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What to your mind would be the greatest of misfortunes?

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To have no love. 009 (19) adf 1 to be illiterate 50ad (17) a wasted life 513 (00) to live a life you do not appreciate 6nianji-ZHC (38) to die without having lived 80cubed (55) To miss some opportunity (a job, friend, lover, experience) for fear of asking A (19) To live without knowing beauty A To lose sense of myself A. (27) to have ended up with my dad A (26) To not use this life for self realization. A. To lose those I love A (26) To not feel as if I did what I could to make myself truly happy AA (23) I don't know. aaaaaaa (18) Alzheimer's or something similar AAAKKK To fail to redeem myself from my mistakes and shortcomings aag (22) to have never loved and lost aallisonr (30) to not have access to any simple pleasure Aaron (32) Losing my wife Aaron (26) To leave the case unsolved Aaron (35) Living in fear Aaron Guy Leroux (37) To be unsuccessful and unhappy Aarushi Agarwal (13) To have succumbed to my mania and depression instead of learning to understand myself and others in a more nuanced way. Abbie (22) The loss of my spouse who is lover, best friend, confidant, and the main reason I remember to laugh at myself Abbie Hartley To never tell Nikola that I love him Abby (26) Never to have known Betsy Abby (27) To have not had the family I do. AbbySF Never to have known my grandmother Abegando (28) To lose those that I love. Abigail Harris (10) never to realize how truly blessed I am to have the people and things in my life I have already. ABP (50) the suffering of my loved ones Abraham (41) Saying no to the will of God in the course of my life. Abs To never have loved. Acara McFadden (28) To not know Jesus ACH (23) Greatest? Loss of a loved one, someone you love. A. Clifford Stowe (81) To have never known and experienced love. Acrania (25) Ignorance Adam (22) not enjoying anything to its full potential Adam (25) Family member commiting suicide Adam (20) The end of the show Adam (29) To be betrayed by someone you love adam (16) to live a short live Adam (38) to leave the world no better Adam The greatest misfortune would be never having to see Alyssa MacMilan again for the rest of my life, although I can't stand her. Adam Braner (30) to die too soon or too late, to miss opportunities and never know better things Adam Hyde (26) Forgetting who I am. Adam McGrory (39) To hurt someone I love Addy (26) forced to follow mundane rules adieudusk unfollowed my dreams Aditya (25) They will not happen. Admiral Love (33) Not to have the people who love me Adonia (40) Not having a sanctuary to escape to. Adrian (18) to have never tuly listened to my grandfather, the wisest I know Adriana (16) never to have known my granfather Adriana (16) to have lost both parents at an early age adriana (45) Not being surprised by anything anymore. Adrian Bauza (20) To experience the greatest possible amount of suffering for all eternity. Adrian Conrad To not be able to laugh, to see, or to hear. Adrian George Nicolae (24) Killing myself Adrian Martyn (34) Disappointing my mom Adrianna (18) to do something to lose favor in the Prophet's eyes AdrianOz (45) Losing my father even earlier in life, though I find this current state to be horrible enough. Adrian Winters (17) Failing Adrienne Wilson (25) to never have known my brother Ady (22) To have died never having been sober. aetilson (41) To not have worked harder and smarter afrodite (41) choosing not to do what i really want because of my lack of will and not being loved a.g. (23) Not to have people who love me Agalloza (23) To not have lived my life as it should have been lived Agape (38) die like a pauper Agatha Kefali (45) To waste a life. Agent00V (18) Slowly burning to death in front of all your loved ones A.G. Mata (21) To be forgotten. Agnes (20) Losing all my family Agneska (20) to lose those close to me, and die alone agony (25) never to have the experience of having a close family Agreen (29) Dying now. Agu (21) to be sick, lonely and poor Agustina (27) To have remain unintroduced to the classics A Half Empty Beaker not knowing my mother or grandmother ahmad (27) my injured legs ahmad (24) Giving up Ai (21) loosing my family Aida (22) To never fall in love. Aidan (21) The loss of my daughter, my wife, or my stepson. Aidan Devlin (15) To live among the weak Aiden castration by blunt force Aiden (17) to make a living out of a means that I despise aiko (20) To never love, and not be loved in return. Ailene a lonely life aimée (22) Not having a large, Christ-like family aimee.dawson (21) Never to have loved or been loved Aisha Milburn (32) To have stayed in the same location my whole life. A.J. (27) Not meeting my soul mate or not having the one i really love AJ (18) to be forced to practice any kind of religion Ajam (21) Losing my parents and friends. Ajay (17) losing my friends and family Ajm9511 (21) to not to talk my heart out to people akansha (26) To fail to succeed. akanthe (19) To be illiterate. Akbar Shahzad (20) Never knowing my grandma Aki To be without purpose Aks (20) To have never had my beautiful children AKT (35) Not being able to prevent a friend's suicide Al (28) To have never had (my) children Al (55) to be unable to read social cues alabambino (32) Never having known true love Alan (58) To fail at what I do and become nothing in the mind of others Alan (24) Not meeting my parents Alana (20) To lose the ones I love- parents, wife- in rapid succession Alan Arkin (44) For students to continue to be allowed to disrespect their school, teachers, parents, peers, and themselves Alannah (43) The pain my father is making to me AlbaManuela (18) Never accepting who I am Alcaeus (19) slavery Alchemist (45) I'm stuck between sent to war, and not getting your golden girl. Alden Lee Klaput (18) To have never realized one's potential due to Aldonza77 (47) To be paralyzed and unable to communicate. Ale (28) Never to have had the love I experienced growing up Alecia To have no talents at all. Alecksi To become a slave forever, and/or to be forced to hurt those I care about. Aleesha (32) To never be loved madly by a beautiful woman whom I madly love Alejandro Amoretti (28) Not using its potential alek (20) Uneducated intellect. Aleksei Kotsov (63) being of average intelligence alessa (21) Not having been educated Alessandro Pian (30) meteor catastrophy Alessio Lucchini (46) To have lived a life unfulfilled, to never discover what lies beyond daily requirements Aletha Camack To kill myself. Alex To have never fallen in love Alex (22) To have never have lived as I have Alex (17) not to accomplish something great alex (38) dying feeling as if you'll never be remembered alex (23) To lose my family Alex (21) to have my grandmother or mother die doubting that i loved them Alex (23) being physically challenged and not being able to play sports Alex (17) Losing my mother Alex (32) To never do anything Alex (21) To not be able to find out the truth of my mothers disappearance Alex (16) Being surrounded by disloyalty. Not being able to count on your team. Alex to never live your dream and settle for mediocrity. alexa (28) To never have know about the Time Rock (time machine). Alexander (33) to never have met my friends Alexander (19) Never being able to achieve my true potential Alexander (30) To live without really living. Alexander Kim (19) Being helpless Alexandra (27) To be an ignorant fool. Alexandra (19) To never have a child. Alexandra (24) To have never found outlets, to have never learned, to have never found him (he knows who he is) Alexandra (18) To blindly contribute through my own actions to that which makes myself or my loved ones unhappy Alexandra (24) To never hear my son speak Alexandra (15) not having friends Alexandra Bryhter (24) To not have met him Alexandra SweetTale4u Cruz Losing all the people I love Alexandre (28) miss my chance AlexandriaHMerlin (40) being given up for adoption AlexandriaLHash (30) To lose my wife Alexandria Marshall (32) Having no imagination. alexandrine (15) To lose all knowledge of who you are Alex Armstrong (16) To lose all knowledge of who you are Alex Armstrong (16) To lose all knowledge of who you are Alex Armstrong (16) To see a huge historic event happen Alex Brooks (18) complete paraplegia Alex C. to never have know the Lord, Jesus Christ Alexis Johnson (19) To never have been born. Alex Reimann (18) If I had never came to America. AlexRTRW Getting AIDS in a time where it was a death sentence. Aley (60) Never meeting biological father. Alfonso (26) Not achieving my dreams Alfonso (28) not being able to be around (in a spiritual sense, at least) the people I love al-g (24) Poverty. Ali (37) Becoming mentally incapacitated. Ali A. Rizvi I'm not sure... Alice Losing everything I have Alice don't know who you are and always think you are the best guy in the world. Alice to not have a home Alicein1derland (27) not to have a family who cares Alicia (68) Never to have met any number of brilliant, wonderful people who have taught me much. alicja (38) To never have met the only person I have ever truly loved. Aliid The complete absence of intelligence and hope Alin (23) To die without purpose Alina (20) To end up alone and lonely. Aline Guiraudie (36) to die without being loved alipans (57) Losing the love of my life. Inability to access the science, literature, and art humans have produced over the centuries. Alishba Zarmeen (24) To have not been recognized for who I am Alison (20) To not become what you are capable of becoming Alison Martin (Alison Martin) lack of art in the world alison wonderland erectile dysfunction AliZaidi (29) To die invane AllenT. (33) Joining ib Allen Wasupan (16) imprisonment alli (49) Not learning from my mistakes Allison (33) To become clinically depressed beyond treatment. Allison (20) To have grown up uneducated and not knowing love. Allison never to live my own life allison (19) To never have read Greek literature or history Allison Jean (21) To die without ever having truly lived; to have inadvertently hurt someone without making amends; if Idiocracy actually comes true at some point ;-) Allison Jean Hazen (34) never to have found my husband alliswell (62) Live unloved, sad and alone Alma (25) Never forgiving Alma Jean Porter (70) Losing the will to continue. almavidrio (35) To allow small misfortunes to be deciding factors in the greatest matters. Altjungr (30) to seek without finding, and to die without having lived full and well altron2095 never to have learned how to play guitar Alvilda (20) If inequalities in the past continued to the present. Alx it's different everyday and i try to avoid thinking of it alya (17) Not telling Arnold that I love him Alyanna (22) Never to have loved Alyce J. not knowing happiness Alyssa to lose my mother or father Alyssa Cordova (17) To know pity or mercy or remorse. It must be so limiting. Alyssa Darkling Falling for a certain someone. Alyssa MacMillan (25) Losing my sister was. Losing myself is horrible, but not