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What are your favorite names?

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Elizabeth, Julian, Alexander. 009 (19) adf 1 william 50ad (17) Nadab 513 (00) names are names 6nianji-ZHC (38) Catalina, Victoria 808s terms of endearment 80cubed (55) Jane, Emily, Jack. God, I'm boring. A (19) ostentatiously Greek ones A I don't have A. (27) Eliza or Liza, doesn't matter A (26) Don't have any A. I've never thought about it A (26) Tristan, Keirah AA (23) Noah, Emily, Chuck. aaaaaaa (18) No favorite names, just favorite people AAAKKK Dmitri, Greimas, Mayumi, Yumi aag (22) Oliver, Jillian, Alexandra aallisonr (30) full traditional nam$es that arent abbreviated like Jospeh, Alexander, Christopher Aaron (32) The names of my loved ones Aaron (26) Who has a favorite name?? Aaron (35) It is only a label, some more fitting than others for an occasion. Aaron Guy Leroux (37) Any name with significant meaning Aarushi Agarwal (13) Luna, Zelda, Vincent, Artemis, Nanesko, too many to count Abbie (22) Rose, Ophelia, Olivia, Orion, Spencer Abbie Hartley Nikola, Betsy, Francis, Henry Abby (26) Betsy, Henry, Francis Abby (27) Anatole, right this moment. AbbySF Gabriel Abegando (28) Abigail Abigail Harris (10) Charlotte, Lily, David, ABP (50) Elena Abraham (41) Changes...but I like old names. Abs Well me own. Acara McFadden (28) Kaylee is all that comes to mind at the moment ACH (23) I don't have any. A. Clifford Stowe (81) Those that perfectly suit the person. Acrania (25) Do not have any Adam (22) I haven't taken the time to figure that one out Adam (25) John, Michael, Brielle, Isabelle, Blair Adam (20) My stage name, The Great Alxeander Adam (29) Chelsea adam (16) Adam Adam (38) They're just names Adam Adam, Addie (only by certain people), genius (usually out of sarcasm, but I'm totally used to it), Adam Braner (30) i don't have any Adam Hyde (26) Chloe, Connor, Carter and Connie Adam McGrory (39) I don't guess I have any. Addy (26) little swallow adieudusk Sheenum, Aditya Aditya (25) Sayaka. Admiral Love (33) Mine Adonia (40) Caramel Adrian (18) Edie, Penny Lane Adriana (16) shilah, hudson Adriana (16) Antonia, my daughter's and father's name adriana (45) Anything but my middle name. Adrian Bauza (20) Alexander, Clive, Lara, Danielle, Donald, Adrian, Cathy, Bill, Claire, Hanna, Martin, Jake, Eloise. Adrian Conrad Paul. Adrian George Nicolae (24) they change Adrian Martyn (34) Lovely Adrianna (18) the one given to me by God AdrianOz (45) My own and William. Adrian Winters (17) I like my name. I like the name Preston too. Adrienne Wilson (25) Sebastian, Gloria, Nathanial, Setesh, Antony, Samantha, Josephine, and Anna Ady (22) Anne, Charlotte, and Luke aetilson (41) Afrodite (sorority line name), Shaundra and Latoyia ( middle name) afrodite (41) mayumi, yuna, deanna a.g. (23) aguśka agagagaga (24) Athena, Roman, Lorena, Soren, Chandler, Sawyer Agalloza (23) The name I call out in my sleep every night, as she will now only respond to me in my dreams Agape (38) Jake Agatha Kefali (45) Vortex Agent00V (18) Camila, Antonia, Cayetana, Secret, Pablo, Uxía, Lotte, Darío, Anaïs, Zoe. Aggie White Ada, Santiago, Abigail, Cain A.G. Mata (21) My own. Agnes (20) Emma Agneska (20) i don't know agony (25) sophie, spencer, jacob, conor, dade, emma, poppy, rose Agreen (29) All the ones I hate the most. Agu (21) not many but mine is one of them Agustina (27) Laurence, Camilla and Lily. A Half Empty Beaker none ahmad (27) jack ahmad (24) My own, and of people's whose names are engraved in, ehem, my heart, whether I like it or not Ai (21) Emma, Onorio Aida (22) Clodagh and Giovanni Aidan (21) Trixie, the name of my daughter. I chose it because it means "bringer of joy" and that's exactly what she does. Aidan Devlin (15) The ones called out in the middle of the night. Screams from the dungeons. Aiden marty aiko (20) Whatever I would like to be called myself, and that's IF anyone would rise to that occasion. Ailene I currently love the name Gaspard. aimée (22) Elizabeth, Dawson, Lorraine, Noah aimee.dawson (21) Patrick, Brielle, Jackson, Regan Aisha Milburn (32) Aishu aishu (14) Mine. A.J. (27) Stephen, John, Sophia, Nathan AJ (18) Lots of them, which come from nature Ajam (21) Don't get this question Ajay (17) Connor, Diane, Olivia, Alex, and Joanna Ajm9511 (21) Alistair, Ludwig, Erwin, Olive, Elizabeth akanthe (19) Resonant ones. Akbar Shahzad (20) Yui Aki Mine Aks (20) Amelia, Emma, Penelope, Oliva, Sophia AKT (35) Augustus, Max, Jack, and Rudyard Al (28) Juliet, Eloise Al (55) they change by the minute. alabambino (32) George, Jill Alan (58) Names? my own I guess Alana (20) I don't have any Alan Arkin (44) Omume and Iwa Alannah (43) Marco Aurelio, Apolo, Agatha and Helena AlbaManuela (18) amamphitrite Alcaeus (19) Kassandra, Alexander, Proteus Alchemist (45) My own. Alden Lee Klaput (18) Patricia--it means noble Aldonza77 (47) Sofia Ale (28) I have a list... Alecia Vladimir, Dmitri, Evgeni, Ilya, Alexei, Alecksander, Anastasia, Andromeda. Alecksi I like names that have meaning. Like mine; it means restless. Aleesha (32) Right now, Tchoupitoulas and Samantha Alejandro Amoretti (28) "A rose, by any other name..." Aleksei Kotsov (63) ones that start with 'A' and 'K' alessa (21) Mine of course Alessandro Pian (30) peter Alessio Lucchini (46) Lydia, Allison, Emily, Grace Aletha Camack Franz. Alex Juda Alex (22) Jacquenette and Luke Alex (17) iris , danai alex (38) for girls, grace, michelle, portia, samantha. for boys, darren, felix, benjamin alex (23) Isla, Samuel Alex (21) Maria Alex (23) Only one? Alex (32) Sophia, Flannery, Theodore Alex (21) Katrice Alex (16) Joe. Alex Kortney, Jasper, White Sparrow. Alexander (33) Alex, Lilith, Lucifer Alexander (19) I like strange or unique names Alexander (30) I do enjoy the name Henry. Alexander Kim (19) Right now it's Lily and Ben Alexandra (27) Anything that sounds graceful and joyful when spoken. Alexandra (19) Claire. Alexandra (24) Chloe, Nico Alexandra (18) Oksana, Wilhelmina, Daphne, Daisy Alexandra (24) Mommy Alexandra (15) there is somthing about the name jullian that I like and i like Alex my nickname Alexandra Bryhter (24) His Alexandra SweetTale4u Cruz Irina Alexandre (28) Henry AlexandriaHMerlin (40) Sara and Christopher AlexandriaLHash (30) Nathan Alexandria Marshall (32) Ida, Laura, Sienna, Ligia, Rosalie, Pola, Gabriel, Eryk, Tristan, Dorian. alexandrine (15) My own Alex Armstrong (16) My own Alex Armstrong (16) My own Alex Armstrong (16) Alex Alex Brooks (18) Juliana, Lysander Alex C. Airmaya Alexis (17) Emily, Grace Alexis Johnson (19) Emily, Joanna, Frederick, Rudolph. AlexRTRW Freddie, Maria Mercuri Aley (60) Isabella Alfonso (26) Unique names Alfonso (28) I will decide when I have children al-g (24) Azul, Ayelén, Abril. Ali (37) Zameer, Hussain, Arshmaan, Elisheva, Ardeshir, Alexander, Sophia, Sheza, Seville, Ayaan Ali A. Rizvi Anything British Aristocratic Alice Anne Alice my name Alice Mary, Lana, Lion Alicein1derland (27) Maria, Ismael Alicia (68) Ilana, Magda, Miriam, Arya alicja (38) Veronika, Isis, Bruce, Samson, Kuluko, Natalia, Jackson, Mate, Mirabel. Aliid Mine Alin (23) None Alina (20) A&A Aline Guiraudie (36) Alexandra alipans (57) My name, Arshmaan, Areesha, Ardeshir, Gulzar, Ella. Alishba Zarmeen (24) Grace Alison (20) Elizabeth 2 Alison Martin (Alison Martin) Ali AliZaidi (29) Only one name at a time. AllenT. (33) Not mine. Allen Wasupan (16) grace alli (49) J and A and M names Allison (33) Hooke. Allison (20) It changes. I like the names Tabitha and Adam for children. Allison monica allison (19) Adele and Castor Allison Jean (21) Names? Like baby names? Weird. Don't know. Suppose I like Henry, Nora, Maude (yeah, I know). For humor, Dick Butkus and Dingell. ;-) Allison Jean Hazen (34) conner and camile alliswell (62) Don't have Alma (25) Alma Jean Porter Alma Jean Porter (70) Veronica. Poppy. almavidrio (35) Anything that ends in consonant followed by an r. Altjungr (30) Brünhild, Clotilde Alvilda (20) The simple. Alx i have a long list alya (17) I'm not good with names Alyanna (22) Christine Alyce J. Azreya and Jeremiah Alyssa Cordova (17) Some have called me Legion, or The Darkling. I'm not a ling-thing. My favorite is The Laugher in the Shadows. Alyssa Darkling I will accept nothing else, but Alyssa. Alyssa MacMillan (25) Names that hide secrets. Alyssa Moonchild (16) those who have become memories AM All of them Amanda amanda Amanda (42) Topanga AmandaFYS13 (18) I only have one name. It is both my favorite and least favorite. Amanda Strong (42) Mira Belle, Maëlle Amandine (31) Raina and Keaton Amara What? People have favorite names? Amaris (17) Ones that hold mystery. Amber (18) None Amber (37) None Amber (37) none strike me right now Amber (20) My son's name Ame (37) Bokune, Mello, Mihael Amelia (13) Claire, Caroline, Carly.... and.... Amelia. Amelia (18) Not the ones my roommate calls me when she thinks I can't hear her. Amelia Gates (formerly Pippet) (10) Aphrodite and Danielle Amelie (24) Every name has some beautiful meaning. ameliowata (20) Jake and Kyle American Marxist Male: Nikola, Alexandar Female: Katherine (Katie or Kate) americanwoman (62) bella/jackson ames (21) This i prefer to be a momentary answer. The name that first came to mind, Laali.. Captain Laali. Amit Bhaskar (21) i don't have ammb (29) Selena, Hera, Lucy Amos (18) Every name is beautiful Amrita (22) Depends on the person amu old-fashioned names, especially Irish/Scottish Amy (33) ... Amy (28) Beatrice, Madeline, Christopher, Luke... amy (33) Catalina Amy (35) William, Christopher, Anna Amy (55) Ben and Jerry's; Hershey's; Trader Joe's Amy Becker; Character: Merriwether Finch (27) Whomsoever I convince myself I love at the time, I suppose right now, Johnny. But there have been many. Same as Proust, "only one at a time". Amy Cottington-Bray Angelina, Hope, Connor, Jacob Amy Jo as Marge (48) Angelina, Hope, Connor, Jacob Amy Jo as Marge (48) Amelia and Sarai Amy Martinez (20) Benjamin, Alexander, Victoria, and Ophelia Amy R. alan amz (16) mine. Ana (21) miranda Ana (30) cho, victoria, vivienne ana (16) Victor, Antonia ana (34) Zoé, Margot Ana Carolina (16) Damien Analise (40) Ruhi, Sufi Anam (26) I don't know, nomina sunt odiosa. Ana Marija (20) Ananke, Coyolxauhqui, Astartes Ananke (25) zowie anasonic (29) Zaphkiel ancientrobot (31) amanda rae & grace lynn Andi (28) mine andraya (23) Xavier Andre Dominic, Kurt, Alice, and Lyra Andrea (16) Ash, Elise, Benjamin, Thomas, Ava Andrea (13) Familiar ones ANDREAADKINS (26) Why is that really important? AndreaCoker (24) Adriano, Carolina, Andrea, Kuisca AndreaFeliu (28) Quentin, Delano, Vincent. Andreas (19) Marcus Andrea SB (32) Mine andres007 (19) Andrew Andrew (20) Megan,Jeff ,Frankie,and Jack Andrew (22) Keitaro, Fletcher, Albrecht Andrew (20) Orson, Dillinger, Cassius, Sophia Andrew (28) i dunno, andrew/drew Andrew (22) Those that are attached to beautiful people. andrew (24) Daniel Andrew barlow (26) Pavel Andrew J Ohls (33) . . . Andrew Price (38) Mateo, Ronja Andy (25) Calvin Andy (23) Calvin Andy (23) Maximillian, Jesus, Pierre. andy rayford (28) Charlotte, Benjamin Andy Thomas (25) Raphaela ang (99) The name of the person's that I love Angel Ludivine, Sofia- girls; Koen, Troy- Boys Angela (21) None Ângela (24) Isaac, Natalie, Marguerite, Benjamin, Peter, John Angela (30) Maria, Veronica, Rose, Victoria, Audrey, Florence, Alexander, Michael, Vladimir, Andrew, Victor, Valentino Angela (19) Rebecca, Rick and Ruben Angela Estrada (20) Jason and Nik Angelicstar (45) pk angelina (26) the names of my children: Ian, Hunter, Sage, Chloe Angel Rodrigues (41) the ones I named my children and my own angie (29) Emma, Gabriel Ani I am fond of Persephone Ani (22) I love when my dad calls me "little who" Anik (16) My own. Aniyah (19) Iracebeth, Tzeitel Anj (24) Charlotte, Elizabeth, Catherine, Victoria, Cameron, George Anjel (28) Anjelah Anjelah49 (49) Adam & Ava Anjelika (22) benjamin & kassandra Ankassandra (15) "Tuur" Anke! (17) I have only one name. Ann (19) Mom Ann (62) Eliza , Katerina , Dario , Ray Anna (20) Charles, Rosalyn, Mayla, Aiden Anna (20) A name is a name. Anna (34) BayLynn Anna Baker (20) again, too many to list Anna Kalimar (18) those owned by wonderful people Anna Maria (21) Nour, salam,karim Anna-Maria Dominic, Julian, LilyAnna, Gabriel, Savannah..... AnnaMay (51) Terpsychora. Melpomene. Klio. And Aaron. Anna O. improper nouns? Anna Stein (21) Isabel, Tony Ann Delaney (44) Those with musical qualities Anne (21) There are too much names I love anne (23) tanika Annelise (40) Heath and Tigana Anne Louise Sheldon (34) Michelle, Anne Patricia F (21) Anneta Anneta Kayla Annie Anne, Kimberly, Sarah, Jonathan, Andrew, Meghan, Katherine Anniel (62) I don't get this question. anniezee (54) Mine AnonAzure (19) Janet anonim (18) anon anon moose (19) Samantha Ansley Stevenson (16) August, Anthony, Alexander. Anthony (23) Samantha, Wendy, Mark Anthony (24) I dont have any anthony (48) life Anthony Almeida Becky, Nick. Anthony D C (20) Cheyann Anthony lawhon (27) The name that is of the current time Anthony Scine-Sceni (42) Caledon, Victoire, Rommel Antoinette (21) sophie, elena/helena antoinette (24) Currently, I'm rather taken with Peace. Anton (52) It's too relative to answer. Antoniette (20) nina (my alias) Antonina (20) Anthony Antonio Lemos (18) Jake Anty Spike and Iris Anusia (34) Jessica Anya (22) What a stupid question. Anya (71) Names with the proper spelling - no extra y's etc Anzi (27) Octavie, Juvenal, Theodora a.o. (40) Karen, my parents' names, floral names, boys' names with o in them Aoife Walsh My parents'. Never called them by their names, sounds amazing when their friends say it. Aparajita (26) Anastasia, Tatiana, Constanine, Serapion, David, Alan, Apollo (58) Nikos Apos mine Apply (30) I'll know when I hear it. April (20) Felan, Acelynn, Faolain, Micaiah, Jasper, Fenton, Juniper April (21) Andrew Rosa AR (20) Anything that fits the person it was given to, i.e. I don't really have a favourite. Ara (15) The ones with the deepest meanings Aranneaa (19) Logan and Elaura arctic_child (36) Malcolm, Audrey Ardent (30) Lily, Serena, A real phony (27) none Areeba (25) Pinot Grigio, Riesling and Chardonnay Ari (29) Bella. Ari Ariel Ariel Calyope, Angelina, Keith Ariella Bordaine: Female Protagonist (20) Quinn, Sebastian, Athena, Geovanna, Arizona (19) Matthew, Michael, Rachel, Carson (female), Katherine arlo (64) Just call me by name, nothing else. I don't want to hear "Tabbie", I don't want to hear "Bitha", I just want to hear "Tabitha". Arnold Murray (42) Cody, Myles, Celeste, Shahzia, Delvin, Messai. AROG Ruth Arthur Lorne Sophie, Lisa, Theophilus Artie (17) Benjamin's always a good name Artie Mondello (18) Altair, and a few others I can't recall right now. Aruz Elliott (29) I have always liked Charlie. AS (32) The ones I can spell. ascetic monk (51) Those that I'm called in the throes of passion Asfiya Mariam (21) Cordelia, Lauren, Jenna, Jake, Jack, Llwelyn, John, Autumn, Jane, Mark. Ash (23) Nothing specific Ash (28) James, Analise, Calypso Ash My own ashan (20) There's usually a few that float through and have their era. Ash Bloom (27) Nora and Jacob asherville (55) Aisley, Ai, Aiden, Damen, Alice Ashley (18) Valentina, Valeria, Liese Ashley (28) Daisy, Lulu, Emma Ashley (20) anderson ashley baus (24) Ashley, Suzanne, Brazil Ashley Brazil (17) Mary-kate, Liana, anastasia, carter Ashley Mannara (29) Lucca Ashley Meller (26) luce, kasper, james, jonny, margot ashleytheresa (20) Ones that convey a deep meaning. Ashwin Murali (21) Raiine, Edward Asi (21) Elaine, Ben, Linda, Aaron, Robin asmitchel (67) Asmund, my own name Asmund (40) the ones M. calles me ASN (25) Probably stuff like Leo, Alton, Xavier, Jorgen, mainly Scandinavian and English stuff I find to be interesting. Assman (19) Anyone but mine. Astra (19) Sixten, Minou, Vera, Astri (36) Inoffensive ones Astrid Gaia. Annabelle. Anastasia. Asuka Suzuki (13) Kuroosh, Taifur Athar (25) Eniha & Exadian Athena Lujan (17) I like Xerxes attitude (49) Romain Atuona (38) Bruce Wayne Aubrey Files (25) Dakota and Jackie Aubrey Tate (21) Jaden and Ciel Audrey (17) The ones that we cannot pronounce or even know how to write. Audrey Bittencourt (24) Can't think of them now, they are always hiden in my mind and it takes hours to find them. Audrey Mahone (29) Jane Auntie Em (35) none at the mo Auntie Em (27) my own name Aurora (32) Haven't thought about it, but maybe something cool like Lestat. Aurora Justin Austin (19) names dont prove anything its only what they can show Austin Hobbs (16) Austin Carver Kimmell, Mush, Mushmeister67, Red Hot Fire, Ray Citrus Austin Kimmell (16) soobie and appleby (they reflect my two very different selves) autumn (17) Lilly, Oliver, Ryland, Daisy Autumn Hers Autumn Boze (18) Mines Ava (7) Isabel and John Ava (7) i like mine avecamour I like normal names spelled strange ways Awalker My own name, of