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The quality you most admire in a man?

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Common sense, intelligence, honesty. 009 (19) 7". Intelligence, too. 0Miles (16) adf 1 Sense of humour, love of culture 50ad (17) Curiosity, Generosity 513 (00) Kindness 808s Kindness, intelligence A (19) The ability to carry on a conversation with me without seeming stupid A The ability to support A. (27) strength and valor A (26) Authentic humility born of experience. A. His willingness to love me back with as much passion as I love him A (26) An ability to admit their faults and to be connected with their true self AA (23) Responsibility aaaaaaa (18) Intelligence, humor, empathy, courage, the ability to adapt AAAKKK Sensitivity, intelligence, kindness and humility aag (22) Kindness aallisonr (30) Kindness, Depth, Attitude Aaron (32) Loyalty and honesty Aaron (16) they care about their appearance, funny and patient and love deep Aaron Strong will and the ability to make hard decisions Aaron (26) Sense of duty Aaron (35) Kindness Aaron Guy Leroux (37) Honesty, integrity, a sense of write and wrong, intelligence, humor, kindness, strength Aarushi Agarwal (13) When he is honest about his sensitivities and emotions. Including the “masculine” traits that sensitive people seem to look down on, like aggression. I want to know, I hate that stagnancy we expect of men. Abbie (22) Responsibility, Intelligence, Moral Fortitude without arrogance, and gentleness Abbie Hartley Honesty, sensitivity Abby (26) Chivalry Abby (27) A Can-Do attitude. AbbySF compassionate and dialectical Abegando (28) Kindness and honesty Abigail Harris (10) honesty, kindness, intelligence, respect for all living creatures, a sense of the silly and the divine. ABP (50) sensitivity, goodness, humility Abraham (41) Ability to reason and ability to act upon their ideals. Abs Trust, sense of humor, faithful AC (18) De strength ter to sacrifice oneself Acara McFadden (28) The ability to involve himself with his family and parent his children, along with kindness and morality. A Caring Tea (51) Honesty, integrity, sense of humor ACH (23) Loyalty, imagination, decisiveness A. Clifford Stowe (81) Openness and humour Acrania (25) Intelligence and pragmatism Adam (22) honesty Adam (25) Ambition Adam (20) Wisdom Adam (29) Compassion adam (16) Controlling Adam (38) rigor Adam It is admirable when a man can admit when he's wrong and admit his feelings, even if they are scared to do so. Adam Braner (30) humility, passion, strength Adam Hyde (26) How he does not blame a monthly cycle on his bad attitude. Adam McGrory (39) Intelligence, attractiveness Adam Seline (30) Bravery Addy (26) courage, talent, and descent moral sense adieudusk Etiquettes Aditya (25) Applied Omniscience. Admiral Love (33) Intelligence, sense of Humor Adonia (40) Honesty, sincerity, not embarrassed to tell people what he does when no one is watching. Adrian (18) Someone who makes me laugh, and I can be myself around, someone who makes me feel comfortable and safe Adriana (16) sensibility, care, humour Adriana (16) Integrity, humor adriana (45) loyalty and honesty Adriana Compassion, curiosity, humanity Adrian Bauza (20) Completely selfless and genuine pride, I guess. Adrian Conrad Honesty, intelligence, logic. Adrian George Nicolae (24) Compassion Adrian Martyn (34) Understanding, cultured Adrianna (18) Culture love compassion and understanding Adrianna (18) strength AdrianOz (45) The strength of character and the ability to live a black and white model, while also seeing the grays and understanding mistakes. Adrian Winters (17) sense of humor Adrienne Wilson (25) Honesty, emotional clarity, empathy Ady (22) Humility and confidence aetilson (41) Like Proust I would say Intelligence, moral sense but also a sense of humor. afrodite (41) secure about himself, not threatened by anything that he may not know or that is new; deeply wise; with the gift of creating a.g. (23) moral sense and selflessness agagagaga (24) Motivated and goal driven Agalloza (23) Honor Agape (38) smarts Agatha Kefali (45) Intelligence Agent00V (18) Honesty Aggie White Sensitivity, intelligence, courage A.G. Mata (21) Strong Moral fiber Agnes (43) Intelligence, character, sense of humor. Agnes (20) Loyalty Agneska (20) strength, intelligence agony (25) Humor, kindness, and intelligence Agreen (29) courage, intelligence, sense of humour, being a bit clumsy, moral sense, honesty Agu (21) Intelligence, common sense Agustina (27) Friendliness and intelligence A Half Empty Beaker honesty and empathy ahmad (27) kindness ahmad (24) Sense of responsibility, intelligence, and humility Ai (21) Intelligence, kindhearted, honesty Aida (22) Kind, Humorous, intelligence, tolerance and morality Aidan (21) Someone with a strong moral compass, like those I used to work with on the police force. Aidan Devlin (15) Ferocity Aiden Respectful Aiden (17) intelligence, moral sense, compassion, having strong principles aiko (20) conversation and gentlemanliness aimée (22) Family-oriented, responsible, loving aimee.dawson (21) A good, broad sense of humor, intelligence and kindness Aisha Milburn (32) humour,common sense aishu (14) The conscious inability to mislead others. A.J. (27) A man with dreams and has sense, and ofcourse, his love of God AJ (18) wisdom and sense of humour Ajam (21) Intelligence, humour, politeness, being confident in themselves. Ajay (17) loyalty Ajm9511 (21) intelligence that can outsmart me and from whom i can learn akansha (26) A sense of respect for everyone who is deserving. akanthe (19) Intelligence and vision Akbar Shahzad (20) Keeping honest Aki Knowledge, intelligence Aks (20) kindness, honesty AKT (35) Good humor, honesty, and compassion, in that order. Al (28) Presence, truthfulness, bravery , tenderness Al (55) emotional intelligence, perseverance, and kindness Al (42) generosity alabambino (32) Integrity, humbleness Alan (58) True Understanding of the world, truthfulness Alan (14) kindness Alan (14) Intelligence, honesty, industry, devotion Alan (24) Driven and absolute Alana (20) Honesty and integrity Alan Arkin (44) Integrity Alannah (43) How he talks AlbaManuela (18) Intelligence; humor; wryness; gentleness Albertine (29) honor and loyalty Alcaeus (19) man of his word, lack of apathy Alchemist (45) Indifference to the little things, simplicity, humble, minimal, strong, and loyal. Alden Lee Klaput (18) Authenticity, Courage Aldonza77 (47) Intelligence and respect towards all kinds of life. Ale (28) Humor, & a caring spirit Alecia Intelligence and strong opinions. Alecksi Bravery, Confidence, Honor Aleesha (32) Insanity Alejandro Amoretti (28) Logic, intelegence, emphaty, moral alek (20) Honesty in the sense of what you see is what you get -- the real thing. Aleksei Kotsov (63) intelligence, honesty alessa (21) Intelligence, lucidity, empathy, sense of humour Alessandro Pian (30) consequence Alessio Lucchini (46) Integrity, honesty, positive work ethic, kindness and compassion Aletha Camack Humbleness and intelligence. Alex Wit or creativity Alex (22) Loyalty Alex (17) intelligence alex (38) humility alex (23) Kindness Alex (21) sense of justice, selflessness Alex (23) Gotta be a bro. Alex (17) Kindness Alex (32) A sense of self, genuine expression of his emotions, intelligence Alex (21) Funny Alex (16) A man who is his own man. Alex Humor, Intelligence, Kindness, Integretity, Loyalty alexa (28) Knowledge, determination. Alexander (33) The smile, eyes, hands and hair. Alexander (19) Solid, dependable Alexander (30) Honesty. Alexander Kim (19) A sense of humor that's propelled by a sharp wit Alexandra (27) Kindness. Alexandra (19) Intelligence, openness. Alexandra (24) intelligence, passion Alexandra (18) Gratitude, Happiness Alexandra (15) Inner depth Alexandra (24) I don't know many admirable men. Alexandra (15) intelligence, protectiveness Alexandra Bryhter (24) Compassion Alexandra Campbell (26) Loyalty and honor Alexandra SweetTale4u Cruz Honesty Alexandre (28) gentleness AlexandriaHMerlin (40) Intelligence and humor AlexandriaLHash (30) Strength Alexandria Marshall (32) Intelligence, sense of humour, courage, protectiveness. alexandrine (15) Discipline Alex Armstrong (16) Discipline Alex Armstrong (16) Discipline Alex Armstrong (16) Someone that stands up for their wife, and children Alex Brooks (18) equity, tactfulness, trustworthiness, intelligence Alex C. kindness Alexis (17) Intelligence, godliness, wit Alexis Johnson (19) Strength of heart, mind and body. AlexRTRW His genitalia Aley (60) Honesty Alfonso (26) Friendship Alfonso (28) intelligence Alfreda Hitchthorn (45) sincerity, intelligence and sense of humour al-g (24) Intelligence, open-mindedness, integrity. Ali (37) Calmness, contentment, a constant awareness of the privilege of being born male. Ali A. Rizvi Honesty Alice A sense of purpose Alice Intelligence, moral sense, humor Alicein1derland (27) loyalty Alice of Duxford sincerity, cleaness Alicia (68) Kindness alicja (38) Intelligence, charm, wit Aliid Brilliance, genius and charm. Alin (23) Kindness, openness to experience, belief in the equality of all people. Alina Sincerity Alina (20) Intelligence but only if it is associated with modesty. Aline Guiraudie (36) strength, gentleness alipans (57) Courage, integrity, kindness. Alishba Zarmeen (24) That he see me as an equal Alison (20) Silent action Alison Martin (Alison Martin) trust, empathy alison wonderland intelligence AliZaidi (29) Will, Standards, and Desire to Create AllenT. (33) Being open-minded Allen Wasupan (16) honesty alli (49) The ability to live beyond the restrictions of defined masculinity Allison (33) The combination of intelligence and strength. Allison (20) Loyalty, protectiveness. Allison nice allison (19) Intelligence, bravery Allison Jean (21) Genius, a backbone, a wicked sense of humor, a naughty streak, secretly soft Allison Jean Hazen (34) Honesty, laughter, morals and intelligence alliswell (62) Intelligence, humor sense, patience, honesty Alma (25) Morality. Uxoriousness. almavidrio (35) Honor. The ability to do what one swears to do. The ability to keep all the oaths in your mind. Altjungr (30) Intellect and aspiration to grounds for self-respect altron2095 Intelligence, ethic sense, sense of humor Alvilda (20) Belief in one's ideals. Alx spirit Aly (17) honesty, intelligence, control alya (17) Humility and selflesness Alyanna (22) Honesty Alyce J. intelligence and humility Alyssa effort Alyssa Cordova (17) Self-delusion. Alyssa Darkling I'm sorry...men? Men are nothing to me and I don't care about them. Why do you think I'm single? Alyssa