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What is your favorite flower?

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Orchids. 009 (19) asdf 1 a rose 50ad (17) Any Lily 513 (00) a field of flowers mixed by nature 6nianji-ZHC (38) Tulips 808s Blue Hydrangia 80cubed (55) Daffodils A (19) I like cacti, succulents in particular A Plumeria A. (27) lily A (26) I think...the marigold A. Tulip A (26) Yellow Roses AA (23) Tiger Lily. aaaaaaa (18) Forget-me-nots AAAKKK A white or orange lily aag (22) stargazer lilies aallisonr (30) rose Aaron (32) Cannabis (LOL) Aaron (26) I don't know the difference between flowers. They all smell like grass. Aaron (35) Tulip Aaron Guy Leroux (37) Apricot roses Aarushi Agarwal (13) All flowers. Abbie (22) Jasmine and Rose Abbie Hartley Gardenias! Abby (26) Gardenia Abby (27) tulip Abegando (28) Any wildflower Abigail Harris (10) Lavender, Roses, Iris, ABP (50) tulip Abraham (41) Lilies, peonies, and irises Abs Dahlia Acara McFadden (28) Yellow Roses ACH (23) Lilacs A. Clifford Stowe (81) Indian paintbrush- but they're all lovely. Acrania (25) Those that grow wildly Adam (22) jasmine Adam (25) Rose Adam (20) Wildflowers Adam (29) Sunflower adam (16) daffodils are ok Adam (38) they're all...fine Adam I don't have a favorite. Every flower symbolizes something special and beautiful. Adam Braner (30) i don't have one Adam Hyde (26) Also periwinkle. Adam McGrory (39) I don't really car about flowers Addy (26) lilac adieudusk Bougainvillea Aditya (25) Narcisssus. Admiral Love (33) All Adonia (40) Black Velvet Petunia Adrian (18) sunflowers Adriana (16) black magic rose Adriana (16) jacinthe adriana (45) Forget-me-nots. Adrian Bauza (20) Almond. Adrian Conrad Rose. Adrian George Nicolae (24) rose Adrian Martyn (34) All of them Adrianna (18) all flowers are beautiful AdrianOz (45) Lilies, though I do not care to pick flowers. Why take them from their home? Adrian Winters (17) Tulips Adrienne Wilson (25) the cow lilly Ady (22) Tulips aetilson (41) violets afrodite (41) i have yet to find its exact name, but it is that one that fills a field and makes me momentarily happy a.g. (23) peony Agalloza (23) The poppy that blooms in spring Agape (38) roses are cool Agatha Kefali (45) Jasmine Agent00V (18) hortensias (don't know the word in English) Aggie White I don't have a specific flower I like the most A.G. Mata (21) White lilies. Agnes (20) Daisy Agneska (20) calla lilly agony (25) poppies, irises, and tulips Agreen (29) Peony. Agu (21) all flowers are perfect Agustina (27) Lavender. A Half Empty Beaker rose ahmad (27) blue rose ahmad (24) Roses Ai (21) Orkidea Aida (22) Rose. Aidan (21) I can't say that I have one. They're all beautiful. Aidan Devlin (15) Laurels. Aiden rosebuds aiko (20) Anything different from what I usually see. Ailene peonies aimée (22) Red & white roses aimee.dawson (21) Gerbera daisy Aisha Milburn (32) the hibiscus aishu (14) Daffodils. A.J. (27) Ranunculus AJ (18) none Ajam (21) Hydrangeas are lovely. Ajay (17) rose Ajm9511 (21) orchid akansha (26) Rose. akanthe (19) The orchid. Akbar Shahzad (20) Some woman Aki Rose Aks (20) Never thought of this after my wedding so for now peonies and poppys. AKT (35) Not wild about any of them. Al (28) Peony, Lily of the Valley Al (55) peonies alabambino (32) Roses Alan (58) Orchids Alana (20) hibiscus Alan Arkin (44) I don't have one. Alannah (43) Daisy AlbaManuela (18) Anemone Alcaeus (19) dark purple rose Alchemist (45) Roses. Alden Lee Klaput (18) Roses Aldonza77 (47) Ranunculus. Ale (28) Currently, billy balls - always, orchids Alecia The tiger lily. Alecksi Who gives a crap about flowers? Aleesha (32) I can't visualize it without it being in front of me Alejandro Amoretti (28) I dont like flowers alek (20) The White Lily. Aleksei Kotsov (63) oleanders alessa (21) Rose Alessandro Pian (30) tulip Alessio Lucchini (46) Iris Aletha Camack Lilies and lilac. Alex Hydrangeas Alex (22) Rose, beautiful, yet deadly Alex (17) orchid alex (38) daffodils alex (23) Rose Alex (21) calalilly Alex (23) none Alex (17) All Alex (32) Daisy Alex (21) Roses Alex (16) All of them--what God creates, I admire. Alex Sweet pea alexa (28) Iris. Alexander (33) Black rose and a dried white rose. I love the meanings and look! Alexander (19) roses Alexander (30) The Columbine. Alexander Kim (19) I love so many, but to name a few would be roses, peonies, hydrangeas, daffodils, and orchids Alexandra (27) It depends. Daisies make my joy spread, orchids fill me with grace, and brilliantly blue flowers electrify my spirit. Alexandra (19) Wildflowers. Alexandra (24) The kind that can grow inside another Alexandra (18) Daisy Alexandra (24) Poppies... like in The Wizard of Oz Alexandra (15) lillies and saffron Alexandra Bryhter (24) Tulip Alexandra SweetTale4u Cruz Rose Alexandre (28) daisy AlexandriaHMerlin (40) hydrangea AlexandriaLHash (30) none Alexandria Marshall (32) Rose. alexandrine (15) Rose Alex Armstrong (16) Rose Alex Armstrong (16) Rose Alex Armstrong (16) Sunflower Alex Brooks (18) tulip Alex C. all of them Alexis (17) a daisy, easy on the eyes, soul, and budget Alexis Johnson (19) Daisy AlexRTRW Daisy AlexRTRW Roses, one was named after me! Aley (60) Her favorite. Alfonso (26) I'm not a fan of flowers Alfonso (28) violet al-g (24) Jasmines. Ali (37) The orchid. Ali A. Rizvi Chrysanthemum Alice Rose Alice tulip Alice Lilly Alicein1derland (27) herbera (like chinesse daisy) Alicia (68) Any. alicja (38) Lilacs and roses. Aliid Rose Alin (23) None Alina (20) Peonies Aline Guiraudie (36) tulip alipans (57) Jasmine. Alishba Zarmeen (24) pheasant's eye daffodil Alison (20) Zinnia Alison Martin (Alison Martin) daffodils, daisies alison wonderland none AliZaidi (29) Forget-me-knot AllenT. (33) Sky Vine Allen Wasupan (16) rose alli (49) The little yellow ones blooming on the tree outside my window. Allison (33) Don't know. Allison (20) Gerber daisies Allison lili's allison (19) Bleeding hearts Allison Jean (21) Dandelion. Morels (it KIND OF counts as a bloom). Peonies. Violets. Wildflowers. Allison Jean Hazen (34) all those with a fragrance alliswell (62) Tulips Alma (25) Lily Alma Jean Porter (70) Peonies. "Royal Wedding" poppies. almavidrio (35) The bleeding heart. It is a very unusual and unique flower. Altjungr (30) all Alvilda (20) Does it matter? One that does not wilt. Alx the ones that come in the above answer alya (17) It depends on the size and color Alyanna (22) Iris Alyce J. tulips Alyssa Roses Alyssa Cordova (17) No. Alyssa Darkling Do I look my life is filled with roses and daisies? Alyssa MacMillan (25) Moonlotus Alyssa Moonchild (16) sunflowers AM One that still grows Amanda daisy Amanda (42) Orchid AmandaFYS13 (18) Daisy or tulip Amanda Strong (42) Tulips Amandine (31) Tigerlily Amara The moonflower, but only when iit is in bloom Amaris (17) Forget-me-nots. Amber (18) Laburnum Amber (37) Laburnum Amber (37) tulip Amber (20) All flowers that are nice and pleasant to smell and see Ame (37) pansy Amelia (13) The ones that grow wild and free Amelia (18) I kind of like daisies. They grow outside my window. Amelia Gates (formerly Pippet) (10) When I get them, any flower Amelie (24) Lavender. ameliowata (20) sakura American Marxist Rose Americanoid (50) jasmine americanwoman (62) tiger lilly ames (21) Jasmines. Amit Bhaskar (21) all ammb (29) Sunflowers Amos (18) Bachelor's button Amrita (22) lilies amu Any flower that smells good and is beautiful. Amy (33) Bauhinias, lilies, cherry blossoms Amy (28) Rununculas amy (33) Tulip Amy (35) Wild pink roses Amy (55) Orchids-- for their rare beauty Amy Becker; Character: Merriwether Finch (27) Calla Lilly Amy Cottington-Bray Daisy Amy Jo as Marge (48) Daisy Amy Jo as Marge (48) My wife loved lilies, so lilies. Amy Martinez (20) White roses Amy R. daisey amz (16) hydrangeas Ana (21) white roses Ana (30) chrysanthemum ana (16) wilde poppy ana (34) Tulip Ana Carolina (16) I don't like flowers. Analise (40) no favarite Anam (26) Red rose, because it is both sharp and gentle. Ana Marija (20) snapdragons Ananke (25) cherry anasonic (29) what a pervy answer by Proust ancientrobot (31) orchid Andi (28) roes andraya (23) Girls respond well to roses. Andre Forget-me-nots Andrea (16) The ones that grown in meadows on hot summer days Andrea (13) Sunflowers ANDREAADKINS (26) Isn't that a bit girly? AndreaCoker (24) Again...let's say Casco de Venado AndreaFeliu (28) The orchid. Andreas (19) rose Andrea SB (32) Pink roses andres007 (19) Roses Andrew (22) Rose - a classic Andrew (25) Dutch Iris Andrew (20) Poppies Andrew (28) lool at proust's answer. i don't have one Andrew (22) The one I get out of love. andrew (24) Tulip Andrew barlow (26) roses Andrew J Ohls (33) Orchid. Andrew Price (38) poppy Andy (25) Jasmine Andy (23) Jasmine Andy (23) Bird of paradise. andy rayford (28) Sunflower Andy Thomas (25) iris? I love flowers in general. recently tulips of all colors. ang (99) Jasmine Angel orchid Angela (21) Roses Ângela (24) Plumeria Angela (30) Rose and peony Angela (19) Lilies Angela Estrada (20) Lilacs Angelicstar (45) rose angelina (26) sunflower Angel Rodrigues (41) gerber daisies for their multitude of colour and grandness while still being simple angie (29) Tulips Ani Sunflowers Ani (22) The starling's beaks that grow at the bottom of our tree house Anik (16) Peonies embody romance and prosperity and are regarded as an omen of good fortune and a happy marriage. Aniyah (19) Not particularly interested in flowers. Anj (24) peonies, lady slippers, coxcomb, poppies anjali Stargazer lilies Anjel (28) gladiolus is a flower of happiness Anjelah49 (49) Red roses and daisies. Anjelika (22) i don't like flowers , truthfully. they die so easily. Ankassandra (15) a daisy Anke! (17) All of them. Each flower is beautiful in its own way. Ann (19) Poppy or sunflower Ann (62) Orchids Anna (20) Sunflowers Anna (20) Lily Anna (34) Turkish black rose Anna Baker (20) iris Anna Kalimar (18) every flower Anna Maria (21) red roses Anna-Maria Lily AnnaMay (51) daisy. Anna O. daisies, sunflowers Anna Stein (21) Peonies Ann Delaney (44) The wildflowers that carpet Napapijri at midsummer Anne (21) narcissus anne (23) Sweet peas Annelise (40) yellow rose Anne Louise Sheldon (34) yellow and white flowers Anne Patricia F (21) Honeysuckle Anneta sunflower Annie Lilies of all colors Anniel (62) Daffodils. Unusual and strong. Habingers of spring. anniezee (54) I love all flowers, their beauty is just too admirable AnonAzure (19) Rose. anonim (18) sunflower, i can eat it anon moose (19) Roses Ansley Stevenson (16) The one nearest to me. Anthony (23) Rose Anthony (24) sunflowers anthony (48) life Anthony Almeida I don't have one. Anthony D C (20) Rose Anthony lawhon (27) See color as in the same thought. Anthony Scine-Sceni (42) I don't have one Antoinette (21) daisies antoinette (24) The Strelitzia - unbowed and enduring. Anton (52) Tulip. Antoniette (20) forget me nots, lavender Antonina (20) Rose Antonio Lemos (18) Daisy Anty An Iris, after my grandmother and for that reason alone Anusia (34) all of them are unique Anya (22) Hard to pick, but I'll say peony, especially fragrant pink or pink & white ones. Baptisia too. And lupine. Anya (71) Lantana Anzi (27) Bleeding Heart. a.o. (40) Lily Aoife Walsh Hard to pick one, but I was reminded of white lilies with this question as they remind me of my grandmother. Aparajita (26) poppies & wildflowers Apollo (58) None Apos like all flowers Apply (30) Nature is most beautiful in its diversity April (20) It keeps changing... April (21) All AR (20) Snapdragon, gladiolus, hyacinth. Ara (15) daisy Aranneaa (19) daisy because it is wild arctic_child (36) Orchids and Tulips Ardent (30) Cherry blossom A real phony (27) Tulip Areeba (25) I'm not a big flower person. Bring me chocolates or wine Ari (29) Lillys. Ari none Arianna (15) White Rose Ariel Red roses Ariella Bordaine: Female Protagonist (20) Cherry blossoms Arizona (19) peace rose arlo (64) Calla Lily Arnold Murray (42) Roses AROG daffodil Arthur Lorne Honeysuckle Artie (17) Probably roses, I never really thought about it Artie Mondello (18) (does he mean what I understood? Naughty Proust!) I like Daffodil, sunflowers and dandelion when ripe. Aruz Elliott (29) I have always loved the Iris. AS (32) Rose. ascetic monk (51) Lilies Asfiya Mariam (21) Roses, daises and sunflowers. Ash (23) All flowers, especially the fragrant ones Ash (28) Iris Ash sunflower ashan (20) Female genitalia. Roses and Frangipani if I must choose outside of sexual organs. Ash Bloom (27) marigolds asherville (55) Red Roses, Red tulips, and the Sunflower Ashley (18) Orchid Ashley (28) Roses Ashley (20) tulip orchid ashley baus (24) Roses Ashley Brazil (17) Gerber daisy Ashley Mannara (29) Peonies. Ashley Meller (26) peony ashleytheresa (20) None. Ashwin Murali (21) Poppies and Callalilies Asi (21) dogwood asmitchel (67) Flowers that can be use for medicinal purposes Asmund (40) sunflower ASN (25) Rose Assman (19) Daisies Astra (19) Peony Astri (36) the ones that bloom Astrid Roses. Asuka Suzuki (13) - Athar (25) A Rose Athena Lujan (17) I like orchids attitude (49) Lily of the valley Atuona (38) Purple Orchid Aubrey Files (25) Baby's Breath Aubrey Tate (21) Plumeria Audrey (17) Lotus flower. Audrey Bittencourt (24) None. They are reproductive organs. Audrey Mahone (29) rose augustine (70) Iris Auntie Em (35) Jasmine Auntie Em (27) too many to be list out, I suppose Aurora (32) I don't really are about flowers. Aurora tulip aussie Sunflower Austin (19) all flowers are a part of nature and nature is beautifuk\l Austin Hobbs (16) The tulips are rather lovely. Austin Kimmell (16) i have always said birds of paradise, but i do not really find flowers beautiful, it is a flaw (i think) autumn (17) Lillies Autumn whatever she ask for Autumn Boze (18) Lily Ava (7) The Tulip. It was in the picture I have of my Mother when I was a baby Ava (7) lilies avecamour Those made of paper, I have allergies. Awalker Any flower that doesn't smell bad. Axel (18) Forget me nots Aya baby's breath in a bunch with a yellowed lace ribbon ayda (25) dandelion Aye (22) dandelion Aye (22) Lilac and daffodil ayem (57) There are so many floppy rose, tulip, forget me nots and sweet williams aym (30) Rose a young boy (91) Narcissus, cherry blossom ayumi (20) Shakespeare? I don't have a great answer for this. B (31) wild flowers B (21) Carnations, but I love all flowers they have their own beauty Babette (42) none Babs peony Baby (32) sunflower Bad Wolff sweet pea baggal21 (28) All of them. Bailey (19) Rose Balaji Harish Iyer (20) The