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On Wed, 08 Jul 15 21:19:59 UTC fersfumero (28) answered the Proust Questionnaire (click on a question to read other answers):

What do you regard as the lowest depth of misery?
Being unable to do one's will freely. As in a job setting, where attention must be given to the tasks pertaining to the company, nothing else.
Where would you like to live?
In a big metropolitan city, such as New York, Paris, London, Tokyo, Seoul.
What is your idea of earthly happiness?
To be able to live without worries, doing what one's heart desires.
To what faults do you feel most indulgent?
To a life without further knowledge.
Who are your favorite heroes of fiction?
Of fiction...I enjoy watching fiction, always had...but I've never had a fictional hero. If I had been younger, Dillon from RPM would have been one. I always wanted to be a Power Ranger.
Who are your favorite characters in history?
People who had overcome their destinies: Rube Goldberg, Matt Belami, in a way...Stefania Germanotta, Bryan Fuller, Shirley Manson
Who are your favorite heroines in real life?
Shirley Manson, Anne Rice.
Who are your favorite heroines of fiction?
Astronema, Karone.
Your favorite painter?
I don't know much about Art History. I'd say Delaroche.
Your favorite musician?
Shirley Manson, I've always been obsessed with her, since I was 11.
The quality you most admire in a man?
Creativity, a mindset away from the flock.
The quality you most admire in a woman?
Intelligence, independence, critical thought.
Your favorite virtue?
My talents, my ability to question the stated, my cynicism.
Your favorite occupation?
Thinking, going away in my thoughts.
Who would you have liked to be?
A wizard, a fiction author, a creator.
Your most marked characteristic?
My tendency to want to be somewhere else. My wandering mind.
What do you most value in your friends?
What is your principle defect?
My envy, my lack of planning and vision.
What to your mind would be the greatest of misfortunes?
Not having the opportunity of changing my path.
What would you like to be?
An artist, may it be visual, cinematic, written.
What is your favorite color?
What is your favorite flower?
What is your favorite bird?
Who are your favorite prose writers?
I haven't read much fictional prose...
Who are your favorite poets?
I'm not instructed in poetry.
Who are your heroes in real life?
I have none.
Who are your favorite heroines of history?
I particulary don't admire any.
What are your favorite names?
Felipe, Veronica, Victoria.
What is it you most dislike?
Sitting on a cubicle for hours without being able to do anything enjoyable.
What historical figures do you most despise?
Religious practitioners
What event in military history do you most admire?
Alan Turin's desciphering.
What natural gift would you most like to possess?
More dominance/authority.
How would you like to die?
Admired, with a legacy.
What is your present state of mind?
I'm currently unhappy.
What is your motto?
I don't have a motto.

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