MacMillan (25) Smart, confident, able to teach and able to learn. Alyssa Moonchild (16) sense of humor AM Humor and Passion Amanda (23) Decisiveness Amanda absense Amanda (42) Loyalty AmandaFYS13 (18) Intelligence Amanda Strong (42) Thought Amandine (31) Honesty Amara Integrity and Courage Amaris (17) maturity Amayah (17) eyes, smile, sense of humor. Amayah Munoz (17) Gentle manliness. Amber (18) Intelligence, courage, sense of the absurd, curiosity, resilience Amber (37) Intelligence, courage, sense of the absurd, curiosity, resilience Amber (37) sense of humor Amber (20) None that I can think of at the moment Ame (37) good sence of humor Amelia (13) Strength Amelia (18) Being nice. Amelia Gates (formerly Pippet) (10) Fidelity and not having a bunch of baby mamas Amelie (24) handsomeness American Marxist Integrity Americanoid (50) integrity, empathy, intelligence and masculinity americanwoman (62) sense of humor ames (21) A deep thoughtful nature, read in all the tumultuous contradictions that soul can simultaneously embrace, cold but a coolness that is artistic and not a concrete intellectualism.. His awareness and vulnerability to sentimental interpretations of phenomena around him and a sense of something feminine in his own nature. Amit Bhaskar (21) being truthfull ammb (29) politeness Amos (18) Intelligence. Compassion Amrita (22) respect, morality, intelligence, compassion, loyalty amu Intelligence compassion Amy (30) a sense of self, kindness, humor, courage Amy (33) Intelligence, honesty Amy (28) Humor amy (33) Gentleness, intelligence, sense of humour Amy (35) Kindness, compassion, intelligence. Amy (55) Intelligence, sense of adventure, sense of humor Amy Becker; Character: Merriwether Finch (27) The ability to adhere to the 'look don't touch' rule Amy Cottington-Bray Strength Amy Jo as Marge (48) Strength Amy Jo as Marge (48) Hard work Amy Martinez (20) Softness/ understanding-ness/ confidence Amy R. kindness amz (16) cleverness. Ana (21) compassion, solicitude Ana (30) intellect, sense of expression, carefree, not domineering but confident ana (16) gentleness and determination ana (34) Intelligence Ana Carolina (16) Strength Analise (40) honesty, faithfulness, morality, principles, intelligence Anam (26) Intelligence, self awareness and morality. Ana Marija (20) Intelligence, sence of humor, ambition ANamelessWildOne (24) Hot bods, ability to empathize with people Ananke (25) Musk ancientrobot (31) sense of humor Andi (28) strength andraya (23) Strenth Andre Intelligence, Kindness, a sense of right Andrea (16) Intelligence, the ability to understand, compassion, curiosity, ambition... Andrea (13) Secure, witty ANDREAADKINS (26) A Humans abilities to continue on AndreaCoker (24) Kindness and compassion AndreaFeliu (28) Intelligence and morality. Andreas (19) Intelligence, honesty Andrea SB (32) Intelligence andres007 (19) respect Andres (19) Intelligence. Andrew (22) Economic security Andrew (25) Anima, humor/wit, conviction, a sense of morality, empathy Andrew (20) Intelligence, talent Andrew (28) Intelligence, moral sense, wit and honesty Andrew (22) Integrity. andrew (24) Compassion Andrew barlow (26) bravery Andrew J Ohls (33) I don't admire anyone. Andrew Price (38) Intellect, being brave Andy (25) Taste in music Andy (23) Taste in music Andy (23) Intelligence andy rayford (28) Loyalty, selflessness, morality Andy Thomas (25) loving passion for life, courage, imagination, energy, openess to the world, and enterpreneurship, resolutness. of course intelligence is the base of all. Focus on major. Gentleness and Naturalness. ang (99) Funny and kind Angel (13) Politeness Angel morality, intelligence, excellent sense of humor Angela (21) Truth Ângela (24) Honesty, loyalty, fidelity Angela (30) Tenderness, intelligence, empathy, humour, love of culture, a good conversationalist Angela (19) The quality of being a gentleman Angela Estrada (20) compassion sensitivity Angelicstar (45) honesty and integrity angelina (26) There good looks & a sense of humor Angelo Navarette (18) Adventure Angel Rodrigues (41) Drive, perseverance and conversational angie (29) Ambition Ani Intelligence Ani (22) strenght, fatherhood Anick (99) That he doesn't feel superior to women. Anik (16) Sensitivity, emotional awareness, gentleness, ambition, intelligence, self-control, leadership, morality, and empathy Aniyah (19) Living by what is right and not by what is easy. Anj (24) humor, openness, acceptance anjali Intelligence, wittiness, ability to argue a case thoughtfully and successfully Anjel (28) Wealth, Intelligence, Integrity and Romance Anjelah49 (49) A sense of humor, honesty and intelligence without ostentation. Anjelika (22) intelligence , mystery and heart . all in one package, he could be my man. Ankassandra (15) Intelligence, attitude Ann (19) Intelligence, kindness, sense of humor, creative Ann (62) A moral sense, intellgence and emotional awareness Ann (50) Intelligence , integrity Anna (20) Loyalty, intelligence, a sense of humor Anna (20) strong nice and beautifuless Anna (13) Empathy, honesty, ability of having deep/intelligent conversations. Anna (16) Loyalty Anna (34) Sensitive to others Anna Baker (20) dignity Anna Kalimar (18) Dignity, responsibility, honesty Anna Maria (21) values Anna-Maria Honor and Intelligence AnnaMay (51) humor, intelligence, creativity, resourcefulness, perceverance Anna O. intellect, a sense of escapism Anna Stein (21) Kindness Ann Delaney (44) Education, ambition, passion Anne (21) protectiveness anne (23) Decisiveness, compassion, hopefulness Anne Farquharson (78) Intelligence, emotional strenght. Manliness. Control. Annelise (40) gentleness, moral and physical strength, and patience Anne Louise Sheldon (34) kindness, sensitivity, calmness. NOT Ignorant Anne Patricia F (21) Masculinity Active and Strong Anneta sense of humor and not a sense of superiority Annie Kindness, humor, intelligence Anniel (62) Sense of humor anniezee (54) Intelligent, Kind, Sensitive, AnonAzure (19) Intelligence, moral sense. anonim (18) na anon moose (19) Looks, he has to be cute and athletic! Ansley Stevenson (16) Curosity, Openness, Intelligence, Athletic Ability. Anthony (23) Friendship Anthony (24) Moral sense of stabilty. anthony (48) life Anthony Almeida Honesty. Anthony D C (20) As friend it would have to be loyalty Anthony lawhon (27) True to oneself for he knows what is truth and never give up on life Anthony Scine-Sceni (42) safety antoinette (24) modesty, compassion. Anton (52) Intelligence, adaptability. Antoniette (20) empathy, sensitivity, intelligence Antonina (20) Loyalty, moral sense Antonio Lemos (18) Kindness and respect for women Anty Integrity Anusia (34) to understand a woman Anya (22) Honest communication & deep sharing, intelligence, moral compass, self-reflection Anya (71) caring anything Self-assurance that does not come at the expense of others' Anzi (27) Sensitivity a.o. (40) Empathy, intelligence and humour. Aparajita (26) Empathy, intelligence and humour. Aparajita (26) Intelligence, love of goodness, wit, manliness. Apollo (58) Sense of freedom Apos values in life, intelligence, empathy Apply (30) Intelligence, sense of fairness, conviction and ability to love unselfishly April (20) His loyalty, his love, his unbearable and insistent need to know and understand you April (21) Kindness AR (20) Gentleness, sincerity. Ara (15) Respect towards a woman Aranneaa (19) kindness arctic_child (36) Honesty Ardent (30) Conviction and a sense of adventure A real phony (27) ethics, humour Areeba (25) Humility, ability to see a woman as an equal Ari (29) Strength. Ari honor Arianna (15) Intelligence Ariel Strength, intelligence, cunning, loyalty Ariella Bordaine: Female Protagonist (20) Wisdom, humour, conversationalist Arizona (19) Steadfastness arlo (64) I need him to be strong-willed and be willing to stand his ground, and I also need him to be a leader. But, I'd also want him to be kind...respect is my middle name Arnold Murray (42) Refined manners with a sense of duty to follow his calling. AROG strength, tall, a respectful man A-ron (15) generosity, humility Arsh (24) ambition, intelligence, adventurous traits Arthur Lorne Brains, compassion, fidelity, righteous indignation, ability to compromise Artie (17) Intelligence, strong morals, the ability to overcome hubris and/or compromise Artie Mondello (18) Kindness Aruz Elliott (29) Higher intellect, a special talent for living in this world, a special way of soaking it all in and placing it back out into existence in a rainbow never to be recreated. The ability to make the Road Less Traveled paved in Gold. AS (32) Intelligence, humility, compassion ascetic monk (51) Intelligence, confidence, kindness and truthfulness Asfiya Mariam (21) Self-confidence, honesty. Ash (23) Integrity Ash (28) Humility Ash Intelligence ashan (20) Intellect, integrity. Ash Bloom (27) intellect asherville (55) His strength (both internal and external) and his moral sense Ashley (18) Loyalty and honesty Ashley (28) I don't know. Ashley (12) Compassion Ashley (20) Kindness Ashley 2.0 (13) intelligence moral sense compassion ashley baus (24) Honesty, loyalty, humor, compassion Ashley Brazil (17) Caring, loyalty, protective, romantic Ashley Mannara (29) Kindness, morality, humour, humility. Ashley Meller (26) manly chest hair, a strong nose, smiles ashleytheresa (20) Intelligence, fortitude, a stoic nature Ashwin Murali (21) Intelligence, humor and passion Asi (21) intelligence and a good heart asmitchel (67) Dilligence Asmund (40) intelligence, moral sense ASN (25) Honesty or common sense Assman (19) Honor and sensitivity. Astra (19) Intelligence, passion, ambition Astri (36) intelligence, humor, compassion Astrid Intelligence, social skills, kindness, tenacity. Asuka Suzuki (13) sincerity in lust Athar (25) Respectful , Good hygiene , loving & Makes me laugh Athena (17) talent, versatility, intelligence attitude (49) Sense of humour, humility Atuona (38) Respect for everone and everything Aubrey Tate (21) Awareness Audrey (17) Faith. Audrey Bittencourt (24) That beyond common sense intellgence. Audrey Mahone (29) humour intelligence augustine (70) Emotional insight Auntie Em (35) Strong enough to know brute sense is no match for gentleness, kindness, wisdom, intelligence and honour. Auntie Em (27) Responsibility & ope-heartedness Aurora (32) I don't really admire men. Aurora honest, funny, strong aussie gentle, intelligence Austin (19) Commonsense, and his ability to strive for success Austin Hobbs (16) The ability to find me funny Austin Kimmell (16) abusrdity autumn (17) Dependability, sense of humor Autumn minding their bussiness