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Your favorite painter?

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Van Gogh, Andy Warhol. 009 (19) Mozart ;) 0Miles (16) adf 1 Edward Hopper 50ad (17) Caravaggio 513 (00) Chagall 808s Uh I only like dumb comics. A (19) Hoefnagel A Miró A. (27) Justine Hill A (26) Joan Mitchell A. Picasso A (26) I do not have a favorite AA (23) Don't know. aaaaaaa (18) Goya AAAKKK Edvard Munch, Henri Matisse, Pablo Picasso aag (22) Klimt aallisonr (30) Not really a painter, but the unknown Byzantine Mozaic artists Aaron (32) Vincent Van Gogh Aaron (16) salvador Aaron I don't have one Aaron (26) Just something that looks good Aaron (35) Renoir Aaron Guy Leroux (37) da Vinci Aarushi Agarwal (13) Monet Abbie (22) It's a toss up between Van Goch and DaVinci Abbie Hartley Edward Hopper Abby (26) Edward Hopper Abby (27) Mark Rothko Abegando (28) Da Vinci Abigail Harris (10) I love too many to name one ABP (50) Monet Abraham (41) Only one? I have several, and they change. Right now, I love Giotto and Andrei Rublev. Abs Portrait maker? scon are unsure. 'ere in tir dion we rely on de bards for images av mental stature Acara McFadden (28) of walls? Me. of art? van Gough (trendy, I know). A Caring Tea (51) Van Gogh ACH (23) Renoir A. Clifford Stowe (81) Escher (artist but w/e) Acrania (25) Andre Masson Adam (22) any realist painter Adam (25) None Adam (20) Dali Adam (29) Van Gogh adam (16) Polluck Adam (38) Picasso Adam I don't have a favorite painter. I enjoy all types of painting. Adam Braner (30) Francois Boucher Adam Hyde (26) Salvador Dali and Pablo Picasso Adam McGrory (39) Da Vinci Adam Seline (30) Salvador Dali Addy (26) anonymous painter of ancient religious works adieudusk One who will be able to paint my thoughts Aditya (25) Picasso. Admiral Love (33) Van Gogh, Frida Adonia (40) Albrecht Altdorfer Adrian (18) Andy Warhol Adriana (16) salvatore dali, andy warhol Adriana (16) Picasso adriana (45) picasso, van gogh Adriana Kandinsky, Goya, Bacon, Gaugin. Too many to mention, but those are definitely top. Adrian Bauza (20) I'm not qualified to answer this question. Adrian Conrad Leonic Afremov, The Brueghel clan, Hyeronimus Bosch. Adrian George Nicolae (24) Jack Yeats Adrian Martyn (34) My grandfather Adrianna (18) Monet Adrianna (18) Al-Wasiti has produced the most beautiful art in Islam AdrianOz (45) Theodore Gericault Adrian Winters (17) Degas Adrienne Wilson (25) De Vinci Ady (22) Paul Klee aetilson (41) None although I enjoy the neoclassical and cubism styles afrodite (41) chagall, matisse, picasson a.g. (23) bosh agagagaga (24) Vincent van Gogh Agalloza (23) Artemisia Gentileschi Agape (38) don't know Agatha Kefali (45) DaVinci Agent00V (18) if I have to pick only one it would be Goya Aggie White Vrubel A.G. Mata (21) Van Gogh Agnes (43) Van Gogh Agnes (20) Van Gogh Agneska (20) monet agony (25) Klimt Agreen (29) Any photographer. Agu (21) I don't have a particular favorite Agustina (27) Caravaggio A Half Empty Beaker none that i remember ahmad (27) Abstract expressionist and art nouveau painters (a lot) Ai (21) Picasso Aida (22) Dali Aidan (21) Da Vinci had a lot of talent. I like Van Gogh's work as well. Aidan Devlin (15) Those that have painted the annals of history with the blood of those that defied them Aiden Pollack Aiden (17) picasso aiko (20) egon schiele aimée (22) Salvador Dali aimee.dawson (21) Georgia O'Keefe Aisha Milburn (32) leonardo da vinci aishu (14) Monet A.J. (27) Michelangelo AJ (18) Guy aitchison Ajam (21) Dali or Francis Bacon. Ajay (17) none Ajm9511 (21) my mother akansha (26) Leonardo da Vinci. akanthe (19) Cezanne Akbar Shahzad (20) None Aki Van Gogh Aks (20) Bob Ross, Vincent van Gogh, Michaelangelo AKT (35) Chawky Frenn. I haven't met too many painters, but he's a nice fellow. Talented, too. Al (28) Singer Sargent Al (55) Raphael, Rembrandt, Da Vinchi Al (42) Clyfford Still alabambino (32) Van Gogh Alan (58) Tamara de Lempicka or Frida Kahlo Alan (14) Frida Kahlo Alan (14) Van Gough Alan (24) Monet Alana (20) Salvador Dali Alan Arkin (44) I have come to admire Frida Kahlo Alannah (43) Edgar Degas AlbaManuela (18) Richter; Caravaggio Albertine (29) N/A Alcaeus (19) Luis Royo Alchemist (45) Marra, Jessie Madera, Grindesign, Electric Zombie, Cutty Bage Alden Lee Klaput (18) Claude Monet Aldonza77 (47) Vermeer Ale (28) Rothko Alecia Andy Warhol. Alecksi Don't have one. Aleesha (32) Clyfford Still Alejandro Amoretti (28) Salvador Dali alek (20) Andrew Wyeth Aleksei Kotsov (63) dali alessa (21) Monet, Dali Alessandro Pian (30) hockney Alessio Lucchini (46) Leonardo DaVinci Aletha Camack At the moment, let's say Edvard Munch. Alex El Greco Alex (22) Van Gogh Alex (17) delacroix alex (38) waterhouse alex (23) None Alex (21) andre derain Alex (23) I don't like paint. Alex (17) Right now: Dali Alex (32) Monet and Van Gogh Alex (21) Sebastian Pether Alex (16) Salvador Dali Alex Cy Twombly, Pierre Bonnard alexa (28) Michaelangelo. Alexander (33) Pablo Picasso Alexander (19) Frida Kahlo Alexander (30) I fear I do not enough to comment. I'm afraid I shall reveal my ignorance here. Alexander Kim (19) John Singer Sargent Alexandra (27) The one who holds no pretense. Alexandra (19) Photographers. Alexandra (24) Schiele Alexandra (18) Van gogh Alexandra (15) Aleksandr Deyneka Alexandra (24) William Adolphe Bouguereau Alexandra Bryhter (24) I'm not sure Alexandra Campbell (26) Goya Alexandra SweetTale4u Cruz August Macke Alexandre (28) my brother AlexandriaHMerlin (40) Claude Monet AlexandriaLHash (30) Picasso Alexandria Marshall (32) Gustav Klimt, Edgar Degas, Claude Monet, Lawrence Alma-Tadema, Vincent van Gogh. alexandrine (15) Dali Alex Armstrong (16) Dali Alex Armstrong (16) Dali Alex Armstrong (16) Dali Alex Brooks (18) John Constable Alex C. myself, though unbiasedly, Monet, for I like his depiction of nature rather than nature itself Alexis Johnson (19) DaVinci AlexRTRW Alphons Mucha, Richard Dadd Aley (60) Matisse Alfonso (26) Picasso Alfonso (28) Van Gogh al-g (24) Monet Ali (37) Michelangelo. Ali A. Rizvi I don't really care for painting Alice Da Vinci Alice Mary F. Moore Alicein1derland (27) Van Gogh Alice of Duxford Sorolla (Spanish painter) Alicia (68) Dali alicja (38) Monet Aliid Delacroix Alin (23) Can I say Dale Chihuly? For me, glass >>> paint. Alina Mike Barr Alina (20) My knowledge in painting is limited... So I would say Sheperd Fairey, the street artist. Aline Guiraudie (36) munch alipans (57) Bernini, Da Vinci, Michelangelo Alishba Zarmeen (24) Andrew Wyeth Alison (20) Carivagio Alison Martin (Alison Martin) william blake, goya alison wonderland sabir nazar AliZaidi (29) Polluck, Divinci, Casatt, Renoir, and Frankenthaler AllenT. (33) Leonardo Allen Wasupan (16) monet alli (49) El Greco Allison (33) Joan Miro Allison (20) Mark Rothko or John Singer Sargent. Allison not sure allison (19) Gustav Klimt Allison Jean (21) Ed Ruscha, Wolfgang Laib (not painter, but art), El Greco, All my NYC painting cronies Allison Jean Hazen (34) picasso alliswell (62) Don't have one Alma (25) Gustav Klimt almavidrio (35) I don't know if Escher ever painted anything, but he is my favorite artist. I like art that makes me question reality. Altjungr (30) Max Ernst altron2095 Dali Alvilda (20) Monet Alx Van Gogh Aly (17) none in particular alya (17) Caravaggio Alyanna (22) Van Gogh Alyce J. Dali Alyssa Don't know enough about painters to have a favorite. Alyssa Cordova (17) I paint in blood and woe. Alyssa Darkling I don't paint, so I wouldn't know. Alyssa MacMillan (25) I liked the sand painter from my village. He made the prettiest sunset scenes. He thinks it's my fault his son is missing. Alyssa Moonchild (16) Van Gogh AM Monet Amanda (23) Renoir Amanda Jan Smith Amanda (42) gerhard richter AmandaFYS13 (18) Monet Amanda Strong (42) Adelaide Damoah Amandine (31) Van Gogh Amara I do not pay attention to the names of the artists Amaris (17) I don´t even know any painters to be honest Amayah (17) I guess Leonardo da Vinci Amayah Munoz (17) Camille Corot Amber (18) Edgar Degas Amber (37) Edgar Degas Amber (37) not sure Amber (20) All painter that paints beauty...no one in particular though Ame (37) Picasso Amelia (13) Van Gogh Amelia (18) I don't think I have a favorite, but "Starry Night" is my favorite painting. Amelia Gates (formerly Pippet) (10) Ernie Barnes Amelie (24) Hokusai American Marxist Monet Americanoid (50) vermeer americanwoman (62) Van Gogh ames (21) goya ammb (29) This one girl I saw painting a mural with bright fiery orange hair who didn't respond when I complimented her as I was walking by Amos (18) Monet Amrita (22) Monet amu Ralph Steadman Amy (30) John Waterhouse Amy (33) Rembrant amy (14) Picasso Amy (28) Thomas Sailot amy (33) Kandinsky, Franz Marc, Natalia goncharova Amy (35) Raphael, Botticelli... Amy (55) Monet, Picasso, Dali Amy Becker; Character: Merriwether Finch (27) Modigliani Amy Cottington-Bray Monet Amy Jo as Marge (48) Monet Amy Jo as Marge (48) Vincent Van Gough Amy Martinez (20) Salvador Dali Amy R. michelangelo amz (16) klimt. Ana (21) Yeronimus Bosch Ana (30) monet ana (16) Monnet ana (34) Diego Velázquez Ana Carolina (16) Munch Analise (40) Dali, Chagall Anam (26) Salvador Dali. Ana Marija (20) KC Green Ananke (25) Leonard Da Vinci ancientrobot (31) N/a Andi (28) pocaso andraya (23) Jackson Pollock Andre Monet Andrea (16) Anne-Louis Girodet, Francisco Goya, Van Gogh...it's hard to choose.... Andrea (13) Dali ANDREAADKINS (26) Leonardo DaVinci AndreaCoker (24) Picasso AndreaFeliu (28) J.M.W. Turner. Andreas (19) Chagall Andrea SB (32) Picasso andres007 (19) da vinci Andres (19) I don't have one. Andrew (22) black and white photographs taken by amateurs. Andrew (25) Carravagio Andrew (20) Gustav Klimt Andrew (28) my secondary art school teacher Andrew (22) I didn't actually find him already. andrew (24) Paul klee Andrew barlow (26) Alphonse Mucha Andrew J Ohls (33) I don't like art. Andrew Price (38) Bonnard or Max Ernst Andy (25) Katsushika Hokusai Andy (23) Katsushika Hokusai Andy (23) Salvador Dali, Frank Loyd Wright, Pablo Picasso andy rayford (28) Never been a fan of art Andy Thomas (25) Matisse, Gogh, Kandinsky ang (99) My favorite painter is Léonard De Vinci Angel (13) Picasso Angel Picasso Ângela (24) Van Gogh, Vermeer Angela (30) John William Waterhouse, Claude Monet, Salvador Dali Angela (19) Georgia O'Keeffe Angela Estrada (20) Michaelo Angelicstar (45) ravi varma angelina (26) dont know Angelo Navarette (18) Frida Kahlo Angel Rodrigues (41) unknown angie (29) Amanolo gallardo Ani Pablo "Mindgames" Picasso Ani (22) Picasso because he saw what other people didn't. Anik (16) Basquiat Aniyah (19) yayoi kusama anjali Manet Anjel (28) Pablo Picasso Anjelah49 (49) Sergio Mata Anjelika (22) i love all painters , they give meaning. Ankassandra (15) picassio. Ann (19) Red Skelton Ann (62) Leonardo de Vinci, Clarence Gagnon, Canaletto Ann (50) Renoir Anna (20) Mucha Anna (20) picasso Anna (13) Picasso (Guernica) and impressionist and romantic artists. Anna (16) They all have merit. I like to look at the work of Michelangelo. Anna (34) People have those? Anna Baker (20) Henri Matisse, Gustav Klimt Anna Kalimar (18) Edward Hopper Anna Maria (21) renoir Anna-Maria Christopher Eckert AnnaMay (51) Bosh Anna O. Degas Anna Stein (21) Van Gogh Ann Delaney (44) Hung Liu Anne (21) Chagal anne (23) Frank Carmichael Anne Farquharson (78) Salvador Dali Annelise (40) Michael Whelan Anne Louise Sheldon (34) I like Picasso bec he makes me think, didn't LOVE anyone from art history 1 at University of Saint Joseph but want to explore more art Anne Patricia F (21) Georgia O'Keefe Photos Anneta Van Gogh Annie Any artist who makes me see nature in an even more beautiful way Anniel (62) John Constable anniezee (54) Da Vinci AnonAzure (19) Leonardo da Vinci anonim (18) don't no anon moose (19) LeAnne my manicurist. Ansley Stevenson (16) Rene Magritte. Anthony (23) Bronzino Anthony (24) Gustav Klimt anthony (48) life Anthony Almeida None. Anthony D C (20) Any painter seeing beyond what is right in front of them Anthony Scine-Sceni (42) cezanne, picasso, rothko, the list is endless antoinette (24) Rembrandt today, perhaps Caravaggio tomorrow. Anton (52) I don't believe in painters, I believe in personalities. Antoniette (20) picasso Antonina (20) Picasso Antonio Lemos (18) Van Gogh Anty Francis Bacon Anusia (34) who can reflect life as it is Anya (22) Too hard to choose. Franz Kline, Morris Lewis, more... Anya (71) Renoir anything Claude Monet Anzi (27) Francis Bacon a.o. (40) Monet Aparajita (26) Monet, Vermeer, Raja Ravi Verma. Aparajita (26) Pierre Bonnard, Velazquez, Turner, Apollo (58) Joan Miro Apos Leonardo da Vinci Apply (30) Monet, Vermeer, Dali, Cezanne and Hopper April (20) Myself April (21) Van Gogh AR (20) Klimt. Monet. Ara (15) Don't really have one, but someone like Claude Monet or Jean Reanoir Aranneaa (19) Da Vinci arctic_child (36) HR Giger Ardent (30) Pollock A real phony (27) andy warhol Areeba (25) Matisse has been a favorite since I was a kid. Also, anyone local, we have so many good artists that deserve support Ari (29) DaVinci. Ari Painting by a realist Arianna (15) Da vinci Ariel Toni Caribet Ariella Bordaine: Female Protagonist (20) No idea Arizona (19) Monet arlo (64) I'm really not into painting much, so I really wouldn't know Arnold Murray (42) Julio Galan. AROG GOD A-ron (15) monet Arsh (24) those who do not just paint as the eye sees, but instead paint what the heart sees. Arthur Lorne Leonardo da Vinci Artie (17) Leonardo da Vinci Artie Mondello (18) (I could never pick one) Caravaggio, Manet, Monet, Hokusai, Mucha, Klimt. Aruz Elliott (29) This is an area of which I have yet to explore. AS (32) Goya ascetic monk (51) Monet Asfiya Mariam (21) I don't have one. Ash (23) Van Gogh Ash Rhonda Colon ashan (20) Salvador Dali Ash Bloom (27) van Gogh asherville (55) Frida Khaldo because of her background story Ashley (18) My favorite painter is Picasso. Ashley (12) Picasso Ashley (20) My favorite painter is Picasso. Ashley 2.0 (13) not sure ashley baus (24) Salvador Dali Ashley Brazil (17) Monet, picasso, da vinci Ashley Mannara (29) Jack B. Yeats Ashley Meller (26) can i choose rodin? ashleytheresa (20) Maurits Cornelius Escher Ashwin Murali (21) Egon Schiele Asi (21) Seurat asmitchel (67) Picasso Asmund (40) Ed Ruscha? Frida Kahlo... I have to find out ASN (25) Michelangelo. You thought I was gonna say Bob Ross. Assman (19) Monet Astra (19) Turner, Richter Astri (36) da Vinci Astrid Destiny Blue (Deviantart) Asuka Suzuki (13) Caravaggio, Peter Bruhgel Athar (25) Van Gogh Athena (17) Escher attitude (49) Matisse Atuona (38) Claude Monet Aubrey Files (25) Vanessa Jennings (native American Artist) Aubrey Tate (21) Cezanne Audrey (17) Leonardo da Vinci. Audrey Bittencourt (24) Probably an unknown one Audrey Mahone (29) renoir augustine (70) Monet and Van Gogh Auntie Em (35) Van Gogh Auntie Em (27) Huizong Aurora (32) Not really into paintings. Aurora Picasso Austin (19) Leonardo DA Vinci Austin Hobbs (16) Rembrandt, Dalí, Norman Mingo, Norman Rockwell, Mary Blair, Bill Wray, Gustaf Tenggren, Mel Crawford, etc. Austin Kimmell (16) until i was 15 edvard munch, then i discovered art is everywhere and you can't pick one. it is impossible. autumn (17) Jim Carrey, Vincent Van Gogh Autumn HP Autumn Boze (18) Van Gogh. AutumnRose (17) Johannes Vermeer Ava (7) I really love the painting from Johannes Vermeer with the girl with the pearls Ava (7) rauschenberg avecamour Georgia O'Keeffe Awalker None. Axel (18) Francisco Goya but only for his