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On Mon, 05 Jun 17 18:50:20 UTC Calvin (31) answered the Proust Questionnaire (click on a question to read other answers):

What do you regard as the lowest depth of misery?
the point at which the object of suffering is at its most intense, and my relation to it is as its most hopeless and confused, whatever it should be
Where would you like to live?
What is your idea of earthly happiness?
Selfless connection through a loving environment that distinguishes satisfaction and acceptance from fleeting joy
To what faults do you feel most indulgent?
Laziness and self-hatred
Who are your favorite heroes of fiction?
Proust said it better than I could
Who are your favorite characters in history?
Shakyamuni Buddha, Baruch Spinoza, Albert Einstein, Lucretius, Bakunin, Kropotkin, Proudhon
Who are your favorite heroines in real life?
Virgina Woolf, Rosa Luxemburg, Emma Goldman, Kate Bush
Who are your favorite heroines of fiction?
All of the best heroines are real people: Anne Frank, Hedy Lamarr, Maya Angelou
Your favorite painter?
Don't know enough to say
Your favorite musician?
Mark Hollis
The quality you most admire in a man?
Kindness and empathy, especially in moments of intense crisis or victory
The quality you most admire in a woman?
Persistence, grace, strength, a sense of humour
Your favorite virtue?
Your favorite occupation?
Any activity that allows me to become swept up in a creative flow
Who would you have liked to be?
Whoever I can be who would provide the warmest and most inspiring company
Your most marked characteristic?
My endless ever evolving curiosity and creativity
What do you most value in your friends?
What is your principle defect?
Lack of real inner confidence
What to your mind would be the greatest of misfortunes?
To irreparably disappoint my close family
What would you like to be?
Who I am now but fully enlightened to who that is
What is your favorite color?
See Proust's answer
What is your favorite flower?
What is your favorite bird?
Who are your favorite prose writers?
Robert Tressell, David Foster Wallace, Fyodor Dostoyevsky
Who are your favorite poets?
Rilke, Blake, Neruda
Who are your heroes in real life?
I don't like to have heroes
Who are your favorite heroines of history?
Aung San Suu Kyi
What are your favorite names?
I only have ones I hate
What is it you most dislike?
Arrogance, self-absorption and the inability to empathise
What historical figures do you most despise?
Nero, Pol Pot, Pinochet, Franco
What event in military history do you most admire?
The revolutions that gave rise to the autonomous regions of pre-Civil War Catalonia
What natural gift would you most like to possess?
Natural self-confidence and willpower
How would you like to die?
Enlightened and inspired
What is your present state of mind?
Confusion and concern at my inability to answer questions accurately
What is your motto?
Everything is changing

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