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Where would you like to live?

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A metropolitan with four seasons and wonderful people. 009 (19) In Italy. 0Miles (16) 1 1 in the discworld 3endy (50) in the discworld 3endy (50) near the ocean 50ad (17) Right here 513 (00) By water 808s Olympus 80cubed (55) In a city with great public transportation A (19) Germany, of course, the fun part of Berlin A Everywhere A. (27) not in this apartment A (26) A simple home in an abundance of nature. A. Canada A (26) In the countryside of New Zealand AA (23) England. aaaaaaa (18) A city with great food and culture or in nature AAAKKK In a cozy house in the woods aag (22) London aallisonr (30) white sands, blue waters, sun all the time and hot latin men Aaron (32) Anywhere with a positive vibe, green but urban. Aaron (16) in the city or close to a beach in a house with a good size yard Aaron Somewhere with legal cannabis, single payer healthcare, and an otherwise low cost of living Aaron (26) Rural areas away from the city in peace Aaron (35) In a state of utter freedom adorned with a strong community Aaron Guy Leroux (37) A place which is clean, has good weather, well paying jobs, and good people Aarushi Agarwal (13) in a beachouse aatishthefish (10) Across the street from the Hostel I stayed at in Indianapolis, with a lush tree to read under and a clean well-stocked kitchen. Abbie (22) The Wasatch Valley Abbie Hartley In a small cottage in Europe. Abby (26) In the French countryside Abby (27) Both in the country and the city. AbbySF In the mountains abc (28) in Montana Abegando (28) Somewhere in the country, away from everything. I want to live a simple life. Abigail Harris (10) In a place with slightly more room, slightly less clutter, and more happiness, less worry. ABP (50) away from the city and close to nature Abraham (41) In a home with character that is located in a safe but not too remote location with people I love. Abs Florida AC (18) Scon are a wanderer, everywhere is me 'um. Acara McFadden (28) I would like to live in a moderate climate, maybe near a beach, perhaps the ocean, with a little land where I can putter and grow things, and have a donkey. A Caring Tea (51) hot chicas' land Accba (21) Somewhere where everyone I care about is in one place. ACH (23) Where I am is good enough. A. Clifford Stowe (81) Within the shadow of my own contentment. That, or New York City. Acrania (25) In the Wilderness Adam (22) in the country side, near a mountain, lake, and forest Adam (25) New Zealand, for landscape Adam (20) Anywhere that will accept me Adam (29) Where my family is adam (16) in a mansion in the country Adam (38) with my brother Adam I want to live in my original hometown. Atlanta is nothing like Chicago. Adam Braner (30) Where friends are, in a city Adam Hyde (26) In a world where diseases do not exist. Adam McGrory (39) Lake Forest, IL Adam Seline (30) By the sea. Addy (26) Italy's countryside adiade (25) a town in China in mountain area with stream or river adieudusk at peace preferably Aditya (25) Your enemies will use this information to bait you. Admiral Love (33) Where everyone enjoys equal rights Adonia (40) High enough up to see everything, and hear nothing. Adrian (18) a place where it always snows and smells like the streets of Paris Adriana (16) new york or paris Adriana (16) In a cottage facing the sea and with a backyard facing a forest adriana (45) england Adriana Somewhere secluded enough to be at peace, but close enough to people not to lose the grasp of humanity. Adrian Bauza (20) Somewhere hearty, clean, accessible, lively, timeless, and American. Adrian Conrad In a country without corruption, politicians, and dumb people. Adrian George Nicolae (24) Planet Earth Adrian Martyn (34) Where I am happy Adrianna (18) In Happiness Adrianna (18) in the land promised to me by Allah AdrianOz (45) Somewhere happy and away from this orphanage. Adrian Winters (17) i like where i live Adrienne Wilson (25) In Filey in yorkshire Ady (22) Where I live currently - small town in Ohio aetilson (41) Tallahassee, FL. It is the perfect mix of town and country afrodite (41) somewhere near or in the middle of a field of yellow flowers a.g. (23) in the place where money is not the case agagagaga (24) Somewhere in the country Agalloza (23) In a civilized place, where respect is had for every human being, regardless of sex, gender, of race. Agape (38) Cape Cod Agatha Kefali (45) I'm fine, just where I am. Agent00V (18) Madrid o París Aggie White In a quiet place not too distant from the city A.G. Mata (21) In my own world full of my dreams Agnes (43) A city where there's lots to do and lots to eat. Agnes (20) Canada Agneska (20) Fallon, Nv the unsettled country agony (25) England Agreen (29) Somewhere far away from here, where people are able to relate to one another without any games. Agu (21) everywhere Agustina (27) In a villa on an Umbrian hilltop A Half Empty Beaker away from people, in an old house in country side. ahmad (27) Somewhere peaceful and screams Nature! Ai (21) In a country blessed by god Aida (22) New York Aidan (21) I have roots in Scotland, so I think I'd like it there. Aidan Devlin (15) In a world that is mine Aiden Japan aiko (20) an idealised version of central Europe. aimée (22) In a small town where it rains more than average aimee.dawson (21) Somewhere tropical year-round Aisha Milburn (32) where i can be happy all the time aishu (14) Somewhere I call "home." A.J. (27) In Korea, or anywhere Dong Young Bae wants AJ (18) somewhere where I would feel free Ajam (21) Eastern suburbs are nice. Ajay (17) New Jersey Ajm9511 (21) where there is liberty and honest people around akansha (26) In a large house, preferably a rural area, with not many people around. akanthe (19) On the edge of a great wilderness. Akbar Shahzad (20) In a place where I am comfortable Aki In the countryside Aks (20) On a hill top with cool breezes daily in the country, just outside the city AKT (35) Vermont Al (28) Chittenden County, Vermont Al (55) in Spain Al (42) in a temporate semi-forested hill country alabambino (32) New Zealand Alan (58) Somewhere peaceful, glamorous, and very chic Alan (14) in a lovely city Alan (14) In a place where knowledge and the path in front of you are clear Alan (24) New York City Alana (20) Nowhere different than where I am living now in a place where Im minutes from water and minutes from forests Alan Arkin (44) Exactly where I am Alannah (43) New York AlbaManuela (18) In the world Albertine (29) On a island Albertine the sea, Atlantis Alcaeus (19) away from noise polution with lots of natural beauty Alchemist (45) My old home where space was plenty, and people slept at night. Alden Lee Klaput (18) Where seldom is heard a discouraging word... Aldonza77 (47) In Italy. Ale (28) Where my passion flourishes Alecia Inside my head. Alecksi Away from Phreak camps, out in the wildnerness Aleesha (32) In a[n at least seemingly infinite] library Alejandro Amoretti (28) Where peoples use their potential alek (20) Among thoughtful, creative, appreciative people Aleksei Kotsov (63) somewhere in which i can be happy being myself with lots of nature and my cat alessa (21) On sea-side city, in a socially advanced country Alessandro Pian (30) brasil Alessio Lucchini (46) A cottage in the woods surrounded by nature. Aletha Camack Paradise (that would be a place with a lot of peace and quiet, prefferably not very populated). Alex In several places Alex (22) France Alex (17) Chill country Alex (20) near a beach alex (38) anywhere but here alex (23) Vienna, Austria Alex (17) At home Alex (21) where people live comfortably and in harmony Alex (23) someplace with a warm summer but a solid winter Alex (17) Bucharest Alex (32) Scotland, specifically Edinburgh. Alex (21) In a big city Alex (16) With my family Alex I would like to live in Spain. alexa (28) Alaska, where it is still kinda cool. Alexander (33) Somewhere off in Norwegian Alexander (19) The country Alexander (30) Somewhere quiet, where I can smell the mountain air and hear birds singing Alexander Kim (19) Close with my family, close to the ocean, in a place where I can speak and think freely Alexandra (27) I don't know if I'll ever have the answer to that question. I do not mean that in a wistful way. Alexandra (19) Everywhere. Alexandra (24) In a house with many bookshelves. Alexandra (18) Europe Alexandra (15) Somewhere with few neighbors to complain, where the only visitors are expected. Alexandra (24) On an island far away where my son could be himself Alexandra (15) cottage by a lake on the edge of a forest a proper forest Alexandra Bryhter (24) Paris Alexandra Campbell (26) Anywhere there is adventure Alexandra SweetTale4u Cruz In a sunny place Alexandre (28) in spirit AlexandriaHMerlin (40) Hawaii AlexandriaLHash (30) Wherever I can be at peace Alexandria Marshall (32) In a small town with hills of orange plantations, with a view on ocean from my library windows, in a house surrounded by wild flowers. alexandrine (15) In a big house on the ocean Alex Armstrong (16) In a big house on the ocean Alex Armstrong (16) In a big house on the ocean Alex Armstrong (16) Hawaii Alex Brooks (18) in a liberal area on the shore of a crystal clear lagoon/bay in Hawaii close to a big city Alex C. A nice cabin on a nice peaceful lake, close to town but not too many people close to your house. Alexis (17) A home, whether it be a great deal away from where I am now, I will always regard the place with teh people I love as where I belong. Alexis Johnson (19) Chicago Alex Reimann (18) In Wyoming, my final resting place. AlexRTRW Iziba, Spaid or in Geneva, Switzerland Aley (60) In a fast paced city Alfonso (26) Forks, Washington State Alfonso (28) outside of the words on these pages Alfreda Hitchthorn (45) wherever I can find happiness al-g (24) In USA Ali (37) Toronto. New York City. Ali A. Rizvi Everywhere; if possible? Alice A bustling city Alice A city like Washington DC in North Carolina Alicein1derland (27) on a farm, near a hippy town Alice of Duxford any country without violence Alicia (68) Wherever I am loved. alicja (38) Somewhere beautiful. Ogunquit, Maine, perhaps. Maybe Paris. Aliid In a great civilisation, between elites. Alin (23) In the beach in Florida. Or on the internet. Alina Somewhere happy Alina (20) I would like to live near the people I love, wherever that is. Aline Guiraudie (36) Ireland alipans (57) Vancouver. Alishba Zarmeen (24) A country of peace, in which our differences mean joy not terror Alison (20) Oman Alison Martin (Alison Martin) someplace warmer alison wonderland Far from the madding crowd AliZaidi (29) America, South of France, Holland, or Virginia seasonally AllenT. (33) near a small forest, by a town Allen Wasupan (16) Italy alli (49) In a desert by the sea Allison (33) New York City Allison (20) Wherever pleased me in the moment. I need all four seasons. Allison japan allison (19) Brauron, Greece (outside of Athens) Allison Jean (21) In the woods, by water with good shelling, walking distance to a major city. Allison Jean Hazen (34) spain alliswell (62) In my country, but in a quiet place Alma (25) California. Or Samso Island, Denmark. almavidrio (35) A land which permits one to live off it. Altjungr (30) In the land of reverie wherein dwells all inner music altron2095 in some old, small town with countryside near by Alvilda (20) In Utopia, of equality and liberty,. Alx in peace Aly (17) a cozy apartment in a metropolitan area with a nice view of the city alya (17) Norway maybe (still debatable) Alyanna (22) On a beach Alyce J. in walking distance from a museum Alyssa Colorado Alyssa Cordova (17) In all the nightmares. Alyssa Darkling Anywhere is fine with me. Alyssa MacMillan (25) Someplace cool and green. Alyssa Moonchild (16) near the ocean, but close enough to a small city AM my home, oklahoma amanda (27) Paradise Amanda (23) In reality Amanda canada Amanda (42) In the south, Florida or Louisiana AmandaFYS13 (18) I would like to live in England, France, or Germany Amanda Strong (42) In Montreal, on a mountain, with a goat farm. Amandine (31) I would like to live in Ireland Amara In my castle Amaris (17) In Denver for like ever. Amayah (17) Here, in Denver where I've always lived. Amayah Munoz (17) Far away. Amber (18) In a city with history and culture Amber (37) In a city with history and culture Amber (37) Fully in any room where I am at that moment Amber (38) Italy Amber (20) Anywhere I guess, where I can be happy with my family peacefully.... Ame (37) some where