Black Paintings Aya frida kahlo ayda (25) Van Gogh Aye (22) Van Gogh Aye (22) Matisse ayem (57) Matisse aym (30) Vermeer a young boy (91) monet ayumi (20) Monet B (45) Bob Ross, Monet, Van Gogh, Erté B (31) van gogh B (21) Metcalf Bababookie Picasso Babette (42) leonardo da vinci Babs modigliani Baby (32) Frida Kahlo Bad Wolff john william waterhouse baggal21 (28) All of them. Bailey (19) Raja Ravi Verma Balaji Harish Iyer (20) Chuck Close. Bald Sky (38) Henri Matisse, Frida Khalo, and of course Edvard Munch Bambi (17) Matisse and anything Baroque Banana Hammock (30) vettriano barada Childe Hassam barbara (50) I've usually connected emotionally with Matisse and Kahlo Barbarita (21) Anyone who makes pretty stripes Barbielebrun Charley the beach chair (54) Ink the octopus Barbielebrun Garry the ghost crab (54) I have too many to list Baron Von Nazzenpoppel (46) Edward Hopper. He captured every day life so beautifully. Barry Wextall (20) henri de toulouse lautrec basbas (22) Piccasso Batgirl (23) i don't have one Baylee Caravaggio bc (22) Caravaggio bc (22) Salvador Dali BCQ (30) Yikes. Well, I guess, Monet? I like the fuzziness of his paintings. Like you can't focus. BD None Bdme (23) Banksy Bea (18) Caspar David Friedrich Bea (18) El Greco Bear (49) salvador dali bearoid (30) Gosh, so many....Rockwell, De Kooning, Gaugin, Bosch, Michelangelo, Bettina burch Beatlhoven (47) Bosch beatricegasti (30) Matisse Beatrice Moore (30) Picasso Beatriz (13) I got a buddy who paints houses Beau (28) michelangelo beauty (18) Frederic Lord Leighton Beavis Christ (30) The one who has fun. Becca (16) one who is unknown but paints on Becca (17) Dali Becca (21) Sorolla Becca (19) My mother Becca (20) Van Gogh Becca (21) Wattyl. BeckBeck (26) rembrandt becks (24) leandardo becky (13) My best friend Becky C I really like the pictures on the cover of my Rohald Dahl books, but I don't know who painted them. Bee some dude named carlos on insta bee (16) on some days Pollack on others Renoir beezer (64) Van Gogh. beezersneezer (46) Turner Beka (33) picasso belita (39) monet bella (16) picasso Bella (17) I don't care for painted art. Belle (26) Monet. Belu (19) None. Next. Ben (23) Leonardo Da Vinci Ben (17) What is "painter"? Ben John Martin Benedict (38) Claude Monet Benjamin (29) Velazquez or Goya Benjamin Thomas Caravaggio Benjamin Urrutia (61) Nature Benjo (23) None Ben Johns (21) Definitely Edvard Munch. BennyB Gaughin Ben Taylor Paintings by young children Berlin (25) Monet Bernard Hartley (18) none? Beth (20) Monet Beth (25) Monet Bethann (35) Jackson Pollock Bethany (23) Van Gough Bethany (22) A former student. She's 6 and is the most talented person I've ever met. Bethany Surreira (35) Van Gough Beth Ellis (15) I do not have one. Beti (24) Vincent Van Gogh Betty Usabiaga (37) Salvador Dali Beu Mihac (15) Van Gogh bev Picasso Beyonce (18) Turner Bhakti Brophy (41) W.J.M. Turner Bhakti Brophy (45) Ravi verma Bhargava (25) Jon Lomberg bhl Johannes Vermeer Bhole Goya Bianca (18) don t know yet bibi cy twombly? bif love most art work biggb (46) dont have one big guy (16) Picasso, Caravaggio, Rembrandt Bijan (27) The guy who paints my house so I don't have to Bill (50) ADOLF HITLER BILLY (38) Salvador Dali Billy (16) Contemporarily, Fabian Perez BillyBobABC123zzz salvador dali billy boy watson (3) One from the Victorian Era Billy the Son of the Kid (21) Van Gough Biochicklet MF HUSSAIN BIPS (46) My favorite painter is Salkvador Dali . biscotte (13) fragonard is nice bismuth Rembrandt BJ (56) many blabla (37) Danatello Blackie (20) Monet Blademan (60) Josef Albers, Franz Kline Blaine (21) The ones who create things of beauty. Now define beauty. That depends on cultural conditioning Blair C. (29) Van Gogh Blake (17) Jane Frank Blake (24) bad ink blake (16) Picasso Blake (29) Klee Blanca (48) Monet Blanca Parra (66) Salvador Dali Blank Tae Myself? VanGogh blip52 (27) My Grandad. BlondShamrock (16) Dali Blood (15) Really? Blue (16) Van Gogh Blueagle (47) Salvador Dali Bluebird (27) Really? Blue Harkness (16) Van Gogh BlueOrchid (39) Joseph Mallord William Turner Bluto (29) Picasso BM (20) kandinsky, john sargent, jim dine bman (41) chuck close bmo Van Gogh Bob (22) As a person, or because of the way they paint? bob (38) Me Bob (32) . bob Degas. Boba (22) kandinsky bobblins I don't know any Bobby (40) Don't have one Bobby (21) Picasso bobby Don't know any bobby (33) monet Bobby Eugene georgia o'keefe Bobia (25) M.C. Escher boku_wa_kami (25) frida bomb (30) picaso Bonky (26) Someone who puts a piece of themselves in the work and when they are done dies with it Bonnie (15) Monet Boo (36) Any child who loves to paint bookloverva (58) None - Abstract Art boomalexboom Robert Francis Booper (52) In a plain sense, van Gogh Boris (16) Dali. I'm not an expert though. Borrie (33) picasso bov (19) Vincent van Gogh Brad (17) I don't have one Brad Connors davinici brad w (35) Matisse Brady (31) Van Eyk. bram-is-e-janet-brecht-is-de-max My sister's son Bramma (23) Art is Making and everyone can Make. It's all beautiful. Brandon Carter (32) Vermeer or Rembrandt. I shall not choose. Brandon Nobles (31) dont have one Breanna (18) I prefer photography Bree (23) Paul Jackson Pollock, Max Ernst, Raoul Hausmann Bree Ogden Joachim. He leaves our mark on many of the Liege's buildings. Bren (47) I do not care for art Brenda Everett (39) I don't really have one. I just love beautiful paintings, no matter who painted it. Brendalee (59) None... the arts are alien to me Brendan (24) da vinci brent (33) I'm not an art enthusiast by any stretch of the imagination, but I'd go with Michaelangelo. Brent Findley (19) Myself Brett Ferguson (42) Salvator Rosa Bri (28) All kinds of abstract artists bri (17) Salvador Dali Brian (22) Magritte Brian (37) Don't have one. I love photographing and there is a photographer who I am mentoring because I love thier work. Brian (24) Reimbrandt Brian (50) Leonardo dv Vinci Brian A. Henegar (26) Frida Kahlo. BriannaBabyFYS13 Anyone with skill BriannaFYS13 (18) winslow homer, edward hopper brian S (58) pacasso Brien Moffett pacasso Brien Moffett Jackson Pollack Bri Toro Gustav Klimt, Pablo Picasso and Vincent van Gogh Britta Bandit (30) Today it is Eyvand Earl Brittany (25) Salvador dali Brittany Crow (28) Street artists Brittney Miller (20) Vincent Van Gogh brns wolfgand Riecher broad (45) Pablo Picasso Brock Schwarzkopf (29) Monet Bron Blackwell (37) Degas Brooke Vincent van Gogh Brooke Raphael, because religious paintings tend to be the most idealistic. Bruce Bennett (20) N/A Brutus (20) Painted Bryan (24) The rain. BryanAngel (41) Berthe Morisot Bryan Etem (27) Dali or Lichtenstein Bryan R. (21) Van Gogh Bryn (23) Pollack Brynlea (17) Van Gogh Brynn (39) Gustave Courbet Brynn (18) Edward Hopper Brynn That is a frivolous waste of time. Brynn Woods -Protagonist (21) Allesandro Botticelli bubby (43) Volpi Bubu (37) Jan Matejkp Buck Richardson (34) none buckyballs (35) Seurat Buddy (34) van gogh bug gustave dore Bugsy My mother. My grandmother. Georges Seurat. Claude Monet. Edward Hopper. Bulldozer (50) pollock bunny The original cave art creator Burella (61) Hopper Burke (47) Piccasso Burnable_Material_Here (18) GUSTAV KLIMT BUTTERFLY (41) Rembrandt butunn (19) Michael Astrapas Byriver Bloke (24) wyeth BZ Schiele C morgan c (21) me myself C (14) Dali C (20) Monet C (35) Da Vinci Cabrales (18) monet cacharel (37) Tie between my friend and myself. Cade (15) Caravaggio Caidy (54) Matisse Cailey Vincent van Gogh Caio (18) So many. Caitlin (21) Dali cakes (41) Vincent van Gogh Cal (20) Da Vinci Caleb (17) My little sister. Calla (16) Leonardo Di Vinci Callie Owens (27) Don't know enough to say Calvin (31) Monet Cam (23) Dali Cameron Harvey (26) toulouse lautrec. I narrow down only by who was most