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What is your principle defect?

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Fear of what other people think. 009 (19) adf 1 jealousy 50ad (17) Lack of imagination 513 (00) flexibility 6nianji-ZHC (38) Lack of confidence 808s lack of empathy 80cubed (55) Lots of self-awareness and no self-control A (19) Lack of tact A Bitterness A. (27) lack of trust and willingness to get to know new people A (26) Impatience with the flaws of others A. Too hard on myself A (26) constant feeling of failure AA (23) Can't really connect to other people aaaaaaa (18) Cruelty AAAKKK Chronically low self-esteem; easily despairing aag (22) inability to grasp emotions aallisonr (30) sloth, depression Aaron (32) Lack of time management Aaron (26) Thick headed or stubborn Aaron (35) I have none. I am a human being, I carry no curse; I move from moment to moment and sometimes my gifts and talents match the moment. Other times, they do not. Aaron Guy Leroux (37) Misunderstanding; weakness; fear Aarushi Agarwal (13) I am rude and irrational when I get emotional. And I get emotional too often. Abbie (22) I'm one hell of a lazy bastard Abbie Hartley I'm a pushover Abby (26) Drinking Abby (27) Impatience. AbbySF depression Abegando (28) Fear Abigail Harris (10) lack of focus and resulting self doubt/ low confidence ABP (50) anger Abraham (41) Not saying what I really think in order to please company. Lack of self-discipline in one area. My mind is easily distracted by many interests. Abs Mischievousness Acara McFadden (28) I am stubborn to a fault, I have a sharp toungue too ACH (23) Too independent. A. Clifford Stowe (81) Self deprecation Acrania (25) Can be rude, ruthless and short with people Adam (22) lack of desire in various endeavors Adam (25) Hypocritcal Adam (20) Timidness Adam (29) No filter adam (16) I have none Adam (38) dissatisfaction Adam I am not direct with my objectives and what I want, partially due to fear. Adam Braner (30) lack of intuition Adam Hyde (26) I have a poor memory and need to write everything down. Adam McGrory (39) Stubbornness Adam Seline (30) Fear Addy (26) stubborn with moral principles adieudusk no self motivation Aditya (25) None. Admiral Love (33) lack of will, doubt my own abilities, Laziness, too emotional sometimes Adonia (40) Weak will, self-pity, and loathing Adrian (18) lack of expressing emotion, at all Adriana (16) inability to view beyond, Adriana (16) stubborness, to the point of hurting my feelings and those of my beloved adriana (45) Obsessiveness. Adrian Bauza (20) Not particularly caring. Adrian Conrad My bluntness. Adrian George Nicolae (24) Underpreforming Adrian Martyn (34) Jealousy Adrianna (18) faith in God AdrianOz (45) My greatest problem is being unable to move on from the past. Adrian Winters (17) I don't listen when I should Adrienne Wilson (25) lack of care for others in the wider sence Ady (22) My lack of focus aetilson (41) laziness afrodite (41) my inconsolable soul a.g. (23) Lack of understanding agagagaga (24) stubborness and attitude Agalloza (23) My reliance on the men in my life, either by the misfortune of having those men assigned to me, or by own self loathing Agape (38) temper, impatient Agatha Kefali (45) Weakness of will. Agent00V (18) shyness, laziness, being contradictory Aggie White Thinking too much, acting too little A.G. Mata (21) Lack of courage when it counts the most. Agnes (20) Impatience Agneska (20) pushover agony (25) capacity to hold a grudge for many years Agreen (29) Weak will, laziness, panic. Agu (21) too many...but maybe my need for control. Agustina (27) Arrogance A Half Empty Beaker self destructive tendcy ahmad (27) i think i have too much time ahmad (24) Indecisiveness Ai (21) puzzle over Aida (22) Negative thoughts and fear of failure. Aidan (21) I'm too leinient sometimes. Aidan Devlin (15) Weakness is useless Aiden lack of confidence Aiden (17) lack of attention and impatience aiko (20) Being out in left-field at moments it's not needed. Ailene being too detached to the world so as not to be hurt aimée (22) Naive, too nice, self-sabotage aimee.dawson (21) impatience Aisha Milburn (32) anger.I cannot manage my anger aishu (14) Addictive personality. A.J. (27) Also, weakness of will, and following what my mom wants for me AJ (18) too lazzy to care or too lazy to train my will Ajam (21) I have many Ajay (17) being too stubborn Ajm9511 (21) weakness of will, lack of confidence akansha (26) Dismissal of others. akanthe (19) Grandiosity; a tendency to be pathetic. Akbar Shahzad (20) Running away from things I don't like Aki Being alone Aks (20) Perfectionism AKT (35) Being able to keep up with everyone all the time Al (28) Cowardice Al (55) selfishness or lack of self-discipline alabambino (32) No will power Alan (58) To fail at what I am doing Alan (24) A blindness for another around my goals. I set myself on a path and I do not falter Alana (20) I can get bored with people and relationships easily. Alan Arkin (44) I don't like being defiled, so I often punish students and faculty when they anger me. Alannah (43) Bad mood AlbaManuela (18) Never understanding why my family betrayed me Alcaeus (19) lack of understanding, apathy Alchemist (45) No will power, poor luck with woman. Alden Lee Klaput (18) A tendency toward sloth and lack of humility Aldonza77 (47) I'm fearful and lack will. Ale (28) Lack of knowledge Alecia I cannot think for myself. Alecksi Yeah, okay, so I sometimes don't know when to shut up. Aleesha (32) Slowness of brain Alejandro Amoretti (28) weaknes of will, unable to realize my ideas alek (20) Distractablity, leading to procrastination. Aleksei Kotsov (63) lack of trust, gluttony alessa (21) Lack of emotional sharing; too much understanding at times Alessandro Pian (30) consequence Alessio Lucchini (46) Impatience Aletha Camack Self-centeredness. Alex Anxiety Alex (22) The inability to back down Alex (17) i am impuslive alex (38) self loathing and fear alex (23) Social unease Alex (21) stubbornness; tendency to be self-absorbed Alex (23) leave people alone when they wanted to be Alex (17) Stubbornness Alex (32) Stubbornness, laziness Alex (21) Sometimes being too trusting of others Alex (16) Using violence as a solution to problems. Alex Being stubborn alexa (28) Unfailing quest for the answers. Alexander (33) not being able to understand. Alexander (19) I can be naive as hell sometimes. Alexander (30) I fear I am not as timid or meek as I ought to be. I have a wayward and altogether inappropriate desire for adventure. Alexander Kim (19) Being afraid Alexandra (27) Feeling like a burden, as though I am someone's obligation, and feeling shame for it. Alexandra (19) Over-emotional. Alexandra (24) Speaking over others, vanity Alexandra (18) Vanity Alexandra (24) Isolation. Alexandra (15) inpatience lack of dicilpine Alexandra Bryhter (24) stubborn to a fault Alexandra SweetTale4u Cruz Impulsivity Alexandre (28) over talking AlexandriaHMerlin (40) being over emotional AlexandriaLHash (30) temptation Alexandria Marshall (32) Laziness and hiding feelings. alexandrine (15) Lack of compassion Alex Armstrong (16) Lack of compassion Alex Armstrong (16) Lack of compassion Alex Armstrong (16) Lack of understanding Alex Brooks (18) i sometimes get depressed Alex C. lack of confidence Alexis (17) ignorance, the ability to argue Alexis Johnson (19) impatience AlexRTRW impatience. AlexRTRW Addictions and my buck teeth Aley (60) Sleep too much Alfonso (26) Laziness Alfonso (28) I'm stubbern al-g (24) Insecurity, excessive laziness (at times) Ali (37) A tendency to procrastinate. Ali A. Rizvi Lack of empathy Alice Inability to see the bad in people Alice not humble enough Alice procrastination Alicein1derland (27) not passionate about anything Alicia (68) Easily frustrated. alicja (38) My willingness to throw my life aside for the sake of others. Aliid Not being perfect. Alin (23) Overthinking Alina (20) My sleep monster. Aline Guiraudie (36) easily dstracted alipans (57) Inability to assess exploitative nature of others. Alishba Zarmeen (24) Sacrificing self-respect in order to be accepted Alison (20) Lazy Alison Martin (Alison Martin) obsession alison wonderland easily aroused AliZaidi (29) Lack of the self esteem and efficacy for others. AllenT. (33) Lack of a will, or ability to critically think about almost anything Allen Wasupan (16) lack of perseverance alli (49) Lack of direction Allison (33) Same as Proust, weakness of will. Allison (20) I can be cruel without thinking and cannot seem to stop myself. Allison lack of understanding allison (19) Lack of self-confidence Allison Jean (21) Only one? Always need a challenge. Always think I can fix everything. Rely on logic even in non-applicable situations. Empathetic to strangers and animals to a fault. Allison Jean Hazen (34) taking over and trying to fix things alliswell (62) My insecurities Alma (25) Fear and Anger Alma Jean Porter (70) I can be pretty lazy. almavidrio (35) I am easily distracted. Altjungr (30) a weak drive to create or change, lack of will to take action altron2095 fear of failure, lazyness, Alvilda (20) Inability to focus, obnoxiousness. Alx paranoia alya (17) Hardheadedness, Alyanna (22) Lack of willpower Alyce J. self doubt Alyssa jumping to conclusions, rational Alyssa Cordova (17) My resting periods are too long. I wish I could wander the world non-stop ripping through its hearths and homes. Until they are all gone. Alyssa Darkling My mouth...watching it is impossible. Alyssa MacMillan (25) Unable to choose my own path. Alyssa Moonchild (16) the fear oof failing AM Lack of faith Amanda selfhate Amanda (42) Being