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What do you regard as the lowest depth of misery?

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To have no love. 009 (19) When my father was assassinated when I was 8. 0Miles (16) 1 1 death of my children 3endy (50) death of my children 3endy (50) to be isolated and alone 50ad (17) To be separated fom my Creator 513 (00) my mother's death 80cubed (55) To look back from old age and judge my time as wasted A (19) Uncomfortable shoes A To lose faith in myself A. (27) to be completely and utterly alone A (26) To be ignorant of who I truly am A. When my dad died from kidney cancer A (26) To have nothing that makes life seem important AA (23) To live without God. aaaaaaa (18) Severe depression AAAKKK To not find for oneself a meaning for living, to lose hope aag (22) to be completely abandoned aallisonr (30) Being in any kind of pain, physical or emotional Aaron (32) To lose self-confidence Aaron (16) to lose a child Aaron To be without my wife and dog Aaron (26) To leave a fight unfought Aaron (35) To be engaged in work that is at odds with your calling Aaron Guy Leroux (37) To never be happy again Aarushi Agarwal (13) To be separated aatishthefish (10) Mens rights activism. Particularly encountering those who have distorted whatever it may have once been into the sexist drivel it has become. Abbie (22) Not knowing your purpose or yourself Abbie Hartley Want of suicide. Abby (26) To feel unwanted Abby (27) To be completely disappointed by myself Abby p (17) To knowingly not take advantage of the limited time and graces given to you. AbbySF To not have hope abc (28) my depression at 20 Abegando (28) To lose my child. Abigail Harris (10) To never be allowed to make serious art ever again ABP (50) Ignore the suffering of others Abraham (41) To love someone who chooses to despair. Abs Ter be a disappointment ter me people. Acara McFadden (28) Loneliness, or Strep Throat. A Caring Tea (51) betrayed by someone u trusted Accba (21) Learning people aren't who I thought they were ACH (23) Being enslaved to masters of your own creations. A. Clifford Stowe (81) To have extracted from you the ability to think and dream. Acrania (25) Ignorance Adam (22) forgotten by loved ones Adam (25) Severe major depression Adam (20) To continue to live in this unconscious state of reality Adam (29) To be alienated by the people I love adam (16) to be made a fool of Adam (38) to be inconsequential Adam Always feeling like I am in a competition at the place where I work. Adam Braner (30) loneliness, hopelessness Adam Hyde (26) Forgetting my life without realizing it. Adam McGrory (39) Illness Adam Seline (30) To hurt someone I love Addy (26) to be left alone and have no one to love and to be loved adieudusk To be alone Aditya (25) Your enemies would use this information to frustrate you. Admiral Love (33) Poverty Adonia (40) To inflict the pains and hardships you have experienced on others. Adrian (18) not being able to experience life to its fullest, never being able to free myself of over- analysing things Adriana (16) the mean reds Adriana (16) To lose one of your family members adriana (45) death of parents or siblings Adriana Losing the ability to love, thus losing the ability to create and appreciate. Adrian Bauza (20) Deprivation. Adrian Conrad To have nothing to live for. Adrian George Nicolae (24) Sucicide Adrian Martyn (34) Disappointing your mother Adrianna (18) Disappointing my mom Adrianna (18) for the kafirs (infidels) to continue living AdrianOz (45) What I am feeling today. Adrian Winters (17) not having any music to listen to Adrienne Wilson (25) depression in the light of a bad experience Ady (22) To lie when the truth would serve you better aetilson (41) To not be able to read or hear music afrodite (41) not doing what i feel i can't live not doing a.g. (23) endless boredom agagagaga (24) Being alone Agalloza (23) The death of my child Agape (38) to be broke Agatha Kefali (45) To kill myself. Agent00V (18) becoming blind Aggie White The inability to enjoy any a moonlit, 3 AM walk in the park with a crisp breeze behind my ears A.G. Mata (21) To stay where I am Agnes (43) To be truly alone in the world, no friends or family whatsoever. Agnes (20) Lose all my family Agneska (20) To be alone agony (25) To be alone, without family or friends Agreen (29) Being left entirely alone, having noone to talk to and noone to hug. Agu (21) to be sick and poor Agustina (27) seperated from mom ahmad (27) To be helplessly separated from people you want to be with or the things you want to do Ai (21) asdf Ai (34) orphanhood Aida (22) To be sick and alone Aidan (21) Facing injustice. Aidan Devlin (15) To amount to nothing and live life among the weak and worthless Aiden to be alone Aiden (17) to do get in to trouble at school aiko (20) living without any intellectual stimulation aimée (22) Being truly alone in the world aimee.dawson (21) To have no one with whom to share life's ups and downs. Aisha Milburn (32) when I fight with my father aishu (14) To have nothing to do. A.J. (27) To be ignored AJ (18) Boredom and isolation Ajam (21) Losing the ones you love. Ajay (17) when my grandmother died Ajm9511 (21) to be inhuman akansha (26) To be unable to think clearly. akanthe (19) To make oneself emotionally vulnerable, and be rejected. Akbar Shahzad (20) Having nothing Aki Being sad Aks (20) Poor health, No love & Death of Loved Ones AKT (35) Depression / Despair Al (28) To be separated from my family. Al (55) being separated from my kids/kids being sick Al (42) unmitigated self-consciousness alabambino (32) When Chase was kidnapped Alan (58) Depression Alan (14) feeling disconnected from yourself Alan (14) To be rejected and fail from the life I wanted and others impressed upon me Alan (24) To make my parents ashamed of who I became Alana (20) To feel like you are living under a black cloud and nothing you do will make that cloud go away. Alan Arkin (44) Apathy for learning, self, and peers Alannah (43) my mother's death AlbaManuela (18) Having nothing to think about; not being able to stop thinking Albertine (29) To be away from nature Albertine Thrown out of the merfolk community Alcaeus (19) Being unable to function and depend totaly on others, mentaly or physicaly Alchemist (45) Being alone. Alden Lee Klaput (18) To be of no use, and of no service to anyone Aldonza77 (47) To be an alcoholic living in the streets. Ale (28) Realizing life goes on just as quickly as it's shifted - mostly during extreme moments of happiness & sadness Alecia To grow old and alone without every accomplishing at least one of my goals in life. Alecksi To not be in control of myself or my own actions Aleesha (32) Being not madly in love with anything Alejandro Amoretti (28) Becoming an ordinary man alek (20) Failure to live life to its fullest Aleksei Kotsov (63) depression, abuse. alessa (21) Being in any disgrace without hability to react Alessandro Pian (30) misery after meweor crash Alessio Lucchini (46) To feel orphaned by all you have loved. To love someone so deeply and find that the love is unrequited. Aletha Camack To give up my principles. Alex Not knowing myself. Alex (22) When you realize that no matter what side you take in life, they'll screw you over just as much as the other side. Alex (17) Not having someone to love Alex (20) lonlyness alex (38) to feel invisible to the ones you love alex (23) To be abandoned Alex (17) To lose my soulmate Alex (21) to be homeless Alex (23) not having any family or being in extreme poverty Alex (17) Loving someone who is no longer with you Alex (32) To be absolutely alone in a room. Alex (21) Finding out my mom went missing Alex (16) To be alone Alex To lose a child. alexa (28) To be forever restricted to body suits when outside. As is now. Alexander (33) To be taken from my brother. Alexander (19) the death of my grandmother Alexander (30) Not being free. Alexander Kim (19) Being completely helpless Alexandra (27) Self-inflicted misery. Alexandra (19) To love nothing or no one in life. Alexandra (24) To forget what is truly beautiful. Alexandra (18) To be alone Alexandra (15) To be surrounded by brats. Alexandra (24) Poverty Alexandra (15) loosing mysellf again to the wrong influences and people Alexandra Bryhter (24) Complete boredom Alexandra Campbell (26) Boredom Alexandra SweetTale4u Cruz Being left alone Alexandre (28) earth life AlexandriaHMerlin (40) To be left alone in a silent room for more then a day AlexandriaLHash (30) The death of a loved one Alexandria Marshall (32) Absolute loneliness. alexandrine (15) A loss of all that is loved while maintaining all that is necessary Alex Armstrong (16) A loss of all that is loved while maintaining all that is necessary Alex Armstrong (16) A loss of all that is loved while maintaining all that is necessary Alex Armstrong (16) Not being certain of what to do Alex Brooks (18) paraplegia Alex C. Losing everyone I love Alexis (17) knowing I could have done more Alexis Johnson (19) Failure Alex Reimann (18) Knowing that I will never see my beloved country Poland again. AlexRTRW Finding out I had AIDS Aley (60) Moving back in with parents. Alfonso (26) Living in poverty Alfonso (28) To not have an ending Alfreda Hitchthorn (45) that my beloved people disappear al-g (24) Losing my first great love. Ali (37) Sexual repression/incompatibility. Ali A. Rizvi A hollow soul. Alice Boredom Alice rape Alicein1derland (27) To live without a cat. Alice of Duxford to loose a son Alicia (68) Being trapped and/or living in fear. alicja (38) For the one I love to be hurting in any way. Aliid The state of decay, depression, intellectual misery. Alin (23) To feel my mind turn against me as an instrument of pain. Alina To find out that life really had no meaning and that everyone is literally everyone. Alina (20) To be completely and utterly alone. Aline Guiraudie (36) death of mother alipans (57) Apathy. Alishba Zarmeen (24) Never to have walked in my truth Alison (20) Pain Alison Martin (Alison Martin) to be separated from my family. AllenT. (33) True Solitude Allen Wasupan (16) imprisonment alli (49) To never again be loved by a man. Allison (33) To be unable to love Allison (20) To be alone, unloved, without any human comfort. Allison To be in the complete control of someone who despises me Allison Jean (21) The inability to fix situations that are simply unfixable. Allison Jean Hazen (34) living in fear alliswell (62) To be alone and forgotten Alma (25) To be unfulfilled - in love, in work, in knowledge, in community. almavidrio (35) The feeling that improvement of any kind is impossible. Altjungr (30) To be found by my mother altron2095 emptiness of existance Alvilda (20) Somehow being involved in a crime of social injustice. Alx loneliness Aly (17) To make large decisions by myself alya (17) Failing to give what my lover (Arnold) needs/wants Alyanna (22) Being alone Alyce J. to feel lonely around people Alyssa to be unwanted by the person you want the most Alyssa Cordova (17) When fun is done. When the toys are broken. Must find new toys to break. Alyssa Darkling Not having something done perfectly. Alyssa MacMillan (25) Losing my sister. Alyssa Moonchild (16) Public Speaking AM living in solitude amanda (27) Something bad happening to Ryan Amanda (23) A world without music Amanda total loneliness Amanda (42) to be extremely hungry AmandaFYS13 (18) To live a life without my children. Amanda Strong (42) Laws that keep classes, genders, and ethnicities separated and abused. Amandine (31) Losing my mom. Amara To have to listen to those below my station Amaris (17) For my parents to die.. Amayah (17) Death of someone close to me. Amayah Munoz (17) Complete emptiness. Amber (18) To lose the people I love Amber (37) To lose the people I love Amber (37) To be beholden to another for my way in the world Amber (38) to be disliked or rejected by someone Amber (20) My marital and family problems a few years back. Ame (37) to have no friends Amelia (13) Eternity of cleaning up after my brother's trail of destruction Amelia (18) I don't know, maybe being alone forever? Amelia Gates (formerly Pippet) (10) Too many to count Amelie (24) loneliness American Marxist A hot humid day stuck in traffic and no air conditioning Americanoid (50) to never feel safe or know where your next meal will come from americanwoman (62) death ames (21) To repent in love Amit Bhaskar (21) loneliness ammb (29) To be told a dish is bad Amos (18) If I am not able to meet my own eyes Amrita (22) to be alone, uncreative, and living without purpose that makes life better for others amu The loss of a child Amy (30) To be lonely Amy (33) mc donald's amy (14) To be hit by my ex for the first time Amy (28) To feel absolutely alone amy (33) The death of my beloved ones Amy (35) Living a life that no longer fits who you are. Amy (55) To lose a close family member or friend; second place, to not have access to junk food. Amy Becker; Character: Merriwether Finch (27) I'm pretty certain its already here Amy Cottington-Bray Hiding who I truly am Amy Jo as Marge (48) Hiding who I truly am Amy Jo as Marge (48) Without happiness Amy Martinez (20) Loneliness Amy R. seeing people in pain or being discriminated against amz (16) loneliness. Ana (21) To feel I have no sense in life Ana (30) love; entanglement ana (16) to be a prostitute ana (34) Being lonely, with no friends or family Ana Carolina (16) Not doing what I want. Analise (40) separated from the love of my life. Anam (26) Not feeling anything. Ana Marija (20) Seeing the one you love happy with another ANamelessWildOne (24) Headaches activating some kind of horrible depression spiral Ananke (25) stupidity anasonic (29) to be discontent with my life Anastasia (18) sailing the black void of space on a space pirate ship without encountering booty for light years ancientrobot (31) alone Andi (28) to wanna kill yourself andraya (23) Getting stuck married to some stupid girl and ending up living here for the rest of my life. Andre To have no friends Andrea (16) To live restricted, with boundaries, or being thought of as stupid and ignorant. Andrea (13) When my grandfather died ANDREAADKINS (26) To forget my family when they die. AndreaCoker (24) The loss of my mama AndreaFeliu (28) To be without art or some other manifestation of human beauty. Andreas (19) Never get to know again about the man I love Andrea SB (32) Insecurities andres007 (19) To lose a loved one Andres (19) Middle school, largely. Andrew (23) Being alone and abandoned Andrew (22) To be poor Andrew (25) To hate myself Andrew (20) To be castrated Andrew (28) To be abandoned, negelected and ignored by everyone Andrew (22) To be unable to feel. andrew (24) My farher Andrew barlow (26) No companionship Andrew J Ohls (33) Boredom. Andrew Price (38) Those Days when you are unable to have one clear thought Andy (25) To mentally isolate yourself from society, to think you are the exception. Andy (23) My mind always being like this Andy (23) My mind always being like this Andy (23) To not have someone else to share life with. andy rayford (28) To want to take my own life Andy Thomas (25) to lose freedom ang (99) It's the death Angel (13) to lose my humanity Angel to have somthing happen to my children Angela (34) To loose my family Ângela (24) Feeling completely isolated. Angela (30) Having no guidance Angela (19) Absolute solitude Angela Estrada (20) To die old and lonely Angela McAdams To lose love Angelicstar (45) being sad and lonely angelina (26) to lose my parents Angelo Navarette (18) Suicidal Angel Rodrigues (41) to be alone and unloved angie (29) to live for nothing angiece (18) Being cheated on Ani Self-destruction because of the inability to reflect Ani (22) to not have money Anick (99) To be separated from my parents and to possibly miss the birth of my little sister. Anik (16) Not knowing all that offerings of the Universe. Lack of self-control, knowledge, and self-awareness. Aniyah (19) Not knowing the reason for human existence. Anj (24) a broken heart anjali to be unloved Anjel (28) losing both parents, having low income, and no vehicle. Anjelah49 (49) Feeling worthless and like things won't ever get better. (They do!) Anjelika (22) to live a life time of lonliness , not the lonliness of feeling alone , but the actuality of being alone. Ankassandra (15) Being unable to recognise one's own caliber. Ann (19) The pain you feel in your heart when someone you loved deeply dies. Ann (62) Death of mother Ann (50) To lose my loved ones Anna (20) To be alone in your suffering Anna (22) To feel alone, to lose one of your loved ones unexpectedly Anna (20) to be separated from my sister Anna (13) Self-pity and victim mentality. Anna (16) Being cast out from my family. Anna (34) To be alone Anna Baker (20) absolute loneliness Anna Kalimar (18) When you can't satisfie your physological needs Anna Maria (21) not being able to admit into a hospital because you have no money Anna-Maria Fear AnnaMay (51) death of a person I love. Anna O. being misunderstood by others and by oneself Anna Stein (21) Homelessness Ann Delaney (44) To feel like I've failed myself Anne (21) to be all alone anne (23) having to cough in the middle of a symphony concert Anne Farquharson (78) Loneliness Annelise (40) Dying alone Anne Louise Sheldon (34) To be alone and not have connection to people you trust Anne Patricia F (21) To live a life without love Anneta t obe unhappy Annie Watching the suffering of a dying loved one. Anniel (62) clinical depression anniezee (54) Knowing that people will always lie AnonAzure (19) To love someone without being loved back. anonim (18) Being under the thumb of another anon moose (19) solitude with no end in sight anonymiad (15) Losing my favorite pair of GAP jeans! Ansley Stevenson (16) Uncertainty. Anthony (23) Being alone Anthony (24) To die a long slow painful death anthony (48) life Anthony Almeida An important but unsolvable double-bind. Anthony D C (20) Getting a divorce amongst other thing to go along with it Anthony lawhon (27) The state of not knowing your own presence such as dementia Anthony Scine-Sceni (42) to hate yourself antoinette (24) To live without hope. Anton (52) to be unable to move Anton (51) Not understanding people and different kinds of personalities. Antoniette (20) being unsuccessful and lonely Antonina (20) To be unrecognized Antonio Lemos (18) Being poor and miserable and unable to change your life for the better Anty Being alone and unwanted Anusia (34) not to be able to live and study Anya (22) To have no contact with nature. Anya (71) loneliness anything To be completely unneeded by anybody, especially those I care about Anzi (27) To be without love a.o. (40) Finding no reasons to live. Aparajita (26) Finding no reasons to live. Aparajita (26) To be alone without friends. Apollo (58) To lose the wiiling for living Apos to be living with amidst people with no values Apply (30) To fail my dreams April (20) God's disappointment in me April (21) To die unloved and forgotten AR (20) To find out that you couldn't handle everything that comes your way. Ara (15) asdfasdf aram Loneliness Aranneaa (19) to live without love arctic_child (36) Boredom and failure Ardent (30) Sitting on the fence A real phony (27) the loss of my faith Areeba (25) Not being free to live life as I please Ari (29) To be wanting - hunger, thirst, etc. Ari Failing my duty Arianna (15) Being away from home Ariel Having my crown taken from me. Ariella Bordaine: Female Protagonist (20) To be without company, friendship, or love of any kind Arizona (19) To be loved by no one. arlo (64) my mother's death Armando (34) Not succeeding in life and not getting rid of the feeling of competing with my husband, Arnold Murray Arnold Murray (42) To define myself by my occupation. AROG being the only one left from my family A-ron (15) to not be able to think, move, smile, imagine and express Arsh (24) Not knowing who you are and what to do with yourself Art (23) not living up to ones own potential Arthur Lorne To die alone without having at least tried to find a life partner and start a family Artie (17) To have no friends, no skills, no faith, and no future Artie Mondello (18) All I ever wrote is lost Aruz Elliott (29) Absence of Hope AS (32) Working a low paying, soul-killing job. ascetic monk (51) Being alone and away from God Asfiya Mariam (21) Lacking self-confidence. Ash (23) To feel lonely in the company of people Ash (28) To want to die with every fiber of your being Ash seeing someone you love with another ashan (20) To hold tightly onto limited perceptions. Ash Bloom (27) to know you have abused someone helpless asherville (55) To not being about to draw or write to express myself Ashley (18) To live a life you dont want to live Ashley (28) To be separated from my family and my friends. Ashley (12) To lose my mother Ashley (20) To be separated from my family and my friends. Ashley 2.0 (13) to not be loved ashley baus (24) To die alone without ever experiencing true, unselfish, love Ashley Brazil (17) Losing my father or any close loved one Ashley Mannara (29) To be separated from my passions. Ashley Meller (26) to have never loved fully or experienced everything I can ashleytheresa (20) To have no purpose. To be mediocre and expendable. Ashwin Murali (21) Spiritual discontentment. Asi (21) to see a wrong and be unable to right it asmitchel (67) Becoming too much like my father Asmund (40) losing my love ASN (25) Minecraft let's plays Assman (19) To be stuck - unable to move forward, alone. Astra (19) To be without my child or without love Astri (36) To feel unwanted and unnecessary Astrid A world of suffering and death where everyone is sad and upset and people die and everyone is crying. A world where no one is happy, and no one is ever healthy, or safe. Asuka Suzuki (13) death of beloved Athar (25) Losing my mother Athena (17) being in the most beautiful place in the world, and not being able to enjoy that beauty atticus (36) to be obstructed from helping, myself or anyone else. attitude (49) not being able to dream Atuona (38) To be alone Aubrey Files (25) Discovering that there is no sprit world Aubrey Tate (21) To never love or be loved in return. Audreiana (20) Stuck in my room thinking too much Audrey (17) To be unconscious. Audrey Bittencourt (24) Loneliness Audrey Mahone (29) perdre un etre aimé augustine (70) To have a family member justifiably angry at me Aulieude (49) Going through airport security Auntie Em (35) To want to be free, but being shackled by the expectations of those around you. Knowing that the only way to achieve your freedom is by hurting people, and you don't think the trade-off is worth it. You continue as always, rather than pursuing your dream. Auntie Em (27) quick physical pain, such as paper cut. Aurora (32) Staring at a computer all day. Aurora to be lonely aussie a breakup Austin (19) Being rejected from everyone you know Austin Hobbs (16) To live a life unloved Austin Kimmell (16) to realise death autumn (17) Doing something with your life that you hate Autumn letting you live Autumn Boze (18) Being unable to save someone you love. AutumnRose (17) Losing my parents Ava (7) ]The feeling of not belonging somewhere Ava (7) envy avecamour Being bored Awalker I wouldn't tempt fate really. Axel (18) yearning for material objects that you cannot obtain Aya To have no ideas of ideals ayda (25) To be so alone Aye (22) To be so alone Aye (22) regret ayem (57) Loosing a loved one aym (30) To not exist a young boy (91) being extremely stupid & being lost in the world ayumi (20) Illness B (45) Being alone and unhappy B (31) Living in fear B (21) Being unfulfilled in life Bababookie To not know your worth Babette (42) loneliness Babs my father's funeral Baby (32) conversing with strangers Bad Wolff to be outcast by those i care about baggal21 (28) Death of my mother Bahar (19) To be as lonely as I am now. Bailey (19) To be separated from Sindhu Balaji Harish Iyer (20) To be separated from my son. Bald Sky (38) Any point past losing the will to live Bambi (17) Not escaping the teeth of addiction Banana Hammock (30) Not performing B-Anne