impactful... of my life time love of art. Camille (52) lautrec Cammi (32) Lautrec, Jackson Pullock Cammi (32) O'Keefe. Candice (23) Norman rockwell, rembrandt, manet Candlewycke Salvador Dali Candy Anya Cannon (33) Renoir Captain Crunch Monet Carissa - Casey The one who does it for no glory at all carlajwms (49) Picasso Carla Tate (19) Van Gogh Carlie (24) My grandmother, Ann Shute Carlisle Carravagio. Carlo (26) Correggio Carlos A. (24) nature Carlos Cisne (45) Daddy was a good painter Carlota (16) Egon Schiele or Klimt Carly (19) Edward Hopper Carly (21) Salvador Dali Carly C (27) Group of Seven Carmen (57) Monet Carol pierre bonnard Carol (60) klimpt carolina (23) Jacques Louis David Caroline (38) Raphael Caroline (25) Caillebotte Caroline (33) Van Gogh, Turner,Vermeer,Cezanne,Picasso ... Caroline (45) I don't have one Caroline Davis (19) John Singer Sargent, Modigliani, Gustav Klimt Caroline M. (41) Edward Hopper Carol Lacoss (62) Luc Tuymans. Carolyn (18) Monet - who sought out each detail of each painting Carolyn (39) Monet Carolyn (45) Monet, Picaso, Dali Carrie Degas Carrie (44) Jaakko Mattila, finnish painter cartike Meissonier Cartman (99) L.S. Lowry Cas (25) Chagall Casey (36) Vincent van Gogh Cassadra (8) Rachel Whiteread Cassandra Spencer (28) My homie Duece is the best and I can get you a good deal on some of his street work. Cassandra Watkins (21) I dont like painting/painters Cassidy I don't know. Cast (17) Chuck Close, Edward Hopper Cat (36) Van Gogh Cat (24) Henri Matisse Cat (26) Van Goh Cat zdzislaw beksinski cat (20) nobody Catalina (44) Camille Corot, Klimt, Lautrec Catalina Jiménez Correa (27) Georgia O'Keefe Cate (23) Katrina Chamberlin Cate (33) Leonardo da Vinci Catelline (26) I don't follow art Catharina (22) My brother Catherine i'm a big fan of the impressionist era Catherine (33) My friend. Catherine Jean None Catherine Mitchell Qnone Cathlow Harmon (50) jackson Pollock Catlin Benjamin the effervescent Maxfield Parrish c.a.torres (39) Waterhouse Cat Podd (37) Anyone who is great at providing colorful creations of art Catrice (37) Dali Catrina (15) Leonardo Da Vinci Cattie Chong (26) Monet CC (18) Piccaso CC (22) van gogh ccc (27) Degas ccchnl Beato Angelico cdl (35) Henry Fuseli Cee Cee (17) DeMarcus. In F Tier. He cleans the toilets and shit. A real dude. He don't ever complain. He's a street artist. Murals. You can see them around Caddo if you're interested. Celeste (32) There are too many styles and artists I appreciate, I cannot choose simply one. Celia (15) Gustav Klimt Celline Marge (18) Velasquez cenire (25) Van Gogh cerisetea (34) Dali Cestmoi Caravaggio C face. (22) edward hopper cfm (37) Salvador Dali ch My favorite painters is Picasso Chacha (13) Picaso Chancelor C.J. King (19) Picasso and Guy Laramee (Carved Book Landscapes) Chandra Alexander (24) I don't have one Channy (19) My best friend, Cobweb. Chanter (18) I have none, however I do notice beauty in the night sky. So nature could be considered an artist. Chanter (24) Van Gogh Chari (21) Don't have one Charleigh Dunno, I'm a graphite person. Charlene (17) Vincent Van Gogh Charlene (50) Vincent van Gogh Charlene (18) Vermeer Charles 01 ( 7) El Greco Charles Au Lavoie In the area of art, my tastes lean more towards folk art. CharlesB (48) Van Gogh Charles Davis (60) Vincent van Gogh Charles L Davis Jr (51) Rembrandt Charles Pybus (61) The creator that painted our world. It is beautiful, is it not? Charlie Fry (36) chagall charlotte (29) Jhonen Vasquez ... well, he's a cartoonist but still ... Charlotte (18) Claude, Rembrandt, Da Vinci, Dali, and Mother Nature herself Charlotte H. (23) Kandinsky Charly Mariaan (49) Jackson Pollock Charmaine (25) matisse charosa (20) Definitely Monet and Chuck Close Chary Silva (22) Degas, Van Gogh chay (40) Michelangelo Cheche (40) Michaelangelo cheeky (26) Clint Sloan Cheemargh (36) picaso chele thomas kincaid chelle (47) Schnabel Chelsea (21) Whoever paints the portraits of me. Chelsea (23) Van Gogh Chelsea (28) Victoria Frances. She's still alive and all, but it counts. Chelsea Smith (24) children Chelsy Monet Cheri D. John Singer Sargent, Renoir Cherie (40) I don't have a favorite painter but my favorite photographer is Annie Lebovitz Cherish Robinson (21) Van Gogh Cherlyn (40) I love the old masters such as Michelangelo and DaVinci. cherry (16) Dali holds my fascination Cherub (30) Mozart Cheryl Da Vinci Cheryl Barnette (59) Edvard Munch, Van Gogh Cheshire (22) Dont know many painters chetana Leonardo da Vinci Chi Caravagio Chickpea (31) Manet Chico (46) Meissonier Chief (57) Zhang Zeduan ChiefJ42 (44) Salvador Dali, Pablo Picasso and Van Gogh chiklitz76 (39) Albert Bierstadt Child (8) Edward Hopper Chili (17) Mone Chinita (34) Ravi varma Chinnu (38) Painted pictures look all the same to me Chip Griphix (35) Wut? Chiu Jing Hua (17) Rothko chloe (21) Anyone who paints of death and demise, carries my vote. Chloe (17) Me Chocolate Bunny (32) Michalangelo Chonda Monet Choraven (32) No one inparticular. Chris (16) James Jean. Da Vinci Chris Esao Andrews Chris (19) Whoever paints the prettiest picture Chris Dali Chris (13) Vincent van Gogh Chris Jack Vettriano Chris (52) Bob Ross chris (24) Mother Nature Chris Glass (39) Dali Chris S. vincent royo Christa (27) Goya Christabelle (29) Peter Doig Christian (44) Picasso Christian Boyanov (24) Anyone who adheres to the practice of photo-realism Christian Soldier (33) Myself Christina (26) Don't know that world well enough to answer Christina Caceres (26) Frida Kahlo. Christina Kronberg (23) Degas, Picasso, de Limpika Christina Tounzen Bob Ross because I love happy little trees. Christina X. (37) vincent can Gogh christine (18) Its all about the Goya and the Bosch Christobel (17) I love Goya and Bosch. Christobel in College (18) Hals Christopher (24) Hopper Christopher Blaum (37) Painting is dumb Christopher Boone Rembrandt Christopher James Stagg (16) Degas Christopher M. (31) Art doesn't really do anything for me. Christopher Mitchell (17) Moey Hewitt Christopher Ross (23) Goya Christopher Sloce (26) Salvador Dali, Persistance is Memory christy (44) Peter Paul Rubens Christy Turner (50) Peter Paul Rubens Christy Turner (50) Monet, Basquiat, JMW Turner Chuck (43) Monet, Basquiat, JMW Turner Chuck (44) Me Chunky Lover Who cares about painting Ciara (24) Vincent Van Gogh Ciara (22) any impressionist Cickany (51) I can't rememeber her name, just that it begins with an A. Ciera (16) don't have one Cilie (50) Not just one, and I don't know the name of all. I can only start with Monet, Mary Cassat, Renoir.... Cindy Matisse cindy (50) Street artist Cindy (24) Jackson Pollock Cindy (22) Frederich Cindy (50) too many to choose CindyLu (58) Henri Matisse Cissa Fireheart (32) Street artists, Bridget Riley, Jean Michel Basquait cizz Vango CJ (18) schiele CJN (21) Francis bacon Cla (22) Definitely Salvador Dali. Or maybe Picasso. Claire Michelangelo, the painter of the Sistine Chapel...I saw his paintings once when I took my children to Rome. Claire (32) Anyone who brings tears to my eyes - and that is an often occurence. Claire Bartholomew (16) Monet Claire Cullen (49) Goya ClaireW (65) I like several for different reasons Clancy Picasso and Van Gogh Clara (20) Monet Clara Van Gogh, Danilo Danela, Amorsolo, Francisco Goya, Monet. Clarence (17) Michaelangelo Clarissa (18) Fuseli Clarisse Johnson (24) Monet Clark Kent Bev Doolittle Clark Langridge (32) Diego Rivera Clau miro Claudia (36) Clay Douglass: Andreas Gursky (photographer) Clay Douglass (34) rauschenberg clazza mgee i dont have one Clelia Beatriz Valdez (22) It's Monet clemfolk49 (13) my grandmother Cleo (∞) picasso Cleo (17) Egon Schiele. clockwork (34) van gogh cm (57) Blake Coastside007 (42) Used to be Monet,and now he ceases to be an attraction to