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What is it you most dislike?

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A lack of common sense. 009 (19) adf 1 the morning 50ad (17) Greed and its utter lack of curiosity 513 (00) religions 6nianji-ZHC (38) Cruelty 808s selfishness 80cubed (55) Cruelty to the weak A (19) pain A Selfishness A. (27) negativity A (26) Exploitation of the world for personal gain A. dishonesty A (26) Spitting, over aggression AA (23) When people say LOL. aaaaaaa (18) Proud ignorance AAAKKK Being rash, doing things without passion or care, mistreating people aag (22) frogs, narcissists aallisonr (30) people that: interrupt, dont listen, dont understand, dont empathize, and that are impatient Aaron (32) That I will never have my father back like he was when I was hurting most as a teenager Aaron (26) Liars. Aaron (35) Mendacity, Authority, Corruption, Hypocrisy, the smallness of men Aaron Guy Leroux (37) The evil of the world Aarushi Agarwal (13) Technically, lacking serotonin or dopamine. But I do hate insincerity and willful ignorance. Abbie (22) Hypocrisy in myself and in others Abbie Hartley Violence and war Abby (26) Tyranny Abby (27) Tomatoes! or lack of action. AbbySF hypocrisy Abegando (28) Fear and pain Abigail Harris (10) dishonesty, hatred, rudeness, meanness, cheap attitudes, ABP (50) the sadness Abraham (41) Dishonesty and justification of selfishness. Abs Cigarette Smoke AC (18) dishonor Acara McFadden (28) Things in myself I cant change, things in the world I can't change, things in the past I cant change ACH (23) Needless repetition, poor manners, close-mindedness. Lies--my own included. The mistakes I've made. My regrets. A. Clifford Stowe (81) Hate. Acrania (25) close-mindedness Adam (22) wasted potential Adam (25) Money Adam (20) Tearing down the show in the rain Adam (29) Whenever I disappoint people who care about me adam (16) people who try to disobey me Adam (38) stagnation Adam I dislike when people are afraid to try something new. My thing is you'll never know if you'll like something if you don't try it. Adam Braner (30) frailties of my still young body, the shortness of life and quickening of time, lack of resources to achieve what i want. Though i feel these limitations only spur me on moe fiercely. Adam Hyde (26) Currupt Politians. Adam McGrory (39) Being judged Addy (26) lies adieudusk Discouragement, false promises Aditya (25) Whoever or whatever is contrary to my values. Admiral Love (33) Hypocrisy Adonia (40) Myself as a whole Adrian (18) my weakness within me-- the very thing holding me back Adriana (16) waiting for my life to begin Adriana (16) Treating the most vulnerable people with disrespect adriana (45) Platitude. Adrian Bauza (20) "My own worst qualities." Adrian Conrad Religion. Falsity. Adrian George Nicolae (24) my worst qualities Adrian Martyn (34) Dishonesty Adrianna (18) weakness AdrianOz (45) Myself. Adrian Winters (17) Lying Adrienne Wilson (25) Greed Ady (22) Hypocrisy and rejection aetilson (41) Hatred and bigotry from anyone afrodite (41) thoughtlessness about what other people feel or might feel a.g. (23) my laziness and boredom and nonunderstanding and looking to others and talking about rubbish agagagaga (24) People who chew loud and those who chew with an open mouth Agalloza (23) the small minded patriarchal society in which I live Agape (38) liars Agatha Kefali (45) Pretentious Agent00V (18) snakes Aggie White Fickleness, panic attacks, arrogance, depression, ignorance A.G. Mata (21) My own worst qualities. Agnes (20) Rain Agneska (20) liars, and thieves agony (25) hate Agreen (29) Manipulation. Agu (21) greed, gossip, intolerance, religion. Agustina (27) Myself. A Half Empty Beaker my depresion ahmad (27) my weaknesses ahmad (24) Wasting resources Ai (21) people that lie and are arrogant Aida (22) cold unfriendly people. Aidan (21) My limitations now that I'm confined to a wheelchair, but I try to remain positive. Aidan Devlin (15) Hope Aiden disgusting-looking, smelly things and people who don't know their place aiko (20) Envy. Dishonesty. Low-class behavior. Ailene people who are so stupid they don't realise how stupid they are aimée (22) My flaws aimee.dawson (21) Cruelty to man and beast Aisha Milburn (32) poachers and everyone who mistreat animals aishu (14) My faults. A.J. (27) Living fast, dying young, greediness, lust AJ (18) overly happy people, naive people Ajam (21) Assholes. Ajay (17) my own worst qualities Ajm9511 (21) A lack of focus. akanthe (19) Misplaced conviction. Akbar Shahzad (20) Dishonesty Aki Hate Aks (20) Stress AKT (35) Fruit. And Negative energy. In that order. Al (28) Dishonesty Al (55) blind privilege alabambino (32) Dishonesty Alan (58) Those who lie and those who fail Alan (24) Ha. Repetitive questions? Honestly, being blocked from my goals that I set for myself Alana (20) pathological liars Alan Arkin (44) Dealing with students who don't want to learn Alannah (43) When people think they can tell me what to do or not AlbaManuela (18) acting like a beaty mermaid Alcaeus (19) manipulation, disregard, unkindness Alchemist (45) Most labels, self centeredness, over materialism, this weather, stubbornness, closed mindedness. Alden Lee Klaput (18) Inhumanity Aldonza77 (47) Being dishonest. Ale (28) A human chewing Alecia Close-minded personalities. Alecksi Being controlled/manipulated. Deceit. Aleesha (32) The feeling of losing the heartbeat of a story or poem during its composition Alejandro Amoretti (28) Sometimes my ephaty and not beeing able to use my potential every day alek (20) Laziness Aleksei Kotsov (63) stupidity alessa (21) Careless for the others, superficial arrogance, stupidity Alessandro Pian (30) meteor crash Alessio Lucchini (46) My lack of patience Aletha Camack Fanatism. Alex My worst qualities Alex (22) Evil Alex (17) stupidity alex (38) people's unnecessary cruelty alex (23) Stupidity Alex (21) Selfishness and privilege Alex (23) My fears Alex (32) Apathy Alex (21) Whoever kidnapped my mother Alex (16) Cowardice. Alex The smell of rancid milk. alexa (28) Hatred in the world. Alexander (33) My habit to lie and steal. Also to procrastinate Alexander (19) I don't know how to say "no" and stick to it Alexander (30) Feeling caged. Alexander Kim (19) Bigotry Alexandra (27) Latent negativity. And people who don't follow through. Alexandra (19) Immoral, disrespectful people. Alexandra (24) My own self depreciation Alexandra (18) Clutter Alexandra (24) My own demons Alexandra (15) kapitalism greed Alexandra Bryhter (24) Doubting myself Alexandra SweetTale4u Cruz Lamb Alexandre (28) betrayal AlexandriaHMerlin (40) Strong Smells AlexandriaLHash (30) Dishonesty Alexandria Marshall (32) Feet. alexandrine (15) When people that are well equipped to succeed choose not to Alex Armstrong (16) When people that are well equipped to succeed choose not to Alex Armstrong (16) When people that are well equipped to succeed choose not to Alex Armstrong (16) being sick Alex C. Annoying People Alexis (17) being lied to, dissapointing Alexis Johnson (19) The strict expectations of other people Alex Reimann (18) Laziness in people. AlexRTRW Interviews and reporters Aley (60) Pickles. Alfonso (26) Laziness Alfonso (28) cruelty al-g (24) Hyprocrisy, narcissism. Ali (37) Faith, dogma, superstition, irrationality. Religion - and those like Stalin whose own ideologies are plagiarized from it. Ali A. Rizvi Many things Alice Inappropriateness Alice pride Alice loud Alicein1derland (27) selfishness, envy Alicia (68) Cruelty. alicja (38) Ignorant and stupid people, those who can't see how their actions affect others, completely self-centered people, loud people. Aliid Missjudgement Alin (23) Overthinking Alina (20) Politics. Aline Guiraudie (36) dishonesty alipans (57) Dishonesty, religious and superstitious beliefs, resume-building for it costs one their integrity. Alishba Zarmeen (24) My sexuality Alison (20) Turnips Alison Martin (Alison Martin) hypocrisy, mess alison wonderland toothache AliZaidi (29) My complacency for wellness,health, and love for others. AllenT. (33) Myself Allen Wasupan (16) ugliness alli (49) Cold-heartedness Allison (33) Pettiness, ignorance. Allison ignorance allison (19) Apathy Allison Jean (21) Ignorance. Aggression. Meanness. Ambivalence. Allison Jean Hazen (34) cruely and violence alliswell (62) The lies, insecurities within myself Alma (25) Weak people Alma Jean Porter (70) Moral weakness. And onions. almavidrio (35) Trying to keep up with all the hope and change. Altjungr (30) brutishness and dullness altron2095 vanity and people who paint their walls white for the sake of easy maintenance Alvilda (20) The bad in people, the worst inside someone that causes them to commit atrocities. Alx ignorance and its inherent undiscernability by those who catch it alya (17) Inconsiderate people Alyanna (22) Myself Alyce J. liars Alyssa Cordova (17) I don't hate. I love. I love my toys and so I must give