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Who are your favorite heroines of history?

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Queen Esther, Cleopatra, Coco Chanel. 009 (19) adsf 1 Regine Olsen 50ad (17) It is still Sister Margaret Thomas and her moral deceits 513 (00) Gundi 6nianji-ZHC (38) Rosa Parks, indira ghandi 80cubed (55) Isabella Merian, Vita Sackville-West, Susan Sontag, Rosalind Franklin A Mothers A. (27) Queen Elizabeth I A (26) joan of ark A (26) I don't have any AA (23) Corrie ten Boom. She is awesome. And I like her name. aaaaaaa (18) Harriet Tubman, Cleopatra AAAKKK No one aag (22) Esther aallisonr (30) ladies that have secretly run the world while puppeting their husbands Aaron (32) Marie Curie, gave her life to the advancement of science to save lives Aaron (26) Joan of arc was pretty BA Aaron (35) Earhart, Jane Goodall, Hepburn, Rosa Parks Aaron Guy Leroux (37) Sacajawea Aarushi Agarwal (13) Mary Wollstonecraft, Emma Goldman, and many others who endorsed a feminism that held women up to the same standards of men, and didn't excuse female frivolity Abbie (22) Malala Josefzai Abbie Hartley Hedy Lamarr Abby (26) David Bowie, Nina Simone, Elena Ferrante Abby (27) olympe de gouge Abegando (28) Eleanor Roosevelt Abigail Harris (10) Frida kahlo , Mother Teresa, Woman artists, moms ABP (50) Joan of Arc, St. Therese of Liseaux Abs Morrigan Acara McFadden (28) Cleopatra, Rosa Parks ACH (23) None. I already answered this, didn't I? A. Clifford Stowe (81) Andal, Hatshepsut, Dolores Huerta Acrania (25) Those who dare to question social mores and political ideas Adam (22) I don't know Adam (25) Joan of Arc Adam (20) Joan of Arc Adam (29) Rosa Parks adam (16) none Adam (38) Joan of Arc Adam Lysistrata and Juliet Adam Braner (30) Joan of arc, mary magdalene Adam Hyde (26) Amelia Earhart and Rosa Parks Adam McGrory (39) Rosa Parks, Michelle Obama Addy (26) don't know adieudusk Rani lakshmi bai Aditya (25) I have not met them in person. Admiral Love (33) Women of courage Adonia (40) N/A Adrian (18) Cleopatra Adriana (16) Cleopatra Adriana (16) Queen Victoria adriana (45) Madame Curie. Adrian Bauza (20) The only one that counts as a heroine is Harriet Tubman. Adrian Conrad Don't have one. Adrian George Nicolae (24) Belle de Jour Adrian Martyn (34) Zoey Redbird Tinkerbell and Jane Adrianna (18) Fāṭima and her mother Khadīja (the Prophet's first wife) AdrianOz (45) Sylvia Plath. Adrian Winters (17) Cleopatra. I love her. Adrienne Wilson (25) cleopatra Ady (22) Cleopatra aetilson (41) Every black female slave, Rose Parks, Michelle Obama, all those Rosie the Riveters, those who campaigned for abolition and women's suffrage. afrodite (41) -- a.g. (23) - agagagaga (24) Audrey Hepburn Agalloza (23) Queen Elizabeth 1 Agatha Kefali (45) Shote Galica Agent00V (18) Mata Hari Aggie White Catherine the Great A.G. Mata (21) Cleopatra. Agnes (20) Aljubarrota bread-maker Agneska (20) queen Elizabeth agony (25) Elizabeth I, Maria Theresa of Austria, and Matilda of England Agreen (29) Mata Hari Agustina (27) Livia A Half Empty Beaker jezebel ahmad (27) karl marx ahmad (24) Helen of Troy Aida (22) Kristin Hersh and Patti Smith. Aidan (21) Harriet Tubman, Catherine the Great. Aidan Devlin (15) Same Aiden joan of arc, margaret thatcher aiko (20) Eleanor of Aquitaine. Ailene Ada Lovelace aimée (22) Abigail Adams aimee.dawson (21) Coretta Scott King, Jacqueline Kennedy Onasis Aisha Milburn (32) rani of jhansi aishu (14) Elizabeth I. A.J. (27) No one AJ (18) still Koshovyi Otaman Ivan Sirko Ajam (21) Don't know of many Ajay (17) none Ajm9511 (21) mother teresa akansha (26) Jeanne d'Arc, Cleopatra akanthe (19) Women that inspired great writing. Akbar Shahzad (20) Gwanggaeto Aki Mary Shelley Aks (20) Eleanor Roosevelt AKT (35) Joan of Arc and Rosa Parks. Don't know too many others. Al (28) Diana Spencer Al (55) the women who flouted the rules alabambino (32) Bodesea Alan (58) Oh my gosh. Alana (20) Golda Meir Alan Arkin (44) Hogwarts Castle Alannah (43) Simone de Beauvoir AlbaManuela (18) Trition Alcaeus (19) nameless women at war time Alchemist (45) I have to agree with Proust; Cleopatra Alden Lee Klaput (18) The mom of Dr Jose Rizal--she raised him well Aldonza77 (47) Jane Goodall and Mother Theresa of Calcutta. Ale (28) Joan of Arc, Hua Mulan. Alecksi All of them. If they're heroines, it means they stood for something. I like a woman with a backbone. Aleesha (32) Forough Farrokhzad Alejandro Amoretti (28) Helen of Troy. Marie Curie, Amelia Earhart Aleksei Kotsov (63) mary leakey alessa (21) Elisabeth I Alessandro Pian (30) asan suji Alessio Lucchini (46) Lady Godiva Aletha Camack Marie Curie. Alex Lucretia Alex (22) Cleopatra Alex (17) alcott if that counts alex (23) Boudicca Alex (21) Coretta Scott King, Billie Holliday Alex (23) Suffragettes Alex (32) Anne Frank Alex (21) Rosa Parks Alex (16) Angela Davis, Jackie Kennedy, Rosa Parks--none of 'em sat down anywhere but where they wanted to. Alex Jane Erye alexa (28) Joan of Ark. Alexander (33) Cleopatra Alexander (19) Marie-Antoinette (I think I just like telling people to go eat cake) Alexander (30) Catherine the Great. She adapted to a world she had no experience with and rose to the highest position of power. Alexander Kim (19) Elizabeth I Alexandra (27) Ester. Alexandra (19) Strong women. Alexandra (24) Joan of Arc Alexandra (18) Edith Piaf Alexandra (24) the suffragettes Alexandra Bryhter (24) Alexander the Great, Alexandra SweetTale4u Cruz Queen of Saba Alexandre (28) Alice Miller AlexandriaHMerlin (40) Georgia O'Keeffe AlexandriaLHash (30) Michelle Obama Alexandria Marshall (32) Cleopatra, Joan of Arc, Irena Sendlerowa. alexandrine (15) Amelia Earhart Alex Armstrong (16) Amelia Earhart Alex Armstrong (16) Amelia Earhart Alex Armstrong (16) Mary Wollstonecraft, Queen Elizabeth I of England Alex C. Marilyn Monroe Alexis (17) Eleanor Roosevelt, Jackie O, Hilary Clinton, women who wanted power in the world, not in bed Alexis Johnson (19) Joan of Arc AlexRTRW Liaz Minelli and Marlena Deitrich Aley (60) Theres a lot. Alfonso (26) My mother Alfonso (28) Virgina Woolf al-g (24) Mother Teresa. Ali (37) Marie Curie, Susan B. Anthony, Rosa Parks, Marilyn Monroe, Ayaan Hirsi Ali Ali A. Rizvi Jane Eyre/ Bronte Alice Eleanor Roosevelt Alice Abraham Lincoln Alice Ms. Parks Alicein1derland (27) Those who do not appear in books but in everyday stories Alicia (68) Jeanne D'Arc, Queen Jadwiga, Eleanor Roosevelt, Marie Curie alicja (38) Cleopatra. Aliid Antoinette? Alin (23) None ir maybe Sylvia Alina (20) Ordinary woman who change the world. Aline Guiraudie (36) suffragettes alipans (57) Hypatia of Alexandria, Cleopatra Alishba Zarmeen (24) Susan B. Anthony Alison (20) Benazir bhutto AliZaidi (29) Joan of Arc AllenT. (33) Joan of Arc? I don't really know many. Allen Wasupan (16) florence nightengale alli (49) Joan of Arc Allison (33) Lucille Ball, Bette Davis. Allison not sure allison (19) Neiara (Pericles' mistress), Livia (wife of Augustus) Allison Jean (21) Same. Again, don't get the woman/man distinction. Allison Jean Hazen (34) Carrie Chapman Catt, mother theresa, rosa parks alliswell (62) Jeanne de Arc Alma (25) Harriette Tubman, Angela Davis Alma Jean Porter (70) Dorothy Dandridge almavidrio (35) Artists mostly... those who made great contributions to society despite the phallocentric. Altjungr (30) Barbara of Celje Alvilda (20) Dolley Madison, Eleanor Roosevelt, Margaret Sanger Alx Amelia Earhart, Cleopatra, Women of the war of the roses alya (17) Marie Curie Alyanna (22) Anne Frank Alyce J. Martin Luther King Alyssa Cordova (17) Whatever, whoever made me what I am. That is my hero. Alyssa Darkling Medea. She was crazy, but when she wanted something, it didn't matter who it hurt. It didn't stop her hustle. Alyssa MacMillan (25) The first Abaddon of