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Your favorite virtue?

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Honesty without fear of offending others. 009 (19) Patience,. only one i know m8! 0Miles (16) adf 1 Humility 50ad (17) Self-Sacrifice 513 (00) Kindness 808s Resilience A (19) Knowledge of the classical languages A Ethics A. (27) integrity A (26) Faith A. Honesty A (26) Morality, if you do not have any beliefs or standards then you will lose yourself AA (23) I don't know aaaaaaa (18) The ability to adapt AAAKKK To not treat others the way one would not have wanted to be treated; comradeship in life aag (22) Patience aallisonr (30) patience Aaron (32) Do to other as your would do to yourself. Aaron (16) i'm funny and my feet are pretty and nice legs Aaron Morality Aaron (26) Kindness Aaron (35) Tenacity Aaron Guy Leroux (37) Indulging in reading instead of doing chores Aarushi Agarwal (13) Mindful compassion Abbie (22) Kindness, the type of kindness that allows you to be firm without being cruel; the type that moves you to better the world Abbie Hartley Honesty Abby (26) Courage Abby (27) Gratitude and Piety AbbySF dialogue Abegando (28) Patience Abigail Harris (10) honesty, kindness and respect for all people and living creatures, the wisdom to know one is not as smart as you think you are at times. ABP (50) optimism Abraham (41) Charity Abs Temperance Acara McFadden (28) Of the Virtues? Charity. Broadly, kindness. A Caring Tea (51) my good heart ACH (23) Loyalty, committment A. Clifford Stowe (81) Compassion (within which all other virtues lie- to a degree) Acrania (25) Courage Adam (22) honesty Adam (25) No favorite Adam (20) Imagination Adam (29) Kindness adam (16) knowing who I am Adam (38) devotion Adam It makes me warm inside when someone is cool and relaxed, rather than uptight. Adam Braner (30) compassion in actions Adam Hyde (26) Kindness Adam McGrory (39) Individualism Adam Seline (30) Bravery Addy (26) honest adieudusk to loose patience Aditya (25) Applied Omniscience. Admiral Love (33) Tolerance, honesty and courage Adonia (40) Meh. If you make me happy screw virtues I am gonna keep you. Adrian (18) justice, patience Adriana (16) justice Adriana (16) loyalty adriana (45) not sure Adriana Inborn virtues. Inquisitiveness being my favourite. Adrian Bauza (20) "All virtues that are not limited to a sect: the universal virtues." Adrian Conrad Self-thinking. Adrian George Nicolae (24) tenacity Adrian Martyn (34) The kind that you see immediately from a person Adrianna (18) I dont have any Adrianna (18) loyalty AdrianOz (45) At times I would say my intelligence in school, although it is difficult always to find something good about myself. Adrian Winters (17) patience Adrienne Wilson (25) honesty Ady (22) To thine own self be true aetilson (41) kindness afrodite (41) self-growth a.g. (23) moral bravery agagagaga (24) self love Agalloza (23) The virtues that allow a person to realize the self Agape (38) peace Agatha Kefali (45) Honor. Agent00V (18) patience Aggie White It ought to be resolution, but I'll settle for humility A.G. Mata (21) insightful Agnes (43) Fortitude and temperance Agnes (20) Being relaxed Agneska (20) all of them agony (25) dignity Agreen (29) honesty Agu (21) Love, honesty, loyalty Agustina (27) Admitting when one is wrong A Half Empty Beaker any virtue that aids its holder and those who needs it ahmad (27) Faith Ai (21) hardworking and kindhearted Aida (22) Loving nature. Aidan (21) Integrity. Aidan Devlin (15) Bloodlust...is that not a virtue? In my world, it would be the only virtue. Aiden Making people happy Aiden (17) prudence aiko (20) general goodness without being presomptuous about it aimée (22) Patience & humility aimee.dawson (21) honesty Aisha Milburn (32) Wisdom A.J. (27) Seeing beauty in everything. Kindness. AJ (18) plasticity Ajam (21) Don't know. Ajay (17) compassion Ajm9511 (21) honesty, hardwork akansha (26) Patience. akanthe (19) Courage. Akbar Shahzad (20) Honesty Aki Kindness, generosity Aks (20) Respect AKT (35) The ability to cook good food. Al (28) Honesty Al (55) kindness Al (42) kindness alabambino (32) honesty Alan (58) Class Alan (14) Generosity Alan (14) To want nothing but the most that you can achieve Alana (20) I don't have a favorite virtue. Alan Arkin (44) Empathy Alannah (43) Temperance AlbaManuela (18) Compassion Albertine (29) being myself Alcaeus (19) truthfull kindness Alchemist (45) Patience and humility. Alden Lee Klaput (18) Prudence Aldonza77 (47) Intelligence. Ale (28) Kindness Alecia Fortitude. Alecksi Free-will Aleesha (32) Will Alejandro Amoretti (28) Time alek (20) sacrificing self for the greater good of all -- including the self. Aleksei Kotsov (63) any that make my ideal perfect human alessa (21) Humbleness Alessandro Pian (30) punctuality Alessio Lucchini (46) Truthfulness Aletha Camack Purity. Alex Integrity Alex (22) Loyalty Alex (17) adaptability alex (38) generosity alex (23) To be able to love Alex (21) generosity Alex (23) I don't have a favorite virtue Alex (32) Compassion, empathy Alex (21) Kindness to all Alex (16) Honor. Got not time for dishonor. Alex Honesty alexa (28) Patince. Alexander (33) self love, determination and trust Alexander (19) I can make anyone have a better day Alexander (30) Temperance, though they are all good and desirable. Alexander Kim (19) Adaptability Alexandra (27) Virtue. Alexandra (19) Honesty. Alexandra (24) The kind you must find yourself Alexandra (18) Radiate love, happiness Alexandra (15) Appreciation of the present moment Alexandra (24) Compassion. Alexandra (15) truthfullness, humour Alexandra Bryhter (24) Patience Alexandra Campbell (26) Honor Alexandra SweetTale4u Cruz Humanism Alexandre (28) compassion AlexandriaHMerlin (40) Patience AlexandriaLHash (30) respect Alexandria Marshall (32) Tolerance, open mind, curiosity, lovingness. alexandrine (15) Commitment Alex Armstrong (16) Commitment Alex Armstrong (16) Commitment Alex Armstrong (16) Not all virtues are the same Alex Brooks (18) equity Alex C. prudence, charity, wisdom, and humor Alexis Johnson (19) honesty AlexRTRW Kindness to a fault. AlexRTRW Honesty Aley (60) The ones that are mastered Alfonso (26) Motivation Alfonso (28) morality, purity Alfreda Hitchthorn (45) honesty al-g (24) Nobility, generosity of spirit. Ali (37) The courage to be vulnerable. Emotional honesty with oneself. A sound conscience. Ali A. Rizvi Manners Alice Patience Alice The golden rule Alicein1derland (27) love Alice of Duxford the virtues that make a human being worth knowing Alicia (68) Compassion alicja (38) Charity and kindness Aliid The intelligent charm Alin (23) Recognition of the broader world beyond one's own experiences/hometown/mental wallpaper. Rejection of preconceived notions and of tradition for tradition's sake. Alina Love Alina (20) Kindness. Aline Guiraudie (36) honesty alipans (57) Courage. Alishba Zarmeen (24) Honesty and kindness Alison (20) Truth Alison Martin (Alison Martin) never thought about it AliZaidi (29) temperance AllenT. (33) Benevolence Allen Wasupan (16) humility alli (49) Grace Allison (33) Productivity Allison (20) Understanding, because I so often lack it in the immediacy of the moment. Allison not sure allison (19) Endurance at every level Allison Jean (21) Empathy Allison Jean Hazen (34) Honesty, laughter, morals and intelligence alliswell (62) Patience Alma (25) The will to always do the right thing. Or to TRY to do the right thing... almavidrio (35) Courage. The ability to honestly and honorably seek despite fears and threats. Altjungr (30) poetic sense altron2095 Struggle for the best, knowing it's impossible to reach it. Alvilda (20) The virtue that allows you to be both. Alx love Aly (17) compassion in its fullest form alya (17) Humility Alyanna (22) Patience Alyce J. treat others