as horrible as that. Alyssa Moonchild (16) to be alone forever AM Having never been loved Amanda being poor Amanda (42) Never to have a relationship with my mother again. :( Amanda Strong (42) Not learn from your mistakes Amandine (31) To never have known Kale Amara To lose my kingdom and that is within it. Amaris (17) To not spend days investigating music. Amber (18) Same as above Amber (37) Same as above Amber (37) for someone to disapprove of me due to a misunderstanding Amber (20) Not doing things somewhat differently 15 years back Ame (37) to lose a special friend Amelia (13) To never know love or be forgiven by my brother. Amelia (18) Never to be loved. Amelia Gates (formerly Pippet) (10) Having to answer too many more questions Amelie (24) Having no past and no future. ameliowata (20) dying alone American Marxist Not to travel Americanoid (50) to have lost one of my children americanwoman (62) never have been part of my family ames (21) Never to have met Ayushi. Amit Bhaskar (21) never to have met my friends and never to have listened music ammb (29) How I have only one friend and that friend is the kitchen Amos (18) To not have been in love with each person I have been in love with. Amrita (22) to have experienced more loss of loved ones amu to be deaf Amy (33) College Amy (28) To be lacking in companionship amy (33) To have an invalid child Amy (35) Never knowing what your passion is... Amy (55) To not know God. Amy Becker; Character: Merriwether Finch (27) Regret Amy Cottington-Bray Loss of a child Amy Jo as Marge (48) Loss of a child Amy Jo as Marge (48) Never having seen my daughter grow up. Amy Martinez (20) The death of a loved one or myself Amy R. to lose people i really care about amz (16) regret. Ana (21) lose the sense in life Ana (30) changing myself for someone else--nothing could be more pathetic ana (16) to be a slave ana (34) Never to be loved by someone Ana Carolina (16) Not getting be able to do all the things I want. Analise (40) losing the man who loved me the most in this world Anam (26) Losing people I care about. Ana Marija (20) To die never having loved ANamelessWildOne (24) I dunno this is a weird question. Ananke (25) stupitdity anasonic (29) wheel of fortune ancientrobot (31) never know love Andi (28) tonever geta job in radio andraya (23) Not understanding math Andrea (16) Being regarded as ignorant, being born in a desolate or impoverished area Andrea (13) Never going back to school ANDREAADKINS (26) Forgetting those who are important to me. AndreaCoker (24) Lose the people I have loved AndreaFeliu (28) The death of people closest to me. Andreas (19) Never get to know my best friend Andrea SB (32) Missed opportunities andres007 (19) Never finding that special someone and that carrer Andrew (22) To never have known misfortune Andrew (25) Perpetual lonliness Andrew (20) Death Andrew (28) To have none of the 5 senses Andrew (22) Never to have been born. andrew (24) Lost too many people Andrew barlow (26) not being there for my kids Andrew J Ohls (33) Having someone tell me "no". Andrew Price (38) an unjust situation that you are incapable of changing Andy (25) To live in an institution forever, doped up like a zombie Andy (23) To live in an institution forever, doped up like a zombie Andy (23) losing my parents andy rayford (28) To have never met the love of my life Andy Thomas (25) being afraid to take any risk to follow my dreams ang (99) Not having someone to love or be loved by Angel losing everybody I love Angela (21) Never be loved Ângela (24) To never have known my grandparents, to have succumbed to all my fears Angela (30) To have stayed where I was/to have been born into a different family Angela (19) To lose my family Angela Estrada (20) to have never known love Angelicstar (45) losing the ppl i love angelina (26) never to have traveled the world and died. Angel Rodrigues (41) not to have lived a fulfilled life where those I have loved didn't feel to love me back. angie (29) Death of a child Ani Being 19 again Ani (22) never to go home again and to have to live in the regular world Anik (16) Never knowing my history Aniyah (19) Living an unexamined life. Anj (24) loss of sight anjali To have been born to a family with no interest in my intellectual capacity Anjel (28) Never to have met my ex husband and ex boyfriend Anjelah49 (49) Finding someone I love, dead. Anjelika (22) never to have gone threw what i already have , though painful , i learned much more then most people could ever know in a life time Ankassandra (15) Never to have known the feeling of optimism, happiness, passion and love. Anke! (17) Never to have known my parents. Ann (19) To have grown up without a family. Ann (62) An empty solitude Anna (20) For something awful to happen to my loved ones Anna (20) Failure. Anna (34) Never to have lived in the city Anna Baker (20) losing that person Anna Kalimar (18) Dying at heroic moment. Anna Maria (21) to loose people you love for insignificant reasons like war of injustice Anna-Maria Not to be able to forgive. AnnaMay (51) to never meet the man I loved. Anna O. to live a life in which one's true self is restricted, or worse, never known. Anna Stein (21) Chronic pain Ann Delaney (44) To never achieve my goals; a life unfulfilled Anne (21) to be left all alone anne (23) Never to have felt passion (for anything) Annelise (40) to cause the death of the ones you love through betrayal Anne Louise Sheldon (34) Not having the supportive family I do have Anne Patricia F (21) never to have been born Anneta to be alone forever Annie Losing my children Anniel (62) Never to make peace with my parents before they die anniezee (54) Never to have met the people I've met AnonAzure (19) To live with a conscience that the person I love will never ever love me back. anonim (18) Martial Law anon moose (19) A world without me—duh! Ansley Stevenson (16) Bad Luck Anthony (24) Not having children anthony (48) life Anthony Almeida To be alone my entire life. Anthony D C (20) If I had not have had two little girls Anthony lawhon (27) Never to have the ability for other to see the though in my mind. Anthony Scine-Sceni (42) Never to have known Lance Antoinette (21) to fail antoinette (24) The inability to have understood - or been understood - by one other. Anton (52) Not opening my eyes for beuty in the various ways we have. Antoniette (20) my mother dying Antonina (20) Have AIDS Antonio Lemos (18) Losing my health (mental and physical) Anty Never having a family of my own Anusia (34) not to have a chance to a better life Anya (22) To have no contact with nature Anya (71) To lose everything and have no one care enough to help you get it back Anzi (27) To have not met all my friends, to have lived sheltered and settled a.o. (40) The sudden death of a loved one Aoife Walsh Staying in an abusive household despite being capable of leaving, losing your whole family/support system to name a few. Aparajita (26) to be without friends Apollo (58) Self-destructivness Apos nothing as yet Apply (30) Not to have known better April (20) After all my work and my struggles, my despair, and my pain, coming face to face with God and having Him say "I never knew you." April (21) To lose the woman I loved AR (20) To fail. Ara (15) To end up alone Aranneaa (19) death of the human species arctic_child (36) To lose my father before I am ready Ardent (30) Having no imagination A real phony (27) Lack of discipline Areeba (25) Living a false life, one that isn't who I am Ari (29) To miss out on the wonders of life. To die young. Ari disappointing my father Arianna (15) to not see my little sister again Ariel If I were to lose everything Ariella Bordaine: Female Protagonist (20) To never get anywhere in life Arizona (19) To never have been head over heels in love. arlo (64) Allowing emotions to cause my family to be destroyed via divorce, thus causing the kids to live separately Arnold Murray (42) Never to have hhad a mother and father. AROG to have been Arsh (24) never to experience the kindness of worldwide traveling Arthur Lorne To lose my family and my faith Artie (17) Never to have discovered my ability to draw Artie Mondello (18) To never give miself a chance and allow others to dictate my existence Aruz Elliott (29) To lose hope for a better life. AS (32) Not praying to God. ascetic monk (51) Losing the one thing you love to a fault of your own Asfiya Mariam (21) Not having friends. Ash (23) To just exist and not live life Ash (28) To live my life according to others' wishes instead of my own Ash not being a muslim ashan (20) To die without contributing unmissable works. Ash Bloom (27) to have not known my grandmother or aunt asherville (55) Not having my mom around Ashley (18) to not appreciate every day for what it is Ashley (28) To never be loved Ashley (20) to have never met the crenshaw family ashley baus (24) To have never pursued your dreams, and to be stuck in Eugene for your lifetime Ashley Brazil (17) Losing my father or my love. Ashley Mannara (29) To settle for what's easy or expected instead of risking everything in pursuit of greatness. Ashley Meller (26) to never find my love ashleytheresa (20) To not be where I want to be. I'd end my life. Ashwin Murali (21) Dying without knowing why you were born, and unrequited love especially of the familial kind. Asi (21) the untimely death of my children and my grandchildren asmitchel (67) To cease to exist without contributing to the world Asmund (40) never to have told i love M. ASN (25) To live as though I haven't been fulfilled. Assman (19) Never knowing love. Astra (19) Depression and unbearable loneliness, to be separate from my child or love Astri (36) to lose my sense of who I am Astrid To have no friends or to have everyone around me be sad. Asuka Suzuki (13) Death of beloved Athar (25) lose my family or lose my self Athena Lujan (17) allowing another to be harmed attitude (49) Not accomplishing my goals Atuona (38) To have spent life alone Aubrey Files (25) losing many family members too soon Aubrey Tate (21) To live painfully for a long time Audrey (17) To be unconsciousness. Audrey Bittencourt (24) To be born with the incapacity of being one of the best. Audrey Mahone (29) ne pas savoir d'ou je viens augustine (70) Not having full use of my faculties or senses Auntie Em (35) When wishing for a different life, it might come true with an even worse scenario! Auntie Em (27) get something I cherish for a while and lost it again afterwards. Aurora (32) To never meet my soulmate. Aurora to not be close with my family aussie Losing everything I have worked for Austin (19) The idea of not being able to go to college Austin Hobbs (16) Not to have been with people, as loving, caring and supportive as my family and friends Austin Kimmell (16) to not find myself fully autumn (17) Losing the ability to speak/see/hear Autumn never meeting the love of my life Autumn Boze (18) To loose my Dad and go back to foster care or my Grandmother Ava (7) To lose my Dad, I've lost a great deal already Ava (7) never to have forgiven avecamour Loosing a loved one