confident in themselves but accommodating for others. Emily (19) any woman who is brave enough to live a life completely devoted to her passion....no matter what the cost or sacrifice Emily (24) my mom emily (24) My favourite heroines in real life is Scarlett JOHANSSON. Emily (13) I feel like I should say, my mom Emily (22) real mothers Emilyann (22) The men and women who serve with me in The United States Army. Emily Carter (37) Mothers, writers. Emily Clark (25) women who are strike the balance between strength, wisdom and vulnerability Emma (20) my grandmother and myself. emma (18) Jane Fonda Emma (20) Anyone who live in peace without an ego and anger Emma (50) sophie margolin. anyone who deeply appreciates artistic talent like i do emma (14) my mother Emma (34) not sure emma (20) My grandmother, for every good memory that we have shared. And for the one time she made me realize things about myself I never thought could exist. Emma McKinney Tina Fey and Amy Poehler Emme (21) My friend, Vel, is a pretty scary lady, so, um, I guess I kinda admire her. Emperor Aisel Fei Shiang (18) My mother Empyrean (17) My mother encolpio8 (22) Me and myself :) Endimion none endor Michelle Obama, Malala Yousafzai, Jane Goodall, my mother. ENEgck (56) A woman not afraid to be a woman Engel (48) A sexy woman who doesn't care what the society thinks of her. Enis A woman resembling the archetype of Eve or Mariam Eno A. Agolli (15) A woman whose persona makes the man to strive to live better. Enrique (21) My mother Eric (15) Marie Curie Eric (40) Anne Frank, Amelia Earheart, Sally Ride, Christa McAuliffe, Jane Goodall Eric (37) Lou-Andreas Salome, Hannah Arendt, Susan Sontag, Samantha Power, Ayaan Hirsi Ali. Eric (19) those who overcome Erica Mommy and grandmom Erica (25) My mother Erica` (21) Tilda Swinton Erica Johnson (21) My wife, my mother, Irma and my grandmother. Eric C. Wolfe (28) don't know Erich (20) My mother, my godmother, and my grandmother. Erich (19) Military wives Erict7 My girlfriend, she has so much to show me to this world. I feel reborn when I am with her. Erik (25) A woman who is independent Erik Isaac (19) A woman who does the right decisions and who is nice Erik Price (18) Women that are self motivating and self satisfying while still being feminine, humble, and giving. Erin (27) My girlfriends Erin (53) Hilary clinton, aung san suu kyi Erin (30) my mom Erin (20) I'm unsure. Erin Women who work to heal minds, bodies and souls Erin (46) My mom Erin (31) my father ers (22) I imagine a petite brunette with a love for animals, and a charming smile Escalus (22) Those that are intelligent and strong and hopeful and gentle and have a good sense of humour. Escapism (19) Malala Yousafzai Esmé (18) Aung San suu kyi Esmee fidelius (54) I have none ESMERELDA (50) Myself Estacia Hernandez (37) those who live life to its fullest. esteban (29) Any independent woman Esteban (23) my friends Estee single working mothers estrella blanca as above Et (32) Any woman strong enough to truly be herself. Et Cetera (22) Unselfconsciously self confident women Etha (26) mamma, and any woman confident enough to defy all odds to succeed. ethan (20) My Mother, Tera Patrick, Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn, Grace Kelly, Joyce Meyer, Gulshan Esther, Karen Straughan Ethan Mayatt (25) joan´darc Euzinha_ds (20) Momma's Eva (23) Margaret Atwood, Marie Colvin Eva (16) i don't know any women evan ass hatch (18) Kind, intelligent women Evanna (18) Eleanor of Aquitaine, Marie Curie, Elizabeth Cady Stanton Evan Washington (20) Women who have the strength to stand up for themselves even though it might mean death Evie (22) my, mother and my godmother evilwonders (28) Look at my answer for heroes of fictions. Goes here too. evren (16) Women. Any of them. Ezra (20) See above. FA My Dad, Peyton Manning, Jordan, Facio My Mom, My Grandma and my sister Facio (19) proper woman F. Ahmed (15) Maud Robart - I cannot think of another Fanourios (40) myself farfalla (30) Cleopatra farfoura (22) My mother and grandmother, I suppose. Don't know any "heroines". fatgaynig (20) Zeinab Holiness Fatima (19) Those who are confident in themselves Fatima (26) those who selflessly shower love on others yet maintain focus on their needs and happiness fat man (33) The Queen Fawna (19) Marilyn Monroe, Taylor Swift, Fay (22) Maya Angelou feanix (20) Any men that fight for peace Felipe Maia Somebody like me, an ordinary woman courting the genius of the planet. Ferroever (43) Shirley Manson, Anne Rice. fersfumero (28) Rosa Parks, Anchee Min, Pida Ripley FeydRautha (46) see above Feysweetie (43) A woman of genius leading an ordinary life fhickey (22) I don't know, I admire a lot of women, but I'm not sure what makes someone a heroine... :x Fidjeridodu (30) Madonna, Jóhanna Sigurðardóttir, Oprah, Margaret Cho Fields (19) the grossery lady filinia (22) Women who follow their destiny. final fashion (33) Do not get me started about the role of women in history... Finnegan Magondolovich (Long Story...) Mama :) Finokio (38) Hilary Clinton, JK Rowling fk2005 (34) A woman working 3 jobs, who still has time to take her kids to Boy Scouts and help them with their homework. FlameHorse (28) Women who have the guts to not fit in. Flantasy Girl (25) Women who are feminine while still being capable of extraordinary things flavia (13) my mother Flo Flora MacDonald, a former Canadian parliamentarian and ambassador for justice in the world; Margaret Trudeau for living a very open life with undiagnosed bipolar disorder; she lives with her imbalance gracefully and without apology Flora (69) Mama. Florin-Alexandru Brănescu (16) A woman out of the box Flower (39) The ones who put my work ethic to shame Floyd Honest single mothers FlyinMonki (27) J.K. Rowling, Tammy Duckworth ForePlinger Women who aren't afraid of fighting for their rights, and who can make the most of life despite it being ruthless to them ForSavvy My sister Fran (52) those who give their passion and intelligence to enhance the lives of children Francesca (29) see proust's response francesca (49) Annie Oakley Francesca my mother, Maria Alice (someone I'll never forget) Francisca Bastos (17) A self confident woman, who knows its right to be autonomous Francisco Aguirre (23) The Suffragettes Francisco Javier Gil Vidal (54) A woman of passion Francis Times (20) strong and defiant women able to hold their own in our tumultuous society Frankie (23) Those who combine bravery with flippancy FrankieSmash (49) I can't think of one right now, but a woman who is a mother and wife Franklin Frank Anglin (32) Margaret Hamilton Frank Nekrasz (25) Mary Seacole, Florence Nightingale, Rosa Luxemburg fred (16) Elizabeth Warren Freda (61) I don't have any Friedrich Mueller (57) Eleanor Roosevelt, Queen Elizabeth ( I and II ) Fritha Grey N/A fumble (19) hillary rodham clinton, carol gluck, madeleine l'engle furies (27) My mom FYS13Alec (18) my parents FYS13Amanda (18) Rosa Parks and Amelia Earhart . FYS13Andrew women who are independent and have their lives in order FYS13Bella none that I can think of. FYS13Chad a woman of genius leading an ordinary life FYS13DRJ A woman who sticks to her morals and isn't afraid to speak her mind. One who values life and all it has to offer. FYS13Michaela (18) anyone can be a heroine FYS13Savannah Henry (18) Ronald Reagan, Alexander Hamilton, Ben Franklin, Thomas Jefferson FYS13Tyler (19) women who get called 'bitch' They are almost always totally cool FYS14julie My mother. Her past influenced her to have a better life, and she fought for it. FYS14Kelle (20) My Mom FYS14Landon (18) O'Donna Stafford, my grandmother FYS14Payton My mother, and my sister FYS14Sam (19) My mom FYS14Sara Women who can have the career and soical position of a man while also being mothers and fantastic cooks FYS14Serenity (19) Women strong enough to take care of themselves and their families FYS14Taylor Mother FYS14Zachary Prince the music artist FYS breont (19) Strong women who stick up for themselves and their beliefs. FYSMadz (18) Any woman who is able to prove any man wrong with her courage and strength. FYSMegha (18) Stay-at-home mothers. FYSMichael (18) Strong independent women FYSNick michelle obama G g g my mom Gab (19) Every women is a hero Gabby (13) Risk taker, leader, strong, confident, and intelligent Gabby Griego (18) Beautiful brilliant women Gabe (31) who do not feel limited but proud of being a woman Gabi My mother and aunt Gabriela (18) people who lived their lives knowing that anything is possible as long as you have a good and pure heart Gabriela Coelho Mesquita Teixeira Borges (26) Mother Teresa of Calcuta. Gabriel Gonzalez (26) Angelina Jolie Gabriella Fuentes (17) my favourite heroines in real life is Stephanie Meyer and Veronica Roth gaga (13) A woman who is strong Gail (44) Mother Theresa, Jane Goodall Gail Flaherty A woman that will struggle to overcome adversity, while retaining a sense of humour. Gainer (52) my wife as she stayed strong to the very end Gait (17) my mum and sister for surviving with and without me. Galareh (23) The kick ass take charge female who isn't afraid of getting dirty, or bloody Gamba Ajani My mother, and her mother. Also Sarah Palin. Not because of what she believes, but because of what she has had the guts to do. Garrett (19) My Dad Gator Krazy Dave Agustina de Aragon gavalia (46) Virginia Woolf (odd answer but true) GD (47) The women who have fought for civil and women's rights. Gean Whitehead III (20) my mother Gene (51) Me, myself and I Gene (24) My grandmother. Genevieve (22) Kate Chopin, my grandmother, Sojourner Truth, Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Marie Antoinette Genevieve (15) Women who are self-reliant and self-confident. Genie (65) Indira Ghandi, Florence Nightingale, Jane Goodall, Joan of Arc Genie (58) Women who withstand the lash of contention and contribute anyway. GenXer2012 (39) My Mother Geo (20) Am ordinary woman who creates something marvelous, whether a movement or an invention. Geo (57) To be so strong, yet so weak. A lady with such high responcibilities had succeeded. George My mother. George Mile (35) The same as my favourite real life heroes: people acting with integrity and strength of character despite difficult circumstances George Owers (21) My own mother Georgia (14) women who give to others. Mother Theresa Georgia (53) Bethany Hamilton Georgia (16) Those which never settle for less then what makes them happy Georgiana My mum for putting up with me. ghazaleh (27) My mother and women in general Ghyles (31) Marie Antoinette,Misia Sert, Gabrielle Chanel ... Ghyles (31) Those who kill the other woman Gia (21) myself Gianne (21) A woman of free spirit; one who is not afraid to exprress herself Giannico (40) the women in my life Gill (63) The unsung ones. Women who kept it all together whilst their men got all the credit. Gillian Martin (40) My mother, some of my closest friends, Audrey Hepburn, Daul Kim, Madonna Gina (19) Women who can soldier on in the face of great adversity Gina (30) Barbara Bush, Nancy Reagan Ginger Thompson (50) Joan of Arc, Margaret Thatcher, Pat Head Summitt, Elizabeth Cady Stanton Ginny (47) A person filled of passion and one who aims for precision. Gionna (28) Virginia Wolf, Germaine Greer Giorgia Mia madre Giovanni Moro (32) Non-bitches Girl You Too Rude my mother. Giselle (18) resilient, kind, strong, graceful women. Gjabrielle My mother Glenn Parker (24) Jane Grey Swisshelm Glen Reeves (37) My mom Gloria (59) My intelligent, savvy, compasionate, fun girl friends Gloria Mary, Mother of Jesus, Mother Teresa, Mother, Vernetta, Sandra, Michelle Obama, Judy, Oprah, Gail Gloria Heatley (58) Women who don't think being a woman means they have to prove anything to anyone GMcG J. Sterling. Pat N. goblin64 (45) Women of passion and power Godfrey (19) A happy woman who can play all of her role gofaify (19) angelina jolie Golden Boy (20) Mothers. Gonzalo kalpana chawla goukrish (19) oprah,audrey hepburn GP (39) A person not afraid to break free GPB (37) An independent woman Grace (30) my mother Grace (12) Maya Angelou, Nina Simone, ... Tough, Strong, Intelligent women who've been through some real shit and used it to their benefit through ultimate means of expression. Grace (28) My aunt Grace A. (15) Emily Dickson Grace Cooper (20) I am yet to meet them in the places where my courage might take me should I follow it gracehoppin (23) my mother, my father, Gracie (22) Single mothers and women who have proven their strenth and determination Gracie Campbell (23) An English Rose Graham (20) My mother who somehow maintains her faith and love for humankind despite never having had biological children or (as of yet) grandchildren greatlove (32) Women whose great accomplishments are sadly unheardof. Greer (33) Women who use logic. Greg (19) I make a point of not having real heroes Greg (24) mums Greg (17) My mum and sisters Greg (36) My wife Pam, my mother Joyce, my grandmother Alyce; genius women who overcame adversity Greg (53) Any woman who doesn't fall into the stay at home with the kids trap Greg Lytle (26) women of creative genius gretel Don't really know any Gret Sidl (17) Madeleine Albright, Gabrielle Palmer, Ellen Sirleaf Johnson, Mia Farrow, Viviana Durante (ballerina), Hilda Matheson (founder of BBC Radio 4) greythorne (38) My parents and big sister Grimace (17) My mom and dad Grimace (17) Parents Grimace My parents and God Grimace (17) marie curie, rosa luxemburgo gruchi (63) Mother Theresa, Clara Barton, joan of arc, amelia earhardt gruffmusic (49) This is not public Gtergab (50) Eva Peron. A strong woman beloved by her people. Cleopatra - very cunning and sneaky. Guenther A woman who is calm, watchful. interesting and talented. guiller van mistoffellees (17) My mother and younger sister. Gus (18) Minha mãe Gustavo (21) Mothers gutsyaardvark (19) nurses, teachers, mothers Guy Van Driessche (44) My mother for all the things she has done to raise me Gwen (18) mom , grandmother Hadasa (19) The humble geniuses Hailey (34) My mother and grandmother Hailey (15) my sister, jeni--the best Hakusha Senbon (24) Nellie Bly. Hal (18) My grandmother Haley (19) those who fight for what they believe in hamdi (20) nobody hamideh (26) Independent women who love Hamlet (30) My mom Hana (14) My sister Hanna (24) Raine, a real girl with real issues who knows how to handle it Hannah (14) Women who are true to themselves and who are kind to others Hannah (15) malala yousafzai hannah (25) My mother, my sister, my grandmother, and my girlfriend. Hannah Chambers (24) Marilyn Monroe. Even though she had her problems, she genuinely loved. Hannah Ross (20) My mamaw. Hannah Suttles my mom Hanshaw (14) my mom Hari (21) Hillary Rodham Clinton, Madonna, Oprah Winfrey. My mother, always my mother. Harold E. Leighton (37) Tina Fey, my grandmother, a woman with Dot Hooper's odd sense of humor. Harold E. Leighton (40) none Harold Oberg Gandhi Harriet (23) The ones who fight against the role society assign to them Hassallah (30) Joan of arc Hassan (21) mothers hawaii50 (45) Never encountered any, Hayzeus (23) Women of poise and understanding HCE (15) Beyonce Heath my grandmothers of all generations, they were educated women and refused to let men walk over them. HEATHER (37) The women who manage to do a man's job HeavyFire (16) joan rivers, diane keaton, taylor swift heider (27) Mme. Blavatsky Heinar (52) those who fight fate in ordinary lives Helen (32) He who spreads his light Helen (19) Those who inspire me Helena (18) Strong women who achieve great thing; Emma Watson currently Helena Jenkins (20) my mother, maria callas Helen Mattison Wyatt (20) normal woman who does something extraordinary hellgirl (19) those who grab brilliance helz bells (41) Condoleeza Rice Henry (46) A woman who fights for her place as a man would Henry_Z (25) a good mother her (26) The Nuns Herald (71) my wife herbertofwestlake (43) My wife. Hern (39) I can't really say I have one. Herod (20) My mother Hero Solomon (25) strong Hetal (22) See above. H, Han-Jan My mother HHP (41) Those who paved the way in early Feminist Him (17) My mother Him (17) A woman who is a leader. Someone who knows how to make people listen to her without having to be liked, and someone who gets things done on time in her own way. Hira Yousuf (18) Joan of Arc, Mary Magdalene HKas (28) The women that fight for their beliefs HKas all of my students that dare to overcome the odds H. McMillan (33) Mi madre. H.Nakashima (21) My grandma hobbes (26) my mom hodouk (22) I don't have any heroines in real life. Hoelder1in (51) A woman of genius, employing her talents for some good. hoffsta nancy cunard holden (27) Oprah Holley (39) Women who have excelled and continued to be true to themselves. Women who are wise and experienced. holly (17) Not my mother. Ella - may I be that fabulous when I reach her age and Janie who runs the hardware store. Holly Avery (32) my father Holly Pajka (28) Ingrid Newkirk and all those brave, heroic women who lead the charge in improving the lives of animals Hong Jay Women who get on with it, my