Autumn Boze (18) Intelligence. AutumnRose (17) Morals, Leadership Ava (7) Smarts, Bravery, Leadership Ava (7) honesty avecamour Integrity Awalker Strength. Axel (18) Open-mindedness Aya passion, idealism and intelligence ayda (25) Stead-fastness Aye (22) Stead-fastness Aye (22) Gentle honesty ayem (57) Kindness, generosity and strong sense of self aym (30) Intelligence, reason, vanity a young boy (91) intelligence, competence, humour, diligency, reliability, self-control ayumi (20) Generosity of character B (45) Intelligence, humor, caring, weirdness B (31) a open mind B (21) Intelligence, kindness Bababookie Intelligence Babette (42) courage Babs my dad Baby (32) Loyalty Bad Wolff a volatile mood bubbling beneath the surface. baggal21 (28) Possession of a duty to their family and their children. Bailey (19) Intelligence Balaji Harish Iyer (20) Humility. Bald Sky (38) Honesty and being faithful to their significant other/ girlfriend Bambi (17) Authenticity. Being an original Banana Hammock (30) wisdom barada loyalty barbara (50) Loyalty to his intelligence and smarts for money and clever to win people with charm Barbarita (21) Board surfing skills Barbielebrun Charley the beach chair (54) Knowing how to strategically place Cheese Nips and Combos outside my hole Barbielebrun Garry the ghost crab (54) intelligence Baron Von Nazzenpoppel (46) Honesty Barry Wextall (20) humility, humor, sense of direction, smarts, intuition basbas (22) Honesty Batgirl (23) Honesty and Caring Baylee Consistency bc (22) Consistency bc (22) Loyalty BCQ (30) Loyalty BD Honesty, curage Bdme (23) Bravery Bea (18) Kindness and integrity Bea (18) Compassion, intelligence, sense of humor Bear (49) independence bearoid (30) Kindness Beatlhoven (47) Endurance, sense of humor, sensitivity beatricegasti (30) Respect, intelligence Beatrice Moore (30) Intelligence and affection Beatriz (13) Leadership Beau (28) kind, polite, intelligent, brave beauty (18) Morality based on Reason Beavis Christ (30) Intelligence. Becca (16) Strength, emotional balance, intelligence Becca (17) Respect of women Becca (21) Strength, honesty, selflessness Becca (19) An ability to empathise and understand, and care Becca (20) Trustworthy, loving, honest Becca (21) Morality. BeckBeck (26) sound morality becks (24) kindness becky (13) I dunno Becky C Bravery. Bee humor, kindness, empathy bee (16) knowing himself and honestly sharing that knowledge beezer (64) Humor and gentle eccentricity beezersneezer (46) A wicked sense of humour Beka (33) intelligence, empathy, strength belita (39) passion, wisdom bella (16) strength, machismo Bella (17) Ability to communicate his feelings Belle (26) Vision. Belu (19) Now this is a great question Ida! I most admire the ability to lead and control a group of people. Eric displays this and I thirst for it. Ben (23) Unique, unorthodox, and effective Ben (17) Pliability. Ben Integrity Benedict (38) intelligence Benjamin (29) Empathy, moral sense, love properly understood Benjamin Thomas Generosity Benjamin Urrutia (61) Honesty Benjo (23) Good will Ben Johns (21) Integrity and humour Bennie (55) A sense of humor. BennyB honesty Ben Taylor Honesty, integrity, loyalty, passion, sense of humor, humility Berlin (25) Moral honesty, logic Bernard Hartley (18) strength, intelligence, kindness, the ability to be emotionally weak Beth (20) someone who can remain calm Beth (25) Intelligence Bethann (35) Determination, consideration, and compassion Bethany (23) Intelligence Bethany intelligence Bethany (22) Selflessness Bethany Surreira (35) Intelligence and a great faith in God Beth Ellis (15) Intelligence, experience and sense of humor. Impossible to choose only one. Beti (24) Intelligence Betty Usabiaga (37) One who keeps his words Beu Mihac (15) Intelligence, patience bev Values Beyonce (18) Intelligence, sense of humor, humility Bhakti Brophy (41) Intelligence, awakened heart and mind, sense of humor, wit, gratitude, charity and love Bhakti Brophy (45) Courage, Critical thinking Bhargava (25) common sense and courtesy bhl Ethics Bhole creative spirit Bianca (18) inteligence, knowledge and kidness bibi honesty bif good personality, large big dick (69) moral strength, kind heart, strong will, loyalty biggb (46) Understanding big guy (16) Compassion, integrity Bijan (27) Honor and integrity Bill (50) IM NOT A GAY BILLY (38) Intelligence, sense of humor, humility Billy (16) Authenticity BillyBobABC123zzz loyalty humour billy boy watson (3) Dignity Billy the Son of the Kid (21) honesty Biochicklet TRUTH BIPS (46) The quality a most admire in a man is courageous. biscotte (13) he should be able bismuth Truthful, loving, loyal, intelligence BJ (56) moral sense, intelligence, sensibility blabla (37) Intelligence, confidence Blackie (20) controlled strength Blademan (60) Refined craft. Queerness. Blaine (21) Strength, courage, wisdom, compassion, and PATIENCE. I also like social and friendly as characteristics. Blair C. (29) Cunning, Intelligence, Ambition Blake (17) feminism Blake (24) idk blake (16) Honesty Blake (29) Same as in a woman Blanca (48) Intelligence and a sens of humor Blanca Parra (66) Mature and knowledgeable Blank Tae Humor, passion, decisiveness, intelligence blip52 (27) Kindness, friendliness, a tendency to be understanding in most circumstances Bliss Inthemorningdew (16) Good humour, moral sense (copied), intelligence (again, copied), not being utterly clueless all the time. seriously. BlondShamrock (16) Intelligence, moral sense, loyalty Blood (15) Wisdom; restraint when he most wants to act; action when restraint would have been best. Me? I'm the act-first-and-regret-later-if-I-must kind of guy. Blue (16) Silence Blueagle (47) Integrity, intelligence, optimism, humbleness and sense of humour Bluebird (27) Being a protector. Blue Harkness (16) Intelligence and a sense of humor BlueOrchid (39) A sense for the correct and the comedic Bluto (29) Ethic BM (20) honesty bman (41) humour, trust bmo I'm going to agree with Proust on this one. Bob (22) tolerance. bob (38) Intelligence Bob (32) . bob Intelligence and wittiness. Boba (22) Humor Bobby (22) morality Bobby (40) ability to remember the morals that they were raised on Bobby (21) Care bobby Honesty bobby (33) keeping a damn job, being a provider, being strong as i am Bobby Eugene intelligemce, sence of adventure Bobia (25) Honesty, Frankness boku_wa_kami (25) intelligence, sense of humor, gentlemanlike bomb (30) mature Bonky (26) confidence Bonnie (15) selflessness, empathy, generosity, honesty, brilliance, dedication Boo (36) compassion bookloverva (58) Humor, reliability, adventerous boomalexboom Humility Booper (52) The qualities I don't have Boris (16) The ability to reflect on themselves. Borrie (33) strange bov (19) Gentleness, Determination, Loyalty, Humility Brad (17) In a man? Brad Connors honesty brad w (35) Intelligence (emotional as well as wit). Moral fortitude Brady (31) Power of persuation. bram-is-e-janet-brecht-is-de-max Humanity, Being careful Bramma (23) Man is inherently bad, but there are trustworthy ones out there... they are few and far between. Brandon Carter (32) kindness, honesty, intelligence Brandon Nobles (31) determined, adventurous Breanna (18) Straightforwardness Bree (23) Honesty Bree Ogden I have only met bounty hunters. They have little to admire. Bren (47) Equilíbro Brena (19) Taking what he wants Brenda Everett (39) I love a man that truly loves and admires his wife and children and is not afraid to show it, and he will do just about anything to keep his family happy and together. Brendalee (59) Integrity and spirit Brendan (24) humblness brent (33) Intelligence Brent Findley (19) High lactose tolerancy Brett Ferguson (42) Bravery Bri (28) dick, funny, accepting of poop snapchats bri (17) humor Bria (22) An open heart Brian (22) Sense of humor Brian (37) Strength and kindness Brian (24) taking care of their woman Brian (50) Moral turpitude, Intelligence Brian A. Henegar (26) a man who is genuine, someone who truly cares about your well being just because. brianna (18) Honesty, respectful, and good values. BriannaBabyFYS13 dignity BriannaFYS13 (18) morality brian S (58) loyalty Brien Moffett loyalty Brien Moffett Intellect and respect Brinley (15) Intelligence and strength with a sense of humor. Bri Toro Honesty, Intelligence, Passion Britta Bandit (30) Kindness, honesty, gentleness. the feminine Brittany (25) Intelligence, Ethics, Kindness and Humor Brittany Crow (28) love Brittney Miller (20) Intelligence, kindness brns intelligence compassion responsibility ambition drive broad (45) protector, provider Brock Schwarzkopf (29) Good manners and morals Bron Blackwell (37) Intelligence, humor Brooke Intelligence Brooke Constistency Bruce Bennett (20) Chivalry when seen Brutus (20) Being smart and good looking Bryan (24) Compassion. BryanAngel (41) Confidence Bryan Etem (27) Intelligence, sense of humour Bryan R. (21) High moral and ethics Bryn (23) Ethical backbone Brynlea (17) To stand up when he is called. Brynn (39) Confidence Brynn (18) Intelligence Brynn Loyalty Brynn Woods -Protagonist (21) inteligence and intestenal fortitude Bryon Springer (25) Being with my Grandpa Bubbles (52) humility bubby (43) tenderness towards women Bubu (37) Judiciousness Buck Richardson (34) intelligence buckyballs (35) Honesty & Integrity Buddy (34) sensitivity bug rationality Bugsy Integrity. Self-awareness. Compassion. Bulldozer (50) non-violence bunny Right reason divinely inspired in an intellectual man of action Burella (61) equality and fairness Burke (47) Intelligence Burnable_Material_Here (18) PATIENCE,KINDNESS,UNDERSTANDING,GOOD MANNERS BUTTERFLY (41) Intelligence,Openness to new ideas and natural respect for other people. butunn (19) A character Byriver Bloke (24) intelligence, honesty, humor BZ Open-mindedness C understanding c (21) intelligance,hard-working,individualism C (14) Courage, allure, honesty C (20) Intelligence and integrity C (35) Morality and wisdom Cabrales (18) loyalty cacharel (37) Ability to know boundaries of a friendship and not expand them as both him and I see fit. I'm not gay btw. Cade (15) Quiet intelligence Caidy (54) Intelligence, sense of humor, humbleness Cailey Idealism Caio (18) Sense of humor, intelligence Caitlin (19) Clean shavenness. Caitlin (21) efficiency cakes (41) Being sincerely himself Cal (20) Moral compass Caleb (17) Intelligence, strength, wit. Calla (16) the ability to keep up with me and put me in my place when needed Callie Owens (27) Kindness and empathy, especially in moments of intense crisis or victory Calvin (31) Strength Cam (23) Self-discipine Cameron Harvey (26) a stong