the way you want to be treated. Alyssa Cordova (17) I enjoy my work. I think that is important. I'm detail-oriented. Before I destroy a village, I like to destroy the souls of the villagers first. Simple death is just no fun. Alyssa Darkling The fact that I can intimidate people, especially men. Alyssa MacMillan (25) Self-reflectiveness. Alyssa Moonchild (16) Kindness AM Honesty Amanda (23) Humility Amanda honesty Amanda (42) My cellphone AmandaFYS13 (18) Fairness Amanda Strong (42) Courage Amandine (31) All of them Amara Tenacity Amaris (17) don´t really have one i guess Amayah (17) I'm not sure Amayah Munoz (17) Generosity. Amber (18) Forgiveness Amber (37) Forgiveness Amber (37) integrity Amber (20) loyal Amelia (13) Wonder Amelia (18) What's a virtue? Amelia Gates (formerly Pippet) (10) Being able to see through the bull most men shoot Amelie (24) intelligence American Marxist Patience Americanoid (50) leaning towards honesty....but so many touch each other in some way. americanwoman (62) old school southern ames (21) Bearing with dignity all the myriad roads that soul travels. Amit Bhaskar (21) all virtues are good i can't choose ammb (29) humility/Being humble Amos (18) Truth Amrita (22) the ones I believe in amu Empathy Amy (30) Acceptance of others Amy (33) Humility, honesty Amy (28) Honesty amy (33) Resilience Amy (35) Philanthropy Amy (55) Patience, with which I struggle. Amy Becker; Character: Merriwether Finch (27) None of them. Except perhaps manners, but they should be a given. Amy Cottington-Bray Morality Amy Jo as Marge (48) Morality Amy Jo as Marge (48) They are all important Amy Martinez (20) Temperance Amy R. reliable amz (16) my empathy. Ana (21) empathy Ana (30) honesty ana (16) inteligence plus honestity ana (34) Being tolerable Ana Carolina (16) tolerance Anam (26) The ability to face a challenge. Ana Marija (20) Empathy Ananke (25) Celerity ancientrobot (31) honesty Andi (28) truth andraya (23) Creativity Andre Patience Andrea (16) I have never known a person that only possessed one virtue; why should I have to choose? Although, it'd probably be ambition Andrea (13) Honesty ANDREAADKINS (26) Diligence AndreaCoker (24) Observance AndreaFeliu (28) Intellect. Andreas (19) sweetness Andrea SB (32) Knowing with reason andres007 (19) being successful Andres (19) Universal Andrew (22) Desire Andrew (25) Empathy Andrew (20) Honesty, in art Andrew (28) humility Andrew (22) Integrity. andrew (24) Patience Andrew barlow (26) manners Andrew J Ohls (33) Violence. Andrew Price (38) buoyancy, loyalty, patience, chaos Andy (25) Compassion Andy (23) Compassion Andy (23) truthfulness and compassion andy rayford (28) Faithfulness Andy Thomas (25) courage ang (99) Happy Angel (13) to remain human Angel honesty Angela (21) Truth Ângela (24) Loyalty Angela (30) Humility, patience and kindness Angela (19) being altruistic Angela Estrada (20) compassion Angelicstar (45) honesty angelina (26) loyalty Angelo Navarette (18) integrity Angel Rodrigues (41) being a good human being and good to the universe at large angie (29) Honesty Ani Knowing I am searching for the meaning of virtue Ani (22) kindness Anick (99) Definitely honesty. Lying drives me crazy. Anik (16) Patience Aniyah (19) Integrity. Anj (24) courage, the ability to be oneself anjali Honesty Anjel (28) Christian qualities which are of purity. Anjelah49 (49) Kindness Anjelika (22) courage Ankassandra (15) Basic human virtues. Ann (19) decency Ann (62) patience, kindness, self-control Ann (50) I rate them all equally Anna (20) Humility Anna (20) taller Anna (13) All virtues are great. Anna (16) Loyalty. Anna (34) Morality Anna Baker (20) honour Anna Kalimar (18) Honesty Anna Maria (21) love Anna-Maria Resolve AnnaMay (51) honesty, humility, gratefulness Anna O. patience, trust Anna Stein (21) Diligence Anne (21) intelligence, kindness anne (23) mercy Anne Farquharson (78) Thinking and critical reflection of everything. Annelise (40) kindness (especially toward animals) Anne Louise Sheldon (34) courage to make right decision when others are doing the wrong thing Anne Patricia F (21) Purity Anneta dignity Annie Kindness, generosity Anniel (62) independece of thought and action anniezee (54) Patience AnonAzure (19) idk. anonim (18) Libertarianism anon moose (19) Beauty Ansley Stevenson (16) Humility. Anthony (23) Understanding Anthony (24) Forgivness anthony (48) life Anthony Almeida Individuality. Anthony D C (20) Adaptable virtues to our time and place Anthony Scine-Sceni (42) honesty to oneself antoinette (24) the desire to become a better human. Anton (52) Humbleness. Antoniette (20) understanding Antonina (20) All of them Antonio Lemos (18) Having an open mind Anty Integrity Anusia (34) innovations Anya (22) Honesty Anya (71) generosity anything Mercy Anzi (27) Compassion a.o. (40) Kindness. Aparajita (26) Kindness Aparajita (26) love Apollo (58) Morality Apos all virtues that make a human being Apply (30) Reason and optimism April (20) Love is stronger than death April (21) Kindness AR (20) Kindness. Ara (15) Modesty Aranneaa (19) truth arctic_child (36) Honesty, and a perseverance of self Ardent (30) Courage A real phony (27) tolerance Areeba (25) Honesty Ari (29) Courage. Ari honesty Arianna (15) it depends on the situation Ariel Loyalty Ariella Bordaine: Female Protagonist (20) Anything Arizona (19) Faithfullness arlo (64) I love when a person is necessarily unapologetic and only apologizes when they KNOW it's absolutely necessary Arnold Murray (42) Universal virtues not defined by religion, trends, and tawdry magazines { Esquire, Star all the ones at supermarket checkout stands }. AROG funny, love to draw, athletic, laid back A-ron (15) non violence, compassion Arsh (24) loyalty Arthur Lorne Moderation: you get to do what you want, just not to extremes Artie (17) Charity Artie Mondello (18) Justice Aruz Elliott (29) That sense of the ability of one to live through their heart and soul, the virtue of seeking of truth and passion for wisdom. AS (32) compassion ascetic monk (51) Virtues that are good to all. Asfiya Mariam (21) Creativity. Ash (23) Dependability Ash (28) All of them Ash The virtue of love ashan (20) All aspects of self-betterment and sharing of the spoils. Ash Bloom (27) honesty asherville (55) The mind of the adult and the heart of a child Ashley (18) My favorite virtue is the courage. Ashley (12) Respect Ashley (20) My favorite virtues is sincerity and courage. Ashley 2.0 (13) love honesty loyalty ashley baus (24) Grace Ashley Brazil (17) Patience, although I struggle to have it most of the time Ashley Mannara (29) Compassion Ashley Meller (26) wit ashleytheresa (20) Honesty Ashwin Murali (21) Compassion and Courage Asi (21) acceptance asmitchel (67) Compassion Asmund (40) same...compassion, justice, moral compass ASN (25) Intelligence and Deep Thinking Assman (19) Kindness Astra (19) Authencity Astri (36) the ability to be easygoing Astrid Kindness. Asuka Suzuki (13) spontaneity Athar (25) Kind Athena (17) treating others as real people not part of your particular story attitude (49) Love Atuona (38) Confidence Aubrey Files (25) Being considered trustworthy Aubrey Tate (21) Decency Audrey (17) Love. Audrey Bittencourt (24) Reflexive Intuition. Audrey Mahone (29) tolerance augustine (70) Kindness Auntie Em (35) Honesty, Loyalty, Kindness and Honour Auntie Em (27) honesty & tolerance Aurora (32) Intelligence and doing the right thing regardless of the consequences. Aurora Listening Austin (19) Kindness to all. Austin Kimmell (16) i hate them all autumn (17) Courage Autumn Integrity Autumn Boze (18) Kindness. It goes a long way. AutumnRose (17) Love Ava (7) Love Ava (7) regard to others avecamour Loyalty Awalker Faith. Axel (18) empathy Aya that man is limited only by their sense of imagination ayda (25) Creativity Aye (22) Creativity