Awalker Reality can be stranger than fiction, best not to tempt fate. Axel (18) If I didn't know my family Aya condemned never to be as great a human being as my grandfather was ayda (25) To lose the ability to do something I love Aye (22) To lose the ability to do something I love Aye (22) to feel unloved and uncared for ayem (57) Loss of family member aym (30) not to be loved a young boy (91) fall into darkness & misery and unable to get out. not being able to enjoy life ayumi (20) Never meeting my spouse, never knowing that love B (31) being a prisoner of my own mind B (21) Not to know your worth, not to understand the world around you Babette (42) missing an opportunity Babs my dad never meeting my children Baby (32) to lose those who love you Bad Wolff to lose my family and friends baggal21 (28) To live my entire life with out someone knowing me. Bailey (19) Never to have known my family Balaji Harish Iyer (20) To not have educated myself. Bald Sky (38) never learning to love yourself or realizing your worth. Bambi (17) I'm sure as shit not answering this on the internet Banana Hammock (30) to be betrayed by a lover barbara (50) I'm revealed to "the world" to be as insane as the family and to be an ostracized ghost haunted with humilliation Barbarita (21) No one would love me Barbielebrun Charley the beach chair (54) Having so much sand put in my hole so that I can't get to my Cheese Nips or Combos Barbielebrun Garry the ghost crab (54) To be afraid to love Baron Von Nazzenpoppel (46) Not being able to see the world. Barry Wextall (20) to never have found true love basbas (22) not being able to help people Batgirl (23) To never find a sense of love bc (22) To never find a sense of love bc (22) to die alone BCQ (30) To never be loved. BD To waste time on things that don't matter Bea (18) Living my life to please everyone else and forgetting about myself Bea (18) Losing my home Bear (49) being diagnosed with a terminal disease bearoid (30) To never know what it's like to be with the love of my life Beatlhoven (47) to lose my freedom of choice, either by improsonment or illness beatricegasti (30) to have not had two good parents, to have never seen riches Beatrice Moore (30) mum and dad Beatriz (13) Being alone in life Beau (28) love was the graetest emotion made but man was the weakest creature made to handle it. beauty (18) To live without love. Becca (16) To neve know true happiness Becca (17) To not wish to learn about the world around you. A lack of hunger to learn. Becca (21) To never decided what to do with my life and live a half life. Becca (19) To live under the thumb of someone Becca (20) To have grown up in a restrictive environment Becca (21) To have never have known what it was like to share something with some one else. BeckBeck (26) never to have loved and to be loved becks (24) Never to have been born Becky C Probably having everyone die. Bee never to have learned to love myself and others bee (16) to have never been loved beezer (64) To wish away my children. beezersneezer (46) To lose my other half Beka (33) do as i was being told to do belita (39) never to know the truest kind of love bella (16) Never finding myself Belle (26) Being uncultured Belu (19) Reaching the end of your life and realizing you never really knew anyone. Ben This whole damn world is a misfortune. I'm glad they came. Eric has provided hope and a sense of reality for us. Ben (23) spending my youth on hedonistic behavior rather than honing my intelligence Ben (17) To be crushed. Ben To die without knowing my children Benedict (38) To have been stuck in my hometown. Benjamin (29) Eternal recurrence of a selfish life Benjamin Thomas Oy, don't ask. Benjamin Urrutia (61) losing my sense of hearing Benjo (23) To not have gone through what this life has offered me Ben Johns (21) To live in the suburbs. Bennie (55) Development of a meaningful world view. BennyB Not to live to see the Lord come Ben Taylor To not have the family I do Berlin (25) To never have been born Bernard Hartley (18) to never known love Beth (20) losing one's family Beth (25) To have never loved Bethann (35) To have never known love. Bethany (23) poverty Bethany opting out of trying new things Bethany (22) To live my life without taking risks and following my dreams. Bethany Surreira (35) Never to have known my parents Beth Ellis (15) To be old, ill, alone, poor and homeless. Beti (24) Being handicapped or blind Betty Usabiaga (37) Losing the trust of my fellow companions. Beu Mihac (15) Death of my father Beyonce (18) Bad Health Bhakti Brophy (41) To never have experienced the Self Within. Bhakti Brophy (45) Not having caring friends or parents Bhargava (25) Fate. bhbhbh to have my son die before me bhl Not being loved by all those whom i loved Bhole the lost of ones propriety Bianca (18) to be alone bif fucking up so grandly i cannot live on, surprise visit from mother big dick (69) to be suicidal big guy (16) loss of my mental abilities Bijan (27) FOR THE WORLD NEVER TO HAVE KNOWN ME BILLY (38) To waste my life being miserable Billy (16) To die without having fully loved my Tania BillyBobABC123zzz small head billy boy watson (3) drunkedness Biochicklet NEVER HAVING MET MY PATERNAL GRANFATHER BIPS (46) no food = no life bismuth Lose a child BJ (56) being ill and have no access to treatment blabla (37) never travell at all Blackie (20) cancer coming back after cure Blademan (60) Loss of memory: experiential, episodic, digital, or otherwise. Blaine (21) To have never achieved my ultimate goals; to fail as a mother Blair C. (29) Never have being born Blake (17) Losing my friends Blake (24) To have grown up where I did, and who I grew up with. Blake (29) To lose my parenta Blanca (48) To lose a loved one Blanca Parra (66) To not have been born and experience life. Blank Tae To die alone blip52 (27) Choosing the wrong faith blodot johnny (41) To have lived with regrets that could have been resolved and finding in myself, because of that, unhappiness. And also to have never known love. BlondShamrock (16) To fail those who I consider dear Blood (15) Going to war because of a broken communications emitter. Blue (16) To die with regrets of things not experienced Bluebird (27) To not know my name. Blue Harkness (16) Never to have known the love and constant support of my mother. BlueOrchid (39) To never be rid of my mother or my grandmother Bluto (29) To be utterly incapable of being happy. BM (20) seperated from my family bmo Dying young. Bob (22) I fear to say, lest my own life prove me wrong. But concentration camps have to be pretty high on the list. Or to discover that hell actually exists. bob (38) Loneliness Bob (32) , bob Failing and losing hope. Boba (22) to be unloved bobblins To have never found one who I loved. Bobby (22) to have everything I've worked for stolen and everyone I care for killed and be tortured Spanish Inquisition style for a prolonged time Bobby (40) never to have gone through all the events in my life Bobby (21) Not to be loved bobby Not getting even bobby (33) to go on living like this Bobby Eugene to be illiterate and unloved, unclaimed Bobia (25) To be brain dead boku_wa_kami (25) living in sin Bonky (26) to not have my amazing family Bonnie (15) to lose my family Boo (36) To have had a different family bookloverva (58) not being true to yourself boomalexboom Never living where I live now. Boris (16) Never to have gone through the process that I winded up with my album. Borrie (33) Never having tried to understand those closest to me, including myself Brad (17) Losing my wife Brad Connors being born someone else brad w (35) never reaching potential due to lack of effort Brady (31) Not to have any interest at all in anything. bram-stienkt-vermeire-ja! (18) Losing one of my designs. Brandon Carter (32) Never to have known my mother, father, brothers, or sisters. Brandon Nobles (31) Losing my wife Bree (23) To not know the truth Bree Ogden To return to the orphanage. I wish to be free. Bren (47) não ter a chance de conhecer os livros Brena (19) Having no power Brenda Everett (39) for me to loose my voice or my ability to think for my self. Brendalee (59) To be unloved by someone you love Brendan (24) to die without accomplishness brent (33) Lactose Intolerance Brett Ferguson (42) Not fufillinf my legacy Bri (28) Failure of any sort bri (17) a father seeing his child die Brian (22) Being homeless or blind or both. Brian (37) to hurt those I love Brian (24) never knowing my love Brian (50) to have never known my parents. Brian A. Henegar (26) not to ever have a relationship with God. BriannaBabyFYS13 being alone BriannaFYS13 (18) to be adrift brian S (58) To be forgotten in life and in the future: to have little to no influence on any person. Not to be a role model. Brick (21) To lose my baby sister to a world of poor decisions. Brinley (15) Killing someone I loved. Bri Toro To loose my loved ones and/or my freedom. Britta Bandit (30) To be in the emotional state I was at 19 Brittany (25) Never to see Livia again, in this life or the possible next Brittany Crow (28) to be in hell forever Brittney Miller (20) Live in a country in perpetual war brns being powerless and ignorant being mean broad (45) never to know what it would have been to have a life with Mackenzie Brock Schwarzkopf (29) To die alone Bron Blackwell (37) To have never have given birth to my children or met my loves Brooke Losing all that you love and thinking it to be your fault Brooke To have lost time to worthless endeavors without any positive result Bruce Bennett (20) To have never been a good son Brutus (20) My grandmother not in pain Bryan (24) This galaxy under the rule of the Xyr Bryan Etem (27) To have never made friends. Bryan R. (21) Dying alone Bryn (23) I can think of none other than never having been Brynlea (17) Never to have known my grandmother. Brynn (39) To live a life that is not fulfilling Brynn (18) To lose my independence Brynn To lose my in my cause. Brynn Woods -Protagonist (21) to lose my mind Bryon Springer (25) to have wasted my youth bubby (43) Injury. Buck Richardson (34) to have not met my darling buckyballs (35) To be homeless, jobless & alone Buddy (34) to lose a parent bug never to have picked up a book. Bugsy Not to have met my husband. Bulldozer (50) to be unknown and mediocre bunny Immortality Burella (61) to not find a lasting love Burke (47) Death Burnable_Material_Here (18) to never have met my husband BusyMinds LOSS OF HEALTH,POVERTY,SOLITUDE BUTTERFLY (41) Not being able to think. butunn (19) To be chained to myself Byriver Bloke (24) Never to have known my father or his family BZ Forced solitude C loss of opportunity c (21) never to have known my idol,and my father C (14) Never to have known where I'm from C (20) Never have found morality Cabrales (18) to have no family or friends cacharel (37) Losing someone close. Cade (15) losing my children Caidy (54) To have never left your hometown Cailey To find no love in life Caio (18) Not continuing to learn (in many senses of the word) Caitlin (19) Being deprived of nerdy leisure