me since his painting can't project what i want cobweb (24) J.M.W. Turner CockneyKnight (48) Kiki Smith Coco (31) Mary Cassatt Coco (19) Romare Bearden CocoPuff2016 (44) Picasso codered (18) pacaso Cody (25) At the moment, Max Ernst Cody Gould (17) Van Gogh Col (41) Don't have one Cole (37) Robert Bateman Colin (39) Van Gogh. Colin (22) Renoir Colorful (28) I like to eat paint. Colton (27) there are far too many, but the one i am currently enthralled with is Alex Grey comnomnomor (15) Monet, for his simplicity Connie Monet Connie (24) Mozart Connor Whistler. Connor Salvador Dali Connor (16) I prefer photography. Connor Taylor (19) didn't know any Conny (71) Dali conor (34) Egon Schiele constanceeee (19) Picasso Constantin (32) I wish I knew more about art. I loved my art-history class. Perhaps I need a trip to the Museum of Modern Art. Consuela Monet Cookie None cookie (51) Théodore Géricault CookieFantastic (46) Picasso Cooper (16) Andrew Wyeth Cora (26) I'm not into paintings Cora (39) Thomas Kinkade Cora Henley (15) Monet Core (25) Picasso for the arrogance, Van Gogh for the overwhelming emotional distress and Shiele for the violence Corentine (25) Audubon. Corey Salvador Dali corinne Van Gogh Cory (22) Norman Rockwell Courtney Loughlin (Courtney Loughlin) thiebaud cpaters1 (26) Picasso cr Manet Craig (35) N/A Craig (8) I like a lot of paintings but I wouldn't say I had a favorite painter. Craig Suga Biles (22) Dali Crimson (60) Rubens cris Georgia O'Keefe Cris Anyone who paints in abstract. Cris velazquez Crisfe (31) I don't have one. Crishna Murray (42) I don't have one Crishna Murray (43) Michelangelo Cristi Leonardo Da Vinci. Crystal (17) Van Gogh Crystal (32) DaVinci, Monet Crystal (22) Do not have one Crystal (34) Elsector. Crystal (35) Keith Haring csheehan (17) Van gogh cuchi (40) Artist - Hussain. Installationist - Subodh Gupta Cucks Monet cucu (26) Van Gogh, Da Vinci, Leon Bonnat, Rembrant, Monet, Michelangelo, Rafael cvelez (64) salvador dali and leonardo da vincii cweekly Xu Bei Hong Cyan Imsomething (28) Rembrandt d0701 (29) Alma Tadema, Janice Darr Cua D Bouguereau DAD The guy who painted my bedroom camouflage...yup...DAD! Dad (42) Frida Kahlo Daesia Garcia (16) Botticelli Daffy Sue Esposito (60) Michael Angelo Daisy (27) Frida Kahlo Daisy (17) monet Daisy Meissonier Dakota Swaveman (18) Caravaggio dA member: sonicbutterfly (17) Monnet Damien TC (36) Van Gogh Dan (29) van Gogh Dan Salvador Dali Dan (39) Wyath Dan (51) can't name just one, Danae (17) None D Anderson (42) Leonardo da Vinci Danger (16) I love are too much to choose. Dani (31) andy mrotek Dani (19) Rufino Tamayo Daniel (25) I don't really have one Daniel (16) Van Gough Daniel Below leonardo da vinci Danieldidit (24) My father, who I have never known but there is a painting in our house with his name on it which is lovely Daniella (28) Monet. Danielle (15) Salvador Dali Danielle (35) van gough DanielleKeith (19) H.R. Giger. Daniel Molina (20) Bansky. Daniel Phelps (23) Those that depict nature and weapons of war in Romantic manners Daniel Stephens (Character Sketch) (22) edward hopper daniiii (18) Francisco Goya Daniil (22) Joadoor Neo-classical Danine (48) I knew Apollodorus his entire life. I watched him paint when I was young. He often painted my extended family and even talked my sisters and I into sitting for him once. DaniStory (29) Jack Vettriano Danny (25) Picasso Danyael (16) Monet Daph (45) Kehinde Wiley and Raphael. Darbio (16) God Darcy (20) Picasso Darcy Leonardo DaVinci. Margie fabro Darcy (54) Homer Winslow dareman (64) andy warhol dario (21) A personal friend of mine. No one famous or infamous. Darnell Leonardo Da Vinci and Milla my niece. DashEloise (32) John Chancellor Dave Cresswell (46) abstract DaveG (39) Chagall Dave Whitaker (40) Storm Thorgeson Davey (18) Salvador Dali DaveyD (24) Van Gogh Davian (alias) (32) Monet David (19) Da Vinci. David (10) leonardo devinci David (18) magrite David (63) Rembrandt David (24) Kandinsky David (51) kandisky david baiguera (35) Oh no! Mom is going to be so disappointed. She's an artist, and she's always sending me work by African American artists. David Dean (35) Hieronymus Bosch David Del Aguila Osollo Dali, the surrealist; Vermeer, the realist David E.J.A Bennett (29) Claude Monet David K (46) Catharina van Hemessen David King (23) Van Gogh. David ROWE (42) The impressionists David Sergio Cisneros Ardura (46) Van Gogh. David Thomas (60) Gustav Klimt David Timme (19) Jonathan Wommack David Wommack (19) Leonardo DaVinci Davie (16) John William Waterhouse Davi Silva (21) Monet Dawn Robinette (51) The one guy who painted the last supper. What's his name? Daxion Mr. Dax Johnson (29) Picasso Daya (22) 3 days march Daydreamer (18) Peter Max Daydreamer (63) Peter Max Daydreamer (63) Jean Paul Riopelle dbrown (24) none dcsnowbunny (25) Velazques Dd (43) My girlfriend. DD (16) Edwin Church. Picasso. Beksinski. DDG9000 (25) Vrubel Dea (40) Monet D. E. Alvis (58) Bob Fucking Ross. Henri Matisse or Pollock. Dean (17) Vanessa Foster DeAndre Beck (20) I like to paint, so I will say me. Deanie Pablo Picasso DeAnna Alexander (35) Anyone who paints natural scenes Deanna Sanders (44) I don't like that snobby stuff! Deathwalker Monet, Van Gogh, Matisse, Kadinsky, Gustav Klimt Deb (37) Picasso Debbie (56) Catherine Greenaway Debbie (45) Monet Debby Creech-West (43) Van Gough Deborah Faciane (21) Dagmar Chaplin Deborah S. Wilson (56) William Roberts, Romaine Brooks, Helen Frankenthaler Deborah Wilson Monet Debster (48) Charles Stanley De-De (36) Piacso, Salvador Dali, Leonardo Da Vinci, Michelangelo Dee (24) Picasso Dee (19) Josef Albers Dee All color must go. Defeat and Doubt (antagonist) Andrew Wyeth DefMelon Rob Gonslaves Deisyelena (17) claude monet Deja Vu (20) I don't know Delaney Carravagio Delia Nidhogg pissaro Delia Webster (80) - delice_ok (21) Edgar Degas Della Cassia Topouzian (Della Cassia Topouzian) Van Gogh dendoo (23) Degas Denine (24) none Denise 1 Dan Burslem, a young friend who works painting houses. Dennis (61) I don't really have a favorite painter, but I like a lot of comic book artists. Dennis Theodore (37) Jean claude monet. denny (23) Vincent Van Gogh Denny Pacita Abad Densio (25) Bob Ross Derek (20) I guess Picasso? Don't know any other painters besides him Derek Ambrose (22) Van gough derp (22) street artists desert dweller Tupac, he paints my future Detective. Jones vincent van gogh devanand Don't have one. Devon (18) Dali Devon Lisenby (20) Jackson Pollock Dev Tucker (17) .. Devu (22) Monet Dez .. Dezirae (17) Norman Rockwell DH (39) picasso diana (52) Degas Diana (52) Monet Diana (20) None Diana (15) I don't have one- not too into painting Diana Salvador Dali Diana Ms. Otis Diana Thomas - English Thursday 6pm (38) I am not into painters but there are some who just flick paint onto canvas. Diane Stanfield (79) picasso Diarre Ibrahim (22) Munch Dick Esposito Picasso dida (14) I don't know enough about the genre. Diego Miguel Danura Puyó (30) Paul Gauguin Dietgingerale Probably anyone who brings out beauty in the ordinary Dilip C Louis (32) Andy Warhol Dilynne (28) Paul Cézanne. Dimitar Atanasov (25) salvador dali dimitris (25) I don't have one. I just enjoy looking. Dindin (20) Picasso Dino (18) Francisco de Goya - and his maddened brushstroke felt in all forward ages Dioji Gustav Klimt Diona (19) Van Gogh. dionysis_dt (24) Painted Pictures look all the same to me Dirk Radman (35) Marc Chagall Dirty Jean (86) leonardo da vinci Divya (20) Dali Dixon Wragg Di Vinci DizzyblondeChic (55) edward hopper Dj Edward Hopper dmca (38) leon golub Doc55 (55) Miro, Lempicka Dolna (39) Giuseppe Arcimboldo Dolores Nabokov (26) dddddd Dom Gustave Dore Dominick (23) Gustave Dore. Dominick Miller (19) Gustave Dore Dominick Miller (20) Gustave