warm Amelia (13) In the country or on an island Amelia (18) Somewhere big. I just want my own room. Amelia Gates (formerly Pippet) (10) Where ever single men looking to settle down are. Don't Say Alaska, too cold. Amelie (24) Japan American Marxist America or Ireland Americanoid (50) near the water, preferably the ocean where I live now. americanwoman (62) england ames (21) Delhi Amit Bhaskar (21) near a lake or the sea ammb (29) California Amos (18) In a place where we can understand each other without having to speak. Amrita (22) in a small town in New England amu In a participatory society Amy (30) On my own ranch, self-sufficient, enough land to live on Amy (33) cybertron amy (14) I dunno Amy (28) In the mountains amy (33) In a house in London Amy (35) The Dordogne valley in southern France <3 Amy (55) Paris. I've never been, but always imagined it to be very romantic and mysterious. Amy Becker; Character: Merriwether Finch (27) On my own island Amy Cottington-Bray Anywhere in Italy Amy Jo as Marge (48) Anywhere in Italy Amy Jo as Marge (48) Close to my daughter Amy Martinez (20) In a big city with plenty of people and cultures, but one that is not too hot or too cold Amy R. spain amz (16) amongst books, in a farmhouse overlooking mountains and the oceans . Ana (21) In Porto, where people are very warm and loving. Ana (30) by the sea ana (16) in a country with honest people ana (34) In some cold country. Like the UK Ana Carolina (16) Anywhere but here. Analise (40) with the man of my dreams Anam (26) I don't know, somewhere where I wouldn't have to worry about the future. Ana Marija (20) Somewhere warm ANamelessWildOne (24) Alpine climate, cabin in the woods. Conversely a high rise in a city with good internet and cheap bars Ananke (25) Utopia anasonic (29) Paris, London, New York Anastasia (18) on a space pirate ship able to traverse vast distances easily with adequate life support ancientrobot (31) colorado Andi (28) california andraya (23) San Diego Andre Somewhere peaceful, in the country surrounded by books, music and friends Andrea (16) A liberal, artsy community. Paris, preferably. Andrea (13) Near the ocean ANDREAADKINS (26) In an metropolitan area that is near forest or sea. AndreaCoker (24) In the mountains, by a lake AndreaFeliu (28) In a place I can be happy, productive, and comfortable. In a place I enjoy. Andreas (19) New York City Andrea SB (32) California andres007 (19) Central Florida a place that is fun Andres (19) In the city, right in the filth of humanity, or in the country, away from humanity. Andrew (23) I would love to live all over the world. i don't like to be in one place. Andrew (22) Chicago Illinois Andrew (25) In the grip of conflict Andrew (20) Manhattan Andrew (28) In the country of the Ideal, or, rather, of my ideal (stole from proust) Scotland would be great if it wasn't cold. Andrew (22) Everywhere in this universe at once. andrew (24) New York Andrew barlow (26) Europe Andrew J Ohls (33) In the city. Andrew Price (38) Utopia Andy (25) Somewhere with a strong forward thinking society who cares about their neighbour. Andy (23) A small house on one of the local islands Andy (23) A small house on one of the local islands Andy (23) Near the water andy rayford (28) In the country Andy Thomas (25) in Eden ang (99) In Ibiza Angel (13) Near the sea Angel In a cottage on the French countryside, in mountains in Greece, and around Mount Bonnell in Austin Angela (21) California Angela (34) I like where I live Ângela (24) In the country. Angela (30) Amid bright life Angela (19) An area that is safe and inexpensive but beautiful Angela Estrada (20) Paris Angela McAdams Edinburgh Scotland Angelicstar (45) where i can be independent, safe and loved angelina (26) Barbados Angelo Navarette (18) No where for too long. Angel Rodrigues (41) in the city in the hustle and bustle of real life angie (29) In Utopia,- where i'll be completely FREE angiece (18) In a city Ani With my equal Ani (22) here Anick (99) In my tree house in Ayashe. Anik (16) Where I can help others grow and heal. Aniyah (19) Where it's all winter or raining. Anj (24) the mountains of new mexico anjali somewhere warm, slow-paced, with lots of trees, rivers and streams, a retreat, somewhere that always feels safe Anjel (28) California or New York. Anjelah49 (49) In a beautiful sleek modern home with wood floors and lots of natural light, in the countryside somewhere in Europe, with snow capped mountains in my backyard and lots of wildflowers. Anjelika (22) in a small european village in the middle of a large forest , where there is always discovery and adventure. Ankassandra (15) Ina country where all are treated as human beings or as individuals with their own dignity. Ann (19) In the present. Ann (62) a secluded Scottish manse Ann (50) In Neverland Anna (20) In a state of grace and honesty. Anna (22) Somewhere without a winter and with warm breezes Anna (20) i would like to live in New York Anna (13) In every country of the world. I can't choose one if I haven't visited them all first. Anna (16) Where I was created. Anna (34) In the city, with lots of people Anna Baker (20) Japan, or Paris Anna Kalimar (18) In place that is at peace and close to nature. Warm, cozy, with everything I need. Anna Maria (21) in my dreams Anna-Maria My 360° Universe AnnaMay (51) in the heart of the earth. Anna O. someplace scenic, isolated, and extrinsic yet culturally rich Anna Stein (21) Overlooking a deserted beach in California Ann Delaney (44) Suomenlinna Anne (21) anywhere I feel home anne (23) Maggie Valley, N.C. USA Anne Farquharson (78) Somewhere where I can see the ocean Annelise (40) near the mountains and a river (with a screened and lit gazebo near the house) Anne Louise Sheldon (34) I want to live by my family but I'd love to live in a city in Europe with little cafes and super smart people to talk to. Anne Patricia F (21) Near multitudes of Oceans Anneta warm with a beach nearby Annie In the mountains of Colorado and beside the ocean in Hawaii Anniel (62) near the ocean anniezee (54) Somewhere where I will be at peace AnonAzure (19) I would like to live not. anonim (18) here's good anon moose (19) exactly half way between total isolation from and total immersion into the world anonymiad (15) The Hollywood hills in a huge mansion. Ansley Stevenson (16) A sweet little neighborhood with someone I love. Anthony (23) Orlando Anthony (24) Califronia, the Bay area anthony (48) life Anthony Almeida New York. Anthony D C (20) Right where I am Anthony lawhon (27) Anyplace that I can survive and learn among the good of people Anthony Scine-Sceni (42) in a place of happiness antoinette (24) In a place where human rights are passionately championed and justice is seen to be done Anton (52) In the countryside, in a nice farm. Or, in the seaside. Antoniette (20) somewhere where it never rains Antonina (20) Portugal Antonio Lemos (18) Where I live now, America Anty Wicklow mountains Anusia (34) warm country Anya (22) In a small settled colony in the North Atlantic. Anya (71) here anything In the countryside, a warm place, near a forest and the water Anzi (27) In a lush green place by the water with mountains and a city nearby a.o. (40) A place with a good mixture of history, nature and social progressiveness. Ideally with loved ones. Aparajita (26) A place with a good mixture of history, nature and social progressiveness. Ideally with loved ones. Aparajita (26) In a large civilized city with bookstores, clubs and churches in walking distance. Apollo (58) Wherever Apos In a quiet beautiful village amidst nature Apply (30) In a cottage near the sea April (20) Somewhere where lies don't exist and friends don't betray April (21) In a house I built myself AR (20) Anywhere that seems like a good place to die. Ara (15) asdfsadf aram The Big Apple! Aranneaa (19) New Zealand arctic_child (36) Somewhere temperate Ardent (30) In peace A real phony (27) i can live anywhere and everywhere as long theres the azaan and the halal food Areeba (25) Where I am currently Ari (29) In a penthouse, overlooking the park, so I could see beauty and happiness every day. Ari In a small country cottage away from people Arianna (15) At home in the imperial mountians with my family Ariel I'm living where I always wanted: in the castle as a king Ariella Bordaine: Female Protagonist (20) A place free of racial injustice Arizona (19) Hills of central Wisconsin, with a stream. arlo (64) london Armando (34) I want to live in one of the fashion capitols of the world...like New York or LA Arnold Murray (42) In country where nature flourishes and large cities with culture are a 2 hour drive away. AROG tennesee A-ron (15) in a place near the mountains with green meadows, a lake and fragrant air. Arsh (24) In the place where people who care about me live Art (23) everywhere, a nomadic life is desirable. Arthur Lorne Either Italy, Canada, or Sweden Artie (17) Most probably Italy, though Scandinavia might be nice if I could speak their languages Artie Mondello (18) Japan, in 1863 Aruz Elliott (29) I want to see the world AS (32) Abbey Of Gethsemani ascetic monk (51) In a country that makes everyonhappy Asfiya Mariam (21) In an urban city infused with culture and the arts. Ash (23) In the mountains, high up from civilization. Ash in the city ashan (20) Wherever there are wild bodies and minds. Ash Bloom (27) France asherville (55) In a nice New York loft (at least for my young adult life) Ashley (18) A beach Ashley (28) I would live in Japan! Ashley (12) I would like to live in England Ashley (20) I would live in USA. Ashley 2.0 (13) somewhere i can appreciate all 4 seasons ashley baus (24) In a quaint apartment above a cafe in the middle of the city Ashley Brazil (17) California or italy Ashley Mannara (29) In a place where people believe in the inherent goodness of the other. Ashley Meller (26) la, nyc, somewhere warm and full of olive trees near the sea ashleytheresa (20) Switzerland with an apartment in New York for occasional visits. Ashwin Murali (21) London Asi (21) satisfied with where I am asmitchel (67) In the country side away from people Asmund (40) vegan anarchist nudist no-waste commune in a tropical region ASN (25) Somewhere in the midwest Assman (19) The country, or at least a quiet suburb Astra (19) Rome or NYC Astri (36) Where I am happy Astrid A world where everyone is always at the height of being healthy, happy, and safe. Asuka Suzuki (13) in her room Athar (25) In a comfortable home surrounded by the people i love. Athena (17) somewhere quiet, but not too quiet, sometimes my thoughts can be distracting. atticus (36) the USA of 1776 in ideal attitude (49) Hiva Oa (French Polynesia) Atuona (38) Somewhere quiet and peaceful, away from crowds and busy streets Aubrey Files (25) A place to live in peace and harmony Aubrey Tate (21) In a tropical place like Fiji or Costa Rica. Audreiana (20) In a city close to nature Audrey (17) I like to live at now. Audrey Bittencourt (24) in some kind of full of nature and people almost desert place. Audrey Mahone (29) au pays de la tolerance augustine (70) Where the rain and snow are the average Aulieude (49) Rome Auntie Em (35) Quiet, peaceful, serene and away from all people. Like a hermit. The only place that intrigues? New Zealand. Auntie Em (27) a place with people I love around. Aurora (32) In a magical world. Aurora in the northeast part of US within driving distance of family aussie Daytona Beach Austin (19) Anywhere as long as your closest neighbor is 1 mile away. Austin Hobbs (16) In a world where all are equal and happy with each other and life. Or just a nice shack. Austin Kimmell (16) in a city full of people or on a lonely moor, in a little stone cottage, on the edge of a cliff autumn (17) New York City Autumn A nice apartment or whatever his love wants Autumn Boze (18) A town with both the technology of this age yet an old historical atmosphere, surrounded by books and lighthearted people. AutumnRose (17) With my Dad Ava (7) In a place where I can call home Ava (7) city avecamour Nashville, or any city with live music. Awalker A country i can be proud of. Axel (18) Somewhere that rains a lot, with interesting open-minded, creative people Aya Paris ayda (25) In a warm and beautiful place where I'll feel safe walking in the streets at night Aye (22) In a warm and beautiful place where I'll feel safe walking in the streets at night Aye (22) a jungle beach with monkeys. ayem (57) My home country aym (30) A world worth living in a young boy (91) tokyo japan, taiwan, big cities that are warm ayumi (20) Ireland B (45) Warm