activities. Caitlin (21) never moving to Arizona cakes (41) To be cut-off from one's own heart and personal sense of morality. Cal (20) To never have someone truly love you Caleb (17) To have never known my parents, to have never known my sister. Calla (16) to become a monster that I hunt Callie Owens (27) To irreparably disappoint my close family Calvin (31) Losing myself in what others think Cam (23) To have failed and never asked why Cameron Harvey (26) to lose my family: they r the best thing that has happened to me Cami (14) That my parents pass away before I am ready... I know - selfish... Camille (52) Not making something of myself Cammi (32) To never leave Texas and to live an ordinary life. Candice (23) To have been born without a pretty face Candy Settling know you want more Cannon (33) Not having your life improve at some point, having the same bad luck from womb to tomb. Captain Crunch owning a cat Carissa - Casey To die or to live without realizing any of my dreams Carla (26) to live without a dog carlajwms (49) That my mother was a weak person. Carla Tate (19) To be far from God Carlie (24) To be allergic to animals Carlisle Not being able to live. Carlo (26) To have had a different life than what I did Carlos A. (24) Losing Mama and Daddy Carlota (16) To never fall in love again Carly (19) Losing everyone I love Carly C (27) Not getting my children back in my life. Carol to live in a repressive society Carol (60) having an unfair tragedy carolina (23) To feel hopeless. Caroline (38) To honestly believe that there was not one earthly reason why I existed. Caroline (25) To lose the ability to be myself and survive in the world. Caroline (33) A career ending injury Caroline Davis (19) to lose any of my friends Carol Lacoss (62) Love known only to the self. Carolyn (18) losing my firstborn after his birth Carolyn (39) to have my mother become a large presence in my life - it would be detrimental to my developement and happiness Carrie to have missed being my son's mother Carrie (44) losing... losing my mind, my voice, my hearing, the people important to me, etc cartike Not becoming a qualified nurse Cas (25) Losing my child or my husband Casey (36) Not having the parents I have Cass (20) I guess that would be someone getting an upper hand on me. Cassadra (8) Not to have my family. Cassandra Spencer (28) To never be respected. Cassandra Watkins (21) “The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page." Cassi Not having friends Cassidy To have to have a job and make money. Cassie (16) Not to have the ability to climb and stand upon aiguille Utun. Cast (17) To never have children Cat (36) To not think positive every day of my life. Cat (24) To not make a difference in the world Cat (26) Losing family Cat being born with a major phisical disorder cat (20) misfortune doesn't exist Catalina (44) being unable to complete my education Cate (23) To never fall in love and to die convinced in cynicism Cate (33) Never to have had a family Catelline (26) to gain the weight I have struggled to lose all my life Catharina (22) Never to give birth and experience the love of a mother Catherine losing the smell of my mother Catherine (33) To be deaf. Catherine Jean To not make a difference in the world Catherine Mitchell Losing a child Cathlow Harmon (50) Not being able to write or read. Catlin Benjamin a time machine traveling to the past Cat Podd (37) Death Catrice (37) To have been someone else, not to have loved the people that I do ( but of course, if i were someone else, I wouldn't know that I don't know them, right?) Catrina (15) Never to have known my parents Cattie Chong (26) Never to have known my mother or my grandmother CAVCAV (26) I have no idea...Maybe a lot of.... Cavit Anıl Buram (28) To end up alone, without children CC (18) To never have the opportunity of helping others medicaly and spirutally CC (22) loosing your life or a life of a loved one to a fatal disease too soon ccchnl being blind cdl (35) Not having money Cee Cee (17) Not to hug my children. Celeste (32) Never developing reason or knowledge. Celia (15) Never to have had wealth and privilege. Celline Marge (18) to not be able to meet my parents cenire (25) Never knowing the feeling of falling in love. cerisetea (34) not to make it to Heaven Cestmoi Be locked in hell, with a million cigarettes but not a single lighter. C face. (22) to regret cfm (37) To never have known love in any of it's forms. ch A wasted opportunity Chancelor C.J. King (19) Losing her before I've truly had her Chandra Alexander (24) Not being able to have my grandparents and parents in my life longer. Channon (45) To lose my mom Channy (19) To have never been shown love from my sisters. It was they who piqued my curiosity of the humans, which would then come my desire to be one of them. Chanter (24) To be left without a home Chari (21) To have never stepped out and done something on my own Charleigh Losing the will to live, to be human. Charlene (17) Not having my family around Charlene (18) To be lonely Charles Au Lavoie Never having the chance to see my vision realized. CharlesB (48) global warming Charles Davis (60) The death of my wife. Charles L Davis Jr (51) loss of life children, wife, family Charles Pybus (61) For all our females to die, meaning the death of our tribe. Charlie Fry (36) to have never known you are loved charlotte (29) Falling into the abysss of loneliess Charlotte (18) A wasted mind. Charlotte H. (23) To never have found a soul-mate lover, or to lose a soul-mate friend Charly Mariaan (49) No friends, broke and ugly Charmaine (25) Not being vocal about my feeligns before Chary Silva (22) not achieving my goals Chauncey Character (29) to spend the rest of my life inside the vacuum of depression and misery chay (40) to have been born a slave Cheche (40) to die alone cheeky (26) No love Cheemargh (36) to loose my children chele never to have known Michael chelle (47) Living lonely. Chelsea (21) To never know what power feels like. Chelsea (23) losing all i have Chelsea (28) Going to Hell...to be honest. As I live, though, it would be to not be loved, or to love. Chelsea Smith (24) To not live to my full potential; to lose myself Chelsea Whiting (26) Losing all that I love Cheri D. losing my mother and everything she's taught me; losing my mind Cherie (40) To be without anyone to trust Cherish Robinson (21) To never graduate from university Cherlyn (40) To have never left your hometown to travel and see new fascinating places. cherry (16) To not know who I was and what shaped myself from infancy to present-ignorant of what I was supposed to have learned Cherub (30) of having no chance to bring my grandma to travel Cheryl (38) To be poor Cheryl To be deprived of an education Cheryl Barnette (59) To have never known love, to have been dead already. Cheshire (22) not to experience joys of life chetana Being alone Chi to lose my children chi-chi to have been born as I am, in an earlier time Chickpea (31) To be unloved and unsafe Chico (46) not having my dad and mother ever Chief (57) The years spent in prison on false charges ChiefJ42 (44) losing my mom chiklitz76 (39) That I won't get to see my grandchildren grow up. Child (8) not learning how to read Chili (17) to live ashame of myself - to live a lie - to hide who or what I am Chinita (34) being trapped in yourself,living with the weight of guilts. chinnu (20) Non attractive Chinnu (38) Never getting the chance to climb back into the boxing ring Chip Griphix (35) If everyone I knew died. Chiu Jing Hua (17) adoption, as i am chloe (21) Not becoming ruler of the seventh nation Chloe (17) To be unable to forgive OR forget. Chocolate Bunny (32) To lose your health Chonda to be lost in hopelessness and alone Choraven (32) To be cursed to a livlihood lacking in contemplation and thought. Chris (16) not be able to feel Chris Never to have known my gran. She's definitely the most important woman in my life. She raised me when my mother wasn't fit to, been there for me when she wasn't. More of a second mother, than a grandparent. Chris (19) making my laziness be the reason of not being great chris (24) never leaving home Chris Glass (39) Losing the love of my parents Chris S. negative judgement Christa (27) To have never loved Christabelle (29) Tetraplegia Christian (44) Spending the rest of my life with a woman I don't love. Christian Boyanov (24) to never marry Christian Soldier (33) Failing as an artist, being forced to work 9-5 Christina (26) To lose those I love, to be alone Christina Caceres (26) Never being able to know my daughter. Christina Kronberg (23) Losing the trust and love of people around me Christina Tounzen Being responsible for ruining someone else's life with your bad decision. Christina X. (37) losing a loved one christine (18) Dying alone and depressed Christobel (17) Dying alone with everybody hating me Christobel in College (18) To never have suffered. Christopher (24) The end of the human race by unnatural causes. Christopher Blaum (37) To fail my A level maths Christopher Boone Never to have faced hardships Christopher James Stagg (16) Never to have known my grandfather Christopher M. (31) To be brought up in an ignorant way. Christopher Mitchell (17) not being there for my family Christopher Ross (23) Alienating everyone around me Christopher Sloce (26) To be forgotten christy (44) Never to have existed Christy Turner (50) Never to have existed Christy Turner (50) to lack redemption, salvation, and identity in Christ Chuck (43) To be born in another country, city, family Chunky Lover Dying unhappy Ciara (24) To not be successful Ciara (22) If I hadn't began talking to people on the internet, I'd be even stupider than I am now. That would be very unfortunate. Ciera (16) never marry Cilie (50) The answer is so hideous that I don't want to answer the question. Cindy to die having never known how to love yourself for you who are cindy (50) To live my life unhappy and miserable Cindy (24) Being known as a failure Cindy (22) To never know true happiness Cindy (50) to live a life of fear CindyLu (58) To have never met my husband Cissa Fireheart (32) To fall into a sea of despair, blindness and lethargy, to be deprived of the so longingly wished romantic contact. Ciucan (18) the death of a child cizz to not have felt love CJN (21) To be alone in a life filled with people. Claire To be cutoff from my immediate family. Claire (32) Going through life without ever having known the most tender touch of a man. Claire Bartholomew (16) Never to have children Claire Cullen (49) Harm to any of my children. ClaireW (65) Not taking chances Clancy Losing a child. Clara (20) to be in an enviornment that is ugly in all ways Clara My parents suffering because they're begging me to be satisfied. Clarence (17) To have had my grandmother give up on me. Clarissa (18) not to obtain my goal Clarisse Johnson (24) Never to have met Jason Clark Kent To live and die lonely Clau To show mery to myself Claude (21) to forget to live life Claudia (36) Clay Douglass: Living in Brussels Clay Douglass (34) to have not