the Coven was from a small village like my own. Alyssa Moonchild (16) Billie Holiday AM plgara Amanda (42) Elizabeth Bathory AmandaFYS13 (18) Cleopatra, Joan of Arc, Guinnevere Amanda Strong (42) Harriet Tubman, Jeanne d'Arc, Susan B. Anthony Amandine (31) Rosa Parks Amara Mirandella and Leona Amaris (17) Any woman who became extraordinary during the Holocaust to help all she could. Amber (18) Elizabeth 1 and Ann Boleyn Amber (37) Elizabeth 1 and Ann Boleyn Amber (37) Joan of Arc Amber (20) None Ame (37) Amelia Airhart Amelia (13) I am not sure Amelia (18) These questions are hard. I don't know. Amelia Gates (formerly Pippet) (10) Cleopatra and Leontyne Price Amelie (24) The one who has made all man demean upon her knee ameliowata (20) Emilia Earhart American Marxist JFK, Jefferson, Franklin (and even with their personal flaws) americanwoman (62) cleopatra ames (21) i don't have ammb (29) None Amos (18) Clytemnestra, Joan of arc, Amelia Earhart Amrita (22) Sojourner Truth amu Elizabeth I, Queen Victoria, Elizabeth Barrett Browning Amy (33) ... Amy (28) Rosa Parks, Anne Frank, Dorothy Day amy (33) Marie curie Amy (35) Eleanor of Aquitaine, Sojourner Truth, Anne Frank... Amy (55) Nellie Bly for her sense of adventure Amy Becker; Character: Merriwether Finch (27) Apparently this calls for a different answer to that of my "favourite hero". The answer remains the same. Amy Cottington-Bray Oprah Amy Jo as Marge (48) Oprah Amy Jo as Marge (48) My mother. She should be famous in history. Amy Martinez (20) Alice Paul, Lucy Stone, Susan B. Anthony, and Elizabeth Cady Stanton Amy R. Susan B. Anthony amz (16) Aung San Suu Kyi Ana (30) any woman who fought in the civil war ana (16) Jean D'arc ana (34) Joana D'arc Ana Carolina (16) Don't have any. Analise (40) Razia Sultan, Mumtaz Jahan, Anam (26) Audrey Hepburn and Jeanne D' Arc Ana Marija (20) Elizabeth cady stanton, I think. Matilda Gage Ananke (25) josefa de obidos anasonic (29) Marmaduke ancientrobot (31) cleopatra & queen gorge Andi (28) joan jett andraya (23) Joan of Arc Andrea (16) Marie Curie Andrea (13) Mulan ANDREAADKINS (26) Joan of Arc AndreaCoker (24) The witches AndreaFeliu (28) Eleanor Roosevelt and Emily Dickinson. Andreas (19) Cleopatra Andrea SB (32) Not sure andres007 (19) I do not know. Andrew (22) Benazir Bhutto Andrew (20) Cleopatra Andrew (28) don't have any Andrew (22) Myself. andrew (24) Mary queen of scots Andrew barlow (26) n/a Andrew J Ohls (33) I swear to god if you ask me about another woman. Andrew Price (38) hmmmmm Andy (25) Joan of Arc Andy (23) Joan of Arc Andy (23) Joan of Arc, any woman who stood up against the salem witch trials. Susan B. Anthony andy rayford (28) Ruth, Esther, Mary Magdeline Andy Thomas (25) Elisabeth, one of the queens ang (99) No heroines Angel None Ângela (24) Catherine the Great, Eva Peron, Mamie Eisenhower Angela (30) Athena, Saint Helena, Audrey Hepburn, Hedi Lamarr, Rita Hayworth, Katharine Hepburn Angela (19) Rosa Parks Angela Estrada (20) Joan of Arc Angelicstar (45) mtheresa angelina (26) eleanor roosevelt Angel Rodrigues (41) Cleopatra, Anne of Boleyn and Marilyn Monroe angie (29) Amelia Earhart Ani ME Ani (22) Joan of Arc Anik (16) Harriet Tubman, Frida Khalo Aniyah (19) cleopatra anjali The suffragettes Anjel (28) Shakespear Anjelah49 (49) All of the women who pioneered in photography Anjelika (22) cleopatra Ankassandra (15) Cleopatra Anke! (17) Women who established themselves by strongly holding on to their womanly nature. Ann (19) Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Harriet Tubman, Marie Curie, Gloria Steinem Ann (62) Joan of Arc Anna (20) Cleopatra Anna (20) I have none. Anna (34) none Anna Baker (20) Marie Antoinette? (not really...) Anna Kalimar (18) Joanna d'Arc Anna Maria (21) jeanne darc Anna-Maria Witches healers AnnaMay (51) Modrzejewska, the heroin of heroins, ha. and beside her Sarah Bernhardt. Anna O. Elizabeth I Ann Delaney (44) Joan of Arc Anne (21) Boudicca, Nzinga Anne (21) none anne (23) Hypatia Annelise (40) Elenore Roosevelt Anne Louise Sheldon (34) anyone who helped with civil rights movement, Eleanor Roosevelt Anne Patricia F (21) Isis Anneta Susan B. Anthony Annie Women who lived outside of the norms set for women, who stretched themselves beyond societal restrictions Anniel (62) Rosa Parks anniezee (54) My mother AnonAzure (19) I don't have any. anonim (18) History does not do them justice anon moose (19) Marilyn Monroe Ansley Stevenson (16) Maria Theresa Anthony (24) Women who are self-relaint, and fight for equality anthony (48) life Anthony Almeida None. Anthony D C (20) Marylin Monroe Anthony lawhon (27) Those who do what others are afraid to do Anthony Scine-Sceni (42) Queen Catherine of Aragon, Queen Isabella of Castile Antoinette (21) josephine bonaparte antoinette (24) Eleanor Roosevelt; Queen Esther and the Queen of Sheba. Anton (52) Women in general. Antoniette (20) cleopatra Antonina (20) Cleopatra Antonio Lemos (18) Helen Keller Anty Frida Kahlo Anusia (34) not sure Anya (22) I don't know. Rosa Parks? Anya (71) Jean D'Arc, Laura Secord, Agatha Cristie Anzi (27) Angela Davis, Assata Shakur a.o. (40) Joan of Arc Aoife Walsh Women who worked hard to give me the privilege I have. Aparajita (26) parish secretaries, My mother, Queen Marie Antoinette, Apollo (58) Jean d' Arc Apos Joan of arc Apply (30) Elizabeth I April (20) Jesus April (21) Elizabeth I AR (20) Anna Yegorova and Margaret Hamilton. Ara (15) Boudicca Aranneaa (19) Joan of Arch arctic_child (36) Jean D'Arc Ardent (30) Coco Chanel A real phony (27) none. I take bits from all heroines Areeba (25) Still Joan of Arc... again with the repetitiveness. My time is valuable. Ari (29) Marie Curie. Ari Joan of Arc Ariel My mother Ariella Bordaine: Female Protagonist (20) Audrey Hepburne Arizona (19) Alice Paul, Queen Elizabeth, Jane Austen, Emily and Charlotte Bronte arlo (64) Rosa Parks HANDS DOWN Arnold Murray (42) The Queen of Sheba. AROG joan of arc Arthur Lorne Moses, Jesus, Giuseppe Garibaldi, Abraham Lincoln, Franklin Roosevelt, Pope John Paul II Artie (17) Eleanor Roosevelt, Emma Goldman Artie Mondello (18) Madame de Pompadour, Messalina, Hua Mulan, Hypatia, Marie Curie, Margherita Hack. Aruz Elliott (29) The women who have sacrificed in the past to have made it possible for me to feel like a first class citizen in my life. AS (32) Joan of Arc. ascetic monk (51) Cleopatra Asfiya Mariam (21) I don't think I have a favourite, but I love reading about women in medieval Europe. Ash (23) I want to think up someone known for intellect and wisdom rather than beauty. My memory fails me. Ash (28) Jeanne D'Arc, Florence Nightingale Ash my mother ashan (20) Joan of Arc seemed a fine woman from the tales. Ash Bloom (27) Alienor d'Aquitaine asherville (55) Marylin Monroe Ashley (18) Cleopatra Ashley (20) not sure ashley baus (24) Twiggy, Madonna Ashley Brazil (17) Delilah, holly golightly Ashley Mannara (29) Sacagewea Ashley Meller (26) grace kelly ashleytheresa (20) Agora. Ashwin Murali (21) Joan of Arc, Cleopatra Asi (21) Elizabeth I asmitchel (67) Catherine the Great Asmund (40) writers, poets, artists, philosophers, scientits... ASN (25) Probably Queen Elizabeth I of England. Assman (19) Does Amelia Earhart count? Astra (19) Anne Frank Astri (36) Eleanor of Aquitaine Astrid Anyone who was kind. Asuka Suzuki (13) Qurratul ain Athar (25) Marilyn Monroe Athena Lujan (17) same as earlier attitude (49) ??? Atuona (38) Queen Isabella of Spain Aubrey Files (25) Again, Joan of Arc Aubrey Tate (21) Cleopatra Audrey (17) Mary Magdalene. Audrey Bittencourt (24) Don't exist either. Audrey Mahone (29) heloise augustine (70) Jackie o Auntie Em (35) Miep Gies Auntie Em (27) Empress Wu Zetian Aurora (32) ARTEMISIA I OF CARIA Aurora Mom Austin (19) Harriot Tubman Austin Hobbs (16) Cleopatra, Amelia Earhart, Susan