sister, Wendy, many others. Going after what they want and making it happen. Honora (40) My sister Hooks A woman who fights for what she believes in and never give up Hopefloats (24) my beloved sister Libby Horace pluck (54) none howard (34) A single working mother making ends meet is a heroin to me. howard (34) Women who faced the worst adversities but still retained the ability to be joyous. Hrudaya (24) Amy Johnson, Queen Elizabeth huck finn (48) Women around me who show me that I just have to be true to myself Huda (19) any woman willing to put up with me huggybear (29) Women who manage to transcend the pressures on them to conform to gender stereotypes. Hulot Redux ... Hatshepsut? I don't know anyone from the 21st century haha Humbugger Omlet (20) Hannah Hart Hunter (23) my mom... uhmm hmm bad ass women... oh oh oh my minds kind of fuzzy right now... Hurricane Katrina (25) My mom Hwiseon Lee (24) don't think I have one Hyosun (25) My mother, my sisters, my wife, women of strength and intellect who embrace their femininity and openly admire admirable men. Hypnos The Blade (46) Mary and Joan of Arc HYS (47) Someone full of confidence. I (22) A woman who can out-talk a man of genius at any social occasion. I Mom. I Mother Theresa Ian (23) People acting rightly under adverse conditions Ian (44) All single minded explorers ianplanet (47) a woman who is not afraid to love I Beg (54) The women who know what they want and who they are, and don't compromise on either. Iblis Anak (22) Beauvoir, Arendt, Naomi Klein, anticapitalist activists, my friends Ichabod Huckleberry Finn and Tom Sawyer Icis that woman who cut off her cheating husband's penis I do not have one. (22) The ones who have the loyalty of Penelope , the heart of an angel and an untreatable Romantism i dont know that i know (17) Eleanor Roosevelt queen Elizabeth I Ignats (70) Any woman I know who is intelligent and persistent in pursuing her ambitions Igor (29) Those who have strength and compassion Ika (24) The women who were supposed to be "supporting actress" and became "leading actress", like my grandmother. ile105 (23) My mother and grandmother, Jo Cox. ile105 (27) My mother, my wife Illinibeatle (44) Michelle Obama Imajones Someone like Joan of Arc. Someone who has that courage to face death. Imee Women cannot be heroes to men . . . they are lesser beings I.M. (Imam Mahdi) (5) Woman, who are smart and crazy Indrė (17) Anyone who has true self confidence and tenderness indy (30) reticence and erudite inez (21) Emily Hobhouse. Mari Curie - may of those who improved life and health Inkie (60) a women who does not back down interestedparty my mama, aunt rose, most of the women in my life. i.p. Mother Teressa Ireland Rose (12) Women that make a difference for people around them. Irene (26) A woman of wisdom and kindness Irina (16) a woman who knows what she wants and she gets it Iris (18) My mama Iris Ramsey (32) my friends isa (29) Krystal Wills; Patti Smith; Sara; Louis Brooks; Shane from The L Word. Isaac (16) family Isaac (29) Myself. Isaac Women who see the world as they do in dreams and make the most out of it. Isabel (19) Women who can be independent and not depend on people. Isabella Fairchild-Heart (Protagonist) (26) A woman as an artist Isabelle (26) People who keep on fighting for a world of fairness, justice and love Isadora Duncan (32) Any woman who's surviving, and thriving, in this odd world Ismael Santos (20) Women who are intelligent and think for themselves, those who are selfless. Isolde (17) My mother. Ita (23) My father. Iva Mrs. Cold. Iva Pasztor (20) A women who tries hard to maintain who she was in her ordianary life. Ivy (10) My great mother ivy (25) My mom Izzy (24) My mother, grandmother, and sisters Izzy (17) My father Izzy waterhouse (16) My father Izzy waterhouse (16) Shirley Chisolm, j2a18m (43) cuban or columbian jabbar (23) women of strength, Lori Piestewa Jacie Lin My mom Jack (14) madame curie jack (30) Martha Stewart! Could you imagine! Jack (33) Any woman who perfectly embodies the values of feminism without giving regard to the feminist movement. Jack (17) A strong woman who is not afraid to say what's on her mind. Jack Goodman (18) Beth, Gramie, Coretta Scott King, Dorothy Dunnett Jackie St. Theresa Jackie (24) My mother, my sister Jackie Cavalcante (40) Martha linnehan Jackie Vega (27) gloria steinem, jeanette rankin Jackson (32) My wife. Jackson8471 (23) my sisters Jack Viper (29) Extraordinary moms Jaclyn (22) Women who don't try to be the leaders for the women community JaclynM (19) The ones who show the meaning of the beauty of existence. Jacob Richardson (18) Someone who is caring, tender and willing to get her hands dirty to protect those she loves. Jacque (24) Genuine mothers, an oddly rare person in reality. Jacqueline (34) My grandmother, who made it known how she suffered before suffrage. Jacqueline Garrett (38) Jade and Kendra Jade (17) my momma Jade-a-boo (17) Michelle Obama, Oprah, Pocahontas, Sacagawea, Harriett Tubman, Sojourner Truth, Rosa Parks, Anne Frank, Shirley Chisolm, Angela Davis, Ruby Bridges, Maya Angelou, Cicely Tyson. Jade Green (30) my mother, her mother and her three sisters Jadelynn (24) Frida Kahlo, Virginia Woolf, Marie Curie, Malala Yousafzai, Janet Mock, and Hatshepsut. Jae (18) Karina Salcedo, My mom, Oprah Winfrey. Jafari (33) José Miguel Villouta Jaime (18) Mom Jaime (28) a women of sport Jake Women like my mother Jake (17) Sontag, Susan B. Anthony, Steinem, my mother Jake (21) Any woman who is driven and passionate in her work. Jakelina Hernandez (22) Harriet Tubman. J.A. Lawrence A James (64) My Mother James (30) hero's of both genders are hard to notice james Women like Scheherazade James (19) My mother James (25) Mothe James Green (29) Single mothers who succeed, against the odds, at raising their children to be healthy human beings. James La Salandra (31) Sotomayor, Ginsburg, Kagan and, of course, O'Connor. James Oliver North (39) Rosa Luxemburg, George Eliott jameson_welsh (22) those who have the capacity to smile, ear to ear and through all the repetition, by means of something not shallow but rather by some deep seated and quiet intelligence. James William Reath (21) Mother Theresa Jamie (25) My mother, mainly for being awesome and putting up with me. Jamie (22) Susan B. Anthony, my friend Nila Jamie (32) amy shumer Jamie (17) bonnie jamy (51) Women who work hard, expect much of themselves, and don't make excuses Jan Any man who really understands women (they are out there, trust me) Jan (55) Simone de bouvoir Jana (22) My best friends, my big sister Jana (22) i know of no woman with such a high name lol Janae (17) a woman who manages business well Janane (13) joan of arc jane (41) sylvia plath! and virginia woolf jane (20) writers jane fakename (25) Your everyday woman janice (67) Maya Angelou, Rosa Parks, my mother, my Aunts Priscilla and Susan, the genuine open-hearted women all around the world who devote themselves to nurturing any life form who has suffered. Janice Marie Oxford (61) Women who work outside their homes and have children Jannie56 angela davis Jansen (17) A martyr Jared (19) Ayn Rand, my grandmother. Jared Oswald (19) Lady Amana Harkins Jarred Poll (26) Doctors, my mom, soldiers, people who help others or sacrifice for others Jas (20) Bibi Amarjit Kaur ji jasleen My grandmother Jasmine Violet (17) Nurses, my mother. Jason (18) my partner, my mom, my sister Jason (34) I don't have one. Jason (26) Shakira jasonstafford (53) Eileen Freeman, Maeryn Hannigan Jax Havak (00) a woman living a life of purpose and direction Jay (58) Those who reach 30 with their dignity intact. Jay (26) A woman of confidence, compassion and overall control Jay Aside from my mom, Benazir Bhutto and Rosa Parks Jay West (27) the brave ones Jazz ryan williams jb (13) Those women who fought for what was right (Parks, Bush) J.B. (53) Mothers JB (29) Those who show a zest for adventure and sensuality Jb Bradford (44) Strong women who can find the fun in life JChris (40) those who fight for equality for those of us who cannot, or will not jcr (35) my mother, women who are confident being women JD (21) courtney love jda My wife J Dawg (32) Amir Gamble, The restless apparently fictitious jean (22) my grandmother Jeannine (57) Women who act like their lives are theirs and refuse to believe otherwise Jeeves (24) A woman who practices bravery through patience Jef (19) Mother and Grandmother Jeff Democrates JeffGuy (55) Lucille Ball, Melissa McCarthy, Frida Kihlo Jeffrey A. Olivier (40) Joan of Arc Jeffrey Dean Arthur (51) marie curie Jeff Winger My mother, she is flawed heroine but in real life there is no such thing as an unflawed individual Jehu (25) full time mothers jemimah (32) Myself Jen (23) Yakutsks Jen (25) Nurses jen (29) Somaly Mam, Ayan Hirsi Ali, Sheridan Lea, Leila Petratos, Grammy Helene Jen Gerlach (39) Heroin is not to be toyed with Jen Hallidy (42) All the mothers in the world who show true love Jenn (35) Queen Elizabeth I Jenn (39) Oprah Jennie My Daughter, she has been bullied and faced hard social times in her young life, but she has a self confidence that I never did as a child and she has risen above it and not only made peace with the bullies but come to the defense of other children. Jennifer (35) no real heroines, any answer would be dishonest. Jennifer (40) My grandmother Mary, my current boss Jennifer (53) My mom, christian women who manage to keep their faith through extraordinary times Jennifer C-K (35) Aung San Suu Kyi Jennifer Lewis (26) Pamela Webb Jenni Webb Reynolds (29) any woman whose grace and patience overcomes her desire to scream or run Jenny (23) Strong, independent women who use their intellect and talents to contribute something other than children to the world. Jenny (28) sick people who fight for their life jenny (30) Ryan Snider Jenny (37) i dont know jenny (18) The women from my family Jenny (18) my wife Jenny (38) Muslim women fighting for their rights Jenny (35) the ones who stand for something relevant JennyLynn (23) My mother and grandmother. Jenny Napier (42) those who never want yet have nothing, if they exist I would like to be them Jensyn Keanes (19) Oprah and that Madame Anthrax Jeremy (17) Any woman who has risked it all and lost it while pursuing her dreams Jeremy (30) my grandmother Jeremy (29) My Mom, Hillary Clinton, Gloria Steinem Jeremy Fassler (22) Hardworking mother's. Jeremy Heintz (39) the captain's wife, others like her Jerome (37) People that life life with no hostility and just have a peaceful spirit of harmony! Jess (27) My mother, inspiring actresses and singers, my grandmother Jess (18) Jim Carrey Jessi (18) Women of science Jessica (18) Are there any? Jessica My mother. She always held the family together. Jessica Cristo (Jax): (29) A smart woman who doesn't need a man Jessie (16) My mom, my grandma, my dad, the Dalai Lama. Anyone who has gone through tough times and can still laugh. Jess the Mess (21) Harriet tubman Jesus0469 (46) fabulous women dressed very simply Jet Jackson (92) Catherine Hamlin, Corrie Ten Boom , María Aline Griffith Dexter, Martha Ballard Jewel (39) my mom Jewel (38) my mum jezza (18) mother theresa jg (36) Any woman who is better than me despite having gone through far worse. jg (22) An ordinary woman leading a life of intelligence and creativity J.H. A woman who is not afraid to state her opinion, is humble in intellect, and acts upon the wisdom of experience Jian (22) Female activist Jia Ying (22) All the girls of my family, sisters, mother, grandmothers! Jim (20) Single moms doing the best they can. Jim (50) The Witches jimmy (84) Gro Harlem Bruntland, mothers who raise their children to be good people jj (43) Someone who gives all their effort JJ (20) My mother for having being able to cope with poverty J J Ruzo someone who has attained high regard for her knowledge JLo (34) Grace Hopper, Elizabeth, More. J.L. Odom (16) Successful women JM (28) The women of my family, including my partner Jo (41) Mom. Jo (16) Katheine Hepburn, Lucille Ball, Jane Fonda, Meryl Streep, my Gran, Virginia Woolf, Jane Austen,Annie Liebowitz Jo (21) Thinking women. Jo (66) selfless people Jo Those who are educated, outspoken, and passionate and/or my mom Jo (20) Leymah Gbowee Jo (62) Jeffery Dahmer Jo (33) doctors. Joana (22) In real life my favorite heroines Robin Roberts and Oprah. Joan Ellis (28) Mother Theresa JOANNA Louise Arbour Joanna Kather (63) single mothers Jo-Anne My mother Joanne (16) mothers who also have brilliant careers Joanne van der Woude (36) women who beat the odds joannie regular moms Joe (60) Ellen degenerous Joe My dad was my hero Joe DeProfio (27) Young flo Joe Joe the homo (16) women who defy the rules. Beautiful, strong and free. Joel (17) Mom Joel Sadler (45) Mo Mowland JoeyO (34) my grandmother John (28) Mothers John (23) Those who achieve great feats John (24) A woman who values her intelligence and is not afraid to speak her mind. John (20) My grandmother John (23) People who always believe in the goodness of others Johnathan Durand (19) marie curie john locke grandma, sister, mom, maybe some others Johnny (21) My mother Johnny (21) marilyn monroe Johnny48 (48) Heroes? My very own lover, John of Gaunt, who has given me the tender honor of being his mistress. John of Gaunt The women who stand up for what they believe in, without fear. John Sousa (17) Women who have it all JoJo (27) People that give love and care to others nurse doctors people that work with people at the end of theirlife Jojo (76) the strong willed and determined who've fought through adversity joker (25) women who are smart and modest. jolie (66) Aung San Suu Kyi Jollie (21) Mother Theresa Jo Mama (53) De som nekter å la seg definere av sitt kjønn, samtidig som de ikke kvitter seg med det og som kjemper for rettigheter i kulturer der de ikke er selvsagte. Jon (18) Jonas brothers Jonas (We) My wife, my mother jonathan (31) Michelle Obama Jonathan (50) Women do don't stop trying to figure out what they want out of life. Jonathan Tacuri (21) The schoolgirls defying the Taliban jonb (49) very smart, hardworking and self sufficient woman who is also a caring mother Jonida Dervishi (29) My grandmother Olga, my finacee Samantha, Malala Yousafza, Angela Merkel Jon Mosca (31) The women of color that get overlooked in a sea full of men. Jonnae (25) marie antoinette Jonny (31) Patti Smith, Elizabeth Dickinson, Brody Dalle Jonny South (18) Those whos great knowledge will remain uknown to the majority of the world Jordan (19) Professors Jordan independent women who act progressively and dispel society's deep-rooted expectation of themselves jordan rutter (18) haley williams! Jorelle (18) Ayaan Hirsi Ali Joris Simone De Beauvoir, Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Ayaan Hirsi Ali, Taslima Nasreen, Mary Wollstonecraft joseph (31) Mother Joseph Anthony (37) 結合所有金庸的女主角的特色 Joseph Cheng (28) None Josephine A (19) same as above Joseph Khouri My mother Sarah who died after a robbery attack. Joseph Wizley (35) Genevieve, Nina, Mary, Mother of Jesus : women who don't give up, who domesticate the struggles of daily life in their own way. Joseph Yvon (63) Anne Murray, every impoverished woman in this world who sacrifices herself for her children Josh (23) My Mom, My Grandmothers, My Sister. Josh (22) Ayaan Hirsi Ali, Christia Summers, Laurie Calhoun, Josh (29) Anne Frank, Princess Diana, Mother Teresa - any woman who has changed something in the world Joshua (34) My mother for choosing to live and love me through her chaotic life. Joshua Levi (21) The ideal of an unconditionally loving mother, lacking the erosive nature to base love in the pursuit of tacit assumptions which are perceived as more beneficial. Joshua Sponaugle (22) Mothers Joshua Taft (18) Women who do not lose themselves in their womanliness---women who do not dissemble their hearts, but who do not let their hearts smother their minds. Josh W. (19) ballsy women adventurers josie (25) my sisters and my mother Josie Dangerfield (29) Natasha Patel, Isheeta Madeka, Ali Boyer, Melissa Brown, Hilary Clinton, My SISTERS Jotthedot (16) I do not believe in real life heroes or heroines Joxef (35) my mum joyce (20) My mother jrggzmn (20) my mother jrggzmn (20) Those who have a sense of self jrggzmn (25) I admire Izzy Thompson JRobertson (21) Amy Poehler, Joan Didion, Mary Jane Rubenstein Jtan (21) Those (mostly anonymous) who have fought against racism, injustice, fear, occupation, etc. Ju (28) Generous people Juan (15) none Juan (16) Marie Curie, Susan B. Anthony, Lucille Ball Juan Carlos (21) Intelligent women who live their lives with grace and simplicity. Juanita Joann Harty Buck (49) Single Mothers Juan Jose Campos (34) My mother Jubin (21) Margaret Thatcher Judah (30) Mother Teresa Judah (22) 竟然是不認識的陳綺貞! jude (25) Don't have any. Jude Kaldi Susan B. Anthony, Eleanor Roosevelt Judith Glora Steinhem, Helen Keller,, Eleanor Roosevelt Judy The scores of women in my family on whom shoulders I proudly stand Judyka (64) my mother, the gym teacher who came to my yardsale, meredith, meg, eva, jennifer, maria, hana, xenia, mor, kelsey