course. Axel (18) James? Aya Mine. ayda (25) Luna Isla Aye (22) Luna Isla Aye (22) Olive, Emma, Miles ayem (57) Lillian, Daphne, Estelle, Quinn, Zander and Arthur aym (30) Nelson a young boy (91) valentine, camelot ayumi (20) What's in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet. B (31) there are many names that i like B (21) Melissa, Amanda, & Charles Babette (42) the rock Babs leighton, mazen, pasha, harlow, winter Baby (32) I don't have any Bad Wolff millie baggal21 (28) I don't think there are any that I dislike. Bailey (19) Bala Balaji Harish Iyer (20) Russian names are cool and sinister. Bald Sky (38) India, Alaska, Arabella, Gisele, Hunter, Riley Bambi (17) Jason Bourne Banana Hammock (30) Mary and Kathryn barbara (50) What I like being called? I'm trying to earn Barbara as a youthful, elegant event Barbarita (21) Charley, Penelope, Barbie, Porter Horse Barbielebrun Charley the beach chair (54) Patty, Bob Barbielebrun Garry the ghost crab (54) Massimo Giancarlo Baron Von Nazzenpoppel (46) Vanessa, Hope Barry Wextall (20) persephone basbas (22) Jessa, Ginger, Jessi Batgirl (23) Charlie bc (22) Charlie bc (22) yours BCQ (30) Annie, Ellie. BD Jess, Jay, whatever she wants to call me Bea (18) Ones spoken with kindness Bea (18) Louis Jerome Bear (49) depends bearoid (30) Gosh, I like ones that tickle my brain Beatlhoven (47) Lilith, Morgana. Demian, Lucifer beatricegasti (30) Madison, Isabelle Beatrice Moore (30) Bernardo, Mel Beatriz (13) Babe Beau (28) Marian beauty (18) My future children's names. Becca (16) Autumn, Brie, Jace, Joel Becca (17) There are a few Becca (21) Jason Becca (19) Alexander, Storm Becca (21) Arse-face, Fucking Idiot, Dickhead, Dipshit. BeckBeck (26) the one my heart would ache to hear becks (24) Will Jacob for a girl Becky C I love the names Nicholas and Annabelle. Bee olive bee (16) Loren, Tasha beezer (64) my own. beezersneezer (46) I don't have a favourite name Beka (33) William belita (39) evangeline, emmaline, eden, noel, marie, james, maximilian bella (16) For me, or just in general? I like the name Tiberius, and the name Svetlana Belle (26) Paz, Benicio, Pedro, Esmeralda, Moreno Belu (19) I don't give names much thought as compared to the person. Ben Leader. Ben (23) Names that arent forced to be "different" and "unique" Ben (17) Kloot. Ben Expressive ones Benedict (38) I prefer not to say. Benjamin (29) Julien, Nur Benjamin Thomas Names in Tokien and in J.K. Rowling Benjamin Urrutia (61) Mawenzi ( Maasai Eve) Benjo (23) Laura and Leah Bennie (55) Eve. That's the name of Benny's wife. She's so nice and I love her British accent. BennyB Ben Ben Taylor mine berkley (13) Strong ones Berlin (25) Madeleine, Estelle Bernard Hartley (18) i dont know. something that has a ring to it. Beth (20) Mom Beth (25) Jim Bethann (35) Oliver, Finn, and Lily Bethany (23) Isla Bethany Olivia Bethany (22) I have many. Bethany Surreira (35) Emily Beth Ellis (15) Those I occassionally create by myself. Beti (24) Livia. Betty Usabiaga (37) The ones that tell a tale. Beu Mihac (15) Troian and Maverick Beyonce (18) Shanti, Nimrod, Thomas, Jane, Jules Bhakti Brophy (41) Jane & Thomas Bhakti Brophy (45) Same as my name Bhargava (25) My friends. bhbhbh names that match what is labeled bhl Gautam Bhole Titania, Serena, Irasbeth, James, Orestis Bianca (18) persephone. bif eros big dick (69) Wolfgang big guy (16) Toby, Pierre-Henri, Catalan names Bijan (27) BILLY BILLY (38) Bartholomew, Ophelia Billy (16) Those than end in 'a' BillyBobABC123zzz edgar billy boy watson (3) NIKITA BIPS (46) i like my name and i like the names of my friends bismuth Tristan, Charlotte, Margaret, Jimmy BJ (56) none blabla (37) Eva Blackie (20) none come to mind Blademan (60) The depricatory ones. Blaine (21) Unisex names - Blake, Cooper. Memorable and cultural names - Maximilian, Thelonious, Valentina, my name, names with meaning Blair C. (29) Alicia, Hannah, Solomon, Dante, Jane Blake (17) I wanna hear mine out the mouth of a beautiful woman Blake (24) Tom Blake (29) Blanca Blanca (48) Blanca, Margarita Blanca Parra (66) Mine. blip52 (27) Carolyn, Sandra, Sarah blodot johnny (41) Names that I've unintentionally come up with, that my friends adopt for me. BlondShamrock (16) Those which strike my interest as unique yet fitting Blood (15) How many more dumb questions do we have? Blue (16) - Bluebird (27) What? It ain't possible to have a favorite. Names are special, man. Treat the subject with some respect. Blue Harkness (16) Valmont and Sarah BlueOrchid (39) The naughty ones Bluto (29) None BM (20) siun loni bmo Buzz Bob (22) Me too. Actually three, but nobody uses the other two. Plenty of aliases, to which I am not attached. bob (38) None Bob (32) . bob Eva, Asha, Zola, Nalah Boba (22) celyn, carys bobblins Laurie Bobby (22) I don't have a favorite Bobby (40) My own name Bobby (21) Xavier bobby Rebecca, Emily, Carmen bobby (33) alice (my first name), Michael, Pamela and Roger Bobby Eugene griselda, rozlyn, gwendolyn Bobia (25) Shinryuutsuke boku_wa_kami (25) Syrenna Bonky (26) Jack always Jack Bonnie (15) Anne, Michael, Lisa, Amy, Wendy, Noah, Gilbert, Jordin, John Cameron Boo (36) none boomalexboom Biblical names; Cain, Abel, Michael, etc. Boris (16) Thomas Borrie (33) A name is only a way of trying to own something, but I am quite partial to my own Brad (17) I really like names associated with the Bible Brad Connors doesn't matter,names are meaningless brad w (35) those called in admiration and kindness Brady (31) Jewish (Jiddish) surnames and biblical names. bram-stienkt-vermeire-ja! (18) Smiley Brandon Carter (32) i like plenty of sounds and combinations: 'ah' and 'oh' are good. 'er' is a bit rough in a name, but I can abide a Robert, or Edgar, or Roger, Khalil, Khan Noonien Soong Brandon Nobles (31) I don't really think about it Bree (23) Lux, Monroe, Raleigh, Monty, Phoenix Bree Ogden I have no favorite name, but not Finnegan. Definitely not that. Bren (47) My own, Edward. I am named for my hero Edward Longshanks Brenda Everett (39) Crystal, Candice, Cheryl These are only a few. Brendalee (59) Grainne, Finn Brendan (24) stefanie brent (33) Swiss, American, Provolone Brett Ferguson (42) Ones that are easy to remember and to pronounce. Bri (28) Rose bri (17) The name doesn't really make the person. I do have a preference for foreign names. Brian (22) Brian, or simply my last name Brian (37) Brian Brian (50) no answer Brian A. Henegar (26) Ezra, Brayleigh, Pennelope, Aria, Rose, Noah BriannaBabyFYS13 No idea BriannaFYS13 (18) none brian S (58) No name is better or worse than another. Brick (21) Nina and Dallas Bri Toro Britta Britta Bandit (30) Flora and Hazel Brittany (25) I have had many Brittany Crow (28) Isaiah, Hosea, Bradley(for a girl) Brittney Miller (20) Charles, Jack, Lily, James, Albus. brns hugo marisol rafael my childrens names broad (45) the name I have Brock Schwarzkopf (29) Pepi, Petronilla, Clarke, Winston Bron Blackwell (37) Seth, Declan, Zeke, Brooke Piper and Evelyn Brooke Ehud Bruce Bennett (20) Boo Brutus (20) I like my name Bryan (24) Mine Bryan Etem (27) Sophia Bryn (23) Anything Irish, except Grania Brynlea (17) Jeff Brynn (39) None Brynn (18) The names of my children Brynn Brynn, Ruby. Brynn Woods -Protagonist (21) Mine Bubbles (52) David, Alexander, Chloe bubby (43) Roger, Brevard, Larry, Amanda Buck Richardson (34) my own buckyballs (35) Buddy, Nicholas, Jake, Jack Buddy (34) seth, james bug I only have one at a time Bugsy My favourite name is OB1 Bulldozer (50) Verity bunny Vaughn von Vahn; Van/V'Anne Burella (61) Burke Burke (47) Ones which are unique Burnable_Material_Here (18) does it matter BusyMinds K.P. BUTTERFLY (41) none. butunn (19) Damian. Snezana. Byriver Bloke (24) Isabella, BZ Mine. C jan c (21) A Fang C (14) Aviyah, Sofia C (20) None Cabrales (18) lulu cacharel (37) Scott, Jacob, Kat. Cade (15) Michael and Mary Caidy (54) Those of my loved ones Cailey Dante and Caio Caio (18) Emily, Allison Caitlin (19) Bree, Orange, Hannah, Cris(p). Caitlin (21) Liam, Bryce, Lu, Cameron, Fred cakes (41) Those that have meaning Cal (20) Valerian, Ash, Atticus. Calla (16) I like my own name, but if I had to choose Veronica is nice Callie Owens (27) I only have ones I hate Calvin (31) Cam Cam (23) Hard to pick more than one Cameron Harvey (26) Daniel, Goku, Usui, L, Light, Yoh..... okay, basically Japonese names from mangas :P Cami (14) I don't think like that... it's more if the name fits, that it has some appeal, the name has some kind of