B. Anthony, etc. Austin Kimmell (16) lady godiva autumn (17) Madame Currie Autumn idc Autumn Boze (18) I don't have one Ava (7) Martin Luther King Jr. Ava (7) wouldn't know avecamour Bessie Smith Awalker I don't know enough heroines to comment. Axel (18) Scientists Aya Don't have one, maybe the media is to be blamed for me not to be as enlightened about females. ayda (25) That pirate who led a group of men Aye (22) That pirate who led a group of men Aye (22) Cleopatra ayem (57) The romanticised Ophelia aym (30) Hypatia a young boy (91) cleopatra ayumi (20) Cleopatra and Anne Boleyn, both strong women who went after what they wanted B (31) i don't have one B (21) Those who display a rightous spirit and find their worth and strength. Babette (42) cleopatra Babs cleopatra Baby (32) Joan of Arc Bad Wolff emily pankhurst, anne frank, elizabeth the first baggal21 (28) Marie Antoinette, Cleopatra, Saint Joan of Arc, Bonnie (of Bonnie and Clyde) Bailey (19) Mary of Scots Balaji Harish Iyer (20) I like Margeret Sanger. Bald Sky (38) Cleopatra Bambi (17) Eleanor of Aquitaine barbara (50) Elizabeth I. Barbarita (21) Ruth and Queen Esther Barbielebrun Charley the beach chair (54) Women who won't buy crabs Barbielebrun Garry the ghost crab (54) No favorites Baron Von Nazzenpoppel (46) Catherine the Great Barry Wextall (20) marie curie basbas (22) Lysistrate Batgirl (23) I don't believe in real life heroines bc (22) I don't believe in real life heroines bc (22) Myself BCQ (30) Annie Oakley and Eleanor Roosevelt BD Harriet Tubman was pretty amazing Bea (18) Corrie ten Boom Bea (18) Elizabeth I Bear (49) cleopatra bearoid (30) I don't know that I have one Beatlhoven (47) Marie Curie, Rosa Parks, Jean D'Arc beatricegasti (30) Rosa Parks and the Civil Rights ladies Beatrice Moore (30) Joanne D'arc Beatriz (13) Harriet Tubman Beau (28) rizal beauty (18) Our early First Ladies. Becca (16) Cleopatra Becca (17) Sylvia Pankhurst, Rosa Parks, Marie Curie Becca (21) Audrey Hepburn, Queen Elizabeth Becca (19) I don't know Becca (20) ? Becca (21) Anyone woman who didn't except the role general society said she should fulfil. BeckBeck (26) still the joan of ark. florence nightingale. becks (24) Helen of Troy Becky C Amelia Earhart Bee Catherine the Great, Marie Curie beezer (64) Margaret Hamilton, MIT. beezersneezer (46) i don't think i remember any belita (39) anyone who comes out of the toughest of situations even stronger than before and still holding their integrity bella (16) I don't have one. Belle (26) The fighters. Belu (19) Eleanor Roosevelt and Elizabeth I Ben Next. Ben (23) Amelia Earhart Ben (17) I am both male and female, and I am my own history. Ben Joan of Arc Benedict (38) History doesn't interest me. Benjamin (29) Jeanne la pucelle, Chantal Akerman, Hannah Arendt Benjamin Thomas Rabi'a Benjamin Urrutia (61) Queen Elizabeth 1. Benjo (23) Saint Mary Ben Johns (21) Hariette Tubman Bennie (55) We already went over the history thing. BennyB don't have one Ben Taylor Anne Frank Berlin (25) Joan of Arc, Catherine the Great, Mother Teresa, Mary Queen of Scots, Helen Keller, Mary Mother of Jesus, Queen Esther and any others who had true courage and conviction Bernard Hartley (18) idk... never thought about it Beth (20) Hermione Granger Beth (25) Gloria Steinman or any feminist Bethany (23) Louisa May Alcott - hence the Little Women reference above. Bethany Surreira (35) Jesus Beth Ellis (15) I do not have any. Beti (24) Cleopatra Betty Usabiaga (37) Julius Augustus, Hannibal, Suleiman The Magnificent, Justinian and Theodora, Nobunaga. Beu Mihac (15) Mirabai, Rosa Parks Bhakti Brophy (45) Jhansi Lakshmi Bai Bhargava (25) Women. bhbhbh Elizabeth bhl None Bhole Helen Keller Bianca (18) joan bif n/a big dick (69) Angela Glossow-lead singer of arch enemy big guy (16) Elizabeth I, Eleanor Roosevelt Bijan (27) PRINCESS DIANA BILLY (38) Rosa Parks, Mary Calkins Billy (16) Those of grace, beauty, sophistication, sensuality, compassion and tenderness BillyBobABC123zzz joan of arc billy boy watson (3) THE RANI OF JHANSI BIPS (46) marie antoinette shares my love for cake (although i guess there is no proof she really said "let them eat cake" but that's ok) bismuth Queen Victoria, BJ (56) none blabla (37) Tetcher Blackie (20) Catherine the Great, Barbara Jordan Blademan (60) Judith Butler, Dolly Parton. Blaine (21) The ones no one recognizes Blair C. (29) Joan of Arc Blake (17) Kate Blake (24) Margret Thatcher Blake (29) Women Blanca (48) I don't have Blanca Parra (66) Not sure of one. blip52 (27) Joan of Arc blodot johnny (41) Elizabeth I. BlondShamrock (16) None, at the moment Blood (15) Marie Antoinette Bluebird (27) Still Joan of Arc. Blue Harkness (16) Margaret Bourke-White BlueOrchid (39) You can't be serious. Most of them were the wives of the above mentioned quotes Bluto (29) None BM (20) joan of arc bmo Hmmm... never thought about it. Eleanor Roosevelt? Bob (22) Wait - is this an Orientalist thing? The masculine West's victories are contemporary, the feminine East's are ancient and/or timeless? bob (38) None Bob (32) Eleanor Roosevelt, Maria Theresa of Austria Boba (22) rosa parks bobblins Boudicca Bobby (22) Boudica Bobby (40) I don't really have any. Bobby (21) Cleopatra bobby BLAH bobby (33) cleopartra Bobby Eugene clara barton Bobia (25) Susan Anthony boku_wa_kami (25) those who made a difference with style Bonnie (15) Women who insisted upon education, and a life undependent upon men bookloverva (58) Rosa Parks boomalexboom I can't think of one. Boris (16) Audrey Hepburn Brad (17) Cleopatra; Julius Caesar; there is something about being a ruler that I respect Brad Connors mother teresa brad w (35) Harriet Tubman Brady (31) Rosa Luxemburg. bram-stienkt-vermeire-ja! (18) Hermione Granger Brandon Carter (32) Elizabeth I (of England), Elizabeth I (of Russia), Catherine the Great, Big Head Yang, legendary Chinese pirate who controlled the rivers of Nanjing during the 19th century Brandon Nobles (31) I can't think of any Bree (23) Anne Boleyn Bree Ogden Joan of Arc. I think that was her name. I remember my mother reading about her once. Bren (47) Elizabeth Bennet Brena (19) Women have no place save the bedroom Brenda Everett (39) Harriet Tubman, and Rosa Parks Brendalee (59) As above Brendan (24) nope brent (33) Harriet Tubman, she helped people escape the south, where there is no good cheese Brett Ferguson (42) Hester Pryne Bri (28) Homie Gs that fought for women's rights bri (17) Any woman who wasn't weak Brian (22) Jane Austen, Alice Vachss Brian (37) Athena Brian (50) Elizabeth I Brian A. Henegar (26) Twiggy. BriannaBabyFYS13 No idea BriannaFYS13 (18) none brian S (58) Joan d'Arc Brick (21) Joan of Arc Brinley (15) Boudicca Bri Toro Cleopatra, Catherine the Great, Simone de Beauvoir, Frida Kahlo, Katherine Dunham, Margaret Sanger, Isadora Duncan, Martha Graham Britta Bandit (30) Cleopatra, Hua Mulan Brittany Crow (28) I don't know. Brittney Miller (20) Mother Teresa brns queen of sheba mary magdelin mother mary broad (45) joan of arc Brock Schwarzkopf (29) Mother Theresa, Anne Frank, Margaret Thatcher Bron Blackwell (37) Queen Elizabeth Brooke Nellie Bly Brooke Any female who has stood up for herself Brutus (20) Medusa Bryan (24) Queen Zenobia Bryan Etem (27) Anne Boleyn Bryn (23) All of the saints and sinners Brynlea (17) Princess Diana Brynn (39) Sarah Pritchard Brynn (18) Women have proven time and time again to be disloyal. Brynn Woods -Protagonist (21) Grandma Bubbles (52) Eleanor of Aquitaine bubby (43) Steffi Graf Buck Richardson (34) none buckyballs (35) Anne Frank Buddy (34) elizabeth fry and rosa parks bug joan of arc Bugsy Coco Chanel, Katharine Hepburn Bulldozer (50) Harriet Beecher Stowe, Gilda Radner bunny Nellie Bly Burella (61) Elizabeth I Burke (47) No one Burnable_Material_Here (18) All persons