climate, near the beach B (31) Travelling B (21) Australia Bababookie Someplace with 4 seasons Babette (42) Rome Babs Paris Baby (32) In a place of warmth and happiness Bad Wolff a quaint house with animals for company baggal21 (28) Sydney Bahar (19) In the forest or in the desert. Bailey (19) At home Balaji Harish Iyer (20) San Francisco. Bald Sky (38) any big city I can get lost in Bambi (17) Northern California Banana Hammock (30) everywhere barada England barbara (50) I'd rather like to think "where will I be ok to die?" Barbarita (21) At the beach Barbielebrun Charley the beach chair (54) In any hole not made of sand Barbielebrun Garry the ghost crab (54) Greece Baron Von Nazzenpoppel (46) I'd love to travel when I retire. My wife and I could buy a boat and sail the world. Barry Wextall (20) in a place where its not so crowded but i can still get to the things i like basbas (22) Next door to my parents Batgirl (23) South Carolina Baylee Somewhere peaceful bc (22) Somewhere peaceful bc (22) close by the city BCQ (30) Seattle, Washington BD New York Bdme (23) Anywhere Bea (18) Somewhere far away from here Bea (18) Chicago. Bear (49) somewhere sunny all year bearoid (30) By the ocean Beatlhoven (47) Australia beatricegasti (30) in a big, comfortable house Beatrice Moore (30) London Beatriz (13) A deserted island with my girl, my dog, my boat and beer Beau (28) in a place that has peace beauty (18) Thailand Beavis Christ (30) Home -- that is, as of the moment, Texas, USA. Becca (16) England Becca (17) Paris Becca (21) Near the ocean in a mountain range. Becca (19) In the centre of somewhere, like a city or family Becca (20) In a northern city, close to everything I need but also fresh air Becca (21) In a state of non-lazy happiness. BeckBeck (26) near nature, preferably with a view of the sea or a large river. has to be spacious. becks (24) USA becky (13) In a free country becky (36) Exactly where I'm currently living Becky C I saw a picture of Scotland once and it looked really cool. I think I'd like living there Bee somewhere where my mind can be silent and my worries are let go bee (16) big sur beezer (64) Somewhere where there's hockey, internet, cool weather, and friendly people beezersneezer (46) I really like where I live now. We have the best of both worlds here, where we live in the countryside but can visit the city in around 30 minutes. Beka (33) in sweden or canada belita (39) inside a tree - like the house peter pan has, or like a fairy house - in a big forest near a lake bella (16) in europe Bella (17) California, on the beach. Belle (26) NY Belu (19) On Mars, it doesn't seem to be exhausting there. Ben (23) In a country of freedom and prosperity for all Ben (17) Back on my home world Ben Oklahoma Benedict (38) Somewhere in the country far, far away from people. Benjamin (29) ewrqerq Benjamin Jarvis-Frain (17) Wherever I am, which is more difficult to achieve the longer one lives Benjamin Thomas San Luis Obispo Benjamin Urrutia (61) In East Africa Benjo (23) Among little children Ben Johns (21) Where my granddaughter lives. Bennie (55) Wow this is a great question. Umm... I would say anywhere the action is. BennyB Zion Ben Taylor In a character home in a vibrant community Berlin (25) Wherever my Ideal lives Bernard Hartley (18) somewhere where i'm comfortable and happy Beth (20) near water Beth (25) France Bethann (35) In the country where I can have a lush garden, a small and warm cottage, and a beautiful view of the moutains and a small river. Bethany (23) San Francisco Bethany Coastal state Bethany (22) In a modest house with my husband and our dogs. Bethany Surreira (35) Los Angeles Beth Ellis (15) In a place that makes me happy more often than sad. Beti (24) Boston Betty Usabiaga (37) With my family Beu Mihac (15) greece bev The islands Beyonce (18) Close to my friends Bhakti Brophy (41) Right here Bhakti Brophy (45) Ideally, in a place far away from noisy civilization Bhargava (25) In a warm climate on the anchor in a safe harbour with a beautiful sunrise and sunset bhl Bombay, New York, Bhole somewhere that none of my enemies can find me, so I can make new ones Bianca (18) on a beach near the sea having around montains and people bibi busy city near immense nature bif Where I can best thrive big dick (69) amsterdamn biggb (46) here in grim city big guy (16) Bologna Italy Bijan (27) In a cabin on a lake with great fishing Bill (50) With my husband Billie (18) IRELAND BILLSTRUP (42) STANLEY BILLY (38) California Billy (16) Where days are long and the citizens are authentic, kind and passionate BillyBobABC123zzz italy billy boy watson (3) Rome Billy the Son of the Kid (21) Fiji Biochicklet INDIA BIPS (46) I would like to live in U.S.A ( In Los Angeles ). biscotte (13) maybe canada bismuth New York City BJ (56) in a cozy place blabla (37) countryside of Norway Blackie (20) New York Blademan (60) Eventually? Estonia, or perhaps Vermont. For the moment, being en route suits me best. Blaine (21) Somewhere clean, warm, and near water Blair C. (29) London Blake (17) Anywhere, I make my own happiness Blake (24) tennessee blake (16) the forest Blake (29) Where I am Blanca (48) By the sea, far from big cities Blanca Parra (66) China or London. Blank Tae Chicago, or any other big city. Maybe out in California. blip52 (27) Back with my parents in Canada, or wherever they're living now. Bliss Inthemorningdew (16) Somewhere people are honest without the intent of an honest remark being funny. BlondShamrock (16) In conflict, among intellectuals, all with the determination of bettering themselves Blood (15) Anywhere but this cold rock. Blue (16) Italy Blueagle (47) At a summer cottage in Finland or in a cultural Metropole Bluebird (27) Somewhere green. Blue Harkness (16) In the middle of a city. BlueOrchid (39) An island. A very temperate island. Bluto (29) In a planet with no borders, where human kind is one. BM (20) In the country in Italy bman (41) by the sea bmo Rural Connecticut/eastern Massachusetts Bob (22) Spain Bob considerably above that bob (38) I have to agree with Proust Bob (32) . bob Brazil, near the beach. Boba (22) with my family bobblins Wherever it's warm and I can be near the ocean. Bobby (22) South Louisiana Bobby (40) Somewhere with open land Bobby (21) Middle Earth bobby Anywhere but here bobby (33) in the city or at least in the finest house in town, i'm tired of being stuck in the damn country or in the trashy mill village Bobby Eugene Hawaii Bobia (25) Japan or the United States boku_wa_kami (25) in istanbul with new yorkers bomb (30) North Carolina Bonky (26) In a big city Bonnie (15) Somewhere close to all of my family Boo (36) In a land where people are moved more by compassion than by self-service bookloverva (58) Where I have freedom boomalexboom on a farm in Ireland Booper (52) In my favorite place in the world. Boris (16) Amsterdam Borrie (33) Somewhere quiet,in an exotic place Boss (20) los angeles bov (19) Paris or Prague, for the adventurer in me, and Minnesota for memories and family Brad (17) In a warmer climate preferably on the beach Brad Connors the moon brad w (35) Surrounded by loved ones. Brady (31) In a little farm on the countryside, between the hills. bram-is-e-janet-brecht-is-de-max A village, a house overlooking a mountain and a river Bramma (23) in Other Brandon Carter (32) Somewhere quiet, by water, or Venice Brandon Nobles (31) Any where I feel at peace and at home Breanna (18) With my wife Bree (23) In the rain, lots of trees Bree Ogden Near the ocean. Do they still exist? I have memories of them. Bren (47) Em um lugar tranquilo. Brena (19) England, away from these blasted Scottish highlands Brenda Everett (39) I've always wanted to live in Hollywood, but I'm afraid of earthquakes. Brendalee (59) Somewhere free and green Brendan (24) Austrailia Brent (16) everywhere brent (33) English-speaking: Canada, more specifically British Columbia. Non-English-speaking: Vietnam Brent Findley (19) A world entirely made of cheese Brett Ferguson (42) Somewhere comfortable and safe Bri (28) anywhere where i don't feel the need to take a vacation bri (17) In California Bria (22) Somewhere I can travel from the mountains to the sea at leisure. Brian (22) NYC, where I already live. Brian (37) I'm happy here where I live. Brian (24) out in the country, lots of area to run Brian (50) Where I live now, the USA Brian A. Henegar (26) California. brianna (18) The beautiful land of Greece BriannaBabyFYS13 No idea BriannaFYS13 (18) whereever I am brian S (58) A large home in California or A Cabin in the mountains Brien Moffett A large home in California or A Cabin in the mountains Brien Moffett I would like to live in Massachusetts Brinley (15) A modern cave home isolated but near enough to a quaint New England town. Bri Toro Somewhere tropical, near a large body of water and mountains. Britta Bandit (30) close to people i care about and lots of living pretty things Brittany (25) Anywhere free Brittany Crow (28) I don't really care; somewhere that is warm all of the time. Brittney Miller (20) In another dimension brns costa brava spain by the sea broad (45) in a large house in the middle of the country with plenty of seclusion Brock Schwarzkopf (29) The Western World, preferably the USA Bron Blackwell (37) In a state of endless, safe travel Brooke (53) In a comfy home with a loving partner Brooke Where most humans would want to live, utopia Brooke Anywhere that allows me to fulfill my uncertain brand of happiness Bruce Bennett (20) Someplace where serenity pervades the ether Bruce Shindler (66) home Brutus (20) Alaska Bryan (24) Somewhere remote but filled with bustle. BryanAngel (41) Anywhere in lucury Bryan Etem (27) On the beach, near a large urban center. Bryan R. (21) Travel the world like a nomad Bryn (23) Alone in the mountains with a good friend who plays Scrabble and reads Brynlea (17) In peace. Brynn (39) Somewhere with only my daughter Brynn (18) A small town in close proximity to a big city Brynn In a world of my liking, under my rule. Brynn Woods -Protagonist (21) iN A world free from pettiness. Bryon Springer (25) In my treehouse Bubbles (52) Queensland Australia bubby (43) in a place where everybody were valued for their natural qualities Bubu (37) Luxembourg City Buck Richardson (34) my house buckyballs (35) Maui's Back Country Buddy (34) the uk bug In a country of my ideal Bugsy In my home town of New York in any dwelling that is clean, paid for and that I share with my husband. Bulldozer (50) in a 3 story brownstone in manhattan's west villiage bunny where are the guns and la Buns or Gracie (31) Where I can be myself Burella (61) In a house overlooking the ocean Burke (47) Kensington Burnable_Material_Here (18) Where I'm living right now BusyMinds NYC BUTTERFLY (41) A quiet and cozy place where I can live without external factors disturbing my life. butunn (19) Where I would be happy Byriver Bloke (24) In the country BZ In a city on the sea. Or the Chelsea Hotel. C near the people c (21) In the country where my idols,Xie Xingfang and Lin Dan live C (14) Paris C (20) In an area free of contraints C (35) In the country of reason and wisdom Cabrales (18) on a place high on a hill overlooking the ocean cacharel (37) Montana. Cade (15) Co. Clare, Ireland Caidy (54) Anywhere foreign city where I can blend in Cailey In the country of my most beautiful dreams Caio (18) Seattle, Washington DC, or Boston Caitlin (19) San Francisco, in a Queen Victoria style house in the Mission district. Caitlin (21) somewhere green, and cool. cakes (41) In a place where I would be free to read, write and share my writing without fear of financial ruin or of being silenced. Cal (20) The beach Caleb (17) On an island, away from all the evils of the realm. Calla (16) no where in particular, I am a nomad Callie Owens (27) Iceland Calvin (31) Florida. Cam (23) In a place of culture but not one far from nature Cameron Harvey (26) Where there are happy loving people. Camille (52) Sweden Cammi (32) Australia Cammi (32) In a lived-in two story house with a windowseat. Candice (23) in the mountains in a cabin Candlewycke United Kingdom Candy New York Cannon (33) In the country but with modern comforts Captain Crunch Ireland or Australia Carebeark5 (25) France Carissa - Casey Somewhere peaceful and bright and airy, like by the sea or lake. Carla (26) exactly where I am--New Orleans, Louisiana carlajwms (49) In a mansion on acers of land Carla Tate (19) Canada Carlie (24) A safe & beautiful city in a temperate zone Carlisle Without repression. Carlo (26) Lisbon, Madrid or Milan Carlos