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What is your favorite bird?

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I'm not knowlegdeable enough to answer this question. 009 (19) sdf 1 the blackbird 50ad (17) The Black Mamo 513 (00) many 6nianji-ZHC (38) I don't like birds 808s Blue footed booby 80cubed (55) Seagulls: smart, noisy, fun-loving A (19) the raven A owls A. (27) peacock A (26) Mourning Dove A. dove A (26) Blue Heron AA (23) Thrush. aaaaaaa (18) Falcon AAAKKK An eagle or a penguin aag (22) swallow aallisonr (30) dove Aaron (32) ...intense fear of birds. none? Aaron (26) Birds are irritating. Aaron (35) Hawk Aaron Guy Leroux (37) Crow Aarushi Agarwal (13) The raven Abbie (22) The Goldfinch. They are a bird of good omen to me Abbie Hartley The nightingale Abby (26) Hawk Abby (27) Hummingbird or Wild Turkey AbbySF the crows ones Abegando (28) Cardinal Abigail Harris (10) the blue bird or the owl ABP (50) Eagle Abraham (41) Owl Abs Crane Acara McFadden (28) Penguins ACH (23) Mockingbird A. Clifford Stowe (81) African Grey parrot. Acrania (25) The bald eagle Adam (22) the cardinal Adam (25) Robin Adam (20) Exotic birds Adam (29) Falcon adam (16) falcon Adam (38) finches Adam I don't have a favorite. They are all beautifu; and unique. Adam Braner (30) small ones Adam Hyde (26) Hummingbird Adam McGrory (39) A peregrine falcon Addy (26) swallow adieudusk kingfisher Aditya (25) Austrich. Admiral Love (33) Penguins, Hummingbird, most small birds Adonia (40) Humming bird Adrian (18) blackbird Adriana (16) hawk Adriana (16) dove adriana (45) Snowy owl. Adrian Bauza (20) They're all fine. Adrian Conrad Don't have one. Adrian George Nicolae (24) wren Adrian Martyn (34) The Eaglea Adrianna (18) all birds sing praises to Allah AdrianOz (45) The crow. Adrian Winters (17) bluejays Adrienne Wilson (25) the parrott Ady (22) The sparrow aetilson (41) none but if I must choose a dove as it represents my sorority afrodite (41) the owl a.g. (23) koliber agagagaga (24) Tucan Agalloza (23) The barn owl, that screeches at night in search of her young Agape (38) bird? are u serious? Agatha Kefali (45) Dove Agent00V (18) The ostrich A.G. Mata (21) Not sure at this moment in time. Agnes (20) Mockingbird Agneska (20) dove agony (25) sparrows Agreen (29) Eagle. Agu (21) the hummingbird Agustina (27) The Robin A Half Empty Beaker crow ahmad (27) nightingle ahmad (24) Ibong Adarna! Ai (21) canaries Aida (22) Raven. Aidan (21) I used to own a canary, so I'd go with that. Aidan Devlin (15) Raven. Aiden the raven aiko (20) Phoenix. Ailene nightingale aimée (22) Dove aimee.dawson (21) Robin Aisha Milburn (32) eagle aishu (14) The Great Horned Owl. A.J. (27) Dove AJ (18) owl Ajam (21) Birds of paradise. Ajay (17) cockatoo Ajm9511 (21) swam akansha (26) Mockingbird. akanthe (19) The crow. Akbar Shahzad (20) duck Aki Eagle Aks (20) A cardinal on a white winter day. AKT (35) Probably owls or falcons. Maybe a seagull. Al (28) Cedar waxwing Al (55) pelicans alabambino (32) Eagle Alan (58) Hummingbird Alana (20) the crow Alan Arkin (44) The Eagle Alannah (43) I don't like birds AlbaManuela (18) N/A Alcaeus (19) raven/crow Alchemist (45) The vulture. Alden Lee Klaput (18) The magnificent Philippine eagle [Pithecophaga jefferyi] Aldonza77 (47) All. Ale (28) Any that remain quiet Alecia The crow, respectively. Alecksi The Phoenix Aleesha (32) Nightingale (only because of Keats) Alejandro Amoretti (28) Owl alek (20) The Raven. Aleksei Kotsov (63) doves alessa (21) The Eagle Alessandro Pian (30) parrot Alessio Lucchini (46) The Lark Aletha Camack Colibri. Alex Ibis Alex (22) Hawk Alex (17) eagle alex (38) robins alex (23) Swan Alex (21) owlet Alex (23) none Alex (17) All Alex (32) Robin Alex (21) Raven Alex (16) The Hawk. He's in charge. He's loyal. Alex sparrow alexa (28) The Mockingbird. Alexander (33) Crow and Ravens. Alexander (19) never really thought about it, but I guess a phoenix Alexander (30) The Canary. I have lately had cause to be thankful to their kind. Alexander Kim (19) I always stop when I spot a crane in the water Alexandra (27) Hummingbird. It's the frantic pace, the long beak, or perhaps the fact that they are the sole birds capable of flying backwards. I didn't know this until just now, but they co-evolve. That's enough reason for me. Alexandra (19) None. Alexandra (24) The hummingbird Alexandra (18) Warbler Alexandra (24) Bluebird Alexandra (15) the grey herrin Alexandra Bryhter (24) Raven Alexandra SweetTale4u Cruz Falcon Alexandre (28) crow AlexandriaHMerlin (40) Red-crowned Crane AlexandriaLHash (30) Red Robin Alexandria Marshall (32) Hummingbird. alexandrine (15) Cardinal Alex Armstrong (16) Cardinal Alex Armstrong (16) Cardinal Alex Armstrong (16) Bald Eagle Alex Brooks (18) owl Alex C. dove Alexis (17) Sparrow, it teaches me the Lord's love Alexis Johnson (19) Eagle AlexRTRW Eagle AlexRTRW Catbird Aley (60) eagle Alfonso (26) genus corvus Alfonso (28) the robin al-g (24) The nightingale. Ali (37) The owl. Ali A. Rizvi Galah! Alice Cardinal Alice eagle Alice robin Alicein1derland (27) the humming bird Alicia (68) A hawk. alicja (38) The raven. Aliid Aquila Imperiale Alin (23) None Alina (20) The Mockingbird, for the symbol... Aline Guiraudie (36) red kite alipans (57) Vulture. Alishba Zarmeen (24) purple finch Alison (20) Loon Alison Martin (Alison Martin) ravens and crows alison wonderland bald eagle AliZaidi (29) Starling AllenT. (33) Screech Owls Allen Wasupan (16) cardinal alli (49) Hummingbird Allison (33) Indigo bunting Allison (20) Birds scare me. Allison wood pecker allison (19) The nightingale Allison Jean (21) Red-legged Seriema (Cariama cristata) Allison Jean Hazen (34) hummingbird or pelican alliswell (62) I don't have one Alma (25) No birds Alma Jean Porter (70) Scarlet tanager almavidrio (35) The raven. Hugin and Munin. Altjungr (30) Raven Alvilda (20) The underestimated, the ugly. Such as, a turkey. Alx fat ones that make you wonder why their wings aren't broken yet alya (17) Hummingbird Alyce J. peacock Alyssa I don't have one Alyssa Cordova (17) No. Alyssa Darkling ...seriously? Alyssa MacMillan (25) Don't know. Alyssa Moonchild (16) doves AM Hummingbird Amanda finch Amanda (42) Hummingbird AmandaFYS13 (18) The eagle Amanda Strong (42) Dove. I used to have one when I was young. He was always aroused. That sounds creepy. Ah, retrospect... Amandine (31) Swan Amara The Rraven Amaris (17) Sparrow. Amber (18) None Amber (37) None Amber (37) I