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Who would you have liked to be?

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An important woman who helped many people. 009 (19) Pliny the Elder? :P 0Miles (16) adf 1 a man 50ad (17) ??? 513 (00) Myself 808s Elizabeth Bishop A (19) a 16th century antiquarian with a large budget and a gardener A Cleopatra A. (27) Nellie Bly was pretty awesome A (26) The version of myself that I'm meant to be. A. A doctor A (26) A better fuller version of myself AA (23) Mark Twain or Benjamin Franklin AAAKKK A writer/poet, a genuine and passionate qualitative researcher; an artist and a researcher at the same time; a helper of people aag (22) No one but myself aallisonr (30) a trust fund baby Aaron (32) I would only like to be myself. Aaron (16) successful like my mother Aaron I would've liked the financial sense I have now then, to avoid eventually having to go through bankruptcy and the fallout for the next 7 years Aaron (26) A good man Aaron (35) It would have been interesting to live as Hunter S. Thompson Aaron Guy Leroux (37) I would have liked to be a character in a book Aarushi Agarwal (13) A talented musician or artist in an alternate universe steampunk utopia, rich, successful and inspired. With long, silky black hair and a fantasy wardrobe. Abbie (22) After years of struggling, I like the woman I've become and wish to be no one else but me. Abby (26) An actress Abby (27) Peaceful. AbbySF An Actor Abegando (28) I would have liked to have been the woman that did not make mistakes. I would have liked to been the woman that knew better. Abigail Harris (10) Myself but a version that was more focused, organized and able to take charge of my own life sooner and with more self confidence. ABP (50) a person who knows what he wants in life Abraham (41) Any genius of music who was not too screwy in the head such as Bach...to be able to think in music would be sublime. Abs Oi wud 'ope ter becum a paddy loike me adopted owl lad, arcus kin' av de lost ones. Acara McFadden (28) I would have liked to be me, but skinnier, more courageous and outgoing, self-confident, and someone who could and would shoot for her dreams. I would have liked to be first an Astronaut, then a screen actress, and after that, successful at work I loved. A Caring Tea (51) the ideal me ACH (23) Myself. I would want to me again, to have a second chance at it all. A. Clifford Stowe (81) Someone who truly and utterly accepts and loves themselves (or Jane Goodall). Acrania (25) Myself Adam (22) myself Adam (25) JK. Rowling Adam (20) Harry Houdini Adam (29) The person I want to be adam (16) I am who I want to be Adam (38) Peter the Great Adam An artist of any kind, especially a dancer. Adam Braner (30) A musician Adam Hyde (26) Brad Pitt. What a man. Adam McGrory (39) Theodore Roosevelt Adam Seline (30) George Washington Addy (26) a craftsman adieudusk Myself ..again and again Aditya (25) Me. Admiral Love (33) Better version of myself Adonia (40) I am enamored with wealth. Endless money is happiness to me. I would want to be a modern day Mansa Musa Adrian (18) A person able to realise that tomorrow, today will just be yesterday. One able to forgive and forget, free of burdens. Adriana (16) alice in wonderland Adriana (16) Myself yet. adriana (45) I like being myself sometimes.. Adriana Myself. Adrian Bauza (20) Walt Disney. Adrian Conrad Nobody. Adrian George Nicolae (24) Better Adrian Martyn (34) I dont wish to be anyone else but me because if I cant be me then who can be a better me than me. Adrianna (18) No one but myself Adrianna (18) the man I am today AdrianOz (45) Anyone but who I am. Adrian Winters (17) I don't like this question, I don't want to be anyone else. Adrienne Wilson (25) a dancer Ady (22) A Librarian aetilson (41) I'm not sure what this means. afrodite (41) like my artist-teacher a.g. (23) laid back jesus agagagaga (24) No one but myself, maybe in a different decade Agalloza (23) I would have liked to figure this out, instead of having my future pre-arranged by the traditions surrounding my faith and my culture Agape (38) rockstar Agatha Kefali (45) I am who I want to be. Agent00V (18) a more confident, less frightened version of me Aggie White A son of a more privileged family A.G. Mata (21) a boy Agnes (43) No one but myself. Agnes (20) Me Agneska (20) anyone but me agony (25) a broadway singer Agreen (29) Myself, always. Agu (21) Me, only better. Agustina (27) Tiro, Cicero's slave. A Half Empty Beaker a killer ahmad (27) A kid again Ai (21) Helen of Troy Aida (22) Giacomo Casanova Aidan (21) Someone who is respected in my own home. I wish my stepson could see how hard I try to be there for him. Aidan Devlin (15) I am everything Aiden A good person Aiden (17) margaret thatcher aiko (20) the writer Donna Tartt aimée (22) Someone stronger aimee.dawson (21) Coretta Scott King Aisha Milburn (32) someone who isn't shy aishu (14) Someone that everyone ignores during life, but truly misses once he's gone. A.J. (27) A princess. If it'd be fiction, i want to be Ariel, the one in Little Mermaid. AJ (18) myself only with little more courage Ajam (21) No one. I like myself. Ajay (17) no one Ajm9511 (21) me myself akansha (26) Someone precisely four years older than myself. akanthe (19) Shakespeare. Akbar Shahzad (20) No answer Aki A doctor Aks (20) A better version of myself: more courageous, stronger, healthier AKT (35) I think I like being myself just fine, thanks. Al (28) A really good gospel singer Al (55) a better version of myself Al (42) philip johnson alabambino (32) Myself Alan (58) I'd not like to be anybody but myself Alan (14) I find this question to be quite boring, Why would I want to be someone else? We evolve and change Alan (14) Anyone who is successful in what they pursue Alan (24) A person who is truly happy Alana (20) I feel pretty damn good being myself. I wouldn't want to trade places with anyone. Alan Arkin (44) I would like to experience flight, so I imagine that I would have liked to be wind. Alannah (43) Coco Chanel AlbaManuela (18) Someone braver than I am Albertine (29) N/A Alcaeus (19) Ferdinand Magellan Alchemist (45) A better person than I am now. Alden Lee Klaput (18) A modern version of Cleopatra Aldonza77 (47) A scientist. Ale (28) No response as I enjoy the life I lead Alecia I would have liked to be any woman with power. Alecksi The Lone Ranger Aleesha (32) A better football player Alejandro Amoretti (28) Robin Sharma alek (20) I like the man I am, and if I were to change anyting, it would be to have started my personal growth sooner than I did. Aleksei Kotsov (63) einstein alessa (21) Alexander the Great, living at least till 40 so as to plan and develop his empire organization Alessandro Pian (30) peter tosh Alessio Lucchini (46) I would like to have been myself before I allowed the world to change me. Aletha Camack Grigori Perelman. Alex A Novelist Alex (22) Someone who has done something for the better Alex (17) me alex (38) basically anyone except who i am alex (23) Me Alex (21) hedy lamarr Alex (23) a little better academically and morally Alex (17) Edith Piaf Alex (32) Hannah Arendt or Mary Cassatt Alex (21) A famous author or musician Alex (16) I'm doing what I would have liked to have done, I do what I want. Alex Simpleminded and Innocent. Alexander (33) Joshua William Dun or Stephan James Hendry Alexander (19) a painter Alexander (30) I still hope very much to be her. Alexander Kim (19) An archeologist Alexandra (27) No one I've heard of so far. Alexandra (19) No one but me. Alexandra (24) A fairy Alexandra (18) Nobody, I am who I am. Alexandra (15) A whale Alexandra (24) Safe, calm, worry-free, and with my family whole instead of broken Alexandra (15) a friend of tolkien oscar wild or henry purcell Alexandra Bryhter (24) Anyone other than myself Alexandra Campbell (26) No one else Alexandra SweetTale4u Cruz A diplomat Alexandre (28) strong AlexandriaHMerlin (40) Me, only mentaly stronger AlexandriaLHash (30) A better husband Alexandria Marshall (32) Myself, but better. alexandrine (15) Christiano Ronaldo Alex Armstrong (16) Christiano Ronaldo Alex Armstrong (16) Christiano Ronaldo Alex Armstrong (16) To be a popular college football player, the feeling would be overwhelming Alex Brooks (18) the best figure skater of all time Alex C. A daughter of a father who loves her, a woman that possesses diplomacy Alexis Johnson (19) I would like to be Bill Gates Alex Reimann (18) Georgia O'Keefe AlexRTRW A writer. AlexRTRW Why darling! Who I am of course! Aley (60) I would like to be a GM for a professional sports franchise. Alfonso (26) I want to be a published Author Alfonso (28) a real person, not a character in a novel Alfreda Hitchthorn (45) I don't want to be anyone else al-g (24) Anyone lucky enough to have been born in a more developed country to loving parents. Ali (37) Faraday or Einstein. Ali A. Rizvi Shirley Temple Alice Politician Alice don't know Alicein1derland (27) I would have liked to be a writer or a musician Alicia (68) More fully myself. alicja (38) I would have liked to be River Tam from Firefly. Aliid The king of vampires Alin (23) The version of myself I could've been. Alina Someone with a good self esteem Alina (20) I am not sure I would like to be someone else. Aline Guiraudie (36) environmental health officer alipans (57) A Moghul Empress - since there was not any. Alishba Zarmeen (24) A theatrical painter Alison (20) Jerri hall Alison Martin (Alison Martin) a bit more risky alison wonderland Warren Buffet AliZaidi (29) myself AllenT. (33) Someone who can help others Allen Wasupan (16) andie macdowell alli (49) Myself with more money. I suppose I'm lurking on the horizon... Allison (33) My ideal self. Allison (20) Everyone I admire lived a hard life, one that would bother me too much to live myself. Allison myself allison (19) A great general or leader, preferably Themistocles or Patton. Allison Jean (21) I don't even understand the question. If I could be someone else and then me again (soon), I suppose Paul Erdos would have been fascinating. Allison Jean Hazen (34) myself only starting with my current knowledge at 22 alliswell (62) Someone else? Alma (25) Me, but better. Smarter, taller, prettier, faster. With better teeth. almavidrio (35) Someone healthier. I also sometimes wonder what it would be like to have been born a woman, but that comes with no less problems than being male. Altjungr (30) someone I never met who had a life of supremely unremarkable circumstance, but little aspiration, and great fulfillment in empty gesture altron2095 myself at age 3 Alvilda (20) Someone good. Alx who i am Aly (17) a combination of many people, which probably leads back to me in the end alya (17) Somebody who doesn't have to hold-back on anything Alyanna (22) Alice in Wonderland Alyce J. Anything I want to be Alyssa nobody I love myself! Alyssa Cordova (17) Stupid, stupid question. Alyssa Darkling An artist and/or designer. Alyssa MacMillan (25) I wish that I could have been my sister, missing and possibly dead while she could be most definitely alive. Lonely, but living. Alyssa Moonchild (16) someone who made a difference AM Educated Amanda (23) Myself...with a smaller head. Amanda myself Amanda (42) Angelina Jolie AmandaFYS13 (18) Shakespeare's wife Amanda Strong (42) A teaching musician Amandine (31) Cleopatra Amara Nobody other than myself Amaris (17) Rich Amayah (17) Content, and emotionally & physically happy Amayah Munoz (17) Truly alive. Amber (18) Nobody else Amber (37) Nobody else Amber (37) someone who didn't have to worry about money Amber (20) Myself, 15 years ago.. Ame (37) some one rich and famos Amelia (13) A teacher, a husband, a father. Amelia (18) Someone with a mom and dad. Amelia Gates (formerly Pippet) (10) anybody but a fat unhappy little girl Amelie (24) independently wealthy American Marxist No choice Americanoid (50) I don't know exactly whom, but a woman with more courage than I have. americanwoman (62) marilyn monroe ames (21) Someone who could genuinely love. Amit Bhaskar (21) anyone. everyone is unique and very different from me, so it would be exciting experience ammb (29) Gordon Ramsey Amos (18) I like being myself. Unless I can be Alice. In wonderland. Amrita (22) Myself, but less fearful. amu If Ben, Pope and Aroon were all rolled into one person - thats who I would want to be Amy (30) myself. Amy (33) What I already am. Perhaps, a bit more successful. Amy (28) Only different versions of myself amy (33) Marie courie Amy (35) A Researcher and Philanthropist Amy (55) A more adventurous version of myself Amy Becker; Character: Merriwether Finch (27) Better Amy Cottington-Bray Eleanor Roosevelt Amy Jo as Marge (48) Eleanor Roosevelt Amy Jo as Marge (48) I can't think of anyone Amy Martinez (20) No one but myself Amy R. a special needs helper amz (16) more confident. Ana (21) I am still in time to turn myself into whoever I want to be:) Ana (30) i am more than happy with being myself; to have been anyone else would be a great loss ana (16) Leonardo da Vinci ana (34) Audrey Hepburn Ana Carolina (16) An older version of myself. Analise (40) Richard Burton Anam (26) Somebody. Ana Marija (20) Someone who is braver, less shy, without anxiety or depression. One who thinks they are beautiful. ANamelessWildOne (24) A lady; otherwise the same. Ananke (25) Jesus ancientrobot (31) mermaid Andi (28) lawyer andraya (23) See my answers to my favorite characters in fiction. Andre I would like to be Olivia Benson Andrea (16) A musician...a violinist. Or maybe an artist. Andrea (13) More independent ANDREAADKINS (26) Someone who can hold their head high even when facing the most daunting of things AndreaCoker (24) The same but in a different world AndreaFeliu (28) I am fine. Andreas (19) Audrey Hepburn Andrea SB (32) Will Smith andres007 (19) a UFC fighter Andres (19) Driving cross country by the age of 18. Andrew (22) A fighter...war, crime... Andrew (25) Stephen Fry Andrew (20) Johnny Cash Andrew (28) a 'better version' of myself Andrew (22) The Mad Hatter. andrew (24) James dean Andrew barlow (26) me Andrew J Ohls (33) Successful. Andrew Price (38) another me Andy (25) Sane Andy (23) Sane Andy (23) That which I have not done. andy rayford (28) Cop Andy Thomas (25) myself again. ang (99) Ma maman Angel (13) Peter Pan Angel a lot more assertive and self-confidant as a child Angela (21) None Ângela (24) Queen Elizabeth I Angela (30) A Russian novelist in Paris Angela (19) Someone who made a difference in the world for the better Angela Estrada (20) Myself Angelicstar (45) Nobody Angelo Navarette (18) someone who didn't listen to her fears. Angel Rodrigues (41) ridiculously existential... but someone who doesn't have to fight sooo hard to get to where I want to be. angie (29) Amelia Earhart Ani I was already there Ani (22) me Anick (99) Maybe an eagle. They are prettier and more respected than owls. Anik (16) Eve Aniyah (19) i like being myself anjali Myself, born in 1900 Anjel (28) A women of wealth and power Anjelah49 (49) Someone who has the finances and resources to help a lot of people in need. Anjelika (22) someone better Ankassandra (15) I would like to be me. Ann (19) Shirley "Cha Cha" Muldowney Ann (62) a navy captain Ann (50) A fairy Anna (20) Born again Anna (20) i like to be a rock star Anna (13) Stronger. Anna (34) I would like to have been a Princess Anna Baker (20) a cooler version of myself Anna Kalimar (18) Person that is strong, trustworthy, independent, surrounded by love, mostly giving lots of love and happiness. Anna Maria (21) Disney Anna-Maria Myself AnnaMay (51) the white Anna. or Maria Magdalena. Anna O. a better version of myself, or, myself but in a different time. Anna Stein (21) A singer Ann Delaney (44) Boadicea Anne (21) I have no idea anne (23) Audrey Hepburn Annelise (40) No matter who I could have been, that person would have had hardships, sorrows, fears; therefore, there is no reason to wish to be someone else. If I had to choose someone, I would wish to come back as one of my cats. Anne Louise Sheldon (34) Michelle Obama. Anne Patricia F (21) Queen of Sheba Anneta a love child from Beyonce and Bernie Sanders Annie I am happy being myself a lot more fit! Anniel (62) Ghandi anniezee (54) Someone like da Vinci AnonAzure (19) idk. anonim (18) na anon moose (19) Wealthy—yes I'm vain and materialistic. Ansley Stevenson (16) This friend of Camus's I read about in "Resistance, Rebellion, and Death". This man is someone who loved poetry and literature. It sounds like he lived a good, honest life. Camus loved him. He was killed during the Resistance. Anthony (23) Barack Obama Anthony (24) In my career 20 years ago anthony (48) life Anthony Almeida Auden. Anthony D C (20) Garth brooks or Sylvester Stallone Anthony lawhon (27) Why would I want to be someone other than myself, my life is not over yet? If I must then, any person with the stage to make a difference) Anthony Scine-Sceni (42) someone different antoinette (24) more understanding, more able to communicate more effectively my innermost thinking. Anton (52) Everybody and anybody. Antoniette (20) a boy Antonina (20) Cato of Utica Antonio Lemos (18) Myself only better Anty Wholesome Anusia (34) the one wh would be able to help those in need financially as much as possible Anya (22) Who else but me? Anya (71) me anything Jean d'Arc, despite the unfortunate end Anzi (27) A natural scientist a.o. (40) More comfortable with myself. Aparajita (26) More comfortable with myself. Aparajita (26) No one else. Apollo (58) Doctort Apos i love being me Apply (30) I only want to be who I can perceive to be. Other than that, perhaps, a man. April (20) In a sense I am the worst thing: an imperfect, sinful human. In another sense I am the best thing: a daughter of God. April (21) A cat AR (20) Ching Shih, if only because I want to be a menacing threat in a very large boat. Ara (15) Someone with a better karma, I guess Aranneaa (19) myself arctic_child (36) Myself but wealthier Ardent (30) Me but a little bit braver A real phony (27) an improved version of myself Areeba (25) I'm pretty comfortable saying I am someone worth being. I'd rather be me Ari (29) Myself. Ari a veterinarian Arianna (15) I would not want to be anybody else but myself Ariel A baker. I do love to bake Ariella Bordaine: Female Protagonist (20) A success Arizona (19) Georgia O'keefe arlo (64) Honestly...Versace Arnold Murray (42) Shakespeare. AROG me, myself and I A-ron (15) an author or an artist Arsh (24) a man of the world Arthur Lorne Probably a cat Artie (17) Something that gives me a lot of money and a lot of moral satisfaction Artie Mondello (18) Alexander the great, I'd love to conquer the world and then die of alchol intoxication. Aruz Elliott (29) I only want to be the best version of myself. AS (32) An artist ascetic monk (51) I don't know yet. Asfiya Mariam (21) Elizabeth I. Ash (23) Myself Ash (28) Marie Curie, Amelia Earhart, or Sylvia Earle Ash Anything god wills me to be ashan (20) Perhaps more courageous and broader in perspective at ever a younger age. Da Vinci if a human actor is needed. Ash Bloom (27) a great writer asherville (55) Myself, but a more healthier version of myself Ashley (18) a person who inspires others Ashley (28) I would be a bird. Ashley (12) I would like to be a successful person that gets to travel the world Ashley (20) I would be a bird. Ashley 2.0 (13) a better more educated verison of myself ashley baus (24) A musical prodigy, a talented artist, or a fashion icon Ashley Brazil (17) Myself, my whole life. Ashley Mannara (29) I'm not yet sure I even fully know who I am. Ashley Meller (26) the more talented version of myself ashleytheresa (20) A mixture of Isaac Newton and Charles Darwin's mind, Socrates attitude and Alexander's zeal Ashwin Murali (21) Alexander McQueen or Ghengis Khan Asi (21) a person who makes a difference asmitchel (67) A successful alchemist Asmund (40) a better me, always ASN (25) Rob Swire Assman (19) Indiana Jones. Astra (19) A writer Astri (36) Someone with the luxury of time Astrid I would have liked to be Mahatma Gandhi. Asuka Suzuki (13) A music conductor Athar (25) No one but my self. Athena (17) It is impossible to understand wanting to be someone else attitude (49) Jacques Brel Atuona (38) Batman Aubrey Files (25) The sharman Chief Sitting Bull Aubrey Tate (21) Sungha Jung Audrey (17) Myself. Audrey Bittencourt (24) An upgraded version of me, with more 15 cm. Audrey Mahone (29) un peintre ou un ecrivain de talent augustine (70) Film critic Auntie Em (35) Nikola Tesla Auntie Em (27) A wolf or lion or panda Aurora (32) Hercules. Aurora Myself Austin (19) rich not to have to worry about every day struggles Austin Hobbs (16) There's no one I'd rather be than me. Except for maybe Joss Whedon Austin Kimmell (16) someone who can live forever autumn (17) A better version of myself Autumn me Autumn Boze (18) Nurse, Teacher Ava (7) Teacher, Nurse, or a worm in a hole Ava (7) writer avecamour I am unsure if there is anyone that i would want to be. Awalker I'd worry more about the future than the past. Axel (18) Happy Aya i like to be me ayda (25) To not give a damn about what others think Aye (22) To not give a damn about what others think Aye (22) War journalist ayem (57) Myself or Peggy Guggenheim aym (30) An enlightened man a young boy (91) my ingenious friend ayumi (20) Someone who could change the world B (45) writer or artist B (31) somebody who lives many adventures B (21) Queen Elizabeth Bababookie Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader Babette (42) adventurer Babs actor, designer, traveler Baby (32) A better me Bad Wolff me, but with a bit better luck baggal21 (28) Someone my mother talked about with pride. Bailey (19) Krishna Balaji Harish Iyer (20) No one. Bald Sky (38) Rich enough to afford my family's college tuition and then have a lot of money leftover so i can do whatever I want. Bambi (17) The version of myself