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What natural gift would you most like to possess?

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Confidence, charm, intelligence. 009 (19) adf 1 . , Wit 50ad (17) Perpetual Free-will 513 (00) clarity in mind and the will power to maintain it 6nianji-ZHC (38) Love and the ability to be loved 808s fleet of foot 80cubed (55) A silver tongue A (19) tall, gangly willow-like beauty A Charm A. (27) Confidence A (26) Tolerance and acceptance A. Genius A (26) Patience and self worth AA (23) The gift of funny. aaaaaaa (18) Musical genius AAAKKK The gift of choosing and writing the right words, of creating works of art aag (22) self discipline aallisonr (30) to truly touch and change lives, also to be the best sexual partner ever Aaron (32) Happiness to the point where I can truly enjoy life like I do when I am smoking cannabis Aaron (26) Knowing what's right and what's wrong Aaron (35) A talent for languages Aaron Guy Leroux (37) Charm, confidence, and the ability to stand straight Aarushi Agarwal (13) A sense of humor. Abbie (22) A modicum of artistic talent Abbie Hartley Grace Abby (26) Patience Abby (27) Faith. AbbySF Charm Abegando (28) Sing, I would like to sing. Abigail Harris (10) focus and organizing skills ABP (50) good mood always Abraham (41) Ability to converse easily with strangers. Abs Well oi wud loike ter a go into another creature, tink av al' de stories oi wud learn Acara McFadden (28) ill go with proust, will power and iressitible charm ACH (23) Artistic ability, to paint beautiful pictures. A. Clifford Stowe (81) Telekinesis...though I suppose that's not natural. Let's go for discipline. Acrania (25) Artistic ability Adam (22) infallible confidence Adam (25) Singing voice Adam (20) Charisma Adam (29) Charm, Athleticism adam (16) to be multiplied Adam (38) patience Adam Life would be so much easier for me if I were just upfront with people the first time around. Adam Braner (30) natural charm in social situations, seductive Adam Hyde (26) A photographic memory. Adam McGrory (39) The ability to heal myself Addy (26) drawing adieudusk a better heart Aditya (25) Will power and irresistable charm. Admiral Love (33) Strong Will and leadership qualities Adonia (40) Perfection, fate being with me. Adrian (18) to have faith in something bigger than me Adriana (16) will power Adriana (16) to be gifted in sciences adriana (45) Charm. Adrian Bauza (20) The ability to listen to myself. Adrian Conrad Charm. Adrian George Nicolae (24) greater willpower Adrian Martyn (34) beauty Adrianna (18) to carry out my mission flawlessly AdrianOz (45) I would like to be one of those people who never seem unhappy. Adrian Winters (17) the ability to make anyone laugh anytime Adrienne Wilson (25) Charm and wit Ady (22) acceptance aetilson (41) More ambition afrodite (41) wisdom, painting and verbal artistry a.g. (23) concentration and historical thinking agagagaga (24) Self love Agalloza (23) The gift of courage to be who God intended e to be Agape (38) charisma Agatha Kefali (45) Foolishness. Agent00V (18) being able to explain exactly what l think to other people and being able to lick my elbows! Aggie White Social prowess or a beautiful singing voice A.G. Mata (21) Courage and common sense. Agnes (20) Pure happiness Agneska (20) humor agony (25) ability to make friends easily Agreen (29) Will power. Agu (21) irresistible charm, have a super memory, be able to sell stuff Agustina (27) Beauty and charm A Half Empty Beaker power to destroy ahmad (27) health ahmad (24) Amazing luck Ai (21) movement time Aida (22) Confidence and a voice that sounds normal. Aidan (21) Patience. Aidan Devlin (15) Soon there will be no power that I do not possess Aiden the gift of mathematical reasoning aiko (20) As opposed to artificial gifts? I would just like to not overthink things. To be spontaneous without regretting what I say afterword, or thinking too hard over a question... Ailene charisma and beauty aimée (22) I wish I could write songs and knowing that I'm only human aimee.dawson (21) Singing ability Aisha Milburn (32) Physical attractiveness. A.J. (27) Also, irresistable charm, and wit. AJ (18) charisma and being able to smell like amber Ajam (21) My humour and wit. Ajay (17) physical strength Ajm9511 (21) willpower and outspoken akansha (26) Incredible self control. akanthe (19) Genius and irresistible charm. Akbar Shahzad (20) Willpower Aki Concentration Aks (20) To forgive, wisdom, peace with myself. AKT (35) Instant sleep Al (28) Courage and will power Al (55) disarming good looks and undeniable charisma alabambino (32) Will Power, Charm Alan (58) Intelligence and the will to do whatever I set my mind upon Alan (24) Art. I'm not good at anything artistic. I wish I was Alana (20) the ability to sing Alan Arkin (44) I would like to take a different earthly form so that I can move around from time to time Alannah (43) Read the other's minds AlbaManuela (18) charm Alcaeus (19) understanding Alchemist (45) Dexterity, Charm, and Cleverness/Wit. Alden Lee Klaput (18) The ability to learn and understand any language Aldonza77 (47) Beauty and height. Ale (28) Wit. Alecksi Self-control Aleesha (32) Photographic memory Alejandro Amoretti (28) Irresistible charm alek (20) The ability to instantly see the truth of any situation. Aleksei Kotsov (63) ability to fly and change forms alessa (21) Some hard temper when necessary Alessandro Pian (30) magic Alessio Lucchini (46) The power to heal Aletha Camack Genius. Alex Intuition Alex (22) The ability to know when to shut up Alex (17) wisdom alex (38) confidence alex (23) Social ease Alex (21) Not needing emotional support from others to feel satisfied with who I am Alex (23) Charm Alex (32) Self-motivation Alex (21) The ability to hit a baseball. Alex To be able to talk in public without being nervous. alexa (28) Power to make women love me. Alexander (33) Power to sense bad from good as well as sensing ghosts. Alexander (19) To be more "take charge" in my professional life Alexander (30) Courage and determination. Alexander Kim (19) The confidence to walk up to anyone and start a conversation; to speak freely and confidently in front of crowds; to sing in front of crowds Alexandra (27) Motivation. (Though truthfully I don't believe any gift is natural. We learn, we choose, we ignore, we build upon our gifts). Alexandra (19) To be able to dance ballet. Alexandra (24) The ability to draw well Alexandra (18) Effortless socialization Alexandra (24) The ability to see the future. Alexandra (15) the gift of creating music and Alexandra Bryhter (24) Charm Alexandra SweetTale4u Cruz Irresistible charm Alexandre (28) Music AlexandriaHMerlin (40) confidence AlexandriaLHash (30) Strength Alexandria Marshall (32) Reading minds, penetrating dreams. alexandrine (15) Charm Alex Armstrong (16) Charm Alex Armstrong (16) Charm Alex Armstrong (16) irresistible charm Alex C. humor Alexis (17) charm Alexis Johnson (19) Command of language. AlexRTRW Ability to stay young and healthy Aley (60) Read minds. Alfonso (26) The gift of writing horror Alfonso (28) teletransportation al-g (24) Will power, self-confidence, the ability to tell people to go jump in the lake without worrying about it. Ali (37) Physical fitness and athletic skill. Ali A. Rizvi As above " " Alice Musical Alice wisdom and self control. Alice Focus Alicein1derland (27) a beautiful voice Alicia (68) Charm. alicja (38) Wit, charm, desirability. Aliid Style, charm, refinement and explosive intellect. Alin (23) Wit Alina (20) Will power. Aline Guiraudie (36) will power alipans (57) To be able to comprehend theoretical physics and math. Alishba Zarmeen (24) Self-confidence and artistic talent Alison (20) Will power Alison Martin (Alison Martin) patience alison wonderland Stephen Hawkings IQ AliZaidi (29) To be able to edify the human appreciation of life for all. AllenT. (33) Being able to control water would be so cool Allen Wasupan (16) grace alli (49) Focus and flexibility and a great singing voice Allison (33) A quick mind. Allison (20) Patience. I have none. Allison charm allison (19) To be able to sing Allison Jean (21) Genius and an ability to understand the emotions of others (as an INTJ, I am very bad at that) Allison Jean Hazen (34) patience alliswell (62) Security in myself Alma (25) Seductiveness. almavidrio (35) Freedom from allergies... But I suppose that is more like the curse I would most like to send back. Altjungr (30) i would very much like to sing decently Alvilda (20) Intelligence for the world. Alx flight and invisibility alya (17) Ability to dance really well Alyanna (22) To sing Alyce J. will power Alyssa Cordova (17) Omnipotent omnipresence. It's been promised to me. (I'm here. I'm in here. I'm getting weaker. It won't be long before I'm all used up.) Alyssa Darkling I don't know, I already possess the one gift that I wanted to have besides designing and that's