realised reading or the importance of intelligence in any form clazza mgee being alone Clelia Beatriz Valdez (22) not knowing your birth parents Cleo (17) To live a life that was not my own. clockwork (34) not to have had children cm (57) Loss of love when you would have had it cobweb (24) Not having more time with my grandfather and father CockneyKnight (48) To have stayed married to that man Coco (31) Those who are denied justice Coco (19) Going to hell. CocoPuff2016 (44) To not know how to read codered (18) never seeing my family Cody (25) To be loathed by a person Cody Gould (17) Never to have had my children Col (41) Didn't know you married a crazy man Cole (37) To have grown up in a society void of democracy Colin (39) The inability to change. Colin (22) Never to have felt loved Colorful (28) for my dad to find me another place to live. Colton (27) to have no senses comnomnomor (15) to lose faith and hope Connie to lost my family Connie (24) to live a life you do not appreciate. Connor To be separate from Christ. Connor To be hungry Connor (16) My family losing everything Connor Taylor (19) Death conor (34) To be under pressure in the family constanceeee (19) Refusal of creativity Constantin (32) To have not known true love and friendship Consuela losing family Cookie physical uglyness cookie to be unaware cookie (51) To be ostercized from my inner circle CookieFantastic (46) to lose my brother Cooper (16) to die before my parents Cora (26) Never being loved. Cora (39) My granddaughter going to live with my daughter in the city... Cora Henley (15) Never to have had a sister Core (25) To lose my inner zen. Corey To have never known my grandfather corinne to lose all my loved ones Cory (22) To not have none my grandfather Courtney Loughlin (Courtney Loughlin) not to have my family cpaters1 (26) To have never seen Paris in the wintertime cr To lose someone I love and be able to do nothing to help them cr (34) Letting evil men prevail Craig (35) For my last name to go exinct by not having grandchildren. Craig (8) To lose my penis. Craig Suga Biles (22) A long, terminal illness Crimson (60) not to have had any children cris To have never been known for servitude. Cris Get married later in life. Cris death of somebody you really love when it is too young Crisfe (31) Being without faith and not knowing my parents. Crishna Murray (42) Not knowing love Crishna Murray (43) To get stack in a bed paralised Cristi Dying without fulfilling one's life's wishes. Crystal (17) A world without art, without books, without beauty or nature Crystal (32) same as in Q1 Crystal (22) Allowing my mother to get this bad. Crystal (34) The Hockstoolum robbing is from our heritage after shares all that we have with them. Crystal (35) To have lived without music csheehan (17) Growing up in a broken and unloving home CStoney (47) my father´s death cuchi (40) To be rootless Cucks Never to have been born cucu (26) never experience love, compassion.. joy cvelez (64) to not be married to my husband. cweekly to lose the ability to go to school d0701 (29) to regret things I did NOT do, or did NOT try... not to dream D Never to have another dog D (32) To be ignorant & close-minded Dachary (23) to be capable of loving, and perceiving love, but never receiving it, DAD That's too scary. Next question please Dad (42) To die young Daffy Sue Esposito (60) To lose a lost one/ to be ill Daisy (27) being illiterate Daisy (17) never to be loved at all Daisy to be addicted to marijuanna, as i used to be. Dakota Swaveman (18) Personal misfortunes: Death, severe brain damage. D_Alex (46) to have been born dA member: sonicbutterfly (17) To never have tried. Damien TC (36) The perpetuation of ignorance resulting in hysteria Dan (29) Evolution failed to occur Dan dying alone with no family Dan (20) to never have been loved Dan (39) Having no purpose in life dan People turning their back on God Dan (51) Not sure Danae (17) Hurting my family D Anderson (42) No money Danger (16) To be born with the capacity for great intellect and to never actualize this aspect of yourself. Dani (31) to have no friends Dani (19) to be away from the ones i love Daniel (25) loosing my life Daniel Below To lose all loved ones Danieldidit (24) To never have loved or be loved Daniella (27) Never gaining my powers Daniella (28) To lose everything. Danielle (15) For anyone to die or miss out on a life they want but can't because of where they were born. Danielle (35) to never have love DanielleKeith (19) Never finding an intimate best friend to share a life with. Daniel Molina (20) For my love to die - I unable to protect her Daniel Stephens (Character Sketch) (22) never to help others daniiii (18) To never enjoy life before I leave this world Danine (48) Never to really know my father. DaniStory (29) To live without knowing the joy of God Danny (25) To take people for granted Daph (45) Being evil and not knowing it. Darbio (16) to be alone Darcy (20) Not have a mac Darcy To be depressed Darcy (54) To lose the love and respect of loved ones. dareman (64) to be without family dario (21) The death of my loved ones Darlene (29) Having never been in love...even if the moment was fleeting. Darnell Never to have known my mother and father. DashEloise (32) Loss of sight and hearing Dave Cresswell (46) insanity DaveG (39) Being too lazy to complete a task Dave Whitaker (40) Abandonment by my friends and loved ones Davey (18) suicide DaveyD (24) To never regain the years I've lost. Davian (alias) (32) Not being saved David (19) My family dying. David (10) being distrusted David (63) A life of banality David (24) lose my family David (51) not growing up with my paternal grandfather david baiguera (35) This is awful. My first thought was -- getting pregnant before I graduate from college. David Dean (35) Loose everyone I love David Del Aguila Osollo to have followed in my father's footsteps David E.J.A Bennett (29) Never to be able to love or grow beacause of fear. David K (46) If we all continue to harm the planet and each other in the same horrific ways we have been. David King (23) To never know Love. David ROWE (42) lack of good health David Sergio Cisneros Ardura (46) Not being able to see a sunrise. David Thomas (60) Losing my parents before establishing my own family. David Timme (19) not to simply die alone, but to be ostracized and life a life of solitude. David Wommack (19) To never know the joy of forgiveness. Davie (16) to never find soul mate dawn (40) Never becoming a Christian. Dawn Robinette (51) Never to find my sister Dawson I dont know anything about myself. No family history. No place to really call home. A messed up childhood. I could go on. Daxion Mr. Dax Johnson (29) living a life where i am totally unhappy and have no one that truly loves me Daydreamer (18) never to have loved Daydreamer (63) never to have loved Daydreamer (63) To live in the city stacked under and above people dbrown (24) not being able to love dcsnowbunny (25) to get terminally ill before my accomplishments Dd (43) Being unable to help and give to others. DD (16) For the artist to go blind, or the musician to go deaf. DDG9000 (25) To feel I am stupide Dea (40) To never love or be loved. To never have solitude. D. E. Alvis (58) A life without books, the sea, and good company Dean (17) To have lived without my mother DeAndre Beck (20) To not have my friends who accept me for who I am Deanie To have never met my husband DeAnna Alexander (35) to lose my honor, to lose all material possessions Deanna Sanders (44) Getting the flu like Ma did. Yeah, life ain't great but living's better than being under. Deathwalker To never have been able to be a mother Deb (37) losing a job Debbie (56) Never to have loved Debbie (45) To have given up on love when I had the chance! Debby Creech-West (43) Never being loved by anyone Deborah Faciane (21) Never to have made the friends I've made throughout my life Deborah S. Wilson (56) Not to work Debster (48) Heterosexuality Declan Cohen (35) For me or my kids to ruin our lives by turning away from God. De-De (36) Lose the ones I love Dee (24) to lose a family member Dee (19) Never to have suffered a broken heart after falling desperately in love. Dee Light Defeat and Doubt (antagonist) to not know my parents DefMelon Dying not in control of my mind Delia Nidhogg to lose my children Delia Webster (80) Losing the love of my life. delice_ok (21) Losing my children Della Cassia Topouzian (Della Cassia Topouzian) to not know dendoo (23) Not having been able to say goodbye to my great great aunt Denine (24) To never see my friends again. Denise 1 to lose my mental faculties Dennis (61) To die alone and unnoticed for a period of time. I'd hate for my cat to have to eat me to survive. Dennis Theodore (37) To noit being creative and be fat. denny (23) To not have the father and grandfather I have Denny Not to have discovered my passion for eco-social change Densio (25) to be devoid of thought Derek (20) never being able to get out on the ice again Derek Ambrose (22) Losing my job Detective. Jones My parents are assholes devanand Never raising above odds and remaining a failure... Devon (18) To not have the people in my life who have made me who I am. Devon Lisenby (20) to have not known my grandparents Dev Tucker (17) regret Devu (22) To lose my mind Dez Live without my momma.. Dezirae18 To never have kids DH (39) loss of vision, loss of Mom diana (52) To start growing old, rather than growing up Diana (20) The greatest misfortune?...To have no people that care about you Diana (15) not to have been raised by both my parents on our cattle ranch; to have never reconnected with the love of my life. Diana To allow the masses to rule. Diana Not having completed researching my family tree. Diana Thomas - English Thursday 6pm (38) Never to have known love Diane (53) Not to have a home,family, and friends Diane Stanfield (79) to not visit paris Diarre Ibrahim (22) to lose the respect of my children Dick Esposito To be blind or to lose one of my limbs. dida (14) Don't allow yourself to be who you really are. Diego Miguel Danura Puyó (30) Never to have struggled Dietgingerale To have had everything "work out" the way I sometimes wish it did Dilip C Louis (32) never finding the right woman Dilynne (28) To have never had my brother and mother in my life. To not have the courage to try. Dimitar Atanasov (25) Never to have loved and laughed and lived. Dindin (20) Dying Dino (18) to never know owned abilities and the lack thereof of ones never known Dioji To lose respect in myself. Diona (19) Having to make a living rather than work because you need to. dionysis_dt (24) Never to have gotten the opportunity to join the military Dirk Radman (35) Letting go my first son. Dirty Jean (86) Being tortured to death, I guess. Dixon Wragg failure in life Dj Being conned by the church dlew919 (40) To have never known love dmca (38) ironic justice Doc55 (55) loosing my child Dolna (39) Not having been looked upon while asleep by a man in full wonder Dolores Nabokov (26) ssssss Dom To be tortured and forget the