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Your favorite occupation?

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Reading, watching movies, listening to music. 009 (19) PM. or MP. haha 0Miles (16) adf 1 Reading, walking, writing, thinking 50ad (17) Existance 513 (00) Sloth 808s Reading, talking with friends A (19) Thinking A Daydreaming, photography A. (27) binge watching netflix A (26) Just being...wherever. A. Games A (26) Reading, painting, eating, and laughing AA (23) Musician aaaaaaa (18) Sex, reading, eating, listening to music, comedy AAAKKK Writing, introspection, listening and sharing aag (22) writing and creating aallisonr (30) sexual behavior, learning things on my own, getting money without working for it Aaron (32) Science, reading, listening to music, playing the musical instruments and talking to friends in a group. Aaron (16) firefighter and detective Aaron Reading, listening to music, smoking cannabis Aaron (26) Fishing Aaron (35) Photographer Aaron Guy Leroux (37) Reading and dreaming Aarushi Agarwal (13) Professor of evil. ;) Abbie (22) It changes from day to day. Some days I'm happiest with my colors and books, other days I'll play my drum until I go deaf, and some days I will study all sorts of things on the internet. Abbie Hartley Reading Abby (26) Painting, reading, writing Abby (27) Oy Vey! Reading. AbbySF Actor Abegando (28) Anything where I get to take care of others. Abigail Harris (10) creating things, teaching others to create things, dancing, reading, ABP (50) walk by the mountains, beachs Abraham (41) Painting, reading, and talking to a loved one or friend, one on one. Abs Singin, prankin, an' dancin' Acara McFadden (28) To be a writer, a successful one, and to be appreciated for my work. A Caring Tea (51) Being with those i love ACH (23) Reading, walking, being engaged in something productive--no matter how small the task. A. Clifford Stowe (81) Getting lost (in life and in dreams) Acrania (25) Artist and philosopher Adam (22) carpentry Adam (25) Author Adam (20) Working on the Bally Stage Adam (29) Anything that brings me happiness adam (16) engineer Adam (38) discussion Adam Being an analyst at my job...just until I can work as a writer one day...or any other kind of artist. Adam Braner (30) writing, travelling, painting Adam Hyde (26) My current occupation as interior designer. Adam McGrory (39) Reading, thinking Adam Seline (30) Spending time caring for my family and friends Addy (26) work with heart and hands adieudusk Creative Aditya (25) Applied Omniscience. Admiral Love (33) Reading, Dreaming, Watching movies, Cooking Adonia (40) I am starting to like this Proust guy. The only difference is that I dream to escape, and I like prose not verse. Adrian (18) listening to great music, dreaming, being in a world of my own Adriana (16) dreaming, searching, wondering Adriana (16) reading, reflecting on myself adriana (45) reading, spending time with friends and family Adriana Living, which takes me to reading, writing, observing, studying, consequently making me full of awe. Adrian Bauza (20) Good comedians and writer/directors impress and interest me most by far. Most other careers seem pretty straight forward. Adrian Conrad Writing. Adrian George Nicolae (24) Fullfilling Adrian Martyn (34) Reading, Writing, Dreaming, Achieving, Basketball Adrianna (18) Reading writing basketball Adrianna (18) being a man of jihad AdrianOz (45) I enjoy working assisting at the morgue. I think I would like to get a doctorate, if possible. Adrian Winters (17) reading Adrienne Wilson (25) writing verse, sleeping, eating Ady (22) Writer aetilson (41) Reading afrodite (41) introspecting, writing, creating a.g. (23) chating and singing and listining to music agagagaga (24) shopping Agalloza (23) Escaping into my books Agape (38) playing guitar Agatha Kefali (45) Gaming. Agent00V (18) looking at pictures while listening to music Aggie White Dancing, writing, thinking, engaging yet comfortable conversations A.G. Mata (21) making plans Agnes (43) Writing, dreaming, drawing. Agnes (20) Music Agneska (20) writing agony (25) Teaching and Singing Agreen (29) learning, dreaming, seeking for answers Agu (21) reading, eating, being quiet and watching. Agustina (27) Translating non sensical Greek and Latin grammatical exercises A Half Empty Beaker writing ahmad (27) Reading, looking, creating, managing Ai (21) Reading, playing voleyball, go to the theater Aida (22) Listening to and trying to create music. Experiencing music live. Aidan (21) Running a security company form home, although I miss being part of something bigger. Aidan Devlin (15) Vengeance. Aiden Chillin with my friends Aiden (17) reading, philosophizing, listening to music aiko (20) talking whilst drinking aimée (22) Revelling in song lyrics aimee.dawson (21) Anything creative -- writing, acting Aisha Milburn (32) reading stories, drawing, singing to myself aishu (14) Dreaming. A.J. (27) Acting, singing, dancing and performing AJ (18) daydreaming, baking Ajam (21) Reading, internetz, skateboarding, playing the guitar, sleeping, partying. Ajay (17) police officer Ajm9511 (21) reading akansha (26) Reading, researching. akanthe (19) Dreaming. Akbar Shahzad (20) Writing, theorizing logic Aki Reading and writing Aks (20) Loving my children AKT (35) Cavorting Al (28) Anything relating to visual design Al (55) reading, writing, getting to know people Al (42) uninterrupted design alabambino (32) Training Alan (58) Reading Alan (14) Listening to music and drawing Alan (14) Reading, studying, succeeding Alan (24) Lawyer Alana (20) If I could do this life all over again, I would be a musician and tour all over. Alan Arkin (44) Absorbing positive energy Alannah (43) Reading, listening to music, dancing, talking AlbaManuela (18) Writing; drinking Albertine (29) searching shipwreck exploring the sea Alcaeus (19) learning Alchemist (45) Dreaming, Drawing, Painting, Singing, Playing Guitar, Napping Alden Lee Klaput (18) trawling the internet Aldonza77 (47) Sleeping and learning. Ale (28) Painting Alecia Reading, writing, drawing, getting lost in my mind. Alecksi Does setting things on fire count? Aleesha (32) Writing, when I'm in it Alejandro Amoretti (28) Music in all it forms, educating, enjoying the max alek (20) analyzing human actions and understanding why people do what they do. Aleksei Kotsov (63) reading, writing, creating, learning alessa (21) Playing instruments, designing software Alessandro Pian (30) sleeping Alessio Lucchini (46) Creating Aletha Camack Reading, writing. Alex Cooking Alex (22) Living Alex (17) reading, puzzle solving alex (38) writer alex (23) Kissing Alex (21) reading, photography, discussing the world and art Alex (23) Golfing & snowboarding Alex (17) Daydreaming Alex (32) Creating with a pen, whether it's images or words. Alex (21) Playing instruments, writing music Alex (16) Floating through life, being a grifter. Alex Painting, day dreaming, singing alexa (28) Pollution Defragmentor, saving the world. Alexander (33) writing reading Alexander (19) painting Alexander (30) Reading, or, lately, walking outside Alexander Kim (19) Writing and traveling Alexandra (27) Exploring. Alexandra (19) Author. Alexandra (24) Portrait drawing Alexandra (18) day dreaming, reading and thinking Alexandra (15) Yoga Alexandra (24) Being a mother Alexandra (15) walking with my dog dreaming and reading Alexandra Bryhter (24) Writing Alexandra Campbell (26) Adventuring Alexandra SweetTale4u Cruz Thinking Alexandre (28) communication AlexandriaHMerlin (40) reading and teaching AlexandriaLHash (30) Working with youth Alexandria Marshall (32) Reading, listening to music, eating oranges. alexandrine (15) Soccer Player Alex Armstrong (16) Soccer Player Alex Armstrong (16) Soccer Player Alex Armstrong (16) Watching sports Alex Brooks (18) reading, running, drinking Coke Alex C. reading Alexis (17) thinking Alexis Johnson (19) Wrestling. Alex Reimann (18) Painting AlexRTRW Reading AlexRTRW Art: singing, dancing, painting and composing. Aley (60) Sports Alfonso (26) Writing Alfonso (28) teacher Alfreda Hitchthorn (45) feeling the life al-g (24) Surfing the net, watching TV, meditating, watching movies, reading, writing. Ali (37) Writing. Music. Ali A. Rizvi Does anyone like to work? However; window cleaner Alice Teaching Alice Words Alicein1derland (27) Gardening Alice of Duxford reading and films Alicia (68) Running, acting, photography, listening to/playing music. alicja (38) Reading, writing, drawing, watching Doctor Who, surfin' the web. Aliid Creating Alin (23) Escapism. Alina Studying Alina (20) Teaching, reading, going to movies and plays and having tea with my friends. Aline Guiraudie (36) computer alipans (57) Artist - Photography, music, literature. Alishba Zarmeen (24) Having had written Alison (20) Dreaming Alison Martin (Alison Martin) librarian, high school/middle school counselor, writer alison wonderland trading AliZaidi (29) Writing for Friends and Family AllenT. (33) Learning, but without stress ;-; Allen Wasupan (16) teaching alli (49) Talk to people I like Allison (33) Improving. Allison (20) Reading, daydreaming and writing for pleasure. I like running too. Allison dreaming allison (19) Dreaming, writing, watching movies, translating Greek and Latin Allison Jean (21) Poker player, musician, artist, writer, animal toilet (I'm lookin' at you, Jack Hannah) Allison Jean Hazen (34) traveling, exercising, reading, listening to music, watching movies alliswell (62) Reading, Writing, Playing videogames Alma (25) Silversmithing. almavidrio (35) Teaching. I enjoy the epiphanic moment both in myself and in others. Altjungr (30) living in another world, whether musical. verbal, written, or dreamed altron2095 Reading, rambling around the town, daydreaming, writing Alvilda (20) Living. Alx creating Aly (17) reading, gaming, singing, creating art, surfing the internet alya (17) Creative-writing Alyanna (22) Reading writing Alyce J. dreaming Alyssa listening to music Alyssa Cordova (17) I destroy. I don't really know why. I was made this way. Someone took a little dark idea and expanded it and empowered it. They point me towards a village and very soon, there is no village. Alyssa Darkling Working as an artist and a designer at my job. Alyssa MacMillan (25) Monsterslayer Alyssa Moonchild (16) writing AM Motherhood Amanda (23) Writing Amanda writing, dreaming, reading, learning Amanda (42) Medical