dancing. Alyssa MacMillan (25) I wish I could sing. I'm horrible at it. I play a pretty good finger flute. Alyssa Moonchild (16) leadership AM Confidence Amanda being skinny Amanda (42) Shared happiness AmandaFYS13 (18) the ability to sing. Amanda Strong (42) Will power and infinite self-motivation Amandine (31) Patience Amara The power of the dragons Amaris (17) Underlying beauty that you can't put your finger on. Amber (18) To sing well Amber (37) To sing well Amber (37) unlimited patience and capacity to serve Amber (20) More confident ... Ame (37) so be able to mezmerize people Amelia (13) wisdom and charm Amelia (18) The power to not drop things. Amelia Gates (formerly Pippet) (10) A magic wand to get rid of nosy people Amelie (24) Will power and iressitible charm ameliowata (20) will power American Marxist Singing Americanoid (50) I am with Proust here... americanwoman (62) confidence ames (21) An irresistible charm, a light happy disposition, and a manly indifference to things. Amit Bhaskar (21) more curly hair and more hair ammb (29) Even better cooking talents, to be able to not hate people or to be able to socialize Amos (18) The ability to love completely without expecting anything Amrita (22) will power amu willpower Amy (33) Beauty Amy (28) Charisma amy (33) Irresistible charm Amy (35) The ability to articulate my thoughts through my voice... Amy (55) The ability to tell when someone is lying. Or a superfast metabolism. Amy Becker; Character: Merriwether Finch (27) A more useful mental illness. Amy Cottington-Bray Beauty Amy Jo as Marge (48) Beauty Amy Jo as Marge (48) The ability to walk again, but I know that's not possible and that's what I've learned to live with. Amy Martinez (20) Limitless intelligence Amy R. to help anyone, anytime they need it amz (16) charm! Ana (21) self-confidence Ana (30) i'm happy as i am because i can become anything; higher stamina, if anything ana (16) charisma doubled by modesty ana (34) Beauty! Ana Carolina (16) Likeability Analise (40) beauty Anam (26) Will power, charm and confidence. Ana Marija (20) Hot bod Ananke (25) charm and sensibility anasonic (29) shoot rockets ancientrobot (31) psychic abilities Andi (28) irrestible charm andraya (23) Xray vision. Andre Will power, and Intelligence Andrea (16) To succeed in whatever I try Andrea (13) Ambition ANDREAADKINS (26) The ability to understand facial expressions no matter how small. AndreaCoker (24) warm heart, compassion, I easily relate to love, pain - I am an empathetic AndreaFeliu (28) Musical talent. Andreas (19) beauty Andrea SB (32) Genius qualities andres007 (19) Command of language Andrew (20) Sex Appeal and Will Power. Andrew (22) Infinite Drive Andrew (25) A perfect body Andrew (20) Photographic memory Andrew (28) persuasion Andrew (22) The ability to transform into energy at will. andrew (24) Brutal honesty Andrew barlow (26) good at college Andrew J Ohls (33) The ability to fall asleep. Andrew Price (38) Will power and irresistible charm Andy (25) The ability to play the violin Andy (23) The ability to play the violin Andy (23) The gift of conversation andy rayford (28) Unshakable faith Andy Thomas (25) Decisiveness and courage. Being always slim. ang (99) boldness Angel None Ângela (24) Grace and charm. Angela (30) Courage Angela (19) Good health and a stable metabolism Angela Estrada (20) the ability to say no Angelicstar (45) Will power and irresistible charm angelina (26) motivation Angel Rodrigues (41) drive angie (29) Dance Ani A high metabolism Ani (22) the ability to see in the dark all the time Anik (16) Persuasion Aniyah (19) charm anjali Focus and will power Anjel (28) Magical powers to make bad people disappear Anjelah49 (49) The ability to easily make friends. Anjelika (22) to love and to be loved , but this world is not all that leaniant. Ankassandra (15) to shine all the times Anke! (17) to be calm composed as i get nervous pretty fast. Ann (19) To be able to paint or create music on multiple instruments. Ann (62) Will power Anna (20) An amazing singing voice Anna (20) I'd like to turn back time. Anna (34) The ability to sing Anna Baker (20) charm Anna Kalimar (18) confidence, not giving up Anna Maria (21) beautiful voice Anna-Maria Magic AnnaMay (51) energy from the bottom of the earth as some woman do. but maybe it's a matter of age. Anna O. friendliness, the ability to interact with other human beings without feeling overwhelmed, self-righteous, or insecure Anna Stein (21) Perfect pitch Ann Delaney (44) Patience and perspective Anne (21) seduction power anne (23) The power of seduction Annelise (40) to play the violin beautifully Anne Louise Sheldon (34) charisma probably or security Anne Patricia F (21) Longevity Anneta kindness Annie Singing Anniel (62) Intellect. anniezee (54) To be able to make people comfortable around me AnonAzure (19) Irresistible charm. anonim (18) Stronger will anon moose (19) Eternal beauty Ansley Stevenson (16) Will power and irrestible charm. Anthony (23) Confidence Anthony (24) ability to be a great writer anthony (48) life Anthony Almeida Stability. Anthony D C (20) Strength of all sorts Anthony lawhon (27) Will Power Anthony Scine-Sceni (42) charm Antoinette (21) seductiveness antoinette (24) An ability to always rise above the fray to the sanctuary of my Higher Self. Anton (52) Humbleness and charisma. Antoniette (20) ability to express myself creatively Antonina (20) Irresistible Charm Antonio Lemos (18) Artistic Talent Anty Inner peace Anusia (34) an island for my family Anya (22) To be a helpful, but also compassionate, spiritual counselor to those in need. Anya (71) Physical grace Anzi (27) Charismatic grace a.o. (40) Creative talent, singular vision and focus Aoife Walsh Intelligence and self-confidence. Aparajita (26) A rich sonorous voice Apollo (58) Intelligence Apos more patience Apply (30) Singing prowess, artistic ability, and effortless beauty and grace April (20) The ones I have; creativity, motivation, faith, but I need a bit more faith and a bit more wisdom...and always a bit more love. April (21) Talent in drawing and painting, AR (20) Confidence and cleverness. Ara (15) writing i think Aranneaa (19) beauty because in today's society it does affect your career arctic_child (36) Photographic memory Ardent (30) Charisma A real phony (27) not to be irritated by trivial things Areeba (25) I would like to be better at getting a good initial impression of people. Ari (29) To understand and learn more things quickly! Ari the gift to talk to animals Arianna (15) patience Ariel Charisma. I have it, but I'd like to be better Ariella Bordaine: Female Protagonist (20) Natural beauty Arizona (19) Write poetic, powerful prose arlo (64) I've always wanted to be able to play the piano Arnold Murray (42) To see myself as my family does. AROG courage, creativity Arthur Lorne Ability to hold on to things I'm really interested in Artie (17) Patience and diligence (I need them the most for when I get to college) Artie Mondello (18) infallible memory Aruz Elliott (29) natural is tough...they all have to be honed and worked on...to know many languages or speak the universal language of music through piano or a beautiful singing voice. AS (32) Musical abliity. ascetic monk (51) Beauty and unrelenting steadfastness Asfiya Mariam (21) The ability to diffuse conflict. Ash (23) Not to lose my cool when in dire straits Ash (28) More intelligence and the ability to make it do something positive before I die Ash A forgiving heart and the willingness to never give up ashan (20) Willpower. Ash Bloom (27) charisma asherville (55) Singing and Mind reading Ashley (18) honesty Ashley (28) Strengthen Ashley (20) irresistible charm ashley baus (24) Sex-appeal Ashley Brazil (17) Extrovertedness Ashley Mannara (29) Wit or charm. Ashley Meller (26) a natural talent for music ashleytheresa (20) Will power, irresistible charm, good looks and a quick mind. Ashwin Murali (21) Teleportation and will power Asi (21) intelligence and the talent to play a musical instrument asmitchel (67) Wisdom Asmund (40) knowing how to get where i want to be quickly and efficiently and eloquently ASN (25) Probably being able to understand things quicker. Assman (19) uhm...social confidence, I guess. Astra (19) Talent, interest in history, self discipline Astri (36) Telepathy Astrid The power to make anyone happy. Asuka Suzuki (13) Clarity of thought Athar (25) wisdom Athena Lujan (17) some talent as an artist attitude (49) charisma Atuona (38) Confidence Aubrey Files (25) the power to change history Aubrey Tate (21) Charm Audrey (17) Consciousness. Audrey Bittencourt (24) The power to seduce myself. Audrey Mahone (29) peindre ou ecrire augustine (70) Charm Auntie Em (35) Creative talent Auntie Em (27) high intelligence and good temper. Aurora (32) Shifting into other beings. Aurora self control aussie flowers Austin (19) intellect Austin Hobbs (16) Charm, wit, and the ability