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On Fri, 23 Dec 11 02:51:21 UTC AS (32) answered the Proust Questionnaire (click on a question to read other answers):

What do you regard as the lowest depth of misery?
Absence of Hope
Where would you like to live?
I want to see the world
What is your idea of earthly happiness?
The ability to smile every day, be inspired, and be around the people one cares for most.
To what faults do you feel most indulgent?
Lack of patience with my daughter.
Who are your favorite heroes of fiction?
So far, the old Russian classic personalities, soul seekers who look for meaning and find it.
Who are your favorite characters in history?
Political people who are endowed with an ephereal sense of integrity and justice. The Nelson Mandela's and Ben Gurion's of the world.
Who are your favorite heroines in real life?
The people who have applied themselves to their best, most fitting, and utmost abilities...they are the ones who reflect the light of the beauty of humanity
Who are your favorite heroines of fiction?
I suppose I would need to read more fiction to answer this one.
Your favorite painter?
This is an area of which I have yet to explore.
Your favorite musician?
Although the new age seems to be cultures mixing together, I prefer to go back to the roots of culture from around the world. The rhythms that I know instantly touch my soul, there are many.
The quality you most admire in a man?
Higher intellect, a special talent for living in this world, a special way of soaking it all in and placing it back out into existence in a rainbow never to be recreated. The ability to make the Road Less Traveled paved in Gold.
The quality you most admire in a woman?
The ability to survive in a man's world while remaining every bit feminine, a special kind of strength and intelligence that requires no spotlight, and no force of strength.
Your favorite virtue?
That sense of the ability of one to live through their heart and soul, the virtue of seeking of truth and passion for wisdom.
Your favorite occupation?
Reading, Dreaming, and writing verse, and summer walks with my daughter.
Who would you have liked to be?
I only want to be the best version of myself.
Your most marked characteristic?
My desire to understand the world.
What do you most value in your friends?
The ability to inspire, and integrity (or the never ending striving to be as close as possible to it)
What is your principle defect?
Inability to see my own hypocrisy's and slowness to grasp exactly how to do what I feel in my heart and soul.
What to your mind would be the greatest of misfortunes?
To lose hope for a better life.
What would you like to be?
Remembered as someone who touched people's lives in a positive and meaningful way.
What is your favorite color?
All of the colors in the world have their place.
What is your favorite flower?
I have always loved the Iris.
What is your favorite bird?
In the morning I would say a yellow finch, the afternoon, an Eagle, and in the evening a swan or peacock.
Who are your favorite prose writers?
I have yet to reach this conclusion.
Who are your favorite poets?
An area yet to be explored in great depth.
Who are your heroes in real life?
People who have put their lives on the line for what they believe and who they are. The ones who fight for humanity and are leaders and true consistently through out their lives.
Who are your favorite heroines of history?
The women who have sacrificed in the past to have made it possible for me to feel like a first class citizen in my life.
What are your favorite names?
I have always liked Charlie.
What is it you most dislike?
People who refuse wisdom.
What historical figures do you most despise?
Leaders of mass genocide and perpetrators of hatred and destruction.
What event in military history do you most admire?
I am pretty happy to be a part of the most powerful country of this time period..albeit all of it's faults I admire the fact that i feel relatively safe from forced death.
What natural gift would you most like to possess?
natural is tough...they all have to be honed and worked on...to know many languages or speak the universal language of music through piano or a beautiful singing voice.
How would you like to die?
With no regrets.
What is your present state of mind?
Humbled by the size of the world and the level of the people in it and working to unlock my full potential. Witnessing slowly the woman I always wanted to be rising up from the depths and working her way in to join this existence& thankful every day.
What is your motto?
I want to work for Goldman Sachs.

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