Examiners AmandaFYS13 (18) Teaching, Writing Amanda Strong (42) Singing Amandine (31) reading. Amara Training with my knights Amaris (17) sleeping Amayah (17) Chef Amayah Munoz (17) Becoming lost in music. Amber (18) Daydreaming, writing, reading Amber (37) Daydreaming, writing, reading Amber (37) studying, working out Amber (20) None at the moment Ame (37) computer Amelia (13) Learning Amelia (18) Painting and being in the quiet. Amelia Gates (formerly Pippet) (10) going to the salon and wathcing old movies Amelie (24) writing American Marxist Reading Americanoid (50) teaching and seeing the excitement of discovery on students' faces americanwoman (62) music ames (21) Reading, reveries, epiphanies, walking and writing verse. Amit Bhaskar (21) listening to music ammb (29) Cooking, Meeting Amos (18) Reading, dreaming, writing, and talking to myself Amrita (22) daydreaming amu Reading, watching my daughters grow, getting older Amy (30) Reading, writing, cross-stitching, cooking Amy (33) Reading, writing Amy (28) Reading amy (33) Reading, painting, dreaming of my Amy (35) Researching, Archaeology, Philanthropy. Amy (55) Being an artist Amy Becker; Character: Merriwether Finch (27) Being in water, champagne and drawing. Amy Cottington-Bray Author Amy Jo as Marge (48) Author Amy Jo as Marge (48) Any that I could find Amy Martinez (20) Reading, writing, and spinning (color guard) Amy R. writing amz (16) reading, dreaming, loving. Ana (21) reading, photographing, playing with cats Ana (30) thinking ana (16) understanding more and use my achievements in my daily life ana (34) Reading, singing, laughing, dreaming Ana Carolina (16) An assassin. Analise (40) student Anam (26) Writting, reading, drawing, singing, listening music, watching movies/series/cartoons and playing games. Ana Marija (20) Filling my head with quality music and meaningful lyrics ANamelessWildOne (24) Games Ananke (25) Fireman ancientrobot (31) helping others Andi (28) learning andraya (23) Anything on the beach Andre Reading, dreaming Andrea (16) Being outside, thinking, sleeping, reading, making music, listening to music, learning Andrea (13) Wondering ANDREAADKINS (26) Day Dreaming AndreaCoker (24) Contemplating life AndreaFeliu (28) Reading, listening to music, learning. Andreas (19) Dreaming, Andrea SB (32) Construction management andres007 (19) video games, working out Andres (19) Photography,writing, and dreaming. Andrew (22) Attorney Andrew (25) Debate Andrew (20) Creating Andrew (28) Footballer, DJ, Athlete, Successful game/app developer all-in-one would be my favorite Andrew (22) Traveling to discover myself. andrew (24) Craftsman Andrew barlow (26) reading Andrew J Ohls (33) Smith. Andrew Price (38) being with friends, searching the new Andy (25) Photography, music, spending time with the people I love Andy (23) Photography, music, spending time with the people I love Andy (23) cooking, reading, and fan fiction writing. andy rayford (28) Military Andy Thomas (25) loving, sleeping, dreaming, dancing, dreaming, writing and reading ang (99) Gymnastics Angel (13) writing,exploring,dreaming,saving people who don't want or can't be saved Angel reading, drawing, painting, traveling Angela (21) Reading, listening music Ângela (24) Solving and organizing Angela (30) Dreaming, reading, writing, appreciating art, finding new good music Angela (19) discovering who I am Angela Estrada (20) reading and writing Angelicstar (45) self thought angelina (26) clubbing Angelo Navarette (18) writing Angel Rodrigues (41) being incharge, creating and adding something to the universe. angie (29) Pilot Ani Fantasyland Ani (22) photography, swimming, walking in the forest Anick (99) Right now, school. I love learning and wish I could do that for a living. Anik (16) Organizer, Orator, Writer Aniyah (19) Reading, Organizing my stuffs Anj (24) planting things, talking to friends, caring about my community anjali Reading, gardening, listening to music, sleeping in the sun Anjel (28) Writing novels, screenplay and television Anjelah49 (49) Anything that requires creativity and very little math or social interaction with non-creatives. Anjelika (22) bringing happiness Ankassandra (15) Reading, writing Ann (19) Writing or Photography Ann (62) Walking, reading, trying to write poetry, travel Ann (50) Reading , dreaming Anna (20) Laying outside, playing with children, dreaming, spending quality time with the ones I love Anna (20) playind guitar Anna (13) Wandering around with no destination, by myself or with others, observing everything and everyone. Anna (16) Working with my hands, reading Anna (34) Dreaming Anna Baker (20) watching anime, writting Anna Kalimar (18) Sleeping, adventuring Anna Maria (21) dreaming,working with people Anna-Maria Being a mother and grandmother, because I am a better grandmother than I was a mother. I was young and still learning then. AnnaMay (51) thinking, analysing, reading, watching - especially dance theatre. also collecting words, titles, images and other little things that I wish to be burry with as buttons, ribbons and beads Anna O. okay, honestly, exactly what Proust said. Anna Stein (21) Conversation with a good friend Ann Delaney (44) Reading Anne (21) learning, strolling anne (23) planning and cooking meals Anne Farquharson (78) Reading, philosophy, movies, sex, holidays. Annelise (40) teasing my fiance, Tu, and walking in the mountains Anne Louise Sheldon (34) being a student in my philosophy and psych classes, exercising Anne Patricia F (21) Dreaming Anneta anything that involves helping others or making lots of money Annie Reading, conversation with intelligent, humorous people, connection, art Anniel (62) writing anniezee (54) Reading, Writing, Dreaming, Being me AnonAzure (19) Spending time with people, listening to music, drinking. anonim (18) Engineering anon moose (19) Shopping, listening to music and cheerleading Ansley Stevenson (16) Playing. Anthony (23) Writing Anthony (24) writing, reading, charity work anthony (48) life Anthony Almeida Reading (when I'm effortlessly transfixed). Anthony D C (20) Racing Anthony lawhon (27) Writing for the future of humanity Anthony Scine-Sceni (42) reading, dreaming, creating antoinette (24) Creating as part of a shared experience. Anton (52) Reading, listening to music, watch good films, work and think about everything. Antoniette (20) riding on a bus whilst listening to music Antonina (20) Playing music Antonio Lemos (18) Painter Anty Drinking wine and talking about the world with good friends Anusia (34) foreign languages, internet, reading, communication with people Anya (22) Observing nature Anya (71) doing nothing anything Helping other better themselves Anzi (27) Making art a.o. (40) Being lost in my thoughts, exploring new topics/places/things. Aparajita (26) Being lost in my thoughts, exploring new topics/places/things. Aparajita (26) reading, cooking, listening to music, conversation. Apollo (58) Doctor Apos singing, watching good movie, cooking, hosting parties Apply (30) Planning, dreaming, reading, listening to music and debating April (20) Dreaming, hallucinating, daydreaming, writing, drawing, playing french horn, and being obsessed with the people I love... April (21) Reading, dreaming, kissing, talking AR (20) Daydreaming, drawing, writing. Ara (15) Writing and readong, watching movies and spending time with my friends Aranneaa (19) writing arctic_child (36) playing games, watching movies, making both Ardent (30) Writing and drinking tea A real phony (27) reading Areeba (25) Shopping for myself, enjoying the evening on my porch swing Ari (29) Scientist. Ari dreaming Arianna (15) watcher Ariel Being King is pretty great, but if I had chosen a different path, I would say a baker. Ariella Bordaine: Female Protagonist (20) Writing stories; daydreaming; walking beneath twilight skies; dancing Arizona (19) teaching, reading, riding, writing arlo (64) Being a mother, being the chief assistant for the fashion company, "&Beauty" Arnold Murray (42) Photographing what catches my eye, reading, watching Walt Disney films. AROG drawing and writing poems A-ron (15) writing, reading Arsh (24) reading, daydreaming Arthur Lorne Reading, drawing, singing, writing for fun, learning on my own Artie (17) Reading, drawing, making lists, thinking up fan-fictions Artie Mondello (18) Reading, writing, listening to the fire or the sea Aruz Elliott (29) Reading, Dreaming, and writing verse, and summer walks with my daughter. AS (32) drawing ascetic monk (51) Lawyer or debater Asfiya Mariam (21) Writing. Ash (23) Anaesthesiologist Ash (28) Putting my brain to the test Ash teaching to those willing to take the lesson ashan (20) Reading, colliding ideas, communicating, movement and playing with consciousness. Ash Bloom (27) professor asherville (55) Reading, Drawing, Writing Short Stories, Listening to Music and Sleeping Ashley (18) giving back to those in need Ashley (28) My favorite occupation is Draw. Ashley (12) Day dreaming, reading, writing Ashley (20) My favorite occupation is dancing. Ashley 2.0 (13) artist ashley baus (24) loving, reading, painting, writing, sleeping Ashley Brazil (17) Singing, writing, acting. Anything artistically creative Ashley Mannara (29) Travelling, seeking, reading, giving pleasure. Ashley Meller (26) artist, musician, an incredible cook ashleytheresa (20) Reading, dreaming, writing, theorizing. Ashwin Murali (21) Artist Asi (21) reading Emily Dickinson, writing, kayaking asmitchel (67) Drinking Asmund (40) thinking, talking to mark, dreaming, reading, being creative ASN (25) Audio Engineer Assman (19) Reading, traveling, writing. Astra (19) Painting and kissing Astri (36) reading Astrid Writing (literature of any kind), drawing, reading Asuka Suzuki (13) Dreaming, Self pityng and thinking Athar (25) Baking & Family time Athena (17) Thinking, arguing, learning attitude (49) Drawing Atuona (38) Piano Aubrey Files (25) writing and reading Aubrey Tate (21) Watching YouTube and reading manga Audrey (17) Live. Audrey Bittencourt (24) Reading, thinking, watching meaningfull human drama cinema. Audrey Mahone (29) cinema reve lecture augustine (70) Pyschotherapist Auntie Em (35) Reading Auntie Em (27) kind-garden teacher Aurora (32) If my dreams were real I would be a warrior who saves the world. Aurora Racing, flying Austin (19) working on cars Austin Hobbs (16) Acting, drawing, writing, making comics, singing. Austin Kimmell (16) lying