A. (24) somewhere else Carlos Cisne (45) In the church with Krista and Mama and Daddy Carlota (16) Anywhere that I am no longer lonely Carly (19) Somewhere sunny with occasional thunderstorms. Carly (21) Somewhere hidden and green but, close to the city Carly C (27) In the safety of a lover's embrace Carmen (57) Arizona Carol in the midst of beauty Carol (60) where i feel more comfortable carolina (23) In both Paris and the south of France. Caroline (38) 19th century Russia, as long as I were a member of the aristocracy Caroline (25) in a home that I share with my husband and, one month a year, outside of the country. Caroline (33) In France or sometimes in islands of Paradise : Tahiti,Bora bora.... Caroline (45) In a big house wherever the MLB team I'm playing for is Caroline Davis (19) In a country permeated and surrounded by its own beauty, culture, tradition and quiet vibrancy: Ireland. Caroline M. (41) In Truro, Cape Cod overlooking the bay Carol Lacoss (62) As the skin of the earth, where I could be equally observer and trodden upon - to experience a life of absolute knowledge with a humbled conscience. Carolyn (18) Haiti, where the people are poor but the scenery makes it less heartbreaking Carolyn (39) In a cozy home with lots of books Carolyn (45) A place with lots of trees near a city, but unseen Carrie Manhattan Carrie (44) anywhere... as long as I live in peace with myself cartike in South Park Cartman (99) Beside the sea Cas (25) A beautiful southern town that has all 4 seasons Casey (36) I have lived everywhere. Cassadra (8) Exactly where I am, by the ocean. Cassandra Spencer (28) My house Cassandra Watkins (21) The South of France (again) Cassi The South Cassidy I once thought the only place to live was on the mountain; now I am not so sure. Cast (17) On a plot of land with gardens and cats and dogs and kids and my love Cat (36) Whereever feels like home, it can be multiple places. Cat (24) I'd like to move every 2 years and live in as many coucntries as i can. cat (27) Wherever I would be surrounded by animals Cat (26) In a nice suburban community Cat Iceland cat (20) it doesn't matter Catalina (44) Donde esté mi felicidad. Ahora mismo, en Madrid. Catalina Jiménez Correa (27) some place with a lot of activity and warm weather Cate (23) Paris, London, or nyc Cate (33) In paradise Catelline (26) as long as I am king of the house anywhere will do Catharina (22) Where the sun greets me every morning Catherine in a singular moment a few weeks ago prior to my parents dying Catherine (33) Somewhere imperfect, more so than my current location. Catherine Jean Anywhere in nature Catherine Mitchell Right where he is a familiar place Cathlow Harmon (50) In Paris France Catlin Benjamin on a private and safe mecca among acres of land where rescued pups (or any animal) can experience freedom and care c.a.torres (39) in the woods Cat Podd (37) North Carolina Catrice (37) Mentally, I already live in my own unvierse, populated with harlequines and faeries. It would be nice to live there physically, though. Catrina (15) Near the ocean Cattie Chong (26) A small city... Cavit Anıl Buram (28) Somewhere different every time (or somewhere that makes me want to stay) CC (18) In Tennessee on a large piece of land CC (22) Warm Europe ccc (27) The US ccchnl where I live for now, certainly somewhere else in the future cdl (35) France or Belgium Cee Cee (17) In my home, with my daughters. Celeste (32) A small, homely place with a beautiful landscape outside. I'd like to travel a lot, visit new places and meet new people. Celia (15) India or Hawaii Celline Marge (18) at the country side close to a river cenire (25) In the city I'm in now. Except in my own purchased condo with a balcony. cerisetea (34) In Heaven Cestmoi Mars C face. (22) in an island cfm (37) In a warm climate Cfreedman (38) Scotland ch in New York Chacha (13) Atlanta, LA, New York...anywhere I can make big money Chancelor C.J. King (19) In a beautiful, well furnished cabin in Colorado Chandra Alexander (24) Somewhere warm sunny with my children and my grandchildren close to me. Channon (45) Virginia near a lake Channy (19) Within the fairie realm away from mortals. Chanter (18) In peace near the lake where I used to dance and sing with my sisters. Chanter (24) In Plato's Republic or London Chari (21) Beverly Hills Charleigh In a cozy home surrounded by loved ones. Charlene (17) In my home Charlene (50) My hometown Charlene (18) A small country town Charles 01 ( 7) Land of peace Charles Au Lavoie In community with companions who share a vision for a better world. CharlesB (48) Where i am Charles Davis (60) Mars Charles L Davis Jr (51) USA Charles Pybus (61) Where we lived for centuries - that place we cannot return to. Charlie Fry (36) in nature near water charlotte (29) Pnethouse of an inner city Helsinki apartment Charlotte (18) In the here and now, with small vacations into yesterday and tomorrow from time to time. Charlotte H. (23) In any country, possibly mono-culture, and in peace/safety Charly Mariaan (49) Tropics Charmaine (25) in the countryside, surrounded by flowers and cows charosa (20) it doesn't matter much to me charu (22) I like to live near the beache or in the middle of a prairie. Chary Silva (22) Europe or USA Chas (20) in the white house Chauncey Character (29) in a farm on top of a cliff by the sea chay (40) in the countryside on a large ranch far away from people Cheche (40) On an island in the tropics cheeky (26) Hawaii Cheemargh (36) by the ocean chele Europe chelle (47) Switzerland Chelsea (21) Exactly where I am now, in charge of a large kingdom. Chelsea (23) In the house with the white picket fence Chelsea (28) London, England. Chelsea Smith (24) London or New York Chelsea Whiting (26) on a small luxury cruise ship that sails the world Chelsy In the country, on a farm. Cheri D. on the park in New Orleans in a beautiful old home Cherie (40) I live there already, New York City Cherish Robinson (21) Somewhere beautiful, where when I wake in the morning I can open my window and look at a mountain. Cherlyn (40) The Italian countryside in a beautiful, old house. cherry (16) Somewhere I can smell the ocean and feel it's mist Cherub (30) where my friends and family are Cheryl (38) Paris Cheryl Hawaii Cheryl Barnette (59) It doesn't matter, as long as it's not too hot and close to the people I like. Cheshire (22) it a clean city with access to nature with lot of options for social interactions, entertainment and career options chetana Europe Chi on a farm...in France. chi-chi London Chickpea (31) NYC Chico (46) Norway Chief (57) Anywhere other than in this cell or in this capitol ChiefJ42 (44) someplace comfortable, weather and home wise chiklitz76 (39) I want to live somewhere I can be around my family. Child (8) Japan. Or a province in Europe, somewhere quiet. Or by the beach. Chili (17) a warm place where I can live with no fear of violance Chinita (34) a place where i can forget every disturbing thoughts,where there is freedom that i wish for,where my loved ones are there chinnu (20) Where peace exists Chinnu (38) In a thriving city metropolis Chip Griphix (35) In a place where everyone I treasure stays. Chiu Jing Hua (17) somewhere where im surrounded by my friends, and somewhere by the sea.... chloe (21) Everywhere, really. But i guess in a forest or near the sea would be my first choices. ( underwater would be cool too) Chloe (14) In a peaceful And beautiful boat Chloé (18) In my kingdom on my throne Chloe (17) In laughter Chocolate Bunny (32) New York Chonda in a safe place with my children Choraven (32) A big city, perhaps. Where I will neither have a name nor any expectation as to how I should be. Where I can just...be. Chris (16) England Chris Toronto, Portland, Seattle, or Austin. Chris (19) On the beach Chris It depends- just a place where I could live happily Chris (13) In the mountains Chris (35) in Texas Chris (26) Earth Chris in a world with no wars Chris (52) greece in the early 1970s chris (45) In the suburbs that isn't too crowded, but close enough for the main attractions chris (24) In that place where I am always home. Chris Glass (39) A house. Chris S. the phillipines Christa (27) In another country like the islands or london Christabelle (29) New Zealand (South Island, west Coast); and in the Mountains. And in India. Or Istanbul. Christian (44) In my home country, Bulgaria. Christian Boyanov (24) in a bustling suburb Christian Soldier (33) New York City Christina (26) In the middle of everything yet also in the middle of nowhere, to be connected but be able to escape when I need to Christina Caceres (26) Somewhere with 4 seasons, and a short winter. Where Jesse could make enough money for me to stay at home if I wanted. Where all my family and friends lived within 15 minutes. Christina Kronberg (23) On the beach. Possibly in a lighthouse Christina Tounzen Anywhere but my hometown of Lois, Virginia. I've only left Lois once. Christina X. (37) in europe christine (18) In the city, anywhere that would give me stuff to write about. Christobel (17) I'm fortune enough to be living in one city I love, but I want to go to Oxford or Spain. Christobel in College (18) anywhere of a perpetual cold clime. Christopher (24) In the woods, in the quiet, yet near a great city. Christopher Blaum (37) Swindon, England Christopher Boone In a small town, where everybody knows everybody and life is simple Christopher James Stagg (16) Switzerland or the American Southwest Christopher M. (31) Somewhere where people just get on with their lives and don't abuse one an other. Christopher Mitchell (17) in a beautiful home with my family Christopher Ross (23) Montana Christopher Sloce (26) In the highest mountains surrounded by people who love me christy (44) On an island surrrounded by those I love Christy Turner (50) my ideal is where my loved ones are Christy Turner (50) A quiet neighborhood Chris W (29) Kauai Chuck (43) kauai Chuck (44) Portugal and Israel Chunky Lover Miami-The fast life Ciara (24) Somewhere beautiful Ciara (22) Close to the beloved Cickany (51) I'm content where I am. Living somewhere else wouldn't change anthing, or maybe it would. I have no way to know! So maybe anywhere. Ciera (16) South Pacific Polynesia Trianigle Cilie (50) Multiple places according to my whim of the moment. Cindy near the NJ ocean and a walkable transit-friendly downtown cindy (50) To live by the beach Cindy (24) A luxury apartment in a culturally diverse downtown metropolis, with lots of things to go out and see and do Cindy (22) In a country without hate. Cindy (50) Someplace tropical on the beach CindyLu (58) In Florida Cissa Fireheart (32) In a french countryside house, located on a field, situated near a small town, which I have already seen and lived by. Ciucan (18) out of a backpack traveling with my family cizz Ierland CJ (18) in comfort CJN (21) United States CL (66) Somewhere I can start again. Cla (22) In or surrounded by nature. Claire My hometown, Martone, in Calabria, Italy; my world is there. Claire (32) Somewhere with lots of people; a place where I can find my niche. Claire Bartholomew (16) San Francisco or New Orleans Claire Cullen (49) A small house on a large lot, in a quiet area near a major public library. ClaireW (65) Somewhere quiet with good wifi Clancy I want to stay in this universe. Clara (20) in peace, comfort, and security Clara When I am old, somewhere quiet and peaceful; While on my youth, somewhere I can change. Clarence (17) Bay Area Clarissa (18) In a fantasy land Clarisse Johnson (24) Paris Clark Kent In this moment Clark Langridge (32) In a country cottage in Scottland Clau in Germany, my favourite country Claudia (36) In a place that i can make mine Claudia (21) Clay Douglass: In the present Clay Douglass (34) in a place where there is endless oportunities clay zook (19) Iceland clazza mgee it doesnt really matter where i live, but how i live... Clelia Beatriz Valdez (22) in happy oblivion clemence In Corsica clemfolk49 (13) A small comfy house with the ones I love Cleo (∞) a cheap place that has a nice view and good quality living Cleo (17) San Francisco. clockwork (34) England cm (57) Here Coastside007 (42) anywhere i find love cobweb (24) Somewhere in Sussex CockneyKnight (48) In community with like-minded Coco (31) In a state of spatial consciousness Coco (19) At home, wherever home may be. CocoPuff2016 (44) Near a beach or a forest codered (18) Flordia Cody (25) In a small rainy town or village, with friendly and earthy folk residing in it surrounded by dark forests, misty mountains and untamable wildlands. A