id... Camille (52) Katarina, Bob Cammi (32) Alexandria and Chase. Candice (23) Those old or quirky or foreign. Candy Bryce and Anya Cannon (33) Eurydice, Persephone, Lorelei Captain Crunch Kahlan Carebeark5 (25) Casey Carissa - Casey Irene, Charlotte Carla (26) Georgia, Claude, Maude carlajwms (49) Raven and Hunter Carla Tate (19) None Carlie (24) Elizabeth, Katherine, Robert, Juliet Carlisle Kadyo. Carlo (26) Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Polish or Romanian names Carlos A. (24) Krista and Rachel and Maria and Lucia and Devon (those were mama and daddy's names) Carlota (16) Atlas for a male, Ramona for a female Carly (19) All of them. Well, just the endearing ones; not the patronising. Carly C (27) Terry, Larry, Brian, Francis, Carol hazel, violette, julian, beatrix, Carol (60) agustina carolina (23) Cedric, Helen, Pierre, Tom Caroline (38) Sophia and Dmitri Caroline (25) Iris, Ivy, Oliver Caroline (33) Ryan ;) Caroline Davis (19) none Carol Lacoss (62) Pet names, trail names. Carolyn (18) My own and my daughter's Carolyn (39) NA Carrie I always wished I could be an adorable Maggie, a beautiful, strong force to be reckoned with Carrie (44) Alexander is my favorite name cartike Sean and Matilda Cas (25) Logan and June Casey (36) Scooter, my first dog's name Cass (20) I have so many. You don't have enough time in the world to hear them all. Cassadra (8) Elizabeth Cassandra Spencer (28) Penelope, Ramona, Bartholomew Cassi Caysen Cassidy Funny ones that rhyme with "Fuck". Cassie (16) The ones I can remember. Cast (17) Julian Cat (36) Lily, Dominic Cat (24) Ryan, Brett, Rhett, Vivian, Neve Cat (26) Aidan Cat Seth, Medeea cat (20) none Catalina (44) Julia, Mariana, Paula Catalina Jiménez Correa (27) I have a list somewhere Cate (23) Oskar Cate (33) Ella, Sara Catelline (26) Eyal, George, Francesca Catherine the name of the book i'm currently reading Catherine (33) Unimportant. Catherine Jean Catherine Catherine Mitchell Lewis, Daniel, Walter Cathlow Harmon (50) Icis and Catlin Catlin Benjamin Alexander Cat Podd (37) Any name that works Catrice (37) Each one. Catrina (15) Ray Ray Cattie Chong (26) MİNE.... CAVCAV (26) Not any favourite one Cavit Anıl Buram (28) Magdalene, Kit, Hope CC (18) Simieon CC (22) Alexander, Aurora, James, Lara, Anastasia, Concordia... ccchnl none cdl (35) Lily Cee Cee (17) James. Tonya wasn't really feeling it at first, but she came 'round. Celeste (32) Unique ones. I've always liked Elliot. Celia (15) Life, Sining Celline Marge (18) Vitoria, Maria, Jose cenire (25) Lauren,Haley,Sarah,Victoria,Jack,Aaron,Alexander,Quinn,Charlie,Nora cerisetea (34) Catherine Cestmoi Craig and Frasiers. Rosie and Rona. C face. (22) the unusual ones cfm (37) Evan Cfreedman (38) Henry, Shirley, Ben, and Samuel Chancelor C.J. King (19) Aaliyah, Kiara, Chandra Chandra Alexander (24) Amelia and Whitt Channy (19) Lyndis, Lyeecia, and Liluth. All of whom were my sisters. I'd rather not talk about them, but never question the bond I had with them. Chanter (24) Those that relate to wisdom and piety Chari (21) Don't really have one Charlene (17) Toothless Charlene (18) Martin Charles Au Lavoie Wendy Cindy Charles Davis (60) Marcy, Lynn, Charles, Ariel, Roswell Charles L Davis Jr (51) James Charles Pybus (61) Our own names, Ranor, Shalel, Misa, Fallan, and Leto. Charlie Fry (36) leon, moses charlotte (29) Distinct and uncommon names Charlotte (18) Joanna, Charles, Daniel, Irene Charlotte H. (23) Names are not key Charly Mariaan (49) Don't need to worry about that - never having kids! Charmaine (25) Eloise, Esperanza, Leo, Luna, Sol, Violeta, Alexander, Rafael charosa (20) Sufjan and Sucre Chary Silva (22) king Chauncey Character (29) kuto and kuning chay (40) Jeremiah, Jacob, Joshua, Josiah, Cheche (40) no names cheeky (26) Satya Cheemargh (36) summer jeremy chele don't have just one chelle (47) Sophie, Francis, Lila Chelsea (21) My own and my father's. Chelsea (23) Abigail, Luke Chelsea (28) Victoria, Versailles, Courtney, Caleb, Mischa, and only a few of which I would probably, God Willing in Jesus Name, Amen, name my kids. Chelsea Smith (24) Luke, Leia, Rey, Anakin, Padma, Lando, Han...hold on...these are all Star Wars characters Chelsea Whiting (26) None Cheri D. mine, Grace, Olivia, and all the ones I get to say regularly Cherie (40) My name, the one and only, CHERRI. Cherina Entena (21) I have many, I quite like the name Jade Cherish Robinson (21) Cairo and Leif Cherlyn (40) Forrest, Mallory, Saint, Robin, Hayden, Caesar, August, and so forth. cherry (16) Simone, Caleb, Mae, Yasmine and Geoff Cherub (30) charlotte Cheryl (38) Melanie, Rhett Cheryl Not sure what this means exactly, but, all of my brothers' and sisters' middle names Cheryl Barnette (59) The once I can't remember for a long time. Cheshire (22) dont have a favorite chetana Ken and Tony Chi stella chi-chi Eden, Edie, Evie, Mika, Julian, Elektra, Nico, Inez Chickpea (31) SamTrevor Chico (46) Thane Chief (57) None ChiefJ42 (44) eleanor, cecelia, jack, claire chiklitz76 (39) Hannah, Lily, Flora and Fauna Child (8) Chili Chili (17) Emma, Sebastian, Chinita (34) isabella,aleena chinnu (20) Mine only Chinnu (38) Chip or Champ Chip Griphix (35) Providence Chiu Jing Hua (17) Lilith, luna, sky chloe (21) Abdiella (my true name or at least it will be) Chloe (17) Honey Chocolate Bunny (32) Sascha Chonda Luca, Patrizio Choraven (32) I couldn't specify. Chris (16) I have 4. But have always admired Cassie Chris The one I was born with, not the one I currently possess. Chris (19) Arlyn, damos, dragos, carla chris (24) Elizabeth, Rebecca, Lionel Chris S. Ethan, aiden Christabelle (29) Manon, Anna, Emma, Christian (44) My name, my fathers name. Christian Boyanov (24) Christy, Kristen, Aanna Christian Soldier (33) John, Mike Christina (26) That's a very long list Christina Caceres (26) Ayla. Christina Kronberg (23) Scott and Zelda maybe Christina Tounzen My name is embarassing. Normal names, I guess. Steve? Christina X. (37) jesse christine (18) Moses, Rasheed, Dolemite, Saul, and William for the Boys, Layla, Anne, Cassidy, Augustine, and Claire for the girls. Christobel (17) For boys: David, Moses, Miles. For girls: Nico, Kelly, Jane Christobel in College (18) Those who sing within unison of mine. Christopher (24) Stephanie and Stephen, my children's names. Both convey power and thought, Christopher Blaum (37) Christopher Boone Christopher Boone The names the woman of my life will give to my children Christopher James Stagg (16) For boys, I like Mathieu and Lukas. For girls, Cecile and Amelia Christopher M. (31) I don't have one, I tend to hate names that some people I also hate have. Christopher Mitchell (17) Vivienne Christian Chauncey Christopher Ross (23) Siobhan. Christopher Sloce (26) Cadeyrn, it is mine as I claim it christy (44) Olivia and Russell Christy Turner (50) Olivia and Russell Christy Turner (50) pet names from affection, or Bethlehem, Nazareth, Tatiana Chuck (43) Jasper, Klaas, Filipa Chunky Lover MaryAnn - my moms name, Temily - My daughters Ciara (24) Cora Ciara (22) Greek names are pretty Ciera (16) Phillip, Kallae, Ruby, Bill Cilie (50) The names of my closest friends. Cindy Bowie. I decided it works for a cat, dog, even a baby -- boy or girl! cindy (50) Timmy Cindy (24) Mine Cindy (22) Madalegne Cindy (50) Luella, Lorena CindyLu (58) Elijah, Emily, Edward, Kaitlyn, Anne, Victoria, James Cissa Fireheart (32) It was "Rae" that I wished to name someone/thing. Ciucan (18) Nicknames cizz grace, noah CJN (21) Ruth and Joshua Claire Angela, Anthony, and George--religious names; not Marcy, I can't say that name, sounds like Madison...where do you get these American names... Claire (32) Lily. When I am feeling capricious, Anastasia. Claire Bartholomew (16) Brenna, Steven, Elizabeth Claire Cullen (49) Hyphenated French names. ClaireW (65) 2pt Clancy henri, james Clara (20) Barkeley Clara Valentine and Constantine. Clarence (17) Jack, Olivia, Jeanne, Clarissa (18) have none Clarisse Johnson (24) Viridiana, Victoria, James, Patrick Clau Anna Claude (21) Sonia and Carlos Claudia (36) Clay Douglass: Wilhelmina Clay Douglass (34) Luna niamh evanna ala anya clazza mgee Tlazohtlaloni for boy and Akimi for girl Clelia Beatriz Valdez (22) Desmond Marcel, Demonte Aleem, Joshua Tutman, Malcolm Daniels Cleo (17) Violet, Valentine, Akuma, Hannibal. clockwork (34) I don't have any cm (57) The one to watch over me cobweb (24) Victor, Linda, Megan CockneyKnight (48) soft rolling rhyming names