that made the right decisions Banana Hammock (30) astronaut barada Any woman, as long as I was pretty barbara (50) I wish I could have always admired my mother. Barbarita (21) A navy Tommy Bahama beach chair Barbielebrun Charley the beach chair (54) Crabby Patty from Sponge Bob Square Pants Barbielebrun Garry the ghost crab (54) Charlemange Baron Von Nazzenpoppel (46) I would have liked to be an artist. Barry Wextall (20) someone who pioneered an important invention, an answer to a trivia question basbas (22) Nobody, I like myself Batgirl (23) a famous basketball player Baylee Someone well loved and confident bc (22) Someone well loved and confident bc (22) I don't know, someone taller and stronger, maybe BCQ (30) Princess Diana? BD Myself better Bdme (23) I'm still not sure what I am now. How am I supposed to know what I'd have liked to be? Bea (18) Someone without big decisions to make Bea (18) Better at being who and what I am Bear (49) a better version of myself bearoid (30) I don't know whom I would like to be but I think I would have enjoyed the career path of Beck Beatlhoven (47) a better version of myself beatricegasti (30) a fairy tale princess Beatrice Moore (30) Like Heidi Klum, very beautiful and sucessfull Beatriz (13) Ronald Reagan Beau (28) A leader of a revolution. Beavis Christ (30) Myself. Becca (16) though I may say otherwise, no one but myself Becca (17) Me in the past but with the knowledge I have now Becca (21) No one, because I like to believe that I have to potential to become who I would like to be. Becca (19) I would have liked to be a singer Becca (20) Someone more confident and taller, skinnier, bilingual Becca (21) Me, but happier. BeckBeck (26) anyone better than I becks (24) a dancer becky (13) Someone else Becky C I like who I am. I don't think I'd like to be anyone other than me. Bee yet to be bee (16) a better version of myself beezer (64) Immortal. beezersneezer (46) An animator Beka (33) i dont know belita (39) I am wish to be no one else but me. bella (16) a rich child... Bella (17) If Wonder Woman was real, I would have loved to be her. Belle (26) Frida Kahlo Belu (19) The one person I most admire, Eric. Ben (23) One who changed not just the world, but life as we know it. Ben (17) Myself. I am my ideal. Ben A monk Benedict (38) I am who I want to be. Benjamin (29) Andrei Tarkovsky, or Ozu Benjamin Thomas My true self, as I was meant by God to be. Benjamin Urrutia (61) Darwin on the beagle voyage Benjo (23) None else than me, just because I wouldn't want to unlearn what life has taught me Ben Johns (21) Anna Porter who is a writer, a publisher, a grandmother, a wife, and a beautiful person Bennie (55) A human, any human. BennyB Professor Ben Taylor I don't wish to be anyone but myself Berlin (25) A better person Bernard Hartley (18) someone the exact opposite of myself. Rich, beautiful, confident... just so i could know that the grass isn't always greener. Beth (20) An attorney Beth (25) Joan of Arc Bethann (35) I like who I am with no need to change that. Bethany (23) Piper Bethany Julia Child Bethany (22) No one else. I like being me. Bethany Surreira (35) An actress or singer Beth Ellis (15) An improved version of my own self. Beti (24) Madeleine Albright Betty Usabiaga (37) Someone like Einstein Beu Mihac (15) a teacher of mythology bev Myself Beyonce (18) Hafiz Bhakti Brophy (41) I am who I am meant to be in this lifetime. Thank you. Bhakti Brophy (45) myself, a little more hardworking though Bhargava (25) a little better off financially bhl Me Bhole one of the Edgar Allan Poe's heroines (Annabel Lee, Lenore etc) Bianca (18) me but wiser and stronger and happier bibi i don't want anybody else's life; i want to do mine correctly. bif a dude big dick (69) myself biggb (46) Kurt Cobain big guy (16) a renaissance man Bijan (27) A WWII US fighter pilot Bill (50) BOB ROSS BILLY (38) I wouldn't have liked to be anyone else Billy (16) Me...no one else...period. BillyBobABC123zzz james dean billy boy watson (3) Living in a different counrty, working as a simple man Billy the Son of the Kid (21) Audrey Hepburn Biochicklet SOMEONE LIKE RAJIV GANDHI BIPS (46) I would be Monica Belluci . biscotte (13) shen kuo bismuth Writer director in 1930s BJ (56) me blabla (37) a good person Blackie (20) More productive Blademan (60) Foucault. Or, Nico Muhly. Blaine (21) The best version of myself Blair C. (29) A simple member of the Mongol tribe Blake (17) I am everything Blake (24) donald trump blake (16) I had no idea Blake (29) Not born yet Blanca (48) Myself Blanca Parra (66) A person that people look up to. A person who is well respected. A person known to help everyone and give good advice. Blank Tae A writer. Painter. Something artistic. blip52 (27) A normal teenager, in a different state, at a different school. Bliss Inthemorningdew (16) I'd have liked to be many different people, but I understand that they had qualities that I want to see in myself, so I should simply try to be a better person so that I may become the best of who they are, so I'm not them, and in consequence I am myself. BlondShamrock (16) A better man Blood (15) Glad someone finally asked! And now that you do, I'm not sure. Ask me later. Blue (16) Edward. O Wilson Blueagle (47) Cleopatra Bluebird (27) A boy of Earth. Blue Harkness (16) Perpetual Student BlueOrchid (39) I suppose, Shakespeare, provided I could ditch the wife and kids Bluto (29) Mozart BM (20) happy being me bmo Earl Weaver Bob (22) Curious tense. Somebody unremembered but consistently happy. bob (38) Assuming I keep my current mental state, an immortal professor x Bob (32) a better version of myself bob First woman president. Boba (22) socrates bobblins I would like to be myself, but only if I had my current memories since birth. Bobby (22) free Bobby (40) I wouldn't want to be anyone else but myself. Bobby (21) Steve Jobs bobby Someone who doesn't lose every person that they've ever cared about bobby (33) a model or movie star or at least just someone who doesn't live back alley cat's life, pretty much homeless Bobby Eugene carefree and wealthy Bobia (25) Perhaps a composer. boku_wa_kami (25) virginia wolf bomb (30) someone who doesn't have to suffer the sin of Adam and Eve Bonky (26) myself whoever that is Bonnie (15) a crusader Boo (36) Myself at 12, with the wisdom (such as it is) that I have at 58 bookloverva (58) where I can be me boomalexboom Oscar Wilde Booper (52) Someone with talent; Someone who's a nice success of him/herself. Boris (16) I am everyone, just as everyone is me. Borrie (33) animal carer bov (19) Chekhov, the most humane of all writers in real life and on the page Brad (17) Hugh Hefner Brad Connors gus grissom brad w (35) Superman Brady (31) If I had the choice I'd rather like to never have been born. bram-is-e-janet-brecht-is-de-max I am who I want to be and I have no desire to change it, but if I did, I would do so. Brandon Carter (32) A pacifist Emperor, to have all the strength on Earth, and the strength not to use it Brandon Nobles (31) a better me Breanna (18) At first a Marine, but now I just want to be home Bree (23) Anne Boleyn Bree Ogden Jo March. I know that she is only in a book, but she had qualities I admire. Bren (47) Edward Longshanks Brenda Everett (39) a professional singer Brendalee (59) Tom Barry Brendan (24) smart sucssesful man brent (33) Julius Caesar, Joe Strummer, or Anthony Bourdain Brent Findley (19) Michelangelo, but I would have crafted the David out of cheese Brett Ferguson (42) someone with a normal family Bri (28) Anyone other than myself, Beyonce bri (17) A person who never quit what he started. Brian (22) A Surrealist in the time of the original Surrealism movement. Brian (37) I like who I am. Brian (24) myself Brian (50) Elvis Presley or Alex Trebek Brian A. Henegar (26) Selena Gomez. BriannaBabyFYS13 No clue BriannaFYS13 (18) less confused brian S (58) Brett Banasiewicz Brien Moffett Brett Banasiewicz Brien Moffett I don't like to compare myself to others. We are all unique. Brinley (15) Someone in control of themselves but feels free at the same time. Bri Toro A Dancer or an Actress...or a Veterinarian but I'm allergic to cats. Britta Bandit (30) Myself. Brittany (25) Nobody but myself, again. Brittany Crow (28) I can't think of someone; everyone has struggles, I'd prefer to keep my own than have someone else's. Brittney Miller (20) A great writer brns me as a photojournalist international philanthropist/ writer of novels broad (45) MacBeth - take control of any situation Brock Schwarzkopf (29) A film director in Hollywood Bron Blackwell (37) Cook, singer, writer Brooke Someone more sociable and with more connections Brooke Someone who upholds justice. Bruce Bennett (20) The boy everyone wants to find bad about, but there are none. Brutus (20) I would be more of Harry Potter Bryan (24) More outgoing as a child. BryanAngel (41) A leader, maybe even Queen if I had a choice Bryan Etem (27) Thomas Jefferson Bryan R. (21) Just wants to be best self, not someone else Bryn (23) A better me Brynlea (17) A mother. Brynn (39) Ragnar Lothbrok Brynn (18) Someone better Brynn My father, he was a great leader. Brynn Woods -Protagonist (21) someone who stille had the courage of youth to take on the world and win Bryon Springer (25) My Grandpa Bubbles (52) Alexander the Great bubby (43) Pagu Bubu (37) Myself. Buck Richardson (34) me buckyballs (35) Bette Midler - With all the trials & tribulations Buddy (34) an actress bug Epaminondes Bugsy Stephen Mosher; only happier with more self esteem. Bulldozer (50) pattie boyd bunny A finer version of myself Burella (61) Novelest Burke (47) Someone with access to a greater amount of power and wealth than I, and with at least equal intellect Burnable_Material_Here (18) A NOBLE WOMAN AT THE COURTH OF LOUIS XV BUTTERFLY (41) Myself butunn (19) Myself Byriver Bloke (24) Mary Magdalyn BZ At this moment, Rebecca Miller. C me c (21) any high quality person who often communicate with my Idol C (14) I'm happy being me. C (20) My grandfather C (35) A moral man Cabrales (18) first lady cacharel (37) My Aunt. Cade (15) Kitty Kiernan Caidy (54) A magician Cailey John Maurice of Nassau, so I could see the first years of Brazil Caio (18) One of the people walking through New York in Koyaanisqatsi. Caitlin (21) me. cakes (41) J.R.R. Tolkien or J.D. Salinger or Kurt Cobain Cal (20) A famous actor who plays in a superhero film Caleb (17) A better version of myself. Calla (16) myself, because I am what makes me who I am Callie Owens (27) Whoever I can be who would provide the warmest and most inspiring company Calvin (31) Wanda Sykes Cam (23) Right now probably Buster Keaton Cameron Harvey (26) Someone worthy of living. Camille (52) only myself Cammi (32) A girl who could be captivating and well-respected. Candice (23) Someone of noble blood, as I would be well suited for such a thing, yet others who were, were not compatible with the lifestyle. Candy A better version of my father