juju my mom jujubee (35) Unremunerative humanitarians, underdogs who triumph; my dear friend, Ann Curry; my mom Jules (19) Women who attained the previously unattainable Jules (26) strong women Jules Beyonce. Just because she always strives for the best. Julia (19) Ones who can break out of the mold making their own living and standing on their own two feet. Julia (23) A woman that has logic and reason. Julian (16) mother theresa julie (79) my mom and my grandma Julie (20) Anne Boelyn Julie (40) Women in the arts Julie (49) all honest and strong, women of principles Juliette (25) Some intellectual and can stand on their own two feet juliette (19) The feminist woman who can do everything the man does, in a feminine way, not BUTCH LIKE. June (23) ...maybe ellen page jupiter jones those that oppose theocratic rule Justin (27) Those who don't take shit from nobody Justin (15) Hard-workers, Carers Justin Aylward (22) my mother. justine hope (20) My Mother. Justin G. (15) Any woman who breaks the stereotype of being a woman. Justin Rasile (23) Those who obeyed their own conscience. J.W. Carey (22) my Mother jyoung (25) My mother, hilary clinton, joan of arc K (21) Women who can be leaders without being bitches K (46) Survivors of abuse, all women fighting for the rights of oppressed peoples (including themselves), CS Pacat, KJ Charles and other LGBT writers k Lady Diana and my mum :D k-92 (17) Those who didn't think of themselves as heroines Kaden Jackie Kennedy Onassis Kafi Cunningham (43) a intelligent woman kai (15) any woman who dares to be different Kaja Ta The unambitious and kind Kajer (19) MARILYN MONROE KAKI (50) My Grandmother Kaleena (23) My mother Kally (33) Maya Angelou and Princess Diana Kameke My Mama Kamila (18) Joan of Arc, Florence Nightingale KammY My mom Kandi (26) Mum kangaroo mothers who face great adversity like those in countries that don't value women karaeileen (24) JK Rowlings, Rosa Parks Karen my mom Karen (16) gloria steinem Karen June (52) jesus kari bobins (33) all my happy friends Karina (16) Women who fight for themselves Karina Marcano (26) A smart, strong-willed woman Karl (17) my mom. my girlfriend who levels me out Kasandra A woman who is honest, hardworking, responsible, brave, speaks for herself, kind, inteligent, has a sense of humor, is loyal and true to herself, able to correct wrongs Kasia (30) An ordinary woman Kasper (19) None come to mind Kassy (17) Cancer survivors or women who have great inspiration to complete a goal Kate (23) Women with conviction, capable of independent thought. Kate (21) Elouise Cobell and any ordinary woman who goes to extraordinary means to make things happen Kate Women who are strong and fragile and perfect and flawed, and who end up getting what they want. Kate (26) My mum Kate Those who nurture. Kate McJ (31) Wome who don't give up no matter what. Katerina (22) Women who do not let obstacles get in the way of their dreams as they help others. Kath (48) Indira Ghandi, Marie Curie, Wangari Maathai Katharina (32) Alpha-females. Katherine (18) My aunt and my grandmother on my dad's side. Katherine (27) Mothers Katherine My grandmother, the most incredible human I ever knew. Kathérine (25) My former dance teacher. Kathy (18) florence nightingale, clara barton kathy (52) my mother Kathy (26) My sisters who don't let anything stop them. Kati (15) Hipatia Kati (19) Intelligent women who live their lives to the fullest and on the edge Katie (20) don't tell me to go to a psychiatrist katie (23) My mother and grandmother Katie (17) florence nightingale the suffrages katie (22) rosa parks and emma waston Katie (21) strong independent women who are creative and funny Katie Carriere (39) my mother Katieu (27) Helen Keller Katrina (23) Queen Elizabeth 1 Katrina Thiessen-Beasse (28) All women who have gone before me and lead the way to equality Katsika (68) Oprah Katten (28) understated women who strive to work hard and do the best they can, even if their life is utterly ordinary. women who are happy with themselves katthehurricane Brave women who take their place in life with wisdom and optimism Katy (16) Don't have any Katy (22) Any woman living her own life in the face of social censure and misogyny Katya All the women who fought so I could vote, work, go to school, and even wear pants today. Katya Allnutt (27) My wonderful, strong, intelligent friends kaudrey Nidhi Kavindra (55) my mom kavitha (19) all women inh history that have stood up for what they believe in and for themselves kay (22) CharLee Rule, Kelly James, Jennifer Gardner Kaybird (43) my family and friends kaydee (16) Beyonce, Michelle Obama Kayla (17) a woman living her dreams Kayla Marie (17) Those who have overcome obstacles to find success Kaysie67 (49) women breaking barriers and lifting up other women to higher groud KB (45) My wife, for her humanity KBHS (29) My mother, who works tirelessly and endlessly for her family and expects so little in return, and ordinary women who demand more than is traditionally "acceptable" K.B. Oliver (30) Women who have inspired me to be more than I think I can be kc Mamaw Kc (15) honest and optimistic people kdhoiht (31) One that loves being alive K Dilkington (30) Not many. Women aren't major figures in my life, for reasons I've never adequately explained to myself. Kechiro (33) Jill Stein Keith (19) GP, GG Kelli (47) My Mum. My Nanna Kelly (30) Oprah, Ellen...strong women kelly (39) Hedy Lemar, Marilyn Monroe Kelly (25) Women who have survived tragedy Kelly McCauslin Mom Kelsey (22) Women who decide to take on a "man's" job. Kelsey (25) My spouse, Debra; Rosa Parks; Golda Meir; Susan B. Anthony; Eleanor Roosevelt ken (58) Pam, my new friend Ken (63) my teachers ken dewey (48) My mother. Kendyl (20) Marie Curie, Ada Lovelace, Rosalind Franklin, Rosa Parks. Kenkire a woman of compassion - helping others - like Mother Theresa - anyone with com-passion Kenn (47) Rachel Zoe Kennedy (18) loving women Kenning (28) Hillary Clinton, former Secretary of State Madeline Albright kerayne (66) My mom and aunt jodi Keri Cook (26) There's a whore in Freeport who can do things with her mouth for half a crown that would make you cheer. Kessler (35) Mom K EST (22) a woman able to be succesful in career and to have a happy family Keti (23) Eleanor Roosevelt, Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis Kevbo The person who makes it day by day. Kevin (25) People with less than ordinary amount of prejudice Kevin (21) susan b anthony Kevin (17) My mother Kevlar my mother kfcbucket (16) Marie Curie, Hannah Arendt, Simone de Beavoir KFerreto (24) The object of my affections. kfkfkfk (17) Women who are wickedly smart and driven to greatness. KG (38) My wife for she is the one true KG (26) Feminists. Women that don't give a fuck what a man or the church thinks about womanhood. Women who refuse to be silenced. Khaddafina (23) TEST KHAkjhsak (16) My mom khaye (26) A strong individual Kia (28) My Grandmother and Mom Kiana Mercury (23) My mother. Kiara M. (15) Any woman that could live with me for more than 17 years Kid Jasper a woman who changes politics KiDoCo Heroism couldn't live without the chaos it was born in. Kiera Hardy Myself Kika Women who have the courage to live their lives Kiki (27) mother theresa, audrey hepburn kiki (44) me Kiki (10) Any woman fighting for everyday sexism Kikka (38) My parents Kiley (20) Oprah! Kim (37) My mentors Kim (17) Mothers who work their butts off setting an example to their daughters without recognition Kim (37) My mother. Kim (47) Razia Sultan, Robin, Katharine Hepburn, Audrey Hepburn (someone living the best they can despite circumstances and being true to themselves) Kimberly (23) People who stay true to themselves and their convictions but know how to be decent human beings. kimberly (21) mother Kimberly Bailey Mothers kimbo (34) my mother, Joan of Arc Kimlmar (52) My female friends, living thoughtful and careful lives. Kim Randall Cox (43) mothers king (43) my spouse and my daughter kings (36) all women who suffer under Islam King Ubi (35) My mother and my friends kingwel (15) my mom, IHM, Kinmin (24) Mother, Grandmother, and Aunt Kiristyn woman of strength and kindness kirk My mom Kirsten McCracken (20) my favorite heroiens is real life is my mothers kissclem.83 (12) My favorite heroines in real life is Michelle Obama kitkat (13) women who can stand up to opression. Musicians too kito (24) Don't know any Kitty (21) Women who knows what they want and know how to get it. Kitty (19) Jennifer Love Hewitt Kitty (58) rosa luxemburg kjelli (59) my grandmom KK (32) volunteers k-kabob (31) My mother, my yoga teacher, and the women I meet who posess an outstanding combination of grace and firmness KKC (26) People who live with horrendous problems and keep going Kkkkaty (67) My mother Klavicus (23) My mother and sister Klox890626 (23) The Blessed Mother KLVS (22) A woman with the confidence to take what is hers, to construct a life outside of the expected KM (23) Malala Kmi women who stand up for what they believe in knapsackstraps (21) any women who doesn't follow suit with patriarchical expectations knowone (29) Those who do not need to denegrate men to find fulfillment Koinekid (28) Women who persevere, who ignore the frivolous and unworthy and exalt the strong and unique. As well as those who value all in their lives. kokocakemix (24) Mothers koshka (50) A brave woman who can defeat any hardship life throws at her Kourtney Denee (24) Mothers Kouse (23) my older, wiser female friends Kreuzz My surgical mentors Kris (41) Those woman leading families, being the rock Krisanta (32) chocolate, good movies, good comedians krissy (18) Women who create a life they want Krista (27) My mother Kristaline (24) See heroes of fiction. Kristi (35) My Mother. Kristian (34) uh. amy hemple? i dont know...none strike me as being out of control great. Kristie (22) People who have faith in unimaginable situations Kristi Spencer (38) Margaret Thatcher Krum Kirov (16) Queen Victoria, Queen Elizabeth II, Diana, Princess of Wales Kryshia (53) Mothers. Particularly my mother. Krysstofer Pierre (23) Woman who escape domestic abuse Krystaal (40) Ayn Rand Krystal (24) Proust' answer is a swoon. Krystin (22) my hard working mother ks (33) I don't have a favorite heroine in real life. kssou (13) All the women in my family Kt (15) my mother KT Mothers who mother calmly, with a sense of humor in all things. Women who laugh often & much - who love all, with arms open. kt (35) Virginia Woolf, single mothers Kunal Sen (27) myself, of course kunderakitsch The person who stands up to the injustices, small and large, found in daily life. kuro usagi (18) Helen Keller. Imagine the challenges she faced. And Princess Diana. What a shame the way she died. Kurt Bailey (45) Specifically, my mother; but most mothers are somewhat heroic if not manic. K Yeo (19) My daughter. She is young and been through a lot. Kyla Stan Emma Watson, Julia Wilde, and Sydnee McElroy. Kyle. (16) My Mother Kyle Dangerfield (25) Tomoe Gozen Kyrie (18) my mom Kyrinrin (14) grandmother L (36) oprah lacee (18) idk Lacey McVeigh (46) Ilya Lacharria (18) My mother LadyDyTheFly My Mom ladyinthewater (24) Angelina Jolie, Hilary Clinton, Lady NCA (29) single mothers trying to do the most important work any human can do Ladytoyou (66) strong woman who can make a man job better than him lage (27) Staci Allen LaHaRo (51) Michelle Obama, the artists and writers I follow, my friend Cole Lainey (38) People who do very sacrificial things for others and say nothing of it. Lainie People capable of being happy in spite of this culture. LaLa (26) Women who stand for something Lana (34) Women who do what they must because they can. LAND (22) I never met a woman worth my admiration. Landon Wright (16) Grace Coyle, because she popularized group work in my field of Social Work. Lanette main character: Counciler Becky Hantu Kopek Lanius (50) Margaret Attwood and Germaine Greer lara67 (49) Woman are pretty much useless and crazy LA Sullivan Anyone who was able to overcome struggles Latanya (21) Helen Mirren, Barbara Walters, Meryl Streep, Barack Obama Laura (20) A woman who lives fearlessly. Laura (24) my mother laura (23) women who stand up for themselves and are able to create their own spaces laura (27) The ones who sacrifice comfort for change Laura (28) i love 13 yr old proust's answer: a woman of genius leading an ordinary life. Laura (31) my mum LauraAl (27) My mother and my daughters. Laura N. (52) Most women that were burned at the stake Laura Panza (38) my father laura Ytzia Montoya Capristo My mother. Laurel (29) my mother Lauren (28) brave and shameless women Lauren (22) My mom Lauren My grandmother, Queen Chanda would be it. Lauren Frost (26) My mother and my late grandmother but really all the women in my life. Lauren H (27) Joan of Arc, Eleanor of Aquitaine, Ang San syu Ki, Laurie (58) My mother. Lavache Beadsman (21) Anastasia Soare Layla (22) I don't know Layla (13) Arriana Huffington Layla B. (43) Novelist Sue Monk Kidd and mothers LB Perkins (42) A woman who has the perfect amount of happiness, joy, love, confidence, and reading in her life. Leah (16) A woman who is constantly thinking, analyzing, and connecting with the world around her leah (17) Emelie Gunnison, Sister Dang Nghiem, Kate Fagan, Joan Didion, fka Twigs, Taylor Swift Leah (25) My Grandmother Leah St Dymphna, Mary Leanne (28) Women who help humanity and are kind to the earth LeCorbeauGris (25) petina gappah lee (30) Simone de Beauvoir Leeham Women who give up dreams to do something noble. Leena (16) oh. i guess i answered this. i'll say david bowie. leezee (28) Emily Dickinson Legacy Lee (31) Ate Menchie. Leigh Lagamayo (27) Those who fight for what is theirs Leila People who rise above the circumstances they were born in. Leila (28) i have no real heroines, i have the characters of my dreams and the women of my books Lem (24) Those that are classy, stand their ground, and refuse to be anything other than themselves. L.E.Murphy (17) all the women in my family Len (46) My mother Lena (21) Any one with ideals Lena (60) Julia, my Mom defintely Lendaddy (50) My cousin Macarena and my Auntie Persephone. Leo my mother and grandmother Leo (15) A woman ready to accept change. Ready to adapt then later on strive to reach for the top. Leo Calma (19) my mother Leon (26) My grandmother LeonidasStokely Leon doesn't know women Leon (The Debreifer) (22) Susan, my Mom, my sister, Ann... Leopold (38) b Leslie Ruth Bader Ginsburg Leslie (43) Women who are true to themselves Lestory (49) Mother Teresa, Princess Diana lety (59) My little sisters, God rest their souls Levi Becker (31) Any woman of strength and power Levi Walker Erhardt A., Molly Pitcher, Sarah (Abrahams wife), Curie, my Aunt Renee Kamenker (early cobol programmer), Leah Kamenker (grandmother & amazing woman in 1930's) LewU (55) zoe Lex the ladies of tedtalks lexi (23) K'llan Thyr, my uncle, the current Front Edge Elder. Lex Ryo (17) see above l.gee (23) those that fight for what they believe in lglick19 Pastors and worship leaders Lia (23) My mother, grandmother and aunts LiamP (25) My heroines are my mother and grandmother. Liam Shaughnessy Women must know their place. These are the real heroines of today. Liam Urien hannah senesh; caroline hart; susan eisenhower librowicz (28) my mom Lids (50) The snarky. Lightning Stars (22) My sister. Lil (17) Ruth & Naomi in the Old Testament, Nancy Reagan, Laura Bush and women who support their husbands and stay home and raise their children lilecare (46) Humble women with beauty of character. My mother, perhaps. Liliana the women that fought for our rights lil~kissa (17) My parents and their line of work. Lillian (25) My mother, Mother Theresa, and anyone who has lived his or her life for the greater good. Lillian Grace (27) Hilary Rodham Clinton Lily (16) My friend Jeanie, independent, very intelligent and 84 using an iPhone. Lily Amy Poehler. My sister. The girls from Broad City. Steffi Thomas. Emma Gauman. Amy Adams. Lily (19) Wmen who live loud Lily (34) women who are happy and can think of their happiness as a result of their woman-ness rather than a triumph over it Linda (23) Those who doesn't care about beauty. Linda (17) Tamara Yeardye Linda C (41) Women that are challenging the patriarchy while still remaining true to themselves and not being broken down Linda M. W. (34) Any woman that can make something of herself Lindsey (15) My mother and all other mothers dilligently raising a rightous future generation. Lindsey B. (17) mom brothers LindseyD (18) Those who have bounced back from adversity and flourish because of it. Linicake A surprisingly sentimental answer--my mother. Linnea beautiful and bright women linou70 Those Lint (17) Audrey Hepburn, Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Joan of Arc Lisa any woman that can do the job as good as a man but does not need to take credit for it Lisa (56) the kind people, the people who are the kindest Lishan (20) strong, independant and self assured women littlefairybigears (22) Intelligent, straight, warm and caring women littlerobot Mother Teresa lituci (30) The girl who's living her own life, working on well with the dreams and her earthly life Lixing (24) Eunice Kennedy Shriver; Heather Hickerson; and hopefully, someday, myself. Liz (28) Mulala Liz (64) A woman of character and great strength who will stand a fight for what she knows to be the truth. Liz (47) A strong woman who stands her ground Liz (25) My mother Liz (40) Any "out of the closet" atheists Liza (33) My mother, teachers who seek to enlighten Liz Vega (43) Monica Lewinsky, Hillary Clinton (at the same time) Lizzie (17) Linda McCartney Lizzie Pickle (27) I admire very few women in real life. L. Kadey (18) Hannah Arendt, Sady Doyle L. Kadey (19) My mom LLane (23) tori amos lmao those who shine while struggling lo (19) a woman who knows how to take a stand, even through adversity Lo (24) Those that remain nameless yet create a big impact on making the world a better place. LodRose (32) mothers Log My mother and my first love Logan (23) Rosa Parks Logan (14) the people who serve our country Logan (16) Kurt Cobain Logan Whitt (15) My mother, my grandmothers. Lois (22) an intelligent women with leading capabilties Lola my sister, Lily Allen Lolita Hazed (18) my mom, my paternal grandmother lollipoppingsu (24) anyone with a womanly grace lols (21) Abigail Adams Lori (37) My mother and sister lorilie (35) Zooey De Chanell, stoned preferably Louf (39) Ruskin Clay and Josi Mabry Loui Edgington (12) Sensible women who like to reflect on the vaues of life Louis (19) My friends Sarah, Maggie, Susan... those who work so hard to acheive outstanding grades, yet lead such perfect lives outside school. Louisalokyee (15) My Mother Louise (17) Gertrude Bell and Lady Jane Grey and her sister Katherine Grey especially! Loz (17) those striving for difference and change Lu (24) every woman Lu (32) my mother luadepapel (25) Princess Diana - those whose memory lives on Luc (27) I don't have any real life heroines. Lucho (32) people who survive Lucija (25) Someone who simply help others see the goodness in themselves. Lucy (34) Those with the self respect to stand up to those oppressing them. Lucy winne mandela Luigi (38) The feminists who faught in the past for the rights i have in the present Luísa (21) The feminists who faught in the past for the rights i have in the present Luísa (22) Laura Deckers, my father Luisa (18) My mother Luisa (19) none LuisEfe (55) A woman of genius leading an extraordinary life but being untainted by it Luke Anthony (19) Probably family members because of their unconditionality lukemarco (18) A woman who is able see her own worth, beauty and power. Luke N 14 (35) Oprah Lulu Any woman who is famous worldwide Luna (16) my mom lunar (18) Any woman who sacrifices for the good of others. LVG Women who promted equal rights Lydia (50) mother lydia Sara, Stevie, Jo, and Bettie. Lydia (18) The sufragettes and all those women who dared to change things Lyla (30) the brave lyman (35) Women who know who they are, and do not pretend to be what other people think they should be Lyn (22) Women who know who they are, and do not pretend to be what other people think they should be Lyn (22) Princess Diana, Laura Ingalls Wilder, Mother Theresa Lyn cleopatra lynac (31) Queen Latifah, Serena Williams Lyndsay D. (22) George Eliot, Mary Shelley, &c. Lyndsey (19) Every women that can lead a life she is proud of Lynk (15) Abigail Adams and Jane Addams Lynn Renee (41) Those amazing women who rescue animals from kill shelters and work tirelessly to find them better lives. Lynn Thair (49) my mother and grandmother Lyss (19) Harriet Tubman, Annie Oakley M@ (31) leandra medine, tavi gevinson, emma watson, and myself M (16) a mother M Dalai Lama. Pope Francis, who at least is trying. M (29) My mother M (36) Herta Müller M (19) Abigail Adams M A woman that may go through conflicts but emerges victorious MA (61) Women who are fighting for a better life despite their unhopeful condition Mac (28) A woman who can stand up for her self and isn't an extreme femmenist Mac (17) Angelina Jolie for living as she wants and feels and for her compassion and inner beauty. Mach (44) Madonna, Caecilia Machiavelli_Mx (38) my mother and all other women that are strong, thoughtful, compassionate, sharp, warm, etc...a woman like a lighthouse macon (22) esther talley, donna barton macskawoman (44) Young women of integrity, following an instinct to act, to lead when a situation calls for leadership Macy (15) a strong woman of intelligence, wit and compassion Madeline (19) My mother Madhusudhan (63) Those who Don't need a man to be happy Madison Twist (25) a woman who loves music like me Maeva231 (13) The unsung mothers. MaeveOne (27) those who explore and develop their subjectivity, the free ones Mag Susan Duncan Magellan (44) Mothers, female soldiers, mothers who are also soldiers Magen (22) Women who work and play hard, and don't take the easy way out in life Maggie (24) My grandmothers, my mother, my aunt. Maggie (23) Aunt Flower, My paternal grandmother, Aunt MaryEllen, Kerry McCarter, Liz Frey Maggie (49) successful businesswomen maggy may My mother. Mahalo (/) all the great mothers, for they are always taken for granted and go unnoticed mahtiel (21) My mother, brave women Mairi (37) A woman fighting for the life she wants. Maite (26) my mother, r.i.p. maitresseb (43) The ones who see the little thing, and what gleams in the dark Mak (16) Margaret Thatcher maksimuchka (38) I don't have one MAL (14) The mermaid warrior Arleonne Malcolm (26) Ellen MacArthur Malibu (31) myself Mallory (21) Maya Angelou Mallory Corrus (20) Those who abandon the expected life and seek something more noble. Maltet myself Mandar (27) My mom, my niece, Amanda Palmer, Starhawk, oh and also every woman. Mandella Kitten (36) Stong independant mandi (28) Lucy Lawless, Rosario Dawson mandi2kay (31) my mom Mandy (18) Emma Watson, Lisa Ling, Annie Oakley, Eve, Lucille Ball, Betty White, Wanda Smith/Falkiner (grandma) Mandy (37) idk mangarmunko (21) My favorite heroines in real life is manonettte (12) None. Manu (22) Women striving to make their dreams a reality Mao (22) Any woman who respects herself and those of other woman regardless of color or creed Mara (58) the ones who step up Mara (17) Mothers and daughters who fought for their own happiness and the happiness of their daughters MaraMichelle John Paul II Marana (56) Independent and strong women Marcel (19) My cousin marcel254 (25) Joana D'arc Marcelo Ricarte. (16) im not sure i have one, i mean do i have to have one, i dont wanna lie. Marcel Rodriguez A woman who finds the time to build an empire and yet be kind Marclaudi (46) Does Jackie O count? Marc_Meyer Is there anyone more heroic than the ordinary person? marcoapk (19) my mother marg (53) Pocahontas Margaret (19) Women who can make it without having to depend on a man Margaret Cook (57) hard to choose, no actually it's simple - my mother. Margarida (aka:Guida Costa,Guida Almeida ( ) Jennifer Lawrence Margie (44) those who overcome adversaries margo (22) Elizabeth Sidall Margot (21) Young Hee Lee, my #1 fan Mari (30) Mothers who raise healthy children Maria (45) Oprah Winfrey Maria My mom Maria (18) My mom and my Grandma Maria Contreras (19) my mom Mariam (20) "A woman of genius leading an ordinary life" Mariana (16) Women who fight for justice, love and equality regardless of the gender they are. Mariana (22) Teachers, doctors, mothers, and Michelle Kwan. Maria Patenaude (29) Inteligent, couragéous women Maria Rowena Rillen Those who used an intelligence beyond their time, living with a higher consciousness and realization of their values. Those who made their critics seem foolish in comparison. Marie (19) Dedicated, confident women who retain their dignity while Marie (21) Flannery O'Connor Marie Feminine but firm women Marie Madeleine (51) Jana Sterbak for her guts. Marguerite Bourgeoys qui incarne l'éducation francophone de mon pays ! Marie-Pierre Adam (27) a woman of genius leadning marija (23) brave and honest women marina (50) A strong, elegant and compassionate woman. marina (27) self indulgent women, confident Marina (20) Terry Gross, Michelle Obama, Ginsberg Marion (27) my mom mario ponce (38) Any man or woman, whose emotional luggage doesn't stop them from moving on, a poet in their soul and a fighter in spirit Marios Gregoriou (21) Older sister who makes up for what she does wrong with accomplishments to prove you wrong Marisela L (18) A quite girl, willing to spend some time on the loser in the corner Mark (16) dad - guy who does his best and aspires to family instead of fame mark Those that remain dignified and moral in this environment of depravity. Mark (19) I wish I could have known the women in my family. Mark My sister. Mark (55) Cindy Lauper Mark Angus Wilson (28) I'll have to agree with Proust on that one: A woman of genius leading an ordinary life. Mark D Anderson (23) *under confidentiality agreement* markeff (38) Dr Margaret Little; Margaret Thatcher Mark J (44) All womankind is a mysterious and brave group upon which one can, if lucky, spy and quietly ponder on their mysterious ways. Marko (28) i Mark Sterling (32) mother markus_naz (39) My mother, My sister Marlyn Alexa Rosales Torres (18) those that go through hardship, but do not complain about it Marney (40) a housewife and a working mom at the same time Maroua (17) There's only one--in my present life--whom I love and admire Marshall Wang (24) liliana felipe, violeta parra, amanda palmer. marti (25) The many humble women throught the world who keep going no matter what. Martin (29) Women with self love, independency, and respect for self Martina Common My mother, my grandmother Marty (18) My mother, my 2 close friends Marty (42) Audrey Hepburn, my mother, all the women that I admire. Martyshka (31) The ones that go unseen but not unwanted. Maruku (18) My dad. He is who I always aspired to be. Marvin Willams (30) The woman who answers to herself. Mary (22) Half of the women in my family are pretty remarkable,Agnes Varda and Marjane Satrapi Mary (28) Pamela Harriman, Queen Elizabeth. Mary (56) Jackie O Mary Ann (62) Those who carry on in spite of great sorrow and loss. MaryAnn (47) Joan Didion-Erica Jong-Suze Orman Mary Ellen Collins-Davis (59) Joan Didion-Erica Jong-Suze Orman Mary Ellen Collins-Davis (59) Ditto. A great mother who likes to read great books. Also, Carol Woods, my sister, and Mother Theresa. MaryFred (24) don't really know Maryn (15) Unafraid women Masha Shannon (26) I do not have one MasonFYS13 (18) My mother. Mason Walker (21) My mother. Mason Walker (21) Madiume Curie Mat (15) my wife Mat (26) Any ordinary woman Mateus Melo A woman of genius trying not to lead an ordinary life. Matheus (15) Jeanne d'Arc Mathew Gallant (22) Patti Smith Mathilda (15) x Matisse (15) Those that fight for there rights and for there kids Matrix (23) Those who live solely wihout being together with the one she love Matsuda (14) the mothers, the good ones rather, who sacrifice everything for their kids and never resent them but love them unconditionally matt (17) Any woman who can front a metal band and hold her own. Women who resist the urge to be crusaders and live for themselves and those they love. Matt (30) My mother, my grandmother, and any woman who overcomes societal bounds Matt (20) I suppose I don't approve of hero worship. Matt DeCostanza (17) Single Moms Matt Detrick alice glass, kathleen hanna matthew (18) Mothers. Matthew Charles Barrie (27) Women who find balance in their lives, however they define it Matthew Gordon (28) Smart girls who are strong and nonconformist Matthew Ray (18) I refer you to my previous answer Matthew Young (18) My mother. Maundaux (23) ann frank, Catherine of Aragon, Elizabeth Tudor mauserman (42) My mother, girlfriend, and sister Max (24) a woman of great knowledge and humility maxie (20) Margaret Thatcher Maximilian (17) Boudicca Maxwell Pierson (23) Angelina Jolie Maysoun (27) My mother, my daughters and Alice Parker MB (41) Any kind and humble woman mcfm0626 (26) All women who set out their own course in life. MCI (22) women who fight for their beliefs and push their limits mcseadogs (34) My best friend Me (40) Noone now Me (24) no one me (32) Mom ME (25) Women who persevere and make the best of it Me (57) Margaret Mead Meaghan My daughters Medusa59 (56) Don't have any. Meebo My dearest friends who inspire me daily Meg (16) apathy meg (22) women who are able to be selfless and yet pursue their own lives Meg (19) Amelia Earhart Meg (31) Mothers. Pastors, who are women. Artists. Strong women. Meg (22) A woman that has overcome hardships to become a successful professional woman Megan (25) my momma. Megan (20) The woman who decides she's going to live life on her own terms. Megan (32) Those who act as heroines in small, banal ways every day Megan (18) Judith Butler, Patti Smith Megan (23) Those who live a righteous life megan (18) my mother Meghan (16) Colette Megil (51) అమ్మ Meher (32) A woman of ambition and love and genius, but who leads an ordinary life filled with those she holds dear. Mel (16) Women who work hardest but make it all look effortless Mel (20) Strong. independent ones who aren't afraid to show weakness mel (32) Margaret Sanger Mel (44) Mary sister of Martha Melanie (31) Teachers, friends Melanie (33) My mom. Melanie (33) My mother and my sister MelBisMe (34) Yoko Ono. Melinda (18) a person that stands up for what they believe in Melinda Butler (30) Lizzie Borden, Bonnie Parker Melinda McGinley (30) Gloria Steinem, Elizabeth Warren, Harriet Tubman, Georgia O'Keefe M.Elisabeth Howell (52) Mothers Melissa (23) The women who stand up to do what needs to be done. melissa (17) mothers of special children melissa (44) A strong woman who is independent yet feminine in ways Melissa (40) God Melissa Diane Hudson My mother, and grandmother, and Heidi Fleiss. Melissa Farr (25) Nana, Amar, my mom, Elizabeth Pratt, Betty Paige. Melissa Farr (29) Cheerful change makers, baudy freedom fighters Melissa P (63) Coco Chanel, my mother. Melly The women that do not succumb to the societal norm, the ones that love themselves and encourage others to do so as well Melody (22) I'm quite fond of myself. But as of now I'm not quite mature enough to look up to other women that I've met - I still feel they can do better. Mel Sundquist (20) courageous woman meltemis Mother Melvia (28) Margaret Hamilton, bro. that girl was hardcore. Memelord (15) Judy Garland Memyselfandi single moms Menjou (21) beautiful, shy and they love me menon (33) sexual assault survivors, chelsea manning, transwomen of color mercedes (27) A women of genius leading an extraordinary life :-) Meredith A woman commanded by strength and integrity, who values justice and righteousness. Meredith (23) Strong matriarchs Merit (56) Strong matriarchs Merit (56) Strong matriarchs Merit (56) Strong matriarchs Merit (56) Strong matriarchs Merit (56) Strong matriarchs Merit (56) Strong matriarchs Merit (56) Anne Sullivan, Etta Baker merlinharp (57) The real heroes/ines of life are those not afraid to stand up for the things they know as real, and can adapt their perception to include new facts regardless of the effect on currently held beliefs. Metztli (23) My mother mf (17) Kind, smart women with a good sense of humor MFSmith (16) Anyone that fights against deliberate cruelty. mia All the women fighting daily to defend their rights Mia (27) Rosa Parks miami (65) any women who answers only to herself micci (64) Women who surprise themselves, and others, with zeal and passion. Ones not afraid to evolve. Michael (40) PJ Harvey, Emily Bronte, Aun Sang Suu Kyi, Mary Wollstonecraft, George Eliot Michael (46) Juliana Ciccio I forgot her last name, smart virtuous women Michael beautiful intelligent women who like me michael I dont know Michael (43) sister michael (24) My mother and father Michael (21) Joan d'Arc, Madam Currie, Florence Nightingale Michael (52) Emmaline Pankhurst, my mother. Michaela Tee (15) my mom Michael Kendall (16) My mother and Rachel Michael Thornberry Michelle Tea Michelle (30) Mother Theresa Michelle (17) My mother is indeed my favorite such heroine. Michelle (24) Witty friends Michelle Sandino (15) The women not letting their sex define them. michou (19) Hypatia, Marie Curie, Mary Wollstonecraft. Women who where scientists or who fought for equal rights. Mick (28) Any woman who puts her family and children's future first Mickste A woman who gives more than she gets Mignonne (53) The ones that do not exist. Miguel Oniga (58) My mom, my aunt and my grandmother mihaela (26) coco chanel, margaret thatcher mihaelaian (42) My mother,Baba Vanga,Larisa Shepitko Mika My grandmother Mike (33) Women Mike (14) Any woman who has overcome adversity, especially adversity linked to gender bias. Mike (53) single mothers mike (43) My father Mike (58) Elizabeth Warren Mike (69) Ana Mike (42) Christa McAuliffe, Sgt Reese - my first sgt on my first police dept, Marie Curie Mike (29) Mothers mike_freedom9531 (30) Women who raise handicapped sons and maintain