lazy AmandaFYS13 (18) Weakness of will Amanda Strong (42) Not forthcoming Amandine (31) my temper Amara A prejudice of dragon-borns Amaris (17) A tendency to become completely depressed. Amber (18) The ability to see all sides, inability to confront Amber (37) The ability to see all sides, inability to confront Amber (37) caring too much about everything, especially the opinions of others Amber (20) weakness of will for the people I love the most.... Ame (37) procrastinating Amelia (13) Lack of confidence in myself Amelia (18) Does that mean what is bad in me? I guess I can be kind of shy and selfish. Amelia Gates (formerly Pippet) (10) Not liking nosy people Amelie (24) Impatience. ameliowata (20) instability American Marxist Quitter Americanoid (50) indecisiveness at times americanwoman (62) temper ames (21) A certain selfishness, a certain obsession with the idea of greatness. Amit Bhaskar (21) low sels esteem ammb (29) obsessiveness, constant anger Amos (18) I keep expecting everyone to mean what they say. Amrita (22) fear amu inability to express my feelings Amy (33) Excitable Amy (28) Obtuseness or lack of compassion amy (33) Difficulty to defend myself from rough tongues Amy (35) Depression Amy (55) Lack of patience, willfullness, Amy Becker; Character: Merriwether Finch (27) My heartlessness, craving for solidarity and inability to get on with 'it'. Amy Cottington-Bray Not being enough Amy Jo as Marge (48) Not being enough Amy Jo as Marge (48) Impatience Amy Martinez (20) I often lie Amy R. i am stubborn amz (16) nervousness. Ana (21) Self-criticism Ana (30) detachment; i'll probably lose out on a lot because of it ana (16) inconstance ana (34) Timidity Ana Carolina (16) I don't have a defect. Analise (40) inability to make wise decisions Anam (26) Self criticism. Ana Marija (20) Crippling anxieties+self-doubt Ananke (25) weakness of will anasonic (29) not enough RAM ancientrobot (31) wanting perfection Andi (28) procrastination andraya (23) defect? Andre Selfish and sloth Andrea (16) Inability to cope with others ignorance; bad temper Andrea (13) stubbornness ANDREAADKINS (26) Self Doubt AndreaCoker (24) Negativity AndreaFeliu (28) Simultaneous lack of and excessive compassion. Andreas (19) be Judgmental Andrea SB (32) Laziness andres007 (19) My stubborness and lack of a social life. Andrew (22) laziness Andrew (25) Insecurity Andrew (20) Scatterbrain Andrew (28) Lack of understanding; weakness of will (stole from proust; SFP) obsession, anxiety. Andrew (22) Lack of trust. andrew (24) Will Andrew barlow (26) cold Andrew J Ohls (33) I can't cry on command yet. Andrew Price (38) not knowing what i want Andy (25) Sanity Andy (23) Sanity Andy (23) Lack of fidiciary stability. andy rayford (28) Lack of patience Andy Thomas (25) laziness?......recently I think so. to balance lack of laziness throughout entire life so far. and too much dreaming ang (99) Sensitivity,lack of forgiving my mistakes,impulsiveness,sometimes Itend to decide with my heart not logic Angel Nervousism Ângela (24) Complacency Angela (30) Pessimism Angela (19) Fear of not living up to my parents standards Angela Estrada (20) Not being ablet to say no or speak my mind Angelicstar (45) Lack of understanding; weakness of will angelina (26) my memory sucks. Angel Rodrigues (41) laziness and lack of getting it done angie (29) Analyze too much Ani Insecurity Ani (22) stubbornness Anik (16) Addicition Aniyah (19) I can easily discard unimportant and/or undeserving matters. Including friends and relatives. Anj (24) stubbornness anjali Procrastination, laziness Anjel (28) Being con by con artis and opportunist men Anjelah49 (49) My moodiness. Anjelika (22) no patience and how much i hate. Ankassandra (15) not always be sure Anke! (17) sensitive Ann (19) Being too direct Ann (62) Weakness of will Anna (20) Underlying fear of failure and letting others down (anxiety), stubbornness Anna (20) straightforward and blunt to a fault Anna (34) Fear of being left alone Anna Baker (20) selfishness Anna Kalimar (18) Thinking that everyone is thinking like me, overthinking Anna Maria (21) weakniss of will Anna-Maria positive to a fault AnnaMay (51) distraction Anna O. perpetually expecting more from reality than it has to offer Anna Stein (21) impatience Ann Delaney (44) my weight Anne (21) weakness of will anne (23) Boredom Annelise (40) impatience Anne Louise Sheldon (34) anxious nature, insecure about being liked Anne Patricia F (21) Cold Anneta rash judgement of people Annie Procrastination Anniel (62) lack of confidence anniezee (54) Voice held in silence AnonAzure (19) Lack of understanding, confusion. anonim (18) my current ability to make money anon moose (19) I'm mean and I don't care. Ansley Stevenson (16) Lack of understanding; weakness of will Anthony (23) Overanalyzation Anthony (24) weakness of will anthony (48) life Anthony Almeida Naivety. Anthony D C (20) Some what of a temper Anthony lawhon (27) Lack of focus to follow through on one project for fear of losing the ability to begin the other. Anthony Scine-Sceni (42) jelousy Antoinette (21) temper antoinette (24) too easily discouraged and thwarted in my dreams. Anton (52) Lack of understanding and humbleness. Antoniette (20) inability to think clearly, lack of creativity Antonina (20) Annoying Antonio Lemos (18) Sadness Anty Lack of empathy and patience with my own and other people's shortcomings Anusia (34) quick in actions, want to be more patient with what i do Anya (22) Low tolerance for those who live in the role of "victim" Anya (71) My need for control Anzi (27) Judgement, pettiness, lack of confidence a.o. (40) Indecisiveness Aoife Walsh Not being comfortable with myself. Aparajita (26) sadness & depression Apollo (58) Laziness Apos laziness Apply (30) Excessive worrying and a tendency to procrastinate in the face of such anxiety April (20) Unable to connect with others, stressful, susceptible to madness in long periods of isolation, prone to be on a constant search of meaning when there is none to be found, eternally empty April (21) Impatience AR (20) Letting even the most minuscule of events affect me personally. Ara (15) Temperamental, unfortunatly Aranneaa (19) belief in myself arctic_child (36) My mind never works as fast as I want it to, laziness Ardent (30) Procrastination, No sense of time A real phony (27) lack of tact and diplomacy Areeba (25) Bluntness, to my detriment at times. Ari (29) I do not understand everything I see. Ari temper Arianna (15) I don't let things go Ariel I feel I'm too weak to hang onto the country Ariella Bordaine: Female Protagonist (20) Fear of succeeding in something beyond my capabilities Arizona (19) staying power, fear of success. arlo (64) Coming off to strongly and not being willing to sit down, shut up, and listen Arnold Murray (42) Naivete, a lack of promoting my work. AROG not very disciplined or organized Arsh (24) looking back Arthur Lorne Lack of interest in the outside, unwillingness to work hard Artie (17) Constant frustration with the world Artie Mondello (18) Abruptness, straightforwardness Aruz Elliott (29) Inability to see my own hypocrisy's and slowness to grasp exactly how to do what I feel in my heart and soul. AS (32) Self-pity, lack of confidence, impatience. ascetic monk (51) Low self esteem and inability to ask for help when needed Asfiya Mariam (21) Lack of patience. Ash (23) In the face of a hurdle, I flunk hard before I rise up again. Ash (28) Mistrust of my intuition Ash lack of forgiving ashan (20) Lack of consistent application. Ash Bloom (27) quick temper, hasty judgment asherville (55) Not knowing when to shut up Ashley (18) Being on time Ashley (28) Lack of will power Ashley (20) not knowing who i am ashley baus (24) Lack of trust in your own talents and abilities Ashley Brazil (17) I sometimes do not feel emotion. Ashley Mannara (29) Laziness, pure and simple. Ashley Meller (26) lack of willpower, indecision ashleytheresa (20) Laziness, paranoia, fear of failure Ashwin Murali (21) Sensitivity Asi (21) impatient with intolerant people asmitchel (67) Distractions by my vices Asmund (40) not knowing what to do, feeling trapped ASN (25) Probably my speech. Assman (19) Wanderlust. Astra (19) Needy, desire to be loved for who I am Astri (36) pride Astrid Laziness. Asuka Suzuki (13) cowardice Athar (25) Lack of communication Athena Lujan (17) overbearing attitude (49) Pride Atuona (38) Hot temperment Aubrey Files (25) being too trusting Aubrey Tate (21) Lack of action Audrey (17) To feel afraid to trust in myself. Audrey Bittencourt (24) Lack of humanity in the common sense of the word. Rigid and not indulgent with other human errors. Audrey Mahone (29) impatience augustine (70) Unforgiving Auntie Em (35) Lack of patience with socializing, and wilful ignorance of the needs of whiny and entitled brats Auntie Em (27) Anticlimactic, not patient enough Aurora (32) I live in a dreamworld where I wish that the mystical worlds were real. I don't feel like I fit in with normal people. Aurora need to be perfect all the time, talking too much aussie listening Austin (19) lack of knowledge Austin Hobbs (16) Annoyance Austin Kimmell (16) i am not clever enough autumn (17) Laziness Autumn jealously and protectivness Autumn Boze (18) My innocence and understanding of the World Ava (7) Being naive that all people can change Ava (7) regard to others avecamour I tend to the Lazy Awalker I've always let my past drag me down. Axel (18) Procrastination Aya weakness of will and being always negative ayda (25) Temper, Lack of understanding Aye (22) Temper, Lack of understanding Aye (22) weakness of will, inability to confront ayem (57) Impaitence