moral compass, with the buffer of humor and humility. Camille (52) dark eyes and hair Cammi (32) intelligence, principled Cammi (32) Honesty and social consciousness. Candice (23) self reflection Candlewycke Intelligence, Humor, Kindness, Liveliness, Openmindedness Candy Strength, wisdom, Cannon (33) Artistic, kindness, uncommon intelligence, unique sense of humour, non-judgmental Captain Crunch Intelligence, patience Carebeark5 (25) intelligence Carissa - Casey A man of action, of keen intellect, of kindness. Carla (26) femininity carlajwms (49) nothing at all Carla Tate (19) morality and kindness Carlie (24) Moral and physical courage Carlisle Honesty, patience. Carlo (26) Intelligence, humor and "manliness" Carlos A. (24) silence Carlos Cisne (45) Daddy smiled a lot Carlota (16) Heart Carly (19) I admire intelligent people but those who still go with their hearts every time. Carly (21) Genuineness and not conforming to gender stereotypes Carly C (27) Patience Carmen (57) Honesty Carol intelligence, empathy, strength of spirit Carol (60) determination, strong, dedication carolina (23) Cheerfulness. Caroline (38) Self-control, integrity. Caroline (25) Honesty both with himself and those he cares about Caroline (33) Intelligence and moral sense Caroline (45) humour intelligence and moral sense tenderness caroline (45) Strength Caroline Davis (19) A sense of humour, clever wit and intelligence, moral rectitude, not a smidgen of snobbery, a golden heart, a stony stance against social injustice. Caroline M. (41) generosity of spirit, commitment to making a difference in the world Carol Lacoss (62) Childishness. Carolyn (18) unconditional love towards petty mistakes and an affection soft to touch Carolyn (39) A sense of duty and loyalty Carolyn (45) Honesty, morality, strength, a willingness to better oneself, humor, intelligence Carrie I have no reference--let's start with presence... Carrie (44) courage to speak his mind, intelligence (no doubt), respect, limits cartike hi's balls Cartman (99) Honesty Cas (25) Authenticity Casey (36) Their anger Cassadra (8) Loyalty Cassandra Spencer (28) I like women. Cassandra Watkins (21) Intelligence, honesty, adventurous Cassi Good personality Cassidy Steadfastness. Cast (17) Kindness, intelligence, humor Cat (36) Straightforwardness, Strength Cat (24) Intelligence, moral sense cat (27) Humility, honesty, sincerity Cat (26) manners Cat Loving nature, faithfullness cat (20) honesty, empathy Catalina (44) Inteligencia, sentido del humor, honestidad y dulzura Catalina Jiménez Correa (27) protection, reliable Cate (23) Self-governing, integrity Cate (33) Understanding Catelline (26) strength, intelligence, ability to problem-solve, respected Catharina (22) Sensibility, respect, and moral understanding Catherine grown up Catherine (33) Morals, self-conciousness, profound ideas, dreamers. Catherine Jean Integrity Catherine Mitchell Works, accountable, responsible Cathlow Harmon (50) His honesty and gentleness Catlin Benjamin compassion c.a.torres (39) safety Cat Podd (37) Honesty Catrice (37) Audacity, wits Catrina (15) Braveness, loyalty Cattie Chong (26) Humility and Honesty Cavit Anıl Buram (28) A good listener, not hateful CC (18) confidence CC (22) stability ccc (27) talent ccchnl Intelligence, bravery, balance cdl (35) Intelligence, frankness Cee Cee (17) Nobility. Celeste (32) Sympathy, intelligence, a sense of humor, ethical, braveness. Celia (15) Intelligence, charisma, moral compass Celline Marge (18) moral sense cenire (25) When they show their softer,affectionate side. cerisetea (34) Truthfulness Cestmoi Big heart. Good kisser. C face. (22) Intelligence, transparence cfm (37) Humor Cfreedman (38) Loyalty ch My favorite qualities in man is the kindness Chacha (13) loyalty and respect Chancelor C.J. King (19) Knowing when not to speak, which is as little as possible Chandra Alexander (24) Commitment, kindness, unconditional love Channon (45) Honesty Channy (19) Honor, loyalty, honesty, bravery, heart, selflessness Chanter (18) Intelligence, strength, someone who doesn't try to build themselves up too high, and I can sense when a liar is at work so he had better not be one of them. Chanter (24) Sensibility Chari (21) Integrity, honesty, intelligence, sense of humor, spontaneous Charleigh Leadership, providing, the desire to better themselves Charlene (17) Patience Charlene (50) Godliness Charlene (18) Capacity of smiling under pressure Charles 01 ( 7) Simplicy Charles Au Lavoie Intelligence, curiosity, and expressiveness CharlesB (48) honesty Charles Davis (60) Honesty even if it means self injury. Charles L Davis Jr (51) honor Charles Pybus (61) Honesty. Charlie Fry (36) honesty, kindness, backbone and energy. Love of music and the outdoors charlotte (29) His ability to defend himself in an honourable and dignified manner, his ability to hold his liquor, and his respect for women Charlotte (18) Genius and moral ethics Charlotte H. (23) Intelligent passion Charly Mariaan (49) Money Charmaine (25) humility, honesty, compassion charosa (20) Intelligence Chary Silva (22) work ethic and loyalty Chauncey Character (29) intelligence, compassion, word of honor, fidelity, integrity, has no sense of urgency to prove his manhood chay (40) Strength, Integrity Cheche (40) How he treats the lesser man cheeky (26) Integrity Cheemargh (36) sensitivity chele common sense, funny, caring, intelligence, moral sense chelle (47) See knight in shining armor. Chelsea (21) Power, strength, the ability to intimidate others. Chelsea (23) kindness Chelsea (28) Love. Chelsea Smith (24) Honesty, drive, and intelligence Chelsea Whiting (26) good manners Chelsy Trustworthiness Cheri D. just Cherie (40) Masculinity, intellegence, boldness, kindness Cherish Robinson (21) Insight, integrity Cherlyn (40) Gentleness, no fear of showing emotion, a sense of humor. cherry (16) Handsome with a sarcastic wit Cherub (30) lovely and considerate Cheryl (38) Intelligence Cheryl Humility Cheryl Barnette (59) Resilience, competence, elegance, complexity, character. Cheshire (22) Intelligence, moral sense chetana Honesty Chi humor, self confidence chi-chi kindness, empathy, gentleness Chickpea (31) Honesty Chico (46) Intelligence, sense of exploration and sensitive Chief (57) Strength, integrity, a savage body, and a tame mind ChiefJ42 (44) humble intelligence chiklitz76 (39) Someone who is gentle, who doesn't pressure people into doing something that they don't want to do, someone who stands up for those who need help Child (8) Vulnerability. Chili (17) Selfassurance - inteligence - sense of humor Chinita (34) bravery,to be able to see women as equal chinnu (20) Gentleness Chinnu (38) The will to succeed Chip Griphix (35) Loyalty Chiu Jing Hua (17) inteligance,sensitivity chloe (21) Submissive Chloe (17) Honesty Chocolate Bunny (32) Faithfulness Chonda Honesty and integrety Choraven (32) Integrity, honesty, and loyalty. Chris (16) to be humble Chris Loyalty, Humility, Intelligence, Good taste. Chris (19) Sticking to his Word and being punctual Chris Depends Chris (13) Intelligence, strength Chris tenderness Chris (52) Honest, helpful, open chris (24) power . courage . humility Chris Glass (39) Intelligence, ability to listen, self-confidence, sense of humor Chris S. the ability to cry Christa (27) Intelligence, ambition, sincerity Christabelle (29) being compassionate, grounded, sensible. Commitment. Christian (44) Toughness, endurance, sense of moral and fairness Christian Boyanov (24) chivalry, honor, valor Christian Soldier (33) Intelligence, ability to keep his liquor Christina (26) Humor and maturity Christina Caceres (26) Sensitiviy. Genuineness. Morality. Benevolence. Mystery. Honesty. Sense of Humor. Christina Kronberg (23) Loyalty, compassion, gentlemanly behavior Christina Tounzen I admire a man of action above a man of words. Christina X. (37) loyalty christine (18) Son of a bitchery, wit, loyalty, honesty Christobel (17) I admire wit, morality, honesty, and style. Christobel in College (18) Morality, truth. Christopher (24) Manliness (in the Frank Vincent sense), intelligence, madness. Christopher Blaum (37) If he wears red clothing and is nice to Toby. Christopher Boone Feminine qualities Christopher James Stagg (16) Intelligence, humility Christopher M. (31) Intelligence, common sense, kindness, not trying to be someone he isn't I could go on and on. Christopher Mitchell (17) respect Christopher Ross (23) The same as I do in women: empathy, integrity, and dignity. Christopher Sloce (26) Fierce protectiveness over his wife and children christy (44) Common Sense, Loyalty Christy Turner (50) Common Sense, Loyalty Christy Turner (50) wisdom Chuck (43) virtue Chuck (44) Tolerance Chunky Lover Power, Security Ciara (24) Honesty Ciara (22) being great acting humble Cickany (51) Intelligence, a man I can learn from. Ciera (16) attitude towards life Cilie (50) Strong mentally and physically with a moral core and set of principles that he lives by. Compassion. Kindness. Humor. Cindy humility, curiosity, kindness cindy (50) Wisdom Cindy (24) Charisma, undeniable power, even-handed Cindy (22) empathy, understanding, respect Cindy (50) Honesty CindyLu (58) Intellegence, a sense of humor, honesty Cissa Fireheart (32) The clear way of speaking. Ciucan (18) Humour cizz Respect CJ (18) softness CJN (21) A sense of humor. Second is an open mind. Claire I like hardworking men, life does not forgive laziness. Claire (32) Compassion Claire Bartholomew (16) loyalty Claire Cullen (49) Gentleness, wit. ClaireW (65) Accountability Clancy sense of humor, Clara (20) thoughtfulness Clara His passion and ambition combined with charm, intelligence and rebelliousness Clarence (17) Caring, intelligent Clarissa (18) none Clarisse Johnson (24) A man who is humble and is not afraid to stand-up for women's rights Clark Kent Sincerity, reliability, sense of honour Clark Langridge (32) Patience Clau moral and loyalty Claudia (36) capacity to see the real things behind every wall that a human can build Claudia (21) Clay Douglass: Peace Clay Douglass (34) bravery loyalty any kind of skill clazza mgee patience Clelia Beatriz Valdez (22) It's a courage clemfolk49 (13) kindness, strength, intelligence Cleo (∞) smile Cleo (17) Artistic ability, perseverance, kindness and a sense of justice. clockwork (34) intelligence cm (57) Restraint Coastside007 (42) Confidence, humour and most of all,candidness or honesty cobweb (24) Intelligence, morality, emotionally in-touch CockneyKnight (48) responsibility, kindness, humanity Coco (31) Sensitivity Coco (19) Sincerity CocoPuff2016 (44) Intelligence, strength codered (18) independence