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Your most marked characteristic?

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Sarcasm. 009 (19) adf 1 a never ceasing brain that continues to think 50ad (17) Need to understand 513 (00) Logical mind 6nianji-ZHC (38) a low tolerance for the close-minded 80cubed (55) Relentless optimism and a lack of willpower. A (19) My manic intellectualism A To prove myself A. (27) desire to be loved A (26) Ease with self. A. Sarcasm and wit A (26) Determination AA (23) I don't know aaaaaaa (18) Realism AAAKKK Very introspective aag (22) The tendency to be sometimes harshly realistic and at the same time to dream outlandish dreams like riding a pony to work everyday aallisonr (30) sense of innovation and constant improvement Aaron (32) Morality and Integrity Aaron (26) Pensiveness Aaron (35) Defiance. I don't claim it is admirable, but it certainly has its place. Aaron Guy Leroux (37) A tendency to avoid other people; to be lost in the world of words Aarushi Agarwal (13) Neuroticism with a creative aftertaste. Abbie (22) I attempt to be myself regardless of the company I keep. I'm not crass, but I am not necessarily conventional Abbie Hartley Bold and headstrong, loved by children and nature. Abby (26) My stubbornness Abby (27) The ability to always read my own compass. AbbySF I do not recognize my successes Abegando (28) The need to care for others. Abigail Harris (10) A need to make art, to create, an interest in the world ABP (50) goodness Abraham (41) Very kind and joyfully loving. Have an artistic and emotional flare that is often hidden under a shy and reserved nature. Abs Scon are a michevious paddy wi' a marked curiosity av de warrld raun me an' de worlds between us an' de powers dat be Acara McFadden (28) my imagination ACH (23) Overly concerned about everything. Caring a damn about what everyone else thinks. A. Clifford Stowe (81) At the best of times, my enthusiasm and wit; at the worst of times, my acrimoniousness and melancholy. Acrania (25) Hardworking Adam (22) honesty Adam (25) Cute Adam (20) Charisma Adam (29) Loving and Caring adam (16) Smart Adam (38) ambition Adam I am too clever for my own good. Adam Braner (30) a desire to escape Adam Hyde (26) The ability to read people accurately. Adam McGrory (39) a lust for power and authority Adam Seline (30) A fear of hurting others. Addy (26) a fearless singer often forget oneself for the world adieudusk Honesty Aditya (25) Struggle for my values. Admiral Love (33) Emotional, imaginative, caring, desire to be loved Adonia (40) Not knowing who I am do to my dissociative tendencies Adrian (18) confidence in knowing who I am to me Adriana (16) strength Adriana (16) friendly and witty adriana (45) Honesty and my perennial search for knowledge. Adrian Bauza (20) Humor. Adrian Conrad Wit. Adrian George Nicolae (24) Playfullness Adrian Martyn (34) The one to understand from multiple perspectives Adrianna (18) to rid this world of kafirs AdrianOz (45) My depressed nature and aloofness. Adrian Winters (17) My friends say I'm funny Adrienne Wilson (25) a craving for attention, and an ability to lie convincingly Ady (22) My openness aetilson (41) how truly solitary i am compared to what others imagine me to be. afrodite (41) deeply thoughtful, with a persistent longing for transforming or moving out of my present self a.g. (23) brave conectedness agagagaga (24) sense of humor Agalloza (23) My unrelenting love for my children Agape (38) my eyes Agatha Kefali (45) Intelligence Agent00V (18) A predisposition for anxious thoughts A.G. Mata (21) Calm and silent, yet very weird. Agnes (20) Stubbornness Agneska (20) to be loved agony (25) sense of adventure and independent spirit Agreen (29) The need to appreciated just the way I am. Agu (21) Sarcastic Agustina (27) Intelligence A Half Empty Beaker i want to be loved so badly. ahmad (27) my face ahmad (24) Creativity Ai (21) to be more precise, to speak and love less Aida (22) Friendliness. Aidan (21) I try to be the voice of reason. Aidan Devlin (15) Drive Aiden humour/sarcasm Aiden (17) temperamental, introverted aiko (20) Mystery. The fact that no one ever knows what I'm thinking but they flatter themselves with acting like they know how I feel. Ailene charisma in conversation aimée (22) Reliability, wanting to be cared about, recognized & understood, energetic aimee.dawson (21) idependence Aisha Milburn (32) to be happy and consoling anyone who needs to be consoles aishu (14) Ruthlessness. A.J. (27) Impatience. I'm also talkative and laughs really loud and hard AJ (18) having opposing personality traits in equal quantities Ajam (21) Don't know. Ajay (17) loyalty Ajm9511 (21) learning attitude akansha (26) Determination. akanthe (19) A craving to be recognized as extraordinary. Akbar Shahzad (20) Craving to be loved Aki Silence Aks (20) I am an open book, I wear my heart on my sleeve. AKT (35) Nowadays, overwhelming intensity Al (28) Creativity Al (55) introversion alabambino (32) Friendly, family orientated Alan (58) A drive to study and finish as the best Alana (20) My booming voice Alan Arkin (44) I am a building. I have many. Right now, the graffiti that adorns my walls. Alannah (43) Impartiality AlbaManuela (18) Different from other Alcaeus (19) Stoic patience Alchemist (45) My stoner ideas, and deeper thoughts, as well as my "Couldn't-Care-Less" attitude. Alden Lee Klaput (18) Maverick Aldonza77 (47) Being shy but quirky. Ale (28) Approachable - easy going Alecia My eccentricity. Alecksi Pyromancy Aleesha (32) Deltoids Alejandro Amoretti (28) My ego alek (20) My wit. Aleksei Kotsov (63) loneliness, perfectionism alessa (21) Not so much predictable Alessandro Pian (30) consequence Alessio Lucchini (46) To belong Aletha Camack Lack of self-confidence. Alex A desire to be liked Alex (22) Sarcasm Alex (17) logic alex (38) a sharp wit and a brilliant mind alex (23) Introverted Alex (21) generosity Alex (23) tall and (mentally) goofy Alex (17) Extremist Alex (32) My excitement about learning Alex (21) Openmindedness Alex (16) I'm honorable. Alex Honesty alexa (28) Ambition. Alexander (33) The need to be loved. Alexander (19) I'm a "go to" kind of guy. you have a problem, see Malcolm Alexander (30) My boisterous but poor singing voice. Alexander Kim (19) Being dependable. I will always return a phone call, give you a ride, meet my deadline, keep my word, give my best advice Alexandra (27) Sarcasm. More than that, a blunt honesty that comes from a need to seek and spread truth. Alexandra (19) Quirkiness. Alexandra (24) Being naturally magical, being observant Alexandra (18) Preference for the mysterious Alexandra (24) Overprotectiveness of my children Alexandra (15) a craving to be heard and my thought and enthusiasms to be appreciated Alexandra Bryhter (24) A desire to see the world and make it a better place Alexandra SweetTale4u Cruz Creativeness Alexandre (28) no filter AlexandriaHMerlin (40) my voice when I sing AlexandriaLHash (30) Loyal Alexandria Marshall (32) Craziness. alexandrine (15) Ego Alex Armstrong (16) Ego Alex Armstrong (16) Ego Alex Armstrong (16) I'm very neat,and organized Alex Brooks (18) equity Alex C. sarcasm Alexis Johnson (19) Sense of humor. AlexRTRW My ability to command large audiences Aley (60) Humorous. Alfonso (26) Dreamer Alfonso (28) enthusiasm al-g (24) Inquisitiveness. Ali (37) Non-seriousness. Ali A. Rizvi Laughter/Boldness Alice A need for acceptance and adulation Alice responsible, care about others, delight Alice Daydreaming Alicein1derland (27) A need to be acepted. Easy to be liked Alicia (68) My dark sense of humor. alicja (38) The need to be taken care of when my anxiety gets bad. Aliid The capacity to understand to see and driven clarity of vision Alin (23) Humorous Alina (20) The fact that I am a chatterbox I suppose ! Aline Guiraudie (36) independant alipans (57) Borderline delusional confidence in self. Alishba Zarmeen (24) The need to be loved for my authentic self Alison (20) Kindness Alison Martin (Alison Martin) i can keep a secret forever alison wonderland now its getting very boring AliZaidi (29) Empathy and Fairness AllenT. (33) A need of company, in almost any means Allen Wasupan (16) to be understoood alli (49) Whistful whimsy of late Allison (33) Flightiness Allison (20) My sense of humor. Allison open minded allison (19) My intelligence and my need to be perceived as intelligent, fortunately and unfortunately. Allison Jean (21) I secretly live in my own head most of the day and very much like it that way. Allison Jean Hazen (34) loyalty alliswell (62) To be admired and understood Alma Jean Porter (70) Imagination almavidrio (35) I have an overactive imagination. It permiates every facet of my life. Its what makes me good a math. Altjungr (30) The need to be admired and given fealty and loyalty altron2095 tranquil Apparance? Alvilda (20) A wanting to succeed, a person terrified of failure. Alx intellect and my attraction to it alya (17) Weird and funny Alyanna (22) Abolity to be happy alone Alyce J. ability to love unconditionally Alyssa quiet Alyssa Cordova (17) My sense of humor. When I break someone, there should be some art to it. I need to be laughing at the end. Sometimes my playthings laugh with me after they break. Alyssa Darkling I am intimidating...and I don't care. That is who I am, take it or leave it. Alyssa MacMillan (25) I'm a natural learner. Alyssa Moonchild (16) agreeable AM Humor Amanda humor Amanda (42) Positive AmandaFYS13 (18) Independence Amanda Strong (42) Smiley Amandine (31) My habit of twitching my fingers at random points in the day. Amara I am bold Amaris (17) Constantly thinking of problems that could but mostly don't arise. Amber (18) Empathy Amber (37) Empathy Amber (37) optimism Amber (20) Can be bossy at times, very direct...but nice on a whole :) Ame (37) that I have a dirty mind Amelia (13) Loyalty Amelia (18) I have a scar on my upper lip. I fell down the stairs. Amelia Gates (formerly Pippet) (10) That I am usually distrusting or people Amelie (24) Ambition, a desire to be independent. ameliowata (20) studious American Marxist Smile like an idiot Americanoid (50) bluntness americanwoman (62) compassion ames (21) An ability to relate with any mood or experience, a realization of that which