destitute and shunned by all barada To be betrayed by a lover barbara (50) I'm discovered to be as insane as the violent, aggressive, schizophrenic bloodline of my mother. Barbarita (21) No one wanting to claim me as their friend or chair Barbielebrun Charley the beach chair (54) Never getting to eat Cheese Nips or pretzel Combos ever again Barbielebrun Garry the ghost crab (54) If my wife died Baron Von Nazzenpoppel (46) Living without love. Barry Wextall (20) to be exiled from people and things i love basbas (22) to not be able to help people in the world Batgirl (23) Losing my family Baylee To be truly alone bc (22) To be truly alone bc (22) not evolving as a soul being BCQ (30) Never leaving this town to explore more of the world. BD Lonliness Bdme (23) Living life without thinking Bea (18) Something bad happening to my little sister Bea (18) To be homeless with no support, or in solitary confinement. Bear (49) feeling alone bearoid (30) The death of my parents Beatlhoven (47) not being able to protect yourself beatricegasti (30) work being out of line with your spirit Beatrice Moore (30) Can't watch television Beatriz (13) To fail in the eyes of the few I love Beau (28) A horrible job I had once. Beavis Christ (30) To be separated from not only Mama, but from love at all. Becca (16) Self loathing Becca (17) Anyone I know dying or seriously injured Becca (21) To be too scared to take the risk and failing to achieve my dreams. Becca (19) To have no purpose in life Becca (20) To be alone and isolated Becca (21) Knowing how capable people are of deception, hurt and hatred. BeckBeck (26) to die unloved, forgotten becks (24) losing my family becky (13) Having dreams that you have no means to pursue becky (36) To lose the will to live Becky C Puking in the middle of the night. Bee lonliness, horrible all consuming lonliness bee (16) to be misunderstood beezer (64) To be irrelevant and obsolete. beezersneezer (46) To be completely alone in the world, with no one to turn to for a heartfelt cuddle. Beka (33) to be separated from my child belita (39) being negative bella (16) to live without a loving family Bella (17) To be alone Belle (26) My dad's death Belu (19) To pretend that the world is okay Ben (23) To be near death Ben (17) Extinction Ben Sartre's 'No Exit' Benedict (38) Suffering things not grounded in logic. Benjamin (29) qwerqwerqwer Benjamin Jarvis-Frain (17) Unallayable guilt Benjamin Thomas Illness that causes you pain but does not kill you. Benjamin Urrutia (61) To completely lose my faith in humanity Benjo (23) To know there is no hope Ben Johns (21) betrayal by a friend Bennie (55) No misery here, pal. BennyB the death of my children Ben Taylor to die as a child berkley (13) Self pity Berlin (25) Betrayal or separation- both equally Bernard Hartley (18) to be alone and unloved Beth (20) Losing one's mother to death Beth (25) To be isolated from peers Bethann (35) To be alone. Bethany (23) Poverty Bethany Being alone, and not being sucessful Bethany (22) Not being able to conceive my own children. Bethany Surreira (35) The death of one of your parents Beth Ellis (15) To die from illness, alone, homeless and poor. Beti (24) Taking money from others Betty Usabiaga (37) Going to the dentist Beu Mihac (15) stagnation bev The ocean Beyonce (18) I would have to say being stuck in a body that is 100% disabled, and being confined to a bed 85% of the time Bhakti Brophy (41) Spiritual Ignorance / Believing Maya is reality / Believing we are the body and mind (We are not these things.) Bhakti Brophy (45) Not being able to be with someone who you really want to be with Bhargava (25) death of my son Aaron before me bhl Not able to afford a book Bhole to have exact knowledge of your current miserable situation Bianca (18) to lose my kidness trying to find myself bibi silence; void bif The point where I cannot dig myself out again big dick (69) unkind people biggb (46) to be suicidal big guy (16) Working as a fileclerk in a damp basement Bijan (27) Being alone for long periods of time. A few days or weeks is OK, after that its pretty depressing. Bill (50) To lose my child Billie (18) TRAVELLING FOR WORK BILLSTRUP (42) RUNNING OUT OF GOATS CHEESE BILLY (38) To be on my death bed full of regret Billy (16) To live without love and beauty in my heart, acumen in my mind, and agility in my body BillyBobABC123zzz having penis cut off billy boy watson (3) Shunned by every living creature Billy the Son of the Kid (21) drunkedness Biochicklet BURYING YOUR CHILD BIPS (46) My idea of misery is to be alone wihout familly and frends. biscotte (13) to never eat red velvet cake again bismuth Betrayed and lied to BJ (56) no food, no health no tools blabla (37) to be left alone Blackie (20) the pain to my wife from my cancer Blademan (60) To be ignored by those with whom I feel the need to speak. Blaine (21) Not being in control of one's mind and subject to others' control Blair C. (29) Total obscurity Blake (17) When my best friend is upset with me Blake (24) my family blake (16) depression Blake (29) To die alone Blanca (48) Not being loved Blanca Parra (66) Being away from my Mother and the one's that I love. Blank Tae Being alone with nothing to do and no one to talk to. blip52 (27) Everything that I'm feeling right now. It's all struck me at once - my only true friend is dead, and no one else in school but me knows the horrors that took place that night. I have to leave this place as soon as I can... Bliss Inthemorningdew (16) Feeling you've failed everyone, and them feeling the same. BlondShamrock (16) To lose purpose Blood (15) Lonliness that comes from living among people but not engaged with them. Blue (16) Fear and depression Blueagle (47) Complete lack of hope and beauty Bluebird (27) Missing chow. Blue Harkness (16) Watching my mother die. BlueOrchid (39) Lack of detail. Bluto (29) To be utterly incapable of being happy BM (20) To live and die unloved bman (41) to be seperated from my family bmo A lack of direction. Bob (22) To have regrets Bob 70' bob (38) Hopelessness Bob (32) . bob Eating from my parents' trash can. Boba (22) feeling alone bobblins To have been lonely, found a companion, only to lose them and once again become lonely. Bobby (22) Spanish Inquisition style torture Bobby (40) Being alone Bobby (21) Ethics and Religion class bobby I'm not sure that I could face much more misery bobby (33) right now: going back and forth between mama's and mae's, not having a home of my own and a drunk for a husband Bobby Eugene A year of winter Bobia (25) To be isolated completely knowing that my loved ones are suffering. boku_wa_kami (25) when the things out of my control bomb (30) To lose my daughter Bonky (26) unrequited love Bonnie (15) To lose a loved one Boo (36) The loss of a child bookloverva (58) failure to conform to all christian values of morality boomalexboom to be alone Booper (52) Regret that comes after giving something away that shouldn't be given away; Not through sharing. Boris (16) Not being recognised by my surroundings. Borrie (33) To have nothing to fight for Boss (20) school bov (19) To be deprived of a personal choice in my misery Brad (17) losing my individality brad w (35) Isolated by inadequacy Brady (31) To live in a planned American city, where all the houses are alike and all the streets are the same. bram-is-e-janet-brecht-is-de-max To be left alone for years Bramma (23) Losing the ability to Make Brandon Carter (32) The inability to see the end of present troubles, to lose someone, to be miserable as to think one deserving of it Brandon Nobles (31) To have a negative mind set Breanna (18) Continuing my service in the Marine Corps Bree (23) To be alone Bree Ogden Confinement Bren (47) Not getting what I want, when I want it Brenda Everett (39) not being able to live a life of freedom and opportunities. Brendalee (59) To be unnecessary Brendan (24) Being separated from God Brennan Wilson (18) To be truly alone. Brent (16) complete lonliness brent (33) Having no human interaction at all. If there's one thing I've learned from television, it's that solitary confinement is the best rock bottom. Brent Findley (19) Having no cheese Brett Ferguson (42) Lonliness Bri (28) being sleepy but not being able to sleep (and being out of mounds) bri (17) To not have family members alive Bria (22) To not accomplish anything Brian (22) Homelessness Brian (37) to lose the ones you love Brian (24) to never meet my mate Brian (50) Being away from my family for a long period of time. Brian A. Henegar (26) to lose my relationship with God, BriannaBabyFYS13 The uncreative mind BriannaFYS13 (18) to be adrift, to be without foundation brian S (58) Life threatening injury Brien Moffett Life threatening injury Brien Moffett Losing any part of my family. Brinley (15) Losing all loved ones. Bri Toro To be helpless. I think almost any situation can be made better if you are empowered. But to be in a situation with no power at all would be the absolute misery. Powerlessness. Britta Bandit (30) To like your not good enough Brittany (25) Life without love Brittany Crow (28) To be in hell for eternity. Brittney Miller (20) Living in the street, having nothing to eat brns doing more harm than good broad (45) Telling Mackenzie she wasn't enough for me Brock Schwarzkopf (29) Being without a significant other for the rest of my life Bron Blackwell (37) Helplessly watching my family suffer Brooke (53) Not having my boys Brooke Being completely alone in a room full of people Brooke To have forgotten my ideals, and goals to be a mindless apathetic flea. Bruce Bennett (20) To lose my family Bruce Shindler (66) Desire Brutus (20) To be alone Bryan (24) Being friendless in the endless rain. BryanAngel (41) To fail my mother and people Bryan Etem (27) To be accepted by no one. Bryan R. (21) When parents died. Bryn (23) My failed attempt at suicide Brynlea (17) To not have someone who loves you unconditionally. Brynn (39) To spend my life living a life I hate Brynn (18) To have the ability to be successful but lack the opportunity Brynn My wife betrayed me and took my youngest daughter. I can't find her. Brynn Woods -Protagonist (21) to be isolated from humany traped with nothing but your own mind Bryon Springer (25) huh Bubbles (52) to be without options bubby (43) see my children unhappy Bubu (37) Stealing Buck Richardson (34) people not giving help to others when its needed buckyballs (35) Being unemployed with no prospects for the future Buddy (34) loss of a parent bug To lose my family Bugsy To be alone, feeling invisible and drunk. Bulldozer (50) a kenny chesny concert bunny panic attacks that and agressive salespeople Buns or Gracie (31) Not accepting forgiveness/grace when freely ofered Burella (61) Unrequited Love Burke (47) Tortured to death Burnable_Material_Here (18) To be an invalid BusyMinds TO NOT BE TOGETHER WITH MY BELOVED HUSBAND! BUTTERFLY (41) to be recognized as incompetent. butunn (19) Solitude Byriver Bloke (24) To loose a child BZ To have knowingly betrayed a loved one. C loss of hope c (21) losing the person i like the most C (14) The loss of a loved one C (20) Depression C (35) To be confined of knowledge Cabrales (18) suicide cacharel (37) The feeling of not having enough motivation to complete any task. Cade (15) To live in despair of the past Caidy (54) To not be able to feel anything Cailey To be left alone Caio (18) Feeling alone Caitlin (19) Periods. Caitlin (21) loss of loved one. cakes (41) Apathy, to feel nothing at all. Cal (20) Abandonment Caleb (17) Seeing my parents and sister be murdered and watching helplessly from the edge of the forest. Calla (16) to not be able to save the people i need to Callie Owens (27) the point at which the object of suffering is at its most intense, and my relation to it is as its most hopeless and confused, whatever it should be Calvin (31) Being stuck in my hometown. Cam (23) To be all alone Cameron Harvey (26) To discover life has no purpose, nor meaning. Camille (52) Going to school Cammi (32) Going to school Cammi (32) Being bored for the rest of my