Cannon (33) Me, but with all the things I lack obviously. Captain Crunch Doctor Carebeark5 (25) a Roman emperor Carissa - Casey I dunno, any sucessful person, perhaps. Carla (26) A resident of Los Angeles in the 1920s, or New Orleans in the 1940s carlajwms (49) Me, myself and I Carla Tate (19) No one but myself Carlie (24) Someone who succeeded in killing Hitler Carlisle Maybe Neitzche. Carlo (26) Cristobal Balenciaga Carlos A. (24) myself Carlos Cisne (45) A princess in a castle Carlota (16) Marilyn Monroe, what a sex pot Carly (19) Myself but with less fear Carly C (27) Myself Carmen (57) A better me. Carol paul cezanne Carol (60) No one but me carolina (23) A principle violist in a major symphony orchestra. Caroline (38) I would have made a good operatic mezzo-soprano Caroline (25) A published author before age 30. Caroline (33) I don t know ! Me but better than i am and less anxious caroline (45) Derek Jeter Caroline Davis (19) A world class writer of children's virtuous literature. Caroline M. (41) Perhaps Elizabeth Bennett Carol Lacoss (62) Who - only myself. What - there are so many possibilities of inanimacy of which I am curious. Carolyn (18) anyone but myself Carolyn (39) No one else but myself Carolyn (45) owner of a small coffee shop/bistro in a large European town Carrie a great fashion designer/hip/reknowned Carrie (44) I`d love to be me...the "me" I was a while ago cartike cartman,chef.... Cartman (99) Pope John Paul II Cas (25) Some field of broadcast, either television or radio Casey (36) I am happy being me. Cassadra (8) Morgana La Fae Cassandra Spencer (28) Me! Cassandra Watkins (21) A risk taker Cassi Taller, wealthier, more power Cassidy I am myself and no other. Cast (17) Me, but more decisive and more ambitious Cat (36) A better version of myself Cat (24) A celebrity Cat (26) a more honest person Cat a famous humanitarian cat (20) myself Catalina (44) Por ahora soy quien quiero ser...por ahora. Catalina Jiménez Correa (27) A woman hippy of the late 60's early 70's. I want to fight for peace, love, and rights Cate (23) I have not the faintest. An amalgamation of women - I have yet to see one I truly envy Cate (33) I am my favourite version of me Catelline (26) I can't think of just one person, too many come to mind Catharina (22) Someone who had the resources to make the difference in the lives of those who don't Catherine someone who's parents aren't dead Catherine (33) Someone who deserves more, but gets nothing. The opposite than now. Catherine Jean Nobody else Cathlow Harmon (50) Myself Catlin Benjamin myself, but with more insight at a younger age... c.a.torres (39) a housecat Cat Podd (37) Just an average person who lives with peace in her heart and money in her pockets Catrice (37) a person who could love more and who understood more Catrina (15) Beyonce Cattie Chong (26) I have no idea... Cavit Anıl Buram (28) An actress CC (18) Mary Jesus' mother CC (22) not in limbo ccc (27) Simonetta Vespucci ccchnl a Renaissance prince cdl (35) Sylvia Plath Cee Cee (17) Free Celeste (32) I am content with me as I am. Celia (15) Leslie Howard or Peter O'Toole Celline Marge (18) someone with more eargerness on things I fight for cenire (25) Someone with confidence, healthy self esteem and financially sound. cerisetea (34) Ceasar Cestmoi All the great men of all the centuries-at the same time. C face. (22) The one who keeps his promises cfm (37) Acceptance Cfreedman (38) Loved ch I would be a my rabbit Chacha (13) A better man that I was yesterday Chancelor C.J. King (19) Just me...I like me a lot... (most days) Chandra Alexander (24) I've only wanted to be my true self. Channon (45) Ellen Pompro Channy (19) Bindweed, my elder sister and sovereign. Chanter (18) Anything but a dark elf. Much preferably a human and not have to suffer this torturous near immortality and irritation to light. Chanter (24) Friederich Engels Chari (21) Music Producer, background singer Charleigh Perhaps a graphic artist, I miss drawing =/. Charlene (17) Couldn't ask for anyone better or worse but myself Charlene (18) Myself one thousand times Charles 01 ( 7) no answer Charles Au Lavoie I love who I am already so no need to be someone else. CharlesB (48) no one else. My life is not perfect but it is my life. Charles Davis (60) Actually: Myself...I would not trade my life for anyones. Rhetorically: Jesus. Charles L Davis Jr (51) James Bond Charles Pybus (61) We like who we are. Each of us serves a purpose within our group, but we miss those that are gone. Charlie Fry (36) jools holland charlotte (29) Myself, if I only could play the piano Charlotte (18) On rare occasions, I wish I were a character in a book, because their fate, good or bad, is out of their hands and in the hands of their author, yet it is they, and not the author, who capture and command our attention anew with the turning of each page. Charlotte H. (23) A woman warrior, such as Phoolan Devi Charly Mariaan (49) Trophy wife Charmaine (25) I like to be Stargirl who does not give a shit to what others think and yet only see the good in people Chary Silva (22) myself Chauncey Character (29) the best that i can be chay (40) No one in particular Cheche (40) .... cheeky (26) Krishna Cheemargh (36) profesional shoper chele writer chelle (47) Cant think of anyone if really want to switch with. Chelsea (21) There is no one else I would rather be. Chelsea (23) The owner of Lily Death productions and making silent films. Chelsea Smith (24) Myself, fully recognized Chelsea Whiting (26) Rich. Chelsy Famous artist in the impression era Cheri D. a playwright Cherie (40) I'm pretty content with being me, an addition would be me with more money Cherish Robinson (21) Angelina Jolie Cherlyn (40) Anyone happy and with a stable sense of self. cherry (16) I like to be myself, but maybe a fuzzy bee who gets drunk of pollen and hangs amongst the sweet flowers Cherub (30) no one, i love to be myself very much Cheryl (38) An artist Cheryl A teacher Cheryl Barnette (59) Myself, but with a better sense of rhythm. Cheshire (22) someone who is more sure of things chetana A Millionaire Chi important chi-chi an artist, a trailblazer Chickpea (31) Architecdt Chico (46) rachael carson, a male version Chief (57) A shipwright like my father ChiefJ42 (44) someone without money worries chiklitz76 (39) I would have liked to have been someone who appreciated my struggles a little bit sooner than I did. Child (8) Isabel Eberhardt? The woman explorer Chili (17) Angelina Jolie's life sounds preety good - without all the kids though... Chinita (34) i would have liked to be everything that i am not. chinnu (20) Me only Chinnu (38) a kickboxing champion like my father Chip Griphix (35) It doesn't matter. Chiu Jing Hua (17) speakspears lover chloe (21) Ruler of the seventh nation Chloe (17) Someone w. a sister. Chocolate Bunny (32) Me only richer and less stressed Chonda no one, myself. Choraven (32) I would rather have been someone who lived a less...complicated childhood. For none but selfish reasons. Chris (16) Grown up Chris I would have loved to be Dave Chappelle in another life. Chris (19) A dog Chris Just me, but with more strengths and fewer weaknesses Chris (13) A successful person Chris a novelist Chris (52) The person that i will become chris (24) myself Chris Glass (39) David Lean Chris S. no one Christa (27) Some one in the studio helping music artists out or a councilor Christabelle (29) I always wanted to be a native american (Indian) as a child. Not a prairie indian though, more of a forest dwelling J.F.Cooper-Indian. Christian (44) Always myself. Christian Boyanov (24) Paul Christian Soldier (33) Only myself Christina (26) Someone who can accept the past and learn to move forward, to accept the pain and learn to grow from it Christina Caceres (26) Someone more stable and stronger. Less the victim, more the heroine. Christina Kronberg (23) A wealthy socialite during the Jazz Age... Christina Tounzen I wish I had been a nomad, maybe a Mongolian who hunts with an eagle. Christina X. (37) im happy with who i am. i wouldnt want to be anyone else. christine (18) CHARLES BARKLEY. Christobel (17) Charles Barkley. No doubt. Or David Milch. Christobel in College (18) Orson Welles. Christopher (24) No one in particular, because all bodies are interchangeable. Christopher Blaum (37) I want to be me. Christopher Boone Holden Caulfield Christopher James Stagg (16) I would have liked to have been Mozart. Christopher M. (31) I would like to have been a less reactionary and a more chilled out person. Christopher Mitchell (17) A harder working man Christopher Ross (23) Sam Shepherd Christopher Sloce (26) I am only me. The pitfalls and pains I have felt are mine. So is the love and joy. I would not trade it for anothers. christy (44) I like me best Christy Turner (50) Helena of Troy Christy Turner (50) Claude Monet Chuck (43) bowie Chuck (44) Right now, nobody else than me Chunky Lover non other than myself. I am who I want to be Ciara (24) A strong leader Ciara (22) musician Cickany (51) I can't think of an exact person, but someone with a lot of adventure in their life. Not normal adventure though, storybook adventure. Ciera (16) Sara, Abraham's wife Cilie (50) Professionally: A book publisher. Personally: A wife and mother. Essentially: A normal, non-crazy person raised by normal, non-crazy parents. Cindy a magazine staff writer cindy (50) an architect Cindy (24) Someone born into great wealth Cindy (22) The person in my dreams. Cindy (50) a better mother CindyLu (58) An award winning actress Cissa Fireheart (32) professional surfer cizz Philosopher, physicist, or an Astronaut CJ (18) a doctor CJN (21) Something creative where you mind is not trapped by numbers. Cla (22) Jackie O. Claire Educated, maybe a midwife like my sister-in-law, or a nun, no one could abuse me then. Claire (32) Someone worth loving. Claire Bartholomew (16) A world traveler Claire Cullen (49) Shakespeare. ClaireW (65) Someone who retired early Clancy Myself, but without the hearing problems. Clara (20) a better me Clara The Greek philosophers, maybe Plato. Or Nietzsche just to feel and understand his philosophy better Clarence (17) Myself. No more or less. Clarissa (18) Myself Clarisse Johnson (24) A Supreme Court Justice; a writer; a Philosophy Professor Clark Kent Question cannot be answer: how can I know that I would like to be someone else unless I am already them? Clark Langridge (32) Albert Einstein Clau ballerina Claudia (36) Clay Douglass: An around the world sailor Clay Douglass (34) someone intelligent clazza mgee myself all over again Clelia Beatriz Valdez (22) I would like Martina Stoessel clemfolk49 (13) An overall better version of my current self Cleo (∞) sergeon Cleo (17) A member of royalty, or part of the artistic elite. clockwork (34) Emily dickinson cm (57) Kipling Coastside007 (42) oh i envy no one that much so can i choose to be me cobweb (24) Sir Christopher Wren CockneyKnight (48) Just myself Coco (31) Joan