Coco (31) Athene Coco (19) Diamonds and Pearls. CocoPuff2016 (44) My name codered (18) Allie Cody (25) The kind that go together with almost no last names whatsoever and surnames. Cody Gould (17) Names though interesting don't matter.... Grace, Jude, Julia Col (41) Lydia Cole (37) I don't have one in particular Colin (39) Today, probably Zooey. Colin (22) I do not have any favorite name - maybe Sophie and names of flowers Colorful (28) My name of course. Colton (27) comnomnomor <3 comnomnomor (15) I dislike mine, but would prefer Hope or April Connie Lillian, Daniel, Arabella Connie (24) My nick name Connor Luke. Connor I do not have any favorite names Connor (16) Emily, Rory, Jackson Connor Taylor (19) Maya and Phillip constanceeee (19) David Constantin (32) Tara, Katharine, Isabella, Gemma, Consuela, Consuela my sons' Cookie james cookie none cookie (51) Lincoln, Tiberius, Leonidas CookieFantastic (46) Mine Cooper (16) I don't have any Cora (26) josephine Cora (39) Cora, Alletta Cora Henley (15) Hannah, Emily, Lane Core (25) Names of trees and flowers and plants, like Willow and Lily and Fern. Corey my last name corinne Olivia and Lance Cory (22) Courtney, Juliet, Andrew Courtney Loughlin (Courtney Loughlin) Jack, Jane cpaters1 (26) Have to stick with mine. cr My squad call me "C" Craig (35) Scott, John, Tim. Craig (8) As Shakespear would of said "a rose by any other name would smell as sweet", meaning it doesn't matter what a person is called. Craig Suga Biles (22) Sweetheart Crimson (60) Cecilia cris There are too many to count. Cris I just have one. Cris lucia,marialena,cristina,fran,javier,candela Crisfe (31) I love my name: Crishna. I also like Kennedy, Carson, and of course all of my children's names: Destiny, Anthony, Shakira, Carlie. Crishna Murray (42) Andrei, alex, arian, oana Cristi Not a particular one. Crystal (17) Odd question...I like Troy for a boy...not sure about a girl...so many lovely lady names.. Crystal (32) mom's and dad's Crystal (22) Kyle. Scott. Alexander. Crystal (34) Beauty. Love. Traditional. Crystal (35) Julian and Marina csheehan (17) Ana cuchi (40) At the moment, probably Zoya. Cucks Alexander, Sara, Lily, Emma, Maya cucu (26) Omar, Alejandra, Francoise cvelez (64) Eleanor, Care, Lochlan, Arlynd, Emmaline, Katie cweekly Veronica d0701 (29) Maurice, Stew, Zebu! D (32) Sincere, Cory,Aoki, and Taylor Dachary (23) there are far too few, and far too man to choose. DAD Mine is cool because my parents gave it to me. Scooby Doo is neat because it is funny. Then there is my dogs name, we call him Cooper. Dad (42) Kate and Michael Daffy Sue Esposito (60) Liberty, Summer Daisy (27) my lover's Daisy (17) Sophia Daisy Tory Dakota Swaveman (18) Birfak Konoplev D_Alex (46) Immanuel, Olivia, Imogen, Benedict, Patrick, David, Sebastian, Valentine, Juliet, Isabelle, Sylvie dA member: sonicbutterfly (17) Stinky - Baby - Doodle Damien TC (36) Kyle, Bradley, Zach, Diane, Wendy and Hannae Dan (29) April, Samuel, Maximus Dan vyacheslav Dan (20) Charisma Dan (39) Lucas dan Rory Dan (51) What's in a name Danae (17) Deion D Anderson (42) Danger Danger (16) Those which are unique, androgynous, and perfectly fit the people who own them. Dani (31) Jack, Morgan Dani (19) Alexia, Lilith, Esmerelda, Taylor Daniel (16) Daniel Daniel Below Interesting ones Danieldidit (24) Reyna, Julez, Santiago, Antonio, Lucy Daniella (27) Well Emma is a beautiful name if I dont say so myself but if I had to change it I would name myself Aine. Daniella (28) For boys: Noah, William, Finn, Simon... None yet for girls. Danielle (15) What ever one wants to be called. Danielle (35) not sure DanielleKeith (19) Whatever names my children end up having. Daniel Molina (20) Ones having to do with nature, symbols of something deeper Daniel Stephens (Character Sketch) (22) charlotte, lilly, graylynn, landon, shawn daniiii (18) no favorites Danine (48) It's a secret. If I told you, I'd have to kill. Literally. DaniStory (29) Levi, Abigail Danny (25) Daphne Daph (45) I like the names Shannon, Zelda, and Theo. Darbio (16) Elizabeth Darcy (20) Apple Darcy Lindsay. Mandatory. Aaron. Darcy Darcy (54) all of my family names dareman (64) michael anastasia dario (21) Lover. Husband. Partner. Friend Darnell kind ones DashEloise (32) Victoria, Peter Dave Cresswell (46) Maria DaveG (39) Jordan and McIntosh Dave Whitaker (40) David, Jason, Alphonsus, Derrick, Emma, Naomi, Natasha Davey (18) Dave, Max, Alicia, Karen, Jenny, Danielle, Kurt DaveyD (24) David, Keith, Nathaniel, Ben David (19) Danny, Shawn, and Charlotte. David (10) mine David (63) All names David (24) Daphné David (51) ignacio david baiguera (35) I like the name Ella. David Dean (35) Matthew, Mathias David Del Aguila Osollo the one that is on my mind the most David E.J.A Bennett (29) I always liked the name Gwynevere. David King (23) Zoya (my daughter's name) & Sylvia (my godmother's) for a girl, Tristan for a boy. David ROWE (42) David David Sergio Cisneros Ardura (46) Snowbell (my dad used to call me this). David Thomas (60) Emídio David Timme (19) Ash, Kat, Nick David Wommack (19) Daria, Ava, Sebastian, Eli, and Alex. Davie (16) bronwyn dawn (40) dawn Dawn Robinette (51) JoJo Daxion Mr. Dax Johnson (29) william, amber, sky, skylar, liam, ella, zoe Daydreamer (18) Names that have meanings Daydreamer (63) Names that have meanings Daydreamer (63) Guto, Haf, Gwenno dbrown (24) Tor, Malia dcsnowbunny (25) that's just words, it doesn't matter. Names take on characteristics of their owners Dd (43) Annie. DD (16) Hieronymus. John. DDG9000 (25) Dea, David, Judith, Nathaniel, Samuel Dea (40) Claire. Anna. D. E. Alvis (58) Hassan Dean (17) Beck and Dre DeAndre Beck (20) Zack, of course. I like the name Deanie for a girl. Deanie Halley and Christian DeAnna Alexander (35) Scarlett, Hacina, David Deanna Sanders (44) Zach and Cass Deb (37) Mitchell, Lyla Debbie (56) I go by many Debbie (45) Willow, Wyatt, Wynne, and I must say Deborah Debby Creech-West (43) Ahnan ; Aziel Deborah Faciane (21) Andrea, David Deborah S. Wilson (56) Mum Debster (48) Miranda Declan Cohen (35) Mia De-De (36) Edwards, Irene, Inanna Dee (24) --- Defeat and Doubt (antagonist) Laurel DefMelon Those that ring with truth Delia Nidhogg Celia, Veronica, Eleanor Delia Webster (80) Alexandru, Radu delice_ok (21) None that I can think of Della Cassia Topouzian (Della Cassia Topouzian) Paige, Isabella, Abigail, Lucas, Caleb, Jacob Denine (24) mine Denise 1 Katrimikrate (my grandmother), Eowyn Dennis (61) Well it's Not Dennis or Theodore. I'd like to have a last name instead of two first names. THANKS, DAD. Dennis Theodore (37) Christian, Gabriella. denny (23) My own Denny Patriotic names Densio (25) name Derek (20) I guess whatever girl I happen to be seeing at the time Derek Ambrose (22) Ones that can give purpose Detective. Jones Dev devanand In general... I guess mine...? Devon (18) Ones that have attatched to the people who have moved me physiologically. Devon Lisenby (20) Jack or Matt Dev Tucker (17) Ali, ahaana, Devu (22) Desiree, Danielle, Monique Dez Abigail and Jeramiah Dezirae18 None DH (39) my lover's and my children's Diana (52) Gaia, Tom Diana (20) I like very much names that start with a "S" and also the name Tiffany Diana (15) The ones that seem to truly belong to a person Diana Ha. Joseph of course. Diana Kinomi Jones Diana Thomas - English Thursday 6pm (38) Bob, Dan Diane Stanfield (79) gussie fink nottle Diarre Ibrahim (22) Avery and Michael Dick Esposito Jamilla , Aaliyah and Amari dida (14) Leonard, Nicholas, Michael Angel and Xavier. Diego Miguel Danura Puyó (30) The ones of people I love Dietgingerale Olympia, Elizabeth, Isabel, James, Dilip C Louis (32) cool ones Dilynne (28) Stella. Dimitar Atanasov (25) I'm not really sure if I have any. Dindin (20) Anastasia Dino (18) strong and rebelious in their short-uttered song Dioji Dionysios. dionysis_dt (24) Dirk or Lt. Radman Dirk Radman (35) John, Josh Dirty Jean (86) Jane, Julie, Akemi, and various unusual ones. Dixon Wragg none Dj Hamish; Greta dlew919 (40) Grace dmca (38) irish ones Doc55 (55) Maya (only cause it is my daughter's name) Dolna (39) Pol (but two others, too) Dolores Nabokov (26) ssssssssss Dom December and Jean (pronounced in the French) Dominick (23) Dmitri, December, Gregor Dominick Miller (19) Russian names Dominick Miller (20) December-Elizabeth (a daughters name). Dominick Miller (21) cayleah rose marvy Dominique Krishna, Radha and Rama Dominique Alaina, Mya, Christian DonAli (33) Ian, Cristian donkeys4eva (20) Smith, Tucker, Tillman, Poppy donna obrien (54) Ishmael, Ezekiel Doob Doggo (21) raghubir, aranyaka doodledoo12345 Asherah, Ducalion, Apollo, Ba'al, Dahlia Dori (23) Elizabeth Doris (19) Bess, elspeth, gabrielle dorothy6@aol.com (50) my own is great Doryan (30) Tessa Dothzilla (33) manly ones Doubting Divorcee mine. Doug (30) These are not things to favorite Doug!! Jonathan, Rachel and Paul Doug Lambert (65) My own. Douglis (44) Laithe, Yasmina Douni all the delicious names of the people downtime (63) Emi; Hà Nội; Tuy, Um Dracontomelum (30) Vuk Dragana (22) Emrys, Robin, Myrddin. Dragontongue (22) I don't have any favourites at the moment Dre (17) pink panther, drea-dre Drea (28) My own name, I love it's, Dreamboat Annie no opinion DreamBrother (27) The ones derived from character Dreda (23) Astrid, Ethel, Blanche, Tell, Gabriel Drella (26) Tom, Allen Drew (26) too many to recall drift Lemuel Dr. Isaac Busafalus (53) i can't remember names Dr. J (76) the names of those I love Dr. Lauren Ashe Shelby Dr. Shelby Cruze - protagonist Lucas, Marcus, Tara, Aurora Dru (24) Dad. Drucar (45) Jade, Draco, Trevon dryskel (28) no favourites ds (45) Ines and Henrique D.S.de.P.Ramos My own Duckish Grace Dude (49) Duke duke (18) I've always loved the name Joffrey for a kid, or Anakin. Duncan Passell (17) mark, dominics, yat dustxii (22) none Dutchess any that sound like mine Dutchess Garcian is the top shit. I also very much admire Joaquin Dvach (18) Genesis D.X (22) George, Estragon, Amadeus Dylan (17) Who chooses these questions? Dylan Adams (25) John DZhelo (46) Maximillian E (34) Only have one at a time E i have only recently heard of xanthippe e (28) Hard to say. E (20) Clarence, Sonny, Edie, Maeve E (18) Miguel, Ash, Wasagichuk, Anasi eagleclaw (35) Anton, Julian, Dylan E.A. Latham (25) Rocco and Harmony. EAR (19) irie Earth Speck (30) It changes all the time Eau (45) Lincoln, Lion Ed (30) scarlett, lily, rufus ed names with history and meaning eddiboy Marlon. Eddie (48) I should have named my son Jason Eddie (12) Those of my friends Eden (19) Alphonse Edgar Roberts (15) The one I renamed myself. Edie (26) Ego Edmond Dantes (26) Groucho, Harpo and Chico. Edouard (41) alejandro Eduardo (19) none EduGri (53) Melissa Edward (54) Oscar and Ernie Edward Payne (44) Anything that catches my eye Effie (34) None efha (23) Emre ehk2 (30) I can't appreciate any thing only by name. Eiichi (16) The names of my children Eilfa (28) the ones that fit the personality that comes with it. EJ (29) The ones said in a loving way E.Jay (21) Pilar ejb (22) Biblical names, particularly containing El El (23) Of what el3vat0r Emilio, Seph, Kairi --not sure why elay (21) Emilio, Sen, Shugo elay (23) Mido, Riley, Shugo, Miro elay (24) Lisandrina, eva, sofia, lilly, Jack eldar (25) Katerina, Theodore, Emil, Philip, Miranda, Olive Electryo (15) I like the names of my favourite characters. Like Alice. Elena ιωαννα ελενη (33) Bee Elena Male: James. Female: Sahara. Elena Di Cesare anna eleni (18) Penelope, Eleni Constantinou (20) Malacai, Evangelina, Rosalie Elexia (19) santino for boy, amour for girl Elexis (18) Elijah Eli (16) No one Elias (22) Angus, Seamus, Finn, Eliaz McMillan (33) maximus and josephine eliciabg (23) Brielle Elie (16) elvira Elin (47) None Elisa (28) My own Elisabeth (22) All Elisabeth Carver Inara, Jezebel, Harlot, Josephine and Dominic Elissa (22) Francesca, William, Nathaniel, Willow, Lily, and Alexander. Elizabeth girls: Callista, Cordelia, Ariana, Lily, Alice. boys: Gabriel, Joseph, Tobias, Jonah. Elizabeth (25) Olivia. Elizabeth (15) Catabingi or Cathaglunka Elizabeth names that can go for a boy or a girl Elizabeth The names of my brothers. Elizabeth Diane Shaffer (0) The names of my parents and brothers--Doug, Karen, Greg, Mark, and David. Elizabeth Diane Shaffer (0) Belinda/Billy Ell (23) Lucinda and Ernst Ella P. (14) my grandparents names. names with meaning. names that are from our mythology and our culture because they all have such incredible meaning. ElleKay Aliza and Morgan Ellen (48) Bartmann, Lucius, Clara and Grace Ellen Lester (my brother), William, Rebecca Ellen B Smiley (29) Names I whisper in the dark Ellen Fitzpatrick (61) Ellie Ellie (25) Ellie Ellie Matthew, Thomas, Stephen, Paul, Amelia, Luighseach. Ellie_Estrella (19) Sam Adam marcus Ellie Wilson (15) Otis, Jake, Malcolm, Molly, Hamilton. Elliot Issabell Elliott (28) Shaw, Gavin, Conor. Elliott Hemp (23) Ignacio, Camila, Lucía, Agustín, Joshua elSigno (37) Veronica Ely (23) none i can think of Elyse (20) Binary file Em_1425616956.html matches Binary file Em_1425616956.html matches Isabella, David, Joel Greyson Em Chloë/Chloé Ema (18) Names relating to nature. Ember Winters (16) Henry, Matthew, Enrica emdonnelly7 Teresa, Olivia, Sylvia, Matthew emdonnelly7 Sarah, Hannah, Lily, Blake, Bailey Eme (18) Anna, my daughters name. Emilee (27) My own. Emilee Nightshade (19) I've yet to find a name that satisfactorily breaks the mould of gender and ethnicity. Emilia Blancarte Jaber I rather like my own name! Emilie (23) Matthew and Elijah Emilina (27) those of the people i care about emilio (28) Agnes, Saffron, Jean (male only), Siobhan, Viviene Marcheline, John Emillia (16) I don't really know. Emily (19) lily. willow. luke. emily. Emily (24) I like Sid for a boy and Georgie for a girl, after my great aunt Emily (22) Names that belong to my family and friends Emily (32) charlotte Emilyann (22) Names that sound strong and aren't gender specific (like mine!) Emily Carter (37) ezra, delilah, sophia Emily Clark (25) Lillianna, Isabella Emily Massey Currie (47) God, Jesus, and Lord Emily Thomas (23) Amelie Emily Worrell (33) simple, classic names Emma (20) parvin and annie. emma (18) goldilocks Emma (20) Grace and Charles Emma (34) muski emma (20) My own. Emma (25) The names of the children I will never have Emma Burns (28) PAW PAW CALLED ME LI'LE EM EVEN AFTR I WAS GROWD. I GUES IT BE MY FAVORIT EMMA MAY GREEN (14) This is an odd question. Um, I like my name. Ian is cool. Marcus is my friend's name and Collin is my best mates name. Emma Snow (16) Camilla Emma Verbeck Anything except Heather Emme (21) Umm... never really thought about it. But if I ever had a kid or something, I'd probably name it after something like my favorite food. Kale is an okay name, right? Emperor Aisel Fei Shiang (18) My own Empyrean (17) Matilde for a woman, Rodia for a man encolpio8 (22) Ianthe.. Iw Endimion none endor Kaylan, Will, Stian, Ephraim, Mariah... Emily, Alison, Anna... I have several ENEgck (56) Draco, Magnus, Cesar, Isabella, Camille, Danielle Engel (48) Name is one of the least important things in our short lives. It is something that simply is used to recognise us, but it doesn't identify none of us. Enis Eno Eno A. Agolli (15) Alexis. I would love to marry a girl named Alexis. Enrique (21) Arthur and Homer. Eric (15) Zoe (that's why I named my cat that), Caitlin, James, Richard Eric (40) Tifany, Diana, Scarlett, Lois Eric (37) Gabrielle, Elizabeth, Cooper. Eric (19) yea just one Erica elia, olivia, tommaso Erica (25) fletch Erica` (21) Hannah Julia Erica (65) My own Erica Johnson (21) Eric, Lauren, Richard, John, Cicero, Elizabeth, Paul, Peter, Mary, Molly, Rebecca Eric C. Wolfe (28) no idea Erich (20) Nadja, Emmanuelle, David, Alan, Joan. Erich (19) Choosing favorite names creates a predisposition toward/against new people Erict7 Stephanie Erik (25) The names that include the mother in them. Erik Isaac (19) Erik, Estelle, Emily, Justine Erik Price (18) Luceous, Lilly, Penelope Erin (27) Katherine and Jesse Erin (53) Stella, Angela, Lucian Erin (30) That's always changing depending on who I want to be and who I admire at that moment Erin Philippe, Mary Margaret Erin (46) My love, my dear, my darling, my sweetheart Erin (31) James. Tonya wasn't really feeling it at first, but she came 'round. Erskine (35) Names are pointless. ERZ (1) Lena, Anna Escalus (22) Dorian, Isabelle Escapism (19) I'm not sure I have any Esmé (18) Sophie + edward Esmee fidelius (54) Andromeda ESMERELDA (50) Stacia Estacia Hernandez (37) caitlin faith and diedre hope esteban (29) Alonso Esteban (23) eva, maria estrella blanca Lucille Molly Et (32) Mine. Et Cetera (22) Eloise, Lisbeth, Jonas, Bernard Etha (26) Luna and Sadie ethan (20) Ruby, Theodore, Phoebe, Arthur, Leonard, Catherine, Jack, Angela, Tulyar, Quentin, Xavier, Jade, Amelia Ethan Mayatt (25) Eureka, Evangeline, Ib, Eve Eureka (16) Bernardo,Carina,Rodrigo, Miriam