is savage and yet sublime in life, a philosophical bent of mind that prefers to start from the scratch and go all the way through at the cost of whatever price it demands, than to having only a partial, dilute experience or knowledge of things Amit Bhaskar (21) Being talkative and a little obsessive as well as easily angered Amos (18) A desire to be everything at once. Amrita (22) Intelligence, understanding, loyalty, perspective amu Independence Amy (33) Social, Amy (28) A need to feel loved, appreciated, and necessary amy (33) Will power and resilience Amy (35) Compassion Amy (55) Impatience, desire to make a difference Amy Becker; Character: Merriwether Finch (27) An intolerance for no one. Amy Cottington-Bray My desire to take off my mask and show my true self Amy Jo as Marge (48) My desire to take off my mask and show my true self Amy Jo as Marge (48) I hope it's love Amy Martinez (20) My creativity Amy R. Curiosity amz (16) Enthusiasm Ana (30) i want to be admired, but not on anyone else's terms ana (16) respectable ana (34) I'm intelligent Ana Carolina (16) How smart I am. Analise (40) emotionally needy Anam (26) Creativity. Ana Marija (20) emotional intelligence Ananke (25) spoiled anasonic (29) My soft skin ancientrobot (31) wanting people to be their best selves Andi (28) confidence andraya (23) My charm. Andre A want to be loved and accepted, raher then respected or admired Andrea (16) A friendly, shy personality when you first meet me...then a loud, laughing personality when you get to know me....then a superiority complex and sarcastic humor when you become my friend. Andrea (13) Funny ANDREAADKINS (26) The want to be approved by everyone and not doubted. AndreaCoker (24) Cold head and warm heart AndreaFeliu (28) My tongue. Andreas (19) Sweetness Andrea SB (32) Perseverance andres007 (19) Being loved by many women. Andrew (22) intelligence Andrew (25) Intelligence Andrew (20) A head that won't shut off Andrew (28) Shy and awkward, somewhat honest and smart. Andrew (22) Wild. andrew (24) Admired Andrew barlow (26) fear Andrew J Ohls (33) My smile. Andrew Price (38) Silence, thoughtfullness Andy (25) A need to be sane, safe, and loved again Andy (23) A need to be sane, safe, and loved again Andy (23) an urgency to be hospitable. andy rayford (28) A desire to succeed, to be all that I can be Andy Thomas (25) getting easily excited about little things, discovering new genius things about the world every day. ang (99) My need to offer hapiness to other people without expecting something in return Angel Joy Ângela (24) A desire to make every decent living creature feel completely loved Angela (30) A craving for acknolwedgment and love, quietness Angela (19) Being Altruistic Angela Estrada (20) compassionate to a fault Angelicstar (45) A craving to be loved angelina (26) saying what is on my mind. Angel Rodrigues (41) strong will, ability to hold my own in large conversations and that I love to give so much and spoil others. angie (29) Empathy Ani Brilliance Ani (22) I am stubborn, or at least that's what my parents say. Anik (16) A desire to build and inform Aniyah (19) Outspoken and Opinionated. Anj (24) curiousity anjali A desire for intellectual stimulation, excitement and to have a plan Anjel (28) Treated with respect and spoiled rotten with romance Anjelah49 (49) Positive: I am creative Negative: I am impatient and have a bad temper Anjelika (22) my ability to be compassianate , gentle and kind , while still being strong in heart , ability , mind and will Ankassandra (15) The people who are close to me always say that I'm to good for this world, I don't know if it is true, but I remember it always. Anke! (17) to do the best i can for anyone who needs. Ann (19) The need to be near perfect Ann (62) Compassion Anna (20) Caring, loyal, openminded Anna (20) Quietness. The need to not be involved. Anna (34) Needing to be with someone Anna Baker (20) chaos (?!) Anna Kalimar (18) waiting instead of making things happen Anna Maria (21) caring Anna-Maria conceit in my humility AnnaMay (51) ('there's the time when independence starts to look like loneliness') Anna O. I would hope it be be intelligence, but it is more likely my state of being in constant existential crisis Anna Stein (21) Deep emotions Ann Delaney (44) A need to be in constant forward motion Anne (21) lack of self-confidence anne (23) I am questioning and rebellious Annelise (40) Curiosity Anne Louise Sheldon (34) curiosity, sensitivity Anne Patricia F (21) Compassion Curiousity Anneta sense of self Annie Caring and generosity Anniel (62) Quirky, but lovable. anniezee (54) Loyal AnonAzure (19) idk. anonim (18) odd behavior anon moose (19) Popularity—it's hard being this pretty! Ansley Stevenson (16) A willingness to play. Anthony (23) Loyalty Anthony (24) To be accepted for being my natural self anthony (48) life Anthony Almeida Misanthropy. Anthony D C (20) Honesty Anthony lawhon (27) Being a man with tears that flow through the understanding of humanity but still be a man Anthony Scine-Sceni (42) A craving to be loved, and to have someone Antoinette (21) the need to be perfect in my own eyes antoinette (24) A propensity to fret. Anton (52) Adaptability. Antoniette (20) shyness, awkwardness, an emotionless way of communicating Antonina (20) A craving to be recognized or loved Antonio Lemos (18) Humor Anty Passion for many things Anusia (34) to be very human with others and forgive Anya (22) Honest Anya (71) A need for control Anzi (27) A desire to make happy those I love. a.o. (40) Uncertainty of my own character Aoife Walsh Curiosity, empathy and resilience. Aparajita (26) Curiosity Apos compassion and care Apply (30) The determination to know my limits April (20) Creative or misunderstood, or devoted, or perhaps a strong believer, motivated in the face of obstacles April (21) Intensity? AR (20) Consistently straining myself in an effort to gain attention and feel necessary. Ara (15) Loud person Aranneaa (19) intelligent arctic_child (36) My casual aire and my tolerance for everything Ardent (30) My wit A real phony (27) simple yet quirky Areeba (25) I'm not afraid to get what I want, but I don't step on the little man to get it Ari (29) Curiosity about the world around me. Ari spoiled with material, but thoughtful with friends Arianna (15) White shock of hair Ariel My intelligence. Ariella Bordaine: Female Protagonist (20) I am a people-pleaser; passive but loyal to a fault Arizona (19) Peacemaker arlo (64) People both love and hate me for being headstrong Arnold Murray (42) Tissue hunger, gentle tendencies, dreaming. AROG easy to please Arsh (24) nostalgia Arthur Lorne A largely introverted nature Artie (17) A screwy sense of humor Artie Mondello (18) a burning desire to change the world (with kindness) Aruz Elliott (29) My desire to understand the world. AS (32) Self-depriciating humor. ascetic monk (51) Confidence and an inability to ask for help Asfiya Mariam (21) Speaking my mind, regardless. Ash (23) If one has entered into my 'circle', I tend to give them unlimited trust, loyalty and love Ash (28) My honesty or lawfulness Ash my sarcasm ashan (20) The need to be admired, respected and valued. Held and romanced. Ash Bloom (27) a need to be recognized asherville (55) Joking a lot but also being one of the most serious people Ashley (18) Always pleasing everyone Ashley (20) my good heart ashley baus (24) Your ambition to constantly cleanse your life and improve Ashley Brazil (17) Resourcefulness and ability to think outside the box Ashley Mannara (29) A deeply rooted sense of adventure and propensity for becoming bored easily. Ashley Meller (26) capriciousness ashleytheresa (20) A false sense of arrogance that shields a deep, insecure and very afraid individual Ashwin Murali (21) Zeal and Love Asi (21) sense of humor asmitchel (67) An ability to never give up Asmund (40) truthseeking, craving to be loved, craving to be carefree and worryless ASN (25) Probably direct speech, as in I don't hide shit and say it as I think it. Assman (19) An insatiable curiosity. Astra (19) Creativity, positivism, perseverance Astri (36) quirkiness Astrid Kindness. Asuka Suzuki (13) Playing a village idiot Athar (25) caring and loving Athena Lujan (17) intimidation attitude (49) To be loved Atuona (38) Selflessness/giving nature Aubrey Files (25) I mean what I say Aubrey Tate (21) A seemingly split personality Audrey (17) To be original. Audrey Bittencourt (24) Very logical, inflexible and intolerant with human errors. I cannot stand small talk because i just need a major role and a purpose for life than day to day small animal living. Audrey Mahone (29) impatience augustine (70) Reliabilty Auntie Em (35) To be understood and loved for being the person I am Auntie Em (27) dedication Aurora (32) Loyalty. Aurora desire to be loved aussie My socialness Austin (19) Stubborn, takes things to literally Austin Hobbs (16) A creative, optimistic mind who is open to new and old ideas Austin Kimmell (16) admitting, rejecting and denying my faults all at once autumn (17) Sarcasm and empathy Autumn possessiveness Autumn Boze (18) My eagerness to learn Ava (7) I have a tendency to want to change the way people are Ava (7) omnipresence avecamour The ability to understand others pain. Awalker Self Awareness. Axel (18) Retardedness Aya A creative originality and deviance ayda (25) Loyalty Aye (22) Loyalty Aye (22) finding humor always ayem (57) Organisation and confidence within a safe environment and uncertainty otherwise aym (30) Vanity to be loved a young boy (91) constantly battling, escaping loneliness without success ayumi (20) good sense of humor wrapped in weirdness, with a loyal bow on top B (31) dream like state B (21) Loyalty Babette (42) stybborness Babs to be loved, and cared for Baby (32) A shyness that overcomes me Bad Wolff thoughtful to others and loyal baggal21 (28) Who I know I am and who people know me as are different, I don't think this question could be answered. Bailey (19) A craving for attention Balaji Harish Iyer (20) My head. Bald Sky (38) Being straightforward, and a 'creative' trouble maker, and second guessing myself Bambi (17) Affection for the unusual Banana Hammock (30) fear barbara (50) I wish I could have integrity, becuase I feel like a cactus plant