place where the imagination can suckle, and lifelong friendships are formed beneath the trees. Cody Gould (17) Somewhere warm and peaceful in the country but close enough to town Col (41) Where I am free to be me Cole (37) In a society free of religion and war, and a place where everyone is allowed to express their views openly without fear of persecution. Colin (39) In a place that I can get out of. Colin (22) Anywhere near my family and within a community Colorful (28) right here with my daddy. Colton (27) Oceania comnomnomor (15) overlooking a lake without risk of flooding Connie somewhere where its always warm Connie (24) in the country far away from war and death. And total war. Connor Between the mountains and the city. Connor Somewhere free of hate where knowledge is available to all Connor (16) In the country Connor Taylor (19) by the sea Conny (71) Orkney conor (34) in a quiet place with someone i love constanceeee (19) France Constantin (32) In a warm-weather climate with a variety of outdoor terrain, California Consuela By the sea Cookie england cookie Cascadia cookie (51) Barcelona, Spain CookieFantastic (46) by a lake Cooper (16) under the hill Cora (26) Rural Wyoming Cora (39) Right here is just fine. Cora Henley (15) Hawaii Core (25) In a country of both perpetual movement, creation, rapidity and a historical sense of Dolce Vita, like a New York/Paris/Rome town Corentine (25) Space because Earth is just not going to be inhabitable for humans soon. Corey In a place sunny and warm close to a beach corinne In the country but close to other people Cory (22) Anywhere Courtney Loughlin (Courtney Loughlin) paris, france cpaters1 (26) Paris in the wintertime, always cr In my grandfather's house cr (34) United States of America Craig (35) Near river streams I can fish at in Montana. Craig (8) Somewhere I have opertunities to obtain everything I want. Craig Suga Biles (22) a place compatible with both my requirements and desires creed (35) Free Crimson (60) where I am living right now cris In a far away land Cris Some place warm and tropical. Where I have no cares or worries. Cris Medium city,well connecte and with cultural and historical places,by the beach Crisfe (31) I would like to live on the coast, near the beach. Crishna Murray (42) The beach Crishna Murray (43) In my heart Cristi Out in the suburbs Crystal (17) Europe Crystal (32) in Europe, somewhere inspiring Crystal (22) Japan Crystal (34) Beyond the stars where my love waits for me. Crystal (35) Where I am happy and achieving my goals csheehan (17) A Tropical Island CStoney (47) where I live now cuchi (40) A villa near the sea, a cottage in the hills and in the hearts and minds of people Cucks In a room with a beutiful view cucu (26) Where peace and freedom are the way of life.. I guess Shangri-La cvelez (64) In Tennessee, USA, in the moutains, somewhat secluded. cweekly Countryside with spaces and modern facilities. Cyan Imsomething (28) America d0701 (29) somewhere fabulous & beautiful, either city or on the water preferably D Sunny and warm quiet house with lush garden and access to city D (32) Somewhere not of this world Dachary (23) IN WORLD PROMISED BY MY FAVOURITE SONGS. DAD Grandma's house...the basement has a ping pong table Dad (42) no where I love colorado Daesia Garcia (16) Paris Daffy Sue Esposito (60) Somewhere with warm weather but big city Daisy (27) In a place of calmness Daisy (17) England Daisy A place surrounded by people who are accepting of my ideas, and morals. Dakota Swaveman (18) In cyberspace as an upload. Before than, near my children. D_Alex (46) Somewhere where I can be alone, in beautiful weather dA member: sonicbutterfly (17) London Damien TC (36) In the midst of a large, historic, Southern city by the water Dan (29) Somewhere cold and away from people. Dan Albuquerque Dan (39) totally cfodent and self sucffeicint Dan (51) zurich, switzerland Danae (17) In Cincinnati D Anderson (42) In a house fitting my needs and wants Danger (16) somewhere warm, tax free and abundance Dan Gileg One which is less prudish and more tolerant than the United States. Dani (31) Right here Dani (19) in a place where i could be myself without anyone pointing fingers at me Daniel (25) In a place where I am accepted unconditionally Daniel (16) USA Daniel Below In peace Danieldidit (24) Close enough to my loved ones but far enough for my own space Daniella (27) In a Old Victorian House with big windows and creaky wood floors Daniella (28) In the middle of the city, where one could walk in the crowds. Danielle (15) Where I live now. Danielle (35) small town DanielleKeith (19) Somewhere quiet. Daniel Molina (20) Colorado. Daniel Phelps (23) In the Irish country, with a few neighbors I can trust. Daniel Stephens (Character Sketch) (22) charleston sc daniiii (18) Eastern Europe. Daniil (22) Any where that I don't have to pay state taxes Danine (48) With my Father in paradise, where ever he is. DaniStory (29) Texas Danny (25) Los Angeles Danyael (16) On a tropical island Daph (45) I would like to live in Vermont, where it snows in the winter and the people are nicer than in Florida. Darbio (16) wherever life takes me Darcy (20) The country Darcy (19) High Rise Darcy Where I live right now. CANADA Rocky Mountains Darcy (54) French country side dareman (64) in heaven dario (21) My hometown in California, where I grew up Darlene (29) In Peace. Darnell In the perfect spot, by the ocean, with mountains behind, like Apollo Bay. DashEloise (32) In a country where everyone has true equal rights. Dave (45) Isle of Wight Dave Cresswell (46) California DaveG (39) England Dave Whitaker (40) A place where the sun shines and the people are warm and welcoming Davey (18) hawaii DaveyD (24) Europe. Davian (alias) (32) If I could live anywhere I would live where I am now. I love the people around me and I believe I am in a place where I can learn and grow, I love the state, and its natural beauty I am truely truely blessed in this aspect of my life David (19) France. David (10) in california David (18) where I am at David (63) In a library with fine wine and good music David (24) In a land with my beloved David North Bali David (51) stability david baiguera (35) A big city, one of the great cities in the world. Paris. London. New York. David Dean (35) In the United States David Del Aguila Osollo Inverness - Scottish Higlands David E.J.A Bennett (29) in a time not shouder deep in war, economic or otherwise. David K (46) Somewhere in the woods or where I can be close to the the Earth. David King (23) The Grail Castle or a houseboat on the Seine. David ROWE (42) In a self sustained home in a quiet place with open space surrounded by nature and very few neighbors David Sergio Cisneros Ardura (46) Paris, New York, Milan. All of these and more. David Thomas (60) Some Island in the pacific ocean, sorrounded by turquoise-blue water, living by the means of the locals. David Timme (19) Where ever I am happy, is where I will call my home David Wommack (19) A place where judgement doesn't exist, and freedom is a reality. Davie (16) In a place where everyone is free from needless suffering Davi Silva (21) somplace isolated and beautiful like the desert south west dawn (40) At the beach. Dawn Robinette (51) Along the coast Dawson Somewhere on a farm, surrounded with a huge family who loves and accepts me. Daxion Mr. Dax Johnson (29) in natures arms, near a natural spring, on the mountains.. Daya (22) in a nice flat somewhere with friends Daydreamer (18) Somewhere idyllic, but safe with healthy resources and technology Daydreamer (63) Somewhere idyllic, but safe with healthy resources and technology Daydreamer (63) Near mountains, lakes and shores. I could never live in a city. dbrown (24) Russia dcsnowbunny (25) Argentina Dd (43) U.S, Minnesota. DD (16) On the fringes of a metropolis, where I can either indulge in culture or hide from it. DDG9000 (25) Varna Bulgaria Dea (40) In my own home, wherever it is at the time. In peace and quiet and beauty. D. E. Alvis (58) Subic or Cape Town Dean (17) In the suburbs of a nice city DeAndre Beck (20) In a big city with amusement parks Deanie It the heart of any city's city. DeAnna Alexander (35) A very rural area; the country or on a farm Deanna Sanders (44) I want to have houses all over the world! Deathwalker I would like the freedom to live whereever I wasnt Deb (37) Somewhere tropical. Debbie (56) In the land of eternity Debbie (45) High desert Arizona on a ranchette. Debby Creech-West (43) in the woods smelling the earthiness of the air Deborah Faciane (21) San Francisco Deborah S. Wilson (56) San Francisco or Manhattan Deborah Wilson Somewhere warmer Debster (48) Mars Declan Cohen (35) In a place that stays warm, such as Florida. De-De (36) Ireland. Dee (24) near family Dee (19) Within sight of the Pacific Ocean surrounded by my family. Dee No life is worth living unless it is dying, Defeat and Doubt (antagonist) m Dein Name (optional) Some where that is beautiful and peaceful. I'm not particulary sure where exactly I want to live so I'd travel to place first see where I enjoyed the most and find a way to live there. Deisyelena (17) There's no place like home Deja Vu (20) Bora Bora Delaney In a utopia Delia Nidhogg in the country Delia Webster (80) In a mountainous city. delice_ok (21) Somewhere by the sea--where I can watch the sun rises and sets every day. Della Cassia Topouzian (Della Cassia Topouzian) whever i am happiest dendoo (23) Ireland Denine (24) In a big city. Denise 1 Saskatchewan Dennis (61) In a close-knit community Dennis Theodore (37) In Brazil. denny (23) In a place where there is no death. Denny Somewhere peaceful, where a simple lifestyle would do Densio (25) In New York City Derek (27) Finland Derek (20) Depends on which NHL team picks me up Derek Ambrose (22) Sweden or finland derp (22) somewhere i can raise a family according to my beliefs, but within my culture. desert dweller Disneyworld Detective. Jones Any country which is free devanand IDK. California, perhaps? I'm might move in with my brother who lives in Cleveland (Massachussetts?...) Devon (18) Within short distance of my job or in the mountains over time. Devon Lisenby (20) by the sea Dev Tucker (17) Happily, with the man i cant live without Devu (22) Country Dez Dubai Dezirae (17) In the 1950's DH (39) on the beach diana (52) a delightful city apartment or near the ocean Diana (52) Surrounded by those who SEE me, and love me Diana (20) Somewhere I feel like home Diana (15) Right where I currently live, on the family ranch! Diana In a mansion surrounded by servants, marble flooring, and gold mantles. Diana In a clean air, water, natural food, god-fearing happy environment Diana Thomas - English Thursday 6pm (38) New York City or San Francisco Diane (53) Cornwall, England or The Lake District DianeD (50) Near the Pacific Ocean Diane Stanfield (79) Barcelona Diarre Ibrahim (22) Any place away from my crazy soon-to-be-ex-wife! Dick Esposito Morocco dida (14) In Chile, because I deeply love many of their artist. Diego Miguel Danura Puyó (30) Somewhere I've never lived before Dietgingerale In a really big house with lots of family and friends on premises Dilip C Louis (32) In the biggest house in a suburban neighborhood Dilynne (28) Wherever I am content and do not strive to change something or prove myself to myself and others. Dimitar Atanasov (25) in a place with all my loved ones dimitris (25) Anywhere. Dindin (20) Bora Bora Dino (18) permanently in the imagination...perhaps an asylum Dioji In Europe Diona (19) Somewhere in the Mediterranean. dionysis_dt (24) There is no greater city than the i one i live in, Washington D.C. Dirk Radman (35) I don't want to be here. Dirty Jean (86) India Divya (20) In a democracy, if one ever existed. Dixon Wragg In a cabin in the mountains. DizzyblondeChic (55) my most ideal place Dj Somewhere stimulating dlew919 (40) Somewhere that feels safe and tranquil dmca (38) freely Doc55 (55) on an Earth-like planet without different religions. Dolna (39) In downtown Athens, with a good view of the Acropolis Dolores Nabokov (26) weweeee Dom In a country where we are not dictated by our immoral lust for objects and territory. Dominic (17) Greece or Japan Dominick (23) In a world where everyone is equal; where no wealth, war, or inequities exist. Dominick Miller (19) On land that no one calls their own Dominick Miller (20) Greece. Dominick Miller (21) in the mountains Dominique Ideally I would love to live in Italy in a beautiful villa surounded by gardens. Dominique Omelas, since it's possible to walk away from it, or