aym (30) Naiveté and lack of a stroke of brillance a young boy (91) weakness of will, self-inferiority complex, lack of confidence, insecurity, stupidity ayumi (20) stubbornness, laziness, poor follow through B (31) lack of determination B (21) Wearing my heart on my sleeve, wanting to help those that just can't be helped Babette (42) stubborness Babs jealousy Baby (32) weakness of will Bad Wolff worrying or hypocrisy baggal21 (28) Lack of understanding; weakness of will Bailey (19) Placidness Balaji Harish Iyer (20) Lack of forethought. Bald Sky (38) my mental state Bambi (17) Weakness of will Banana Hammock (30) I am afraid of other people barbara (50) Lacking an immediate self understanding of a situation; lacking wisdom for immediate use. Barbarita (21) Rust Barbielebrun Charley the beach chair (54) Poor diet Barbielebrun Garry the ghost crab (54) Over thinking Baron Von Nazzenpoppel (46) Putting up a wall. Barry Wextall (20) harsh towards lack of intuition basbas (22) the inability to say no Batgirl (23) apathy bc (22) apathy bc (22) not taking the time to understand BCQ (30) Desire to belong. BD Lack of discipline Bea (18) Pride Bea (18) Laziness Bear (49) laziness bearoid (30) Being overwhelmed by this world and by relationships Beatlhoven (47) insecurity beatricegasti (30) impatience, aversion of ugliness Beatrice Moore (30) I can't say sorry Beatriz (13) Lack of confidence Beau (28) being weak beauty (18) Arrogance and self-loathing. Becca (16) laziness Becca (17) Shortening attention span. Perfectionism and a compulsive personality Becca (21) Lack of understanding Becca (19) Anxiety Becca (20) Lack of confidence in my appearance Becca (21) When my insecurity/ies leads to fear. BeckBeck (26) contradictions, pride becks (24) Same is Proust's Becky C I think sometimes I can be too timid. I wish I was more aggressive. Bee laziness, fear of change bee (16) impatience beezer (64) Low self-esteem, laziness, and fear. beezersneezer (46) Procrastination. That crippling fear of beginning anything... And 'finishing' anything. Beka (33) being naif belita (39) shyness bella (16) My hotheaded reactions. Belle (26) Insecuirity Belu (19) Paranoia, distrust of other's motives over trivial matters. Ben A weakness in temper. I have a short fuse. Ben (23) The fear of trying new things Ben (17) Vulnerability. Ben Anger Benedict (38) Lack of trust, belief in good outcomes. Benjamin (29) Pride, poor self-control Benjamin Thomas Self-righteousness Benjamin Urrutia (61) lack of self discipline Benjo (23) being over dependent on others around me Ben Johns (21) Inconsistency of effort. Bennie (55) Humor at the misfortune of others. BennyB short tempered Ben Taylor Quick defenses Berlin (25) A paradox of pride and self-loathing Bernard Hartley (18) over all weakness Beth (20) inpatience Beth (25) Anxiety Bethann (35) Being too detail oriented. Bethany (23) Jealousy Bethany procrastination Bethany (22) Fear of failure Bethany Surreira (35) I can sometimes be selfish Beth Ellis (15) Lack of empathy. Beti (24) Stubborness Betty Usabiaga (37) Understanding myself and others. Beu Mihac (15) Impulsive Beyonce (18) Double guessing myself at times Bhakti Brophy (41) Self doubt (that's "self" with a lowercase "s"!) Bhakti Brophy (45) not very hardworking Bhargava (25) Individualism. bhbhbh laziness bhl Not caring about anything Bhole lack of the talent to convesre easily with people i barely know or have never met before Bianca (18) expectation bif regretting big dick (69) Addiction big guy (16) idleness Bijan (27) I HAVE NEVER BEEN DEFEATED BILLY (38) Laziness Billy (16) Occasionally prone to distraction BillyBobABC123zzz small head billy boy watson (3) insecuruty Biochicklet STUBBORNESS AND SHORT TEMPER BIPS (46) i think i trust people too much bismuth Quick to temper BJ (56) perfectionism blabla (37) not having confidence Blackie (20) low energy Blademan (60) My unerring need to make my point to the point of being abrasive. Blaine (21) Short temper, tunnel vision which comes off as selfishness Blair C. (29) Speaking and acting before thinking Blake (17) fear Blake (24) addiction, lateness Blake (29) Anxiety Blanca (48) stubbornness Blanca Parra (66) Worrying a lot. Blank Tae Spend too much money, care too much about looks and what I own blip52 (27) General confusion. Bliss Inthemorningdew (16) Lack of self-confidence, leading to insecurity blodot johnny (41) Oh my goodness- procrastination! Ask anyone! But mostly for me it's my worrying mental calmness that deals with things literally as they come, to an extent that I'm not even sure that I reacted. BlondShamrock (16) Coming to a reasonable balance between arrogance and modesty Blood (15) Obsession. Blue (16) Lack of followthrough, inability to realise dreams and ambitions Bluebird (27) I'm a radar-lock kind of guy. I see a goal, I don't stop until I accomplish it. Blue Harkness (16) Setting boundaries BlueOrchid (39) Laziness and lust Bluto (29) I need all the world to confirm that I am not alone. BM (20) overly passionate bmo Mistrust of others. Bob (22) He's got me again. Also, lack of empathy; shortness of temper. bob (38) Laziness Bob (32) . bob Laziness. Boba (22) irrational action bobblins Social incompetence. Bobby (22) insecurity Bobby (40) lack of confidence Bobby (21) Impetuousness bobby Being consumed by anger bobby (33) refusal to accept my lot, turning into a harpy like that damn mae Bobby Eugene a tendancy toward despodency Bobia (25) Weakness of will; gulibility boku_wa_kami (25) I speak before I act Bonky (26) I dont believe in myself enough Bonnie (15) impatience, laziness Boo (36) impatience bookloverva (58) indulgence boomalexboom Naivety, apathy, lethargy, desperation. Boris (16) Thinking badly about the ones around me. Borrie (33) Lack of self-determination Brad (17) Not thinking before I make an action Brad Connors impulsivness, arrogance brad w (35) complacency Brady (31) Lack of stress, bram-stienkt-vermeire-ja! (18) Thinking too far outside the box and forgetting essential qualities. Brandon Carter (32) Accepting the fact that one has defects on one hand an omnipotent creator on the other hand who acknowledges no blame in this imperfection Brandon Nobles (31) Quick temper Bree (23) Obsession Bree Ogden My trust in him. I should not trust him. He is a bounty hunter for the Liege. Bren (47) preguiça Brena (19) None Brenda Everett (39) I'm a loner and I don't know why I don't have a BFF. Brendalee (59) Jealousy Brendan (24) anger brent (33) Some people think it's strange that I don't speak using my own voice Brett Ferguson (42) I have none. Bri (28) Guilt and stress and living bri (17) procrastination, need to be right, perfectionism Brian (22) A short temper. Brian (37) My pride Brian (24) lack of mate Brian (50) being a worrywort Brian A. Henegar (26) lack of being able to relax. BriannaBabyFYS13 willingness to give up BriannaFYS13 (18) conflict brian S (58) Lack of will power to see through my most valued ambitions. Brick (21) Self-criticism Brinley (15) I lose control of my actions when I'm most angry. I hide it well. Bri Toro Sometimes I think I talk too much or share too much. Britta Bandit (30) I get caught between being ambitious and living in the moment. I want to be more content Brittany (25) Ignorance still Brittany Crow (28) low self-control Brittney Miller (20) Weakness of will brns fear broad (45) lack of compassion Brock Schwarzkopf (29) perfectionism Bron Blackwell (37) Sometimes I'm not mature, and make rash decisions, bad with money Brooke How easy it is to give up Brooke Virility, attention to distractions, and weakness of will Bruce Bennett (20) laziness, and rash decisions Brutus (20) Impatient Bryan (24) I know I hold myself higher than others, but I can't help it Bryan Etem (27) My inability in social situations and unwillingness to repair it. Bryan R. (21) Impatient Bryn (23) Self doubt and sarcasm Brynlea (17) I don't suffer fools gladly. Brynn (39) Lack of confidence in myself Brynn (18) Criticism can consume me and I dwell on it Brynn I do not give a second chance. Ever. Brynn Woods -Protagonist (21) impatience Bryon Springer (25) love of intoxicants other than alcohol bubby (43) I don't think about it. Buck Richardson (34) nuances buckyballs (35) My ability to resent Buddy (34) lack of confidence bug weakness of will. Bugsy That I am human and, therefore, fallible. Bulldozer (50) fear of failure bunny Self-deception Burella (61) maintaining connectedness with others Burke (47) Inability to feel emotions in a conventional sense Burnable_Material_Here (18) impatience BusyMinds EXTRA WEIGHT DUE TO EVIL SWEET TOOTH! BUTTERFLY (41) Procrastination,Mood Swings,shyness butunn (19) Not being steady Byriver Bloke (24) strong will , rightousness, quick to temper at stupidity BZ Gluttony C impatience c (21) ? C (14) Indecisiveness C (20) Lack of understanding Cabrales (18) economy of truth cacharel (37) Inability to escape a rabbithole of being angry or upset. Cade (15) inconsistency Caidy (54) Sensitivity, trepidation Cailey Pessimism Caio (18) Not working at full capacity Caitlin (19) I'm fucked. Caitlin (21) anger cakes (41) Extreme Empathy; being overly concerned with other's emotional well-being. Cal (20) Trusting too much Caleb (17) Loyalty, trustworthiness. Calla (16) love, because it is what they always use against you Callie Owens (27) Lack of real inner confidence Calvin (31) Wanting approval Cam (23) A lack of self-discipline Cameron Harvey (26) to not be able to stop reading a manga until i finish it.. Cami (14) impatience with slow or complicated change that intends improvements. Camille (52) Lack of trusting others Cammi (32) Procrastinating. Candice (23) lack of motivation, ambition Candlewycke Stubbornness Candy Willing to fight/go after the things you want Cannon (33) A lack of self-esteem Captain Crunch shy Carissa - Casey stubborn and negativity, a sense of entitlement Carla (26) lack of self-discipline carlajwms (49) I have none, I'm perfect Carla Tate (19) Too much of a perfectionist Carlie (24) Fearfulness Carlisle Sudden apathies. Carlo (26) Not finishing what has been started Carlos A. (24) Sometimes I don't understand a lot of things Carlota (16) Weakness in all its forms Carly (19) Fearfulness, shyness Carly C (27) fear Carol laziness Carol (60) distrust carolina (23) Impatience. Caroline (38) A high opinion of myself and of my own judgments of others. Caroline (25) Lack of belief in myself and my abilities. Caroline (33) Impatience Caroline Davis (19) sometimes being thin-skinned Carol Lacoss (62) Gluttony. Carolyn (18) Ultimately loving myself and wanting my children to love me more than I love them Carolyn (39) impatience Carrie I'm afraid to put myself out there-- to fully commit Carrie (44) overthinking cartike Not hearing correctly Cas (25) Weakness of will, being judgmental Casey (36) patience Cass (20) I am perfect the way I am. Cassadra (8) Lack of trust in others. Cassandra Spencer (28) I have no weakness! Cassandra Watkins (21) Procrastination Cassi Lack of listening Cassidy A lack of learning. I never really lived. I have become something of a recluse lately. And I have never loved at close quarters. Cassie (16) Unyielding desire to not fail. Cast (17) Weakness of will Cat (36) Being unfocused but always going for my goal, sometimes a little too directly Cat (24) Procrastination, stubbornness Cat (26) Jumping to conclusions, narcicism Cat selfishness, unforgiving, driven by instinct cat (20) not letting go Catalina (44) Falta de voluntad Catalina Jiménez Correa (27) having too open of a heart, not having the strength to carry on my purpose Cate (23) Ambiguity Cate (33) Too sensitive to men Catelline (26) I am easily angered and proud Catharina (22) Not as strong as I know I should be Catherine I think I'm to chubby to be a good dancer Catherine (33) I am easily made unhappy, frustrated, or annoyed. Catherine Jean I expect too much from others Catherine Mitchell Lack of willpower Cathlow Harmon (50) Not being able to do what I want when I wantN Catlin Benjamin stubborness Cat Podd (37) I have none Catrice (37) Lack of confidence at crucial times Catrina (15) lying to self sometimes Cattie Chong (26) VERY GOODWİLL CAVCAV (26) Vindictiveness Cavit Anıl Buram (28) Vacillation CC (18) Not being able to trust others CC (22) fear of change ccchnl the need of getting along well with everybody cdl (35) Not understanding maths Cee Cee (17) I'm in prison. Celeste (32) Dependence on others for answers/choices and fickleness. Celia (15) Lack of commitment, little show for affection or care. Celline Marge (18) laziness cenire (25) constantly apologizing. cerisetea (34) lack of confidence Cestmoi All seven vices, apart from greed. I'm not greedy. C face. (22) lazyness, stubborness cfm (37) I have the nagging habit of agreeing too much when I shouldn't. ch Too nice Chancelor C.J. King (19) My temperament and possessiveness Chandra Alexander (24) My lack of commitment to extra activites. Channon (45) Shyness Channy (19) Taking matters into my own hand; Fleeing in cowardice and shame. Chanter (24) Taking situations to unecessary heights Chari (21) Being to nice and giving in Charleigh lack of understanding, crappy self discipline, Charlene (17) Sensitivity Charlene (18) Impatience Charles Au Lavoie Shortness of temper CharlesB (48) laziness Charles Davis (60) selfishness Charles L Davis Jr (51) seeking perfection Charles Pybus (61) Swift to anger which can turn to killing. Charlie Fry (36) impulsiveness, conflict of selfishness and guilt charlotte (29) Self-absorbedness and vulnerability Charlotte (18) Emotional judgement, laziness. Charlotte H. (23) Fear; I'm afraid of things, like submission, vulnerability, and lions Charly Mariaan (49) Always wanting more Charmaine (25) lack of trust charosa (20) Lack of organization Chary Silva (22) keeping to myself Chauncey Character (29) incapacity to forgive and forget chay (40) Procrastination Cheche (40) fear cheeky (26) Sex drive Cheemargh (36) defensiveness chele weakness of will chelle (47) Too quick to forgive and forget. Chelsea (21) I have none. Chelsea (23) sarcasm, being too blunt Chelsea (28) I get out of the loop a lot, so I guess it would be lack of understanding in a lot of situations. Chelsea Smith (24) Procrastination and fear of the unknown Chelsea Whiting (26) Listening deficit Cheri D. lack of drive Cherie (40) Lack of empathy or tact Cherina Entena (21) Stubborness Cherish Robinson (21) Pride and impatience Cherlyn (40) Lack of intelligence and common sense, despite having a 4.8 gpa. cherry (16) Living as an adult through a childs perspective Cherub (30) not caring enough Cheryl (38) Not understanding how bad life can really be Cheryl Lack of discipline Cheryl Barnette (59) Self-loathing, lack of patients, honesty. Cheshire (22) ignorance. not having enough patience to see the whole picture chetana Fear Chi feelings of persecution chi-chi weakness Chickpea (31) Insecurity and self loathing Chico (46) none known Chief (57) A weakness for beer ChiefJ42 (44) laziness, overwhelming anxiety chiklitz76 (39) I drift off into my own dreams a little too much. Child (8) dishonesty, cowardliness Chili (17) I'm quick to anger Chinita (34) lack of will power, selfishness. chinnu (20) Weakness of will Chinnu (38) letting my anger and frustration overwhelm my good judgement Chip Griphix (35) Procrastination. Chiu Jing Hua (17) lack of emottion chloe (21) lack of patience Chloe (17) Lack of faith Chocolate Bunny (32) impatience Chonda wanting for others Choraven (32) The seemingly endless repitition of mistakes. Chris (16) laziness Chris Thin skin. Willingness to trust. The inability to hide how I feel. Chris (19) lack of attention, forgetful chris (24) Greed, sloth and gluttony Chris S. lack od seld-respect Christa (27) Too giving and at times too unsure Christabelle (29) I'm mistrustful of love. Mistrustful of my own abilities too. Christian (44) Vices such as drinking and smoking. Christian Boyanov (24) Lust Christian Soldier (33) Marrying too young Christina (26) self doubt Christina Caceres (26) Lack of will power.Lashing out. Christina Kronberg (23) Laziness Christina Tounzen Selfishness, isn't that everyone's? Christina X. (37) my anger issues christine (18) Pride Christobel (17) Fear Christobel in College (18) Ignorance. Christopher (24) Inability to see the path to greatness, despite the clarity of the goal. Christopher Blaum (37) I have a list of behavior problems, but there is only one line here. Christopher Boone Coldness; lack of understanding Christopher James Stagg (16) My sometimes volatile temper Christopher M. (31) Jealousy, unforgiving, depressive, and being used by people. Christopher Mitchell (17) too naive Christopher Ross (23) Spite Christopher Sloce (26) My inability to accept that which is not absolute and the vengance that follows christy (44) Lack of stickwithitness Christy Turner (50) Lack of stickwithitness Christy Turner (50) lack of self-control Chuck (43) Weakness of will, Lazyness, even to thoughtful? Chunky Lover Failure to accept others different beliefs Ciara (24) Weakness of will Ciara (22) Being unable to comprehend Ciera (16) confidence Cilie (50) Cynicism. Cindy i think too much and eventually too many thoughts come out of my mouth cindy (50) Taking things seriously Cindy (24) I look out for #1--this can lead to underhanded dealings and burned bridges, but the only constant in your life is you, so you have to take care of yourself first Cindy (22) Bad willpower. Cindy (50) self-pity CindyLu (58) My need to be in charge of everything Cissa Fireheart (32) Weakness of will. Ciucan (18) impatience cizz weakness of will CJN (21) A tendency to laziness. Lack of self- belief. Cla (22) My really complex confidence. Claire I once had a breakdown--postpartum they called it--and was hospitalized; I feel so ashamed even when people don't bring it up and mutter names under their breath. Claire (32) Seeming selfishness; I do not really like to talk about myself that much, I just want to be understood. Claire Bartholomew (16) trying to balance an uneven life. Claire Cullen (49) My neglect of friends. ClaireW (65) Being antisocial Clancy i'm too shy and can easily lose my patience. Clara (20) lack of patience Clara My anxiety, my hesitance and laziness to act. I think more than I should and never get to do anything. Clarence (17) Cynicism, Arrogance Clarissa (18) not knowing there real ends and delusion begins Clarisse Johnson (24) Impatience with others, especially when they just don't seem to be able to get something I'm trying to explain to them Clark Langridge (32) Emotionality Clau Lack of will; weakness of tolerance Claude (21) lack of pacience Claudia (36) Clay Douglass: Distraction Clay Douglass (34) easily being won over, vanity clazza mgee jealousy and envy Clelia Beatriz Valdez (22) fall in love to easy Cleo (17) Self loathing, fear, self destruction. clockwork (34) indecisiveness cm (57) To do or not to do, that is a question. I have to reason where others just do. cobweb (24) Intolerance CockneyKnight (48) to see the potential good in others and mistake it for an integrated quality Coco (31) frustration at ignorance, cynicism Coco (19) Indifference CocoPuff2016 (44) Weakness against addictions, laziness codered (18) weakness Cody (25) A lack of connection to my