Dore. Dominick Miller (21) Tim Burton Dominique Delacroix Dominique Dali Dona (35) Diego Velazquez DonAli (33) Picasso donkeys4eva (20) I don't have one Donna Falksen (69) Gauguin donna obrien (54) Francisco Goya or Norman Rockwell Doob Doggo (21) picasso doodledoo12345 Klimpt Dor (50) Salvador Dali Dori (23) Frida Kahlo Doris (19) Me Doryan (30) Remedios Varo Dothzilla (33) Rembrandt Doubting Divorcee Van Goh Doug (30) Renoir Doug Lambert (65) Cezanne. Douglis (44) Goya Douni Mary Cassat: but generally bauhaus, cubist b& constructivist downtime (63) Van Gogh, Vietnamese painters in 1930s Dracontomelum (30) Da Vinci Dragana (22) How could I choose? Painters are such interesting people. Dragontongue (22) Picasso Dre (35) I don't have one Dre (17) Duchamp Dreamboat Annie van Gogh, Edvard Munch DreamBrother (27) Goya Dreda (23) Bacon Drella (26) Van Gogh and Warhol Drew (26) none Drew (16) Stanley Donwood drift Rembrandt Dr. Isaac Busafalus (53) none special dritjeta (42) today? Shiele Dr. J (76) Michaelangelo Dr. Lauren Ashe Thomas Crowell Dr. Shelby Cruze - protagonist Kandinsky, Schiele. Dru (24) Poussin Drucar (45) Alex Grey dryskel (28) aunty ds (45) Bonington. D.S.de.P.Ramos Artemisia Gentileschi DSo (47) Frida. Duckish no one Ducky Vincent van Gough Dude (49) picasso duke (18) Never was one for paintings Duncan Passell (17) vango dustxii (22) Van Gough Dutchess Van Gough. His madness is comforting, Dutchess They'd narrow down to Beksinski and Dali Dvach (18) any portraitists DWP (18) Van Gogh D.X (22) Renoir Dylan (17) Bill from Apt 3B downstairs Dylan Adams (25) Rembrant DZhelo (46) Titian E (34) van gogh E botticeli e (28) Bosch. E (20) Magritte E (18) Dali eagleclaw (35) M.C. Echer and Michael Angelo. EAR (19) alex gray Earth Speck (30) Toulouse Lautrec Eau (45) Dahli Ed (30) rothko ed Picasso EdD Gaudi eddiboy Salvador Dali. Eddie (48) I see a lot of graffiti on my building Eddie (12) Van Gogh Eden (19) Utamaro Edgar Roberts (15) something between jan van eyck and frida kahlo--anything which captures moment or feeling Edie (26) Da Vinci Edmond Dantes (26) Caravaggio. Edouard (41) diego rivera Eduardo (19) dali EduGri (53) Vermeer Edward (54) my art teacher Edward Payne (44) Edward Hopper, Mark Rothko Effie (34) Turner, Klee and Van Gogh efha (23) Bruegel ehk2 (30) Min yngste datter :-) Monet EHM Monet. Eiichi (16) I don't care too much for art Eilfa (28) Philip Guston EJ (29) My little sister E.Jay (21) Miro ejb (22) I don't have one; I'm not a huge fan of visual art El (23) Salvador Dali el3vat0r Salvador Dali elay (21) Dali elay (23) Dali elay (24) Michelangelo eldar (25) Bob Ross Eleanor (14) William Blake, Hieronymus Bosch, Dali Electryo (15) Don't really think I know enough about painters to answer this one Elena δεν εχω ελενη (33) Paul Gauguin, Picasso (blue/pink periods) Michelangelo and most artists. Elena Di Cesare frida kahlo eleni (18) Da Vinci. Eleni Constantinou (20) Jim Mckenzie Elexia (19) Frida Khalo Elexis (18) picasso Elexis (18) Raphael Eli (16) pablo piccasso eli (16) Syd Meyer Elias (22) Dave McKean/Drew Struzan/John Jude Palencar Eliaz McMillan (33) james ensor eliciabg (23) my favorite painter is handy warold elicule (13) Van Gogh Elie (16) surrealistic painters and preraphaelites Elin (47) Vincent van Gogh Elisa (28) Henry Matisse Elisabeth (22) Monet Elisabeth Carver Van Gough and Monet Elissa (22) Anyone who can capture multiple feelings in one image. Elizabeth Michael Whelan Elizabeth (25) Nobody, but I think Van Gogh is interesting. Elizabeth (15) uncle arthur Elizabeth Vincet Van Gogh Elizabeth Monet's paintings are quite soothing if I had viewed his paintings, but Picasso saw people in a way others did not. Elizabeth Diane Shaffer (0) Monet's paintings are quite soothing, but Picasso saw people in a way others did not. Elizabeth Diane Shaffer (0) I don't know. I liked the Lowry museum. Used to like Rothko a lot. Ell (23) Picasso Ella P. (14) Gaugin Elle (51) klimt ElleKay Carl Larsson Ellen (48) Jackson Pollock Ellen Renoir Ellen B Smiley (29) John Singer Sargent because he gives me people Ellen Fitzpatrick (61) Ellie's brother Ellie (25) Dali Ellie I have only studied Monet. So I choose him, for 'The Poppies of Argenteuil.' Ellie_Estrella (19) Van goth or divinci Ellie Wilson (15) Robert Bateman, Jessica Hische, Joshua Kemble. Anyone who does particularly adept watercolours of either cityscapes or seascapes. Elliot Andy Warhol, Basquiat Elliott (28) Isabella Salvador. Elliott Hemp (23) My favorite painter is Vasarely Elo (11) Dalí elSigno (37) Michelangelo Ely (23) Marcel Duchamp Elyse (20) Binary file Em_1425616956.html matches Binary file Em_1425616956.html matches Donatello. Em I don't have one Em Monet Ema (18) I have no interest in art - the monarchy would not allow the truth to be painted. Ember Winters (16) Edward Hopper emdonnelly7 One who paints cherubs. emdonnelly7 Monet Eme (18) Vincent Willem Van Gogh Emilee (27) Leonardo De Vinci Emilee Nightshade (19) Henri Matisse Emilia Blancarte Jaber Van Gogh Emilie (23) Not sure... Emilina (27) William Blake emilio (28) Picasso Emillia (16) Van Gogh. Emily (19) oh goodness... robert rauscenberg, tara mcpherson. van gogh. Emily (24) alphonse mucha emily (24) My favourite painter is picasso. Emily (13) Is one who lets color and shape speak for itself Emily (22) Joan Miro, Paul Gauguin Emily (32) frida kahlo Emilyann (22) Michelangelo Emily Carter (37) Dzama Emily Clark (25) Bob Timberlake. Emily Massey Currie (47) My little sister Emily Thomas (23) van Gogh Emily Worrell (33) european renaissance art Emma (20) adolf wölfli. emma (18) Manet Emma (20) Vincent Van Gogh Emma (50) sophie margolin emma (14) Renoir Emma (34) Van Gogh emma (20) Keith Haring Emma (25) Pollock Emma Burns (28) NEVR LEARNED ONE EMMA MAY GREEN (14) Z.T.P Emma McKinney Vincent Van Gogh Emma Snow (16) Salvador Dali Emma Verbeck Toulouse Lautrec, Ivan Albright Emme (21) Van Gogh Emmy My brother Ethan Emmy Joshua Allen Harris Emperor Aisel Fei Shiang (18) Albert Bierstadt Empyrean (17) Rubens encolpio8 (22) Rembrandt Endimion Jan Vermeer endor Rachel Ruysch, Vincent van Gogh ENEgck (56) Hans Ruedi Giger Engel (48) Definitely Leonardo Da Vinci Enis Rembrant, Da Vinci, Vermeer, Picasso.... and foremost Nature, the chance Eno A. Agolli (15) Picasso Enrique (21) De Chirico Eric (15) Van Gogh Eric (40) Alex Ross Eric (37) Mark Rothko. Eric (19) i don't really just the ones who ican relate to Erica Edward Hopper Erica (25) Vangough Erica` (21) Impressionists Erica (65) Waterhouse Erica Johnson (21) van Gogh Eric C. Wolfe (28) no idea Erich (20) Picasso. Erich (19) Rothko Eric Kraft (18) No clue. Erict7 Pollack and Picaso Erik (25) Picasso Erik Isaac (19) Vincent Van Gogh Erik Price (18) My grandmother and Salvador Dhali Erin (27) Monet Erin (53) Vermeer Erin (30) Van Gogh Erin (20) I know nothing of art. Erin Miro, Chagall Erin (46) Jackson Pollock Erin (31) Klimt ers (22) DeMarcus. In F Tier. He cleans the toilets and shit. A real dude. He don't ever complain. He's a street artist. Murals. You can see them around Caddo if you're interested. Erskine (35) Dali. ERZ (1) Andy Warhol esayer (35) Turner Escalus (22) Caravaggio Escapism (19) Rothko, Goya, Kahlo Esmé (18) Monet Esmee fidelius (54) too many ESMERELDA (50) Picasso Estacia Hernandez (37) rene magritte, sarah richard esteban (29) Modigliani Esteban (23) Rene Magritte Estee velazquez estrella blanca nara Et (32) Basquiat Et Cetera (22) Manet Etha (26) Warhol ethan (20) Monet Ethan Mayatt (25) Vincent Van Goph Eureka (16) I don't enjoy paintings Eva (23) The Pre-Raphelites - Dante Eva (16) Frida Kahlo Eva james whistler seems chill evan ass hatch (18) van Gogh, Monet, Boticelli Evanna (18) Vincent van Gogh Evan Washington (20) Degas followed closely by Monet