in a pot that is pushed off a deck, and can't get back up. Barbarita (21) Lonely Barbielebrun Charley the beach chair (54) I'm huge! Barbielebrun Garry the ghost crab (54) The ability to do what I concieve Baron Von Nazzenpoppel (46) Being a meticulous worker. Barry Wextall (20) observant, attentive towards worthwhile individuals, intuitive basbas (22) my energy Batgirl (23) Deep sadness bc (22) Deep sadness bc (22) to be craved BCQ (30) My hair. It changes. A lot. BD The ability to laugh at myself Bea (18) A desire to be loved and understood, but no idea how to open myself up to it Bea (18) Brains Bear (49) Patience and understanding Beatlhoven (47) Blunt honesty beatricegasti (30) articulation Beatrice Moore (30) Can sorry Beatriz (13) Honerable Beau (28) to be loved beauty (18) Loyalty. Becca (16) a craving for something more Becca (17) Constant analysing and thinking and observing. Always observing the world around me Becca (21) A need to understand and be understood Becca (19) A craving to look after people Becca (20) Unconditional love and forgiveness Becca (21) Quietness. BeckBeck (26) the need to be connected yet left to my own at times becks (24) Um . . . Becky C I've gotten many compliments on my eyes. They are hazel. Bee abrasiveness bee (16) curiosity beezer (64) An odd sense of humor and terrible self-imagery beezersneezer (46) A quick mouth Beka (33) will power belita (39) i want someone to care enough to break down the walls i have built bella (16) sharpness Belu (19) An almost neurotic obsession with understanding how others work. Ben Studious. Eric is my mentor and one day I will be next to him leading. Ben (23) A need to be accepted and loved by the people around me. Ben (17) Determination to survive. Ben Dogged persistence Benedict (38) Sarcasm Benjamin (29) Superficial charm Benjamin Thomas Bad one: Self-righteousness. Good one; Willingness to learn. Benjamin Urrutia (61) being a wiseguy and smartass, usually in a non-criticising way Benjo (23) I dont know Ben Johns (21) What Proust said. Bennie (55) Looking for adventure. BennyB mystic Ben Taylor Tough wit shielding a vulnerable interior Berlin (25) A desire for feminine consolation and a need for witty conversation Bernard Hartley (18) timidness... self deprecation Beth (20) perseverance Beth (25) Craving Bethann (35) The ability to do more for others, be more compassionate towards others, than to myself. Bethany (23) Understanding Bethany caring Bethany (22) Humor Bethany Surreira (35) Being good with children Beth Ellis (15) The need to be loved by those I love. Beti (24) Chaos Betty Usabiaga (37) I do not really know yet, I observe others more than I do myself. Beu Mihac (15) Outgoing Beyonce (18) Love of life, fortitude, sense of humor Bhakti Brophy (41) Graciousness and humor Bhakti Brophy (45) Diplomatic, Understanding Bhargava (25) Individualism. bhbhbh strength bhl To seek melancholia and solitude Bhole be abnormally serious, yet hardly predictable Bianca (18) need to connect bif My ability to be whatever personality that is required for the siutation, i can be quiet nice and reserved and others im a loud bitch big dick (69) Desire big guy (16) patience/mellowness Bijan (27) ALL OF THEM ARE EQUALLY IMPORTANT BILLY (38) Sense of humor Billy (16) Passionate BillyBobABC123zzz loud voice billy boy watson (3) irreverance Biochicklet LOVING, TRUTHFUL & LAIDBACK BIPS (46) i think i am nice bismuth Intelligence BJ (56) hyperactivity blabla (37) uncertainty Blackie (20) wide field of interests Blademan (60) An acceptance of my own, as well as other’s, inherent multiplicities and discontinuities. Blaine (21) Kindness, the desire to be understood, and emotional intuition Blair C. (29) Intelligence and trivial memory Blake (17) To be self sufficient Blake (24) Creativity Blake (29) Anxiety Blanca (48) Independence Blanca Parra (66) Determination. Blank Tae My humor blip52 (27) My general failure to fit in with everyone around me, sadly. Bliss Inthemorningdew (16) Compassion blodot johnny (41) My own most marked characteristic? The need to be remembered and never forgotten. Others most marked characteristic of me? Becoming obsessed with things others would never be infatuated with. Ever. BlondShamrock (16) A sense of loyalty too deep for my own good Blood (15) I tend to act first because only action will get results. Blue (16) Curiousity, a lust for life and experiences and the desire to consider all experiences somehow positive Bluebird (27) Obsession. Who am I really? Blue Harkness (16) A strong desire to connect with people, the more challenging the more compelling (to a point) BlueOrchid (39) An unavowed sense of discomfort Bluto (29) Craving to be loved, anxious to love, need to prove my value, my talent, just how different am I. BM (20) hard working bmo I don't talk much. Also, I have really long hair. People tend to notice both of these. Bob (22) What Proust said. bob (38) Intelligence Bob (32) . bob Optimism. Boba (22) kindness bobblins Wanting to belong. Bobby (22) simplicity Bobby (40) kindness Bobby (21) Strength bobby Stuborness bobby (33) my looks and fashion Bobby Eugene a starving for purpuse, and comfort Bobia (25) Empathy boku_wa_kami (25) I am crazy Bonky (26) my sense of humor and my craving to be accepted Bonnie (15) a good mother Boo (36) Patience - and impatience. I am always one or the other bookloverva (58) reliable boomalexboom The ability to play at apathy. Boris (16) My gift of languages. Borrie (33) A desire to be optimistic in all Brad (17) My ego Brad Connors individuality brad w (35) Complacency Brady (31) Ambition. bram-stienkt-vermeire-ja! (18) My presence and designs are all most unexpected. Brandon Carter (32) effort Brandon Nobles (31) I'm protective Bree (23) Impetuousness Bree Ogden Patience. I have had little of it since he arrived. Bren (47) Insegurança Brena (19) Getting my way Brenda Everett (39) I love to see everyone happy, and I'm a very generous person. I sometimes think about other people happiness before my own. Brendalee (59) My mind Brendan (24) craving for love brent (33) People say it's odd that I only speak through cheese Brett Ferguson (42) heritage Bri (28) Hardworking bri (17) biting sarcasm that expresses a bitterness that masks a pressing desire to love and be loved Brian (22) Obsessiveness Brian (37) Pride Brian (24) a craving to take care of my woman Brian (50) A love of knowledge Brian A. Henegar (26) Creative/artsy BriannaBabyFYS13 Caring BriannaFYS13 (18) A strong fixation on fixing the perceived faults I see in myself so as to feel worthy of admiration. Brick (21) My determination Brinley (15) Being tough and disciplined. Bri Toro Over-exuberance. Britta Bandit (30) I change constantly and am quite vocal Brittany (25) Bravery Brittany Crow (28) feeling deeply Brittney Miller (20) Sensitivity brns not giving up broad (45) obedience Brock Schwarzkopf (29) stubborn tenacity Bron Blackwell (37) My smile, happy disposition Brooke The wish for a true impetus to drive my soul Bruce Bennett (20) patient and caring Brutus (20) I like honesty and when people come to me for help Bryan (24) Intelligence and making a deal out of anything Bryan Etem (27) A cynical sense of humour. Bryan R. (21) A desire to not die alone Bryn (23) I observe everything and seek to make sense of it all Brynlea (17) Wanting to be loved. Brynn (39) Compassion Brynn (18) Being a support for others and offering sound, objective advice Brynn Loyalty to my cause. Brynn Woods -Protagonist (21) a desire not to be abandoned by humanity Bryon Springer (25) I don't know Bubbles (52) very easily bored bubby (43) I don't know. Buck Richardson (34) strength buckyballs (35) My twisted sense of humor Buddy (34) kindness bug Kindness and sincerity Bugsy That I am lead, entirely, by my emotions, be they happy or otherwise; that I am controlled by my defiant insistence on loving and protecting my family. Bulldozer (50) a desire to be respected and loved by my peers bunny Self-discipline Burella (61) need for love Burke (47) Desire for more Burnable_Material_Here (18) BRUTE HONESTY! BUTTERFLY (41) Wit, Quietness and openness. butunn (19) Seeking the answer Byriver Bloke (24) search for justice BZ Whimsy C intuition c (21) Ready to sacrifice for the person i loved C (14) Intuitive C (20) Loving, kind, altuist Cabrales (18) elegance cacharel (37) Creativity. Cade (15) Survival instinct Caidy (54) Loyalty -- to a fault Cailey A conditional calm Caio (18) Optimism Caitlin (19) slight eccentricity Caitlin (21) justice cakes (41) My obsession with self-actualization. Cal (20) My dependability Caleb (17) The desire to be adventurous. Calla (16) my need to have family around me Callie Owens (27) My endless ever evolving curiosity and creativity Calvin (31) Needing to know it all Cam (23) A desire to make people laugh or feel loved Cameron Harvey (26) mmmm... crazy?? proud latina and i love anime/mangas and korean series/songs Cami (14) my attention to detail. Camille (52) My beauty and my brains Cammi (32) Hopefulness, idealistic, somewhat sarcastic, and overly critical of myself. Candice (23) old fashioned values Candlewycke My open-mindedness Candy Yes to be discovered Cannon (33) Creativity Captain Crunch Trustworthy Carebeark5 (25) hatred for cats Carissa - Casey A person who just want to heal and grow under someone's love and concern Carla (26) kindness carlajwms (49) I'm very demanding Carla Tate (19) Passion Carlie (24) Clumsiness Carlisle Trivial magnanimity; limitless affection; justifiable cruelty; abstractions. Carlo (26) Needing and striving to be different from what might be considered normal. Carlos A. (24) Krista says I look on the bright side of things and keep her happy Carlota (16) An excrutiating amount of self-pity Carly (19) An interest in lots of different things. Carly (21) Anxiousness loftiness, silliness Carly C (27) a craving to be loved. Carol endless curiosity Carol (60) Learning from my past, showing and teaching my growth. carolina (23) Authenticity. Caroline (38) Determination to be happy despite everything. Caroline (25) Curiosity, alomst to a fault in that I can't go as deep with anything as I'd like before becoming curious about something else. Caroline (33) Confident, outgoing, charismatic Caroline Davis (19) observant