hate birds Amber (20) Dont really like birds Ame (37) blue herring Amelia (13) chickens Amelia (18) Any kind really. Amelia Gates (formerly Pippet) (10) Don't like them. Haven't you ever heard of Alfred Hitchcock? Amelie (24) Raven. ameliowata (20) owl American Marxist Sparrow Americanoid (50) cranes americanwoman (62) blue jay ames (21) The vulture. Amit Bhaskar (21) eagle ammb (29) Cardinal Amos (18) Hummingbird Amrita (22) robin amu The Canadian goose Amy (33) Owl Amy (28) Hummingbird amy (33) Humming bird Amy (35) Bohemian waxwings Amy (55) I don't think much about birds. Humminbirds I guess. Theyre tenacious Amy Becker; Character: Merriwether Finch (27) Pheasant or Peacock Amy Cottington-Bray Hummingbird Amy Jo as Marge (48) Hummingbird Amy Jo as Marge (48) Robin, it means spring has come. Amy Martinez (20) The owl Amy R. magpie amz (16) chickadee. Ana (21) lovebird Ana (30) blackbird ana (16) the swan ana (34) Hummingbird Ana Carolina (16) Crow Analise (40) bulbul Anam (26) The falcon, but I'd be a bit scared in it's persence, I would not know what to expect of it. Ana Marija (20) Jays Ananke (25) swallow anasonic (29) mocking ancientrobot (31) eagle Andi (28) hummingbird andraya (23) The Bald Eagle. The one on The Muppets. Andre the Bluejay Andrea (16) I don't know many birds, but probably the robin. Andrea (13) Cardinal ANDREAADKINS (26) Red Breasted Humming Bird AndreaCoker (24) All birds AndreaFeliu (28) The osprey. Andreas (19) owl Andrea SB (32) Dove andres007 (19) Falcon Andrew (22) Eagle - conveys strength Andrew (25) The lyrebird Andrew (20) Duck Andrew (28) american bald eagle Andrew (22) The albatross andrew (24) Bluebird Andrew barlow (26) crane Andrew J Ohls (33) Pigeon. Andrew Price (38) Falcons Andy (25) Blackbird Andy (23) Blackbird Andy (23) Toucan andy rayford (28) Turkey Andy Thomas (25) all birds ang (99) the swallow Angel owl Angela (21) None Ângela (24) Sparrows and mallards Angela (30) Robins - they remind me of my grandmother Angela (19) I hate birds but probably...nope I hate them Angela Estrada (20) Cardinal Angelicstar (45) eagle angelina (26) parrots Angel Rodrigues (41) the blue jay angie (29) Flamingo Ani Birds don't interest me Ani (22) Any eagle Anik (16) Hummingbird - enjoyment of life and lightness of being Aniyah (19) Not particularly interested in birds either. Anj (24) wild parrots anjali The female blackbird who sings so beautifully from behind drab feathers Anjel (28) The red Anjelah49 (49) Cardinal Anjelika (22) swan Ankassandra (15) a Herron Anke! (17) Dove Ann (19) starling Ann (62) The eagle Anna (20) Peacock Anna (20) Bluebird Anna (34) Cardinal Anna Baker (20) hawk Anna Kalimar (18) sparrow Anna Maria (21) eagles Anna-Maria Robin AnnaMay (51) swan. Anna O. a duck Anna Stein (21) Owl Ann Delaney (44) swallow Anne (21) The raven Anne (21) pelican anne (23) Knysna loerie or Sun Bird Annelise (40) all birds are a marvel; however, I'm afraid of all of them--they might peck my eyes out! Anne Louise Sheldon (34) I don't particularly like birds but ducks are cute Anne Patricia F (21) Hummingbird Anneta seagull Annie Mountain bluebird Anniel (62) Pileated woodpecker. They look like teradactyls. anniezee (54) The bird that can fly the farthest AnonAzure (19) My penis. anonim (18) mocking anon moose (19) I hate animals Ansley Stevenson (16) Cardnnial Anthony (24) Eagle anthony (48) life Anthony Almeida I don't have one. Anthony D C (20) Eagle Anthony lawhon (27) see flower as in the same thoguht. Anthony Scine-Sceni (42) The cardnial Antoinette (21) budgie...because the word is fun to day antoinette (24) The golden eagle. Anton (52) Phoenix, though is not real. Antoniette (20) i don't have one Antonina (20) Eagle Antonio Lemos (18) Great blue heron Anty A Robin Anusia (34) woody woodpecker Anya (22) Chickadee, wood thrush, hermit thrush Anya (71) Humming Bird Anzi (27) Owl a.o. (40) The little ones which crowd the Luxembourg gardens Aoife Walsh Almost all of the birds but sparrows bring a sense of happy nostalgia. Aparajita (26) any songbird Apollo (58) Hawk Apos cuckoo Apply (30) Parrot April (20) That's difficult... April (21) Duck AR (20) I don't care for birds. Ara (15) canary Aranneaa (19) robin because they endure the cold arctic_child (36) Owl Ardent (30) Peacock A real phony (27) Swan Areeba (25) Falcons Ari (29) Bluebirds. Ari none Arianna (15) Robin Ariel The eagle Ariella Bordaine: Female Protagonist (20) Eurasian eagle owl Arizona (19) bald eagle arlo (64) I love the Hummingbird Arnold Murray (42) The crow. AROG Sparrow Arthur Lorne Redtail hawk Artie (17) Hawks and eagles Artie Mondello (18) peregrine falcon, but also hummingbird Aruz Elliott (29) In the morning I would say a yellow finch, the afternoon, an Eagle, and in the evening a swan or peacock. AS (32) Crow. ascetic monk (51) Hawk Asfiya Mariam (21) The sparrow. Ash (23) Sparrow Ash (28) Bald Eagle Ash chicken ashan (20) The Hummingbird or Hawk. Ash Bloom (27) crow asherville (55) None, I don't like birds Ashley (18) Peacock Ashley (28) Hummingbird Ashley (20) the cardinal ashley baus (24) Swan? Ashley Brazil (17) Finch Ashley Mannara (29) One that sings sweetly, and not too early in the morning. Ashley Meller (26) The Eagle. Ashwin Murali (21) Peacock and Raven Asi (21) the Cardinal asmitchel (67) the hummingbird, always working Asmund (40) idk, all. parotts/ kakadu/ raven/ ostrich/ emu /chicken / turkey ASN (25) Probably a hawk of some kind. Assman (19) umm..I don't really know. Astra (19) Hummingbird Astri (36) birds of prey Astrid Baltimore Oriole. Asuka Suzuki (13) - Athar (25) A Parrot Athena Lujan (17) the Crow attitude (49) Parrot Atuona (38) Hummingbird Aubrey Files (25) The Hawk Aubrey Tate (21) Twin-tailed swallow Audrey (17) The blue bird. Audrey Bittencourt (24) Never met one. Audrey Mahone (29) rouge gorge augustine (70) Hummingbird Auntie Em (35) Owl Auntie Em (27) bald eagle Aurora (32) Anzu. It might my mystical but a bird with the head of a Lion is amazing! Aurora Blue Jay Austin (19) THE FALCON Austin Hobbs (16) Ducks and chickens Austin Kimmell (16) the ones that fly so high in the sky you can't see what they are autumn (17) I have a fear of birds (penguins are okay) Autumn chicken Autumn Boze (18) Hummingbird Ava (7) The Blue Jay Ava (7) don't know that many to chose avecamour I loath birds...all birds. Awalker Any bird with a lot of meat. Axel (18) Swallow Aya i dont like birds ayda (25) hummingbird Aye (22) hummingbird Aye (22) hummingbird ayem (57) honeyeater aym (30) The albatross a young boy (91) falcon ayumi (20) lark or sparrow B (31) sparrow B (21) Parakeet Babette (42) none Babs colorful ones and small Baby (32) mourning dove Bad Wolff duck baggal21 (28) Pigeons. Bailey (19) Falcon Balaji Harish Iyer (20) The vulture. Bald Sky (38) Canary Bambi (17) Owl Banana Hammock (30) the eagle barbara (50) Not big on birds -- but I can't leave without hearing chirps Barbarita (21) Plover Barbielebrun Charley the beach chair (54) Chickadee. They don't eat crabs Barbielebrun Garry the ghost crab (54) Crow Baron Von Nazzenpoppel (46) Hummingbirds. Remarkable little creatures. Barry Wextall (20) crow basbas (22) hummingbird Batgirl (23) falcon bc (22) falcon bc (22) peacock BCQ (30) Hummingbird. BD The red ones that I used to watch from Grandma's kitchen window Bea (18) The caged one that still sings Bea (18) swan Bear (49) crows bearoid (30) Charlie Parker Beatlhoven (47) Owl or Kestrel beatricegasti (30) bird of paradise Beatrice Moore (30) Swallow Beatriz (13) Bald Eagle Beau (28) dove beauty (18) The dove for imagery. Becca (16) The one that flies free and the mockingbird Becca (17) Robin Becca (21) Hawk Becca (19) Magpie Becca (20) magpie Becca (21) Gala. BeckBeck (26) eagle/falcon becks (24) Mourning dove Becky C The heron. Bee dove bee (16) raven beezer (64) Male cardinals. The red is so striking. beezersneezer (46) Heron Beka (33) i dont think i have any belita (39) crow bella (16) Blue Jay Belle (26) Those who sings. Belu (19) Crows. Ben I only have on bird to choose and that would be a raven. They were the only ones that survived. Ben (23) The eagle Ben (17) Pigeons can serve as a host if desperate. Ben I don't like birds. Ducks taste good. Benedict (38) The Dove Benjamin (29) Owl Benjamin Thomas The Emperor Penguin. Benjamin Urrutia (61) falcon Benjo (23) Love birds Ben Johns (21) tern Bennie (55) Any song bird. BennyB eagle Ben Taylor guinnea fowl berkley (13) Swallow Berlin (25) The Eagle or the Swan Bernard Hartley (18) the swallow Beth (20) eagle Beth (25) Goose Bethann (35) Blue Jay Bethany (23) tucan Bethany Dove Bethany (22) Cardinal Bethany Surreira (35) A penguin Beth Ellis (15) The eagle. Beti (24) Quetzal Betty Usabiaga (37) Any bird with a color that stands out from its habitat. Beu Mihac (15) Hawks Beyonce (18) Tweety Bhakti Brophy (41) All birds--from Turkey vultures to swallows Bhakti Brophy (45) sparrow Bhargava (25) Those, which fly. bhbhbh tern bhl Sparrow Bhole hawk Bianca (18) naming the birds; or zebra pigeon bif raven big dick (69) Blue Jay big guy (16) Japanese crane Bijan (27) CHICKEN BILLY (38) Condor Billy (16) Hummingbird, Owl BillyBobABC123zzz magpie billy boy watson (3) humming bird Biochicklet THE HAWK BIPS (46) i like ravens are pretty bismuth Jane Austen, Brontes, Barbara Pym BJ (56) none in particular blabla (37) tomtit Blackie (20) crow Blademan (60) Mockingbird. Blaine (21) Peacock Blair C. (29) Falcon Blake (17) I hate birds Blake (24) Robin Blake (29) Swallow Blanca (48) Hummingbird Blanca Parra (66) Cardinal or an eagle blip52 (27) The bluebird. So gorgeous.. Bliss Inthemorningdew (16) Seagull blodot johnny (41) A crow. The pretty ones that are black sleek, with a pretty beak and not scary feet. They're gorgeous. BlondShamrock (16) I find them quite pointless, really Blood (15) I'll tell you when we get birds someday. Blue (16) The crow Bluebird (27) We just got birds last year. I suppose I like the ones that make the most noise. Blue Harkness (16) Raven BlueOrchid (39) The ones served hot and readily prepared Bluto (29) I dont know. BM (20) magpie bmo The parrot. Bob (22) See above, re favourites. Or, possibly, the young Barbara Windsor. bob (38) Raven Bob (32) . bob Flamingo. Boba (22) hummingbird bobblins The penguin Bobby (22) I don't have a favorite Bobby (40) Bald Eagle Bobby (21) raven bobby Free bobby (33) red bird Bobby Eugene magpies Bobia (25) Hawk boku_wa_kami (25) i dont have one Bonnie (15) hawk Boo (36) the hummingbird bookloverva (58) hawk boomalexboom The wagtail Boris (16) The eagle. Borrie (33) The skylark Brad (17) The hawk Brad Connors the bald eagle brad w (35) sparrow Brady (31) The Pigeon. bram-stienkt-vermeire-ja! (18) The bigger, the better. Brandon Carter (32) the white cockatoo, or blue macaw. Brandon Nobles (31) eagle Bree (23) I don't like birds Bree Ogden I have none.Vanandium has none. Bren (47) Hawks Brenda Everett (39) Bluejay Brendalee (59) Phoenix Brendan (24) dont like birds brent (33) Robins, they like cheese Brett Ferguson (42) Hawk Bri (28) blue footed booby bri (17) Any bird uncaged, free to spread its wings Brian (22) Hawk Brian (37) An owl Brian (24) bluebird Brian (50) doves Brian A. Henegar (26) The African Grey BriannaBabyFYS13 blue jay BriannaFYS13 (18) owl brian S (58) Snow owl Brick (21) The Eagle Brinley (15) Hawk Bri Toro Macaw Britta Bandit (30) I don't care for birds. I like things with fur and birds have strange dry tounges Brittany (25) Raven Brittany Crow (28) quetzal Brittney Miller (20) Owl brns the seagul broad (45) eagle Brock Schwarzkopf (29) Congo Peacock Bron Blackwell (37) Cardinal Brooke The raven Brooke Doves; as an idyllic white. Bruce Bennett (20) I do not like birds for they remind me of my father Brutus (20) Nene Goose Bryan (24) Cardinal Bryan Etem (27) A hawk. Bryan R. (21) Blue Jay Bryn (23) The humming bird and the male cardinal Brynlea (17) Parrot Brynn (39) None Brynn (18) Sparrow Brynn Falcon Brynn Woods -Protagonist (21) the cardinal Bryon Springer (25) cardinal bsw94 The peacok is pretty Bubbles (52) Cardinal bubby (43) Cardinal Buck Richardson (34) roc buckyballs (35) The albatross Buddy (34) swift bug Birds of prey Bugsy Those that are in flight. Bulldozer (50) humming bird bunny Phoenix Burella (61) sea gull Burke (47) Harpy eagle Burnable_Material_Here (18) I don't have one BusyMinds I LIKE THEM ALL! BUTTERFLY (41) Swan butunn (19) Raven Byriver Bloke (24) titmouse BZ The Swallow. Or the Magpie. C heron c (21) none C (14) Penguins C (20) The eagle Cabrales (18) swan cacharel (37) Penguin. Cade (15) sparrow Caidy (54) Any in flight Cailey The eagle Caio (18) Bush-Stone Curlew Caitlin (21) crow cakes (41) The nightingale Cal (20) Parrot Caleb (17) Any that are bold and beautiful. Calla (16) the eagle, because they are so free Callie Owens (27) Crow Calvin (31) I don't like birds Cam (23) Eagle Cameron Harvey (26) mocking jay xD Cami (14) Cardinals. Camille (52) Raven