physical reality in favor of my inner realm of thoughts and contemplations. Cody Gould (17) Paralysis caused by fear of hurt and failure Col (41) Not looking hard enough before making a decision Cole (37) The ability to accept opinions not likened to mine Colin (39) Laziness. Colin (22) Forgetting to recognize what is done/achieved/improved and going directly into too sincere direct critique or criticism and suggestions on what to do Colorful (28) I am ashamed to admit this, but I love to skim off the top of the litter box when dad is not looking. Colton (27) self destruction comnomnomor (15) inpatience Connie forgetfullness Connie (24) My lack of mistreatment, rejection. Connor Stagnancy. Connor Lack of regard for others at times Connor (16) Blaming myself Connor Taylor (19) Addiction conor (34) weakness of will and lack of goals constanceeee (19) Liar Constantin (32) Lack of confidence Consuela impatience Cookie putting my head in the sand cookie procrastination, disorganization cookie (51) Lack of ability to say "no" CookieFantastic (46) being alone Cooper (16) laziness, addiction Cora (26) over-apologetic Cora (39) I'm gullible. Cora Henley (15) Being pestamistic Core (25) Being too aware of the bad things in the world. Corey Lack of confidence, sometimes motivation corinne trying to predict others Cory (22) Living in the past/future Courtney Loughlin (Courtney Loughlin) stubbornness cpaters1 (26) Impatience, and a slight fear that I'm an accident of the universe that was never meant to be cr Stubborness Craig (35) I'm too confident in my abilities to control those around me to realize I'm pushing them away. Craig (8) I would say they were physical, like my psoriasis and naturally shit eyesight. Craig Suga Biles (22) Overbearing Crimson (60) impatient cris Lack of empathy Cris I lack the ability to speak up for myself and get caught up in other's lives. Cris nervous,insecurity Crisfe (31) I want to do things the right way and get frustrated when others are irresponsible. Crishna Murray (42) too helpful Crishna Murray (43) Lazyness Cristi lack of decisiveness, inability to sympathize with others. Crystal (17) Impulsivity Crystal (32) directionless, heartless Crystal (22) I hate confrontation. Crystal (34) Caring too much csheehan (17) Too Trusting CStoney (47) nervous cuchi (40) My management of time, absence of indifference and detachment at times with people and processes. Cucks Timidity, weakness of will cucu (26) easily depressive cvelez (64) willpower, motivation cweekly too demanding, lack of self-acceptance Cyan Imsomething (28) too caring d0701 (29) lack of will in resisting temptation. Making major life decisions VERY spontaneously. Lack od planning D Judgmental D (32) Stubborness Dachary (23) I hold my ideals too close, and so miss out on much of what life has to offer. DAD Not being as strong as mom or dad...I wish I could pick them up when they needed me too Dad (42) Self-centeredness Daffy Sue Esposito (60) Illogical Daisy (27) underestimating my self Daisy (17) lack of patience Daisy concentration Dakota Swaveman (18) Inability to sustain productive effort D_Alex (46) a despairing arrogance dA member: sonicbutterfly (17) Selfishness Damien TC (36) I'm too self indulgent resulting in some laziness Dan (29) Fear of irrational behavior Dan lack of empathy, a sense of humour that allows me to joke about taboo matters Dan (20) procrastination Dan (39) inconsistent dan Lack of conficende in yourself Dan (51) Immaturity Danae (17) Not being true to self D Anderson (42) Lack of mercy Danger (16) Intolerance for stupidity. Dani (31) lack of willpower Dani (19) weakness of will Daniel (25) I am rather too reliant on structure, and do not alwayd function as well without it Daniel (16) Lack of understanding Daniel Below selective attention Danieldidit (24) laziness Daniella (27) Impulsive Daniella (28) Selfishness. Danielle (15) Frustration.. a need for silence..low tolerance for excessive noise. Danielle (35) worrying DanielleKeith (19) I'm too in touch with my emotions. Daniel Molina (20) Brashness, idealism run rampant Daniel Stephens (Character Sketch) (22) ignorance daniiii (18) Im sort of a bully Danine (48) I'm impulsive and my heart tends to rule me more than my head. DaniStory (29) Procrastination and selfishness Danny (25) Selfishness Daph (45) I talk too much and too loudly. Darbio (16) my shyness Darcy (20) Introverted Darcy Impatience Darcy (54) lack of compassion ; fall to temptation dareman (64) lack of understanding dario (21) Gullible Darlene (29) Defensiveness, Darnell laziness DashEloise (32) Lack of commitment. Dave Cresswell (46) friendlessness DaveG (39) Fear of the unknown Dave Whitaker (40) Self indulgence, Shyness towards women Davey (18) laziness or apathy or apathetic laziness. shyness and obliviousness too DaveyD (24) Laziness David (19) Lack of self confidence. David (10) intelligence David (63) Impatience David (24) a marked preference for hedonistic activities David (51) inconstancy david baiguera (35) Everyone always tells me that I'm too naive. I just believe people are good. David Dean (35) Wandering around David Del Aguila Osollo not doing more to help people who need help David E.J.A Bennett (29) fear David K (46) Maybe I'm too nice. David King (23) I am Quixotic. David ROWE (42) Procrastination David Sergio Cisneros Ardura (46) Will power, specifically with certain foods. David Thomas (60) shrewdness, not being able to comunicate my feelings in a more rational way. David Timme (19) Weakness of will David Wommack (19) Inability to appreciate others. Davie (16) The need to be loved and admired Davi Silva (21) opinionated and judgemental dawn (40) Lack of compassion Dawn Robinette (51) Stubbornness Dawson Standing up for myself. Daxion Mr. Dax Johnson (29) being too submissive Daydreamer (18) weakness of will Daydreamer (63) weakness of will Daydreamer (63) A weakness of will dbrown (24) Stubborness dcsnowbunny (25) scepticism Dd (43) Not being able to verbally communicate problems well. DD (16) Depression. A constant struggle to force my way past the anhedonia. DDG9000 (25) Criticism Dea (40) Self-absorbed, introvert. Cold and aloof when wounded. D. E. Alvis (58) Copying rather than innovating Dean (17) Lack of courage DeAndre Beck (20) I can be a jerk Deanie Stubborn and needy DeAnna Alexander (35) impatience, lack of good judgement, insecurity Deanna Sanders (44) Everyone says I got a loud mouth. Deathwalker The inability to set aside my emotions so that I am present Deb (37) letting others be in the limelight Debbie (56) Inability to commit to an emotional relationship Debbie (45) I can be too honest and too trusting. Bad combo! Debby Creech-West (43) lack of knowledge; not listening Deborah Faciane (21) generousity and loyalty Deborah S. Wilson (56) Intolerance Debster (48) None, I'm gay. Declan Cohen (35) My lack of confidence in finding and marrying my God-given Christian husband. De-De (36) sloth Dee (24) stubborness Dee (19) Weakness of will Dee I can make your defect the only thing that defines you Defeat and Doubt (antagonist) lack of patience with others DefMelon Envy Delia Nidhogg Laziness Delia Webster (80) Weakness of heart. delice_ok (21) Impatience Della Cassia Topouzian (Della Cassia Topouzian) impatience dendoo (23) Believing the best in everyone Denine (24) Forgiving, too soon. Denise 1 lack of self control Dennis (61) I procrastinate too much. (Can I give you an answer tomorrow?) Dennis Theodore (37) Laziness. denny (23) Lack of will to do good Denny Indolence, emotional weakness Densio (25) sloth and denial Derek (27) Distrust Derek (20) being a smartass Derek Ambrose (22) Can't say no to my boss Detective. Jones Anger devanand haha. Probably the fact that I don't really fit in or really to a lot of other people I guess... idk! Devon (18) Understaning, will, depression, confidence Devon Lisenby (20) laziness Dev Tucker (17) too emotional Devu (22) Chip on shoulder Dez Anger Dezirae18 OCD DH (39) in decision, believing I know best diana (52) critical nature Diana (52) Judging before understanding, white lies Diana (20) When I want something I don't get it...because I don;t have ambition at all Diana (15) lack of empathy- irritability Diana I have yet to find a principle defect. Perhaps I have made one or two rash decisions in my life. Diana Glutny. Diana Thomas - English Thursday 6pm (38) Keeping my world small Diane (53) Being a snoop Diane Stanfield (79) inability to multitask Diarre Ibrahim (22) my anger Dick Esposito When i am angry i am rude to people that talk to me or is around me. dida (14) Lack of social intelligence. Diego Miguel Danura Puyó (30) Desire of approval Dietgingerale Lack of willpower Dilip C Louis (32) Cant see the forest through the trees Dilynne (28) Weakness of will, comparing people to the standards I put myself to. Dimitar Atanasov (25) Insecurities and giving in easily. Dindin (20) Truth Dino (18) it's not motivation - it's lack of locomotion Dioji over-indulgent Diona (19) Obsessions. dionysis_dt (24) I am hot tempered and irrational in stressful situations Dirk Radman (35) I have none. Dirty Jean (86) Procrastination/laziness. Dixon Wragg negative minded Dj Arrogance dlew919 (40) Boldness dmca (38) sarcasm Doc55 (55) Arrogance Dolna (39) Being harsh, not accepting any excuses Dolores Nabokov (26) ssssss Dom the lowness of my level of Wisdom and my memory which defies my command. Dominic (17) imperceptiveness, dishonesty, anger Dominick (23) Fear of the unknown; within myself and within the world. Dominick Miller (19) easy to anger, hard to know Dominick Miller (20) Inability to understand myself. Dominick Miller (21) holding in