life. Candice (23) the solitude coming from actions making yourself undesirable Candlewycke To never leave home for someplace else Candy Losing everyone you love Cannon (33) Being isolated emotionally and mentally, nowhere to turn Captain Crunch Murders,killers etc... Carebeark5 (25) owning a cat Carissa - Casey When I am alone in reality and in spirit, and that there is nothing I can do. Carla (26) loneliness carlajwms (49) To be forced to live in poverty Carla Tate (19) To be separated from God Carlie (24) The death of a loved one Carlisle Not being able to create. Carlo (26) To lead an average life Carlos A. (24) the average staffroom Carlos Cisne (45) Leaving Krista Carlota (16) To never fall in love again Carly (19) In my experience, being separated from someone you love, but I'm sure there are worse things. Carly (21) Dying Carly C (27) Lonliness Carmen (57) losing my children Carol To not care for anything but ones self Carol (60) family or myself suffering carolina (23) To know love unreturned. Caroline (38) To love no one Caroline (25) To lose all that I have built. To fail. Caroline (33) poverty and sickness Caroline (45) To not be successful Caroline Davis (19) To be betrayed intentionally by immediate family. Caroline M. (41) I hate being sick. Carol Lacoss (62) The abyss of loneliness, from whence the love I have given is discarded unreturned. Carolyn (18) to be hated by her own children Carolyn (39) To lose a child Carolyn (45) To be alone and unloved Carrie vulnerability Carrie (44) being away from the people that make me what I am cartike To be separated from Mama Cartman (99) Bereavement Cas (25) To have a sick child Casey (36) Betrayal Cassadra (8) One of my sister's dying. Cassandra Spencer (28) Disrespect Cassandra Watkins (21) Feeling utterly alone Cassi Not having any family or anyone to back you up. Cassidy To fail. Cast (17) Regret Cat (36) To loose everything and everyone i have. Cat (24) To have no friends. cat (27) A world with no animals Cat (26) To lose my family Cat to become nothing cat (20) lying yourself Catalina (44) Cuando terminé con mi primer "amor" verdadero. No doy más detalles. Puede estar leyendo esto :) Catalina Jiménez Correa (27) heart break Cate (23) To be tortured Cate (33) To be unlovable Catelline (26) to be overweight Catharina (22) To realize you've never fulfilled a dream Catherine losing both of my parents and having to move to wisconsin Catherine (33) When I have nothing to strive for. Catherine Jean Mission failure Catherine Mitchell He feels dying is and being alone Cathlow Harmon (50) When my grandmother died shortly after my eigteenth birthday Catlin Benjamin willfully inflicting harm on any living thing c.a.torres (39) to believe your loved ones will always stay Cat Podd (37) To have literally nothing or no one in my life Catrice (37) Not to live through action, thought, speech, love, adventure, but only through breath. Catrina (15) To end a friendship Cattie Chong (26) Losing people's confidence in me... Cavit Anıl Buram (28) To fail to save everyone I love (and the whole world) CC (18) To be neglecated by family CC (22) lonely and addicted ccc (27) for a loved one or yourself to have an incurable, fatal disease ccchnl illness or physical weakness cdl (35) To be homeless Cee Cee (17) Solitary Celeste (32) Believing that hurting others will make you feel better. Celia (15) To be unable to create art. Celline Marge (18) to be a strange to your own family cenire (25) Being totally and completely alone. cerisetea (34) Not to be saved Cestmoi No sex C face. (22) being with people you don't like cfm (37) To be dependent on my mother Cfreedman (38) Solitude ch To be more computeur Chacha (13) being alone Chancelor C.J. King (19) Losing myself Chandra Alexander (24) Time lost and physically being separated from my children as they grew. Channon (45) To lose the ones you love Channy (19) Not being able to avenge my sister and honor her memory. Chanter (18) To see that faerie kingdom shine bright after the torture they put me and my people through. Chanter (24) To be without love Chari (21) Being misunderstood Charleigh Throwing down the towel in life, before giving death a good match. Sure death will win, but I'm not gonna let it get the best of me. Charlene (17) To lose everyone I love Charlene (18) Incapacity to love Charles 01 ( 7) Loving no one in particular Charles Au Lavoie To be alone in a crowd. CharlesB (48) constant pain Charles Davis (60) Abandonment by mother at age 11. Charles L Davis Jr (51) To be abandoned by those you love Charles Pybus (61) Leaving our home and loved ones behind. Charlie Fry (36) to feel i have caused the losing me a loved one. Or to keep the appearance me normality when i know really i an failing myself and others miserably charlotte (29) Having the abyss of loneliness in front of me, rather than behind me. Charlotte (18) To be without a fresh line of thinking. Charlotte H. (23) To be emotionally starved, intimacy-less Charly Mariaan (49) No friends, broke, ugly Charmaine (25) to be forgotten charosa (20) to be separated from my lover charu (22) To be abandoned by your loved ones. Chary Silva (22) To be unable to helt loved ones when they suffer Chas (20) To be completely alone. Chase (16) to not achieve my goals and dreams Chauncey Character (29) to not have anyone who loves you chay (40) to lose any or all my children Cheche (40) to know you will die alone and never be loved cheeky (26) Lonliness Cheemargh (36) death of my mom chele to be separated from Michael chelle (47) Losing loved ones. Chelsea (21) To lose my throne and power. Chelsea (23) Not reconnecting with my sister Chelsea (28) Give up on everything, including God and Faith. Chelsea Smith (24) To lose my mother Chelsea Whiting (26) to be unloved and unlovable Chelsy Losing my daughter Cheri D. to lose my mother or any one I love Cherie (40) Living outside of America as a woman Cherish Robinson (21) To be completely misunderstood Cherlyn (40) To have no control, and to be completely helpless. cherry (16) To not love yourself Cherub (30) to think of older family member will leave you one by one Cheryl (38) Being black and poor in the south Cheryl The loss of my mother Cheryl Barnette (59) There are two types of misery, one is hope the other is loss of it. Both leave one convinced in his own powerlessness. Cheshire (22) To live without any purpose chetana Retaliation Chi to lose my children chi-chi to literally have nothing and no one Chickpea (31) To be alone Chico (46) have burns on body and with no perscribed pain medication Chief (57) Having the family name smeared falsely ChiefJ42 (44) the first night trying to sleep after losing a loved one chiklitz76 (39) To leave my family while they still need me. Child (8) self-loading - to be ashame of oneself Chinita (34) to know about your faults,realising but not able to change anything,to be trapped in your own self chinnu (20) Separated from dear ones Chinnu (38) A world where a man is not allowed to pursue his dreams Chip Griphix (35) To be alone. Chiu Jing Hua (17) An eternity on your own chloe (21) To be separated from my family Chloé (18) Living with such a tard, which I despise. Chloe (17) To know for certain that I'll never be cherised by a lover Chocolate Bunny (32) Being in physcial pain with no way to control it Chonda To be hopeless Choraven (32) The failure to see pleasure in the mundane. Chris (16) To live without hands Chris Sitting alone with my thoughts, thinking of all I should, and could, have done. Chris (19) Living in fear or not fulfilling your dreams Chris To not have the family and friends I do now Chris (13) To be unloved Chris (35) To have no love Chris ageing alone Chris (52) to be without my boys chris (45) To be rich in money, but poor in friends chris (24) Denial, intolerance, and Chris Glass (39) Feeling useless Chris S. lonliness Christa (27) Feeling completely useless Christabelle (29) not being able to move through nature, to walk, to run, to swim, to... Christian (44) To stop thinking. Christian Boyanov (24) To die alone Christian Soldier (33) Failure as an artist, working as any sort of laborer Christina (26) To lose the ones I love Christina Caceres (26) To be without my daughter. Christina Kronberg (23) Watching people you love hurthing Christina Tounzen To live the same life as my parents, which means to get up and do the same thing every single day of my life. Christina X. (37) losing a family member christine (18) Heartbreak. Christobel (17) The lowest depth of misery is the moment where you are between offing yoruself or striving to live and fight longer. Christobel in College (18) loneliness Christopher (24) To be able to describe ones problems but not to solve them. Christopher Blaum (37) To be in a small yellow room with lots of people. Christopher Boone To never be able to see my father again Christopher James Stagg (16) Being in constant, agonizing pain Christopher M. (31) To be depressed to the point of suicide. Christopher Mitchell (17) To let down those closest to you Christopher Ross (23) A life where I'm as alienated as I am sleep deprived Christopher Sloce (26) To be alone, forgotten christy (44) To be separated from everyone I love Christy Turner (50) To be separated from everyone I love Christy Turner (50) To be alone while your friends are having fun. Chris W (29) eternal separation from God Chuck (43) watching loved ones die Chuck (44) To lose my family Chunky Lover Living unhappy Ciara (24) Living in fear Ciara (22) Loss of beloved Cickany (51) To be completely alone Ciera (16) lower your standards and compromise Cilie (50) Working every day with the same evil people. Cindy watching your child suffer cindy (50) To live life unhappy Cindy (24) To be the low man on the totem pole Cindy (22) emptiness Cindy (50) Living in fear CindyLu (58) To be without my family Cissa Fireheart (32) To never find and touch the object of my affection. Ciucan (18) to be without my family cizz The point before suicide CJ (18) heartbreak CJN (21) when I divorced CL (66) To watch your mind lie to you, and the realisation you will drown in your thoughts. Cla (22) A nine-to-five. Claire Being forced to marry someone I don't love. Claire (32) To live without love. Claire Bartholomew (16) The death of my mother Claire Cullen (49) To have failed any of my children. ClaireW (65) That last moment before you leave for a job you hate. Clancy seeing someone close dying and no being able to do anything. Clara (20) Caring about someone that doesn't care about themselves Clara To be humiliated Clarence (17) to lack any form of human connection Clarissa (18) Not being able to get revenge Clarisse Johnson (24) Betrayal by those you love and trust Clark Langridge (32) Locked in a room with no windows and crying children Clau being in love and not loved Claudia (36) Knowing you lost your last chance Claudia (21) Clay Douglass: To be stuck in sameness Clay Douglass (34) losing a loved one clay zook (19) to be seperated from everyone i love clazza mgee seing the people i love get hurt Clelia Beatriz Valdez (22) horror clemence To be without my friends clemfolk49 (13) to live forever unseen, unheard,unloved and unknown Cleo (∞) loosing yourself to drugs Cleo (17) Living a life that is not my own. clockwork (34) to not be loved by my children cm (57) Torture Coastside007 (42) suffer from boring and necessary daily tasks cobweb (24) To be lonely and penniless CockneyKnight (48) To feel everything I do is a shot in the dark unheard Coco (31) To have love disappear Coco (19) To feel alone in a room filled with people. CocoPuff2016 (44) To be alienated from all things that bring me happiness codered (18) Death Cody (25) The parting of friends who could have been closer to each other, but remained distanced from one another out of timidness or other outside influences. Cody Gould (17) To liose my children Col (41) When I was in an abusive marriage Cole (37) To be all alone in the world Colin (39) To be completely and utterly bored. Colin (22) Overcoming an unrequited expensive Colin (25) To be alone with no