them the best ending possible. (It hates music. Hates it.) Alyssa Darkling Men. They're weak, especially when they exhibit emotions of love. Alyssa MacMillan (25) Having to hide my skills. Alyssa Moonchild (16) failing AM Intolerance Amanda dishonesty Amanda (42) ground meat AmandaFYS13 (18) Hate, racism, judgment Amanda Strong (42) Humans Amandine (31) People whose only ability to to feign qualities they otherwise do not posess nor appreciate Amara Stupidity and ignorance Amaris (17) What I see in the mirror. Amber (18) Pretentiousness and self deception Amber (37) Pretentiousness and self deception Amber (37) messy or inconsiderate people Amber (20) Breach of trust....especially when that person is the person you love so much...and very dear to me.. Ame (37) complications Amelia (13) My own failure, the mistakes that got me here. Amelia (18) Right now, my roommate. Amelia Gates (formerly Pippet) (10) People who look for my worst qualities Amelie (24) My disability to do whatever I want. ameliowata (20) stupidity American Marxist apathy, proud ignorance americanwoman (62) dizzy ames (21) My past sentimentality and notions of idealism. Amit Bhaskar (21) not having interests ammb (29) Other loud people, Myself, pushiness Amos (18) Unnecessary lies. Necessary ones too. Amrita (22) my fear amu Foods I hate Amy (33) Conniving, selfish people Amy (28) Bigotry and discrimination amy (33) Boiled eggs Amy (35) Unauthentic people Amy (55) Dishonesty and brussel sprouts Amy Becker; Character: Merriwether Finch (27) Letting myself take in and into effect the thoughts and words of others. Amy Cottington-Bray Liver and peas Amy Jo as Marge (48) Liver and peas Amy Jo as Marge (48) Complainers Amy Martinez (20) Sexism and racism Amy R. my temper amz (16) falseness. Ana (21) my defects that make me suffer Ana (30) moral or mental dependence; frustration, lack of understanding ana (16) duplicity ana (34) Ignorance Ana Carolina (16) Other people Analise (40) betrayal Anam (26) Being depressed or helpless. Ana Marija (20) Myself ANamelessWildOne (24) crippling depression, Pessimism masquerading as "Realism" Ananke (25) my own worst qualities and murderer anasonic (29) tears ancientrobot (31) selfish, ignorant people Andi (28) my worst qualities andraya (23) Lima Beans Andre My worst qualities Andrea (16) Ignorance, luck Andrea (13) Obligations ANDREAADKINS (26) Those who think they are better than others. AndreaCoker (24) Lack of compassion AndreaFeliu (28) Ignorance. Andreas (19) my defects Andrea SB (32) To be unclean andres007 (19) Pointless aspects of life Andrew (20) My self loathing. Andrew (22) Rudeness without reason Andrew (25) My shortcomings Andrew (20) Boredom Andrew (28) scumbags and douchebags Andrew (22) That creeping doubt that society manipulates us into believing as true. andrew (24) Ignorance Andrew barlow (26) not sleeping Andrew J Ohls (33) Pretending to laugh. Andrew Price (38) dislike as such Andy (25) aphasia Andy (23) aphasia Andy (23) Backstabbers andy rayford (28) Betrayal, disappointment Andy Thomas (25) lack of vision, fearful life, focusing on completely unimportant things, lack of scope! ang (99) to be small Angel False people Ângela (24) Disloyalty Angela (30) My lack of courage Angela (19) Birds and rude people Angela Estrada (20) hatred, bigotry Angelicstar (45) lies angelina (26) liars and manipulators Angel Rodrigues (41) ignorance angie (29) Inconsistentcy Ani Other people Ani (22) lying Anik (16) My inability to be satisifed Aniyah (19) Someone pretending to be someone he is not. Anj (24) fear anjali Peanut butter, my weight, duplicity Anjel (28) People taking advantage of my kindest. Anjelah49 (49) Dishonesty Anjelika (22) i'd have to agree with Proust , my own worst qualities or my 'imperfection' .. though others follow close behind. Ankassandra (15) Dry fish Anke! (17) Breaking of trust, My own Weaknesses. Ann (19) betrayal Ann (62) Hypocrisy and greed Anna (20) People with bad intentions Anna (20) Intrusion. Anna (34) My "beauty" Anna Baker (20) This whole world. But I also equally love it. Anna Kalimar (18) intolerance, ignsorance, dishonesty Anna Maria (21) betrayals, hypocrisie Anna-Maria my own shortcomings. AnnaMay (51) ignorance, dishonesty, arogance, egoism. and beetroots (which is also a name for Polish primitive man). Anna O. stupidity, monotony, ignorance, insipidness Anna Stein (21) My faults Ann Delaney (44) myself at times, lack of common sense, people who buy single ply toilet paper Anne (21) hypocrisy anne (23) falseness Annelise (40) cruelty to those who can't fight back Anne Louise Sheldon (34) Criticism Anne Patricia F (21) disruptions Anneta ignorance Annie Outdoor areas that are neglected, full of weeds, in disrepair and totally ugly. Anniel (62) Doritos. anniezee (54) I have a lot, I'd rather not AnonAzure (19) Myself, including all my actions and things I often say. anonim (18) The refusal to adapt anon moose (19) I don't really dislike anything. Ansley Stevenson (16) Wasted time with ugly people. Anthony (23) Cataloupe Anthony (24) People who need attention, fame, and seek wealth anthony (48) life Anthony Almeida The concept of distraction. Anthony D C (20) Liars and thieves Anthony lawhon (27) Lack of understanding and patience to see the process. Anthony Scine-Sceni (42) my jelousy Antoinette (21) at times myself antoinette (24) testosterone-fueled power-mongering; unswerving, bigoted dogma; murder. Anton (52) Lack of humbleness. Antoniette (20) cruelty Antonina (20) Lack of moral fiber Antonio Lemos (18) Hypocrites, small minded bigots Anty Sadness Anusia (34) that for many people the life is injust, and all the ignorance in the world... Anya (22) Aside from those who despoil the earth and those who use power, deceipt, and Big Money to corrupt the concept of Democracy, I have a pet peeve about poor grammar! Anya (71) Stubborn ignorance Anzi (27) Base consumerism, ignorance a.o. (40) Weakness of self-control; corruption; ignorance Aoife Walsh Unkindness, craftiness and manipulative lies. Aparajita (26) My Timidity Apollo (58) Hypocricy Apos people who lack values and don't have basic sense of humanity Apply (30) My own cynicism toward my own ideas and goals April (20) Life April (21) My own worst qualities AR (20) I have to agree with Proust here. All my bad traits. Ara (15) Secrets Aranneaa (19) liars arctic_child (36) Willful ignorance Ardent (30) the voice in my head A real phony (27) my own worst qualities Areeba (25) Men who can't get over their ego Ari (29) Weakness. Ari liars Arianna (15) dishonesty Ariel Dishonesty, traitors Ariella Bordaine: Female Protagonist (20) Myself Arizona (19) lies arlo (64) I hate arguing with Arnold and I hate it when the going gets tough Arnold Murray (42) My many flaws. AROG not living up to ones potential Arthur Lorne Bigots of all kinds, especially Westboro Baptist Church Artie (17) People who make everyone else miserable just so they can feel less pathetic Artie Mondello (18) Not being able to do more. Aruz Elliott (29) People who refuse wisdom. AS (32) Working for money. ascetic monk (51) Weakness Asfiya Mariam (21) Mind games. Ash (23) To be talked down to Ash (28) Hatred, greed, fear, arrogance Ash lies ashan (20) This question. Ash Bloom (27) abusive people, uneducated people asherville (55) my weight Ashley (18) ignorant and mean people Ashley (28) Lack of respect Ashley (20) my worst qualities ashley baus (24) People who are not independent, responsible, reliable, and self-sufficient Ashley Brazil (17) Negativity Ashley Mannara (29) Intolerance, my own insecurities, easy answers. Ashley Meller (26) my lack of ambition ashleytheresa (20) Same answer as Proust. Ashwin Murali (21) Not being able to articulate my thoughts, frustration Asi (21) arrogance and close mindedness asmitchel (67) My vices Asmund (40) my inhibitions, the egoism of humanity ASN (25) Ignorance and childish behavior. Assman (19) Standing still. Astra (19) Pettiness, controlling, needyness Astri (36) Intolerance Astrid People being sad. Asuka Suzuki (13) Sunglasses Athar (25) rude people Athena Lujan (17) my failings, any selfish acts. attitude (49) indifference Atuona (38) Meddling mother's-in-law Aubrey Files (25) Liars Aubrey Tate (21) My lack of work ethic Audrey (17) To be unconscious. Audrey Bittencourt (24) Most of human irrational traits. Audrey Mahone (29) la paix augustine (70) Being ignored or avoided Auntie Em (35) human callousness, cruelty and stupidity Auntie Em (27) cheating or lying Aurora (32) Liars Aurora when people are rude, society's obsession with body image aussie Angry people Austin (19) How i feel about myself Austin Hobbs (16) Me and other people Austin Kimmell (16) being scared autumn (17) Ignorance, stupidity Autumn people looking and taking whats not theirs Autumn Boze (18) Dishonesty, people who are rascist and judgemental Ava (7) Hateful people and liars Ava (7) my jodgement of myself therefore maybe myself avecamour Dependency on