to finish stuff Austin Kimmell (16) charisma which you can turn on and off autumn (17) Photographic Memory Autumn her thoughts,body, and her everything Autumn Boze (18) The ability to change the way people think Ava (7) To change the way people think Ava (7) belief avecamour The ability to be witty Awalker A handsome, irresistible face and the charisma to back it up. Axel (18) Is "mind reading" allowed? Aya the ability to create great things and inspire people to do the same. ayda (25) Irresistible charm yes Aye (22) Irresistible charm yes Aye (22) To be a great conversationalist who inspires aym (30) Knowledge of the world, and gentle being a young boy (91) charm & intelligence ayumi (20) Ability to easily make friends, and more willpower. B (31) good humor B (21) perception Babette (42) perception Babs speak many languages Baby (32) Confidence Bad Wolff fast metabolism baggal21 (28) One where people like me. Bailey (19) Charm Balaji Harish Iyer (20) Phenom athleticism. Bald Sky (38) The power to make anyone who reads my writing feel exactly as I felt when I wrote/ how I want them to feel. Bambi (17) An attractive voice Banana Hammock (30) gracefulness barbara (50) consistency of integrity. Barbarita (21) Making people comfort and giving them rest Barbielebrun Charley the beach chair (54) I'd like to know how to cook Barbielebrun Garry the ghost crab (54) Most natural gifts end up being a curse Baron Von Nazzenpoppel (46) The ability draw or paint. Barry Wextall (20) stellar memory basbas (22) will power Batgirl (23) Charisma bc (22) Charisma bc (22) Understanding BCQ (30) Self-control. BD The ability to take care of those I love. Bea (18) Always knowing the right thing to do and doing it. Bea (18) Be able to sing Bear (49) never being cranky, angry or negative bearoid (30) Humor Beatlhoven (47) A better musical talent and a better sense of rythm, and to be able to draw exactly what i want beatricegasti (30) grace Beatrice Moore (30) Beautiful and hapiness Beatriz (13) The ability to play the piano or sing Beau (28) to be natural beauty (18) Charisma. Becca (16) Singing, charm, painting, dancing Becca (17) Focus Becca (21) Not bruise so easily Becca (19) the ability to write music Becca (20) Languages, being bilingual Becca (21) To be able to write beautiful music. BeckBeck (26) a kinder and truer heart becks (24) Flying Becky C Flight! Bee motivaaaation bee (16) the ability to sing well beezer (64) Confidence and tenacity beezersneezer (46) Confidence Beka (33) intelligence belita (39) to fly so i can sit on a cloud bella (16) The ability to fly. Belle (26) Intelligence. Belu (19) Empathy. Ben I have the willpower of a leader and the good looks for it too. Ben (23) Good looking Face - because that is the only way to get people to listen to you in this day and age Ben (17) The ability to sync memories of my hosts, to allow for easier infiltration. Ben Physical strength Benedict (38) The ability to bring back those lost. Benjamin (29) Patience and self-control Benjamin Thomas The ability to make money, lots of it. Benjamin Urrutia (61) better eys with which i can see more frequencys of light Benjo (23) Gift to make people happy Ben Johns (21) Perfect Pitch. Bennie (55) A body of my own. BennyB mystical Ben Taylor pretty eyes berkley (13) Public speaking Berlin (25) Perfect control of will Bernard Hartley (18) attractiveness Beth (20) Clairvoyance Beth (25) Will power Bethann (35) Good posture Bethany (23) Grace Bethany strength-mentally Bethany (22) The ability to see the good in everyone Bethany Surreira (35) Self confidence Beth Ellis (15) Charm and wisdom. Beti (24) being able to sing Betty Usabiaga (37) The ability to learn anything and attain mastery with ease. Beu Mihac (15) Motivation Beyonce (18) Advanced mathematics. However, I am convinced I do not possess that side of the brain! Bhakti Brophy (41) I have many given talents. Since my body is disabled, I will answer this question by saying I would like the physical ability to utilize those talents (guitar, drums, writing, etc.) Bhakti Brophy (45) Will power and intelligence Bhargava (25) Free will. bhbhbh focused ambition bhl None Bhole persuassion Bianca (18) poetry. bif will to live big dick (69) high self-esteem big guy (16) Photographic memory Bijan (27) I POSSESS THEM ALL BILLY (38) Boundless intelligence Billy (16) Musical genius BillyBobABC123zzz stop time billy boy watson (3) CHARM BIPS (46) i want to be strong (not muscles and stuff, but emotionally!) bismuth Sing BJ (56) wisdom blabla (37) talent and charm Blackie (20) Accurate perception Blademan (60) The gift to create from nothing. Blaine (21) Wisomd, the ability to dance, be multilingual, and infalliable willpower Blair C. (29) Technical proficiency with the soccer ball Blake (17) Patience Blake (24) Wisdom and the virtue of knowledge, to be courageous Blake (29) Natural beauty Blanca (48) common sense Blanca Parra (66) Ability to make things blip52 (27) The ability to know when someone is less than trustworthy. Bliss Inthemorningdew (16) Inner peace blodot johnny (41) How about the gift for that to be made possible? BlondShamrock (16) Supreme optimism combined with a sense of realism Blood (15) Diplomacy. Please. Blue (16) Creative talents and charm Bluebird (27) Contentedness. Blue Harkness (16) Courage to do anything BlueOrchid (39) The ability to instantly draw an Infallible psychological profile on anyone I meet Bluto (29) Irresistible charm. BM (20) creative intelligence bmo What he said. Bob (22) I'll go with will power. And eidetic memory. bob (38) Intelligence beyond measure Bob (32) . bob Physical fitness. Boba (22) artistic creativity bobblins Seductiveness Bobby (22) to be able to attract women Bobby (40) Anticipation Bobby (21) Flying bobby Restraint bobby (33) being able to sing or paint or have the time to do either Bobby Eugene slenderness, clarity of thought Bobia (25) Athletic ability boku_wa_kami (25) to forgive and forget Bonky (26) will power and irresistible charm Bonnie (15) personality Boo (36) compassion bookloverva (58) serenity boomalexboom The ability to make music and luck. Boris (16) Be more masculine. Borrie (33) The ability to play the piano and feel the most living of the arts coursing through my fingers Brad (17) Fighting temptation Brad Connors charisma brad w (35) Superior intellect Brady (31) The smell of pine trees in a little box. bram-stienkt-vermeire-ja! (18) The ability to communicate with my past entities and see some of the inventions I have erased. Brandon Carter (32) the ability to bear with ease what I struggle to deal with now Brandon Nobles (31) Book smarts Bree (23) Supreme discernment Bree Ogden The gift of peace. We have little of it in Vanandium Bren (47) I am perfect and could not possess any more perfection Brenda Everett (39) a beautiful singing voice, with my own lyrics that everyone loves Brendalee (59) Beauty Brendan (24) will and love brent (33) The gift to perfectly copy the accent of any people in the world Brett Ferguson (42) Beauty and will to live and being smart bri (17) Ability to think on my feet Brian (22) Patience Brian (37) Running Brian (24) charm Brian (50) Calmness Brian A. Henegar (26) being able to talk in front of people with out sweating about it. BriannaBabyFYS13 Will power BriannaFYS13 (18) confidence brian S (58) Perfect pitch and discipline. Brick (21) The power to love and be equally loved in return Brinley (15) Charisma Bri Toro The ability to be a good teacher. Britta Bandit (30) to be content Brittany (25) Unfaltering kindness Brittany Crow (28) will power Brittney Miller (20) Will power and the gift to be a talented writer brns healing psychic broad (45) irresistible charm Brock Schwarzkopf (29) To never age and live to 100 Bron Blackwell (37) Musical talent Brooke The ability to comfort any human being Brooke Will power, honesty, and true patience. Bruce Bennett (20) Tallness, and the ability of eloquent speech Brutus (20) Patience and compassions Bryan (24) To persuade anyone to my side Bryan Etem (27) Charm and good looks. Bryan R. (21) The gift of confidence Bryn (23) Abundant kindness Brynlea (17) Sex appeal Brynn (39) Decisiveness Brynn (18) Beauty, confidence Brynn Charm Brynn Woods -Protagonist (21) confidence in myself Bryon Springer (25) indifference, and total self interest bubby (43) Precision in speech. Buck Richardson (34) im happy with what i have buckyballs (35) The ability to use my entire brain Buddy (34) artistic talent bug To be more patient and bold. Bugsy The ability to let go of the negativity inside of my head. Bulldozer (50) irresistible charm, and the ability to eat all I want without gaining weight bunny Peace making/peace keeping Burella (61) beauty and charm Burke (47) Perfect lying. Burnable_Material_Here (18) patience BusyMinds EATING SWEETS WITHOUT THE FEAR OF DIABETES OR BECOMING OVERWEIGHT! BUTTERFLY (41) Charm. butunn (19) To write Byriver Bloke (24) Calmness BZ Enjoyment/proficiency of/at sport C peace c (21) irrestisible charm C (14) Diplomacy and charm C (20) Manipulation to a good will Cabrales (18) will power cacharel (37) An ear for music. Cade (15) play music "by ear" Caidy (54) Sharp wit Cailey The power to fly Caio (18) Quick understanding Caitlin (19) Physical strength and speed. Caitlin (21) intelligence cakes (41) The ability to talk with people I'm interested without coming across as someone to avoid. Cal (20) Strength - inside and out. Calla (16) probably more will power when it comes to men Callie Owens (27) Natural self-confidence and willpower Calvin (31) To be good enough Cam (23) Drive Cameron Harvey (26) i would like to have a talent to play sports and not get tired easily xD Cami (14) The ability to heal another's pain on site. Camille (52) To be able to drink all the whiskey in the world. Cammi (32) Perfect pitch. Candice (23) ars memoria Candlewycke Charm Candy To be an artist & Communicate well Cannon (33) Ambition, happiness, and extreme beauty Captain Crunch social skills Carissa - Casey extroversion Carla (26) to be able to sing in tune carlajwms (49) The Power to influance people to do what I wish Carla Tate (19) to pick up languages easily Carlie (24) Beauty, athleticism, discipline Carlisle Patience. Carlo (26) Irresistible charm and will power Carlos A. (24) I wish I could be a princess Carlota (16) Charm Carly (19) Fearlessness and calm Carly C (27) artistic painter Carol generosity Carol (60) hypnotize carolina (23) Photographic memory and versatile brilliance. Caroline (38) Beauty Caroline (25) The ability to manifest money through my work and whatever level I need it. Caroline (33) Creativity Caroline Davis (19) a mathematical mind Carol Lacoss (62) Infinite reserves of willpower and my own universal application. Carolyn (18) to love those whom I hate Carolyn (39) is telepathy a natural gift, cause I want that Carrie charm Carrie (44) a good singing voice cartike Singing voice Cas (25) Athleticism Casey (36) The power to sing, well. Cass (20) I posses all natural gifts. Cassadra (8) patience Cassandra Spencer (28) Humor Cassidy Beauty and Genius and a will to woe Wills. Cassie (16) To hold my breath without need for fresh air. Cast (17) Will power; a good singing voice Cat (36) A photographic mind would be handy Cat (24) Will power, unchanging confidence Cat (26) Outgoing personality and persuasive language Cat A genius mind cat (20) I have all I need. Catalina (44) Persuasión Catalina Jiménez Correa (27) to retain vast amounts of knowledge and to be able to solve problems quickly Cate (23) Self-conviction Cate (33) Will power Catelline (26) Humility and non-judgement of others Catherine uncanny whit in any moment Catherine (33) Unusual physical attractiveness. Catherine Jean Charisma Catherine Mitchell Stamina Cathlow Harmon (50) Wisdom Catlin Benjamin will power Cat Podd (37) To be a better person in general Catrice (37) Sight, as I understand the word. Catrina (15) a Diva voice Cattie Chong (26) ................ CAVCAV (26) Stormsssss........ Cavit Anıl Buram (28) Perfect beauty CC (18) a gift for the sciences ccchnl a body as knotty and smooth as a tree-trunk came out of the see cdl (35) Charisma Cee Cee (17) Quiet my mind. Celeste (32) A natural talent in art. Celia (15) Charisma and eloquence Celline Marge (18) To be more provocative and extroverted cenire (25) being able to draw. cerisetea (34) Leadership Cestmoi Ability to speak every language and play every instrument. C face. (22) will power cfm (37) Song Cfreedman (38) Flight ch my charm is enough Chancelor C.J. King (19) Clarity Chandra Alexander (24) The gift of song/music. Channon (45) Patience Channy (19) The human's natural ability to enjoy the sun and life in general. Chanter (24) Music Chari (21) Time Travel Charleigh I dunno, I am pretty content with what I have. Charlene (17) Musicality Charlene (18) Forgiveness Charles Au Lavoie Charm and the ability to draw people out in conversation. CharlesB (48) perfect pitch Charles Davis (60) To dance like Fred Astaire Charles L Davis Jr (51) Physique Charles Pybus (61) To be invisible so humans could not find or see us. Charlie Fry (36) to sing well charlotte (29) A feminine charm, with a hint of girlish coyness Charlotte (18) Applicable intelligence Charlotte H. (23) Creativity in any of the arts Charly Mariaan (49) Leadership Charmaine (25) charm and wit charosa (20) The power to convince people Chary Silva (22) charm Chauncey Character (29) Confidence, good nature temperament chay (40) Wisdom. discernement, knowledge Cheche (40) Courage cheeky (26) Persuasion Cheemargh (36) breathing under water chele charm chelle (47) The ability to fall asleep. Chelsea (21) I have all the necessary natural gifts. Chelsea (23) charm and grace Chelsea (28) Love. Chelsea Smith (24) Charm and will power; like Proust Chelsea Whiting (26) The ability to focus Cheri D. ability to self motivate and remove fear from self Cherie (40) Genuis at everything Cherina Entena (21) Quick wit, will power Cherish Robinson (21) Great beauty - as a woman in this time it seems to act as a super power Cherlyn (40) Beauty. cherry (16) Naturally charismatic Cherub (30) musical sense Cheryl (38) Will power Cheryl Intuition Cheryl Barnette (59) From the once I don't, musical talent. Cheshire (22) to be able to know whats the most appropriate thing to do chetana Wisdom Chi psychic chi-chi intelligence and charisma Chickpea (31) Security Chico (46) Will power and charm Chief (57) Wisdom ChiefJ42 (44) motivation chiklitz76 (39) Tenderness and the ability to be simple Child (8) Charm, courage Chili (17) athleticism Chinita (34) will power, ability to make decisions chinnu (20) Will power Chinnu (38) superior strength Chip Griphix (35) Accelerated Probabiltity and Intuitive Aptitude. Chiu Jing Hua (17) I don't need to possess any other natural gifts. I am already powerful Chloe (17) Brevity, song Chocolate Bunny (32) Charm Chonda The gist of gab Choraven (32) Stability in mind and body. Chris (16) Will power charisma Chris The ability to create. Chris (19) The ability to get things done and not be lazy chris (24) I have more than I need Chris Glass (39) Attractiveness Chris S. humor Christa (27) Charm and being able to flirt Christabelle (29) confidence, conviction Christian (44) I would like to be a singer. Christian Boyanov (24) will power, self controle, unbridled intelligence Christian Soldier (33) Charm Christina (26) Patience and strength Christina Caceres (26) Charm, beauty. Being capivating and persuasive. Musical ability. Psychic ability. Christina Kronberg (23) Will power. I have little to none Christina Tounzen Big muscles... Christina X. (37) charisma christine (18) the ability to draw and irrepressible wit Christobel (17) Charm and athleticism Christobel in College (18) the hand of a master in any shape of the arts. Christopher (24) Confidence, piano virtuosity. Christopher Blaum (37) To be the smartest person in the world Christopher Boone Irresistible charm and the ability to convey my thoughts orally Christopher James Stagg (16) To be able to compound interest in my head Christopher M. (31) I would love that irresistible charm, and just to be a more chilled person. Christopher Mitchell (17) Determination Christopher Ross (23) I'd like to be likable. Christopher Sloce (26) None that i do not already possess christy (44) Magic Wand and the rules to using one Christy Turner (50) charm and never aging Christy Turner (50) musicianship, intelligence, good conversational skills, to be poetic Chuck (43) Maybe a bit more creativity and language understanding, potence and charme Chunky Lover Power, which I already have but I would like to keep it Ciara (24) The ability to sing and play the guitar exceptionally well Ciara (22) Charm Ciera (16) unconditionally love Cilie (50) I concur with Proust's answer. Cindy patience and perseverance cindy (50) Compassion and empathy Cindy (24) Absolute charisma, a commanding presence, undeniable power Cindy (22) courage Cindy (50) health CindyLu (58) The ability to fly Cissa Fireheart (32) Will power and irresistible charm. Ciucan (18) quick wit cizz rigour CJN (21) Charm. Claire Song, I love to sing. Claire (32) The ability to flirt. Claire Bartholomew (16) sensuality Claire Cullen (49) The courage to become a writer. ClaireW (65) What he said Clancy Being more open and less shy. Clara (20) artistic Clara More ambition and charm, the ability to speak clearly and passionately. Clarence (17) Will power and musical ability Clarissa (18) Magnetism Clarisse Johnson (24) I will I was always cheerful and jolly Clark Kent To draw Clark Langridge (32) Charisma Clau Will power, self-control and tolerance Claude (21) nice voice to sing Claudia (36) Clay Douglass: A strong serve and volley Clay Douglass (34) wit clazza mgee to live happily Clelia Beatriz Valdez (22) natural beauty Cleo (17) Discipline. clockwork (34) admirability cm (57) Zeus's lighting and Aphrodite‘s belt please cobweb (24) The ability to retain more information CockneyKnight (48) boundless energy and a thicker skin Coco (31) natural love Coco (19) I believe all that I am is already within. I need to only call upon in. CocoPuff2016 (44) Higher intelligence codered (18) respect/ honesty Cody (25) A greater coonection to my physicality. Cody Gould (17) Charm, a lack of self-consciousness Col (41) Will power, ability to express my self better Colin (39) Intense Motivation. Colin (22) Ability to make and keep friends more easily Colorful (28) to speak to my dad for real. Colton (27) Artistic capabilities comnomnomor (15) Medium Connie mind reading Connie (24) To sing. Connor The mind of an innovator Connor (16) Singing Connor Taylor (19) Dare and will power constanceeee (19) Witty Constantin (32) Confidence Consuela dipolmacy Cookie happiness cookie compassion cookie (51) To be able to sing CookieFantastic (46) patience Cooper (16) intelligence Cora (26) humor Cora (39) Singing... I wish I had the prettiest voice in the choir! Cora Henley (15) Singing Core (25) Energy to help others as much as I want to. Corey the ability to sing corinne Charm Cory (22) Courage Courtney Loughlin (Courtney Loughlin) sex appeal cpaters1 (26) Self-awareness cr The ability to heal cr (34) Charisma Craig (35) Time travel. Craig (8) To be more attractive to the opposite sex because I swear I am missing something, which I just can't help! Craig Suga Biles (22) Music Crimson (60) intelligence cris Understanding oneself better and the power of the spoken word. Cris The gift to speak my mind freely without worry. Cris sea Crisfe (31) The ability to remember dates and events from history and important people. Crishna Murray (42) Charisma, charm, self confidence Cristi Intelligence. Crystal (17) Talent Crystal (32) inner poise Crystal (22) Courage. Crystal (34) Elle's gift to have children chosen by the light beyond the stars. Crystal (35) Charm and wit csheehan (17) Artistry - drawing in particular CStoney (47) to sing well cuchi (40) Indomitable determination Cucks Charm and will power cucu (26) Wisdom cvelez (64) publicly speak, sing, and willpower cweekly Writing d0701 (29) the ability to be cool/ D Dancer D (32) Persuasivness Dachary (23) An eidetic memory would be quite helpful DAD To fly! Oh yea!!!! Dad (42) Musical genius Daffy Sue Esposito (60) Irresistible charm and influencing skills Daisy (27) talent and openness Daisy (17) patience Daisy Conversation Dakota Swaveman (18) Real or imaginary? ... Intellect and eternal youth, respectively. D_Alex (46) i'd like to think I had the potential for them all, in degrees. So, modesty, rather than pained shyness... dA member: sonicbutterfly (17) The ability to sing - I have a terrible voice. Damien TC (36) Some athletic ability and inclination would have been nice Dan (29) Photographic memory Dan Luck and being born wealthy Dan (20) wolverine-esque healing Dan (39) absolut health dan musisian, because it brings jopy to others and its a way to get attention because ti can impress people Dan (51) Charm, wit Danae (17) Turn Back Time D Anderson (42) None. I am already irresistibly charming Danger (16) A stronger will and indelible influence. Dani (31) good looks Dani (19) The gift of musical talent Daniel (16) Will power Daniel Below sickening motivation Danieldidit (24) Charm and beauty Daniella (27) Shape-shifting would be nice Daniella (28) To be able to write well all the time. Danielle (15) Instant problem solving. The strength to endue tragedy.. Danielle (35) confidence DanielleKeith (19) The company of an intimate best friend. Daniel Molina (20) Strength Daniel Stephens (Character Sketch) (22) irresistable charm daniiii (18) Self confidence Danine (48) Telekinesis. Lexi can move stuff with her mind. No fair that she can and I can't. We are two parts of a set of triplets. Seriously. DaniStory (29) The ability to sing beautifully Danny (25) intelligence and charm Daph (45) I would like to be able to surf. Darbio (16) to be sociable Darcy (20) High I.Q. Darcy Disciplined patience Darcy (54) persuasion dareman (64) will power dario (21) The ability to sing well Darlene (29) The power of persuasion. Darnell Insight DashEloise (32) Eloquence Dave Cresswell (46) social intelligence DaveG (39) Muscle and an excellent build Dave Whitaker (40) Charm and confidence with women Davey (18) irresistable charm and influence DaveyD (24) resilience and persistence. Davian (alias) (32) Charm David (19) Strength. David (10) patience David (63) Charm David (24) charm David (51) understanding and diplomacy david baiguera (35) I wish I could sing. I would love to be a singer. David Dean (35) Flying David Del Aguila Osollo more openness to my own emotions David E.J.A Bennett (29) The ability to always do the right thing even in the most adverse situation. David K (46) I would like to heal people. David King (23) To sing. David ROWE (42) Conversation David Sergio Cisneros Ardura (46) I would like to be able to draw. David Thomas (60) Pratical skills and artistic talent. David Timme (19) Will power and irresistible charm David Wommack (19) Pure bravery. Davie (16) athletisism dawn (40) Musical talent Dawn Robinette (51) Self Confidence Dawson Courage. Daxion Mr. Dax Johnson (29) good singing voice, good jawline and teeth, and will power Daydreamer (18) The ability to say "No" Daydreamer (63) The ability to say "No" Daydreamer (63) To run like the wind dbrown (24) the ability to sing dcsnowbunny (25) to be able to sing Dd (43) Being extremely musically talented. DD (16) Attractiveness. DDG9000 (25) Will power Dea (40) Higher IQ D. E. Alvis (58) Effortless charisma Dean (17) Time management skills DeAndre Beck (20) To bend steel, fly, and see through walls...and to shoot fire Deanie Strength and confidence DeAnna Alexander (35) To be able to find myself comfortable in any setting that I might be in. Deanna Sanders (44) I want to be tall Deathwalker Physical Beauty Deb (37) will power Debbie (56) The ability to relate to the living Debbie (45) The ability to really "read" people. Debby Creech-West (43) Persuasion and Negotiation Deborah Faciane (21) a beautiful coloratura contralto voice, as adept in blues as opera Deborah S. Wilson (56) Understanding Debster (48) Explosiveness bombs out of my skin Declan Cohen (35) Humbleness De-De (36) Seductiveness Dee (24) to be more charming Dee (19) Ability to learn languages Dee I am the gift, you the unwilling receiver Defeat and Doubt (antagonist) Will power DefMelon Mind control Delia Nidhogg pianist Delia Webster (80) Strength -moral delice_ok (21) Athleticism Della Cassia Topouzian (Della Cassia Topouzian) The ability to tell when people are lying Denine (24) empathy Denise 1 empathy Dennis (61) Immeasurable physical strength Dennis Theodore (37) Beauty. denny (23) The power to win friends and influence people in righteousness and holiness Denny Will power Densio (25) Willpower Derek (27) Intelligence Derek (20) to be the fastest man in hockey skates Derek Ambrose (22) The ability to stand up for myself Detective. Jones Seductiveness and brilliance devanand To be liked and surrounded by my peers... Devon (18) The ability to have an on and off switch to my emotions. Patience. Devon Lisenby (20) the ability to play music well Dev Tucker (17) not to be lazy! Devu (22) Charisma Dez Happiness Dezirae18 Confidence DH (39) music diana (52) Will power, charisma Diana (20) Natural gift?... Beauty maybe...? Diana (15) speed Diana To be followed without question. Diana Singing, painting, the ability to read music, speak other languages Diana Thomas - English Thursday 6pm (38) Intelligence & wisdom Diane (53) Gracefulness Diane Stanfield (79) read minds. Diarre Ibrahim (22) charm Dick Esposito To be able to pause time , go back into the past and forward time to the future. dida (14) The ability to play any instrument. Diego Miguel Danura Puyó (30) Honesty and intelligence Dietgingerale Continous Humour Dilip C Louis (32) to be able to understand women Dilynne (28) Willpower and courage. Dimitar Atanasov (25) Musical prowess and charisma. Dindin (20) Killing instinct Dino (18) olfacticgraphic memory while in a place of interest Dioji More body mass and a more symmetric face. dionysis_dt (24) Increased Intelligence Dirk Radman (35) Playing guitar for a living Dirty Jean (86) Musical talent. Dixon Wragg charm Dj Charisma dlew919 (40) Beauty dmca (38) femininity Doc55 (55) eternal kindness and intelligence Dolna (39) Endless beauty Dolores Nabokov (26) sssssss Dom The ability to speak directly to peoples' hearts Dominic (17) Drawing and charm Dominick (23) Genius and self-motivation Dominick Miller (19) Genius in verse and prose Dominick Miller (20) The intelligence to prove through logic the necessity of love, virtue, and equality. Dominick Miller (21) will power Dominique A magic mantra allowing a gold