Comforter that stands withing me. Dominic (17) To be aware of misfortune Dominick (23) To never have met the one's I love. Dominick Miller (19) The death of an innocent Dominick Miller (20) To never feel love. Dominick Miller (21) o never know my grandmother Dominique To be abandoned sick in an hospital bed, among strangers and ignorant doctors. Dominique Never having had my child DonAli (33) To feel as though understand everything; that there is nothing more to learn donkeys4eva (20) to lose my husband and children and grandchildren all at once Donna Falksen (69) To lose your friends or those who love you unconditionally donna obrien (54) Never having known my good pal Benny Madden. Lord knows what kind of a total faggot I would have been today had I not known him. Doob Doggo (21) losing people i love doodledoo12345 to lose the solidarity of my family. Dori (23) To never have another soul understand me or my thoughts Doris (19) losing my dad dorothy6@aol.com (50) to become human again Doryan (30) No tener alguien en quien confiar, familia Dothzilla (33) dying alone Doubting Divorcee Having missed anything that made me the person I am today. Doug (30) To suck Doug!! Not to have experienced the excitement, thrill and sense of discovery through travel. Doug Lambert (65) Shallowness. Douglis (44) To have different parents. Douni if we don't turn the tide in politics and climate downtime (63) losing the one you love, not be able to turn back time Dracontomelum (30) to have been born in a different family Dragana (22) Going to Hell. Dragontongue (22) To not have loved or ever been loved Dre (17) If something happened to my animal companions and I couldn't help them Dreamboat Annie lack of freedom (of mind and body) DreamBrother (27) The present circumstances. Dreda (23) to be too afraid to try Drella (26) To be imprisoned for a crime I didnt commit Drew (26) To become a blithering idiot! Dr. Isaac Busafalus (53) i can't imagine what this would be Dr. J (76) to lose my kids Dr. Lauren Ashe to be alone Dr. Shelby Cruze - protagonist To never be great. Dru (24) A second stroke turning me in a potted plant for forty years. Drucar (45) Sacrificing my authentic desires for the sake of habit. dryskel (28) not to smile ds (45) To be a hangman. D.S.de.P.Ramos To lose all ability to communicate but maintain the desire DSo (47) Never to have known true love Duckish Not having a family Ducky Pushing the right woman away by being too proud and arrogant. Dude (49) Never to have any parents duke (18) Never falling in love. Duncan Passell (17) never study hard dustxii (22) failing Dutchess Failing to make father proud. Dutchess Losing my best friend Dvach (18) To have never loved yet. D.X (22) To never have met Amy, my beloved Dylan (17) Letting just one of them get me Dylan Adams (25) never having served in the military DZhelo (46) To never truly live E absence of free will e (28) Lack of access to basic human needs and resources that can be used to better oneself. E (20) Not allowing myself to change E (18) never getting the chance to see my father see me as an adult eagleclaw (35) To know anymore that furthers the distance I now feel toward every passer-by on the street and those who also carry my surname E.A. Latham (25) Losing all of my loved ones and never finding my place in life. EAR (19) to have no limb Earth Speck (30) For Donald Trump to become president Eau (45) death Ed (30) poverty, mental illness, disability ed to not have had the opportunities to do things such as learn, travel aka to have lived a boring unfulfilled eddiboy Losing my mother. Eddie (48) To fail my son Eddie (12) Murder Eden (19) Not knowing how to end torturous pain, and having to learn from it for the first time Edgar Roberts (15) Never being able to die Edie (26) Not to find the path (not the end) Edmond Dantes (26) To be jailed, enslaved and tortured. Edouard (41) lose my loved ones Eduardo (19) dont think theres a geratest misfortune, all depends on the moment EduGri (53) To live with regrets Edward (54) to lose my mom and dad Edward Payne (44) To have too much Common Sense Effie (34) To find no purpose and no love in one's lifetime efha (23) to live a long, dull, tough, painful life ehk2 (30) Aldrig at have fået børn eller ikke at have kendt mine forældre EHM Never to have known existentialism. Eiichi (16) Never having met my wife Eilfa (28) Losing to the fools who know nothing of the world Eithiel (32) the bomb EJ (29) To remain stagnant, mentally or emotionally E.Jay (21) dying a virgin, never having smoked a cigarette ejb (22) To have failed at any stage of my schooling El (23) to be unable to walk el3vat0r Ignorance.. being too indecisive elay (21) ignorance elay (23) to have lived in this timeline, but that's something you can't change elay (24) waste my life eldar (25) hatred Eleanor (14) An existence devoid of beauty Electryo (15) To be deprived of music and literature and humour. Elena να μην κανω παιδια ελενη (33) Being unfair Elena A lucid mind in a failing body. Elena Di Cesare losing the ones i love eleni (18) Never to have known my Mum. Eleni Constantinou (20) Not having had the friends and mother that I do. Elexia (19) being uneducated Elexis (18) Never having to known my mother and father Elias (22) Never really knowing one's self or one's own mind, being blown haphazardly with the wind of the environment one's in and lacking the ability or freedom to be one's self. Eliaz McMillan (33) to loose my job and my dreams eliciabg (23) Entering in the middle of a movie. Elie (16) to die Elin (47) Dying before I’ve experienced everything I’d like to Elisa (28) loneliness Elisabeth (22) Never to have had children Elisabeth Carver To not have my twin Elissa (22) To never have known my mother and to have stayed homeschooled rather than switched to public school. Elizabeth to have a childhood so warped, it destroys all chance of happiness in later life, so that your whole existence is futile Elizabeth (25) Never pursuing my dreams. Elizabeth (15) The loss of my mother Elizabeth to never have been a mother Elizabeth Never to have lived a productive life nor to have grown up with my brothers. Elizabeth Diane Shaffer (0) Never to have lived a productive life, never to have spoken, and never to have grown up with my brothers. Elizabeth Diane Shaffer (0) To do something that would make my friends hate me. Ell (23) to get lost Ella P. (14) to not live as full a life as one can ElleKay To never have learned to read. Ellen To never be free. Ellen B Smiley (29) When it happens, I will know Ellen Fitzpatrick (61) To never touch Ellie again Ellie (25) Poor health Ellie Never to have met him. Never to have felt what I have felt, for I now know what is possible. Ellie_Estrella (19) to not have an education Ellie Wilson (15) To be entirely alone. Elliot Never speaking to the girl I was interested in, never really saying the words I needed Elliott (28) To have no-one in the world who is able to understand you. Elliott Hemp (23) To live without a purpose elSigno (37) To grow up without my father Ely (23) to not learn everything that i can learn, to not love to my greatest extent Elyse (20) Binary file Em_1425616956.html matches Binary file Em_1425616956.html matches To die young Em Never to have known my grandmother/to be taken advantage of/to lose trust in someone Ema (18) If my daughter has a life anything like mine. Ember Winters (16) To never have met my papa. emdonnelly7 To be abandoned by her family. emdonnelly7 to never fulfill my destiny Eme (18) Not knowing my brother well enough. Emilee (27) The end of the Nephilim. The demons of this world taking over. Emilee Nightshade (19) to be an unhappy person Emilie (23) Never to grow confidence and to not use my gifts to their utmost potential. Emilina (27) cultural facism emilio (28) If it turned out that Barack Obama was actually just like Bush Emillia (16) The loss of all the people I cherish. Living forever alone from them would be heart-breaking. Emily (19) to never try. Emily (24) to have been an only child emily (24) I was thinking about this recently - to accidentally kill someone with your car Emily (22) To not live up to my greatest potential Emily (32) to be deaf, blind, or paralyzed Emilyann (22) To never reach my full potential Emily Carter (37) to not have a family Emily Clark (25) Not to be loved by anyone. Emily Massey Currie (47) The abuse my family went through at the hands of my father Emily Thomas (23) the unintelligent taking over the Earth Emily Worrell (33) to never fall in love Emma (20) the loss of one of my possesions; either a loved one, a trait or skill. emma (18) to lose my mother Emma (20) to lose my children. Parents should never bury their children. Emma (34) dying ordinary emma (20) Being alone Emma (25) to never know love Emma Burns (28) TO NEVR BE LOVED OR HAVE A FAMILY OF MY OWN. LIKE I AM NOW. CAN'T GET WORST THEN DIS. EMMA MAY GREEN (14) To never have known my grandmother before her mind crumpled. Emma McKinney To never fall in love. Emma Snow (16) Loss of all I love. Emma Verbeck To lose my mother Emme (21) waste the life I've been given through laziness Emmy wasting my life by doing nothing substantials. No experiences to speak of, no contributions worth noting. Emmy To have not been too afraid to take risks. Missed chances and irrevocable actions. Emperor Aisel Fei Shiang (18) Losing the ones you love the most in this world. Empyrean (17) True abscense of hope encolpio8 (22) Being still alive and EXPERIENCING the feeling of my own funeral, ground put over my yet breathing body by someone ..once immensely adored family member Endimion to know you are still alive endor Never to have been a mother and grandmother ENEgck (56) Blindness Engel (48) Never to have started writing. Enis As i said, not being able to create or to be created Eno A. Agolli (15) Never my father see the greatest of my works-- either my writing, my plays my music. Enrique (21) To be stuck in one place for eternity; stagnation. Eric (15) to remain alone Eric (40) To lose everything and everyone I love. Eric (37) To have never experienced passionate feeling. Eric (19) losing what i believe Erica not achieving any important goal Erica (25) Never to have met my mystic teacher Erica (65) Dying having done nothing notable Erica Johnson (21) To have never tried. Eric C. Wolfe (28) to be alone Erich (20) To lose the ability to think critically. Erich (19) To be destined to cause more harm than help Erict7 Not saying goodbye to my paternal grandmother. Erik (25) To never question things Erik Isaac (19) To live and die alone Erik Price (18) Not finding anyone to love that loves you back. Erin (27) Unhappiness Erin (53) Losing my job Erin (30) to never love or be loved Erin (20) To live in vapid bliss. Erin Never to have lived out one's potential Erin (31) Not to hug my children. Erskine (35) Lose everything and not be able do to anything about it. ERZ (1) Not having freedom. esayer (35) To be stripped from my fantasy Escalus (22) To lose the person I love most. Escapism (19) for the human race never to