people. Awalker I find it difficult to distinguish the worst since reality can easily dissapoint me in the future. Axel (18) ignorance Aya My negativity and my inability to express myself in life. ayda (25) My temper Aye (22) My temper Aye (22) Inaction aym (30) Frailty a young boy (91) My own worst qualities ayumi (20) Lying, gossip, or having no morals. B (31) gossip B (21) Ignorant uneducated people Babette (42) waiting Babs anger Baby (32) Quitters Bad Wolff unfairness baggal21 (28) Myself at times. People who know that animals have the same feelings we do, and the ability to feel, but abuse them anyway. Bailey (19) Distrust Balaji Harish Iyer (20) Pretentiousness. Bald Sky (38) Drivers who cut me off on the parkway Bambi (17) Society's contempt for the weak Banana Hammock (30) dishonesty barbara (50) My own Iconoclastic self to tear me down. Barbarita (21) Trash Barbielebrun Charley the beach chair (54) Sand! Barbielebrun Garry the ghost crab (54) Being told I can't Baron Von Nazzenpoppel (46) Those long days that feel like they won't end. Barry Wextall (20) lies basbas (22) my body Batgirl (23) Myself bc (22) Myself bc (22) lack of integrity BCQ (30) People who are spineless. BD Selfishness Bea (18) Dishonesty and fear Bea (18) stupidity Bear (49) cut-throat capital behaviour amongst individuals bearoid (30) Insensitivity Beatlhoven (47) Hypocrisy and people who want to control others beatricegasti (30) people not pulling their own weight Beatrice Moore (30) Soup Beatriz (13) Dishonesty Beau (28) being weak and shy beauty (18) My own worst qualities. Becca (16) My own worst qualities Becca (17) Me on a bad day Becca (21) When people treat others terribly Becca (19) Lies, going back on your word, being talked down to Becca (20) Liars, being talked down to, not being trusted, being used Becca (21) People who are unwilling to change things they don't like. BeckBeck (26) the worst of me becks (24) The dentist Becky C Mushrooms. Bee injustice bee (16) pettiness in service to self-interest beezer (64) Hatred and pain and fear. beezersneezer (46) My own fear /anxiety / insecurity Beka (33) greed belita (39) negativity bella (16) Liars. Belle (26) My body. ALL OF IT. Belu (19) Insincerity. Ben The glutionny that many possess here and are blind in their representations of gods and beliefs. Ben (23) Evil Ben (17) Resistance. Ben Tardiness, complacency, indifference, suffering Benedict (38) Fantasy--that which isn't real. Benjamin (29) Myself, for begrudging others of themselves Benjamin Thomas The inability to listen Benjamin Urrutia (61) ignorance Benjo (23) My inability at times to get a grip on myself Ben Johns (21) My shortcomings Bennie (55) Boredom. BennyB dishonestry Ben Taylor the unibility to pick out your own clothes berkley (13) Dishonesty, those lacking empathy Berlin (25) The reality of the past Bernard Hartley (18) myself... :/ Beth (20) bad food Beth (25) Inattention Bethann (35) Dishonesty Bethany (23) Suffering Bethany close-mindedness Bethany (22) Angry and defensive people who can only see their own points. Bethany Surreira (35) Really self-absorbed people Beth Ellis (15) My mistakes. Beti (24) Hipocrisy Betty Usabiaga (37) My short comings. Beu Mihac (15) Loud chewers and flip flops Beyonce (18) dishonesty coupled with greed Bhakti Brophy (41) Forgetting to hold the space of Grace for those who are bound, as we are all doing the best we can at any given time. Bhakti Brophy (45) Prejudiced arrogance Bhargava (25) Guise. bhbhbh incourteousness bhl Things done temporarily Bhole common sense. anything "common" as well Bianca (18) not solitude, but isolation. bif myself big dick (69) my life big guy (16) Boredom Bijan (27) PICKLED EGGS BILLY (38) People who think they're important Billy (16) Senseless violence BillyBobABC123zzz bad breath billy boy watson (3) LIES BIPS (46) cucumbers, or hybrid orbitals bismuth Being betrayed BJ (56) lack of empathy blabla (37) self-confidence Blackie (20) intentional cruelty Blademan (60) Grand silence caused by judgement. Blaine (21) Greed and selfishness Blair C. (29) Ignorance Blake (17) authority Blake (24) Hatred, Harassment Blake (29) Nausea Blanca (48) arrogance, cruelty Blanca Parra (66) Ignorance. blip52 (27) Insecurity blodot johnny (41) Closed-mindedness. Refusal of attempting to understand. Seeing bad qualities in other people and hating them more, knowing that I have them too. BlondShamrock (16) The worries I have towards my own faults and mistakes, and the faults and mistakes which cause me worry Blood (15) As though knowing that will make a difference. Blue (16) Closed-mindedness, pessimism Bluebird (27) Flying and those half-baked freaks in the reconstruction lab. Blue Harkness (16) Fear and spiders (related to the first) BlueOrchid (39) The weaknesses of others; provided they're not overshadowing my own Bluto (29) People who are not ethic, whose code is a joke. BM (20) power players bmo Waking up. Bob (22) Questionnaires about my psychological well-being. bob (38) Same as Proust Bob (32) . bob Whining. Boba (22) cruelty bobblins Myself Bobby (22) unhappiness Bobby (40) my downfalls Bobby (21) School bobby Frank McDermott bobby (33) cleaning those damn venetian blinds one at a time and also when that nasty daddy and brother of bobby's peek at me through the wall when i'm changing clothes Bobby Eugene pointless wasted passion Bobia (25) People who sow discontent boku_wa_kami (25) my own bad qualities Bonnie (15) selfish, greedy people Boo (36) intolerance bookloverva (58) liers boomalexboom The direction I feel my world going. Boris (16) Decadence arising from boredom and aimlessness. Borrie (33) A person's utter disregard of the culture and arts of the past; my own wishy-washyness - I find opposing viewpoints on everything, so I am very open, but also too overanalytical Brad (17) That I have a lot of regrets Brad Connors politicans and holy men using the innocent as pawns to gain power and wealth brad w (35) My own worst qualities Brady (31) To disaprove something you don't know. (and I'm guilty too..) bram-stienkt-vermeire-ja! (18) Baby powder Brandon Carter (32) Being defective Brandon Nobles (31) The 5AM alarm Bree (23) Dishonest boys, bad writing Bree Ogden Finnegan. He is most distressing and distracts me from my purpose. Bren (47) Scotland Brenda Everett (39) discrimination Brendalee (59) Bad faith Brendan (24) my dumb shit brent (33) The food pyramid Brett Ferguson (42) Eiryn's and her family Bri (28) Myself and other people and life as a whole (Kevan Kiernan) bri (17) Prejudice, ignorance Brian (22) Tardiness and egotism Brian (37) unkind people Brian (24) not being able to find my love Brian (50) hate and predjudice, it all of their ugly forms. Brian A. Henegar (26) when people act like they know everything BriannaBabyFYS13 These questions BriannaFYS13 (18) vanity, shallowness brian S (58) Impotence, especially in myself. Nothing is worse than a person who's incapable of seizing what he most desires Brick (21) When someone says something negative about my family Brinley (15) Suffering that leads to violence and crime Bri Toro Intolerance, Small-mindedness, Blind Patriotism, Dogma Britta Bandit (30) self-righeous people, ignorance Brittany (25) The repetitiveness of it all Brittany Crow (28) when I say something offensive Brittney Miller (20) My own worst qualitites brns meanness greed broad (45) my biggest faults Brock Schwarzkopf (29) being rushed Bron Blackwell (37) My selfishness Brooke Everything in my mind that holds me back Brooke Time sinks, wasteful conversation, feeling so uncomfortable so I can't portray my true thoughts. Bruce Bennett (20) Unfairness in all men and women including myself, but who is to define what is fair and not. Brutus (20) Patience Bryan (24) Fools, those that simply don't understand Bryan Etem (27) Myself and that this is how I respond this question. Bryan R. (21) Cancer Bryn (23) Hypocrisy Brynlea (17) Rudeness Brynn (39) My inability to stand up for what I believe in Brynn (18) Anxiety, fear of failure Brynn Being spineless Brynn Woods -Protagonist (21) my worst qualities Bryon Springer (25) vegetables Bubbles (52) exploitation of any sort bubby (43) Lies Buck Richardson (34) people who are pricks buckyballs (35) Dishonesty Buddy (34) cruelty to animals and selfishness bug My own worse qualities Bugsy Any inconsideration of others, ranging from cruelty to animals to dismissal of human persons Bulldozer (50) people to cannot reason, and believe that their world views are the only ones worth having bunny Intellectual sloth Burella (61) my own worst qualities Burke (47) The possibility of the end of my existence Burnable_Material_Here (18) indecision BusyMinds THE POWER SOME HOLD OVER THE FREEDOM OF OTHERS....ALL FORMS OF FREEDOM THAT ARE EXTINGUISHED BY THE POWER OF THE FEW! BUTTERFLY (41) hypocrisy,partiality. butunn (19) Useless crowd Byriver Bloke (24) Ignorance and judgement BZ Hypocrisy C two sidedness c (21) naiveness C (14) Dishonesty, lack of control and negative energy C (20) The unknown Cabrales (18) laziness cacharel (37) People who don't know when to give up, or when to keep going. Cade (15) Posessions and large cars Caidy (54) Ignorance Cailey Sadness Caio (18) Failure and loss of hope Caitlin (19) Having to get up early when I'm still sleepy. Caitlin (21) being fat cakes (41) Apathy; a lack of strong feelings, betraying one's own viewpoint. Cal (20) My loneliness. Calla (16) my inability to say no to men that I am attracted to Callie Owens (27) Arrogance, self-absorption and the inability to empathise Calvin (31) Lack of trying Cam (23) My own sense of complaceny Cameron Harvey (26) That im unable to keep my friendships last for long... Cami (14) the behavior of liars, lying, conmen... any falseness... I want to believe off the bat... Camille (52) People and questionnaires Cammi (32) Liars and thieves. Candice (23) myself when I accept less than I know to be possible. Candlewycke Snakes Candy Giving up Cannon (33) Negativity Captain Crunch cats Carissa - Casey violence, Carla (26) capitalism carlajwms (49) Being in this miserable World Carla Tate (19) Dishonesty, unkindness, immorality Carlie (24) Cruelty, pain, loud noises Carlisle Somehow, lies. Carlo (26) The ordinary and mundane Carlos A. (24) When Krista gets mad at me Carlota (16) Loneliness Carly (19) Dishonesty Carly C (27) liars and people who are jeleous Carol stupidity and selfishness Carol (60) injustice carolina (23) Arrogance. Caroline (38) Being wrong Caroline (25) loud piercing noises and voices Caroline (33) Failure Caroline Davis (19) washing the dishes Carol Lacoss (62) My own abjection. Carolyn (18) people who complain when they can do something about it Carolyn (39) when people throw fits Carrie waiting for someday Carrie (44) errors, bad decisions, lack of communication, lies, masks to hide what`s really inside ....all my own mistakes and what not cartike Selfishness Cas (25) Arrogance and narcissism Casey (36) Liars Cass (20) Nothing, there is always something I like. Cassadra (8) arrogance Cassandra Spencer (28) Disrespect Cassandra Watkins (21) Ignorance Cassi Cats, some people Cassidy Boredom! Boredom! Boredom! And those awful poets who only sing love... Cassie (16) The Royals of Trei Aser. Cast (17) My own worst qualities; indifference; extreme hatred and intolerance fueled by religion; homophobia Cat (36) Ignorance, Intollerance and Racism Cat (24) Selfishness Cat (26) Hypocrites Cat pedophiles and rapists cat (20) lying, being lyied Catalina (44) La mala educación. Catalina Jiménez Correa (27) the destruction of the world Cate (23) My cynicism, ignorant people Cate (33) Jealousy Catelline (26) I hate drama, being stereotyped Catharina (22) Feeling constricted Catherine when I finish a book Catherine (33) The general inability to think beyond surfaces. Catherine Jean Laziness Catherine Mitchell Neediness Cathlow Harmon (50) Disrespect Catlin Benjamin the crevice between speaking your truth and drama Cat Podd (37) green peas Catrice (37) People who are mean and can't see the light of life. Catrina (15) my own worst qualities Cattie Chong (26) callousness CAVCAV (26) Vindictiveness Cavit Anıl Buram (28) Failing to live up to one's potential CC (18) fakeness CC (22) the occasional spells of lazyness ccchnl vulgarity and fraud cdl (35) Frankness Cee Cee (17) Summer. No AC. Celeste (32) Many things. Celia (15) Myself Celline Marge (18) the lack of courtesy cenire (25) Being impatient. cerisetea (34) filth Cestmoi People who don't drink and don't smoke. C face. (22) My laziness and people's willingness to be ignorant cfm (37) Gluttony Cfreedman (38) Disdain ch losing Chancelor C.J. King (19) Indecisiveness Chandra Alexander (24) Liars Channon (45) Having to wait Channy (19) The filthy, overwhelming light. I can't breathe if I can't find refuge from it. I despise it most when it's built upon their fallen foes. While dark elves aren't honorable, at least we don't glorify ourselves with the blood we spill. We survive, that's all Chanter (24) The simplicity of faith Chari (21) Dishonest, Rude people Charleigh Quiters Charlene (17) Automata or anything that resembles a sentient being Charlene (18) Presumption Charles Au Lavoie Lack of respect expressed in word and deed. CharlesB (48) constant pain Charles Davis (60) Lying that leads to the death of others. Greed in any form. Charles L Davis Jr (51) Takers Charles Pybus (61) Being caged, treated and studied like animals. Charlie Fry (36) maliciousness, rudeness, myself the morning after alcohol charlotte (29) People who hinder their own goals Charlotte (18) Boredom, the desire for ignorance, and corruption Charlotte H. (23) Fear Charly Mariaan (49) Ugly clothes or makeup Charmaine (25) hatred, bigotry , ignorance charosa (20) Pretentious people Chary Silva (22) laziness Chauncey Character (29) me chay (40) Fakeness, Pretense Cheche (40) my own worst qualities cheeky (26) Vicious small mindedness Cheemargh (36) my defenceivness chele lack of common sense chelle (47) Commercials, red lights, pumping gas, people that worry more about tye business of others than their own. Chelsea (21) Those who think they are entitled to my kindness. Chelsea (23) liars Chelsea (28) Ignorance. Defensiveness about my personal beliefs. Too much at once. Being too lonely. Chelsea Smith (24) Dishonesty, ignorance, and pride Chelsea Whiting (26) Dishonesty Cheri D. liars, entitlement, inability to recognize ones own faults Cherie (40) People who lie Cherina Entena (21) The fact that I dislkie many things Cherish Robinson (21) My limitations Cherlyn (40) Discomfort. cherry (16) a bug in my drink Cherub (30) stubbornness Cheryl (38) somebody not caring Cheryl Envy Cheryl Barnette (59) Self doubt Cheshire (22) my impatience, pettiness chetana Injustice Chi fear chi-chi pain Chickpea (31) Liars Chico (46) My challenged qualities Chief (57) Political machinations ChiefJ42 (44) cruelty chiklitz76 (39) I ignore reality. Child (8) confined to my own self Chili (17) ignorance and violance Chinita (34) my own bad qualities chinnu (20) Not keeping permanant friends Chinnu (38) quitters and people who back down from fights Chip Griphix (35) Hypocrisy. Chiu Jing Hua (17) ignorance chloe (21) That tard with whom I live with. Chloe (17) Diregard for a person's feelings Chocolate Bunny (32) Saying goodbye to good people; unfairness Chonda People who take themselves too seriously and people who think highly of themselves Choraven (32) Negative memory. Chris (16) Ignorance Chris My own faults. Chris (19) My laziness chris (24) Contempt Chris Glass (39) Failure, ignorance, stupidity, bigotry Chris S. laziness Christa (27) Ignorance Christabelle (29) wet feet, cold showers and people who consider their own outlook on life to be something every person should live by rather than what it is - a personal opinion. Christian (44) Stupidity Christian Boyanov (24) Racism, sexism, lying Christian Soldier (33) Those who hold me back from my dreams Christina (26) Anything similar to anger, lies, jealousy, lack of compassion and so forth Christina Caceres (26) Lies. Malevolence. Arrogance. Entitlement. Christina Kronberg (23) Fear mongering, blind stupid hatred Christina Tounzen Irresponsibility. People refusing to take responsibility for their actions. Christina X. (37) liars christine (18) Liars and the Boston Celtics. Christobel (17) Lack of sympathy towards other people, snobbiness, and misogynists Christobel in College (18) this self. Christopher (24) Myself. Christopher Blaum (37) Yellow and Brown Christopher Boone My worst qualities Christopher James Stagg (16) Ignorance and intolerance Christopher M. (31) Myself. Christopher Mitchell (17) bugs Christopher Ross (23) Duplicity Christopher Sloce (26) The pain of a short life christy (44) the worst qualities in Man Christy Turner (50) Dishonesty Christy Turner (50) injustice Chuck (43) My own faults and weaks and things that bother but me but I can't change Chunky Lover People who try to force their beliefs on me Ciara (24) Myself Ciara (22) Someone being unwilling to learn Ciera (16) Lies Cilie (50) Evilness. Cindy i can't afford health insurance cindy (50) Drama Cindy (24) Being kept from my goals Cindy (22) hyprocisy Cindy (50) my depression CindyLu (58) Hatred, intolerance, and those who make actions in the name of it Cissa Fireheart (32) My own weakness. And ...stupidity, ignorancy, defiance. Ciucan (18) intolerance cizz rigidity CJN (21) When a person doesn't see what's right in front of them. Claire Drinking and gambling. I hate when people get drunk, abusive and reckless, and waste the money I've struggled to save. Claire (32) Selfishness. I cannot abide it, even at twilight. Claire Bartholomew (16) Where I live. Claire Cullen (49) Bullies. ClaireW (65) My worst qualities in others Clancy total darkness and champignons. Clara (20) injustice Clara My weaknesses, and annoying people. Clarence (17) Apathy Clarissa (18) Cowardness