love for the boys. Mike G. (25) the 50 year old mother working at McDonalds so her kids will have extra money for college mikemc1156 Sam Pendzick Mike Sadler (53) Females who embrace their feminity while being successful Milfred (35) Simone de Bouvoir,P!nk,mum,Mileva Einstein Mili (20) Strong and capable women who are tender and with truely unspoilt femininity. Milly (23) Women who have had to put up with sexism etc. and still perform their duties/jobs (and Emma Watson) Milly (16) Edith Cavell, Rosa Parkes, millymay (84) Women who strive to lift up mankind Mimi (53) The women struggling to raise good human beings on their own. Mimi (31) Mom Mimi (24) silent heroes mimì (48) Mother, Besse Munson, Elizabeth Elliott Leach, my daughter who understands how to live the consequences of past choices with dignity and humility Mimi (57) My sister and Mama Mimikeekee (23) Women with a high consideration of themselves. Mina (15) Sheyrl Sandburg, Audrey Hepburn Mind (17) Rosi Hayes, Rosemary Reeve. Minerva Black (30) woman who has good qualities like my mama minny (13) A women of genius leading an ordinary life minto (28) my mother mirabilis (48) Strong, unflappable, transformational women Miriam Liggett (48) My mother of course, who persevere's through al obstacles. mischa (22) Tough old broads. Misha (24) my mom, Misha (31) I refuse to distinguish between "hero" and "heroine." Ergo I group them in the same category. The answer to this question is simple: the only heroes in real life are those that take action. Misk Odium Oersted Margaret Dumont miso Mother Teresa Miss Everybody from BIG BANG misshermes (20) independant women miss karachi Grace O'Malley Miss Noble (0) women who are not afraid of speaking their minds and hearts Missy (44) I don't have any Missy (45) joan of arc mister buzz (49) My mother Mitchell: for Ophelia Haven't thought of it. Mitela (22) Marie Curie Mitela (25) Women who's motivation to life is love for people, who are unselfish and are humble, who believe in the good in people Mitja (36) My mother and grandmother, as well as plenty of friends, teachers, co-workers and mates I have had the pleasure to meet. Mitsuko (22) i agree with proust, a woman of genius leading an ordinary life mitzi (28) Harriet Tubman, to be free. Miyo (12) Those who are compassionate and do not revert to destroying other women as a hobby MJ (22) Je ne sais pas! MJ (23) Hillary Clinton M.J (40) Tina Fey mj (39) Simone de Beauvoir M. J. A. Armstrong (60) The women who escaped 9-11 MJE (40) Any woman who lives how she is meant to live MJF (34) common people travveling and living a life they want mjwhite (21) Amy Goodman. M.K. (21) intelligent woman mk (15) my daughters mkayruger Exactly, Mr. Proust. Mkeekee (30) Leymah Gbowee and Harriet Shaw Weaver M. Le Ahcim-nevets (31) Queen Rania and Princess Letizia and my friend Potchi MlleJacqueline Women who are resilient and creative, and have defined their own lives to remain free. MlleNeet Women that aren't afraid to be vulnerable mlovelace Anyone who kicks ass, stays true to themselves and helps others MM (34) Myself M&M (38) My mother MMS I have none Mnemonic Aberration Women who have independence Mo (19) Women who raise her children alone and get over difficulties. mobtomas (48) SWINTON! modernmonsters amelia earhart, hillary clinton moeder (32) My grandmothers. Mohamjip (66) Sonia Ghandhi, Margaret Atwood, Malala, Mother Thersa, Meryl Streep, Mohini (20) My wife, my aunt. Moistoidy (43) a sensual woman Molea Razvan (23) myself Molly (19) Women who make a difference Molly (18) Women who make no apologies. Molly (33) Oh fuck, Shughart and Gordon. Guys are fucking animals. Oh, female? I don’t have one. Molly Evans (47) women who, though struggling on the inside, remain poised, classy and strong. mollykate74 (38) Mother Theresa momcat (60) Sayida zainab Mona the women in Afganisthan and other regressive countries who risk their lives and beauty to fight for what should be clear to any rational person Mona Sen (22) Every woman happily fulfilling her life's purpose without caring about other's thoughts of her. Monica Stowe the ones that get the guy monson (28) Eleanor Roosevelt, mother, montanadrifter (68) women who love montie williams (16) Hilary Clinton, Oprah Monty (35) those that do not hide behind false claims of sexism when the going gets difficult Mooke (16) Teachers, nurses, those who work with the poor Moose (40) Those I admire most, have long since died of the wounds they have suffered in the just war against misogyny. Morazda (42) Shrek Morgan Any woman who retains her integrity Morgana The women who stand up for themselves and what they believe in. The women who spark positive change in this darkening world. MorganFYS13 (18) None. Morgan Toft who gives try for what he/she wants morgwei (28) Joan of Arc Mother (54) My mom, my grandmoms, myself Mouse (42) my grandmother mp My girl friend MP3 (22) Women who do not supress or fear their animus. MPaylor (21) countess markievicz, any woman who stood against religious opresion Mr. A (17) Any woman who is not overly attached to socializing Mr. A (17) My sisters Mr. Frank (56) A woman with a sense of humour. That would be enough. MrJones (28) My mom MRM (28) the competitors Mr. Mandarin (41) A virtuous woman Mr Peters (30) Mothers. Mrs. Lincoln (49) My mother Mrtimm My mother, and other examples of strong, powerful, and independent women. MsAPH (21) Alla Nazimova Ms. Barbara (19) Women who show their love to every person that crosses their path. Ms. L (22) My mom and my best-friend Jill Ms. Martin (46) my mom mstinyS Meryl Streep, Michelle Obama mStonerCEO (45) Women who sacrifice everything the well being of those they love. MsVicky Strong women who are willing to fight for what they believe in & cherish their individualism MUabigail (18) my family MUAshleyVance (18) Marylin Monroe mucarly (18) grandmother MUElexandra (19) my mom and mamaw MUElizabeth (19) Kristy Yamaguchi Muffin (25) Anyone who leads their life with intergrity mugkim (19) my mother muhbuh (47) Women who rise up despite all odds MUJakeWilkinson (18) one who makes their voice heard in a crowd. MUkelly (18) Jo, Bettie, Sara, Stevie, and Kristi. MULydia (18) JK Rowling, Coretta King, Cher, Yvonne De Carlo, and Katey Sagal. MULydia (18) My mom Mumblingtruth (24) Sinead O' Connor, Shelagh Delaney Murphy (21) all women who help others Musa (16) my mother musicmaya (14) Mom Muskaan Kanoi (13) Ayan Hirsi Ali mutterhals (31) No woman can deserve that title. Myalyn Hernandez (17) snooki my answers are perfect; yall should read A woman who does not take her first feeling as absolute fact. Mychel Shannon (18) Women making strides My Dear Materialista (27) Amelia Earhart MylaFYS13 coco chanel myra (22) My mother Myra My mother. She knows her faults and doesn't give a damn. Myron (26) The First Ladies, and anyone who makes a big difference in life. Mystery Mind Over Matter (19) Family, Sylvia Plath, Virginia Woolf, children. N (20) Mary Shelley and the Bronte Sisters N (32) caring mothers N (41) Audrey Hepburn, Rosa Parks nad (17) Pocahontas, Emily Bronte Nadine (21) Kola India Jan - Homa Tarzi - Anne Marie Najia jan (64) My mother Naleks (23) People who are wonderful and kind. NamraSultan I have no heroes in real life, I can admire a person or another, but all make mistakes, we are not perfect Nana (23) My favorite heroines in real life is my sister. nana (12) Elizabeth Cady Stanton Nancy (78) Colette and Bethany and Chantal, Alice nancy my mother nancy (17) My mother, female comedians, actresses that aren't afraid to play unattractive roles Nancy (41) Women who live unscripted Nancy B (40) my favorite heroines in real is my mother NANOU83 (13) JK Rowling--women who are able to both accomplish their dreams, and still lead an ordinary, grounded, private life Naomi (19) my mom Naomie (29) those that struggle with their own philosophy or existance narelle pederick (40) The nice neighbor that feeds me her leftovers Narrator (5) My mother Nat Strong women Natalia (33) JK Rowling, Audrey Hepburn, Lauren Bacall Natalie (18) Anyone who escapes the life that kills their spirit. Natalie MJ (31) Women who are tough and go for what they want Natanya (95) a woman who effortlessly balances grace, sophistication, strength, and deportment natedawg (28) a woman who can get almost all what she wants and be someone everybody respects Nathalie (20) Diana Princess of Wales Nathan See above answers Nathan (28) Any woman with modesty, curiosity, and intelligence Nathan Hillary Clinton, Condoleeza Rice, Alicia Keys Nathan (35) Lisa Otsuka Nathan (27) my mom nathan (15) Nikki Haley Nathaniel (24) None Nathaniel (20) None Nathaniel Boudicca, Virginia Woolf Nathan Liu (15) My mate Nathan Thorne (53) the women who have scaled success in corporate world- a domain that hiterto remained in the hands of men navera (57) Guruji, mother Navin (27) My favourite heroines in real life is Michelle Obama navy13 (13) megan fox == hott ass neckice none to think of Neek (54) Women who are empowered by waking up in the morning and achieving their goals and dreams. Neeka (27) Shireen Ebadu, Aung Suu Kyi, Audrey Hepburn, Waheeda Rehmaan Neetzi (18) Successful and independent women. My mom. NEL (20) my wife Neller (35) My mum nelly Kim Campbell, Harriet Beecher Stowe, susan anthony Nelly (31) My sister. Nels (31) When you look deeply they are still girls nene (57) The ones who a brave enough to just be. neptune Women back then fighting for their rights Nessa Jane Goodall Nessie (18) A woman who shares the same kind of ideas as me Nette (18) my friends and family Nevan (18) Simone de Beauvoir Newlin (25) People who know what they belive, and aren't afraid to tell the rest of the world Nia (15) My Mother and almost every woman in my life. Nia Robinson (19) My kids Nic (27) Early female impersonators. Nic (24) Women who can keep it all together Nicholas (18) My Mother Nicholas Kovacev (12) i dont have any Nick (35) My mothers, my grandmothers Nick (20) My mom has done a nice job surviving. Nick (31) A woman of strong will, capable of genius and strong emotion Nick Any single mom and Jennifer Saunders Dolly Madison Dido and Bodicea NickiNorker (48) My mother Nick Zero (26) Debbie Harry, Joan Jett, Brody Dalle nicoca (21) Meredith Graves, Kiran Gandhi, Virginia Wolfe, Estefania Puerta. Nicolas (28) Can there be heroes in real life? We are all villains in somebody's story. Nicolas Bossons (16) Marie Curie Nicole (14) doctors nicole (23) A woman who is strong yet still remains soft when she needs to be Nicole (18) The ones who value a simple life Nicole (22) My mom, my soccer team Nicole (17) People who love what they do and do it well, with sucess Nicole EP (25) Rosa Parks Niece (42) a natural leader with a hint of humour NiGht (23) My great grandmother nightinday (19) Mother Nik (30) Anuja Chauhan. Caitlin Moran. JK Rowling Nikita (26) those who persist with an idea when others would have retreated Nikkers64 (47) Margaret Atwood; Sarah McLachlan Nikki (35) Virgin Mary. nikkissippi121 (16) My mother and Sister Nikkita Saeed (21) Marie Curie, Florence Nightingale, Mary Shelly Nikolai Kleppe (44) Prostitutes Nikos (29) Susan Sontag, Simone de Beauvoir Nillie (21) Jane Austen, women writers, Sister Dianna Ortiz, those actively working to change the world. Nina (21) Hillary Clinton, Wendy Davis, Jane Campion nina (27) Those womens who fight to be happy and yourselves truly, my family women's and those who do what they really love. Nina Mars (22) my mum. nina tangimetua (23) dont shoot drugs, even if you play jazz music. ninjo smart woman like zoe Nique (18) those who lead simple respetful lives and do not try to take advantage of others, instead trying to inspire and better their lives Nirmal Singh (99) Women dacoits niyaa women who speak their minds and live the way they want nmh (32) Those who give up the family life and persue their own elightenment. Noah (17) Artists and thinkers, legitimate ones. "Independent." Noah the good (23) Those who do not fear being themselves and those who commit themselves to a cause Noddy (26) A smart, kind woman with a giving heart Noelle Cory Aquino, Helen Keller, Sta. Teresa de Avila, Mary the mother of Jesus, Ruth, Joan of Arc Noel Orosa Oprah NoGurus (20) None nom de plume None. Nomen nescio (24) Those who work in silence, performing small miracles for those around them. Nomers (19) connie chung none given Amanda Palmer. None More Bitter (20) Women who dont need society to validate their worth nonick (25) my aunt nono (22) Virginia Woolf, if she counts as a heroine... Sand, maaaybe, except her writing is less than I hoped for nools (21) I could not say. I may be a chauvinist. nools (23) I don't know. I don't really care whether they are a guy or a woman. Nora (20) Margret Sanger, Florence Nightengale, Susan B Anthony Noraq Strong women who are not afraid to seek the heights achieved by their male counterparts Norman W (35) My mother Not (26) A woman who is intelligent, genuine, and full of compassion Nova (44) Charlize Theron Nova (32) My grandmother; Mary, Mother of Jesus; Margaret Thatcher NR-2082 (32) D.M.A.V., E.P.B.M., the mother of D.S.R.V.D. Nrvnqsr (27) A wife of some brilliant man ns Oprah NS Watson (30) See below regarding heroes. Nuance (26) Smart strong women who bring out the best in me Nudge (36) My mother. numeroita (24) My mother NynnaS. (36) single mothers Nzame (27) mother oanaa (23) the ones who stand for what they believe OB There are none Ode The brave. Odie (24) those whose actions make me feel humble Odile (36) Oprah Whinfrey Odilia (47) Me, myself, and I Odyssey Willow (16) Simode de Beauvoir ohlaskeau (21) Esther, Agatha Christie oldie-goldie (99) women who are not afraid to be olga (22) Rosalind Franklin, Ada Lovelace, any woman who strikes for equality in the true sense of the word. Oli Tearle (28) Mom Oliver Someone who is genuinly content with what they have. Oliviaa. Hillary Clinton, Elizabeth Warren, Jacqueline Kennedy, Jackie Spears, Queen Emma, Lili'uokalani, Queen Kapi'olani oliviathunderkitty (63) my mom. Oliwankenobi (21) Anyone who has felt the urge to follow evolution towards freedom. Olly (37) My mother Omar (17) My Mom, Amy pholer Omar p. (26) My grandmother and her sisters, Fannie Lou Hamer OneMan Dr. Kathy Carlson, Kendra Dando, KSR, Malaea Seleski, my mama ontherazzle (40) Marie Curie, Maria Montessori, Eleanor Roosevelt, Harriet Tubman ooinla (40) Ones with wisdom and balance. Oph (30) my mother Orchid (29) The women who live in marriages that can never fully satisfy them because of their husband's failings, yet manage to abide for the sake of their family and the well-being of someone they love or once loved. ORK (22) mia prozia emma orsetto (19) medicins sans frontieres Oskar (60) My mom who finds a way to deal with my family. Oso Ordinary woman living through and enduring extraordinary obstacles. Ovi (24) Pretty girls with a sharp wit and a keen eye oxoboxo (22) Trine Skei Grande. Øyvind (27) My mother, my grandmothers. Ozymandias Jefferson Roosevelt (24) Elizabeth Warren, Ruth Bader Ginsberg, Amy Goodman, Rosa Parks PAB (43) Women who do not criticize Pacie my wife Paddy (29) i don't have any Paggy (33) lil debbie, natalie portman, louise hay pagina (20) Mothers who are creative in everything they do Paige (34) Mothers who are creative in everything they do Paige (34) Mother Teresa Paige (29) A woman who stands strong in her beliefs Paige Hall (17) Amelia earhart, mama Palaila (28) Great authors like Harper Lee and comedians like Tina Fey palais (32) Pricese Diana Paldies (39) My mom Pam (63) Mother Teresa Pam Blackwell my sister Pamcake (28) mamas que sacan adelante a asus hijos pamelaja (27) My grandmother Panagiotis Theofilas (37) Cleopatra Panchi mom pandaaah (23) Unfortunately, I have none. Panic (18) my mother panthergirl (36) People like Ana Parker (18) My mother, child care givers, hospice workers parksmi (51) Women in the Middle East parvati6 Mother Passepartout (27) Dorothy Parker, Clara Barton, Jesse Jane and Abagail Adams Pat (39) Nurul Izzah Patek (25) Mom Pat Garrett (26) a woman who knows how to make one feel right, while at the same time changing one's opinion about the respective matter. patric (30) What Proust said. Patrick J. Derilus The woman who is logical, yet spontaneous; unapollogetically innocent and kind-hearted, yet iron-willed and sneakily intelligent Patrick Newman (23) Grandma Patrick Trotti (26) weed patroklos all women. just being a woman in society is a strike against you. patsy,world war II baby my beautiful friends and my mom, Linda McCartney Patti (20) My Mother Patty (32) Gloria Steinem Billie Jean king Patty (56) "I was born to mother greatness." Patty Cake (29) Aunt. Paul my mother Paula (54) Feminists Paula (19) A women who isn't defined by the size of her breast but by her beliefs Paulina (18) Mother Theresa Pauline53 (53) My wife Paulshrug (44) My Love. Pavel Š. (18) my wife PaWe (50) women who manage to be successful and still be themselves pax (23) oprah PB (20) i like cuban gold P-Boh My close friends who lead lives of creativity