Euzinha_ds (20) Seth and Estee Eva (23) Eva, Cecilia, Jude, Gabriel Eva (16) Julia, Isabella, and Jayden Eva don't care evan ass hatch (18) I'm not sure about names. Evanna (18) Lydia, Ashlyn, Rosanna, Alexander, Finn Evie (22) anything but mixed names... evilwonders (28) Sophia, Kiyako, Luke, Alex, Xiamara....it changes frequently. evren (16) Nadezhda Ezra (20) Lillith, Deanna, Beth FAA Andrew FAC (25) deloris facio (19) Topazia, Landon Faith (17) I only have one at a time fallen (24) elizabeth, morgan fang (30) Titos-Alexandros, Chantal, Roberto, Paciencia Fanourios (40) Rex, Sid, Jarid. fatgaynig (20) my family and my husband names Fatima (19) Noah, Adam Fatima (26) My own Fawna (19) Suede, Aiden, Jaxon, Cici, Leandra, Andee Fay (22) None other than my own. Faye (34) William, Eddward, Daniel, Avner, Juliet, Elizabeth feanix (20) My own Fern (25) I like my name the most, behind that the love of my life...who doesnt know Fernando (31) My name Fernando (31) Exotic names Ferroever (43) Felipe, Veronica, Victoria. fersfumero (28) Ones that best describe the one named FeydRautha (46) that is private information don't care to share Feysweetie (43) Lewis, Theodore, Francis fhickey (22) Alice, Atticus; I have a whole list. Fields (19) Firdaus Fielirious (34) charutapanapung filinia (22) Jack final fashion (33) I have no favorite name., but not Finnegan. Definitely, not Finnegan. Finnegan (17) Juanita. It flows off the tongue like honey Finnegan Magondolovich (Long Story...) Phelix Finokio (38) Delilah fk2005 (34) Cassandra, Alessandra, Bucephalus, and all the Biblical names. FlameHorse (28) I like mine, but I won't tell you. Flantasy Girl (25) Nikolai, Arabella, Valentine, Victor, Alexi, Marie, as well as Elizabeth flavia (13) the ones with positive connotations Flo my own! Flora (69) Rodica. Florin-Alexandru Brănescu (16) A lot Flower (39) Frank, Scott, Clark Floyd Paxton FlyinMonki (27) Billy ForePlinger Don't really have one ForSavvy Ana Sofia Fran (33) liv, phoenix Francesca (29) none francesca (49) Evengeline and Liam Francesca Any Francis (18) Núria and David Francisca Bastos (17) Francisco, Zacarias, Daniel, Marialma, Sofía, Francisco Aguirre (23) MArcel, Alejandro Francisco Javier Gil Vidal (54) I like Temlyx cuz it's fun to say. Francis Graham (9) of what? frank (57) Emily and Charles Frank (27) The ones chosen by the people that wear them Frankie (23) Alain, Rumpelstiltskin FrankieSmash (49) I always liked the names Huckleberry Finn, Mr. Zulu Franklin Frank Anglin (32) Ulysses (male), Aurora (female) Frank Nekrasz (25) That depends on the person who possesses them fred (16) Toller Sarah Freda (61) Aiden Friedrich Mueller (57) Amanda, Anna, David, Serenity, William, Vernon, in no particular order Fritha Grey David since it means a man after God's own heart. Fritz (12) Adam and David fumble (19) madison, regan, phinneas, jack, emma, ludwig furies (27) I've only been known as Alec FYS13Alec (18) topanga FYS13Amanda (18) RGThreesus. FYS13Andrew Raven, Max FYS13Bella Way too many to count but currently I love Alyssa and Julian. FYS13Michaela (18) none in particular FYS13Savannah Henry (18) Tyler FYS13Tyler (19) Mine. FYS14Carrie Vale, Aubade FYS14Darling (18) I don't like names FYS14julie Kaleah, Silas, Blade, kutler, Kade, Delmas FYS14Kelle (20) Abraham and Catherine FYS14Serenity (19) They change continuously. Thank goodness I wasn't a teen mom, their names would've been ridiculous. FYS14Skylar I don't have a favorite name yet FYS14Taylor snow FYS14Timesha cameron FYS breont (19) Mine FYSHeath (18) Michael, John. FYSMichael (18) g g Iole G. (23) alejandro Gab (19) I might have a thing for Jessica's Gabe (31) Sebastian, Mark, Gabrielle, Sophia Gabi Alice and Julia Gabriel (28) both of my names Gabriela (18) Camila Gabriela Coelho Mesquita Teixeira Borges (26) The ones of those who I hold dear to me. Gabriel Gonzalez (26) Ezra, Olive, Franky, Rigoberto Gabriella (17) Alexander Gabrielle Ariella, Leon, Roselina, Nixon Gabrielle Hart (20) Bianca Gail (44) Aaron, Olivia Gail Flaherty Agape Gaios (19) My name of course Gamba Ajani My own GarbagePailGrrrl (27) I am only kind of partial to my own. Garrett (19) John and Mary Gary H David Gayle Steven Glen Brian Chris Bart Schelia Gator Krazy Dave Ayden, Gabriel, Michael, Nathaniel, Walter(Valter), Ramsies, and Amelia. Gean Whitehead III (20) Edward, Oliver, Olivia, India, Boris Gemn Edward, Oliver, Olivia, India, Boris Gemn geno Gene (51) I've loved many names, though Lilith is my true name. Joan wasn't too bad either. Gene (24) Names that are left as a mark on the world. General Obsidian de Veyra I don't have a favorite name. All names matter. Genevie Genevieve and James. Genevieve (22) Ones that start with "A" Genevieve (15) When my sister calls me "Maddy" "Maddsie" or "Madds" Genevieve (17) Marion, Claire, James, Grant. Genie (65) too many to list Genie (58) Short and sweet... Isla, Cleo, Luna... Geo (20) Evangeline Alexandra Anastasia Geo (57) Henry, and Mary George Ruby, Rose, Pearl, and Diamond. Dominic and Michael. George Mile (35) Edwyn, Roseanna, George George Owers (21) Electra, Elvira, Lucretia, Ifigeneia, Andromeda Georgia (14) names that stand the test of time Georgia (53) Emma-Leigh Kate, Alexander Liam Georgia (16) Anna Georgie felicit and elliot gg Constantin, Darius, Ari, Réda, Gregoire, Charles.... Ghyles (31) Constantin, Charles, Gaspard, Balthazar, Grégoire, Milo, Augustin, Hadrien... Ghyles (31) Mary, Elizabeth, Agnes, Vladimir, Raphael, Sebastian Gia (21) idk Gianne (21) Anything Italian Giannico (40) Blight and Barren Gideon (30) Eve, Louis, Harley Gillian Martin (40) Elliott, Audrey, Kenneth, Sara, Erik, Zoe, Jacob, Philippa, Frederika, Karl, Baldwin Gina (19) Joshua, Aaron, John, Joel, Benjamin - Lise, Adele, Katrine, Deborah, Lydia Gina (30) Nicknames I create for others Ginny (47) Alexandra, Claudia, Agatha, Monique. Gionna (28) I don't think I have any at the moment Giorgia Skyler, Zander, Zeke, Kyle Girl You Too Rude Be it the unknown one who holds my heart. Gjabrielle My own name Gladys Mae Whitaker I always liked my given Chinese name, Wei, but maybe that's because it's never used Glenn Parker (24) Jacqueline, Raquel Glen Reeves (37) Richard, Santiea, DeVante Gloria (59) Gloria Gloria Heatley (58) I love all names I associate with people I love.(except for compound names, those are foul) GMcG Robin. Isobel. Brynah goblin64 (45) I have so many Godfrey (19) Christopher GoGo Patty (46) Zachary, Elena, Isis, Magdelena, Jayden, Vincent Golden Boy (20) I don't know. Gonzalo i dunno goose (20) Neo, Fire goukrish (19) Gabriel GPB (37) Quiet Storm Grace (30) Alice, Lucy, Madeline Grace (12) Roman, Petra, Elettra, Fiorina, Apollonia, Isabel, Marc, Guillermo, Gregorio, Emilio. Grace (28) I don't have any Grace Cooper (20) A veritable legion they are, but these days, resounding in my mind are Vihra, Vrach and Semiramis gracehoppin (23) Names with a legacy, like Penelope or Joseph Gracie (22) I wish my name had been Jewel, because my real name and last name was so long, and I never liked my nick names Granny (81) I can think of one or two, but don't dare share them. Grayson Ender (28) Stark greatlove (32) no favorite Greg (19) there is nothing in a name Greg (24) roxanne Greg (17) Keith Greg NA Greg (20) mine Greg (53) Julia, Amelie Greg Lytle (26) mine. Gregory (30) valentina gretel ALAIN SECRETLY CALLED ME WILLOW BECAUSE, HE SAID, MY HAIR MOVED LIKE THE BRANCHES OF THE WILLOW TREE WE MADE LOVE FOR THE FIRST TIME UNDER. I USED TO VISIT THAT TREE ONCE A YEAR. GRETTA VAN DEN BOSSCHE - OLBRACHT (86) I always liked the name Delilah. The nickname Lila is just as good to me, too. Grey manuel, emilio, simon gruchi (63) giovanni gruffmusic (49) I have names that I don't like, otherwise I am fine with names Gtergab (50) My own Guard (45) The one I'm currently using. Guenther wesley, nicholas, noel, belle, genevieve, dorian, I have a lot. guiller van mistoffellees (17) O meu mesmo. Acho o meu nome muito bonito Gustavo (21) The name of my lover gutsyaardvark (19) Thomas, Zorah, Judex Guy Van Driessche (44) my wife's - Gwendolyn Gwen Ela and Farley Gwyneth P. (44) Esther, Bethany Hadasa (19) Luna, Marly Hadja (19) The names of my loved ones Hailey (34) Haku Hakusha Senbon (24) My favourite names are associated with people I like. The name 'Bruce' is despicable, though. Hal (18) Lali, Chaos Haley (19) rozhanoo,farnaz hamideh (26) Lily, felicity, viola Hamlet (30) My name. Hana (14) Lola, Lucy