Didion Coco (19) Everything than I am. CocoPuff2016 (44) Winston Churchill. I want to know what it's like to be a strong leader agaisnt great adversity codered (18) lawyer Cody (25) A Bard, a Master Brewer or a wandering Monk Cody Gould (17) Queen Elizabeth the first Col (41) Singer Cole (37) I like being myself Colin (39) A happy person. Colin (22) A reformer of the education system in Albania Colorful (28) just me. Colton (27) I dont know anyone well enough to answer that comnomnomor (15) Queen Victoria Connie myself Connie (24) forensics, criminal investigation Connor To answer would be futile. Connor Elon Musk Connor (16) Someone fearless Connor Taylor (19) Adored conor (34) David Lynch constanceeee (19) Leonardo da Vinci Constantin (32) The best version of myself which remains to be seen. Consuela a more relaxed person Cookie senna cookie Myself cookie (51) Someone who is seen as strong, supportive and intelligent. CookieFantastic (46) more caring Cooper (16) An all-powerful being Cora (26) someone without regrets. Cora (39) I'm very content with who I am. Cora Henley (15) Carrie Underwood Core (25) Some sorts of a humanist politician/powerful business free person/emotional painter/deep writer/private happy surrounded girl......I won't have enough time for it all Corentine (25) An early Native American. Corey An even better version of myself corinne Myself Cory (22) Myself/Happy Courtney Loughlin (Courtney Loughlin) a queen cpaters1 (26) I can only be myself cr a blade of grass or a fig tree cr (34) Ghandi Craig (35) Accountant, stock broker, venture capitalist. Craig (8) Even when I am in my most self-loathing periods, I wouldn't choose to be anyone else other than me because I LOVE who I am even if most people don't. And I know the grass in never greener on the other side. Craig Suga Biles (22) Someone I probably don't know and will never know Crimson (60) me cris Someone who lived the simple life and away from the drama of society. Cris scientist Crisfe (31) I don't desire to be anyone else during any other time in history. Crishna Murray (42) famous writer Crishna Murray (43) Einstein Cristi Hitler. Crystal (17) Myself Crystal (32) don't know Crystal (22) A pianist... HA Not, I am in my field. Crystal (34) Elle. Crystal (35) Myself csheehan (17) A Red Cross Worker CStoney (47) a man ,especially a doctor cuchi (40) A warrior, a conqueror, a ruler of new lands & people. Alexander the Great, Chenghiz Khan, Babur. Cucks Charles Dickens cucu (26) someone with greater wisdom and insight of the important things of this universe cvelez (64) a perfect wife. the proverbs 31 wife cweekly Maybe Mother Teresa? Cyan Imsomething (28) Doctor d0701 (29) Im pretty happy being myself D a dog D (32) a viking raider perhaps. DAD Dad...or mom. They are great jobs Dad (42) no one because i enjoy myself and wouldn't want to be any other person Daesia Garcia (16) Colette Daffy Sue Esposito (60) Princess able to make a difference to the lives of others and with money to do whatever she wants Daisy (27) Myself limitless Daisy (17) i like being me Daisy I would be no one other than myself. Dakota Swaveman (18) My great-grandson. D_Alex (46) A mathematician. dA member: sonicbutterfly (17) Prime Minister of Australia Damien TC (36) Matt Greoning Dan (29) A Jedi Dan Plato Dan (39) Exactly how my best freinds would have described me. Dan (51) Myself, just in much better shape Danae (17) a free man D Anderson (42) Rockstar Danger (16) I am in the process of being. Dani (31) Simon Neil Dani (19) Each person at some point wishes they were someone else, so even if I were to answer, if I were them, I would wish to change again due to human nature, so I shall not answer at all Daniel (16) Justin Beiber Daniel Below Alan watts Danieldidit (24) Cleopatra Daniella (27) No one, I am who I am Daniella (28) I would have liked to be myself, I should think. Danielle (15) Just Me. Danielle (35) a wonderful wife DanielleKeith (19) Nobody. We all have the same ending to our story. Daniel Molina (20) Any John Hughs character Daniel Phelps (23) A god, I could have made the world safer; that or a passionate fiddler Daniel Stephens (Character Sketch) (22) a princess daniiii (18) No one other than myself Danine (48) I would have like to be a mortal Spartan farm boy's wife. DaniStory (29) A Special Forces solider Danny (25) I would like to be an honest man who doesn't take anything for granted, gives back to where I came from and gives back to everyone that helped me along the way Danyael (16) Ayn Rand Daph (45) Someone who is not afraid of what's going to happen next. Darbio (16) Buffy Summers Darcy (20) Bill Gates Darcy The best version of myself Darcy (54) A great composer of music such as Andrew Loyd Webber dareman (64) an actor dario (21) The nicer part of myself, for the majority of my days. Darnell A visionary. DashEloise (32) Jean Paul Getty Dave Cresswell (46) Bon Jovi DaveG (39) I dont know Davey (18) Superman. damn my earthly origins DaveyD (24) Myself, but I'm afraid once I realize who I am, I will no longer be proud of the person I've become. Davian (alias) (32) No one other than myself David (19) A bus-driving scientist. David (10) bill gates David (18) myself David (63) Solon, or St. Paul David (24) a Buddhist monk David (51) inmortal human been david baiguera (35) I don't know. Someone great that changed people's lives for the better. David Dean (35) Myself David Del Aguila Osollo Plato - to know firsthand of Socrates David E.J.A Bennett (29) Joan of Arc David King (23) N/A David ROWE (42) Pythagoras David Sergio Cisneros Ardura (46) An astronaut. David Thomas (60) I admit that I'm too confused this moment to be able to think who I would have wanted to be, rather to think what I am going to be in this life. David Timme (19) I did not ask to be born in this life, and do not have an answer for I can only be me. David Wommack (19) Nuclear Engineer Davie (16) oprah dawn (40) Ruth Dawn Robinette (51) I just want to be far from the hood. On some small farm, gardening with a family that loves me. and shopping like Cary. Daxion Mr. Dax Johnson (29) Me Daya (22) beyonce Daydreamer (18) An improved version of myself Daydreamer (63) An improved version of myself Daydreamer (63) Nobody but myself and I dbrown (24) World traveler dcsnowbunny (25) performer Dd (43) For most of the part, I like myself. I love my uniqueness, but honestly, Jimi Hendrix. DD (16) David Bowie, to experience a mind that exceeded my own in every conceivable way. DDG9000 (25) Myself Dea (40) Myself in a better world, maybe the future. And I'd like to be taller. D. E. Alvis (58) I can't imagine myself being somebody else. Dean (17) A teacher DeAndre Beck (20) I don't know. Maybe Phineas and Ferb? They do a lot of cool things and once made a huge rollarcoaster! Deanie My mother DeAnna Alexander (35) A lady of great prestige, one that stands among women Deanna Sanders (44) Someone stikingly beautiful and intelligent Deb (37) teacher Debbie (56) myself Debbie (45) A sober Clamity Jane. Debby Creech-West (43) A teacher when I am an adult Deborah Faciane (21) A better me Deborah S. Wilson (56) Elizabeth Peters' character, Amelia Peabody Deborah Wilson Steve jobs Debster (48) The Phoenix, From the comic X-Men Declan Cohen (35) I would have liked to be Jesus, because he was sinless, although he was faced with many temptations. De-De (36) The woman who inspired the mythology or stories of Inanna Dee (24) Sandra Day O'Connor Dee (19) I am still not her yet because it will always be a better version of myself. Dee hungrier and hungrier and hungrier AND HUNGRIER. Defeat and Doubt (antagonist) author DefMelon A pilot Deja Vu (20) a registered nurse Delaney In charge Delia Nidhogg cleopatra Delia Webster (80) A stronger person. delice_ok (21) Singer/performer Della Cassia Topouzian (Della Cassia Topouzian) myself at my best dendoo (23) Someone I could have looked up to Denine (24) Unrelated to my sister. Denise 1 My father Dennis (61) I'll give you one guess. (Of course, it's Batman!) Dennis Theodore (37) Myself without my weaknesses, denny (23) The Apostle Peter Denny A combination of Marie Curie and a female version of Chris Tiu Densio (25) be Derek (20) One of the greatest hockey players to grace this planent Derek Ambrose (22) Anything that i love to do derp (22) a nurse, humanitarian desert dweller Tupac Detective. Jones A scientist devanand Pretty much anyone but me --- I fucking suck! Devon (18) Younger. Devon Lisenby (20) William Shakespeare Dev Tucker (17) Somebody at peace Devu (22) A heiress Dez A lawyer. Dezirae (17) A professional baseball player DH (39) world leader -- make life better for others diana (52) a more educated me Diana (52) A more memorable, outspoken version of myself Diana (20) I'd have liked to be like a girl I admire very much.I'm not giving her name though... Diana (15) Just me is enough Diana Napoleon or perhaps Alexander the Great. Diana I would like to be better and better everyday ..........as myself Diana Thomas - English Thursday 6pm (38) A great entertainer Diane (53) Me, Myself and I DianeD (50) myself Diane Stanfield (79) bertrand russell Diarre Ibrahim (22) a dog breeder Dick Esposito I prefer not to answer this question. dida (14) John Malkovich, like in the movie. Diego Miguel Danura Puyó (30) A better person Dietgingerale Bill Gates Dilip C Louis (32) Professional athlete Dilynne (28) I would like to be myself, but the version I believe I can become. Dimitar Atanasov (25) i wouldnt like to be anyone else dimitris (25) Just me...combined with those brave souls I meet. Dindin (20) Assassin Dino (18) the view of myself in mine own youth long-gone Dioji A mix between myself, Ashley Olsen, Maria Callas, and Oprah Winfrey. Diona (19) Myself. dionysis_dt (24) Ever since i was a kid i never wanted to be anything other than a soldier Dirk Radman (35) The Shark! Dirty Jean (86) Indira gandhi Divya (20) Emperor of the world. Dixon Wragg A better version of myself DizzyblondeChic (55) none Dj Mick Jagger dlew919 (40) Mark Twain dmca (38) someone graceful and elegant Doc55 (55) Me. There is no perfect person, there is no perfect life. So far I am all right with my own. Dolna (39) Kavafis Dolores Nabokov (26) ddddddd Dom Socrates, Musashi Miyamoto Dominick (23) Bob Dylan. Dominick Miller (19) Socrates Dominick Miller (20) Socrates. Dominick Miller (21) just myself Dominique A man and more specifically a sannyasi Dominique I would never want to be a man, and I find being a woman undesirable, so no one. Dona (35) A more disciplined version of myself DonAli (33) A more selfless man donkeys4eva (20) a kindergarten teacher Donna Falksen (69) Jacqueline Kennedy donna obrien (54) William Felix Eichel Doob Doggo (21) a superhero doodledoo12345 a famous singer Dor (50) a real princess Dori (23) Robin Williams Doris (19) no one else but me Doryan (30) Mas inteligente y bonita Dothzilla (33) Only myself Doubting Divorcee The person I am, of course. Faults and all. Doug (30) Pavarotti Doug Lambert (65) A scientist. Douglis (44) Lee Miller Douni a better version of myself downtime (63) Colubus, Macopolo, Da Vinci, Meiji Emperor; being a child with genius thoughts Dracontomelum (30) Someone whose life is in order Dragana (22) Being myself isn't so bad. Dragontongue (22) Depends on the situation Dre (35) A more determined character than myself presently, a more disciplined person Dre (17) Myself Dreamboat Annie Einstein DreamBrother (27) Happy Dreda (23) beautiful Drella (26) Justin Bieber Drew (26) all that i am now Drew (16) Someone happy and intelligent drift There is no one I would rather be, of course. Men will aspire to be like me, however. Dr. Isaac Busafalus (53) a catalist of change that will influnece fundamentally the world and humanity dritjeta (42) my dog telos Dr. J (76) Cleopatra or Queen Elizabeth the II Dr. Lauren Ashe a famous psychologist Dr. Shelby Cruze - protagonist a witch Dru (24) Born 3000 years ago in Europe to some forest-dwelling tribe, or a Viking. Drucar (45) ... dryskel (28) doctor ds (45) John Evelyn. D.S.de.P.Ramos A circus performer DSo (47) My truest self. Duckish No one Ducky Me - I am the Man Dude (49) cop duke (18) The man my father wasn't Duncan Passell (17) be perished from now on dustxii (22) free... Dutchess Good. Dutchess Philip Etterson Dvach (18) A better person than who I am now. D.X (22) No one but myself at the moment. Dylan (17) Anything but who and what I am Dylan Adams (25) Winston Churchill DZhelo (46) Somebody good E (34) More involved E i see nothing wrong with remaining as i am e (28) Someone who could experience any sort of satisfaction with their life's circumstances. E (20) Organised and stable E (18) What I am eagleclaw (35) Since the past may be known, and we tend to love best what we know best: Schopenhauer E.A. Latham (25) A shonen anime character with badass powers and abilities. EAR (19) DAVID BOWIE Earth Speck (30) Someone on the Roaring 20s in France Eau (45) Myself Ed (30) sebastiao salgado ed a roman emperor/ Egyptian Pharoah OR a prominant figure in the renaissance period in Italy eddiboy Phil Lynott. Eddie (48) It would have been cool to own my own business Eddie (12) Myself Eden (19) Myself, but with superpowers so I can go to the past Edgar Roberts (15) I think myself, but in a strange place. Edie (26) Myself Edmond Dantes (26) Chin Shi Huang, the emperor of the Chin Dynasty. Edouard (41) carlos fuentes Eduardo (19) Ayrton Senna EduGri (53) Vera Wang Edward (54) Batman Edward Payne (44) Someone far more graceful then I Effie (34) Someone luckier than me, a seducer or a genius efha (23) someone brave ehk2 (30) Greta Garbo, Evita Perron, the Sultan of Brunei, EHM I want only to be myself. Eiichi (16) A carpenter who made beautiful furnature Eilfa (28) A being of death Eithiel (32) Pope,circa the Inquisition or Jim Morrison. EJ (29) My very best self, with no regrets E.Jay (21) Anais Nin ejb (22) A poet, Melvin Tolson El (23) Jimi Hendrix, Lewis or Clark... el3vat0r no one else..but i'd like myself to be more human elay (21) to still be myself, just a little more human elay (23) myself, only more human elay (24) an idealistic version of myself, a wild animal eldar (25) Maharishi Eleanor (14) A musician Elena οχι εγω ελενη (33) No one besides myself so that I may be inspired to be greater than myself. Elena Di Cesare anyone who found true friends and love eleni (18) Hmm, I don't really wish to be others? But if I had to choose, then it would be Cleopatra. Eleni Constantinou (20) A better daughter to my mother, it wasn't until recently that I've come to realize all she's done for me all on her own. Elexia (19) elvis Elexis (18) I know i don't want to be a failure Elexis (18) A saint Eli (16) somebody more happy eli (16) I am unique in many ways like all human beings which means that being someone else is something not achieved without ruining the individuality of that person. But since it is just a question. I am going to answer childishly. Hugh Hefner Elias (22) Trite and cliche as it may sound I just want to be the best possible version of me. Eliaz McMillan (33) a nicer version of myself eliciabg (23) i would like to be angelina joly elicule (13) I would like to be Adam YOung. I admire him a lot. Elie (16) i don't want to be anyone else, but i would have liked to be healthy Elin (47) Someone who has it all figured out at a young age, but I think those types are pretty rare Elisa (28) Jean Paul sartre Elisabeth (22) Myself Elisabeth Carver A better version of myself Elissa (22) Myself, only set back in the past. Elizabeth someone more patient, courageous, and self-disciplined than myself. Elizabeth (25) A better student/daughter/friend/person. Elizabeth (15) I would have liked to have been a stronger and more successful me Elizabeth someone who didn't compromise on her dreams for the wrong person, someone like Michelle Obama Elizabeth I would have liked to have been healthy and whole and lived a long life. Elizabeth Diane Shaffer (0) I would have liked to have been healthy, whole, and lived a long life. Elizabeth Diane Shaffer (0) Dunno. Whoever was most happy and productive. Ell (23) Amelia Earhart Ella P. (14) No one but me. Elle (51) the best me possible ElleKay Artist Ellen David Bowie Ellen B Smiley (29) Kinder Ellen Fitzpatrick (61) A husband, father and Radio disc jocky Ellie (25) An attorney for civil rights Ellie I would have liked to be me, with bit more confidence and belief, and if not me, as close as I could possibly get. Ellie_Estrella (19) fermat or any other instrumental mathematician Ellie Wilson (15) Dr. Molly Clock. Elliot me with unlimited tuition to universities with room and board included elliot (22) I would like to be some sort of Renaissance man Elliott (28) David Bowie. Elliott Hemp (23) I would be a famous tennis player Elo (11) An austronaut elSigno (37) Me Ely (23) no one else Elyse (20) Binary file Em_1425616956.html matches Binary file Em_1425616956.html matches Audrey Hepburn. Em Michelle Obama Em Brigitte Bardot Ema (18) I wanted to be the future queen, as was my right. I now have no use for the monarchy. Ember Winters (16) A doctor. emdonnelly7 Maybe a mother or dancer. emdonnelly7 A boy, they get to do more things and go more places when they grow up Eme (18) Myself Emilee (27) Sometimes, anyone human. Who does not know of the shadowworld Emilee Nightshade (19) I'm pretty set in my own ways. Emilia Blancarte Jaber Someone a bit more wealthy and a bit less prone to sloth Emilie (23) Someone that conversation comes naturally to. Emilina (27) astronout emilio (28) Me in a bolder/braver way. Emillia (16) William Shakespeare? I'd have made back-up copies of 'Love's Labours Won', let me tell you. Emily (19) someone more talented with more balls than I. Emily (24) a good person, a good social worker, a good mother emily (24) I don't know... Emily (13) I'm pretty lucky to be me. Emily (22) Susan B. Anthony, Clara Barton, Harriet Tubman Emily (32) bolder Emilyann (22) I wouldn't trade this life for anyone Emily Carter (37) someone with ambition Emily Clark (25) An excellent professional singer who is a Christian. Emily Massey Currie (47) A cowboy... Emily Thomas (23) An archaeologist Emily Worrell (33) a great heroine Emma (20) someone nearly dead and surrounded with children. emma (18) Oprah Emma (50) i would have liked to be a rich woman born into wealth. i would be free of stress emma (14) just as I am but on a farm with my children Emma (34) dictator emma (20) Professional basketball player Emma (25) A woman who could bear children Emma Burns (28) ONCE I THOUGHT 'BOUT MAKIN DRESSES. MAW MAW EVEN SHOWED ME A STITCH OR TWO BUT TIME RAN OUT EMMA MAY GREEN (14) Someone shorter. Emma McKinney Marlin Brando Emma Snow (16) A better man than myself Emma Verbeck A writer during the Harlem Renaissance Emme (21) film maker Emmy In another life... maybe someone else, anyone else. Someone who's family isn't different Emmy A bunny in another life Emperor Aisel Fei Shiang (18) A perfect mixture of my mother's intelligence, and my father's strength. Empyrean (17) If I have to choose other than myself, I would say Lord Byron at this moment encolpio8 (22) Myself ONCE AGAIN for at least 100 more years Endimion myself endor I would have liked to be a person born to a family who valued children ENEgck (56) Me is just fine for now Engel (48) "Me" is a very troublesome person, and whoever I would be I would be troublesome. Enis I would like to be last man of the human existence... Eno A. Agolli (15) I would like to be better-- more intelligent, yet humbler but still expressive. Enrique (21) Bob Dylan Eric (15) Superman Eric (40) Superman Eric (37) I cannot imagine being anyone else. Eric (19) a docdotr Erica a traveller in the 19th century Erica (25) Myself minus my flaws and the limitations holding me from helping or seeking more gine, also more sex appeal Erica` (21) Myself Erica (65) William Shakespeare Erica Johnson (21) I should aspire to be no more than the best of me. Eric C. Wolfe (28) no idea Erich (20) Either the male Madonna or the male Susan Sontag; perhaps both. Erich (19) Ludwig Wittgenstein Eric Kraft (18) Myself. Everybody else has a specific role and I might well not exist were things different, which would invalidate the question Erict7 Professional Wrestler. Erik (25) A woman, to understand the troubles they are faced with every day Erik Isaac (19) I would have liked to be Bill Oddie Erik Price (18) Someone with more motivation and more self-control. Erin (27) Linguist Erin (53) Stella McCartney Erin (30) myself Erin (20) Someone without all my anxiety, someone who is filled to the brim with unceasless joy. Erin An adventurer! Erin (31) Free Erskine (35) Tooth fairy. ERZ (1) Georgia O'Keefe esayer (35) Myself with a dragon tail Escalus (22) Maude from the movie Harold and Maude. Escapism (19) I'm not sure. Alcibiades had an interesting life? Esmé (18) A person who knew early in life what were her own qualities and talents to develop Esmee fidelius (54) nobody ESMERELDA (50) Myself Estacia Hernandez (37) Henry Rollins, or Mandingo esteban (29) A disciple of Christ Esteban (23) Elizabeth I Estee aristotle estrella blanca skinny Et (32) Me. Et Cetera (22) A citizen of means (but not so much as to risk revolutionary retribution) in France from ca 1776-1850. Alternatively, Stendhal. Etha (26) jean michael basquit ethan (20) The best possible version of myself Ethan Mayatt (25) I've always been curious about life as a female. Eureka (16) I do not know Euzinha_ds (20) King Leonidas, at Thermopalae. Eva (23) Happier - but that is something everyone could say Eva (16) Myself Eva pointless to think about evan ass hatch (18) Coco Chanel, Jane Austen, a suffragette Evanna (18) I'm not yet done being. I can be anyone, still, I think. Evan Washington (20) Someone wildly glamorous and rich in the 1920's or 1940's Evie (22) Athos, from the three Musketeers... evilwonders (28) Someone comfortable and at