Carol Lacoss (62) Duality. Carolyn (18) A demanding for the love of my friends, family, and everyone I meet Carolyn (39) ability to talk non-stop about any topic, and to get noticably excited about those that interest me Carrie I'm afraid that I've become so exhausted by my happening life that I've somewhow missed the true point of it all Carrie (44) strength to overcome anything, will to live, a sense of humor, friendship, open-mindness cartike Sincerity Cas (25) A communicator Casey (36) Feels the need to be reassured, to socialize and be outgoing Cass (20) How I overpower people. Cassadra (8) Everyone's approval. Cassandra Spencer (28) Ambition Cassandra Watkins (21) Pragmatic Cassi having blue eyes Cassidy My two brown eyes, and, for what it's worth, a sense of life altogether out of this world. Cassie (16) Skill at mountaineering and deep water diving. Cast (17) Finding joy in loving and the little serendipities Cat (36) A need to have my achievings recognized , friendliness but being reserved at the same time Cat (24) Desire to be accepted, social awkwardness, to be admired Cat (26) loving and happy Cat a desire to know and learn information of enciclopedic nature cat (20) always solving conflicts with myself Catalina (44) Proust lo dijo muy bien... así que lo suscribo. "deseo de ser amado, o, para ser más precisos, para ser acariciado y mimado en vez de ser admirado" Catalina Jiménez Correa (27) The ability to pull through in any situation Cate (23) Penetrating intuition Cate (33) A craving to be loved and cherished Catelline (26) Lover of life and others, see people as my equal Catherine my birth mother taught me how to be bold, so boldnes Catherine (33) An apparent lack of fear. Catherine Jean Leadership Catherine Mitchell Grandmother Cathlow Harmon (50) To be loved unconditionally Catlin Benjamin inner genius brain workings that output verbal nonsense Cat Podd (37) Kindness to most although I'm really not that kind Catrice (37) Pure desire for life Catrina (15) Being a believer, desires of love, love of music and movie Cattie Chong (26) I AM VERY CALM CAVCAV (26) Patience and Calmness Cavit Anıl Buram (28) Inquiry CC (18) Craving for affection CC (22) determination ccchnl an odd mix of passion, formalism and melancholy cdl (35) Imagination Cee Cee (17) My temper. I get high remarks for being good with my temper. Celeste (32) Considerate but detached. Celia (15) My affinity for nonconformity and no-nonsense. Celline Marge (18) patience and goofiness cenire (25) pretty much what Proust answered. cerisetea (34) thinker Cestmoi My hair. C face. (22) The constant need to be on my own cfm (37) good listener and completely mental ch Thinking of all these plans, and never having the means to go through with them Chancelor C.J. King (19) Falling for the wrong person, or the right person at the wrong time Chandra Alexander (24) The ability to love passionately and my loyalty. Channon (45) Goofiness Channy (19) A desire for peace once my family has been avenged at last. Even though I'm a dark elf, a life of thievery and hatred isn't what I want. My nature, however, is often at odds with this. And I want to change. Chanter (24) The need to feel human Chari (21) My emotions are always written all over my face Charleigh Vitality in love, patience, loyalty, and courage Charlene (17) I'm nice Charlene (18) To be admired Charles Au Lavoie Thoughtful, curious and introspective CharlesB (48) laziness Charles Davis (60) Smart Charles L Davis Jr (51) resposibility Charles Pybus (61) Transformation from human form to snow leopard form. Charlie Fry (36) excessiveness and disorganisation charlotte (29) Surrealness; and to those who know me best, a need to be loved Charlotte (18) A boundless desire to know everything useful that there is to know. Charlotte H. (23) I hate injustice & unfairness, but I'm a bit anal Charly Mariaan (49) Voluptuous Charmaine (25) Sensitivity to others' feelings Chary Silva (22) work ethic Chauncey Character (29) a desire to be accepted and loved without conditions chay (40) A craving to be loved, adored, needed and craved Cheche (40) Sadness cheeky (26) Need to be liked and respected Cheemargh (36) very social chele to be loved and cared for unconditionally chelle (47) 21 going on 60 Chelsea (21) My ability to take over and make everything my own, including people. Chelsea (23) skeptical of many things Chelsea (28) Quiet. Chelsea Smith (24) My wanderlust Chelsea Whiting (26) Opinionated Cheri D. loving and nurturing Cherie (40) I'm very upfront to the point people think I'm rude Cherina Entena (21) Being upfront/bold/painfully honest Cherish Robinson (21) Big dreams and big imagination Cherlyn (40) Probably my ability to feel lonely despite being surrounded by others. cherry (16) my voice Cherub (30) stubborn, blunt Cheryl (38) Wanting all to have a good life Cheryl Empathy Cheryl Barnette (59) Charm and attentiveness Cheshire (22) restless chetana Determined Chi wishing to be adored chi-chi nurturing Chickpea (31) Wish to be accepted and loved Chico (46) a craving for love and adventure Chief (57) Stoicism ChiefJ42 (44) intelligence and wit chiklitz76 (39) I have learned to laugh, to praise, to lift people up instead of putting them down Child (8) craves for truth, for a story Chili (17) cruelty Chinita (34) my always laughing nature,and acting in front of others. chinnu (20) Smartness Chinnu (38) my determination never to quit until i get what is desired Chip Griphix (35) A need to be noticed and for people to recognise me. Chiu Jing Hua (17) a necessity to make people,my loved ones happy chloe (21) Jealousy I guess Chloe (17) Sensitivity, longing for love from one man for the rest of life Chocolate Bunny (32) My laugh Chonda Severity and quietness Choraven (32) An incredible stubborness. Chris (16) Annoying Chris My desire to speak and be spoken to in a satisfying manner. Chris (19) To be noticed, and praised chris (24) Powerful Chris Glass (39) Intelligence, laziness, insecurity and introspection Chris S. Very giving and polite Christabelle (29) I can't ask for favors or help. I find it difficult to apologize. I'm quite distant. Christian (44) Honesty, endurance. Christian Boyanov (24) to be spoiled, lusted after, loved unconditionally Christian Soldier (33) Success, artistic ability Christina (26) Compassion and forgiveness, even when I don't want to sometimes Christina Caceres (26) Contradiction. Christina Kronberg (23) Sarcasm Christina Tounzen A soul crushing sense of duty. Christina X. (37) my energy christine (18) The amount of times I use the word 'man' as an interjection in a day Christobel (17) My glasses, hopefully my wit. My accent also, which I love. I wish I was from Georgia or North Alabama though; simply the richest accent on earth. Christobel in College (18) Loneliness Christopher (24) Fear of failure, craving of solitude. Christopher Blaum (37) Being smart Christopher Boone A craving for precision and absolute truth, desire to help others Christopher James Stagg (16) Brutal honesty Christopher M. (31) I want to be loved by someone forever, and I want to be famous in my passion so I will look more attractive. Christopher Mitchell (17) I am too trusting Christopher Ross (23) Ask somebody besides me. Depression, I guess. Christopher Sloce (26) Absoluteness christy (44) My compassion Christy Turner (50) an uncanny sense of self Christy Turner (50) hospitality and feel (of musicianship) Chuck (43) Humor, Intelligence, Curiosness, Being not like everybody, the desire to be loved or needed Chunky Lover Charisma Ciara (24) A need to be accepted Ciara (22) I can't let go of things Ciera (16) Sensual appearance, witty personality Cilie (50) Cynicism Cindy my biting criticism cindy (50) To be understood and taking seriously Cindy (24) Ambition Cindy (22) To be loved Cindy (50) compassion CindyLu (58) my fierce loyalty to those I love Cissa Fireheart (32) Craving to be liked followed by the craving to be admired and considered a fascinating person, someone to be almost essential. Ciucan (18) Harshly realistic yet optimistic cizz need to be loved CJN (21) Too many apologies and a laugh which fills and empties a room. Cla (22) Flippancy. Claire I like to make people smile--I'll sing country songs or tell jokes just to get someone to laugh. Claire (32) The spark of a vibrant personality, sharp and witty and entirely too bubbly for my own good, but within a dark, simmering soul, begging to be understood - the cliche of the century. Claire Bartholomew (16) The desire to be heard. Claire Cullen (49) Laughing, talking. ClaireW (65) Sarcasm Clancy Pure honesty and sarcasm even if it offends Clara (20) to be loved Clara Contradictory, bit absent-minded, unsure, passionate, original. Clarence (17) Wanting to take care of people, and find something more. Clarissa (18) Perseverence Clarisse Johnson (24) I don't know Clark Langridge (32) Tiny size Clau A fool Claude (21) smile Claudia (36) Clay Douglass: Standard issue white guy-ness Clay Douglass (34) to be heard clay zook (19) solitary clazza mgee i want to be loved by those who i love Clelia Beatriz Valdez (22) dimple Cleo (17) Kindess, justice, and forgiveness. clockwork (34) vanity cm (57) Perspectives. I may see the world in my own way and it gives me both strengthes and weaknesses cobweb (24) Wanting to be loved and romanced CockneyKnight (48) Determination, some might call it stubbornness, to reach my goals Coco (31) compassion, a desire for validation Coco (19) Meticulous/Thorough/Detailed CocoPuff2016 (44) A desire for love, or a sense for humor codered (18) eyes Cody (25) My sensitivity to the slightest action or word, and it's ability to change my composure instantly, for good or bad Cody Gould (17) A quiet, disconnected attachment from those inlove the most. Col (41) determination Cole (37) My ability to make friends and converse with any person Colin (39) Love Colin (22) i-can-do-it attitude Colorful (28) my fur pattern, though I would much rather have it shaved off. Colton (27) that of thinking for myself comnomnomor (15) strength in adversity Connie realiablility Connie (24) smart, fun to chill with. Connor A desire for naked honesty. Connor A lack of seriousness that, although sometimes beneficial, usually works to my detriment Connor (16) Hard