Clarisse Johnson (24) When people assume that everyone is just like them Clark Langridge (32) Ignorance and hatred Clau Myself Claude (21) lies Claudia (36) Clay Douglass: Proust: My own worst qualities Clay Douglass (34) fakeness clazza mgee my depressions Clelia Beatriz Valdez (22) nasty things Cleo (17) myself. clockwork (34) vanity cm (57) cowardice and lying cobweb (24) Stupidity CockneyKnight (48) dishonesty for its own sake, mean-spiritedness, crudeness, loudness Coco (31) myself Coco (19) Dishonesty CocoPuff2016 (44) Narrowmindedness and racism codered (18) bugs Cody (25) Ennui and Intolerance Cody Gould (17) Pathological liars and sociopaths Col (41) Drama Cole (37) Rude people, poverty Colin (39) Ignorance. Colin (22) lies and pitiful silence Colorful (28) Taking my medicine, but then my dad always forces me to take it somehow. He is tricky. Colton (27) greed comnomnomor (15) Two faced people Connie lies Connie (24) My own sin. Connor Waste or misuse of knowledge Connor (16) Intolerance Connor Taylor (19) rudeness and loud noises constanceeee (19) Stupidity Constantin (32) My own insecurities Consuela duplicity Cookie dishonesty cookie cruelty, injstice cookie (51) Dishonesty and jealousy CookieFantastic (46) weakness Cooper (16) meaningless questions and conversation Cora (26) I agree Cora (39) My daughter's shame... Cora Henley (15) Not doing well on tests Core (25) People who don't care about the environment or other people at all. Corey my own worst qualities and liars corinne I'm annoying Cory (22) Selfish people, closed-mindedness Courtney Loughlin (Courtney Loughlin) repetitive noises cpaters1 (26) Intolerance cr Weakness Craig (35) Weak people, how my life has turned out. Craig (8) Shallowness in other people. People who pretend to be a friend but in the end of the day don't care and always look for someone better. Craig Suga Biles (22) Politics Crimson (60) liars cris My own guilt. Cris Cheating and lying Cris mean and rude people Crisfe (31) Liars and germs. Crishna Murray (42) liars Crishna Murray (43) Lazyness Cristi Dishonesty and trickery, and failure. Crystal (17) Bigotry, Selfishness, close-minded people. Crystal (32) things that are false Crystal (22) My mother's attitude. Crystal (34) Unusal change. Crystal (35) Bad decisions people make csheehan (17) Close-minded people CStoney (47) Intollerance cuchi (40) Messy things. Gossip centric people. Cucks My flaws and when I see them in others cucu (26) Lies cvelez (64) Those who cannot communicate on a regular basis their true feelings on what ever may be at hand. cweekly ignorance d0701 (29) My own worst qualities D Being depressed D (32) Judgemental & prejudice people Dachary (23) Cruelty for the sake of cruelty. DAD Dislike is okay...hate is not nice. I dislike cold macaroni and cheese...oh, and stale Doritos Dad (42) Fools Daffy Sue Esposito (60) Being overlooked/mistreated/not being understood Daisy (27) ignorance Daisy (17) fear Daisy To be let down Dakota Swaveman (18) Diseases and aging D_Alex (46) other people... dA member: sonicbutterfly (17) Stubbornness Damien TC (36) Belligerent Ignorance Dan (29) lies Dan fakeness and unreal empathy Dan (20) dishonesty Dan (39) fake people dan n/a Dan (51) Being surrounded by so many people at one time Danae (17) Myself D Anderson (42) Enemies Danger (16) Entitlement, bravado, false bravado, and disingenuousness of character. Dani (31) lonlieness Dani (19) The perpetuity of stupidity Daniel (16) Other peoples worst qualitys Daniel Below misunderstanding Danieldidit (24) Negativity Daniella (27) I truly despise liars, hypocrites, and back stabbers. Daniella (28) Ignorance. Danielle (15) My own imperfections Danielle (35) rude people DanielleKeith (19) The state of society. Daniel Molina (20) Those who pose as great men or leaders, but are only criminals or low life Daniel Stephens (Character Sketch) (22) my worst qualities daniiii (18) People that don't mind their own business Danine (48) Liars and those who use others to get ahead. Liars and Users. DaniStory (29) Poor drivers Danny (25) Lies Daph (45) Onions and raw tomatoes. Darbio (16) rude people Darcy (20) No internet connection Darcy Impatience Darcy (54) hubris, injustice dareman (64) my own worst qualities dario (21) Liars Darlene (29) Betrayal...dishonesty. Darnell inconsiderate humans DashEloise (32) My current job! Dave Cresswell (46) pain DaveG (39) Bigotry Dave Whitaker (40) Smoking Davey (18) my own worst qualities both in myself and in others DaveyD (24) At the moment, myself. If others are out to get me, I can only imagine the type of person I am. Davian (alias) (32) Human Nature, and its manifestation in myself, and others. David (19) Noah Ouimet David (10) my own excesses David (63) My own lies and deceits David (24) hypocrisy David (51) mediocre thinking and common david baiguera (35) Racism. Colorism. Extremism. Prejudices, in general. David Dean (35) Selfishness David Del Aguila Osollo ignorance and lack of acting upon what people are ignorant of David E.J.A Bennett (29) The rejection of personal growth David K (46) Hate David King (23) Superficiality in all its many manifestations. You might also call it Meanness or Ugliness. David ROWE (42) Stupidity David Sergio Cisneros Ardura (46) People who refuse to accept there may be another side to anything. Ignorance! David Thomas (60) Lack of comprehension, and besides that, my own mistakes. David Timme (19) The negative qualities of myself, that have yet to change or I am unaware of David Wommack (19) Hatred. Davie (16) ignorance and cruelty to animals dawn (40) Liars, cheaters Dawn Robinette (51) Men who are violent against women Dawson I have a long list of things I don't like about myself. Daxion Mr. Dax Johnson (29) big egos, bugs, rudeness, labels, discrimination Daydreamer (18) Liars, Bigots, and superficial people along with masking cruelty with religion Daydreamer (63) Liars, Bigots, and superficial people along with masking cruelty with religion Daydreamer (63) 99% of television dbrown (24) dishonesty and disrespect dcsnowbunny (25) stupidity Dd (43) What Proust said, my own worst qualities. DD (16) Our mortality. DDG9000 (25) Small people Dea (40) Strong gusty cold relentless wind. Unkind people. My middle name. Bridal showers/teas. D. E. Alvis (58) Pretension Dean (17) My own current plight DeAndre Beck (20) Bugs! Deanie Pitty DeAnna Alexander (35) Vanity, loss of self control, controlling people Deanna Sanders (44) People looking down on me Deathwalker My worst qualities; the fact that I have trouble letting things go like people I love and don't love me back Deb (37) fake people Debbie (56) Self realization Debbie (45) People who are total hipocrits. Debby Creech-West (43) Laziness Deborah Faciane (21) flattery Deborah S. Wilson (56) Laziness Debster (48) Pitifulness Declan Cohen (35) Cheaters De-De (36) Stupidity Dee (24) not being the best at something Dee (19) Being forced to live as someone else sees fit for me. Dee Hope Defeat and Doubt (antagonist) Disobedience Delia Nidhogg dishonesty Delia Webster (80) Uncertainty, weakness of heart-mine delice_ok (21) Ego Della Cassia Topouzian (Della Cassia Topouzian) My inability to see through fakeness Denine (24) boring people Denise 1 I agree with Proust, my own worst qualities. Dennis (61) When my internet is not working. GAH! Dennis Theodore (37) Misery. denny (23) My own flaws Denny My weaknesses Densio (25) willful ignorance, obnoxiousness, dishonesty Derek (20) liars, clingy chics, & being stuck in the penalty box Derek Ambrose (22) Incompetence Detective. Jones me devanand Shitty people... Devon (18) Those who hurt others intentionally and those who choose to live in misery. Devon Lisenby (20) disrespect Dev Tucker (17) my negative traits Devu (22) Thieves Dez Evil Dezirae18 People that are not polite DH (39) rude to others just because can diana (52) disrespect, lack of discretion Diana (52) Hypocrisy, fear Diana (20) I dislike very much spiders and people that think they know everything about me Diana (15) negative people Diana Those who cannot follow direction. Diana Procrasinators, Liars, Disloyalty, Disrespect, anyone that brings harm to children Diana Thomas - English Thursday 6pm (38) Sanctimonious thought and stupidity that just keeps talking Diane (53) Liars Diane Stanfield (79) My current wife Dick Esposito Satan and devils dida (14) Believe you knows me. Diego Miguel Danura Puyó (30) Myself Dietgingerale When I go against what I know I should do Dilip C Louis (32) seafood Dilynne (28) My fear, chosen ignorance. Dimitar Atanasov (25) Being afraid. Dindin (20) Weakness Dino (18) corruptibility of truth Dioji Lazy people. dionysis_dt (24) cowards and bullies in any shape and form Dirk Radman (35) People hurting animals. Dirty Jean (86) Any violation of the Golden Rule. Dixon Wragg arrogance Dj Myself dlew919 (40) What he said. And injustice. dmca (38) arrogance Doc55 (55) My own worst qualities Dolna (39) Betrayal