peace with themself. I hope to become that person one day. evren (16) A consciousness without a body Ezra (20) The Bubonic Plague. FA Psychologist, social worker FAA Steph Curry, Michael Jordan, Logic, Myself Facio (19) Someone skinner and more confident Faith (17) someone who have made significant contributions to the betterment of the earth and humankind fang (30) Someone whose work would inspire those in need of inspiration Fanourios (40) i like to be what i am now. farfoura (22) Historically? Eh, plenty of people. fatgaynig (20) no one Fatima (19) My higher self Fatima (26) pro sportsman, inventor fat man (33) I wouldn't like to be anyone else Fawna (19) Marilyn Monroe Fay (22) Famous Photographer Faye (34) A healthier me. feanix (20) I don't want to like being someone else, but prefer to grow more comfortable in my own skin. Fern (25) Myself and the person I would be happy to be Fernando (31) Someone Rich Fernando (31) To have been Silky the Fairy in The Enchanted Wood. Ferroever (43) A wizard, a fiction author, a creator. fersfumero (28) Boudicca FeydRautha (46) optimal self Feysweetie (43) Alexander Hamilton fhickey (22) a better version of myself... I'm getting closer everyday Fidjeridodu (30) A beautiful Korean woman Fields (19) no one, why live the life of someone when your path was not carved as such Fielirious (34) sleeping beauty filinia (22) Someone born in 1940, so I could have been 18 in 1968. final fashion (33) I don’t know. Who would I…..? Finnegan (17) I don't entertain hypotheticals, the real world is vexing enough Finnegan Magondolovich (Long Story...) I have yet too see a life lived that I would like to have... Finokio (38) Someone with a legacy the world will remember fk2005 (34) Any Russian who witnessed all the best parts of the Battle of Stalingrad, and then survived the War. FlameHorse (28) See kickass ladies listed above. Flantasy Girl (25) I wish to be hero to those who know me, and be respected, despite the fact that I myself despise me flavia (13) actress Flo My family and those few friends that I have. Florin-Alexandru Brănescu (16) David bowie Flower (39) Something transcendent Floyd I'd like to have worked on one of the ancient pyramids FlyinMonki (27) An actor. ForePlinger Many people, but now I would like to be myself ForSavvy Don't know Fran (52) Rosa Parks Fran (33) I should very much like to have been Agelina Jolie Francesca (29) myself as a brilliant highly accomplished successful in all regards genius francesca (49) a veternarian Francesca A famous explorer Francis (18) I'd love to have Virginia Wolf's geniality. Francisca Bastos (17) the intelectual Bertrand Rusell, the challenging Ludwig Wittgenstein, the spiritual Hermanne Hesse, the creative mind Ray Bradbury Francisco Aguirre (23) Ringo Starr, David Hilbert, myself with a little more luck Francisco Javier Gil Vidal (54) I like being me. Francis Graham (9) Jimmy Chin Frank (27) John H. Johnson Frankie (23) The Italian lute virtuoso and composer Francesco da Milano, for a day or two FrankieSmash (49) Since you asked me, a priest. Franklin Frank Anglin (32) Myself, I can't be anybody but who I am. Frank Nekrasz (25) no one other than me fred (16) Thoreau Freda (61) nobody but myself Frieda Isabelle Robson (17) Someone who is confident Friedrich Mueller (57) I am content to be myself (better the devil you know...) Fritha Grey Jesse Owens since he is the fastest man on earth. Fritz (12) A superhero fumble (19) eleanor rooselvet. possibly alice roosevelt. my therapist - she seems to really have it together. but i like myself. furies (27) I am content with myself. FYS13Alec (18) Nobody, but myself FYS13Amanda (18) I wanted to be batman. FYS13Andrew I wouldn't want to be anyone but myself. FYS13Bella im pretty content with being me FYS13Brandon (19) I'm happy being myself FYS13Chad totally cool FYS13DRJ I wouldn't want to be anyone else but myself, even though I have days where things aren't so bright. FYS13Michaela (18) I'm content being myself. FYS13Savannah Henry (18) Thomas Jefferson FYS13Tyler (19) A artist who was good with speaking FYS14Darling (18) I would like to be myself! FYS14Erica (19) wonder woman FYS14julie I would have liked to be the description of the admireably woman above. FYS14Kelle (20) I think its more cool that I'm my own self rather than having the need to be a clone of someone else FYS14Landon (18) Audrey Hepburn FYS14Mikaela (19) marine biologist FYS14Payton Blake Lively FYS14Sara I would only like to be myself FYS14Taylor I love who I am FYS14Timesha I am happy with who I am FYS14Zachary Bill Gates FYS breont (19) I wouldn't change myself, god made me the way he wanted and I'm blessed. FYSHeath (18) Nobody, I enjoy being myself FYSKylie (19) Exactly who I am, but maybe a little stronger FYSMadz (18) I would like to be successful no matter where I may end up. FYSMegha (18) The top of all my classes. FYSMichael (18) No one but myself. FYSNick don't know G g g An ambiguous personality with an admirable legacy G. (23) ballet dancer Gab (19) I want to be brave Gabby (13) Myself Gabby Griego (18) Myself in multiple universes Gabe (31) Elizabeth I Gabi I would have liked to be Tarn Adams Gabriel (28) I am not able to say yet. Gabriela (18) pilar del rio Gabriela Coelho Mesquita Teixeira Borges (26) Someone who is more independent. Gabriel Gonzalez (26) Jennifer Lee Gabriella Fuentes (17) I am happy with being myself Gabrielle Hart (20) I would be Kristen Stewart gaga (13) The best i could have been Gail (44) Jane Goodall Gail Flaherty Marco Polo, Nathaniel Bumpo, Robin of Lochsley, Aristotle, Kim Sejong, Gainer (52) working with Atlantis archives Gaios (19) The almighty demon Ferod Gait (17) Nefertiti or Peter Pan Galareh (23) I'm fine with who I am Gamba Ajani I would have liked to be born different. A different race. gamorreangirl (43) I want this moment to last forever GarbagePailGrrrl (27) A better version of myself. Garrett (19) Anna Pavlova Gary H Teacher gatetam (38) Myself Gator Krazy Dave yo gavalia (46) Myself, with a few of the quirks worked out. GD (47) The modern contemporary or better of the likes of Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle. Gean Whitehead III (20) Neurologist Gemn Neurologist Gemn i like who i am Gene (51) While I enjoy everyone I've been I would have liked to be Pope most Gene (24) I would have liked to been born as the others were on my planet. I wish to be a part of natural existence. General Obsidian de Veyra I am happy with myself and what did. Genevie Someone who could write a novel that's worth giving a damn. Genevieve (22) Myself, but with funnier jokes Genevieve (15) I would have liked to be a Grecian princess. Genevieve (16) Katniss Genevieve (17) I would have liked to be a performer on stage. Genie (65) I wouldn't change, but if I had to: Doris Duke Genie (58) I like how I turned out. GenXer2012 (39) A Queen. Geo (20) Queen of England Geo (57) An upperclass American George George Washington George Mile (35) Someone with unshakeable religious faith, strong, untarnished political conviction, and the courage to risk his life for both George Owers (21) I like myself the way I am, but, because it sounds selfish, I will say that I would like to be anyone who has a good heart Georgia (14) Me, just wiser when I was younger Georgia (53) Bethany Hamilton Georgia (16) Neil Armstrong Georgiana florist/photographer Georgie Beautiful gg Cyrus the Great or James Dean. ghazaleh (27) Not who, but what. Someone more confident I guess Ghyles (31) Dont really know, i thought of being an art dealer, a PR, a producer and an agent and i can't say it really was for me, i find songwriting can be a cool thing to do , something w music maybe since it moves me but im clueless in it. Ghyles (31) Aristotle Gia (21) myself Gianne (21) Respected by a group of my peers. Giannico (40) Who I would have liked to be is not as important as who I am Gideon (30) Abraham lincoln Gill (63) If I can't be me then I'll be Audrey Hepburn Gillian Martin (40) I don' t know. I really can't answer that.. I guess myself, as a child, happy. Gina (19) Hildegard! Gina (30) myself Ginger Thompson (50) Who I am Ginny (47) I would like to be Isabella Rosselini and Katharine Hephburn. Gionna (28) A better version of myself Giorgia Me stesso migliore Giovanni Moro (32) Myself Girl You Too Rude someone who wouldn't have been ashamed to be herself. Giselle (18) Iris Apfel. Gjabrielle A musician Gladys Mae Whitaker King Arthur Glenn Parker (24) a princess Glen Reeves (37) I would like to be cancer-free Gloria (59) A happier myself Gloria myself Gloria Heatley (58) I don't think I could bear being anybody but myself GMcG Myself, only better goblin64 (45) Nevskii would have been fun Godfrey (19) Laura Bush GoGo Patty (46) someone famous and discussed Golden Boy (20) Alberto Tomba, Jorge Luis Borges. Gonzalo Me goukrish (19) business owner GP (39) a fur trapper in early america GPB (37) A Novelist Grace (30) I would like to have been a girl in a family that wasn't missing a father. Grace (12) A cat. Grace (28) A famous person that everyone knows and loves Grace A. (15) An all powerful warlock like my father, and my grandfather before him. Grace Cooper (20) A more attentive, energetic and steadfast version of myself gracehoppin (23) Jackie Kennedy, Josephine Gracie (22) Xena: Warrior Princess Gracie Campbell (23) Remembered Graham (20) Being Happy is all I want at 13 Granny (81) I would like to be myself again when I was 20. Grayson Ender (28) The Queen greatlove (32) A thief. Greer (9) Hugh Hefner Greg (19) myself, except rich and talented Greg (24) slash, john mayer Greg (17) Myself Greg (36) a brilliant scientist or writer Greg (53) John Lennon Greg Lytle (26) no use in dreaming, it just means you screwed up your future Gregory (30) audrey hepburn gretel Someone with a stronger sense of time and how important it really is. Gret Sidl (17) BEING WHO I AM HAS BEEN ENOUGH GRETTA VAN DEN BOSSCHE - OLBRACHT (86) Peter Pan Grey Naomi Wolf (writer, feminist, mother) greythorne (38) Myself Grimace (17) ME Grimace A successful human being Grimace (17) what I am gruchi (63) jet pilot gruffmusic (49) a poet Gtergab (50) Julius Caesr Guard (45) I am who I have always wanted to be Guenther A modest inspiration. guiller van mistoffellees (17) If I could be any person in history it would be my son Gus (18) Eu mesmo, só que com mais virtudes e menos defeitos Gustavo (21) Douglas Haig gutsyaardvark (19) the husband of Norma Jean Baker Guy Van Driessche (44) Someone happy, adventurous, loved, not alone Gwen (18) nothing I love bing a nuerosurgeon Gwen Alexander the Great Gwyneth P. (44) A Doctor Hadasa (19) No one but myself Hadja (19) Who I am, with all that I know and have learned, but with unlimited funds to change the world Hailey (34) Lea Michele Hailey (15) The me i wanted to fulfill. Hakusha Senbon (24) I prize my thoughts and ideas most - characteristics I would lose were I somebody else. Hal (18) A travel writer; a