black ones. Bald Sky (38) Wild Daisies Bambi (17) Tulip Banana Hammock (30) roses barbara (50) The soft petals of perennials, annuals, and never the roses Barbarita (21) Beach cactus Barbielebrun Charley the beach chair (54) Any cheese colored lily Barbielebrun Garry the ghost crab (54) Tulip Baron Von Nazzenpoppel (46) Orange Stars. They're so vibrant. Barry Wextall (20) daisies, wildflowers basbas (22) sunflower Batgirl (23) Tulips bc (22) Tulips bc (22) tiger lily BCQ (30) Iris. BD The kind that bloom in Spring before the snow's all gone Bea (18) Lilacs Bea (18) rose Bear (49) roses bearoid (30) I'm gonna go with poppy Beatlhoven (47) Lavender for the smell, Iris for the look beatricegasti (30) hibiscus Beatrice Moore (30) Roses Beatriz (13) Hibiscus Beau (28) rose beauty (18) Honeysuckle flowers. Becca (16) Bluebells and fox gloves Becca (17) Daisy Becca (21) Sunflowers Becca (19) Lily Becca (20) white lilies Becca (21) Jasmine vine. BeckBeck (26) the one she would like becks (24) White plumeria's Becky C I love lavender. Bee i hate flowers, they smell and die bee (16) peony beezer (64) That which still blooms in an ugly garden. beezersneezer (46) Bluebell Beka (33) rose, sun flower belita (39) red rose bella (16) Daisies Belle (26) Jazmin Belu (19) Sunflower. Ben I would not know even if there were flowers that grew. Ben (23) Forget-me-nots. Unique in its name, beautiful in its design. Ben (17) I enjoy the smell of roses. Ben Marigolds Benedict (38) Dandelion Benjamin (29) Couldn't say— have never thought about it Benjamin Thomas The White Rose. Benjamin Urrutia (61) All who still stand in soil Benjo (23) Rose Ben Johns (21) white rose Bennie (55) Sunflowers--they're so big and bold! BennyB carnation Ben Taylor Bleeding hearts Berlin (25) A perfumed rose- or any flower She wears Bernard Hartley (18) orchids Beth (20) petunias Beth (25) Hydrangeas Bethann (35) Lily Bethany (23) peony Bethany Lily Bethany (22) Tulip Bethany Surreira (35) I don't have one Beth Ellis (15) Rose. Beti (24) Rose Betty Usabiaga (37) I think every flower is equal, thus all is my favorite. Beu Mihac (15) Roses Beyonce (18) Gerbera daisy Bhakti Brophy (41) If I HAVE to choose...Gerbera Daisy Bhakti Brophy (45) lily, jasmine Bhargava (25) Alive. bhbhbh sun flower bhl Tulip Bhole lavender, nothing flamboyant Bianca (18) a thousand lavender blossoms dried and in palms bif stargaze lilies big dick (69) Black rose big guy (16) jasmine Bijan (27) FLOWERS ARE GAY BILLY (38) Hibiscus Billy (16) Bougainvillea, red roses, and, most of all, my Tania's private flower ;-) BillyBobABC123zzz rose billy boy watson (3) lilac Biochicklet ROSE BIPS (46) roses are ok bismuth Hydrangea BJ (56) calla blabla (37) rose Blackie (20) lilac Blademan (60) Pansies. Blaine (21) Tulips, peonies, gardenias Blair C. (29) Lilac Blake (17) Lotus Blake (24) Daisy? Blake (29) Opium Blanca (48) Plumbago Blanca Parra (66) The tiger lily blip52 (27) I love flowers...daisies, I suppose. I had a friend named Daisy, back at the commune. I suppose I'm still thinking about my old friends, even with so many new people surrounding me... Bliss Inthemorningdew (16) Daisy blodot johnny (41) They're all pretty spectacular, but a familial favourite is poppies, a mythological one is wolfsbane, and a fictional one is Mimbulus Mimbletonia. BlondShamrock (16) A lethal one Blood (15) We don't have flowers here. I've seen them on an ed-doc, though. A rose? Maybe a lily. I like how they are both flowers but opposites. Blue (16) Lilac Bluebird (27) Never seen one for real, but I watched an ed-doc once about roses. I like the convoluted layers. Blue Harkness (16) blue roses BlueOrchid (39) Lilly-and any others Bluto (29) I dont have a favourite one. Or at least I dont know its name. BM (20) tulip bmo The tulip. Bob (22) Nice answer. Very Georgia O'Keeffe. I'll go with it. bob (38) Daisies are cool Bob (32) . bob Roses. Boba (22) Black rose Bobby (22) I don't have a favorite Bobby (40) I don't have a favorite flower Bobby (21) daisy bobby n bobby (33) rose Bobby Eugene all, lilacs Bobia (25) Carnation boku_wa_kami (25) none Bonky (26) when they are all put together Bonnie (15) so many Boo (36) Peonies bookloverva (58) pretty boomalexboom No clue. Boris (16) The rose. Borrie (33) Rather than a flower, I prefer the sturdiness and shade of trees - they have the feel of centuries on them Brad (17) I'm not really into flowers, but I often by roses for my wife Brad Connors the red rose brad w (35) lily Brady (31) a Magnolia. bram-stienkt-vermeire-ja! (18) Lilly of the Valley and Poppies Brandon Carter (32) All, any Brandon Nobles (31) Lilies, they're all I buy Bree (23) I don't like flowers Bree Ogden My mother's was red rose. I recall the wildflowers my father brought to me when I was young. Bren (47) I do not like flowers Brenda Everett (39) red rose Brendalee (59) Lily Brendan (24) a womans brent (33) Cheddar cheese shaped to look like a flower Brett Ferguson (42) Violet Bri (28) Purple explosion flowers bri (17) I've always been rather fond of Geraniums Brian (22) Lilacs Brian (37) Daisy Brian (24) her flower Brian (50) roses Brian A. Henegar (26) The rose, because it's my middle name. BriannaBabyFYS13 Lily BriannaFYS13 (18) the rose brian S (58) Who cares. Brick (21) Tulips Brinley (15) White hibiscus Bri Toro Star-gazer Lily Britta Bandit (30) pink spring blossoms Brittany (25) Corpse flower. Brittany Crow (28) rose Brittney Miller (20) Lily brns dahlia delfinium zinnia broad (45) none Brock Schwarzkopf (29) Rose Bron Blackwell (37) Rose Brooke Roses Brooke Orchids, because of their consumption of self. Bruce Bennett (20) Lotus Brutus (20) Hibiscus Bryan (24) Stargazer Lily Bryan Etem (27) I don't find much beauty in flowers. Bryan R. (21) None Bryn (23) Lilacs and forget me nots Brynlea (17) Tulip Brynn (39) None Brynn (18) Hydrangeas Brynn They all die in the end. Brynn Woods -Protagonist (21) the lily Bryon Springer (25) rose bsw94 Yuck, flowers are for girls Bubbles (52) Orchids bubby (43) Sweet Olive Buck Richardson (34) none buckyballs (35) Lilies Buddy (34) blossom bug All Bugsy Stargazer Lillies remind me of my mother; Sunflowers remind me of Diane Lane. Bulldozer (50) those that grow from the tea olive tree, they aren't that pretty but they smell divine bunny Pansy Burella (61) hydrangea Burke (47) Utricularia Burnable_Material_Here (18) I don't have just one favorite BusyMinds GARDENIA BUTTERFLY (41) Not any in particular. butunn (19) Hortensia Byriver Bloke (24) peony BZ Eucalyptus C poppy c (21) none C (14) Hmmm... alliums. C (20) Nature itself Cabrales (18) orchid cacharel (37) Dandelion. Cade (15) rose Caidy (54) Tiger lilies Cailey Sunflower Caio (18) wildflowers. Caitlin (21) lily cakes (41) A water lily Cal (20) Roses Caleb (17) The death flower. Calla (16) a black rose, because they are rare Callie Owens (27) Orchids? Calvin (31) Tulips Cam (23) Indian Paintbrush, Sunflower Cameron Harvey (26) rose Cami (14) Orchids. Camille (52) Iris Cammi (32) Hibiscus. Candice (23) dandelion, because to all others it is only a weed yet its beauty lies in its tenacity. Candlewycke Orchid Candy Jamaican Cannon (33) Lilac Captain Crunch Daisy, sunflower Carebeark5 (25) lily Carissa - Casey rose Carla (26) dahlia carlajwms (49) rag weed Carla Tate (19) yellow