Aye (22) Kindness ayem (57) Generosity and tolerance aym (30) Serenity a young boy (91) selflessness, gratitude, ingenuity, strong-willed & self-control ayumi (20) Intelligence, kindness B (45) Morality B (31) joyfulness B (21) Integrity Bababookie Honesty Babette (42) justice Babs compassion Baby (32) Why do I have to choose? Bad Wolff thoughtfulness baggal21 (28) Patience. Bailey (19) Loyalty Balaji Harish Iyer (20) Basic morality. Bald Sky (38) I'm not sure...I have a favorite vice. probably one of the answers above. Bambi (17) Compassion Banana Hammock (30) patience barada kindness barbara (50) I don't know - maybe loyalty, because I needed it most when I was in crisis. Barbarita (21) Picks up trash Barbielebrun Charley the beach chair (54) Never shining flashlights on the beach at night Barbielebrun Garry the ghost crab (54) Manners Baron Von Nazzenpoppel (46) Respect Barry Wextall (20) intuitive observance basbas (22) Honesty Batgirl (23) honesty Baylee Openmindness bc (22) Openmindness bc (22) Integrity BCQ (30) Kindness BD Living Bdme (23) They're all important Bea (18) Independence Bea (18) Tolerance Bear (49) manipulating others bearoid (30) Honesty Beatlhoven (47) Honesty beatricegasti (30) generosity Beatrice Moore (30) Listen and help my friends Beatriz (13) Honesty Beau (28) honesty is the best policy beauty (18) Reason Beavis Christ (30) Life, liberty and the PURSUIT of happiness. Becca (16) in general Becca (17) Love Becca (21) Compassion Becca (19) to be at ease with life Becca (20) Piano? Becca (21) Survival. BeckBeck (26) compassion becks (24) anything becky (13) Not patience Becky C Patience. Bee EMPATHY bee (16) virtue is open to debate beezer (64) Comitas and veritas. beezersneezer (46) Loyalty Beka (33) being true belita (39) have not yet decided bella (16) intelligence Bella (17) The ways of Buddhism. Belle (26) Strength Belu (19) Virtues are artifical representations to help people cope and lead lives. Ben (23) generosity, selflessness and kindess Ben (17) Strength. Ben Integrity Benedict (38) Charity. Benjamin (29) Sacrifice Benjamin Thomas Charity Benjamin Urrutia (61) Virtues that come by instinct not cultural enforment of any kind. Benjo (23) The capacity to love, give, help, share, support, understand... Ben Johns (21) kindness Bennie (55) Persistence. BennyB honesty Ben Taylor Random acts of kindness Berlin (25) Truth Bernard Hartley (18) kindness and caring Beth (20) love Beth (25) Peace Bethann (35) Kindness Bethany (23) Conviction of faith and integrity Bethany trust Bethany (22) Loyalty Bethany Surreira (35) Unselfishness Beth Ellis (15) Wisdom. Beti (24) Generosity Betty Usabiaga (37) Honor Beu Mihac (15) forgiveness bev TIme Beyonce (18) Compassion Bhakti Brophy (41) The ability to forgive oneself and others--The ability to Love oneself and others. Bhakti Brophy (45) forgiveness Bhargava (25) will for peace bhl Ethics Bhole to be merciful Bianca (18) ...compassion bif knowing when to say the right thing basically big dick (69) universal virtues biggb (46) dunno big guy (16) Openness Bijan (27) Honesty Bill (50) ALL OF THEM BILLY (38) Authenticity Billy (16) Love, truth, beauty BillyBobABC123zzz Any Billy the Son of the Kid (21) humility Biochicklet TRUTH BIPS (46) My favorite virtue is courageous . biscotte (13) maybe loyalty bismuth Faithfulness BJ (56) empathy blabla (37) Devotedness Blackie (20) Kindness Blademan (60) A suspicion of virtues. Blaine (21) The ones that make life's interactions more pleasant Blair C. (29) Selflessness Blake (17) Humility blake (16) Humility Blake (29) Patience Blanca (48) Universal virtues Blanca Parra (66) Chi respattato chia respattata "Those who respect others will be respected." Blank Tae Happiness blip52 (27) I would probably say something that not everyone would consider a "virtue"; mainly, being different and avoiding a tedious lifestyle. Bliss Inthemorningdew (16) Yep, pretty much all of them. They're all good right? So shouldn't we all aspire to have them? BlondShamrock (16) Patience Blood (15) There's a stratification system? Blue (16) silence Blueagle (47) Altruism Bluebird (27) There's a priority system? Blue Harkness (16) Kindness BlueOrchid (39) The measurable ones Bluto (29) Compassion BM (20) hope bman (41) honesty bmo Wit. Bob (22) I can't remember them right now. Is love one? bob (38) Humility Bob (32) . bob Justice. Boba (22) compassion bobblins Logic Bobby (22) morality Bobby (40) kindness Bobby (21) Patience bobby Honor bobby (33) my strength, my hardheadedness, my desire for better Bobby Eugene hopefulness Bobia (25) Courage boku_wa_kami (25) compassion bomb (30) to forgive and forget Bonky (26) honesty Bonnie (15) Patience Boo (36) compassion bookloverva (58) honesty to oneself boomalexboom Kindness Booper (52) I pretend that I forgot what virtues are. Boris (16) Compassion. Borrie (33) Unconditional love, Self-Knowledge Brad (17) I like patience but don't have a lot of it Brad Connors honesty brad w (35) honesty Brady (31) Justice. bram-is-e-janet-brecht-is-de-max Integrity, Purity Brandon Carter (32) Patience, for it is the one that is unattainable by more hard work Brandon Nobles (31) open minded Breanna (18) Honor Bree (23) Honesty, charity Bree Ogden Goodness. There is little of it left in Vanandium. Bren (47) Being feared Brenda Everett (39) Integrity is a big part of who I am, because I always feel that if I don't do the right thing, and I know better, and I'm also close to God, my consequences will be unbearable. Brendalee (59) Honesty Brendan (24) all brent (33) Generosity Brent Findley (19) Sharpness Brett Ferguson (42) Decency Bri (28) being kind when it's necessary bri (17) understanding Brian (22) Kindness Brian (37) Kindness Brian (24) taking care of others Brian (50) Standing up for what you believe in Brian A. Henegar (26) Creativity: keeps the world an interesting place. BriannaBabyFYS13 No clue BriannaFYS13 (18) Resilience Brien Moffett Resilience Brien Moffett Integrity and goodness Brinley (15) To protect those in need while keeping order honorably. Bri Toro Honesty Britta Bandit (30) being accepting and non-judgemental Brittany (25) Patience and Peace Brittany Crow (28) goodness Brittney Miller (20) Love in all forms brns kindness resilence persistance peace broad (45) respectibility Brock Schwarzkopf (29) Curiosity Bron Blackwell (37) Forgiveness Brooke Loyalty Brooke Forgiveness and humility Bruce Bennett (20) patience Brutus (20) Compassion Bryan (24) Listening to others. BryanAngel (41) Grace Bryan Etem (27) Sense of humour Bryan R. (21) Honesty Bryn (23) Honesty Brynlea (17) To love. Brynn (39) Honor Brynn (18) Compassion Brynn Loyalty, honestly Brynn Woods -Protagonist (21) love Bryon Springer (25) What's that Bubbles (52) transparancy bubby (43) the ability to forgive Bubu (37) Honesty Buck Richardson (34) feminity buckyballs (35) Honesty Buddy (34) honesty bug All virtues that are not limited to a sect: the universal virtues Bugsy Kindness. Bulldozer (50) indivisualism, self awareness bunny Intellectual industriousness Burella (61) knowledge Burke (47) Intelligence Burnable_Material_Here (18) BEING AUTHENTIC BUTTERFLY (41) Flexibility and Honesty butunn (19) The virtue that is least vicious Byriver Bloke (24) truth BZ Prudence C patience c (21) The one like my Idol C (14) courage C (20) Adaptability C (35) Altruism Cabrales (18) patience cacharel (37) Action. Cade (15) Faith Caidy (54) Virtues are overrated Cailey Friendship Caio (18) Hard work Caitlin (19) Being tolerable all the time, being able to critically examine oneself. Caitlin (21) grace cakes (41) Empathy Cal (20) Honesty Caleb (17) Courage. Calla (16) patience, because not a lot of people possess this Callie Owens (27) Compassion Calvin (31) Humor and conversation Cam (23) Integrity Cameron Harvey (26) compassion. Camille (52) chastity Cammi (32) chastity Cammi (32) Kindness. Candice (23) Curiosity Candy Compassion Captain Crunch Not sure Carebeark5 (25) honesty Carissa - Casey Kindness and honesty Carla (26) kindness carlajwms (49) Nothing Carla Tate (19) kindness Carlie (24) Niceness, integrity Carlisle Those that reaffirm Vice. Carlo (26) Understanding, individualism, creativity and modesty Carlos A. (24) living Carlos Cisne (45) Telling the truth is always the right thing to do (that's what Krista told me) Carlota (16) Loyalty Carly (19) Kindness. Carly (21) Patience Carly C (27) Temperance Carmen (57) Love, Honesty, Integrity Carol all the virtues which create a compassionate person Carol (60) honest, creative, positive carolina (23) Open-mindedness Caroline (38) Honesty Caroline (25) Truth Caroline (33) Kindness and honesty caroline (45) Ambition Caroline Davis (19) Compassion; otherwise, who would care? Caroline M. (41) kindness Carol Lacoss (62) Abstainence from all pleasures, if only for its difficulty once these have been attained. Carolyn (18) joy in working hard at whatever you do Carolyn (39) Loyalty and understanding Carolyn (45) Faithfullness Carrie love Carrie (44) the usual cartike Honesty Cas (25) Honesty Casey (36) Virtue is overrated. Cassadra (8) honor Cassandra Spencer (28) Come correct! Always be real with me. Cassandra Watkins (21) Being true to onself Cassi Competence. Cast (17) Forgiveness, redemption Cat (36) Loyalty and Honesty Cat (24) Generosity Cat (26) Compassion Cat respect towards nature cat (20) honesty Catalina (44) La honestidad de la gente que ni siquiera se miente a sí misma. Catalina Jiménez Correa (27) Patience... Cate (23) Wit Cate (33) Care Catelline (26) assertiveness, dignity Catharina (22) Fairness Catherine honesty Catherine (33) The kind of virtues everyone follows, without fail. Catherine Jean Integrity Catherine Mitchell Patient, sneaky, with holding Cathlow Harmon (50) Patience Catlin Benjamin truth c.a.torres (39) patience Cat Podd (37) All virtues Catrice (37) The virtue of unlimited love Catrina (15) Loyalty Cattie Chong (26) Other people should say this about me Cavit Anıl Buram (28) Honesty CC (18) honesty CC (22) warmth ccc (27) patience ccchnl courage cdl (35) Honour Cee Cee (17) Be a good father. Celeste (32) Resoluteness. Celia (15) Compassion Celline Marge (18) the capacity of hearing and patience cenire (25) Patience. cerisetea (34) Truthfulness Cestmoi Compassion. C face. (22) the virtues of the mind cfm (37) Respect ch My favorite virtue is the kindness Chacha (13) My cheerful disposition Chancelor C.J. King (19) Charity Chandra Alexander (24) Faithfulness Channy (19) Those that serve others before myself. Chanter (18) Virtues don't mean much to my kind. But having a high enough guard and ferocity are sought after qualities. Chanter (24) Humbleness Chari (21) Patience is a virtue Charleigh The virtue of will Charlene (17) Gratitude Charlene (50) Honesty Charlene (18) Faith, hope, charity Charles 01 ( 7) Patience Charles Au Lavoie Integrity, Authenticity and kindness CharlesB (48) honesty Charles Davis (60) The ability to see great beauty in the most mudane things Charles L Davis Jr (51) honor Charles Pybus (61) Again, we choose honesty. Charlie Fry (36) kindness charlotte (29) A sense of humour, loyalty, and a hint of mystery Charlotte (18) Dilligence and kindness Charlotte H. (23) Kindness, grace, fearlessness Charly Mariaan (49) Good accounting Charmaine (25) humility charosa (20) Honesty Chary Silva (22) virtues guided by love, and God chay (40) Authenticity in all one does Cheche (40) Honesty cheeky (26) Truth Cheemargh (36) truth chele caring, kind, loving, common sense, intelligent chelle (47) Any and all. Chelsea (21) Commitment and loyalty. Chelsea (23) inner strength Chelsea (28) Virginity. Chelsea Smith (24) Goodness and honor Chelsea Whiting (26) humility Chelsy Integrity Cheri D. truth Cherie (40) Strength Cherish Robinson (21) wisdom Cherlyn (40) Virtues are overrated. cherry (16) There is a tie-peace and simplicity Cherub (30) integrity Cheryl (38) Kindness Cheryl Integrity Cheryl Barnette (59) Wisdom Cheshire (22) moral sense chetana Compassion Chi honesty chi-chi all virtues are good Chickpea (31) Honesty Chico (46) all virtues that are not limitd to sect, or the universil virtues Chief (57) Honor ChiefJ42 (44) courage chiklitz76 (39) Gentleness. Child (8) Resilience, courage Chili (17) dependable and dedicated Chinita (34) being honest to yourself and being able to criticise yourself chinnu (20) Truth Chinnu (38) Tenacity Chip Griphix (35) Loyalty Chiu Jing Hua (17) kindness chloe (21) defiance Chloe (17) Honesty, truthfulness Chocolate Bunny (32) Compassion Chonda gentleness Choraven (32) Those that will be followed, whether for better or poorer. Chris (16) charity Chris The pursuit of knowledge on things one may not understand. The desire to not fall victim to complacency. Chris (19) Honesty Chris Like Proust - the universal virtues Chris (13) universal virtues Chris helpful Chris (52) patience chris (24) grace . prudence . compassion Chris Glass (39) Honesty Chris S. the ability to be creative Christa (27) Honesty Christabelle (29) faithhope'nlove Christian (44) Endurance. Christian Boyanov (24) kindness Christian Soldier (33) Strength Christina (26) Patience and understanding Christina Caceres (26) Good. Christina Kronberg (23) Depends on the situation Christina Tounzen Honesty. It doesn't cost a damn penny to tell the truth, most of the time. Christina X. (37) patience christine (18) Honesty Christobel (17) Charity and honesty Christobel in College (18) Truth. Christopher (24) The ability to remain stoic despite all interference. Christopher Blaum (37) Intelligence Christopher Boone Honesty Christopher James Stagg (16) Humility Christopher M. (31) I like kindness. Christopher Mitchell (17) happiness Christopher Ross (23) Humility Christopher Sloce (26) The theological virtues; Faith, Hope and Charity. Cardinal virtues rule mans behavior while faith hope and charity rule his heart. christy (44) True Patience Christy Turner (50) True Patience Christy Turner (50) all: prudence, temperance, justice, fortitude Chuck (43) fortitude Chuck (44) Tolerance and Caring about others Chunky Lover My mom Ciara (24) Universal Ciara (22) modesty Cickany (51) I don't have a favorite Ciera (16) Loyalty and kindness. Cindy empathy and compassion cindy (50) All of them Cindy (24) Strength Cindy (22) respect Cindy (50) Honesty CindyLu (58) Patience Cissa Fireheart (32) The possession of one/it. Ciucan (18) empathy cizz Respect CJ (18) kindness CJN (21) Maturity. Claire Not patience, I've lost that. Diligence. Things need to get done, inside and out of the home. Season by season. Claire (32) Hope, although it is not exactly a virtue. Claire Bartholomew (16) honorable actions Claire Cullen (49) Empathy. ClaireW (65) Moderation in all things, including moderation Clancy humor Clara (20) kindness Clara Virtues that make humanity progress. Clarence (17) Altruism Clarissa (18) Being able to finish what you started Clarisse Johnson (24) Honesty, Humility and Courage Clark Kent Patience Clark Langridge (32) Compassion Clau all Claudia (36) Clay Douglass: Generosity Clay Douglass (34) loyalty clazza mgee love Clelia Beatriz Valdez (22) It's a generosity clemfolk49 (13) silence Cleo (∞) kind Cleo (17) Self confidence, and ambition. clockwork (34) humility cm (57) Forgiveness Coastside007 (42) know you are sisyphus and be happy cobweb (24) The best virtues in a woman CockneyKnight (48) strength of character that provides flexibility Coco (31) Justice Coco (19) Integrity CocoPuff2016 (44) I have many that I enjoy codered (18) to always speak ypur mind Cody (25) Those that deal with fairly treating others and reflectibg and developing oneself Cody Gould (17) Kindness Col (41) Honesty Cole (37) Universal virtues Colin (39) All of them. Colin (22) Unconditional kindness/love Colorful (28) Patience, my dad has a lot of that, he had to learn some when I was a lad. Colton (27) analytical sense comnomnomor (15) Humility Connie Humbleness Connie (24) Rejection Connor To die for another. Connor Honesty Connor (16) gentleness Connor Taylor (19) to be honest Conny (71) Honesty conor (34) Patience constanceeee (19) Self sacrifice Constantin (32) kindess Consuela Honesty Cookie honsty cookie integrity, compassion, responsibility cookie (51) Compassion, empathy, passion CookieFantastic (46) honor Cooper (16) Kindness Cora (26) I guess I should say patience. Cora (39) Determination Cora Henley (15) Being able to enjoy what God has given us on earth and andmiring the natural art Core (25) Those that put people in trouble with the system Corentine (25) Having an inner peace. Corey Do unto others as you would have them do unto you corinne Patience Cory (22) Positivity & kindness Courtney Loughlin (Courtney Loughlin) honesty cpaters1 (26) Who decides what is virtuous? But to answer, any that help push humanity to do what is good for the whole cr compassion cr (34) Courage Craig (35) N/A Craig (8) People who don't pretend to be something there not. Craig Suga Biles (22) Compassion Crimson (60) loyal and trustworthy cris All virtues have importance. Cris To do all things for the greater good. Cris pacience Crisfe (31) Not sure. Crishna Murray (42) Loialty Cristi Self-discipline. Crystal (17) Honesty Crystal (32) devoted to love Crystal (22) hmm. let me think on this Crystal (34) Any one that is approving to the Star Spirits. Crystal (35) Relatability csheehan (17) generosity CStoney (47) friendly cuchi (40) Genuineness Cucks innocence cucu (26) To listen and learn from the wise ones cvelez (64) accountability and faithfulness cweekly Genuineness Cyan Imsomething (28) Honesty d0701 (29) common decency and understanding, sticking up for those who can't stick up for themselves. D Patience D (32) Being thankful Dachary (23) Any that seeks to help others. DAD not cutting in line...line cutters, don't let dad hear this...suck Dad (42) having a good heart and respect Daesia Garcia (16) Honesty and humility Daffy Sue Esposito (60) Love Daisy (17) kindness Daisy swave Dakota Swaveman (18) Curiosity D_Alex (46) Mercy dA member: sonicbutterfly (17) Compassion Dan (29) Honesty Dan charity Dan (39) Loyalty, intergrity Dan (51) Not sure Danae (17) peace D Anderson (42) Strength, Intelligence, Being opportunistic Danger (16) Humility AND the lack thereof when a situation warrants this. Dani (31) lack there of Dani (19) Respect Daniel (25) Understanding of human difference and individuality Daniel (16) The univeral virtues Daniel Below Patience Danieldidit (24) laughter Daniella (27) Strength, patience, and honesty Daniella (28) The will to learn. Danielle (15) Humour. Danielle (35) loving DanielleKeith (19) Caring, compassionate, and honest. Daniel Molina (20) honesty Daniel Phelps (23) Justice and courage Daniel Stephens (Character Sketch) (22) truth daniiii (18) wisdom Danine (48) Honor and Integrity. Those are two virtues I strive to hold on to...when I am sober. DaniStory (29) Integrity Danny (25) Patience Danyael (16) adventurous Daph (45) Tolerance. Darbio (16) patience Darcy (20) I don't gossip Darcy Empathy. Listening Darcy (54) Truth dareman (64) empathy dario (21) Compassion Darnell conviction DashEloise (32) Prudence Dave Cresswell (46) empathy DaveG (39) Chastity Dave Whitaker (40) Sense of morality Davey (18) Amiability DaveyD (24) Kindness Davian (alias) (32) Honesty David (19) Smallness. David (10) all virtues David (18) loyalty David (63) All virtues David (24) Acceptance David (51) faith in the world david baiguera (35) A giving spirit. David Dean (35) Honesty David Del Aguila Osollo kindness David E.J.A Bennett (29) Honesty, compassion, and the other virtues which follow. David K (46) Patience David King (23) Integrity. David ROWE (42) Justice David Sergio Cisneros Ardura (46) Kindness. David Thomas (60) Patience David Timme (19) Empathy David Wommack (19) Moral righteousness Davie (16) Empathy Davi Silva (21) honesty dawn (40) Trust Dawn Robinette (51) Integrity Dawson Honesty. Daxion Mr. Dax Johnson (29) determination Daya (22) kindness Daydreamer (18) Humaneness Daydreamer (63) Humaneness Daydreamer (63) Courage dbrown (24) honesty dcsnowbunny (25) honesty Dd (43) Valor. DD (16) Honour or courage. DDG9000 (25) Creativity Dea (40) KINDNESS D. E. Alvis (58) I don't think I have one. I doubt I even practice a tiny fraction. Dean (17) A kind heart DeAndre Beck (20) Friends that don't lie Deanie Loyalty DeAnna Alexander (35) loyalty Deanna Sanders (44) compassion, honesty, courage, humor Deb (37) honestly, genuineness Debbie (56) honesty Debbie (45) I am VERY forgiving. Debby Creech-West (43) Virtue is mine Deborah Faciane (21) honesty Deborah S. Wilson (56) directness Deborah Wilson Patience Debster (48) Justice Declan Cohen (35) Humbleness De-De (36) Kindness Dee (24) loyalty Dee (19) Ambition Dee By the time I have you, all virtues are obsolete Defeat and Doubt (antagonist) Honor and humility DefMelon Humility and Integrity Deja Vu (20) honesty, trustworthy, loyal Delaney Virtues are subjective based on the person speaking Delia Nidhogg honesty Delia Webster (80) Morality. delice_ok (21) Honesty Della Cassia Topouzian (Della Cassia Topouzian) I like all virtures because they are hard to hold dendoo (23) honesty Denine (24) down to earth Denise 1 Integrity. Dennis (61) I think people should be more honest. Dennis Theodore (37) Morality. denny (23) Virtues of simplicity: holiness, honesty, truth-telling Denny Magis Densio (25) Justice Derek (27) Honesty Derek (20) Confidence, determination, loyalty Derek Ambrose (22) Honesty derp (22) Kindness Detective. Jones Nothing devanand I don't know. this question's stupid. lol. Devon (18) Universal Virtues; honestly, ambition, compassion, patience, optimism, charity Devon Lisenby (20) strength of being Dev Tucker (17) Open Devu (22) Love - Compassion Dez Honesty Dezirae (17) Temperance DH (39) unselfishness diana (52) Honesty, faithfulness Diana (20) Kindness maybe?... Diana (15) patience Diana Men who worry about virtues are weak. Diana Strength Diane (53) Virtue is it's own reward, but it is overrated DianeD (50) Being cooperative Diane Stanfield (79) fairness Diarre Ibrahim (22) organization Dick Esposito I do not know. dida (14) I would say forgiveness, but it is impracticable beyond the point of no return. Diego Miguel Danura Puyó (30) Honesty Dietgingerale Courage Dilip C Louis (32) loyalty Dilynne (28) Mercy and Love, even towards those who show neither. Dimitar Atanasov (25) patience dimitris (25) Patience, understanding and love Dindin (20) None Dino (18) iconoclastic endearments Dioji Pride Diona (19) Moral integrity. dionysis_dt (24) Integrity Dirk Radman (35) Caring for individuals that are weaker than me Dirty Jean (86) Help to poor people Divya (20) Following the Golden Rule Dixon Wragg Kindness DizzyblondeChic (55) kindness Dj Honesty dlew919 (40) Integrity. It leads to trust and all other values/virtues/emotions are based on trust. dmca (38) honesty Doc55 (55) I am a survivor and a born optimist. Dolna (39) Kindness Dolores Nabokov (26) ddddddd Dom Diligence Dominic (17) Selflesness Dominick (23) Altruism. Dominick Miller (19) Responsibility Dominick Miller (20) Selflesness. Dominick Miller (21) patience Dominique Self realized Dominique empathy Dona (35) Honesty DonAli (33) Pietas donkeys4eva (20) I don't know. I guess love Donna Falksen (69) Faithfulness donna obrien (54) Loyalty Doob Doggo (21) virtue isn’t better than vice, it’s just different doodledoo12345 kindness Dor (50) discipline Dori (23) Humility Doris (19) none of them Doryan (30) Perseverancia Dothzilla (33) peace Doubting Divorcee perfect love Doug (30) acceptance without initial judgement before honest forethought, reasoning and intelligent counsel and research Doug Lambert (65) Honesty. Douglis (44) empathy Douni menschhood downtime (63) greed for new horizons and exploring self Dracontomelum (30) altruism Dragana (22) Honesty. Dragontongue (22) to be pacient Dre (35) All virtues Dre (17) Open-minded compassion Dreamboat Annie being able to feel and think DreamBrother (27) Stoicism Dreda (23) overrated Drella (26) Faith Drew (26) all those of helping Drew (16) Honesty drift Certainty! Dr. Isaac Busafalus (53) altruistic dritjeta (42) i don't now what a virtue is Dr. J (76) loyalty Dr. Lauren Ashe empathy Dr. Shelby Cruze - protagonist Fortitude. Dru (24) Imagination Drucar (45) Humor dryskel (28) honesty ds (45) All virtues springing from seeing another as different yet the same. D.S.de.P.Ramos Integrity DSo (47) Common Sense Ducky Patience Dude (49) Kindness duke (18) I'm not really sure on this one. Duncan Passell (17) thinki of the end before you start dustxii (22) NONE Dutchess anything I see fit. Dutchess Diligence Dvach (18) Patience D.X (22) Modesty Dylan (17) Valor Dylan Adams (25) Treat others as you want to be treated DZhelo (46) Honesty E bushido e (28) Rationality. E (20) Bravery E (18) creativity eagleclaw (35) Love E.A. Latham (25) Honesty, Loyalty, and Wisdom EAR (19) humility Earth Speck (30) Honesty and compassion Eau (45) Kindness Ed (30) compassion ed Patience EdD Incremental truths. Eddie (48) A good heart Eddie (12) None Eden (19) P'u Edgar Roberts (15) loving, but whether for a moment, a night, or a century, I don't see the difference. Edie (26) Will Edmond Dantes (26) Compassion. Edouard (41) honesty Eduardo (19) honestly at all cost EduGri (53) patience Edward (54) kindness Edward Payne (44) Honesty, Kindness and Understanding Effie (34) Selflessness or probity efha (23) Mercy ehk2 (30) tålmodighed (da jeg ikke har den selv) EHM Patience Eiichi (16) purity Eilfa (28) Tranqulity Eithiel (32) morality EJ (29) Aside from compassion, I prefer fortitude, but the other five are important as well E.Jay (21) humor ejb (22) Broad-mindedness El (23) Patience el3vat0r imagination.. and courage elay (21) patience, imagination elay (23) patience, integrity, honesty, independence elay (24) empathy, honesty eldar (25) Golden Rule Eleanor (14) Truth Electryo (15) Patience, because I don't have it. Elena συγχωρω ευκολα ελενη (33) Intuition, sensitivity, perception, compassion, kindness. Elena Di Cesare honesty eleni (18) Honesty. Eleni Constantinou (20) Love, love is made of up of so many other virtues, it's a blend of the best and worst things in life to create this feeling of euphoria. Above all things I believe in love. Elexia (19) my dignity Elexis (18) not sure Elexis (18) Charity Eli (16) calm eli (16) Universal virtues Elias (22) The ability to express love. Eliaz McMillan (33) treat others as you would like to be treated eliciabg (23) my favorite virtue is kindness elicule (13) I have no idea again. Elie (16) justness Elin (47) Caring for those in need Elisa (28) many Elisabeth (22) Integrity Elisabeth Carver Love Elissa (22) Honesty Elizabeth Love. I know that's a cliche, but it really is the greatest one, from which all the others flow. Elizabeth (25) Individulaism. Elizabeth (15) Peaceable conversation Elizabeth kindness Elizabeth Humility and the ability to live and appreciate the present moment. Elizabeth Diane Shaffer (0) Humility and the ability to live and appreciate the present moment. Elizabeth Diane Shaffer (0) Well the above answers suggest it's empathy Ell (23) love Ella P. (14) Freedom Elle (51) generosity ElleKay Compassion Ellen (48) Patience Ellen Compassion Ellen B Smiley (29) Humility in the face of truth and genius Ellen Fitzpatrick (61) Being alive Ellie (25) Patience Ellie Serenity. Ellie_Estrella (19) intelligence and humour Ellie Wilson (15) Patience Elliot A love of wisdom. elliot (22) Compassion Elliott (28) Wit, charm, presence. Elliott Hemp (23) My favorite virtue is the courage Elo (11) Altruism elSigno (37) Persistence Ely (23) being myself Elyse (20) Binary file Em_1425616956.html matches Binary file Em_1425616956.html matches Patience with young children. Not old people. They don't deserve it. Em love Em i don't understand the question Ema (18) Standing by what you believe in. Ember Winters (16) The healing effect of laughter. emdonnelly7 To have a good family. emdonnelly7 honesty and compassion Eme (18) Never say never Emilee (27) -smirks- Sacrifice Emilee Nightshade (19) Genuine honesty about one's opinions. Emilia Blancarte Jaber kindness Emilie (23) Not sure... Emilina (27) thirst of knowledge emilio (28) Sensibility! Emillia (16) Kindness; i.e. tolerance, forgiveness, patience and a wide trust and like of people, making others feel comfortable. Emily (19) understanding, empathy.....something along those lines. Emily (24) empathy and patience emily (24) my favourite virtues is the sincerity and tue courage. Emily (13) Love Emily (22) Honesty Emily (32) kindness Emilyann (22) Humbleness Emily Carter (37) honesty Emily Clark (25) Wisdom Emily Massey Currie (47) Humility Emily Thomas (23) Loyalty Emily Worrell (33) compassion and love followed closely by wisdom and humour. Emma (20) honesty, guilt. emma (18) none Emma (20) Wisdom Emma (50) charity emma (14) courage and compassion Emma (34) kindness, silence emma (20) Kindness Emma (25) loyalty Emma Burns (28) PAW PAW SAYS NEVER LEAVE ANYONE BEHIND. HE SAYS THAT'S WHAT THEY TEACH HIM IN THE ARMY. SO I WON'T LEAVE ANYONE BEHIND. EMMA MAY GREEN (14) Patience. Emma McKinney honesty Emma Snow (16) Integrity Emma Verbeck Punctuality Emme (21) honor Emmy honor Emmy Does tyranny count as a virtue? Emperor Aisel Fei Shiang (18) Honesty Empyrean (17) Tolerance encolpio8 (22) The one and only given by the omnipotent Muses to notice the most hidden Endimion politeness endor Kindness ENEgck (56) Corageous honor Engel (48) The ability to wait for death happily Enis I don't believe in virtues, I only believe in ideas... Eno A. Agolli (15) Strive for the truth and never let it go for anything else. Enrique (21) Dignity. Eric (15) Justice Eric (40) Compassion Eric (37) Courage. Eric (19) patience Erica kindness Erica (25) Faith Erica` (21) Humility Erica (65) Abstinence Erica Johnson (21) Honesty Eric C. Wolfe (28) respect Erich (20) Temperance and moderation. Erich (19) Silence Eric Kraft (18) Ability to reason Erict7 Humility, it brings out the best human out of 'us'. Erik (25) An open mind Erik Isaac (19) Universal virtues Erik Price (18) Patience Erin (27) Love Erin (53) Honesry Erin (30) patience Erin (20) To favour one would be to place one goodness above the rest. I need them all. Erin Loyalty Erin (46) Kindness Erin (31) Be a good father. Erskine (35) Honesty. ERZ (1) Selflessness esayer (35) I have no belief in that Escalus (22) Comitas. Escapism (19) empathy Esmé (18) Loyalty Esmee fidelius (54) silence ESMERELDA (50) Honesty Estacia Hernandez (37) all and any esteban (29) Equity Esteban (23) empathy Estee all of them estrella blanca unsure Et (32) Temperance Et Cetera (22) Curiosity Etha (26) equality ethan (20) common sense Ethan Mayatt (25) Sacrifice. Eureka (16) loyalty Euzinha_ds (20) Courage Eva (23) Committment Eva (16) Tenacity Eva intellectualism evan ass hatch (18) Honesty Evanna (18) Were intelligence a virtue, I would say that. Evan Washington (20) Cleanliness... Evie (22) Determination and Humbleness evilwonders (28) None, truly. They all play together to create the beauty in the world that can only be seen along with the sins. evren (16) Kindness Ezra (20) All virtue is moralistic binge and purge. FA Helpfulness. Doing for others and lifting them up. FAA Happiness FAC (25) Honesty Facio (19) Courage, faith, hope, temperance Faith (17) being humble fallen (24) prudence fang (30) Being beyond good and evil Fanourios (40) kindness farfoura (22) Wisdom is the foundation of all virtue. fatgaynig (20) lying Fatima (19) Patience Fatima (26) depends on the sutuation, fat man (33) Determination Fawna (19) Honesty Fay (22) Loyalty Faye (34) Wit feanix (20) Logic Felipe Maia Too many to count Fern (25) Humility Fernando (31) Diligence Fernando (31) Honesty Ferroever (43) My talents, my ability to question the stated, my cynicism. fersfumero (28) Charity FeydRautha (46) Love Feysweetie (43) Your conscience never lies. fhickey (22) patience Fidjeridodu (30) Fields (19) simplicity and wanting to make it complicating Fielirious (34) my brains filinia (22) Honesty. final fashion (33) Goodness. There is little left in Vanadium. Finnegan (17) Love and all that it can do for a soul Finnegan Magondolovich (Long Story...) This is more of a circumstantial question for me... currently my favorite is honesty but it has not always been the case Finokio (38) Patience fk2005 (34) Kindness. FlameHorse (28) Just be a decent human being. Is that a virtue? I don't know, just don't be a dick. Flantasy Girl (25) Being able to carry weight behind my words flavia (13) the virtue to respect and appreciate Flo honesty Flora (69) Courage. Florin-Alexandru Brănescu (16) Freedom Flower (39) the virtue of a good meal Floyd Honesty FlyinMonki (27) Tolerance ForePlinger Same as Proust ForSavvy Saintliness Fran (52) A good moral compass Fran (33) compassion and activism forgiveness and courage Francesca (29) to love well francesca (49) honesty Francesca Honor Francis (18) dreamer Francisca Bastos (17) Self-thinking, adaptability Francisco Aguirre (23) Will power Francisco Javier Gil Vidal (54) I don't chew on fur! Huh? OH! Balance and silver trees! Did I say that right?! ....Oh, it's Val-ee-ansss (Valiance) and shiv-al-ree (chivalry) Francis Graham (9) all Aristotelian virtues Francis Times (20) Adventurousness Frank (27) I mainly operate in vices Frankie (23) To become ego-less FrankieSmash (49) The ones that are not listed in the seven deadly sins Franklin Frank Anglin (32) Compassion Frank Nekrasz (25) to care fred (16) Logic Freda (61) Hope Frieda Isabelle Robson (17) I'm hopeful Friedrich Mueller (57) Honesty, persistance Fritha Grey Being a true and pure Aryan. Fritz (12) Prudence fumble (19) patience, understanding, believing that people can change. furies (27) My ability to analyze a situation. FYS13Alec (18) honor FYS13Amanda (18) Having a solid moral base for your actions. FYS13Andrew Nobility FYS13Bella none seem more important than the other FYS13Chad i am not partial to virtues. i prefer the flaws FYS13DRJ Loyalty and compassion go hand in hand for me. FYS13Michaela (18) trustworthiness FYS13Savannah Henry (18) Integrity FYS13Tyler (19) Patience FYS14Darling (18) pleasure in all vital things FYS14julie Humility FYS14Kelle (20) I agree with Proust exactly FYS14Landon (18) This is the day which The Lord hath made; we will rejoice and be glad in it. FYS14Payton Dressing and Acting to impress everyone around me. FYS14Sam (19) Honesty FYS14Sara honesty FYS14Taylor Honesty FYS14Zachary Being able to admit to the truth. FYSMegha (18) Wisdom. FYSMichael (18) Patience FYSNick honesty G g g Freedom G. (23) wisdom Gab (19) don't have a favorite Gabby (13) My big heart Gabby Griego (18) Honor Gabe (31) integrity Gabi To truly understand others close to you Gabriel (28) Kindness Gabriela (18) integrity Gabriela Coelho Mesquita Teixeira Borges (26) Caring. Gabriel Gonzalez (26) Unity Gabriella Fuentes (17) Patience Gabrielle Hart (20) my favourite virtue is kindness gaga (13) godliness Gail (44) kindness Gail Flaherty honesty, tolerance, a sense of wonderment, a sense of humour Gainer (52) sharing the wisdom of the sea with others Gaios (19) I do not have virtues Gait (17) talent Galareh (23) Assertive, brave and confident Gamba Ajani Loyalty gamorreangirl (43) Not sure what I said before but Praust has it... GarbagePailGrrrl (27) I do not have one. Garrett (19) Integrity Gary H loyalty gatetam (38) Rite liberty Purcent of Happeness Gator Krazy Dave paciencia gavalia (46) Self-Reflection. GD (47) Loyalty. Gean Whitehead III (20) Kindness Gemn Kindness Gemn honesty Gene (51) The three Ds; Defiance, Discernment, Detchment Gene (24) Virtues - qualities you can feel from a person's being in the good that they stand for. My favorite of these virtues is compassion. General Obsidian de Veyra patience Genevie Honesty. Genevieve (22) Thoughtfulness Genevieve (15) Rationality.- Genevieve (16) Cleanliness Genevieve (17) Honesty Genie (65) compassion Genie (58) I am living in a generation of Consciousness where virtues are being reconsidered and renegotiated for the highest and best good of all beings. GenXer2012 (39) Still unknown Geo (20) Honesty, all others stem from this. Geo (57) Courage George Integrity George Mile (35) Integrity, loyalty George Owers (21) The ability to breathe, to feel and taste. Also intelligence combined with kindness and love for the others. Georgia (14) honesty Georgia (53) Not sure Georgia (16) The notion of virtue is relative, whatever brings joy to you and/or people around Georgiana patience, Georgie Motivation and encouragement gg Genius ghazaleh (27) The Elegance of the Heart Ghyles (31) i dont know Ghyles (31) Passion Gia (21) honesty Gianne (21) Loyalty Giannico (40) I have no virtue, no fault Gideon (30) dedication Gill (63) Loyalty Gillian Martin (40) Empathy, generosity Gina (19) Loving and accepting others Gina (30) Humility, honesty Ginger Thompson (50) Integrity Ginny (47) Prudence. Gionna (28) Patience Giorgia La temperanza e la risolutezza Giovanni Moro (32) humility Girl You Too Rude the categorical imperative. Giselle (18) The greatest communication is usually how we are rather than what we say. –Joseph Goldstein Gjabrielle Communication Gladys Mae Whitaker Courage Glenn Parker (24) steadfastness Glen Reeves (37) trust Gloria (59) Compassion Gloria honesty Gloria Heatley (58) Open-mindedness GMcG Loyalty goblin64 (45) Honor Godfrey (19) saving money GoGo Patty (46) love one another as you love yourself Golden Boy (20) I don't give a fuck. Gonzalo understanding goukrish (19) passion GP (39) rectitude GPB (37) All virtues that are important Grace (30) patience Grace (12) Resilience and the ability to stay strong yet tender. Grace (28) Patience Grace Cooper (20) Being in possession of few virtues, I am a poor judge as to which of them is best gracehoppin (23) The belief in virtue itself Gracie (22) kindness Gracie Campbell (23) Kindness Graham (20) Being kind and courteous Granny (81) I would consider all virtues to be of equal importance and can't choose just one. We should each try to be as virtuous as possible. Grayson Ender (28) Honesty greatlove (32) Strength and kindness. Greer (9) silence Greg (19) skepticism Greg (24) love Greg (17) Love Greg (36) honesty Greg (53) Creativity Greg Lytle (26) ambition Gregory (30) noble heart gretel Be true to yourself Gret Sidl (17) LET ME SEE. I MUST SAY I HAVE FAILED AT MOST VIRTUES; NO, PERFECTION NEVER CAME. SO PERHAPS THE GREATEST VIRTUE IS FORGIVENESS. I DO NOT REGRET THE HARM I HELPED IMPOSE UPON GERMAN INVADERS; I ASK MY ANCESTORS FORGIVENESS FOR USING LACE MAKING TO HARM GRETTA VAN DEN BOSSCHE - OLBRACHT (86) Selflessness Grey Fortitude greythorne (38) Live life happy Grimace (17) Hope Faith Grimace (17) empatia gruchi (63) honesty and patience gruffmusic (49) the universal virtues Gtergab (50) I don't believe in them Guard (45) Patience Guenther optimism. guiller van mistoffellees (17) Live, laugh, love Gus (18) Coragem Gustavo (21) Willingness to be external gutsyaardvark (19) to be able to forgive, or even better: to be able not