Dolores Nabokov (26) ssssssssss Dom My personal defects. Dominic (17) Myself Dominick (23) People Dominick Miller (19) Poets Dominick Miller (20) My own failings. Dominick Miller (21) people that are mean to animals Dominique I do not like my animal qualities which control my tongue and my genitals. Dominique Dishonesty DonAli (33) My weaknesses donkeys4eva (20) hypocrites especially the so-called "religious" ones Donna Falksen (69) Nouveau riche, shallow people, donna obrien (54) I can't fucking stand degenerates. Doob Doggo (21) dishonesty, cowardice doodledoo12345 ignorance Dori (23) Seemingly unsolvable problems Doris (19) war dorothy6@aol.com (50) my skin color Doryan (30) pesimismo Dothzilla (33) people who don't measure up to their abilities Doubting Divorcee people with exceptional poker faces....more accurately, my inability to read them. Doug (30) Douchebags and cunts Doug!! Intolerance on my part and in others. Doug Lambert (65) Shyness. Douglis (44) Stupidity Douni capitalism downtime (63) liar, people who dont listen, people who dont want to try Dracontomelum (30) Lies Dragana (22) Pain. Dragontongue (22) The desperateness the human heart at times Dre (17) ignorance Drea (28) People in general (with some rare and notable exceptions) Dreamboat Annie dishonesty, lack of freedom DreamBrother (27) entropy Dreda (23) myself Drella (26) War Drew (26) My own weaknesses drift Vacuity Dr. Isaac Busafalus (53) unnecessary roughness toward an unworthy adversary, bullying Dr. J (76) cruelty for cruelty's sake Dr. Lauren Ashe cockiness Dr. Shelby Cruze - protagonist Cruelty. Dru (24) Institutionalized idiocy. Drucar (45) Depravity dryskel (28) hate ds (45) Me, at times. Others, at other times , but worst of all are the bankers' lackeys. D.S.de.P.Ramos Drama DSo (47) My flaws that I hate to admit that I have. Dude (49) cheaters and liars duke (18) When I lose a friend and it's clearly my fault. Duncan Passell (17) banquet job dustxii (22) lies Dutchess anyone who goes against my wishes Dutchess Degenerates. I detest scum Dvach (18) My own worst qualities D.X (22) My beloved's problems Dylan (17) Every day I wake up Dylan Adams (25) Myself and most people E (34) My worst qualities E poverty e (28) My own weakness. E (20) Jealousy E (18) greed and xenophobia eagleclaw (35) People's infectious hate and my reflective repsonses: More so inabality to love E.A. Latham (25) narrow-mindedness, bullying of any kind, and hard-headedness. EAR (19) my humanity Earth Speck (30) Intolérant people Eau (45) Failure Ed (30) my mental illness ed ignorance, intolerance, unkindness, unhelpfulness, eddiboy Laziness of thought. Eddie (48) How I treat my son Eddie (12) Leggings as pants Eden (19) My self-centredness Edgar Roberts (15) boredom. Edie (26) My own worst qualities Edmond Dantes (26) Hypocrisy, delusion and getting that Asian red face after one sip of beer. Edouard (41) loneliness Eduardo (19) tomatoes EduGri (53) Phoniness Edward (54) arguing Edward Payne (44) idleness, rudeness, un-thoughtfulness, over consumption, vanity, someone full of their own virtue Effie (34) Spiders, insects, guilt, being a coward, my hegelian negativity, my emptiness, my inability to act and to dare, the lack of creativity, one's narcissism and stupidity, fear efha (23) myself ehk2 (30) As proust said, my own worst qualities. Eiichi (16) a liar Eilfa (28) People who stand in my way Eithiel (32) aggression EJ (29) Phoniness E.Jay (21) guilt, anxiety, stupid women, sexist men ejb (22) Hypocrisy El (23) Cruelty, Ignorance el3vat0r Ignorance --it happens to be a part of me elay (21) those who cannot keep their word elay (23) those who cannot keep their word elay (24) stupidity eldar (25) caring about what others think too much Eleanor (14) Stupidity, ignorance Electryo (15) People who don't reach my expectations (and I'm no exception) Elena τα ματια μου ελενη (33) Inequity Elena Arrogance, envy, jealousy, greed, domination. Elena Di Cesare sometimes myself eleni (18) Negativity Elexia (19) ignorance Elexis (18) My lack of motivation Eli (16) Ignorance, backward thinking, hate, intolorence and Michael Bay, with more creators who suck and are stupid. Elias (22) Those things about myself or the world I think or know I cannot change. Eliaz McMillan (33) my temper eliciabg (23) Being stinky Elie (16) bad people Elin (47) Mean people Elisa (28) My worst qualities Elisabeth (22) Anyone who is not responsible Elisabeth Carver Dishonourable people Elissa (22) Greed and stupidity. Elizabeth Selfishness. The unconscious self-absorption of the spoiled child is maddening, but worse are the people who KNOW others have feelings, and deliberately disregard them. Elizabeth (25) Arrogance. Elizabeth (15) Lies Elizabeth people who are rude and or mean Elizabeth Disease and doctors who won't treat sick patients. Elizabeth Diane Shaffer (0) Disease and doctors who won't treat sick patients or who poke their finger in the back of a child and say, "What do you want me to do about this?" Elizabeth Diane Shaffer (0) Pretensious fucks (fuck you Proust) Ell (23) arguing Ella P. (14) a closed mind ElleKay Selfishness Ellen (48) Ignorance Ellen Bigotry Ellen B Smiley (29) Hangnails Ellen Fitzpatrick (61) Death Ellie (25) Lying Ellie My recurring inability to stay in control. Ellie_Estrella (19) ignorance Ellie Wilson (15) Boredom. Elliot My self Elliott (28) Not fulfilling my own expectations. Elliott Hemp (23) Very bad smells elSigno (37) Unpatience Ely (23) ignorance Elyse (20) Binary file Em_1425616956.html matches Binary file Em_1425616956.html matches Hate and crime Em BS. Lies. Ema (18) Being aware of the person I could've have become if the circumstances were different. Ember Winters (16) Lies emdonnelly7 She is too nice. emdonnelly7 waiting Eme (18) My unforgiving ways towards people who hurt me or my family. Emilee (27) Those who know not of sacrifice, whom take everything they have for granted. Emilee Nightshade (19) Conformism to social conventions. Emilia Blancarte Jaber unkindness Emilie (23) I am going to steal this one from Proust "My own worst qualities" Emilina (27) fanatism emilio (28) Nonchalance, shallowness and my phobias Emillia (16) Aspects of myself. Emily (19) anything that holds one back from doing what they should. apathy. Emily (24) Being talked down to Emily (22) Dishonesty, cowardess Emily (32) everything right now Emilyann (22) Cowardice and callousness Emily Carter (37) self-seriousness Emily Clark (25) Dishonesty, treating someone mean for no reason. Emily Massey Currie (47) My scars Emily Thomas (23) Ignorance Emily Worrell (33) ignorance and cruelty Emma (20) inconsequence. emma (18) death Emma (20) seeing my children working in dangerous conditions Emma (34) not being able to achieve all that I aspire to emma (20) Not having attention Emma (25) Myself, right now at least Emma Burns (28) CAN'T GO HOME EMMA MAY GREEN (14) Not being able to forgive myself for my actions. People who take pride on hurting others. Emma Snow (16) My inability to choose, indecisiveness Emma Verbeck Lack of direction Emme (21) a lack of humanity Emmy Heroes and animal cruelty. Also not a huge fan of magic. Emperor Aisel Fei Shiang (18) Duties Empyrean (17) Closed-mindness encolpio8 (22) my over protective affection I possess towards my most beloved younger sister Endimion all the things I like endor Myself frequently, rude drivers, and mean people. ENEgck (56) Crowds, Invasiveness Engel (48) Hatred Enis Lack of thought, lack of love Eno A. Agolli (15) Silence. Pure silence. Enrique (21) Sameness. Eric (15) my shortcomings Eric (40) Rudeness, snobbery, death, cruelty to innocents Eric (37) Hedonism. Eric (19) alot of things Erica apahty Erica (25) Arrogance Erica (65) Threats Erica Johnson (21) Apathy Eric C. Wolfe (28) dishonesty Erich (20) The stupid things that people say, laziness. Erich (19) A lack of education and the maturity to at least accept that Erict7 Myself , when I am an asshole Erik (25) My worst qualities Erik Isaac (19) People who offend for their own measures Erik Price (18) Negativity and bad fashion sense. Erin (27) Liars Erin (53) Lies Erin (30) judgment Erin (20) Myself. Erin Wasting time Erin (46) My weaknesses Erin (31) Summer. No AC. Erskine (35) Envy from both others and me. Dishonesty. ERZ (1) My own worst qualities, and bad drivers. esayer (35) Being helpless Escalus (22) Disinterest. Escapism (19) My own worst qualities Esmé (18) Bluntness , bad manners Esmee fidelius (54) discrimination, bigotry ESMERELDA (50) The oppressive economic system Estacia Hernandez (37) probably myself and close-mided people esteban (29) Lies Esteban (23) my fears estrella blanca my own worst qualities and arrogance in others Et (32) Fake laughter. Et Cetera (22) Indifferent cruelty Etha (26) creating solely for the internet ethan (20) The dark Ethan Mayatt (25) How finite life is. Eureka (16) false friends Euzinha_ds (20) People that disagree with me, and win. Eva (23) Impoliteness