so the story says Dona (35) In a country without crime and violence DonAli (33) New York City donkeys4eva (20) in my dream house on the 5 acre lot we own Donna Falksen (69) Green Turtle Cay, the Bahamas donna obrien (54) Romania Doob Doggo (21) hawaii doodledoo12345 USA Dor (50) egypr Dori (23) Japan Doris (19) boston dorothy6@aol.com (50) I like where i live now Doryan (30) Nueva Zelanda Dothzilla (33) In the woods, so I can hunt whenever I want Doubting Divorcee an apartment in a major city Doug (30) New Zealand however, if I had the money, south west Hungary Doug Lambert (65) Anywhere money didn't matter Douglis (44) My my romanticized notion of France. Or in my cousin's house in Geneva--without her. Douni in a better future downtime (63) where there is a harmony between peole and nature, on a moutain look to ocean Dracontomelum (30) In an endless summer place. Dragana (22) Somewhere warm but not too warm, exciting but not too exciting. Dragontongue (22) I would like to live in US Dre (35) London, England Dre (17) Jamaica Drea (28) Las Vegas, Nevada Dreamboat Annie absolute freedom of mind DreamBrother (27) In Eden Dreda (23) Everywhere, I dream of being a citizen of the world Drella (26) New York City Drew (26) where i can help others Drew (16) Alone, in a secluded cottage in Blackdown drift Atop a mountain in a great citadel. Dr. Isaac Busafalus (53) in a place where life is pleasent and stimulating, nonlinear dritjeta (42) high on a bluff overlooking a large body of water Dr. J (76) The beach-- any beach Dr. Lauren Ashe Oregon Dr. Shelby Cruze - protagonist Several places in California Dru (24) In a cabin way the hell up in the mountains somewhere Drucar (45) Multiple places - Seattle, Norway, Argentina, Japan, etc. dryskel (28) at home ds (45) In a dreamland of partly my own making. D.S.de.P.Ramos Near the ocean DSo (47) sdsd dss In the country. In the woods, accessible only by a dirt road. In a world, on land of my own seclusion. Privacy Duckish Open to any place Ducky A large compound where all of my family can live close together. Dude (49) Some where in the wilderness duke (18) Somewhere I can afford to live. Duncan Passell (17) to perish from now on dustxii (22) everywhere and nowhere at all Dutchess in the homes of my defeated enemies! Dutchess Somewhere born with freedom. Preferably cold Dvach (18) I don't know yet. D.X (22) Here, with my love Dylan (17) Anywhere but here Dylan Adams (25) United States DZhelo (46) of my ideal E Seattle E (34) In a place with friends E wherever my family is e (28) Somewhere calm. E (20) England E (18) In a place where pacifism is the ruling ideology and resources are shared eagleclaw (35) Out of exhaustion: anywhere no one is around E.A. Latham (25) Somewhere here in northeast USA EAR (19) in the forest with wifi Earth Speck (30) Paris Eau (45) exactly where I am for three weeks of the month, New York EcoBangleLove (49) Paris, France Ed (30) in the countryside ed Taiwan EdD somewhere hot during the day, cool in the evening and where the people are welcoming and the food is really good. eddiboy Spain. Barcelona or San Sebastián. Eddie (48) I like the city Eddie (12) New Zealand or New York Eden (19) Nowhere, but any temporary resting place should have access to Oriental things, rocks/mountains, a place of privacy, and a chance to soon live somewhere else Edgar Roberts (15) in 1920's Paris, but the one in my mind and not in reality Edie (26) In an a place that smell like peachs Edmond Dantes (26) Planet Earth Edouard (41) anywhere with the people i love Eduardo (19) In my hometown Eduardo Villegas (37) In my hometown Eduardo Villegas (37) in mars EduGri (53) Miami Edward (54) in my house Edward Payne (44) italy efbar (62) In a place of forgiveness and kindness Effie (34) In a place where I could find peace, love and beauty. efha (23) Spain ehk2 (30) i Australien på Vestkysten i nærheden af Ningaloo Reef EHM Some quiet shrine in forest of Far East. Eiichi (16) In a small village with my wife and children Eilfa (28) in a cottage on the top of a green hill in ireland eirianna (17) On top of the world watching those panic beneath me Eithiel (32) in a private place, with nature in abundance EJ (29) Anywhere I can experience all of the seasons, good weather and bad E.Jay (21) Amherst, MA, among all the new poets who speak to me ejb (22) A quiet, beautiful place El (23) the desert el3vat0r in a place i could be content elay (21) somewhere uncharted without necessarily losing contact with the outside elay (23) A place where solace exists elay (24) London eldar (25) Lake Michigan Eleanor (14) In the wilderness, alone Electryo (15) In Melbourne. If not, Byron Bay or somewhere exotic like Florence Elena στο χωριο μου ελενη (33) Nirvana and being free from the realm of Samsara. Elena Di Cesare where i live now eleni (18) In a top floor town house in London, Nicosia, Paris, Milan or New York. Eleni Constantinou (20) I'm happy living where I am. eleuia The city, I once lived in New York, I'd love to go back one day. Elexia (19) in an island by myself Elexis (18) in bora bora Elexis (18) Anywhere in Italy Eli (16) some where happy,with my loved ones eli (16) Where people are free in the most absolute sense of the word Elias (22) I'm glad to be living wherever I am at any given moment. Wherever that place is, it's mine. Eliaz McMillan (33) new york city eliciabg (23) in australia elicule (13) In a beautiful and colorful place. Elie (16) in the woods near the sea, with no neighbours Elin (47) In a northern country. Elisa Anywhere pretty, simple, and friendly Elisa (28) New york or Paris Elisabeth (22) Anywhere that I can afford Elisabeth Carver In New York with all my loved ones Elissa (22) Somewhere I could be surrounded by intelligent people. Also, the country. Elizabeth Alabama, mostly because it's where the rest of my family lives Elizabeth (25) Home, or wherever my loved ones are. Elizabeth (15) in a treehouse Elizabeth test Elizabeth Australia Elizabeth On a farm like the one I would have grown up on Elizabeth Diane Shaffer (0) On a farm like the one I would have grown up on. Elizabeth Diane Shaffer (0) A big english speaking city somewhere not too hot Ell (23) New York City Ella P. (14) Nirvana Elle (51) Beginning to think where I am is pretty awesome. So home. ElleKay Ireland, maybe Spain Ellen (48) U.S. Ellen New Orleans Ellen B Smiley (29) Where names are known and touch is exchanged Ellen Fitzpatrick (61) On earth Ellie (25) France Ellie Where I am loved, and where I am free. Ellie_Estrella (19) somewhere remote in Canada with lakes and mountains Ellie Wilson (15) Somewhere on the west coast. Preferably Vancouver but anywhere with a beach is good. Elliot As close to my body as socially possible. elliot (22) Somewhere I can really be free in mind and body Elliott (28) In a theatre commune, in a big house by a lake. Elliott Hemp (23) I would like to live in Tahiti Elo (11) Paris elSigno (37) Out in the country Ely (23) the city Elyse (20) Binary file Em_1425616956.html matches Binary file Em_1425616956.html matches Near the beach. In a place that is not too small or too big. Em Lake Norman, NC Em Everywhere Ema (18) The North with the witches. Ember Winters (16) In a cottage by a flowing river. emdonnelly7 In a farm house, away from people. emdonnelly7 in another galaxy Eme (18) Montana Emilee (27) Idris. I lived there for years Emilee Nightshade (19) New York City. The City where sarcasm never sleeps. Emilia Blancarte Jaber New England, in an old wooden house with a fairly big backyard and a bunch of maple trees and a very short driveway Emilie (23) Somewhere cozy and clean... where I can collect my thoughts and dreams. Emilina (27) a forest cabin in front of a big lake, not so near a small town emilio (28) In a place with 1000 oppportunities to start a new life every day - New York I guess. Emillia (16) In a property I own or part-own, so that I can begin to feel independent. Emily (19) somewhere with a great sense of community and with varying landscapes and a good deal of nature. Where I can feel my impact on my surroundings and I can feel their impact on me. Emily (24) ideally California...but I love Cincinnati too emily (24) I'm very good in Meounes but may be in america Emily (13) Someplace cozy but not cluttered, in a town big enough to get lost in Emily (22) A small cottage by the water, located close to an urban setting Emily (32) by the ocean Emilyann (22) In the country Emily Carter (37) Somewhere filled with simple pleasues and contentedness. Emily Clark (25) In Indian Land or Pineville, NC close to my Mother, sisters and my brother. Emily Massey Currie (47) Far away from my abusive father Emily Thomas (23) Somewhere hot and friendly Emily Worrell (33) somewhere safe, but also beautiful Emma (20) in a deep burrow with soft, warm walls and with sounds always slowing down. emma (18) in the best possible world Emma (20) Greece Emma (50) in a world filled with pink emma (14) on a small farm Emma (34) portland, oregon emma (20) Small town where I can walk or ride my bike to see my friends Emma (25) Ireland probably, or somewhere far from here Emma Burns (28) BACK WIT DEM WHO LUVED ME EMMA MAY GREEN (14) Somewhere where the dirt is red. Emma McKinney Disney World- The Happiest Place on Earth right? Emma Snow (16) In a large city, preferable L.A. where it's sunny Emma Verbeck Everywhere at some point, for either a week or several years Emme (21) California Emmy NYC Emmy That's a silly question. Stars don't choose where they live, so I see no point in talking about hypotheticals. Emperor Aisel Fei Shiang (18) On the surface of the Earth surrounded by tall grass in an isolated cottage. Empyrean (17) Having traveled so little it is difficult to say, but I have a very idealized conception of Paris. If not forced to choose a real concrete place, I'd say a small and lonely house surrounded by mountains, with a lake and a forest nearby encolpio8 (22) in my childhood's world Endimion live in a country where people are friendly but still with some distence with me endor In a state of calm lightenss of being ENEgck (56) In cosmopolitan isolation Engel (48) Exactly where God would have want me to born. Enis In my own Utopia, the Promissed Land, the Holy Jerousalem of Revealation Eno A. Agolli (15) The seaside. Definitely the seaside. Preferably in a quonset hut. Enrique (21) in this world eotf (26) new zealand,ireland or great britain,,,somewhere green eraserhead (18) On the coast, somewhere far away. Eric (15) in a place with a view of water and the setting sun Eric (40) In a nice house in the country, with all of the comforts of modern living. Eric (37) A small, clean apartment. Eric (19) by the ocean Erica Berlin/London Erica (25) London close to everything but simple perfection Erica` (21) At the sea with Mediteranean climate Erica (65) This one Erica Johnson (21) At a large country estate in England. Eric C. Wolfe (28) by a river Erich (20) New York, London, or Paris (maybe). Erich (19) In a small, rainy coastal town in the northwest Eric Kraft (18) Virginia! Erict7 San Franscisco Erik (25) In the country, away from people Erik Isaac (19) In Africa Erik Price (18) A place that I'm completely comfortable- surrounded by nature and the people I love. Erin (27) Near my children Erin (53) Canada Erin (30) In a small town with all four seasons Erin (20) In the romanticised places that exist in my mind. Erin In the mountains of North Carolina Erin (46) Everywhere Erin (31) the ideal place ers (22) In my home with my daughters. Erskine (35) Somewhere in the universe in which my brain doesn't exist. ERZ (1) Minneapolis in the summer, and anywhere warmer in the winter! esayer (35) Where imagination runs freely Escalus (22) In a small, remote cottage with rooms full of books and a garden full of sunflowers. Escapism (19) somewhere with mild weather, many bookshops, a good theatre, with my friends Esmé (18) Where i live now; of in southern England, or in Umbrië in Italië Esmee fidelius (54) Somewhere beautiful and free ESMERELDA (50) In the mountains by the beach away from everyone else Estacia Hernandez (37) ohio, or austrailia esteban (29) Scotland Esteban (23) in my current city, but in a better neighbourhood Estee by the sea or in the mountains, where the beauty is estrella blanca somewhere cooler in climate and close to my freidns and family Et (32) In the present...or a nice brownstone in New York Et Cetera (22) A city, near the ocean, with seasonal contrasts. Etha (26) in a city but close enough to the mountains ethan (20) In a log cabin by a great lake surrounded by