in bed before i sleep and painting/drawing/creating autumn (17) Food Critic, World Traveler Autumn Watching from the shadows Autumn Boze (18) Coloring, Reading, Learning Ava (7) Reading, Wishing, Learning Ava (7) walking avecamour Listening to music. Awalker Anime and video games. Axel (18) Reading, writing, watching movies Aya writing, dreaming, trivial pursuits ayda (25) Teaching Aye (22) Teaching Aye (22) Reading, creating gifts, ayem (57) reading, making and relaxing aym (30) Thinking a young boy (91) animation director, surgeon, day-dreaming ayumi (20) Reading, running B (45) artist B (31) dreaming, preferably not alone B (21) Reading, creating Bababookie Reading,writing, relaxing quietly observing the world Babette (42) yoga Babs acting Baby (32) Reading, sleeping, laughing Bad Wolff laughing baggal21 (28) Reading, day dreaming, making things. Bailey (19) Writing verse Balaji Harish Iyer (20) Jiu Jitsu. Bald Sky (38) Paid to travel the world Bambi (17) Driving without traffic Banana Hammock (30) learning barada reading barbara (50) Watching good tv programs, enjoyable novels, poetry, Barbarita (21) Aquarium volunteer Barbielebrun Charley the beach chair (54) Working in the Cheese Nips or Combos factory Barbielebrun Garry the ghost crab (54) Artist Baron Von Nazzenpoppel (46) We're all just running toward retirement, right? Barry Wextall (20) reading, hiking, engaging my brain with challenge, walking in nature basbas (22) Reading Batgirl (23) practicing sports Baylee Thinking, questioning, learning bc (22) Thinking, questioning, learning bc (22) Creating, artifying the world BCQ (30) Singer BD Films Bdme (23) Playing guitar Bea (18) Running Bea (18) farting around on Facebook, apparently Bear (49) watching youtube bearoid (30) Being creative and appreciating the creation of another Beatlhoven (47) Doodling and eating beatricegasti (30) reading, dreaming and writing prose Beatrice Moore (30) Reading, watching television and walking Beatriz (13) Women Beau (28) reading, writing beauty (18) Websurfing Beavis Christ (30) Reading, writing and imagining. Becca (16) Dreaming, reading, writing, photographing Becca (17) Listening to music and forgetting about the world Becca (21) Sketching, painting, listening to music, sports Becca (19) stage management Becca (20) Stage management Becca (21) Learning. BeckBeck (26) changing the world for the better becks (24) drawing becky (13) Reading, writing, gaming Becky C Taking pictures and cooking with my dad. Bee talking bee (16) sitting outdoors on a perfect day with a nice glass of Syrah and a new book beezer (64) Writing, video editing, reading, imagining, and enjoying the company of friends. beezersneezer (46) Illustration Beka (33) researching, selling belita (39) dreaming, making my dreams become a reality bella (16) reading, hearing music.. Bella (17) Reading and singing Belle (26) Designer. Belu (19) I know it's going to sound weird, but sleep. Ben (23) Composing, Acting, and Understanding Film Ben (17) Drawing strength from the bodies of my hosts. Ben Whalers Benedict (38) Being an accountant. Benjamin (29) Dreaming, cinema, reading Benjamin Thomas Reading and writing while listening to Mozart Benjamin Urrutia (61) Safari Guide Benjo (23) browsing internet Ben Johns (21) writing, dreaming, paddling Bennie (55) Picking away at Benny's sanity. BennyB professor Ben Taylor Reading, Discussions with those whose opinion I admire Berlin (25) Writing, listening to music and kissing Bernard Hartley (18) reading while listening to music and relaxing; learning Beth (20) Writing, teaching Beth (25) Reading, listening to music Bethann (35) Teaching Bethany (23) travelling Bethany Chef Bethany (22) Writer Bethany Surreira (35) Singing Beth Ellis (15) The Internet. Beti (24) Reading, being with friends Betty Usabiaga (37) Playing Beu Mihac (15) daydreaming, reading, writing bev Living Beyonce (18) Teacher...be it Elementary School teacher, guitar teacher, meditation / Eastern Philosophy teacher Bhakti Brophy (41) Doing energy work on those who are on their death beds--making for a peaceful transition. Hallelujah! Bhakti Brophy (45) Hiking, meditation Bhargava (25) sailing bhl Being Flaubertian Flâneur Bhole thinking of the way things could have happened and reading Bianca (18) dreaming, listening music drawing walking in the nature bibi thought bif dead, drawing big dick (69) music biggb (46) dunno big guy (16) learning and connecting with other individuals and their cultures Bijan (27) Teaching, there is no nobler profession than those who would teach Bill (50) LEADING THE WEAK BILLY (38) Being with friends and family Billy (16) Art, books, music, exploration BillyBobABC123zzz playing guitar billy boy watson (3) Writing Billy the Son of the Kid (21) florist Biochicklet READING, MUSIC AND MOTOR SPORTS BIPS (46) My favorite occupation is trawels agency . biscotte (13) eating, sleeping bismuth Reading, drawing, films BJ (56) painting, reading, listening to music, spend some time with friends blabla (37) Reading,walking Blackie (20) Learning Blademan (60) Raconteur. Blaine (21) Writing, thinking, eating, sharing Blair C. (29) Anything achieving greatness Blake (17) i dont like writting and reading blake (16) scientist Blake (29) Playing music Blanca (48) Reading, cooking, walking Blanca Parra (66) Mechanic/Musician/Writer/Medical Blank Tae Sleeping. How sad. blip52 (27) The only thing I could say is watching television. I guess I really need more hobbies... Bliss Inthemorningdew (16) Reading, laughing, thinking, and finding beauty in the simple things. BlondShamrock (16) Writing stories of wisdom for the benefits of others Blood (15) Ed-docs, definitely. A guy can't have too much education even if he's just a hydroponics farmer. Blue (16) Wildlife photographer Blueagle (47) Screenwriting, photographing, watching movies and listening to music Bluebird (27) I wanted to be a high scaler for building dams, but I drew farm work instead. Blue Harkness (16) Student BlueOrchid (39) Ruminating while urinating....and reading Bluto (29) Music BM (20) painting bman (41) listening to music, watching a film, walk on the beach bmo Writing Bob (22) Professional or idle? bob (38) Video games Bob (32) . bob Listening to the music. Boba (22) thinking bobblins Reading Bobby (22) learning Bobby (40) Working outside to help people Bobby (21) Taking a selfie bobby Sleeping bobby (33) sewing beautifully, decorating with beautiful things Bobby Eugene reading, dreaming Bobia (25) Music, Computers, Teaching, and Japanese boku_wa_kami (25) dreaming bomb (30) teacher Bonky (26) anything artistic Bonnie (15) reading Boo (36) reading, activitism bookloverva (58) drinking boomalexboom creating memories with loved ones Booper (52) Listening to music. Boris (16) Writing. Borrie (33) xbox bov (19) Reading, Thinking, Going over memories Brad (17) Being an entrepreneur Brad Connors writing, making people laugh brad w (35) making people laugh Brady (31) Reading. bram-is-e-janet-brecht-is-de-max Writing reading gaming Bramma (23) Making Brandon Carter (32) Reading of great destruction and war, writing about peace Brandon Nobles (31) using time wisely Breanna (18) Cooking, sleeping Bree (23) Being around books Bree Ogden The people under the Liege do not get to choose their occupation. I would choose the keeper of the oceans, as I have memories of the hill they sat upon, watching as the waves crashed upon the sand. Bren (47) Ler, olhar a natureza sem pensar em nada Brena (19) Taking what I want Brenda Everett (39) It's no secret to everyone who knows me, that I've always wanted to be a singer. I use to be very passionate about singing, but my voice has changed, now I'm passionate about my writings. I'm not sure where it will lead me, but I plan to be known. Brendalee (59) Seeking the truth Brendan (24) reading brent (33) Writing fiction, watching a good movie Brent Findley (19) Creating things out of cheese Brett Ferguson (42) Playing piano Bri (28) doing homework, sleeping, eating muffins in the morning on a river, watching sunsets/sunrises bri (17) fashion styling Bria (22) Any profession that inspires the imagination. Brian (22) Reading Brian (37) Photography Brian (24) running, helping my woman Brian (50) Reading, Watching TV, enjoying the gift of life. Brian A. Henegar (26) Drawing. BriannaBabyFYS13 Drawing BriannaFYS13 (18) reading brian S (58) Riding Brien Moffett Riding Brien Moffett Studying and learning, helping people Brinley (15) Running and reading. Bri Toro Dancing and Writing Britta Bandit (30) Eating, cudling Brittany (25) Farmer Brittany Crow (28) connecting Brittney Miller (20) learning brns talking reading thinking broad (45) traveling the world Brock Schwarzkopf (29) Writing Bron Blackwell (37) Reading, listening to music Brooke Medicine, costume making, writing Brooke Writing and reading. Bruce Bennett (20) Surfing, martial arts, and dreaming Brutus (20) Playing video games Bryan (24) Staring out of the window, waiting for the sky. BryanAngel (41) Negotiator Bryan Etem (27) Writing humour, watching comedy Bryan R. (21) dog walking Bryn (23) Writing, Introspection, and living up to my parents' high expectations Brynlea (17) Writing. Brynn (39) Doctor Brynn (18) Teaching, Photography, Brynn Leader. Brynn Woods -Protagonist (21) Riding my bike Bubbles (52) loving bubby (43) Reading, dreaming, and writing Bubu (37) Audio Book Narrator Buck Richardson (34) programming buckyballs (35) Watching TV & Movies Buddy (34) art bug Reading, dreaming, and writing verse Bugsy The holding of my husband's hand. Bulldozer (50) argumentation and debate, and baking cupcakes, dreaming is also good too bunny Serving others Burella (61) Poet or Novelist Burke (47) Gaming Burnable_Material_Here (18) thinking BusyMinds WATCHING FILMS,OLD AND NEW BUTTERFLY (41) Daydreaming butunn (19) To do anything that would make me free from vices Byriver Bloke (24) reading, walking, sitting by the fire on a cold winters day BZ Entertaining C understanding c (21) The occupation that can make me communicate with my Idol C (14) Socialising C (20) Noble ones C (35) Reading Cabrales (18) shopping cacharel (37) Game development. Cade (15) Horse Whisperer Caidy (54) Writing Cailey To observe the stars Caio (18) Learning mathematics, listening to music Caitlin (19) Art, dog. Caitlin (21) gaming cakes (41) Writing Cal (20) Watch TV and play music Caleb (17) Exploring. Calla (16) Digging and hunting, if