coin to appear under my pillow every day. Dominique Discipline - is that a natural gift? DonAli (33) Elegance donkeys4eva (20) be more outgoing Donna Falksen (69) Quick with a perfect line every single time. Doob Doggo (21) to be obscenely talanted doodledoo12345 mathematics Dori (23) The ability to heal people both physically and mentally Doris (19) charm self assured dorothy6@aol.com (50) I possess a lot of natural gifts already Doryan (30) Voluntad Dothzilla (33) being able to play music Doubting Divorcee control of my passions Doug (30) Omnipotence Doug!! To be able to sing so well and have the confidence to be an opera star. Doug Lambert (65) Beauty. Douglis (44) Beauty Douni focus, energy, courage downtime (63) to use numbers to construct ideas and minds Dracontomelum (30) will power, intuition Dragana (22) Charisma. Dragontongue (22) Will power and a certain kind of confidence Dre (17) I already have it... Artistic talent. Dreamboat Annie wisdom DreamBrother (27) Immortality Dreda (23) irresistible charm Drella (26) Charm Drew (26) cleverness and confidence drift Levitation, Mind Reading, Necromancy Dr. Isaac Busafalus (53) to dance Dr. J (76) The ability to convince others to do as I want LOL Dr. Lauren Ashe charm Dr. Shelby Cruze - protagonist Advanced ability to visualize inventions. Dru (24) telepathy Drucar (45) Trust dryskel (28) smile ds (45) Apt recollection of poetry. D.S.de.P.Ramos Discipline DSo (47) Prosperity Duckish The ability to make people laugh. Dude (49) will power duke (18) The type of look people like. Duncan Passell (17) superhuman intelligence dustxii (22) indifference Dutchess i possess them all... Dutchess Eagle eye tier perception and quick learning Dvach (18) Will power D.X (22) A decent singing voice Dylan (17) I've had my share of those Dylan Adams (25) Drawing DZhelo (46) Unrivaled intelligence E wit e (28) Charisma. E (20) Confidence E (18) determination eagleclaw (35) unbreakable self-confidence. EAR (19) enlightenment Earth Speck (30) Will power and the ability to be kind to everyone Eau (45) Unending Tenacity Ed (30) will power and peace of mind ed power of persuasion, ability to remember everything, ability to concentrate for a long long time eddiboy A perfect smile. Eddie (48) I just want a man to love me Eddie (12) Artistic abilities Eden (19) Optimism and helpfulness Edgar Roberts (15) I'd like to be gifted with the ability to do mathematics with ease Edie (26) Will power Edmond Dantes (26) Musical talent. Edouard (41) a rainbow Eduardo (19) musical talent EduGri (53) the ability to read minds Edward (54) power Edward Payne (44) Charm, Grace, Peace Effie (34) Like Proust, "will power and irrestible charm" and faith efha (23) beauty ehk2 (30) Viljestyrke og indre ro EHM To thinkable, able to act, able to be patience. Eiichi (16) The gift of singing Eilfa (28) I have all I could ever need Eithiel (32) musicianship EJ (29) Irresistible charm, incredible drive, and innate talent at whatever I choose E.Jay (21) absurd physical beauty ejb (22) Charisma and confidence El (23) Extended physical endurance el3vat0r a greater ability in logic and resoning, like Sherlock Holmes elay (21) greater ability in reasoning, logic, and understanding elay (23) greater deduction, greater understanding of logic elay (24) being good at maths,sciences, ability to play music and sing, to paint eldar (25) To make all others feel good about themselves Eleanor (14) The ability to speak many languages fluently Electryo (15) Social skills! Elena να ζωγραφιζω ελενη (33) Will power Elena Patience. Elena Di Cesare inteligence eleni (18) Focus Elexia (19) seducing with my eyes Elexis (18) The ability to do whatever I put my mind to. Eli (16) Intelligence, Will power, irresistible charm and understanding Elias (22) Discipline, single-minded determination Eliaz McMillan (33) to be the best mother ever! eliciabg (23) Being a musical prodigy. Elie (16) psychic abilities Elin (47) Fast metabolism Elisa (28) pretty eyes Elisabeth (22) The ability to be okay with being alone Elisabeth Carver physical prowess Elissa (22) Persuasion and unwavering determinaton. Elizabeth willpower Elizabeth (25) Undying self-confidence. Elizabeth (15) will power Elizabeth power to control weather Elizabeth The ability to walk and talk. Elizabeth Diane Shaffer (0) The ability to walk and talk. Elizabeth Diane Shaffer (0) Yeah alright Proust, I'll go with irresistible charm as well Ell (23) poise Ella P. (14) will power and kindness ElleKay The ability to sing Ellen (48) To sing. Ellen Willfulness Ellen B Smiley (29) To be of comfort. Ellen Fitzpatrick (61) The ability to turn back time Ellie (25) Song Ellie The ability to recognise the moments that matter and act there and then, and the ability to let others know how I feel through words or actions. I seldom do either. Ellie_Estrella (19) to be able to play an instrument or draw Ellie Wilson (15) Beauty, charm and confidence. Elliot seduction Elliott (28) Light-coloured eyes. Elliott Hemp (23) Oomph elSigno (37) The gift of forgiveness Ely (23) to be taller Elyse (20) Binary file Em_1425616956.html matches Binary file Em_1425616956.html matches To be an excellent singer and self discipline. Em Being able to concentrate. Ema (18) It may not be the first "gift" you'd think of, but to me it would be the ability to be a mother. I gave up my daughter because I cannot raise her, but if things were different, this would be the best "gift." Ember Winters (16) The power to heal. emdonnelly7 The ability to make her children always feel safe. emdonnelly7 The power to read minds at will Eme (18) The power to change evil into good Emilee (27) Swiftness in action, thinking before making rash choices Emilee Nightshade (19) Will power. Emilia Blancarte Jaber a disinclination to boredom and procrastination Emilie (23) Confidence. Emilina (27) will power and charisma emilio (28) Like Proust, irresistible charm. And the ability to communicate with people. Emillia (16) Will power. Emily (19) confidence and focus. I believe I have an adequate amount of everything else, and with those two qualities I could easily elevate all the rest. Emily (24) A decent singing voice Emily (22) Compassion Emily (32) charm Emilyann (22) To be more charming. My husband makes it look so easy. Emily Carter (37) unabashed self-confidence Emily Clark (25) Will power, confidence. Emily Massey Currie (47) To have a skilled hand so I can be a surgeon Emily Thomas (23) Charm Emily Worrell (33) a more charming and witty personality Emma (20) a good memory. emma (18) artistry, wit Emma (20) persuasion Emma (34) charisma emma (20) Happiness Emma (25) Beauty Emma Burns (28) I WISH I COULD BE A WIND AND TAKE KITES HIGH INTO THE SKY. BROBROS USED TO MAKE REAL GOODIN ONES. THEY BE FL'IN SO HIGH. I WOULD JUST GO WITH DAT WIND. EMMA MAY GREEN (14) A charming smile. Emma McKinney The ability to heal others or turn invisible. Emma Snow (16) The gift of negotiation Emma Verbeck Sympathy Emme (21) Irresistible charm Emmy Charisma Emmy I don't need any gifts but my charm, flawless leadership, and combat skills. Emperor Aisel Fei Shiang (18) Dancing on rhythm Empyrean (17) Beauty, because the others i can develop encolpio8 (22) capability to touch the hearts that I adore and provoke THE SAME MEASURE of emotion directed towards me Endimion intelligence and beauty endor Natural empathy ENEgck (56) Will power and serena charme Engel (48) Calmness and optimism Enis Beauty, charm, physical generosity Eno A. Agolli (15) Charm... and lots of it. Enrique (21) Confidence; optimism. Eric (15) Endurance Eric (40) Charm and extroversion. Eric (37) Indomitable willpower. Eric (19) lol ? Erica charisma Erica (25) Will power, utter confidence and humility Erica (65) Fearlessness Erica Johnson (21) Discipline Eric C. Wolfe (28) high metabolism Erich (20) Laser-focus concentration for hours on end. Erich (19) The ability to teach others to think Erict7 Will power and charm. Erik (25) Honesty and intelligence Erik Isaac (19) Intense courage and irresistable charm Erik Price (18) Patience and unconditional love. Erin (27) Singing Erin (53) Creativity Erin (30) singing Erin (20) of being able to speak with anyone about anything. Erin To sing Erin (46) willpower! incredible intelligence, the willpower to execute that incredible intelligence in the most meaningful and monetarily rewarding way, oh and also irresistible charm and allure Erin (31) Quiet my mind. Erskine (35) The power to destroy imminence. ERZ (1) Will power, discipline esayer (35) Influence Escalus (22) Charisma. Escapism (19) self-discipline Esmé (18) Charm Esmee fidelius (54) As above ESMERELDA (50) To know what people are truly thinking Estacia Hernandez (37) charm, willpower, handsomeness esteban (29) Comprehension Esteban (23) will power and beauty estrella blanca willpower and to be able to draw, play piano or sing Et (32) Allure. Et Cetera (22) Self control, discipline, carefreeness