who fought to free themselves, despite the obstacles BusyMinds HELEN KELLER,MADAME CURRIE,FEMALE HEADS OF STATE BUTTERFLY (41) Rosa Luxembourg butunn (19) Milena Jesenska Byriver Bloke (24) Queen of Sheba, Tawahul Karman, Golda Meir BZ heraclitus c (21) none C (14) Cleopatra Cabrales (18) cleopatra cacharel (37) Rosa Parks. Jane Goodall. Cade (15) Abigail Adams Caidy (54) Cleopatra, Sacajawea, Rosa Parks Cailey Queen Elizabeth of England Caio (18) Emmy Noether Caitlin (19) Artemisia Gentileschi, all those other ones. Caitlin (21) Mary Magdalen cakes (41) J.K Rowling Cal (20) Queen Epperly. Calla (16) Joan of Arc, and any one that paved the way for us women today Callie Owens (27) Aung San Suu Kyi Calvin (31) Harriet Tubman Cam (23) Eleanor Roosevelt Cameron Harvey (26) the bolivian women that had to fight instead of their husbands (they were somewhere ese) during the revolutionnay war...they all died. Cami (14) Anne Sexton; Virginia Woolf; Sylvia Plath... Yes, suicides: spoke so much of vulnerability and the courage it takes to live... Camille (52) Joan of Arc, Emily Dickinson Cammi (32) Ella Fitzgerald, Elenor Roosevelt, Joan of Arc. Candice (23) Cleopatra, Anne Boleyn, Eleanor of Aquitaine Candy N/A Cannon (33) ---- Captain Crunch Joan of Arc Carissa - Casey Saartjie Baartman and every other black woman carlajwms (49) Bonnie Parker and Calamity Jane Carla Tate (19) Deborah Carlie (24) Mary Queen of Scots Carlisle Virginia Woolfe. Carlo (26) Cleopatra, Nefertiti, Eva Peron, Matahari Carlos A. (24) Cinderella Carlota (16) Agreed, Cleopatra was tha bomb. Carly (19) I don't know my history well enough Carly C (27) helen keller, the suffragettes, Carol (60) musicians carolina (23) Harriet Tubman, Eleanor Roosevelt, Sojourner Truth Caroline (38) Mary Magdalene Caroline (25) Marie Curie, Rosa Parks, Caroline (33) I have no idea Caroline Davis (19) Eleanor Roosevelt Carol Lacoss (62) Joan of Arc, St. Agatha. Carolyn (18) Not sure Carolyn (39) Boudica Carrie Sacajawea Carrie (44) Cleopatra cartike St. Catherine of Sienna Cas (25) Ruth Casey (36) Oprah Cass (20) So many, some you have not heard of. Cassadra (8) Morgan La Fae Cassandra Spencer (28) Helen of Troy. Maybe Hero. H. Cassie (16) The only heroine I trust is Juline. Cast (17) Cleopatra, Marie Curie, Queen Victoria I., Marie Antoinette Cat (24) n/a Cat (26) Joan Cat Boadicea cat (20) nobody Catalina (44) Gloria Steinham, Roslind Franklin Cate (23) Joan of arc Cate (33) Marie Curie Catelline (26) ?? Catharina (22) Joan of Arc Catherine my birth mother and all of the single moms out there Catherine (33) Charlotte Corday. Catherine Jean Joan of Arc Catherine Mitchell None Cathlow Harmon (50) Joan of Arc and Florence Nightingale Catlin Benjamin Salem Witches Cat Podd (37) Harriett Tubman Catrice (37) Caterina Sforza, Lucrezia Borgia. Catrina (15) Rosa Parks Cattie Chong (26) YAVUZ SULTAN SELİM CAVCAV (26) Mustafa Kemal Atatürk Cavit Anıl Buram (28) Every great man's wife CC (18) Jesus CC (22) Elizabeth I ccchnl Jean d'Arc, Lucretia Borgia cdl (35) Marie Antoinette Cee Cee (17) Josephine Baker. Celeste (32) Maybe. Celia (15) Joan d'arc, Jesus cenire (25) Anne Frank,Rosa Parks,Ruby Bridges. cerisetea (34) Joan of Arc Cestmoi Cleopatra, Marie Antoinette C face. (22) Queen Victoria cfm (37) Elizabeth Taylor Cfreedman (38) Marie Curie ch Oprah Chancelor C.J. King (19) Boudica, Neffertiti, Harriet Tubman, Susan B. Anthony, First Lady Jackie Kennedy Chandra Alexander (24) Hillary Clinton Channon (45) Marilyn Monroe Channy (19) There are none. Chanter (24) Catherine the Great Chari (21) Coretta Scott King Charleigh None Charlene (17) Anne Frank Charlene (18) none Charles Au Lavoie Hypatia,Vera Ruben, Charles Davis (60) Hypatia librarian of Alexandria, Madame Curie, Elizabeth I of England, Rosa Parks. Charles L Davis Jr (51) Dolly Madison Charles Pybus (61) Our tribe members that gave their lives to defend us all. Charlie Fry (36) joan of arc charlotte (29) Every First Lady who stood by her man no matter what Charlotte (18) Joan of Arc, Marie Curie, Elizabeth Van Lew, Rosa Parks Charlotte H. (23) All warrior women, and those who lived/loved fearlessly Charly Mariaan (49) History? Still don't care Charmaine (25) Joan of Arc, charosa (20) Rizal's mother Chary Silva (22) princess diana Chauncey Character (29) i have yet to discover one chay (40) Esther from the Bible, Cleopatra, Nefertiti Cheche (40) The women of the heroic men of history cheeky (26) Indira Gandhi Cheemargh (36) mother teresa chele cleopatra chelle (47) St Margaret. Chelsea (21) I don't have one. Chelsea (23) Cleopatra Chelsea (28) Marilyn Monroe. If you knew her story, she would definitely be the underdog heroine. Chelsea Smith (24) Harriet Tubman, Susan B. Anthony, Rosa Parks, Chelsea Whiting (26) Ruth Cheri D. I already answered this Cherie (40) My mom, Oprah Cherish Robinson (21) The sufferagettes Cherlyn (40) Margaret Atwood. (She counts, right?) cherry (16) The first lady to bat her eyes and smile coyly looking innocent and charming Cherub (30) Dagny Cheryl Joan of Arc Cheryl Barnette (59) Rosa Parks, Hatshepsut, Queen Victoria, Boudica, Madame de Pompadour Cheshire (22) the queens of india who ruled with vision chetana Emily Dickinson Chi feminists, trailblazers and women who fought the odds Chickpea (31) Joan of Arc Chico (46) Cleopatra Chief (57) Boudica ChiefJ42 (44) eleanor roosevelt chiklitz76 (39) Jane Goodall, Hillary Clinton, Michelle Obama Child (8) Joan of Arc Chili (17) John or Arch, Indira Ghandi, Butto Chinita (34) dont have that much knowledge chinnu (20) Meera Chinnu (38) Calamity Jane Chip Griphix (35) Wut? Chiu Jing Hua (17) venus chloe (21) Not doing this crap again. Chloe (17) Women willing to try again Chocolate Bunny (32) Eleanore Roosevelt Choraven (32) Joan of Arc. Chris (16) Joan of Arc Chris Rosa Parks. Chris (19) Hercules chris (24) Joan of Arc, Catherine of Aragon, Elizabeth I Chris S. Artemis Christa (27) Joan of arc, queen elizabeth Christabelle (29) Maria Montessori, Marie Curie, Jane Batten, Amelia Earhart and William Herschel's sister Christian (44) The beautiful Helena Christian Boyanov (24) Ann Frank Christian Soldier (33) Not sure Christina Caceres (26) MArie Antoinette. Christina Kronberg (23) Catherine the Great Christina Tounzen Princess Diana because she was a regular person who became princess, and she treated people with dignity. Christina X. (37) george washington christine (18) St. Lucy Christobel (17) Eleanor Roosevelt Christobel in College (18) Joan of Arc Christopher (24) Same. Christopher Blaum (37) Sally Ride Christopher Boone The strong women who raised and supported the men among men Christopher James Stagg (16) I'm a big fan of Harriet Tubman and Sojourner Truth Christopher M. (31) Like I said before not thought about it in a long time. Christopher Mitchell (17) Oprah Christopher Ross (23) Angela Davis and Roberta Blackgoat Christopher Sloce (26) Joan of Ark, a bit crazy but she went at it with passion christy (44) Michelle Obama Christy Turner (50) Michelle Obama Christy Turner (50) Atila Chuck (43) Joanne d'Arc, Maria, Amelia Earhart, Anne Frank Chunky Lover No one Ciara (24) Boudicca Ciara (22) I haven't got a favorite, for I don't know enough history. Ciera (16) Mansa Musa I Cilie (50) don't feel like answering this again. Cindy Annie Sullivan cindy (50) Zeus Cindy (24) Not sure... Cindy (22) Maya Angelou, Victoria Woodhull Cindy (50) Joan of Arc, Mary Magdalen, the women who stood by their families in the worst of times CindyLu (58) Cleopatra, Anne Frank, Margret Thatcher, Anne Boelyn, Both Queens Elizabeth Cissa Fireheart (32) Rosa Parks cizz cleopatra CJN (21) Elizabeth I. A ginger and a woman... she had a lot to overcome Claire I wish I knew enough history to provide a name. Claire (32) Elizabeth Bennet, because she was light