philanthropist;a farmer Hala (34) Courtney Love, because I could have done it so much better. Haley (19) Cleo Patra hamdi (20) my real self hamideh (26) Ted Wragg Hamlet (30) I am satisfied with myself. Hana (14) A person with a proper family Hanna (24) A better version of myself, a nicer more courageous person. Hannah (15) writer hannah (25) a person who has grown and changed for the better from experiences hannah (16) Someone who knows what they want out of life. Hannah A (18) A professional dancer. Hannah Chambers (24) Someone more outgoing. Not that I am shy, just quiet. Hannah Ross (20) Myself Hannah Suttles no one Hanshaw (14) just me, i seriously can't think of anyone else. they are fucked up, just like myself Hari (21) Jesus Christ, thankyouverymuch. Harold E. Leighton (37) A man. I love being a woman, but I think I would've liked to have balls. Actual balls. Harold E. Leighton (40) chief elder Harold Oberg Like Chopin Harriet (23) A rock star Harry (27) President of the United States of Nicklajack & Tennessee Hartleigh A. Chance (35) There's no way I could know someone else's life, so I cannot answer Hassallah (30) happily married with a family Hassan (21) The Dark Princess Haven Everest (7) i strive to be a good person hawaii50 (45) Myself with a slightly bigger cock. Hayzeus (23) Not a motherfucking teenage werewolf Hazelnut (17) Marcel Proust HCE (15) I don't want to be anybody but myself, I love who I am Heath myself, if i were someone else who would be me? HEATHER (37) A farmer Heather Driussi (41) The man I dreamt to be HeavyFire (16) lena dunham heider (27) Neil Armstrong Heidi Museum exhibition designer, forensic scientist, Presbyterian minister. Heidi R. Fred Astaire Heinar (52) myself again, better Helen (32) I enjoy being myself. Helen (19) The leader of a motorcycle gang Helena (18) Free Helena Jenkins (20) no one but myself Helen Mattison Wyatt (20) Pink hellgirl (19) I'm not too sure Helory (22) famous helz bells (41) A sufi, in 1400s Hena Riz (34) John Winthrop Henry (46) Lord Byron Henry_Z (25) i'm not sure that i know her (26) one of the original deciples Herald (71) a writer herbertofwestlake (43) Someone who made a concrete difference in the world, perhaps to have built or created something. Hern (39) God Herod (20) Alexander the Great Hero Solomon (25) An archaeologist Hestia (18) me Hetal (22) I think everyone should want to be themselves, no matter the circumstance. For a day, perhaps Audrey Hepburn. H, Han-Jan Whom I always dreamed I'd be HHP (41) Ceaselessly better, perhaps less doubtful Him (17) I would like to be someone that doesn't take on more than I don't have to. HimynameisAlicia (15) Someone who didn't care as much. Hira Yousuf (18) A World Changer HKas (28) The woman that my mother dreamed me to be HKas As patient as a monk as grounded as a powerful woman. Hkr (24) Malinda Gates H. McMillan (33) Un gran oso pardo, Samurai, o cocodrilo. H.Nakashima (21) Elizabeth I hobbes (26) still myself.. but to be a bit more human hodouk (22) A scientist who significantly contributed to our view of the world Hoelder1in (51) A more intense, more sensitive, more creative, more intelligent version of myself - and add more ambitious to that Hoelder1in (55) Why would I want to assume the characteristics of another person? If I were to be transported and take over the life and form of another man, would that not lead to ME not existing? hoffsta intelligent holden (27) Graphic designer Holley (39) Joan of Arc holly (17) Data analyst Holly Avery (32) sports announcer Holly Pajka (28) Someone rich and beautiful. It doesn't matter who it is. Hong Jay No one, the weight of expectation frightens me. Ignoring that, I would have liked to have been Einsteint to see the world through his mind. Honora (40) Musiciank Hooks Ned Lawrence Horace pluck (54) anyone that isn't myself- I'll even take the guy that sleeps on the corner of Cocoanut and 10th Houston (19) me howard (34) I would have liked to be better than i am. howard (34) I wouldve liked to be sylvia plath. Hrudaya (24) A minuteman huck finn (48) I don't want to be anyone else but myself Huda (19) henry chinaski huggybear (29) I would have liked to have been someone who is afraid of nothing. Hulot Redux I have an answer. I don't like it. I'm not writing it. Humbugger Omlet (20) My own best friend Hunter (23) i cannot imagine myself as anyone else (if i was somebody else, i wouldn't be me) Hurricane Katrina (25) myself Hwee (45) President Hwiseon Lee (24) myself before combat Hyldami I'm good being me Hyosun (25) Filthy rich. Hypnos The Blade (46) architect HYS (47) An inspiration to a child. I Myself. I I would liked to have been Emperon Franz-Joseph II and have tried to save my wife, Elisabeth of Bavaria Ian (23) Someone that i would admire Ian (44) Jacques Cousteau ianplanet (47) Who? I don't know, someone wealthy with a thousand servants and a fabulous manor. Ian Siente a woman dearly loved and desired I Beg (54) Now there's a wide field. Hmm. Sherlock Holmes. Iblis Anak (22) a coureur des bois Ichabod Myself Icis Could I be anyone other than myself? I do not have one. (22) The free version of my self i dont know that i know (17) Eleanor Roosevelt Ignats (70) A gentleman adventurer and explorer most likely Igor (29) I am happy with who I am Iilyanna I am happy with who I am and what I have done; although I do wish I had experienced more. Ika (24) A Broadway star. ile105 (23) Michelle Obama. ile105 (27) To always be myself. Ilija (17) Me, only with all my dreams fulfilled Illinibeatle (44) I wish I had known how to be a better parent IM (82) A reporter Imajones I would like to be a woman with great wisdom Imee Finished by now . . . I.M. (Imam Mahdi) (5) Someone who is more proactive Incognitus (23) better than my parents India (15) myself Indrė (17) it would be fortunate to be an Emily Dickinson. inez (21) Myself: this is the singular chance I have to be me in any case Inkie (60) A director or doctor interestedparty im still being. i.p. Laura Ingles Wilder Ireland Rose (12) More prepared Irene (17) No one else, myself. Irene (26) A better version of myself Irina (16) a better version of myself Iris (18) Adam Sandler Iris (22) Iris's husband Iris Ramsey (32) happy isa (29) Nobody: to live and be nobody but at the same time exist. To have set myself against life and been loved for all time. Isaac (16) kennedy Isaac (29) My brother. His life isn't completely controlled. If he's even still alive, that is. Isaac Benjamin Franklin Isaac I don't know. Maybe someone far different from me. Isabel (19) Simone de Beauvoir Isabela (18) Myself Isabella (14) I am who i am and i am proud of who i have become. Isabella Fairchild-Heart (Protagonist) (26) an author by all means Isabelle (26) The same person with today's mature, but 20 years younger Isadora Duncan (32) I can't think of a suitable answer to this one. Isas Someone with more money. Isla (21) Hmm, being Walt Whitman sounds amazing, to say the least Ismael Santos (20) Albert Camus or Claude Debussy. Isolde (17) Myself, but better. Ita (23) A great surgeon. Iva Proust in body, soul in myself. Iva Pasztor (20) Since I still have a lot of years to go before I'm a adult. I rather think of my present instead of somebody else's. Ivy (10) myself ivy (25) Anyone else, hidden amoung the masses Ivy (17) Queen of the world Ivy Morgan (34) Maria Callas Izzy (24) Nobody Izzy (17) Jane Austen Izzy (30) I don't think anyone knows who they want to be Izzy waterhouse (16) I don't think anyone knows who they want to be Izzy waterhouse (16) Barack Obama j2a18m (43) automechanic jabbar (23) I am content with being me Jacie Lin a warrior Jack (14) lucille ball jack (30) God wanted me to be me. So...myself. Jack (33) Pharaoh Ramses Jack (17) A professor Jack (18) Myself Jack Goodman (18) No one but myself. Jackie I haven't really thought of this. I would have liked to be Nigel Barker, haha. He's male but anyhow, he's an accomplished photographer, former model, and he's a judge on America's Next Top Model- one of my favorite shows. Jackie (18) Someone who have more loving and more financially secure family Jackie (24) I would have liked to be a Persian princess Jackie Military Man like G.I. Joe Jackie Bordeaux (31) Auguste Comte Jackie Cavalcante (40) Princess Kate Jackie Vega (27) the buddha Jackson (32) I would have liked to be Paul Newman. Jackson8471 (23) A songwriter and musician. Jackson Fisher (47) An artist Jack Viper (29) Supermodel Jaclyn (22) A successful, independent woman. JaclynM (19) I've lived and loved, nothing else matters. My life worked out better then any hopes or dreams i may have had Jacob Bill Gates Jacob (16) an ordinary good man Jacob I will be. Jacob Richardson (18) Myself, because I don't wish to live out someone else's story with my limited time on this planet. Jacque (24) Someone else. Jacqueline (34) Irrelevant. I am who I am, and I intend to do the best possible with what I have been given. Jacqueline Garrett (38) She just wishes to be the best she can be. Jade (17) a great tattoo artist Jade-a-boo (17) A rich white woman Jade Green (30) no one; i quite enjoy my own journey Jadelynn (24) Tesla's best friend. (Not a pigeon) Jae (18) Leonardo da Vinci Jafari (33) Run an art gallery, to be wise Jaime (18) A rich writer Jaime (28) game disigner Jake One of the X-Men Jake (17) A great writer, or game designer, or someone who could change political fabrics. Jake (21) Myself when I am able to remain mentally aware and vivid. Jakelina Hernandez (22) Dorothy Dandridge or Vonetta McGee (She got to be with The Mack!!) J.A. Lawrence a strong successful person James (64) A soldier in World War II James (30) Someone who I like. James (19) Anyone but me, but also me at the same time. James (25) nobody else James Before it happened, I would have loved to be a magician James I didn't really expect to choose what I would do. James - Dana (15) A better me James Foley (23) no one except myself James Green (29) I am who I am and that's who I would have liked to be. James H (27) Leonardo Da Vinci James La Salandra (31) Nothing else but what I am destined to be--a great lawyer. James Oliver North (39) Ceasar jameson_welsh (22) The Son of somebody James Wake (50) maybe the brother of an apostle, unfussy which one, or George Best. James William Reath (21) a veterinarian Jamie (25) Someone very close to Leonardo da Vinci or Aristophanes. I deeply regret that I will never converse with them. Jamie (22) a warrior like my friend, Paul Jamie (32) A better version of myself Jamie (32) A woman who is taken care of Jamie Successful Jamie Lynn Pearson (25) I enjoy being the person I am. Jan A Ballet Dancer Jan (55) A better version of me (work in progress) Jana (22) A better version of me (work in progress) Jana (22) someone of greater importance Janae (17) i dont find a person Janane (13) major league catcher jane (41) sylvia plath jane (20) A myself from my daydreams. Jane (23) donna tartt jane fakename (25) My grandmother