and wonder Pea (17) My mama and Jesus Pearl Maxwell (29) My mother Pedro Albernaz (20) Anne Frank Pedro Luis Munoz (24) ugh. where do I begin? SO many, beginning with the Almodovarian Hispanic women of my youth to now. Pedro Tejada (20) Women who suffer tragedy and spend the rest of their lives relentlessly educating against the cause, be it drunk driving, a specific disease, etc. Peggy (57) Those who remained unaffected by the mondaine influences and present uniqueness. pehi (26) Mi abue, mi mami, celine, barbra y meryl Pekusia (22) Amelia Earhart Penney (48) A woman of respect and intelligence that maintains her dignity while getting things done PEP (18) Ayana Hirsi Ali ,Lisa Beamer( husband died on flt 93) Pepper Ayana Hirsi Ali ,Lisa Beamer( husband died on flt 93) Pepper A woman Percy (27) Penelope of Ithaca, and any who honor the love given to them Peregrine women achieving what they can and want in life. Perfidia i like my mother. perla21 (13) my wife (a woman of genius leading an ordinary life) pesser (57) Women who don't need mirrors Pessoa non Grata Margaret Thatcher, Indira Ghandi, My mother Peter Dyson (56) My mother, women who don't need men to raise children Peter Heron (57) Women who understand that they must define feminity for themselves, not let society define it for them Peter Joseph Tamber Maxima Gaffney Enlightened folk with the presence of mind to know their work of self-improvement and self-discovery is never done, who seek to help others endeavour in the same. Peter Silva (46) mes grandmeres Petree (22) I agree with Proust, except that I also think she should lead an extraordinary life. phantasmatica working mothers Phil (44) homeless men/women who are generous Phil Betsy Griffey- a teacher of a lifetime Phil Dignan (52) a woman who is very feminin and intelligente philippe (59) My daughter-in-law. Philomena (80) Ayaan Hirsi Ali, Olivia de Havilland, and, of course, Angibabes. Phil R. (30) Brene Brown; my best friend; Phoenix (39) elizabeth i phreec (35) Mothers Phyllis Boyajian Branche Angelina Jolie, Sandra Bullock, Malala picfxr (45) My wife P.I. Elliot My wife and daughters Pieterpad (80) Animal or child activists Pingbluto my mother pintoo (24) Myself Piper Bella Rose Good mothers Pistol Pete My favorite heroines in real life is Penelope LEPREVOST pitch1406 (13) A woman of intelligence and integrity pk_evanescent (38) My mom. pk_henry They are women and they are heroes. Platinum Era (21) Every mother and wife Plebelbe (21) Kay Conderino. She was the first and only adult who I, as a young adolescent, saw as a possible role model; a woman in the early 1960s who wore funky jeans and drove an old (I believe it was a Chevy) pickup truck. She inspired me to be myself. Pleiadian7 (59) People like my parents: nice people living lives of beauty in service of humankind. Plusein (25) hilary clinton? pluto (26) Malala Youssef PomanderNatalie (45) My heroine is my mother very faithful and true to my father. Pontius Pilate (30) An ordinary woman leading a life of genius Poobah (65) my mother and other fearless women pooja (30) Medha Patkar Pooja Romola Nijinsky, Princess Diana and Wallis Simpson Pooki (55) Good Mothers poop fella (25) Women who do not lead my mind but subdue my ego with wit and charm and violence and demands of honesty. Pope (31) My mother Prajakta (23) My mother Pranaya R (28) Grandma Moses Pranay Gupta (22) The one that aspire to have a dream and the courage to go for it Prasanna (23) No one Prashant Gnawali (22) Childless women of compassion, industry, and ingenuity Pratama (22) The one who is rich and mysterious with a lover but interests everybody Pratiksha (15) all of them, all women. For the love of God what was he thinking? Preacher (34) A WOMAN WHO BREAKS THE RULES FOR GET THE MOST IMPORTANT FOR HER PRETTYMARY69 (39) Ma. Maria Popova. PriC (26) Any women who do whatever they like Priceequation (33) Any woman brave enough to fight for what she believes in, no matter what the cost. Prime Minister Appa (50) My favorite heroine in real life is my mother princessgirafe83 (13) Rosa Luxembourg Prismatic (74) Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Susan B. Anthony, Emma Goldman and Shirin Ebadi. Anyone who is beyond staying content with conventional norms of thinking and is a fighter for social progress. professionalprocrastinator (20) none Protagonist My wife and my daughter Protovium (63) Anyone who seeks to make the world a better place Pseudointeresting (17) my mother p-sissy (20) Magaret Thatcher, Mother Theresa psv (48) Mary Puffinb (39) intelligent empathetic women pughal (30) Romy Schneider,the suffragettes,Simone de Beauvoir,Grace Kelly,Catherine Deneuve PUNK PAINTER (37) strong, stubborn. puppylush (35) My mother, Wangari Maathai Qaz (30) an intelligent woman who knows what is happiness and sadness and lives with both Qi (18) Madeline Albright and my Step-mother Quasimodo (30) Single mothers who give their children top priority, while still taking care of themselves. Quinn (23) Simone de Beavouir qweasd Mother Theresa, Audrey Hepburn, Alice Paul R (50) Women who remain strong and shepherd a family through hardship, whether in Sudan, India, or inner-city Chicago Rachel (21) The ones that do what they want, how they want without answering to anyone Rachel (21) Mary Rachelmate (39) AN ORDINARY WOMAN WHO IS FACING LIFE WITH HER CHIN UP AND HER HEAD HELD HIGH RACHU (32) Grandmother, Janis Joplin radomu (18) My mother. raf (19) Clara Barton and Joan of Arc Ragna (19) My Mother RagsTyler (33) I avoid "real" life. Rah (25) A woman who is smart, compassionate, humorous and able to handle the forces of insecurity and immaturity that afflict most women. Rahul (21) My mother Rain (16) My mother Rain Thank you Proust.--My mother. rainbird Joanna Newsom and Raj (18) My mother Raju (21) My mother, my grandmother, any strong woman. Ralph (21) Annie Lennox, Mother Theresa Ramesses Benjamin Lewis (27) Ada Lovelace. Jane Goodall. Ran (25) Emma Watson; there's something special about her. Raph Max the war dog, I saw the movie it was fantastic! Rapunzel any woman who is working hard to support a family Raquelle (17) My mother. Rara (22) My Grandma Rashmi (21) None. Raumabaya or The Rau (00) my mother rave (18) My grandmothers who taught me what not to do. Raven (30) a woman of genius leading an ordinary life raven (17) Those who be all that they can be Raven (15) Strong women Raven Anston Women of science and art without pretension. Ray of Mars (36) Elizabeth Warren, bold, smart, compassionate rb3868 (52) the women who challenge society's norms to change it RD my mother RealCoolDave My mother Rebecca (19) Courtney Love, My mom, Kathreen Hanna, Natalia Kills, Charlotte Kemp Muhl Rebecca Scheid (13) High functioning women Recross (25) I have none Red (26) The women who keep families together no matter the circumstances. Redbeard (24) An every day woman struggling to do extordinary things. My mom Redrover (50) Those that fight for what they want and do not settle for what they are given Ree (21) my mother ree (24) The genius woman who has charm and wit and speaks her mind: Rachel Maddow, Madalyn Murray-O'Hair, Rebecca Watson, Eugenie Scott Reed Braden (19) Lucille Ball Reggie Benjamin (35) The women (and men) of DayOne-RI's Sexual Assault and Domestic Violence Center--Volunteering for them has been the toughest and greatest joy Remi (28) shirley chisolm, my Ah Po, amelia earhart RENA (62) Mother Ada, Mother Mae, Ladies of the Khuloodite Renata (0) Rosa Parks Renath Survivors of abuse who create a new life free of abuse and victimization, Anne Frank, Helen Keller Renee (44) My dear friends who manage family and life's calling. Renee Stanko (27) My sister reneetriay (40) Marie Laveau. Ren Harris my best friends who can make me laugh renno (17) My mother Renos (24) Neerja Bhanot Renuka (21) women who can stand up for themselves renz (15) I can't think of such a person. Maybe ordinary wives living ordinary lives without complaint for themselves. Rethinker (26) those who manage to be strong in the face of life and all it's forces retroandi A woman who identifies more as a person than as a "woman". Reuben Samson (21) My grandmother Reva Ann (20) There are none Rewrew none come to mind Rhail (38) My mother, G RHCdG (52) women with no freedom of speech Rhea (25) the ones who find meaningful joy in everyday. Ria (24) Allison Jean Hazen, Mary Ellen Cook Howard (my mom) Ric H (41) Julia Child Richard (22) Strong women who can weather the storms of life. Margaret Thatcher. Flannery O'Connor. Rick (18) The mothers who show constant support, especially my own. Ricky (20) My mum. Rie A woman with perspective who would take in and treat any person with the same love and warmth as if it were her own child. Riley (26) Caitlin Setnicar, Rosa, Luxemburg, Mary Shelley, and a plutonic sample of a strong willed woman riley (19) Frida Khalo, Eve Ensler, Lucille Ball Riley (14) Frida Khalo, Eve Ensler, Lucille Ball Riley (14) one who is comfortably established Rilo Marilyn Monroe, Olesya Malinskaya, Svetlana Bilyalova,Eddie Sedgwick Rina (20) single mothers Rini Tina Turner. Rinilia (17) Mary Wollstonecraft and other women who challenged the enlightenment views on the rights of men, and expanded thinking to include women and minority groups Riss (37) Agatha Christie, Ellanor Roosevelt, Katherine Hepburn, Audrey Hepburn RiverSong (32) Malala Riza (17) A friend of mine who stood up so bravely when her father fell Rizwan (21) My mother and grandmother RJJM (13) Mom and my wife Rkabrita (43) my mother ro (21) bonino rob (54) My wife, mother, and grandmothers Rob (45) Dorothy Day Rob (27) M.I.A., Ayaan Hirsi Ali, Maya Angelou. Robbie Curran (19) Ones who run against the current Robert Danduran (26) a beauty and simple woman Roberto (22) Hipatia,Hanna Arendt Roberto Rivadeneyra Q (35) 'Her indoors Robert Tatler (18) my mother Robin (22) single mothers rob luddington (45) Women who move through life without fear. Robo (56) Any who go against the norm. robot Musicians, Comedians, and Writers. Mark Schultz. Robyn (15) Coco Chanel Rochelle (40) The overweight women who wear bikini tops at rock festivals who are oblivious to the looks of disapproval and disgust from others Rockstar My mother and grandmother as well as my grade school teachers. Yet they'd cringe if they saw me today. Rodders (32) those who have physical charm and love me Roderick Cleopatra Rodica (32) The oppressed women living in the Middle East Rodrigo (24) prostitutes rodrigo zarate (29) No names come to my mind as women tend to get pushed back by us men, but that only creates nameless heroines. If I knew their story, I'm sure I would have a concrete answer. Rod Weiler (21) Scientists and researchers Roe (47) hunter s thompson, he possed the freedoms i want roger (45) MARIE CURIE aahhh <33 and thats about it. roguebroccoli (18) My Mother Rollwagen (26) my mom roloropo (29) Marilyn Monroe- she had a great affect on the world, the world including me. Roma (14) Anyone who smiles genuinely, without hiding anything. Roman (38) My mom, Katharine Hepburn, Princess Diana, Audrey Hepburn, Tina Fey Romina (16) A woman who won't let herself be destroyed by anything or anyone and who has loved. Romina (21) Helen Keller, Eleanor Roosevelt Ronald (40) Women who are as strong, intelligent, and successful as men, and maintain a compassionate, grounded, motherly nature Ronen (27) My mother. Roo (20) Condi Rice, Mother Teresa, Rooster (68) a woman leader roro (23) The ones who are supposed to stop but don't Rorshavhanswer (18) A woman wise, kind, and pure--my mother. Women with true personalities and beliefs. Rosa (19) Woman who overcome difficulties to achieve success in family and work Rosalee Firth Sojourner Truth. Rosalie Grace (16) Eleanor Roosevelt, Malala Yousafzai, Tina Fey, Catherine McAuley, my mom Rosalinda Chavez (19) the people that put others above themselves Rose (17) My mother, Hillary Clinton Rose (33) My mom, she is strong and dependable. Rose My mother, my sister, grandmothers, and any woman who strives for something different than what society has set for her. Rose (31) None Roseanne (29) As much as I hate to admit it - it's Oprah. She uses her wealth and influence for postive outcomes. Rosie (52) My grandmothers Rosie (53) My father. He cherished the very culture of us, the Yang'orks. He wanted to preserve our history. Rosie Women who are brave to believe intuitions and live the life they have dreamed of. ross (29) Malala, women who help others, Abortion Network Rossboss (37) the women in my life rossi my aunt, grandma ro to the rah (20) the ones who are brave and honest and don't play games and try their best to be genuine, despite societal pressures all the while accepting their insecurities roustabout My mom and grandmothers. Roux (18) Women that don't bow down, that fight. Rowan (16) Amelia Earhart Rowan Bartlett (23) The independent women. Rox (17) My mother, Michelle Obama, The Queen, Phumzile Mlambo-Ngcuka Roxanne Mooneys (22) All the independent women RRRRR mother raising 5 kids alone rsan Those who are themselves above being polite. rubysparkles (23) Anyone who has had nothing and turned it into something. Self made moguls. Rudi (24) My mother and my sister Rumi (42) Florence Nightingale, Mother Teresa, Erin Brockovich, Elizabeth Warren. runur (44) Anyone who is truly themselves and stand up for themselves and their world Rushkami (27) None Ruska (33) Ruskin Clay Ruskin Clay (17) Ruskin Clay Ruskin Clay (17) Sister Ruth - worked in the east end of London for 28 years with no recognition in the 70/80/90's Russell Sandbach (53) My sister Ruth Those who can withstand misfortune and still remain hopeful Ruth (48) The women I know (and those I don't) who have been abused/or raped by the men in their life Ruthie (19) Too many to list. Strong, opinionated, witty, smart women. Women who give a big middle finger to oppression. Rux My mother, my sisters, basically the women in my family R. W. (26) strong women rwk (57) Women who have the courage to not do what would be concidered heroic but do what is right Ryan (18) Mary and Kathy Ryan B (23) Daring women who act without worrying whether it is socially acceptable. Ryan Brun (23) Honest ladies. Ryan Brun (27) Brave women. Ryan Brun (29) Grandmother Ryan C (30) Mom, Sheila Ryan Riley (26) The ones who are BA Ryh (16) Susan B. Anthony, Jane Addams, Sacagawea Ryno (26) My parents, an old teacher of mine or two, and especially the friends who have often known more about myself than I have. Ryssan (22) My mother S (20) Princess Diana, S (26) My mom, M S (13) My mom, all intersectional feminists S (13) living successfully after failure s (23) Those smart woman who speak wonders s33d (20) Mahathir Mohamed Saaid My mother Saba (19) My best friend Sabine (18) Me. And why not? We're all just everyday heroes and heroines. sableye22 (17) moms Sabri (19) My self, I had cervical cancer Sabrina My mom Sabrina My mother and grandmother Sabrina Ruffino (17) Mother Sacha (30) my sister Sahara (15) eleanor roosevelt s. a. hensley (45) Single mother saief (28) Every woman without the trait of "Jealousy" SAI LAXMI TATINENI (40) A woman striving to create a way of life she believes in and not accepting anything less that what she deserves saill (24) Freddy Mercury sailor Independent, intelligent women Salem (21) Helen Mirren Sally of Kent mother sam (19) Mohers Sam (24) Women who can handle many tasks and yet stay on top with a smile. Sam My mother and sister Sam (22) Mandela Sam (26) Hard working women Sam (17) Woman overcoming religious obstacles in the middle east, single mothers. Samantha (17) Women who volunteer in foriegn countries to help the children and people there. Sam(antha) (24) Queen Boudica Samantha (30) Mother Teresa Samantha (35) I have to go with Proust: "A woman of genious living an extramordinary life." Sam Gordon (18) My mom Sami (18) Any leading scientist who has paved the way sammyantha (39) Person with unconditional love and warmth samps (29) Rosa parks Sam Ruiz (19) My mum SamSam (33) A woman willing to sacrifice anything for the people she loves Samuel (19) Lynn Hill, San Joana d'Arc Sandu (15) Women who have risen from the ashes of a distorted life Sandy Women who can make it on their own, and are continuing to better themselves Sandy (32) A woman who knows where the lines of feminism blurs Sandy (25) ordinary women who face extraordinary challenges on a day to day basis sankari (39) Women who are unsexist but know how amazing they are. Sara (23) the suffragettes Sara (57) all of the women in my family Sara (50) People who DO, those who have discovered how to live the life they want on their own terms (independence from a 'real' job) Sara C aka Snacks aka Sarbs (26) The women I know who think for themselves Sarah (23) a womon who make us reconsider the idea of gender difference sarah right now i really look up to chloe. and a couple others. sarah (14) Those that hlep others more than themselves Sarah (23) Those who achieve - whether it be in business, the arts or overcome in everday life Sarah (38) A woman of good