that is an occupation Callie Owens (27) Any activity that allows me to become swept up in a creative flow Calvin (31) Writer Cam (23) Writing Cameron Harvey (26) learning. Camille (52) Dreaming and writing Reading video games. Cammi (32) Singer Cammi (32) Writing. Candice (23) art in all its forms Candlewycke Writing Candy Righteousness & moral Cannon (33) Painting/drawing, playing music, listening to music, reading, dreaming Captain Crunch Reading, drawing Carebeark5 (25) teacher Carissa - Casey reading, watching Carla (26) reading carlajwms (49) Accounting Carla Tate (19) writing and painting Carlie (24) Reading Carlisle Reading, listening, creating. Carlo (26) Opera singers or ballet dancers Carlos A. (24) worrying Carlos Cisne (45) Dancing in the woods and playing princess Carlota (16) Making art Carly (19) Listening to music and taking photographs. Carly (21) drawing from new ideas Carly C (27) Music Carmen (57) reading, painting, imagining, traveling Carol (60) dancing, singing, cooking carolina (23) Exploring an idea. Caroline (38) Writing fiction Caroline (25) Reading, especially while travelling on a train. Caroline (33) to do sport,reading,listening music, Caroline (45) swimming running reading caroline (45) America's favorite pastime Caroline Davis (19) Steeping myself deeply in watching horror movies, reading, writing short bursts of poetry, following and obsessing over haute couture. Caroline M. (41) reading, cooking, having friends for dinner, traveling, swimming, walking Carol Lacoss (62) Breathing in the cool night air. Carolyn (18) helping the needy, whomever it may be - rich, poor, smart, dumb Carolyn (39) Reading Carolyn (45) learning, organizing Carrie drawing for fashion--creating--imagining Carrie (44) listening to music, watching movies, traveling, taking photos cartike Knitting Cas (25) Drinking, laughing, and making art Casey (36) Seducing Cassadra (8) learning spells Cassandra Spencer (28) What I do! Cassandra Watkins (21) Traveling Cassi Sleeping and sitting in the sun Cassidy Oridium free-diver. Cast (17) Cooking, eating, reading, dreaming, walking Cat (36) Singing Cat (24) Drinking cat (27) Traveling, eating, sleeping Cat (26) Medicine Cat accumulating knowledge cat (20) helping Catalina (44) Soñar, leer y viajar Catalina Jiménez Correa (27) Microbiology, writing, Astrophysicist Cate (23) Researching and thinking Cate (33) Painting, day dreaming Catelline (26) jogging, studying how things are put together Catharina (22) Writing, laughing, momentarily living a life of adventure Catherine ballerina Catherine (33) Listening - not hearing, really listening - to music. Catherine Jean Military officer Catherine Mitchell Mortification Cathlow Harmon (50) writing Catlin Benjamin lending a nurturing and healing hand to any victim c.a.torres (39) meditation in all of its forms Cat Podd (37) Helping others Catrice (37) Dreaming. I constantly dream, I can't help it. There are too many people in my head, too many voices. Catrina (15) Singer and teacher Cattie Chong (26) History Cavit Anıl Buram (28) Walking CC (18) medical CC (22) playing ccc (27) working on my craft ccchnl reading, listening to music, swimming cdl (35) Reading, writing, and playing UNO Cee Cee (17) A vet. I'm good with pets. Especially the wild ones nobody likes. Celeste (32) Drawing, thinking, dreaming. Celia (15) Creating Celline Marge (18) reading cenire (25) Working with animals. cerisetea (34) day dreaming Cestmoi Getting paid for having fun. Partying. C face. (22) reading, writing, contemplating cfm (37) Writing Cfreedman (38) Thinking ch My favorite occupation is theater Chacha (13) BOSS! Chancelor C.J. King (19) Being a CEO Chandra Alexander (24) Any occupation that allows selfworth. Channon (45) Healthcare Channy (19) Dancing, playing my flute, practicing my sword skills. Chanter (18) Reading whatever book from the mortal that I can, however I can only do so at night. Of course that's severely limited since I'm currently on that fairy's blood list. Otherwise I like to whittle wood into figurines. Chanter (24) Writing and playing music and the study of philosophy Chari (21) Reading, Writing, singing Charleigh Playing videogames, morning walks Charlene (17) Reading Charlene (50) Drawing, reading, writing, dreaming Charlene (18) Trying to achieve happiness Charles 01 ( 7) Writing Charles Au Lavoie Visionary thinking, cooking CharlesB (48) thinking about physics Charles Davis (60) Watching the stars with a guitar in hand Charles L Davis Jr (51) Dentistry Charles Pybus (61) We understand from what Charlie does and is, but we are not like humans. Hunting might be the only answer for us. Charlie Fry (36) gigging, reading charlotte (29) Making love, drinking, making music, drawing Charlotte (18) Everything and anything, so long as it engages the mind first and foremost Charlotte H. (23) Words Charly Mariaan (49) Trophy wife Charmaine (25) reading, thinking, cooking, spending time alone charosa (20) Looking at the stars, writing poetry, watercoloring Chary Silva (22) president Chauncey Character (29) dreaming, reading, dreaming, studying, dreaming, attempting to live the dream chay (40) Reading, listening to music, thinking Cheche (40) Learning cheeky (26) helping chele writing, photography, reading, dreaming chelle (47) Anything productive and fulfilling. Chelsea (21) Ruling over others. Chelsea (23) Marketing Chelsea (28) Dreaming. Writing. Art. Blending any of them together. Chelsea Smith (24) Day dreaming and star gazing Chelsea Whiting (26) Criticis - food, movie, travel, art, literary, wine Chelsy Painter Cheri D. teaching Cherie (40) One that fulfills me Cherish Robinson (21) Dance, read, laugh, watch movies Cherlyn (40) Writing, drawing, being with my friends, listening to music. cherry (16) Anything that lets my imagination wander for hours Cherub (30) musician Cheryl (38) Reading Cheryl Typing, reading and writing Cheryl Barnette (59) Walking, being in company of interesting people, coking. Cheshire (22) hands on project that can be completed within a day chetana Writer Chi reading, day dreaming, nite dreaming chi-chi watching films, exploring, sleeping Chickpea (31) Writing Chico (46) reading, writing, driving, book examinations Chief (57) The martial arts and reading the scholars ChiefJ42 (44) sleeping! making art chiklitz76 (39) Walking, dreaming, singing, being around my children and grandchildren, taking naps Child (8) reading, watching movies, listening to music, learning Chili (17) Travel Chinita (34) reading, dreaming, self analysing chinnu (20) Music Chinnu (38) fighting in kickboxing matches Chip Griphix (35) Talking to friends. Chiu Jing Hua (17) creativity chloe (21) watching others fail Chloe (17) Do gooder Chocolate Bunny (32) Theraoist Chonda music Choraven (32) Thinking. Chris (16) painting Chris Creating playlists. Sharing music. Talking about music. Writing about music. Chris (19) Bettering myself Chris Editing games, playing games, listening to music, hanging out with friends Chris (13) Living Chris reading Chris (52) video games, working out, daydreaming chris (24) Inoccupation Chris Glass (39) I've only had one and it sucks Chris S. fashion Christa (27) Singing Christabelle (29) walking & building stuff Christian (44) Dreaming, snow sports, mountain hiking. Christian Boyanov (24) making jewelry, singing, reading and writing Christian Soldier (33) Painting Christina (26) Writing and reading Christina Caceres (26) Devotion to yourself, your family and your home. Christina Kronberg (23) Acting of course Christina Tounzen Planning my life when I leave Lois, Virginia. Cooking. Christina X. (37) anything that helps others christine (18) Writing Christobel (17) Reading, writing, listening to music. Being a knockabout. Christobel in College (18) Writing. Christopher (24) Reading, dreaming, sleeping, thinking, creating, working, nature. Christopher Blaum (37) Maths, Science. Christopher Boone Video games, reading, sometimes writing Christopher James Stagg (16) Reading, relaxed conversation Christopher M. (31) Reading, writing, listening to music, watching films, seeing my friends. Christopher Mitchell (17) writing Christopher Ross (23) Teaching Christopher Sloce (26) Creating anything that will add value to the world. That may be a tiny hut or an entire village. christy (44) human observation Christy Turner (50) human observation Christy Turner (50) surfing, reading, worship-music Chuck (43) surfing Chuck (44) Reading, listening to music, watching films, dreaming and drawing Chunky Lover Weight lifting Ciara (24) Reading Ciara (22) musician Cickany (51) Drawing naked ladies all day long Ciera (16) reading and studying Cilie (50) Being with friends. Cindy anything in a newsroom cindy (50) Basketball player Cindy (24) Indulging in more sophisticated pastimes: wine and scotch instead of cheap beer; keeping up with my stock portfolio instead of Halo; all still with the same intense focus and savage joy of a younger man doing more frivolous things Cindy (22) creating Cindy (50) Costume design CindyLu (58) Computer Programmer Cissa Fireheart (32) Reading, exercising, spending time outdoors. Ciucan (18) looking at photos cizz Music, sex, sleep, drugs, chilling with friends and video games CJ (18) conversing CJN (21) Walking the city walls, bad music, laughing. Cla (22) Writing and cooking. Claire Gardening. I love making the flowers grow...a little ginger ale works wonders. Claire (32) Reading about characters I wish I knew - or was. Claire Bartholomew (16) reading Claire Cullen (49) Reading. ClaireW (65) Writing, photography Clancy daydreaming Clara (20) looking for treasures Clara Reading, strolling, writing, thinking, and staring into a beautiful view of nature. Clarence (17) Lawyer, Writer, Lover Clarissa (18) Gun practice Clarisse Johnson (24) Reading, running and making ice cream Clark Kent Learning, facts as well as about others Clark Langridge (32) Laughing Clau dancing Claudia (36) Clay Douglass: Bicycling Clay Douglass (34) reading watching films creating clazza mgee daydreaming Clelia Beatriz Valdez (22) It's a Music clemfolk49 (13) drawing, writing, learning, thinking Cleo (∞) doctor Cleo (17) Teaching, drawing, playing/making music, painting. clockwork (34) reading cm (57) Architecture Coastside007 (42) scientist and artist combined cobweb (24) Reading, writing, researching and listening CockneyKnight (48) reading, walking in the country, laughing over good