improve past this point. Esmé (18) To know your future misfortune Esmee fidelius (54) to die without realising potential ESMERELDA (50) To die before raising children until age of 31 Estacia Hernandez (37) dying without having spent time with one's true love esteban (29) Becoming a murderer Esteban (23) to loose my beloved estrella blanca death of a loved one or abuse of a child Et (32) Never knowing love. Et Cetera (22) Not to have had the courage to pursue what I truly love Etha (26) Being lonely ethan (20) To lose all contact with my friends and family forever Ethan Mayatt (25) Having someone close to me die. Eureka (16) another world war Euzinha_ds (20) To die outside of combat. Eva (23) To have not tried Eva (16) Losing my friends Eva too many to choose from evan ass hatch (18) Another war Evanna (18) Not having my brother or sister in my life Evie (22) Going slowly but inevitably into madness evilwonders (28) To never make anyone smile or have anyone return the favor. evren (16) As an old person, to look back and see that nothing has changed. Ezra (20) Losing my child FAA the loss of my cousin facio (19) To feel lonely Faith (17) Never to have known my grand father fallen (24) not to have enjoyed life/lived on one’s own terms fang (30) To believe that all is futile Fanourios (40) blindness farfalla (30) To struggle for so much and lose it all right before completion. fatgaynig (20) to be illiterate ... without nice appearance and without money Fatima (19) To die without hope of entering Paradise Fatima (26) never to have loved or be loved fat man (33) Not making it into the Queen's royal army. I've been training my whole life for this. Fawna (19) To never know what it feels like to fall in love Fay (22) If I never took a chance and left New York. Faye (34) Poverty feanix (20) Not knowing God Fern (25) Regret of not doing an action or making a choice Fernando (31) Not knowing what it is to be the best Fernando (31) To die before I've sailed across the South Pacific Ferroever (43) Not having the opportunity of changing my path. fersfumero (28) The human race destroying this planet through its stupidity and greed FeydRautha (46) to lose all hope Feysweetie (43) Losing both your well being and relations at the same time. fhickey (22) suffering from depression Fidjeridodu (30) To look back at the end of my life and find I had taken the path I did not want to take. Fields (19) to not live a live worth living Fielirious (34) not being as cute as I am filinia (22) To be discouraged by a parent. final fashion (33) To return to the orphanage. Finnegan (17) To never have known love or beauty Finnegan Magondolovich (Long Story...) realizing what you have lost Finokio (38) To be disabled fk2005 (34) Getting your testicles smashed by a sledgehammer, right before you lose your virginity. FlameHorse (28) Regret. Flantasy Girl (25) To never have experienced pure emotional happiness at the hands of a spouse flavia (13) not living the experiences i have Flo for my children or grandchildren to suffer anything (not achievable, I know) Flora (69) The lost of my love - Andreea. Florin-Alexandru Brănescu (16) Being alone Flower (39) A world without music. Floyd Losing my grandfather FlyinMonki (27) To have never traveled. ForePlinger When everyone who loves you has passed away ForSavvy To be shallow Fran (33) to never have children Francesca (29) not rising above the fray, again and again and again francesca (49) epic failure and losing everything Francesca Missed opportunities Francis (18) not knowing what music and art in general is. Francisca Bastos (17) Never to make my parents feel serenity for my life performance Francisco Aguirre (23) Never to love Francisco Javier Gil Vidal (54) Being all alone Francis Graham (9) to live this life over frank (57) To have someone suffer while watching me die Frank (27) To gain power and then be forced to relinquish it Frankie (23) Losing everybody and everything in an earthquake FrankieSmash (49) For a person who needs something and is presented what the person needs and he or she not taking advantage of the opportunity Franklin Frank Anglin (32) Locked In Syndrome Frank Nekrasz (25) to miss a chance at love, or to change the world. Which are closer than they might appear. fred (16) Not adopting my son Freda (61) Being misunderstood Friedrich Mueller (57) Uselessness, helplessness Fritha Grey To fail my family. Fritz (12) To be the cause of a tragedy that could have been prevented fumble (19) never to have moved to new york. furies (27) Never to have known my family and my current girlfriend FYS13Alec (18) not having the techonology we do today FYS13Amanda (18) Having my parents not be in my life. FYS13Andrew Never to have known my family FYS13Bella To never have had the family and friends that I have, currently, and will have in my life. FYS13Michaela (18) for no one to care about me FYS13Savannah Henry (18) Never to have known my mother FYS13Tyler (19) To be born without senses or in different circumstances. FYS14Caleb (22) To give up on a dream before trying to attain it. FYS14Carrie To not have the people I have today in my life. FYS14Erica (19) to live longer than my son FYS14julie Never to have known love.the kind you cant help but wake up and smile about. FYS14Kelle (20) Going to Hell. Thats some scary stuff. FYS14Landon (18) To never have the urge to learn. FYS14Mikaela (19) To have been born any later than the year I was FYS14Serenity (19) The inevitable loss of a loved one. FYS14Skylar to never have been born FYS14Taylor being homeless FYS breont (19) Not knowing my parents FYSHeath (18) To die alone. FYSMichael (18) g g Failure G. (23) live with no love or art expression Gab (19) To be homeless Gabe (31) being destitute and unloved Gabi To be hated by the ones you love Gabriel (28) not being born Gabriela (18) to go through life not being loved Gabriela Coelho Mesquita Teixeira Borges (26) Death. Gabriel Gonzalez (26) Losing my younger siblings Gabriella (17) To never have met my soulmate Gabrielle Hart (20) not getting to know God Gail (44) to never have struggled. Gail Flaherty A 9 to 5 automaton-like job with a picket-fence existence in the suburbs. Gainer (52) Not getting Agape to stop saving Alcaeus Gaios (19) losing all my magic Gait (17) if I were the only living organism on the planet. Galareh (23) Not being made a vampire Gamba Ajani Having nowhere to go GarbagePailGrrrl (27) To never be loved. Garrett (19) To have never known my daddy. Gary H to never know love or be loved in return gatetam (38) not as much I did in past Gator Krazy Dave muerte hijo gavalia (46) To make no mark on either the world, humanity, or both. Gean Whitehead III (20) To have lived a life that was in any way different to the one I have Gemn To have lived a life that was in any way different to the one I have Gemn to not have a family Gene (51) To be just another soul Gene (24) To never have experienced the opportunity to "live". General Obsidian de Veyra Having done nothing to help those in need Genevie To be homeless. Genevieve (22) If I hadn't had to work for the important things. Genevieve (15) Losing my sister Genevieve (17) Never to have come to know myself and the I AM that I AM. Genie (65) not to have known my son Genie (58) To be anyone other than me. GenXer2012 (39) To never have laughed like I have laughed. Geo (20) Alzheimers Geo (57) Having no imagination George Not trying to succeed George Mile (35) To never have my affection/love for another person reciprocated George Owers (21) To have all my beloved ones dying around me and me staying alive Georgia (14) being misunderstood or misrepresented Georgia (53) To never be loved Georgia (16) never to have had children Georgie To die at the hands of another gg To have lived a meaningless, mundane existence signifying nothing. ghazaleh (27) Grew up in Algeria and not coming to France Ghyles (31) growing up in algeria and not moving to france Ghyles (31) To lose my lover Gia (21) limitations associated with my gender Gianne (21) Not knowing who I am and where I came from Giannico (40) That human learn their true purpose Gideon (30) to let ten years pass me by Gill (63) To lose any of my close family Gillian Martin (40) Never to have listened to good music. Gina (19) Poor health Gina (30) to have no loved ones Ginger Thompson (50) To make amends for hurting those I love Ginny (47) To not reach my ideals because of fear and shame of nothing. Gionna (28) Being alive without ever having lived Giorgia Ritrovarmi solo, capirlo nitidamente e non essere in grado di accettare Giovanni Moro (32) To become immortal Girl You Too Rude naivete. Giselle (18) Living a dull life I didn't imagine. Gjabrielle To lose my love ones Gladys Mae Whitaker Losing my hands, being unable to perform simple everyday tasks Glenn Parker (24) being left alone Glen Reeves (37) burying my daughter Gloria (59) low self-esteem and self-indulgence Gloria Heatley (58) Losing my memories GMcG To have my marbles but be trapped in a useless body goblin64 (45) to be ignorant Godfrey (19) Losing my home. GoGo Patty (46) dying a child Golden Boy (20) Outliving my family. Gonzalo the end of my existence goose (20) to be cheated by the one I love goukrish (19) for my son to not have a mother GP (39) inability to understand other cultures GPB (37) Never to know true love Grace (30) if my mother died. Grace (12) To lose out on life and experiences due to fear. Grace (28) Our coven dying out. Grace Cooper (20) To be consumed by hatred towards oneself and the world gracehoppin (23) never to have known my family Gracie (22) To lose my family and friends Gracie Campbell (23) To have never had the love of a mother Granny (81) To be trapped in this town for forever. Grayson Ender (28) My mother or father, or child, dying greatlove (32) losing my immediate family Greg (19) to be raised beligerent or easily satisfied Greg (24) Never being aware of things I missed Greg I am to focused on tomorrow not to enhoy today Greg (20) to lose my family Greg (53) To die alone Greg Lytle (26) to be poor Gregory (30) to spend the rest of my life alone gretel AH THIS HURTS MY HEART - LOSING A CHILD THEN LOSING MARTA WAS THE GREATEST OF MISFORTUNES. I WOULD HAVE LOVED TO HAVE BEEN A MOTHER FOR LONGER THAN 5 DAYS. GRETTA VAN DEN BOSSCHE - OLBRACHT (86) To have loved my father before he left us Grey the lost of my beloved ones gruchi (63) loneliness gruffmusic (49) not having a happy childhood; if my parents were arrested or persecuted while I was a child Gtergab (50) To lose my status of wealth and power Guard (45) Failing in my mission to cleanse the world of the unworthy Guenther to forget everything. guiller van mistoffellees (17) Seperated from my family Gus (18) Não ter nascido Gustavo (21) To die alone gutsyaardvark (19) to live without ever knowing music Guy Van Driessche (44) to be unable to practice medicine Gwen having no money Gwyneth P. (44) never met my grandfather Hadasa (19) Losing dramatically a loved one Hadja (19) To have never met Petra Hailey (34) to choose between two things that's of equal