Etha (26) Natural social abilities or musical talent ethan (20) to be able to learn and retain foreign languages with ease Ethan Mayatt (25) To have a good singing voice. Eureka (16) to sing well, to write well. Euzinha_ds (20) the ability to make hotpockets and a can of coke appear in my hands at any given moment. Eva (23) Charisma and humour Eva (16) The ability to easily make friends Eva unholy writing power evan ass hatch (18) Discipline Evanna (18) The power to intoxicate or make everyone immediately love me Evie (22) Charm and Cleverness evilwonders (28) Selflessness or ease of language learning evren (16) Time-traveling Ezra (20) Sing really good FAA Good health FAC (25) happiness facio (19) Irresistible charm, mind reading Faith (17) Ability to fallen (24) consistency and persistency in working toward goals fang (30) Love without limits Fanourios (40) transparancy farfalla (30) The greatest wisdom ever known to man. fatgaynig (20) Will power and irresistible wizard Fatima (19) To read others feelings clearly Fatima (26) photographic memory, patience and an abundance of charm fat man (33) It might be good to have more patience Fawna (19) Intuition to instantly judge character Fay (22) Patience. Faye (34) Being able to play an instrument, or to draw. feanix (20) Charm and high intelligence Fern (25) Flying would be pretty cool Fernando (31) the ability to control fire Fernando (31) Patience Ferroever (43) More dominance/authority. fersfumero (28) Charisma and the ability to dance FeydRautha (46) perfect health Feysweetie (43) Music fhickey (22) Patience Fields (19) Charm and humour Fielirious (34) i have them all filinia (22) To be photogenic. final fashion (33) The gift of peace. We have little of it in Vanadium and I find I need it from all of your questions. Finnegan (17) I wish my singing voice was smoother Finnegan Magondolovich (Long Story...) Can you possess a gift??? does it not end up possessing and defining you? Finokio (38) Musical talent fk2005 (34) An eidetic memory. FlameHorse (28) Is reading people's minds a natural gift? I'd like that. Flantasy Girl (25) The power to understand people's perspectives flavia (13) bravery Flo the gift of a good singing voice, which thankfully I used for most of my life Flora (69) Brain power. Florin-Alexandru Brănescu (16) Beauty and good thoughts Flower (39) None Floyd Immortality FlyinMonki (27) Overwhelming persuasive powers ForePlinger Confidence ForSavvy Even more will power and unaffected good Fran (33) patience and honesty Francesca (29) true health, beauty and the ability to achieve anything i set my mind to francesca (49) being invisble, Harry Potter's cloak of invisibilty would come in handy Francesca Unlimited courage Francis (18) the gift of well organizing my time Francisca Bastos (17) youthfullness Francisco Aguirre (23) A talent for melody Francisco Javier Gil Vidal (54) I don't know what to choose Francis Graham (9) knowledge of foreign languages frank (57) Ability to learn languages with ease Frank (27) The type of charism needed to lead a movement and make a difference Frankie (23) Modesty FrankieSmash (49) Charm Franklin Frank Anglin (32) Flawless vision Frank Nekrasz (25) Determination fred (16) The ability to figure skate Freda (61) Patience Friedrich Mueller (57) Charisma Fritha Grey Faithfulness and eloquent speech. Fritz (12) Critical thinking and analytic abilities superior to my current levels fumble (19) a stronger work ethic and social grace furies (27) Overwhelming confidence FYS13Alec (18) to be loved by all FYS13Amanda (18) I would love to be a genius. FYS13Andrew The power to not be stubborn FYS13Bella Motivation or extreme focus FYS13Holly Clarity of the mind and of the heart FYS13Michaela (18) talent with technology and science FYS13Savannah Henry (18) Willpower FYS13Tyler (19) The ability to speak comfortably in front of a group of people. It would make going to college so much easier. FYS14Carrie Gills FYS14Darling (18) The ability to read minds. FYS14Erica (19) to remember everything FYS14julie will power, and self confidence. FYS14Kelle (20) To bring others joy and to be a beacon of light for those who need it, but not glorify myself in the process. Also to bring people closer to the love of God. FYS14Landon (18) Cascading hair and lasting beauty FYS14Serenity (19) Let me be cliche: Beauty. FYS14Skylar A higher intellect, and the ability to be more optimistic FYS14Taylor minipulation FYS breont (19) unlimited knowledge. FYSMichael (18) g g Charisma G. (23) I wish i were more charming Gabe (31) will power and intelligence Gabi Precise memory Gabriel (28) charm and more sympathy Gabriela (18) the gift of foreseeing the future Gabriela Coelho Mesquita Teixeira Borges (26) Will power and commitment to see everything through. Gabriel Gonzalez (26) To be hilarious Gabriella (17) Stronger Knutso Gabrielle Stronger intuition and power to say NO Gabrielle The one I already have; creativity Gabrielle Hart (20) wisdom Gail (44) charm Gail Flaherty Practical wisdom and the opportunity to use it effectively. Gainer (52) trident Gaios (19) more magical energy Gait (17) luck Galareh (23) I'm already everything anyone could want Gamba Ajani Fiscal responsibility GarbagePailGrrrl (27) The ability to make people enjoy my company. Garrett (19) To be more patient for things to happen in my life. Gary H to be able to play music gatetam (38) Inttitution Gator Krazy Dave Profound musical talent Gean Whitehead III (20) The ability to comprehend absolutely everything in life Gemn The ability to comprehend absolutely everything in life Gemn organization Gene (51) Mortality Gene (24) I would want to 'be' natural. That is a gift in itself when you live as the first artificial life form. General Obsidian de Veyra complete inner beauty. Genevie Boundless intelligence. Genevieve (22) The ability to create fantastic art Genevieve (15) Will power Genevieve (17) Fast twitch muscle. Genie (65) natural-born dancer, singer and play a guitar and/or piano Genie (58) Same as above, will power and charm. Geo (20) calmness Geo (57) clarity in mind and the will power to maintain it George Be able to sign. George Mile (35) Either sexual magnetism or musical ability George Owers (21) The ability to charm everyone, and a nicer body Georgia (14) to play the piano Georgia (53) Leadership Georgia (16) will power Georgie sing opera gg To teleport in time and space. Or speak every known language in the world. ghazaleh (27) Fitness ! Ghyles (31) being able to work out and sleep at the same time, being sexy Ghyles (31) Intelligence Gia (21) dancing Gianne (21) A positive self-image Giannico (40) My gifts are beyond that of the natural Gideon (30) musical ears Gill (63) An amazing singing voice Gillian Martin (40) The ability to fall asleep at will anywhere, anytime; charm Gina (19) Extreme internal calm and serenity Gina (30) ease Ginger Thompson (50) Will power Ginny (47) Will power and youthful zeal. Gionna (28) Positivety Giorgia To fly or at the very least, to see with eyes unclouded by hate Girl You Too Rude charm and poise. Giselle (18) Charm, Intelligence, and Wit. Gjabrielle The natural gift of giving to others, after I am built Gladys Mae Whitaker A powerful killer instinct Glenn Parker (24) the power to read minds - it could be natural Glen Reeves (37) health Gloria (59) play piano by air Gloria Heatley (58) Confidence GMcG Musicianship goblin64 (45) Charm and strength of will Godfrey (19) charm GoGo Patty (46) bravery Golden Boy (20) Ability to master multiple languages and multiple sports. Gonzalo Patience goukrish (19) charm GP (39) will power GPB (37) To be able to sing Grace (30) anything that will help my mother and the family Grace (12) The ability to tell who is a good person right away and who has ulterior motives. Grace (28) Irresistible charm and my wicked smile Grace Cooper (20) Grace and discipline gracehoppin (23) irresistible charm, wisdom Gracie (22) to breathe underwater Gracie Campbell (23) Self-confidence Granny (81) I should like to possess more confidence in myself, that the confidence I project in the classroom extended to all aspects of my life. Grayson Ender (28) Healing and Charisma greatlove (32) height Greg (19) the ability to draw and paint Greg (24) singing Greg (17) The ability to read people Greg Patients Greg (20) the ability to write Greg (53) Musical skill Greg Lytle (26) mind control Gregory (30) will power gretel THE POWER TO BRING BACK THE INNOCENT DEAD. TO GIVE THEM A SECOND CHANCE TO LIVE A FULL LIFE GRETTA VAN DEN BOSSCHE - OLBRACHT (86) Robotic determination and follow-through Grey musical ear gruchi (63) power of persuasion gruffmusic (49) Number crunching fast; musical memory; painting capacity more than I have Gtergab (50) Charm and Charisma Guard (45) I have many natural gifts; I cannot think of anything else I need. Guenther gentlemanness. guiller van mistoffellees (17) Sedução e genialidade