food with friends Coco (31) Abstract thought Coco (19) Living CocoPuff2016 (44) Reading, writing, acting codered (18) reading Cody (25) Thinking up new worlds, new stories and new people Cody Gould (17) Talking to interesting people Col (41) Being a Mother Cole (37) Whatever I want to be Colin (39) Writing. Colin (22) Artist - self-expression Colorful (28) Barking at every person that walks up and down the street, I have to let my dad know someone is too close to the house. Colton (27) my own comnomnomor (15) writer Connie writing Connie (24) reading, story writing, playing drums, watching movies. Connor Writer. Connor Computer scientist Connor (16) riding, photography Connor Taylor (19) reading Conny (71) Writing conor (34) Photography, Painting, dreaming and walking constanceeee (19) Writer Constantin (32) teaching, writing and reading Consuela reading, sudoku Cookie teaching, studying cookie (51) Helping others CookieFantastic (46) firefighters Cooper (16) Sleeping and making plans Cora (26) Something social justice minded. Cora (39) Being a grandma Cora Henley (15) Kindergarten Teacher Core (25) Dreaming, learning, painting, making projects, reading, talking with my people Corentine (25) Volunteering to help the environment. Corey entertainment and media corinne Counseling Cory (22) Running Courtney Loughlin (Courtney Loughlin) shopping cpaters1 (26) Reading, sketching cr reading cr (34) Helping others Craig (35) Military, Sgt., conservation officer. Craig (8) Professional athlete. Craig Suga Biles (22) Coaching Crimson (60) being happy cris Writing, drawing, listening to music Cris librarian Cris walking Crisfe (31) Writing. Crishna Murray (42) writer Crishna Murray (43) Brainstorming for new ideas and put them in life, self inquiry Cristi Scientific research. Crystal (17) Reading, dreaming, creating, breathing in the scenery. Crystal (32) doing projects solving problems, writing columns Crystal (22) Collecting MONEY Crystal (34) Taking care of the love of my life. Crystal (35) Whatever makes me happy csheehan (17) People who work in disaster relief CStoney (47) reading cuchi (40) Indulging in my gastronomic desires. When not that, pondering & problem solving Cucks reading, dreaming cucu (26) singing, reading, writing, researching cvelez (64) artist, teacher, music producing cweekly Talking to friends Cyan Imsomething (28) Reading d0701 (29) sex (when with someone I'm crazy about); having a secret rendezvous; laying on a beautiful yacht in a beautiful place in beautiful weather; dreaming D Playing with dogs, flowers D (32) Artist Dachary (23) Dreaming DAD Cowboys! Dad is a real cowboy...I'm gonna do that Dad (42) reading, drawing and spending time with my dog Daesia Garcia (16) Reading and sleeping Daffy Sue Esposito (60) Singing, creating, acting Daisy (27) writing poetry Daisy (17) reading, painting Daisy high intensity training Dakota Swaveman (18) Tinkering D_Alex (46) reading, writing, daydreaming, idling dA member: sonicbutterfly (17) Trying to be better (tho not always succeeding) Damien TC (36) Indulgence Dan (29) Musician Dan teaching Dan (39) Race driver instructor Dan (51) Dreaming Danae (17) business man D Anderson (42) Bowling Danger (16) Writing, reading, and perceiving beauty and truth in all forms of art. Dani (31) drifter, dreamer, not doing anything of importance Dani (19) Doing what i love to do, no matter what it is. Daniel (25) I like to read and socialise, mostly Daniel (16) Playing video games Daniel Below Producing music Danieldidit (24) writing Daniella (27) Listening to music that makes me want to dance and playing video games, of course Daniella (28) Playing music, reading. Danielle (15) Playing Piano. Writing. Reading. Research. Singing. Gardening. Listening. Danielle (35) teaching DanielleKeith (19) Reading, writing, and lifting people's spirits. Daniel Molina (20) Industrialist Daniel Phelps (23) Making love, bringing justice to those who deserve it Daniel Stephens (Character Sketch) (22) reading, dreaming daniiii (18) Musician Danine (48) Don't know any other occupation except one. Killing. It is what I was born to do. It's all I have known how to do and I do it well. DaniStory (29) Theologian Danny (25) Writing, running, and listening to music Danyael (16) reading, diving , trekking Daph (45) Marine Zoologist. Darbio (16) reading Darcy (20) Tech Darcy Creating beauty. Learning. Reading Darcy (54) contempletating GOD and the Universe dareman (64) learning dario (21) Teaching Darnell teaching, dreaming, rwading DashEloise (32) Organ building Dave Cresswell (46) teaching DaveG (39) Weatherman Dave Whitaker (40) Session Musician Davey (18) anything creative DaveyD (24) I could answer this, if I could remember. Davian (alias) (32) Reading David (19) Reading, math, and soccer. David (10) builing and studing David (18) thinking David (63) Writing prose, researching, dreaming David (24) playing piano David (51) create diferents handly projects david baiguera (35) Playing the piano, reading, volunteering with my church David Dean (35) Drawing David Del Aguila Osollo writing opinion, debating, wandering aimlessly around central london David E.J.A Bennett (29) Playing with my dog. David K (46) I would love to do something with flowers and plants. David King (23) Loving. David ROWE (42) Reading, listening to music David Sergio Cisneros Ardura (46) Teacher. David Thomas (60) Playing Music, Listening to it, writing it, dreaming of it. Reading, Spending time with the people I love. David Timme (19) Reading, losing myself to imagination David Wommack (19) Science. Davie (16) Reading Davi Silva (21) reading and gambling dawn (40) Self employed, small business owner, consultant Dawn Robinette (51) Kickboxing Dawson I enjoy reading. I like to read anything and everything. And math. I love math. Daxion Mr. Dax Johnson (29) reading, travelling, dreaming and talking Daya (22) musician Daydreamer (18) Daydreaming, painting and poetry Daydreamer (63) Daydreaming, painting and poetry Daydreamer (63) Tending my cacti and singing to my little canary, Frank dbrown (24) nurse dcsnowbunny (25) acting Dd (43) Playing guitar. DD (16) Music, either playing or composing. Acting. DDG9000 (25) Walking and Jumping in the Sea Dea (40) Reading, thinking D. E. Alvis (58) Reading, going to museums, doing great stuff with great friends. Anything that blossoms creativity Dean (17) Community outreach DeAndre Beck (20) I want to be a superhero...or a baseball player...or a scientist Deanie Writing DeAnna Alexander (35) baking, crafts, gardening, reading, volunteering Deanna Sanders (44) Walking around at night. Pranks. Deathwalker reading, painting exercising Deb (37) teacher Debbie (56) leading souls to eternity Debbie (45) Esthetician/Hair Stylist. Debby Creech-West (43) dreaming; creating; learning Deborah Faciane (21) dreaming, conversing with friends Deborah S. Wilson (56) reading, teaching, planning how to upcycle as a post-retirment career Deborah Wilson Singing Debster (48) Marching Declan Cohen (35) Writing De-De (36) Games, Reading, Writing Dee (24) debating Dee (19) An artist, where there is freedom to create without the dictates of necessity like a career in design. Dee When you wallow, I will folllow Defeat and Doubt (antagonist) dreaming DefMelon Engineering Deja Vu (20) a nurse Delaney Boss Delia Nidhogg dreaming painting writing verse Delia Webster (80) Staying with my brother and boyfriend... just staying with them. delice_ok (21) Journalist Della Cassia Topouzian (Della Cassia Topouzian) being a bum. it's hard to bum it out thre dendoo (23) reading, writing, being Denine (24) Mingling with friends. Denise 1 Creating a well done job where before there only existed shoddy quality work. Dennis (61) Batman, duh. Dennis Theodore (37) Dancing. denny (23) Reading, writing, communicating with others Denny Daydreaming and introspection Densio (25) Acting, reading, gaming Derek (27) reading, programming, introspecting Derek (20) playing hockey Derek Ambrose (22) Philosopher derp (22) experiencing my inner thoughts through hashish desert dweller Rapper like Tupac Detective. Jones Reading devanand I want to be like a pornographic actor or something... lolz. I'm still sort of a virgin, but I've always had my "inner kink" you know? Devon (18) Singing, learning the world around me, sex, sleeping, smoking Cannabis, intimacy, creation. Devon Lisenby (20) reading, writing, listening to music Dev Tucker (17) dreaming, singing Devu (22) Reading and writing Dez Music. Dezirae (17) Developing ideas DH (39) reading diana (52) Dreaming, being whatever you want to be Diana (20) Drawing,singing,dancing,making cute faces in the mirror,day-dreaming Diana (15) student Diana Leader Diana Public Service, Law, Teachers, Parenting Diana Thomas - English Thursday 6pm (38) Writing. Entertaining. Diane (53) Teaching DianeD (50) Reading and playing basketball Diane Stanfield (79) dreaming, reading, talking with friends Diarre Ibrahim (22) watching football games Dick Esposito Art dida (14) In public, help my friends. In private, write. Diego Miguel Danura Puyó (30) Cooking Dietgingerale Running Dilip C Louis (32) watching sports, movies Dilynne (28) Reading, thinking, a conversation with a person, be it a close friend, family member or somebody who you are just getting to know. Dimitar Atanasov (25) building dimitris (25) Taking pictures Dindin (20) Killing Dino (18) the flexibility of existing Dioji Anything done with ambition. Diona (19) Solving puzzles and mysteries. dionysis_dt (24) Spending time with my friends, family, and military comrades Dirk Radman (35) Shooting guns, playing golf Dirty Jean (86) IAS Divya (20) Sex Dixon Wragg Anything to do with music. Sunging,Dance, Creating. DizzyblondeChic (55) dreaming Dj Creating dlew919 (40) Absorption of all things new--places, people, experiences. To wander. To explore. To learn dmca (38) analyzing Doc55 (55) writing, reading, watching romantic movies Dolna (39) Reading, teaching Dolores Nabokov (26) ddddddd Dom inspiring with the stroke of pen. Dominic (17) None at the moment Dominick (23) Writing, reading, thnking. Dominick Miller (19) Writing, reading, philosophizing Dominick Miller (20) Reading philosophy. Dominick Miller (21) taking care of animals Dominique Painting and sharing my knowledge through writing or talking. Dominique Writing, watching films, helping others with their feelings, coloring Dona (35) Reading DonAli (33) Anything