friends Colorful (28) My daddy not returning home when he leaves. Colton (27) To want to die. comnomnomor (15) To be without faith and hope. Connie Go Through life alone Connie (24) losing a friend,family, When there is no hope left, when there is death. Connor To be separate from Christ. Connor To lose my purpose in life Connor (16) Not leaving a mark on the world Connor Taylor (19) not having friends Conny (71) Addiction conor (34) lack of inspiration constanceeee (19) To be alone Constantin (32) To have hopelessness in life Consuela Depression Cookie depression cookie to be starving cookie (51) Being forced to choose between my mother and my life CookieFantastic (46) Being alone Cooper (16) dying Cora (26) Lonliness Cora (39) My daughter and granddaughter never reconciling... Cora Henley (15) When my mom passes away Core (25) To lose every goals, to become pointless Corentine (25) The effects of global warming. Corey To be alone and self pitying corinne To be alone Cory (22) To leave in fear/confined by fear Courtney Loughlin (Courtney Loughlin) to be alone forever cpaters1 (26) Nothing at all, misery is a state of mind. cr To have lived through the death of some of the gentlest people I've known. cr (34) Injustice Craig (35) Growing up in a poor family. Craig (8) To become a lonely and unloved old man, whose never experianced unplatonic love. Craig Suga Biles (22) to know that i'm not loved creed (35) Long terminal illness Crimson (60) to see one of my children die cris losing his wife Cris Taking a position for my brother-in-law. Cris Violence against women and children Crisfe (31) Seeing my loved ones in pain or despair and not being able to do anything about it. Crishna Murray (42) sickness Crishna Murray (43) Lose myself Cristi Failing everything I attempt in life. Crystal (17) Spiritual bankruptcy, addiction, deprivation. Crystal (32) absence of love Crystal (22) To hurt people. Crystal (34) The long days being away from my husband. Crystal (35) When there is no one to connect to csheehan (17) Losing a Child CStoney (47) to lose a person of my family or friend cuchi (40) Self pity. Isolation. Cucks Living in solitude cucu (26) To loose my mental abilities eg. Alzheimer cvelez (64) dying alone and without love cweekly Be betrayed by the one(s) who I love and trust. Cyan Imsomething (28) To not please my parents d0701 (29) to be ordinary D To lose Smudge D (32) To have never loved Dachary (23) THE ABSENCE OF ANY AND ALL FREEDOM OF DECISION-MAKING. DAD Running out of Doritos Dad (42) My mother dying Daesia Garcia (16) The death of a loved one Daffy Sue Esposito (60) Having no creative outlet/being unhealthy and unattractive Daisy (27) Not knowing who I am. Daisy (17) To be alone Daisy Ignorance Dakota Swaveman (18) Blindness would totally suck. Also paralysis. D_Alex (46) The everyday intrusions of other people dA member: sonicbutterfly (17) To be unhappy by choice Damien TC (36) The loss of Bubby and Papa Dan (29) unrequited love Dan The loss of a child Dan (39) Losing friends Dan (51) finding myself in unquenchable flames Danae (17) Living in prison for the rest of my life D Anderson (42) To have no money Danger (16) to lose a child Dan Gileg To suffer such a blow that you become unrecognizeable to yourself. Dani (31) To be isolated and completely alone, with no way of reaching the outside world Dani (19) to lose a loveone Daniel (25) To be considered stupid and worthless, even by my most beloved family Daniel (16) To be separated from your family Daniel Below A world without music Danieldidit (24) To have nothing and nobody Daniella (27) Losing my sister Daniella (28) Although I am a pessimist, I try not to think about the lowest depth of misery. Danielle (15) Every time you lose a loved one. Danielle (35) to be lonely DanielleKeith (19) Understanding that life is meaningless. Daniel Molina (20) Reality TV. Daniel Phelps (23) To be irrevocably separated from my one true love, and then to live forever alone. Daniel Stephens (Character Sketch) (22) guiltiness daniiii (18) To be alienated from God. Daniil (22) spending most of my time with my wife or being married until death do us part Danine (48) My current situation: Living half sober and on the run, for the moment, in hellhole apartment above stinking Bourbon street DaniStory (29) To be separated from God Danny (25) Lose everything I believe in Danyael (16) Not to be loved Daph (45) Feeling like you do not have a place in the world. Darbio (16) to be alone Darcy (20) No dinner Darcy In the pit of depression Darcy (54) disgraced in eyes of loved ones dareman (64) life dario (21) To be stuck in a job I hate Darlene (29) Losing a loving mother. Darnell To be forever without the ones I love. DashEloise (32) To watch your mother suffer for 6 months, not be able to talk to her and then have her die suddenly when you thought she was getting better. Dave (45) The loss of a loved one. Dave Cresswell (46) physical pain DaveG (39) The loss of my father, little brother, and home. Dave Whitaker (40) To be isolated, deprived of all things humane Davey (18) suicide DaveyD (24) To lose the ones I love. Davian (alias) (32) When I am not in fellowship with God, I feel most alone. And being alone to me is mostly misery, unless I am meditating on something. I am miserable when I think of myself and the things I have done I feel like in many ways I have dishonored God. David (19) Death. David (10) to watch your parents die David (18) ignorance David (63) A meaningless, bureaucratic, banal life David (24) Not being able to love David living alone David (51) the slavery david baiguera (35) Slavery, war David Dean (35) To be separated from my family David Del Aguila Osollo The death of any child David E.J.A Bennett (29) to lose everything I have worked so hard for my entire life. David K (46) Being separated from my family. David King (23) To lack Inspiration. David ROWE (42) To be deprived from beauty David Sergio Cisneros Ardura (46) To live in a world without freedom. David Thomas (60) Not being able to keep my dark side from getting the overhand, when I really should struggle for betterness. David Timme (19) To live a life of solidarity David Wommack (19) To be betrayed by someone you trusted most. Davie (16) To be falsely accused Davi Silva (21) To be surrounded by ignorance dawn (40) To have no hope. Dawn Robinette (51) Losing my sister Dawson Oh easy, not having any parents. Daxion Mr. Dax Johnson (29) feeling un-loved Daya (22) losing everyone i hold close Daydreamer (18) To be alienated by my own child Daydreamer (63) To be alienated by my own child Daydreamer (63) Hatred towards another living thing dbrown (24) to be without friends dcsnowbunny (25) not having anything in common with anybody Dd (43) Realizing I'll most likely never amount to anything important. DD (16) To fail to meet your own standards. DDG9000 (25) To lose all people I love Dea (40) Being with women who don't understand or like me. Watching my dying father suffer. My dog dying. D. E. Alvis (58) I don't know. I've never experienced something as unhappy. Dean (17) Inadequacy and loneliness DeAndre Beck (20) Getting an F on a test! Deanie Being without my family DeAnna Alexander (35) to be dishonored or betrayed by those closest to you Deanna Sanders (44) To be a nobody. Deathwalker To be separated from my sons Deb (37) Not being with loved ones. Debbie (56) To be deceived Debbie (45) To be without my family, most of all them, forever. Debby Creech-West (43) to be robbed of a future Deborah Faciane (21) Being broke, under-employed, and hungry Deborah S. Wilson (56) never having met all the people I love Deborah Wilson Death of my children Debster (48) Conformity / Assimilation Declan Cohen (35) To be separated from my children. De-De (36) Losing a loved one. Dee (24) to fail at my academics Dee (19) Living under the rules of someone else. Dee Spread misery, there is no lowest depth; I am the depth and I am ever growing. Defeat and Doubt (antagonist) Losing my wife DefMelon nnhgfg Dein Name (optional) Living with regrets for the rest of my life without a way of redeeming myself. Deisyelena (17) To Not Be Loved By The One Who You Love The Most Deja Vu (20) Depression Delaney Not being in control Delia Nidhogg death of mother Delia Webster (80) To be away from Alex. delice_ok (21) Losing my mom Della Cassia Topouzian (Della Cassia Topouzian) misery itself dendoo (23) To be stuck in my own head Denine (24) To not be able to play with my friends. Denise 1 addiction Dennis (61) To die alone Dennis Theodore (37) To not being creative. denny (23) When my twin sister died. Denny Failure Densio (25) To be lost in an endless cycle of your doubts rendered physically and socially inactive Derek (27) Servitude Derek (20) Not being able to play hockey Derek Ambrose (22) To be utterly alone derp (22) things you cannot change desert dweller Losing homework Detective. Jones The one you love the most hates you devanand To die alone and unnoticed. Devon (18) To be without Angelo. Devon Lisenby (20) death of family Dev Tucker (17) Failing; my family, my self, my studies. Devu (22) To feel like God doesn't love you Dez To be in a horrible car accident. Dezirae (17) Death of a child DH (39) to be reviled by all those around me, as in be seen as vile diana (52) self doubt Diana (52) To be loved as someone I am not Diana (20) To be left alone Diana (15) To out live my children Diana Falling out of power. Diana To die unsaved and go to hell Diana Thomas - English Thursday 6pm (38) To be controlled Diane (53) To be all alone in the world DianeD (50) Having my little sister tagging along every place I go Diane Stanfield (79) basking in ignorance Diarre Ibrahim (22) Being arrested for stealing a house Dick Esposito my parents death dida (14) The negligence death, when can be avoided. Diego Miguel Danura Puyó (30) To be in the midst of a panic attack Dietgingerale To wallow so deeply in self pity as to not realize the sheer joy of simply being alive Dilip C Louis (32) Being stuck with someone miserable Dilynne (28) Being completely alone, with no family and other people, to love yourself and by yourself. Dimitar Atanasov (25) not to be loved dimitris (25) Losing the people I love. And need. Dindin (20) Death Dino (18) not depths - but a vicious circularity that rises and falls, moves forward and backward... Dioji To lose hope in life and the ambition to live Diona (19) Lack of aspirations. dionysis_dt (24) A World without law and order Dirk Radman (35) When I shot myself. Dirty Jean (86) to be separated from My Best Friend Divya (20) Probably to be tortured. Dixon Wragg To be treated as though you are unimportant & have no value in the home and/or workplace. To become worn down over time & to accept that they are right. To have your self esteem degraded to where you become the unexceptional person they have created. DizzyblondeChic (55) very rich but living alone with no friends or family Dj Depression dlew919 (40) The feeling of lonelieness dmca (38) being misunderstood Doc55 (55) loosing your child Dolna (39) Not being in love Dolores Nabokov (26) ssssss Dom Never having known God; Feeling the ultimate lonliness in this world without bonds. Dominic (17) Harming someone Dominick (23) Unrequited Love Dominick Miller (19) The stripping away of Freedom Dominick Miller (20) Harming others. Dominick Miller (21) losing my parents Dominique To be away from the saintly persons. To not get their association. Dominique To not have a mother who loves you Dona (35) To be separated from my family DonAli (33) Unrequited love donkeys4eva (20) to live without my husband Donna Falksen (69) To lose a child donna obrien (54) To become a failure and never victor over my fears. Don Ricardo Torres B (20) A broken person merely idling their days away. Doob Doggo (21) separated from my family/boyfriend/dog doodledoo12345 loss of a loved one Dor (50) to be alone Dori (23) To live not caring about anything in life. Doris (19) depression dorothy6@aol.com (50) To be back with the mortals Doryan (30) La ignorancia Dothzilla (33) Being broke at