virtue with a sense of humor and strong leadership skills, control over her life Sarah (13) hedge witches, wise women, maidens and cat ladies sarah (22) any woman who seizes power for good or evil Sarah (33) my mother and my best friend sarah (21) I can't decide. There are many in and out of my life today. Sarah (27) Helen Keller. Sarah (18) People who struggle and never give up their dreams and then when things work out for them. Those are real life heroines. Sarah (24) I don't have one. Sarah (27) Mom sarahbeth (21) one who stands for what they believe Sarah Carlton (18) The female scientist who wrote all of the code for the moon landings Sarah Hollinger (28) Mona, I suppose, would like for me to say she is my hero. SarahSometimes (22) My mom Sarah Taylor Vernarecci (19) - Sarah Taylor Vernarecci (19) Every Women married to a powerful man sara luisa hincapie (23) I always call my sister my hero. Sara Ortiz (27) Any woman standing up for herself (George Sand is a good example) Sara P. (18) A woman with will, and common sense Sarge18162 (13) my aunt: witty, strong, always happy sargual smart woman/man, but quiet and deep Sasha (30) The women who have no idea how strong they really are Sasha My mother Sasha Hasanbegovic (26) My Mother, my Grandmother, my Great-Grandmother Sasha_M (34) My mom Sasha Sutton (22) the hard working women leading a simple life fighting for change. sat (20) Single Mothers. sauron (24) A woman who stands up against societal norms who is unapologetically herself, yet never disrespects or does harm to a single person. Savannah (27) anyone can be a heroine Savannah Henry (18) Cici, Jennifer Liu, Cookie, Maya Lin savannahw. (19) my mom, my sister Sax (32) Na Sax (8) Rosa Parks scarletsquirrel (13) Jesselyn Radack, Ayn Rand, Scarlett (25) Annie Lennox schulzmk (26) The ones who love me. Scooter (29) Women who are graceful, stand in the background, but hold all the cards Scooter190 (21) Connie Rice, Mother Teresa Scott (60) Those who did amazing things despite society's limits Scott (17) Single mom friends of mine who prioritize their children and balance work/play Scott777 Any woman I have the pleasure of calling my best friend Scotty (18) A woman who knows exactly what she wants and isn't afraid to show it. Scotty My Mum. Screaming Bastard Child of the Apocalyps (23) Those that can live in memory outside of intellect and analysis. Sean (19) Nurses. Sean D. Thompson (22) I don't have any Sean Reveille (19) Una bruja en la santa inquisición de la edad moderna. Sebasagot (23) Emma Goldman, Lady Gaga. Sebastian (18) the independent ones capable of changing the world from the reality of the daily life Sebastian H (18) those who refuse to accept the world's cruelties and try to make them better. Sedona (16) My mother Sejal Ghia (24) Women who are not afraid to go against the norm, those who will do whatever it takes to make it Selene H. Brent A woman of great intelligence, wit, and strength SeraphimeRising (31) none. I value no women serenity Couldn't say Seth Street (19) Women & girls. Sexismandthecity (28) Those of passion and purpose: Jane Goodall, Amelia Earhart, Toni Morrison. Sgraham (28) My mother S. Griffin (16) The women fighting to make a difference shadoww420 (33) someone witty and beautiful Shaina (22) Eleanor Roosevelt, Nora Ephron, Oprah Winfrey ShaLo (66) Gloria Steinem, Elizabeth Warren ShaLo My mother, Janis Joplin Shamir (13) Those who don't have to compare to men Shana (22) Those who are not contrained by the demands to tell all to everyone, to gossip. Those who can do their own thing. And my mother for her plethora of music. Shane (19) any woman who atnds up to the tyranny of men shane (25) Joan of Arc, Harriet Beecher Stowe Shane Mum. Shanna (19) I can't say I know any. Do you? No, I take that back. We don't speak, but my daughter is good. She's a good person and a good mother to her children. Shannon Cole (22) Mom SharaMays72 Rosa Parks Sharankumar Nadarajah (19) A woman of genius leading an ordinary life. Shari (21) Sarah. Sharice (22) Those who feel deeply about issues and dedicate themselves to their cause. Joanna Lumley most recently. SharonBillings Single Moms who provide safe, good care for their children selflessly Shauna (40) Myself shaurora (64) hilary clinton, my mom and sisters, grandmother. jeanne laroe Shawna (21) my mother shawna (17) Kay Reiser, Betty Hegler, Vickie Meseke, abbigale adams shawpur (66) My daughter, Patti Smith SHE (44) A woman who desires to be more than what society has offered her as an expectation. Shea (28) Cindy Allen sheavsey (21) Charlotte Bronte Sheila D (55) strong, vibrant women in my own family shelby my mother shelby (15) Woman who keep it all together despite life's obstacles. Shelley (32) queen hatschput Shelly (17) Mother Teresa but not because she is religious, but because she lived the way she believed she should live without looking to anyone else for approval or recognition. Shellybelly1 (49) subordinate women with enough class to suit my lifestyle Shep Howard Intelligent women Sheri Women who take a stand, who inspire others. Jane Goodall, Ada Lovelace, Sylvia Pankhurst, Mary Anning Sherry Fuller (41) my mom and dad shiela (18) One who lives her life knowing that in Christ there is no condemnation Shig (29) Shiloh Moretti Shiloh Moretti (16) Those who teach, those who love, those who are determined, and those who are internally magnificent. Shimomeiji (19) All women in average scenarios showing extraordinary strength and compassion Shina (28) Judi Dench, a particular junior school teacher of mine Shinydan (34) my grandmother ShiversB (19) Rani Jhansi Lakshmi shodhana (20) A person who is not afraid to be themself and a true real rollmodle shorty (14) My mother, her strength is something I always admire even though I will always be very different. Again, all those women who fight unnamed battles every day. Shubhda (24) Toni Morrison shupiwe (35) Just an average woman making it in this crazy world Shy (25) Indira Gandhi and Margaret Thatcher Sibin (26) The ordinary person, who works all his/her life at a job (s)he hates, out of love, to put food on the tables of their families. Sid (57) My mother SID (53) To generalize, those that are unfortunate enough to realize the oppression of the fairer sex in all its subtleties and find ways, through resourcefulness and perseverance, to live the life they want to. Happiness won from the clutches of darkness. Siddharth (23) Jane Goodall Sidedrive (70) L, Margaret Atwood, maybe my mom (I wish I knew more about her) Siena (21) i have met anyone to be considered my heroine yet Sienna de Wilde (17) Those who stand up for what they believe in, and don't let themselves be mistreated. Signe (22) Mother Theresa Silvia (18) Emma Goldman Simen (18) My mother Simon (19) My mother, my sister in law Simon (20) those who talk little but say fair thoughts. Simona (16) J.K. Rowling, Andrea Gibson, Kamio Yoko, Rumiko Takahashi, Jane Austen sinawae (27) Marie Curie, Amelia Earhart, Valentina Tereshkova sindjiro Yevdokiya Nikolayevna Zavaliy Sirena Wainford (17) In general female artists......particularly writers and singers. Sirith (33) Any woman of genius whom is not respected. Sir Richard (52) Anita Roddick because of the Body Shop, Jane Goodall because of her conservationism Sixela Negomi women "before their time" sj (23) Those who were unafraid to live unconventional lives SJ (44) Those who sacrifice for their love Sj (16) the ones that didn't try to stand out, but did anyway skitalica (27) My mother, Princes Diana , A woman who goes out of her way for good to make a change. Skurge (17) Princess Diana, Emily Deschanel Skytalker (26) A woman who isn't afraid to be herself Sle (41) those who live well, especially in the face of adversity, without complaint sleepy (20) mother theresa Slim April Lawrence, Christine Stoddard. Sloceface (23) Those who struggle in their ordinary life, though they are too smart,and have great talent sluggishflow (22) One's who are always, loyal, loving, kind, happy, giving and in love with me. and cute sm (38) A woman devoted to those who treat her justly S. M. A. Armstrong (21) Those who can refrain from being mean Smaranda (33) Any woman who gives head and swallows. Smeghead teachers smithmarg (45) Any intelligent woman who successfully mingles grace with boldness Smo (27) Those who have fought in the past for the rights we're still fighting for today. smude Rosa Parks snibab (19) idk Snorkools (15) strong, independent, creative women. women who just are and they're great. snorris (23) Queen Elizabeth the 1st Snyde (38) Women whose wit doesn't obscure their simple beauty So (22) my mama socksless Mary Wollstonecraft, Helen Keller Sofi (24) A gentle, compassionate, feminine, quixotic, delicate, maidenlike quaintrelle. Sofia (15) girls who are treated like dirt by boys and men and fight sexism whilst being amazing and beautiful people sofia (14) Mom Sofía A woman who works to get what she wants Sofia Picasso (14) My mother, My aunts, Marilena, Silvia, lots more... Sofía P. S. (20) Mum and Angelina Jolie Sofyzitahh (23) All the ones who are sensitive and caring, while not afraid to assert their opinions or contribute their intelligence to the world. solitary confinement (44) LOL heroines Solomon (24) Those who choose not to blame others for their lot in life SolomonGrundy (45) The strong women not afraid to show their gentle side. Sombra (20) Hyeon-ju Kim Some random person (16) grandmothers Sonet P My sister Sonia (25) Those who can imagine, those who can wonder, those with soft hearts Sonya Dahl (21) single mothers sooz (38) Malala. Duh. But any women who fight for equality, tolerance, and a better future for humanity. People who do that are my favorite HUMANS in real life. Sophia (25) Eleanor Roosevelt, Abigail Adams, Jane Austen Sophie (20) All the people I say I love after knowing them for days. Sophie (17) Loving wives. mothers, grandmas, sisters Sophie my mother. Sophie Elizabeth Tudor, Joanne D´Arc Sorrow (23) mothers who gave their all for their children souma (32) Women who do not give in to societies norms of marriage and parenting SoundofWater (35) Anne Frank, My grandmothers. Sourabh Bharadwaj (21) None. S.P. (20) my wife Spacebug (42) I do not have any Spacey (24) The "Willy Lomans" who are all around us but do not succumb to suicide Sparrow (46) My mother Sparrow (17) Bobbie chase, Dara Torres, Meryl Streep Special K Agnes Martin Speck (36) Joan of Arc Spencer (25) The mother who understands and encourages her child to grow and discover their inner self. Spencer Stewart My mother. Spencer Valdez (11) Michelle Obama, Tara Strong, and Sally Ride. Spencer Valdez (12) queens spider (66) Grandma, my first educator, who taught me to read. Spike Spiegel Belle Gunness, Lizzie Borden, and Mary Ann Cotton (a.ka. "The Most Evil Women in History") Spina Bifida my father Srishti Gupta (19) ssssssssssssssssssssssssssss sssssssssssssssssssss (23) ordinary women leading extraordinary lives ssv (40) Paris Hilton Stacy Hilton (15) Abigail Adams Star (11) More than I can name or recall. Hypatia of Alexandria first came to mind, followed by Ayn Rand Starflower (19) Rita Ora Ste (16) My mother Ste (26) All mothers in this world Stella (28) Joan of Arc, Harriet Tubman, Margaret Sanger, Michelle Obama Stella (53) The women of my pod Steph is there even such a thing among women? Steph My mother, I suppose. Stephanie (23) none Stephanie (21) Those who don't bow to weaknesses, yet also accept that they have some. Stephanie (18) Women like my mother, who never loses sight of what she wants, the amazing ability to love, and never losing hope/ stephanie (13) Ffyonna Campbell, Nellie Bly, Hulda Crooks Stephanie (49) a man that have their own charms stephanie (20) A woman who has the courage and confidence to forgive and be happy. Stephanie Yt (21) A woman who goes against the grain of societie's(specially men's) idea of what women are or should be stephbsemilla (40) Meryl Streep, Jane Fonda, Michelle Obama, Hillary Clinton, Annie Lennox Stephen (56) My Nana Stephen (26) strong but caring Stephen (78) rosa parks Stephen Stacks Lady Godiva, Agatha Christie, Jane Austen, Charlotte Bronte and Judy Garland. Steve (20) an ordinary womes, doing extraordiary things Steve (53) Maya Angelou Steve Arianna Huffington, Steve (56) Women who like to play with the games of men Steve Hanawalt (56) Mum, any of those who reject the social norm and explore the sick depths of their minds and always look to coming closer to The Dream ;) Steve K (27) Any woman who excludes sexuality and confide xemmm Steven Hayward (47) My girl, my mother, my granny Steve Shives (29) a woman that has over come and triumphed stoffie (26) isn't born yet stojan (32) Clever and endless and not at all yours. Stork Daddy Joan of Arc. Stormy (17) My mother in some ways STP (24) Catherine of Aragon stradling Helen Keller, Eleanore Roosevelt, Maya Angelous STUPID IDIOT (0) A woman who doesn't believe her own genius Subhartho (26) My mom. Women refusing to have their voices silenced, speaking resistance and truth to power. subtlesteph (21) mothers Sumi Grandma: A strong, patient, moraly sound lady! Summer (28) The tough bitches. Sunbul (18) Sita, Savithri, Dhamayanthi and Madhavi Sundaraa (32) Anyone who helped at least one life towards enlightment. sunny Naomi Wolf sunshineguerilla (28) Margaret Thatcher SuperflyTNT Tina Fey, Kristen Belle, Michelle Obama Superwoman (19) My mom,my grandmother,Madame curie Susan (63) My Mother, Madame Curie, Mother Teresa, Dian Fossey, women of intellect pursuing efforts in science and humanities to benefit the advancement of humankind Susan (63) An independant woman Susan Collins (21) The women who have been able to overcome sexual abuse; something I hope to achieve Susie (20) not determined yet susie karpasitis (26) Mothers Susie Q (73) my mother suzanne Women who don't need men Suzanne (41) Hillary Clinton Suzanne Cohen (53) mummy and every woman who is independent and strong Suzy (19) Creative and inspiring people Swallow Artists Swan (75) Mom , sister and every lady who not only handles her home but also does a wonderful job at her workplace! Swapna (21) woman living true to their selves Switz (29) Women of genius leading lives of great purpose sybann (50) I don't actually know. Sydchez A woman who has had a hard life, but has overcome it with hard work and love. Sydney Kilbane (18) a woman of genius leading an ordinary life t1 my sister T (19) My mother T (26) My mother, Malala Yousafzai T (18) A woman who stands out for her faith, strength, kindness, and refusal to adhere to what what society glamorizes or consider ideal. T (20) My mother, my high school english teachers Mrs. Sullivan and Mrs. Harrison, my drama teacher Mrs. Malinak who pushed me into the light of possibility. T.A. (34) My mommy Tabitha Murray (42) Margaret Bourke-White, my mom, Harriet Tubman, Sally Ride, Taeleyn My heroine in real life is my mother tagada (12) Не уверена, что они у меня есть. TAHbKA Women who can protect their rights and their womanity at the same time. tahma Female doctors/lawyers/polititian etc. but most of all mothers anywhere tai (22) my gran , lady diana taintme my mom, jaycee dungard tal (13) Any woman who admits she cannot do it all. Talbot Logan (41) Anne Bethel Spencer and Benazir Bhutto Tallulah (29) My husband TAMAR (23) Hannah Senesh and Anne Frank come to mind tamar (54) my mother( she raised me, loved me and put up my bi-poler for 32 years. the woman was a saint.) tamera miller (33) my mother( she raised me, loved me and put up my bi-poler for 32 years. the woman was a saint.) TAMERA MILLER (35) my parents, my son tanichis (32) someone that dont give up Tanner (15) a woman capable of protecting those she loves Tanwen Aschtherlar Tormey (18) My mother. She is the most amazing woman I know. Tara (37) my favourite heroines in real life is the women vetirinary because she help animals tartine2002 (12) Women who work extremely hard in male-dominated environments Tash (29) Any woman who does what makes her happy without hurting others. Tatiana (17) Malala, Marina Abramovic, Paula Rego, Patti Smith, Susan Sontag and all the women battling for their lives and their ambitions against life's odds Tatiana (21) My mom, women who are the center of stability and nurturing. Tatiz (19) my favorite heroine in real life is nathalie portman taureau2002 (13) actresses Taylor (54) My mother and sisters Taylor (24) A woman leaving a ordinary like Taylor (15) A brave, loving, caring woman. A mother of greatness. A woman of genius. A woman who is herself. Taylore Dawn (18) My grandmother, my mother Taylor Van Allen (24) Mother Teresa tazmur (26) Eleanor Roosevelt TB Gloria Steinem, Emma Goldman tbkemz (42) My wife, Dorothy Parker, Edith Sitwell, Audrey Hepburn, Sara Murphy, Julia Child, Twyla Tharp ... T. Christopher Cox (43) My best friend and those that I have loved Tebvy (24) Mum Ted (26) my great grandmother Tee (40) my mom Teehee (18) grandma,mother,aunt,girlfriends TEESHA (27) Oprah, even though her life is far from ordinary Tekoa Butler I have no particular favourites Teleute (17) my mother Teme (18) Any woman that keeps her composure even when people keep trying to bring her down Tenia (17) I spent most of my time just looking at this question rather than thinking of an answer. I really have no clue, so just to define a hero i'll say someone who stood up for something and for others. Tennrox I spent most of my time just looking at this question rather than thinking of an answer. I really have no clue, so just to define a hero i'll say someone who stood up for something and for others. Tennrox My mother; any woman strong enough to leave an abusive relationship or stand on her own. Teresa (43) mothers Teresa (43) Eleanor Roosevelt teri (73) The strong ones. terios (21) Tsundere and Yandere Terra (22) Oprah Terri (35) Any woman who stands up to injustice Terry (41) I don't know Terry (66) caring women..intelligent nurses and women of that ilk. TerryG (49) Francis Quest Wilson Harriet Tubman Marien Kemp Terrylee (35) those women with a confident sensuality who easily give and receive love Terrylynn0609 (39) MY MOM, MARIA, THEY REFUSE TO LET THAT WHICH HAS NO FACE, TO STARE INTO THEIR SOUL. TERRY YORK II a strong woman tess (24) Magriet Peters of Enlighten Trust Tess (53) ones who overcome great adversity Tess Calopedos (17) Loving mothers Tess Fiennes (40) my grandmother tg (48) Colette, Emmeline Pankhurst, Gabrielle Chanel, Jessica Mitford, Rosa Parks, Rei Kawakubo Thambi (24) myself thatchaa (17) Any woman who stands against patriarchy that guy #999 (29) My mom That New Chris Sloce (18) Those giving of themselves unconditionally to improve others lives thebabycub (39) Annabelle who was the picture of innocense, my mother who embraced life when she could have curled up and withdrawn The Beast Xena, Warrior Princess The Big Liddle (31) A woman of beauty looking for a real man The Boss My mother, Victoria LeGrande, Karen O The Desert (22) Amelia Earhart. Eleanor Roosevelt. Elizabeth II. Gertrude Stein TheDoctor76 (35) Sophia Coppola The Essential Man (26) My Mother, Rosa Parks TheFear77 (23) women who face religious persecutions theGeneral (19) my mother the grill (31) Any woman that cares, and works hard, struggling to make ends meet but never giving up. The hungry caterpillar (29) Strong, independent women who teach their children well The Josh Rollins (21) Typhoid Mary The Man In The Brown Hat Several of my female friends...