roses Carlie (24) Lime blossom Carlisle Mums. Carlo (26) Blue rose Carlos A. (24) The pretty pink ones that only come up in front of the church Carlota (16) I can't say I've ever favored one over the others Carly (19) Orchards Carly C (27) Wild flowers Carol every flower has its utmost beauty Carol (60) which attracts less bugs but has the stronger and sweeter perfume carolina (23) The ginger lily. Caroline (38) Glass ones, jewel ones, ones that last forever. Caroline (25) Apricot roses Caroline (33) pivoine--> peony caroline (45) uh?? Caroline Davis (19) peonies Carol Lacoss (62) Lamprocapnos spectabilis - the bleeding heart. Carolyn (18) Carnations - they last longer than most flowers Carolyn (39) any flower that turns to fruit Carrie I see poppies within my dreams Carrie (44) I like any flowers cartike Pink carnation Cas (25) Peonies Casey (36) Orchids Cass (20) Moon Flower Cassadra (8) Chocolate Cosmos or Cosmos atrosanguineus Cassandra Spencer (28) The collections of wildflowers that grow in the midwest Cassi Lilly Cassidy Krystal Wills. Cassie (16) Oridium blossom. Cast (17) Lilacs; violets Cat (36) Daisy, simple, cute and always apropriate Cat (24) Gardenia Cat (26) Roses Cat poppies cat (20) none and all Catalina (44) Orquideas Catalina Jiménez Correa (27) orchid Cate (23) Roses Cate (33) Poppy and tulip Catelline (26) I like all of them Catharina (22) Water lilies and roses Catherine lilacs. they remind me of the perfume my mom used to wear Catherine (33) Chrysanthemums. But only by a hair. Catherine Jean None Catherine Mitchell Any Cathlow Harmon (50) Lily Catlin Benjamin iris Cat Podd (37) None - flowers are a waste of time Catrice (37) All of them Catrina (15) All Cattie Chong (26) RED CLOVES CAVCAV (26) Snowdrop Cavit Anıl Buram (28) Sunflowers CC (18) Tulip CC (22) orchids and sheer bliss roses ccchnl I don't really like flowers cdl (35) Daisy Cee Cee (17) I used to get Tonya these flowers that stained my shirt. She loved those. Not red though. She hates red. Yellow. Celeste (32) A rose, like many. or anything that looks unique. Celia (15) Sunflower Celline Marge (18) violets cenire (25) Lotus,tulip,rose cerisetea (34) Lilac Cestmoi A sunflower. C face. (22) none cfm (37) Lilly Cfreedman (38) Crocus ch a rose by another other name would smell as sweet Chancelor C.J. King (19) Tiger Lily Chandra Alexander (24) Lily and roses Channon (45) Tulip Channy (19) Purple lilacs. Chanter (24) Lucy's and carnations Chari (21) Tulips because my mother loved them. Charleigh Orchids Charlene (17) I don't like flowers, but if I had to choose, then, roses. Charlene (18) Iris Charles Au Lavoie The diversity of a meadow in spring exuberance CharlesB (48) The Rose Charles Davis (60) The Rose. Charles L Davis Jr (51) rose Charles Pybus (61) It is a blue flower from our home in Tibet. Chewing it relieves stomach problems, but it is also a beautiful flower. Charlie Fry (36) wild flowers. I don't know names but the colourful type in french meadows charlotte (29) Iris and rose Charlotte (18) Heather and lilac. Charlotte H. (23) Lily Charly Mariaan (49) Cactus Charmaine (25) all of them, especially wildflowers charosa (20) Feverfews - simple and unpretentious Chary Silva (22) jasmine Chauncey Character (29) the one that will be given to me by the man who God has chosen to be my partner in life chay (40) no idea Cheche (40) rose cheeky (26) Rose Cheemargh (36) daisy chele hibiscus chelle (47) Orchid Chelsea (21) I don't care about flowers. Chelsea (23) roses Chelsea (28) Victoria; Rose Chelsea Smith (24) Calla Lily Chelsea Whiting (26) Iris Cheri D. daisy Cherie (40) Red Roses Cherish Robinson (21) Any kind of lily Cherlyn (40) All of them. cherry (16) Gerber daisy...the versions of colour can express any mood Cherub (30) tulip Cheryl (38) Roses Cheryl Rose Cheryl Barnette (59) Iris, but generally the once the woman I am with has in her hands. Cheshire (22) All flowers are beautiful in their natural setting, sometimes in an arrangement chetana Roses Chi peony chi-chi orchids Chickpea (31) Catmint Chico (46) Rose Chief (57) The red rose ChiefJ42 (44) calla lily chiklitz76 (39) Tulips Child (8) none, really Chili (17) Calla Lilly Chinita (34) white flower,orchid,rose chinnu (20) Rose Chinnu (38) Lilies because they remind me of my mother's name Chip Griphix (35) Wut? Chiu Jing Hua (17) a orchid chloe (21) Flowers? I hate flowers. Chloe (17) Iris Chocolate Bunny (32) Wishes Chonda Lily Choraven (32) Daisies. Chris (16) None nature should not be subject to judgement Chris I like white roses. Classic, yet different. Lilies are amazing as well, man. Chris (19) I do not know chris (24) The bouquet that i am surprised with Chris Glass (39) Poinsettia Chris S. passion flower Christa (27) Rose and peony Christabelle (29) corn poppy (Papaver rhoeas) Christian (44) Tulips Christian Boyanov (24) dont have one Christian Soldier (33) Dahlia Christina (26) There are many; roses, lily's, tulips, orchids Christina Caceres (26) All. Christina Kronberg (23) Lilacs and daffodils Christina Tounzen A cheap carnation, dipped in green dye. Christina X. (37) orchid christine (18) The rose Christobel (17) Roses Christobel in College (18) the every one. Christopher (24) All flowers are infinitely beautiful. Possible the sunflower. Christopher Blaum (37) Rose Christopher Boone The snowdrop or orchid Christopher James Stagg (16) Daisies Christopher M. (31) Don't have one. Christopher Mitchell (17) rose Christopher Ross (23) Roses Christopher Sloce (26) Jasime and Gardenia, it is not myth that the strongest scents attract the gods christy (44) any varietal of lily Christy Turner (50) orchids and lillies Christy Turner (50) magnolia Chuck (43) Strelitzia and tulips Chunky Lover I don't have one but for her, a rose Ciara (24) Roses Ciara (22) Roses of any color are very pretty. Ciera (16) rose Cilie (50) A pretty one. Cindy hydrangea cindy (50) I don't like flowers Cindy (24) Don't really have one Cindy (22) Gerber daisies Cindy (50) roses CindyLu (58) Daffodills Cissa Fireheart (32) white ones cizz peony CJN (21) Probably day lilies, but it's hard for me to pick. Claire Roses when we had our apartment and canna lilies at our house now, they wouldn't grow at the apartment. Shallow soil. Claire (32) Lilies. Because they float and they are angelic and they are, above all else, beautiful. Claire Bartholomew (16) dandelion Claire Cullen (49) Poppies. ClaireW (65) Gerbera daisy Clancy Daisies Clara (20) lilac Clara The ones that give lighter colors. The humble ones in random fields, not the gorgeous types in gardens. Clarence (17) Roses Clarissa (18) Venus Flytrap Clarisse Johnson (24) Tulips Clark Kent Dandelions Clark Langridge (32) Lily Clau I have no one Claude (21) all Claudia (36) Clay Douglass: Blooming ones Clay Douglass (34) hibiscous clay zook (19) sunflower clazza mgee if i had to pick, sunflowers Clelia Beatriz Valdez (22) dick Cleo (17) Cherry blossom. clockwork (34) daisy cm (57) Actually i am too lazy to grow my own. I don't know whether i shall love a certain kind of flower over others. cobweb (24) My goddess CockneyKnight (48) rococo tulips, bluebells, tiger lilies Coco (31) the one that is dying Coco (19) Ones that bloom and smell fragrant. CocoPuff2016 (44) Lotus codered (18) lotus Cody (25) Whichever