Evie (22) Picasso, Dalí, Diego Rivera and Cristóbal Rojas evilwonders (28) Viria evren (16) Ivan Aivazovsky Ezra (20) This is not my medium. FA My daughter FAA Bob Ross FAC (25) Leonardo da Vinci Facio Leonardo da Vinci Facio (19) Monet, Van Gogh, Michelangelo Faith (17) Mf hussain fallen (24) camille pissaro fang (30) I have no favorite painter. A painting that strikes my whole being, at a given moment, is my favorite. Fanourios (40) Jubran Khalil Jubran farfalla (30) Pikasso farfoura (22) All of them have their merit and should be appreciated. fatgaynig (20) I don't know Fatima (19) Tazmeen Fatima (26) Why would I have a favorite painter? Fawna (19) Monet Fay (22) Dali, Van gogh, and Picasso. Faye (34) Dali feanix (20) Masami Kuramada Felipe Maia Hiroshige Fern (25) Leonardo Da Vinci Fernando (31) Van gogh Fernando (31) Irrelevant in my life. Ferroever (43) I don't know much about Art History. I'd say Delaroche. fersfumero (28) Monet FeydRautha (46) Rembrandt, William Hollum Hunt Feysweetie (43) Mark Rothko fhickey (22) Sorolla Fidjeridodu (30) Remedios Varo Fields (19) paintings of a 5 year old child who sees the world simply Fielirious (34) Da Vinci filinia (22) Andy Warhol. final fashion (33) Joachim. He leaves a mark on many of the Liege’s buildings. Finnegan (17) Leonardo da Vinci. That Raphael fellow was no slouch either Finnegan Magondolovich (Long Story...) Currently Joe Phillips who takes classic American icons and updates them with current sensibilities Finokio (38) El Greco fk2005 (34) Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo Buonarroti, the Hudson River School. FlameHorse (28) Millais and Waterhouse (basically the Pre-Raphaelites but especially those two). Flantasy Girl (25) Vincent Van Gogh flavia (13) picasso Flo Renoir; Mark Fletcher (contemporary Cdn) Flora (69) Salvador Dali. Florin-Alexandru Brănescu (16) Egon schiele Flower (39) Eric Drooker Floyd Dali FlyinMonki (27) Van Gogh ForePlinger Klimt? Don't really have one ForSavvy Caravaggio Fran (52) Monet, Kandinski Fran (33) O'keefe Francesca (29) van gogh francesca (49) Van Gogh Francesca Picasso Francis (18) not an expert but I like Munch Francisca Bastos (17) Dali Francisco Aguirre (23) Monnet Francisco Javier Gil Vidal (54) I can paint! Francis Graham (9) Auguste Mack Francis Times (20) Ansel Adams Frank (27) Lady Pink Frankie (23) Marc Chagall FrankieSmash (49) Leonard da Vinci Franklin Frank Anglin (32) Terese Nielsen Frank Nekrasz (25) Renoir fred (16) Da Vinci Freda (61) Bronzino Frieda Isabelle Robson (17) Edvard Munch Friedrich Mueller (57) Vincent Van Gogh, John Singer Sargent Fritha Grey Arnold Bocklin Fritz (12) N/A fumble (19) kandisky, my aunt, edvard munch, magritte furies (27) Picasso FYS13Alec (18) gerhard richter FYS13Amanda (18) Leonardo da vinci. FYS13Andrew Vincent Van Gogh FYS13Bella Leonardo Da Vinci FYS13Chad egon schiele FYS13DRJ Gustav Klimt FYS13Michaela (18) Leonardo Da Vinci FYS13Savannah Henry (18) Michael Angelo FYS13Tyler (19) Van Gogh FYS14Darling (18) at the moment, Twombly and Jasper Johns FYS14julie John W. Waterhouse FYS14Kelle (20) My father FYS14Landon (18) Renoir FYS14Payton Leonardo Da Vinci FYS14Sam (19) Van Gogh FYS14Sara Van Gogh FYS14Taylor Bob Ross FYS14Zachary i dont have one FYS breont (19) I do not have a specific favorite painter. FYSMegha (18) Picasso. FYSMichael (18) Alex Grey FYSNick none G g g Seth Siro Anton G. (23) andy warhol Gab (19) No one Gabby (13) Banksy Gabby Griego (18) dali Gabe (31) Van Gogh Gabi Picasso Gabi (17) Jeffrey Catherine Jones Gabriel (28) Picasso Gabriela (18) van gogh Gabriela Coelho Mesquita Teixeira Borges (26) Leonardo Da Vinci. Gabriel Gonzalez (26) Fafi Gabriella Fuentes (17) Afremov Gabrielle Hart (20) my favourite painter is Vasarelli gaga (13) goya and Braque Gail (44) Degas Gail Flaherty Da Vinci Gainer (52) N/A Gaios (19) I do not have time for art Gait (17) Van Gogh, Mucha, Toulouse-Lautrec and Degas. Galareh (23) Jay. The guy who painted my likeness on my club's wall at the Renaissance Gamba Ajani The elf girl in my class gamorreangirl (43) Millais (you know I had to Google that, I'm sure i had to do it before) GarbagePailGrrrl (27) I do not seem to have one. Garrett (19) Michaelangelo Gary H Kathy Chapman gatetam (38) Andy Warholl Gator Krazy Dave Goya gavalia (46) Degas. GD (47) Dante Gabriel Rossetti Gean Whitehead III (20) Titian Gemn Titian Gemn wyeth Gene (51) Fuseli Gene (24) I cannot choose a favorite. All of our artists have amazing talent and should be seen as admirable for their efforts. General Obsidian de Veyra velasquez, Angelo, Genevie Da Vinci. Genevieve (22) Jackson Pollack Genevieve (15) Warhol, Banksy, if I'm going classic then Boticelli, Monet, Van Gogh, Hopper. Genevieve (16) I don't have one Genevieve (17) Van Gogh Genie (65) Chagall Genie (58) Picasso - but this is not my favorite art medium; sound is: music. GenXer2012 (39) Unknown Geo (20) Monet Geo (57) Van Gogh George Leonardo Da Vinci George Brosnan (16) Thomas Kinkade George Mile (35) Henri Rousseau George Owers (21) Vincent Van Gogh Georgia (14) any good water colour artists or pencil and ink sketchers...realistic works Georgia (53) Dali Georgiana Monet Georgie Botticelli, Michelangelo (sculpture) gg Van Gogh, the Surrealists ghazaleh (27) Velasquez, Carravagio, Frans Hals, Van Dyck, Manet, Degas, Lautrec, Rothko, Kelly, Nicolas de Stael Ghyles (31) Nicolas de Stael; Ellsworth Kelly,Jason Martin Ghyles (31) Rembrandt Gia (21) anyone who could paint Gianne (21) Boticelli Giannico (40) This is a concept that does not concern me Gideon (30) renoir Gill (63) Egon Schiele Gillian Martin (40) I really like Alfred Stevens, I found today. I like some Turners... I really don't know anything about art. Oh of course CHAGALL !! Gina (19) Monet Gina (30) Mattise Ginger Thompson (50) Jan van Eyck Ginny (47) Gustav Klimt and Diego Velasquez. Gionna (28) Rothko Giorgia Tom Sachs Giovanni Moro (32) Brueghel Girl You Too Rude klimt. Giselle (18) Franz Kupka Gjabrielle Edgar Degas Gladys Mae Whitaker HR Geiger Glenn Parker (24) Dali Glen Reeves (37) I don't have one Gloria (59) El Greco Gloria Moms Mabely Gloria Heatley (58) I'm not into that type of art GMcG Dante Gabriel Rossetti goblin64 (45) Carravagio or Jacques-Louis David Godfrey (19) none GoGo Patty (46) albrecht durer Golden Boy (20) Marcel Duchamp. Gonzalo Michelangelo goukrish (19) I dont know GPB (37) None Grace (30) I like them all. I don't know any specific names. I haven't learned that yet. Grace (12) Odilon Redon, Caravaggio, John Lurie, Mickalene Thomas, I could go on... I can't choose just one. Grace (28) Me Grace A. (15) Van Gogh Grace Cooper (20) Mati Klarwein, James Jean and Fiona Staples are the first to come to mind gracehoppin (23) Manet, John Singer Sargent Gracie (22) Myself Gracie Campbell (23) Hopper Graham (20) No one in particular Granny (81) DaVinci Grayson Ender (28) Talouse Lautrec greatlove (32) Leo Divenchi Greer (33) I don't know Greer (9) Otto Dix Greg (24) andy warhol Greg (17) Dali Greg (36) Monet Greg (53) HR Giger Greg Lytle (26) the guy who painted my house Gregory (30) jackson pollock gretel wolf-nymph Gret Sidl (17) VAN GOGH GRETTA VAN DEN BOSSCHE - OLBRACHT (86) Pablo Picasso, Peter Paul Rubens,Claude Monet, Henri Matisse, Auguste Rodin, Stanley Spencer, Odilon Redon greythorne (38) Banksy Grimace (17) Banksy Grimace Banksy Grimace (17) vermeer, rembrandt, el bosco gruchi (63) Da Vinci gruffmusic (49) Shagall Gtergab (50) Any classical painter Guard (45) High Renaissance painters, like Raphael, Michelangelo, and Signorelli Guenther Leonid Afremov guiller van mistoffellees (17) All of them. Gus (18) Magritte e Renoir, é impossível escolher apenas um Gustavo (21) Degas gutsyaardvark (19) Van Gogh Guy Van Driessche (44) Degas Gwen (18) Picasso