Gustavo (21) Charm, extrovert gutsyaardvark (19) to have wings like a bird and be able to fly Guy Van Driessche (44) none Gwen charisma Gwyneth P. (44) grace Hadasa (19) None. I can handle life the way I am Hadja (19) Intelligence Hailey (34) open-mindedness and open-heartedness and good judgement Hakusha Senbon (24) The ability to correctly read others. Hal (18) diplomacy and charm Hala (34) Moderation Haley (19) beauty and kindness hamideh (26) Beauty Hamlet (30) Health and beauty Hana (14) Singing Hanna (24) I wish that I could sing. I love music and it would be wonderful to be able to express myself. Hannah (15) endless motivation hannah (16) the ability to spread happiness even if it were just through talking to another person Hannah A (18) Discipline. Hannah Chambers (24) Being content with myself at all times, never being self-conscious or feeling inadequate Hannah Ross (20) Confidence Hannah Suttles the state of 'being good' Hari (21) The health and knowledge necessary to live a long, full life. Harold E. Leighton (37) The cunning and affable ability to convince dumb people to shut up. Harold E. Leighton (40) to be the greatest hunter ever Harold Oberg Fly Harriet (23) The ability to give a speech that inspires and excites Harry (27) Understand people Hassallah (30) bounce Hassan (21) dark power Haven Everest (7) to be able to sing well hawaii50 (45) confidence Hayley I assume by 'gift' you mean talent. Hayzeus (23) Intelligence HCE (15) strength HEATHER (37) To change into any living being at will Heather Driussi (41) Talent in anything I do HeavyFire (16) being more normal. heider (27) Perseverance Heidi will power and self confidence. Heidi R. sociability Helen (32) The gift of punctuality Helen (19) Charisma Helena (18) musical ability Helena Jenkins (20) irresistible charm and beauty Helen Mattison Wyatt (20) charisma hellgirl (19) Gentleness Helory (22) to move things helz bells (41) Empathy Hena Riz (34) Charisma Henry (46) Beauty and talent - everything else I can learn Henry_Z (25) to put people at ease her (26) I would like to possess the gift of being allowed through the gates of heaven and welcomed into my lord arms Herald (71) I did just fine, thanks anyway. herbertofwestlake (43) The ability to play an instrument. Hern (39) An unbreakable will and a tireless spirit. Herod (20) not feeling dumb Hero Solomon (25) Power to heal Hestia (18) natural charm Hetal (22) I'm working on it. H, Han-Jan Ditto ("will power and irresistible charm") HHP (41) Will power and a belief in myself Him (17) Great beauty and amazing health HimynameisAlicia (15) Willpower, strength, happiness, magnetism Hira Yousuf (18) ability to remember more things than I do HKas (28) The power to heal HKas Ooze of confidence Hkr (24) Energy H. McMillan (33) Fuerza de un oso. H.Nakashima (21) Extremely great memory hobbes (26) greater ability in reasoning and logic hodouk (22) Superhuman intelligence Hoelder1in (51) Intelligence and irresistible charm would be pretty damn good. hoffsta beauty holden (27) Singing Holley (39) Patience, the ability to draw, a sweet disposition. holly (17) A natural way and understanding with all people Holly (22) I'm with Proust - will power and charm Holly Avery (32) endless nachos Holly Pajka (28) More courage holyjkms (29) ability to persuade and influence anyone Hong Jay Goodness Hooks to make others laugh Horace pluck (54) satisfaction Houston (19) inner strength howard (34) I would love to possess the ability to think of others first. howard (34) A natural talent and grace for any of the performing arts Hrudaya (24) confidence huck finn (48) Confidence Huda (19) charm huggybear (29) Music Hulot Redux Discipline. Wait, is that natural? Humbugger Omlet (20) Self control Hunter (23) i'd like to be a better orrator. Hurricane Katrina (25) able to see through people who are fake Hwee (45) intelligence Hwiseon Lee (24) dream free sleep Hyldami Beauty and charm Hyosun (25) Will power and incomparable charisma Hypnos The Blade (46) being able to sing HYS (47) The gift of storytelling. I A brilliant mind and unending patience. I Instrumental talent Ian (23) Perfect pitch Ian (44) Humility ianplanet (47) Telepathy. It'd be funny to watch people question which thought is theirs... And scare off the idiots who don't know when to leave the bar... Ian Siente strength, guts, determination I Beg (54) I already possess pretty much every natural gift there is. Iblis Anak (22) Wisdom Icis Selfknowing,clear sight i dont know that i know (17) A little more charisma, perhaps Igor (29) Confidence. Iilyanna The ability to charm with words. Ika (24) Mind reading. ile105 (23) The ability to morph according to need. ile105 (27) to turn back time to do good deeds Illinibeatle (44) beauty IM (82) 20/20 vision Imajones charm and wittiness Imee The ability to snap my fingers and make men disappear I.M. (Imam Mahdi) (5) Teleportation and mind reading Incognitus (23) not to be able to hurt myself and hurt others Indrė (17) resting mind being always calm and at peace Inês (20) beautiful appearance inez (21) Creativity Inkie (60) The ability to be happy and social at any moment interestedparty Sometimes I wish I was a natural entertainer like my sister Ireland Rose (12) Security and disciplne Irene (17) a great figure Irene (26) the gift of love, life and soul Iris (18) Singing Iris (22) Better memory Iris Ramsey (32) will power Isaac (29) Cunning Isaac A strong memory Isaac Love for oneself. Isabel (19) Eternal beauty and youth Isabela (18) Im good, i like how i am. Isabella Fairchild-Heart (Protagonist) (26) a heritage Isabelle (26) The extra sense to know sometimes people, better than they know themselves Isadora Duncan (32) I believe we've already talked of flowers. Isas X-ray vision. Isla (21) Faster tongue, sturdier bones Ismael Santos (20) Beauty or self-esteem. Isolde (17) A brilliant mind, will powe and irresistible charm. Iva charm. agreed. Iva Pasztor (20) Being social and athletic. Ivy (10) i am already a gift ivy (25) Acceptance without explination Ivy (17) flying Ivy Morgan (34) Super healthy immune system Izzy (24) Selflessness, confidence, charm Izzy (17) Ability to trust Izzy (30) organization j2a18m (43) big cock jabbar (23) patience Jacie Lin Courage and strenght Jack (14) the power to change events jack (30) The ability to make my kids mind. I'm kidding...well, only partway. I would like to heal people. Jack (33) being approachable Jack (18) Charisma and Dexterity Jack Goodman (18) Extroversion Jackie Healing jackie (40) Luck. Haha. Jackie (18) to understand people Jackie (24) Will Power Jackie I work truck and my own home Jackie Bordeaux (31) Read minds Jackie Cavalcante (40) Sensitivity Jackie Vega (27) Determination. Jackson8471 (23) The ability to play any music upon one listen. Jackson Fisher (47) To be much taller Jack Viper (29) Physical strength and beauty Jaclyn (22) Irresistability, level headedness JaclynM (19) I am pretty content with what I have, Persuasion maybe Jacob The gift of being an excellent speaker, Athletic Jacob (16) power to live forever with her Jacob The influence to inspire. Jacob Richardson (18) Strength, confidence and a stable hormonal level. Jacque (24) Confidence. Jacqueline (34) Mind-reading, or perhaps invisibility. Jacqueline Garrett (38) Charity Jade (17) Any and all Jade-a-boo (17) healing powers Jade Green (30) self control and restraint Jadelynn (24) To speak more than one language fluently. (I am learning!) Jae (18) To always be present Jafari (33) Will power and irresistible charm Jaime (18) Persuasion Jaime (28) A driving ambition Jake (17) Talent in writing Jake (21) Long term focus, and high mathematical potential. Jakelina Hernandez (22) Charm. Definitely. J.A. Lawrence charisma James (64) the ability to speak more clearly James (30) Will power and vast Knowledge James (19) The ability to fly James (25) Being thin James Immense knowledge of magic James I'm not so sure. James - Dana (15) Will Power James Foley (23) none James Green (29) A gentle heart James H (27) Confidence James La Salandra (31) The power to change people's minds. James Oliver North (39) Oscar Wilde's wit jameson_welsh (22) I posses it I can travel throughout time James Wake (50) yes, will power and irresistible charm James William Reath (21) artistic Jamie (25) The ability to draw. Jamie (22) read minds and help people make the right decissions Jamie (32) amazing singing voice Jamie (17) The ability to fly Jamie (32) teleport Jamie Intitution Jamie Lynn Pearson (25) the ability to play the violin well Jan to be graceful Jan (54) Will power and the ability to think fast. Jan (55) None; I'm trying to get along with those I do possess Jan (51) Clairsentience Jana (22) Clairsentiance Jana (22) i wish i could sing beautifully Janae (17) discipline jane (41) intelligence and irresistible charm jane (20) a great singing voice. jane fakename (25) The ability to throw a curveball.