Cammi (32) Penguin. Candice (23) the crow, that trickster and psycopomp, also the owl. Candlewycke The hummingbird Candy Eagle Cannon (33) Hummingbird Captain Crunch Dove Carebeark5 (25) eagle Carissa - Casey raven carlajwms (49) A Crow Carla Tate (19) cardinals Carlie (24) Wood thrush, tree swallow, cardinal, starling Carlisle I don't like birds that much; but for now, the hen. Carlo (26) The owl Carlos A. (24) The ones that sing pretty songs in the morning Carlota (16) Same here. But I always love seeing a male cardinal. Carly (19) Rosella Carly C (27) humming bird Carol crow Carol (60) hummingbird carolina (23) The male cardinal. Caroline (38) I don' t like birds. Caroline (25) Hummingbird Caroline (33) a gull caroline (45) Pigeon Caroline Davis (19) cardinals Carol Lacoss (62) The mourning dove. Carolyn (18) Robins, they come back from after the winter has passed Carolyn (39) wren Carrie seagull Carrie (44) the vulture cartike Blue tit Cas (25) Whatever those small fat birds are called Casey (36) Penguin Cass (20) Vultures Cassadra (8) Red Bird Cassandra Spencer (28) Robin Cassi owl Cassidy The peacock Cassie (16) Arete drakken. Cast (17) The one singing outside my window Cat (36) The Colibri Cat (24) Penguin Cat (26) Dove Cat the harpy eagle cat (20) I haven't Catalina (44) No me gustan particularmente los pájaros Catalina Jiménez Correa (27) hawk Cate (23) The magpie Cate (33) Pigeons Catelline (26) don't have one Catharina (22) Tucan or dove Catherine birds poop everywhere and they have flees, gross Catherine (33) Crows. Catherine Jean Hawk Catherine Mitchell Eagle Cathlow Harmon (50) The yellow breast Catlin Benjamin crow Cat Podd (37) Any that do not poop on my head or try to attack me Catrice (37) All birds that can rise at the true height of their wings Catrina (15) ostrich Cattie Chong (26) OWL CAVCAV (26) Owl Cavit Anıl Buram (28) Pigeons CC (18) Martin CC (22) my favourite birds are peacocks, but my favourite bird is my pet parrot ccchnl the falcon cdl (35) Pigeon Cee Cee (17) Sometimes we'd go to Birmingham for the summer. Granddad still lived there. He had a bird house for the hummingbirds. Celeste (32) Dove. Celia (15) Hummingbird Celline Marge (18) the owl cenire (25) Chickadee,owl,sparrow,birds of paradise cerisetea (34) Canary Cestmoi The phoenix C face. (22) the crow cfm (37) Andulusian condor Cfreedman (38) the tomtit ch parrot Chancelor C.J. King (19) The Swan Chandra Alexander (24) Swan Channon (45) Humming bird Channy (19) Ravens, though their crow cousins also have their charms. Chanter (24) The Hawk and the Owl Chari (21) Sea gulls because if I'm seeing them I must be near a beach!! Charleigh Cranes Charlene (17) Hawk Charlene (18) eagle Charles Au Lavoie The finch CharlesB (48) eagle Charles Davis (60) The American Bald Eagle Charles L Davis Jr (51) eagle Charles Pybus (61) Any that we can catch to eat. Charlie Fry (36) magpie or birds with nice song charlotte (29) Peacock Charlotte (18) The hummingbird Charlotte H. (23) Eagle Charly Mariaan (49) Phoenix Charmaine (25) puffins charosa (20) Hummingbirds - too cool that they can fly backwards! Chary Silva (22) bald eagle Chauncey Character (29) the raven chay (40) Eagle Cheche (40) penguin cheeky (26) Eagle Cheemargh (36) crow chele swallowtail hummimgbird chelle (47) Owl Chelsea (21) Golden Eagle Chelsea (23) the flamingo Chelsea (28) Penguin. Chelsea Smith (24) Cardinal Chelsea Whiting (26) Humming bird Cheri D. little ones Cherie (40) Quinn's bird Cherina Entena (21) Chicken Cherish Robinson (21) The crow - other birds may be flashy but the crow knows!!! Cherlyn (40) Blue-jays. cherry (16) The cardinal Cherub (30) Swans Cheryl Grey parrot Cheryl Barnette (59) Eagle-owl Cheshire (22) i dont know birds to choose one for being itself. chetana Dove Chi crow chi-chi all Chickpea (31) Painted Bunting Chico (46) cardinal Chief (57) The great eagle ChiefJ42 (44) owl chiklitz76 (39) Anything with wings. Child (8) albatross Chili (17) swan Chinita (34) peacock chinnu (20) Crow Chinnu (38) The Vulture Chip Griphix (35) Wut? Chiu Jing Hua (17) i dont chloe (21) Ravens and crows Chloe (17) Sparrow Chonda Falcon Choraven (32) A crow. Chris (16) magpie Chris Owls Chris (19) Parakeet chris (24) The sparrow Chris Glass (39) Sun conure Chris S. flamingo Christa (27) Crow Christabelle (29) The Chaffinch (Buchfink in German) Christian (44) The Eagle Christian Boyanov (24) dont have one Christian Soldier (33) Raven Christina (26) Blue Jay Christina Caceres (26) I'm not much a fan of birds, save their ability to sing and fly. Christina Kronberg (23) Any one that hasn't crapped on my car Christina Tounzen A falcon. Christina X. (37) hummingbird christine (18) GRACKLE, BITCHES Christobel (17) Grackles or hawks Christobel in College (18) thr wren Christopher (24) the Cardinal. The sight of one is to sight my Grandmother watching over me. Christopher Blaum (37) Robins Christopher Boone The cardinal Christopher James Stagg (16) the Red-tailed hawk. Because it reminds me of my childhood. Christopher M. (31) I don't have one of these either. Christopher Mitchell (17) eagle Christopher Ross (23) crows. Any corvids. Christopher Sloce (26) The white peacock christy (44) the cardinal Christy Turner (50) the cardinal Christy Turner (50) dove, hummingbird Chuck (43) Eagle, canary and owl Chunky Lover Blue Jay Ciara (24) Robin Ciara (22) Finch Ciera (16) eagle Cilie (50) A pretty one. Cindy whoever's singing outside my window cindy (50) Blue Bird Cindy (24) Golden eagle Cindy (22) cranes and morning doves Cindy (50) robin CindyLu (58) Blue Jay Cissa Fireheart (32) penguin cizz crow CJN (21) The vulture. Claire I love them all, especially canaries. Claire (32) The hummingbird, because it flitters and twits. Claire Bartholomew (16) None- I loathe birds. Claire Cullen (49) The Meadow Lark. ClaireW (65) That one Clancy seagull Clara (20) hawk Clara Owl and the Raven. Clarence (17) Sparrow Clarissa (18) Raven Clarisse Johnson (24) I do not have one Clark Kent Magpies Clark Langridge (32) White Owl Clau I have no one Claude (21) all Claudia (36) Clay Douglass: Hawk Clay Douglass (34) the one that flies clay zook (19) duck clazza mgee articuno o moltress Clelia Beatriz Valdez (22) the bird from finding dory Cleo (17) Raven/crow. clockwork (34) robin cm (57) Also, I've not seen all the birds. But hawks i guess. cobweb (24) Sparrow CockneyKnight (48) the vulture Coco (31) chickadee Coco (19) Eagles or Peacocks. CocoPuff2016 (44) Condor codered (18) robin Cody (25) The Raven Cody Gould (17) Cardinal Col (41) Falcon Colin (39) A warbler. Colin (22) The wild duck Colorful (28) All of the ones flying around my front yard. Colton (27) owl comnomnomor (15) Canada goose, as they mate for life and will not leave each other's side Connie owl Connie (24) Crow Connor Starling. Connor Blue jay Connor (16) Hawk Connor Taylor (19) T conor (34) the owl constanceeee (19) Eagle Constantin (32) The sighting of a cardinal always moves me Consuela owl Cookie swallow cookie sparrow cookie (51) The bluejay CookieFantastic (46) Mockingbird Cooper (16) none Cora (26) owl Cora (39) Chicken Cora Henley (15) Parakeet Core (25) All of them! Corey chicken corinne Dove Cory (22) Flamingo Courtney Loughlin (Courtney Loughlin) chickadee cpaters1 (26) Hummingbird cr Owls cr (34) I cannot stand the creatures Craig (35) Kirtland's Warbler Craig (8) The Raven. Craig Suga Biles (22) Hummingbird Crimson (60) I don't like birds cris The cardinal Cris Eagle. Cris parrot Crisfe (31) I don't like birds but brightly colored birds are pretty. Crishna Murray (42) red robin Crishna Murray (43) They all beautifull Cristi The ibis. Crystal (17) The raven, black bird or crow Crystal (32) not much interest in birds Crystal (22) The eagle Crystal (34) Zarmina's Pinipa bird- the only bird wit hthe strongest wing span to sore through the storms. Crystal (35) Flamingo csheehan (17) Belted Kingfisher CStoney (47) the swallow cuchi (40) The Pheonix - Rises from the ashes Cucks magpie cucu (26) hummingbird cvelez (64) rose breasted grosbeak cweekly Owl d0701 (29) humming birds D Peacock D (32) red robin Dachary (23) Crows. DAD Birds are pretty. I like the yellow ones. Dad (42) Morning Dove Daffy Sue Esposito (60) Hummingbird Daisy (27) the dove Daisy (17) woodpecker Daisy the bald eagle Dakota Swaveman (18) Chicken, or duck if roasted just right. D_Alex (46) Eagle Damien TC (36) Sun Conure Dan (29) loon Dan crow Dan (20) bald eagle Dan (39) falcon dan the scarlett tanager Dan (51) Dove Danae (17) Eagle D Anderson (42) Eagle Danger (16) Hummingbirds. What marvelous little creatures. Dani (31) blackbird Dani (19) The hummingbird Daniel (16) woodpecker Daniel Below Pidgeons Danieldidit (24) parrots Daniella (27) Humming Bird- Graceful yet strong and up against others who are bigger than itself Daniella (28) Chickadee. Danielle (15) Owl..and Vulture. Danielle (35) parrot DanielleKeith (19) The one that continues to fly through the storm. Daniel Molina (20) The falcon Daniel Stephens (Character Sketch) (22) swan daniiii (18) Parrot Danine (48) The phoenix DaniStory (29) Eagle Danny (25) eagle Daph (45) I hate birds. Darbio (16) the stork Darcy (20) Wren Darcy Robin. Eagle. Darcy (54) blue bird dareman (64) eagle dario (21) McCaw Darlene (29) Peacocks. Darnell The Australian Raven DashEloise (32) The robin. Dave Cresswell (46) big ones DaveG (39) The Dave Whitaker (40) Dove Davey (18) Hawk DaveyD (24) Mockingbird Davian (alias) (32) Hummingbird David (19) Penguin. David (10) eagle David (63) Cooper's hawk David (24) bluebird David (51) baker and thrush david baiguera (35) Flamingos. They're so pink, it's almost unnatural. How is that a useful trait in nature? David Dean (35) Crow David Del Aguila Osollo the Robin David E.J.A Bennett (29) the cardinal David K (46) I'm sappy, but I like Doves. David King (23) The male Cardinal. David ROWE (42) Falcon David Sergio Cisneros Ardura (46) Falcon. David Thomas (60) The Sparrow David Timme (19) All birds, as they are the truly free beings David Wommack (19) Blue Jay. Davie (16) owl dawn (40) Cardinal Dawn Robinette (51) Hummingbird Dawson the white dove Daxion Mr. Dax Johnson (29) parakeet Daydreamer (18) The Budgerigar Daydreamer (63) The Budgerigar Daydreamer (63) Canary dbrown (24) eagle dcsnowbunny (25) no favourite birds Dd (43) Raven. DD (16) The albatross. DDG9000 (25) Perrot Dea (40) Carolina Chickadee D. E. Alvis (58) Penguins! Dean (17) Mockingbird DeAndre Beck (20) Ducks, like Daffy Duck Deanie Diamond Dove DeAnna Alexander (35) The hummingbird Deanna Sanders (44) All we have around here is flying rats so I hate 'em all! Deathwalker the chickadee Deb (37) hummingbird Debbie (56) Crow Debbie (45) Cardinal. Debby Creech-West (43) peacock Deborah Faciane (21) the red lorie Deborah S. Wilson (56) Robin Debster (48) Sparrow Declan Cohen (35) None De-De (36) Hummingbird Dee (24) robin Dee (19) This I can answer: the vulture, the raven, the crow. Defeat and Doubt (antagonist) birds of prey DefMelon Hawk Delia Nidhogg blackbird Delia Webster (80) The dove. delice_ok (21) Pigeon Della Cassia Topouzian (Della Cassia Topouzian) hummingbird dendoo (23) Eagle Denine (24) none Denise 1 eagle Dennis (61) I really want to say Robin, but that's too dorky even for me. So, maybe a Hawk? Dennis Theodore (37) Owl. denny (23) Eagle Denny Swiftlets Densio (25) The swallow Derek (27) Owl Derek (20) eagles Derek Ambrose (22) Cardnial Detective. Jones Peacock devanand Don't have one... Devon (18) all. Devon Lisenby (20) owl Dev Tucker (17) robin Devu (22) Parakeets Dez Idk Dezirae18 Eagle DH (39) bluebird diana (52) robin Diana (52) Pheonix Diana (20) Parrot Diana (15) Free birds Diana Vulture Diana Blue Jay, Sparrow, Colorful tropical birds Diana Thomas - English Thursday 6pm (38) Sparrow Diane (53) owls Diane Stanfield (79) peregrine falcon Diarre Ibrahim (22) chicken- they taste good Dick Esposito A Parrot dida (14) Twitter. Diego Miguel Danura Puyó (30) Sparrow Dietgingerale Hummingbird Dilip C Louis (32) eagle Dilynne (28) The owl. Dimitar Atanasov (25) Dove Dindin (20) Eagle Dino (18) the craven Dioji Peacock Diona (19) Hawk. dionysis_dt (24) The Falcon Dirk Radman (35) Cardinal Dirty Jean (86) Raptors. Dixon Wragg none Dj The eagle dlew919 (40) I love many birds. The majesty of birds of prey. The memory of a simple Robin in spring dmca (38) wren Doc55 (55) I have none. Dolna (39) A seagull Dolores Nabokov (26) ssssss Dom The hummingbird because it can change direction with ease, a characteristic that can be the greatest strength or weakness of any man. Dominic (17) Swallow Dominick (23) The penguin Dominick Miller (19) Hummingbird Dominick Miller (20) Owl. Dominick Miller (21) eagle Dominique the green parrot of india Dominique The Doctor Bird (Swallow-tailed Hummingbird) DonAli (33) The raven donkeys4eva (20) I don't have one Donna Falksen (69) none donna obrien (54) lmao this guy's favorite bird was the