involving problem solving donkeys4eva (20) reading, putting together jigsaw puzzles and watching TV/movies Donna Falksen (69) Studying, reading donna obrien (54) Thinking, always thinking. Doob Doggo (21) sleeping, cooking, playing with my dog doodledoo12345 being outside Dor (50) creating art; fencing Dori (23) Social work Doris (19) eating and creating Doryan (30) Bailar Dothzilla (33) physician Doubting Divorcee acting Doug (30) Travelling the world. Doug Lambert (65) Dreaming. Douglis (44) Drinking, walking, breathing, laughing Douni cooking, websurfing, walking downtime (63) explorer Dracontomelum (30) listening to music, playing with pets Dragana (22) Learning what I'm not obliged to and dodging what I am. Taking long walks. Dragontongue (22) running, shopping, talking Dre (35) Reading, writing, thinking Dre (17) observing Drea (28) Doing what I feel like doing WHEN I feel like doing it, whatever that might be. Dreamboat Annie thinking, analyzing, dreaming, learning DreamBrother (27) Drinking Dreda (23) dreaming Drella (26) Electrician, Ship Captain Drew (26) helping others Drew (16) Reading, conversing, manual labor drift Studying the physical and mental capabilities of humans. Dr. Isaac Busafalus (53) everything that starst with the word beauty dritjeta (42) learning Dr. J (76) reading, walking on the beach; being with my kids, playing with my dogs Dr. Lauren Ashe teaching Dr. Shelby Cruze - protagonist "Reading, dreaming, and writing verse." Dru (24) Writing Drucar (45) Creating - writing, exercise, music dryskel (28) gardening ds (45) Reading, walking, painting a still-life. D.S.de.P.Ramos Day dreaming DSo (47) Making art, writing, being creative Duckish Dreaming Ducky The one where I am the BOSS Dude (49) Fishing, Hunting, walking in the woods, and sports duke (18) Acting in Drama and being on stage crew in Drama. Basically Drama. Duncan Passell (17) clerical job dustxii (22) the keeper of balance Dutchess Reaper Dutchess Gonzo journalist Dvach (18) Writing D.X (22) Playing music of any sort Dylan (17) Hunter Dylan Adams (25) Networking, computers, customer service DZhelo (46) Analysis E (34) Reading, Badminton E existing e (28) Exploration. E (20) Reading, learning, dreaming E (18) creative professional eagleclaw (35) Writing -- period! E.A. Latham (25) Surfing on the web, daydreaming, and performing. EAR (19) healer Earth Speck (30) Teaching Eau (45) Creating Ed (30) reading, acting ed Filmmaking EdD watching Netflix, reading, eating, travelling, teaching, LEARNING eddiboy Writing drama. Eddie (48) I wish I could work Eddie (12) Creativity Eden (19) Laughing, observing, recording (ideally in combination) Edgar Roberts (15) staring blankly at the world for the sake of one's sanity Edie (26) Wag the dog Edmond Dantes (26) Lying down, sipping coffee, reading, aimless walking, posting meaningless messages on Facebook. Edouard (41) reading, writing, teaching, Eduardo (19) departing with friends EduGri (53) sewing Edward (54) playing video games Edward Payne (44) Creating Effie (34) Reading, writting, listening to music and day dreaming efha (23) Academics ehk2 (30) synge, spille klaver, læse for mine børn EHM Thinking or Interpretation about world and my self, Listen to great music by great performers. Eiichi (16) carpentry Eilfa (28) Converting the innocence Eithiel (32) it would be napping, if i could nap. EJ (29) Dreaming E.Jay (21) farmer ejb (22) Reading and writing El (23) Hiking, reading, traveling, learning el3vat0r dreaming elay (21) dreaming, reading, and thinking elay (23) dreaming elay (24) acting, reading, watching films,listening music, drinking, sleeping eldar (25) Tennis, meditation Eleanor (14) Dreaming Electryo (15) Writer. Elena χορος ελενη (33) Dreaming while listening to music, writing, exploring. Elena Di Cesare listening to music, spending time with those i love eleni (18) Reading, writing, dreaming, laughing and loving. Eleni Constantinou (20) an author Elexia (19) doing makeup Elexis (18) doing makeup Elexis (18) Playing football Eli (16) reading eli (16) Reading, watching, creating and thinking Elias (22) Anything using imagination. Eliaz McMillan (33) being happy eliciabg (23) my favorite occupation is majorette elicule (13) Music, painting, drawing, and writing Elie (16) reading, researching, art Elin (47) Anything that brings happiness Elisa (28) reading,theater Elisabeth (22) Writing Elisabeth Carver reading, writing and whispering to my lover Elissa (22) Reading and connecting with nature. Elizabeth writing, when it's going well and everything is falling into place in ways that I didn't even intend Elizabeth (25) Thinking. Elizabeth (15) Reading, dreaming, watching movies Elizabeth reading and cooking Elizabeth Readers, dreamers, and writers Elizabeth Diane Shaffer (0) Researchers looks for cures to debilitating diseases. Elizabeth Diane Shaffer (0) Video games Ell (23) singing Ella P. (14) Exploring Elle (51) day dreaming ElleKay Reading with my daughters by the water Ellen (48) Reading, painting Ellen Writing, singing, learning about real people I love Ellen B Smiley (29) Reading, having written, loving, cooking food for someone I love Ellen Fitzpatrick (61) Dreaming about growing old Ellie (25) Painting Ellie Dreaming dreams of days gone by/days that may once be true. Ellie_Estrella (19) Reading and learning Ellie Wilson (15) Whatever one loves to do. For me something that involves writing. Elliot Reading, Writing, Observing elliot (22) Writing music, screen writing, being creative Elliott (28) Dancing with myself. Elliott Hemp (23) My favorite occupations are piano,tennis and cicus Elo (11) Engaging in intelligent conversation elSigno (37) Horseback Riding Ely (23) painting, drawing, writing, creating, socialising Elyse (20) Binary file Em_1425616956.html matches Binary file Em_1425616956.html matches Filmmaker. Em Singing, Writing Em anything that seems like nonsense but becomes great memories Ema (18) Staring at the stars on a clear night. The sky seems so peaceful and true - there is nothing to hide out there. Ember Winters (16) Hiking, laughing, and writing. emdonnelly7 Dance. emdonnelly7 Writing and reading Eme (18) Working on cars Emilee (27) My only occupation, being a shadowhunter Emilee Nightshade (19) Thinking. Emilia Blancarte Jaber reading, singing, sleeping Emilie (23) Producing, Filmmaking, Reading, Television Emilina (27) writing, reading, seeing emilio (28) Dreaming, spending time with myself Emillia (16) Writing. Emily (19) being of service....creatively and practically to whomever/ whatever needs it. There is much to do! Emily (24) listening to and making music emily (24) My favourite occupation is the G.R.S. Emily (13) I really appreciate nurses. It seems really hard to do what they do. Emily (22) Protecting others Emily (32) thinking Emilyann (22) Being a soldier. Emily Carter (37) reading Emily Clark (25) Writing. Emily Massey Currie (47) Doctor Emily Thomas (23) Dreaming Emily Worrell (33) dreaming and writing Emma (20) household chores. emma (18) living Emma (20) Writing, research, creating Emma (50) drawing. painting. loving emma (14) being a mother Emma (34) doctor emma (20) Basketball player Emma (25) Daydreaming Emma Burns (28) I GUES JIST TAKIN CARE OF MY BROBROS AND SISSY. LOST ONE OTHER NOT SURE WHERE. DON'T KNOW WHY I DONNT 'MEMBER. EMMA MAY GREEN (14) Making fresh orange juice. Emma McKinney Film. I would love to make a movie one day. Emma Snow (16) Musician Emma Verbeck Writing Emme (21) journalism Emmy journalism Emmy Evil emperor Emperor Aisel Fei Shiang (18) Flying above the city and watching the sun descend beneath the clouds. Empyrean (17) Being conscious of myself and of the world that surrounds me, and to feel that consciousness encolpio8 (22) reading, listening to music, collecting flowers, writing letters Endimion reading, writing , painting endor Playing outside with my grandsons, listening to my children, travelling with my mate, reading, writing, making art. ENEgck (56) Creating art in any form Engel (48) Writing and reading Enis Meditating, dreaming, writing Eno A. Agolli (15) Dreaming, Writing drama, Writing music, Expressing Enrique (21) Reading, watching movies, listening to music, traveling, and being with friends. Eric (15) Immersing myself in a narrative, either as viewer, reader, or author Eric (40) Writing Eric (37) Feeling love for another, thinking, listening to music, reading. Eric (19) painting Erica communicating Erica (25) walking to music, drawing, reading, researching Erica` (21) Meditation and reading Erica (65) Walking Erica Johnson (21) Coaching Eric C. Wolfe (28) creating stories Erich (20) Reading, writing about, thinking about interesting ideas. Erich (19) Doing what I can to take care of others when they are not able or choose not to Erict7 Writing. Erik (25) Creating Erik Isaac (19) Studying, travelling and enjoyment Erik Price (18) Teaching and learning. Erin (27) Reading Erin (53) Teacher Erin (30) psychology Erin (20) In my head if I could bake, a baker. A poet or a funeral home director. Erin Student Erin (46) Entrepreneur Erin (31) A vet. I'm good with pets. Especially the wild ones nobody likes. Erskine (35) Not occupying myself. ERZ (1) Painting esayer (35) writing, designing, building, imagining, poetry Escalus (22) Reading, drawing, dreaming, talking. Escapism (19) Poet (or writer in general) Esmé (18) Music, gardening, cooking, visiting musea and cities or places of historic interest, playing tennis Esmee fidelius (54) art ESMERELDA (50) Mother Estacia Hernandez (37) librarian esteban (29) Director Esteban (23) writing...or acting Estee reading, dreaming and writting verse estrella blanca food reviewer Et (32) writing. loving. being. Et Cetera (22) Listening to music and daydreaming Etha (26) creating culture ethan (20) Music, both production and performance Ethan Mayatt (25) Doctor, artist, musician. Eureka (16) reading Euzinha_ds (20) All my vices. Sex, tobacco, weed, alcohol, video games, fast food. Eva (23) Reading, writing, day dreaming, laughing, travelling Eva (16) Reading Eva this is a stupid question evan ass hatch (18) watching movies Evanna (18) Writing. Not the brutal beginning of it or the relief of the finishing the piece, but somewhere in the middle, where you hit your groove and happy medium. Evan Washington (20) Reading, writing Evie (22) Web design evilwonders (28) Writing, drawing, and singing. evren (16) Creating Ezra (20) To slip