retirement Doubting Divorcee to be completely alone in the world Doug (30) To fall out with members of my family. Doug Lambert (65) Lonliness around others. Douglis (44) Stasis Douni betrayed without recourse downtime (63) not knowing what to do, not be able to decide for oneself, no feeling on anything Dracontomelum (30) Never to let anyone really know me. Dragana (22) To be so alone that you don't even know how to be with others anymore. Dragontongue (22) To be apart from my baby son Dre (35) To have no one Dre (17) To be forced to live if/when I don't want to Dreamboat Annie being unable to feel DreamBrother (27) Life Dreda (23) being stuck in the town I grew up in Drella (26) To live life without knowing love Drew (26) to not be alive and helping others Drew (16) To not be liked or loved. drift Being bloody well forgotten. Dr. Isaac Busafalus (53) coldblooded killer actual and in figurative terms dritjeta (42) to be bored, boring, and sweaty simultaneously Dr. J (76) dealing with mouthy teen agers Dr. Lauren Ashe to be humiliated publically and professionally Dr. Shelby Cruze - protagonist Blissful ignorance. Dru (24) Separation from my son. Drucar (45) Banishment, exile, disconnection from self, others and the world. dryskel (28) to not be happy ds (45) To be a total social pariah. D.S.de.P.Ramos being subject to what others want DSo (47) sd dss To be unwanted Duckish Being friendless Ducky To lose the respect of my children Dude (49) speparated from parents duke (18) A broken heart made to be alone. Duncan Passell (17) to waste time dustxii (22) my free will being taken away Dutchess Having to fake enthusiasm for others. Dutchess To lose your dream Dvach (18) Being unable to communicate DWP (18) How I took my first break-up. D.X (22) My love to leave me Dylan (17) Everyday life Dylan Adams (25) Death of my spouse DZhelo (46) death of my father E Life itself E (34) To be alone and lonely E ennui e (28) Being totally and completely subjugated, having no capacity to think or act freely. E (20) To waste my life E (18) To not achieve what I am capable of. eagleclaw (35) To be alone in a room full of people E.A. Latham (25) To be hated and unwanted by everyone. EAR (19) complete loneliness in the middle of nowhere Earth Speck (30) Lack of compassion Eau (45) walking through grief after the death of a loved one EcoBangleLove (49) The loss of someone you love Ed (30) mental illness ed Not having soul mate EdD losing my parents eddiboy No love. Or no time to spend living a dream. Eddie (48) Being alone Eddie (12) To die knoing one has achieved nothing in life Eden (19) The initial suffering of shock in a sudden, eternal change in life, however long it lasts Edgar Roberts (15) never being able to die Edie (26) Not enjoy exixtence Edmond Dantes (26) To be jailed, enslaved and tortured. Edouard (41) To lose my parents Eduardo (19) To be separated of my family Eduardo Villegas (37) To be separated of my family Eduardo Villegas (37) reality EduGri (53) dying alone Edward (54) eating cooked spinach Edward Payne (44) fear of teachers efbar (62) The Death of a Child Effie (34) To be alone and loveless in a meaningless life. efha (23) to be fatally sick ehk2 (30) At blive adskilt fra mine børn, at fortryde hvordan mit liv er endt med at blive EHM Nothingness. Eiichi (16) Loosing my wife and children Eilfa (28) knowing that you're miserable eirianna (17) To be seprated from those who watch me Eithiel (32) probably some sort of constipation mixed with loss of family and roof overhead. EJ (29) To have no purpose, as if your life isn't your own E.Jay (21) guilt ejb (22) Severe debt or else debt to one you despise El (23) denial of aging and death el3vat0r not being able to escape the downward spiral elay (21) to live an unfulfilled life elay (23) Thinking that the world around me is too greedy elay (24) to lose the people I love eldar (25) For my loved ones to get hurt Eleanor (14) That feeling of total emptiness, of being suffocated in the darkness Electryo (15) Loneliness Elena μοναξια ελενη (33) Living without a purpose. Elena Di Cesare being lonely eleni (18) To be deprived of 'what' makes me immensely happy, which are my friends, family and cat. Eleni Constantinou (20) Being without God. eleuia Family holidays without my family. Elexia (19) being broke Elexis (18) loosing someone i love Elexis (18) Having no self confidence Eli (16) to lose myself eli (16) To not know how love in every form feels Elias (22) Having no one to love or be loved by. Eliaz McMillan (33) living without love for the majority of my life eliciabg (23) to be separed from my family elicule (13) To be ignored. Elie (16) being dependent on others, to watch others suffer, to suffer Elin (47) To be dependent on another person. Elisa Not experiencing unconditional love Elisa (28) living without love Elisabeth (22) To lose a child Elisabeth Carver To be away from my twin sister Elissa (22) To be stripped of freedom and dignity. Elizabeth to lose all the people you love Elizabeth (25) Ennui. Elizabeth (15) The day my mama dies Elizabeth test Elizabeth lossing my kids to their dad Elizabeth To be separated from my parents and brothers Elizabeth Diane Shaffer (0) To be separated from my parents and brothers. Elizabeth Diane Shaffer (0) To be alone through your own weakness Ell (23) going to high school Ella P. (14) To not have a purpose. Elle (51) Being alone ElleKay The loss of a child Ellen (48) To be without books. Ellen To be kept. Ellen B Smiley (29) Forgetting that all things change Ellen Fitzpatrick (61) Being dead Ellie (25) Sadness and depression Ellie To be all alone in the world; stripped of family, stripped of security. Laid bare to be jeered at without help from anyone. Ellie_Estrella (19) the pointless suffering of the innocent Ellie Wilson (15) To be friendless, bored and alone. Elliot When there is nothing to live for but yourself. elliot (22) Having to live home with my family again Elliott (28) To find yourself needed by nobody in your life. Elliott Hemp (23) To be separated from my family and don't have friends Elo (11) To live without a purpose elSigno (37) losing all loved ones Ely (23) having to let go Elyse (20) Binary file Em_1425616956.html matches Binary file Em_1425616956.html matches to be alone and to know you will never have a family or die alone. Em Being alone. Em death Ema (18) My life. Having your parents act like good people, but feeding you the heart of your best friend's father. Ember Winters (16) To die without appreciating the simplicity of life. emdonnelly7 The mental absence her my father. emdonnelly7 to be alone Eme (18) Never having a good relationship with my brother. Emilee (27) To be away from those i cherish, for everything i have to shatter Emilee Nightshade (19) Disapointment in one's self. Emilia Blancarte Jaber To be alone Emilie (23) Moments where I let myself or others down. Emilina (27) be stripped of free will, completly broken, a slave emilio (28) To not complete anything exceptional in life. Emillia (16) To feel all the weight and significance of the universe looming indifferently over my rather pathetic shoulders - to feel that my place in it all is worthless and incomprehensible... Emily (19) numbness Emily (24) mental illness emily (24) To be separatted from my family, my best friend and my friends Emily (13) Reaching for the phone and having no one to call Emily (22) Boredom, physical limitations Emily (32) to be in a small box Emilyann (22) Any injury that prevents me from cycling Emily Carter (37) To have no one to talk to. Emily Clark (25) Not being loved. Emily Massey Currie (47) Losing my sister Emily Thomas (23) Being forced to be around someone you dislike intensly Emily Worrell (33) to not be true to my own conscience Emma (20) self-awareness and -estrangement. emma (18) to live in a world with out remorse Emma (20) indecision Emma (50) total loneliness. hatred coming from every angle emma (14) to have no family Emma (34) to be ordinary emma (20) Not fitting in at school Emma (25) Being alone Emma Burns (28) DONNT RIGHTLY KNOW. BEEN 'ROUND DIS PLACE SO LONG, I BE GUESSIN' DYING IS DA WORST EMMA MAY GREEN (14) A loveless life. Emma McKinney Killing those who have done nothing wrong and dealing with the consequences of these actions Emma Snow (16) Being alone Emma Verbeck To feel alone (not lonely) with no potential for finding companionship in any form Emme (21) lose my family Emmy losing my grandpa Emmy Failure, specifically - failing to grant my wish, failing in my duty as a star guardian, failing to protect my human, being a failure, being wrong any time, ever. Oh, and having to admit I was wrong after being wrong. Yeah, all of that. Emperor Aisel Fei Shiang (18) To lose your parents when you are young. Empyrean (17) Frustration of one's own dreams or abandonment to conformism encolpio8 (22) losing loyalty towards my own principle Endimion to be apart from you endor Suffering the death of one's child ENEgck (56) Roaming with no destination, in complete loneliness with the burden of your unredeemed sins Engel (48) To be separated from my books. Enis Not being able to create or not being able to be created Eno A. Agolli (15) To be alone with no one to talk to, not even my "self" or manifestations of myself via imaginary friends. Enrique (21) To live purposelessly eotf (26) to be disfigured eraserhead (18) To be without any sort of friend. Eric (15) rejection Eric (40) Losing everyone I love. Eric (37) To be aware of the world's misery and lack any will to change it. Eric (19) not getting out of your repetition and knowing you are there Erica Not achieving any goals in life Erica (25) to lose my family or die alone, to never get my own mind to agree with my heart Erica` (21) Poverty in consciousness Erica (65) Having to choose between "friends" I dislike or being alone. Erica Johnson (21) To be stripped of self-confidence and self-reliance. Eric C. Wolfe (28) to be alone Erich (20) To be without the people close to me. Erich (19) A depressive episode Eric Kraft (18) Losing someone you love. Erict7 Failure Erik (25) When I'm alone Erik Isaac (19) To lose someone I love Erik Price (18) My moms funeral. Erin (27) To be unhappy with my life Erin (53) Outliving your child Erin (30) losing the ones closest to me Erin (20) Unrequited love Erin (46) Losing my mom, and losing everything that disappeared into the crack of her last breath, which I witnessed while holding her hand. She was 57, I was 28. Erin (31) the lost of someone you love ers (22) Solitary Erskine (35) Threat. A negative imminence. ERZ (1) My family or friends dying. esayer (35) To be betrayed by family Escalus (22) To lose the person I love most. Escapism (19) suicidal despair, I would imagine, although I've never felt it so I suppose I can't be sure Esmé (18) To loose à member of my family Esmee fidelius (54) To have no place or people to belong to ESMERELDA (50) To hate oneself. Estacia Hernandez (37) to be seperated from one's true love esteban (29) Becoming a murderer Esteban (23) wet socks Estee loneliness, solitude estrella blanca to love and not be loved in return Et (32) To be considered a failure Et Cetera (22) To feel cut off from friends and loved ones Etha (26) To being unable to create ethan (20) To never be able to interact with my friends or family ever again Ethan Mayatt (25) Losing someone close. Eureka (16) to have no memories of anything that happened in my life ando to be dependent of someone to do my basics stuff Euzinha_ds (20) The feeling you get when you fail miserably at something that you should have succeeded in. Eva (23) To be hated by the one's you love Eva (16) Isolation Eva being human evan ass hatch (18) Misery itself. Evanna (18) Being helplessly lonely but not alone. Evan Washington (20) To have no friends Evie (22) To lose all my family Evie (16) Loosing sense of reality evilwonders (28) Hopelessness. evren (16) sickness and loneliness at the time exiile (30) To see the world as a pure skeleton, without any meaning Ezra (20) to be destitute and alone, cold, and left alone with the guilty hunger