unmolested wilderness Ethan Mayatt (25) Nowhere that isn't my current home. Eureka (16) in a place where I don´t have to sepperate from the persons that I love Euzinha_ds (20) In Jenna Jameson's underwear Eva (23) Toronto Eva (16) Martha's Vineyard (The birthplace of American Sign Language) Eva not utah evan ass hatch (18) London Evanna (18) Near the coast, on one of those lonely beaches. Evan Washington (20) On a property in the Hunter Valley or somewhere similar Evie (22) New york Evie (16) England or Spain evilwonders (28) Somewhere I can be happy and free and safe. evren (16) wherever, as long as people are friendly exiile (30) Where flowers blossom in the winter and I can hear the ocean as I wake up Ezra (20) somewhere warm, with blankets and pillows and good wine. FA At the beach FAA New Hampshire in the summer, Maryland in the fall, the Caribbean in the winter, Greece in the spring FAC (25) Hawaii Facio California or Hawaii Facio (19) Scartown F. Ahmed (15) Somewhere I feel happy Faith (17) Where there is peace,where there is islamic state fallen (24) wherever my partner and/or child lives fang (30) In a world of endless collaborative creation and sharing Fanourios (40) fair world farfalla (30) surrounding by my family and my beloved ones. farfoura (22) Here. fatgaynig (20) a place near the sea with a great culture Fatima (19) Dreams Fatima (26) a mix of nature and paris fat man (33) Wherever the the Queen's royal army will need me Fawna (19) near friends and family, where there are four seasons and beauties of nature abound Fay (22) A small quant New England town Faye (34) Near a large city feanix (20) In any place with my friends Felipe Maia Somewhere serene and quiet Fern (25) Las Vegas, Nevada...it grows on you Fernando (31) Las Vegas, there is something about this city Fernando (31) Wherever I am at the time Ferroever (43) In a big metropolitan city, such as New York, Paris, London, Tokyo, Seoul. fersfumero (28) In a rural area of a warm Asian country FeydRautha (46) in the mountains, near the sea Feysweetie (43) In the mountains somewhere. fhickey (22) somewhere sunny, with flowers Fidjeridodu (30) China Fields (19) free from structures and facades of human agenda Fielirious (34) in the gardens of heaven filinia (22) New York City and Paris, if either would have me. final fashion (33) Near the ocean. Do they still exist? I have memories of them. Finnegan (17) Anywhere around the Mediterranean would be divine darling... Finnegan Magondolovich (Long Story...) Regardless of where I live I still have to figure out how to live, but a country where there is an illusion of safelty and freedome Finokio (38) in which traffic is non-existent firdevs (30) Paris fk2005 (34) In the Appalachians. FlameHorse (28) Scottish Highlands. Flantasy Girl (25) I would live in the countryside of Italy, where I may read in peace and be isolated from the outside and judgmental world flavia (13) Somewhere exotic, cultural, appreciative and feels homey. Flo near the roots of my pioneer ancestors - Dundas County, Ontario, Canada Flora (69) In a small city or Iaşi. Florin-Alexandru Brănescu (16) Somewhere where there is respect for life Flower (39) Asbury Park, New Jersey or Berlin Floyd A city that never sleeps FlyinMonki (27) In a clement land of clement persons. ForePlinger A quiet little town with nice weather and nice people ForSavvy In ancient greece Fran (52) At the beach in Valdivia Fran (33) In a place on a hill where I can ride my horse to the ocean to surf in the morning and do yoga on my porch, with a veggie garden and summer all year long Francesca (29) in the country of my ideal francesca (49) Australia Francesca In a great place of exploration Francis (18) a place with no mobile phones in which we could touch the sky and make it sing Francisca Bastos (17) Everywhere, close to nature, close to mountain. In a place of interminable inspiring horizons Francisco Aguirre (23) In Germany Francisco Javier Gil Vidal (54) I like living where I am Francis Graham (9) France Francis Times (20) I would like to be a resident of the world - to belong everywhere and nowhere simultaneously. Frank (27) Anywhere that allows me to be in control Frankie (23) France in the Age of Enlightenment FrankieSmash (49) Where I am living now; on the road in hotels Franklin Frank Anglin (32) Australia but with better weather and no horrible animals Frank Nekrasz (25) in a london townhouse, or a rambling mansion on the cornish coast fred (16) In peace with nature Freda (61) The USA Frieda Isabelle Robson (17) In the middle of nowhere Friedrich Mueller (57) In a small town but with access to both city and country Fritha Grey Berlin, Germany Fritz (12) Somewhere secluded fumble (19) new york city, the home of my heart and head. furies (27) Baltimore is pretty awesome, I also like the carolinas. FYS13Alec (18) Florida or Louisiana FYS13Amanda (18) I would like to live in florida. FYS13Andrew Florence, Italy FYS13Bella Somewhere nice, and beautiful FYS13Chad on a hill overlooking lake michigan with a view of Chicago in the distande FYS13DRJ Alaska. I think it'd be a whole different world. FYS13Holly In an old Victorian house high up on a hill filled with happiness, love, and lots of character. FYS13Michaela (18) Italy, Greece, or Japan FYS13Savannah Henry (18) Boston FYS13Tyler (19) In a tree house FYS14Darling (18) Anywhere that doesn't have snow. FYS14Erica (19) in a high place near big water with four seasons FYS14julie Where ever the ones I love most does. Home is where the heart is. FYS14Kelle (20) Honduras, near the barrier reef. I wouldn't mind living in a cabin in tennessee either FYS14Landon (18) France or Italy FYS14Mikaela (19) Queensland, Australia FYS14Payton Somewhere big, and where it's warm all of the time. Winter sucks. FYS14Sam (19) Paris FYS14Sara Somewhere where life is less about systems and ladders and more about living FYS14Serenity (19) near my family FYS14Taylor Atlanta FYS14Timesha New York FYS14Zachary Germany FYS breont (19) Anywhere in the US. FYSHeath (18) Paris FYSKylie (19) Somewhere peaceful. Equality for all people. FYSMadz (18) A place where I'm surrounded by my family and happiness. FYSMegha (18) In a place as efficient as a well-timed clock. FYSMichael (18) Wherever all of my friends live FYSNick with loving people G g g My job should define my home G. (23) england Gab (19) I'd like to live in the city, in a small apartment, with my best friend. Gabby (13) Where everyone enjoys equal rights Gabby Griego (18) anywhere new and exciting Gabe (31) in a city surrounded by nature Gabi Hawaii Gabi (17) Somewhere i could work freely and be with the ones i love Gabriel (28) New York Gabriela (18) in the unknown island Gabriela Coelho Mesquita Teixeira Borges (26) Somewhere peaceful, quiet and sorrounded by natural beauty where I can relax, work at peace and truly be myself. Gabriel Gonzalez (26) North Denver, Colorado or Sweden Gabriella Fuentes (17) In Paris Gabrielle In Paris Gabrielle Somewhere with perfect weather near family Gabrielle Hart (20) I would like to live in Meounes gaga (13) with my sons and their mates in the sun with a waterfall in the backyard garden Gail (44) Canada by the ocean Gail Flaherty Asia; South America Gainer (52) Atlantis Gaios (19) In a palace as the emperor of the world Gait (17) not in London Galareh (23) Any place where vampires are the majority Gamba Ajani With my clan gamorreangirl (43) Where I'm happy GarbagePailGrrrl (27) Any place surrounded by nature. Garrett (19) Canada Gary (45) Italy Gary H farm gatetam (38) Pittsburgh Pa. U. S. A. Gator Krazy Dave campo gavalia (46) Where there is peace. GD (47) The Emerald Isle. Or Florence, Italy. Gean Whitehead III (20) Australia Gemn Australia Gemn near my loved ones Gene (51) the countryside of France Gene (24) Where else is there to live other than here? I am content to stay with my creator. General Obsidian de Veyra Where I live now Genevie Where cell phones are a rarity. Genevieve (22) Somewhere warm and balmy. Genevieve (15) Somewhere with a hot summer and sweet spring. Genevieve (16) The beach Genevieve (17) Biltmore without the cost. Genie (65) seaside Genie (58) In beauty, freedom and abundance. GenXer2012 (39) In happiness... Somewhere peaceful yet still full of life? Contradicament? Of course. Geo (20) In a place with as few people as possible. Geo (57) I fantasize about living on a small piece of land, where I could be a ranch hand and live off my land. George Ireland George Brosnan (16) Morristwon, New Jersey on multiple acres on land George Mile (35) On a remote Scottish island in a log cabin George Owers (21) Probably in a place where there is a smooth air, a light blue sea and nirvana Georgia (14) near water Georgia (53) Italy or Montana Georgia (16) In a place where everybody has a young,curious and innocent spirit Georgiana in the country with a flower garden Georgie In a house by the lake, with my close friends near by gg Utopia if it exists. And if it does it's not in London. ghazaleh (27) New York Ghyles (31) New York Ghyles (31) In the French countryside Gia (21) somewhere i can work in peace Gianne (21) My home country of Sicily Giannico (40) In the heavens, where I can rule as I should Gideon (30) anywhere with family Gill (63) I'd like to in Scotland where I do but wish the weather would sort itself out. Gillian Martin (40) Someplace warm and beautiful. Or just New York City. Gina (19) In a serene place of any kind Gina (30) God's Country Ginger Thompson (50) Right where I am Ginny (47) New York City, or Basel, Switzerland. Gionna (28) Near the sea Giorgia In barca, sul mare Giovanni Moro (32) Around Girl You Too Rude somewhere i feel welcome. Giselle (18) in Paris – where the wine flows, and life is slow, where music, reading and art is plentiful. Gjabrielle I'd like to live in a home I build myself Gladys Mae Whitaker A nice quiet suburban area Glenn Parker (24) Right here in the big city Glen Reeves (37) Somewhre where there is no racial strife Gloria (59) Home in Spain Gloria whre I live now Gloria Heatley (58) In a wild, deserted, bad-weathered environment. GMcG Vancouver goblin64 (45) The 19th Century Godfrey (19) egy kegyetlen,és szép világban gofaify (19) On a beach or lake. GoGo Patty (46) greek island or south of france Golden Boy (20) Everywhere. Gonzalo Netherlands goukrish (19) suburbia GP (39) Montana GPB (37) Charlotte, North Carolina Grace (30) I would like to live in the country Grace (12) Facing the sunlight so that it spills onto my things and makes me feel connected to my home. Above the city, on a hill. Grace (28) London, England Grace A. (15) Any where were my kind can be accepted Grace Cooper (20) In a mountainous land with four seasons where the trees outnumber the people gracehoppin (23) Surrounded by people I love, in a place with beautiful weather Gracie (22) Near the beach Gracie Campbell (23) In the center of a city. Graham (20) on my family farm Granny (81) New York City, or the carribean Gray (19) In a place where I don't have to worry about how parents will react to me. Grayson Ender (28) Italy or a place in which romance ruled supreme greatlove (32) By the sea. Greer (33) At home. Greer (9) in New Jersey or California Greg (19) in the moment Greg (24) countryside Greg (17) Beside the beach Greg (36) on a farm next to a creek Greg (53) Somewhere warm and near a body of water OR somewhere cold and isolated in woods Greg Lytle (26) where I live now Gregory (30) the beach gretel In a snow forest in the far north, a tiaga. Gret Sidl (17) TODAY I LIVE IN THE SAME TOWN AS MY GRANDMOTHER, AND MY GRANDMOTHER BEFORE HER, AND TWO MORE GENERATIONS BEFORE THEN,. BOBOWAN IS A SMALL TOWN JUST SOUTH EAST OF KRAKOW, POLAND GRETTA VAN DEN BOSSCHE - OLBRACHT (86) In my memory Grey new york or london greythorne (38) Miami, Florida OR Denver, Colorado Grimace (17) Miami, Florida or Denver, Colorado Grimace (17) Miami or Denver Grimace In Denver or Miami Grimace (17) where my beloved ones are gruchi (63) tropical island gruffmusic (49) In Armenia, in a house with garden pretty close to Yerevan Gtergab (50) In castle Bran Guard (45) In a world where strength rules, and the weak are crushed Guenther In acceptance. guiller van mistoffellees (17) Wherever my home is. Gus (18) With my adoptive family GusGus5 (47) Paris, no século XIX Gustavo (21) Paris gutsyaardvark (19) Greece or Italy Guy Van Driessche (44) Anywhere that the ocean or forest exists Gwen (18) Nowhere else but home in Malibu Gwen a tropical island Gwyneth P. (44) Italy Hadasa (19) Anywhere with a beautiful view to the ocean Hadja (19) By the