emotions Dominique Pride and no gentleness. Dominique Lack of discipline DonAli (33) Eagerness donkeys4eva (20) overly picky Donna Falksen (69) I do not suffer fools gladly. donna obrien (54) Often petty and impulsive at any perceived slights. Will retort with something disporportionately severe. Doob Doggo (21) anger doodledoo12345 attempting to acheive perfection when that is not possible Dori (23) Stubbornness Doris (19) shy dorothy6@aol.com (50) my willpower Doryan (30) Pesimismo Dothzilla (33) no sense of direction Doubting Divorcee My passion Doug (30) nothing! Doug!! Not always being able to say, "I am sorry." Doug Lambert (65) Imperfection. Douglis (44) Selfishness, accommodating tendencies Douni laziness, cowardice, lack of focus downtime (63) laziness, dont know how to use time wisely, depend too much on feelings and emotions, not good at math, not decisive Dracontomelum (30) gullibleness Dragana (22) Cowardice, quick temper, lack of empathy. Dragontongue (22) Lack of will, a certain perfectionist attitude that makes even starting a task nearly impossible until the last possible minute Dre (17) Self-centered, narcissistic Dreamboat Annie too much planning DreamBrother (27) Mortality Dreda (23) fear Drella (26) Anger Drew (26) need for love and admiration drift I have a weakness for lamb with curds. Dr. Isaac Busafalus (53) not listening Dr. J (76) being too loyal staying in a friendship way too long Dr. Lauren Ashe caring too much Dr. Shelby Cruze - protagonist Not listening well. Dru (24) Impetuos Drucar (45) Loneliness, rumination, self-abnegation dryskel (28) i smile a lot ds (45) Innate refusal to move. D.S.de.P.Ramos Pathalogical need for approval DSo (47) Mistrust of others Duckish Lack of understanding , Ducky Hate to admit when I am wrong. Dude (49) lack of knowledge duke (18) The fact I can never see when i've gone too far and actually offended someone. Duncan Passell (17) lack of intelligenc dustxii (22) short tempered Dutchess Lack of self control. Quick tempered, paranoid and arrogant. Dutchess Naivety Dvach (18) Depression, self-loathing tendencies D.X (22) Self-critical and self-absorbed Dylan (17) My mind Dylan Adams (25) Take on too many tasks at once DZhelo (46) Lack of self esteem E (34) I don't give up E social ineptitude e (28) Indifference. E (20) Lack of confidence, overthinking E (18) unsure of myself eagleclaw (35) My temper E.A. Latham (25) Having very little self-confidence. EAR (19) over critical Earth Speck (30) Moodiness and sharp tongue Eau (45) Impatience Ed (30) worrying, weak willpower ed Laziness, inability to let go of things, need to understand everything eddiboy Consistency. Eddie (48) Hate towards people I don't even know Eddie (12) Lack of will power Eden (19) Trying too hard or overthinking and messing up; creating problems with short-sightedness Edgar Roberts (15) Desire to hide away at all times Edie (26) Weakness of will; Lack of desire Edmond Dantes (26) Being ruled by my emotions. Edouard (41) liar Eduardo (19) very poor ablility to put myself into others position, mostly feeling wise EduGri (53) I worry about what other people think about me Edward (54) I have dirty fingernails Edward Payne (44) Too much Common Sense Effie (34) weakness of will, lack of self-confidence, social difficulties to connect with others efha (23) cowardice ehk2 (30) ingen tålmodighed med langsomme mennesker og ineffektivitet EHM Laziness and my social skill. Eiichi (16) Can't say no to my wife Eilfa (28) I'm perfect Eithiel (32) personal finance, a weakness for alcohol EJ (29) My sometimes utter disregard of moderation E.Jay (21) anxiety ejb (22) Indolence El (23) delusions of grandeur el3vat0r the courage to do things on my own elay (21) lack of convincing people i can do things on my own now elay (23) lack of empathy, sympathy elay (24) shyness, lack of confidence, procrastination eldar (25) naive Eleanor (14) Procrastination, snobbery, flightiness. Elena συγχωρω ευκολα ελενη (33) weakness of will Elena Impatience. Elena Di Cesare dishonesty eleni (18) Ha ha! What is my kryptonite? Loneliness. Eleni Constantinou (20) Lack of motivation. Elexia (19) there's times where I say things before I think Elexis (18) weaknes of will and sense of inadequacy Elias (22) I take self doubt and uncertainty to healthy and unhealthy levels, yet can be stubborn when I don't understand something. Eliaz McMillan (33) denial of my social anxiety eliciabg (23) Maybe I am stubborn. Elie (16) self-doubt Elin (47) Being so sensitive Elisa (28) laziness Elisabeth (22) Addiction Elisabeth Carver lack of compassion and mistrust Elissa (22) Stubbornness and a quick temper. Elizabeth laziness, lack of self-discipline Elizabeth (25) Anger, annoyance, frustration. Elizabeth (15) weakness of will Elizabeth procrastination Elizabeth The bones of my spine did not form around my spinal chord, fluid leaked out a hole in my back, I was paralyzed, and hydrocephalus occurred. Elizabeth Diane Shaffer (0) The bones of my spine did not form around my spinal chord, fluid leaked out a hole in my back, I was paralyzed, & hydrocephalus occurred. Elizabeth Diane Shaffer (0) Social stuff/oversensitivity. Ell (23) being born Ella P. (14) yikes. so many, laziness is the worst though. ElleKay An unwillingness to confront Ellen (48) Impatience Ellen A desire to please at my own detriment. Ellen B Smiley (29) Cynicism Ellen Fitzpatrick (61) Not having a physical body Ellie (25) Anger Ellie Being my own worst enemy. Take from that what you will. Ellie_Estrella (19) procrastination Ellie Wilson (15) I am absentminded, forgetful and impulsive. Elliot self critical, stubborness, passive agressiveness, lacking the will to be mor Elliott (28) A judgmental face. Elliott Hemp (23) To be a tough judge of myself elSigno (37) do not tolerate laziness Ely (23) weakness of will/procastination Elyse (20) Binary file Em_1425616956.html matches Binary file Em_1425616956.html matches Lack of self control Em Low self-discipline Ema (18) I still care no matter how hard I try not to. Ember Winters (16) Obsessing emdonnelly7 Being weak. Not being able to walk away. emdonnelly7 self doubt Eme (18) Not expecting much from anyone. Emilee (27) weakness of will. Emilee Nightshade (19) I judge people by a moral standard to which even I cannot adhere. Emilia Blancarte Jaber I don't generally know what to do with myself Emilie (23) Lack of censoring... Too weak... Emilina (27) frustration emilio (28) Continuous procrasination, and inability to alter this fact. Emily (19) lack of confidence in the talents that have I have been given and my brain power. Emily (24) poor impulse control, poor executive function in general emily (24) I assume sometimes that certain people are not worth understanding Emily (22) Being too aggressive, competitiveness Emily (32) selfishness Emilyann (22) I can become fixated on a task and ignore the needs of those closest to me Emily Carter (37) selfishness Emily Clark (25) Fear. Emily Massey Currie (47) Letting the past ruin my future Emily Thomas (23) paranoia Emily Worrell (33) lack of discipline when it comes to seeking pleasures and minimising pain. Emma (20) morning boredom. emma (18) lack of intelligence Emma (20) it is difficult to stay strong all the time Emma (34) unfocused emma (20) Lying Emma (25) low self esteem Emma Burns (28) CAN'T LEAVE WITOUT PAW PAW EMMA MAY GREEN (14) Lack of will power. Emma McKinney Sometimes I can be to prideful and I do not communicate well. Emma Snow (16) Fear of failure. Emma Verbeck Coldness Emme (21) ennui Emmy the need to be right. Also maybe a little touch of ennui Emmy I'm probably too humble. Emperor Aisel Fei Shiang (18) Self-doubt Empyrean (17) Apathy and inertia when they arise encolpio8 (22) Too much imaginary events and friends. Endimion can not easily to let go endor Lack of empathy and tact ENEgck (56) Mood Engel (48) Isolation from the rest of the world. Enis Wanting to be perfect, wanting to touch God... Eno A. Agolli (15) Indecisiveness Enrique (21) Negativity; anxiety. Eric (15) I tend to chose the path of least resistance Eric (40) My willpower is poor when it comes to overindulgence of food and sexual deviance. Eric (37) Selfishness. Eric (19) failing Erica lack of empathy Erica (25) Impatience and weakness of will Erica (65) Apathy Erica Johnson (21) Temper Eric C. Wolfe (28) fear of failure Erich (20) An inability to stop re-thinking or re-examining. Erich (19) Temporary inability to reason analytically Erict7 Irrationality. Erik (25) Lack of honesty Erik Isaac (19) Lack of self discipline Erik Price (18) Judgemental and horrible with finances. Erin (27) Opinionated Erin (53) Cynical Erin (30) shyness Erin (20) Anger. Judgmental tendencies. Lack of critical thinking. Erin Too reliant on outside perceptions of my value Erin (46) Overthinking/Overanalyzing -- construed as Laziness! Erin (31) I'm in prison. Erskine (35) Demanding honesty from people that will never do so. Envying too much. ERZ (1) Laziness. esayer (35) lack of endurance Escalus (22) Fear. Escapism (19) a terrible lack of social skills Esmé (18) Indecisive , fear of future Esmee fidelius (54) lack of confidence ESMERELDA (50) Not having the ability to see the forest from the trees Estacia Hernandez (37) lack of willpower esteban (29) Paranoia Esteban (23) weakness of will estrella blanca stress Et (32) introvertedness Et Cetera (22) Selfishness Etha (26) Fear that I will miss out on a beneficial oppurtunity ethan (20) Quick to anger and judgement of others Ethan Mayatt (25) My quiet voice. Eureka (16) stubern Euzinha_ds (20) This is a question best posed to others about me, if you ask me I will say that I have no defects