and she knew what she wanted. Claire Bartholomew (16) Nefretitti; Elizabeth I Claire Cullen (49) Florence Nightingale, though she must have been dreadful to live with. ClaireW (65) Susan B. Anthony Clancy Eliabeth I Clara (20) Esther Clara Plath Clarence (17) Cleopatra Clarissa (18) Mata Hari Clarisse Johnson (24) All the ones who refused to believe they couldn't do something because they were a woman Clark Langridge (32) I have no one Claude (21) Joan of Arc Claudia (36) Clay Douglass: Lady Marian Clay Douglass (34) ? clazza mgee Naoko Takeuchi Clelia Beatriz Valdez (22) Cleopatra Cleo (17) Women warriors. clockwork (34) Elizabeth 1 cm (57) Hypatia cobweb (24) Boadicea CockneyKnight (48) Marijas Gimbutas, Frida Kahlo, Colette, Vandana Shiva, Christine De Pizan Coco (31) Cleopatra, Josephine, Jezebel Coco (19) Now I want to say Cleopatra! CocoPuff2016 (44) Marie Curie, Molly Pitcher codered (18) nefertt Cody (25) Boudica Cody Gould (17) Elizabeth the first, Boedica Col (41) Queen Victoria Colin (39) Helen of Troy and Edie Sedgwick. Colin (22) Catherine the Great of Russia Colorful (28) The lady who decided to give me away to my dad, her decision was the best thing to happen to me. Colton (27) Dont have any comnomnomor (15) Queen Victoria Connie Harriet Tubman, Marie Antionette Connie (24) egar allen poe Connor Ruth, of Moab. Connor Eleanor Roosevelt Connor (16) Mother Theresa Connor Taylor (19) Mata Hari constanceeee (19) Cleopatra Constantin (32) I wish I knew more about history. Consuela muktai mai Cookie Queen Elizabeth cookie (51) Joan of Arc, Queen Hatshepsut, Amelia Earhart, Frida Kahlo, Eve Datisman (teacher) CookieFantastic (46) Helen Keller Cooper (16) none come to mind Cora (26) Hypatia Cora (39) Eleanor Roosevelt Cora Henley (15) Amelia Airhardt Core (25) I'm not sure. Corey none corinne Jade Edwards Cory (22) Susan B. Anthony Courtney Loughlin (Courtney Loughlin) Any that fight for equality cr Boudica Craig (35) N/A Craig (8) I don't really have any heroines. I think hero is the wrong word. Craig Suga Biles (22) As above Crimson (60) Juana de Arco cris Esther Cris Audrey Hepburn Cris None. Crishna Murray (42) Hellen of troy Cristi Joan d'Arc, Elizabeth I, Marie Antoinette. Crystal (17) Redundant again.. Crystal (32) don't know Crystal (22) NONE Crystal (34) Amelia Earheart csheehan (17) Ghandi, cuchi (40) Harriet Beecher-Stowe cucu (26) Madame Curie, Jacqueline Dupree, Maria Callas, Mother Theresa cvelez (64) psalms 31 wife cweekly Rosa Parks d0701 (29) Cleopatra D Phyllis Wheatley & Zora Neale Hurston Dachary (23) Those men and women who died in the pursuit of the betterment of their brothers and sisters. DAD I thought I was not suppose to talk about this one. Why do you keep bringing this up? Dad (42) Cleopatra Daffy Sue Esposito (60) Cleopatra Daisy (27) Frida Kahlo Daisy (17) Cleopatra Daisy Mary, of Nazerine Dakota Swaveman (18) Queen Elizabetth I Damien TC (36) Emma Goldman Dan (29) no one springs to mind Dan um fufu Dan (20) Abigail Adams Dan (39) Spartacus dan n/a Dan (51) The people Danae (17) Joan of Arc Danger (16) elizabeth I, sylvia plath Dani (19) Marie Antoinette and Amelia Earheart Daniel (16) Cleopatra Daniel Below Can't think of any Danieldidit (24) Cleopatra and Joan of Arc Daniella (27) Hypatia because that scene in the movie where she gives that guy who wanted to marry her, her bloody rag from her menstrual was so hilarious. Her line if I remember it correctly was "Do you see much beauty in this?" Daniella (28) The female writers who were obligated to have male pen names. Danielle (15) Neferititi. Hypatia. Harriet Tubman. Danielle (35) abigail adams DanielleKeith (19) Margaret Thatcher. Daniel Molina (20) Those lesser know women, elders, ones who were known for their wisdom and kindness - Mother Theresa was great Daniel Stephens (Character Sketch) (22) rosa parks daniiii (18) Cleopatra Danine (48) Favorite heroines again? Wait, you know who else is worthy of admiration? Persephone. That girl agreed to move to hell for love. Maybe not smart but worthy of mentioning. DaniStory (29) Rahab Danny (25) Empress Wu Daph (45) N/A Darbio (16) rosy the riveter Darcy (20) Grace Hopper Darcy Josephine March. Joan of arc. Melissa earhart Darcy (54) Eleanor Roosevelt, Mary Magdeline dareman (64) cleopatra dario (21) I always admired the tenacity of Shirley Chisholm. Darnell The women of the womes liberation movement. DashEloise (32) Florence Nightingale, Amy Johnson, Marie Curie Dave Cresswell (46) None DaveG (39) Marie Curie Dave Whitaker (40) Elizabeth I Davey (18) Boudica DaveyD (24) Margret Thatcher David (19) Alice Stateman and Rosa Parks. David (10) tough David (63) Queen Amina David (24) Marie Curie David (51) eva duarte david baiguera (35) Didn't I answer this already? David Dean (35) Jaques Custeau David Del Aguila Osollo Marie Curie the double Nobel prize winner, and Rosa Parks who refused to give up her seat on a bus David E.J.A Bennett (29) Elisabeth I David K (46) Amelia Earhart David King (23) Joan of Arc, Frida Kahlo, Marilyn Monroe. David ROWE (42) Sor Juana David Sergio Cisneros Ardura (46) Amelia Earhart and Hedy Lamarr. David Thomas (60) Joan D'Arc David Timme (19) Joan of arc David Wommack (19) Joan of Arc Davie (16) Joan of arc, mother re Theresa Dawn Robinette (51) Nefertiti. She was a strong gracious woman. Daxion Mr. Dax Johnson (29) rosa parks Daydreamer (18) Mother Teresa Daydreamer (63) Mother Teresa Daydreamer (63) Lisa Gherardini dbrown (24) Betty Friedan dcsnowbunny (25) important matriarchs who had many children Dd (43) Any female that has the will to stand out. DD (16) Rosa Luxemburg. DDG9000 (25) Cleopatra, Ekaterina the Great Dea (40) I answered this already. D. E. Alvis (58) Joan of Arc, Anne Frank Dean (17) Rosa Parks, and Susan B Anthony DeAndre Beck (20) Betsy Ross..I like the flag she made Deanie I do not have one DeAnna Alexander (35) Mary! It takes guts to stand up when no one believes you! Deathwalker Susan B. Anthony Deb (37) The mothers of the babes Debbie (45) Cleopatra Debby Creech-West (43) Mary Magdalene Deborah Faciane (21) Any woman who did the right thing in trying to save others from persecution or harm Deborah S. Wilson (56) Amelia Earhart Debster (48) Anne Frank Declan Cohen (35) Rosa Parks De-De (36) Queen Elizabeth Dee (24) Eleanor Roosevelt Dee (19) Slaughterers of children; killers of Defeat and Doubt (antagonist) mata hari DefMelon I have none Delia Nidhogg Cleopatra Delia Webster (80) - delice_ok (21) Queen Victoria--I love her courage and determination Della Cassia Topouzian (Della Cassia Topouzian) Don't have a favorite Denine (24) none Denise 1 Joan of arc, Mary, the mother of Jesus, Ruth, Dennis (61) Cleopatra, Eleanor Roosevelt Dennis Theodore (37) None. denny (23) Queen Elizabeth Denny Marie Curie Densio (25) Bob Ross Derek (20) Annie Oakley Derek Ambrose (22) Marie Curie, Joan of Arc Detective. Jones Hypatia devanand none. Devon (18) All women who have made a mark in history. Devon Lisenby (20) Emmeline Pankhurst Dev Tucker (17) all powerful strong women Devu (22) Harriet Tubman Dez my momms Dezirae18 Anyone that is resilient DH (39) Queens and Warriors Diana (20) ...I don't have. Diana (15) The pioneer women Diana Well if I must answer perhaps Queen Mary I of England. Diana Joan of Arc, Queen Elizabeth Diana Thomas - English Thursday 6pm (38) Anne Frank Diane Stanfield (79) emma goldman Diarre Ibrahim (22) The founder of the Red Cross- I forget her name Dick Esposito Princess Diana dida (14) Lady Di. Because she showed the contradictions of a real person. Diego Miguel Danura Puyó (30) Jackie Kennedy, Audrey Hepburn, Zelda Fitzgerald Dietgingerale Indira Gandhi, Joan of Arc, Marie Curie Dilip C Louis (32) I dont know Dilynne (28) Marie Curie, Catherine The Great. Dimitar Atanasov (25) Melchora Aquino Dindin (20) None Dino (18) my wife and her emotional strength that travels through the gaps of comparison Dioji The women who shaped things without being on the front line. dionysis_dt (24) Joan of Arc Dirk Radman (35) I have none. Dirty Jean (86) The nameless people who sacrificed for what's right. Dixon Wragg none Dj Heroines are for disappointmen dlew919 (40) Any women that managed to make the history books despite the odds dmca (38) behazir bhutto Doc55 (55) jeanne d'arc Dolna (39) Diotima Dolores Nabokov (26) ssssssssss Dom Queen Elizabeth Dominick (23) Elizabeth I of England, Harriet Tubman Dominick Miller (19) Mary Wollstonecraft, Simone de Beauvoir Dominick Miller (20) Charlotte Corday, Simone Weil. Dominick Miller (21) I do not have one Dominique I don't know much about history DonAli (33) Constantine donkeys4eva (20) I don't have any Donna Falksen (69) Jackie O donna obrien (54) When was the last time a woman did anything good in history? Doob Doggo (21) a woman who was sexually tortured in japan doodledoo12345 Susan B Anthony, harriet tubman Dori (23) Fa Mulan Doris (19) lincoln ben franklin dorothy6@aol.com (50) women are not capable of such things Doryan (30) Madame Curie Dothzilla (33) Eleanor Roosevelt Doubting Divorcee Rosa Parks Doug (30) Sarah Connor Doug!! Joan of Arc, Doug Lambert (65) Rosa. Luxumborg and Parks. Douglis (44) Cleopatra Douni I answered thia before but I will add Emma Queen of the South Seas, Alice Hamilton, Rosa Parks downtime (63) Tran dynasty's empress and princesses who married foreigner/outsider to save their nation and family Dracontomelum (30) Anne Bollein Dragana (22) Ugh, history. Dragontongue (22) Jane Austin Dre (17) Michele Obama Dreamboat Annie Jeanne d'Arc DreamBrother (27) Those that live to be very old but never accept the things given them Dreda (23) Hatshepsut, Elizabeth Drella (26) There are none. Dr. Isaac Busafalus (53) catherine the great Dr. J (76) Queen Elizabeth II; Winston Churchill Dr. Lauren Ashe Eleanor Roosevelt, Flannery O'Connor, Janis Joplin Dr. Shelby Cruze - protagonist magical women Dru (24) Boudica. Catherine de Medici. Drucar (45) Harriet Tubman dryskel (28) nobody ds (45) Boudicca. D.S.de.P.Ramos Boudicca DSo (47) Corretta Scott King Dude (49) Martin Luther King Jr., Jimmy Carter, and Abraham Lincoln duke (18) Queen Elizabeth was pretty great. Duncan Passell (17) none dustxii (22) Joan of Ark Dutchess Countess Elizabeth Bathory Dutchess HAHAHAHAHAHA Dvach (18) Catherine the Great and Dolley Madison DWP (18) Joan of Arc D.X (22) Constance Markiewitz Dylan (17) I wasn't a good study Dylan Adams (25) None DZhelo (46) Thatcher E vera rubin e (28) Ada Lovelace. E (20) Amelia Earhart E (18) Angela Davis eagleclaw (35) I don't know. EAR (19) mulan Earth Speck (30) Amelia Earhart, Jackie o, Gloria steinem, malala Eau (45) Mother Teresa Ed (30) cleopatra ed Rosa Parks, Cleopatra, eddiboy Not sure Eddie (12) Cleopatra Eden (19) Sakajawea Edgar Roberts (15) Mary queen of scots Edie (26) Virginia Woolf, the Soong sisters, the Queen of Sheba, Xavier Hollander. Edouard (41) eleanor roosevelt Eduardo (19) madame curie EduGri (53) Eleanor Roosevelt Edward (54) huh? Edward Payne (44) Susan B. Anthony, Rosa Parks Effie (34) Sabrina Spielrein, Rosa Luxemburg, Lou Andrea Salome efha (23) ? ehk2 (30) Simone de Beauvoir. Eiichi (16) The late king and queen, and my father Eilfa (28) None, for they don't exist. Not to me. Eithiel (32) katherine the great, the queen of horse racing . EJ (29) Cleopatra, Joan of Arc, all of the typicals, more or less E.Jay (21) Anais Nin ejb (22) Women of power who used it righteously El (23) Joan of Arc el3vat0r Joan of Arc, Gabriela Silang elay (21) Gabriela Silang, elay (23) Gabriela Silang elay (24) Mary Stuart, Joan of Arc,Marie Curie, eldar (25) Maharishi Eleanor (14) Hypatia, Catherine the Great, Louise Michel, Elena Cornaro Piscopia, Germaine de Stael Electryo (15) Queen Elizabeth. Elena δεν εχω ελενη (33) Rosa Parks Elena Those who have overcome seemingly insurmountable obstacles to live their ideals. Elena Di Cesare anna frank eleni (18) Cleopatra as well. Elexia (19) rosa parks Elexis (18) Mary mother of God Eli (16) Every woman who has rebelled for theirs and others freedom, Emma Goldman etc. Elias (22) Bodicea Eliaz McMillan (33) haha he said cleopatra!!! that was mine above :) eliciabg (23) Cleopatra Elie (16) jeanne d'arc Elin (47) None Elisa (28) Marie Curie Elisabeth (22) Any woman brave enough to make it Elisabeth Carver Cleopatra Elissa (22) Joan of Arc, and anyone who challenged their traditional submissive role. Elizabeth Queen Victoria Elizabeth (25) Nobody. Elizabeth (15) My mother and my niece Elizabeth cleopatra Elizabeth Any female who beats the odds and surmounts any physical/mental handicap Elizabeth Diane Shaffer (0) Any female who beats the odds and surmounts any physical/mental handicap such as Helen Keller and Frida Kahlo. Elizabeth Diane Shaffer (0) I have an answer for thisbut I've forgotten it. Ell (23) didn't I answer that already? Ella P. (14) any woman who has been recorded in history. for they must have been remarkable to merit a place in something written entirely by men. ElleKay Eleanor Roosevelt Ellen Too many to choose from, any woman strong enough to be called a heroine, I admire. Ellen B Smiley (29) Lillian Hellman, Abigail Adams, Eleanor Roosevelt Ellen Fitzpatrick (61) I Ellie (25) Elizabeth l Ellie I have none. Ellie_Estrella (19) Marie cure Rosa Parks Mary seacole and cleopatra Ellie Wilson (15) I don't know that much about history. Elliot Bjork, Theodora, Mary Seacole Elliott (28) Anita Roddick. Elliott Hemp (23) Rosa Parks Ely (23) Billie Holiday Elyse (20) Abigail, Mary, mother of Jesus, Deborah the prophetess in the Bible, Esther, Ruth, Rebecca Em Cleopatra Ema (18) Amethyst the Witch. She killed the king and queen's twin children to avenge her sister's murder. Ember Winters (16) Mother Teresa emdonnelly7 Padre Pio emdonnelly7 Joan of Arc Eme (18) Mother Teresa Emilee (27) Marie Antoinette. Emilee Nightshade (19) Joan of Arc Emilie (23) Mother Theresa Emilina (27) Elisabeth 1 emilio (28) Joan of Arc, Rosa Parks, Sappho Emillia (16) None, really. Emily (19) joan of arc.... Emily (24) Cleopatra, Joan of Arc Emily (22) Amelia Earhart, Hannah Senesh, Eleanor Roosevelt, Irena Sendler, Nancy Wake Emily (32) katharine hepburn Emilyann (22) Jessica Lynch and Susan B. Anthony Emily Carter (37) queen elizabeth II, Dorothy Parker Emily Clark (25) Goddess Aine Emily Thomas (23) Queen Elizabeth I Emily Worrell (33) an woman known or unknown who has fought for her beliefs Emma (20) catherine of siena. emma (18) Harriet Tubman Emma (34) not sure emma (20) Katness Everdeen Emma (25) Frida Kahlo Emma Burns (28) ALICE IN WONDERLAND 'CAUSE SHE GETS TO GO BACK HOME. I KEEP TINKING IF I STAY HERE LONG ENUFF, I COULD GET BACK HOME TOO EMMA MAY GREEN (14) Cleopatra Emma Snow (16) Anna Fischer Emma Verbeck Joan of Arc Emme (21) Gwen Ifle Emmy Yui Ying Emperor Aisel Fei Shiang (18) Queen Elizabeth, Malala Yousafzai, Joan of Arc Empyrean (17) Nobody encolpio8 (22) Cleopatra Endimion none endor Mother Teresa Engel (48) The one who has made all man demean upon her knees Enis Helena Of Troy Eno A. Agolli (15) Oprah Enrique (21) Joan of Arc. Eric (15) Anne Frank, Amelia Earheart, Sally Ride, Christa McAuliffe, Jane Goodall Eric (37) See above. Eric (19) ? Erica elizabeth I, hipathia Erica (25) marie antoinette Erica` (21) Joan of Arc, Cleopatra, Erica (65) Hatshepsut Erica Johnson (21) Boudica, Elizabeth I Eric C. Wolfe (28) no idea Erich (20) Margaret Thatcher, Coretta Scott-King, Madonna, Anna Wintour. Erich (19) Joan de Arc Erict7 My girlfriend Erik (25) Madonna Erik Isaac (19) Joan of Arc Erik Price (18) Marie Antoinette Erin (27) Joan of Arc Erin (53) Queen elizabeth Erin (30) I don't remember my