into warmth and to release. FA Drawing-like houses and stuff FAA Reading, sailing, dancing, eating FAC (25) spending time with friends and family,exploring,dreaming Facio (19) Doing what I feel like in a certain situation Faith (17) helping others fallen (24) enjoying nature and the arts fang (30) Collaborative creation Fanourios (40) thinking farfalla (30) painting, writing. farfoura (22) Realistically: Don't care all that much. Ideally: Writer, psychologist, fatgaynig (20) writing story and verse and sit with my husband in front of the sea's sun set and when he encircle his arms around me, listening to music together Fatima (19) Feeling inspired Fatima (26) sport, travel, thinking fat man (33) Training to be a part of the army with my grandfather and Elijah Fawna (19) Sketching, writing poetry and daydreaming Fay (22) Being creative in any form of art Faye (34) Reading and writing feanix (20) Thinking, hanging out Felipe Maia Curator Fern (25) Martial Arts Fernando (31) Martial Arts Fernando (31) Eating and drinking in pretty places and not so pretty places. It's all good. Ferroever (43) Thinking, going away in my thoughts. fersfumero (28) Walking with a good book in my hand FeydRautha (46) doing what I want Feysweetie (43) Relaxing in the sun. fhickey (22) watching movies and TV series Fidjeridodu (30) Being busy Fields (19) realizing Fielirious (34) sleeping filinia (22) Dreaming, day or night. final fashion (33) The people under the Liege do not get to choose their role. I just wish to be free. Finnegan (17) Books and art my dear... Finnegan Magondolovich (Long Story...) I like to read... a lot .... having greater and brighter thinkers push themselves into my mind is breathtaking at times Finokio (38) writing fk2005 (34) Walking in the woods. FlameHorse (28) Proust answered reading and dreaming, I like those two. But I also love cooking and baking, helps me think. Flantasy Girl (25) When I read, it seems to me there is no other person in the universe, a sense of peaceful loneliness I lack in everyday life flavia (13) performing Flo reading, writing, researching ancestors Flora (69) Writing. Florin-Alexandru Brănescu (16) Painter Flower (39) Eating and sleeping. Floyd Learning FlyinMonki (27) I used to know, now I don't anymore. ForePlinger Reading, drawing, playing piano ForSavvy Sex Fran (52) Daydreaming, meditating, baking Fran (33) dancing singing acting and teaching.... Francesca (29) living, dreaming, imagining, walking, bike riding, moving, stretching francesca (49) nothing Francesca Archeologist Francis (18) listening to music Francisca Bastos (17) Construct myself: Reading, writing, speaking, learning, sharing knowledge. Francisco Aguirre (23) Mathematics, day-dreaming Francisco Javier Gil Vidal (54) I want a cool and powerful jobs like Temlyx has! He's a Reaper! Francis Graham (9) reading Francis Times (20) Travel Writer/Photographer Frank (27) hustling Frankie (23) Exploring Renaissance music, discovering worlds through reading, translating and making sense of Proust FrankieSmash (49) Buying businesses Franklin Frank Anglin (32) Conversation Frank Nekrasz (25) lying in bed with my lover, walks in the evening sun, the deep pages of a jolly good book fred (16) Writing, thinking Freda (61) having dinner with a friend Frieda Isabelle Robson (17) Listening to music Friedrich Mueller (57) Gardening and cooking what I grow Fritha Grey Military training. Fritz (12) Imagination fumble (19) reading, sleeping, walking by ocean, thinking big thoughts furies (27) Professional Youtuber FYS13Alec (18) medical examiner FYS13Amanda (18) Being a professional athlete. FYS13Andrew Drawing FYS13Bella Creating art. FYS13Chad reading, writing, family dinner with a food fight FYS13DRJ Creativity and the time to indulge in it. If I could, I would be a personal reader and writer. FYS13Michaela (18) art, piano, playing with my friends, movies FYS13Savannah Henry (18) Playing and watching sports as well as being active in politics FYS13Tyler (19) Drawing and painting FYS14Darling (18) reading, walking, listening, watching, breathing FYS14julie drawing, and dreaming. FYS14Kelle (20) playing music, helping people, writing songs, writing short stories, ziplining, rafting, outdoors etc. FYS14Landon (18) Reading and being with the ones I love FYS14Mikaela (19) Daydreaming FYS14Payton Fratting, drumming, and music FYS14Sam (19) Sleeping FYS14Sara Whatever the people who lay on beaches all day do FYS14Serenity (19) reading and practicing jiu jitsu FYS14Taylor Retired FYS14Zachary dreaming aswell FYS breont (19) Hanging out with friends/family, and sports FYSHeath (18) Reading, to perform in cheerleading, being with family FYSKylie (19) People watching FYSMadz (18) Reading and writing FYSMegha (18) Engineering. FYSMichael (18) Spacing out FYSNick reading G g g Reading G. (23) painting Gab (19) Writing and reading Gabby (13) Dreaming, thinking, and drawing Gabby Griego (18) Teaching/emperor Gabe (31) listening to music, admiring nature and art Gabi Spending time with interesting people Gabriel (28) Dreaming, watching films Gabriela (18) dreaming and dancing Gabriela Coelho Mesquita Teixeira Borges (26) Day dreaming and improving my knowledge and abilities. Gabriel Gonzalez (26) Checking out good music and watching great foreign films Gabriella Fuentes (17) Solving problems Gabrielle Hart (20) my favourite occupation is read gaga (13) reading, dancing, and singing Gail (44) walking my dogs Gail Flaherty Reading, travelling, conversation, climbing mountains; sailing seas Gainer (52) searching shipwreck exploring the sea Gaios (19) studying various spellbooks Gait (17) forever beach bum Galareh (23) Killing humans Gamba Ajani digging, designing, metal work gamorreangirl (43) Creating GarbagePailGrrrl (27) Whichever one lets me make money while doing something enjoyable, with people that I enjoy. Garrett (19) Reading Gary H Be a gardner the function of humans and God Creatuers Gator Krazy Dave trabajo gavalia (46) Creating beauty of any kind. GD (47) Reading. Gean Whitehead III (20) Learning Gemn Learning Gemn feeding fish Gene (51) Puppetmaster Gene (24) Learning. Being that I was designed as a "historian", I am meant to learn many things to store in my memory core. I have found learning to be...enjoyable? I believe that is the term that was explained to me. General Obsidian de Veyra Nursing Genevie Reading, listening to music, gazing into the sky. Genevieve (22) Thinking, muttering, listening Genevieve (15) Oceanography, photography, writing. Genevieve (16) Listening to music, reading, watching movies Genevieve (17) Reading, writing, and making music Genie (65) surfing, being in the sun Genie (58) Getting paid to do what I love. GenXer2012 (39) Thinking, reading, analysing and laughing Geo (20) Playing video games, reading, watching movies. Geo (57) Working on the ranch, doing whatever it takes to get the money I need. George Filmmaker George Mile (35) Reading, listening to records, watching old films, drinking George Owers (21) Teaching and finding new ways of improving ourselves, also psychological analysis Georgia (14) reading Georgia (53) Photography, sport Georgia (16) Learning Georgiana reading, nursing, mothering Georgie reading and writing gg Being unemployed is the greatest achievement of my generation. ghazaleh (27) Being crafty , hunting for images Ghyles (31) doing nothing, or trying out making random things Ghyles (31) Philosopher/Poet Gia (21) creating Gianne (21) Journalism and writing in general Giannico (40) Observing Gideon (30) working with my hands Gill (63) Writing, reading, cinema and ranting Gillian Martin (40) Reading, running when I'm into it, listening to music late at night when everyone else is asleep Gina (19) Aerospace engineering, botanist, ecologist Gina (30) Helping others Ginger Thompson (50) Teaching Ginny (47) Being in publications and as a news/travel reporter. Gionna (28) Swimming Giorgia Amare ed essere amato Giovanni Moro (32) Movie watching (dreaming while awake) Girl You Too Rude being. Giselle (18) Exploring – internally, and externally. Gjabrielle Engineering Gladys Mae Whitaker reading, drinking with friends Glen Reeves (37) reading, writing, music Gloria (59) Teacher Gloria Heatley (58) Thinking GMcG Finding out stuff goblin64 (45) Discourse Godfrey (19) going to football games GoGo Patty (46) acting Golden Boy (20) Reading. Gonzalo entrepreneur goukrish (19) baking GP (39) nursing GPB (37) Teacher Grace (30) being a student Grace (12) Musician, Actress, Writer, Renaissance Woman. Too hungry to stop at one thing. Grace (28) Singing, dancing, acting, dreaming, writing and drawing Grace A. (15) N/A Grace Cooper (20) Anything that beats the laziness and drives me out of the egotistic mode of being gracehoppin (23) Reading, enjoying, talking Gracie (22) painting Gracie Campbell (23) Cinema Graham (20) Playing with friends and my babydolls Granny (81) Getting lost in a story and its universe. Grayson Ender (28) Sex with the one I love greatlove (32) Sneaking. Greer (9) musician Greg (19) debate Greg (24) making music Greg (17) Sex Greg (36) writing Greg (53) Writing Greg Lytle (26) mine: lawyer Gregory (30) creating gretel Working on the computer, reading, sleeping Gret Sidl (17) I AM A LACE MAKER. IS THERE ANY BETTER OCCUPATION (SHE SMILES BRILLIANTLY) GRETTA VAN DEN BOSSCHE - OLBRACHT (86) Walking along a river Grey Reading. Novels, biographies, non-fiction, newspapers, online. greythorne (38) Music Grimace (17) Listening/Making music Grimace (17) Listening to music Grimace Practicing my music Grimace (17) reading gruchi (63) musician gruffmusic (49) Reading, dreaming, and writing prose Gtergab (50) Economics Guard (45) Manipulating the masses to achieve my end goals - whatever they may be this week Guenther Creating. guiller van mistoffellees (17) Being myself Gus (18) Ler enquanto escuto música Gustavo (21) writing, editing, films gutsyaardvark (19) listening to music, reading, and yes: sleeping Guy Van Driessche (44) Dreamer Gwen (18) working Gwen swimming Gwyneth P. (44) Reading about science Hadasa (19) Drawing, dreaming and creating Hadja (19) Reading, crafting, day dreaming Hailey (34) Singing Hailey (15) reading, writing and dreaming ,just like proust Hakusha Senbon (24) Creating. Hal (18) Daydreaming Hala (34) Reading, Listening to Music Haley (19) animationist, doctor, social worker, and architect hamdi (20) watching movie and music and