& my mom The Mouse Avenger (20) female with the heart of a lion. Theo My mom and aunts theravenette (15) My mother and aunts theravenette (15) - // - Theresa (22) Hillary Clinton The Roomba Mifi (28) My mom Thia (29) My Wife Thinplank (40) None Thom (23) A woman who stands for what is right Thomas (16) hi Thomas (16) Anyone who is of genius & honest ThomasM Shauna Barrows Thor Hammerstein (16) Those that do not give in to the false values that the media force-feeds them. Thothanatos92 (23) The ones who have overcome obstacles and become successful. thoughtlessdreamer (15) Cleopatra, my girlfriend. Thrakish (18) my mom Three D (40) Aung San Suu Kyi, the Tank Man (I must include men), Malala, Ingrid Loyau-Kennett, Patriot Guard Riders, Connor Long, US Special Forces, LGBT organizers around the world, Wendy Davis, Rosa Parks Thunderpussy (48) Shakespeare, Mozart Tiago Moura (15) Tianna is quickly becoming someone I greatly admire. Tianna Alysia Kallan (37) A woman who is feminine and brilliant tick grandmother, mother, aunt tiffany Those who give of themselves to others Tiffany (44) zooey deschanel, sylvia plath tiffany; (lifefromtheshelf.blogspot.com) (17) females in the middle east TiffanyTee (26) A strong woman that is able to juggle life and succeeds - does not give up on her goal Tiger and Lions Those who give their life for their country. Tim (27) Sojourner Truth, Helen Keller, Ayn Rand, Malala Yousafzai Tim The girl I will marry. Tim (24) Empowered women, women with tattoos and piercings, women who command respect tim Mother Tim Joan of Arc, if she could be secular, and Mata Hari. Tim Proser (17) Jenny Tim Sandle A woman of beauty, wit, strength, and devotion to all she loves timwarnock (34) My mother Tina (32) Joan Clarke Tina (16) Winnie Mandela Tina (44) Women who make a difference Tini non Tinkoo (24) Patti Smith tintoy (54) The women who continue to fight for the rights or education of all: Elizabeth Warren, Alia Muhammad Baker. Tinuvielyra Haven't identified one yet but if I had to choose, Queen Victoria Tivia Stewart (40) Antoinette Tuff, Wendy Davis tj (39) my Mother, grandmother, other mother T-man (18) The woman who strikes out against the tyranny of gender. Tobias Budge (25) Tony Blairs sinister smile. Not him as a person, just his smile. Tobyn Sebastian (24) Barbara Jordan, St. Theodora, Dorothy Day, Dorothy Parker, Djuna Barnes. Todd My mother, my grandmother, my 5th grade teacher Tofu (19) People who give up their lives for the sake of others. Tom (21) A woman of great intellect who chooses to work in laborious fields Tom G (19) russell brand, james franco. Tom Leach (19) Those whom I have yet to meet Tommy (19) My Grandmother Tommy Boy (24) My mom Tom Suski (28) A woman who stands beside the one she loves, rather than standing behind or in front. Tongbite Matt (36) Simone de Beauvoir, my sisters, my mother Toni (48) My Mother, whose love and compassion is spread to inhuman heights Toni Spimoni My mother, my grandmother Toño Cabrera-Pereyra (31) My best friend, Nichola, my mother, my sisters and grandmothers. Tony (30) A woman that has connected thoughts and emotions Tony (17) A mother and a father raising a large family, giving up all their time for this dedication. Tonya Jones (39) Any woman who I see blazing her own trail. Working to make her own life happy and successful and not blaming others. toosnowoman Rika Burnham and other educators, researchers Toria (37) Hockey. Torsksåsen (22) mother theresa tracey Mother Teresa tracynle (20) Angela Davis, Eleanor Roosevelt, Jackie Kenndy Tracy TB (45) Lisa Anne travis Geena Davis Travis (25) Elizabeth 1st, ele ore roosevelt. Travis Mask (49) Those unafraid of living Tre Women Who Triumph Treatie (49) .. TREE (21) Really clever women who obtain their targets of life. Tree Girl (29) Delis smith Trent Duval (28) Pioneers in getting the vote equality fighters Tres bien (43) my teachers Mrs.Margo and Ms. Jennifer Trevor Women such as Michelle Obama, Oprah, Coretta Scott King Trevor (24) Woolf, Jeanine B, Patsy M., Bernice Ulrich Trevor McSwain (24) Intelligent strong women who aren't naive tri Amy Poelher, Marge Liss, Kathleen Hanna, Beth Ditto Tricky Vicky Myself, my mother, my abuelita--the quiet and tenacious women of my family Trinity Chapa (15) A woman of genius leading an ordinary life without having to work to live triplet (30) Nel Reid, Ruth Holmberg, Deanna Duncan . . overcomers. . survivors . . Trish Gala Darling, Mary-Kate Olsen, Yoko Ono, Audrey Hepburn Trisha (17) Woman who do not blend in, but insted stand out Trisha (29) My mother Tristan (14) Janis Joplin, Stevie Nicks, Bonnie Raitt Trixie women who don't take shit trotter (30) Steve Prefontaine and Alberto Salazar Troy Casa (50) my friends in dificulty tsiou (33) a woman who do perfection tt (27) Passionate workers, emotional laborders, and mothers, mine especially Turk (24) champions of environmental causes turnbull (27) M Beard, my mother Turnus Kate Bush-a woman of genius leading an ordinary life. Turtle Heart my mother,my sister,benazir bhutto tutu mothers Twigtwill (21) My mom. My sister. Lili. Leanne. Erica. Too many people who have shown their true selves, or true aspects. Twillightdoom (17) My dad's mum, for her toughness twondbestbed (34) Mum, nan Ty (18) My grandmother. Tyler (24) Amelia Earhart Tyler (16) Those willing to die for what they believe in. Tyler Scott (41) Dorothy Parker, Gayatri Chakravorty Spivak, Mother Theresa, Abigail Adams, Harriet Tubman Ty-test My mother and my grandmother Uccman (51) My grandmother Udan Outwort (61) A curious woman with fierce tenderness and a soothing intellect. Uddhipan Thakur (24) Jane Goodall uiioop (17) My mother Uma (63) My sister umd.16 (20) Caroline Lucas UnoZen All women working for peace, justice and a better world. And Patti Smith! Ursus M. H. Spelaeus (59) My mother. I can't recollect the others right now, too many perhaps. V (27) My mom Val (31) None. Valentina (17) Lady Gaga, Rachel Corrie, Joan of Arc, Mother Theresa, Sojourner Truth, Harriet Tubman, Valeria Ryrak (21) My sister Valtharos (22) A women of both genius and beauty and no fear Van (22) Joan of Arc, women who have been left in the dirt, dust themselves off and rise above it all Vanessa (31) Ursula K. Le Guin vanessa (33) The ordinary of extraordinary courage protecting their families during war and disaster. Vanessa Cardui (43) my mother vard95 Lucky women who don't have to try! Varna (25) anyone free Vato (39) man and woman together in marriage after many many years. Vbonita (28) All women helping to poor, animals, VBozic (40) Hillary and Marina Vedada (28) Savithri veejay (32) My mother, Irom Sharmila, Neerja Bhanot, Anne Frank Veera Mother Teresa Hellen Keller Venky (36) My Grandmother. Ventricle (24) Mother, Wife, Sisters Vernon B. Williams (45) Women who live their lives their way unafraid of society's opinions Verona Jones (59) Any woman workin' hard for the money Veronica (20) I've come to the odd realization that I generally don't admire women, despite being one. I suppose I like anyone who is confident without being arrogant, someone who tries to do the right thing no matter how hard it is. Veronique (18) those who seek and fight for equality Vesan (33) my mom vi (20) An optimistic, down-to-earth woman who has equal capacity for intimacy and independence Vi (22) mothers Vic (46) my mom, fiance, and any woman who tries to overcome difficulties Vicki real everyday people like people cleaning the streets vicky (26) Any strong woman that is comfortable with her sexuality and ok with being someones wife and bake to balance both Vicky (24) Women who raise children to be adults ready to take on the world Victoria (37) Simone de Beauvoir, my mom, my aunt, several of my friends. Victoria (59) Ms. Custos (my literature teacher) Victoria (16) My brother Victoria (23) My mother Victoria Strong women who don't let anyone tell them who or what they should be. Victoria Song (22) I have none. Victor Shade (27) Women who are intelligent and think for themselves, those who are selfless. Victor Trevor (23) Everyday women getting through life on their own vicurbabdaddy Germain Greer, always up for an argument videoalex my mom vik (25) ordinary extraordinary women vikram (34) A women of genius Vikram Krishnan (24) The women who teach humanity lessons, even when we don't deserve their attention. Viktor (28) My mother and the women that fight for something to make a difference Viktor (19) Mutter, and lately, Angela Merkel. Viktor Corzich (35) Loving mother, faithful wives and in general intelligent women. Viktor Sigareff (19) Women survivor's of spousal abuse. Village Of Brooklin (45) My mother, of course Vincent (19) i am not a junkie vinnie smalls (15) nurturing mothers VinnyGreenock72 Marie Curie, JK Rowling Violet (18) Brave, idealistic women Viorel (25) The women who make everything work, because they have to. Virginia (20) Writers, police women, and anyone who tries to make a difference. Virginia (12) girls that can keep up with me visualizations (22) firefighters. Viv (14) It's my mother. Vivi (13) Sarah Palin, Kim Kardashian Vivian Those who despise ordinariness Vivianne Liliaceae Aspho Vilth A rare hybrid of genius and beauty VK (22) Florence Nightingale Vogette (55) any successful woman who remains pure in intentions Vorspiel Satori (16) Angelina Jolie Vs (18) my best friend and Beyonce vur My mum Wacky Chocolate Goblin (11) Young parents without means who are struggling to do the right thing Waleed (32) Myself or any woman who live as domestic workers. Wallace (85) Anyone with a bosom large enough to provide consolation. Walter (19) Rachel Carson, Mary Hunter Austin, Mary Draper Ingles, Anna Etheridge Wanda (26) Bold women who are comfortable with themselves and with the people around them Watson (27) My mum and those of kind-heart, beauty and intelligence. wattc128 my mother waulk (15) my mother waypast Women who have rebelled against the norm Wendy (34) Mindy Kailing Wendy (22) Emma Watson Wendy (23) Emma Goldman, Sylvia Beach, Rosa Parks, Harriett Tubman, Rachel Carson, Jane Goodall, Alice Waters, Michelle Obama Wendy Chase (47) My friend Đurđa. wendysday (20) My mother (how's that for wholesome). Wes (17) a woman of strength and compassion whim (40) My mom Whitney (19) Strong women who speak out for their rights and the rights of others: gloria steinem, rosa parks, hillary clinton, Mother Theresa Whitney (41) Elizabeth Cady Staton Whitney Sorenson (33) My grandmother, she was once a great warrior WHMIV (30) Any woman who thinks before using her uterus to make babies whosbecks (36) Paul walker Widmy Pierre Louis (21) edith caval wiff (15) Mum Wikiki Volunteers with Peace Corp, UNICEF, and the Red Cross Will (26) Any woman who fights for freedom Will (22) Powerful women who have sympathy and empathy and are honest. Willamid (20) strong women without pretension William (43) My mom Willow Skylor My mother and my sisters & Marie Curie Will RF (23) My grandmothers, My Nana, my mom, Rosa Parks, Irena Sendler, Rachel Carson, Harriet Tubman, Ruby Bridges, Marie Curie, and Temple Grandin. Wilma (33) Same answer as history characters? People dedicating their lives to making the world a better place. Win (22) Abigail Adams winterjewel (36) all the women in my family wintermellen (14) I don't think I have one right now wise madman (28) mom wizz Aisha bint Abi Bakr WJ (43) Simone de Beauvoir Wolf My mother Wolf (NA) women who rise to every occasion and do every task that comes to hand Wolffy (67) - Wormsie (24) people who continue to smile when very sad wowderry (54) Women who are beautifully intelligent, creative, and most of all kind Wren (22) Women who break the mold and don't conform to the boundaries that society sets. Wyteria (20) my friends. Xan Etienne I have none Xavier (18) Amrita Shergill Xer (23) Hua Mu Lan, jeane,Li Qing Zhao, Xialing Gan (27) authentic women, honest and brave with great inner strength. which have a free mind and do not follow the flock xxx (26) My mother XYZ (17) just a woman of extraordinary genius xyzz (20) Meryl Streep, Rosa Luxembourg Y (15) My late grandma, as she was a mother and a grandmother to me, and my sisters, that are still mothers and sisters to me yair eshel (30) Working, responsible, caring and kind women like my mother. Yaisha (19) My mother and my grandmothers. Yale (20) mom, Malala, Aunt Yamini (17) A mother who doesn't let her children fit her expectations Yeen (20) My Great Grandmother Mary, My mother, Eva, Heather Yehudster (60) Any woman who can stand up for herself and no conform to the norms set by society and her family. yesh (25) Oprah, Angelina Jolie Yi (24) A woman of genius leading an ordinary life yogi (22) mi madre yoko (28) mothers yolanda (43) My mother is the greatest woman ever. Yomaine (13) All women striving to be their authentic selves despite social media stereotypes yonderways (58) smart woman Yordan Valkov (24) Woman writers. Yuki (20) my mother Yulissa (18) My mother Yulissa (19) A woman whom has managed to master both a career whilst retaining an ability to not lose her character. Z (31) no one Z Eleanor Roosevelt, My Mom, Zac (28) My mom. Zach (13) An ordinary women leading the life of a genius. Zach (26) Marie Curie Zach A woman who believes in God, and is loyal. Zachary (25) My mother. Zachary (27) My mother, grandmother, girlfriend, and girlfriend's mother Zachary Deborah from the Bible Zachary Echo Auburn (17) mom zach taylor (17) Tina Fey. Zach Tibbs (20) women who are intelligent and selfless Zana (38) Val Spence, Ellis Greene Zar (21) My mother, my baby half-sister, my good friends who I call upon when I cry; The beautiful girls of New York Zara My mom Zay (18) Independent, worldly women who hold onto emotive passion but have rational sense zebratitle (24) Strong, intelligent women who like anal zed (25) no one in particular Zee (21) Those who can laugh easily, love freely, be brilliant and warm, and acheive everything they hope for. zetababy women who have a loving husband, two or three kids, debt free, and has a part time job just to make a little more than enough for her family Zhen Zhu (18) Can't thin of any off hand. zig Artists, musicians, creators who realise their own life and are confident, never quiet nor boorish in what they do. Zigmant (19) the people without vainglory and opportunism driving them zizi (55) women changing the face of male-dominated professions Zizzle (25) Those who ignore their sex and act as humans Zozobra (17) Alanis Morissette, a woman of deep thought and deep emotion Zyg (65) 一个可以不被世事所牵绊,活的洒脱,有爱的,有想法,理智的女强人 杨婷婷 (24) 曾乙江。 简直 (25) 曾乙江。 简直 (25) 曾乙江。 简直 (25)

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