history lessons one bit. Erin Catherine the Great, Anne of Cleeves Erin (46) Amelia Earhart Erin (31) Josephine Baker Erskine (35) Women that survive. ERZ (1) Elizabeth Escalus (22) Margarete Countess of Tyrol Escapism (19) define heroine? Frida Kahlo, perhaps. Esmé (18) Jeanne d arc Esmee fidelius (54) I have none ESMERELDA (50) n/a esteban (29) Beatrice, Elizabeth I, All the rest Esteban (23) cleopatra estrella blanca unsure Et (32) Harriet Tubman. Et Cetera (22) Queen Christina of Sweden, Princess Elisabeth of Bohemia, Josephine Baker Etha (26) The Sabine Women ethan (20) Boadicea, Cleopatra Ethan Mayatt (25) Catherine the Great, Elizabeth the First Eureka (16) joan´darc Euzinha_ds (20) Joan of Arc? Eva (23) Boudicca, Helen of Troy Eva (16) Margeret Thatcher Eva fuck bitches evan ass hatch (18) The suffragettes, the women that changed things. Evanna (18) Evita, Joan of Arc Evie (22) perhaps Luisa Cáceres... evilwonders (28) All the forgotten heroes that have been tossed aside by misogyny. evren (16) Any women who could tell her story, despite all the men Ezra (20) JOan of Arc FAA Gandhi facio (19) Mulan, queen Elizabeth Faith (17) none fallen (24) any and all women who contributed toward the fight for political, socio-economic freedom, equality, and self-efficacy. fang (30) None Fanourios (40) Bouthayna farfalla (30) Can't think of one. fatgaynig (20) Zeinab Holiness Fatima (19) None Fatima (26) The current Queen Fawna (19) Eleanor Roosevelt, Sacajeweia Fay (22) Amelia Earhart Faye (34) Joan of Arc feanix (20) Amy Carmichael Fern (25) My mother Fernando (31) My mom i guess Fernando (31) Yeah, Cleopatra was cool Ferroever (43) I particulary don't admire any. fersfumero (28) Boudicca, Queen Elizabeth the First FeydRautha (46) sookie stackhouse Feysweetie (43) Mary Todd fhickey (22) Chevalier d'Eon (perhaps, depending on how you look at it), Freya Stark Fields (19) Cleopatra Fielirious (34) snow white's stepmother - she really knew how to make potions filinia (22) Coco Chanel for authoring her own legend, and Madeleine Vionnet for technical innovation. final fashion (33) Do you work for the Liege? The bounty hunter? Finnegan (17) Joan Of Arc Finnegan Magondolovich (Long Story...) anyone who brings inequalities to the surface Finokio (38) Mrs Winston Churchill fk2005 (34) I don't really have any. FlameHorse (28) Ugh, okay, okay... let's saaay... Oh yes, I know, the Vestal Virgins. They fascinate me, can't explain why. Flantasy Girl (25) I don't think I have any... flavia (13) elizabeth cady stanton Flo my grandmothers Flora (69) Penelopa. Florin-Alexandru Brănescu (16) The refugees Flower (39) Joan Jett Floyd I don't know FlyinMonki (27) Bodecea ForePlinger Can't think of one off the top of my head ForSavvy Hipatia of Alexandria Fran (33) jackie Kennedy onansis Francesca (29) none francesca (49) Rosa Parks Francesca Joan of Arc Francis (18) my mother and Maria Alice. Francisca Bastos (17) Marie Curie, Francisco Aguirre (23) Eva Perón Francisco Javier Gil Vidal (54) Uhm...Temlyx says that the last Revenant Queen was Arabella. So...I guess her Francis Graham (9) Eleanor of Aquitaine frank (57) Pocahontas Frank (27) Ella Baker Frankie (23) Marie-Antoinette FrankieSmash (49) Joan of Arc Franklin Frank Anglin (32) Nancy Wake Frank Nekrasz (25) Boudicca, Rosa Luxemburg, Emily Davison fred (16) Susan B. Anthony Freda (61) Amelia Earhart Friedrich Mueller (57) Queen Boudicca Fritha Grey Ruth Fritz (12) N/A fumble (19) elizabeth I of hungary, anne frank, empress josephine, vera brittan, dr. james barry furies (27) Any woman that has led to my being FYS13Alec (18) Cleopatra FYS13Amanda (18) The Joker. FYS13Andrew Cleopatra FYS13Bella My mother and my grandmother. FYS13Michaela (18) Pocahontas FYS13Savannah Henry (18) Ronald Reagan, Alexander Hamilton, Ben Franklin, Thomas Jefferson FYS13Tyler (19) Not sure. FYS14Carrie Elizabeth I FYS14julie Joan of Arce, Ester FYS14Kelle (20) All women who have sat enthroned alone FYS14Serenity (19) Rose Kennedy FYS14Skylar I must agree with Mr. Proust Cleopatra FYS14Taylor Troy FYS breont (19) Joan of Arc. FYSMichael (18) g g My mother and my future wife G. (23) cleopatra Gab (19) Marie Curie Gabe (31) Virginia Woolfe Gabi Marie Curie Gabriel (28) cleopatra Gabriela (18) Virginia Woolf Gabriela Coelho Mesquita Teixeira Borges (26) Joan of Arc. Gabriel Gonzalez (26) Princess Leia Gabriella (17) Frida Kahlo and Gabrielle Amelia Earhart Gabrielle Hart (20) Eleanor Roosevelt Gail (44) Mother Theresa Gail Flaherty Florence Nightingale; Evelyn Sayre; Ching Shih Gainer (52) Trition Gaios (19) do not have any Gait (17) Queen Elizabeth 1st and George Sand Galareh (23) Any women in battle Gamba Ajani Elizabeth I GarbagePailGrrrl (27) Any woman who has stood up for what she believes in. Garrett (19) Amelia Earhart Gary H Davy Crockett Gator Krazy Dave Rosa Parks, Joan of Arc, Harriett Tubman, Nefertiti, and Michelle Obama. Gean Whitehead III (20) Anne Boleyn Gemn Anne Boleyn Gemn cleopatra Gene (51) Me, myself and I Gene (24) Queen Esther Genevie - Genevieve (22) Queen Victoria Genevieve (17) Still Elizabeth 1 and also Eleanor of Acquitaine. Genie (65) Indira Ghandi, Florence Nightingale Genie (58) Mary Queen of Scots Geo (20) Angelica Fanshawe Geo (57) he women who have sacrificed in the past to have made it possible for me to feel like a first class citizen in my life George Joan of Arc George Brosnan (16) Clara Barton and Amelia Earhart. George Mile (35) Mary Wollstonecraft, Catherine Macauley, Olympe de Gouges, Marie de Gournay George Owers (21) Theodora, the wife of Ioustinianos Georgia (14) Mother Theresa Georgia (53) Rosa Parks Georgia (16) Clara Barton Georgie Alcott, gg All of them because they made it into history despite it being written by men. ghazaleh (27) Marie Antoinette Ghyles (31) Marie Antoinette Ghyles (31) Empress Theodora Palaiologina Gia (21) idk Gianne (21) Joan of Arc Giannico (40) None Gideon (30) Still Anne Frank. Gina (19) Joan of Arc Ginny (47) Elizabeth I. Gionna (28) The suffragettes Giorgia Those who do their best to live their mundane day-today lives Girl You Too Rude marie antoinette. Giselle (18) Joan of Arc. Gjabrielle I'm afraid to show my lack of education Gladys Mae Whitaker Jean D'Arc Glenn Parker (24) Amelia Erheart, Jackie Kennedy Glen Reeves (37) Katherine of Aragon; Harriet Tubman; Michelle Obama Gloria (59) Harriett Tubman Gloria Heatley (58) Few decent people end up marking history. GMcG See above goblin64 (45) Joan of Arc Godfrey (19) Nancy Regan GoGo Patty (46) joan of arc Golden Boy (20) Unknown mothers of unknown soldiers. Gonzalo dont have one goose (20) Cleoparta, Marilyn Monroe goukrish (19) Roxanna GPB (37) None Grace (30) Cleopatra, Marie Antoinette, Queen Elizabeth I Grace (12) Pam Greer, Patti Smith, Kim Gordon.. Historical heroines to me. Grace (28) Cleopatra Grace A. (15) Dont have any Grace Cooper (20) Hildegard von Bingen, Alexandra David Neel, Machig Labdron gracehoppin (23) Eleanor Roosevelt Gracie (22) No one in particular Granny (81) Then women who kept our country running while the men fought in the World Wars, Queen Elizabeth I, Irena Sendler, and for a more recent pick, the Notorious RBG (Ruth Bader Ginsberg) Grayson Ender (28) My mother greatlove (32) Harriet Tubman Greg (19) Assata Shakur is welcome here Greg (24) dorothy gayle Greg (17) I do not have one Greg Thomas Jefferson Greg (20) Margaret Thatcher Greg (53) Margaret Sanger, Valerie Solanas, Nico Greg Lytle (26) I have none. Gregory (30) I MET GRIETJE SCOTT DURING THE WAR AND SHE HELPED FATHER, ALAIN AND I SORT OUT HOW TO IMPLEMENT THE RESISTANCE CELL WE WERE CREATING. I HEARD RECENTLY THAT SHE HAD LIVED AFTER THE WAR, MARRIED, AND HAD CHILDREN. WHAT A TRUE HEROINE. GRETTA VAN DEN BOSSCHE - OLBRACHT (86) marie curie, rosa luxemburgo gruchi (63) joan of arc