working Connor Taylor (19) My wit conor (34) Shyness and a loss in thought constanceeee (19) Self confidence Constantin (32) The ability to persevere and make the best of things Consuela impatience Cookie wanting to belong cookie sense of duty cookie (51) Passion and leadership CookieFantastic (46) a craving to be loved/accepted Cooper (16) laziness, self-doubt Cora (26) big hearted, insecure Cora (39) My work ethic... Cora Henley (15) Perfecting anything that is homemade, whether it be baked goods or crafts Core (25) I want to help people see how all living things are connected. Corey consistency corinne caring but needing love Cory (22) My unwavering positivity Courtney Loughlin (Courtney Loughlin) stubbornness cpaters1 (26) A desire to be valued cr My passion for learning cr (34) Fighting evil in all forms Craig (35) My trained personality to be in command of every situation. Craig (8) Physical strength or my comical sense of humour. Craig Suga Biles (22) Reasoned Crimson (60) I always say yes cris The ability to lead and to be heard. Cris I look for constant acceptance of others. Cris fun,hard working,generous,nice Crisfe (31) Determined, head strong, smart, caring. Crishna Murray (42) Sarcastic Crishna Murray (43) Creativity Cristi The pursuit for truth. Crystal (17) Compassion Crystal (32) sensitive, sometimes capricious, creative, and most importantly, love-oriented Crystal (22) Not standing up for what's right. Crystal (34) My beauty. My mind. Crystal (35) To be loved csheehan (17) Open and friendly CStoney (47) liable cuchi (40) My energy & vibe, passion & gregarious self! Cucks The ability tot live and let live cucu (26) analytical cvelez (64) the creativity to continue thinking outside the box cweekly Open, talkative, emotional, always care for others, but bearing too much responsibilities all the time. Cyan Imsomething (28) Caring d0701 (29) A craving to be loved & adored & petted & spoiled & caressed. Prettiness. Sensuality. D Stressed D (32) My calm demeanor; softspokeness Dachary (23) Concern for the well-being of others before myself. DAD I shoot arrows really good, dad taught me that Dad (42) I am very funny Daffy Sue Esposito (60) Ability to connect with others Daisy (27) my tendency to act like a non-violent or aggressive volcano Daisy (17) a craving to be loved and admired Daisy the desire to push on, even when it is toughest. Dakota Swaveman (18) Probably curiosity D_Alex (46) an aversion to that which i crave most dA member: sonicbutterfly (17) A desire to be liked - even now. Damien TC (36) Consistencey Dan (29) Logical Dan being rational, to a fault sometimes Dan (20) charisma Dan (39) Love searching dan Very good at reading people and knoing when someones' in trouble Dan (51) Contradiction Danae (17) Loyalty over honesty D Anderson (42) Awesome Danger (16) Dogged determination to keep pushing for betterment in all aspects of life - always. Dani (31) Bipolarity, open happiness, secret depression Dani (19) The need for me to be well known, admired and liked by people that I care about Daniel (16) Need for attention Daniel Below tranquility Danieldidit (24) love and laughter Daniella (27) My Curly hair, gorgeous freckles, and my F cup breasts Daniella (28) Ambition. Danielle (15) Humour. Wit. Danielle (35) kind DanielleKeith (19) I'm a dreamer. Daniel Molina (20) Wrath Daniel Stephens (Character Sketch) (22) a craving to be loved and love back daniiii (18) sarcastic and rude Danine (48) My barely tamable red hair. DaniStory (29) Laziness Danny (25) Cheerfulness Daph (45) My eyes. Darbio (16) my shyness Darcy (20) Can code Darcy Love and be loved Darcy (54) craving to be liked and spoiled dareman (64) intelligence dario (21) My optimism Darlene (29) Resilience. Never giving up even when giving up seems like the only option left. Darnell A need to know everything about everything, DashEloise (32) Light-hearted cynicism Dave Cresswell (46) doubt DaveG (39) Gracious and supportive friend Dave Whitaker (40) Humour, Desire to find a woman Davey (18) a laugh DaveyD (24) Don't know. Davian (alias) (32) My intensity and my drive to make my the reality of my mind a physical reality. David (19) Intelligence. David (10) respect and drivin David (18) intelligence David (63) Intelligence David (24) impulsive David (51) righteous and arrogant david baiguera (35) I'm super organized. I love to reorganize my closet. I like everything in room to be clean. David Dean (35) Perfectionism David Del Aguila Osollo the desire to know more David E.J.A Bennett (29) The ability to find good, everywhere. David K (46) I don't know, but people tell me I have beautiful eyes. David King (23) Intensity. David ROWE (42) Curiosity on any topic David Sergio Cisneros Ardura (46) I can usually make even the grumpiest person smile. David Thomas (60) The will of being respected for the determination and love I show for the things I care for. David Timme (19) blissfully ignorant yet passing through life David Wommack (19) Compassion. Davie (16) Insecurity Davi Silva (21) brutally honest dawn (40) Honesty Dawn Robinette (51) Ability to see the hidden things in plain sight Dawson My smile. Daxion Mr. Dax Johnson (29) my empathy and wanting others to live their lives fully Daydreamer (18) The ability to conceal my insecurities Daydreamer (63) The ability to conceal my insecurities Daydreamer (63) My happiness dbrown (24) my niceness dcsnowbunny (25) deep thinker Dd (43) My Selflessness, or humor. DD (16) The contradictions. DDG9000 (25) Puzzle Dea (40) Independent D. E. Alvis (58) Inappropriate humor Dean (17) A craving to be loved DeAndre Beck (20) I end up doing the right thing in the end Deanie The desire to be admired and given one's undivided attention DeAnna Alexander (35) emotional control, loyal Deanna Sanders (44) The hair's kinda hard to miss! Deathwalker To be loved and admired and wealthy Deb (37) wanting everyone to like me Debbie (56) ability to experience emotions on a very deep level Debbie (45) My sense of humor. Debby Creech-West (43) determined and ambitious Deborah Faciane (21) directness Deborah S. Wilson (56) Fairness Debster (48) Dangerous Declan Cohen (35) Always smiling, laughing, & showing compassion to others. De-De (36) desire to be wanted. Dee (24) ambition Dee (19) A desire to be desired with eternal loyalty and devotion Dee Darkness Defeat and Doubt (antagonist) over thinking things DefMelon My wit Delia Nidhogg DNLYT Loving Delia Webster (80) A need to be protected. delice_ok (21) Being nice; a mentor with a love for giving back and inspiring others. Della Cassia Topouzian (Della Cassia Topouzian) fear dendoo (23) The need to be needed Denine (24) Out-Spoken Denise 1 selfishness Dennis (61) That while I have outgrown my childhood, I still have an internal 13 year old inside that gets me into trouble sometimes. Dennis Theodore (37) I am a lier. denny (23) A craving to be heard Denny Penchant for outliers Densio (25) Honesty Derek (27) being reserved Derek (20) to be the best on and off the ice Derek Ambrose (22) Intelligence Detective. Jones humble devanand I'm very passive-agressive, sort of a loner, and rather quiet at times... Devon (18) The need to leave a memorable impression although my own memory lacks. Fear. Devon Lisenby (20) to be treated as equal Dev Tucker (17) crazy...or moody Devu (22) A ready smile Dez My courage Dezirae18 Confidence DH (39) loving, I hope diana (52) A thirst for life, curiosity and adventure. Diana (20) I'm quite mean and sarcasstic and I also want to be noticed and never left in the shadow Diana (15) motivated Diana I must have power. I must be respected. I must be followed. Diana Opinionated, traditional. Sometimes too quick to speak Diana Thomas - English Thursday 6pm (38) Loving from a distance Diane (53) cheerful and fun-loving Diane Stanfield (79) shyness, lack of aggressiveness Diarre Ibrahim (22) The need to be respected. Dick Esposito To be spoiled but still kind and to know my moral rights. dida (14) A sense of humor and self-esteem. Diego Miguel Danura Puyó (30) Desire of approval Dietgingerale Unfortunately many people might say I'm "nice", but I don't like that word. I think that my power of introspection and self-correction is formidable. Dilip C Louis (32) sarcasm Dilynne (28) To give all of myself to help others and give my love freely, but I do feel the urge to be loved back. Dimitar Atanasov (25) My will to put effort on most things. Dindin (20) Coldness Dino (18) the desire to be admired in even those who rejected him Dioji A smile like the sun, a need to be accepted, and the independence of a goddess. Diona (19) Tolerance. dionysis_dt (24) Putting the safety of others ahead of my own Dirk Radman (35) Perceived Honesty Dirty Jean (86) I don't know. It'd depend on who were observing me. Dixon Wragg misunderstood Dj Annoyance dlew919 (40) Boldness dmca (38) sarcasm Doc55 (55) I am smiling a lot. Dolna (39) Being eccentric and annoyingly direct Dolores Nabokov (26) ssssss Dom The ability to channel anger in energy and release it in the process of bettering myself. Dominic (17) Sadness, timidity, jealousy Dominick (23) A constant strive for self-realization. Dominick Miller (19) The need to ask and understand Dominick Miller (20) My want to learn and to understand. Dominick Miller (21) im very understanding and open minded Dominique To be a good example of determination and spiritual realizations. Dominique Generosity DonAli (33) Curiosity donkeys4eva (20) I love my grandchildren to death Donna Falksen (69) Fun to be around, loyal donna obrien (54) Intense emotional connection to people who even only know me passively. Doob Doggo (21) of not taking life too seriously, effortless enthusiasm doodledoo12345 intelligence Dori (23) A tendency to be unnecessarily philosophical Doris (19) loving dorothy6@aol.com (50) a craving to have more family Doryan (30) Soñadora Dothzilla (33) confidence Doubting Divorcee My passionate dedication to whatever I do Doug (30) Awesomeness Doug!! Wanting to achieve my goals. Doug Lambert (65) Opinion. Douglis (44) The paradox that I am: vulgar and snobbish Douni laziness, cowardice downtime (63) be able to listen Dracontomelum (30) my chin Dragana (22) Either my extreme quietness or my hair. My hair is much louder than I am. Dragontongue (22) A