ones look the happiest where they are Cody Gould (17) Hydrangea Col (41) Tulp Cole (37) Daffodil Colin (39) The smelly ones. Colin (22) Those that smell sweet and nice Colorful (28) The one I can eat. Colton (27) forget me nots comnomnomor (15) ranunculus Connie yellow tulips Connie (24) Blood red Rose Connor Lily. Connor Sunflower Connor (16) Daisy Connor Taylor (19) Rose conor (34) daisy constanceeee (19) Rose Constantin (32) the orchid Consuela Carnation Cookie daffida\l cookie roses cookie (51) Daliha CookieFantastic (46) rose Cooper (16) none Cora (26) Roses that aren't red or white Cora (39) Lilly Cora Henley (15) Hydrangea Core (25) All of them! Corey The ones give to me out of the kindness of others corinne Tigerlily Cory (22) Rose Courtney Loughlin (Courtney Loughlin) peony cpaters1 (26) I'll defer to Proust on this one cr Buttonroses cr (34) No favorite flowers Craig (35) N/A Craig (8) I don't really have one in particular. Craig Suga Biles (22) The ones I buy my wife Crimson (60) water lily cris Daffodill Cris Daisy Cris tulipan Crisfe (31) Tulips. Crishna Murray (42) tulip Crishna Murray (43) All Cristi Chrysanthemum. Crystal (17) Chrysanthemums, Rhododendrons, Roses, etc Crystal (32) i don't know many flowers, sadly.. but i'm trying to improve Crystal (22) I do not do flowers Crystal (34) Zarmina's orange and red biretous flower Crystal (35) Lotus csheehan (17) Sunflowers CStoney (47) tulip cuchi (40) Lotus - Apart from its eternal beauty, the fact that it's a symbol of purity rising from the unexpected muddy waters. Cucks Lilac cucu (26) rose cvelez (64) hostas, but i do love all flowers cweekly carnations d0701 (29) mine. Orchids, roses, gardenia, jasmin D Chocolate cosmos D (32) Orchids Dachary (23) I don't know. It changes with my feelings. DAD My dad says its the ones I bring mom. Dad does not lie so it is those flowers. Dad (42) Jasmine Daffy Sue Esposito (60) Roses Daisy (27) daisies and dandelions Daisy (17) daisy Daisy Gummy bear OG Dakota Swaveman (18) Rose D_Alex (46) the daisy dA member: sonicbutterfly (17) Gerbera Damien TC (36) Sticky buds Dan (29) tulip Dan sunflower for its seeds, or that other white flower you make tea off Dan (20) blue rose Dan (39) rose dan stargazer lilly Dan (51) Daylilies Danae (17) Roses D Anderson (42) Venus Fly Trap Danger (16) Lilies are both strong and delicate. I also believe they are among the most sensual of flowers. Dani (31) snowdrops Dani (19) I have to say it in spanish because I don't know how it's call edin english: alcatraz Daniel (25) Fuchsias Daniel (16) Daisy Daniel Below Variety Danieldidit (24) lillies Daniella (27) Jasmine because it blooms in darkest and smells so majestic Daniella (28) Carnation. Danielle (15) Ylang Ylang Danielle (35) sunflower DanielleKeith (19) The one that accentuates her beauty. Daniel Molina (20) Lilacs, or the rose - the former for its complexity, the latter for the passion it emanates Daniel Stephens (Character Sketch) (22) rose daniiii (18) Daisy Danine (48) Narthex or better known as Giant Fennel. The smell of it reminds me of home. My father's home is filled with it. At least from what I can remember. DaniStory (29) Daisy Danny (25) arum Daph (45) Yellow roses. Darbio (16) tulips Darcy (20) Daisies Darcy Hydrangeas. Rose. Lilac. Paper whites Darcy (54) bluebonnets dareman (64) white rose dario (21) Rose Darlene (29) The romantic standby...the rose. Darnell Carnations DashEloise (32) Cala Lily Dave (45) Camellia. Dave Cresswell (46) colorful ones DaveG (39) Carnation Dave Whitaker (40) Rose Davey (18) Lily DaveyD (24) Lily Davian (alias) (32) Rose David (19) Roses. David (10) rose David (63) All David (24) all of them David (51) glycine flowers david baiguera (35) Orchids. So pretty. David Dean (35) Orchid David Del Aguila Osollo cherry blossom and its Japanese meaning David E.J.A Bennett (29) The daisy, or delphinium David K (46) People say they're weeds, but I would just love to run through a field of dandelions. David King (23) Giant Sunflower. David ROWE (42) Sunflower David Sergio Cisneros Ardura (46) Edelweiss. David Thomas (60) The roses which once upon a time used to sorround me in my old garden, during my lecture or leisure. David Timme (19) Anemone David Wommack (19) Black Rose. Davie (16) peonies dawn (40) Black eyed Susan Dawn Robinette (51) roses Dawson lillies Daxion Mr. Dax Johnson (29) cherry blossom Daydreamer (18) Chrysanthemums, if I must choose Daydreamer (63) Chrysanthemums, if I must choose Daydreamer (63) Hers dbrown (24) tulip dcsnowbunny (25) all but tiger lilly Dd (43) Roses. DD (16) Isis. DDG9000 (25) Iris Dea (40) Gardenia, for the fragrance D. E. Alvis (58) Water lilies Dean (17) Rose DeAndre Beck (20) Boys don't like flowers! Deanie Roses DeAnna Alexander (35) Mimosa Pudica Deanna Sanders (44) Daisies Deathwalker Daisy white with a yellow center and lilacs light purple are lovely Deb (37) rose Debbie (56) Daisy Debbie (45) Star gazer lily. Debby Creech-West (43) lilies Deborah Faciane (21) anthuriums and birds of paradise Deborah S. Wilson (56) Lily Debster (48) Dandelion Declan Cohen (35) I like bouquets of flowers with various colors, they make me feel very happy & special when I receive them. De-De (36) Lily Dee (24) tulip Dee (19) Orchid Dee Disgusting thought Defeat and Doubt (antagonist) Daisy DefMelon Orchid Delia Nidhogg forget me not Delia Webster (80) ... delice_ok (21) Tulip Della Cassia Topouzian (Della Cassia Topouzian) the ones that are ignored dendoo (23) Lilies Denine (24) Edible ones. Denise 1 rose Dennis (61) I have never considered this. Dennis Theodore (37) Lily. denny (23) Read rose Denny Helianthus annuus Densio (25) Lilac Derek (27) All Derek (20) umm not good with flowers. How about a catcus? Derek Ambrose (22) Daisy Detective. Jones Rose devanand A rose? Devon (18) all. Devon Lisenby (20) all Dev Tucker (17) bright colourful Devu (22) Peony Dez Sunflower Dezirae18 Lily DH (39) carnation diana (52) violet Diana (52) Jasmine Diana (20) Daisy Diana (15) pansies- because my grandmother loved them Diana The bloodflower. Diana Colorful flowers that give off a nice fragrance Diana Thomas - English Thursday 6pm (38) Azalea Diane (53) Tulips in the spring Diane Stanfield (79) whatever i see that day Diarre Ibrahim (22) none Dick Esposito A Rose dida (14) The freesias. Diego Miguel Danura Puyó (30) Sunflower Dietgingerale Delonix regia Dilip C Louis (32) the cheap ones Dilynne (28) No favourite flower, all plants are my favourite and they are all magical. Dimitar Atanasov (25) White rose. Dindin (20) Roses Dino (18) could any be better celebrated than Proust's "hers"? - Dioji Lilly Diona (19) Lily. dionysis_dt (24) Roses because they Remind me of my girlfriend Dirk Radman (35) I don't have one. Dirty Jean (86) Orchids. Dixon Wragg rose Dj Orchids dlew919 (40) I don't have one dmca (38) iris Doc55 (55) tuberose - but I like pretty much every flowers Dolna (39) Daisies Dolores Nabokov (26) ssssss Dom Flowers are the manifest delicate state of nature so all are beautiful in their ways. None have more preference in my mind Dominic (17) Lily Dominick (23) White Lilacs Dominick Miller (19) Lilac Dominick Miller (20) Lily. Dominick Miller (21) lilly Dominique A rose Dominique The circus rose DonAli (33) Yellow tulips donkeys4eva (20) roses Donna Falksen (69) hydrangeas donna obrien (54) Rose Doob Doggo (21) lillies doodledoo12345 yellow roses Dori (23) Daisies Doris (19) birds of paradise dorothy6@aol.com (50) im not a girl Doryan (30) Agapando Dothzilla (33) rose Doubting Divorcee Hers - but apart from that, all (good answer, proust. Think I'll steal it.) Doug (30) Plastic Doug!! The fragrant perfume of daphne - the harbinger of spring and the promise of the summer to come. Doug Lambert (65) Trees. Douglis (44) Orchids Douni plum blossom downtime (63) roses, and any kinds that is solitaire, or grow in one lantern, cherry blossom Dracontomelum (30) kale Dragana (22) One that isn't dying in a vase. Dragontongue (22) Lily Dre (17) sunflower Drea (28) Tropical Dreamboat Annie lily-of-the-valley, hyacinthus, galanthus, lilium DreamBrother (27) Bluebell Dreda (23) orchids Drella (26) Anything orange or yellow Drew (26) star of bethlehem drift You really must be joking. Dr. Isaac Busafalus (53) today? lily Dr. J (76) African Violet Dr. Lauren Ashe lily Dr. Shelby Cruze - protagonist Indian water lily Dru (24) Ones in pictures, so I don't have to bask in their reek. Drucar (45) Crocosmia dryskel (28) passion flower ds (45) Mignonettes. D.S.de.P.Ramos Bleeding heart DSo (47) Cactus Duckish Jasmine Ducky The flower that makes her smile. Dude (49) I dont have one duke (18) Not really a floral kind of guy. Duncan Passell (17) sunflower dustxii (22) none Dutchess Orchids Dutchess Tiger lilly Dvach (18) Orchids D.X (22) A lily or simply a daisy Dylan (17) The kind you bake with Dylan Adams (25) Rose DZhelo (46) Carnation E (34) Rose E how can a flower compare to a tree, that which lives for decades and centuries e (28) White lilies. E (20) Lillies E (18) bleeding hearts to look at, clover flowers for the feel and honeysuckles for smell eagleclaw (35) Roses, more specifically blue roses. EAR (19) all Earth Speck (30) Azalea Eau (45) Tulip Ed (30) orchid ed lily eddiboy Bird Of Paradise. Eddie (48) I hate flowers Eddie (12) Orchids Eden (19) any tree blossoms Edgar Roberts (15) snowdrop anemones, in a little bunch blowing melancholic in the wind. Edie (26) the orchid Edmond Dantes (26) I don't have one. Edouard (41) none Eduardo (19) none EduGri (53) Orchid Edward (54) daisy Edward Payne (44) Vibrant Colored Flowers Effie (34) Roses or tulips efha (23) Daisy ehk2 (30) Hortensia EHM Sunflower. Eiichi (16) The ones my wife grow Eilfa (28) Black Lily, it complets me. Eithiel (32) lilac EJ (29) Every single one E.Jay (21) cactus ejb (22) Marigold El (23) Dandelions el3vat0r i don't know what they're called but i see them everyday.. elay (21) i still don't know what they're called.. elay (23) rose eldar (25) tulips Eleanor (14) The black rose Electryo (15) Sadly, the beauty of flowers is lost on me. Elena μαργαριτα ελενη (33) All Elena The sunflower. Helianthus Hybridus (Helios = Elena = the sun). Elena Di Cesare rose eleni (18) white orchids. Eleni Constantinou (20) Sunflowers. Elexia (19) daisies Elexis (18) beautiful ones Elias (22) The Egyptian Lotus Eliaz McMillan (33) forget me not eliciabg (23) Violets. Elie (16) all mallows, boraginaceas, peonies, thalictrum Elin (47) I don’t have a favorite Elisa (28) lilium Elisabeth (22) Sunflower Elisabeth Carver Hydrangeas Elissa (22) Again, I don't limit myself to just one. Elizabeth I'm not very educated on flowers, but I always enjoyed the various inhabitants of the "old rose" garden at Troy Elizabeth (25) Cherry blossoms. Elizabeth (15) anything but weeds Elizabeth tulip Elizabeth Carnation--my birth flower, which is for remembrance, but also Snowdrops because they symbolize the hope of a new life. Elizabeth Diane Shaffer (0) Carnation (my birth flower) which symbolizes remembrance, but also Snowdrops because they symbolize the hope of a new life. Elizabeth Diane Shaffer (0) I don't know many. The bright colourful ones. Fuck *off* Proust. Ell (23) dandelion Ella P. (14) can't say i have one ElleKay Lupines Ellen (48) Gardenia Ellen Lilac. Ellen B Smiley (29) The peony Ellen Fitzpatrick (61) The one Ellie wears in her long brown hair Ellie (25) Gardenia Ellie The violet. Ellie_Estrella (19) daffodil Ellie Wilson (15) The sword lily. Elliot Never had a favorite Elliott (28) The dandelion - a symbol of effortlessly spreading joy. Elliott Hemp (23) Magnolia elSigno (37) Sunflowers Ely (23) christanthenum Elyse (20) Binary file Em_1425616956.html matches Binary file Em_1425616956.html matches Rose Em Pussywillows. If that does count. Ema (18) I prefer mushrooms - they are quite useful in my spells. Ember Winters (16) A red rose. emdonnelly7 A pink rose emdonnelly7 frangipani flower Eme (18) Wildflowers Emilee (27) Iris, red tulips. Emilee Nightshade (19) Paeonia. Emilia Blancarte Jaber virburnum carlesii Emilie (23) Marilyn Monroe Rose Emilina (27) sunflower emilio (28) Roses, lavender Emillia (16) The sunflower. Emily (19) I like painted flowers. Emily (24) daffodils, baby's breath emily (24) Any flower given by someone I love Emily (22) Wildflowers Emily (32) lillies Emilyann (22) Anything that grows wild Emily Carter (37) Rose Emily Massey Currie (47) Whatever one smells good when I sniff it Emily Thomas (23) Sunflower Emily Worrell (33) rose Emma (20) daisy. emma (18) butterflies Emma (20) daffodil Emma (34) hibiscus, jasmine emma (20) I don't like flowers Emma (25) carnations Emma Burns (28) YELLOW TULIPS EMMA MAY GREEN (14) In late August when the blue bells sprout all over my lawn and make everything beautiful for a few weeks. Emma McKinney Dandilions. Emma Snow (16) Black-eyes Susan Emma Verbeck I don't care much for flowers Emme (21) snap dragons Emmy Snap dragons Emmy Dandelions, cause they're weeds but also flowers and bunnies eat them. Emperor Aisel Fei Shiang (18) Sunflower Empyrean (17) I don't have one encolpio8 (22) violet Endimion Rose endor Plumeria at the moment, and roses overall ENEgck (56) No one in particular Engel (48) Roses Enis La bonheur, happiness, flowers die fast... Eno A. Agolli (15) Sunflowers Enrique (21) Anything from mountains. Eric (15) The sunflower Eric (40) The pink rose. Eric (37) Madonna lilies. Eric (19) white roses Erica daffodil Erica (25) Lisianthus Erica (65) Sunflower Erica Johnson (21) Red rose. Eric C. Wolfe (28) none Erich (20) White tulips, peonies. Erich (19) I don't know enough about flowers to feel qualified to answer this question Erict7 Manigolds Erik (25) Orchids Erik Isaac (19) Lotus Erik Price (18) Lillies and orchids. Erin (27) Sweet Pea Erin (53) Rose Erin (30) all that smell amazing Erin (20) Blue delphiniums Erin (46) Morning Glory (my mom's) Lupines! Gladiolas! And really, any wildflowers Erin (31) I used to get Tonya these flowers that stained my shirt. She loved those. Not red though. She hates red. Yellow. Erskine (35) I don't see the point in flowers if not their natural relevance. ERZ (1) Sunflower and Morning Glory esayer (35) Iris Escalus (22) Sunflowers Escapism (19) lillies, at present Esmé (18) Aquilegia; all types Esmee fidelius (54) all of them ESMERELDA (50) All Estacia Hernandez (37) chrysanthemum esteban (29) Orchids Esteban (23) roses and carnations estrella blanca poppies Et (32) Tulips. Et Cetera (22) Cherry blossoms, I suppose. Etha (26) orchids ethan (20) Roses, Sunflowers and Rosemary