Cody (25) Sensitvity, Imagination, Intuition and Courage Cody Gould (17) Intelligence, kindness and humour Col (41) Intelligence and humble Cole (37) Humility, honesty Colin (39) Integrity. Colin (22) Ability to listen and be supportive Colorful (28) His love and loyalty Colton (27) Empathy comnomnomor (15) Compassion Connie intelligence Connie (24) Intelligence, style, Connor Commitment to responsibility. Connor Selflessness Connor (16) Compassion, not being afraid to be sensitive Connor Taylor (19) is he cute? Conny (71) Honesty conor (34) Kindness, Imagination constanceeee (19) Courage Constantin (32) Confidence, intelligence, creatiity and a sense of humor Consuela Loyalty Cookie friendlinest, fair play cookie integrity, compassion cookie (51) A sense of humor and the ability to actually do something with his hands CookieFantastic (46) honor Cooper (16) Willpower, intelligence Cora (26) Integrity Cora (39) Compassion Cora Henley (15) Honesty Core (25) Humility, curiosity, education, cleverness Corentine (25) To be socially and environmentally aware. Corey Truthfulness, vulnerability corinne Intelligence Cory (22) Kindess Courtney Loughlin (Courtney Loughlin) humor cpaters1 (26) Confidence cr integrity, gentleness cr (34) Courage Craig (35) Honor, strength, honesty, dependability, success. Craig (8) Heart. I know it sounds cheesy! Craig Suga Biles (22) Authenticity Crimson (60) intelligence combined with sense of humour cris Giving, Intelligence Cris Intelligence, determination, and faith Cris intelligence Crisfe (31) Kindness, caring, gentleman that is take charge. Crishna Murray (42) strength and bravery Crishna Murray (43) Intelligence, attitude, morals, beauty Cristi Righteousness, the ability to love but at the same time, to not allow love to cloud his senses. Crystal (17) Humbleness, silence, reserve, intelligence. Crystal (32) pride, sincerity, intelligence, humor Crystal (22) Eh. Like I stated I don't care about men Crystal (34) Intelligence. Strength. Skills. Crystal (35) Creativity csheehan (17) Easy Going CStoney (47) sincerity cuchi (40) Intelligence, wit, strength of character and someone who knows how to live, work & play equally! Cucks Honesty and Brightness and humour cucu (26) Wisdom and artistic abilities cvelez (64) compassion and humor. cweekly Spirituality and Humanity Cyan Imsomething (28) Intelligence d0701 (29) intelligence, playfulness, charm, with some kind ofquirk, seriousness, power, kindness, sexuality, someone who demands respect but when it comes to something/ someone really important can put his ego aside & be understanding- their desire for me ;) D Intelligence, loyalty, moral, compassionate, confident D (32) Intelligence & confidence Dachary (23) Intellingence and kindness DAD Cooking...dad cooks great...that is important Dad (42) sense of humor, respect toward woman and intelligence Daesia Garcia (16) A sense of humor Daffy Sue Esposito (60) Intelligence, good sense of humour, emotional intelligence Daisy (27) Intelligence Daisy (17) strength Daisy courage Dakota Swaveman (18) I'll go with Proust's intelligence and moral sense, and add "energy" D_Alex (46) Emotional honesty, the ability to love, intelligence, good humour dA member: sonicbutterfly (17) Self awareness - humility Damien TC (36) Logic and Empathy Dan (29) Honesty, sense of honor Dan honor & candor Dan (39) Compassion Dan (51) Too many to pick just one, Danae (17) Loyalty D Anderson (42) Common sense Danger (16) Fortitude of character, intellect, sensibility, genuineness, and confidence. Dani (31) humility Dani (19) Confidence Daniel (25) Intelligence, the ability to accept my flaws and a kind and gentle nature Daniel (16) humor Daniel Below Responsibility Danieldidit (24) Honesty Daniella (27) Quiet, Strong, fierce, humorous in a sarcastic manner ,and Cold to unimportant people who I can careless about Daniella (28) Sensitivity, intelligence. Danielle (15) Honesty. Self Esteem. Intelligence. Wisdom. Humility. Empathy. Wit. Danielle (35) caring DanielleKeith (19) Comradery. Daniel Molina (20) Honesty Daniel Phelps (23) Integrity, man of his oath Daniel Stephens (Character Sketch) (22) kindness, strength, humor, morality daniiii (18) Macho having strong masculence Danine (48) I can't really say that I truthfully admire men. I guess I do admire my best friend, Oliver. His loyalty is one of the best parts of him. Loyalty is a pretty big deal. DaniStory (29) Morality Danny (25) Honesty Danyael (16) Humor Daph (45) Kindness, tolerance, and humbleness. Darbio (16) humor Darcy (20) Intelligence Darcy Gentleness. Kindness. Lack of ego. Empathy Darcy (54) honesty dario (21) Ambition Darlene (29) Integrity Darnell Intelligence, wit, a nice package Dave (45) Bravery Dave Cresswell (46) sense of humor DaveG (39) Emotional strength Dave Whitaker (40) Selflessness, Kindness, Honesty, Humour Davey (18) Loyalty, have-a-laugh-ability DaveyD (24) Intelligent, protective, and fearless Davian (alias) (32) Honesty, loyalty, integrity David (19) Intelligence and honor. David (10) honor and respect David (18) loyalty David (63) Compassion, intelligence David (24) Loyalty David (51) moral sense and tolerance david baiguera (35) Thoughtfulness. My dad is so thoughtful. He always remembers people's names, and he writes thank you notes every Sunday after church David Dean (35) Honesty David Del Aguila Osollo humor and intelligence David E.J.A Bennett (29) Grace, intelligence, and the ability to do the right thing, even when it's not popular. David K (46) Kindness and Compassion David King (23) Passion. David ROWE (42) Patience David Sergio Cisneros Ardura (46) Empathy. David Thomas (60) Sense of Leadership, Intelligence. David Timme (19) Integrity David Wommack (19) A sense of moral righteousness. Davie (16) Serenity and strength Davi Silva (21) protectiveness dawn (40) Strength, chivalry, work ethic, tenderness Dawn Robinette (51) Honesty Dawson Someone who would be a loving father to me, and not hurt me. Daxion Mr. Dax Johnson (29) strength, intelligence, wit and humor Daya (22) moral sense, kindness, a sense of humor, intelligence, selflessness Daydreamer (18) Intelligence Daydreamer (63) Intelligence Daydreamer (63) Strength, determination and humanity dbrown (24) Intelligence dcsnowbunny (25) intelligence Dd (43) Having good morals, or humor. DD (16) Comradeship. Creativity, intelligence. DDG9000 (25) Intelligence Dea (40) Intelligence, sense of humor D. E. Alvis (58) Humble genius Dean (17) Moral strength DeAndre Beck (20) One that goes to work, is nice to his son, and takes him places Deanie Dominance DeAnna Alexander (35) Strength, money, pride Deanna Sanders (44) They're strong of course! Deathwalker intelligence and moral fiber, humor Deb (37) high morals, honesty, kind-heartedness Debbie (56) moral fortitude Debbie (45) Intelligence, kindness, sense of humor. Debby Creech-West (43) strong, caring Deborah Faciane (21) idealism, moral sense, even-temper Deborah S. Wilson (56) directness, refusal to tiurn every discussion into "I can top that," loyalty," honesty Deborah Wilson Intelligence, loyalty Debster (48) Kindness Declan Cohen (35) Christianity De-De (36) Passion, Intelligence Dee (24) being down-to-earth Dee (19) The ability to give a woman real praise for her efforts and not see her as a threat. Dee Foul question -- I'll eat your strongest men Defeat and Doubt (antagonist) loyalty, sense of humor DefMelon Courage Deja Vu (20) respect, intelligence, caring Delaney Trust Delia Nidhogg looks Delia Webster (80) Honesty, courage, morality. delice_ok (21) Good looks Della Cassia Topouzian (Della Cassia Topouzian) the primal part that makes him man dendoo (23) Intelligence, sense of duty, honesty Denine (24) free time Denise 1 Integrity Dennis (61) Assertiveness, power and charisma. Dennis Theodore (37) Morality and humour. denny (23) Honesty, intelligence, friendship Denny Kindness, humility, intelligence, moral sense Densio (25) Intelligence Derek (27) Honesty, intelligence Derek (20) lightening on the ice, fast stick work, and loyal to his team Derek Ambrose (22) Character derp (22) morals desert dweller kindness Detective. Jones Intelligence, Friendliness devanand I like someone whose attractive and nice... Devon (18) Intelligence, Romance, Loyalty, Drive. Respect. Devon Lisenby (20) lack of ego Dev Tucker (17) not taking himself too seriously, yet intelligent and knows his own mind Devu (22) Morality Dez Smile Dezirae (17) Confidence DH (39) moral fortitude diana (52) Honesty, faithfulness, bluntness, vulnerability Diana (20) He is understanding,funny and also mature when needed Diana (15) humility Diana Strength, power, fearlessness. Diana Spiritual strength, confidence, morals, leadership. A man that knows he is made in the image of God Diana Thomas - English Thursday 6pm (38) Strength Diane (53) A sense of humor DianeD (50) hard-working Diane Stanfield (79) Intellect with moral sense Diarre Ibrahim (22) moral compass Dick Esposito practices islam,kind,patient and handsome dida (14) In a character, James Bond. Because he is the fantasy of occidental man, taken to extreme to absurd. Diego Miguel Danura Puyó (30) Intelligence, humor Dietgingerale Cooperation Dilip C Louis (32) athletic, sensible Dilynne (28) Intelligence, integrity, sense of justice. Dimitar Atanasov (25) moral sense , intelligence dimitris (25) Agility, Radicalness Dindin (20) Courage Dino (18) integrity in adaptability Dioji Intelligence, Honor Diona (19) Intelligence. dionysis_dt (24) The courage to do what is neccesary Dirk Radman (35) What they will do for me. Dirty Jean (86) physiche,will-power Divya (20) Following the Golden Rule Dixon Wragg Patience and honesty DizzyblondeChic (55) wisdom, moral sense, ability Dj Intelligence dlew919 (40) Integrity dmca (38) manliness Doc55 (55) authenticity, intelligence and humour Dolna (39) Intelligence Dolores Nabokov (26) dddddd Dom Strong will, determination, and morality; intellect. Dominic (17) Intelligence and honesty Dominick (23) Intelligence, reason, determination. Dominick Miller (19) Calm intelligence and quiet compassion Dominick Miller (20) Virtue, dignity, intelligence. Dominick Miller (21) Intelligence Dominique Intelligence and determination. Dominique Feminism Dona (35) Reliability DonAli (33) Intelligence, ability to love and be loved donkeys4eva (20) intelligence, honesty Donna Falksen (69) Loyalty, common sense donna obrien (54) Shitterness, you gotta be a real shitter or you aint SHIT Doob Doggo (21) grace, dignity doodledoo12345 fairness Dor (50) If he is well respected and if he is a gentleman Dori (23) Loyalty and morality Doris (19) His ability to run