gruffmusic (49) ??? Gtergab (50) Cleopatra Guard (45) ... Fine. I'll continue playing. Cleopatra, Eva Peron. Guenther marie antionette guiller van mistoffellees (17) Simone de Beauvoir Gustavo (21) Boadicea gutsyaardvark (19) all the women behind the great men, the true "creatrixes" of the world as we know it Guy Van Driessche (44) none Gwen Elizabeth I Gwyneth P. (44) Juan Pablo Duarte Hadasa (19) Zenobia Hadja (19) Elizabeth I Hailey (34) Can't think of anyone Hakusha Senbon (24) I'm not sure. Hal (18) ... Haley (19) no body hamideh (26) elizabeth I, Elizabeth fry, Hamlet (30) Cleopatra Hana (14) Helen Keller Hanna (24) Mother Theresa Hannah (15) nefertiti hannah (25) marie curie hannah (16) The woman who achieved great things by doing what their heart said to do Hannah A (18) Hard to judge by what I read in books, they can be biased Hannah Ross (20) Eleanor Roosevelt Hannah Suttles Artemesia Gentleshi, Joan of Arc, Harriet Tubman Harold E. Leighton (37) That Borga trick, the pope's daughter. Harold E. Leighton (40) none Harold Oberg Elizabeth I Harriet (23) Don't know their names.. activists and artists, anyway Hassallah (30) Cleopatra Hassan (21) None. Haven Everest (7) Sacajawea Hayley Why the disnctinction between 'history' and 'real life'? History IS real life, you tit. Hayzeus (23) Joan of Arc, Helen of Troy HCE (15) joan of arc and mary queen of scots HEATHER (37) Those that died in battle Heather Driussi (41) Jeanne D'Arc HeavyFire (16) diane keaton heider (27) Queen Victoria Heidi Not sure. Heidi R. Aung San Suu Kyi Helen (32) Helen of Troy Helen (19) Cleopatra Helena (18) Cleopatra, Marie Antoinette Helen Mattison Wyatt (20) joan of arc hellgirl (19) Rosa Park Helory (22) don't know helz bells (41) Not sure Hena Riz (34) Condoleeza Rice Henry (46) Joan of Arc Henry_Z (25) cleopatra her (26) The Virgin Mary Herald (71) Mary Mother of Christ herbertofwestlake (43) Joan of Arc, Catherine the Great Hern (39) Jeanne D'Arc Herod (20) royal ladies Hero Solomon (25) Joan of Arc Hestia (18) jassi ki rani., joan of arc Hetal (22) brigitte bardot H, Han-Jan Joan of Arc, Mother Theresa HHP (41) The early feminists Him (17) Martin Luther King Jr HimynameisAlicia (15) Cleopatra, Kahlo, Asiya, Aisha, Khadija, Mariam, Plath, Woolf Hira Yousuf (18) Razia Sultan Hkr (24) Elinor Roosefelt H. McMillan (33) No tengo. H.Nakashima (21) Cleopatra, Joanne D'Arc, Elizabeth I hobbes (26) Gabriela Silang hodouk (22) Hypatia of Alexandria and her courageous sisters who, through the ages, stood up for their ideas in a male-dominated environment Hoelder1in (51) James Barry. hoffsta elizabeth 1 holden (27) Cleopatra Holley (39) Joan of Arc, Catherine the Great, Elizabeth I. holly (17) None i can think of. Holly (22) Mrs. Roosevelt. She kept her mouth shut when needed, but let it all fly once her hubby was gone. Holly Avery (32) don't have any Holly Pajka (28) 康熙 holyjkms (29) None Hooks Gertrude bell Horace pluck (54) Rosa Parks Houston (19) o-prah howard (34) I have no favorite heroines. howard (34) Mastani Hrudaya (24) Queen Elizabeth huck finn (48) Khadija Huda (19) emma goldman huggybear (29) Boadicea Hulot Redux Hatshepsut Humbugger Omlet (20) Rosa Parks Hunter (23) all women who stood against patriarchy Hurricane Katrina (25) Empress Dowager Hwee (45) Park Keun Hye Hwiseon Lee (24) Athena Hyldami Pretty sure my favourite females in history aren't considered heroines Hyosun (25) Harriet Tubman, Marie Curie, Camille Claudel Hypnos The Blade (46) Mary HYS (47) Any woman who does a better man's job than a man. I Eleonora d'Arborea. I Elisabeth of Bavaria; Marie Antoinette; Mother Theresa Ian (23) No answer Ian (44) Lady Godiva ianplanet (47) Let's see...Nightingale, for the hospitals. That lady who got asylums sorted was a peach too. Ian Siente juliet I Beg (54) I know I don't have any of these. Iblis Anak (22) Joan of Arc and Florence Nightingale Icis Penelope i dont know that i know (17) Nellie Bly, Bouddica Igor (29) Josephine Baker, Audrey Hepburn Ika (24) Marie Curie. ile105 (23) Emmeline Pankhurst, Queen Victoria, Marie Curie. ile105 (27) None Ilija (17) Elenor Roosevelt Illinibeatle (44) Eleanor of Acquitaine IM (82) Harriet Tubman Imajones Joan of Arc Imee Again, women are not worthy of my notice for their leadership qualities . . . I.M. (Imam Mahdi) (5) Joan of Ark Incognitus (23) I don't have any yet. Indrė (17) Cristiano Ronaldo Inês (20) perhaps none. inez (21) Esther - she saved an entire nation Inkie (60) joan of arc i.p. Sacajawea Ireland Rose (12) Corrie ten Boom, Mary Slessor, Gladys Awlyard Irene (17) Marie Curie Irene (26) la Malinche Iris (18) Rosa Parks Iris (22) Gold Star Wives Iris Ramsey (32) --- Isaac (16) joan of arc Isaac (29) Cleopatra Isaac Eleanor Roosevelt Isaac Mata Hari Isabel (19) Louise Michel Isabela (18) um Lucy Lawless? Isabella Fairchild-Heart (Protagonist) (26) Czarina Katherina Isabelle (26) Isadora Duncan Isadora Duncan (32) Too many to name. Isla (21) Cardona, my mom Rosa, Maya Angelou Ismael Santos (20) Hildegard von Bingen and Hannie Schaft Isolde (17) Mother Theresa. Iva Agreed. Iva Pasztor (20) Eleanor Roosevelt Ivy (10) Gandi ,Mother teresa, nelson mandela ,angssan sue ji ivy (25) I'll get back to you on this one Ivy (17) Elizabeth Taylor Ivy Morgan (34) Joan d'arc, Eleanor Roosevelt Izzy (24) the suffragettes? Izzy (17) Rosa Parks and all those who stood up for what is right. Izzy (30) Susan B Anthony, Sojouner Truth, Harriet Tubman j2a18m (43) porn chicks jabbar (23) Rosa Parks Jacie Lin Joanna D'arc Jack (14) I don't like drugs. Jack (33) Deb Kure Jack (17) none Jack (18) none jackie (40) no one Jackie (24) Eleanor Roosevelt and Jane Goodall Jackie Never really thought about it Jackie Bordeaux (31) Antonieta de Barros Jackie Cavalcante (40) Audrey Hepburn, coco Chanel Jackie Vega (27) Penelope. Jackson8471 (23) Joan of Arc Jackson Fisher (47) Not got anyone Jack Viper (29) Jane Addams Jaclyn (22) Marie Antoinette JaclynM (19) Mothers Jacob Helen Keller Jacob (16) none Jacob I have none. Jacque (24) Florence Nightingale. Jacqueline (34) Again, Queens Boudica and Hatshepsut. Jacqueline Garrett (38) Angputo A woman who cared for the warriors that had lost limbs to nether rot Jade (17) The original Peter Parker Jade-a-boo (17) Cleopatra Jade Green (30) tharbis, nefertiti and marie antoinette Jadelynn (24) My ultimate lady love is Frida Kahlo. Jae (18) Hannah ( mother of Samuel the prophet) Jafari (33) Alice Paul Jaime (18) Cleopatra Jaime (28) Like Proust said, I'm not sufficiently educated to say Jake (17) Rosa Luxembourg, Susan B. Anthony, etc. Jake (21) My mother. Jakelina Hernandez (22) Kentake, Isis (if she counts). J.A. Lawrence madam curie, joan of Arc, Cleopatra, Mother Theresa James (64) Queen Elizabeth, the Virgin Mother, James (30) Scheherazade James (19) Woman should stay out of history. It is safer that way. James (25) Mary - the bible James Never thought about it James The first Fae queen. Still. James - Dana (15) ... James Foley (23) patton James Green (29) Rosa Parks James H (27) - James La Salandra (31) Didn't I answer this? Sandra Day O'Connor would be my number 1. James Oliver North (39) Empress Matilda, Queen Melisande jameson_welsh (22) Joan of Arc James Wake (50) Emmeline Pankhurst James William Reath (21) Mother Theresa Jamie (25) Abigail Adams, Mary Todd Lincoln, Anne Hutchinson, Harriet Tubman, Sappho, Cleopatra, and Betty Dodson among many, many others. Jamie (22) None Jamie (32) None Jamie Rosa Parks Jamie Lynn Pearson (25) Queen Elizabeth the first Jan (54) Any woman who ruled over men. Jan (55) Penelope, even if fictitious; Jan (51) Hypathia Jana (22) Hypathia Jana (22) i dont have one . Janae (17) joan of arc jane (41) sylvia plath, marie antoinette jane (20) clearly i ought to pay more attention to women in history jane fakename (25) IDK