sea, and seasons Hailey (34) Macon Georgia Hailey (15) in a farm with my beloveds, full of flowers and potato and a river or lake runs through it Hakusha Senbon (24) A place with enough people that one can disappear easily. Hal (18) In southern Europe Hala (34) Right where I'm at Haley (19) somewhere warm Haley (17) Somalia, hamdi (20) in a modern and quiet place,with historic design hamideh (26) Home Hamlet (30) In London Hana (14) New York HandeG. (13) Near water Hanna (24) Honestly, there is pros and cons to both the city and the country. So wherever I end up, I guess. Hannah (15) New York City Hannah (32) london england hannah (25) in a big city hannah (16) I like where I live now Hannah A (18) Washington DC. Hannah Chambers (24) In a place where there is no judgement Hannah Ross (20) Alaska Hannah Suttles in the country away from everyone Hanshaw (14) hidden villages of nepal or laos Hari (21) London, or the countryside--wrapped up in stupid bliss with my family around me. Harold E. Leighton (37) In a place all my own, sincerely. Harold E. Leighton (40) High Hall Harold Oberg Bordeaux Harriet (23) Right now, London. Later, lots of places. Harry (27) New York City Hartleigh A. Chance (35) The country of my ideal sounds so damn perfect.. Hassallah (30) Silver spring. md Hassan (21) in the dark Haven Everest (7) by the sea, with friends and family who love me nearby hawaii50 (45) Anywhere comfortable. Hayzeus (23) A farm house with acres of land Hazelnut (17) Somewhere with temperate weather HCE (15) In a cabin on Lake Tahoe Heath Somewhere clean and solitary. Heathcliff (20) in a place of peace and respect HEATHER (37) North Carolina Heather (20) Alone Heather Driussi (41) In America HeavyFire (16) a place of my own in NYC heider (27) Where my great Love is Heidi New York City - at least once before I die. Heidi R. Ilha de Pascoa Heinar (52) in my city, Sao Paulo Heithmann (29) in my world, where things don't work quite the same way Helen (32) Where the sea and mountains meet one another Helen (19) Canada Helena (18) I'd like to stay in a small, unassuming house in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by trees. Helena Jenkins (20) New York City, London, Paris Helen Mattison Wyatt (20) where the sun shines everyday hellgirl (19) Somewhere far from my home here. A place where I can start a new life Helory (22) A beach environment close to mountains and amazing views helz bells (41) Somewhere in nature, peaceful place Hena Riz (34) New Hampshire Henry (46) Paris Henry_Z (25) anywhere surrounded by friends who love me her (26) I'd like to live in a warm quiet place where i can live out the rest of my life Herald (71) with my family herbertofwestlake (43) In the country, the mountains. Hern (39) South Korea Herod (20) A tropical island Hero Solomon (25) throughout the world Hestia (18) In a city full of life Hetal (22) Feeling like there is no way out of something. No hope. H, Han-Jan Wherever I am happy HHP (41) In the woods or in he country. Him (17) In the woods, wilderness or country. Him (17) Any place in which I'm happy or with family HimynameisAlicia (15) Away. Hira Yousuf (18) In a peaceful place HKas (28) In a country that is safe and peaceful HKas A peaceful place next to the mountains Hkr (24) In a community of loved ones sheltered from the harshness of the world outside H. McMillan (33) En un lugar donde cada vez que duerma tenga sueños lucidos. H.Nakashima (21) away, but always in a different away hobbes (26) a place where absolute solace exists hodouk (22) In a country of like-minded people Hoelder1in (51) At a place full of happy memories, yet promising new vistas and kindling new hopes Hoelder1in (55) In my and my fellow man's dreams. hoffsta a combination of Paris, Berlin and Bristol holden (27) Italy Holley (39) In my imagination come to life. holly (17) Some where i am most comfortable, inspired and happy Holly (22) Somewhere bigger than here. Where I don't run into someone who knows me every five minutes. Holly Avery (32) somewhere with a television and unlimited halftime snacks Holly Pajka (28) Maui Hong Jay In town., close to the city, not too noisy, on the boundary of anonymity Honora (40) Anywhere i am happy..place with sunshine and a brook and birds Hooks Boston Hopefloats (24) somewhere different every season Horace pluck (54) Spain Houston (19) america howard (34) I would only want to live in america. howard (34) On ocean cliffs HP (20) In a farm house on the outskirts of a city i like to explore. Hrudaya (24) Cape Cod huck finn (48) Countryside or Beach Huda (19) In an endless game Huey (28) somewhere between my reality and my fantasy huggybear (29) In a simple warm country of friendly people Hulot Redux Somewhere quiet Humbugger Omlet (20) Boston Hunter (23) on the road Hurricane Katrina (25) Where my loved ones are Hwee (45) Sout Korea Hwiseon Lee (24) where it is peaceful Hyldami East Asia ideally South Korea or Japan Hyosun (25) In a world where rewards and success came to those deserving rather than the lucky. Hypnos The Blade (46) Ireland HYS (47) In a world of understanding. I (22) In a country where time is not counted by clocks, rather by the sky and those around you. I Anywhere, as long as I don't have to put up with to much suffering in there. I A country that is truly free and tolerant Ian (23) Canada Ian (44) Everywhere ianplanet (47) Somewhere where isn't about to go to hell in a handbasket, thanks. Ian Siente in the city but with a house in the country - or perhaps in the grave I Beg (54) Somewhere hidden, but not far from fun, where I could go when I wanted to be alone. Iblis Anak (22) Near my family, wherever they are Ichabod In France Icis with people love one another and treat one another with genuine affection. I do not have one. (22) Where the people i want and the mystery are i dont know that i know (17) Where I am Ignats (70) Someplace that is near people but also offers seclusion; also near a forest Igor (29) I would love to live high up in the mountains. Iilyanna In a place where people are of good morals. Ika (24) Wherever I'd be free to be whoever I am. ile105 (23) Wherever I could be who I am and do what I do. But London is the greatest place on Earth. ile105 (27) In a place where I can feel the most pain Ilija (17) anywhere better than here Illinibeatle (44) the beach IM (82) On the beach in Fort Lauderdale, Florida Imajones in a scenic country, by the countryside but not far enough from the city Imee Anyplace where I am worshipped, obeyed, and feared I.M. (Imam Mahdi) (5) Anywhere, as long as I feel a belonging Incognitus (23) any place besides where I am now India (15) Inside my head Indrė (17) In a place of comfort indy (30) a place with fine weather, less crowded people, food of my appetite. inez (21) Right where I am: one only makes yourself happy Inkie (60) a small home near a beach interestedparty chicago, with a puppy. i.p. The city somewhere, someplace where there is a lot happening, but also close to my family Ireland Rose (12) Somewhere warm and simple Irene (17) Somewhere with great weather. Irene (26) Wherever I am happy Irina (16) somewhere that provides me surprises and joy Iris (18) New York City or Los Angeles Iris (22) Wherever Iris is Iris Ramsey (32) close to the sea isa (29) In a country of colours; a country of infidels; a country that I would call my home and heart. Isaac (16) England Isaac (29) Anywhere that I can be free to do as I please. Isaac Portland, Maine Isaac In dreams. Isabel (19) In a big city, in a small apartment Isabela (18) In a place I would be most happy Isabella (14) In Jacksonville, North Carolina or Wilmington - Busy City but you can still go out into the country. Isabella Fairchild-Heart (Protagonist) (26) A green country by the sea,full of miracles and books, where there is no tv Isabelle (26) In a country of justice and love for all creatures of the world Isadora Duncan (32) Wherever the gods and gold shall lead me, friend! Isas In utter ignorance. Isla (21) In a cave far away from civilization Ismael Santos (20) Anywhere that will accept me and I can accept. Isolde (17) In the country side, near a mountain, lake, and forest or near the ocean. Ita (23) small town on a snowy mountain itamar (23) Where I can blossom and do good. Iva in space, weightless, careless. Iva Pasztor (20) In the country that I always dream of. Ivy (10) The peace place. ivy (25) By the ocean Ivy (17) California Ivy Morgan (34) Somewhere with perfect weather and no allergens Izzy (24) In France in a house with a rooftop garden Izzy (17) I'm happy right where I am at. Izzy (30) Out west where there are more opportunities Izzy waterhouse (16) Out west where there are more opportunities Izzy waterhouse (16) Wherever I can find happiness. J right where I am j2a18m (43) in germany jabbar (23) In the mountains, in a cabin Jacie Lin In a place where there are no wars Jack (14) Italy jack (30) In the country where the only thing I see is grass Jack (45) I think having a cottage--with enough space for the kids--in the country somewhere. Jack (33) In a house in a bountiful but uncultivated forest Jack (17) In the mountains, to overlook everything Jack (18) Here Jack Goodman (18) Somewhere friendly but smart, diverse but coherent, with seasons that change. Jackie I would love to live in Japan. I just really love the culture, but honestly, I'm very happy here as well. Jackie (18) In a place with a balance between peace and excitement Jackie (24) I would like to live in my hometown, but travel often Jackie In the Country Jackie Bordeaux (31) Where everybody cares for the others Jackie Cavalcante (40) NYC Jackie Vega (27) anywhere people are freely expanding themselves Jackson (32) In Ireland, or Germany. Jackson8471 (23) On the Greek Island of Crete. Jackson Fisher (47) Somewhere hot, by the sea, with plenty of alcohol Jack Viper (29) Somewhere warm, preferably near the ocean Jaclyn (22) Somewhere that even I couldn't make myself unhappy. JaclynM (19) Around people but somewhere i can relax (The circus) Jacob California Jacob (16) with my dad Jacob London. Jacob Richardson (18) A place where freedom and the consequences of it exist. Jacque (24) In a rural area. Jacqueline (34) Los Angeles. Definitely Los Angeles. In (semi) retirement. Jacqueline Garrett (38) In the Highland mountains were it is said to be cool year round Jade (17) downtown Jade-a-boo (17) Brazil Jade Green (30) in the city. which? take your pick, they all illuminate me Jadelynn (24) I would like to live on a planet filled with peace. That doesn't exist currently, except maybe on Mars. Maybe the Earth, one day. Jae (18) Ecuador Jafari (33) Paris, France Jaime (18) Ireland Jaime (28) Spain in a mansion Jake Anywhere with my close family, but were I can also spend time alone Jake (17) New York City, or the romantic ideal of it Jake (21) In a fresh, encouraging environment filled with culture, love, and happiness. Jakelina Hernandez (22) Where happiness is a right and not a luxury. J.A. Lawrence by the sea, rain, snow, sunshine, and trees James (64) A small, quiet town on a coast James (30) i do not know the name james Somewhere cheap, and chill. James (19) On the sea James (25) Close to family James Near a nice sized lake James I'm fine where I am. James - Dana (15) It doesn't matter now James Foley (23) Somewhere West,quiet James Green (29) There's no reason to change what's comfortable. James H (27) In a rural area somewhere in the midwest U.S. James La Salandra (31) New York City. So many criminals with fat bank accounts. James Oliver North (39) Italy jameson_welsh (22) Wherever I'm from James Wake (50) I haven't found anywhere yet James William Reath (21) in the country with tons of land Jamie (25) Somewhere beautiful and natural, but with a modern touch Jamie (22) the land of the earth is my home Jamie (32) Florida, Key West, Texas at some point cape cod to die in peace Jamie (17) In a warmer climate, or a bigger apartment/ house with a yard. I dream to live in California. Jamie (32) on a beach Jamie Anywhere in the South. Jamie Lynn Pearson (25) france jamy (51) Paris would be nice. Jan Where I live now, because it's my home. Jan (55) Singapore, Bali, Cyprus Jana (22) Singapore, Bali, Cyprus Jana (22) within his arms , always. Janae (17) place where there it is comfortable,happy and where there are friendlly neighbours Janane (13) new york city jane (41) england! jane (20) In a big nicely decorated house which I own, in some big city of Europe. Jane (23) in a house, where if i choose it to be so, no one else lives jane fakename (25) Anywhere that girl is not.