Eva (16) Ignorance Eva everyone evan ass hatch (18) I'll go with Proust. My own defects. And suffering in any form Evanna (18) Dirty bathrooms and dirty kitchens Evie (22) unjustified evilness and all other forms of communism evilwonders (28) Hatred evren (16) Myself Ezra (20) Lying FAA awkwardness FAC (25) My own worst qualities facio (19) my body, the fact that boys don't like me Faith (17) My own worst qualities fallen (24) ostentatious, loud, boastful people. chaotic environments. black and white mentality. fang (30) Violence combined with real hatred Fanourios (40) my own worst qualities farfalla (30) People who reflect my own worst faults. fatgaynig (20) My own worst qualities Fatima (19) The monster inside me Fatima (26) unable to acomplish my goals fat man (33) Failure Fawna (19) hearing the words "can't" and "Impossible Fay (22) Being let down. Faye (34) People who don't read feanix (20) My inadequacies Fern (25) Seeing nothing done when something could have been done to prevent Fernando (31) Being overlooked Fernando (31) Bad manners Ferroever (43) Sitting on a cubicle for hours without being able to do anything enjoyable. fersfumero (28) Bigotry, mysogyny FeydRautha (46) evil, meanness, cruelty Feysweetie (43) My bad qualities fhickey (22) My faults Fields (19) My insecurities Fielirious (34) bananas filinia (22) Self-deception. final fashion (33) Finnegan. He distracts me from my purpose. Finnegan (17) That which robs the world of beauty! Finnegan Magondolovich (Long Story...) Senseless violonce Finokio (38) Hypocrisy fk2005 (34) Stupidity, which encompasses many things. FlameHorse (28) Ignorance. Flantasy Girl (25) Myself. flavia (13) fear Flo boorish people Flora (69) My selfishness. Florin-Alexandru Brănescu (16) My own dark places Flower (39) burned pasta. Floyd Liars FlyinMonki (27) corpulence ForePlinger Same as Proust ForSavvy Too often, myself Fran (33) i agreee....i most dislike my weakness and flaws Francesca (29) lies, dishonesty, disengenious francesca (49) feeling overwhelmed Francesca Dishonesty Francis (18) dum people by personal choice Francisca Bastos (17) arrogance, pedantry Francisco Aguirre (23) Greed without empathy Francisco Javier Gil Vidal (54) There's nobody my age to play with. Francis Graham (9) politics. money. frank (57) Leaving early Frank (27) Feeling inept or disrespected Frankie (23) Gratuitous sadism FrankieSmash (49) This is the same question you asked me before. You just worded it differently. I'm going to give the same answer. For a person who needs something and is presented what the person needs and he or she not taking advantage of the opportunity Franklin Frank Anglin (32) Unrepentant hypocrisy Frank Nekrasz (25) Someone who cannot see the plight of others, especially if that someone is me. fred (16) My insecurities Freda (61) Cruelty Friedrich Mueller (57) Dishonesty posing as virtue Fritha Grey Persecution Fritz (12) how finances play a role in how our dreams come about - stalling them, mostly. furies (27) Sweet potatoes, stress, feeling out of control FYS13Alec (18) ground meats FYS13Amanda (18) I dislike being unorganized and flustered. FYS13Andrew Beetles FYS13Bella tedious self involved drones FYS13DRJ My own insecurities with myself and the world around me. FYS13Michaela (18) confrontation FYS13Savannah Henry (18) Failure FYS13Tyler (19) Ignorant people. FYS14Caleb (22) My inability to stay focused on my most important goal. FYS14Carrie people touching my stuff without asking me FYS14Darling (18) I hate lies, I hate judgment, I hate hate. FYS14Erica (19) tedium and rudness FYS14julie my lack of confidence. FYS14Kelle (20) failed relationships and flaws within myself FYS14Landon (18) People who are two-faced FYS14Sam (19) The willingness of the spirit that is oppressed by the weakness of the flesh FYS14Serenity (19) My lack of will. FYS14Skylar being lied to and taken advantage of FYS14Taylor failing FYS14Timesha My roomate FYS14Zachary Racism FYS breont (19) People who betray their loved ones FYSHeath (18) Cockiness. FYSMichael (18) g g Pessimism hidden in hypocrisy G. (23) lies Gab (19) Stupidity and ignorance Gabe (31) uncertainty Gabi When i feel powerless and weak Gabriel (28) my worst qualities Gabriela (18) people that are ungreatful Gabriela Coelho Mesquita Teixeira Borges (26) Immaturity, dishonesty and lack of sympathy. Gabriel Gonzalez (26) Responsibilities Gabriella (17) Bad food and arrogance Gabrielle Not knowing Gabrielle Hart (20) my own wort qualities in someone else Gail (44) cruelty Gail Flaherty Any of my mistakes that cause inconvenience, harm or discomfort to others. Gainer (52) that no one listens to me Gaios (19) death Gait (17) cruelty, selfishness and ignorance. Galareh (23) A resisting victim when I'm trying to eat Gamba Ajani Same GarbagePailGrrrl (27) The things I wish I could change about myself. Garrett (19) Failure Gary H arrogance gatetam (38) Evil people Gator Krazy Dave Closed minds, superiority, willful ignorance, and indifference or inconsideration of your fellow man. Gean Whitehead III (20) Failure. Hypocrisy. Dishonesty Gemn Failure. Hypocrisy. Dishonesty Gemn waste Gene (51) Religion Gene (24) I do not have much that I dislike. If I had to choose something, it would be the limits to my capabilities. General Obsidian de Veyra Weakness and foolishness Genevie Willful ignorance. Genevieve (22) Those who abuse opportunity and privilege. Genevieve (15) Violence, blood Genevieve (17) Megalomaiacs. Genie (65) cruelty Genie (58) My own faults yes. Geo (20) Donald Geo (57) Things in myself I cant change, things in the world I can't change, things in the past I cant change George Disloyalty. George Mile (35) People who are capricious or disloyal; people who brown-nose and bullshit George Owers (21) Meanness Georgia (14) hypocrisy, dishonesty Georgia (53) When bad things happen to good people Georgia (16) rudeness Georgie manipulation gg Intentional ignorance ghazaleh (27) Being my own worst enemy Ghyles (31) my laziness Ghyles (31) Deprivation Gia (21) lazy, whiny people Gianne (21) Betrayal and dishonesty Giannico (40) Weakness Gideon (30) Ignorance, aggression and violence Gillian Martin (40) Irresponsibility, sadness, narrow-mindedness, shiitake mushrooms, missing part of the movie, wet socks Gina (19) Mistrials of justice Gina (30) liver Ginger Thompson (50) My faults Ginny (47) Broken promises/oaths. Tardiness. Gionna (28) Stupidity Giorgia The taste of seafood in my mouth while I use Internet Explorer as Nickleback plays in the background Girl You Too Rude that i find things to dislike. Giselle (18) The idea of being complacent. Gjabrielle My weaknesses Gladys Mae Whitaker Feeling rushed and overwhelmed Glenn Parker (24) liars Glen Reeves (37) racism Gloria (59) Exclusion GMcG Lack of discipline goblin64 (45) Ignorance Godfrey (19) Parent conferences GoGo Patty (46) stupidity Golden Boy (20) Fast food, jet skis and people who are fond of them. Gonzalo myself goose (20) big liars goukrish (19) people who are fake GP (39) unchecked hedonism GPB (37) Ignorance Grace (30) working in the mills Grace (12) Being abandoned emotionally and physically. Disingenuous behavior. Tell me the truth no matter how much it hurts because I can deal with that better than always being left to wonder. Grace (28) People who offend me and others Grace A. (15) Losing. I am a sore loser! Grace Cooper (20) Apathy and hatred gracehoppin (23) being disappointed Gracie (22) hatred, bigotry, evil Gracie Campbell (23) hateful and disrespectful people Granny (81) Ignorance, or worse yet, people who are content with their ignorance. Grayson Ender (28) Fakeness greatlove (32) ignorance Greg (19) small talk, ambition Greg (24) worrying Greg (17) Delusion Greg my weaknesses Greg (53) Loneliness Greg Lytle (26) poverty, laziness Gregory (30) injustice gretel ARROGANT YOUTH WHO MAKE LIGHT OF THE HORRORS OF WWII. TO THINK THERE ARE THOSE WHO DO NOT EVEN BELIEVE ATROCITIES TOOK PLACE. I LOATH THIS STUPIDITY. GRETTA VAN DEN BOSSCHE - OLBRACHT (86) lie, arrogance gruchi (63) superior stupidity gruffmusic (49) Armenia's anti-development (and Russia's) Gtergab (50) The poor and Mongols Guard (45) Weak, mewling, cowardly people without the mettle to do what needs to be done. Guenther unnecessary hate and ignorance. guiller van mistoffellees (17) Do mundo ao meu redor Gustavo (21) Spiders gutsyaardvark (19) the impulse of most men to compete, all the time, under all circumstances Guy Van Driessche (44) laziness Gwen judgement Gwyneth P. (44) how I am not patient enough Hadasa (19) Envy, jealousy, cockiness Hadja (19) cruelty against those that are too trusting and too naive to protect themselves Hailey (34) capitalism Hakusha Senbon (24) My answer is the same as Proust's here. Hal (18) Liars Hala (34) my own worst qualities Haley (19) rude people Haley (17) misery and poverty and disappointness hamideh (26) Twats Hamlet (30) Sickness, bad weather, lies and unfaith Hana (14) Pride,Ignorance,Self-centerness HandeG. (13) Gossip Hanna (24) As Proust said, "My own worst qualities" Hannah (15) rudeness hannah (25) beans hannah (16) Being rude and disrespectful Hannah A (18) When people hurt myself or others. Hannah Chambers (24) Liars who do not care if they hurt people Hannah Ross (20) Rude people. Hannah Suttles my fucked up mind and it's evil thoughts Hari (21) Knowing that quite often people are hell, and yet my frequent failure to circumvent their central heating apparatus. Harold E. Leighton (37) Sloth. Artifice. Stupidity. Generally those three things bundled together with a thin veil of charity on top. Harold E. Leighton (40) Nyal Harold Oberg Fakeness Harriet (23) That the world doesn't function the way it should Harry (27) Tend to hate my own weaknesses Hassallah (30) people who with negative disposition Hassan (21) Injustice Haven Everest (7) that I'm apart from many of my friends hawaii50 (45) my insecurities Hayley Survey questions that, upon examination, don't actually mean anything. Hayzeus (23) Malapropisms HCE (15) hatred HEATHER (37) Myself Heather Driussi (41) People who lie HeavyFire (16) i'm too hard on myself and i get easily frustrated heider (27) Boredom Heidi mayonnaise. Heidi R. inconsistency Helen (32) My own procrastination Helen (19) Fairytales as a way of life Helena (18) smoking Helena Jenkins (20) liars, selfish people, judgemental people Helen Mattison Wyatt (20) my faults hellgirl (19) Dishonesty Helory (22) stoic, ride, unfriendly people helz bells (41) Lies Hena Riz (34) Waste Henry (46) Ugliness, both physical and spiritual Henry_Z (25) that i am depressed and i know i shouldn't be her (26) that my success came with such a price Herald (71) dishonesty herbertofwestlake (43) My own sense of self inadequacy. My allergy to being successful and self defeat/destcuction. Hern (39) People wallowing in self pity, so blinded that they cannot see how much they can do. Herod (20) being ignorant Hero Solomon (25) Ignorance Hestia (18) liars Hetal (22) wrongful conviction, abuse H, Han-Jan Envy and self-righteousness HHP (41) That there are things I cannot know Him (17) When people don't ever stop complaining HimynameisAlicia (15) Myself, even when I love myself. Hira Yousuf (18) My own faults HKas (28) When someone takes advantage of others HKas Not trying and giving up Hkr (24) lying H. McMillan (33) Hipocresía, H.Nakashima (21) Human stupidity, close-mindness, selfishness hobbes (26) right now.. those beings under the jejemon banner hodouk (22) Stupidity Hoelder1in (51) Bigots. hoffsta lazy and stubborn holden (27) dishonesty Holley (39) Intentional idiocy, unkindness and conformity. holly (17) People who are inconsiderate, dishonest and ilogical. Holly (22) Lying. Kids chomping gum. Holly Avery (32) salads Holly Pajka (28) Waiting to die holyjkms (29) most of the human race Hong Jay Selfishness Hooks liars and Brussels sprouts Horace pluck (54) my past Houston (19) anger howard (34) I most dislike myself ,my own complications. howard (34) The dirt pollution sweat and smells of the city Hrudaya (24) intolerance huck finn (48) Arrogance, lack of compassion, dishonesty, greed Huda (19) arrogance huggybear (29) Being ostracised Hulot Redux Too many things haha Humbugger Omlet (20) Being treated as invisible Hunter (23) selfishness Hurricane Katrina (25) forced to do something i detest Hwee (45) A person who dislikes me Hwiseon Lee (24) the nightmares Hyldami Humanities lack of caring for the world around it Hyosun (25) Debilitating illnesses that accompany aging Hypnos The Blade (46) judgement of others HYS (47) Impatience. The need to be fast at useless things. I My own worst qualities, like Proust. I People who embody the worst qualities of humanity Ian (23) Stupidity Ian (44) Dishonesty ianplanet (47) Tendency to not shut up, despite it being also my favorite thing. Ian Siente my weakness and loneliness, my despair, my fear I Beg (54) Boredom. Iblis Anak (22) Disrespect Icis My fear of me i dont know that i know (17) People who use and abuse others Igor (29) My lack of social grace. Iilyanna The cruelty and evil within human nature. Ika (24) Ignorance, obtusity, small thinking. ile105 (23) Obtusity, ignorance, closed-mindedness, rudeness masked as straight honesty. ile105 (27) Myself Ilija (17) bigotry IM (82) Liars Imajones back stabbers Imee Anyone fool enough to stand in my way . . . it annoys me to no end I.M. (Imam Mahdi) (5) Not taking responsibility for one's actions Incognitus (23) someone who blames others for bad things happening in their life, people who don't take responsibility for their actions India (15) Money Indrė (17) intolerance and negativity Inês (20) i don't really hate things. inez (21) Dishonesty and loud noise, so-called modern music... Inkie (60) People who replicate my own changeable flaws and defects interestedparty laziness i.p. Bullies, those who are unkind Ireland Rose (12) Stupidity Irene (17) High pitched noises Irene (26) when i dislike something in another person instead of accepting their good qualities Iris (18) Dishonest people or people who take advantage of others Iris (22) Disrespectful people Iris Ramsey (32) Bordeom, and wild children, and, wild mums. Isaac (16) hatred Isaac (29) Failures and sycophants Isaac Laziness Isaac Myself. Isabel (19) Dissimulation, hypocrisy Isabela (18) My Stepfather... Isabella Fairchild-Heart (Protagonist) (26) Anger, Spiritual Pressure of Changing the Life Isabelle (26) People that have lost their heart Isadora Duncan (32) Do we really need to discuss such things? Why not ask me something a bit less pessimistic? Isas Self-importance. Isla (21) Braggadocio, and egomania Ismael Santos (20) My lack of self-esteen Isolde (17) Lack of courage. Iva My sickness. Iva Pasztor (20) That I can't help anything else in a great amount due to circumstances. Ivy (10) force myself ivy (25) The doubt that creeps in Ivy (17) Animal cruelty Ivy Morgan (34) Stupid people Izzy (24) Seeing suffering Izzy (17) Being told I can't do something. Izzy (30) meanness j2a18m (43) flat chicks jabbar (23) ignorance Jacie Lin My own worst qualities Jack (14) pettiness jack (30) Betrayal Jack (45) My shortcomings as a mother. Jack (33) When people take away another's right to choice Jack (17) The mystical Jack (18) Emo Jack Goodman (18) Bigotry Jackie Persistancey jackie (40) Tomatoes touching ketchup at any time. Disgusting. Jackie (18) my negative reactions to circumstance Jackie (24) Boredom, Stagnation Jackie Girls who chew gum Jackie Bordeaux (31) My mood Jackie Cavalcante (40) Vegetables, working out Jackie Vega (27) My disregard for my own shortcomings. Jackson8471 (23) Injustice, myopic vision Jackson Fisher (47) Manipulation Jack Viper (29) My own insecurities Jaclyn (22) My need for affection JaclynM (19) Things in myself I cant change, things in the world I can't change, things in the past I cant change Jacob Liars and hypocrites Jacob (16) the girl of my dreams putting herself down or thinking she isn't good enough Jacob Bigotry and oppression. Jacob Richardson (18) Myself. Jacque (24) Hatred. Jacqueline (34) Submission, injustice, cruelty. Jacqueline Garrett (38) People who are fake Jade (17) My insecurities Jade-a-boo (17) evil people Jade Green (30) my insecurities Jadelynn (24) Selfishness. Cruelty. Violence. Jae (18) dishonesty and lies Jafari (33) Stupid people Jaime (18) Racists Jaime (28) Myself at times, others otherwise Jake (17) My laziness and arrogance Jake (21) A person with only a self beneficial motive. Jakelina Hernandez (22) Dishonesty. J.A. Lawrence being where i am supposed to fit in and I don't James (64) myself James (30) Disrespect James (19) Children, but also spineless men James (25) Don't like being asked questions James The gate James Meatloaf James - Dana (15) Weakness James Foley (23) tyranny James Green (29) The unknown James H (27) My own shortcomings. James La Salandra (31) Being the firm's law clerk. If they will give me a chance, I will blow their socks off. James Oliver North (39) Ignorance jameson_welsh (22) The lies told by the Confederation James Wake (50) hangovers, and my indifference, uncertainty, incapacities etc James William Reath (21) hate Jamie (25) Insecurity in myself , hatred in others Jamie (22) men who think they owne everywhere they step, people who disrespect others Jamie (32) discrimanation Jamie (17) My own worst qualities Jamie (32) Being challenged Jamie Ungrateful people Jamie Lynn Pearson (25) humidity Jan a world with out books! Jan (54) Knowing that you have hurt your child by your own actions. Jan (55) My own weaknesses Jan (51) People who disrespect me Jana (22) Inability to defend myself when dealing with people of higher rank Jana (22) people peoples disability to love freely Janae (17) lack of discipline jane (41) incompetence jane (20) unexpected/unplanned physical discomfort. like getting caught in the rain when i'm not dressed for it. jane fakename (25) freshmen