Gwen Chagall Gwyneth P. (44) Plato Hadasa (19) Fausto Zonaro Hadja (19) Umberto Boccioni Hailey (34) I don't have one Hailey (15) vincent van gogh and rembrant Hakusha Senbon (24) Van Gogh or Rembrandt. Hal (18) My favorite sculptor-Brancusi Hala (34) John Ramos Haley (19) Claude Monet hamdi (20) davinchi,kamalolmolk hamideh (26) Van Gogh Hamlet (30) Van Gogh Hana (14) Monet Hanna (24) I should probably have one shouldn't I... I'll look into it later Hannah (15) van gogh hannah (25) Hanna Walker hannah (16) Picasso Hannah A (18) Kandinsky Hannah Chambers (24) My good friend, who I have seen grow as an artist just based on her past experiences. Hannah Ross (20) I don't like art work. Hannah Suttles DaVinci Hanshaw (14) umm.. plenty of 'em. but currently i'm SO into mark rothko Hari (21) Banksy. Harold E. Leighton (37) Gauguin Harold E. Leighton (40) none Harold Oberg Rene Magritte Harriet (23) Judith Leyster Hartleigh A. Chance (35) I don't like to choose one favourite Hassallah (30) Monae Hassan (21) None. Haven Everest (7) no favourite but colours are important hawaii50 (45) Whoever's willing to do it for me. Hayzeus (23) Frida Khalo Hazelnut (17) Dalĺ HCE (15) Van Gogh Heath vangogh HEATHER (37) All of them that are truly talented Heather Driussi (41) Van Gogh HeavyFire (16) Monet heider (27) Klimt Heidi Mark Rothko Heidi R. Egon Schjiele Heinar (52) George Braque Helen (32) Monet Helen (19) Leonardo DaVinci Helena (18) Dali, Picasso Helen Mattison Wyatt (20) da vinci hellgirl (19) michelangelo Helory (22) anyone I cannot imitate helz bells (41) Van Gogh Hena Riz (34) John Singer Sargent Henry (46) Rembrandt Henry_Z (25) the boy i love her (26) Leonardo Da Vinci Herald (71) Da Vinci herbertofwestlake (43) I don't really have one. Hern (39) Non really. Herod (20) Monet Hero Solomon (25) Monet Hestia (18) van gogh Hetal (22) My dad. H, Han-Jan Van Gogh, Da Vinci HHP (41) Banksy HimynameisAlicia (15) Edvard Munch and Van Gogh Hira Yousuf (18) David Wahl HKas (28) Raza Hkr (24) Alex Grey, Waterhouse, Mucha, MacIntosh H. McMillan (33) Marius de Zayas H.Nakashima (21) René Magrite hobbes (26) Dali hodouk (22) Edvard Munch, Max Beckmann, Jackson Pollock, Andrew Wyeth Hoelder1in (51) Howard Pyle. hoffsta it changes on a daily basis, today its miss van holden (27) Klimt Holley (39) Egon Schiele. holly (17) Van Gogh Holly (22) The guy who did my set for my last show. Holly Avery (32) J&J painting company-did a great job on the living room Holly Pajka (28) Picasso Honora (40) None Hooks Leonardo da Vinci Hopefloats (24) Aaron sidorenko Horace pluck (54) Picasso I guess, I don't know a dang thing about art Houston (19) picasso howard (34) My favorite painter is picasso. howard (34) Ravi varma Hrudaya (24) rembrandt huck finn (48) Not well versed in art to make a choice Huda (19) max ernst huggybear (29) Magritte? Hulot Redux Is Hokusai a painter? If not, Seurat for his dots, Cezanne for his apples, and Cressida Campbell, whose paintings are evocative of Hokusai, for aesthetic sense Humbugger Omlet (20) Bob Ross Hunter (23) draper Hurricane Katrina (25) none Hwee (45) Picasso Hwiseon Lee (24) Monet Hyldami Van Gogh Hyosun (25) Waterhouse Hypnos The Blade (46) Joseph Paelinck HYS (47) Monet I (22) Salvatore Dali. I Caspar David Friedrich I Michellangelo Ian (23) David Hamel Ian (44) Picasso ianplanet (47) Meissonier (whoever that is). Okay, seriously, Picasso. Ian Siente da vinci I Beg (54) right now it's Feininger Ichabod jackson Pollock Icis Van Gogh I do not have one. (22) Gustave Daure i dont know that i know (17) van Eyke, Cezanne Benton Ignats (70) Rene Magritte Igor (29) Art was not a very important part of my training. Iilyanna Monet. ile105 (23) Chagall. ile105 (27) Leonardo Da Vinci Ilija (17) Mogiliani Illinibeatle (44) Turner IM (82) Jackson Pollock Imajones Vincent Van Gogh Imee Munch . . . for his wonderful "The Scream" I.M. (Imam Mahdi) (5) Difficult to say...different artists have different things to offer Incognitus (23) Dali Indrė (17) Monet indy (30) so far, Caravaggio and De Chirico. inez (21) William Kentridge - he never stops amazing me with his ingenuity Inkie (60) Rembrandt interestedparty renoir...any impressionst, really. i.p. Vincent Van Gogh Ireland Rose (12) No one famous Irene (17) Kilmt Irene (26) Salvador Dali Irina (16) frida kahlo Iris (18) I don't know, Michelangelo? Iris (22) Someone other than me Iris Ramsey (32) matisse isa (29) Hieronymus Bosch, and perhaps van Gogh. Isaac (16) van gogh Isaac (29) Van Gogh Isaac Pollock Isaac Vincent Van Gogh and Gustave Moreau Isabela (18) Van Gough Isabella (14) Helen Frankenthaler Isabella Fairchild-Heart (Protagonist) (26) Max Ernst Isabelle (26) Dali Isadora Duncan (32) Any whose works may turn a pretty coin...and my own, of course! Isas Probably Van Gogh. Isla (21) Van Gogh Ismael Santos (20) Gustav Klimt Isolde (17) Picasso Ita (23) Velaskez. Iva Casper David Freidrich- one painting only other than I have no preference. Iva Pasztor (20) Monet Ivy (10) God ivy (25) Claude Monet ("I must have flowers, always and always.") Ivy (17) I've never been to a museum Ivy Morgan (34) Monet Izzy (24) Monet, Van Gogh, Cezanne, Klimt, Samuel Palmer Izzy (17) Not into art. Izzy (30) None Izzy waterhouse (16) None Izzy waterhouse (16) Van Gogh j2a18m (43) erotic one jabbar (23) Renoir Jacie Lin Shakespeare Jack (14) chagall jack (30) Vincent van Gogh Jack (45) Oh! I like Monet. Jack (33) My Father Jack (17) Andy Warhol Jack (18) Marra Lnso Jack Goodman (18) Vincent Van Gogh Jackie Audrey Kawasaki. She works with oils on wood, which is just gorgeous to me, and her style is just very tangible to my eyes. Jackie (18) I don't have one Jackie (24) Van Gogh Jackie Dali Jackie Bordeaux (31) Picasso Jackie Cavalcante (40) Banksy Jackie Vega (27) de kooning Jackson (32) da Vinci. Jackson8471 (23) Marc Chagall Jackson Fisher (47) Dulux Jack Viper (29) Roy Lichtenstein Jaclyn (22) Jean-Honore Fragonard. The Swing was beautiful. JaclynM (19) The ones that capture life Jacob Salvador Dali Jacob (16) don't got one Jacob Picasso, Dali, van Gogh, Francis Bacon, and the American abstract expressionists. Jacob Richardson (18) Bob Ross, Alex Ross, Josip Račić, Vlaho Bukovac, Monet. Jacque (24) Velázquez. Jacqueline (34) Georgia O'Keefe Jacqueline Garrett (38) Niahossi -- lost both arms to nether rot and learned to paint with feet. Jade (17) me Jade-a-boo (17) Andy Warhol Jade Green (30) georgia o'keefe Jadelynn (24) Gustav Klimt. Jae (18) Claude Monet Jafari (33) Salvador Dalí Jaime (18) Myself Jaime (28) picaso Jake Don't have one Jake (17) J.M.W Turner, Goya, Whistler, Mondrian Jake (21) At the moment, Kehinde Wiley. Jakelina Hernandez (22) Jean-Michel Basquiat. J.A. Lawrence Bouguereau, Gustav Dore James (64) Matisse James (30) Michelangelo James (25) If it has color it's ok James Don't have one James I don't know any. James - Dana (15) Banksy James Foley (23) Monet James Green (29) Ludwig James H (27) Vincent van Gogh James La Salandra (31) David, down at Sherwin Williams. He painted my entire apartment before I moved in. Gave me a good deal. James Oliver North (39) David jameson_welsh (22) Salvador Dali James Wake (50) Van Gough in the morning and Munch in the evening. James William Reath (21) Van Gogh, Da Vinci Jamie (25) I’m not sure if I have one. I do enjoy Leonardo da Vinci’s drawings, Salvador Dali, Picasso, Van Gogh, and any impressionism. Jamie (22) don't know much about painting Jamie (32) None Jamie (32) None Jamie Andy Warhol Jamie Lynn Pearson (25) Daumier, Manet, Courot Jan Frederick Morgan Jan (55) Gely Korzhev Jana (22) Gely Korzhev Jana (22) i dont have one . Janae (17) learnado da vinci Janane (13) van gogh jane (41) Waterhouse Jane (23) rafael albuquerque and others like him jane fakename (25) LeRoy Neiman