desire to find something special, almost perhaps unattainable, in someone else; a craving currently for many things superficial Dre (17) Bold audacity Dreamboat Annie will DreamBrother (27) Despair Dreda (23) big boobs Drella (26) My sense of humor Drew (26) something not right in my mind drift My mother used to say I had honest eyes. Others have made this observation. To think! Dr. Isaac Busafalus (53) awkwardness, physical and social Dr. J (76) a desire to take care of others Dr. Lauren Ashe driven Dr. Shelby Cruze - protagonist Oddity Dru (24) Ornery Drucar (45) Uncanny ability to connect and disconnect. Genius. dryskel (28) to be approachable ds (45) Being adrift. D.S.de.P.Ramos A pathalogical need for approval DSo (47) Helpfullness Ducky Pride Dude (49) kindness and loving duke (18) Ability to make people laugh. Duncan Passell (17) lazy, don't like to sweat dustxii (22) the need to be free, but the reality that it CANT happen. Dutchess My ruthlessness. Dutchess Talkativity, perhaps Dvach (18) My overbearing optimism D.X (22) A deep love for my beloved Dylan (17) My sight Dylan Adams (25) Driven DZhelo (46) Dogged Determination E reticence e (28) A desire for independence in my actions and pursuits. E (20) Insecurity, Idealism E (18) indecisive creativity and acting upon it eagleclaw (35) A temper that protects my heart E.A. Latham (25) Rational-minded, very sensitive, and having very low self-esteem/self-confidence. EAR (19) MANIC episodes of flight Earth Speck (30) Sense of humor and positive attitude Eau (45) Ambition Ed (30) worrying, caring, passionate ed inquisitive nature eddiboy Desperate attention seeker. Eddie (48) To be wanted Eddie (12) Not knowing when to shut up Eden (19) To others, quietness and stillness; to myself, inner overexcitableness Edgar Roberts (15) being aloof Edie (26) Non sense Edmond Dantes (26) My intuitive and instinctive nature (and my lack of rationality and intellectual depth). Edouard (41) excentric, funny, Eduardo (19) heterodoxy to face problems EduGri (53) want to please everyone Edward (54) my hair Edward Payne (44) Wanting Effie (34) Melancholia, craving to be loved, passion, shyness efha (23) being savage ehk2 (30) Omsorgsfuld, vil gerne ses og høres, gode manerer, kærlig EHM To be patience and responsible to any matter. Eiichi (16) not letting anyone down Eilfa (28) A lover; a good one to Eithiel (32) kindness, i hope. EJ (29) My kindness, I've been told E.Jay (21) empathy in the literary sense, nervousness ejb (22) A dislike of being disturbed El (23) A drive not to fall in with the norm, to be an individual el3vat0r the need to be understood and accepted elay (21) the need to be understood, be treated fairly elay (23) a need to be understood, elay (24) to be appreciated, to be loved eldar (25) loving Eleanor (14) A certain insecurity peculiar to the autodidact who is bitterly aware of her limits Electryo (15) Inability to keep my mouth shut. Elena ρομαντικη ελενη (33) Empathy Elena Sensitivity. Elena Di Cesare desire for love and happiness eleni (18) Ouch... this one's a toughy, My 'raw' tendencies towards a majority of subjects, my love for a handful of my friends and family, loyalty and bravery of a lion, my wit, and a bad temper at times unfortunately. Eleni Constantinou (20) My sense of humor. Elexia (19) Believing easily Elexis (18) Sense of inadequacy Elias (22) I'm my friends' 'favorite hater'. I'm extremely opinionated and can go from being charmingly so to being obnoxious and depressing about it. Eliaz McMillan (33) crazy eliciabg (23) Cheerful. Elie (16) strong insight Elin (47) My sense of humor Elisa (28) My manipulative personality Elisabeth (22) A desire not to be alone Elisabeth Carver My injured soul Elissa (22) My outspoken intelligence that both alienates and earns me friends. Elizabeth probably my goofy humor Elizabeth (25) From others? I guess being annoying. Elizabeth (15) I'm a pushover Elizabeth caring for everyone Elizabeth I possessed an open spinal canal which created a hole on my back and sac of fluid which covered this hole, by legs were paralyzed, my hips were broken, and fluid collected in my head. Elizabeth Diane Shaffer (0) I possessed an open spinal canal which created a hole on my back and a sac of fluied which covered this hole. My legs were paralyzed, my hips broken, and fluid made my head swell 2" larger than my momma's. Elizabeth Diane Shaffer (0) Dunno. Quite good at problem solving. Ell (23) of being off in my own head ElleKay Pragmatism Ellen (48) The need to feel accepted. Ellen Painful longing for self-knowledge. Ellen B Smiley (29) Confusion Ellen Fitzpatrick (61) I am hilarious. I know it is kind of hard to see that since I am a bit depressed about this whole dead thing. Ellie (25) Loving Ellie Needing to be shown I am wanted, wanted and loved. Needing to be loved but in the truly epic sense, as in the tomes of great literature. Ellie_Estrella (19) intelligence Ellie Wilson (15) A certain reserved, kurt, absentmindedness combined with outgoingness and impulsiveness. Elliot My humor but also my compassion and empathy Elliott (28) A silliness which escapes in strange ways. Elliott Hemp (23) Sensitivity elSigno (37) authentic Ely (23) my eyes Elyse (20) Binary file Em_1425616956.html matches Binary file Em_1425616956.html matches I am always trying to help the less fortunate. Em At first: shy. Then sarcastic. Feisty. Ema (18) The ability to make a man do whatever I want. Ember Winters (16) A curious nature. emdonnelly7 Unconitional Love. emdonnelly7 I need to have a purpose Eme (18) To be loved by two women, my mother and my wife. Emilee (27) Being strong and independant, yet hiding a dark past. A yearning for love. Emilee Nightshade (19) I've been known to be very assertive. Sometimes too much so. Emilia Blancarte Jaber a desire for solitude Emilie (23) I want to feel loved, beautiful, and strong... but I have to get from those around me since it doesn't come from within. Emilina (27) comedy emilio (28) Solitariness Emillia (16) I'm told that it's my sweet nature. I'd say it's my bad teeth. Emily (19) a strange ability to be authentic and grounded...despite lack of confidence. Emily (24) loud, brash, opinionated emily (24) My eyes are rather big. Other than that, I don't know what other people see in me any better than I know what I see in myself. Emily (22) Honor, loyalty, compassion Emily (32) loyalty Emilyann (22) Determined and focused Emily Carter (37) humor Emily Clark (25) Kindness. Emily Massey Currie (47) Protector Emily Thomas (23) Humor Emily Worrell (33) ability to survive, pragmatism Emma (20) silence and nonsensical grins. emma (18) ambition Emma (20) my determined walk Emma (34) caringness emma (20) Personality-- charming, funny, helpful, and kind Emma (25) beauty mark under my right eye Emma Burns (28) PAW PAW SAID MY LONG BROWN HAIR WIT DANCIN STREAMS OF YELLOW LIGHT WAS DA BEST EMMA MAY GREEN (14) I am funny as hell or at least I think I am. No but honestly, I am a understanding person and a good listener. Emma Snow (16) Being the alpha male Emma Verbeck Intuition Emme (21) desire to remain independent Emmy independence. Mama says my independence will leave me an old maid. Emmy My determination and dashing good looks. Emperor Aisel Fei Shiang (18) My fearless nature and thirst for all things reckless. Empyrean (17) Physical, mental and emotional uneasiness encolpio8 (22) loyalty. Yearning for devotion returned to me in the same measure. Endimion not be afraid of losing anything, and also proud of who I am endor Brash good will with careless followthrough ENEgck (56) Exhuberant character Engel (48) Man has a changing nature, that's why my characteristics change often. I am a cameleon. Enis The passion to dream, my inner poesis that filters even the evil... i do not see evil... i never had Eno A. Agolli (15) A determination for the truth. The strive to become true. Enrique (21) Introspection, cynicism, and sensitivity. Eric (15) The need to be smarter than those around me Eric (40) My need to be left in solitude, yet depend on others. Eric (37) An unrelenting lust for logical, emotional, and material 'wholeness' in my life. Eric (19) that Erica curiosity, tendence to be extreme Erica (25) Loyalty Erica (65) Lassitude Erica Johnson (21) Stubbornness Eric C. Wolfe (28) creativity Erich (20) Confidence tempered with practicality. Erich (19) The over consumption of food Erict7 Irrational Erik (25) The desire to be separate from other people Erik Isaac (19) A quiet, discreet nature, a desire to help those in need Erik Price (18) Sarcasm and my willingness to give rather than receive. Erin (27) Humour Erin (53) Loyalty Erin (30) loving Erin (20) . A desire to fit within the world and the people that are living in it. Erin Impatience/empathy Erin (46) Ponderous Erin (31) My temper. I get high remarks for being good with my temper. Erskine (35) The lack of it. ERZ (1) My talent for art esayer (35) Loneliness Escalus (22) A calmness that is partly shyness, partly indifference and partly just my complete lack of the need for attention. Escapism (19) nerdiness Esmé (18) Serious , a listener, loyal, friendly Esmee fidelius (54) quiet ESMERELDA (50) To be quietly known for my greatness Estacia Hernandez (37) intelligence esteban (29) I talk to myself Esteban (23) craving to be loved and have attention estrella blanca caring Et (32) Subtlety Et Cetera (22) Unabashed eccentricity Etha (26) pursuing and achieving any goal i desire ethan (20) A craving to be admired and respected by my peers Ethan Mayatt (25) My quietness. Eureka (16) to search for friends that do nor dissapoint me Euzinha_ds (20) Arrogance Eva (23) Needing to make everything ok Eva (16) Curiosity Eva instant sexual charisma evan ass hatch (18) I'm kind Evanna (18) Happiness Evie (22) Reflexivity evilwonders (28) A desire to make the lives of others just a little better or perhaps a curiosity that garners me far too much trouble evren (16) Cynicism, guilt Ezra (20) Good with math FAA Amenability FAC (25) loving and my courage facio (19) Jealousy Faith (17) the urge to aid those in need often at the expense of own well-being fang (30) Philosophical and artistic stubborness Fanourios (40) Being quiet. fatgaynig (20) A craving to be loved, or, to be more precise, to be