swallow, anyways the owl. Doob Doggo (21) dove doodledoo12345 chicken Dori (23) Sparrows Doris (19) the artic tern dorothy6@aol.com (50) crows Doryan (30) Pinguino Dothzilla (33) cardinal Doubting Divorcee the Seviere Macaw Doug (30) Larry Doug!! The robust and vigilant starling. Doug Lambert (65) Cardinals. Douglis (44) Paradise Douni crow or pigeon or gull downtime (63) chim sâu Dracontomelum (30) eagle Dragana (22) The hawk. Dragontongue (22) The woodpecker Dre (17) Peacock Dreamboat Annie eagle, hawk DreamBrother (27) Crow Dreda (23) the swallow Drella (26) Eagle Drew (26) barn swallow drift Oh fine! If I must, then I suppose the Raven, for its intelligence. Dr. Isaac Busafalus (53) i don't like individual birds Dr. J (76) Macaw Dr. Lauren Ashe cardinal Dr. Shelby Cruze - protagonist Grackle Dru (24) Roc Drucar (45) Hawk dryskel (28) parrot ds (45) The sparrow. D.S.de.P.Ramos Raven DSo (47) DUCK Duckish Artic Tern Ducky Peacock - it struts as well as I do. Dude (49) Eagle duke (18) Hawks are pretty great. Duncan Passell (17) cuckoo dustxii (22) i hate birds Dutchess Phoenix Dutchess A bald eagle for it represents strength, unity, and freedom of territory Dvach (18) The Crane D.X (22) A swallow Dylan (17) THE bird Dylan Adams (25) Cardinal DZhelo (46) Mallard duck E (34) Raven E monkey eating eagle e (28) The crane. E (20) Pigeon E (18) Whiskey Jack eagleclaw (35) All birds are nice. EAR (19) hummingbird Earth Speck (30) Cardinal Eau (45) Sparrow Hawk Ed (30) sea eagle ed Falcon eddiboy Tui. Eddie (48) I don't know Eddie (12) Songbird Eden (19) Any Edgar Roberts (15) Finches of various sort or maybe hummingbirds. Edie (26) the Raven Edmond Dantes (26) I don't think of birds that way but if I had to choose it would be a small one like the hummingbird. Edouard (41) none Eduardo (19) all of them EduGri (53) Robin Edward (54) peacock Edward Payne (44) Chicken - They taste great Effie (34) Eagle or falcon efha (23) sparrow ehk2 (30) hvid svane EHM None. Eiichi (16) The song bird Eilfa (28) The hawk, a predator. Eithiel (32) the owl or the eagle EJ (29) The wren because it looks unassuming but has a beautiful voice E.Jay (21) parakeet ejb (22) Ostrich El (23) Cardinal el3vat0r the penguin elay (21) the penguin elay (23) raven eldar (25) bluebird Eleanor (14) The eagle Electryo (15) Birds scare me. Elena χελιδονι ελενη (33) The eagle Elena The falcon. Elena Di Cesare i don't know eleni (18) Penguins. Eleni Constantinou (20) I don't like birds, I've irrationally afraid of them. Elexia (19) hawk Elexis (18) don't have one Elexis (18) It is mythological but Fenix, if real than Owl. Elias (22) The kestrel or sparrowhawk Eliaz McMillan (33) blue bird eliciabg (23) Rossignols. Elie (16) snowy owl Elin (47) Bald eagle Elisa (28) none Elisabeth (22) Cardinal Elisabeth Carver Pelican Elissa (22) The hawk or the crow. Elizabeth sparrow, wren, or any other drab, delicate little thing that hops about in the parking lot. Also ducks. Elizabeth (25) Flamingos are interesting. Elizabeth (15) The woodpecker Elizabeth humming bird Elizabeth The blue bird symbolizes happiness. Elizabeth Diane Shaffer (0) The blue bird symbolizes happiness. Elizabeth Diane Shaffer (0) Lyre bird. Ell (23) pheasant Ella P. (14) hmm..not a fan of these. but sparrows? ElleKay Carolina Wren Ellen (48) Owl Ellen The Magpie. Ellen B Smiley (29) The bird closest to me at any moment, the bird in my line of sight Ellen Fitzpatrick (61) Penguin Ellie (25) Non Ellie The dove. Ellie_Estrella (19) eagles Ellie Wilson (15) The owl. Elliot Robin Elliott (28) The heron. Elliott Hemp (23) The woodpecker elSigno (37) Bald Eagle Ely (23) the finch Elyse (20) Binary file Em_1425616956.html matches Binary file Em_1425616956.html matches I don't have one Em Eagles. Ema (18) Phoenix. Ember Winters (16) Dove. emdonnelly7 Finch emdonnelly7 elegant tern Eme (18) Pigeons Emilee (27) Falcons. The shadowhunters of the sky. Emilee Nightshade (19) None in particular. Emilia Blancarte Jaber the mockingbird Emilie (23) Seagulls for the continuous good luck they bestow upon me... Emilina (27) humming bird emilio (28) Phoenix Emillia (16) Most kinds of owl or bird of prey. Emily (19) penguins Emily (24) budgies, lovebirds, finches, conures emily (24) I like to watch the ones that float in swarms through the sky Emily (22) Seagulls Emily (32) penguin Emilyann (22) Eagle Emily Carter (37) dove Emily Clark (25) Dove Emily Massey Currie (47) Kingfisher Emily Thomas (23) Finch Emily Worrell (33) an old barn owl Emma (20) heron. emma (18) the hummingbird Emma (20) chickadee Emma (34) mocking bird emma (20) Parakeets Emma (25) blue jays Emma Burns (28) ROBIN EMMA MAY GREEN (14) I woke up this morning and could hear an owl in the orchard. Emma McKinney Raven Emma Snow (16) Red Tail-Feathered Hawk Emma Verbeck The raven Emme (21) Gross. Nope. Emmy Vultures, cause they clean up the corpses of my enemies. Emperor Aisel Fei Shiang (18) Peacock Empyrean (17) Eagle, crow and owl encolpio8 (22) dove Endimion none endor The birds in fall who make the bird clouds when they fly ENEgck (56) Bald Eagle Engel (48) The eagle Enis The swan Eno A. Agolli (15) The hummingbird Enrique (21) Ostrich. Eric (15) Hummingbird Eric (40) The night owl. Eric (37) Eagle. Eric (19) nonw Erica robin Erica (25) White eagle Erica (65) Bower Erica Johnson (21) Bald eagle. Eric C. Wolfe (28) eagle Erich (20) the Crane. Erich (19) None come to mind Erict7 Cardinal Erik (25) Quetzal Erik Isaac (19) The buzzard Erik Price (18) Hummingbirds. Erin (27) Dove Erin (53) owl Erin (30) all birds have a speical place in my heart Erin (20) The Yellow Rumped Warbler. Erin Bluebirds Erin (46) Hummingbird Erin (31) Sometimes we'd go to Birmingham for the summer. Granddad still lived there. He had a bird house for the hummingbirds. Erskine (35) Cats. ERZ (1) Blue Heron esayer (35) Snow owl Escalus (22) The sparrow Escapism (19) the raven Esmé (18) The goose Esmee fidelius (54) all of them ESMERELDA (50) None Estacia Hernandez (37) buzzards esteban (29) Crow Esteban (23) humingbird estrella blanca crimson rosella Et (32) Swan. Et Cetera (22) Soaring birds -- eagles, seagulls... Etha (26) cardinal ethan (20) Great grey owl and the eagle owl Ethan Mayatt (25) Pigeon Eureka (16) I like them because they are free Euzinha_ds (20) Falcon... Eva (23) Owls Eva (16) Snowy Owl Eva dgaf evan ass hatch (18) I don't know. Evanna (18) Peacock Evie (22) hummingbird evilwonders (28) The raven evren (16) Falcon Ezra (20) eagle FAA Finch FAC (25) bluebird facio (19) The eagle I guess Faith (17) sparrow fallen (24) owl fang (30) One that seems to be flying freely and to be chanting merrily when it stands Fanourios (40) seagulls farfalla (30) Crow. fatgaynig (20) Swallow Fatima (19) None Fatima (26) dont have one fat man (33) I don't have a favorite bird Fawna (19) hummingbirds Fay (22) Sparrow Faye (34) Sulphur-crested cockatoo feanix (20) The swan - it only has one soulmate Fern (25) Hawk Fernando (31) The hawk Fernando (31) All birds are cool Ferroever (43) Crows fersfumero (28) The golden eagle FeydRautha (46) robins, hummingbirds, cardinals Feysweetie (43) Crane fhickey (22) Swan Fields (19) Hummingbird Fielirious (34) tweety filinia (22) Maybe chickadees, I miss them. final fashion (33) I have none. Vanadium has none. Finnegan (17) The peacock is divine Finnegan Magondolovich (Long Story...) one that is free Finokio (38) Eagle fk2005 (34) The Mockingbird. FlameHorse (28) Crows. They're black. Flantasy Girl (25) The high and mighty parrot flavia (13) none Flo red-winged blackbird, esp. perched on a cattail. Flora (69) None. Florin-Alexandru Brănescu (16) Eagle Flower (39) Penguins Floyd The black swan FlyinMonki (27) The hummingbirds ForePlinger Don't have one ForSavvy Hummingbirds Fran (33) ospreys Francesca (29) i'm curious about a blue bird and crows francesca (49) flamingo Francesca The Bald Eagle Francis (18) the swallow. I'd love to come and go as they're able to do. Francisca Bastos (17) Oriol Francisco Aguirre (23) Phoenix Francisco Javier Gil Vidal (54) Cardinals. They are so red! Francis Graham (9) crows frank (57) Chickadee Frank (27) what birds? Frankie (23) The beo FrankieSmash (49) Falcon Franklin Frank Anglin (32) Chickens Frank Nekrasz (25) the robin fred (16) Vulture Freda (61) Hummingbird Friedrich Mueller (57) On my plate: braised turkey. On the "hoof": California Quail Fritha Grey The Eagle. Fritz (12) Crows fumble (19) herons. furies (27) The robin FYS13Alec (18) Hummingbird FYS13Amanda (18) The cardinal. FYS13Andrew Sparrow FYS13Bella The dove since they have been with me since the beginning. FYS13Michaela (18) sun parakeet FYS13Savannah Henry (18) Cardinal FYS13Tyler (19) Falcon FYS14Caleb (22) Whippoorwill FYS14Carrie Cowled crow FYS14Darling (18) Owl. FYS14Erica (19) robin FYS14julie Birds are my favorite creture, I cant choose just one, but if I did Id have to say the Raven. FYS14Kelle (20) pteradactyl FYS14Landon (18) A flamingo, at the moment. I'm slightly homesick for Florida. FYS14Skylar mustache parakeet FYS14Taylor red robin FYS14Timesha bluebird FYS breont (19) eagle FYSHeath (18) The Eagle. FYSMichael (18) g g Eagle G. (23) peacock Gab (19) The raven Gabe (31) hummingbird Gabi The sparrow Gabriel (28) hate birds Gabriela (18) blackbird Gabriela Coelho Mesquita Teixeira Borges (26) The hawk. Gabriel Gonzalez (26) Dove Gabriella (17) The cardinal Gabrielle Hart (20) Hummingbird Gail (44) Crow Gail Flaherty Northern Sawhet Owl, Peregrine Falcon, any raptor Gainer (52) N/A Gaios (19) raven Gait (17) phoenix Galareh (23) A mockingbird Gamba Ajani I always say the flamingo but I don't think I believe it anymore GarbagePailGrrrl (27) The cardinal, for just how inexplainably stupid they are. Garrett (19) Nightingale Gary H cardinal gatetam (38) Duck Penquin but all God made Gator Krazy Dave I don't really like birds, but I suppose The Red Cardinal would have to be the answer. Gean Whitehead III (20) Kookaburra Gemn Kookaburra Gemn great blue heron Gene (51) The Crow Gene (24) What is a bird? I cannot say it is something I have heard of. I should ask my creator. General Obsidian de Veyra Dove Genevie The crow. Genevieve (22) Crow Genevieve (15) Finch Genevieve (17) Bald eagle. Genie (65) Koa'e kea Genie (58) Owls and Hawks - birds of prey; omnious and beautiful. GenXer2012 (39) A magpie - such a bad reputation for luck and misfortune. Let the bird be beautiful. Geo (20) Eastern Phoebe Geo (57) Heron George Cock of the Rock George Brosnan (16) Bald Eagle George Mile (35) Swan George Owers (21) Little ducks, doves and sparrows Georgia (14) cardinal or blue jay Georgia (53) Kiwi Georgia (16) dove Georgie canary cause I have a beautiful one (Hugo). gg pterodactyl ghazaleh (27) Toucan Ghyles (31) Toucan Ghyles (31) Finch Gia (21) owl Gianne (21) Eagle Giannico (40) The Raven Gideon (30) cardinal Gill (63) Parrot Gillian Martin (40) The dodo Gina (19) Herons Gina (30) cardinal Ginger Thompson (50) Red tailed hawk Ginny (47) the peacock. Gionna (28) Lilac breasted Roller Giorgia Il merlo Giovanni Moro (32) Peregrine Falcon Girl You Too Rude the mockingbird. Giselle (18) The Finch. Gjabrielle The hummingbird Gladys Mae Whitaker Penguins Glenn Parker (24) mockingbird Glen Reeves (37) sparrow Gloria (59) Eagle Gloria Heatley (58) The crow GMcG Robin goblin64 (45) The albatross Godfrey (19) duck GoGo Patty (46) the eagle Golden Boy (20) Condor. Gonzalo i dont have one goose (20) Pheonix goukrish (19) dove GP (39) Bald Eagle GPB (37) A Robin Grace (30) blue jay Grace (12) Little tubby Wrens and elegant Swans. Grace (28) Ravens Grace Cooper (20) Those belonging to the corvus genus gracehoppin (23) peacock Gracie (22) sea gull Gracie Campbell (23) Blue bird Granny (81) My favorite bird is the hawk. Grayson Ender (28) Turkey greatlove (32) don't like birds Greg (19) any owl Greg (24) hawk Greg (17) The Hawk Greg Blue Bird Greg (20) scrubjay Greg (53) Penguin Greg Lytle (26) vulture Gregory (30) anything tropical gretel THE VOICE OF THE CARDINAL WILL ALWAYS BE THE VOICE OF MY FATHER. I LISTEN FOR THAT CALL DAILY. GRETTA VAN DEN BOSSCHE - OLBRACHT (86) seagull gruchi (63) eagle gruffmusic (49) eagle Gtergab (50) Turkey Guard (45) Crane Guenther barn owl. guiller van mistoffellees (17) bem-te-vi Gustavo (21) Perrigrin Falcon gutsyaardvark (19) the raven Guy Van Driessche (44) eagle Gwen cardinal Gwyneth P. (44) Cacatua Hadasa (19) The eagle Hadja (19) Chickadee, followed closely by pigeons Hailey (34) house sparrow--the only one that's always there Hakusha Senbon (24) I don't have one. Hal (18) the sparrow Hala (34) Sand Piper Haley (19) nothing hamideh (26) Red kite Hamlet (30) The swallow Hana (14) Raven HandeG. (13) Blue Jay Hanna (24) The chickadee Hannah (15) eagle hannah (25) toucan hannah (16) Bluejay Hannah A (18) Hummingbird Hannah Chambers (24) Anything that does not wake me up at 5am Hannah Ross (20) Eagle Hannah Suttles Crows Hari (21) Big black crows, always