dancing hamideh (26) Watching plays, watching telly, laughing, reading Hamlet (30) Reading, dancing and listening to music Hana (14) reading,dreaming,writing about the thing I dream,listening to music while doing these stuff. HandeG. (13) Medicine Hanna (24) Listening to music and pondering ideas of things that do not matter. Hannah (15) writing hannah (25) performing, creating art hannah (16) Doing something worthwhile and meaningful Hannah A (18) Spending time with my friends Hannah Chambers (24) Student, I always love learning and thinking outside of the box. Hannah Ross (20) Working in a hospital taking care of people. Hannah Suttles drumming playing basketball band Hanshaw (14) making salads, weaving, dreaming Hari (21) Writing, dreaming, laughing like a madwoman. Harold E. Leighton (37) Writing, in a cosy place, without having to think of anything but my own work. Harold E. Leighton (40) hunter Harold Oberg Dreaming, reading, listen to the music Harriet (23) Being able to describe things in a way that uncovers truths Harry (27) CEO Endicott Corporation Hartleigh A. Chance (35) thinking, laughing, play music, deeply connect with people and sex Hassallah (30) lawyer Hassan (21) seeking revenge Haven Everest (7) If i had to pick one it has to be spending time with good friends. But I also love reading and daydreaming especially while listening to music. Oh and tennis and eating. hawaii50 (45) Sorry Marcel but those are examples of hobbies, not occupations. Hayzeus (23) playing batball Hazelnut (17) The world needs more teachers. HCE (15) Accounting Heath massage therapist HEATHER (37) drawing, reading and riding Heather Driussi (41) Reading and playing around with my on-line and off-line friends HeavyFire (16) writer heider (27) Cleaning Heidi Being with my animals, making art with friends, taking long drives with Mike. Heidi R. criar Heinar (52) reading Helen (32) Artist, of any sort Helen (19) Being a Visonary Helena (18) Being outside, surrounded by nature Helena Jenkins (20) music, dance, theatre, writing, reading, watching Helen Mattison Wyatt (20) day dreaming hellgirl (19) Reading Helory (22) love helz bells (41) Reading, traveling, photographing moments & making them permanent Hena Riz (34) Real Estate Executive Henry (46) Exposing myself to unfamiliar ideas Henry_Z (25) reading, running, talking to the one i love her (26) writing, enjoying nature, sleeping Herald (71) reading herbertofwestlake (43) Seeing music performed live. Reading a good book. Playing with my children. Hern (39) Familiarizing myself with worlds unknown. Herod (20) fishing, dreaming, reading Hero Solomon (25) archaeologist Hestia (18) dancing Hetal (22) laughing H, Han-Jan Inspiration HHP (41) Thinking, hoping, loving Him (17) Nurses and musicians HimynameisAlicia (15) Reading, writing, listening to and participating in intelligent discussion, activism. Hira Yousuf (18) Reading, Writing, and Singing HKas (28) Wandering in the wilderness with my own thoughts HKas Researching Hkr (24) creating, teaching, and learning H. McMillan (33) Escuchar música, dibujar, pintar, viajar, manejar. H.Nakashima (21) socializing and watching series hobbes (26) reading, dreaming, and thinking hodouk (22) Sharing my thoughts with a friend Hoelder1in (51) Dreaming Hoelder1in (55) Reading, dreaming, joking. hoffsta reading, day dreaming, writing, painting and slepping holden (27) Blogging Holley (39) Dreaming, reading writing, watching. holly (17) Sleeping Holly (22) Actor, mother Holly Avery (32) father Holly Pajka (28) modeling Hong Jay Dreaming, sleeping, learning, reading, talking, Saturday crossword, aperol spritz in the sun Honora (40) Musician Hooks doctor Hopefloats (24) reading, dreaming, planning, travelling Horace pluck (54) dreaming- it's better than reality Houston (19) auto detailing howard (34) My favorite occupation is detailing cars. howard (34) Reading, dreaming and appreciating beauty Hrudaya (24) hard work that produces usable things immediately huck finn (48) Helping others, reading Huda (19) playing guitar and reading huggybear (29) Exploring ideas, exploring sensations, crossing boundaries. Hulot Redux Music Humbugger Omlet (20) Skiing Hunter (23) traveling Hurricane Katrina (25) my current job Hwee (45) Fasion Merchandiser Hwiseon Lee (24) war Hyldami Singer Hyosun (25) Creating, composing, problem-solving, writing Hypnos The Blade (46) riding horses HYS (47) Reading, dreaming, counting stars. I I kinda agree with Proust here. I Entertaining Ian (23) Reading Ian (44) Travelling ianplanet (47) Drinking. Since that's not a job, I like bartending or something equally non-physical. Too sore as it is... Ian Siente being a lover to a man that you love with all your heart and soul I Beg (54) Reading, studying what I don't have to, and taking risks. Iblis Anak (22) working out, reading, activism Ichabod Reading, writing cooking Icis reading I do not have one. (22) exploring ,reading ,wathing the greatest moments of human expression i dont know that i know (17) Reading watching movies Ignats (70) Reading, writing, gaming Igor (29) Dreaming of a better world. Playing with the children. Iilyanna Reading, thinking. Ika (24) Watching TV series, talking common interests, reading. ile105 (23) Going to the theatre. ile105 (27) Writing and reading Ilija (17) Reading and playing music Illinibeatle (44) writer IM (82) Reading Imajones Playing with kids, reading them books and drawing. Imee Surveying all that I can see and knowing that it is all mine to rule I.M. (Imam Mahdi) (5) Making up ideas on how I could change the world Incognitus (23) any job that makes a difference in the world India (15) Reading, writing, painting Indrė (17) Caring for my child indy (30) none. inez (21) Creating Inkie (60) Medicine interestedparty reading, acting, being close to the stage i.p. Organizing, reading, being with my family Ireland Rose (12) There is no favourite - as long as I am living, my favourite will change Irene (17) reading, drawing, fantasising Irene (26) Writing, reading,listening to music Irina (16) dreaming, questionig things in life, feel Iris (18) Comedian Iris (22) Navy Iris Ramsey (32) reading, being with friends isa (29) Watching TV; singing; playing my ol' gee-tar; listening to music; writing this and that; hangning out; smoking; (d)eluding myself. Isaac (16) teaching Isaac (29) Hand-to-hand combat training Isaac Discussing books with friends Isaac Reading, immersing myself in too much imagination and trying hard to put it in words. Isabel (19) Reading and painting Isabela (18) Being happy Isabella (14) Reading and Writing, i love to create work. Isabella Fairchild-Heart (Protagonist) (26) dreaming,walking,thinking Isabelle (26) Kissing Isadora Duncan (32) The arts, reading, and practicing my stealth training. Father says that a wealth of knowledge, quick fingers, and a light step play an imperative role in the family business. Isas Writing, writing, and more writing. Isla (21) Reading and writing poetry Ismael Santos (20) Composer. Isolde (17) Reading, singing, laughing, and dreaming Ita (23) Playing. Iva creating. soon it will be living. Iva Pasztor (20) Art, reading, dreaming Ivy (10) freedom ivy (25) There isn't one I can think of Ivy (17) Stewardess Ivy Morgan (34) Creating music and art Izzy (24) Writing Izzy (17) Writing and editing Izzy (30) reading j2a18m (43) sleeping,fucking jabbar (23) being in nature Jacie Lin hunting Jack (14) are thief jack (30) Investigating Jack (45) It isn't really an occupation. I love Christmas with the family. That's my favorite occupation! Jack (33) contemplating, skiing Jack (17) Running my father's company Jack (18) Drawing, Writing, Singing Jack Goodman (18) Reading, writing, watching. Jackie Photography, Pottery, Poetry, Modeling, and otherwise crafting things. Jackie (18) Teaching, reading, surfing the net, laughing, having banter with people close to me Jackie (24) Performing - Acting Jackie Army Jackie Bordeaux (31) Reading, Writing, Proofreading Jackie Cavalcante (40) Rockstar Jackie Vega (27) finding constructive ways of altering reality Jackson (32) Spending time with my wife, writing, drawing doodles. Jackson8471 (23) Drinking wine, reading, seeing live music Jackson Fisher (47) Soldiering Jack Viper (29) Laughing hysterically with friends & family Jaclyn (22) If it were my way, I would sing and dance every day JaclynM (19) Caring for animals Jacob Playing soccer, dreaming Jacob (16) just working hard Jacob Reading, philosophizing, fascinating education, hearing music and playing it. Jacob Richardson (18) Writing prose, reading, illustrating, contemplating my place in life. Jacque (24) Dreaming. Jacqueline (34) Providing justice where it is due. Jacqueline Garrett (38) painter Jade (17) thinking Jade-a-boo (17) Singing Jade Green (30) thinking of all the possibilities that life can offer me Jadelynn (24) Circus performer. I wish I had the talent. Jae (18) Musician Jafari (33) Reading, painting, writing Jaime (18) Archeology Jaime (28) playing computer games Jake Thinking, writing, exploring Jake (17) Writing, reading, playing video games. Jake (21) Intentional physical exertion Jakelina Hernandez (22) Any occupation that allows a person to fulfill their potential. J.A. Lawrence making something good James (64) Writing James (30) forgeting james Stories, and story design James (19) Sailing the ocean James (25) playing golf James Research James Anything that helps people James - Dana (15) Collecting James Foley (23) reading and writing James Green (29) Reading, acting, telling a good tale. James H (27) Visionary James La Salandra (31) What do you think? Providing equal justice under law. James Oliver North (39) Reading and writing jameson_welsh (22) Reading cop stories, electronics and physics James Wake (50) I'd like to say loving, but it's most likely wallowing. James William Reath (21) writing, caring for animals and my child Jamie (25) Probably reading. Jamie (22) being a cowboy Jamie (32) dreamers Jamie (17) Writing, and I am trying to love reading. Jamie (32) Talking Jamie Writing and Helping others Jamie Lynn Pearson (25) reading, gardening Jan Reading Biography's Jan (55) Reading to learn Jana (22) Reading to learn, piano and sports Jana (22) loving . Janae (17) managing people Janane (13) baseball player jane (41) reading, writing, sleeping jane (20) Playing videogames, eating Jane (23) reading, with a beverage jane fakename (25) Sports Therapist