caressed and spoiled rather than to be admired Fatima (19) Understanding others Fatima (26) My ability to sneak up on someone unsuspecting Fawna (19) patience Fay (22) I live by the fact I'd rather hated for who I am than loved for who I am not. Faye (34) The ability to cut out bullshit from other people. feanix (20) Wanting to be cared for, loved, and intense. Fern (25) To keep going forward Fernando (31) To be viewed as the best Fernando (31) To make people laugh Ferroever (43) My tendency to want to be somewhere else. My wandering mind. fersfumero (28) Reticence FeydRautha (46) difference Feysweetie (43) A loving and neuchuring husband fhickey (22) my glasses Fidjeridodu (30) Impatience Fields (19) Sense of security and jovial approach to life Fielirious (34) it's difficult to choose filinia (22) Independence. final fashion (33) Patience. I have little of it since he arrived. Finnegan (17) A timeless fashion sense Finnegan Magondolovich (Long Story...) A need to be understood, unfortunately on my own terms Finokio (38) Self doubt fk2005 (34) I have an "I don't give a rip" attitude about most things. FlameHorse (28) I am stubborn, but determined, and also a romantic day dreamer. Flantasy Girl (25) I feel that I have always been able to carry myself through even the hardest of times, no matter what horrible thing that has happened. So, I guess I can always keep my mind collected despite the chaos that arises from everyday life. flavia (13) the want to be accepted yet unique Flo I have a tendency to like being alone Flora (69) My moments of madness. Florin-Alexandru Brănescu (16) Intense reactions Flower (39) Wit and the inability to keep my mouth shut. Floyd A tendency to isolate FlyinMonki (27) Rectitudiness ForePlinger I'm quite biased in this, so you should ask my friends for that ForSavvy A sharp mind and sincerity Fran (33) a need for finding purpose Francesca (29) desire to be liked francesca (49) my big smile Francesca Kindness Francis (18) determination Francisca Bastos (17) the continuosly interest in learning and connecting past with present through the desire to construct the future Francisco Aguirre (23) Not to call it quits even when all is lost Francisco Javier Gil Vidal (54) Well, Roland says I'm very...Inn-O-sent. I dunno if that's good or bad Francis Graham (9) distraction, vagueness frank (57) Feeling like there is always more to see and experience Frank (27) confidence Frankie (23) a sense of humour and the desire to put things in perspective and the ensuing hatred of all kinds of fanaticism FrankieSmash (49) I am a determined and stubborn SOB Franklin Frank Anglin (32) Intelligence Frank Nekrasz (25) a desi3re to be appreciated, and to do something worth appreciating fred (16) A craving for intelligent thought Freda (61) Loyalty Friedrich Mueller (57) Grace (I hope) Fritha Grey A desire to held spread the word of God. Fritz (12) Understanding or ability to forgive fumble (19) an ability to write letters, patience with the eldery and the mentally disabled. also, always carrying a book around. furies (27) I am a very kind person FYS13Alec (18) laughing a lot FYS13Amanda (18) Being friendly to everybody. FYS13Andrew The need for constant love and affection. FYS13Bella lack of conviction and will FYS13Chad curiosity FYS13DRJ To be successful FYS13Holly Compassion, love, and value FYS13Michaela (18) shy, air-headed, clutzy, spacey, etc. FYS13Savannah Henry (18) Having a cold exterior but a warm heart. FYS14Caleb (22) I'm an extremely introverted person, so I'm always quiet. FYS14Carrie I'm a very understanding person. I don't judge you. FYS14Erica (19) an irritating charm marked by inexplicable cheerfulness FYS14julie I wish I were loved by the person I love. My most marked would have to be overthinking. FYS14Kelle (20) Jekyll and Hyde. I'm easy going and like people and I believe I have a general care for people, but if someone betrays me, I flip. I get tunnel vision and have difficulty controling my anger and dissapointment. So I choose to bottle it up. FYS14Landon (18) Independent and a day dreamer FYS14Mikaela (19) Loyalty. An uncommon characteristic nowadays. FYS14Skylar my blind loyalty to others FYS14Taylor Intelligence. FYSMichael (18) g g Calmness G. (23) my sparkling personality Gab (19) intelligence Gabe (31) strong sense of independence and individuality Gabi Charisma and sincerity Gabriel (28) Being careless and kind Gabriela (18) kindness to people even when they don´t deserve it Gabriela Coelho Mesquita Teixeira Borges (26) To have a life that I can truly call my very own. Gabriel Gonzalez (26) Being outspoken Gabriella (17) Helpful Gabrielle Hart (20) longing to be stronger Gail (44) trying to please people Gail Flaherty A desire to make a positive contributon to the world around me. Gainer (52) a craving to be understood instead of being made fun of because of my intelligence Gaios (19) To control everything Gait (17) open weirdness Galareh (23) Arrogant and sarcastic Gamba Ajani Living for my self GarbagePailGrrrl (27) Hypocrisy. Garrett (19) Helpful Gary H friendliness gatetam (38) Anal reitentive Down to Earth honest Big Heart Sincere God loving Gator Krazy Dave espontaneidad gavalia (46) A toss up of my pride and my loyalty Gean Whitehead III (20) Curiousity and the compulsion to understand everything that interests me Gemn Curiousity and the compulsion to understand everything that interests me Gemn an encyclopedic knowledge of soological trivia Gene (51) I'm charming and playful and very convincing Gene (24) A desire for knowledge and to successfully feel accepted within our society. General Obsidian de Veyra Craving to be of purpose/helping others Genevie I can be very rude to the people that only mean me well. Genevieve (22) A desire to be independant and free thinking Genevieve (15) Pure mediocrity. Genevieve (16) My impulsiveness Genevieve (17) A need to be heard and to be accepted without judgement. Genie (65) calmness Genie (58) Being natural and organic; authentic. GenXer2012 (39) My contradicting attitude and opinions. Geo (20) Efficiency Geo (57) sense of innovation and constant improvement George Overly concerned about everything George Mile (35) Hatred of brownnosing and subservience George Owers (21) I believe this should be asked to my family... Georgia (14) honesty Georgia (53) Peacful Georgia (16) kindness Georgie Friendship gg Mania ghazaleh (27) Need to be loved and appreciated, paired w a need to be alone Ghyles (31) a sort of double nature, lots of empathie but can also show a harder side occasionally Ghyles (31) All-consuming passion Gia (21) perserverance Gianne (21) Faithful to a fault Giannico (40) Immortality Gideon (30) dedication to myself Gill (63) An abillity to find the humour in most things Gillian Martin (40) A need to be liked and appreciated. Gina (19) Wanting to be understood by all when that simply isn't possible Gina (30) Genuine Ginger Thompson (50) Sense of humor, view on life Ginny (47) Strong presence. Gionna (28) Stubbornness and caring Giorgia Un bonario egoismo Giovanni Moro (32) Sarcasm Girl You Too Rude overthinking. Giselle (18) To understand and patience Gladys Mae Whitaker Being a good mediator Glenn Parker (24) my mouth - gets me in trouble a lot Glen Reeves (37) A craving to be remembered Gloria (59) faithful Gloria Heatley (58) Wit and tolerance GMcG Sense of humour goblin64 (45) A craving for and hatred of solitude Godfrey (19) Surviving and thriving as a single mother GoGo Patty (46) humble, kind, appearence, work ethic Golden Boy (20) Sarcasm. Gonzalo I dont understand goose (20) impulsiveness goukrish (19) frustration GP (39) free spirit GPB (37) To be admired Grace (30) outspoken Grace (12) My tendency to be reserved, though, often mistaken for being shy. I am not shy, just lost in thought. Grace (28) Flirty, I have a natural ability to charm anyone. Grace Cooper (20) An internal struggle that manifests in a quick wit and changing temperament gracehoppin (23) a hunger for authenticity and validation Gracie (22) The glue that holds my loved ones together Gracie Campbell (23) loving Granny (81) The outward charisma I display when lecturing and visiting with students. Grayson Ender (28) Neediness; Sadness greatlove (32) my charm, or care for others Greg (19) caution to a fault Greg (24) to be admired Greg (17) To crave truth beyond all else Greg Driven Greg (20) hard working and loyal to a fault Greg (53) Patience Greg Lytle (26) ambition Gregory (30) a need to be exceptional at being creative, a need to be loved, a need to give love gretel IT HAS BEEN SAID THAT I AM LEVEL-HEADED UNDER EXTREME CONDITIONS GRETTA VAN DEN BOSSCHE - OLBRACHT (86) Bitterness Grey curiosity gruchi (63) constant thinking, planning analysis gruffmusic (49) niceness for outsiders; combination of systematic and chaotic thinking from inside Gtergab (50) Status Guard (45) Some would say a cruel streak. I don't see it as cruel; it is more practical. Guenther my ability to be liked by most. guiller van mistoffellees (17) The willingness to take things as far as needed Gus (18) Minha ânsia em ser admirado e amado Gustavo (21) Cynicism, intelligence gutsyaardvark (19) my loneliness Guy Van Driessche (44) a need to be driven Gwen diligence Gwyneth P. (44) loving and caring Hadasa (19) Strong desire to nurture and love, dreamy, vivid desire of responsibility and leadership , very forgiving , non judgmental, strong hatred of injustice Hadja (19) Trustful, Trusting Hailey (34) a craving to be free yet not to cut the thread that bind me to my beloveds Hakusha Senbon (24) A need to learn everything about my interests, and enthusiasm about my pursuits. Hal (18) My willingness to help others Hala (34) A longing fo approval Haley (19) being skinny Haley (17) kind,pretty,hasty,hardworking hamideh (26) Taking the mick and being inappropriate Hamlet (30) Generous Hana (14) sarcasm,unstoppable need of reading and learning HandeG. (13) Independence Hanna (24) I want to be loved, more specifically, to fall in love. Hannah (15) intelligence hannah (25) my colourful attitude and my ability to fill a room hannah (16) understanding and caring Hannah A (18) Forgiveness and care Hannah Chambers (24) The fact I hate seeing anyone hurt, even if they are far from being my friend Hannah Ross (20) Kindness Hannah Suttles Ambition Hardhatminer (29) umm strangeness, odd Hari (21) A desire for a beautiful, solid relationship. Deep, abiding love. Harold E. Leighton (37) A dark, dry sense of humor. Harold E. Leighton (40) bulging muscles and a smart mouth Harold Oberg Be myself Harriet (23) Honesty Harry (27) The urge to live a full life, and the fear that in any case I can't Hassallah (30) candidness Hassan (21) vengeance Haven Everest (7) laid-back and easy-going (at least that's what everyone tells me) hawaii50 (45) caring Hayley Being a tall white guy. Hayzeus (23) My claws Hazelnut (17) Fickleness, indulgence HCE (15) Kindness HEATHER (37) Highly intelligent, cautious, and hates himself Heather Driussi (41) I'm very grumpy and stubborn HeavyFire (16) my smile and my accent and my face heider (27) Easily loved Heidi Maybe my inner conflict about the need for others and the need to be alone - often. It manifests itself in many different ways. Heidi R. contradictory through and through Helen (32) Radiance Helen (19) Being a realist Helena (18) Passion for what I believe to be right Helena Jenkins (20) voice, need of attention, red lipstick, style Helen Mattison Wyatt (20) the need to be funny hellgirl (19) Sarcasm Helory (22) friendliness helz bells (41) To be understood intellectually Hena Riz (34) Courage Henry (46) Worldliness and erudition in the exalted and mundane Henry_Z (25) indecisiveness her (26) my honesty in the face of those who would rather me say otherwise Herald (71) loyalty herbertofwestlake (43) A sense of humor, but I'm also sensitive and easily hurt and offended, which I hide behind humor. Hern (39) A mind of someone insane, that sees the world through the eyes of a normal person. Herod (20) to be wise Hero Solomon (25) humbleness Hestia (18) want to be taken care of Hetal (22) Sarcasm, dry wit, moodiness, compassion, the constant attempt to make those around me laugh. H, Han-Jan Need to be loved HHP (41) A tendency towards introspection Him (17) My most marked characteristic is my humor HimynameisAlicia (15) A tendency towards the melancholic. Hira Yousuf (18) Exuberant joy HKas (28) Strong-Willed and intelligent HKas To energize the environment Hkr (24) kindness H. McMillan (33) Amigable, alegre, hombre serio, hombre no serio, payaso. H.Nakashima (21) Competitiveness hobbes (26) my desire to think not like the rest hodouk (22) Curiosity Hoelder1in (51) Let's quote Proust here: "A craving to be loved, or, to be more precise, to be caressed and spoiled rather than to be admired" hoffsta stubborness holden (27) kindness Holley (39) A love of learning, my slightly enhanced stress levels, my inability to properly express myself in words or actions. holly (17) I tend to see life as either one thing or another and nothing else(Black and white and not shades of grey) Holly (22) My red hair, green eyes and buck tooth. Holly Avery (32) dashing good looks Holly Pajka (28) My pretty face and only the face, unfortunately. holyjkms (29) Supposedly, my tendency to express sentiments with blunt honesty Hong Jay Kindness Hooks Judgement of character Horace pluck (54) probably my looks Houston (19) sense of humor howard (34) Charm and need to improve are my most marked. howard (34) To please those in my life and expect not to be asked more than i can give. Hrudaya (24) irritability huck finn (48) Compassionate Huda (19) lonliness huggybear (29) A desire to be envied and admired for talents which I actually possessed, rather than qualities others only imagine. Hulot Redux Definite and concrete boundaries for friendships; a tendency to do the same thing over and over again. Both characteristics are kind of stupid haha Humbugger Omlet (20) Optimism Hunter (23) my hands... i've always been proud of my hands. Hurricane Katrina (25) cheerful, helpful and optimistic Hwee (45) Humor Hwiseon Lee (24) determination Hyldami Being artistic Hyosun (25) A desire for people to enjoy themselves in my company, and to be a catalyst for inspiration. Hypnos The Blade (46) Self critical HYS (47) Gentleness with a sharp edge. I I don't believe I am the appropriate person to answer. I A tendancy to be surly Ian (23) Transparency Ian (44) Not being influenced(too much) by trends around me ianplanet (47) Drinking. That and swearing. Aside from those, been told it's being a smart aleck. Ian Siente desire for love I Beg (54) Honesty; I don't have any, but you wouldn't believe how sure everyone around me is that my word is as reliable as truth itself. Iblis Anak (22) To be loved unconditionally Icis The desire of love ,chaotic misbeliefs , the need for the extraordinary i dont know that i know (17) Curiosity Ignats (70) Being willing to do a lot for those few people I like and admire Igor (29) I truly lack the ability to assert myself. Iilyanna My moral values, and my will. Ika (24) Deep thinking. ile105 (23) Not my place to say. ile105 (27) Being ignorant Ilija (17) Need to be loved and listened Illinibeatle (44) wisdom from experience IM (82) Great attitude Imajones being child-like Imee The darkness of my left eye is only matched by the uselessness of my right I.M. (Imam Mahdi) (5) Uniqueness, I feel I cannot connect with other people. Only on a superficial level. Incognitus (23) ability to be understanding and communicate in a major way India (15) To be alone Indrė (17) To feel good about myself indy (30) i want to be loved and never forgot by the ones i love most and strangers as well Inês (20) never believe in anything, thus seldom make rash definitions or to be astounded by others. inez (21) Servitude, patience Inkie (60) understanding the situation interestedparty acceptance of others, willingness to play i.p. People say I'm friendly Ireland Rose (12) Stubbornness Irene (17) Giving to others as much as I can, responsible but childish at the same time Irene (26) spoiled, shy, loving Iris (18) My curly hair Iris (22) Too helpful Iris Ramsey (32) My two brown eyes. And, for what it's worth, my heart and my soul, for the pain endured and the pain to be endured. Isaac (16) a craving to be loved Isaac (29) My sense of determination is unmatched Isaac Loyalty Isaac A wanting to be so much loved but fearing abandonment and intimacy. Isabel (19) Intelligence Isabela (18) I want to make my mark on the world as a writer and also i want to be loved for me. Isabella Fairchild-Heart (Protagonist) (26) honest,hardworking,attentive,full of ideas Isabelle (26) Kindness Isadora Duncan (32) My charm and winning smile! Isas My sarcasm. Isla (21) Incessant reckless impulsivity in spewing out whatever I want to say Ismael Santos (20) A sort of deep-set romanticism combined with a love of science. Isolde (17) To be satisfied whith what I do. Iva Stubborness, and a desperation to change it. At least thats what I feel it is. Iva Pasztor (20) Quiet and solitary Ivy (10) live with out laugh ivy (25) Humor and sarcasm Ivy (17) Green eyes Ivy Morgan (34) Kindly ambition Izzy (24) Ability to act as though nothing gets to me. Izzy (30) passion j2a18m (43) big cock jabbar (23) to be at peace Jacie Lin Kindness Jack (14) Courage Jack (45) I'm a mother. Jack (33) Obstinance Jack (17) adventureer Jack (18) A downer, a creep Jack Goodman (18) Observation Jackie Stuborn jackie (40) To be understood the way i mean Jackie (24) My enthusiasm Jackie Leadership Jackie Bordeaux (31) To be loved more than to be admired Jackie Cavalcante (40) I'm still a child Jackie Vega (27) A deep and abiding sense of truth, and the need to voice it. Jackson8471 (23) Being kind. Jackson Fisher (47) Ferocity Jack Viper (29) Desire to do things right and to do them my way, which may not always be the right way. Jaclyn (22) Need for affection JaclynM (19) The ability to find good, everywhere. Jacob I like to smile, sensitive Jacob (16) to be loved Jacob A craving for power, control and success, but the laziness to reach for them. Jacque (24) Depressive. Jacqueline (34) Tenacity, boldness. Spunk, maybe? Jacqueline Garrett (38) Her kindness and selflessness Jade (17) Strange, Shy, Loving, Up Front Jade-a-boo (17) Loving others Jade Green (30) to be loved, flaws and all Jadelynn (24) Empathy. I sometimes curse how sensitive and attuned I am to the people around me. There is so much pain and I sometimes can't bear it. During the good moments, I feel lighter than air. Jae (18) My smile Jafari (33) To be perfectionist and intelligent Jaime (18) Wise Jaime (28) Being both sociable and enjoying isolation Jake (17) A craving for attention, praise. Jake (21) A need to genuinely make others feled welcomed around me. Kindness. Jakelina Hernandez (22) Loquacity. J.A. Lawrence unnoticeable James (64) A need to be liked and accepted James (30) i wish to be tested james Personable James (19) Quick to anger, but able to be calm when needed to achieve a goal. James (25) like to eat James Perseverance James Constantly working for equality James - Dana (15) My drive to fill my urge and needs James Foley (23) to be loved James Green (29) Fierce loyalty to my inner circle. James H (27) Intensity. James La Salandra (31) My brain. But after that would be a smoking hot body. Or so I am told. James Oliver North (39) A desire to be praised and a loathing of that desire jameson_welsh (22) Patients James Wake (50) uncertainty, especially in looking for love and a peculiar predisposition for the fetal position. James William Reath (21) Compassion Jamie (25) Sensitivity, whether to emotions, remarks, actions, or physicality. Jamie (22) not accepting the first answer as an answer if I'm not satisifed with it Jamie (32) Moodiness Jamie (32) Loudness Jamie Reliability Jamie Lynn Pearson (25) stubbornness Jan To be accepted for my self. Jan (54) Needing attention Jan (55) A certain courage, that does not always manifest itself clearly Jan (51) A jovial being. I offer solutions to every problem. I send off good vibes, neutralize the negative ones. Jana (22) A fun person to be around, I solve problems easily. I neutralize negative vibes, send off good ones. Jana (22) my optimistism Janae (17) feminity jane (41) general indignation jane (20) an occasional petulance that arises after i spend too much time around friends & family and then want them to disappear into thin air until i want them again jane fakename (25) Strong Willed