because everything I do I perceive to be a righteous action. Eva (23) Taking things too seriously Eva (16) Secretive Eva neuroticism evan ass hatch (18) No discipline Evanna (18) Lying or giving in too easily Evie (22) tardiness evilwonders (28) Selfishness. evren (16) Self-destructiveness Ezra (20) Don't spend enough time with my daughter FAA Shyness FAC (25) weakness facio (19) Tendency to get jealous Faith (17) anger fallen (24) soft-hearted, impulsive fang (30) Not trusting other humans enough (in general) Fanourios (40) impulsivity farfalla (30) Lack of self control, arrogant, hypocritical. fatgaynig (20) jealousy and touchy Fatima (19) Low self esteem Fatima (26) lack of empathy and patience fat man (33) Arrogance Fawna (19) one track mind, stubborn Fay (22) Wearing my heart on my sleve. Faye (34) Lack of self-control feanix (20) Stubborn, temperamental, tactless Fern (25) At times being too naive Fernando (31) Accepting i am not the best Fernando (31) Zero Intolerance for people with bad table manners Ferroever (43) My envy, my lack of planning and vision. fersfumero (28) Moodiness FeydRautha (46) lack of confidence Feysweetie (43) Rushing studies. Lack of time. fhickey (22) being late, procrastinating Fidjeridodu (30) Impatience Fields (19) incompetence Fielirious (34) modesty filinia (22) Impatience. final fashion (33) My trust in him. I should not trust him. I feel he has secrets. Finnegan (17) I can be a bit vain with my hats dear Finnegan Magondolovich (Long Story...) Lack of knowledge Finokio (38) Self doubt fk2005 (34) I'm quite callous about some things. FlameHorse (28) That I love overthinking everything. And by love I don't mean love. Flantasy Girl (25) I hold my felings inside me up to the point that I will explode over the littlest things flavia (13) doubt and fear Flo not interested in everybody's "story" - can't keep them all in my head Flora (69) Unrestleness. Florin-Alexandru Brănescu (16) Never knowing Flower (39) I tend to eat too much Floyd Doing things when or how I want to FlyinMonki (27) lack of motivation ForePlinger Selfishness ForSavvy Pride and a sharp tongue Fran (33) lack of strenght for the truth speaking it and hearing it and vanity Francesca (29) denial francesca (49) no patience Francesca Lack of experience Francis (18) lack of pacience Francisca Bastos (17) fear, fear to exploit my abilities and skills Francisco Aguirre (23) Tend to lose opportunities through a basic dispair and hopelessness Francisco Javier Gil Vidal (54) I heard someone say my brain was slow. I don't really know what he means, but Roland got mad and beat him up. Francis Graham (9) lack of confidence frank (57) Shortsightedness Frank (27) confidence Frankie (23) Daydreaming FrankieSmash (49) Unforgiveness Franklin Frank Anglin (32) Impatience Frank Nekrasz (25) thoughtlessness, insecurity fred (16) Not thinking I am good enough Freda (61) Short tempered Friedrich Mueller (57) Unreasonableness and a vile temper Fritha Grey Embarrassment for previous sins and lack of faith. Fritz (12) lack of motivation fumble (19) believing the best in people to a fault; forgiving too easily; not willing to compromise on things, assuming everyone is like me and wants to know more (not many people like to be corrected, it turns out.) furies (27) lack of knowing what I want and procrastination FYS13Alec (18) procrastinating FYS13Amanda (18) Laziness. FYS13Andrew Laziness FYS13Bella thick headed and oppinionated FYS13Brandon (19) don't get me started FYS13DRJ I am a people pleaser. I can't say no. FYS13Holly Lack of self-confidence and at times loss of self FYS13Michaela (18) always worried about what other think of me, influenced by others' opinions FYS13Savannah Henry (18) Not knowing my own limits FYS13Tyler (19) I'm not a social person. FYS14Caleb (22) I am anxiety girl. I jump to the worst conclusion in a single bound. FYS14Carrie Im shy and awkward FYS14Darling (18) an irritating charm marked by inexplicable cheerfulness FYS14julie lack of confidence FYS14Kelle (20) Imbalance of emotions. Constant battle with myself. FYS14Landon (18) A deflated drive to get up FYS14Serenity (19) Emotional "high-maintenance". FYS14Skylar my pessimism and my temper FYS14Taylor Reading through all material FYSHeath (18) lack of self-control. FYSMichael (18) g g Laziness G. (23) believe to know everything Gab (19) Lack of motivation and follow through Gabe (31) impatience, procrastination Gabi Short temper and lack of discipline Gabriel (28) lack of understanding, weakness of will, hate Gabriela (18) sturberness Gabriela Coelho Mesquita Teixeira Borges (26) Letting myself be hurt before others. Gabriel Gonzalez (26) Trying to make everything as convenient as possible Gabriella (17) Lack of understanding Gabrielle Hart (20) lack of compassion Gail (44) impatience. Gail Flaherty I'm too easily frustrated by some setbacks; which leads to procrastination. Gainer (52) not understanding why no one listen to him when he tries to direct them in the right direction Gaios (19) physical strength Gait (17) overun by nostalgia Galareh (23) At times I can be impatient Gamba Ajani I'm fucking stupid GarbagePailGrrrl (27) Hypocrisy. Garrett (19) Believing in people Gary H weakness of will gatetam (38) Takes awhile for me ajust to change Gator Krazy Dave Tendency to be distracted from reality by my immagination and my intellect combining in unceasingly amazing ways. Gean Whitehead III (20) Inability to tolerate low intellect or ignorance. Gemn Inability to tolerate low intellect or ignorance. Gemn disorganization Gene (51) A soft spot for those that are different Gene (24) Being artificial and quite unlike everyone else. It makes my lady rather upset that I feel this distinction; however, several others do not like that I am what I am. General Obsidian de Veyra weakness of will Genevie Self loathing and lack of confidence. Genevieve (22) Lack of wanting to learn and be enlightened. Genevieve (15) Belligerence, stupidity, unnatractiveness; u Genevieve (16) My impulsiveness Genevieve (17) Impatience and lacking self-confidence. Genie (65) melancholy Genie (58) Tendancy towards self-forgetting. GenXer2012 (39) Skimming the surface of topics. Geo (20) Intractibilty Geo (57) lack of expressing emotion George Listening deficit George Mile (35) Arrogance, aloofness George Owers (21) Weakness of will, inability to say "no", high sensitivity and big presence of fear Georgia (14) speaking without thinking Georgia (53) Lack of self-motivation Georgia (16) meekness Georgie unorgansied gg Socially inept. ghazaleh (27) Disheartened easily Ghyles (31) procrastination Ghyles (31) Lack of self-control, extreme wants Gia (21) irrationality Gianne (21) Stubbornness Giannico (40) I have no defects Gideon (30) the grudges i hold Gill (63) Self doubt Gillian Martin (40) Being in denial, an inability to be direct with others, depressive tendencies. Gina (19) Moving too quickly with my thoughts and occasionally losing people Gina (30) weakness of self discipline Ginger Thompson (50) Poor temper Ginny (47) Indecisiveness. Gionna (28) Stubbornesss Giorgia La testardaggine, i tratti paranoidi Giovanni Moro (32) An inferiority complex I got Girl You Too Rude an extremely short attention span and a tendency to fail in follow-through. Giselle (18) Mild Selfishness. Gjabrielle Erratic Gladys Mae Whitaker Procrastination Glenn Parker (24) pushing people's buttons if that is a defect Glen Reeves (37) I'm an alcoholic, with all that entails Gloria (59) weak will Gloria Heatley (58) Lack of confidence, prone to anxiety GMcG Pessimism, anxiousness goblin64 (45) weakness of will Godfrey (19) My mouthiness GoGo Patty (46) deceit Golden Boy (20) Intellectual arrogance. Gonzalo too smart goose (20) raging temper goukrish (19) always wanting to do the right thing GP (39) lack of empathy GPB (37) Order Grace (30) outspoken Grace (12) My cloak of depression that often keeps my confidence low. It is a battle that I wage every day because I know I am the opposite in my core. Grace (28) My cockiness I tend to get full of myself. Grace Cooper (20) Lack of discipline gracehoppin (23) rationalizing, Gracie (22) weakness Gracie Campbell (23) Fearfulness of trying something new or being and doing something alone Granny (81) I am often too eager to please, and also struggle with telling someone "no". Grayson Ender (28) Fear of abandonment; Lack of self-discipline greatlove (32) my ego Greg (19) caution Greg (24) weakness of will Greg (17) Apathy for things if find uselss Greg Jealousy and Envy Greg (20) inability to forgive myself Greg (53) Giving in to compulsions Greg Lytle (26) too compassionate Gregory (30) lack of patience gretel LIVING IN THE PAST, PREFERRING GHOSTS OVER THE EFFORT TO MEET NEW PEOPLE GRETTA VAN DEN BOSSCHE - OLBRACHT (86) Lack of willpower Grey hesitation gruchi (63) high expectations of myself gruffmusic (49) health; lack of knowledge/understanding of math and physics; the insufficiency of time Gtergab (50) None Guard (45) I wouldn't know. I don't have defects. Guenther how easily I am affected. guiller van mistoffellees (17) Inability to accept love from a woman Gus (18) Egoísmo Gustavo (21) Cynicism gutsyaardvark (19) not able to cope with life, being completely out of balance Guy Van Driessche (44) workaholic Gwen I am lazy Gwyneth P. (44) not patient Hadasa (19) Culpabilise easily, at times very unsure of myself Hadja (19) Enabler Hailey (34) temper and biasness Hakusha Senbon (24) Tactlessness and callousness, particularly to those more sensitive than myself. Hal (18) Impatience Hala (34) A dependance on the approval of others Haley (19) being confused and hesitating and excitable hamideh (26) Laziness Hamlet (30) Extremely understanding Hana (14) no toleration and admiration for chaos HandeG. (13) I try to do everything right, I want to make everything right Hanna (24) procrastination, lack of focus, lack of confidence Hannah (15) impatience hannah (25) anxiety and impatience hannah (16) Being too trusting and loyal. Hannah A (18) Sensitivity Hannah Chambers (24) I trust too easily Hannah Ross (20) Lazyness Hannah Suttles i seriously believe that i'm pure evil. My mind is one dangerous thing :( Hari (21) The desire for power; a need for attention. Harold E. Leighton (37) Belief in the goodness of other people. This is a failing. People are generally malignant assholes. Harold E. Leighton (40) none Harold Oberg My emotional inestability Harriet (23) I don't know (maybe that's it?) Harry (27) I probably give too much importance on how people see me Hassallah (30) carelessness Hassan (21) lack on focusing on the good Haven Everest (7) weakness and lack of confidence hawaii50 (45) too trusting Hayley I'm not a machine, I'm a person- meaning I have FLAWS not DEFECTS, you moron. Hayzeus (23) lack of confidence in my true self but you'll never catch me saying that Hazelnut (17) An inability to be honest HCE (15) impatient HEATHER (37) Morality or lack of. Heather Driussi (41) Rage, it usually blinds me from what is truly happening HeavyFire (16) self centered heider (27) Quick to get angry Heidi I am sometimes flighty. Heidi R. awkwardness and leaziness Helen (32) Lack of discipline Helen (19) Not being open Helena (18) perfectionism Helena Jenkins (20) being bossy, dreaming too big Helen Mattison Wyatt (20) unmotivationed hellgirl (19) Closing off to others Helory (22) anger helz bells (41) I think everyone is disposable, I can disconnect with anyone fairly quickly Hena Riz (34) Obsessiveness Henry (46) Existential dread at being mediocre and paralysis in the face of challenges Henry_Z (25) wanting what i can't have her (26) thoughts of my past interfering with the present Herald (71) pride herbertofwestlake (43) Lack of patience and easy frustration at what I see are others failings. Judgementalism. Hern (39) Laziness. Herod (20) a bad temper Hero Solomon (25) fear of the unknown Hestia (18) perfection Hetal (22) detachment, laziness H, Han-Jan Lack of constancy and perseverance HHP (41) Cynicism and occasionally, misanthropy Him (17) I don't pay attention to my friends feelings sometimes HimynameisAlicia (15) Anger, despair. Hira Yousuf (18) Anger and lack of understanding others HKas (28) Quick to anger HKas Overthinking Hkr (24) weak spelling H. McMillan (33) No tratar de recobrar la poca fuerza de voluntad que algún día tuve. H.Nakashima (21) Arrogance and procrastination hobbes (26) my constant paranoia hodouk (22) I need to think about that some more; once I have made up my mind, I probably won't tell... ;) Hoelder1in (51) Lazy. hoffsta lazyness holden (27) Lack of commitment Holley (39) Continually looking to the bad side of things, my lack of patience, my occasional unhappiness. holly (17) I always follow my heart Holly (22) lack of tact Holly Avery (32) alcoholism and temper Holly Pajka (28) I cannot answer because the singular of "defect". holyjkms (29) emotional hypersensitivity Hong Jay Unmotivated confusion Hooks weak willed and shy Horace pluck (54) my constant dissatisfaction Houston (19) selfishness howard (34) Sometimes i am selfish but i dont intend to be. howard (34) Laziness, pessimism, martyr/victim complex, inability to see beyond the surface Hrudaya (24) impatience huck finn (48) Think more with the heart than the brain Huda (19) a wandering mind huggybear (29) Impatience and despair, weak will and hedonism Hulot Redux I"m not good at seeing the big picture Humbugger Omlet (20) Naivety Hunter (23) lack of enthusiasm Hurricane Katrina (25) laziness Hwee (45) Lack of confidence Hwiseon Lee (24) struggle Hyldami Lack of empathy Hyosun (25) Avoidance of unpleasant realities and endeavors. Hypnos The Blade (46) will power/self control HYS (47) Weakness and lack of will. I Lazyness I Shyness; interernal illness Ian (23) Stubbornness Ian (44) Fiscal indiscipline ianplanet (47) Been told I drink and swear too much. Family's hoping me curbing it for this thing's going to be permanent. Ian Siente weak I Beg (54) My temper. Iblis Anak (22) Being candid Icis Lack of knowing me i dont know that i know (17) Self centered ness Ignats (70) A proclivity to stay in the comfort zone Igor (29) Extreme social anxiety Iilyanna My intolerance of other's shortcomings. Ika (24) Lack of humility. ile105 (23) Conceit. You don’t need to ask other people. ile105 (27) Weakness of rationality Ilija (17) Naivete Illinibeatle (44) fear IM (82) Distrust - not trusting people. Imajones procastination Imee Confidence? No . . . why shouldn't I be confident? I.M. (Imam Mahdi) (5) Inability to show much emotion, especially compassion or empathy Incognitus (23) not being able to forgive India (15) hiding from people Indrė (17) weakness of will indy (30) impatient and messy, i also have a dificult time expressing my feelings Inês (20) sloth, extremely ineloquence and ineffectiveness in human communication. inez (21) I am too direct Inkie (60) anger, fear, anxiety, laziness interestedparty too much self awareness i.p. I sometimes get shy in new situations Ireland Rose (12) Pride Irene (17) Lack of empathy, rough around the edges Irene (26) shy, i don't want to be normal Iris (18) Lack of confidence Iris (22) Horrible memory Iris Ramsey (32) My lack of learning; my stupidity; the inability to act; carelessness; and my diseased ideas. Isaac (16) lack of common sense Isaac (29) Some people would consider my distaste for authority a defect Isaac Overly trusting Isaac Lack of motivation; Bad temper; cowardice Isabel (19) Cynism Isabela (18) I like solitude, except from my best friend. Isabella Fairchild-Heart (Protagonist) (26) jealousy,rudeness,weakness Isabelle (26) Strictness Isadora Duncan (32) I am sometimes far more cautious than a situation warrants. Isas My allergy to shellfish. Isla (21) Cowardly at best, egomaniac and self-obsessed at worst Ismael Santos (20) Petulance and the inability to understand most people. Isolde (17) Lazyness, not beliving in my own abilities. Iva None, they are always changing so as none are principled enough to stop me. Iva Pasztor (20) Weakness to give people everything. Ivy (10) Can not completely get rid of my defect ivy (25) judgemental and a bot arrogant Ivy (17) Bitchiness Ivy Morgan (34) Lack of motivation Izzy (24) Fear of abandonment Izzy (30) carelessness j2a18m (43) nothing jabbar (23) being physically weak, at times Jacie Lin pessimism Jack (14) I get frustrated. Jack (33) Laziness and ignorance of said laziness Jack (17) lack of control Jack (18) Lack of will power Jack Goodman (18) An unwillingness to put myself forward. Jackie anxiety jackie (40) I think that I can be selfish and bossy sometimes. Jackie (18) too enthusiastic, expecting too much from people around me Jackie (24) Impatience Jackie Overthinking Jackie Bordeaux (31) being too emotional Jackie Cavalcante (40) Tardiness Jackie Vega (27) An open and questioning mind that is easily overwhelmed. Jackson8471 (23) Thinking I am the center of the universe. Jackson Fisher (47) being literal Jack Viper (29) Distrust of or caution towards others Jaclyn (22) Low will power JaclynM (19) how easily I am affected by loss Jacob lack of knowledge?understanding Jacob (16) getting mad easy Jacob Procrastination. Jacob Richardson (18) An inferiority complex. Jacque (24) Lack of confidence. Jacqueline (34) Rejection of authority; arrogance in the pursuit of independence. Jacqueline Garrett (38) her shyness Jade (17) Shyness Jade-a-boo (17) I love too much too hard Jade Green (30) my judgmental nature Jadelynn (24) That people want to box me to a form of conformity and I can't will myself to, otherwise I lose a bit of myself. If I could shape my mind, I would never do it. I consider that a defect; from society itself. Jae (18) Undisciplined Jafari (33) To be perfectionist Jaime (18) Laziness Jaime (28) Apathy Jake (17) Laziness, aloofness Jake (21) Classification of personalities leading me to detachment (short & long term) Jakelina Hernandez (22) Impatience. J.A. Lawrence laziness James (64) Dishonesty James (30) it hasnt killed me yet james Lust and lethargy James (19) Inability to finish what I began so many years ago James (25) do I have one? James I can't read fast enough James Too stubborn James - Dana (15) Lack of empathy (or so I'm told) James Foley (23) none James Green (29) My anger and appetite typically get me in trouble. James H (27) Lack of faith in my own abilities. James La Salandra (31) I like sex. So what. I already admitted this as a fault of mine. James Oliver North (39) Indolence jameson_welsh (22) Fear of Failure James Wake (50) laziness, an inability to see the relative ease of yes, yes, 'weakness of will'. James William Reath (21) forgive too easily Jamie (25) Lack of self-control Jamie (22) seeing good in everyone Jamie (32) lack of confidance Jamie (17) I am too serious. Jamie (32) I'm a bitch Jamie Always trying to please others Jamie Lynn Pearson (25) procrastination Jan I get hurt easily Jan (54) I am too empathetic Jan (55) Lack of perseverance, to some extent Jan (51) Introvert, very much a private person Jana (22) Tendency to be depressed, I also forgive too easily Jana (22) being too care-free Janae (17) discipline jane (41) arrogance and pride jane (20) i can't understand non-verbal cues and often have the impulse to chide people when they can least benefit from it jane fakename (25) I'm a mean girl.