Doryan (30) Determinación, Sensibilidad, Valor Dothzilla (33) Intelligence Doubting Divorcee Living their truth despite it's popularity or lack thereof Doug (30) Intelligence, flexibility, reliabiltiy, honesty and a sense of humour Doug Lambert (65) Vigilance. Douglis (44) perspective Douni menschhood downtime (63) be able to listen Dracontomelum (30) Intelligence, sense of humor Dragana (22) A clever mind. Dragontongue (22) Honesty, loyalty and to be trustful Dre (35) Intelligence, sense of humour, moral sense Dre (17) intellect Drea (28) Intelligence, compassion, knowing his place Dreamboat Annie spirit, will, intelligence, strong opinion, tenderness, being able to feel DreamBrother (27) Strength Dreda (23) Madness Drella (26) Intelligence, Honesty, Hope Drew (26) kindness Drew (16) Honesty, and openness drift Ambition, courage, and intellect. Dr. Isaac Busafalus (53) integrity, high moral standards combined with high intellect and handsomnes dritjeta (42) a commitment to the adage "do no harm" Dr. J (76) His sense of humor Dr. Lauren Ashe humility Dr. Shelby Cruze - protagonist Kindness. Dru (24) obstinate nature Drucar (45) Courage, conscientiousness and respect dryskel (28) endurance ds (45) Principled pacifism, intelligence, love. D.S.de.P.Ramos Kindness and intelligence DSo (47) Strength, Muscle, manliness, "Country" wit Duckish Confident , Wisdom Ducky Strength and courage. Dude (49) Intelligence duke (18) The ability to make a soup bowl out of one's beard in which Ramen can be eaten. Duncan Passell (17) intelligence, dustxii (22) Intelligence, wit, understanding, maturity Dutchess His lack of hesitation to kill for me. Dutchess A man who takes a joke Dvach (18) Intelligence, morality D.X (22) Modesty, confidence, adept at their passions Dylan (17) The will to fight Dylan Adams (25) Intelligence, honesty DZhelo (46) Intelligence and humor E (34) Intelligence E conviction e (28) Humility, intelligence. E (20) Kindness E (18) humbleness eagleclaw (35) Mentally: Intelligence and conviction; Physically: Butt, legs, smile; Emotionally: A dominating heart E.A. Latham (25) Kindness, loyalty, understanding, and open-mindedness. EAR (19) loyalty integrity, compassion Earth Speck (30) Honesty Eau (45) Ambition Ed (30) intelligence, passion ed intelligence, honor, kindness, empathy, thirst for knowledge eddiboy Intelligence. Durability. Eddie (48) Makes money Eddie (12) Respect, Kindness Eden (19) An ability to teach and see good or potential in everything Edgar Roberts (15) humility and creativity Edie (26) Understanding Edmond Dantes (26) Dignity, courage. Edouard (41) intelligence Eduardo (19) coherence EduGri (53) gentle, funny, deep voice Edward (54) strength Edward Payne (44) Assertiveness & Masculinity Effie (34) Exemplarity, passion, intelligence, probity, loyalty, freedom efha (23) Wit, ease ehk2 (30) ansvarsfuld, diciplineret, har humor, effektiv, kærlig EHM Frankness, Brave. Eiichi (16) Honor, integrity, guts Eilfa (28) intelligence, humor, feminine qualities eirianna (17) Power Eithiel (32) the ability to lead other men. EJ (29) Compassion, although intelligence and humility are close seconds E.Jay (21) kindness toward women, passion, humor ejb (22) Humility El (23) Honesty el3vat0r values, outlook in life, trust elay (21) logic, moral integrity elay (23) intelligence, honesty,sensitivity,humour, talent eldar (25) Kind Eleanor (14) Courage, honor, intelligence, wit Electryo (15) Ability to laugh at himself. Elena ακεραιοτητα ελενη (33) Perseverance, determination, steadfastness, poise, dignity, integrity, high E.Q. fire, passion, drive, a gypsy with impeccable manners. Elena Di Cesare inteligence, humor eleni (18) Intelligence, power, strength and wit. Eleni Constantinou (20) Intelligence, a sense of duty and moral eleuia A sense of humor. Elexia (19) those who respect,braveness Elexis (18) Braveness, value Elexis (18) Humility Eli (16) genltlemanliness eli (16) Intelligence and ethics Elias (22) Integrity, imagination, humor. Eliaz McMillan (33) ability to keep me interested eliciabg (23) they are intelligence and honestyand kindness elicule (13) Humor because that way, he can cheer up others. Elie (16) self-awareness, self-assuredness, creation Elin (47) Strong integrity and compassionate Elisa (28) intelligence,confidence Elisabeth (22) Ability to accept responsibility Elisabeth Carver Intelligency, morals, honour and ability to love Elissa (22) Intelligence and a sense of humor and adventure. Elizabeth moral integrity Elizabeth (25) Humor, intelligence, and morality, I suppose. Elizabeth (15) Intelligence, strong moral compass Elizabeth honesty and brains Elizabeth Quiet strength like my father possesses. Elizabeth Diane Shaffer (0) Quiet strength like my father possesses. Elizabeth Diane Shaffer (0) Empathy Ell (23) assertiveness Ella P. (14) Intelligence Elle (51) emotional strength. the ability to be a family man. ElleKay Confidence without cockiness. Ellen Womanliness Ellen B Smiley (29) Nobility, kindness in strength, stillness, a seeking mind, a sense of the ridiculous Ellen Fitzpatrick (61) Strength Ellie (25) Decision Ellie Intelligence, caring, appreciation of his self worth. Ellie_Estrella (19) intelligence Ellie Wilson (15) Passion and sense of humour Elliot indifference elliot (22) empathy, drive, compassion Elliott (28) An unabashed interest in others. Elliott Hemp (23) My favorite quality in a man is the kindness Elo (11) Integrity elSigno (37) Intelligence, manners,discretion, respect Ely (23) love, humour, respect, honesty, intellegence Elyse (20) Binary file Em_1425616956.html matches Binary file Em_1425616956.html matches Kindness, somewhat intelligent. Em Integrity Em Always changing, but intelligence is up there Ema (18) Spending time with someone he cares about despite the fact it may cause him trouble. Ember Winters (16) Honesty and honor. emdonnelly7 Strengnth and protection. emdonnelly7 strength Eme (18) Respect Emilee (27) Bravery without recklessness; sacrifice without gain. Emilee Nightshade (19) Self-assurance, not to be mistaken for arrogance or hubris. Emilia Blancarte Jaber the ability to listen, wit, a nice butt (and a nice face!) Emilie (23) Willpower and confidence. Emilina (27) ability to change emilio (28) Sensibility, depth, respect Emillia (16) Emotional sensitivity (preferably coupled with a sense of humour), kindness. Emily (19) anyone who is self made with a strong inner compass. indepence, willpower, good followthrough, an a great sense of humor. it is also very sexy when a man isnt afraid to be vulnerable. I also like to feel proteted and safe. so anyone with those qualities. Emily (24) not racist/homophobic/sexist/etc., supports feminism, doesn't talk over other people or get defensive when called out for saying problematic things emily (24) My favourite quality of man is the kindness. Emily (13) I'll put two qualities on the next line, applicable to any gender. Emily (22) Intelligence, honor, bravery, strong ethics Emily (32) self-awareness Emilyann (22) One who treats me as an equal Emily Carter (37) Wit Emily Clark (25) Humility Emily Massey Currie (47) Brotherhood Emily Thomas (23) Humor Emily Worrell (33) intelligence, compassion and emotional maturity Emma (20) dependency and defiance. emma (18) feelings Emma (20) Intelligence, respect, kindness Emma (50) self awareness, listening emma (14) charming, confident, and a gentleman Emma (34) hard-working, persistent, kind emma (20) Intelligent and honest Emma (25) Loyalty Emma Burns (28) ONLY MAN I DID KNOW WAS PAW PAW. HIS SHOULDRS WERE SO HIGH, WHY I THOUGHT HE WAS JUST A STRETCH FROM HEAVEN. AND HE SURE COULD HUG US'IN ALL TOGETHR. PAW PAW WAS THE BEST GOOD MAN EMMA MAY GREEN (14) A sense of adventure. Emma McKinney fun and confident. Someone that can dress in drag and not worry about how people see him. Emma Snow (16) Strength and will-power Emma Verbeck Humor, loyalty, honesty Emme (21) honesty, intelligence Emmy honesty, intelligence Emmy Integrity, guts, being kind to animals Emperor Aisel Fei Shiang (18) Strength, wisdom, and a sense of humor Empyrean (17) Intelectual deepness and beauty encolpio8 (22) loyalty, gift for day-dreaming Endimion intelligence, calmness, self-controling, even-temper endor Calm, morality, courtesy, stick-to-it-ive-ness ENEgck (56) Honor Engel (48) Impotence Enis Spiritual power, Beautiful Body, a strong Ego... Eno A. Agolli (15) Intelligence, Wisdom, Desire for the Truth Enrique (21) Intelligence, empathy, and modesty. Eric (15) valor Eric (40) Compassion, sensibility, thoughtfulness Eric (37) Independence, courage, intelligence, womanliness. Eric (19) loyality/intelligence Erica rationality Erica (25) humor, wit, street smarts, intellect, morals, daring, loyal, sensitive Erica` (21) Intelligence and kindness Erica (65) Compassion Erica Johnson (21) Loyalty Eric C. Wolfe (28) universal respect Erich (20) Authentic kindness, intelligence, an energetic quality, soulfulness Erich (19) Serenity; Intelligence; Independence; Detachment Eric Kraft (18) Maturity, intellect, an understanding of the world and how it works Erict7 Influence and power used when it is constructive. Erik (25) Sensitivity Erik Isaac (19) Intelligence, humour and kindness Erik Price (18) Honesty, intelligence, humility, sense of humor Erin (27) Empathy Erin (53) Responsibility Erin (30) kindness Erin (20) Authentic, unafraid femininity Erin The ability to listen and discern while maintaining courage of conviction Erin (46) Generosity of spirit Erin (31) mental strength ers (22) Nobility Erskine (35) The same ones i admire in a woman. ERZ (1) Strength esayer (35) Loyalty, intelligence, honesty, generosity, bravery Escalus (22) Humour, intelligence, empathy. Escapism (19) intelligence, empathy Esmé (18) Respectfullness Esmee fidelius (54) Manliness, integrity, humour, intelligence ESMERELDA (50) Spiritual sense and family value Estacia Hernandez (37) intelligence, open-mindedness esteban (29) Honor Esteban (23) compassion Estee good heart and intelligence estrella blanca humour, fidelity and good health Et (32) masculinity and kindness Et Cetera (22) Humor, independence from social expectations Etha (26) Respect ethan (20) Intelligence, calmness, thoughtfulness, kindness, an ability to think for oneself, a sense of the ironic Ethan Mayatt (25) Intelligence and kindness. Eureka (16) loyalty Euzinha_ds (20) Common sense, good judgement, and an analytical mind. Eva (23) Loyalty, kindness, at least some intelligence, ability to admit error Eva (16) A big heart Eva intellectualism, creativity evan ass hatch (18) Honesty Evanna (18) Inclination to gentleness Evan Washington (20) Sense