Hanna (24) Benjamin, Samuel, Atlas, Cantrelle(my mother's name), Hayley, and Catherine are the first that come to mind Hannah (15) hannah hannah (25) taylor, toolen, hunter, carter, hannah (16) Hannah and Sarah Hannah A (18) Anything I can pronounce without looking like an idiot Hannah Ross (20) Anna Marie (my papaws favorite girl name) Hannah Suttles anything that begins with thamil alphabet 'Ah' Hari (21) Pass. Harold E. Leighton (37) I do not play this game well. I don't know. Harold E. Leighton (40) Dake Harold Oberg Juana, Mariel, Albano, Klaus Harriet (23) Celtic ones Harry (27) What is a name? Hassallah (30) Nassair, arabic names Hassan (21) None. Haven Everest (7) Amelia Hayley What's in a name? Hayzeus (23) Titles HCE (15) love and hun HEATHER (37) none Heather Driussi (41) I'm good with mine HeavyFire (16) heider heider (27) Iain Heidi Anne, Stephanie."Vi" as in Viola always sounded really glamorous to me. Heidi R. My favorite nouns are hibou, morrow, bonbon, crocodile... Helen (32) Poppy Helen (19) My own Helena (18) Willow, Erin, Ruth, Laurel, Erika, Oscar, Robert, Toby Helena Jenkins (20) interesting sounding ones Helen Mattison Wyatt (20) grace hellgirl (19) Mine Helory (22) yggdrasil helz bells (41) Anya Hena Riz (34) Henry Henry (46) Those of Roman patricians that you only find on prep school prigs nowadays Henry_Z (25) claire her (26) Not my own, ones of feminine beauty Herald (71) Eileen, Kevin Jimmy and Mary herbertofwestlake (43) For a girl Elanor (from Tolkien). I don't have a favorite male name. Hern (39) Leon Herod (20) Alexander and Solomon Hero Solomon (25) Noble Hestia (18) satya Hetal (22) mother,father,sister,brother H, Han-Jan Whichever christens my loved ones HHP (41) Jessica, Aria, and Ezra HimynameisAlicia (15) My own. Hira Yousuf (18) Haven't ever thought about it HKas (28) LeeLee HKas My own Hkr (24) Indigo, Charly, Grace H. McMillan (33) Pedro, Ana. H.Nakashima (21) Aeon, Aoife, Alexia, Sophia hobbes (26) Herukein, Shugo, Arc, Kairi hodouk (22) Rastaban and Aspidiske, the names of two stars; I think of them as lovers or perhaps brother and sister... Hoelder1in (51) Magnus, when said in English. hoffsta esme, john, alfred, albert holden (27) Veronica Holley (39) Daria and Violet. holly (17) I can not think of any, always find someone i dislike who shares it. Holly (22) Jack, Marcus, Stanley Holly Pajka (28) 'jackmis' on internet holyjkms (29) cedric, sebastian, minka Hong Jay None..gentle names i guess Hooks Jesus and mohamad Horace pluck (54) Charlie or Trent for a girl I would say Nicole or Kinsly Houston (19) michael howard (34) My favorite names are Michael and Howard. howard (34) Rudra, casseiopia, hermione, ajatashatru and so many more that sound musical rolling off the tongue Hrudaya (24) Isabella, Antigone, Finnegan, Jennifer huck finn (48) Blake, Shawn, Hazel, Belle, Hafsa Huda (19) this is futile huggybear (29) Emily Alice Lola Viola Hulot Redux Bob Humbugger Omlet (20) Emma, Emily, Elizabeth, Eleanor Hunter (23) culturally relavent as well as welsh names. Hurricane Katrina (25) margaret Hwee (45) Jay, Amanda Hwiseon Lee (24) none Hyldami Don't have any Hyosun (25) Mohini, Ramses, Ligeia, Devavani, Angel, Sithriel, Joseph, Nyx Hypnos The Blade (46) Mary Elizabeth HYS (47) Anything ending with 'a'. I My own. I Ethan; Kegan; Beatrice; Amity; Michaela; Cadence Ian (23) Eva Ian (44) Kyle and Chloe ianplanet (47) Favorites? Ethan, Marie, Trixie (mainly because those are my brother and sisters but hey.) Otherwise... Maisy. Ian Siente elizabeta, isabel, isabeau, katarina, anastasia, anna I Beg (54) Ones with interesting meanings and roundish sounds. Iblis Anak (22) Icis and Catlin Icis Hers i dont know that i know (17) I don't have a favorite name Igor (29) I have always been fond of my own name. Iilyanna Whatever catches my fancy; usually those with symmetry or meanings I enjoy. Ika (24) I don't know. ile105 (23) Sophie, Victoria, Alessandro. ile105 (27) Would prefer not to answer this question Ilija (17) None Illinibeatle (44) Elizabeth IM (82) My given name Imajones Hannah Imee Abbadon, Mephistopheles, Moloch, Shaitan I.M. (Imam Mahdi) (5) I am fine with my own Incognitus (23) Fly Indrė (17) Jorn Inês (20) none. inez (21) Silly question Inkie (60) My Middle Names, they are all titles Ill never truly earn interestedparty secretly, margaret. i.p. Sometimes I wish I had a "normal" name, but I've learned to love Ireland Ireland Rose (12) Names that come from books. A name's worth nothing without a story. Irene (17) Anna, Ada, Radu, Marie, Mircea Irene (26) none Iris (18) Eva May Iris (22) Amber and Ashley Iris Ramsey (32) Puns Isaac (16) isaac, justyna, eric, natasha, dejah, jakob, isabella Isaac (29) I like my name just fine. Isaac Ashley, Elizabeth, Julian, and Hayden Isaac Isabel, Demetria, Marya, and a few more. Isabel (19) Senka, Aleksandr, Amaya Isabela (18) Lily and Autumn Isabella Fairchild-Heart (Protagonist) (26) Isabelle, Rainer, Marcel Isabelle (26) Agapi, Angel Isadora Duncan (32) I like all names! They help to avoid confusion. Think of the chaos if we could only address each other "you there!" Isas Carrick. Isla (21) My dog's name, Shena, and one of my friend's names, Janeixis Ismael Santos (20) Johanna, Isolde, Adele Isolde (17) Olga. Iva Pasztor. The one which belongs to me. Iva Pasztor (20) Nobody really calls me anything else but my legal name. Ivy (10) the name my mother gift me ivy (25) Ivy, it wraps around you invading your soul Ivy (17) Isabella Ivy Morgan (34) Depends Izzy (24) Iris, Jude, Theo Izzy (17) Those that are spelled slightly different than what's normal, like mine, Izabela Izzy (30) Lucy j2a18m (43) damian jabbar (23) Morning Dove Caller, given to me by my grandmother Jacie Lin Jack Jack (14) francesa lilly roman justice jack (30) Juanita Chickita O'Toole. We had a parakeet named that growing up. Jack (33) Samantha, sam for short Jack (17) Bigfoot Jack (18) Jack, Alden Jack Goodman (18) Agnes, Simon, Paul, Elizabeth Jackie Paige, Joanna, David jackie (40) Oh my. Let's see. Valeray, Colette, Auraelia, Leander. Jackie (18) my name Jackie (24) Beautiful and Love... I adore when I am called those names. Jackie Never really had a preference Jackie Bordeaux (31) Sophia, Fernando Jackie Cavalcante (40) Mackenzie, Magnolia, Greenwich, Chase Jackie Vega (27) Nia Bree. Jackson8471 (23) Max, Hayley Jackson Fisher (47) would a rose by any other name still smell as sweet? Jack Viper (29) Traditional boy names, untraditional girl names Jaclyn (22) I'm sure I know JaclynM (19) Names are names they are chosen for you, Its you're job to live up to them. Jacob Jesus, Kate, Scarlett, Ruby Jacob (16) my own name Jacob Jack, Jacque, Lik. Jacque (24) Mine. Jacqueline (34) For a female, Sheba. For a male, Roy. Jacqueline Garrett (38) the names that mean love, hope, and Charity in the Areli language Jade (17) Roman, Bernice, Tate, Skye Jade-a-boo (17) Jade Jade Green (30) those that i plan on using for my future children Jadelynn (24) Tesla, Artemisia, Rory, Rosaline, Emmaline, Naim, Kamala, Khan, and Farrohk. Jae (18) Jafari Jafari (33) Emma and Matilda Jaime (18) Jabella Jaime (28) Those with a history Jake (17) My own name, or whatever is affectionately applied. Jake (21) Sebastian & Montserrat. Jakelina Hernandez (22) My own and the ones I will one day give my kids. J.A. Lawrence zacharia James (64) Myra, Thomas (my parents) James (30) James, Alexander, Alfred James (19) James, James (25) Mine James Those of my family James Morgan, Chelsea, Erin James - Dana (15) Patricia (my mother) James Foley (23) mine James Green (29) Jacob, Wilhelm, Schneewittchen, Aschenputtel, James H (27) Jonathan, Elizabeth, Corben, Miriam, Caleb, James La Salandra (31) I hate it when people call me Luce. Tacky. James Oliver North (39) Aethelwolf, Constantine, Britannicus jameson_welsh (22) James Wake James Wake (50) poppet and kitkat James William Reath (21) Jasmine, Evan, Keith, Betty Jamie (25) Anything Greek sounding. Jamie (22) Nila Jamie (32) haden for a boy Jamie (17) Jamie Jamie (32) None Jamie None Jamie Lynn Pearson (25) William Barry, David, Sadie, Sophie, Pickett, Polly Jan Mark, Alice, Andrew Jan (54) Alice, Mark Andrew Jan (55) Andries, Delphine, Véronique Jan (51) Jana, Jayk, Yana, Yanoula Jana (22) Jana, Jayk, Yana and Yanoula (my work names) Jana (22) Bradley , for some off reason . Janae (17) jane, betsy jane (41) amelia, amelie, victoria, elizabeth, grace. jane (20) leander, kathryn jane fakename (25) Perssy