to judge others Guy Van Driessche (44) Kindness Gwen (18) honor Gwen patience Gwyneth P. (44) dignity Hadasa (19) respect and love to Mother Nature Hadja (19) Compassion Hailey (34) Honesty, trustworthy Hailey (15) sincerity Hakusha Senbon (24) Creativity and enthusiasm. Hal (18) Being truthful Hala (34) Strength Haley (19) those send from god hamdi (20) being honest and kind hamideh (26) Generosity of time and spirit Hamlet (30) universal virtues Hana (14) self knowledge HandeG. (13) Honesty Hanna (24) Courage is my favorite, no matter how cowardly I am Hannah (15) kindness hannah (25) optimism hannah (16) Be who you are even if no one is looking Hannah A (18) Love Hannah Chambers (24) Honesty Hannah Ross (20) Kindness Hannah Suttles kind Hanshaw (14) humanity of it all Hari (21) Faithfulness, not as a guilt-filled obligation but rather a pleasant, simple act echoing in the universe. Harold E. Leighton (37) Patience Harold E. Leighton (40) strength Harold Oberg Imagination Harriet (23) The ability to see things for what they are Harry (27) Wisdom Hartleigh A. Chance (35) Beauty, in all its forms. Hassallah (30) honesty Hassan (21) Pride Haven Everest (7) loyalty and honesty hawaii50 (45) Charity (that benefits me) Hayzeus (23) Smooth legs Hazelnut (17) Virtues that are favorable to me HCE (15) I can put a smile on people's face Heath love HEATHER (37) None Heather Driussi (41) Courage HeavyFire (16) sweetness heider (27) Minimalism Heidi the desire to be genuine in all things. Heidi R. compaixao Heinar (52) patience and tolerance Helen (32) Respect Helen (19) Compassion Helena (18) compassion Helena Jenkins (20) truth Helen Mattison Wyatt (20) selflessness hellgirl (19) honesty Helory (22) the only one I remember is patience helz bells (41) Kindness Hena Riz (34) Courage Henry (46) Insatiable curiosity regarding the human condition Henry_Z (25) the golden rule her (26) my ability with words against odds Herald (71) honesty herbertofwestlake (43) Integrity, again! It's the virtue from which all others spring. Hern (39) Courage Herod (20) wisdom Hero Solomon (25) nobility Hestia (18) be faithful Hetal (22) compassion H, Han-Jan Any away from self-righteousness HHP (41) Those regarding the value for well-being and truth Him (17) Strong morals and strong willed yet kind HimynameisAlicia (15) Honesty, intelligence, wit, loyalty. Hira Yousuf (18) Those that make me and the world around me a better place HKas (28) Those that help the people around me HKas Making someone else's day Hkr (24) compassion H. McMillan (33) Poder transmitir la alegria de seguir viviendo. H.Nakashima (21) empathy hobbes (26) wisdom hodouk (22) Honesty with oneself Hoelder1in (51) Respecting, loving and taking care of your fellow man? hoffsta hope holden (27) Courage Holley (39) Intelligence, curiosity. holly (17) Knowing when to keep my mouth shut Holly Avery (32) intelligence Holly Pajka (28) perseverence Hong Jay Patience Honora (40) Empathy..silence..communicating effectively Hooks honesty Horace pluck (54) honesty Houston (19) patience howard (34) Patience is my most favorite virtue of all. howard (34) Imagination Hrudaya (24) humility huck finn (48) Patience Huda (19) those that take us closer to god huggybear (29) The virtue of patience which I lack Hulot Redux I'm more a vices sort of person Humbugger Omlet (20) Empathy Hunter (23) vir- Hurricane Katrina (25) honesty and able to admit mistakes Hwee (45) Donation Hwiseon Lee (24) honesty Hyldami Wisdom Hyosun (25) generousity Hypnos The Blade (46) love HYS (47) Patience. I Wisdom I To give of one's self Ian (23) Pursuit of all things beautifull ianplanet (47) Virtues, huh... Let's see... Compassion? Maybe honesty, virtue's a virtue really. Ian Siente ability to love I Beg (54) Gullibility. Iblis Anak (22) courage Ichabod Patience Icis all of them--they are one I do not have one. (22) The virtues of the Classic Man i dont know that i know (17) Empathy Ignats (70) Being nice to others because it is in you nature, not because it is expected of you Igor (29) Integrity and honor Iilyanna All those that make a person good, wise, and kind. Ika (24) Being able to handle any kind of situation with less possible damage . ile105 (23) Diplomacy. ile105 (27) Loving Ilija (17) Kindness Illinibeatle (44) courage IM (82) Integrity Imajones I guess that would have to be Integrity. Imee All virtues are equally my favorite, for they allow me to rule all men that I can see . . . they are the crutches and flaws that keep men weak and servile to those in power I.M. (Imam Mahdi) (5) You would have to ask someone else, I do not dissect myself Incognitus (23) courage India (15) Thinking Indrė (17) loyalty, otherwise, intelligence. inez (21) Honesty Inkie (60) Goodness interestedparty humour and imagination i.p. Kindness Ireland Rose (12) Kindness Irene (17) The capacity to give without expecting in return Irene (26) Kindness Irina (16) every virtue has its task in a time Iris (18) Understanding Iris (22) Loyalty Iris Ramsey (32) being true to oneself isa (29) None really, none at all! Isaac (16) love Isaac (29) Virtues only get you so far. Isaac Honesty Isaac The virtues that don't define what people are and who should they be. Isabel (19) Honesty Isabela (18) Goodness Isabella (14) Not one in particular, i just like me and what i can give the world. Isabella Fairchild-Heart (Protagonist) (26) honesty Isabelle (26) Honesty Isadora Duncan (32) Silence and secrecy. Isas Hope. Isla (21) Being decent, I suppose Ismael Santos (20) Loyalty. Isolde (17) Honesty, laughter, morals and intelligence Ita (23) The most important is to be good. Iva none, they aren't as fun as vices. Iva Pasztor (20) Every virtue known. Ivy (10) helpfull... ivy (25) humility Ivy (17) witty Ivy Morgan (34) Faithfulness to a spouse Izzy (24) Patience, empathy Izzy (17) Honesty Izzy (30) compassion j2a18m (43) not giving a fuck jabbar (23) compassion Jacie Lin Curiosity Jack (14) those which are true jack (30) Faith Jack (33) whole hearted forgiveness for life Jack (17) Love Jack (18) Honor Jack Alexander (17) Truth, Honesty, Chivalry Jack Goodman (18) Kindness Jackie Perseverance and Respect Jackie (24) Patience Jackie Do the right thing Jackie Bordeaux (31) Love Jackie Cavalcante (40) Empathy Jackie Vega (27) integrity Jackson (32) Honesty. Jackson8471 (23) Compassion Jackson Fisher (47) Courage Jack Viper (29) Charity Jaclyn (22) Adaptability JaclynM (19) Empathy Jacob composure Jacob (16) unsure Jacob Respect Jacque (24) Justice. Jacqueline (34) Justice. Jacqueline Garrett (38) Charity Jade (17) morals Jade-a-boo (17) Patience Jade Green (30) all virtues, not singling out a single organized religion Jadelynn (24) Compassion. Jae (18) Love Jafari (33) To be coherent Jaime (18) Calmness Jaime (28) honesty Jake Honesty and understanding Jake (17) Generosity Jake (21) Awareness Jakelina Hernandez (22) Temperance. J.A. Lawrence tenderness and love James (64) Kindness James (30) purpose james understanding James (19) Willing to die for a cause James (25) telling the truth James What are the virtues? James Courage James - Dana (15) Patience James Foley (23) all of them James Green (29) Justice James H (27) Integrity James La Salandra (31) Respectability. James Oliver North (39) Honour jameson_welsh (22) Integrity James Wake (50) the ones in adverts James William Reath (21) Love, honesty, compassion Jamie (25) I’m not sure if this is a virtue or not, but I believe acceptance or, at the very least, tolerance is something that I cannot do without in a friend. Jamie (22) integrity Jamie (32) Authenticity Jamie (32) Generosity Jamie Loyalty Jamie Lynn Pearson (25) dependability Jan Being Noble Jan (55) Wisdom Jana (22) Bravery Jana (22) kindness Janae (17) chastity jane (41) Kindness Jane (23) integrity jane fakename (25) Hmm....I'm working on that.