Ethan Mayatt (25) Sunflower Eureka (16) orquids Euzinha_ds (20) Don't like flowers at all Eva (23) Bluebells Eva (16) Hyacinth Eva what am i gay? evan ass hatch (18) Calla, rose, daisy. I love all flowers. Evanna (18) Lisianthius Evie (22) I deeply hate al flowers equally evilwonders (28) Any that sits in the beauty of sunlight, rain, or shadow evren (16) Sunflower Ezra (20) roses FAA Iris FAC (25) rose facio (19) The one which smells the sweetest Faith (17) rose fallen (24) yellow and light pink roses, peonies, honeysuckles fang (30) The one I wrote about in my first poem, 25 years ago - that lived on as meaningful dust Fanourios (40) daisis farfalla (30) They're all beautiful in their own way. fatgaynig (20) Rose Fatima (19) White rose Fatima (26) a beautiful woman fat man (33) The ones that grown in our yard Fawna (19) Lilacs Fay (22) Rose Faye (34) Daffodils feanix (20) Depending on what I see in front of me. Fern (25) Lilac Fernando (31) Rose Fernando (31) Lily Ferroever (43) Violets fersfumero (28) roses FeydRautha (46) Love In The Mist Feysweetie (43) Whichever my wife loves fhickey (22) too difficult to choose just one ! Some are prettier, some smell better... Fidjeridodu (30) I do not like flowers. Fields (19) lilies Fielirious (34) seaweed filinia (22) This is new: heliotrope. final fashion (33) Wildflowers. I recall my father brought them to me when I was little. Finnegan (17) Chrysanthemums dearest Finnegan Magondolovich (Long Story...) a mind in full bloom, flowers only nourish the eye Finokio (38) Lilies fk2005 (34) The iris. FlameHorse (28) Crocosmia lucifer. Seriously, it's beautiful, especially right befor it is in full bloom. Flantasy Girl (25) A bouquet blue daisies will make my knees buckle at any time of the day flavia (13) flowers given from friends and family Flo gardenia - the only scent that doesn't make me sneeze Flora (69) Gerbera, tullips, cherry blossoms. Florin-Alexandru Brănescu (16) All flowers Flower (39) Roses Floyd Roses... so many colors with classic reference to each FlyinMonki (27) orchid ForePlinger Don't have one ForSavvy Camelias Fran (33) protea and calla lillies and hydrangeas and roses and sunflowers Francesca (29) i love them all francesca (49) tulip Francesca Any Francis (18) those I received on valentine's day in 2008 Francisca Bastos (17) Those who came with smell, beauty Francisco Aguirre (23) Lotus Francisco Javier Gil Vidal (54) I think tulips and daffodils are pretty. Francis Graham (9) the last one I saw frank (57) Lilac Frank (27) what flowers? Frankie (23) Dark roses and forget-me-nots FrankieSmash (49) A Rose Franklin Frank Anglin (32) I don't like flowers, you should grow food instead. Frank Nekrasz (25) the one in her hair fred (16) Daisy Freda (61) Orchid Friedrich Mueller (57) Fragrant, purple ones Fritha Grey Yellow to represent friendship. Fritz (12) N/A fumble (19) daffodils, yellow roses, daisies. furies (27) I can't say I have one FYS13Alec (18) Orchid FYS13Amanda (18) The rose. FYS13Andrew Tiger Lilly FYS13Bella Lilies FYS13Michaela (18) sunflower FYS13Savannah Henry (18) Rose FYS13Tyler (19) Venus fly trap. FYS14Caleb (22) Lily. FYS14Carrie lillies in general FYS14Darling (18) Rose! FYS14Erica (19) lily FYS14julie They all smell sweet or look pleasing. FYS14Kelle (20) The Spring Lilly - any color FYS14Landon (18) A rose FYS14Mikaela (19) Orchids. Their aura is incredibly graceful for a plant. FYS14Skylar Tiger lily FYS14Taylor daisy FYS14Timesha violet FYS breont (19) Rose. FYSMichael (18) g g Rose G. (23) orchid Gab (19) chrysanthimim Gabe (31) oriental lily, rose Gabi Buttercup Gabriel (28) lilies Gabriela (18) daisy Gabriela Coelho Mesquita Teixeira Borges (26) Rose. Gabriel Gonzalez (26) Orchard Gabriella (17) Daisies Gabrielle Hart (20) Rose Gail (44) Lilac Gail Flaherty Those in the alpine meadows in spring. Gainer (52) Anemone Gaios (19) daisy Gait (17) orchid Galareh (23) Daffodil because it symbolizes rebirth, new beginnings and eternal life Gamba Ajani Carnations and marigolds :) GarbagePailGrrrl (27) I do not have one, I enjoy all of nature. Garrett (19) Daisy Gary H orchid gatetam (38) All Gator Krazy Dave The Black Magic Hollyhock, or Altheae Rosea Nigra. Gean Whitehead III (20) Protea Gemn Protea Gemn Pikake Gene (51) Mountain Laurel Gene (24) If an individual can be deemed as a flower, my favorite has yet blossomed. General Obsidian de Veyra Lily Genevie The rose. Genevieve (22) Sunflower Genevieve (15) Lily Genevieve (17) Big purple iris. Genie (65) rose Genie (58) Lily-those with the richest, sweetest scents (ugly or not). GenXer2012 (39) They're all quite beautiful Geo (20) Aster Geo (57) A rose George Rose George Mile (35) Lilies George Owers (21) Roses and garnations Georgia (14) all wildflowers Georgia (53) Dafodil Georgia (16) rose Georgie carnation - then peonies gg Peonies, Hanoi ranonculus, White roses, lilies Ghyles (31) Peonies, Hanoi Ranonculus, Poppies,Mimosa, White Roses Ghyles (31) Calla Lily Gia (21) sunflower Gianne (21) Don't have a favorite Giannico (40) None. They all wither in due time Gideon (30) petunia Gill (63) Lily Gillian Martin (40) Yellow roses Gina (19) The Iris Gina (30) lily Ginger Thompson (50) Orchids Ginny (47) hydrangeas and tulips. Gionna (28) Wild flowers Giorgia L'ulivo Giovanni Moro (32) Chrysanthemum Girl You Too Rude calla lily. Giselle (18) I'd love to pick a daisy for a woman Gladys Mae Whitaker Lillies Glenn Parker (24) tiger lily Glen Reeves (37) rose Gloria (59) rose Gloria Heatley (58) Honeysuckle GMcG Stargazer Lily goblin64 (45) I like Proust's answer Godfrey (19) Red rose GoGo Patty (46) carnations Golden Boy (20) I don't know. Gonzalo i dont have one goose (20) honeysuckle goukrish (19) rose GP (39) Indian Paintbrush GPB (37) Tulip Grace (30) rose Grace (12) Magnolias, Hydrangea, Camellia, Roses. Grace (28) Carnation and rose Grace A. (15) Rose, because their thorns are deadly. Grace Cooper (20) Lotus, tree blossoms and mountain flowers gracehoppin (23) gardenia, peony Gracie (22) lily Gracie Campbell (23) All of them Granny (81) Yellow lillies Grayson Ender (28) Tulip greatlove (32) rose Greg (19) those not cut from their tree Greg (24) frangipani Greg (17) I do not know Greg Peonis Greg (20) wildflowers in the mountains in the spring Greg (53) Rose Greg Lytle (26) flowers are for women! Gregory (30) tulips gretel PURPLE ROSES MIXED WITH GARDENIAS. ALAIN GAVE ME THIS CORSAGE ON OUR FIRST DATE. GRETTA VAN DEN BOSSCHE - OLBRACHT (86) My mom and I used to go hunting for different type of Hawksbeard flowers. White ones, yellow ones, pink ones... They are one of the most successfully reproduced plants in any climate, but their common frequency makes them less desirable by people. Ironic. Grey jasmin gruchi (63) rose gruffmusic (49) arma Gtergab (50) Rose Guard (45) Sunflower Guenther daffodils. guiller van mistoffellees (17) miosótis Gustavo (21) Rose gutsyaardvark (19) sunflower Guy Van Driessche (44) a perfect rose Gwen tulip Gwyneth P. (44) orchids Hadasa (19) Rose Hadja (19) Lilacs Hailey (34) hibiscus--all my childhood weave into it Hakusha Senbon (24) Flowers annoy me. Hal (18) ranunculus Hala (34) Daisies Haley (19) rose Haley (17) rose hamideh (26) Iris Hamlet (30) Rose, beautiful but when you behave badly towards it, it hurts. Hana (14) Jasmine HandeG. (13) Poppy Hanna (24) Lilys and lilacs, the smell of them is amazing Hannah (15) calla lily hannah (25) sunflowers hannah (16) roses Hannah A (18) Peony Hannah Chambers (24) Bleeding Heart Hannah Ross (20) I like all flowers Hannah Suttles umm lotus, maybe. oh wait i LOVE frangipanni. umm there are plenty. Hari (21) Rambling, fat old rose bushes. Harold E. Leighton (37) Something highly scented, a creeper. A drowsy-headed rose bush, frizzled by the sun and bees. Something invading a wall or slowly cracking the weakest boards of a fence. A beautiful thing that clings, despite the environment. Harold E. Leighton (40) none Harold Oberg Jasmine Harriet (23) gerbera Harry (27) Don't have any Hassallah (30) Rose Hassan (21) None. Haven Everest (7) i don't have a favourite hawaii50 (45) sunflower Hayley Are you fucking kidding me? Hayzeus (23) Yellow roses Hazelnut (17) Yellow roses HCE (15) the rose HEATHER (37) none Heather Driussi (41) The tulipan HeavyFire (16) daisies heider (27) Jasmine Heidi I love them all, but snapdragons and sweet peas rise to the top. Heidi R. I don't favor flowers, but when asked this question I always think of heliotrope Helen (32) Peony Helen (19) Iris Helena (18) Jasmine Helena Jenkins (20) red roses Helen Mattison Wyatt (20) lily hellgirl (19) Never really had one Helory (22) stargazers, bleeding hearts helz bells (41) Daisy Hena Riz (34) Rose Henry (46) An orchid or a lily Henry_Z (25) lily? her (26) Daisy - The innocence of the Christ child Herald (71) Hers indeed. herbertofwestlake (43) Wildflowers. They're not artfully cultivated but just as beautiful as roses. Hern (39) One which is useful. Herod (20) rose Hero Solomon (25) rose Hestia (18) cherry blossoms Hetal (22) white roses H, Han-Jan Whichever is there for me to see HHP (41) Rose HimynameisAlicia (15) Anything that smells soft and feels fragrant. Hira Yousuf (18) I don't have a favorite HKas (28) All flowers I find beautiful HKas White lillies Hkr (24) sweet pea H. McMillan (33) Esas que son grandes redondas y naranjas. H.Nakashima (21) the red rose hobbes (26) I find Proust's answer, "Hers", wonderful. Hoelder1in (51) Oak trees. hoffsta rose holden (27) Dahlia Holley (39) Orchids. holly (17) Arum lilies Holly (22) Not daisies Holly Avery (32) eww Holly Pajka (28) All of the small, good smell and no poison flowers. holyjkms (29) roses the size of baby heads Hong Jay None Hooks lily Horace pluck (54) hibiscus Houston (19) rose howard (34) I suppose a rose is nice they are very sensual. howard (34) Jasmine and marigold Hrudaya (24) purple iris, japanese huck finn (48) All flowers are beautiful Huda (19) tulip huggybear (29) Foxglove, for that seems symbolic to me. Hulot Redux White and small ones. By small i still mean macroscopic though Humbugger Omlet (20) Sunflowers Hunter (23) any tulip Hurricane Katrina (25) tulip Hwee (45) A rose of Sharon Hwiseon Lee (24) none Hyldami Bleeding Heart Hyosun (25) Buddleia Davidii Hypnos The Blade (46) gardenia HYS (47) Every flower that is more beautiful when it is wilting, rather than growing. I I don't like flowers. I Red roses Ian (23) Buttercups Ian (44) All of them ianplanet (47) Flowers? Not too picky. I suppose roses are okay. Mom sticks 'em everywhere though... Ian Siente all I Beg (54) Honeysuckle. It's yummy. Iblis Anak (22) Lily Icis The ones she held i dont know that i know (17) Gardenia Ignats (70) I honestly cannot say Igor (29) Flowers are for ladies. Iilyanna That which is beautiful. Ika (24) Blue roses. ile105 (23) Blue rose. ile105 (27) Rose Ilija (17) dandelion Illinibeatle (44) rose IM (82) Daisy Imajones I love nature so it would be hard to choose, but if there is one maybe a camelia Imee The stinging nettle, for the pain and discomfort that it brings to those who touch it I.M. (Imam Mahdi) (5) Flowers, in the classical sense, do not impress me Incognitus (23) i don't like flowers Indrė (17) Real ones indy (30) daisys Inês (20) no preference. inez (21) Blushing bride Inkie (60) something wild i.p. I love a field of dandelions Ireland Rose (12) ...All of them Irene (17) Poppy Irene (26) roses Iris (18) Tulips Iris (22) Tulip Iris Ramsey (32) Krystal's: I hope she likes Hydrangeas! Isaac (16) rose Isaac (29) Orchids. Isaac Gardenia Isaac Roses, blood red roses. Isabel (19) Red spider lily Isabela (18) lily Isabella Fairchild-Heart (Protagonist) (26) tullip Isabelle (26) Zerbera Isadora Duncan (32) There is but one flower whose unequaled virtues have utterly ensnared me, my friend. Alas, I have not yet laid claim to her. Isas They're pretty much all daisies to me. So, a daisy. Isla (21) All flowers work for me Ismael Santos (20) Forsythia, it seems like a kindred flower-spirit. If that's possible? Isolde (17) Poppy. Iva roses Iva Pasztor (20) Rose in their bright red it stands out from the distance. Ivy (10) all the flower ivy (25) Lily Ivy (17) Anemone Ivy Morgan (34) Roses Izzy (24) Irises, violets, poppies, daffodils Izzy (17) blue violets Izzy (30) peonies j2a18m (43) plastic ones jabbar (23) morning glory Jacie Lin All Jack (14) I don't like flowers, but maybe one day I will Jack (45) The Sunflower Jack (33) Flowers that grow in small clusters well above the treeline on a tall mountain Jack (17) Lily Jack (18) Rose Jack Goodman (18) Hyacinth Jackie rose jackie (40) Orchids are my favorite flowers. They're shape is just beautiful and I love their colors and long stems as well. Jackie (18) all of them Jackie (24) Wildflowers, but Tulips are also special Jackie I will love whatever flower the girl I fall in love with loves Jackie Bordeaux (31) Violets Jackie Cavalcante (40) Peony Jackie Vega (27) Calla Lilly. Jackson8471 (23) Hibiscus Jackson Fisher (47) Red tulips Jack Viper (29) Lily of the Valley Jaclyn (22) Any would do JaclynM (19) Wild Flowers things outside of the norm Jacob Dandelion Jacob (16) rose Jacob A rose. Jacque (24) Tulip. Jacqueline (34) Indian Paintbrush. Jacqueline Garrett (38) sun flower Jade (17) Roses Jade-a-boo (17) Lily Jade Green (30) water lillies Jadelynn (24) Roses. Jae (18) Orchid Jafari (33) Freesias Jaime (18) Rose Jaime (28) The rose Jake (17) Orchids Jake (21) All (I can cry thinking of them all). Even the dead ones hold so much beauty :D Jakelina Hernandez (22) Lilies and daisies. J.A. Lawrence poppy James (64) Roses James (30) Orchids James (19) White Lilies James (25) what she likes James No idea. I don't go outside much James I don't have any. James - Dana (15) Orchid James Foley (23) rose James Green (29) Flowers throw off my olfaction. James H (27) Wildflowers James La Salandra (31) Never thought about it. Something exotic, I guess. James Oliver North (39) The rose jameson_welsh (22) The Tau Ceti Fiery Bush James Wake (50) the daffodil en masse, like them under the Bar Walls. or a spindly orchid alone. James William Reath (21) Orchid Jamie (25) Azaleas Jamie (22) sunflower Jamie (32) hydrandras Jamie (17) Lilac Jamie (32) Gerber daisy Jamie Roses Jamie Lynn Pearson (25) daffodils or turk's-cap lilies Jan white casablanca lilies Jan (54) Casablanca Lily Jan (55) The white lily Jan (51) Magnolia Jana (22) Magnolia Jana (22) ive never really liked flowers Janae (17) gardenias jane (41) all sorts! jane (20) lilies. white flowers, mostly. jane fakename (25) Stargazer Lily