of humour, strength Evie (22) Perseverance evilwonders (28) Compassion and wisdom evren (16) Respectfulness Ezra (20) Acknowledgement of privilege and the desire to eradicate it. FA Honesty. faithfulness, strength FAA Kindness FAC (25) Leadership, Motivation, Facio (19) Intelligence, kindess, respect Faith (17) Courage fallen (24) intelligence, generosity, humility, independence,leadership, worldliness fang (30) Someone who inspires me in a creative way Fanourios (40) honesty, spontaneity and courage farfalla (30) intelligence and clothes. farfoura (22) Intelligence, wisdom. fatgaynig (20) Intelligence ... moral sense ... strong and romantic Fatima (19) Ability to understand others Fatima (26) understated intelligence fat man (33) Intelligence and loyalty Fawna (19) honor, sacrifice, humor, intelligence Fay (22) A Man who thinks about the moral rights of a woman without sexual influance. Faye (34) Strength of character and gentleness feanix (20) Loyalty, Honor Felipe Maia Intelligence, kindness, empathy and faithfulness. Fern (25) Loyalty and Intelligence Fernando (31) Loyalty Fernando (31) Intelligence, moral sense, trustworthy, loyal. Ferroever (43) Creativity, a mindset away from the flock. fersfumero (28) Respect for the opposite sex, the ability to listen, a good sense of humour FeydRautha (46) Capacity for love Feysweetie (43) The extreme length a man can go to honor his word fhickey (22) true kindness Fidjeridodu (30) intelligence, kindness Fields (19) moral sense, humour, intellengence Fielirious (34) the ability to think filinia (22) An open heart, emotional generosity. final fashion (33) I have only met bounty hunters. They have little to admire. Finnegan (17) A equal mix of creativity,intelligence, heart and spirit Finnegan Magondolovich (Long Story...) Kindness, the physical shape of a man has always been my weakness... Finokio (38) Intelligence fk2005 (34) Intelligence. FlameHorse (28) Intelligence, a well-built physique, a sense of humor, a dash of jealousy, a firm tone when speaking, as well as an immortal love for the things he holds dear flavia (13) funny, witty, chivalrous Flo gentleness, intelligence, interest in the arts Flora (69) Courage, valiant heart, sincerity. Florin-Alexandru Brănescu (16) Strength and being open Flower (39) Open-mindedness and a well kept beard Floyd Honesty, morals/ethics FlyinMonki (27) Loyalty, intelligence ForePlinger Sincerity and tolerance ForSavvy Sportiness Fran (52) Deep empathy Fran (33) humor and patience, intelligence and a gorgeous smile Francesca (29) kindness, goodness, beauty, strength, generousity towards self and others francesca (49) sense of humor Francesca Courage Francis (18) perseverance and intelligence. Francisca Bastos (17) Kindly humor Francisco Aguirre (23) Intelligence, will power Francisco Javier Gil Vidal (54) Strong and powerful! Francis Graham (9) humility Francis Times (20) Selflessness Frank (27) Power, Leadership Frankie (23) The ability to analyse situations and draw conclusions FrankieSmash (49) The ability to set goals and reach them Franklin Frank Anglin (32) Intelligence Frank Nekrasz (25) courage, love, nobility, a desire to help those who cannot help themselves. Intelligence fred (16) Intelligence and logic Freda (61) intelligence, beauty, protectiveness Frieda Isabelle Robson (17) Integrity Friedrich Mueller (57) Gentle courage Fritha Grey Bravery and strength Fritz (12) Empathy fumble (19) self-confidence, a curious nature, intelligence furies (27) Humor, good morals, intelligent, fun FYS13Alec (18) Loyalty FYS13Amanda (18) Camaraderie . FYS13Andrew Honesty, common sense, affection FYS13Bella Intelligence, humor, and cunning FYS13Chad it's complex. i know it when i see it. has something to do with a capacity for empathy FYS13DRJ Witty humor FYS13Holly Loyalty is my number one quality, although I have many more that I now look for after being hurt too many times. FYS13Michaela (18) Everyone has different qualities that are all special and unique. FYS13Savannah Henry (18) Well-Roundness FYS13Tyler (19) intelligence, being able to stand up for themself, funny FYS14Darling (18) His ability to make me laugh. FYS14Erica (19) courtly intelligence FYS14julie Intelligence, ambition, humor, great smile, sympathetic, and strong. Everything a man should be. FYS14Kelle (20) Compassion, paience, sense of humor, kindness, goodwill FYS14Landon (18) Intelligence FYS14Mikaela (19) Strong in his faith, moral sense, intelligence, ambitious FYS14Payton Hottness FYS14Sara Compassion, regard for others FYS14Serenity (19) Sense of humor and honesty FYS14Taylor intelligence, respect, honesty FYS14Timesha INTELLIGENCE AND WEALTH FYS breont (19) Intellect, Generous, Chivalrous FYSKylie (19) Kindness FYSMadz (18) Goals and faith. FYSMegha (18) Strong will. FYSMichael (18) Intelligence, humbleness FYSNick understanding and patience G g g Optimism, inspiration, intelligence G. (23) honesty, intelligence Gab (19) Honest, romantic, and fearless Gabby (13) Intelligence, integrity, and kindhearted Gabby Griego (18) Honor and integrity Gabe (31) intelligence and humor Gabi maturity Gabi (17) Respect, inteligence and diplomacy Gabriel (28) Confidence, Humor Gabriela (18) loyalty Gabriela Coelho Mesquita Teixeira Borges (26) Determination. Gabriel Gonzalez (26) Humor, goofy, outgoing, and intelligent Gabriella Fuentes (17) Genuine, showing real love, respect and care Gabrielle Hart (20) my favourite qualities in a man is goodness gaga (13) God fearing Gail (44) integrity Gail Flaherty Intelligence, sense of humour, wit, honesty & integrity Gainer (52) Intelligence Gaios (19) strength, power, the ability to get the job done Gait (17) not being a girl. Galareh (23) Strength, both physically and mentally. I hate a weakling Gamba Ajani Loyalty gamorreangirl (43) Self-awareness GarbagePailGrrrl (27) The ability to admit that he is wrong. Garrett (19) Honesty Gary H loyalty, honesty. gatetam (38) Man of his word Gator Krazy Dave Responsabilidad gavalia (46) Honest, Self-Knowledge GD (47) Honor; that is the ability to hold up his peronal ideals and morals no matter what. Gean Whitehead III (20) Intellect, humility, decency, generosity of spirit, authenticity, sincerity Gemn Intellect, humility, decency, generosity of spirit, authenticity, sincerity Gemn fishing skills Gene (51) Heroism and faith, both are amusing Gene (24) With natural life as a whole, I admire their abilities to freely express themselves through who they are as unique individuals. I am certain there can be many of me created; however, not with them. I love that the most. General Obsidian de Veyra Hard work, integrity, sense of right and wrong, courage Genevie Quiet dignity. Genevieve (22) Respectufulness, humor, nice hands Genevieve (15) Intelligence, humor, modesty, depth Genevieve (16) Good looking, style Genevieve (17) Intelligence and sensitivity Genie (65) emotional Intelligence Genie (58) Consideration, respect. GenXer2012 (39) A kind heart, wit and intelligence (in all forms) Geo (20) Moral strength, intelligence, honesty. Geo (57) Hard working, Kind-hearted George Kindness, Intelligence George Brosnan (16) Intelligence George Mile (35) Common human decency and empathy George Owers (21) Intelligence, kindness, a little bit of risk but also reliability Georgia (14) integrity Georgia (53) Kindness Georgia (16) Modesty, open mindedness,wisdom Georgiana kind, loving Georgie His sense of worth that doesn't diminish others gg A heartbeat. ghazaleh (27) Intelligence, humour, handsomeness , wit, creativity Ghyles (31) integrity, humour, style / sense of sophistication, kindness, intelligence, sensibility and a nice cock Ghyles (31) Dominance Gia (21) ones who are polite and honest Gianne (21) Good quality friendship Giannico (40) Hubris Gideon (30) moral countenance Gill (63) Loyalty Gillian Martin (40) Intelligence, kindness, creativity, gumption Gina (19) Self confidence, strong convictions, humility, sense of humour Gina (30) Common sense, sense of humor Ginger Thompson (50) Sense of humor Ginny (47) Intelligence and compassion. Gionna (28) Intelligence, sensitivity and caring Giorgia L'intelligenza e l' indifferenza al pensare comune Giovanni Moro (32) The smell of must near his lower region, succulent lips, and a personality I find infectious Girl You Too Rude passion and compassion. Giselle (18) Intelligent, Thoughtful, Confident, Morale, Dapper. Gjabrielle Dominance Gladys Mae Whitaker Strong morality, compassion, and humility Glenn Parker (24) Putting up with me Glen Reeves (37) intelligence, sense of humor, integrity Gloria (59) Sense of humor Gloria Resourcefulness/Money-maker Gloria Heatley (58) Intelligence and moral principles he's ready to stand by GMcG Simplicity goblin64 (45) Intelligence Godfrey (19) His Penis GoGo Patty (46) morality Golden Boy (20) Courage. Gonzalo Intelligence, physique goukrish (19) kindness GP (39) stoicism GPB (37) Trustworthy Grace (30) strong and kind Grace (12) Intelligence with humility, kindness, empathy, and a thoughtful, dark sense of humor, spontaneity, Also really dirty with good sexual chemistry. Grace (28) Sense of humor Grace A. (15) Self-awareness knowing his place. Grace Cooper (20) A harmonious blend of sentience and sapience in which spirit and body work towards a common goal gracehoppin (23) Drive, intelligence, intuition Gracie (22) Loyalty, honesty, integrity Gracie Campbell (23) Humour Graham (20) A strong provider like my Daddy, who is supportive and caring for his children and wife Granny (81) Compassion, intelligence, and ambition Grayson Ender (28) Humbleness, humor greatlove (32) Strength. Greer (9) sensibility Greg (19) self-awareness, honesty Greg (24) humility Greg (17) Humility, bravery,inteligence,humour,kindness Greg (36) Humility in the face of intelligence and power Greg (53) Honesty Greg Lytle (26) ambition Gregory (30) virtue gretel Thinking ahead Gret Sidl (17) ALAIN WAS A CYCLIST SO HIS BODY WAS MANLY WITH BROAD SHOULDERS MMMH WHEN I ADD THIS TO HIS GENTLE COUNTENANCE I YET SWOON AS MUCH AS I DID AT 17. WE WERE MARRIED SO FAST YOU KNOW HAHAHA, I DIDN'T WANT ANOTHER GIRL TO TAKE HIM AWAY GRETTA VAN DEN BOSSCHE - OLBRACHT (86) Humility and compassion Grey Generosity, integrity, courage, pragmatism greythorne (38) Intelligence, kindness Grimace (17) Intelligence Grimace (17) Intelligence Grimace Humor, Respect Grimace (17) intelligence gruchi (63) leadership gruffmusic (49) Intelligence, moral sense Gtergab (50) Power Guard (45) Strength, intelligence, cunning Guenther Understanding and Optimism. guiller van mistoffellees (17) The ability to read people Gus (18) Honestidade Gustavo (21) Culture, moral