in my head. FA Losing my child FAA to be completely alone FAC (25) To nit have a nice car Facio Death of a parent or siblings Facio (19) to be broke F. Ahmed (15) To feel lonely Faith (17) being alone fallen (24) complete physical and/or mental helplessness fang (30) For a human being of our time, to never be able to grasp how tiny we all are (including the so-called Universe or "Multiverse" itself) Fanourios (40) see a man crying farfalla (30) being alone. farfoura (22) Constant ennui. fatgaynig (20) To be separated from my love Fatima (19) Hopelessness 7 Fatima (26) losing respect and confidence in myself fat man (33) To let myself down Fawna (19) To be forever alone Fay (22) The feeling of being abandoned Faye (34) Depression feanix (20) To live without friends Felipe Maia Unable to get out of a dire situation, and feeling hopeless Fern (25) Losing my mother to cancer... Fernando (31) Watching my family suffer financially Fernando (31) Feeling like I want to end my life Ferroever (43) Being unable to do one's will freely. As in a job setting, where attention must be given to the tasks pertaining to the company, nothing else. fersfumero (28) The death of a pet FeydRautha (46) slavery Feysweetie (43) Becoming unwanted fhickey (22) ... something to do with not being loved, or not being able to love Fidjeridodu (30) To be unloved Fields (19) When mama died Fielirious (34) having no money filinia (22) To be forgotten. final fashion (33) Confinement. Finnegan (17) To be separated from true beauty in the world Finnegan Magondolovich (Long Story...) To get everything I ever wanted without any trouble... I believe this answer has been tainted by a twilight zone episode... Finokio (38) to lose peace of mind firdevs (30) Not having enough money to eat for a month. fk2005 (34) The death of my sister. FlameHorse (28) Having no hope or dreams for my own future. Flantasy Girl (25) repetition; not quite habit, but repetition flavia (13) to be isolated from all the people I love Flo to live without hope Flora (69) To not finish my work. Florin-Alexandru Brănescu (16) Doing nothing Flower (39) loneliness Floyd Being ignored at all times FlyinMonki (27) Intense, unrelenting pain ForePlinger When everyone who loves you has passed away ForSavvy To die without understanding the point of my life Fran (52) Not being loved as a child Fran (33) to have no purpose in life and to regret what i never did instead of what i did Francesca (29) uncertain of one's choices francesca (49) invaisive people Francesca Loss of a loved one Francis (18) not being able to feel Francisca Bastos (17) Lost yourself, feeling traped in a cyclical and cold "living box" Francisco Aguirre (23) Not to have a job Francisco Javier Gil Vidal (54) Not being allowed outside Francis Graham (9) To live a life without God Francis Times (20) For someone to suffer due to me. Frank (27) To be disrespected Frankie (23) child beggars being taken advantage of FrankieSmash (49) To live in poverty Franklin Frank Anglin (32) Being surrounded by people who you don't understand and don't understand you. Frank Nekrasz (25) to have wasted a chance and never get it back fred (16) Bad health Freda (61) to end up knowing everything and finding that things are truly evil/ Freihat (17) To realise you've wasted your life Frieda Isabelle Robson (17) Being a failure Friedrich Mueller (57) Uselessness, hopelessness Fritha Grey To be called a Jew lover. Fritz (12) any misery for which I was responsible and the misery of family and friends for which I cannot be responsible. frw helplessness fumble (19) hiding under a bed, being afraid to come out, being so afraid of tragedy that you don't live. furies (27) withdrawal from sunkist FYS13Alec (18) To be very hungry FYS13Amanda (18) Losing a game to a team you know your better than. FYS13Andrew To never be able to see my family again FYS13Bella a constany state of feeling alone FYS13Brandon (19) Failure and lonliness FYS13Chad to live longer than your children FYS13DRJ death FYS13Holly To look back on my life and wonder what I did with the time that I was given, to lose hope that things will change. FYS13Michaela (18) losing my closest friends FYS13Savannah Henry (18) To let your life steer you instead of you steering your life FYS13Tyler (19) To be forotten completly FYS14Darling (18) To have no water. FYS14Erica (19) to live longer than your children FYS14julie To deeply Love someone who doesnt Love you back FYS14Kelle (20) being alone. But by being around people that make you feel alone more so than physically being isolated. FYS14Landon (18) Failing at the things I love FYS14Mikaela (19) To have nothing in life, no family or physical belongings. FYS14Sam (19) No cell phone service FYS14Sara Being in a place far from home and no means to go back FYS14Serenity (19) to be lonely FYS14Taylor losing both parents FYS14Timesha Isolation FYS14Zachary To not have Friends FYS breont (19) To have no one in your life. FYSHeath (18) To lose my grandparents FYSKylie (19) To love no one and have no one love me FYSMadz (18) To be living in a world with no future for myself. FYSMegha (18) Isolation. FYSMichael (18) Being separated from friends FYSNick being treated unfairly G g g Utter social disconnection G. (23) live without my mom Gab (19) Never experiencing love. Gabby (13) Living an unfulfilling life Gabby Griego (18) Depression with suicidal thoughts Gabe (31) being considered worthless Gabi wasted talent Gabi (17) To be isolated from everyone. Be it mentally or physically Gabriel (28) Living in sadness Gabriela (18) lack of integrity Gabriela Coelho Mesquita Teixeira Borges (26) Avarice. Gabriel Gonzalez (26) To never see my little brother again Gabriella Fuentes (17) To not be loved Gabrielle To not be loved Gabrielle Lonliness Gabrielle Hart (20) to be friendless and familyless gaga (13) to be separated from my sons Gail (44) Hope Gail Flaherty Poor, unloved & unemployed Gainer (52) Almost everything that can get him into trouble Gaios (19) The loss of my beautiful wife Gait (17) eternal loneliness Galareh (23) A living human Gamba Ajani To be banished from the clan, like my father was, taking us with him gamorreangirl (43) Having nowhere to go. GarbagePailGrrrl (27) To go through life completely alone. Garrett (19) Being bullied Gary (45) Boys who I like that don't like me back. Gary H to be without love and/or to be unable to love gatetam (38) A non beleiver Gator Krazy Dave La riqueza gavalia (46) The pain of having betrayed a loved one. GD (47) Being completely and irrevocably alone. Gean Whitehead III (20) Saying goodbye to a pet Gemn Saying goodbye to a pet Gemn to be ill abroad Gene (51) Eternity alone Gene (24) Misery - the art of being miserable. Misery was defined by Lady Kite as a feeling of immense sorrow and pain. I have yet to feel such a sensation. General Obsidian de Veyra To die alone Genevie To not reach my true potential. Genevieve (22) To be deprived of choice and free will. Genevieve (15) To have lived without living; having wasted precious time on insignificant matters. Genevieve (16) My sister dying Genevieve (17) To never forgive myself for what I've done even when I know that I've always tried my best. Genie (65) losing a child Genie (58) Gen X is haunted by an existential restlessness that can never be satisfied because the opportunities are thinner, the past looks fake, tired, and just plain wrong.; unemployed and living with parents.-Forbes.com GenXer2012 (39) To be seperated from loved ones. Geo (20) Being lost in a crowd. Geo (57) When my companion had done wrong, the only way to make right was to put him out of his misery... George Death in the family George Brosnan (16) Losing my family George Mile (35) To be blinded and therefore unable to read George Owers (21) To think that there is no hope in the world, and the big fear of unexplained things Georgia (14) to be in constant and agonizing physical pain Georgia (53) For someone I love to die Georgia (16) To lose my lust for life Georgiana grave illness Georgie To have not lived the life you were destined for gg Imprisonment - physically, mentally and spiritually. ghazaleh (27) Losing someone dear Ghyles (31) Losing loved ones or freedom Ghyles (31) To be seperated from my lover Gia (21) to not know how to give Gianne (21) Living with my parents at age 40. Giannico (40) I haven't searched deep enough to answer that question Gideon (30) to die alone in the jungle Gill (63) To have one of your children die or go missing Gillian Martin (40) To be alone forever, with no hope of interaction or close contact with others. Gina (19) Being without hope. Gina (30) Loneliness Ginger Thompson (50) Sabotaging the love of my life Ginny (47) To lose all hope and fear of the gift of life. Gionna (28) Loosing unconditional love Giorgia Non accettare la solitudine Giovanni Moro (32) Taking shelter from social interactions Girl You Too Rude to find no meaning in anything. Giselle (18) To be utterly alone. Gjabrielle To lose my family Gladys Mae Whitaker Feeling trapped in a living situation Glenn Parker (24) To have no goals Glen Reeves (37) To bury my mother. Gloria (59) Feeling uninteresting, isolated Gloria poverty Gloria Heatley (58) Not being able to live with oneself GMcG clinical depression goblin64 (45) Boredom Godfrey (19) nem tudni szeretni többé gofaify (19) To be without a man in my life. GoGo Patty (46) suicide Golden Boy (20) Surviving my children. Gonzalo Not to be loved goukrish (19) to be separated from my son GP (39) being caged in GPB (37) Death of my mother Grace (30) the loss of a parent when you are young Grace (12) To find that no one loves you, including yourself. Grace (28) Losing everyone I love Grace A. (15) the passing of my grandmother Grace Cooper (20) To lose that love which makes one human gracehoppin (23) Loneliness Gracie (22) To lose those I love Gracie Campbell (23) To live alone. Graham (20) Separated from my family, especially my momma Granny (81) to watch my younger brother die Gray (19) Constantly having to lie or dodge questions about my identity Grayson Ender (28) To deny one's own voice or destiny greatlove (32) To be left unloved. Greer (33) Losing my parents. Greer (9) to feel absolutely alone Greg (19) to expect a greater life after this one Greg (24) to be all alone Greg (17) Suicide Greg (36) To be apart from those I love Greg (53) To lose a loved one Greg Lytle (26) poverty Gregory (30) to live in complete isolation from loved ones, from creative inspiration, or sunshine gretel Attending your best friends funeral Gret Sidl (17) AH, MY MIND ONLY GOES TO THAT TERRIBLE PLACE INSIDE WHERE NO COMFORT CAN EASE THE ACHE. FINDING MY 16 YEAR OLD, AUTISTIC SISTER, MARTA, WHEN I WAS 23, AFTER SHE HAD BEEN BRUTALLY RAPED BY GERMANS INVADING THE NETHERLANDS ON MAY 14, 1940 GRETTA VAN DEN BOSSCHE - OLBRACHT (86) Living a meaningless life Grey to be separated from my children and unjust imprisonment greythorne (38) Losing parents Grimace (17) Losing my parents Grimace (17) Losing my parents Grimace To lose my mom Grimace (17) to be separated from my beloved ones gruchi (63) no purpose gruffmusic (49) allowing my nearest to suffer while I could do something to prevent Gtergab (50) To be Poor Guard (45) To live in a world in the control of the unworthy and weak Guenther To be the only one left in the world. guiller van mistoffellees (17) Born into a situation that is terrible and inescapable. Gus (18) To not be able to find my way back hom GusGus5 (47) Nunca pensei a respeito Gustavo (21) To be alone gutsyaardvark (19) being totally alone, not loved or not missed by anybody Guy Van Driessche (44) To lose someone I love Gwen (18) To be a failure. Gwen Being separated from the people I love Gwyneth P. (44) Family disputes Hadja (19) situational depression Hailey (34) Losing family memebers Hailey (15) to live with an utmost desire to die Hakusha Senbon (24) To live without purpose or reason, and to die without leaving an imprint of yourself. Hal (18) To be separated from my loved ones Hala (34) To lose my daughter Haley (19) losing one's self