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On Thu, 10 Aug 17 15:23:17 UTC Fran (33) answered the Proust Questionnaire (click on a question to read other answers):

What do you regard as the lowest depth of misery?
Not being loved as a child
Where would you like to live?
At the beach in Valdivia
What is your idea of earthly happiness?
To be free from worries and fears
To what faults do you feel most indulgent?
To the traps of the ego
Who are your favorite heroes of fiction?
Martín Rivas
Who are your favorite characters in history?
Hipatia of Alexandria, Leo Tolstoi and Rosa Parks
Who are your favorite heroines in real life?
My cousins
Who are your favorite heroines of fiction?
Women who are strong enough to get away with being strong
Your favorite painter?
Monet, Kandinski
Your favorite musician?
Eddie Vedder
The quality you most admire in a man?
Deep empathy
The quality you most admire in a woman?
Empathy, strong will
Your favorite virtue?
A good moral compass
Your favorite occupation?
Daydreaming, meditating, baking
Who would you have liked to be?
Rosa Parks
Your most marked characteristic?
A sharp mind and sincerity
What do you most value in your friends?
Empathy and loyalty, openmindness
What is your principle defect?
Pride and a sharp tongue
What to your mind would be the greatest of misfortunes?
To be shallow
What would you like to be?
The person my friends see when they look at me
What is your favorite color?
What is your favorite flower?
What is your favorite bird?
Who are your favorite prose writers?
Dostoievsky and Orwell
Who are your favorite poets?
John Keats and Violeta Parra
Who are your heroes in real life?
My cousins
Who are your favorite heroines of history?
Hipatia of Alexandria
What are your favorite names?
Ana Sofia
What is it you most dislike?
Too often, myself
What historical figures do you most despise?
Stupid dictators. They are even worse than clever ones.
What event in military history do you most admire?
When they end, anytime!
What natural gift would you most like to possess?
Even more will power and unaffected good
How would you like to die?
Safisfied of the person I have become. Feeling like I have grown.
What is your present state of mind?
Anxiety and fear of not being able to reach my goals
What is your motto?
"Quod desideras autem magnum summum est deoque divinum: non concuti" (Seneca)

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