strength, humour gutsyaardvark (19) honesty, courage Guy Van Driessche (44) Intelligence and humor Gwen (18) Drive Gwen honesty Gwyneth P. (44) Love for God, intelligence Hadasa (19) Perseverance, humour, humanity, sincerity, moral sense Hadja (19) Intelligence Hailey (34) Honest, loyal, bubbly, smart Hailey (15) i don't know Hakusha Senbon (24) Intelligence and thoughtfulness. Hal (18) Self deprecation and a sense of humor. Intelligence and quick wit. Hala (34) Strength and compassion Haley (19) eyes Haley (17) intelligence, loyalty, understanding, how he cares himself. hamdi (20) power,being brave and kindness hamideh (26) Wit and humour Hamlet (30) Faith, honesty Hana (14) genuine,sense of humor,intellectual HandeG. (13) Ambition Hanna (24) Humility, morals, sense of humor, cleverness, courage, and respect Hannah (15) kindness hannah (25) well rounded, respects others morals hannah (16) Understanding and loving Hannah A (18) Respect Hannah Chambers (24) Honesty, faith Hannah Ross (20) Kindness, Hardworking, Sensitive, Loyal, Sense of humor Hannah Suttles IDK Hanshaw (14) power and arrogance (with sincere apologies to feminism, i'm working on it) Hari (21) Intelligence and grace. Harold E. Leighton (37) Taking Polonius's advice: to thine own self be true. Harold E. Leighton (40) strength Harold Oberg Simplicity Harriet (23) Kindess, and a sense of humour Harry (27) Bravery Hartleigh A. Chance (35) Intelligence, and the rest that should come with it Hassallah (30) sensitivity and style Hassan (21) who fights for revenge Haven Everest (7) intelligence, honesty, loyalty, caring, sense of humour, a good work ethic and a sense of decency hawaii50 (45) ...why the gender distinction these this question and the next one? Hayzeus (23) A good head of hair Hazelnut (17) Femininity HCE (15) Humor Heath honor HEATHER (37) Being able to stay in one place, live your life, and have loved ones who admire you. Heather Driussi (41) Power to protect HeavyFire (16) charm and good looks heider (27) Kindness Heidi Humor, intelligence Heidi R. bom humor Heinar (52) bravery Helen (32) Kindness Helen (19) Strength Helena (18) Understanding Helena Jenkins (20) humor, beauty Helen Mattison Wyatt (20) intellect hellgirl (19) Common sense, integrity Helory (22) humor, real care helz bells (41) Courage Henry (46) Humble competence Henry_Z (25) loyalty her (26) moral sense and unconditional love Herald (71) honesty herbertofwestlake (43) Integrity Hern (39) Righteousness Herod (20) strong, smart, fair Hero Solomon (25) Intelligence Hestia (18) manners, intelligence, humor Hetal (22) kindness H, Han-Jan Kindness and intelligence - they rarely come together HHP (41) His strong morals, dominance yet kindness, intelligence HimynameisAlicia (15) The quality of listening. Hira Yousuf (18) Intelligence, family oriented HKas (28) Bravery, kindness, intelligence HKas Humility and Empathy Hkr (24) The ability to cry and show vulerability H. McMillan (33) Honestidad y sentido común. H.Nakashima (21) Sensibility, compassion and humbleness hobbes (26) moral integrity hodouk (22) Empathy, the ability to listen, an independent and creative mind, the same qualities I value in a woman Hoelder1in (51) Intelligence, fitness, humour. hoffsta intelligence, artistic, well read holden (27) Sense of humor, ethics Holley (39) Intelligence, humour, kindness, honesty and curiosity. holly (17) Honesty Holly (22) The ability to have a witty, intelligent conversation. Holly Avery (32) strength, tenacity, and stamina Holly Pajka (28) independent thinking, intelligence, the courage to stick by one's moral compass despite majority disapproval Hong Jay Intelligence, how to behave in certain contexts, integrity Honora (40) wisdom ..responsibility Hooks strong Hopefloats (24) Honest and true loyalty Horace pluck (54) To not be an egotistical moron Houston (19) moral sense howard (34) I most admire leadership and integrity. howard (34) Intensity, intelligence, knowing what he wants and not being afraid of trying for it, who can enjoy his own company, who challenges himself Hrudaya (24) being easygoing huck finn (48) A caring heart, gentleman, intelligence Huda (19) intelligence, compassion huggybear (29) Verve, wit, nonchalance, self-assuredness, willingness to be open to experience and emotion. Hulot Redux Confidence Humbugger Omlet (20) Tolerance Hunter (23) loving men Hurricane Katrina (25) intelligence with sense of humour Hwee (45) Muscle Hwiseon Lee (24) morals Hyldami Intelligence and humility Hyosun (25) Intelligence, sense of humor, patience & generosity of spirit Hypnos The Blade (46) integrity/moral sense and humor HYS (47) Intelligence, Passion, Mo I (22) Gentleness. I Wisdom and Tenacity I One who is not afraid to show their feminine side Ian (23) Assertiveness Ian (44) Logic ianplanet (47) Decency; like tipping properly. Or shutting the hell when he's wrong, or at least knowing to. Ian Siente strength, sensitivity, loves women - but only one, humor, honor I Beg (54) Cleverness. Iblis Anak (22) honesty Ichabod His honesty and gentleness Icis diligence I do not have one. (22) Bravery , Justice , Intelligence , Romantism i dont know that i know (17) Kindness, tenderness, intellect, empathy curiosity Ignats (70) Intelligence, geekiness, talent, compassion Igor (29) Integrity, honor, kindness Iilyanna Intelligence, common sense, wisdom. Ika (24) Intelligence, education, civil commitment. ile105 (23) Intelligence, social and civic involvement, open-mindedness, kindness, quiet but brilliant humour, non-hidden passion. ile105 (27) Being stong in a psychological sense, being tender towards women. Ilija (17) kindness Illinibeatle (44) compassion IM (82) Manliness Imajones Inteligence, Humor and his Faith in God Imee Loyalty I.M. (Imam Mahdi) (5) Intelligence, sense of direction Incognitus (23) being responsible and being a provider for those you care for India (15) Intelligence Indrė (17) Tenderness indy (30) virility or feminine charms, otherwise, talent. inez (21) Ability to acknowledge mistakes and to liste to reason Inkie (60) Morals, dignity and absolute respect for women interestedparty understanding, ability to accept defeat, i.p. Someone like my dad who can make people laugh Ireland Rose (12) His ability to listen to a woman, and still have his own opinion Irene (17) Calm, logic, brave Irene (26) Moral sense, loyalty, intelligence Irina (16) intelligence, kindness, sympathy Iris (18) Humor Iris (22) Strength Iris Ramsey (32) intelligence isa (29) Will and the ability to carry life on a wing. Isaac (16) sense of humor Isaac (29) Silence. Isaac Pragmatism Isaac Intelligence Isabel (19) Intelligence, honesty Isabela (18) A good heart and honesty Isabella (14) Smart, faithful, trustworthy, can be independent but still love a woman. Isabella Fairchild-Heart (Protagonist) (26) Intelligence and genius leading the life Isabelle (26) Kind heart, smartness Isadora Duncan (32) Those attributes which make a man successful in our work -- intelligence, cunning, and a certain amount of ambition. Isas A sense of humor. Isla (21) Honesty Ismael Santos (20) Intelligence, appreciation of aesthetics, morality. Isolde (17) Intelligence, humour, politeness, being confident in themselves. Ita (23) Kindness, unselfishness, strenght and being truly remarcable. Iva honest strength Iva Pasztor (20) creativity. imagination Ivy (10) kind,Courtesy,wisdom,Brave ivy (25) Strength to do what is right Ivy (17) good looking Ivy Morgan (34) Sympathy Izzy (24) Compassion Izzy (17) Commitment Izzy (30) Intelligence Izzy waterhouse (16) Intelligence Izzy waterhouse (16) competence j2a18m (43) big cock jabbar (23) Intelligence, compassion Jacie Lin Courage Jack (14) humor jack (30) Intelligence, honesty Jack (45) Restraint. Dedication. Discipline. Jack (33) whole hearted forgiveness for life Jack (17) common sense Jack (18) Kind, Strong, Intellegent, Free Jack Goodman (18) Openness Jackie Intelligence for sure. I will tell you that I can't date guys that I find idiotic anymore. Jackie (18) Sense of humor, open-mindedness, compassion, commitment Jackie (24) Confidence Jackie Strength, Honor, Integrity, Loyalty Jackie Bordeaux (31) Intelligence, mood, moral sense Jackie Cavalcante (40) Supportive sensitivity Jackie Vega (27) courage, intelligence, compassion Jackson (32) Courage, and the sense to better the things around him. Jackson8471 (23) Intelligence, humor, empathy, kindness, adventurousness Jackson Fisher (47) Sincerity Jack Viper (29) Passion, Intelligence, Confidence, & Empathy Jaclyn (22) Intelligence, his role to need to take care of a woman JaclynM (19) Respect , hard worker, some form of intelligence Jacob Politeness Jacob (16) i don't admire man i admire women Jacob Bravery, intelligence, common sense, loyalty. Jacque (24) Dominance. Jacqueline (34) Modesty, wisdom, sense, compassion, empathy. Jacqueline Garrett (38) Honesty, Intergrity Jade (17) unique Jade-a-boo (17) Leadership Jade Green (30) not being fearful of standing up for what's right i.e. a good moral compass and being abreast on current events Jadelynn (24) Bravery, kindness, and intelligence. Jae (18) Creativity Jafari (33) Intelligence and sense of humor Jaime (18) Sexy Jaime (28) stength and intelligence Jake Intelligence, charisma, perseverance Jake (17) The same as in women Jake (21) Sincerity, loyalty, vigor. Jakelina Hernandez (22) Honesty and humility. J.A. Lawrence Honesty and good character James (64) Loyalty James (30) focus james Moral, and physical strength, humor, easygoing James (19) Relenting determination to succeed at any cost, so matter who gets in the way James (25) trustworthy James Strength of character James Good morals, smarts, kidness James - Dana (15) Being a good shot... accuracy James Foley (23) humor James Green (29) Ability to evolve James H (27) Patience James La Salandra (31) Ambition. James Oliver North (39) Integrity jameson_welsh (22) Empathy James Wake (50) sense of value, unstrict and similar to my own. and taste, pure and superficial. James William Reath (21) humor, intelligence Jamie (25) Security in their masculinity, acceptance, intelligence, willingness to listen, and a sense of humor. Jamie (22) partnership Jamie (32) kindness Jamie (17) Confidence, outgoing Jamie (32) work ethic Jamie Honesty, Sincerity, Intelligence, Charisma Jamie Lynn Pearson (25) intelligence and humor Jan Content of Character Jan (55) Power Jana (22) A good heart Jana (22) romanticism Janae (17) funny Janane (13) integrity, athleticism jane (41) intelligence, masculinity jane (20) Intelligence, determination, kindness Jane (23) intelligence, subdued rage jane fakename (25) Chivalry