identity hamdi (20) loosing sth unimportant hamideh (26) Dire loneliness Hamlet (30) To lose all your family members Hana (14) A life without love Hanna (24) The loss of all my family and friends Hannah (15) sickness Hannah (32) loss of a loved one hannah (25) to lose my family hannah (16) Living everyday hating every second of life Hannah A (18) Spending your life alone. Hannah Chambers (24) To be completely unloved, no friends or family Hannah Ross (20) Losing my pawpaw. Hannah Suttles Getting stuck at the bottom of the ocean with no oxygen Hanshaw (14) being alone with your own self in a room. Hari (21) Misunderstood grief. The murky, gloaming of a suffering wrought by fellow humans--intending only to inflict temporary pain. Harold E. Leighton (37) Misunderstanding & unchangeability. Love like soldiers, entrenched. Hate like ice. Harold E. Leighton (40) not completing the great trial Harold Oberg Desperation Harriet (23) Being prevented from living life to the fullest Harry (27) The death of my courtesan, Ninon de l'Enclos Hartleigh A. Chance (35) To be ashamed of yourself Hassallah (30) death of a loved one Hassan (21) going to the light Haven Everest (7) to be lonely hawaii50 (45) If I ever each it, I'll let you know. Hayzeus (23) Turning into my wolf form Hazelnut (17) Aphasia HCE (15) dying unexpectabe Heath To realize what I have always been missing, and find its to late to get it. Heathcliff (20) to be alone HEATHER (37) Losing contact to human race. Heather (20) Not knowing who I am Heather Driussi (41) Who is God HeavyFire (16) feeling suicidal while being high on E heider (27) To be alone Heidi To be seriously ill without work or money. Heidi R. ficar louco Heinar (52) Have no money Heithmann (29) to become what your ennemies like to think you are Helen (32) Depression Helen (19) Not being able to accept myself for who I am Helena (18) The idea of complete monotony, having no respite from the mundane, every day/ Helena Jenkins (20) failure, not accomplishing my dreams Helen Mattison Wyatt (20) losing loved ones hellgirl (19) For my family to go hungry Helory (22) being left by my best friend helz bells (41) Lack of literature around me Hena Riz (34) Terminal Cancer Henry (46) To be irredeemably mediocre Henry_Z (25) for someone who you love most in the world to not love you back equally her (26) to stray from the faith Herald (71) to live with the dread of losing a precious love herbertofwestlake (43) Losing a loved one, particularly a child. Hern (39) To do nothing, while your life is fading away. Herod (20) Being lost in a large city and not knowing the language Hero Solomon (25) To never be able to explore the world Hestia (18) Being alone Hetal (22) To die alone HHP (41) An abscence of drugs in a time of need. Hi how are you To be without hope, happiness and comfort Him (17) To be without hope, happiness and comfort Him (17) The death of a loved one HimynameisAlicia (15) Being lonely without being alone. Hira Yousuf (18) To be alone HKas (28) To watch my entire village die and not be able to do anything about it HKas Losing someone you love Hkr (24) Total complete insolation H. McMillan (33) Ser olvidado. H.Nakashima (21) myself hobbes (26) to not have lived a contented life hodouk (22) Seeing a loved one suffer and not being able to help Hoelder1in (51) Losing a loved one, knowing that the emptiness they left will never be filled Hoelder1in (55) Being brought to the idea of suicide, but failing or not being allowed to do so. hoffsta to be without hope holden (27) To lose a child Holley (39) To be unloved and not to have lived. holly (17) to be unhappy Holly (22) To have no one to love Holly Avery (32) not having control Holly Pajka (28) There are too many to name. They are equally awful in distinct ways. One is living without my husband. Hong Jay To have hope and no means to realise it Honora (40) Loneliness Hooks Someone is mean to me Hopefloats (24) to bury your own child Horace pluck (54) Knowing the exact time and day you are going to die Houston (19) being away from child howard (34) My most miserable moment was leaving my son for a year. howard (34) Separated from your love HP (20) To have to pretend as something i am not to be loved. Hrudaya (24) to die unloved and alone, forgotten huck finn (48) To be left alone Huda (19) death Huey (28) losing a loved one to death huggybear (29) To be useless to other people Hulot Redux Mariana trench! Misery is on another axis Humbugger Omlet (20) Being left alone Hunter (23) free range chickens Hurricane Katrina (25) Misunderstood & mistreated due to that Hwee (45) To lose passion Hwiseon Lee (24) Flashbacks of combat Hyldami A life unfulfilled Hyosun (25) Absolute practicality in living and planning everything more than a few days ahead. Hypnos The Blade (46) Being separated from Christ HYS (47) To not be able to feel, see, touch and hear the world around me. I (22) To take the beautiful things in life for granted. I To be known forever as an horrible person or a failure, no matter how much good I make or succes I achieve. I Self-loathing Ian (23) Hopelessness Ian (44) Fear of your future ianplanet (47) Away from family, I guess. Ian Siente to be in a loveless marriage - and acknowledge that it was of your own choosing I Beg (54) To be forced to destroy the person or thing you care for most, after having lost everything and everyone else you loved. Iblis Anak (22) to be unwanted by my other half Ichabod When my grandmother died shortly after my 17th birthday. Icis To spend time contemplatig one's faults without knowledge of how to end them. I do not have one. (22) To be weak and alone i dont know that i know (17) Being incapacitated Ignats (70) To be alone and fail at everything you hold dear. Igor (29) The lowest form of misery would be to be forced to speak publicly. Iilyanna To be a failure. To be shunned by others. Ika (24) To have to unfairly pay for others' crimes. ile105 (23) To be irrevocably frustrated with my life. ile105 (27) To be immoral to morality Ilija (17) Death of my spouse Illinibeatle (44) grief IM (82) To loose a child or a parent Imajones death of a love one Imee Seeing the world of men without strife or turmoil I.M. (Imam Mahdi) (5) Being lost in life Incognitus (23) being overcome by an addiction to the point where nothing and nobody else matters in the world India (15) To stop trying Indrė (17) Feeling Alone indy (30) no returned love, or equivalent affections. inez (21) To live without hope Inkie (60) to be homeless interestedparty stifling of the artistic voice i.p. To be separated from my family Ireland Rose (12) To be useless Irene (17) To be alone and not having someone to love. Irene (26) To lose hope Irina (16) being unloved Iris (18) To be taken advantage of Iris (22) Not to be noticed by the one who means the most Iris Ramsey (32) to have no friends isa (29) Loving from a distance, but never at close quarters, without the tenderest embraces. Isaac (16) to have my first love die Isaac (29) To no longer be the best at what I do. Isaac To have lost hope that the world can be made better Isaac To live to be so old as I watch everything I love decay. Isabel (19) To die knowing I didn't live through my ideals Isabela (18) To not being in touch with your true self Isabella (14) To have no family, to fail at life itself. Isabella Fairchild-Heart (Protagonist) (26) To be separated from my beloved family Isabelle (26) Not finding love Isadora Duncan (32) To be without love! Isas When reaching the bottom of the jar of peanut butter. Isla (21) Lobotomized from how you feel, confined to a menial job for eternity Ismael Santos (20) Human suffering, genocides. Isolde (17) To lose my loved ones. Ita (23) to be left alone itamar (23) To stop fighting. Iva Hopelessness Iva Pasztor (20) To be seperated from the things I value. Person or talent Ivy (10) When see the people who helpless ,but i cant do anything. ivy (25) A world without hope Ivy (17) Losing my baby girl Ivy Morgan (34) Being unable to perform Izzy (24) Being eternally alone Izzy (17) To be abandoned by my father. Izzy (30) Not having family or anyone to help me achieve happiness Izzy waterhouse (16) Not having family or anyone to help me achieve happiness Izzy waterhouse (16) Being unable to forget someone who never knew you existed. J to be unable to care for my family j2a18m (43) to be paralized jabbar (23) Having no hope Jacie Lin To be a coward Jack (14) injustice jack (30) Rejection Jack (45) The thought of any of my kids being out in the world alone, helpless, and needing me. And me not being able to be there. Jack (33) Having choice taken away, especially when unnecessary. Jack (17) My mother dying Jack (18) Sheer loneliness Jack Goodman (18) Never to talk to my parents again. Jackie Feeling like a failure in life. Success is what I desire to have and for me feeling like a failure in a career standpoint would really bring me to my lowest point. Jackie (18) To be alone Jackie (24) to live an average, boring life Jackie Dishonesty, Disloyalty Jackie Bordeaux (31) Lack of love and dignity Jackie Cavalcante (40) Being completely alone Jackie Vega (27) complete alienation from self. or extreme form of physical torture Jackson (32) To be seperated from my wife. Jackson8471 (23) To suffer extreme pain and suffering before my death. Jackson Fisher (47) Realising I already admitted defeat Jack Viper (29) The loss of a loved one Jaclyn (22) Having no one to respect you. Being the only one who believes in you. JaclynM (19) The loss of parents Jacob To be lonely Jacob (16) to ever loose my dad Jacob Detatched unfufillment. Jacob Richardson (18) To be absolutely useless in an area of life I deem important. Jacque (24) The greater part of my life. Jacqueline (34) To be victimized/made to feel inferior without my consent (especially by a male). Jacqueline Garrett (38) Both her parents have died Jade (17) having to put down my rat Jade-a-boo (17) To never find true love Jade Green (30) to go through life utterly unloved by no one Jadelynn (24) The lowest depth of misery is alienation. To feel alienated is similar to the loneliness of isolation, except for the fact that people can surround you everywhere and yet you still feel alone. That's the misery of alienation. Jae (18) death Jafari (33) Suicide Jaime (18) Life without meaning Jaime (28) family member dies Jake Feeling as if I could achieve more or do better Jake (17) Depression Jake (21) Feeling dependent and unworthy. Jakelina Hernandez (22) Life without Love which itself includes art, music, words and all things beautiful. J.A. Lawrence being hurt by your love James (64) To be in pain. James (30) stagnation james Being a failure. James (19) Being defeated when I have given so much to this cause of destruction James (25) being alone James Knowing that I caused all of this James For everyone to know about my humanoid blood. James - Dana (15) I've lived the depth of misery James Foley (23) Being Without Friends and Loved Ones James Green (29) Losing my pack. James H (27) To lose a child. James La Salandra (31) A public defender. James Oliver North (39) Mediocrity jameson_welsh (22) Being lost in time without knowing my history James Wake (50) to be on the brink only to find I never tried. James William Reath (21) Losing my child Jamie (25) To feel like you’re going to hell and there’s nothing you can do about it Jamie (22) seeing people who don't deserve to suffer, suffer Jamie (32) having no one to support you, not even supporting yourself Jamie (17) Loneliness Jamie (32) Being alone Jamie Never succeeding. Jamie Lynn Pearson (25) loss jamy (51) Worry. Jan Being depresssed. Jan (55) To have no passion in life, nothing to live for Jana (22) To have no passion in life Jana (22) to know nothing, and have everything. Janae (17) when somoene gives me the cold shoulder Janane (13) to feel hopelss jane (41) to be incompetent jane (20) Being poor and not being able to fulfill your potential. Jane (23) to be utterly dependent on those of inferior intellect jane fakename (25) Losing the varsity pitching position to a freshman.