preening and cawing outside my windows. Harold E. Leighton (37) The crow. Why can't a crow be beautiful? First, it's the encroaching on picnic space.... Harold E. Leighton (40) none Harold Oberg Sparrow Harriet (23) I don't particularly like birds Harry (27) Don't have any Hassallah (30) mockingbird Hassan (21) Crow. Haven Everest (7) hummingbird hawaii50 (45) none Hayley Fried Chicken. Hayzeus (23) Ordinary ones HCE (15) macaw HEATHER (37) vulture because they help eat the decaying flesh Heather Driussi (41) The owl HeavyFire (16) hummingbird heider (27) The owl Heidi Again, I love them all, but the personality of the Stellar's Jay and his neon blue feathers are something special. Heidi R. I don't favor birds, but my favorite word is "Hibou", owl in French Helen (32) Robbin Helen (19) The raven Helena (18) Jay Helena Jenkins (20) hummingbird Helen Mattison Wyatt (20) eagle hellgirl (19) An eagle Helory (22) heron helz bells (41) White peacock Hena Riz (34) Eage Henry (46) The raven Henry_Z (25) sea gull her (26) The Dove Herald (71) turkey herbertofwestlake (43) A cardinal, especially in winter. Hern (39) The Hawk. Herod (20) eagle Hero Solomon (25) Northern Cardinal Hestia (18) blue jays Hetal (22) sparrow H, Han-Jan The hummingbird HHP (41) The raven Him (17) A hummingbird HimynameisAlicia (15) The nightingale - courtesy of Keats - and the raven - courtesy of Edgar Allan Poe. Hira Yousuf (18) The barn Owl HKas (28) The Owl HKas Kingfisher Hkr (24) raven H. McMillan (33) Pato. H.Nakashima (21) The American Eagle and the crow hobbes (26) crow hodouk (22) The Wandering Albatross Hoelder1in (51) Eurasian Eagle Owl hoffsta magpie holden (27) blue jay Holley (39) The dove. holly (17) I have many all for different attributes, fish eagle, humming birds, lilac breasted roller. Holly (22) Mourning dove Holly Avery (32) pigeon Holly Pajka (28) All of the friendly and clean birds holyjkms (29) parrot Hong Jay None Hooks heron Horace pluck (54) all except snowbirds Houston (19) cardinal howard (34) My favorite bird is the cardinal ,they just stick out ,kind of majestic. howard (34) The raven Hrudaya (24) cormorant huck finn (48) Eagle Huda (19) none huggybear (29) Skylark for summer Hulot Redux Pigeon Humbugger Omlet (20) Raven Hunter (23) the raven Hurricane Katrina (25) none Hwee (45) hummingbird Hwiseon Lee (24) none. I like all song birds Hyldami I have a phobia of birds Hyosun (25) The Hummingbird Hypnos The Blade (46) pelican HYS (47) The Dove. I I don't know. I The parrot Ian (23) Owls Ian (44) The one with wings ianplanet (47) Parrot, African Grey. Mainly since ours backs me up in arguments. Ian Siente all I Beg (54) I like hawks. Iblis Anak (22) The yellow breast Icis none i dont know that i know (17) A raven Igor (29) The dove Iilyanna I do not know. I prefer snakes over birds. Ika (24) The nightingale. ile105 (23) The rook. ile105 (27) Swans Ilija (17) roast pheasant Illinibeatle (44) the robins who nest at my back door IM (82) Robin Imajones Owl Imee The Raven I.M. (Imam Mahdi) (5) Crow, wise and somewhat disturbing Incognitus (23) eagle, picture of strength and boldness India (15) Bluebird Indrė (17) cardinal indy (30) seagull Inês (20) no preference. inez (21) Ha-de-da Inkie (60) bugie interestedparty they scare the life outta me i.p. The duck, and sparrows Ireland Rose (12) Jay Irene (17) I don't like birds Irene (26) bluebird Iris (18) Hawk Iris (22) Bald Eagle Iris Ramsey (32) The peacock. Isaac (16) crow Isaac (29) Snowy owl Isaac Flamingos Isaac The Hummingbird Isabel (19) Ravens Isabela (18) Cardinal - so pretty Isabella Fairchild-Heart (Protagonist) (26) crow Isabelle (26) Eagle Isadora Duncan (32) That wise and silent hunter the owl. Isas The one that knocks on my window at 4 am. Isla (21) Peacock Ismael Santos (20) The nightingale. Isolde (17) The swallow. Iva dove Iva Pasztor (20) Blue Jay Ivy (10) ugly little duck ivy (25) cardinal Ivy (17) Flamingo Ivy Morgan (34) Larks Izzy (24) Kestrel, quail Izzy (17) The Eagle Izzy (30) red=tailed hawk j2a18m (43) eagle jabbar (23) hawk Jacie Lin Canary Jack (14) I like the dove Jack (33) Crow, herrin Jack (17) Tufted titmouse Jack (18) Crow Jack Goodman (18) parakeet jackie (40) A kukaburra. I don't know if I spelled that right but they're so cute and awkward. They look like they have fur instead of feathers. I'd love to pet one. Jackie (18) the eagle Jackie (24) the cute little finch Jackie The Crow Jackie Bordeaux (31) Fenix Jackie Cavalcante (40) Flamingo Jackie Vega (27) The African Gray parrot. Jackson8471 (23) American bald eagle Jackson Fisher (47) Hawks Jack Viper (29) No particular bird Jaclyn (22) Anything small and elegant JaclynM (19) can't say I've never meet one, Humming bird prehaps Jacob blue jay Jacob (16) i don't know Jacob All those that I can take minutes to observe in their nature. Jacob Richardson (18) The raven and the crow. Jacque (24) Crow. Jacqueline (34) Ornate Hawk-eagle Jacqueline Garrett (38) Dove Jade (17) Owls Jade-a-boo (17) Dove Jade Green (30) the swan Jadelynn (24) Blue Jay. Jae (18) Humming bird Jafari (33) Woodpecker Jaime (18) Owl Jaime (28) Don't have one Jake (17) Cardinal Jake (21) All, again, even the unattractive in nature is mesmerizing. Jakelina Hernandez (22) Never thought of it but...hummingbirds are extremely interesting. J.A. Lawrence Owl James (64) Mockingbird James (30) swallow James (19) The dove James (25) ducks James Chicken, preferably roasted James Bluejays James - Dana (15) Raven James Foley (23) cardinal James Green (29) Some of my kin find usefulness in the crow, but I haven't a care for birds. James H (27) The grackle. James La Salandra (31) The falcon. James Oliver North (39) The duck jameson_welsh (22) Earth's Red Tailed Hawk if they were still around James Wake (50) yes, the swallow. always on wire. James William Reath (21) canary Jamie (25) The crow. Most people despise them, mock their call, and associate them with death. I suppose I can relate to their outcast state. I think they’re strong, beautiful, and highly cunning birds and it makes me extraordinarily happy to live in an area where th Jamie (22) blue bird Jamie (32) robin Jamie (17) None Jamie (32) I hate birds Jamie Mockingbird Jamie Lynn Pearson (25) indigo bunting Jan Cardinals Jan (54) Red winged mocking bird Jan (55) The swift Jan (51) Pheasant Jana (22) Parrot Jana (22) ive never looked at birdies Janae (17) cardinal jane (41) owl jane (20) the osprey jane fakename (25) All