importance to me Hakusha Senbon (24) To die before living. Hal (18) To not know your mother Hala (34) To never have loved Haley (19) lack of money,never to spend time with family as much as enough hamideh (26) Never being loved Hamlet (30) Never been born Hana (14) Never to be born HandeG. (13) A life without love Hanna (24) To miss out on love due to your own insecurities. Hannah (15) not doing all i can when i am actually able to hannah (25) to have never known the arts hannah (16) Losing myself on the path to finding myself. Hannah A (18) Losing everyone you love. Hannah Chambers (24) I have never been close to my family as we are very different Hannah Ross (20) Never to have known my mom, my mamaw or my papaw Hannah Suttles To die alone Hardhatminer (29) growing up Hari (21) Not having been brought up in the Bible Belt... ah, a pandora's box the Baptist church has been to me. I owe them for leading me to Judaism, among other things unmentionable here. Harold E. Leighton (37) Conforming to the ideals of those around me. Harold E. Leighton (40) to fail the great trial Harold Oberg Desperation Harriet (23) Jeff dying Harry (27) To not try Hassallah (30) to never be with the person i love. Hassan (21) letting my deceived parents down Haven Everest (7) to have never met my best friend hawaii50 (45) not knowing your real family Hayley An eternity of surveys. Hayzeus (23) being stuck in my werewolf form forever Hazelnut (17) To be accused of transgressions I did not commit HCE (15) to have never known unconditional love HEATHER (37) To die as an assassin and not as a man Heather Driussi (41) The death of my brother HeavyFire (16) going back to my birthplace heider (27) That my dad died too soon Heidi Never to have met my friend Debra. Heidi R. Losing the ones one loves Helen (32) To never find love Helen (19) To find out that everything I believe in was a lie Helena (18) To not be able to think and to learn Helena Jenkins (20) to die unhappy and unexperienced Helen Mattison Wyatt (20) to never be loved hellgirl (19) For my past to come into my present Helory (22) to not be resileint helz bells (41) To die with what ifs Hena Riz (34) Terminal Cancer Henry (46) To meekly accept mediocrity and enjoy it Henry_Z (25) never to have met him her (26) to have never regained my faith Herald (71) never to have loved herbertofwestlake (43) Losing my son. Hern (39) Dying without a face, having accomplished nothing. Herod (20) being an idiot Hero Solomon (25) loss of family Hestia (18) no money and education Hetal (22) not to know a parent, never to have a sibling. H, Han-Jan To not have mattered HHP (41) Living a life devoid of knowledge and friendship Him (17) Not knowing Alicia/Hannah HimynameisAlicia (15) Never to have lived up to my potential. Hira Yousuf (18) To waste my life doing nothing HKas (28) To watch my family die and be alone HKas To not understand my father Hkr (24) To never have known unconditional love H. McMillan (33) Perder a todos aquellos que amas. H.Nakashima (21) Regretting my decisions hobbes (26) being afraid of taking chances in life hodouk (22) To lose those I love Hoelder1in (51) Having the fortune to be immortal, yet the misfortune of not being able to die until the entire universe is done and dead. hoffsta to be without hope holden (27) to never see my children Holley (39) Never getting the courage to accept that learning is a beautiful things and wasting my talent. holly (17) To be unable to achieve what ever i wished Holly (22) To be unemployed, sick and unloved Holly Avery (32) no more sports Holly Pajka (28) When I cannot think. holyjkms (29) being blind Hong Jay Taking people for granted..sadness..looking down on oneself..hopelessness Hooks to lose ones children Horace pluck (54) to stay here forever Houston (19) burning howard (34) Burning alive would be the worst thing ever. howard (34) Never having known how it is to be in love Hrudaya (24) to die forgotten and alone huck finn (48) To not be me Huda (19) having never forgiven my father huggybear (29) To lose my mind Hulot Redux Wheelchair Humbugger Omlet (20) To have not been born in to such a blessed life Hunter (23) capitalism already controls the world... there is no greater calamity than capitalism. Hurricane Katrina (25) not able to do what i enjoy most Hwee (45) Atom bombs in Japan Hwiseon Lee (24) continuing as I am Hyldami Living a life unfulfilled Hyosun (25) to never have fully realized my great potential, never to have loved or been loved, never to have had secret and joyful scandals. Hypnos The Blade (46) not knowing Jesus HYS (47) To not have been given the gift of a listener. I Dying alone and forgotten. I Loss of everything, physical and spiritual. Ian (23) Hopelessness Ian (44) Any disability , physical or mental ianplanet (47) Death, in general. That or slavery. Ian Siente to never be loved - including physical love I Beg (54) Damnation. Iblis Anak (22) Losing a close family member Icis Never be loved , never be free i dont know that i know (17) Death of my children Ignats (70) Living a life devoid of good people Igor (29) To be asked to lead Iilyanna To never have known love. Ika (24) To not have friends. ile105 (23) Being alone in the world. ile105 (27) Never to love someone unconditionally Ilija (17) Letting go of my occupational dream Illinibeatle (44) loss of a child or grandchild IM (82) Being homeless Imajones not being able to be experience motherhood Imee The minute chance that all that I have come to deliver to the world of men should fail . . . I.M. (Imam Mahdi) (5) Be lost in life Incognitus (23) losing my mother before I can get her some help India (15) Never to learn how to write Indrė (17) to be alone indy (30) lose my mom and grandparents young Inês (20) eternal seperations with my mother (it must occur twice). inez (21) Not to partake fully in what life brings Inkie (60) That even though I have been given every opportunity, I will never truly reach my potential interestedparty not succeding in my choices, or not being supported. i.p. To lose my family or friends without being able to say goodbye Ireland Rose (12) To die mediocre Irene (17) To have never had my mother in my life Irene (26) not living here and now Iris (18) Being taken advantage of by someone I trust Iris (22) a death in my family Iris Ramsey (32) To have loved and lost. To destroy myself. Isaac (16) never to have met samantha Isaac (29) To have no sense of purpose and no freedom Isaac To have no sense of purpose Isaac Dying without living. Isabel (19) To lose all the knowledge I've acquired Isabela (18) For my step-father to not be punished for what he has done. Isabella Fairchild-Heart (Protagonist) (26) to have a lifelong illness Isabelle (26) To loose those that I love Isadora Duncan (32) To bring dishonor to my family and my ancestors. Isas Dying before cashing in a winning lotto slip. Isla (21) Being born and raised anywhere else, other than Miami Ismael Santos (20) To be trapped eternally. Isolde (17) To let your life passes, without really try to achieve your goals and leave your mark. Iva heartbreak, from which I don't know how to heal. Iva Pasztor (20) My family to never really understanding me. Ivy (10) im Contented ivy (25) Rising to my full potential Ivy (17) Attack on US soil Ivy Morgan (34) To have lost my parents early Izzy (24) The death of a loved one Izzy (17) Growing up without my mom. Izzy (30) to lose my children j2a18m (43) to be paralized jabbar (23) to not use full potential and savor every moment Jacie Lin Alreaddy happened Jack (14) Just thinking about one of my kids dying...kills me. I'm nauseous just thinking abou tit. Jack (33) Accomplish great things only to self destruct Jack (17) The death of my mother Jack (18) Being rich Jack Goodman (18) to loose custody of my son jackie (40) Anything that took my mom away before death at an old age. She's my world. Jackie (18) begging in the streets Jackie (24) If anything happened to my son, I would be devastated Jackie Loss of mental control Jackie Bordeaux (31) never to have loved someone Jackie Cavalcante (40) Losing someone without expressing how much you care about them or how special they are to you. Jackie Vega (27) To lose my family, my wife, and the people I love. Jackson8471 (23) The disappearance of my children. Jackson Fisher (47) realising your faults just before you die Jack Viper (29) Loss of a loved one Jaclyn (22) Never having an opportunity for greatness JaclynM (19) To never have taken a leap of faith and boarded the tain Jacob never to have known my parents, lack of technology. Jacob (16) not to have had the dad i do. or have a dad that cares so much like mine does Jacob To have been a child of conventional parenthood. Jacob Richardson (18) To be useless and inferior. Jacque (24) Loss of Intellectual Capacity and Personality. Jacqueline (34) To have been born male, or to have been born meek. For that matter, to have been born both. Jacqueline Garrett (38) To hurt those she cares for Jade (17) Meeting certain people Jade-a-boo (17) to never have love or be loved Jade Green (30) to go through life not loving my fellow man because of something they themselves have no power of; that in itself is quite unfortunate Jadelynn (24) To die without influencing good towards the world. Jae (18) Not accomplishing anything with my life Jafari (33) Never to have known my grandmother or grandfather Jaime (18) Never to have known my mother Jaime (28) To give up or not try due to apathy Jake (17) To not have met my most important of friends Jake (21) A life of emotional solitude. Jakelina Hernandez (22) Life without love or laughter. Though I'm not sure you can have one without the other. J.A. Lawrence to be lost James (64) To be alone James (30) To turn from gods grace. James (19) To never have vengeance on those that have wronged me James (25) losing my job James Ending the world a second time James Not being able to achieve your dreams James - Dana (15) Not knowing my great joy James Foley (23) without love James Green (29) Not having control over my own actions James H (27) To have never lived at all. James La Salandra (31) Being disbarred. James Oliver North (39) To have never known love jameson_welsh (22) Never knowing where I come frome James Wake (50) had i never have met her James William Reath (21) Never having met my husband Jamie (25) not being able to live up to my own words Jamie (32) to not have a family that supports you Jamie (17) The loss of a child or wife. The opportunities lost. Jamie (32) The loss of loved ones Jamie Giving Up Jamie Lynn Pearson (25) Not to have been surrounded by encouraging, loving people. Jan Never to have had children Jan (54) Not to be able to have children. Jan (55) To be a permanent slave of one's own cravings and desires Jan (51) To live a boring life Jana (22) To live a boring life Jana (22) to never known the beauty of life, and all the good things that really come with it. Janae (17) close mindedness jane (41) to be a useless and incompetent person jane (20) blindness jane fakename (25) To not play softball in college